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winter-soldier-101 · 8 hours ago
I would like to thank all the new people who have followed me thank you and I appreciate it. ❤️
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insomniumstella · a day ago
What series are you currently working on? :)
right now i’m working on a request, but it’s not a series. watch out for some Bucky angst though, haha. after that i want to write either a 3rd part to “too soon” which could be read as a stand-alone story or update my steve x reader “tinder” series or break the deal between y/n and Thor in my thor x reader “meant every word” so i’m not sure, love. just can’t decide whether i wanna write a really rough smut fic with Bucky or would i rather write some angsty Steve fluff or a heartwarming Thor story, lmao.
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drysdale-barnes · a day ago
Hello<3 can I request a fluffy Steve Rogers x reader one shot where they’re in a relationship but Steve is spending too much time with Natasha and reader starts to compare herself to Nat and gets so insecure so she start eating less and working out real hard almost injuring herself so when he realize what is happening Steve reminds her how much he loves her body and everything about her please?
all i want |
w/c: 1.3k
pairing: steve rogers x f!reader
summary: steve is spending a lot of time with nat and it’s making you insecure
warnings: angst with a happy ending, a lot of talk about eating disorders, a lot of crying, non-sexual nudity, steve being a softie and looking after you
note: this was ALOT for me to write hahah especially as i do have an ed myself but it was nice to write something that i can relate to in that way. and i want steve to say all of this to me tbh🥺😭 hope you enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
You’re crouched on the concrete floor of the training room, your breathing erratic as you struggle to take a full breath; you’re desperately trying not to burst into tears. You trudge up to your room defeatedly and collapse onto your bed, falling face first into the pillows as you feel that all too familiar wave of self hatred wash over you.
Why don’t I look like her? Why aren’t I pretty like her? Why aren’t I enough for him?
Tears begin to brim in your eyes as you sob softly into your pillows. This past week, Steve’s been spending more and more time with Natasha, even going as far as to ignore you some days. Not that you can blame him really. Look at her; she’s beautiful. And you desperately want to be enough for him.
You start training more frequently, to the point where Bucky or Wanda have to forcibly drag you from the training room as you protest; you barely eat or sleep. And soon enough, dark circles appear underneath your eyes from exhaustion and your cheeks hollow out. Everybody is worried about you, but you brush them off with no more than a I’m fine or a don’t worry about me.
A few days later, Steve finally catches on to what you’re doing to yourself. And he is furious and heartbroken all in one. He pads down the stairs to the training room gently, his expression softening with sadness as he catches you overworking yourself once again, tears glistening in your eyes as you mull over all the reasons why you aren’t enough for him in your head.
“What are you doing down here? It's late.” he asks gently, advancing towards you in the cold room.
“Go away, Steve.” you mutter, putting more distance between you and him. You want nothing more than to run into his arms and let him hold you until sleep overtakes you, but your racing thoughts put a halt to that idea almost instantly. Steve’s brows knit together and he opens his arms for you, expecting you to go to him immediately. When you don’t, he understands why you’ve been doing this.
“Oh, sweetheart.” he croons softly as tears begin to drip down your cheeks.
“I don’t wanna talk to you.” you choke out, turning your back on him. Steve feels absolutely awful. He knows that these past weeks he’s been unfair on you, but he didn’t realise how much of a toll it was taking on you. “Jus’ go back and talk to Nat or whatever.”
“But I want to talk to you, my best girl. I know I’ve been unfair on you lately, and I’m so sorry lovebug. Let me make it up to you.” You shake your head violently, lurching away from his touch as you begin to cry harder. Your body and heart are telling you to go to him, but your mind is fighting for control and you can’t bring yourself to.
“I’m sorry. I never should have ignored you the way that I did. It was mean of me.” His soft tone only makes you want to cry more, so you clench your teeth and swallow the rising lump in your throat.
“Stevie, I don’t blame you if you want her instead of me. She’s so pretty.” Your lower lip trembles as you think about her and you stagger towards Steve; your vision begins to blur and spin and you have to hold onto him to keep yourself upright. He steadies you, worry evident on his face.
“Bug, when was the last time that you ate?” You shrug your shoulders as you avoid his eyes. “You know I don’t want anybody but you, right? You’re the only one for me.”
“I guess.” Your shoulders slump defeatedly. “I jus’ thought you’d finally realised that you need someone better th-than me.” You spit, self hatred lacing your voice. Steve’s heart splinters in his chest at the raw emotions you’re showing him - how vulnerable and insecure you are. He steps towards you hesitantly and nudges your chin up with his hand.
“You’re all I want. You’re so beautiful - every part of you. So perfect. I’m sorry that I made you feel like you’re not. I’m so sorry.” His voice drips with sincerity and a lump rises in your throat again. Opening his arms to you, you practically collapse into his embrace as you shake forcefully, all of your insecurities spilling out as you cry into his chest. A few stray tears escape Steve’s eyes as guilt bubbles inside of him; he can’t believe that he’s done this to you. As your cries die down to quiet whimpers, Steve breaks the tension in the air with a question.
“You hungry, sweetheart? Want me to make you something?” You freeze at his inquiry, shaking your head vigorously.
“N-no. ‘M just tired.”
“Come on, please? You gotta eat something. I’ll make you your favourite.” he insists.
“No thanks. Maybe tomorrow?” you croak, leaning more of your weight against Steve.
“Will you just come and cuddle with me? I’m tired.” you grumble and he caves to your wishes. Hooking his arms under your thighs, he lifts you into his arms, forcing you to wrap your legs around his waist to keep yourself steady.
“Steve!” you squeal.
“You’re tired, aren’t you? So, I’m helping.” You giggle quietly and thread your fingers through his blonde hair as he walks. “I’m sorry, lovebug. Truly. And I love you so much.”
“I love you too, baby. And I know.” You rest your head on his shoulder, inhaling his scent, and soon enough, you’re at the door leading into his bedroom. Placing you on the bed carefully, he helps you out of your training clothes, damp with sweat where you’ve been overexerting yourself.
“Come on, shower with me and then we can sleep, okay?” You nod at his words, melting at his soft and caring tone. He flips the water on and sheds his own clothes, stepping in and pulling you with him. You stand with your back pressed to his chest as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear, letting the warm water rinse the anguish of the day away. He kisses every inch of your body, murmuring soft reassurances against your skin.
“I love everything about you, my sweet girl. All mine. You’re so beautiful.” You could almost cry at his words.
You let him wash your hair, gently carding his fingers through the knots and cleaning it of dirt and sweat and you lean into it, loving the feeling of his fingers in your hair, applying just the right amount of pressure. He washes his own hair as you clean the rest of your body and then you’re stepping out and he’s wrapping a fluffy towel around you to dry you off. He lets you pick a hoodie from his wardrobe for you to sleep in - he knows how cold you always get at night - and you slip it on gratefully before sliding into his bed and lifting the covers for him.
“C’mere baby.” you whine, “Wanna cuddle.” He chuckles at your neediness and slips in next to you. Immediately, you wrap your arms around his bulky frame and bury your face in the crook of his neck as he holds your body flush against his own.
And then, before you can even get a word out to Steve, his warmth and the feeling of his arms enveloping you is lulling you to sleep. You sink into him as you let his presence drown out any other feelings you have, until all your brain processes is him. And then, and only then, do you fall into a heavy, dreamless sleep - the best sleep you’ve had in weeks - back with your boy. Oh, how you’ve missed this.
permanent taglist | @xoxonotme @halis-world @belladonnabarnes @simplyemm
if your user is crossed out tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you for some weird reason!
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shadow-dixon · a day ago
Natasha : Hey Sharon, Imma need you to help clean the tower tonight.
Sharon : But...The ball is tonight!
Y/N : Bitch, you swallowed enough balls.
Sharon : B-But...But
Y/N : B-B-B- Bitch.
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anneindisguise · 2 days ago
Shot at the night
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader (Biker AU)
Genre: fluff (?)
Summary. You are tired and just want a chance
A/N: Hi lovelies, it's been a couple weeks since the last post, just wasn't feeling like writing, anyway, I bring you this oneshot, hope you enjoy it and please comment, like and reblog. Have a nice week.
Tumblr media
You'd seen him around town before, when you come back home during holidays. He's always with his gang, his biker gang.
Your mom always warns you, like all the other moms, still you couldn't help but be a little bit attracted to that bad boy aura.
But you know they are not bad, they just like bikes and cars, and they help the community, even when people are cautious about them. They look so relaxed and happy, and you are so jealous.
Your parents didn't force you to do anything you didn't want. You wanted to study languages? They paid for every single tutor. You wanted to study history? They sent you to the best program in the country.
And still, you weren't as happy as they.
You were grateful for the opportunities they gave you, but something was missing, and you couldn't pinpoint what it was.
'Oh my god, it's so pretty' Your mom cooed when she saw Lisa's engagement ring.
'It suits you' you said 'it's discreet'
Lisa looked at her ring and smiled 'He knows me so well' she murmured and looked at you.
Happy. She was radiant, and a spark of jealousy ignited inside of you, and you felt so bad, disgusted with yourself, she was your best friend!
You cleared your throat and decided to step inside, it was a hot summer day, you felt like drowning.
In the kitchen, you finished your champagne flute, your heart ached.
'Hey, are you alright?' Finn asked.
'Yeah' you sighed 'you bought a beautiful ring'
He smiled sheepishly and headed outside.
You walked to the front door, not having the strength enough to stay any longer. You didn't want her to see how a horrible friend you were. She didn't deserve that.
You walked mindlessly around, not wanting to go back home because you should explain, you just sent your mom a quick message.
You walked till your feet hurt and the moon replaced the sun. It wasn't that late, it was barely 11 PM.
As you waited for the light to turn green, they appeared beside you, they were laughing carelessly.
You were distracted watching them, that you didn't notice the light was still red for pedestrians, and you started to walk.
In a split second, you were watching a car go directly to you, and in the next, you were facing the night sky.
The car kept its way and you realized someone had pulled you back. You heard a groan.
'Steve!' A brunet appeared on your sightline and put you back on your feet.
Not because he wanted to help you, but because you were laying on his **friend.
'Goodness, I'm so sorry!' You shrieked and took his hand. 'Are you alright?'
'I should be asking that' He said and his voice did things to you 'you wanted to die or what?'
'Uhm, not really, I… wasn't paying attention' You said while looking away.
His gaze was so intense that you couldn't bear it. And you looked at the light, it was green now.
'Anyway, thank you and I'm sorry' You shouted while running to cross the street.
You sat in the booth of your favorite diner in downtown, eating waffles and drinking a strawberry milkshake. A tear rolled down and you whipped it angrily.
'So what's the deal? You didn't want to die, but you clearly are not living'
Your head snapped upwards, on the other side of the booth was him, his eyes were the blues you've ever seen. His hair looked so soft and fluffy.
'I… what?'
He was staring at you with something similar to pity, and that made you angry.
'What you mean I am not living? I have a job, a wonderful one, I have friends, and... and...'
And still you had nothing. Everyday you came back from work, read whatever you were currently reading, ate, worked out and repeat the next day.
'And I'm tired' You sighed and rested your head on the table, right next to your milkshake.
You watched through the glass and noticed all the lights blurring.
Steve watched you silently, wondering how you came to this point, you were young, beautiful and smart. He remembered you from high school, never actually crossed paths because you were a year ahead.
'Come with me' He left a couple of bucks on the table and took your hand.
Your gaze was glassy but you followed him.
'Where? I don't even know you' You whined, you actually whined.
He snorted and stopped in front of a bike, it was a beautiful one but you knew nothing about bikes.
'You do, or did, I'm Steve Rogers'
Steve Rogers was a nice kid, small, scrawny, always sick, and this man towering over you didn't look like him back then.
'What happened to you?'
He smirked 'The real question is what is going to happen to you?'
He offered you a helmet while mounting his bike.
The air was feral around you, he was driving so fast that you tummy was doing somersaults, but you didn't care, you felt weightless.
He drove you from one bar to a diner and then you dragged him to a wedding chapel, you laughed that kind of laugh that made your stomach hurt.
You sang along some pop song on the radio while eating next to a food truck.
He was funny, smart and somewhat charming.
'I can't remember a time when i was having so much fun' You said.
Steve had lead you to the roof of a bar, because you wanted to watch the dawn. Steve smiled and shrugged of his jacket to put it on your shoulders.
'You are shivering' He murmured.
'Thank you' You murmured back.
He was so close that you wanted to touch his cheek and count his eyelashes.
You didn't know who leaned in first, but you were kissing each other, it was soft and sweet.
You jumped from the sound of your phone ringing, it was your mom.
'I... I gotta go, thank you for tonight' You stepped away from him not really wanting to go, nor leave him.
You ran downstairs as you booked an uber. He didn't follow because he knew if he did, he wouldn't let you go, he just watched as you entered a grey car and got lost in the early morning.
Steve sighed realizing you still had his jacket, but he couldn't care less.
Tags: @tonystankschild
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amberderose · 2 days ago
Dangerous Liaisons - Part 2
| *°~• ♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - The thought of Mob Boss Steve. Ugh! Especially writing this, biting my lip so fucking hard, guys. So. Fucking. Hard. *Snort* Hard, get it? No... okay then...
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Explicit themes, Language, Sexual themes, masturbation, Sexual thoughts, Sexual dreams, Fingering, Oral sex (male and female receiving), Cockwarming, Palming, exhibitionism, voyeurism (sort of...), choking, breeding kink, Daddy kink, mistress kink, dom and sub kink, Rough sex, angst, violence, bloodshed, bloody descriptions, 18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI ||
4k Words
Part 1
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
You cocked your gun, the click signaling the unlock of the safety sounding around the hall. "Shh." You scolded it. It was glinting in the small moonlight that shone through the curtained windows. "A rose gold gun? Really?" You turned to glare at Steve. "Just because we're working together doesn't mean you have to open your fucking mouth." Steve smirked, "No, I'd much rather prefer your mouth wide open, Sweetheart." You rolled your eyes and moved forwards slowly.
Anyone, except for Nat, Loki and Pietro, who had dared to flirt with you in the past had gotten a bullet through the skull, which admittedly, slowed down your love and sex life. You didn't know why you were treating Steve any different, he should've been dead by now. Especially so when you felt his large hand on your lower back as he leaned in, his breath ghosting over your ear, "Your brain noise might expose us, Sweetheart. Maybe stop thinking so much and just live in the moment."
You wanted to push away from him... right? Why were you standing there, absolutely frozen. Why did it feel so good to have his chest pressed against your back, your clothes doing no good to conceal the body heat emanating from both of you. Why did it feel so good to have him near you? You should've hated his very guts, but instead... you were warming up to him. Not good. You shook your head, getting rid of the thoughts that were torturing you.
"That's how you lead? Living in the moment? No wonder I'm more successful." Steve chuckled lowly, "Just by a fraction, Sweetheart." "Is that the only petname you know?" Steve grinned at you, turning you around so that his chest was pressed to yours as he leaned in, breath tickling your lips. "What do you prefer? Darlin'? Doll? Babygirl?" He paused, scanning your face, "Mistress?" He asked and your eyes widened.
Vulgar thoughts entered your mind. Thoughts of having Steve tied to a chair while you strip teased in front of him and watched him squirm. Thoughts of handcuffing Steve to your bed as you rode him like there would be no tomorrow. Thoughts of Steve tying you down, fucking you whenever he wanted. You shivered slightly. You looked back into Steve's eyes which had darkened, much like your own, you assumed.
"What're you thinking about in that dirty, sexy head of yours?" Steve asked as he gently rolled his hips into yours and you let your eyes flutter close. You two heard a crash and you both separated, remembering why you were here, on Ultron's base, to take him out. You glanced back at Steve as he ran a hand through his hair, breathing heavily. You signaled for him to walk behind you as the two of you crept down the corridor.
You reached a door and pressed your ear against it, Steve pressing his, right beside you, his blue eyes were on yours but it was clear he was focusing. The baby blue orbs had darkened to a more navy blue, his skin seemed so soft, you just wanted to reach out and stroke it. Stop it, he's the enemy! Why did your enemy have to be so fucking hot? It didn't help matters that after your meeting with Steve almost 3 weeks ago, Nat and Bucky had started seeing each other again, keeping you awake at night with Nat's moans. You didn't mind living with Nat, Loki and Pietro, but it was times like these that you regretted your decision. Maybe you ought to fuck Steve so they could get a taste of their own medicine.
"I make 6 men." You whispered. Steve scoffed, "For such a young lady, you're ears are old as fuck. There's clearly 7." You narrowed your eyes at Steve, "Six, you Ass." You seethed. Steve took a deep breath, his hand flew out and wrapped around your throat as he pushed you against the very door you two had your ears pressed against a mere few seconds ago. He leaned in, "If I'm wrong, I'm going to fuck the smart ass remarks out of you. I'm gonna fuck you until you can't walk." You took a shaky breath and your eyes glared holes into his.
"You should consider yourself lucky that your still alive, Mr. Rogers. Any man or woman that's dared to flirt with me is six feet under right now." Steve kissed the side of your mouth, feather light and you hated that you wanted more, so much more. "I know why I'm still alive so I'm gonna request you to stop fighting your feelings and just live in the fucking moment, Sweetheart." You shuddered slightly and then pushed him away. "Help me kill the six men inside first then we can discuss whether or not I'll let you fuck me." Your hand gripped the knob, other one on your gun. You turned to look back at Steve, "Who knows, maybe I'll fuck you, Mr. Rogers."
You just saw Steve's grin briefly before you turned the knob and you and Steve walked in, guns blazing. A man shot at you as you ducked, landing on your back as you shot him in the chest. Another one came at you with a knife and you pulled out your own in your free hand. "Well, this'll be fun!" The man striked, you ducked down and swung, your blade cutting a clean line across his abdomen. The man howled and you chuckled, "Don't think this is the profession for you, if you can't take pain, Hun." You stabbed him, twisting the knife in his stomach and for good measure, sent a bullet through his head.
You looked back to see 3 men dead at Steve's feet and 2 more fighting him. You could've helped him, but he wasn't struggling and seeing him crack their necks like that. The way his thick hands wrapped around their throats did something for you. It turned you on. You felt your wetness absorb into your panties and your eyes widened. Shit. Now was not the time for Steve to notice a dark spot on your pants, you hoped that your liquids wouldn't show through your dark, ripped jeans.
Steve turned to glance at you and he sent you a wink and a smirk, God that smirk. It infuriated you and made you want to kiss it off of him. "First, there were seven men. Second, someone wants to have sex." You rolled your eyes, "In your dreams, Rogers." Steve walked up to you, his arm slipping around your waist to squeeze your ass, "Oh, I know, sweetheart." You two made your way further down the room until you came to another door. "Ultron's office." You mouthed to Steve. "I've been here, I know." Steve mouthed back and although you couldn't make out the next word he said you knew it must've been Sweetheart.
You held your fingers up, counting to three before you kicked the door open and the two of you walked in. Ultron's office was empty, yet his window was open. You ran to it, looking out at the large balcony that served as a helicopter pad. Ultron walked into his sleek, black helicopter. You shot at it, trying to hit the engine, but failing. The helicopter took off and you breathed in deeply through your nose. You've trained for this. You looked out at the copter that was still fairly close to the pad. The engine glistened. You shot.
Steve ran to the window, his hand on your lower back as the two of you watched the helicopter blow up mid-air. You took a shaky breath, trying to calm your nerves. This wasn't the first time you had killed someone, but it was the hardest, considering you had just killed your fathers closest friend after his rift with Steve's dad. You gently brought a trembling hand to your face, pushing the hair out of it. Steve spun you into his strong chest, holding you tight to it as you closed your eyes, letting a few tears escape. Why? Why were you being vulnerable? Why infront of Steve of all people?
"It's okay. I've got you. Your dad would've been proud." You looked up into Steve's soft gaze and sincere eyes, "I killed someone he thought of as a brother." Steve sighed, "If he knew what Ultron was planning, he would've wanted you to kill him." You nodded. "Let's take you home, okay? I'll call the NYPD, I have men in there. Have it cleaned up." You nodded again, not trusting your voice. "Hey, look at me." You looked up into Steve's eyes. He leaned down and kissed you softly, your grip on his shirt only tightened, wrinkling the fabric.
The kiss wasn't hungry or needy, it was soft and caring. But that wasn't what you needed, what you wanted. You growled and bit Steve's bottom lip, causing him to gasp and allowing your tongue to slip into his warm mouth. Your tongue massaged his, teeth clashing as you two tried to fight for dominance. Steve's grip on your hips tightened until you felt your skin was permanently imprinted with Steve's finger marks.
Steve pulled back and his hand snaked up to stroke your face. "Not here. Let me take you back home and then I'll fuck the living hell out of you." You smirked slightly, "Can't take my hell away when I've got too many demons." "Sexy and poetic. Lucky me." Steve joked as his hand on your back guided the two of you back to your car waiting outside, none of Ultron's men dared make a move to kill either you or Steve. They knew their leader was gone and that their safest bet was to either plead allegiance to your Mafia or Steve's.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Steve took you to your bedroom, the two of you ignoring the agape mouths of your men. Pietro was the only one who didn't seem to mind, shooting you a wink as Steve brought you to your room. Steve closed the door and then walked towards you, you walked back until your knees hit your mattress and you bounced down onto your soft mattress. Your silk sheets sliding smoothly against your jeans.
"Since I saw you in person that day, 3 weeks ago, I've been wanting to do this." Steve spoke lowly, you chuckled, "Been fantasizing about lil' old me?" Steve growled and the sheer dominance that exuded from him made you gulp, made you slicker down there. "Oh, Sweetheart, I told you, I would fuck you dumb. It's time to do good on my words." Steve crawled ontop of you as you laid down onto your bed. His body was flush against yours and you felt overheated, you needed to take your clothes off, feel his flesh against your own.
"I want you to be as loud as possible for two reasons, A, because I wanna get Bucky back for all those nights Nat stayed over and B, I want all of them outside to know who makes you feel this good." An involuntary whimper left your mouth as Steve's mouth came down on yours, his hands digged into your hips once again and your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer.
You bucked your hips up into his, whining when he pulled his hips back just slightly. "What do you want?" Steve asked, pulling off of your mouth, your chest heaving. "You want me to fuck that pretty cunt of yours? Fill you up so good so that you can feel me everywhere? Want me to fuck you until you see stars? Mark every inch of your body? Fuck you so rough that your begging for mercy?" His words made something primal snap in you. You looked straight into his eyes, "Fuck me until I can't remember my own name anymore."
That was all Steve needed, apparently. He wasted no time, ripping open your mesh blouse in two separate parts. You gasped as his hands found your breasts and he pulled your lacy bra down to run the pad of his thumb over your nipples. Flicking them once and then squeezing them, pulling your breasts up with them. You moaned, throwing your head back into the pillows. A knock came to your door but the two of you ignored it.
Steve's hot mouth left open-mouthed, wet kisses along your neck, sucking on a spot occasionally and biting down on it until it turned a nice purple shade. He moved further down your body, his hand wrapped around your neck and your hands wound into his locks, pulling on them until there was a pleasurable sting for Steve. His tongue found your nipple as he circled it before biting down on it. You arched your back off the mattress and into Steve's body as you felt the sting and pleasure building on the delicate flesh.
Heat pooled in your lower abdomen. Your mind was lost to the pleasure that Steve was giving you. Toys could only take you so far. Steve moved down to kiss your abdomen and he stopped at the waistband of your jeans. He pulled them off roughly and threw them somewhere onto your floor. His mouth pressed kisses along the waistband of your panties. "Steve, don't tease." You warned and he looked up at you, "Or else what, Sweetheart?" You smirked as you pulled him back up, "Or else I'll tease you with kitten licks when you really just want to stuff my mouth." Steve's eyes darkened even more, the veins on his arms bulged and you ran your hands over them.
You looked back into his eyes, yours portraying false innocence. Steve shook his head, smiling. "Fine. You win. This time." You smirked as he grabbed either sides of your panties and ripped them in half, tossing them aside. He pressed kisses to the top flesh and then he sniffed. He looked up at you as he groaned, "Smell like heaven, Sweetheart. Bet you taste as sweet too. Mm, gonna fuck you so good." His mouth delved into your velvety folds as he tried to find your clit. Your throbbing bundle of nerves was relieved a bit when Steve's tongue circled it. You moaned even louder and tried to throw your hips up, but Steve's arm on your lower abdomen prevented you to do so.
Another knock. You both ignored it again. Steve pulled off of you just long enough to stick two of his fingers in your mouth. He watched as you swirled your tongue around them and sucked gently, your eyes never leaving his. He moaned lowly and you wanted to hear that sound way more. You wanted to hear his low moans echo off the walls of your room. You wanted to hear the sweet sounds he made until you had memorized them. He pulled his fingers out, watching as a trail of spit followed and then fell onto your breats.
Steve attached his mouth back to your clit as his fingers slowly pushed into you. You moaned even louder, not caring if anyone heard you. Another knock, which you two ignored again. His fingers, while slow and steady at first sped up their process. You mumbled random things, your brain couldn't compute with the insane amounts of pleasure you were receiving. His fingers curled to find your g-spot as he pressed into the spongy part slightly. You moaned louder. Another knock. Frustrated you screamed out, "What? Can't you tell I'm being fucked here?" You let out another loud moan when Steve sped up even more. You could feel your walls clenching onto his fingers. "Just wanted to say to remember the protection, Boss." Nat shouted through the door and you could hear her teasing tone even through the wood. You rolled your eyes.
You felt yourself about to unravel when Steve pulled off of you. "No, no, Sweetheart. I want you to cum all over my cock." You bit your lip at his words. He stood up and you could see his trousers were painfully tight around his crotch area as a visible tent was there. He quickly slid off his suspenders and then pulled down his pants next. He stripped off his shirt and pulled off his boxers. Pretty soon, he stood infront of you in all his naked glory. You let your eyes rake over his body.
His body was adorned with tattoos, his abdominal muscles gleaming with sweat. Your eyes traveled to his Adonis belt and then lower to his huge, mouth-watering cock. Now that was a cock you wanted in you, not those tiny, silicone dildos. Steve smirked at you as he watched your eyes widen slightly, staring at his cock, "You're gonna take my dick like a good girl otherwise I'll make you take it." You smiled at him, "Rogers, I think you're mistaken. I want this in me, now." Steve had to admit, he had never met a woman quite like you. Although he knew it would cause complications, he was falling for you.
He walked up to you and his hand curled around your locks as he pulled you up, "Suck." You glared up at him, you removed his hand and flipped him onto your bed as you kissed down his body, taking your sweet time. His groans filled your ears and you revelled in the fact that you could make him make those sounds. You moved to his cock where you, like him, wasted no time in taking him completely in his mouth.
Steve whimpered slightly and you looked up to make eye contact with him. Did you just make him whimper? Fuck, that was hot. You bobbed your head up and down on his cock, feeling him hit the back of your throat and trying your best to keep your gag reflexes under control. Your throat finally relaxed for him, his cock stuffing further down your throat. You felt him twitch and then you pulled off of him.
You could feel his glare burn holes in you as you simply smiled at him, "Well I didn't get to cum..." He snarled and you crawled overtop of him, your hands flew out, lightening quick to pin his wrists above his head. One of your hands held his wrists there as you leaned in and kissed him all the while lining him up with your entrance. You slowly sank down on top of him, the both of you let out loud moans that reverberated from your chests. You felt a sting at his girth, but you rolled your hips and you felt the pain slowly fade into ecstasy.
You slightly slid up and then back down on him again. He groaned even louder and you bent down to catch the moans that followed from his mouth in your own. You kissed him messily, your tongues swiping at each other, as you slid faster, Steve's moans got more frequent and louder. The two of you could give less a shit about who was listening. In fact, you two wouldn't even mind fucking infront of them.
You went faster and faster and he helped by lifting his hips into yours, your public bones slamming together as you felt him deeper in you. The coil in your belly tightened, you knew it was only a matter of time before you came. The two of you both knew that you were both close so you sped up. Harsher thrusts, faster thrusts, sloppier kisses until...
You let out a loud scream, your legs trembling and body convulsing as you fell on top of Steve. Your chest heaved with each breath you took and you screwed your eyes shut, just revelling in the moment. Your pussy ached and throbbed, you could feel as it squeezed then relaxed, then squeezed then relaxed. You felt Steve's cum paint the insides of your walls as you milked him, his groans making you a whimpering mess ontop of him.
You lay still for a second before Steve flipped the two of you over. "You think we're done?" He asked lowly, his husky tone sending shivers down your spine. Without warning he slammed into your oversensitive pussy, you cried out as you arched your back into his body. He kept slamming into you, the overstimulation of it all taking a toll on your body but ascending you as, well, as if an out-of-body experience. You knew only Steve could make you feel this way.
His strokes were relentless, his power dominating, his words vulgar, "All you needed was Daddy's cock, huh? Bet no one ever made you feel this good. You may be the Boss, Sweetheart, but I'm in charge right now." Another powerful thrust, "You got that?" You whimpered, your fingernails dug into the skin of his back as you tried to pull him closer. He was so close that your sweaty bodies were sliding against each other, like skates on ice. Another thrust. You could feel that familiar bubble close to popping as Steve kept going.
Finally, he got ahold of your legs as he threw them over his shoulders and leaned in as close as he possibly could without hurting you. You could feel the delicious stretch of your legs and even more of your walls at the new angle. He rammed into you, his forehead close to touching yours as you snaked your arms from under your legs, your biceps touching your outer things. Your hands held Steve's face, his eyes boring into yours. He loved seeing you unravel.
The bubble popped, you were loud, your moans echoing off the confinements of your room. Steve continued to slam into you until his strokes got messier and he released his warm seed into you again, spreading warmth all over your body. He collapsed on your side, exhaustion written all over his face. The two of you laid there in silence for a little while before Steve got up. He slowly walked to your bathroom built within your room.
A few second later he walked over to you, gently cleaning you up with a warm towel and massaging your sore parts until your whimpers died out. He cleaned himself up as well, threw the towel into your laundry basket and climbed into bed with you. His arms snaked around your waist as he pulled you flush against him, he kissed the top of your head. The moment was so intimate, so romantic... your previous boyfriends, although all part of the Mafia like Steve, were never this gentle and loving with you.
It was like Steve opened up himself to you completely, not afraid to be vulnerable. You decided the least you could do in turn was the same, show him the same energy. You gently leaned over and kissed his lips, the kiss sending electricity jolting throughout your body. "Sleep." Steve commanded, although even that was in a soft voice, one that you had never heard him use.
"Glad you two are done. Maybe we'll get some sleep around here." You heard Bucky yell. You smirked and held up a finger to Steve as you crawled out of bed, not caring if you were still naked and you opened the door. Your men and Nat didn't care, they had seen you like this before, nothing new for them. However, Steve's men's mouths opened, Clint fell off his chair. "Yeah, we fucked. He's a great fucker, by the way. So go to sleep. Nat, show Clint and Sam to their guest rooms. And I assume Bucky’s sleeping in your room." Nat smirked and nodded and began walking towards Clint and Sam. You closed the door and crawled back into bed with Steve. The implications of what you two had done would come in the morning.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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Dangerous Liaisons - Part 1
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - No, this twas'nt based on the movie, I just really like this name for the title and it fits perfectly. Ok, so I saw a lot of Mafia and Mob AU's, right? And I loved them, but I noticed that the female reader was mainly portrayed as... *weak*, so I always write badass characters and I thought why not simply manifest that into this AU. Also, I can assure you that this fiction is as real as possible as I know a thing or two about gangs. You can't live in Toronto, the 6ix9 without knowing about or being involved in gangs! I present to you a Mob Boss! Reader and Mob Boss! Steve. Enjoy!
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Explicit themes, Language, Sexual themes, masturbation, Sexual thoughts, Sexual dreams, Fingering, Oral sex (male and female receiving), Cockwarming, Palming, exhibitionism, voyeurism (sort of...), choking, breeding kink, Daddy kink, mistress kink, dom and sub kink, angst, violence, bloodshed, bloody descriptions, 18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI||
2.6k Words
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Steve Rogers, boss of one of the two biggest, most vicious and most powerful Mafias to have ever existed in America. The man was known to everyone, he was bloodthirsty, cruel, vindictive and most of all, power-hungry. He had the government all lining up at his feet, groveling to him to take them under his power and influence. Anyone who crossed him would be dead with a blink of the eye. He was feared by all, the most feared person in all of America... well... except for you.
Steve had maybe half, more than half if you were being generous, of what you had. Of course, he didn't see it that way but the L/N Mafia and the Rogers Mafia had always contradicted each other, despite the various Mafia codes set in place for unity amongst the mobsters. But that went to hell when the Rogers family began a festering hate-filled enmity against the L/N family. Soon, the two groups split and power was divided equally, that is until you and Steve took charge.
See, the simple difference between you and Steve was that he had feelings, remorse, no matter how deep down he tried to push them, they still managed to surface. You... Ha! Everyone knew that you couldn't be bothered to care about who it was you were killing, even if that involved children. Your heart had hardened so deeply over the years of this business, first killing someone when you were only 6, that at this point you had no emotions. No vulnerability, nothing to hold you back.
That's why many, if not all, citizens of America feared you, you were the very embodiment of evil, simply put. Steve had government officials eating out of his palm, so what? You had government officials, infact the president himself, secured in your back pocket, wrapped around your finger and you were sure that the same would be for each politician to come. If someone dared object you, you had them executed before they could even take a seat in their new office.
Everyone in America knew you were the most vindictive power in all of the country, and although Steve didn't want to admit it, he knew as well. However, with his newfound reputation of being on a powersurge, out for blood, going so far as to killing innocent people as well, he was catching up to the reputation you had worked so hard to build. He was out to usurp your throne and you wouldn't let him.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
"Romanoff." You called as you walked briskly to your office, gun on your thigh holster and knife twirling in your palm, a nervous habit of yours. Other girls would bite their nails or twirl their hair, you... you would play with your beloved daggers. You could hear the rambunctious barks of your guard dogs as the newly appointed gang member ran in with food to feed them. The last one had been eaten by your dogs when you caught him hitting them and you gave your babies the signal to kill him.
Your redhead, righthand fell in line with your steps, "Boss." She greeted you. You chuckled, "After countless drunken nights of you taking care of me, and sleeping with you quite a few times, I feel like you can address me by my name." You saw your best friend smirk. In this business, you couldn't risk making friends, but Nat had been born into the Mafia, like you. You two grew up together, knew each other since age 1, one month that is. So you trusted her with your life.
"How do you know I just don't have a boss kink?" You turned to look at her, a mischievous sparkle in your eye, "Well that's new. How's that cute boyfriend of yours?" Natasha snorted, "Oh... things didn't work out between us." You cocked your head to the side as you turned the handle to your office, "Why's that?" "Buck... he's Rogers man." You whipped your head back, gasping slightly, "And that asshole never told you?" "To be fair, when we got together, we didn't do much talking." You sighed, "You ended things for me?" Natasha shrugged, "Family before boys, right?" "Absolutely."
Although you felt bad about it, you knew you couldn't possibly risk your entire empire. Natasha would keep her mouth shut and she didn't take work home, but that didn't mean that Bucky couldn't find a way to get something out of her, something that could cost you. To you, this entire kingdom needed to prosper at any costs. "You got intel on what Rogers is planning next?" Natasha sat down on one of the chairs opposite yours behind the large, mahogany desk, she perched her feet onto the desk. Getting her own dagger out, she began to carve patterns into her black jeans lightly.
"All I know is that he has good men on his side. Men that could've proven valuable to us but that blonde dumbass got to them first." You shook your head, laughing under your breath. None but Nat have heard you laugh. A knock sounded on your door and your smile dropped to the menacing glare you always wore. You walked over to the door, throwing it open, "What?" Two of your men had a bloodied woman in their arms. Her head hung low, almost as if she was unconscious.
"She was hired to assassinate you. Won't talk. Thought you'd like to handle this yourself." After Nat, these two were the men you trusted most, you nodded a thanks at Loki and Pietro. Grabbing the woman harshly from their grasp, you kicked the door shut as you shoved her onto the floor. "Name. Now. I'm not as nice as my men there, Sweetheart." The woman glared up at you, she tried to spit in your face but you stepped back just in time. Your fist swung across her face before she could even register it. She stumbled onto the floor, her blood splattering on your marbled floors as she coughed.
You grabbed her by the back of her head, her hair tangled painfully in your fist as you made her look at you. Natasha sat calmly on the chair, paying no attention to you two. "Who're these men?" You asked Nat as you squeezed the woman's face together. "Who sent you?" You asked, venom dripping from your tone. The woman tried to put up a brave facade but she shivered. You held her up with one hand and got your dagger out with the other as you let the cool blade press against her cheek slightly. Her lips remained shut, you dragged it and saw as she shook when the deep cut immediately started to pour out blood.
"Who?" "Samuel Wilson, Clint Barton, James Barnes a.k.a Buck, and he managed to turn Tony to his side." You pressed the blade in the crook of the woman's neck. "Tony, that fucking traitor." You spat, eyes narrowed at the woman. "Who?" You let blood draw and she let out a small sob, "Name is Dina. Was sent by Mr. Rogers to take you out." You dropped the woman onto the floor as she curled into a ball as you glanced at Natasha. "Get your ex on the phone. Tell him I wanna meet Mr. Rogers."
Natasha blanched, "You sure, Boss? Man's got a death warrant pinned to your back. What if he kills you?" You chuckled darkly as you started to carve the blade into the woman's face, intricate, grimy work as you tried to peel her face off. "I'll kill him first." Natasha smiled and nodded, standing up and rushing out to make the call. Meanwhile you delicately peeled off the woman's face, your hand dripping with crimson liquid. "Loki!" You shouted. Immediately the door clicked open, you knew he would be standing outside, waiting for your next orders. You threw the face at him as he caught it, looking down at it with a hint of disgust. "Have that framed. Want everyone to know what happens to those who cross me."
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
You stood at the threshold of your largest base, your men on either sides of you and Natasha standing right beside you. The car and its entourage vehicles skirted to a stop as you saw a man get out. He had blonde locks, brown at the roots and his hair grew out, flipped to one side. His baby blue eyes landed on you, his eyes raking over your body once as he smirked slightly. He had black trousers, black suspenders holding them up and a sharp, white shirt under it, arms rolled up to show his tattoos and strong forearms. Everything about this man screamed, "pristine, perfect".
He made his way over to you, a man with long brown hair and exotic, blue eyes followed. You knew him, he was Bucky, you had met him once when he was fucking the shit out of Nat. You had walked in on them, accidentally, of course. Another man with chocolate skin and darker eyes walked alongside Bucky. "Mr. Rogers." You greeted with a curt nod and a forced smile. "Ms. L/N. I gotta tell ya', was not expecting this. The photos don't do ya' justice."
You felt warm, like your skin was on fire, probably because you were already annoyed with this man. Your teeth gritted together, "I can assure you, Mr. Rogers, I might be pretty but I have terrible temper issues and a sharp knife. Best not to test me." Steve grinned at you, his pearly, white teeth on perfect display. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Do lead the way, Sweetheart." The way your stomach flipped when he called you that, it was probably because you were so damn disgusted by that nickname.
You turned on your heel and walked, exuding an air of confidence and rendering terror in the newer recruits and lower-level members hearts. Steve slowly fell in line with you, his men, including a blonde man with brown eyes, and your men... and woman surrounding the two of you. "I was surprised to hear that you wanted a meeting." "Simply to discuss some pressing issues, don't get ahead of yourself." Steve's hand felt hot on your lower back and your arms itched to pin his behind his back so that you could slit his perfect throat, although, you admit that your hand would look better around it... to strangle him, of course.
He leaned in, his hot breath on the shell of your ear, "Oh Ms. L/N, there are always more things to do then just discuss business." Steve shot you a wink and you rolled your eyes, your willpower crumbling by the minute. Soon enough, you couldn't control the urge to kill this gorgeous man. The group of you reached one of your many breifing rooms as you pressed your fingertip to the door, it scanned and the metal door swung open, all of you walking inside. Once Clint, the last man had made it inside, the door locked.
"Sit." It was more of a demand from you rather a pleasant gesture. Steve, still smiling slightly, pulled out a chair on one end of the long table and sat down in it. Legs open, almost as if he was inviting you to sit between them. His eyes flitted up to yours, that damn face unnerved you so much, maybe because he was so handsome... uh, ugly, you meant ugly...
You sat down on the other end and clasped your hands together. "Let's just get straight to it." "A woman that doesn't beat around the bush, my type of woman." Steve spoke, shooting you another wink. You frowned, "Mr. Rogers, there was an assassination attempt on me yesterday. The woman confessed to being sent by you. I don't take lightly to almost being killed." Steve nodded thoughtfully, "No, I'm sure you wouldn't." He paused and looked up at Bucky, his eyebrows furrowed. "Did I ask you to hire an assassin, send one to take out this pretty woman?" Bucky shook his head. Steve looked over at Sam, "You?" Sam shook his head, he repeated the same question to Chris who also shook his head.
You shook your head, chuckling darkly, "Nice act you put on there, just now, Rogers. Problem is, it doesn't change the fact that there's a dead woman being disposed of right now and a gory face framed on display in my lobby." Steve's smile dropped, he was suddenly serious. The way his eyes darkened and his jaw flexed, God, you wanted to jump straight on him... to bash his head in, of course.
"Look, I may not show it, but I really admire you. I mean, getting the low thugs to respect you makes sense 'cause they've seen their own single mothers struggle. They respect all women. It's the others that makes me so surprised to learn that they respect you, a woman, in charge of them. Granted a dangerous, sexy as hell woman, but still a woman. I admire you, that takes guts and patience, Sweetheart." Your heart poudned loudly into your ears, no one had ever complimented you so genuinely in the way that Steve had.
You pushed that thought aside as you stared at Steve, "Well... if you didn't send her, who did?" Your men busted open the door and you looked over at them, your vexation showing clearly on your face. "So sorry to bother ya' Boss, but we've got news. News that Mr. Rogers might wanna hear as well." You were about to ask what when Natasha stood up, her chair scraping against the steel floor of the room, Bucky not far behind. "Son of a Bitch!" They both stated together, loudly. Almost like when you heard their moans on countless nights.
"What happened?" You and Steve asked together and when your gazes met, you felt something you couldn't describe... like pure joy? No, that wasn't it... maybe you were still high from the Coke sample Nat had brought you. "You know Ultron?" You and Steve nodded and then the two of you noticed each other nodding, a frown etching on both of your faces after that. "How do you know him?" You both asked at the same time. "Family friend." You both said at the same exact time again. It was as if your responses were synchronized.
"He was Dad's best friend." Steve spoke, your frown only deepened, "He was my dad's best friend as well..." the two of you glanced at each other. "He stole valuable files." Bucky spoke. It didn't make sense, he was always so loving and comforting towards you, why would he? Unless... Finally your eyes widened, you were known to figure out crimes and people like a puzzle, it was simple for you. And you had figured Ultron out. "That Ass! He was both of our fathers' close friend, right? Well, he probably wanted the empire for himself which is why he was trying to get us to destroy each other so once we did, he could take the throne." Steve blinked, "You got all that from the fact that he was both our fathers' friend?"
You shook your head, "That and amongst it other things. Would he ever joke about how your father betrayed him by passing the Mafia on to you?" Steve nodded, finally catching on, "Guess it wasn't as much of a joke as we thought, huh?" You growled, this motherfucker was going to get it now. "Well," You looked up at Steve, "Guess we're working together, Ms. L/N."
Natasha looked over at you, wide-eyed, a green ring around her black pupils, their enlargement, no doubt because of mistrust and anger. Anger that you were considering this, she could tell by your face. You gave her a nod, letting her know that everything would be fine. You two would kill Ultron and his misfit gang, then the two of you would part ways and become rivals again. Simple. Except you couldn't even fathom how far from the truth that was...
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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laundry day
summary: your laundry machine breaks down and steve rogers saves the day.
pairing: steve rogers / f!reader
tags: flirting, fluff, literally just steve being a himbo
warnings: uhhh laundry kink???
word count: 889
a/n: this is just an idea that's been in my head for a while since rewatching sharon and steve in civil war. just fluffy flirting. i wish steve would let me do laundry at his place because my god (mj do not interact) ((pls ily))
Tumblr media
“No, no, no,” you pleaded with the dirty white machine slapping your palm against the side of the plastic. “Come on, stupid machine.” The dead silence following each turn of the knob gave you enough answer that this washing machine was not turning on.
Just another call to your landlord where he wouldn’t do anything about the problem for two months despite you begging. Even then, he’d grumble and groan about the cost to him to replace.
Never mind that now, you must have some spare change in the couch cushions.
With enough quarters to power the entire laundromat across the street, you balanced the basket on your hip while your phone nestled between your shoulder and ear. “I don’t know why you stay in that apartment, y/n.” Your cousin rambled off as you gathered the detergent and walked propped open the apartment door. “Seriously, what’s even keeping you there? It’s not the amenities.”
As if on cue, Steve Rogers dashed up the stairs, a puzzled look thrown over his shoulder at the basket of dirty clothes. You gave a sheepish smile to your neighbour and rolled your eyes at the phone. “I happen to like it here, Taylor. It has a certain charm to it.” You admitted, eye flittering away from Steve and back to lock your door. “Look, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later, alright?”
Before she could answer, you hung up the phone and dropped it on top of the basket.
“Machine broke again?” Steve asked the smile he always wore directed towards you. Christ, how was he even real? Besides the whole, you know, frozen in ice and stuck with wacky drugs that made him a human tank.
Now, he was just your neighbour.
Humming in reply, your lips rubbing together in attempts to spread what was left of your chapstick. “I think it finally gave out for good this time. Just as well, the machines probably older than this entire building.” You mused, more so to yourself than to Steve. The sound of him chuckling took you off guard, and you grinned back at the sound. It was warm, sending a tingle up your spine and down your arms.
Two beats of silence, comfortable but long enough to make you turn slightly towards the winding staircase with thoughts to leave. “If you want,” Steve began, shaking his head before starting over. “If you want, you could use my machine. Probably cheaper than the one across the street. I heard that one eats every second quarter anyways.”
That offer made you pause, tilting your head slightly at the flustered man before you. “Oh yeah? How much does it cost?”
The comment was bold, borderlining on flirting, surprising even you but taking it back was no longer an option, and you really didn’t want to go across the street. You really wanted to go inside Steve’s apartment and use his machine.
“Cup of coffee?” Steve asked, the words catching in the air and lighting a fire in the atmosphere around you both. It had been lined with gasoline for so long, but neither took the chance to burn. Now, you couldn’t put the fire out.
A playful grin graced your features, one that had you looking down at your feet as he waited with bated breath for your answer. “Yeah, I think I could swing that. I’ll pay; I have enough quarters.”
It was rare to see Steve stunned, at a loss for words, and even rarer for you to have that effect on people. Maybe it was a holdover from his days as the scrawny kid who couldn’t get dates unless Bucky set it up.
He never even got his date with Peggy.
Now, he took the laundry basket from you and unlocked his door with ease despite the slight balance needed to do such a thing. His apartment smelt like cedarwood, and you didn’t know how to explain how much sense that made.
He showed you to the washing machine, tucked away in a little corner hidden behind closet doors. It took no time at all to shove your clothes inside the silver machine and hit the start-up button. (This time, it didn’t rumble and complained as yours had.)
Steve had set up the old vinyl player to sing out a song you hadn’t heard since your grandparents were around. It was soft, a woman singing over a jazz band and that old tinge that all old music has that keeps it vaguely haunting.
“Was this the type of music you’d take all the girls dancing to?” You asked, leaning against the kitchen island with one foot pressed against the wall. He shook his head, laughing like a private joke had been told, but you weren’t a part of the club that didn’t know the punchline.
“No, I didn’t dance much. Still don’t.”
“Why’s that?”
The lack of hesitation was most surprising when Steve said, “hadn’t found the right partner.”
With what little confidence you had, the ability to be embarrassed, something you considered but didn’t rely on in this exact moment as you nodded.
“What about now? You think you found the right partner?”
The same lack of hesitation came back around as Steve took your hand in his and gave a simple shrug.
“Only one way to find out.”
tags: @haphazardhufflepuff @belladonnabarnes @lilyblackx @mamacitaybrujita
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Tumblr media
The Adventures of Steve & Buzz Rogers Feat. Y/N
Chapter 1 - The One Where Steve Gets a Friend
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Buzz Rogers x Female! Reader.
Summary: It's all in the title.
Genre: Tooth rotting fluff
A/N: Do not publish my work anywhere. I don't consent to it. Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them.
Steve Rogers Masterlist
It all started with a thought, thought that crept in your mind after Steve passed on the mantle of Captain America to Sam and retired from the superhero life. Now he was just Steve Rogers without the labels that defined him for the most of his life. His only identity now was of a loving fiancée to you, loyal best friend to Bucky helping him settle in a world that was still alien to both, yet they belonged here.
But the one role that he cherished most was taking up the role of Morgan’s guardian in Tony’s absence. That girl and Steve both brought immense joy to each other, whenever they were together which was often. Their bond put Pepper’s heart to rest knowing Morgan will grow under someone who was close to Tony as well as her grandfather.
Oh wait! There is one more role Steve loved in his life and that was the role of arts teacher at the school. He was everyone’s favorite Mr. Rogers who had numerous tricks up his sleeve.
Despite all this, you would often find Steve looking alone and wanting a companion, a friend who belongs to just him and no one else. You’d often think of hours what or who should be the one to give Steve the company that he is craving for.
Your thoughts were answered the day when you both were walking in your neighborhood park on a fine summer evening. The sun was going down and breeze running through your hair was the best feeling you experience. You and Steve were walking hand in hand talking your day when Steve noticed a dog barreling towards you.
Before the pup could run away, Steve acted swiftly and put his feet on the leash, making the pup stop in his track. Stupid super soldier serum, you thought as you rolled your eyes. But what shocked you was the interaction between the dog and Steve. They were so friendly with each other as the dog licked his face while he scratched her ears.
You never thought Steve loved animals because his arch nemesis was Milli, Bucky’s cat. Whenever they were in a room together, they both always shared pointed looks and made faces. It became a competition between them as to who can have Bucky’s attention. It was funny for everyone else but poor Bucky was tired.
The smile on Steve’s face made you realize who can be cure to loneliness and PTSD and you soon got to work by calling the animal care shelter. You worked in silence and secret without letting Steve know about it. Finally, everything fell in place and you could pick up his surprise on his special day, his birthday.
Steve was in the lake house with Morgan on the afternoon of his birthday, everyone was together, and you all had planned to celebrate it with a barbeque dinner. You sought Morgan’s help in keeping Steve busy as you traveled to get his surprise birthday gift. After being absent for couple of hours you walked in with a huge cardboard box with a bow attached to it as a symbol of gift.
“Happy birthday, Stevie,” you gushed walked into the cabin where Morgan and he were watching movies. “Hey babe,” he pecked your lips and your gift box jumped. “What’s in that y/n?” Morgan asked curiously. “Steve’s birthday gift,” you ruffled her hair as she jumped in excitement. “Y/N you do….”, the next words died in his throat as he heard an excited woof. His eyes grew bigger as he looked at you like a child looks at candy. You put the box down on the table and answering all his prayers, you took out the tiny pup that you picked up from your local animal shelter.
Tumblr media
“Oh my god, “Morgan exclaimed as Steve took the pup in his arms. The dog took an instant liking to Steve as he snuggled in his arms giving him few licks and making him laugh. “So, what should we call him?” Your words broke his attention when Morgan chirped, “We should call him Buzz.” She gestured towards the TV where Toy Story was playing. Steve liked the name as he cooed, “welcome to your new life Buzz. We are going to have great adventure buddy.”
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People's Paradise - Part 2
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve’s feelings for you are growing but so are Bucky’s feelings for you. You are unaware of your appeal that just makes everything more complicated.
Pairing: Bucky x reader; Bucky x angel!reader
Warning: non, just fluff and feelings
Author’s note: I hope you'll enjoy this story. Please be aware that English is not my first language. And thank you to everyone who reads my stories and especially to those who write nice comments. I’m so overwhelmed by that that I can't reply (because I’m just blushing and giggling). :D 
Part 1 - His angel 
You and Bucky woke up and parted before anyone else could see you. Around lunchtime Bucky came into the common room, pissed off because his psychiatrist is the most annoying person he has ever met and because he wasn’t allowed to go on missions like the others. Then according to the doctor he was still unstable. To his surprise he found you lying headfirst on the couch. The pink headphones on your head and the slight movements of your feet implied that you were listening to music while reading a big book. Bucky leaned against the kitchen counter pouring some gin into his glas and watching you. Suddenly you looked up like you felt his presence in the room. „Oh. You’re back. How was it?“, you asked taking your headphones off. Bucky didn’t answer and just shrugged. You nodded in understanding. „Why are you here? Why aren’t you on their mission?“, Bucky asked. „I’m not allowed to go on missions. This would be interfering the human order and I would cause problems with that. Angels are watching me 24/7 to make sure I stay put.“ You looked outside the window realizing how warm and sunny it is. 
„Do you wann go out with me?“. Bucky almost choked on his drink. „Like a date?“
„Oh. I meant do you wanna go outside with me- there’s a lake nearby and it’s really peaceful there.“, you smiled at him with your big (y/e/c) eyes and Bucky hadn’t it in him to say no to you even thought he just wanted to stay home. „But I don’t swim.“ You beamed at him. „You don’t have to.“
Half an hour later you both arrived at the lake and Bucky instantly regretted it. The lake was beautiful indeed but dozen of people were there as well- running, swimming, laughing and shouting at each other. „I thought you said it’d be calm.“, Bucky muttered annoyed. „Did I?“, you said happily already looking for a nice spot. As you and Bucky lay down you couldn’t help but chuckle. He looked so out of place with his jeans and shirt and shoes still on. In contrast you lay on your stomach with a red bikini that Bucky cursed himself. Why did he decide to come to the lake with you. You were pure temptation and it took Bucky everything to resist you; to not touch you. „Why are we here again?“
You turned to your left to look at him. Bucky lay on his back but his upper body was up like a small crunch while his elbows supported his weight. His sunglasses covered his eyes but you were pretty sure screwed his eyes. „I like it here. It’s people’s paradise. Everyone here is happy and carefree.“, You hummed and started to read the next chapter. Reading it out loud so quietly that only Bucky could hear you words. The voices and laughs of the children faded away and he almost dozed off if a volleyball wouldn’t have been flying in your direction and Bucky caught the ball effortlessly with his right hand. 
Seconds later two college students were running towards you both. „I’m so sorry.“, said a high-pitched voice. The girl seemed nervous, playing with her hair and fluttering her eyelashes. „Nice catch.“, said a boy’s voice, clearly impressed. „Would you like to join? We play beach volleyball over there.“, He nodded to the girls and boys to his left. 
Before Bucky could decline you closed your book and looked up. „Beach volleyball sounds fun.“ The boy was obviously stunned by your appearance that he had a hard time trying to catch his breath. „You can play too.“, His voice was dry and nervous. „Awesome. Give us a minute.“ You clapped happily in your hands. 
„I don’t want to play volleyball with these kids.“, Bucky snarled angrily at you. „C’mon. Just one game. If you don’t like it, we will leave after that. I promise. But I’m pretty sure it will be great“
„Have you ever played it before?“, asked Bucky annoyed. „No, I haven’t but I watched the olympics last year.“, you winked at him.
You and Bucky were in opposite teams and you both dominated the game clearly. So after 3 rounds they decided to make it even more interesting. 2 versus 2. Bucky and a girl called Amanda, who was extremely good at this sport and you and a boy named Leon. Before the game started you grinned at Bucky. He looked so normal at this moment. Carefree. He laughed and you could see the little wrinkles around his eyes. He got rid of his shirt some games ago and just like the other girls you enjoyed the view of his trained body. His abs were glistening due to the sweat. This game felt like a game just between you both. Two soldiers who were tired of fighting but in that moment you both were free and normal and enjoying life.
„Be honest. You just won because of your angel power.“, Bucky chuckled as you walked to the car. You threw your head back laughing. It was already dark outside. You both spent more time at the lake than you thought. „I can’t help it. I’m an angel. I can’t turn it off.“ You looked at Bucky taking in his smile and his happiness. „I’m happy that you enjoyed today.“, you said sincerely.
„I felt like the boy I was before going to war. I thought I’d never feel that way again.“ He was thankful. Thankful that you were by his side. 
Back in the compound you guys were greeted by a rather angry Steve. „Where have you been?“ He looked furious and you couldn’t understand it. „What? Did something happen on the mission?“, you asked terrified walking up to him. Your hands were caressing his trained triceps in a comforting way. Steve shrugged off your hands. „I’ll tell you what happened. We came back from our mission and you both weren’t there. You weren’t there.“ Steve looked at you directly, accusing you to the seemingly bad thing you did. You looked around to the other avengers who looked away awkwardly. You looked back to Steve, crossing your arms. Bucky observed you intensively. You seemed unsure and puzzled. „And that was wrong?“ First, Bucky thought you were provoking Steve with your question but then it dawned on him. You didn’t know how Steve felt. You were an angel still trying to figure out how to be human. Steve pinched the bridge of his nose, clearly annoyed. „Where were you both?“ He asked.
„At the lake. We played beach volleyball.“, you smiled looking at Bucky. „You two were at our lake?“ Steve looked at you in utterly disbelief and almost heartbroken. You widened your eyes, knowing you must have said something wrong. „What? No, I mean… I don’t own this lake. Other people were there as well.“, you tried to justify your actions, thinking that Steve meant a posted property by using the possessive pronoun. He just stared at you, shaking his head and stormed out. „Steve, wait!“, you shouted but he ignored you. You slouched your shoulders and walked into your room. 
You couldn’t sleep that night so you decided to go on the balcony. You breathed in the cold, rainy air and studied the stars above your head. „I hope you don’t mind“, Suddenly Bucky stood next to you, imitate your actions by starring at the stars as well. He lighted a cigarette and exhaled. „I’m sorry about the argument with Steve.“, he said softly. „Don’t be. He was just upset because the mission was a mislead. I’ll talk with him tomorrow.“ 
„He was worried about you.“, stated Bucky. „That’s the reason why he was angry with you.“
„Really? But I’m way stronger than everyone else. That doesn’t make any sense.“, you mumbled. Bucky smiled. „Yeah. That thing never makes any sense.“, Bucky looked away from the stars and studied your face. „I enjoyed the day at the lake. I enjoyed your company.“ He whispered. „Sometimes I get the feeling that I’ve known you before. That I’ve know you my whole life.“
„Impossible.“ You whispered looking into his blue eyes and then on his lips. Bucky smelled of cigarette and coffee and rain. It was an intoxicating smell that you couldn't really focus. He was just centimeters from you and in seconds you would feel his hard lips on your soft ones. Suddenly a lout thud was heard as if someone in the kitchen dropped something. You couldn’t see the person because of the darkness. You gulped, stepping away from Bucky, making space. „I think I should go to bed now.“, you mumbled sloping your shoulders. Bucky gazed after you, regretting not kissing you. Regretting letting you go.
Adoration - Part 3
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Watch Over Me: Chapter One
Tumblr media
**Gif Not Mine**
Prev -  Next
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: M
Words: 3.2K
Warnings: none for this chapter: innuendo, language
Summary: Steve Rogers learns about the future from a woman stuck in the past.
A.N This is my jazz club reader fic I’ve been talking about writing. This fic isn’t gonna be long but I like it so I hope yall do too. I’m not using my perm taglist because it’s different than my normal content. reply, message, or inbox to be tagged. Devil Has Lilith will be updated Saturday.
Slang used in this chapter:
Dish: An attractive Woman
Butter and egg man: The money man, the man who comes to town to blow a big wad in nightclubs.
Dip the bill: Have a drink.
Corn: Bourbon
Cake-eater: A ladies’ man
Jalopy: An old car.
Drop a dime: Make a phone call
Chapter 1: There's a somebody I'm longin' to see 
“I can’t watch this anymore!” Tony said storming into the compound’s kitchen one night.  Steve looked up from his sketchbook in confusion. “I can’t watch you sit in here another friday night. It’s tragic!” 
“Ugh, not this again, Tony.” Steve says, sighing. Nat and Bucky begin snickering next to him, knowing where the conversation was going. 
“Yes, this again. Cap, I excused it for the first couple of years because you were adjusting to the times but it’s been years! If you’re not on a mission, you don’t go out! Sometimes, when Pep is having trouble sleeping I describe your social life to her, puts her right slee--” 
“Alright, I get it!” Steve cuts him off, slapping Bucky, who was in full hysterics at this point, in the arm. “I know my personal life is--” 
“Non-existent?” Nat provides.   
“Dead?” Tony adds, laughing.  
“But it’s my personal life. I’m over 100 years old. If I looked it, you guys wouldn’t be questioning my staying home.”   
“Exactly, if you looked it, I wouldn’t. But you are not that old yet.” Tony says. “Come on, let’s just all go out once. If you don’t like it, I’ll never make you go out again. I’ll even get you a coloring book or a model ship, or whatever old people do.” 
“Fine.” Steve sighed, as the man next to him cheered. “But nothing like those places you typically go to. They’re too noisy and sweaty and--” 
“Yea I got it, old-timer. We’re not going anywhere like that.” Tony provides. “My friend recently opened a restaurant where their back room is a speakeasy, very accurately themed, you need a password and everything to get in. You’ll fit right in.” 
“Prohibition ended in the 30s.” Bucky says. “Long before Stevie could even drink.” 
“Even still, work with me a little here.” Tony says. 
“Fine.” Steve sighs.  
“Awesome. Now, you’ve got to come in costume to these things so I’ve already taken the liberty of telling my tailor to make you guys something.” 
“What if I had said no?” Steve asks. 
“Oh, Cap. You should know by now I don’t take no as an answer.” 
  Steve shifted uncomfortably in his uniform. It was almost exactly like the one he would wear out during down times in the war though he knew it wasn’t the real one as that one was in the Smithsonian. Still, Tony’s tailor did a good job with seemingly all the costumes. Tony looked almost identical to how Steve remembered Howard back in the day. Bucky was in a uniform that looked similar to his back in the day, Glove covering his metal hand. Natatsha was in a sleek red gown, white gloves and pearls that was more modest than he’d seen her wear but still made her look drop dead gorgeous. 
Tony led them down a dark alley to what seemed to be a back door. Steve looked around confused as they entered the smokey hallway. At the end of the hallway there were two large doors and a lady with pinned up hair and a black shimmery dress, smoking with her feet propped up on the desk she was sitting at. 
“Evening gentlemen.” She croons in an english accent. “And lady. Are you lost?” 
“We have a meeting with Dr. Volstead.” Tony says, confidently. 
The woman tilts her head back giving all of you a once over. “It’s a nice night, isn’t it?” She asks. 
“Yes, it is. But I prefer the rain.” Tony says.  
With that the woman stands and walks over to the large doors and knocks rhythmically 3 times. The doors open to reveal a large dance hall where couples are in full swing, laughing and drinking. A trio of girls crooned a faced paced song as a jazz band was playing behind them. For a moment, Steve did actually forget he was in the 21st century. 
“Enjoy Paradise, my friends.” The woman smiles, before shutting the doors to the outside world. 
You were in the kitchen, taking a much needed headache break from the facade you had been putting up for your tables all night long when your Co-worker, Dalia, came up to you. 
“Y/N, Y/N! You have to trade tables with me.” 
You looked at her with a suspicious look. “Why?” 
“Come on, It’s a 4-top anyway. I’ll even trade you the party table for it.” That made you even more suspicious. “50 bucks for it, come on.” 
“Don’t trade, Y/N/N!” Your co-worker and friend/roommate, Jade added. “Tony Stark is in your section. I bet she only wants to give you 50 for it because she knows she’ll make 500.” 
“Come on, that’s not even why.” Dalia groans. “Black Widow is also at your table and you know she’s on my ‘Celebrities I have to fuck before I die’ list.” 
“God, are the rest of the avengers here?” You ask. 
“Not all but you know who is here?” Jade asks. “Steve Rogers.” She says, in a mocking singsong tone, jabbing you. Your crush on Captain America wasn’t really a secret anymore after you confessed it drunk one night. “And he looks almost edible.”  
You hum, you didn’t really feel like taking another table but this wasn’t a normal table. You doubt you had a chance but you weren’t passing up on serving Steve Rogers. 
“I’ll make you a deal. I still want that 50 bucks and we share the table, I’ll consider splitting the tip.” You say, the idea of making your rent in a night did appease you. 
“Now ladies, I have a song to do.” You say, leaving the girls behind in the kitchen. 
Steve, for the first time in a while it seemed, was having fun. Tony was right, he did feel like he fit right in here. He clapped with the crowd, as the three girls bowed and left the stage. The piano man stood up and took the microphone Steve could tell was only styled to look old but actually wasn’t that old. 
“One more time for the Duclaw sisters folks.” The smooth voiced man said into the microphone, inciting another round of applause from the crowd. “Our next performer is actually the last of the night.” That incited a few ‘awws’ of disappointment. “Don’t cry just yet because Old Gary never disappoints, our next performer is my personal favorite. Sings like a Canary and the Cat who caught it.” That induces a laugh from the crowd and a small chuckle from Steve. “And maybe if you’re good she’ll come on for an encore later. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Sultry Sounds of Y/N L/N.” He says, moving from the mic back to the piano as the crowd cheers. Steve watches the stage as arguably the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen seems to glide out from the backstage. She’s wearing a floor length silver gown that seemed to glimmer with every step she took. Her hair came down in long fingerwaves, pinned back so you could see the sculpt of her face. Steve would be lying if he said that wasn’t his favorite part of her facade. She had on simple eyeliner, foundation, and a bold red lip he could probably see from mars. You were beautiful, in a timeless sort of way. 
“My, my.” She crooned in an sultry old new york accent that reminded Steve of the women he grew up around. “What would your wife say if she knew I was your favorite, Old Gary?” 
“She’d agree!” The man called from the piano, inducing the chuckle from the crowd. And a deep sultry one from you. 
“Well as they say, two’s just fine but three’s a party.” She winked at the old man in a way that would make Steve weak if he wasn’t already sitting. 
“You ok there, Cap?” Tony said, snapping Steve out of the mystery woman’s trance. “You disappeared for a second.” 
“I’m fine.” Steve said, fighting the flush that threatened to spread over his face. He looks out the side of his eye to Bucky, who was smirking at him knowingly. Of course, he knew. 
“You know, you saying something about being good got me thinking, Old Gary.” She said, as the man softly played behind her. “A good man is hard to find. Great men are great, bad men are good sometimes too.” She winked to the crowd. “But every girl wants a good man, someone to watch over her.” Old Gary seems to take the cue to start playing her song. 
“There's a saying old, says that love is blind. Still we're often told, ‘seek and ye shall find’” She began singing and it made Steve sit up in his seat. She had the kind of voice that was almost beckoning. She was becoming his own personal siren. “So I'm going to seek a certain lad I've had in mind”  
“She’s a looker, huh?” The server, who introduced herself as Dalia, said as she sat down Bucky’s drink. “Y/N’s the main dish of this place.” 
“I think I’m more interested in you, doll.” Bucky flirted, shamelessly. 
“And I think I’m more interested in dames, Soldier.” She says, winking to Natasha who smiles coyly at her. Steve hardly pays them any mind as his focus was on you as you finished your song and thanked the crowd and waved while Old Gary helped her off stage. 
You were changing from your stage outfit into your floor outfit when Dalia burst into the locker room.
“Y/N/N, I actually think I might have a chance with Widow. I mean, she’s kinda been ignoring me the whole night but when I mentioned I was into girls she smiled!” Dalia ranted, excitedly as you nodded. You turned your back to her so she’d get the clue to zip you up which she does. “Also, you should’ve seen the way Steve Rogers was watching you sing. He totally wants to hit that.” That makes you perk up a bit. 
“I doubt it. I have it under good authority that he hasn’t hit anything in over 70 years. I doubt I’m what he’s been waiting for.” You laugh. “Still, it’s fun to think about.” 
Dalia tugs you out of the locker room. “Come on, let's get back out there.” 
You sighed before stepping out of the locker room and seemingly out of this century. 
You fake laughed with a guest at the bar as you grabbed your tray of drinks and made your way over to the table that had been making you nervous all night. You placed the four whiskey rocks drinks on the tables. 
“Courtesy of Dean.” You say, placing the drinks down. Stopping at Tony Stark. “Don’t know why? You seem to be the butter and egg man out tonight. 
“Butter and egg?” He asks, looking to Steve and Bucky. 
“Means money man, High roller.” Bucky explains, Steve nods. 
“Ah, well I am that.” Tony says, laughing. “I must say Miss, what was it? Y/N?” You nod confirming. “I have to say you are quite the performer.” 
“Thank you kindly, Mr. Stark. Go ahead, dip your bill.” You say pointing to the drink, Hoping they’d get the hint. They did of course, after seeing Steve and Bucky take a sip. You watch Steve grimace slightly at the taste of the liquor. 
“Everything alright, fella?” 
You watch Steve flush at the attention being tossed his way. You can’t help the confident smirk that graced your face knowing it was you that had Steve Rogers flustered. “I’m fine, I just don’t enjoy the taste.” 
You hum. “Yea, it’s the big cheese’s favorite drink and he’s known for liking it rough.” You wink, somehow making Steve flush more. That made you want to push it more. “I’ve got some corn in the back they call the Y/N because it feels really good when it’s going down.” That makes Steve choke a little and induces a hearty laugh from the group. “Can I get you a glass, Soldier?”  
“Y-Yea, I’d like that.” Steve flushes. It was almost fun at this point. 
“I’d love to try the real thing.” Bucky says, flirting right back with a smirk you knew has to make every girl in the 40s weak in the knees. You didn’t indulge him though. 
“Well, aren’t you a regular cake-eater.” You smirk. “I’ll be back with two glasses.”  
“I see the serum didn’t enhance your ability to talk to pretty girls.” Bucky laughs as you want away. Steve can’t help but become a little distracted by the sway of your hips. 
The rest of the night seemed to go like that. You bringing them drinks and flirting with the captain anyway you could just to see the pretty flush that spread across his face. But soon the time came for the superheroes to take their leave. As you sat the check in front of Tony, you brushed a hand over the Captain’s shoulder admiring the broadness of them. 
“You’ll come back and see me, Sugar?” You say, phrasing it like a question despite it not really being one. Steve nods, dumbfounded by you. You smile and wink at him before walking away. 
You’re in the kitchen eating the pizza you had ordered earlier when your manager, Dean comes out of his office for the first time that shift. 
“Y/N!” You roll your eyes when you hear him scream your name. “What do you think you’re doing?!” 
“I’m eating dinner. Something I could’ve done on my break if I ever got one.” 
“You know you’re not supposed to be eating anything that couldn’t be made in the 30s. People pay for the illusion and if they see you gorging yourself on pizza, it ruins it.” 
“No one’s looking in the fucking kitchen, Dean.” 
“Uh-huh, and another thing. You know what kind of songs you’re supposed to sing.” You roll your eyes harder. You knew this argument was coming. “That song is from the 50s and you knew it.” 
“None of those bullshit hipsters know who Ella fucking Fitzgerald is!” You yell. “Much less what years her fucking songs came out. That song killed and that’s all that fucking matters.” 
“Change your set or you’re fired.” 
That makes you laugh in his face. “Uh-huh, as if you’re going to find a singer who’ll work as cheap as me.” You say, brushing past him. “See you tomorrow.” 
Steve comes back to the bar the following week. He tells himself that it’s just for a quick drink but he knew the real reason was because he could not stop thinking about you. He also knew you were probably just being friendly because it’s your job to. He just needed you to reject him so he could go on with his life. 
He found himself in that hallway again approaching the woman he had seen last week. 
“Evening, Sir.” She says. “Are you lost?” 
“Umm.. I have a meeting with Mr. Volstead?” Steve questions, not really recalling the password fully. 
The woman hums. “Nice night, no?” She says. 
“I prefer the rain.” 
The woman sighs. “I’m sorry. I typically would let you in because I don’t really care but technically I’m not supposed to let anyone who doesn’t know the password in… even if  they are kinda famous.” She says. “The password changes every week. I’m sure if you ask Mr. Stark, he can find it for you.” 
“Oh, no worries. Sorry for wasting your time.” Steve sighs, turning back out the building. 
He’s approaching where he parked his bike when he hears a string of expletives being screamed followed with a car stuttering before not starting. He looks over to see a woman angrily get out of her car and lift the hood to see it smoking. The woman lets out another stream of expletives before kicking the tire and leaning her head on the roof of the car, defeated. For some reason, he feels compelled to go over and see how he could help. As he got closer he couldn’t believe his luck, it was you. He tapped you lightly on the shoulder and you turned with the beginnings of tears in your eyes. 
“Oh, Soldier!” You said, quickly turning around to wipe your eyes and putting the facade you typically used with customers back up. “I almost got offended when you didn’t come back to see me. Imagine a broad’s old luck.” You said, smiling flirtatiously. Steve didn’t buy that smile for a second. He could see in your eyes you were still upset. 
“Everything okay?” He asks. 
“Oh, everything’s swell! This old jalopy has seen better days, gonna drop a dime to a friend hopefully--” You cut yourself off, switching into your normal speaking voice. “Listen, I’m sorry I just can’t keep talking like this off the clock. I’ll drive myself insane. Please, don’t tell my boss. I’m already on thin ice for not ‘maintaining the illusion’.” 
Steve laughs, a weight suddenly feeling lifted off his shoulders. Suddenly you weren’t this mysterious woman who seemed to have all the right things to say and how to say them. You were human, just like him. “Your secret’s safe with me.” He says. 
“Good.”  You say, smiling briefly. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’ve gotta call Triple A for a tow.” You say, pulling your cell phone out. Steve had to admit it looked a little weird to see you with a cellphone in your olden days attire. 
“How will you get home?” He asks. 
“I’ll probably hoof it.” You shrug. “Or take the subway.” 
“At night?!” Steve says, incredulously. “No, I can take you if you’d like.” 
You look at him, hopefully. “I don’t want to be a burden.” You say. 
“You won’t be one.” He smiles. God, that smile made you feel a little weak. 
“Okay.” You smile back. 
“Are you hungry by chance?” He asks, as the two of you walk back to his ride. “I was going to eat in the bar but I couldn’t remember the password.” He says, sheepishly. 
That makes you laugh out loud. “Those passwords are such bullshit, Dean keeps changing them to keep it ‘exclusive’ but they always end up online anyway.” You say. “Every server has their own password, to keep track of regulars coming in. If you tell them you have a rose delivery for Mae, They’ll take you to my table no questions.” 
“Mae?” Steve asks. 
“For Mae West.” You explain, That makes Steve laugh again, of course you liked Mae West. “I could eat though. There’s actually a diner right down the road from here.” 
“Perfect.” He says, straddling onto his bike. He raises an eyebrow at you when you hesitate. “Something wrong?” 
“I’ve never ridden on a bike before is all.” 
“As long as you hold on to me, you’ll be fine.” He says, smirking when he sees a flush creep over your face as he hands you his helmet. It was about time for you to be flustered by your interactions. 
“I have no problems with that.” You say, placing that helmet on your head after you straddle the bike behind him. Your hands are tight around his waist as the two of you ride out of the lot, leaving Paradise behind. 
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does anyone want a neighbour! steve rogers one shot this weekend? as a treat... also known as wherefore keeps thinking about how steve thought sharon was just a cute neighbour with laundry to get coffee with and i want!! that!! for!! him!!!
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orphan-with-a-stutter · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Captain, no offense but you don’t want me on an aircraft.” You told to the one and only Steve Rogers.
“It’s not up to me (y/n), but knowledge would be helpful.” Steve replied to you.
“Do you even know what I’m capable of, Cap? Just the tiniest bit of nerves and everything can go wrong and if I get to hot I’ll pass out.” You said to him.
“I’m aware, but they stay you have been keeping things under control and as long as the temperature doesn’t go past sixty five you’re good.” He answered thinking back to before he arrived.
Nick had sent him to bring you back to be part of the avengers and because also like your brother, you had a knowledge for science.
~Begin flashback~
“(Y/n) Banner. Located up in Alaska, like her brother Bruce solitude seemed like the best option.” Nick told Steve.
“What happened to her?” Steve asked.
“Her and a few others were working on an experiment, obviously something with freezing technology.” Nick started to tell him.
“Over night someone messed with it and the next day as they add other things to it, it exploded. Only (y/n) survived the others revived a quick and deadly blast of cold.” Agent Hill explained.
“Of course the blast cause (y/n)’s body to adjust to freezing cold temperatures and the ability to freeze anything she touches.” Nick stated.
“It was out of control at first. The more she worried the less controllable it was. She caused lots of damage and as she feared herself so did the world.” Hill told Steve.
“And you want her and Bruce on here? Is that a good idea?” Steve asked.
“We need them and if things get bad for either one we have ways to contain them.” Nick answered.
~End flashback~
You waved your hand in front of Steve.
“Cap? You still here?” You questioned.
“Yes, so will you come? You could be a big help, plus if Bruce agrees as well then-“
“Wait Bruce will be there?” You asked in disbelief.
“He’s being asked now, about halfway around the world.” Steve told you.
“You found him?” You asked mostly to yourself. “Alright cap I’m in.” You said to Steve.
Because this popped into my head
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