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exorcistfemme8 minutes ago
It鈥檚 a beautiful day to love butches/studs. You all are so amazing and really out here doing the goddess鈥 work. We are blessed to know you.聽
Thank you.聽
-a femme
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lepidopteraah12 minutes ago
soft skin, short breaths, hair fluttering in the soft breeze.
artificial cherry, hand on your chest, eyes closed.
鈥渃an i kiss you again?鈥
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exorcistfemme21 minutes ago
鈥淩eal lesbians are laughing at you.鈥 -some terf
bitch ALL THE LESBIANS I KNOW... are on my side and adore me so like. Maybe take your hateful ass to the curb. Because nobody here wants your bullshit. I鈥檓 sorry that your own issues with dysphoria and hating yourself are not something you can solve and so you wanna take that out on me but that鈥檚 literally NOT my problem.聽
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femme-adorables38 minutes ago
i'm in love with someone. she has no idea. and she's half way across the earth. help
dearest long-distance-lover-girl,
pursue her heart by giving yours, selflessly.聽 be her support girl, and her rock, and most of all her friend.聽 and let her fall in love with you.
love selflessly, and relentlessly, and with courage and kindness.聽 聽and if you live your love this way, love will come back to you tenfold <3
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krissgopher41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
who doesnt want a beefy moth gf?
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ktaylor9448 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Sunday鈥檚 with my man 馃枻
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hannahsdreams48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
饾摋饾摢饾摲饾摲饾摢饾摫'饾摷 饾摕饾摰饾摢饾摤饾摦
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femme-adorables50 minutes ago
What is the best position for lesbians
dearest geometry-of-love girl,
you have to fall in love before you can make love.聽 聽that is my disposition on this curious inquisition of position :)
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yurikittie50 minutes ago
I have no lesbian friends and no gf :( someone be my lesbisn friends and my gf pls :(
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gleamingcrystaltemple57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
aaaand this is where my obligitory "dni if you ship sea fairy or moonlight with men" goes!
rbs > likes
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femme-adorablesan hour ago
I just really like the nicknames you give to your anons, it feels like a nice hug <3
darling sweetest-ever girl,
this hug is for you <3
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nemphisesan hour ago
Tumblr media
Yesterday was a good makeup day
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