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#wlw fic
lesbianclonazepam · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chapters: 35/?
Fandom: 原神 | Genshin Impact (Video Game)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jean/Lisa (Genshin Impact)
This is a story about two women growing to love a child, About family and new starts, new experiences and challenges. But this is also about the past and the present, about forgiveness and healing. This story is about the happy beginnings and happy endings in Lisa and Jean’s lives…
Everything changes with the fire and smoke, the hurried steps and despair. Everything in Lisa Minci’s life will change from that day on. But if she has to be more accurate, she would say the perfect life she thought she had started to change when she opened the door on a rainy saturday, when she lets her mother-in-law enter the house and pronounce the words that will be the beginning of the end of her calm and regular days. Lisa Minci, librarian, wife, witch… And now a mother?
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themoneymaiden · 12 hours ago
Chapters: 3/3 Fandom: Fire Emblem: If | Fire Emblem: Fates Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Charlotte/Kagero (Fire Emblem) Characters: Kagero (Fire Emblem), Charlotte (Fire Emblem), Hinoka (Fire Emblem), Suzukaze | Kaze, My Unit | Kamui | Corrin, Silas (Fire Emblem), Kazahana | Hana, Setsuna (Fire Emblem), Sakura (Fire Emblem) Additional Tags: Past Kagero/Orochi, Post-Conquest Route, Mourning, Grief, Loss, Falling In Love, Flower Symbolism, Friendship, Garden Dates, Angst with a Happy Ending Series: Part 3 of fate of mine (post-fates exploration fics) Summary:
“Don’t waste your pretty paints on me,” Orochi told her, once, after Kagero asked for a portrait. For a woman with such a large ego, Orochi was an elusive subject. “Silly Kagero, there’s still so many beautiful landscapes still awaiting your unique touch!” And then Kagero remembers the trip to the market with Charlotte. She remembers how the sight of Charlotte’s smile made her feel, how the woman’s presence put her memories at ease, even if for a little while. It makes Kagero feel guilty. It all feels like a betrayal, letting a Nohrian make her feel like that. But a betrayal of what? She’d never confessed her feelings to Orochi. She didn’t even recognize them until the war became a reality, and the threat of losing her made Kagero realize. And then Orochi was gone.
Post-Conquest. Kagero survives the war brought on by Nohr; many of her allies do not. In the aftermath, Kagero struggles to move on.
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nvmsl · a day ago
so, we all know the classic "two bros chillin in a hot tub, 5 feet apart 'cause they're not gay" but have you heard...
- two straight bros chilling on the couch, a good foot apart even though there's practically no space
- two girls squatting at the gym, not staring at each other's ass because they're not gay
- two stepsisters in the bathroom, in a liplock because they were feeling bored and wanted to experiment today
- two roommates blushing at each other, because this is the first time they're seeing each other and they’re useless gays
- two bitches cooking in the kitchen, unable to meet each other's eyes because one of them had just confessed they were gay
- two best friends watching a stupid movie in each other arms, trying to convince themselves that they're not gay
- two rivals at the same wedding, locked in each other's arms because they're each other's fake dates
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seravadumortain · 2 days ago
Call of Midnight
fandom: the wayhaven chronicles pairing: ava du mortain x cecilia beck words: 602 rating: general
read it on ao3!
After nearly a millennium, Ava found it trivial to keep track of the passage of time during the nights. Being as old as she was, who could truly blame her? Some nights, it felt like she would blink and the colors of dawn would be reaching across the sky, shredding away the night’s darkness.
Tonight was no different.
She was sat at a heavy wooden desk in the Warehouse. Honestly, Ava was the only one who used it. Being Commanding Agent of any unit, especially a top performing one, came with a mound of paperwork—not that she minded. Some might consider it sad the way she relished in reports. But it was work. And it was no secret how much she loved her duties.
One such report had completely drawn in all her attention. It was the dead of night, no one typically bothered her even if the others were up.
It meant Ava hadn’t noticed the creak of the door opening or the light footsteps following. Instead, her eyes trailed over the words, pen mindlessly tapping against her lip.
“Am I interrupting?”
The question startled her as she whipped her head up. So quickly, in fact, it made the girl in front of her flinch.
“Cecilia,” Ava breathed, struggling to regain her composure as her gaze ran over her. “I thought you were asleep?” What was supposed to be a statement left her lips as a question. The detective was dressed for bed. Her figure only covered by a lavender, satin nightgown with delicate black lace lining the hems. She shifted her weight nervously, clutching the blanket she had brought closer around her shoulders.
A look of embarrassment crossed over her face. “I uh…had another nightmare.” She looked down are her bare feet, rolling her lips together.
There was nothing more that needed to be said.
Ava pushed her chair away from the table, wordlessly beckoning her over.
With a look of relief, Cecilia approached and quickly situated herself on the vampire’s awaiting lap. Her legs curled up as she buried her face against Ava’s neck, savoring the comfort she was brought by her.
Ava held her tightly against her chest as if her embrace could protect her human from all the evils the world had to offer. Fingers brushed against the soft skin of her legs, smiling at the small shiver the movements raised.
“Stay here with me, amata mea,” she murmured, words muffled as she pressed a kiss to the side of Cecilia’s head. “I will finish this report and return to bed with you.”
A hum of approval was her reply as she snuggled further into Ava. “You swear?”
She chuckled, kissing her head once more. “Upon my honor.”
The poor girl must have been tired when there was no retort.
Truthfully, that last report was taking much longer than it should have.
Cecilia had fallen asleep, lulled by the sound of Ava’s pen scratching against the paper. It was a great and unexpected distraction, but although, not an unwelcome one.
How was she supposed to concentrate on policy alterations when the warmth of Cecilia’s breath brushed against her neck or a stray hair tickled her jaw? Every moment with her was precious. She wanted to experience every breath, every smile, every small movement.
Though, there were no words in any language that could describe the way she felt right then. No words to describe the way she felt about her.
This was an arrangement she could certainly get used to.
And maybe, just maybe, Ava would begin to look forward to the call of midnight.
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cookiescr · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
The tenderness of brushing a stray strand of hair on someone’s face Can't believe my first fic is between a bg character and an oc dope. Lemme know what you think if you've read it please go easy on me ethank you <3
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miss-v · 4 days ago
For The fic titel thingy: ‘without you I’m stuck’
So for this one, I see Lin and the reader in an established friendship. Lin is very set in her ways, and while I believe she loves her job, I can imagine she doesn’t always love life. When the reader threatens to leave, Lin confesses.
(Here’s your snippet)
((Which I really enjoyed writing, by the way))
You looked at the building. The same damn building, with the same damn statue of Toph on top of it. Lin was supposed to meet you outside over half an hour ago, and she was no where to be seen. This shouldn’t surprise you, Lin Beifong was married to her work, she ate, slept, and breathed it. There was no way you could compare to it. You sighed, pulling your coat around you. You had thought maybe this time would be different, but you were wrong. You almost laughed at yourself. The feelings you had for Lin were, complicated, to say the least. You had been friends for years, and for a good bit of that time you had wanted to be more than that, but Lin had her job, and you had, well, you had your passions. Your show was popular in the city, your journalism always top notch, weather it be about a new restaurant, an event, a holiday, anything. Your turn of phrase was well knows throughout the city for creating fantastic adventures, even with seemingly mundane things to report on. It always amused you how so many knew your voice, but few knew your face, the Radio Mistress of Republic City, and no one would spot you in a crowd. You checked your pocket watch, It had been well over three quarters of an hour now. You growled in frustration, if she wanted to do this, then fine, you weren’t going to spend any more of your life waiting for her. You had spent years waiting for Lin, waiting for her to realize Tenzin was an ass, waiting for her to realize she was incredible, waiting for her to realize she didn’t have to be her mother, and waiting for her to realize that you were there. You were always there for her, waiting. You were stupid, all of this was stupid. Here you were, a damn successful woman, waiting for someone who didn’t even care. Well screw it. If she wanted to make you wait for the rest of your life, then you weren’t going to bother being in it. You began to walk down the steps when you heard a familiar voice call your name. “Y/N!” You sighed, shaking your head. You turned around to face her. “Nearly an hour?” You said in disbelief. “Nearly an hour, Lin!” You laughed. “Really? Am I that dispensable to you? Do you think I just loiter around waiting for you, because, I can assure you, I don’t.” You all but yelled. You shook your head and turned to walk away. “Wait!” She called, and you sighed, stopping, but not turning around. “Please wait.” Lin said, softly, and that made you pause. Lin didn’t say please, not often, not ever, really. You turned around to face her, and you saw something akin to vulnerability in her eyes. “What, Lin?” You sighed, trying not to let it get to you. “I, I need to tell you something.” She said slowly. That was odd. Lin Beifong didn’t stutter, she commanded. “Unless it’s a damn good excuse, I don’t want to hear it.” You said, trying, and failing to not get caught up in those Jade eyes you had come to love. “I, I need you, Y/N.” She said. It was everything you wanted to hear, it was what you had wanted to hear for so long, but you just laughed humorlessly. She didn’t mean it, not in the way you wanted her too. She looked confused, hurt even, as you laughed, and you shook your head. “Really, Lin? Really?” You said. “I have been here for you for years, decades! And now you notice, you only notice when I’m walking away. Well guess what, sweetheart, I’m tired of waiting around for you to realize it. I’m done.” You said, storming down the steps. She called your name but you ignored it, getting into your Satomobile and driving to your apartment. You were done. You made yourself some tea, lit the fireplace and some candles, and changed into softer clothes. You grabbed a book and a blanket as you curled up on the couch. You supposed it was true that fire benders always needed to be warm, you certainly preferred to be. You sat there for a few hours, trying to push Lin from your mind, when you heard a knock at your door. You sighed, getting up to go see who it could be. It was pretty late, there was no reason for anyone to be bothering you, but you supposed your neighbor had lost her cat again or something.
You opened the door to find a mildly soaked Lin Beifong standing in the rain. You scoffed, rolled your eyes, and slammed the door shut. She knocked again, if there was one thing Lin was, it was stubborn, she wouldn’t leave you alone until she said what she had to say. You opened the door, not letting her inside. “What, Lin?” You grimaced, already knowing whatever was about to happen would tear you apart. “I need you.” She said, and you sighed, shaking your head. “I need you, and I should have told you years ago. I need your smile, your eyes, I need the way you tell me to get out of the station or you’ll burn the place down, I need the way you pull me into your world and make me feel like I’m a person outside of my job.” She said softly. You didn’t know what to say. You just stepped to the side, letting her in your apartment. She came in, stepping close to you, and continued. “I need the way I can see the fire in you when you’re mad, or the sparks of joy, I need the way your voice crackles when you tell a story, spirits, your voice.” She breathed, and you felt yourself swallow, heat rising to your face. “I should have told you so, so long ago, but your voice, your voice shakes me, Y/N.” Lin groaned, shutting her eyes. This couldn’t be happening, she didn’t, certainly not after all this time. “The way you can bend words into a totally different world, your passion, your stories, they take me with you. I listen to you all day on the damn radio and imagine you’re talking to me.” She breathed. “I know, I know I don’t appreciate you enough, I make you wait, I make you worry, but I need you, Y/N. I need you to help me, help me. I, without you, I’m stuck.” She said. And you knew you were blushing like a fool. “Lin, what are you saying?” You asked, tentatively, she couldn’t really be saying what you thought she was, it must be wishful thinking. Lin’s jade eyes met your own, the intensity in them rooting you to the spot. “I’m saying I love you, Y/N, not just as a friend, I’m saying I’m in love with you.” She said, the nervousness leaking into her voice. You stared at her for a moment. “You want my help, you want me to help you be more, more then what?” You asked her, still not sure. “I want to be more than the chief.” She replied, her eyes searching yours desperately. You sighed, “Lin, you already are.” You said softly, shaking your head. You took your hand to her face, leaning in. You weren’t sure which one of you moved first, but when your lips met, you holding onto eachother for dear life, you knew it was right. Lin gasped as you slammed her against the wall, “you like my voice, love?” You smirked, enjoying how quickly the woman became breathless. She nodded desperately, grasping onto you. You smiled “Then do what I say, dear.”
(P.S. if you have a title or a prompt or request, send it in, I’d be happy to write for you!!!)
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comic-book-jawns · 4 days ago
At Your Service (ch. 2)
She clears her throat — it’s something of a hallmark, Dani’s noticed — or a tell, rather.
“If it’s an emergency - ”
Dani laughs again.
“It’s really not.”
Jamie raises an eyebrow as she lowers her hand back to the doorframe.
“Think I should be the judge ah that, no?”
Dani waits for Jamie to break, but she doesn’t. So she does, like a dam.
🛠 the story continues here 🛠
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disastercomingfaster · 4 days ago
Hey everyone, I wrote a Linny one-shot and would really appreciate it if you check it out! There is a tw for mention of torture and I swear a lot because my headcanon is that most of the Weasleys have a bit of a potty mouth. It’s just a one-shot  so it’s not that long but I squeezed in a lot of fluff! 
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kybee1497 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
AU’s I’ll Write Someday - Flarrie Happy Death Day AU
Carrie Wilson is the typical sorority mean girl on the surface. Underneath, she’s still reeling from the murder of her mother three years ago and the sudden left turn her life took.
Waking up on the morning of her 21st birthday in Flynn Harper’s bed after Carrie got a little too drunk the night before isn’t the strangest event that day and a strange day turns into a waking nightmare when Carrie is murdered later that night. Only to wake up in the exact same morning with Flynn’s head poking up from the desk and a curious set of eyes meeting hers.
With the clock ticking (and resetting) and the help of one Flynn Harper, Carrie’s on a race against time and her own mind to find her killer and solve the mystery before she dies one too many times.
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Pam’s made some major life changes over the past several months.
 Karen, not Jim.
 Utica, not Scranton.
 Art school, not Dunder Mifflin.
 The biggest one—the greatest signifier of her newfound focus on chasing what she wants—might just be this: as she moves through her life with calculated purpose, her art starts to come alive, too.
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disastercomingfaster · 5 days ago
Letting everyone know I just wrote a kickass Linny one-shot and I’m going to have my friend look it over and then I shall share it ☺️if you want
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xrosedarlingx · 5 days ago
i love reading/writing fics that are mostly fluff and friendship to fill that void created by growing up w no friends.
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haku23 · 6 days ago
I wrote more wolsayle fic... 
Rating: E ohoho
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briegasms · 6 days ago
Vodka kiss and Ocean eyes
Tumblr media
*not my gif Cate Blanchett characters masterlist  Length: Long-ish Warnings: Smut. Switch Lou *I never proofread. Ignore mistakes. ------------ Lou’s club "Please let me go" You shout in the direction of a man who's been insisting on trying to dance with you "Just one dance baby" The man slurs, his arms reaching down your backside "She said let her go!" You hear a husky voice next to you shout You turn around to see a tall blonde putting herself between you and the inebriated man. The man focuses his glazed eyes on her. "Who are you bitch?!" The man asks Turning her head to the side, she beckons someone to come forward. A very tall, broad man comes forward, he stands before you, the blonde, and the drunk man "Get him out of my club" Without hesitation, the bouncer grabs the man by his shoulder, yanking him away like he weighs nothing. You watch on as the man tries to struggle against the grip of the bouncer. You turn to look at the blonde who's now looking at you. "Thank you" You smile at her "I'm Lou, I own this place. Are you ok?" "I'm y/n. Yes i'm ok thanks to you" Lou gives you a flirty smile "Come with me, I'll take you to my spot where you can enjoy yourself in peace. I'll get you a drink on me" Nodding, you follow the blonde through the crowd that moves away as if she's Moses parting the sea. You watch her as she walks with confidence, her long legs carrying her effortlessly, her bleach blonde hair swaying with her. People do turn to look at her as she walks by; they either want to be her, or get with her. You somehow feel a little arrogant knowing that you're able to follow this Goddess wherever she wishes because she asked you too. You think that this is what it must be like to hang with someone of importance. Leading you up some stairs, Lou takes you to a closed off area that overlooks the entire club. Turning to you, she motions for you to sit on one of the plush couches she has. "What would you like to drink?" Lou asks you "A (your favorite drink) please" Nodding Lou stands up "I'll be back. Nobody is allowed up here but me. If anyone comes, tell them to fuck off" You nod, watching her walk away. Sitting back, you check your phone. Your best friend texted you ‘Who's the blonde that whisked you away? She's hot’ You reply 'The owner. Her name is Lou. I can ask her if you can come up' Your friend replies 'No! You have not hooked up with anyone in over a year, you gotta get back on it. Flirt with her, hookup with her if she's into it. You won't have any free time once your mom comes in. So yeah, enjoy Lou. I'll text you when I get home. Love ya' You reply 'Ugh you suck. You're right tho, I need to have some fun. Be safe, love ya' Scrolling through your phone, you failed to notice Lou returned. "Texting your boyfriend?" Lou pipes up Looking up, you put your phone away "Sorry. Uh no, no boyfriend, no girlfriend" Lou's eyes light up when you mentioned 'girlfriend'. Taking a seat next to you, Lou hands you your drink "Here" "Thank you" You say taking the drink Throwing the drink back, Lou looks at you with interest "My, aren't you thirsty?" You were slightly buzzed from the drinks you had earlier, this just made you even more bold "You're here, of course I am" Lou snorts at your bad flirting..that is working "So you think I'm attractive?" Lou asks You nod 'yes'. Lou throws back her drink. "want to go to my office?" Lou asks Your eyebrows perk up "We barely met" "You're the one who put out the invitation. I'm just accepting" Lou throws back Smirking, you stand up "Lead the way" Lowering her head, Lou fixes her eyes up at you, her smile growing. She takes you by your hand, pulling you along the walkway to her office. -- Lou's office Shutting and locking the door behind her, Lou and yourself attack one another with a kiss. You can taste the Vodka on her tongue, she can taste the alcohol on yours. Pawing at your clothes, you let Lou undress you. Trailing a kiss from your neck down your sides, Lou kneels before you. She glances down at your panties that grew a wet spot “Mmm, all this because of me” Lou arrogantly purrs You smirk. Without another word, Lou hooks her fingers around your panties, yanking them down with one fluid motion. Lifting your leg over your shoulder, Lou presses her mouth to your core, lapping up the wetness that had formed around your slit. You jerked back at the sensation, you had to focus hard on not cumming instantly. It did not help that Lou knew what she was doing, she warmed your clit up by licking the hood, easing your muscles up before she went straight for your sensitive button "Fuck, Lou" You breathlessly moan Shaking her head, Lou pushes her face deeper into you. Your legs shake, you fear they're going to give out on you. Letting you go, Lou moves you to her desk, where she lays you on top. Sitting on her chair, she scoots up to sit right between your legs, your pussy the meal she's been served. Holding your thighs in place, Lou devours you, pushing you to the edge. The tingling at your core warns you that you're close "I don't want to cum yet, stop stop" You moan Releasing her mouth from you, you feel a slight disappointment at the loss of the sensation. Standing up, Lou hovers over you, her mouth slick with your arousal. "What do you want to do?" Lou asks in that husky voice of hers You prop yourself up on your elbows "I want you to come undone in my mouth. You get on this desk, and let me please you" Lou's pupils dilate with your demands. Removing her clothes, you watch every inch of her gorgeous alabaster skin. Letting Lou on the desk, you now stand between her legs. You lean down to kiss her, your hands tracing along her inner thighs, slowly reaching her core. Your finger collects her viscous arousal, making it easy to gently push to part her lips. Grazing her clit, you trace down to her entrance where you tease her by rotating your finger as you barely push in. Lou pushes forward, asking to be filled with your fingers. "Easy" You hum against her lips Lou's lip almost forms a snarl from being told to wait. She does not like to wait, yet she's liking it with you. Pulling your face away enough to lock eyes with her, you push two fingers inside of her, opening them up to stretch her out. Lou grunts, happy that she's getting what she wants. "Fuck you're so warm and wet." You breathe out Bucking her hips gently Lou starts to fuck herself. You hold your hand in place, watching as she relieves herself. Testing another finger, you watch as Lou hisses with the third coming in. Hooking up your fingers, you put pressure against the rigid cushion inside of her. Lowering down, you bring your mouth to her core, kissing her mound before licking at her hood to ease her. Throwing her head back, Lou starts to pant with the sensation. Pumping your fingers in a come hither motion, you feel her walls start to tighten around you. You gently suck and lick at her bundle of nerves. Lou's moans start to grow louder and louder. "Fuck! I'm going to--" And that's all Lou managed to say before letting out a moan so loud you know someone had to have heard. Lou pants and grunts through her orgasm, her body starts to shake with the stimulation. Slowly releasing her, you look up to see the flushed beauty be a wet mess beneath you. Taking your fingers out, you marvel at the cum coating your fingers. Wondering, you bring your fingers to Lou's mouth, who surprisingly took your fingers in to suck them clean. Once she was done, you helped Lou sit up. Pressing your body to hers, you look down at the beautiful Ocean blue's. "Ocean eyes" You smile Lou smiles that megawatt smile "It's your turn. We have all night to come undone" Smirking, you bring your lips back to Lou's --- As said, you and Lou fucked until you two were too exhausted to even leave. Crashing on her couch, you woke up to your phone going off. Grunting, you reach around until you find your phone. "Hello?" You mumble "I'll be at your place in about 30 minutes. Wake your ass up" Your mom warns before hanging up Bolting upright, you find yourself tangled in alabaster limbs. Your movements woke Lou up, who moved her legs off of you. "I'm usually the one trying to sneak out" Lou giggles You rush around her office gathering your clothes "My mom is arriving at my place soon. I have to go. I had a really good time with you though" Lou sits up, her hair a mess, yet still looking gorgeous. You stop to admire. "Fuck even with bedhead you're stunning" You sigh Lou smiles "Stop, before I catch feelings" You snort. Lou giggles. Throwing on your shoes, you rush out the door. "I'll call you!" Lou shouts You poke your head back in "You don't even have my number" Lou nods "Well then, I hope I see you around here again. Ask for me if you come back" You smile "I hope I see you too. Bye Lou" Waving at you, you leave Lou's bar. --- Outside your Loft "I know, I'm late. Sorry" You sigh as you fumble to open your apartment door. Your mom stands with a scowl on her face, her eyes looking you over. "You look like you had fun" Your mom teases "You know for a an ex con, I would think you'd know how to break into my place" You say Opening your apartment door up, you stand aside to let your mom in. She heads straight for your living room, the clack of her heel on your tiled floor echo. Walking in after her, you watch as she looks around your spacious loft. It's rustic, yet modern. She looks at a piece of art you have on the coffee table. "I see you kept Danny's favorite piece" "Had to fight the guys for it. Used the 'I'm Danny Ocean's niece' card to get it" Turning around, Debbie locks eyes with you. She comes over to you, pulling you into a tight embrace. "Mmm I missed you baby" Debbie coos as she peppers the side of your face with kisses "I missed you too mom. I have some of your clothes upstairs if you want to shower and change. I'll make you your favorite breakfast if you want" "Look at you, taking care of your mama.-" Debbie pauses briefly "-So, where were you?" You roll your eyes "None of your business." Debbie rolls her eyes "Fine. I need you to take me to my friend's place after we go see your uncle. I gotta surprise her with my appearance" "Ok" You say --- "Chain link fence? Feels so familiar" Debbie sighs Parking, you and Debbie make your way out. You both walk hand in hand to the building Debbie told you to go to. "Am I going to like this friend?" You ask as Debbie knocks on the door "Yeah. She's a wild card, but she's good people" You mutter "I hope so" Not giving a chance to say anything, the door opens up. There before you is none other than Lou herself. "Lou!!!" Debbie exclaims Lou's smile sizzles away the moment she set eyes on you. Your eyes are so wide you'd think they'd pop out of your sockets. "Uh--" Lou is at a loss for words "It's just me, don't be so surprised" Debbie teases Lou is still staring at you, you forced yourself to not look surprised so you won't tip your mom off. Debbie turns to you then back to Lou. "Oh shit, yeah, sorry. Lou this is my daughter Y/n. I told you about her, remember?-" Debbie turns to you "-Honey, this is Lou, my best friend"
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hp-fanfic-archive · 6 days ago
Further Back by FreshBrains Pairing: Lily/Narcissa Rating: G Word Count: 123 She’s doing it for Draco. Only for Draco. That’s what she tells herself.
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slytherweasley · 6 days ago
Unlikely (Pansy Parkinson x reader x Hermione Granger)
Warnings: smut and swearing
Summary/ request: Can I request a Pansy Parkinson x Reader x Hermione Granger smut pls:)
Tumblr media
It’s been years since you were at Hogwarts, you didn’t go back to Graduate because you got offered a good job at the ministry. You still stay in touch with some of your friends from Hogwarts.
Pansy Parkinson was your only friend from Slytherin, despite everyone else’s opinions on her she was a great friend, she gave you the best advice and she would do anything for you. You hooked up a few times throughout your time at Hogwarts but it meant nothing to either of you. Hermione Granger, she was amazing, you dated for a few months in fifth year. She is insanely beautiful, so out of your league, she was obsessed with you but she didn’t like your friendship with Pansy which caused the end of the relationship. You’re both still great friends though.
You haven’t spoken to either of them in a while and you miss them both so you decided to invite them both over. Neither of them know each other is coming but that’s your plan, they can make up now.
Pansy is first to arrive after getting your letter. “Y/n!” She gives you a hug “Hi Pans, I’m so happy you came” “Of course.” She looks the same, still got her dark bangs and short bob. Her skin is always pale and freezing cold, after you would hook up in her dorm she would cuddle with you completely naked so your body heat would warm her up.
You show her around your new house “You have done very well for yourself, darling” “Are you serious have you seen your house?” “I inherited all that money, you worked for this.”
Hermione knocks on the door “Who is that?” Pansy asks as you walk to the door “Someone” you open the door to Hermione and she immediately pulls you into a hug “Hi Mione!” You chuckle. “Why is she here?” Pansy speaks up, her arms are crossed and brows furrowed. Hermione lets go of you “I could ask you the same” “It’s been five years, it’s time to let things go, you’re my best friends.” “She tried to steal you when we were dating” Hermione says “I did not! I would never do that to Y/n, we only started hooking up after you dated” “Alright lets sit down and talk about this.”
You get some champagne to ease your nerves and try to calm them down. It was a lot of talking but it was all sorted out after a couple hours. “So uh, do you want to stay?” “Of course!” “Id love to” “Good because we have a lot to catch up on tonight.”
“I’m going to get some food so we don’t end up a drunk mess” you get up and go to the kitchen while Hermione and Pansy talk.
“I’m sorry for being an asshole to you and your friends, I was kind of jealous of you” Pansy says “It’s okay, I don’t know why you would be jealous.” “You got to be open about your sexuality, date Y/n, all the attention was on you” Pansy’s eyes flutter from looking at Hermione’s lips to her eyes. “I would’ve been happy to give you a chance if you were nice enough, you’re gorgeous.” Pansy smashes her lips against Hermione’s, neither of them hold back on the kiss.
You walk in and place down the food watching them suck each other’s lips off, you chuckle and they stop snogging. “You two are clearly past everything” Hermione bites her lip “It’s okay, don’t let me interrupt, I’ll go get some more food” “Shut up, get over here” Pansy demands.
You sit between them Pansy quickly kisses your lips while Hermione kisses your neck leaving hickeys. Pansy’s hand creeps down your leg and up your skirt, slowly moving up your thigh. As her hand gets higher the more fidgety you get, the anticipation could just about kill you. Pansy’s finger rubs your clit over your wet underwear, she pulls away from the kiss “So wet” she says “Pansy” you beg “Yes darling?” “Pansy!” You say with a hint more desperation in your voice “Mmmm, I’m here darling” “I need you to make me feel good” “Good girl.”
Pansy lifts your skirt up revealing your underwear. Hermione lifts your top up and throws it on the ground. “Your tits are still so pretty” Hermione smirks and continues to leave hickeys on your chest.
You unzip Hermione’s jeans and put your hand into her underwear, you play with her clit with one hand while the other goes under Pansy’s dress and into her underwear. All three of you were a mess.
“I think we should go to your room” Hermione says “Good idea” Pansy agrees, the three of you go upstairs to your room. Hermione puts her arm around you while Pansy grabs your ass under your skirt.
You get up to your room, Pansy pulls your skirt down along with your underwear while Hermione pulls off her jeans. You and Pansy help her out. You crouch down and pull her underwear down while Pansy pulls off her knitted jumper and shirt. Pansy unclips her bra and sucks on her nipple.
You move to the back of Pansy and unzip her dress, letting it fall to the ground “Oh my Godric Gryffindor, Pansy has nipple piercings!” Hermione exclaims, Pansy smirks when you check them out. “Fucks sake Pansy, did you have to make yourself so fuckable?” “Yes I did.”
I get on the bed and the two girls follow “Lay down” Pansy pushes your back onto the bed. Hermione spreads your legs and the two girls kiss your thighs. They use both their tongues to eat you out, you grip the bedsheets and let out loud desperate moans. Hermione fingers you while Pansy sucks on your clit with such passion.
“Ah. Ah! Fuck I’m going to cum!” You yell grinding yourself on Pansy’s mouth and Hermione’s fingers. You feel yourself release, it was an intense orgasm that left you shaking and out of breath. “Well done Mione” Pansy pinches her nipples and kisses her lips. Hermione lays on top of Pansy and they make out while grinding on each other, turning into tribbing.
Pansy speeds up on Hermione’s cunt leaving them both screaming out in pleasure, you play with your nipples watching them orgasm on each others cunts. They lay beside you once they reach their highs.
“That was so good” Hermione pants “Can we go again in the morning?” Pansy asks “Definitely, while we wait for tomorrow, cuddle me” you exclaim.
The three of you cuddle up together and fall asleep waiting for the morning to come to do it all over again.
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miss-v · 6 days ago
Across The Police Line - Part 17 - Damn Them All
(I don’t know what to tell you for this one, just let me know what you think.)
TRIGGER WARNING: Blood, Violence, Self Harm, Mentions of Suicide
The first thing you heard was screaming. There was screaming. You opened your eyes to find yourself laid over Lin, in your bed, spirits she looked beautiful, her silver hair fanned out on the pillow below her, she looked so peaceful like that. Her lips were parted ever so slightly, those scars you found endlessly fascinating crossing her cheek. Something had woken you up, what was it? That’s when you heard it again. A scream. A man’s scream, no, a boy. The boys. You launched yourself out of bed, hissing as you landed on your still injured legs. You pulled on your underwear and a discarded dress shirt as fast as you could, not bothering to button it, grabbing the cane Lin had made for you and your knife before slamming out the door to your bedroom. You heard your name be called behind you, but another shout broke the air. You began to run. Pain seared through your legs, each step feeling like the tops of your thighs might rip apart, until you were to the top of the stairs. That’s when you saw it. There they were, the boys and Djin were on their knees, surrounded by chi blockers and various gang members, and there, in your front hall, was Viper. You watched for a moment, evaluating the situation. You had to find a way to get them out of here, that was first. There were sixteen men, and this time, your bending was too exhausted to take them all. You looked at the scene, watching in perfectly disguised horror. It was Bolin who saw you first, there were tears in his eyes. He looked at you with such distain, it floored you. Djin was hunched over, he appeared to be knocked out, your anger flared at the sight of him. No one, no one at all, touched your family. Now that these boys were here too, they were part of it. You heard a metal coil from down the hallway and looked to see Lin in full armor, barreling towards you. You held out your hand, stopping her. Having them see her put her in incredible danger, as well as potentially ruining your plan. Then, at this point the plan was less of a plan and more a series of actions you hoped would lead successfully to the next one. You realized your open shirt barely covered you, in fact, the skin between your breasts was completely exposed, as were your legs, perhaps you could use that to your advantage. You tapped your cane on the ground, calling attention to yourself. You had to remain calm, this was a serious play, but if you pulled it off, these bastards were going to pay for thinking they could come into your home. You had lost your family here before, you were not about to loose the one you just seemed like you might be gaining. You fixed a look of neutrality on your face, heightening your voice to play into his probable ideas. “Viper, is it? What a surprise.” You drawled, you sounded amused, but vaguely disinterested, coming off as scared wouldn’t help you. “Tell me, do you usually begin meetings by taking people’s houseguests hostage, or is this a special treat just for me?” You asked, and you could see all the men’s eyes snap to you. Some of them were practically drooling. If they were going to behave like animals, then you weren’t going to feel too much remorse. “Miss Ran, nice to finally meet you.” Viper smirked, raking his eyes over your body and you gave him a chuckle, “I would say the pleasure is mine, but I don’t take kindly to being woken up this early. I do hope you have a good reason.” You said cooly, which seemed to startle most of the men, they were expecting anger, most likely, the fire of the dragon. People often forgot, dragons were reptiles after all, and even with your father’s rage in you, your ice was much more intimidating. You quirked a brow at the man, waiting for a reply, he looked from you to the men on the floor, you didn’t even spare them a glance. “You don’t seem very concerned about your guests.” He said, confused. You laughed, throwing your head back slightly before looking back down on them. “And why would I be?” You said, tilting your head slightly. Your eyes were cold, your voice was playful, your body was relaxed. Spirits you hoped this worked.
Of all the times you had to find a way out of something, this needed to be it, you needed to get them out of here. Viper looked at you confused, and you could feel Lin’s eyes boring into you from down the hall, she was hidden from view, you needed her to stay that way. Viper gestured around, and you gave him your best amused look, thank Raava your mother had trained your composure, not your father. “But I thought...” Viper began, before trailing off. “That I cared for them?” You all but laughed. “Please, a detective, really? Could it be more obvious?” You asked him, smirking. “What possible use would I have for him, or his brother?” You shifted your weight casually, leaning on your cane. Viper looked confused. “Information, clearly, have you never extracted information before, Viper? It’s quite easy if you have their sibling.” You smiled, your voice going up at the end. “I was planning on starting tonight, but I suppose your little intrusion takes precedence at the moment.” You said calmly, picking an invisible piece of lint off your shirt. When you looked up at him, he was fuming, good, you wanted him to get angry. You knew something he thought you didn’t, all you needed to do was to set him off. “You’re pretty cocky for some bitch we’ve got surrounded.” He said, practically spitting the words, you smiled. “Am I? Perhaps I was just raised with manners.” You stated. All you had to do was get him to take possession of you, not kill you, you needed him to want to own you. “You whore!” He shouted, some of his men cringed “I’m going to show you just how I was raised, princess!” He smiled, bringing his hands up to fight. Yes, good, more. You needed more. “And how are you going to that, snake boy? Bite me?” You quirked a brow at him. “I’m going to wipe that smile off your face.” He growled, and you picked at your nails. “Oh, are you now? How I see it, you’re a little street rat going up against mafia royalty. You can try, filth” you spat, “but we know who comes out on top.” You smiled. You heard Mako gasp, and out of the corner of your eye you could see Lin step towards you, but you shook your head, ever so minutely. She stopped, you needed her to trust her. You needed her to wait. “You bitch, I will own you!” Viper screamed, and whipped up his hands, you saw his men go rigid, he could blood bend, but he had no control. You stilled your self as he stalked towards you up the steps, pretending to struggle. You let him get half way before you stopped, and smiled, your voice dropping down to your lower register. “Wrong move.” You said, and instantly you invaded his bending. You felt a rush as you took over his body, feeling him strain against you. He choked as you tilted your head to the side, laughing slightly. You had trapped him bending all the others, no one could move, no one except you. “I wonder, Viper, how long can you keep this up?” You asked him, making your way down the stairs at a leisurely pace, your cane hitting each marble step. “You do know what happens, don’t you? If you drain all your chi?” You called over your shoulder. You could feel him struggle, and you knew he wouldn’t last long. “I suppose the effect is less on non extreme forms of bending, but blood bending,” you broke into a laugh, reaching the bottom of the steps. “Oh dear.” You sighed, calming yourself. “You’re going to die, Viper.” You stated dreamily. “You’re going to either drain yourself to death, and believe me when I say that is a torturous way to go, or maybe I’ll take pity on you and kill you.” You said, reaching the bottom of the stairs. “What do you think will happen first?” You asked, and you could hear his strangled groan. You went to Bolin first, he looked terrified, you could imagine it was terrifying. His body was contorted from Viper’s lack of control, and you took a deep breath before touching his shoulder. You took control of his body, relaxing it until he was free. The boy looked at you in shock as you made your way to his brother.
Mako, poor Mako. He looked like he wanted to kill you, you understood it, you would want to kill you too, his nose was bleeding, and you knew you softened for a moment, looking at him. You placed your hand on his cheek, repeating what you had done with Bolin. He collapsed the second he was not being held, and you reached down to pull him into a sitting position. You went to Djin, finally, your poor Djin. You kneeled down, grimacing against the pain across your thighs. You released him as quickly as you could, praying he would move. You cupped his jaw, bringing his face to you, and he stirred. “Y/N?” He mumbled. And you nodded, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. He spit out blood before he spoke “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, you shouldn’t have to go through this again.” He rasped out, and you shook your head, bringing his eyes to yours. You cleared your throat, you both knew what he was talking about. “No, it’s alright, Djin, it’s going to be alright.” You said to him, smiling. You leant on your cane to stand up fully. “Mako, Bolin, take Djin to the kitchen, I don’t want you to see this.” You said firmly. Bolin nodded, silently heading towards Djin and helping him up, Mako simply stared at you. “Who are you?” He spat, and you shook your head. You thought for a moment, not sure what to say. Only one thing could come to your mind. “Someone who decided you were worth protecting.” You said softly, and he looked confused but went to help his brother and Djin to the kitchen. You turned towards Viper on the steps, waiting until the door closed before speaking. “Did you know you can bend a body that’s already been killed?” You asked him, smiling sweetly. “That was a horrific one to find out,” you said. “Interesting, nonetheless.” You mused, walking around the room, filled with men struggling in vain against Viper’s bending, as he struggled against yours. “Do you know what that means, rat?” You asked him, enjoying the nickname you had decided upon. “It means that when I kill these men, you will still be killing yourself, ever so slowly.” You said, tapping your cane on the floor. You heard him sob, but you had to ignore it. You weren’t a sadist, you didn’t generally enjoy when people suffered, but this man had come after your family, in your home, and he was going to pay for it. You walked to the first man, taking your knife and swiftly cutting his throat. You saw his eyes go lifeless, but his body didn’t move. You repeated this with the next, and the next, and the next, until the room was full of rigid corpses. It was just you and Viper. Thats when you remembered, and Lin. Lin. Your heart broke. Lin was never going to speak to you again. She was going to grow you in jail, she just watched you kill seventeen men, she had to hate you. You choked on your own tears for a moment. But you didn’t have the time now, you walked up the steps, one by one. Your cane tapping on each until you stood in front of Viper. Tap. Tap. Tap. “You know what you’ve done today?” You asked him, your voice lifeless. It was ironic, you were in a room full of dead men, but you get like your soul had been ripped out. “You’ve done what so many other have tried, and you don’t even know it.” You said, thoroughly apathetic, it was better than sobbing. You had to keep your control on him. “You broke me, Viper.” You said quietly, sitting down on the steps in front of him. You were a few above him, so you could watch as he struggled against you, and himself. He was sweating profusely, droplets dripping down his body. “You’ve done it.” You said, your voice flat. “You don’t even know why, but you have.” You sighed. “You see, the thing is, all my life, people have done terrible things to me, that’s just what it has been. I’ve done terrible things right back, I’ll admit it, I’m far from morally clean.” You drawled. “However, I never cared.” You sighed again. “I didn’t like doing those things, and it’s true, I remember every face, every man I’ve hurt or killed, I still dream about them sometimes.” You trailed off, looking around the room.
“But I wanted to be done. I wanted to be good. To be clean. For the first time in my whole Vaatu damned life, I wanted to be clean. I wanted to stop.” You could feel your voice break, a tear slipped down your face, but you couldn’t bother to wipe it away. “I wanted to be good, not ‘not evil’, really, good. You know why? You know why Viper!” Your voice rose to a scream before cracking and fizzling back down to the broken, hollow thing you now were. “Because I love her.” You said softly, your world falling apart around you. You gave up, you let the floodgates open. “I love her!” You laughed, your voice breaking again. “Me! Me!!!” You repeated, “The dragon herself, the biggest, most ruthless, horrible, disgusting monster of them all, fell in love with her.” Viper’s nose began to bleed, you glanced up, but ignored it. “I mean, I never had a chance, not really, we all know that. Me? Someone loving me? Someone like her loving me?” You trailed off again. Looking up to the dying man, watching him kill himself in vain, because you wouldn’t let him stop. “She’s so perfect, it practically makes me mad, at this point. Oh, I think I’m going mad.” You said, hand coming up to your face. “They say a true blood bender looses it if they loose their love, think it’s true?” You asked him, knowing he couldn’t answer. “I love her.” You sighed, defeated. “And now, I have put her boys in danger, massacred seventeen men, and now I, now I’m making you pay for even threatening any of them.” You laughed. “I just can’t help myself, can I?” You laughed more, before stilling. “Fuck with a dragon’s family, this is what you get.” You said, all sense of laughter drained from your voice. You were cold, inside and out, you felt as if your own heart had been ripped out of your chest. “Maybe, maybe I’ll be lucky and we’ll kill each other. I mean, my bending is shot, I have no idea how long I can hold you, how long do you think you can keep this up?” You asked him, sparing him another glance. His eyes had glazed over, his nose bleeding steadily. “Not long then.” You said. “The irony, my only chance of going out defending them, and I’m killing it.” You flatlined. “I’m so stupid, spirits I’m so stupid.” You breathed out, decending further and further into your madness. “I really am a monster.” You mumbled. “And who could ever love a monster, especially someone as good and perfect as her.” You finished, finally. You looked up at Viper, he was almost gone, you sighed, standing. “I’ve gone soft, you invaded my home and I still feel pity, no, not pity, guilt. I feel guilty.” You said, staring at him with your own red eyes, your face wet from tears. “Spirits, I wish they killed me too,” you said “then, I wouldn’t be feeling this. I would have become this, I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t have fallen.” You paused, the silence of the room permeating your shattered soul. “We all fall in the end Viper. Your mistake was thinking you could outplay me.” You sighed, looking up at him. You whipped your blade up, slicing his throat, all the bodies in the room collapsing and bleeding out. You watched as the blood spread, every drop seeming to stain you, the red filling your mind, seeping into your very soul. “mine was loving her.” You dropped the knife. Watching it clatter down the steps. You turned to find Lin standing at the top of the steps, staring at you. You watched her for a moment, her face broken with shock, tears rimming her eyes. “I love you.” You said, and turned, walking down the steps, through the puddles of blood.
You reached halfway to the door before you sank to your knees, screaming in anguish. The sound ripped from your chest, your mind going with it. Sobs racked your entire body, you clutched your head, slamming your eyes shut. “What did I do? What did I do, I.” The words left as you cried out again. “Damn you,” you screamed. “Damn all of you. Damn you Viper, and all your fucking men, damn it all! Damn this whole fucking city, all of it, I hope every Vaatu damned soul in the underbelly rots!” Your voice broke, and you couldn’t hold back, something had broken inside of you, after all these years, you were broken. “Damn the men who killed my parents, Damn them for killing my aunt, and my family! Damn them for ruining my life! Damn the fucking bastards who raped me, oh, I hope they fucking burn! Damn every fucking man who has ever come up against me! And, and more that all, Damn none of them for going through with it!” You sobbed. “Damn this whole world for letting me live long enough for me to love her, and have it be ripped away by my own fucking hands.” You were exhausted, you crumpled. “Damn you all for not killing me first.” It went black.
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