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Tumblr media
Thankfully it looks like the Tigra thing is a short lived problem... but the real big thing here is how incredibly powerful this is of Wanda. While I know eventually the levels of her power will get to, right now she is just “lady who Hexes things and maybe throws a spell or two” so to see her just demolish an entire building with her powers is a might big step up on the power scale...
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gabineteolvidado · 2 hours ago
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I keep trying submit all the commisions, i get distracted pretty easy and forget abt it, lol
@simonsworkshop !! here iss!, finally :3 
this is one of my ych, cuddle edition, with barton and bobbi, marvel.
anyway, all i can say is, barton looks absolutely beautiful here 💕
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@bokketo asked: Clint kisses Maria's neck lazily. "Either pick a better movie," he says into the spot just behind her ear and drops another kiss there, "or turn it off, will you?"
“Are you judging my taste in movies after I fed you?” Maria asks. Normally she would turn around and give him a look, but Clint was kissing her neck and, well, she liked kisses. It would be a shame to dislodge him. She shivers at the kiss behind her ear. It's a sensitive spot and he is definitely using it against her. “Fine. It’s not my fault you don’t appreciate nineties romcoms.” She thumbs the power button and the tv goes dark. Maria turns towards Clint, her eyes dropping to his lips. “Are you going to kiss me properly, or are you more interested in teasing me?”
random asks || always accepting
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Things go from bad to worse for the WCA as we see that also, for some reason, Tigra has gone... for lack of a better word, feral. 
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zarabithia · 4 hours ago
In an a/u where Kate is the First Hawkeye (And the Young Avengers are THE Avengers and the AVENGERS are the YOUNG AVENGERS) ... who does Kate have a spectacularly failed marriage to
a. Eli
b. Tommy
c. America
d. Cassie
(failed, but still friends is the key)
(yes, Baby Clint will exist, and instead of being steve’s problem this time around he will be Kate’s lol)
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quotablefanfiction · 4 hours ago
Heimdall bowed his head slightly, his golden horned helmet gleaming. Clint wondered what it was about Asgardians and entirely impractical headgear. He had a suspicion that Thor had an equally stupid helmet around here somewhere.
Clint is judgey about Asgard headgear fashion (chp. 12)
By Any Other Name by Liannabob (AO3) Avengers (Marvel Movies)/Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters – Mature – Natasha Romanov/Hansel, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov #Crossover #Alternate Universe #Mindswap #Humor #Angst #Fluff #Domestic #Masturbation #Kinda disturbing sex scene #Not non-con but kinda unhealthy #Bad coffee pot etiquette #BAMFery
A Clint/Hansel mindswap fic with a whole lot more plot than that statement might imply. I mean, lots of crossover shenanigans, of course. But also a plot.
Please enjoy.
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ladyrakuen-design · 6 hours ago
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Tumblr media
The Lady of the Night
1 | 2 | 3
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starspangledbigbang · 6 hours ago
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Artist (plus Artist Pinch Hitter) sign ups for Star Spangled Big Bang 2021 are open now through Friday, 4 June! Sign up and collab on some awesome team cap content!
Event Schedule
Rules & Requirements
Artist Sign Up Form
[Comic panel used in this graphic is from Captain America (1968) Issue #310]
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pile-of-anxiety · 6 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Aw, Hawkeyes, No!
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incorrectquotesmcu · 6 hours ago
Clint: You can close yourself off all you want, the Universe will find a way.
Natasha: That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard.
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Tumblr media
want to see the same picture of Clint Barton everyday? follow here!
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oxymitch · 7 hours ago
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Tumblr media
A preview of Giant Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1 
Everything comes down to this! Kingpin’s quest that violates all natural law! Tombstone and Robbie Robertson’s years’ old enmity! Randy Robertson and Beetle’s timeless love! Boomerang’s scheme! Spider-Man’s whole status quo!
Written by: Nick Spencer Art by: Roge Antonio Cover by: Mark Bagley Page Count: 44 Pages Release Date: May 12, 2021 Age Rating: 12+ Only
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not-the-blue · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
so me and @captainjimothycarter were thinking, what if bucky was a werewolf but because he was turned recently or he was frozen for a while or whatever, he turns into a baby wolf?
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lokistoriesblog · 8 hours ago
Sin City
A/N: This is my first ever fic, losing my fic virginity lol! The stress from being an essential worker during COVID has been unreal so getting lost in Loki has been a much needed dose of serotonin. Enjoy, happy to hear any feedback :)
Summary: Thor, Loki, Natasha, Clint and Y/N spend a night out in Las Vegas following a successful mission. After many rounds of drinks the lure of a bet and a Chapel leave Y/N waking up to a man in their bed and a wedding ring on their finger.
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters.
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Length: 2500 words
Warnings: Alcohol & fluff
The sun peaking through the hotel curtains woke you from your deep sleep. As your eyes flutter open to welcome the morning you notice a cool hand wrapped around your waist. Your heart skips a beat for a moment and a sinking feeling sets in.  Who were sharing a bed with? Your mind runs blank not able to even remember getting back to the hotel last night.
Could you slip out of bed without them noticing? You begin to plan your exit strategy but the frim hand twitches sending shock waves down your spine. Oh no, are they awake? Was this some random guy you picked up at the casino last night? What would the others think? You couldn't bring yourself to look back at the owner of the firm hand, but as you gained the courage to get up and put your exit strategy into action you heard a muffled sign from behind you.
“Good morning love”, said the smooth voice. All of the oxygen expelled from your body like you had been hit by a truck because in that moment you knew exactly who you were wrapped up in bed with, without even looking. Loki.
You gasp to catch your breath but surely you had to be dreaming, or you misheard, it could not be Loki. You take a deep breath to regain control of your spinning world and turn your head over to look at the God of Mischief right in his blue eyes. One piercing look was all it took for the entire series of events leading to this moment to come flooding back to you.
Tony had sent you, Thor, Natasha, Clint and Loki to collect classified documents and artifacts from an ex Hydra facility in Nevada just outside of Las Vegas. Being one of the newest and youngest agents, you were brought on the mission to help mitigate any potential fallout from the raid because Stark was keen to not have a repeat of Sokovia. Thankfully the mission had been a success, you had even managed to stop a knife from hitting Loki in the thigh which he thanked you with only a half smile while he and Thor fought off the others so Nat and Clint could grab the items for Tony.
Since the mission ended early the team had 24 hours to kill before they were due back in New York for the debrief meeting. It was then that Nat and Thor hatched a plan to check out the nearby Las Vegas strip.
Thor was eager to experience the infamous 'Sin City' having only heard about it from Tony. Nat, of course, egged him on and before you knew it you were walking down the strip.
There were people everywhere and almost everyone thought you were just actors in costumes and left you be. The Las Vegas strip was home to all kinds of unique characters and you hardly stood out, even Thor and Loki in their Asgardian garbe blended in for the most part. Except Thor, of course, was stopped by a Bachelorette party and a round of flirtatious selfies followed. Clint groaned and Loki rolled his eyes in clear annoyance of his brother's popularity.
The group walked into a casino and first checked out the roulette tables. Loki seemed intrigued, and with a flash of green magic he fabricated chips out of thin air to place a bet on black. Of course he won and doubled his money, Thor was exuberant and you slow clapped mocking his success. Loki cashed out his winnings with the teller and Thor declared “the first round is on Loki!”.
Everyone was so thrilled with how seamless the mission was, we were all riding a natural high into the Elixir lounge. The drinks kept flowing and the jovial times continued.
Thor kept ordering countless pitchers of ale to the table while Loki and Clint took shots of Whiskey. Being the newest member of the group, you were keen to drink away any nerves while brushing shoulders with deadly assassins and literal Gods. You were pounding back shots of tequila at a pace you had never met before, letting a little hiccup escape your lips. “Be careful little one” Loki mused with a smirk. “Please, as if you could keep up with me” you bit back looking him right in the eye as you downed another round. Nat laughed clearly enjoying that someone was finally giving the trickster a run for his money.
You had spent time with Thor before, but never Loki. There was something about him that made you nervous and you felt like knots were moving around in your stomach whenever he looked in your direction. You shook your head as if to wash the feeling away.
As the night went on and the drinks began to multiply, Nat and Clint were providing an impromptu education to the Asgardian Princes on the saying ‘What Happens in Vegas’.
“What an interesting concept, and here I thought Midgardians did not have a capacity for such mischief.” Loki muttered while sipping on his drink.
You heard his mutterings and thought for a moment to let it go but you were feeling bold with the alcohol running through your veins, “There are a lot of things you do not give us *Midgardians* credit for” you said rolling your eyes as you placed a hand on Loki’s forearm, teasing him.
“Careful, Y/N, do not forget you are speaking to the God of Mischief himself” Thor teased as if sensing the growing tension between you and Loki.
The group grew restless at the bar as they felt the call of the lights from the strip and decided to walk back to the hotel. Nat and Clint were still teasing Thor on some Earthly traditions, while you and Loki walked in the back of the pack taking in the night sky. Every once and a while the liquor would catch up with you and you would stumble a little causing Loki to smirk.
“Watch yourself darling.” Loki said with an eyeroll. He had been so pleasant this evening, nothing like how the others made him out to be. You were not sure if it was the successful mission or something else, but he seemed to be enjoying himself and was even getting along well with Thor, having brotherly banter back and forth. They both were fascinated by this place which seemed to test their understanding of us meager earth dwellers.
Thor turned around to face you and Loki with his eyes almost bulging out of his head, the biggest grin on his face. “Brother! You will not believe this” Unsure if Loki was keen to indulge his brother, or if he was generally interested he lept forward with a hint of mischief in his eye.
“You see that chapel there, Lady Widow explains that apparently in some bizarre Midgardian tradition you can marry here in less than 10 minutes” Thor exclaimed, grabbing his brother on the shoulder in a playful manner.
“Are you serious?” Loki asked Nat, clearly baffled by this development. “Yah, Vegas is famous for their shot-gun weddings. Is there not something similar on Asgard?”
Loki genuinely laughed in disbelief “Absolutely not, Asgardians are sticklers when it comes to traditions.”
“Weddings are week long celebrations with endless events and complex rituals. If I knew it was this easy, maybe I would ask any fair maiden on the street here to marry me by night's end.” Loki smirked as he opened his arms as if to welcome a hoard of willing participants.
Everyone laughed, the alcohol had clearly taken its affect on you all, giggling like rebellious teenagers. “Looks like they are really lining up” You chimed in.
“Y/N, you wound me” Loki puts his hand on his heart as if to pretend you stabbed him, a smile creeping up on him. Was Loki drunk? He wasn’t this friendly around Stark tower, or was it that he enjoyed his current company you wondered.
“Ah well, I am sure your future wife could be at any of these other casinos, I mean they can’t all be secret agents who save you from the occasional rouge dagger!” you joke back rubbing in your save from earlier that day. But you notice now your face is completely flush, had the banter with Loki made you blush? You were not the only one to notice this slight development either.
“Any women on the street eh Loki? Seems Y/N is keen” Thor jested back.
You laugh thinking you are all joking around, “Clint you might have to procure some wedding bands soon if these two keep this up”. What you forgot to remember was that this was the God of Mischief you were talking to, and this was a challenge he would likely not back away from.
Thor, clearly the most intoxicated of the group, had one hand on your shoulder and the other on Loki “YEESSS! What a fantastic idea, Y/N you can always get an annulment if my brother does not live up to his reputation" he said with a wink. You feel your heart pounding harder and faster, they had to be joking, as if you a simple agent would marry an Asgardian Prince, even if it was just for a laugh.
Nat chimes in as the voice of reason, “It's all fun and games boys but I dont think Y/N is really looking to get hitched to an intergalactic prince, of that I can be certain.” The fun died down for a moment as they thought their little scheme had fizzled. But you looked up at Loki who still had the look of Mischief in his eye and a smirk on his face. “You're right Nat," his silky voice called out. "I don't think Y/N is up to the challenge anyways, a little too daring for an innocent thing like her.”
You weren't sure if it was the alcohol in your veins or the magnetic pull you began to feel towards Loki but you were not going to let him have the last laugh. “You want to bet, Reindeer Games?” You knew this nickname of Starks would be sure to gas him up.
“You are in for it now, Brother” bellowed Thor. “What do you say, Loki?”
“Here we go” Clint mumbled under his breath.
A grin spread across Loki’s face and the next thing you knew he was down on one knee, clearly making a big spectacle to amplify his joke, and asked you “Lady Y/N of Midgard, would you do me the great honour and privilege of being my wife?” Loki held his hand out, placing your hand on his. A shiver ran over your body feeling his cold touch.
Loki was calling your bluff, he expected you to chicken out of this challenge. Another spark of green flashed before your eyes and a deep green velvet box appeared in his hand, opening to reveal a 4 carat emerald and gold ring. Your heart was racing, you knew he was pulling a stunt but again you felt pulled toward him.
“Who could say no to a proposal like that” you said with a wink. What were you doing? Your body was telling you to back away but your mouth kept going along with this ridiculous scheme. Loki rose and placed the ring on your finger.
“We’re going to the Chapel, and you’re gonna get marrrried” sung Clint as he sipped back an unknown substance from a flask he carried on our short walk to the cheesy Las Vegas chapel.
Thor and Loki marvel at the tiny chapel while they fixed bow ties to their regular Asgardian attire. Nat was attaching a tacky headband veil to your head, you all couldn't help chuckling at this outlandishness of this evening. Even with his clip on bow tie, Loki still looked like a chiseled God, his leather outfit clinging to his lean but muscular frame.
The elvis officiant was ready to begin when you shouted out to Thor “Come on Thor, you don't get to get out of this that easy - you are walking me down the aisle”
“Okay, Y/N, now's your last chance to back out of this” he offered.
“Oh, there is no way I would give him the satisfaction and the upper hand, I am so doing this.” you said with determination.
“Brave girl” Thor laughed and linked arms with you before you began your short trip down the blue velvet aisle.
You and Loki kept giggling while a poor excuse for an Elvis presided over your ceremony. Clint and Nat were sitting in the front two seats taking sips out of a flask. All jokes stood still while it was time for the vows, for a moment you and Loki locked eyes and there was a peculiar look on his face, one of almost awe as you said ‘I Do”.
“You may kiss your bride, thank you, thank you very much” You could hear Clint sighing at the scheer ridiculousness of what was transpiring before him.
Loki locked eyes with you and before you knew it he had cupped your face in his firm hands and brought your lips to greet his. You almost forgot about your dare and lost yourself in Loki’s embrace.
He let you come up for air for a moment before pushing you in this time, his tongue exploring you. Your heart was beating out of our chest and you kissed Loki back for what felt like an eternity.
Nat coughed as to suggest that we were putting on quite the show, you let go of one another for a moment before the music began playing. Thor was shouting obscenities and congratulations to you both, Loki grabbed your hand and you ran out of the chapel like two giddy kids having pulled off one of the greatest jokes.
You came crashing back to reality, a grin on your face as you relived each moment from the night prior. Loki used the hand on your waist to turn you over bringing your body to face him in bed. Your legs still wrapped in his. Your chest pressed against his.
“Loki, tell me we didn’t!” You played as you placed your hand on his collarbone.
Loki let out a chuckle and smirked, “Now that, I cannot do.”
You looked at him in disbelief. Could this really be happening? You MARRIED the God of Mischief himself? You put your hand to cover your mouth in shock but in doing so you noticed the ring on your ring finger. Loki smirked again, he was clearly enjoying your reaction. Your face was beet red as you took in your surroundings.
Your clothes from the night before were thrown all over the room, making you look down under the duvet to reveal you are completely naked as was Loki. Fragments of bliss flashed in your memory of your return to the hotel room last night, you could tell your face was flush.
Loki pulled you closer to him and buried himself in your neck, leaving a trail of kisses leading to your ear purring, “No need to blush I have already devoured every inch of you, Mrs. Laufesyon."
Thanks for reading! I may or may not be writing a NSFW follow-up to this fic, let me know if you would want to read that.
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canon-call · 10 hours ago
hey!! clint barton from mcu/earth-616 here! i'm a mix of both canons, and i primarily live in bed-stuy with lucky! i'm mostly looking for natasha romanoff & kate bishop, though i'm happy to find more of the team, too. i don't have a secret farm family, so if your clint does, i'm not him!! send me a message on here and i'll get back to you asap :) whether we're canonmates or not, it'd still be nice to talk!
@alloyarrows !!!
they are 26 so please be mindful of that ^.^
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westannatasharomanoff · 12 hours ago
Natasha: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool my best friend, you’re dead fucking meat.
Clint: That’s... tender.
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