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funnyincorrectmcu · 4 minutes ago
MJ: *changes outfit* Okay, see, this outfit is better. It’s darker. Peter: *mumbles* Darker, better, stronger, faster. MJ: *glares at him* Get out.
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gamingshots · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Well umm… weird things have been going on. Like, physically.” “Oh… uh… OH… uh… Well, you know, you’re at that age where your body starts to change, and, so you may be noticing some… areas… for examp--” “NO! Not that. Uhh… think it’s… It’s better that I just, um. I show you.” “No… no, no, no, no-”
------------------------------ "It’s pretty weird, right?” "Not that weird.”
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acearoteen · an hour ago
Michelle gets super powers basically just super strength and durability healing factor as powerful as Peter's and flight along with enhanced senses and peter is having fun training her and Michelle is ecstatic that peter just throws her to help her take off and fly peter is glad that he doesn't have to hold back as much when he touches her
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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avenging-fandoms · an hour ago
Hi, I love you work so much! I’ve been lurking your blog but I saw that you like Marvel. I was wondering if I could get a fluffy blurb with Peter Parker (Spider-man) on waiting in his room to study and he sneaks in (much like in the movie with Ned) and he freaks out and it’s all cute and stuff. Thank you so much!
Tumblr media
“hey yn! uhm, peter’s not here right now, but you’re more than welcome to wait in his room for him. he just went to ned’s to grab something he forgot from after school” aunt may let you in and you thanked her, heading to peter’s room.
you sat on his bed, dumbfounded, eyebrows together as you thought about how he lied to you. he said he was staying after school for a club, nothing about ned’s house.
while you waited for peter, you caught up on your reading. shoes off, laying on peters bed against the wall with the window slightly cracked. you checked your phone to see it said 8:37pm and you sighed.
you marked your page with a loud huff, stopping your movements when you heard the farthest window open. you covered your mouth as something, no, someone climbed on the roof, dropping down with a soft thud.
the person took off the mask and your eyes nearly bug out of your head as you saw it was your boyfriend. you dropped your book and peter snapped his head to you, his eyes panicked and you slowly stood up.
“you’re… you’re spider-man! you’re the guy on the news, peter! how could you have not told me-” peter’s hand covered your mouth and he pressed the spider in the middle of his suit and it fell loose around his body.
peter stepped out of the suit, pulling his hand away. “yn, i’m not spider-man! i just.. like to.. dress up like him!”
“bullshit i just saw you climb on your ceiling!” you exclaim and peter placed his hand on your mouth again and you sigh, biting down softly. peter gasped quietly and pulled away, your hands on your hips. “why didn’t you tell me?”
“well.. because.. i don’t know” peter pulled on a sweatshirt and basketball shorts, sitting on his bed. you sat down close next to him, peter playing with your fingers. “you remember when i went on that trip?”
“yeah to go see your family. is that where you got your spider powers?” you bounce softly and he smiles, shaking his head.
“mr. stark needed me to go to germany with him. something about captain america-” you held up your hand and peter stopped his sentence, eyebrows raised a bit.
“stark. as in tony stark?!” peter grunted and pulled you to the bed, his leg on top of you with his nose touching yours.
“yn, i love you. but if you shout about this one more time, i’m gonna have to web your mouth closed, alright?” peter explained and you smirk.
“i don’t know, that sounds fun” you wink and peter rolled his eyes, making you giggle. he fell on the bed next to you and you rolled to your side, tracing his nose. “i thought you trusted me” you whisper and peter looks at you.
“i do, yn. i trust you with my life. it’s just… being spider-man isn’t something i wanted to let everyone know. only mr. stark knows it’s me under the mask. and you. but i didn’t tell you because i didn’t want you to freak out and leave me or.. slip up and tell someone by accident” you nuzzle your nose into his cheek, arm over his stomach and his hand rubbed up and down your arm.
“i promise you until the end of time i’ll keep this a secret. i love you, peter, and i’d never do anything to get you in trouble or hurt” peter smiled, kissing you softly.
“i love you more, yn. thank you. for everything” you smile and nod, sighing as you closed your eyes. you shot up quickly, scaring peter.
“do you lay eggs like a spider too?!”
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simpforthemcu · 2 hours ago
Tony: You know how you always wanted a new Rolex watch?
Tony, opening the door: That's right, I got a llama!
Pepper, simultaneously: What?!?!
Y/n, simultaneously: YES!!
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wwprice1 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A haunting scene from Spectacular Spider-Man #189...
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hchollym · 2 hours ago
Any ship: They broke up after a huge argument, but a few weeks later one of them gets amnesia (accident? Magic?) and forgets about the fight/break up but remembers being together.
I love this prompt too! I went with Spideynova again, because there’s not nearly enough content for them. This takes place directly after episode 2x17 - Guardians of the Galaxy. Thank you for giving me more inspiration! :)
Warnings: Some Angst, Lying, and Manipulation (well-meaning, but still).
Peter can admit that this is partially his fault.
Okay, it’s all his fault.
What kind of person doesn’t realize that their boyfriend used to have an old team in space, especially when said boyfriend mentioned it plenty of times? Peter hasn’t always been the best listener, but this is bad, even for him.
He felt like a complete jerk when Sam looked so hurt from the realization that Peter didn’t know, and Peter can’t even blame Sam for breaking up with him when they returned to Earth. Honestly, he’s just glad that Sam didn’t decide to stay with the Guardians instead, because if their positions were reversed, Peter would have been seriously tempted.
He wants to apologize, but every time he tries, it’s like the words die on his tongue. How exactly do you apologize for that? Sorry for not listening to one of the most important things about you even though you tried sharing it with me several times. I’ll do better next time. Somehow, that doesn’t seem like enough.
And Peter does listen to Sam: he knows Sam’s favorite color and food, his mother’s name, his first pet, his biggest fears. Hell, he even knows what shampoo Sam uses! Yet that all seems so trivial when he missed such a big piece of Sam’s history, and this feels like one problem that he’s not capable of solving.   
Sam doesn’t ignore him, per se, but he definitely keeps his distance, and Peter misses him. The worst part is that he knows that he has no one to blame but himself.
It’s been two weeks since their breakup, and Peter is regretting it now more than ever. Sam decided to go on a mission alone, without Peter for back-up (undoubtedly to avoid seeing him), and he got hit with some weird blue mist that made him lose parts of his memory. If Peter hadn’t messed up so badly, then Sam wouldn’t have gone alone, and maybe they could have prevented this. The guilt gets added to his ever-growing pile, and he’s not sure if he wants to scream or cry.
There’s a knock on the door, and he expects it to be Ava or Luke or Danny, encouraging him to go see Sam, but he’s not sure that’s what Sam would want, and he’s trying to respect the other’s wishes even though it’s killing him not to swing right over and make sure he’s okay.
He’s surprised to find Sam standing outside his door instead, and he’s even more surprised to see Sam grinning at him before stepping inside to press a quick kiss to Peter’s lips. Peter freezes, mind short-circuiting as he blinks at his ex-boyfriend. Sam frowns at his expression.
“What’s up, Parker? Are you okay?”
Peter opens and closes his mouth a few times, which probably makes him look like a fish, before stuttering out, “Wait, didn’t you lose your memory?!” Sam merely shrugs.
“Yeah, but only the last few weeks are missing, and the doc thinks it will come back sooner or later, so no big deal,” he responds nonchalantly, and Peter’s mind is racing.
Sam doesn’t remember their breakup. He thinks they’re still together. Peter has a chance to fix things.
Of course, the right thing to do would be to tell Sam the truth. Peter should do that. But at the same time, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to use this time to fix things. He wouldn’t take advantage of Sam; he would just prove to Sam that he does care about him, and that he can (and will) do better, so when Sam remembers, maybe he’ll forgive him.
He’s torn between doing what’s right ethically and doing what’s right for their relationship when Sam seems to get annoyed by his silence. He grabs the back of Peter’s head, pulling him close and kissing him fervently until Peter is lightheaded and suddenly can’t remember why it’s a bad idea to go along with this.
When Sam pulls away, he grins and asks, “So what are you buying me for dinner tonight, Webs?”
Peter shakes himself out of his stupor and forces himself to focus. Operation Fix Relationship is on!
They order Chinese take-out and sit on the couch before Peter finally broaches the topic.
“Will you tell me about your old team?” Sam looks surprised and then pleased, and that makes Peter feel another stab of guilt.
Sam tells him stories about his time with the Guardians, boasting a little – okay, a lot – but Peter finds that he doesn’t mind. It is pretty awesome, and he has to admit that he’s proud of how cool his boyfriend is. When he tells him as much, Sam freezes in shock for a moment before suddenly crushing their lips together, kissing Peter so passionately that it makes him dizzy.
The next few days, Peter does what he should have been doing all along: he texts Sam every morning to say “good morning” and every night to say “good night”, he asks more specific questions about Sam’s life (listening to every detail when he responds), and he shows Sam how well he knows him by ordering his favorite foods, playing the songs he likes, giving him a new t-shirt in his favorite color, and even telling him how much he likes his specific cologne.
Sam seems happy with the attention, and he’s taken to cuddling Peter more, which initially surprised the webslinger. They’ve never cuddled much together in the past – though Peter has nothing against it – but now it seems like they hold each other every time they’re somewhere private. It’s sweet and comfortable and less awkward than Peter would have assumed it would be.
Still, no matter how well things are going, the guilt of lying to Sam weighs heavily on Peter’s mind. He’s a bit surprised that no one else has told Sam, but he assumes they’re leaving that decision up to him, and as much as he’d love to keep going like this forever, he can’t stop feeling like he’s betraying Sam’s trust. That’s why he knows that he has to tell Sam the truth, even if he loses him in the process.
He asks Sam to come over, leading him to his bedroom before admitting everything – his deceit, their break-up, and his attempts to fix things. When he’s done, Sam just shrugs.
“I know,” Sam confesses. Peter blinks in shock.
“What do you mean, you know?” He asks in bewilderment, and Sam grins sheepishly.
“I actually remembered everything after the first day. I guess I just wanted to see how you’d act with me.” Peter’s eyes widen.
“Whoa! You were trying to trick me?” He accuses, and Sam scowls.
“You were trying to trick me first! And yeah, maybe I liked the fact that you were actually acting like a boyfriend for once!” Peter physically flinches, because yeah, he deserves that. 
“You’re right. I’ve been a jerk, and I’m really sorry, Sam. I do listen to you most of the time, but I really screwed up with this one, and I don’t have any excuses for it. I just want you to know that I will do better if you give me another chance.” There; he said it. He put himself out there - without jokes and puns - and what happens next is up to Sam. 
“You already have been better, this past week, and that’s really all I wanted,” Sam admits.
“So does that mean that we’re good?” Peter asks, his eyes shining hopefully, and Sam nods with a smile.
“Yeah, we’re good. But only if you admit that I’m the best superhero.” Peter snorts.
“Nope, Groot is still cooler than you,” he counters, and Sam’s grin never falters as he shrugs.
“Alright, you got me there.”
Peter kisses him gently, and he can feel Sam smile into the kiss before the other boy suddenly pulls back.
“But if you ever tell any one that I like to be the little spoon, then I will go back to the Guardians faster than you can say ‘Bucket-Head’, got it, Webs?” Peter laughs, and when he kisses Sam again, he feels like he’s floating in space, because he knows that they’re going to be okay.
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emily-thefanficwritter · 3 hours ago
Hi everyone! Hope you have been enjoying my stories. I would really apreaciate if you went on wattpad and follow my account @smutsyducky
I updated many stories there and i am more active there. Don't forget to vote my stories after you have read it!
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swtltlmrvlgrl · 3 hours ago
Accidents Happen
The story is set in an alternative MC universe where Tony Stark is still alive and is paying for Peter Parker’s college tuition fees. The college life is not really something that he looks forward to, especially when he’s far away from Ned and MJ. But luckily he was able to meet the reader!
This story is part of my one-shot compilations inspired by the song “You Shine” from the musical “Carrie”, wherein two people see the way each other shines.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warning: Fluff, awkward university students, accident, injury
Word Count: 2,906
First Day of School. Peter Parker cringes at the thought. It’s not that he hates school, he just feels uneasy at the thought that he’s new and he doesn’t have his friends, Ned and MJ, with him.
And I’m Spider-Man, I have better things to do, he thought.
If it wasn’t for his promise to Mr. Stark, to finish his college degree in exchange for full access to the Avengers Compound and all the tech that comes with it, he would’ve webbed his way out of the school before he could even get in the school.
Tony Stark, a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, initially wanted to enroll Peter in the most elite school in America but good thing Peter was able to convince him not too. With the looks of how the students dress up and the amount of cars outside the parking area, this would’ve gotten much worse if he followed Mr. Stark’s initial plan. Peter adjusts his second-hand, thrift-store-bought backpack and walks straight towards his classroom.
Before entering the classroom, he double checks the text written on his ID to see if it matches the name of the room. He slowly enters the room and lo-and-behold, a classroom that can be converted to an IMAX movie theater, welcomes him.
He scans the room and decides to sit on the desk located a few meters away from the exit door. With his elbow on the desk and his chin resting on the palm of his hand, he observes the students already forming groups amongst themselves. Peter made no attempt to join a clique or to join any group, just looking at his wrinkled plaid shirt over his 5-year old white shirt, he knows he doesn’t belong. But he knows that’s not enough of a reason to just stop making new friends.
You’re an Avenger, man. With all the courage that he could muster, he scans the room and tries to find at least one person who hasn't had any chance to make friends yet.
Before he could turn around to check if the seat behind him is also empty, you walk towards Peter’s direction. You were wearing a blue oversized sweatshirt. A tinge of reds were peaking through the gaps between the folds of your black denim pants and white sneakers also caught Peter’s attention.
This is my chance.
Before Peter could even speak with you, a voice coming from the professor disrupted Peter’s plans.
“Hi class. Good morning.” The professor flashes his name and the subject name on the screen of the projector. “For today, I will be discussing the syllabus, I think we’ll finish early. I won’t be sharing the soft copy of my slide, so please take down notes.”
Bummed that he wasn’t able to talk to you, Peter made a mental note to at least try to start a conversation with you after class. He then rummages through his things, only to realize that he wasn’t able to bring any pens. He vaguely remembers Aunt May borrowing it earlier, but he’s not really sure if she was able to return it. “Oh no.” He whispers and takes out his notebook instead.
Peter is in the middle of pretending that he’s taking down notes, when he feels a soft tap on his shoulders.
“You can borrow this if you want.” You offer a ballpen to Peter.
Peter is taken aback by this sudden interaction.
“Ah!” You exclaim. “Don’t worry, the case is pink but the ink’s black.”
“T-thanks.” Peter stuttered. “I - I don’t mind the color.”
I don’t mind the color?? What the hell does that mean?! Peter smiles at your direction while mentally cursing at his awkward self on the inside.
The professor finishes up his lecture and you start to fix up your things.
“Thank you for this.” Peter interrupts, while you were in the middle of putting your notebook in your black leather backpack. “I-I left my pen at home and -” With his left hand, he rubs his nape, as he hands you the pen with his right. “I’m Peter, by the way, Peter Parker.”
“Y/N. Y/N, L/N.” You respond and push back the pen. “You can have the pen for a while. You’ll probably need that for your next classes.”
“Oh. Uh!.” That… makes sense. Not gonna lie, Peter was a little surprised by your response, he definitely did not include that in his list of possible scenarios. “Right. I’ll just return this tomorrow.”
“Sure! What time’s your lunch tomorrow?” You ask, as the two of you walk out of the room. “My lunch time is...” He looks at the back of his ID, “a little early… 11:30AM. How about you?”
“Ow. Too bad. Mine’s 12nn.”
Your small pout wasn’t left unnoticed (and it was a little cute and Peter couldn’t help but smile.) “Wanna compare schedules?” Peter asks.
“Sure!” you answer excitedly.
“So…” Peter scans your schedule. "We’re classmates in… Literature… and…”
“History.” You add. The two of you looked at each other and smiled.
“I guess we’ll see each other a lot?” Peter comments.
“Yeah. I hope so.” You answer and smile at him.
The two of you started eating together ever since the day returned the pen to you. Seating next to Peter is probably one of the best decisions that you made in your life. Having someone to eat with during lunch time was a thorn out of your chest because eating alone is one of your fears.
Generally, it takes a long time before you can adjust yourself to someone (contrary to the popular belief that you’re “friendly’), but Peter’s obvious awkwardness and warmth just made it more comfortable for you. Knowing that someone is as shy as you, but still trying to converse with you is something that you really appreciate 0 it makes you want to try to converse too.
From having lunch together, you two ended up walking home together, as well. Some days you would wait for him, some days he would wait for you and then some days he has to go earlier because he had something to do for Mr. Stark. Walking home together wasn’t really something that you explicitly told each other to do, it just felt like a natural thing to do.
“Hey.” you say, one day. “Let’s go to the clinic on our way home.”
“Why?” Peter asks, his voice sounds a little worried.“ Do you feel sick?”
You don’t answer and continue walking instead. After arriving at the clinic, you open the door and Mary, the University nurse, greets you with a warm smile.
“Y/N! What’s up?” Mary inquires.
“Hi Mary!” You stride inside and Peter follows. “Can I have some of your bandages?”
“Sure! Why? Don’t tell me you got injured again.” Mary echoes your soft chuckle. “No, not me this time.”
Mary pauses whatever she’s doing and observes you, as you point at the empty chair to where Peter can sit while you look for the bandages in the cabinet. Peter looks a little confused. With a white square bag in one hand, you approach the chair where Peter was seated.
“Give me your hand.” You instruct Peter, he hands you his left hand. “Your other hand, you silly.” You smile.
“I don’t think -” The pain he felt after you touch his right hand stops him mid-sentence.
“Sorry.” You whisper. Peter was wearing a long-sleeved flannel shirt that you had to slide up. His hand is swollen as you expected.
“I-” Peter starts. “I fell from the stairs.” Of course that is a lie. Because, he, in fact, fell from a building because he was running late for Literature class. He didn’t really mind it, because it happens all the time and he knows he’ll heal eventually.
You gently place a cold compress on Peter’s hand. “I noticed that you were having a hard time writing a while ago.” You pause for a while and look at him. “You don’t have to explain anything Peter. Plus, since you injured your dominant hand, I just thought you might need help with wrapping this up.”
“My mom’s a nurse.” You mention, while wrapping the bandage around Peter’s hand. “We used to pretend to be injured and wrap bandages during play time.”
Peter hums, amused. “You’re amazing, you know.” He comments. “You’ve always been like this since the day we first met. It’s like, you can read my mind.”
You laugh. “I don’t know why, but I always get that comment about me.” You pull down and button up Peter’s Sleeve. “But I don’t think I’m amazing, though.”
Before Peter could say anything, you stand up, fix the chair and return the bandage to where you got it. “Let’s go home?”
Peter nods and you bid goodbye to Mary.
“Bye, Mary. Thanks.” Peter echoes and waves his hand briefly.
“Take care, you two.” Mary responds.
On your way home, Peter stops in his tracks and points at the ice cream truck by the park. “Hey. Let’s get some ice cream. Sit by the bench over there.” He pauses and looks at you. “I’ll go get you some. My treat.” He winks and runs towards the truck.
You sit down on the bench located under a tree, stretch your arms a little while taking a breath of fresh air. A few moments later, you see Peter striding towards the bench. He stops in front of you, with two ice creams in his left hand - his fingers strategically intertwined to make sure the ice creams won’t fall down. One of the ice cream was probably cookies and cream flavored and the other one was chocolate for sure.
“You know” You comment, as you reach out for what you assume as the cookies and cream flavored ice cream. “If you can hold two ice cream cones in one hand you should might as well try to write with it.”
Peter laughs and sits next to you and hands you a paper towel. “I’ll put that on my to-do list.”
You grab the paper towel that Peter handed you and the two of you proceed eating. You were silent for a whole minute until Peter started speaking again.
“I still think you’re amazing though.” Peter comments. While you were focusing on eating your ice cream, he looked at you briefly and looked away when you started laughing.
“Why are you bringing up that topic again?” A layer of ice cream got stuck on your throat making you cough a little, you clear your throat, and continue. “I don’t think being… hmm… how should I call this?” You pause to think for a second. “Sensitive? I don’t think it’s something amazing.”
“Why is that?” Peter was curious. “It’s like you’re a mind-reader! It’s amazing!”
You chuckle. “Why? Are you going to recruit me to the Avengers or something?”
Did she notice that I’m Spider-Man, too? “Hehe-he.” Peter laughs awkwardly and continues eating his ice cream.
“But seriously though.” You continue, while chewing some of the ice cream cone bits in your mouth. “As much as being...err...hyper-sensitive with other people’s non-verbal nuances is a good thing, especially when I have a friend like Peter Parker who tends to keep their struggles to themselves.”
“Hey! I don’t do that…”
You glare at him, smile a little and take a deep breath. “It’s not particularly amazing when I have to stand in front of many people…” You finish up with your ice cream and crumple the piece of paper towel on your hand. “...and notice every little change in expression each time you utter a word… Or when you sit alone in the middle of crowded places and just feel the eyes of people staring at you, judging you.” You look at Peter and smile a little more as you try to make it look like it’s not that big of an issue.
Peter had finished his ice cream as well. “Y/N…” Peter might not be as sensitive as you, but he looks at you as if he sees beyond your half-hearted smile. Peter moves and scoots closer to you while adjusting himself to face you. He takes your hand, opens it, and takes the balled up paper towel that you’ve been gripping while you were speaking. With his left hand, he puts the paper towel into his bag’s side pocket, while making sure that his right hand never left yours.
“I’m sorry… I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable.” You look at Peter. He was gazing at you, looking straight into your eyes.
“It’s fine, Peter. It’s not like you -”
“Y/N.” Peter cuts you off. “Whether or not I wanted to, I made you feel uncomfortable and I have to apologize. Okay?” Peter pauses. “Can you promise me one thing?”
“What is it?” You ask.
“I - I’m not as sensitive as you and I might not always notice whether you feel bad or not.” Peter continues. “If it’s alright with you… can you promise to not hide your feelings when you’re with me? I mean - it’s difficult, you know. Having to hide your feelings all the time. At least if you’re with me… even if it’s for a short time, you don’t have to carry the burden of hiding it.”
You smile at Peter, tears welling up on your eyes. “Peter…”
“But if you’re not comfortable with that, it’s fine -”
You release your hand from Peter’s hand, form a fist and raise your pinky finger. “I promise.”
Peter smiles and entangles his pinky finger into yours. “Promise.”
“Just promise that you won’t fall down the stairs again.” You joke.
Peter chuckles while reaching out for your face to wipe the tear that you didn’t notice fall from your eye.
“If you have presentations where you have to speak in front of the class, whether I’m your classmate or not, I’ll try to be there and maybe you can try to focus on me?” Peter clears his throat. “I mean… just to keep your attention out of the other people.”
You laugh and Peter joins you too. “Thanks, Pete.”
“I have something to buy at the grocery.” You tell Peter while the two of you are waiting for the traffic light to turn green. “You can go ahead.”
“Take care!” Peter shouts as the two of you go your separate ways.
“You too!” You shout back and make your way towards the grocery.
Peter waits until you’re out of sight before he goes to the alleyway to change into his suit and start his patrol. He webs his way up the building and gets a glimpse of you entering the grocery. He nods a little and webs away to find people he needs to help out.
Normal. That’s what Peter would probably describe the first hour of his patrol today - stopping thieves from running away, saving cats that got stuck on a tree and telling a lost man the directions. It was all just normal everyday, neighborhood Spider-Man things.
He was about to take a break when he felt the hair in his arms stand up.
Peter tingle.
“Y/N!” He exclaims as he hurries down towards the direction of the grocery where he last saw you.
I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong. He repeats in his head. Y/N, please, please be safe.
You were on your way to cross the street when a running child and stumbled into you, causing your groceries to fall down. You squat to pick up the groceries, you look up to search for the child, only to find him still running.
Towards the pedestrian lane.
Red light.
Huge truck.
You stand up and dash towards the kid, leaving your groceries scattered across the pavement.
Will I make it?
You run as fast as you can.
I won’t make it. The truck’s too fast.
You run faster.
A little more.
You reach for him and you push him towards (what you think is) safety as hard as hard as you can. All the energy in your body had left you and the last thing you can remember was the loud honk from the truck and then everything was silent.
Your eyes are still closed when you feel an arm tightly wrapped around you. You look up only to find yourself swinging in the air while being held and carried by none other than Spider-Man.
The two of you reach what seems to be the top of some building, you're not even sure what building it is because everything happened so fast.
Spider-Man put you down at last.
“Thank you.” You tell him as you pat down and straighten your clothes. “I’m sorry you had to...carry me. Is the - uhm - is the kid safe?” You ask him.
Spider-Man chuckles. “You were literally about to die a while ago and the first thing you think of is the well-being of other people.” He sighs. “Are YOU okay?”
You pause for a second to the sudden idea that popped into your mind while you're face-to-face with THE Spider-Man.
Oddly familiar.
His voice is a little muffled, but you know that voice. You hear that voice every day. And that height. You take a step forward. That scent.
That warmth.
“Peter?” You step closer to the man that you’re 90% sure is your friend, Peter Parker, dressed in the Spider-Man costume. “Is that you?”
A/N: It's my first time writing for Peter Parker! How was it?? Haha. I hope I did his character justice.
I'm so excited to write five different stories with different pairings inspired from the song "You Shine". I haven't watched the musical but whenever I hear that song, I feel so encouraged and it makes me feel assured that somewhere out there, there are people who can see good things in me that I can't see for myself. Next up, Bucky Barnes x Reader! Look forward to it!
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