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#winter soldier fanfiction
mads-weasley · 11 minutes ago
Legacy Masterlist
Tfatws!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Tumblr media
@spideysriddle for the awesome aesthetic!
Summary: When you get the call from Bucky about a potential mission, you didn’t think it would change your life in more ways than one.
The Call: Bucky calls you with a mission, and you can’t help but accept.
Aftermath: Following the fight with the Flag Smashers, you need a certain brunette super-soldier to help you get through your injuries.
The Final Session: After getting him out of jail, Bucky realizes that you might have to turn to an old foe in order to get information about the new super soldiers running around Europe.
The Conversation: Having a moment to spare, you and Bucky have the opportunity to talk about what happened and what it means. After seeing Zemo, Bucky runs you and Sam through a hypothetical that turns out to be not so hypothetical.
Stay In Character: Going to Madripoor, you, Sam, and Bucky are forced to play roles of people you are not. It takes a toll on some more than others.
Coming Soon!
Tag List:
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avenging-fandoms · 3 hours ago
bucky waking up from a nightmare and all he keeps saying is “don’t leave me, please don’t leave me” as he holds you so tight
Tumblr media
the winter soldier stomped around the hall, pointing his gun at people and pulling the trigger. people fled with pleas and screams, ducking with every shot. the winter soldier scanned the room, spotting the person he was told to find. 
the winter soldier skipped steps as he ran up the stairs, standing in place as he rose his hand slowly, cocking the gun. all he saw was the back of their head, and he stepped closer, slower. the winter soldier pressed the gun against the back of the person’s head, and they slowly turned around. 
you stood in silence as the barrel of the gun pressed against your forehead, staring up into his eyes. the winter soldier’s eyes flickered in between yours, gripping the trigger with his index finger slowly. you shut your eyes and the winter solider pulled the trigger. 
bucky woke up with a loud sob, his breathing jagged and shoulders shaking as he sobbed. you sat up with him, rubbing his back and scooting closer to him. your fingers ran through his hair, pulling his head to your shoulder. bucky’s arms wrapped tightly around your body, crying into your neck. 
“don’t leave me, please don’t leave me. please.. please..” he whispered, sniffling and letting out a sob. “don’t leave me, yn, please, don’t leave”
“i’m not going any where, bucky, i’m with you forever and a day. i’m not going any where, baby” you kissed his forehead softly a couple times, whispering the same words against his head. 
bucky finally calmed down and you two laid back down, your nails softly drawing pictures into his back. your other hand rested on his cheek, thumb rubbing over his skin. bucky didn’t loosen his grip on you, scared to close his eyes in case he saw what he had a nightmare about. 
“do you want something to eat? watch something? music?” you offered everything bucky enjoyed, but he just shook his head. his head snuggled deeper into your neck, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly.
“i just want you to hold me, yn. please don’t leave me” he whispered, a tear running down the side of his face and landing on your skin. 
“i’ll never leave you, bucky. it’s me and you against the world” you kissed his forehead and put on your relaxing music playing, humming along and bucky fell asleep to the vibrations, your warmth, and your words replaying in his head. ‘i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you. i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you’ 
you turned off the music when you heard bucky snoring, holding him as you fell back asleep yourself with your cheek on top of his head. you were what bucky always needed, and he never wanted to let you go, and you never wanted to let him go either. 
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belleinhell · 5 hours ago
Genesis- Chapter 14
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: Smut, me crying, Cute Henry, Genesis and Spence
“I don’t wanna leave you on the night of Halloween.” Genesis whined at the team especially to her brother who shook her head.
“Well it was either that or throw drugs in your locker and fire you.” Penelope Garcia piped up making the Brunette’s eyes wide
“Let’s face it, Reign…you’re a workaholic and we just convinced you to lead a normal life.” Derek laughed as the girl rose her eyebrows.
“Define normal.” Derek just sipped on his coffee and walked away with a smirk.
“Hey…” a new voice popped up making genesis smile at the familiarity and ran into the Man’s arms.
“Did you do it?” she hugged him tighter when she received a nod in response “I am so so proud of you.” she whispered, pulling back, James Barnes dipped his head pecking the woman’s lips.
“Whoa, hey, brother still here.” spencer Reid pulled back the girl with a protective scowl, the room filled with laughter at the scene before them.
Just then JJ entered the room with a smile “alright everybody I have an announcement to make, as I’m sure some of you are aware Henry was a little nervous going trick or treating this year but he’s decided to anyway.” she announced making everyone smile.
“What changed his mind?” Derek questioned.
“The BAU did.” she clarified “I told him he should go out on Halloween and try to figure out which monsters are real and which ones are not.” the teamed beamed at her explanation.
“So he wants to be a profiler.” Aaron asked with a rare and beautiful smile.
“Ah! He wants to be his favorite profiler.” she moved aside to reveal Henry dressed up as his godfather making the room give out sounds of delight and his godparents immediately rushing to him.
Tumblr media
James watched as Genesis styles the child’s hair as spencer complimented him, she quickly lifted the child up on her hips and snatched spencer’s id from him attaching to the Henry’s cardigan “oh he’s official” they smiled.
Emily Prentiss was more focused on the look of adoration on James and moved towards him as Genesis and the others conversed among themselves “that’s cute.” she commented breaking him out of his daze “you love her.” she continued making the man nod “and you know I’ll shoot you multiple times if I find out that you hurt her.” James nodded gulping as her face turned into an innocent one “good, please take care of her, she deserves it.” Emily pleaded as the man gave her his word.
“hey Nes!” he called out to her and nodded towards the door indicating it was time to leave after hundreds of hugs and kisses and promises the couple headed back to her apartment.“So where are you guys headed?” Derek asked as Genesis took a deep dramatic breath. “Home.” she nodded receiving funny looks from her team mates and boyfriend.She laughed at them
“it was pretty funny, couple of weeks in Louisiana and then Brooklyn.”
James turned her around when she closed the door behind her, not giving enough time to even turn on the lights “can I kiss you?” he asked and immediately pressed his lips to hers after receiving a meek ‘yes’ from her, the once slow and innocent kiss turned into a lust filled hungry one “you sure? I don’t wanna hurt you” He mumbled against her mouth.
“I want this, I want you, you can never hurt me” she cupped face, he quickly pushed her back against the door while her hand fumbled over the wall to find the switch.
A shatter rang through the place when the light turned on, the couple laughed the broken vase on the floor as a result of turning on the lights “I hated that vase anyways.” she muttered with a small chuckle.
“Jump.” he whispered in her ear which she happily obliged to, turning into a moaning and panting mess when he attacked her neck with kissed, nibbles and bites.
“oh my god Bucky!” she gasped when his kisses hit her sweet spot, she could fell his smirk on her skin, he pulled back and kissed her lips again, angling their faces and tongues, He moaned into her mouth when her fingers tangled into his short brunette locks , sending shivers down her spine and wetness gather in her panties.
They quickly moved to her bedroom as he dropped her on the bed, hovering on top of her his “too much clothing.” he groaned in a deep voice making her let out an involuntary moan, he rushed to remove her shirt and pants, leaving her in her innerwear.
“So. Fucking. Beautiful” he praised making the heat rush to her cheeks.
“Too much clothing.” she spoke up undoing his pants when his hands stopped her.
“No, tonight is all about you.” he said sternly and immediately discarded his clothing and moved up to unclasp her bra.
Tumblr media
His tongue glided all the way from her neck, to the valley between her breasts, nipping it and kissing it making her whine, to her stomach, caressing her hips when he finally came to the destination he so desperately wanted.
He now faced her throbbing slit, he could see how wet she was, he looked up at her, asking for consent and when he received a nod he removed her underwear without skipping a beat, diving into her pussy, eating her out like a starved man.
His vibranium arm went to her stomach holding her down while she whined and moaned from above him, writhing with pleasure. She tangled her fingers in his hair pushing him deeper between her legs eliciting a moan from him the vibration making her moan his name out loud.
His tongue swirled around her clit with such skill she arched her back moaning louder than ever.
“Bucky Barnes, fuck me right now before I kill you.” she panted out, him giving her a boyish smirk he moved up kissing her lips and asked for a condom, she moved towards her bedside table pulling one out which he immediately accepted and rolled it on.
He almost laughed when she angrily whined as he teased her with his tip rubbing up and down her slit, his dog tags dangling over her, she hissed in arousal when the cold metal rubbed her skin, she quickly grabbed his ass and pushed him into her, both of them letting out a moan at the contact, and he gave her the time to adjust to him, moving slowly when she nodded in approval.
His once slow thrusts became fast and hungry, as the room filled with grunts, moans and the sounds of skin contact. He pinned her arms above her securing it with his metal arm smirking as she gasped at his action. The two were desperate for a release.
“Bucky.” she gasped feeling the knot in her stomach.
“me too, come for me doll.” as if those words were magic she moaned his name louder as her walls clenched around him in pleasure when she came, making him moan out at the sensation as he felt himself spilling into the condom.
The two panted out of breath as they rode down their highs, the man rolled off of her to the side, discarding the condom. He rolled over, facing her, his left hand making its way to her cheek, gently rubbing it. “You were amazing love.” her heart fluttered at the nickname as she gave him a smile
“This is everything I dreamed of and more.” she smiled at him. She moved up and placed a chaste kiss to his lips. She moved her body so she could lay her head on his chest and he instinctively moved so he could hold her.
“I’ll be right here when you wake up.” he whispered kissing her head “Genesis?” he called out to her, she tilted her head to she could meet his cerulean orbs “I love you.” he mumbled making her laugh.
“I love you too” he grinned wider admiring her naked body on top of his, her hand clutching on to his dog tags, like it did the first time the fell sleep together. He brushed her short brown hair and lightly kissed it before he drifted off to a dreamless sleep.
The morning sun spilled into the room, Genesis was the first to wake up as she groaned at the light contacting her eyes, her hands letting go of the dog tags she was holding. It took her a minute to realize she was laying on the chest of James Barnes, the thoughts of last night flooded her mind, a smile gracing her lips. She looked over to the clock reading the time, she moved her hand up, running her fingers through his short brunet locks making him shift in his place, his eyes fluttered open immediately squinting his eyes trying to adjust to the light. It wasn’t long before his eyes met with her own doe orbs. “Good morning.” she whispered moving up to kiss his lips.
“Good morning Nes” he spoke in the same tone into her lips.
“we,” she stood up, walking to her closet as James watched her move around the room naked, adorning a smile of admiration and love on his face while she picked out her outfits “have to catch a flight in two hours.” she turned around facing him, screwing her face together “what?” she laughed he just shook his head smiling wider.
“It’s a pretty good sight before me.” she scoffed at his response and threw a shirt at him.
“so whipped.” she pointed her finger at him, he pouted as she moved into the bathroom to ready herself for the day “I never said you couldn’t join me sergeant.” she poked her head out which made the ex-assassin almost run into the bathroom much to her amusement.
Tumblr media
“Boys!” she laughed as AJ and Cass ran up to the couple, pretending to knock them down as James hovered around them with the cake pretending to throw it on them.
A shrill scream sounded through the area making the couple snap their head towards captain America with a surprised look, he almost fell over making his way to the two and poked Genesis’ neck whose hand flew up to the place with a confused look “hickey…” he stuttered looking between the two “oh my god.” he repeated making the couple furrow their eyebrows in amusement while the moved and sat on the table with the Mother and children.
“Sarah, your brother is being a bother.” Genesis complained making the woman laugh.
“Join the club.” she scoffed looking at her brother who still had his mouth open.
“Yes, Samuel we’re dating now.” she deadpanned closing his mouth for him.
“Jesus, finally.” he breathed out making everyone laugh at his antics.
Genesis’ POV:
I was talking to the people Sarah introduced to me and glanced at Bucky, as if he felt me looking he turned around giving me a warm smile which made my heart melt, he immediately jogged over to me making me roll my eyes when his arms circled my waist pulling me against his waist.
“hi.” he whispered in my ears as I leaned my head back on his shoulders, Sarah smirked at me before walking to Sam who I saw was repeatedly hitting her pointing towards us. What a child.
“I am working.” I stated looking at his pout which made me hit him lightly. I scoffed when he let out a sound of hurt “oh so you can fall 200 meters and not handle a slap…that’s right, I have the video.” I smirked referring to the video I got when the two were in Munich. Thank you Samuel Thomas Wilson. He groaned as he reached out to get the food from me. I slapped his hand away.
“Wow you’re a violent lady” he whined and I innocently smiled in satisfaction.
“Stop being a dramatic piece of shit.”
“Okay you’re gonna be like this even if were dating?” I nodded vigorously.
He turned me around grabbing my cheeks and pulling my lips to his, Sarah came over and grabbed my spatula shooing us away, Bucky gladly took the opportunity to take me to the dance floor and his hands found my waist and mine fount his neck as we swayed around laughing our feet dancing to the music playing in the background.
After a while I ran to the place everyone were taking picture with Sam and I waited for my turn and jumped on his back, the two of us laughing as the picture was taken, I took multiple pictures, both of us looking like total idiots in every single one of them.
I looked at Bucky who stood beside be balancing the kids hanging to his vibranium arm while he dramatized his stories. He was truly happy, I could see it, and I believe everyone could. He deserved it more than anyone.
Tumblr media
It felt peaceful, my legs were dipped in the water when Sam walked over “for the first time in a very long time, I don’t have to fight my way through.” I spoke as he sat next to me.
“I can see that, I’ve never seen you this loosened up.” I laughed at his comment.
“Me neither.” I nodded he threw his arms around my shoulder.
“I’m happy for you Gen, truly.” I nodded leaning onto him.
“And I’m so proud of you Sam, truly.” I smiled at him and stood up, pulling him up and hugged him.
“Thank you Gen.” he smiled softly “hey, food’s being served.” he noticed making me snap my neck towards him.
“Gah! Finally!” I threw my head back, he laughed and threw his arms around me again, the two of us walking over to everyone.
It was beautiful, the fairy lights swimming on top of us as me and James swayed to the music, not like the goofy dance before but just us in each other’s embrace when I looked up in realization, he furrowed his brows in concern “what?”
“You’re my home” I muttered to him, a smile slowly growing, his expressions matched mine
“And you’re mine, always and there’s no one else I’d rather be with.” he proclaimed pulling me closer as we swayed to the slow music playing, letting ourselves to relax.
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astaticworld · 7 hours ago
me: im writing fanfiction for the secret fatws that only lives in my head
my brain: well now you have to flesh out the missing details
me: haha, no i don't, you get vagaries and pixie dust <3
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darke-15 · 8 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Three hours and counting - Chapter 44 releasing Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT
You're caught up, right?
Tumblr media
“Your loyalty knows no bounds.”
“Don’t patronize me,” Boone spat with a glare, “Aftermath is simply my employer. A means to an end. But, when the game's over, all my cards are on the table and the chips are down, my loyalties lie with you.”
| Battle Scarred: Aftermath | »Darke15
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underwhelmingalchemist · 8 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel) Additional Tags: Bucky's staring problem, Staring, Fluff, Domestic Fluff, Original Locations, Delacroix - Freeform, First Dates, Falling In Love, sort of canon compliant, TFATWS SPOILERS, Smut, Fluff and Smut, Porn with Feelings, Betaed, Bookstore Date, bucky barnes is a nerd, mild LOTR references, Bucky Barnes Needs a Hug, Bucky Barnes Gets a Hug, bucky in Delacroix Summary:
Sam realizes that he's falling in love with Bucky. What's more, Bucky might be falling in love with him. Or at least that's what he's reading in his eyes.
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tuiccim · 9 hours ago
The Coupon Book: #1 - One Lap Dance to your song of choice.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader     Word Count: 1.7K
Warnings: Smut NSFW 18+ Only, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism.
Thank you to my amazing beta babe and hype ho, @whisperlullaby​ / Divider by @firefly-graphics​
The Coupon Book: A 12 Part Smut Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You looked over yourself in the lingerie Bucky had picked. The set was royal blue overlaid with black lace. The matching bra, panties, and garter belt were sexy as hell when paired with thigh highs and heels. You looked ready to step out onto the stage of a strip club which is exactly what you felt like you were about to do. Bucky had sweet talked you into allowing Steve to join you again and then had somehow gotten you to agree to him giving the coupon for a lap dance to Steve. Probably because he had been expertly stroking your clit while being knuckles deep in you when he had brought it up. You would have agreed to just about anything.
If you were honest with yourself, including Steve was a turn on. You had enjoyed him watching you, wanting you, and you were looking forward to being allowed to touch him. You knew Bucky had strategically chosen Steve’s favorite color for you to wear and smirked as you pulled a matching robe over the ensemble. A knock sounds on the bathroom door. 
“Ready when you are, doll.” Bucky says. 
You can hear the grin in his voice. The dirty bastard was loving this. Teasing Steve, watching him get so hot for you, and then fucking you while Steve watches. You were getting wet just thinking about it. You take a deep breath and open the door. You smile widely as Bucky gives you a once over and nods his approval. When you turn to Steve you feel yourself getting excited. His heated gaze flickers over you before settling on your eyes. His tongue darts out to wet his red lips and anticipation crackles in the air. 
“You ready?” you ask Steve. 
“Whenever you are, sweetheart,” Steve sits in the arm chair while Bucky settles on the couch. You stood just outside their reach as you looked between them.
“You know the rules of a lap dance?” You ask Steve, biting your lip. 
“Never had one.” Steve says with a blush stealing across his cheeks. 
“Only one rule really. I can touch you but you can’t touch me, okay?”
“Uh, yeah, of course,” Steve wipes his palms on his thighs nervously. 
You walk to Bucky, lean down and kiss him. Looking into his eyes you whisper, “Ready?”
“Very,” Bucky whispers back with a grin.
He had picked the song for you to dance to and, as you turn away from him, “Guys My Age” by Hey Violet begins to play. You untie the robe and slowly remove it as you go to Steve. His eyes widen and lips part as you walk towards him in time to the music. You stand between his legs and as the beat drops you twirl around and drop into his lap. Your ass grinds against him in rhythm and you can see his hands gripping the arms of the chair. 
Turning to face Steve, you drape your arms across his shoulders and bring your face close to his. You roll your body up, allowing your breasts to almost touch him. He licks his lips as his eyes glued to you. Lowering yourself, you drag your hands down Steve’s chest and then his thighs as you kneel between his legs. You stretch yourself back until you can see Bucky who looks at you with unconcealed lust. 
At the next beat, you move yourself forward until your face is inches from Steve’s tented sweatpants and look up at him through your eyelashes with a sinful smile. 
“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” Steve breathes out as he watches you rise again. You turn and grind against him as you lean back on his chest and wrap and arm around his neck. You bring your lips close to his as you move your hips in circles against his clothed cock. You can feel your own slick pooling in your panties seeing the two men looking at you with such lust. Bucky’s eyes haven’t left you since you began the dance. 
You decide to be a bit more daring and grabbing Steve’s hands from the arms of the chair you slide one across the skin just under your breasts. The other you drag across your stomach and then down, across your bellybutton, past the lacy edge of your panties, to just above your mound while staring into Bucky’s eyes. You watch his jaw tighten as Steve’s fingers spread out and his breath falls on your neck. You pull away, standing up, and turn to face Steve again. The song is nearing the end. You straddle Steve and watch as he fights the urge to grab your ass, his hands lifting and flexing before returning to the arms to grip with white knuckles. You grind on him, staring into his face and then roll your top half back to see Bucky’s reaction. He sits on the couch with a smirk on his face and you already know the man is going to destroy you once this song ends. You slowly roll your body against Steve as the final chorus plays. He stares into your eyes as you grind against him and then the song comes to an end. You smile as you stand.
“What did you think of your first lap dance?” You ask. 
“That was hot and a fucking tease.” Steve grouses. 
You wink at him before turning back to Bucky, only to run into his solid chest, “Oh!” You make the exclamation of surprise and then stare into his intense gaze. His eyes mesmerize you. He slides one hand into your hair and kisses you passionately. You feel his other hand slide into your panties. His finger traces over your wet folds and you shudder. 
“You’re soaked, doll,” Bucky whispers as his fingers press into you. You grab his biceps to steady yourself as he pulls a pleasured moan from your lips. “Do you like knowing how much I want you?”
“Yes,” you breathe. 
“Do you like knowing that Stevie wants you?” he whispers against your lips. 
“Bucky,” you moan. 
“Tell me, doll.”
“Yes. Yes, I like it.” 
“Makes you hot, doesn’t it?” Bucky teases as he fingers edge you closer to orgasm. 
“Yes. Yes!” you clench around his fingers. 
“Good girl.” Bucky says as he pulls his fingers out of you. 
“Bucky!” you whine. 
Bucky’s hand grabs the front of your panties and leads you to the bed. He strips quickly and then kneels down in front of you. Carefully, he unclips your garter belt and slips it off of you. Your panties go next and then Bucky rises to remove your bra. You stand naked except for your stockings and heels. He lies down on the bed and then reaches for you, “Come sit on my face doll.”
You clench at the words. One glance over at Steve and you see his eyes glued to you with his cock firmly in hand. You straddle Bucky’s face and within seconds your head is thrown back. Bucky knows exactly how to use his mouth on you and you are mewling as he works you over. Grabbing handfuls of his hair, you ride his face. Electricity shoots through you with each swipe of his tongue. You stare at Steve as he watches you riding his best friend's face. You think about being between the two of them as they rail you together and the dam bursts. You cry out as you come and Bucky laves over you as you ride out the sensations. 
You move off Bucky’s face and he begins to sit up, but you surprise him by forcefully pushing him down on the bed. 
“Doll?” he says in surprise. You don’t answer instead, you straddle him, line him up with your entrance, and impale yourself. You ride him hard, barely giving either of you time to adjust to the new sensation. He grabs the sheets beneath him as you work him quickly. “Fuck, baby. Goddamn, you feel good.”
“Feels good, baby? Like it when I fuck you hard? God, you’re so thick,” you throw your head back as you ride him but a moan from across the room draws your attention back to Steve. You’re not sure where the confidence comes from or the assertiveness but you find words falling from your lips that would never have found their way out if not for Bucky’s openness. “That’s right, Stevie. It’s so fucking good when I ride him like this. Can feel him inside me.” You press your hand just above your mound.
“Fuck.” Steve groans as he watches your tits bounce with your motions. What he would give to have you on top of him. It had taken all of his self-control not to grab a hold of you when you were dancing and have you do exactly what you were doing to Bucky right now. Watching you was the most pleasurable torture he’d ever been through. His cock strained for your touch. The thought of your mouth on him, your cunt clenching around him, was driving him mad. He was near feral with lust for you as he watched you fuck his best friend. 
Bucky’s hands grasp your hips and he thrusts up into you bringing a cry of pleasure from you. His expression is one of possession as he fucks up into you. Staking a claim over what’s his while you talk to his best friend. 
“Fuck,” you moan, “so good. It’s so fucking good. You look hot fucking your fist, Stevie. Do you wish it was me? Wish it was my hot cunt wrapped around you?”
“Fuck yes.” Steve groans as his hand speeds up. 
With a guttural growl, Bucky grabs you around the middle and has you on your back in seconds, “Mine.” He exclaims the word as he rams into you. His hands go around your neck as he slams into you over and over again. "Mine" coming out in growls as he fucks into you. His hands tightening as he pushes you higher. 
You come with a silent scream. Your body violently spasming around him, pulling his own release from him. His hands slide from your neck and he lowers himself on top of you. His lips connect with your neck as he empties into you. You hear the moans of Steve as he reaches his end along with the two of you. 
When your breathing has slowed a bit you whisper in Bucky’s ear, “Yours. Always.”
Bucky grins against your neck, “I know.” He kisses your lips and then looks up at his ruined best friend with a devilish smirk. 
Tumblr media
Previous Coupon / Next Coupon
Tuiccim’s Masterlist
Updates and taglist: Due to the unreliable nature of tags, I no longer keep a taglist. Updates for series will be made on Thursdays and Sundays Central Time Zone. Please follow my sideblog @tuiccimfanfiction​ and turn on notifications for updates. All series and new stories will be reblogged to it. You will only receive notifications when a new part or story is out! Nothing else will be blogged to the page. I can’t thank you enough for your support!
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sanguineterrain · 10 hours ago
The Mess - Chapter Five (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
This is chapter 5 coming at ya! Happy Saturday :)
Title: The Mess
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Summary: Finally, you’re going home. Now everything’ll go back to normal. Right? 
Word count: 5.6k
Warnings: language.
Tumblr media
“Well, take a good long look. This is the last time we’ll ever be here.”
“Thank God. I’m picking the honeymoon destination next time.”
“Next time?” Bucky echoed as you pulled your door shut and locked it, ignoring the hinges squeaking in protest.
“Yeah, next time. You suck at honeymoon planning.”
He was leaning against the railing, dressier than usual in a forest button down and slacks for your court appearance, holding both his and your baggage.
“Is that implying there’ll be a next time?”
“Well, not with you. Clearly, weddings are not your forte.”
“I could say the same for you, doll.”
“We’ll see what the judge has to say about that.”
Two doors down, the handle jiggled and out came Spamela, no longer in a robe but now a nightgown that looked like it had seen better days, sporting the same clunky yellow rollers.
“Oh my god, that’s her!” you whispered, nudging Bucky.
“Spamela, duh. She’s the one who got huffy the other day, the one I told you about.”
“Spamela doesn’t sound like a real name.”
“Perceptive fella, you are.”
Spamela suddenly caught your eye and she squinted for a moment before her features soured in recognition.
“Oh. It’s you. Here to make more noise and wake up the whole floor?”
“Actually, my boy toy and I were just leaving,” you replied crisply.
Bucky choked on a cough.
“Good. Don’t come back.”
“Wouldn’t wanna, considering they’re letting anybody stay here.”
She snarled and slammed the door hard. You whistled, turning.
“See what I mean? That lady needs to touch some grass.”
“If you’re done antagonizing the locals, we need to be at the courthouse in an hour.” 
“Okay, but first, quick selfie.”
“A what?”
You pulled him back so you were both facing the sunlight, backs to the rooms. 
“Say cheese!” you smiled, taking out your phone and snapping a few photos. 
Bucky did not, in fact, say cheese.
“Hey, grumpy. Pull the stick out of your ass and stop looking like you’re about to get a root canal.”
“We’re gonna be late.”
“Yes, we will, because you refuse to smile.”
Bucky heaved a sigh, rolling his eyes hard, before quirking his lips up in a small smile that resembled more of a grimace. 
“Fine, I’ll take it. Even though you look like Sam that one time he lost that bet with Nat and had to get his legs waxed.”
Bucky snorted at the memory, smiling fully and you quickly snapped the picture.
“Now was that so hard? What a handsome smile my husband has.”
“Oh, so I’ve been upgraded from boy toy to husband?”
“Keep it up and I might even get a cat with you.”
“Hell no. Dogs all the way.”
“We’d get a cute fluffy kitten with different colored feet—”
“Pretty sure they’re called paws, doll.”
“—With different colored feet, and we’d name it Boots—”
“Not Boots, that’s so cliche.”
“—It’d probably have to be hidden at first though, ‘cause I’m pretty sure Tony doesn’t like cats.”
“Smart man.”
You shook your head.
“I bet if we went to the shelter, you’d change your mind. You’d stomp around until you saw the cat, and then you’d refuse to leave without it.”
“Keep dreaming. Cats are moody and get scratchy when they’re hungry. Sound like anyone you know?”
“Please, if anyone’s moody here, it’s you. I think you practice your broody face in the mirror.”
“It’s called a smoulder and the ladies dig it.”
“It’s called constipation and you need some prune juice.”
“Just for that, you can carry your own bag.”
You huffed as he dumped the suitcase straps into your hand, smiling way too smugly as he jogged down the stairs.
“How did we ever manage to get married?”
“Scientists are still scratching their heads, doll.”
“I mean, I know I’m irresistible.”
“Nah, that can’t be it.”
Bucky winked, a glimpse of the cheeky, too-confident young man he once was peeking through, and you suddenly understood what Steve’d meant when he described the Bucky he’d known as endearingly charming.
“I’m a delight,” you declared as you two arrived at the car Tony had sent. 
Bucky took your suitcase like it was second nature, lifting it into the trunk.
“Mm, sometimes.”
“Sometimes? You’ve never been bored once with me, Barnes.”
“Don’t know if I’d call that a good thing, doll. Though I’ll admit, you’ve got decent movie taste.”
“I do, don’t I?”
“Still gotta figure out picking locks, though.”
“One thing at a time.”
The hearing was quick, to your relief. The judge had watched the video of you two making drunken fools out of yourselves and it was no question that neither of you had been in the right mind to consent to marriage.
“And you’re both sure about this decision, correct?” confirmed the judge.”
“Definitely, Your Honor,” you assured.
“Yeah, there’s no way we could ever be married,” Bucky added.
“We can’t even put up with each other in separate motel rooms,” you laughed.
“Right. Plus, we ain’t ready for marriage, Judge.”
The judge nodded, holding her hands up.
“Alright, well, if you two are certain. Though I must commend you on your civility towards each other. I’d never think you two were unhappily married.” 
She signed the form, stamping it.
“I hereby declare that the matrimony between James Buchanan Barnes and Y/N L/N is nullified. Congratulations. Drop off that form to room A-240 and they’ll take care of any name changes or documents.”
“Thank you so much, Judge Abbott,” you said.
“Yes, thank you, Your Honor.”
“You’re very welcome. The court is dismissed.”
Bucky ran the form down to the office and returned within a minute, meeting you outside.
“We’re free!” you cheered.
“Sure are. Never have to put up with each other again.”
You paused, then offered your hand.
“You weren’t as unbearable as I thought you would be.”
“Neither were you,” Bucky agreed, shaking your hand.
“Enemies seems too strong of a word now,” you decided.
“You’ve got a point. Friends?”
“Don’t be silly, Barnes.”
“Heh, right. We’d never work as friends.”
“‘S unnatural.”
“Downright spooky.”
You thought for a moment.
“How ‘bout co-workers?”
You paused, then nodded.
“Colleagues. But don’t think this means I’m gonna be nice to you or anything.”
“‘Course not. I ain’t taking it easy on you either.”
You looked down at your still connected hands and quickly dropped yours, clearing your throat.
“We should go. Tony said the plane’s gonna be here in half an hour.”
“Right, yeah.”
You both moved towards the backseat door, accidentally bumping into each other.
“My bad.”
“Let’s just… do you want to sit there?” Bucky gestured to the left side.
“Yeah, if that’s okay. Uh, I’ll just—” 
You stepped around him, hand resting on his arm briefly before he stepped back.
“Got it. I’ll go over there…”
“Right. Good.”
You both got into the car, buckling your seatbelts. The silence was deafening until you turned to each other and broke down in giggles. The driver peeked up at you curiously from the rearview mirror.
“Walk much?” Bucky teased and you snorted, laughing louder.
“What about you? You basically turned into a statue.”
“Nah, I just planted myself like an oak tree.”
“Ha! No one makes a better oak than me, Barnes. You can be a mountain.”
“Alright, I’ll take it. Mountains are nice.”
“They’re sturdy.”
“But resilient. They occur when tectonic plates shift over each other. Sometimes they’re formed by underwater volcanoes which erupt. Steady in times of tumult.”
“Pretty lonely, though.”
You frowned.
“Not necessarily.”
You paused, thinking. 
“Trees grow on mountains.”
Bucky glanced at you and hummed, lips quirking.
“Yeah. I guess you’re right.”
The plane ride back was peaceful, quiet. Tony had said he would meet you at the gate, and when you arrived, not only was he there, but so was most of the crew, oddly enough.
“How’d it go?” he called as you descended down the stairs of the plane.
“Great! It’s like it never happened,” you yelled over the noise of the engine. 
“Not exactly,” Pepper sighed as you pulled Nat into a hug.
“How ya doing, kid?” Sam asked as you hugged his side, his hand patting your back.
“I’ve been worse. Pepper, what do you mean ‘not exactly’?”
She sighed again and you followed her inside. Bucky had hung behind, talking quietly with Steve, who gave you a friendly wave.
“You two caused quite a hullabaloo,” Pepper began, dragging you, Bucky, and Tony into an office.
“The press is going nuts. And the internet’s wild. There are forums now dedicated to your relationship, as well as fights breaking out over who you should’ve ended up marrying.”
“Can’t we just tell them we annulled and that’ll be the end of it?”
“I mentioned that but Fury insisted he doesn’t want to do that right now.”
“Why the hell not? It’s risky, prolonging this,” Bucky argued.
“How so?” you asked.
“Well, you know,” Tony began. “There are some real whack jobs out there. We don’t need them to come after you or Barnes in the name of love.”
“So what do we do?” 
Pepper glanced at you, then Bucky. 
“Well, not nothing. But definitely no press releases. If you get cornered by the paps, it’s fight or flight.” 
“But you just said—“
“I know. But after your Twitter incident a few days ago, we realized talking about it will only add fuel to the fire. The best we can do is filter as much information about it as we can and hope that people will forget about it sooner rather than later.”
“So we just pretend it never happened?”
“Not exactly. You’ll need to keep up appearances. When Tony inevitably makes me throw one of his outrageous parties—“
“Standing right here, Pep.“
“—You and James will go together. Stuff like that. And rings.”
“When you two go out, you need to wear wedding rings. The public notices that kind of thing.” 
“So do enemies,” grated Bucky. 
“I have to pick a wedding ring?”
“You don’t have to right now. You’re probably tired from the flight. But yes, sometime before you go out again, you need to choose a ring.” 
“I don’t care one way or the other what I have to wear,” Bucky said and Pepper nodded. 
“I’ve got one for you. It’s compatible with the vibranium.” 
“If anything changes, we’ll let you know,” Tony promised. 
“Again, I have to pick a wedding ring?”
“Yes, I know, Y/N, but if it looks like a regular ol’ marriage, people will grow tired of it and then we’ll be able to move on.”
“Fine,” you sighed. A ring wasn’t so bad.
“What about missions?”
“What about them?”
“We still get to go on missions, right?” 
“Uh, well, Fury was strict about...“
“You’re benching us?” 
“Y/N, it’s a precaution—“
“Nothing’s changed with Barnes and I, we’re just as capable to go on missions as before.”
“Your faces are on every single major news outlet across America and that causes problems. I don’t doubt you two are good agents but it’s too risky for you to put yourselves out like that.” 
“Understood,” Bucky agreed.
You gaped at him. 
Tony folded his arms and you knew that was the end of the discussion. 
“We’ll go ring shopping tomorrow, okay?” Pepper said and you waved by way of acknowledgment, stomping out the door. 
“What the hell was that?” 
You ran to catch up with Bucky’s long strides, trying to see his face. 
“‘Understood’? You like missions, why didn’t you fight harder?”
“Not worth fighting, L/N. They’re right, this isn’t a fire to play with.”
“A couple of hardcore shippers on the internet isn’t anything to worry about.”
“Hardcore what?”
“Besides, we can both handle ourselves. They’re overreacting to a small threat.” 
Bucky sighed, heading into the kitchen and opening the fridge to pull out a carton of orange juice. 
“Don’t underestimate threats, L/N. A threat is a threat.” 
You pulled out two glasses and slid them down the counter, which Bucky caught easily. 
“I’m not, I just… I don’t like being benched.” 
“Hasn’t even been a day.”
“Yes, well, we were cooped up at a stinky motel for a week so excuse me if I’m ready for a change of scenery.” 
“What’re you talking about? You’ve got a great view right in front of you,” Bucky smirked, gesturing to himself. 
“That hurts, doll.” 
“You’ll recover,” you grinned, leaning against the kitchen island and sipping your juice. 
“Dunno if I will. Wondering if I’ll ever feel whole again.” 
He looked into the distance wistfully. 
“Save that energy for when you have to act madly in love with me.” 
“Will do. I’m an excellent actor.”
“Sure you are.” 
“Played your husband, didn’t I?” 
“Wow, you’re taking all the shots today, aren’t you?” 
“All I’m saying is, I don’t think you’re gonna be the next Oscar winner.” 
“Guess who just got written out of my nominee speech.” 
“Don’t forget about the wife who got you to where you are, Barnes.”
“Forgetting… done. Already forgotten. Who are you?” 
“You could never forget me, dear.” 
“Unforgettable, in every way,” Bucky began to sing. 
“You know that one? That’s my favorite.”
“‘Course. Who doesn’t know King Cole?” 
“I mean… you and Steve probably.” 
“Hey, I’m cultured. May not be able to figure out these newfangled tiny computers, but I know good music when I hear it.” 
“Speaking of culture, we should have another movie marathon.” 
“Why not. Nothing else to do while we’re grounded.” 
“And musicals! We’re gonna watch so many musicals.” 
“Golly, I can’t wait,” he deadpanned. 
“I admire your spirit, Barnes.” 
“Hey, party people.” 
You looked up to find Steve and Sam walking in, probably just having come in from a training session. 
“Hey, guys,” greeted Steve. 
“Just wanted to check in, make sure an MMA fight wasn’t about to break out.”
“Not yet. Those are Sunday specials only.” 
“That reminds me,” Bucky began. 
“We should spar, get you some practice.”
“I’m a natural at sparring and am highly offended you’d suggest otherwise.” 
“Later this week then?”
“Yeah, sure.” 
It was silent for too long and you turned to find Steve and Sam staring at you two. 
“Are you guys good?” you asked. 
“Yeah,” Steve said slowly. “Just odd that you two aren’t… fighting.”
“We will soon. I’m gonna kick his ass.” 
“Right. Just like you stopped me from going running?”
“You cheated. I was immovable.” 
“Sure you were. And that’s exactly why we’re practicing.” 
Pepper told you the next morning that she would go with you to get your ring around lunch, as she was in meetings all morning. 
So, until then, you were making pancakes. 
“It clearly says ‘add as needed, then fold in.’” 
“That doesn’t mean you can dump in the entire bag of chocolate chips.” 
“That’s exactly what that means, Barnes.” 
“It won’t cook evenly if you put in too many. Here—“ Bucky ladled some batter onto the griddle, swirling it into a perfect circle. 
“Now put the chips. Don’t get them on the pan or they’ll burn and stick.” 
“Yes, chef.” 
You did as he said, dropping them in the pattern of a smiley face. 
“I’m an artist,” you said proudly as Bucky flipped the pancake. 
“Sure are.” 
“Ooh, what smells good?”
In walked Nat, Sam, Tony, and Steve, settling at the table nearby. 
“Morning. I’m making pancakes!” you announced gleefully. 
“No, she’s not. I’m making them.” 
“Thank God,” mumbled Tony. 
“Hey, I can cook. Right, Nat?” 
“Sure, sweetie.” 
You pouted and Bucky sighed, handing you the spatula. 
“Here, doll. Try flipping one.” 
You lit up and jumped to shimmy the spatula underneath, carefully turning it. 
“See? ‘M a champ. Three Michelin stars, here I come!” 
“Wait a minute, hold on,” interjected Sam. 
“Does anyone else find this scary as hell?” 
You turned and leaned against the counter, absently passing Bucky the bag of chocolate chips when he asked. 
“See! Right there. What’re you two doing?” 
“Didn’t we already establish we’re making pancakes?” 
“Yes, but you’re making pancakes. Together.” 
“Well, I couldn’t let her make ‘em herself, unless you guys felt like catching salmonella.” 
“Seriously, Barnes.” 
You pinched your fingers.  
“This close to getting flour in your hair.” 
“No no, Wilson’s got a point,” Tony agreed. 
“It’s definitely weird. Like Twilight Zone weird.” 
He squinted, studying you and Bucky. 
“You two didn’t sleep together, did you?”
“Hey, okay, just checking. I mean, you two are kind of acting normal, not biting each other’s heads off and whatnot.” 
“Oh, well, we decided that we’re colleagues.” 
“Colleagues?” echoed Steve. 
“Yeah. I mean, obviously we aren’t friends or anything, because that’s ridiculous. But we can be colleagues,” you explained. 
“I didn’t realize colleagues made pancakes together.” 
“This is for your health, Wilson,” Bucky reminded, flipping the last pancake onto the plate. 
He made to sit down and you followed, settling across from him. 
“Y/N, isn’t that your seat he’s in?” Nat asked. 
You considered it for a moment, then shrugged. 
“It’s fine. He made pancakes.” 
“Seriously, how are we not freaking out about this? They were gone for a week.” 
“Can somebody pass the syrup?” Bucky requested. 
“No. Everyone pour yours first. He drowns his pancakes in an inch of syrup.” 
“It’s not an inch. Maybe half.” 
“Other people need syrup too, Barnes.” 
“I’ve got a sweet tooth, doll, you know that.” 
“Oh! That reminds me. We should try and make your ma’s banana bread. Steve, do you remember Bucky’s mom’s caramel banana bread? Maybe we can narrow down the recipe that way.” 
“Yeah, of course. Wow, I haven’t thought about that in a long time. You two… were talking about it?” 
“Yeah, I told her how Ma used to add extra brown sugar,” Bucky said, swiping the syrup bottle from under your nose.  
“Hence why his syrup privileges are limited,” you added, taking it back with a head shake. 
Tony’s phone dinged and he glanced at it from his cereal.
“Pepper wants you in ten minutes, sunshine.”
“Got it. Sure you don’t wanna come with us, Barnes? You might see one you like.”
“I trust you with the ring shopping, thank you.”
“‘Kay. We’ll practice after I get back, yeah?”
“Sure, doll. Be safe.”
“‘M just going to the jeweler’s, relax.”
“Jewelry stores are in the top five stores that are most likely to get robbed.”
“You’re just bubbling with optimism, aren’t you?”
“It’s my survival instinct.”
“Paranoiaaaa,” you sang as you disappeared down the hall.
“Oh, that’s pretty.”
Pepper came up to where you were standing in front of the mirror, sighing with a satisfied grin.
“We’re not buying a tiara, Y/N.”
“But Pepper, I look like a princess.”
“Yeah, okay.”
You returned it to the attendant and followed Pepper to the display case of wedding rings.
“Anything you like?”
“Can I see that one?”
The jeweler took out a rose gold ring with an oval cut light pink gem in the center, studded by smaller diamonds. 
“This is a newer style for wedding rings. Morganite, the gem in the center, is traditionally used for engagement rings. It symbolizes that your match was made in Heaven, and that you’ll live happily ever after together.” 
“Let’s not give the universe any ideas.” 
He furrowed his brow in confusion. 
“Price?” Pepper asked. 
“This one is three thousand, four hundred.” 
“Damn, for a ring?” 
The jeweler raised an eyebrow. 
“Do you like it, Y/N?” 
You considered it but frowned, shaking your head. 
“Too fairytale-like. How about that one?” 
The jeweler took out a silver band with tiny diamonds lining the sides and a royal blue sapphire in the middle.
“This is one of our more classic styles. It has white diamonds encrusted along the band, VS2 clarity, with an AAA clarity royal sapphire in the center.”
“What do sapphires mean? Nothing mushy I hope.” 
“It’s an elegant choice. Some royals have selected blue sapphires for their rings. The message is very simple: you’ll always be honest and loyal to each other.” 
“How much?” Pepper asked.
“This one is nine thousand, even.”
“Dollars? You gotta be shittin’ me.”
The jeweler wrinkled his nose and you pressed your lips together sheepishly.
“Y/N, it’s okay, trust me. Fury said it’s covered.”
“Really? Not on Tony’s dime?”
“Not at all. And you’re supposed to be a little extravagant. You’re marrying an Avenger, after all. People like the showiness.”
“Yeah, an Avenger, not the next Asgardian king.” 
You turned to the jeweler. 
“Can I get something simple? Wearable when I’m punching people in the nose.”
“Sturdy and simple. I understand. One moment.” 
He went to the back and returned with three rings. Immediately, one caught your eye and you pointed. 
“The band is made of titanium, believe it or not. Very durable. Usually titanium is used for men’s wedding bands, but it can be quite elegant in women’s wedding rings too. The diamond is princess-cut, but we can reinforce it if needed.”
“And those red gems on the sides?”
“Rubies. Very popular for everyday wear. Less likely to scratch or shatter if dropped.” 
You nodded. 
“This one. I like this one.” 
“Funnily enough, this ring is actually similar to—“
“So how much will that be?” Pepper cut in. 
“This retails for about three thousand, six hundred.”
Pepper looked at you expectantly, brows raised.
You nodded.
“I’ll take it.”
“Did you pick a ring?”
You showed Nat a picture and she nodded approvingly.
“Durable but cute. I like it.”
“Right? I wanted a tiara but Pepper said no.”
Nat smiled, shaking her head.
“I’ll get you a tiara for your next wedding.”
“No, no, I wanted it for casual wear. You know, grocery shopping, the bank. Stuff like that.”
“Birthday present, then.”
“Nat, have I ever told you you’re my favorite?”
“I could use a reminder.”
You joined her on the couch, legs pressed against hers.
“Well, you’re my favorite.”
“Good to hear.”
“What’re you watching?”
You tucked into the pillow, half paying attention while you scrolled through your Instagram feed.
“Yeah, what’s up?”
You perked up at Bucky’s voice, lifting your head to listen. 
“Where’d he go?”
Nat shrugged.
“Did you take my sweatshirt?”
You jumped as Bucky materialized behind the couch, arms folded.
“Christ, don’t do that.”
“Where’s my sweatshirt?”
“I don’t know, check your duffel.”
“‘S not in there.”
“Uh… oh, look in mine, I have a garbage bag of laundry I did at the motel. It’s probably in there.”
“Great, thanks.”
“Put on a fucking bell. Give a girl some warning, sheesh.”
“Ain’t a reindeer, doll.”
You turned back to the TV, eyebrows crooking in confusion when Nat paused it.
“What’s up?”
She lifted her eyebrows, all too closely resembling a mysterious oracle about to drop a serious truth bomb that would considerably alter the decisions you made next. 
You were about at the part of the story where that happened, weren’t you?
“I can’t read minds, Nat, that’s not my thing.”
“You know you can tell me anything, right?”
“Yeah, of course.”
“And I won’t judge you.”
“No matter how out of this world it might sound.”
“Seriously, hardly anything sounds crazy to me.”
“I understand.”
“Like, we’ve fought aliens.”
“Nat, I get it.”
“And gods.”
“Okay, alright. I just want to make sure you understand that.”
“I do. I don’t understand why you needed to pause the TV for that, though.”
“I thought you might need a reminder.”
“Is this about Barnes?”
“No, I didn’t say that—”
“Because nothing’s going on between us.”
“I know.”
“Really, Nat. Nothing. It’s the same it’s always been.”
“I believe you.”
“Really! I just meant in general, when—if the time comes that you want to share something with me, no matter how insane it might sound, I’m here.”
“Yeah, whatever, Nat. I think we have plenty of proof that there’s no way Bucky and I could ever be compatible.”
“You called him Bucky.”
“Oh. I meant Barnes.”
You sighed.
“Are we gonna watch or not?”
Nat held up her hands in surrender, pressing play.
You reclined in your seat, trying not to think too hard about why you hadn’t given Bucky his sweatshirt back before he’d asked.
Or why he’d popped into your head in the first place.
“Hit me.”
Bucky gestured to his chest. 
“Hit me.” 
“Right now?” 
“No, yesterday.” 
You made a fist, took the proper stance, and threw a punch. Bucky nodded. 
“Alright, not bad. Little too much tension, but we can fix that. Now kick.” 
So you roundhoused, getting Bucky in the arm. 
“Okay, I can tell you don’t kick very often.” 
“Can I have a new instructor?” 
“You can, but I guarantee no one knows your fighting style and areas you need to improve like I do.” 
“Oh, really?”
“I spend all that time criticizing you, figure I should know what I’m criticizing.” 
“You’ve got a point there.” 
“The first thing we’re gonna work on is helping you use your body to your advantage.” 
“Ha ha. Now, you’re probably gonna encounter a bunch of thugs who are bigger than you. So you need to use their weight against them.” 
“How do I do that?”
“Physics and distribution. If you try to pull on my arm, I’m not gonna go down, right? But if you attacked my head, where there’s less strength, with enough momentum, you’d get me down. Natasha’s gonna demonstrate.” 
You hadn’t even noticed Nat come in but there she was, slipping into the ring. 
“Watch how she attacks me. Ready?” 
You nodded and Nat took off, nimbly wrapping her legs around Bucky’s shoulders and pulling him down, swinging over his back so she wouldn’t take the brunt of the impact. 
“Yeah, great job. Hoping I won’t need to go through that an additional time,” Bucky grunted, rubbing his neck. 
“You’re fine. I gotta go, Clint’s being a big baby about something or another. Knock ‘em dead,  sweetie.” 
She winked at you before disappearing through the doors and you rolled your eyes. 
“I don’t know how to do any of that.” 
“You know more than you think. Don't underestimate yourself, Y/N. Follow your instinct. Five, four, three, two, go!” 
You sprinted across the mat and launched yourself at him, hands around his neck and knees squeezing his sides as you twisted to try and get him down. 
Bucky peeled you off like you were gum on the bottom of a shoe, letting you fall to the ground. 
The wind was knocked out of you and you cursed, weakly hitting the floor. 
“What the hell was that?” you croaked.  
“What? I defended your attack.” 
“You didn’t say that was part of it!” 
“You’re coming at me prepared to hurt, doll. Why wouldn’t I defend myself?”
“‘Cause you’ve got a freakin’ metal arm that bruises us non-Supers quite easily.” 
“Yeah, but look at it this way. If you can hold your own against me, even the deadliest assassins will be a piece of cake.” 
“I would love some cake.”
“Me too, but later, alright? We’ll make chocolate cake.” 
“You sure know the way to a woman’s heart, Barnes.” 
“I try. Now, again.” 
You clambered to your feet, rolling your shoulders. 
“Easy with the knockouts.” 
“Take me down before I get a chance to take you down, doll.” 
“You’re ruthless.”
“So are they. Trust me. I’d rather I’m hard on you than them.” 
“Don’t tell me you’re worried about me.”
“‘M always worried about you.” 
The sincerity of the statement startled you, but you didn’t dwell on it much as you rushed him, trying once again to emulate Nat’s move.
“You’re too tense,” Bucky decided after the sixth failed attempt to knock him to the floor. 
“Oh, is that it?” 
He walked over and carefully set his hands on your arms. 
“This okay? ‘M gonna adjust your stance.” 
“Yeah, fine.” 
Bucky’s hands went to your shoulders and he pressed his thumbs into the divots of your shoulder blades. Then his hands went to your hips and he turned your waist out, nudging your knees so you bent them slightly. 
“Just relax, L/N. Otherwise you’re gonna wear yourself out before we get started.” 
“How can I relax? You’re not exactly taking it easy on me and this is new.”
Bucky came around to meet your eye. 
“I’m not gonna let you get hurt, alright? I’d never hurt ya, doll.” 
“I know.” 
“It’s a challenge but out there, it’s gonna be a challenge too. Not being tough on you to be an asshole.” 
You steeled yourself with a sigh, squaring your shoulders.
“Okay. I’m ready. Let’s go again.”
Bucky nodded, gesturing for you to go first. You moved quicker this time, gauging your moves before you made them. Bucky caught you by your waist like he had for the last six times, but this time, you swung around fast and dug a knee into his back, arm around his neck, using the momentum to pull him down.
It worked. Sort of.
Nat had had plenty of practice with moving out of the way before her opponent crushed her with their weight. You had not. 
So you brought Bucky down, yes, but you went down with him.
“Shit!” he yelped in surprise and you couldn’t roll out of the way fast enough, closing your eyes as you braced yourself. 
But the impact never came. Bucky caught himself before he crushed you.
Your head hit the mat quite hard, and once again, the breath was knocked out of you, courtesy of yourself. 
“Really gave it your all there, huh?”
“My body is a weapon,” you replied, sucking in a breath.
“I don’t think you understand the concept of a weapon, doll.”
“No, I guess I don’t.”
You opened your eyes and were startled to find Bucky so close to you, the left side of his body supporting most of his weight as he hovered over you. His eyes were a darker blue than that night at the motel, his frame blocking the majority of the gym light. His lips were chapped and, as if he heard your thought, his tongue darted to moisten the dry skin.
“Sorry, I’ll uh—”
Bucky quickly pushed himself up onto his feet, offering a hand.
“I, uh, I think that’s enough practice for today,” 
You cleared your throat and shifted, accepting his hand. As soon as you were upright, Bucky backed away, putting considerable distance between you.
“Right. That was… well, that was better.”
“How? I landed on the floor again.”
“Yeah, but this time I was on top of ya.”
He flushed as he registered his words.
“I mean, ah, you-you got me on the mat too.”
“R-right, sure.”
It was silent for a long moment, the only sound the faint humming of some contraption Tony had installed somewhere. It was hard to keep track at this point.
“Well, I should—”
“I’m gonna—”
“Thanks for the lesson.”
You rubbed your elbow where you’d skinned it on the mat. Bucky, predictably, noticed immediately.
“Hurt yourself?”
“No, it’s fine.”
Bucky stared at your elbow for a moment longer and you dropped your hand.
“I’m sure.”
“Ain’t being stubborn again, are you?”
Bucky sighed, shaking his head with a small smile.
“If it still hurts in a few hours, go get it checked at least.”
“Aye aye, Doc.”
He lingered for a second, then headed for the exit.
“See you, L/N.”
“Good night.”
The door fell shut.
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That man was the only one that he had gotten a good look at. And his face was seared into his memory. His eyes were almost glowing yellow, the sneer on his lips making him look...unhinged.
Bucky slammed his back against a wall, bracing himself against it to hold himself up. A headache was scorching behind his eyes. The pain was almost unbearable as he returned himself to the fray.
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Legacy Pt. 5: Stay in Character
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
Part Five
A/N: Hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week! Sorry for the large gap between these few parts. I have been swamped on schoolwork because of AP exams coming up. I do not own any of these characters except (y/n)! Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!
Summary: Zemo has one plan to get to the source of the serum in Madripoor; the winter soldier. After a fiasco in low-town, the three of you run into an old ally who is willing to help you in your mission.
Warnings: mentions of blood, typical cannon violence, angst, some fluff
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Tumblr media
(Y/n) pov:
As I was slowly waking up, I hear the words I never wanted to hear; “James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone.” Suddenly wide awake, I shoot up out of my chair.
“No! Absolutely not! Bucky, you’re not him anymore!”
“Hey, take it easy, (y/n/n). You’re still hurt.” Bucky says softly. “As much as I hate it too, it’s the only way, doll.”
“You’re serious? James, come on! This is the same Zemo who made you fight all of us in 2016!”
Bucky stands up from his chair and walks towards me, gently grabbing my uninjured arm. He leads me away from the cabin and into the small kitchen where we could have some privacy. To my surprise, he immediately envelopes me into a hug, careful of my injuries.
Burying my face in his shoulder, I quietly ask, “Bucky, how are you actually feeling about this?
“I’m okay.” I know he’s lying because I can physically feel him tense up at the question.
“I’m terrified, (y/n). The last time I was him, I fought you, Steve, and the other Avengers.....I know I just have to act like him, but it just brings me back there.”
I pull away so I can look him in the eyes. “You didn’t have a choice then, but you do now. You’re finally in a good place. Please don’t do this Buck.”
“I hate this, but I have to. It’s the only way to find out where the serum is coming from.”
I sigh, stepping back from him to lean against the counter. “If I can’t change your mind, I’m coming with you.”
His expression hardened. “No. Absolutely not. You’re still hurt. You still have to wear a sling and have a cast on your hand!”
To make a point, I quickly take my arm out of my sling before he could stop me.
“Damn it, (y/n)!”
“See?” I move my arm around in a circle, biting back a groan because of the pain radiating from my bicep. “I’m fine!”
“You’re so damn stubborn!” He huffs before storming out of the room.
I can’t believe he’s actually going this, and I really don’t know why he’s trusting Zemo. I can’t help but think back to Berlin and all the problems surrounding our “Civil War.”
Zemo’s voice pulls me out of my thoughts. “James has informed me that you are going to be accompanying us to Madripoor. Here is your attire for the mission.” I take the dress he was holding out to me and hold it up to my figure.
“It doesn’t leave much to imagination, does it?”
“You will have to play as Smiling Tiger’s date. Sam will be playing him and James and I will be playing as ourselves.”
Scoffing at the fact Zemo thinks Bucky is only the Winter Soldier, I turn and walk into the bathroom to get changed.
The dress is upper thigh length, form fitting, dark green, and completely covered in sequins. It has a plunging neckline that makes me very self conscious of my physique. As I’m looking in the mirror, my mind wanders to the last time I got dressed up like this. Nat and I had went out for a girls night just a few weeks before the tragic mission in Lagos. She always had told me that I had to be willing to go out of my comfort zone for missions and just everyday life. Our current situation definitely qualifies as out of my comfort zone.
With every movement of my arm, it sent sharp pains through my bicep. I sneak into the kitchen and take more pain medicine without anyone else seeing, then go back to the bathroom. When I was almost done fixing my hair and makeup, I hear a knock on the door.
“Here are some shoes.” It was Bucky. I can tell he is still angry at me but I really don’t care. There’s no way I would let him go anywhere with Zemo without me, even if Sam was there.
“Thanks.” I open the door and grab the shoes as I walk past him. He grabs my uninjured hand, stopping my movement. I turn towards him and I was not expecting the look I got from him. It was like his anger had faded away as soon as he saw me.
“Wow. You look so beautiful, doll. I really like that on you.” His warmth filled eyes roamed my body and lingered where the dress was tightest on my curves. That was when I noticed the uniform he was wearing. It was very similar to the actual Winter Soldier vest that Bucky wore in D.C.
“Thanks James. I wish I could say I like yours.”
“I know. I don’t like it either.....look, I’m sorry about earlier. I just don’t want you getting hurt again.”
I nod as I sit on the seat to look at the heels he gave me. They were four inch black block heels with ankle straps. Surprisingly, they fit me perfect. Standing up, I pull the dress down, trying to cover as much exposed skin as I can.
Bucky looked like he was about to say something but stopped at the sight of Sam walking in the room. I look over to him and immediately start laughing. He was wearing a dark red suit with yellow circles and all types of decorations.
Looking to over to Bucky, I continue to laugh as a smile cracks on his face.
“Shut up, (y/l/n).”
Zemo walks in. “Time to go.”
Bucky and I haven’t said much to each other since his apology. We’re currently walking on a bridge, making our way to Madripoor.
“We have to do something about this. I'm the only one who looks like a pimp.” Sam complains.
“Only an American would assume a fashion-forward Black man looks like a pimp. You look exactly like the man you're supposed to be playing. The sophisticated, charming African rake named Conrad Mack, aka the Smiling Tiger.” My eyes widen and a laugh threatens to leave my lips at Zemo’s words.
“He even has a bad nickname.” Zemo leans over and shows Sam a picture of Smiling Tiger on his phone. “Hell, he does look like me, though.
As I take a deep breath, my nose burns from some horrid scent. “You smell this?”
“Yeah, what is that? Acid?”
A car approaches us and stops about 10 feet ahead of us. As we all walk towards the car, Zemo starts talking again.
“Madripoor. No matter what happens, we have to stay in character. Our lives depend on it. There's no margin for error. High Town's that way. Not a bad place if you wanna visit, but Low Town's the other way.”
Bucky opens his mouth for the first time in a while. “Let me guess. We don't have any friends in High Town.”
He gets no response as Zemo gets into the car and waits for the rest of us to get in. Bucky opens the door for me and gently grabs my hand.
“Please be careful. And know I’m sorry for whatever I may have to do.”
“Always, James.” I lean up and kiss him on the cheek before getting in the car, where he gets in next to me.
Arriving in the club, I could practically feel every man’s eyes on me. It made me feel so objectified, and Sam caught onto this. He pulled me closer to him by my waist and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” into my ear. Looking over at Bucky, I see that it’s hard for him to keep his cool at all of these men looking me up and down. Even though he is frustrated with me, and vice versa, he still is my boyfriend. We make eye contact for a short second and his eyes convey a thousand emotions.
As we’re walking through the club, the people surrounding us start to notice and chatter about who was with us; the Winter Soldier. Finally making it to the bar, a bartender approaches us, looking at Sam.
“Hello, gentlemen.......and lady. Wasn't expecting you, Smiling Tiger.”
Seeing Sam somewhat panic, Zemo saves him. “His plans changed. We have business to do with Selby.”
“What would you like, sweetheart?”
I clear my throat, “Just water please.” He gives me a weird look but hands me a glass.
This time he turns to Sam. “The usual?”
He nods and the bartender turns around and grabs a snake from a jar on a shelf. Sam looks at me with wide eyes as I suppress another laugh. The man cuts into the snake’s stomach, grabs something out of it, and drips
“Ah. Smiling Tiger, your favorite.” Zemo jabs with a smirk.
Looking extremely uncomfortable, Sam picks up his drink. “I love these.”
“Cheers, Conrad.” They clink their glasses together and Zemo drinks his shot straight away. Sam, on the other hand, just puts the glass to his lips. Getting a whiff of the strong stench, he groans, moving it to his eye level.
“Mmm.” He brings it to his lips once again but hesitates on drinking it. With a final, groan, he downs the drink while I just sip my water, trying not to laugh. Bucky subtly nods and looks away with a tiny smirk in order to stop himself from laughing too.
Eyeing Sam suspiciously, the bartender walks away. Immediately, our attention is stolen by a bald man with a bushy beard.
“I got word from on high. You ain't welcome here.”
“I have no business with the Power Broker, but if he insists, he can either come and talk to me...” Zemo gestures mover to Bucky.
“New haircut?” The man asks.
Taking a breath, Zemo finishes, “Or bring Selby for a chat.”
With that, the man walks away and I find myself drawing closer and closer to Sam out of fear of what might soon happen. Zemo turns towards Bucky as he grumbles.
“A power broker? Really?”
“Every kingdom needs its king. Let's just pray we stay under his radar.” This is the first time I’ve ever seen Zemo even moderately scared over a potential adversary.
Sensing there was something he wasn’t telling us, I break my silence. “Do you know him?”
“Only by reputation. In Madripoor he is judge, jury, and executioner.”
Within a few seconds of Zemo’s comment, another burly man walks towards us. As soon as the Baron started speaking Russian, I knew what was about to happen, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. The only thing I could do was hold onto Sam and try not to act like it bothered me.
“Зимний солдат. Атака.”
When the man placed his hand on Zemo’s shoulder, Bucky sprang into action, grabbing his hand and clotheslining him. As more men ran towards him, he continued to take them out.
Zemo leaned over to Sam and I, whispering, “Didn’t take much for him to fall back into form.”
At his comment, I almost punched him but Sam gripped my waist tighter, warning me not to. As if he felt my blood pressure rising, Bucky ended the fight by slamming a man onto the counter with his hand around the guy’s neck. Suddenly, guns were being cocked all around us and Sam placed a hand on Bucky’s vibranuim arm.
“Stay in character or the whole bar turns on us.” Warns Zemo in a whisper.
He turns to Bucky. “Молодец, солдат.”
The whole bar is silent until the bartender from earlier breaks it. “Selby will see you now.”
Bucky slowly lets go of the wheezing man who then falls onto the floor. He quickly looks over at me with a look I can’t identify except as shame. I wish I could run to him and give him a hug, saying everything is okay. Sadly, we have roles to play.
As Sam and I walk closer to him, Sam asks, “You good?” All James does in response is inhale sharply and nod quickly before walking away. Having enough of the act, I reach out for his hand. I’m quickly stopped by Zemo who gives me a death stare that reads, “Stay in character.” As much as I hate it, he’s right. Taking my place on Sam’s arm, I silently pray nothing else will go wrong in our mission.
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Fireworks: Bucky x Sarah, Chapter 9
FInally some closure! Still a few more chapters, but things are heading the right direction. If you’re following along, I posted chapters 8 and 9 today, so don’t miss that one. Thanks for reading!  
Tumblr media
Chapter 9
Bucky gently put Sarah down, feeling a stiffness in his muscles.
You have been a problem, Sandhurst spoke in his head. I didn’t know you were in a relationship with Ms. Wilson. That was my fault, I admit. Insufficient exception handling.
Bucky gripped the disc with his metal fingers. He would crush flesh and bone before letting someone have control of his mind.
The first few minutes are the hardest. Controlling the Winter Soldier is a challenge I’ve wanted to try. But your mind is already broken, isn’t it?
Bucky’s hand tremored. “What was the play?” he asked through numb lips. Keep the idiot talking. “Everyone knows Sam’s compromised. Nobody trusts me anyway. Not too stealthy of you.”
Sandhurst narrowed his eyes. Bucky’s fingers tremored again, a shiver that ran up his arm.
“With Wilson,” Sandhurst said, “it’s personal. How do you think Karli Morgenthau stayed off the grid? How did she cover her tracks? Keep her face off surveillance a thousand times? I did it.”
“Sam didn’t... kill her.”
“He weakened her. Made her doubt. He ended the Flag Smashers; he renewed hope in this country. Countries, greed, borders, I could make it all so much more efficient. Karli didn’t understand, but I was going to ride her vision to success.”
“So... you want to do what? Control Sam? Control the president? Won’t work.”
He gave a gruesome, secret smile. Won’t it?
Bucky felt sweat soaking his shirt. Fear sweat. He willed his fingers to crush the disc, but Sandhurst’s force was there. His hand hovered, his fingers quivering.
Sandhurst wasn’t strong enough to move his hand away yet; Bucky wasn’t strong enough to completely throw him off.
Darcy met his eyes. She shifted her gaze deliberately to a cloth pouch dangling from Sandhurst’s belt. It contained more discs.
She shifted her eyes to and fro.
Yes, Bucky got the message. She needed one of those discs in her machine to stop Sandhurst’s transmission and free the others.
Unfortunately, he was so far from being able to lunge and get one, they might as well have been on the other side of the stadium.
This was very bad.
  When Sarah began to come around—was that twice in one day?—she was crumpled on the floor. She felt Bucky’s foot under her back.
Ugh. Her head throbbed, her arm hurt. Her body might burn through anesthetic quickly, but it made her feel like dirt.
She remembered why he’d done it. He was protecting her from Sandhurst, but still...
Sarah realized belatedly that Sandhurst was talking, and it wasn’t in her head. He was right there in the room with them.
“Wilson is going to die today,” he said. “No help for it, part of the plan. You, however,” he grunted. “If I can get solid control, you would be very helpful to keep on staff. Every programmer needs to co-opt the occasional subroutine from a competitor, you know. And what are you, if not free code, free for the taker? Your brain has been used and passed around like a whore, what makes you think you can keep me out?”
Sarah burned in anger. She risked a peek.
It would only be seconds before Sandhurst realized she was awake.
She thought of Bucky catching her before she fell. She thought of him protecting Sam’s back on countless missions. Of him playing basketball in the driveway with Cass and AJ. He was part of her family and she would not let him go down this way.
In one quick motion, Sarah grabbed the knife from her pocket. The one she’d stolen when this first began.
She rolled to her knees; a flick opened the knife.
With a grimace, she drove it into Bucky’s arm. Straight through the disc.
His blood trickled off the knife and down her arm. Kind of a lot of blood.
But his face relaxed and his mouth opened with relief. He took a huge breath. There were tears in his eyes. “Thank you, Sarah.”
He charged Sandhurst and hit him in the torso. He hit him so hard, they both crashed into the huge glass windows in the front of the press box, which shattered outward. He and Sandhurst went flailing out of sight into the stands below, though Bucky threw something in the gaping window as he fell.
Sarah licked her lips and staggered to her feet.
  “That was awesome,” Darcy said to Sarah. She grabbed up the bag of discs that Bucky had wrenched off and thrown back to her. “I can see why Bucky likes you.”
She frantically got one of the discs—holding it like it was a roach—and pressed it into her modified spectrometer. “If Bucky can just keep Big Ugly occupied for a minute... and I can hack into his controls...”
She rolled her shoulders, trying to focus on her program. The disc that was now attached to the base of her neck, just over her spine, seemed to itch. She’d heard what happened to Sandhurst’s guys on the side of the highway. No way did she want to die in an explosion like that. No, sir, no, thank you.
“Okay, never mind, I can’t just hack into his system... but I can... I can probably modify the signal. It’s a point-to-point network, each node communicates with the others.”
Darcy bit her lower lip as she tried different configurations. “However, if I modify it the wrong way, it could send the kill signal. That would suck.”
Sarah raised gestured at the computer. “Don’t waste time telling me!”
Darcy smiled tensely. “Don’t worry, it helps me to talk while I work. I sound like an idiot, but I’m not. Though sometimes I wish to heaven my job involved normal daily stress and not sudden spikes of deadly danger. I need a vacation.”
“You ballsy bugger,” Darcy suddenly exclaimed. “He’s got them on a fail-safe. I mean—if the frequency stops, they’ll blow. If he dies, they’ll blow. If I take down the network...”
“They’ll blow.” Sarah twisted her hands.
Darcy typed furiously. “Which means I got to figure this out before Bucky kills him. But Sandhurst didn’t count on me, I eat gods for breakfast.”
  Bucky managed to land on top of Sandhurst, who took the brunt of the fall. His exoskeleton was still in bad shape from their fight earlier.
This part of the stands had cleared—which was half of a miracle Bucky didn’t have time to contemplate—and they leaped to their feet, both balancing on benches. Sandhurst had the higher ground, but Bucky didn’t care.
This time, Sarah was safe. No discs were nearby. Bucky just needed to keep Sandhurst busy. He didn’t hold back.
Bucky got the knife out of his arm—bless Sarah a thousand times for her quick action—and used it. It wouldn’t cut through the exoskeleton, but Bucky managed a jab at his ribs, another at his thigh.
They cartwheeled through the aisles. Twice Sandhurst tried to use his repulsors to fly away, but Bucky tackled him back to the stadium.
“No, you don’t get to leave this time.”
 Darcy began to smile. “I’m copying the signal from Sandhurst’s node. I’m going to make this one the command node. We won’t be able to use it like he could—unless you’re telepathic at all, please speak up if so—but it will keep the signal uninterrupted. No kill signal.”
“So, he’s got a disc on himself?” Sarah said. “I didn’t see one.”
“Probably hidden. Seems like they work anywhere on the body.”
“And... copied. We’re in business now.” She pointed to the disc in her spectrometer. “No more fireworks today.”
  Bucky’s fight with Sandhurst was punishing, but he didn’t let up. Couldn’t let the man regroup. Couldn’t let him control Darcy and Sarah.
Out of the corner of his eye, Bucky saw Sam coming toward them. That did seem to be Sandhurst’s hail mary.
This time Sandhurst sent Sam slicing by Bucky, catching his arm with the tip of his sharp, metal wing.
The cut stung but wasn’t too deep. Maybe Sam managed to pull back slightly?
Sam came around again, and Bucky ducked lest he get sliced across the back of his neck.
In ducking, he gave Sandhurst an opening, and got a knee in the face. He reeled back.
Sam was coming around again.
This time, as Bucky fought, he maneuvered Sandhurst’s back toward Sam. Bucky couldn’t perfectly control his position, nor could he control how Sam came for him. But Bucky thought... there might be an opportunity.
Just as Sam reach them, Bucky executed his plan.
He couldn’t count on Sam’s exact movements, but he could count on where his wings would have to be as he came at them.
Bucky surged in close to Sandhurst, nearly cheek to cheek, and threw him over his shoulder in a fireman’s hold.
Sam’s wing carved across Sandhurst’s back.
Sam was good about being in the right place at the right time.
  When Sam saw Bucky hoist Sandhurst into his path, he leaned into it. He couldn’t do much, but he’d fought for a little mental wiggle room during the fight, and now he used every inch of it.
He felt his wing slice across Sandhurst’s ribs and through the spinal column of his exoskeleton.
“Yeah!” Sam shouted. He came around, and... he was flying under his own power.
He landed next to Bucky, shield up, ready to help finish the bastard.
Sam didn’t think he’d given a killing blow, though certainly the exoskeleton was done for, but Sandhurst lay on his face now, barely moving.
There was a long flesh wound diagonally across his back, but really little more than a scratch. It wasn’t much compared to what he’d taken before, like the bullet in the leg.
Bucky reached down and cracked off what remained of the exoskeleton. Hidden under one section of the metallic spine, was a disc. Sam’s wing had cut right through it.
Sandhurst coughed and rolled himself over onto his back, looking up at them. “I lost, but so did you. You never grasped the genius of my plan.” He bared his teeth. “I want to see it...”
They both frowned. Waited.
“What do you want to see?” Sam demanded. “Cause I’m pretty sure my friend here is ready to crush you the minute I give the word.”
Sandhurst blinked, looked at Sam in confusion. “My disc... it’s offline. You’re dead. You’re all dead.”
Sam looked at Bucky. “Do I look dead?”
Bucky was still breathing heavily. “Shockingly alive, actually. Darcy must’ve done it.”
Sandhurst’s eyes blazed. He began to rise and Bucky planted a foot on his chest. “Stay down.”
  Up in the press box, Sarah was reporting to Darcy. “They got him down. Some blood but they look okay.”
Darcy exhaled long and slow, peering at the humming lines of communication visualized on her screen. “Sandhurst’s disc is definitely offline. You and I are okay; and Sam. That must mean it worked.” She tapped at the keyboard a couple more times. Her pointer finger hovered over the space bar. “The question is... I could reverse the failsafe back on him. His disc is offline but the explosive capability is still there. One tap and it’s done. He’s dangerous, for sure. But I know Jimmy would say we need to do it right—”
Sarah bumped Darcy’s hand out of the way. Slapped the button.
“Whoops,” Sarah said, deadpan. “My bad.”
End of Chapter 9
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Fireworks: Bucky x Sarah, Chapter 8
I had so much fun writing the next two chapters! I think I’ll post both today, since they really do go together. Happy Saturday!
Tumblr media
Chapter 8
Sarah heard Sandhurst’s voice in her head when he was ready to enact his plan.
She wrapped her arms around Sam’s neck—with relief more than anything—and they soared out of the wretched prison they’d been in all afternoon.
She was, of course, concerned about what was coming next, but the rush of wind against her sweaty skin was delicious. For a moment, she just closed her eyes and enjoyed it.
Her shirt fluttered and her braids swung. Fresh air!
They soared toward the football stadium where a sign said, “Home of the Cougars.”
She could hear the president speaking, “There are many who might be surprised at what I’m saying. There are many who want to stop this unification. They told me to cancel this event, they told me there’s a psychopath who wants to scare us into retreat. Into submission! But I said no.”
The crowd roared in approval.
“Don’t like this,” Sam murmured.
“He even got ahold of Captain America, but I said no. No terrorist will get the best of me, and he won’t get the best of you!”
Sam’s wings beat against the air as they rocketed over the press box. Bucky! She saw him standing on the roof in black, looking right at them. His hand was to his ear as he spoke.
He bent his knees. Would he jump up to grab them, to stop Sam?
At the last second, he shook his head, looking pained.
Sarah lost sight of him as Sam’s trajectory cut to the left. The only thing higher than the stadium were the huge racks of lights.
Sarah nearly screamed, thinking that Sandhurst was going to crash the two of them straight into the frames and glass and wiring. At the last second, with a burst of height, they swooped over and Sam dropped her.
This time Sarah did scream, but she only fell a few feet before landing hard on her back. There was a small platform with rails for those who needed to service the lights, and her teeth clanked together painfully as she hit.
Her momentum made her roll. She was going to fall again—!
But she was able to grab one of the poles of the railing. She dangled. She tried to get a better grip on the pole with her sweaty right hand. With her left, she grasped the edge of the platform.
Her feet kicked uselessly. Her hands burned. She could tell she didn’t have Sandhurst’s weird power keeping her hands attached. It was all her. If she let go, she would fall.
With a chill, she realized that if Sandhurst made her let go, she would also fall.
Would he...?
A panicked glance down showed that she was still far, far above the stands. Even if the people below wanted to catch her, it would be bad.
But it seemed to be chaos below. A few were pointing up to her. If they were screaming or yelling, she couldn’t tell. Her senses were centered in her hands.
Don’t let go.
  Bucky’s heart nearly stopped when Sam dropped Sarah. He was already running the length of the press box as she screamed and nearly fell into the concrete stands far below her. He gauged the distance. His mind highlighted the ledges and angles he could use to get to her.
Sam was diving toward the stage.
Bucky knew, in a back part of his brain, that Sandhurst put Sarah in danger for this very reason. He assumed Bucky would spend valuable minutes ensuring her safety.
He was right.
Bucky jumped off the press box. He ran along the top of the third tier of stands.
But despite the chaotic noise of the crowd, now frightened and in danger of a crushing attempt to flee, he swore he could hear each shot by the secret service men as they began to fire at Sam.
They opened fire as Sam dove toward the stage. Monica was crouched over the president. Sam was using his shield to deflect bullets. Bucky didn’t think he’d been shot yet.
Damn Sandhurst for using Sam this way. For making Bucky choose.
Bucky sprinted along the edge of the curve of the stands until he was finally near the light.
The only comfort, as the firefight continued far below him and the crowd grew more panicked, was that Sam would unequivocally order him to save Sarah first.
Hang on, baby.
  Sam fought Sandhurst’s control, but it was like sand in his eyes, like a splinter under a fingernail, like growing pains when he lay in bed as a kid—no matter how you tried, you just couldn’t get a handle on it.
It hurt, it ached, it itched... where the hell was it? It was a slippery clamp on his brain.
His only comfort was that he was unarmed. Sandhurst wasn’t making him fire at the president, or, heaven forbid, at the innocent crowd. Instead, Sandhurst had him swooping toward the stage and sometimes towards the press and nearby stands, but always back towards the president.
Sam’s flight grew jerkier and more perilous the longer it went. Was Sandhurst getting tired? Distracted? Where was he?
Bullets coming at him. Nearly impossible to scan the stadium.
Sam didn’t even realize right away that his hands were free. He was automatically using the shield to protect himself.
The president was still crouched on the stage, a woman huddled over him. Her body seemed to ripple fluidly.
“Get him out of here!” Sam shouted. Could anyone hear him over the din?
 Bucky was nearly below Sarah. There were spindly metal rungs on the pole leading to the stadium lights.
He flew up them three at a time.
Didn’t bother to get on top of the platform. Used the poles and edges to go hand over hand to Sarah.
As her right hand slipped...
Bucky grabbed her wrist.
  Sarah’s gaze was locked between her feet. The risers below her. This was going to hurt.
Her fingers were nearly numb from exhaustion. Couldn’t grip any tighter.
Her eyes clenched shut.
But instead of a rush and crunching pain, a warm hand locked around her wrist.
Sarah’s head snapped up.
“Hey, Sarah.” Bucky said. He hung from his metal arm, and his real hand was holding onto her. His smile was affectionate, warm.
From adrenaline, from fear, from joy, Sarah laughed. “Good—good timing,” she gasped. She also felt tears on her face.
“I’m good like that,” he grinned. “Okay, I’m going to raise you higher. Hold onto me, best as you can. Then I can swing us to the ladder.”
The muscles in his arms bulged as he raised her up. Sarah wasn’t short or light, but he didn’t seem to struggle. When she could, her free hand reached around his neck, he swung a little, and she wrapped her legs around his. He made sure her hands were locked around his neck, then shifted hand over hand to the ladder.
“Have to admit,” he said, his mouth near her ear, “this isn’t the worst.”
Sarah huffed.
  Bucky took them down the ladder as fast as possible. As much as he loved the feeling of Sarah wrapped around him, this wasn’t the moment, and he was horribly aware that Sandhurst might make her swan dive into the parking lot at any second.
At the bottom, with both their feet planted on a safe walkway, she breathed. “Oh, Bucky. I was scared.”
“I know.” Bucky smoothed a hand over her forehead and cheek. “It’s going to be alright.”
Bucky felt her body tense up. Her face froze.
Sandhurst was taking control again.
Bucky winced. “Sorry about this.” She didn’t have time to react before he stabbed the needle through the sleeve of her shirt, into her upper arm.
Her eyes flickered fearfully downward, but in a few seconds, her face relaxed and she slumped into him.
The sedative was fast acting. Sandhurst couldn’t do anything to her when she wasn’t conscious. Jimmy had passed out these quick-inject vials, with the plan to sedate anyone with a disc.
Bucky still wanted to get to Sam, but he had another job. He hoisted Sarah up and ran back toward the press box. “Darcy, I got a disc. I’m bringing it to you. You gotta figure out how to disable these things.”
  Jimmy Woo knew when he was outclassed. Monica was protecting the president from stray ricochet bullets. Her body wavered occasionally; the president would be dead from friendly fire if not for her.
Jimmy’s chances of getting to Sam Wilson were slim to none—the man was darting down at them again and again like a bird of prey tearing strips of flesh from a carcass.
The aisles of the stadium were thronged with people. Others were trying to jump downward from row to row, but there were too many people. The tunnels that led out of each section were packed. People were being crushed against walls and railings. Somebody fell from an upper section.
Jimmy hunkered at the foot of the stage. He slithered up onto the stage and nearly into Monica’s arms. “I need this.” He grabbed the microphone headset the president wore and slid it off his head.
Sam whipped by. Jimmy dropped back to the grass field, narrowly avoiding beheading by shield.
He blew in the mic. It was live.
Holding the little wire up to his mouth, knowing this was probably stupid, but determined to try, he yelled, “QUIET!”
His voice echoed over the stadium, but he didn’t give himself time to freak out about it. He began to run—nearly double—toward the nearest edge of the field. “Quiet!” he said again.
The fight still continued, but unless he was much mistaken, the noise from the stands did seem to pause for a moment.
“This is the FBI. We will get everyone out! But a stampede will kill hundreds.” He knew not everyone could possibly hear him, but maybe enough would. “Don’t push. Don’t yell. Look around.”
He tried to remember the instructions he’d read about crowd control. “Look for children. Look for the elderly. Don’t let them fall.”
He knew crowds could be heroic. People were scared, they needed to be reminded. He saw that many other security—FBI, local police, national guard—were trying to direct the flow.
“There are officers near you. Wait your turn. If you’re falling, hold out your hands. If you see hands, pull them up.”
Jimmy climbed the stairs two at a time to the nearest stands where he saw a national guardsman.
Jimmy saw people looking around, shushing those around them.
He saw adults grabbing the hands of kids nearby, the kids who’d been brought for the meet-and-greet with the president.
He saw one man dangling from the highest level of the stands, but at least three people were pulling him back up.
He put the mic wire down. He was panting. The guardsman spared him only a quick glance. “Get back on it,” he snapped. “Keep talking.”
Jimmy took a deep breath.
  Bucky got quickly back to the press box where Darcy was set up. He jerked open the glass door and maneuvered in sideways so as not to hit Sarah’s head. It was shockingly cold inside.
Darcy was typing furiously on her keyboard. Only her fingers weren’t quite on the keys. Was she fake typing?
Bucky frowned. “Darcy, can you get the disc off—”
She turned towards him, and he realized he’d missed the only clue he was going to get. Her eyes were panicked.
He was already too close.
She slapped a disc on his good arm, where it was wrapped around Sarah’s shoulders. His arms, full of Sarah...couldn’t block in time.
Sandhurst stepped out of the next room, a bloody bandage wrapped around his leg. “Hello, Mr. Barnes.”
End of Chapter 8
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kerriss · 12 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes & Sam Wilson Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson Additional Tags: Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Disabled Character, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Spoon Theory, Fluff and Angst, Counselor Sam Wilson Summary:
The day after the cookout Bucky wakes up and feels like he's been through something. The idea of doing something or talking to anyone sounds painful. He doesn't know why he feels this way. He had a good time at the party, it was great, the company was great. He wonders if there's something wrong with him.
Sam's got a good understanding of things from his days as a counselor and helps explain a few things that will hopeful help Bucky.
One Shot
Trigger warms: TW:Food, TW:Internal Ableism, TW:Ableism, depictions of burn out and executive disfunction
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tofandomhellandback · 12 hours ago
Bucky x Sarah - The Nanny AU
Sarah is the rich widow with two kids to take care of. Bucky is the broke disabled veteran without any childcare experience but Sarah's children fall in love with his metal arm instantly.
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darke-15 · 17 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Dropping Sunday, May 9 @ 12:00am MDT
Tumblr media
Are y'all caught up?
» Chapter 43 // LONDON EYES «
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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wxnda-maximxff · 17 hours ago
strawberry pancakes // bucky barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter One: The One With The Dinner
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2241
    “Who does that woman think she is?” Lily exclaimed as she burst into the Barnes residence, “Telling me I need to calm down. She called my fiance a terrorist.” The blonde fumed, storming into the kitchen to start making dinner.
“Doll what’re you doing?” Bucky sighed as he set Stella down, following the woman into the kitchen, “We have the conference tonight. Remember?”
Lily dropped her hand from the cupboard, placing her face into her hands. She had forgotten that Bucky and she had an Avengers conference dinner that they had to attend. The dress she wore was sitting in their room, calling for her to go put it on. She could feel the pressure laying on her shoulders from the level above her. The blonde turned her head, meeting Bucky’s eyes. He looked sorrowful and sympathetic, knowing that Lily wanted to stay home more than ever.
“Is that tonight?” Hunter asked as he joined the others in the kitchen, “Did we agree that Stella and I were coming?”
“Yeah, why don’t you start getting ready,” Bucky began, “Take Stella with you to her room. I’m just gonna talk to mom quickly.”
Hunter nodded and took his little sister from Bucky’s arms, glancing back at his mother as he walked up the stairs to the second floor of the house. Lily leaned back against the counters of the kitchen, her face still resting carefully in her hands as she attempted to calm herself down. The entire day had been something out of a nightmare for Lily, especially when she learned about what happened at Hunter’s school. The anxiety in her skyrocketed, and she wondered what everyone around them thought of the two’s relationship. About Bucky raising two children. Marrying an “all-American girl”, or so the tabloids had been saying over the last few years when the public got a hold of their relationship and Lily’s story.
“I know you hate these, baby,” Bucky whispered, walking towards the blonde and placing his hands on her shoulders, “I know. I’m sorry.”
“It’s been a very, very long day,” Lily whispered, removing her hands from her face and staring up at the man, “Don’t apologize. Let’s just...let’s just go get ready.”
“Wait wait,” Bucky sighed, taking Lily’s hands and pulling her closer to his chest, hand moving to the side of her face.
“What’re you doing?” She sighed, tilting her head into his hand.
“Jus’ lookin’ at ya,” he purred, Brooklyn accent pushing through, “My beautiful, beautiful, fiance.” The brunette cooed, bending down and pressing a gentle and barely-there kiss to Lily’s lips.
Laughing softly at his words, Lily squirmed from Bucky’s grip, “Sam’s right. You have a staring problem.” She teased, poking her fingers into the brunette’s stomach before turning towards the stairs.
Lily sighed as she readjusted her black peacoat. Her hands dusted off the satin material of her dark green dress that had a black lace pattern along the entirety of it. After readjusting herself, Lily bent down to Stella’s height, smiling softly at her beaming daughter. The four-year-old wore a white dress with a baby blue floral pattern along the entirety of it, white tights on her legs, with bright white ballet flats as well. Her dark brown locks pulled into a bun, a baby blue flower pinned onto it.
“You do love dressing up, don’t you?” Lily cooed, pressing a kiss to her daughter’s cheek before standing up, running her hand through her curled blonde hair, “Shall we?”
“That makes one of us,” Hunter muttered as he readjusted the white dress shirt he wore, glaring over at the crowd gathered in front of the building, “I feel like a clown right now.”
Lily chuckled softly at her son and ruffled his tousled blonde hair, before picking up the four-year-old girl. The dinner was being held in Gotham Hall, a beautiful place where the Avengers were gathering to recognize a few that were retiring, and welcoming more who were joining in on the initiative. It was a televised event, and each Avenger was individually introduced to the hall, including the families. Meaning Lily, Hunter, and Stella were being introduced alongside the White Wolf, aka Bucky Barnes.
“Did we remember to tell Tony to have the chef make Stella chicken fingers? She won’t eat what’s on the menu.” Lily sighed, following Bucky as they walked towards the entrance, smiling at a few of the paparazzi and fans.
“I told him, as did Steve. Mostly because we had to ensure that Leo also got chicken fingers.” Bucky chuckled, hand resting on the small of Lily’s back, other arm slung around Hunter’s shoulder.
The family waved and smiled as they walked down the sidewalk, shielding Stella’s eyes from the bright lights. Friday night in New York was already an insane time, and with an Avengers event, it only grew more hectic. Which is not always the best for a four-year-old who was not the biggest fan of large crowds. Hence why she thrived in the countryside in Long Island, enjoying her time alone or with a few of her close friends. It sometimes freaked Lily out just how much the girl was like her father. But warmed her heart at the same time.
“Let’s go find our seats,” Bucky whispered in the blonde’s ear as the four walked into the hall, making their way through the halls towards the dining area, finding their seats with Sam and Steve.
“Well look who decided to show up,” Sam chuckled as he embraced Bucky, kissing Lily on the cheek, “You lot clean up well, hm?”
“Your girlfriend cleans up better than you,” Bucky teased as he embraced Rose, kissing his fiances sister on the cheek as well before taking a seat next to Lily, “Even Leo looks better than you.” He teased, winking at the five-year-old boy across the table.
“He was being nice Buck, c’mon,” Steve chuckled, clapping the man on the shoulder before smiling as Natasha joined the table, “Now the whole families together again.”
“Oh don’t go pestering cyborg, I looked at the playlist Tony made,” Sam chuckled, sitting at his seat, “He’s got Marvin Gaye on there. Might be the thing that sends robocop over the edge.”
Lily chuckled and shook her head, pouring a glass of water for Stella and placing a straw that was on the table in it. She loved hearing the banter between the three and laughing at Rose and Nat’s interjections. Lily herself was not the best at bantering back and forth with them all, but apparently, a few of her quips were some of the funniest things said. Hunter as well. Neither of them were big talkers, which is why the two never really enjoyed the events that they had to attend.
“When are they doing introductions? Just to prepare Stella for the camera that comes zooming around,” Lily hummed, catching Bucky’s attention, “You know she freezes when they come by.”
“We’re up first,” Steve commented, sipping his whiskey, “So it’ll be done and over with quickly.” The blonde chuckled, pinching his goddaughter’s cheeks gently, “But they may be doing interviews. Tony sent an email.”
Lily glanced to her side, watching Bucky turn his head away from her gaze and focus on the whiskey he himself had. The blonde shook her head, focusing her mind on the water in her own glass. Hunter seemed to go a bit pale as well, most likely worrying he’d have to speak. Lily nudged Bucky’s arm, nodding towards Hunter. The brunette nodded, turning to the boy and whispering to him. Lily sighed softly, watching Hunter relax at his words.
Time went on and Lily felt herself relax a bit. But when the camera crew entered, her anxiety skyrocketed once again. Bucky’s hand rested on her thigh, the coolness of the metal seeping through her satin dress, causing goosebumps to pop up along her skin. Stella was busy on Lily’s phone, too distracted to really see the cameras entering and everyone setting themselves up. Lily pursed her lips and turned to Bucky, looking up at him through her lashes. The older man bent down and pressed a kiss to the woman’s forehead, soothing her nerves. Or at least trying to, as the cameras made their way over.
“Welcome everyone to the annual Avengers Dinner!” The announcer chuckled, her voice radiating through the speakers around the room, “Let’s start this legendary night with the star of the show, Captain America!” She grinned, “Or, should I say. Captain Americas.”
Lily sighed softly as she watched Stella lift her head, dropping Lily’s phone into her lap. The blonde rested her hand on her daughter’s shoulder, squeezing gently as the cameras made their way towards the table. The announcer plastered on an obviously fake smile that made Lily want to leave the room, but she stayed silent as she came closer.
“Look at this lovely group,” she chuckled, “Steve Rogers, always an honour to see you here. Alongside the ever ravishing Black Widow, aka, Natasha Romanoff. And who do we have here? Sam Wilson, aka Captain America, and fashion designer Rose Osborne! With her little one.” The redhead grinned, gesturing to the group before turning her attention to the family of four, “And last, but not least, the Barnes. James Barnes, the now-retired White Wolf, with his stunning fiance, Lily Barnes. Have you two tied the knot officially yet?” She asked, lowering the mic to Lily.
The blonde flushed a deep red, chuckling softly, if not awkwardly, “Not yet.” She stated simply, readjusting in her seat.
“What’s the holdup? We’re all dying to know!”
“Just been busy.” Lily hummed, glancing over at Stella, who was staring down at her lap.
“How could I forget! You two have your own kid,” she hummed, glancing over at Hunter, “Kids, sorry. Stella and Hunter correct? How do you two feel about the announcement tonight?”
Bucky jumped in, taking over as he saw Lily’s confused face, “Walker has had a past. But I’m sure he’ll do great. Especially with some reinforced supervision.”
“Walker!?” Lily whisper yelled, pushing open the front door, “What the hell is Tony thinking?” She muttered, dropping her purse as she cradled Stella’s head on her shoulder.
“We tried to talk him out of it.” Bucky sighed, nodding up the stairs for Hunter to head up to bed.
“It’s ridiculous,” Lily sighed, following her son up the stairs, Bucky following close behind, “Was what happened nothing to him? He decapitated a man in a town square.” The blonde continued, walking into Stella’s room, slowly stirring her, “Darling wake up, gotta get you into PJ’s.”
“He redeemed himself near the end of it all,” Bucky sighed, pulling pyjamas out of his daughter’s dresser, “Maybe that counts for something in Tony’s books.”
Lily had her own personal reasons to resent the man. Whenever there was a function where he attended, he was always a bit friendly with the blonde. Bucky mostly stepped in before it got too far, but still, it made Lily uncomfortable regardless. But above all of that, the events that happened with the Flagsmashers was something that Lily couldn’t get past. Bucky had gone to help with the entirety of the ordeal but ensured to keep in constant contact with Lily, who was sitting at home, pregnant as can be.
She remembered the day he came home like it was yesterday.
Lily watched the TV with relief in her eyes. She watched Sam’s speech with pride, her heart swelling at his words. She had always admired Sam, and watching him officially take up the mantle was something Lily would remember for decades to come. Her hands rested on her swollen stomach, counting down the minutes before she could see her boyfriend walk through the door of the Manhattan home they still lived in.
Lily made her way to bed, laying uncomfortably in it. She didn’t remember how she was able to sleep when pregnant with Hunter, but the baby currently growing inside of her was making her want to turn back the time and keep Bucky at bay that night she was positive was the day the fetus was conceived. Though she knew deep down, she would want to relive that night time and time, and time again. As she tossed and turned, the blonde wondered if Bucky was still directly in the middle of the city.
When the door opened, she felt herself almost float up from the bed. Turning her head, the blonde jumped from the bed and walked towards the man, not hesitating to kiss him deeply as his hands found her cheeks. When they broke apart, he dropped to his knees and pressed his lips to Lily’s seven-month pregnant belly.
“Please tell me the arrested walker,” she whispered, running her hands through Bucky’s brown hair, “Please.”
“They didn’t...I’m sorry my love.” He whispered, standing to his feet, “We don’t know what’s going to happen with him.”
Three years later, they figured out just what would happen to Walker. He’d be given the same privileges as people who had saved the world countless times, including that of Lily’s fiance. It sat heavily on Lily’s shoulders as she undid Stella’s hair, placing the elastic to the side and running her nimble fingers through the dark tresses as Bucky helped the young girl get changed into her pyjamas.
After the two tucked their daughter into bed and undressed into pyjamas themselves, and climbed into bed, Lily let out a heavy sigh. Not only was the Walker situation heavy on Lily’s mind, but the announcer’s comments on the state of their engagement did also as well. She never really thought about it. The two had been busy, there was no time for them to really sit down and properly plan a wedding. But then again...Steve and Nat had been able to. Their own rehearsal dinner was in a week. They had gotten engaged about six months ago. Lily and Bucky...they had been engaged for two years.
Yet legally, they weren’t married. And it worried her.
“Why haven’t we gotten married yet?”
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sgt-jamesbbarnes · 18 hours ago
Your doorbell rang. You got up and opened the door. It's someone from the military.
Y/N: [face drops] Hello.
MILITARY MAN: Mrs. Barnes.
Y/N: [eyes watering] Yes.
MILITARY MAN: [handing dogtag] I'm sorry, Mrs. Barnes.
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theinfinitybucky · 18 hours ago
Welcome Home (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Tumblr media
Request: May i request a Bucky x reader where Bucky having to go on a year long undercover mission. On his way home the reader, his wife, is super excited and terrified to introduce him 2 month old daughter to him when he gets home. Bonus points if he doesn’t know about the pregnancy
Warnings: Pregnancy? Babies? Angst, fluff? idkkkkkkk
Author’s Note: I’ve never had children, am not a huge fan of kids, so if I make the kid act like a pet/I don’t interact with kids much so... I apologize. I also wrote this on Tumblr and did it pretty quickly so #oops to any mistakes
B/N = baby name
Tumblr media
It had been over almost a year since Bucky left for an undercover mission in Albania. You hadn’t heard a peep from him or anything through the wires of SHIELD. You would have guessed he was dead. A part of you still lingered on a glimmer of hope.
Your daughter held the fingers of your left hand as you walked down the street of your quiet neighborhood. The carriage rolled over the uneven sidewalk, lulling her to sleep. It was such a sharp contrast from a few years ago when you and Bucky had just met. That was back when he was the Winter Soldier and attempted to murder you and Natasha in the SHIELD headquarters.
The circumstances shifted quickly. The blip happened. Bucky had turned to dust. The memory seared into your mind like nothing else in your life. You could never forget that day. It was not that Bucky had even been that close of a friend. The major problem was that neither of you had ever spoken to each other about how you felt. Of course, there was the occasional flirtatious smirk or suggestion of liking the other. It still never amounted to anything.
When Bucky got back, the world had changed. You were done with being an Avenger. It was too traumatic to continue fighting people. Bucky on the other hand was able to keep up with it. You had discussed that it was the only way to keep him in his right mind. He said that it enabled him to make good connections and erase old negative ones. You did not disagree with his conclusion.
The only issue was when Bucky asked you to marry him and he still had to go on missions. You spent too much time worrying about your husband. At this point, you weren’t sure he was ever coming back. Before you kissed him goodbye, you had a funny feeling in your stomach. It was soon revealed that you were pregnant after mornings of terrible nausea.
Natasha wanted to call him back from the year long mission, but you said no. You wouldn’t allow it to happen. The stakes were too high. Your daughter was born and Wanda helped you through the delivery. You remembered crying when you first met your child. The pain of giving birth was all worth it for this little ray of sunshine.
Your daughter was cooing and you laughed as you shook a toy for her to play with. You were laughing to yourself when you heard a familiar voice call your name. You looked up and saw Bucky walking toward you. He was a little beaten up, but the shock off seeing him overtook you.
“Y/N?” His voice came out gravely.
“Bucky?” Your voice choked up at the sight of him.
He ran over to you and his lips collided with your own. Longing and intensity filled the air. He held your face to his own and you melted into his arms. He had to hold you up from your legs going weak. He smiled into the kiss and pulled away to laugh.
Bucky’s eyes drifted form
“You were pregnant? You should have told me, Y/N.” His voice didn’t hold anger. Just sadness.
“Do you want to meet your daughter?” You asked softly.
“I would like nothing more.” He planted another kiss on your lips before you took his hand and led him over to the baby stroller. You picked up your baby girl and turned to Bucky.
“Bucky, this is B/N.” Your child’s blue eyes met your own gaze. She looked from you to Bucky. Bucky’s eyes began to collect water as he was overtaken with emotion. He couldn’t believe that he had a child. His perfect wife had given birth to a gorgeous baby girl without him.
It didn’t matter now. He was here and he could hold B/N. The baby girl looked from you to him with a dumbfound look on her little face.
“Do you want to hold her?” You asked.
Bucky just nodded and raised his flesh arm from his side. You stepped closer and handed him the baby. Your gazes met for a split second as you passed your child into his arms. The baby silently stared up at him and the tears fell over the edges of his eyelids. They slipped slowly down his face.
“Hey, it’s okay.” You wiped the tears away from his cheeks. “You were off saving the world. We were fine waiting.”
“I’m never making either of you wait for me again.” He smiled at you with wet eyes.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading. Please give a like, reply, follow or reblog for more content in the future. I also am taking one shot requests go ahead and send your idea in to see it brought to life!
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fallingfavourites · 19 hours ago
Right so i wrote this about Bucky a while ago and im not sure if i should continue it, please help me guys
Tumblr media
there he was standing right in front of me. I hadn't seen him in what felt like 70 years and it has been. I could never forget those bright blue eyes in a million years, though these blue eyes weren't bright, they looked dull and empty. As if someone had sucked the soul out of them. I could hear a voice screaming at me only I couldn't make out what they were saying and right on cue I felt a sting in my stomach. it didn't particularly hurt. it felt more like a burning sensation.
That feeling is practically imprinted in my brain. I knew immediately what had happened. my hands unconsciously reached for my stomach. I felt my clothes dampening around the wound. when I looked down at my hands I saw the crimson red liquid slowly starting to stain my hands. a soft exhale escaped past my lips. I again heard the voice screaming out to me. only when he stopped by my side I could make out who it was.
Steve kept looking back and forth between me and the man that had fired the gun. horror and worry clearly showing on his face. when the man had run away Steve paid his full attention to me. I saw his mouth moving but couldn't make out what he was saying. he put pressure on the wound in the lower part of my abdomen when I noticed the familiar female with shoulder-length red hair.
As I looked up I vaguely saw someone flying above me with metal-looking wings. the longer I kept looking up at the sky the more tired I was getting. I could faintly make out Steve telling me to stay with us. I heard nats frantic voice saying that help was on the way. I hadn't noticed sam flying back up and searching if there was any sign of him, the man who had shot me. S.H.I.E.L.D. cars were driving right to us, which I internally debated if that was good or bad.
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betweentwopines · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m obsessed with Daisy’s Winter Soldier AU so of course I had to draw some fanart of Obi-Wan as the Winter Soldier!
Here is the link to the wonderful AU that you should all read:
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