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#avengers family
justasociallyawkwardgeek · 10 hours ago
*fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night*
*Everyone rushes in, half asleep*
Stephen: Is everything okay? Tony what are you-
Tony: *holding a lit piece of paper under the fire alarm* Good, now that you’re all here: WHO THE FUCK FINISHED MY CHEESEBURGER?!
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rosieshipper · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Love you tons dad!!!
Tags: @aricka-and-her-fictional-others @astralshipper @recordplayershipping @magicalbunbun @journalofdeath
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justasociallyawkwardgeek · 17 hours ago
Peter: Doctor dad, we need you to sign this permission slip
Tony: I can sign it
Harley: Our teacher said it had to be signed by an adult
Tony: *disgruntled noises*
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elle-mcu · a day ago
Ella lived a pretty average life, she was the third of four kids, lived in the bland American Midwest and liked apple juice. The girl was always a little sharper than other kids her age but she was, to her relief, somewhat in the shadow of her older brothers. Things turned for the worse in 2012, when she was five years old.
Her father was originally from Australia, so the whole six person family decided to go visit their extended family. The trip was nice, the weather was a little warmer than the family was used to but she enjoyed it. The plane ride back wasn’t the most pleasant though. Since Australia is so far from the Chicago airport, they have to stop in Hong Kong. They have a delayed departure from Hong Kong due to a storm, but after the three hour wait they finally board. Ella and her family are near New York when they begin to experience some turbulence. Nothing too bad in the beginning but as they get closer to the famous city it gets worse. Until eventually, the pilot sees something in the distance that he knows they can’t just fly around.
In short, the plane crashes just south of Manhattan. By some miracle, our protagonist floats their way to the Battery, and is escorted by police as part of protocol for situations of aliens attacking the city. She’s shoved into the basement of a bagel place along with many citizens, one with the name of Yua. Ella immediately rushes to her, thinking it’s her own grandmother. From that point forward, she and Yua are the only people the other has. Ella’s family is assumed dead and due to a miscommunication with Yua, her name is now Elle. Most details of that day are long repressed and forgotten, the only thing remaining being the bond between a recently orphaned 5 year old girl, and her new Gran Gran.
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silverxskies · a day ago
ElijahxKlaus Phone call
Having done something which the male had deemed to be more than just ‘pretty awful’ eat away at him, like a parasite. He knew he had to work hard to justify his action, albeit what could be deemed worthy enough to justify what he had allowed to happen. The more demanding the reparations his subconscious required, the worse he knew it would become. Everyone dealt with such things differently, how one feels about a certain thing could be completely different from the next and thus, his guilt was like gasoline within his gut. He felt as though his insides were slowly decaying with the toxicity to the point a simple spark could set it ablaze at any given moment. The fire that was already kindling within him burned so badly he felt like nothing but a shell, an outline of whom he used to be. What felt like a long time in the past, the person he used to be; the calm and collected noble Elijah Mikaelson was no more; the guilt he felt would have travelled down a path which he would refuse to walk and go on pretending he was who he wished to be. Alas, this time he had gone to far into the abyss that he could not be that same man he had tried so hard to be. If he could scrub his mind clean like he scrubbed the blood from his white shirt, perhaps things would be far much manageable. He wished to be himself again, yet just as the saying goes; those that ignore the past and do not learn from their past transgressions are doomed to repeat it, over and over again. His emotions were like a full force hurricane that was untameable despite how hard he tried, the vortex of numbness pulling at him, tempting him to do the worst thing that could ever come to the likes of him. As tempting as it was to jump into the depths of nothingness to turn that switch off. He refused. The buzzing of his phone stopped him in his tracks, dropping the handkerchief that he was using to scrub at the droplets of blood, he pushed his hand into his suit pants pocket and pulled out the device, swiping the answer icon and bringing it to his ear. His unfocused eyes strained ahead of him as he swallowed a lump which had formed in the back of his throat as he heard his brothers voice at the other end of the line. “Elijah. Where are you?” Niklaus’s voice called to him, causing a small sigh to pass through his lips. The voice held the usual tone in which deemed to be the signature manner in which his brother had perfected over his long-life span, and yet Elijah detected a hint of concern in his in voice; due to how his own behaviour had been of late, since the return of his memories. “I had to take care of something.” He mused lightly, his own tone taking on a Stoic and void of emotion; as best to his current ability. Niklaus was of course not fooled by the mask Elijah had been trying so hard to keep, they knew each other like the back of their own hands after all. ” What exactly does that mean, brother?” He asked, the concern creeping into his tone more and more. ” It is bad enough I have to take the position of keeping everyone else in check, Elijah, don’t make me have to keep you in check also.” There was a warning hidden within those words that caused a soft scoff like chuckle to pass the elders lips. “Niklaus, you need not worry about the likes of me. I was simply taken care of, the remainder of Antoinette’s minions. No more, shall they threaten our family.” He mused matter-of-factly, glancing down at the bodies at his feet, swiftly crossing over one corpse that lay limp, bleeding out. “The matter has been taken care of.” He added before hearing an over dramatized sigh from his brother. “Elijah.” Irritation seeped quickly into his voice. “If you had simply asked, I would have been of assistance.” he mused down the phone, Elijah could envision the shaking of his head as he had spoken. ” After all, this is my doing.” Despite the mocking tone he had used, Elijah knew the true meaning behind those words; how Niklaus regretted allowing him to have his memories taken away and how he had visited him in France, causing him to find out secretly who he was; or visited more and discovered what had been going on with that woman. “It wasn’t your fault.” Elijah stated quickly, “Niklaus. It was my choice and thus, it was no one but my own fault.” He explained with reassurance in his voice. “This is my mess to clean up, and I shall do it until I have redeemed myself.” No one else could make this go away, no he had to face his own transgressions head on, without the help of anyone else. “I have to do this, you understand.” ”Elijah.” Niklaus began, only to be cut off. “I must go. I will return to the compound in due time.” He stated before pulling the device from his ear and hanging up the call. The device was placed back into his pocket before he surveyed the surrounding area, the bodies he needed to see to disposing.
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acearoteen · 2 days ago
The rogue avengers are pardoned and allowed back but steve refuses to accept Tony's excuses for not telling him spider-man's identity so he takes it upon himself to find out steve hurts peter pretty bad but the vigilantes of New York don't take kindly to anyone hurting their spider now not only does steve have to deal with Tony's wrath pepper's ire and May's rage he has to deal with the unholy vengeance on every single vigilante of New York City
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Everyone on the Peter Parker Protection Squad to Steve:
Tumblr media
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kinnoth · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i agree with the racoon: avengers endgame was a disgusting character assassination
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0paperairplane0 · 2 days ago
I just had a really weird head canon that Tony definitely has tiktok and would be dared in the comments to make edits of all of the avengers one day so he did it and now his entire page is just avengers edits. Someone requests for him to make a thirst trap of Steve Rogers and he does it which makes the internet go crazy and request for more. He gets requested to make one of Loki being chaotic, of nat being badass, of Thor being an idiot, etc. He actually enjoys it and none of the avengers care because Tony is actually making them look kind of nice and pepper was angry at first but then stopped telling him to stop because it made people like the avengers more.
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galaxythreads · 3 days ago
MCU Phase 1 is written as a series of tragedies:
TW mentions of suicide. 
Hulk 1: Bruce’s attempts to help humanity turn him into the Hulk. 
Iron Man 1: Tony is betrayed by someone close to him and has to kill him. Also, he’s kidnapped, held hostage and it leaves a permeant scar on his body
Thor 1: Loki’s fall to darkness. Thor’s loss of innocence.  
Cap 1: Steve loses his best friend and this drives him to suicide/suicidal tendencies. (There are a dozen ways Steve could have dealt with that plane that didn’t involve him going down with it). 
Iron Man 2: Tony is dying and does the bare minimum to save himself until pushed in that direction. His invention is used to kill people. 
Avengers 1: Loki is driven to madness by his desire for love and acceptance. The Avengers are forced to work together to avenge their dead friend. 
Which is personally why I think so many people find Avengers 1 so deeply connecting. Yeah, it’s not the happiest story, but (sans Loki) it’s all these broken people coming together to realize that they’re not alone in their suffering. 
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starkownsmyuwus · 3 days ago
Tony: why is the bathroom floor covered in water?
Peter: we used a bath bomb
Stephen: why would that splash water out of the tub?
Harley: *holding one of natasha's bombs above the bathtub* everybody, get ready to run
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Stephen: I guess if I had to choose one thing I loved most about Tony, it would be his compassion
Interviewer: That’s lovely, Doctor. What about you, Mr. Stark?
Tony: His ass
Stephen: Can I change my answer?
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disphoriasweater · 3 days ago
Loki Spoilers- close your eyes and scroll down like really fast if you dont want to see them
i really am up late the day before my very important exam bc i just watched Loki ep 2 and i know dads going to throw a fucking fit about the variant loki being played by Sophia Di Martino bc when i told him I was excited about Loki being confirmed Genderfluid he became very upset
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themculibrary · 3 days ago
I am in need of some more domestic fluff avengers family fics (I might if asked before if so I’m really sorry but I’m pretty sure I’ve read like all of them) so I can continue pretending that endgame doesn’t exist and keep an emotional crisis at bay
Hey you can never have too much domestic avengers! hopefully you will like one of these I've managed to find:
child's play (ao3) - spicyjarvis
Summary: spiderman has been missing for one year, two months and five days. clint comes across a homeless kid named peter parker before they find him.
darkness will be rewritten (ao3) - princessironspider
Summary: Peter is Tony's biological child.
Natasha Romanoff has been married to Tony Stark secretly for years.
What would the movies be like if this were the case?
Kids Will Be Kids (ao3) - GoringWriting
Summary: The Avengers have been invited to Asgard to a feast in their honor. Too bad they don't know a feast on Asgard lasts for several days. Days that Loki spends vanishing to places unknown. Will the avengers care enough to find out where their unwanted member is or will Loki manage to keep his kids a secret from them.
maybe we can't be okay (but maybe we'll try anyway) (ao3) - impravidus, notapartytrick for peterstarkss
Summary: The Avengers thought it would be a simple mission. Kill the giant, sixty foot worm monsters, head home and maybe take an hour long shower to get the worm guts off. But when they come across a hidden town in the depths of the forest, the last thing they're expecting to find is a secret underground base and a fourteen year old boy sticking to the ceiling.
The team finds themselves becoming a dysfunctional family to the teen while he learns how to find a life out of captivity.
Featuring dolphins, puzzles, and frosting art.
Provide Me (ao3) - coveredsnow
Summary: Tony wakes up much younger than he's supposed to be, and much less bratty than the team would expect.
Tension headaches, a little heartache, and a lot of learning ensue.
The Great Disney Marathon (ao3) - MisguidedFeelingsofaDreamWeaver30
Summary: The Avengers embark on a mission: The Great Disney Marathon. As they watch, they find themselves comparing their lives to the animated stories onscreen.
Inspired by the many parallels between Marvel and Disney.
Prompts filled: Domestic Avengers, Romanogers, Peter Parker, Tony Stark
- Tori
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starkeraddictbaby · 3 days ago
As a fandom, let us collectively consider this:
Peter has big brown puppy eyes, that’s a fact, and everyone with the exception of Natasha is 100% defenseless against them, that’s another fact. At first, Peter is completely oblivious to this magical power he seems to have— a bat of his pretty eyelashes and everything he wanted is handed to him. It is by coincidence that he comes to the realisation that if he pouts, widens his eyes and bat his lashes, no one is capable of telling him no. After some experiments, simply trying the water and nothing more, he discovers that Tony, Bruce and Clint, who has children near his age, are always the first to crumble— they have no resistance to it whatsoever. Steve, Wanda, Bucky and Rhodey can hold off longer but not by much. The ones to resist his puppy eyes the longest are Vision, who is yet developing and understanding feelings, Sam and Fury. Thor never tells him no even before he discovered his new ability at getting what he wanted. Not only because in comparison the God was thousand of years older and saw him a literar baby, but whatever could have prompt a no (too dangerous, socially unacceptable.....) doesn’t add up to the God’s measures. Natasha, the deadly assassin that she was, like the rest, felt the puppy eyes aim straight to her heart. It was only a matter of pride that she didn’t give in to them as well. After observation and collecting data to understand that he was now basically untouchable, the fun comes in. He’s not greedy, no, or selfish or spoiled, it’s none of that. He spent the majority of his life being told no and being deprived of things, it was nice being told yes and given what he wanted. Now, he would bat his eyelashes at Bucky and say “Mr. Bucky, can I examine your arm, please?” and buck would sit the entire day in the lab letting him poke and tinker with his vibranium arm. “Dr. Banner, the formula is not working!” he’ll pout and Bruce would come running to figure it out. “Mr. Wilson, Falcon, Sir! Can I study your wings, please? They’re so cool!” after getting the mandatory hell nah, Sam hands it to him. “Mr. Stark my phone screen cracked again!” matched with teary puppy eyes and a new phone is handed to him. Getting ready for a mission, Tony insists he doesn’t come with them but Peter turns to Steve and bats his eyelashes and pouts and Steve would take Tony to the side to convince him to let Peter come and when Tony still says no, he’d call forth some tears and look at Bucky helplessly and go “Sargent Barnes!” and the soldier will promise to shadow Peter the entire mission just so he could come. All the while Natasha watches from the outside feeling damn proud of him for utilizing all his assets.
This is canon, I don’t care, fight me on it. Better yet, someone write something that goes with it— this Peter is dangerous!
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nuk-terrible · 3 days ago
People acting like Bellamy wasn’t loved enough at the end, as if he didn’t betray all his friends, turn in Clarke and Raven to get tortured, and then said he’d let all his friends die if it came to it... maybe he didn’t love them enough
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Tony: *sleeping*
Peter: *wakes him up* Hey so um I may or may not have drank three bottles of shampoo for a dare Harley gave me, and I was wondering if you could help
Stephen: *sitting up next to Tony* What the f-
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surviable · 4 days ago
jill's main canon is easily transferable into marvel, where she would be a sort of winter soldier type so now i need stuff with her & bucky etc.
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darthbloodorange · 5 days ago
The Question
Rating: Pg Characters: Steve Rogers, James “Rhodey” Rhodes Pairings: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe Warnings: None Major Tags: Fluff, Avengers Compound, Avengers Family, Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts, Happy AU, Drabble
Summery: Steve comes to Rhodey with great news.
For the Steve|Tony|Bucky Bingo prompt “James Rhodes” [B4] (Link to Card)
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
Steve knocks on Rhodey door, a bright grin on his face.
“Come in,” he hears through the door.
Steve enters, finding Rhodey in his living room looking over documents.
“Steve,” Rhodey greets. The man’s smile brightens as he takes in the look on Steve’s face. “I take it Bucky finally asked you?”
Steve nods.
“Happiness is a good look on you, Steve,” Rhodey says, “Congratulations.”
“I, uhh… I was wondering,” He says. “If would like to do us the honour of officiating our wedding?”
Rhodey’s smile grows even brighter. Getting up from the couch, he pulls Steve into a hug.
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