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#scott lang
marvelslag · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Okay but in this photo you can not tell me Anthony and Sebastian aren’t giving the same vibes as Scott Lang when he got stuck half small and his running around school in that hoodie that’s way too big
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You can’t tell me I’m wrong on this
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c-morrigan · 8 hours ago
Chapters: 2/? Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Captain America (Movies), Ant-Man (Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson, Scott Lang & Sam Wilson, Hope Van Dyne & Sam Wilson, Scott Lang & Hope Van Dyne Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Scott Lang, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Hope Van Dyne Additional Tags: Suicide Attempt, Time Travel, Post-Canon, Canon Compliant, for now, i mean its not like i know what going to happen in the next decade of the mcu Summary:
Sam Wilson has been sent back in time seven years, to the sixth of November, 2026. The idea had been to stop HYDRA's plan, but once Sam learned the date, he was quick to abandon the mission. Scott and Hope don't protest too much, not once they realise what Sam plans to do.
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wrongmultifandoms · 8 hours ago
Scott: If I'm not back in five minutes..
Hope: Just wait longer?
Scott: No, come rescue me!
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shipthroughthepages · 8 hours ago
Scott Lang has successfully trended #notmyCap on Twitter for the past month and Hope has removed his phone privileges because of it. It’s ok though, seeing it not trending, Peter Parker has taken up the challenge to keep it trending until Sam is cap like he, and the world, deserves.
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margarethx · 10 hours ago
If I had the power to do so I would definitely add Scott Lang to tfatws so he can follow Sam Wilson around and be his hypeman and emotional support. It would solve at least two of my problems.
1) Painfuly obvious lack of love for Sam in his own series.
2) The fact that I miss Scott.
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darewitchstr · 12 hours ago
sometimes i think about how Scott Lang felt so guilty for the lost years away from his daughter because he got sent to prison,
and then had to relive all of that shame and loss because of the blip.
by sometimes, i mean all the time.
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supercityboys · 22 hours ago
Oh so when we ask for the full scene of Zemo dancing we get it but when we asked to send Ant Man up Thanos's asshole suddenly it's a problem Marvel?
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capwogers · a day ago
my brother bought the new Infinity Saga Theory11 cards and omg 😳
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
t’challa, wanda, and thor have the best designs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my favorite part about Steve’s is that they included Mjolnir and that Hawkeye’s is also Ronin AND ant man is on the top of the arrow
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the eye of agamotto and bucky’s arm as Aces 😭 Spidey’s webs connected to the hearts 😭
the only thing though is that there is no sign of falcon or rhodey 😔
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Steve: Whose turn is it to give the pep-talk?
Tony: [sighing] Peter’s…
Peter: Fuck shit up out there, but don’t die.
Scott: [wiping away a tear] Inspirational.
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mossybank · a day ago
Hello if matchups are still open can I request an Ahs and Marvel Matchups, I use she/her and personally is pretty chill with any gender as long as I feel like I can vibe with them romantically (not sure how to label it) personality wise I can be pretty calm and caring but on the other hand can be goofy and chaotic and is loyal to those i care about. I am a passionate writer and artist. I also tend to ramble when excited.
I've matched you up with... Rory Monahan!
Tumblr media
Rory is also a pretty goofy guy so I feel like the two of you could absolutely cause some chaos together
Being an actor, Rory is also kind of an artist so he definitely admires your art and writing and adores the passion you have for it
Sometimes jokes that you should write a script for him (except it isn't a joke, he'd 100% support you if you wrote a script and would know the perfect people to give it to to make it a reality)
He loves listening to you ramble and could listen to you for hours on end
I've matched you up with... Scott Lang!!
(my favourite, best boy!)
Tumblr media
Another goofy and chaotic guy to match your energy! You and Scott would have so much fun together.
Scott excitedly rambles about things too, for example TV shows he likes, or books he's read, so he'd have no qualms about you ramble so long as you're prepared for him to do the same in return
He loves your chill nature too, that being a great contrast to him when you're not also being goofy
Cassie loves you too for sure
He loves your art and writing and is always coaxing you to talk about it and joking about how he could be your muse
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c0nep4cker · a day ago
scott lang and eddie brock both live in san francisco yet there is little to no antman/venom content ?? 🤨
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marvels-magic-trio · a day ago
Strange: How did none of you hear what I just said?
Wanda: I’ve been zoned out for the past two and a half hours.
Scott: I got distracted about halfway through.
Loki: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.
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somekidnamedkai · 2 days ago
Headcanon thursday
it’s my new favorite series
But I think one day after Scott got fired he went to Dairy Queen, got a blizzard and walked inside of Baskin Robins, saying “This blizzard from dairy queen is so good! Any recommendations for a blizzard you guys!?”
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marvelheroes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Scott, I need you to be the Ant-Man.
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rhagana-doomslayer · 2 days ago
Steve: What'd you find out at the weigh station?
Natasha: *stoned* That my Corvette weighs 3600 pounds.
*She, Sam, and Bucky (both are also stoned) laugh*
Steve: I just got off the phone with the new Secretary of Defense. This thing with Lang screwed our pooch.
Sam: What! They can't lump us in with that fucking martian!
Steve: We're all in the same boat, people.
Natasha: But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun.
Sam: Yeah, I mean his shenanigans are cruel and tragic.
Bucky: Which makes them not shenanigans at all, really.
Natasha: Evil shenanigans.
Steve: I swear to god, I will pistol whip the next person that says shenanigans!
Natasha: Hey, Lang! What's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?
Lang: *pokes his head out of the bathroom* You mean Shenanigans?
Sam: *doubles over laughing*
Natasha: "Ohhhhohoh!"
*both hand Steve their pistols*
Steve: Put those away!
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foreverfearlessred · 2 days ago
Do you know what, I don’t think we talk about Scott Lang meeting team Cap for the first time and how he turned to Wanda and said “I know you too! You’re great!” to her after everything she went through in that film (and her life in general). They both deserve the WORLD.
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middleagedmcumenfics · 2 days ago
I know it’s not popular but chapter 5 of my Scott Lang fic is up and if anyone has any comments please share ! id love to hear any :)
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middleagedmcumenfics · 2 days ago
Scott Lang x reader slow burn
Chapter 5
Can I just say as I was writing this an ant crawled up my foot ! I didn’t even notice it for ages it was so tiny. Antman visited me guys it’s canon.
This chapter follows immediately after the last with Scott and Y/N getting drunk.
Tw: swearing and underage drinking ? some angst
With mouths full of cake you and Scott pissed yourself laughing, which was incredibly risky giving how blocked with icing your throats were. He looked like a little kid who couldn’t eat properly and you felt like one. ‘This is why-‘ you spoke in between ravenous bites that Scott mirrored. ‘I didn’t get dressed- fucking- up!’ There was cake on the floor, on your jumper and in Scott’s increasingly messy hair.
‘Well you look-‘ he spat cake everywhere as he spoke. ‘Shmazing.’ You just giggled, too drunk to worry if you did or didn’t look good but if intoxicated Scott Lang said soo...
‘Shmazing really?’ He just nodded, his face deadly serious but his eyes were giddy. ‘I’ve heard it’s even- no not even,’ he lowered his voice and you leaned in to listen. Your face felt hot and your stomach was full. ‘Evennn... better than amazing.’
‘Wow really?’
‘That’s what I’ve heard.’
‘It is isn’t it?’
You had no idea what the fuck you were saying, what you meant to say or what Scott was saying. Not a clue. You were confused but you finally felt free of any stress. There wasn’t anything plaguing your mind or ‘killing your buzz’ and that was what made drinking so nice. Too nice but you weren’t going to give yourself a lecture when you were having so much fun.
‘I have a shmazing idea!’ It was a thing now, he’d started it and eventually sober you would stop it. That was a lie you wanted to have an inside joke with Scott very badly. ‘I’m listening.’ He grinned before you told him how much you wanted to be the one Peter had his first drink with. You weren’t sure why drunk you wanted that. Maybe deep down you felt a sort of older sister attachment to him. Or you just wanted to get him plastered and see how stupid he’d become. That was more likely.
‘Only if he wants to.’ Scott added, once you’d stopped rambling. ‘Of course! We’ll look after pe-him.’
30 minutes later:
‘I knew this would,’ Peter sighed, his head in the toilet. ‘Happen.’
The three of you were crammed in Tony’s smallest bathroom. In your drunk state you’d somehow remembered to lock the door but forgotten that Peter didn’t have long hair to hold back. Scott laughed until he choked as you stared wide eyed at the back of Peter’s head, trying to grab nothing. You were just too smart.
‘I’m so sorry.’ You couldn’t stop laughing and neither could Scott. It wasn’t funny. Your heart swelled at the poor kid feeling sick, you’d take full responsibility when Tony lectured you. Lucky Peter had no homework to do the next day.
‘Has the ceiling always had edges?’
Okay it was a bit funny.
‘Peter,’ you watched as Scott rubbed the kids back and tried to flush the toilet for him - and almost missed. ‘I’m so sorry.’ He meant it. ‘Y/N- blame Y/N it was her all her fault!’ Bastard. Lucky he hadn’t meant that part.
‘Hey!’ But you both just laughed. You’d been laughing so hard for too long, you just knew how much your throat would hurt the next day. And your poor head: the hangover was going to be unreal. He made you so happy. Scott actually made your life that much better without his ant brain realising it.
‘Guys..I think I feel better now.’ Poor Peter. You turned his head to look into his eyes and they were a lot less hazy and his face wasn’t green. Part of you felt the sudden urge, as you looked at his innocent face, to sober up. Look after him. ‘I’ll find Tony.’
And once Peter had been safely deposited into his father figures hands, with sober help, you and Scott were given water. You couldn’t remember who passed it you before they closed the toilet door but you suspected Wanda. Sweet.
‘What if I don’t look shmazing when you’re sober?’ No filter. Absolutely none.
Scott turned to look at you, water in hand, to smile. He was still drunk but less so and his smile was so fucking comforting a small part of you suddenly wanted to cry. ‘Shh.’ And he hesitated before adding: ‘You look beautiful.’ Yeah he was definitely not sober.
Despite how little time had passed you felt older as he looked in your eyes. It made you feel sober. It made you feel overwhelmed as you sat on the floor squished up next to the only man who you needed validation from. The only person who you’d ever felt so much for.
‘Think Peter’s gonna live?’
You broke eye contact and felt Scott put several cms of distance between the two of you.
‘He’ll be fine. I feel kind of bad though.’ You definitely did.
‘Maybe we shouldn’t have done it.’
‘But it was fun at first.’
‘Alot of things are fun at first..’
And then his face fell, as did yours, because he was thinking about his marriage. You hesitated while Scott just looked at the floor in silence. It hurt to see him so- not broken but solemn, after seeing him so happy earlier. Pained. You were fucking pained and it wasn’t your divorce. It was so tempting to grab his hand and squeeze it to give him some form of comfort. Would he feel anything from you? Did he think your silence and lack of advice or insight made you a bad ‘friend’?
Your eyes darted back and forth between his face, lost in thought, and his empty hand beside yours and then you just held it. It happened quickly and it took all of your energy to slow your quickening breathing as you interlocked fingers. His hands were warm and cleaner than they usually were - not full of oil from playing with machinery (not that you cared). For several seconds he didn’t react and you watched as your hand in his brought him out of his trance.
Your heart often ached at Scott not belonging to you in some way but in that moment you felt he was more yours than he was anyone else’s. That had to mean something. Did it? If you had powers it would be too easy to read his mind to see if he felt that way too but you knew it was unlikely that he did. The age gap was big even if you liked to joke about it with Tony. At the same time it didn’t feel big to you.
The silence felt the same as it had when he’d sat by your bed that time you were falling asleep. It felt like something you shouldn’t mention. You wondered if telling someone out loud would make it more real or less real?
‘Are you okay?’ You finally forced yourself to ask him because he definitely didn’t seem it anymore. Scott ran his hands through his hair and you saw an almost tormented look in his eyes you had never seen before.
‘I feel guilty.’
And then you felt his hand leaves yours.
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tripleyeeet · 2 days ago
Hiii! First of all congrats on your Milestone I am so happy for you 🥳🥳🥳 could I pleas have a ship?
I am 5’2 with dark curly hair, I usually prefer guys but I am open to getting shipped with a girl too! As for personality, I am kind of a nerd and will rant about the things I like to my friends A LOT! I love drawing and would say I am pretty decent at it. I love watching tv shows and movies. I also love reading and have a small library in my room thats growing. According to my friends Im a pretty happy sweet person but when I first meet someone I am super shy about it. I also love listening to music whenever I am stressed or just in general. My favourite kind is on the softer side, idk how to explain it but think the evermore album bu Taylor Swift XD. I love going to cafes and other places like that where the vibes are calm! Idk if I should add these but I’m an Aquarius sun, Gemini Moon, Libra Rising, Infp, and my Hogwarts house is hufflepuff!! :)) Cant wait to see who I get shipped with!! <33
Tumblr media
honestly? i think scott lang might be your man. i mean, based on the fact that you’re nerdy and love to talk about it alone, i feel like you guys would get along great. to me, scott feels like the type of guy that would really pull you out of your shell right off the bat and would be totally down to hear about whatever is you’re interested in! 
and i know from a first glance he may seem like the chaotic type, but he’s also a dad, he knows how to keep things chill when he needs to so i also feel like he could balance out your need for things to be calm while still having fun!   
(pssst if you’d like your very own character ship feel free to join the sleepover!)
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