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daalphawolfe13 · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Fell a little behind over the weekend but hopefull will catch up. Day 9 of Mermay is Superhero and who better than the Scarlet Witch herself! Question for you is have you watched WandaVision yet?
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Tears: WinterWitch
Tears of grief were something Wanda Maximoff was all too well acquainted with. She’d wept for her dead parents, wept for Pietro, and wept for Vision multiple times.
Finally, on a lovely spring day, she was at least experiencing the happy kind. Her eyes had welled up as soon as she’d seen Bucky waiting for her and they overflowed during the ceremony.
They both cried throughout, voices trembling during the vows, and gently wiped each other’s tears away before sharing a very emotional kiss.
“Sorry I’m such a mess,” she apologized. “I was NOT planning on doing that.”
“You have nothing to be sorry for,” Bucky told her gently. “They’re happy tears. We should get a free pass for life after what we’ve gone through.”
She gave a watery chuckle and threw her arms around him in love and gratitude.
“I’m so used to happiness being ripped away, that I’ve been almost holding my breath the whole time,” Wanda admitted later, when they stole a moment alone.
“I know what you mean,” he replied in between kisses. “I’ve felt that too. I will not let anyone or anything take this from us.”
“Neither will I, James,” she whispered back fiercely.
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lyuboveviana · 2 hours ago
Summary: After the battle with Ultron, your lover ends up wonder and in the hospital. You vow to never leave his side, and always have each others backs.
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2,029
one shot
"Pietro!" You screamed as you watched the man you loved get wheeled into the operation room. Tony and Steve held you back while you fought harshly against their grip. "Hey hey hey, kid. Calm down." Tony tried to console you, but that only upset you more. "I can't lose him Tony, please," you sobbed, which made Tony's heart clench. "He's all I have, please you have to save him!" Steve pulled you into his chest, gently caressing your hair as you let out a heart wrenching sob.
"Please don't let him die, please." You begged and begged.
Your tears took too much energy out of you, and you awoke to find yourself sitting on a couch next to Pietro, who lay still in his hospital bed. With tear stained eyes, you gently reached your hand up to touch his perfect face.
His light blue eyes fluttered open, and he shot you his signature shit-eating grin. "Hi printsesa." He grabbed the hand that was on his face, and gently kissed up your wrist. "You scared me, my love." Your soft hands ran through his hair, tears welling up in your eyes.
"I didn't mean to." He frowned. His thick Sokovian accent always seemed to make you melt. He scooted over, gently patting the spot next to him. You situated yourself next to him, his buff body radiating heat.
"Sing me a song." he murmured, absentmindedly running his fingers through your hair. "Моя самая любимая, как я тебя ждала. Я никогда не оставлю тебя. Ты мое солнце, ты моя луна. Никогда не забывай, что я люблю тебя."[Moya samaya lyubimaya, kak ya tebya zhdala. YA nikogda ne ostavlyu tebya. Ty moye solntse, ty moya luna. Nikogda ne zabyvay, chto ya lyublyu tebya.] (My dearest love, how I've waited for you. I shall never leave your side. You are my sun, you are my moon. Never forget that I love you.) you gently sang, rocking the man to sleep.
"I'll never stop loving you." he whispered, wrapping his arms around you, snuggling into your neck. You smiled at this, happy to be here, with him. Happy that he was alive, that you were alive.
Nothing will ever sever the bond you two share.
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nobledemons · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Thank you for choosing me to be your mom.”
Mom’s are magic. Happy Mother’s Day!
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shadow-dixon · 6 hours ago
Peter : Where's Y/N?
Wanda : I saw her outside a minute ago.
Tony : Its Fucking raining!
*Y/N Outside in the pouring rain with a sword*
Y/N : Is this what you want?
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crypticwanda · 12 hours ago
Parental issues
summary: you have a rough day and you vent to wanda
pairing(s): wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: angst,vent, mention of abuse, parental issues, mention of homophobia
notes: this is INCREDIBLY self-indulgent cuz I'm just not having a good day with my family rn
taglist: @myperfectlovepoem @minnahbukharo @supersourlemon13 @royalityofmultifandom @madamevirgo @b0mbdotc0m @fayhar @olsensnpm
Tumblr media
One day.
You couldn't just go one day in peace with your relatives.
A deep sigh left your lips as your eyebrows furrowed in anger. You were walking down the streets of your home town, leaving your mother's house. You tried to steady your breathing as you walked down the streets, still fueled with anger from seeing your family again. Even just walking into the same room as them made you want to scream.
Your mother had invited you over to say hello for the holidays. Even though you repeatedly denied the invitation, she wouldn't leave you alone until you complied. You agreed to just stop by and say your hellos to avoid any confrontation, yet it still happened to ensue. Without even being inside the home for less than 5 minutes, your mother and the rest of your family had managed to insult your appearance and your career choices. You had tried to keep your composure and just finish things up so that you could leave quickly. It wasn't until your mother had insulted your sexuality and your girlfriend that all hell had broke loose. There was screaming, cursing, yelling, and it had ended with you storming out of the house while harshly slamming the door.
Now you were harshly breathing in the cold air as you walked towards your home. As you reached your front door, you took a few more deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down before you gretted wanda. You put the key into the lock on the front door and turned the doorknob to open the door. Air left your lips as you walked in and closed the door behind you. Wanda was sitting on the couch when she turned her head to see you standing there, and a smile appeared on her face. "Hi Y/N." She smiled as she slowly pushed herself up from the couch. "How'd it go?" She asked, her face evolving into worriednes as she could feel your anxiousness.
"About as good as you'd expect it." You replied briefly as your body was still jittery. "Your hands are shaking." Wanda said as she looked down and pulled your hands up to see that they were trembling. "Oh, yeah." You said, trying to brush it off and not burst out into tears. You kept your vision down to the ground, worried you might explode if you look up at her. "Y/N?" She asked as she looked at you but you kept your eyes to the ground.
You finally brought your eyes up to look at her as she slowly pulled up your chin with her hand. "Are you okay?" She asks, almost in a whisper. You dart your eyes away from hers as you could feel the tears beginning to well up. You breathed out harshly through your mouth, trying to keep your composure in front of her. Without another word, Wanda pulled your head to her shoulder as she held you in a tight hug. She kept her hand on the back of your head as she wrapped her arms around you.
You couldn't take it anymore. You burst out into tears as your arms tightly wrapped around her torso. Your tears fell onto her shoulder as you held her tightly. "Oh honey." She muttered as she pet the back of your head as your bodies swayed slightly. "Here, let's go lay down okay?" She asks softly as she felt you nod your head.
Wanda had laid down in your bed with her head on the pillow as you put your head on her chest. One of her arms was rubbing your arm as the other one was caressing your cheek softly. You continued crying as Wanda felt tears falling onto the middle part of her shirt, but it didn't bother her. Both of you were silent for a moment, just taking in the presence of one another.
"I just don't understand how they can be so cruel." You say, finally breaking the silence. Wansa stayed silent as she held you and listened to you vent. "Everything I've ever done has been a problem to them." You said, tears continuing to fall from the corners of your eyes. "I just don't understand it." Your lip quivered as your arms tightened around Wanda's torso.
Wanda took a small sigh in before beginning to speak. "Some people just aren't fit to be parents, that's not your fault." She says while looking down at you and continuing to pet the top of you head. "I don't want to see them again." You confess as you pick up your head to look at her with your red and puffy eyes. "You don't have to." Wanda reassures you as she lays a hand on your cheek and gives you a soft smile. You smiled before slowly leaning your head forward and pressing your lips against her own soft ones. You sighed before pulling away from her with a smile and returning your head to her chest. Just being there with Wanda was enough to calm you down.
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gelaleka · 15 hours ago
Do I only watch TV shows and Movies with redhead leads? Because it feels like I do ...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. Nancy Drew - Nancy Drew
2. Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf
3. Hope Mikaelson - Legacies + The Originals
4. Anne Shirley-Cuthbert- Anne with an E
5. Wanda Maximoff - Wandavision + Marvel Movies
6. Natasha Romanoff - Black Widow + Marvel Movies
7. Clary Fray - Shadowhunters
8. Bloom Peters - Fate: The Winx Saga
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pleasecallmeawitch · 21 hours ago
Here is my Twitter it has my art on it. Please like or follow.
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spideysense-v · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
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caradoc-dearborn · 22 hours ago
Avengers x male reader headcannons
Warnings: none
Not requested (I had this awful idea all on my own!)
It’s pure crack. I can’t take myself seriously anymore. Oh, and reader is a teenager in this.
Y/n just starts stomping around the compound one day
Everyone assumes he’s having a bad day
But then he just keeps doing it? It’s days later and everyone’s very confused
Some of them ask him what’s up because what could be bothering him? Is it school?? Friends?? (Could it be *whispers, frightened* hormones??)
He’s just like “nah, everything’s fine, don’t worry”
They don’t believe him (they should)
So the avengers hold a meeting about it. An entire meeting. About why their teammate could be upset. Ridiculous.
The reader walks in on the meeting and he’s like “??? A meeting? Why wasn’t I told about it??? What’s up?”
Natasha just asks him. She’s blunt like that. “What’s been bothering you this last week?”
“What do you mean?”
Tony says, “Kid, you’ve been stomping around the tower the past few days. We can all hear it through the floors. What’s wrong?”
Y/n laughs. Hard. Everyone’s confused.
“So none of you noticed??”
... “noticed what?”
“Look at- Look at my fucking feet.”
He’s wearing Sketchers light up sneakers. They’re stomp activated.
(Apparently the Earth’s mightiest heroes are dumbasses)
Clint and Natasha face-palm because they’re literal spies so why didn’t they just pay closer attention?
Steve is exasperated and even more confused because why on earth do light-up shoes exist?
Bruce just sighs and looks at y/n thinking I don’t get paid enough for this shit
Wanda was just glad that y/n wasn’t upset. And she likes the shoes. In her eyes, it’s a win-win situation
Tony feels a bit stupid for having blown the whole thing out of proportion, but he also wants to know if this a new trend with The Kids these days. Maybe he’ll ask Peter about it?
Y/n teases everyone about this whole thing months later
“Hey, remember that time y’all thought I was being an angsty teenager but I just had new shoes?”
“Oh, you know what I was just thinking about? When the Avengers assumed I was unstable but I actually had lit new kicks.”
“What would Director Mister Spy Nicholas J. Fury Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire do if he found out his hand-picked team is actually full of immature children who don’t know how to communicate?”
(Of course, y/n doesn’t dare say this to Natasha. She’s scary. I’m scared of her. You would be too. Don’t even try to deny it.)
Anyway, this ultimately served as a lesson: always suspect that Gen Z kids are doing something unexpected, but not necessarily detrimental to their own health
(Disclaimer: I hate Sketchers. Not just because my feet are the wrong shape for their shoes. They fucking moved into five HUGE buildings right by my street and made parking unbearable. So I have a personal grudge)
Well! I hope you enjoyed this! It was fun to write, and I’m hoping it was at least mildly entertaining.
If anyone wants to send me a request for a male reader fic, or some headcannons, that’d be great! (also I’d be so, so honored)
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wandaownsthisass · a day ago
Late Night Appetite -- Wanda Maximoff x Reader
a/n: So this is porn w/out plot. Established relationship & Wanda is coming home horny and missing reader. Just straight up smut honestly - and I'm not sorry about it!!!
-- Had this on my mind for like a week so I hope it turned out ok, let me know if I missed any warnings. Suit I had in mind is pictured below bc I can’t get enough of it.
Words: 1999
Warnings/notes: NSFW. 18+ Only. Swearing, use of powers, strap-on sex, choking, lil praise kink, switch reader.
Tumblr media
“Baby? Where are you?” Your girlfriends voice rang out through your shared apartment, the sound of the front door closing behind her.
You’re standing at your dresser, searching for pajamas to wear as you just finished a shower. You had the luxury of the apartment to yourself for the evening, as Wanda was at a local event with the rest of the team. 
It wasn’t long before a pair of arms wrap around your waist, “Mm I missed you. You smell good” 
“I missed you too, and you smell like alcohol” You laugh, taking her hands off your waist and turning around to face her.
You hadn’t seen Wanda all day, so when you noticed what she had chosen to wear, you had to force your eyes from dropping to her cleavage. Wanda was smirking though, knowing all too well this suit was your weakness.
“I may have had a few drinks, I had to do something to keep myself awake. I don’t think they helped with keeping you off my mind though...” 
Wanda’s hands lower to your ass, squeezing gently before you laugh once again, pushing her off you slightly. 
“Someone is horny tonight, why don’t you shower, and I’ll make you something to eat?” You suggest, in which your girlfriend pouts for a moment before agreeing.
“Fine. Better be good though” She kisses you briefly before making her way to your shared bathroom.
Changing quickly into a pair of shorts and one of Wanda’s t-shirts, you make your way to the kitchen and start making some food. You have faint music playing in the background, which Wanda uses to her advantage sneaking up on you. 
A pair of hands firmly grasp your waist, startling you. “Ah! Wans, you can’t do that”
A warm giggle warms your heart before she speaks up, “Sorry I couldn’t help myself”
It isn’t long before a pair of lips attach themselves to your neck, sucking harshly causing you to moan, and you feel Wanda smile against your skin before running her tongue over it. 
“I see you’re still horny” You say, pushing against Wanda to tease her, but it seemed that Wanda had other plans.  As you push back against her, you freeze almost immediately as a hard object pushes back against you.
“Something wrong malyshka?” Wanda purrs into your ear, pinning you fully against the counter now, trapping you.
You clear your throat subtly, the thin fabric of your shorts allowing you to feel every inch of the toy. 
“I take it you’re not in the mood to eat anymore?”
“I wouldn’t say that…just have an appetite for something else is all”
With that Wanda doesn’t waste another second before spinning you around to face her, her right-hand cupping your face gently, running her thumb over your lips. Her eyes are dark, full of lust as she enraptures your lips. You groan, before pulling back taking her bottom lip in between your teeth.
Her other hand is pulling at your shirt, and you take the opportunity of her wandering hands to catch her off guard. Palming roughly at the toy, it’s your girlfriends’ turn to moan, involuntarily bucking her hips into you, “Fuck”
“Do you like that baby?” You tease against her lips, grabbing the toy roughly again.
She kisses you hard, wasting no time to slip her tongue into your mouth. You slip your hands into her sweatpants, pulling hard against the harness wrapped around her hips, pulling her into you once again. 
Wanda breaks away for air, staring at you intensely, the moonlight being the only thing lighting up the kitchen at this point. The glistening of her skin mixed with the lighting warms your heart, your eyes dropping down to her lips and she smiles back as your thoughts enter her mind.
“I love you” She whispers.
“I love you too”, your eyes flick up to hers again, “Now please take me to the bedroom”
“As you wish”
You yelp as Wanda effortlessly picks you up, with the assistance of her powers, and carries you towards your shared bedroom. Your back hits the comforter lightly as she lays you down. Grasping onto Wanda’s shirt tightly, you yank her towards your body, kissing her messily as your desires start to overwhelm you. 
Wanda picks up immediately, your shorts discarded within seconds and you groan as she pulls away from your lips, running her hands slowly against your stomach before coming to rest at the edges of your thighs. Her thumbs rubbing circles on the insides of your thighs for a moment, before spreading your legs apart roughly. 
She growls, “You’re so wet for me already”
You whine, pushing your hips up slightly, hoping she’ll take the hint.
“Patience baby girl, let me appreciate you”
“I need you Wanda”
She cocks her head, her fingers suddenly running through your folds, “And what happened to me being the horny one? Hmm?”
You can’t answer, the feeling of her fingers against you being too much to handle. Luckily, she doesn’t tease for much longer before two fingers enter you roughly.
“Shit” You gasp, your head slamming back into the mattress. Your hips rock immediately, following the rough movements of your girlfriend, her fingers exiting completely before slamming back into you.
The familiar tightness rises quickly in your belly, and you’d normally be embarrassed at how turned on you were but the sight of your fully dressed girlfriend fucking you was the only thing on your mind.
“Come for me” She commands, curling her fingers, hitting the spot perfectly as you come undone. 
Your eyes peel open at the right moment, watching her glistening fingers enter her mouth, eliciting a deep moan from the redhead.
She doesn’t give you a second to recover before climbing on top of you, discarding your shirt somewhere on the floor, and reaching down towards her own pants. She slides them down enough for her to pull the toy out, and you make eye contact briefly before a loud moan falls out of you, the dildo driving into you roughly. Pausing for only a second, letting you adjust, she layers your chest with kisses, murmuring hushed words in foreign tongue against your skin. Your hands curled into the blankets below you for something to hold onto, preparing yourself for what was to come.
“I’m going to make you feel so good” She says quietly, before her hips pull back and thrust into you, hard. A grunt forces itself out of your body from her sudden movement, your back arching against her immediately. 
Wanda didn’t pause again, instead continuing her movements again, and again, each time entering you with more force, your hips falling into rhythm with hers. One of her hands snaked its way to your throat as she repositioned so she wasn’t lying on top of you, instead allowing herself to see all of you as she fucked you into the mattress. “You look so good with my hand wrapped around your throat”
Your eyes were shut as you moaned again, “Wanda, god you-“ 
Her grasp tightened as she kept up her relentless movements, you could hear how wet you were, the dildo slipping in and out with ease.
“I what baby? You’re such a good girl for me, you have no idea how hot you are right now”
You could feel yourself getting close, your pussy tightening with each thrust of Wanda’s hips into you. You were loud, Wanda’s name and moans pouring from your lips, you thought you couldn’t handle anymore of her before her grasp released from your neck, one traveling down to your nipples, palming roughly. You gasped at the sensation, your eyes opening to see Wanda’s lustful eyes replaced with a deep red, her other hand was raised for a moment as red wisps flowed from her fingertips towards your pussy. You felt a tingling sensation on your clit, as you watched her fingers dance, “Fuck, I’m-I’m so close”
It didn’t take much more; a few more deep thrusts, the overstimulation of your clit, and her lips now attached to your breasts, you came completely undone. You moaned Wanda’s name a final time, louder than before, and came hard, clenching around the toy as she continued her movements. She kept up the pace for a moment, as her head fell into the crook of your neck, her own hips beginning to lose their rhythm. You knew her body too well, aware she was about to come, you lowered your hand to her hips, your palm coming down roughly across her cheek. You did it twice more, making sure this time the contact was a little harder, leaving bright red marks in reminder. 
She moaned your name, praising you as her hips faltered and pushed up into you as she came. You ran your hand through her hair, pushing it away from her glistening skin, kissing her neck as she rode out her orgasm.  
You both lied there for a moment, before Wanda raised her head, staring down at you. Your hand was rubbing her back under her shirt, scratching lightly against her skin. 
“How are you doing up there?” You say, your voice hoarse.
Wanda smiles, kissing you gently. “That was hot” She answers, giggling against your lips.
“Oh, we’re not done baby”
Her brows furrow before she lets out a yelp, you flip Wanda on her back straddling her hips effortlessly. You crawl downwards, pulling her sweatpants off fully of this time, “Y’N what are you-OH” 
You don’t give her a second before wrapping your lips around the toy strapped to her hips, humming as you taste yourself. Drawing out the movements, Wanda watches you intensely, propped up on her elbows, her hand coming down to aid you, grasping your hair tightly. 
“You look so pretty like this” She praises, and you release the toy with a pop before licking from the base to the tip, eyeing her as you do so. 
You’re aware she can’t feel any of it, but you feel proud as you watch Wanda’s head fall back and groan. You’re rubbing her thighs softly, and pull away from the toy, reaching to undo the harness. She helps you do so, and it isn’t long before the dildo is thrown onto the ground, replacing the toy with her pussy, your lips enclose around her clit, sucking harshly against her. 
“Y/N, fuck”
You don’t let up, licking broad strokes up and down her pussy, tasting her on your tongue you moan against her, which causes her hips to buck up into you. You moan again as your hair is grasped roughly, pulling at the nape of your neck as you continue your attack. You continue your relentless movements for a little more, before Wanda’s body tightens and you clean her up as she comes undone on your tongue.
Wanda pulls you back up to her, and you kiss her again, her tongue slipping into your mouth, tasting herself on your lips.
“I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk after that” You say, falling against her body. 
“Good. You need to remember who you belong to”
“As if I would want to belong to anyone else, only you can make me come that fast baby”
You’re kissed again, sighing into her lips this time. Her hand reaches down, stroking your face with her thumb. 
“Now about that food?”
You roll your eyes, slapping her lightly across her face she catches your wrist immediately; her soft eyes turning dark as her grip tightened, “Careful printsessa, keep this up and you won’t be coming as easily next time”
Quirking your brow, you stare back, “Whatever you say Wanda”
You knew you made a mistake, but in moments like this you couldn’t help but push her buttons. And you did just that. 
A flash of red released from her fingertips as your hands flew back, pinning you down against the mattress. 
“You have no idea what you’re in for kotenok”
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Listen, I know I’m hella late to the party here but idgaf. Wanda Maximoff is not a child and as long as she has had any conscious powers, she has been an adult with adult reasoning skills.
She can be held responsible for her actions and no, her depression and mental illness is not an excuse. I said what I said. And I say that AS a Wanda fan.
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injureddreams · a day ago
Tumblr media
Just for us
I loved the series ♥ I cant wait to see what happens in the Dr. Strange film~ 
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silver-lotus · a day ago
Turmoil Pt.3 (Wanda Maximoff x reader)
Tumblr media
Months had passed in the compound and you were doing surprisingly well. You'd started therapy, only to find out that your own trauma and emotions were actually pretty manageable. It was always feeling everyone else's and not knowing how you truly felt that was overwhelming you and making it harder to ignore your intrusive thoughts.
After finding out the real cause of your problems you began training yourself to tune out others emotions, so you only had to feel them if you wanted to. You also taught yourself how to recognize the difference when you felt multiple people's emotions at once. Like how Tony's frustration felt much different than Steve's. Or Natasha's anxiety was softer than most the other's, even when it was resulting in a full blown panic attack.
It was as if you could now detect the personal energy that was attached to each emotion anyone felt.
And it made life easier.
Obviously you still struggled with your own emotions, but they were yours and that made all the difference in how you handled them. You felt like you could finally acknowledge them, knowing they weren't somebody else's confused for your own. It helped you feel more comfortable expressing yourself.
Especially now, as anger coursed through your veins.
You glared icily at Wanda as she stared back at you with wide confused eyes. You had just gotten back from a mission, where Wanda had thrown herself into a group of HYDRA agents in an attempt to distract them from you as you were busy retrieving the data you needed.
It was reckless, and she'd gotten hurt. There were hundreds of better ways to handle the situation, ways that didn't result in Wanda getting the absolute shit beaten out of her.
Now that the initial panic had worn off and Wanda was okay and sitting at the counter in front of you, only a few bruises, some stitches and a split cheekbone as evidence of her impulsivity. You were pissed.
In fact you'd not said a word to her since you had gotten back to the Compound.
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong or just keep glaring at me and being passive aggressive?" Wanda asked softly, her tone was timid with some barely noticeable undertones of annoyance.
"You're an idiot" You deadpanned "An incredibly recklessly impulsive idiot"
"Excuse me?" Wanda's brow furrowed as she studied you, eyes wide at your harsh tone. You never spoke to anyone at the compound like that, especially not Wanda. The only time anyone had heard you sound half as angry and cold was when you'd broken down and yelled at Steve- but even then you were more confused and sad than angry.
"What the fuck were you even thinking?" You're words came out white-hot as your voice raised slightly, making Wanda flinch as you flailed your arms almost wildly. "You can't just jump into groups of enemies like it's some sort of mosh pit!"
"Y/n, I-" Wanda looked confused and almost hurt at your outburst. "They were headed straight for you, I wasn't thinking- I was just trying to-"
"I don't care what you were trying to do!" Your voice raised further, remembering the pure fear you felt when you saw her body disappear in the crowd of agents after she went down. "You're lucky none of them had guns- you could have gotten killed!"
"But I didn't!" Wanda defended herself, her accent getting thicker as she almost cowered away from you.
"Thank god you didn't!" Your tone took on a sharper bite as you snapped at the trembling Sokovian, "You just got beat up and knocked unconscious instead.- How could you be so- so fucking dumb?"
Wanda looked like she was at a loss for words. She could understand why you were upset. She knew it was only because you cared. She just didn't understand why you were being so mean about it.
"I-" Wanda sounded defeated "I'm sorry for trying to protect you"
You let out a humorless laugh as you looked at her in disbelief.
"Yeah well- I don't need your protection I need you to stick to your job" You snipped offhandedly "and do what you're actually good at"
A heavy silence filled the room, leaving you to your thoughts until you heard Wanda sniff
When you looked up to meet her teary eyes, you knew you'd fucked up.
"Wand-" You were cut off when Wanda dropped her hands to the counter, palms down and stood abruptly.
The hurt look in her eyes made your chest physically ache, you didn't need to use your powers to know what she was feeling.
Wanda took a shaky breath as her tears fell down her cheeks, before she quickly turned and rushed out of the room without another word.
"Fuck!" You closed your eyes and slid to the kitchen floor, your back to the counter, letting out a deep sigh.
"I know you only freaked out because you care about her" Natasha's voice echoed through the silence of the empty kitchen as you heard her footsteps approach. "But that was really fucked up"
You glanced up as Nat grabbed a water bottle from the fridge before coming to sit next to you on the floor.
"You think I don't know that?" You sighed dejectedly and rubbed a hand over your eyes. "She was so quick to just throw herself into them"
Nat watched you silently as you shook your head, a fond smile flashing across your face.
"She was so brave.. She didn't even have to think about it.. But they overpowered her so fast." You sighed softly "When- When she dropped out of sight I- Nat I was so scared I forgot how to fucking breathe"
"You guys are both total idiots, aren't you?" Nat chuckled softly, causing you to raise an eyebrow at her in question. "So are you oblivious to the fact that you're in love with each other, or are you just ignoring it?"
"Um- what?" You looked at the redhead with wide eyes. You knew you and Wanda liked each other, it was always just a known fact between you two. You just never acknowledged it, not wanting to ruin anything.
"Oh come on, you can't expect me to believe that whatever's going on between you two isn't something more than just a silly crush situation" Natasha laughed at your shocked expression. "You guys are obviously more than friends. You're freaking out over her getting hurt, she's willing to jump directly into the face of danger to protect you. Plus you should have seen the way she reacted when Carol asked if you were single."
You sat in silence, just processing the information Natasha had just dropped on you.
It was true. You knew it was true. You loved Wanda and you'd probably just fucked it all up.
"Come on y/n" Natasha gave you a sympathetic smile "Go tell her"
"Tell her?" You tilted your head slighty
"That you love her," Nat smirked "It might help to also tell her your sorry"
"Oh" You nodded in a daze and stood up with Natasha
"Good luck" Natasha smiled and walked off into toward the training room again.
After a while you shook yourself from your daze and made your way to Wanda's room. Stopping short outside the door.
You'd never really knocked before, Wanda gave you access to her room so it was never really locked for you. Friday knew to just let you enter whenever. So it wasn't really a surprise when the door opened on its own for you. You just... Didn't know what to do.
You stood motionless in the doorway, an apologetic look already on your face as your eyes brimmed with tears.
Wanda was sitting on her bed in your sweater that you'd left there that morning. She sniffled softly, with her arms wrapped tightly around a pillow.
"H-hey" Your voice was barely a whisper but it was just enough to catch her attention. Your heart fluttered as she gave you a small smile and patted the spot next to her on the bed.
"Hey" she whispered back, her voice raspy and hoarse. Probably from crying.
You gingerly approached her, nerves twisting your insides.
"I'm sorry" you stopped a few steps away
"I know" Wanda nodded and bit her lip watching you with sad eyes
"I just- I-" You searched desperately for the right words "You scared me so bad- I didn't know how to handle it."
"I know" Wanda repeated with a sigh.
"I was so worried I couldn't process it. So I got angry" You explained further as you shuffled awkwardly on your feet. "I was mean and it was uncalled for and I hope you can forgive me- if not I understand but it would really suck cause- cause I love you."
"Y/n you're my best friend. Of course I forgive you" Wanda chuckled softly, amusement crossing her features before going back to being sad "I'm just a little hurt"
"I understand that" You hugged yourself at the pang of guilt that took over your chest. "How can I fix it?"
"I just don't get it" Wanda started and you furrowed your brows in confusion. "We all risk our life being stupid and impulsive all the time. You've been worried before but you've never yelled at anyone for it. Ever. Why was this so different?"
"Because" You shrugged "I love you"
"And you don't love the others?" Wanda raised an eyebrow
"I- well yeah" You started "but you're different"
"How?" Wanda sighed in frustration "How am I different?"
You huffed softly. You obviously weren't getting through to her.
You slowly and hesitantly took the last few steps forward, closing the space between the two of you. You stood in front of her, between her legs that were now dangling over the edge of her bed.
You stared down into her emerald eyes as she looked at you confusedly. You gently cupped her cheeks and ran your thumbs along her cheekbones taking note of the way her breathing hitched and her eyes immediately fell to your lips before gazing around the rest of your face and settling on looking you in the eyes again.
You'd been in this position thousands of times. The both of you staring at each other, breaths away from crossing that unspoken line between you. Neither of you daring to make a move. Scared to break the spell between you or ruin the friendship.
But this time was different. This time you were going to make it clear to Wanda that she was definitely more than just a friend to you.
"You want to know what makes you different?" You asked softly, causing Wanda to bite her lip, nodding ever-so-slightly. "This."
You leaned in slowly, giving Wanda plenty of time to pull away and hesitantly brushing your lips against hers, hearing her take in a sharp breathy gasp at your movements. You stayed there, breathing each other's air for what felt like hours before you finally pressed your lips firmly to hers, reveling in how soft they felt.
Wanda let out a whimper and kissed back almost immediately, fervently motioning her lips on yours. Her hands fell to your hips, gripping them softly as you pulled yourself impossibly closer to her with a content hum of approval.
You pulled away slowly, smiling at the way Wanda lingered in the same spot, her eyes still closed as she bit her lip. Her eyes fluttered open, a dazed look in them as she smiled that brilliant smile of her's.
"Oh" Wanda giggled and you couldn't help but join her.
"Oh" you repeated back teasingly, watching the way her eyes sparkled as she looked up at you.
"I've been waiting for this for so long it's not even funny" Wanda smiled, biting her lip. Which immediately drew your attention to the action.
"Me too" You shifted closer again before pausing briefly. "Never scare me like that again"
You said finally and Wanda rolled her eyes with a soft smile.
"Shut up and kiss me" Wanda tugged you forward, toward herself, making you stumble at the sudden movement.
"Gladly" You giggled and sat on her lap, your legs on either side of hers as you connected your lips in the second many kisses to come.
The end
Tadaaa! I hope y'all liked reading this as much as I enjoyed working on it :P Have a good night/day y'all🧡
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