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teheranb · 2 hours ago
Another cute sickfic I would like to recommend
(Just found it yesterday, kinda sad but also very cute)
Here to read on ao3, fic written by Booklightoo
Tumblr media
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yoonsdraft · 6 hours ago
—Little Min's Discovery
(Short Sequel ; Morning Sickness pt.1)
TW : emeto, graphic desc of vomiting, mpreg
Tumblr media
Seokjin is well aware that part of pregnancy is Morning Sickness. The worst enemy of every pregnant person.
Seokjin is well aware that the toilet gonna be his friend the moment he established that there's a human being inside his stomach —hell, he could remember clearly how terrible his stomach was on the last holiday when he and Yoongi discover his pregnancy. But it still caught him off guard when morning sickness hit out of nowhere. Just like today.
Seokjin woke up with slight nausea settled deep in his stomach. He's used to it— so, he just brings his hand to give a gentle rub on it until the wave lessen before he got out of the bed and does his routine. Usually, and most of the days, he will throw up the moment he eats breakfast. Yes, Seokjin has a pattern on when his morning sickness hit for the past 3 weeks. So, it definitely brings some joy in him when he managed to eat his breakfast without having to gag and run to the bathroom— even Yoongi is quite surprised by it, "Wow, baby, it seems like your morning sickness getting better? I was ready to jump from my seat to follow you to the bathroom. Look at my feet, it was already touching the ground", the younger says that gaining a slight punch on the shoulder from Seokjin.
The joy still in him, when he and Yoongi go to do their activities, enjoying their free time before they need to go-to the company at 12 PM. Seokjin was reading some notes that PD-nim gave him for recording later while Yoongi was on his laptop.
11.25 — Seokjin get up from the couch to their room, planing to change clothes and freshen his face before they go out.
"Yoongi, it's already 11.25. Let's get prepared", Seokjin yells from upstairs that gained only a hum from the younger. Seokjin gets into the bathroom when Yoongi gets into their room and starts rummaging the closet.
Seokjin placed his clothes neatly near the sink and start collecting his skincare products when his body suddenly lurch forward, followed by a quite harsh gag since he can't hold it on time. His eyes widened as wave of nausea starts rushing on him. He squeezed his eyes shut as the urge to gag glued behind his throat, making his tongue arched to his palate few times. He quickly opens the toilet lids and settled in front of it.
"Hyung? What happens? You're throwing up?", Yoongi worried voices echoes in the bathroom. Seokjin wants to let his husband in but another wave makes another decision for him. A silent gag breaks through his throat but brings nothing. He brushed his hair back in frustration, " Yes Yoongi-chi, come in. Just open the door", Seokjin croaked out before another empty gag making his head dive deeper into the bowl. The only thing that he managed to let out is just a trickle of saliva that has coated his mouth—another factor that always worsens his nausea.
Yoongi that already memorized in his head about what things to do when Seokjin's morning sickness hit, hands him a glass of water. He knows how bad Seokjin's nausea that it always makes the older dry heaving for a quite long time before it morphs into an actual vomiting session. Seokjin takes it and starts gulping down the water, it feels like fresh air to his throat. It didn't manage to get down further than his throat when his stomach squeezed inside, pulling the water back up. Seokjin's shoulder heaves upside as a stream of clear water filling the bowl. Yoongi's hand starts giving a soft massage on his nape— encouraging the older's throat to spill vomits.
"Yoongi..", Seokjin whined before a gag echoes through the bowl, followed by a stream of brown vomit rushing from his mouth. He shut his eyes close when the rush going through. He coughed the remnants of vomit that lingers in his mouth—he could clearly taste his sandwiches earlier in his tongue. His mind immediately thinking about the sandwich and when his gaze drops down to the toilet— his stomach protest by sending another stream out.
"You're doing so well baby, just let it all out, okay?", Yoongi murmured beside him. Seokjin rarely managed to catch Yoongi's words but just hearing his husband's deep and soft voice along with the warmth from his hand rubbing his back, makes Seokjin feel better.
Seokjin head dives deeper into the toilet as his stomach keeps squeezing every content inside it, sending rush after rush of lumpy liquid until it only leaving a light yellow liquid— it burns to his throat and bitter, making him continuously gagging when it comes out from his mouth.
"Hyung, breathe. You're working yourself up", Yoongi soft voices guiding him to control his body. Seokjin lets himself fall into Yoongi's embraces and immediately nuzzled into the younger soft sweater when the round ends, " Yoongi-chi .. 'm tired"
Yoongi hands brushing his hair back, planted a forehead kiss while he's on it, "Lets get up okay? I will make you a tea as always and bring your anti-nausea medicine. Do you still want to come to the company?"
Seokjin nods weakly, "I need to, but can you tell them that we'll be late for few minutes? I don't think i could handle being in the car, my stomach is still churning"
"Mhm, now change your clothes and freshen your face, okay?", Yoongi says softly as he slowly pulls the older body away to give him room to move. Seokjin hesitantly drag his body to change and do whatever Yoongi told him to and settled on the bed.
He cradled his mid-section and another hand clamping his lips as wave after wave of nausea keeps making him gagging emptily—sending his body curled smaller and smaller on each heave. Seokjin's eyes start to swell with tears, a result of the exertion he let out to hold back nausea, and also, he needs Yoongi so bad. It feels like his husband already spend 2 hours downstairs when in fact it's only 10 minutes —blame his pregnancy hormones.
The door creeks as Yoongi push himself in with a tray of tea, crackers, and medicine. The younger's heart beats faster when he sees his husband's body curled up every time his stomach clenched with nausea. He hurriedly sits on the side of bed, thumb moving to wipe the tears that managed to slips from Seokjin's eyes, "I'm sorry you're feeling like this hyung. Just know that it will be worth it in the end, okay? All of these means our baby there is healthy", Yoongi whispers, gaining a loud sob from Seokjin.
"Yah! it's not fair. Why would you say that when you know I already emotional because of these stupid pregnancy hormones!", Seokjin says in between sniffles. Yoongi laughs, " I just want to show my love for you! What's wrong with that?*
Seokjin pouts and moves his body to sits slowly, attempting to drink his tea—his secret weapon to go through morning sickness. He inhales deeply, embracing the warmth of tea that slowly soothe his stomach. Yoongi ruffles his hair, "I will go get prepared. You try to take a quick rest, hyung. Once you feel better we can go to the company"
Seokjin nods. His eyes following his husband figures going to the bathroom, then he yells "Yoongi-chi!". He giggles when the younger body jolts a little before turn to him, "Hyung! Why are you yelling?!"
"I love you Yoongi-chi, thank you", Seokjin says softly with a wide smile. He laughs again when he could see Yoongi's cheeks turn bright red as the younger grunts a faint, " I know, i love you too" and back to the bathroom, slammed the door a bit too loud.
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deniska-101 · 12 hours ago
Sugar Overload
jimin | sickfic | 2118 words
Jimin had diabetes. He had had it for as long as he could remember. It didn't pose any major challenges for him actually, all he had to do was remember to take his medication and his meals on time and then he would be absolutely fine.
The others were a bit overprotective when it came to him. There were times when Jimin forgot and they would lecture him to take better care of himself. He tried his best to listen to their words and not take offense to them. After all, they were meaning well. Not taking the medication would be dangerous for Jimin's health. Skipping meals would be hazardous as well.
But you know how the life of an idol was. Often times, things and schedules were unpredictable. Jimin sometimes had to squeeze in his meals at strange times. Sometimes he simply forgot to eat. Sometimes he wouldn't want to. He forgot to check his blood sugar levels sometimes.
He felt fine most of the time. Jimin wasn't too concerned. He didn't feel super guilty when he forgot to do something. It wasn't like he was going to combust on the spot.
Hoseok tapped his plate with one of his chopsticks.
"Are you okay?"
Jimin nodded. "I'm fine."
"You seem a bit distracted."
"Yeah, I'm thinking... about the songs and choreographies and you know..."
Hoseok raised his eyebrow. "Want to practice tonight?"
"Just the two of us?"
Hoseok laughed. "Eat your food up Jimin. We'll go at around eight, okay? Otherwise the others would still be there."
Jimin forgot to eat that night. The thought of eating something must've crossed his mind at some point but by the time dance was over, he was so exhausted that he could only go to bed.
He faced a lecture from Hoseok in the morning. The late-night dance practices ended.
After those nights, Jimin really made sure to remember to eat at the proper time. He took his medication at the right times too.
But then the management announced that they wanted to get a surprise album out. They had three or four songs finished and seven more had to be done in four weeks. Namjoon tried his best to protest. He knew that doing this would not only endanger the health of the members, but also might affect the quality of the album.
Nobody listened.
But Namjoon was right.
Dance practices lasted from seven in the morning until one. Then after an one hour break, it was time to head over to vocal practice. They sang the same notes over and over again. They stayed up some nights to review the songs with the producers. There was the constant recording and re-recording and the editing and the fixing and the practicing...
Then there were the deadlines.
"Jin, make sure you get that hair dyed properly!"
"Hoseok, you better lose those three pounds!"
"Jungkook! Get a move on!"
They were all close to breaking.
Jimin didn't want to worry the others. He set himself more reminders on his phone so he wouldn't forget to take care of himself. The dance practices were draining.
Jin trudged inside. Jimin was at the dinner table, eating his meal. Jungkook was there too. There were dark circles around both of their eyes.
"Hyung, are you okay?" Jungkook asked.
Jimin glanced up.
"I can't do this anymore," Jin mumbled. His lip trembled. He sank down to the floor, not caring about anything else. There were too many deadlines. He couldn't keep up.
"Get some rest tonight," Jimin said. "That should help you."
He got up and crouched in front of the eldest.
"I can't! I still haven't gotten the dance down right!"
"Calm down hyung, you're okay."
Jungkook was beside Jimin too. He grasped Jin's hand tightly, squeezing it in rhythmic intervals.
Jin gasped. His breathing picked up. Jimin felt his heart break.
"Hyung, you need to breathe. Come on," Jungkook said. There was a hint of fear in his voice.
Jimin touched Jin's shoulder. "It's alright hyung. I can help you with the dance. It will be okay. Don't panic like this hyung. It's not going to help."
Jin's heavy breathing stopped for a moment. Jungkook seized his chance.
"Take him to his room. He's not going to vocal practice today. He's going to rest."
Those little breakdowns started getting more and more common in the dorms. Everything was weighing down more heavily.
There were little things starting to worry Jimin too. He kept waking up in the middle of the night, shaking from a nightmare. He could never remember what the nightmare was exactly about but it was scary. Jimin had too many things on his mind, it was probably from that. They were all scared that they were going to screw something up. It was probably that. Jimin didn't really have time to worry about his health right now.
With the busy schedules, he barely had enough time to eat and sleep. He never had time to check his blood glucose levels. Jimin felt fine. Except for the frequent nightmares, Jimin was probably healthier than the others. At least he wasn't having panic attacks and having crying fits.
Taehyung frowned. Jimin was drifting off again.
"Jimin, you need to pay attention."
"Huh?" Jimin nodded. "I am."
"Yeah," the second maknae said. "I asked you to sing your part again because I keep messing mine up."
Jimin listened. He sang his part again, for what seemed like the twenty-fifth time that day. His throat was starting to hurt. He also felt slightly light-headed. Probably too much dance. The agency had started telling them some of them to wake up at five and do a workout. Jimin was unfortunately one of them. The lightheadedness was probably from that.
Taehyung groaned. "I can't do it!"
Jimin glanced sympathetically towards him. Taehyung's face was red. He was staring angrily at the music sheet on the stand in front of him. There were scribbles all over it.
"You can, just- "
"I've been sitting here since last night! I still can't do it!" Taehyung kicked the music stand over. It fell with a clang onto the floor. Jimin sighed.
"What is the hard part for you?"
"Everything. I can't do it. It's too hard."
"Does it not sound the way you want it to?" Jimin asked. "Because your voice doesn't sound like its off-key or anything like that."
"It sounds wrong though."
Jimin was going to reply, but his heart suddenly started beating faster. Taehyung didn't seem to notice. He was too busy glaring at his feet.
"I'm just going to go to the bathroom, then we're going to try again," Jimin said. He got to his feet shakily. He was dizzy all of a sudden.
Taehyung glanced over at him. "Yeah, you go do tha-... wait Jimin, you're okay, right? You're shaking."
"I'm fine, no worries," Jimin said with a strained smile on his face. "I shouldn't have gone to the workout this morning. I'm wiped out now."
Taehyung nodded. "Just skip. What are they going to do? Take a knife and cut off all our fat-"
Jimin chuckled. He stumbled out the door and towards the washroom. Once he got there, he locked the door and collapsed onto the floor. Was he going into shock? Jimin panicked for a few moments before his heartbeat seemed to slow down on its own. It was fine. He was okay.
It was during the dance practice the next day that it happened again. They were reviewing a dance when Jimin's heart started beating all weird again. This time, he couldn't keep his balance and he ended up falling to his knees. He must've groaned because the others were on his case immediately.
Hoseok crouched next to him, using his arm to keep Jimin upright.
"Are his blood sugar levels low?" Yoongi asked. He stared worriedly at the two.
"Huh?" The mochi groaned again. Hoseok's grip got tighter. Jimin tumbled into his arms. The world around him was spinning too quickly for him to realize what was going on around him. "What-what... is go-"
"Does anyone have those blood sugar meter reader thingies?" Namjoon asked. He got up to go ask the managers. Taehyung and Yoongi went with him.
Hoseok kept his arms wrapped around Jimin. He gently rocked him to keep him awake. Jimin kept frowning and shaking his head. Jungkook and Jin glanced worriedly at him.
"Has he-" Jin cleared his throat- "been eating properly? Taking his medications?"
"Yeah," Jungkook said. "I think he has."
"It's probably all this physical activity," Hoseok said. "I don't think he has been eating enough to compensate all this."
"What?" Jimin mumbled.
"We have it!"
Namjoon burst through the door with a monitor in his hand. He handed it over to Hoseok who poked the test strip into Jimin's finger. The mochi whimpered quietly when the blood showed up on it and the pain flooded through him. His face cleared quickly after that. He looked more confused than ever. He started to mumble random things.
"Yeah, it's low," Hoseok said after a while of examining the monitor.
"Does someone have sugar?"
"No! Get the glucose tablets!"
Taehyung scurried off again. Within a moment, he was back with the container. He dumped four into his hand.
"Jimin, can you sit up?"
Hoseok pushed him upright. Jimin blinked, staring in confusion at Taehyung. He could still feel his heart beating out of his chest. Truth be told, he wasn't feeling all that great.
"Here, take these," Taehyung said. He grabbed Jimin's hand and put the four pills in them. Jimin closed his fist and sat there, not knowing what to do next.
"Put them in your mouth and chew them," Hoseok said. He helped Jimin open up his fist again and then finally, Jimin put the tablets in his mouth. He tried to lay back down immediately but Hoseok held him up until he was done chewing them properly. Jungkook stepped forward when Jimin was laying on Hoseok's lap again.
"We should take him to the couch in the dressing room. He can rest better that way," he said.
Hoseok agreed.
Jungkook scooped Jimin up and carried him to the dressing room. The others were told to keep going with their dance practice. The maknae decided to stay with Jimin though and wouldn't budge no matter what the managers tried to say.
Jungkook made sure to check Jimin's blood sugar levels every fifteen minutes. They were slowly rising. He noticed that Jimin was gradually becoming more alert and like his usual self. After forty-five minutes, the mochi said he was feeling a lot better. He sat up and got up from the couch without stumbling and was talking a mile a minute, just like usual. Jungkook concluded that he was fine.
But even though Jimin asked to go back to the dance practice, Jungkook decided to take him back home. He didn't want anything else happening to Jimin. Getting some rest would probably help things get better.
"Are you feeling better?" Namjoon asked.
Jimin nodded. He slid off his bed. He had been checking his glucose levels every fifteen minutes. It was well within a normal range now.
"How was the practice?" Jimin asked.
"It was good."
Namjoon nodded. He ruffled Jimin's hair.
"Do you think you should go to the doctor just to make sure?"
"No, I think I'm good."
"Are you positive?"
"Yeah," Jimin said. "You guys worry too much. I forgot to check my levels. That's-"
"I'm sorry."
Namjoon shook his head. "No, that's a big deal. I think you should still go to the clinic just to make sure that everything okay."
Jimin frowned. He hated the clinic. The doctor was never careful when he stabbed his finger to get his readings. Don't get him wrong, it was always painful, but the clinic ones were awful.
"I can take you tomorrow," Namjoon said.
"And Jimin?"
"We decided to move the comeback back."
There was a beat of silence.
"I'm sorry, that was my fault," Jimin said.
"Not at all. We're all getting burned out and sick with the amount of work, not just you." Namjoon smiled tiredly. "I can't think clearly with the amount of sleep I haven't gotten."
"That... that doesn't make any sense, hyung."
Jimin laughed. He hugged Namjoon tightly. At the back of his mind, he was so thankful that the comeback had been pushed back.
"How did it go?"
"It went well. Everything's okay with Jimin. His medication got changed around a bit though. Hopefully that's going to help things."
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allthewhumpygoodness · 15 hours ago
Sickfic whump prompts
-Whumpee being fed ice chips or a glass of ice water by the caretaker when their fever spikes -Whumpee has a nightmare about something terrible happening to person A, and when they wake up to person B by their side they're begging to see A and make sure they're all right - especially if B is their usual caretaker and A isn't -Dizzy whumpee who can't so much as turn their head because their bed rocks under them when they try -Bouts of crying that just make their head hurt worse than it already does -Caretaker breaking down and crying silently at a whumpee's bedside while they sleep because they're so sick and they have no idea what to do for them -Whumpee feeling the beginnings of an oncoming flu but not recognizing what it is at first, just knowing they feel shaky and weak and sore but feeling so bad they don't even have the energy to recognize they might be sick -Caretaker needs to wake up the whumpee to give them medicine and the poor, exhausted whumpee doesn't want to be awake so they just mumble a little and burrow deeper into their blankets -On that note, whumpees who are just so, so tired that they don't want to do anything other than sleep, but they're too cold and achy and restless to sleep so they just lie there miserably -When they're hallucinating from a high fever and the only thing they recognize in the room is their friend taking care of them so they cling to their hand to keep them grounded
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the-spooky-children · 21 hours ago
Fic idea: One day, Skid becomes really sick and has to stay off from school. He hates being stuck in his bed all day, because he's so used to running around outside. To cheer him up, Pump, being the good friend he is, sits next to him and makes up some random spooky stories to tell him (literally the only reason I came up with this is because I'm feeling under the weather rn)
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softbangtum · a day ago
TW: Emeto
[That one time Yoongi feels sick at night and desperately need some comfort]
Tumblr media
Yoongi is cursing in his mind, his body hates him, he hates his body too. He doesn’t know what caused this, maybe it was the dinner, maybe he comes down with something or is body just wants to torture him. Whatever it caused it, his stomach wants him to be in misery. No matter in what position he is, his stomach just won’t stop to cramp painfully, making it obvious how upset the organ is. On top of that he feels really nauseous.
Oh how he hates his stomach right now.
The rapper rolls back on his back, carefully slipping his hand up under his shirt and starting to rub soft circles on top of his stomach. It’s hard and a bit bloated, sloshing with every movement.
He grabs his phone, he needs comfort. Honestly, he isn’t the type to search out for comfort that openly, but he just feels way too bad and he can’t handle it anymore. He slowly sits up and sends the first contact a short text.
Tumblr media
Yoongi would have answered. He really would have. If it weren’t for the sudden nausea that seems unbearable. He’s sure he won’t get sick though. Definitely not. But he’s running a cold sweat, his hand shaking, the room spinning. He wraps his arms around his churning middle. Maybe he’s just too stubborn to admit it or he just doesn’t want to be sick. No, he’s so sure he won’t get sick.
“Oh no. Yoongi! It’s okay! I’m cleaning this up and..uh.” Hoseok stumbles over his words, quickly grabbing the next trash can he sees.
Yoongi blinks in confusion and takes the trash can. Oh.. he really got sick. His cheeks flushing in embarrassment. But his thoughts get interrupted by the nausea. He put one hand over his mouth and swallowed. His face is getting paler by second. Yoongi leans forward, his knuckles turn white from the force of holding the trash can.
“Fuck.” He groans.
Hoseok found his way next to the sick boy and sat down beside him. Slowly he rubs the rappers alien up and down.
Yoongi is left with thick sounding hiccups. He's so nauseous. His stomach was in agony and all he wanted was relief. Yoongi’s stomach started churning loudly and uncomfortably. It didn’t look long for Yoongi to hunch forward with a gag. He squeezed his eyes shut while he emptied himself.
“That’s it, Baby.” Hoseok mumbled sweet nothings into the olders ear.
After some minutes that felt like hours to both of them, Yoongi was finally empty. He leaned back, while Hoseok took the trash can out of Yoongi’s brash grip and cleaned it up. He made sure to return with a cold washcloth and a glass of water.
Carefully the younger wiped Yoongi’s face and neck, helping to make him feel a bit more comfortable. Yoongi took a few sips of the water, stopping as his stomach felt uncomfortable again.
Hoseok pulled Yoongi down on the bed with him and all the older did was immediately cursing up around the dancers body.
“I feel like shit.” He groaned
“I bet you do. Try to rest a bit, okay?” Hoseok smiled in sympathy.
Jimin immediately curled up around the older. Hais head rested on Hoseoks chest and he wrapped one arms around the older a torso.
“I feel sick.” Jimin whined
“Jiminie, you are sick!” Hoseok said while he grinned a bit.
Yoongi only yawned as an answer. The dancer wrapped his arms around the older and pulled him closer. He placed a kiss on Yoongi’s forehead.
“Sleep well”
“Thank you.” Yoongi mumbled, he closed his eyes and slowly drifted off into dreamland.
Hoseok did the same, but somehow he also felt off, but he decided to ignore the warning grumbles of his stomach. It was probably nothing. Or it was because he’s known to get sympathy sick easily, whatever it was he shrugged it off. It won’t get bad, he sure wouldn’t catch the same bug Yoongi catched. Oh how wrong he was.
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yoonsdraft · a day ago
i don’t know if you’ve seen those clips of jungkook having indigestion and having no appetite in his vlive several weeks ago, but i was wondering if you can put something together with that and maybe continue it after the vlive. personally i think that jungkook gets really bad indigestion and all the boys know about it. if you don’t know what i’m talking about then you can forget this.
A.N : I'm sorry this takes too long T.T i hope i got this vlive right? I remember that he even cough few times in this live ...
Ok I hope this one living up to your expectations :D thank you for the request ~ I'm sorry I couldn't fit 6 of them as caretaker T.T
TW : emeto, graphic description of vomiting.
Tumblr media
"Jungkook, eat your toast. We're gonna filming for few hours after this, you need energy", Hoseok cheerily says as the older set himself sits beside him in the kitchen, hands ruffling his blonde hair. "Mhm, don't wanna", he whined before buried his head on his arm again, feeling the cold kitchen counter against his cheek. He could feel another presence sits on his left side, "Jungkook, eat that. Is your stomach still feeling bad?"
Ah, that's Yoongi. Jungkook nods, slightly embarrassed of the small chaos he made last night as he keeps whined to his hyung that he's feeling bad—especially to Yoongi, since he was half-conscious climb to the older bed and ask for tummy rubs in the middle of the night. He's glad that his second-older hyung isn't the one who fussy and just naturally has a caretaker side in him. 
"Just drink the tea then, okay? I will pack the toast for you, in case you're up to eat that later", Hoseok says and push the warm tea in front of him. Jungkook gives up and down the tea. It calms his bloated stomach—maybe his stomach is really just has trouble digesting his dinner. 
"Are you sure you still want to do live, Kook?", Jimin looks down at the younger that laying on his laps, enjoying the gentle rubs from him since they got back to the agency from their filming. " Mhm, if I didn't do it today, I might not have found another time hyung. I missed them so much", Jungkook murmured. Jimin gonna let out another argument but failed when a staff peeking from the door, signaling to Jungkook that the room and the property are ready for live.
Jungkook slowly lifts himself and stays still for a minute, controlling his breathing because the sudden moves jostle his stomach a little bit. "Are you sure, Kook? or do you want me to go live with you?", Jimin worried voices come into his ears, makes him feel warm inside because how his hyung care about him so much. Jungkook mustered a small smile as he stands up, "It's ok hyung, I can do this. maybe talking with ARMY would distract my mind from how I feel right now. I only gonna live for an hour though. Don't worry, and didn't you have some recording with PD-nim?"
"Ah, yes i have but still..", Jimin trailed off.
"It's okay hyung. i will call you if i feel worse, okay? see you later", Jungkook hurriedly walks to their vocal practice room before his hyung come after him again.
"Um, Jungkook-ssi, i have prepared the phone along with salad and drink that you requested yesterday. Enjoy your live", the staff that walks beside him says, making him stop his walk, "What salad? I did request it?"
"Yes, you requested it yesterday to me as you told me to prepare the live. Is there a problem, Jungkook-ssi? do you want me to take it back?"
Jungkook gulped audibly, the image of the salad alone already make his stomach tighten, but it would be rude of him if he didn't eat the food that the staff already prepare and on top of that, its his request. So he just hummed a thank you and turn the live.
The live is going well, talking to his fans really could distract his mind from the uncomfortable feeling in his stomach—he even managed to eat half of his salad! But of course, the word "distract" means temporary.
The moment he turns off the vlive, as if his stomach knows that he's done with his "persona", it decided to flip upside down— bringing a harsh wave of nausea racking his body. He hurriedly walks out of the room. He almost jumped in surprise when he bumped with Jimin that apparently went to check up on him, "Jungkook? Are you done?"
Jungkook nods quickly. He didnt have time for a small talk since the salad he push to eat earlier already crawling in the back of his throat, "Hyung ..", he choked out, "I really need to go to the bathroom I'm gonna be sick, sorry"
Jungkook didn't wait for his hyung to answer as he runs to the bathroom. Just in time for his stomach to squeezed the content inside, resulting in a stream of murky liquid splash into the toilet. He could taste the salad and his dinner yesterday lingering on his tongue, making him grimaces and heave once again.  He could hear Jimin's panicked voice along with knocking on the stall door, but his stomach is taking control over his body as it keeps sending liquid after liquid through his mouth. The bowl already half-filled when he finally managed to lift his head and flushed the toilet. He turns his body quickly to open the lock so Jimin would stop knocking and goes in—actually, he needs Jimin's warm back rub, but he didn't want to let Jimin know— before his throat tightens and drives his body leaned forward to the bowl. The feeling of thick liquid slipping through his mouth is terrible but he could feel his muscle relaxed a bit as Jimin's hand going up and down on his back- not forgetting a soft comforting words the older murmured every time his body lurched forward, it really makes him feel a little bit better.
He spits the remnant of bitter saliva from his mouth before letting out a relief breathe, "I'm done hyung", his voice sounds more hoarse than he expected. Well, it's normal considering how hard his throat works to send his stomach content out.
Jimin's hand move to his head, playing with his blonde hair, "Is your stomach already feel better? You're throwing up a lot, Kook-ah. Its scares me"
Jungkook hums in content, "Yes .. but now i have no energy left hyung, 'm exhausted"
"Lets tell the hyung we're going home early, okay?"
Jungkook hasn't mustered an answer yet when another voice comes in, making the both of them jumped. "I will tell Namjoon and manager, you both just go home now. I hope you're feeling better, Kook. I will make some soup later when I get home, okay? I still have some recording left", Seokjin chimed in out of nowhere.
"Hyung what the— why are you coming out of nowhere? how long have you been in there?", Jimin's voice went up one pitch-his natural reaction when he's surprised. Seokjin laughs, "Namjoon sent me to search for both of you since you are taking too long to the practice room. I was meant to go to the bathroom first before looking for you but well, I guess my instinct is right"
Jimin grunts as he stand up and guides Jungkook out from the stuffy stall, "at least make a little noise when you come in hyung. Look at Jungkook, he's pale again!"
"Yah! what are you talking about!"
Jungkook giggles weakly while rinsing his mouth and freshen his messy face— getting rid of the leftover sensation of throwing up. His heart swells with a warm feeling again, looking at how Jimin and Seokjin still take a glance checking up on him while both of their mouth busy bickering with each other. 
They are really his brother.
the vlive ;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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grumpywhump · a day ago
hey there!! call me hal, my pronouns are they/them, and i’m a new whump blog!
i’ve been into whump for a little while, so i set this blog up to post my own whump writing, and reblog other whumpy stuff i like!
please send me asks/prompts/requests, they sustain me...
some of my favourite tropes:
- supernatural/magical whump, especially where magic malfunctions
- passing out
- illness (sickfics were what got me into whump, actually!)
some squicks i’d like to avoid
- noncon/rape (i am a minor. directly sending me/tagging me in noncon/rape with knowledge of my minor status will be blocked)
- eye gore
- hand/foot gore
- little things with small knives ig
- i don’t really go in for overly gory stuff. i don’t mind it, send it to me, it’s fine, but yeah idk i’m probably not going to write much gory stuff off my own bat
hopefully these guys won’t mind, but i’m just gonna mention a few of my favourite whump blogs, in no particular order
@pain-love-it (thanks again for the ask man, it gave me the push i needed to get this blog set up!)
@promptsforyourwhumpfic (first whump blog i sent an ask to, quite a while ago and under a different name but yeah)
@heartlesslywhumping (first whump blog i found)
i’m doing my best to trigger tag, but let me know if i miss anything, i want everyone to feel safe on my blog!
looking forward to meeting everyone and writing some whump!!
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bubble-up · a day ago
Thinking about someone waking up at night, seriously thirsty—they guzzle a bunch of water down, and as they come more out of that sleepy haze and the water hits their stomach they realize just how uncomfortably it’s sitting. Feels sloshy and entirely too much. It doesn’t take long for it to be rejected, and they realize they’ve come down with a stomach bug.
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oshii · a day ago
Okay y'all
It's been a long wait, but I'm finally doing well enough mentally to resume writing! I want to sincerely apologize to anyone I may have disappointed during my hiatus - I still have two prompts waiting in my inbox (one for sick deckerstar, another for sick Mickey Milkovich) that need dusted off and written, so I will be getting to those in short order!
So, if any followers will still have me, feel free to send prompts for Lucifer sickfic!
As always, thank you all for your kindness and continued support! I'm at nearly 300 followers now, and only a few appear to be pornbots, so...hell yeah! 🤘
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Random OC story I have sitting in a doc
Rebecca, Harley (non-binary, pronouns they/them) Angela
Storyline: Rebecca and Angela were cuddling on the couch when their partner, Harley, called for them. They were sick but that didn't stop them from asking their girlfriends to cuddle with them. So what if they all got sick? It just meant more time to spend with each other!
Characters based of people I know
A loud sigh rang through the apartment, catching the attention of everyone in any room. The noise was full of annoyance and defeat, which made one of the girls in the room sigh. Angela had Rebecca’s head in her lap, playing with her hair when the girl looking up at her girlfriend noticed her roll her eyes. 
“They’re being dramatic. The world isn't ending, it's just a cold!” Rebecca heard her say, giggling a bit. 
“You know they’re mad that I get to cuddle with you and they cant” She responded, grinning up at her girlfriend, who had looked down only to reveal a slight blush on her cheeks. “You’re cute” The girl noted aloud, deciding that Anggie needed to hear it. “Adorable, actually” She giggles grinning up at her girlfriend. 
Anggie glared half heartedly at the girl’s head in her lap. Rebecca knew how easily flustered she was and just had to bring it up! That's fine. Two can play at that game… “Oh course darling, but the fact the compliment is coming from you, one of the sweetest, cutest, most adorable people in my life, well...” Angela leans down to kiss Rebecca’s forehead “That just makes it extraordinary” She purred, watching with satisfaction as her girlfriends usually pale ivory colored skin blew up into a beautiful shade of pinkish red. “Now that's cute” She murmured, leaning down to kiss her. 
From across the apartment, came a voice, ridden with faux pain and suffering “Guuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssss Im dying!” 
Rebecca sat up, thankful for the distraction from her flirtatious girlfriend. She shook her head, staring lovingly down the hall. “We should probably go check on them now” At that, Aggie nodded. “Yeah, that's a good idea” The taller girl agreed
Once again the voice from their shared bedroom rang through the apartment “Please pay attention to meeeee!” The two girls giggled as they walked hand in hand down the hall. They entered the darkish room, the walls, a light purple and blue mix now looking midnight blue in the dim light. A form under a pile of blankets with three pillows surrounding them peaked their beautiful green eyes at them. They gasped happily as the two girls came over to lay next to them, one on each side. “Oh look at that, my girlfriends DO care about me! A pleasant surprise indeed” They said before groaning and collapsing in their warm fortress. They reached out to hold both Rebecca and Angela’s hands. “How are you doing, Harley?” Rebecca asked softly, squeezing their second partner’s hand. She didn't want to get sick with whatever her partner had got and had work the next day, but neither if that mattered anymore. Come on, how was she supposed to say no to them!?
The being in question looked up at her, the slightest smile painted on their features. They won. “Still a bit stuffy with a fever, but I stopped coughing my life away” 
Angela giggled at her partner's dramatics. “Sweetheart, you’re fine, don't worry about it! You’ll be up and out of bed in no time” The tall girl, ignoring the fact one of her lovers was sick as a dog, leaned over to kiss their forehead. “But that's not what you want us in here for, is it?” She spoke softly, a slightly amused tone in her voice. 
Harley looked over at Anggie and put a hand over their heart “Am i not allowed to want love from my girlfriends? Oh my mistake sweethearts, you can leave me to myself, allow me to wish to see your beautiful faces once more..” What could they say, they were a dramatic person whenever possible.
Rebecca laughed “Look at that, you fit the role for any heartbroken love sick girl in any play. Would you like to cuddle and watch a movie?” She offered, reaching over for the remote near Angela’s other hand that wasn't taken captive by the third person in their loving relationship. She expected to just grab the controller but it seemed Anggie had other plans. Her hand was taken captive by her taller girlfriend. The contact brought a smile to her face, though she rolled her eyes in faux annoyance. 
“Sorry, Heart, it seems Anggie has decided that she needs to hold my hand” She complained softly, tightening her hold on both her lovers hands. She was resting on her elbows holding both people’s hands, laying with her feet hanging off the edge of the bed. She was between the two that stole her heart about a year ago staring into Harley’s eyes.
The them in question watched Rebecca in return before releasing both Angela and Rebecca’s hands, surging forward, dragging Rebecca closer and then placing her in their lap, grinning at the not flustered girl in her hold. 
“Hey there, sweetie” They flirted softly before pressing a kiss to Rebecca’s soft pink lips. The girl was now highly flustered, her face a magnificent beat red. To her two lover’s she was adorable. 
“Awwe, you're so cute Rebbie!” Angela cooed, moving closer to pull Harley against her so she could hold both her loves. In an effort to see her other lover blush a bit, she kissed the top of her head softly before moving a bit to see their face. 
It seemed she was successful as she now noticed the slightest tint of pink on Harley’s cheek. “There you go, Re, ReyRey is blushing too” 
“Harmie!! You're so cute!!” Rebecca exclaimed, sitting up a bit to hug her datemate. “I love you, cutie pie!”
Angela nodded “I agree with Rebbie, you are loveable. I love you too, Sugar” Once again the taller girl leaned over this time to plant a kiss on their cheek. 
Harley thought they would be the one to make their girlfriends blush, had a plan for it and everything! They of course should have foreseen their sweet, adorable smiles would send her heart into a fluttery whirl as the two always did, leaving them with the reddest blush in the room. “I-I love you girls too” With that, they leaned against Anggie, held Rebecca close to their chest and smiled, relaxing in the two loving embraces. “I love you two so much more than you could ever imagine”
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cuddlepilesick · 2 days ago
As one
Fandom: Stray Kids
Sickie: Jeongin
Caregivers: Minho, Seungmin
This is set shortly after their debut (but OT8 AU) , Jeongin is still a minor and his group members aren’t that fond of him. Remember, this is purely fiction!!!
 No one’s POV.:
It hadn’t been too long since Stray Kids had debuted and unlike you’d expect, the tension didn’t lighten after Minho and Felix were brought back. Instead, everyone was working even harder to prove to JYP that he had made the right decision by bringing them back. Well, everyone except for Jeongin. His schedule wasn’t as packed as most others because he was still a minor. Seungmin was too but unlike Jeongin he voluntarily followed his members to their schedules and joined extra practices with his members. He improved his dancing by joining the dance-racha and learned about songwriting by watching 3racha in the studio. It wasn’t that Jeongin didn’t want to do that too, his members just always told them they didn’t want him to join their practice because he’d only slow them down. To them, the maknae was pretty much useless and they couldn’t understand why Minho, one of their best dancers, and Felix, the member with the most remarkable voice, had initially been eliminated but the youngest hadn’t. Jeongin knew he wasn’t doing nearly as much as the others but since they didn’t let him join them except for their official group practices, it was difficult for him to do more. He hated to practice alone but that was what the maknae had resorted to. When his schedule ended, he’d continue to stay at the company, practicing his singing and when he didn’t find an empty studio to do so, he’d dance.
Being a very empathetic person, Jeongin could see how stressed the older members were and wanted nothing more than to help them. He didn’t even witness Chan coming home at night anymore because the leader returned so late. What could he do to take some of the pressure off of them and not keep holding them back? He could relieve 3racha by perfecting his singing and memorizing his lyrics well, so when they had to record, he’d only need a few tries and finish quickly. If he practiced the choreographies alone, they wouldn’t have to pause the music frequently to teach him the dance. Sometimes when he had already danced all day and didn’t think he could handle to practice anymore, he’d go back to the dorm early as his schedule ended about one to two hours before the others’ did. He’d clean the dorm, so the others wouldn’t have to do anything more after having a long and exhausting day already. Jeongin also would have prepared dinner for the group but he was too afraid he’d mess something up and make a huge mess, which would stress the group out even more, so he didn’t. His hyungs probably didn’t trust his cooking anyway.
It was another long day for most of the members. JYP had joined them to watch one of their dance practices, which put a large amount of pressure on all of them. Jeongin was nervous as hell, he had practiced the dances frequently over the last few weeks, often dancing till his legs felt numb but he was scared it wouldn’t be good enough. Especially their CEO’s sharp eyes, noticing every single misstep, terrified him but the youngest did what he always did, he smiled. He tried to seem positive, hiding his shaking hands, and of course everybody bought it. They weren’t paying close enough attention to him anyway, so how would they notice. After almost two hours of dance practice, JYP left, only the memory of his harsh words remaining. Jeongin hadn’t done as well as he would have hoped after the number of nights he had spent practicing but that wasn’t too hard on him. Minho was told that his moves weren’t sharp enough considering he often had the center position and that he had failed to teach all the members the choreography, basically he was being blamed for the younger’s mistakes. That was what made Jeongin feel worst, knowing how much his hyung was struggling to prove his worth after almost not getting to debut. Right that second, he promised himself he wouldn’t be going home that night until he could nail each of the dances perfectly and if that meant not going home at all then so be it. JYP also informed Chan that their deadlines were one week earlier than originally planned. This meant 3racha would be back even later tonight, trying to speed up their producing to meet the deadlines.
As soon as JYP left the room, Jeongin felt like screaming. Though the leader tried not to show his dongsaengs how much the shortened time stressed him, it was obvious in the way he clenched his teeth and the dark bags under his eyes told everyone just how tired he was. Minho’s struggle was more obvious as there were tears in his eyes. Hyunjin and Felix were by his side, reassuring him that he hadn’t failed anyone and that his moves would be more on point with little more practice. There the maknae was, earning many frustrated glares, after all it was his fault that Minho got scolded for not teaching him well. Seungmin hadn’t made nearly as many mistakes as the maknae and couldn’t understand why the younger couldn’t do any better. “Alright, just so we’re all on the same page, Changbin, Jisung and I will go to the studio now, what about the rest of you”, Chan asked after finishing his water. Hyunjin planned to help Minho, frowning: “Minho, Felix and I are going to get something to eat and then we’ll dance some more. We just need to refill our energy and clear our minds for a bit.” – “Seungmin and Jeongin are officially done for today anyway, so good for you”, Changbin spat, packing his things to leave. Seungmin only rolled his eyes at his hyung’s frustration and stated: “I’m going to practice my vocals a bit more. I’d dance but I don’t think I could walk tomorrow if I did. My legs are on fire.” Everyone nodded and just assumed Jeongin would be going back to the dorm enjoying his free time.
The group scattered, leaving the youngest member in the practice room. He felt like Seungmin, yet he knew he’d have to dance more later. Following the dance-racha’s example, he took a break and headed back to the dorm where he jumped over his shadow and asked his mother for an easy recipe, so that he could cook a warm dinner for his members. Chan’s tense face and the broken look in Minho’s eyes would forever be engraved in his memory and he had no idea how he could support them, so making sure they had a warm meal when they came home was a good start. When everything was done, it was dinnertime but he didn’t expect anyone to be home anytime soon, so he ate a small serving himself before getting himself less sweaty clothes and returning to the company building determined to perfect his dancing. Today would be the last time that his members would suffer from his lack of skill. As he kept dancing, Jeongin slowly lost track of time. There was only him, the music, his burning muscles and the voice in the back of his head that sounded eerily similar to their CEO. It didn’t go as well as he had hoped though and he never was satisfied with the way his dancing looked. The more frustrated he got, the more mistakes he made and the scene of Minho tearing up at being scolded for not being a good enough dance teacher repeated itself in his mind over and over again. It was late but he was certain that none of his members had gone home yet. He needed to do better, so that he wouldn’t put even more pressure on them.
Minho had just finished practicing with Hyunjin and Felix, already reassured in his skills as the practice with his friends had gone a lot better than earlier. “Hey, I know you two want to go home and yeah, please do, you’ve worked really hard today. I’ll just stay a little longer and practice for myself, just to clear my head, ya’ know”, Minho announced. The younger two were reluctant, trying to convince him to come home with them but there was no chance in changing the older’s mind when he had it set on something. All three of them left the practice room and parted ways. Although Minho wanted to continue dancing, he wanted to change the practice room. To him, the small practice room where JYP had brought him and Felix back, held a positive vibe, so whenever he’d practice by himself, he’d check whether that room was free. It was by far his favorite in the entire building. As he approached the door, it seemed quiet, so he was hopeful it would be unoccupied. What he found when he entered though shocked the dancer to the core.
In the far corner of the room lay his dongsaeng, curled up in a tight ball with tears streaming down his face, breathing hard. Rushing over, he placed a hand on Jeongin’s shoulder and asked: “Hey, what’s going on?” The younger didn’t reply, only gasping for air as his entire body shook. “Can you breathe alright?”, the dancer asked, slowly freaking out. Jeongin shook his head rapidly, fear written all over his face. Cursing under his breath, Minho pulled him up into a sitting position and propped him against the wall. He hoped this way his dongsaeng would be able to breathe a little better. The younger only clutched his chest, curling in on himself as his face contorted in pain. “Are you hurt?”, the older pressed, anxiously searching his pockets for his phone. Jeongin barely managed to point at his chest as more labored breaths puffed past his lips. Minho couldn’t really grasp what was going on with the younger but promised: “I’m calling you an ambulance. Help is coming and everything will be alright. Just try to take deep breaths for me, can you do that?” While dialing the emergency number on his phone, he demonstrated a few exaggerated breaths that the maknae failed to match. Right when the dispatcher accepted Minho’s call, Jeongin’s eyes fluttered shut and he collapsed to the side. The dancer barely managed to slide a hand under his head before it could hit the ground. “H-Help, my friend just collapsed. He c-couldn’t breathe and his chest hurt a-and then he just passed out”, Minho shakily explained.
The tears never stopped falling from Minho’s eyes as the sirens roared over his head. The entire ride to the hospital passed in a blur and he soon found himself in the waiting room alone. He was out of his mind worrying for the younger and he knew he should probably call Chan. After a few attempts, the dancer realized that his hyung must have turned off his phone to avoid distractions while working. He was just about to call his mother when a nurse called him in. She led Minho to a room where he found Jeongin on a bed, blinking dazedly. A doctor stood beside the bed, scribbling something down and humming: “What’s your relation with Mr. Yang?” – “I-I’m his friend, we live together.” – “Well, he is still a minor and we can’t get a hold of his parents considering the later hour. Are you of legal age?” Minho gulped but nodded. “Alright, Mr. Yang had a panic attack. The symptoms are pretty similar to a heart attack which is why many people end up here in the ER after their first one. We gave him some sedatives, so he’ll be quite out of it for some time”, the doctor informed “Do you have any idea what could have triggered it? Does he have a lot of stress lately?”
Was the maknae stressed recently? He had seemed perfectly calm all day even when the rest of the group was freaking out over having JYP watch their practice. Minho shook his head: “Not that I know of.” – “Well, he’ll have to stay here for a few hours because we can’t calculate the effect of the medication. After that it should be best for him to recover in an environment that he’s familiar with and that he feels safe in. You said you live with him?” The dancer nodded, eyes trailing over to the knocked-out boy. “We’ll let you know when he can get discharged. Please take him home and take care of him. Make sure he takes it easy and doesn’t get too stressed out”, the doctor advised, walking out. Minho just stood there a bit lost as he tried to make sense of what he had just learned. To him Jeongin hadn’t seemed stressed at all and he had the most relaxed schedule out of them all. The dancer pulled the plastic chair in the room up to the bed, rubbing his face. Now he was the one in charge of the younger just because they hadn’t gotten his parents on the phone. Sure, they lived together but they weren’t close at all.
“Jeongin?”, he tried, taking the maknae’s hand in his. The only reply he got was a quiet hum. “Do you remember what happened?” Another uncertain hum as a tear ran from the younger’s closed eye. Jeongin had never looked that small to Minho before and the dancer felt his heart breaking at the sight. Sure, he had felt anxious before, especially around the times of his elimination, but it had never gotten as bad as having a panic attack and he couldn’t even imagine how bad Jeongin must feel right now. What worried him more was that the attack was so uncalled for. Carefully he dried his dongsaeng’s tears with his sleeve and whispered: “You can sleep if the stuff the doctor gave you made you tired. I’m not leaving, hyung will wait here and take you home when you wake up.” It was the first time he had referred to himself as hyung to the maknae. They weren’t close but in this moment, he couldn’t help but feel protective over the boy. He knew Jeongin was too out of it to really comprehend his words as all he got was another sleepy hum. Minho contemplated texting his mother, just to ask for advice how he’d best take care of Jeongin because he wasn’t used to taking care of others. He changed his mind at the last second, remembering that it was late at night and that his parents were most likely asleep. Closing his eyes, the dancer drifted off in the uncomfortable plastic chair.
It was close to sunrise when a nurse came in and checked Jeongin’s vitals before announcing that he’d be good to go and that she’d be back with some papers for him to sign. Jeongin sleepily sat up on the bed and his eyes fell on the boy asleep in the chair next to him. His memories were distorted and he didn’t know what had actually happened last night and what hadn’t. The only thing he knew for sure was that he couldn’t breathe but he didn’t know how Minho had found him or how he had gotten to the hospital. The older was slowly waking up too and immediately straightened up when he saw Jeongin awake. “What happened?”, the maknae slurred sleepily. The dancer gave him a sad smile and explained: “You had a panic attack and fainted on me. I freaked out and called an ambulance. They drugged you, that’s probably why you can’t remember.” His dongsaeng just nodded. Before Minho could ask him how he felt, the nurse returned and helped Jeongin sign himself out before turning to the other and reminding him to take good care of his friend. The dancer just nodded before calling them a taxi.
As the two of them waited awkwardly in the parking lot, Minho’s phone rang. It was morning and Chan was wondering where the two members were because they’d have to leave for their schedule in ten minutes. The dancer only informed his hyung that Jeongin was sick and that he’d stay back to take care of the younger. The leader wasn’t too happy that two of his members would be missing out but Minho had made it very clear that he wouldn’t leave the maknae’s side. The call ended and they got into the car, buckling their seatbelts when Jeongin hesitantly spoke up: “Y-You know, you don’t have to take care of me. I’m fine. I know you don’t want to miss work, so…” – “Don’t worry about that, okay?”, the older sighed, “I know we’re not the closest but that doesn’t mean I don’t care when you’re hurting.” Jeongin bit his lip. He felt guilty knowing he was holding someone else back again. “What’s on your mind, Jeonginnie?”, Minho whispered, taking his dongsaeng’s hand, “I can tell you’re worrying about something.” – “H-Hyung, I don’t want to hold y-you back. You’ll get stressed when y-you need to catch up on the stuff you’re missing a-and then you’ll overwork yourself m-more”, the younger forced out, tearing up. Minho was baffled but quickly gave his hand a reassuring squeeze: “Don’t think about that right now. Let’s just get home, I think we have quite a bit to talk about.”
The rest of the ride passed in silence, except for Jeongin’s soft sniffles as he tried to hold back his tears. Minho softly rubbed his shoulder. When he unlocked the door, the dorm was quiet and he told the younger to take a quick shower and put on some comfortable clothes while he’d make them breakfast. They both got changed and Minho handed Jeongin a bowl filled with yogurt, granola and fresh fruit before sitting on the couch and motioning for the maknae to sit with him. As they ate, the younger avoided eye contact at all cost, contemplating how he could get himself out of having to tell his group mate what was going on. The dancer finished his food first and set his bowl down on the coffee table, speaking up: “I know I’m probably don’t want to talk to me but I want to help you. Please tell me what stressed you out to the point of having a panic attack. Was your schedule too busy?” Jeongin shook his head, tears burning in his eyes as he put his bowl down, not able to swallow properly anymore. Surprising himself, Minho pulled his dongsaeng into a hug, which resulted in the other breaking down completely. He hadn’t noticed till then how touch-starved he really was. Since the youngest wasn’t really close to any of the members, he missed out on lots of hugs that he also couldn’t get from his family after moving into the dorm.
For a while they sat their as Minho continued to hold the maknae as he cried. At some point he was able to make out mumbled words between the sobs and it became apparent that Jeongin was trying to apologize. “Shh, just breathe and when you’re ready you can tell me why you’re apologizing”, the dancer whispered, rubbing the maknae’s back comfortingly. The younger nodded and took a shuddering breath. A few minutes later he pulled back and sniffled: “I’m sorry, I’m the reason JYP was mean to you, it’s my fault that all of you are so stressed and overworked. They’re not splitting the work between us equally and I’m sorry I always get out earlier.” Jeongin used his sleeve to wipe his face before continuing: “I know you don’t like me, nobody in this group really does and I can see why you don’t. You guys might not care about me but I care about you. It hurts to always see you overworking yourselves while I get laxer schedules. I want to be like Seungmin and just stay at the company and work with the group but none of you want me there and I don’t know how else I could help. I do stay at the company and just practice some stuff by myself or I go back to study or clean the dorm because I don’t want to be that useless member.”
Minho sat there stunned, not able to comprehend everything that fast. “Okay, wait. Just so I get this right, you’re stressed because we’re stressed?”, the dancer concluded. The only answer was a sob. It was true, they had certainly treated their youngest like he was of no use to the group but hearing it out of his own mouth hit differently. Minho quickly hugged the younger again and hummed: “C’mon, you’re not useless, though I have to admit we probably made you feel that way. I can only speak for myself but I think most of us are just a bit jealous that you get to have less schedule than us. I can see now, that that doesn’t mean you go home earlier, you just practice alone. Jeongin, you really shouldn’t blame yourself for us being busy, that is just the job we chose. It’s nice to see that you care about us, pretty empathetically, but we brought that onto ourselves and we all knew what we’d get ourselves into when we pursued our dream.” He reached up and brushed away some of the tears. “I think we should all have a talk, would that be okay with you?”, the dancer smiled sadly. His dongsaeng looked at him pleadingly and breathed: “Please, it’s ridiculous. I don’t have the slightest right to feel stressed. The others can’t know, it would be an insult to how much work they have on their shoulders.” – “Well, it might not seem like much but we’ve seen how it affects you, so you shouldn’t invalidate the way you feel and instead try to figure out what we can do about it together. Let’s be friends from now on. Would it help if we switch up the rooms, so that you are staying with me and Seungmin? I promise he’s nicer than he makes it seem”, Minho offered, studying the younger’s face. Jeongin seemed hesitant to answer but the dancer noticed the look of longing in his face and already decided before the maknae whispered: “If that’s okay with you all, I’d like to stay with you.”
Minho quickly texted their group chat to inform the rest of the group about the newest arrangement, not really giving the other members a chance to deny their plan, and then moved Hyunjin’s things to the room Jeongin had previously shared with Jisung. Jeongin took his things to his new room and put them away before laying down in his new bed, while Minho went to take a shower. The dancer then joined his dongsaeng, since they were both tired after the night they had had and though uncertain, the older offered: “This might be weird but do you want cuddles? It’s just that it usually helps Jisung and Felix feel a bit better when they are worried over something, so I figured I’d ask but if you don’t want that’s perfectly fine.” Jeongin didn’t answer, instead he got up and just crawled into his hyung’s arms, already feeling drowsy as the effects of his medicine hadn’t worn off completely. Their nap ended up pretty long and Minho was the first one to wake up hours later, smiling at the small figure curled up in his arms. He’d do his best to figure out a solution for their issue but that would inevitably mean that he had to let the group in on their situation.
Jeongin woke up during the late afternoon and found Minho on his phone. The older had been awake for quite some time already but didn’t have the heart to leave the boy. He had also texted their members and asked them to come back for a dinner together because they had to discuss something. He didn’t know how exactly he’d bring up the topic especially since Jeongin didn’t want it to be talked about at all but he’d improvise. “Hey, you’re up. Do you want to help me make dinner? The others are coming home, so we can all eat together before everyone does their own thing again”, Minho smiled. The maknae sat up yawning but nodded, he couldn’t wait to help out. Cooking with Minho was actually really fun. They listened to Jeongin’s playlist and the dancer taught him some basic things, so he wouldn’t have to be afraid of burning the kitchen down anymore. The time passed quickly and soon the members were back, taking turns showering. Jeongin laid the table and Minho got ready to serve everyone as soon as they sat at the table. The atmosphere was pretty tense and Minho had a bad feeling about how this was going to go.
Jeongin earned many sharp looks because he seemed fine to them. According to Minho he must be in an awful shape, so that he couldn’t be left alone, yet here he was, out of bed, eating with them and having a big smile plastered on his face. It was really one of his best skills, his smile that could fool anyone. Nobody could tell how broken he was as long as he was able to keep that smile up. “Did you two have a nice day?”, Changbin asked coldly, confident that the two had only skipped out on their practice. The accusing tone didn’t go unnoticed by anyone, yet Chan didn’t put him in his place because honestly, they all felt that way. Jeongin’s eyes stung with tears as he pushed his chair back and left the table, his appetite completely gone as all he wanted to do was to curl up under his blanket. Minho gritted his teeth and replied even colder: “Yeah, it was pretty awesome spending the entire night at the hospital and only getting my dongsaeng discharged minutes before Chan-hyung called me.” – “Hold up, hospital?”, the leader cut in, “What exactly happened? He looked fine to me.” – “Well, our maknae had a panic attack and I found him seconds before he passed out unable to breathe in one of the practice rooms”, Minho spat, “They sedated him because he was too stressed out to calm down by himself.” Hyunjin just shook his head and hummed: “Come on, why would he be stressed. If one member in this group has no right to feel stressed, it’s him.” – “That was exactly what I thought but you know what? He hates that he doesn’t get to work as much as us and it hurts him how we overwork ourselves. Jeongin wanted to help and no, he doesn’t go home early. He practices by himself because unlike Seungmin, we don’t let him stay with us. I’m guilty of that myself just thinking about all the times I told his he shouldn’t stay with Hyunjin, Felix and me because he would hold us back. JYP was right! I am an awful dance teacher because I refused to let him practice with us. How is he supposed to teach himself all that? Jeongin cleans up the dorm after us, like some kind of maid because he wants so badly to be useful to us. Let that sink in! He is a member of this group like any of us and it’s about damn time we start treating him as one!”
The members remained quiet, taken aback by Minho’s harsh words or rather by the truth they held. There were some whispers because it was hard to understand how their youngest should be stressed due to them overworking themselves, they weren’t even close to each other, so the maknae had no right to have a panic attack because of that. “You know, I feel similar. Not as strong as him but I desperately try to find someone I can stay with till their schedule ends and I can’t really fall asleep till I know everybody is home”, Seungmin admitted quietly, getting up from the table. He made his way to his room that he now shared with Jeongin. Lightly tapping the door to warn the younger, he slipped into the room and closed the door behind him. “Hey”, he whispered hesitantly, “Come here, I know they were mean. I believe you Jeonginnie because I know how you feel.” He quietly sat down on the edge of Jeongin’s bed and pulled him into a hug as soon as he sat up. The maknae just broke down again, so Seungmin properly sat down on the bed and just held him as he cried. “I’m not sure they’ll be able to understand but as I said, I do. I can’t sleep unless I know they’re all home and not held up at the company anymore and I don’t want to go home earlier than them either. The only difference is that I was lucky enough to not have them send me away. Minho put them in their place, so don’t worry about that. He regrets not allowing you to practice with them”, the older hummed, updating Jeongin on what had happened after he left the table.
Jeongin was still in tears when the door opened again a while later. Minho came in with three cups of hot cocoa. Carefully placing them down on the maknae’s nightstand, he said softly: “It’s alright, they might not understand now but they will have to learn to understand. Here, have some cocoa, that has the potential to cure anything, from cold hands to heartbreak.” – “How about from now on, you stay with either Minho or me after your official schedule?”, Seungmin asked handing Jeongin his cup. Minho nodded: “Yeah, you can practice your dance with Hyunjin, Felix and me and no, they don’t get a say about this because I’m the oldest of the dance-racha.” – “Mhm and when we’ve already danced that day and you’re tired, we can practice our vocals together”, Seungmin added, “The two of us are the vocal-line anyway, so that is what we should be doing even if there is no official schedule telling us to.” The youngest sniffled and wiped his tears away before nodding and taking a sip of his cocoa, whispering: “Thank you, hyungs.” – “It’s fine”, they answered in unison.
“Just sad that we were too stupid and blind to do that earlier”, Minho added, sneaking his arm around the maknae’s shoulders. Seungmin nodded disappointed in their entire group dynamics: “Yeah but soon we’ll be eighteen anyway and then things should be more equal, besides everyone always forgets that we also do have school work. It’s not like we get out of the company to hang out and have fun but we actually study and stuff.” – “Please don’t leave me behind when I’m the only minor in this group”, Jeongin pleaded, looking up from his drink. “Never!” There was a knock at the door and Minho hesitantly went to open it. It was Chan who looked pretty guilty, so he stepped aside to let the leader in and then closed the door behind him. “Hey, are you feeling okay now?”, the oldest asked with a sad smile. Jeongin returned the smile because that was what he could best, nodding. Chan sat down on Minho’s bed to give them some space, sighing: “I might not be able to relate to your situation but I can see how we have excluded you. It wasn’t fair on you and I’m sorry I was a bad leader and a bad hyung to you. Minho really opened my eyes and I hope in the future you can trust me with your struggles, so that I can help you solve them before they get out of hand like they did last night. We are a group and we should be able to move forward as one, not as a few members trying to survive by themselves. The others have a few apologies for you as well but we figured it’d be best to give you some space to calm down and rest. We can talk more tomorrow if you want to and maybe you’d like to watch 3racha at the studio someday. I think there are a few things we could teach you about songwriting.” – “Thank you, Chan-hyung”, Jeongin hummed, “But I don’t want to hold you up by making you teach me. I don’t want you to get home even later than you already do.” – “I don’t think it would change anything about the time we spend there. That is a bad habit of myself and doesn’t really have anything to do with you. It might even help to have you there to remind me that it might be time to head home and sleep”, Chan smiled, getting up. He ruffled Jeongin’s hair on the way out, commenting: “I’m happy about the new room arrangement. It’s good that you have Minho and Seungmin with you. I trust them to take good care of you.”
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tummyachediaries · 2 days ago
pls interact with this post if you’re a similar type blog? i’m going to be posting my own personal tummy issues as well as OCs for all things tummy aches, emeto, bloating, kinky belly content in general. i‘m also going to low key use this to live blog the more extreme moments of my gastro symptoms. (i have a few chronic illnesses.)
just on the lookout for some mutuals!
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angstyaches · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Henry (he/him)
Make the Eggs (angst?)
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angstyaches · 2 days ago
Make the Eggs
Happens around the time of this fic, where the other flatmates are on a trip. A little exposition: Henry is agoraphobic, but also extremely extroverted. He loves meeting new people and having new experiences, but lately he’s limited to meeting people online, and he usually just has them come straight to the flat.
CW: implied “night before” stuff with no details, character dealing with rejection, loneliness, anxiety, frustration, hunger, brief mentions of chronic pain.
Henry woke up and reached for the source of heat lying in the bed next to him, finding that it had moved away; the warmth he sensed was merely lingering between ruffled, empty sheets. He opened his eyes a crack, everything a dizzying blur as he stretched his hand a little further. Feeling the arm of his glasses on the edge of his desk, he tugged them delicately towards his face and slipped them on.
His companion for the night was stunning, and Henry wished some of the flatmates were home to clap him on the back and congratulate him on his score. For a second, he was content to just lay on his back and watch the guy gathering his clothes from the floor, trying to decipher what was his from what was Henry’s.
This bedfellow of Henry’s had been raised by a single mother, had a brother who had overdosed at the age of seventeen, had dreamed of being a ballet dancer but had settled for gymnastics, had a pet parrot called Suzie when he was a kid, and had read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy six times.
They knew practically everything about each other from just one almost-sleepless night, except for their names.
The man sat at the edge of the mattress to pull his socks on.
“Going already?” Henry finally asked.
The guy turned his head as he stood up again, wearing a tighter, colder version of the smile he’d had for Henry the night before. “Reckon I should.”
“You don’t have to.” Henry sat up as far as the ache in his lower back would allow. “I scramble a good egg.”
“I don’t do eggs.”
“I also toast a good… toast.”
The look on the guy’s face matched the regret Henry felt at the weak follow-up. The guy finished tucking his shirt into his pants. The creeping realisation was like tar setting in Henry’s gut.
“You don’t do breakfast at all, do you?”
“Now you’re catching on.” The guy scooped up one of Henry’s sweaters from the floor, momentarily mistaking it for his own before bending down again. “Hey, come on, don’t get that look. We both knew what this was. You told me yourself, you don’t do dates and relationships.”
Henry swallowed and smoothed his thumb over a crease in the fitted sheet. He wanted to ask why eggs couldn’t just turn into a prolonged morning of haziness, but bit his tongue just in time. We both knew what this was.
“Thanks for letting me charge my phone,” the guy said, stooping down again to retrieve it from the tangle of chargers next to the bed.
“Yeah, you’re welcome.”
“You, uh, want to come and lock the door behind me? Do you need this?”
Henry chewed the inside of his lip as he watched the guy cross the room, hand closing over the top of his cane. The handle was silver and shaped like a wolf’s head, and the guy peered at it as he picked the stick up by the shaft. He’d heard all about the carving the night before, and was clearly interested in the handiwork.
“The door locks itself,” Henry said, watching the guy put the cane down. He didn’t want to walk him to the door after all of this. He’d probably end up making it weird by trying to kiss him, breaking his own rule of no kisses in the morning.
“Bye, then,” the guy smiled, giving a little wave.
“Yeah, bye.”
He flopped back in the bed, wincing at the shift in pressure in his hip. The bedroom door clicked shut, and a few moments later, the heavier front-door to the flat was opened and closed too.
And that was that.
Henry thought the silence of being left in bed alone was terrifyingly beautiful. He always imagined himself disappearing off the face of earth whenever it happened. Imagined he could walk up next to someone and have them look right through him, could say their name and not be heard, no matter how loudly he screamed.
It was like existing and then, having existed, ceasing to exist.
His stomach growled in the agony-inducing silence; he’d been having hunger pains, on and off, since three or four in the morning, but he had been too caught up in words and kisses and touches and breathless and easy and nice to think about food or anything else. Now, he was thinking about the eggs he’d offered to scramble for his guest, but the thought of eating alone was unappealing in the wake of what he’d been envisioning; he’d wanted them to chat and laugh over cups of tea, wanted to see how different the guy’s face looked when natural light hit it, wanted to turn on the radio and watch his guest’s reaction to being in the presence of someone who owned and actually still used a radio.
After allowing himself an indulgent sigh, Henry rolled over and pulled his phone out from under the mattress, where he always tucked it when he was banished to the wall-side of the bed. Payton hadn’t updated their Instagram story as much as they usually did on trips, and Donnacha hadn’t posted at all, and the only information he could glean from Lucy’s story was that she’d been bored and annoyed on the bus ride, and that they’d gone to McDonald’s for dinner before heading to the campsite.
Muscles clenched despite his horizontal state, Henry let his mind turn over the question that they’d been avoiding since they’d left; should I have gone? Should I have gone? Should I have gone?
The only answer that sang back to him was No. Henry would have been miserable in a tent, no matter how “glamourous” Lucy claimed it would be. He would have hated being stuck on a bus for so long, surrounded by strangers and smells and chattering noise. He would have hated being in a field, in the countryside, where hoards of even more strangers would have been lurking about. 
The entire thing smacked of no good, and yet he couldn’t shake the discomfort of being left behind.
His phone was littered with notifications about his battery life and storage space, and as he swiped them away, he noticed Lucy’s name crammed in there.
Morning! How’d you sleep?
Henry pursed his lips and typed a response. – Barely. Had company.
The message status turned to “read” almost instantly.
Ooh… Decent company? Lucy asked.
He rejected my scrambled eggs, so you tell me.
His loss. Go and make the eggs for yourself, king. And send me pictures so I can eat them vicariously! Breakfast here is just cereal and toast
Henry sighed and rested his phone on his stomach for a minute. The day suddenly sprawled out in front of him like an impossible, unknowable obstacle race. He didn’t know if he had the energy to shower, pick out something to wear, cook, eat, wash up, decide what to do to pass the rest of the time –
He sighed again, feeling the hunger pinch his stomach right where he’d placed his phone. 
Make the eggs for yourself, was all that Lucy had said. Everything else was optional. All he had to do was make the eggs.
And send pictures, he reminded himself, picking up his phone and sending a few hearts to Lucy before he began the process of getting out of bed. 
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yooniestummy · 2 days ago
so, i’m sick right now (just a head-cold) but my boyfriend came over last night to take care of me. i took a bunch of meds on an empty stomach and ended up with a really bad stomach ache. i was laying in my boyfriends arms and i told him how bad my stomach hurt. he automatically raised my shirt up and rubbed a little, then asked, “does this help at all?”. i nodded and let him rub my stomach for me, it was so sweet guys 🥺
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deniska-101 · 2 days ago
Faking it All
yoongi | angst | 2156 words
When it came time for a new album, there were always lots of things to get done. Choreographies to master, vocals or raps to get down perfectly, all their outfits had to fit well, the songs had to be produced and finished, the album art had to be made...
Yoongi tried to calm himself every time. He told himself that everything was going to be finished in the end. If things went wrong, they could always push the album release date back. It wasn't worth getting so scared over. It wouldn't be the end of the world if they couldn't release their album on the first fixed date. The fans would understand.
But he always, every single time without fail, he got overwhelmed. The amount of work that needed to be done was too much for him. He ended up crying in his studio or in front of the others and frankly, it was a bit embarrassing for him. Very embarrassing for him.
He struggled to meet the deadlines. Yoongi was a chronic procrastinator and he always ended up finishing things at the very last second. It was nerve-wracking and downright terrifying at times.
So this time, he had a plan. He would take a "mental health day" as he told himself by telling the others that he was sick. Yoongi felt a little bad, but he convinced himself that, in a way, he was sick. He needed a breather for one day. Practicing eighteen hours a day caused burnout pretty quickly for him. Taking a day off would improve his mood by a lot. The others would probably be off at practice so he could have the whole dorms to himself. He could shake his ass to WAP and nobody would be laughing at him!
Now, if he could only make the others fall into his trap.
"Min Yoongi, if you don't wake-"
Yoongi groaned. The sun hit his face. The clock in the hallway chimed nine times. He had purposefully tried to get up late so he could pretend like he was sick.
Jin stopped. He put the pillow down next to Yoongi. The bed dipped as he sat down.
"What's going on? Yoongi?"
"Hmmm...?" The rapper turned his head away from the window, trying to burrow his face into the covers.
"Are you okay? Does something hurt?"
"Yeah... my-my... head hurts."
Jin nodded. He patted Yoongi's side, then stood up.
"I'll call the manager and let them know okay? But wait, oh no..."
"There's that meeting today, remember? We all have to go," Jin said. He ripped the covers off of Yoongi. "Come on. How bad is the headache?"
Yoongi grimaced, pretending to be in pain. His fake expressions of pain nearly made him crack up so he hid his face with his hands. Jin didn't notice anything.
"I'll get some painkillers okay?" Jin said. "If it gets super horrible then we can bring you home."
Yoongi sighed. He regretted picking today. He would have to be around the others the whole day and they would probably notice that he wasn't sick at all. He wouldn't get to spend the rest of the day at the dorms after all. And worst of all, he wouldn't get to have a solo dance party.
"Go and brush your teeth. I'll let the others know," Jin said. He helped Yoongi stand up and walk over to the bathroom.
Jin smiled at him, ruffling his hair before leaving the room. Yoongi immediately dropped his sick and trembling facade. He walked into the bathroom. Slowly brushing his teeth, he thought about what he could do.
But he couldn't think for long because soon enough, Namjoon was knocking on the door gently.
"Yoongi hyung? The painkillers are on your bedside table. Do you need any help?"
"No, I'm fine!"
Namjoon raised his eyebrow. Yoongi sure sounded more energetic than he usually did when he had a headache.
"Okay, well, call me if you need anything," Namjoon said before sauntering away.
Yoongi drank the painkillers down. They probably wouldn't harm him right...? And even if they did, it would help convince the others that he really was struggling.
He would have to put his acting skills to test.
Any suspicions that Namjoon had had about Yoongi faking soon vanished. The rapper barely ate during breakfast and kept clutching his head. Namjoon wished he could make him stay home and rest, but the management had told them all to be at the meeting no matter what.
Yoongi came up with a plan while eating breakfast.
The meeting was boring. The managers and other staff members were discussing the budget and their schedules and safety measures and other topics that Yoongi usually would have tried to pay attention to. It was unfortunate that today he had had to be struck down with the worst migraine ever.
Yoongi kept his expression blank, occasionally twisting it up once in a while to show pain. He nearly started to giggle when Jungkook looked at him in concern. This was so funny.
"Yoongi, do you want to catch a breath of fresh air?" Jimin asked.
Yoongi shakily got to his feet. He clutched onto the table as if he was getting dizzy. Hoseok immediately got up to steady him.
Time to execute his plan.
Yoongi crumpled onto his knees. Hoseok gasped, careful to keep his voice down. He held onto the rapper tightly as he crouched down next to him.
"What's going on hyung?" the dancer asked in a worried voice. "Is the headache getting worse? Do you want to go home?"
Yoongi sniffled. Actual tears came to his eyes.
Such good acting. Keep it real smooth, Yoongi. You got this.
"It's really bad!"
A few of the tears rolled down his face. Hoseok hugged him close.
"Take him home. We can fill him in later," one of the managers said.
Yoongi's heart leaped up into the sky. He nearly jumped up but held himself back in the nick of time. He kept sniffling and gripping onto Hoseok's shirt.
Taehyung came up behind them.
"I can carry him." His voice was characteristically deep. "Move aside peasants."
Yoongi was lifted into Taehyung's arms. He buried his face into the second maknae's shirt as if trying to shield himself from the light.
Yoongi managed to keep his act up while still in the car. He kept his hands tightly over his ears and let out a convincing groan every now and then. Taehyung even looked concerned. He kept glancing around to make sure the rapper was comfortable.
Taehyung was planning on staying to take care of Yoongi, but the management called him to say that he needed to come back to the meeting. The second maknae was upset. He didn't want to leave his hyung all alone when he was sick. Taehyung made sure to make Yoongi all comfortable in his bed before leaving.
But right after Yoongi was sure that Taehyung had left the premises, he leapt off his bed and headed into the living room. Loud blasting music was soon heard from the dorms.
Yoongi relaxed into the couch. He watched music video after music video and soon lost track of time.
The others won't know, he assured himself.
The meeting was going to go on for a long time, right?
The meeting ended early. The others decided to stay with the managers for a bit, discussing things. Jungkook decided to head home. He knew that Yoongi was sick and he wanted to provide him with some comfort.
"Hyung? Why is there music playing? Didn't you have a headache?"
Yoongi stopped the music. He wiped the smile off his face. Jungkook was standing in the doorway with a shocked expression.
"I... um, you see, I took some painkillers and now I'm feeling a lot better..."
Way to go Yoongi. Way to blow your cover.
Jungkook laughed. "That's good then, isn't it? Which painkillers did you take?"
"I thought we ran out. Namjoon gave you the last few in the morning."
"I have some in my room."
"Ah..." Jungkook hummed. Yoongi was carefully avoiding his gaze, he noticed.
Yoongi leaned back into the couch. The loud music rang in his ears from before. The TV had turned off. He just wanted to rest. But instead Jungkook was here, drilling him like he was testing a suspect's alibi.
"Do you want me to make you something to eat?" Jungkook asked.
"No, I'm good."
Jungkook sighed. "I don't know what else to do with a sick person! I-"
"Jungkook, stop yelling!" Jin entered the room, a worried expression on his face. The others were starting to come home too. "Yoongi has a headache, why are you yelling?"
Yoongi took that opportunity to lay down. He slipped the blanket over his head and buried himself into the pillow and couch. Within moments, he felt Jimin's hand on his shoulder.
"I'm so sorry about that," Jungkook was saying." "He was listening to loud music earlier so I thought it would be okay if I raised my voice a bit."
"He was listening to loud music?" Jin asked. He frowned.
Yoongi felt his heart skip a beat. He was losing his battle. The others were going to find out.
"Yoongi hyung, why were you listening to music-"
"I was trying to practice the choreography!" Yoongi said. He made sure to make his voice nice and shaky. Crying always made the others get worried.
"Huh?" Jungkook said. "But that wasn't the song-"
"For the last time, shut up Jungkook!" Hoseok said. "Can't you see that Yoongi is sick?"
Jungkook shrugged. "I'm just saying that the song he was listening to wasn't the song that we're learning the dance to. It's called common sense, Hoseok. Yoongi hyung is lying. He was never sick in the first place. He's being lazy with this. He doesn't want to work hard so he lays at home and twerks to random songs."
Namjoon didn't know what to say. Jin stared quietly at the floor.
Yoongi felt like screeching. Jungkook was getting too smart for his own good. Oh where, oh where had his clueless maknae gone to?
"I'll go to the studio, bye everybody," Jungkook said cheerfully. "Call me when Yoongi feels better!"
"Oh wow, okay," Jin mumbled after he left. "I see it now too. That's what I get for being too nice."
Hoseok stared off into the distance. "Yoongi, you-you shouldn't have done that. I'm just saying. We have a lot of work to get done. I don't know why you did this, but it was wrong. Just plain wrong."
Jimin and Namjoon stayed silent. The mochi kept his hand on Yoongi's shoulder. Yoongi kept his face underneath his blanket. He felt like crying.
"I'm going to my room," Jin said. "I'm tired."
Yoongi was starting to get tired too. He felt his eyes burn with unshed tears. Everything had been ruined.
"I'll go to the dance studio."
"Yeah, okay, I'll go talk to Taehyung about the outfits."
"What are we going to do about them?"
"Nearly everyone's done the fitting. It's just... they have to make alterations and they want to make sure about the sizes."
The voices blended together in Yoongi's brain. Goddamnit why did all the bad things have to happen to him?
You're so lazy. You can't do anything right. The others are working hard and you're not doing anything! Get up. Go to the studio. Work hard. Now.
Yoongi felt paralyzed. He couldn't do anything. He could feel Namjoon still sitting beside him. Namjoon probably understood. Namjoon should've. Namjoon did, didn't he? Namjoon was smart, right? He knew that Yoongi got overwhelmed and freaked out around comeback season. He knew that, right?
"Yoongi?" It was Namjoon's voice. He didn't sound angry like the others.
Yoongi stayed silent.
"Yoongi hyung, just... talk to me, please? It's me, your Namjoonie. You know I won't say anything bad to you."
Yoongi didn't have time to react before Namjoon scooped him up into his arms. The rapper tried his best to bury his face into Namjoon's shirt. He didn't want to face the world right now.
Namjoon's voice was too close to him. It was laced with concern and care. He actually bothered to understand. Yoongi started to cry. He was so stupid for thinking this would actually work. All he wanted was a break. That's all.
"You just wanted a break, didn't you?"
Yoongi clung onto Namjoon's shoulder and sobbed. He was pretty sure that he fell asleep there later on as well. He woke up in his bed, Namjoon sprawled next to him.
The strangest thing was, the others didn't bring up Yoongi's "lazy scandal". They actually seemed to be quite apologetic towards him.
Yoongi didn't know what Namjoon had done or said to them, but he was thankful. Very thankful.
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Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom: Julie and The Phantoms (TV 2020)
Bobby | Trevor Wilson/Luke Patterson
Bobby | Trevor Wilson & Alex Mercer & Luke Patterson & Reggie Peters
Bobby | Trevor Wilson
Luke Patterson (Julie and The Phantoms)
Alex Mercer (Julie and The Phantoms)
Reggie Peters (Julie and The Phantoms)
Additional Tags:
Angst, Fluff and Angst, i guess?, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt No Comfort, Sickfic, Allergies, i might be okay but i'm not fine at all Companion Piece, 90s, Sunset Curve, It's Bobby's turn to suffer and Luke's turn to worry for once, Let Alex Mercer Say Fuck, Let Bobby say Fuck, Actually everyone but Reggie says fuck in here...
He doesn’t look at Bobby. Because he hasn’t really looked at Bobby, hasn’t really let himself, since they had their last big fight, since Luke shoved aside his own wants and feelings for the sake of the band and pushed Bobby away, gave Bobby up. Luke plays for his cheering crowd, through one song and then another and then a whole rocking set, and he doesn’t look directly at Bobby once. -- Or, Bobby has an allergy attack during a show, and Luke's the only person who knows how to take care of him, even if he and Bobby don't do that for each other anymore.
I said I wasn’t gonna post anything new until I finished my other wips... But then this 5000 words of chaos happened in less than a day soooo here we are. Technically takes place in All Too Well verse but can be read as a standalone. Luke/Bobby Sickfic. Very angsty. Taglist under the cut:
@whenweremarried @sunsethimb0s @pink-flame @penguin0613 @fighttoshine @sunsetcurvecuddles @nickalicious @reggiescrookedteeth @brightattheorpheum @queenmolina @spidergirl0325 @jandthephantoms @lexilucacia @sapphossidechick @acnhaddict @cest-la-vie-de-la-lee @sunset-bobby @lenacarstairspotterstewart @moreflowersthanweeds @conversationaltreestump @burntchromas @shellydominique 
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sickiethoughts · 2 days ago
ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ʜᴏᴍᴇ ♡
welcome home bbys, i’ve missed you! ♡☁ 
shall i introduce myself again? 
Tumblr media
i’m a blog for kpop content, whether that be sickies (the majority), cute moments, or anything else i feel like posting! (i’ll try to limit myself to only fics and cute content!) 
♡ here is my tag list!
♡ i am an ot7 stan! but for some reason sickie joon and koo really give me the ouchies.
♡ i stan a lot of groups, but i’ll put my ults here for you! 
bts. txt. stray kids. enhypen. blackpink. got7. 
♡ i only write for bts at the moment, im sorry! maybe i’ll branch out in the future.
♡ i love writing soft content. i write mostly emeto, but any soft drabbles are definitely my type. i don’t write f3derism, little space, or anything regarding mental illness, sorry!
♡ i only write platonic relationships, if you’re looking for something else, im sure there are other blogs that can help you with that. 
ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴍᴇ ♡☁
♡ im a dancer, and a soccer player
♡ i currently have a strong interest in developmental pediatrics!
♡ im a teenager
♡ im straight, and single
♡ supporter of lgbtq+, blm, anti-asian hate and many other movements!
♡ 100% a soft stan (i can’t help it!)
♡ currently learning spanish (almost an intermediate!) 
♡ please be patient with me! i’ve got a job to keep up with, school, and writing. im trying my very best, i promise.
♡ i love to chat with you guys! i may be shy, but id love to answer asks and requests. 
♡ i love you so much! we got this, okay?  ♡☁
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