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statticscribbles · 13 minutes ago
Forever After All
Summary: Peter Maximoff/Reader, Song-fic, forever after all by luke combs, 
Peter Maximoff had asked you on a date, you’d been happy to agree, despite your last relationships not ending well, they’d always been over before you’d even realized that something was going wrong.
”So you know I’m a mutant now. Does that bother you?” Peter shifts slightly and you wonder if he had run off to hyperventilate somewhere.
“Why should it bother me? I like you because of who you are.” Peter nods leaning forward to kiss you, you don’t pull away as fast as he does, wanting to savor the moment.
“Sorry, speedster, I move fast.” He grins a little, meaning it as a joke and you nod, face falling as you close your front door, dreading getting a call about not having a second date. 
He calls, but it’s to confirm the movie choice for your date, and then he calls five minutes after, you swear you can hear the blush on his cheeks.
“I uh, sorry, my family, they want to meet you, we can do a movie on the third date?”
“Oh, that, I’d love that.” You wonder if he’d really break up with you after meeting his mom and sister, you’re dreading when he picks you up, nervous about the dress you picked out. Instead of taking you to his house, you find yourself suddenly standing in front of a mansion, a group of kids and adults are standing around, Peter waves, his mother and sister running up to greet you. You meet Peter’s family, which as you learn include every member of Charles Xavier’s School.
Peter’s nervous, you haven’t been dating long but you know enough to pick up on it.
“Y/N, I know this is a lot, you’ve only met my family a week ago and a week before that you learned I was a mutant, but I’m a speedster, I move fast, it’s in my nature.”
”Oh, yeah, makes sense.” You try your best not to let any hint of the fear that he’s going to leave you like your other relationships, instead his hand closes at the base of your neck and the next thing you know you’re standing in front of some waterfall. Any chance you have of breathing is taken from you, not because of the natural beauty, but because Peter's in front of you nervously holding a ring up from one knee.
”Y/N, congratulations.” You beam at Charles.
“You know, I’m sure Peter will be very embarrassed, but his thoughts, well they’ve always been so soft around you, when he came over to talk about you, it was like he was five and was talking about-” Charles cuts off speaking and you can hear him finish how excited Peter was in your mind as Peter playfully glares at Charles.
“I’m going to take my wife, and we’re going to have our first dance.” You offer a half apologetic smile to Charles but he waves the both of you off and you can’t help the smile that stretches over your face.
“See this is why you trust me, I pick out the best songs.”
“I’m pretty sure this is the only song I mentioned.”
“Well it’s not you mentioned three others, but this was playing after I proposed to you, when we had to drive to tell my family.”
“Speaking of your proposal, you know you’re not the only one that moves fast you know.”
“Oh is Charles already trying to convince you to move to the school with me?”
“No, is that what he’s been telling you?”
“He’s mentioned it, I mentioned it, to him. I want you to move in with me.” Peter’s face flushes a little.
“How does Charles feel about babysitting in a few months? You still owe me a movie date, and our honeymoon doesn’t count.”
“Why would Charles need to babysit?” You let Peter spin you and can see as he realizes what you’re implying as he pulls you back to his chest.
“Like you said when you proposed, you’re a speedster, you work fast.” You grin back at him as he hides his face in your shoulder, you can feel him smiling.
“Well I guess I should work on getting out of my mom's basement, and get us a proper house for a family then?”
“I’m sure working with the X-men will cover the expenses.” Peter freezes for a second and you tilt your head at him.
“Sorry Charles just informed me there’s apparently a house with our names on it already.”
“Not the only one who works fast then.” You laugh and pull him in for a kiss as you finish your first dance.
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lowhostrikesback · 18 minutes ago
Time-Out (One-Shot)
TITLE: Time-Out
AUTHOR: Arisanite / lokiwholockfactory / lowhostrikesback
NOTES: TVA Loki Smut
FIC SUMMARY: Because of a miscalculation, you, a TVA officer are thrown into an isolation room with Loki as punishment. Unfortunately, the Asgardian prisoner is in heat and there’s nothing else in the vicinity that can alleviate his pain. Well, he has a new cellmate.
AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Just for the record, this fic came about through the first release of the new Loki ABC TV spots featuring the first instance of Naked!Loki at the hands of Miss Minutes' weird machine.
AUTHOR’S WARNINGS/TAGS: Non-consensual sex, Violence, Humiliation, Dirty Talk, Asphyxiation, Voyeurism
Tumblr media
Read Fic Here
Tagged: @scandinaviancanadian​ @sheris532​ @lokifae42​ @sherala007​ @finney13s​ @kimanne723​ @piggledy-higgledy​ @latent-thoughts​
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mgopalace · 50 minutes ago
Worse - B.B (pt.1 of 2)
Tumblr media
A/N // this is only going to be two parts I hope. I just didn’t want to rush the conclusion and it was getting a bit long. I’ve already started the next part so it won’t be long :))
Tags n warning// Bucky x fem! Reader, post civil war but let’s assume everything worked out okay, reader is newish recruit. Mentions of gore, blood and murder pretty early on. Smut minors DNI!!! Cursing...
Summary// you are forced to go on the run with Bucky after a panicked accident turns into a serious crime.
As he stands over the body, blood pooling on concrete littered with dried mud and cigarette ash, Bucky can only think one thing:
‘I’ve done worse.’
The team will be here any minute now, and when they get here there will be no doubt who committed this act. Maybe Steve would’ve given a pass for him, perhaps even Wanda would’ve argued your case, but the final decision will inevitably be against you. Bucky knows this. He also knows from the tone of your voice, the way your hands shake that you’re scared right now, and that you’re better than whatever disciplinary actions General Ross has in store. The final thing that Bucky knows is unequivocal and absolute: ‘I’ve done worse.’
Nails dig into the straps of your bulletproof vest, the band around your wrist that measures your vitals; he removes anything and everything on your person that could be used to track you, repeats the actions on himself. He’s been on the run before, for you he can do it again. The last thing he takes is the earpiece from your ear, fragments of a closing conversation between your teammates fading further away.
“Uh, Cap?”
“What’s wrong, Banner?”
“I just lost all transmissions for both location and vitals from Agent Barnes and Agen-“
Crack. Dead silence as Bucky’s boot heel finds the grounded earpiece. When he takes your hand in his, you can only follow.
Motel swimming pools and the return of the MP3 player, you live now to convince yourself of the whole ‘living on the run’ aesthetic. You suppose that free time means new hobbies, at least. For instance, your newly acquired palette for cheap wine has been recently refined to a tee, and it’s been thrilling to reacquaint yourself with the works of Agatha Christie. Then there’s travelling across the country -which has always been on your bucket list- and of course Bucky.
Romanticising this part of life on the run has been easy; trespassing on date night for candlelit picnics and dancing in the dark. He’s got that gentlemanly attitude and that 40’s gleam in his eye whenever his arm is in yours. Faded Yankee’s cap covering your eyes and a tired mini dress over breakfast at a highway rest stop, he’s acting like you’re dressed for the damn Met Gala. Balcony setting, facing away from the street view, and he’s snapping photos on a disposable camera like you’re Grace Kelly. It’s the delusion he’s harbouring, one you repay the mornings after his worst nights.
His best nights are equally sleepless; spent between your legs and crawling up your body, he revels in nights like tonight. Spine arching off a used and reused mattress, midriff up towards the heavens. Second hand music set to shuffle while he marks the insides of your thighs, sucking on supple skin. Bucky Barnes is nothing if not a tease. His lips graze everywhere but where you need them most and he chuckles when you whine.
“Okay, doll. Alright.”
Fuck. He sucks hard on your clit, thumb touching and teasing as you let out a breathy moan. He’s relentless even while you squirm against cheap, scratchy sheets. It’s the death bell tolling the end of guilty, sleepless nights when the cold metal of his palm flattens against your stomach, back pushed down. What nightmare could supersede this memory?
Two fingers slipping in and out of you: it’s nothing but a necessity. He draws melodic moans that could rival the best of singers, jaw and neck aching from the sharp angle. Then to top it all off, your Achilles heel. Sugary words whispered against your flesh while his fingers work beneath him, and you’re crumbling underneath. Sweat salting skin, he takes everything you give him, lapping it up like a man who’s wandered the driest deserts for years.
You’re free falling from your high when he catches you, mouth on mouth. Traces of you still settled on his tongue, you pull him nearer. One hand planted firm against his head, the other weaves under his arm and lands between his shoulder blades. He’s effortlessly close to you, skin on skin contact. A little shifting and you’re back doing what you do best. Moments like this, when he’s buried inside you, when you’re chasing that ecstasy together, is the best escapism you can fathom. Cold vibranium has your leg hooked in place over his shoulder, spare forearm rested at your side; his fingers have a strand of loose, messy hair curled lazily around it: if it belongs to you he wants his hands on it.
Bucky’s biting at the column of your neck when you throw your head back. He leaves his signature in imprints that will be sure to bruise tomorrow, movements that will ache in your hips after he’s long gone from between your legs. Stopped before the finish line, he’s urging you to catch up with him. It’s a wish you grant him, legs shaking while you catch your breath.
Standing just as close under scalding water to complete the routine, it’s the kind of shower that’s either too hot or too cold, but never just right. He takes the brunt of it- you’re not in the mood to wash your hair- the river running down his back.
“Pretty sure Nat knows.”
“Buck, what?”
“Where we are. I’m pretty sure that Natasha knows.”
“Why would you say that?”
After hyping up your heart rate, he’s brought it to a standstill. Being held accountable is an ugly thought and one best kept away. Ignorance, after all, is bliss.
“It’s just that- I mean in Russia the way they taught us it’s like-“
“They’ve just been close, alright? I mean we’ve been rolling the dice on every goddamn stop off on this road trip and they’ve been at the same exact area not two days later, consistently for the past month. That’s not Wilson. That’s not Stark. It’s Romanoff. It has her name written all over it.”
Persecution at the hands of your estranged family is not how you were planning to spend your Easter. The Avengers had meant a lot to you at one point. After what happened in Argentina, you weren’t sure they would say the same.
Two oil tankers on Route 40 going up in flames raised warning bells to the new and improved SHIELD. A road block at best, Fury suspected the event to be the predecessor of something bigger, more violent. A terrorist attack or something along those lines was what Steve has relayed back to the team, and after giving his whole ‘we are not shield puppets’ speech, the quinjet was in the air.
Not new but the newest member of the team, you’d been capped at supervised training, which basically meant being babysat by a low-duty avenger during work hours. However, this particular mission was all hands on deck and unfortunately Captain America had come up short of hands. Having been told not to leave Natasha’s side under any circumstances, you paced through the empty halls at her heel. Footsteps echoing off stained walls, you bade her cover you while you fiddled with some exposed wiring.
Comms going crazy, it soon emerged that the team was painfully outnumbered. Perhaps a little too late for Romanoff who took a blow to the side and landed on her back. Knuckle deep in faulty wiring, you scrambled to her aid, managing to disarm the assailant and drag your unconscious SO to a dark, stuffy room at the end of the corridor. Steel door shut behind, you delivered incessant hits to the enemy, who seemed to come one after the other until there was just one left. Blame it on frantic footwork or sheer panic, the scene Bucky was welcomed to paralleled the closing shot of a slasher movie. Discharged weapon fallen on the floor, the victim was sprawled out next to it. Blood saturated a section of your stealth suit, and his efforts were displayed in gory slashes across your midriff.
It’s difficult for Bucky to say how the situation might have turned out had he not intervened. The arguments for your emancipation were just and clear in favour of self-defence. However, he is also well aware that after Sokovia, the government is grasping at any straw they can pull on to suggest the Avengers are out of their depth. Not to mention that regardless of how much grovelling you could’ve done, your past and lack of experience would land you in a world of trouble anyway. So yeah, it’s difficult for Bucky to say how the situation might have turned out had he not intervened, but something tells him he had made the right choice.
“Doll? Hey, you’re spacing out. Did you hear me?”
“Yeah, Romanoff. All of that. Does Steve know?”
“I don’t know. I hope not...”
Slamming shutters and Dolly Parton is all that can be heard over the din of the air con. You’re humming along to the tune of Put It Off Until Tomorrow while truck drivers resume their journey, and exiled husbands on the brink of a messy divorce wake to return to their sleeping families. Bucky, who couldn’t bear to part from all his old comforts, is out on the Steve drag-you-out-of-bed Rogers kind of morning run. You’re staying somewhere remote in Georgia. Faded motel sign at the side of an old county road, you wonder how many hitchhiker horror stories started around here as you step out of the door.
Punching the numbers into the vending machine, you watch an old aluminium bag fall to the bottom, collect it and take a seat by the motel swimming pool. Frayed at the edges, the baseball cap pulled down over your face is seated unsurely on your head as it falters in the breeze. Stale breakfast bar in one hand, Death On The Nile held open by the other, you’re sat in the sun while you await Bucky’s return.
Staff are sparse; it’s Easter Sunday and though you’ve never been the religious type, you can’t help but think back to this time last year. Tony insisted on a mandatory participation egg hunt, in honour of Peter’s first overnight stay at the compound. For the kids, he said. Wanda had her arm hooked around yours while you giggled at Sam and Bucky’s competitive bickering. Thor had found the most eggs, having apparently missed completely the point at which everyone sort of gave up. You smile to yourself, remembering how pleased with himself he was when he dumped his bounty out on the table and demanded a recount.
“Long time no see, Trouble.”
Adorned in a platinum wig and cat eye sunglasses, a figure stands above you, blocking your reading light.
“You’ve come to take me in?”
“To bring you home.”
You scoff as she pulls up a chair to sit beside you.
“I’ve heard things, Nat. I know there’s no going home for me now.”
“Just listen to me for a moment. The man you...” stumbling over her words, she’s stepping on eggshells. “Anyway, he was a big deal where he came from. The US government wants to extradite you to the Argentinian authorities and believe me, they don’t have a great track record of going easy on international terrorists-“
“Oh so I’m a terrorist now? He was the terrorist.”
Leaning back into the plastic deck chair, Natasha sighs and stares at the rippling surface of the pool. She navigates the war zone, careful not to trigger the land mines scattered in every direction.
“Tony wants you to work logistics for the team, be the eyes and ears of every operation. I’m giving you a chance here to come back home-“
“And work a desk job or face a sentence.”
“A chance to come home. To start fresh with the team.”
Eyes fix a bitter stare at the ground, knees pulled up to your chest.
“It truly is a Christian holiday, huh?”
When Bucky rounds the corner, Natasha is long gone, leaving behind only a slip of paper with a location and a 48 hour warning. Her closing statement still rings in your ears while you rinse conditioner from your hair.
“I hope you realise that Bucky’s being considered an accessory to murder. If they find you, you may get it bad but considering his history with this kind of thing, he’ll have it so much worse.”
:) 🪐
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vdlest · an hour ago
You Saved Me
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Reader
You kept him from being insane by loving him for who he was, who he is, and who will he be.
The moment your eyes opened, it immediately traveled to the sight of the sleeping man beside you.
None other than your best friend turned boyfriend, Bucky Barnes.
The two of you started as best of friends when he came back from Wakanda. Steve formally introduced both of you to each other when you were still training with Wanda and Nat. Both of you instantly became close because you shared a lot of things in common, despite the age-gap of course. You became closer when he moved to his apartment, few blocks away from yours. You got each other's back from then on. You always back him up when he's having an argument with Sam. He looks after you when you're on a mission together.
You started to feel something special for him when he took good care of you when you got sick last year. You were afraid at first because you thought that he likes April, Stark's new intern, but he is actually in love with you too. He felt that cliche love at first sight thing for you.
On the day of his birthday, he finally had the urge to admit his feelings for you. He said that he has always been in love with you, in front of everyone, including Steve (who's your wingman), Nat (who constantly pushes you to admit your feelings for Bucky), Wanda (who gave April a threat to stay the hell away from Bucky and stop flirting with him), Vision (who has always been aware of your feelings for each other but don't give a single hint), Thor (who became emotional after Bucky's speech for you because he misses Jane), Clint, Dr. Banner, Tony (who's being an ass when you guys were having a moment), Pepper, Spider-man (who had tape on his mouth the whole time Bucky is having a speech because of Sam). Everyone's happy for both of you.
And then months later, here you are, on the bed with him.
You two shared a lot of intimate moments together, but you don't get tired of it. You always look forward to it because that's your one way of showing each other how much you love one another. You guys go on a roadtrip using your Audi and sometimes his motorcycle. You will watch sunset together on the roof of the compound. You lost the count of all the beautiful things you shared together.
You have been staring at him for quite some time, while a smile is plastered on your face. You can't help but feel happy for having him beside you. He has always been a good boyfriend to you, and he is indeed a husband material, even though he's being an old man sometimes.
You used your elbow to get up while holding onto your blanket to cover your nakedness underneath it. You give your boyfriend's lips a quick kiss.
Bucky's eyes flickered when he felt your lips on his.
"Good morning, sleepyhead," you greeted him.
His eyes opened and his blue eyes traveled to yours immediately, "Oh, wow," he muttered as he tilt his head to look at you even more, "I love waking up, only to see my beautiful goddess beside me."
You rolled your eyes then you pinched his nose, "You are so cliche!"
"It's fine you, you still love me," he proudly said.
It's true. No matter what he does, no matter what he was, what he is and what he will be in the future, you still love him. Nothing's gonna change that.
He asked you to lie down with him again as he wrapped his arms around your waist while scanning your face.
Your brows frowned, "What on earth are you doing?" you curiously asked him.
He shook his head, "I just can't believe you're here with me in this lifetime. I can't believe I was given the chance to love you and have you, despite the bad things I've done in the pa--"
"Bucky, stop it, will you?" you groaned.
From time to time, he kept on remembering those times that he was the Winter Soldier, something that you don't give a damn. You understand that he hurt people in the past, but it's not who he is now. He was under Hydra and he didn't really wanted what he did all those years. So you always remind him that what's done is done and he is a complete different person now.
"Y/N, I just really can't get it out of my head sometimes," he admitted.
He avoided your gaze and you heard him sigh.
You held his cheeks and caress it, "You are not the Winter Soldier anymore, bub. You are James Buchanan Barnes. You are the love of my life," you reminded him. "That's who you are, bub."
"The only thing that keeps from going insane is you and your love for me," he looks at you again and he used his fingers to remove strands of hair blocking your beautiful face, "Your love is my redemption. You saved me."
He leaned forward to give your forehead a kiss then he wrapped his arms around you as you rest your head on his chest.
"I love you, Y/N."
"I love you too, "you replied.
The death of the Winter Soldier gave birth to the White Wolf and your endless and unconditional love for him.
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girl-of-many-fandoms · an hour ago
Man Down
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Request: The reader gets really injured on a mission and Tony is worried about her
Warnings: Gun violence
Pulling the pin off the granade you quickly threw it in the direction of the hydra agents that were barreling towards you. Running far away as you can you took cover behind the tree trunk bracing yourself for the explosion
Gunshots continued to ring out in the dense forrest as you and the team continued to advance into the hydra base to retrieve Loki's scepter
"How are we looking honey?" Tony's voice came through your comms and you rolled your eyes. To your left you saw two armed men coming your way
Using your training you skillfully fought off the two men, taking them down with that special move Romanoff thought you. Using one of their discarded guns you fired shots at the others coming your way
"Very good Tony, you mind helping me out right now" less than two seconds later he landed next to me, blasting the energy from his suit at the men quickly putting an end to their advances
"All you had to do was ask for help" his helmet opened revealing the shit eating grin on his face
"Oh please I ha-" a gunshot cut you off mid sentence as you got hit by the bullet. Clutching onto the burning part of your abdomen you slumped down to the ground as blood pooled out of your wound
Tony took care of the agent before dropping down to your side. Groaning in agony you looked up into his eyes, worry etched onto his face
"Y/N's been hit!" he alerted the others applying pressure to your wound. Your breathing speed up as you struggled to get air into your lungs
"You're gonna be alright, stay with me" you started coughing up blood as you laid there on the ground. Holding on to his forearm you gave him one last smile before falling into complete darkness
Opening your eyes you were immediatley met with the relieved face of your lover as he held onto your hand. Turning your head to the side you recognised the medic bay of the Avenger's compound
"Thank god you're okay, I thought I lost you" leaning down he pressed your foreheads together and you cupped his cheek, brushing your thumb against his beard
"You're stuck with me forever Tony Stark"
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outofplaceoutinspace · an hour ago
My heart is not a place for you to stay
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x gn!avenger!reader
Warnings: mentions of death
Requested: No.
Category: angst
A/N: I kinda hate myself for writing this. (It's a bit of a short one and I don't know whether I like it, but I hope it still can be enjoyed if one can call it that.)
A lover is just like a fly: they always find their way in, but never back out.
- my heart is not a place for you to stay
Tumblr media
You didn't want her in there. Your heart has always been your most delicate treasure and your whole life you have done everything you could to guard it against any harm. You have been successful until the day you met Natasha Romanoff. A fiery woman which made heads turn. You wanted to hate everything about her the moment you have got to know her, but you couldn't, no matter how hard you tried. Your heart wouldn't let you.
But your heart was no place for her to stay.
And that's what you hated the most. The effect she had on you, and how helpless you felt. The sped-up pulse you always got whenever she was near. The sweaty palms. How your brain became all foggy the moment she talked to you. You hated all of it. You didn't even feel like a human anymore. You felt like a machine, controlled by her sheer presence.
To rid your heart of her, you did what you could do best: pretend like she didn't exist. What you didn't bear in mind was that two could play a game. The moment Natasha realised that you were ignoring her, despite years of friendship, she did the same. She avoided you at all cost. The other members of the team noticed that something was going on between the two of you, but no one dared to ask questions.
Even though you started it, you didn't expect to be so affected by her doing the same. It hurt your heart, more than you wanted to admit. One could say that you shot yourself in the foot with your own plan. After all, once someone has entered a heart, it's hard to get them out of there again.
Just like a fly, they always find a way in, but never back out.
You became miserable the more time passed, but you never found the courage to just talk to her and confess your feelings. Natasha also never cared to ask why you had started it in the first place, assuming you had a good reason for it, although it hurt her as much as it hurt you. So the ignoring continued.
The day came when you wanted nothing more than to remain missing. Thanos has been defeated and the first thing you did when you reappeared with the rest of the missing population, was looking for Natasha, unknowing of what would expect you.
It was Clint who told you with a heavy heart that she has given her life to save the world, but that she had left a message for you:
Whatever the reason was that has broken us apart, I want you to know that I love you. I always have, and I will always be by your side.
You wouldn't believe it at first, but it hit you out of nowhere that you had lost the one person you have ever truly loved, and you have never told her, out of fear of losing her and getting hurt.
You never forgave yourself for what you have done. For being such a coward. You haven't wanted her to be in your heart, now Natasha was all that was in there. She will always remain in your heart, for she has become a part of you.
She became what kept you alive.
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winteralpine · 2 hours ago
Requests are open
Hey guys I would love to get your requests so please send them in!!!!
All MCU Characters
Chris Evans Characters
Sebastian Stan Characters
Tom Hiddleston Characters
Please keep in mind that even though tough I opened my requests it may take a while as I am in exam phase but I want to write during studying phases ❣️
Tumblr media
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blissfullybarnes · 3 hours ago
could you do a bucky one where he’s in a relationship with natasha, but has a deeper connection with natasha’s best friend, y/n? sorry if this doesn’t make sense 😭 I love your writing!
Hi baby! Little disclaimer: I don’t condone cheating and obviously think it’s horrible, but I’ve been in a position where I’ve had feelings for two people, more than once and wasn’t sure how to handle it, so I wrote something like that for you! ☺️🥰NSFW below the cut!
She was your best friend, she always had been. From the time that you were a naive nineteen year old, looking for solace any place you could find it, to now, halfway into your thirties, where you discovered who you are and what you were seeking all those years ago.
He was her boyfriend, although, you could tell by the way he looked at her that he wanted to be more. His smile stretched just a little wider when she was laughing, his eyes sparkled just a bit brighter as he looked at her with admiration, although she never saw it.
You did.
You always noticed the little things about him, whether you were meant to or not. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that you fell in love with a man whose heart belonged to someone else, your best friend, nonetheless, but love worked in mysterious ways.
After the first time, you told yourself it would never happen again.
But then you found yourself pressed up against the door of the powder room while everyone was still outside enjoying the sunset.
Well, everyone except you and Bucky who had excused yourselves for completely different reasons but found yourself in the same place moments later.
“We shouldn’t be doing this-“ You let out between rough, needy kisses.
“I know-“ He agreed, unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them to his ankles before he removed his boxers, letting his cock spring free. “Tell me if you want me to stop, alright?”
You nodded as he gave himself a few pumps and you rid yourself of your underwear. There wasn’t anytime for foreplay , but you didn’t need any. You were already soaked.
“Hurry up, Buck-“ A small whine left your lips as you placed a hand on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “They’re going to start looking for us soon.”
He knew you were right. Someone could walk in at any moment and find the two of you engaging in illicit activities, but truthfully, not even the thought of getting caught could overtake the desire he had to feel you around him.
“Can’t help it, doll.” You could hear the smirk in his voice as he teased your folds with the tip of his cock. “You’re just so fucking perfect.”
In a single thrust he buried himself deep inside of you, his hand quickly coming up to your mouth to cover the moan you let out as your eyes rolled back in pleasure.
He loved you. He really did, just not the way he loved Natasha. He loved her too, in a way, just not the same way that he loved you.
Send me some requests! 
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world-of-aus · 3 hours ago
Behind The Scenes 2/?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pornstar!Bucky x Pornstar!Reader
Warnings: Smut 18+ its shower sex y’all THATS IT.
A/n: another behind the scenes of Stark Hub and this one comes right after the third installment which you can find on my master-list in my bio! Fourth Installment for Stark Hub should be out this week! Thank you all for reading!
Enjoyed this work? All other work can be found in my bio on my masterlist!
Your cheek found the cool of the shower wall, lips falling open into a silent ‘o’ as his front molded to your back his cock sheathed deep in your warmth.
A low groan resonated from deep within his chest, body pushing you further into the shower wall, “fuck sugar, really regret not getting my hands on you sooner,” he breathed into the shell of your ear, teeth nipping at your lobe.
A shiver rolls through you regardless of the warm spray of water falling next to you, “haven’t even fucked you properly and I'm ready to blow my load.”
Breathy laughter falls past your lips, your head finding Bucky’s shoulder, “thought men were supposed to last longer the second time around, it can’t possibly be that good,” you grin teasing, your pussy clenching around the length of his cock.
A growl met your ears, his hips giving a particular rough thrust that had you gasping his name, “always got such bite to you, but the second a cock’s sinking into you,” he grunts the words dying on his tongue as he reigns in on the pleasure you pussy is bring him.
“can’t be just any cock Barnes,” you breathe hand finding the globe of his ass to pull him closer, “there’s only one.”
He pulls his hips back agonizingly slow, letting you feel the stretch of his cock, “and who’s is it sugar, who’s cock makes you so complacent,” he hums just the tip of his cock at your entrance.
You tilt your head inward teeth finding his chin drawing a hiss from his pink lips as you bite down, your tongue runs over the skin, drawing another sultry noise from the man pressing you into the shower wall.
“Yours,” you breath finger nails digging into the swell of his ass, hand splaying flat to bring him forward.
A chuckle swells deep within his chest, the scruff of his beard rubbing along your cheek as he places a wet kiss there, “such a needy fucking thing,” he murmurs hips giving shallow thrusts into your heat.
That draws a breathy chuckle from you, your lips searching for his, “calling me needy yet you’re the one that followed me in here locking the door behind you.”
His teeth capture your lower lip drawing a pained groan from you, his tongue running over it, “if I recall,” he drawls, “you’re the one that said you’d only be getting in if I was getting in with you, who was I to deny you such a thing?”
“Such a gentleman,” you breathe into his lips, “now we gonna keep talking or you actually plan on fucking me into this shower wall like you promised?”
He’s breathing another bout of laughter into your lips before he’s pushing you forward letting you fall into the wall of the shower, strong hands finding the curve of you back to hold you in place.
“I did promise I would fuck you into the wall didn’t I?”
You push yourself back on his cock, swiveling your hips in an enticing manner. A smack lands on your rear jolting you into the wall, a quiet gasp parting your lips.
Strong hands grab a hold of your hips, fingers digging into your sides roughly, “you want to be fucked,” he growls, “you want me to wreck this pretty little pussy?”
Bucky doesn’t give you time to gasp out your reply before he’s pulling out only to slam back into you, your front pressing flat to the cool wet wall.
You let out a choked gasp, one had bracing the wall as your other yet again seeks his side, nails digging into his hip as he fucks into you.
“Fuck sugar, you feel so fucking good around me, always take my cock so well.”
A moan similar to a squeal parts your lips as Bucky’s hand leaves your hips to wrap around your neck.
Broken moans fill the space, your hand leaving the wall to grasp at the hand around your neck “f-f-fuck, please don’t stop,” you moan.
Bucky's deep chuckle reverberates off the porcelain walls, his hips hammering into yours, “fuck,” he grunts, “didn’t plan on it, not gonna stop till I have you screaming my name sugar.”
There was nothing or no one that could possibly have you wanting the man behind you to stop, you would scream his name forever if it meant there was no end to the pleasure that he brought you.
The wet slap of skin on skin has you clenching around his length, waves of pleasure washing over you as he draws you closer to the peak of your first orgasm.
A low hiss bubbles up your chest, “you close baby,” he questions pressing in close letting your head fall to his shoulder, “you gonna cream on my cock like a good girl?”
You can’t help the breathy giggle of pleasure that leaves your lips, “mmm yes,” you breathe “gonna cum all over your cock.”
His hand around your neck trails up to grasp at your chin tilting your face to his, “such a good fucking girl,” he murmurs, lips finding yours, tongue delving past your lips to swallow down your moans.
Its not long after that he has you screaming his name your orgasm blindsiding you as wave after wave of pleasure crashes into you.
He chuckles into your lips, holding your trembling body up, “fuck - just like that pretty girl.”
Bucky doesn’t stop as he continues to fuck into you now chasing his own release seemingly throwing you into your second, “fuck please,” you moan, hands gripping his thighs.
“please what,” he breathes, “please what?”
“Cum for me,” you plead, “fill me up please.”
Bucky breathes out a quiet ‘fuck, that’s my girl’ as he continues to pump into you, thrusts becoming erratic as his orgasm approaches.
He presses you into the wall, hips stilling as his warm seed spills into you, a deep husky groan meeting your ear as spurt after spurt of cum paints your walls.
A minute passes as you both ride out the aftershocks, shaky hands pressing you off the wall and into the solid wet muscle of the burly man behind you.
Bucky’s arm wrap around your midsection pulling you away from the wall, turning you both slightly to allow the now gone cool water to run over you.
Its quiet in the bathroom, the only sound is that of the water running and your labored breaths.
“you alright to stand noodles,” Bucky jokes feeling your thighs quiver.
A quiet groan meets the air first, “you let me go Barnes and I swear I'm taking you with me if my legs give out.”
His laughter meets your ears, a kiss being pressed to the back of your head, “wasn’t planning on letting go anytime soon.”
WorldofAUs Forever Tag-list: @cap-n-stuff-main @bucky-cinnamonroll-barnes @kseniiafirebrace @sideeffectsofyou @pinknerdpanda @thefridgeismybestie @b0nkybarnes @oliviastan17 @fandom-basurero @lookiamtrying @baddie-barnes @xxloki81xx @fortyninegal @peacelovehobbitness @xo-spidey @noeaerialist @the-cry-of-youth @liebs82  @jbarness @morganclaire4 @runaway-escape @melimelbean@coffeebooksandfandom @rebekahdawkins @thinkaboutmara @im-squished @angstysebfan @pncesscarryyy@strangersstranger  @stuckyslutt @courtneychicken @tonystankschild @fallenoutofrose  @jasminepaz @nnuree @ene-rene @mollygetssherlockcoffee @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123@doozywoozy @buchanansebba @purselover2   @connie326 @bestofbucky @white-wolf1940 @stopjustlovethemcu @stuckysavedmylive  @sarcasmoverlordxo @avantgardium-leviosa @wittysunflower @muralskins @vesper852 @snakeeater17@moonlitskinandcrimsonribbons @some0nereally @sumtimesitbelikedat @gudenuph @zareen165 @dancer3205 @gemstone-roses @buchanansebba @moshymosh @cachemonet @deepmuffinspymaker @buckybarneshairpullingkink @supernaturalbaesduh @vivalakatee
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Preview Tuesday: Coming Home
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: soft Bucky is in love
A/N: Here is a preview of the A/B/O fic inspired by a conversation on the Smut Hub discord with @navybrat817 and @book-dragon-13​ about nests. It was a very fun conversation and we’ve all shared some amazing nest inspiration pics that were so sweet I had to write something. 
I hope that everyone enjoys the preview!
Tumblr media
You had a sort of magical ability when it came to building nests. It hadn’t been more obvious than after he’d come back from an amends trip, the knot of guilt so tight in his chest that even strangers on the street could smell his distress.
“Bucky what’s wrong,” you asked, smile falling as you practically gathered the distressed Alpha in your arms. “What happened?”
Burying his face against your scent gland the two of you shivered, “I’m just so tired, doll.”
Hands slid up and down his back in the entry of your apartment soothing him as the anxiety in his chest threatened to burst right there. Bucky couldn’t even remember you taking him to your bedroom let alone getting him out of his clothes and into your nest.
Coming to he felt distinctly different than the first time he’d been here. This time he was enveloped by the sweetest of scents, so potent here in the most intimate of places tangy with sweet fruits, biting with cinnamon, and bright with the scent of summer sunshine. 
It was your scent and he found himself submerging further into the soft downy blankets and pillows and never wanting to stop. Your hand stroked lazily over his chest, playing with his tags, your honey sweet gaze locking with his, full of empathy and worry.
“Feel better now Alpha?” You asked, a whispered edge of trepidation in your voice that was hard to miss. You wanted to please him, to comfort him, and give what you could. 
Now he was aware of it, the ease in his chest and haze that only came with contentment, a lightness that being in a space constructed by you could bring him. It might have been more than a couple of decades since he’d been in a nest but they never felt like this.
“Yeah, Sunshine,” he rumbled, tracing the back of his hand against your cheek. “Much better now.”
To Be Continued...
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beyondspaceandstars · 3 hours ago
While You Sleep
Chapter 6
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: mainly fluffy, brief mentions of violence Summary: Soulmate!AU - Throughout life, you’re given glimpses of your soulmate through dreams. As you sleep, memories flash in your mind showing you the life your soulmate has lived. Everyone around you raves about how their soulmate reads great books or volunteers in their spare time. But you can’t relate as your dreams end up being more like nightmares. Through initial images of death and violence, you come to learn your soulmate is the Winter Soldier.
(a/n: this was probably the most fun chapter for me to write so far it just came out so cute and sweet i think!! also super sorry all my energy has been focused on this fic i haven’t written many other one shots or anything i just really am getting into this story!)
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
When you woke up the next day, something new was in the air. Everything felt lighter, a bit more relaxed. You actually felt refreshed for what seemed like the first time in your life. As dramatic as it sounds, it was unreal. 
You sat up in bed, taking in the morning without the dread. Sure, prior to your dream last night there were bits of chaos still lurking. You couldn’t ignore it and it certainly was not going to go away overnight but everything had shifted, and you could at least appreciate what lulled you to sleep. 
You sighed, almost looking off into a daydream like a lovestruck school girl. You had seen Bucky in such a normal fashion just sitting in his bed reading. You didn’t know when exactly the memory had been from but that didn’t matter. It was something without violence, it was a real look at him. He was so content as he focused on the book...
But you didn’t have the time to sit around pondering about your soulmate’s hobbies forever. You still had a life to get on with. 
Despite your body’s reluctance, you lugged yourself out of bed and started getting your work uniform together. There was a bit of pep in your step, a complete contrast to just a few weeks ago when you were pulling yourself around holding on to the last bit of will you had. It was insane what one meeting with a soulmate could do. Maybe you now understood everyone’s fuss over it.
You redid your hair and touched up your makeup before packing your bag for the day. Once your sneakers were on and you felt actually good (the most glorious feeling, you thought), you headed out your apartment door. 
As you were making your way down the stairs, you noticed someone was waiting by the building’s entrance. You rarely ever saw people around the space so the figure stunned you a bit. As you walked closer, though, you recognized that shoulder-length brown hair.
“Bucky?” You said, surprised, as you opened the lobby door. He turned around, greeting you with a warm smile.
“Good morning.” He spoke so casually as if he always stood outside your apartment waiting for you.
“Everything okay?” You asked, suddenly worried his presence here wasn’t as cheery as he was leading on.
Bucky nodded. “Yeah, I just came to walk you to work if that’s okay.”
Your jaw dropped slightly. “Walk me to work? W-Why?”
Bucky shifted his stance slightly as if suddenly embarrassed. “Because I think that’s something that, uh… that…”
“Soulmates,” you said, finishing his sentence. Bucky looked relieved at that. “That’s something soulmates do?”
He chuckled at the little smirk you were giving him. Your heart felt so full at the thought of Bucky wanting to walk you to work, make sure you got there safe and everything. Maybe even check out the area where you spent most of your days. 
“You can say no, of course.”
You shook your head. “I’m flattered you want to walk me.”
At your acceptance, Bucky extended his elbow for you to take. You giggled as your hand wrapped around his arm and you two began on the route. You were too giddy to look back up at Bucky, even though you could feel him sneaking glances at you, so you turned your attention to his arm. Surprisingly, it was the metal one he had offered to you. While most of it was covered by the sweater he wore, his hand was still peaking out of the sleeve. You stared down at it, curiously, watching the light bounce off the material and listening to the little groans it made as his fingers moved every now and then. 
“It’s not going to hurt you,” Bucky said suddenly, making you jump. You quickly pulled your gaze away, opting instead to look up at him. Your heart sank at the tinge of worry behind his eyes. 
You shook your head as your cheeks warmed in embarrassment. “I didn’t think it would,” you confessed, honestly. “I just think it’s interesting.”
He hummed, unsure. “Interesting?”
A sudden uneasiness fell over you as you found yourself maybe crossing lines now. Sure, you had seen here and there in the nightmares what the arm had done, but you also could see that wasn’t what it was doing right now. Right now it wasn’t a weapon, a danger. It was a guide for you, physically bringing you a tad bit closer to your soulmate. 
“Well, yeah,” you shrugged. You had to choose your words carefully, you thought. “I don’t have to tell you this but it’s unlike anything else out there. It’s powerful. Seems very strong, as well. Probably… Probably has seen a lot but you extended it towards me showing you’re at least a little comfortable with it,” A pause. “I-I don’t think it defines you if that’s what you’re worried about, despite how it’s -- how you -- have been weaponized.”
Bucky didn’t respond at first, making your heart plummet. Had you actually burnt this entire thing down in less than twenty-four hours? You two fell into silent steps as you continued your path to work.
As you rounded a corner, just when you were about to spontaneously tell him it was okay if he never wanted to see you again, Bucky finally spoke up.
“Have you seen the things I’ve done?”
“I’ve read some articles-,”
“That’s not what I meant.”
You brought yourself to a stop on the sidewalk. Bucky halted beside you and shook off your grip. You frowned at the action but didn’t acknowledge it any further. 
“I don’t think it matters what I’ve seen,” you said, a bit of confidence finally mustered up in your tone. It was true, too. Over the past few hours, you hadn’t seen anything from the nightmares that aligned with the actual Bucky in front of you. “We can discuss this another time but I promise you, Bucky, I’m only focusing on what I see right now. Right now I see a man who voluntarily woke up at a ridiculous hour just so he could surprise me and walk me to work. It’s incredible.”
Bucky’s eyes were faintly glossing over, threatening to cry. You didn’t know what to do other than take his hand, intertwining your touch with his metal one. He accepted it, wordlessly. With a nod, you got back on your walking route to the shop. 
“Thank you, doll,” Bucky said just above a whisper. You nearly missed it. Your heart did somersaults as you registered the words.
You two fell into more silence until you decided you needed to lighten the mood. You weren’t letting him drop you off at work like this. 
“Now,” you said, clearing your throat as your own tears had just about formed, “how did you spend the rest of your night?”
Bucky shrugged. “Nothing crazy,” he sighed. “I did some reading before bed.”
“Hmm.” Your interest had been peaked. You thought back to the little dream you had last night, portraying a very studious Bucky. You figured that while it was recent, it wasn’t from last night (dreams rarely ever came through that quick), making you now curious of his reading choices. “Interesting. Wouldn’t have taken you for a reader. What’s the book about?”
He let out a breathy chuckle. “Some new science fiction series Steve picked up for me,” Bucky explained. “I’m not too far into it but I think it has something to do with time traveling.”
You nearly laughed. You thought back to how the nightmares you had been getting recently were all over the place as if you were on your own time-traveling journey -- only it was the cruelest way possible. Fate was such a character. 
“Is that the kind of books you prefer? Science fiction?”
Bucky nodded, “Guess I’ve always been interested in all that science stuff.”
That science stuff. You giggled. “I’ll keep that in mind,” you said. “I’ve fallen a bit out of reading but I’d love to get your recommendations one day.”
“I’m not exactly well versed in all the books out there.” Because he had missed so much -- there was always that unspoken fact in every other thing he said. You wished you could coax him out of that habit but that didn’t seem possible right now. I
“Well, good thing I’m not looking to know about all the books,” you smiled, looking up at him, “I’m just looking to know about your books. Whatever comes across your radar that you end up loving, I’d like to hear about it.”
Bucky returned the smile. “What did you do with the rest of your night?”
“Nothing really,” you shrugged, turning your focus back to the sidewalk ahead of you. “I fell asleep pretty much right after getting home.”
You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you. From the corner of your vision, you could see a bit of a frown on his lips. 
“You didn’t do anything?”
You shook your head.
“No hobbies or anything?”
You sighed. “I’m usually just too tired or too into work to do very much. Last night had been… Overwhelming for me, I think. When it was over, I was exhausted. All of me, body and mental.”
You felt Bucky’s thumb start rubbing soothing patterns on the back of your hand. Your breath caught a bit in your throat. 
“I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t mean for you to get overwhelmed.”
You began shaking your head profusely, “No, no, it’s not your fault, Bucky,” you insisted, “I psyched myself out a bit, I think.”
He let out a long sigh at that. “Well, you shouldn’t do that anymore,” he said, so sincerely. “I never want to bring you pain or worry, okay? That shouldn’t be what… we do.”
“We do?” You looked up at him but he had already turned away. “Oh, you mean what soulmates do.”
“The word still gets caught on the tip of my tongue.”
Your cheeks started feeling hot. “I understand.”
As the conversation faded, your coffee shop came into view. You two stopped outside it. Glancing in the window, you made eye contact with your coworker who had just begun setting up for the day. Her eyes got wide as she realized who the man was behind you. Her shock promptly morphed into excitement.
You turned back to Bucky. “Thank you for accompanying me.”
He flashed you a smile, making your heart just absolutely dissolve. “Of course,” he said. “Anyday, anytime. I’d be happy to accompany you anywhere.”
You were shamelessly full-on blushing, once again feeling like a ridiculous school girl. You had to avert your gaze as Bucky’s eyes on you were making you feel all sorts of things in these fluffy moments. 
With a pointless nod and no more words, you turned to face the coffee shop entrance. One hand on the handle, you stood there. Just holding it. You could hear Bucky walking away. 
Fuck it, you thought. 
You quickly turned back around and dashed to catch up with him. He was walking so leisurely as if he expected this. You called out his name and he whipped around promptly, looking as if he was fighting back another smile. 
“Here,” you said as you grabbed a napkin and pen from your bag and scribbled down your phone number. “It’s my number in case you want to, I don’t know, text me or call or something.” 
He took the napkin gently as if it was the most precious gem in the world seconds away from shattering. With a nod, Bucky responded, “Sure, doll. Thank you.”
You smiled, giving him a nod back. That wasn’t all, though. You had another caution to throw into the wind. Quickly, you placed your hand on Bucky’s shoulder and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. It was so fast you barely had time to register your own movement but Bucky definitely picked up on it. Now his face was the one with a tinge of warm color coming up on it.
“Have a good shift.” It was all Bucky seemed capable of saying as he shot you a wider smile, eyes softening at your nervous form. Before you could respond anymore, prolonging this weird but sweet goodbye for the day, he resumed his walk back. 
As feelings of all sorts washed over, you headed back to the coffee shop where you finally entered… And was greeted by your coworker standing in front of the entrance, arms crossed, staring you down.
“Good morning,” you said, avoiding eye contact and trying to get around her. She stepped in your path.
“Was that…” You nodded before she could finish the words. She broke out into a surprise fit of giggles. “You met him?” She asked in disbelief. 
You nodded. “Last night. We had dinner and he walked me home. It was very nice.” You kept it short and sweet, not feeling like gossiping about something so fresh. But you also secretly wanted to just throw everything out there. It was exciting, it was new. Overall, though, it felt great. 
Your coworker let out gasps, almost in awe. “That’s so exciting,” she said. “Is he, like, nice? Anything like-,”
You shook your head quickly, making her cut off her words. “He’s nothing like…” You didn’t want to say them anymore. Well, at least for right now. You knew a talk with Bucky about it all had to be coming but you want to push it aside for now. “He’s wonderful. A true gentleman. He showed up this morning to walk me to work. What man nowadays would do that?” You chuckled, almost in your own state of disbelief. “Plus, he’s kind of fascinating. Unexpected, even. Would you have guessed he’s a reader?”
You made your way farther into the shop, discarding your bag and throwing on an apron. You began wiping down the counters as your coworker followed. 
“He sounds almost… normal?”
You stopped your movement, taking in that observation. You finally nodded in agreement. Yeah, you guessed that so far he was kind of normal. At least, personality-wise. 
After a moment you said, “I think I’m glad I didn’t try to move on.”
Despite not looking at her, you knew your coworker wore another ridiculous, lovey smile. She was practically in awe and, you had to admit, you kind of were, too.
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The Wrong Lifetime – Five // Wanda Maximoff
chapter four | story masterlist | main masterlist | chapter six
author’s note: dying of cramps but didn’t wanna leave y’all hanging, so enjoy! x
Tumblr media
Taking Wanda to Blackpool was something I couldn't stop thinking about for the past three days.
I kept telling myself that I had to remain calm, not make her feel uncomfortable with my obvious attraction to her, and to give her the best day out considering she'd never been before. It wasn't anything more than a girl spending time with her soon-to-be sister-in-law, and I had to keep reminding myself that whenever I'd feel a stir of desire in my chest at the thought her pretty smile or intoxicating gaze.
My family were thrilled when they heard of my plans with Wanda. My parents were glad I was actually making an effort to get on with her, whilst my brother was excited I was becoming 'best friends', as he put it, with his fiancé. That one stung a little, the guilt pricking my insides, but I convinced myself that that was exactly what I was doing. It wasn't wrong if I didn't think of Wanda in any way but what she was. Right?
The weekend came around quickly enough, and on Saturday morning, I met with Wanda at the train station where she waiting for me with an enthusiastic smile.
"I brought my watercolours and sketchbook so I can paint what's there," she explained as we boarded the train. "I also bought a lot of pencils in case some snap. I'm gonna draw everything I see so I don't forget a single thing."
We slid into our seats and I smiled with admiration as she continued to ramble about all of the things she wanted to do today. She looked so lively when she spoke, her hands moving about frantically to express her excitement, and her lips permanently etched into a smile when she wittered on. I didn't mean to stare, but God, she looked beautiful.
"Thank you again for doing this," she finished, head turning to mine.
Now, I'd read and written many clichés of someone falling for someone else, particularly the moment they knew they were too far gone. It was hard to believe if they were true depictions of liking someone, but I liked reading and writing them.
It was now that I learnt that they were no exaggeration, for when she looked my way with a beaming smile and glowing green eyes, I knew it was too late. There was no going back for my attraction to Wanda.
"No need to thank me," I spoke slowly, surprised I could speak at all since she'd knocked the breath from my lungs. "I'm glad you're excited."
The journey was a few hours long and we made conversation the whole way. It was the longest I'd spent alone with her since meeting her and I was intrigued by everything she had to say, hanging onto every word with all of my attention. If that wasn't enough, her accent only made everything she said sound so much better. She was naturally soft-spoken, but syllables rolled off her tongue in a silky, raspy way with her accent entwined in her words. I loved it.
At one point, the topic of our families came up and I felt like my brother came up in almost every conversation I'd had with anyone who discussed family, so I took this as my opportunity to get to know hers instead.
"What's it like to have a twin?" I asked, leaning on my elbow as I watched her attentively.
She mirrored my action playfully, though answered my question. "It's just like having a normal sibling, except they're way more annoying."
I smiled, imaging just how annoying Pietro could be as a sibling.
"I love Pietro, but he's very frustrating at times," she spoke with a hint of endearment. "He constantly throws it in my face that's he's older than me by twelve minutes. As if that makes a difference."
A chuckle flew from my lips as she pouted at her own words.
"But he's also my best friend," she said with a sigh, like that fact was irritating in itself. "He knows me better than anyone and he's the easiest person for me to talk to. I don't have to hide anything from him." She paused, glancing upwards in thought. "Well, almost anything."
Pursing my lips, I wondered what she meant as she mumbled the last part, but didn't question it. Everyone was entitled to their secrets.
"So, you and your family moved to England when you were kids, right?" I tried to recall what my parents had told me of them. "From Sokovia."
"Yes, we were about..." She scrunched up her nose as she tried to remember. "Eight years old, I think?"
"Wow, that's young," I realised.
She hummed in agreement, smile fading as her eyes fell to her hands. "Yeah... I don't remember much, but there was a lot of unrest at the time. A war. It was dangerous for everyone and my parents were lucky to get us out when they did."
I frowned, knowing some of this already, but it was sadder to hear when it was coming from Wanda herself.
"Our extended family didn't make it out," she continued to explain, voice quieter. "I didn't know them much, my parents' siblings, so it's not that sad for me. Pietro, too. But it's strange to think, you know? Especially when all of your family are around with this wedding and–" She sighed, shaking her head and looking to me with an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I didn't mean to bring the mood down."
I straightened up, reassuring her instantly. "Wanda, you don't need to apologise. It's okay. I... I didn't know any of that. I'm glad you told me."
She nodded, though the regret was still present in her gaze.
"I'm sorry all of that happened," I expressed honestly, not looking away. "But I'm glad you're here, if it makes a difference. You– your family are good people."
A small, appreciative smile graced her lips. "Thank you."
I shrugged, trying to brush it off so she wouldn't notice the heat rising up my neck. "It's nothing... so Sokovia. You speak Russian and English. That's pretty bloody cool."
She laughed wholeheartedly and any hint of sadness disappeared from her face, reassuring me completely. I didn't like to see her sad, especially when there was nothing I could do to make her feel better that I knew of.
"I promise to teach you some Russian today," she said with amusement. "A few words, just to diversify your vocabulary."
"Gee, thanks."
Another laugh escaped her and I chewed on my lip to contain my grin. I could get used to that sound.
When we reached Blackpool, Wanda was radiating with excitement. We couldn't make it two steps anywhere before she whipped out her sketchbook and began to sketch. She wasn't kidding when she said she was going to capture everything she saw.
I was patient, since the reason we came was for her, and watched as she worked. It was cute, seeing her concentrate and trying to stop dancing around with excitement every time I showed her something new.
We walked along the promenade and dipped in and out of the shops, looking at the gifts and clothes they sold. We bought a few things to commemorate the trip, but then Wanda was quick to drag me back outside so she could sketch the view of the beach from where we were stood. The grin on her face was convincing enough for me to let her drag me wherever she wanted. She looked so happy and I didn't care about anything else.
Eventually, around lunchtime, we headed to a café to have a break from all the excitement. Or rather, a break from running around. For Wanda, it was a better opportunity to sit still and sketch some more.
"So, you're drinking what, Y/N?" she asked, not looking up from her sketches as she worked.
I looked at my tea and lowered the cup. "Er, tea?"
"In Russian," she instructed.
"Oh." I cleared my throat, remembering what she taught me earlier. "Chay."
"And what's in the chay?" she asked, lifting her eyes to meet mine patiently. "The milk?"
"Moloko," I remembered, and the proud smile on her face reassured me I was correct. My shoulders relaxed as I returned her smile. "Thanks."
"You're a natural," she assured me, before looking back to her sketchbook. "I only taught you the words. You remembered it yourself. And before you know it, ty budesh' govorit' polnymi predlozheniyami na russkom."
My mouth opened with confusion, not knowing what she said. She seemed to realise as she chuckled at my expression.
"Never mind, milaya (darling)," she said with humoured eyes, before resuming her sketching.
I breathed out, taking another sip of my tea before grabbing a fork to dig into my pasta. As I chewed, I watched Wanda move her pencil effortlessly, creating lines that somehow resulted in a perfect drawing of the horizon.
"Do you only draw and paint landscapes?" I asked curiously.
"I can do portraits, too," she answered with a nod, glancing at me. "But they're never as good."
I gave her a knowing look. "I doubt that."
She merely smiled in response, eyes meeting mine for a moment, before shaking her head with amusement and looking back to her sketches. I chuckled, leaving her to it as I enjoyed my lunch and read the newspaper.
It was nice to just sit and enjoy each other's company as we did our own thing. I'd occasionally glance up to see Wanda focused on her drawing and smile, allowing myself to appreciate the sight, before looking back down to the paper and enjoying my pasta.
By the time I finished my food, as had Wanda, she straightened up and tore a page from her sketchbook. The noise pulled me from my reading and I looked up to see her holding the paper towards me.
I quirked a brow, but she simply shook the paper, signalling for me to take it. With confusion, I took it and became speechless when I saw what she'd drawn. It was me reading the paper, the exact view she must have had from being sat opposite me. It looked exactly like me, probably better since I knew I didn't look that good, and I was amazed at her talent all over again.
"You did this just now?" I asked with disbelief, looking up at her.
She shrugged and distracted herself with her pencil. "Yeah, it's not much. It's not my specialty."
I scoffed. "You're kidding. Wanda, this is amazing!"
Bashful smile on her lips, she glanced up at me. "Maybe it's the best portrait I've done. But I think that's down to my subject."
Even when she was embarrassed, she was still capable of turning the tables on me, leaving me a flustered mess. It was like her superpower. A very annoyingly cute superpower.
"That's what you look like y'know," she continued, nodding to the paper in my hand. "When you're focused on reading. You chew your lip with thought. And you get this little crease–" she pointed between her brows with a laugh, "–right here, and you seem to forget that anything else exists."
A sweet smile spread on her face as she tilted her head, watching me with intimidating eyes, very much aware of the effect her words had on me.
"You're very observant," I said, trying not to stutter, her gaze making me nervous. "Perfect skill for an artist."
She hummed in agreement, though didn't look away. "Mere artistic observation, right?"
My heart was hammering in her chest the longer she stared, especially when her words dawned on me. I'd said the exact same thing after she confronted me about picking her ring. I wondered if she could hear my heart pounding in my ears.
Just like the first time I saw her, I was at a loss for words and couldn't look away. She was compelling, beautiful and remarkable all at once.
"Nebo," I said, hoping it was the correct word for 'sky' in Russian, as Wanda had taught me.
She grinned. "Yes! And horizon?"
I pulled a face as I thought carefully. "Er...gorizont?"
"The student is soon to become the master," she said, and I rolled my eyes, knowing that was anything but the truth. I appreciated her encouragement though.
"Okay, before we head to the beach, we have to buy some rock," I told her, leading her to the stall on the promenade. "I got it last time and it's so good."
She furrowed her brows. "What's that?"
I smiled at her expression. "It's a sweet. Kind of like boiled sugar that's formed into a stick of, well, rock."
She didn't seem convinced. "If you say it's good, I trust you, I guess..."
I laughed, grabbing her hand and tugging her to the stall. "You'll love it."
After getting two sticks of rock for Wanda and I, we began to walk to the sand. I glanced at the brunette, wanting to see her reaction. She eyed the hard candy before attempting to bite it, a small piece breaking off at the top. Crunching on it, she scrunched her nose up.
"It's hard," she noted, swallowing the piece. "Tasty, though."
"It's better if you suck on it, love," I let her know with a hidden smile. "Tastes much better."
She did as I said, beginning to suck on the top, and seemed to enjoy it more. Giving me a thumbs up as she sucked it, I couldn't help but laugh again. She looked adorable, so I left her to it and did the same as we walked along the sand and towards the benches in the distance.
Like a child experiencing something for the first time, she began to point excitedly at Blackpool Tower and the ferris wheel in the distance and I just kept nodding along, letting her get excited because it made my heart skip a beat every time she flashed me a smile.
When we reached the benches, I was glad that today wasn't a busy day. It wasn't exactly tourist season, so the beach was scarce of anyone but residents of the town. And even then, our side of the beach was pretty empty, giving us first dibs on a bench that wasn't broken or uncomfortable.
Settling on it, Wanda pulled her legs up and sat cross-legged so she could lean on them and pull out her watercolours. I sat beside her and leaned back, inhaling the salty air and exhaling peacefully. I never had much reason to visit here apart from when my parents took my brother and I on the occasional trip, but it was nice to appreciate the sound of the ocean washing over the sand and the seagulls squawking in the sky. A big difference compared to back home.
Another silence formed between us as she painted the water ahead, and I couldn't help but glance her way, watching her pucker her lips with concentration. All she'd wanted was this and I was glad I could finally give it to her.
So she wouldn't notice, I looked away and stared out at the blue expanse of ocean before me. I should have been appreciating its beauty, but all I could think about was how it was no contest to the girl sat beside me.
"I'm really glad you brought me here today," she said out of the blue after a while, "but I wouldn't have said yes if I'd known you would be bored."
I looked to her and saw she was still preoccupied by her painting. "I'm not bored. We came here so you could see the water and find some new subjects to paint. And that's exactly what we're doing."
She sighed, looking up at me with a questioning glance.
Smiling reassuringly, I said, "I like the quiet. And I like watching you work. You look happy. It's good to see."
She tensed her jaw, stifling a smile, but her eyes said it all. She was grateful. Of course, her eyes were also very easy to get lost in, even if she didn't mean for me to. And right now, under the sun, I found myself drowning in pools of blue.
"What are you thinking?" she asked quietly, a hint of a smile on her face.
Stupidly, I felt compelled to tell her the truth. "I'm thinking about how you have really pretty eyes."
Attempting to make me flustered yet again, her favourite hobby by now I was guessing, she raised a brow teasingly. "Oh, really?"
It didn't bother me this time though, as I maintained eye contact and felt my heart swelling with adoration. "Yes. It's like you hold all the elements in a single gaze."
Her smile faded and that's when I realised what I'd said, my heart dropping to my stomach in an instant. Swallowing hard, I looked away and shook my head. An apology was waiting on the tip of my tongue when she spoke with realisation.
"It was you."
I glanced her way nervously. "What was?"
She was staring like her mind was working something out and I was the missing piece. "The letter that Y/B/N gave me last week. He wrote the exact same thing. What you just said."
My brows knitted together with confusion, then it hit me. The love letter Y/B/N wrote. The one he assured me was for his own eyes. He'd given it to her. And I'd just gone and said the exact thing he'd written on it, no doubt passing it off as is his own words.
"Th–that wasn't me," I got out, shaking my head slowly. "I didn't even know he gave you a letter, Wanda."
She continued to watch me, eyes squinting with scepticism. I swallowed hard under her gaze, trying to think of how I could come back from this. But apparently I didn't have to, because she suddenly leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine.
My mind was foggy when her fingers rested behind my neck, tugging me closer. I closed my eyes, melting at her touch, and began to kiss her back, moving my lips against hers. She was slow and gentle with me, her lips as soft as they looked and sending the butterflies in my stomach into a frenzy. I could have kissed her forever and been content, but my brain finally caught up to my actions and I reluctantly pulled away, stunned.
Glancing around to make sure nobody saw us – there was literally nobody here – I caught my breath and looked back to Wanda. Her eyes were drawn to my lips before they flickered to meet mine, darkened with desire.
"Why did you do that?" was all I could think to ask, and I was acutely aware of her fingers still grasping my neck, the skin burning where her tips grazed.
She licked her swollen lips, expression softening. "I think I've been falling for the wrong Y/L/N."
My lips pressed together, missing the feeling of hers against them. Never in a million years did I expect her to say something like that. I thought she'd been teasing me this whole time, but now, maybe there was truth to her actions.
"Did you really mean what you said?" she asked apprehensively.
She swallowed. "What you said about my eyes. Did you mean it?"
Well, she'd kissed me, so there was no going back now.
I nodded, noticing the hesitance in her eyes. "Yes... you're beautiful, Wanda."
She didn't say anything and the silence was deafening. I almost wanted to run back home and pretend this never happened, but that was the cowardly side of me. The other side, the disbelieving side, wanted to stay here with her and keep living in this little bubble we'd created.
"Can I kiss you again?" she finally spoke, eyes flickering between mine for confirmation.
Not trusting myself to speak, I nodded slowly, and she didn't waste another second as she leaned in once again. This time, I wasn't so surprised, so I kissed her back quickly, trying not to think about how wrong this was. How I'd been taught that this was wrong. Because I refused to believe this was wrong, that it was a sin, when it felt so damn right.
Wanda felt right.
When I got home later that afternoon, I couldn't stop myself from smiling.
Wanda was all that was on my mind. Everything about her was floating around up there – the contagiousness of her smile, the brightness of her eyes, the taste of her lips. When I left this morning, I wasn't expecting to return with– well, I wasn't sure what we were, but we'd decided to give whatever this was a go.
Of course, she was still engaged to my brother, but I tried not to think about that. She made me happy and maybe in a different lifetime we could have been together, but this was the wrong lifetime which meant I'd have to make some wrong decisions, this possibly being one of them.
The guilt was still present, but the adoration I had for Wanda overpowered it. The fact that she actually liked me back was too thrilling for me to even concern myself with the lack of future this relationship would have. I just wanted to enjoy what we had whilst we had it, even if it meant being together in secret.
"So, how did your trip go?" my mum asked me when I returned, looking up from her knitting.
I stifled my grin the best I could. "It was fun. Wanda loved the seaside."
My mother seemed pleased as she smiled my way. "Y/N, that's great. You know, I'm really proud of you for making an effort with her. It means a lot to everyone."
"She's going to be your sister-in-law after all," she continued knowingly, "so it's good you're spending time with her. Maybe you could do it more."
I hummed in agreement, my heart fluttering at the possibility of spending more time with Wanda. "Yeah, that could be good."
"Go on upstairs, you must be tired from the travelling," she said after a moment, noticing my distant headspace. "I'm glad you had fun today."
Wanda's smile appeared in my mind again, her lips ghosting my own. I sighed contently.
"Me, too."
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clairecrive · 4 hours ago
Hello beautiful person! Do you take requests which ask you to write a second chapter for your writings? If you do, may I ask a second chapter for "Rare"? And if you don't could you please let me know so I can be careful for another time when I ask a request?
I hope this is not something that disturbes or irritates you. I love your writing, it is beautiful and sometimes I read your pieces over and over again. 😁
Thanks for blessing us with your writing. Have a nice day.💕
A/n: First of all anon, thank you so very much for your sweet words! They mean the world to me <3 Also, your request could never irritate me! I love them and I love the fact that you consider me half a decent writer enough to send me your thoughts <3 I'm sorry it took me so long to get around this but I hope you like this and are still around to read it x
I've decided to pair it with a request for juicy time with Eddie. there's no actual smut but it's suggestive let's say.
Warnings: bit of angst, fluff,
Word count: 2.4K
Tags: @mollybegger-blog, @evelynshelby, @br0ck-eddie, @fandom--0verdose, @shadow-of-wonder, @innerpaperexpertcloud, @sopxhiea, @fuseburner, @for-bebbanburg, @crazyclownchick ( fill in this form to be added to my taglist)
Part 1
You weren't exactly new to heartbreak. You had been a teenager after all but your experience with adult relationships had not been that good either.
You knew that you'd be over Eddie even if it may take you some time. It's true that you had only been dating for a few months but you had really grown attached to him. It was one of the things you hated about yourself: the way you got attached way too soon, way too much.
Especially, in this case, seeing as Eddie hadn't been 100% in it in the beginning you had hoped that the more time you'd spend together, he'd see that you weren't so bad and that he'd grow to care for you. At least a little bit.
Turns out you were wrong.
As much as you hated being wrong, the thing that hurt you the most was that despite your best efforts, Eddie still didn't think you were enough for him. And how could you be when the benchmark was perfect Anne?
You stood no chance. You had been a fool for even trying. And now you were experiencing the burn for your foolishness.
This had happened often enough that you had developed a routine for dealing with heartbreak:
1) crying your heart out and indulging your sadness with whatever helped (mostly comfort food and Friends)
2) enough with indulging, it was time to pick yourself up. No more overeating although you still allowed yourself to cry if you felt like it
3) "I don't need him anyway" phase where you'd make a mental list of how your life was before and after whoever you had broken up with to remind you that they weren't as important as you made them out to be
4)"put yourself out there again" phase where you started going out again with the intention of meeting new people or simply having a good time.
As of this time, you were in phase 3. You noticed that there were some of Eddie's things littering around your apartment. So, you picked up a box and collected them with the intention of returning them to him, effectively closing this chapter. As you did, you made that aforementioned list. This time, with the added reason for your break up, it was a bit easier to remind you why breaking up had been the right decision.
When your hands closed on your favourite hoodie of his though, you couldn't help the pang in your heart as a flood of memories hit you.
You and Eddie doing a Friends marathon every Friday night.
Eddie giving this hoodie when you were sick because he knew how much you liked it.
Eddie taking the hoodie off for a whole other reason almost ripping it...
Shaking your head, you pushed those thoughts aside, focusing on the task at hand.
Enough of that. It was over.
It was only a week later that you finally got the time to come around Eddie's apartment. Sure, you could have called him, he could have come himself to pick them up or you could have dropped them at his job but that would have required you to call him. And recalling how that went last time you tried to reach him you decided you'd spare yourself the humiliation of him not ghosting you again.
Taking a deep breath, you straightened your shoulders and knocked on his door.
"Y/n." You were met with a dishevelled Eddie.
He looked like shit but what's new with him. He also looked very surprised to see you at his door and you also couldn't blame it for that. You would have reacted the same way if the roles were reversed.
"Hi, Eddie," you hated your treacherous voice that wobbled when you spoke. Clearing your voice, you tried again.
"Sorry to come here unannounced. I've found some of your stuff in my apartment and I thought you'd like to have them back." You explained as you handed him the box, his eyes taking it in for the first time.
"Oh," he paused as he considered your words. Was that disappointment in his voice? "Thank you, y/n. You shouldn't have." He smiled weakly as he took the box from you, your fingers touching briefly.
"It's not a problem, Eddie. I was just passing by anyway." You and Eddie actually lived far from each other. The truth is that there was no reason for you to be in this part of town if it wasn't for him. Eddie knew that but he was kind enough not to point that out.
He just nodded, accepting your words as he held the box close to his chest.
You awkwardly stared at each other for a while, you didn't know what to say but neither of you wanted to end this exchange quite yet. When you felt that you had been standing like a fool in front of your ex's door, you went to leave but Eddie beat you to it.
"So how have you been?" Your first reaction was to scoff at this attempt of small talk. Neither of you was very good at it. And truthfully, it was rich coming from someone who had not made any effort to keep in contact with you even before your breakup.
The scroll of your shoulders was the only answer Eddie got. You weren't in the mood to pretend nor did you want him to know how you were still suffering for him.
"I should ask that to you." You reverted the question to him. He really didn't look well.
"yeah, it's been a rough couple of weeks," he confessed scratching the back of his head.
"That, I don't find it hard to believe," you hummed as your eyes took him in, really took him in since you knocked at his door. You could also see behind him that his apartment was a mess.
"Yeah, don't have to worry about me though. I'm fine."
"Of course." You nodded at his dismissal, remembering harshly the situation you were in."Well, I'm going to go now. Take care." Cold but still polite you turn around, ready to put this -Eddie and this exchange- behind you.
"Y/n, wait!" he called when you were about to climb down the staircase. "Do you want to have a drink or something?" Stay for a while? he meant but didn't dare to say.
"I don't think that's a good idea, Eddie." You called over your shoulder, hand still on the railing.
"Please, I owe you an explanation." You didn't know if it was the desperate note in his voice or the fact that he really looked like shit but you turned around almost convinced.
"Don't you think it's too late for that, Eddie?"
"Maybe it won't change anything between us but you deserve to know." You knew Eddie and you knew how much he cared about transparency and honesty. This may not mean that you were going to get back together but he was right, you deserved an explanation.
"Okay," you agreed as you walked back and then into his apartment. Eddie closed the door behind him and set the box he was still holding down behind the coat hanger.
The sneak peek you had before was definitely right: Eddie's apartment was even messier than usual.
"Why does it look like a tornado hit your home?" You couldnìt help but point out. You knew Eddie wasn't that bothered by tidiness but this too much even by his standards.
"That would be my fault," a new voice answered you.
At first, you didn't register the difference in tone or accent even though you should have had because Eddieìs voice wasnìt that low or raspy. But then a black tendril entered your vision field catching your attention making you turning your head to better inspect it.
"Eddie?" You asked perplexed, eyes fixed on this thing? even if you were addressing Eddie.
"Y/n meet Venom, Venom meet y/n." He gestured awkwardly with his hands.
"It's so nice to meet you, Eddie's always thinking about you, you know? It's a bit annoying." this time the voice didn't come from a tendril but a face. A fucking alien face with long sharp teeth and wide white eyes.
His words went straight over your head. How the fuck was this true? What were you even seeing? Did this thing come from Eddie's body??
"Fuck, I know I'm heartbroken but now I'm even seeing things?"
"Y/n," Eddie tried to get your attention. You thought you had only thought that but apparently, you had spoken the words. "You're not seeing things, this is part of the explanation I owe you."
"I think it's better if you sit," he said motioning to his couch when you did nothing but stare at Venom. Prompting by Eddie though, you sat down and listened as he spoke.
He told you everything. About Carton Drake about his project with aliens, about Venom and their rather troubled relationship. He even explained how Anne had got involved and how she and Danny had helped him.
It was definitely a lot to take in. But somehow, the thought that he could be lying to you never crossed your mind. The proof was right in front of you, wasn't it? Venom, as he had introduced himself, stood next to Eddie while he spoke. It had never spoken again and you were inwardly thankful for that. That he was giving you space to digest all of this.
"Why didn't you tell me when you came around that day, Eddie?" You asked once you thought you had wrapped your head around it.
"I didn't want you to drag you into this mess," he said with a shrug, head cast down he didn't meet your eyes.
You didn't know how you felt about all of this yet but you nodded anyway. Well, there was nothing you could do anymore, could you? He had already taken care of everything on his own and it wasn't like you had any right to worry about him anymore.
"Thank you for explaining, Eddie. I appreciate your honesty." Did this change anything for you?
"I'm sorry if I ever made you feel like you weren't enough of if Anne meant more to me than you did. That's not true but I didn't know how to tell you that without telling you what was happening." He nervously fiddled with his fingers without meeting your eyes.
You could see his point now that you knew what happened. Still, it hurt you that he decided to just keep you out of it without a word. He could have at least told you that something was going on, that he didn't or couldn't tell you anything - not right now. You would have understood and given him space. Did he really act like this to keep you safe or was it a way to dismiss you?
"I don't know if this changes things, Eddie. You still turned up to her when a major life-threatening event happened. I think this tells me everything that I need to know." You point out after a while, eyes fixed on the end of your shoes.
"She has been involved from the moment we broke up, Y/n. Hell, this was the reason we broke up in the first place." Eddie's head snapped up at your words. He looked surprised at your words like he couldn't believe that you thought Anne's involvement had been something he had actively sought out.
"That may as well be true, Eddie but still, you didn't tell me even after everything settled down. If I hadn't come around to give you your stuff I still would be none the wiser."
"I was afraid, y/n. How could I come back to you after how much I had hurt you? 'Sorry if I went m.i.a. for a while, I was infected with a parasite who knows permanently with me?' Come on, y/n, I wouldn't take me back either." Now upset, Eddie started to gesticulate frantically to prove his point. His eyes flickered between yours, he leaned toward you, his hands a touch away from yours as if he wanted to touch you but was preventing himself from doing so.
"I'm not saying I would have believed you straight away but still- aliens are way better than self-loathing you know?" You scoff at him- why was he so upset? He wasn't the one who had been beating himself up since that fight for being a worthless piece of shit, was he?
"I know I've never done a good job at showing you but I do care about you. Deeply." Almost as if he couldn't bear to not be touching you any longer, Eddie now reached for your hands. His hold on them tightening as he spoke the words.
You looked at him for a moment. Aside from that fight, your relationship with him had been good. The start wasn't promising, seeing as he was still taken by Anne but Eddie had treated you good. He was attentive and caring in his own way. Looking back to it now, you realized that the period where you started feeling him pulling back from you was the time when this whole alien thing had started.
But now you had settled this, right? So, could this mean...
"If I give you one more chance to show you," you spoke tentatively, enthralled by the twinkle in his eyes, "do you promise me to be fully transparent with me this time around?"
"What? Why would you do that?" He looked shocked but his eyes were hopeful.
"Are you trying to talk me out of it, Eddie?" You challenged him, arching an eyebrow.
"Like hell I am." He scoffed, a smile on his lips. "Nono, of course I do. I swear, y/n. You'll never feel like you don't matter to me again."
"Good." You gave him a small smile at the gobsmacked expression on his face. Oh, Eddie...
He does nothing but stares at you for a while. Like he hadn't seen you in a while and now that you were in front of him, he wanted to commit to his memory every little detail of your face.
"So," you said after a while, "do you plan to stare at me or would you like to get a head start on your promise?" you provoke him with a suggestive tone.
Eddie's mouth fell a little at that, Venom said something to him but you didn't understand him. Shaking his head, Eddie smirks at you.
"I would like nothing more." And with that, Eddie's lips are on yours making up for the lost time.
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yandereaffections · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Scenario commission asked by @ve47city
Tumblr media
The faint buzz of the ancient powers being practiced and learned filled the air of the outside sparring arena, standing rather tensely off to the side, arms crossed watching from afar Stephen watched as you yet again mastered a form of the magic arts before he could even think about possibly impressing you with his skills in that field. It didn't help that you looked magnificent while showing off much to his dismay, the glow of orange from the holographic sorcery highlighted you features so well he almost forgets that you are seen as a rival in his eyes
Despite his powers revolving around time Stephen can't seem to figure out just when to approach you when there are so many other sorcerers in his way, congratulating you on achieving mastery on the next magical level you somehow surpassed him in and showering you with compliments. Apparently every person in the courtyard is rather fond of you, chattering away about how excited they are for the bright student except him, scoffing as he looks away for a moment before his eyebrows knit together with a frown plastered on his face, contemplating just why he's the odd one out, and overall why he feels out of place because of it while you laugh joyfully at all support you're gaining that only irks him further.
Maybe in your perspective this spark between the two of you was nothing more than friendly competition yet on the other hand Stephen became more and more tangled up in his indescribable feelings, originally he wanted nothing more than to impress the cute magician he usually gets paired up with during spar training, however you kicked his ass in almost every wizardry technique and hand to hand combat you faced against him in. Now not only are you, by many peoples view, better than the Doctor Strange but his ego is hurt just as well by this along with how you seem disinterested by every pretentious flirt he says, making it only harder to accept just how much you fill his mind
It was the cocky comments that jump started his fixation on your confident self at first. All the times you would end up dodging each melee attack he comes at you with, attempting to at least make the slightest of cuts at the fabric of your outfit with the makeshift spear of harnessed magic he has a firm grim on, clenching his teeth at the smile that appears on your face followed quickly by the mere comment such as “you seem to be improving” making its way past your lips previous to proving just how easy it is to trip the almighty Strange off his balance straight to the floor with a thud as the other students that happened to be passing by applaud you
Soon it was more than just the words you spoke to him with a smirk on your features, what managed to fill his mind was the way you held your form, self assured yet not egotistical, these traits show themselves in the way you would do basic activities such as the way you walk as well as how your fingers would gently graze over the books you beat him to a considerably long time ago. It's frustrating that he finds ways to adore you through these small things, the arrogant man he once was showing its still alive and well in the deepest parts of him making it only that much more difficult to admit he's not the best, though he wouldn't say he particularly hates you, oh no no no, that's all wrong
Sighing out Stephen came back to his senses, returning his gaze up to your giddy self with a faint blush that overrides whatever strength he dedicates to hiding it spreading over his cheeks. The world goes slightly slower completely absent of his power getting involved, birds singing as the clouds move above the arena without disturbance, simply its just all the emotions untangling themselves as he finds his way to at long last move in the direction his cape has been tugging towards, approach the person Stephen has the solidity to admit is his crush no matter how they may overpower him in basically every way, taking your attention back to your friendly rival with a wave and a sheepish smile wondering just how you'll surpass him next
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 5 hours ago
The Dark Team (part 12)
<<Previous part Masterlist   Next part>>
(Taglist: @lucywrites02, @louieboo87, @the-departed-potato, @jesuswasnotawhiteman, @idontknow296, @beksib, @spythoschei, @geekwritersworld, @whatafuckingdumbass, @mysticunicorn7 @shadowolf993 @toe-vind-ek-jou @joscelyn02, @t00-pi, @irwxnhugsx)
Warnings: alcohol.
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: pic not mine.
After the sun came completely down and the night bathed the city, making the flashing lights of the buildings and cars look like the sky had spat all of its stars, you gathered all your work and called it a day. Thor, Steve and Bucky were able to go through everything you told them to, and everything was in control. You had managed to solve a chaotic situation from the distance, and the pleasant feeling of doing things right gave you the last push to close your laptop and join Peter and Loki.
Opening one of the windows, you let the fresh wind hit your face and unfurrow your brows, releasing all the tensions you had been accumulating all week long. Peter sneaked up from outside the building and hung upside down from the frame. You gasped, forgetting for a brief moment he was sticky and not completely out of his mind.
“Are you joining us, older?”.
“Yes, little. I’m going”, you laughed at the comeback of the nicknames. Standing for older sibling and little sibling Tony had baptized you with, years ago. Loki chuckled.
“You two are the epitome of adorability, sometimes”.
“Oh, we can get worse”, you laughed.
You had ordered some food in, without wanting to ever touch the mess of that kitchen again, and a bottle of wine. Nobody was there, else than you three; might as well have fun. As you waited for dinner to arrive, you decided on a slide presentation night. You gave each other no more than twenty minutes to arrange it all, so the chaos would be absolute and uncontrollable.
Peter presented first, with a long powerpoint ranking things the Avengers did in “vine-vibes” ascending order. You two tried (and failed miserably) to explain to Loki what a vine was and why something would have its vibes without being actually a video.
Loki’s presentation was titled “Seven hundred reasons why you shouldn’t worship the God of Sparkly hands”. There were actually only six reasons; two of them were about mass murders he was about to commit, and most of them talked about annoying things he did as a child. There was an extra one where it was just a white background and tiny letters in the middle saying “he dyes his hair blonde, he’s actually a redhead”.
Your presentation was titled “Seven hundred and one reasons why you should worship me instead”. No need to elaborate. They all differed except for Friday; she clapped with her electronic hands.
Two board games and some chess later, the food had already arrived. Peter was famished and ate more than you could’ve imagined a boy was capable of. He got so full, so quickly, that he instantly got sleepy. Loki could not bite his tongue and had to say “just like a baby”. It did not help that you snorted, and Peter shot his webs at you two; Loki avoided them and you couldn’t, so you ended up stuck to the roof. Peter started to walk to his room, leaving you up there.
“Hey, hey! Don’t leave, I’m still here!”, you called him. But he was gone. What an avenger. Loki chuckled, and raised his hand to free you with magic, and you instantly realized you were six meters away from the floor. “Wait! I’ll fall!!”.
He didn’t stop, and dissolved the net with a simple spell. As you fell down, you closed your eyes and tried to cover your head, knowing you’d have at least a broken bone. Peter has done this before, you knew there was no way to actually leave unharmed. Loki’s arms tightened around your body, avoiding you to fall flat against the floor.
As you looked up, you met his face, closer than ever. Closer than it ever has been. Your heart skipped a beat, and you knew you had to think about something else than the feeling of his chest against yours, his hands in your back, how he was holding you so gently, how he was looking at you so dearly. You knew you had to think about something else; for he could be reading your mind. He surely was. But you couldn’t. You couldn’t stop focusing on his peach lips and how soft his cheeks looked from up close. You couldn’t see anything else than the movement of his Adam’s apple when he swallowed hard, and how his hand trembled a little in your back.
He let you down slowly, still holding eye contact, still with his arms around you. Not the threatening gaze he would hold against everyone else on the compound. Not the lustful gaze he would sometimes draw while stealing some glances at you changing on your suit (he thought you didn’t notice, you certainly did). Not the concentrated gaze he would hold still on his face while reading one of those books he always carried around.
It wasn’t any of those. You had studied them thoroughly, meticulously, every inch of his facial expressions, every inch of his being while he wasn’t aware of your eyes on him. God, how you hated to look at him this way, but how much you couldn’t avoid it. Your brain knew you shouldn’t get attached. You had no chance at all to be with him; he was a God, a criminal, and he’d go back to Asgard. And, foremost, he didn’t feel the same. He had a lover, and his mind was still there, stuck in that person, undeletable.
And, as much as you could have read him like a children’s book the entirety of the past week, right now, you had no clue what those green eyes on you meant. You had no idea why the blush on his cheeks was in there, and why he let out a tiny (the tiniest, ever so subtle) gasp. Parted lips that shone, looked so…
You shook your head, closing your eyes. He didn’t let go of his grip around you, but your feet were already on the floor. You could’ve walked away if you wanted to. And you wanted to, you definitely did not want to stay there, and sink your nose in his neck. You certainly did not want to play with his hair while staring at those pair of emeralds he couldn’t keep away from you. You couldn’t read him. He looked at you in a way you’ve never seen him before. Yet it felt so… right.
No, it wasn’t right. God, what were you thinking?
He pulled away, and the cold breeze from the window surrounded your body. You didn’t realize how much body heat he was warming you with until he left. Or maybe it was your own. Your face was still burning. You visibly cringed at your reaction, and could not play it cool at all. He chuckled, again, and walked to the kitchen.
You didn’t say anything. Your face still burned, and your chest was tight. You haven’t felt like this in a long time, why now? Why in the middle of an important mission? Why just now, that he specifically told you he would not stay, and that once he left he would not come back? Why now, that he was opening a bottle of wine in the kitchen, and pouring it in two glasses?
Opening the balcony’s doors, there were two metal chairs (those with delicate designs, that would usually belong to a grandma’s garden) and a round and tiny glass table, just waiting for you two to sit there. You needed fresh air, so you did, sinking in all the city, the active flashlights of the cars, the minute people running around, or walking.
Two glasses of wine clicked against the glass table, and Loki sat in front of you with his eyes fixed on the city, too. You observed him from the corner of your eye, and he did the same. A subtle smile drew across his tightened lips.
After a glass of wine, a refill and about an hour of small talk, he uncrossed his legs and stretched his arms and back with a yawn. The blush still remained intact on his cheeks, and it couldn’t be because of the wine. If you weren’t drunk, much less him. He looked back at you, and chuckled uncomfortably.
“What?”, he asked.
“What what?”.
“You’re staring”.
“Oh, sorry”.
“No, it’s fine”, he said, and you furrowed your brows. He specified, “I don’t mind. I wonder what you’re thinking while you stare, nothing more”.
“So you’re not reading my mind?”.
“No. You said you didn’t like that”.
“Ah”, you gave your glass of wine one last sip and emptied it. It was such a simple gesture, yet you didn’t expect him to actually have listened. Of course he would, he wasn’t actually as bad as he was portrayed by Stark, or so you have seen so far of him. “I just… I wonder about you”.
“About what?”.
“You’re difficult to read. My job here is mainly knowing how to read people”, you explained, and he nodded. “It’s almost like you’re purposely hiding. Like you’re shifting your microexpressions into whatever they are now, so nobody can see what you actually think or feel”. He let out a short chest laugh. Probably sarcastic, but how would you know.
“Who would actually want to know what goes through my mind?”.
“I do, just told you”.
He looked down and played with the empty glass in between his fingers. It looked small in comparison.
“You don’t want to, believe me”.
“Are you afraid of letting people in?”.
“No, it’s not that”, he said, trying to let you know he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. You ignored it and opened your mouth, but the words died in your tongue as he added, “please, don’t”.
“I wish I knew you better”, you said after a few more minutes of silence. You swore you heard a creaking foot on the stairs, peeping in the conversation. You ignored it; if Loki was to talk to you, he would also say it in front of Peter. Not like you had some sort of special bond, or even friendship. You kind of wished for it, though.
“Why?”. His knitted eyebrows showed how actually curious he was about that. He believed you. He was certain you were telling the truth, but he simply couldn’t put his head around it. Why would anyone want to know me better? What is it about me that you care? And you wished to know the reason, too. If you knew why you were so drawn to him, maybe you could’ve stopped yourself.
“I feel like I’m missing out on something”.
“Something like what?”.
“Something great”.
“There is no greatness in me, it’s all an act”.
“I know it’s all an act”, you said, referring to his whole I’m a God and you’ll kneel before me and I’m superior. “I don't mean that kind of greatness. You’re hiding the wrong things”.
“You’re not missing out on anything”, he insisted, and not for humility, but because he wanted to brush you off. Keep you away from him.
“Don’t you think we could ever get along? Friends, even?”, you pressured. You knew you shouldn’t have, but Loki didn’t take it badly. Instead, he finally looked at you, drawing a sad smile.
“I’m going back to Asgard after the mission. I don’t intend to make new friends”, he said, but a softness in his voice hinted he wasn’t being mean; simply stating the facts. Exactly as it should be.
“Why did you come only for this mission?”, you asked. You actually wanted to ask do you even have friends back there?, but you knew better.
“I owe Stark. I messed up and wanted to fix at least something with him. He’s not taking it too kindly, but I think he understands the intentions”, he explained, sitting back up on his chair and getting his eyes back on the city.
“A peace offering?”.
“More like an apology. Redemption, even”.
“Redemption? Do you see yourself as a villain to him?”.
He didn’t answer right away. Took his time to find the words.
“I wronged. I did things I shouldn’t have”, and then you realized, he wasn’t apologizing for the New York incident. It was personal. You even wondered, maybe… was he…? Was Tony actually the...? No, imposible. “I know helping out on a mission won’t cut it, but if I can at least be a little bit of help to his planet…”.
“May I ask what did you wrong him in?”.
“I tried to take over Midgard once”, he said, and you didn’t believe him.
“If you ask me, it’s not Stark’s place to accept that apology. He doesn’t own the planet, even though he thinks that”.
“Does he?”.
“He acts like such, at least. He has a big ego, but also a big heart. He’s the closest thing I have to a father”.
“I know”, and you weren’t sure what he had said I know to.
The night was kept awake with more small talk you wouldn’t remember the next day. You saw the sun rising from behind the buildings in silence, with a bad aftertaste of wine, takeout food and unspoken words that would stay just like that.
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crypticwanda · 8 hours ago
Collapse | pt. 11
Summary: after your unusual incident with Norm, you've been suspicious of something strange going on in your town. When more strange things start happening, you start to believe that wanda may be behind it all
pairing(s): wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: angst, cursing, arguing, mention of sparky death
notes: this is still 80s wanda and next chapter will be 90s! // this is also mainly based upon episode 5 of wandavision
taglist: @myperfectlovepoem @fayhar @supersourlemon13 @royalityofmultifandom @madamevirgo @b0mbdotc0m @olsensnpm @internetsubmarines @imapotato @xxxtwilightaxelxxx
part 1 here!
Tumblr media
It's been about a few days in your mind since your unusual encounter with Norm at the supermarket. Wanda kept telling you to just forget it but, it had stayed prominent in your mind.
As time went on, more strange things continued happening around you. It seemed like everytime you had talked to someone in town, they had unusual interactions with you. It almost seemed like they were scared but couldn't show it. All of these interactions had one thing in common, they all mentioned wanda. You had no idea how or why they did but, it made your head spin. You wanted to confront wanda about this but you didn't really know how. You knew she had powers but, could she really control everyone's minds?
You were driving home from work one day and pulled into your driveway when you see billy and tommy run up to the side of your car. "Woah woah, what's going on boys?" You ask as you step out of the car. "Momma! It's sparky!" Tommy said as he clinged to the bottom of your shirt. They both grabbed ahold of each of your hands and pulled you toward the other side of the street, towards Agnes's house. You looked up to see Agnes standing there, holding something wrapped up in a blanket. "I'm so sorry Y/N, I found him in my azalea flowers, I don't know how many leaves he ate. I didn't find him until it was too late." Agnes explained sadly. Your face slowly evolved into sadness as you looked down at the boys next to you, both of them clinging onto your shirt tightly. "I'm so sorry boys." You said as you kneeled down next to them.and both of them wrapped their arms around your neck. You kept both of your hands up to rub their backs softly.
"Can't mom fix him?" Billy asked as he pulled away from your neck. You shook your head as you put your hand on his cheek that was wet from his tears. "That's not how it works honey, sparky's already dead." You mutter as you hold his face softly. "But mom can fix him!" Tommy said as he also pulled away from your neck. "She can fix the dead, she's done it before." Billy says as you snap your head around to look at him. "What do you mean she's done it before?" You asked quietly as your eyebrows furrowed.
"She could do that?" Agnes asked as she stood there with sparky still in her arms. You looked up at her before shaking your head and standing up. "No, she can't." You said briefly before putting each of your hands ontop of the boys heads. "Let's go home boys, we can bury him in the backyard." You say firmly. "Go ahead inside, tell mom about what happened." You told them as the boys sniffle slightly before beginning to turn around and walk towards the house.
You turned around to face Agnes before reaching your hands out to grab sparky's body. "Thank you Agnes." You muttered to her as she nodded back to you. You turned around again and began walking towards your house and around the back door.
You sighed deeply before opening the back door back into the house after you had just buried sparky. You looked up to see wanda standing across the kitchen, holding a laundry basket in her hands. "How are the boys?" You ask as you turn to wash your hands in the sink. "They're a little heartbroken but they'll be okay." She reassures you as you pick up a dish towel and dry your hands off. "It's not normal to bury your dog the day you got it." You commented as you turned to face her from across the kitchen. "Well time moves fast in suburbs." Wanda said with a smile on her face as she looked up at you.
"What is it you're not telling me?"
Wanda stopped in her tracks as she turned her head slowly to look at you. "What are you talking about?" She smiles as she shakes her head. "Don't do that." You shake your head as you look up at her with crossed arms and she looked back at you confused. "Don't act oblivious." You say, your eyebrows furrowing low above your eyes. Wanda looked at you for a moment before scoffing and shaking her head with a smile on her face. "Y/N, let's not do this right now." She tries to brush it off as she begins to walk out of the kitchen. "No, you can't just walk away from this!" You argued as you followed her into the living room. "What did you do to the people of the town?" You questioned angrily as you continued to follow her. "Why are you speaking to me like this?!" Wanda yelled as she turned around to face you. "Because something strange is going on in this town, and you know something I don't!" You shouted as you pointed to her. "I haven't done anything wrong!" Wanda said loudly as she shook her head. "Stop lying to me!" You screamed as she looked at you with glossy eyes. "Every single strange thing that has happened in this town has come back to you! I mean, i don't even remember my life before Westview!" You yelled as a tear fell from both of your eyes. "So please, for once, just tell me the fucking truth!" You scolded as you grit your teeth together. Wanda looked at you sadly and confused as you both stood there across from each other.
"You've never spoken to me like this before." Wanda muttered as she turned to sit on the couch. "Before what?" You asked, still gritting your teeth as you turned to her. She sat on the couch and put her face in her hands as she sighed. "I don't even know how I did this all!" She said frustratedly as she put her hands on her knees. You closed your eyes for a moment before sighing deeply and sitting on the arm of the couch next to her. "Just tell me what you remember." You muttered beneath your breath as you softly laid a hand on her back.
Before she could respond, there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Wanda said softly as she stood up from the couch and walked over to the front door. She opened the door and became stiff as she looked at the person at the door. "Wanda, who's at the door?" You asked as you stood up from the couch.
"Pietro." She whispered under her breath as she looked at the man in front of her at the door. "Can't a guy get to hug his freaking sister or what?" He says enthusiastically as he gestures towards her. Wanda sighs deeply before wrapping her arms around him, still looking shocked as she pulled away from him. Your eyebrows furrowed together as you saw Pietro walk into the room slowly. You were confused and shocked at everything that just happened in the span of 30 minutes but, you had decided to try and see where this goes. You trusted wanda, but there was something going on that you had to find out.
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