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#Bucky barnes
uprootbasic · 6 minutes ago
PLEASE d o a pet 2 to winter loves you too. god, the whole concept is amazing. maybe showcasing winter waking the s/o up at night & needing love & then maybe him & bucky reconciling?
Winter loves you too ll
pairing: soft!Winter Soldier x Reader
warnings: fluff, Winter is his own person and just sharing a body with Bucky, Bucky and Winter getting along well, almost little!Winter?? idk how that happened tbh, slight angst. 
a/n: hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
it always started out with his breathing changing. 
when he was Bucky, his breathing was full and healthy. when he was Winter, his breathing became erratic, and more shallow, as if he was expecting a hit. 
then, the gentle fingers pushing your hair back. as you opened your eyes, you immediately knew it was Winter. Bucky never woke you up in the middle of the night despite his nightmares, and he never woke you up by playing with your hair. that was only reserved for Winter. 
you’d give him a smile, and ask the same question you always did. “can I touch you?” he’d give a slow nod, and you’d sit up. once you did that, he got a sad look on his face, and you knew he needed love. 
“did you tell Bucky?” you asked, and he shook his head. ever since Bucky found out what Winter had been doing, Winter had been making more of an appearance, and it wasn't limited to the middle of the night. he’d also been communicating with Bucky more, and you’d often find Bucky doing things you normally wouldn’t, and you knew that it was him entertaining Winter despite Winter being inside. 
before, he never spoke properly. It was incoherent mumbling in a mix between Russian and English, and hand gestures. you often though of Winter as a child in an adult body, and the more he was out and given the chance to act as a human, he was able to communicate more. 
the shifting between the two of them seemed to be smoother now, and you learned that to Bucky, it felt like falling asleep. so when Winter was out, Bucky was able to rest his mind for a little. 
you reached out toward Winter, and he leaned into you. your hand came to cup his jaw, and his head melted into your touch as you felt a tremble run through his body. 
he whimpered, and you tried to decipher what he needed. you found his eyes were locked on your chest and smiled. it wasn't a sexual look, it never was sexual with Winter. he was much like Bucky in the way that he loved your boobs, but he loved them for comfort reasons. you sat back against the headboard, and opened your arms. 
he crawled in between your legs and settled his head against your left boob, his ear listening to your heartbeat. that was another way he was different was the preferred boob. to him, your heartbeat was his grounding tool, but Bucky’s was skin to skin contact after being deprived of gentle and loving touch for so long. 
once Winter was settled, you ran your fingers through his hair. you let it be quiet for a few moments, before speaking. 
“why are you awake, my love?” you asked in the most motherly voice you could muster. he shrugged his shoulders. you sighed, knowing it was deeper than that. you altered your next question so that a childlike mental capacity could understand. 
“what emotion are you feeling?” he snuggled closer before speaking.
“scared.” he whispered, and you nodded. “s-sorry.” he followed up with and you shook your head. 
“its okay to feel emotions. you’re not going to be hurt here. you're safe.” you reassured him. he often felt like he was going to be punished for needing something, and you always assured him that you were not going to punish him, for anything. 
“what is making you scared?” 
you felt him tremble, and wondered if he was going to cry. the last time he broke down as Winter, he hid himself under the bed and all you could do was sit and listen to his pained wails because he wouldn't allow anyone else near him. 
“bad. gun.” he said, in his gruff voice, and you immediately understood. 
“you’re scared of the bad guys with guns?” he immediately nodded, and you hugged him closer to your chest. “no ones going to hurt you, Winter. you’re safe here. I'm going to protect you, Bucky’s going to protect you the most. everyone here is going to make sure your safe and the bad guys with the guns don't take you ever again.” you reassured him. 
“Buck. Nice.” He said, and you smiled. 
“Bucky’s nice?” you asked, and he nodded. 
“tells me jokes.” you let out a laugh at that. 
“is that why I see him smiling and laughing to himself?” and Winter nodded, a giggle escaping his mouth. “I’m glad you two are getting along.” 
“I tell him sorry.” he said simply and you smiled. 
“I am very happy that you told him sorry, even though none of that was your fault sweetie.” he looked up at you and touched your face with his metal hand. 
“I'm proud of you,” you said, and felt warmth spread through your chest when when he smiled and tears spread on his face. 
“proud?” he questioned, and you nodded. 
“I am so so proud of all the progress you’ve been making.” then you recalled a memory and wanted to praise him for it. “I am especially proud that you apologized to Tony for what happened to his parents. it was very brave of you to do that.” 
you hadn’t even asked him to do it, but he walked up to Tony one day and hugged him. Tony looked alarmed, as the only person other than you that Bucky would hug was Steve, but melted into it when you told him it was Winter, not Bucky. 
“I sorry for hurt.” He said simply, but Tony seemed to understand what he was saying and forgave him instantly before giving him a popsicle, which wasn't the best idea because he started zooming around the tower with both you and Steve running behind him. you had deliberately left that out of your ‘report’ to Bucky when Winter went back inside. 
you looked back down at Winter and his finger booped your nose. 
“love you.” he said, and you smiled.
“I love you too, Winter.”
he placed his finger on your lip and you kissed it, before you saw his eyes fluttering shut. you smiled, and fell asleep moments later. 
Tumblr media
the next morning, you woke up before Bucky, but only by a few moments. Bucky’s blue eyes met yours a few seconds later, and he looked confused at the new position. 
“did he come out last night?” he asked, and you nodded with a smile. 
“yep. not for long. just needed some cuddles, and fell back asleep. it was 5 or 10 minutes at most.” you said. “is he awake yet?” you asked, since Bucky was able to communicate with him when he was back inside. Bucky focused for  second, but shook his head. 
“nope.” he said simply, and a smile spread across your face as you recalled last night. 
“so, he told me that you tell him jokes?” you asked, amused and Bucky chuckled. 
“little traitor. he promised me that was our secret!” 
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shaun-cross01 · 10 minutes ago
Hear me out, what if the reason Bucky said Sam isn’t good at sharing is because Bucky asked or tired to bunk up Sam and he said no, which resulted in Bucky sleeping on the couch. That would be the only thing that makes sense to me seeing as how Sam already asked Bucky to stay with him and his family.
In conclusion, Bucky is salty that he couldn’t cuddle Sam and had to vent to Sarah about it.
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fenny2613 · 11 minutes ago
Okay imagine for some captain America promo crap Sam has to go make an appearance at this awards show and Buckys just like no, nope, no way so Sam goes alone.
Bucky’s flipping through the channels because he’s bored and misses sam like crazy even though it’s only been an hour and he lands on the channel showing the red carpet premier and he just sees Sam in action. Working the cameras and the people around him. Smiling that bright smile and looking so damn good that Bucky feels his face flushing even though Sam is just on the tv screen. Bucky feels himself falling even more in love and he cannot wait to feel that smile against his lips.
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procrastinatingsapphictrash · 11 minutes ago
For headcanon night
A platonic Bucky x reader where they go to a flower field (Sam and Zemo could be there too)
A/n: I didn’t include Zemo bc I didn’t know how to but I included Sam’s family so I hope that’s okay!
It was Sam and Bucky’s joint idea because the kids were bored
Also because Sam knew that Sarah needed a break for the day and Bucky noticed you were feeling down lately and thought this would cheer you up
Bucky picks you up and then you drive over to pick up Sam and the kids
Sarah looks relieved to be on her own for the day and you make note of that, planning to force Sam and Bucky to babysit while you take her out for a spa day sometime soon
The drive is long and boring and you fall asleep during the middle part
There is some whining and asking Bucky when you’re going to get there and he does his best to stay patient
You take a small detour through a weird side road that you’re not supposed to be on
(Sam claims Bucky made the wrong turn, Bucky claims Sam gave him the wrong directions and you just want them to shut up and continue driving)
So far the day isn’t turning out to be as fun as Bucky promised but that changes when you reach the field
It seems to stretch for miles, mostly wildflowers but also long grasses and a few bushes
It’s very pretty and you’re glad they brought you here
Immediately the kids take off running towards the tall grasses to play hide and seek
Sam joins them after a few minute, it’s obvious that he is a great uncle
Bucky and you sit in comfortable silence
He knows you love peace and nature and he also enjoys the quietness of the fields without actually being alone
You share a small picnic lunch and stay for another hour before you pack up and head home
The day was amazing, the only annoyance is you didn’t understand the jokes Sam and Bucky kept making about rolling through the fields
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spiedaman · 17 minutes ago
can u do a bucky smut?? maybe one where the reader is really turned on by bucky throwing the shield and he teases her about it 🤫
You ran your hand along Bucky’s forearms, fingernail grazing a raised scar near his wrist. “This one?”
You’d been asking his about his scars lately, pointing out particular ones to see if he’d remember how he got them. Usually, he didn’t, but it made him remember other things, too.
He frowned, grazing down at the mark. “That one was when I was 16, and Steve thought it was a good idea for us to climb down the fire escape to make it to some girl’s party down the street. Rusty nail, lots of blood. Surprised I didn’t get an infection, honestly.”
You grinned, leaning in for a kiss as you intertwined your fingers. “My tough guy, bet you didn’t even cry.”
Bucky laughed. “Like a baby, but anyone who would remember is dead.” His smile faltered slightly, but he shrugged it off, lifting your hand up to his lips. “Gotta go make sure Wilson doesn’t decapitate himself with that shield.”
You watched him head towards Sam, who was still trying to get the hang of throwing the shield. You leaned against the porch, licking your lips as you observed Bucky take it from him, effortlessly throwing the shield in a perfect line towards the target, the vibranium slicing through the air so quickly you hardly saw it before it lodged itself in the tree.
You felt a full body shiver go through you at the sight. God, you’d never seen Bucky actually throw the shield before, and the combination of that arm and the shield... the power he held. You had a hard time breathing.
And Bucky had a hard time missing your reaction. He watched you too closely to miss anything, any slight change in your body language went unnoticed by the man who made it his life’s mission to keep you safe.
You looked up from where you were admiring his hands to see his smirk, and felt your face heat immediately. God, he missed nothing.
You made it through the rest of training (Christ, now that you’d seen it once, you couldn’t get enough of him with that shield, and he knew it), dinner and dessert before he brought it up.
“Me with the shield, huh?” he murmured when you were both in bed, you trying to get into the book you bought at the airport last week.
You blushed, but pretended to focus on the words in front of you. “It was... interesting to watch, I guess.”
Bucky hummed, training butterfly-soft kisses down your arm. “Yeah? ‘Cause from the way you were starin’, I could swear you were a bit turned on, doll.”
You rolled your eyes, pulling your arm away and trying to will the red from your cheeks down. “Bucky, I wasn’t—“
“It’s okay, it kinda turns me on that it turns you on, baby.”
Your book hit the floor and your lips were on Bucky’s before he had a chance to react, pulling a surprised groan from him.
It wasn’t until ten minutes later, when he had you sitting on his lap with your back to his chest, fucking you hard enough to where you could hardly choke out, “Okay, it was hot.”
Bucky grinned, his fingers rubbing the perfect circles on your clit that made you scream, sucking on a spot on your neck that was sure to leave a mark. “Yeah?” he whispered in your ear, a particularly hard thrust making you clutch at his arm.
You panted, so close to cumming you were afraid he would stop if you didn’t agree.
“Yea, yes, yes, Bucky, the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen, don’t stop—“
Your orgasm crashed through you, and you could faintly hear Bucky let out a moan as he followed you. You felt weak in his arms, letting his maneuver your body back down onto the bed when you both came down from your highs.
Bucky pressed a kiss to your shoulder, moving your damp hair away from your neck and licking a drop of sweat off your skin before he murmured, “Gues I better start using the shield in front of you more, baby.”
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fanficmaniatic · 23 minutes ago
Hi, So I just read this series
And.... I- How.... How do I put in words that this broke me? But like, not in the sad way, like I haven’t cried, but my brain has been completely torn out and smashed by the beauty of it?
Like, do you ever walk out of a fanfic and are like... That’s it... That fic was everything. It does not only live rent free in my head, I PAY the fanfic to live in my head. IS THAT GOOD!
I am honestly trying to like EXPLAIN it.... But like... Noo???? A fanfic has NEVER made me feel this way! 100000000000/10
This fic is my safe place.
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pumpkky · 27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I did it a while ago for Funkyloaf's DTIYS! sambucky is my religion and i needed to show it here too
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the-emo-manatee · 35 minutes ago
reblog with whether you prefer bucky barnes with long or short hair. it’s for science
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serpentargo · 39 minutes ago
me: *is scrolling through ao3 in hopes to find a sambucky fic to read*
me: *sees this almost all the time*
Tumblr media
me: FUCK
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chris-whore · 39 minutes ago
hey whores
weird favor but can you guys send in questions about the mcu through my inbox as you were actually asking the characters them?
confusing? i know i’m sorry.
ex: “thor, how do you feel about loki dying every family reunion?”
i promise it’ll be cool.
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killsandthrills · 43 minutes ago
i think i might do some marvel mood boards later... tfatws, of course
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mastermystic · 44 minutes ago
Bucky: Good responses for being stabbed with a knife?
Sam: Rude.
Stephen: That’s fair.
Tony: Not again.
Peter: Are you going to want this back?
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mastermystic · 46 minutes ago
Sam: Why are your tongues purple?
Stephen: We had slushies. I had a blue one.
Tony: I had a red one.
Sam: oh
Sam: OH
Bucky: You drank each other's slushies?
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