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#mcu smut
thewryter · 4 hours ago
Faint of Heart🕷
G!P Reader X Natasha Romanoff
Tomorrow I'm starting my first day of another semester of college. Summer was great, now I get to panic over grades, lose sleep and cut my hours in half at work, the gym, and my social life. Yay...
But of course, I had to say goodbye to summer break with a bang meaning Wanda and I had planned to go to a club with Peter joining us to toast to his first year of college.
"Y/N hurry up!" I hear Wanda shout from my living room while was in the bathroom.
"Geez I'm coming, I'm coming." I say approaching from down the hall while buckling my belt.
"Hopefully, I will too tonight." Is her reply.
"Gross, la la laaaa." I cover my ear making her laugh.
"Oh come on, you know you want to get laid too." She smirks crossing her arms across her chest jutting out a hip.
"I do but if I don't find anyone I'll settle for you." I joke smacking her butt playfully as I pass by her to grab my keys from the kitchen counter.
"You wish." She laughs.
"Now come on. Peter said he was already on his way there." The brunette adds making her way to the door.
"Mm yes ma'am." I follow behind her making her shake her head.
"So Pete, are you ready for your first semester of college?" I ask him taking a sip of my beer.
"Yeah I'm real excited." He nods with a smile, his soda in his hand since he wasn't old enough to drink yet.
"I brought shots!" Wanda cheers coming back to our table.
"Thanks Wands but-
"One won't hurt." Wanda insists handing Peter the small glass.
I down my shot and finish my beer with a sigh. I look around the place and make eye contact with a red head. It doesn't last long since Wanda grabs my attention.
A while longer we head to the dance floor and in the mist of the sea of bodies I actually ended up dancing with the red head from before. Her back is pressed against my front.
"Hey." I greet with a smirk holding her closer.
"Mm trying to impress me with your strap?" She questions over her shoulder and I release an airy chuckle.
"And if I said it was real?" I raise a brow and hers raise intrigued, a glint in her eyes.
"I'm Y/N." I then introduce myself as she turns to face me.
"Natasha." She replies.
"Another dance?" I propose and she nods.
The door to my apartment slams shut and I pin Natasha against it while we make out feverishly. My lips trail down her neck and I pull one of her legs up round my waist by the back of her smooth thigh making our centers rub against one another, a moan escapes the red heads lips.
"God, you're so fucken hot." I breathe leaning back enough to replenish my lungs of oxygen.
"And what are you gonna do about it?" She smirks, her hands holding the ends of my shirt collar keeping me close.
"Pour more gasoline to the fire." Is my reply before picking her up over my shoulder and she releases a yelp of surprise.
I take us to my bedroom kicking the door shut behind us.
I help her unzip her dress while she untucks my shirt and works on the buttons. Her dress then slides down her arms and pushes the rest down, stepping out of it as I slide off my own shirt then pull my tank top off over my head. By then, Natasha's hands are fumbling with my belt, my eyes wander to her lace bra she was wearing and I can't help but grab a hold of them giving a light squeeze making Natasha moan and look up into my eyes. She shoves me towards my bed to take a seat. I kick off my shoes and she takes my pants off before coming back to kiss me. Her hand then rests on my bulge making me groan before she rubs me slowly.
"Fuck, come on baby." I grunt and she has the audacity to chuckle at my state.
"Aren't you sensitive.." She mumbles against my lips.
"What do you expect when you're the one in front of me." I reply my hands reaching around to grab her ass and pull her onto my lap.
I tug my boxers down revealing my member and she moans. I rub her over her panties slightly before tugging them aside my tip aligning to her center before she stops me.
"Do you have a condom?" She asks.
"I'll pull out." I shrug.
"Uh yeah no." She tells me.
"Alright, give me a sec." I say then go to my night stand.
As I take one from the black box Natasha takes off her bra and panties before kneeling before me taking my dick in her hand and leaning down and starts to suck me off.
"Aw fuck yeah." I lean my head back, knitting my eyebrows together.
When I go to place my hand on the back of her head to guide her she pulls away, grabbing the condom from my hand. She rips it open with her teeth then slides it on, maintaining eye contact with me before getting on her back against the pillows top of the gorgeous girl below me.
"You're such a tease." I breathe before thrusting into her.
"Oh fuck." She groans, her hands gripping the sheets under her.
"But I guess it's okay to not have my cock in your hot mouth if it means I can be in your tight cunt." I grunt leaning my head down to her neck leaving wet kisses.
"No marks." She pants and despite hating that limit, wanting nothing more than my marks on her porcelain skin, I comply.
I then start a steady pace.
"Harder, faster." She moans
I take a hold of her hips, giving her what she wants and she moans louder wantonly.
"Yes just like that." She throws her head back with a hand gripping one of my shoulders.
"I can't wait to feel you cum around me." I pant and she moans.
"You're already so tight." I add.
"So good." She mumbles.
"And we're only getting started." I state.
I wake up groggily, swallowing thickly as my throat felt extremely dry. Sitting up while rubbing my eyes I took over to see the empty space beside me. Remembering the events from last night, the corner of my lips curve up slightly as I remember Natasha. I then notice a note on the nightstand making me stretch over to grab it and look it over.
Thanks for a thrilling night
N.R. 💋
Said the note with a faint lipstick kiss next to her initials.
"That's good lipstick." I mumble, after everything her lips went through last night I'm surprised it was still there to leave a mark on the piece of paper.
I then look over at my alarm clock.
"Shit!" I hiss jumping out of bed immediately making my way to take a shower.
I cannot be late on my first day of school.
The lecture hall wasn't big, it was medium size and pretty filled up. I take my seat at the back in the corner. Typical am I right? But since it's the first day, all the perfectionist, straight A, obsessive students want the seats at the front. I get my laptop out and everything else I needed before leaning my head down on my hands rubbing my temples tiredly. I shouldn't have drank so much, especially the day before a school. I keep my eyes closed for a while before I hear the class quiet down with a heavy door slamming shut, followed by the clicking of heels.
"Good morning. I don't know what terrible things you've done in your life up to this point, but clearly your karma's out of balance to get assigned to my class." The professor starts, her back to us as she starts to write on the chalk board making me look up.
I look over at my professor, she was wearing a professional skirt along with a blazer. I then take a look at those legs.
"I'm Professor Natasha Romanoff, and this is criminology 101. Or, as I prefer to call it...How to catch a murderer. Unlike many of my colleagues, I will not be teaching you how to read about criminology in a textbook cover to cover, but rather how to practice it, like a real detective. My class is extremely hard but passable if you know what you're doing. My class isn't an easy A, or for the faint of heart. If you're not willing to do the work, there's the door." She points over her shoulder before turning around to face us and my eyes widen.
"So, shall we get started?" She asks looking around at the stands from the opposite side of the room her gaze coming across slowly.
Until her eyes lock with mine.
Fuck. Me.
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carrotfantasimp · 5 hours ago
This fucking song opens up my soul 😭👌🏻😍
Also featured in my story Love in the Suburbs! 💜
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moonlight-onyx · 5 hours ago
it’s brooklyn baby: no sleep till brooklyn
Tumblr media
it’s brooklyn, baby masterlist
pairing: (college!bucky x fem!reader)
summary: you made up just in time for him to lose you again.
notes p2: the title is based on the song by the beastie boys lol.
word count: 2.2k
warnings: fluff, angst, accidents, cursing, SMUT-MINORS DNI (smut warnings under the cut)
smut warnings: spitting, oral (f rec), unprotected sex (be smart), bucky cums on your chest, dirty talk?
Tumblr media
it was nearing three a.m. when you finally made it into bucky’s room, a soft smile on your face as you moved to curl into his chest, the laptop on his lap already open to the conjuring: the devil made me do it.
“it’s three in the morning.” you pointed out quietly.
he gave you a proud grin and nodded with excitement, “i know, that’s the point.”
you rolled your eyes playfully, “i hope you get possessed, to be honest.”
“rude,” he grumbled, kissing the top of your head, “you know you’d miss my jokes.”
“oh, i don’t think anybody would miss your jokes, buck. what other twenty two year old do you know that makes dad jokes?”
“they’re funny, though,” bucky sighed in annoyance when you shook your head at him. “jus-the movie’s starting.”
it wasn’t more than thirty minutes before bucky’s hand moved from your stomach to your ass, gripping it tighter than usual. you swallowed thickly when you felt his fingers inch closer to your panty-covered pussy. you were only dressed in a t-shirt that was far too big for you, one that belonged to bucky.
you looked up at him with a brow raised, your heart fluttering at the smile he gave you. you hit the spacebar on his laptop and carefully moved it onto the floor before straddling his lap. bucky grinned and ran his hands up your thighs slowly, “you know i love seeing you in my clothes.”
you leaned down a bit, your fingers threading through his soft hair, “that’s the point.” he laughed quietly at the reuse of his previous statement.
bucky reached up to catch you in a kiss, smiling against your lips when you let out a small huff of surprise. his hands moved up your shirt, holding you even closer against him as he sat up against the headboard.
you pulled away, admiring the puffiness of his lips as you pulled the shirt off of your body, exposing your bare chest.
“oh, fuck me,” bucky’s lips parted, a soft sigh slipping past them before he pulled you back down to him, kissing you with much more need than before.
he flipped the two of you expertly, making sure that your head was supported by his pillow before he started kissing his way down your chest, stopping to swirl his tongue around your nipples.
you let out a quiet moan, your lip pulled between your teeth as bucky rotated between sucking, licking and blowing on your nipples, making sure to leave dark hickies all over your tits.
when he felt satisfied with that, he started kissing down your stomach until he was met with your lace panties. he hummed in approval as he hooked his fingers around the elastic waistband and pulled them down your legs, tossing them over to where your shirt was sitting on the hardwood floor.
he winked at you when you looked down at him with desperate eyes, silently pleading him to do something. bucky slowly licked a strip from your entrance to your clit, just barely rolling his tongue around the sensitive bundle.
“bucky, please,” you breathed out, your fingers tugging on his hair.
“so desperate,” he mocked, moving his head to the side to kiss your thighs, “always so desperate for me, aren’t you?”
“please,” you repeated, your breathing shaky as you watched him intently.
“well, since you asked so nicely,” bucky smiled at you as he spat onto your pussy, his tongue coming out to flick at your clit expertly.
you moaned, one hand in his hair as the other gripped at your tit. bucky brought his hand up, slowly inserting his finger into your hole, pumping and curling it at just the right angle.
“m-more,” you moaned, your chest rising and falling faster with each pump of his hand.
you felt bucky laugh against your cunt, the vibrations only adding to your stimulation as he slipped in a second finger, pumping a bit harder.
you could feel your coil tightening desperately, your thighs shaking as you pulled roughly on his brown locks. the burn of his scalp only motivated him as he worked to make you fall apart, a broken moan of his name slipping past your lips as the euphoria of it all washed over you.
bucky kept going, though, not wanting to waste a single drop of your cum, your legs still shaking from your orgasm. when he finally broke away, his chin soaking wet with your arousal, you reached your arm forward to pull him up towards you, the taste of yourself on his tongue causing both of you to moan.
he kept kissing you, one hand steadying himself against the headboard as the other pulled his gray sweats down enough to free himself.
he groaned softly when you wrapped your hand around his cock, pumping it, your thumb rubbing his pre-cum around the tip.
you broke the kiss, a desperate sigh leaving your lips when bucky started kissing at your throat, finding your sweet spot almost immediately.
bucky lined himself up with your entrance, pushing into you slowly. “fuck, baby,” he muttered against your skin, “always so fucking tight for me.”
you whined quietly, your body feeling hot at his words, “h-harder, buck.”
“harder?” he hummed, “you want more, sweetheart?”
you nodded desperately, throwing your head back against the pillow when he lifted your hips up to thrust into you harshly. you could feel his fingers leaving light bruises on your hips, the pain only adding to the pleasure of it all.
you yelped loudly when the tip of his cock hit your g-spot, a smirk slowly spreading across bucky’s lips. “there she is,” he mumbled, fucking into you even harder.
between the loud knocking of the headboard against the wall, the lewd slapping of skin against skin and the noisy moans that were leaving the both of you, it was obvious to sam and steve that the two of you had made up.
they both rolled their eyes and found a pair of headphones to blare music in their ears, making a mental note to complain about it when they woke up.
“fuck, fuck, bucky-” you moaned, “oh, fuck, i’m gonna cum, i’m gonna-”
bucky grunted, “yeah? cum for me, sweetheart,” he brought his hand down to rub at your clit, the extra stimulation sending you over the edge.
you half-screamed his name, your back bending up toward him as you came, hands gripping the sheets desperately.
bucky fucked you through your high before pulling out, pumping his cock quickly to cum on your chest, painting your tits with his warm spend.
the two of you were panting loudly as bucky sat back on his legs, a low groan leaving his chest when he saw you scoop up some of his cum and suck it off of your fingers. “god, you’re gonna be the death of me.”
“only if i’m lucky,” you joked quietly.
bucky laughed and shook his head before leaning over you to reach the nightstand next to the bed, pulling out the box of tissues in the drawer. he pulled out a few, some to clean up your cum, some to clean up his own.
when you were both cleaned off, he moved back to sit under the covers with you, “you wanna finish the movie?”
you gave him a pitiful look, “bucky, sweetheart,” you started, turning on your side to cup his cheek in your hand, “you quite literally just fucked my brains out. do you think i wanna finish the movie?”
he laughed, smiling proudly at your words, “i was just checkin’.”
you giggled in response, watching as his face fell slightly. “you okay?”
bucky hesitated for a moment, debating on whether or not he’d ask, “are you, um, are you staying in here tonight?”
you thought for a second before nodding, “might as well, right? i’m already comfy.”
the beautiful smile that you loved more than anything made its way back to his lips as you flipped onto your other side, waiting for him to wrap his arm around you and pull you into his chest. “g’nite, y/n.”
“night, bucky,” you hummed, already falling asleep.
bucky woke up at around nine-ish, grinning when he realized you were still fast asleep in his arms, facing his chest instead, your legs interlocked with his own. he slowly unraveled himself from you and slipped out from underneath the covers, quietly pulling his sweats back on to make his way down the hall and into the bathroom.
after using the bathroom and brushing his teeth, he groggily made his way to the kitchen, sitting at the counter. sam was drinking a cup of coffee at the dining table, a knowing smirk on his lips as steve cooked breakfast.
sam got up and went to sit next to bucky, nudging him softly with his shoulder. “sleep well?”
bucky nodded as he yawned. “yeah, you?”
steve snickered and glanced over his shoulder at the brunette, “yeah, not too well.”
“how come?” bucky raised a brow.
“oh, i dunno,” sam laughed, “maybe because somebody couldn’t keep their hands off of y/n for a single night.”
“oh, shit,” bucky groaned, “sorry about that, man.”
“no, you’re not,” steve countered playfully.
“yeah, i’m not.”
“not what?” you hummed quietly as you entered the kitchen, clad in a pair of bucky’s boxers and one of his henleys. “mornin’ sammy.”
“good morning, y/n,” he shook his head at you, “you’re walking like you got hit by a bus, by the way.”
you sent bucky a dopey smile and nodded, “yeah, well. what can you do, right?”
steve handed you a plate with some scrambled eggs, an eggo waffle and some bacon on it. “there’s milk and juice in the fridge.”
“thanks, stevie,” you nodded, putting your plate down on the counter to fix yourself a cup of juice.
“look, i’m glad y’all made up, don’t get me wrong,” sam started.
“but if we wake you up in the middle of the night again, you’ll put spiders in my bed,” you finished through a yawn, “i know.”
sam huffed and glared at you, “get outta my head, you.”
you laughed and blew him a kiss, “can’t do that, we’re connected, sammy.”
he glanced down at the tiny scar on his hand, a brief flash of a childhood memory with you flowing through his mind, “yeah, i know. but seriously, either do the deed earlier or wear a muzzle or something, i dunno.”
you laughed, choking on your juice slightly, “a muzzle?”
“hey, you choose,” sam shrugged before turning back to bucky, “what time are you leaving to head to your ma’s?”
bucky glanced over at the clock on the wall, “uh, like two-ish? it’s only a four hour drive so i figure i’ll be there in time for supper. i gotta go in to work, though, so i’ll probably stop back here and take a quick shower before i head out.”
sam nodded in acceptance, “you might wanna get some sleep first, though. you look exhausted.”
the brunette yawned again, “yeah, i will,” he looked down as steve put another plate in front of him, “as soon as i finish this. thanks, man.”
“for the food or for not poisoning it?” steve hummed, laughing at the flash of fear that shot across bucky’s face. “i said i didn’t poison it. relax.”
bucky thought for a moment, brows furrowed before he looked over at steve, “thanks?”
“no problem, buddy,” the blonde smiled.
you were sitting on the couch, phone in hand when you got a text from bucky.
bucky // just made it to mom’s
you // kk :) tell her hi for me!!
bucky // i’m sure she’ll call you later lmao i’m like 90% sure she loves you more than me
you // yeah ur probably right
bucky // ouch wtf
you // i’m kinda joking, calm down
bucky // KINDA???
you // oh relax drama queen. go spend time with ur mom, i’ll be here when you get back
bucky // promise?
you // pinky swear :)
bucky // you can’t break that or i gotta break ur pinky
you // i know. i’m not gonna break it, don’t worry.
bucky // mhn. alright, bye lmao. don’t miss me too much
you // oh i won’t ;)
you were grinning at your screen, just imagining the look on his face when sam came in. “hey, you wanna go ride around? for old time’s sake?”
you looked up from your phone before shrugging, “yeah, sure. right now?”
sam nodded, holding up his keys. “why not?”
you stood from the couch, putting your phone into the back pocket of your jeans as you grabbed your bag from the hooks next to the door, just in case you decided to stop somewhere.
sam had his music blaring, the two of you singing along to the lyrics with wide smiles, remembering your teenage years.
you reached behind sam’s seat, reaching for your bag, the strap of it just barely out of your reach. you unbuckled your seatbelt, catching sam’s attention.
“what’re you doing?” he turned the music down, glancing over at you.
“i can’t reach my bag,” you explained, “don’t worry, it’ll just take a second.”
sam shrugged and turned the music back up as you turned in the seat, your hand grasping the bag just as the truck flipped, the impact from another vehicle sending you flying into the next lane.
Tumblr media
tags: @eireduchess @multiplums @kyroscorner @lxst-sxulss @doubleleoenergy @anywherebuthere @leyannrae @ritesofreverie @igotmajordaddyissues @beavtifvl-creatvres @marvelswh0re @pietrotica @dreamlessinparis @peachyyybabyy @ronimina
Tumblr media
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boxofbonesfic · 7 hours ago
Hello! I saw your requests were open…could you write a dark!thor x reader. Where you are best friends with steve and he does not like that at all so he manipulates you into thinking that steve’s intentions towards you are not nice and that he’s the only one who care about you. you can ignore this if you want btw when is the next chapter of pattycakes coming? I am obsessed with it!
Title: Yuletide
Pairing: Dark!Thor x Naive!Reader
Warnings: Dubcon, Obsessive behavior, Possessive behavior, Manipulation, Kidnapping, Overstimulation, rough sex, SMUT
summary: You find out the hard way that your Asgardian boyfriend has some jealousy issues.
A/N: OMG i’m so sorry this sat in my inbox for so long! i hope you like what i came up with for your request! this ended up getting away from me a bit at over 4k words, but hopefully it’s still a good read for you all! thanks for the request! This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! MINORS, DNI!
Enjoy 😘
“And you’ll be safe, my dove?” Thor asks you, his massive hands cupping your face as his thumbs smooth over your cheeks. His shockingly blue eyes are intent on yours as he delivers further instructions. “Only one drink, yes?”
“Thor, you don’t have to worry.” you say convincingly, though you can tell from the set of his jaw he feels less than reassured. He’s needed in Vanaheim, and you can tell that were it only slightly less urgent, he would probably ignore the call altogether in favor of staying plastered to your side for the duration of Tony’s Christmas party. “Besides, Steve will be there. He’ll look out for me.”
His face tightens, as does his grip on your chin. “Now I am even less certain of my departure,” he mutters darkly, a pout forming on his attractive face. He sighs, releasing you only to cross his arms irritatedly as he leans against the door. You’re not used to him being displeased with you—you don’t like it. Thor is always so easy with his smiles, with his affection; and come to think of it, this is the only thing the two of you don’t agree on.
“Steve will look out for me,” you declared confidently. You were a lightweight, it was true. Any more than two drinks and they’d have to peel you off of the floor. And while Tony did have a few…iffy people on the guest list, you were more than confident in your friend’s ability to keep an eye out for you. He’d done it long before you and the Thunder God were even remotely an item, and if the relationship fizzled to an end, you were sure he would do it after as well.
“I do not wish for you to keep… questionable company in my absence, dove. Is my love not enough for you?” he looks genuinely crestfallen, and you rush to comfort him.
“Of course it is! I promise I won’t do anything unsafe.” you kiss his cheek, and he turns to capture your lips instead. Despite the rough beard around them, his lips are full and soft, and when he presses them to yours, you open with a pleased sigh. He sucks your bottom lip into his mouth worrying it gently with his teeth until you moan softly. He releases you reluctantly, though he strokes your kiss swollen mouth with an affectionate finger and heated eyes.
“I worry for you in my absence, dove.” his hands travel down to your shoulders, and then your waist as he tugs you against him. You brace yourself against his chest, and he hums. “I worry that your friend has…other intentions.” shocked, you push yourself away from him, fixing him with a frown.
“We’ve talked about this.” you sigh. “Steve and I are just friends.” You’d been friends with Steve for years, jokingly relying on one another to get through charity dinners, costume parties, and other mandated group events that made you question whether or not humans were really meant to be social creatures. This Christmas party would be no different.
“And were we not just friends, my pet?” he reminds you with a quirk of his brow. “It is so easy for the bonds of camaraderie to become something more.” Thor loomed over you, pressing you against the wall. You liked his size, how massive he was compared to you. It made you feel safe—but now you felt small. “I do not expect you to understand the workings of a man’s mind, my dove, but do not doubt me when I assure you that there are those who covet you, my sweet, and he is one of them.”
“I see how he looks at you, dove.” his voice is hard. “I see the desire for you written plainly on him, and I will not share you.” you’re not sure why you’re nervous, Thor has never hurt you, never even made you feel like he would, but your skin prickles with your anxiety anyway. He’s just worried about me, you assure yourself. Just wants me to be safe. “Say you won’t be alone with him. Promise me, dove.” you have nowhere to go, nowhere to look but up at his handsome face, into the cold clarity of his eyes. “Promise me.” he repeats it, and you nod jerkily.
“Okay, I promise.”
He licks his lips before kissing you again, and it’s entirely different from how he normally claims your mouth. Thor is the epitome of soft and slow, but this time his kiss is hard and possessive, leaving you panting against the wall as he makes for the door.
“I shall return as soon as my responsibilities allow.”
It takes a few minutes for you to compose yourself when he leaves, and even when you straighten your clothes, you can still feel his touch, hot and demanding on your skin. Even after you’re showered and changed, putting on a light layer of makeup in your bathroom mirror, you can feel the electricity running down your spine. Thor’s words repeat themselves in your head as you slip your shoes on and don your coat, waiting for your uber to arrive.
You’ve only been dating Thor a few months, and though at first you were unimpressed by his good looks and charm, he’d won you over. Steve had cautioned you of course, he’s not human, be careful—but he’d been nothing but sweet, if a little overly possessive. You shoulder your bag, careful not to jostle it too much—it wouldn’t do for the gift to get crushed. Perhaps it was childish, but Tony had insisted on Secret Santa. You weren’t sure what to get Sam, but you hoped he’d be pleased with the stuffed falcon and the chili-spiced hot chocolate you’d finally settled on.
When you finally arrive, you set your gift down with the others, and go to mill around the punch bowl with everyone else. Only one drink, yes? You can hear Thor’s stipulation as you poured yourself a glass. Better make it count, then. The sound of your own name makes you turn sharply, and you grin at Steve—dressed in an exceptionally tacky Christmas sweater, flanked by Sam and Bucky.
“Better late than never!” he says, waving at you. “No Thor?” somehow, Steve manages not to look disappointed. In fact, he looks… pleased. A spring of discomfort wells in your belly, but you ignore it, shaking your head.
“No, he had something to take care of,” you reply. You’re not sure what to do with the feelings rolling around in your gut, so you shrug instead. “I thought there was supposed to be food at this thing? I’m starving.”
All night, you notice things. The way Steve stays close to you—he’s just looking out for me—the way he laughs when you say you’re not drinking tonight, and has Sam get you a second and third glass of Tony’s ridiculously spiked punch—he knows I’m nervous, just trying to help me have fun. It’s only when you’re halfway through twister and only an inch from beating Natasha that you realize how drunk you are. Her elbow is digging into your side as you reach for the green spot—only to collapse on top of her.
“Now that victory has been achieved for team Stark,” he gloats as you roll your eyes and rub your sore bottom, “what say we open some presents?” A murmur of agreement passes over the room, and you watch patiently as Vision and Wanda begin passing out gifts. Pressure in your bladder makes itself known, and reluctantly you tear yourself away from the exchange. You stumble down the hallway to the bathroom, and take a moment to rest your head against the cool tile of the wall before drying your hands and exiting.
You pull open the door and step out—straight into Steve’s chest. Your breath catches, and your heart begins hammering. “Oh, hey. Sorry, didn’t know you were in there.” I see the desire for you written plainly on him. “You okay? Did you have too much to drink again?” he jokes, laughing. The most you can manage is a small smile.
“Y-yeah. I think so. Listen, I’m going to head back—” you’ve never felt nervous to be alone with Steve, not once; but now though…your stomach curls in on itself. Thor wouldn’t lie to you, right?
“Wait! Since we’re here, I might as well. I um, I didn’t know what to get you, so I hope you like it.” the box he hands you is small, and you can tell by the feel of it that it’s a jewelry box. Your heart sinks. Oh no.
“I didn’t… I didn’t get you anything.” you mumble, trying to hand it back. Steve refuses it, holding his palms up as he shakes his head.
“I didn’t give it in the hope that I would get something in return.”
You’re about to tell him to take it back, tell him that you’re sorry, but the electricity crackling in the air makes both of you still. “Dove.” you turn slowly, reluctantly, to see Thor, his face tight with anger.
“Thor, I—” he silences you with a look.
“Captain.” he plucks the little silver wrapped box from your hands. He presses himself to your back, and you can feel his hand curl possessively around your hip. Steve sees it too, you can tell by the way his jaw tightens as his eyes travel concernedly from Thor’s hand up to your worried face. “Dove, I believe you should say goodnight to the Captain.” his voice brokers no room for argument, and you don’t fancy having one, not in front of Steve.
“I’ll see you at work, Steve.”
“Are you okay?” he asks, a facsimile of his friendly, golden boy persona affixing itself to his face. It doesn’t reach his concerned gaze however.
“She’s fine. We’ll take our leave now,” Thor replies, and his hand on your hip becomes insistent as he directs you up to the roof. You don’t like flying, never have, and you let out a little whine, pushing against his iron grip as he tugs you up the stairs.
“Thor, where are we—”
“You promised, dove.” his voice is tight and angry. “You promised me you would not be alone with him. And yet what do I find?” he hisses, pushing you up against the railing in the stairwell. Hot tears are forming in your eyes, and you sniffle. He takes in your glassy eyes and clumsy movements and sneers. “And more than enough to drink, as well.” he’s sneering at you, his displeasure apparent in the roughness with which he’s handling you. You’re ashamed of yourself now, ashamed you let your friend talk you into drinking more. “Come, dove. We’re going home.” you’re confused, but you go obediently as he herds you up the steps. You’re afraid of heights and he knows it, and you hope his intention isn’t to get you there by the force of his hammer.
“Heimdall. The bridge.”you gasp.
“Thor, what? I can’t go to Asgard with you!” you pull frantically at your wrist, attempting to dislodge his grip but failing. He peers at you quizzically, as though confused you would have any objections. “I-I have work in the morning!” he chuckles at you, tapping your nose as if you were a child.
“You needn’t worry about that, pet.” he tugs you forward and you collide with his chest as light envelops you. It’s cold—icy cold and burning at the same time, and your shriek of terror is lost as you hurtle through space. And then…it’s over. You’re standing, panting in a large room. A man almost as large as the one that holds you wields a golden sword, and as he turns it, the light behind you fades.
“My king.”
“Heimdall, thank you.” he greets him before tugging you forward. You wonder what a picture you make, but Heimdall doesn’t react, his golden eyes resting on you with indifference. He doesn’t give you time to make conversation, walking out of the domed structure and onto the rainbow bridge outside. It was as beautiful as he’d described, but you had little space to acknowledge it as Thor threw you over his shoulder. You yelped as he took off, his firm grip around your waist keeping you grounded as he made for his destination.
You landed moments later, and he deposited you onto a balcony. You pressed a trembling hand to your pounding heart, reveling in the feel of solid ground under your feet. You were missing a shoe, so you kicked the other one off, the stone cool against your toes. “Thor why… why did you bring me here?”
“Because I cannot trust you in my absence, pet.” the sound of buckles makes you turn, and you see him unstrapping his armor to reveal his broad chest. “I…” he clenched his fist. “I will not share your affections with another.” he looks at you angrily then, bright white electricity sparking in his eyes and running down his jaw.
“Thor, I didn’t—” he’s on you faster than you can blink, and his hands lock around your elbows.
“Only because I intervened!” you cower in front of him, wincing as the static flows easily across your skin. “Inside, pet. Now.” you scamper through the archway and into the ornate bedroom, Thor’s footsteps heavy behind you. “I know you think me harsh, dove. But I assure you,” his voice drops low as his breath caresses the back of your neck. “I know what’s best for you.”
He tilts your head back to capture your lips in a searing kiss as his large hand slides between your breasts to pull at the neckline of your dress. He cups them through the fabric, and you can feel him hardening against your back. Thor lets out a pleased grunt, tugging down on your dress. You hear the ripping of fabric, and cool air assails you as you watch him discard the ruined clothing on the floor in front of the dark fireplace. “I like black on you, dove.” he sucks the skin of your throat between his lips, only releasing it when you mewl and squirm. “But I like red much better.”
This isn’t like the other times you’ve had sex—he’s pushier, rougher, less caring when he touches you. You know you’ll be littered with bruises tomorrow. “Thor, please, I-I’m sorry. You don’t have to—”
“I will accept your apology after you’ve learned your lesson, dove.” his fingers pluck at your nipples, and you whine, unsure of what lesson exactly he’s trying to teach. As if in answer to your thoughts, his lips ghost against the shell of your ear as he speaks again. “Only I know what’s best for you, sweet dove. Just me. And when you have learnt that, all will be forgiven. You want to be forgiven, don’t you my love?”
“I—yes,” you say quickly, unsure if you really mean it or not. This is your first major fight, and you don’t want it to ruin your future with him. You know how good he can be, and you did break your promise, even if it was unintentionally. Is that right? You’re not sure, but Thor beams at you, releasing you from his hold as he steps around in front of you.
“Good girl. We shall make Yule festivities all our own this year, pet.” you watch as he strides over to the small table by the fireplace, and picks up a goblet and a jug. He sniffs at it, before pouring a copious amount of what looks like wine into the goblet, filling it to the brim. He beckons for you to come closer, before tipping it up to your lips. You sputtered at the taste of it, coughing.
“Thor, stop—“
“You wanted to drink, pet. So drink.” his hold is unyielding, and you choke down a few gulps of the burning, tart alcohol before you cough again as it dribbles out of the corners of your mouth and down your chin. It’s stronger than anything you’ve tasted before, and it’s effect is almost instantaneous. You wobble on your feet and try to push the goblet away again, and this time Thor lets you, spilling deep crimson down your chest. Your head is spinning, and you try to steady yourself on the lounge as Thor chuckles behind you. “See pet? See what drinking gets you?”
Everything is spinning, and you collapse onto the chair with an oof. You moan unhappily. “I want to go home,” you sniffle, watching as he kneels between your thighs, squeezing them in his massive hands.
“Until you can be trusted, dove, this is your home.” he leans down to run his tongue between your breasts, swirling it around your belly button. “Even a God could get drunk on you, my sweet.” he slides your thighs further apart. “It’s no wonder others want to taste what is mine.” Thor hoists your hips up, sweeping your legs over his shoulders as mouth attaches to your center. You cry out, thrashing in his hold as his tongue slides through your folds. He groans at the taste of you, parting you noisily as he grazes your clit with his teeth.
“Oh—oh God, Thor,” you whine pathetically. Wrong. This is wrong, he shouldn’t be touching you like this—but it’s so good, and your vision is still swimming, and the words won’t form because he keeps flicking his tongue against your clit so good and—“Fu-uck,” you groan, writhing. Your head is pressed against the seat of the couch, your body tilted upward as he feasts on your core mercilessly. The pleasure is white hot, almost too intense as he draws it from you with cold precision.
“I know, dove.” his lips wrap around your clit and he sucks hard. Your body jerks and jackknifes as your mouth opens in a silent scream. He always builds you up so slow and sweet, but this orgasm is fierce, ripping through you and leaving you trembling. There’s no reprieve in it, though—he continues as though you didn’t just cum, convulsing against his face. You’re bucking against him, unsure of whether you’re trying to free yourself, or force him closer. “Another, pet. You can give me another.” he releases one of your hips to run his fingers along your sensitive, throbbing folds
“Ahn!” you cry out, sinking your teeth into your lip as your hands claw at the pillows. He sinks one finger into the tightness of your cunt, cursing under his breath.
“So sweet, dove. I long to sink into this tight cunt as often as I’m able.” he drops a kiss against your inner thigh, before nipping the flesh sharply. Thor crooks his finger inside you as if beckoning, and you whine brokenly. “Would you let the Captain between these perfect thighs if he begged sweetly enough, dove? I wonder.”
You can barely formulate a response. “N-no, Thor, promise!”
“You promised me tonight, pet.” he adds a second finger to the first and you groan at the stretch. “I think we both know the weight your word carries right now, my love.” He scissors his fingers, rolling his tongue against your clit as you cry out hoarsely. “Do not worry, dove. I shall make an honest woman of you once more.”
You want to protest that you already are, but it dies on your tongue as he hooks his fingers behind your pubic bone, flicking his tongue rapidly against your clit until you cum again, shaking and crying. You’re boneless now, and he wipes his chin with a free hand, glaring at you down the line of your body.
“Were I not so eager to be inside you, I would have you know more pleasure by my mouth, but I think my cock would burst if I denied it a moment longer.” Thor removes your thighs from his shoulders. You’re still trembling, your body unable to hold you up as you slide to the floor. You watch, dazed, as he undoes his trousers, the bulge of his cock clearly visible and throbbing beneath the fabric. Normally, this is a moment you await with baited breath, after all, he’s so huge he always has to work you open—but this time, you swallow nervously. He looks almost bigger, the head of his cock glistening wetly as he taps it against your cheek.
You open your mouth without thinking, and he rests it on the tip of your tongue. “Oh pet. So sweet for me.” He thrusts shallowly against your tongue, the taste of him musky and salty on your palate. “It’s no wonder the Captain lusts for you—this mouth.” you shouldn’t be enjoying this mocking domination, but your cunt clenches anyway. He pulls away to seat himself on the sofa behind you, before he leans down to tug you up into his lap easily. His cock, wet with his own precum and your saliva, slides against your ass. “I’m going to split you in two, dove.” his voice is a harsh growl against the back of your throat. You know you weigh nothing at all to him, and he lifts you easily, sliding the tip of his cock through the sloppy mess he’s made of your cunt.
“Oh fuck, fuck, I—“ you’re babbling, wriggling in his hold as you seek more, less, everything, and he’s laughing cruelly against your skin. He gives you the tip, sliding it into the sucking warmth of your cunt as you pant.
“So slick and tight for me, dove,” he’s wrapped his arms around you, holding your thighs apart as his hands rest on your shoulders. You feel his head fall away as he curses loudly. “Like my own personal virgin. Every. Fucking. Time.” he snaps his hips up into yours, sheathing his cock fully inside you. The burning stretch makes you cry out and throw your head back against his chest. You can feel him so far in, so deep, it’s maddening. “I know, pet,” he groans, and you realize you spoke aloud. “You feel me all the way inside, don’t you pet?”
You’re crying out, your voice bouncing off of the walls as he thrusts up into you. Without missing a beat, Thor stands. His cock still lodged firmly in your weeping core, he strides back over to the balcony. “I do so love your voice, dove,” he crosses it in large strides. “I think I should like the kingdom to hear it as well.” his thrusts become more punishing, and as you try to hold them in, the cries escape you anyway. You’re not sure if anyone else can hear you, though that ship has sailed. Thor is grunting against you, his cock carving out it’s space in your aching cunt.
You can’t believe you’re going to cum again, that he’s managed to wring even more pleasure from your exhausted body, but he is. You are. He’s lowered you to lean against the stone bannister, holding your hips as he drills his cock deeply into you. The pleasure is sharp, to sharp and as it begins to crest over you, you try to resist it.
“No, no, pet. Don’t do that.” he spanks your ass hard and you moan, tightening around him. “Show me you’ve learnt your lesson. Take what I—ugh—fucking give you!” it’s like he’s peeled away all of the layers that make you, and stoked a raw, needy fire at your core, consuming every thought in it’s wake. You’re drunk on the wine and on him, and then you’re cumming again, your wails echoing in the night.
He follows behind you, the hot ropes of his seed painting your abused insides as he holds your hips tight to his. You can barely hear him groaning over the static in your head as you float back down. His fingers are too tight on your hips, and you know you’ll ache when this is all said and done. He doesn’t soften in you, though, and when you twist awkwardly to look at him, Thor rolls his hips into yours once more.
“Now. Let us review.”
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ladyfallonavenger · 10 hours ago
Sick of seeing ageist rubbish on here
Tumblr media
I am seeing way too many anonymous posts on pages of my friends and other respected writers where they are abused verbally for being over 25, worse if you're 30 or over. So I have a message for the younger audience who think they are the only ones entitled to be a part of fandoms or write smut.
Marvel and DC were around long before you and many of us. We are sharing a love for the fandom. You have no claim on it, just like we don't. We are just carrying on and sharing that love with younger generations. I have made quite a few friends who are younger than me (through my writing) and they are incredibly respectful and caring. Why some of you think you have the right to tell us what to do is beyond me. When men 25 plus play computer games etc, it's accepted. If females do it, they are ridiculed. We are not mindless breeding machines and if we choose to support a fandom, it's our right to do so. We shouldn't be shamed by young (often teen) girls who think we shouldn't be writing smut. You have a lot to learn about life if you think your sense of entitlement will get you what you want.
You do not own fandoms, in fact some of you haven't even left school. Rather than judging us, look at your own lives first. Stop thinking you own fandoms and start supporting writers and other females on here.
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diaryofabeautyfiend · 10 hours ago
If anyone was following along i am happy to say I was approved for my loan. I am starting my own business. What?! Insane. Thanks for all your good vibes. If you want to see a little of what I do, check me out on Instagram skinwitch_nola. Thanks friends!
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kindagayshethey · 12 hours ago
who said i wasn’t gay? | wanda maximoff pt. ii
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: This is a follow up to ‘who said i wasn’t gay?’ where reader finally gets fed up with her parents and how they treat her. But Wanda isn’t too fond of how her girlfriend’s parents react.
Lots of angst in this one, babes. And some fluff because we love soft Wanda just as much as we love dom Wanda.
pairing: wanda maximoff x stark!reader
warnings: brief smut mention, angst, panic attacks, nightmares, mention of suicide and suicidal thoughts, mention of self harm (cutting), angry/protective Wanda.
Tumblr media
The sudden loss of Wanda’s touch was what caused you to stir awake. You thought when you opened your eyes, you would be greeted by her awake and smiling your way. Instead, you saw that she was still in bed, her eyes shut tight and her body shaking. Tears were streaming down her face, and you could tell she was fighting back screams.
“Wan…Wanda, baby wake up.” You caressed her face, wiping away her tears as they fell. Still, she remained asleep and lost in her head. You didn’t know what to do, but you weren’t going to give up on her. “Wanda,” you leaned down to whisper into her ear before your lips made their way to her neck. You left a gentle trail of kisses from behind her ear to her collarbone, then made your way to her other ear.
Now straddling her sleeping, shaky body, you kissed your way to her other ear. “Wanda, you’re having a nightmare. Please, baby…Please, open your eyes for me.” You continued with your efforts until you finally saw her green eyes startle open. She was in a panic until her eyes met yours. Her arms instinctively found their way around your waist, pulling you down until your chest was pressed against hers.
Seeing you, feeling you, had such an intense effect on her that every ounce of panic and fear that had been previously coursing through her veins vanished. “Y/N,” Wanda’s voice cracked, “I need you to promise me something.” You frowned as you wiped away the fresh tears that were falling from her saddened eyes. “Promise you won’t e-ever leave me…please. I-I can’t lose you, too. Dorogaya, if I ever lost you, I…I-I don’t think I’d make it.”
You shook your head and crashed your lips onto hers, kissing her over and over again. You left kisses along her face, her jaw, her neck, and her collarbone. You kissed away her tears. You loved on Wanda until you were sure she’d been given enough reassurance from you that you loved her. “Wanda, you won’t lose me. I don’t want to leave you. I’m never going to leave you. I love you, baby. You have no idea how much.”
“My parents. My twin, m-my brother, Pietro. I lost them.” Wanda mumbled sadly, her head turning to look away before she continued. “I-I killed Vision.” Wanda whimpered, bringing her hands up to cover her face. You stopped her, lacing your fingers with hers and holding her hands in your own as you began peppering her skin with kisses once again.
“I lost everyone I’ve ever loved,” she choked out with an unsteady breath. Your arms wrapped around her body quicker than your brain could process, pulling her up until she was sitting. You hugged her properly then, burying your face in the crook of her neck. Wanda mirrored you, wrapping her arms around your waist and burying her face in your neck. “You haven’t lost me, Wanda. You haven’t, and you won’t.”
“Good.” You smiled as you pressed your lips to hers yet again before sitting up straight, your unclothed body pressed against Wanda’s. Skin to skin, just how you both liked it. You smirked when you noticed just how lost your girlfriend seemed to be by your chest, and you took the opportunity to lower your hand and curl two of your fingers inside of her. “It’s my turn to show you how loved you are, mommy.”
Hours passed by before you were in the same room as Wanda again. She’d gone out with some of the others-another mission. Natasha had been the one to catch you sneaking out of Wanda’s room earlier that morning, a knowing smirk on her face. The same smirk she was wearing now as you took a seat beside Wanda on the couch.
You looked around the room, your heart dropping instantly when you saw the same sights you always did. Your mom, Pepper, was being a doting parent to your little sister while your dad, Tony, was laughing away with the kid that wasn’t even his. You wanted to have a conversation with them.
It was important. Not just to you, but to Wanda as well-although you didn’t know that. You were going to come out. You were going to tell them that you liked girls, and that you loved Wanda. You made the mistake of getting your hopes up, of believing they’d pay any attention to you at all.
“Mom? Dad?” No answer. Inhale, exhale. Try again. “Hey, mom? Dad?” Again, no answer. You felt your chest beginning to get tighter. Inhale, exhale. “Guys? I-I really need to talk to you. It’s impor-” “Fuck, Y/N, can’t it wait?” Your dad interrupted, his voice loud and stern. A small, weak smile tugged at your lips. At least you got an answer, right?
“Tony, don’t swear in front of Morgan.” You turned to look at your mother, your eyes looking at her, silently begging her for even just the slightest fraction of the love that she had for your little sister. But she didn’t look back. Just like she had done yesterday, and the day before that, she paid no attention to you at all. It was as if you didn’t even exist.
You hadn’t noticed the countless tears that had begun streaming down your face, or how red your cheeks were getting. You hadn’t noticed the sudden change in your breathing, how shallow and unsteady it was getting. But your girlfriend did. She watched as you rose to your feet, your hands balled up into fists at your sides. “I’M YOUR DAUGHTER, TOO!”
Your mom looked at you that time, and so did your dad. Never in your life had you ever raised your voice to your parents. Even as a child, you had no temper tantrums. Pepper’s eyes met yours, and a surge of unidentifiable emotions coursed through her eyes and the middle-aged features of her face. You looked into her eyes like you were a little girl again, scared of the monsters in your closet and under your bed.
“A-And Peter…Peter’s not even your kid! I am! I-It’s me, dad…I’m your little girl! You told me I hung the moon and stars in your eyes, a-and now…Now y-you can’t even pretend to love me like you love him!” Your voice was breaking, and your vision was clouded by your tears, but you didn’t care. In that moment, despite the pain and the anger and the panic attack that was approaching you at a dangerous speed, you felt invincible.
“Enough with the childish theatrics, Y/N.” Wanda shifted uncomfortably in her seat, wanting to speak her own mind to Tony Stark. But she stopped herself, because she knew you needed to get things off your chest. What Wanda had failed to realize was just how much you had to unpack. “I’m serious, Y/N. You need to stop.”
“Really, dad?! You want me to stop?! Fine, I’ll stop! I’ll stop acting like I’m happy all the fucking time when I’m miserable! I’ll stop pretending I don’t cry myself to sleep every night! I’ll stop pretending that I love my life when I’ve tried so hard to end it! I’ve begged and I’ve pleaded every night for years, dad, that I wouldn’t have to wake up and face the reality of being your daughter anymore!”
Wanda couldn’t stop her own tears from falling. She was in shock, and she was hurting because the girl that she loved more than she had ever loved anyone was hurting. “I’ve hurt myself more times than I can remember, because I…I thought that I deserved it. I-I thought I deserved to hurt, to suffer. I thought that I…I thought,” the remainder of your words became lost to you.
Your throat felt like it was closing up, your chest felt tight and was full of an intense and uncomfortable burn. You couldn’t breathe. The panic attack was no longer dangerously close, it was here. It had finally caught up with you, and you felt as if it was winning. Wanda rushed to your side, immediately placing her hands on either side of your face.
She encouraged you to look into her eyes, to focus on her and nothing else. Although, truthfully, she was pleading. Wanda was past wanting to help you. She needed to help you. She needed to get her princess through the internal war she was battling, just like you had done for her only hours before. “Y/N, hey. Hey…it’s okay. You’re okay. Shh, look at me, baby. Focus on me. Listen to my voice. Dorogaya? I love you. I love you.”
And you did. Your hands found their way to her arms, holding her wrists as she held your face and gently smoothed underneath your eyes with her thumbs. Slowly, your breathing began to steady and the tears stopped. The fire in your chest had been put out the moment she made you look into her eyes, and the tightness in your chest vanished in the same second that she uttered those three words.
Nat had watched the entire thing, her own hands balled into fists at her sides. You meant the world to her, though maybe not as much as you meant to the redhead that was holding you. She hated seeing you upset in any way, and she had grown irritated and pissed off at Tony and Pepper. They’d been terrible parents to you throughout the entire duration of time that she had known you.
Steve and Thor were equally as angry, and everyone else was just confused and speechless. “What are you talking about? Y/N, you never said anything.” It was Wanda’s turn to speak, now. It was her turn to protect you from the monsters. “Can you blame her? Pepper, she never said anything because neither one of you have ever cared to listen! You’re always with Morgan, and Tony is always with Peter!”
You buried your face in Wanda’s chest, her arms and yours immediately wrapping around each other. “I’ve had to sit back and watch as the girl I love has been discarded by her own mother and father as if she was nothing! Shit, Tony cares more about those scraps of metal that he calls a suit than his own child!” A small squeeze from your arms calmed Wanda, the shaking of her body stopping instantly. “Y/N doesn’t deserve half of what your family has put her through. She deserves to be wanted. She deserves to be loved.”
You looked up at her, your bloodshot eyes gazing into her sad, green ones. Without hesitation, you pressed a soft kiss to Wanda’s lips, humming against them as soon as you felt her kiss you back. You and Wanda both pulled away with weak smiles on your faces. “I love you,” you whispered so only she could hear. Her smile grew and she kissed you again, causing your father to grow irrationally angry.
“No! Absolutely not. Not my kid, Maximoff.” He was getting uncomfortably close to you and Wanda until Natasha stepped in, easily kicking his feet out from underneath him. Your mom screamed, and everyone else remained stunned. “Since no one else is openly going to say it, I will. You lost the right to call her your kid, Tony.”
Wanda didn’t wait for anyone else to say another word. She secured an arm around your waist as she began to walk, gently pulling you with her and taking you somewhere you’d never have to worry about the things you did at the compound or at the Stark family home. You’d be safe, you’d be loved, you’d be cherished every day for the rest of your life.
And you were.
Wanda made sure of it.
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zaddy-cevans · 13 hours ago
✨Upcoming Fics Schedule✨
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
I'm lazy in my writing but I have some many fucking ideas up in my head so until I can descatter my brain and write for you guys... I present to you... this...
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
The Toxic Series
Reader x Marvel Celebs
Series? Yes.
Taglist? Just request in the comments of this post :)
Rating? Mature for sexy times and violence
Everyone always puts celebrities on a pedestal, gods and goddesses if you will, and you're tired of it, so you embark on a mission to date all the celebrities close to you. Along the way, you break hearts, have your heart broken and fall in love, but you remain on schedule and always report your findings. It's time the world knows just how toxic celebrities can be.
She's Different Series
Reader x Bucky Barnes
Series? Yes.
Taglist? Just ask in the comments.
Rating? Mature for sexy times and violence
He's been accused of murder, everyone stays far away from him. She saw him for what he was, a human.
Hug it Out
Reader x Avengers (Platonic)
Series? No... maybe... no...
Taglist? Again, comments :)
Rating? Mature for violence
Your powers have always been to help people regulate their emotions by hugging them. You've always kept yours in check to help your friends, but after a tragedy ensues, making you lose the person you love, the Avengers try their best to figure you out and help in anyway they can.
You Can't Love Him
Reader x Steve Rogers and Natasha x Steve Rogers
Series? Maybe...
Taglist? Y'all know the drill, comments 👇🏼
Rating? Mediocre...?
You gave him away a long time ago, now you want nothing but to have him back in your arms.
Reserve My Spot
Reader x Tony Stark x Steve Rogers
Series? Definitely.
Taglist? 👇🏼
Rating? Mature for so much smut, like so much.
A weekend getaway with your colleagues seems relaxing, but when your two bosses are invited and due to bad weather no one but the three of you show up... things get heated.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Lemme know in the comments if you wanted to be tagged for any fics and which one y'all are most excited for!
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jellyraindrops · 14 hours ago
Mornings with Thor and Loki always involve lots of screaming, much to everyone at the compound's dismay
Loki, in the middle of his skincare routine: THOR I AM LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FACE MASK DO YOU MIND-
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barnxsromanxff · 15 hours ago
Pillow Kisses | Thor Odinson x reader
30 day fluff writing prompt challenge
Day 1: “You’re my new pillow”
Pairing: Thor Odinson x reader
summary: After a long day of sparring and training you end up in someone else’s room on accident.
warnings: mentions of injuries, bruises, and scars, just pure fluff, mentions of nudity but nothing sexual
A/N: A lot of these challenge writings will be shorter than my normal ones, just a heads up!
Tumblr media
Steve was gonna be the death of you. His words were still ingrained in your head, a groan of annoyance left your lips as you walked out of the sparing room. You could hear Steve say something but you just walked out with the door closing with a loud thud. You trudged to your room, your eyes barely open as you open the door and plop into the bed. The body aches were enough to pull you into sleep right then and there, except a voice made your eye open wide.
“Hello lady y/n”
You propped yourself on your elbows as you look at a shirtless Thor, you immediately looked away and blushed hoping Thor didn’t see your drooling.
“Thor what are you doing in my room?”
You raised your eyebrow and looked at him, his confused look matched yours. He glanced around the room then back at you with a grin.
“You must be mistaken, these are my chambers.”
You sat up and looked around. Suddenly it didn’t look like your room anymore, Asgardian clothes were neatly folded and on the bed near you. Realization struck you look a train and you stood up immediately.
“Oh my, I’m so sorry Thor I thought this was my room.”
Before he could say anything you began to walk towards the door, but a heavy metal brick caught on your foot and you fell forward. Your eyes closed tightly as you prepared for impact, that moment never came. You slowly open your eyes and Thor’s chest is right against your body now, his arms wrapped around you securely to make sure you don’t fall. You looked up and Thor was already looking at you. You felt your chest tighten as you notice how soft his body is, not as rocky as you imagined. Something about his warmth made you melt. You wrapped your arms around his waist and thanked him. He rubbed your back gently and held you in his arms.
“I should go, back to my actual room.”
You struggled to get yourself to let go, his warmth leaving you as you stepped away. You looked and gave him a soft smile and began to walk away, this time stepping over Mjolnir. A hand gripped your wrist and stopped you.
“Please stay.”
Thor’s tone was soft, he sounded almost scared of his own words. You and Thor were close, friends for sure but you wouldn’t classify it as anymore than just friends. Thor was your comfort, you were his. You couldn’t admit it but you had always felt a pull towards him, you wanted to be close to him always. To touch him, just anything to know he was real.
You held onto Thor’s hand and led him to the bed, you both laid down. Something about this felt right, it all came so naturally it made you wonder if Thor had thought about this very moment just like you had.
“Come closer.”
You scooted closer and rested your hand across thor’s chest, your bodies were warm and his chest was just like a heater that you needed. Your head rested on his chest as his arm wrapped around you. Your hands traced scars and marks on thor’s chest as his breathing slowed. Your heart ached at the thought of thor being hurt, he has gone through so much and you wish you could take his pain away.
“ I got that scar from my brother, it was a practical joke he played on me. You see I love snakes, so he morphed into one and I picked it up to admire it. All of a sudden it was him and he yelled “blegh” and stabbed me. Good old fun.”
You laughed loud and shook your head, Thor’s story was something that didn’t surprise you. The room got quieter as you both laid like that, your eyes fluttered shut and sleep was so close. Before you were out completely you mumbled into thor’s hair.
“You’re my new pillow.”
It was his turn to laugh, his body shook the bed and he rubbed your arm. His hand massaged your sore muscles and you sighed contently, sleep finally consuming you.
“Goodnight my love.”
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heroicsaviors · 16 hours ago
Say hi to my newest official muse Ellie Phimister AKA Negasonic teenage warhead!!
Tumblr media
hit like for a starter from her
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alohastyles-x · 16 hours ago
Hi! I’m gonna be back from a mental health break shortly with more one shots and feeling as powerful as Thor here <3
Tumblr media
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ramadiiiisme · 17 hours ago
Not to start anything... but Billy giving the reader a collar for their "playtime" 👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much for starting things 😍 this scenario has been living rent free in my head since I got it, found this gorgeous collar online and knew it had to be it! Hope you enjoy!
"Close your eyes." Billy says as he goes to move from the table where you've just finished dinner, and you do as you're told, the slight thrill of not knowing what he's doing making your belly all tingly.
You can hear him walk to the back of the apartment, possibly near the bathroom, before he comes back, the distinct sound of his shoes against the hardwood floor the only sound you can hear as he comes close.
"Hold out your hands." He breathes in your ear and you jump, the resulting chuckle bringing a heated blush across your face. You know he loves it when he manages to startle you.
"Billy..." You whine as his lips find your hairline.
"Do as you're told, Kitten." He says, the subtle weight behind his words making you shiver.
"Y-yes daddy." You whisper, tongue darting out to wet your drying lips as you do as you're told, the weight of something cool and smooth being placed in your open hands.
"Open." Billy says, kissing your temple again making it difficult to do as he asks but you push your eyes open to see the powder pink leather and rose gold collar resting in your hands.
"Billy!" You gasp, fingers gingerly touching the soft yet sturdy material, everything but the width so pretty and delicate and it takes you a moment to understand why the buckle looks different than ones you've seen before.
"It's a locking-tongue buckle." Billy explains as he takes the collar from your hands, opening it before pulling a matching lock in the shape of a heart from his pocket.
"So that once I put this on you," He slips a hand up to your neck, squeezing softly to feel your pulse flutter against his fingertips. "It's on you until I decide to take it off."
"Fuck, Billy-" You whisper only to have the hold on your neck tightened.
"What have I told you about foul language?" He asks, though he sounds more amused at your breathlessness than disappointed at your words.
"I'm sorry, daddy." You manage to whisper out, the delicious lightheadedness creeping in and making you grin in spite of yourself.
"What am I going to do with you? With such a naughty kitten?" He tuts, biting down softly on your neck, knowing it'll do nothing to ease the rush of heat traveling between your legs.
"Anything, daddy." You gasp around the hold on your throat, hands coming to claw at his as you press your thighs together, yearning for some friction yet finding none.
"Should I finger fuck you right here while you're wearing your pretty new collar? Make you come undone, taking orgasm after orgasm from you until you're begging me to stop?"
"Fu- Yes, please, daddy!" You catch the curse word before it fully leaves your lips and the light click of the lock closing the leather around your neck has you shivering.
As you willingly and eagerly spread your legs for his wandering hand Billy grins to himself, he knew the collar was a good idea.
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chokemewanda · 18 hours ago
Conscience Series • Wanda Maximoff x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Conscience Masterlist
Warnings: swearing, violence, self harm, alternative methods of feeding (ng tube, iv nutrients),
Fixing things were not as easy as you imagined they would.
You had never heard tell of The Raft. No one had even whispered it in your presence. You could see why. The place was awful, always in some sort of motion with the choppy waves and winds outside. You were confined to a cell that was two steps by four steps. You had learned as much in your restless pacing.
Your head was full of so many jumbled commands you couldn’t get past your lips and you cursed Wanda over and over again for what she had done, for the trap they had put you in. It all made sense now, Wanda tricking her way into your heart, Tony insisting you attend training and even the two Agents talking about you where they knew you’d hear.
They set you up. And you had walked right into it without questioning anything. You had trusted them so blindly that your kids were now gone, scattered far and wide and worst, far away from each other.
The guards of your cell had assured you as much. They goaded you while you fought against the cell, bloodying your knuckles and even your face as you used your body as a battering ram.
Your face had several deep gouges where you’d tried to claw holes in your cheeks to give your words a chance to break free. You’d grown thin but your muzzle never slipped, adjusting with the hollow of your cheeks.
When you cried the salt in your tears stung the injuries you’d given your face. You were knocked out for feeding twice a day through an IV or an NG tube depending on the time they had any given day.
The first couple of times you’d woken up with them still in your body only for you to tear them from your nose or your veins in awful ways, doing your best to make work for them.
Now they knocked you out for the duration of your feeding time. You were worse than an animal at the zoo. You had no idea how long had passed before you saw a familiar face outside your cell.
Hill was waiting for you to notice her, hands clasped behind her back, shoulders tall and proud. She had no shame in what she’d done.
“We have a mission for you.” She told you and you raised the middle finger at her without so much as looking up from your lap. She looked you over, eyes taking in everything from your greasy hair to your blood caked fingernails.
"You want to see them?" She asked. Your head lifted so quickly you were sure you damaged your vertebrae. You didn’t care. "Run a successful mission."
“They’re all gone.” Wanda stalked from the elevator with Bucky and Steve behind her like the world’s most dangerous bodyguards. Tony looked up from the computer screen he was working at.
“Who?” He asked, typing rapidly. Bruce was staring over his shoulder, watching the screen with rapt attention.
“The kids. They’ve all been pulled from school and the apartment is abandoned.” Steve told Tony, resting his shield against the wall and unstrapping his Kevlar vest. Bucky copied his motions, removing his mask.
“Why were you looking for them while on a mission?” Tony asked, barely sparing Wanda a glance.
“We swung by on the way back. Had Parker sneak into the office. They had no records of Y/N, Josef or Eliza.” Bucky filled in, tossing both Steve and Wanda a bottle of water.
“Yeah, that would be because they’ve all been relocated.” Bruce spoke up, reading from the screen. “We did a little digging ourselves. All the kids besides Josef have shown up in different states, different surnames but all the same first names.”
“Where’s Josef?” Wanda asked, her heart in her mouth. If anything happened to the kids you’d never stop blaming yourself.
“He turned eighteen a few weeks ago. He’s no longer in the system and hasn’t been spotted since.” Tony told them, still typing.
“So we fucked up.” Bucky spoke, hoisting himself up onto one of Tony’s desks. Tony looked up briefly but didn’t complain which was a surprise.
“We may have made an error. The video footage of Y/N supposedly attacking Maria appears to have been mysteriously deleted.” Bruce spoke quietly. Wanda didn’t have to look down at her hands to know they were glowing red.
“You didn’t see the footage?” She asked dangerously and she could hear Steve’s teeth grinding together. Tony’s shoulders hunched up to his ears and he typed a little slower.
“Not-uh, not so much seen.” He sighed and Wanda tilted her head to the side. Steve took a step away from her as she advanced on Tony.
“Where is she?” Wanda asked, voice low. She advanced closer to Tony and Bruce stepped out of her range, hands up defensively. “Where is she, Tony?”
“We don’t know.” Not knowing could only mean one thing.
“The Raft.”
Once you had agreed to the mission things began to move a lot quicker. You weren’t able to ask any questions, your muzzle still very much in place. You needed some re-orientating which came in the form of Hill briefing you on what you had missed.
That came in the form of her slapping some hick newspaper down in front of you with the date on it and a picture of the Avengers beating off some robot looking things.
You couldn’t read too much of the story because your vision swam when you noticed how long you’d been in The Raft. It had been a little over four months.
“We need your cooperation for this to work.” Hill warned and you nodded, promising with your eyes that you would do as you were told.
In your head you were screaming, alarms blaring reminding you that Tommy would now be three, the twins would be nine and Joey was eighteen. You were missing so much, missing it all.
“NG tube or IV nutrients?” Hill asked. You tapped a finger to your nose and she nodded, taking notes. “We’re going to work on the damage to your face. The first sign of resistance then it’s back in the cell for another four months. The muzzle won’t be coming off.”
You were allowed to wash, two guards stood with their back to you as you shivered under the cold water, washing away the grime and dirt of four long months.
Next up was the insertion of your NG tube and close monitoring to make sure you didn’t touch it. Then they began to work on your facial wounds but you knew they wouldn’t be healed so easily.
Most of the scratch marks had grown infected and would definitely scar. You didn’t even wince as they cleaned the wounds, so used to the pain they evoked.
You did everything you could to appear compliant and ready to take commands. You wondered if this was how Bucky had felt. Half of his mind screaming at him not to give in and the other half lulled into a false sense of security that came with the absence of punishment.
One look at you would probably scare the little ones at this point and you worried about that briefly. You didn’t want to scare them any more than they already were. You hoped they were okay, wherever they were.
“You’ve gotta have a plan.” Steve urged Wanda, joining her in the elevator. She was heading for the top floor, to the quinjet.
“I have a plan. We take her out of that god awful place. If I have to tear the building apart.” Wanda told him simply, the red energy from her hand crackled dangerously.
“You’ll end up in a cell across from her with that thought process.” Steve sighed. Wanda clenched her jaw, knowing that Steve was right but unable to entertain the thought of leaving you there alone.
“Then so be it. At least I’ll be able to see her.” Wanda was steadfast in her conviction but Steve knew this plan wouldn’t work.
“So she can stare at the woman who betrayed her?” Wanda felt her grief grow in her chest, it threatened to suffocate her but she fought past Steve’s words.
“I was protecting my team. I had no idea it would come to this.” Wanda insisted. She knew telling anyone had been a mistake but at the time she had worried about where it would land her new found comfort in the Avengers.
“She was protecting her family.” The elevator opened to the roof and Wanda stared out at the quinjet before sighing. Steve hit the button to close the doors, directing them back to the group floor to come up with a plan.
“The device on your mouth won’t release entirely but you will be able to use your mouth some for commands. We have entire discretion of when and where so don’t try anything.” Like you would. You were so close to seeing your siblings that you could almost here Moe’s giggles.
“Get in, convince the ship to cross into French waters, get out.” Hill told you and you looked up, eyebrows drawn together. “That’s all you need to know. Incapacitate anyone who gets in your way.”
You nodded, stroking your fingers together under your chin as you were left alone for the final time that day. You changed into your stealth suit, removing your NG tube with permission this time.
You had six hours to prepare yourself for the mission, to choose your commands and make sure you succeeded because failure wasn’t an option.
You tried to imagine seeing the others again, getting to hold the twins in either arm, have Moe scrabbling for your attention. Tommy would be quiet, he’d wait his turn but once he got into your arms he wouldn’t want to leave them.
Edith and Eliza would probably cry, they were soft like that. You’d probably cry too, it had been the longest you’d ever been away from any of your siblings since meeting them.
You hadn’t been separated from Josef since you were four. Now both of you were adults, separated by the worst conditions imaginable.
The thoughts of holding them all again helped pass the time until you were being ushered from you cell and onto a quinjet, heading for a ship that held secrets you weren’t allowed to know.
It was almost haunting how they all marched to your commands. Wanda stood by Steve and Bucky’s side in the shadows watching you. Your clothes were ill fitting but she could tell you were malnourished.
The bright flood lights of the ship only illuminated the wounds on your face, most likely self inflicted from trying to remove what could only be classed as a muzzle.
The only thoughts on your mind were that of your siblings and how long it had been since you had seen them. You were thinking so loudly that Wanda should have known you were hiding something, just like always.
“Where are you going?” Wanda asked Steve and Bucky when they began to walk back to the edge of the ship.
“We’re not needed here. This is the wrong ship.” Steve told Wanda, an absent look in his eyes that let her know they weren’t his words.
“You need to stop it.” Wanda stepped out of the shadows, stepping closer to where you were orchestrating the movement of a whole ship into waters that would indicate a war crime. “You don’t know what you’re doing, trust me.”
“Trust you?” You laughed bitterly. “Because that worked out in my favor last time. I don’t need to know, I need to see them.”
“They won’t let you. Joey is missing, has been since he turned eighteen. Bo is out in what Tony called ‘Hicksville’ Texas, the twins were seperated, Tommy is in Canada.” Wanda was so desperate to gain your understanding she never paused to consider the pain she was inflicting.
“You’re so tired.” Wanda had never heard you speak your words before but she didn’t have time to contemplate it when a wave of exhaustion hit her hard enough to make her stagger. “You haven’t been sleeping so well. You should sleep now.”
Wanda couldn’t fight the tiredness dragging her eyelids down and you assisted her to the ground, leaving her to sleep.
Steve and Bucky were paused in place at the edge of the ship, just watching and without any other ideas you put them both to sleep, leaning side by side.
Then you convinced the captain to sail right into French waters.
[taglist: @diaryoflife ]
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ccreia · 18 hours ago
Stay Away From Me, Please!
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Female Reader
Prompt: "Stay Away From Me, Please!" (Prompt List 1)
A/N: I'm running out of gifs help!
Tumblr media
"Stay away from me, please!"
Your heart broke at the loud words of the woman who stayed just right by the other side of the door. Letting go of your clenched fist, you saw the bruises, and small wounds on your knuckles, a result from your continuous knocking on your girlfriend's door.
"Natasha... please let me in..."
As tears began to escape from your eyes, you felt yourself sliding off the door as your weakened knees had now fully given up. You had your forehead resting on the door, your hand on the knob for support, as soft continuous cries made it's way out of your mouth.
"Tony, Steve... please. Bruce, Thor, let me in! Clint, I need to see her please..."
Desperate to see your girlfriend, you banged at the door, trying to force it open. All your training, you'd thought would be used for fighting. Perhaps, it was meant for breaking doors like this.
Stopped you was Clint who had just opened the door, tears eminent from his slightly red eyes. A sigh of relief escaped from your lips, as now, you can finally see your girlfriend.
You rushed passed Clint, and the entire team, as you entered the room, immediately hugging your severely-injured girlfriend. A small groan was emitted from Natasha from the sudden contact, but she didn't mind it at all. She's been wanting to hug you for months during her mission. And now that she's back in the warmth of your hug, she couldn't be any happier.
"Nat was injected with poison during her mission. No one could get it out, and there's no cure."
Tony's words seemed to have put a dent in your brain. Unable to comprehend what he said, you looked at him, his figure now hiding behind Steve, as you notice a teardrop falling from his eye.
"There I said it, happy now?"
A soft chuckle you heard from your girlfriend had you turning your look back to her. The Natasha Romanoff you once knew to be the strongest, and most tactical fighter is now found helpless in a hospital bed, covered in bandages, with tubes being the only thing supporting her life.
"They've been arguing over who should break out the news."
Your girlfriend said with a laugh. You stared into her eyes, there was no hint of sadness, or pain. It was only happiness that you saw deep into her emerald green eyes.
"I didn't want you to see me like this love... but you're just so stubborn."
You cried staring at her weakened state. Your mind wandering through a thousand thoughts of what way to save your beloved.
"Have I told you how beautiful you look? Even when you're crying?"
Your mind refused to believe that there's no cure. There's always a way. You would sail the seas, and fly the galaxy, so long you find a cure fit for whatever poison lingers inside of her.
"Nat, just hold on, okay?"
You could see the life slowly being sucked out of her, as her once shining green eyes had now turned into a dull color. Her face that once was radiant, and glowing, now pale much as her once red-ish lips.
"I'm gonna find you a cure, okay? Tony, and Bruce are gonna help. We're going to look for a way to make you feel better, just hold on..."
The tears that came from your eyes, dropped onto the skin of the russian who laid still in the bed with your hand holding hers.
"And then after that... we're going to run away. We're going to disappear. You and I..."
Your thoughts went back to the conversation you once had at Clint's house. The look of love, and happiness you shared as you both settled to a decision of just running away, hand in hand. Disappearing forever.
"Let's travel the world, and settle in a small cottage surrounded by flowers in the middle of the woods. Let's get married, bake cookies, make tea—"
"Do you remember our first kiss?"
Your thoughts now travelling back to when you had your first kiss brought you even further into tears. You two never had those magical first kisses. Once where you'd be dancing under the stars as you two share an intimate kiss, or in the middle of the road as it rained, realizing you two were in love afterall. Instead, you shared your first kiss in a mall, during a mission. You were both in disguise, hiding from the men who were sent after you both. As she saw them approaching in an escalator, she decided to kiss you as "public displays of affection makes people very uncomfortable". It wasn't how you expected your first kiss to happen, you two weren't even a "thing" then. But regardless, the spark you two felt was undeniable.
"Yeah... it was very... public."
Your comment made her laugh, and you couldn't help but smile despite of the tears that continued to flow down your cheeks. It was times like these that you cherished the most. Moments when you two would just be laughing as you take a step back to the past, remembering the special moments you two shared.
"Kiss me."
You did. You kissed her. You kissed her, and at that very moment you felt her last breath, her hand slowly letting go of yours. Her last whisper of "I love you" followed by her last words, "It's okay", you heard as a loud continuous tone made your head finally comprehend that your love is gone. And there's no other way.
You figure that now sat crouching at the floor, still reaching for her hand was joined by the whole team who shared the same pain over the loss of their friend. Their family member. Just like that, you no longer had a person to share a laugh with as you took a step back to the past. You no longer had a person to hold, a person to kiss, a person to disappear with.
Natasha is gone.
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carrotfantasimp · 20 hours ago
Picnic with the Avengers??? I gotta see that!
Tumblr media
Check out my story Love in the suburbs on Wattpad and for updates and more fun stuff my if carrot.writes 💜
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