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#avengers angst
threshasaurus-writes · 43 minutes ago
Love, Monsters & Mischief
Chapter 11: Double the Trouble
When Doctor Doom abducts Hawkeye and Captain America, it sets off an unstoppable roller coaster of events for the Avengers.
An impostor, unrequited love, power outages, arc reactor mishaps, super villain scheming, Hulk rampages, Deadpool tirades, wedding proposals, and a very unexpected new addition to the family all feature as the heroes do their best to weather the storm of Love, Monsters & Mischief!
(This is The Big One—our Marvel fic from back in the day, now lightly revised and ready for the world to read at last! The finished fic will be 90+ chapters (not a typo), with at least two chapters posted each week. ♥)
Rated Mature, will be at least 475k, Stony, Thorki, Hulkeye, Spideypool, Eventual DevilSpideyPool, Loki & Bruce Banner Friendship, Steve Rogers & Thor Friendship, Implied/Referenced Sex, Magical Mpreg, Pregnant Loki, Fluff and Angst, Domestic Avengers, Plot Twists, Friendship/Love, Emotional Baggage, Slow Burn, Mutual Pining, Feels, Everyone Is Gay, Steve And Tony Are Basically Peter’s Adopted Parents, Genderfluid Loki, Daniel Way Deadpool, Teen Peter Parker, Blood and Injury, Hurt Tony, Hurt Loki, Hurt Clint, Protective Thor, Protective Steve, Arc Reactor Issues, Norse Mythology Loki Lore, Guilty Tony, Guilty Loki, Angst Muffin Peter, Tired Bruce, Supervillains, Polyamory Negotiations, Marriage Proposal, Step-Sibling Incest, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Cuddling & Snuggling, Everyone Needs A Hug, Longfic
Chapter 11 is here on AO3!
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threshasaurus-writes · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Campout Chaos: A Couple of Secrets
Chapter 8: Searching Blind
Secretly engaged Steve and Tony take half of the Avengers on a weekend camping trip, planning to reveal their engagement to the team one person at a time.
The weekend rapidly derails, though, when they find that their sort-of son Peter is camping up the hill with his new boyfriend, nefarious super villain Loki is camping just across the water, and there might be a lake monster on the loose…
New chapters Mondays and Fridays! ♥
Rated Teen, will be at least 30k, Established Secret Stony, Established Secret DevilSpideyPool, Eventual Hulkeye, Eventual Thorki, Clint & Hulk Friendship, Domestic Avengers, Hijinks & Shenanigans, Light Angst, Fluff And Humor, Secret Relationship, Secret Engagement, Mutual Pining Thorki, Snarky Human Disaster Clint Barton, Unscarred Wade Wilson, Teen Peter Parker, Unrequited Love, Steve and Tony Are Peter’s Parental Figures, Peter Is Eighteen, Deadpool Being Deadpool, Tired Grumpy Injured Clint, Thor and Loki In Modern Clothes
Chapter 8 is here on AO3!
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peter-parker-recs · an hour ago
After Peter takes a hit from a rogue sorcerer, Tony's just happy at first that he's alive. But upon waking, it becomes quickly clear that this is NOT their Peter Parker--he starts attacking Tony, and calls Bucky "Dad," much to everyone's confusion. There's got to be a way to figure out what happened to the Peter they know and love, and get him back--before it's too late.
This fic was a super super unique concept, and it’s actually one of the most creative fic ideas I’ve seen, it was definitely a little strange and kinda hurt my poor little irondad heart but the winterdad part of me was very satisfied and everything rights itself so it wasn’t to bad. I’d recommend this fic to anyone who likes a shit ton of angst cause baby it’s filled with it, or who likes alternate universe Peter, Winterdad, or fics with mentions of evil Tony.
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zaram-d · 5 hours ago
Hey guys! 💙 So here is my latest chapter posted of my most requested fanfic “Split My Heart In Two”. Chapter 6 of the requested sequel is out now and it would mean the world if you guys could go check it out 😊 💙 💙 
Chapters: 6/? Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, James “Bucky” Barnes, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Pepper Potts Additional Tags: Tony Stark-centric, Hurt Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov Is a Good Bro, Protective Natasha Romanov, Protective Avengers, Avengers Family, Fluff and Humor, Attempt at Humor, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt, Post-Break Up, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Omega Tony Stark, Alpha Natasha Romanov, Alpha Steve Rogers, Light Angst, Sick Tony Stark Series: Part 2 of Split My Heart In Two Summary:
The sequel to my A/B/O fanfic “Split My Heart In Two And Take Your Side Across The Rift”.
Natasha and the gang are trying to help Tony recover from Steve’s betrayal, but when natural obstacles, like Tony’s heat and the general structure of the team, come into play… Things don’t really seem that simple.
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ronbowie · 15 hours ago
I can’t be the only one who thinks about Howard and Tony went I listen to this part of Welcome To The Internet
Now, look at you! Oh, look at you!
You, you! Unstoppable, watchable
Your time is now, your inside's out, honey, how you grew
And if we stick together, who knows what we'll do?
It was always the plan to put the world in your hand
I’ve always seen Howard as a shitty workaholic/alcoholic dad, but I do think he cared for Tony deep down. In multiple canons he’s very much a father who knows he’s not doing good enough but still believes in Tony continuing his legacy with his genius so he leaves him with tech to keep him safe (like Arsenal from Avengers Assemble, Tony’s robot protector) with clips about how he cares for Tony after he’s dead.
But Howard’s lack of parenting really led Tony down a path of self destruction, constantly trying to out do everyone else like it would prove his worth to his father and the world even after he’s gone.
Could I interest you in everything all of the time?
A bit of everything all of the time
Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime
Anything and everything all of the time
Honestly I feel like Bo Burnham’s Inside Album really screams Tony Stark. It fits with Tony Stark’s conflicts and feelings throughout his story line and life.
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earlgreydream · 18 hours ago
time for us.
| loki x reader | angst | fluff |
anon requested. loki has been working a lot lately and hasn’t really had anytime for the reader and he completely forgets about their anniversary and she doesn’t tell him for a couple of days but then he snaps at her and they have a huge argument
a/n: this doesn’t have any spoilers for the show— just mention that Loki works for the TVA (which isn’t canon at the time of me writing this)
Tumblr media
You loathed Loki’s new job, working for the Time Variance Authority.
Ever since Loki began at the TVA, they’d managed to occupy nearly all of his time and energy, leaving little to none left for you. Your relationship was strong, but only a few weeks of work had put a strain on the two of you.
He’d become more short tempered, and easily agitated. You tried to be patient, but little things seemed to antagonize you, and soon every small thing was becoming huge.
Above all, you hated to fight with Loki. You bottled up your frustration, shoving them down inside of you and keeping them hidden and locked away. Your limited time with Loki was precious, and you didn’t want to poison it with your annoyance. However, it was doing damage that you hadn’t yet comprehended, building a pressurized weapon that was bound to explode.
It took weeks, but the explosion came.
Loki had been so caught up in work that he missed your anniversary. It had escaped his mind entirely, passing like any other day. He was distracted by variants running wild, and the need to please his new boss. He felt responsible for things that were going wrong, and he had put your relationship on the backburner.
You’d been certain he’d take you out during the night, or at least do something to acknowledge the anniversary of your love, but you’d been dead wrong. You waited at home as hours passed, and when his normal arrival time had long passed, the pain in your chest grew until your entire body was throbbing with hurt.
You took your makeup off, along with the pretty dress you wore-- the green one that your husband adored.
Loki had stayed late at work, taking overtime and showing up just before ten. You were so hurt you could hardly speak, but Loki’s mind was too muddled with work to even notice. You were already in bed when he returned home, and he’d kissed your forehead and gone to sleep with less than five words leaving his lips.
You laid awake in bed that night, staring at the wall. You should have told Loki you were angry, said something then and at least gotten it in the open. But you shoved it down with everything else— every other hurt and grievance and annoyance that poisoned you.
“Can you set that down, please?” You asked, four days later. You tried to keep your tone even, but you were impatient. The bite in your words was all you could do to keep from tearing the file from his delicate hands.
Loki was in the kitchen, his face buried in a variant case file. He was supposed to be helping you make dinner, but you were dismissed and cast aside once again as his work outshined you.
“I’m working, Y/N! It’s important. Don’t you want me to get paid so you can have your pretty things?” Loki snapped, shocking you.
“No!” You screamed, slamming the cabinet door shut.
He stared at you, turquoise eyes wide in shock at your outburst. He dropped the file on the counter, a harsh glare adorning his stunning face.
“No, Loki! I don’t fucking care about the pretty things. I don’t even know that I care about YOU!” The words were coming out before you could stop them.
“You don’t care about me?! All I ever do is for you!” Loki met your anger, matching your energy and only fueling the fire of rage that was building in your stomach.
“You’re such a selfish liar! You don’t give a fuck about me, Loki! You’re in a relationship with your bullshit job, you don’t give a damn about me! All of your time and your energy... and fuck, even your kindness goes to the stupid fucking TVA!! There’s nothing left for me, and I don’t want your scraps!” You shoved him back when he took a step toward you.
“I’m selfish? You’re needy and dramatic! You’re a spoiled brat, acting out when not every ounce of my attention is being given to you. What, you’re mad that I didn’t help you make this salad? Grow up, Y/N!” Loki’s hateful words poured out, tasting like acid in his mouth.
“No! I’m mad that you forgot our anniversary and that you haven’t seen how much you’ve hurt me!” Tears burned as they streamed down your face, blurring your vision that was bleeding at the edges.
Loki’s lips parted, and realization suddenly crossed his features. He took a step back, recognizing his anger had spiraled out of control, and that your anger was justified.
“I didn’t mean it… I do care about you, I just want you to care about me.” Your voice broke, and shaky hands went to your mouth, stifling a sob. Guilt swelled in Loki’s chest as he saw you fall apart, unable to bear the weight of your anger.
“I’m sorry. You’re right. I don’t know how I’ve forgotten. Please, my love, forgive me,” Loki’s tone softened, and he knelt down to his knees before you.
He didn’t care about the messy floors ruining his perfect suit, nothing mattered to him then except for you.
“I shouldn’t have gotten so angry, I just miss you,” you were weeping, unable to hold the sobs at bay.
“It’s okay, scream and cry if you need to, but know I love you more than anything and I am terribly, terribly sorry.”
Loki gently pulled you forward, closing his arms around you. His forehead rested against your stomach, and you laid your hands on top of his head.
“I know. I know,” you stammered in shaky breaths. Your fingers trembled as you dragged them through his hair, overwhelmed with every emotion that washed over you all at once.
You got home from work, a couple of days after your fight. You had both apologized, easing the tension over. Loki hadn’t stopped apologizing, even when you promised him it was okay. It had been better since-- you weren’t keeping secrets or harboring anger, and you felt exceedingly better in the aftermath of your fight.
You walked into your master suite, considering a hot bath or a shower after your day. You were lost in your thoughts as you kicked your shoes off, before turning to the bed. A dress was laid out on the end of the bed, glittery heels and jewelry in a box beside it. Loki wasn’t home, but a note was attached, telling you to get dressed and he’d meet you.
You smiled, lifting the black cocktail dress. You changed, fixing your hair and makeup in the mirror. Your day at work had been long, and you didn’t know what Loki had in store for you, but you were excited.
The lock clicked open on the door, signaling the arrival of your husband. You stepped into the foyer to greet him, met with Loki in an all-black suit. A grin spread across his expression as he noticed you, making warmth bloom in your chest.
“You look-” you both started at the same time.
You smiled and tilted your head, letting him speak.
“You look beautiful,” Loki spoke softly before giving you a kiss.
“Thank you. You look sharp. What’s the occasion, what are we doing?”
“I’m so sorry I missed our anniversary. I thought we could celebrate us tonight.”
You broke into a grin, nodding excitedly.
“Yes. Yes, let’s do it.”
“Of course. Let me set my things down,” he kissed your cheek and stepped into your master, cleaning up and dropping his bag.
You were driven to a fancy restaurant, one hand in Loki’s as the other smoothed over the wheel of his black sports car. He dropped the keys with a valet, and you were escorted to a table in the back of the place.
“Wine, Mrs. Laufeyson?”
“Please,” you nodded, and the waiter poured you a glass of sparkling pink moscato.
“I’ve gotten us a suite at the resort in the city. I have a bag packed for you in the car, I thought we could enjoy a weekend away. You deserve it,” Loki brought your hand to his lips, kissing your knuckles.
“You’re spoiling me,” you giggled, sipping your wine.
“As I should be.”
Elaborate French dishes were brought out on gorgeous plates, looking like something from a food blog. It tasted divine, and Loki told you some history about the dish from some time he was living or traveling in Paris. You listened to his animated stories, thinking about how you were so in love with him. 
“Why’re you staring at me like that?” Loki laughed softly, spooning sorbet into your mouth.
“Because I love you. And you’re charming and cute when you get excited,” you confessed with a grin. 
“I love you too. I’m sorry about everything,” he apologized. 
“It’s okay. We’re past it. Time moves forward for us.”
Loki nodded, leaning forward and smearing a kiss over your temple before retrieving your car from the valet.
“To the hotel?” he asked, sliding his hands over your hips and kissing your neck as you waited.
“Okay,” you giggled, squirming in his arms. 
He squeezed your bum, making you gasp before opening the door for you, helping you into the passenger seat. 
When you arrived at the hotel, there was a bouquet of roses on the table, and candles burning around. He kissed the back of your head, setting your bag down for you.
“Let me make this up to you,” his voice was deep as he unzipped your dress.
“Please,” you smiled, turning in his arms and pulling him into a heated kiss. 
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odnanerf · 19 hours ago
hellllooo :) i hope you’re doing good and having a great day 😊 can i request a loki one shot (if you’ll write for him) where loki is forced to live in the tower and the reader is the only one who really accepts him and one of the other team members has a crush on reader but she ends up with loki? or something like that with fluff :) my boy loki needs all the love ❤️
omg anon this gave me such 2012 vibes, when everyone was writing fanfiction about the Avengers based on the 2012 movie!! And truly I LOVED writing it. It gave me nostalgia for the good old days :D Thank you for requesting!!
The Avengers Tower
Word Count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
The Avengers Tower was smack dab in the middle of New York. No one ever missed it, considering the large A highlighting its presence, and it didn’t even cost the city a dime, because it entirely ran off of an arc reactor’s energy.
In a way, it made 100% profit too, because people loved visiting New York just to see superheroes. Yeah, it was all marketing, but with the combination of money spent by tourists and the lack of need for funding, the Avengers were here to stay.
Unfortunately, for Loki, it sickened him to see so many people fawning over his captors, and he only wished he could tell people how wrong they really were. That his brother Thor, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, even Clint, the man he had manipulated, they all sucked massively.
The Avengers were nothing but a fake group of people, advising based on nothing but well-made imagery. Sure, they saved lives, but Loki was in line for a throne, and he knew what people really wanted. People loved being ruled by fear, by the idea that they needed to look up to someone, no matter who it was. It didn’t matter if the fear was of an outside source, or if it was the very ruler they sought, it was still the same concept.
Of course, he could never tell anyone this, because he was here at their very disposal.
Loki never wanted to stay in this stupid tower, but according to Natasha, it was very, very necessary when it came to rehabilitating his image, and that was something he understood. Just like in Asgard, you had to do anything necessary in order to convince people that they were safe in your hands only. In power, there was certainly responsibility, as an annoying Spider-Child kept touting about.
“Primitive aliens.” Loki stared out the window, seeing crowds of people holding signs and merchandise, all embellished with the Avengers insignia. It seemed too pompous for this group.
“I love you, Iron Man!!” One woman screamed, ripping off her top as people around her cheered.
Loki rolled his eyes.
“Wish she said your name?” You appeared out of the blue, causing Loki to stumble and curse as he leaned against the wall.
“Not in the slightest.” He scoffed, drawing himself upward in a completely I’m-not-bothered way. It was always trouble convincing you, though.
“C’mon, Loki. We both know you probably miss your harem from Asgard.” You chided him jokingly, staring down at your fingernails as if it meant nothing to say such a thing.
“I never had a ha-” He coughed, suddenly, seeing your falsely innocent smile. “Not like I’d want adoring women in this world. It would be like talking to a Chitauri.”
“I didn’t realize you thought so lowly of us.” You simpered, walking towards him as he looked away. He didn’t actually mean that about you, and you knew that, but you loved teasing him anyways.
“Not you, Y/n.” He muttered so briefly, he could almost pretend like he didn’t say anything at all, against his better judgement. You were obviously so different to any annoying rabid fan, it almost pained him when thinking of how you were still a Midgardian. It conflicted with his feelings.
“Thanks.” You giggled, watching him try his best to look away.
Average Midgardian, you were not, since you were gifted with the ability of invisibility and phasing through physical reality. It was incredibly useful, but it led to a lot of sneaking around the Tower when you shouldn’t have been. In this way, you were similar to Loki, and you both loved gossiping about the random things you heard SHIELD employees talk about as a result.
You both began to walk away from the window, because it was lunch time, and the very annoying rule within this tower was that all meals must be eaten together. This was enforced by Fury, who laughed as you had complained about it.
“Seriously. You would think I hired a bunch of toddlers to be Avengers.” He had snorted. “You need to build some camaraderie.”
And camaraderie you did build, as you became closer to the Avengers over time. You were the newest addition (you would count Loki, but alas, he wouldn’t let himself be even considered a hero, let alone an Avenger), and they were all rather curious about you.
Steve was the easiest to talk to, because he was good at mentoring and tended to be kind, but you found out one day that he was a lot more stern than he had let on towards you. It was a good trait for a leader to have, to be so strongly rooted in his values, but you wondered why he seemed so soft towards you.
It only became really apparent the more you hung out with Loki. Loki was your closest friend, to the alarm of the other Avengers, but it wasn’t like you cared. He was the only one who understood being able to sneak into the shadows as you did, and he had a hilariously dry sense of humor.
As you walked together into the dining room, Thor raised his eyebrows, watching the two of you come practically attached at the hip.
“Loki. Leave Y/n alone, you do a disservice to her.”
Loki rolled his eyes, but still sat down next to you, ignoring Thor’s wishes entirely. It wasn’t always just Thor who would try to dictate him, he could also feel the general apprehensiveness from the other Avengers. They gave him a look over, as they usually did, and began to talk amongst themselves.
He knew they didn’t want him here, and the only reason why they did was to comply to an order. And it made Loki sick. Once again, he was an outsider to a family, and this one, he truly didn’t want a part of. Asgardian, Frost Giant, villain, it didn’t really matter, because he was still alone.
Of course, you turned towards him, smiling, asking what kind of Midgardian food he wanted to try today, and Loki was foolishly, utterly lost in your features. He didn’t mean for it to go so far, but you were the only sweet one in this clusterfuck of a group, and as a result, he was overly attached to you.
Attachment brought vulnerability which brings weakness, as Loki knew already, but he could not help himself. You were the only friend he had, and if he had to live in this godforsaken tower, he’d much prefer it with your company.
You ended up eating pizza, because to your surprise, Loki had never eaten it before.
“Who else, after being in New York for two months, fails to eat their most infamous dish? None other than Loki.” You snickered, watching him glower over his plate.
“I did not fail.” He swallowed another bite. “I simply took my time sampling all the different dishes offered here.”
“Uh huh.”
“Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
“You clearly don’t believe me.” Loki frowned, and you immediately felt guilty.
“Oh, no. I do believe you! I was just teasing, I swear.” You smiled at him, reassuring him, watching his frown disappear.
“Yes, you are a bit too teasing towards the God of mischief, Y/n. You should watch yourself.” He snapped his fingers, freezing your pizza instantly.
“Just some due punishment.” He chuckled, and you grumbled jokingly. Lucky for you, Thor let a teeny bolt of lightning flutter over your plate, causing the pizza to be reheated.
“Thanks.” You smiled, and he nodded, before going back to whisper with Steve about something. Whatever, two blonde idiots were bound to gossip a lot anyways.
“So, do you have a favourite dish?”
“Pardon?” Loki looked at you again, his green eyes crinkling in the light of his smile. That was what kept you right next to him. In your entire life, no one had ever come close to being so sweet towards you. You never knew why people hated him so much on Asgard, or here, (well you had a good idea, but you understood his reasons), when really, Loki was incredibly endearing.
Not to sound overly cliche, but as an invisible woman, the greatest thing feeling sometimes was truly being seen by someone.
“A favourite dish of New York.”
Loki paused. Sure, he had tried New York bagels, and the various deli meats that accompanied such fare, but if he was honest, his favourite food had to be one that he tried in Chinatown with Bruce. Bruce was being a little nicer that day, offering to show him around, and as a result, he especially loved the American invention of General Tso’s chicken.
He told you as much, and you laughed.
“Wanna go get some some day?” You asked, smiling gently. “I know that um, the Avengers can make it kind of hard for things to feel normal. And you probably don’t want to feel like you’re on house arrest, but at least you can’t really do anything that bad as long as you’re with me. Wait, not if you don’t want to, I don’t want to make it sound like I’m babysitting you.”
“It’s fine, Y/n.” He rolled his eyes, only stopping to smile when you shoved him. “Of course we can do that. Whatever pleases you.”
You giggled at that, knowing that he wanted to go out more than you did, and unbeknownst to your knowledge, both Thor and Steve gave you worrying looks. Thor whispered something to him, and Steve nodded.
Loki was scared.
Okay, he was a god. He had no reason to be as nervous as he was, and he chided himself over being so mortal like in his fears. But nevertheless.
Here he was, sitting on his bed, waiting. His mind was reflecting over the last few weeks.
You had constantly spent time with him, and a lot of the time it was simple things like reading books together, or getting lunch together, or practicing your abilities together. You had pranked Tony more than a few times now, and it was causing his heartstrings to pull, just at the thought of someone who enjoyed impractical jokes as much as he did.
He thought about how you had accidentally giggled, and even though you were invisible, Tony had heard you anyways. He fired a few warning shots, but you phased through the wall with Loki in tow, laughing all the way.
He admired your conviction for going all the way. In fact, it would be very apt and not at all a stretch to say that Loki liked you in a way that would usually invite a royal wedding of a God on Asgard. Of course, in this current situation, he wasn’t sure how advisable it was to say anything.
But now you were about to tell him something, and he was so nervous. He knew it probably had something to do with the fact that he ogled you too much, and you were probably going to leave him behind for real Avenger business, and he would have to become a regular captive man again.
You knocked on the door, and his heart began to race. “Loki?”
“Can I come in?”
“You don’t have to ask, imbecile.” He was speaking rather brashly out of habit, and because he really didn’t want to give off the impression that he had been worrying this entire time, ever since you had texted “I’ll be up in a few to talk.”
You entered his room, which, of course, was color coordinated in the most Loki way possible. Dark green everywhere, including the curtains and the bedspread and the candle on his desk, with gold accenting in the filigree of his headboard and his window sill.
Loki was sitting in a rocking chair, facing the window, admiring the dark clouds of the evening, and you sat next to him, on his bed.
He didn’t turn, and you spoke.
“Steve asked me out today.”
Loki froze instantaneously, knowing that asking out was a synonym for courting in this world, and it was one that he hadn’t realized he desperately never wanted you to talk about. Unless it was with him, of course, but either way, it was something that he couldn’t bring up now.
“That’s wonderful, Y/n.” He did his best to sound appreciative, and not jealous, definitely not envious of the fact that another man had swept you into his arms, and now he was going to pay the price. Loki didn’t want to be lonely in this way, in which he would long to be with you, but have to beat himself up in order to support you.
It was already hell to try and congratulate you, but somehow, the last thing he wanted to do was to get on your bad side. Better a friend than nothing at all, he decided, and if he had been paying attention, he would’ve seen how incredulous your look was from that.
“I’m sure Rogers will treat you most favourably.” He uttered softly, peering out through the window, wondering why he couldn’t be capable of detachment.
“I’m sorry, what?” You shook your head in mild confusion. “You didn’t let me finish, Loki-”
“What, and let myself hear the lascivious details of such an affair? I’d rather spare my ears, thank you.” He turned around and cut you off angrily, speaking from provocation, and he immediately regretted it. He had never actually blown up at you like that before, and now that he was taking in your face, he could see the hurt spreading across your features.
After a beat of silence, he spoke again.
“Sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” Genuine apologies had never come easily to Loki, and this certainly was a fake one. He was only sorry he had made you feel hurt, but he wasn’t sorry for speaking up.
“Well, I do know.” You said softly, touching his hand gently. He turned in surprise, and you stood up to lean against the window sill. Getting a better look at him. “I turned him down, Loki.”
“Oh.” His throat was rather dry now, having spoken up like a completely foolhardy child, easily angered by the smallest things. There was also the idea that you knew what he meant… which meant…?
“Don’t tell me a telepathic God needs it to be spelt out.” You snorted, ruffling his hair, and he turned a sharp red instantly. “I like you, and I know you like me, which is why you blew up two seconds ago.”
“Why did you never mention such a thing before?”
“I am now!” At that, he pushed you, and you fell on your ass. He immediately helped you up, and let you sit in the rocking chair as he stood, crossing his arms. “I never wanted to make you feel uncomfortable, and you already have been with all the crazy Avenger stuff, you know?”
“Oh, on the contrary, Y/n.” He smiled genuinely now. “You’re the only one who’s made me feel accepted here. I would never dream of feeling uncomfortable around you.”
“Well, thank you. The feeling's mutual." You squeezed his hand. "You don't feel accepted, not even by your own brother? I'm sorry.”
“Don't be. We both know that infantile blonde is still wet behind the ears.” He laughed freely, feeling the weight off his chest. “Speaking of blondes… why did you refuse Rogers? He must surely feel rather disappointed now. Not that I mind.”
Loki was a jealous God, and he liked hearing about his competition’s destruction, to feel more glorious and what not. You were never one to refuse badmouthing people with him, even if it made you kind of a gossip.
“He just wasn’t my type, Loki. He’s far too well-meaning for me to ever feel attracted to him.” You clarified.
“I will say he was upset, saying that he felt like we were getting along pretty well,” You leaned in and began to whisper. “But between you and me, I just don’t think he has much experience. I think he might crush on every woman that gives him the time of day.”
Loki snorted at this, placing his hand on your face. “I would tell you you’re absolutely right, based on everything I’ve seen in that man’s mind. But I don’t need to tell someone brilliant that.”
You blushed, and Loki felt pleased at causing such a reaction. He knew in due time, he’d want to do that again and again, anything to make you flustered. Such was the nature of this mischievous man.
He leaned in rather close, and although he was standing, and you were sitting, his mouth hovered over your own.
“What’s your type, anyways?”
“I guess, lithe, black-haired, snarky, cat-like men. The ones who can always stay on equal footing with you when it comes to wit. Does that a ring a bell?” You snickered, and then became silent as he drew himself closer.
“Oh, I think I know exactly who you’re talking about.”
He kissed you, and as he did, he knew he had definitely found his place in this Tower.
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neptunefangirl · a day ago
One night stand...happened twice
• angst, fluff
• reader x Steve Rogers
• you can listen to
Justin Timberlake - mirror,
Melanie C - never be the same again,
leona lewis - better in time
Tumblr media
Just one mission with Natasha. You trusted Your Captain and you trusted Black widow as well. That one time they went too far...
Steve left New York with Nat. Tony booked a hotel room for both of them. Rogers and Romanoff went that night for the banquet because they needed to spy someone for Tony. Banquet was at the hotel’s restaurant so they wore their best suits and went on the party. Sadly they didn’t find what they wanted to, so Nat ordered a glass of wine for her and for Steve. And that was it. He woke up next to her in the morning.
„ What time is it? Oh...“ Natasha asked. The sun was up.
" Well it’s 10:52 Nat. And yeah I agree, oh is a great answer” Steve said quietly. Nas got up quickly when she realized that her head had been on Steve’s chest. He looked confused.
„ What happened, just happened. We were drunk okay?“ Natasha started to get dressed.
„yeah but it was wrong. I have a girlfriend Nat. We were too drunk, Oh God“ he said with a guilt in his voice.
„ Don’t worry cap, This is our new secret “ she blinked.
But Steve adored you too much to treat it like a „secret”
A few days later he was back at Stark’s tower.
„ look who’s here!“ you said and hugged him as tight as you could.
„ hey doll, did you miss me?“ steve asked you.
„ Of course I did! Did u have fun?“ you were trying to mess with him a little.
„ What?! No y/n i swear....“ he started to speak in a weird way. Too weird for you.
„ Sweet Jesus Steve, calm down I know it was a mission. Don’t worry I’m not jealous even though YOU HAD AN AMAZING COMPANY I WAS WITH HULK ON MY LAST MISSION“ You said louder and Tony rolled his eyes and started to laugh.
„ Yeah i heard that y/n!” Tony laughed.
„ okay. I’ll finish making dinner with Pepper. Sit down and wait for something delicious.“ you kissed his cheek and the wave of guilt came back to Steve. He was literally drowning.
„ Gosh, why are you so weird Cap? She’ll find out if you don’t stop. Just act you know... like you. Normal.” Natasha smiled and went to the dinning room.
„ How was the mission?” Bucky noticed Steve alone in a living room where you left him.
„ Good, Good.” He said and hugged Bucky.
„ I guess it wasn’t good. I know you Steve.“ he looked at Steve and he already knew the answer.
„ Maybe we can talk about it later?” Rogers tapped Bucky on the shoulder and went to the dinning room where you were waiting for him with his favorite pasta and wine.
Steve sat next to you, but the fact that Natasha was in front of him wasn’t helpful at all.
„ Are you guys mad at each other or what? You both are more like sibling that enemies. “ you noticed. Steve coughed and Pepper gave them a strange look. You looked at Bucky but he only smiled.
„ No we are not mad at each other“ Nat tried to fix the conversation.
„ then what happened?” Pepper continued a took a sip of wine.
„ I swear nothing happened. We were on a mission and everything is great, right Nat? We are fine“
„ He’s always weird y/n! You must be so in love with him that you haven’t noticed that yet” natasha gave you her perfect smile.
„ Yes I am so in love with Captain!“ you laughed and kissed Steve. He felt horrible.
After the dinner Steve and Nat stayed in the kitchen because they wanted to clean up everything.
„ You are stressed like a kitten on the tree aren’t you?” Nat broke the silence.
„ Are you surprised? I cheated on my girlfriend with my... my best friend! And my girlfriend literally confessed her love for me! I am definitely alright Natasha!”
„ hey bucky can we talk?” You walked in to Bucky’s room. He was reading a book or he just started it.
„ what’s up y/n? How can I help you?” Sweet Bucky. He was always ready to help you. He swore to Steve when you started dating that you will always have a friend in him.
„ Have you talked with Steve? I mean he’s stressed so I thought that maybe he wants to propose to me? I mean omg forgot I said that omg” you felt embarassed.
„ No but i really hope he do this. Actually I can talk to him and don’t worry, you can always talk to me. Even when Steve is annoying as fuck!” He laughed and hugged you.
You went to the living room where Pepper and Wanda were watching a movie.
Bucky went to the kitchen where he found Steve and Nat.... kissing.
„ See?? Now we kissed so you can be worry about the kiss not the night. Kiss is more innocent okay?“ She rolled her eyes and came back to the dishes.
„ What the fuck just happened here? My God, y/n asked me a few minutes ago about your proposal and you’re kissing Natasha here?! Are you out of your mind Rogers?!” Bucky asked.
„ Shut up Bucky! Yes we did something wrong but We have a problem here so...” steve started to explain.
„ We?! What the fuck are you doing“
„ Oh My God, Rogers Shut up! Yeah Bucky We, we have a problem because we were drunk and we had sex so now Rogers is out of his mind!” Nat started to yell as well.
„ You know you fucked up? Both of you.“ Bucky sat down on the chair and he closed his eyes for a moment.
„ I know. I s-swear we were drunk a-after our mission at the hotel. We woke up next to each other and....." Steve once again drank too much so he was crying.
„ And what?” You walked in to the kitchen in the worst possible moment.
„ y/n! Y/n we need to talk.” Steve said. He was scared when he saw you. Bucky turned around. Nat took a sip of wine.
„ No. You need to. You need to explain yourself. Right now. I know you Steve.” You were totally serious.
„ Sam! Sam come here, y/n wants to kill Rogers!” Bucky yelled.
„ darling. I swear it meant nothing! You know that.” He started. You shook your head.
„ you kissed Nat? It was just for a mission? Please tell me I’m right. If i am, then nothing happened. Nat is my friend, you are my man and i trust you with my heart.” You started to cry. You know deep down in Your heart that he did something bad.
„ Yes I did. But....y/n we... we slept together.” He finally said it and came closer to you.
„ Fuck, Steve just say it! You fucked Natasha!” Bucky yelled.
„ and you knew?” You were crying.
„ No i didn’t!” Bucky defended himself.
„ I thought you want to propose me when you cheated on me with my best friend!” You bit your lip.
„ what’s going on here? Morgan fell asleep and you guys are screaming here like possessed people!” Tony walked in to the kitchen. He was very mad. And surprised.
„ Well, Captain America fucked Black Widow. Nothing happened.” Bucky started to explain and you left the kitchen.
Bucky followed after you. You were crying like crazy.
„ Y/n, doll. You’re gonna be okay. You forgive Steve and I’ll be your i don’t know, bride of honor? And you’ll give a birth to wonderful five little Rogers. „ Barnes tried to make you happy and save the bad situation.
„ No Bucky. I will never forgive him. I can’t even look at him” you were crying in his chest.
Steve heard that. Bucky gave him a sad look and he whispered „ you’ll win her back”.
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ishipallthings · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Characters: Steve Rogers, Death (Marvel) Additional Tags: Angst, Post-Avengers: Endgame (Movie), Deal with a Devil, Grief/Mourning, Pining, Memories, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Ambiguous/Open Ending, Implied Relationships Summary:
Steve Rogers is willing to make a deal with Death for Tony Stark’s life.
Death gives him a choice of what price to pay.
Written for Round 21 of Lights Park Ave inspired by this prompt and In My Hands and Gone Again by @nostalgicatsea 💜
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bebx · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Loki (TV 2021), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Loki & Mobius M. Mobius, Loki/Mobius M. Mobius Characters: Loki (Marvel), Mobius M. Mobius Additional Tags: Hurt Loki (Marvel), Loki Needs a Hug (Marvel), Loki Gets a Hug (Marvel), Mobius cares a lot, Mobius is an angel, protective mobius, Self-Harm, Whump, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Hopeful Ending, Injury Recovery, Recovery Summary:
Loki weren't meant to see any of that. Mobius thought he had made sure no one showed that to Loki, not because he cared, no, of course not, he told himself; his not wanting Loki to see his own death had nothing to do with Mobius feeling for the lost God. He just... didn't like broken things.
But the sight of Loki broken nonetheless gave Mobius a nagging, unexplainable type of pain throbbing somewhere in his chest, and he didn't like that.
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andilovetowrite · a day ago
The Spidey Suit
Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Everyone has wanted to try on the iconic suit of Queens’ superhero, but when you have an opportunity to actually do it, you land yourself in a bit of a sticky situation…
Warnings: Suggestiveness, but nothing too bad. A couple of bad words and a ton of flustered Peter.
Word Count: 1.2k
Here is my Masterlist, as well as the request it is based on! Thanks for reading this, and I hope you enjoy it :)
Tumblr media
“Hey Ms Parker”, you exclaimed, walking into Peter’s apartment. May smiled, quickly hugging you as she ruffled your hair.
“It’s May, Y/N. Ms Parker makes me feel old!” she says jokingly as you laugh.
“Well, can’t have that”, you say, laughing along with her. “How are you?”
May shrugs, her eyes getting a far-off look. “Oh, it’s fine...with Peter having Spider duties in the night and work starting late, I have a ton of time on my hand.”
You smile coyly, remembering what Peter told you before he came to pick you up on a date last week. “Oh, so you have enough time for a relationship? With a certain jolly man? Or was it Happy?”
You giggle, watching May’s face turn red, as she waved you off. “Oh shush! It’s nothing. Who told you?”
“Peter did. You should’ve seen his face!”
“Oh no!” May says, groaning. “Happy and I are not in any way dating!”
Sure”, you say, extending the word as you take off your jacket. “Also, speaking of Peter, where is he? Still out?”
May nodded, gesturing to his room. “Yeah, he is, but you can stay as long as you want...he should be back in about 30 minutes anyway.”
You smile, nodding. “Thanks, May. Any plans for the evening?” you ask, looking over your shoulder.
“A dat- Uh, nothing. Just-uh hanging out with friends. Yeah, yep, that's what I’m going to be doing”, she says, and you understand where Peter gets his nervous stuttering from. You stifle a laugh as you nod at her, heading into Peter’s room.
Opening the door, you jumped into his bed, marvelling at how the room was so much more cleaner tonight. After getting the superhero gig with the Avengers, Peter had a ton of new gizmos and tech. Not only was his room always littered with new tech toys from the tower, but it was just usually messy. With college and his Spider-Man duties, there wasn’t a ton of time to pick up dirty clothes from the floor. At least, that’s what he says.
So it was a pleasant surprise when everything was spick and span, well...except for his closet. It was an utter mess, with the door overflowing with jumbled up pieces of clothing. Scrunching your eyebrows, you walked over, eyes widening when a mountain of shirts and jumpers fell out.
“What the hell?”, you muttered, noticing how they were just thrown in. Peter must’ve been in a hurry to find something, but what would it be in his closet-? “Aha”, you said, seeing something hanging off his bed.
The old Spiderman suit. Well...wasn’t really a suit, more like a hoodie made by Peter months ago. You picked up the red hoodie, smiling at the hastily drawn spider logo in the middle. You knew Peter was Spiderman soon after he had started fighting crime...being his best friend and all. But you only saw him when he had the “Mr Stark suit”, so you had never seen Peter in action with his old one.
But looking at it now, you felt a magnetic pull to it. Walking over, you hesitantly picked it up, fingers smoothening over the soft fabric, the tears and cuts, the stains still leftover from fights. Biting your lip, you look around, staring out the window as you brought up the suit to your body, wanting to see how it would look on you.
Having a superhero boyfriend was great since he saved people and all...but it was even better when you saw him in action wearing a skin-tight suit. You weren’t half as strong as Peter, but you desperately wanted to try it on, just to get a feel of what it would be like. Plus, it looked sooooo comfortable, despite the wear and tear of it.
Quickly looking around, and closing the door, you shed your shirt and shorts, pulling on the red and blue garment. “Holy shit”, you whispered, peering at yourself in the mirror. “This is awesome” Turning sideways, you pulled your wrist up, trying to figure out what was pressing into your skin, but as your fingers brushed against a small button, thick white liquid shot out of the compartment.
You gasped as you were pulled through air, landing smack in the middle of Peter’s bed. “Oh no”, you whispered, trying to pull yourself free but failing in doing so. The web. You didn’t realize it was still in there, but now you were in a sticky position. Literally.
May could easily walk through the door and see you in Peter’s old suit, which would thoroughly embarrass you. Or even worse, Peter comes in and sees you fidgeting with his belongings. Although he was the sweetest, most caring person on the planet, he had a strict rule about not letting his personal life interfere with his superhero life. And you might have just bent that rule a little… The best thing was that you just waited it out. This was probably the old web, which dissolves in an hour or so, which would be an awful lot of time, but it was better than anything else.
Sadly, the universe didn’t want to agree with you tonight, because, in less than 20 minutes, you heard the familiar THWAP of the web as Peter came swinging in through the window.
“Karen, I am so exhausted toda- What?”, Peter said, looking shocked at you sprawled across his bed, a familiar blue and red suit loosely covering you.
“Hey Peter”, you said weakly, “I’m really sorry about the sui-”
“You look so hot”, he whispered out loud, blushing bright red at his statement. “I-I mean-um...uh hi Y/N”
All your worries melted away as you saw Peter’s face, your heart squeezing as you stared at his stuttering, pink face. Ridiculously handsome face. “H-hey Pete. I just came in a while back and saw th-this and I just wanted to try it….”, you said, trying to gauge his reaction before continuing. “So I might have worn it, and mistakenly shoot out a web that was still in there, which is a terrible idea by the way!”
Peter laughed as his eyes roamed your body, walking over to get some dissolvent, but stopping halfway. “So, in conclusion, I might have gotten a teensy tiny bit stuck”, you said, smirking lightly. “Care to unravel me?”
Peter scoffed, walking over to you. “First you touch my stuff, and then get yourself in a sticky situation on my bed...and now you expect me to just let you out love?” He came closer to you, whispering hotly in your ear, “I think not Ms Spider, in fact, I’m going to let you be there for the next two hours as it dissolves”
You looked up at him, challenging him. “Two hours huh? Didn’t think it would take that long...I would think Spiderman’s web would come off much quicker”
Peter simply chuckled, “Oh sweetheart, Spiderman’s web won’t come off for a long time...might as well get ready for a long night”
Wow, got kinda spicy at the end...but yeah. This took so long to write, purely because of my lack of motivation, but I hope you enjoyed this! Hopefully, I’ll have another ff out in the next couple of days :) Please send me a message or comment on this post if you want to be added to the taglist.
Taglist: @idkatee @eternalscribblesforthesoul @loudbluepancake @poisondevotion @scram1326 @t-hollanderr @305weasley @starknik22 @marvelfansworld @lou-la-lou @lomlparker @marvelfansworld @wowitsel @vanteguccir @fullcheesecakeengineer @ladykxxx08 @allegras-sunflower @ifyouknewhowmiserylovedme @a–1–1–3 @hayhays
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rorybutnotgilmore · a day ago
i have created a questionnaire so that i can write content that everyone enjoys!! hopefully
it’s very short, so i’d appreciate if you took it so that i can have inspiration to write something as soon as i’m out of school!!
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loveforaugust · a day ago
sour writing activity!
chose a song from sour and an avenger from this list for me to write from! first come first serve
most of these will be times reader. be aware, that with your requests, i may get one that is easier to write for me!
i took out brutal, jealous, jealousy, and hope ur ok because they would be tricky to do breakup wise which is sort of what i’m going for.
message me or send an ask with your request
drivers license
1 step forward, 3 steps back
deja vu
good 4 u
enough for you
favorite crime
avengers i will write for:
steve rogers
bucky barnes
sam wilson
peter parker
loki laufeyson
carol danvers
wanda maximoff
natasha romanoff
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olderthanthemorning · a day ago
champagne (peter parker)
pairing: peter parker x reader
summary: was the bottle of champagne a going away present or a plead to stay?
wc: 1.4k
warnings: alcohol (no drinking but like intention to drink?), one curse word
a/n: hey y'all ! this is based on the song "champagne" from in the heights. i really love the song, it's so beautiful and climactic but also really sad so i tried to turn it into something! as always, please send me stuff like feedback and requests!
your best friend. he was your best friend and now he was going to go work at stark industries, just like you guys always talked about. you were so proud of peter for getting that internship with tony stark, and you knew how excited he was for it, so why did your heart sink whenever you thought about it? childhood best friends did separate things all the time, what was one summer of peter in another city? it's not like it was one of the last summers you guys had together before real life took over. it's not like you had been waiting all year to spend this summer together and had made a list of things to do. it wasn't like that at all. except it was. but regardless of how it was, you had to be the person that supported him, because you knew he would've done the same to you. so there you stood, outside his place with a bottle of cheap champagne you had gotten your cousin to buy for you. you practiced your most genuine small once more and knocked, hearing shuffling inside.
the door swung open to reveal peter, with disheveled hair and a t-shirt that was just a little bit too small. he smiled at you. "is that the science fair t-shirt from freshman year?" he looked down at the ratty shirt, like he forgot he was wearing something that fit him like a tight crop top. "oh yeah..." he chuckled, "you know when you're packing and you can't decide if you should bring something so you try it on to see if you could picture yourself wearing it? i guess i got carried away." you walked past him into his apartment, looking around at your second home. "while it makes your muscles look huge, i'm not sure that will follow an engineering internship's dress code," you turn back to him so you can admire the smile he offered to your joke. you were careful to keep the bottle out of his line of vision, "I brought you something," you wiggled your eyebrows. "got any plans for the rest of the night?"
"just finishing my packing, i have an early morning tomorrow." he pulled his tiny shirt off and reached for another that was sitting on a box.
"come on, be done. it's your last night." you watched as he pulled the new, fitting, t-shirt over his head and down his torso.
"i know, but..."
"peter, please? you owe me one date before you go." he blushed and his eyes widened. peter had always been a bashful kid, you could remember an incident in elementary school when the woman serving them lunch had called him sugar, and he turned as pink as his strawberry milk.
"um yeah, yeah okay."
you revealed the bottle from behind your back, "to officially celebrate you. i thought it'd be very grown up of us. it's a little cheesy in hindsight i guess." you handed it to him.
"no," peter said a little too quickly, "thank you. i'm gonna open it."
"you're going to have so much fun this summer. it's just like we used to dream about, inventing things. and with tony stark? that's huge peter."
he chuckled nervously, "yeah, i'm lucky i was accepted. it will be good experience." he was focused on trying to get the foil off the neck of the bottle that was covered in condensation.
"lucky? don't pretend it was luck that got you that," peter's eyes shot to yours, "it's obvious why stark thought you were special." he looked down at the bottle again, moving slowly as to listen to what you might say next. "you're the smartest kid in our class, and the smartest person i know, which is saying something because i know myself." peter exhaled, and you got the feeling he had been holding that breath in for a few seconds.
"i just can't get this stupid thing open," his hands grabbed at the cork.
"here, let me help," you reached out your hand to take the bottle.
"no i got it, i can do it," his words came out harsh, but not in an angry way, in a desperate way. like he was trying to convince himself and not you.
"hey, it's okay," you placed your hands over his as they finally stilled.
"i'm just scared. what if i let someone down?" you realized how tired peter looked, and you suddenly felt bad for pestering him into plans. "what if i can't do my job well and i disappoint everyone?" you were slightly confused about why peter thought his unpaid internship was so high stakes, but when you saw how anxious you looked you pushed it aside. you pulled the champagne completely from his grasp and placed it on the table. then you returned to him and pulled a chair next to his, putting one arm around one of his shoulders and placing your chin on the other.
"that's not going to happen, peter. i know i said you're the smartest person i know, and you are. but more importantly, you're the most hardworking and passionate person i know. i've never seen you do anything half-assed." you both stayed silent for a few moments and listened to each other breathing, thinking about what to say next. "can i say something selfish?" you ask, your face still close to his, but not facing him.
"don't go."
"what?" he turned towards you, prompting you to pull away from his shoulder and look at him.
"stay here. you could easily find an internship here, especially since you have iron man's recommendation."
"usually you have to work for someone before they write you a recommendation," he says, his brow furrowed in confusion.
"you know what i mean."
"no, i don't."
"i'm trying to say you don't need this crazy far away job yet. plenty of people don't get internships like that for another two years."
"you're working this summer too remember?" you can hear a slight change in tone in peter's voice. it went from ignorant confusion to growing frustration in his confusion.
"please, i'm working in manhattan. i'm living at home, you're moving away. it's our last summer together for god knows how long, and you're leaving." it was true. you also had an internship, but you knew that this wasn't about work, and you thought peter might know that too.
"i can't just quit now, mr. stark is counting on me. i told you." you started to wish you hadn't said anything. not only was peter leaving but now you're last conversation you two was going to be an argument.
"i know but–" he cut you off.
"you told me to take the opportunity, i don't know why you're mad at me!"
"i'm not mad, i just–" this time you stopped yourself. you weren't mad. you were hurt. you were disappointed, in yourself, both for not saying anything earlier, and for saying anything at all. you were sad. you were heartbroken. so you did what you thought might give you some closure. you felt your legs carry you straight in front of peter and you kissed him.
the world felt like it stopped. it wasn't like fireworks like the movies always said. because while it was a first kiss, it was a goodbye kiss. the moment your lips touched his, you knew it was just one more thing for him to take with him when he left. the kiss was practically perfect. peter's arms went around your waist in a gentle but reassuring way. it wasn't hungry or lustful, it was textbook girl-gets-the-guy and they kiss in the rain at the end of the movie. it's like he had been waiting for you to do this. and it was all for nothing. you pulled away, after a beat you opened your eyes and met his, which were searching for an answer. "i'm just too late," you said, you tried to offer a small smile but you felt a lump form in your throat. you turned and walked towards the door. before turning the handle of the knob, you took a deep breath and looked back at him, your best friend. "i'm really proud of you peter," you waited a second and continued, "and i love you." you had both said these words before but now you both knew they meant something different. you closed the door behind you and walked down the hall, thinking about how peter would be saving the world this summer while you would be picking up the pieces to yours.
a/n part 2: ok so honestly i wrote this with a happy ending originally but i hated it so much so i stuck with angst. sorry about it. anyway, happy summer y'all. see you when i see you.
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lovely-uma · a day ago
a/n: i have been wanting to write a bucky x reader fic to this song (burn x traitor). it is a song fic so bare with me as the lyrics will be both in bold and italic. 
angst with no happy ending
cw: language, mentions of partner cheating, slight mentions of sex, implications of sex
word count: 2.1k
Tumblr media
i saved every letter you wrote me from the moment i read them i knew you were mine
Walking into the compound, drenching wet. You had not expected it to be raining when you left so you didn’t take an umbrella. You walked over to the front desk, smiling at the secretary.
“Hey Liz.” you said.
She looked up at you and laughed softly, “Hey y/n. Rain take you by surprise?”
“Oh god you have no idea. I was just walking to that one cafe spot I told you about and the rain just started and i-”
The words got stuck in your throat as you saw Bucky walk by.
you said you were mine i thought you were mine
Clearing your throat you continued, “- well, long story short everything I’m wearing is absolutely drenched.”
Liz let out a small laugh, letting you into the building. Waving her goodbye you walked towards the elevator. You saw the puddles surrounding you and you griminced. Sorry Tony. Once the elevator dinged you looked up and walked into the Avengers compound. Seeing that no one was in the common room you let out a sigh of relief.
do you know what angelica said when we saw your first letter arrive? she said “be careful with that one love, he will do what it takes to survive.”
You stepped off the elevator and started to walk towards your room. You passed by Bucky’s room and you stopped in your tracks. You stared at the door for a while before shaking your head and continuing towards your room. Once you arrived, you took off your shoes and placed them next to the door. Stepping onto the floor, you felt how wet your socks were. Gross. You took those off as well before walking into your bathroom, you turned on the shower and started to undress.
As you showered you thought back towards your relationship with Bucky. When you realized what was happening you snapped out of your thoughts and let out an annoyed sigh.
“Mr. Stark would like to let you know that today is the team's dinner.” spoke Friday.
“Thank you Friday.”
Finishing your shower you got dressed and walked back into the common room. As you walked you bumped into Bucky. Mumbling out a small sorry, you hurried. Walking in, you made note of where everyone was sitting. You made sure to sit at the corner next to Natasha. You grabbed some food and started to eat. Joining in some conversion here and there. Your heart dropped when you heard what Sam said.
“So Buck, who was that girl who left your room earlier?”
You looked up from your plate and looked at Bucky. His eyes finding yours.
brown guilty eyes and little white lies yeah i played dumb but i always knew
“Just a hookup.” he replied with a shrug.
that you talked to her, maybe did even worse i kept quite so i could keep you
You looked away and tried blinking the tears away. Shaking your head you got up and walked towards the fridge getting out orange juice before reaching for a cup. You filled your cup and stared at it, hearing the conversions before walking back to your seat. Eating your food, you tooned the team out and stayed quite the rest of the dinner.
and ain’t it funny how you ran to her the second that we called it quits
As dinner finished, you walked back to your room with a lame excuse that you were tired. You didn’t bother to turn the light on as you walked in and laid down in your bed. Your mind raced to how the day after the two of you ended it he had someone over.
You were just passing by and you heard the moans coming from his door. Your breath stopped and you swore that you could feel your heart breaking even more. Tears stung at your eyes and you heard Steve calling your name. You quickly wiped your eyes and he gave you a soft smile.
“Did that-” he pointed to Bucky’s room, “wake you as well?”
You decided to nod, not trusting your voice. Steve hummed and walked with you to eat breakfast.
and ain’t it funny how you said you were friends now you sure as hell don’t look like it
you’d talk to her when we were together loved you at your worst but that didn’t matter
As the two of you were walking, both of you saw the girl walking by. You frowned seeing that it was the worker that always flirted with him. You let out a scoff and went back to your breakfast, not wanting to let yourself get sad you decided to just get mad. Two minutes later, Bucky walked in. The two of you stared at each other before you got up and walked to the training room.
Sighing you curled up and turned to your side. Letting the tears fall.
it took you two weeks to go off and date her
“Guess you didn’t cheat,” you said to the air, “but you’re still a traitor.”
You let yourself cry yourself to sleep.
you published the letters she wrote you you told the whole world how you brought this girl into our bed
now you bring her around just to shut me down
You woke up with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose. You were tempted to tell Friday to let the team know you were sick. You could easily play it off with saying that you were walking around with wet, cold clothes. You needed a day where you wouldn’t see Bucky.
“Hey Friday?” you spoke.
You cringed at the sound of your voice.
“Yes y/n?” she replied.
“Will you let the team know that I feel sick and won’t be coming into training today?”
“Yes y/n.”
You laid there for another ten minutes before walking to brush your teeth. As you stared into the mirror you cringed once more, your eyes were red and the surrounding areas as well. Spitting out the toothpaste you finished brushing your teeth and decided to walk to the kitchen. Stepping out of your room you came face to face with a lip swollen Bucky and lip swollen worker. You felt your heart drop and you walked past both of them and continued to walk towards the kitchen. Once your back was turned away from them you let the tears drop and you laughed.
show her off like shes a new trophy and i know if you were true
Not long after Bucky walked into the kitchen. You were eating cereal and looked at him as he stood in front of you.
“Sick?” he asked.
“What. I can’t get sick any more James?” you replied.
Bucky let out a mad sigh, “You’re avoiding me.”
“Yeah and by god I have my reasons too.”
You got up and placed your plate in the sink before turning away.
You continued to walk away and he grabbed you by your wrist.
“One, give me one reason.”
“I don't have to tell you anything James,” you were annoyed. “Let go of me.”
“Fine! There is no way you could fall in love with someone that quickly! Now let me go!”
You pulled your wrist away and walked away from him, leaving him stunned at your words.
ain't it funny all the twisted games? all the questions you used to avoid
You heard the door open and you put your book down. Happy that Bucky was finally home.
“Hi.” you whispered. He let out a hum in response before undressing himself.
“Where were you love?” you asked.
“Doesn't matter.” he replied before laying down.
ain’t it funny? remember i brought her up and you told me I was paranoid
As the two of you left the building you leaned towards Bucky. Holding his hand.
“I don’t like her.” you told him.
He looked down at you.
“Doll, she’s just being friendly,” he replied.
“Mmm no. That’s not friendly. That's ‘I want to get in your pants’ friendly.”
Bucky chuckled before kissing your forehead, “you’re just being paranoid. Now come on, theres this cafe I think you’d like.”
and you are paranoid in every paragraph how they perceive you you, you, you
i'm erasing myself from the narrative let future historians wonder how Eliza reacted when you broke her heart you have torn it all apart, i'm watching it burn
You hummed softly as you picked up your book to read it. You let Friday know to tell the team you wanted to be alone. You let yourself feel the book and get caught up in it.
“y/n,” spoke Friday, “Captain Rogers wants you to come down to eat dinner.”
You frowned, thinking. You really didn’t want to look at Bucky.
“He is approaching your room as well y/n.”
You groaned as you heard a knock and Steve’s voice.
“y/n,” he said. “Sam cooked your favorite.” “Fine, let me get up.” you replied.
you'd talk to her when we were together loved you at your worst but that didn't matter
You closed the door to your room as you walked with Steve to the kitchen. He let you know that it was an impromptu team dinner, at that you frowned, and that you would be sitting next to him because everyone was already sitting next to someone else. You hummed, acknowledging that you heard him. As you sat down next to him and Sam handed you your plate, you smiled. You were talking with the team and laughing at the jokes. You didn’t even look at Bucky or turned towards him.
At the end of dinner, you helped Sam clean up. The team was watching another movie and you hummed softly to a song stuck in your head. You didn’t notice Bucky walking in. Once the two of you finished, you turned and jumped once you saw Bucky. Sam made a joke and you laughed before walking past him. You sat down on the floor next to Sam.
it took you two weeks to go off and date her guess you didn't cheat but you're still a traitor
You weren’t sure what happened. All you knew was that Bucky was mad. He had told you something, telling you to mind your business and you snapped. This caused you to yell at him and for him to yell back.
“Oh fuck off James!” you yelled.
“Gladly!” he replied, “but not until you no longer butt in!”
“Butt in?!”
You laughed, you were mad. You were standing, you weren’t sure when that happened.
“You keep making my girlfriend uncomfortable!”
Your heart dropped, “girlfriend?”
He nodded, “yeah. My girlfriend.”
You shook your head, you were laughing. You felt the tears in your eyes and were certain that the team could see it. Bucky continued to speak but all you could do is remember what happened with the two of you.
“So you can announce to the team you’re dating.. Her,” you interrupted. “But wanted to keep.. us a secret?”
“No, I get it James. I want good enough for you.”
“y/n no that isnt-”
You felt the tears fall, “was that it?”
You looked at him. He froze.
“God I wish that you had thought this through, before I went and fell in love with you!”
The team looked at you, you didn’t like that you were the center of attention but you were pissed.
“When she's sleeping in the bed we'd made, don't you dare forget about the way, you betrayed me.”
“y/n.. please I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt like that. God doll.. I’m so sorry.” he spoke walking towards you.
“You forfeit all rights to my heart!” you shouted.
Bucky stopped in his steps and pressed his lips together.
you forfeit the place in our bed you’ll sleep in your office instead
“But you’re still.. you’re still a traitor.”
with only the memories of when you were mine (yeah, you’re still a traitor)
The tears kept falling down your face, chest heaving. You closed your eyes, shutting them tight. Trying to call yourself down. When you opened them again, you saw Bucky’s face pained.
“I hope that you.. burn.” you said before leaving the common room.
Bucky stayed frozen, realizing he had lost you forever.
god i wish that you had thought this through
He watched you disappear to your room and turned back to the team, shaking his head. He waited till he heard your door close and walked to his. He lost you, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to get you back.
before i went and fell in love with you.
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peter-parker-recs · 2 days ago
After the events of Infinity War, the team get back together to figure out what to do, but though they agreed to put their differences aside for now, tensions are still running high. Everyone is dealing with the aftermath of the Snap, and Tony is taking the loss of his Kid especially hard. Through watching pictures and videos of Tony's life without them, the Avengers will come to realise what everyone else already knew. That Tony will do everything possible to get back His kid. His Universe.
This fic is probably one of my favorite Endgame fix-its and it’s not nearly as angsty as it sounds. It was written before Endgame came out but it’s pretty accurate considering, it does have the souls stone realm thing but that’s one of my favorite tropes anyways, it also has Peter befriending all of the snap and features Peter calling Tony dad and Rhodey is Uncle Rhodey. I’d recommend this fic if you like fix-it, everyone falling in love with Peter because it’s impossible not to, soul realm, Irondad, Peter being super smart and super powerful, or everyone being super overprotective of Peter fics.
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donaweasley · 2 days ago
Midnight Street
Tumblr media
Type: Series
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Angst (unrequited love), Fluff, maybe a slight hint at NSFW in a later chapter (not sure), and a Happy Ending!! :)
Note: Y/N = Your Name (as you already know, my dear reader!)
Let’s imagine that Loki didn’t escape with the Tesseract, and hence didn’t get trapped in the TVA. So, when Hulk snapped, the God of Mischief returned along with all the others on board the Sakaarian spaceship that he had so valiantly stolen to rescue the Asgardians.
Now, on Earth, he did receive shelter in the Avengers compound (well, Thor tried his best to convince them that he was a good person) but how could anyone trust the alien who had once tried to destroy their city and rule their planet?
While Loki tries to adjust to his new situation, he notices the misery of another fellow Avenger - a (comparatively) new recruit who specialized in hand-to-hand combat and mind games - who was pining for someone else in the team.
The story has been written with glimpses from the present and from the past woven together. Afterall, we all know where the story is headed, so why try to create suspense? ;)
P.S.: I’m a sucker for happy endings! So, no character died in my AU. Okay? (Except Thanos and his army of scumbags.)
Happy reading!! :)
P.P.S.: The name of the series is based on a phrase that I love, from the song This Year's Love by David Gray.
Part 01: The Way You Look at Him
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imhereforbvcky · 2 days ago
Watch Me Run - Part 16
Summary: You inherit a family relic that gives you the gift of foresight but there are others who are interested for more nefarious reasons. You turn to the Avengers for help. (Bucky x reader)
Chapter: You and Bucky pass the time together while the other Avengers try to get more information about the purpose of Loki's unexpected return to Earth.
Word Count: 3663
Tumblr media
“So why do I need to talk to Gandalf if they’ve got Loki in custody?” You asked, far too casually, eyes resolutely fixed on your hands. It was a system you had of avoiding difficult conversations: burying them amid distractions and jokes. Just now you were deciding what to discard and whether Bucky was good enough at math to be counting cards. He probably was. Handsome, clever bastard.
Bucky sighed out a surge of frustration. With the conversation or the cards, you’d never have to know and that was the beauty of your system.
“Tony said they’ve got him locked down but he’s… difficult. Deceptive with a history of escaping,” Bucky explained, trying to be honest and not frightening. Not his strong suit. “Not just from Avengers’ custody. From Asgard, too. Natasha’s had success interrogating him once before, though.”
“Of course,” you chuckled. “She’s terrifying. I’d tell her everything.”
“We’re waiting for Strange’s parcel and they’re trying to figure out Loki’s end game and a way to contain him. Maybe contact his brother, I don’t know.”
“Thor. Who he escaped from before,” you surmised. Bucky shrugged. “So will I ever be safe?”
“I know this is hard,” he looked down at your hands,, wanted to hold them,, pull you to his chest and whisper comfort against your skin. Instead he lowered his voice, a whisper like a blade on ice. “But I’ll keep you safe. You’re my mission.”
“Right. I know that,” you shook your head, wishing you could shake the disappointment of being relegated to a mission objective when you’d begun to feel drawn by something stronger. And thus your method of jokes and distraction resurfaced. “We’re safe until there is a gin rummy murder tonight, because I’m 86.2% sure you’re cheating over there, Barnes.”
Bucky watched you over the top of his cards, grey eyes as guarded as the steel hull of a warship. It took a long time and your unyielding grin to soften the walls. The man was Fort Knox, after all, and it had been a mistake to challenge him. Even to save your dignity.
He wasn’t a spy, he was an assassin, and a good one. His training had taught him to take in every advantage, every opportunity, to read people, and predict. Bucky had always been good at cards. The math came easy to him. But now that he was himself and the soldier? He rarely lost a hand.
The softest chuckle rose through him like a flutter of hummingbird wings. It accompanied his easy grin that steadily grew as you fiddled with your cards from across the table. “Don’t need to cheat,” he said while you kept chewing on the edge of your thumbnail before picking at one of the cards. It was a tell – your tell – and Bucky had picked up on it by the second hand. You hadn’t won a game since.
Your eyes kept flicking up to his. He found a smile there most days now, even amid all the danger. Even in the uncertainty he found something bright and warm with you. It licked a flame up his spine every time. Sometimes he let himself succumb to it, become drowsy and content in the warmth of your smiles. Other times he shook his head and looked at his feet, or in this case his cards, wondering how in the hell life had lead him here and if it would ever stop taking such strange turns.
“Would you discard, already?” he asked sounding irritated, but he was grinning widely, eyes dancing over your face.
 “Don’t rush me!” you scolded, finally drawing the same card you’d been fiddling with for the last two minutes.
He huffed, but somewhere along the way it had lost all its power. The sound, once again, rippled out of him like an airy chuckle and the grin grew wider.
He thought you must really be enjoying this because your motion to drop the card was excruciatingly slow. The ace taunted him now, one long drawn out invitation for trouble. As were you.
 Finally, he’d had enough and snatched the card from your fingers.
“Hey!” you yelped.
“Gin,” he replied with a smug little lift of his eyebrow.
He laid his cards on the table and then reached for the Twinkie beside the deck.
“Not fair! What if I changed my mind on that discard! You cheated!”
“Come on,” he laughed you off, leaning back into the couch and fighting with the plastic wrap on the golden yellow snack. “You were just being a pain in the ass. As usual. And you lost. As usual.”
“You’re not a very gracious winner.”
He shrugged, simultaneously darting an eyebrow before taking a monstrously large bite of the Twinkie. “’Least I’m a winner,” he mumbled through his mouthful, smiling wide as he chewed. His eyes danced over the grin on your face and the fire in your eyes. He loved all the shads of you. Cool morning tired, bright afternoon mischief, night ablaze, heated as a hearth.
“You know what?” You rose to your feet and lunged over Bucky and the arm of the couch in one sweeping push, all fire and wrath and joy. “Assholes don’t deserve Twinkies!”
His laughter came easily this time, unreserved and full while you flailed across him unflinching in your quest for the last bite of gas station garbage food. These were the times, Bucky knew, that he was in the most danger. When he forgot to worry and forgot the mask of soldier and Avenger, when everything seemed just a breath away from a happy ending. And therefore the most vulnerable. When he curled up to kindness and warmth.
But he couldn’t bring himself to fight it off. Somehow it had become second nature to wrap his arm over your back, to hook his fingers over your waist so you wouldn’t fall. Just as you hadn’t thought twice about leaping over and stealing from a notorious assassin, from your defender.
He hadn’t thought twice about this closeness, not until your clambering knee made a particularly harsh landing, sending him hunching forward, knees jerking up with a groan. Tangled in his arms, extended over the couch, and with his Twinkie in hand, you froze.
“Oh!! Sorry!” you cringed, “Are you okay?”
Bucky grimaced but laughed, as you released his arm and curled, sitting on your feet to wait for his answer with worried hands clapped over your mouth. In your concern, you hadn’t even noticed your legs were tangled half in his lap, leaning over, closer than you’d ever been, eyes dancing over his features, anxious for his answer.
You didn’t notice, but Bucky did.
“’M fine,” he breathed, tight as a bow, unceasingly aware of his arm still wrapped around you. The awareness was like an electric shock, like a livewire running straight across his body. His fingers twitched, momentarily, subconsciously tightening his grip on your waist. His toes danced quietly against the floor, taking all the energy of his racing heart while his brain shouted to keep the fuck still.
Everything was amplified. The warmth of your body, even through your t-shirt, felt like fire against his palm. The soft hush of denim sliding against denim, and the gulp that had Bucky’s throat tightening in anticipation blocked out all other sound.
“’Kay.” Your own voice was just as soft, just as breathless. Your hands fell from your face to his chest because, this close, there was nowhere else and nothing else but him. “That’s good.”
Bucky didn’t take his eyes off of yours, didn’t move a single muscle except to curl his arm between you and bring the last bite of Twinkie to his mouth. In a moment it was gone. He sat beneath your gaze, half glare half laughter, chewing, unblinking, still holding you, holding back both a laugh and the urge to kiss you.
Bucky did laugh then. He wondered if that word, jerk, would ever sound like an insult to him. His eyes were wide when you leaned forward, he could barely think enough to move when your lips met his. His heart thundered against his ribs when you pulled back slightly, looking, waiting for a reaction, for a sign that he wanted this as much as you did.
A fraction of a second was all it took. His arm, lazily curled around your back, turned to a fierce grip the second before he surged forward, taking a second kiss.
He moved with a slow, savoring sort of urgency. Like he was afraid this moment might slip through his fingers if he let go, like you might slip through his fingers.
You were gentle in return, all ease and warmth, sinking your whole body against his, taking comfort from the sure and solid unyielding strength of his body, his presence and attention.
Your open palms slid over his muscled chest, fingertips dancing up the sides of his neck, skin prickling against the light scruff of his jaw. He was all texture: rough edges and sharp lines, with something burning hot at the center that ignited a path right to the core of you.
When he pulled away, breath still tickling across your lips, you chuckled at the sweet smell of vanilla frosting. You’d never been in so much danger, and yet you never wanted to move.
Tumblr media
“You sure you’ve got enough hands in there?” Tony asked. Orange safety glasses tipped down on his nose to meet Steve’s eye. Dancing brown met clear blue for only a moment. Distraction and urgency drove Tony back to the hum of the welding iron. A mistake. A minuscule smirk dashed across Steve’s lips, sharp and wicked. A ghost of the true figure glimmering beneath: Loki.
Tony had already turned back to his project. Sparks reflected like falling stars on his glasses. Molten steel burned orange, almost white, against the frame Tony crafted to house Loki’s sceptre. The ocean blue gem at its center called a vague threat to any who witnessed it.
 “We’ve got it covered,” Steve answered with a tight, confident nod. “Your hands are full anyway.”
Natasha frowned slightly,  barely a tweak at the corners of her mouth. Interrogating Loki seemed to her like an all-hands-on-deck initiative. But no one had asked her. As ever, she would have to keep her cards and her concerns close to the chest. So she leveled wary green eyes on one sauntering Asgardian prize.
Once inside the cold blank room, she took a firm stance at the door. If Loki was a coiling snake, prepared to bite, and if Steve was a boot waiting to drop, Natasha was the blade that would kill. Smooth, sharp lines, swift as an angry swallow, she moved into place and waited. She would make careful cuts at the scales until she found soft underbelly, and the meat of the monster.
Her wary green eyes followed as Steve spun a chair to face her. Loki slithered into it with nothing more to defend him than a smirk. It was plenty.
“Back for another dance, spider? ” he asked coolly.
She shrugged one shoulder, as if she were half-interested instead of wholly engaged in the careful coordinated step of this interrogation. “Worked before. I got what we needed.”
“Hmm. Too little too late, if I recall. The Hulk nearly killed you and a fleet of Shield agents.”
“And yet you’re the one in shackles. Again. No scepter and still no Tesseract.” Steve sat closer but allowed Natasha to guide the questioning.
“Only a matter of time.” The grin that had so far been taunting, like a cat playing with a dead mouse, now turned manic. His eyes glittered with knowledge and his teeth gleamed with avarice.
Natasha marked the change and its cause: time.
“Why do you want to take the stones?” Natasha cut to the chase.
The smirk dimmed from Loki’s face. It soured and twisted to a scowl. Disdain, fear, guilt, anger, each one flashed hot as liquid gold in his eyes. Natasha noted this, too.
 “So no one else can,” he sneered.
“Like who? Us? SHIELD?”
“You,” Loki scoffed. “You are as children – weak, fragile, ignorant of what you possess. You play at war while Titans gather at your gate.”
“That’s not an answer.” Natasha’s eyes were narrow, observant.
Another smirk, knowing and smug. “It is an answer. And you prove me right by failing to recognize it. Release me and the stones, and your planet may be spared his madness. We all may be.”
“The Mad Titan.”
Steve turned to Natasha with a frown and a raised brow. A question. Her lips turned briefly and she gave a decided but minute shake of her head, no. She had no knowledge of this. She hated not knowing, hated surprises. She worked hard to know the whispers of the world. Missing something so big set her on edge.
Similarly, Loki’s frustration grew at the exchange, the ignorance. “You will die! All of you. You haven’t the slightest idea what you are dealing with and it nearly burst through your door years ago in New York!”
“You brought the Chitauri army to New York.” Natasha spoke calmly, but her eyes burned. “We closed the portal. We took your scepter and the Tesseract and you should be in a cell on Asgard. So who is it we should really be worried about here?”
“You still can’t see it,” he laughed, shaking his head at her. “You had all three in your hands and still, you have done nothing! Nothing on your primitive planet will stop him. Not you, Agent. Or your shield, Captain. Not your iron suits or your magician’s cheap tricks. Your world is woefully unprepared to defend the power it holds.”
Steve rose to his feet. “You have no idea what we’re prepared to do to protect th—“
“You cannot even properly wield the stones, much less protect them from what’s coming.”
“What is coming?” Nat asked, calm again, arms crossed, sharp edges, slicing at the armor.
“Decimation.” His eyes locked on hers, unflinching and sure. There was something like a threat to his voice, more akin to a promise but laden with fear. “On a scale you cannot fathom.”
“With a snap of his fingers.”
Natasha’s eyes narrowed on him. More riddles. If his word could be trusted, he gave away much. She wondered, though, what he gained from them in this exchange. No conversation is one-sided. Not even an interrogation.
“Half the universe will cease to exist,” he explained. “Half of all life, gone from your planet, from Asgard, Jotunheim, Nowhere, every corner of the universe. And he’ll call himself a savior. He’ll destroy it all and demand thanks for it.”
“And what? You’re the only one who can stop him?”
A shallow sigh passed Loki's thin lips. He sank back into the seat, and chewed his lip before raising his eyes to her again.
“Do you know, Thanos made a bargain with me before, when I last came to Midgard. He promised me dominion over whatever remained when the Decimation ends. I had just lost Asgard and he exploited my ambition for a throne of my own. I wanted to prove myself when I’d been set aside and cast from my home.” Dark strands swayed as he shook his head, a bitter set to his thin mouth. “My father made war and sacrifice. I am a prince raised by an enemy, a son of conquest and subjugation. I know sacrifice and I won’t cower before it. Thanos knew that. And he will remember it now, when I take the stones he seeks. So to answer your question, Alianovna: yes, I might be the only one capable of doing what must be done.”
Natasha scoffed, leaning back. Every once in a great while, her anger swelled stronger than reason, deeper than her training, and bigger than her pride.
“How are you any different?” She snapped. “How many have you killed to stop him? And how many more?”
He shook his head and that smile again played dark in his bright blue eyes. The kind of smile that made her spine prickle. Like a cat playing with a mouse.
Natasha rarely felt like anything but a predator; feeling like prey made her lash out.
“How many ranks of men will you sacrifice in the fight? How many armies, Captain?” he asked coolly, leaning back in the chair, before turning his attention back to Natasha. “You’re not so foolish as to think your hands clean. Not any of you… Avengers.” He spat the word like a vile poison. “I can stop Thanos because unlike you I can see that blood must spill and I won’t hesitate to do what must be done. There is not a single life on this planet I would not risk to keep those stones out of Thanos’ hands.”
“So that’s your plan?” Steve scowled. “Mow through as many people as you need to until somebody stops you?”
“Until I get what I came for,” Loki corrected. “What’s yours? I don’t think you have one. How will you keep one infinity stone safe? Three?” he scoffed.
Natasha shifted then. The question had plagued her since she walked out of the Kamar-Taj. Knowledge was power but it was also a burden.
She had stayed here too long. Rather than learning, she was giving away her own knowledge now. With every uncomfortable shift, every angrily hissed question, she told him what was most important to her, to the team. Having lost control of the interrogation, she turned to leave.
“It will burn her, you know,” Loki called and she froze, hand on the barely opened door. “It’s said that another stone nearly turned 5 Guardians together to ash. We both know she cannot claim such power alone and untrained. Your entire world is a powder keg and that woman is holding a lit match. Tell me where to find her. I only want the stone. I can keep this planet out of the fight.”
She paused for a long moment, eyes locked on the door handle. Morality and self-preservation ever at war within the abused, the powerful, the just.
“We don’t trade lives.”
Loki sighed. He had not hoped to reason with the Avengers. They were all heart. Thundering, bleeding, sympathetic heart. It would get them killed one day, he expected.
It nearly got Natasha killed this day.
As she pulled the door to leave, Steve stepped behind her. An inhumanly swift hand dove for the gun at her thigh, drew and cocked it in one clean motion. Of course, the focus it took Loki to move faster than the spy at the door meant he could no longer project the image of himself in the chair. The illusion vanished in a shimmer of green and gold. So too, did the illusion he’d been projecting over himself of Captain America.
She spun, wide eyed and slammed the heel of her hand into his wrist, knocking the gun loose just as he dislodged the clip. As the gun went sailing, only one round remained in the chamber. Loki would rather not fire it. It would certainly ruin his game of stealth and accelerate his need of escape before he had gleaned all the information he’d come for.
Natasha rammed her elbow into his throat and he reeled back. She was on him in a moment, thrusting her knee to his chest. He stumbled to the floor while she reached for a tiny metal disk – a widow’s bite. But this time, he was faster.
He’d already conjured a thin black dagger and as she reached for the disk, he thrust the razor thin point through leather, skin and muscle, deep into her side. She gasped when he withdrew it quickly. A punctured a lung by the thin, hissing sound of it.
She tumbled sideways off of him. The silver disk, still in her fingers slammed onto his arm. It sent a ripple of electric agony through his spine, deep into spamming muscle. His entire body seized. A feral growl ripped up his throat, tearing, clawing, biting for control.
Finally he dragged his fingers to the disk as she reached the gun in the far corner of the room. Warm blood dripped off his skin where he tore the disk away. Not nearly as much as what gushed over the fingers she clutched to her side. She raised the gun, and he projected. Four copies of Steve Rogers split across the room, lunging for her. Her eyes danced, trying to pin down the correct one for her single shot.
She chose wrong. The correct mimicry of Steve, the only other corporeal body in the room had waited. He picked up the discarded firearm, now empty. And brought it down with unforgiving force against soft temple.
Loki brushed back a sweep of blonde hair, maintaining the projection. He allowed himself a scowl down at the crumpled form beside him.
He had learned much from this interview, though there was still work to be done here in enemy territory. Speed would be essential now. Two bodies in two rooms where he was meant to be... It wouldn’t be long before the others discovered his trickery.
Still it was worth it. He had learned the Avengers’ limits. They had confirmed they would not, in the end, have the force of will to prevent total Decimation. It was down to him. This, truly, was his purpose.
“I gave you Thanos’ secrets…” he breathed, still catching his breath as he drew to his feet and dragged open the door. “Time to reveal your own.”
He straightened his spine far beyond the lithe curve he usually took. Back to the complete vision of an American soldier.
A perfect mimicry of Steve Rogers strode out of the interrogation room. The door closed with a heavy leaden thud and the electronic whir-click of a lock.
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