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#peter parker x reader
oneirataxiahiraeth · 16 minutes ago
I’m Fine
Pairings : fem!oc x PeterParker
Warnings : swearing, unprotected sex, fem!top, cockwarming, sad Peter:(, angst, fluff
Inspired by : I’m Fine by Ashe
Summary : Peters just had a very rough day, and need someone to tell him it’s alright to not be fine all the time</3
Word Count : A little over 3k
Tumblr media
It was only around 2 a.m., he was definitely earlier than you expected. You paused the movie playing on your laptop, sitting up in your bed, turning to watch as he shut the door behind himself.
He snatched his mask off, dark brown hair stuck to his forehead, cheeks and nose a bit red due to the cold weather outside. His eyes were a bit puffy as walked in looking a bit beat up himself. You could easily tell he was just exhausted, very upset, and just like he needed a good hug. Maybe that's why he was still wearing his mask in the way in, he didn't want anyone else to see the emotions he was clearly having the most trouble hiding.
"You're in earlier tonight." You hum softly, sleep trying to overtake your voice. You weren't tired, you just haven't spoken in a while.
His body paused in movement as he walked into the room. He was mentally slapping himself for waking you from your sleep, swearing he was the quietest he had ever been.
"Hey," his own voice soft and low. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you-" he frowned as you reached over to turn in the lamp sitting on your nightstand.
"Oh your fine, Pete. I was already awake, just watching a movie." You replied, hoping to ease his nerves. "I'm taking it was a bit slow tonight?" You asked and he hesitated before nodded once.
"Something like that, yeah." He cleared his voice, something he usually on did when he lied to you. He pressed down on the spider in the middle of his chest, allowing the now loose fabric that was stuck to him like a second skin to fall onto the floor. He didn't seem to be out of breath, or sweaty, in fact, he didn't look like anything happened at all.
"What did you do to get Tony to let you off early?" You joked, a light smile taking to your face while he stayed silent, a guilty look crossing his face as his kicked his suit to the side. "Wait- what did you do, Peter?" You asked seriously this time watching him shrugged.
"I uhm... I kind of... yelled at him...?" He spoke softly, but it was audible. He seemed ashamed of his actions so you wouldn't react too much.
Peter never yelled... Not when he lost in COD with Ned, not at you, at may, and definitely not at Tony. That's just not the type of person that he was. He usually could control himself better than that. You could understand why he looked so upset.. guilty. He was probably pulling out his own hair over this.
"Oh..." you spoke trying not to sound too surprised. You brought your legs over the side of the bed, sliding until your feet touched the ground. "What about?" You asked, approaching him carefully as his fist balled at his sides.
"I-I don't know, I forgot." He lied again. "I'm just tired, it's late, and I feel super bad for yelling at him, and I just... I just need a shower." He sighed out. "Yeah, yeah, I'm just gonna get in the shower." He didn't even give you a chance to reply, he just walked off towards the bathroom. The door shut with a loud slam that made you jump a bit. The water sounding almost immediately after that.
You took no offense to any way. In fact, a part of you was expecting like this to happen. He's been acting a bit distant all week. Not as happy and bright as he would usually be. Anytime you would ask if he was okay he'd just answer with an 'I'm fine' and a soft smile that he hoped would make it believable. Peter was never that time to dump all his problems on a table and sort them out. He often left it in a bag, and waited and waited until the bag got so full nothing could fit in. He never asked for help on how to contain it, he never even let anyone know. And why he's usually a pro at hiding this stuff, right now his bag was overflowing with problems he just kept trying to shove back into the poor broken and abused bag.
You waited half an hour before you could finally see him again. Steam rolling out from behind him as his stepped out of the bathroom, towel hung low on his waist as water fell down each tense muscle. His eyes were puffier and red than when he went in. Meaning he either got shampoo in his hair or he just happened to be crying. You could go the latter but you had a gut feeling and you gut was never usually wrong.
"How was your day?" He asked, voice small and meek as if he really had been crying. You didn't want to bring attention it so you shrugged from the bed trying to keep your eyes on the bed as he dressed himself on in a pair of boxers.
"It was fine." You spoke, an idea popping into your head that could've easily been hit or miss. "Actually it wasn't fine at all." You huffed, crossing your arms as you leaned back on the headboard. "I woke up, and Sam had drank the last of my favorite coffee flavor. He denied it. Got coffee spilled all over my front seat. Forgot to do my homework for every single class. My grades are slipping in Chem and History. I had a test that I most definitely failed in math, so I'm sure that grade is practically in hell right now too." You ranted, watching as he turned around slowly, mind easing off of all the stress of his day to put energy into consoling you. "Then I came home, didn't have time to start on my homework before I went patrolling. Broke up a few fights in Brooklyn because I was feeling a bit mobile today, then I came home worked with Bruce in the lab, forgot about my homework AGAIN, and then I came up here took a shower and started watching movies." You let out a breath, only almost finished. "And on top of it all, I've barely even got to have a decent conversation with you all day." You pouted, making him smile a bit.
"Well, it's officially Saturday, so you have all weekend to makeup all the missing work. We can go out tomorrow, take a walk through the park and pick up more coffee, and spend all day together, just you and me." He offered sweetly, taking everything you just said into consideration. "And I'll ask Mr.Stark to get that stain out of your front seat." He hummed, making his way over to you.
"You're kidding right? He'd just buy me a whole new car." You scoffed, moving to sit on your knees as he approaches the bed with his arms wide for a hug.
His arms wrapped around you, pulling you closely into him. Not only for your own comfort, but his too. Your arm wrapped around him as well, hand moving up and down his back as the other played with the hairs of the nape of his neck.
"How was your day, bubs?" You asked, genuinely concerned for your boyfriend.
"It was alright." He responded softly, silently cursing himself. He wanted to spill how actually horribly his day went to you, but how could he do that to you? Add even more bad to your horrible day? He could push all of his bad day to the side for just a moment to make sure you were good and taken care of. It's the least he could do for you. You already deal with him on a daily basis, you shouldn't have to hear about his problems.
But he really really really wanted to tell you.
"Why don't I believe you?" You asked, holding him a little tighter as you noticed his breathing picking up a little bit. He stayed silent for a moment to be sure his voice would come out solid.
"because it wasn't..." his voice came out little and broken. "My day was really bad. Like terribly bad."
"Tell me about it?" You hummed, pulling away from him, pressing a kiss to his temple as you did so.
"I woke up... My favorite coffee was gone, so I took the last of yours and blamed it on Sam." He spoke, "it wasn't even good. Then I tripped on the way to the car, spilled coffee all over the passenger seat, and I forgot to apologize to you and it's been eating at me all day. Then I finished all of my homework within an hour of first period, and I'm so tired. And I wanted to just let it go but if I forgot my homework this time, then my grades slip, and if my grades slip then so do the college offers." He ranted, your mouth dropped open at the confessions. "Then I came home, and I wanted to just cuddle with you but you had patrol and then I did all my homework and I really wanted to take a nap but I had to help Bruce in the Lab too, and then you came home and I had to go out with Mr.Stark and then he kept telling me to do stuff and it was just frustrating and I just wanted to come home and so I yelled at him, and I feel terrible for it." His dark eyes glossing over as he tried to contain himself. "And then I came home, and you were awake. And you are so pretty, and sweet and supportive, and you love me so much... a-and I don't know why." His voice trialing off at the end as he tried not to cry.
"Oh my go- Peter." You spoke, your own voice breaking a little at his emotions.
"I'm just so tired." A tear slipped, falling down his cheek.
"Baby, it's okay to be tired." You hand move to cup his cheeks. Wiping the single tear away with your thumb. "Everyone gets tired sometimes, you just gotta let yourself rest-"
"But I can't be tired, y/n." He whined. "If I'm tired, then I let go. If Peter Parker gets tired, then my grades drop, crime rates rise, I lose Scholarships, if I'm tired then I can't be Spiderman. If I'm tired then I let everyone down, you, may, Tony, Ned, happy, all of New York City, and I can't let you all down because you work so hard for me to not be tired!" His hands gripping onto your sides, finally releasing a little bit of pressure off his shoulders.
"You are not letting anyone down, Peter Parker." You assure. "You work your ass off day and night, over and over just to make everyone in your life happy. People you do and don't know. And we are all beyond proud of you, Peter. And it's okay you want to be tired. Because we all get tired. We all cry, and get sad, and we all have to deal with it because if not it just gets worse. It's okay to take a day off, New York is not going to crumble to pieces, believe it or not." You actually weren't too sure about that one, New York was full of surprises. "We all love you Peter, and right now the most you can do to help all of New York City, to help Tony, Ned, Happy, May, and Me is to just let yourself get tired."
His glossy eyes were staring right into yours. Nothing but seriousness, love, and concern behind your pupils. He wanted to just sit there and cry in your arms all night, and make excuses as to why he can't feel the way he does. But he knew you wouldn't allow that. You'd just validate him until he finally gave in.
"I'm fine." He sniffled, trying to make himself believe it more than you.
"You're not, baby. It's okay to not be fine." You pull him back to you for a hug. "Thank you, for just being your wonderful self. The world needs more people like you, my love, but since we only have one, we can't have you burning yourself out." You sniffle, pressing kissing to the top of his head.
"I love you." He whispered, taking in your sweet scent.
He did really feel better. Not the best, but better. Talking did help, but it was going to take a lot more than a few words to get him to stop pushing himself over his limit. He needed to be better than his best, and he didn't know how to stop that. And while he was down know, he'd somehow miraculously managed to get back up. Only with you, though. You managed to make everything feel okay when they weren't.
You were how he managed to get through so many bad days. With your constant reassurance, and support no matter how bad things got, he managed to push through everything.
"I love you too, my sweet boy." You hummed, as he pulled away from you. Eyes still red and puffy, but the tears seemed to have gone away. "Listen, we are going to make this weekend all about you alright?" You spoke, watching his eyes roll. "We're going out to get some more coffee, I'll teach you how to tie your shoelaces properly, and we'll tell Bruce and Tony to fuck off for the rest of the week." You hummed watching a soft smile grow on his lips. "And don't even think about helping me with homework, because I got that covered."
"How?" He asks doubting that you already have it finished.
"Vision owes me one." You shrug. "And then," you change the subject. "You can get all the cuddles you want." You pressed a kiss to his cheek.
"What if I want kisses?"
"You can have all the kisses you want as well." You assured with a light hearted smile.
"What if I want cuddles AND kisses?"
"Then you can get your cuddles and kisses."
"What if I want-"
"Your wanting a lot for some who drank the last of my coffee and didn't even like it." I raised an eyebrow playfully, watching his smile grew.
"Only because someone put salt in the sugar container!" He defended himself making me giggle.
"I did that to fuck with Steve last night. He was an asshole during training all week." You shrugged, both of your smiles, bringing a feeling of immense happiness to each other.
"Can I get those kisses now?" He asked, you nodded quickly bringing your lips together.
Both of your moods improved and well. Peter nearly forgot about what had him so upset the second your lips touched. His hands gripping onto your waist, now softening their hold on you.
Yours hands back at the nape of his neck, holding him into you. He had your middle pressed into his, nearly skin to skin, if it weren't for your shirts in the way. The kiss started as a soft meaningful thing slowly turning deep and passionate. He always managed to overtake you in fits like these, showing your just how dominant your soft boyfriend really is. His hold on you right as he laid you on your back, climbing on top of you managing to wedge himself between your legs.His lips traveled down your jawline to the soft skin on your neck. The scent of his own shirt covering your skin taking over his senses. His hands traveling down your body and back up under your shirt, squeezing and gripping at the flesh underneath.
"Are you sure?" You hummed, not wanting to just distract him.
"Yeah." He nodded. "Want you on top." He spoke softly more as a request than demand. You were more than happy to give into him.
"Alright, yeah." You nodded eagerly, letting out a quick giggle as he flipped the two of you over. Him on his back, while you straddled his waist. Your lips now taking over in dominance, placing sweet kisses over his freshly cleaned skin. He let out tiny huffs of air, enjoying your lips on him as his hands rested on your hips grinding down into his crotch.
"I-I want you, so bad." He breathed out. You pulled yourself from his skin, lifting your hips from his. You were only in one of his training shirts and a pair of underwear. You usually did come to his room after a bad day just to surrounded by everything that made you happy and comfortable... him.
You pulled the fabric down yours thighs. Leaning on each legs to slip them off, both you and petter laughing lightly as you each moved your underwear down your legs until he was completely naked and you only had your shirt to cover your top half. His hands back to your waist, as your hands wrapped around his shaft, pumping as you felt him growing harder.
Peter rarely ever let you top, but that's mostly because his dominance. You had your moments where he would squirm under your fingertips too, but right now wasn't about dominance... you knew that. It was about him tired of being in control of everything, his life, his grades, his duties as a superhero, his emotions... he just wanted to let someone else handle the reigns, and you didn't mind that at all.
You dragged his tip along your folds, covering him in your juices earning a light moan from him. His hands squeezing tighter on your hips. Slowly you brought him to your entrance, lowering yourself on his shaft soft moans escaping both of you as your tight walls welcomed him like they have plenty of times before.
His length filling you up, feeling as his was already twitching inside of you. Your breathing was already picking up as you made sure it was okay to move again. You started off slowly lifting you hips on him before bringing them back down to meet his, your pace picking up as you fell into a steady rhythm. The euphoria of him hitting your cunt in all the right places over and over running its course through your veins.
The sound of your skin filling the room along with the soft moans. Peters fingers gripping into your sides as he lifted his hips up to meet yours cause every motion to be sharp and feel better than the last. Shocks of pleasure flooding through both of your bodies with every thrust. You hands keeping you steady on his chest, his eyes watching as your face twisted with pleasure. High breaths and moans playing a sweet melody in his ears. He could listen to those delicious sounds all night. He would let out soft moans that got you even more worked up, giving soft praises like 'good girl' and 'god, you feel so good for me baby', solely because he knew the affect it had on you.
"Oh baby, I'm so close" you moaned, hand snacking down your body to rub at your clit as you leaned back rolling your hips on his.
"Fuuckkk jus' like that-" Peter groans, gripping your tighter, helping your hips roll on him in a faster manner causing illicit moans to escape the both of you at the same time. “Cum for me baby.” He spoke granting you permission to let yourself go.
Your legs getting weaker, knees threatening to give out, cunt convulsing around his cock as you let out the most pornographic of moans. Hips jolted down on his as you came hard, juices spilling down his shaft creating the most lewd wet sound as you continue to fuck yourself on his cock. The sounds, and your moans, and the feeling of you wrapped around him set him over the edge. He released his own load into your cunt, using his super strength to hold your hips in place as he brought you down once more, keeping all of his seed inside of you.
“Mm fuck.” You whined, a sudden fatigue plaguing over you body. Before you could move to get off of your boyfriend, he brought you down for a soft kiss on the lips. The gesture slow and sensual, as if he was savoring the taste of you for the last time.
“Can we just- just like... stay here for a while.” He whispered, coming down from his own high.
“you mean, you want me like on you...?” You asked, hips shifting on top of him to add to the question earning week moans from the both of you.
“Yeah, just wanna be close to you for a while...” he sighed, hands sliding up you body and under your shirt. “Please.” You hummed with a soft smile, nodding with his answer.
Gently you laid your body down on top of his. Your head falling to his chest, as his arms wrapped around you back keeping you there. His warm seed marinading in you cunt while he soften slightly, but not enough to be uncomfortable. You reached over to pull the blanket over your bare bodies, warm filling each of you to the surface of your skin. You lips placing soft kisses to skin sheeted in a thin layer of sex induced sweat. His fingers playing on the skin of your back drawing out little hearts very slowly as he slowly felt him slipping into a soft slumber finally receiving the rest he’s be denying himself for the past week.
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starryspidey · 32 minutes ago
if i started writing for peter maximoff (x-men) would people be interested 🤔🤔
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zoellajulien · an hour ago
come upon morning
(Peter Parker x Reader)
angst - words: 2.1k
"Alright! Enough from you!" Your friend laughed loudly as he smacked your other friend in the back of the head, turning to face you. "It's your turn. Give us all the details!"
You shifted awkwardly, laughing and rubbing your arms for comfort. The conversation happening between your group was on the subject of 'the ones who got away', which you all had experience in. "Fine, fine. Just be quiet and sit down!"
A hush fell over the room as you opened a book and pulled some photos out of the page. Curiosity spread as the photos were passed around for everyone to look at.
"Why do you keep these on that page?" One friend asked, looking over your shoulder at the highlighted text.
"I keep them close to a quote on it. It says 'you'll always be mine, in the back of my mind. I'll look for you in my next life.' I found this quote when I was in a dark place, and it reminded me of him. Because that's how I'll always feel." You explained to them, passing another picture around.
In the photo, the boy had a straw taped badly to his head with a ridiculous smile spread across his face. His nose was wrinkled too, adding to the joyous atmosphere the picture captured. His brown curls were splattered across his head and face in a mess, along with a hastily put-in butterfly clip. You felt warmth blooming inside you while looking at it. Your friends laughed at the picture, pointing out various (but positive) things about him to one another.
"What are you doing? You look ridiculous!"
"I'm a unicorn! You should be a unicorn too!"
"Wait until Tony sees this. No- I am not sticking a straw to my forehead like a crackhead!"
"Psh, you don't know what you're missing, then!"
"That boy was my whole world. We were best friends before we lovers, but we always did everything together. One time, we both failed an exam on accident, and celebrated! We drove around for hours just because." You reminisced.
"Dude, one kid sitting next to me was all 'I got this in the bag! Studied all night long!'" Peter chuckled, pushing his curls from his face with the hand that held yours. He pushed his lips against your knuckles softly.
"Are you serious? Dude, if you can't even pass the exam, then everyone else definitely failed. Their ego was 100% bruised afterward, I'm sure of it." You snickered, blushing as your eyes cast over his form. His skin glowed from the kiss of sunset colors. "Hey! Careful! You almost hit that bird! Ugh, your driving is the worst!"
Peter's laugh brought a smile to your lips as you teased him, knowing full-well you drove much worse than he did. Poking his side with your finger to tease him more, he squirmed away and began to make faces.
"Oi! I'm trying to keep us alive! Stop that!" He snickered.*
"I hope you know that we are absolutely not listening to this song! My turn to control the cord!" You cheered, snatching his phone away.
"What? No! I'm the driver, I control the music!"
"In your dreams, Parker! And don't take your eyes off the freaking road, you health-hazard of a human being!"
"Oh, please! I drive better than you do! And either way, you know you love me!"
"That, yes, that is very true. I can not deny that." You giggled with a happy sigh.
"What else did you guys do?"
"So much! We went on great adventures and vacations together but also enjoyed simple moments. One day, I was frustrated with everything so I started crying on the kitchen floor when the empty pot slipped from my hand." You laughed at yourself, shaking your head. "He came in with a sympathetic heart and dumped a bunch of pots on the floor. At first, I got even angrier. Because, hello, that was a huge mess! But then he started constructing them together on a mat and grabbed two dowels for the both of us."
Peter cursed when he saw your form, panicking slightly as he tried to come up with a solution to fix the sad mood you owned. The poor brunette had come in, more than ready to defend you from an attacker, after being alerted to the crashing sound of a pan hitting the tiled flooring. Trying to think quickly on his feet, he leaned past you to pick up said fallen pot along with a large group of others.
"What are you doing? I swear to god I will smash your face into the cabinet if you think I'm going to clean this up."
Peter wordlessly grabbed your hand and placed the dowel in your hand, kissing each finger as he twisted them into a fist. He reached up and brushed a piece of hair away from your face, smiling sweetly at your confused face.
"What do I need this for?" You questioned, still slightly irritated.
"What? What was he doing, exactly?"
"We actually started playing them together, on the floor. He cheered me up in less than an hour. I went from crying in frustration to crying from laughter." A blush crept its way up your body as a love-sick smile made its appearance.
Crawling on the floor, Peter gently pulled you by your empty hand next to him. A whine of protest escaped your lungs, but you eventually gave in and looked at the pots in front of you. He reached around you, his arms controlling yours. He began beating the wooden sticks against the metal and copper pots.
"I love you! I love you! My darling!" He sang out dramatically, badly playing out an improvised tune, hiding his smile when he noticed you were forcing one to hide. "My darling! She's oh-so-beautiful!"
Laughter bubbled within your chest and escaped into the air around the two of you. A smirk made its made to your boyfriend's lips at the achievement of making you happy. He pressed a kiss to your cheek before continuing his actions.
Eventually, he moved and sat beside you, using his wooden stick to bang on the pans. He laughed after you made a pun referring to the pots, shaking his head in amusement.
"Come one, sing a duet with me."
Peter began singing loudly but slow enough for you to try and match his lyrics. You were pretty sure the two of you were bothering the neighbors at this point.
A bubble of snickers filled the room after someone mentioned just how in love you seemed to be even after he left.
"You see, this big teddy bear of a human being loved to travel, so one day he showed up outside my job and picked me up. We ended up driving for a long time until we had a picnic underneath the stars. I taught him a bunch of the constellations."
"Peter! C'mon, tell me where we're going! You're boring me!" You joke, shoulders shaking in laughter when you do.
"No! You can't know yet! It's called a surprise, babe!" He protests, taking one hand off the wheel and easing his foot off the accelerator. Using the empty hand he has, he pokes your side once safely stopped at a red light.
"Ugh. You're a pain. I hope you know that." You paused for a few minutes before saying: "Are we there yet?"
"We are literally still driving! Relax!"
The drive continued for another hour or so before you pulled up onto a hill that sat beside a glistening lake. By that time, it was well past midnight. You would have fallen asleep if Peter's energetic and proding, literally, personality. He sang loudly to you and was constantly poking you in the ribs, although gently.
"We've arrived! I hope you're hungry!"
After the picnic, you rested by his side, enjoying the comforting kisses he left across your face. "I love you, but I'd appreciate it if you would pay attention to my lesson!" You whined*
"Alright, Teach. What do you have for me to learn? Not math, I hope." He replied in turn with a broad smirk.
With a sharp eye-roll, you sat up, taking his finger, and pointing it at the sky. "Big dipper." You drug it over to a separate spot. "Little dipper."
"I like this lesson. Teach me more."
"He sounded amazing. What happened to you two?"
"The part of him yearning for adventure became too difficult to ignore, and he knew he needed to go. Of course, he offered for me to come with him, but my parents refused. They told me how my focus was to be on where I was going in the future, so their force kept us apart." You set down the Polaroid picture to pick up another one, this one of a car. The brunette sat on top of it, clearly singing and dancing. "The night he left was a hard one for us all. His aunt and mentor came over so we could all wish him goodbye. I was angry at my parents, but they were right. My future was very uncertain with him, especially since he didn't know where he would be going."
A stray tear made it's down your cheek, dropping onto the hoodie of his you wore. Your friend wrapped an arm over your shoulder.
"Eventually, after he packed his car for the journey and his weeping aunt gave him one last hug, I was called over. I opened the door to be closer to him and sat, looking at him. His cheeks were damp with tears, as were mine, but we smiled. He put his hand into mine and kissed me, so softly, as if I were glass."
"You look beautiful today, you know. Is that dress new?" Peter's fingers danced up your arm to cup your cheek.
"I bought it just for you, for today. I wanted you to see me looking my best, so you can remember me this way when you go."
"I still don't know if I want to go." He admitted, ducking his head before looking back into your eyes.
"You have to. You need to go because your heart is calling." You whispered, reluctant to admit the truth as much as he was. "And you don't have to be scared, because I will always be with you along this journey." You placed your hand on his heart.
"He pleaded for me to go that night, to go with him. I told him I couldn't, that it wasn't an option."
You set down the picture while standing, grabbing one from underneath a flipped-over picture frame. One of your friends picked up the frame and felt anguish at seeing the picture inside the glass.
The same boy the conversation was about sat somewhere, clearly in a place with bright lights. He wore a white, short-sleeve top that ended with the picture. His eyes were blood-shot, curls messy as can be, but a smile sat across his lips, despite being clearly in pain.
"This noise is going to be the death of me, I swear."
"Kid, you've got a lot more fighting to kill you right now than the lights. At least try to act concerned for yourself." Tony's voice strained, dry from tears. "They are probably the smallest problem you have as of now."
"Don't say stuff like that. Please." Your voice croaked, all the tears you had now gone from crying them away. "It can't be like that. No."
"That picture was taken a few months before he left. This one is a copy of the photo he took with him." You explained, showing it around. "I loved him so much, you know, and he loved me too. I could tell since he had some much trouble leaving us. But I knew he had to go."
In the last photo sat you both, side-by-side, asleep. One of his arms draped over your side while he spooned you from behind with his face buried into the skin of your neck. You had hair flopped over one eye and one hand tucked into his dangling by your front. The two of you had corresponding colors on your nails, a bright red. It had been his idea after a tired sleep-over reached well past two in the morning. It was a fond memory of yours.
Your friend pulled you tight to his chest, noticing the balance you were struggling to keep between sobbing or staying straight-faced. Eventually, the tears came out, but a smile stayed on your lips as you remembered Peter.
You remembered his laughter that was always accompanied by his contagious smile or smirk. Also on the list, you remembered his ability to sweet-talk you into sneaking out to see him on nights he wasn't 100% busy. However, you also remembered how he left you, leaving a longing feeling that turned into unheard wishes.
You just wish his departure had actually happened like that.
taglist: @rorybutnotgilmore @petersasteria @elios-timotea
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biisexualemma · an hour ago
unrequited pt.2. peter parker
word count: 3.6k
warnings: anxiety, panic attack? i guess kind of
requested: yea a few people asked for this lol
plot: you haven’t seen peter for weeks and start to worry about him
a/n: i finished re-writing this late last night and i’ll be honest with you i haven’t checked it over so sorry if there are any mistakes but i’m tired sis goodnight! lmk if you like this! pls comment / share!
pt.1 / marvel masterlist / multi-fandom masterlist
Tumblr media
"ned... you're so wrong for so many reasons," m.j.'s expression was flat, her eyes rolling before she continued to fight ned on who was really the strongest avenger. you were supposed to be working on a group project for your history class but somehow the topic of the avengers came up and the conversation derailed. ned was making a, somewhat, compelling case for the hulk but m.j. was clearly winning with her argument for wanda.
"nobody even knows the full extent of her powers... and the hulk? what? he's gonna smash some more?"
you sat quietly, chin in the palm of your hand, listening in and out of the conversation. you didn't really feel much like contributing. you would occasionally chime in to support m.j. but mostly you just heard the noise of their bickering and let it happen.
you didn't want to be that person, but your mind was (much to your frustration) completely consumed with thoughts of peter. and at the worst time, you had so many tests coming up, and essay deadlines were also creeping up on you. usually you were on top of this stuff, but your mind was preoccupied almost all the time.
because of peter, who was no where to be seen. in the past few weeks he had stopped showing up to school all together. ned said it was something to do with tony stark but you had a feeling it was more than that. you didn't know how to explain it.
you hadn't spoken to him in a long time now, and you didn't exactly leave things on good terms. it was the longest you'd gone without talking since peter called you a poopy head in the third grade.
you just couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. especially since you had no idea what he was getting up to, peter was known to get himself into some messes when he was left to his own devices. and you just knew ned was lying to cover for his best friend but that only made you feel even more out of the loop.
everything felt a bit off without peter around, like something was missing. that, on top of the guilt and worry you were feeling, was turning your head to mush. last time you'd spoken to peter, he was erratic and wounded and desperate. something bad had to have happened for him to be gone this long.
the bell rang, signalling the end of your last period for the day, and the rest of the week seeing as it was a friday. you snapped out of your daze, jolting as your eyes focused back on your surroundings.
"what time did you say again, y/n?" your eyes drifted to m.j. who was collecting her notes on her desk, her eyes meetings yours, waiting for your answer. a crease formed between your eyebrows, you hadn't heard a word of the conversation before right now. m.j. seemed to realise this, rolling her eyes at you with a playful smile. you did this a lot lately, she was getting used to it. "homecoming? what time did you want to meet tonight?"
"oh," you nodded, still sitting at your desk as your classmates hustled around you. "right, homecoming— i— uh—"
"tell me you're still coming," ned interrupted, his eyes wide suddenly, clearly desperate that your answer was anything but no. "c'mon we've had this planned for ages!"
"no— yeah— of course i am," you nodded quickly to reassure him. "yeah— sorry— i just spaced. is seven good for you guys?"
they hummed in response, nodding.
you packed up your books, shoving them into your bag, still in a slight haze with all these thoughts running through your head about peter. you couldn't think about homecoming, it seemed trivial now compared to the worst case scenarios running through your mind. maybe you could try to call peter again? you thought to yourself as you quickly left the classroom, forgetting about m.j. and ned and homecoming, your muscle memory alone leading you to your locker.
you swapped out your books from your bag with the ones you needed to study from for your biology test next week. after slamming the locker door shut, a familiar face was met with yours.
"jesus," you muttered as he stood inches away from your face, your heart racing from the shock. clutching your books to your chest, after nearly having a heart attack, you let out a loud sigh and furrowed your eyebrows. "peter? where the hell have you been?" you regained some of your composure, enough to find some anger in you towards him. he was the last person you were expecting to see today.
"you're ok?" his usual soft brown eyes looked sunken and tired, his hair was scruffier than usual and his lips chapped as they hung open, his eyes scanning over you.
your mouth hung open to speak but he just shook his head as if answering his own question. he gripped your forearm, urging you to walk with him. you dug in your heels, yanking your arm back, wanting him to slow down and explain before you went anywhere with him. "will you just walk," he muttered sharply when you tried to resist him. "please," he softened quickly, his eyes meeting yours.
you frowned, uncomfortably shifting the stack of books in your arms as peter pulled you along behind him hastily. you watched his eyes shifting about the hallway as students weaved around the two of you, his grip not loosening for a second. he was definitely up to something stupid and dangerous that he absolutely should not be involved in.
he'd dragged you all the way out into the parking lot, pulling you aside and away from the crowd of people.
"what's going on? why do you look like— i mean no offence but— you look like crap," you couldn't help but show some level of concern. no matter how complicated your feelings were for him at the moment, he was still your best friend, and he looked like hell. you couldn't stop yourself from staring at him.
"i need you to just— stop talking and listen to me," the look in his eyes made your heart beat a bit faster, your eyes darting between his trying to understand his urgency. "you're not safe—"
"no— i'm fine—" you were never very good at doing what you were told. you glanced down at yourself, perfectly safe and standing in front of him. "see?—"
"no— no you're not," he gulped, his eyes darting away from yours for a split second. "i'm taking you home and you have to stay there. ok? please."
his voice was horse, cracking when he spoke. you didn't understand any of it. peter was the friendly neighbourhood spider-man, what the hell had he gotten himself into that had him this worked up?
you tilted your head slightly, he couldn't think you'd blindly do whatever he said. you needed some answers. "pete," you mumbled, shaking your head with a faint frown. "can't you just tell me what's going on? you're kinda' scaring me."
"i screwed up," his face contorted, his eyes screwing shut for a second and his nose scrunching. you were glued to him, following his mixed expressions trying to understand what was going through his head. he took a deep, shaky breath, running a hand through his hair. "and i know you— you hate me and the last thing you wanna' do is listen to me but i need you to do this for me."
"alright," you said after a moments hesitation. you just wanted him to relax. all your pent up anger and hurt that you'd felt over peter had dissipated quite quickly. you were too occupied with trying to ease some of his stress, and if that meant becoming a homebody for a few days, you would do it. "alright— don't worry. i've been putting off my english essay for a week now anyway, it's about time i cracked down on it."
you tried to ease the tension, act like he wasn't asking much of you. he let out a heavy sigh, looking over at you with those brown eyes. "it's homecoming tonight, i know w—"
"is it?" you feigned forgetfulness, not wanting to make him feel any worse than he already did. you shrugged. "i was never one for socialising anyway."
peter knew you better than that. he knew what he was asking you to give up. "i'm sorry," he took a step closer to you, his hands hovering in front of you, unsure that you wanted him to touch you. "i'm sorry you got dragged into this."
your eyes lingered on his hands before you pulled back up to his stare. you pursed your lips and shrugged. "i'd feel better about it if i knew what i was getting dragged into," you pulled away from your conversation for a second to slip your books into your bag. "walk me home and you can explain everything."
and he did. he told you all about the vulture, the weapons, what really happened during the decathlon trip. all of it. right up to when the vulture figured out his identity— which lead to him finding out about aunt may, about his friends, and about you. he told you about how he'd spent the past few weeks figuring out where the vulture's next major deal was being held, how he'd messed up so bad and how mr stark had taken his suit.
by the time he'd finished, your mouth hung open slightly. you didn't know how he'd been dealing with all of this by himself. spider-man helped old ladies cross the street and returned stolen bicycles, he didn't fight men in bird costumes to stop illegal sales of dangerous advanced weapon tech.
"peter, this sounds pretty dangerous," you spoke up after he told you about his plan to intercept the vulture's airplane heist. "don't you think you should just call happy? or tony? this sounds like iron man territory."
"i can't do that," he sighed. "besides, i already tried happy— he's not taking my calls right now. something about a time out."
you let out a heavy sigh, having taken everything in that he'd told you. you had reached your door, peter standing behind you with his hands stuffed in his pockets. you motioned for him to come in but he hesitated, opening his mouth to decline. "c'mon," you grabbed his arm and tugged gently. "this heist isn't happening 'til late tonight. you can keep me company 'til then."
"maybe, get some rest, too, you really do look like hell," he let you pull him inside, following behind you. he ignored the second dig you had now made about his appearance.
"may must've been pretty mad when she found out you'd been skipping school?" you collapsed onto your bed, crossing your legs over and watching peter perch himself on the edge of your bed. he leaned forward, his hand running over his face with sheer exhaustion.
"you have no idea," he groaned, holding his head up with the palm of his hand now. "i'm pretty much grounded for the rest of the year. and i have to send her a pic' of me sitting in every one of my classes from now on," you nodded, pursing your lips because that sounded about right. "but mainly she was worried."
"well, she wasn't the only one," he glanced at you over his shoulder, his eyes lingering there for a while. you breathed through your nose, looking away from him and down to your hands to give yourself a moment. you'd forgotten how difficult it was to have him look at you like that. "you just took off with no word, peter."
he turned his gaze away from you, focusing on the wall in front of him, his eyes glossy. for weeks that last conversation with you had been sitting at the back of his mind. he knew he'd handled everything in the worse possible way. he tried to protect you, hurt you by doing so, and then had everything he tried to protect you from blow up in his face anyway.
"i haven't been able to think clearly for weeks," you gulped, scared to meet his gaze again, in fear that you might lose your confidence. "i missed you. and i was worried out of my mind about you."
"y/n—" his voice was quiet.
"and i know i was the one who told you to leave. but i was hurt and sad. i'd convinced myself that you felt the same way, and when you—" you closed your eyes for a second, feeling him watching you. you hadn't been able to say any of this out loud for weeks and now it was just spilling out of you. "anyway— i shouldn't've punished you for that. they are my feelings i need to get over. it wasn't your fault and i'm sorry i made it seem like it was."
he shook his head faintly, sniffling slightly, catching your attention. "i screwed up," he shook his head a little harder, pushing himself up off your bed, his back turned to you. "i screwed up so bad," he ran his hand over his face, his thumb and forefinger pinching the bridge of his nose. your eyebrows knitted. "it wasn't supposed to turn out like this."
"don't," you shook your head, willing him to stop. "it's not your fault. i shouldn't have—"
he cut you off, turning to face you as he did. "i'm in love with you," his mouth hung open slightly, his eyes now stinging red. "i was in love with you then, and i'm in love with you now. i think i always will be."
your eyebrows unknitted, your mouth opening to speak but nothing came out. you watched his hand tug on the ends of his curls, his eyes locked onto you the entire time, trying to read your expression.
"i was trying to protect you and it went completely wrong—" his breathing was erratic. "i thought you'd be safer if i distanced myself—" the look on his face was breaking your heart. he knew how stupid it all sounded now he explained it out loud. "i screwed everything up— and now you're in more danger than ever— because of me."
"you— you—" your brain was trying to keep up. you shook your head. you had spent the past month telling yourself that everything you thought he'd felt for you wasn't real, that you'd over thought everything he'd ever done for you. you'd been telling yourself for a month to move on. "you didn't screw up, pete. i know you. whatever you did, you did for the right reasons."
the lump in your throat was growing as you tried to keep some kind of composure. it wouldn't do either of you any good to get upset with him when he was worked up like this. he didn't need to be told he'd made a mistake, he was already painfully aware.
"you don't— you—but— i—" he was hyperventilating, completely vulnerable as he fell apart in front of you.
"pete," you mumbled carefully, climbing over to where he was stood, hand in his hair and he pulled on the loose curls, his eyes wide with anxiety and stress. you moved your hands to his, pulling them down to his side and giving them a small squeeze. "calm down," you cooed. "everything will be ok."
you trailed your hands up to his shoulders, giving them a soft squeeze before pulling him into a tight hug. you wrapped your arms 'round his shoulders, one hand moving to the back of his head, running your fingers through his hair. his head ducked, burying into your neck, his arms wrapping around your waist in a desperate grip. his breathing was heavy at first, uneven and jagged as he clung onto you. your heart was beating out of your chest, you were sure he could hear it, but you held onto him as tight as you could, pressing your whole body against his trying to offer him as much comfort as you could.
after a while of standing around, holding each other, peter's breathing began to grow softer and slower. he began to notice the sweet scent lingering on your skin. his lips innocently hovering over the curve of your neck, breath fanning against your skin. you could feel goosebumps growing on your skin, the hair of your arms standing on end.
"better?" you mumbled softly. he gave you a faint nod in response, his lips leaving your skin as he pulled himself back from you. your hand slipped from in between his curls and down to the neck, your thumb brushing over his skin as he looked straight into your eyes. you gulped, eyelids fluttering.
he was a state to behold. his nose was pink, under eyes wet, your eyes trailed down to where his lips parted. he hiccuped a breath. you tried to push away the impulse to kiss him because he was clearly vulnerable. you didn't want him to later regret anything. "thanks," he mumbled breathlessly. "i don't know what happened there."
you pouted your lips, about to reply when peters eyes fluttered down your face, catching you off guard. his eyes lingered and you noticed his head tilting down and nearer, his lips catching onto yours before you could register what was happening. it was soft, gentle and didn't last longer than a couple seconds before you had to force yourself to pull away.
"peter— you're overwhelmed right now so maybe we shouldn—"
your whispers against his lips where cut short, he pressed his lips to yours again. unable to resist now he'd had a taste. his arms tightened around your waist, pulling you back flush against his chest. you swallowed a gasp, feeling his full weight behind the second kiss. his lips pushed against yours a little more desperately this time, you fell back a step, peter's arms where the only thing keeping you upright at this point.
both your hands where either side of his neck, trailing up into his hair where you pulled softly at the roots of his messy curls. he let out a soft moan against your lips, and you stumbled back once more, your thighs hitting your bed.
your hands quickly slipped down to his chest as you gently pried him off you. your head was spinning a little, his lips were plump and pink and the way he looked at you, with pure love and obsession, made you want to kiss him again and again.
"did you mean it?" you muttered breathlessly.
his eyes trailed back up from your lips, his gaze locking with yours again. he noticed the vulnerability and fear in your eyes now that he was paying you his full attention. he felt a wave of guilt hit him, knowing he was the one that put that look there.
"yeah," he hummed. "i did," he said with his chest. "i do. always will," he was breathless.
"you're not just saying it 'cause you've missed me?"
he shook his head quickly, shutting down any traces of doubt in your mind. "i have been in love with you since that summer we took that trip to coney island when you threw up after you ate too much cotton candy."
your scrunched up your nose at the memory. "gross."
he shrugged. "i don't know what to tell you. that's just when i knew."
your lips twitched into a small smile. "you should probably get some rest," you diverted the topic, trying hard not to kiss him again. he looked so tired. he had poured out months worth of anxiety and stress all in the past ten minutes. "you can't chase bad guys if you're half asleep."
he wore a half-hearted smile, his mind clearly flickering back to the task he had to take on later tonight.
"you can crash here if you want," you motioned to your bed.
"y'sure? i don't wanna get you in trouble."
"mom's working late, so you're good. plus she loves you, pete," your hands slipped down to his, giving them a quick squeeze of reassurance.
"sure she'll still love me when she finds out about us?" he quirked an eyebrow, the small smile on his lips was sloped and tired.
"m'sure," you hummed, biting back your growing smile at the word us. you moved him to sit on your bed again, his hands lazily holding yours. his eyelids fluttered as he looked up at you, a small crease forming between his eyebrows again. you could tell his mind was wandering again. "lie down, you need to rest or you're no good to anyone."
he nodded hesitantly and followed your instruction. "i'll sleep better with you next to me."
his voice was soft after you'd turned your back on him to leave him to rest. you rolled your eyes faintly, smile tugging your lips again. "is that right?"
he hummed, his arms outstretched, waiting for you to fall into them. you dragged your feet back over to him, biting the inside of your cheek, the corner of your lip twitching upwards. "there's a scientific reason behind it but my brain's too sleepy to think right now, so you'll have to take my word for it."
his words slurred together, his eyes rolling slightly the longer he forced them open. you just nodded. "alright, spidey, just this once."
"hm," he hummed as you climbed in next to him, his arms wrapping around you and immediately pulling you against his chest. "thanks," he muttered, his lips pressed against the top of your head. "don't know what i'd do without you."
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theblacksymphony88 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello my lovelies, I want you to help me by showing your support of Collateral Damage and Paint it Black. Now I’ve said it before about my non existent viewings for months and then suddenly you’ve all appeared (Thank you all) and that really has motivated me to update daily. What I would love you all to do is follow me on Wattpad ‘TheBlackSymphony’ and vote and comment on the stories I really would love to talk to you all interact it warms my heart to know you are all there. Can’t wait to hear from you all 😁🖤
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hpotterwhore · 3 hours ago
honey, honey
summary: peter has plans for your 1 year anniversary.
warnings: none
a/n: had an idea and peter parker fit it 100%, im also not entirely sure if peter can drive (going off the fact i’ve never seen the man touch a steering wheel once in the movies), but for the sake of this fic, let’s say he can drive. (sorry happy!)
word count: 648
pairing: peter parker x stark!reader
Tumblr media
it was a beautiful afternoon and your boyfriend had a surprise waiting for you. being said, he also told you to get ready. dress nicely but not formally. you settled on a white cami, a floral green mini skirt and a pair of white tennis flats. summer casual, some would say.
as soon as you were about to pick up your phone to text peter, you heard a knock at your window. turning, you saw a very charming smile from a boy in a spider-man suit. hair ruffled from the wind, assuming he swung to your room.
you smile, walking over to your window. “hey pete” you say, as you let your boyfriend in. “hi baby, happy anniversary!” he hugs you warmly, before taking in your beauty. “you look amazing.” he says, looking you up and down. “and you, my love, look like your spider-man. am i the only one dressed to occasion?” you smirk. peter looks down, laughing again.
“swinging was quicker” he states. earning a light slap to the shoulder. “besides, i have clothes here!” he points out. you beckon him to sit down on your bed. he walks over to take a seat next to you. “so, what’re the plans for today?” you ask. peter wanted this to be a complete surprise. he even managed to get your dad in on it, and with the help of a stark anything is possible. “you’ll see,” he winks. “i’ll meet you downstairs in the garage, mr.stark has a few things he wants to say” peter walks out, brushing his hands through his hair. “good luck!” you shout.
within 45 minutes you both arrived at a secluded park, with the most beautiful trees and flowers you’ve ever seen. you could spot a small area with a picnic blanket laid down. “pete-” you cut yourself off, looking to the drivers side and realizing your boyfriend is no longer in the car, but rather pulling a basket out of the trunk. coming to your side, he opens the door with a warm smile. “you coming?” he asks charmingly.
sitting with your boyfriend, talking for hours and eating everything he set up for you both. being with him today has only made your love for him grow stronger. a shame you’ve never told him those three words. being with him truly made your world, you almost felt a bit bad you had no part in this little picnic.
“love, i’ve prepared a speech” peter says, his hands fidgety. “oh, you are so cliche. but i love it. speech me.” you laugh, eyes filled with trust and admiration. “okay. okay.” he prepares himself.
“y/n stark, you have been one of the brightest lights in my life. you make being spider-man ten times more amazing. my aunt may loves you, and you are the reason i wake up with a smile everyday.” he pauses, scooting up closer to hold your hands in his. “you’re smart, funny, even a bit snarky sometimes-” he trails off. “but i suppose that comes with being a stark, hm? the point is, this year has been incredible with you in it, and i know- i hope that i get to spend so many more exactly like this one. i love you, y/n stark. and i’d give you the world if i ever had the chance.” he kisses you, and it’s slow, and passionate, and everything that peter parker is. as sweet as honey.
you rest your foreheads against each other for a moment. you lock eyes, before you pull him into a hug. “i love you too, peter parker. although i’m a bit jealous you beat me to it.” you giggle, before kissing him again. “i’ll give you a thousand more years with me, promise.” you say, before starting to clean up. “wait, we aren’t gonna live that long.” he points out, joining you. “i can dream, can’t i?”
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bloodlupins · 3 hours ago
hello! welcome to my masterlist and request post <3
before reading: please understand that im not comfortable with writing anything heavy in smut, im only a minor and anything that includes (extreme) degradation etc does not make me very comfortable.
get to know me first <3
Tumblr media
character i will prioritise due to inspiration:
stranger things
── steve harrington
the folk of the air series
── cardan greenbriar
harry potter series
── james potter
── sirius and regulus black
── remus lupin
── young!peter pettigrew
── anyone from the golden trio era except for book!pansy and book!draco
teen wolf
── scott mccall
── peter parker (i write for andrew!peter too)
shadow and bone
── kaz brekker
── the darkling
the vampire diaries
── stefan salvatore
and any other fem characters part of the tvd, tfota, hp, tw and s&b verse.
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skyeisawizard · 4 hours ago
On the Run
Super heroes were made away with. Anybody caught trying to help those in need was instantly arrested. Always a kind hearted boy Peter couldn’t sit by and watched people suffer. It got him thrown away, where the rest of the heroes were kept, locked away from the rest of the world. At his first chance to escape he gets out and runs home for one last night with his girl
I’m so close to 700 oh my god 🥺
Period cramps do be hitting though (which explains all the crying, if I’m honest)
Send requests, come chat, flirt a little (pls I want mutuals to bad flirt with)
Tumblr media
A fucked up childhood led to a fucked up mind. At least, that was how Peter justified things. When heroes were made away with, when the law was passed with the power to arrest those with the powers and tech, he kept trying to help people. Stayed in the Spider suit as he swung around Queens.
When the government caught up with him, he was thrown in a special facility, built to hold people like him.
Long story short, it couldn’t hold him.
At nineteen years old, Peter escaped. He used the cover of day and the lazy guardsmen to climb over the walls and to freedom. Yes, the facility was built to hold ex-heroes, people like him, but it couldn’t hold him. Whoever built the place didn’t couldn’t for Peter being able to climb walls with nothing but his sticky hands and feet.
He had a lady on the outside, one who missed him dearly. She tried to put a case together, to try and get her Pete back, but everything we was doing was illegal. There was no way for her to get her boy back.
Even when they were together he was fucked up. He was just better at hiding it. He controlled his thoughts, didn’t let them get too wild. In the facility Y/N was all he thought about. She was the only thing keeping him going. Whatever he did in there, he was doing it for her, he told himeself.
He was a model inmate in the facility. From the moment they brought him in he was calm, courteous and polite. At first the guards prodded and teased him, but he weaselled his way over to their good sides until they stopped paying attention to him.
That was when he slipped over the wall and to freedom.
Immediately Peter made his way back to the city. Even as a fugitive he was mostly unknown. They mustn’t have realised he had escaped just yet. He hitchhiked his way back, having no money of his own.
This apartment was on the outskirts of the bustling city, away from all of the chaos and the noise. That was how his lady liked it.
Peter pushed open the bedroom window, the bedroom he slept in before everything turned to shit. It was different now.
He was different.
The window creaked slightly as Peter pushed it open but the girl on the bed, holding his pillow close to her chest, remained sleeping. It had long since lost its memorable scent, but she still held it anyway.
Peter climbed his way into the room and pushed the window shut. He shrugged his jacket off and climbed into the bed.
Snaking his arm around Y/N’s waist, he could feel the panic rising within her as she began to wake up. She was too tired and disoriented to do anything, but her body tended up against him. “Relax, Angel,” he whispered against her ear, his hand coming around to cover her mouth.
She muffled something against him, eyes going wide. When Peter pulled his hand away she turned around and just stared at him. His hair had gotten longer, curlier. He had no facial hair and his eyes looked exhausted. “Peter?” She gasped, a shaky hand reaching towards his face. “Is that really you?”
He pressed her hand to his cheek and nodded, his eyes closing. He’d missed her touch so much. The feeling of her delicate fingers rubbing over his skin. “I missed you,” he whispered and kissed the her fingers. “I dreamed of this moment every night until I couldn’t take it anymore.”
Y/N’s face fell. “You escaped? Peter, what if they’ll looking for you? What if they come here? This is the first place they’ll look and they’ll find you and arrest you again. You need to get out of here.”
“I know,” he answered, looking at the cream bedsheets. “I just need you one last time, Angel. And then I’m gone.”
He pressed his lips to hers, pushing her back down. Her head touched the pillow, hands tangling through his longer locks. She pulled and tugged as Peters mouth travelled down to her neck. His hands had slipped below the nightgown she wore, resting on her stomach.
He kissed his way down her body, pulling her nightgown down when he got to her breasts. She closed her eyes and pulled her lip between her teeth as Peter kissed each breast and nuzzled his nose against her nipple. “Thought about these every night,” he whispered and pushed the lower half of her nightgown up around her thighs. “Dreamt I had my cock between them, fucking them. Dreamt of them bouncing while you rode me.”
Peter pushed the nightgown up further, until it was over her head. He threw it to the floor and instantly moved to her cunt. The cunt he had missed to much. It was as pretty as he remembered it, open for him as Y/M spread her legs.
He settled between them, sucking and kissing her thighs as he freed himself from the confines of his trousers. With his cock free he reached up, stroked his fingers through her folds and gathered her wetness on his fingers. “I missed you too,” he said and chuckled to himself, spreading her wetnes over his cock.
With little time, Peter eased himself into her tight hole. He held her body close to his, nails digging into his bicep. In a matter of seconds he was moving, slow thrusts to build them both up. He sped up with each passing second, listening to her moans and cries of pleasure. Skin slapped against skin and the smell of sex was in the air. Peters eyes were wide, full of lust as he rammed into her.
He held her legs up, pushing her into a position that was comfortable for both of them. “Peter,” she moaned as the headboard creaked. Her eyes rolled back into her skull as Peter pressed his fingers to her clit. Just the pressure was enough to have her cumming all over his cock.
He wasn’t very far behind. He could feel himself getting closer and closer. Every time he pulled back some of her slick dripped from her hole: that sight alone was enough to make him feral. Her walls were squeezing him, pulling his release from him. His thrusts were becoming slow sloppybas he chased his own high.
When Peter finally came he slumped over, pressing his forehead to hers, keeping his cock sheathed inside of her. “I’ll come back for you,” he said and kissed her lips. “I’ll get my name cleared and I’ll come back.”
“I don’t want to lose you again, Peter,” Y/N whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck to keep him in place.
“I won’t be gone forever, Angel. I’ll always come back for you.”
Tags: @s-minnystuff
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hayhays · 6 hours ago
Can anyone recommend me some good Peter Parker AU’s? Like prince ones or soulmate ones, something like that please?
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deliciousangelfestival · 6 hours ago
Wicked Romance
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Character : Mob!Steve Rogers x Retired Assassin Female Reader
Summary : Steve was hoping to meet the right one until he met her. But is he ready to be with her? He thought his life already dark because of his job. He wouldn’t able to find a woman that strong enough to face the hardship to stand beside him. Turn out his life is nothing compared to her. 
Warning : No smuts, since I don’t know how to write it. Peace y’all. 
Tumblr media
Today (Y/N) drive Peter to his workplace; the business still close, but Wanda wants him to come to discuss which recipe they should use for the grand re-opening.
Usually, Peter use his bike to go to work. But (Y/N) offers to use her car since she’s also going out.
Peter notices a big back on her backseat. “Where are you going?”
“My friend needs my help.”
“Hmm.” He was silent if (Y/N) mention ‘help’ means including guns, explosions, and deadly battle.
“Who’s your friend?”
(Y/N) felt nervous, she bit her lips. “John Wick…??” She answered him with questions because she knew he doesn’t like it when dealing with underworld stuff.
The atmosphere suddenly became quiet.
She felt nervous because he became quiet. “Are you mad? Don’t worry Bambi, I’ll be back before you know it.”
She glanced a bit to see his reaction wondering if he’s mad. Well, she’s right cause Peter’s head is looking out his window and he already put on his earphones. (Y/N) sighed inwardly, she couldn't help it when her former comrade asked for her help.
Their ride was silent until her car stopped at Peter's destination. From her view, she could see the restaurant almost done with the renovation. The worker put in new furniture and chandeliers.
“Have a good day Peter.” (Y/N) rests her on the steering wheels; she smiles sweetly at Peter, but he still give her a cold shoulder.
She doesn’t like it when he ignores her, so when he gets out of the car and closes the door, (Y/N) open the car window and screams, "Bye, I love you!!!"
Honestly, he didn’t play any song to his ears; he only put it on just for show because it’s too early to argue with (Y/N). How shocked he was when he heard her sudden shout. 
Peter was embarrassed because there are many people in front of the store and pedestrians right now. All eyes and giggle are directed to him; he pulled down the hoodie to hide his face.
(Y/N) giggled like a maniac, she shouted again, “Peter, I won’t go until you say it back!!”
Peter huffed before turning around and ran to the car again. “Love you too, don’t get killed and don’t ruin your new carpet with blood this time.” After he said that, he ran into the building. He wishes he could dig a hole and hide right now.
(Y/N) feels satisfied after knowing he’s talking to her again. She drove the car, heading to her battleground.
When Peter stepped inside, he saw his colleague chuckled when they looked at him. He tries to act cool and walks towards Wanda table.
Peter felt a big shadow covering him; it made him stop walking. He glanced through his shoulder and saw his boss, Sam, Steve, and Bucky, looking at him with a weird smile.
“Ehm, can I help you sir?” Peter's shoulder became tense; he has never been this close with them.
Bucky put his arms around Peter’s shoulder. “Have you had breakfast Peter?”
“Yea… Waiitt….” Before Peter could finish his answer, Bucky carried his body like a potato sack.
Peter doesn’t understand why he got treated like this. They enter the private room that is only reserved for the elite patron.
Bucky drops Peter to the seat while Sam offers the kid an apple juice. Steve is standing in front of him.
“That was a nice car Peter.”
A light bulb appears in front of Peter; he could figure out what they will ask him about (Y/N).
Peter is right; three of them are curious even before they heard a woman shout towards Peter.
Because of the car.
Today (Y/N) drove using her car of the day, which is a Lamborghini Aventador.
Even the sound of the car engine made everyone turn their head to see it—no exception for Steve, Bucky, and Sam.
Before Peter arrived.
Steve, Bucky and Sam, are already at the restaurant to supervise the working progress. They were heading out after making sure everything was fine until they heard a loud engine sound.
How surprised they were when they saw Peter step out from the car. Steve could see it was a woman who drove the car.
“Hmm, Peter usually drove a bike here.” Said Pietro, who joined them.
“He acts like a poor kid turned out he’s rich.”
They are still looking outside, trying to see who the driver is. Lucky for them the car window rolled down.
Steve almost popped out his eyes when he saw the woman he was longing to meet is the car owner.
“Hmm is that Miss Lilly?” Pietro recognised his favourite customer. His hunch was correct all this time; Peter and she knew each other.
“Bye, I love you!!!”
The adult male gasped when they heard her shout towards Peter.
“Oh my god, Peter is a sugar baby and Miss Lily is his sugar mama.” Pietro gasped.
Steve knocked the bartender's head lightly. “Go help your sister.” Pietro rolled his eyes and left to help Wanda.
Bucky looked at Steve, who had a jealous expression on his face. “Ask the kid.” He knew his friend had been looking for the mysterious girl for weeks, but they found nothing. It turns out the one who gives them the information is here.
“Thank you, it belongs to my sister.”
How relieved Steve was when the word ‘sister’ came out of Peter's mouth.
"You never mention you have older siblings. "
"Step sibling actually."
"So her name is Lily Parker?" Bucky opened his notebook and put her name in the database. He thought they could find something, but they didn't.
Peter raised his eyebrow.
"Come on Peter, you know what we do. Our boss here is interested in your older sister."
“We didn’t share a last name. Her name is Lily Belcher.”
Bucky immediately types the last name. He smiled after they finally found what they’re looking “Steve, come and take a look at this.”
Steve looks at the screen; he could see her occupation as Special Project Analyst, skills in archery, karate, and Muay Thai.
“In which industries she’s working?” Steve asked Peter.
Steve can’t be fooled; this is must be fake info of her. There’s no way an analyst hide a dagger under her dress. There’s a lot of question in his head right now, but he needs to wait until everything is ready.
Peter and others are having lunch together until Vision turn up the TV volume. Usually, they let it on without any voice. But today, breaking news is different because they could see a camera moving and show Brock and his lackey are asleep on the plane runway.
“Today in the middle of the city, there’s a guy riding a horse and shooting a certain group and some witnesses said a female helping him. Then a private jet that belongs to Mr Rumlow got stolen by them. The culprit put the passenger to sleep as you can see.”
The big bosses are laughing out loud in the office; they could hear it from outside.
“Hahaha, who is this guy? Who ever did this to Brock, I owe him a drink.” Bucky has the loudest laugh. 
While they were laughing, Peter almost choked to death. He was drinking water when he heard the news—only one brave enough to steal in daylight.
Inside the stolen private jet, a woman treats a wounded male with blood everywhere on his body.
“Does it really necessary to steal from him? There’s a lot of empy jet that we could use.” John Wick is lying on the small couch while closing his eyes because (Y/N) stitching his open injury.
(Y/N) answer while trying to finish her job. “That guys annoyed me, because of him my tea time got ruined.”
John chuckled, hearing her childish reason. “Remind me not to get on your bad side (Y/N).”
Tumblr media
Another day, 
Another challenge.
Finally, Steve business re-opened again. He and his friends are welcoming their guest together. But secretly, he’s nervous, thinking if she will come or not. He kept dreaming about her.
“Punk, your girl is here.” Bucky alerts his friend.
Steve turns his head to the entrance. He became dumbfounded at one moment when he saw her step into the building. She was beautiful, and when not smiling, she looked more dazzling, her presence hypnotising her spectators.
“Great party Rogers.” (Y/N) compliment the host party while handed him liquor as a gift.
Steve was surprised when she gave him a gift. “You don’t have too.” He prepared to decline in the polite matter, but Pietro grabs the bottle.
“The Dalmore 62??!!” He almost screamed when he saw the label. Because of his job, he knew a lot of expensive liquor. The one he’s holding is costly. Even with his salary, there’s no way he could buy this drink.
“Thank you Miss Lily.” Pietro looks at Steve with a big smile. “I’ll put this into your collection boss.”
Steve rolled his eyes to his childish bartender, he felt annoyed, but he became less tense when he heard her giggle. He ordered a drink from Pietro assistant for both of them.
The beautiful couple talks like it’s only them who inside the room.
"Lily Belcher is not your real name right?" Steve twirl the whiskey glass in his hand.
"Maybe, why do you think that?"
"Can I know your real name?"
"What are you gonna do about it?"
Steve smirked; he lowered his head to get closer to her ear and whispered something that made her giggle.
"That sounds fun."
"How about a bet? If you win I will tell you my real name."
"But if you win?"
"I'll get free food everytime I come here."
Steve chuckled, then he let out a big laugh. He never thought a girl like her would ask this from him. Somewhat refreshing actually; well, he won't mind if he lost because he could see her every time she came here.
Steve hug her waist intimately. "What exactly is the challenge?"
"How many spies we could find in your party."
Steve looked at her face with a big question mark.
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and act playfully in front of him. "Ah, come on Steve I know this grand party also a silent announcement that this place is neutral. Like where the law enforcement and mobsters could enjoy their drink and food together."
Steve was impressed with her judgment.
"My guts tell me you already figure who it is."
She tapped her lips"Yeah, not the police cause they don't want to deal with mobster. My guess is…" She whispers to him, "C.I.A."
Steve gripped his wine glass; he felt annoyed he got an uninvited guest tonight.
"They won't target you tonight. I assure that."
"I fell safe already cause an angel like you guarding me." Steve responded.
(Y/N) laugh bitterly that's what man calls her like love, baby, and another sweet nickname, but after they break up, she gets called bitch, or satan.
"Who could figure who the spies the most won."
(Y/n) is walking away from Steve, but he holds her waist. "Let's do it together." Since he doesn't want to let her wander around, other males will try to flirt with her. Nope, not on his watch.
“I forgot to tell you, there’s a time limit.” (Y/N) move away from his embrace; she taps her watch. “We have 30 minutes. Time is ticking Rogers.”
Steve’s hand felt empty when she stepped away, but he more determined to finish their bet. "Okay."
Bucky, Sam, are looking at Steve, who acts like a lovesick puppy. They could tolerate Steve for leaving them to attend to their guest. Since the main reason for today party is to impress her. It seems like the plan is a success. Steve and she are inseparable.
Sarah and Joseph Rogers enter the party together. Usually, Steve would welcome them immediately, but they didn’t see a glimpse of their son.
Sarah approach her son best friend to ask, “Where’s Steve?”
Bucky smiled at her. “He’s with a special guest tonight.”
Joseph smirked since he understands what Bucky just said: “I would like to meet her.”
(Y/N) use her skill to seduce the spies; most of them were unprepared for a beautiful lady like her to approach them. They are here to get information. Her method was quiet; she put sleeping pills into their drinks. One by one, the spies excuse themselves to the bathroom to wash their face. That’s where (Y/N) knocked them down.
While Steve uses his status as the host party. He is a proper host; he gave a warm welcome to the spies. The spies knew they are done. They want to refute, but they are already in the wrong since they fake the invitation. Steve is considerate and doesn’t want to make a scene asking them to go back to their car.
When Steve walks behind the spies, he sees her already standing leaning to the car.
“20 minutes, not bad. How many that you found?”
“Three.” Her finger pointed to the three male who fell asleep.
Steve smirked. “Four.”
“No way.”
“Look like I won.”
(Y/N) clicked her tongue. “How?”
“I have the upper hand from the beginning since I’m the owner. I knew who the guests were and the people who work under me.”
“Ah, I haven’t checked the kitchen. My dress-code won’t allow me to enter.”
Steve nodded. “There’s one waiter who I've never seen before, he works alongside Pietro, your favourite bartender.”
The spies felt like a light bulb for the couple; they excuse themselves quietly by dragging their team, who fell asleep, back into their car and drive away. They bet the couple doesn’t notice nor seem to care about their presence. It’s uncomfortable watching the mob boss flirting.
They were right; the couple doesn’t care at all. They went back to the building where Steve takes her to the terrace; he already arranged it to be beautiful; he requests to make the light illuminate the flower perfectly.
“So my mysterious guest would you tell me your name?”
Under the light, Steve saw her beautiful smile “(Y/N) Parker. I’m pretty sure you already know about me and Peter.”
Steve nodded. “He’s lucky to have a beautiful sister like you and your name sounds perfect to my ear.”
He put his arm around her waist and leaned his head near her ear. She could feel his breath kinda tickle her neck. “(Y/N), what kind of reward will you give me since I successfully redecorated this place and won the bet today?”
She always likes a straightforward person like Steve. She doesn’t mind his aggressive touch. This time it (Y/N) turns to whisper in his ear. What she said almost made Steve’s leg become jelly. If he didn’t maintain his self-esteem, he would lose at this moment.
“Oh, I’m sorry I thought this place is empty.” A guest interrupted. 
Steve sighed; another one tries to disturb their private moment. He asked her if she wants to come to his house, to which she immediately agreed.
“Not saying goodbye to your brother?”
(Y/N) doesn’t worried about Peter since she taught him lethal self-defence. There’s a lot of sharp weapons if someone tries to hurt him. “He’s fine.”
Both of them get into the car; Steve drives back to his place.
When they headed to their destination, they got attacked again. (Y/N) and Steve’s make-out session got disturbed.
Both of them knew it’s a bullet that hit Steve’s car. He already prepared for this kind of attack, all of his car already modified with bulletproof.
Guess who? Brock, he’s made a fuss since he didn’t get the invitation.
Steve felt guilty looking at his date, but his worries are all gone when he saw her look excited.
“Keep driving.”
(Y/N) hand move to touch Steve blazer that made him shocked because of her hand touching his abs.
“(Y/N) now is not the time.” Steve hold his breath.
(Y/N) she laughed because Steve seemed misunderstood; she didn’t say anything that made him more frustrated. If the situation is different, he wouldn’t mind.
Her finger found Steve’s gun that attached to his belt. “I’m going to borrow this for a moment.”
“That’s dangerous, let’s stop here.”
Before he stops the car, (Y/N) opens the window; her body still stays on the seat; she puts out her right that holds the gun. She saw her target through the car window.
“Drive to the left a little bit Steve.”
Steve does as she told. It gave her a clear shot at Brock's car.
Steve gasped, his head kept turning back, looking at the scene; with just one shot Brock’s car tire got shot that made them lose control and hit the concrete barrier.
He finally able to stop his car. “That was a big crash.”
(Y/N) felt proud with just one bullet, she able to ruin the car chase. “If they die, that’s on them.”
“You’re amazing.” Steve grabbed her cheeks and brought her head closer to him so he could kiss her. It’s been a long time since he gets excited like this.
‘I never met a woman like you.’ 
They only been together for hours but Steve already felt the connection. And tonight even though there’s a lot of distraction, he could be himself when she stay beside him. 
He hope she would be the last one. 
So they drive back to his place and do the deeds. 
Tumblr media
While the couple is enjoying their intimate moment, the atmosphere quite different in C.I.A HQ.
‘THUD’ The sound of a pile of document being smashed to the table made the people who stand fidget a bit. They put their head down since they too scared looking at their boss.
“DAMN IT!!!”
“It was perfect, but all of you failed the mission. How?”
The person who just punched the table and screamed at her subordinate is Peggy Carter, also Steve ex-girlfriend. They were together in the military, but they broke up after Steve decided to work with his father.
She is pissed that her plan to get her people to be the informant for the mob, using the party tonight, has failed.
C.I.A has trying to get dirt from Steve group; they even use Peggy to fool Steve since they had a history together. Peggy uses this mission to make Steve quit being a mobster boss, but it’s such a difficult task to change his mind. Her mission was failed when Natasha found out.
Peggy knew she’s finished when Natasha confronted her.
Her betrayal hurt Steve, and he banned her from stepping into his territory.
“Who found you?”
“The big boss.”
“Argh, that even worse.”
“And there’s one more that is helping him. She’s the one who put the other three to sleep.”
“She?” Peggy raised her eyebrows.
“Yeah and a pretty one. This is the first time we've seen her with Rogers.”
“Have you found out who it is?”
“We use facial recognition, her name is Lilly Belcher.” One of the agents gives her a document.
She read the file “She looks innocent to be with Steve.”
‘and beautiful’
Peggy clenched her fist when she looked at the photo. The break-up left bitterness in her heart. From the story, she heard from her agents, seems like this woman is strong and doesn't mind playing along with Steve. The totally opposite of their relationship.
'Perhaps he found his right partner.'
Peggy doesn't like that idea “I won’t let you have a happy ending Steve.”
Tumblr media
A/N: uUHH... Steve has a bitter ex. 
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Breaking The Rules.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader (sort of Winter Soldier x F!Reader too)
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Warnings: like,,, lots of murder
Requested: nope
Summary: The Winter Soldier attacks the building where Y/N works and comes face-to-face with her. Surprising her and himself, he lets her go, breaking the rules, not following his orders. Y/N is so thankful about his mercy that she is now the world's biggest Bucky Barnes stan. What happens when their paths cross again 7 years later?
Author's Note: Hiya peeps! Okay so I don't really know if I've done a good job writing this but I tried my best so,,, enjoy!
The Asset is not thinking.
The Asset is not made to think.
Casually stroking his gun as he walked into the plain building, he watched the people inside the room pause for a minute. Then the screaming began. He simply stood there, the scene unfolding in front of him as people ran; inside rooms, out the building as they jumped out of windows to avoid him. He let them.
Finally having had enough because HYDRA demands some kills, Soldat, he cocked his gun and started out by fighting the security guards that had an ounce of bravery in them as they approached him with their own guns. He killed them easily. Then he moved further into the building, ending the lives of anyone who tried to get in his way.
What was his purpose of doing this? There was none. He was programmed to kill, and the program had no specific targets. No targets, only kill. He walked up the stairs of the building as more people, who had not been dead, escaped. Then he ended up on the floor where she was.
Y/N was going through a stack of papers, wearing headphones, when she heard a scream. It had been so sudden and loud that she startled badly, the papers flying from her hands as she turned around, ready to give the person a piece of her mind only to be met with the prettiest blue eyes she had ever seen in her life. The breath left her lungs and fear overtook her.
The person in front of her; she had heard of him. They called him The Winter Soldier. He was covered in black leather, his silver arm shining in the sunlight that entered through the window on her right. She quickly glanced at it; she was 10 stories above ground. He had a black mask on (more like a muzzle, she thought) and a peculiar look on his face.
She looked around the room, her eyes filling with tears when she saw the bodies of her coworkers, the friends she had made at the workplace, littered on the floor. Damn you, stupid headphones. She discarded them. He had killed them all. The Winter Soldier didn't really have a say in what he did, she told herself, he had been programmed to act like that.
Nothing but a murder toy for HYDRA.
And she hated them for that.
"Don't cry." She looked back at the Soldat, her eyes wide in confusion. Huh? Why would he say that? She blinked away the tears and started raising a hand to wipe them off when he suddenly raised his gun. Her hand paused mid-air and she held her breath, waiting for him to finally put her out of her misery as her eyes unconsciously watered once more.
When he saw her hand, though, her palm was facing him. Ready to rub off the tears, he noticed, and he lowered the gun. "Don't cry," he repeated and Y/N, as absurd as she found the situation to be, did as he ordered. She wiped the tears off and rubbed her hands on the jeans she was wearing, staring at the man. He stared back at her.
When he first entered the floor, he had done what he had been told, until there was no one alive in the room. Or so he thought, until his eyes landed on Y/N. She was wearing some sort of a device over her head, completely oblivious to what was going on. Was she deaf? Did she not hear the gunshots?
As he approached her cautiously, someone screamed behind him. And he saw how the papers flew out of her hand she whirled around, her big, doe eyes blinking at him until recognition sparked in them. Then she cowered. For some reason, as he looked at her, he couldn't bring himself to harm her. She looked… adorable, almost. So he did what he did best.
Her eyes were darting around the place, and they watered when they landed on the bodies on the floor. He gulped quietly under his mask, something inside him stirring uncomfortably as he watched her cry. And suddenly, he couldn't help himself. "Don't cry," he blurted out and she looked back at him. He stared. She blinked rapidly and started raising her hand.
Thinking she would raise a hand on him, he immediately held up his gun as a warning but realized that she was simply drying her tears, new ones in her eyes as she looked at the gun. And he suddenly felt very apologetic. "Don't cry," he repeated and allowed her to wipe her tears. But he was surprised to hear her speak.
"Please don't hurt me."
She was shaking, arms going around herself, but she wasn't crying. At least she was not crying. He didn't reply, only stared as a foreign, almost forgotten word came to mind. Pretty. She was pretty. Soldat or not, how could he bring himself to harm a pretty thing like her? He raised his gun again when he remembered his orders; kill, do not show mercy.
The pretty woman started crying again, this time her tears were much more prominent. "Please, please don't do it, please… I have done nothing to you, don't do it…" she pleaded, fingers intertwined as if in prayer. Kill her. But he ignored the order and lowered his gun again.
"Pretty," he stated and her brows furrowed. Y/N blinked at him, pretty? Did she hear that right? He called her pretty, right? "Pardon?" she blurted out and his head tilted to the side. "Go." His voice sounded strained and for a moment, Y/N wanted to embrace him, to comfort him but hurriedly dismissing the thoughts, she turned on her heels and ran out the building.
The Asset stared at her as she ran.
He had not been programmed to think.
Then why had he?
"Guys, I'm telling you, it was so surreal—"
"Oh my God, Y/N, will you stop—"
Steve, Sam and Bucky glanced at the group of ladies that ended up at the bar next to them. A few years had passed since the incident between Bucky and Y/N took place and he was back to normal. No longer the Winter Soldier; he was an ally of the Avengers now. Steve glanced at his friends, lips curling into an amused smile.
"What do you think they're talking about?" he whispered and Sam snickered quietly. "Why don't we listen?" Bucky simply shook his head, but was also kind of intrigued at this surreal experience that Y/N talked about. Y/N… that name sounded kind of familiar to him, but maybe it was a common one, what did he know?
"He called me pretty!"
"We know he's hot, Y/N, but seriously, the Winter Soldier did not call you pretty."
The three men froze and their eyes darted amongst each other. "He did," Y/N whined, "I'm telling you!" Bucky almost dropped his glass but managed to hold on, his jaw dropped. Thankfully the ladies were not aware of the men shamelessly eavesdropping on their conversation. "Wait wait wait, what is this about you and the Winter Soldier? I've not heard that story."
"Ugh, Sam, you've done it now!"
Steve and Bucky glanced at Sam with smirks and he rolled his eyes. "Samantha," he snarked but the super soldiers only shrugged in reply. "Okay okay, this was like… 7 years ago. I was in my office, working, when our building was attacked. By him." And Bucky, try as he might, couldn't remember shit.
"Dude, I was wearing headphones so damn strong that I didn't hear literal gunshots echoing around the room, like what?"
"Seriously, Y/N? You know we won't say anything if you tell us you're lying."
"But I'm not lying," Y/N insisted, "I heard a scream and finally took off the headphones. When I turned to see who had screamed, he was literally standing in front of me." Hazy memories slowly flashed in his mind; a plain building, those red-black headphones and the fluttering of papers. He gulped his drink down.
"And didn't kill you like he had been trained to? I still think you're lying. Or maybe you just have severe trauma and you made up a story of the handsome Bucky Barnes calling you pretty." Bucky nearly laughed when Y/N's face turned red but then guilt started weighing heavy in his stomach. He had put her in danger…
"I don't have trauma, don't joke about stuff like that! Anyway, I was like, scared shitless. I thought I was gonna die, I started crying but he told me, don't cry. Like huh?" Bucky didn't remember that part. Steve and Sam were now definitely drawn to the story, their eyes set on their glasses as they listened.
"I didn't want to anger him so I wiped my tears but he raised that goddamn gun again and I started crying again. He repeated his words and I started pleading, as we've all seen in action movies." Snorts drifted between them. "Please don't hurt me, let me go…" Y/N mimicked but Bucky's heart rate suddenly spiked. The same voice, the same tone…
He had had a nightmare the previous night.
She was the one he heard.
"Okay, so after I'm done begging, you know what he fucking says? Out of all things, he literally called me pretty. Like just— just that one word came out of his mouth. I'm literally still so confused," she spoke animatedly and the friend who had not heard the story before gasped. "Seriously? No way," she scoffed.
"Yes way!" Y/N got impatient. Why did no one ever believe her? She got that it was an outlandish story, but it was real! Y/N wished the Soldat was here; not to kill, of course, merely to confirm the fact that he had, indeed, called her pretty. But that man was long gone, replaced by someone who was stable-but-not-so-stable, undoubtedly handsome and with a new metal arm. This Bucky was much better than the dangerous Soldat.
"Then he told me to go. He sounded so fucking soft, you know? I have so much respect for Bucky Barnes, I mean, look at him. He went through so much he didn't deserve, and sometimes I just wanna—" She made a choking gesture, "—everyone who hurt him." Her friends chuckled but he could tell she wasn't lying. She really did care for him.
After all he put her through…
"I'm serious! Look at him! He looks like a lost puppy. How can you not care about him?" Y/N whined and her friends shook their heads. "You just have a big crush on the man, accept it." Bucky rolled his eyes as Steve and Sam smirked at him. He nudged them both, keeping silent. "You know what? I wish he was here right now. He probably doesn't even remember but if he did—"
"I remember it, doll, only vaguely…"
Y/N's group froze as their gazes followed the voice, landing on the three Avengers beside them. Her friends were mortified, Y/N even more so. Did he hear the story? "D-Did you… hear…" she stammered and Bucky pursed his lips. "I'm sorry." The apology fell out before he could stop himself and Y/N, ever the Bucky-apologist, instantly shook her head.
"It was not your fault. HYDRA did that to you. You didn't deserve any of it, mark my words." She sounded like Steve, he noticed and smiled gently. After all he put her through… she still stood by his side. "Thank you, doll, that really means a lot," he said sincerely and Y/N grinned at him. "You're welcome!" And before she could turn to her friends, he spoke up again.
"I meant what I said."
"Hm?" She looked at him, head tilted in confusion. "When I called you pretty, I meant it. You are pretty, very much so." She went red under his intense gaze and shied away, forcing Steve, Sam and her friends to burst into boisterous laughter. "Th-Thanks," she mumbled and Bucky craved her more.
"Join me for a drink?" he questioned and her eyes widened. He mistook it for fear and immediately lowered his head. "Sorry, I overstepped—" He froze when she took his metal hand, holding it gently, looking at him with the same eyes he had thought to be adorable 7 years ago. "Of course I'll join you." A genuine smile bloomed on his face and without a care in the world, he led her away from her friends.
She was going to be his.
Forever and always.
The only woman caring and wonderful enough to accept him, broken and everything.
A/N: Leave a like if you enjoyed, thanks for reading! Love you all 🖤
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 7 hours ago
The Dark Team (part 11)
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Warnings: Cookies and idiots. You might get diabetes.
N/A: I'm on a family trip right now so I'm being a little unactive but I'll do my best to be still updating on here. Thank you so much to everyone who reads and comments, you truly make me want to write twice as much.
The Dark Team: (Taglist: @lucywrites02, @louieboo87, @the-departed-potato, @jesuswasnotawhiteman, @idontknow296, @beksib, @spythoschei, @geekwritersworld, @whatafuckingdumbass, @mysticunicorn7 @shadowolf993 @toe-vind-ek-jou @joscelyn02, t00-pi)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Are you sure that’s how you should be sending those?”. His nosy ass telling you how to do your job in your midgardian electronics was just amazing, truly. “It would be faster for them if you send it with that link instead of…”.
“Listen, Mischief”, you interrupted his unnecessary corrections “I don’t tell you how to levitate, what about you don’t tell me how to do this?”.
“I don’t levitate”.
“Not the point. This is my deal. Besides, since when and how do you know how to handle midgardian tech?”.
“I… I’m bored”.
“Do I look like an entertainment to you right now?”.
“What do you mean right now? Are you planning on entertaining me later?”.
“I will choke you if you keep doing that”.
“Do you promise?”.
"Yes, my dear".
"Can't wait, then", he smirked. You rolled your eyes, about to answer something snappy, but the work was more important at the moment.
Your phone beeped, pulling you out of the very one sided discussion. You went back to your work in silence, getting your full focus and concentration on it. If it weren’t for Loki, you would’ve already done a thousand more other things. But, as a bug on the lenses, he was stuck to your side. It seemed like you were babysitting him.
Peter was staring at the roof from the couch. A pile of homework laid by his side, untouched, and his unlocked phone seemed to be waiting for him to make a call he didn’t want to. Loki observed him, unsure if it was a good idea to ask. You looked at his uncertainty from over your shoulder, and watched him finally give up on the idea of socially interacting with the kid, sitting down by your side on the big, big (and, exaggeratingly pointing out, big; yet he sat in the nearest chair from you) table.
The compound certainly was a boring place when uninhabited, and the sun was already teasing with coming down, making the common room’s lights turn brighter and warmer. Maybe it was automatic, maybe it was Friday. You couldn’t care less, for you were too distracted by Loki’s gaze on your work.
“Loki, for fuck’s sake, would you stop staring, my dearest?”, you asked, imitating his tone of voice, hoping it’d make it less aggressive and a bit more fun. He rolled his eyes and smirked, understanding your intentions. You sounded as tired of him as you were.
“Bored, I know. What about you go entertain Pete? He looks equally, if not more, bored as you. And you’re interfering with my work, which I do not appreciate very much”.
“How am I supposed to entertain him? I’m not a clown”, he argued, slightly offended but just wanting to make time and conversation. You sighed.
“Then why do you act like one?”.
“What is that supposed to mean? Is that a midgardian insult I’m not aware of, pancake?”.
“Stop calling me that, it’s not derogative”.
“It wasn’t intended to be deroga…”.
“I’d kill for some pancakes”, interrupted Peter, trying to pull you two out of your quarrels. “Or something sweet”.
“Oh, the kid got peckish. This is perfect; you can go get him something sweet and leave my workspace alone”, you said, patting his back with an exhausted grin.
He rolled his eyes, but walked down to the kitchen looking for whatever could satiate Peter. There wasn’t anything. One would think that a billionaire would have the fridge full of chocolates, wouldn’t you?, he thought, exhausted by the idea of having to actually leave the compound to get him something. Last time he tried to buy something in Midgard, he accidentally paid three salaries to the workers in the name of Stark. He was so embarrassed, he said it was on purpose and called it an act of mischief. But it was, in fact, pure and raw unawareness of midgardian’s use of money.
“What about we bake something, Mr. Loki?”, proposed Peter, with a flaming interest in seeing what those magic hands could do with food. You chuckled, pretty sure they could do nothing; he had been a prince for over a thousand years, when could he have learnt to bake by himself?
Loki lowered his gaze, confronted with both thoughts of his companions, and their respective expectations. Truth was, you were right. But he couldn't disappoint the kid like that, he had to at least try. Peter's eyes shone brighter than ever, and you wondered if Loki was actually enjoying his company. They looked fine. And, finally, you had some space to work without distractions.
“In normal circumstances I’d reject you, spider boy, but since y/n seems to be about to hang me by the neck on the tip of the tower, might as well do this”, he said, stealing a glance at you and smirking.
“It’s an honor you decide to spend your last moments baking with me, Mr. Loki”.
“Sure, let’s go, child”.
“I’m not a child”.
And just like that, they left the working area and moved to the kitchen. Both rooms were connected by a huge glassless window and a counter, so you were able to peep in and make sure they didn’t actually burn down the compound (which was the only rule Tony had) and work peacefully at the same time.
After what seemed like an eternity, they still couldn’t accept they were failing miserably, and kept stirring the mix in a bowl. Flour formed clouds around them as Peter sneezed it away, and Loki’s hair had some cream on his (now not so) impeccable hair. Peter laughed at Loki’s commentary and poor baking skills, and Loki playfully mocked how his stickiness wasn’t helpful at all.
“Have you ever baked before, Mr. Loki?”.
“I haven’t but I’ve seen people bake, I figured I could imitate them”.
“Your mum, right? I used to bake with my aunt May a lot, but just now I realize maybe she was doing everything and I was eating the dough by her side”.
“That sounds more like it”, he chuckled. The mixing bowl trembled in his hand as he got distracted by the flying eggs coming at him, and it slipped out of him, smashing near half the mix onto the floor. “Oh, fuck”.
“It’s fine, we can use the one that’s left!”.
“Your positiveness astonishes me, spider boy”.
“Spider man”.
“Right, apologies”.
“We have already put in the flour, the sugar, the eggs, the milk… What else is in the recipe?”.
“I’m trying to remember, let me see”, he closed his eyes and muttered to himself “they used cinnamon, I think. And maybe butter? Yes, and chocolate chips”.
“Ah, this recipe isn’t my mum’s. She didn’t bake either, you know, Queens don’t get their hands dirty” he laughed. “It was my companion’s”, he spat and suddenly realized what he had said. He lowered his head and sighed.
“Your companion?”, asked Peter. “As in partner? A spouse?”.
“Not spouse, just… you know, I’m just realizing I shouldn’t be talking to you about it”, he brushed it off, absolutely regretting it. Because Peter, unlike any other person, lacked filters.
So he would ask and ask and not realize where to stop. And at that point you could say Peter had become some sort of a weakness in Loki’s roughness. Peter was the softest, purest and better intentioned person he had ever met (or at least that’s how he saw him; of course, Loki had never seen him in action, fighting crime), and Loki was incapable of actually denying things to him. It didn’t matter how much Peter insisted on not being seen as a child, Loki was a thousand years older.
“No, please do. Now you’ve caught my attention”, he insisted, trying to clean some of the dough from the floor. Loki sighed, watching how the kid begged him to tell him more from his feet. “Please, Mr. Loki, I swear I won’t tell”.
“Well, my lover was the one who used to cook for us”, he explained as if he was telling someone else’s story. He clearly was trying to disengage his own emotions in order to tell them out loud. “And they’d usually bake some kick-ass cinnamon cookies”.
Peter had to grab the counter to steady himself from laughter, and you couldn’t help to snort at the conversation you were indiscreetly eavesdropping. Loki smiled.
“Then we have to replicate them, if they’re so kick-ass to make you say a midgardian expression”.
“We must, but I can’t remember quite well the next steps. It’s all sort of a blur now”.
“Can’t we ask them?”.
“No”, he said quickly. The air tensed, and untensed as fast as he realized. He especified again, trying to sound less affected by it “we can’t”.
“Oh”, Peter sounded so disappointed, Loki’s heart broke a little. “Are they dead?”.
“Oh my God, Pete, you can’t just ask…”, you intervened, trying to save Loki from further discomfort.
“It’s okay, they’re… well, they’re gone”, he said with a soft voice, raising his eyebrows as who tries to explain to a little kid why their fish is upside down, leaving to the imagination the typical trace of sadness that would follow. His eyes focused on the mixing bowl, reminiscing another time, another way. Eyes of someone who tries his best to never forget the little details from someone who’s not here anymore, because memories are all he has left. He immediately snapped out of his thoughts and tried to play it cool. “But guess who’s not gone? This dough on the floor. Let’s clean it up, kid”.
“Gone as in dead?”, insisted Peter, who had a very poor self control. You would’ve grabbed your face with eight hands if you could.
“Peter, don’t…”.
“Yes, they’re dead. Inside a coffin, rotting, getting eaten by worms. You know”, said Loki, this time jokingly, trying to scare off Peter. But it didn’t work, since Peter just kept asking about it. Loki was already too tired of having to take his brain yet again to places he didn’t want them to be.
“I’m really sorry, Mr. Loki. Must be very painful”. The empathy in his eyes gave Loki the hint that he was not only being sincere, but curious about Loki's life. Interested, engaged. Not just morbidly curious, but wanting to get to know him better. Unfortunately, Loki couldn’t allow that. He would have to get the mission done, not make any friends, and go back to Asgard as alone as he came. It was the deal, the price he had to pay, the invisible handcuffs, the imaginary rope tying around his neck. Tightly, tightly, tighter.
“It’s alright, it was long ago”.
“Was they Asgardian, like you?”.
“I’m not actually Asgardian. I was raised there, but I’m from Jotunheim”.
Loki managed to move the conversation further than his lover (which he regretted highly to have brought the subject in the first place), and Peter got more and more interested in confirming how many of his mythology stories were true or not. The kitchen was the warmest place in the whole compound, and something started to smell like burnt sugar.
“So you did actually make Sif, Thor’s wife, bald? And did he make you go get her a wig in Svárthelfeim?”, he asked at the speed of light, and Loki laughed.
“Lady Sif’s not actually Thor’s betrothed. And no, I didn’t make her bald”, he said, and then muttered “she just happened to have a very low quality shampoo”.
“Ah, the cookies!”, Peter turned off the stove and took them out carefully, as to not get burned (again).
Loki peeped through the window to check on you. Your head, laying tiredly over your hands, seemed to be about to give up on you out of exhaustion. You haven’t slept properly since the mission started, and you couldn’t get your head off work for a moment. He approached you from behind and left a fresh cup of coffee and a couple of warm cookies by your side. You smiled at him gently and thanked him. If it wasn’t him you were talking about, you could’ve swore he blushed.
You have gotten so tranquil after one simple gesture, you hoped to get all your nerves down before going to sleep. Maybe it wasn’t that bad to have been stuck with them in the compound. They seemed to be having a good time, and Loki had nothing on his mind more than to have a rest after such hectic days.
“How long until you finish there?”, he asked with a low voice, a raspy, almost groany voice, that made you want to shut your computer down and throw it out of the window. You didn’t, instead, you checked your clock.
“Very soon, I’ll join you guys in a bit”.
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spideyanakin · 7 hours ago
My Dear
Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis; Steve gets confused by his feelings for you when he hears you sing a song that reminds him a little too much of his past. 
Tumblr media
“Kiss me once” You starting humming one of your favorite songs as you put some flower into your cake batter. “then, kiss me twice, then, kiss me once again” You whisked your batter shaking your head as you thought of the rhythm of the song.
As if on cue, Steve walked by. At first, he didn’t believe it, but he quickly recognized the lyrics and the tune you were humming.
“It's been a long, long time” You continued and Steve felt his cheeks warm up when he listened to you sing.
Your hair was loose. You had flour stuck to your forehead, and your apron looked like a mess. You mindlessly looked around, Steve happy you didn’t notice him. “Haven't felt like this, my dear, since can't remember when”
He felt his heart doing a loop in his chest. He didn’t know if it was you singing the song that reminded him of Peggy Carter or the way the setting sun made you look, but butterflies bloomed in his stomach.
He shook his head. No. You were already dating Spider-man. You were way too young for him. You had barely started college - he couldn’t fall for you.
“It's been a long, long time” That goddamn song. He thought to himself as the words escaped your mouth. Why were you singing this? Why did your voice sound like it was meant to be singing this?
And mainly - why did it make Steve feel this way? Why was his heart suddenly beating for you?
Steve didn’t know where to put himself and lowered his head as he walked into the kitchen.
“Hey, Steve.” You greeted with a smile as you noticed him walking in.
He gave you a stiff smile back, his head still down as he grabbed a water bottle and darted off. You raised an eyebrow at the awkward encounter.
“Hmmm, why does that smell so good.” An hour later Bucky walked into the room, gushing over the smell of your muffins as he sat on a stool at the kitchen counter.
“That’s because I made muffins.” You gave him a sweet smile as you got a second batch out of the oven.
“Oh my god you’re the best.” He grinned as he grabbed one.
“Be careful-” you realized he had grabbed the burning hot cake with his metal arm and you scoffed in disbelief.
“Oh my god why does it smell so good in here.” Peter dropped his bag pack as he entered the room making you giggle.
“That’s because I’ve made muffins Pete.”
“Goddess.” He complimented as he trotted to you and brought you into a kiss.
“How’s MIT doing?” You wondered as you removed some muffins from the molds.
“It’s rockin’” You giggled at his use of words.
“Hey Buck-” Steve walked into the room and his cheeks went bright red at the sight of you. He stopped in his tracks suddenly feeling jealous when he Peter’s arm wrapped around your waist.
“What up?” Bucky turned around with a muffin stuffed in his mouth.
“Um... Nothing actually.” He met your eyes and turned away just as fast, walking off.
“What’s up with him?” Peter wondered as he grabbed a cooled muffin.
“I don’t know he’s been acting weird all day.” You shrugged.
“True.” Bucky noticed.
“Are you sure this looks alright?” You turned around so Peter could take a better look.
“Yeah - you look amazing.” He confirmed and you stepped in front of the mirror, fixing your hat. Peter stepped in behind you as you did to fix his jacket. You smiled when you saw him dressed as a real World War II soldier.
“You look hot.” You smirked and Peter’s cheeks flushed.
“Well, you don’t look so bad in the skirt either” He smirked back, making you laugh.
You looked at your outfit one last time. You were dressed as a World War II female agent. Pencil, well-cropped jacket, and a small hat to go with it.
“You kids ready?” Tony wondered taking a look at you and Peter.
“Yep.” You nodded.
“Oh my god look at you!” Bucky exclaimed as he stepped into the room smiling when he saw you and Peter. “Peter you look like me in those pictures Steve gave me.” He chuckled.
“Glad to look like a criminal,” Peter grumbled and you cracked a smile.
“Ok so Nat, Barton, and Thor are already in a cab there. Rhodey is waiting downstairs.” Tony looked at his watch. “We're just waiting for Cap.”
As if on cue Steve walked into the room. Freezing when he saw the way you were dressed.
He gulped as he scanned your body. You were dressed exactly like Peggy Carter had before he had to leave her. Your hair exactly the way Peggy’s was on the picture he was carrying. He felt his breath get stuck in his throat.
“Oh Hey Steve!” You smiled. “Is this how they dressed before?” You grinned.
“I didn’t know your play was on... World war II?”
“Yeah, it is! It’s a love story, it’s pretty cool. You’ll see. I’m so glad our outfits do justice.” You smiled as you fixed something on Peter’s jacket.
He was jealous.
Steve was jealous of a teenager.
Jealousy was rising inside him and suddenly he wished he was back in the 1920′s as a soldier and you were fixing his uniform. Not in 2021 with you wearing a World War II like outfit and fixing the jacket of another guy. All that for a play he’d have to watch.
“Alright let’s go.” You giggled as you placed your arm around peter’s and started walking towards the elevator with him. Bucky joined and soon enough you disappeared behind the doors.
Tony stayed behind sensing the tension in Steve’s eyes.
“What’s going on?” Tony folded his arms.
“I can’t go” He mumbled, shaking his head.
“What do you mean you can’t go?” Tony frowned, not understanding the situation at all.
Steve looked behind him, making sure the elevator was fully gone.
“I think I’m in love with her.”
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tara-learns-to-write · 7 hours ago
Class Drama and Anger Issues
Hey besties this will contain swearing, violence, catcalling/ sexual harassment, blood and just horrible behaviour so please take care reading this, love you all <3
You had always been very protective of your friends
It wasn’t like you didn’t think they could stand up for themselves
You understood that 100%
However whenever anyone insulted them or talked bad about them you were the first person to throw hands
You were sure that your jaw had locked from how long you had been tensing it. You see, being sat at the back of the classroom was great, you could see everyone and hear everyone. Which means that whenever someone decided to bitch and moan about the people in the little group you had managed to join, that you would be the first person to hear it. Like right now for example, Liz and Peter had broken up a few days ago and she didn’t take it so well and had taken up talking about him behind his back. Which had led us to this: you at the back of the room, fists and jaw clenched in an effort to not walk over to her and her little friends and wipe that smug look right off her face. “And he isn’t even that smart, God knows how he got into Stark industries” nope that was it, that was the last straw. You pushed the stupid science lab chair back so hard it fell to the ground, heads turned to you as you stormed over to where Liz and her group where currently at which just happened to be at the front of the classroom. God, were you lucky that the teacher had left to go grab some more textbooks from some cupboard down the hall, otherwise you would have been dead when you said “Listen Liz. Peter is an amazing and smart boy who cares more for others than he does himself. He works harder than anyone else I know and he still manages to make sure others are okay. He is twice the person you will ever be and if you don't shut up in the next 2 minutes you won’t have to worry about being bitter over a breakup, you’ll be too worried about getting a set of new teeth”. If this was a cartoon steam would be pouring from your ears and your face would be blood red, which wasn’t too far from what you looked like now. Peter had taken a sick day and thank god he had, otherwise he would have killed you for even saying anything, however Ned was still here and he was waiting to see how far you would go before having to step in and calm you down. “Oh how sweet L/n, you think you’re all strong and scary” her and her friends' sickly sweet laughs echoed in your ears as you clenched your fists even harder. “Y/n come on Peter wouldn’t want this” ned tried to reason and even in your rage filled stupor you realised he was right and took a breath to try and calm yourself down “say anything again and you’ll see just how strong and scary I can be” you spat, stroming away, grabbing your bag and walking out of the room just in time for your teacher to walk back in, “where’s L/n?” he asked. 
Okay maybe you did tend to overreact 
You just really cared about your friends
They were there when you needed them and you wanted to do the same 
You couldn’t help it that you got angry when people decided to talk about them 
In some situations though it was acceptable to get angry
You, Mj and Betty had been coming back from the Cinema late one night after deciding that you deserved to spend some time together after exam week to treat yourselves. Unfortunately walking through the streets at 10pm meant getting some very unwanted attention from older men. “Hey mama looking good” one man slurred as you walked past him grabbing the girls hands a little tighter in an attempt to ground yourself and reassure them that you would keep them save, “hey don’t be like that, we just want to talk” another man added, honestly what was it with them? Couldn’t they see you obviously didn’t want to “talk” to them. You hadn’t even realised your feet had stopped moving until Betty gently placed her hand on your shoulder and whispered “It’s fine just let it go” and tried to give you a nudge in the direction you had originally been going. “Hey! Don’t just ignore us! We know you want some attention” you didn’t know who had said it and at this point you didn’t care, worrying more about teaching them a thing called respect than about who voiced their unwanted thoughts. Letting go of your friends hands, turning around slowly and walking towards the men with a smile on your face so sweet it was almost scary. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you that women aren’t your submissive little toys?” you sung punctuating your sentence with a kick to one guy's nuts and a punch to the other's nose. “Because someone really should” and as the men were recovering from your atack you stalked away along the dimly lit street and continuing your journey to Mj’s house.
Okay so we have clearly established your hatred towards people who disrespect your friends 
The Avengers new about your strong feelings and respected the fire that you had 
Of course they did have Bruce try and teach you some breathing exercises 
Spoiler alert they didn’t help very much 
So when Bucky got a call from your school telling him that he would have to pick you up as you were suspended for a week
He couldn’t say he was surprised
“I’m going to pick Y/n up from school, be back in a bit” Bucky called to the rest of the team who had been watching some sort of reality show on the new Tv Tony had no reason to buy but did, “why? What happened?” Steve replied, a look of concern on his face “They got into a fight and so they are suspended for a week” the supersoldier sighed, grabbing the car keys and whispering “what did you do this time Y/n” to himself.
I’ll tell you what happened
You had been on your way to English when you had seen Flash taunting Mj, waving her book above his head and laughing hysterically about something. Instantly you dropped your bag to the floor and stormed over to them “Hey Flash, what are you doing there buddy?” you shouted loud enough to seem intimidating but not loud enough to capture the attention of the teachers and students who were already in class. “None of your business Y/n, move along” he spat back, if looks could kill he would be six feet under and halfway to hell as you ripped the book from his grasp and slammed him into the lockers “really? Because to me it looks like you’re being rude to my good friend Mj and I don’t take that very lightly”. Gripping him by the collar and pushing him even further into the lockers that he was sure his body had made a dent in the metal, however flash was never one to give up like the shaking leaf of a man he was. Pushing you hands off and shoving you by your shoulders he said “aww look Mj your angry little guard dog has come to your rescue again. How sweet” if there was one thing you hated more than stupid boys and disrespect it was being called a dog. You weren’t gonna let him call you that. Quicker than he could say “Don’t hit me” your fist came flying straight into the boy's noise, a satisfying crunch being made upon impact. Now throughout all of this no one had heard the commotion and they wouldn’t have if Flash didn’t scream out in pain and then faint at the sight of his own blood.
That’s how you ended up getting suspended 
It was what you had told your dad when he picked you up because you had no reason to lie
No matter how proud of you he was he still gave you a talking to 
You both had a long talk about how best to go about controlling your anger and instead of going back to Bruce you decided to take a few anger management classes
And so far it’s going great
(Until flash decides to open his mouth again)
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thefieryphoenix · 10 hours ago
I just read ur story about us going to the avengers for help because of peter and I was wondering if you could do something like that but instead were going to them because we got lost from the house we live in with peter and want him to get us
Well, this is the LAST request I’ll be doing before I open up my inbox again 
Peter would first be heartbroken and devastated since he can’t find you anywhere and also, his heart is racing like a million miles per second since you must be so scared and lonely of being all alone in some unknown danger! Peter HAS to find you fast before you get hurt or even worse, kidnapped!
Meanwhile you decided to go to the Avengers for help since they might be able to help you get back to Peter. You were feeling cold at this point and wandering around in the streets and finally after what seemed like forever, when Captain America was wandering around with Bucky, how stunned both of them were when they met you in an alleyway
You explained the situation at hand to them and they decided to get you back to the Avengers tower although they were kinda sus of why you didn’t try escaping from Peter and want to go back to him even though he technically kidnapped you. Tony sees you and he immediately gets a call from Peter. Peter’s literally freaking TF out and you could actually hear his frantic voice on the other end of the phone asking if he knew where you were and if he could please track you down or something like that. Tony asked him to calm down and he told him that you were with them and you could hear Peter literally sighing with relief and thanking god that you were all right 
The Avengers were really nice to you, they made you some snacks and Peter finally came to take you back with him. Peter was immensely proud of you for wanting to come back to him and yes, he DID cry 
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cuddlemen0w · 11 hours ago
daily dose of failure | peter parker x reader
(+ the group aka mj, ned and harry)
Tumblr media
warnings: none
a/n: my friends... i have no clue what this is :/ but it’s part 3 and the end
“He’s in danger!” the man in the red mask said.
“Peter?” y/n's heart hammered in her chest. She was sure her legs would give out at the superhero's short silence. “Peter is in danger?” she worried once more, urging him to go on, explain, or deny his statement. Anything. Anything, just to know what happened to Peter.
“Yes," he answered, “Peter needs Ned, Ned Leeds.”
y/n was still very much frozen to her spot as Ned moved forward from beside her. It was only when Ned along with the Spider-man, were gone, that she sat down in disbelief. MJ moved to her friend, hand on her shoulder. "I'm going to find out what's wrong, yes?"
y/n touched her friend's hand on her shoulder, sqeezing slightly in agreement.
"I'll be right back."
y/n's feet tapped on the floor of her bedroom erratically. Phone clutched tightly in her sweaty palm. "Respond, please," she pleaded into the silent room. The only response she got was a blow of wind from her open window.
For the houndred time, she checked her messages.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was useless, really. No matter how many times she asked, no one would explain anything and Peter would not reply. She tried calling multiple times too, but it send her straight to voice mail. And after many voice messages she grew tired of being ignored. Did she not mean anything to him? Were they ok with her being scared to the core the whole night? No sleep, no rest?
All of it went through her mind at once. She paced her room quietly, her parents already asleep. Silent tears started to prick her eyes.
For the last time, she opened Peter’s contact and clicked call.
The phone rang, and rang. It went for five minutes before it died on its own. Peter’s contact, along with his now, mockingly smiley face disappeared from her screen.
A sob escaped her throat.
Tumblr media
“Are you sure it was a good idea?” Peter asked his two friends. All three of them were now in the school’s lunch hall, a crowd of people from the party around them.
“Not really,” both said at the same time. Peter narrowed his brows at MJ, she only shrugged. “I mean, yes, yes. It’s a good idea.”
It was their free period before lunch. y/n was the only one in class still. But he hasn’t seen her all day, either she avoided him or didn’t show up at all.
Ned saw the doubt in Peter’s face, “She’s in class, saw her this morning.” Peter nodded.
He had to grow a pair, he remembered Tony’s words. This time, he would listen to them.
“Okay, everyone!” MJ clapped her hands, interrupting everyone, her head cocked to Peter.
“Um, so,” he started, “As you all heard yesterday, I was— uh, I was in danger yesterday,” he winced at his words internally.
“I witnessed a robbery?” he looked for help in Ned. He of course, saw the miserable look on his face and stood up to help.
“There was a robbery, and he was there,” Ned said with a proud nod.
Peter chuckled nervously, “and Spider-man helped me.” Peter finished, making MJ face palm. She rubbed her eyes, smudging her already faded mascara.
Frustration was evident in her voice, “what he’s trying to say is, that nothing really happened to him, everything’s fine and now we need your help,” she stated, meeting his grateful gaze. “You’re welcome,” she mouthed.
“What help?” the blonde guy from yesterday asked, his deep voice booming above all the people.
“Peter here,” MJ pointed to him, “really likes a girl, and needs help telling her.”
“What do you need all of us for?” a small girl with pastel pink hair asked.
“That’s what I’m trying to get at, sweet cheeks,” MJ winked, making the girl blush a bright pink. “Here’s the thing.”
After MJ explained the whole plan, everyone went to put it into action. The cheerleaders painted a big banner, that Harry’s football team hanged in the lunch hall, the words big and clear. Ned and MJ along with the pink haired girl went around the hall, explaining and pleading with people to elaborate, or simply, get out the way.
Everyone from the school was on to it by lunch.
It all made Peter feeling grateful, but he couldn’t shake the nervousness so easily. “What if it won’t work out?”
“Don’t say that, not after we put all these people into it. Besides, if you don’t tell her, I’m pretty sure all these people will, not the mention the big banner over there,” MJ said, making him look up.
He likes you, get together already. Was painted on the white canvas, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the red and pink hearts around the words, few of them had his and y/n’s initials paired in them. “You sure?”
Tumblr media
Nothing was positive about y/n’s day. She spent the night crying herself to sleep, the evidence was clear in her bloodshot eyes. Her cheeks were puffed and she was sure if people looked closer, they could see the starting of dark circles under her lids.
She avoided her friends, too proud to approach them first. They ignored me yesterday. So I will today. It was childish, really. But she stood her ground.
All was going smooth, she didn’t have to meet them, since that day they all had different classes. But was starting to get tough. Lunch was behind the corner and that meant facing her friends, and Peter.
The bell rang and everyone started to get out the class, she stayed behind. She packed her books slowly, almost painfully so. She didn’t run like everyone else. Her steps were slow, prolonging her journey to the lunch hall. Her eyes were down the whole time.
Once in the hall, a pair of feet appeared in her vision. Blue sneakers with roughed edges. Peter’s. Her eyes shot up as he started to speak.
“I’m so—”
Smack. y/n’s hand stung, so did Peter’s cheek.
The slap sounded through the whole hall, all the excited smiles dropped at the scene.
“Yeah, I probably deserved that,” he nodded, hand on his cheek. At his words, the girl shook her head.
“Wha—” he was once again interrupted by her. But now, it wasn’t at all painful. It was soft, sweet and salty? She was crying when her lips parted from his.
“You didn’t answer, and I—” It was Peter now who kissed her. His lips were tender, moving lovingly over hers. All they felt for each other poured into it.
“I’m sorry,” Peter said. “I really am.”
“I am too.” She touched his red cheek. “That was a bit too much.”
Someone cleared their throat behind them. MJ. “So you’re telling me we did this for nothing?”
The two of them turned to face the whole room, all eyes were on them. Smiles splattered over all the faces again. ‘He likes you. Get together already.’ Hanged over them.
“No,” the girl smiled at Peter. “I like you too, we should get together already.”
“We totally should,” he said, with a big grin, his eyes full of love.
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youngbloodslut · 13 hours ago
request guidelines
i prefer you request through my inbox, however messaging me works too
please only request the same idea once
who i write (as of right now):
-all harry potter characters
-the outsiders
-teen wolf
-harry styles
-niall horan
-peter parker
-tom holland
-elizabeth olsen
if you want me to write for someone that is not included on this list — there’s no harm in asking!
i currently don’t write smut!!
i will write polygamy! just ask ;)
requests are open!
-abby <3
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m1lkshakez · 14 hours ago
Opening requests because I need a distraction from school :)
- no smut (srry I’m like 12 /j)
- I won’t write for anyone who is uncomfortable with it
- I will do x reader
- can write for female or gender neutral reader
- Au’s welcome
Who I’ll write for
Dream Smp
- dream
- sapnap
- quackity
- Wilbur (have to double check that)
I write for a lot of people in Harry Potter so here is a list of people I won’t write for
- Draco
- snape
- Percy
Most Marvel characters. If ur not sure just ask and I’ll say if I do or don’t
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idyllicmei · 16 hours ago
Y/n: I have no idea what I'm doing, I just know that I'm doing it really well
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A Royal Convenience || Tom Holland
Tumblr media
| Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen |
Summary → When an alliance is made between England and France, you are sent away to marry the crown prince and heir to the British throne. Except both you and Prince Thomas despise each other at all odds, subjected to the hand of the monarchy and unable to stand each other.
AN → This is probably one of my favorite chapters I’ve written, truly it makes me so sad that this series is coming to an end so soon. There will be two more parts: Part fourteen will be the last official part, part fifteen will be an epilogue of sorts. Consider joining my 1K Fic Challenge, and my 1K Sleepover is open until Monday!
Pairing(s) → Prince!Tom x Princess!Reader
Warnings → Alcohol, Strong Language, NSFW - Mature Content, Unprotected Sex - M x F
Word Count → 4.2k
“Please don’t let me fall, Harry.”
“Now, wouldn’t that just be a scandal,” he breathily whispered back to you.
Within the church played some variation of Hallelujah, everyone’s eyes on you and you only. The only two people with their backs turned to you were Sam and Tom, both standing at the front of the alter. Only Sam was off to the side, and Tom was just a foot or two away from the Archbishop.
No one spoke, not daring break the silence. As you began down the long row, many curtsied as you passed. Squinting a bit, you could see Queen Nicola and King Dominic at the front. In her eyes were tears, the King looking almost feverish in the face. His posture was slouched, his skin sallow and blotchy.
Harry looked around, and then motioned silently for you to look up. At the balcony overlooking the church stood Anne, she wasn’t allowed to the actual ceremony so she had come concealed and incognito. With a ready smile, she waved at you and mouthed something that looked a lot like ‘may God bless you.’
As you neared your empty place at the alter, Harry gave a squeeze. Your heart began to thud increasingly faster, stomach flipping at the thought of all of this. A small noise escaped your mouth, something of a sigh and a nervous gasp all at once. Luckily, no one but Harry had heard it.
“You’ve made it this far. It’d be a shame if you choked here,” he said to you. “Breathe—it’ll be over before you know it.”
Without thinking, you realized you had been looking at him and now you were being released from his grip. With clammy hands, you reached for him one last time and he brought your hand into both of his. Looking at you solely, he nodded a moment and let go.
One of your bridesmaids came up to take the flowers from you other hand, stepping back from you. With a step forward, you were at his left. The clad red uniform was snug, a high collar with golden accents and white trousers. You looked down and realized he had removed all of his rings, all except his signet ring.
Looking forward, you felt him steal a quick glance at you. The organ had ceased playing, and there was no more choir. Everyone was absolutely quiet.
“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here together in the sight of God to witness and join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony.”
Before you were several members of the church, each of them stone-faced and holding hard expressions. You shifted in your spot, taking in a deep breath and exhaling. You could hear his shallow breaths, trying to remember a time you’d ever seen Tom quite this anxiety ridden.
You had never.
He began to speak about God and the church, your pulse had been racing so fast that you seemed to catch very few of his words. He was reading from a book that looked something like a bible, dressed in uniform with grey hair. You stifled out another breath, hands shaking terribly.
“Thomas, will thou have this woman to be thy wedded wife. To live together after God’s ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony. Will thou love her, comfort her, honor, and keep her in sickness and in health so long as you both shall live.”
You could have sworn you felt your heart stop. The thumping in your ears halted. You looked to his feet from where you stood beside him, seeing his own shaky hands. Quietly looking up, you noticed that he as well had been looking at you. This was the first time you’d made eye contact, his pupils dilating and his shoulders relaxing.
“I will.”
Two words. Two words heavy enough to shake the Earth. Swallowing, you faced front again. It was almost impossible for you to slow your breathing, a lump forming in your throat.
“Y/N, will thou have this man to thy wedded husband. To live together after God’s ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony. Will thou love, honor and keep him in sickness and in health so long as you both shall live.”
Very few moments in your life have you felt unprepared for. This was one of them.
“I will.”
Tom let out a breath of relief, looking at you and exhaling. Meeting his eyes, you both gave each other a look that could only be described as utter and complete relinquishment. It was as if everything else had stopped, and there was only you two.
“Who giveth this woman away to be married?” He asked, to which Harry stepped forward.
The King coughed, almost like he had done it on purpose. Harry grabbed your hand and gently passed it over to Tom, both of you staring back at each other now. Looking up at him, you raised an eyebrow.
He felt your shaking hands, gripping them in his own and using the pad of his thumb to run circles down your palm. His chest was rising and falling quite steadily, unlike your own. A few sniffles came from the Queen, willing you to turn your head towards her.
Tom reached over, grabbing the rings and meeting your eyes once again. Giving him your left hand, you both listened for further direction.
“With this ring, I thee wed.”
“With this ring, I thee wed,” Tom repeated, except the way he said it was much less of a repetition and more of a whisper meant for only you.
“With my body, I thee worship.”
“With my body, I thee worship,” his face was only a few inches from yours as he spoke.
“And with all my worldly goods, I thee endow.”
“And with all my worldly goods, I thee endow,” he continued on.
“In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, amen.”
He was readying himself to slide the wedding band on, and then the engagement ring. Parting his lips and looking directly into your eyes. The congregation had quieted, everyone waiting for him to finish the prayer.
“In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost,” his voice was as low as it possibly could have been. “Amen.”
He looked down at your hands, taking the left and sliding the gold band onto your finger. After that, he took the diamond engagement ring and slid it on as well. Your hands began to relax a bit, the shaking at a minimum.
You only wished your mother could be here to watch you. Something told you she would look much like Nicola, moist cheeks and red-rimmed eyes.
While the Archbishop read from the book, finalizing the marriage, you couldn’t help but wonder if all of this was supposed to happen. You’d gone through more than most, all leading up to this moment exactly. Your hands interlocked, staring each other in the eyes.
At eighteen and twenty, you and Tom were hardly even adults. Pushed together in hopes of political gain, you’d been thrown at each other for power. Somewhere in all of this mess, you’d fallen in love with him—somewhere you’d grown to care for him more than anyone else. And no, he wasn’t perfect—not even close. He was quite arrogant and extremely proud, but he was yours, and you were his.
“I now pronounce you—man and wife,” the Archbishop concluded, shutting the large book.
Everyone within Westminster Abbey rose to their feet, clapping and cheering as you both turned and stood front facing. Hands interlaced, you squeezed his and felt him bring your hand to his lips. It was brief, short and meant only for you.
Married, you thought.
Walking over to Nicola, you let her pull you into an embrace and kissed both of her cheeks lovingly. She stared at you adoringly, cupping the side of your face with her hands. Brightly, she brought you into her arms again. Bringing her lips to your ear, whispering so quiet that nobody was able to hear she spoke bone chillingly quick and low.
“In a short time, you will be Queen. Do not waste any of the time you have left as just a girl.”
Your face dropped, pulling away and watching her smile return as if she said nothing. The King coughed into his handkerchief, shaking Tom’s hand and saying something short to him.
Not long after, you were brought into the throne room of the church where the Archbishop brought you to the front and pulled out a book larger than one you’d ever seen. He signed the register first, and then motioned Tom to sign after. You went next, scrawling your first name onto the heavy parchment. Looking down, the indentation of your names left a mark that would lay within those pages forever.
You took separate carriages back to Buckingham Palace. Every guest was invited to have a late breakfast, but soon after that you’d disembark for Windsor Castle.
You stepped out of your carriage, still in your wedding gown and followed a few of the guards back into the castle. Your ladies walked closely behind you, most of the other guests already waiting in a drawing room beside the dining room. As you stepped through one of the archways of the palace, you heard a soft calling of your name. Tom stood leaning against the wall, hands in his pockets and hair no longer so put together.
“Come with me, yeah?” He asked, motioning towards an empty room just off of the hallway.
Shocked at his making such a request in front of your ladies, he laughed. You’re married, you remembered. He was now allowed to say such things, it was alright to close the door now. Not that you hadn’t done a great deal of closing the door while you were engaged.
“They can’t serve anyone without us being there,” you told him.
“If they’ve come this far, I’m sure they won’t mind a few minutes waiting.”
He grabbed your hand and wasted no time in pulling you through the entryway of the room, shutting the door and turning you so your back was pressed against the wood. His lips were nowhere near as feverish and quick as they had been every time before. No, his hand went up to the nape of your neck, pulling you into him further.
Pulling away, you had to catch your breath. Feeling him hold both sides of your face and look at you directly. Noses practically touching, you leaned in and stole another kiss.
“There’ll be plenty of time for that,” he laughed. “I wrote you something—vows of sorts. I was going to give you the letter to read tonight, but I decided I’d rather tell you now.”
“Tell me what,” you chuckled, watching him reach into his pocket and pull out a familiar piece of parchment.
It was the paper from his bedroom.
“Y/N,” he began reading with an unsure tone. “I will not ever truly be able to find the words that suffice in expressing my undying affection for you. I have tried, tried and failed. You are everything I admire and envy all at the same time. You have told me time and time again that I am a good man, but looking at you—I am not that good a man. I am nowhere near as good as you, nor will I ever be. However, I am without question, irrevocably and completely in love with you.”
“You have given me something that I had not thought I would ever have in a matter of weeks. From the moment I saw you at fourteen years old, I knew you were worth more than I could have ever been. You deserve more than me, more than this—though, I promise to do my best in all that it is.”
His hand, grasping the parchment, fell to his side and he was looking at you again. Your hand lay flat on his chest, eyes interlocked with his. You wished you’d have written something up, but your rambling thoughts would have to do.
“Tom, I have not done anything that would put me above you in any way at all. You are—you are my husband. We are equals, and I feel so incredibly grateful to call you my equal and my partner. You are a better man than you think, the things that have brought you to this point do not define you. And for all that it is, I promise to do my best as well.”
The King would not be there to send you and Tom off.
Queen Nicola and the princes stood at the foot of your carriage. You were changed, now gloved and wearing a dark blue dress. You had swapped you glistening tiara for a white bonnet that matched your gloves. Tom was dressed in normal attire now as well, kissing his mother goodbye.
“Why must we stay in this dreaded place if Tommy and Y/N get to go back to Windsor?” Paddy whined, craning his head to look up at his mother and older brothers.
“Shush, Patrick,” Nicola chided.
“Yeah, Tommy. Why have you and Y/N got to go to Windsor all alone with no one to—”
“Oh—you shush too, Harry!”
You couldn’t help laughing, bidding them all farewell and stepping into the carriage first. Tom said something to Sam and got in beside you himself. Looking out the window, you waved and felt Tom knock his fist against the roof, signaling the driver to go.
The carriage jerked, and you were off. It was the first time you’d actually been in a closed carriage with him, only ever having driven through the park in an open setting. The close proximity made your face heat up, hands folded in your lap as he continued looking out the window.
It was now into the afternoon, the sky was a bright blue. His hand rested on his knee, head turned away. It wasn’t awkward, you weren’t trying to find the right words. It was just comfortable, like after all this time, you had both been owed a little solace.
Leaning your head against his shoulder, he shifted and looked at you. Closing your eyes, you felt yourself drift off as the drive continued. His hand moved, resting itself just on top of yours. The darkness took over, head lulling and mind clearing as you drifted off to sleep.
“Y/N,” he murmured a while later.
“Hm?” You stirred, blinking once or twice to adjust to the light.
“We’re here.”
Shooting up, you came back to yourself and remembered all that had happened today. You looked at Tom, who was outside of the carriage and waiting for you to take his hand. Sitting up, you stepped out and nearly fell into him.
Tom took a moment to look at you, holding you by the sides of your arms and staring at you. He brought a hand up, pushing a bit of hair behind your ear and stepping away.
The air was much brisker than before, the evening coming on quickly. Most of the servants who’d come along, including Anne had already made their way into the castle. You personally requested that Anne be able to come with you when you moved to Kensington Palace. It would feel odd, leaving her at Buckingham Palace.
Making your way inside, Tom’s hand rested at the small of your back. The guards you passed bowing as you walked, a few realizations then came over you. The first being that you were now officially the Princess of Wales. The second being the fact that you were a wife.
“Are you hungry? They’ve got a dinner set up for us,” Tom asked, looking over at you.
“Not particularly, but I wouldn’t want it to go to waste. Are you?”
“Not particularly.”
He was grinning, why was he grinning?
You both decided to go and sit down for what was more like dinner now. He led you down the familiar halls to the same dining room you were in only a week ago. The table hosted two readied spots beside each other, guards lining the walls.
“Well, I’d like to go to my chambers and see if Anne can help me out of this dress,” you said as you both left the dining area.
He nodded, raising an eyebrow at you like something of absolute oblivion. The corners of his mouth turned up, leaning against the wall across from you. They had finished lighting candles around Windsor, the impending darkness coming over the sky.
“Alright, well I’ll just come with you then. I’ll wait, they should have already brought our things to our chambers.”
“What?” You asked, wondering what he meant by saying ‘our.’
“Wait—did you think we were going to have to sleep in separate rooms still?” He snickered, trying to suppress his laughter.
You felt a bit embarrassed, not having known exactly what one was supposed to do on the night of their wedding. You knew what your mother had explained to you, but she never said anything about sleeping in the same bedroom. That had never crossed your mind.
“Of course not, let’s go.”
He laughed the whole way down the hall and then after when you turned down several other halls and went up a stone staircase. Eventually, he pushed open the large, wooden double doors to your quarters. Inside was a spacious room with a wardrobe and a canopy bed. To the right of the room was a screen, it was meant to cover a person while they changed. There was a desk off to the side and a vanity with an assortment of your things ready for your arrival.
Tom flopped down onto the bed, saying something that muffled into the pillows. Anne came through the door a moment later, curtsying with a small smile.
“Your Royal Highnesses,” she addressed. “I can come back at another time.”
“No, now is fine,” you responded. “Would you help me out of this dress?”
You walked behind the tan screen, watching Anne come across the room and get behind you. Tom leaned across the bed, watching your shadow and the way the dress fell to the ground. He couldn’t help looking away quite flushed.
“You looked absolutely stunning this morning,” Anne complimented. “Like a true Princess of Wales.”
Tom smiled to himself, seeing the way you interacted with each other. He remembered Anne, specifically her kindness to him when he was small. He was grateful that she hadn’t made it transparent, and that she treated him how she’d always treated his brothers.
“I’m going just across the hall to get out of this bloody getup,” he called over to you. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
You listened for the click of the door and smiled to yourself. Most of this still hadn’t set in yet, her hands worked at your corset. It was quite bizarre to you, all of the change in your life in only a month and a half. She slipped the white nightgown over your body, pulling the pins from your hair and letting it cascade down.
Looking at yourself in the mirror, you wondered if this would be what every night felt like, or if this was just on your wedding night. A tightness formed in your chest, Anne placing a hand on your cheek maternally.
“Thank you, Anne. For everything.”
“No need. Have a good night, ma’am.”
With this, she took her leave and you were alone. The candles in the bedroom burned brightly, a feeling of uncertainty coming over you. You wondered if you should go somewhere, or stand somewhere.
You sat at the vanity, staring at yourself in the mirror. A moment later, the door opened and Tom came through wearily. He was in trousers for sleep and a loose, white tunic. You could see him through the mirror, but he only leaned against the door a minute and walked up from behind you.
Without saying anything, he leaned over and kissed up the side of your neck. Still looking in the mirror, you turned your head and closed your eyes. His mouth traced up your jaw, his lips sucking lightly on your skin. He didn’t falter, turning you around to face him.
“Take my shirt off,” he whispered breathlessly.
Pulling you up by the elbows, you both stood soundlessly as you began to undo the top buttons of his shirt. One by one, your fingers worked through them, leaning in to kiss the exposed skin as each button popped open. Soon enough, his shirt was off completely and you were standing before him.
Tom leaned into you, pushing your back against the bedpost and kissing down your throat and along your collarbones. He relished in the soft moans escaping your mouth as his lips grazed the most sensitive points of your skin. Your fingernails dug into his shoulder blades as his mouth grew more feverish, your hand trailing down his chest.
He murmured something into your ear, hooking your legs around his hips and bringing you down onto the bed.
Hitting the pillows, his lips were back on your body. This time, you ran a hand through his tousled curls. Coming back up to meet your lips, he tastes like the sweet wine you wished to savor forever. He tastes like lust and desire all at once. He tastes like home.
You worked at the lacing of his trousers, feeling him pull at the fabric of your night gown, unable to get it off of you. Soft giggles erupting from you, Tom couldn’t help chuckling against your skin.
Once you had gotten it completely off, you had hardly any time to feel completely vulnerable or exposed. Pressing open mouth kisses against your throat, he worked his way down to the curve of your breasts. Your fingers went to his pants once again, freeing himself of the constricting fabric.
“Are you okay? Is this okay?” He asked seriously, hand in your hair and eyes on your own.
“Yes,” you hardly got out before your breath hitched and your legs parted around him at the first thrust.
It hurt at first, nails piercing his back deeper than you’d intended. His head fell to your neck, slowly pressing himself inside of you. Looking up, he gave you a look as if to ask if this was okay again. You took a breath, nodded against him and continuing on.
After a few moments, the spaced out and slow movements had halted and the pain had stopped. He dropped down to kiss you hard on the lips, bringing himself to thrust into you fully and deeply. Your hands threaded themselves into his hair, back arching against the bed as a wave of pleasure hit you.
“Fuck, Y/N,” he groaned into your hair.
He pressed into you, bringing his hand up to the swell of your breast and the other grasping onto your hipbone. With each second you were together, everything seemed to make more and more sense.
His hips rocked back and forth. Tightening around him, you felt his speed rise and his thrusts quicken. Brown curls spilled into your eyes as he was leaning over your body, panting coming from both of you increasingly faster. It was only a moment or two later when you felt yourself nearing climax, skin on fire as you threw your head back against the white linen.
“Y/N,” he whispered into your ear hoarsely. “Fuck—”
Reaching your high, you felt yourself release and come completely undone. He soon followed, sloppily thrusting into you as he finished. A moment later, he pulled out and collapsed beside you, completely out of breath and perspiring just as you were.
“I love you,” you murmured as you turned on your side to face him.
Bringing the duvet over both of you, he leaned over and ran the side of his hand against your cheek affectionately. It wasn’t very long before you both had drifted off into sleep, talking lowly until eventually no words were coming out.
“Your Royal Highnesses,” snapped the voice of an unfamiliar man.
Not processing it right away, you took a moment to think and then almost jumped up. Looking down at yourself, you were fully covered up, but there was a man standing in the darkness of the room. It looked like a member of the staff, squinting you tried to make out his face.
Shaking Tom, he jerked and blinked a few times before looking at the man and then to you. He sat up immediately, beginning to yell at him.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? Have you even a bit of sense? Or are you just that thick? What the hell would possess you to just come in here unannounced?”
Once you saw the man’s expression, you almost wished you hadn’t. It was blank in a way that almost sent chills down your spine, he wasn’t even touched by Tom’s shouting. Most of the staff would cower under his scolding. The way he was looking at the both of you was as if the world had just come crumbling downwards.
“The King, sir. He’s dead.”
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