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#bucky barnes x female reader
marvelmenhoe · 5 minutes ago
I’m free Mr.Stan all u gotta do is ring me up and I’m there.
Tumblr media
⚠️not my gif⚠️
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whoreforbuckybarnes · 2 hours ago
"You like it, huh?"
pairing: Avenger!Bucky x fem!innocent!reader
summary: Bucky is returning home after a long mission and he decides to prepare you for when he's back
theme: smut
warnings: poorly written smut, but I'll get better lmao 18+ MINORS DNI Bucky is in charge of you, orders, praise kink because I'm a whore(forbuckybarnes), daddy kink, f! and m! masturbation, dirty talk
word count: 1531
a/n: I hope you like it!! Likes and reblogs are more than welcome, asks and messages are open for anything <3
Tumblr media
The moment you've waited for the entire day has come. Finally you and Bucky can see each other after a long time, even if it's from a screen.
Bucky had to fly away from you for a mission with the Avengers and hasn't called you since. He texted everyday, letting you know he was safe and everything was going alright. But when he said that they were coming home, you were the most excited person in the entire world.
He texted you to be ready at around 9 PM, because at that time he would be on the quinjet, flying home.
You're wearing his shirt, the one he gave you when he left. Underneath, your breast is hanging freely and your legs are uncovered, just your panties hiding your private parts.
You open your laptop, put it on your desk and wait for it to ring. Your bed is positioned in front of the desk, so you decide to sit cross-legged on it. The t-shirt is long enough to cover your thighs.
You sip from the water battle and you almost choke on it as you hear the classic FaceTime ringtone. You try to look good as much as possible before you press the green button.
Bucky's blue eyes appear on the screen. His smile lights up his face. "Hi, doll," he says, waving with his hand.
"Hi, Buck," you wave back. Your eyes start to water for the joy of finally seeing him after weeks.
"How was the mission?" you ask him trying to make conversation. There's so much to talk about so this could be a nice ice breaker.
"Always the same: kicking some bad guys, saving people, finding clues and being a hero."
They actually couldn't say anything about the mission, they were top secret, especially for you being a civilian.
You smile at him and his joke. "I miss you so much," you admit to him, as if you hadn’t told him so many times by text.
"I miss you too, babe," he replies, looking around if there's someone listening to him.
"Everything's okay?" you ask worried about his behaviour. He doesn't answer, but instead he gets up and closes the door of his room.
When he finally sits down, he starts to watch you rubbing his chin. "You're wearing my t-shirt," he notices.
You look down. The long, grey shirt, with a Nirvana logo printed on, still has his perfume. He doesn't know how many times you slept with it since he's gone. The scent of mint and tabacco would deceive your mind, making you think that he was there next to you.
"Yeah, it is," you speak still looking at it. Finally you land your eyes on him and you notice that his look is different. It's more mischievous now and he has a smirk on his face.
"What about it? You don’t like it on me?" Your lower lip trembles and your big eyes look sad.
"No, baby girl, I don't like it at all. In fact I want you to take it off," Bucky replies. He's still rubbing his chin, but this time he's sprawled in his chair.
You do as he commands and take off your (his) shirt. Your chest is completely naked and, at the sight of it, Bucky straighten and takes an hand on his crotch.
"You did it on purpose, didn't you?" Bucky speaks in a rough voice. His eyes wander all over your body, as far as he can see from the screen.
"What did I do, Boo?" you say, playing innocent.
He sighs. "What must you call me in these situations?" His voice is getting deeper and deeper and, as you hear it, you immediately feel a pressure on your lower belly.
"Daddy," you answer quietly. Your eyes are low on your knees, while you torture your fingers.
"I didn't hear you," Bucky firmly states. His hand is moving on his crotch still covered by his sweatpants.
The arousal on the lower half of your body increases as you speak again. "Daddy," you say louder.
"That's my girl," you hear him talk. "Now, put your hand on that little nipple of yours," he orders and you obey.
Your hand is running from your stomach to your breast, your fingers squeeze and pull your nipple. Your head falls backwards for the excitement.
"You like it, huh? Just imagine those are my hands and run them all over your body," he tells you directly what to do.
Your eyes close immediately and your hands start to caress all your exposed skin. Just the thought of his hands on you is turning you on. You feel your core throbbing, in need of attention. But you know you can't take initiative.
But you can beg.
"Daddy, please," you say with a trembling voice. He just knows your pussy is already wet, but he wants to take it slow.
You hear him unbutton his pants and lower them on the knees. He still has his boxer on, but you can clearly see his boner begging for being released.
Bucky's is massaging his cock over the fabric as he speaks. "Let's take it slow, alright doll? You know I missed you so much, we can't rush things, right?"
You nod in response and he continues to talk. "Now, I want you to take your little fingers and suck them, can you do that princess?"
You obey immediately. Your slender fingers enter your mouth and you start to suck them up. They're getting soaking wet just as much as you cunt.
"Yes, just like that, good job," Bucky is still massaging his dick as he watches you carefully. "Imagine that you're sucking my big, hard cock.
You like that, don't you? Of course you do."
He finally decides to pull out his hard-on and starts to jerk off as he watches you.
"Where do you want my cock?" he asks you, panting as he moves his hand quickly on his boner.
You mutter, still with your fingers in your mouth. Your other hand wanders on your body exactly where you want his.
"Answer me," he orders in a steady and harsh voice.
"In my pussy," you admit, taking your fingers out of your mouth and then put them back immediately. You want him to screw you so bad.
"In your little pussy, that's right," he says. He's sprawled on his chair again.
"Now be good and spread your legs for me."
Your eyes lights up when you comply to him. You open your legs and your wet pussy is almost dripping.
"Take your panties off," he says and you obey without complaining.
"You look so fucking hot right now," he admits, accelerating his hand on him.
"Daddy," you try to talk, but your voice trembles. The arousal and your throbbing clit are begging for attention. And you want it too.
"May I touch myself?" you ask permission to Bucky, because he's in charge of you. He’s the one who has to tell you what to do.
"You want to finger you? Then do it," he gives you his consent. And your hand fly down on you and land on you clit, finally.
Your pussy is already dripping wet when you start touching yourself. Your head falls backwards as the arousal assails you and focuses on your lower belly.
"There you go, sweetling, just like that," Bucky praises you with his not so steady voice anymore. He's moaning as his hand moves faster on his cock.
"Put in your fingers for me, now. Imagine they're my dick and fuck yourself."
You immediately stick two fingers in you. Your walls clench at the contact and it gives you shivers down your spine.
You close your eyes and you picture Bucky on top of you, banging you 'till everyone would know his name.
"You're doing an amazing job. I can't wait to screw the fuck out of you when I'm back."
Bucky's words make you accelerate. You whine his name in the desperate need of him. You feel near the orgasm and he's the only one that can make you do it.
Also Bucky is moaning as he wanks off watching you. "I want to hear you moan, you know I love the way you moan."
Your fingers move in and out easily and quickly. You really try to imagine Bucky as he fucks you and that is increasing your arousal. The pressure on you cunt demands to be released.
"Daddy, please, — you whine — I'm gonna come." You part your lips, moaning horribly loud, as he likes it.
"Come with me princess, look at me." He as well is very near to orgasm.
You look at the screen and he does the same. Your eyes match with his blue orbs and you let him know that you're his, by whining his name out loud.
"Are you ready?" he asks you with a trembling and fatigues voice.
After a few seconds you come undone on your sheets, moaning horribly loud. Looking at your mess and hearing you, he comes too.
The both of you are panting heavily.
He smirks. "I can't wait to taste you again."
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earlgreydream · 3 hours ago
| bucky x reader | angst | fluff |
bucky drabbles 🥺❤️
anon requested. y/n learning she’s pregnant and girly was pretty excited and counting the days until Bucky comes home... only to learn that 40s Bucky is now “dead” after falling off the train
cw: mentions of death (Bucky’s, but like, he obviously didn’t actually die)
Tumblr media
“We’re going to have a little girl, and she’s going to know that her daddy is a soldier and a hero,” you kissed your husband, and his hands rested on your round belly.
“I wish I wasn’t leaving you alone, pregnant.”
“It’s okay, baby. You’re going to fight the good fight,” you smiled, trying not to cry.
“I’ll be home soon.”
“I know.”
present day:
Nothing prepared you for hearing that Bucky died in a train accident. Nothing prepared you for waking up with Steve, decades later, still pregnant. And certainly nothing prepared you for seeing your husband that you thought was dead, killing people on the news. 
Now your daughter, Rebecca, was five, and the two of you lived at Stark’s home in upstate New York. You were a single mom, but Steve was hugely supportive, and around as often as possible. You loved Rebecca with everything inside of you, and it broke your heart that she was growing up without a father.
Seeing the havoc that Bucky wreaked on the news absolutely broke your heart. You wondered if he knew you were alive. It was unlikely, Stark had done a good job of helping you hide. The man who was once your husband was gone, and now you were a potential target of his violence.
“Rebecca, baby, you look so beautiful!” You giggled, braiding flowers into her brown curls. 
“Thanks, mama,” she hugged you before running out to the porch. You followed, and you nearly collapsed when you saw the man walking up your lawn. 
“Rebecca! Come here, love!” You cried, pulling her behind you. Her tiny hands gripped your skirt, hiding in the fabric. Panic shot through your chest, and you felt like you were being torn apart. You wanted to run to James, and risk it being the last thing you ever did, and wanting to run with your daughter.
“Mama, who’s that?!” Rebecca asked, frightened by James in heavy black tactical gear, a metal arm, and an automatic slung over his back. The war criminal, assassin, and international terrorist. 
“Go inside baby, go to your bedroom and shut the door. Go!” You pushed her away and she ran. 
“James...?” You called, your chest heaving as you hyperventilated. 
“Y/N, my love...” he spoke, silver eyes full of pain. He looked genuinely frightened, and you nearly screamed as his hand touched yours. 
“No, go inside, Rebecca!” you started to sob, tearing away from Bucky and running to her as she peeked out of the door. You were terrified, and so was she. Bucky’s words had sent you right back to the 1940s, but your daughter’s cry had jerked you back to reality. 
You held the child to your body, standing with your arms around her. Your back was against the wall, and you were shaking as tears rolled down your face. Bucky looked startled, and his eyes were massive as he stared at the two of you. 
“Y/N, I’m not going to hurt you,” James said quietly, and you shook your head violently. 
“I don’t believe you!”
“You know I would never hurt you. I was being controlled and held captive, but I escaped, I’m free. I promise I will not hurt you,” he took the gun off of his back and set it down on the other side of the porch. He dropped to his knees in front of you. 
“Please, can I come inside? SWAT will gun me down if they see me outside.”
“I can’t-”
“Please, Y/N.”
Rebecca was safely asleep in your bedroom with the door shut, and you and James stood in the kitchen. He’d spent hours telling you about Hydra, and everything that had happened. You had his gun, though somehow you doubted if you could stop him, even with it, if he meant to hurt you. 
“I’m so sorry. I’m begging you to believe me.”
“I have to. The alternative... I’d rather die,” you whispered, covering your face with your hands. 
“Is she mine? Rebecca?”
“Rebecca is my baby,” your head jerked up.
James was silent, and you bit your lip, trying to stop the millionth round of tears. 
“I want to believe you, I do, but if you’re lying, it’s not just me. It’s my kid too.”
“You have no reason to trust me, but I promise you I am telling the truth. I want to meet her, Y/N.”
“Sleep on the couch. If we’re all still alive in the morning, I’ll let you meet her. Steve has some normal clothes here you can change into.”
He nodded, and his hand wrapped around your wrist as you went to leave the kitchen. You turned to him, your other hand going to his chest. His dog tags were cold under your fingertips, and you gazed up at him. 
“I’ve loved you this whole time. You’ve kept me alive,” he whispered in the dark.
“I love you, god, I love you more than life,” your voice trembled.
He leaned in and kissed you, hesitant at first. You let yourself kiss him back, tangling your fingers into dark brown hair and kissing the love of your life for the first time in decades. 
You didn’t sleep that night, Rebecca tightly snuggled in your arms. Your eyes were still open when the sun broke over the horizon, hours of tears staining your cheeks. Rebecca stirred in your arms, and you cleaned your face before helping her get up. 
You kissed her head and took her into the living room, carrying her in your arms. You sighed when you saw Bucky was gone but you heard a noise from around the wall. You walked to the kitchen, and saw Bucky well into making pancakes, fresh coffee filling the room with the smell of espresso. 
“I hope it’s alright,” he said quietly, turning off the stove, and you nodded.
“It’s okay,” you answered, carefully setting down your daughter.
“This is Rebecca. My love, this is James. Your father.” 
“Dad? From the pictures? That Uncle Stevie tells me about?” Her small voice asked.
“That’s me. You’re so pretty, Rebecca.” 
Bucky knelt down in front of her, and she blushed, shy around new people. Like her father.
“Do you like pancakes? I made some for you.”
You watched carefully, but you were impressed with how good he was, putting her immediately at ease. You relaxed a bit, even more so when Steve showed up. 
“Uncle Stevie!” Rebecca ran to him when he came in through the door, and he stopped short at the sight of Bucky. You’d warned him, but it didn’t prepare him for the shock of actually seeing him. 
“We have a lot to talk about.” 
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gigglysokkamcu · 6 hours ago
"Aww did I just find a death spot?"
“BUHUCKEEHEE!” You practically screamed through your laughter.
You couldn’t control your flailing limbs as Bucky dug into your underarms, so you ended up kicking him in the stomach by accident.
“w-OAH!” Bucky fell backwards onto his rear-end with a massive grin on his face, “I think I did.”
“Ugh, I hate you soho much,” you tried to bring a scowl to your face but couldn’t bring yourself to it.
“You know you love me,” he smirked at you, causing you to force back a smile and playfully glare at him.
I’m doing the character who I think would go best with the sentence I’m given oof...
Send me the first sentence of a fic and I’ll write the next five!
(If you want a specific fandom that I write for, let me know when you send the sentence!)
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buckyshbic · 7 hours ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Reader Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sarah Wilson (Marvel), Sam Wilson (Marvel), Sam Wilson nephews, General Delacroix population, Original Male Character Daniel, Wanda Maximoff Additional Tags: Bucky Barnes Recovering, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV) Trailers, Eventual Smut, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Reader-Insert, Alternate Universe - Magic, Alpha Bucky Barnes, Beta Sam Wilson, Omega Reader, Magic Reader, Enhanced Reader, Past Abuse Summary:
Following the end of the Flag Smashers, Bucky settles in Delacroix as a local handyman, helping Sam with his new mantle when needed. While living in Delacroix, Bucky meets our Reader, a mysterious and magical omega who lives out in the swampland. What secrets does she hold and will she let Bucky discover them?
Hey kids, I’m writing a new piece finally. If you like A/B/O, southern gothic aesthetics, and reader characters with abilities, give it a read.
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gigglysokkamcu · 7 hours ago
"You better run..."
You were breathlessly giggling as you sprinted through the large hallways of the compound. A very angry Bucky was hot on your tail, and he was drenched in water from head to toe.
It wasn’t long until you had been tackled to the ground and above you were Bucky’s eyes that were filled with revenge.
“Any last words Y/n?” The pool water that soaked Bucky dripped onto your clothes as he gave you a death glare.
Before you could say a word, you were laughing hysterically at the hands of Bucky, who immediately cracked a smile.
Send me the first sentence of a fic and I’ll write the next five!
(If you want a specific fandom that I write for, let me know when you send the sentence!)
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thefanbasewhore · 7 hours ago
Hiiiiiii, I love your writing! Can you do something where Bucky has a bad day and reader just cuddles him? Makes him feel better ?
Summary || Bucky just can't seem to escale his past, reader is always there to comfort him.
Warning/content || PTSD, fluff
Paring || Bucky Barnes x female reader
This is just a Drabble, to see all of mine ‘search Bucky Barnes blurb or see master list :)
Still accepting requests for drabbles/blurbs on any sorts!
Tumblr media
He's visibly shaking - muscles fighting against his attempt at relaxing. From the moment he's come home, he's been everything but himself. Nervously scans each room, pushes you behind him at any out of the ordinary noise. While making dinner he insists to help but only ends up freezing in the middle of the kitchen with glossy eyes.
So instead you directed him to the couch to sit down, kissed his forehead before continuing dinner.
It's heart breaking. Bucky has his demons, things he's not proud of but he can't escape them. Some days are worse then others - memories of fighting of the front lines to his days of being held captive and brainwashed by Hydra. No of this was easy, life wasnt easy.
One moment he's in the grocery store, trying to find those cupcakes you love and before he knows it, he hears gun fire. His chest is pounding, feet aching from the miles and miles of running, throat raw from lack of water and in the middle of a battle field.
Soft hands help him back, cupping his cheek as tears rush and flow with ease. He bites his lip, trying to conceal the small sobs that startle his chest. Just like now, blanklessly staring at the TV as gentle hands urge him back to now, rubbing the crown of his head with a soft coo.
"Bucky - Buck, I'm right here baby, see it's me." Blood shot eyes find your own, wild and filled initial shock, taking in the scene around him - home.
"You with me, baby?" He nods as his bottom lip quivers, eyes never leaving your own. He looks so lost?
"Come here, it's okay." Strong arms find wrap around you before you could even try to move. His head finds your chest, nuzzling his nose against the thin t-shirt with a sniffle.
"I'm sorry, doll."
You kiss the top of his head, finger nails curling against his scalp. "It's not your fault, don't apologize for it."
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purebarnes · 8 hours ago
courage to change— (fem!avenger x bucky!)
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲— when bucky has the idea to go see zemo to see what he knew and if he didn’t, how he could help them figure out who has made the super soldier serum. bucky then wants to break zemo out of jail making sam and y/n skeptical about it all.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭— 2.5k
𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐬— angst, yelling(tad), nothin serious
𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐚 𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐬!— this started out fine but went down so my bad about this chapter.
Tumblr media
the whole situation with zemo and going to see him was a tricky situation, y/n obviously wasn’t sure she would go through it. zemo obviously wasn’t fond of the avengers giving what he thought they did to his family and country. the girl wasn’t going to lie, she was there to help her dad and the avengers fight ultron but we all know how that turned out.
there was still the possibility that she would leave and head back to pepper but bucky kept trying to tell her to stay. she agreed to stay and see what zemo would say but she knew it was going to be worse then she would imagine. when all three of them made it to berlin, they all entered to go see him but bucky didn’t want sam or y/n to go in. the girl hated the smell of prison, well she just thought it smelled like bad. when they walked towards a door they stopped he wanted to tell them to stay back.
“i’m gonna go in alone—no, why?” y/n asked raising her eyebrows waiting for an answer she liked, “you’re both avengers. you know how he feel about that.” bucky told her making her shake her head in disbelief, “it’s not like you two were know for frolickin' in the sun together—he was obsessed with hydra. we have a history together. can you trust me on this? i got it.”
he looked at y/n grabbing her hand and rubbing his thumb in a circular motion telling her that it would be fine. she closed her eyes nodding before he let go and went to leave to see zemo. she leaned onto the wall where prisons could be kept on the other side of the wall. y/n inhaled then closed her eyes getting a feeling something were to happen soon but pushed it off. sam could tell something was up but never went to ask as she told them to not worry about her.
sam looked up and saw her on the wall, he stayed silent waiting for bucky to come back. she never would of thought she would be doing something by her self and without her dad on her side. she knew she wouldn’t eventually have to start i her own but she wouldn’t of imagined him leaving so soon. when tony’s funeral came around, he made the video about if he were to die then it was for them.
y/n had a video that he made her but she couldn’t bare look at it, she wasn’t ready and days would go by where she would always think about opening and playing it but never went through it. sam took this as an opportunity to ask her something about her. he went to cough obnoxiously and when she looked up, sam was leaning on the wall next to her. “so, you and torres huh?” she chuckled at his accusation, she thought he was too late but something was holding her back. she smiled, pausing then speaking up.
“no. why’d you ask?” she asked sam and he pulled up his phone and showed her the texts from him and torres. they were a bunch of them asking if she was single and asking if he could date her. she leaned over to see the last message about asking permission— “why would you need to ask permission? anyways, he’s cute i guess.” y/n wasn’t lying but she just didn’t want to be with someone at the moment or at least not him. sam pushed his phone back in his pocket then went to lean back down seeing the door open to bucky.
he walked near them, “how’d it go?” sam asked getting up to see bucky telling him that it was done, something seemed confusing about the situation to y/n. she let it go when they all went to be less to a place but bucky told them not to ask any questions until they left, the next thing he said was that he wanted to break zemo out of jail. “what are you talking about? you wanna break zemo outta jail? where the hell are we, buck? have you lost your mind?” sam question boarding him with questions about what he was thinking.
y/n couldn’t see so she ended up falling with a thud sound behind her when bucky noticed her not behind them anymore. “shit. where’d y/n go?—a flashlight would’ve been nice.” she rolled her eyes as bucky went to go pick her up from the floor and apologized. “sorry doll, we only had two.” bucky frowned pushing her forward so that she could see better and not fall like before. bucky went to continue his conversation, “we have no leads, no moves, nothing—what we have is one of the most dangerous men in the world behind bars.” sam fired back at the super soldier.
“we have eight super soldier that are loose—no, zemo will mess with our minds. especially yours. no offense.” sam told him, he still wouldn’t agree on what bucky wanted to and something as this dangerous wouldn’t be pretty. bucky went to turn on the lights then turned off his flashlight, sam doing the same. “offense. super soldiers go against everything he believes in. he is crazy, but he still has a code.” bucky walked away from him, “yeah but we’ve both been on the wrong side of that code.”
y/n still couldn’t get her wrap her mind around what the man was telling both of them and sam went to look at y/n for help. she sighed turning to look at him, “he blew up the un, he killed king t’chaka and framed you for it. did you forget that, buck? you think the wakandans forgot? well they didn’t! i know why this matters to you but it’s pushing you off the deep end.” his face softened when she used buck instead of bucky because she would always say buck when she cared about him. “we don’t know how they’re getting the serum. we don’t even know how many of them there are. look, let me walk you guys through a hypothetical. can I walk you through a hypothetical?”
when he said that, y/n and sam turned around slowly to face him although they knew he had to do something or he wouldn’t have said that. y/n shook her head looking at bucky to start, “what did you do—i didn’t do anything.” the man stuttered and y/n narrowed her eyes at him making him back up seeing that she scared him even if he was stronger, like he would like to say. “the weakest point in any system isn’t the software, the hardware, it’s the meat ware. the human element.” he looked back at them.
y/n shared a uneasy look with sam when he continued explaining what he was going through, “now, in this lockup, it’s none to one, prisoners to guards, and if two prisoners start fighting, then the protocol says four guards have to respond.” sam interrupted him not getting what he was getting at all. “so why would two prisoners randomly start fighting at that moment?—who knows? there could be many reasons... but the point is, these things escalate. lockdown procedures would have to be initiated, and with all those bodies flying left and right, wouldn’t be hard to slip down a hallway or two.”
“and if the fire alarm got tripped while the prisoners were being separated... someone could use the chaos to their advantage.” he finished when y/n breathed in biting her lip, “i don’t like how casual you’re bein' about this. this is unnatural. are you... and where are we, man?” sam asked when the front door opened and someone started walking to them.
the figure was unclear when he finally came into view and y/n, sam widened their eyes going wide. she grew confused and went to go near him, “whoa, what?” y/n started, “what are you doin' here?—i didn’t want to tell 'cause i knew you wouldn’t let this happen—what did you do?” y/n was pulled back from sam telling her he had it all. “sam we need him—you’re going back to prison!” y/n exclaimed pointing at zemo’s direction.
he took off the cap, “if i may—no!” all three of them yelled at him making zemo step back and apologize then looking back at both sam and y/n obviously upset and betrayed he would do that. he turned to sam, “when steve refused to sign the sokovia accords, you backed him. you broke the law and you struck your neck out for me.” he said then turning to look at y/n when she looked at anywhere but him. “y/n look at me. look at me.” he gently grabbed her face making her look at him and she looked up at him.
“what about when you let me go when you saw me and steve on the run, you helped me. i’m asking you to do it again—both of you.” he said letting go of her face then looking directly at sam this time, “i really think i’m invaluable—shut up.” zemo tried to say but sam wasn’t having it. it took a second before sam and y/n agreed to help him. sam looked at y/n and she nodded regretting it, “if we do this, you don’t move with our permission. okay, zemo. where do we start?” sam said, all three of them looking at him.
the next thing they all did was go and go see a car and zemo told them that it was his, skeptical form y/n and sam. this was dangerous and couldn’t be trusted but also she know where zemo was coming from when he want vengeance against the avengers.
y/n would do anything to get her mother but it was too late—she was already gone when she got to her. y/n was walking to see the cars and she stopped when she saw a yellow one. she thought it was a nice lookin car, “i spent years hunting people hydra recruited to recreate the serum. because once it’s out there, someone can create an army of people... like the avengers.” zemo turned to look directly at sam and y/n, she just stared at him.
zemo looked back into one of the cars before continuing to talk about what he was thinking, “i ended the winter soldier program once before. i have no intention to leave my work unfinished. to do this, we’ll have to scale a ladder of lowlifes.” he said walking away as sam responded, “well, join the party. we’ve already started—first stop is a woman named selby. mid-level fence i still have a line in. from there, we climb.” he left them as the three of them stayed back walking towards him.
the all started heading towards a jet, “so all this time you’ve been rich?—i’m a baron, sam. my family was royalty until your friends destroyed my country.” zemo replied back speaking russian and went to enter the jet while y/n went to get on and she missed the planes and jets. she was snobby about it but she did love them, any chance she could get on one.
when they made it to the jet and they got on, they all sat down in the seats they picked out. y/n was in front of zemo while bucky and sam were across of each other but bucky told her to move seats but she said she was fine. “just sit across of him—it’s fine.” they whispered and zemo could tell something was up, “i won’t hurt her if that’s—i’m not scared of you.” y/n told him crossing her legs and looking out the window. zemo picked up a book before looking at it, “i’m sorry. i was just fascinated by this. i don’t know what to call it, but this seems to be important. who is nakajima?” bucky looked up before sprinting up and holding zemo by the neck.
y/n looked up wanting bucky to let go of him, she hated when he got like that. it was like a part of the winter soldier was still there, “if you touch that again, i’ll kill you.” he let go before going to his seat. y/n couldn’t help but keep her eyes on the man, she never heard that name before and she also wanted to know who he was. zemo apologized, “people you’ve wronged as the winter soldier but why isn’t y/n on here.” y/n closed her eyes not wanting zemo to bring up her mother but that’s exactly what he did.
bucky tensed up, “don’t push it—you must miss your mother? i know i would and now you’re father.” she grew hot and wanted to just take all the anger she had on zemo but that wouldn’t help anything. zemo knew what he was doing and he was doing it well, he was mad about his family so he took it out on y/n. “zemo.” sam warned him not to continue, y/n felt like exploding so she got up before she excused herself.
“excuse me, i uh... need to do something real quick.” y/n closed her eyes before leaving to use the bathroom and she could hear distant yelling from sam and bucky telling him to calm down and not do anything hasty. y/n entered the bathroom then went to sit on the toilet seat and put her hands in her face, “oh dad. i can’t do this anymore.” she silently cried to herself wanting to be with her dad at that moment.
ten seconds later she heard a knock and sniffled to say something that wouldn’t sound like she was crying. “yea, yeah just gimme a second.” no use though because it sounded congested like she was sick, she opened the door and saw bucky. she sighed while wiping the tears from her eyes, “sorry, here it’s all yours—i don’t need it.” she went to wash her hands then bucky went in the bathroom to shut the door and locking it.
this was something you would seen in movies, where they would lock the doors and something else would happen. so she was confused on what was happening, he went to grab her hands and squeezing them tightly, “there isn’t a day where i don’t have nightmares about what i did to your mom—that’s wasn’t you buck.” she reassured him that the winter soldier wasn’t who he was well not anymore.
“it was still me, i put you in so much pain. you never deserved that doll.” y/n stifled a smile before looking at his blue eyes that she loved. “i could never blame you. not now, not ever.” she said letting go and rubbing her thumb over bucky’s cheek this time. she went over to out her arms around his waist and gave him a tight hug. she leaned in to kiss his cheek but stopped when she was close to his lips.
she could tell it was getting awkward and gave him a wide smile before leaving the bathroom to go back to have a seat away from everyone. all that was next was to go on ahead and finish the mission.
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thefanbasewhore · 8 hours ago
Being mid fight with Bucky and he kisses you 😍
Summary || Bucky kisses you during a fight.
Warning/content || kissing, fighting, reader and Bucky on a mission.
Paring || Bucky Barnes x female reader
This is just a Drabble, to see all of mine 'search Bucky Barnes blurb or see master list :)
Still accepting requests for drabbles/blurbs on any sorts!
Tumblr media
"You're so - ugh!" The groan that falls from your lips is filled with pure annoyance, heading pounding due to the fact Bucky isn't listening.
His eyes are trained on you, they resemble a dark, stormy night at sea, waves unforgivable as the whirl of clicking plates follow as he crossed his arms across his chest.
He stands tall, towering over you despite your current predicament. Teeth gritting as his jaw flexes, words slow but deliberate. "The mission was flirt, not fucking kiss him."
"I got the information, that's all that matters. Stop letting your jealousy get in the way." Bucky scoffs, heavy boots moving towards you and the first reaction your body has is too move backwards. He's intimating, black eyes filled with annoyance, the frown on his face shows it all. Every foot steps is another one back until lower back hits the wall with a gasps.
The party is still going on outside the doors. Dressed in an elegant gown, emerald green, make up and hair done, any man would be stupid not to look at you. The very reason your were picked for this mission. Bucky has been watching, he's made it clear, but is in head to toe full tatic gear. The straps across his chest threatening to break at how exaggerated his breathing is.
"Yes." He snarls, inches away from your face. A metal finger pokes between the long dip of the dress, only inches away from your breast. "I am jealous, you are mine. These lips are mine, I see you kiss him again, I'll kill him."
"Bucky, it's the mission -."
"I don't care what it is. I'll shut it down." He huffs, blue eyes testing you. "You won't go on another mission."
"Here you go again - you are so - !" Before the words could get out Bucky's hand wraps around the back of your head and cup your cheek. Suddenly the gaze is lovingly, gentle as he rubs the highest point of your cheek.
The storm has settled, returning to a normal seafoam, loving and kind. Without another word, he pulls you closer. Heart pounding deep inside your chest and knees growing weak as a wave of warmth fills your belly. A tongue runs over your bottom lip, claiming your own with intense power. Forming his lip against your own, sucking the fat of your bottom one until you're breathless. He pulls away slowly, eyes flickering from your lips to your eyes.
"Go out there and get the information - come back to me, okay?"
"Yeah -." Sounding completely winded as he leans closer, pressing a kiss to the soft surface of your forehead.
"See you soon, sweetheart." There comes a time when to choose and pick your battles and Bucky had not only realized how out of line he was but the fact that you were undoubtedly beautiful, and he was going to blame it on that; the fact he could never stay mad at you. Because of those sexy, adoring eyes.
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andiboyo · 8 hours ago
Sorry for not posting the hurt/comfort for bucky yet, been tired from work, but to make it up, how about some Jefferson from OUAT x reader fics for the time lost? (Posting hurt comfort may 10th)
Tumblr media
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buppybucky · 8 hours ago
babysitter || b.b
PAIRINGS! dad’sbestfriend!bucky x f!reader
SUMMARY! bucky looks after his friend’s daughter as both her parents decide to go on a well deserved date.
WARNINGS! age gap (reader is 18), 18+ minors please do not interact, spanking, cheating (undefined relationship), unprotected sex, verbal bucky, breeding kink, fluffy ending
A/N! my first post! (on this account) my old acc was shadowbanned and it wouldn’t lift so.. here i am! hope u enjoy <3
Tumblr media
it would never be the same. not after that night at the bar.
bucky was invited to a bar with his bestfriend and his daughter for her first drink. the night moved quick, one second they were laughing at the small t.v, the next bucky was locking the bathroom with the girl in his arms.
he had her over the sink, plowing into her mercilessly. the small room was filled with her loud moans and cries as her cunt was being abused by bucky. her knuckles were white from the grip she had on the sink.
her head was dazed and she was in an area of full pleasure. bucky’s hands were imprinted into her hips in dark bruises, which restricted her from wearing jeans for a few weeks.
she was restricted from walking due to how deep bucky decided to fuck her, hitting every spot inside of her. her walking was limp and slow, yet none of her parents even noticed. the feeling of him inside of her remained for days.
bucky was like a drug, she had a crush on him since she was thirteen and to finally have to chance for him inside of her, she couldn’t help but accept it the second it was brought up.
she didn’t care about the consequences that would soon creep up, like not being able to sit in the same room together, or y/n’s parents catching onto the obvious awkward tension. their usual thursday night dinners weren’t as exciting as they once were.
y/n’s parents decided to have a date night, turning to the only person they knew that could handle their daughter. bucky. he stayed in the living room, watching the tv with a bag of chips in his lap.
y/n was in her room, twirling a strand of hair around her finger. her legs were crossed and in the air, while her lip with sitting comfortably between her teeth. “i miss you.” the male voice said over the phone. her thighs squeezed together as she giggled with a blush.
the conversation went on for almost an hour, slight giggles followed by words. “y/n! come down!” bucky yelled from the living room, where he was holding his phone and the number for a pizza place. “i have to go, i’ll call you tomorrow.” she said, hanging up the phone.
she walked downstairs and smiled at bucky awkwardly. “im ordering pizza, what do you want?” he asked, punching the number into the phone. “nothing, i’m not hungry.” she said, going to walk away. “hey! hey, c’mon, you’re hungry, i know you.” he said, making her roll her eyes.
“i’m really not, i have an ice cream in the freezer.” she said, giving him a quick smile. bucky put the phone down and sighed. “whatever y’say.” he said, walking to the kitchen. he opened up the freezer, pulling out her tub of ice cream. “hey! that’s mine!” she complained. she walked over to try and take it, which failed.
bucky lifted it with a smirk. y/n groaned and pushed him slightly. “don’t make me spank you.” he said, grabbing a spoon. y/n rolled her eyes and walked upstairs. bucky chuckled as she walked off in huff. she picked up her phone again and punched in her friends number. “i’m sneaking out, do you want to go to starbucks?” she asked once she picked up.
“yeah okay, i’ll meet you there.” her friend replied. y/n smiled and walked back downstairs. “buck?” she asked, walking over to the couch. bucky looked over at her, mouth full of ice cream didn’t stop him from flashing a bright smile. “can i go out with my friends?” she asked, sitting next to him.
she took a chance to place her hand on his thigh, moving it up slowly. “bubbles, your curfew.” he whispered, looking down at her hand. y/n smirked and placed her hand over his crotch. “c’mon, what’s a few hours?” she whispered, leaning up and kissing under his ear.
bucky smirked and gripped her ass. “not a chance.” he whispered into her ear. y/n groaned and pulled away, crossing her arms. bucky bit his lip and looked her up and down. “go on back up to bed and stop irritating me.” he said, hitting her thigh slightly.
she huffed and walked upstairs, thinking of ways to get out. she called her friend again, telling her to wait about an hour so bucky could fall asleep and that she would call her again when she left.
all she did during the hour was sit in her room and wait, it was starting to get late so she decided it was time to leave. she walked downstairs quietly and walked to the door. “should’ve left through your dads office, would’ve brought you right to the yard.”
y/n jumped and gasped, falling against the door. “fuck! jesus bucky you cunt!” she yelled, throwing her head back, falling against her door. bucky smirked and looked over at her. “get over here, y’need to be punished.” bucky teased, patting his lap.
y/n groaned and walked over, sitting on his lap. “no, no, like this.” bucky said as he lifted her up, bending her over his lap. “bucky i’m not four—“ she started, being stopped by her skirt being filled up. bucky rolled his eyes and slowly massaged her ass, before slapping it roughly.
“dick!” she yelped, gripping his thigh. bucky shook his head with a scoff. “you count them, not shout at me.” he said, slapping her ass again. it was quickly followed by a low ‘two.’ bucky smirked and continued spanking her.
her ass was red and throbbing, tears were staining her cheeks. “that hurt, darlin’?” he asked as he continued to spank her. y/n whimpered and continued to count the spanks. bucky pulled on her panties and pushed them down her legs.
her eyes squeezed shut as she knew where this was going. “tell me to stop, and i will, if you don’t i’ll keep going.” bucky whispered, rubbing her clit with his middle finger. she whimpered and opened her eyes. “good girl.” he whispered, sliding a finger inside of her.
y/n opened her mouth and moaned softly, her eyebrows knitting together. bucky slid another finger in, pumping them in and out slowly. y/n moaned louder, her stomach tightening slowly. “that’s right, bubbles, nice n’ loud for me.” some how, the childhood nickname turned her on more.
bucky moaned his fingers faster, curling them and fucking her knuckle deep. y/n was pulling on his jeans, screams threatening to fall from her mouth. “c’mon, bubbles, give it to me.” he whispered, playing with her hair.
y/n felt the knot in her stomach tighten, ready to release. she let go, loud moans slipping from her mouth. “that’s it.” he mumbled, rubbing his fingers all over her slit, collecting her release before sticking his finger in his mouth.
“so sweet.” he said, lifting her up. bucky looked up at her with complete love in his eyes. “gonna fuck a baby in you, gonna take you away.. italy, live the life we want together.” he whispered, kissing her softly.
y/n placed her hands on his face, kissing him hungrily. she hadn’t ever thought of life after the moment, life if she left with bucky. of course he sprung up the idea last time they did it, but she never took time to think about it.
he unbuckled his belt and hurriedly pulled down his pants, not wanting to waste anymore time. “c’mon bubbles, lay down.” he smirked, helping her down onto the leather couch. oh how she would regret agreeing to a leather couch.
she opened her legs for him, like she did before. he knew he would have her wrapped around his fingers, for his use always. “fuck.” bucky whispered before hovering over her. he slid in quickly, moaning at the tightness of her. y/n followed with a loud moan, gripping his hips.
“whenever you’re ready, bubbles.” he said, his breathe suddenly being taken away from him. all he wanted to do was fuck her dripping cunt until she was brain dead and the only word she knew was his name. she nodded and softened her grip on his hips.
bucky smirked and started thrusting slowly, earning moans from each of them. “faster— please.” y/n begged with a small whimper. bucky nodded and complied, thrusting faster. his quick thrusts soon turned rough, merciless. y/n’s head was thrown back and her back was arched.
small sweat beads appeared on her body, sticking to the leather. bucky had sweat dripping everywhere, the quick and rough thrusts being a good work-out. bucky gripped her hips and continued to thrust into her, the bruises from last time reappearing.
“so good— fuck.” bucky moaned as he lifted her legs, placing them on his shoulder to go deeper. y/n let out a loud scream, gripping onto the sides of the couch. “fuck!” she moaned, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. bucky smirked and moved his hands up her shirt.
he fondled with her breasts, showing each of them equal affection before letting go. he felt a knot in his stomach appear abruptly, making him gasp. the living room was filled with the loud slapping of skin, followed by moans and cries.
“that’s right, y’take me so fuckin’ good, s’like you’re made for me.” bucky moaned as he wrapped his arm around her wrists, pushing them above her head. he continued to snap his hips against hers, moaning at the tightness.
y/n felt dizzy, not like she was going to pass out, like she was drop-dead drunk. she hadn’t ever felt like this, it felt amazing. she felt loose, and unhinged, a feeling she would crave from now on. the knot in her stomach tightening again.
“bucky! oh god.” she whispered, her toes curling. her face scrunched together in satisfaction. the knot snapped loose, making her yelp as she released her second orgasm. she felt a tingle in her legs.
bucky smiled and kept his thrusts deep, not caring about how hard or fast he was going, all he wanted was to plant himself deep inside of her. “fuck.” he groaned as he released inside of her, continuing to thrust.
“gonna make you a pretty momma, havin’ my baby.” bucky moaned, thrusting his seed deep into her. he pulled out and sighed, falling on top of her. “oh god.” he whispered, kissing her clothed shoulder. y/n gasped and gripped his shoulders.
bucky took a few seconds before getting up. “you speak french, right?” he asked, taking his phone off the table. she nodded and took her panties off the floor. “wanna move in together? in france?” he asked, looking into her eyes.
“dont joke about that.” she chuckled, pulling her panties up her legs. “i’m not, let’s start a new life, we just drop everything here and run away, the two of us, forever.” bucky said, grabbing her arm and placing his forehead on hers.
“i know you want to.” he said softly, placing a kiss on her lips. the kiss was slow and passionate. “i can book two tickets for a flight in three hours, we can leave all this.. we won’t have to hide anymore.” bucky finished.
y/n bit her lip before nodding and wrapping her arms around his neck. “whatever, i can always come back.” she said, sitting on his naked lap. bucky smiled and kissed her.
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mayraki · 9 hours ago
✧ chapter four: fire is catching - b. barnes x oc series ✧
Tumblr media
-> captain-james’ gif
Tumblr media
‘let’s play fire with fire’ series masterlist
my masterlist
summary: the night continues so sam, bucky and sera deal with the big man on his big throne. but when their mission doesn’t go according to plan, blood ends up spilling on the floor as their little team starts to fall apart.
warnings: graphic descriptions about blood.
Tumblr media
“Where do you think you’re going?” A tall man with his deep voice asked while putting his hand on Sera’s shoulder as soon as she walked in front of him with the intention to walk inside the VIP area.
Sera, who had her veins still pounding from her fight with Bucky moments earlier, she moved the man’s hand away and looked at him dead in the eyes. “Dude, I’m not in the mood for this so you better fuck off.”
“Excuse me?”
Sera nodded with a smile. “Oh, you heard me.”
“Hey, hey.” Sam appeared from her back trying to calm the situation down like he always did. But before he could let out another word, the big guy on his boy throne spoke while he had three girls around him.
“What is going on with that girl, Jack?”
Sera moved her head to the side to be able to see the guy on the eyes. “We just need to talk to you!”
The man let out a big laugh soon joined by the girls next to him, which lead to Sera feeling her chest being filled with anger and hotness. “And why would I do that, sweetheart? What makes you think a man like me would want to talk to a girl like... you?” He grabbed one of the girls he had next to him and quickly moved her on top of his lap. Disgusted by this man, Sera clenched her jawline and rolled her eyes. “Unless, is not exactly talking what you want to do with me.” The man let out a grin as Sera tilted her head to the side and squinted her eyes when a thought crossed her mind.
Bucky took a step closer angrily but soon stopped once he saw from the corner of his eye the little smile forming on Sera’s lips. “No, you’re right. It’s not talking what I want to do.” As soon as she said those words she opened her eyes normally and felt the hot air going through them.
Sam and Bucky looked at her and carefully watched her moves. But she wasn’t moving a single muscle from her body. Sam, noticing this and her silence, walked to be next to Sera and locked at her eyes. Followed soon by Bucky, but to her other side.
“Careful, now.” Sam said softly. “Just to get us in.”
Bucky heard Sam’s words and furrowed his eyebrows confused still looking at Sera and her red eyes. But before he could let out a word the man letting out a big scream in pain made him turn to him and see how he was grabbing his head as he was kneeled down on the floor.
“Sr? Sr? Are you alright?” The big man quickly walked towards him to try and take him off the floor worryingly. But soon after, the man stopped grabbing his head and quickly looked up with terror in his eyes.
“Just to get us in.” Sera said softly looking at how the man struggled to get up. The girls around him stepped back as they were grabbing each others arms.
As Bucky’s eyes were seeing everything that was happening in front of him, his thoughts about her were slowly coming together. She and her powers were still a mystery to him, the more he spent time with her the more he found out. And this time, he had one thing to add to the list: her saying “I can burn everything that’s on your mind without moving a finger” wasn’t a lie after all.
“Everyone out!” The man yelled after regaining his feet on the floor and started to push everyone out of the way. “Now!” His loud tone could be heard on top of the music gaining some looks from the people dancing. Proudly walking inside that tiny VIP area, Sam, Sera and Bucky stood in front of the man as he sat down once again on his throne, trying to gain his confidence and thoughts back. “Seraphina Thompson. I’ve heard stories about you... I should’ve guessed you were going to come here.”
“And why is that?” Sera asked as she crossed her arms around her chest.
“My name is Zaha and I’m a smart man. Enough to know that I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. And for that, I am truly sorry.”
“You know where you can stick your apology-”
“Sera.” Sam stopped her gaining her eyes on him. “We’re not here to get ourselves into trouble, remember? We just want to talk.” Sera rolled her eyes and went silent, letting Sam take over the conversation. “We need to talk about a guy that calls himself The Red Wolf.”
“I’m sorry. But what makes you think I know about him?”
“Rumours has is that one of his guys worked here for you, and we need to know if you’ve seen or heard about him.”
“I’m sorry... but I don’t. I’ve never heard that nickname before.” Sera squinted her eyes and took a deep breath in, noticing the guy moving uncomfortably on his seat.
“You sure about that?” Bucky said and for the looks of it, he seemed to have caught the same thing as Sera.
“Yes, I am sure. Otherwise I don’t know why I would hide information from you guys.”
“You call yourself smart but you lie about having information,” Bucky said “and I don’t think that’s very smart of you, Mr. Zaha.”
“I’m not lying.”
“Oh, I think you are.” Sera spitted out. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be moving in your seat nervously like you’re doing right now. If you don’t have anything to hide, then don’t be nervous.”
“Oh, I think he is very nervous.” Bucky agreed, getting closer to Zaha.
He crossed his legs to hide his heart beating faster but unlucky for him, nothing passes unnoticed for Sam, Bucky and Sera.
“Nervous like a little chihuahua.” Sam said jokingly. “Shaking like you need to pee right now. Do you need to pee Mr. Zaha? Or that brain of yours is hiding something important and that’s why you’re shaking like a little baby?”
“I think is the second option, Sam,” Bucky said firmly “so you better be smart about this.”
It was obvious that Zaha was caught off guard and didn’t expect to face someone like them on that night. Sera knew that he was a man that liked to be feared and not the one being threatened, so trying to gain control of the situation he let out a grin and tilted his head slowly to the side. “And you are, Mr...?”
“You don’t want to find out.” Bucky said quickly, not wanting to deal with Zaha’s twisted mind.
“Not to be rude or anything,” Zaha said slowly while while pointing at Bucky with his long finger “but why are you the one with the job of intimidation?” He let out a grin and then slowly turned towards Sera, who furrowed her eyebrows angrily. “Don’t you two think that is better to use the girl with fire in her eyes?”
Before Sam or Sera could say anything, Bucky quickly walked towards Zaha and punched the side of his throne making a loud noise once his hands touched the sit and for Zaha to lock eyes with him and regain the fear on his eyes.
“Don’t look at her, look at me.” Bucky said firmly with his jaw clenched and his killing eyes on Zaha. “You better speak and tell us what you know because you don’t want to be on my bad side.”
Sera noticed his big arms under that black jacket he had and felt how her stomach turned once the need of touching them appeared on her mind. Unintentionally, she widen her eyes at the surprise of Bucky feeling angry once again. But this time, Sera wasn’t angry too, this time she felt the hotness growing inside of her as the butterflies were going crazy inside of her stomach. He looked attractive and her mind wasn’t going to let it pass.
So lost in her thoughts, Sera didn’t notice the metal arm showing once Bucky moved closer to Zaha. Before she could do something about it, Zaha moved his eyes towards it since it made a different noise than the other hand. Realising the dark grey color Bucky had on his arm, his eyes went wide open as his back touched the back of his seat, clearly intimidated of what he had in front of him.
“You’re the winter soldier... and you” Zaha turned to Sam, immediately recognising him “you’re the falcon.” Bucky stepped back as Zaha was going back and forth between them all with shook in his eyes. “Seraphina Thompson with the falcon and the winter soldier?”
“Now you see the trouble you’re in?” Sam said nodding his head.
“I knew... The Red Wolf.” Zaha said finally after a couple of seconds and looking down at the floor. “He used to make his reunions here.”
“Why used to?” Sera asked.
“I don’t know. He suddenly stopped needing the place. I- I never stepped inside one of his meetings because he didn’t allow it.” He looked up waiting for one of them to talk but receiving not words he sighed and shook his head. “He is a very dangerous man. And has so many people behind him- even I was impressed. I knew who he was but I never knew or tried to understand what he was planning to do. To be quite honest, I was terrified, truly terrified, when he came here I moved myself out of the way. He once asked me to give one of his men a job here so I did. And that’s it. So, I’m sorry but I can’t help you more.”
“So you let a man have his meetings here for a long time but you don’t know anything about him?” Bucky asked. “It sounds like bullshit.”
“Sera do you smell that?” Sam asked and Sera quickly smelled the air and nodded. “Bullshit.”
“It’s not! I’m telling you the truth.”
“Sounds to me like you’re a coward.” Bucky let out slowly as he was getting closer.
Noticing his eyes on Bucky’s metal arm, Sera let out a tiny grin and slightly tilted her head to the side. “What? Afraid of a little metal arm?”
Bucky let his hands rest on the side of his chair to get his face closer to his, feeling the fear growing inside of Zaha. “Talk.”
“That’s all I-”
“Talk, before you make me lose my patience.”
“I’m being serious! That’s all I know!”
Bucky said something else but Sera didn’t hear it. As soon as he said his next words Sera felt how they slowly faded away as the electricity ran through her veins. She closed her eyes feeling her eyes burn and her throat feeling up with hot air.
“Sam-” She said almost in a whisper but it was enough since Sam worryingly turned to her and quickly walked towards her to grab her shoulder.
“Sera? Are you alright?” He asked but as soon as she locked eyes with him, he understood.
“Something’s wrong.” The second she said those words the sound of a bullet entering the room his their ears and soon ended up inside Zaha’s head, immediately making his body to fly backwards as the blood was pouring from his forehead and slowly covering the floor around him.
Realising what just happened, Bucky turned around to lock eyes with Sera. But when another thing caught his eyes, he immediately ran towards her as the sound of bullets being shot hit his ears. Without hesitating, Bucky covered her body and lifted his metal arm to stop any bullet quickly flying her way.
As Sam threw himself out of the way, Sera closed her eyes once Bucky turned her to the side and with strength pushed her against the wall to cover themselves from the thousands of bullets going their way.
Ignoring the pain Sera was feeling on her back from hitting the wall, she locked eyes with Bucky who seemed to have glued himself in front of her. Their eyes were locked to each other with no intention to move them away. Their faces were so close that their chests would almost touch the moment they filled their lungs with air. Sera widen her eyes at the realisation that Bucky just saved her body from ending covered in bullets.
Even if the loud noises around them were still going, Bucky and Sera didn’t take their eyes away from each other, until Sam quickly ran towards them to cover his body the same way Sera and Bucky were doing.
“Would you two mind stopping with the whole staring thing and help me?! Because I don’t think Mr. Zaha has the intention to do so now!” Sam yelled after taking the gun out of the back of his jeans and trying to hit anyone that had the intentions to kill them.
Going back to reality and what was happening next to her, Sera moved Bucky out the way the moment he took out the guy he had on his back. Feeling the fire on her fingertips grow Sera moved her feet towards the bullets and ignored the big yell of her name coming out of Bucky’s mouth. Lifting her hands to her side the second her eyes turned red, a wall fire started growing in front of her making the bullets towards her, Sam and Bucky melt the instant they touched the burning wall Sera had created.
Bucky seeing what Sera was doing and the second he took off the shook out of his face, he ran towards Sam who was now standing next to the wall of fire with his chest going quickly up and down. He turned to look at Bucky who was still surprised at the way Sera and her red eyes were handling the situation, something that he had never seen anyone do before.
The sound of the melted bullets hitting the floor were now hitting their ears. “I guess she can do a little more than turn into a torch.” Bucky said with his eyes locked on her. When the bullets stopped going through the wall, Bucky lifted his gun ready to face whatever was coming even if it felt like Sera had everything covered. And she did.
Without waiting another second, moving her hands to the ceiling she closed them into fists to feel the burning sensation growing inside her palm. Her chest was filled with hot air as the smoke was quickly coming out of her skin. Silence surrounded the room, but then, quicker as another bullet trying to get through, Sera opened her hands and with a loud noise left the fire of the wall fly like a pheonix towards the man with big guns trying to kill them, making them all fly toward the wall and end up unconscious on the floor, with nothing more than empty gun and burning marks on their skins.
Feeling her hands going back to normal, she turned around to Sam and Bucky who were standing behind her with their eyes locked on the guys at the floor with furrowed eyebrows. Sera did a little smile and shrugged her shoulders once she gained their eyes on her, doing a thumbs up and nodding. “We’re cool now.” She said before turning around and leaving the VIP area to join the now empty dance floor.
“Yeah, more than a torch.” Sam said softly before leaving a confused and still surprised Bucky behind.
“Now what?” Sera asked once she had her two partners by her side on that empty room with lights going all sorts of crazy.
Before Sam or Bucky could say anything, the sound of a door opening hit their ears letting them notice the now four guys with big guns going their way. “I guess is fighting those assholes.” Sam said before they all ran towards a big white column to hide their bodies behind it.
Expecting to hear more bullets going their way, Sera made her hands burn making fire grow out of them, but before she could move her hands to her side, a big ball of fire hitting the side of the column made them all jump backwards as both Bucky and Sam looked at a very confused Sera.
“What the fuck was that?!” Bucky asked.
“Did they cloned you or some shit?!” As Sam asked that questions, Sera looked at her hands glowing and spitting fire, she closed her eyes the second an ugly old memory game back to her head.
“Can’t be.” She said moving her head to the side to have a better look at the men with black suits and big guns on their hands. But they weren’t normal guns... they were white and were as big as their whole torsos combined. It had red lines on each side that Sera knew they glow everytime they charged. The little sound of fire it made when it threw the ball fire hit Sera’s ears once again making her move Sam and Bucky out of the way by pushing them and hitting their backs to the wall by their left.
“What is that and where can I get one!?” Sam asked when another fire ball hit the white and big column.
“It’s a fire arm!” Sera yelled moving the fire growing towards them.
“Yeah no shit, Sera!” Bucky yelled putting off the little ball of fire by his side with his foot. “What do we do now?”
“We need to make a plan!” Sam yelled. “Bucky go left and I go right while Sera stops the fire-!” He was yelling but then shut his mouth when Bucky and Sera completely ignored what he was saying and started to walk towards the big guns throwing fire. “Why the hell did you ask?!” Sam asked but then went back to the wall once another ball of fire went his way.
“This fucking shoes!” Sera yelled feeling the pain on her toes and ankles the second after she moved the fire going towards her and Bucky by her side.
“Give them to me.” Bucky said and without questioning it, Sera lifted her foot and took of the heel and handed the two pairs of shoes to Bucky. As her eyes were slowly following Bucky’s move, she saw how he moved his metal arm backwards and how the shoe left his hand the second his hand passed his head.
Without giving Sera a moment to react, her other shoe was already flying towards another man, ending up inside his eye. Sera’s eyes were seeing how the blood started to pour out of their eyes as slowly as a tear going down their cheeks. “I always knew you could use a heel as a weapon.” Sera said surprised. But that tiny moment didn’t last long since she felt another ball of fire going her way. Lifting her hands to her side she quickly stopped it and pushed it away, making a big explosion and taking down the other men in front of her in the process.
Bullets hitting her ear Sera turned to her side and noticed Sam behind the counter trying to hit the man now going towards him. With quick steps, Bucky walked passed her ready to take the man down. Seeing how the gun he had on his hands was glowing, Bucky stopped with the intention to move to the side and avoid the big ball of fire wanting to burn him. But before it even had the chance, the second it was out of the big white gun, the big ball of fire quickly moved backwards like someone pushed it, making the man fly backwards and hit the wall behind him.
Bucky turned back to see Sera with a little smile on her face as her eyes were slowly going back to normal. “Uno reverse card, bitch.” She said as she was getting closer to Bucky and Sam, who were now standing side by side.
“Having fun?” Sam asked out of breath while Sera was barely different from when the fight started.
“Is it wrong if I say yes?” She answered cheekily. Eating the laugh that came out of Sera’s mouth, the front door opened letting them see another man entering with, this time, an ever bigger weapon. “Holy shit.” Sera said with shook in her eyes.
“Still having fun?” Bucky asked gaining a mean look from Sera.
Without giving them a second to breathe, another big ball of fire was flying towards them but Sera moving in front of Bucky and Sam lifted her hands into the air and quickly stopped it. Feeling the fire inside of her hands and her eyes burning with desire, she pushed the fire towards the wall by her side making a big loud noise in the process.
Punches were being thrown out, bullets flying as well as fire growing each second around Bucky, Sam and Sera. Neither of them expected to end the night like that, or even why they were in that situation to begin with.
After moving another ball fire going her way, feeling her arms getting tired she moved to the side and let her back rest on the wall as the bullets leaving their guns was hitting her ears. She slightly moved her head to see better what was happening as she heard Sam yelling for Bucky. They needed her. She felt her heart beating faster as she saw how Bucky and Sam were struggling to keep up the fight. Her breathing was going quicker as the sound around her was fading away and her sight was becoming blurrier. Her fingertips felt the burning sensation as her eyes wanted to close. But trying her hardest, she moved towards Sam and Bucky to lift her hands and enter the fire about to burn them into her body.
The scene in front of her getting blurrier and blurrier as the seconds were passing, seeing the fire around her and being thrown at her became even more harder. She didn’t know what was happening or how to stop it. Moving her head side to side to see if Bucky and Sam were alright, she felt how her heart wanted to jump out of her chest. Bucky was struggling when three men were grabbing his arm with strength. Sam, by her other side, was still hiding behind the counter trying to move himself out of the way were fire was growing everywhere around him.
With the intention to move, Sera tried to lift her foot but it felt like it was heavier than ever. The pain in her legs turned into feeling like she was glued to the floor down her. The burning on her hands was stronger but nothing seemed to want to come out of it as her eyes hurt like something had stabbed them a second ago. Her head was pounding while she noticed the noise around her was slowly fading away. No bullets, no fire, no voices but complete silence... until she felt something grabbing her neck and pulling her to the ground as she felt an electric sensation against her neck making her breathing cut short and her eyes to fully close, stopping her from feeling anything else and fall unconscious on the floor.
Bucky’s foot quickly flew towards one of the guys’ knee making him quickly fall into the ground. Able to free himself from one of them, he threw his head backwards to hit the guy behind him in the forehead. Having one guy left, he just lifted his hand and quickly punched the guy in the face, leaving three men now in the floor next to him. Wanting to look for his friends, Bucky looked up and noticed Sam trying to fight a man but quickly shooting him to the ground. Nodding once they locked eyes with each other, with the same intention they both looked around looking for the third member of their team. But once they both saw the same thing, it made their quick feet ran towards a Sera laying on the floor with four men around her. But before any of them could make another move, a strange electric feeling hit their skin making them soon fall to the floor.
Feeling his body shake against the floor, Bucky’s eyes were still glued to Sera as his heart dropped to his stomach. “Sera!” He tried to yell but it came out nothing more than a loud whisper with so much pain in it.
“Look at you.... the winter soldier.” Bucky heard with a joking tone as he was laying in the floor. “What a pity.” Soon after a sound of someone spitting by his side hit his ears and then steps moving away.
As her skin was moving uncomfortably on the floor, he managed to keep his eyes on Sera. The way that a man grabbed her body and lifted her on his shoulders like she was bag of some sort, made his inside burn with anger. He felt how his heavy body was starting to hurt him and getting tired the more he spent on the floor with his eyes stuck on one side of the room.
“What are you gonna do now, Winter Soldier?” A guy yelled kneeling down before letting out the biggest laugh ever, shaking the walls around him. “We’re going to have fun with her. Don’t worry.” He said after getting up and letting out another smile seeing how Bucky still couldn’t get up from the floor.
Following the men with his eyes, Bucky felt how his brain was screaming at him to move and save her. But nothing seemed to be working, the electric feeling against his skin was still shaking his body slowly and keeping anything else from hearing the commands his brain was yelling.
Shaking Sera jokingly, the man that just talked to Bucky turned her head and said something that Bucky couldn’t hear. There was nothing he could do about it, they were taking her God knows where and were planning on doing terrible things to her while Bucky couldn’t even get up to try and save her. He felt useless while the pain inside of him was growing as they were taking Sera further and further away out of the building.
Suddenly, when he gain full attention of his heart beating faster he immediately felt something falling from his eyes towards his cheek. He tensed his teeth together while the pain became tighter around his chest and heart. His breathing was cutting short when the air became thicker around him. Closing his eyes when he heard the front door closing and seeing that Sera was no longer inside the building, hearing his breathing was the only thing he could hear next. The thick air, his heavy stomach and the pain inside his chest were growing each second that was passing as a single tear drop was going down his cheek. She was gone. They took her and Bucky couldn’t save her. That was just... it.
A strong headache appeared on Sera’s head the second she opened her eyes and the white strong light troubled her eyes. She squinted them as they were wondering around the room. It was as white as the light itself and had nothing but the chair she was sitting on and a giant black window in front of her. A tight feeling around her wrist made her realize that she was wrapped at the chair as well as her ankles. The coldness on her neck and being unable to move her head far backwards, she noticed a thick metal necklace covering her neck with a red light that would turn on and off constantly.
The memories before she closed her eyes were slowly coming to her the more she found herself in that room. The fire around her, her burning eyes and... her blurry sight. She still didn’t understand why she felt like that and why couldn’t she control herself. Her heavy body was now gone but she still felt a slightly electric feeling on her neck.
With the intention to move her fingers to feel the burning sensation in them, she took her full attention towards them, but as soon as she tried the white giant door by her left side quickly opened to let her see that ugly face she hated seeing.
“Jackson.” She said angrily as he let out a tiny smile once he closed the door behind him. He had his same long red coat and brown shiny boots. It didn’t matter to the old man that he had a powerful woman like Sera under his power, he still took the time to look good. “I should’ve guessed it was you.”
“Why?” Jackson asked while slowly walking towards her with his hands behind his back. “Because I am the only one who can defeat you?”
“No,” Sera quickly nodded as a grin started to grow on her lips “because I can smell the rotten fish from here.”
Instead of saying something back, Jackson just let out a tiny smile and got even closer to her face. Seeing every detail on his eyes, Sera felt the blood in her veins move faster as his lips were becoming even more into a bigger smile. “Nice to see you again, Sera. And not with those two.”
“Where are they?” She asked moving her body towards him making a loud noise as the chair moved with her.
Seeing how Sera clenched her jawline and the anger Jackson loved so much to see in her eyes, he moved backwards and let out yet another smile. “You really care about them... don’t you?” Not wanting to get an answer from her, Jackson took another step closer and added: “One thing at a time, dear, one thing at a time.”
“Yeah, and the first thing I’ll do is burn everything to the ground.”
“Ah. There she is. I missed you.” Jackson grabbed her chin with strength taking her head backwards as her eyes were burning with anger while looking at him. “But you need to be careful with what you do, dear. I want you to see something. You’re going to love it.” With the same strength as he was holding her, he let go of her chin making her move her head to the side and immediately feel the pain on her skin the moment he let go.
Following Jackson with her eyes, she noticed how his hand went inside his pocket and slowly took out a small controller with a bunch of different color buttons on it. “See this? This, can do a lot of things.” He arrived next to the window and let out a tiny smile while pointing at the blackness next to him. “First of all...” he pressed a button and Sera saw how it quickly turned the lights from the other room. Being the light so bright, Sera squinted her eyes and looked down trying to cover her eyes from the strong and bright light.
But when curiosity became even stronger than the pain she was feeling, she looked up and immediately widened her eyes. The moment she saw those blonde hairs and those green eyes her heart dropped to her stomach. “Angela.” Sera whispered making her throat hurt. Red scratches covered her lips and arms making Sera feel some tears fighting to come out. Her heavy dark bags under her eyes made it seem like she hadn’t slept for days.
Angela, being kneeled down on the floor with chains covering her wrists, looked up and made her face and body even more visible. Realising the shook in her eyes, Sera noticed that she could see her when they both locked eyes with each other. Her skinny lips turned into a smile as soon as her eyes realised that the person she was looking at was Sera, but then noticed Jackson standing in the other room as well, she erased it and rolled her eyes moving her scratched body to the side.
Feeling the anger and pain of seeing her friend all hurt grew inside of her as her fingertips were staring to feel their burning in them. A slight noise hit the room as Sera filled her lungs with fire and tried to free herself, but before she could let anything out, she felt a strong electric shook in her neck, making her body go back to normal and let out nothing but smoke out.
“And that, my dear, is the second thing this controller does. See that fashionable necklace I gave you? Yes, this little thing does the trick but, oh boy, that is the thing that could destroy you. So, if I were you, I would check my options and keep those beautiful fingertips still. We don’t want your sight to her blurry again before you fall on the floor, do we?”
“What do you want?” Sera asked with a firm tone once her neck recovered from the electric shook.
“What do I want?” Jackson asked getting closer to Sera. “I want you, of course.”
“Yeah...” He said softly. “To help me, of course. Like you did years ago.”
“I’m not that same person I was years ago, so fuck off.”
“Oh, language, please.” Jackson said disgusted arriving closer to Sera and stopping right in front of her body. “The old you is still there,” he pointed at her chest “I know it.”
“You don’t know shit, Jackson. You think you do, but you don’t. You want to control something that you can’t.”
“Well, I did controlled you, didn’t I?” He asked softly enjoying the look of Sera’s eyes.
She remembered all those old memories like it was the other day. Her old self being by Jackson’s side and doing whatever his mouth let out. Burning, exploding, tortuning.... it was horrible for her to recall all of those things. Knowing that she was no longer than person was what kept her going, but being in front of him asking her for help, made it more difficult to forget and not get affected by them as they were slowly coming back.
“You were happy, Sera. What happened?” Jackson asked slowly.
“I wasn’t. You manipulated me, you used me. You saw my pain so you took your chance to use what I can do-”
“But, yet, you did them. No questions asked. I never pointed a gun to your head. Did I? Don’t make excuses for the things that you did, dear.”
“I’m not. Believe me. I’ve spent years regretting and trying to forget what I did.”
Jackson stopped for a moment while a little smile grew on his lips. “Yes, with Mr. Wilson, am I right?”
Sera felt her chest close up as his mouth let out his name. “Don’t talk about him. Go to your point, Jackson, what is it exactly that you want from me?”
Seeing how Jackson lifted the controller and got ready to press another button, Sera furrowed her eyebrows as she was waiting for his next words. But before he did, the little noise of the button being pressed hit her ears and soon after, the door quickly opened. “I want you to make me more, Sera.”
Tables and more tables with the same weapons that Sera saw before collapsing on the floor were entering room. She slowly wondered the room and shook her head before turning once again to lock eyes with a proud Jackson staring at her like he was staring at her soul.
“What do you say, Sera? Just like the old days?”
“Like the old days-” Sera closed her eyes with strength while shaking her head. “This is insane, Jackson! Even for you!” The moment she opened her eyes Jackson was closer that made her able to see the desire and craziness now building inside his eyes.
“Sera, you and me together; we could rule the world. We would be unstoppable. If you make me more I can take down those asshole that want me dead and then make the underground mine. And after that, make the whole world mine. If you help me, if you give those weapons the energy they need to breath out fire it’s going to happen. I could be the king. And you... can be my queen, right by my side.”
Sera moved her head backwards and slowly shook her head while her eyes wondered the room once again, shook of what she was hearing and seeing. “Jackson. You want to play with something that’s way more complicated than you think. Understanding how this works isn’t something as easy as knowing how to build those weapons. It was comes after.” Seeing the anger and disappointment growing on his eyes, Sera moved closer to his face and whispered loudly: “Fire is catching. And if you play with it when you can’t control it... you’ll burn.”
“Well, I controlled you and I didn’t burn, did I?” He asked with the some tone but with anger before walking backwards and grabbing the controller once again. “And if I can make you remember, I have something that is going to make you help me, dear.” Jackson pointed at Angela who was confusingly watching every single weapon that there was in the room. Noticing that everyone was looking at her, she turned to lock eyes with Sera and let out a tiny smile even if her eyes screamed the pain she was feeling inside and out. “If you don’t help me, I can make her eyes go blurry.... like yours did. But I don’t think someone as weak as her can take it. So you better think it twice.”
Sera didn’t move her eyes from Angela. She saw how after giving her a smile, she went over to Jackson and flipped him off when he turned to her. Him, letting out a long angry sigh, went back to staring at Sera and tilted his head to the side, enjoying having the upper hand on her and the defeated look on her face.
‘I’m sorry’ Sera mouthed at Angela who slowly shook her head with a confused smile. Not wanting to look at her in the eyes anymore, she turned to Jackson and said the words she would never expected to say ever again: “I’ll help you.”
The trees were passing on Bucky’s window as the car was moving on the road. He had his elbow touching the door while his hand was against his lips holding his heavy head. The only noise surrounding the car was the sound of it running and the beeping coming from Sam’s phone.
After both, Sam and Bucky, gained control of their bodies they ran out of the building to see if they could notice anything that could lead them to Sera. But the whole street was as empty as the club inside. No noise, no black car, not even people walking around. The wind was the only thing they noticed moving around them.
Bucky found himself walking backwards and moving his metal hand with speed towards the wall behind him, hitting it with strength and making a big whole in the process. Feeling his breathing getting heavier as the anger grew inside of him, he closed his eyes with strength while his mind was trying to think of his next move.
He had no idea where they could’ve taken her, or even if she was still on the ground or on a plane going somewhere. His brain was empty as his chest became even more tighter and his heart wanted to jump out of his body. He opened his eyes to see Sam standing right next to him with his eyes glued to his phone screen typing something as fast as his fingers let him. Confused on what he was doing, he got closer to him but as soon as he arrived to his side, Sam blocked his phone and started walking away, quickly being followed by Bucky.
“So how exactly is this thing going to take us to Sera?” Bucky asked with a raspy voice once he looked at the phone, seeing how it had a tiny map in it and had a big red circle beeping every two seconds.
“A couple of years ago, when I used to work with Sera, I installed a tracker on her phone because there were times where she would...” Sam stopped and Bucky noticed that he was struggling on deciding if he should keep talking or just stop right there, but then when a tiny sigh came out of his mouth, he continued: “Look, our story is way more complicated than I could ever let you know. And if ever let you know, she has to say yes first. It’s her decision.”
“What is it about it that it’s such a big thing for you to ask her permission?”
“It’s complicated, Bucky, like I told you. It’s more of her story than mine, that’s why.” Bucky looked to the window a million of questions were flying around his head. Was it something bad? That questioned seemed to eat his brain the most. It wasn’t like Bucky’s past was clean and he was worried of thinking bad of her if he knew, his past was the dirtiest of them all, the wonder and the curiosity was the thing that was surrounding his brain. Why was it so important that Sam didn’t want to tell him?
“I get it.” Bucky said. “Believe me, I do. It’s not like I have the cleanest past.”
“Look, remember the first where she stayed with us? The one where we told her to wait?” Bucky nodded, as he looked at Sam remembering what Sera told him about Sam seeing it before. “It used to happen a lot back then, but even worse than the one we saw. She would take more minutes to calm herself down, make bigger shields around her to the point where we couldn’t even be close to her. It was ugly, Bucky.”
“Why, Sam? What makes her do that?”
“She comes from a hard life. Even if she acts like she doesn’t, the worst scenario that could happen to a person happened to her. After that, she went through even more terrible things. The point is, when those moments were over, she would usually end up in places far, far away.” Sam said. “That’s why I decided to install this tracker, I never told her because I knew she was going to hate it. But that was the only option I had back then.”
“And that’s how you knew where she was after all those years.” Sam nodded as Bucky let out sigh and added: “Good thing you thought of it, then.” He let out a tiny smile and turned to his window once again.
Even if some of the questions Bucky had on his mind were answered, he still felt as confused as the moment he started to wonder about her. Thousand of ideas were growing on his head as the seconds were passing. Not knowing the real story was eating him on the inside and making him even more nervous. He moved on his seat uncomfortably as his foot started to move up and down with speed. The minutes didn’t seem to pass as they where moving and that made the blood in his veins to rush.
Noticing this, Sam did a quick look to Bucky and his nervous actions. That wasn’t something normal on him, feeling anxious and showing it. He would always hide what was going on that brain of his carefully managing every movement he did. He was good at it. He was trained to be good at it. Even if his mind wasn’t the one that it used to, he still had everything he learned inside of him. So to be this out and about with his emotions, it had to be something big.
“You care about her, don’t you?” Sam asked ending the silence between them. Bucky, instead of turning to Sam and denying it, he stayed in silence and let out a tiny sigh. Maybe he did.
The memory of how his body felt when his eyes were seeing those men taking her away... made his chest tighten and feel his heart beating a little bit faster than usual. His throat closed up making it harder for him to say something to Sam. Like his cheek had a memory of it self, he felt how the invisible tear dropped down from his cheek while his mind was replaying Sera’s body being carried out. She knew this girl in less than a week but had him feeling things he hadn’t felt in a long time. He found himself caring about her, wanting to protect her like she was his.... Bucky knew that Sera didn’t need a protection, she proved more than capable of taken care of herself multiple times, but for the way his body and mind were acting, that didn’t matter to Bucky, he still felt the need to make sure she was fine until her last breath.
“She’s going to be fine, Bucky.” Sam said softly gaining Bucky’s attention.
Locking eyes with Sam, he nodded and let out a tiny smile not wanting to worry Sam with his millions of questions inside his brain. And weird enough, a big noise coming from a far helped him do that. As soon as the noise hit their ears, they both turned to the the road to see a big explosion going off, fire surrounded trees as big piece of smoke was flying upwards towards the sky. Like they were thinking the same thing, they both turned to Sam’s phone and noticed that the big red circle was closer than they expected.
“I think we found her.” Sam said softly, quickly turning the car towards the side of road after checking if anyone was coming, ready to follow the fire slowly growing around the forest.
“C’mon, Angela, get up.”
As the smoke around her was getting bigger and thicker, fire was growing and building up every second, Sera quickly ran towards her friend and grabbed her arm to help her get up. She noticed the weapons all now destroyed and some men also laying on the ground, but Jackson was nowhere to be seen.
Since the moment Sera saw those weapons get into the room, her little plan started working inside her head. She saw the opportunity and knew that she was going to take it. So, when Jackson pushed the little button to take that thick eletric necklace out of her neck and slowly took it off her, she looked up and immediately felt her eyes burning with desire as her hands touched the cold metal of the weapons.
“How-?” Angela asked after coughing the smoke out of lungs. “How did you do that? I thought you were going to help them.”
“That asshole wants to control fire but doesn’t even take the time to understand it.” She said while getting Angela’s arm around her shoulders to help her walking. “If I can give that piece of crap the amount of energy to work, I can also give it the energy to self destruct and explode. C’mon, let’s go.”
Covering Angela’s mouth with her own shirt to prevent her from breathing in the smoke around her, they both walked outside the room to find their way out of that building. Wondering with her eyes, Sera looked to her left and noticed a light coming from a tiny window surrounded by fire. But that wasn’t a problem for her. Moving her feet towards the window, she moved the flames to the side making a tiny path for her and Angela to walk through. Once close to it, she lifted her other hand that wasn’t holding her friend and as she felt the burning on her palm, she moved it with speed and threw a ball of fire to break the glass and finally, leave the burning building behind.
“C’mon, watch your step.” Sera said as Angela was carefully jumping the window and dropping to the other side.
Trees on fire and more smoke was the only thing Sera noticed the moment her shoes touched the grass. She looked around and realised the where both in the middle of the forest, there was nothing else than trees and bushes around them. But getting away from the fire to keep Angela safe was the only thing Sera wanted to do, so without waiting another second, Sera wrapped Angela’s arm around her shoulders once again and started to walk away, leaving pieces of smoke behind her.
“Wow, ok, so let me get this straight.” Angela started saying with her heavy breathing as they were both carefully walking besides the tall trees. “You have super powers. You can control fire and explode things... am I right?”
“And other things, but yes.”
“Alright! Cool, cool, cool, cool. That’s just... oh my god, that’s wild Sera! All this time since I’ve known you?” Sera nodded. “What the fuck?!” She yelled but then regretted it since a strong pain appeared on her stomach. “Fuck. I mean,” she said softly “you, fire, that’s crazy! And that man? What’s your story with him? Did you work with him? Is he bad? Angela, of course he’s bad! He trapped you for days to get to Sera! Of course! So, ok, Sera equals super powers. Then bad guy takes me to find Sera and make her do shit that’s bad. Ok, I got it. Then, Sera, a badass, explodes the entire building so we can escape. Sounds good?”
“You know, for being trapped in a horrible room for days you do have the energy to talk a lot.” Sera said and then soon heard Angela let out a tiny laugh, which lead to Sera’s chest fill with relief since her friend was alright and it was starting to hit her.
“Yeah. I mean if you just found your roommate for almost a year has super powers, you would too!”
Sera let out a tiny laugh but then quickly shook her head. “It’s not that amazing.”
“Sera! Are you kidding me, of course it is! You made an entire building blow up! Ouch- fuck.”
“Are you alright?” Sera asked once she looked to her friend, noticing her hand on her stomach. “We can stop if you want.”
“No, we need to get out of here. I trust you and your amazing powers, but those assholes can come after us any minute. C’mon.”
After feeling like they’ve been walking for long minutes, Sera and Angela both smiled when they started to hear the sound of cars moving along on the road. But the moment Sera moved her foot to keep walking, the sound of people walking behind them made her turn around with speed and fill her hands with fire and her dark eyes to turn red.
“Sera! It’s us!”
“Bucky?” She asked making her hands go back to normal as well as her eyes. Once she locked her sight with Bucky’s, a wave of safeness ran through her body.
“And you have hot friends too?!” Angela asked in a loud whisper by her side making her let out a tiny laugh and erase the feeling Bucky just gave her, saving it in a little box along with the others.
“Sam. How did you find me?”
“That’s a long story for later, now we need to get the hell out of here because-” Sam was saying but then the sound of a group of people running towards them cut him off. Turning around, they all noticed the men with weapons ready to fight them all. Sera took of Angela’s arm and walked closer to Sam, before he turned around to look at her once again “well, because those douche bags were following us.”
“Sam, Bucky, you need to take Angela to the car and keep her safe. Leave and don’t look back, I got this.” Before Sam could let out a word, Sera talked again “C’mon, you know better than anyone I can handle it.”
Sam took a second but then nodded, taking Angela’s arm and turning around, ready to follow what Sera told her.
“I’m not leaving you.” Bucky said walking in front of her. “I’m not going to let you do this alone.”
“Bucky, go!” She tried to push him by touching his chest, but barely moving Bucky turned to the men walking towards them and ignored the angry Sera by his side. “Bucky.”
“I’m not leaving without you, Sera.” His firm tone made her realise he wasn’t going to change his mind and having no more time left, she let out a big angry sigh and turned to the side ready to face the fight coming her way. With her eyes, she counted the amount of men in front of her and as soon as the number ‘15’ appeared on her mind, she turned to Bucky and whispered “Regret staying now?” But got no response, he just tilted his head to crack his neck and moved his metal arm, preparing his body to help Sera and end that fight once and for all.
From the moment that the first shot was fired and Sera stopped it, neither of them stopped moving. Sera moving her hands left and right, filling their surroundings with flames, destroying or exploding the weapons along side the men holding them. Bucky, with his quick feet would make his way towards each men by the right side, avoiding balls of fire and using his strength to take every guy to the floor by only one punch. Soon after, they both find themselves with three guys left.
Feeling Bucky by his side, Sera locked eyes with him and nodded when Bucky grabbed the knife from his back pocket and quickly moving it between his fingers. Lifting her hand towards Bucky, she carefully lit up her fingers and as soon as Bucky’s knife left his hand, she took full control of it and moved it towards the men with the intention to hit three of them at the same time. And just like she wanted, as the fire was leaving her hand she moved the knife and with a quick move of her wrist she saw how the tiny metal object hit one, then another one, and final, the other men lined in front her, taking them all to the ground in less than three seconds.
“Good throw.” Bucky said while nodding with approval which lead to Sera just shrugging her shoulders and letting out a tiny smile.
“I had a little bit of help.”
“A little bit?” Bucky said offended, but that little banter didn’t last long since Sera felt that electric feeling against her skin and soon faced forward to see the big ball of fire going with speed towards her.
Before she could lift her hands to stop it, a big yell coming from Bucky’s mouth hit her ears making her turn around with worry. But what she feared to see didn’t happen, instead, a quick Bucky was now in front of her seconds away to get hit by the fire flying ready to burn him.
Everything after that turned like a slow motion movie for both of them. The flames hitting his skin and the pain on his face made her eyes widen and get watery at the sight of it. As fast as her feet could allow her, she moved towards him and quickly placed herself in front of him immediately feeling the fire hitting her skin in every single place of her body. She touched his shoulder and closed her eyes with strength, ready to do one of the hardest thing she ever learned to do.
Bucky as soon as he felt the burning sensation against him, he closed his eyes with clenched teeth feeling the strong pain now growing on his body. Not being able to bare it anymore, he let out a loud scream in pain but soon after, like a quick wave of water had hit him, he suddenly stopped feeling that irritating pain. Opening his to see what was happening, he met hers. Her red eyes were staring at his while tears were dripping down her cheeks. Her hair was moving around her uncomfortably as her glowing skin was making her body shine.
From the corner of his eyes Bucky noticed the fire still going around him, but he wasn’t burning. His eyes were still glued to hers trying to understand what she was doing, he suddenly felt how her fingers on his free hand started to tingle so he looked down to find his skin... glowing. Just like Sera, his skin started to glow the same color as the fire around them. The tingle feeling was now all over his body expect on his metal arm which seemed to be the only thing that didn’t change since the fire hit him.
Looking back to Sera, the moment that they both stared at each other was when a strange feeling appeared on their insides. It felt like they were connecting, he felt like he could read all of her thoughts as she could read his. A second later, Sera moved her hand to Bucky’s cheek and pressed her palm with strength agains his skin to feel every single part of him on her.
Their hearts felt like they were beating as one with the same rhythm, their veins were twisting together like cables as their blood were mixing to become just one. Those feelings felt so strange but real at the same time. Their glowing bodies were becoming one as the fire that had went inside Bucky was slowly flying out. Suddenly, like the slow movie that was happening they both felt everything come undone when Sera lifted her hands and let the explosion that was building inside her body finally come out.
Once the noise was gone and there was nothing but silence surrounding them, they both opened their eyes to find themselves lying on the floor with smoke trying to get inside their bodies. Their eyes locked as their heavy breathing was moving their chest up and down.
Bucky felt so confused at what just happened that he sat down and stared at his surroundings noticing nothing but fire around him. Going back to Sera, he saw how her body was going back to normal and her red eyes were turning dark once again. She knew what just happened and he couldn’t wait to ask her, but nothing seem to want to go out their mouths.
Their connection was all they could think about. The way their bodies became one and everything they felt. Even if Bucky was confused and had no idea what just happened, he knew one thing: that was definitely not a nothing.
Tumblr media
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Another Time, Another Place
Tumblr media
James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes x Female Reader
PART SEVEN (catch up on the series here!) or, if ao3 is your thing, here
Word Count: 1,437 *unedited*
Warnings: None! 
This is a filler chapter! Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy! Thank you for the continuous support and feedback with this series. I really really love writing this! Also all y’all who have filled out my taglist?? Your jokes are immaculate omg. I love them. 
It was the warm sun seeping in through the blinds that woke him, his eyes squinting as he pulled himself from the depths of sleep to find you no longer in his arms--where he’d expected you to be. Bucky didn’t get much sleep, like ever, plagued by his own endless nightmares that came from his haunted past, so when he had heard you thrashing on the couch he’d already been awake. It had been instinct to crawl next to you, moving your out-cold body to lay across his chest and hold you in his arms. He’d felt you relax into his embrace, and it was honestly the best he’d slept in months, too. 
But at some point during the night you’d apparently gotten up and taken the floor spot. He tried to not let it bother him, but the fact that you’d rather sleep on the floor than next to him made his heart ache. Just a little. 
At the sound of footsteps approaching the living room, his eyes leveled to meet Sam’s, who had Cap’s shield strapped to his arm as he motioned towards the back door. Bucky was on his feet immediately, tiptoeing around your still-sleeping body. 
“You made her sleep on the floor?” 
Bucky shot the quietly-laughing Sam a glare as the pair walked out the back door together. 
It took another two hours, just before nine in the morning, for you to wake up. Your lower back was aching from the harsh flooring underneath you, and the sleep in the corner of your eyes was irritating. It’d been a long, long time since you’d had coffee, yet you knew you needed it. Maybe coffee will solve my problems. 
As you trudged into the kitchen, knowing that you must have looked like a complete mess, you tried to get the images of The Winter Soldier out of your mind. They’d plagued you for hours last night--seeing Bucky turn into what you could only describe as a rabid animal still made you want to throw up--and they’d followed you into your sleep. 
You’d dreamed about The Winter Soldier being sent to kill you. 
Because, ultimately, that’s what Senator Pierce was planning on doing with you, wasn’t it? You had never truly learned about what he wanted with you--he’d apparently died in the raid on SHIELD headquarters, but that was all the info you received. Knowing what you did about programming and what Senator Pierce ultimately wanted to accomplish, it made sense that he would have eventually grown tired of funding a project that wasn’t heading in the direction he wanted. 
It was all speculation on your part, of course, but nevertheless you saw The Winter Soldier in your dreams, his eyes the same icy blue that you’d once loved. 
You had expected to find Sarah or the kids in the kitchen when you rounded the corner, but instead you found Sam. He was pouring a steaming cup of coffee into a mug, his eyes never once leaving your face as he did so. 
“Good morning,” you managed, thanking him as he slid the cup of coffee towards you before fixing one for himself. You tried to avoid his eyes as you sat in one of the barstools, the warmth of the mug seeping into your palms. 
“I saw what you looked up last night.” 
“(Y/n), stop. You don’t need to justify your actions. I get it. I do. But I do think that you should have let Bucky tell you when he was ready. He’s got a lot of demons, just like I know you do. And poking your nose in things where it doesn’t yet belong is going to make things messy.” He took a sip of his coffee. “There’s a reason Bucky hasn’t told you things, yet. You should have given it more time. Because I can see this blowing up in your faces.” 
You stared down at the coffee, swallowing thickly. You knew he was right. Of course he was. The curiosity had gotten the better of you and instead of actually taking a step back and thinking about any possibly repercussions of said curiosity, you went for it. You acted on impulse. The same impulse that had put you on Zola’s train. And everyone knew how well that turned out. 
“I just wanted to see if I was right.” You murmured, “And on top of being proven right, I got confirmation that he’s not the same man he used to be.” 
Sam sighed, setting the coffee mug on the counter in front of him. “No, he’s not. But you knew that already. I know you did. I obviously didn’t know him in the 40s, but it’s been nearly eighty years. And he’s been through a lot. That changes people. Just like you’re probably not the same as you were.” 
You could only nod, knowing that it was most likely the truth but also knowing that it was a truth that you couldn’t yet accept. You didn’t think you were ready to accept that you were a different person, even if you could feel it deep down. 
“What was he like?” Sam asked, and as you looked up you saw a small smile on his face. “In the 40s. Before all this. What was Bucky like?” 
You felt your cheeks warm just as your heart did, and you couldn’t help the smile that crossed your lips, “He was...the best man I’d ever known. I met him through Steve--Steve and I were neighbors, you see--and from the moment I met him I was just..enamored. He and Steve loved to pull pranks on me. Bucky loved to laugh and dance--he was an amazing dancer,” you glanced out the kitchen windows, through which you could see Bucky throwing knives at targets hung up on trees. “He used to take me to dance halls whenever he could. He used to tell me that it was because he wanted to show me off, but in reality I think it’s because he wanted to show off his dancing skills.” You couldn’t help but laugh quietly, images of those crowded dance halls and Bucky swinging you around in a swing dance, both of you full of smiles and laughter and love. So much love. “Bucky was kind and considerate, but he had a rough edge that came out whenever he felt that someone was treating either me or Steve with disrespect. But...but most of all he was loving. Every time he took me out he brought me flowers, to the point where I was running out of vases. It was always my favorite kind of flowers, too. And the day he proposed--he’d been so nervous that I thought he was going to end things with me, honestly, but he took me on a picnic and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.” Another glance out the window told you that Bucky was pulling out the knives from the tree. Even from your spot in the kitchen, you could see him glance towards the road. “I’ve never loved anything, or anyone, more in my entire life. It was a no brainer.” 
When you turned to look at Sam, you could see the gears turning in his head. “I’m trying to picture Buck dancing, and I can’t. At all.” 
You let out a laugh--a real, genuine, happy laugh. Because, quite frankly, you couldn’t picture him dancing anymore, either. 
“Can I ask you something?” Sam started as the both of you calmed down from your laughing fits. You nodded, giving him the go ahead, “Does the rest of your life mean starting now? Think about two have a whole new chance at this thing. Does that ring still mean what it meant to you then?” 
It’d been something you’d thought about, a lot, since you were pulled from your cell and reunited with Bucky. You weren’t sure if you were even capable of feeling that way anymore. There was too much darkness, too much confusion, and it made feeling anything other than fear and dread seem so far out of reach. Did you want it to mean something again? And if so, were you willing to try? Try to climb out of the depths of your darkness and enjoy life again, enjoy this new life that could very well be a second chance, like Sam had said. 
You opened your mouth to answer when the kitchen door opened, and you and Sam both looked over to see Bucky standing in the doorway, his face void of emotion as he spoke, “Rhodey’s here to speak to you.”
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I need opinions, I’ve got a draft of a Bucky x Steve’s ex wife reader set after he goes back to Peggy. But I can’t decide to make it a long one shot or a multiple part mini series
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scarhades · 11 hours ago
The Golden Boy, the Dark Slayer and the Winter Soldier
Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Reader (woman) Summary: The Dark Slayer, always called but never chosen. Will you finally be enough or will the universe screw you over once more ?
You can find the previous parts here :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Notes: So my computer decided to do an update and I lost this fic because it was an open window, I rewrote this chapter today by memory. I'm going to try and wrap this fic tomorrow (no promises) with a final chapter because I don't have the best memory of what I had.I would be a long chapter though with the elements I want to go in this fic.
Warnings :
All that apply to Marvel
Angst with Happy ending
French writing in English
I only write for woman reader
Under 18 please do not interact
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You didn’t felt the metal arms grabbing you in the water. You didn’t hear the cry of anguish of your soulmate at your unconscious state in the arms of one Iron Man. You didn’t felt the compression on your torso, and the gift of air Bucky gave you by doing mouth to mouth.
He didn’t relent, he only stopped when you arrived in the medbay.
He never left your side. Helen didn’t even try to make him leave, he didn’t with Steve so he wouldn’t do with you.
She was amazed by the number of injuries you had sustained yet you were still alive. She wasn’t sure a supersoldier could have survived this.
Bucky couldn’t believe you were here. He could’ve lost you, and he was not prepared to even think about it. He didn’t care if you didn’t want to be with him, he just wanted you to be alive, alive, and happy and if he could help with that then he would consider himself lucky.
«You didn’t tell me.» it was a statement, not an accusation. Bucky turned his head to the side to see Steve’s form hunched on the room’s door. His arms were crossed, his posture was deflated. Of course, Steve with his brilliant mind would piece things together. He didn’t look angry but resigned. Something that was a rare sight for Steve Grant 'I can do this all day' Rogers.
« Ste-« Steve raised a hand to silence him.
« I’m not mad, trust me I can only blame myself for this. So where is your mark? » he tried because he remembers how Bucky was devasted when he didn’t receive a mark before the war. And how he thought it was only fitting that a monster like him didn’t have a soulmate after his HYDRA’s day. Steve was happy for his oldest friend. Really he was glad, Bucky did deserve it, and yet it was hard for him but he will kill himself before hurting Bucky and hurting you again.
Lifting his shirt, on his left ribcage Steve could see the scythe you were using on the monster and the scripture ‘The hero of the Dawn.’His lips perk up at this. Yes, you were a hero, a troubled one but someone that despite her past and complicated relationship with the world didn’t hesitate to scarify herself to save it.
A true Hero.
«Fitting, » Steve hummed, « as the pairing,» he said kindly.
Bucky shook his head. He couldn’t fathom how someone as incredible as you were paired with him, but he sure as hell will cherish the bond that linked him to you.
Steve saw this and knew Bucky was dragging himself, so he took a careful step into the room, his warm hand land on Bucky shoulder, « Hey none of that Pal, you deserve every bit of happiness can give you, and I think that with time you could try to build something with her. »
Steve didn’t give him the time to answer he was already out the door.
Bucky looked back at you, so ever gently he took your hand in his flesh one.  His thumb caressing your hand.
‘Please give me a chance.’ He sighed.
Tumblr media
You woke up when you heard the voice of your ex-soulmate, what was he doing here?
You could feel the deep bond between the two men. You pondered what it felt like to have someone that would love you the way these friends did.
You felt safe for the first time in a long time. The only moment that could compete was when you were in heaven.
‘Please give me a chance.’ It was said so low that you wouldn’t have caught it weren’t for your slayers’ senses. He asked this if it was him who wasn’t worthy of you when you felt it was the other way around.
« Hi, » you rasped, blinking your eyes with difficulty.
Bucky stilled, you weren’t supposed to be awake for at least one day, it was what Helen had told him.
He didn’t let go of your hand.
« How are you feeling? » he asked softly, and you were taken off guard, by his earnestness. You found yourself struggling to hold his gaze. This man you didn’t know, this man you only saw in passing had shown you more kindness than your so-called friend had never shown you. It was quite overwhelming, and you felt guilty for how you had left him. You were no better than your other soulmate.
Taping your head in frustration again your pillow, you let out a pained ‘fuck’.
Bucky took this as a sign of you suffering the pure soul that he was and you had to reassure them that no you weren’t.
You were satisfied when it was cleared he would stay seated where he was and won't be going in search of a medic. Fixing a point in front of you, you took a big gulp of air trying to steel your nerves. This was somehow more unvarying than throwing yourself into certain death.
« I’m sorry,» you quietly said earning an inquisitive gaze from the brunet.
« For what?»
You clenched your jaw, of course, it wouldn’t be as easy at that but you were willing to do the effort.
«I’m sorry for leaving you when we felt our soul mark,» you said and Bucky gave a nod.
« Was it because of who am I? Because of my past? » his voice was so soft and shy.
Your eyes widen comically, and you couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled in your throat. Bucky looked hurt, and you cursed yourself, without any regard for the physical pain you throw the cover of your bed and jumped on your feet to crouch in front of him.
It was a battle with him telling you that you were crazy that you should be resting.
« Shut up ! » you cried out exasperated. « You have it backward, I’m the one not worthy of you, my past can only be blamed on me, you were used and abused and yet came on top. You are a hero, and I'm just me. A major fucked up on all accounts. I saw you, and all I see was this strong man, this hero the man that faced more harness than anyone and also the brother in all but blood of the soulmate that didn’t want me. I didn’t, no I couldn’t face another rejection, and it was cowardly and selfish I didn’t even consider your feeling and for that, I’m really sorry Mr. Barnes. »
Bucky had tears in his eyes. He could see from where you were coming from and you owned your behavior. Maybe there was hope just yet.
«Bucky. » he sighs softly.
«What? »
«Bucky, you can call me Bucky, Mr. Barnes was my father. »
You understood that this was a white flag. This was forgiveness, and you embraced with all your soul.
« Nice to meet you Bucky, I’m Y/N.,» you said offering your hand to shake on the newfound truce.
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buckylove123 · 12 hours ago
Her Secret part 10
Mob!Bucky x reader
TW- swearing, violence, kidnapping, torture, mention of injuries, mentions of cheating, brief mentions of sexual assault and murder.
You walked the streets for what felt like an eternity, no idea where you were going or what you planned to do. Tears tumbled down your face as you hugged your jumper around you, trying to protect yourself from the freezing cold.
You’d dumped your phone once you were out of the house, knowing Bucky would track it to find you; you didn’t want to be anywhere near him at the moment. You felt disgusting for allowing him to touch you, you were angry at yourself for trusting him; you’d spent so long building up walls to guard your heart and he’d broken them down easily. You were weak, you only had yourself to blame.
You were so distracted by your own heartbreak that you didn’t notice the black car following you, it’s headlights were off. It crept along the road at a snails pace, the men inside waiting for the perfect opportunity to take you.
“We’ve got the footage through from the street.” Steve said as he clicked the link on his phone.
“Turn down here.” He demanded when he saw your figure “she should be about 2 miles down this road.”
Bucky revved the car, hurtling down the quiet street as fast as he could; praying he’d get you before anyone else could.
“I can see her!” Bucky exclaimed, he could see your figure in the distance; you were being tailed by a car.
As they approached they saw a figure jump out of the car, grabbing you and attempting to haul you in. They saw you struggle, kicking and punching your attacker. It was no use; you were wrestled into the car before Bucky could reach you.
“Ring Scott!” Bucky ordered as he sped after the car “tell him to track the license plate in case we lose them.”
The car in front was gaining speed, turning down random streets and taking sharp corners in an attempt to lose the car following them.
“Motherfuckers.” Bucky muttered to himself as he attempted to stay close to them.
A few more minutes passed and they were turning onto the highway, the car in front weaving in and out of lanes; speeding up and then slamming on the breaks.
Steve was shouting down the phone to Scott, telling him to send more men to help them.
The chase continued for 10 more minutes, before the car in front slammed on and turned off unexpectedly; there was nothing Bucky could do.
The second you’d been wrested into the car a bag was placed over your head. You gasped for air as you began to panic; this was bad.
“He’s behind us!” You heard someone shout, you felt a small glimmer of hope at the prospect of Bucky saving you.
“Lose him!” Another voice boomed out.
Your body was thrown around the car for what felt like an eternity, the urge to vomit becoming more and more prominent.
“We’ve lost him.” Someone said in a relived tone.
“We need to switch cars.” One of the men spoke up “he’s probably tracking our plates.”
The journey continued for a few more miles until the car came to an abrupt stop and you were dragged out of the car and into another vehicle.
After an hour of driving around in an attempt to find you Bucky and Steve returned back to the house to formulate a plan.
“Talk.” Bucky demanded once he was back at the house and in the presence of his men.
“Looks like they switched out the plates.” Clint spoke up “we’ve lost them.”
Bucky let out a growl and punched the wall, leaving a hole in his wake. He then flipped over the coffee table in the centre of the room, causing vases and candles to smash on the floor.
“Buck, calm down.” Steve did his best to prevent his friend from trashing the house “you’re going to wake up Tommy.”
“They’ve got her.” Bucky shouted “do you know what they’re going to fucking do to her? Don’t tell me to calm down, don’t you fucking dare Rogers.”
Before Steve could respond Tommy wandered into the room, his favourite teddy bear in his arms and his hair messed up from sleep.
“Daddy.” He said quietly as he approached his father “why are you shouting?”
“I’m sorry sweetheart.” Bucky let out a sigh, opening his arms to embrace his son “I shouldn’t have shouted, I’m sorry.”
“You woke me up.” Tommy mumbled as he nuzzled his face into his fathers neck.
“I’m sorry buddy, I’m so sorry.” Bucky was holding back tears as he hugged his son as tight as he could.
“Where’s Mommy?” Tommy asked “can she put me back to bed?”
“Mommy’s had to go out for a while.” Bucky lied “but she’ll be back soon...c’mon bud I’ll tuck you in.”
“I really wanted mommy to do it.” Tommy’s eyes filled with tears “can I call her on the phone?”
“She doesn’t have her phone with her darling.” Bucky couldn’t help the tear that fell down his cheek as he spoke.
“Why are you crying daddy?” Tommy looked confused.
“Daddy’s just being silly.” Bucky lied again “let’s get you to bed, okay?”
Tommy nodded as he squeezed his arms around his father, offering him the only comfort he knew how.
You’d been placed in a small dark room, your hands a feet bound with zip ties. You looked around quickly, trying to find any escape routes. There was a small window in the top corner of the room, but it was too high up for you to get to. There was only one door, you assumed it would be locked; but without the use of your hands and feet you were unable to check.
You knew that the chances of Bucky finding you were slim, and the prospect of you escaping was virtually non existent. You took a deep breath and prepared yourself for what was about to happen, the only small mercy being that your son was safe.
After what felt like an eternity but in all likelihood had been no more than an hour two men entered the room, both dressed in suits with guns strapped to their sides.
“You must be Miss. Y/L/N.” One of the men finally spoke.
You didn’t respond, not willing to engage in any kind of conversation with the men.
“You know it’s common courtesy to respond when someone speaks to you.” The man smirked at you.
You remained silent.
“Look...we don’t want to hurt you.” The other man said “but we need you to cooperate, or we’ll have no choice.”
“What do you want from me?” You asked, not meeting their eyes.
“We need your boyfriend to agree to give up his territory.” The dark haired man said “and you’re going to help us persuade him.”
“He’s not my boyfriend.” You said through gritted teeth “he doesn’t give a shit about me.”
“I’m assuming you’re referring to the picture you received?” The other man chuckled “of him being unfaithful?”
“Correct.” You nodded.
“Oh dear Y/’re not very bright are you.” The man smirked.
“What are you talking about?” You were confused.
“The picture was from over a year ago.” He laughed “but it did its job of luring you out of that house he had you locked up in.”
“I...I don’t believe you.” You tried to keep your voice strong.
“Take a closer look sweetheart.” He pulled out his phone and pulled up the picture, holding it in front of your face.
Upon closer inspection you realised he was right, his hair was slightly longer in the picture, and the suit was different to the one he’d been wearing when he’d left the house.
You felt so stupid, tears welled up in your eyes as you realised that you were going to die because you didn’t place enough trust in Bucky; you were never going to see your son again. It was all your fault.
“W-what are you going to do to me?” You asked as tears began to fall from your eyes.
“I know what you and Barnes did to my nephew.” The man answered “maybe I’ll do something similar to you.”
“This isn’t what we agreed Pierce.” The other man hissed “we agreed to use her as leverage, not torture her.”
“Well it looks like our agreement has changed stark.” Pierce whispered “so you can get out if you don’t like it.”
The man, who was called stark gave you a sympathetic glance before turning on his heel and leaving the room, it made you nervous; knowing that this man would likely hurt you.
Pierce paced slowly in front of you, his hands in his pockets as he looked deep in thought.
“Please don’t hurt me.” You said quietly “I-I have a son...please just let me go.”
He turned, placing his hands on either arm of the chair and leaning close to you.
“There’s no point begging Miss. Y/L/N.” He said quietly “I’m going to get my revenge for what you did to my nephew.”
“He raped me!” You raised your voice “he deserved everything he got!”
“Do you know how many people your boyfriend has hurt Y/N?” Pierce asked “how many innocent people he’s murdered and tortured in his quest for power...I think it’s time we give him a taste of his own medicine.”
You opened your mouth to retaliate, but before you could his fist was colliding with your jaw. Your whole head snapped to the side at the impact, letting out a groan of pain.
“Oh, we’re just getting started Y/N.” Pierce laughed sadistically “by the time I’m done you’ll be begging for death...and you won’t get that sweet relief until barnes has given me what I want.”
You squeezed your eyes shut in an attempt to ground yourself, trying to convince yourself that you would survive; that Bucky would come for you.
“We need to go on the offensive.” Steve said “trash their warehouses, kill some of their men. Show them what happens when they fuck with us.”
“No.” Bucky said definitively “not when they have Y/N...anything we do to antagonise them will fall back on her.”
“So what? We just give up everything we’ve built?” Steve threw his arms in the air “they’re going to hurt her regardless Buck, but they’ll keep her alive until they have what they want. Giving into their demands is the worst thing we can do.”
Bucky slammed Steve into the wall, planting a firm punch across his face. Steve didn’t retaliate, knowing the inner turmoil his friend was currently experiencing.
“We lay low until we find out what their demands are.” Bucky’s voice was dangerously low “we can form a proper plan once we know what we’re dealing with. And if you ever try to tell me what to do again I’ll fucking kill you, I don’t care how long we’ve been friends.”
Steve pushed Bucky away and stormed out of the room to find some ice for his bleeding lip. Bucky sank down onto the floor, sobs wracking through him as he thought about how scared you must be; he’d never felt so guilty in his life.
He longed to hold you in his arms, to press chaste kisses to your lips and to run his fingers through your hair. He couldn’t go on if anything happened to you, he couldn’t live without you. 
“This is all my fault.” He whispered to himself as he continued to cry, if he’d never broken your trust in the first place you would have waited for him to get home to ask him about the photo; you wouldn’t have assumed the worst. You wouldn't have left the house and you wouldn't have been taken. 
Bucky took a long deep breath, wiping away his tears and forcing himself to his feet. He had to be strong, he had to get you back; and he was going to do whatever was needed to have you back in his arms.
Your vision was red, your ears were ringing and your head was pounding. You couldn’t tell if the man was still hurting you, or if he’d finally left you alone. You were too disoriented, pain rippling through every part of you. 
At some point you must have passed out, when your consciousness returned you were able to make out your surroundings; thankfully you were alone. You had to get out of this, you couldn’t take another beating like that; you couldn't survive it. 
You looked around desperately, searching for anything you could to free yourself. Blood was trickling down your hands as your restraints rubbed against your skin. You vaguely remembered seeing something on a TV show about getting out of zip ties. Your thoughts were still a jumble as you tried to remember exactly what to do. 
“Lift your hands above your head, then slam them down as hard as you can; the tie will snap.” A voice within you spoke up. 
You slowly lifted your arms above your head, fighting against the agonising pain that shot through you at the action. 
Just as you were about to slam your arms down the door swung open and both men walked back into the room. 
“Jesus Pierce, she looks like she’s barely alive!” Stark turned to the other man “You’ve taken it too far.” 
“Barnes has been number one for too long.” Pierce retorted “This will show him we’re not to be fucked with.” 
“I...I can’t get behind this.” Stark argued “I won’t stand with you whilst you do this.” 
“If you walk away now he’ll kill you!” Pierce shouted “He’ll see the damage done to her and he’ll know you’re at least partially responsible.” 
“Just...don’t hurt her again.” Stark sighed “She’s had enough.” 
“We’ll see.” Pierce chuckled, approaching your chair with a grin on his face as Stark watched on with an expression of horror on his face.
Bucky had called a meeting with all of his closest men and women, hoping to formulate a plan that would get you back to him quickly.
“Nat, I want you to form a team and go scope out their usual hideouts; find out if there’s any sign of them.” Bucky ordered.
“You got it.” Nat nodded in understanding.
“Peter, get on the phone to the police commissioner; he owes me a favour from a while back. Tell him I want all of his officers out looking, but tell them not to engage if they find her; just call me.” Bucky turned to the youngest team member.
“Sure thing sir.” Peter nodded, jumping to his feet to go make the call.
“Scott, send around word to our allies; a $2 million reward for any information on their location. Reassure them that any information given will be treated with the strictest confidence. Then call Banner, the likelihood is she’s going to be hurt; I want him to have everything set up here before she gets back.” Bucky ordered.
“Clint, I want you and Quill here guarding Tommy. You don’t move from outside his room. If anything happens to him you’re both dead.” Bucky threatened.
“We’ll keep him safe boss.” Clint nodded.
“Okay everyone, let’s get going.” Bucky rose to his feet, gesturing for everyone to leave. Eventually Bucky and Steve were the only two left in the room.
“You doing okay?” Steve asked his friend cautiously.
“I don’t understand why they haven’t sent their demands yet.” Bucky ran his hand down his face.
“They want us to panic buck.” Steve sighed “they know as more time goes by you’ll become more desperate; therefore more likely to agree to their terms.”
“They’re not fucking wrong.” Bucky groaned “I’d give it all up in a second...I...I can’t lose her Stevie.”
Steve had never seen his friend so vulnerable, he looked like he was seconds away from breaking down completely; it scared him.
Steve pulled Bucky in for a hug, patting his back in what he hoped was a reassuring gesture.
“We’ll get her back Buck.” Steve said through his own tears “I swear we’ll get her back.”
You endured another beating, wishing you would just lose consciousness to get a reprieve from the pain you were feeling.
You coughed up a wad of blood onto the floor, a sure sign of internal bleeding. At least you were one step closer to death, one step closer to peace.
You watched with blurred vision as Pierce left the room, whistling happily to himself as if he hadn’t just beaten you within an inch of your life. The other man, Stark approached your battered form.
“Please...I can’t take anymore.” You cried.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” His voice was gentle “I’m so sorry...I didn’t know he was going to hurt you like this...I never would have helped him if I’d known.”
“Please just set me free.” You begged “just let me go.”
“I can’t do that.” The man looked close to tears himself “we’ll both end up dead if I try to get you out of here.”
You sobbed, completely drained both physically and emotionally.
“I’m going to call Barnes.” Stark said after a long pause “I’m going to tell him where you are. You’re going to survive this Y/N...I swear we’ll get you out.”
A/N- Despite receiving some rather nasty asks and private messages that made me question if I wanted to continue this story I’ve also received so much lovely feedback, so thank you to everyone who’s commented and sent asks; it means a lot! I’m really excited about the next parts of this story, and can’t wait to start writing them!❤️
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mindofharry · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
In which bucky learns how to be a boyfriend.
a whole lot of fluff, clueless bucky and some cuddling, bucky is a sucker for cuddling! this is the last part of the losing you series 🥺 i’ve loved writing this - thank you for the continuous amount of love and support on it.
just a short little piece to finish it off!
losing you masterlist! happy reading!
Waking up early is something bucky does everyday. He doesn’t set an alarm or leave the curtains open before he goes to bed, he just wakes up at 6 in the morning naturally. You absolutely loathe it. Not only does the warmth and your beefy boyfriend leave the bed, bucky barnes does not know how to be quiet. You have to give it to him, he’s been working on a lot of things. His emotions, communication etc. But understanding that you don’t want to wake up at 6am isn’t one of the things he just can’t get over. Every night before bed for the last two weeks he’s asked you to wake up early with him for a coffee and a run, every night you say no. You need your beauty sleep, and you’re working from home at the moment so you’re taking every chance of lie in you can.
“Baby, please” Bucky pleaded, kissing behind your ear as you lay in bed. You were reading a report you wrote up today, and bucky just got back from a mission. You would’ve thought he’d be exhausted after fighting all of those bad guys, but if anything - bucky has more energy. You were kind of hoping he would drop the 6 am thing and just sleep in with you. But no, he’s just as adamant as two weeks ago. Maybe if you weren’t absolutely exhausted from the last couple of months at work you would do this coffee and run with him, you love spending time with bucky.
After the fight, bucky has been better. He hasn’t changed, he’s still the same stubborn and blunt man you met a year ago. But he’s learning every day, going to his therapy sessions, hanging out with friends. Bucky is doing a lot better. He tells you when you’ve hurt his feelings and encourages you to do the same, you communicate and talk through your problems no matter how loud it gets.
Bucky is dropping you to the bar, massaging you whenever you want, getting you cakes and buying you dinner.
And even the simple things where he kisses your temple, or tucks you into his side. Bucky barnes is everything you could ever want and more.
“Why do you want to go out at 6 am?” You giggled turning over to face him, bucky was now on his side his head leaning on his hand, so he was looking down at you. You wanted to know why he was adamant on getting you out at an ungodly hour.
“Just want to spend time with my girl, is that too much to ask for?” He said and you smiled softly, pecking his lips. Your hand goes to his shoulder as you shake your head.
“No it’s not” You said and then nodded to yourself. “Ok, we’ll go for a coffee and a run tomorrow morning” You said, giving in to his pleads. Buckys eyes widened and he immediately buried his head into your neck, his arm going across you waist. You laughed loudly as he kissed down your neck.
“Need to get some sleep then, you’re not going to like me at 6 am”
Bucky tutted at you placing the report that was resting on your stomach on your bedside table. “I like you all the time, no matter how early it is” He said and you smiled placing your lips on his.
“Even when i’m grumpy?” You asked in between kisses.
“Even when you’re grumpy”
With that, you both got out of the bed to do your night time routine. You had been staying over at buckys place for the last couple of days and before that bucky was staying at yours. You like to be around each other, you’re not dependent on each other but you do like to be together. Bucky is so comforted by your energy, always ready to listen, help and offer the best advice you possibly can.
You get out your tooth brush as place it under the tap, and then put the toothpaste on it. Bucky is beside you doing the same to his, you hit your hip of his sending him a little smile to comfort him. You know how he gets before bed. Before this, sex with you was distracting him from all the nightmares and ugly things of the night. Now that you’re together and not doing anything to distract himself from his own harming thoughts, he gets nervous.
Nervous that he might hurt you or injure himself. You know he would never intentionally hurt you, no matter how mean bucky can get he’d never lay a hand on. You’re very sure of that.
You spit the toothpaste out, running your tooth brush under the water.
“You doing ok?” You asked and bucky nodded, cleaning his own tooth brush. You raised an eyebrow leaning against the sink. “I’m just, a little anxious. Nothing new, baby” He said putting his tooth brush away. You pouted and brought him into a hug.
“How about some face masks?” You asked with a grin, before bucky could even blink you had two face masks in your hand and was pulling him over the toilet. You practically pushed you boyfriend onto the toilet seat, he wasn’t wearing a shirt (requested by you) so it made it easier to do the face mask.
You put yours on quickly, and then rushed back to a bored looking bucky.
“You’ll love it” You reassured opening up the packet. Bucky sighed “The things i do for you” He mumbled closing his eyes and placing his hands on either side of you waist.
You place the face mask on your boyfriends face, carefully spreading it over his cheeks and forehead. He had perfect skin, you would be forever jealous of it.
“Feels nice, doesn’t it?”
He nodded leaning into your hand a little bit, you could see he was a little sleepy. “Can we watch an episode of new girl before bed?” You asked and of course bucky nodded. He secretly really liked the show, but he would never tell you that. You already knew, that’s why you asked.
“We’ll wash these off after this episode and then head to bed. Sound good, buck?” You asked and bucky nodded placing a hand on your shoulder guiding you back into the bedroom and grabbing the remote off your dresser. He was really quiet, which was something you’d have to get used to. It was just before bed when he got super quiet and you had to do all the talking. You didn’t mind one bit, bucky is a very good listener. He could listen to you talk for hours on end.
During the episode, bucky lay his head in your lap. You massaged his scalp, sometimes bucky reminds you of a little golden retriever.
“This part is funny” You said and bucky nodded agreeing rubbing at his eyes. You could tell he was tired.
“Why don’t we go wash these off and finish the episode after we get back from our run?”
Bucky sighed and stretched standing up, and then holding out his hands to help you up. You walked in front of him, bucky slapped your ass. He just couldn’t help it, your ass looks amazing in those shorts. You giggled and hit his shoulder.
You washed both of your faces and squished buckys cheeks together, he had a nice glow about him recently.
Bucky would definitely say it’s because of you.
You would say it’s because bucky is actually taking his mental health seriously.
“I love you” Bucky said and you stopped drying his face. You’ve said it before, but bucky had never really understood it until now. You doing all of this for him made him feel so happy, so warm and loved inside. The fact that you would stop watching your favourite show for him, give up your time and good face masks for him and constantly reassure and care for him.
Bucky barnes loves you so fucking much and he just can’t comprehend it, but he’s working on it.
“I love that you’re willing to wake up early for me, and to sit up and cuddle me when you’re obviously tired. I love that you’re always around, ready with advice, i love that you give the best hugs and know the right thing to say all the time” He said you blushed placing a hand on his cheek.
“I love you, Y/N. And i hate that i treated you so badly. I love you, and i’ll never love anyone the way i love you” He said and you bit your lip to try and stop the tears.
“I love you more, james”
And with that you both settled down and went to bed, you turned the tv off and looked over at bucky. “Shirt off or on?” You teased and bucky smirked.
“Is that even a question? Definitely off”
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drysdale-barnes · 12 hours ago
you never loved her like i do.
w/c: 2.4k
note: eek here’s part 1!! i hope you enjoy and please leave any comments or feedback you have. i’d love to hear what you all think. reblogs are massively appreciated <3
warnings: angst, a lot of grieving, bucky being a sweetheart but reader not accepting his help, a lil bit of fluff, mentions of bad coping mechanisms lols
series masterlist || main masterlist
Tumblr media
After the night spent in your apartment, surrounded by Steve’s possessions, you throw yourself back into working. You plan missions, you organise paperwork, you hold everybody together. Especially Peter. You console him regularly, often sitting with him and just letting him cry to you about his problems and his grief from losing Tony.  You’re constantly checking up on Pepper and Morgan, running errands and collecting anything that they happen to need. You become the backbone for the remaining members of the team - the glue that holds them all together. And for the most part, the facade that you’re wearing is foolproof; everybody thinks that you’re coping amazingly well, and they’re all grateful for it.
Except Bucky. He sees straight through you. His enhanced hearing and senses detect every hitch in your breath, every race of your heartbeat, every hushed sob in the night. You don’t think he notices that you never go home to your apartment; instead you stay at the compound, working until the crack of dawn, and only when you’re sure everybody else is asleep, do you allow yourself to break. Because they need you. You have to be strong. For them.
And you push Bucky away. Every night he knocks on your door, begging you to stop overworking yourself, to get some sleep. And every night he receives the same answer.
Until one day he’s had enough of it. He’s had enough of watching you take care of everybody but yourself. Dark purple bags appear under your eyes and he’s sure you haven’t eaten in days. So when he comes to you during the night and begs you to rest, receiving the same answer he always does, he doesn’t leave. Instead, he hauls you up from your seat, throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you to his room. And you put up a serious fight - thrashing, kicking and screaming. But he doesn’t let up. Damn that super strength of his.
“Bucky, fucking put me down!” you scream, pummeling your fists into his back as he strides to his bedroom. Not that it affects him at all.
“No, doll. You need to sleep.” His voice is stern, not leaving any room for arguments. Placing you gently onto the mattress, he sits himself down next to you on the bed and takes your hands in his. You try to shy away from the contact but he only holds you tighter.
“I’m tired of you not taking care of yourself.” Rolling your eyes, you wrench yourself out of his grip and stand, making for the door. However, he’s faster than you and in two long strides he’s already blocking your means of escape.
“This is ridiculous. I’m fine! Why are you being like this?” You clench your jaw in an attempt to halt the waver in your voice.
“Because I’m worried about you.” His voice is light, gentle and so, so concerned, and it makes you feel unworthy. You don’t deserve to have somebody care for you like this, especially not him. The pained expression painted across your face catches Bucky’s attention and he reaches out for you, his expression mirroring yours as you jerk away from his touch. 
“No. Stop.” A lump rises in your throat and you try your best to push it down, but Bucky notices. He always notices.
“Baby. Come on.”
“Bucky.” Your voice comes out as a thin whimper and you stagger away from him, collapsing in on yourself as tears start to trail down your cheeks. Your body shakes violently as you try to shield yourself from him when he advances slowly towards you. Crouching next to you, he holds his arms open for you. And when you make no effort to move towards him, he speaks to you in a low voice.
“Doll, Steve wouldn’t have wanted this for you.” A sob rips through your whole body at that and when you speak, your voice is laced with heartbreak and anger.
“You think Steve gave a shit about me? He’s gone! He never cared about me.” 
“You and I both know that’s not true.” Bucky whispers, his voice barely audible. “Come on, at least sleep for tonight.” You blanch at Bucky’s words and your muscles draw taut.
“I can’t, Buck.”
“I know it’s hard, but I want to help you.”
“You shouldn’t have to! You have your own shit going on and I’m just in the way. I can take care of myself.” You push yourself up from your place on the floor and head for the door once again. Bucky’s vibranium fingers wrap around your wrist and swivel you back around to face him.
“James, let go of me.”
“Let me help you.” he pleads, his eyes oozing with desperation. He pulls you against his chest and pushes your hair out of your face.
“I don’t need help. I’m fine.” And you’re sure you are, because Steve’s coming back, right? Bucky’s eyes soften, almost as if he’s read your mind, and you slump against his body, hiding your face in his t-shirt. You both know that you’re not okay, you’re just not ready to admit it to yourself yet.
“Will you just sit with me for a little while then?” Bucky mumbles into your hair and you nod almost imperceptibly. You can’t say no to him and he knows it. Entwining your fingers, he leads you to the bed and lays down, tugging at your arm impatiently.
“‘M comin’, Buck. Just wait.” As soon as you hit the mattress, Bucky pulls you flush against him and for the first time, you don’t shy away from the touch, but rather lean into it. You’ve forgotten how cold the bed is at night without Steve.
And Bucky is not Steve by any means, but they’re so similar that sometimes you forget for a split second. Their mannerisms are the same, the way they walk, the way they hold themselves. But in other respects, they’re so strikingly different. Bucky is less assertive, less headstrong. But he has a sense of humour that contrasts heavily with Steve’s. More witty and sarcastic. He’s fun to be around; there’s never a dull moment, and you can’t help but laugh when you’re in his company. And he’s so caring. Always checking up on you, even when he’s struggling himself. You don’t deserve him.
“I’m sorry.” Your voice comes out small and weak - everything you’re trying to avoid being.
“For what?”
“I’m sorry that I couldn’t make him stay. I’m sorry that he left you.” Your bottom lip quivers wildly and you cover your face with your hand. Bucky only pries it away, meeting your eyes with his own tear-filled ones.
“It’s not your fault.” His voice never comes out at more than a whisper for fear of him completely breaking down.
“Maybe if I was more-,”
“No. Baby, no. It was his decision, not yours.”
“I know it was. I just can’t help but feel like- like I could’ve stopped him i-if he loved me more. If I was better for him, you know?” Bucky just shushes you and wipes your tears tenderly, wrapping the blankets around you both as you curl your body into his, moulding you together.
And that’s the first night since Steve leaving that you allow yourself to feel it. The gaping wound he’s left in your heart that you’re desperately trying to repair. 
You spend all night in bed with Bucky. He wipes your tears and you wipe his. He rubs soothing circles into your bare skin and whispers sweet nothings into the empty silence. You card your fingers through his wild hair and press tender kisses to the top of his head. And you hold each other together, desperately trying to fill the cracks Steve’s absence has left in both of you, willing the pain to subside, even for a short moment.
Eventually, Bucky’s eyes droop shut and his breath evens out. And when sleep overcomes him, you slip out of the bed quietly in favour of sitting by the open window. You watch for hours as the stars brighten and fade, and you hope that Steve is up there somewhere. You beg the sky, whoever may be up there, to bring him back to you.
“Please bring him back.” you beg, although deep down you know it’s in vain. 
Bucky hears your voice, choked with melancholy, ring through the otherwise silent room, and his heart breaks even more. But he never mentions it. He knows it would only make you feel worse if he heard this side of you - so open and vulnerable and so terribly broken.
Soon enough, the sun peeks out from behind the skyline and you start the day all over again, pretending that the night before was nothing more than a dream.
Bucky still checks up on you, as he does every day. And you tell him the same thing you always do.
“I’m fine, Buck.” You rub his shoulder comfortingly, and offer him a smile, although it’s small and sad and doesn’t reach your eyes.
But you’re not fine. And sometimes you forget that Steve is gone.
Sometimes you’ll reach out to hold his hand before you can stop yourself, and you’ll grasp only air. That sinking feeling in your stomach is like no other - the most hopeless, gut-wrenching feeling you have ever experienced. It makes you want to scream and cry and throw tantrum after tantrum because this isn’t fair. But you don’t. You take a deep breath and swallow your tears, pushing back that overwhelming sorrow sitting heavily in your chest, and you carry on.
You still look for him everywhere. In your favourite coffee shop you used to go to, in all of his favourite places. You naturally gravitate to wherever he is - except he’s not there anymore. Sometimes, you reach out for him during the night before remembering that he’s gone; instead of finding his warm body to curl up next to, all you find is cold and empty space that taunts you, saying: he’s gone, he’s not here, he left you.
And slowly but surely, the grief takes over your everyday life too, finally too much to handle and conceal. You have to excuse yourself from briefings and meetings in order to hold yourself together. You lock yourself away from everybody. You rarely speak unless it’s out of necessity. The truth is, you don’t really know how to live without Steve. He’s been there for every step of your time with the Avengers. Every fight, every mission, every moment. You don’t know how life works without him around. He was your lifeline, your motivation, your everything. And now that he’s gone, you’re not so sure what you’re carrying on for. You start to crumble from the inside out.
Bucky’s worried out of his mind. But every time he brings it up, you dismiss it. 
But soon enough, you become increasingly irritable, the littlest things setting you off. You shout at Peter after something minute triggers you, accidentally making him cry. Which makes you cry too. Bucky steps in, whispering apologies at Peter as he ushers him out of the room.
“Sorry, kid. She didn’t mean it, she’s just havin’ a hard time right now. You understand that don’t you?”
“Peter, I’m so sor-sorry.” you hiccup through sobs, burying your face in your hands.
“It’s okay, Y/N. I know you didn’t mean it.” he sniffles back before wandering off. Bucky scoops you up into his arms and holds you close as you cry and scream. You cry until you can’t anymore, until your throat is raw and your face is swollen. His grip on you never loosens; you ball a handful of his shirt in your fist, clinging to him as he murmurs soft reassurances into your skin.
“It’s okay. I’m here. ‘M not goin’ anywhere, doll.”
Once your sobs cease, he carries you to his room once again and lays you down on the soft mattress; you don’t fight. He crawls under the blankets next to you and you don’t even make an attempt to acknowledge him. You just feel numb. Like all of the emotions you possess have been drained out of you, leaving you with this god-awful feeling of emptiness.
“I don’t know why I’m doing this anymore, Buck.” you whisper, breaking the tense silence standing between you two.
“Doing what?”
“Y’know, just anything. I don’t know why I’m even here anymore.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Nobody needs me here. Peter’s gonna graduate soon. Sam’s taken up the shield so well. You’ve got your pardon and a fresh start as a civilian. And I…”
“You what, sweetheart?” he urges gently. You visibly cringe at the pet name. That particular name holds too many memories. Bucky makes a mental note not to say it again.
“I’m the same as I’ve always been. Except now I don’t know what to do. Not without him.” Bucky reaches down and intertwines his fingers with yours, giving them a gentle squeeze.
“I know you love him. I do too. But we’ll be okay. We can do this without him.”
“You think so?”
“I know so, babydoll. We’re gonna be fine.” You shuffle closer to him in the bed, wrapping your arms around his muscular torso and burying your face into the crook of his neck. You mumble apologies to him quietly.
“I’m sorry I pushed you away.” you murmur, “I know you we’re trying to help, and I jus’ made things worse.”
“Shh, you didn’t make anything worse. I’m here now. That’s all that matters.” He snakes an arm around your waist, holding you against him, and you sigh into the contact, starting to grow drowsy. “That’s it, just sleep.” Bucky coos, his eyes also growing heavy.
And as you fall asleep, for the first time in a long while, you have a new sense of hope. That maybe you will be okay. Because you have Bucky.
So you allow yourself to fall asleep in his embrace, feeling assured that he’ll be there when you wake up. He won’t leave you. He kisses the top of your head before drifting off and you both fall asleep holding each other, a mess of entangled limbs and soft snores.
series taglist: @belladonnabarnes @blackberrybucky @ceo-of-daichi @bakugouswh0r3 @heavenhatesme @obsssedwithjustaboutanything @hails270105 @hocusbowie @louisetheblue @quinnmaddie @leyannrae @josiewinters1999 @superavengerpotterstar @chynagirl113 @lovelyladymayyy @mariusprincess-blog @gloryekaterina @lakamaa12 @sociallyantisocialbutterfly @jessyballet @naturalswifty89 @kaelyn-lobrutto24 @lizasaurus-purple-edition @iilwcre @ginger-swag-rapunzel @stumbleonmywords @sergeantbuckybarnes @stressbye @impala1967666 @s-r-clowns @poetbarnes @hurricane-abigail @intothesoul @austynparksandpizza
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sunshineandaisies · 13 hours ago
Blueberries & Chocolate Chips
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: ~1.1k
Warnings: tooth rotting fluff
Note: Happy Mother’s Day to all the baby mommas, the fur mommas, the plant mommas, and all the momma’s in between!
Tumblr media
You woke up to the sound of giggles floating through the open door of your bedroom, and the sound instantly tugged the corner of your lips into a sleepy smile. You slipped from bed, stretching your hands over your head and chasing the grogginess away before quietly padding down the hall to the kitchen where you’d find the source of the happy giggles. 
You paused in the mouth of the hallway, leaning against the wall and taking in the sight before you. Amongst a mess of pots and pans and mixing bowls was your boyfriend and daughter, whispering and giggling and causing general mayhem in your apartment’s small kitchen. 
You had introduced Bucky to Lucy only five weeks ago, but they were already thick as thieves. 
Lucy was perched on Bucky’s hip, his metal arms holding her securely in place as he moved around the kitchen, searching the cupboards - for what, you didn’t know - and quietly asking Lucy if she wanted blueberries or chocolate chips in her pancakes.
When you had met the super soldier six months ago, you never in your wildest dream pictured the scene that was playing out in front of you. Sure, there was an instant attraction between you and Bucky when you met him in the bar that night, but you both had some very prominent baggage; you had a young daughter from a failed past relationship and more student debt than you wanted to think about, and Bucky- well, he had a lot of demons that he was working through. 
And somehow, despite the baggage, what you had thought would be a one night stand turned into the best relationship you’d ever been in, one that was full of honesty and trust and understanding (and pretty mindblowing sex, but that was neither here nor there). 
Despite some initial hesitation to introduce Bucky to Lucy after you’d decided to give a real relationship a try, you pretty quickly realized that you had absolutely nothing to worry about. Like most people that spent a decent amount of time around the four-year-old, Bucky was very quickly wrapped around her tiny finger.
He brought her a teddy bear the first time he met her, and if that hadn’t been enough, Bucky spent hours coloring pictures of Disney princesses with her while singing along to the soundtracks from Moana and Frozen while you cleaned up from dinner. You decided you loved him then and there, and Lucy seemed to feel the same, asking if ‘Bucky could come play with her again tomorrow’ that night when you tucked her in for bed.
The man was attractive as hell, funny, helped save the world a couple times (no big deal), and great with your daughter. He was the total package, right? Not to toot your own horn, but you were pretty damn proud of yourself for snagging James Buchanan Barnes.
Your silent observation of Bucky and your daughter was brought to an end when Lucy finally took notice of you. 
“Mommy!” she greeted happily, tapping Bucky on the shoulder to gain his attention to pointing to the other side of the room at you. “Mommy’s awake.”
Bucky turned to face you, a spatula in his hand. “So she is,” he noted with a smile. “We were planning to bring you breakfast in bed, doll.”
You raised your brows, pointing over your shoulder with your thumb. “I can always go back to bed,” you offered. “I don’t want to ruin your fun.”
“Nah,” Bucky said with a small wave of the spatula, as if he were shooing your suggestions away. He nodded his head towards the stools at the island. “Take a seat, doll. Watch us work our magic.”
“Your magic, huh?” You did as you were told, sitting at the counter and folding your arms in front of you on the granite surface. “And just what makes it so magical?”
“Love, Mommy!” Lucy answered excitedly. “Do you want blueberries or chocolate chips?” Her repetition of Bucky’s earlier question had you and he sharing soft smiles. “Bucky says blueberries are better, but I think chocolate chips are better.”
“Maybe Mommy can be the tie breaker,” Bucky suggested, an amused twinkle in his blue eyes. 
You raised a brow at him. “Is that right?” You feigned deep thought, drumming your fingers on your chin before grinning at the pair. “I don’t know, Lu. Maybe some coffee will help Mommy think better.” 
“Coming right up, doll,” Bucky told you before shuffling over to the coffee pot. You could hear the two whispering to one another as they prepared your coffee just how you like it, and the sight - the absolute domesticity of it - made you feel so warm and fuzzy inside and holy shit you loved this man so much. “One cup of coffee for the pretty lady.”
Lucy giggled as she pushed the mug of coffee across the counter towards you, splashes of liquid spilling from the mug from her less than careful actions. “Blueberries or chocolate chips, Mommy?” 
You hummed, considering your options. “What about blueberry and chocolate chips?”
Her big doe eyes widened in surprise. “You can do that? Bucky, I want blueberries and chocolate chips like Mommy!” He nodded his agreement, and looked at you, his eyes crinkling in amusement before the pair turned their attention back to the pancake batter to add the requested sweets and fruit.
You smiled into your coffee as Bucky and Lucy laughed at his failed attempt to make a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake. Watching him with your daughter was very, very quickly becoming your favorite past-time. Who would’ve thought that the super soldier was a big teddy bear beneath all the muscle and gruffness?
You continued to watch them with rapt attention as they worked together to make breakfast, and within ten minutes, the three of you were sat around the small table in the kitchen, enjoying your breakfast together. While blueberries and chocolate chips didn’t go together as well as you had hoped when you made the suggestion, Lucy had a bright smile on her face as she happily shoveled the syrupy pancakes into her mouth. 
It made you smile, and seeing you smile made Bucky smile.
His hand found yours under the table, his thumb tracing lazy patterns over the back of your hand. “Happy Mother’s Day, doll,” he breathed, leaning in to brush his lips against yours in a chaste kiss.
“Ew,” your daughter giggled as she watched you and Bucky. “Kissing is gross! You’re gonna get cooties, Mommy!”
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