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lovemarvelcast0105 · 37 minutes ago
Robert: Hey Y/n have you seen Holland?
Y/n: No but hang on. *sends him clip of him doing lip sync battle*
Tom, coming into the room yelling: Stop fucking sending me this!
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Proposal- Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Characters: Steve Rogers
Warnings: N/A
Request: Anon- Steve Rogers and "I'm falling more in love with you everyday" please 
Word Count: 426
Author: Charlotte
When Steve asked if you’d like to take a walk in the local park, you were more than happy to go. It was a pleasant springtime day and you liked spending time with your boyfriend, so it was a nice idea to get a breath of fresh air.
The local park was beautiful and held some of your favourite memories, especially ones with Steve. Your family had always frequented the park growing up and once you were an adult, you visited it often to spend time out in nature and attempt to relieve some of the pleasant memories of your childhood. You ended up meeting Steve when you had been walking with your headphones on and accidentally walked into his path as he ran, leading to a collision; it was awkward and weird, but it led to him assisting you back to your car and inviting you back to apologise. Many of you dates ended up there and you couldn’t think of anything negative about your time there, past a few scraped knees.
You laced your fingers through Steve’s to give it an excited squeeze as you recognized the area of the park you had wandered into.
“Isn’t this where we met?” You smiled. “I think I remember falling into that dirt.”
“It is,” he whispered, his voice slightly shaky and unable to hold your eye any longer.
“Are you okay?” You questioned.
It was a very rare occurrence to see Steve nervous, he was Captain America after all and although he wasn’t overly confident socially, he was very good at hiding any nerves he had.
He nodded his head taking a deep breath before turning to you. You weren’t certain what was going on or why Steve had decided to stop your walk there, but you were starting to become worried about him as it was very out of character for him.
“You’re worrying me.”
“I’m sorry,” he said softly. “Can I ask you something?”
“Of course, you can, you can ask me anything.”
He took one more deep breath before speaking again.
“I love you with all of my heart and I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to ask you this. I have never doubted that I’ve wanted to ask you this and I’m just falling more in love with you every day,” he smiled warmly, dropping down onto one knee. “Will you marry me?”
You couldn’t contain the joy that built up inside you, all you could do was nod repeatedly and kiss him with all the passion inside of you.
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lesbian-deadpool · an hour ago
MJ: I don't put projects on the back burner. I put them under the floorboards, where the ever-louder beating of their hearts drives me slowly to madness.
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lesbian-deadpool · 5 hours ago
Y/N: I got called pretty today.
Y/N: Actually the full statement was “You’re pretty dumb”, but I’m only focusing on positive things today.
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nyctophicbtch · 5 hours ago
Breakfast and Mornings and Things - Avengers
[ Avengers x reader ]
Author's note: Just thought I'd do a short drabble with some of the avengers :)
You groaned and got out of bed as your alarm went off. You didn't have training this morning, which was a relief considering your tired state. You quickly changed out of your pajamas and got ready for breakfast. 
You hadn't been an avenger for too long, so you were still getting used to the whole avengers tower thing. You'd still get lost sometimes, and you'd have to ask Friday for help around the compound. 
You yawned as you walked through the rooms and entered the kitchen to see Tony already snacking on a piece of bread. 
"Morning." You greeted lazily as you stride to take some cereal from the cupboard. It didn't take long for Nat and Steve to join the two of you for breakfast. 
"Do we have more coffee?" Steve asked as he saw Tony take the last bit of coffee. 
"Yep, in... one of those drawers." Tony pointed towards the many drawers that Steve has to go through to get more coffee. 
"Goodluck old man." You chuckled as Steve sighed and rubbed his forehead just as Sam entered the room. 
You grabbed a bowl and some milk from the fridge and began assembling your cereal. You poured some cereal into the bowl before the milk, causing Sam to protest. 
"Wait wait wait–" Sam made gestures with his hands to stop you from what you were doing. "You pour your cereal first?" 
"Yes. Pouring milk first is just not it." 
"I have to agree with y/n." Wanda piped in as she walked towards the table. 
"But your cereal gets soggy." He complained, pointing at your cereal to prove his point. 
"I guess I like it slightly soggy." You shrugged, Sam looking like he just saw a chicken riding a ghost. You made your way towards the dining table, next to Wanda, and lift your spoon to start eating when you felt a gush of wind knock the cereal out of your spoon. 
"Piet." You groaned as he slowed down to lean against the wall. 
"What's got you so grumpy printessa?" Smirking, he used his super speed to pick up the bowl of cereal that was in front of you, and started eating it. 
"No fighting in the kitchen, kids!" Tony's voice rang from the living room, where he was enjoying his toast on the couch. 
You never understood the people who live with others and like mornings. You knew that you'd never get used to mornings with the avengers, especially with a bird making comments about your breakfast, and a certain speedster that always steals your food. And you haven't forgotten the commotion that happens in the mornings. Guess I'll just have to get used to this.
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earlgreydream · 8 hours ago
| loki x reader | fluff |
little loki blurb 🤍
anon requested. Loki defends the reader
Tumblr media
“You’re absolutely useless! If you’re going to crack under the pressure, why are you even here? You’re a liability!” Stark shouted at you, his words echoing off the walls and into your heart.
“You can’t keep fucking up,” Nat followed, disappointment in her voice.
You stood in the training room, after failing your practice mission for the second time. You were new to the team, and still very rough around the edges. You didn’t have the training they did, and you were reminded of that at every opportunity.
“I’m trying, please, I’ll do it again!” You begged, trying not to sound weak in front of your boss. You wanted to melt into the floor when your voice faltered, and everyone sighed.
“It’s not going to help, you’re wasting my time.” Stark muttered.
“Stark, I’m doing my best-”
“It’s not good enough. Can you get out of here please so we can start doing something that’s productive?!”
You were startled by the harsh rejection, and it took all of your strength not to cry. You turned away, leaving the room without another word.
You were gone before you could hear Vision suggest that maybe Stark and Nat were being too hard on you, and Steve’s gentle agreement.
You sprinted down the hall, tears blinding your vision as you made your way to your bedroom. You weren’t paying attention, your mind completely caught up in the hateful words spoken to you. They made your stomach uneasy with acid and your chest ache, each one tearing into you a little deeper.
“Y/N-!” Loki gasped as you collided with his chest. He caught you before you could fall, his arms going around your smaller body. You tried to rush out an apology, but the worried god didn’t let you slip from his grasp.
“What’s troubled you? You’re crying,” He held your elbows, keeping you in front of him.
“It’s nothing, I’m fine,” you tried to assure him.
“You must know that you can’t lie to me, or deceive me?”
Loki’s hand cupped your jaw, tilting your head up. You were forced to look at him, and you couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down your cheeks.
You felt ridiculous for crying over being yelled at, but all the emotion came flowing out of you, leaving you powerless against it.
“Please, tell me what’s happened,” Loki coaxed you gently. His tone held no hint of disapproval or annoyance, offering you comfort unlike the others.
“My training didn’t go well,” you answered. A half truth, praying the god didn’t pester you further.
Loki pried into your mind, his fingers pressed to your forehead. Your memories filled his mind, and he listened to what was said to you, the sharpness jarring him to the bone. He couldn’t imagine how you’d taken it, and he was suddenly filled with fury.
He couldn’t fathom how they could treat you with such cruelty and disrespect. His heart hurt at the sight of your tears, and the idea of causing them made Loki physically ill. You were so sweet, and obviously trying your best, and you certainly didn’t deserve to be treated as you were.
Loki was suddenly in his own head again, gazing down at your tearstained face, cheeks rosy from embarrassment. He took your hand and pulled you back to the training rooms, and you let him drag you, too startled to object.
“Wait, they told me to leave,” you started to protest as your mind caught up with your body.
Loki threw the doors open, storming inside with you. The avengers all halted their activities, staring at the young god. Those who were smart, felt a small prickle of fear at his wrath.
“How dare you!” He thundered at Nat and Stark, both standing over a map of Sokovia.
“You’ve been unnecessarily cruel! Y/N does not have the training that you do, and the way you’ve treated her is completely unacceptable! You’re vicious, horrible monsters, and you should be ashamed. She is a valuable member of this team, and you only have yourself to blame for not doing your job. If I ever find out that you’ve so much as raised your voice, I will burn you, this bloody tower, and all of New York City to the ground!” Loki’s lashed out at them, rage pouring from his tone.
“I expect you to apologize, lest you want to feel what truth wrath is.”
“Y/N, I’m sorry. He’s right, we’ve been unfair to you,” Stark sighed, unable to hide the obvious fear Loki struck into him. Nat agreed, and you murmured a small thank-you.
Loki whisked you of the room, and you were too stunned to process anything that just happened.
“Nobody has ever stood up for me before,” you said suddenly.
“I’m so sorry. You deserve to have someone looking out for you,” Loki spoke with conviction.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging the god tightly, whispering a thank you. 
“I’m going to stand up for you, and look out for you, always,” he promised, squeezing you tightly.  
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A Pure Soul: Nearly Taken (Yandere!Wanda Maximoff x ADD!autistic!reader)
Tumblr media
*Not my GIF.
Summary: The day (y/n) comes back to the compound after being told all those nasty things takes a toll on their mental health and self-esteem. Unfortunately it gets to a point that Wanda hoped it would NEVER reach.
Request?: Still none.
Word Count: 3,456
Warnings: Ableism, eugenics mention, r-word slur, attempted suicide, attempted overdose, hurt and comfort.
Notes: This is a sort of “in-between scene” from “A Pure Soul.” The rate of suicide is 3 times higher in autistic people because of the world’s lack of understanding and willingness to accommodate us. Plus being told the world would be better off without you, along with people looking for ways to make sure we’re not born....that’s gonna take a toll. So it makes sense for these feelings to emerge.
You know that the world isn’t very kind to the disabled.
You know that the world wishes people like you wouldn’t exist.
But that doesn’t make what happened hurt any less.
You were out shopping when you ran into your best friend from high school. Except....this friend wasn’t the same as you knew them. No, instead they showed you their true colors.
“Oh hey, (y/n),” they said.
Tone has never been your specialty.
“Hey!” you exclaimed happily as you were looking through the books at your local bookstore. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you! How are you?”
“Better. How’s the treatment coming along?”
This confused you.
They nodded.
“For that disease you call autism.”
This struck a chord, and it struck HARD. How could they say something like that?!
They smirked.
“I mean, it just makes us humans lives harder to be around your kind.”
“What the hell’s gotten into you?!” you exclaimed. “I thought you were my best friend!”
They pretended to wrack their brain.
“Oh! Yeah, I was such a great actor in that part. I should get an Oscar. Here’s the tea; I lost a bet and had to be your best friend for those four hellish years. I can’t believe they wanted me to suffer that much.”
Your heart began to crack. It was act?
“You took my high school years away from me, made me miserable. I could’ve won prom royalty, but no one voted for me because I associated myself with your species. I’m glad you’re out of my life now. You’re nothing but a burden and the world would be so much better off without you. Why not do us that favor?”
Your heart shattered. You were so plagued with shock that you didn’t notice them push you to the ground and spit on you before walking away with a satisfied chuckle. For the next few minutes, you couldn’t say or do anything. You were just frozen to the spot, their words bouncing around your head.
Finally you were able to feel both the physical and emotional pain. Pursing your lips, you got up, kept your head down, and quickly left the bookstore, trying not to let the tears fall.
In the elevator, heading up to your floor, you can barely form a new thought. All you can think of is that hurtful interaction. 
Burden, your kind, your species, disease....
It all hurt. 
And the worst part is that you can’t help but think that they’re right.
But your thoughts are jolted by the elevator bell. As usual you find the Avengers hanging out in the lounge. Nat and Clint are chatting with Wanda. Tony and Peter are working on homework. You can barely see what the others are doing. 
Almost instantly, Wanda’s eye falls on you. She has a smile on her face, but it falls when she sees you, as she instantly knows that something is wrong. 
“(Y/N)!” she whispers worried.
She rushes over and gives you a gentle hug, but you practically squeeze the life out of her. The other Avengers also come to your aid. 
“What happened?” Wanda asks you.
You gulp as she and Nat lead you to the couch.
“I....” you begin as you sit down. “I was out shopping....and I ran into my best friend from high school....”
You tell them the entire interaction. Shocked looks are nearly all around by the end.
“That’s seriously messed up,” Nat says in a mix of disgust and anger.
The others nod in agreement, except for Wanda. Instead she begins to tear up. 
“My sweet angel,” she weeps softly as she hugs you closer and pets your head. “Oh, my sweet, sweet angel. None of what they said is true, not one bit of it. You’re an absolute joy to have around and you’re one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. You bring so much to the Avengers and to our lives. Autism is not a disease. It’s a part of who you are, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”
“Wanda’s right,” Peter nods. “You’re wonderful, (y/n). You’re one of the best friends I could ever ask for.”
“And you bring a lot of new perspectives,” Nat adds. “You came into our lives when we needed you the most, especially Wanda.”
They all take turns giving you words of comfort and encouragement as well as letting you cry. Wanda stays the closest to you, to no one’s surprise, hugging you tightly. Her embrace is exactly what you need right now; so warm and loving. 
Tony, though not the most emotional person, does feel sympathetic and even angered at the person who said that to you; even though you’re on the opposite side of the Accords, he decides to get your favorite food for dinner. It’s not the greatest gesture of sympathy, but it’s definitely something. After that, you take a nice, warm shower and get into some fresh, soft pajamas. Wanda’s waiting for you in your bedroom, and surprises you with some soft socks that match your pajamas.
“I removed the fabric tags too,” she tells you.
Your heart melts a bit more for her. How someone as kind, attentive, and loving as her could ever be considered a terrible person is beyond you. You let her put them on your feet and they feel amazing. You wriggle your toes in them, smiling. 
“You like them?” she asks you.
“I love them,” you giggle before turning to Wanda. “And I love you.”
She smiles and gives you a kiss on the forehead.
“I love you too, my angel.”
The two of you spend the rest of the night together, cuddling up close with one another, watching sitcoms, singing quietly. You doze off in her arms.....
But that doesn’t mean it’s over.....
You’re not someone who easily forgets how things make you feel, and what that person said still makes you feel like shit. Now whenever you go out, you’re worried that you’re going to run into them. You keep your guard up and walk as quickly as you can. Every outing feels like a fight for survival, but you try to stay strong so that you don’t bother the others. You try to keep a smile on your face. You need to be strong.....
.....But even the strong reach their limits.
It’s a little after you found out they became catatonic. You’re at a coffee shop, nearly empty, when someone else walks in. It’s a friend of that person. You keep your head low as they place their order; four cups of black coffee, extra hot. Your anxiety is increasing, but you don’t want this person to think you’re weak. You keep your back to them, hearing the door open again. 
The other person is called for their order. Maybe you can finally get out of here.
The next thing you know, you feel something steaming hot being poured down the back of your shirt, on your head, thrown in your face, (which you luckily cover most of with your arms) and splattered on your arms and legs. Standing up, you cry out in pain as you whirl around to see 4 people from high school, among them the friend of your former best friend.
“It’s your fault my best friend can’t function, you retard!” the friend snaps as they push you around roughly.
“No one wants you on this planet,” spits another.
“You’re nothing but a parasite!”
“You just weigh people down!”
“You’re an embarrassment to society!”
“Why don’t you just end this?”
“It’ll be better that way!”
“Your birth was a mistake!”
By this time, you’re hardly a thread’s width away from a meltdown and you look at the cashier for help, but nothing. You try to take out your phone to call for help, but you end up slipping on the coffee, falling to the ground hard and in an odd position, hearing a crack. Pain surges through your body as you look at your arms; burn marks are beginning to form.
After they kick at you for a bit and spit on you, they leave. You look up at the cashier. 
“Why....didn’t you help?” you whimper with a whistle in your voice.
No answer. 
They don’t help you up either. Crawling to the door, you use a nearby booth to bring yourself back up to your feet. Suddenly you feel an intense surge of pain in your left leg, and not just from the burns. You look to see that it’s swollen and turning reddish-purple. You reach into your coat and get out your phone only to discover that it’s dead. Wanda’s going to be worried hate making her worry, and she’s been worried sick these last few weeks to the point where it’s taking a toll on her; so on the way back, you decide to take one worry out of her life for good.
It’s dark when you get back to the compound. And lucky for you, the elevator is closed for repairs. You limp up the stairs, finally reaching the compound. As quiet as a dust mite, you open the door, biting down on your lips to keep yourself from crying out in pain; unfortunately, your lips took some burn damage as well. Limping to the bathroom, you shut and lock the door. You search the medicine cabinet and find some pills.
“This should do the trick,” you whisper.
You try to quietly position yourself on the floor so that you won’t hit your head. You want to be able to pass as peacefully as possible. But something gives in your left leg and you fall, letting out a loud cry of agony. Realizing your mistake, you quickly fiddle with the lid of the bottle as you hear footsteps rush in. You finally get the lid open and begin to pour out the whole bottle into your hand, hoping to get it in in time--
The lock turns scarlet, clicks, and the door swings opens. 
A terrified Wanda immediately snatches the pills and bottle from you with her powers. She makes them disappear before heading to your side, tears already flowing from her eyes.
“My sweet angel.....” she squeaks as she kneels in front of you gently taking ahold of your hands. “I didn’t realize you were feeling this terrible. I’m so sorry things have reached this point.”
You look away guiltily. 
“No, I’m’s my fault. I never said....anything.’ve been so stressed these past few weeks....all of you. I didn’t want to make it worse on you, so....I just kept quiet.”
Wanda shakes her head.
“You have nothing to apologize for, (y/n). It can be scary, but there’s no shame in reaching out. We all need help sometimes.”
Other footsteps rush in.
“What happened?” Nat asks. “Did (y/n)---?”
“Almost,” Wanda gulps. “We need to get them to the emergency room.”
“I’m fine,” you lie.
“Are you fine?” Wanda asks.
You realize that it’s pointless to lie, and you shake your head.
“No, I’m not....”
“Then we need to take you to the emergency room.....”
That’s when she sees the burns and leg.
“Especially to treat these.....what happened?”
As they carry you to the car, you tell them about the run-in at the coffee shop, them pouring the hot coffee on you, how they were telling you all of these things, how the cashier did nothing to help, how you heard that crack. Both of them are disgusted and horrified at those monsters.
“I don’t care what they say,” Nat tells you as they get you inside. “I’m glad that you’re here.”
“I am too,” Wanda agrees as she gets in the front seat. “We’re here for you.”
“ autism.....”
Wanda gently takes ahold of your fingers, careful to avoid the burns.
“My angel.....I can only imagine how isolating it feels to be in a world that’s not made for you, but your autism is part of who you are. It’s what makes you unique. If the world refuses to accommodate for people like you on their own, we’ll help them to see that they need to, and we’ll help advocate with you.”
Nat nods as she starts the car up and the three of you head for the ER.
“I....I feel selfish worrying you like this and even attempting....I just’ve been so stressed and I thought it’d be better to take one worry out of your life.”
“You have nothing to feel selfish about,” Wanda assures you. “What you did wasn’t selfish. You’re in pain, and wanting to do something to stop that pain isn’t selfish. But there are better ways to deal with the pain, and I want to help you with those. (Y/N), I can say with 100% certainty that I’m glad to have you in my life, through the good and the bad.”
Tears flow down your face as the three of you silently drive to the ER.
It takes several hours for you to be treated, along with a few more hours of consultation for your mental health. Some of the burns are treated through surgery, so you have to stay for a little over a week to make sure you recover and stabilize. Your leg is put in a cast, and Wanda comes to visit you everyday. You feel much better with her and Nat.
A psychologist comes in to discuss a safety plan with you. You decided to ask Wanda if she’d come and discuss it with them. She said yes and Nat also decided to help. You all work out what works in terms of coping mechanisms, people you can talk to, calming techniques, etc,. The psychologist also recommends regular counseling. Wanda asks if there are any remote options for counseling, as it’s going to be difficult for you to get there with your leg, (Also, she’s a little worried that the therapist might try to take you away from her, but she does show concern for your leg) and to her relief, there is. 
You’re discharged after about a week, but you’re not to be left alone for a few days to another week or two, just to be sure. Well, it’s more of Wanda’s recommendation than psychologist’s orders, but the psychologist also thinks that that could be a good idea. You’re not really complaining; it’s more time to spend with Wanda. And she’s certainly not complaining either.
For that time, especially, she makes sure you know that you’re loved, wanted, valued. She practically dotes on you; as if she hadn’t been doting on you before, she’s especially pampering you now. The other Avengers also get the 411, and decide to help. If you need pain or sleep medications, one of them brings the proper dose to you. They take turns spending time with you and getting to know you more. If they need to go out on a mission, Wanda volunteers to stay with you, but if she’s absolutely needed there, she entrusts your care to Vision, a robot who’s exceptionally caring. You and Wanda regularly discuss possibly adding him to the relationship, but you’re not sure if she’s being serious or not. 
On one night, Wanda’s caring for you. After applying the prescribed cream on your burns, she helps you find an oversized t-shirt to wear as PJs. 
“This one’s softer than the others,” you note.
“I went looking for a shirt with a softer material than normal,” she tells you as she prepares a small dose of melatonin for you, one that you’ve been taking to combat the nightmares of those events in the hospital. “I know how much it tends to make you feel discomforted if there is one. I also made sure it was a tagless shirt.”
You smile and sigh.
“I don’t know what I did to deserve an angel like you, Wanda,” you tell her.
Hearing this she smiles and blushes.
“If anyone’s the angel, it’s you,” she says as she gives you the melatonin. “You’ve been there for me even when I’m at my absolute worst.”
“So have you.”
You take the melatonin before Wanda brings you your toothbrush and toothpaste. You brush thoroughly before spitting it into a cup that Wanda disposes of. 
“You know, I could go to the bathroom and do this myself,” you tell her kindly.
“I know,” she sighs. “I’m just worried, my angel.”
“What if I wash my face tonight with the door open?” you suggest.
Wanda gives this a little thought and nods. 
“I can work with that.”
Using your crutches, you walk to the bathroom where you sit on a stool in front of the sink. You wash and dry your face before heading to the bed with Wanda helping you get tucked in.
“You’re seriously an angel,” you tell her. “I don’t think I’ve ever met someone outside of my family that’s been as concerned about my well-being as you.”
“And you’re too sweet,” she smiles again as she finishes getting ready for bed herself. “If anyone’s the undeserving, I don’t deserve you.”
“No, it’s the other way around,” you say.
“No, I’m certain I’m right.”
You giggle.
“Wanda, if we try to prove one right over the other, we’ll be going at this all night.”
She smiles as she goes over to the other side of the bed. 
“Well, I know you’re an angel,” she tells you as she gets under the covers. “You came to me in a dark time, and you shone a beam of sunlight through the shadow.”
The two of you look at each other as the fairy lights hang above you. Of course you’re looking at the bridge of her nose, but you can’t help but glance up at her eyes a few times; one time they catch you, and they are stunning. They’re like emeralds to you; vivid, entrancing, mystical. Just a single glance, and you know there’s so much to know about, so much to discover, and you become lost in them. 
“I’m so proud of you, (y/n).”
Wanda’s gentle voice echoes against your eardrums and dances around your mind, soothing you into drifting even more. But then she boops you on the nose, making it twitch like a bunny’s and snapping you out of your trance.
“Huh?” you ask, looking lost.
Wanda giggles.
“You are too cute,” she tells you. “I was saying that I’m so proud of you for pushing through all of this. It’s not the easiest thing to do, and.....well.....I’m glad you’re still alive, my sweet little sunbeam.”
You blush upon hearing this and turn away, but Wanda gently redirects your face forward.
“There’s no need to hide, my angel. I want to see your lovely face.”
At that moment, you begin to feel drowsy and bring yourself closer to her.
“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough, Wanda,” you sigh.
She brings you in closer and you melt into her embrace.
“Being with you, and you being safe and happy and alive.....that’s the only thank you I need.”
Leaning in, she kisses you gently on your forehead and you shyly return one on her cheek. 
“Goodnight, my angel,” she tells you as she brushes a strand of hair out of your way.
“Wait,” you say as she turns to switch the lights off. “Will....will you sing me those lullabies again? Please?”
“Of course,” she smiles. 
Turning the lights off, she returns to embrace you and softly sings the Sokovian lullabies her parents used to sing to her. As you drift off to sleep, you don’t know what’s going on in her mind. What’s going on with her mind? Her master plan, of course. Tonight’s the night she will finish what she started. Those monsters at the coffee shop messed with the wrong person. For the past few nights, she’s been paying them visits, doing the same things she did with your former best friend, and sending subconscious suggestions for them to gather in one place, thinking they’d be safer together. And now they have.
Tonight she’s going to make sure their minds are gone for good, but not before making them feel the pain and agony she imagines you felt. Her anger with them is in full throttle, so it’s going to be even worse for them. Telekinesis, fear projection, hypnosis, inducing extreme fear, she’ll do whatever she has to. Wanda will not leave until they’re nothing more than hollow husks, shadows of their former selves. With how they’d been acting on those nights, and how much Wanda has done so far, it won’t take too long. 
Because no one-and she means no one-gets away with hurting her precious angel.......ever.
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evxnshoney · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
source : mini thor meets captain america and hawkeye | marvel uk
a/n : he’s so good w kids, i wanna cri, can he stop being so perfect ?!!!🤕🤕😠
Tumblr media
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missing-madness · 10 hours ago
Petunias and Lavenders
pairings: loki x reader, thor x reader
warnings: none
word count: 1.6k
a/n: taglists are open! just send me an ask about what you want to be tagged on (all fics, just this series, etc.)
request something / request guidelines / masterlist
Tumblr media
the prologue
You were never one for sleep. You didn't not sleep because you didn't want to, but rather because you couldn't; stress and paranoia tend to do that to a person. You welcomed the few hours of sleep when your mind cooperated, especially after a day-long mission and having to talk your way out of having an angry aunt May blow up in your face through the phone.
So naturally, you were quite annoyed when Tony called in the ass crack of dawn. You were glad to hear from him since he had been gone for a week, but that didn't mean he could wake you up before the sun was even up.
"Y/N– Y/N? Hi, yeah, it's me," He all but yelled, out of breath and the sound of his repulsors charging in the background. "We're in a situation–"
He was cut off by some sort of explosion, followed by some static and clanging of metal against stone. "We need you to come in. Now."
On second thought, he could wake you up whenever he needed to.
"What? Tony–" You were already out of your bed and in your uniform, your phone on speaker as you checked if your guns were loaded. "Where are you? You have to give me something to work with."
"Somewhere in Bolivia-" You can hear someone yelling in a foreign language, along with someone — Steve, maybe — calling Wanda's name. "Shit!"
"What happened?" Loading explosives to your belt, you almost freeze in place when you hear someone whimpering.
"Wanda's hit," You can feel the panic of the situation, your hands shaking a little as you know Wanda's life could be slipping away by the second. "Y/N, we need all of you here, now. Leave the kid- I don't think it's safe for him to come. FRIDAY will update you on where we are–"
Another explosion went off as a woman shouted something in the foreign language from earlier —you guessed she gave the order to attack. "Just come here, now, and bring a first aid kit or something!"
And with that, the call was ended, leaving you stiff with shock with your hair standing on end. Snapping out of your trance, you ran to the Medical Center to grab the biggest first aid bag you could find.
"FRIDAY? Can you wake up Thor and Loki? Tell them to suit up and meet me at the jet." You yelled, bursting through the main door to ready the Quinjet.
A few minutes later, Loki runs out of the building like a sane person would while Thor jumps out of his bedroom window and uses Mjolnir as some sort of propeller to fly himself in your general direction. You don't pay any attention to his antics, however, as your head is filled with taking the fastest route to Bolivia.
"Why did you call us here?" Loki asked, somewhat confused and annoyed. Thor nodded beside his raven-haired adopted brother, curious as to why you would bother them at such an ungodly hour yet refusing to speak to you.
"The others need our help. Wanda's down, along with god knows who else." You briefly explained, pulling up FRIDAY on the controls. "FRIDAY, get us to Tony?"
"Right away." The Irish AI answered, charting the fastest way to some run down motel in the outskirts of Tarija.
Your eyes were wide and unfocused as you took the pilot's seat, trying to get the panic out of your system. As you tried taking deep breaths in and out, the Quinjet quickly ascended and went through what few clouds were in the sky. Thor took his usual seat and Loki settled himself in the co-pilot's seat, not knowing a thing about the Midgardian aircraft but wanting to comfort you.
"You could let me drive?" He offered, relaxing a little as a small smile appeared on your lips.
"You'd crash the jet." You stated, glancing at him for a moment before turning your gaze back to the dark sky.
"Do you truly have so little faith in me?" Loki asked, mocking a look of hurt and putting a hand over his heart.
"Loki, I have so much faith in you," You told him. As you never looked away from the control panel, you didn't see how your words brought a genuine smile to his face. "But let's face it, you and Earth technology just don't mix."
"That's fair." He stayed silent after that, giving you the space that you so clearly needed, just being there to support you.
Roughly three hours and forty-something minutes later, the plane was over the red dot that marked Tony and the others' location. Switching a few things and pressing a few buttons, you lowered the jet enough so you could jump out without any strain on your body (FRIDAY would take care of the jet).
"Come on." You gestured for Thor and Loki to follow you out of the door, throwing the first aid bag over your shoulder and dropping twelve feet to the dirty concrete road. They both followed quickly and without question, their weapons of choice in hand.
You ducked through the open door, wrinkling your nose a bit at the condition the building was in. The receptionist (an older lady with hot pink lipstick) took no notice of three human-shaped beings entering her motel.
Taking the stairs to the second floor, you knocked on the door of room number 204 and waited for someone to open it, stepping back so you didn't get hit by the moldy wood when it swung open.
Natasha and Steve were the ones at the frame, the redhead standing with a gun pointed at your head behind the blond, who was holding his shield out in front of both of them to block any attacks.
When they saw it was you, Natasha rushed forward to hug you, a dead expression on her face as she clung to your form. Steve gave you a pat on the back and took the bag from your hand, quickly disappearing back inside.
"I missed you." You whispered, hugging her back and pulling away to let her take the three of you inside. "How's Wanda?"
"Not so good," Natasha replied with a grim expression. "They got her in the arm, and I swear we could see bone. Tony did something to make some kind of cast for the time being, but she's going to have to go back to the Compound. Vision offered to go with her."
"What happened to your jet?" You recalled that they took the first Quinjet to get here.
"They found us when we didn't expect it. We thought the base was empty, went in to steal whatever we could find. But they ambushed us, blew up our jet so that we couldn't escape. Clint didn't even see them coming."
As you walked into the room, you could see the rest of the team crowded around a certain brunette. Wanda gave you a tired smile as you came into view. Vision sat closest to her, holding her hand to help her power through. Her left arm was almost entirely covered in what looked like bleary white gel and a decent part of it was covered in what looked like a piece of cloth from someone's uniform, stained dark red from her blood blood and hiding the no doubt huge wound.
"Hey Wands." Kneeling on the floor in front of Wanda, your voice was soft and light, as if you were scared she might break if one word slipped out of your mouth in the wrong way — which, quite frankly, you were. And yet, your fear didn't overcome your need to try lightening the somber mood. "I'm here to save your ass. You know, again."
Wanda managed a chuckle as she forced her eyes to remain open. So far, she was doing a good job on not giving into the tiredness that came with blood loss. "Do you expect a trophy for doing what should be done?"
The team was applying needed supplies to their own wounds as both Tony and Vision moved to work on Wanda's arm. The piece of cloth on her arm was carefully removed, revealing a huge chunk of flesh had been stripped off. The bleeding seemed to have slowed down in the time it took for you to get there.
"No, but you to trying not to get killed and maybe being able to get a full night's sleep would be nice." Tony held up Wanda's arm and Vision applied proper bandages, making her wince slightly at the pressure being put on her wound.
"I'll try to not get killed." She promises sleepily, the tiredness slowly becoming overwhelming. You smile at her, get up from the floor and make a round about the room, checking on each of the others and leaving Vision to keep Wanda awake and take her to the jet you brought.
While the worst of the damage was on Wanda, the others had a couple wounds worth looking at, too. Natasha and Sam had a few deep cuts here and there while Bucky had one or two bullet wounds. Though he had already started to heal, Steve looked like he had been dragged across a jagged concrete floor and Clint's already thoroughly broken nose looked a lot more broken than usual. Only Bruce seems to be the one without a scratch on him thanks to his hulk exterior, only his clothes being a little tattered.
You hear Vision excusing himself and Wanda rather than see them leave, too busy with placing a splint on the bridge of Clint's nose to look up.
"Do you know what they're called, at least?" You muttered, trying to make the gauze stay in place.
"Janus." Clint replied, wincing a little as you pushed a little too hard on a sore spot. Your brow raised as you fixed the splint onto his nose, letting out a halfhearted laugh.
"They're really milking it with the whole Greek mythology aesthetic, huh?"
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Marked for Gold
pairings: natasha romanoff x reader
warnings: none
word count: short
a/n: mobboss!natasha auㅣstart of a series - this series is going to have mostly short chapters bc it's my first time writing for nat, or writing an au
request something / request guidelines / masterlist
Tumblr media
Liho was your only companion in the night. With the lights dimmed and the TV off in your girlfriend's very large apartment, the black she-cat looked like a personification of darkness itself, her hazel irises staring at you with what felt like concern while she was settled on your lap protectively (which reinforced your suspicion that Natasha had been training her to act somewhat like a guard dog for you).
The minutes were ticking past agonizingly slow, the longer hand of the clock on the wall mocking you with its stillness. Liho tugged at your pajama top softly, quietly mewing at you to go to bed. You yawned and smoothed down her fur instead, smiling slightly as she rubbed against your hand.
"I'm not sleeping yet, Liho," you told her tiredly, trying not to let her soft purring lull you to sleep. "Tasha's not back yet."
About two hours later, when your thoughts had strayed to a very strange place, you heard the door open as someone stepped inside. Liho jumped off of your lap and padded over to the redhead who had just come home. And though you were ecstatic to have your girlfriend back, your smile dropped at the state of her.
Her clothes and hair were clean and tidy, but you could see the exposed bit of her arms were black and blue along with a couple of band-aids and small cuts and bruises on her face. Even though she tried to hide it, you could tell she was limping. And to top it all off, there were dark circles under her eyes that told you she hadn't gotten much — if any — sleep in the last two weeks.
"Hi," Natasha greeted, somewhat surprised at your presence but still placing a sleep-deprived-yet-affectionate kiss on your cheek. "What are you doing up?"
"You know I can't sleep when you're coming home that night." You gave her a halfhearted smile as she hung her coat, your worry doubling once you saw the majority of her arms were stained purple and even fresh scabs. "So, what's up with all... that?"
"Oh, um..." She paused a bit before answering, which was always a bad sign. Your state of mind was becoming more and more alert as her eyes wandered a bit, looking for an explanation. "The elevator was broken at the hotel, and I fell down the stairs."
If it was any other day, you would have accepted her reason and be done with it, going in the room the two of you shared and rolling into bed with her and getting ready to feel like shit a couple hours later when your alarm went off. But it wasn't any other day. You were tired, worried and too emotionally drained of having your heart sink through the floor every time your girlfriend of two years came home.
"Natasha, come on. Every time you go on one of your 'business trips', you come back looking like you've been thrown inside a washing machine with knives instead of water." You rubbed your eyes to get rid of the fatigue, noticing how Natasha's body tensed just a bit to show her uncomfortableness. Her job was always a touchy subject. "Exactly when are you going to tell me the truth about what you do for a living?"
"Y/N, I don't think we should do this right now. Can't it wait til tomorrow?" She pleaded, shoulders held at a calculated angle.
"No, I don't think we should put this off any longer." You pushed, pointing at Liho, who was by your feet. She had a disapproving look on her face as she looked at the redhead in front of her, as if saying; 'have you seriously not told her yet?' "See? Even Liho's on my side."
Natasha stared at the cat, her eyes clearly reading; 'Really?'
Liho nodded and rubbed her head against you, glaring back as if saying; 'You had this one coming.'
You watched the two have a few moments' discussion as your eyelids grew heavier. Finally, as your legs grew tired, you left your place to grab a coat.
"If you'd rather debate with the cat, then fine." You huffed, pulling on the arms of the first coat your hand landed on and snatching your car keys from the counter. "I'm sleeping at my place tonight, call me when you decide to start being honest with me."
"What? No, Y/N, please.." Natasha fell short of excuses as she too found that she couldn't avoid the situation this time. Figuring it was best to let you rest and cool off before she came knocking on your door to please give her a second chance, she let you walk out the door without another word.
She dropped down to Liho's level and looked her straight in her feline features once you'd shut the door, all but hissing a single word;
The she-cat held her gaze with indifference, eyes unblinking and slightly unnerving.
"You know I can't tell her, she'd have a price on her head!" She sighed, frustrated at herself for both letting things go this far and not figuring out a solution in the time your relationship had gotten more serious.
Liho scoffed, breathing out a small puff of air and tossing her head back as a human would when they rolled their eyes. She meowed loudly at the human in front of her, her tone sounding like a mother scolding her child.
Natasha paused and looked up at the ceiling, silently thinking something over. She then looked back at her cat, who had now started cleaning her paw.
"You really think I should tell her?"
She nodded, holding the sort of finality that the redhead needed to confirm her decision. Standing back up, she made a mental note to drop by your favorite coffee shop on her way to your apartment complex the next morning.
"You're a weird cat, you know?"
Liho meowed in acknowledgment.
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Fandoms I Write For & Who I write
This is a very long post but please read this and my Rules before requesting. Thank you! ~Rose
Obey Me!-
and Luke but only platonically
Kamui Wood
Best Jeanist
Sir Nighteye
Gang Orca
Ryo Inui
Shihai Kuroiro
The valentine brothers
Dream SMP All written In character
Willbur in all forms
Tommy Tubbo and Ranboo Platonically only
Loki <3
X men
Young Erik
Young Charles
Steven Stone
Maybe Inuyasha I dont like him much but will try
Danganronpa 1 2 and v3
Devil May Cry 5
Dandelion - wishes brought to you
Nameless The one Thing You Must Recall
Mystic Messenger
Assassination's Classroom
The Reaper
Red Eye
Fruits Basket
Genshin Impact Still new to the game and will add more as I play
Breath of the Wild
Demon Slayer
so the slasher fandom has alot to work with so send an ask and if I'm okay with writing them I will if not then Ill swap the character for one I know or like
Ouran High School Host Club
All Characters
Labyrinth (please someone ask for this I love him)
Jareth the goblin king
I'm sorry this is so long but I wanted everyone to know who I wrote for since last time I didn't have a clear answer thank you for reading all this and I hope you request something have a great day/night and I might add more later but this seems like a lot already! ~Rose
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request: noone
Carol Danvers x Reader
warnings: none/my attempt to write cute
words: 1628
a/n: I really love this fic. The song it's based on is also really good, so if you want to check it out! I hope you enjoy this one, I put a lot of work on it! :)
summary: fic based on the song Love from Lana Del Ray
taglist: @ladyeliot @mycosmicparadise
Tumblr media
Look at you, kids, with your vintage music
Comin' through satellites while cruisin'
You're part of the past, but now you're the future
Signals crossing can get confusing
The first time you and Carol met was at a party. You were both enjoying the evening and dancing without noticing each other, but by chance you left the party at the same time. In the car park you ran into each other and decided to go for a drive together. It was a warm summer night with a starry sky, and for that time you both just forgot. Forgot what had happened in the past. You two just drove off. Because all that mattered was that night.
It's enough just to make you feel crazy, crazy, crazy
Sometimes, it's enough just to make you feel crazy
Never did you think that something bigger would come of it. But even days later you couldn't stop thinking about Carol. It was like you were going crazy. But little did you know that she had the same problem.
You get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
Back to work or the coffee shop
Doesn't matter 'cause it's enough
To be young and in love
To be young and in love
Often you would find yourself in the park at night, walking around for hours just to get a grip on your thoughts. You didn't care where you ended up, whether it was at the city limits or in the next department stores, as long as you could think clearly again. This went on for a while before you ran into Carol again one evening. She was sitting on a bench near your flat, staring out to sea. You had no idea what to do. Go home? Stand still? Sit with her? That decision was taken away from you, however, because she turned in your direction. Her eyes brightened and you quickly took a seat next to her.
A short uncomfortable silence fell and you searched desperately for something that would break it. "What are you doing here?" "The same as you, I suppose" At these words a small smile crept onto your face. "Maybe"
"Is this right?"
,,What?" you look at her, confused.
,,This. That we are sitting here, talking to each other and-" desperately she searched for words. She didn't even have to say it, you already knew what she meant. And no, it wasn't okay. Actually, none of this was supposed to be here. You were supposed to be working in a small town in South Carolina, not here in New York. In fact, you and Carol should hate each other. Actually.
"I don't know."
Again, there was silence between you.
"What's it supposed to be?"
"My goodness, you're slow on the uptake. What is all this supposed to be? Right or wrong?"
"I don't know. It should be wrong but it doesn't feel like that."
And that's exactly what it was. This whole thing was wrong. It should never have happened. It wasn't enough to get involved. But it was enough for you. And it always would be. Because you were young and in love.
Look at you, kids, you know you're the coolest
The world is yours and you can't refuse it
Seen so much, you could get the blues but
That don't mean that you should abuse it
A lot happened in the time after this conversation. Getting to know each other better, secret phone calls and meetings, after all, you two were officially enemies. But those very moments between you were what strengthened your relationship. When the two of you were alone, it was similar to that one summer night. You could forget why your relationship was wrong and why you should be doing your work. In the evening you would often lay in each other's arms and think about the past.
"Wait a minute!" you run after Carol, panting. "How come you're always faster than me?
"Well, that my dear" your girlfriend leaned towards you. "I guess that will always be my secret".
Rolling your eyes you grab your water bottle and open it. But because you weren't really paying attention, all the water splashes into your face. So while Carol had to try not to collapse laughing, you were standing in front of her, dripping wet. A moment later you were both lying on the floor laughing. You, still soaking wet, she, by now wet too, because you had dropped the water bottle on her.
Moments like these were what kept you on the surface at the moment. Your work was keeping you extremely busy at the moment and so you were glad to have some time off now and then. You both knew that sooner or later your relationship would unravel, even if you were careful. When it came to that, that's the way it was.
I know, it's enough just to make you go crazy, crazy, crazy
In the past you never used the term "butterflys in stomach".. By now you have. Never would you two have thought that one person would be enough to make another go crazy.
But you get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
Back to work or the coffee shop
It don't matter because it's enough
To be young and in love
To be young and in love
After five months, the Avengers began to suspect something. Carol disappeared more often than usual, not reporting for hours, and then coming back as if nothing had happened. Probably the group would have asked at some point if you hadn't come to the base on a Wednesday night.
"Shit," you curse, tearing off a piece of your dress and tying it around your foot. You had been on a mission and of course - how could it be otherwise - you got shot. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, you would have just gone home and taken care of the wound there, but you had forgotten your key and you couldn't reach your boss either. What could you do now? You don't know. Hospitals would recognise you and report you, but just standing around wouldn't help you either.
So you decide to visit your girlfriend and hope that her friends are not with her.
The Avengers lifted their heads in confusion when they heard the lift doors open. There was no visiting at this hour and who would come here? However, before they could even begin to ask a question, Carol was already storming towards you.
"Holy - what happend y/n?!"
I've been shot. Nothing new and nothing bad."
"Nothing bad?! That's not what it looks like."
,,Yeah yeah okay, maybe it's a bit worser than I thought."
While Carol bandages your foot and discusses loudly with you, the Avengers watch you silently from their seats. The picture that presented itself to them was also quite surreal. You and Carol, officially not on good terms, talking to each other as if nothing had happened. After your foot was finally taken care of and Carol had finished her rant, Tony cleared his throat.
,,Care to explain?" he threw a prompting glance in the direction of both of you.
"Um-" your girlfriend puts her arm around your waist. "This is my girlfriend. Y/N"
Then a long story began about your relationship, with much suspicion and many questions. But you didn't mind. Because you were young and in love.
Don't worry, baby
Don't worry, baby
Something that also strengthened your relationship were nightmares. Whether it was you or Carol, one of you would always wake up in the night with a bad dream. And the other one was there to calm the one down.
And it's enough just to make me go crazy, crazy, crazy
It's enough just to make me go crazy, crazy, crazy
At first the Avengers didn't understand why you and Carol were together. But with time they began to understand. The many little moments between you, even if it was just a cooked meal, seemed to fit together perfectly. Also the care you both had for each other was fascinating. Who would have thought that one person was enough to turn Carol into a teddy bear?
I get ready, I get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
It doesn't matter if I'm not enough
For the future or the things to come
I'm young and in love
Cause I'm young and in love
"Shhhh" you lie trembling in Carol's arms. Today you had given notice to your boss and thus left the "dark business" for good. Your boss, however, quickly put one and one together and that ended very badly. In addition to that, you would be introduced to Shield later and all that together was a bit much. Hey," you flinch at the sound of Carol's voice. "Look at me"
Slowly you lift your head and look into Carol's soft eyes. "Whatever that asshole of a man said to you. Whatever those people out there are going to say. I don't care. You're enough for me and you always will be. No matter what happens, I'm here." And with that, the tears flowed.
Don't worry, baby
Don't worry, baby
Don't worry, baby
You had so much ahead of you. Children, work and endless beautiful moments together. But right now, all that mattered were Carol's arms around your waist and her tear-streaked face against the crook of your neck. Neither of you would have known what it would have been like if Thanos had flicked one of you. How you would have got along without each other. But that was not the case. You had lost many things, but not each other.
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My first writing challenge!! And a mob au which I love ! This is @cloudystevie 4k challenge, and congratulations again!!
This was lots of fun to write!💜💜💜
Tumblr media
(pics not mine)
A taste of freedom.
Mob!Steve Rogers x reader
Warnings: NSFW, 18+, slight degradation, oral sex(f receiving), slight dark!Steve mentions of: overstimulation, choking, use of toys, breeding kink, pain kink, slapping, spit kink, rough sex, housewife kink.
“You need to calm down,”
Bucky said whilst holding your upper arm, trying to keep your bouncing body from opening the passenger door and running to the gates of the prison, throwing yourself over it. His grip was tight, and he looked out the window from inside the car to see if the blonde would be released any time soon. The anticipation of Steve's release was getting worse for everyone, as they all sat in their cars waiting for him.
Winter never looked so beautiful as today, the sunshine sparkled onto the snow as blue along with other colors were showing. Soft petals dropping from the sky at a slow pace, making you smile as it made you feel cozy and snuggled. Despite the coldness, you wore a tight dress, with heeled boots and a coat.
“Let go,” You whined, trying to get his metal grip off your arm. “I wanna be the first to see him! You promised me that we'd stay outside and wait for him!”
Bucky turned his head and gave you a quick, familiar glare before going back to staring out the window, everyone else's cars were behind his, parked in a line waiting for the notorious, violent man to walk through the gates. Even the two patrols guarding outside the prison looked a bit terrified, eyes glancing between all the vehicles, not expecting so many to come.
You continued struggling, almost biting him if he did not release your arm but he was already used to your behavior, dealing with it even when Steve was around. Another whine of frustration managed to escape between your frowned lips and the tears wanted to fall down your cheeks, but you refused to let hours of sitting by your vanity doing your makeup go to waste. Instead, you wrap your arms around his metal one, looking up at the side of his face; his jaw clenched, lips on a stern thin line, frows furrowed and eyes only gazing outside the driver's side window. However, he could feel your puppy-eyes seeking his attention, which he is having a hard time trying to avoid.
With a sigh, he turned to look down at you, gulping in nervousness.
You shrink at the coldness of his voice, but your lips pouted and your lashes fluttered with innocence. Throat contrasting to find the perfect voice to get through to him.
“You promised,” Luckily, your voice came out sweet as honey and light as a feather; so smooth and innocent. “Bucky,” you whispered, resting your cheek on his shoulder, still having a grip on his arm, and you blinked ever so sweetly. “Pretty please?”
There was no way that he could deny you now, you begged him to simply step out of the car. The idea of keeping you locked with him and run away from the lifestyle he currently has was very tempting. Though, there was no chance for him to be alive if he ever were to do such a thing. Steve would have him cut into pieces, torture him for even thinking about taking you.
“He will be out soon.” Bucky tried to reason, but it was no help to calm your giddiness.
This time, you pushed away from him and crossed your arms, looking out the window with a frown and scooting yourself further away from him. Resting your head back, you felt tears wanting to spill. It was cruel. So very cruel.
Suddenly, Bucky opened the driver's door and slammed it shut behind him, he stood there in the winter cold; only wearing his suit, a couple of buttons undone. All you could see was his back, how the jacket stretched, his muscles could easily rip it off in half.
Whilst Steve was gone, Bucky had the job to protect you, which meant that he had his room next to yours, in case something were to happen. Memories of the sounds coming from women whimpering his name over and over behind the walls lived in your mind. You'd see these women in the morning: barely walking, sometimes covered in bruises, and exhausted from being fucked into oblivion. Their minds still floating with submission and pleasure as each wobbly step they took, they whined, cunt abused and raw.
It was not only the moans and whines but also Bucky's words. Degrading, praising, groaning, and grunting as sounds of skin against skin got louder. You'd lay on your tummy, holding the vibrator to your clit whilst listening to him from the other side of the wall, imagining Steve saying all of those things to you. The mattress would become wet. If only Bucky knew how many times you've come to his words.
Sometimes you believe that Bucky is stronger than Steve, yet none of that mattered to you.
Because your love and obsession with Steve was much stronger than steel— nothing could break it. Not fire. Nor ice. He could drag you through hell and back, and you'd still be on your knees begging for him to never leave you. You plea for more of his affection, as you could never get enough even if it intoxicated you in the wrongest ways possible.
You opened the passager door, your heeled boots sinking into the snow as you hugged the coat closer to your shivering body, making your way to stand beside Bucky. You wondered why he was staring at the gate when he could have done so inside the car, but you kept from asking. Instead, you tugged at his jacket and followed his gaze.
“Is he coming now?”
Your question seemed to have annoyed him, but he simply let out a sigh— a puff of white, thin air escaping as well.
“Think so.”
The sounds of the gate stretching against the ground made your heart beat faster, its screeching noise couldn't have made you happier. Sam suddenly got out of the car, along with some other men, as everyone stood in a line, hands behind their backs with a straight posture to show respect for the man that is about to walk through the gate.
And there he stood.
Still cuffed with yet another set of guards around him to lead him out. Steve wore the clothes that he was had when he got arrested; a white shirt with black pants, though now they were crumpled, along with a long black coat. His face was clean of hair, and his blonde threads were messy a top of his head. But you couldn't have seen a more handsome man alive. In your eyes, he was everything and more.
“How'd you get him out?” You finally breathed out, staring at Steve. “He was supposed to get fifteen more years.”
Bucky inhaled, his jaw moving side to side as he rolled his shoulders back.
“Nothing you need to be concerned about.”
You knew that they have a connection with people inside of the prison, probably even the Judge, but as Bucky said, it's nothing you need to be concerned about. You smiled as the guards uncuffed Steve, he rubbed his wrists and finally looked up at the crowd waiting for him. The smile on his face lit up your whole world, his blue eyes scanning the place whilst he walked across the street, yet his steps felt like hours before he finally arrived.
Everyone swarmed around him; greeting him, hugging him, patting his back, and shaking his hand. All this was happening whilst you stood by the car, feeling frozen. You felt shy and unsure. He still hadn't glanced at you. Not even made his way to kiss you, and it made you pout, kicking the snow with the tip of your boot.
How could he not have come running to you? You planned to drive back home and show your appreciation of his arrival, better than hugs and greetings. You knew that he would much rather have you presented on the bed with ropes tied around your wrists along with a gag-ball strapped to your mouth, letting him do whatever he pleases.
“Here, take the keys, Cap,” Bucky had his arm around Steve's shoulder, handing him the car keys. “We'll meet at the office in an hour.”
“Yeah, you'll go with Sam?” Steve asked, staring down at the keys in his hand with a smirk, knowing that your desperate self wanted him to run to you. Despite being locked up, he's still a tease.
Bucky nodded, patting him one last time on the shoulder before backing off. The former soldier shouted an order and in a second everyone was inside their cars, except you. Still leaning against the car with crossed arms and soft glare on Steve, who was striding towards you with a smile. Car after car moved to drive off, leaving the two of you alone to stand there in the quietness.
He had his hands stuffed inside the pocket of his pants, head turned slightly to the side with a teasing smirk on his full lips.
“Is the dress new?”
You leaped forward, catching his lips on yours whilst gripping his coat in your fists tightly— almost like a plea for him to never leave again. His mouth moved along with yours, trying to keep up with your desperate motions, and he could tell that you've missed him. A lot. Pulling away, you hid your face in the crook of his neck. His arms wrapped around you, and the warmth from his body was almost hotter than summer itself.
“Come on.”
He spoke after a moment, opening the passenger door to you before going around to sit in the driver's seat. Immediately he started the engine, moving the gear to drive with one hand on the steering wheel and the other resting on your thigh, both of your hands gripped his cold one. You look up at him with nothing but admire floating in your eyes.
Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve.
You kept saying his name in your mind, imitating the noises that you heard from behind the walls. It's Steve who holds your hand, it's him that takes care of you whenever you'd get sick, it's him that sends you texts while you're at work— asking if you need him to bring you lunch or even surprise you by taking you to your favorite restaurant. He makes sure you wake up with expensive sheets covering your naked body every morning after he fucked you into the mattress, panting praises after praises. He's the only one you let spit inside your mouth, slap your cheek, choke you until you see stars before he lets go of your throat.
“Steve, stop the car,” You breathed, keeping your eyes on him, half-lidded, thighs rubbing against each other with sheer desperation. “Please, now.”
Steve could hear your pathetic, whiny voice and understood what you wanted. Your seat was probably wet by now, and his pants got tighter than usual. His gaze on the road was much sterner, and his knuckles became whiter from gripping the steering wheel. He stepped on the gas pedal, holding your thigh a bit tighter. You whined, moving his hand closer to your clothed cunt, and he groaned at the feel of heat. He missed everything about you. Especially the cunt he used to eat every day, every minute he desired. Throwing you on top of his desk and burying his face between your legs. Waking you up with soft kisses on your clit until your eyes fluttered open. Punishing you by edging you for hours with his mouth, which eventually led up to making you come until you mentally couldn't anymore.
“Need you,” You said with a small bounce.
The car swirled, his eyes catching a parking lot close to an apartment building with plenty of other cars around, covered in snow. He did not care about getting a parking ticket. He was desperate, that's why he quickly pulled in and shifted the gears.
He said nothing, simply stepping outside the car to later get into the backside, and you copied. Closing the door, you scooted close to him and without a second thought, he pushed you to lay on your back, pulling your dress up to your waist. He nearly drooled at the sight of your panties sticking to your cunt, a wet spot was seen and it made him smirk with pride.
“You've missed me a lot, haven't you?”
He already knew the answer.
You nodded feverishly, pouting and squirming below him as he pressed two fingers onto your clothed clit. He slowly moved them in circles, watching you buck your hips and shut your eyes with pleasure, separating your legs further as the heel of your foot rested behind the back seats. It was a feeling of heaven, his fingers held such power on you. Making you feel all sorts of things at once. Suddenly, you got the need to cry, as tears began to gather.
“Steve.” You said between whined and sobs.
“You know what I missed?” He waited until you shook your head 'no' before answering. “Missed seeing you like this, trembling and whining like the hopeless little slut you are.”
With his index finger and thumb, he held the middle of your panties and pulled them off, letting it hand around your ankle. “Missed hearing those begging,” He dragged a finger down your sloppy slit, grinning as your thighs jolted in surprise. “ 'Oh, please daddy, more'.”
He mocked you with a chuckle.
You whine, covering your face behind your hands when the feel of his cold lips on your clit made you shiver. You moved your hips as your throbbing cunt covered his mouth, grabbing a hold of his blonde hair – his tongue immediately went to work. His mouth slid across every inch of you. Then you felt his tongue right at the opening of your cunt, making your eyes roll back as it expertly began to fuck you, curling up. By then you were floating in a haze of pleasure, voice becoming raspy from the cries, your cheeks wet. Suddenly his lips were fastened around your clit again, his tongue flicking to tease, and you simply could not hold on any longer.
A loud gasp escaping your lungs, eyes tightly shut as both hands gripped his hair, your legs wrapped around his head whilst you grind your hips. His heavy panting against your folds, the vibrations from his low moaning, made you into a whimpering mess. No matter what, he is always the one controlling your pleasure. Using you even when you ride him— he finds a way to thrust up and take advantage of you, like a toy. He'd tease you whenever you try to be dominant, letting you have your moment before he flips you onto your stomach with loud, harsh pangs of his hips against your bum. Making you grip the sheets and muffle your screams into the pillow, his cock leaving a mark to remind you who fucks you so good that it leaves you crawling to the bathroom. With his come seeping out, making you bloated as it would fill you abnormally much.
“Gonna– I-I'm, Steve...” You hummed, legs shaking around his head and you could feel his smirk. Sucking and flicking with perfect rhythm and you're hanging over the edge, feeling euphoria only a breath away. “So good, oh my god, so fucking good.”
You wail, back arching as your vision got blinded with stars, black dots of pleasure whilst staring up at the car ceiling– your juices spilled from his lips and onto the seat, but he held your hips as you twitch. The wave of orgasm so intense, you squirted all over him, yet he slurped desperately, needy to drink every drop as he moaned, his brows furrowed in pleasure. The shuddering never stopped, but you managed to unclamp your thighs from his neck.
“Steve,” You whined, more tears spilling and you tried to push his head away, groaning as you tried to move your hips away. “No mo-more, no more, baby I can't.”
Finally, he pulled away, your cunt suddenly feeling cold and your thighs clenched together, whimpering at the pulsing of your abused clit. Steve sat on his knees, his chest heaving a bit as his face glistened with your wetness, his lips formed into a grin of pride. You could see his eyes filled with lust and desire, as they were firmly focused on the mess he made between your legs.
“Missed you too.” You mumbled, feeling overheated with all of your clothes still on.
Steve smiled, helping you to sit up and he sat beside you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. You felt the wetness you made on the leather seat, and you snuggled further into his arm, closing your eyes. The two of you stared forwards, embracing the feeling of finally being able to be together.
“I know,” He replied quietly, leaning down on the seat, moving his head to the side as he took in every detail of your face. “You know... I had some time to think about something...”
“About what?” You look up at him.
Steve's eyes cast down, his hand moving down to rest on your abdomen, his thumb caressing slowly. You knew that he longed to have that traditional American family with two kids and a dog, and you being a housewife.
“I can't stop thinking about it,” He mumbled, slipping into his fantasy.
You nodded, letting out a breath as you place your hand on top of his. With a small smile, you rest your head on his shoulder and inhaled the scent of his skin.
“Buy me a ring first.”
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skyeisawizard · 15 hours ago
Only Human
I. m shy sorry lol. but you should uh. well hi! first off hiii. second off. I was wondering if you could so a karli morgenthau smut. she's a super soldier y/n is just a little human. she uh idk they're either dating and happy or she kidnaps her and roughs her up. either way I want karli morgenthau to absolutely ruin y/n and eat her out and finger her and strap dick her down and y/n squirts and then some cute super soldier strength aftercare. like holding her in one arm and she's doing a whole bunch but doesn't wanna put ze baby down and then they cuddle and she whispers sweet nothings into her ear and she nods off. and then karli morgenthau questions like the whole one world one people shit because she's fallen in love and doesn't want to fight this anymore and she doesn't wanna die. that's long omg
I didn't know where to send a request but I also wanted to say hi. sorry
I did my research before writing this to make sure Karli was legal, yk but I wasn’t sure - but she’s at least 20, maybe 21, so now I’m okay to write this.
Also did not quite follow the request. Ik you wanted Karli n the strap but I feel like you’re gonna have to work up to that with Karli, yk?
Okay so, before you go into this one just realise I’m not good at writing for women mainly because I just love them so much and it makes me nervous.
@s-minnystuff you requested this ages ago and I only just finished it up I know it’s not everything you asked for but I hope you like it still
Tumblr media
“You don’t want to do this, kid!” Bucky shouted over the commotion. Karli Morgenthau was never one to back away from a fight, but she let the other flag smashers take care of these two.
Her mind was elsewhere.
Her mind was on the person hiding behind the crates stacked in the corner. The crates Sam Wilson was scarily close to.
Lifting her leg, she kicked him in the chest, sending him flying - literally. She called over two of the others, ran over to the crates and grabbed the person hiding. “Karli,” she started, fear in her eyes.
But Karli quickly silenced her and dragged her out of the building. They climbed into the car and instantly began driving away, driving back to what had somehow become basecamp for her and the other flag smashers for the last few days. It was a temporary measure, just until their plans evolved and they moved on.
Y/N kept her eyes on the road, holding her hand as she drove. Her face was constantly set in worry, ever since Karli started this war on the world. “Karli,” She squeaked, her voice croaking. Karli looked at her out of the corner of her eyes as Y/N moved her thumb along the back of her hand. “Are you okay?”
She smiled a weak smile, her eyes returning to the road. “Today was a good day, remember? We’ve come so far with the movement and today only pushed us further.”
“But I don’t want to see you get killed in the process,” Y/N suddenly said, her eyes wide. “The movement might be able to go on without you but I can’t.” She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the window.
Karli sighed as they pulled into the temporary base camp. Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes weren’t supposed to show up like that. What they were doing was meant to be peaceful; it was the only reason she brought her girlfriend along.
Unlike the rest of the flag smashers, Y/N didn’t want the serum. She’d turned Karli down multiple times when offered, but Karli didn’t push it. As long as she supported the movement.
It was tough, being that close to Karli and so vulnerable. Karli felt like Y/N had a target on her back and it was up to her to protect her.
Sometimes Y/N thought about taking the serum, just to make things easier for Karli. But she could never bring herself to do it. Fear sat at the back of her mind whenever she saw the vials.
Climbing out of the car, Y/N took Karli’s hand as they walked towards the pushed together mats on the floor they were calling their bed. There was little privacy in the makeshift, temporary camp, but they made it work.
“I know you’re worried,” said Karli, still holding her hand as Y/N sat herself on the mats. “But I’m doing this to create a better world for you, for our future.” She leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “I love you.”
"I love you too," Y/N whispered and wrapped her arms around Karli's neck. Karli easily lifted her up and manoeuvred her onto her lap. She kissed her slowly, tenderly, softly.
Y/N's legs were on either side of Karli's hips, her knees touching the mats. The kiss moved further, becoming heated. Y/N pushed it further with each passing second as Karli held onto her, her hands strong and commanding.
When they were alone, Karli was incredibly physical. She was a sucker for kisses, loved to hold her girlfriend close. In front of the rest of the movement, the most they did was hold hands.
Her clothing came off as Karli’s kisses moved down her body until she was only in her panties. White with rainbow polka dots. Karli grinned and kissed her hip. She slowly pulled the panties down until they were around her ankles, exposing just how wet she was.
Her fingers ghosted over her centre, teasing. There was a certain fire in her eyes as she ran a single finger through Y/N’s wet folds. The girl on the map whined and arched her back, begging for more.
Karli ran her fingers over her clit once, twice, three times. She moved slowly, pushing down hard. The pressure had Y/N squirming, hips bucking upwards. Surely Karli was going to finger her. She wouldn’t be going to all this trouble and not finger her, right?
Y/N was very, very wrong. Within five minutes her legs were wrapped around Karli’s head as the super soldier licked at her folds. All it took was one hand to hold her down, the other held her own. She licked and sucked at her folds until Y/N was shaking, screaming as she came.
It was one of the most intense orgasms Y/N had ever experienced. Even after it had happened, her body was still feeling the aftershocks. She squirmed away as Karli gave her one last kiss and pulled the super soldier up towards her.
Instantly she curled into her side, fingers gripping the jacket she still wore. Karli wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close, letting her rest before they had to get back to work. She kissed her forehead as Y/N combed her fingers through her hair. “I love you,” she said again.
“I love you too,” Y/N whispered back.
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bisexual-chupacabra · 17 hours ago
Natasha, to Y/N: I wanna order takeout and watch Harry Potter with you.
Tony: That’s relationship goals.
Y/N, putting their arm around Natasha: Everyone wants what I have.
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chaoticgaysstuff · 17 hours ago
Painful Splattered Teardrops | Peter Parker x Male! Reader
A/N: Requested. Hope this is some good enough angst for you, my good sir. Hope everyone else likes it.
Tumblr media
"What? What are you saying, Y/N...?" 
Peter stared at you and he could feel a stinging sensation in his eyes. He shut them tightly, forcing back a sob that threatened to tear from his throat. 
"I'm saying this isn't working between us and I want to break up." You spoke in a deep, monotone voice, sounding quite emotionless that made Peter's heartbreak even more. 
He didn't understand why you were doing this time. Why were you saying those words? Did he do something that could have caused this? You were his first love and everything seemed to be going great between you both.
Just yesterday, everything was fine between you and him. He had invited you over to his apartment when Aunt May was out and you both spent most of your time cooking. Then cooking turned into you both throwing food on each other, which resulted in the both of you getting dirty and took a shower afterward. 
You both had fun and you seemed happy, especially when you told Peter you loved him, which is one reason he stared at you in complete shock. 
"I..." Peter swallowed the lump in his throat, "I don't understand why you are saying this. Why do you want to break up? We love each other!" 
A humorless, dark chuckle fell from you as a smirk made its way onto your face that caused the wall-crawler to shiver, "You really thought that I loved you? That what we had was something special? If you thought that then you're pretty stupid, and you're supposed to be the smart one here." 
It didn't seem like you were the same person Peter fell in love with. He fell in with your beautiful smile, your hugs that are always so full of affection, your soft H/C hair, your kisses that are so full of love, the sweet, kind side of you, and so much more.
His mind launched into a series of memories involving you. 
He remembered the first time he asked you out. You were sitting at the table with some of your other friends at the time when Ned and MJ encouraged him to ask you out. He expected you to laugh at him, reject or punch him in the face, but you actually agreed to date him and he was surprised when you agreed to see him again. 
He remembered all the dates that came after that, falling asleep in your arms, the passionate kisses, affectionate hugs that could brighten someone's day. 
Peter shook his head in denial, "You do love me. Please tell me that you love me?" He begged softly, taking a hold of your hand. 
Did you really not love him? Not care for him in the slightest, despite being together for seven months?
"What do you see when you close your eyes, Peter?" You suddenly asked, catching Peter a little bit off guard. 
"I don't see anything." 
"Exactly, that's what you are to me. You're not anything to me. You're nothing to me. Worthless in a sense." 
Peter felt his heart shatter into a million pieces, "Why can't you love me...?"
Tears now started falling out of Peter's eyes as he tightened his grip on your arm, not wanting to let you go. He wants your love and affections that you once gave him. He craves it. 
"Oh, my sweet, sweet, Peter," You stood up from the park bench as he did the same, still not letting you go at all, "You're not worth my love, or anyone's for that matter. You don't matter." 
Peter now thought back to the first time you told him that you loved him. 
It was five months into the relationship and you were both lying on Peter's bed with his body on top of yours, his chin propped up on your chest as you both chatted with one another. 
"You're such a dork, Peter." You laughed at the words that came out of your boyfriend's mouth. 
"Well, being a dork is fine with me because that's your type." 
"Who said that was my type?" 
"It obviously is since you like me and I'm the king of dorks." Peter exclaimed. 
"Oh, I used to like you because you were so sweet and adorable." You said and watched as Peter's face fell slightly. 
"Used to like me...?" 
You nodded, "Yes, I used to like you, but," You took a deep breath, "But now I'm in love with you." 
Peter was so happy hearing that he leaned over and brought you into a kiss. 
He's been waiting for you to say it back to him for some time now, but he didn't want to force you to say it back. 
He broke the kiss and you wrapped your arms around his waist as he leaned his ear on your chest, hearing the sound of your rhythmic heartbeat. 
"I love you, too." 
Peter's jaw clenched as a small sob tore from his throat and you stood there, completely emotionless and unfazed by the sound of Peter's sob. 
It was scary how much power you had over him. To make you beg for your love when he should have left after every hurtful word that came out of your mouth, to make him plead to stay by your side when you didn't want him to, to make you love him when it was clear that you didn't want him. 
You planted a kiss on his pink lips and slip your hand out of your grasp as you went to leave, but Peter grasped onto your left leg, wrapping his arms around it as he begged you to love him and to not leave him.
He has been extremely happy all the time because of you. You were his first love and he wanted you to be his only love. No one has ever made him feel the way you do. You were like a drug. Sweet and addictive. So vibrant and strong. 
He didn't want to lose you. He would stop being clingy if it meant that you would stay. 
"You're not worthy of my love, Peter." 
You walked away from the park as Peter screamed, begging and pleading for you not to leave him. Some people at the park stared at him, but he didn't care. 
He lost the one he loved the most. 
The door to your bedroom door opened and you stared up at your visitor. 
"I have done everything you asked me to do," You whispered hoarsely, "I broke up with the love of my life, isolated my friends, more specifically, Ned and MJ, and so much more horrible things. Give me back what I need and then leave me alone!" 
Your voice was very hoarse and broken as you stared up into those forest green eyes. That cold and calculating stare could freeze anyone right in their tracks with one single look. 
"You'll get what you want, but you have one more thing to do for me before I can do that." 
"...And what's that?" 
"I want you to kill Spiderman." 
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lesbian-deadpool · 17 hours ago
Thor: Life is just choosing your subway sandwich when you're 9 and ordering the same one until you die.
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nyctophicbtch · 18 hours ago
Masterlist - drabbles
Fanfiction, headcannons
Marvel (MCU)
Needy kisses - Pietro
Midnight fuss - Bucky
Breakfast and Mornings and Things - Avengers
Thunder - Fundy
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nyctophicbtch · 18 hours ago
Drabbles, Fanfiction, Headcannons
Requests are open. I write for multifandoms so feel free to request any fandom. I mostly write for marvel though :)
I also write some smut and there will be warnings in each story when there's NSFW content
Brother's Betrothed - Loki
When they have a crush on you pt 1 - Avengers
When they have a crush on you pt 2 - Avengers
Is That My Shirt? - Pietro
Midnight Fuss - Bucky
Needy Kisses - Pietro
Jealous Pietro when someone hits on you - Pietro
Breakfast and Mornings and Things - Avengers
Thunder - Fundy
Prison break - Dream
Dating Sapnap - Sapnap
Halfbreed - Orm
Pirates of the Caribbean
Dating Henry Turner
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