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#natasha romanov x reader
mrsweasley06 · 3 hours ago
hello! congrats on making 100 followers! i was wondering if i could request a headcanon for natasha romanov? like how she would look after you if you were sad? if that’s okay!💞
Thank you!! Of course, this sounds so adorable!! I hope you like it 💖
Natasha Romanov taking care of her sad s/o
-You tried your best to hide your feelings, because you hadn’t wanted anyone to treat you differently
-Natasha saw right through you as she did with everyone else. 
-At first she didn’t push it, if you wanted to talk about it you would. 
-but one morning you hadn’t come out of your room and it worried her more.
-When she went to go check on you, she saw you piled up under blankets and her heart dropped.
-Knocking lightly to announce herself, she walked over to the bed sitting next to you
- “I’m here to talk if you need to or not, I’m here”
-Eventually she pulled you out of your bed getting you in the shower with a kiss on the forehead. 
-She had set out a pair of leggings/sweatpants/shorts and one of her her sweatshirts for you to change into
- You had wanted to stay inside and mill around. But she wouldn’t let you, helping you put on your comfy shoes she took you by the hand outside.
-She had taken you outside for a walk around Central Park, buying both you and her some ice cream from one of the vendors (idk if thats allowed there but lets pretend) 
-Y’all sat down on a bench eating your ice cream and watching the families and couples walk around smiling. 
-You had been watching a little girl who was having a tea party with her dad and her stuffies. Her face was bright and her laugh could be heard from far away. But Natasha had her eyes on you the entire time. 
- “You’re beautiful. You know that?” she watched as your eyes widened the slightest, she did her lil smirk thing knowing she got you the least bit flustered. 
-Heading back to the compound you pulled her into a tight hug taking a deep breath of her in. Sometimes all you needed was her.
- “I love you. And I’ve got your back no matter what.” she said quietly. 
-You would spend the rest of the day hanging out with her doing whatever makes you happy.
-If the feelings hadn’t gone away by then, she would have a talk with you reminding you why she loved you, kissing you on the mouth/cheek/forehead in between every reason (if you are comfortable with that). Telling you in detail, then go about telling you memories of good things she had whether they were with you or others. 
-All in all she seems like the type of girl to be a tough lover. A lot of times she could come off as heartless and cold, but when it came to you, she was anything but. You had brought out the good in her, and for that reason she had never wanted to see you down.
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chaoticwidowsblog · 15 hours ago
The Truth (and Dare)
Warning: soft fluff, high school AU, i love clumsy Bruce
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader
Word count: 4957
Summary: Even best friends fall in love. One of them has to confess the truth.
a/n- first off thank you thank you for 100 followers I love you sm muah <3 also all I can think of is Scarlett from Ghost World while writing this
Tumblr media
The day was bright, birds chirping outside the window of your classroom. It was peaceful, rather than the inside of it. In the class, everyone was making chaos. Some of the guys are throwing crumpled paper and paper planes—mostly Tony who’s having a war against Steve who’s trying to get him to stop—and some are chortling and laughing their hearts out at a stupid joke. 
Unlike Bruce who’s only shying away by doing homework peacefully quiet but also getting hit on the head with a paper ball by Clint. Thor, well let’s just say he’s having fun with the paper planes. Too much fun. The girls in the other hand are mostly chit-chatting and gossiping, while you sat at your desk heaving out the fifth sigh. You wouldn’t bother finding out what topic they’re talking about. What matters is that all of your classmates are making a loud noise.
The only ones that aren’t really making a commotion are you and Natasha. Well, Natasha is the one quiet because she’s peacefully reading her book, but you still don’t make a noise as loud as others do. You keep whining at her about wanting to go get some ice cream together after school, complaining why the teacher isn’t present today and annoying her more.
“I’m so bored.” You puffed a sigh, drawing squiggly lines with your supple fingers on Natasha’s back.
Natasha isn’t bothered by you. She’s always used to you whining about a lot of things. After all, she’s your best friend for life.
You had your head rested on your desk, and your arms stretched forward that your hands are able to reach Natasha’s back. She was sitting in front of you at the back of the class, her forever spot to talk to you, peacefully reading her book despite the loudness in the classroom. Your fingers were playing the long ends of her beautiful hair that cascades on her shoulders perfectly, twirling it lazily around your finger for fun. You poked her, drew small circles and hearts on her back just to see if it would draw out a reaction from Natasha. But the longer you do it, Natasha liked it even more. She may seem like she’s not a single bit irritated with your annoying poking, but don’t be fooled. She loves it as you do it, it makes her feel calm and, she loves it. She
Speaking of which, you haven’t taken a single hint. She’s tried to let you know over what feels like a decade of being best friends but you never saw any of it so Natasha thought that if keeping the crush low and go easy on you until you finally do realize, it would be a good idea. For now, she intends on being your best friend and only your best friend.
“God, it’s so noisy in this class.” You muttered, watching Tony doing his little victory dance at the front of the class.
“I bet we’re the noisiest.” Natasha said plainly, flipping the next page of her book.
“That’s cause we are,” you said. “I can’t believe Mr. Fury is absent today or we would’ve learnt something useful.”
“Like how to shut the whole class up?” Natasha huffed, simply laughing with you.
But it only lasted short when you’re back to feeling bored once again. You idly play Natasha’s hair, then drew random animals that first came to your mind.
“I’d kill for an ice cream right now.”
“Kill isn’t a pretty word, you know. You can’t even give a threat to someone without sounding like a five year old.” Natasha twitched her eyebrow, shrugging as she flips a page gently.
You rolled your eyes and slightly pout. “It’s called an expression, but whatever.”
Natasha shifts in her chair comfortably and switches her crossed legs, smiling small when you drew the letter N on her back. You drew the next letters of her name to complete it.
“I wonder what lunch is for today.” You prompted all of a sudden.
Natasha chuckled, shaking her head when she turns to you. “That’s what you’re wondering about? Lunch?”
“What? I’m hungry. Don’t tell me you’re not.” You giggled playfully, causing Natasha to stifle a laugh.
Soon when she twisted back around, you pout. You love seeing her laugh, it always shines up your day ten times brighter. But once she had look away, it suddenly became slightly gloomy. A lot gloomy.
You scratched her back with your nails so softly, sending chills down Natasha’s spine for a second but she played it like it was nothing. Until you’ve reached to a point where you can’t stand the dreadful boredom, you groaned and lightly shook Natasha’s shoulder.
“Come on, Nat entertain me. I’m bored and I’m in need of your wonderful magic of entertainment.”
She rolled her eyes annoyed, but you’re certain you could sense her lips curving into a smile. “Fine. I’m only doing this because I want you to shut up.”
You smiled at her frown when she glanced at you. She shut her book closed and heaved a defeated sigh, adjusting her chair around so she can face you entirely. You got so excited that you couldn’t stop tapping your fingers on your desk, grinning as wide as Natasha likes it.
She shook her head for a moment before placing her book under her desk, then crossing her arms on her chest. “What do you wanna play?”
“Well, if we play Tic-Tac-Toe, you’d win all the time.” Natasha smiles at the true fact. “How about Truth or Dare?”
She darts her eyebrows up. “Are you sure?”
You hummed in thought, biting your cherry lips. Her eyes dwelled on them, subconsciously biting her own lips as well.
Knowing Natasha for what feels like an eternity of your adventurous childhood, she’s always been quite mean to you when it comes to playing Truth or Dare.
She loves pulling the truth out of you, and if not truth, daring you to do insane things like going to someone and suddenly taking a selfie with them, or even kiss them. (Which she regrets daring you that) And that’s only when she’s nice with you.
Therefore, it’s quite dangerous playing that type of game with her. She would give you embarrassing dares again just like she always do. You wouldn’t want to be the one to start doing crazy things today, especially in front of your classmates, no. That would be really embarrassing.
Why not?
“Sure, as long as you’re nice to me.” You pointed a finger towards Natasha’s face. The truth was that you wanted to dare her with hilarious things as revenge, this time it will be no mercy for her but you’ll play it innocent.
She huffed and nodded in an understated manner, but her smirk told you otherwise. She was ready for this and you knew you made a terrible mistake by agreeing to this. Oh well, what could possibly go wrong?
“Alright, but I warn you. Some of it will be a little extreme.” She warned, winking at you as she settles comfortably on her chair.
“A little extreme, as in utmost embarrassing?” You quirked an eyebrow, receiving a nod from Natasha.
She smiles devilishly that one would bend on one’s knees and beg for mercy. Maybe you are that person. The longer you squinted at Natasha’s face, the more nervous you are inside. But wanting to remain cool and composed, you acted like it was no big deal. It wasn’t that Natasha can be immensely heartless in a game of Truth or Dare, it was the way she was smirking at you that made your heartbeat pound for who knows why. You played it cool like it was no big deal to keep bluffing.
“Eh, what the hell. As long as I’m entertained.”
“Are you sure?” Natasha looks so confident as if she’s the CEO of the game and knows too well that she’ll probably make you wanna stop playing. Little do you know, her head is full of mischievous dares.
“Absolutely.” You put on your game face, waggling your eyebrows in challenge. Natasha responded the same and nodded steadily.
“Alright, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”
The start was okay. You didn’t pick Truth at first and got a dare to stare at someone random in the class for one full minute. Natasha couldn’t stop laughing at your face because when you reached 30 seconds, your eyes were already watering up and turning red. Poor Bruce, he thought you were mad at him and had no idea why you were staring at him for one minute. As a prize, Natasha helped you wipe those tears away.
The next dare was you had to let Natasha draw funny things on your arm as a fake tattoo using a Sharpie, and you let her. Thank goodness for long sleeves.
She drew really silly things like smiley faces and stars on your hand, which quite impressed you for how cute it looked. With her soft fingers brushing against your wrist, you gazed at her concentrating on drawing something you didn’t bother to know what. You didn’t even feel the slow smile making its way to your face. All of a sudden, you realized how pretty Natasha is. How the side of her hair basked in the sunlight next to her, all you focused on was her instead of your noisy classmates behind her. It was as if a 50s love song tuned in the background the longer you stare at your best friend. What is this weird feeling?
You were snapped out of your trance when Natasha moved your arm to your direction so you could have a look with a wide smile, pleased with how it turned out. You were almost caught staring, but at least she didn’t see the blush on your cheeks the moment your eyes met Natasha’s. You looked down at your forearm, raising your eyebrows.
You forgot how well Natasha writes in cursive. She wrote down a simple Nat on your arm, but to you it was amazing. The letters perfectly connected together that you could just stare at it everyday. You grinned and darted a smile to Natasha, making a mental note to turn this into a real tattoo once you’re fully 18 years old.
You're sick never of saying it a million times in your head.
On the next round, you were dared to let her wear your varsity jacket of the school’s baseball team. You were happy that Natasha was happy wearing it. She loved smelling your scent. It was clear on her face how comfy she was wearing your jacket and wished she could cherish it forever to remind herself of you.
“It looks better on you.” You commented, unaware of your wide smile plastered on your face.
Natasha smirked, looking like she owns the jacket. “Of course it does.”
You rolled your eyes before you carried on. Unfortunately, Natasha has a few more creative dares up her sleeve. You know you’re really gonna embarrass yourself, so you got prepared for it like a brave person that you are. Curse her devilish brain, she made you give a cheesy pick up line to six people in the classroom. You earned a lot of laughs and weird looks, especially from Steve who didn’t understand it at all. You felt so embarrassed because they were so cheesy and Natasha enjoyed watching as you hide your face in your palms when you head back to your seat.
It’s not fair that Natasha’s giving you silly dares, you want to do that to her too but for some reason, she keeps picking Truth. You know she’s trying to avoid the dares. Luckily an evil plan crossed your mind. You can use that as an advantage to gain a secret that Natasha is keeping from you. You’ll just have to wait for her to choose Truth again.
You couldn’t stop laughing when you dropped to your seat, flapping your hand to stop Natasha who’s only smiling at you (maybe with heart eyes). “Okay, okay. Stop, stop. I’m out of breath.”
“I’m not even doing anything.”
“Whatever. Truth or Dare before I explode my chest for laughing.” You took a moment to catch some air as Natasha smiles, eyes down at her fingers in thought.
You’re quite surprised she made a sudden turn. Maybe she realized that she picked Truth too many times that she sensed you feeling suspicious. Natasha is always so careful and alert, it was a shame. You could’ve cracked her open like an egg and ask her something she’s never told you before.
Natasha is starting to regret that she agreed to play this game because she forgot this could be the way that you find out about her little crush. It relieved her for realizing what her next mistake could be if she continued to choose Truth. She has a gut feeling telling her that you might want to ask something much more personal. Something that Natasha wants to avoid.
She imagined you asking her. “Who’s your crush?”
It made her gulp silently.
You could either ask her who or why, and Natasha would still not answer it. Even if you insist that she answers, Natasha would come up with a nonexistent person to label them as her crush. She does not want you to know that you’re that person yet, except you totally exist and are real.
Which is why she chose Dare instead of Truth before you could possibly ask her who she likes. Natasha knows you too well that you’re much more interested in telling you her deepest secret.
It took you four attempts to try to get her to pick Truth again, and still counting, but all she’s been picking is Dare. It was a shame that you were too late, she has a good sense of feeling that you’re onto her which annoyed you. She didn’t even mind if you dared her to give a slap to Tony which impressed you, but it made your suspicion rise.
“You sure you wanna continue playing?” Natasha teased, smirking as her eyebrow shoots up. “It’s gonna get extreme the more we play. Are you down?”
Natasha’s eyes opened wide for a quick second that you couldn’t notice it. She internally blushed, embarrassed when a thought crossed her mind for her words. Luckily you were too into the game that you didn’t get the same thought like Natasha did, so she lets it be and clears her throat.
“For better or worse, I’m down. Let’s do this!”
Natasha chuckled as she shakes her head. “I swear you get too excited for this little game.”
“Hey, I’ll pull out those secrets from you soon, watch me. I’ll make sure you spill everything,” You winked, but you quickly switched back to your game face in just a blink of an eye. “Now quit stalling. We still have half an hour before lunchtime. I must get you to confess your deepest secrets.”
Natasha doubted you’d succeed, but she appreciated your enthusiasm. She loves it when she sees you get so motivated for a goal. Especially when you’re in a game. Just like when you play baseball, you get hyped up to win. She would watch you cheer in victory when you’ve won and smile lovingly proud, stare at you talking to others at lunch and also ignoring Wanda calling her name multiple times, watching attentively as you do a presentation in front of the class and crack a joke that the whole class laughs. There are many more times she’s stared at you, most that you have been oblivious about.
“Better be easy on me, Romanoff.” you said with a smile.
“Well, I’m not one to be easy with the likes of you. Besides, you wanted this so suck it up.”
You squinted at Natasha’s teasing smile, and rolled your eyes when she twitched her eyebrows up. It’s good that you trust her acting confident, keyword: acting. She doesn’t want it to seem obvious that she enjoys seeing how adorable you are when you’re challenged, as well as nervous for the next couple rounds.
What if she won’t be able to pick Dare anymore? It’ll be too suspicious. You’ll totally ask her who she likes then.
You really have no idea how much she wanted to tell you about her little crush, how she wants to confess all of it to get it off her chest after years of patience. But she can’t. She she fears of being rejected, considering how much you treat her like she’s a sister of your own. Now it’s both of your senior year, yet you still haven’t known.
That’s why the day she realized that maybe it’s better if she never confess her feelings to her best friend, it would be safe. So she stopped giving hints and only hoped that the feeling of being so connected to you fade away. Hard to say that it will because Natasha just couldn’t get over you easily.
Natasha stares at you eagerly taking her hand, shaking it as an excited grin makes their way to your face. “Gosh I’m so excited. Okay I’ll go first. Or do you wanna pick Truth?”
“Sure.” Natasha responded softly, nearly too late before you could’ve noticed that she almost didn’t listen to you because she was staring.
That was a bad idea because the moment Natasha realized what she said, your eyes brewed with mischief. She knew it was too late to take it back. You were so sneaky you managed to trick Natasha.
“I’ve been waiting for this moment.” You laughed puckishly.
Oh god.
Thoughts raced in Natasha’s mind, her heart beating so loud that she’s just grateful the whole class couldn’t hear it. If they could, she would shrink in her chair and wish she would just disappear. Her fingers dug into her shirt, teeth clenched in nervousness. You could’ve heard Natasha gulping if it wasn’t for your fingers tapping on the desk.
“Who’s your crush?” You asked it so simply like it was the same thing for Natasha to answer. To her, it’s very difficult to give a response, especially when the answer is literally just right in front of her, just before her eyes,
“Um,” she cleared her throat. “I’m not sure if I want to answer that.”
“Come on, Nat,” you whined with pleading eyes, taking her hand and gripping it between your cold, soft hands. “I’ve been wanting to know for months now. Years, actually. You keep dodging it every time I ask you.”
The classroom is suddenly hot that Natasha feels herself practically sweating. When she became hotter, your cold hands tightly holding Natasha’s warmed them.
“Just tell me. I promise it’ll be a secret between the two of us, I swear. I’m your best friend, I deserve to know. Is it someone in our class?” You whispered and winked.
Natasha frowned at you for a moment. You nodded, giving a thumbs up. “I’ll take that as a yes. Is it Steve?”
Natasha tried to shake her head, but she couldn’t even say no. Not because it is Steve, but because the way your hold on her hand tightened, she forgot how to speak.
“Is it Tony? Thor? Clint? Wait, Clint’s your nonbiological brother. Scratch that.” Your eyes disconnected with Natasha’s to think of any other guy options that could be the one.
Natasha is actually glad you looked away or you would’ve seen how her cheeks flush in tinge pink. She couldn’t help but get so nervous in front of you thanks for that question you asked her. She doesn’t know how to control her feelings that’s stirring in her heart at the moment.
Is it time? Should she tell you or should she just wait another decade to tell you?
While Natasha was under pressure on telling you the truth, you were imagining if it really was Clint. That would be surprising. You have been noticing how close they are, but they give off siblings vibe because they like to fight and play video games sometimes, but seeing them as lovers never crossed your mind before. If it is in fact the truth, you'd be astonished. Your thoughts were cut off by Natasha's nervous stammering.
“I-I,’s...” Natasha choked on her saliva, fidgeting her fingers. The pressure of your (e/c) eyes that are laid on her is not helping her talk properly.
Maybe it is Clint? If it's him,'ll support Natasha and ignore the disappointment in your heart.
“Go on, carry on,” you prompted composedly. “Don’t stop. I’m listening.”
“Ooh, interesting. What’s all this about?”
Spoke of the devil.
Clint chimed in when he approached your desk with a grin. He also brought Thor and Steve over who offered a friendly smile to you and Natasha, surrounding the two of you.
Natasha blew a relieved breath quietly while you looked at the guys with a smile. “Oh, Nat was about to tell me who she likes. And it’s in our classroom.”
Thor’s thick eyebrows shot up immediately, his eyes shifting to the redhead. He smiled at her as if convincing her to proceed. “Ooh, Miss Romanoff is fancying someone in the classroom of ours? Please, tell us.”
You look at Thor confused, then to all the other guys at his sides surprised to see that they don’t know who it is. You asked the whole classroom who it might be, and got no answer to your dismay. You figured they would know considering how close they are with Natasha too. “That’s suspiciously mysterious. Why does nobody knows who Nat likes in our class?”
“That’s cause it’s me, right?” Tony popped out behind Steve, smiling doubtlessly. “Of course everybody likes me. I just didn’t understand your way of liking me by slapping me across the face from earlier, Romanoff.”
“He didn’t mean you, genius. This is someone else, I’m sure.” You said, then the guys chanted a faint “Ooh” as they all look at Natasha.
Now she feels more pressured. You’re going to know, these guys are going to know, then the whole school will. It’ll be the talk of the week and probably every next few months of her senior year. A perfect closure for her high school story.
“So? Who’s the lucky person, Tasha?” Clint prompted. “Better tell us now.”
“Hey come on. Give her a second.” You stretched your hand out towards the boys.
Natasha sucks a deep breath and exhaled, trying to calm herself down in order to gather some courage. She decides that maybe she should tell you now before it’s too late. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?
“Will it surprise everyone if I say it’s who I’m looking at?” That was her mistake. She didn’t mean to ask.
What she meant was: It will surprise everyone when she says it’s who she’s looking at. And she would emphasize on the word ‘will’.
First, you couldn’t quite comprehend what Natasha meant, so all you did was smile in confusion. But as soon as you realize that her lustrous emerald eyes never left yours, glued on only you and no one else surrounding her, your face lit up in surprise. You blinked wordlessly, somehow you still managed to keep your mouth closed, and cheeks burning red. If melting like a candle was a real thing, you’d be a puddle of you. The guys formed a proud smile before sharing each other smirks.
“Guess the mystery is solved. Took you long enough.”
You craned towards Clint, eyes scanning his smirking face in disbelief. “You knew? The whole time?”
Thor’s thick brows furrowed as he looks at you. “How come you did not? I thought we all had known Miss Romanoff was fond of you.” He shrugged, and you look at him next with the same face. “What? She is, indeed.”
Tony was laughing at your baffled face but you ignored him. Instead, you look at Steve, who’s merely standing with his hands holding together, smiling as if he also knew all along.
He shrugged apologetically. “Sorry, y/n. I wanted to tell you but they all wanted to see how you would react.”
“And it’s priceless.” Tony added, still laughing his guts out.
You lean back on your chair roughly, shaking your head. “I can’t believe you guys knew all this time. Who else knows?”
“The whole class,” Clint said, coughing to hide his laugh. “Like I said, took you long enough.”
“I can’t believe I’m the only one who didn’t know.” You motioned your hands to show how shocked you are, unable to look at Natasha who’s softly chuckling. You would’ve wished the class to be silent so you could hear her again.
Eventually, your eyes searched for hers and it made your heart race for some reason when she smiles nervously at you. You can still feel the heat of your cheeks. “How long?”
“Almost two years, but you know.” Natasha shrugs simply.
“She’s been giving hints and it drove me nuts when you never even once realized a single of them.” Clint added.
“Never?!” Tony repeated in utter shock. “She’s been giving you hints and you never realized? How-”
“Okay now,” Steve pulled the guys by their sleeves. “Let’s leave them alone for now. I’m sure they have things to arrange privately. Especially for this Sunday because there’s a new movie released in the theater and it would be a shame to miss it.”
You glanced at him, confused when he sent a teasing wink your way. You didn’t know what he meant, but Natasha did. You noticed her flushed cheeks and how she looked away for a moment. Was Steve suggesting a date for you two?
As soon as the guys had left, you leaned your chest forward in interest. You look at Natasha curiously, fingers fidgeting on top of your desk.
“Is it the truth?” Your voice sounded hopeful. “Do you really like me?”
“Since when?”
She glanced at her fingers, playing with her nails. “Since we started getting close. But I didn’t think you’d be interested in someone like me so I stopped trying to let you know that I like you.”
Natasha thought you’d ask her why next, but all you did was stare at her for a minute, seeing how serious she is despite the hotness of her cheeks. You thought she was only kidding. Is this all a prank or were you just too oblivious to realize?
Later on, your eyes looked behind Natasha. You saw Tony, Thor, Clint and a shaking head Steve all raising a piece of paper that says ‘date her’ in big captions, encouraging you to go out with Natasha. You straightened your back, fixing your posture and propping your chin with your hand. A smile formed on your face when you look at Natasha.
“It’s my turn, isn’t it?” You asked suddenly, disappointment and surprise flashed in Natasha’s eyes but she understood you wanted to continue playing to avoid answering her-
Or do you?
“I choose Dare. You know what to dare me with.” There was a hint of confidence in your voice that made Natasha look at you.
You know what she’s thinking, what she’s supposed to dare you with. Your smirk obviously said so. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean.”
Natasha bit her lower lip nervously but when she saw your face softening, she gathered up some courage with a single exhale.
“I-I dare you...” you lift your eyebrows to assure her to continue. “ go out with me.”
You lean back gently, sighing as you put your hands up, shrugging defeatedly. “Well, guess I have no choice. A dare’s a dare. Challenge accepted.”
You transformed your smile back to a smirk that Natasha giggled softly, then there’s the smile you were looking for. Turns out this game disappointed neither of you. Which is a surprise, but a good one, for sure.
“Date and time is required to be informed. Don’t forget.” You winked, reaching your hand out to offer a handshake. Natasha took it, surprised that you entwined it with yours afterwards. It’s smooth and soft, so she can’t really blame you for liking to hold her hands.
“And the next time you catch feelings for me, tell me right away because I wanna know before those guys do.” You joked.
Natasha rolled her eyes eyes and pulled her hand immediately, hearing you laugh in amusement.
Once your mirth ceased down, you glanced at your fingers before looking up at Natasha. She was still looking you slightly embarrassed, but it was less than before.
“I like you too, to be honest. I just thought it was only one sided, but...I was wrong.” You smiled.
After a few seconds the bell started ringing, alarming everyone that lunchtime has arrived. You stayed seated as you watch the class empties. Instead of going to run after your other classmates to eat lunch with them, you want to go with her.
“Wanna go together?” You smiled, expecting the answer yes.
Natasha nodded softly, smiling in return. You both stood up, hands still linked together as you head to the front of the class. You ignored the smiling/smirking boys as you walk pass them on the way out.
“So, about the on a Sunday sounds nice." You wrapped your hand around her arm, making a reminder in your head to thank Steve later.
Natasha looks at you for a second, before offering a smile. "Yeah?"
"Yeah. Oh, we should get ice cream after school too, you’re paying.”
Your playful voice echoed, leaving the four boys nodding in approval and proudness. Their dream of seeing you together with Natasha has finally come true at last. The four of them turned to a spectacled boy clumsily approaching them.
“Why is everyone smiling? D-did something happened?”
Tony patted him on his shoulder. “Bruce, you poor boy. Allow me to explain the most wonderful news today.”
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stanknotstark · a day ago
Astral Pt. 7 (Loki x Reader)
Ok so i lied Loki doesn’t come back yet, NEXT CHAPTER i promise XD I didn’t realize there was more I needed to write out, strengthening the relationship with the Avengers and such. We’re finally at the part where they reunite though AHH :) (i don’t think you guys understand I’m writing this and I’m getting just as excited as you all at Loki’s return!!! It’s taking everything in me to not post the next part already XD)
Tumblr media
It’s two years later, you’re 21, when you’re offered a spot on the Avengers. You accept right away only too sad you weren’t asked before the Chitauri invasion considering if you had been on the team you would have seen Loki in person. 
You had been working over time on one of the command computers trying to run diagnostic on what was and wasn’t working in the system, what had been compromised when a brainwashed Clint had attacked. You had watched the CCTV cameras picking up on just who was attacking Earth. Of course with you having to work over time you didn’t get to visit the God in his temporary cell when he had been aboard the helicarrier. (The sight and knowledge of him being so close to you stole your breath and made your stomach flutter though) However, you thought on this and decided it was for the best you hadn’t seen him, considering he had been delirious for power and subjugation of the human race. You couldn’t help but doubt the invasion was all Loki because this didn’t seem like the Loki you knew. Loki was caring and that one time he even said you may have changed his mind on humans, even if it was ‘meagerly’. 
Something in your gut told you he wasn’t of his own mind too but no one would listen to you. You had your proof though, his bright blue eyes told you. The Loki you had first met had lovely, hypnotizing green eyes. You regarded your proof as 100% foolproof when you got a close up of Clint and Dr. Selvig who also had bright blue eyes. You couldn’t outright tell Fury though because then you would have to explain where you knew the God from and, in turn, then explain where you got your magic from. Luckily Fury had been willing to let slide where you got your powers from when they brought you in on your 18th birthday. He had skirted around the question and when you didn’t give up anything he just outright asked you. You told him you’d prefer if you could keep this one secret, he could have anything else he wanted from you but that. Fury reluctantly yielded to your one demand and let it drop. 
So, you may have slipped past Fury, making sure to touch him, on his way to speak to the Avengers after the invasion and planted a thought you knew would flourish in his mind. The thought that maybe Loki had been brainwashed too and flourish it did. Fury had told Thor that he would talk to the World Security Council about Loki. Fury then came to you and asked you to gather all possible evidence that Loki had been brainwashed then Thor would look over the information and videos to either confirm or deny if it was something he thought his brother would, or wouldn’t, do. 
With you working missions with both Natasha and Clint you made a name for yourself, you were finally noticed by people. No one had given you a super hero name just yet but you vowed, in due time, you’d give them a reason to. Working with both Nat and Clint however did get you a seat on the Avengers. Natasha had written that you were dependable, adept, and a good team player. Clint had written that you adapted to situations with ease, stayed calm under pressure, and would trust his life in your hands. 
So, you walked into your new room in Stark tower that Tony had all to happily given to you. You had an entire floor to yourself. You couldn’t even begin to fathom how much money Tony had in his bank account right now if this didn’t leave a dent in his pocket. You sighed and fell face first into your new bed, forgetting your two duffle bags at the door. You groaned in delight as you rolled on the bed. 
A knock at your door had you snapping upright in embarrassment. You caught the smirk on Natasha’s lips before she glanced to her right and you saw Captain America, the Steve Rogers, standing in your doorway almost timidly. You smiled and made your way to them, holding a hand out to shake the Captain’s hand. 
“Rogers, y/n, y/n, Rogers.” Natasha said. 
You smiled shyly and then nodded behind them. “You both want to go to the living room, probably be more comfortable than here.” 
“From the sounds you made, I think your bed is quite comfy but sure.” Natasha said making you flush again. 
When all three of you settled in the living room you asked Steve the questions you had been dying to ask since he had awoken from his cryostasis. 
“What’s a new food you like that wasn’t around back then?” You asked, relaxing your body into the couch and setting an arm on the top of the couch while the other hung loose on your lap. Natasha and Steve sat on a couch adjacent to you. 
Steve pursed his lips and looked around the room in thought before you looked back at you and smiled. “Not a food per se but I didn’t realize there were so many ways to make coffee.” 
You raised your brows and looked at Natasha with jealousy, “You took him to Starbucks and left me out?” Natasha gave you a smile like a cat that caught their mouse. Steve chuckled. 
“It wasn’t anything too exciting you missed out on.” Steve said, smiling softly. 
“Oh I don’t know, Steve, Your face got pretty red when the barista asked you what you wanted and you couldn’t give her an answer for 5 minutes.” Natasha said, bringing her legs up under her on the couch across from you. Steve sputtered. “You didn’t tell me there would be over 20 choices when I’ve only known of black coffee with sugar!” 
You laughed with Natasha at an embarrassed Steve. 
“So?” You asked Steve who looked at you confused, “What did you order and did you like it?” 
Steve shook his head, smiling. “I ordered a white chocolate mocha frappuccino and it was amazing!” 
“Steve has a major sweet tooth.” Natasha quipped. Steve knocked his knee into Natasha’s. Hmmm not an unwelcome development you smelled but kept your queries about their relationship to yourself.  
“Has anyone shown you the internet yet?” You asked Steve.
“I know what Google is but that’s about it, haven’t really had the time to explore it more.”
As Steve said this an evil smirk grew on your lips, Natasha rolled her eyes at you but was smiling, Steve looked at you innocently. 
Things were great for a few weeks, the world was moving past the alien invasion and rebuilding New York City. Any time the Avengers stepped out of the tower they were bombarded with questions. Questions about the invasion, questions on if there would be more attacks, questions about how come they could parade about with no legal repercussions. The last question made you sit on edge but no one on the team answered it so you let it die out. 
Your days consisted of talking with the team (Bonding, as Steve liked to put it), embarrassing Steve, knocking Tony a few pegs down with your refined sarcasm, laughing with Clint and Natasha as you talked about old, botched missions. Even sparring together in an interactive training room Tony had made specific to each Avenger if you went in solo, and more general if you all trained as a team. The coolest thing about it was that the A.I. Tony imbedded in it would adapt to you so things never became too easy to handle.
Then Thor came back.
 Without Loki, of course. 
Thor took to you like icing to cake. You spent the first few days finding each other’s boundaries in humor and physicality but once you both got comfortable you were inseparable. He was like a brother you wished you had. Then the week passed and he asked the question he had been sent to ask. 
“Would it be alright if my brother, Loki, resided here until his banishment is revoked?”    
You held your breath as the room tunneled and all you could see was Thor. Loki would be coming here. He would be within touching distance. What would you both say to each other? Would he even grace you with a look, let alone a conversation? 
“Y/n?” Tony asked you, snapping you back to what was going on now, everyone had answered. Considering they knew Loki was brainwashed they all said yes, even Clint although his yes was a little strained.
“Yes.” You breathed out. Swallowing the lump in your throat at Thor’s smile. 
“You will love my brother, y/n, he has just your kind of humor, perhaps he could further your training on magic!” 
You forced out a laugh and smile.
“I bet he can, Big Guy.” 
Pt. 6/Pt. 7/?
Tag list: @justfangirlthingies @emelieh99 @high-functioning-lokipath​ 
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natashasleftelbow · a day ago
my only exception
Tumblr media
(i don’t own this gif or any of the characters in this fic)
summary: you and nat are separated when in the Red Room. you both are reunited. after holding onto a couple things to give her for a couple years you both realize love is well and alive.
warnings: violence, abuse, swearing, lil angst, fluff
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
word count: nearly 1.8k
a/n: omg i don’t know what to say! thank you for all the support on the stuff i’ve released so far. it’s super crazy seeing some of my favorite writers following me. thank you so so much for 30 followers! much love 💕💕
(italics in dialogue mean the person is speaking russian)
sorry for any mistakes i wrote this at 3am and have to get up for school at 6 😪 no bueno
It was a cold and stormy night as the power in the Red Room continuously flickered on and off even with the help of a high powered generator.
You and Natalia had been waiting for an event like this to occur so you could break out. Even though both herself and you lived only a small bit of life outside in the real world before you were taken in and trained to become a weapon, both of your humanly morals knew right from wrong. The Red Room’s treatment definitely being a wrong.
Madame B and the other monstrous staff at this facility put all you girls to bed roughly an hour ago. Nat and yourself undid your cuffs connecting your wrist to the metal bedframe so you could pack the few things you both owned before you made your escape. Both of you had talked this plan over through and through so you both were on the same page as soon as you saw that flicker of a power outage surge though the site.
At the moment you both were eighteen years old meaning both of you had proven yourselves worthy enough to hone a spot at this academy and had graduated a couple months prior.
Some information you had gathered which the staff weren’t aware of was every time the power flickered off, it disarmed and unlocked the exit door/s for nearly five seconds. The weather has been dry but cold lately not making this discovery too useful. The plan was to sneak over to uncuff yourselves in the middle of the night when these brief power outages were occurring, pack your items, and as you were about to escape bang on the wall of the large room where the girls kept at the academy would sleep to create enough of a distraction before you were out and free for good. Easy right? How wrong you’d be.
When it was time for the distraction, Nat stood by the door waiting for the next surge of lightning of whatever broke the electricities stability as you walked to the far side of the sleeping quarters where you were sure you’d have enough time to bang on the walls and sprint out of that door.
You heard a crash of thunder so you knew your escape chance would be soon. As you were about to start banging on the walls you see a door knob parallel to Nat but far away none the less start turning.
Lightning strikes, what seems to be right outside of the building. You sprint for the door only to have your arm caught by one of Madame B’s henchmen.
Just like that the power flickers.
Without much thought you break away from the man’s grasp lunge at Natalia who happened to be at the door.
“We’ll meet again Natalia.” you speak softly
You shove her out of the door with all of your might.
You use all of your remaining strength that you can muster up to slam the heavy metal door closed.
The door locks once again.
“You stupid little bitch. Get over here NOW!” the man practically growls.
You slowly and steadily walk over to the man as he gruesomely pummels and kicks you.
Sure the beatings, mind torture and manipulation hurt, but you’ve never experienced any kind of pain on the same caliber to what being separated from Natalia feels like.
Madame B is more than disappointed, enraged and annoyed with one of her ‘star students’. You receive daily beatings and long, tiresome training hours for helping Natalia escape. Although everyone is ‘replaceable’ in the minds of the staff as well as Madame B, they just lost Natalia so they couldn’t afford to lose you as well.
Months later the beatings finally slow down to a couple a week which you are able to endure. Madame’s mission now is to make a monster out of you by pushing you to and past your limits when training.
One night you finally drift off to sleep. You hate sleeping. It’s a constant replay of your last night with Nat. Only hoping that she made it to civilization safe and sound and is living a normal teens life. However, tonight’s dream is different. In this dream you see yourself shoving your packed-escape bag between your mattress and bedframe as you are bleeding out on the ground from the beatings. You wake up in a cold sweat and manage to kneel on the ground and slowly lift up your mattress only to find that same, small bag filled with the few, but important belongings of yours and Nat’s. You open up the bag forgetting all about what you both had packed. The most important items you see is a picture of Natalia as a toddler with alongside her mother and father, a small metal ring which you had made for her after stealing a small teaspoon at dinner, banging it against the concrete floor with a rock to flatten it out as you’d continuously bend it back and fourth so only the thinnest part is of the spoon is left which you bend into a ring before surprising Nat with it after you know she had a pretty rough day training, and lastly Nat’s papers containing important info about her such as her full name, birthplace, parents names, and birthdate.
November 22, 1984
November 22, 1984
November 22, 1984
November 22, 1984
You make sure you have this date burned into your head, latching onto any important information about her you can learn.
You hang onto those three items keeping them hidden.
Two and a half years later...
It’s late at night when you hear gunshots and fights breaking out throughout the facility. You quickly get up out of bed (once again undoing your cuffs) and grab those three items from under your mattress. You place them in your pocket getting ready to make a break for the outside world. As you reach for the door you turn back taking one last look at the place you’ve been living for pretty much the entirety of your life, only before a man in a funny red, white, and blue costume enters your view.
You bring your hands up ready for a fight.
“Look kid, I’m not here to fight you. We are breaking you out.” the man ensures
“Who even are you?” you sternly question
“Steve Rogers. But the public calls me Captain America.” his gaze settles on your figure, “Mind telling me who you are?” he pushes
“Names y/n, but look I’ve got places to be ma-“ you are cut off when Captain America’s jaw drops.
“No, we both know you don’t. But, you ARE coming with me.” you know there isn’t much room for protest but that won’t stop you from trying. You lunge at him and push him to the ground as you wave a small goodbye and sprint towards the door only for your body to fall on the ground limp. Realizing you’ve been stunned by something temporarily.
“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” you shriek, he only chuckles.
“God, Nat was right about you.” she shakes he head with a small grin on his face.
“N-nat?” you whisper as you vision fades black.
You regain consciousness and look around only to find yourself in a weird windowy, loud vehicle type thing. You see a group of people standing around you but you see one particular familiar face hovering directly over yours lightly combing through your hair with one one hand and gently outlining your jawline with the other.
“NAT!” you screech, your brain is feeling too many emotions to comprehend at the moment.
Once she sees and hears you are awake she pulls you into a bone crushing hug.
“Y/n/n I’m so sorry I left you and you had to stay in that hellhole for so long alone I don’t know how I would’ve help up it if that-“ you cut her off
“Natalia, all that matters is I’m here with you right now.” you reason.
After getting off of what you learned is a ‘plane’ you and Nat spend hours together clinging onto one another as if, as soon as you separate you will be absent in her life for alan other couple years, vice versa.
Months pass by. Even though you and Nat have yet to label yourselves as a couple your heats belong to one another after being attached to the hip to one another for pretty much every activity or mission you both do. In this time you were also recruited as an Avenger due to your skillful hand to hand combat and your masterful types of fighting you have nearly perfected from your time in the room.
The date just happens to be November 22. You are pretty sure no one in the compound is aware of Natalia’s birthday, hell, you aren’t even sure if she’s aware.
Today is the day you decide to return the missing items from her bag that you recover after she left.
You wake up next to her and wake her up with a long, graceful, soft kiss on her lips to which she responds shortly after by kissing you back as you feel as tiny smirk against your own lips.
“Hey, what was that for?” she asks playfully
“Ohhh nothing. Just maybe it’s for my favorite girl’s special day today.” Nat blushes.
“H-how’d you know?”
“Oh honey, I know e v e r y t h i n g.” you reply
Before she can respond you pull her to sit up on your shared bed and hand her an envelope containing her papers as well as he one and only photo of herself and her family.
As soon as she sees both items she sobs into your chest. (more because of the picture, you really only included her papers so she too would know all the most crucial parts of her life pre-red room era.
“Uh, uh, uh’” you tut,”One more thing.” you reach for her hand slowly and tell her to shut her eyes. You slowly slide the makeshift ring on her finger.
“Open.” you instruct
To which she gasps at the sight and just like the day you both were reunited you hugged and kissed for hours on end.
“Nat, will you be my girlfriend?” you ask with a sheepish smile.
“Of course y/n/n, I thought you’d never ask.” she takes a breath,“I know love is for children, but you are my only exception.”
“Ditto.” Natalia chuckles, “That is what the Americans say, right?” you backtrack with flushed cheeks.
She holds you tighter and presses a soft kiss to your forehead.
“Sure.” she breathes out.
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proyodutchmill · a day ago
we nEeDDD horny berryy to come backkk !!
🙄 kayy ill try to talk to my kitty ig and work on the smut 
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starsvck · a day ago
kotenok part nine.
Tumblr media
you and natasha reminisce on the past and look forward for what the future lays for the both of you.
older!natasha romanoff x younger!reader
warnings: previous wandanat, underaged drinking, slight panic/anxiety attack, soft angst, but natasha is understanding about it...honestly i’m not very happy with this chapter since i wasn’t in the best place when i started it, it’ll get better next chapter hopefully! thank you all for waiting so kindly for these chapters to come out
series masterlist
Natasha looks like at you like the sun. Bright, warm, and everything in between, she always sports the widest smile when you look up or turn.
Occasionally, she’ll say nothing, you’ll return the gesture, and the two of you continue on with your day. But you know she’s thinking of you just as you are with her.
You adore Natasha. In every way, you do.
From the way she holds herself. The way she stands up for you or for anyone that she cares. To the way she holds your hand when you talk; to you, it’s a reminder of how you feel.
There are moments of your time where when Natasha tucks a stray hair behind her ear, Irina flashes your mind. It’s nothing in a way that provokes your past but it just... simple exists.
Irina simply exists.
So does Natasha.
You know you who you care for more. The other isn’t here. The other is. The other kisses your knuckles while you talk to her about the new makeup you bought. The other kisses your cheek whenever she finds the chance. The other doesn’t find shame in being with you in front of the people who had judged the both of you.
The other... well, she’s gone from your life yet she becomes much rather bigger part of it.
Natasha notices your silence before you do. She does what she does best, kisses your cheek in response and waits for you to turn to her with a smile. And when you do, squeezing her hand in return, her features soften at the sight.
“Are you alright, sweetheart?”
Her slender fingers caresses your hair, twirling a lock between her index as the other hand squeezes your thigh. You gift a gentle smile, eyes scrunching as you nod at her.
And when they flutter open, in the distance, you catch a figure from the corner of your eye. You don’t mind it but simply return your attention back to Natasha, who, now, holds a glass of wine in her hand.
“You sure, kotenok?” She asks once again out of pure concern. “You didn’t drink too much, did you?”
You shook your head and tapped your fingernails along the side of your glass, which now is empty. And while you didn’t have much to drink as you weren’t legally allowed yet, Natasha offered to give you a taste with her supervision.
She offers a nod of agreement, humming after she takes another sip of her drink. You watch her carefully, lips red and plump, eyes ever so green, her hair is down but it’s so gorgeously curled and laid over her shoulder.
She looks like a dream and you’re sure to let her know when a hand reaches up to her arm. She pauses, and stares confused.
You smile up at her, ignoring your acknowledgment of Wanda’s presence near your booth.
“Can we go?”
You don’t say much after that but Natasha understands every single implication in your sentence and the way your hands shake. She doesn’t need to ask before her glass is settled down and she stands with you in tow.
She’s tugging on your hand this time, which now seems like she’s the needy one. And the moment the air, cold, chill, nothing of New York that reminds you, hits your skin, Natasha has her lips on yours.
You don’t breathe until she lets up, her once crimson lips, now a lighter shade of pink as your lips tingle in return. You taste her bittersweet on your tongue, a hint from her wine and a lot of Natasha.
“Talia...” Your head lays against her chest, and as you invite yourself, she welcomes you in with arm around your figure.
She stays quiet, but concerned for the tone of your voice as it breaks. However, when she looks down, finding your cheek wet and eyes away from her own, she draws your head up from your chin
She doesn’t voice her concern, not a single whine or tone of her voice when she watches tears stain your cheek. She simply just kisses them away, her lips touching skin, gentle and soft, and she just holds you.
Standing there in the balcony, looking over the city, she holds you. Embraces you with much passion, such heat, as you cry in her arms.
She just holds you.
Tumblr media
When the party settles down and the duvet engulfs you, Natasha lays beside you with a book in her hand.
She doesn’t question what just happened, simply just settled you into your shared room with her until you calmed down. And now, here you were watching her as she flipped another page of her book, the time undeniably passing by with every tick.
Natasha looks unbothered and with the words sitting on your tongue, you almost feel bad for attempting to ruin the moment.
“Do you remember the first time we met?”
She turns to you, closes her book shut and settles it down on her nightstand.
“Of course, I do. Maria had brought you in. You looked a little rattled and confused, so we were forced to keep our distance.” She offers a shrug. “Of course, I know what it’s like to be isolated and alienated. I didn't want you to feel like that.”
When she reaches out to you, touches your skin gently as a thumb caresses the apple of your cheek, you smile at the gesture, feeling warmth at the way she holds you.
“It was the second time someone made me feel wanted. Loved, even.”
She smiled, hopeful and content that she’s made you everything that you should be. And as she leaned, kissing your forehead then to your nose.
“Yeah? When was the first?”
You knew it was to imply something but you frowned at her words, thinking of the very first time someone did make you feel wanted. Loved.
And your memories when to a brunette, with eyes that mocked Natasha’s own. And she caught sight of the change in your features, growing rightfully concerned.
“You don’t have to answer it, dekta.”
“I know...” Silence blooms but you know the truth will as well and you’d rather have your girlfriend hear it from you than from the nightmares where she subsides. “But I think Irina is just as important for the sake of our relationship...”
She nods, listens to your words and simply sits there waiting until you finish. Tears make their way into your eyes once more and some part of you shames itself for growing so vulnerable when all you’ve known that it was for weak minded children.
“You know how they have the Red Room for the Widows?” The redhead nods, squeezing you hand in return as she continues to listen.
“HYDRA had the same thing but for lab rats. It wasn’t much, there was only a handful of us until I was the last one. I didn’t really give much hope for the future either knowing that it was unlikely any of us would get out alive or get out at all.” You have a gentle shrug, a frown lining your lips that Natasha mocked.
“Until the komandir’s daughter came along...”
There was a pause in your sentence. Much like a bubble that crawled its way up your throat as you paused.
“It wasn’t much hope, I guess. But she was there to keep me sane.” A smile blossomed on your lips and deep inside Natasha, a hint of jealousy grew.
“Though, the way I feel about her was much different with how I feel for you... Irina, was there much like a reminder. Only now, she loved me with the shame of her father finding out unlike you did.”
She shook her head. “I would never. The team... they’re odd, they’d unorthodox, but they’re family. They’re the only people I’ve known my whole life, but love is a strange thing, dekta. Wanda worries that I trust myself in you far too much.” She chuckles.
“She believes I’m far too much of a stranger, huh?”
“You heard?”
You gave a soft nod, smiling as well as you recalled the memory of then speaking after as she had cuddled with you. Despite you tired state, safely tucked into the bed, you took it to yourself to eavesdrop behind the door.
Finding yourself grinning as Natasha spoke of you, the smallest details, all of which she had remembered and took into notice.
Wanda was one who you didn’t share a relationship with. An acquaintance, perhaps one could call it. Surely, the two of you were not colleagues as you never have worked together. To each other, simple, you were strangers.
She was right about that. Though, it had seemed that her bias had been evident in the way she spoke about you to the very person who knew you through thick and thin.
Wanda was one you didn’t blame. Natasha either. While the Sokovian’s feelings are quite evident, her distaste for you were as well.
“I’m sure she has a point. Though, I can’t give much credit as she clearly despises me.”
“I’m sure. But one thing I’m glad about is meeting you. After everything.”
You smiled, squeezed her hand and spoke of a name Bucky had mentioned to you before. Though, your girlfriend never had seems to mention it to you.
“After Yelena?” She stilled in her spot, her eyes looking down at you with furrowed eyes in pure confusion. “Bucky told me. I’m sure she was just as special to you the way Irina was to me.”
Natasha gave you a soft nod, her lips twitching into a smile as she tugged you closer towards her. You gave in, letting her touch you in a manner that was meant to be a token of appreciation.
“She was.”
She didn’t say much with that. Only accepting the fact that you knew and you respected it. You didn’t push either, knowing that some day, some time, where Natasha was ready, she would tell you.
Instead, she kissed you. Her lips, her mouth, both tainted of her drink, still bitter despite leaving the party hours ago. Not that you didn’t mind, that spoke true with the way you kissed her back.
Her hands, they wandered far and wide under your shirt as she felt your baby soft skin. And softly, you let a gentle mewl of her name when she thumbs at your nipple.
“Talia...” You clawed at her shirt, attempting to pull her ever so closer to you until her chest was flush against your own. “Take it off.”
She didn’t hesitate to listen, and with a smile, she pulled away as she stripped her shirt off, leaving her bare with her breast as you ogled them.
She grinned when she saw your eyes and parted lips, and when you found her gaze once more, you took initiative and kissed her once more; pushing her back onto the bed as you straddle her.
“I love you.”
You felt her breath tickle your ear when she sat up and pulled you close against her. Your lips twitched while you threw your arms around her neck.
“I know, dekta.”
And perhaps that was all you ever needed. All you ever craved. The very one thing Wanda, Tony, everyone on the team understood about. Natasha loved you just as much as you do with her.
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nyx-aira · a day ago
Head over heels
Summary: Natasha Romanoff is a serious woman, she's a professional, she's not falling for Maria's cute assistant.
A/N: First time writing for Nat, I LOVED IT. Send in some requests for her if you'd like to see more. Hope you like it @procrastinatingsapphictrash since you're THE Nat writer.
Tag list: @escapetodreamworld @midnight-lestrange @king-star @ynscrazylife @ycfwmalise14 @procrastinatingsapphictrash @ineffablebean @mochamoff @wlwlovesreading
Natasha didn't know what to do. In all the years she had spent figuring out what people thought she never cared what they thought about her. Until today. Until she had walked into the meeting where Fury had briefed her and Clint on their newest mission and you had walked in, Maria's assistant, and had waved at her.
From this moment Natasha was completely gone. She knew she had to focus on the briefing but she couldn't stop sneaking glances at you when you weren't looking.
In the following week's she always made sure to submit her mission reports as early as possible just so she could get a short glance at you talking to Maria when your schedules crossed.
Nat could have sworn she almost fainted when you greeted her by her name. She forgot in that moment that she was a well known Avenger and everyone knew her. You knew her name and that was all that mattered today.
The redhead made sure nobody new she was pining over Maria's cute assistant but Clint knew her better than anyone and when she had to ask him a third time to repeat what he just said because she was fixated on you arranging some paperwork he knew his best friend was head over heels for the SHIELD agent.
Natasha was a trained spy, a master manipulater and deadly assassin but here she was, standing in front of your office with some flowers, nervously pacing up and down the hallway, overthinking her decision to ask you out on a date.
You hadn't talked much, only over some Intel over the last mission and some pleasantries in the hallways. This was due to the fact that the redhead was usually left speechless when you entered the room.
Yes, Natasha Romanoff was a deadly assassin but she was head over heels for the assistant of her boss and was behaving like a lovesick teenager.
She could have sworn she had a heart attack when you opened the door, saying goodbye to Maria and turning around to leave when you saw her.
"Oh hello Agent Romanoff, I didn't know you were still working." You said as you turned around to give her your full attention.
Natasha almost melted on the spot when she heard your voice and almost forgot why she was here.
She akwardly held the flowers out in front of you and saw you raise an eyebrow.
"Flowers ", she stammered, " for you."
You beamed at her as she handed you the beautiful bouquet, admiring the beautiful flowers.
Natasha shuffled with her feet as she mentally prepared herself to ask her question.
"Would you like to go to lunch with me sometime? "
You smiled at how nervous she was in front of you and just stepped closer to press a short peck on her cheek.
"I'd love to", you answered as you handed her your business card, "Just call me."
With these words you turned around, waved at the blushing spy for the last time and left.
Nat had to pinch herself to check if this was real but when she felt the pinch on her thigh she new it most definitely was. Silently cheering she skipped along the hallway, nobody would see her and even if they did nobody would believe them.
In Fury's office a grumbling Clint passed him 50 dollars as he, Maria and the man he just lost a bet to watched the redhead through the security cameras. He never thought Nat would have the guts to ask you out, now he had to skip taco day.
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natromanoffxox · a day ago
Something Hot
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, violence (please message if you think I need to add any more!)
TAG LIST: @chicken-wang09 @ima-gi--na-tion @severepeanutartisanhands @madamvirgo @ali-lie @madamevirgo
For previous chapters please see my pinned post!
Tumblr media
This has not been proof read, please be kind!
Tony and Peppers wedding was a huge distraction for you, taking your mind off the inevitable; The mission that was taking you away from everyone you loved. You hadn’t found it in you to actually tell anyone other than Natasha, not yet at least. You just wanted to enjoy the day, the last day you would all be together. Happy and smiling, dancing and all sharing an incredible memory. This is how you wanted them to remember you.
You, Nat and Morgan were all holding hands, swaying on the dance floor as the little girl squealed with excitement. You were going to miss her so much. You wanted to see her grow. See all of the things she got into, which was currently Frozen, which you absolutely loved too. For being 2 and a half, she already knew all of the words to every song in the film; demanding you sing them with her every day she saw you, which was literally every day. But you didn’t mind. You loved to sing, you love the movie, and you loved Morgan.
The night came to an end, and your goddaughter refused to be took to bed by anyone but you. So you did. You could never deny the little Princess anything.
“Why are you sad, Auntie Y/N?” Morgan almost whispered as you pulled the covers over her, placing her favourite teddy under her arm. You were shocked still. How did a 2 and a half year old notices the pain in your eyes? You silently prayed that no one else had realised.
“Well, Squishy...” You called her by her nickname you’d gave her, giving her a gentle jab through her sheets, earning a fit of giggles from the child in front of you.
“Auntie Y/N has to go away for a little bit for work. Got to stop those naughty people from doing naughty things. But don’t worry, I won’t be long!”
You saw her eyes start to pool, and yours quickly followed, but you blinked them away quickly, refusing to cry in front of her.
It was a lie.
A giant fucking lie.
You were going to be long. 3 years, possibly more. Possibly forever if things didn’t go to plan.
“But you’ll call all the time, right? And we can sing to each other! Are you going to bring me back a present?” It was as if your goddaughter could feel the pain you were in, trying to ease the situation with her happiness.
“I will have to write to you, sweetie. But your mammy and daddy will read out every single one! And we can send each other videos! Obviously I’ll be bringing you back a present! The best presents always come from Auntie Y/N!”
You said your goodnights and left the child’s room, slowly closing the door behind you and pressing your back to it. You squeezed your eyes closed, trying to stop the tears that instantly came from falling. You’d cried every single night since finding out you had to leave. Nothing could prepare you for that. It was one of the most heart aching things you’d ever have to do.
“Hey.” You heard the soft voice of your girlfriend beside you. When you opened your eyes, you saw Natasha leaning against a wall, arms crossed over her chest as she watched you with so much sorrow in her eyes. You couldn’t stop the single tear from rolling down your cheek, and didn’t even bother to wipe it away as you let yourself be folding into her embrace. You refused to cry anymore. It was your job, you had to go. Natasha understood that, and so would the team. It didn’t make it any easier or any less painful, but knowing they understood why you left made you feel all of 1% better.
You and Natasha had had a long conversation about it all. She told you that you didn’t have to worry about coming home and finding her in bed with another person, that no matter what, she was going to wait for you. She told you that it was your job, and that it was inevitable that either one of you would have to go on a long time mission. She said she wished it was her, so you didn’t have to miss your family, miss Morgan learn and grow, but told you she would keep you updated on every single thing that happened, down to a sneeze. You’d laughed at her, the first laugh since you’d been told about your mission. That was one of the many reasons you loved her- no matter how you felt, she could always make you smile.
You were suppose to leave the next day, and you still hadn’t told the rest of the team. You felt like you were doing them wrong by not letting them know, but it also broke your heart to much just imagining their responses, their faces. You didn’t want to see the pity, the pain or the sorrow. You wanted them to look at you with love and happiness in their eyes like they had today.
You’d gone to bed that night without a single tear dropping, though sleep was something that didn’t come easy. Not only for the fact you were leaving, but the mission it’s self. You’d read the file, and you wanted to cry just from that. Child trafficking, all over the world. They were smuggling girls and sending them off to other countries, and you didn’t dare allow yourself to think about what was happening to them when they arrived in their new country- probably Hell. As much as you hated Fury for making you go, you also felt a deep need to help those girls. To slaughter every filthy disgusting mother fucker who even looked at them, never mind touched them. To get them back home and to their families. You wanted to saved them, but you didn’t want to leave. Tough, you didn’t have a choice. You knew what the job was when you signed up, knew that you could potentially be sent across the world for god knows how long.
You were so grateful for Natasha and how calm she had been throughout the past few days. She’d truly been your rock, your shoulder to cry on and simply everything you’ve needed. She didn’t pressure you to talk about it, only bringing it up when you did. You were going to miss her so fucking much.
“Tell the team I’m sorry. That I will miss them so much. That I love them all. I’ll write as much as I can. Tell Morgan, Auntie Y/N will be home in no time, with the best presents ever. Tell Tony to always read every single email out to her, she knows I’ll be writing.” You were sobbing into Natasha’s arms as you stood by the jet that was about to take you miles upon miles away from her. You could feel how tense she was, how she was trying to keep herself together for you.
“I love you, Nat. Never, ever forget that. No matter what happens, I will always love you. Always.”
“And I love you. Always.”
As soon as you left, Natasha let herself breakdown. She was in the garage of the compound, leaning against her car and just sobbing. She stayed like that until Sam and Bucky came back from a mission, finding her on the floor in a puddle of tears. They’d somehow got her upstairs, and by the time the elevator door pinged open, her tears had stopped. She couldn’t cry now, she’d had her turn, now it was theirs. She knew how loved you were, how everyone adored you. You were part of the family. You were like a sister to Peter and Wanda. Like a daughter to Tony. A fucking amazing best friend to everyone else. And you were the love of Natasha’s life.
“Nat? What’s wro-“
“Y/N gone. A mission. 3 years.” She spat the words out so quickly she didn’t even know of any of them caught a single part of it. She couldn’t look them in the eyes, keeping her head hung low as she waited for their responses.
“A mission? Why didn’t she tell us?” She could hear the pain in Wanda’s voice. Natasha finally looked up, seeing pain filled eyes and tears.
“She couldn’t. She could barely tell me. She didn’t want to see how hurt you would all be by her leaving.”
“Three years...” Peter had tears running down his cheeks, when he whispered the words. She wanted to go and hug him, to tell him it was alright, but that was your job. You were the one Peter went to, and now the kid didn’t have you. Who was he meant to cry to? To tell all his secrets too? Who was he meant sing and dance like an idiot with? You were his best friend, and you were gone.
“She can email us. She had to leave her personal phone behind. God knows if she’ll have much time to herself to send each of us emails, but something is better than nothing.” Natasha said, before walking out the room. She couldn’t face them any longer, just wanting to be alone so she could suffer in peace.
The first 6 months were a drag. Constant surveillance on boats and lorries. Tracking every single piece of shit gang member, figuring out the next move, working on learning where the girls were going so you could find them and free them. So far you had markers on 8 members, but you hadn’t actually spotted any of the girls yet. They were good, though you expected it. You must have to be a sneaky fucker to be smuggling a load of young women across countries and selling them to the highest bidder, and not be caught. But that’s where they fucked up. They were caught. And every single one of them were going to either end up dead or in prison for the rest of their lives. You were hoping for the first.
As you were sitting and watching from a buildings roof top, you thought about your family back home.
You’d left each of them a personal hand written letting, which you had hidden in each of their rooms just before you left. You told them how much you loved them, and added personal details, memories shared and that you’d always remember them. You’d even left one for Morgan with Tony and Peppers letters, as well as a stuffed Olaf plush. You’d jokingly wrote that you wanted to be sent a picture of her with it so you knew no one had stole it, and Tony had attached the wanted picture in an email to you. It made you cry like a baby. You wanted so much to be there, singing with her again. Natasha kept her promise of filling you in on every detail of what happened throughout the Avengers’ day. She’d sent you videos of Peter and Wanda, dedicating a song to you and dancing together like fools, which warmed your heart so much it brought tears to your eyes. Steve had apparently been spotted with a woman, though the ins and outs of that were yet to be confirmed. She told you that Jane, the owner of the coffee shop you both loved, had shed a tear or two when she asked Natasha where you were, finding out that you were away for work for a while. Jane had told Natasha to tell you to ‘be a smart cookie’, and get home safe. You loved Jane, and just thinking about her made you crave one of her amazing mochas.
Damn, you could really use one of those right now...
It’s been a year since you had left for your mission, and it was really taking a toll on Natasha. Everyone could see it. She was in pain. Everything reminded her of you. She didn’t help herself though, always watching Peters YouTube videos of you singing, looking at photos of you two together, even rereading articles wrote about you. You were such an amazing person, so sweet and kind, funny and sarcastic. You never wanted to hurt a soul, but you’d told her how you wanted to make sure you stopped the people you were going after, once and for all. She knew what you had meant, you wanted them dead. She didn’t actually know what you were doing out there, and that terrified her. Clearly it was a serious mission if it was for such a long length of time, needing the best and most qualified on board. She was so proud of you for being the one who was chosen for it, because you really were one of the best agents around. You’d actually beat Natasha once, ONCE, in a spar, and no one believed you. They’d told you Natasha let you win, but she really didn’t. She was kind of pissed about it at first, no one had ever beat her, but then she couldn’t stop smiling. You had came so far, and she was so proud to have stood by your side while you learned and grew your skills.
She logged onto her computer on her desk, waiting for her emails to update. And there it was, the only thing that was keeping her going- your name.
‘Hey, babe! Hope you’re being good without me ;) it’s still pretty shit out here. I want to come home already!! But we’re making progress, which is good. Quicker than expected, too! Fingers crossed I might get this shit sorted in the next year, but let’s not promise anything...
I really do hope you’re keeping well. Don’t you dare be moping around and being a bitch! Remember, I’m getting emails from everyone ;) I know everything.
Stop sulking and start smiling! We’re a year down! Not long now and I’ll be back with you, in our bed, doing the most disgusting things any of them could imagine. We’ll raise the fucking roof, baby!
I’m sorry I have to keep this short and sweet, but you know... Criminals to stop, people to save.
I love you with all my heart.
~ Y/N xxx’
Natasha read and reread it so many times she could probably turn off her computer and still say it off by heart. Those fuckers ratter her out! They’d told you how crappy she was clearly feeling, how she didn’t want to talk to anyone. You knew everything, as you had said. She wondered who it would’ve been. Probably all of them. She’d been getting even more snappy than usual recently, hitting them with angry jabs of replied whenever they asked her anything.
‘Want some tea, Nat?’
‘No, I don’t want any fucking tea!’
‘Eggs or waffles?’
‘Neither, you fucking idiot.’
Yeah, they’d totally snitched, and she probably deserved it.
You’d hit the two year mark, and things were looking good for your mission. You’d tracked down the leader, figured out where they were keeping the smuggled women, and were planning on when you were going to make your move. Your team were all sat together in the abandoned building you had been using as a hotel room. Two years of a shitty wooden board of a bed, your back was not in good shape.
Connor, Josh and Luka were also agents of SHIELD, but a slightly lower level than you, but they were still good. Amazing aim, strong fighters and devoted to the mission. You were pleased with the team you had with you, but not so pleased that you were the only girl. They didn’t realise you were gay, and you hadn’t mentioned it, finding it funny as they tried to sneak in a cheeky flirtatious comment that you ignored every time. Natasha probably would have slit their throats if she was there to hear their puns, but the boys took the hint, they knew you weren’t interested, yet still tried anyway.
“If we split up, it could go tits up. If we all go in together, we could be ambushed. If we go in groups of two, we may stand a chance.” You told the men in front of you. This wasn’t your first mission, and it probably won’t be your last, you knew how to handle situations. Knew how to analyse and look at it from different points.
“But what if there’s more than we’re expecting? They could have hundreds of men in there!” Connor replied, looking almost worried. Did he really believe you hadn’t thought about that? Fucking idiot.
“I’ve got backup on speed dial. We go in. We take them out. We save the hostages. Simple.” You lowered your tone, sounding more professional than you’d ever sounded in front of them. You’d kept it friendly, using their first names rather than Agent whatever. The three men stood straighter, holding themselves with power, the power you’d just gave them by letting them know exactly how it was going to go, and that another team were a phone call away if needed.
You all suited up, clad in bullet proof vests, head covers, and geared up to the tens. Guns, knives, smoke bombs, everything. You didn’t know what they had in there, so you needed to be prepared. You were loading your guns as you thought back to the last email you’d sent to Natasha. You’d managed to get onto your computer that morning, letting her know that if everything goes to plan, you’d be on your way home within a few days. Hopefully it did, because you couldn’t be putting up with those three dumb asses much longer. They weren’t shit at their job, they were really fucking good, but lord all mighty, some of the conversation you’d overheard during your time with them. Astonishing.
You were sneaking to the building, before you’d be splitting up so two could go through the front and two could go through the back.
“Eyes on the prize boys. Get those ladies out without a scratch. Take out anyone to get the job done! Oh, and for the love of god, don’t die.” You gave them your signature smirk before patting Josh’s shoulder, signalling for him to follow you as you walked towards the back door of the building. It was true, you didn’t have a clue how many could actually be in there. From what you’d seen as you were scouting them out, there should only be 20 tops, but that might not be the case.
“Are you in place, Agents?” You spoke through your earpiece.
“We are in place, Agent.” You couldn’t help but let out a snort. That was the first time you’d allowed them to call you Agent. You hated it, but it sounded better than ‘Y/N’ through the piece, especially if they had to call in more crew.
“In 3, 2, 1-“ You kicked the door open, stunning two men that were stood behind, shooting to kill in an instant. The men were down, that leaves 18.
“2 down. Leaves 18.” You told the men you were working with.
“3 here. 15.” Luka replied. Little shit got one more than you, that would have to change...
You carried on through the building, creeping down the steps silently with Josh behind you. It wasn’t long before you found a room holding two more enemies, Josh handling them as you kept a look out.
“2 more down. 13 to go.”
“1 more. 12 left.” Connor answered back to you seconds later. You couldn’t hear their shots, so they must be further away than you’d expected. You were meant to meet in the middle, but it seemed to be taking them longer to get up than it was for you and Josh getting down.
A bullet hitting the wall next to you pulled you out of your moment of thoughts, making you duck down as you aimed for the asshole who shot at you, and you’re pretty sure you just blew off the guys knee cap. Gross.
“Oof, another here. That was ugly. 11 to go.”
You began to hear the faint sound of shooting the further you and Josh got down the ever lasting stairs. You expected to be done and dusted by now, filling in the details and on a jet home. Mother fuckers. Why did you agree to this shit?
“On your left!” Josh shouted by your side, pulling you closer to him as a shot just missed your shoulder. What the fuck was it with people trying to shoot you in the shoulder?! You raised your gun and aimed- headshot. Another down.
“10 to go boys.” You don’t know why you were smiling, but the grin on your face wouldn’t fall.
You descended further down the building, Josh keeping an eye on the back as you kept the front, not allowing anyone to sneak up on you.
You came to a huge hall, and you stopped, pulling Josh round the corner with you quickly before being spotted. You’d noticed 7 enemies, but there could have been more.
“You guys at the hall yet?” You whispered into the earpiece.
“Not yet.” You tutted at Lukas response, rolling your eyes with a smile, which you saw Josh copying. He knew you weren’t serious, chucking silently along with you.
“We may have to take this one ourselves, Joshie boy.” You smirked at your team mate, before turning the corner and aiming straight to one of the men. Josh was right behind you, shooting as soon as he turned, taking down one as you took down another. It took only minutes for the 7 men in the room to be lying in a room of their own blood.
“3 to go. Come on guys!” You laughed, exiting the hall and heading down a hallway. You didn’t actually know anything of this building, or where the hidden women were being held. You planned to just take out the fuckers and find the girls.
You should’ve had a better plan.
You heard them before you saw them. There was a lot of guns, a lot more than Connor, Luka and the assumed 3 remaining men. You were outnumbered.
You pulled Josh into a random room in the hallway, instantly going for your phone and calling in for help.
“Back up, asap. Unknown number of enemies. Outnumbered and outgunned!” You spoke into the phone, trying to hide the panic in your voice. If you panicked, Josh would panic and considering you didn’t know where Luka and Connor were, you two had to stick together.
“Back up on the way. Hold tight, Agent Y/L/N.”
You didn’t want to hold back, hiding in a room. You wanted to be out there, in the war battling for the good side, taking a fraction of the bad out of the world. That was your job, you stopped pieces of shit like them, and hiding in a room was not what you did.
“Come on.” You pulled on Joshes forearm, forcing him back out into the hallway, heading down silently, listening out for anything and everything. You heard Joshes gun going off behind you, making you snap round to see four more men shooting at you.
You finally made it to the ground floor, finding Connor and Luka each hiding behind a a beam, only taking a shot when they heard their guns refilling. You were actually surprised to see them alive, considering from the quick glance you got, there was easily fifty more enemies hidden around the room.
“On your right. Good to see you’re both breathing still.” You don’t know how you could possibly make a joke considering the situation you were in, but the men chuckled back at you anyway. You heard shots landing everywhere, one scraping the edge of your thigh, making you grunt in pain. You knew it wasn’t bad, just a graze, but it still hurt like a bitch.
“You good?” Josh asked beside you, looking down at the blood on your trousers, eyebrow raised.
“Yeah, ‘tis but a flesh wound.” Josh snorted at your reply, clearly understanding the reference, before taking a chance to peak round the beam you hid behind.
“Looks like back up is here.”
You took a chance to look, seeing about 20 SHIELD agents bombarding the room, shooting and fighting. It’s about fucking time...
You nodded, letting your men know it was time to get in there, take the rest out and save those poor women. By the time the enemies were outnumbered, some began to drop their guns, holding their hands in the air, praying for life over death. For a moment, you debated just shooting the fuckers dead, but you weren’t that person. You don’t kill unless necessary.
“We need to find the women, they’re in the building. We’ve searched the upper floors, so they have to be below us somewhere.” You announced as the back up team handles the surrendered child traffickers. You set off towards the concrete steps, heading down and down, skipping floors knowing other members of your team would allocate themselves to them. You reached the basement, finding a huge metal door with a row of padlocks.
Seriously, padlocks? That’s what they used?
It only took you a moment to shoot through the locks, watching the thin metal of each one shatter off and falling. It was the moment of truth. Once you opened that door, you were changing peoples lives. Saving people’s lives.
“It’s okay.” You said as you opened it, putting your gun low behind your thigh to not scare them, but the sight you saw shocked you still.
There must have been over 60 women- no, children, inside. They were all crammed together at the far end of the room, huddled for safety.
“It’s okay, I’m here to help. I’m here to get you all home.”
You spoke into your earpiece, telling the team you had found the missing women, and to get everyone ready for their arrival above. You wondered how long they had been down there, locked in a pitch black room, not a single drop of water in sight.
“Thank you.” One of the girls came up to you as she headed out the room, up the stairs to safety.
“Thank you so much.”
Your heart skipped a beat. In a good way and in a bad way. Those poor girls must have truly expected death.
“Alright. That’s them all. We’ll go over their details given and get them back home safe as soon as possible.” Agent Diaz told the men; Connor, Josh and Luka. They nodded before turning to leave, but all took a look at each other quickly before turning to the Agent again.
“Have you seen Agent Y/L/N?” Connor asked.
“No, not since the girls were freed.” The woman raised a brow, before speaking into her radio. “Any got eyes on Agent Y/L/N?”
There was numerous replies of not seeing you since you’d headed down to the basement.
“Get the women out of here and get the rest of the team searching! Agent Y/L/N is officially MIA!”
Natasha logged on to her emails as she did every day, refreshing again and again praying she would see your name pop up suddenly. But she got nothing. She’d hadn’t heard from you in nearly two weeks. Your last email had told her that if everything went to plan, you’d be home in the matter of days. Clearly something did not go to plan, and Natasha felt sick to her stomach. Something went wrong. Something has happened to you. If you were still in your building, you’ve had emailed telling her that the plan you had didn’t work out, but you hadn’t, which only meant the worst.
Her mind was lost in all the things that could be happening to you right now, if you were still alive...
The ping of the elevator doors opening grabbed her attention, making her stand from her seat to look through the glass windows of the conference room.
“Well this can’t be good.” She heard Tony mumble as he walked past the door towards Fury and Maria, who had stepped out of the elevator. If the both of them were here, that definitely meant bad news.
“No. Not really.” Fury muttered, as if it were to himself rather than the group who had now surrounded him and his coworker. What the hell had happened? She prayed for him not to announce your death, pulling her arms around herself.
“Agent Y/L/N, shes MIA. Last seen 12 days ago.”
Natasha’s heart sunk.
“We need all hands on board. There’s 20 agents out already, and still no signs of her. We need you guys. You know her better than anyone else, her skill set, how she’d go about this kind of situation, if she’d of left any clues.” Maria continued from Fury’s announcement.
She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how to feel or what to think. She was just an emotionless statue, staring at the floor rather than anyone in the room.
“When do we leave?” She spoke finally, shocking everyone by her dry question. They’d expected her to breakdown, to cry, to scream, to as least have some sort of caring sound in her voice, but she didn’t. This was a mission.
She had a job to do. She couldn’t let her emotions get in front of that.
She had to find you.
A/N: haha, brb just gonna go cry cos I really wasn’t going to take this story in this direction but... well what can I say. I’m a sucker for drama. Lotta love xoxo
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caradoc-dearborn · a day ago
Avengers x male reader headcannons
Warnings: none
Not requested (I had this awful idea all on my own!)
It’s pure crack. I can’t take myself seriously anymore. Oh, and reader is a teenager in this.
Y/n just starts stomping around the compound one day
Everyone assumes he’s having a bad day
But then he just keeps doing it? It’s days later and everyone’s very confused
Some of them ask him what’s up because what could be bothering him? Is it school?? Friends?? (Could it be *whispers, frightened* hormones??)
He’s just like “nah, everything’s fine, don’t worry”
They don’t believe him (they should)
So the avengers hold a meeting about it. An entire meeting. About why their teammate could be upset. Ridiculous.
The reader walks in on the meeting and he’s like “??? A meeting? Why wasn’t I told about it??? What’s up?”
Natasha just asks him. She’s blunt like that. “What’s been bothering you this last week?”
“What do you mean?”
Tony says, “Kid, you’ve been stomping around the tower the past few days. We can all hear it through the floors. What’s wrong?”
Y/n laughs. Hard. Everyone’s confused.
“So none of you noticed??”
... “noticed what?”
“Look at- Look at my fucking feet.”
He’s wearing Sketchers light up sneakers. They’re stomp activated.
(Apparently the Earth’s mightiest heroes are dumbasses)
Clint and Natasha face-palm because they’re literal spies so why didn’t they just pay closer attention?
Steve is exasperated and even more confused because why on earth do light-up shoes exist?
Bruce just sighs and looks at y/n thinking I don’t get paid enough for this shit
Wanda was just glad that y/n wasn’t upset. And she likes the shoes. In her eyes, it’s a win-win situation
Tony feels a bit stupid for having blown the whole thing out of proportion, but he also wants to know if this a new trend with The Kids these days. Maybe he’ll ask Peter about it?
Y/n teases everyone about this whole thing months later
“Hey, remember that time y’all thought I was being an angsty teenager but I just had new shoes?”
“Oh, you know what I was just thinking about? When the Avengers assumed I was unstable but I actually had lit new kicks.”
“What would Director Mister Spy Nicholas J. Fury Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire do if he found out his hand-picked team is actually full of immature children who don’t know how to communicate?”
(Of course, y/n doesn’t dare say this to Natasha. She’s scary. I’m scared of her. You would be too. Don’t even try to deny it.)
Anyway, this ultimately served as a lesson: always suspect that Gen Z kids are doing something unexpected, but not necessarily detrimental to their own health
(Disclaimer: I hate Sketchers. Not just because my feet are the wrong shape for their shoes. They fucking moved into five HUGE buildings right by my street and made parking unbearable. So I have a personal grudge)
Well! I hope you enjoyed this! It was fun to write, and I’m hoping it was at least mildly entertaining.
If anyone wants to send me a request for a male reader fic, or some headcannons, that’d be great! (also I’d be so, so honored)
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twoidiotwriters1 · a day ago
Iron 13 (Peter Parker x Fem!Oc)
Words: 2,454
Chapter 12
Tumblr media
"This place is huge,” says Lily as soon as Tony and she arrive at the helicarrier where the others should be.
They both follow Agent Coulson down the hallways. Some agents looked at them curiously, wondering what Tony's daughter is doing in such a place.
"I know that face, you better not start exploring,” warns Tony.
"I don't promise anything,” She says and yawns. They still hadn't made up the time spent at dawn reading the files Phil gave them.
Tony rolls his eyes at her as he takes a box out of his pocket, opens it, and hands his daughter a small hearing aid.
"What is this?"
"An intercom is less obvious and more efficient than a telephone.”
"So, I won't have a phone soon either," She complains.
"Discuss that with Pepper,” says the man with a mocking smile.
She nods and puts the hearing aid in her ear making a face. She yawns again and rubs her eyes.
"If you fall asleep somewhere, you will miss the whole game, kid.”
"I won’t sleep. I would never miss the opportunity to meet everyone,”She smiles lifting her chin.
"Don't embarrass me, please,” Tony huffs looking at the girl. "And don't ask for their autographs.”
“Don't be boring. Who knows when I’ll see them again?"
"How dare you call me boring?"
"Admit it, you're becoming just like Pepper,” She says laughing.
Tony opens his mouth completely offended, but before he can speak, Coulson turns to see them.
"I'm sorry to interrupt, but we’re approaching the control area, everyone’s gathered there," He informs.
"Thanks, Coulson,” Tony comes forward to talk to him. “By the way, I almost forgot. I wanted to make a proposition about your beloved cellist,” He begins, but the road ends and they reach the area.
"I think it's about the mechanics,” a man's voice is heard. "Iridium... What do they need the iridium for?"
The agent and both Starks arrive at the right time.
"It's a stabilizing agent,” He looks back at Coulson. “I'm just saying, pick a weekend. I'll fly you to Portland,” the agent nods and they both separate.
Tony makes a great entrance while Lily stays behind, she’s a bit intimidated by the people gathered around the table.
"It means the portal won’t collapse on it self like it did at S.H.I.E.L.D.”
Unlike her father, Lily walks slowly towards the table, luckily, she manages to catch the attention of Natasha, who smiles at her. The little girl reciprocates and runs towards her and then embraces her.
"Hey, new hair cut?" She says touching Nat's short hair.
"Change is always good for a girl,” replies the redhead.
"I like it.”
“-Also, it means the portal can open as wide and stay open as long, as Loki wants,” continues Tony walking towards the screens that control the ship. “Raise the mizzenmast. Jib the topsails!” He orders causing confusion in all the agents. "That man is playing Galaga!” He points to a man.
"Oh god,” whispers Lily shaking her head. Now who's embarrassing whom? The girl thinks.
"He thought we would not notice, but we did,” He returns to the table and points to the girl. "Oh, yeah! That’s my mini-me!"
Now all eyes on her are focused on her. Lily feels her cheeks burn like never before.
She leans back in the chair where Nat is sitting and smiles nervously.
"H – Hi.”
She knows that at some point someone is going to ask what she’s doing here, but her father takes it upon himself to get the attention again.
"How does Fury even see these?" He asks pointing at the screens.
"He turns," says an agent not far from them.
“Sounds exhausting,” He moves around, sometimes touching the screens, pretending to help while still talking about the materials that were stolen and how they affect the mission. Without anyone noticing, he connects a small device that will serve to infiltrate the technology of S.H.I.E.L.D.
"When did you become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics?" The agent asks.
"Last night.”
"A loooong night,” adds Lily and without being able to avoid it, she yawns again.
“The packet, Selvig’s note, the extraction theory papers. My daughter and I are the only ones who did our homework?"
Lily groans when she sees that no one else did. Maybe reading everything wasn't that important.
"I don't mean to sound rude, but isn't it dangerous for a girl to be here?" Bruce Banner points out, a little nervous.
"I'm ten, I'm not that little,” She complains. "I want to help find the tesseract and stop the god of deception,” she says proudly.
Her words provoke different reactions among adults: Nat looks at her with a smile, Banner is surprised, Steve is curious, but he can't help a smile at the girl's bravery and Thor laughs with amusement, the last one catches Lily's attention. .
In addition to having read the archives, Lily did more research on the god of thunder along with more from Norse mythology. She can't believe she's in the same place as Thor. So she takes the opportunity to walk towards him.
"Hi, my name is Lily Stark,” She says offering her hand.
Thor laughs again, leans over so that he can see her better, he takes her little hand and kisses the back of it.
"It is my pleasure, Lady Stark."
She laughs at her little nickname.
"I like you already,” She replies.
“Yes, yes, very cute. Can we continue with the topic? You’ll have time for the presentations,” says Tony.
"Rude," adds Lily, sitting in a swivel chair next to Nat.
"So, Loki needs any particular kind of power source?" Steve Rogers continues.
Lily watches him from her seat and can't help but sigh a little. Although she spent the whole day imagining how her interaction with everyone would be, the person who makes her the most nervous is Captain America and now that she’s in front of him, her nerves increase. She has many questions to ask him, but she knows that she must wait a little longer.
"He would have to heat the cube to 120 million Kelvin just to break through the Coulomb barrier,” adds Bruce.
Tony nods and walks over to the doctor.
"Unless Selvig has figured out how to stabilize the quantum tuneling effect.”
‘Nerd talk!’ thinks Lily leaning on the table.
"Finally, someone over eighteen who speaks English!” says Tony.
Both scientists shake hands in greeting.
"It's good to meet you. Dr. Banner,” says Tony. “Your work on antielectron collision is umparalleled,” He turns and points to Lily. “And we’re huges fans of the way you lose control and turn into and enormous green rage monster — Right, kid?”
"Yeah, that's really cool!”
Banner looks at them with an awkward smile.
"Dr. Banner is only here to track the cube,” says Fury entering the place. "I was hoping you two might join him,” He says looking at the two Starks.
"See?" says Lily. "I'm here to help too!”
No adult takes importance, which makes her upset, however, she can’t deny that she’s already used to it. She looks down at her hands and is completely distracted from Fury's talk with the others.
"Monkeys? I do not understand,” says Thor. This makes Lily's head lift.
"I do!" Steve says.
Lily looks at him confused.
At what point did they change the subject?
"I understood that reference.”
"Shall we play, Doctor?" Tony says to Banner.
"This way, Sir," Banner replies.
Lily yawns again as she gets off the chair.
"How many hours did you sleep, Lils?" Nat asks him.
“Uh– I don't know, four? No matter…”
"You'll fall asleep," She warns her.
She shakes her head.
"I just need a chocolate and that's it.”
"Are you coming, Flower?" Tony yells from the hallway.
"Okay, kid. I need you to check the gamma levels in this area and take the information to the database, the program will do it all.”
"Got it.”
While Lily concentrates on her desk in front of a computer, the other two adults take over the functions of the tesseract, taking into account Selvig's files.
Banner sees little girl from her place and smiles.
“I've never met someone so young interested in all this.”
Tony walks over.
"Yes, she’s weird, but she likes to learn and she’s good.”
"Hey! Stop saying I'm weird, one day they’ll believe you!” The girl complains, making them laugh.
"I don't know you very much,” says Bruce looking at Tony. "But I know enough to confirm that she’s your daughter,” He jokes. "If you get bored, you can tell me and I’ll make an excuse to get you out of this.”
She smiles at him, looking away from the screen.
"I'm not bored, Dr. Banner. This is much better than being locked in the Stark tower.”
Bruce goes back to Tony and he rolls his eyes.
“Don’t exaggerate. Ever since I found her she’s been under the protection of… everyone who knows her. Two years ago, they discovered her identity. I only protect my daughter. And what does she do? Complain!” He huffs.
"That's what they told Rapunzel, and she was trapped for 18 years in a tower,” She answers returning to her work.
"No more Disney movies.”
The three of them spend several hours working in the laboratory, each in different areas, but with the same goal. Everything is quiet, until Tony and Bruce move away to the other side of the laboratory.
E – e, e, e, e.
Lily looks up at the hiss.
E – terna…
She looks around her until she reaches her father and Bruce. They’re both talking about other topics. She frowns and waits for the sound to return. Tony finds her daughter is distracted, something unusual for her.
"What?" He asks.
"What?" She repeats confused.
"Something happened? You finished?" Now Bruce is watching her too.
She turns to the computer and shakes her head.
"Y-you didn't talk to me?" She stutters.
The two shake their heads. Lily nods and goes back to her work.
Perhaps it’s because she’s been in front of the computer for a long time and because of the lack of sleep. She excuses herself.
But once again, she hears the hiss louder. This time, she turns to the other side, where the scepter that Loki used as a weapon is on a pedestal, being analyzed by them. As soon as her eyes collide with the small blue sphere, it emits a small flash, followed by the hiss.
Eternal flame.
Without thinking, Lily climbs out of her chair and walks slowly towards the scepter.
She comes to the front.
She raises her hand.
"What the hell are you doing?"
Her father's voice makes her jump away.
"Nothing!" She squeals.
"Are you okay?" Question Banner. "You look pale.”
Lily's chest rises and falls agitated. She feels a trickle of sweat running down the nape of her neck and a certain tingling is present in her hands.
"I – uh…” She stutters turning her head from the scepter to the adults.
Tony looks down, noticing the fidgeting in the girl's hands.
“Hey," He calls her. He leans down and puts a hand on her shoulder. "What's going on?”
“I – I don't know. I, uh– "
Tony frowns and thinks about what happened, not finding a real reason why Lily got so upset.
"Do you want to go explore the place a bit?" He tries to distract her.
"Y-you said I couldn't do it.”
" I was kidding,” He lies. “Just don't stray too far. Maybe you need a break.”
The girl nods. Maybe he is right.
“Wait," says Tony walking to where he was with Bruce before. He opens a drawer, takes two silver bags and returns. "I found blueberries,” He says handing one to the girl.
She smiles sideways.
She walks to the door, but stops in the hall and looks over her shoulder at the blue sphere.
The hiss screams, scaring her. She runs through the corridors to get as far away from the scepter as possible.
Between the corridors, the little girl is debating whether she should explore or return. She’s afraid of being too close to the scepter, but her father is in the same place and she doesn’t want to feel alone. She had already gone through the room where Loki is being locked up. Nat was talking to him, so she has no choice. She doesn't think she’ll find something different at the helicarrier.
Right in front of the lab are some stairs, on which Lily decides to sit while she eats the blueberries.
She watches Tony and Bruce talk and walk back and forth, but the scene is interrupted by Steve Rogers. She still can't hear what they’re saying, but Steve seems confused and angry. After a few minutes, the blond comes out.
"Are you okay?" asks the girl from the stairs. Steve looks up and frowns. “Hi," she smiles shyly.
“Hi," He answers smiling. "Shouldn't you be with them?" He points to the lab.
"I'm on my break,” She answers, eating her sweets. "Blueberry?"
Steve shakes his head. They both fall into an awkward silence.
"Uh, is this a bad time to say that it's really cool to be able to meet you?”
Steve smiles and walks over.
"I guess you read my file.”
"Yes!" Damn it, be more chill. She clears her throat. “Uh, yeah. I think everything you did in the war was very brave.”
“Thanks," Steve replies with a grin.
"Don't tell my dad, but…” She continues, moving toward the edge of the stairs. “You're my favorite.”
They both laugh.
"Your secret is safe with me," says Steve. "Speaking of your father, is he always so…”
"Egocentric? Intense? Smug?"
Steve is surprised at her words, but she doesn't seem to give it that much importance.
“Yes," says the blond with a frown.
“Yes, he’s always like that. What did he tell you? You look upset.”
Steve considers her words well. After all, he’s still talking to a 10-year-old girl.
"What do you think about Fury?"
"I like him. He’s helped me with my… problems,” She says nervously. “But dad is not quite sure that he likes being here where is full of secret agents.”
"Yes, that's what he said."
"It's rare that an adult needs the help of a girl, even if that girl is as smart as I am,” She says, smiling sideways.
The blond nods.
"Excuse me,” He announces and then walks in another direction.
“Wait!" says Lily getting up. She leans against the railing and leans out to see him. "Where are you going?"
"To look for answers.”
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Commanding Loki (just kind of happens)
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re not really sure how it happens but you begin commanding Loki, the God of Mischief, around. To everyone’s shock, he happily obliges to your commands. 
The first time you do it in front of the Avengers they all kind of stop in shock.
"Loki, get me a soda before you sit down." You told rather than asked the God.
You were too busy looking at a tablet Tony had lent you to see him stop in his tracks. He glared at the Avengers looking at him, ready to attack him as if he was thinking about attacking you for giving him an order. They weren't wrong but only because you did it in front of everyone. Probably.
He got you a soda and sits next to you, rolling his eyes at your nonchalant thanks. 
The next time it happened was kind of a life or death situation.
"Loki, leave the room right now and calm yourself," You checked Thor's pulse through the gushing blood which made him slippery as an eel, "You either calm yourself and I’ll let you back in or you can sit out there like a petulant child. Go."
Natasha looked at you as if you were crazy, her hands pressing a t-shirt to Thor’s wound tightly. Loki heeded her no mind though and did as you told him.
He was welcomed back within 15 minutes.
Next, you do it more to push boundaries because Natasha had a conversation with you after Thor's fiasco. She's finds it quite funny that he obeys you like it's second nature but if anyone else dared do it he wouldn't hesitate to threaten their life. Trust me, Tony had wanted to test his boundaries and tried to do it too. Needless to say, Tony wouldn't be doing it again any time soon, he was still pissy some very expensive pieces of furniture got destroyed.
So one day while you and Loki are hanging out with Natasha, like you all consistently do because you three enjoy silence but companionship at the same time. You look across at Nat and grin, making sure Loki doesn't see it and commence your plan.
"Loki," Loki looks up from his book on midguardian foods newly introduced from 1996 to 2010, a questioning frown on his face, "Pass me the remote."
It's simple enough, nothing too strenuous. Yet.
"You have two perfectly functioning arms." Loki mutters but grabs the remote and gives it to you. You give him a genuine smile and you can see he has gone soft in the eyes before he looks at his book again. 
You glance at Nat with raised brows, she looks away with a smirk as you turn on the TV. Flicking through channels you finally settle on reruns of Stranger Things. Natasha gets interested and you kind of watch but mostly you're thinking about commanding Loki to do something else but what? Loki keeps looking at his book but you see him glancing up often to watch the show too.
"Hey, Cowboy," Loki growls at the name, it had come up when Thor told you he used to call him a cow for his horns, "Don’t sit like that you'll get scoliosis....if a God can get that." Loki who had slouched forwards blinked at you and sat up straight in shock from the bad posture. When you see him glower at the TV you smile, he's probably cursing midguardians for ruining his good posture.
"Thanks." You whisper.
Loki hums carelessly and puts his book down to instead watch the show. Natasha coughs into her hand (a hidden laugh, you knew Nat too well), Loki eyes her suspiciously, looks at you, then focuses back on the TV. You force yourself, with great resolve might you add, to not laugh. You let things settle again before you try the ultimate command.
"Ugh." You start, rolling your right shoulder around and poking at it as if it hurts. You're literally about to tell Loki to massage it for you but you’re struck by paralyzing shock. Loki had noticed your 'discomfort' and moved closer to you. Lifting his hands towards your shoulder he stopped and looked at you with a tilted brow, asking consent. 
Aww how sweet.
You nodded and shifted so he had better access to your back. One hand landed between your shoulders on your back and the other pinching the area where your shoulder met your arm and began massaging.
Shocked you let him staring at the TV but not knowing what is going on on the show. Loki and you had touched before so it's not so out in the left field that you're concerned but he was massaging you in front of Natasha. Your thoughts turned to mush as he pushes and pulls your body so he could access all of your back and starts massaging your entire back. You couldn't help the little whimpers and soft moans of delight. Not only was this man a God but he was literally gifted God like hands, unfair!
After letting out another whimper Loki stopped. You felt him shift back to his original spot and so you did too. Glancing at him you saw a hint of flushed cheeks as he stared at the TV distantly. Natasha was outright staring at him with both eyebrows raised to her hairline, it looked like.
Loki cleared his throat and left with an offhand excuse.
Once Loki left the area Natasha's eyes fell onto you. She smirked lecherously but said nothing about what had just happened. Turning her attention back to the show when you shrugged your shoulders, completely flustered. 
She asks, "So like, I don’t doubt Will is going to be found but does Barbara make it?"
You smile and settle into the couch, "You'll find out in a few episodes."
Natasha groans and you laugh. You know she hates not knowing but if she's truly desperate she can look it up on Google or ask Jarvis.
The next time you command him it's another crisis. 
In short, Thor and Loki are arguing, both clearly in a ferocious rage in the kitchen. All the team is there to experience it this time too.
"No, Thor, I cannot simply understand why you would defend those inept idiots you call friends. If you think they're in the right you’re more brainless than I thought!" Loki yells at Thor who now looks like a kicked puppy and your motherly instincts kick in.
"Hey!" Loki looks at you shocked, this is the highest he's ever heard your voice, and probably the angriest too because you just don’t get mad. You have the patience of a Buddha God, Tony likes to say. 
"You apologize to him right now, then you will listen to what your brother has say, and if you interrupt him I will show you just how minuscule a God can be to a non believer."
The entire kitchen is silent. Tony looks like he wants to flee the area, he's been on your angry side once before. Steve is practically engraving the table with his eyes. Natasha shrugs and continues eating her meal, the utensils clipping the plate the only noise in the room.
Loki looks at Thor and raises a brow. Thor, still looking at you, swallows and begins to talk, focusing on his brother again. 
"Im trying to learn but I don’t know how to stay neutral between your feelings and my friend's-"
Loki opens his mouth but slams it shut when you snap your fingers.
"-i do not want to offend anyone but every choice i make I offend you and I’m sorry brother, I truly am. What can I do to amend things between us?"
Loki glances at you to see if he may talk now. At your nod he says, "Start by supporting your brother sometimes. I don't ask that you stand behind every argument between your friends and I but you never fail to support them, it seems. You can't please everybody Thor, and you can't stay neutral forever, at some point you have to realize that you have to pick a side and who's side."
Thor has lost to kicked puppy look but he now frowns and nods, staring at the floor with guilt. Loki's hand comes up, hesitates, then he places it on Thor's arm for a second and swiftly leaves.
When no one moves for a few seconds you clear your throat and they all go back to whatever they were doing before the argument escalated out of proportion, you included.
You realize you may have tiptoed the line of being fair with that last command so you let it rest for awhile, give Loki some space. He of course notices your avoidance because Tony had asked you what was up between you both, stating that the God had asked him if anything was bothering you. Usually Loki came to you with his concerns, not being the type of person to talk behind someone’s back. 
You sigh and tell Tony you’re fine, that you’ll talk to him. So you head out from Tony’s lab and search for Loki. He isn’t in the living room, kitchen, or even his own bedroom. You remember him once stating that he likes read on the roof sometimes, Tony had build Loki a garden up on the roof at one point since Loki clearly missed the garden from home, Asgard. A small gesture but a true turning point for both Tony and Loki’s relationship you think. 
Walking out on the roof you don’t see Loki in the garden so you murmur a few expletives and make your way back to the door when a voice calls out your name. You follow the sound and find Loki hidden on a corner of the roof, sitting on the edge of the building. 
Walking up behind him you ask, “Can we talk?”
“You’ve never asked before, don’t see why you’d start now.” Loki says, no contempt in his voice though, it’s just very...neutral. 
You force out a small laugh, hearing your own tenseness in it, “Ya, about that..”
You sit next to Loki letting your legs dangle over the ledge like Loki does now. His legs kick every once in awhile giving him an almost childlike appearance. 
“First off, I’m sorry.”
“For what?” Loki looks at you.
“I was out of line the other day with you and Thor. Not just then I’ve been, well, commanding you to do things for me and that’’s not...right?” You finish lamely, your face a big grimace but you look Loki in the eyes when you apologize.
“That’s why you’ve been avoiding me?” Loki says with mirth lingering in his words. 
“Well, ya, is there some other reason I should have?” You squint at him suspiciously.
Loki looks at you with an innocent look on his face, which you know is pure bullshit, but you let it slide. Shaking your head with a smile you then look out across the open skyline below you. 
“Apology accepted.” Loki says after some time has past. Your shoulders, which had tensed involuntarily, now relax. 
You don’t react, well more like force yourself not to, when you feel Loki’s hand come to rest atop yours which had been supporting you on the ledge. Loki lets his hand rest there before he gets more confident and intertwines both of your fingers. You smile, finally looking at Loki who is already staring at you brazenly. 
“Kiss me.” 
“Did I fucking stutter?”
Loki smirks then leans in, his left hand coming to cradle your head at your jaw and kisses you. At first softly, as if testing the waters, then begins to put more passion behind it as you lean into him. His tongue gently swipes across your bottom lip and you open your mouth to let him explore. 
If you thought this man had God like hands....
When you’re both breathless you part but keep your faces close together. Your eyes roam over his face, noting how young he looks right now, how vulnerable, and bite your lip. Loki’s eyes drop to your lips and uses a thumb to pull your lip from your teeth lest you bruise them more. “Don’t bite them, it is my job to bruise them.” Loki says breathlessly. 
Much later, when it’s dark out, you both come back into the tower and make your way to the living room. The first person you see is Natasha who, legit, smiles at the look of you two. Tony who notices Nat smiling looks where she’s looking and whistles at the two of you who decide to share a love seat. 
“Shut up.” You command the two of them. 
You were sure the both of you made a pretty funny picture. Your hair was most likely tousled, too much so to just be from the wind, and Loki’s lips were nearly purple with bruising so no doubt yours were any less. Not to mention the both of you were too incredibly happy, which ya you being happy is normal but it was almost an alarming amount of giddiness and Loki doesn’t normally show his emotions so openly like this. 
Tony smirks, raises a brow and points the remote at the TV. “Stranger Things?” 
You, very much flustered, clear your throat and say yes. 
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silver-lotus · a day ago
Turmoil Pt.3 (Wanda Maximoff x reader)
Tumblr media
Months had passed in the compound and you were doing surprisingly well. You'd started therapy, only to find out that your own trauma and emotions were actually pretty manageable. It was always feeling everyone else's and not knowing how you truly felt that was overwhelming you and making it harder to ignore your intrusive thoughts.
After finding out the real cause of your problems you began training yourself to tune out others emotions, so you only had to feel them if you wanted to. You also taught yourself how to recognize the difference when you felt multiple people's emotions at once. Like how Tony's frustration felt much different than Steve's. Or Natasha's anxiety was softer than most the other's, even when it was resulting in a full blown panic attack.
It was as if you could now detect the personal energy that was attached to each emotion anyone felt.
And it made life easier.
Obviously you still struggled with your own emotions, but they were yours and that made all the difference in how you handled them. You felt like you could finally acknowledge them, knowing they weren't somebody else's confused for your own. It helped you feel more comfortable expressing yourself.
Especially now, as anger coursed through your veins.
You glared icily at Wanda as she stared back at you with wide confused eyes. You had just gotten back from a mission, where Wanda had thrown herself into a group of HYDRA agents in an attempt to distract them from you as you were busy retrieving the data you needed.
It was reckless, and she'd gotten hurt. There were hundreds of better ways to handle the situation, ways that didn't result in Wanda getting the absolute shit beaten out of her.
Now that the initial panic had worn off and Wanda was okay and sitting at the counter in front of you, only a few bruises, some stitches and a split cheekbone as evidence of her impulsivity. You were pissed.
In fact you'd not said a word to her since you had gotten back to the Compound.
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong or just keep glaring at me and being passive aggressive?" Wanda asked softly, her tone was timid with some barely noticeable undertones of annoyance.
"You're an idiot" You deadpanned "An incredibly recklessly impulsive idiot"
"Excuse me?" Wanda's brow furrowed as she studied you, eyes wide at your harsh tone. You never spoke to anyone at the compound like that, especially not Wanda. The only time anyone had heard you sound half as angry and cold was when you'd broken down and yelled at Steve- but even then you were more confused and sad than angry.
"What the fuck were you even thinking?" You're words came out white-hot as your voice raised slightly, making Wanda flinch as you flailed your arms almost wildly. "You can't just jump into groups of enemies like it's some sort of mosh pit!"
"Y/n, I-" Wanda looked confused and almost hurt at your outburst. "They were headed straight for you, I wasn't thinking- I was just trying to-"
"I don't care what you were trying to do!" Your voice raised further, remembering the pure fear you felt when you saw her body disappear in the crowd of agents after she went down. "You're lucky none of them had guns- you could have gotten killed!"
"But I didn't!" Wanda defended herself, her accent getting thicker as she almost cowered away from you.
"Thank god you didn't!" Your tone took on a sharper bite as you snapped at the trembling Sokovian, "You just got beat up and knocked unconscious instead.- How could you be so- so fucking dumb?"
Wanda looked like she was at a loss for words. She could understand why you were upset. She knew it was only because you cared. She just didn't understand why you were being so mean about it.
"I-" Wanda sounded defeated "I'm sorry for trying to protect you"
You let out a humorless laugh as you looked at her in disbelief.
"Yeah well- I don't need your protection I need you to stick to your job" You snipped offhandedly "and do what you're actually good at"
A heavy silence filled the room, leaving you to your thoughts until you heard Wanda sniff
When you looked up to meet her teary eyes, you knew you'd fucked up.
"Wand-" You were cut off when Wanda dropped her hands to the counter, palms down and stood abruptly.
The hurt look in her eyes made your chest physically ache, you didn't need to use your powers to know what she was feeling.
Wanda took a shaky breath as her tears fell down her cheeks, before she quickly turned and rushed out of the room without another word.
"Fuck!" You closed your eyes and slid to the kitchen floor, your back to the counter, letting out a deep sigh.
"I know you only freaked out because you care about her" Natasha's voice echoed through the silence of the empty kitchen as you heard her footsteps approach. "But that was really fucked up"
You glanced up as Nat grabbed a water bottle from the fridge before coming to sit next to you on the floor.
"You think I don't know that?" You sighed dejectedly and rubbed a hand over your eyes. "She was so quick to just throw herself into them"
Nat watched you silently as you shook your head, a fond smile flashing across your face.
"She was so brave.. She didn't even have to think about it.. But they overpowered her so fast." You sighed softly "When- When she dropped out of sight I- Nat I was so scared I forgot how to fucking breathe"
"You guys are both total idiots, aren't you?" Nat chuckled softly, causing you to raise an eyebrow at her in question. "So are you oblivious to the fact that you're in love with each other, or are you just ignoring it?"
"Um- what?" You looked at the redhead with wide eyes. You knew you and Wanda liked each other, it was always just a known fact between you two. You just never acknowledged it, not wanting to ruin anything.
"Oh come on, you can't expect me to believe that whatever's going on between you two isn't something more than just a silly crush situation" Natasha laughed at your shocked expression. "You guys are obviously more than friends. You're freaking out over her getting hurt, she's willing to jump directly into the face of danger to protect you. Plus you should have seen the way she reacted when Carol asked if you were single."
You sat in silence, just processing the information Natasha had just dropped on you.
It was true. You knew it was true. You loved Wanda and you'd probably just fucked it all up.
"Come on y/n" Natasha gave you a sympathetic smile "Go tell her"
"Tell her?" You tilted your head slighty
"That you love her," Nat smirked "It might help to also tell her your sorry"
"Oh" You nodded in a daze and stood up with Natasha
"Good luck" Natasha smiled and walked off into toward the training room again.
After a while you shook yourself from your daze and made your way to Wanda's room. Stopping short outside the door.
You'd never really knocked before, Wanda gave you access to her room so it was never really locked for you. Friday knew to just let you enter whenever. So it wasn't really a surprise when the door opened on its own for you. You just... Didn't know what to do.
You stood motionless in the doorway, an apologetic look already on your face as your eyes brimmed with tears.
Wanda was sitting on her bed in your sweater that you'd left there that morning. She sniffled softly, with her arms wrapped tightly around a pillow.
"H-hey" Your voice was barely a whisper but it was just enough to catch her attention. Your heart fluttered as she gave you a small smile and patted the spot next to her on the bed.
"Hey" she whispered back, her voice raspy and hoarse. Probably from crying.
You gingerly approached her, nerves twisting your insides.
"I'm sorry" you stopped a few steps away
"I know" Wanda nodded and bit her lip watching you with sad eyes
"I just- I-" You searched desperately for the right words "You scared me so bad- I didn't know how to handle it."
"I know" Wanda repeated with a sigh.
"I was so worried I couldn't process it. So I got angry" You explained further as you shuffled awkwardly on your feet. "I was mean and it was uncalled for and I hope you can forgive me- if not I understand but it would really suck cause- cause I love you."
"Y/n you're my best friend. Of course I forgive you" Wanda chuckled softly, amusement crossing her features before going back to being sad "I'm just a little hurt"
"I understand that" You hugged yourself at the pang of guilt that took over your chest. "How can I fix it?"
"I just don't get it" Wanda started and you furrowed your brows in confusion. "We all risk our life being stupid and impulsive all the time. You've been worried before but you've never yelled at anyone for it. Ever. Why was this so different?"
"Because" You shrugged "I love you"
"And you don't love the others?" Wanda raised an eyebrow
"I- well yeah" You started "but you're different"
"How?" Wanda sighed in frustration "How am I different?"
You huffed softly. You obviously weren't getting through to her.
You slowly and hesitantly took the last few steps forward, closing the space between the two of you. You stood in front of her, between her legs that were now dangling over the edge of her bed.
You stared down into her emerald eyes as she looked at you confusedly. You gently cupped her cheeks and ran your thumbs along her cheekbones taking note of the way her breathing hitched and her eyes immediately fell to your lips before gazing around the rest of your face and settling on looking you in the eyes again.
You'd been in this position thousands of times. The both of you staring at each other, breaths away from crossing that unspoken line between you. Neither of you daring to make a move. Scared to break the spell between you or ruin the friendship.
But this time was different. This time you were going to make it clear to Wanda that she was definitely more than just a friend to you.
"You want to know what makes you different?" You asked softly, causing Wanda to bite her lip, nodding ever-so-slightly. "This."
You leaned in slowly, giving Wanda plenty of time to pull away and hesitantly brushing your lips against hers, hearing her take in a sharp breathy gasp at your movements. You stayed there, breathing each other's air for what felt like hours before you finally pressed your lips firmly to hers, reveling in how soft they felt.
Wanda let out a whimper and kissed back almost immediately, fervently motioning her lips on yours. Her hands fell to your hips, gripping them softly as you pulled yourself impossibly closer to her with a content hum of approval.
You pulled away slowly, smiling at the way Wanda lingered in the same spot, her eyes still closed as she bit her lip. Her eyes fluttered open, a dazed look in them as she smiled that brilliant smile of her's.
"Oh" Wanda giggled and you couldn't help but join her.
"Oh" you repeated back teasingly, watching the way her eyes sparkled as she looked up at you.
"I've been waiting for this for so long it's not even funny" Wanda smiled, biting her lip. Which immediately drew your attention to the action.
"Me too" You shifted closer again before pausing briefly. "Never scare me like that again"
You said finally and Wanda rolled her eyes with a soft smile.
"Shut up and kiss me" Wanda tugged you forward, toward herself, making you stumble at the sudden movement.
"Gladly" You giggled and sat on her lap, your legs on either side of hers as you connected your lips in the second many kisses to come.
The end
Tadaaa! I hope y'all liked reading this as much as I enjoyed working on it :P Have a good night/day y'all🧡
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natashasleftelbow · 2 days ago
natasha romanoff
know you better- you are pretty closed off to the rest of the team so nat decides to get to know you a bit better. later on nat confesses something to you after you get injured on a mission.
fabric thief- you are hesitant to steal one of you girlfriend’s hoodies while you are away but when you do an she catches you it’s a cute moment.
unexpected confession- you have a little too much to drink and nat takes care of you. you then confess your crush to a certain someone without realizing.
my only exception- you and nat are separated when in the Red Room. you both are reunited. after holding onto a couple things to give her for a couple years you both realize love is well and alive.
wanda maximoff
coming soon
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natashasleftelbow · 2 days ago
know you better
Tumblr media
(I don’t own this gif or characters in this story)
summary: you are pretty closed off to the rest of the team so nat decides to get to know you a bit better. later on nat confesses something to you after you get injured on a mission.
pairings: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
warnings: violence, injury, minor angst, fluff
word count: 1.6k ish
a/n: thank you for all the support on my last posts i appreciate it so much. i know these fics are nothing too crazy but i’m glad people are enjoying them! also happy mother’s day, show your moms or mother figures some love today!! love you all 💕💕
this story is formatted kinda oddly. the first part is nat getting to know you and the second half is r getting injured and a confession.
Ever since you joined the avengers you felt like you didn’t fit in. The team was super welcoming and happy to guide you through any troubles you had. The issue was you, or at least that’s what you thought.
From a young age you were pretty closed off, shy, and had interests and hobbies that didn’t align with your peers, this put you in the ‘weird’ box. However, if someone actually got to know you, you were kind, loyal, had a pretty good sense of humor, and even liked to have fun and do adventurous things.
When you met the team since it was compiled of the worlds strongest and most attractive beings in the galaxy, so you were sure it was going to be like high school all over again. If only you knew how wrong you’d be.
As you distance yourself from the others they just became more and more intrigued with your presence. All they wanted to do was find out more and more about your life, interests, and why you distanced yourself in the first place. However, one fiery redhead in particular was very set on finding more information about you.
You never noticed anything out of the ordinary because for so long you were alone and incredibly independent. With this being said you continued on with your day and your normal days consisted of rolling out of bed and heading down to the kitchen making a quick smoothie and heading down to the gym/training room to stay fit and healthy.
The gym was empty, per usual at this time of day, so you started your routine. As you were finishing up you saw Natasha Romanoff or as some people call her ‘Black Widow’, approach you.
“Hey y/n, I know you seem to be pretty independent when training, but I was wondering if you’d like to spar with me?” she spoke friendly. This only made your head spin with confusion. Why is she talking to me? Doesn’t she have more important activities to be doing? Ugh, it’s just another way to prove you are unworthy to be on the team to THE Black Widow.
The only experience you could compare this interaction to was when the popular kids at school were paired up with you in class clearly wanting nothing to do with you, so they end up treating you like a leashed dog they encounter when walking past a happy couple living in a suburban neighborhood.
“A-are you sure? Don’t you have more important things to do?” you pause, “Oh my- I’m so sorry, I’m not trying to say all you ever do is stuff that is important or being in your own gym isn’t valid enough a reason, matter of fact-“
“Breathe hon, I’m positive I’d like to spar with you or else I wouldn’t have asked.” she sends a soft smile your way.
“Oh okay. If you’d like to, then sure!” you curse at yourself for being so awkward.
You walk over to your locker which holds your hand wraps inside. You wrap your hands carefully while making your way to the ring that Natasha is currently waiting for you in.
Both you and her are positioned diagonal from each other.
“Ready?” she asks
“Uh I think so?” you reply
You already know that you want to start off defending so you can feel out her fighting style and patterns. Hand to hand combat happens to be a strength of yours, but not when you are in this head space with Natasha around.
Not even a second later Natasha lunges at you sending a jab to your stomach and head. You stumble back astonished and barely able to process anything before she comes at you again sending an uppercut to your chin but you back up and circle her before kicking her left leg out and quickly clinging onto her fallen form straddling her stomach speechless. She manages to slide out from underneath you smoothly and effortlessly places her knees on the sides of your hips and pins your hands above you. At this point your brain is short circuiting and your mouth is gaping with a bright pink blush on your cheeks. She soaks this moment in for a hot second and you hear her mumble,
“God your adorable” as she gets off of you. You quickly cover your face with your hands trying to shield your face from her sight but she just finds it even more amusing. She nudges your side with her foot and stretches a hand towards you on the ground. You hesitantly accept it still trying to recover from the events that just occurred. She strides away and you follow to wherever she is headed. All you wanted to do in this moment was take a cold shower and shout from the rooftops.
“Y/n, I gotta ask, why don’t you talk to any of us? Did we do something?” Guilt floods through your mind. How could you be so stupid to let the team you are apart of feel like they are the issue?
“No, no, not at all. It’s just I don’t know why you’d have any kind of interest in me when there are literal gods apart of this team. I’m sorry for making you guys feel like you are the reason I’m quiet, when that is just my issue.” you manage to say.
“No it isn’t an issue at all. We were just worried about you.”
“W-worried about me?” her face softens at your reaction to her showing she and the team care about your well-being.
“Of course y/n! Matter of fact we all want to get to know more about you.” her voice switches to a whisper, “Especially me. So how about we go and grab some lunch?” she suggests.
“I’d love to.”
Four months later...
You had opened up to the team more and started going out with Natasha. Currently you were infiltrating an ‘abandoned’ HYDRA base in order to collect intel from this group. You, Nat, Wanda, Tony, and Cap were assigned to this mission. When you arrived there, yourself, Nat, and Cap were the ground team while Tony circles the perimeter and Wanda stays back on watch on the Quinjet.
The three of you enter the premise of the base. It’s quiet like most ‘abandoned’ bases are supposed to be but there seems to be something a little off about this base. You use an entrance around the backside while Nat and Cap enter through the front. Nat is supposed to recover/collect the intel since she is known to be one of the most tech savvy people on the team besides Tony. You make it to what seems to be the center of the base where the large super computer is located, no one is in sight. This makes you feel uneasy because Nat and Cap were supposed to meet you here a couple minutes ago. Since you don’t want to waste anymore time waiting you try and speak over coms saying you will extract the data yourself.
You stick the chip that was given to you into the computer and open the command line interface and start the extraction. You hear a door open behind you. You know it’s probably one or two of the teammates you’ve been expecting but you are met with the presence of a grungy looking man in a HYDRA uniform ready to attack. As he is about to radio to his fellow group members alerting them, you whip out your gun and shortly kill him. You realize this base isn’t completely inactive and is possibly a trap. You quickly rush over to the computer to see the extraction is complete, grab the chip, and rush out the exit where you came from. When you are making a break for the exit, you hear a couple footsteps behind you which you know can’t possibly be any of your team members because of the number you hear. You sprint out the exit and make a break for the Quinjet, but not before gazing over to the entrance making sure Cap and Nat returned to the jet safely. When you see no sign of them you continue running hastily. Only to stop when you feel a burning, piercing pain from your back through your chest. You send shots back and limp over to the Quinjet where you see the team rushing over to you. You collapse. Your teammates had assumed that you’d return to the jet as soon as you realized coms were down. So they didn’t try to provide backup for you.
“Y/n/n! Keep your eyes open for me babe!” says a voice you recognize as Nat’s. “Come on! I can’t lose you y/n, I love you too much!” she yells only for your vision to fade out seconds later.
You wake up in a white room and bed you identify as the compound’s infirmary. You look to your left and see your beautiful girlfriend asleep in an uncomfortable position in the hospital chair. As you move a bit she jumps up out of the light sleep she was in.
“Oh my god y/n! Don’t you ever do anything like that to me again! I thought I lost you! I can’t even think about having to live without y-” you cut her ramble off.
“Breathe.” you say
“Did you mean it?” you rasp
“What? That I don’t want my girlfriend to almost bleed out on me ever again?” she asks confused
“No. Do you actually love me?” you ask hopefully
“Of course I do! That was definitely not my favorite way to admit it to you though.” she jokes but you know she’s still pretty shaken up.
“Good. Because I love you too Nat. When you are with me I feel like I finally have a purpose to fulfill. Something I’ve never felt before. I’m also sorry for doing that. I couldn’t even imagine if the roles were reversed between you and-“ she is the one who cuts you off this time with a long, passionate yet soft kiss.
This woman is going to be your cause of death.
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microfae · 2 days ago
I'm kinda of new to this .. but I will be writing fanfics from different anime's, movies, supernatural shows and ect.
I'm currently working on something right now but will publish it after I finish this school year off. Feel free to send requests.
Ayo I'm underaged please don't send NSFW REQUESTS 😁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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maddeningmentalmess · 3 days ago
wishing i stayed
chapter 10
tears ricochet masterlist
word count: 302
warnings: grief, loss, mentions a knife, pain
chapter 9: weepin’ in a sunlit room Barton had offered to help her bury your corpse, but Natasha had brushed him off. He barely knew you, and you hadn't been anything but a distant memory to him. He only knew you as a name, a melancholy expression on Nat’s face. She had known you a lifetime, albeit a short one. She was never a religious person, but as Natasha transferred your remains to the transport van at the back of the church, she cherished the idea of reincarnation. To fall in love with you again, to grow old with you, and to feel your hair against her cheek while watching the sun rise.
She didn’t deserve to live her next life with you, after brutally ending it in this one. If she had done more, or if she said the right thing maybe you would’ve stayed. All this pain, Romanoff knew was self inflicted.
For the first time, an overwhelming sense of clarity washed over you. Everything that happened to you, all of the memories you lost, and the lies they told you were finally laid out in front of you. The fog over your memories was lifted, and you understood.
Her silence was deafening. With every step towards the river, you could see Natalia’s muscles strain from the effort of carrying your body. You could see the weight of what had happened on her shoulders, crushing her. No matter how loud you screamed, she never saw you. Your voice broke as you pleaded, begging her to not carry any feeling of responsibility for the unfortunate circumstances. You wanted to tell her that it wasn't her fault, and that she didn’t drive you away. The pain of a knife in the ribs was infinitesimal to the agony you felt knowing your inability to comfort her, to tell her your story, and to apologize.
chapter 11
@trikruismybitch @stickystudentlightmug @natasha-danvers @redroom-romanoff @nsfwsebbie
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midgardianweasley · 3 days ago
Keep you safe
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Avenger!reader
Summary: When the civil war breaks out among the team, what happens when you find yourself and your girlfriend on opposite sides of the fight?
Warnings: Extremely minor cursing, angst, injury, ends in fluff
Word Count: 1.8k words
Message/ask if you’d like to be added to the taglist <3
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
“Vision, you can’t keep her prisoner here” I announced to what seemed like a brick wall. The S.H.I.E.L.D. meeting was only this morning and already it felt like the team was beginning to drift. Tony and Steve were fighting, not being able to agree on where they stand regarding the Sokovia Accords and whether we should sign our rights away. Wanda, not being a US citizen and having been a big part of the incident in Sokovia, has been put under Vision’s watch for protection. But from what i’ve seen, I think Wanda can protect herself just fine.
“It’s not imprisonment, Y/N, this is for her safety.”
“Safety? She’s fully capable of walking to the shops on her own.”
“I think some members of the team would disagree, Nata-”
“Don’t, Vision. Please.” I sighed, rubbing my forehead, the stress going straight to my temples upon remembering the events from this morning with my girlfriend.
Nat and I had just walked out of the meeting room, thoughts flooding both of our heads. We were exhausted, the emergency meeting not giving us enough time to wake up with a coffee before having to be fully functional. My head was resting on her shoulder, her head on top of mine as we stood in an abandoned corridor, revelling in the peace and quiet. It was a few minutes before one of us decided to speak up.
“You okay, голубка?” She whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to the top of my head before returning to her previous position.
“Mhmm, I think so. My head is officially fried though and it’s not even 9am yet.”
“We’ll get some coffee in us soon.”
“I think we’ve earned it” I mumbled, earning a slight chuckle from the both of us, returning back to the silence for only a couple of minutes before a thought crossed my mind.
“I feel bad for Wanda. She must feel terrible.”
“I know. Hopefully this whole Accords business can be of help.”
“Well, that would be nice, but we’re obviously not signing that.” An airy laugh left my lips, amused at the idea of signing away any freedom we could have for ourselves. I felt Nat’s body go rigid beside me, suddenly feeling tense. I pulled away slightly and looked up to see a frown taking over her features.
“You’re not going to sign?” She spoke, suddenly sounding more awake, albeit still having a gentle tone, but I could feel the disbelief behind her words.
“I wasn’t planning on it, no. Are you?”
“I feel like it would be a good idea. Maybe we need a little more guidance to go about our missions.”
“This isn't guidance, Nat. This is essentially locking us away just without the bars.”
“It’s protection.”
“It’s losing our freedom!” I bluntly responded, almost shocked that we weren’t on the same page about this. We both stood across from each other now, arms crossed and staring into each other's eyes, all tiredness beforehand gone and replaced with fire.
“I need some air” She groaned, walking away towards the exit, signalling the end of that conversation.
“I’ll see you at home, okay?” Not giving me a chance to respond, having walked out the door before I could utter a word. I guess coffee is the least of my problems now.
Lost in my daydream, I hadn’t even noticed that Clint had walked in and was currently fighting Vision. Wait, Clint?
“Clint? I thought you retired?”
“Ah nice to have you back.” He choked, currently caught in a headlock with Vision. I stood next to Wanda, the two of us sharing a look of confusion. “We need to go, Cap needs us.”
“You can’t overpower me, Clint.” Vision spoke, still holding his grip.
“I know i can’t, but she can”
I looked beside me once again and saw Wanda beginning to use her powers, and before I knew it, Vision had fallen to the ground..and further until we could no longer see him.
“We need to go” The archer rushed, taking Wanda by the hand and leading her outside. I was yet to be clued in on what exactly was going on, but I knew one thing, this couldn’t be good.
It was absolute chaos everywhere. Steve, much like Tony, had recruited a small team of his own, some familiar faces, some new, the ant guy was pretty cool. However, there hadn’t been much time to admire the different skill sets and powers that had been brought to the table before both sides had run towards each other. Especially considering seeing the recognisable assassin on the other side had brought on a wave of sickness, fighting her was the last thing I wanted to do.
While Bucky had taken to fighting who I assumed to be Blank Panther and Sam was in the air, I’d stuck to helping Steve, not wanting to get involved in the fight Clint was having with Natasha. This teenager had started shooting webs at Captain, and while I know he was on the opposite side, I had to admit, he was pretty good at fighting.
“He also said to go for your legs” He chuckled, again shooting webs at the supersoldier and holding him back from retrieving his shield.
“Hey Spidey” I called, gaining his attention.
“Might wanna drop the Captain, yeah?”
“I can’t. I gotta impress Mr Stark”
“Look, this isn’t your fight, you don’t know what’s going on” I tried to reason, falling onto deaf ears, or just stubborn, as he then shot his webs at me and tried to pull. His eyes shrunk in confusion as he couldn’t flip me, my power of immobility coming in handy.
“Why-” He groaned, still trying to flip me. I lifted my hands, grabbed the webs and flung him into one of the loading crates that were scattered around, my super strength making the impact a lot harsher, but not enough to cause major injury.
“Thanks Y/N” Steve spoke, a quick nod of approval was shared before I caught a glance of another fight going on. Wanda’s holding a crate, trying to take someone flying above it out, completely oblivious to Vision starting to come towards her. Looking down slightly, I saw who was directly underneath.
“Shit” I mumbled, running as fast as I could towards them, avoiding gunfire and punches along the way.
“Sorry! Jeez” I directed towards the man now running in a different direction.
Vision was much closer to them than I was, no matter how quickly my feet took me. It was no use trying to warn Wanda, I wouldn’t get there in time. I had to go with plan B.
“Nat! Move!”
She quickly turned and caught sight of me, giving me a confused glare that didn’t last long before I pushed her away from where she was standing, out of harm's way.
“What the hell Y/-” She hadn’t managed to finish her sentence before her eyes widened in horror at the large crate suddenly falling from Wanda’s hold and onto me. My arms lifted quickly to hold it, slightly wobbling due to not being in the centre of it.
“Is there anything behind me?”
“Is there anything behind me?!” I spoke more urgently, not knowing how much longer I could hold it.
“No, no you’re clear.” Natasha responded, I thanked her silently with a nod.
‘Okay. you’ve got this. One. Two-’ I thought to myself.
With the remaining strength I could have gathered, I bent down slightly and pushed, sending the metal hurling upwards while I ran forward. Overestimating how high i’d thrown it, the bitter reality hit me, quite literally as it fell onto my leg, sending me face first towards the ground.
“Wanda!” Was all I could hear before I felt my head placed in someone’s lap and the world went black.
My head pounding like a hammer had been a lovely wake up call, followed by a throbbing pain in my leg which I'd looked down to see was lying along a row of pillows. My eyes darted around the room and I recognised the photo on the bedside table beside me. It was a photo of Natasha and I standing in the rain laughing at a joke we can’t remember anymore, but it must’ve been funny according to the huge smiles on our faces. The love in our eyes was enough to make galaxies jealous.
A knock on the door had interrupted my train of thought, opening before I had a chance to respond, Natasha walked in, a guilty look taking over her face.
“Hey. You okay?” I questioned, earning a smile and a scoff to come out of The Black Widow’s mouth.
“Am I okay? Really?”
“You ask me if i’m okay when you’re lying there with a broken leg and just woken up from being knocked out, because you decided to throw yourself into danger.”
“You had a tonnes worth of metal about to fall on you. Forgive me if i didn’t want a squished girlfriend.” I defended myself, not entirely certain on how this is turning into being my fault.
“You could have died”
“But I didn’t”
“But you could’ve, Y/N!”
“I can’t lose you” Her voice broke. Only then had I managed to really take a look at her. Her eyes had clouded over, her hair was all over the place, her nose running slightly. A pang of guilt hit me, not knowing that my action had affected her so much.
“Can you come here? Please?” She hesitated, but soon made her way round to the other side of the bed and sat herself down, making herself comfortable in my arms that I held open for her, hands immediately going to run through her hair. Small sniffles could be heard in the otherwise silent room, each one having a kiss pressed against her head in response.
After a couple of minutes, the silence was broken again.
“I’m sorry, moya lyubov, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to keep you safe.”
She turned her head up slightly to look at me, a small smile playing on her lips
“I know. i just panicked. I want you to be safe too.”
“I’m okay. I’m here. I promise.” I kissed her head again. “How does a bath and a movie sound?” A small sigh left her lips at the suggestion.
“You’ll join?”
“I’ll join”
A small but passionate kiss was exchanged, followed by a few quick pecks before the redhead walked off towards our bathroom, the sound of running water filling the air not long after.
No matter the mission, the fight, the argument or the disagreements, we’ll always protect one another. We don’t need the Sokovia Accords for that.
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natashasleftelbow · 3 days ago
fabric thief
Tumblr media
(i don’t own this gif or the characters in this fic)
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: you are hesitant to steal one of you girlfriend’s hoodies while you are away but when you do an she catches you it’s a cute moment.
warning: none really just fluff and 1 swear.
word count: 907
a/n: hey guys! thank you for the likes on my first post even though my tags are broken i appreciate it and i hope you all have a great day! love ya 💕💕 (can someone please tell me how to implement the read more link thingy i’m stupid)
sorry for any mistakes, not reviewed by anyone besides me.
Nat has been gone for two weeks and you miss everything about her so much. You and her have been going out for around two and a half months making your relationship relatively new. However this doesn’t stop you from missing her little smirk, gorgeous fiery hair, emerald eyes, and even the way way she smells. So you finally create a plan.
Okay, I go in, and I get out, you think to yourself. Wanda peaks around the corner of the hallway and walks towards you,
“Y/n/n, what are you scheming?”
“I- um n-nothing,” you stutter out
“Alrighty then... By the way, you know Nat wouldn’t mind at all if you borrowed a hoodie, right?” she teases
“Wh-how?” you fail to realize how much you show you miss your girlfriend around the compound.
“Well first off, I can kind of read minds. Second, since Natasha hasn’t been around, you look like a lost puppy who lost their favorite toy, and lastly, you are literally standing in front of her door right now.” she explains
“Okay, okay, I guess you got me there. You just know how much I worry about her and miss her, Wands.”
“I know. Well, I’ll just leave you be here. Remember what I told you!” she speaks while walking away.
You know what she’s right. You think as you open her door (you are the only person other than herself who she gave authorization to unlock her door) The first thing you see is her room is mostly clean but her laundry basket is filled to the brim almost overflowing with clothes. So before you choose what clean hoodie you want to steal, you gather the rest of her dirty clothes that aren’t inside the basket as well as take the basket to the teams large laundry room, and throw them in knowing she was in a rush to leave for her mission so she didn’t get the chance to do it herself. Knowing Nat and her organized self she wouldn’t be too ecstatic doing her chores as soon as she returned from her long mission. You move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.
You decide to head to the training room and push yourself in training and weightlifting so you would get good sleep tonight to speed up the time so Nat returns quicker. Once you are done you take a quick, much needed shower and return to the laundry room to pick up Nat’s clothes and return them to her room. You fold all over her clothes nicely and tuck them in her drawers and hang some in her closet. You finally choose the sweatshirt you want to borrow. This particular red hoodie happens to be one of her favorites, it also happens to smell like her which you are more than happy about.
It is only about seven-thirty pm and you and the team have yet to have dinner so you decide to take a quick nap on the couch in the living room while waiting on the Chinese food Tony ordered to be delivered.
Natasha finally arrives back to the compound with only a few new cuts and bruises on her. The team greets her but she can’t help but wonder where you are after noticing you aren’t their to greet her after being gone for so long. Those thoughts are quickly pushed down and away when she sees your sleeping figure on the couch in a relatively uncomfortable position. Nat walks over to you and takes a picture of you peacefully asleep so she can remember the moment forever and carries you up bridal style to her room. You don’t wake up until the morning and when you do, you feel a strong pair of arms on around waist. You quickly flip around only to see your beautiful girlfriend with that smirk you love on her face and eyes filled with amusement.
“NAT!” you squeal, “When did you come back and why didn’t you wake me?” you faux a pout.
“Sorry, as excited as I was to see you again, you just looked too peaceful and cute to wake up.” she exclaims.
“Well, in that case, I have some lost time to make up for.” You say as you place light kisses all over her face.
“By the way babe, you should wear my clothes more often. Although, I do wish it didn’t take me leaving for a couple weeks for you to finally steal some of my clothes.” she winks as you blush and hide your face in her shoulder. “Also, don’t think for a second that I didn’t notice my empty laundry basket and lack of dirty clothes детка (baby). I appreciate it.” she whispers seductively into your ear.
“Awe, you know you don’t need to thank me, I’m more than content with you just being here.” you speak hushed under her emerald gaze, “And also, even though you scared the absolute shit out of me when I woke up to a pair of arms encased around my waist, you should sleep with me more often.” you giggle.
“I think that we can arrange that.”
You snuggle deeper into her embrace and mumble,
“I missed you.”
“I missed you more, love, now let’s go back to sleep.” she says.
You smile against her neck and realize she is your home and there is no one else in the world who you would rather call yours.
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Tumblr media
Yes, Mistress: Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader
A series of related fics following the relationship of the reader and her new Domme, Mistress Natasha, as they explore her sexuality and submissiveness.
Series warnings: sub/Dom dynamics, sexual themes, kink negotiations, explicit f/f content
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Tumblr media
The Meeting -  The reader goes to a quiet café to meet Mistress Natasha in person for the first time and they talk through what she can expect from this new relationship.
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