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#incorrect mcu quotes
ir0nstrange · 12 minutes ago
Stephen : I'll take care of you.
Tony : It's rotten work.
Stephen : Not to me. Not if it's you.
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 hours ago
Natasha, about The Avengers: Let the team handle this, they're trained professionals! Well, they're semi-trained quasi-professionals, at least.
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incorrectquotesmcu · 3 hours ago
Scott: Last year I was miserable and depressed but this year I decided to turn that shit around so now I’m depressed and miserable.
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gamerkuddles · 3 hours ago
Loki: "Or as they say in the theater, fracture a femur."
Magnus: "WHAT??"
Loki: "The actual saying is 'break a leg', but I improved it.
Magnus: "I hate both of those equally."
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incorrectmarvelquote · 3 hours ago
"My indoorsy lifestyle means that my dating pool is limited to burglars, pizza delivery drivers and Jehovah's Witnesses" – Peter Parker
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loki-once-said · 4 hours ago
Me watching Loki betray Mobius and the TVA after forgetting he is the one from 2012 and knowing damn well that was going to happen at some point:
Tumblr media
I was going through an stressful day and I can't believe that now I'm double stressed because of the TVA falling apart.
The amount of work it will take to revert everything 😫🙂.
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misspjbrigthside · 4 hours ago
Yo muriendo porque mandó una bomba para BARICHARA, COLOMBIA el 2 de febrero de 1808. Antes de la independencia 😳
Te amooo Lady Loki 💚
Tumblr media
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Tony: *sleeping*
Peter: *wakes him up* Hey so um I may or may not have drank three bottles of shampoo for a dare Harley gave me, and I was wondering if you could help
Stephen: *sitting up next to Tony* What the f-
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itafushiweek · 4 hours ago
Gojo: I’m sorry… did I mishear you or did you just agree with me?
Megumi: Oh I want to take it back now.
Gojo: No, no, no. You can’t retract it.
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y/n: This is such a bad idea.
Tony: Then why are you coming along?
y/n: One of us need to be able to talk the cops out of arresting us when this inevitably goes wrong.
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y/n: Top 30 reasons why y/n is sorry... Number 5 will surprise you!
Natasha: Top 30 anime deaths. Number One: YOUR FUCKING ASS RIGHT NOW!!!
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gamerkuddles · 5 hours ago
Tom: "I just, I just - I just think we should all just try to.. relax!"
Loki: "....."
Loki: "You do realize who you're talking to, right?"
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gamerkuddles · 5 hours ago
Thomas, in his ghost form: "I've taken this form because I didn't want to be too.... invasive"
Loki, startled: "You VERY much did not succeed."
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kai-queen · 5 hours ago
Dr. Raynor: What is your biggest weakness?
Bucky: I can be uncooperative.
Dr. Raynor: Okay, can you give me an example?
Bucky: No.
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kai-queen · 5 hours ago
Bucky: I know you’re deflecting by making jokes about how hot you are.
Sam: It’s not a joke.
Sam: *sniffles*
Sam: I’m a legit snack.
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headcanonthings · 6 hours ago
Bruce: Thor texted me “your adorable” so I texted him “no, YOU’RE adorable”
Valkyrie: And?
Bruce: And now we’re dating. We’ve been on 6 dates. All I did was point out a typo, but I like him so I’m not gonna say anything.
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y/n: Are you an ‘arr’ pirate, or a ‘yo ho ho’ pirate?
Yelena: I’m a ‘I’m not paying $600 for photoshop’ pirate.
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