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#marvel fanfiction
anonymousfiction211 · 57 minutes ago
His shirt
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki comes back to his chambers when he sees you wearing one of his shirts.
Word count: 2.009 words
Warnings: Smut, cock warming
A/N: Thanks for reading my stories. I really love all the likes, comments and requests <3
Loki was glad to be back in the palace. The diplomatic mission he had to go on – or rather, was forced to go on –was long, tedious and had left him in a grave mood. There were strict protocols in place, which he had studied for weeks on end. Only if his brother had done the same, the mission would be over a lot faster. He was tempted to let Thor struggle on his own, after insulting their host by giving him a hand instead of bowing. His father would be disappointed by someone else for a change. However, if he did the blame would be quick to shift to him. He would be the one facing their father’s anger and disappointment, for not helping Thor out. He would probably be punished too, while Thor would just get a slap on the wrist. So, to avoid all that he had used his charm and silvertongue – as people started to call it – to grovel deeply enough, to still be welcomed by their host and carry on. His brother hadn’t even thanked him for it. But he probably hadn’t realized what he had caused, which wasn’t really surprising.
And from that point one negotiation after an another started. In between there were lunches, horse rides, feasts, and other forms of entertainment. Which his brother, of course, couldn’t resist. Loki couldn’t be bothered with it. Every girl – not as many as his brother tough – who even tried to approach him, he had sent running with just a glare. He did find it amusing when they ran from him. Thor had begged him to stay another night, for some flusey. Loki had denied him that, his patience had run out. He had gone too many nights without feeling your warm body draped against his. And he was dying to catch you up on the brilliance of his negotiation tactics, he could already see you roll your eyes at his cockiness. And he would – of course – have to catch you up on all the gossip. He didn’t care much for it, but seeing your face light up from the scandalous or juicy details was definitely worth it.
He wanted to go straight to your room and cuddle tightly with you, but first they had to inform their father about everything. When they entered the throne room it was Thor who informed their father. After he was done he would have expected his father to ask him how it went. But he never did, he just told them they could go rest. He should have known, it wasn’t often that they would include him in a conversation. Loki kept quiet most of the time when the three of them were together. When his father told them they had done well, he really wanted to tell him that they hadn’t done well. He had done well. But that probably lead to anger, long discussions and resentment from his brother for not having his back. Like Thor had ever his back. The only thing Loki was thinking of was you. When the doors of the throne room closed behind them, Thor tried to invite him for a drink with him and his friends. Loki just walked away and started to race to his room. It had been a week, a ridiculously long week without you. He was going to grab his book and then head straight to you. Hoping he wouldn’t wake you, but secretly hoping that you did anyway.
When he walked into his room he froze. He hadn’t expected you to be there. The frustration immediately fled from his body when he saw you sleeping on his bed. You were already smaller than him and seeing you on his bed – which was already too big for him – was just adorable. You laid peacefully on your side, only wearing a shirt and underwear. Naughty girl he thought to himself. That’s when he recognized the shirt, it was his shirt. It was way too big for you, but seeing you in his shirt, his colour.. he felt his cock starting to erect. A feeling of possessiveness overcame him, seeing you like this. You wearing his clothes was definitely something he could get used to. He slowly walked towards the chair in front of his desk. It was a while since he physically undressed himself, normally he used his seidr. But he was afraid that the light emitting from the spell would wake you, and you looked so peaceful right now. He folded his clothes and put them on the chair. He walked towards the bed. He pulled the blankets aside and carefully scooped you in his arms. It felt so good to hold you he almost couldn’t restrain himself. He wanted to take you right now, but he would have to wait until the morning. He laid you back down in the bed and pulled the blanket over you. He laid down next to you and pulled you close against him.
Your back was against his chest and he had taken your legs between his. His arm slid around your waist and he laid his head on top of yours. He tried to ignore his throbbing cock and closed his eyes, hoping to fall asleep fast. You started to stir a little in your sleep, causing your ass to grind against his already fully erect cock. He couldn’t help but starting to lightly stroke your stomach. He really was holding himself back, but you sure were making this difficult. He would do anything right now to feel your cunt milking his cock, while you are loudly moaning his name. While Loki was lost in his fantasy, you turned around and looked up at him. ‘Loki?’ you asked him sleepily. ‘I didn’t mean to wake you, darling’ he said and kissed the top of your head. His heart fluttered a little when he felt your arms around him, holding him tight against you. ‘I’ve missed you’ you told him. ‘I’ve missed you too’ he said. Since you were awake Loki started to stroke your side and thighs, making you squirm a bit. ‘I like what you are wearing’ he purred in your ear. He felt your head nuzzle into his chest, obviously a bit embarrassed. He laughed a little when he saw you get flustered. ‘I’m sorry, I just missed you smell nice’ you mumbled against him. He put his hand on your cheek to make you face him. ‘Don’t be sorry, I think it’s quite adorable’ he whispered while pulling you in for a kiss.
He deepened the kiss and started to kiss you faster. He felt your thigh press against his hardened cock, and he bucked his hips. He needed his release soon and to feeling of your warm skin against his cock was driving him insane. He felt some precum started to leak from his tip. One of your hands stroked his cock and he couldn’t hold back a moan. He flipped you on your back and started to squeeze your breasts underneath his shirt. You started to pull the shirt off you, to give him better access. ‘No, leave it on’ he whispered to you. The way you felt underneath him, his colours on you, you were his and he was going to claim you over and over again tonight. He started to kiss down your neck, leaving hickeys. ‘Stop, I can’t cover that up’ you giggled. ‘That’s exactly the point’ he cooed. He started to push his erect cock against your core for some relief, getting frustrated that you were still wearing underwear. He sat down on his knees between your legs and ripped the sides of your underwear. When he heard you gasped he couldn’t help but smirk. Whenever you gasped or were startled it reminded him how delicate you were. And how he could easily overpower you and have you how he liked. Something that turned you on as well, he had noticed very early while courting you.  
Normally he would play with you for hours, but he would have time for that later. He nudged the tip of his cock against your entrance. Coating it in your wetness. He cocked an eyebrow at you when he felt how wet you already were. ‘Always so ready for me’ he said, loving the blush that started to form on your cheeks. When he entered you, he made sure to go as slow as possible, dragging out your moaning sounds. He started to slowly thrust inside of you, hitting the spot within you that he knew made your toes curl. ‘Remind me to take you with me next time’ he chuckled. ‘Hmm.. I sure will. I can’t stand sleeping without you’ you moaned. ‘Yeah, you like that? Coming with me, keeping me company’ he went on. ‘I will let you sit on my cock for hours, while I’m preparing for meetings’ he purred. ‘You would come so many times and be so full of me that you never want to get off’. He felt your walls starting to clench around him, he knew just what to say to get you there. You came moaning his name out loud and it sounded like Valhalla itself.
He flipped the two of you around. You started to ride him slowly, still in the high from your orgasm. Loki was getting close and began to grunt a little. He put his thumb on your clit to make you ride him faster. Your boobs were bouncing underneath his shirt, which to him was almost as sexy as if you were completely naked. When you had the speed, he wanted he grabbed your hair and pulled you in for a kiss. He was close, so close. You didn’t stop riding him and he bucked his hips to go as deep as he could. The way he felt your walls pulling his cock in, it was sending him over the edge. He let out a loud moan and felt his sperm shoot out of him, coating your walls. He held your upper body still against his chest, close against him. If it were up to him, you two never moved from this position. You started to squirm when his cum was starting to leak out of you. ‘Loki’ you said to him, to let him know you wanted to get off. He sighed but let you go. You slide off his cock, which left him cold. With a twist of his hand the both of you were clean. You laid beside him and he pulled your back against him again. ‘How was it?’ you asked him. ‘To say boring and frustrated is an understatement, but I don’t want to spoil the mood. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow’ he answered. He was so happy to have you against him now, he didn’t want to think about the past week.
His felt his cock started to erect again and he pushed it against the back your thighs. ‘Already?’ you giggled. ‘I have to make up for the entire week’ he replied. He grabbed one of your legs and moved it up, so he had access to your core. ‘Let’s start training for next mission, shall we?’ he purred. He grabbed his cock and slowly entered inside of you. Your breath hitched, but you pressed your ass more against him to take him deeper. ‘Now darling, all you got to do is lay very still or else you force me to fuck you over and over again’ he said playfully. ‘Oh no, we wouldn’t want that’ you replied sarcastically while pressing your ass against him. He saw you smile when he let out a whimper. Little minx he thought. He slowly started to thrust inside of you. ‘You should move into my chambers’ he said to you. ‘You really want that?’ you asked him. He turned you to lay on your stomach, grabbed your hips to put your ass up and started to thrust faster. You shrieked a little, which made him laugh. ‘Yes, I’m never letting you go’ he whispered.  
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marvelsguantletkeeper · 2 hours ago
ANYWAYS! Pay the people you request fics from, you lazy mfs. These people work jobs, go to school, and still make time for you to indulge in your imagination and fantasies without you having to do the hard part. So ask for Ko-Fi's, Paypals, Cashapps, and other shit and PAY👏🏿YOUR👏🏿WRITERS👏🏿
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A better world for us
I feel like a lot of people forget that the twins are teens so could you do a pietro x reader where during the events of AoU reader discovers she’s pregnant (teen pregnancy) and Pietro is the dad. Like I can imagine him being all worried about reader and Clint catching him talking to her belly while they’re waiting for help in the sky. Let’s say he lives in this version instead of dying. Please?--Anonymous
Request: Anonymous
Author's Note: I'm so sorry this took as long as it did! I genuinely have no excuse, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless worked super hard on it! Might be a tad different than what was requested! Thank you! Be warned there are mentions of abuse in the beginning!
(Y/N) never expected to be dragged into the world of Superheroes who fight for the peace of the Earth. That all changed when she was forcefully taken out of her home by an elite organization known as Hydra. They had experimented on her until she had the power to shapeshift into any animal whether they were extinct or not.
Through Hydra, she met a set of twins from a very young age. They grew close to each other, but it seemed that even (Y/N) couldn’t help herself from falling for the cocky runner. Wanda always made fun of her for even thinking that her brother was good looking let alone good enough to be an actual partner in a relationship.
It wasn’t until one night, Hydra had taken a beating to the poor teenager after she refused to perform in front of top-level clientele. They had broken her nose and busted up some of her ribs as punishment for her insubordination. She had been sobbing, trying to fix herself up enough that it wouldn’t worry Wanda or Pietro, but the door to her room opened.
“(Y/N), are you here?” The thick, deep accent spoke softly as she jolted from her place on the floor.
The jerk made her pull too hard on the stitching to pop out at a few places. She cursed softly as she squinted, trying to use the light of the moon in order to accomplish her goal. She looked up in time to see him staring down at her in shock.
“It’s not as bad as you think.” She assured quietly before suddenly her trembling hands slowly enveloped in his.
“Let me take care of it.” He whispered as she blinked back the tears of anger, hurt, and frustration. She nods gently before handing him the needle that she had been using as he looks around for the first aid. “No pain medicine?” He asked as she shook her head.
Pietro cursed softly before looking at her, running a hand over her sweat-soaked skin which made her offer a tight smile in return. His eyes were burning with anger, but the moment he looked down to her wounds that shifted to hurt. He slowly got to work as she grunted and dug her teeth into her lower lips scraping against the cut there in order to stop the sounds from escaping.
“I’m almost done.” He assured quietly, causing her to nod quickly. “I’m sorry.” He spoke finally after he cleaned up the dried blood from her body with a wet cloth.
“For… For what?” She slurred quietly.
“For not being there… For… For not helping sooner.” He whispered, looking conflicted as she swallowed softly.
It took everything in her not to reach forward and wipe the crease in his brow when she finally realized something. She wasn’t just crushing on him anymore… She was full-blown in love with the man before her as she opened her mouth. Yet, no words would escape her throat as it tightened from fear, or maybe it was because of how much pain she was in.
Pietro looked up to her, noticing the look in her eyes as his own irises dilated before he set down the bloody cloth. His hands slowly took her face into the palms, watching as she shivered from the warmth that flooded into her skin at the touch.
Everything felt tense for a moment, neither spoke in fear of breaking the bubble that had covered the two. It was Pietro who made the first move as he gently leaned forward, giving her time to back away if she wanted to. However, she didn’t move, she didn’t move because she didn’t want to and soon she felt his lips slowly brush over hers as she parted her mouth in shock.
Suddenly, they were kissing. It wasn’t the best kiss, mostly because neither one had any experience to help them guide the kiss. Nonetheless, the kiss in their minds was more than perfect enough.
The cut in her lip stung, but she couldn’t pull herself away from him before breathing became a necessity for them. They slowly pressed their foreheads together as warm breaths fanned across the other’s face while they just stared at each other.
“Pietro.” (Y/N) whispered pulling him into another kiss and soon clothing hit the floor as their night was lost in passion.
A few months had passed and not a lot had happened, it is true that the two began to date, but they were teenagers after all. They fumbled around in the shadows with heavy pettings that normally got them scolded by Wanda who was going to kill both of them if she saw her brother’s ass one more time.
Then the Ultron happened.
Wanda blindly trusted Ultron as did Pietro, but (Y/N) on the other hand, felt like something had been wrong. She didn’t understand what it was about him that made it difficult to like him, until Wanda unlocked his mind and saw what his true motive was.
Now, they were playing on the side that they believed to be the enemy. Pietro didn’t like it. He was a little angry to be honest, (Y/N) noticed it and pulled him to the side.
“Hey, talk to me.” She whispered softly, glancing to the Avengers who were making a plan to stop Ultron with Vision on their side.
“I don’t like this. I hate that Wanda just trusts this Vision so easily. First Strucker, then Ultron, are they next? Will we ever get to live a normal life?” He demanded as her eyes softened.
“We will, but we need to help stop Ultron first. He’s a bigger threat to this world then the Avengers are. Right now, they are our only ticket to having any sort of freedom. Listen, how about when this is all over, we go somewhere. Just you, me, and Wanda. Like we always planned to do. No more fighting, no more of this destruction.” She promised, cupping his face.
Pietro’s eyes fluttered as he leaned his head into her touch. His hand slowly slid up and took it into his own before placing a kiss onto her palm. He knew that what she was saying was the truth, but that didn’t mean he had to like it. His eyes fluttered open as their piercing gaze locked onto hers.
“Alright, let us get this over with. Then we are moving into the mountains or a state that is quiet.” He mumbles as a smile blooms across her mouth.
“That is my beloved.” She leans up and presses her lips against his own.
He immediately jerked her body flushed against his own before deepening the kiss. They slowly pull away, foreheads resting together. Pietro swallowed with a nod before pulling away as he looked towards the others who were still discussing plans to stop Ultron.
“We can do this, my love.” (Y/N) whispered to him as he nodded.
“Promise me, if things get bad… if they seem dire--I want you to get out of there. Do not worry about me. Just get out of there. You are more important to me.” He whispered, taking her hand as she shook her head.
“I’m sorry, I cannot promise you that. If things become dire, then we die together.” She spoke sternly as Pietro’s face twisted in slight anger before he huffs.
“Why can’t you just listen to me just this once?” He asked.
“Because, if I started doing that then we would both be screwed.” She smirks softly. “You and Wanda are my family, my only family. I cannot be without you.” She explains. “See it from my perspective. Would you do as I asked if I were to say the same thing?” She tilted her head.
“Alright, touché.” He mumbles.
“Okay, everyone, let’s rest. Tomorrow we are stopping Ultron.” Tony explains, clapping his hands together to get everyone’s attention.
Wanda stuck to Vision’s side like glue, so Pietro pulled (Y/N) off with him towards one of the spare bedrooms that Tony offered out to them. He laid her out onto the bed as (Y/N) smiled up to him, in the lighting of the moon, she looked absolutely gorgeous. He fell asleep to the soft sounds of her breathing against his neck.
A loud explosion knocked Pietro out of his daydreaming stupor.
He glanced up to see (Y/N) holding a huge piece of debris from him and Hawkeye. Her body had hardened like steel as she forced the piece of cement out of the way. She panted harshly, looking more exhausted for wear considering how long they have been battling.
Pietro started towards her, just in time as one of Ultron’s clones blasted the area she had just been. He noticed how her skin slowly drained itself of any color, causing him to curse softly before rushing her over to safety.
“(Y/N), what’s going on? Are you hurt?” He asked, looking over her body for some kind of bleeding wound. “Is it because of your powers? You haven’t used them in a while.” He explains.
“No, I--” She jerked forward before vomiting up whatever they had eaten last night, causing Pietro to move more out of shock than anything.
“Did you get hit in the stomach?” He asked worriedly before looking up to see Wanda rushing over to them.
“What’s going on?” She frowns, glancing at (Y/N) who was gagging heavily.
“She’s hurt, but I don’t know what happened.” Pietro explains when Wanda leans down and places her hands onto (Y/N)’s forehead. She looked inside to see what happened before she felt another energy pulling at her powers, causing her to gasp. “What! What’s wrong?” Pietro asked as Wanda’s wide eyes locked onto (Y/N)’s stomach.
“You--She is… She is carrying a child. I can feel it.” She whispered softly as Pietro and (Y/N) both looked up to Wanda in disbelief.
“Wha--What?” (Y/N) stuttered out, feeling like she was going to vomit now for a different reason.
“You are pregnant. When I looked into your head, I felt something pulling at me. I could feel the heat bloom from your stomach. It is a baby.” She explains, placing a hand onto her stomach as (Y/N) looked to Pietro.
“What--What do we do?” (Y/N) asked.
“Well you are definitely not fighting anymore. Wanda, stay with her. I have to end this now.” Pietro stood up before (Y/N) surged her hand out and took his own.
“Pietro, wait! Don’t go! I can’t--You can’t die!” She exclaims, looking distraught.
“I have to go, and I will not die… It sounds like I have three people I need to protect.” He offers his signature smirk before he was gone.
“Pietro!!” (Y/N) screams before Wanda pulls her back from the havoc that was outside the crumbling door. She buried her face into Wanda’s jacket before sobbing as she placed a hand onto her stomach. This was too much to handle at once.
It was finally over, (Y/N) had been taken by Hawkeye so Wanda could help fight the others. She held her breath since she hadn’t heard from either of them as they were boarding onto the Quinjet.
“Where is Pietro and Wanda?” (Y/N) demanded, storming over to Vision who looked to her.
“They are behind you.” Vision assures, gesturing behind her as she turned just in time to see Pietro and Wanda stepping onto the jet.
Tears flooded down (Y/N)’s face as she rushed over, hugging Wanda before turning her attention towards her lover. She held him tightly as he smiled, holding her back before he moved them so the others could get on board as well.
“Pietro Maximoff, if you do something so stupid again, I swear to every god that exists, you won’t be able to outrun my wrath.” She growled softly.
“Noted.” He chuckles before kissing her passionately before sitting down onto the floor. He pulled her into his lap, rubbing up and down her back. “You know, we should talk about this,” He places his hand onto her stomach. “I think this is rather important, but later. Right now, I am just thankful that we are all alive.” He whispered.
“I’m scared.” She whispered softly as he looked up to her with a confused face for a moment. “What if I’m not a good mom. I mean… Pietro, we’re practically kids.” She whispered with a wobbling lower lip.
“That may be true, my darling. However, I think we will do just fine. And we have Wanda to help us out. Whatever happens. I’m with you all the way.” He smiles before it falters for a moment. “Do you--Do you want to keep the baby?” He asked, scared she would say no, but knowing that this was her body, her choice.
“Of course I do, I’m just… really scared.” She whispered before laughing in tears. “We’re going to have a baby.” She gasps.
“We are.” He whispered before she laid down and fell asleep from exhaustion. Pietro watched her for a moment before running his fingers through her hair as his eyes slowly fell onto her stomach. “Hello my little gem. This is your daddy speaking, and I just wanted to let you know that I love you so much already. Even if you are this tiny little thing that doesn’t have a heartbeat yet.” He whispered. “I hope I can be a good dad for you.” He whispered softly.
“You will be.” A rough voice assured as Pietro’s eyes snapped up to see Hawkeye grinning down at him. “Because you’ve got us to help out when you need it.” He assures before Pietro looks down to (Y/N) once again before he smiles.
“It seems our family just got a little bigger.” He chuckles to (Y/N)’s stomach before pulling (Y/N) into his arms and his eyes fluttered shut. He was just glad that they were no longer being held captive by anyone, they were free to live their lives for the first time in what seemed like forever.
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captainapple · 3 hours ago
Steve Rogers X Reader
Warning: fluff
Word count: 1.3k+
Part of a challenge from @wiypt-writes: “Captain America: The First Avenger 10th Anniversary Challenge”
19. “Well, if it isn’t the Star-Spangled Man With A Plan. And what is your plan today?”
40. “What is this?” “Steak” “What’s in it?” “Cow.”
A/N: This is my first-time doing challenge. Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
He finally came home after a long mission. It was supposed to be three days, but it turned out to be a month. You missed him dearly. As soon as the jet landed, you ran outside and excitedly waited for Steve to get out. Tony came out first, spreading his arms to hug you. But you ran past him and embraced Steve in your arms. His cheeks flushed red, not getting used to PDA.
“Well, look at these lovebirds! Where’s my hug darling?”, Tony teased you.
“I wish I had someone to hug me right now”, Sam added.
“Shut up, Wilson!”, you rolled your eyes.
The rest of the day was spent nicely with Steve. You helped him taking care of several bruises and cuts. Sometimes he would hiss, making you scared for a moment. Then, he giggled after seeing your worried face. He thought it was cute. After that, you two were cuddling under a large knitted blanket while watching a movie. His blue eyes focused on the TV, meanwhile you could not stop staring at him. The blond streaks on his hair seemed to invite your hand to run over it.
“Doll? Are you watching?”, his eyes still glued to the TV.
He turned his head and his eyes met yours. Still, you could not stop staring at his eyes. You have been dating him for months. However, his looks still gave you butterflies. He wrapped his arm around your neck and dragged your head closer to him. His lips landed on your forehead. It was thousand times better than kiss on your lips. It was his language of love. You returned the kiss by a peck on his cheek. He would still blush every single time. That was your language of love to him.
Steve ended up watching the movie alone as you drifted to sleep earlier. When the movie finished, he lifted you and put you to your room. He would watch your peaceful face for a moment before returned to his room.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you awakened by a knock on the door. Steve was probably back after finishing his run with Sam. He peeked through the door after hearing your yawn and asked whether he could come in. Steve is always a gentleman. Never in his life entering your bedroom without your permission. Some people said he is too old school and boring. To you, he is the sweetest man you could ever asked for.
“Coffee?”, he offered you with your favorite mug.
“Thank you, Stevie. You are the best boyfriend, you know that!”.
“Oh yeah?”, he grinned. “I’m just offering you coffee, doll.”
“Well, this is the best coffee I ever taste.”
“You said that every day”, he chuckled. “Oh! I also bought you these”.
He handed you a bouquet of flowers. You were overwhelmed. The tears were slowly rolling down your cheeks. He gave you a worried look, thinking what he did wrong. You wiped your tears and smiled. How in a million universe you ended up date such a perfect guy – you thought. Not wanting to send him wrong message, you assured him that you were just too overwhelmed.
Steve decided that today is the day. He is planning to propose to you. Being involved in a lot of battle reminds him how he really wanted to settle down, live a normal life, having a small family in a suburban house, and spending the rest of his life with you. He knows that it must be you. After countless advice from Sam, Tony, and Nat, he immediately executes the plan today. The flowers, it was Sam idea. Then, Steve will treat you like his queen for the entire day, Nat is sure you are going to like it. Not that he did not treat you like such, he just never realized it. The last plan is taking you to a fancy restaurant and getting down on one knee, it is obviously Tony idea.
“Well, if it isn’t the Star-Spangled Man With A Plan. And what is your plan today?”, Nat asked while Steve was making breakfast.
“Don’t be too loud, Nat.”, Steve hissed. “I’m going to do exactly as we planned before.”
“Good luck, cap. Remember, don’t screw up or I kill ya!”
Steve is very nervous right now. He tries hard to cover it and it works. You do not get the hint of nervousness as soon as he entered the room with your favorite waffles.
“So, do you have any ideas of what we should do today?”. He patiently waits for you to get your first bite of the waffle. “I’m available today.”
“Oh!! I get a lot of ideas if you ask me”, you responded excitedly. “We can go to the museum if you want. I know you love art. Then, we can stroll down the park to grab corn dogs and ice cream. After that, we could have lunch at the place that Tony won’t stop bickering about, then-“
Steve phone is ringing. Apology is written all over his face. Both of you knows that it must be a mission, since all the Avengers also got the notification. He mouthed sorry before picking up the phone. You understand that the world needs him more than you do. No matter how disappointed you are, you smile and nod to him.
“I’m so sorry, doll. I promise I’ll take you to that lunch.”
“It’s okay Steve, I understand.”
Tumblr media
He really keeps his promise. He rides to the compound as soon as the long meeting with Furry ended. You excitedly jump to his motorcycle and he takes you to the steak house for lunch. You notice that he is fidgeting while waiting for the food to come out. Are you okay?– the question that you keep repeating and he would tell you to brush it off.
“What is this?”, you asked him what he ordered for you before.
“Steak.” His reply was short.
You noticed that he seems out of his mind right now. So, you decided to ask him another question.
“What is in it?”
You snort at his replied. He is confused for a moment until he realizes how funny that must sound.
“I know it’s cow, Steve.”, you giggled.
“I’m sorry. Really am.”
“What’s wrong Steve? You know you can tell me anything right?”
He hesitates to tell you. The mission starts after lunch and he does not know when it will finish. He is really upset because his plan is totally ruined. You could not read his mind right now, but it is obvious that he is upset. You hold his hand and try to look at him. He avoided your gaze at first.
He exhaled.
“I have plan for you since this morning. We should be spending time looking at the artwork, eating corn dogs in the park, and I should be taking you to a special place for dinner tonight. None of this is happening and it is because of me.”
You do not understand why he gets upset now. It all can be done another day, right? He never gets upset because he loves his work.
“Hey! Don’t be upset. We could do that next time right?”, you tried to calm him down. “Besides, I understand that your mission is very important.”
“But I supposed to propose to you tonight!”. He blurted it all out.
You are speechless. He was planning your perfect day just for the proposal. Once again, this man makes you feel overwhelmed. With a defeated look, he takes a small box from his pocket and shows you the ring.
“I don’t want to do this right now. But will you marry me?”. He smiled half-heartedly, knowing that this is not what he had in mind.
“You know the answer is always YES!”, you cried happily as he puts the ring on your finger.
Tumblr media
You run excitedly in the compound. Natasha notices the ring on your finger.
“Well, how was the proposal?”, she asked while giving Steve a death glare.
“Not very romantic”, you frowned.
“Steven Grant Rogers, you are dead!”, Nat screamed. “And congrats honey!”
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namesbuckybarnes · 4 hours ago
Masterlist Update
Sebastian x reader
Warning: shy, fangirl, flirt, blushing, small fluff.
Summary: You we’re freaking out that it’s Sebastian, you knowing for a long time that you’ll never meet him in person in life.
“Um I think you crushed my coffee.” He said calmly pointing at his cup. “Oh my God I am so sorry.” You finally responded but you were still freaked out. “Y/n, are you alright?” Your worker came out to see what’s going on. “Yeah, yeah go back in there.” You said quickly pushing him back inside in the kitchen not wanting to make attention to yourself or Sebastian.
You literally wanted to die, your heart was pounding, your hands were sweating like hell. Walking back where you were apologizing to him. “I am so sorry.” You said covering your face. “No, no, no, you’re fine really it’s just coffee.” He said smiling stating a relatable fact. “I can make you another one if you want.” You said making it up to him.
He smiled and looked at you, he’s still thinking if he wants the coffee or not but he didn’t want to be rude. Walking back to the kitchen and making another coffee, as the coffee was making, you went to the office to get clothes for him so he is not noticeable.
“Here’s your coffee and this hat.” You said handing it to him. “The hat?” He asked confused. “So the people don’t recognize you and blow your day.” You said shyly. “Ah…smart, thank you y/n.” He smiled at you as he grabbed his coffee. “You finally know my name, that’s new.” You smiled back but you kinda blushed a little. “Oh thanks for the napkins.” As he hands it to you with numbers…that’s right his phone number.
You looked at the phone number and looked back at him. As he walked backwards heading to the door his last few words were. “Call me.”
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katiebug-mcgeek · 4 hours ago
So, I've been having writers block trying to figure out which fandom I want to write a fluff fanfic for. I'll take requests for:
Clone Wars/Bad Batch
House MD
Star Trek
Criminal Minds
[I'm completely open to suggestions]
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smartest-avenger · 5 hours ago
Peter and Ned writing
Peter and Ned sat on the floor of Peter’s bedroom, still in their uniforms after a long day of work at the ice cream parlour. Between them sat two containers, coin banks they had made out of legos and decorated themselves before they started working. Ned’s was mainly blue, covered in Star Wars minifigures. Peter’s was primarily red, and covered with legos made to look like fireworks.
“How much did you get?” Peter asked as they both pulled out their tips from the day's work.
Ned went through and counted his money. “7.50.”
Peter counted his. “I got 7.25.” There was a little quiet before them before Peter said, “Well, it’s a start at least, right?”
“Definitely a start,” Ned agreed. “Shall we put them in?”
They both took their coin banks, and stuffed their money inside.
Peter sat back once he was done. “College,” he said, “Here we come.”
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kayxleeee · 5 hours ago
Tony Stark: Are We Fighting?(Tony x Reader)
Warning: Sexual implying if you squint.  Tony being cute and you being mad at him for a second.
A/N: Y’all this is my favorite, I love Tony fluff.
Summary: Tony’s in deep water after you notice the “head of security” watching your every move for an entire week straight. The only problem is, it’s date night, and can you really stay mad at someone with that face? 
Word Count: 2k+
*NOT MY GIF* Don’t copy my work !
Tumblr media
The aroma of tomato sauce and Italian herbs wafted the air around you immediately as you swung the large front door open, walking in. Tonight was date night, you were starving, but you had a serious bone to pick with the conniving genius. You kick your heels off and make your way through the foyer greeted by dimmed lights, a candle lit living room, soft romantic music playing, and an excessive amount of rose peddles leading up the grand staircase.
Nice touch Stark.
You look at it all in awe, but try to snap out of it, because you meant business tonight.
“Tony?!” You call out wondering where he was.
“In here.” He says peaking his head through the kitchen entry way, wiping his hands dry on a dish towel. “You look ravishing.” He says as he makes his way over to you, wrapping an arm around your waist giving you a quick hug and kiss on your forehead. “This isn’t too much is it?”
This was probably the best one yet. You were delighted at his efforts to make date nights memorable, especially since you hardly saw him. He had either been busy being an avenger or down in his lab working his life away. You were also very busy yourself running Stark Industries. Between the meetings and work related calls, it was a very rare occasion when you and Tony could just enjoy each others company. So this was when weekly date nights were born; Just a time to catch up and be together and have unadulterated quality time. You sigh taking it all in. Tony always does them well, especially when he is trying to make up for something. The dimmed lights, roses, music, candles, even his cologne— god, did his cologne smell good, intoxicating even. You could swoon right then and there the atmosphere was the definition of romantic and relaxing and here you are ready to uproar it all.
Damn, right.
“Told you date night would be extraordinary tonight.” He smirks taking your silence as a sign that you were pleased, while wiggling his eyebrows up and down. “Be back in a sec, get comfy.” He says giving you a wink before turning away.
He makes his way back into the kitchen to finish up whatever he had been doing previous and you follow him. He turns around and gives you a weird look, scrunching his face as he sees you following behind him. Those dazzling brown eyes weren’t going to get you this time, you were still mad— Maybe not as mad as you were before coming through that front door, but still upset enough to confront the issue right now.
“So something interesting happened to me today.” You say setting your purse on the kitchen counter as Tony strategically plates the pasta he made.
“Oh yeah?” He says maneuvering through the kitchen. “And what might that be kitten?” After he’s done, he turns to you popping an olive into his mouth, as he leans against the counter behind, ready listen attentively.
“Well I was ya know working my little ass off, minding my business… Ya know as I do every single day. When I noticed a very attentive Happy Hogan, watching my every move.” You say eyeing him suspiciously as he smiled innocently. “I thought to myself, now I’ve been seeing Happy in all sorts of wacky places this week, why would he do something like that?”
“I donno, why babe?” He says dusting his hands together for no particular reason looking everywhere else, but your face.
“Mmmh- maybe he’s just being his old paranoid, overbearing self this week. Watching my every move for no apparent reason.” You say testily, you already know Stark put him up to it. 
“Happy is very dedicated to his new position. Didn’t you hear? He’s head of security, babe. He’s gotta be eyes and ears.” He sighs, now moving from his leaning position to begin pouring two glasses of bubbly. “That’s our Happy for ya."
Of course you heard, and of course Tony was the one who appointed him, and of course Stark Industries did not need that.
“Oh jeez golly! Eyes and ears on little ol me?” You say in a fake sarcastic souther bell accent. 
He raises his eyebrows, and gives you a well justified laugh, because that accent was horrendous.
“Did you send happy to spy on me or what Tony?” You say getting to the point.
“No.” He says shaking his head from side to side frantically like a child who’s just got caught stealing from the cookie jar. “Nope, I don’t recall.”
“You don’t recall?” You scoff. “It’s a very simple thing to remember doing Tony. Did you say oh Happy please spy on my faithful, loyal, beautiful, loving, girlfriend?”
“Um— are we fighting?” We're not fighting are we?” He sighs genuinely unsure.
You didn’t want to fight or argue either, but he was getting on your nerves beating around the bush. You already knew he did it, you just needed to know why.
“Sure, we aren’t fighting Tony.” You say annoyance booming through, hoping he would just come out with it. He was definitely pushing your buttons. “Now did you send him?” 
“ I don’t recall.” He says again now putting on a fake ‘thinking’ face.
“You don’t recall asking him?! Okay, well I am sure if we give him a call that might jog your little memory.” You grab your phone out of your purse quickly dialing his number. “Mmmh I think you’ve been hit on the head entirely way too many times, ya know since you can’t recall events.”
Before you can press the dial button to call Happy, Tony swiftly reaches over the counter where you are standing and snatches the phone from your grip, ending the call before it’s made. 
“Okay, listen baby, I think we’re fighting, and I don’t want to fight tonight.” He says with pleading eyes putting his hands up in defense.
“Tony!” You yell at him going to where he is standing in the spacious kitchen. “You're not answering my question and you should have thought about that before asking Happy to spy on me!” Which I’m not understanding what for! Just say you don’t trust me and leave it at that, why play all these games?!”
His face flattened.
“Okay, kitten, listen it wasn’t like that. I do too trust you.”
So he did put Happy up to it— of course he did.
“You better explain or I’m Leaving Tony.”
He sighs heavily, shame settling on his features. 
“Happy brought up this guy? Aldrich Killian, said you dated him a while back?" “Oh my go- you don’t trust me!” You exhaust throwing your hands up and turning on the heels of your feet ready to retreat out of the kitchen.
“No!” Tony quickly follows behind you. Come on babe, let’s talk about this!” He says grabbing you by your shoulder gently spinning you around.
“Tony you’re doing a lot of the talking, and only digging yourself in a deeper hole.” You say crossing your arms. 
“Okay, let’s back track, I trust you, with everything I own, my life even. I’ve just been overwhelmed and overthinking recently. I can’t say what I did was right, but in the moment I didn’t feel it was exactly wrong either.”
“In the moment Tony really? What moment did you realize I needed to be spied on like some convict? What moment did you realize you didn’t trust me alone at work with some guy, I hardly ever dated by the way!”
“Okay, okay! I did not send him to spy on you, I sent him to keep an eye on you.”
“Same shit Sherlock and I don’t appreciate it ! You say you trust me but tis is definitely not how it’s coming off.” You huff in annoyance, trying to grab your phone from him again, in which he manages to keep it away from you snacking his free arm around you. “Give it back now, I’m leaving Tony!”
“Would you stop getting mad?!” He huffs. “Just- it’s not a trust thing baby. It’s a safety thing.”
“I wouldn’t be getting mad if you’d just tell me the truth and stop beating around the damn bush. I’m over it anyways, I’m going to be leaving now, so give me my phone and let me go.” He rolls his eyes and pulls you into him closer. “No you’re not leaving , stop being dramatic.” He says holding onto you tight, still holding the phone away from your grasp with his other hand. You scrunch up your face about to say something,  about his remark, but he quickly says. “And don’t be mad that I think you’re being dramatic about this.” He says to ensure he digs himself out of being in trouble over that stupid comment.
He continues, “You already know I trust you so don’t give me that. I did all of this because I love you.” He says holding you close and swaying the two of you slightly to the music that is still playing softly in the background.
“Not the because I love you speech.” You say rolling your eyes, hands resting on his chest trying to create distance between the two of you, but he just pulls you back into him. “You are so annoying.” You comment on the action, surrendering to his grasp.
“No it’s not like that, I just needed to make sure you were safe. No malicious thought behind it or intent, I swear. I just wanted to make name you are safe at all times.” He says softly with a sigh as he feels that you’ve calmed down.
“Why wouldn’t I be safe at work?” You say looking up at him. He now sets your phone down on the near by counter and places the hand to your face, caressing your cheek.
“Anyone can be in danger anywhere honey, I’ve learned that the hard way— and if I were to loose you? Well let’s just say for my sake and peace of mind, I might of let fear cloud my judgment and asked Happy to keep an eye on you. No spying, just an eye. You know how he gets.” He looks deeply into your eyes and you could tell he was telling the truth. “I’m sorry, okay?” He leans into you just enough to rub his nose against yours playfully. “Do you accept my apology?” He says in a child like voice, giving you puppy dogs eyes.
He was so cute.
“Okay fine, I’m hearing you.” You say caving in. “But you’ve gotta stop him from following my every move— if I’m going to the bathroom, I don’t need him right out the door.” You huff.
“Done, you got it, Happy is officially barred off of bathroom duties. Can we kiss and make up now?” He says this as his lips ghost over yours and you happily lean into the kiss, knowing full well it was long overdue after how hard he worked to impress you tonight. This kiss was sweet and sincere, while also deep and romantic. 
“I love you.” He says after breaking the kiss.
“You're a pain, but I love you too.” You both laugh before you give him another kiss. 
“Now are we still fighting?” He smirks after pulling away a second time. “Just wanna double check before I invest.”
“You're so annoying.” You laugh rolling your eyes playfully. “No we aren’t.”
“Good because our spaghetti is getting cold and our chardonnay is getting flat.” He says intertwining your fingers and spinning you around to walk into the living room. “And you look entirely too good to keep this on all night.” He says referring to your outfit. “I can’t believe you were going to call Happy.”
“Well how about next time, you don’t play with me.” You laugh ready to enjoy your dinner.
“Oh, but honey, playing with you is my favorite thing to do. I especially love it when you scream my name.” He smirks giving you a wink.
Comments, Questions, Opinions :)
See more of what I have written so far: Masterlist
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angie-likes-to-art · 5 hours ago
Girl’s Night Out
Pairing: Bartender!Bucky x Reader Summary: What was supposed to girls night to support Pietro’s band becomes sidetracked when Natasha failed to mention the new bartender Clint hired Word Count: 1194 Warnings: Some sexual language, mentions of alcohol A/N: I really meant this to just be a bucky fic but i got carried away with steve, maybe him and the reader have a past together i dont knowwww, i quickly proofread this, so im sorry if there are any mistakes, feel free to let me know
Tumblr media
        “Can you guys hurry up?” Wanda shouts from half a block in front of you and Natasha, “Pietro’s band is starting soon, I promised I’d be there for his first gig.” She stops and huffs like a child when Nat chuckles.
        “Clint said they don’t start until nine, it's not even 8:45 yet” Nat points out rolling her eyes sarcastically. 
        “But I wanna get there early, he’s probably super nervous.” She admits, playing with a strand of her hair. Nat and you share a look and both let out another laugh.
        “Hun, I think you're the nervous one, he's been pumped for this ever since Clint suggested booking a band,” You put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, “Plus we’re three blocks away.” You added, pointing ahead the three of you to the bright neon sign spelling ‘Barton’s’ in cursive, that you were all too familiar with. You’d been going there every Friday since college when you finally convinced Wanda to come out one night with you, it's where you met Nat, who was working as a bartender at the time while her boyfriend and owner of the bar was working on hiring more staff. It's where you found your first real college boyfriend, who ended up cheating and breaking your heart, but that's not the point. And where you met Steve and Sam, you'd met them through Clint who was playfully yelling at them to stop flirting with Nat. Both you and Wanda quickly joined the friend group and were nearly attached to the hip with Nat from that point on.
        Clint intentionally booked Pietro’s band on a slower night, as a trial run, to see if the regulars enjoyed them and everything went smoothly, Pietro wasn't completely on board with this idea. He wanted his first gig to be on a busy night, with everyone dancing and yelling for his band, but eventually gave in and accepted the offer he got. The bar was fairly popular, a few dozen regulars milling about grabbing drinks, sitting at booths, or watching the band set up. Wanda immediately ran to her twin brother, congratulating him and his band mates with a bright smile on her face. Nat and you walked over to the bar to get your first drinks of the evening, expecting to see Clint cleaning a glass or making a complicated drink, like usual. Instead, behind the bar, stood a man you'd never seen before, chatting happily to Steve and Sam who were sitting on the stools in front of him. He wore a tight black t-shirt his biceps were one flex away from busting out of and a smirk that would make your panties drop if he asked nicely. 
        “Ow, what the hell, Y/N?” Nat yelped when your elbow collided with her rips.
        “Why didn't you tell me Clint hired a hot new bartender?” You questioned through clenched teeth, tilting your head towards him.
        “Oh, Bucky?” she smirked as well, “He’s an old friend of Steve's.” She explained, casually walking to the staff room, you assumed Clint was in. Leaving you abandoned in the middle of the bar, before you have the chance to turn and join Wanda, you hear a familiar deep voice call you over. 
        “Y/N! Hey, have you met Buck yet?” Steve shouted over the sound of Pietro’s band doing a sound check, he offered you a friendly smile you couldn't help but return as you strided over. You glance behind him to see the hot bartender now giving you a smirk and watching you move, you feel a blush creeping up your neck and to your cheeks.
        “Hey Stevie, Sammy!” Giving them both hugs avoiding the eyeline of the man behind the bar, Steve looked at you expectantly, “Oh, uh, no, I haven’t yet.” You answered, still keeping your eyes on Steve.
        “Great! Then Y/N meet Bucky,” He looked so happy to introduce his friend to each other that you couldn't help but loosen up, “Bucky meet Y/N” He looked in between you both, “She's friends with Tasha and Wanda,” He pointed to Wanda who was still watching her brother happily.
        “Hey,” You lied earlier, he didn't need to ask nicely to make your panties drop, all you needed was that one word. He leaned over the bar to get a closer look at you and to offer his right hand. You were too caught up in his ocean blue eyes to notice, you could stare into them all day and still find new shades. Steve’s hand on your lower back knocked you out of your trace, you looked at him and back to Bucky, then down to his hand. You quickly let out a breathy apology, then pressed your hand into his, his entirely engulfing your smaller one. He gave your hand a quick squeeze before pulling back and standing up straight. "Can I get you something to drink?”
        “Just a beer,” you squeaked, he let out a chuckle before stepping away, you clenched your eyes and turned to your friends, embarrassed they had to witness that.
        “God, I haven't seen you like that since you talked to that college guy, like five years ago.” Sam laughs before taking a swig of his beer.
        “Oh fuck off Sam, do I have to remind you how you talk to Nat when you get too drunk to remember she dating Clint?” You threaten, Sam rolls his eyes dramatically. You press your index fingers together and put on a baby voice, “Pwease Natasha, will you go on a date wiff me?”
        “I don't do that,” he defends, swatting your hands apart as you giggle and Steve pretends not to be entertained. Bucky returns with your beer and some refills for the guys. You try to put out of your mind how ridiculously hot he his, with his soft waves pushed up and away from his face, you wonder what it'd feel like to run your hands through it and down his cheekbones to his dark stubble. You hear Steve telling a story about when they were kids but you couldn't make yourself listen, usually you would drop everything to pay attention to Steve, you’d kill to see him smile just one time but Bucky had you in a daze. Until you felt Steve’s hand on you again, you looked into his eyes, his have more green than Bucky’s, you've gotten lost in these ones too.
        “Wands calling for you,” It comes out hardly above a whisper, raspy like the alcohol is starting to take effect, you nod at his words but make no effort to move away.
        “Y/N!” You hear Wanda shout from across the room this time, you look over to see her bouncing excitedly next to the makeshift stage for the band, she waves you over. You see Nat and Clint are already over there waiting for the first song, you grab your beer from the bar top and head over, pushing away the thoughts of Bucky, Steve, and even Same making fun of you, so you can have a fun night with your girls. Just like you intended to.
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avengershumanresources · 5 hours ago
blood 12 - Strange/Stark!Reader
Tumblr media
Relationship: Dr. Strange/Princess!Stark!Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Adult Themes, smut, adult language, implied sexual violence, general violence
Synopsis: Reader is the daughter of the legendary King Anthony Stark, Uniter of Lands, The Iron Defender, and leader of the realm. When the king disappears during battle, hope is lost and he is presumed dead.
When the late king’s uncle, Obadiah, takes the throne until your brother Peter is of age, he quickly arranges a marriage for you with a wicked king in a neighboring kingdom.
With the realms politics in question, and rumors of an upcoming siege to overthrow Peter’s rule before it starts, you quickly learn who is loyal to the crown and who is not.
part 11 - part 13
Chapter Playlist (I’m really mad, I can’t create a new playlist post, so I’m going to link to the spotify playlist directly. My spotify updated and now it’s all weird. I’m going to try and figure this out, I’m SUPER sorry!) 
12 - a memory
You’d been in the tunnels hundreds, if not, thousands of times in your life. There were very few places you were positive you could navigate blindly, but these caves and tunnels? Someone could take away every sense you had and you’d still be able to find your way home. 
It was a little unsettling bringing Loki into your secret place. Very few people knew of the natural caves that fed into manmade tunnels (carved by your ancestor, Richard Stark, when he settled the land). 
In fact, you could only think of four people, including yourself, who could navigate the paths without becoming lost. 
There was you, Natalia (who’d originally shown you), James, and Stephen. 
Not even Peter was privy to the knowledge of these cavernous paths, covered in old magic and fake tunnels. 
The cave system was incredible. It was naturally occurring and if the history you’d dug up with Stephen was accurate, your ancestor had purposely selected the land for that reason. They were enhanced with this very action in mind. 
To reclaim the castle by surprise if an antagonistic force overtook it. 
Stephen once mentioned that history often repeated itself, but you liked to think it was more of a mimicry of the past. Similar, but never the same. 
King Richard Stark the First never dealt with any serious threats to his reign. He lived a long life, had many children with his beloved wife, and died a very old man with his family at his bedside. 
His son, however, King Emil Stark, faced many problems in his short reign. He was nearly murdered by his own brother, but escaped the plot using these very tunnels. 
Later, he took back the castle with regional support and a surprise caravan of soldiers marched through one of the larger sections of the cave system. 
You’d assumed and so had Stephen, when you’d read about the tale, that Richard had only told his eldest son. Why else had he been able to catch the younger brother by surprise? 
But why had Richard only told one son? 
Emil took the knowledge to his grave, but one of the soldiers had a son, who went with his father long after the battle to explore. That son had another son, and so on until one day, a red haired daughter was born. 
That daughter was caught sneaking bread from the kitchens and when you protected her and gave her extra food, she taught you. 
It was a funny thing, time. Cyclical, ever changing, but in the end, the fates would do as they pleased. How these tunnels led Nat into your life. How these tunnels have you freedom to explore and learn the land around you. How these tunnels brought the most important person into your life. 
The first time you met Stephen Strange, you were sixteen years old. 
By that point, you’d scared off almost every Master who’d passed the threshold of your castle. Some complained you asked too many questions, others tried to restrict knowledge of the dark and dastardly from you, one insisted a princess was to be simple minded and obedient.
That was the last one you’d chased off after casually bringing the fact up during dinner and letting Pepper deal with the rest. 
This was long before Morgan. This was when Peter was still a little boy and you were a girl still trying to figure out your place in a world that didn’t value or respect you.  
The first time you met Stephen Strange was ten days before he was due to arrive, officially.
You hadn’t known it was him at first. He’d been sitting in the woods on a stump, reading a book on local geography when you passed him on your way back to the tunnels that threaded their way through the forest to the castle. You and Natalia had spent the last few years wreaking havoc on the guard, slipping away without a word, only to reappear in a pub later that night. 
You noted the odd fellow, out of place in the massive woods but not entirely unexpected and paused to do a double take. 
“What are you reading?” 
He peered up from his book, a brow quirked in her direction. 
You took a few steps closer. He didn’t seem to be carrying any weapons. Though Natalia would later reprimand you for being too trusting of strangers. 
“What are you reading?” you repeated, having read the title and still wondering why someone would spend a beautiful afternoon such as that one, in the forest, alone, reading a book on geography. 
“A book on geography,” he answered, folding the tome half shut and pointing a finger to the cover. “Geo-graph-y.”
He recited the word slowly, as if you couldn’t understand reading or letters. 
“I know what it says,” you huffed, a little indignant at his tone. Did you look like some lowly peasant who couldn’t read? Glancing at your clothes you frowned. A simple frock.
Oh. Maybe you did. 
“Why are you all the way out here?” you asked again, a little irritated when he went back to the book and ignored her. 
“It’s quiet,” he lowered the book again, staring at you over the edge of the pages. “Or rather it was.”
“No one passes through here, usually,” you hummed, glancing around. “It’s a bit depressing though, isn’t it? The trees are blocking all of the sun.”
“I don’t need sunlight,” he stated cryptically and you noted his distinct robes of blue. 
“Are you a sorcerer?” you asked, settling across from him on a mossy rock and leaning forward. “You’re a little young aren’t you?” 
“I’m eighteen,” he shot back sharply. “I’ve been training my whole life. That’s considered more than experienced at this point.”
“So you are a sorcerer,” you confirmed with a sly smirk. “They’re getting a new Master Sorcerer up at the castle soon. Maybe you know him? Master Strange?” 
If he knew the name, he made no indication and instead let out a long sigh, standing and closing his book. 
“Never heard of him,” he replied curtly. “If you’ll excuse me.”
He started to move toward one of the paths in the forest, but you caught up to him and followed closely behind. 
“Why were you out here?” you asked curiously, trodding behind in the footprints he left behind. 
“I told you, for peace,” he stated, a little exasperation to his tone. 
Maybe that’s why you couldn’t hold a Master at the castle for very long, they frowned on questions and maybe Kamar-Taj taught them all to be sticks in the mud. 
“You’re reading a book on geography,” you repeated. “Local geography if I recall?”
Your eyes fell on the book in his hand and he immediately shoved it to his chest, blocking it from view and continuing his path. 
“You’re certainly not from around here,” you continued musing, plucking a flower from a nearby plant and twirling it between your fingers. He stopped and looked over at her. 
“How can you tell?” he asked, genuinely curious.
“Your accent is a little off,” you noted with a little chuckle. “It sounds like it’s from the border, where Kamar-Taj is located.”
“I was in Asgard,” he countered and you shrugged. 
“Just to visit I’m sure,” you insisted and he didn’t reply. You twirled the flower again, giving it a small sniff. “I’m betting you were looking for the caves, weren’t you?” 
His irritated expression fell and you walked up, tucking the flower behind his ear and grabbing his wrist. 
“Here’s the thing, I’ve read that book and it’s ridiculously outdated and inaccurate,” you continued, pulling him back the direction you just came. “You see, Richard Stark, the son of Arthur Stark the Conqueror, had this whole region charted when he sought to build his fortress.”
“Yes, and this book is that report,” the boy insisted quickly and you laughed, much to his annoyance. “Why would he have built the castle if the report was inaccurate?”
“There was an accurate report at some point,” you explained, reaching and snatching the book up. You flipped through the pages until you found the section on the cave systems. “There’s a little truth to this, some of the tunnels are accurate but the entrances are all wrong.”
“But given the layout of the land-,” he protested and you shook your head.
“Just follow me,” you led the way past the stump he’d been sitting on toward the mouth of one of the well memorized tunnels into the castle. “They can go on for miles, so you have to be careful.”
“How do you know?” he challenged, sizing you over. 
You paused. The tunnels were a closely guarded secret between you and Natalia, whose late father had passed the knowledge down to her. Aside from the serious security risk, you knew nothing of this boy or his past. So you stayed vague. 
“I’ve explored them a few times,” you answered casually, hopping down into one of the smaller openings and calling for him to follow behind. 
The two of you spent a few hours exploring areas even you hadn’t been familiar with. He pointed out a few magic tunes, explaining their meaning and not looking too annoyed when you peppered him with questions. 
“Are you noble?” he finally asked when you walked him from the structure back toward the forest. “You’re very well read.”
“I like books,” you answered with a smile. “My father taught me to read at a young age and I never stopped.”
It was a half answer and a full truth, satisfying enough for him because he nodded.
“I’m in town for a few more nights,” he looked hesitant, clearing his throat nervously. “If you’d like to stop by the inn?” 
Excitement sparked in your chest. 
“I’ll see what I can do,” you promised, a big grin on your face that was decidedly not very ladylike. “Who should I ask for?” 
“Stephen,” he replied. “Ask for Stephen.”
“I can feel Amora’s magic,” Loki stated, pausing in the tunnel and looking around. “How certain are you of those wards?” 
Stephen’s hand reached and lightly touched one of the intricately carved runes in the tunnel wall. He paused, his expression moving from its usual frustration in failing to recognize the pattern to surprise. 
“They never faltered when I tried experimenting,” he assured the prince. 
“And many Master Sorcerer’s before you have tried completely sealing the castle,” you added, finally lowering your hood to look between the men. “It’s impossible. The runes are very old magic.”
Loki said something, but you didn’t hear him, instead you were taken by surprise when Stephen turned and flipped the amulet around your neck around to study the runes carved into the back. 
“By the Gods,” he murmured, holding it up to the wall. “It’s seidr.”
You looked between the two symbols. Nearly identical with a few alterations, likely given a difference between the spells, but the base characters were perfect copies. 
“Impossible, seidr was eliminated before this castle was built,” Loki insisted. “My grandfather completed the task and died before Arthur Stark even dreamed of this land.”
“It’d explain why traditional magic can’t touch it,” you pointed out. 
“And why you can navigate the cave system so flawlessly,” Stephen reminded you. “We’ve found wings and sub-tunnels that defy geological principals…”
“Then it’s a promising omen,” Loki stated firmly. “We continue on with our task, remove Amora and reclaim the kingdom.”
“I can’t stay for long,” you explained a few days after your initial meeting. The ball to celebrate the new sorcerer was that evening and your maid had been nagging you all morning about getting a proper bath and dressing done for the event. 
She’d heard the sorcerer was quite the looker. 
Gods if you cared.
“I’m due to leave tonight as well,” he replied quietly. “I wanted to give you something to remember me.”
He handed you a book, “The Complete History of the Vanir Valley”.
“I might have uh, borrowed it from Kamar-Taj before I left,” he explained sheepishly. “It’s a very good book and it mentions this region and some of the more ancient history involved with it. Given your knowledge of the geography and geology…”
You clutched the book to your chest, absolutely moved by the young man’s kind gesture. Despite only knowing him a little over a week, you’d come to respect and enjoy his company on your adventures. He’d even met Nat, who admitted she enjoyed his sharp wit and jokes- a rare acknowledgment by the hardened thief.
“Do you have to go?” you asked quietly. “There’s so much more to explore…”
“I’m due to report to my next assignment,” he kicked at a nearby stick. “I’ll write. You live near the village? I’ll send a raven when I arrive.”
“I’ll miss you, Stephen,” you mumbled, trying to blink back a few tears. This stupid boy was the first person who hadn’t looked at you and completely rejected your intelligence. He listened and discussed philosophy and magic and history and science and…
He was leaving. 
“Our paths will cross again, I’m sure,” he stated with a curt nod, pausing, unsure what to do with himself. He settled on leaning in and pressing a quick peck to your cheek, his face burning bright red when he pulled away. “Goodbye.”
He murmured your name like a soft prayer before starting back down the pathway toward the village. 
The entire time you knew him, Stephen never admitted if he knew you were the princess the whole time or if it had taken him by surprise as well. 
But the moment you saw him enter the ball room, you had to hold onto a nearby table to stop yourself from tumbling forward in shock. 
Master Stephen Strange. 
“You didn’t tell me you were the new Master,” you challenged, catching him by the elbow once introductions had been made and he was mingling between rounds of dancing. You guided him toward the edge of the room, ignoring the incredulous looks and whispers being shot in your direction.
“You didn’t tell me you were the princess,” he countered, a smirk on his lips, eyes wandering toward the dancers moving across the floor. 
“You already knew, you must have,” you narrowed your gaze suspiciously at him. “‘Our paths will cross again’, that was nonsense then?” 
“Would you like to dance?” he offered an arm, already pulling you toward the dance floor. You relented, continuing to badger him while he hummed and didn’t directly acknowledge your accusations.
“Admit it, you knew!” 
“The roasted duck is incredibly tender, is that a regional recipe or how the ducks are bred?” 
“The cook marinates it for two days,” you answered briefly. “Why didn’t you say something?”
“Your father mentioned your last Master called you simple?” 
“In so many words.”
“Their loss is my gain, I have a phenomenal collection of books you can read if you’d like.”
“I’m not letting this go,” you started back, asking him about the collection in detail, and eventually, letting it go. 
Your new friend was now your tutor and companion within the walls of the castle, as well as outside of it. 
You weren’t one to tempt the fates too much.
The path into the castle from where you had entered had three break off points. One lead to the hall by your quarters, the second led to the throne room and the third led down to the kitchens. 
For obvious reasons, the three of you decided on the kitchens, hoping to slip in unnoticed with the general chaos outside the castle. 
Before exiting the security of the tunnel, you paused, fingers drifting over the stone walls, praying their security and strength would somehow leech into you. 
“I didn’t know it was you,” Stephen murmured, leaning into your shoulder while Loki scouted ahead. 
“What?” you blinked up at him. 
“The ball,” he explained quietly. “When I first arrived, you asked if I knew and I didn’t. I was just as surprised as you were.”
Dumbfounded you turned to face him, chests nearly pressed together from the small space. 
“You acted like you had,” you scowled at him. “I was furious for months.”
“I know,” he frowned sympathetically. “But you were so impressed, because truly, you hid it well.”
“Aside from being well read,” you challenged and he shook his head. 
“There are plenty of non-royal nobles who can read a good book,” he countered softly, his hand moving to cup your cheek. “I was transfixed by such a stunning creature with an equally stunning mind. Would you believe me if I said it was love at first sight? I almost turned down the post.”
“Will you two quit it and get a move on?” Loki hissed back into the tunnel. “It’s clear.”
“I’m glad you didn’t,” you whispered, leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. 
“Gods, I’m glad I didn’t either.”
13 - a surprise 
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lailannajacobs · 5 hours ago
You’re too old for Surprises | GIBP VII
Pairing: fey!Loki x fem!reader
Chapter Summary: You begin to wonder if this whole charade is going anywhere. You get an unwelcome surprise. 
Warnings: lil bit of fluff
Word Count: 10k
A/N: so I guess my uni professors were right to tell me to learn how to be more concise because apparently I’ve written another chapter where I’ve rambled on for almost 11k. I hope you enjoy, despite the length, I kinda like this one <3 
Tumblr media
Good Intentions and Broken Promises | Chapter Seven 
You’d learned three new things about Loki over the past couple weeks, none of which would get you any closer to the Hand. One: Loki hated ladybugs. Why? He’d refused to elaborate. Two: as a child he’d cast a spell on the councilmen that had made them itchy everywhere — and he’d been insistent on the word everywhere — for a week. And three: if ever you needed to kill him, you knew that he was allergic to honey. Was any of that going to help you convince the council that you were madly in love? According to Loki and Wanda it would. You still didn’t believe them.
“You know,” Loki paused, his fingers toying with the end of one of your braids, “it doesn’t seem fair.”
You sighed, knowing you couldn’t just ignore him. Not in public at least, “what doesn’t seem fair?”
There were too many witnesses in the small market just outside of the palace not to settle into the act, even if most of them weren’t paying either of you any attention. Just because their opinion didn’t matter like the councilmen’s did, didn’t mean that word might not get to those old moldy rats if you did ignore him.
You nodded your thanks to the jeweller and walked away from possible prying eyes and ears. His fingers fell away, brushing your bare arm on the way down.
“What doesn’t seem fair,” you asked.
“The way you still haven’t told me anything about yourself,” he sighed dramatically, “I must know something about you or people are going to think that Wanda knows you better than I do. And that simply cannot do.”
You slowed down, realizing that you had stomped off without him and looped your arm through his, “I’ve told you lots about myself.”
“I can count everything you’ve told me on one finger. One. Finger,” he repeated, “not hand. Finger.”
You stopped. You’d lied. You’d told him nothing. He shouldn’t have been able to count anything on any finger.
“I suppose two now. That worried look on your face tells me that there’s something important you’re keeping to yourself that you don’t want me to know. So I supposed that’s something else I know about you now,” he said cheerfully.
You scolded at him and didn’t elaborate on what that thing could be, “so what do you know?”
He grinned, “that you hate this place and would rather be anywhere else.”
You almost laughed with relief, “see, you clearly know me so well, why would you even need to know anything else? After all, you know you love me and isn’t that enough?”
“Always,” he chuckled, “especially when you say it with such conviction.”
It was all you could do to keep from glaring at him. He’d never been shy at pointing out how pathetic you were at keeping in character anywhere other than in front of the councilmen. Before you’d gotten caught by Odin, you were a soldier and more importantly, a bodyguard. You weren’t meant for niceties.
But Loki was.
He was good at this. Almost too good. He knew the right things to say, the right time for a smile, and the right time for light touches and prolonged looks. Seven hells, if his act didn’t completely drop to the irritating prick he was whenever you were alone, you’d probably find yourself believing the act too.
“But I supposed it is fair in the end,” Loki continued on with his blissful little speech.
You knew you shouldn’t ask but you found yourself doing it anyways, “and why’s that?”
“Because you need the extra help with all…this. By my count, you’re losing sweetheart.”
You almost jerked back, but you knew that would be proving his point. Especially that you knew he was only goading you to try and learn more about you. Instead, you stopped him with a hand to his chest and pushed him into a secluded corner of the market.
“You do know that there’s no point in putting on a show if no one is around to see you, right?” he smirked, peering over your heard as if he could find a witness. When it appeared that he didn’t see anyone, he whispered, “it only works if people actually think we’re up to something scandalous.”
His cocky tone said it all. It wasn’t only by his count. You really were losing. But that didn’t mean you had to keep on losing.
You smiled sweetly, “if you looked any more eager, Loki, I might think you’ve forgotten that none of this is real.”
“If I’d forgotten that this isn’t real,” he drawled, eyes wickedly bright, “I wouldn’t be the one with my back pressed up against the wall.”
You looked down to where your forearm was pressed against the width of this chest, keeping his back to the wall. And the you realized how close you were standing. There was only the length of your bicep between you, and with your chin tilted upward to look into his eyes, you could feel his breath on your cheek when he chuckled. The whole situation tightened something in your chest, but you ignored it. You couldn’t back off now. Not when you had a plan to put you in the lead.
Keeping your arm where it was, you lifted your other hand and ruffled his hair. He shot you a bemused, but slightly intrigued look. Even though you had him against the wall, he could have left if he really wanted to, but thankfully, he stayed.
You used your most condescending voice when you said, “aw. You actually think that if this were real I wouldn’t be standing exactly where I am now? Cute.”
He moved so fast, the only reason you knew what was happening was because you were expecting it. You’d been sparring more and more often lately, but you’d realized almost immediately that — even if he held back somewhat to keep the fights interesting — you never won any of your matches unless it was truly earned. He liked to lose as much as you did. And you’d basically just him a liar.
Your back was suddenly against the wall, but instead of his arm on your chest, he’d boxed you in with a hand beside your head and the other beside your shoulder. He was even closer than you’d been before, and your head brushed back along the tiles of the wall as you tipped it upward to look at him. The motion almost closed the distance between you so you dipped your chin back down again, feeling your hair get caught in the scratchy stone tiles.
“If this were real,” he whispered, lips practically brushing against your ear, “it wouldn’t matter where I was standing.”
You tilted your head from side to side, “actually…when you think about it, it would make more sense for you to be standing there.”
Loki leaned back slightly, brows furrowed. The sight made you want to smile. So you did.
“I mean, if anyone were to pass by, you’d be shielding me from prying eyes,” you continued, speaking as though you were talking about the weather, “and they would get the benefit of seeing Asgard’s royal ass. Seems to me like it would be something they’d talk about.”
“Clever,” he said dryly but came back with a sly, “so you think my ass is worth talking about?”
You patted him twice on the chest, not failing to notice how hard it was, “if you think so.”
You slipped out under his arm and skipped back out onto the street, unbuttoning a couple random buttons on the loose shirt you were wearing. Loki caught up in a few quick strides, but the moment you stepped out onto the busy street, he noticed that something was off. You were getting too many stares, most of which were pared with slight, knowing smirks.
He waited until you’d turned down a smaller, less populated alley to ask, “what did you do?”
You were seconds away from the palace doors and you couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed.
All you said was, “take a look for yourself.”
He stepped to the side, using a shop window as a mirror. His hair was a mess and his shirt was wrinkled and pulled out of his pants, a move you’d managed to do while he was too busy changing your positions. With your shirt unbuttoned and you hair messy from the stone wall you’d made sure to rub up against, the people who’d seen you walk out of that dark, secluded corner had only been able to assume one thing.
He closed his eyes, his head shaking slightly to the side as if he couldn’t believe it. Letting out a puff of air that might have been a laugh, the corner of his mouth lifted slightly. At least he seemed to take defeat well.
You patted him on the chest again, “I believe that makes us even.”
Without waiting to see how he’d react, you spun on your heel and entered the palace.
You were still smiling when you made it back to your room. It felt good to win. Especially when it only increased your chances of getting the Hand. It was also a nice reminder that you could still get the job done even if your short temper had been the reason you never stayed long around the councilmen. Obviously the townspeople weren’t councilmen, but it was practice. And you were getting better. Maybe you’d actually be able to do this.
After a quick change into your riding clothes, you were back in the hallway, ready for a long afternoon of fresh air and freedom before the excruciating council meeting Loki had warned about this morning. You didn’t get far.
A tall, striking fey woman with shoulder length raven hair stood in the middle of the hallway with a hand on her hip as if she’d been waiting for you. Her slick sparring outfit showcased Asgard’s green and black colours, so intricately designed there was only one person who could have designed something that looked like it belonged to a warrior queen.
You stopped, knowing exactly who you’d come face to face with.
Her lips pulled into a terrifying version of Loki’s knowing grin. Even if no one would have mentioned anything about her, the two of them looked so similar, there was no mistaking that this was the women trying to steal the crown. This was Loki’s sister.
She strode down the hallway, gliding over the floor as if she had the power to make it bend to her will. You knew it wasn’t possible, but you’d heard enough councilmen gushing on and on about how powerful and incredible Hela was that a small part of you wondered if it could be.
She stopped too close for comfort, her hand lashing out as if she were about to strike you. Only your years of training kept you from flinching. Instead, she took a loose strand of your hair in her fingers, tugging on it until it fell back into place.
“Pretty,” she hummed, “I can see why he likes you.”
You shrugged, “that’s one of the reasons.”
“And what are the others?” she asked, brow arched in cool disdain.
You didn’t have an answer for her but it didn’t matter. If there was anything Nat had taught you, it was that court was a game of non-answer answers anyways, “ask him yourself. I don’t speak for the king. He’s more than capable of doing that himself.”
You thought for a moment she might correct you, but she wasn’t petty like the councilmen. She wouldn’t be easily taunted.
“Hela, are you trying to terrorize my love and future queen of Asgard?” Loki asked, appearing by your side as if you’d conjured him by name. But you supposed if the walls had ears, maybe you had, “I thought you had hells hounds to tend to. Or perhaps a bat cave to furnish?”
She laughed, but the sound was dry and humourless, “she doesn’t seem terrorized to me.”
“There was a reason I said trying,” he said, a cunning smirk on his lips.
“Always so clever little brother.” Her words should have been a compliment but they sounded more like a bad omen to your ears.
They stared at each other, a million different things passing wordlessly between the siblings that you couldn’t even begin to understand. Loki leaned over to the side so that your shoulders were brushing, but with his hands stuffed into his pockets like usual, it was the extent of your contact.
Finally Hela huffed and shook her head, “I should have known your vicious little pet had warned you. That abomination makes things a lot easier for you, doesn’t it? Seems you can’t beat me in a fair fight.”
“Gamora is her name,” his voice was cold and chilling: the voice of a king, “use it.”
“I know what you’re doing here,” she continued as if he hadn’t spoken, “it won’t work.”
You did your best to keep your face neutral but her words slammed into you like a knife. If she knew what this was and could convince the council of it…you shuddered at the thought.
“Have a nice afternoon, Hela. Enjoy your scheming,” Loki dismissed her with a turn so that he was facing you instead, acting like a wall between the two of you, “if you’re done chatting with my sister, Wanda would like to speak with us.”
He offered you a little grin, but it seemed strained at the edges. You smiled back, knowing it was the appropriate reaction but also because it was a relief to have a way out of this conversation.
“Yes,” you answered and looked around Loki to stare her straight in the eyes, “we’re done here.”
You weren’t going to back down. You’d faced far more horrible things than this woman. You certainly weren’t going to underestimate her, but you weren’t about to let her push you around either.
Her face broke into another terrifying smile that made your hackles rise, but you didn’t look away.
The smile dropped slightly and she scoffed, “I imagine he’s told you what you’re about to walk into. If not, enjoy.”
On that ominous note, you shared one last long look before she strode past, practically barreling into you. You sighed when she turned the corner. She didn’t look like she’d let Loki take the crown easily. Or at all.
“So,” you turned your attention back to him, “that’s your sister.”
“It is,” he remarked, "I’m surprised it took her this long to make an appearance.”
You scratched your lower back, “I’m glad.”
“You handled her well.”
He offered his arm and you took it, walking in step with him down the hall, “would she have eaten me if I hadn’t?”
“We don’t — Oh,” he ran a hand through his hair, a sheepish little smile on his face when he realized you were kidding. You’d rarely seen him so distracted, “you handle this life well, even if you are a terrible actress. It’s almost as if you’re meant for it.”
You stumbled but managed to use his arm to right yourself so that it barely showed, “you’re only saying that because of what happened this morning.”
He gave you a little shrug, apparently not wanting to elaborate.
“This life isn’t something I’d wish on anyone,” you finally said.
“This life on Asgard?” he stopped to look at you as if your answer really mattered, “or this life at the head of the realm?”
You pulled him along, avoiding that intense gaze, “if you keep fishing for answers I’m going to stop talking to you. About anything.”
He grinned, “I believe it’s called getting to know the person you’re about to make queen.”
“I thought we went over this, this morning,” you tucked yourself in closer as gazed up into those emerald eyes, “we’re madly in love. Your questions are redundant and fruitless.”
“Interesting point,” he murmured.
You put more distance between you, “so we can move on then.”
“Not exactly,” he said with a sigh.
This time you were the one to pull him to a stop, “why are you suddenly pushing this?”
He cocked a brow, but something was off. His usually smooth forehead was wrinkled, his jaw set. You hadn’t noticed this morning, but you hadn’t really been looking. Now, you couldn’t ignore it.
“What aren’t you telling me, Loki?” you pushed on, “what changed?”
He shoved his hands in his pockets, almost squeezing your arm against his torso as a weird shimmering feeling surrounded you, “there are many things I’m not telling you. A king has many secrets.”
“Prince,” you corrected, “I wouldn’t be here if you were still king.”
“My point exactly,” he shot back, “I need to know you to get my title back. I miss it.”
“You miss the power,” the words came out as a statement, but he wasn’t the only one fishing for answers.
“Of course.”
The answer was almost too quick, but it was hard not to believe him knowing the extent he was going through to get it back.
“And I’m sure you’ve never stopped thinking about your end of the bargain,” he continued, “I’d think you’d want to be better prepared too.”
You hated it. Hated when he was right. But sharing things with him would be walking a fine line between not giving anything away and lying just enough to keep everything straight. But you could do it. For Nat. Always for Nat.
“Fine,” you grunted, shoving past him.
“Fine what?” he called after you.
You turned, crossing your arms over your chest, “you get one random bit of information about me — of my choosing — a day. Nothing more.”
“Seems reasonable,” something that looked almost like relief flashed across his face but it was replaced too quickly with a smirk, “would you like one in return?”
“One what?”
“Bit of information.”
“If you think it’s absolutely necessary,” you huffed.
You stomped down the hallway, itching to go riding.
“YN,” he called.
You stopped.
“I had come to find you for Wanda. She really did want to see you.”
You tilted your head back, looking up at the gilded ceiling, “I thought that was an excuse.”
He caught up to you, “she wanted to see you more specifically. She only asked me to come along because she wasn’t sure how you’d react.” He motioned to your face, “and that was probably the look she was worried about.”
“So what?” you snapped, feeling your temper rise, “she thought you’d be able to calm me down if I didn’t like what she had to say? That because I’m doing this, you control me?”
You could hear the words and knew that you were probably getting worked up over nothing, but you were tired of keeping everything inside. And you could yell at Loki without losing your life. So why wouldn’t you?
He took a step back though you seriously doubted it was because he was afraid, “she asked me to come because Gamora recommended it. If you’d like to know more about her reasons, you’ll have to ask her yourself because she didn’t tell me anything.”
You still wanted to punch him but that didn’t mean you weren’t curious enough to ask, “who’s Gamora?”
His eyes lit up, “a very important but terrifying part of my court. You’ll meet her soon enough.”
You could have ignored him and walked off, but Wanda had been nothing but kind to you. Finding out what she wanted was the least you could do. So despite your better judgement, you motioned for him to lead the way.
You’d assumed you were going to the library, but the hallways were unfamiliar, losing their gaudy decor until they were nothing but grey walls.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Will this count as my one piece of information I owe you today?” asked Loki with a smirk.
“You’re a prick.”
“I’m glad you’ve noticed.”
He nodded for me to go ahead and ask.
“You’re king, or at least you were, but you’re acting as Wanda’s lackey, you apparently take orders from this Gamora person and I saw,” you paused, wondering if you should give yourself away like this, “an angel yelling at you the other day in the hallway as if you were a wayward soldier.”
He raised a brow, shooting you a sidelong glance, “So you were spying on me?”
“Answer the question.”
“That wasn’t a question,” he said.
“But you know what I’m asking.”
He didn’t answer at first and you weren’t sure he would. When you looked up at him, he was staring off into the distance, almost as if he was physically looking for those people.
“My court isn’t exactly…typical,” he shrugged, “I suppose I should tell you a little about them before you meet them but…”  
“I’ve already met them,” you finished.
He shook his head firmly, “you’ve met Wanda.”
You thought back to the council meetings you’d gone to, knowing you would have remembered a friendly face, “he’s not on the council.”
You wondered how distracted Loki was to have forgotten that.
“The council isn’t my court,” said Loki, something about his tone telling you that there was an important distinction between the two.
For a moment you weren’t quite sure what he meant, and then it clicked. There had been rumours on the continent of the extremely powerful court that ruled Asgard, but the councilmen had never quite seemed to match their description. But if Loki’s court wasn’t the council then…
“The Court of Mischief,” you murmured.
A fond smile bloomed on his face that caught you off guard. It lit up his face, making his features seem a little less harsh and a lot more boyish. Annoyingly, you felt your remaining anger melt away at the sight of it.
“In my defence,” he said quickly, “we were young and stupid when we came up with the name.”
You grinned, “so the only thing that’s changed is that you’ve gotten old?”
He let out a little laugh, “there’s no cure for stupid.”
You looked, really looked at his face, the smooth planes and sharp angles that barely seemed older than yours despite the hundreds of years you knew he’d lived.
“Seems there’s a cure to getting old though.”
He tilted his head as if he was trying to get a better look at you now, “we get old too. We just age differently. If I were human, I think we’d be about the same age.”
You snorted, “I doubt that. How old are you exactly?”
“One thousand two hundred and seventy six,” he paused, eyes drifting up in thought, “and three moons if you really want to be precise.”
You shook your head at his proud little smirk and did the math, having been taught the biological differences between the races as a child. By the time you figured out how similar you were in age, you realized that the decisions you were blaming him for during the war, couldn’t have been his. He wasn’t old enough to have been king at the time. That would have been his father. The destruction of your realm might have been his family’s fault, but he wasn’t to blame for everything that had happened.
The thought struck you harder than you thought it would and you tried not to stare at him, wondering if you were still breathing. Thankfully you heard yourself mutter, “close enough.”
“Is that a more acceptable age difference to you then?” he asked with a grin as if he hadn’t noticed the way you were suddenly gasping for breath.
You planned on keeping it that way. You forced a smile as said as lightheartedly as you could, “well, I still think you’re old mushrooms but yes, much more acceptable.”
“Good,” he whispered, “because for a moment there you looked like you were about to faint. But I’m sure that’s what happens when you try to do arithmetic using such large numbers.”
So he had noticed. Of course he had. Then you realized he was giving you an out. For all of his prying this morning, he was giving you an out now. You were so thankful that you forgot to smack him for the comment.
“Exactly,” you were to surprised to say anything else.
You stood there, staring at each other until a crash sounded in a nearby room. Loki took a step back and motioned for you to follow. You touched your ears, finding their rounded tips itchy, and sighed. What good was a longer life span when you were still running out of time? You’d give away some of your own years if it meant keeping the pendent on your chest from getting colder and whiter.
Loki pursed his lips, looking like he was about to say something else when an old noble fey bustled down the hall, his fey agility dampened with age.
Loki pursed his lips, looking like he was about to say something else when an old noble fey bustled down the hall, his enhanced agility dampened with age.  
“Looking forward to the first trial, Prince Loki!” He said, voice jolly as he gave Loki a clap on he back. Loki bristled at the touch but the fey didn’t notice, which made you wonder how he’d survived this long with such poor survival instincts, “I know it must feel a little archaic to you, who’s never seen one, but I must say, the first trial has always been a favourite of mine. Always great to watch!”
Sterling nodded, never once taking his hands out of his pockets, “we’re excited as well.”
You nodded along, wondering what trials you were supposed to attend. Loki hadn’t mentioned anything, but you figured it probably wasn’t important when all you had to do was sit in a comfy booth and watch.
“I can’t say we’ve ever had a human go through one, let alone all three,” he continued turning toward you, “how are you feeling about it, my dear?”
Like you wanted to stab something.
Loki, though he wasn’t avoiding your eyes, didn’t look the most confident. And with the two fey staring at you, one curious the other embarrassed, you finally realized that Loki hadn’t told you half of what your deal entailed. Suddenly Hela’s departing comment made sense.
So actually, you felt like you wanted to stab multiple somethings. Or simply one particular someone.
“Oh a little nervous,” you said with your best court smile, impressed it hadn’t turned to a snarl, “it seems like these trials came out of the blue. I wish I’d had more time to prepare.”
He took my hand in his and gave it a little pat, “I can imagine it must feel that way, Ms. YN. However, I’m sure the two of you will do just fine.”
With a slight nod in Loki’s direction, he wished you both a nice evening and left down the hall.
“Trials?” you whispered.
He shot out his hands as if he thought yo were about to explode.
“Trials?” you repeated, a little louder this time.
“YN I can—”
“I can’t believe you!” you punched his arm, thinking, when he didn’t even wince, that he should be thankful you hadn’t whipped out your dagger, “you said that all I had to do was convince a council that we were in love by the orange moon. You hells scum! You didn’t say anything about trials!”
He took a step forward then thought the better of it, rocking back on his heels, “I know, but I was hoping you’d get acclimated to Asgard first. I was going to tell you.”
“Were you? Or did you just not want me to disagree and leave you stranded?” I snapped back.
“With the book on the line, I was sure you wouldn’t,” his voice was clipped, the first sign that his anger was rising to meet your own, “I was simply trying to be considerate.”
“Considerate my ass,” you growled, “you’re a coward.”
His jaw clenched, but he didn’t say anything. Good. Let him stew in his poor decisions.
You crossed your arms, knowing that as long as they were tucked under your armpits, you wouldn’t be tempted to reach for your dagger, “so when is this first trial?”
He hesitated as if you might be talking to someone else, but seemed to realize he was the only person around. He sighed, “tomorrow.”
“For Ceridwen’s sake!” you yelled, “you were going to tell me this when? When we were walking into the trail and I’d be seconds away from being taken by surprise?”
You could feel the control on your abilities slipping quickly, an overwhelming itchy feeling blooming at the base of your spine. You began counting windows, desperately trying to rein in your power. The window counting was useless. Only the sound of a distinctly animal snarl kept you in check, washing you with thoughts of Nat.
Loki cocked his head at the sound, looking at you with far more interest than you wanted or needed. You strongly considered punching him to distract him.
“Do you even realize what’s at stake?” you demanded. The sound wasn’t much more human.
His unnerving staring never subsided. You wanted to rip him to shreds.
“I didn’t realize this was so important to you.”
“If I’m going through all this, what do you think?” you spat and turned away.
“Do you have any idea where you’re going?” he called after you.
You stopped and squeezed your eyes shut. You took in another useless attempt at a calming breath.
“Let me guess,” you said after a few more breaths, “the trials have something to do with what Wanda wanted to speak to me about.”
“Yes. She’s a few doors down.”
You rolled your shoulders back and turned, “I swear on Ceridwen, Gwendion and every other one of the gods that I’m going to stab you someday very, very soon.”
“When this is all over, I’ll give you one free stab,” he said.
“If you’re lucky, I won’t stab you before we meet up with Wanda.”
You stopped at the open door to what looked like a servant’s Kitchen the smell of baked bread wafted out to greet you. The four pairs of eyes inside were already looking up as if they’d heard you approach. Of course they’d heard. Other than Wanda, none were human.
She offered you a small smile from her position on a barstool, pencil drumming absentmindedly on the notepad she had on her lap. You wanted to stay focused on a friendly face, but the woman sitting up on the counter radiated so much power that it was impossible not to.
She appeared rather average in height and other than her green skin that marked her as a descendant of the earth elementals, you would have described her as a regular soldier. That was, if you’d had no sense of awareness. Something lurked behind her eyes that you’d never seen before and you could have bet your life on it not being from any of the 13 realms. There was only one person that Loki had described as terrifying.  That Hela had described as an abomination. This had to be Gamora. When she caught you staring, her lips pulled into a razor-sharp grin, but she didn’t say anything.
The Dark Elf you’d seen in the courtyard weeks ago sat in the chair below, booted feet propped up casually on the table in front of him. Up close the prosthetic arm looked even more impressive, a glinting black series of metallic plates. He grinned as if he could tell exactly how you felt about the woman sitting behind him. The smile lit up his already handsome face, but even that wasn’t enough to distract you from the thought that the only way for a Dark Elf to have lost an arm was for it to have been ripped off.
The other woman in the room, the angel, stood in the corner, dark blue wings tucked in tightly behind her. Despite their massive army, the angels were depicted as calm and peaceful protectors of the realms. She was nothing like that. Her features were sharp and brutal, her eyes were harsh. She looked like a woman who picked fights — and won them. She was the angel you’d seen yelling at Loki the other day.
“Everyone, I want you to officially meet YN,” Loki nodded toward you as if they hadn’t been staring at you already, “YN, this is everyone. Wanda Maximoff you already know, the woman on the counter is Gamora, sitting is Bucky Barnes and brooding in the corner is Nebula.”
You stared at Wanda as if seeing her for the first time. There was only one Wanda Maximoff in the 13 realms that was of any importance, and that was the Wanda that was heir to the Zephys throne. She’d defected before you were born, her twin brother leading the realm since he came of age. No one really knew where she’d gone, but it seemed she’d been right in front of you all along. Wanda shot you a tight smile. You weren’t ready to return it. You understood why she hadn’t said anything, but you couldn’t help feel a little betrayed. Especially that she — and apparently the rest of them — knew about your ruse and hadn’t said anything.
“So,” you stared them all down one by one, “you must be the Court of Mischief.”
“Did you really have to tell her?” Groaned the Dark Elf — Bucky.
“Unfortunately she already knew. It wasn’t my doing,” Loki motioned for you to take a seat anywhere, “and speaking of things she knows, she knows,”
There wasn’t a free seat where you could clearly see everyone in the room and the exit so you stayed where you were, leaning against the doorframe.
“About time. Pulling this whole thing off would have been hard even if you’d told her about it the moment she broke in,” something about his voice told you that this wasn’t the first time he said this, “it’s not like it was going to be anywhere near easy…especially with her looking like she’d about to gauge your eyes out.”
“That’s love,” you grunted.
“When the council asks, maybe say it with a little more conviction,” he offered with a smirk.
“I can’t help it if there are several other things I’d rather say with more conviction.”
He tilted his head as if he was listening to something. The the lights flickered as if the word darkened around him for a moment, but it was gone before you could think anything of it.
His smile was firmly in place when he said, “get whatever you have to say out of your system now, YN. Or at least do it while I can watch you cuss out Loki.”
“Where should I start?”
He inspected Loki, his blue eyes lighting up, “why don’t you start with his hair. He looks like he spent the past year living in the woods on his own.”
You looked over at Loki’s mess of wavy dark hair that fell to his shoulders. You actually thought it suited him, not that you’d ever say it aloud.
“Like a moss troll,” you agreed instead, “do you think I should cut it?”
He leaned further back in his chair as if he was trying to get a better look at Loki, “can you cut hair?”
He grinned, “then absolutely.”
His smile was infectious and you couldn’t help but return it. There was something easygoing and familiar about him that, for some reason you couldn’t put your finger on, reminded you of Nat. It was probably the reason you instantly liked him.
“Sweetheart,” Loki drawled, “if you wanted to run your fingers through my hair so badly, all you had to do was ask.”
He was sitting in a posture that was almost identical to Bucky’s, with his hands behind his head as if he were lounging in a bed. They seemed to take up most of the kitchen with their tall, square bodies and long limbs that they should have been intimidating if it weren’t for the boyish smirks on their faces. You’d never seen Loki this relaxed. Actually, when you thought about it, the whole room was missing the air of tension that seemed to fill the rest of the palace. You wanted to let yourself give into the feeling, but you couldn’t forget what you were doing and who was waiting for you in Niflheim.
“Would you really let me that close to your head with a pair of scissors?” You asked, your earlier promise fresh in your mind though you weren’t feeling quite so stabby anymore.
His green eyes focused on yours, some of that playfulness gone. It was replaced by something you couldn’t quite name, but something you couldn’t look away from either, “Yes. I trust you.”
The rest of the room seemed to fall away until Loki was the only thing in focus. You searched his expression for anything that might tell you whether or not he was lying, but his face gave nothing away. You couldn’t say that you trusted him, but then again, if you were going through with this bargain, then some part of you had to believe him.
“There are scissors in the drawer behind me,” announced Wanda happily, breaking the strange staring contest you were having.
“Do I need to remind you all that the first trial is tomorrow?” the angel — Nebula — barked, grabbing everyone’s attention, “you’re never going to pull this off if we don’t start taking this seriously.”
Everyone still had smiles on their faces and Wanda’s hand was still in the drawer until Gamora whispered, “she’s right.”
The whole room froze faster than if she if she’d screamed the words, killing the conversation as if it had never happened.
“The first trial is harder than the second, barely easier than the final one,” Nebula continued, pushing off the wall. She stopped at the table, palms flat on the worn out surface, looking between you and Loki, “if you fail this, Hela will take the throne.”
Bucky tilted his head, looking up at Gamora, “how set in stone is their failure?”
Gamora’s eyes clouded over, but it was so quick you almost missed it, “it’s still blurry.”
Loki’s court let out an audible sigh. You didn’t understand much of what had just happened, but you figured by their relief that you weren’t completely doomed. You also knew that you would have to ask Loki later if Gamora was a seer. Now wasn’t the time but it was something you should know.
“Anyone have any ideas of what the trial might be?” Loki asked.
“How about we start with telling me what to expect instead?” you interjected, unable to keep the annoyance from your voice.
“We can’t tell you much,” Wanda said with a sad smile, “sometimes it can be something big and life-threatening and other times it can be as boring as two people sitting in a room. Officially, the trials call for a Seer to decide each trial, but there hasn’t been one since,” she stuttered and took in a deep breath, “since Queen Freya.”
It was no secret who she was talking about, so there was only one reason she could have had for pausing. You didn’t know what it was, but it couldn’t be good. And even though you were still pissed at Loki, for some reason you didn’t want to make things more uncomfortable for him, so you took the opportunity to get more information about the possible Seer in the room.
You nodded toward Gamora, “why can’t she do it?”
Gamora raised her brows, dark eyes zeroing in on you. It almost made you regret having the audacity to ask the question.
“Now, now, Gam,” Bucky grinned up at her, “it was an innocent question. No need to kill her with your stare.”
Your eyes must have widened because Wanda added, “she can’t actually do that.”
“Anymore,” Gamora whispered ominously.
Loki shot them all pointed looks and turned back to you, “Gamora isn’t officially a citizen of Asgard. Even if she wanted to do it, she couldn’t.”
You nodded, glad to have your suspicions confirmed, “and how long are the trials supposed to last?”
“Anywhere between a few minutes and a full day,” Wanda tapped her pen a few times, “though most of my research showed that a few hours was the average. There hasn’t been a series of trials in any of our lifetimes. So we can’t tell you for sure.”
“How many cases have there been?” you asked, “you people live thousands of years.”
“And how dangerous is it?”
“Only one couple died,” she answered grimly.
Her words didn’t ease the knot in your stomach, but they didn’t make it any worse either, “that’s not bad odds.”
“That couple was fey, not human,” Wanda pointed out, “you’re coming in at a disadvantage, YN.”
All Loki had said was that you’d have to convince the council you were in love, but the trials weren’t designed for someone like you — or at least the person you had to be while you were here. You weren’t meant to get through this. You looked down, your eyes catching the small bump where the frigid pendant lay on your chest. But maybe you still had enough of the real you left to make it out of this alive.
“I can’t afford to lose,” you said, “what do I need to do?”
Tumblr media
“This might be a silly question,” YN asked once they’d filled her in as much as they could, “but is it safe to be talking about this here? You told me the walls have ears.”
Loki ignored the look Nebula shot his way and explained, “the kitchen is warded with spell magic. Only the people in this kitchen can hear what we’re saying.”
She sighed, blowing loose strings of hair from her face. He wasn’t fooled into thinking she wasn’t still angry with him, even if she smiled along with Bucky and Wanda from time to time. She’d never even moved from her spot by the door. YN was a mixed bag of emotions with a knot so tight that Loki felt like he hadn’t even come close to unraveling it. But she never bothered to hide her anger from him, which meant that he caught every glare sent his way in between the smiles and the questions she shot at his court.
Loki wouldn’t breath easy until the first trial was over, but now that she knew about the trials, he was starting to think that maybe his half baked plan wasn’t completely insane. And she kept impressing him at every turn, so maybe they really could do this. He couldn’t afford to otherwise. He didn’t know what Hela was planning, but Gamora had warned him that it would end in war. Loki owed it to his people — and his brother — to make sure that didn’t happen.
“So that’s it then?” she asked, “there’s nothing more we can do until the trials?”
“That’s it,” said Wanda.
Wanda had taken to wandering around the room as they’d helped YN get ready, and she’d only become more of a whirlwind of movement since. The cool breeze that accompanied her wasn’t unwelcome in the heat of the kitchen, but something else was on her mind, that much was clear. Loki wasn’t sure that it was something they’d get into while YN was around.
Another bread roll floated over to Wanda as if she’d forgotten that she still hadn’t gotten to the one that was in her hand.
YN stared at the floating roll suspiciously, “whose magic is that?”
Wanda snapped out of her thoughts as if she’d been physically poked, “mine. Why?”
“That’s elemental magic, right? Not fey?”
It still annoyed Loki that he knew next to nothing about YN, but one thing he knew for sure was that her awe and confusion regarding magic was real. Wherever she had come from couldn’t have had much. Which was basically every realm. Well that narrowed it down.
“Oh,” Wanda smiled, seeming pleased to start a conversation to which she actually knew the answer. Loki knew there hadn’t been much of that lately, “yes, elemental. Fey magic is complicated and I don’t use much of it. My own abilities work fine for me.”
Her eyes widened slightly and she whispered, “so anyone can harness magic…”
“To an extent,” Loki interrupted before she could get her hopes up, “it depends on how resilient the body. Harnessing magic is draining and certain races can handle magic better than others.”
“So what you’re saying is that I can’t use magic,” she huffed, scratching her ear.
Loki wasn’t sure he wanted to tell her the truth, but they needed to start trusting each other more. At least a little bit. What better way than this?
“No, you can, but only simple spells that won’t take a toll on your body,” at the sight of her furrowed brows, he continued, “when you harness magic that’s beyond your physical abilities to contain, it takes from the body instead. Depending on the difference, it could kill you.”
She nodded but stayed quiet.
“On that lovely note, don’t you two have somewhere to be?” Bucky asked.
“Unfortunately yes. Nebula, before I go, we should talk,” Loki knew the answer to his next question before he asked it, “YN, do you want an escort back to your room?”
“No,” she scoffed then seemed to realize how harsh it sounded and sucked in a long, slow breath. If anything, he could say that she was trying now. He almost preferred it the other way around.
“Actually, I was planning on making soup and I could use a hand while Sterling’s busy,” said Wanda.
YN paused then shrugged.
Wanda offered her arm, dipping her chin slightly so that only Sterling could see as they left the kitchen. His team was looking after her, at least that was one small mercy.
Bucky stood, his control over the Brollochan loosening now that YN was gone. They pooled around his ankles and swirled upward, pleased that their leash was no longer so tight, cooling and sucking the joy from the air around them. But Bucky’s back was straight, shoulders back, his chin lifted as he approached, the weight of his curse only apparent in the leeches that clung to him.
“I’m headed to Nidavellir. I got word from the Dwarves that Hela had a meeting with the Dwarven King and I want to know what she was doing,” he said.
Loki nodded and Bucky vanished before his eyes, leaving an eerie feeling behind.
Nebula crossed her arms, staring daggers at him, unflinching, as always, in the wake of the Brollochan.
“Nebula,” he began.
She didn’t let him try to come up with an excuse, “you’re being reckless. That human isn’t prepared for this and it’s not all her fault.”
Loki knew he probably could have handled the whole situation better, but he just didn’t know how to. He ignore the feeling of helplessness creeping in, telling himself that it was the after effects of the Brollochan.
“I know. But maybe you can help her.”
Nebula’s eyes narrowed, “Help her with what?”
“Defending herself.”
Her wings flared out and she grit her teeth to pull them back in, “I’m commander of your army, Loki. We both know a war is coming. I don’t have time to train her.”
“And you think I do?” he countered.
“I know you do.”
Obviously she hadn’t bought his pathetic excuse of a lie, but if he couldn’t lie to her, maybe he’d be able to convince her with the truth, “if they see me training her, it’ll look suspicious.”
“I thought you said she was a decent fighter,” said Nebula, “and anyways, you training her will look no different than the two of you sparring.”
Loki stayed where he was, but pinned his commander with his stare, “the council is getting more bold. They put poison in her breakfast yesterday.”
“Did you tell her?”
“Good,” she said with a slight nod, “and there’s nothing I can do to train against poison.”
“I need to make sure she lives.”
“Then do it yourself.”
Tumblr media
“I didn’t realize you were an airy,” you peeled the carrot slowly, keeping your eyes focused on the task, “explains quite a few things though.”
You’d given up trying to listen in on Loki’s conversation with Nebula and decided to focus on the person who hadn’t exactly lied to you, but hadn’t been all that honest either. Though you couldn’t blame her for not telling you she who she was. She was the rightful heir to the Zephys’ throne and she’d run away from it — or so the rumours went. You would have kept quiet in her position as well. Though you hoped she would be in a more talkative mood now. You might have still been furious about the trial tomorrow, but your anger was losing a battle against fear, and that was so much worse than any surprise you’d gotten today.
“I knew you’d figure it out eventually,” she said, and you you knew she wasn’t talking about her race.
“You could have mentioned it before and it wouldn’t have changed a thing,” you doubted she would ever understand how true your words were, “royalty doesn’t exactly impress me.”
She smiled, “I’ve noticed.”
You began to chop the carrots, the repetitive motion stirring something in your brain, “so that means you technically outrank Loki.”
“Technically,” she muttered, not seeming too enthused by it.
You were surprised by how much you hated seeing the expression on her face, “anyone else have a secret past I don’t know about?”
“They all do,” she said, “but those aren’t my stories to tell.”
You nodded and got back to the chopping, mulling over what you’d learned. Loki’s court was powerful and you still didn’t know the extent of it. You had no clue who or what Gamora was, only that she was slightly — really — terrifying and oozed a scary amount of power. Loki’s master of information should have been queen of the Airies. You didn’t know who Nebula and Bucky were but there was no doubt in your mind that they were just as powerful. And yet, something scared them enough that they’d needed to rope a complete stranger into their plans. You weren’t dumb enough to think that Hela was their only problem either. You had a sinking suspicion that whatever was going on under the surface was somehow connected to Odin wanting the Hand. The two were too important to be a coincidence. You knew you could warn them, but you’d never leave with the Hand if you did.
You stole a glance at Wanda. She looked no different than she had yesterday, her long red hair falling in soft waves around her face as she chopped the onions. But it was as if you were finally seeing her for the first time. With power like hers, she could be the most dangerous person in the room. Yet she was their scholar…why?
“Aren’t you going to ask what happened?”
You straightened, shocked into thinking she’d just read your mind. Then you realized she was asking about her exile. Her shoulders were pushed back and her chin was high, but her movements were more jittery than usual. You didn’t know what the real story was, but you weren’t about to press. It didn’t matter how she’d gotten here or why. The past was safer left where it was. You sure as despair in the seven hells didn’t want your past dug up and you couldn’t imagine she did either.
“No I’m not,” you rolled another onion her way, “but I am going to ask if you’re happy here.”
“Having second thoughts about staying?” she asked with a watery smile.
Nat was too important to even consider leaving.
You shook your head, “just asking. Because if the highest ranked court member isn’t happy, then, as the lowest, how am I supposed to be?”
“You’re not the lowest,” she affirmed in a way that made you want to ask who was, “and even if you were, it wouldn’t matter. You’re going to be queen in a few moons.”
“Don’t remind me,” you muttered.
She chuckled, “you’ll do fine.”
“I’d better,” the thought of failure made you feel sick to your stomach, “but you still didn’t answer my question.”
You weren’t sure why you wanted to know so badly, but it somehow felt important. You stopped your chopping and really looked at her, waiting for an answer.
“I am,” she finally answered, and I didn’t doubt it for a second.
“Good. So I guess there’s still hope for me.”
The gown Valkyrie had sent over while you were in the kitchen this afternoon could have been armour. Black and silver with a bodice made of leather, the only way it qualified as a gown were the floor length skirts that would have gotten you killed in battle. But here, they were perfect. Here, in the council room, they were a different kind of armour that you were extremely thankful for.  
“We do need to discuss what happens if she dies,” the eldest councilman stated calmly. Not as if they were talking about life threatening situations or anything.
The plates had just been cleared away after a very awkward dinner, and the moldy old rats were finally getting down to business. And honestly, you were getting more than a little fed up with people casually mentioning your death. You lifted your chin a little higher. It wasn’t enough to make them believe that you and Loki were in love. You needed to make them believe that you were their future queen. You stared them down one by one.
“I don’t think impossibilities need to be dealt with,” Loki said.
Helio smirked, “she’s human. Has love made you so blind that you cannot see that it’s much more likely that she’ll die a horrible death? Seems your reasoning fell away with your title.”
“I believe the loss of it has only made me wiser,” Loki turned to you, “what do you think, sweetheart?”
“I think you’re an idiot either way.”
Was what I wanted to say.
What I actually said was, “I think that if these trials are truly a test of true love, then you could never be more right.”
His eyes lit up with laughter, but he kept it together enough to say, “with you, everything’s been so right, nothing’s ever been wrong.”
You wanted to roll your eyes at the absurdity of his words but a smile grew on your lips, threatening to turn into laughter as well. You were pretty sure the stress of it all was getting to your head and you were afraid that if you let even a giggle out, it might morph into something hysterical.
You put a hand over your heart, “we’re meant for this.”
“Together, how can anything go wrong?” Loki added, not one to be outdone.
You were going to add another cheesy line to the mix but Helio had clearly had enough.
“It’s time to swear in to the trials, Loki,” he stated like one of your old school teachers trying to get control over the babbling bunch of idiots you were.  
All humour vanished from Loki’s face, “I don’t want YN doing it.”
“Both of you,” he sneered.
Every instinct you possessed begged you to stay far away from any kind of magical promise. Loki had only sealed your bargain with a human’s handshake. And not only did he also not want you to be a part of this one, but he hadn’t decided that for you. He’d only stated what he wanted. Loki was giving you the chance to choose for yourself. You needed to convince the council you were in love and if this was the only was to do it, then you’d get through it.
“It’s okay, Loki,” the words tasted sour in your mouth, “I’ll do it.”
He sighed and seemed to swallow the words he wanted to say before finding new ones, “I want to remind you, YN, that by swearing in, if I die, you face a death sentence as well.”
You couldn’t believe how barbaric these people were. The gods should have created an eighth layer of hell specifically for them. Only the minute odds of a powerful fey like Loki dying kept the placid look on your face. At least you hoped it was still there when you said, “I can’t let you be the only one to swear in.”
“All I face is exile,” he rushed the words, “Please—”
Helio cut in gleefully, “She doesn’t have a choice.”
“No I don’t,” you agreed, to both of their surprises, “if I had to live, exiled, with the knowledge that you died during these trials then it would be a fate worse than death,” you stared at Loki, hoping he understood how much you needed this chance at the Hand, “we do this together.”
Loki pursed his lips and turned to Helio, “we don’t have to do this part.”
“Oh I truly think we do,” he practically giggled.
Five windows. There were five windows in this room. You’d counted them all three times but it hadn’t made you want to punch Helio in his perfectly symmetrical face any less.
Loki extend his hand across the table. You took it, oddly comforted by the steady weight of his hand in yours. What little comfort you felt was shattered by the fear that he’d just manipulated your emotions, but you pushed the thought away. He could only do so by pulling on memories. None good had surfaced.
He gave your hand a soft squeeze and stood from the table, leading you toward the older councilman who had a small blade in his hand. You felt like you were going to throw up. Blood magic. You didn’t need to be an expert at magic to know how binding this kind of magic was.
Loki lifted your hands but motioned for the councilman to hold off. He turned all of his intense stare on you, his green eyes dark like the jungle at night.
“Are you certain you want to do this?”
You didn’t dare trust yourself to speak. The weight of the pendant on your chest reassured you that it was worth it, but the thought of losing your life when you still had Nat’s to protect made you want to crawl out of your skin. You nodded.
He opened his hand so that his palm was facing upward and you copied the motion. The councilman didn’t look for any kind of confirmation before chanting a series of words in the ancient tongue. He proceed to make a small slice on both your palms, but you barely felt it. He pressed your hands together and a chill ran through you. He said a few more words and then released your hands.
When you looked down, there was no sign that your skin had been cut at all. The only difference was a small black band that looked like a ring on both your middle fingers.
You took in a shaky breath and somehow managed to say, “and this is binding until the end of the trial?”
Helio grinned, taking it upon himself to answer, “not this time. This oath is for both of your lifespans.”
You walked — or more like you stomped — down the hallways, back to your rooms in silence, the air hanging heavy between you. Through clenched smiles and by gripping tightly onto Loki’s forearm, you somehow managed to dampen your anger long enough for him to continue with a few more pleasantries before you left the party. You hadn’t spoken another word after that damning question, only nodding politely or smiling. You didn’t trust yourself to say anything that didn’t begin with a slew of profanities.
Loki stopped at your door but you motioned for him to keep moving. When he stopped at his door, he raised a brow. He hadn’t once looked your way or indicated that he felt any kind of remorse about what had just happened. You didn’t know if that made you want to punch him more of less.
You wrenched open the door and practically shoved him through it.
“What kind of tradition is this?” you demanded once the door was shut tightly behind you, “how could you people think this is acceptable? They basically told me these trials would guarantee my death! They’re planning on killing us both!”
“You’re not going to die,” he said calmly.
“It’s barbaric!”
“We’ll find a way around it.”
You stomped up to him, “it’s a blood oath you idiot! How could you people do this?”
He leaned back against a dresser, arms crossed over his chest, “it wasn’t my decision. And yes, it’s barbaric. There’s a reason it hasn’t been done for centuries. Especially that there was never a reason for the council to care until Hela came back and challenged my rule,” he ran a hand through his hair, “actually, it’s a clever move on their part. With your lifespan and Thor gone…they’ve all but guaranteed that Hela will take the throne eventually. It’s the perfect failsafe.”
He didn’t say it, but you could hear it in his voice. It was a move he should have seen coming. But instead of anger, his eyes took on a far off look that looked like…sorrow. You still felt like you had liquid fire in your veins, but the council had done this, not him. He’d offered you a way out. He’d tried to stop it. So instead of asking how he was so calm about this or demanding he do something right away, you let out a long breath and let it all go — for now.
With the fight leaving you, you leaned against the wall and looked up at him.
“Who’s Thor?” you asked softly.
He froze, his gaze sliding over to you his only movement, “would you believe me if I told you nobody?”
“Not a chance.”
Not with the way he’d said the name. And judging by the fact that he hadn’t tried to lie to you, he knew that too.
His jaw clenched, “My brother.”
“You have a brother?” You asked, stupidly.
“Oh,” you breathed, “what happened?”
“Murder,” he said, voiced clipped.
His words felt like a punch to the gut and for a moment it felt like he had just told you Nat had been murdered while you were here pretending to play the loving future queen.
He was no longer looking at you, his hands clenched tightly into fists on his lap. You knew you should let it go, but you couldn’t help it.
“Do you know who did it?”
His eyes remained downcast, “No.”
You had a feeling he was lying but you weren’t about to press further. He’d already told you more than he had to.
Now that you were calmer, you realized you were actually in Loki’s room. For the first time. Of course, if you’d asked, he would have let you in, but you never had. It was strange to see all of the things that made him…well, a normal person. The dresser cluttered with pencils and ink and a mass of papers. The clothes folded neatly on the settee. The massive, tightly made bed.  
“You’re welcome to stay,” he offered with an infuriating smirk when he noticed where you were looking.
You rolled your eyes, “I’d much rather be in my own room thank you very much.”
“Unless it’s when you want to inspect mine.”
“I wasn’t inspecting,” you defended quickly.
He raised a brow.
“I was observing,” you corrected, “as one does in a new environment.”
“It feels more like inspecting to me,” his grin only grew, “but what do I know?” he spread his arms out, “observe all you want.”
You waved him off, “I’m good.”
You turned to go through the door connecting your rooms but felt like opening it would somehow mean more than opening an actual door so you went to the one that led out into the hallway.
You paused before the door, “you know, if tomorrow doesn’t kill me then I will kill you for keeping this from me.”
“I think it might make more sense for you to kill the people making you do this,” said Loki.
“Don’t worry,” you vowed, “I’ll kill them all.”
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eternallytoph · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Sam invites Bucky over to stay.
Warnings: Fluff, comfort, lots of feelings
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (Platonic)
Word Count: 2.6k
Tumblr media
“Don’t be mad at me...” Sam muttered while doing the dishes after lunch. “That sounds like something you’d say before I’m about to get mad at you” You chuckle while scrolling on your phone.
“I have a friend... he needs a place to stay for a while” Sam replies while finishing off the last plate. “Please don’t tell me it is who I think it is” You reply sternly while turning off your phone, making eye contact with Sam.
“I’m sorry...” he replies, barely above a whisper. “Why does he have to come here Sam? Can’t he stay at a hotel or something?” You whine in response, resting your head on the table.
“I’d feel better if he came here... he needs someone to look after him you know? He’s healing” Sam replies, resting his head on the table across from you “Do you think you can put aside your differences? Just this once? It’ll only be for a little while” he continues to plead.
“How long is a little while?” You reply muffled from your head resting on the table. “I’m not sure yet if I’m going to be completely honest” Sam replies hesitantly.
“Fine...” you whine out. Sam quickly lifts his head from the table in happiness. “Thank you,” he smiles. “Yeah, yeah, you’re lucky I love you” You smile back
Sam gets up from the table and plops down on the living room couch, turning on the TV to watch whatever’s playing. “Whatever happened between you two anyway?” Sam yells from his place on the couch.
You sigh, getting up from the table to join him on the couch. “Nothing specifically happened, ever since we met he’s just been kind of cold towards me. I always assumed it was because he hated me so I was just cold in return” You reply while playing with the hem of your t-shirt.
“Maybe you misunderstood, maybe he doesn’t hate you” Sam chuckles. “Well if he didn’t then, he definitely does now” You reply while resting your head on Sam’s shoulder.
“Think on the bright side, maybe this time together will allow you to fix it, make things better” Sam sighs. “Maybe you’re right, but I doubt he’s interested in fixing anything” You mumble before turning up the TV volume to watch the movie.
“He’s here!” Sam yells through the apartment, catching your attention through your closed bedroom door. You hear the door open and a muffled conversation between the two men. “Y/N!” Sam yells again, hinting for you to come out and say hi.
You quickly stand up from your bed and rush over to your bedroom door, throwing your phone onto the bed behind you before opening the door. Once you step out into the hallway you’re greeted by Sam wearing a huge smile. “Be nice” Sam mouths to you before walking back out into the living room.
Once you join them in the living room Bucky can be seen sitting on the couch with Sam beside him, Sam telling him a story about god knows what while Bucky just nods and listens. “Hey Bucky” You mutter, standing behind Sam.
“Hey” he sternly replies back. Sam nudges him and Bucky gives him an annoyed look. “Thanks for agreeing to let me stay here for a while” Bucky mutters again as Sam grins at the civil statement. “It’s no problem” You reply before walking into the kitchen and grabbing a glass of water.
“Hey Y/N!” Sam yells from the living room. “Yeah?” You shout back. “Would you be up for a movie night tonight? I rented that new Denzel Washington movie we wanted to watch” Sam replies in an excited tone. You walk back out into the living room, leaning on the wall before replying to Sam.
“Why do I feel like I don’t have a choice?” You chuckle lightly. Bucky looks you up and down with narrow eyes before turning back to Sam and nodding when he asks if he’s in. “You guys up to start the movie around 8?” Sam smiles. “Yeah, I’ll join you guys then” You smile before heading back into your room and flopping down onto the bed.
Once 8 o’clock rolled around you sighed and rolled out of bed, walking over to your dresser to pick a good outfit to lounge around in. You pulled out a loose pair of shorts and a not-so-form-fitting t-shirt to keep it comfortable. Once you finish pulling your shirt on, Sam knocks lightly on your bedroom door. “Hey, It’s me” he calls out.
“You can come in” You respond lightly. Sam smiles as he peaks his head in to check on you. “You coming out?” He smiles. “Yeah, I was just changing into something more comfortable” You smile back. You head towards the door walking out with Sam to join Bucky in the living room. He weakly smiles before turning his gaze back towards the TV.
“Should I make popcorn?” You ask Sam. “Well I don’t want any but Bucky might, why don’t you ask him?” Sam chuckles while nudging your shoulder. You sigh before looking over at Bucky, sitting on the couch. “Hey Bucky, you want popcorn?” You mumble. “Hm? Oh yeah sure” he mutters back without looking at you. You nod to yourself before heading back into the kitchen to make the popcorn.
Sam chuckles at your face when you re-enter the kitchen. “Progress” Sam chuckles. “He hates me” You sigh while grabbing the bag of popcorn from the cabinet. “He doesn’t hate you Y/N. He’s just quiet” Sam replies sympathetically. “Yeah.. quietly hating me” You chuckle. “You’ll warm up to each other, I know it” Sam smiles before walking back out to the living room.
You take a deep breath before joining the two back in the living room. Sam pats the spot beside him and you smile. You hand Bucky the bowl of popcorn and he simply nods in response, taking it from your hands. You turn off the light before plopping down next to Sam on the couch.
Sam’s breathing soon becomes deeper and you look over to see him asleep peacefully, head resting on the back of the couch. Bucky seems to also be asleep so you gently push yourself off the couch and tiptoe over to the balcony, pushing the glass door open and slowly closing it behind you to avoid waking Sam and Bucky.
You lean against the balcony railing and let out a deep sigh. A pressured feeling fills your chest and warm tears begin to fill your eyes, creeping down your cheeks leaving a chilling trail behind. Your breaths become more ragged and you use all your energy to keep your sobs silent in fear of waking the boys. You bring your hand to your cheek, wiping away the trails of tears that had fallen down your cheek.
“Why are you crying?” A voice asks from behind you. You snap your head around only to be met with his deep blue eyes. His hair was messy and he looked tired, skin flushed with a light pink almost like he was nervous. “I’m not” you mutter back. He slowly approaches you, leaning on the balcony railing beside you sighing as he looks out at the city.
“I wasn’t asleep, I saw you crying” he mutters back, keeping his gaze on the city in front of him. You let out a light gasp at his candour. “You were watching me?” You whisper, watching his side profile as he admires the city. “You seemed upset. I guess I was curious” he replies
Without a reply, you sigh and look back out to the city. He glances over at you with a sympathetic gaze. “So why are you crying?” He requested. You look back to him, meeting his gaze. Before you can look any longer he snaps his head back towards the city, avoiding eye contact.
“I guess I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t sleep and fresh air felt like the best remedy for both. It wasn’t” You reply honestly. “Why are yo-“ Bucky begins but is cut off by you. “Why do you hate me?” You blurt out. He looks over at you in pure confusion.
“Hate you?” He whispers. “Yeah. Why do you hate me? Did I do something? If I did, I’m sorry” you spit out, slightly rambling. “I don’t hate you Y/N” he sternly replies. You sigh and hold your head in your hands, massaging your temples in an attempt to relieve your stress.
“You’re stressing yourself out” he sternly sympathizes. “Yeah. I tend to do that a lot” you chuckle. He meets your gaze and you lightly smile at him. He tries to look away but can’t pull himself away from looking into your eyes. “Don’t smile at me like that” he mutters. Your smile drops and you look at him in confusion. “Like what?” You hesitantly ask. “I don’t deserve a smile like that” he replies in a whisper.
“Bucky…” you begin but he cuts you off. “Don’t. Don’t do that” he sternly replies, slightly raising his voice. “Don’t what? I want to help” you reply, mimicking his volume. “I can’t let you. I can’t accept your sympathy” Bucky mutters, slightly moving away from you. “But why?” You mutter back, voice slightly shaky.
“Because I don’t want to hurt you” he blurts out. “I have hurt so many people. More than you can count. Out of all the people in this world, you are one that I don’t want to hurt” he snapped. You look at him in pure confusion. All this time it always felt like Bucky hated you with every bone in his body.
His eyes soften when he sees your confusion and he lets out a sigh. “You really thought I hated you… didn’t you?” he sighs. “Well… yeah. How could I not think that?” You question softly. He sighs yet again and wipes his hand over his face before turning to you.
“I was afraid that if I let myself get close to you, that you would somehow get hurt. My best idea was to push you away and be distant, to keep you safe.” He stated. “After a while you became distant as well so I assumed that you hated me for what I was doing” he stammered.
“I just assumed you hated me, so I tried to grow cold towards you. It only became harder when you and Sam got closer.” You mutter in response. “When Sam told me you were coming to stay here I became worried because I thought you hated me and I would have to spend a bunch of time in my room so you and Sam could have your time together.” You gulp, replying honestly.
“I didn’t mean to make you sad. That was the opposite of what I wanted to do.” Bucky stammers, his face growing redder and eyes becoming glassy. He begins to stutter over his words and his voice becomes less clear. A single tear streams down his cheek as he tries to talk.
“Hey, hey it’s okay. Don’t push yourself. Take your time” you sympathize, keeping your voice as comforting as possible. “Is it okay if I touch you?” You ask gently, searching his eyes as you wait for an answer.
He nods as he presses his lips together, more warm tears staining his cheeks as you get closer. You gently rest your hand on his forearm and he sighs in relief at your touch. “I’m so sorry” he trembles.
“You don’t have to be. You were doing what you thought was best. Even though your plan was stupid.” You chuckle slightly, brushing your hand over his skin to comfort him. He chokes out a chuckle in response and nods. “You’re right… you’re always right” he replies.
You hesitantly bring your hand up to his face, wiping the tears that were staining his cheeks. “Don’t cry. Please don’t cry” you whisper. “I want to help Bucky. Do you want space?” You ask lightly. You slowly remove your hand from his arm, assuming he wants space. He quickly places his hand on top of yours, pressing it back into his skin. “Please, don’t leave me alone.” He stutters, voice filled with sadness and worry.
“Okay. Okay. I’m not going anywhere. Just take deep breaths with me.” You smile warmly. He sighs, keeping his hand pressed against yours, gently brushing his thumb back and forth against the back of your hand, taking in the softness of your skin. He follows your deep breaths as you comfort him with your touch. Once his breathing becomes regular and his eyes dry up slightly, he gently clears his throat breaking the silence that fills the air.
“I don’t want to do it anymore,” Bucky whispers. “Do what?” You ask gently. “I don’t want to spend any more time pushing you away.” He replies hesitantly. You smile at him once again, his eyes soften and his pupils dilate. “You don’t have to.” You smile back.
“Keep smiling at me like that.” He pleads, a smile creeping upon his lips. Your gaze fixates on his lips and he slightly leans closer. His eyes flickering between your eyes and your lips. “If I kiss you now… I will only want more.” He states in honesty. “I know that if I get the chance to kiss you once, It’ll make me want it for a lifetime.” He mutters.
A gust of wind swirls the air, rippling through the fabric of your clothing, sending a shiver down your spine. “Are you cold?” He asks gently. “Maybe a little, but I don’t wanna go anywhere. I wanna stay in this moment.” You stutter. He lightly chuckles at your honesty and smiles.
Bucky hesitantly lifts his metal arm, wrapping it around you, pulling you closer into his chest. You rest your head against the soft fabric of his shirt and listen to his steady heartbeat as he traces circles against your back. “Can I be honest with you?” He asks gently, the hum of his voice sending chills down your spine.
“Always” you reply softly. “You are the only person that I want to be close to” he states. Your heart fills with warmth as you pull your head from his chest, looking up into his eyes. “Really?” You ask in disbelief. “I could never lie to you” he chuckles.
You’re unable to fight the smile that creeps up on your face, your cheeks turning pink from his words. He smiles back at you as he lifts his arm, holding his hand under your chin and pulling you up to his lips. His scent wrapped itself around you filling your airway with the smell of cedarwood and eucalyptus. His lips were soft but the stubble on his face tickled your skin in the most perfect way. You pull away, admiring his face and he sighs at the loss of contact.
“Don’t pull away, not just yet” he smiles before pulling you in for another kiss. His lips are warm and when they’re entangled with yours, your entire body feels warm. You place your hand against his chest and he pulls away with a smile. He chuckles to himself when his eyes meet yours once again. “What’s so funny?” You smile.
“I was right. Now that I’ve done it once, I want it for a lifetime” he whispers against your skin. Chills shoot down your spine at his breath dancing on your skin. “Then for a lifetime it will be” you smile back.
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kram6496 · 6 hours ago
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Wanda’s eyes wander to the hospital ceiling, making small circles on her stomach, uttering a silent prayer. You’re right next to her, holding her hand and whispering sweet reassurances in her ear. Her eyes flutter just hearing your voice.
She turns to you, her face mere inches from yours. Both of you were hoping that this was the next step in your journey together. It had been difficult and even heartbreaking but this one visit might be the chance you’ve been waiting for.
The doctor walks in, with a smile on his face, “Good morning. Are you ready miss?”
Wanda swallows and nods. It’s really all she can do.
The doctor approaches and puts a small bit of petroleum jelly on her stomach. Wanda shutters from the icy feeling and grabs your hand.
“I’m right here, my scarlet rose.” You whisper in her ear. She leans her head against your shoulder.
The doctor pulls out a small scanner and moves it across the jelly. “Here we go.” He states matter of factly.
The nearby monitor picks up nothing. But then with a flick of the wrist, a small little dot comes into view. A smile makes its way across his face.
“Looks like a tiny passenger to me.” Wanda begins to laugh and tears begin to stream down her face.
You hug her close and tears form in your eyes. “There’s our baby.” Wanda whispers underneath her breath.
“Best sight I’ve ever seen.” You say. “Thank you, my love.” You kiss her forehead
“Congrats are in order but...” confusion crosses the doctor’s face. He moves the scanner again and another little form appears. “Looks like twins to me.”
Wanda begins to laugh. “Twins?”
“Boys or girls?” You wonder aloud.
Doctor scratches his head, “can’t tell yet. Big surprise though eh?”
You hug Wanda close, she smiles, “we did it babe. We’ll need to decide on names.”
“Billy and Tommy.” The names that immediately leave her mouth.
The doctor hands you a photo of your twins. Wanda and you share a smile. You guys are finally having your kids.
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multifandomwriter · 6 hours ago
Just a Distraction
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Request: “hi can you please write a sebastian x reader where they’re best friends but reader has been in love with him for a while. he currently has a gf and she’s just so hurt and suddenly she just blurts it out one day??? angst with a happy ending would be the best 🥺” - anonymous
Word Count: 3k
Warnings: mentions of being drunk/drinking, swearing
When it was six hours later and you still didn’t have a response, you decided to call your best friend’s girlfriend. Sebastian was your best friend and had been for about ten years. For the last year and a half, he had been dating a girl named Genevieve.
They both were hosting a barbecue for a bunch of friends tomorrow. You were trying to get ahold of Sebastian to find out if he needed you to bring any food with you to barbecue. He hadn’t replied, and you were running out of time to get to the grocery store.
So you called Genevieve. You were slightly nervous to call her. You had always thought that she didn’t like you very much. She had never done anything mean to you, but you both had only ever had one conversation in the year and a half of knowing each other.
It rang three times, and she finally picked up the phone.
“Umm hello?” She answered the phone. Your nerves went into overdrive once you heard her voice. “Hi, Genevieve? It’s Y/N” you said, doing your best to sound positive.
“I know. I have caller ID. What do you need?” She snapped, impatiently. You began to fidget with the ring on your finger, twirling it in circles.
“I was wondering if you and Sebastian needed me to bring any food to the barbecue tomorrow?” You asked, wanting the conversation to be over as quickly as possible.
You heard her sigh into the phone. “Listen, I told Sebastian not to invite you to this barbecue thing, but he told me we had to. So, since you already frustrate me, you should know that you should bring some food if you ever want me to like you. It’s unlikely, but I guess Sebastian likes you, so I have to keep inviting you to these events” she said, and you could envision her rolling her eyes at you.
You couldn’t believe what she was saying to you. For the first time, she didn’t have to limit what she said to you because Sebastian wasn’t three feet away. It felt like a joke. You didn’t think anyone would be that rude to someone they barely knew.
“I’m sorry that you don’t like me, but I don’t know what I did to deserve this kind of treatment” you said. You wanted Sebastian’s girlfriend to like you because you cared about his happiness, but you weren’t going to let her bully you.
She laughed over the phone. “You don’t know what you did? How about being the constant third wheel in my relationship with Sebastian. It’s like his world revolves around you. Like when I plan a romantic dinner for the night he comes back from filming overseas, and he leaves because you called and you’re going through a breakup. You totally take advantage of his kindness and his friendship, and you still try to act innocent” she scoffed, and then hung up on you.
The words stung. You knew none of what she said was true, but it still hurt. You and Sebastian had been friends long before he ever met her. He cared about you, but that’s only because you were best friends. That is what friends do.
You tried to ignore what she said. You still wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt because Sebastian cared about her for some reason. You assumed she was having a bad day, and let that serve as an excuse. So, you went out and bought food for the barbecue.
You knocked on Sebastian’s door, nervously. You were just praying Genevieve wouldn’t answer the door. That was the last thing you wanted to deal with right now. The door opened and revealed Sebastian standing there, with a giant smile on his face.
“Hey, how are you?” He asked, immediately pulling you into a hug. You had a fluttery feeling in your stomach as he wrapped his arms around you. “I’m doing really good. It’s good to see you” you said, smiling.
For the last five years, you may have had a little crush on Sebastian. Every time that you would get close to telling him, he would have a new girlfriend. So, you gave up on telling him. Besides, you didn’t want to lose him as a friend if you told him how you really felt.
So, you tried to ignore your feelings, but sometimes it was harder than others: like when you both would get drunk while watching movies at your apartment. You both would be constantly giggling, and he would brush a piece of your hair behind your ear. It was times like that when all you wanted to do was lean in and kiss him.
“Come in, come in” he said, opening the door farther. You stepped into the house and saw that a few people were already here.
“You can put the food in the kitchen” he said, leading the way. You followed him into the kitchen, and then saw Genevieve standing there, leaning against the counter.
She shot a glare at you, and then cupped Sebastian’s face and pulled him in for a kiss. You felt your stomach begin to churn. You had done your best to not get too jealous throughout their relationship, but normally all you had to see was them holding hands. Sebastian wasn’t the PDA-type. He usually restrained it to holding hands or an arm around the waist. This, was different.
It felt like Genevieve was doing it on purpose. You wondered if she possibly knew about your crush and wanted to make your life a living hell. You had never told anyone, so you didn’t know how she would know.
She pulled away from him and gave you a satisfied grin before walking past you. Sebastian seemed flustered. “So...uh yeah. You can put the food over here” he said, taking the bag from your hands. You noticed the blush appearing on his cheeks.
“Do you need any help with anything else?” You asked, desperately needing a distraction from what you just saw. He looked around and shook his head. “I think I’m good. Go have some fun!” He said, pulling you in for another short hug.
You left the kitchen and headed outside, where most people were hanging out. You spotted Chris and Anthony and decided to go talk to them. “Hey look. There she is: Sebastian’s other half” Anthony said, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. Chris smiled at you.
“No, I’m pretty sure Genevieve is his other half right now” you said, crossing your arms. You hadn’t meant to sound so jealous; it just slipped out. They both gave you confused glances. “Is someone feeling a little jealous?” Chris asked, smirking at you.
Anthony began to laugh as you got embarrassed. “How did you guys know?” You asked, shocked. They both just stared at you for a second, wondering if you were serious.
“How could we not? It’s very obvious. You never talk to Genevieve, and you can never stop smiling around Sebastian” Anthony told you, and you knew he was right.
“I don’t plan on talking to her ever again” you muttered under your breath. They both heard you. “What happened?” Chris asked, taking a sip from his beer.
You quickly shut your mouth as Genevieve walked over to the three of you. “Look at you two, my heroes. Thanks for keeping her busy and away from me” she said, before walking away.
Chris almost spit out his drink. Anthony’s eyes went wide. “Told you: never speaking to her again” you said, rolling your eyes. You tried to resist the tears welling up in your eyes. You didn’t know why her words had such an effect on you.
“Oh, come here” Chris said, holding out his arms to you. You accepted the hug and let yourself relax against his touch. “Don’t cry over her. She’s being a bitch” Chris said, rubbing your back.
“Y/N, you have to tell Seb. He would never let anyone talk to you like that. Why does she not like you anyway?” Anthony asked you. You pulled away from Chris and just shrugged. “I called her yesterday and she told me that I was a third wheel in their relationship, and that I was taking advantage of Sebastian’s friendship” you told them.
Both of their jaws dropped. “That’s not right, Y/N. You shouldn’t have to deal with that. Screw her, you’re his best friend” Chris told you. You nodded, knowing you shouldn’t care about what she said. “Clearly she’s jealous” Anthony said.
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “What do you mean?” You asked him.
“You and Sebastian are freakishly close, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but Sebastian would drop anything to be there for you. Maybe she thinks she has to compete with you for his attention” he explained. Sebastian started walking towards you, and you hit Anthony’s arm to make him be quiet.
“Hey guys, how are you all doing?” He asked, smiling. Chris and Anthony both gave you unsure looks. They didn’t know if you wanted to bring it up yet. You felt the tears starting to form again, so you turned your head and hoped he couldn’t see them.
“Actually—Y/N wanted to talk to you about something” Chris said. Sebastian looked towards you. You quickly wiped away your tears and faced him. “What’s wrong?” Sebastian asked, placing a hand on your waist. You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down.
“How about we go inside? We can talk there, okay?” He asked you. His voice was laced with concern. You nodded, and he wrapped his arm around your waist and brought you inside.
He pulled you into his bedroom, and you sat down on the bed. “What’s going on?” He asked you, softly. You went to answer him, and the door slammed open. You saw Genevieve standing there.
“Hey, I’ve been looking for you. I need your help with something” she said, grabbing his hand and trying to pull him away from you.
“Can it wait?” He asked her, looking back at you and your fragile state. She groaned. “You tell me” she said, flirtatiously. Then, she cupped his face and pulled him into a kiss.
You scoffed to yourself. You stood up and left the room, not saying a word to either of them. When you walked back outside to Chris and Anthony, they both had expectant looks on their faces. You told them what she had just done.
“When he comes back out here, we’ll talk to him for you” Anthony told you. You nodded, and then saw Genevieve come back outside. She started talking to someone a few feet away from you. You tried to ignore her. Then, you realized what she was saying.
You felt nauseous. She was talking to her friend about how good Sebastian was in bed. She was practically staring at you, and she clearly wanted you to hear her.
“This is too much” you said, walking inside the house. Chris and Anthony quickly followed behind you. “Y/N wait” they called after you. You turned around to face them, realizing no one else was inside.
“What the hell did I do to deserve this?” You yelled, breaking down into tears. Both their faces softened.
“You didn’t do anything” Chris said, softly. You ran your hand through your hair. “Then why is she such a bitch to me? I’ve tried to be so nice to her because I care about Sebastian, but I can’t do this anymore” you yelled.
Sebastian exited his bedroom and saw the three of you. “What’s going on?” He asked. He didn’t look concerned. All of his concern was just replaced by confusion.
“You know what? I’ll tell you. Your little girlfriend is a complete bitch” Chris said, finally snapping. Anthony held him back from going near Sebastian. “You better watch your tone. Who do you think you are?” Sebastian yelled back.
“Sebastian, back off. It’s not his fault. He’s standing up for me” you told him, honestly. He turned his attention to you now. “Well what did she ever do to you? You can’t just attack her like this. You don’t even know her” he snarled at you.
This was not the Sebastian that you were best friends with. “I know that she has done nothing, but belittle me. She doesn’t know me either” you snapped.
“It’s not her fault that’s you’re always around. She’s dating me, not you too. Maybe she doesn’t like that you’re always a third wheel, and sometimes you take advantage of how nice I am to you” he said, and you were beyond shocked. “Did she tell you to say that?” You asked, disappointed.
He looked confused. “What?” He asked, not answering the question. You rolled your eyes. “Genevieve said that exact thing to me yesterday” you told him. You saw the panic in his eyes as he realized you knew what you were talking about.
Chris and Anthony both left to give you two some privacy. “Well maybe she’s right” he said, shrugging.
“Do you even hear yourself? You’re just saying the words she put in your mouth. This isn’t you” you told him, disgusted at the man in front of you.
Sebastian was your everything, and you knew this wasn’t him. He didn’t act like this, ever. He was sweet and caring and considerate, but right now, he was acting like a monster.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about” he dismissed you. You laughed to yourself at how wrong he was. “Yes, I do. I know you. I’m your best friend, goddammit. I know you better than anyone, and you would never abandon your friends like this” you told him.
“So everything is my fault?” He asked you, throwing his hands up in the air. You sighed to yourself. “When you’re being a douche and a bad friend? Yes” you told him.
You wished you could just break through to him and make him understand.
“None of this would have happened if you didn’t care so much. We’d be fine if you just minded your own business. Why do you have to insert yourself into my relationship?” He snapped at you.
“I didn’t insert myself into anything. Your girlfriend has done nothing but attack my character. I’m allowed to stand up for myself without worrying about upsetting you. And—screw it. You want to know why I care so much? Because I’m fucking in love with you. I care so much because I don’t want to see you get hurt” you said, your voice getting softer.
Then, you saw that Genevieve had just entered the room. You froze, knowing she heard what you said. You looked back and forth between Genevieve and Sebastian. You noticed that the look on his face was softer than before, like he regretted the things he said.
“Well he loves me, not you. Tell her, Sebastian” Genevieve told you. You knew your heart was about to break; you could feel it.
He hesitated.
You looked towards him, trying to read his expression. “I...I can’t” he mumbled. Genevieve’s eyes widened, and you felt a small smile appear on your face. “Then, we are through” she said, storming out of the house.
“I sorry. I can’t believe I took her side over yours. You are my everything” he said, stepping towards you. You took a step back and saw the hurt in his eyes. “Please” he begged you, reaching out to hold your hands. You gave in and placed your hands in his.
“Would now be a bad time to tell you that I’ve loved you since the day we met?” He asked you. You froze in place, not believing what he was saying.
“If you loved me, why did you stay with her?” You asked him, seriously. He looked down at his feet, feeling embarrassed. “She was just a distraction” he practically whispered. It was like he was ashamed to answer the question.
“Distraction from what?” You asked, resisting the urge to kiss him.
He chuckled to himself. “The fact that I cared about you, and how much that scared me” he told you, honestly. You felt the butterflies in your stomach as he looked at you with that million-dollar smile.
Then, his expression changed. “Also, I want to apologize. I don’t even know what she said to you, but it fucking breaks my heart. You are perfect, and you shouldn’t listen to a thing that she said. I should’ve stood up for you. I was just scared that she would leave me, and without her, I knew I would end up confessing how I felt about you. I thought I would lose you” he told you, genuinely.
He moved his hands and cupped your face. You leaned in and finally connected your lips. You could feel him smile as he kissed you. “Stop smiling. I’m trying to kiss you” you teased, causing him to chuckle.
He placed a final peck on your lips and pulled away. “I’m so glad you’re finally mine” you said smiling up at him. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders. He led you outside where Chris and Anthony were waiting.
They looked relieved when they saw the both of you. “We’re good” you told them both, and they sighed.
“Good because we were ready to slap some sense into you, man” Anthony said, looking towards Sebastian. He chuckled and looked over at you. “You don’t need to do that. She got me back to my senses” he said, kissing you on the cheek.
“It’s about time you two got together. We’ve watched you two pining for each other for years” Chris said, chuckling.
“You’re telling me? It feels like I’ve waited a lifetime for this to happen” you said, feeling happier than you had in years. They both nodded, and looked at both of your lovestruck expressions.
“Look at you two, all young and in love” Anthony teased you, but he was right.
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marvelfanfiction · 7 hours ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 11, December 16, 1991, Pt. 3
Tony's POV:
Tony...I'm glad you're back at the compound. I don't like the idea of you rattling around a mansion by yourself. We all need family. The Avengers are yours. Maybe more so than mine. I've been on my own since I was eighteen. I never really fit in anywhere, even in the Army. My faith is in people, I guess. Individuals. And I'm happy to say that, for the most part, they haven't let me down. Which is why I can't let them down either. Locks can be replaced, but maybe they shouldn't. I know I hurt you, Tony. I guess I thought by not telling you about your parents...I was sparing you, but I can see now that I was really sparing myself. And I'm sorry. Hopefully one day you can understand. I wish we agreed on the Accords. I really do. I know you're doing what you believe in, and that's all any of us can do. That's all any of us should. Don't be so hard on Charlie. Her life has changed tremendously in the past few months, and I'm mostly to blame. She never wanted any of this to happen. She loves you Tony, you're like another father to her.
"Priority call from Secretary Ross" F.R.I.D.A.Y. announces. "There's been a breach at the Raft prison."
"Yeah, put him through." I reply.
"Tony, we have a problem." Ross's voice comes over the phone.
"Uh, please hold."
"No, don't."
I press down on the hold button. Watching the light blink, smiling to myself
So, no matter what...I promise you, if you need us...if you need me...I'll be there.
I turn down the envelope and an old flip phone slides out. Only one number installed. Steve.
Bucky's POV:
In a Wakandan lab a tech busies himself by wrapping my now missing metal arm. I sit in the clean, white, and smelling of disinfectant lab. Lost in thoughts. Steve walks in glancing around the room, and then I see her. Despite everything that's happened, all the turmoil she's faced, I still feel her warmth radiating from her, inviting me in. But not today. My heart pumps a little bit faster when I realize she's going to be gone, while I'm in deep sleep. I won't be there to protect her. She smiles in my direction, hazel eyes lighting up. Her eyes never leave mine.
They walk over to me and she places her tiny little hand over my own, tracing small circles with her thumb. Steve doesn't even pay it any mind, "You sure about this?"
I look down at her hand and over to Steve, "I can't trust my own mind." I look over to only her and huff out a laugh, turning back to Steve. "So, until they figure out how to get this stuff out of my head...I think going under is the best thing." I pull my hand out from under Charlie's, and take her own hand in mine, returning the gentle circles on her hand, "For everybody." I look into her hazel eyes. There's a sadness in her usual bright eyes.
Steve looks between us, seeing our interaction. "I've got to talk to the tech really quick." And walks away.
"Are you scared?" She innocently asks me.
"How long will you be frozen?"
"You missing me already, doll?"
Tumblr media
Charlie sighs finally looking into my eyes. "Every second you're not with me. Us." She motions towards Steve. "Doesn't make sense, does it?" I shake my head no and place a hand on her cheek. "Will you call when they wake you?"
"When they feel they've done all they could, of course."
"Do you think it will work?"
"I hope so." I look over to Steve, his back is turned and he's involved with whatever the tech is telling him. I lean over and kiss Charlie's cheek, forehead, and moving slowly to her lips. Leaving space between our lips, not actually touching, breathing each other's breath. I want to feel her one last time, but not now. She leans forward closing the gap before placing an innocent kiss on my lips. She pulls back. Her hazel eyes are shining brightly again as she blinks slowly smiling at me. She's stunning.
Steve strides back over as they put me in the chamber, "Wait...Charlie..." I place out my hand to her, she walks over taking it in her own and closes her eyes. I see that she's at peace for now. She has faith in my sabbatical in Wakanda. I see she's excited to see me when I wake. She opens her eyes, stepping back. A calm, peacefulness washes over my body. Her empathy soothed me so I can have tranquil rest in cryo sleep. She takes her place beside Steve, as he takes her hand in his. I close my eyes as they fill the chamber with cold. Until I see her again.
Charlie's POV:
Steve and I stand emotionless staring out at the Wakandan countryside, under different circumstances this would be an ideal place. Hand in hand, I look up at him for a moment. His usual blemish free face is patterned with cuts, scrapes, and bruises. His eyes hold a scarring that wasn't caused by something physical, but a true hurt of feeling he lost a friend. I rub on his hand feeling the battered knuckles under my fingertips.
Gentle footsteps walk up behind us, I turn, T'Challa. "Thank you for this." Steve responds, eyes never leaving the window.
"Your friend and my father...they were both victims. If I can help one of them find peace..."
"You know, if they find out he's here..." Steve's hand tightens around mine. I use my other hand to rub his arm, trying to calm him. He loosens his grip and looks down at me, but talking to T'Challa, "they'll come for him."
"Let them try." T'Challa confidently answers, looking out at the country.
Steve finally looks back to T'Challa thanking him one last time. "You ready, princess?"
"Yes, Captain." I smile and we start to leave.
"Actually, can I have a word with her before." Steve nods, knowing he wants to speak alone.
"See you on the jet." He turns and walks away.
Once he's fully out of sight T'Challa turns his attention to me, "Sergeant Barnes asked me to have a word with you in private. He mentioned something about an empathy power you have?" I nod. "And you two have a connection?" Again, I nod. He hands me a phone. "He wanted a way for me to contact you directly. When he was ready. He thought he might like to speak with you one on one when he wakes."
I take the phone from him looking up at him. "You mean not let Steve know."
"When that time comes you will know if you want to mention it to your Captain or not." He turns and walks away, and I turn and head towards the jet, and Steve. My Captain.
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marvelfanfiction · 7 hours ago
Man out of Time: Chap. 11, December 16, 1991, Pt. 2
We enter into a big room, that's more round in shape and tall structures tower above us. Again, it's too quiet. We all glance around at our setting. A pit forms in my stomach, this can't be good. The doctor has already been successful in deceiving us once. We can't afford to make the same mistake. The cryo chambers are dimly lit, and noisy. Are the soldiers still in there? But Tony only saw one heat signature.
"If it's any comfort, they died in their sleep." A voice comes over a speaker. We all take another look around; all the soldiers have a single bullet in their skull. "Did you really think I wanted more of you?"
Bucky stiffens beside me. "What the hell?" His knees are bent as he circles around trying to locate where the doctor is hiding.
"I'm grateful to them, though. They brought you here." A light comes on in a tiny observation room, revealing the doctor. Tony points his hand at the room, while Steve throws his shield, only for it to bounce back to him. He returns it to his arm with a grunt. "Please, Captain. The soviets built this chamber to withstand the launch blast of UR-100 rockets."
"I'm betting I could beat that." Tony calls to him arrogantly. Bucky and my body shuffles to the other side of the room. My eyes never leave the doctor's cold eyes sneering down at us.
"Oh, I'm sure you could, Mr. Stark. Given time. But then you'd never know why you came." He's toying with us.
"You killed innocent people in Vienna just to bring us here?" Steve marches even closer to the doctor, causing me to tear my gaze from him and look only at Steve.
Tumblr media
The doctor catches my eyes watching Steve and smirks over at me, before only addressing Steve, "I've thought about nothing else for over a year. I studied you. I followed you. But now that you're standing here...I just realized...there's a bit of green in the blue of your eyes." He turns his head towards me as he releases a manically chuckle. He knows Steve is my weakness, and I'm guessing he knows Bucky now is as well. "How nice to find a flaw."
Steve ignores his constant glances towards me and Bucky. His eyes bore into the doctors. "You're Sokovian." He states. "Is that what this is about?"
"Sokovia was a failed state long before you blew it to hell. No. I'm here because I made a promise."
Steve looks the doctor up and down. "You lost someone." I see the guilt ripple across his face.
"I lost everyone. And so will you." Again, he turns towards me and Bucky sneering. "Although it appears you've already lost one. Unless, you think you can share." The doctor scoffs. Steve looks at us while the doctor turns around, he pushes a button, powering on a monitor. "An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumbles from within? That's dead. Forever."
Steve is the first to reach the screen. He stands motionless, eyes not blinking. Tony looks only at Steve's face as he makes his way over. Bucky uses his hand and guides me to the screen, creating a protective stance. His rifle never leaving where the doctor is standing.
Tony's eyes finally leave Steve's as he looks at the monitor. Pain flashes in his eyes and he looks between Steve in the monitor. I move the tiniest bit closer, and Bucky grabs my elbow, urging me to stop. I don't comply. I look at the screen and between Tony and Steve. I don't understand.
"I know that road." Tony's voice finally breaks to unnerving silence. Tony looks at me confused and hurt. I want to take his hand and use my empathy but his suit has his flesh covered. "What is this?" He shouts to the doctor.
The doctor is silent. Steve and Tony's eyes never leave the screen. Bucky pulls on my elbow a bit; I look up at him. There's terror in his eyes. I position myself back to where he's pulling me. Away from the monitor. He whispers, "Doll." Under his breath, and I see the doctor, staring. I don't like this.
My eyes focus on Tony. Whatever is on the screen has hurt him. His eyes brim with tears and he can't remove his eyes from whatever is happening. I feel the need to go closer, and Bucky holds me back. I comply. Steve removes his eyes from the screen and stares only at Tony. Hopelessness lingers in his eyes, and then Bucky looks at Tony. I feel I'm the only one out of the loop, but Bucky looks sorrowful. He couldn't have? Tony's parents died in a car wreck. But why would the doctor be showing us this, unless?
"Help my wife." I hear a man's voice on the monitor. "Please. Help....Sergeant Barnes?" The voice on the screen confirms my suspicions. I give Bucky's hand a squeeze and place myself between him and Tony, my body tenses up, and I ready my hand guns. It wasn't Bucky. That was the Winter Soldier. He had no control over his mind or body. He was a weapon that Hydra used.
"Howard!" No! I know how close Tony was to his mom. He put her on a pedestal. Tony glares at Bucky and then at me and my defensive stance over him. Hurt crosses through his eyes when he realizes the truth and my reaction to it. Bucky's eyes briefly meet Tony's before Tony looks back at the screen to watch his parents' demise. "Howard!" Another scream from Maria. I see Tony's heart shatter through his eyes. Tears creep back to his into the brim of his eyes. He refuses to let them fall. If only I could use my empathy, I could make him understand that wasn't Bucky.
Steve briefly looks back at the monitor before sighing and looking back at Tony, he too wants Tony to realize it wasn't Bucky. Bucky wouldn't do that. Tony quickly advances on me and Bucky causing us both to flinch back, my hands briefly pull up to point my guns at Tony, until I meet his eyes, and my arms go limp.
Steve grabs at Tony's arm. "No, Tony."
Tony searches for the words to say to Steve. He's paralyzed. "Did you know?" He whispers.
"I didn't know it was him."
Tony was taken off guard. "Don't bullshit me, Rogers. Did you know?"
Tony jumps back from Steve. He looks at him as if he's never met him before. Like he's a stranger. Bucky tries to get in front of me to block myself from Tony and I shift, refusing him to be between us. Tony's eyes find mine. "How could you choose him? Them?" He points between the two super soldiers; I shake my head not knowing what to say.
Tony's body tenses before he turns back to Steve hitting him in the jaw, flinging Steve's body to the ground. My body shifts to go after Tony? To help Steve? "No." Steve says. I comply, and stand my ground.
Tony turns a Repulsor towards me and Bucky firing, and barely misses. Tony knocks me away from Bucky, wrapping a hand around his neck and flying off with him. He slams him on the floor before stomping on his arms causing him to scream out. Steve throws the shield at Tony, distracting him from Bucky.
Tony and Steve begin to fight, while I run to Bucky, standing over him, pistols aimed at a now advancing Tony. Steve attempts to distract him again, but Tony throws a device at Steve that binds his legs. Bucky takes the opportunity to use his left arm to start punching Tony. Tony picks him up again flying him to a wall before pushing his back into it. I throw the shield at Steve and run towards Tony firing at him. He doesn't pay me any mind, but Bucky is able to use the cybernetic arm to crush Tony's hand.
He aims at Bucky's face, and thankfully Bucky pushes his arm away at the last second. Steve is able to break the bonds with his shield as he rushes towards me. The shot Tony fired however is causing the structures in the room to topple. Steve pushes us out of the way of the falling debris. It falls trapping Tony, for the time being and we stand trying to locate Bucky. He stands spotting us, "Go with him." He pleads. I run over to Bucky as Steve shouts, "Get out of here!"
Bucky and I run to find an exit, but Tony escaped the debris and, is on a mission, to kill Bucky Barnes. We change the direction we're running, right before Tony fires his Repulsor right at our heels. Steve jumps down in front of Tony trying to give us a window to escape. "You ok, doll?" I nod my head. He hits a button that opens up a trail of ladders to the roof. We begin our climb up, never looking back.
I use my ears to figure out where Steve and Tony are. I hear Tony's suit lift off before Steve's pleading voice, "It wasn't him, Tony. Hydra had control of his mind!"
"It wasn't him!"
"Bucky, we have to hurry!" Bucky intensifies his speed. I glance back for a moment to find Steve holding on to Tony's leg, as Tony tries to fly towards us.
I hear Tony in the shaft and look down. One of his boot jets seem to be down, because he's not making a smooth flight to us. But he's still gaining on our location. Bucky jumps over to the other side, trying to distract Tony from me, "No!"
Tony catches up with him knocking him down a few levels on another landing. His Repulsor powers up as he begins to fire at Bucky and Steve jumps in front blocking him with the shield. It ricochets back to Tony, knocking him down.
Steve helps pull Bucky back up into a standing position. "He's not gonna stop. Go." Bucky looks over towards me and begins jumping up. We finally meet back up and begin our climb to the top. Steve stands and waits to try and stop Tony. I hear a loud groan and look down. Steve is pulling Tony back to the bottom before the crashing at the bottom. Bucky throws me up to a level as we near the top and jumps up himself. We're almost there.
I hear more noise coming from below, "Doll, just get to the top!" Bucky shouts at me before I'm able to look back down. It hurts me to see Tony with murder in his eyes, and it's focused just on Bucky. We reach the top and Bucky goes to push me up to climb over, we hear something fly past as it makes contact with the cover of the shaft. Bucky looks over to see it coming down and pulls me down with him. Just before the top closes on us. We land on a lower level, both letting out a groan. "Are you hurt, doll."
"No." I jump up, giving him my hand to help him stand. Before he grabs my hand, we notice Tony flying up. He grabs a pipe smashing it across Tony's chest. In the scuffle Tony hits me knocking me down a few levels and he twists Bucky into a chokehold.
"Do you even remember them?" Tony asks, venom spewing out of his voice.
"I remember all of them." Bucky responds. He is welcoming Tony's attempts to kill him. To forget what he did. I see red. I cannot lose him. I go to jump where they are and Tony kicks the wall sending them both flying down, his grip never loosens on Bucky's neck. Steve jumps off a level towards them, Bucky lands on a lower level, while Steve and Tony crash to the bottom.
I grab out a grapple hook and jump down the center to reach Bucky faster. I reach Bucky, looking him over. "I'm ok." He answers. I glance over and Tony's now turned his sights on Steve. No, no, no.
"Come on, we got to go." I reach down, helping him up. He lets out a groan. He looks over and sees the shield. Reaching down to grab it. He jumps down before running behind Tony, jumping up and hitting him hard in the back with the shield. Tony fires at him but Bucky is able to block it with the shield before passing it to Steve. Tony advances on him, and I feel helpless. I'm no match with Tony and the suit, and I would only get in the way, but I continue watching for an opportunity to jump in.
Bucky is able to get the upper hand, his metal fingers clutching to Tony's arc reactor crushing it. Steve was pushed to the side, and I run to him, helping him up. "I'm sorry." He says, defeat in his voice, for not being able to resolve this without a fight. Bucky's right hand moves to Tony's face pushing it aside. He screams with veracity as he continues to crush the arc reactor.
Tumblr media
Tony losing hope fires a unibeam from the arc reactor. The beam his Bucky's metal arm, as it falls to the ground. "No! Bucky no!" I scream. Bucky collapses on the floor and looks at his now missing metal arm. I start to run towards him to hold him, and Tony fires another shot from his Repulsor, sending him flying. Steve sees where I'm going and goes to Tony. I run to Bucky, picking his head up, laying it in my lap. He forces a smile up at me, "Doll."
"Shh. It's ok. I've got you." I move his hair away from his face. Caressing his sweaty face, that's covered in grime, dirt, and blood. A tear rolls down my face, I'm not sure where it lands. I look up at Steve, and there's a pit in my stomach. Tony wants to kill. Steve wants to stop, but he will do anything to protect Bucky and me. "Shh." I rock Bucky's head in my lap, my anxiety has reached a boiling point and I can't quit moving, trembling.
Tony fires a Repulsor at Steve, who blocks it with the shield, and he continues firing. Creating a sunburst where the Repulsor and shield meet. I did not think this day could get any worse. One man's bitterness caused this. The Avengers saved more people than those that were killed in Sokovia. Casualties and death are the most unfortunate part of this life.
Steve and Tony do not let up. It's currently a battle of who will survive. Steve's pure brute force is beating out Tony's now malfunctioning suit. I don't want Tony dead, but he also won't stop. Tony is able to push Steve off of him, firing a Repulsor at his stomach and causing Steve to double over.
Tony looks behind Steve where I'm holding Bucky in my lap, caressing his face. He walks towards us, Steve looks up at him, "He's, my friend."
"So was I." Tony darkly answers. He's hurt, and angry. A deadly combination. He punches Steve twice before he falls to the ground beside us, coughing up blood. He's injured and badly.
Tony reaches down, grabs Steve by the collar and throws him into a wall. "Stay down. Final warning." His gaze never leaves Steve.
Steve struggles to get back up. I hear his panting as he slowly pushes himself upright. Steve moves to a fighting stance, fist raised, "I can do this all day." Bucky grimaces and attempts to stand. I tighten my hold on him, and he quits.
I hear Tony's Repulsor fire up. Please, don't Tony. Bucky reaches out grabbing Tony's foot, stopping the fire up. Tony kicks Bucky's face that also lands on my shoulder causing me to wince in pain, and I return my focus back to Bucky's now heavily bleeding face.
Steve comes up behind Tony, lifting him up above his head, throwing him hard to the floor. He begins punching him in the face, and pauses only to grab the shield, and continues hitting his face, breaking the helmet off Tony. His face is battered and bloody like the other men.
Steve's last blow with the shield is right in the arc reactor. Tony's eyes go wide as he looks down. He knows he's been defeated. Other than Steve's and Tony's panting there's complete silence. The hurt and pain palpable in the air. Things will never be the same. Steve falls to the side of Tony, exhausted. He looks over to me and Bucky and nods his head. I gently lay Bucky's head on the floor and stand above him, "Come on." I reach my hand down and he takes it. Bucky awkwardly stands up, using me as a prop, his muscular body leaning against me, steadying himself.
Tumblr media
I look over at Tony and he's shell shocked. Eyes wide, looking between the three of us. Steve stands, pulling the shield out of the arc reactor and makes his way to us, assisting in helping Bucky. He roughly kisses the side of my temple.
I hear Tony shift his weight, "The shield doesn't belong to you. You don't deserve it. My father made that shield!" He's trying to hurt Steve. He pauses, looks at us, and drops the shield, without another word. We continue our walk out. "Charlie...Charlie!" I don't look back. I can't.
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marvelfanfiction · 7 hours ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 11, December 16, 1991, Pt. 1
We touched down on a mountainside in Siberia. A vehicle is already present outside, probably the doctors. Hopefully we're not too late. Steve's nimble fingers readies the Quinjet for landing. Determination in his blue green eyes. Ready to tackle whatever is going to happen. He looks back at me. Possibly refusing to let me go inside, I will not stay behind. He needs all the help he can get if the other winter soldiers are activated. Bucky described them as unpredictable, and what better way to ensure that neither Steve nor Bucky get hurt then by going inside myself. He takes a deep breath in to say something, "Where you go, I go." Steve's mouth goes in a straight line, but nods and wraps me in his warm embrace.
Steve leads Bucky to the armory and Bucky chooses a weapon. His assassin training kicks in. He's prepared and anticipating anything. We three stand at the back as the door opens, myself sandwiched between the two super soldiers, their large physiques towering over me.
Steve breaks the silence, "You remember that time we had to ride back from Rockaway Beach in the back of that freezer truck?"
"Was that the time we used our train money to buy hot dogs?" Bucky answers. I would love to chat about these two's lives from the past. A forgotten world. I stand quietly wanting them to reminisce. Bucky's crooked smile makes my heart swell.
Tumblr media
"You blew three bucks trying to win that stuffed bear for a redhead."
"What was her name, again?" Bucky asks, and grins down at me.
"Dolores. You called her Dot."
"She's gotta be a hundred years old right now."
"So are we, pal." Steve's realization of his age makes him chuckle as he slaps his hand on Bucky.
"You two old men are cheesy. I believe we have work to do." Steve's hand slides off Bucky's shoulders and around my own waist pulling me tightly against him, Bucky reaches his hand over to me which I quickly take in my own.
"You're right. Charlie, I'm not going to repeat myself multiple times in here. I need you to listen to me, and not be a brat." He snickers. "I want to keep you close and safe, but please don't act irrational in there.
"Irrational?" I give him an accusatory look.
"Yes, you tend to easily get frustrated when you feel I'm in trouble."
I nod my head. He's right. "But we'll be here to protect you, doll." Bucky gently squeezes my hand and releases me from his hold. Steve's own arm unravels from my body and we head towards the entryway, into the mountain.
"He can't have been here more than a few hours." Steve replies before we enter. My skin is crawling with anticipation.
"Long enough to wake them up." That simple statement from Bucky sent chill bumps up my skin. We have to stay alert.
We soundlessly step in an elevator. It obviously wasn't meant for too many people. Steve cups my chin with his hand and gently rubs my cheek. I see the fear in his eyes, but I know the same fear is staring back into his. Not fear of a fight, fear of losing him. Losing them. Bucky's metal hand grips my hip tight before trying to calm me with gently using his thumb to caress my hip. I can feel his breath on my neck. Maybe in a different situation I would enjoy our close proximity.
The elevator stops loudly. It's eerie, the quietness mixed with an unmistakable bang. Steve and Bucky quickly remove their hands from me and we make our way off; listening and watching to anything that may appear in front of us. Bucky has placed himself in front and Steve behind me. Guns, and shield at the ready for attack. We stealthily walk through the maze of the Hydra base, trying to find any life. Our blood is pulsing highly as it's almost too quiet, and too easy. The quiet is making everyone paranoid as we all glance around, looking for anything.
We ascend a staircase and hear a loud banging noise behind us, all of us turn prepared to strike the person making the noise. A door creaks and we know that they are coming and expecting an attack, "You ready?" Steve asks. Bucky with his rifle and me with my own two hand guns ready for whoever may be coming to greet us. "Yeah." Bucky's gruff voice answers.
The two doors are pushed open by the one and only Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit. My face softens momentarily before I remember the civil war amongst the Avengers. Tony was on the opposing team. I position my body a bit more in front of Bucky, I feel him let out an amused huff behind me. I don't care, no one will hurt him. Tony's mask comes off and he makes his way closer. He doesn't seem defensive, but I still can't let my guard down. I notice Steve's body language changes, but only slightly.
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"You seem a little defensive." Tony remarks. I scoff. Does he remember how we left each other. I know he has to be angry about Rhodey, as I myself would be.
Steve advances closer to Tony and I stand my ground beside Bucky. "It's been a long day." Steve answers.
"At ease, Soldier. I'm not currently after you. Charlie, quit trying to kill me with your eyes."
"Then why are you here?" The edge has returned back to Steve's voice. He doesn't fully trust Tony's intentions right now.
"Could be your story's not so crazy. Maybe. Ross has no idea I'm here. I'd like to keep it that way. Otherwise, I gotta arrest myself." Tony chokes out an arrogant snicker, and his posture seems more at ease. Maybe he isn't here to hurt Bucky. My stiffened body somewhat relaxes, but my eyes never leave Tony's face.
"Well, that sounds like a lot of paperwork." Steve's light bantering is returning to his voice. Tony scoffs, before Steve's posture completely goes at ease dropping his shield. "It's good to see you, Tony." My body completely relaxes and my face quits scowling at Tony.
"You too, Cap." Tony's attention focuses on me for a second before back up at Bucky who is still tensed. "Hey, Manchurian Candidate, you're killing me. There's a truce here. You can drop...Charlie, tame your dog." I turn to face Bucky and gently brush his arm, his eyes glance down to me, before he quickly nods his head, lowering his gun. His eyes lighten as he looks back at me and returns his gaze back to Tony.
I turn to finish the descent down the stairs to where Tony and Steve are. Bucky follows suit, careful to keep close to me and Steve. Thankfully we now have the technology of Tony's suit. If things go well, I may mention my suit needs some upgrades. "I got heat signatures."
"How many?" Steve asks.
"Uh, one." Tony answers, discomfort aced in his words.
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