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#avengers incorrect quotes
lesbian-deadpool · 13 minutes ago
MJ: I don't put projects on the back burner. I put them under the floorboards, where the ever-louder beating of their hearts drives me slowly to madness.
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lesbian-deadpool · 4 hours ago
Y/N: I got called pretty today.
Y/N: Actually the full statement was “You’re pretty dumb”, but I’m only focusing on positive things today.
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funnyincorrectmcu · 6 hours ago
genie: you get one wish
tony: i wish that every time steve gets confused he gets a nickel
steve: where’d this nickel come from?
*another nickel falls from the sky*
steve: what?
[two hours later]
steve: someone help!! i’m drowning in nickels!!!
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stuckonylove · 7 hours ago
Peter: So tonight I was thinking we could stay up late playing checkers and say all the things we like about each other
Kidnapper, crying: Stark paid the ransom 3 days ago, please go home
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incorrectmarvelquote · 9 hours ago
MJ: I'm the hottest girl in twelfth grade
Harley: Twelfth grade? I thought you were someone's mom
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fandomdorlyf · 10 hours ago
Nat : what's your worst day in your life?
Steve : when I woke up and found out I was in ice for almost 70 years
Bucky : the day I fell from the train
Sam : when my wingman died
Bruce : when I was struck by gamma radiation
Wanda : the day I lost my brother and my country
Thor : the day my brother died and my home was destroyed
Tony : the day my mom died
Y/N : the day I was born, it still haunts me till now
Avengers : ...
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incorrectmarvelquote · 12 hours ago
Natasha: Clint, I'm trying to watch a video about puppies and you just keep talking about dick
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incorrectquotesmcu · 13 hours ago
Rhodey: I don’t know. I was thinking about something intense, scary.
Tony: Like Natasha?
[Natasha hits Tony with a magazine]
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lovemarvelcast0105 · 14 hours ago
Scarlett: Y/n, what does IDK, ILY and TTYL mean?
Y/n: I don’t know, I love you, talk to you later!
Scarlett: Ok, love you too, I’ll just ask Brie
Y/n: ...
I DID IT! Incorrect quotes with the Marvel Cast
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avengexminds · 15 hours ago
Clint: I just have one question.
Tony: What is it, birdbrain?
Clint: What color is an orange?
Tony: Clint, you bonehead. Its color is the same as its name.
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bisexual-chupacabra · 15 hours ago
Natasha, to Y/N: I wanna order takeout and watch Harry Potter with you.
Tony: That’s relationship goals.
Y/N, putting their arm around Natasha: Everyone wants what I have.
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slutforcap · 16 hours ago
*after an argument*
Steve: if I were about to walk off a cliff, what would you do?
You: I'd push you.
Steve: I don't believe that.
You: you will on your way down.
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lesbian-deadpool · 16 hours ago
Thor: Life is just choosing your subway sandwich when you're 9 and ordering the same one until you die.
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black-dahlia2021 · 20 hours ago
Kidnapper, on the phone: We have your daughter
Tony: I'm playing dress up with my daughter
Kidnapper: But she looks like you-
Y/n, in the background, tied up to a chair: THEY MEAN YOUR SISTER YOU AS-
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