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#steve rogers x reader
louisianaspell · an hour ago
Once Around the Barn
So a few ideas…
1. I feel like this could be a/b/o. Your parents hated the pack they were in, so one night they took off and ended up settling down and raising you and your siblings on a farm in the middle on nowhere. Life was good and you were happy. Until one night an alpha shows up demanding your parents hand over his mate.
Apparently it was decided before you were born that you and Bucky would mated as a way off settling a feud between the two packs, your parents hated the idea and that’s why they ran. Bucky doesn’t care what you or your parents want, he’s not leaving without his mate.
2. Reader is gonna be older in this idea, like around the age of Chris & Seb. You left home right after high school, choosing to go to college as far away from your family’s farm as possible and haven’t been home since. I’m thinking there’s a reason why, maybe a really shitty relationship with at least one of your parents, or maybe there was a traumatic event that happened. I’m not sure yet.
Anyway, after the deaths of your parents, you’re forced to return home to settle their estate. While back on the farm you meet their hot as fuck farm hands, Steve and Bucky. I think there would be some old drama between the three of you, like maybe they played a role in you leaving home.
So they hate that you ran off and now have come back, bossing them around, and maybe selling the farm. You hate them for whatever happened between you in school.
Enemies to lovers. MMF. Lots of hot hate sex in various places around the farm.
3. Historical au, 1800s. Serial killer!Reader (inspired by Belle Gunness). After the mysterious death of your husband, you start to place lonely heart ads in newspapers looking for a new husband that would help you run the farm.
Basically you run through the men of the mcu or chris and seb’s characters, they respond to your ad and move onto your farm, and are never seen or heard from ever again.
Send me a fic title!
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lesbian-deadpool · an hour ago
Steve: Y/N got me one of those 'get well soon' cards. 
Thor: Well, that was nice of them. 
Steve: I wasn't sick, they just thought I could do better!
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ritesofreverie · 3 hours ago
hiya lovies!!
i would like to cry tonight so, could you please recommend me your favourite mcu fics? it doesn’t matter the pairing, setting (i love au’s), or genre. but i’m feeling v emotional and would like to escape lol
i’ll reblog them once i’ve read them also, pls feel free to recommend me your own fics!!
thank you in advance 💗
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captainapple · 3 hours ago
Steve Rogers X Reader
Warning: fluff
Word count: 1.3k+
Part of a challenge from @wiypt-writes: “Captain America: The First Avenger 10th Anniversary Challenge”
19. “Well, if it isn’t the Star-Spangled Man With A Plan. And what is your plan today?”
40. “What is this?” “Steak” “What’s in it?” “Cow.”
A/N: This is my first-time doing challenge. Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
He finally came home after a long mission. It was supposed to be three days, but it turned out to be a month. You missed him dearly. As soon as the jet landed, you ran outside and excitedly waited for Steve to get out. Tony came out first, spreading his arms to hug you. But you ran past him and embraced Steve in your arms. His cheeks flushed red, not getting used to PDA.
“Well, look at these lovebirds! Where’s my hug darling?”, Tony teased you.
“I wish I had someone to hug me right now”, Sam added.
“Shut up, Wilson!”, you rolled your eyes.
The rest of the day was spent nicely with Steve. You helped him taking care of several bruises and cuts. Sometimes he would hiss, making you scared for a moment. Then, he giggled after seeing your worried face. He thought it was cute. After that, you two were cuddling under a large knitted blanket while watching a movie. His blue eyes focused on the TV, meanwhile you could not stop staring at him. The blond streaks on his hair seemed to invite your hand to run over it.
“Doll? Are you watching?”, his eyes still glued to the TV.
He turned his head and his eyes met yours. Still, you could not stop staring at his eyes. You have been dating him for months. However, his looks still gave you butterflies. He wrapped his arm around your neck and dragged your head closer to him. His lips landed on your forehead. It was thousand times better than kiss on your lips. It was his language of love. You returned the kiss by a peck on his cheek. He would still blush every single time. That was your language of love to him.
Steve ended up watching the movie alone as you drifted to sleep earlier. When the movie finished, he lifted you and put you to your room. He would watch your peaceful face for a moment before returned to his room.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you awakened by a knock on the door. Steve was probably back after finishing his run with Sam. He peeked through the door after hearing your yawn and asked whether he could come in. Steve is always a gentleman. Never in his life entering your bedroom without your permission. Some people said he is too old school and boring. To you, he is the sweetest man you could ever asked for.
“Coffee?”, he offered you with your favorite mug.
“Thank you, Stevie. You are the best boyfriend, you know that!”.
“Oh yeah?”, he grinned. “I’m just offering you coffee, doll.”
“Well, this is the best coffee I ever taste.”
“You said that every day”, he chuckled. “Oh! I also bought you these”.
He handed you a bouquet of flowers. You were overwhelmed. The tears were slowly rolling down your cheeks. He gave you a worried look, thinking what he did wrong. You wiped your tears and smiled. How in a million universe you ended up date such a perfect guy – you thought. Not wanting to send him wrong message, you assured him that you were just too overwhelmed.
Steve decided that today is the day. He is planning to propose to you. Being involved in a lot of battle reminds him how he really wanted to settle down, live a normal life, having a small family in a suburban house, and spending the rest of his life with you. He knows that it must be you. After countless advice from Sam, Tony, and Nat, he immediately executes the plan today. The flowers, it was Sam idea. Then, Steve will treat you like his queen for the entire day, Nat is sure you are going to like it. Not that he did not treat you like such, he just never realized it. The last plan is taking you to a fancy restaurant and getting down on one knee, it is obviously Tony idea.
“Well, if it isn’t the Star-Spangled Man With A Plan. And what is your plan today?”, Nat asked while Steve was making breakfast.
“Don’t be too loud, Nat.”, Steve hissed. “I’m going to do exactly as we planned before.”
“Good luck, cap. Remember, don’t screw up or I kill ya!”
Steve is very nervous right now. He tries hard to cover it and it works. You do not get the hint of nervousness as soon as he entered the room with your favorite waffles.
“So, do you have any ideas of what we should do today?”. He patiently waits for you to get your first bite of the waffle. “I’m available today.”
“Oh!! I get a lot of ideas if you ask me”, you responded excitedly. “We can go to the museum if you want. I know you love art. Then, we can stroll down the park to grab corn dogs and ice cream. After that, we could have lunch at the place that Tony won’t stop bickering about, then-“
Steve phone is ringing. Apology is written all over his face. Both of you knows that it must be a mission, since all the Avengers also got the notification. He mouthed sorry before picking up the phone. You understand that the world needs him more than you do. No matter how disappointed you are, you smile and nod to him.
“I’m so sorry, doll. I promise I’ll take you to that lunch.”
“It’s okay Steve, I understand.”
Tumblr media
He really keeps his promise. He rides to the compound as soon as the long meeting with Furry ended. You excitedly jump to his motorcycle and he takes you to the steak house for lunch. You notice that he is fidgeting while waiting for the food to come out. Are you okay?– the question that you keep repeating and he would tell you to brush it off.
“What is this?”, you asked him what he ordered for you before.
“Steak.” His reply was short.
You noticed that he seems out of his mind right now. So, you decided to ask him another question.
“What is in it?”
You snort at his replied. He is confused for a moment until he realizes how funny that must sound.
“I know it’s cow, Steve.”, you giggled.
“I’m sorry. Really am.”
“What’s wrong Steve? You know you can tell me anything right?”
He hesitates to tell you. The mission starts after lunch and he does not know when it will finish. He is really upset because his plan is totally ruined. You could not read his mind right now, but it is obvious that he is upset. You hold his hand and try to look at him. He avoided your gaze at first.
He exhaled.
“I have plan for you since this morning. We should be spending time looking at the artwork, eating corn dogs in the park, and I should be taking you to a special place for dinner tonight. None of this is happening and it is because of me.”
You do not understand why he gets upset now. It all can be done another day, right? He never gets upset because he loves his work.
“Hey! Don’t be upset. We could do that next time right?”, you tried to calm him down. “Besides, I understand that your mission is very important.”
“But I supposed to propose to you tonight!”. He blurted it all out.
You are speechless. He was planning your perfect day just for the proposal. Once again, this man makes you feel overwhelmed. With a defeated look, he takes a small box from his pocket and shows you the ring.
“I don’t want to do this right now. But will you marry me?”. He smiled half-heartedly, knowing that this is not what he had in mind.
“You know the answer is always YES!”, you cried happily as he puts the ring on your finger.
Tumblr media
You run excitedly in the compound. Natasha notices the ring on your finger.
“Well, how was the proposal?”, she asked while giving Steve a death glare.
“Not very romantic”, you frowned.
“Steven Grant Rogers, you are dead!”, Nat screamed. “And congrats honey!”
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imaginedreamwrite · 3 hours ago
The Auction: Part 4
“You don’t need to be nervous,” He whispered in your ear, his hand brushing against your knee under the table, “we won’t hurt you.”
Caged between Steve and Bucky, caged between two super soldier bodies made of muscle snd undeniable strength, was the most nerve-wracking situation you’d ever been in. Being trapped between them at a dinner table, with Steve’s hand on your knee and Bucky leaning into you to tell you some tall tale about a giant, you were a ball of jumbled nerves.
“I know you won’t hurt me. I mean based on your reputation for self-sacrifice, it’s likely that you’d hurt yourself before you hurt me…” Your voice trailed off as the two men stared at you with growing intensity.
“Why are you so nervous? You’ve had dinner before with men, haven’t you?” When glasses of wine were set on the table, Steve grabbed one for you and Bucky, leaning over the table to set them before you both.
“Yeah, but they haven’t exactly been stellar. The last time I went on a date with a man…well it was online dating which my friend pushed me to start which is the start of everything that could’ve gone wrong-“
“Relax.” Bucky rubbed your upper back with his right hand while he used his metal hand to cup your chin and make you look at him. “You don’t have to be scared of us, darling.”
He was beautiful. His eyes were bright and so blue, they almost looked crystalline. His jaw was well defined and he was ‘classically handsome’ with the charm and charisma that could’ve romanced the pants off any woman, in the ’40s or the modern age.
Steve had the same ability, the same beautiful robustness that would’ve drawn any woman to him. Only, if history was correct, and his dating experience was what it was when Steve was the shyer of the two. Steve was the man who had less luck with women because of slight awkwardness and the sickly man he was before the serum.
“I don’t have a lot of good experiences with men.” You admit abashedly. “The few dates I’ve been on in the last few years have been awkward and uncomfortable and the kind of men who are attracted to…”
You shook your head and reached for your glass of wine with urgency. You recoiled your hand and lift her glass to your lips, downing almost the entire glass before you set it back down. The wine produced warmth in your mouth and throat down to your belly, the warmth was pleasant and enduring yet even that wasn't a comparison to Steve’s hand on your knee.
“Bucky and I went on a double date to Coney Island this one summer weekend. He went with this redhead he called Dot, and spent all our money for the train ride home trying to win a stuffed bear for her.” Steve cracked a grin, speaking about Bucky but talking to you.
“It was 3 dollars.” Lucky added, draping his arm across the back of the chair you were sitting on, his fingers brushing against your shoulder.
“Spent the rest of our money on Coney dogs.” Steve inched closer to you, ignoring the rest of the people at the table.
“I suppose Coney Island is famous for its hot dogs.” There was laughter at the tip of your tongue, your smile building.
“Had to hitch a ride in the back of a freezer truck,” Bucky spoke with fondness and nostalgia.
“Can’t even get a hot dog for $3 anymore.” You added, the laugh slipping from tout tongue before you could stop it.
“I think you could get all the…hotdogs you wanted.” Bucky shot a smirk your way, blatantly and boldly flirting with you.
“Shameless!” You wad up a napkin and tossed it his way as you picked up on the euphemism for ‘hotdog’, the flirtations bringing another flash of warmth to your belly, as you truly settled into comfort between the two men.
Comfort and ease as they made you feel like you were the only woman in the world who mattered.
** **
You were stirred by a steady knock on your door that had you striding toward the wood separating your apartment from the rest of the floor. As your bare feet shuffled across the wooden floor, you wiped your hands down the front of your dress, the water on your hands temporarily darkening the colour of the cloth, as you dispelled the remaining droplets of water.
“Just a minute!” You were just about to leave your apartment to do some last-minute errands before you were supposed to leave with Steve and Bucky.
However, when you opened the door, you knew those errands were not going to happen. When you opened the door, electric blue eyes made brighter by the smile on his face, bore into you. He was leaning against the doorframe with a coffee cup in one hand and a thick envelope in the other.
“Bucky..!” You were surprised by more than just his arrival at your door, but given the circumstances that were revolving around this weekend and your nervousness at being alone with the two super soldiers, you chose to focus solely on his sudden appearance at your door.
“I brought you a coffee,” he handed you the cup and wait until you took it and thanked him before he mentioned the envelope, “Nat wanted me to give you this.”
When he stretched out his hand with the envelope, you slowly grabbed it and turned it over. Your name was scrawled in black ink across the middle of the plain white envelope, with only the initials N.R in the top right corner.
“Right,” you were puzzled, “Natasha left for a mission in Lagos…”
You were hoping you could speak to her before you left for your weekend away with Steve and Bucky, however, Natasha left in the early hours last night with the promise that she would call at some point during the weekend.
“Do you know what it is?” You asked, lifting your head.
“I have no idea,” Bucky’s attention moved past you to the bags you had behind you, “need help with those?”
You looked over your shoulder to the luggage tags that were already added and the contents unknown to you, somehow packed by Natasha before she left. She had kept your destination a mystery and you’d be foolish to think you could get anything out of Steve or Bucky.
“You know I have no idea what’s in those?” You pursed your lips and furrowed your eyebrows.
“Nat’s trying to throw you for a loop, isn’t she?” Bucky questioned with mild amusement.
“She thinks I need spontaneity.” You lift the cup to your lips, catching the sweet scent of vanilla and caramel, and slightly burnt sugar. “You know my coffee order?”
Bucky was the one to look a tad nervous now. He had shifted his weight from the right foot to the left and you could see that he was biting the inside of his cheek ever so slightly.
“Nat gave it to me,” Bucky spoke of your coffee order, your usual sweet pick-me-up you rewarded yourself with when you got Natasha’s order. “She also told me you have an aversion to flying.”
You part your lips and sipped lightly on the coffee that was still a little too hot, yet was incredibly pleasing to your tongue and tummy. When the delicious concoction of coffee and sugar mix had hit your tongue, you felt a little more eased and normalized despite not working today or the weekend.
“I do have a slight fear of flying.” Anytime you had to fly, your stomach would be unsettled and your mind would race with every possible outcome that could be devastating.
And that was nothing to say about the way people looked at you when you flew or the whispers behind your back. The quiet comments about how your weight would've been enough to bring the plane down on its own.
“You can hold my hand, ” Bucky offered, his brilliant blue’s looking you up and down appreciatively.
“It’s not like that, it’s…” You frowned and decided to move past the topic altogether, “what airport are we leaving from? And what time do we have to be there?”
You moved toward your luggage, ticking the envelope under your arm while grabbing one of the bags.
“I can take them,” Bucky was quick to offer, quick to sidle up to you and take the other bag by the handle, “let me take them for you. Just enjoy your coffee.”
With his instance, you let Bucky take them both. When he started to move out of your apartment, you hid your smile behind your coffee cup and followed him out the door.
“So the airport,” you started speaking as you followed him toward the elevator, “I’m guessing by your lack of an answer that it’s private?”
“The plane and the runway belong to Stark.” Bucky glanced over his shoulder making sure you were still behind him, “Steve and I thought you’d like to fly private if you had the chance.”
Realistically, that would have eased a lot of your worries and anxieties. Flying private would-be a once in a lifetime opportunity, who knew when you would get another chance to fly in a private jet on a private runway?
“You’re pulling out all the stops aren’t you?” You stepped into the elevator and pressed the designated button to take the elevator down to the underground parking.
“This is our once chance to impress the pretty dame,” Bucky was only separated from you by the thickness of your luggage, “every other time Steve and I have tried to flirt or show our interest, someone hasn’t caught on.”
“Sounds like this person is a bit of a blockhead.” You played along, your lips twitching as they threatened to form a smile.
“No,” Bucky sighed, “but God is she gorgeous. Beautiful inside and out. Eyes so captivating they put the stars to shame.”
You wanted to laugh and sob. You wanted to laugh at the romantics that seemed atypical yet heart-stopping and cry at how spectacular he made you feel by his words alone. You wanted to cry by the tone of voice and the lack of any joking matter, the lack of any scorn or disgust.
“Must be special to have stolen your attention.” The elevator stopped and the doors opened to the underground parking, yet neither of you moved.
“You are, Y/N,” Bucky spoke with genuine and deep truth rooted at every word, “you have no idea how badly we want you.”
To hear that from him, to hear the wantonness behind his voice and the certainty in his eyes had created a momentary shift.
Bucky and Steve wanted you.
They wanted you. They wanted you for everything you were and nothing you weren’t.
“Where are we going anyway?” you questioned to distract yourself from crying.
“Sorry sweetheart,” Bucky stepped off the elevator with your luggage in his hands, “I promised Steve I'd keep it a secret.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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multiplums · 4 hours ago
i love the avenger fics where the reader accidentally gets turned into a baby🥺. i've read a steve and bucky one and those were sooo adorable
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arelyitsherec8 · 4 hours ago
If you love her like that - Part 3.
Pairings: Wanda x reader
Summary: After the argument between Wanda and y/n, some unexpected things happen; what will happen at the end?
A/n: And this, my loves, it's the final part. As I said before, I didn't expect to do more parts, I expected to leave it in angst and to keep it as a sad story, but since it was requested, I wrote part 2 and decided to give you a part 3😉 It was really fun to write and I loved it! Hope you enjoy it, and if you have any requests please do send them because I'm running out of ideas hehe. Thank you all for reading🥺
Part 1 | Part 2
Tumblr media
“Have you seen Wanda?” Natasha asked anyone who crossed her way, but no one seemed to really know. She placed both drinks on a table near and sighed as she looked around. “I’m gonna kill Stark for inviting so many people.”
“Agent Romanoff.” Vision said as he appeared beside her.
“Vision, have you seen Wanda?” Natasha turned to look at him.
Vision nodded. “I think I may know where she is. But most importantly, I saw miss y/l/n walking out of the building with Captain Danvers. That might be important.”
Natasha groaned. “Okay…you go with Wanda, I’ll go find y/n.”
Meanwhile, y/n had pulled Carol out of the compound, tears still in her eyes as she tried to breath. She didn’t expect any of this to happen, she thought that she would leave the letter and she would never see Wanda again, or at least for a while and even after, they would have forgotten about everything that had happened, but she also knew none of this could be avoided. She let go of Carol’s hand as she exhaled; what would she tell Carol? She didn’t know why she had really left the compound and why she had accepted the mission, now she felt stupid for hiding it.
“Y/n, what’s wrong?” Carol asked as she walked closer to y/n.
“I just-“ y/n swallowed hard as she wiped away her tears. “It’s nothing important, just…just a situation I had with Wanda. It’s over now.”
“Is it?”
Y/n turned to look at Carol. “What?”
Carol shrugged. “You’re still crying. You’re still…you’re still shaken about what happened back there. It is important.”
“I’m sorry.” Y/n sighed as she let her tears roll down her cheeks. “I didn’t…I didn’t mean to ruin the party for you. I know how much you love parties and you missed everyone and-“
“Hey, hey, hey.” Carol placed her hands on y/n’s face and made her look up at her. “You didn’t ruin anything for me. I was having fun with you. The others can’t handle alcohol.” She joked, getting a small chuckle from y/n. “I love being here with you. I love you.”
Y/n’s eyes widened. “You…I- what?”
Carol chuckled. “I love you.” She whispered softly as she placed a small kiss on y/n’s lips. “I do. And whatever happens, I’m here. You never ruin anything.”
Y/n’s mouth fell open as she tried to find the right words to say, but she was really shaken by what had happened; this was a plus now. As she was about to say something, she noticed someone walking to them, taking her attention away from Carol.
“Nat?” Carol turned around and smiled at Natasha, feeling a little disappointed. Y/n looked back at Carol for a moment and then looked back at Natasha. “What’s up?”
“Can I talk to you? Privately?” Natasha asked quietly, and then turned to look at Carol. “Thor was looking for you, he wants to prove something to the guys or some stupid thing.” She chuckled softly.
Carol nodded and looked at y/n. “Will you be okay?” Y/n only nodded, offering a smile. Carol smiled and kissed the side of her head before she left the two women.
“What you wanted to talk about?”
“What are you doing?”
Y/n furrowed her brows. “Excuse me?”
Natasha shrugged. “What are you doing? You were in love with Wanda. You were dying for her, you were head over heels. Now you’re telling me that just because of some jealousy you leave for months, and come back with a girlfriend? What happened to you?”
“No. Don’t do that. Not you too.” Y/n shook her head. “I thought you had my back.”
“Just to be clear, I’m in no one’s side. But I was there to listen every thought you had about Wanda, every thing you two did together, how you loved to see her, how you loved to be with her, everything, y/n. I was there when you were drunk and sad because you were scared to confess your love for her.” Natasha sighed. “You left. You didn’t even let me know. I do have your back, but I don’t think you have mine. I don’t think you trust me.”
“Don’t fucking do that, Romanoff. That is not fair. Whatever happened with Wanda, is our thing, not yours. I didn’t want to put you against her.”
“She’s not putting me against you, y/n. She doesn’t even know I’m here.”
“Well, good. Let’s keep it that way and get over it.”
Natasha laughed. “So...that easily? Just…like that. You’re going to let everything go?”
“She wasn’t here! She wasn’t there for me when I came back! How do you think I felt in that moment?! You don’t know anything about how I felt!”
“I do because I’m seeing the same with Wanda! She’s lost, y/n. She misses you.”
Y/n sighed as she swallowed back her tears. She didn’t want to have this conversation with Natasha, not when she was still confused about the whole thing. She thought Natasha more than anyone would understand.
“Carol loves me.”
Natasha furrowed her brows. “What?”
Y/n turned to look at Natasha. “She told me she loves me. Just now. She loves me. We’ve been working for a while, we’ve been hanging out for a while, it wasn’t official until just a few weeks ago and she…she loves me, Nat.” She smiled sadly as she felt more tears.
Natasha licked her lips softly as she looked down at the floor. “Do you?” She looked back up at y/n.
Y/n stared at her for a few seconds, trying to fight against her mind. “I think I do.”
Natasha nodded. “Well…I’m happy for you, then.” She sighed. “But then don’t come to me when Wanda gets over you and she does much better without you.”
Y/n huffed. “So…I can’t come up to you anymore?”
“I’m not saying that. But Wanda…I’m here for you. But I won’t leave her side, not when she needs me.” The redhead simply said before walking away. “I’ll tell Carol you’re waiting for her, so you don’t have to go back.” She said without looking at y/n as she walked inside.
Y/n brought her hands up to her face as she sobbed. How did she end up in a situation like this?
Wanda laid in her bed, swollen eyes staring at the window. It hasn’t been long since everyone had left the building, someone mentioned it was about to rain and it was better to leave. Quietly, Wanda had walked to her room, telling Vision she really didn’t want to talk, and she wanted to be left alone. But she also felt like she couldn’t be alone anymore, she felt sad, she felt lonely; it was a different feeling from when she lost Pietro, but somehow, she felt like she was back to that numbness once again, that place where y/n had taken her out of.
Natasha closed the door behind her and took her heels off, walking to Wanda’s bed. “Wanda…”
“How can someone stop feeling? I just…did she feel this way? This whole time she…” Wanda sniffed. “Why didn’t I notice? Why didn’t I just talk to her? I could’ve…maybe we could be together by now. Maybe…” she shook her head. “There’s no maybe anymore. There’s no what if…”
“Don’t do this to you.” She sat on the edge of the bed.
“I deserve it. I hurt her first.” Wanda whispered softly.
“No one deserves anything. Things are just…complicated.”
“She’s happy with Carol. I can see it.” Wanda sighed. “I tried to tell her that I loved her. I guess she knew but…she didn’t let me finish.”
Natasha didn’t know what else she could say, what else could calm Wanda down or keep her mind clear for at least tonight. She didn’t want to choose a side, but she somehow knew Wanda needed her, y/n seemed okay without her.
“Stay tonight?” Wanda whispered softly as she turned to look at Natasha. “I just…I don’t want to be alone.”
Natasha stared at her for a moment and offered a smile, nodding. She climbed the bed and laid just beside Wanda. She was surprised when Wanda moved and laid her head on Natasha’s chest, but soon enough wrapped her arms around her.
“Things will get easier.” Natasha whispered softly as she rubbed Wanda’s back.
Y/n sat on the couch as she looked down at her mug, she had arrived a few hours ago waiting to talk to Tony. She had meant to go pick some stuff from her room but knew that maybe Wanda would sense her, and she wasn’t ready to face her again, not right now. It had been 2 days since that party, and she still felt conflicted about what had happened. She had expected to see Natasha around or for Tony to tell her to get y/n, but even now things with Natasha didn’t seem to be okay either. She heard footsteps and looked up but sighed relieved as she saw Vision walking to her.
“Hey, Vis.”
“Miss y/l/n.” Vision offered a smile as he sat down beside her. “May I ask you something?”
“Sure.” Y/n looked at him.
“Do you hate me?”
Y/n furrowed her brows. “I don’t…no. I don’t. Why would you ask that?”
“Well, I have many reasons but…firstly…I came between you and Wanda, which I’m not very proud of, but also had no idea about it until you mentioned it.” Vision cleared his throat. “I wish things had gone differently.”
Y/n shook her head. “Vision, that’s…that’s the past now. There’s nothing to do about it.”
“How are you so sure?”
Y/n smiled confused at him. “Well…things between me and Wanda are not okay anymore and…it’s over.”
“I’ve never felt love before. I’ve never known what is losing someone, I don’t feel sadness nor anger. At least, I haven’t until now. I’m not sure what I am.” Vision sighed. “But one thing that I can tell you, what you have with Wanda, or had, is unlike any other thing that I’ve seen. You were the one who made her feel like home, you were there for her. You two connected. I believe that’s something bigger than anything.”
“But…I don’t think it’s that easy to go back to it.”
“People make mistakes. Mistakes help us grow. We can let them take us down to a dark place, or we can learn from them, move on and let go.” Vision offered a smile. “The way you talked about Wanda back in that day…I believe you exactly knew what you wanted to say. You exactly knew what you meant. You spoke from your heart, not from your mind or drunken state.”
Y/n laughed. “Yeah I…I guess.”
“Only you can decide if you want to move on and let go, or…move on, let go, and try once more. There is nothing wrong with giving it an opportunity.”
Y/n smiled as she looked back at him, squinting her eyes. “You know…you should definitely give ted talks or even therapy. We can be partners and I can administrate the money.”
Vision smiled. “Wouldn’t that be fun?”
Y/n chuckled. “It would.” She offered a smile. “Thank you, Vision.”
“My pleasure.” Vision stood up. “It’s good to have you back, y/n.”
Y/n smiled. “It’s good to be back.” She nodded.
Another 3 weeks since y/n had left again, apparently another mission in space with Carol. She hated the fact that it was now Carol, and it wasn’t her anymore; Wanda would be there with her always, no matter what y/n was doing, they always did missions together, they did everything together, until y/n had left for that one mission that she still regretted not going to. Maybe if she had gone with her, they’d be okay, they could possibly be together or both of them would be stubborn and shy and would keep their game going.
But now someone had taken her place, someone else made y/n happy, Carol made her happy. She was occupying that place that had always been Wanda’s, now she had lost that happiness that y/n had brought to her. She didn’t know why she hadn’t said anything sooner, she still fought with herself about why she had kept it so long. Y/n was always there, she could always be honest, she could always talk to her, but she was shy, she was scared their friendship would get ruined; now it was ruined.
Natasha had kept her company this whole time, she had tried to be there for her whenever Wanda needed her, even if it meant she had to stay the night in Wanda’s room. Clint teased them both, saying they could be the new couple, but it wasn’t like that. Sam had said it could probably be a way to get y/n jealous. Wanda would be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about it, she had, but it was easier to think about it than do it, and she didn’t want to do it, she honestly didn’t want to get to that point because it would only be useless and selfish.
Natasha tried to take y/n’s place, even if she knew she could never be like y/n. She tried to watch movies and shows with Wanda, she tried to make her laugh or smile, but it seemed impossible. Wanda had gotten to a level of numbness that she never thought she would get to again. She felt hopeless, she felt sad, she felt tired and mad. She was mad all the time expect when she was with Natasha. Everything seemed to be going wrong.
She thought she would never see y/n, unless Tony invited them over, but that only meant that both Carol and y/n would show up. She wouldn’t stand to look at them again, she would feel sadder with just looking at them interacting, the way she wished she could do with y/n. She didn’t think things could get better, the world was against her.
“You gotta be kidding me.” Wanda looked at Steve with annoyance.
“Nope. I need you, and Romanoff.”
The world was really against her. Steve was against her. She was tired, she didn’t have enough energy to even get herself to walk to the kitchen, and they expected her to go on a mission? He had to be joking. This was the last thing she expected, this was the last thing she wanted to do, she didn’t want to go out of her room ever again, this was on Natasha for pulling her out for the meeting.
“Maybe it would be better if it’s only us, Steve. Why would you need Wanda?” Natasha asked as she noticed the annoyance in Wanda’s face. Of course she knew how Wanda felt about it.
Steve sighed. “I’m sorry for doing this, but I really need you, Wanda. It’s a big mission, we don’t know what to expect and I want you to be part of my team.”
“Yeah, like that one time back in Lagos?”
Natasha turned to look at Wanda. “We already went over that. Don’t use it as an excuse now.” She slightly hit Wanda’s arm as she noticed the girl rolling her eyes. “Maybe it would be good for you.”
“And why would it be?”
“Just saying.” Steve replied. “Be ready on 10.”
The whole ride was quiet, Sam had joined them at the end too, the fantastic four were back again, something that didn’t excite her at all. She knew it was her job, she knew she had to help, she has been part of the avengers for a while now, so getting into a teenage attitude wouldn’t be any help. As soon as they arrived, Wanda could hear the gunshots coming from outside. Steve had said something about covering them and a plan that seemed to be good. As soon as they walked out of the Quinjet, Wanda and Sam did as Steve had said, but little did she know that more people were there to help them out.
The moment Wanda laid eyes on y/n, her heart stopped and her whole world shut down entirely, completely ignoring Sam. She then saw someone landing just beside her and she felt anger taking over her body; of course Carol was here, they now seemed to be the perfect team. Wanda shook her head and followed Sam, trying to keep the plan going and trying to keep her thoughts and eyes away from y/n.
It wasn’t long until they were informed that Steve, Natasha, and Carol were inside, their surroundings seemed to be quiet now as they finished with all the agents attacking them. Sam left Wanda to make sure no one was around, but that’s when the worse came; they weren’t prepare for the super soldiers that appeared out of nowhere, giving their best fight. Wanda tried to get two of them down as soon as they appeared in front of her, trying to get all of her attention on them until she heard y/n screaming.
She turned around to find one of them pointing a gun directly to her head. Wanda didn’t know how she got the two soldiers down so fast, but she didn’t think about it, not when she had to run to protect y/n. She kicked the soldier and fought him, not giving her time to really use her powers as he grabbed her by her arms. She then heard a gun, and the soldier went down, making Wanda fall to the ground as she panted.
Y/n had been distracted trying to put down another soldier, not noticing the one behind Wanda who seemed to have some sort of new weapon. She only heard the painful scream coming from Wanda, and that’s all it took for her to run to her. The moment she tried to stop it, the soldier attacked her with the same weapon, making her cry for the pain, but that didn’t stop her until she could take him down so he wouldn’t hurt Wanda. The soldier didn’t waste time and used the weapon on y/n more than once, hitting her side, her stomach, her leg, anything he could reach until Wanda took the weapon from him and used it, making the soldier fall to the ground unconscious.
“Are you serious? What were you thinking?!” Wanda yelled as she looked at y/n.
Y/n tried to hide her pain as she looked back at Wanda. “He was hurting you! What did you expect me to do?!”
“Not that! He could’ve killed you, y/n! You’re always so reckless on missions!”
“Oh don’t play saint, we both know you are reckless too! You always put others before you, why couldn’t I do that?!” Y/n stood up and grabbed her side, whining.
Wanda kept yelling as she walked closer to y/n. “Because that weapon was meant to hurt me!”
“And that’s exactly why I stopped him!”
Wanda scoffed. “Why would you even care?”
“Oh please, don’t start this, Wanda.” Y/n rolled her eyes.
“Don’t start what? You were the one who said that you wanted to be away from me. You didn’t want to see me, you didn’t want to talk to me. Why would you stop him if you didn’t want to see me?” Wanda felt tears in her eyes as she felt anger all over her body.
“Stop it, Wanda.”
“No! I won’t! Are you afraid your girlfriend will hear us? You didn’t let me talk!”
“Maximoff, stop…”
“You didn’t let me tell you anything! You left saying we were done, why do you even car-“
“Because I fucking love you, Wanda! I can’t fucking lose you, that’s why!” Y/n looked back at Wanda with tears in her eyes.
Wanda finally was speechless as she stared at y/n. “What?” She whispered softly.
Y/n turned around to find Carol standing right behind her; she had fucked up. Carol only stared at her for a moment and then looked back at Wanda. Silence surrounded them for a moment until Sam let them know that they were ready to leave. Y/n didn’t say anything else and left the two women behind.
“Carol…” Y/n followed Carol to what used to be her room a few months ago, closing the door behind her.
“I told you…I told you I loved you. And you…you say it to her?” Carol looked back at y/n with tears in her eyes.
“I didn’t…I was…” y/n swallowed. “I told you about, Wanda.”
“You didn’t tell me you loved her.” Carol shook her head.
Y/n sighed. “I don- I’ve known her for so long, we’ve been through a lot and I just- I didn’t meant for you to hear that.”
“Oh so, you didn’t want me to be there? You didn’t want me to worry about you and go check on you?”
“Carol, don’t put words in my mouth.” Y/n covered her face with her hands.
“Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you let me…why did you let me fall for you? I know it’s probably too quick and I’m sorry, I just- God, I hate confessing feelings, I hate being vulnerable, but I was with you!” Carol bit her lip as she tried to contain her tears.
Y/n’s face softened. “I know.” She walked closer to Carol and placed her hand on her cheek. “I know, and I am sorry. You…you are really special to me, Danvers. Honestly.”
Carol looked down as she let some tears roll down her cheeks. “But I’m not her.”
Y/n’s heart stopped for a moment at her words. She licked her lips softly as she sighed. “You don’t have to be anyone, you are you, and I like who you are.” She smiled softly. “Always have.”
“Really?” Carol looked up. “Even if I’m much older than you?”
Y/n laughed. “Isn’t that better?” She grinned.
“Shut up.” Carol rolled her eyes as she chuckled, looking back into y/n’s eyes. “I’m sorry for how I reacted.” She carefully placed her hands on y/n’s waist, trying not to hurt her even more.
“It’s okay. I get it.” Y/n smiled as she moved her hand to the back of Carol’s neck, caressing it softly.
Carol smiled and leaned in to kiss her lips softly, tears still rolling down her cheeks. Y/n kissed her back just as softly. Y/n knew what she had done and the damage she had caused on Carol, but she wanted this moment to last a little longer. Carol slowly pulled away and looked into y/n’s eyes again, smiling sadly.
“I think we should talk.” Carol licked her lips.
Y/n nodded. “Yeah, we do.” She smiled softly.
Wanda brushed her hair softly as she stared at herself in the mirror. She didn’t know how she felt, everything was now confusing, and she wanted to really understand what had happened back there. Part of her felt bad, part of her had wanted to hear those words, but maybe it was an impulse because y/n hadn’t come to see her since they arrived. Wanda walked back to her room and sat on her bed as she stared at the window until she heard the door opening. She turned to find the redhead smiling at her and closing the door behind her.
“I don’t think I’m ready to sleep just yet.” Wanda said softly as she offered a small smile.
“I know.” Natasha smiled. “I don’t think I’ll sleep here anymore.” She chuckled softly.
Wanda furrowed her brows. “Okay?”
“I think Carol left.”
“How do you know?”
“Not pretty sure. Was just passing by and didn’t hear anything.” Natasha walked to Wanda’s bed and sat down as she grinned.
“You truly are a spy, aren’t you?” Wanda teased.
Natasha looked at her and smirked. “That’s the Wanda I’ve been trying to get.”
Wanda shrugged. “Is it bad to say that I wanted that to happen?”
“No, I don’t think so.” Natasha smiled. “It’s your time.”
“What if she doesn’t want to talk to me? Or if it was only an impulse?”
“Coming from y/n, it was definitely an impulse.” Natasha grinned. “But a meaningful impulse. She wouldn’t have said it if she didn’t mean to.”
Wanda smiled, a genuine smile in months. “Should I?”
“Definitely.” Natasha stood up. “I’ll finally get back to my room.” She joked as she opened the door and looked at Wanda. “Let everyone sleep after you two talk, okay? We don’t want to hear anything.”
Wanda furrowed her brows. “Hey!”
She only heard Natasha laughing as she left the room, but this time she didn’t close the door, knowing that Wanda would soon go to y/n’s room. It took another 5 minutes for Wanda to finally convince herself that she had to go talk to her. She stood up and walked out of her room, slow and quiet steps as she got closer to y/n’s room. She took a deep breath before knocking softly, waiting for y/n to let her in. After a minute, she finally heard y/n’s sweet voice. As soon as Wanda opened the door, she noticed y/n was cleaning up the bruises that she had gotten in the mission, also noticing that y/n was only on a sports bra and some pants.
“I-I’m sorry, I can-“
“Come in. It’s not like you haven’t seen me like this.” Y/n chuckled nervously as she looked at Wanda.
Wanda nodded as she entered the room and closed the door behind her. She looked around and smiled a little as she was finally back in; she hadn’t been in this room ever since y/n had left. She cleaned the room for y/n to come back and didn’t let anyone go in. She turned her attention back to y/n and didn’t hesitate to walk close to her, sitting on the bed and looking up at y/n, grabbing y/n’s hand so she could do it herself. Y/n looked down at Wanda and gave her the chance to help.
Wanda grabbed the healing cream and carefully started putting it on y/n’s side; y/n groaned softly as she looked up at the ceiling, trying to swallow back the pain she felt.
“I’m sorry.”
Y/n looked back down at Wanda. “What for?”
“I should’ve put attention. I should’ve known he was behind me and I could’ve taken him down. He wouldn’t have hurt you.” Wanda whispered as she kept her eyes on y/n’s bruises.
“I would’ve helped either way.”
“But I could’ve protected you.” Wanda finally looked up at her as she finished. She shook her head. “And you know I’m not only sorry for that.”
“I know.” Y/n sighed as she sat down beside Wanda. “I’m sorry too.”
Wanda shook her head. “No need to be.” She looked down at her hands. “Where’s Carol?”
Y/n smiled sadly. “She uh…she left.” She looked down at her hands too as she chuckled. “She went back to space.”
Wanda looked up at her and furrowed her brows. “What? What about you?”
“I’m staying.” Y/n whispered softly. “It was fun and all but…it was not for me. I’m just a simple agent and I should stay where I belong. She understood that.”
“We didn’t end up bad.” She confessed as she looked up at Wanda for a moment.
“Oh.” Wanda nodded as she looked away again, biting her lip.
Y/n cleared her throat as she looked away. “I mean we…we broke up…or ended whatever we had.”
Wanda then looked up at her again, a small smile on her face. “Oh…I’m…I’m sorry.” She shrugged.
Y/n then smiled. “No you’re not.” She chuckled as she looked back at Wanda.
Wanda chuckled too. “Maybe I’m not.”
Y/n smiled as she studied Wanda’s face. “What happened to us?”
“I have no idea.” Wanda sighed. “Things are not always the way we want them to be.”
Y/n nodded. “I’m sorry about Vision. I never…he’s a nice person. He’s my friend too and I know that he also wanted the best for you.”
“Yeah, he’s nice.” Wanda smiled. “You know, he was surprised to see you drunk.” She teased.
“Don’t remind me please. That was embarrassing.” She shook her head as she laughed.
Wanda laughed softly as she shrugged. “I thought it was cute. You’re not one to speak about feelings or anything that involves being vulnerable.”
“You’re not wrong about that.” Y/n smiled.
Wanda bit her lip, thinking if it would be good to take the risk. “Did you really mean everything you told him? Like…you really remember everything I love.”
Y/n smiled shyly. “Well…I…yeah. I know you, I just…of course I’d remember. Because I always tried to do just that, to see you smile and happy.” She confessed as she looked at Wanda.
Wanda nodded. “So…you’re staying…for me?” She grinned.
Y/n cleared her throat as she looked down at her hands. “We both know that it’s not about that, just…Tony asked me to stay. He says they need me back.”
“Right, yeah. Steve does need more in his team.” Wanda nodded again as she looked back down.
Both women went silent for a moment, debating whatever was going on in their minds, things seemed to be okay now but there was still so much left to say, they didn’t know if it would be the right time to even talk about it, if it would be good to risk the moment they were having. Y/n was the first to look up at Wanda, staring at her for what seemed like forever, making Wanda look up at as she felt y/n looking at her. They both smiled at each other, almost laughed at how awkward they were feeling as if they had never stared at each other before.
It wasn’t long before they both realized how much time they had wasted; they had been there together this whole time, but both of them had been too afraid to do anything about it. They had been to afraid to speak up and get hurt if it didn’t work, they had been afraid of losing each other, but somehow, they had almost lost each other either way by now speaking up. Wanda bit her lip as she looked down at y/n’s lips and then back up to her eyes. The tension was there, it felt like they were the only people in the world.
“Fuck it.” Y/n said before she leaned in.
Wanda met her half way and pressed her lips against y/n’s. Wanda placed both of her hands on y/n’s neck as y/n placed her hands on Wanda’s waist, embracing each other into a passionate kiss, a kiss they both been waiting for so long, a kiss they both have dreamed about for a while. The kiss showed every emotion they both had kept, every feeling, all the love they both had for each other, it was like nothing else they both had experienced before.
Wanda’s fingers slid into her hair pulling her impossibly closer, y/n took this chance to put Wanda on her lap without breaking the kiss. As if it was any more possible, y/n pulled her closer, forgetting about her wounds for a moment, nothing else mattered as long as she kissed Wanda. But then Wanda decided to push y/n down so she could lay down on bed, her hands leaving her hair and going down her abdomen, forgetting completely about the big bruise she had just taken care of. Y/n whined softly making her break the kiss.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry!” Wanda gasped as covered her mouth.
Y/n shook her head as she tried to sit up with Wanda still on her lap. “Hey now, it’s okay. We both forgot.” She laughed a little as she looked up at Wanda, placing her hands back on Wanda’s waist.
Wanda smiled down at her and wrapped her arms around her neck, leaning down to peck her lips. “I guess we did.” She laughed. She bit her lip, trying to contain her smile. “I love you.”
Y/n smiled widely. “I love you too.”
“And I am not letting you go this time.” Wanda whispered softly as she ghosted her lips against y/n’s.
“You better not, or I’ll just have to go back to space.”
Wanda hit her arm carefully. “Don’t joke with that.”
Y/n laughed. “I had to, sorry.” She kissed her neck softly. “I’m not leaving again, ever again. Even if it’s for a mission, youare coming with me.”
“Deal.” Wanda biting her lip as she pulled her face up and kissed her lips again. “We’ll have to thank Nat tomorrow.”
“She told me Carol had left, or that’s what she thought.”
“She was…she was outside my door?”
Wanda shrugged as she laughed. “I guess.”
Y/n rolled her eyes. “Most likely.” She grinned. “And we also have to thank Vision.”
“Vision? What for?”
“He talked to me. Said what we had was like nothing he’s ever seen. You know his way to talk.” She chuckled as she pulled Wanda closer. “But he was right.”
Wanda smiled. “We’ll thank him tomorrow too.” She leaned down and kissed her lips. “Should we sleep now?”
“Who said I wanted to sleep with you?” Y/n raised her brow as she teased.
“Because I want to. I don’t want to waste any more time.” Wanda kissed y/n’s forehead. “And I don’t want to sleep alone anymore, not when you’re here.”
Y/n smiled. “I do want to sleep with you.” She looked up.
“In what way?” Wanda smirked.
“Miss Maximoff.” Y/n raised her brow as she chuckled. “But…in any way, really.”
“What about your bruises?” Wanda said as she carefully ran her fingers against the bruise.
“It’ll be worth the pain.” Y/n said as she moved them so Wanda would be laying in bed and y/n on top of her.
“We’ll be careful then.” Wanda smiled as she pulled y/n and kissed her lips softly.
For a moment, Wanda thought that it would be another sleepless night, but at this point she didn’t care about it, not when she had y/n back, she was finally by her side, she was finally happy again. She had missed these sleepless nights with y/n, although this was a little different, they cuddled, they watched movies or shows, they talked, all of it. It was back to normal again, and she loved every moment of it. Both women laid in bed in a comfortable silence; even if they knew they still had to talk, they just focused on each other. Wanda in y/n’s arms while her fingers traced Wanda’s spine softly; nothing could be better, nothing could be more beautiful than a moment like this.
“I have a question.” Wanda said as she looked up, her fingers tracing patterns on y/n’s naked chest.
“Ask away.” Y/n whispered.
“Did you really talk to Stark? Or…are you staying for another reason?”
Y/n smiled as she looked at Wanda. “I did talk to him. But…he just said that he was glad I was back, and this will always be my home. When Steve called for backup, Carol was the one saying we should come and the moment I saw you…I just knew I wanted to stay. Even if I had screwed things…you will always be my reason for staying.”
Wanda smiled. “I’m so glad you came back to me.”
“I’ll always come back to you.” Y/n smiled. “And I’ll love you just the way I’ve always loved you, just this time…it won’t be secretly.” She winked at her.
“I love you. So much.” Wanda smiled softly as she pulled y/n for another loving kiss.
Nothing could tear them apart from now on. Y/n has regretted being drunk that night because everything had gone wrong from there, but she was now thankful, they could’ve avoided all of this, but they couldn’t have it any other way. They were going to enjoy every second, every minute, every day of their love for each other.
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buckyfleurs · 6 hours ago
Entangled Affairs
Pairing: Boss!Bucky x Assistant!Reader x Boss!Steve Rogers
Summary: The lines of professionalism and desire between you and your boss have been crossed, but what happens when they become blurred?
Warnings: Smut 18+ only, threesome, rough sex, semi-public sex, oral (m & f receiving), semi-degradation, swallowing, creampie, a dash of fluff, possessive!bucky, bucky’s kind of a douche at times, spanking, choking, it’s just filth honestly
Word Count: 3.8k
A/N: Hi! This is a sequel to Business & Pleasure but it’s also my excuse to live out my Bucky & Steve threesome fantasy, hope you like it & as per always, feedback is appreciated! 😘
Tumblr media
Ever since your encounter after work with Bucky, things between the two of you had changed dramatically. When you weren’t pressed against his desk, hand over your mouth as Bucky fucked you hard and fast, you were in his sheets, screaming his name as loud as possible. It had been the most exciting and eye opening few months of your life, discovering this new side to your boss. He had always been mysterious and elusive to you, but now you knew him inside and out.
You knew where he liked to be touched, what actions could bring him to his knees the fastest. You knew what ticked him off and how to calm him down, especially on days where the work load was especially hard. However, you hadn’t agreed to keep things exclusive, and even though Bucky wasn’t the type to go through a slew of women at a time, that didn’t mean that women wouldn’t throw themselves at him at any given chance. You had always quietly seethed when witnessing how blatantly your female coworkers would flirt with him, but he never gave them the time of day. Bucky only ever dedicated his time to you, he had proven this to you on several occasions.
When he wasn’t swamped with work and hectic business meetings, he’d always look to you to be his stress reliever. Your relationship was based around sex mostly, but sometimes the lines would get blurred and you didn’t know exactly where you stood with him. He had shown up to your apartment on more than one occasion, fully expecting him to just be there for a quickie, but instead Bucky would prefer to cuddle and watch a movie. You’d wake up in his arms, his serene sleeping face beside yours and his strong scent lingering all over you.
It was both bliss and torture, you loved feeling wanted by him but at the same time you knew he’d never truly be yours.
You knew the risks when you began this rendezvous with your boss, you just didn’t expect for the feelings that arose towards Bucky to be as strong as they were. As much as you loved playing his whore, you also craved the moments where he showed you any amount of real affection. He could be kind and sweet, you saw the genuineness in his eyes. At times his touches were gentle, making you feel like you were his entire world. He’d make love to you, or at least that’s what it felt like to you, and he’d stare deeply into you in an almost adoring way. It made you question everything, but you were never brave enough to delve into that territory. You kept Bucky at arms length, where it was safe.
Your teeth were clenched as you sat across from Bucky and him. There he was, in all of his well dressed and apt looking glory, Steve Rogers. Bucky’s longest and dearest friend, who just so happened to also be his business partner. You had seen him in the office before, he worked in a different building and would drop by from time to time. He would always have on his sharpest looking suit and his hair usually gelled back, he had a neatly trimmed beard that accentuated his bone structure perfectly. He was tall, muscular and strong, but most noticeable of all his features were his green eyes, they had hints of blue in them and one glance could be enough to make anyone swoon.
It was pointless to deny that you liked whenever he’d visit. He would always stop by your desk before heading into Bucky’s office, giving you suggestive grins as his eyes would roam appreciatively over your body. You always felt flustered right after, needing to excuse yourself so you could get some air. It was always hard being in a room with both him and Bucky, the air always felt heavy and you couldn’t help the fantasies that would play in your mind where they’d be taking turns bending you over. And now you sat across from both of them, the only difference now being that you were screwing your boss.
The meeting ended and you finally felt like you could breathe again, it had felt like you were sat there for ages, talking in circles about the same mundane things. Bucky shot you a look that you knew by heart, it was the kind of look where you knew he was upset and he needed you in his office yesterday. You gathered your belongings and excused yourself, glancing over at Steve who only smirked in turn. You waited until Bucky had closed the door to his office to make your way over to it, knocking on it twice to not arouse any suspicion. Even though the work day was over, you were never sure who could be watching.
“Come in.” His voice sounded stern and you felt immediately uneasy. For once you weren’t sure what had him so agitated. The meeting had being going well, or so that’s what you could recall when your mind wasn’t so preoccupied thinking of what you’d look like with Bucky and Steve’s cocks filling you up.
You stepped inside Bucky’s office, quietly shutting the door behind you. You were about to comment something sarcastic, but as if Bucky could read your mind, he turned to face you and pinned you down with a hard look. The kind of look he’d give you when you were being a brat in the bedroom and he had to teach you a lesson in obeying orders.
“I know you want to fuck him,” Bucky said in an eerily calm way, you opened your mouth to protest but no words were able to leave your lips. “Darlin’, you must really think that I’m blind, that I can’t see the way you look at Steve. I know what goes through that mind of yours. I’m not just an expert in how you like to be touched, I also know what you want, it’s written all over your face.”
“What?” You let out as you regained your composure, “I don’t want to fuck him, what the hell makes you think that? And even if I did, so what? I’m not allowed to even look at other men anymore?” You inadvertently walked into Bucky’s trap, you admitted to it without even thinking.
“I never said that,” Bucky countered, “I was just pointing out the obvious, I’m not mad about that. I’m more upset about the fact that you want to deny it when we both know it’s true. You’re free to do as you please, you always knew the rules of our arrangement.”
You were pissed off. Sure, Bucky wasn’t wrong. You knew deep down if the occasion arose that you wouldn’t hesitate to fuck Steve, he was attractive and probably amazing in bed. You just hated the condescending tone in Bucky’s voice, it made you feel like he was belittling you.
“So you wouldn’t care if I fucked your best friend?” You sneered, watching the way Bucky’s eyes flickered with rage, “You wouldn’t be angry if I sucked his cock the way I suck yours? If I let him fill up my tight little pussy the way I let you?”
“Watch the next words that come out of your mouth.” Bucky hissed, giving you a warning glare.
“Or what?”
Before you knew it, Bucky’s hands were on you, roughly grabbing you by your hair as he crashed his lips onto yours, biting down hard on your bottom lip. You tasted the metallic tang of blood on your tongue as he kissed you. You gasped at the sensation of Bucky ripping your shirt and bra off your body, not giving you enough time to think as he pinched your nipples hard, making you cry out. He wrapped his prosthetic hand around your throat, choking you as tears welled up in your eyes from the lack of oxygen. You wanted to be furious, to push Bucky away and slap the shit out of his smug face, but you liked the way he was man handling you. Your pussy was already soaked and you were eager for him to fuck you roughly, like he hated you.
But instead, Bucky pushed you down harshly to your knees, unbuckling his belt and pulling out his cock from the confines of his trousers. He was rock hard and already dripping precum.
“Put that mouth of yours to better use than pissing me off.” Bucky spat out as he shoved his erection past your lips, you gagged initially as his cock hit the back of your throat, but you were used to his size now so you relaxed your muscles and let him face fuck you as he had done many times in the past. Tears and saliva ran down your face making you look utterly ravished. You loved every second of being used by Bucky, loved the depraved sounds coming from his mouth and the crazed look in his eyes as he continuously forced his throbbing cock in your mouth.
You were lost in a daze, completely out of your mind and enjoying yourself a little too much when you heard the door knob turning and the door to Bucky’s office opening. You felt a rush of panic going down your spine as you turned your face only to be met with Steve’s shocked expression. He stood by the door, not knowing what to do as he watched Bucky face fuck you as if it were the most normal thing in the world.
“Shit, man my bad, I didn’t know you were busy,” Steve stammered, a slight blush creeping up his neck. “I was just heading out, but I had forgotten to grab something from your office. I can leave-“
“No,” Bucky smirked, grabbing a handful of your hair and pushing your face back onto his cock, you were caught off guard as you gagged around his length again, pulling away slightly so you could breathe. “Stay, this is exactly what this little slut wanted, isn’t it?” He grabbed you abruptly by your cheeks and made you look at him, his eyes were wide with rage and lust.
“Isn’t it?” He demanded.
“Y-Yes…” You let out sheepishly.
“You wanted Steve to see what a good little whore you are,” Bucky taunted, “Tell him how badly you want his cock.” He yanked you up by your hair, your tits bouncing in the air, making Steve swallow thickly. He was completely confused by the whole ordeal, but he couldn’t deny he was also incredibly turned on. Steve’s cock was hard in his pants and he was more than willing to participate in whatever little game you and Bucky had going on. He and Bucky had done crazier things in the past, sharing a girl wasn’t anything new.
Steve shut the door behind him and walked over to you, already removing his shirt as he took in your debauched appearance. You couldn’t believe what was happening, yet you knew how desperately you wanted it.
“Please…” Your voice was shaky as you felt Steve’s calloused hands on your heated skin.
“Please, what?” Bucky spat.
“Please, I want his cock.” It was nearly a whisper, but it was enough as Bucky pushed you back down on your knees and your fingers started undoing Steve’s belt. You looked up at Steve, he had a hungry look in his eyes as he watched you, your mascara coated eyelashes fluttered as you pulled down his pants, hand instinctively wrapping itself around the base of his cock. He was perhaps a little bigger than Bucky, but not nearly as thick. Still, your mouth watered at the sight of Steve hard and ready for you. He hissed as your lips parted open and you sucked on the head of his cock, swirling your tongue around it and making all sorts of vulgar sounds.
Expertly, you took him down your throat, only gagging a little bit as he thrusted his hips forward, getting accustomed to the warm wetness of your mouth. You made a show of sucking him off, it turned you on knowing that Bucky was watching as you pleasured his best friend. You knew without glancing at him that he was quietly fuming, and though you were still angry with him, you weren’t completely heartless. Without disconnecting your mouth from Steve’s cock, you reached out to grab Bucky’s painfully hard length, pleasantly surprised when he let you. A low growl escaped his lips as you stroked him languidly, he quickly took the reins back, fingers tangling in your hair as he shoved his cock inside of your mouth, replacing Steve’s.
You moaned wantonly around his length, hand kneading Steve’s erection as Bucky resumed his place inside of your mouth. One of your wildest fantasies was coming to life and it felt too good to be real. As your mind slipped away, the only thing grounding you back to reality was the realization that two gorgeous men were currently coming undone in the palm of your hand. You took turns sucking on both Steve and Bucky’s cocks, eyes fixated on both of them as they watched you like a predator stalking its prey.
Once your jaw began getting tired, you stood up, letting both men caress your breasts and whatever exposed skin they could touch and fondle. Steve suddenly turned your face towards his so he could kiss you, teasingly sliding his tongue inside of your mouth and making you moan against him. Bucky’s nostrils flared as he watched Steve kissing you, he pulled you away from him and kissed you messily, the kind of sloppy wet kisses you loved.
“I really need one of you to fuck me right now.” You breathed out, feeling the way Steve smirked against your neck and the way Bucky squeezed your thigh hard enough to leave a bruise.
“You’re a needy little slut, aren’t you?” He chuckled against your ear, without hesitation Bucky threw you down into the large leather couch in his office. You were on all fours, your ass still covered by your tight pencil skirt, Bucky’s favorite. He pulled your skirt down, sliding it off your legs and fully off you. Smirking, he slapped your ass hard, surely leaving a bright red handprint.
Bucky peeled off your panties, eyes devouring your glistening cunt. Steve’s cock twitched at the sight, stroking his cock as he watched Bucky spread your ass cheeks, revealing your tight wet pussy. He dove right in with his tongue, licking a long stripe from your asshole to your clit. You moaned out loudly, biting down on your bottom lip as your body shivered with pleasure. He licked your pussy just how he knew you liked it, he had all of your sensitive spots memorized, Bucky was an expert on your body.
As Bucky took his time eating you out, you reached out and grabbed Steve’s cock, stroking it for him and taking him back in your mouth. You needed a distraction as you eventually felt the warmth of Bucky’s mouth leaving your cunt only for it to be replaced by his thick cock sliding past your lips, stuffing you to the brim. You gasped around Steve’s erection, pushing back into Bucky’s thrusts as he snapped his hips forward, you loved the way his balls hit your ass as he fucked you relentlessly.
“S’fucking good, fuck…” You whined as Bucky slapped your ass again, continuing to drive his length deep inside of you making you see stars each time it brushed over your sensitive spongey tissue.
“You want Steve to fuck you too? hm?” He asked in a harsh whisper, hand wrapping itself around your hair, pulling you away from him. “Use your words, baby.”
“Please, Steve, I want your cock inside me.”
“Been waiting for you to say that.” Steve kissed you fervently as he pulled you towards him, pushing you down onto the couch so you were laying down, legs spread as he nestled between them, nudging his cock past your folds. Your nails raked down his toned arms as the initial sting of him stretching you out overwhelmed your senses. Steve thrusted hard into you, picking up the pace causing your sweaty body to slip around the leather couch. He grabbed you with his big hands and switched up the position so you were on top of him, gasping as his cock slipped out of you momentarily. You lifted yourself up and slowly sank back onto his shaft, undulating your hips as you took every inch of him deep inside your pussy.
The noises leaving Steve’s mouth as you rode him were sinful, you loved the look on his face, his emerald eyes glazed with lust. As much as you enjoyed fucking him, your mind could only think about Bucky. You peered over at him, he grimaced as he watched Steve’s hands roaming up and down your body, touching you in ways that only Bucky was allowed to.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum soon…” You let out with a choked moan as Steve pinched your nipples, your walls clenched tightly around him, the beginning spasms of your orgasm coiling in your stomach. Bucky pulled your face towards his, kissing you hard as his cold prosthetic hand wrapped itself around your neck. He wanted to be the one to make you cum, he wanted you to remember who could truly set your skin on fire.
Bucky lifted you away from Steve, pushing you down onto the couch so he could wrap his arms around your thighs, burying his tongue in your aching pussy. Your fingers threaded through his soft hair as you whimpered, pulling on it harder the more he lapped at your clit. The cooling sensation of his fingers sliding past your folds had you on the edge, your back arched off the sofa as the pleasure between your legs built.
“That’s it,” Bucky rasped, “Cum for me baby…”
The coil inside of you snapped as you came all over his fingers, shockwaves of ecstasy rippled throughout your body making your eyes water from the intensity of your orgasm. Bucky caught you off guard as he slid inside of you again, not giving you a chance to catch your breath as he fucked you roughly, chasing his own release. “S’good baby, feels incredible.” You knew he was close as his cock twitched inside of you, with a few more thrusts he coated your inner walls with his release. Panting heavily as the last bit of his orgasm washed over him.
With Bucky’s cum leaking out of you, you reached over to take Steve’s cock back in your mouth. He growled low, hand burying itself in your mussed hair as he thrusted his hips forward. You tasted precum on your tongue and you readied yourself for his release.
Your skilled tongue swirled over the head of his cock, sucking him off in fast successions as his grip on your hair tightened. Steve threw his head back in bliss as he came hard inside of your mouth, you swallowed every last drop, a satisfied smile spreading across your face as you wiped your lips with the back of your hand.
“Holy shit…” Steve let out as he sat on the couch, his bare chest heaving up and down, completely blown away by what had just transpired. “I need to find me an assistant like you, doll.” He ran his thumb over your swollen lips, leaning in to catch you in a messy open mouthed kiss. You moaned into the kiss, caressing Steve’s scruffy beard.
“Mm, maybe we can make this happen more often,” You purred, adding more fuel to the fire, “I can assist you both whenever you’d like.”
Bucky laughed, it wasn’t his usual playful laugh but rather a bitter one. “Not a chance in hell.” He slipped his pants back on, his demeanor completely changed as he disregarded both you and Steve.
“Hm, I guess not.” Steve chuckled, not thinking much of it as he began getting dressed. Your eyes remained on Bucky who looked disgruntled and on the verge of murder with his jaw clenched tightly and lips pressed into a thin line.
You were confused yet again, he had been the one to ask Steve to join in on the fun, but now it looked like he regretted it by how standoffish he acted. You didn’t understand why he had even agreed to it if he had such an issue with it, you wanted to confront him. Your anger had dissipated some, but you could feel it rising deep within you again.
Steve got himself together and gathered his things, he could tell there was tension in the air and didn’t say anything as he left Bucky’s office. You were alone with him now, the office building was completely empty and for that, you were grateful. You felt ready to explode as Bucky just ignored you, too preoccupied sorting through files on his desk.
You slipped on your clothes in complete silence, waiting for Bucky to say something, anything.
“Let me get this straight,” You began, rather calmly despite the way your blood boiled in your veins, “You let your friend fuck me and now you’re the one that’s pissed? You didn’t even bother asking me if I was okay with it.”
“I didn’t see you complaining,” Bucky said nonchalantly, finally meeting your gaze, “Clearly you enjoyed it.”
You bit the inside of your cheek, rolling your eyes at his cavalier response. “Clearly you enjoyed it too,” You hissed, “I guess I’ve just gotten really good at being your personal whore.”
Bucky slammed his fists on the wooden desk, making you jump slightly, “Don’t fucking say that, that’s not what you are.”
“That’s all I am to you, you had no issue reminding me.”
Bucky sighed in exasperation, standing up and walking over to you, “You’re wrong. That’s not what you are to me at all.”
“Then what am I?” You demanded.
“You’re my everything,” His answer caught you completely off guard and your body immediately stiffened, “Fuck, it was physically painful to watch him touch you, I wanted to rip his fucking hands off!”
“I thought it was what you wanted, but I can’t pretend that I’m okay with it,” Bucky looked defeated, “I can’t pretend anymore, I can’t fathom the thought of someone else touching you…”
You gasped as he closed the gap between you and held your face in his hands, he pressed his lips against yours, his eyes laced with adoration as he kissed you.
“Never again,” You breathed out against his mouth, feeling like you shed the last bit of doubt from your heart, “Never again will I let anyone but you touch me.”
“You’re mine.”
“I’m yours, Bucky, I’ve always been yours.”
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earlgreydream · 6 hours ago
| stucky x reader | smut | fluff |
anon requested. plz write a squirting fic with stucky & Bucky holds the reader down
dom!stucky helping you train & things get steamy
Tumblr media
“Y/N, let’s go,” Steve called, watching you stretch in the corner of the gym. You nodded, bouncing to your feet and walking up to the mat in the center of the room. 
The training room was empty, barring you, Steve, and Bucky. School kept you busy during the day, leaving you to practice your fighting and defense at night. You didn’t mind, preferring to have the gym to yourself, able to train privately with your two super-soldier boyfriends. 
“Driving me crazy watching you stretch like that,” Bucky stated, taking your hand and helping you onto the sparring mat. 
Both boys struggled to keep their eyes off of you when you showed up to train in tiny spandex shorts and a sports bra. It was easier to move that way, and you needed all the help you could get during their intense sessions. Both men were shirtless, and your adrenaline was pulsing with sexual energy. You pushed the impure thoughts out of your head, trying to focus so you didn’t get the life beaten out of you. 
Steve watched as you practiced dodging hits from Bucky, moving swiftly out of the way of the blows. He tried to grab you, and you dropped low, managing to sweep him off of his feet by grabbing his ankle and yanking it out from under him. 
“Damn,” Steve smirked at you proudly, and you jumped on top of Bucky, shoving him back down before he could get up. 
“Think you’re so fucking smooth?” Bucky asked, flipping the two of you over, pinning you down to the mat. The surface was cold against your back, and amusement flashed in his silver eyes, along with lust, his eyes trailing down your body. He loved pinning you below him, proving that your body would bend to his will, even during your training. Steve adjusted himself, knowing he couldn’t get this hard while you worked, because he was up to work with you next. 
You used the instant of Bucky’s distraction to bring your knee up to his abdomen. He shouted, loosening his grip on you, unintentionally allowing you to slip out from under him. You kicked him down, standing on top of his back with a pleased grin. 
“How was that, Captain?” you asked Steve cheekily. 
“Very good, honey,” he tried not to laugh. 
Bucky knocked you off, and you fell hard against the mat. 
“Hey! You’re not allowed to be mad that I’m doing well!” you cried, the breath knocked out of you from the impact. 
He slapped your ass, not caring that you were succeeding in combat training. You shrieked at the sting that spread through your skin, and you gave Bucky a vicious look. You were annoyed at how aroused you were getting, at the action certainly didn’t help. 
“Buck, that’s enough.” 
Steve walked over, helping you to your feet. You thanked him, giving Bucky another scathing look. 
“Hey, cut the attitude. Go run,” Steve said, pointing to the padded track that stretched around the perimeter of the gym. You sighed but obeyed, jogging around the room. 
“Fuck, she’s going to kill me,” Bucky whispered, watching your body bounce as you ran. Steve agreed, definitely admiring your ass. You could feel their heated gazes, and it made you slick between your thighs. You had to train, but you were quickly going hungry for sex. 
You joined them once you finished your lap, sweat giving your skin a sheen. Bucky whistled at you, and you couldn’t stop the laugh from escaping your lips. 
“Come here,” you said, pulling him into a kiss. You were startled about how starved it was, his tongue instantly pushing into your mouth. He gripped your ass in his hands, and Steve scolded the two of you. 
You boxed with Steve, doing the drills that Bucky shouted out at you. Your breathing increased, your chest rising and falling quickly and your body bouncing on the mat as you delivered punches and kicks to the pads he held. 
The boys didn’t care as you grew tired, and you wrestled with Bucky, rolling around on the mat. Your thighs went around his head as you tried to roll the two of you over, but he knocked you down, his hands pinning you to the mat as he buried his face between your legs. 
“I want to fuck you so damn bad,” he growled into the spandex, making you moan with need, unable to hide it any longer. 
“Please, Bucky,” you begged.
“Sergeant, to you. We’re still training,” Steve corrected, your eyes rolling back at the command. 
Your hips were shoved to the ground, and Bucky climbed over you, kissing up your bare torso.
“Doll, you wanted to get fucked, didn’t you? Wearing the one you know I like,” he growled, nipping at you through the sports bra that held you in place. 
“Yes, Sergeant,” you answered, trying to roll your hips up into his. 
Bucky pulled down the zipper with his teeth, freeing you as the sports bra fell open. Steve swore, tossing his sweats off, kneeling down behind your head. 
Bucky couldn’t keep his hands from your chest, tugging at your nipples and making you squeal and writhe under him. 
“Want your Captain to fuck your mouth?” Bucky asked, smirking at you. 
“Yes, please!” You parted your lips, making Steve laugh darkly and cradle your head in his large hands. 
“So needy, honey. You’re so horny you’ll take dick anywhere you can get it, huh?” Steve teased, and you felt yourself growing even more soaked.
You moaned as he fucked into your mouth, burying himself in your throat. Steve groaned as you opened your jaw, running your tongue along the veins of his cock. 
“Fuck,” he swore, his blonde head falling back. He struggled not to slam into your throat, being careful as he rolled forward steadily.
You jolted as Bucky lightly bit down on your soft skin, delighting in the sound you made. He let off you, kneeling between your legs and pulling the spandex from your hips. 
“She’s fucking soaked, Stevie,” he gasped, running his fingers through your glistening slit. 
“All that from being thrown around by us?” Steve asked, knowing very well you couldn’t answer with your mouth still full of him. 
Bucky held your thighs open before his tongue replaced your fingers, the muscle dragging through your folds and pushing inside of you with shallow thrusts. You moaned around Steve, making the soldier’s hips stutter.
Bucky ate you out, holding your hips still and pressing his tongue flat against your cunt, making you squeal around Steve.
“I’m going to come, honey,” Steve’s voice was deep and raspy, sending heat shuddering through you. 
You gripped his thighs on either side of your head as he spilled down your throat, filling your mouth with his taste. You swallowed all of it, your eyes glassy as you gazed up at him. 
“So good for your Captain,” he praised you, leaning down to press a heady kiss to your lips. 
“Bucky!” You yelled as you came, gushing onto his chin, gasping as he lapped it all up. 
“You look so hot when you come, doll,” Bucky wiped his mouth, letting you catch your breath. 
You started to get up, but Steve stopped you, his hand wrapping around your neck and pulling you into a messy makeout session, distracting you as Bucky pried your legs back open. 
Steve laid you back down on the mat, groping your tits as Bucky knelt between your thighs. 
“Beg, doll,” Bucky smirked, brushing his tip against your clit, through your folds, teasing you.
“Please fuck me, Sergeant. I need to feel you in my pussy,” you whined, biting your lip and arching your back off of the floor. Steve smirked as you shuddered under his touch.
He rolled forward into you, stretching you out and satiating your throbbing need to be filled. Pleasure erupted through your body and you moaned, pushing your hips against his, trying to pull him deeper inside of you.
The air was thick and sexually charged. You were sensitive from your first orgasm, and you shuddered as Bucky’s tip brushed against your g-spot. The pressure was quickly rebuilding in your belly, and you were dangerously close to a second orgasm as Bucky rocked steadily into your pussy, encouraged by Steve’s teasing hands. 
“I’m close, I can’t hold it,” you warned, unable to fight it off. 
“You’re going to wait until we tell you, doll,” Bucky ordered, squeezing your thighs. Tears threatened to fall as you tried to hold back, and a choked shriek escaped you as he came inside of you, riding out his own orgasm with shallow thrusts, painting the inside of your velvet walls with his release. 
“Thank you, Sergeant,” you squeezed his wrist, your vision blurring. 
“Go ahead,” Steve granted you permission, and the pressure gave way, sending a powerful orgasm rushing through you. Your legs were shaky under Bucky’s hands, all of your nerves sparking like a live wire. Tears slid from your eyes, and Steve kissed them off your cheeks.
“You look so gorgeous when you fell apart, honey, all spread open and getting fucked here on the floor,” his deep voice shot down your spine and settled in your cunt. Bucky felt your walls seize around him at Steve’s lewd words rolling from his lips.
“Does it turn you on to hear Steve tell you filthy things?” Bucky asked, his gaze alerting you that he demanded an answer. 
“Yes!” you confessed, blushing.
There was no reason to be embarrassed about it, especially given what you were doing. They reveled in seeing you so shy, tearing your walls down as they took turns fucking the doubt from your mind. Neither of the boys teased you to shame you, they ate up your confidence in your sexuality, and they wanted to know how best to please you. Despite their dominance over you, they did everything for you, striving to extract as much pleasure from you as possible. 
And fuck, they were so good at it. 
You’d never experienced anything like the two of them, and any relationship or sex that predated them was rendered completely irrelevant. They blew your mind over and over again, taking you to heights of pleasure you had no idea were even possible. 
“I know you have another one in you, doll,” Bucky grinned, and you blushed, shaking your head.
“I’ve already come twice-”
“You can do it again, it’ll feel so good, I promise,” Steve kissed you, dragging you back onto his lap. He pushed his legs between yours, spreading you open on top of his body. 
You were hypersensitive already, and out of breath from the training and sex with the men who had superhuman stamina. Steve’s fingers pushed inside of you, curling forward and brushing your spongey walls, making you writhe on his lap. Bucky’s lips caught yours, tasting Steve still on your tongue. You moaned into his mouth as Steve fingered you quickly, lewd noises filling the gym as his fingers slid in and out of your pussy, slick from both yours and Bucky’s come. Bucky’s hand went between you, rubbing your clit as Steve pushed two fingers deep inside of you. He leaned back on his heels, watching you squirm and beg incoherently for more. 
“Captain!” you shrieked, about to snap. 
White-hot euphoria burned through you like fire, searing everything inside of you and swirling in your clit. You screamed and pulled on Steve’s hair as it shattered, electricity sparking through every inch of your skin. You squirted all over their hands and the padding below you, soaking everything between your legs. You panted, trying to draw air into your lungs and recover from the intensity, melting back into Steve’s arms.
“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Bucky praised you, making your cheeks rosy. You’d never done that before, and you were suddenly shy around them, hiding your face.
“You alright, baby? That was a lot, huh?” Steve chuckled softly, kissing your cheek and hugging you tightly against him. 
“Yes, holy shit,” you swore, closing your legs and curling up into Steve. 
Your legs were still trembling slightly, even once they’d cleaned you up enough to slide your shorts back up your legs and rezipping your bra so you could walk through Stark Tower back to your room. 
“You did great, doll.” Bucky kissed your cheek before following you back to your room, turning on the shower as Steve set you down.
“I’m not letting you shower with me, I can’t go another round, and I know you two. Go shower and come back,” you laughed, pushing them out of your bathroom. 
You got clean, sitting on the tiled seat in your shower, still weak on your feet. Once the water started to go cold, you got out and dried off. You searched through your things, pulling a clean pair of cotton shorts on your legs and Bucky’s NASA hoodie, letting the fabric swallow you up. You wrapped your arms around yourself, breathing in Bucky’s scent that lingered on his clothes, like sandalwood and lemons. It instantly relaxed you, taking the edge off of your raw nerves. 
Your muscles were a little sore, and you grabbed a bottle of lotion from your dresser. The door opened and Steve and Bucky entered, Steve immediately going to stretch out on your bed. Bucky smiled when he saw you in his hoodie, and he hugged you from behind, kissing the back of your head. 
“Do you mind?” you asked, handing him the bottle. 
“Of course not.”
You sat on the bed and Bucky massaged the lotion into your muscles, patiently listening to you talk about your day. Steve’s soft blue eyes never left yours, playing with your fingers, his head resting in your lap. 
“Can we skip training tomorrow? I’m exhausted,” you asked, and Bucky smirked.
“Yeah, I suppose you can have one day off.” 
“So generous,” you giggled, leaning into his side as he settled down next to you. 
“We can always work out another way,” Steve suggested teasingly. 
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common-sense-tpaine · 6 hours ago
Your Majesty Chapter 6
Tumblr media
Remember that none of the gifs I use are meant to represent you! As always, let me know if I can fix/change anything to make my stories for everyone.
Ugh I’m so sorry about being almost two weeks late. School is almost over for me so I’m getting really stressed with all the final projects that I’m getting. It should come down soon. Sorry again, loves. :(
Your Majesty Masterlist
Summary- It has been more than a decade since the Kingdom of Ultron lost their princess. (Y/n) was just a 17 year old that didn’t know much about her past. Realizations happen and lives are crossed. How will (Y/n) handle the new pressure?
Stucky x reader
“Thank you for coming on this walk with me.” T’Challa nodded at (Y/n)’s words.
“Of course although I can’t help thinking that you have something on your mind.” The two walked side by side through the pathways of the garden, moving farther and farther from the castle.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” A smile grazed (Y/n)’s lips, telling the man beside her that she did in fact know what he was talking about. “I am just thinking about how beautiful Nakia and your wedding will be.” T’Challa smiled kindly and paused for a second before moving once again.
“You know that Nakia and I are just friends.” (Y/n) rolled her eyes.
“And Steve, Bucky, and I are just friends.”
“Haha.” He said sarcastically. “Although I could imagine you three as just close friends.”
“Oh yeah. The best of friends.” She laughed loudly, rolling her eyes at the thought. “Just admit that you love Nakia and get it over with!” T’Challa sighed as the two turned around and made their way back to the castle.
“It’s not that easy, (Y/n).” She opened her mouth to speak. “Why don’t you tell the boys that you like them?” Her mouth closed. “Double standards.”
“No, not double standards because it’s different. I know that Nakia likes you and vise versa, plus you’re just two people. I don’t know what they would think of a relationship with three people.” (Y/n) played with her fingers nervously.
“Well I think that if they love you, they won’t care about that type of thing. I know that it’s quite common throughout our kingdoms.”
“Just because it’s common, doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with it. What if they’re in that percentage?” T’Challa rolled his eyes.
“You are one of the most intelligent-non-intelligent person I know.” (Y/n) gasped and playfully pushed the king over.
“I know I did not just hear you call me stupid, king T’Challa. Weren’t you dead for months?” He held a hand to his heart.
“Low blow, (Y/n).” He joked while holding the door open for the princess. They both nodded at the castle guards before moving inside and down the marble floors.
“I hate these stupid floors.” (Y/n) laughed as T’Challa helped her keep her balance. The girl had previously fell twice on the way to the dining room. Two guards opened the doors and every one of the royals, except them, looked up. “Sorry we’re late.” She kissed Pepper’s and Tony’s cheeks before sitting down on the other side of her father. “We lost track of time in the garden. So when’s the meeting?” It was quiet from the table.
“You’re not coming to the meeting.” Tony said plainly and she dropped her silverware back to her side.
“What do you mean I’m not going?” Her eyes strayed to Bucky and Steve who looked towards her father when her eyes landed on them.
“Like I said, you’re not going.” Pepper sighed before ushering everyone out of the room other than the two Starks.
“Of course I’m going, are you crazy? This is my life who are all conferencing about!” (Y/n) stood up, her chair squealing on the floor.
“You are not permitted to come. The council and I have all agreed that it is best for you to not to come,” Tony sighed before standing up and out of his chair, “and you will taken to Brooklyn while this is all settled out.”
“Brooklyn? You’re joking? I’m not leaving and I am going to that meeting!”
Tony continued on like he didn’t hear her. “Steve and Bucky will travel with you and wait for two weeks to get comfortable before they come back here. You will stay there.” (Y/n) eyes filled with tears.
“You’re throwing me away.” Her voice was soft and it broke around the edges.
“I’m doing what’s best for you.” Tony explained and moved closer to his daughter, hurt filling his eyes when she backed away from him.
“You don’t get to decide that.” She sniffed quietly so that her tears wouldn’t fall.
“You leave tomorrow at ten am; be ready.” The doors opened as the king left the room. Once (Y/n) heard the click of the door, her knees gave out and she grasped at the tile floor for some sort of ground.
“Oh sweetheart.” Pepper cooed, wrapping her arms around her step-daughter only to hold tighter when she felt her fight.
“He’s kicking me out. He doesn’t love me.” (Y/n) sobbed, relaxing in her mother’s hold, loud sobs echoing through the empty room.
“Let’s get you to your room.” Pepper ignored the statement about Tony, knowing that he loved her more than anything, but this was not the time to get in a fight. She helped (Y/n) off the floor before walking her through the doors and down the many corridors. “You’ll be alright, baby.” Pepper mumble to her while caressing her cheek carefully. “Everything will be alright.” (Y/n) was tucked in and a kiss was pressed to her forehead. She did not want to wake up this next day.
“(Y/n)?” Lillian’s voice woke her up. “I packed all of your things, if you would like me to help you get ready-”
“No thank you, Lillian. Take the day off.” Only when the door closed did (Y/n) get out of bed and look at herself in the mirror. She could feel her swelled sinuses, the night of crying taking a toll on her body. Her eyes were also red, the blood vessels more pronounced against her irises. Sighing, she turned around to get ready.
As everyone sat down at the table, it was clear the quiet nature coming from the eldest Stark daughter. Her face was solemn and her eyes were casted down at her plate and not the people around her. Steve whispered to Bucky quietly, resulting in a nod coming from the man.
“(Y/n) stop playing with your food.” Tony was ignored and she kept smushing the toast with her fork. “Stop acting like a child.” Once again, ignored. “Go to your room and wait until ten.” His voice was lower and quieter, trying to keep attention of the two but it was fruitful. This time, he didn’t get ignored and she got up quietly and walked up of the room.
“Tony, maybe this wasn’t a good idea-” Steve stopped talking at Tony’s hand in the air.
“I’m doing what’s best for her. Now go get her ready to leave.” Bucky and Steve got up and walked down the corridor to (Y/n)’s room.
“(Y/n)? Doll? It’s time.” Bucky said on the other side of the door, his words accompanied with knocking. It was silent from the other side and Bucky opened the door to see (Y/n) sitting in the middle of the bed, her eyes trained on the trunk with all of her belongings in it.
“Let’s go, doll.” Steve took (Y/n)’s hand and led her off of the bed. Bucky grabbed the trunk and walked behind the two as they made their way to the carriage waiting outside.
This carriage was almost exactly like her father’s, the only difference being the blue and red detailing and the black gems that studded around the door. Pepper, Tony, and Morgan stood outside, the rest of the royalty knowing that it was best to leave the family alone for right now. Bucky put the trunk on the back of the carriage and the two turned to the foot men to give some privacy to the family.
“I’m going to miss you so much, but you’ll be back in no time, alright? I’ll write to you and so will Morgan.” (Y/n) hugged Pepper tightly before bending down to hug Morgan in her arms.
“I’m going to miss you so much, write me, okay, bug?” Morgan nodded and (Y/n) wiped away the tears trailing down the young girl’s cheeks. “I’ll be back in no time.” Standing up, she pressed a cold kiss to her father’s cheek before walking to the carriage. Steve helped her in and they followed in after her. As the carriage pulled away, all they could hear was:
“Please sissy, come back, please!” (Y/n) broke down in silent tears.
Taglist- @austynparksandpizza @aikeia @simplyfandomish @baby-noodles​ @lili-ann-love​ @rebloggingeverything​ @spookyparadisesheep
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amberderose · 7 hours ago
Upcoming Fics Schedule
Hopefully by tomorrow - Stick to the Schedule (Bodyguard!Steve x Bodyguard!Bucky x Reader)
The Detective (Ransom Drysdale x Reader)
Defending Laurie (Andy Barber x Reader)
*All these will, hopefully, be uploaded within 2 weeks!*
Please do send in more requests as I'm kinda gonna be blank for ideas after these fics.
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kayxleeee · 8 hours ago
When He’s Drunk
Warning: NONE!
A/N: Poor Bucky 🥺
Summary:IMAGINE! Includes; Bucky, Thor, Steve, Peter Q, and Loki
Word Count: 392
Tumblr media
Bucky hated parties, he hated them with a passion. Which sucked because Stark seemed to throw one every weekend. When Bucky would drink the galactic stuff Thor would bring on occasion, Bucky found himself very emotional, more than usual. At least when he was sober, he was able to functionally talk to people, he might have scared the shit out of a few, but nonetheless. When he was drunk  he’d just sit in a corner sulking without speaking a single word to anyone the whole night. You thought it was weird. One time you went over to talk to him and he started to cry… you felt bad for him, but you weren’t doing that again 
Tumblr media
Thor loved parties no matter if they where on Earth, Asgard, Knowhere, or Anywhere. No matter where in the galaxy, he enjoyed himself. What he loved the most about parties was that he could drink. Beer especially. Whenever he was drunk he’d get all giggly and everything was absolutely  hilarious to him.
Tumblr media
Sober Steve is sorta uptight, but drunk Steve Grant Rogers? Well let’s just say his back hurts every time because he is always carrying the party.  Thanks to Thor and his magically strong alcohol, Steve could finally let go and relax. Now it was extremely fun he got super drunk, because it was a very rare occasion and a very different Steve. One time you yelled “TAKE IT OFF” teasingly and he actually began to take off his clothes…  He was wild as hell.
Tumblr media
Peter Q
“I love you.” Falls from his moth about 70 times in one night if the drinks too much. And if he’s not telling you specifically that he loves you, he’s going to tell it to anyone who will listen. 
“I fricken love her man!” He would say with his arm draped around some poor random guy.
Tumblr media
Loki was/is very easily irritated when he is drunk or sober for that matter. One time he and Thor began to fight because Loki didn’t like how Thor spoke to you. He said it was “Disrespectful”, but in reality the only thing Thor said was that he didn’t understand the meaning of the movie “Home alone.”, which was one of your favorites. He stated that he’s been home alone many times and… umm well not important . Loki had zero patience for it nonetheless. 
Comments, Questions, Opinions :)
See more of what I have written so far: Masterlist
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kayxleeee · 8 hours ago
His Pet Names For You
Warning: NONE! All for funzies
A/N: it’s kitten or puddin for meee!
Summary: IMAGINE. Includes: Tony, Steve, Bucky, Peter x2
Word Count: 36
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Sweet Cheeks
Peter P
Tumblr media
Peter Q
Tumblr media
-Angel Legs 
-Sweet Thang 
-Hot Stuff 
Comments, Questions, Opinions :)
See more of what I have written so far: Masterlist
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fuckandfluff · 8 hours ago
Soooo I only have time to write one thang tonight.... please let me know in the comments what y’all would rather see:
Bodyguard Bucky & Virgin with a Praise Kink
Part 5 I’m With the Band
Tumblr media
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sagechanoafterdark · 9 hours ago
The Chat Room 3
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings:  language, online style text, various kinks, masturbation, praise kink, domination, breeding, Capitan kink, dirty talk, size kink, soft!dom Steve
Synopsis:  In the final chapter everything comes to a head as Steve becomes impatient with your arrangement and he’s ready to claim you as his.
A/N: Thank you everyone for waiting for this fic. SUPER SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to my darling wife @iwantutobehapppier​ for being my rock, reading my work for me and encouraging me to complete things. This is the final chapter for The Chat Room series and there wont be any more after this. Enjoy!
Read The Chat Room Here
Tumblr media
Steve was in trouble.
Weeks of chatting with you and he’d become, in a short word, addicted. 
With every vibration of his phone, Steve found himself checking it to see if the messages were from you. Fingers itching to look at his phone during debriefs and conversations in his day, before disappointment followed when it wasn’t you.
You filled his thoughts and every waking moment he found himself comparing other women unfavorably to you. They weren’t curvy enough, the swell of your hips perfect for his hands. They weren’t witty enough, the bite of your sarcasm always managed to keep him on his toes. They simply weren’t you.
Even his day-to-day routines began to suffer. When he’d repeated the same sentence three times in a row to Bucky after you’d walked into the room sweaty from your hot yoga session with Wanda his best friend asked jokingly if he was having a stroke. 
He couldn’t focus knowing that the embodiment of nearly every fantasy he’d ever had slept just a few doors down from him. More than once now he’d fisted himself to an urgent orgasm in the bathroom of the jet because you’d inadvertently moaned loud as Bucky reset your arm, or smirked when you’d taken out an enemy agent.
He was a wreck.
Tonight you’d left for yet another girls night out. Natasha sat in the living room waiting for you and Wanda and throwing popcorn into Bucky’s waiting mouth. It was a good laugh and distracted him long enough that was until you came into the room.
Thank god the popcorn bowl was in his lap cause the moment you stood there, wearing a low-cut little black dress that showed off the swell of your cleavage and the length of your legs he’d grown instantly hard.
Bucky whistled low, gaze sweeping from bottom to top, “Looking, fine tonight ladies. The clubs won’t know what hit ‘em.”
The three of you laughed but Steve’s gaze was firmly set on how your dress barely covered the swell of your ass, your soft thighs bare to anyone’s gaze and it didn’t settle well in his belly. It took Bucky elbowing him in the shin to realize he was frowning, “Oh, you ladies have a good night.”
A chorus of laughs and waves ended the brief conversation, but Steve didn’t miss the way your eyes lingered on him as you boarded the elevator.
Phone vibrating with a message not three minutes later, “Cool your jets Cap. I’ll be online in 3 hours. We can play then.”
Steve frowned again. Play.
That’s all this was to you, a game. But deep inside Steve knew it wasn’t a game to him. Not anymore. 
He wanted more and watching the opening scene to the scifi movie Sam and Bucky had argued over for at least twenty minutes that night, Steve knew he wanted it now.
A little over three hours later he’d retreated to his room after the second movie was popped in. His laptop perched on his chest, eyes becoming bleary as he read yet another article online when the chat room pinged. Inwardly cursing at his pavlovian response to check the message he grinned when your greeting flashed on the screen.
Urdoll: Hey there stranger
HowlComndo18: Hey yourself
HowlComndo18 pulling you close, groping your ass firmly
Urdoll moaning and leaning in closer to you
HowlComndo18 kissing you possessively, groping harder
Urdoll kissing you back, rocking my hips a little, hands sliding up over your chest and against your neck
HowlComndo18: Have a good night out?
Urdoll: No. I’ll have you know I’ve been thinking about you all night.
HowlComndo18 squeezing your ass hard, biting your neck
HowlComndo18: So you must be extra needy
Urdoll: Thought you liked it when I was needy
HowlComndo18 taking my cock out, giving a firm squeeze, and stroking to show you how hard I am
HowlComndo18: I always like you needy
Urdoll licking my lips while I look at your cock
HowlComndo18: Hungry?
Urdoll: Starving
HowlComndo18: You know what I want then
Urdoll dropping to my knees opening my mouth and holding out my tongue for you
HowlComndo18 slowly feeding you my cock
HowlComndo18: Good girl... show me what a horny slut you are for me
Urdoll wrapping my lips around your cock, head bobbing as I take more and more of you into my mouth. Cheeks hollow, moaning around you hands braced on your thighs slurping around your cock
HowlComndo18: mmmm you’re always so good at this, nice and sloppy for me
Urdoll slurping up and down your cock, moving my head faster, pulling all the way off your cock then licking up and down the length before sucking the head, pulling more into my mouth
HowlComndo18: How bad do you need it, sweetheart?
Urdoll: mmmm so bad
HowlComndo18 squeezing your tits, rolling and tugging your nipples as you work my cock more
Urdoll moaning, hands wrapping around the base as I work you faster with my mouth, slurping up to the head of your cock with a pop
Urdoll leans up pressing my mouth to yours, thrusting my tongue into your mouth and kissing you hard, moaning as my hands work up and down your cock
HowlComndo18: Good girl
HowlComndo18: What do you need
Urdoll: Need your cock fucking me
HowlComndo18: Want my cum in you sweetheart
Urdoll: Yes
HowlComndo18 pressing you up against the window in your room, showing you off against the glass as I press my cock into you from behind
Urdoll moans, hands shrieking against the glass nipples peeking arching my back
HowlComndo18: mmm fuck... your pussy is so god damn tight
HowlComndo18 rocking my hips, fucking you deep and steady
Urdoll: Fuck, your cock feels so good.
HowlComndo18 twisting your nipples, then stroking your clit as I keep fucking up into you
Urdoll mouth dropping open with a moan, hands shrieking against the glass as I look out the window feeling your thick cock pumping into me
HowlComndo18: you like everyone knowing the real you?
HowlComndo18 rutting steadily, biting your neck and marking you
Urdoll tipping my head baring my neck to you more, hips rocking back against you, hand reaching down and pinching my nipples
Urdoll: The real me?
HowlComndo18 fucking my cock into you faster
HowlComndo18: Addicted to my cock
Urdoll grinding my pussy against you, holding onto the window frame
Urdoll: Fuck I need your cock right now, I’m so god damn wet
HowlComndo18 fucking you even faster now, grunting into your ear
Urdoll: Oh fuck, I wanna cum
HowlComndo18: That’s it, sweetheart
Urdoll: fuck fuck fuck
HowlComndo18: Lose control for me
 Urdoll rocking back on you harder, fingers rubbing at my clit, arching my back more moaning against the glass
HowlComndo18: Who owns this pussy sweetheart
Urdoll: fuck, you do Steve
HowlComndo18: that's it sweetheart, such a good girl for me Urdoll: please Steve I need it, need your cock so bad
HowlComndo18: (Idol)
Urdoll: hello?
Urdoll: Steve?
Frantic knocking on your door made you yelp, scoffing as your hands pulled out the vibrator from the band of your underwear. Grumbling you slid out of bed, tossing the object onto the mattress before adjusting your damp sleep shorts. Pressing your eye against the peephole you cursed, “Are you fucking kidding me.”
Opening the door you tried to block him but Steve pushed past you, entering your room, his sweat pants slung excessively low on his narrow hips. “We can’t keep doing this,” he hissed out, running a hand through his blonde hair.
Closing the door you pinched the bridge of your nose, “Steve, we agreed on this. It’s just fun.”
“I know,” he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck before dropping his hand against his thigh. “I know it’s just-”
“Just fun,” you affirmed, crossing your arms in front of you. The silence hung between the both of you, acutely aware of Steve’s still hard cock tenting the front of his sweats as you tried not to openly stare. “Maybe...Maybe, we shouldn’t do this anymore Steve.”
“You’re blurring the line.”
Steve scoffed, “What line? You said I owned you less than five minutes ago. The line vanished weeks ago when you started teasing me through personal text messages instead of just in the chat room.”
“It’s a fantasy, Steve” you shouted. Your arousal evolving into pent-up frustration as the world you and Steve had built was suddenly crumbling around you. “We can’t do those things for real! We work together.”
Steve growled out your name, taking a step towards you. But you backed away, holding up your hand he pressed closer to you. You couldn’t meet his gaze, looking away with a scoff as you continued, “You know I thought this was just fun. Doing this with someone I could trust to hold the line. Someone who wouldn’t want more. Someone who wouldn’t beg for pictures or a phone fuck or, god forbid, a one-night hookup.”
Swallowing hard your hand met with Steve’s chest as he pressed you against the door, the heat from his body lighting your already sensitive nerves on fire, as the coil of anticipation in your belly tightened down. Licking your lips nervously, you tried and failed to hide the tremor in your voice, “But I was wrong.”
Looking up into sea-blue eyes, his pupils were blown and you tried not to pay attention as his cock pressing against your belly. You tried not to want to melt against him but your already wound-up body responded, your pussy clenched around nothing. 
Steves hand slid up against your jaw, his thumb tracing your lower lip as you spoke, “W-We’re done with this, Steve.”
His thumb slipped between your lips, pressing against your tongue; a smirk forming on his lips that had a gasp escaping your throat. Leaning forward, the scratch of his beard tickling your cheek as his lips hovering above your ear, “We’re done when I say we’re done.”
Turning your head Steve’s thumb dragged wet against your cheek as your lips found his. Kissing you with ferocity and hunger you’d been dreaming about for weeks. His hands tangling in your hair as he wrestled control of the kiss from you, his tongue stroking along yours, tasting and moaning before grunting as your teeth caught his plush bottom lip.
Cursing under his breath a snarl left him as his hips began grinding against you, cock rubbing over your thigh and belly. Hands reaching down you gasped against him as he easily lifted you, fingers dimpling the flesh of your ass and slamming you back against the door with a thud.
“Steve,” you whimpered against his lips, hands carding into the hair at the back of his head. “We can’t.”
Gasping as he rutted his hips against you shamelessly, brushing your already sensitive clit. Fisting a hand in the long locks of hair you pulled his head back, exposing his throat. Steve moaned, blue eyes flying open as you snarled down at him, “I’m not playing anymore Steve.”
A smirk pulled at his kiss swollen lips, “Who’s playing?” 
His hands forcing your legs higher around his hips, Steve shifted you against the door his hands cupping your breasts, thumbs pressed against your nipples. He began rubbing in a circular motion and your hand let go of its grip on his hair. Your head softly thumped against the door as a groan left your throat. Pressing your chest out for his greedy hands, heels digging into his ass as you pulled him harder against you.
“That’s it, sweetheart,” he cooed, hands kneading your breasts before lifting them and pressing soft kisses against the nipples. “That’s it, give in. You know you want to.”
Your hips had started to grind against him as he held you up against the door, a shiver of pleasure coursing through you as you felt his teeth dimpling your breast. “Steve,” you whined, fingers digging into his shoulders. “Steve, please.”
He hummed, the vibration thrumming through your chest and straight down to your core. “Please what sweetheart?”
“Fuck,” the curse slipped from you as he pulled the neck of your tank top down, fully exposing your breasts to his mouth. A squeal of delight bursting forward as his lips attached to a nipple, tongue lathing against it and making your skin break out in goosebumps.
Any thought of pushing Steve away vanished, your hands pressing him closer against your breast as you felt the cut of his teeth and the scratch of his beard over your sensitive flesh. “Fuck, I need it, Steve! Please,” you begged breathlessly.
“Need what sweet girl,” he rumbled against you, lips leaving your nipple as his fingers teased and twisted. Leaning up he pecked against your panting mouth, “What is it you need from me?”
God, he was gonna make you say it. Why did he have to make you say it?
His hips jerked particularly hard against you, grinding your clit against his cock and your mouth fell open, “Need your cock Steve please.”
“Good girl,” he rumbled against your lips. “Such a good girl for me.”
A wave of euphoria like you’d never felt before coursed through you at the praise. Before you knew it Steve was dropping you onto your bed, shedding his white shirt. Your tanktop joined it on the floor before his hands looped into the waistband of your shorts stripping both them and your underwear from your body.
Your hand brazenly dripped down between your folds, rubbing yourself as Steve stared down at you in what could only be pure awe. Dragging a finger through your mess of curls and between your lower lips, glistening with your slick before marveling, “You’re wetter than I imagined.”
Thrusting a finger into you, Steve pulled an aching cry from your lungs as your legs fell open for him. One then two fingers sliding in and out of your soaking wet core. Hooking against your walls before pulling his hand away. Popping both fingers into his mouth with a moan, “Taste so good sweetheart. Can’t wait to get my mouth on that pussy.”
Hips flexing your hands tugged at your nipples with just the thought of riding Steve’s face. How his beard would scratch against your thighs as his tongue tasted you, moaning between your legs; a fantasy you’d indulged in many times before coming true. A high-pitched whine left you as your hips bucked in the air.
“Not right now though,” he chuckled, sliding back from the bed. His thumbs looping into the band on his sweats as he began to slowly push them down. “Right now I have other plans.”
“Fuuuuuuck,” you groaned as the gray sweats fell to the floor. Steves cock was a sight to see thick with just the right amount of body hair. Your eyes were drawn to the thick vein running down the bottom of his shaft, the head of his cock red and swollen as a bead of precum dripping from the tip. Holy fuck you needed him. 
Your tongue licked at your bottom lip out of instinct and Steve chuckled as he fisted his cock, giving a few heavy pumps as your eyes grew wide with the motion. “You can have a taste later sweetheart,” Steve chuckled as he climbed over you.
Legs falling back open, the head of his cock brushed against your thigh before Steve leaned down for an almost tender kiss. His lips barely meeting yours before his hips rutted against you. Smearing a wet bead of precum along your leg before he rubbed the shaft of his cock against your folds. Bumping your swollen clit and making a whimper fall from your lips.
The breath shuddering from your lungs as you felt the girth of his head pressing against you, barley in, all it would take is a thrust for him to sheath himself into you. God did you want it. 
The muscles in his abdomen twitched as a choked sound left Steve’s throat, “You know what I want to hear sweet girl. Say it again for me.”
Hand resting on his shoulder you slid to his cheek, guiding his fixed gaze up to your eyes as his breathing leveled out. Locking eyes with Steve the softest of moans leaving your lips as he unconsciously pressed in a little more, “Fuck me, Steve. Need your cock in me.”
Holding your hips before sliding around the back of your thigh, Steve began to slowly thrust into you. The breath catching in your lungs as his cock pressed deeper. It felt like you couldn’t breathe until his hips met your own and even then it was a struggle.
Steve started a series of shallow thrusts.
“Doing so good for me,” he whispered, pressing kisses against your panting mouth. “Taking my cock so well, sweetheart.”
Turning your head your lips captured his, hands tangling into his hair and pulling him tight as you whimpered against him. Hips rocking and meeting his thrusts as you begged, “Please Steve,” you whispered against his lips, “Fuck me. I need it. Need you so bad.”
A breathy laugh left him as he pulled back, “Yeah? You want to fuck me, sweet girl?”
Leaning back on his knees Steve lifted you against him, straddling his thighs as your own were spread wide and he slid even deeper into you. His hands guided you up and down his cock, starting a harder pace as you bounced on him. “That’s it darling,” he grunted, “Fuck yourself on my cock, just like that.”
Moaning, your hands dug into his shoulders. Holding on for dear life as you rode against him, your sensitive clit throbbing with every brush against his pelvis and the steady building pace you’d set for yourself.
If he had his way, Steve could watch you all day. His hand going around your neck, just holding as you worked your throbbing pussy over him, a moan bursting from your throat as a flush of pleasure made your eyes droop.
Rolling you back onto the bed and lifting your legs against his shoulders he felt you clench around him, your hips never stopping as you tried to fuck yourself against him again. He chuckled, “Desperate girl.”
Setting a furious pace, Steve grunted as you threw your head back and moaned, fingers digging into his forearms. His thumb rubbing at your abused and swollen clit as you began chanting over and over, “Yes, yes, yes,” the breath gasping from your body, “More Steve, more.”
“Who do you belong to,” Steve growled over you.
“You,” you replied in a breathless moan. “I belong to you, Steve.”
Another cry left you as his thrusts grew sloppy and your own moans more urgent, your fingers dipping down between you to replace his hand on your clit. He slapped your hand away as his own fingers returned, “You gonna cum for me sweetheart,” he growled, watching you nod your head in desperation. Sweat beading on your forehead as your eyes nearly rolled back in your head. “Gonna cum all over my cock like a good girl?”
“Please, please,” you babbled.
A curse left Steve’s lips, “Squeezing me so tight,” he mused, “Beg for it, beg for my cum like the good little slut you are.”
The pressure built in your belly at the desperation in his voice, the command you couldn’t ignore and didn’t want to. “Please,” you chanted out, hips rocking harder against him as his fingers strummed against your clit. “Please cum in me I need it.”
“Need what?”
“Need your cum,” you moaned out, head rolling against the sheets. “Fucking fill me. I wanna be full, please Steve.”
A cry left you as the coil building in you finally snapped, your legs trembling as the tension left every one of your muscles at once. Nails digging into Steve’s forearms as he held your hips, your pussy clenching down around him as a deep moan left him. Cock twitching as he filled you to the brim, a wave of euphoria hitting you as you’d never felt before.
Breathing heavily, Steve let your legs fall down to the mattress as he pulled his cock from you. Fingers pushing his leaking cum back into you as you caught your breath, laying spread eagle on the bed. Steve slid up against you, his chest sweaty as he kissed you tenderly and you basked in it.
Body overwrought with pleasure and relief as your heart thundered in your ears. Closing your eyes you lazily brought your hands up, rolling against Steve’s chest and tucking yourself under his chin. Leaning up you pressed a kiss to the underside of his throat. Legs tangling together as the chill of the room set into your skin.
Steve leaned down kissing you again, his time his tongue slipping between your lips tasting you, and pulling a pleased moan from you. 
“No more games,” he whispered against your lips as he pulled back, sending a shiver down your spine. Your eyes opened briefly, his blue gaze piercing through you. “You’re mine now, and I’m not sharing you with the rest of the world again.”
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saidrolav · 10 hours ago
We know.
Sam Wilson x gn!reader
(bit of Steve Rogers x gn!reader (platonic))
Summary: You're in a secret relationship with Sam and things go out of control when Bucky and Steve find out about it.
Warnings: none! purely fluff! :))
A/n: Hiii everyone! I'm participating at the writing challenge of @sweeterthanthis with my babe Sam, been dying to write for him lately!! Congratulations on your 6K followers!!! Hope you enjoy! #quotemeonit6kchallenge
Prompts: “They don’t know that we know they know we know.” - Friends
Tumblr media
not my gif!
Bucky threw his bag across his appartment that he shared with Steve and made this one jump when he heard the door slam. The blonde frowned and looked at Bucky with concern but before he could say something the brunette spoke first.
"You'll never guess who i saw at the coffee shop." A wide smile took place on Bucky's face which made Steve smile too.
"I don't know, who-" "I SAW Y/N !" Steve frowned with confusion but Bucky once again said something before he could answer. "That's the thing! They told us they were going to the library." "Hum, yeah, but they could've stopped by the coffee shop you know.."
Bucky jumped next to Steve on the couch where he was sitting and his smile was growing wider and wider as much as Stevie was talking. "They weren't alone !" "What ?" "They were with Sam !" Steve's eyes widened before smiling too, realization starting to hit him and Buck only got more excited at the reaction of his friend.
"You think they're dating ?" "Definitly." The brunette looked absolutely confident about what he was saying. "They saw you ?" "No." "How do you know ?" "I know when i'm being watched-Okay anyway, it's the perfect time for pranks !" Buck always liked to make fun of Sam and if Steve could be a part of a prank, he will.
Steve got up from the couch and started walking, with his head in his hands, searching ideas of pranks to do on you and Sam. Pranks sounded appealing, he didn't thought of a second choice, why would he ? Suddenly something popped in his head and he turned around to face Buck with a huge grin plastered on his features.
"So, they don't know that we know ?"
You and Sam weren't dating for so long, maybe 2 or 3 months but it was love at first sight. When Steve had introduced the two of you Sam was speechless by your beauty and it was the first time he didn't know what to say to a charming person to make them blush. Steve and Bucky didn't noticed the chemistry between the two of you but both, you and Sam knew there was something going on inside your stomachs when you were close, and it was intoxicating.
When you were around each other your whole skin felt like burning and your mouth was going dry. Him, he was lost in his thoughts while looking at you and was somehow shy to say dumb things, he didn't wanted to look like an idiot in front of you. His heart was shattering everytime you would laugh and even more if he was the reason of your laugh, he felt like you weren't thinking he was stupid and, it was a relief for him.
So, as soon as the two of you started dating the first thing you started to do was hiding your relationship to everyone. You didn't want anyone to interfere with your relation because it was just, too perfect. You were scared that any little thing would break everything and it was way too soon to tell everyone that the both of you were dating.
The lies started soon towards your two bestfriends Bucky and Steve, and today was like any other day. You said to them that you were going to the library only to met Sam at the coffeeshop and as always he would take your breath away. Even if you were dating for 2 months he was always stunning to you, he greeted you with a hug and a huge smile which you fastly returned.
Your date was going abdolutely perfect like you had imagined. You and Sam talked about everything and he was really funny, as always, he was making you laugh like no-one ever did. It was amazing. After a good thirty minutes and a cup of coffee you frowned a bit when you saw Steve's number appearing on your phone. You apologized to Sam quickly before answering, taking a last sip of your cup.
"Hey y/n! Are you busy right now ?" You frowned even more and gave a quick glance at Sam before answering quickly.
"No, no i'm not, why ?" You waited slowly for the blonde answer while biting your lip, afraid something happened to him.
"Oh cool! Huh," you heard him clear his throat trough the phone, "I was thinking maybe we could go on a date somewhere.. Just the two of us." Your eyes widened suddenly and Sam choked on his coffee. Wow. You clearly weren't expecting that, like, at all, especially in front of Sam. Steve was asking you on a date ? He was like a brother to you, like Bucky, and all of this seemed so weird to you.
"Hum.. Steve i like you a lot but, not in that way, you know.." Your eyes were scanning Sam's face for help but he clearly was under the shock himself and you could see a bit of jealousy in his features.
"Oh! Huh, that's okay, see ya!" Before you could say something else he had already hang up, leaving you alone with Sam and the silence between the two of you. After a couple of minutes in a huge akward silence, Sam talked.
"They know." You furrowed your eyebrows and tilted your head on the side, waiting for him to explain what he meant. "I mean, they know about us! And they're messing with us. Bucky or Steve must have seen us together. Steve wouldn't do that to you, i mean, i hope." A bright smile took place on his lips and soon on yours too, it all made sense.
"So, now that they know we can tell them about us!" You took his hands with excitation but he cocked an eyebrow at you while a mischievous smirk replaced the smile on his lips. "But, they don't know that we know that they know." You frowned even more and at this point your head started to hurt of too much thinking but after you had figured it out, it was your turn to cock an eyebrow at Sam.
"What do you offer ?"
"The messers become the messees !"
On the other side of town, Bucky and Steve were way too happy about their joke that they had ordered pizzas to their victory.
Little did they know that on your side, you and Sam were preparing your revenge. Soon, the laughs of the super soldiers were cut by a phone that was ringing and Steve realized it was his. He took it in his hand and cocked an eyebrow, showing the screen to Bucky and he read quickly your name on it.
Steve answered to your call while frowning. "Y/N is everything okay ?" He took a slice of pizza and shoved it in his mouth fastly.
"Yeah Steve! I kinda changed my mind, i'm fine with going on a date with you!" Steve's eyes widened and he opened his mouth but no sound came out and he went back to reality when Bucky slapped his arm. "O-Oh really ?" "Yeah! I'll pick you up at the appartment in ten minutes be ready!"
Bucky eyes widened and got up from the couch suddenly making movements to tell Steve to stay at the appartment so he could hear how the fake date would go. "Yeah huh, actually, don't pick me up, let's just stay at my place!" He cringed at himself for saying this to you because he clearly had only platonic feelings around you. "Fine! See ya later!" He said a quick goodbye and got up from the couch too looking at Bucky with horror.
"I can't believe Y/N would do that to Sam!" Bucky frowned and Steve too, realization hitting them. "Okay, they know. They're pranking us too. They're not backing down! What do we do ? You're gonna have a date! But... They don’t know that we know they know we know." Bucky cringed too and run his fingers trough his hair while searching for an option. "I don't have time Buck they're coming here in like, 10 minutes!" "Okay i'll be in the bathroom, get ready, if it's getting out of control come to see me." Steve nodded quickly, hating the idea of having to fake a date with you when he clearly didn't want too. In what did he had gotten into ?
You couldn't believe what you were doing, you were on your way to have a date with your bestfriend and your boyfriend was going to listen to the two of you at the door. In what world were you living in ? You were stressed as ever and squeezing Sam's hand harder than you ever did. He was whispering you calming words while playing with your hair all the way to the super soldiers's appartment. When you got here he gave you a quick kiss that gave you butterflies and made your cheeks turn a deep shade of red.
"Hey, i'll be there okay, you're gonna do great, show these grandpas who is the boss." He chuckled and you joined in before knocking to the door, Sam hiding in the staircase quickly after you did so.
The door opened and you were met by the tall blonde you always knew and the weirdness was soon here. You wondered for a brief moment where Bucky was but the silence was soon your main priority. Steve took your coat in full silence and you couldn't imagine how much Sam was going to make fun of you after this fake date. Long minutes passed by and you only made small talk with Steve you guys ate pizzas in silence and everything that was going on was way too weird. How you ended up in this situation ? You had to do something, the silence filling the room was too much, it was overwhelming!
You took a deep breathe and putted down your drink and looked Steve in the eyes. "Steve, the silence is too much. I know you know i date Sam. I don't know how but i know you do so please. Can we just stop that and have a real conversation ? The date, the pranks and all it's all just too strange to me." You chuckled and he let out a loud sigh of satisfaction while a smile took place on his features.
"Oh my god! Thank you, it was Bucky's idea and it felt terrible doing that to you." He rubbed your back while giving you a gentle smirk.
"It felt terrible for me too, i mean for Sam, i've never felt so much love for someone and i was scared of everything that could've happened if i told you and Bucky and... i love him. I couldn't ever do that to him, he's my whole world." You returned his smile and you heard a door opening. You turned your gaze towards the sound and saw Sam standing in the entrance with the biggest grin on his face that you ever seen, you thought on the moment he could cry. He ran towards you and squeezed you harder than ever while you laughed like crazy, Steve joining your laugh fastly.
"I love you so much too! You don't know how good it feels to hear it from the person i love the most in the world and that is even here in my dreams." He winked at you before the two of you laughed. "I mean: I love you cutie." He took your chin between his thumb and index and kissed you like his life depended on it. You slowly closed your eyes and so did he. Butterflies errupted in both of your stomach and your lungs were out of air, you were reciprocally taking both of your breaths away. He putted his arms around your hips and you putted yours on his neck. You could feel him grin in the kiss and you guys kept kissing even when you heard another door opening.
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