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#marvel incorrect quotes
mischievous-thunder · 7 minutes ago
Ravonna: So, now you trust this Loki more than the Time-Keepers?
Mobius: No?! I never said that I don't believe in the Magic-Lizards anymore.
Ravonna: *Sighs* Now you're even talking like him.
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incorrect-fandom-quotes · 37 minutes ago
Sam: what, according to you, is the height of stupidity?
Natasha: Bucky how tall are you
Bucky: 6'1
Natasha: 6'1
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natromanoffxox · 53 minutes ago
I got ya! How bout a Natasha x fem reader where the team is on a mission and reader is chasing a HYDRA goon but leads her to an explosion and is severely injured close to dead, but saved on time. Sadly Reader wakes up not remembering the 2 years she has spent with the avengers or her relationship with Nat. Days turn to weeks and reader starts crushing, and asks Natasha on a date. Then, by a miracle of a kiss, reader loudly gasps and remembers EVERYTHING and her girl! Like it never happened! ❤️
You know I got you😉
Hope I created a great story for you! It’s always a pleasure writing your requests❤️
Warnings: Injuries, swearing (I think that’s it?)
(This has not been proof read, please be kind!)
Tumblr media
Being one of the youngest Avengers has its pros and cons. You were older than Peter and Wanda, being 25, but being younger than everyone else. You were babied because of your personality, being the sweet, funny and lovable girl you were. You always liked to keep everyone laughing. They cherished you for your joyfulness, because you were always there to put a smile on their faces when they were having a bad day. That was a bit of a mix of pro and con. You loved that they loved you, and wanted to protect your heart at all costs, but you hated it sometimes. They treat you like a child at times and being a fully grown adult, yeah it could get annoying. You never let that show though, just gave them a witty comment back with a giggle and they’d notice what they were doing. Natasha never done that to you though. She never once treat you like a child who needed protection. She saw you for the woman you were, the agent you worked so hard to be, and the Avenger who would do anything to save the world. You truly loved her for that. The team thought it was odd when the two of you got together, given your personally compared to Tasha’s, but you’s clicked so well together, like two pieces of a puzzle.
One of your most known traits was that you rarely snapped; you always kept your shit together. You were calm and collected, as Steve had said once. You were humble and kind, as Bruce had told you. You were the sweetest, happiest, most loving person they knew, as Wanda had mentioned. So when shit hit the fan, and you couldn’t stop the anger growing inside of you, you flipped.
“Is everybody okay?!” You almost screamed through the comms, getting nothing back straight away.
“I’m good!” Steve called back, and you received more and more positive reassurance from your team mates quickly after. You were livid. Your mission was to take down an operating HYDRA base, but when one of the rooms blew up, things started to turn sideways, and not in a good way. It was one thing after another.
Steve, Wanda and Clint were trying to release and help the poor souls who had been held captive and experimented on my the disgusting group of ‘scientists’, while you, Natasha and Tony were fighting off the goons who tried to shoot bullets into your bodies. One of the said goons were the ones to quickly blow up a lab you were hoping to get some evidence from, ruining all the formulas you’d spotted on a bench near the back of the room. You were the closest to the explosion, but far enough away to only receive some cuts from the shattered glass and broken brick work, and probably a lot of bruising that would begin show tomorrow. There was a brutal ringing in your ears, and when you turned to see Natasha checking out a cut on her thigh your mood instantly changed. No one hurt her while you were around.
That sweet and caring girl they knew you as… Gone.
Welcome, Y/N, the savage bitch who was about to tear a man limb from limb.
“Y/N, stop!” You just say heard in your ear piece, but it was too late. The HYDRA agent you’d chased after ran through yet another lab, and just as you got inside, you saw him press the button. A very similar button as before. The room blew with you inside, sending you flying across it and hitting hard against the somehow still standing wall. Although you couldn’t open your eyes due to the pain, your hearing was still there. You heard your team mates voices shouting your name. You heard Natasha screaming for you to wake up. All you wanted to do was tell her you’re okay (even if you weren’t) but you rapidly descended into what you thought was death.
Thankfully, you thought wrong.
Opening your eyes seemed to be the hardest task for you to fulfil. White light flooded your eyelids, making you let out a groan of annoyance. You felt like you just wanted to sleep, but the damn doors of heaven were blinding you even with your eyes closed. The deafening beeping noise that filled your ears told you you were either in the compounds med bay or some sort of hospital.
“Y/N, can you hear me?” You heard a voice, but the annoying beeping noise hadn’t reduced its sound quite yet to allow you to work out who was talking to you. You blinked rapidly, straining your eyes as they adjusted to the light of the room. It was stupidly bright, the sunlight bouncing off the white walls straight into your eyes.
“Oh, thank god!” You heard beside you, this time recognising this voice. You turned to see the fiery red headed assassin you knew as Agent Romanoff sat by your bedside, her hand over yours as her eyes were wide with joy. What the hell? You barely knew the woman, so:
1. Why was she with you?
2. Why was she holding your hand like it was the only thing keeping her alive?
“What happened? What am I doing here?” Your voice was croaky and throat sore, which Romanoff noticed instantly. She handed you a glass of water as she began talking to you.
“There was an explosion, you were knocked unconscious. You’ve been out for days! I… I didn’t think you were going to wake up. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Y/N. I’m just so fucking glad you’re alive.” Her eyes brimmed with tears and you were struck still. Was the Black Widow, the scariest woman you’d ever met, crying over you? What the hell was going on?
“I don’t remember it?” You simply said, not actually quite sure what to say to her words.
“That’s quite common. An accident that knocks a victim out is usually quite hard to remember straight away due to the shock. Don’t worry about it.” A man stood near the doorway who you hadn’t noticed at first told you. You recognised him as, Dr Banner, but you’d only spoke to him a few times given the fact you’d only joined the Avengers the matter of months ago.
You held on to his words. You couldn’t remember anything that had happened. You couldn’t even remember going on a mission at all! But if he said that victims of such a blast often suffered slight memory loss then you’d hold him to that. Hopefully your memory would return when your body had calmed and healed.
“What’s the last thing you remember?” Agent Romanoff asked as she squeezed your hand, getting your attention back to her. You frowned at the feeling, unsure of how you felt about it, but let it go as you thought back to the last thing you could recall.
“Um… Yesterday I learned how to cook chicken paprikash with Wanda? And Steve taught me a new dodging technique. I think that was yesterday?”
The two Avengers shared a look. A look that told you something was wrong. The way Romanoff’ lips turned down into a frown and eyes slightly widened with shock. Banner didn’t even bother to try hide his horror, which only scared you more.
“What?” You stuttered. They stayed silent for a moment, unsure whether to speak, to tell you what was wrong.
“Babe, you learned how to cook paprikash two years ago. It was for Pietro’s birthday.” Your breath hitched in your throat at her words. At what she had called you. At the idea of the last moment you remembered being two years ago.
“I’ll go get Helen.” Dr Banner exited the room quickly, leaving the two of you in an awkward silence. You didn’t know what to say, and you could tell Agent Romanoff was just as unsure as you were.
Dr Cho had examined you and quickly wrote up that you indeed were suffering from memory loss. You hadn’t a clue what had happened in the last two years. You couldn’t remember Natasha, or your apparent love for her. You couldn’t remember Pietro’s death. You couldn’t remember anything.
Over the next couple of days, everyone had tried to help you recall moments from your past. Things that they’d done with you or moments the whole team shared. You’d cried so much within those days. You cried for Pietro. You cried for Wanda having lost her dear brother. You cried for Clint, for when Loki had controlled his mind and turned him against the team. But mostly, you cried for Natasha. She told you of many moments the two of you shared together. Of how you got together, and your first date, how you spilled red wine on your dress so Natasha done the same so you didn’t feel so embarrassed. You cried for how much pain she must be in knowing the ‘love of her life’ couldn’t remember a single moment from her relationship with you. It frustrated you every single day, as you saw the agony she tried to hide behind her eyes. She was reluctant to let herself show any sort of emotion, but somehow, even without your memories, you could see right through her shield.
It was no lie that Natasha Romanoff was incredibly beautiful. Her hair was longer than you remembered it, falling down her back in soft curls. Her eyes still as green as the summers grass. Her pale skin that you desperately wanted to run your hands over because it just looked so damn soft.
You’d be a fool to say you didn’t have a crush.
Well, you had been in a relationship with the woman for a year, so you hoped you would have feelings for her.
That was when you decided you’d make more of an effort to relearn everything you once knew about your former lover. You’d spent more and more time with her. Had movie nights just the two of you. Had long, deep conversations about anything and everything into the early hours of the morning. You’d showed her how to make the chicken paprikash just as Wanda had showed you. You’d shared storied with her that she blatantly already had heard before but she pretended like it was the first time and your heart melted for how much she was trying to help you.
And it was working.
You were slowly falling for the red head once again.
But you still had no old memories coming back.
You were in your bedroom when you heard a knock at the door, finding Natasha with a bunch of colourful flowers in hand wearing a dress that made your eyes bulge out of your face. Yeah, she was drop dead gorgeous.
“Y/N, I would like to take you on a date, if you will accompany me?” She smirked at you as you took the bouquet from her hands, sniffing the scent with a silly grin.
“And when would this date be?”
“Right now.” She laughed as she stepped into your room, seeing your shocked face as you looked down at the joggers and old T-shirt you were wearing.
“Get dressed, I’ll wait for you.”
You had never dressed so quickly. The idea of going out, on a date with someone as out of your league as Natasha Romanoff had butterflies fluttering in your stomach and your heart racing. For some reason, you felt nervous. What if you done something that put her off of you? What if this whole situation with you losing your memories made her fall out of love with you? A whole bunch of what if’s were running through your mind, until a soft touch on your arm pulled you out of it.
“You don’t remember it, but I love you. I always will. Stop stressing.” Nat told you with a genuine smile, her red lips curling higher as she watches the worry leave your eyes.
She took you to a Greek restaurant, where the food was phenomenal, and the drinks just as outstanding. She’d told you it was one of your favourites, and you couldn’t disagree. It was some of the best food you’d ever ate. You’d chatted the whole way through, and when you were both full and slightly tipsy from the alcohol, you both agreed on a slow stroll through the park to end the night.
Central Park was so different in the night compared to what it was during the day time. The lights that strung along the trees shined bright, and the quiet atmosphere was so easing and tranquil. There was barely anyone around, which gave you and Natasha the privacy you didn’t even know you wanted til that moment. Your hand was in hers as you walked, swinging slightly in between your bodies. Your nerves were gone, and any sort of embarrassment you might have felt vanished. You weren’t sure if it was because of the alcohol or not, but you had a sudden wave of confidence.
You’d stopped by the pond, sitting on the bench and just watching the water, the birds that lay on top of it swimming around happily as they dipped their heads under or slept on the grass near by. You were unaware of the looks Natasha kept sending you, the look of love written all over her face. But when you did share a glance, your features matches hers and you saw deep into her soul. You saw how much she really did love you, and it almost brought tears to your eyes.
In that moment, that wave of confidence spilled over you once again and you couldn’t even stop to think before your lips were on hers. You felt her gasp as the movement, but she was quick to pull you closer to her, her hands around your neck and in your hair. It was everything you imagined it would be. Soft, delicate, sweet and full of devotion. You could taste the cherry from the cocktails you had both been drinking on her lips.
You pulled back quickly, eyes wide and in a daze. It was like that one simple kiss brought everything back. Every single memory was playing in front of your eyes in super speed, but you remembered every detail. You remembered all that missing time. You remembered your love for Natasha, and every moment you’d spent together. Every argument, every laugh, every cry, and every single smile.
“Y/N?” Natasha’s voice pulled you from your head, her eyes wide with worry and her hands were back on her lap, fingers fidgeting with each other.
You instantly looked down at your own hand, seeing it bare of the biggest moment you remembered.
“Where’s my ring?” Was all you said, which had your fiancé up off of her seat beside you and pulling you into her arms, crying into your shoulder. The day of the mission, Natasha had woke you up with a kiss and asked you to marry her. You hadn’t worn your ring incase you lost it out there. You hadn’t even had time to tell your team mates about the proposal due to being rushed off to the mission only minutes after she’d asked you the big question!
“You remember?!” She whispered into your hair as her arms wrapped tighter around you in a bear crushing hug, but you didn’t mind at all.
“I remember. Everything. Every moment.” You reassured her as she sobbed. You ran your fingers through her hair until Natasha calmed enough for her to pull back and wipe the remaining tears from her cheeks. You watched as she pulled a paper thin chain from under her dress, holding two diamond rings that shimmered even under the low light from the moon. You guessed she’d kept it quiet and hid the rings until you remembered so you both could tell your family together.
“You’ve had them the whole time?” You asked, stunned at the sight of them right in front of your eyes.
“As soon as you were rushed to the medbay after the explosion I ran to our room and put both our rings as close to my heart as possible. I’ve wore them there ever since.” This time, tears really did come and spill out down your cheeks.
God, you loved this woman, and you couldn’t wait to make so many more memories with her.
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tquick99 · 57 minutes ago
Y/N: I don't need to go to bed. I'm not tired, I'll be fine.
Wanda: But, darling, I'll be so lonely without you. Come curl up in my arms so I can feel whole again.
Y/N: O-oh. Well, wait, are you trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping patterns??
Wanda: Is it working?
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bietrofastimoff23 · 59 minutes ago
John: I put a little note in your bag to tell you that I love you
Lemar: Johnny this is a ten page letter
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alidafirtup · an hour ago
tony: i feel like we're starting to lose the 'b' in our 'bromance', bro
stephen, pausing from kissing tony's neck: hmph?
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incorrectkamartaj · an hour ago
Stephen Strange: Died and came back as a cowboy, I call that reintarnation.
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westannatasharomanoff · an hour ago
Clint: If we ever have a kid and it's a girl, we should name her Lizard and call her Liz, and people would be like 'oh, is that short for Elizabeth?' and she'll have to say, 'no, my name is Lizard.'
Laura: You are officially never allowed to touch a birth certificate for the rest of your life.
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incorrectgamora · an hour ago
Gamora: I need someone who can help me defend social democracy.
Drax: I think you sent this to the wrong chat.
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mischievous-thunder · an hour ago
Mobius: You're mine.
Loki: No. You're mine.
Mobius: What?
Loki: What?
Casey, eating his cereal and watching the interaction: It's too late to play the bashful beauty now. You both are too far gone.
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tonystarksfifthchild · an hour ago
Tony talking to baby Morgan: Who’s my favorite kid in the whole wide world?
Harley: *Raises hand*
Peter: *Raises hand*
Nebula: *Raises hand*
Y/N: *Raises hand*
Tony with tears in his eyes: God I love you all :’)
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skylikesyou · an hour ago
Young Peter: May? May? Hey… May?
Young Peter: May? MAY! MAY!
May: Peter, you are asking to be grounded.
Young Peter: Oh, I was hoping for a hug
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aquamarinescarlet · an hour ago
Wanda: Yesterday Y/N thought they saw a cockroach in our kitchen, so they sprayed and cleaned everything thoroughly.
Wanda: Today I’m putting the cockroach in the bathroom.
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funkylittlebidiot · 2 hours ago
Peter: *opens door* hi, what are you doing here?
Harley: Miles texted me he almost died so I brought him this watermelon
Peter: why?
Harley: Miles loves watermelon *tosses watermelon*
Miles: *catches and cradles the watermelon to his chest as he lies on the couch crying* thank you
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