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#carol danvers x reader
marziwritesfic · 3 hours ago
Requests are open for the weekend!
Taking drabble requests for Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Carol Danvers and Sam Wilson until Sunday night! It can be smut, fluff, angst, you name it! (I'll try my best with smut, ok?)
Send your request through asks, lovelies <3
Tumblr media
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heavenbarnes · 3 hours ago
holding out for a hero
Carol Danvers x Female Reader x Bucky Barnes
Warnings/Contains: dirty talk, fingering, squirting, masturbation, degradation (e.g., slut, whore, bitch, the works), slapping (on face as well), semi-public sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, light bondage, dom/sub relationship, blowjobs, facefucking, little bit of spit, sex toys, hair pulling
Word Count: 2.8k
so when i was thinking this up in my head, i was carol and reader was doja cat lmao! but i know that 90% of my readers are little subs so had to tweak it for you all, hope you like x
Tumblr media
Carol looked a dream in her suit, the perfect fit for her (it would be, it’s made for her) and her hands in her pockets as she came through the door. It surrounds her, she commands attention as she walked into any room and that wasn’t lost on you as all heads turned towards her.
Thank God for a party, you couldn’t even remember why Tony threw this one but any chance for you to put on a short dress and hang off Carol’s arm was good enough for you. What could you say, your-girl-who-wasn’t-really-your-girl looks good.
So Carol was in your bed just about every night and you called each other girlfriends, but there were blurred lines. Especially when you also end up in Thor’s bed (after you know she’s just left it), and there’s a little bit of make up sex. But it’s whatever, right?
Carol is cool in every sense, you could tell it by the way she walks. But she also dances cool, pulling your ass into her front as you both move to the music. It wasn’t until a couple of girls from another department were pulling you over to dance to the new song that Carol parted from you.
She left you shaking your ass on the dance floor to find the bar. Carol even drank cool, ordering something that’d make you screw your nose up, and taking an easy sip. She could see Bucky in her peripheral but didn’t pay him much mind.
“God damn, you really are a fucking fox, aren’t you?” The words slid off his tongue as he sided up beside her, eyes shamelessly lingering on her figure.
“Yeah, maybe I am.”
Bucky chuckled slightly, bringing his own glass to his lips. “You act all tough but I think you’re just looking for someone to bend you over and put you in your place.”
Carol shot him a look, slightly incredulous. “Maybe you’re looking for me to do the same to you?”
“Yeah, maybe I would let you fuck me in the ass,” Bucky shrugged his shoulder like it was nothing. “But whilst you’re all dominant with the ladies, I bet you’d let me hold you down.”
Carol huffed a laugh through her nose, taking another sip as Bucky’s eyes scanned the room. They landed on you as your dress hiked further up your thighs. “I know you two are a thing but you ever fuck other people?”
Her eyes landed on his, and he offered another shrug, once again like it was nothing. “Yeah, a few.”
“Like who?”
“Like Thor, Steve, Sam, Wanda-“
“Okay, so everyone but me! You must want to complete a full set?”
Carol turned and put her back to the bar, swilling her drink in the bottom of the glass. “If you think she’s going to let me go home with you tonight, you’re even crazier than she is.”
Bucky went to question what she was on about but Carol simply nodded in your direction. That’s when his eyes landed on you, finding you stood in the middle of the room with a look that said you were less than impressed.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go handle this.”
Carol pushed off the bar and made her way over to you, except she kept walking out the door you came in and let you follow behind. Once you got into the hallway, she turned to face you and all the wrath you could muster.
“What the fuck was that? Flirting with Bucky Barnes in front of everyone, in front of me?” Your voice was raising but Carol still seemed cool, looking down at you with an eyebrow raised.
“Hardly flirting, and what do you call that dancing you were doing in Scott’s lap?”
“Oh fuck off, this is about you-“
You threw your arms out in front of you to make contact with Carol but she was too quick, catching your wrists midair with a look of disappointment. She turned both ways to see a few people watching the little spectacle you’d started.
“Honey,” Her voice was low as she dipped down to your ear. “You’re being fucking embarrassing.”
She spun you around, pushing you in front of her and forcing you to walk down the hall. Carol whistled, signaling you to make a left and then another, until she had you in a slightly more secluded part of this very public area.
With one hand, Carol pushed you up against the wall, coming down till she was right in your face. “What the fuck do you think you’re playing at?”
The best you could offer was a pout as her tone and expression was doing it’s best to make the heat rise between your legs.
Carol shook her head, pulling back slightly only to tug the top of your dress down, freeing your breasts for her. “You are such a little whore.”
Her right hand rose and delivered one slap across your face. Embarrassingly enough, your response was to tip your head back and release a throaty moan, pushing your chest towards her.
“For your information, Bucky was talking about fucking me, not that it’s any of your business.”
Another slap and another pathetic moan, as she trailed her hand down to grip your breast. Bringing her hand back, she slapped your chest, only making you squeeze your thighs together tighter.
“But you want to be such a desperate little slut, that this is where we’re at.”
Carol’s left hand slapped you across the face again, whilst her right hiked your dress up to reveal where you’d forgone panties. She tutted at you, like a naughty child. “Fucking slut, I bet this is making you wet.”
Her middle finger ran through your slit and revealed to her what she already knew. You were fucking dripping. She was quick to thrust her two middle fingers deep in you as her other hand tugged at your nipples.
You couldn’t hold back the moans, she was hooking her fingers forward right at the spot and telling you every depraved thing you needed to hear. You didn’t even want her to stop when you heard the footsteps approaching.
“Fucking Christ.”
Both yourself and Carol turned to see Bucky standing in the entryway, watching you getting wrecked on Carol’s fingers. Quickly she turned her head back to you. “You did not just grip around my fingers at that.”
Another slap across your face had Bucky swallowing at the sight in front of him. Carol grew impatient, shooting a look over her shoulder. “Are you coming in here or what?”
Bucky quickly hurried behind her, standing on your other side and watching it all unfold. Carol only sped up her hand as she went back to tweaking at your chest.
“You dirty fucking whore, honey,” She cooed, reveling in the sounds of your cries. “I can feel you fucking soaking my hand.”
You could only babble in response, hips bucking as you rode her fingers. Bucky was just staring, wide eyed and completely overcome.
“Since you seem to like it when people are watching you, maybe I should get my kicks out of this too, huh?" Carol taunted, still lent above you and vigorously rutting her fingers into you.
"Maybe I should give a good girl a call, one that doesn't try pathetic bullshit like you pulled earlier," Her words continued the floods that were headed straight to the meeting of your thighs. "Tie you up on the armchair and make you watch the kind of respect I deserve."
All that came out of you was another one of those heady cries, rolling your hips into her hand and whimpering for her. Bucky just shook his head, right hand running down the length of his face before coming to adjust his trousers.
You could tell he wasn't looking at your face, his eyes were firmly fixed on either your chest or where Carol's hand was making contact with your cunt. Her voice snapped you back to where you belonged.
"Tell me, princess," Carol's chest nearly rumbled as she raised her voice. "I have to hear it from you."
"Yes, Carol!" You cried, knees buckling and fingers grasping at the wall behind you. "I need you to teach me, see another girl treat you right."
Her laugh was so dark, almost as if she was saying "exactly."
"Bucky, get my phone out of my pocket," She spoke, not taking her eyes off you. "Call Wanda on speaker."
And another wanton moan elicited from you by something Carol said, your pussy gripping tight around her fingers. Her thumb rolled around your clit as the dial tone sounded from the phone, before a click.
"Hey, baby." Wanda's blood red voice sounded from the device in Bucky's hand.
"Hey, pretty girl," Carol chimed. "I have my other girl wrapped around my fingers because she's being naughty as hell."
"Oh, needs to be taught a lesson?"
"Of course, what are you doing tomorrow?"
"You, hopefully."
"Good girl, need to teach this one what kind of girl I deserve."
"I'll see you then," Wanda understood time was of the essence as she spat your name. "Hurry up and come, don't leave Carol waiting."
Bucky tucked the phone away, watching as Carol sped up the movements on your clit as your legs definitely began to fail. "You heard her, hurry up and squirt for me, we have places to be."
It didn't take much as she continued to hook her fingers up, one more slap across your cheek and you were done for. Hips careering forward and you felt yourself gushing down your thighs and across the leg of Carol's suit.
You opened your eyes just in time to see Carol placing the fingers that'd just left you, onto Bucky's tongue. "Isn't she sweet as candy?"
As you straightened your dress, all eyes fall to the wet patch just above Carol's knee, the sound of her tutting filling the space. "You're lucky there's a car waiting, else I'd have you licking this up."
The three of you snuck out the back to the waiting car, your cheeks and chest hot from your girlfriend's open palm. You ran your fingertips over the spots, relishing the feeling she'd given you.
As you all piled into the back of the car, you heard Carol advise the driver you needed the partition up. It did nothing for the heat coursing through you, reminding you that this was in no way done yet.
Bucky slid in first, before Carol pushed you in and went in after you. As the car started off, she looked at you expectantly. "Hurry up, get your legs up."
Shuffling back, you spread your legs for them, one over Bucky's thigh and the other over Carol's. Her hands looped in the top of your dress, re-exposing your chest. "Start playing with that pussy, if you haven't come at least once by the time we get home there'll be hell to pay."
Wasting no time, you collected slick before running your fingers back up to circle your clit. You were still so sensitive from her fingers but you knew better than to argue. Your other hand came to tweak at your nipples as you watched Carol move above you.
She lent across where you were working between your thighs, hand grasping Bucky's jaw and pulling him into a kiss just moments before you. Watching her tongue move against his, the sounds they were making, had your hips lifting against your touch.
Carol moved Bucky's metal hand to your chest, his fingers quickly tugging at your nipples as he still moved his lips against your girlfriend. The view was like heaven, the both of them looking so godly and only for your viewing.
Whilst Bucky had a grip on one of your breasts, Carol pulled at your other, rolling it in her palm. It had you arching your back and raising your chest to her touch, cooing for her as her teeth pulled at Bucky’s lip. 
“God, I can’t wait to let you live up to your words,” She breathed against his mouth. “Do everything you said, whilst she’s tied up and watching.”
Bucky’s eyes flickered to you, only slightly acknowledging your existence. “She have a seat in the room? Or would the view be better beneath us?”
You felt yourself pulse beneath your fingers, the thought of watching Bucky pounding Carol right above you nearly too much for you to take. Your cunt clenched around nothing, eager to be filled by just about anything at this point. Carol’s fingers, her strap, Bucky. Whatever was going, you would take it.
As you saw Carol’s hand slipping down to grip Bucky through his pants, you felt your orgasm closing in. He was outlined through the fabric and it didn’t take much to see that he was fucking huge. Not that he often let you forget it.
Bucky had spent a lot of his time siding up alongside you, pressing himself against your ass or your hip, whispering all the dirty things he wanted to do to you - much like he’d done to Carol that evening. You often laughed it off, maybe giving him a cheeky grip against the zipper, but nothing more.
Now all those times you’d turned him down were coming back to bite you. well and truly. Images of being tied up and tossed aside in the bedroom whilst Bucky slammed a metal palm into the center of Carol’s shoulder blades and threw his hips into hers, they were the only thing you’d be treated to tonight.
Pulling up outside your house, Bucky trailed behind as Carol kept your arm bent behind your back. Her chest was tight to you as she hushed a whisper in your ear. “You still enjoying yourself?”
You nodded eagerly, moaning in earnest as you headed up into your shared space. Carol was pleased, for a fleeting moment, before she tightened her grip on you some more. “Course you are, dirty slut.”
Bucky sat on the edge of the bed, big thighs wide spread as he watched Carol fixing the soft-rope to your wrists behind your back. His tongue ran along his bottom lip as you sat bare-naked and ready for any instruction. Carol’s attention was on perfecting her ties but she threw a comment over her shoulder.
“Anything you want to do to her before we start?”
And he was up, quick as anything, making his way to the armchair you were draped over. His fingers skimmed along your cheeks as he watched the way you gently wiggled in your confines. “These lips are usually only good for giving me shit, want to feel them around my cock.”
Carol, who was slipping out of her suit, looked over his shoulder to you. Her eyebrow raised in a look that meant “okay with you?”, so you were quick to nod with your tongue hanging out like a dog. 
Bucky was quick with his zipper, too. His belt clattered to the floor as he shuffled his jeans down his thighs. Gripping his length in his right hand, it was flushed all the way to the tip and already dripping. This was something you’d describe as painfully hard.
Tapping it against your lips, you opened your mouth again and took him in. Your eyes occasionally fluttered to Carol and what she was doing in the background, but as they pricked with tears you focused them back on Bucky. Good tears, tears that ran down your cheeks as he stuffed himself right to the back of your throat.
The gagging noises only spurred him on, the wet sounds of you doing your best to fit him in. Sticking your tongue out, you managed to reach his balls, doing the best you could with no hands. The crop of curls at the base of his cock tickled your nose as he thrust into your face.
“Pull her hair, it makes her sing.” Carol instructed, still busying herself on the other side of the room.
He pulled what he could into his palm and tugged it tight, earning a hum from you that rattled through your throat. It hit him right where he needed it, surging his hips forward and prying a moan from him. You had to hand it to him, Bucky sounded fucking lovely when he was moaning for you. Maybe you needed to get on your knees for him more often.
His thrusts slowed until he was drawing back from you, spit covered cock leaving your mouth, and leaving you flushed thoroughly wrecked. Leaning down to you, he gripped your chin before pressing a kiss to your swollen lips, tapping your cheek gently nearly mimicking what Carol had done earlier.
Speaking of which.
“Right, you’re ready to give her a show?”
Bucky spun around, before stopping in his tracks with a trace of a dumbstruck expression. Despite the pain in your throat, you smiled at them both, leaning back in your chair and spreading your thighs.
Carol stood at the end of the bed, right hand slicking the lube up the length of her strap as she nodded to the bed. 
“Come on Buck,” She grinned. “Arch your back like a good little bitch and get your mouth on her pussy.”
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marziwritesfic · 3 hours ago
I still burn for you - b.b.
Bucky Barnes x reader, Carol Danvers x reader
Warnings: angst, repressed feelings, stupid mistakes that led to this scenario... the good stuff.
Totally inspired by Flames by MOD SUN and Avril Lavigne.
Note: I love this song and I needed to write something with it. Hope you enjoy this mess of feelings <3 Huge thanks to @lokiscollar for beta reading this (ily queen)
WC: 1.3k
Tumblr media
The sound of your laughter stung painfully in his chest. Even before he entered the room, Bucky knew what he’d find, for the excited chattering denounced your presence. He clenched his fist, taking a deep breath in an attempt to gather the courage to look at you again.
For the last months, it had been easy for Bucky to pretend nothing had ever happened between the two of you. While you were away with Carol - your girlfriend now - it was too easy to act like he had forgotten what it felt to kiss you, touch you, hold you in his arms. But you were back. And just like last time, he knew he wasn’t ready to face you.
Two years before, maybe more, Carol first introduced you to the team. You were a good friend of hers back then, with some sexual tension involved, but nothing past that. Bucky was immediately dumbfounded by you. The way you lit up a room with your smile, the sounds of your laughter, the kindness you showed everyone, including him. And as if it wasn’t enough, you were breathtakingly beautiful.
And he had been lucky enough to catch your eye as well. When you worked up the courage before he did, you invited Bucky for a drink and one thing led to another… And the rest is history. To you, it had been perfect - the night you shared, the conversations you had, everything. Until the morning after came along and with it the end of the magic.
Bucky disappeared for two days, while you had no idea if he was avoiding you or had left for a last-minute mission, and no one else seemed to know either. When he came back, acting as nothing happened, he was cold and distant. When you tried to confront him about it, he shrugged you off without further explanation. And it hurt. Damn, he had left without even saying goodbye after sharing a wonderful night with you. You just thought you deserved better than that.
When he finally reached the living room, his arrival was barely noticed by the group. Except for Steve, who smiled and waved at his longtime friend; Sam, who knowingly looked at you with concern; and for you, of course. Your smile almost faltered the second you met Bucky’s gaze upon you. Almost in sync, Carol kissed your cheek and pressed your thigh against her with a firm grip, making you squeak and laugh again, almost embarrassed.
You had been sitting comfortably on her lap, telling stories about the places you two visited and everything else that had changed since the last time you were on Earth. Your friends listened with excitement, happy to see you again. But you knew, by the moment he saw you, Bucky wasn’t any joyful about it.
His heart hammered in his chest. It burned worse than anything he remembered, it burned like the Sun burns in the sky. And it wasn’t just jealousy - of course, he’d kill to be in your girlfriend’s shoes - but it was much more than that. He had resentment building up in his throat, and it itched viciously.
A year had passed, and you visited the compound again. You still had a bitter taste on your mouth because of how things turned out with Bucky, but damn, seeing him again messed with your heart. And he felt the same way. Something pulled you two towards each other, so magnetic and irrational. When he asked you to come over to his room and “talk”, you caved in, and it felt just as good as the first time.
When you woke up the next day, you got an unwelcome feeling of deja vu. Bucky wasn’t in his bed with you, just like before. And you felt stupid for falling for the temptation and believing it would be any different this time around. Well, at least this time he didn’t disappear completely - but he made sure to act like nothing was going on between you and him.
The anger was stronger than the pain but didn’t beat the regret. You resented him for being so immature and playing around with you, never being honest about whatever the fuck he wanted from you. You’d hate to admit it, but you wished he’d come around and open up, you wanted it to be more than sex. From what he showed, you were only good to warm his bed when you happened to be around.
He remembered vividly how he had made you smile, laugh, beg for him, and so much more. But above all, he remembered how he made you hate him. He remembered the tears that strolled down your cheeks and all the insults that you threw at him. He knew what he had done, and he regretted it immensely.
But truth be told, Bucky second-guessed himself enough to know he would never work up the courage to apologize for his past behavior. How could he just walk up to you and say “Sorry I was a jerk, I was afraid of catching feelings and not being corresponded so I freaked out and fucked it all up. Yes, twice. Can you forgive me now?”
He knew how fucked up it would sound. He knew how fucked up he was. And when he met you and found the light in your eyes, he immediately knew you were too good to be true, too good to be his. The two years that passed since he first laid eyes on you were filled with a gut-wrenching feeling every time he remembered the way he had treated you.
And when you saw him for the third time, somewhere in the city, you hated that your heart skipped a beat for him. For all you knew, he was a jerk. You should have known better by then. But when he walked up to you, followed you as you turned around and walked away from him, and called your name… You felt pulled into him again.
“Fuck you!” You turned on your heels only to face the man and spit the curse. He was painfully surprised by your reaction, and you almost felt bad for it. “Grow up and make up your mind! Or even better, find another fuck doll, will you? Leave me alone!”
His intense blue eyes faltered to the floor. He wanted to say something, and he almost did, and you sure expected him to. But when the words failed to come out of his mouth, you knew it was a lost cause.
“Goodbye, James. Forget me and I’ll do the same.” Your farewell was painful for both sides, but you felt relieved, after all.
That was the last time you had seen him for a good while. You started dating Carol not long after that, and you were more than happy with her. So, when your beetle-head of a girlfriend suggested a visit to the Avengers, you couldn’t say no without a proper excuse. You missed them, even more than you dreaded the thought of seeing Bucky again.
And there you were. Fighting your urges to denounce the bad blood left between you and the supersoldier. How could he even look at you like that - with a guilty desire - after what he had done, after making it clear that you meant so little to him.
Bucky had lost any chances to be with you, even before you started dating Carol, and he knew it. And it hurt him just as much as he had hurt you. With longing in his eyes, anguish in yours, unsolved feelings burned in your chests. Would the flames ever go out?
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lovelyavengers · 3 days ago
Carol Danvers/Reader
words: 644
prompts: "nobody's seen you in days" & "can you shut up for once in your life"
This was part of the collection of ficlet requests I took a little while ago, and it was requested by @achromaticerebus
carol danvers masterlist // spring ficlets masterlist
There was a knock at your door, and you didn’t know if you should even answer it. But you did, and you were shocked to see her standing in your doorway. “Carol?” you asked, a dumbfounded look on your face.
“Can I come in?” she asked sheepishly.
“Where have you been?” you asked as you stepped aside and allowed her in. “Nobody’s seen you in days.”
“I had to get my head straight,” she said. “And I need to apologize to you.”
It had all started about a week earlier, and you were at a bar with Carol and Maria. You were definitely tipsy, and they were both right there with you. Your apartment was a short walk away, so you weren’t paying too much attention to how much you were drinking.
You didn’t even remember how it started, but you had kissed Carol in the bathroom of the bar, and one thing led to another. It wasn’t the first time this had happened either. You could barely keep your hands off each other as you stumbled up to your apartment, the troubles of the day long forgotten. But when you woke up the next morning with an empty bed and a splitting headache, things changed.
You walked out of the room right as she was sneaking out the front door. “Where are you going?” you asked as her hand hovered over the knob.
“Y/N, I can’t do this,” she said, turning back to face you.  “It can’t happen again.”
“You say that every time, and every time it does,” you said, and you had to fight to keep your voice down.  “So when are you going to actually confront your feelings instead of burying them like a child?”
“Can you shut up for once in your life?” she burst out, and that cut deep. “I already told you, this can’t happen again. It was a mistake, a lapse of judgement on my part, and trust me, I already regret it.” You didn’t even have time to answer, because she was already out the door, leaving you standing in your empty apartment.
“I don’t know if I should forgive you,” you said softly, as the two of you stared at each other.
“I know,” she said. “And I wasn’t even sure if I should come back, but I had to make things right between us. If you never want to see me again I understand, but you deserve an apology for the terrible things I said to you, and for that I’m sorry Y/N.”
“Why did you say them?”
Your question caught her by surprise, probably because she expected you to kick her out of your apartment without another word.  She hesitated before she spoke. “I was afraid of the feelings I was growing for you. I still am afraid, but I know now that the only way to get over that fear is to actually allow myself to be happy, and you make me happy. I hate what I said to you, how I made you feel when I left, because you’ve been nothing but supportive to me and I just took that for granted. I want to be with you, if you’re willing to give us a shot.”
You didn’t know what to say. Part of you felt the same fears she did, but there was another part of you that wanted nothing more than to be with her. “I want to give us a shot too,” you said, your voice barely above a whisper.
She took a few steps forward and wrapped you in a hug.  You missed the feeling of her arms around you, and you melted into her embrace. “Let’s promise to not hurt each other again,” she said as she let go.  
“Yeah,” you agreed.  “Because it hurts too much to fight with you.”
- the end -
***this is my sideblog. i reply to any direct comments on this post from my main blog @fandomsandxfiles
Marvel/Agent Carter: @space-helen @cap-n-stuff @captainsophiestarkwriting @spn-stuff @marinettepotterandplagg @xixxiixx @mitsumikirigakure @tdbooth @graneo02 @gollumgayghost @itsbqueenthings @polireader
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Carol Danvers: N/A
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talatomaz · 3 days ago
May I request prompt
2. “move an inch and you won’t be coming tonight combined with 17. “don’t cum yet”
With Nat as sorta a mean/hard dom edging reader just cause she think it’s fun to see r trying not to squirm?? Also pretty please include r ending up coming without Nats permission
a/n: i’ve not really written any smut like this so hope it’s okay
(prompts are in bold)
“move an inch and you won’t be coming tonight”
“don’t cum yet”
warnings: smut - mommy kink, dark/mean nat, slight dubcon, edging, humiliation/degradation kink, oral and fingering (r receiving)
masterlist | request list | request rules | prompts
Tumblr media
Swaying your hips to the beat of the song that was currently playing, you took a swig of the alcoholic beverage you were drinking.
You wiped the drops that escaped from your lips with the back of your hand and continued dancing, whilst constantly glancing at the redhead who was staring at you; her eyes hardened with anger but also blackened with lust.
You turned from her view, instead facing the blonde whom you were dancing with. The blonde stared down at you with a smirk on her face, her hands falling to your hips.
She glanced over your shoulder before returning her eyes to yours, moving her head to shout in your ear as the loud music overpowered everything else.
“She’s coming over. She looks angry.”
Returning her smirk, you replied, “Just what I wanted. Thank you, Carol.”
“We’re leaving.”
As you turned to open your mouth, ready to disagree, you snapped it shut when you saw the fury in Natasha’s emerald eyes. Not waiting for an answer, she grabbed your arm and yanked you out of Carol’s grasp.
“Mommy, please.”
You whined, struggling against the silk rope that bound you to yours and Natasha’s shared bed.
Natasha smacked your bare pussy, directly against your clit, making you jolt and wince at the pain that flushed through your skin.
“Move an inch and you won’t be coming tonight”
Natasha had dragged you home and had proceeded to edge you 7 times, leaving you a whimpering, sobbing mess. Your skin glistened with light sheen of sweat, your hair sticking to your forehead.
You were a mess.
Exactly how Natasha liked you.
Swallowing hardly, you stilled and replied, “Yes, Mommy.”
“Oh, so my slut does know how to follow orders? Funny. Then why was she acting like a whore for that blonde bitch?”
Natasha spat out, hovering over your soaked pussy.
“I was a bad girl. I’m sorry, Mommy. Please forgive me.”
You resisted the urge to tilt your hips upwards so Nat’s lips could reach where you needed them most because you knew that she’d continue edging you for the rest of the night, until you passed out. Hell, even when you were passed out, she’d still continue to play with you until she had her fill.
You belonged to her. Your mind, your soul, and most importantly, your body.
“I don’t think you’re sorry. I think you’re a horny little slut who wants to be fucked. It doesn’t matter who does it so long as your pussy is filled.”
You shook your head furiously, “No, Mommy. Yours. It’s your pussy, not mine.”
Although the redhead smirked as you relinquished yourself to her, you knew better than to trust that smile. Anything you said wouldn’t change her mind.
“You’re right, slut. This is my pussy.” Natasha grabbed at your pussy before leaning down to suck your clit between her lips.
Unable to move as your body was still bound to the bed, you moaned at the feeling of her mouth on your clit.
After being edged several times, you were extremely sensitive and so close to coming.
Sensing that, Natasha lifted her head, her red locks framing her face, “don’t cum yet.”
Without waiting for an answer, she dived right back between your legs, your clit in her mouth once more. She drove her fingers deep inside you, thrusting in and out as you panted beneath her.
When you felt her curl her fingers against that sweet spot, you suddenly felt that coil in your stomach break loose and you came on her face.
Natasha lifted her head, her face soaked in your arousal, her eyes dark as she tutted,
“I told you not to come. Since you decided to be a greedy whore and disobey Mommy, let’s see how many times you can come before you pass out.”
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lovelyavengers · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Carol Danvers Masterlist
Emoji Key (for oneshots only):
☀️ - pure fluff
🌧 - pure angst
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lazypeachsoul · 3 days ago
Hello beautiful people!
This is an announcement that I finished writing the requests I had and that they will start rolling out soon. Bare in mind that I work so it might take me sometime to upload them.
And also:
Tumblr media
I write for Marvel, Vikings and The Last Kingdom. Both oneshots and headcanons. If I'm really inspired I might turn your request into a multi-part.
I'm especially inspired to write for Loki, Sam, Bucky and the women (Marvel); Ivar, Alfred and Hvitserk (Vikings); and Sihtric and Finan (TLK).
This doesn't mean you can only request for those, it means that if you have a request for those characters I will fangirl with you about the request.
Have a lovely day,
Lalla 🌼
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avengerscompound · 3 days ago
Moving On - Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Moving On: A Falcon & Captain Marvel Fanfic
Masterlist PREVIOUS //
Buy me a ☕ Character Pairing:  Sam Wilson x F!Reader, Carol Danvers x F! Reader
Word Count:  2107
Rating:  E
Warnings:  Smut (MF, oral sex, vaginal sex, accidental exhibitionism/voyeurism)
Synopsis:  You thought Sam Wilson was the love of your life.  You had planned to do it all with him - marriage, kids, see the world.  Even when you’re life gets turned upside down, and you both end up international fugitives, he’s there by your side.
Then Thanos comes.
When Sam is one of the many turned to dust, leaving you alone and pregnant, you don’t think you’ll ever stop grieving.  Yet, everyone tells you that Sam would want you to move on and live your life - that he’d want you to be happy. Gradually you open your heart up to another.  Carol Danvers has lost people too.  First her daughter, then her wife.  As the two of you lean on each other, feelings grow and you move on together.
So what happens when Sam is returned to you?
Tumblr media
Chapter 4: On the Run
It is strange how quickly your whole world can change.  One minute you’re planning a wedding and living in the Avengers Compound in Upstate New York, an official agent for the Avengers.  The next you’re considered a war criminal and you’re on the run with your fiance and three other people, one of them who happened to be Captain America.
It had been like a slow-motion car wreck watching everything go wrong.  First, there was a completely unnecessary fight against your friends in the airport because no one wanted to listen to each other.  Then you’d been arrested by people who you’d once considered not just friends, but family.  Then you’d been shipped off to some secret supermax prison in the ocean for enhanced individuals with no trial, even though you weren’t enhanced.  Then Steve Rogers had busted you out and you’d ended up on the run.
You were with Sam though, and you’d rather be with him on the run knowing you were on the right side of the fight than safe in New York alone.
You’d all been trying to make the most of your time working as vigilantes.  There had been a lot of alien tech ending up in the hands of criminal organizations and Steve had been leading your little band of merry men to go and get it back.
Things weren’t easy for any of you.  There was a lack of money coming in and everyone had had to quickly withdraw their entire savings before the government blocked all of their accounts.  Thankfully Steve’s pension from the army had accrued a lot since he’d been lost at sea, but he hadn’t been able to withdraw all of it.
It had meant that a lot of the income came down to you, as out of everyone - you were the least recognizable.  Yes, there were alerts out for you, but you were a spy - you knew how to disguise yourself and you knew where to find under-the-counter work when needed.
The trick was never staying in the same place for long and returning to countries that didn’t sign the accords.  Even those weren’t safe for long - Ross was not above sending people into countries illegally to detain people who he was hunting - Bruce Banner was a testament to that - but they were safe for a little while and meant that once a month rather than sleep in the stolen Quinn, you could splash out and get a hotel.  Although you were pretty sure that Wanda was often sleeping in hotels - with Vision most likely - anytime she said she needed to have some alone time.
You woke up and stretched on the cold metal floor of the Quinn, your spine popping loudly.  Sam shifted in close to you, his arm draping over your sternum and his hand resting on your neck so his fingertips lightly caressed your jaw.  “Was wondering when you were gonna wake up,” he murmured.
“Is it late?”  You asked, blinking your eyes in the dark of the jet.  There was light coming in through the cockpit window, but it was low and you couldn’t tell if that was because it was early or just overcast outside.
“Not particularly,” he said, his hand running down your neck and over your collarbone.  “You just normally sleep like shit in the Quin.”
“Who says I didn’t,” you grumbled, rolling in toward him, and breathing him in.  There was an acrid sting to his scent thanks to the fact that neither of you had showered for a few days.  You were all due for a trip to somewhere remote with beds and good water pressure.  Steve had said maybe going back to Wakanda for a few weeks was in order.  He didn’t like to go too often because T’Challa had already extended himself above and beyond anything that was fair to ask of him just by harboring Bucky.  But it had been over six months since any of you had been there, and you had accumulated a lot of alien technology that you knew Shuri would love to get her hands on.
Sam chuckled and his hands ran down to yours, linking your fingers together, and playing with the engagement ring that sat on your finger.  “What if we just get married in Wakanda?”
You looked up into his eyes.  They looked black in the dim light and when he smiled at you, the corners of them crinkled slightly.  “I’m not sure that’s what you really want,” you said.  “Don’t you want Sarah to be there?  And the kids?”
Sam frowned.  Sarah’s kids had been two and four years old when you’d gone on the run and every month that he missed of their lives hurt him.  He’d been sending money back to his sister to keep the family business running back when you’d both had actual jobs, but these days he was barely scraping by himself.
He sighed and nuzzled into your neck.  “I just want us to start our lives together.”
“I know, but life had other plans,” you said.  “I love you and I don’t need to get married to know that.  It’s not going to change anything.  We will still be on the run and we won’t be able to build a stable life and have kids.”
Sam sighed and leaned his forehead against you.  “I know, but I want you to be my wife.”
“I am your wife,” you said.
“Not legally,” he said.
“We don’t do anything legally at the moment,” you said, playfully.  When Sam didn’t laugh, you sighed and wrapped your arms around him.  “Sam,” you said.  “If you really want to get married in Wakanda, I’ll do it.  I’m sure I can get something nice to wear together, and Nat and Wanda can be my bridesmaids.  I’m sure given how close we’ve all gotten they would be who I’d have picked anyway.  Just like I know you’d have Steve be your best man.  But I know you.  This isn’t really what you want.  You want the big wedding down in Louisiana like you always planned.  With the catering done using fish that were caught by your family’s trawler and you want AJ and Cass to be our little ring bearers.  And I know… I know that if you do this - if we get married in Wakanda without Sarah, she’ll murder you. She will murder you and then disown you post humus.”
Sam started laughing.  “Yeah, she will.”
“Sam, I love you.  I’m yours, no matter what,” you said.
“I know,” he replied with a sigh.  “I know we’re doing the right thing now.  I mean - Tony can get all on his high horse about how important the accords were, but he still broke them immediately.  That fucking kid he brought to the fight is still breaking the accords and living his best life.  I just… I wish we could have both.”
“So do I,” you said.  “I hope they come around, but I’m scared that the thing that makes them realize how wrong they are is gonna be real bad.  Like; world-ending bad.”
“Yeah, me too,” Sam said.  “Which is why I’m doing this.”
“So, what do you want to do?  You asked.
“I guess… we can wait,” Sam relented.  “But maybe we can see if there’s any way we could do something small that we could sneak Sarah to?  Like … she goes to the Maldives and who just happens to be there getting married?”
“They’ll be watching her,” you said.
“Yeah, I know,” he said.  “But we can look into it.”
“Yeah, okay,” you agreed.  “We’ll look into it.”
Sam leaned in and kissed you deeply.  You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and pulled him down on top of you, so the full weight of his body pressed down on the cold metal floor of the jet.
Sam groaned softly and rolled his hips, his cock starting to harden against your thigh.  “Where’s Steve?” you mumbled against his lips as he continued to kiss you.  He was currently the only unknown factor as Wanda was on another of her ‘retreats’ and Natasha was dealing with some ‘personal things’ that she wouldn’t tell the rest of you about.  He pulled back and smirked down at you.  “Why?  You want him to watch?”
“No,” you giggled, smacking his arm.  “I want the opposite of that.”
Sam laughed and nuzzled at your neck, pushing his hands up under your sleep shirt. “On his morning run.  Just you and me, baby.”
You kissed him again - more frantic this time, and your hands dug into his shoulders.  Sam began to squeeze and massage your breast as he ground down against you, sending a warm buzz through your body.  He began to move down your body, taking his time to both undress you and kiss every part of you.  By the time he was crouched between your spread legs, your whole body prickled like a live wire.
He gripped your thigh with one hand and reached up and began massaging your breast with the other as he dipped his head down and began lapping at your cunt.  You moaned and arched your back, gripping his bicep with one hand as you reached over your head with the other.  A hot current ran through you as Sam focused on your clit, sucking and nipping at it as he squeezed your breast.  He moaned into your cunt, the sound sending vibrations through you.  You slowly fell apart under him, writhing as a coil of hot pleasure wound itself tightly in your core.  Sam thrust two of his fingers inside you, and as soon as they hit that sweet spot inside you you cried out loudly and came hard, your whole body shuddering as your orgasm crashed through you.
Sam sat up onto his knees and looked at you.  “Gonna have to be a little quieter,” he said tapping your thigh.  “Steve’s got pretty good hearing you know.”
You scrunched up your face.  “Maybe you need to gag me.”
Sam chuckled and bit his bottom lip as you got on our hands and knees.  Even on the bedroll, your knees were going to hate you after this, but right now you didn’t care at all.  Sam moved up behind you, held onto your hips, and thrust hard into you.  You stumbled forward a little but managed to catch yourself on the cargo trunk in front of you.  He began to fuck you hard immediately, not even waiting to steady yourself.  You cried out and clenched around him as it felt like a hot shard tore through you.
Sam leaned over you, kissing your neck and shoulder, as he put his hand over your mouth.  “Hush now,” he growled in your ear.  “You don’t want to wake up the whole forest.”
You moaned into his hand and opened your mouth, letting him push two of his fingers inside for you to suck on.  He railed into you, his hips moving quickly and erratically as your bodies slapped together.  You tried to bounce back on him, adding to the pleasure coursing through you, but it wasn’t long until your arms gave out and you were helpless under him as your orgasm built.
As his hips began to stutter, Sam wrapped his arm around your waist and began to rub your clit.  It was all it took for the dam inside you to burst.  You buried your face in your arm and cried out as you came, clenching around Sam’s cock.  He began to thrust even more erratically as he chased his own release and with a jerk and a low groan he came, releasing inside you.
You let yourself flop completely on the floor, breathing heavily and feeling a little high on endorphins.  “You think Steve is out there and heard us?”  You asked as Sam lay back down next to you and kissed your shoulder.
“Caught the tail end of the show!” Steve yelled, his voice muffled through the jet walls.
You and Sam both broke down into peels of laughter and you hid your face in Sam’s chest.
“Get a move on, would you?!” Steve yelled.  “We have a lot to do today.”
You laughed even harder and Sam held you close, pressing a kiss to your forehead.  “Come on, duty calls,” he chuckled.
You let him help you up and the two of you both started cleaning yourselves up the best way you could.  You hoped to god that Steve would say it was time for a break soon, but in the meantime, you were glad you were here with Sam.
Tumblr media
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littlekidsteve · 3 days ago
For the first time.
Title: First meeting.
Carol danvers x original character (Katie Taylor)
Word count: 912
Warning: nothing but hardcore fluff. However please excuse me if there’s any grammatical errors or spelling errors. Thank you.
A/N: This takes place after the events of Endgame and takes place after the events of Wandavision and before The events of The Falcon and the Winter Soilder. It’s worth noting this isn't too Canon Complacent.
Worth listening to Look up at the stars by Shawn Mendes while reading this. IT IS FOR THE FEELS!!!
Also read on Ao3
Tumblr media
The halls of the make shift head quarters are quiet. Too quiet. Katie missed the joys of having the team around, even during the blip she found comfort in her found family but now they're gone. After Tony's funeral everyone departed to spend time with their loved ones and to mourn the loss of their fallen friends. Katie pushed her curls from her face as she found a place to work. A Temporary library of sorts littered with all sorts of books- fiction, non fiction, note books. She situated her self on a bean
bag in the corner of the room and began to work. A scientific report of sorts.
“The Wanda Maximoff Anomaly and It's long term effects on the residents of Westview.”
Katie never got a chance to meet Wanda nor Vision respectively but she knew how much they meant to the team. Countless hours passed by for Katie There's a thousand different thought that ran wild In her head some related to the work some not but never the less she persevered onward. The more and more she worked the more and more she became restless.
It was break time.
She passed a couple of stray agents, friendly nods and condolences were exchanged, on the way to the communal kitchen. She didn't have time to cry at the memories of her loss, she didn't have time to feel anything. Katie noticed a tall blonde figure leaning against the counter top their short cropped hair fell haphazardly over their face.
Katie knew this to be the body of Carol Danvers. Outside the odd mission briefing, Carol and Katie haven’t met formally. Carol’s casual attire was a stark contrast to what she wore at the funeral.
Katie’s heart hammered faster in her chest and the heat moved to har face as she waltzed over to the fridge then over to the coffee machine where carol was standing. It would be a lie if she said she didn’t have a small crush on the pilot, stories of a exceptional woman with extraordinary powers told to her during her youth came flooding back.
“Excuse me captain Danvers." Carol Jumped In surprise at the small meek voice.
" Call me carol. Hey your agent Taylor, right?" She asked. “That’s me and It's Thats me and It’s tatie!” She was in awe. Hazel eyes meet Brown eyes, a perfect silence, gentle smiles were the only thing to be seen."Would You like a coffee Carol?" Katie inquired over the sound of the coffee machine. “No thank you." Carol Said while moving to give the smaller woman space to manoeuvre.
Katie carried on making her good the struck up a good conversation with the former
air force pilot, talking about everything from art to sports to the fight for earth. Tears where shed Jokes Where shared and bonds were formed.
Carol can’t help but watch Katie move with such grace and fluidity like a ballet dancer taking stage captivating everyone around her, so captivating in fact she didn’t know she was staring for too long. A blush spread evenly across her face a Katie flashed her a wink and a all too knowing smile.
After a while Katie plated the food up and passed carol a plate while grabbing one for herself. “Here you go captain.” Katie smiled harder that she has in years. “I -um... you shouldn't have" carol Interjected blushing at the kind gesture.
“It's the least I can do after everything you've done for this planet I wanted to let you know that I’m grateful for everything you’ve done,” there was a small pause, “Seeing you fighting Thanos. How you kept every pieces of composure you had to protect us made me really appreciate having peoples like you in my life and how grateful I am to have met you.” Stunned into silence. The cockiness melted Into pure shock- any words Carol could of said in that moment dissipated into thin air.
Carol has seen many stars in her life time some of them dying and some being born but no star in the universe could shine as bright as the warm kindness that radiated from Katie’s heart. All this time she spent away from earth she longed for someone anyone that could reassure her that things will be ok. Carol has lost so much but now it felt like she gained more that she could ever imagined.
No words could describe this feeling.
" Thank you. " Was all that Carol could muster up. “You're welcome. " Katie replied. The tiny pitter-patter of the rain on the roof top provided a perfect soundtrack to the meal as they ate together.
“Beep Beep”
Katie checked her phone.
"Heck. Dr.Lewis needs me to send Something I have to go." Katie cussed out loud as she began to clean up her surroundings. Carol suggested that she should get going while she cleaned up. Katie thanked her.
“Well I hope to see you around sweet heart." Katie heated up at the new nickname. Carol pulled her into a hug, the faint smell of Roses , bubble gum, and a bit of smoke invaded Katie’s senses creating a new form of comfort. Reluctantly pulling away Katie left. Carol stood in her place hoping to see her again soon. The rain continued to gently fall onto the building Katie felt a odd but welcomed sense of peace fall upon as for the first time in months...
She felt like she wasn't alone.
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littlekidsteve · 4 days ago
Woooo finally got my first fic on ao3 up please if you can check it out and leave some constructive feedback Please 😊😊😊😊
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littlekidsteve · 4 days ago
Heads up that before posting any of my work on here I will be posting my work on ao3 before hand so if my work is being posted anywhere else its most likely stollen so heads up.
Only on tumblr and ao3 people.
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cherry-pixked · 4 days ago
MCU Masterlist
Natasha Romanoff:
Wanda Maximoff:
Bus kisses (wip)
Carol Danvers:
Pepper Potts:
More to come
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wndrcarol · 5 days ago
4, 9 and 23 with carol pls 🥺
prompts: 4. “You’d better be quiet if you don’t want to get caught.” | 9. “I don’t care how good it feels you’d better not cum until I tell you to.” | 23. “I can’t wait to be on my knees for you later.”
warnings: fingering, dom!carol, sub!r, cursing
a/n: prompts are closed! 18+ readers please!
You moaned out before Carol placed her hand over your mouth. “Shh” she whispered, taking her hand away from your mouth. “You’d better be quiet if you don’t want to get caught” Carol said as you smirked at her before gasping as she curled her fingers inside you, making your push your hips towards her.
“Fuck” you moaned out softly, trying your best to keep quiet but the way her fingers pumped in and out of you just made you want to scream loudly.
“(Y/N)” Carol warned as you chuckled before moaning once more, pressing your lips against hers as she continued to pump her fingers.
“It feels so good” you whimpered as Carol chuckled, placing soft kisses against your jaw.
“I don’t care how good it feels you’d better not cum until I tell you to.” Carol said, moving down to your neck before pressing kisses against your skin and nipping at the skin. You moaned out once more, feeling the knot in your stomach grow.
“Carol-“ you moaned out before you were interrupted by a siren going off, making you both stop as it signified an emergency. Carol looked at you with a smirk before pecking your lips once more.
“Guess you’ll just have to wait till later, baby” she said, taking her fingers out of you before putting them in her mouth, sucking on them and humming before taking them out with a slight ‘pop’
“I can’t wait to be on my knees for you later.”
feedback is appreciated!
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wndrcarol · 5 days ago
61 and 66 with carol
prompt(s): 61. “If you don’t change out of those shorts and into some pants I’ll have them around your ankles by lunch time.” | 66. “If you leave the house wearing that then the second you get back home I’m going to bend you over that bed.”
warnings: cursing, dom!carol, sub!r, handsy carol.
a/n: kinda changed the prompt a bit to fit better! Prompts are closed! 18+ readers please!
“Uh uh” Carol shook her head, looking your outfit over. “If you don’t change out of those shorts and into some pants I’ll have them around your ankles by lunch time.” She said, taking one stride towards you until your were flush against her, letting out a shaky breath before smirking at her.
“But they make me look cute” you said, looking over your shoulder and down your side, admiring yourself before looking back towards Carol. “Don’t you think?”
Carol groaned lightly as you took a step back, Carol following suit by taking a step forward until your back hit the wall making you gasp. “Wanna really know what I think?” She asked, her hands moving to prop against the wall, trapping you between them. “I might just have to bend you over the bed the second you get home. Show you what I really feel about you in those shorts”
Your breath hitches in your throat as Carol leaned closer, placing soft kisses against your jaw and she chuckled before pulling back. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” She asked before quickly turning you around, pressing you against the wall, pinning one of your arms at your back as you let out a moan.
Pushing your hips back to rub against her, she let out another groan. “You know what?” She said, her fingers slipping into the hem of your shorts, pulling them back and letting go, the sound of the light slap against your skin making you shiver as you whimpered.
“Maybe I should just take you right here, in these cute shorts of yours. How’s that sound?”
feedback is appreciated!
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wndrcarol · 5 days ago
80, 82, 87, 64, 91, 88 with a certain blonde 👀 (carol) and possibly nat?
prompts: 64. “I never knew someone could cum that fast just from a few fingers.” | 80. “How do you feel about two at once?” | 82. “Yeah, that’s it, baby, just like that.” | 87. “Think you can handle that much?” | 88. “Mmm, good morning to you too.” | 91. “Aww, is my little princess/prince getting shy?”
warnings: fingering, dom!carol, sub!r
a/n: whEw okay. prompts are closed! 18+ readers please!
“Mmm, good morning to you too” You croaked, watching as Carol smirked up at you, leaning up to hover above you before pressing her lips roughly against yours. Her fingers continued to rub your clit before she slipped her middle finger into you, pumping slowly.
You moaned against her lips before pulling away and watching her hand below. “Fuck” you breathed out, closing your eyes as Carol watched your reactions, taking you in.
“How do you feel about two at once?” Carol asked as your eyes opened, peering back up towards her “Think you can handle that much?” She asked once more before you nodded at her with a soft smile before you let out a moan, feeling her thrust another finger in, going at a quick pace.
“Fuck! Carol” you moaned out, watched her fingers again as her other hand came up to massage you breasts. Carol began placing kisses against your jaw, humming against your skin.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you, baby” she spoke softly as the knot in your stomach began to form. Each second it got tighter as you continuously moaned out, throwing your head back into the pillow.
“Yeah, that’s it, baby, just like that. Fuck” you moaned out before turning towards Carol to press your lips against hers roughly as you felt yourself being pushed closer and closer to your orgasm.
Letting out a yelp, your toes curled as you felt pleasure shoot through you while Carol continued to pump her fingers in and out of you, at the same fast pace. “That’s it” she spoke softly.
“I never knew someone could cum that fast just from a few fingers.” Carol said, letting out a small chuckle as you whined, covering your face with your hands.
“Aww, is my princess getting shy?” She asked, kissing the back of your hands before removing them from your face. “Don’t be, I’m glad I can make you cum this quick”
feedback is appreciated!
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ithehellisbucky · 6 days ago
Fake Smile
Carol Danvers x Reader
Request: for @marvels-writings
Word Count: 2.5l
Warnings: Hatred, grief, suicide, etc
Author's Note: This is for @marvelxreaderfanfictionfest's contest last year, it's already on ao3 here. They have a great contest opening on may tenth for the mcu ladies, so go check that out! There isn't enough wlw fanfiction in this fandom (or really any).
You could swear her skin was glowing. Or at the very least reflecting the colors around her. Soft golden light shone around onto her face from the cracked window next to her chair, and she basked in the light as if she had just won every award the world had to offer. She didn't have the right to be this fucking pretty.
Her golden hair floated around her head, almost literally, forming a halo that made her look even more like an angel. Her skin was only several shades lighter, and her cheeks scrunched up in a way when she laughed that you could only describe as euphoric. Her piercing blue eyes only complimented her features, and your eyes were instantly drawn to her impossible beautiful cheekbones.
If only the woman below that was as beautiful as the face it belonged to.
Carol was the enemy. Not literally, of course. But she was the enemy. Utterly unsympathetic when you had told her about the death of your best friend in the dusting, you had grown to despise her within mere minutes of a word coming out of her mouth.
She laughed like she didn't notice you glaring. And when she finally locked eyes with you, her lips formed a smirk and kept on giggling.
In the brief days that she had returned to earth, she made it her mission to do everything for the sole purpose of lighting rage inside your chest. No one had the right to make you feel this way, least of all her.
She had returned to earth to "check-in." In the past 3 years since the snap, the world had taken a turn for the worst. Not only was every other person gone, but the death toll was slowly rising. Crime rates were increasing, and the suicide toll was only getting higher.
Every single damn day of your life you had dedicated yourself to helping the people on earth, and the only thing she had on her mind was the big picture. Trying to bring people back that couldn't be brought back. Bullshit.
All you were trying to do was make sure that the people who had left stayed alive.
"Ava? Would you like a scone." She said it in a normal voice, but you could feel the passion behind the words.
"No thank you. I'm careful about what I let others feed me. Because I'm careful. Unlike some other people I know." You say in the most passive and sickly sweet voice you could muster.
"I'm very cautious about keeping myself, and others, safe. I'm just nice enough to do it politely." She responded in the same voice as before.
"Carol, Ava. Do I need to remind you that this is a professional meeting, where we are to talk about important topics only." Nat said in a stone-cold tone. Natasha was never the most playful person, to begin with, but in the past 3 years, things had taken a turn for the worse.
When someone is already flying by the seat of their pants and is about as stable as a bull in a china shop, you tend not to provoke them. And by provoke, I mean of course murdering half of humanity.
"I was being professionally, just Carol here was-"
Natasha sharply cuts you off. " Ava. "
"Fine." You say, internally rolling your eyes.
Carol looks you dead in the eyes and gives you a smirk. Damn this woman.
You had been through hell. You had talking people of bridges, you had stood up for abuse victims in court, you had watched the people you had loved die. You were a stone-cold bitch. But with Carol, you might as well be a 2-year-old with a pair of scissors and a disturbing lack of adult supervision.
Once the meeting was over, you sparked a conversation with Natasha. "Hey Nat, do you wanna get some lunch?"
She looked at you, and then down at her phone, and then at you again. "Um, I can't. Not today." She looks behind her shoulder, and a sinister smirk creeps onto her features. "But I'm sure Carol would love to go out with you."
"Natasha, no. I said no."
Her menacing grin only intensifies. "Oh come on Ava, you could cut the sexual tension between the two of you with a knife."
"It's not sexual tension. It's just tension. Because we hate each other."
"Mm, I don't think so." She turns over her shoulder and calls to the blonde. "Carol, could you come here for a sec?"
Carol's head perks up, and she walks towards Nat, a scowl forming on her face when she sees that you're next to her. "What is it?"
"Do you want to go to lunch. Will Ava and I?" She questions politely.
"That sounds great, but doesn't Ava have to do that... Thing?"
You turn on your sickly sweet smile for what seems like the ten-thousandth time. "No, I canceled it. Just. To. Have. Lunch. With. You."
Natasha is almost guffawing at this interaction between the two of you. "Alright then, lunch it is!" She starts walking right without any hesitation, and both you and Carol have to run to catch up to her.
"I saw this cute little Italian place. Do you want to go-"
"Chili's." Natasha stops her pace and looks back at you.
"What. It's an incredible experience that I'm sure we'll all enjoy."
It's now Natasha's turn to wear the fake smile. "Great."
You reach Natasha's car, and she quickly whips out her car keys.
"Oh, we're riding together?" Carol exclaims with disgust.
"Yeah, saves energy," Natasha exclaims as she checks her phone.
"I call shotgun!" You counter, trying to do anything to get away from Carol.
"No shotgun. I think it would be nice for the two of you to bond. I wish it was in a bedroom, but a car will do." Natasha says, still looking down at her phone.
"What was that?" You asked, hoping that you didn't hear what you thought you heard.
"No shotgun, window's broken." She replies, opening the door.
You and Carol squeeze into the back seat. It wasn't a tight fit, by any means; but anywhere that isn't 50 feet apart from her is hell on earth. How was she so fucking pretty.
Every time your skin brushed together you shot up as if you had just touched a shock wire. The glares passed between the two of you could freeze even the darkest parts of hell.
As you were getting out of the car, you slammed the door in Carol's face. She opening it, and it was obvious she was pissed.
"Oh come on, you're a fucking superhero, if you're afraid of a car door then you're in the wrong line of work."
She doesn't respond to you and instead flashes you one of her infamous fake smiles.
The Chili's is cozy, with only 15 or so booths, less than 5 of them preoccupied. The hostess kindly led you to a booth, in the corner of the room. You slide into the booth first, and your shoulder pushed against the plastic wallpaper when you moved into your seat.
Carol takes her position in the seat in front of you. Natasha doesn't sit down.
She makes deadly eye contact with you as she pulls her phone out from inside her pocket. "Oh look, I just got a text message." She exclaims, not breaking eye contact.
Natasha quickly flashes you the screen of her phone, showing that in fact, she had not gotten a message. "I have to go. Emergency."
"Are you sure." You say, yet again feigning a smile.
"I'm positive, there's an emergency at work."
Carol attempts to get up and join Natasha before Nat gives Carol a disapproving glance.
"There's always going to be an emergency, but there isn't always going to be lunch." You say, cocking your head and putting on a smirk.
"No," Natasha says. And smiles at the two of you. "Have fun."
You flip her the bird, and without even turning around she returns the favor.
"This is going to be fine." You say.
"Yep," Carol responds, popping the p.
The two of you study the menu for a couple more minutes.
You begin to notice that whenever you adjust yourself Carol does the same, and you do as well, subconsciously.
The waitress walks up to you and politely introduces herself. She asked you what you wanted and, without skipping a beat, you ordered yourself the best thing on the menu, and Carol the worst. She looked as if she was going to protest, but at that point, the waitress had walked away. And all you did was sit there and smirk.
The tension in the room was not sexual. The hatred you felt in your heart for her and the simultaneous need to kiss her and have her kiss you back was not sexual, in any way shape or form.
"So." You promptly exclaimed, in the most positive voice that you could muster.
"Yes," Carol responded, deadlocking her eyes onto yours.
The longer you stared into her eyes the more love you felt. You lost yourself in the depths of her eyes as if you were Alice just entering wonderland. The smile lines surrounding her lips were faded and it seemed as if she hadn't cracked a grin in decades. Her fair hair fell into her eyes, and she quickly brushed it out of the way with one unmanicured finger.
"Why the fuck are we doing this?" She asks, avoiding your gaze.
"What do you mean?" You counter, plastering on another one of your on-brand fake smiles.
"Forcing ourselves to sit in this hell-ish place just for the courtesy of Natasha."
You tilt your head slightly and regain eye contact, "oh, so you want to leave?" You politely ask, knowing all to well the stir that you would get from Nat if you left now.
"No, of course not." She said, rolling her eyes. "But, why would she ever think that I would ever want to be around you for longer than the 5 seconds that are already peeling off my eyes."
"It's nice to see how kind you are to the people around you." You respond, attempting to be as harmful as she was even though you were internally hurt.
"But now that you mention it, I'm realizing how shitty it is that I have to engage in conversation with someone as horrible as you." You winced, and you were positive that she didn't notice either, because she was doing the same.
"What are your powers then, fixing computers?" She mocked you with a smile "oh, the world is ending. Look, someone to get rid of a faulty line on my phone."
"Oh yeah, I forgot that you were a dinosaur. I'm sorry, we don't use phones bolted to the wall in national security." You exclaimed. You wouldn't usually be so harsh, but her words were causing you to lash out.
"At least I can hold up in a fistfight." She said, putting on another mask of a hollow smile.
"I can hold up in a fistfight just fine, but can you hold up with a speakerphone button on an iPhone?" Ah yes, another hollow shot at her prehistoric days.
"You know, for someone how talks all this talk, I'm shocked that you can't actually do anything. Oh wait, I'm not. Sorry, Princess, you're all bark and no bite."
"Excuse me, I forget I was talking to someone who flies around in a space-suit and mohawk." Yet again another fake smile.
The two of you continued to bicker for another few minutes until the waitress comes over with your food.
"I can't believe that you would do such an ignorant f-"
"Hi, I have your food." A woman with a positive attitude and a braid crown places your meals in front of you.
You quickly stopped your argument and the both of you put on yet another fake smile to make it seem like you weren't two seconds away from causing an avengers level threat.
"Thank you so much."
"Really, we really appreciate it."
The second the woman walked away you were back at each other's throats.
But, somehow, Carol was still gorgeous all the while she was yelling at you and eating a shrimp on top of a salad drenched in vinegar.
"Seriously, you're so incompetent." You quickly burst out when she notices you staring.
"Maybe you wouldn't worry so much about me if you were actually doing your job." She responds, rolling her eyes.
"I am sweetie; I'm just good enough at it to be able to pay attention to your uselessness."
"You're too kind." She exclaims as she reaches for a napkin that you quickly pull away from her.
"What I find especially depressing about you is that you will never grow. You're the same person. You're stuck in a box. You will never be better than what you are now. And what you are is shitty." She looks up at you, " Princess ."
You pull back from your meal in shock. You couldn't believe that she had said something like that to you. It pointed out everything you had ever worried about yourself.
"I can't believe you. Why are you so relentlessly horrible to me? What have I done to you? I get when you take cheap shots. I take cheap shots all the time. I don't hate you. Why do you hate me?! I don't hate you! I love you!"
Carol freezes up. Everyone in Chili's looks at you. You were screaming. And you had just told Carol you loved her. You told her you loved her.  You loved her.
"What?" She says in a meek voice.
"I'm so sorry Carol, I was just-" She kisses you.
Carol kisses you.
Carol puts her lips on yours and kisses you.
And you kiss you back.
She's leaning over the table and knocked both your plates off the table and knocked you drinks over. You feel the liquid on your knees as you climb onto the table and place yourself on top of it. You kiss and you kiss until the rest of the world is null and void.
You only pull away for air, and when you're doing so Carol whispers a careful "I'm sorry."
You keep on kissing and kissing.
"I love you, I love you, I'm sorry, I love you." Muttered between you.
You finally pull away and stare into each other's eyes for a minute, basking in the beauty of her blue orbs.
"I feel god in this Chili's tonight." You breathlessly exclaim.
She laughs a beautiful, glorious laugh, and then leans in to kiss you again.
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Criminal Minds:
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the-bad-batch · 6 days ago
Prompts are still open and I’m slowly working through them.I’ve got sometime off work coming for everyone whos asks for one, they are coming I promise you :D
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wndrcarol · 6 days ago
for the prompts could u pls do 27 and 45 w/ carol? 🥺 thank u 💖
prompt(s): 27. “Oh honey, you know, you really shouldn’t tease me.” | 45. “When we get home I’m cuffing you to the bed and going down on you all night until my jaw is sore.”
warnings: handsy carol!, dom!carol, sub!r
a/n: prompts are closed! 18+ readers please!
Carol stood behind you in the elevator, her hands loosely laying on your hips as you both waited for the doors to close. You could feel the tension building up after the long night and all you wanted to do was know why Carol was acting stand off-ish towards you.
As soon as the elevator doors closed, Carol pulled you flush against her chest, her hands slowly making its way around your waist towards your stomach before moving back to their original position. You let out a shaky breath as Carol leaned close to your ear, pressing soft kisses near the earlobe.
“Carol” you asked, another shaky breath leaving your mouth as you felt her chuckle into your hair. “If this is about tonight-“ you were cut off as you felt her hands move down between your legs, the sensation of her hands moving over your body made you burn up.
“Oh honey” she started, speaking softly into your ear, her hands still moving around your body. “You know you really shouldn’t tease me” Carol finished before turning you quickly around to face her and pinning you against the wall.
Looking up, you both still had a few floors to go before you turned back to Carol who had a small smirk on her face.
“You just wait, princess” she said leaning close, her hand pinning your wrist above your head while she placed soft kisses against your neck.
“When we get home I’m cuffing you to the bed and going down on you all night until my jaw is sore.” Carol spoke softly before pulling away from your neck, her free hand moving to hold your face softly, tutoring your head up a bit as you whimpered.
“And don’t think I mean that in a good way”
feedback is appreciated!
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kram6496 · 7 days ago
Karaoke Night
Carol Danvers x Reader
Tumblr media
Being the only two Avengers to wear masks has its perks. Carol and you were able to go out on the town without anyone knowing who either of you are. It made for wonderful date nights.
Your date night takes you and her to a small restaurant that happens to have a karaoke night that night.
You order your food and drinks, just enjoying each other’s company and the occasional good singer from the nearby stage. All the while, you could see the wheels turning in Carol’s head.
As the last singer comes off the stage, Carol whispers to you, “wait right here.” She then gives you one of her famous smirks and takes to the stage.
She grabs the microphone, “this one goes out to the love of my life,” she points to you as the song comes on: Black Sheep by Metric.
You know you’re in for a show.
“Hello again, friend of a friend. I knew you when...” her hair swishes with the beat of the song.
She bobs and rocks out to the song all the while keeping her eyes, her desire, locked firmly on you. She’s not playing for the crowd, she’s playing for you.
The song eventually comes to an end and the entire place is ecstatic. She walks over to you with her hips swaying side to side. She grabs you by the collar and kisses you in front of everyone.
“I love you.” You tell her still in total shock of her amazing performance.
She smirks, “I know, my little black sheep.” She adds another kiss for good measure.
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