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#bucky fic
captainslytherinsoldier · 8 minutes ago
Since The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ended, has there been any good SamBucky fics? Preferably ones that don't have Sam as Bucky's therapist? I Know I could browse AO3 but it's not something I wanna do at the moment. Fic recs please!
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gingyboo · 33 minutes ago
Mirror Mirror
A/N: Again many thanks to @booglebug
Description- Soulmates existed. People knew that much. Soulmates were rare, a handful in each generation, an unexplainable phenomenon that formed a bond closer than blood and more sacred than marriage.
Bucky finds his soulmate when he needs her most. Little does he know how much she needs him too.
(Soulmate au that slots pretty much in to the MCU but with soulmates. Set after TFATWS.)
Pairing- Bucky Barnes x OFC
Warnings- Mentions of violence and guns, but its mostly fluff, drama and angst.
This is a multi chaptered fic.
Please like, comment, reblog!
prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 13
Chapter 13
Shuri agreed to keep the prison safe whilst Sam, Bucky and Nancy headed for the raft. The US Marshalls could hardly say no to Captain America although they weren’t very happy about a British civilian going along as well. Torres had been sent back to America, no more unsanctioned missions for him. Shuri lent them a jet and a pilot. Before the left the princess had pulled Nancy to one side.
“I know he is your cousin, but he is a bad man. You should know it is only because of his excellent service and separation from your mother that has kept the Wakandan people happy for your father to remain here. You cannot trust this man.”
“Believe me I know, I know what he did to your father. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, it’s something my family has tried very hard to forget.” Nancy responded. Shuri had nodded to her in understanding, pressing a wrapped bundle of cloth into her arms.
“For the Red Wolf.” She said simply.
Her father had tears in his eyes as he said goodbye, “You find him, you bring back to me.” She had promised to, there was no point hiding her intentions anymore, they had a lead, nothing was going to stand in the way of finding her brother.
On board the plane Nancy sat with Shuri’s package cradled on her lap. Bucky sat beside her, tracing patterns lazily on the back of her hand. Sam sat on the other side of the jet, he kept watching Nancy out of the corner of his eye. Sam hadn’t said much to her since her revelation. Not that there’d been much time for chatting but still there was a chill in his presence that wasn’t there before.
“Stop staring Samuel.” Bucky snapped after a while and Sam’s eyes jumped up to meet his. Bucky’s eyebrows were raised, daring him to say something.
“I don’t like this James.”
“I didn’t choose to be related to him,”
“You didn’t tell us, how do we know we can trust you?” He appeared genuinely hurt by her omission. Nancy thought for a few moments.
“I just want to find my brother, you don’t have to trust me, but can you at least believe that.” Sam looked away from her then, silent acceptance.
“I’ll talk to him.” Bucky whispered kissing her temple.
“I don’t think anyone’s ever had my back so much before.” Nancy remarked
“It’s you and me doll, we stand together.” He winked at her, and Nancy felt warmth spreading through her as she beamed uncontrollably back at him. “You gonna show me what’s in there?” Bucky asked gesturing to the bundle. Nancy looked at it carefully. She’d mention it as a throw away comment, a joke during training, she didn’t think Shuri would actually come through with it. She peeled back the layers of cloth to reveal the garment beneath. Black and deep red panelling made up the trousers, top and jacket. Red gloves and boots were tucked into the bottom of the bundle as well as a brief note.
“Flame retardant, knife resistant and a lightweight breathable material. Or so Shuri says, I’m amazed she got it made so fast.” Nancy said, running her fingers over her suit. The belt boasted two knife holsters and a pouch of metallic ball bearings. After Nancy insisted on not carrying a gun Shuri had got creative, when activated by the device built into the sleeve, the balls would give off an electrical charge. Not enough to kill, but enough to knock someone down. An extra two knives were stowed away in the jacket’s lining and the backs of the gloves had reinforced panels of vibranium.
“I like it.” Bucky said once she’d got back from the tiny cubicle the jet called a toilet, now clad in the ensemble.
“Fits like a glove,” she smithed the material out before a brief jolt of turbulence knocked her back into her seat. Bucky’s arms reached out instinctively to catch her, but she caught herself, sliding back into the seat gently. Turbulence seemed to increase as they neared the raft. Nancy became more agitated which didn’t go unnoticed by her companions. For the first time she had to accept what her brother working with Helmut could mean. Did their views align? If so why had he taken the serum? Had he betrayed his country? Her brother who swore to fight for queen and country. The main question burned through them all though, where was he?
They reached the raft as were led through many security gates to a round room of cells. Zemo stood behind glass, he stared passively as the trio entered the room. No hint of surprise at the presence of Nancy.
“I wondered when I’d be graced with your presence dearest cousin. Family really is everything, wouldn’t you agree?”
“You’re nothing to me.” Nancy responded with narrowed eyes as she stalked round the edge of the room, each step bringing her closer to the glass.
“Don’t think I don’t know why you are here little one.” He smiled at her beckoning her towards him. She complied, briefly looking back to nod at Bucky first.
“Where is Kit?” She asked, staring him down.
“All in good time. I see you found him, I did used to wonder if you ever would.” Bucky made to move forward but Nancy waved him back.
“You knew?” She looked calm, inside she was screaming at him.
“You think your parents didn’t know, you think your mother wouldn’t have talked to mine. My parents were soulmates, your mother wanted to be certain. I heard things, not till later did I find out the metal armed man was him, I mean how many men like him are there.” He wagged his eyebrows in Bucky’s direction.
“Only one.” Nancy’s face turned to marble, she let the music rise up, calming her. “Tell me about Kit, we know he isn’t dead, we know you were working together, we know he took the serum. Where is he?”
“Is that all you want to know, don’t you want to know why? What if your precious brother doesn’t deserve to be found?”
“You want to tell me a story Helmut? Tell me a story, but it better end with where he is, or so help me god.”
“Your soldier won’t kill me, it’s not who he is anymore.” He smiled. Nancy Brought her face up to meet his against the glass.
“But I will.” She said it with a confidence she didn’t possess.
“Christopher worked for me, I knew about the British programme, I knew he’d be an ideal candidate, so I approached him, he wasn’t hard to convince, his weakness was glaringly obvious.”
“What weakness?” Nancy hated to ask.
“You my dear. His precious baby sister who he wanted to protect from the world. Little did he know the one he needed to protect you from was waiting in a mirror. Telling him that got him on side pretty quick. Who would want a monster dating their little sister?” Anger began to boil up inside Nancy’s head, drowning out her music.
“You Bastard!”
“Now come on, language, you were raised better than that.” he scolded with a frown before continuing “So, I told him, to protect you from the infamous winter solider he’d need to level the playing field. Then it was a simple task of tracking him to the classified location and shutting the place down. Him taking the serum was an unfortunate side effect, I underestimated their progress, but I’ve set the programme back many years now.”
“So, Kit didn’t betray them?”
“Well, no technically not, my people had him removed, sadly he escaped my custody, and by that point I had bigger fish to fry.” he nodded at Sam and Bucky. “I made my peace with that. He knows you’re looking for him though, sent me a letter some weeks ago, instructions on where you could find him.”
“What instructions were they?” she demanded, her fingers lightly grazed the blade at her waist.
“I’ll tell you, if you promise me a favour in return.” He whispered to her. There was a rush of movement and Bucky was behind her, gun drawn, pointing it at the glass. Sam stood behind him, hand on his shoulder, as if to hold him back.
“No!” Nancy whipped round, brandishing her blade at Bucky her eyes pleading for him to back down, one wrong move and Kit could be lost to her.
“You can’t trust him.”
“He’s the only chance.” She insisted. Bucky smiled sadly.
“You won’t hurt me doll.”
“No, I won’t.” She realised, she turned the knife in her hand before bringing it to her throat. “And you won’t hurt me.” Bucky dropped the gun instantaneously. His face filled with pain and Nancy lowered the blade, her own face painted with regret.
“Alright calm down.” Sam said standing between the two of them, Zemo had moved to sit on the edge of his bunk.
“Really very touching.” He looked at the three of them.
“What’s the favour?” She spat back at him. Something softened behind his eyes as he looked at her. He took a deep breath.
“Lay some flowers for me, at the memorial, In Sokovia.” Nancy, taken aback, nodded slowly. “Does the name Thomas Gregory mean anything to you?” His eyes darted to the cameras above them and then back again. Understanding Nancy nodded.
“That’ll be a place to start.” He picked a book off his pillow waving it at her. She saw the title, Moby Dick. “You know, some people think the ending is the best part, I tend to prefer beginnings.”
Sam and Bucky both looked confused, but Nancy understood.
“Thank you, Helmut, I won’t forget this.” She turned her back and made to walk back to the door.
“Nancy,” he called out to her. She turned her head quickly. “White roses were her favourite, she might not have been my soulmate, but at the same time she was.”
They received many odd looks from the raft’s personnel as they made their way back to the jet. Bucky seemed to be constantly staring at her and for the first time she felt discomfort under his gaze.
“Buck…” was all she managed to get out once they were seated once more in the plane, before Sam started asking questions.
“Who is Thomas Gregory?” he started.
“He’s no one, it was a code, one he knew only I would be able to decipher. He wants it to be me that finds him. If Helmut knows where he is, he doesn’t want those watching him to know that. Which means Duncan Everett is the only one trying to find him.”
“Do you know where he is?”
“I’ve got an idea. Thomas Gregory was a friend of his, the first boy I ever thought I loved actually,” Nancy noticed Bucky tense up by her side, but she ignored it. “Kit knew I’d remember him. Really a cruel joke. They had been friends for ages, but his family was actually from Cornwall originally.”
“Prefers the beginning.” Bucky muttered, Nancy nodded up at him with a grateful smile. He, at least, was following.
“Moby Dick was a clue too I think. Kit loved the sea, he read that book for school once, he was obsessed with it. He’s got to be working the coast.” She pieced it together in her mind. He knew how to crew the greatest naval vessels, it makes sense for his cover to be working on the boats.
“In Cornwall.” Sam clarified.
“yes, I believe so.”
“Then we’ll head there, we’ll find him.” Bucky said, looking to Sam for any hint of protest.
“We’ve come this far.” Sam decided, rising up to let their pilot know the new course. he looked back briefly at Bucky who nodded. Then it was just Nancy and Bucky sat side by side, yet miles apart.
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 48 minutes ago
Update! - Love & Other Desires
So, I’ve decided to update the day of upload for each chapter to Wednesday coz Saturday is like super inconvenient. It’s the weekend, I’m lazy🤷🏽‍♀️ and I have class to prepare for and it’s just a super lazy and busy day. I will still be writing requests along with the series and next month, imma have a surprise for you lovely people, so stay tuned!!!!🌸🤌🏽✨
The main Masterlist for this series is here
*not my gif, credits to the owner*
Tumblr media
@julyvegan @tenaciousperfectionunknown@mysweetlittledesire @bbl32 @spookyparadisesheep@noshame-bb @cece5 @hart-failure @sohoseb​
You can find my works on my Main Masterlist here.
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here.
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zbarnes · 2 hours ago
come here
Tumblr media
a/n: this one is so bad i’m sorry LMAO and sorry it’s a short one
summary|| bucky is your roommate and hes notices how stressed you’ve been with work and your studies..
pairing|| roommate!bucky x reader
warnings|| unprotected sex, degradation kink, squirting, angst, language, kissing, fingering, praise kink, smut 18+ MINORS DNI
the low rumble of buckys bike downstairs makes you look up from your studies. you look down at your clothes and sigh. wearing a blue tank top, no bra, and pajama shorts was not how you wanted buck too see you. you’ve been so focused on school and college, you’ve been stuck in your condo for weeks working yourself out.
before you get up the door to your apartment is being unlocked. “y/n, i’m back!” he yells and turns to set his keys on the counter. you begin to scurry off before he sees you. “you’re not gonna talk to me. ‘m hurt doll.”
you turn around slowly and cross your arms over your chest, “hi buck.” you mutter with a small smile. “how was the meeting with sam?”
“fine, you okay?” he ask while sitting and patting the spot next too him. you slowly walk over and grab the blanket that was covering your legs earlier; wrapping it around yourself. “i’m fine, just cold.” you say quietly and sit next too him.
he looks down, seeing your nipple through your tank and instantly growing hard. “do you ever stop studying?” he ask and chuckles lowly; moving your books aside.
“i do,” you begin and he raises an eyebrow, “but i need to focus on my work.”
“are you not stressed?” he ask
“no.” you lie and he rolls his eyes, “what buck?” he’s never rolled his eyes at you before. this causes an awkward shield between you too that you wish you could break.
“don’t lie too me.” he mutters and you pull the blanket around yourself a bit more. “you need to relieve your stress. have fun.” your friendship with bucky has been rocky lately. he’s so used too you partying with home every weekend but now you have to study 24/7 and he’s tired of it.
“and how the fuck can i do that?” you snap and his eyes darken. “if i had a way i would’ve done it buck. nothing can be fun for me anymore. i want too do good and you know that so stop.” you say and he can hear you voice break.
his hand lands on your thigh, and the angle he’s sitting; you can see his hard-on. when you notice your panties become wet and soak through your tiny pajama shorts. buck notices very quickly and you get embarrassed.
“come here.” he mumbles lowly and you sit up a big scooting closer too him. rolling his eyes again, he pulls you onto his lap so you’re straddling him. the blanket you had wrapped around yourself is now next too you, you reach for it but he smacks your hand away, “no.”
you go to reach for it again and he grabs your wrist, “don’t test me angel.” he mumbles. before you realize it, his lips are on yours. his tongue slips into your mouth and the kisses are needy.
his hands palm your butt and pull you closer too him. you hands are traveling down his torso, to the hem of his shirt and pulling it over his head. his thumb shook onto the waistband of your shorts and he pulls them down.
when he sees your lacy dark red thong, he looks up at you and smiles, “all for me?” he ask and before you can answer, his thumb began rubbing slow circles over your clit.
a moan gets caught in your throat and your breathing becomes heavy. his lips meet yours again and he flips you on the couch; laying over you. “god you’re so hot baby.” he mutters
his circles begin to become messy and faster. your moans finally break through your throat and they are loud. “i’m gonna cum.” you moaned and he chuckled
two of his fingers slip into you and your orgasm hits. your eyes shut and you hear an unfamiliar nose. when your release-high goes away, you open your eyes and buckys face and shirt are soaking wet.
“damn angel, did you know you could squirt?” he ask and embarrassment washes over you. “i’m s-“ you begin but bucky slaps your thigh.
“don’t fucking apologize, that was hot.” he mutters and your embarrassment washes away. “i’m not done with you yet.” he commented. his eyes darken again and he flips you on your your stomach, yanking your underwear off.
the cool sir on your slit is a different type of sensation that causes you too whimper, and buck notices, “awh, you pretty slut. always so needy.” he mumbles and you hear his belt being undone.
you turn around as he strokes his dick and notice his big it is. the biggest you’ve seen and the biggest you’ll probably have. “that’s not gonna fit.” you stutter and he chuckles lowly.
“it will.” he confirms before sliding it in. you feel yourself stretch around him in a way you never have before. “shit.” he whispers under his breath.
both of your moans and groans filled your apartment. you felt your second orgasm coming and bucky knew it. he pulled you up by the neck and kissed your cheek; pumping even faster.
“you drive me crazy.” he says and you second release hits. causing you to squeeze around him and he thrust became sloppy. “baby, you’re squeezin’ me so well.”
the overstimulate felt amazing and buckys release was coming. he began kissing your neck and pumping into you slowly. “you drive me crazy. i’ve wanted this for so long..” he whispers in your ear and cums in you. you quickly remind yourself to take the morning after pill.
you both fall back onto the couch and begin to catch your breaths. “did you mean it?” you whisper as buckys breathing slows.
“yes, every bit of it.” he exclaimed and smiles softly, “stress reliever?” he questions and you sit up slowly grabbing your underwear.
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multiplums · 2 hours ago
i love the avenger fics where the reader accidentally gets turned into a baby🥺. i've read a steve and bucky one and those were sooo adorable
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little-stevie-the-elf · 3 hours ago
My Princess Buttercup
Summary: After watching The Princess Bride, Bucky gets an idea. Sam is less than sold. Fine. Bucky will just have to convince him.
A/N: first fic in months! or it feel like that anyways. I hope y’all really like it. 
@wheezingghoulbois thanks for reading it over!
They are sitting together on the living room couch. It was late, near midnight with the only light in the room coming from the television. Sam had a rare day off, so he wanted to watch a RomCom with Bucky. His sister says they're better when you're in a relationship; Sam just thought it would be funny to watch Bucky watch a romcom. They watched 10 things I hate about you first before moving on to The Princess Bride. It was a pretty enjoyable movie, not Sam’s favorite, that would be Playing it Cool. Bucky loved the movie however. Sam is happily surprised to find out that The Princess Bride can make Bucky smile as much as he makes him smile (which is saying something). At first Sam doesn’t understand why he likes the movie so much, but when Bucky starts gushing about it, he understands.
“It’s us!” Bucky exclaims excitedly. He’s moved from his former position, curled up beside Sam, to sit and face him. The lack of warmth stings but Bucky’s excited smile makes up for it. 
Sam smiles a soft love-filled smile, “What’s us?”
“Dread Pirate Roberts and Buttercup. I’m him and you’re Buttercup!”
Sam arched an eyebrow. “Woah woah woah, I don’t think so sweetie.”
Bucky rolls his eyes and lightly shoves Sam’s shoulder. “I think so, and I’m never wrong.” 
“Yesterday you tried to catch a crab with your bare hands.”
“It worked!” 
“eeehhh You got hurt ” To prove his point Sam kisses over the scar marks on Bucky’s right hand left from the angry, angry crabs.
“Worth it,” Bucky whispers.
Sam rolls his eyes “Whatever you say dear.” 
“Anyways, we were in the middle of an argument.”
“No we weren’t”
“Yes we were, Princess buttercup.”
“Nope Bucky,”
This called for drastic measures in Bucky’s honest opinion. Quickly he straddles Sam’s waist and starts tickling his sides “say it.” he mock-growls.
Sam laughs out loud, struggling under Bucky's grip. It makes Bucky laugh out loud so he continues his ruthless assault.
“saaaay it.”
“Never!” Sam gets out in between giggles.
“Always valiant huh? Say I am the dread pirate roberts and you’re princess buttercup,” Sam shakes his head which unfortunately only spurs bucky on.
“Come on sammy, you know I’m right.” Bucky accompanies that statement with light kisses to Sam's cheeks. Sam used this moment to his advantage. He puts his hands on Bucky's waist and switches their positions. Bucky looks up at him with wide eyes. Sam’s hand rests on Bucky’s biceps as he catches his breath.
“If anything, you’re Westly, and I'm just buttercup.”
“no, no just, your royalty to me darling.” Bucky flashes him a cheeky grin as Sam blushes. Even if they happen with more frequency, Bucky's compliments never fail to make the blood rush to Sam's cheeks.
They have a staring contest that Bucky ends up winning. He cackles and raises his eyebrow expectantly. “Fine,” Sam grumbles, “I'm princess buttercup and you’re Wesley, my hero.” Bucky cradles Sam’s head happily. He carefully places a kiss on the top of his head.
“I’m glad we agree,” Bucky says, “Can we watch the movie again?”
Bucky pouts, but Sam’s not losing this fight. “It’s late. Come on Baby, Let’s go to bed.” Sam gets up off of Bucky and holds out his hand. Bucky takes it and they head off to bed. Best date-night ever.  
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 3 hours ago
It hurt. That's the first sensation that registers in Sam's mind.
It hurt.
But despite how much the pain gnaws at his bones, despite how much it sets his skin ablaze, the coolness of Bucky's metal fingers are still there. Soothing as they run through his hair. Calming as they silently yet firmly reassure him he is not alone.
Welcoming him; as always, back into the land of the living, banishing the remaining nightmares clinging to the corners of his mind.
"Bucky," he whispers; eyes remaining closed even as he shakily reaches out for his friend.
Bucky's hand easily slots into his own and squeezes. "Right here," his friend mutters. "Right here. Go back to sleep."
And Sam does.
After all, his wakefulness might have been brief once again, but it is comforting nonetheless because Bucky is still here, and as long as he is, Sam knows he will be ok.
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vawillamilkshake · 3 hours ago
Blissful Ignorance (3)
1 2 3 4 5 6
Summary - One day, you notice you *sometimes* can't control yourself and your movements. You then come to find out you're a side character in an action movie. Well, at least you have Bucky Barnes to keep you company.
Notes - HEAVILY BASED ON KDRAMA EXTRAORDINARY YOU, some filler not even gonna lie, star wars references, cursing, fighting we will see
Pairing - Eventual Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count - 1,516 words
... ... ...
"You don't get it."
"But I do!"
"No, Bucky. She's right."
"Bucky, look me in the eyes and say it again."
"The Star Wars prequels are pretty good!" You and Peter groaned in unison. Today, Peter was visiting for the weekend since he had a few extra days off of school. The three of you decided to spend it watching all of Star Wars and it wasn't going too well, to say the least.
"But Obi-Wan is so cool!" Bucky argued. Peter dropped his head. "Yeah, but that doesn't make up for the fact that the prequels are extremely boring!" Peter argued. You nodded in agreement. Bucky looked at you, offended.
"I thought you'd be on my side, doll!" You shook your head at him. "Nuh-uh! No pet names!" You pointed at him. Tony burst through the door as the three of you continued arguing.
"Hey! You stole my guy!" Tony exclaimed. You smiled sheepishly. You looked at Peter and motioned for him to go with Tony. He nodded and got up and left after waving goodbye to you and Bucky.
You and Bucky began to clean up and started doing the dishes, him rinsing and you drying. A comfortable silence fell over you two as a familiar routine took place.
"Do you ever wish you weren't aware?" Bucky asked, handing you a dripping plate. You grabbed it from him. "It depends... I've had fun. Having all this free time and learning more about you... But I feel like if I wasn't aware I would probably be much better off." You explained. Bucky nodded slowly.
"Sorta like the less you know the better?" Bucky asked. You nodded. "Like blissful ignorance." You both began to fall into an easier topic, not one so heavy.
In the hallway leading to the kitchen, Nat stood, eavesdropping on your domestic conversation. You both sounded like an old couple whose love hasn't dissipated in the 50 years you've been together. She could even hear you hit him when he made a comment that probably made you blush.
Jealousy filled Nat. But not the angry kind. The sad kind. The kind of jealousy you feel when you see someone have something you couldn't, no matter how hard you tried. Yeah, she and Bucky had 'something' during her Red Room days, but it couldn't compare to what you have with Bucky now. Natasha sighed.
Natasha walked into the kitchen as Bucky lightly sprinkled water onto you and she smiled sadly at the interaction. She wanted nothing more than this, a domestic life.
But she felt as if she didn't deserve it.
"Nat? You okay?" You asked, wiping off the water on your forehead. Natasha plastered on a smile. "Yeah, sorry. Blanked out for a sec." You nodded and put the last dish away.
"Buck and I made some sandwiches, I made your favorite. It's in the fridge." You smiled at her, patting her back. "If you guys need me, I'll be in the gym." Natasha and Bucky were left in the kitchen alone. Bucky took one look at Natasha before curtly leaving.
"Bucky wait-" Natasha said just before he reached the hallway. "I... I wanted to apologize for what I said that night. You were right... It wasn't my place to corner you. I was stressed and frankly, jealous." Bucky's eyes were trained at the ground. When he was sure she was done, he nodded at her and left.
As soon as the elevator doors closed on Bucky, red lights began blaring. Bucky sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
What now?
Before he knew it, Bucky was prying the elevator doors open. He wasn't far from the floor above him and sighed. He began to climb to the top of the elevator and found a ladder. When he stepped onto the next floor, all he saw was smoke and a seemingly empty hallway. Until a silhouette appeared in the smoke.
"Hello?" Bucky's voice echoed down the hallway. The closer they both got, the figure became clearer in the smoke. It felt like someone punched Bucky in the gut.
"Violet?" She smirked. Just like Natasha, Bucky was stuck in his spot. She walked over to him and pulled her handheld knife out of her holster.
"It's been a while hasn't it, Soldat?" She dragged the knife over his neck ever so softly. "T-That's not who I am anymore." Bucky stuttered out. She smiled and narrowed her eyes. "Sure it isn't."
"Get away from him!" Your voice echoed through the hallway, a knife careening out of the smoke. Before Violet knew it, the knife grazed her cheek, blood beginning to drip. When you appeared out of the smoke Violet raised a brow.
"You again." Bucky's eyes shot to you. "Later." You dismissed him. Violet grabbed her staff while you were distracted and struck you in the back. Groaning you turned around and began to block her attacks. You missed one of her blows and landed on the floor, she straddled your waist and began to strangle you. You quickly began seeing black spots as you tried desperately to gasp for air but failed miserably. Before you could pass out, Bucky tackled her off of you.
He took both of her wrists in his hand behind her, apprehending her, as you caught your breath. Violet ripped her hands out of his grip and punched Bucky in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. She tried to uppercut him but he stopped her, catching his breath.
"What do you want from us?" Bucky huffed. Violet raised a brow and laughed humorlessly. She escaped Bucky's hold, grabbing another knife, and held it dangerously close to his throat. "You took my home. My family. And now I'm on my own again. And you ask me what I want?" She began to lunge into cutting his throat, but you cocked a gun behind her.
"Don't make me do this, Violet." Your voice was hoarse. Violet's eyes didn't leave Bucky's. She raised her hands and dropped the knife next to her before finally turning to face you. SHIELD agents appeared from the smoke and apprehended her.
"It's always a pleasure sparring, Y/N." Violet smirked. Your eyes widened. How did she know your name? The agents then began to take Violet back to her holding cell.
You and Bucky simultaneously sighed.
You both began walking to Bucky's room in silence. So much happened in such little time that you both could barely comprehend it. When you finally got to his floor you went straight to his couch and flopped down. Your throat was raw and sore and your body ached. Bucky briefly left you and you felt yourself dosing off.
"Hey, hey. Get up, I gotta patch you up." Bucky spoke softly. You inhaled deeply before sitting up. Bucky noticed your throat was already bruising, a slight yellow tinge to your smooth skin.
"Is it bad?" Your voice was so hoarse it was basically a whisper. Bucky began to softly graze your throat. As intimate as the touch was, it felt like he was digging a knife into your throat. "Yeah. Pretty bad." Bucky whispered, tilting his head. He then began to clean the cuts along your arms and cheeks.
"Is now a good time to ask how you know Nakamoto?" Bucky asked. You looked down at your lap. "Yeah. I guess," You took a deep breath.
"A few days ago, Nat and I were working out in the gym and she appeared out of nowhere. She lunged at us, but Natasha was too shocked to do anything so I fought her off." You could tell Bucky was trying to keep his anger at bay. "A few days ago? Why-" You held up a finger.
"I'm not finished. Natasha explained most of her backstory to me and Sam after and asked us not to tell you about her." Bucky stood up and pinched the bridge of his nose.
"What did you guys think was gonna happen? That I would just never find out about it?" Bucky asked, his voice rising. You stood and tried to reason with him, "Bucky-"
"No, Y/N, Violet fucking Nakamoto has been in the compound for days and you all thought it was a good idea to keep it from me?!" Bucky cut you off.
"Bucky, we don't know anything about Violet. We were just following what Natasha said because she seems to know her best-"
"Know her best?! Y/N, she left us there. Violet and I were stuck in the red room for 5 more years after she escaped without us. I've learned things about Violet that I don't even think she knows." His booming voice contrasted your small, hoarse one.
"Bucky, I'm sorry I just-" Bucky began to laugh.
"You're sorry! What do you expect me to say, 'Oh, it's okay, now lets go back to icing your strangle bruise on your throat!'. Y/N, this all could've been avoided if you had just told me!" Bucky rubbed his face and sat down.
"Just... Just get out." Bucky softly muttered. You stormed out of his living room, the gliding elevator doors louder than ever.
... ... ...
definitely didn’t forget to update this series until @aquabrie reblogged it 😅
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notborkybarnes · 3 hours ago
Hop Little Bunnies
Bucky in the family way. Drabble x
- - -
“‘Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop. Now… STOP!’”
This was one of those times you were so happy technology was so readily available. You bit back a giggle as your husband, ex-Winter Soldier and one of the deadliest assassins of the last century bounced with your toddler, your phone recording the whole thing.
You wondered how much you could get from the team for footage like this. Priceless, you figured. Sam would mortgage his apartment, you guessed.
“Again!” Bubba exclaimed as his head popped up. Bucky sighed.
“Pal, we’ve been playing this for 20 minutes and you’re no closer to a nap.”
Tumblr media
“Daddy!” Bucky was warned and immediately put his head back in the pillow of your King-sized bed, slamming his eyes shut, feigning shut eye. “Now sing!”
“‘See the little bunnies sleeping ‘til it’s nearly noon’,” Bucky sighed as the payoff of your baby giggling was enough to get him smiling again as well. “‘Shall we wake them with a merry tune? Oh how still, are they ill? NO! Wake up bunnies!’” Bucky exclaimed as he and your child bounded back up in the messy bed, bounding around like wild, well, rabbits. It was adorable but you feared the dreaded double bounce but they surely were having too much fun!
“Hop, hop, hop, Daddy!” Bubba ordered as Bucky did as he was told, a grin on his face that almost looked happy.
You stopped recording and took your leave, not wanting to interrupt them further. So adorable, you thought as naptime was likely out the window. Oh well, Bucky could deal with the fun and games at bedtime.
Bushed, you eagerly climbed into bed. Bucky had fallen asleep in the rocking chair with bubba still in his arms. You knew he’d wake eventually, Bucky was a very light sleeper putting it mildly.
Settling into your book, Bucky returned a while later, going to the bathroom for his night time routine and reappearing in his boxers a bit later before diving into the bed, pulling the covers up eagerly. “I am bushed.”
“I imagine,” you grinned not looking up as he snuggled around you.
“By the way, I’m going to need that footage from earlier to be deleted if it’s not done so already.”
“What footage?” You played dumb.
“I know every move you make in this house when I’m home. I heard the recording start and stop,” he giggled quietly.
“Damn that supersolider hearing,” you teased.
“So delete please,” he ordered.
“Oh goodness no, that’s coming out at your 121st birthday,” you mocked him as he groaned.
“I’m that old we are mocking my next milestone birthday like my teens?”
“Sure are.”
“Awesome,” he sighed.
“By the way, Sam said it was cute you knew the bunny song. But he wants to be showed how you perfected your nose twitch like the bunnies when he sees you next.”
“I want a divorce,” Bucky huffed, rolling over, a small snicker unable to be held back. You reached over and kissed between his shoulder blades.
“Okay, darling,” you rolled over, pushing your bulging belly into bid back, the bubba in your tummy giving Bucky a kick as well for good measure.
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crystalized-drumming · 4 hours ago
I'm literally so pissed... I can't find a fic that I swear I've read and it's driving me insane 😭😭😭😭.
I'm gonna cry like ??? My fic reader followers please hit me up so I can find this dang thing.
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strawwrites · 4 hours ago
Bucky Barnes x Female!Addict!Reader: Tastes a Little like Freedom, a Little like Fear [Ch. 12]
Tumblr media
Summary: [Name] has finally got her life on track. She’s been clean a year, has a full time job, and recently moved into an apartment that is actually fit to live in. To prove something to herself, she visits the Smithsonian exhibit on Captain America…only to run into someone a little familiar. Adopting a fellow addict is one thing. Accidentally adopting a recovering brainwashed Nazi super soldier is another. [Name]’s life is about to run off track worse than ever before, but there could be a reward at the end if she can just hang on for the bumpy ride.
Challenge:  “100 Drabbles Adventure” challenge by SubtleQuirk on Lunaescence Archives.
Ratings/Warnings: M (foul language, sexual references, references to previous drug addiction and continued struggles with drug addiction, torture, mind control, dehumanization, threatening behavior of a man towards a woman)
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Tag List: @chipilerendi, @noiralei, @mycosmicparadise, @aya-fay
Chapter 12: Lost and Found
How long had it been out?
Almost as soon as the question occurred to it, the Soldier squashed it down. What was it doing, asking questions? Questions were not allowed. Questions were only a request to be beaten or wiped. Those it could endure, but why induce them? So far its new handler had not seemed inclined to hurt it. Perhaps that was because it was already hurt, and she was waiting for it to heal. Not that it mattered. Pain would come eventually. It always did.
She had asked it to stand, so stand it did. Its legs hurt. Its legs hurt worse than they had in years–back when they were first testing it–back when they were showing it who it really was. They would leave it for days without food, without water, without company, without rest, and when it finally learned that it could-must-do without, without question, without notice, without complaint, then the Soldier was complete. It was ready. It could begin the job it was created to do.
A cold sweat flashed across the Soldier’s skin, so fast that it was probably just a glitch. But the thought was still there: Was she starting it from the beginning? Had the Soldier botched an assignment so badly that they had sent it to her for reprogramming? Was that what it had forgotten when it woke up here in this apartment?
It did not want reprogrammed.
Want? Where did want come into this? Where did the Soldier pick up the idea that it could want or not want anything? If they decided that it needed retaught, then what right did it have to say “no”? It could say yes ma’am, or nothing at all. The Soldier even considering its own wants was proof enough that reprogramming was necessary. Did it want to fail again? That was the question the Soldier ought to have been asking itself. Glitches had been coming more and more often as of late. The man on the–
It would not go back to that. It would not go back to the way it had been. It would not. It would not. It would not. It would–
She was still watching it, with those disconcerting eyes of hers. They held no hint of the brutality of past handlers, though it understood that a cover could not change one’s core. The Soldier would admit that she fed it, but wasn’t that a kind of punishment, too? Tasteless lump after tasteless lump when an IV would be more efficient. Then she left it in the same position for days and days only to ask it to stand and walk to her on legs that wanted to give out. But it would show her. A weapon had no need to feel. It would walk to her.
Easier commanded than done. It felt stiff, so stiff. Recollection came to it of being commanded to put one foot in front of the other, one at a time, only when told, but that was not what this new woman wanted. She wanted it there, and no amount of hovering by the table looking nervous could convince it otherwise. The Soldier knew there was no nervousness here, only impatience. They were always impatient. One leg moved. Then the other. Again. Again. Again. Slow though the Soldier’s progress might have been, it would make it. And it did.
"Come into the kitchen," she had said. Here it was. The Soldier stood there, watching her watching it with those horrible eyes. Alexander Pierce did not pretend to be what he was not, not to the Soldier. Its eyes narrowed. Perhaps this handler had something to hide.
The sound of her clearing her throat snapped the Soldier away from such insubordinate thoughts. This was why weapons did not have thoughts. Any it might have were foolish, inane, not to be considered. Again it waited. She made the habitual movement of fidgeting with her hair, then opened her hands toward the chair.
“Please,” she said, “sit.”
A please did not keep this from being an order. It sat. A stack of tattered telephone books was place beside its arm. These it ignored. Information was not its to receive without being instructed to. Instead it continued to observe her. She continued to observe it. Two minutes passed in such a manner before she turned around, facing the counter so that it could no longer read her expression.
“What am I doing?” she muttered.
“You are giving me my assignment,” it answered automatically.
She turned back around with a speed that might have impressed it. The small space between them disappeared quickly with her working limbs. “You can…talk?” she asked.
The Soldier inclined its head. Was that not obvious? It had spoken to her before, when prompted. Only when prompted. Otherwise, it might talk more than it ought to.
“Assignment?” she repeated.
“You said we had work to do. What work? I require only orders.”
“Orders?” her voice rose quickly.
What was it about the Soldier that upset her so? She only had to tell it to change for it to do so. Perhaps they had not told her everything about it, or the way it worked. They seemed to have decided to teach it a lesson. There must be something here, something about this woman, that it was supposed to learn from.
She slid into the chair beside it, letting out a quiet sigh. “I just thought maybe you’d help me look through the phone books. That's all.”
Help? In all its long years of existing, the Soldier could never recall being commanded to help. It had tasks and parameters, and it did them without fail. Help indicated that it could function in beneficial way toward things others were assigned to do–or that, worse still, she was not superior to the Soldier in any way at all.
When she added nothing more, the Soldier had no choice. It took the first book in its hands, dropped it on the table, and flipped over to the front page. “Look through the phone books.” Its eyes found the first word and it began to read. Swiftly, the Soldier’s eyes scanned the pages, word after word, line after line, advertisement after advertisement. Read, memorize, condense. Read, memorize, condense.
It stopped when a hand covered what it was reading. She was looking at it again, a small frown on her face. Had the Soldier displeased her?
“How do you know if you know them if you’re going that fast?” she asked.
The Soldier frowned this time. Was it wrong to be doing what it was? She had said to look through the book. The Soldier was looking. She was not, it had noticed. Perhaps help was just a turn of phrase, but how could it know for sure? It was completely unbalanced by this woman. She did not act as the others acted.
“What are the parameters?” it asked.
“Parameters?” she echoed, a deeper frown wrinkling the soft skin between her brows.
“What do you wish me to look for?” it asked in clipped tones. It had never had to hold its handler's hand before.
The frown on her face wiped away entirely to be replaced by a look of shock. “Your friend,” she said. “The one you told me about this weekend.”
“I do not have a friend.”
“You do!” she insisted.
All it could do was cock its head to the left. Who was this new assignment? Who was it to call friend if asked? The new handler was acting as if she had already given the Soldier this information, and it had forgotten. Had she before it had woke up on the floor? Was it truly malfunctioning that badly?
“Repeat parameters,” it requested, bracing itself to be hit.
The strike never came. Instead, her face just crumpled all over again. It had to admit that it was curious. No, curiosity was a sin. Curiosity was not to be allowed. Curiosity killed the cat. Killed the handler. Killed the Soldier. Where had that come from?
The man. On the bridge. He was ruining everything. The Soldier had to kill him. Rend him limb from limb. Prove that it could. The man was its–no his mission. No, not a mission, a–No. Not that path. Not again. Too much pain. Too much. But the pain was worth it. It wasn’t. It must–He must–It–He–It–He–
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mollysolo · 5 hours ago
Come undone for me
Summary: You make Bucky feel good after a long day.
Pairing: switch!Bucky Barnes X switch!fem!Reader
Warnings: Oral sex(male receiving), deep throating, teasing, smut
this gif does not belong to me
Tumblr media
As Bucky sat on the edge of his bed, you raced over to him and straddled his lap.
There was stress written all over his face and body.
His shaky breaths fanned across your bare shoulder as you tenderly bit and kissed his neck. His hands rested on your hips as you continued to leave hickeys scattered around his neck.
You pulled away for a moment and met his bright blue eyes.
He looked at you nervously as you started to sit on your knees in front of him.
You ran your hands along his thick thighs as you began to speak. “May I? I won’t do this if you don’t want me to.” you asked.
A lustful look took over his eyes as he looked down at you and gave you a weak nod of approval.
“Please, I need your mouth around me now.” he begged you.
You smirked as you looked down again and saw that his cock was already hard, just for you.
“I just wanna make you feel good. Just relax for me, alright?” you said, your hands trailing up to the waistband of his shorts.
He nodded again as his eyes stayed glued to what you were doing.
You slowly pulled his shorts down along with his boxers and hungrily watched as his cock sprung out of the fabric.
Your mouth subtly watered at the sight of it.
You softly bit your bottom lip then licked both of your lips before you started to please him. And you didn’t intend on wasting anytime, you were going to take your time with him.
You swirled your tongue around the head of his cock. As you did this, his hand went to the back of your head as he let his own head fall back.
His quiet moans filled your ears.
Your hands shifted to the base of his cock as you began to bob your head up and down on it.
You looked so hot with him stuffed in your mouth and Bucky truly couldn’t get ever over how good you felt around him. He then quickly decided to indulge his desires.
So, he dug his fingers into your hair and grabbed a hand full of it. He yanked and tugged on your hair as you continued to suck his dick.
But you really made him come undone when you began to run your tongue from the base of his cock to the head.
Over and over and over again.
He groaned as he forced more of his dick down your throat. You gagged for a quick few seconds as his cock hit the back of your throat.
Bucky could feel himself getting closer to his release.
It was quickly becoming hard for him to hold his orgasm back and he desperately wanted to shoot his load down your throat. 
You pulled his cock out of your mouth for a few minutes as you caught your breath.
However, your hands still never left his cock.
He gently smirked as looked down and saw you teasingly stoking his cock. He adored how big his cock looked in your hands.
You quickly said one more thing to him before your mouth and lips met his cock yet again, “Come undone for me baby. I know you want to.” you simply said as you looked up at him with dark eyes.
He collapsed back onto his bed as you began to deep throat his cock once more.
Everything you did just made him feel so good and he never wanted your mouth to leave his cock.
His vision went white as he came and shot his load down your throat, just like he wanted to.
You removed your mouth from his dick and wiped your mouth as you sat on your heels. You bounced your tits in front of his knees as you swallowed his seed. 
He tucked himself back into his shorts as you kept swallowing.
He couldn’t wait any longer, it was now his turn to make you feel good.
He snaked his metal arm down your back and slowly removed your grey tank top. That lustful look took over his eyes again as he saw that you were wearing nothing under this tank top.
A warmth pooled in your stomach and your folds grew wetter as he beckoned you up to his lap again and you straddled his lap.
He firmly squeezed your butt in his hands. Him doing this, made you moan in his ear and his cock quickly became hard once again. You shuddered as you felt his cock press up against your entrance.
He began to hungrily kiss your lips as you attempted to fish his cock out of his shorts yet again. He stopped kissing you and made a ‘tsk’ noise as he swatted your hand away.
“Not yet, doll. Be patient.” he whispered in your ear.
These whispers caused goosebumps to appear all over your body.
You knew that Bucky liked to take his time with you and you didn’t know long you would be able to last until you were begging him to fuck you.
But you promised yourself that you’d try to be patient. After all, you always took your time with him as well.
Plus, you did want to be his good girl.
You’d do anything to make him reward you, even if that meant waiting for a little while until he was ready to fuck you.
smut marvel tag list: @dilanajx @lil-stark
permanent tag list:  @lil-stark @weenersoldierr @dilanajx
i hope you guys like this! while writing this i listened to Heaven by The Neighbourhood. and as always my inbox is open for requests. :))
Join (or leave) my tag list here!
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stucky-on-spiderman · 5 hours ago
Reply with your favorite smutty Bucky fics 👀
Oh boy... I’m gonna suggest a whole blog for you so you can go wild tonight. Anything by @ohbuckie will give you some good times (especially the college!bucky mmmmm) 
Go have fun ;)
Tumblr media
Morgan’s Sleepover!!
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rebellconquerer · 6 hours ago
Bucky is rescued after Azzano in 1943 and falls from a train over the Alps in 1945. That’s a long time to not realise something’s changing.
“So why tell me?” Dugan finds himself asking.
The kid makes another little aborted reach for the pack of cigarettes. “Cause… I couldn’t keep it in any longer. Cause I was starting to feel like I was gonna go insane,” Bucky pauses, clasping his hands together in front of him as he hangs his head, the tension in him almost painful to see.“But mostly because I got shot up with some weird Nazi shit and someone should probably be keeping an eye on me. Just in case, you know.”
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i-forgot-the-punchline · 6 hours ago
I'm caving, I swore I was never going to do this BUT I'm desperate
I read this Stucky ABO fic years ago. It was part of a series, Steve's an Omega, Bucky is an Alpha, they were bonded pre war I think, and then all the Canon shit happened. Bucky was still the WS but got himself fixed up, and him and Steve reunite permanently in like a coffee shop? He sees Steve help an old lady across the road or something and then Steve sees him and it's all very sweet. Steve takes him back to shield and they pull their guns but Steve vouches for him.
I remember so much of this fic but I can't find it and just wanna know if it's been deleted
Tumblr media
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darkbucky · 6 hours ago
a concept: dark!bucky x dark!reader x dark!zemo + murder
Tumblr media
reader has a list of people who has “wronged” them, bucky takes them out and zemo disposes the bodies (maybe has the butler help out)
bonus points if reader joins bucky. especially when one victim is someone reader used to be close with, so the kill is personal.
zemo looks on with pride in his eyes, seeing you feral in the way your hand brings down the knife, over and over. bucky would be right next to you, both of you covered in blood. he'd encourage you, instruct where to hit and how deep you should go, “can you feel that, darling? the way their life slips away so easily? doesn't it make you feel like a god? I can see you can't stop, don't want to stop”
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mercurysstars · 7 hours ago
All That Glitters Is Not Gold (part 4)
Summary: Y/n gets hired to be the avengers chief physician but also happens to be an ex assassin.
Word count: 3.2k
Warnings: Violence, one swear word?
A/N: my internet went out yesterday and my phone just didn’t want to post this :(
Tumblr media
𝘜𝘯𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘺 𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘥
𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘳𝘰𝘸𝘯.
They eyed each other intently, watching, waiting for their next move. The heated gaze of their stare still lingered when she glanced downward. She calculated her next strike like a cobra, her opponent watched fearfully. She looked back up and kicked half of her lip up in a predator-like smirk. Wordlessly she extended her arm and let the colorful card fall to the table.
"Plus 4."
"NOO!" Wanda screamed. She flailed her arms in the air like a madwoman, cursing her luck. She sat back down in her chair, crossed her arms angrily, and scowled as she watched Y/n do a victory dance.
"Not fair, we played 2 games of monopoly, 3 games of sorry, a game of Candy land AND shoots and ladders and you beat me in ALL OF THEM!" She shrieked.
"What can I say? I'm just competitive." Y/n joked. Wanda narrowed her eyes and huffed, blowing her auburn hair out of her face.
This was nice for Y/n, having friends to do silly things with and play games. Even though she longed for it when she was younger her father never allowed her or her brother to make friends, go to the mall, hang out. He said it was a waste of time or a distraction from training. So all she ever really had was herself, so the last couple of weeks for her have been 'therapeutic'.
Y/n might have never played most of the games, but to win a game you need to be competitive and have a strategy. Lucky for Y/n competitiveness and strategies are right up her alley.
"Oh come on Wands there's always Mancala." She grinned.
Wanda violently shook her head "Nope, no, not happening. Never again will I play a board game with you."
Y/n's grin turned into a large smile. "You know never is a long time."
Just as Wanda was about to reply FRIDAY interrupted. "Ms. Maximoff and Dr. Y/l/n Director Fury have requested your presence in the debriefing room."
"Ughhhh Another mission." Wanda groaned.
Nick Fury was another one of the small handful of people who knew Y/n's situation. Before she met Tony, Fury was actually the one that secretly helped her escape her old lifestyle. They kept in contact ever since. she occasionally helped with some things that he didn't want on record and in return he kept her off SHIELDS radar. 
Wanda furrowed her eyebrows. "I wonder why he wants you to come down, usually we just have FRIDAY inform the doctors."
Y/n just shrugged in response. The truth was she really didn't know why she had to go but she didn't mind. Contrary to popular belief sometimes Y/n missed all of the action so maybe going to the debriefing being a small bit helpful would fill the part of her that she felt was missing.
Y/n and Wanda were the last ones in the room. Everyone in the room was talking waiting for Fury to began. Wanda took a seat next to her boyfriend Vision and Y/n took the last free seat next to Tony and across from Bucky.
Fury got up from his seat and walked over to stand at the end of the long conference table. He cleared his throat and nodded toward Y/n.
She nodded back "Fury."
"We could use you out there."  Fury declared.
Bucky glanced at Y/n to see her grinning at Fury. She always seemed to be smiling, grinning, smirking and Bucky liked that about her. Just the thought caused him to smile like a psychopath.
"Oh come on Fury we both know that ain't my line of work." Y/n insisted.
They did this every time they met, Fury tried to get her to join the Avengers and Y/n declined. It was a ritual at this point, he never gave up and she never accepted, it was like a never-ending game of ping pong.
"Alright, we are going to need all hands on deck for this one." Fury began.
The middle of the table light up to holographic earth with a point marked on Norway.
"We've had some sources report that there are a couple of hydra bases active in Oslo Norway. There are three bases all about 5 miles apart from one another."
Bucky started to get fidgety and goosebumps at the mention of hydra, Y/n focused and she could hear his heartbeat getting faster and body temperature raise.
"There won't be many agents so this should be a relatively quick mission around a day and a half. Y/n since our regular guy isn't here you'll be on coms. Suit up we leave in 30."
Fury picked up the files off the table and left, his raincoat lifted slightly trailing behind him. Peter bounced up onto his feet and Tony stood up.
"Peter you can't go it's too dangerous for you." Tony stopped him.
"What WHY! I've gone on other ones worst than this." Peter cried.
"Because I said so and you have school tomorrow." Peter groaned, he didn't get why Tony wouldn't let him go. Just as he was about to argue Y/n interrupted.
"Come on Pete you can run coms with me."
Peter smiled at that "Ok!" He exclaimed happily.
"Alright go to the office I'll meet you up there." Peter walked out the door.
"Thank you for doing this really Sunshine." Tony breathed.
"Of course Tony you know I would do anything for you."
All of the rest of the avengers left to get ready besides leaving Y/n and Bucky in the room. "You're really good with him," Bucky stated. Y/n turned to Him.
"He's a sweet kid, well he's 16 so not much of a kid." She smiled but then her face got more serious.
"Good luck and be careful out there."
"Oh, you don't need to worry about me." Bucky looked everywhere but at Y/n, he felt as though she could see right through him.
Y/n frowned "I know what they did to you Bucky, I could feel you getting anxious during the meeting. I haven't known you for that long but I don't want to see you or anyone else get hurt."
He gave a small half-smile, Y/n tempted to lighten the mood "Plus you super soldiers smell when you guys sweat and I bet it would be unbearable after a mission."
At that Bucky gave a full belly laugh.
"Order of the Phoenix is DEFINITELY the best Harry Potter movie."
"Unt-uh no way, goblet of fire is the best and you can't tell me otherwise. It has the best character in all 8 movies Cedric." Y/n blinked dreamily.
Peter scrunched up his face in disgust and threw his napkin at Y/n. She balled it up and threw it right back.
Y/n and Peter sat with their feet up on the desk, leaning back in their chairs, eating ice cream, talking while waiting for FRIDAY to tell them when the Avengers land.
Y/n grabbed her napkin and wiped her face. She looked back at Peter "Hey so remember when you got your ass kicked not too long ago." She said with a toothy grin.
Peter scoffed "Oh yeah how could I forget."
She rolled her eyes "ANYWAYS I was talking to Tony." Peter raised his brows as a sign to continue.
"And I said I would train you because I know everyone is always busy."
Actually Tony was the one that came and asked her after the incident at the bank. She of course agreed happily, it would benefit her also keeping her sharp and in shape.
Peter shot up instantly with a wide smile. "Wait really? You'd actually do that? When do we start?"
"We can start as soon as we're done with coms."
"You're like the big sister I never had! Well if big sisters were like 10 years older than you."
"EW don't say that, it makes me feel old." Y/n shrieked.
"Mr.Stark and the Avengers are ready for you now," FRIDAY announced.
Y/n grabbed an earpiece and slipped it into her ear, Peter did the same while practically vibrating in his seat with excitement. The monitors turned on with cameras inside the facility's, Avengers body cams, and basic layouts of the buildings.
Y/n tapped on her earpiece "Can you hear me?" She got a variation of loud and clear and yes ma'am.
They split off into 3 groups; Steve, Bucky, and Sam in one. Tony, Rhodes, and Vision in another and Wanda, Natasha, and Clint in the last one. Each group taking one base to get it over with quicker.
Each group would have their own individual channel where they could talk amongst themselves and there was a group one where they could talk to the whole team. All Y/n and Peter had to do was keep watch of the cameras making sure they were all on track or if the team need directions/a way out they were there to help them.
The first half of the mission went smooth with the occasional chatter and jokes, for the most part, all she and Peter had to do were give directions now and again up until she looked at the heat sensor. She nudged Peter with her elbow.
"Hey Parker, do you see that." She pointed towards the screen, Peter moved closer to get a better look.
"It looks like bodies but not it's not warm enough." His brows furrowed.
Y/n began to type trying to open a motions sensor, she switched over to group one's channel.
"Hey Cap we picked up something on the heat sensor, 3 floor east wing it's shaped like a person but not warm enough to be one just warning you
in case you want to go check it out."
"Okay Bucky and I will check it out, can you possibly pull up the cameras in that room to give us an idea of what it is." 
"Already tried all of the cameras are out on that whole wing." Y/n began to chew on her nails and Peter ran his hand through his hair.
"Okay, thanks Y/n."
Y/n watched through Steve's body cam as he grabbed his shield off of his back putting it in front of him and Bucky. They walked into the room to see 4 super soldiers standing in a line and a bunch of cryo chambers behind them. Well, that explained the usual body temp they must be fresh out of cryo She thought.
Steve slowly lowered the shield, he looked at Bucky and he nodded. Steve threw the shield at the one on the left, it hit his stomach, then the wall, and back into Steve's arms. Bucky moves to the right punching the soldier straight in the face, bullets flew toward Bucky he threw his metal arm up, The bullets ricocheted off of the shiny metal and onto the floor.
"Sam they could really use some back up down there." Y/n breath. "On it doc."
Bucky kicked a soldier in the chest causing it to fly backward. The soldiers moved like machines, synchronized, no emotions evident on their faces, as they continued to assault Steve and Bucky. Steve threw the shield to Bucky while he swept the legs of another soldier.
Bucky threw it at the soldiers hitting his neck. The shield once again bounces off the wall, Sam broke through the window this time catching it and throwing it back to Steve. They continued to fight they moved around each other like a violent dance.
Sam landed on the ground and began to do fight hand to hand. The soldier got a couple of good hits in, Sam turned on his suit just enough where he could get up in the air a couple of feet. He turned his body and spun while opening his wing hitting the last soldier in the face.
"Tell Tony to bring the Quinjet over," Bucky said into the com while breathing heavily.
"Alright on it." Y/n sighed.
Y/n walked into the sparring room to see Peter hanging upside down on the pull-up bar. He noticed her and flipped off of it.
"So what are you going to teach me first? Show me how to do one of those cool takedowns, show me how to sneak around."
Y/n grabbed his wrist and slapped a gold bracelet on it, the bracelet made a dinging noise and she smiled "I'm going to teach you how to fight."
He lifted his wrist to his face to inspect it "Wha- what is this."
Y/n began to circle him around the mat "I've seen some videos of you fighting, you only rely on your powers, so I'm going to teach you to fight without them."
She paused and looked at him "Hit me."
Peter lifted his arm and threw a weak punch at her, she scrunched up her face "Yeah no that's not going to work."
She kicked his feet apart and angled his body so his left side was facing forward she lifted his hands so that his right one was almost covering his whole cheek and so that his left one was just under his nose. Y/n tilted his chin down a bit and took a step back.
"There that's better the problem I noticed is that when you throw a punch you don't keep a guard hand up and also you don't move your hips."
"Why do you have to move your hips?" Peter questioned.
"Well, when you rotate your hips when you punch you get more power I know you're already a strong kid but a better punch won't hurt." She stated.
"And you know all of that from one punch."
"I know that and more, you can tell a lot by the first hit someone throws. You can tell their first hit for example; their fighting style, how strong they are. Do you know who the taskmaster is?"
"Yeah he was once a SHIELD agent that got sent to infiltrate Hydra, I heard they messed him up really bad made him into a super-assassin."
"Exactly he got injected with a serum that made him be able to instantly memorize and copy any skill. He uses that to replicate fighting styles to predict his opponent's movements. The only way to beat him is to come up with a new fighting style on the spot, you have to be unpredictable and  I'm going to teach you how to be better."
Tony walked into the common room to see Y/n passed out on the couch slightly snoring with a dribble of drool running down her face and Peter laying face down on the floor with his blanket covering one leg. Tony shook Y/n awake.
"Hey Sunshine we're back, how was training?" Tony said in a quiet voice.
Y/n stretched her arms and tried to blink the sleep out of her eyes. "Oh hey Tony it went good he's probably a little sore he hit the mat a couple of times."
"I wouldn't expect anything less. Also, we are hanging out later for a job well done, and before you decline you're coming no matter what I don't care if I have to drag you here. I think Pepper still has some of your old clothes from the last time you visited."
"Alright fine." Y/n got up to go see Pepper.
"Thanks, Sunshine." She flicked him off and he chuckled.
Y/n was the last one to arrive, all of the avengers were sitting around the coffee table chatting. Wanda was the first one to notice her presence and waved her over.
"Hey, Y/n we were just talking about how the mission was a close call due to those super soldiers," Wanda informed her.
"Oh yeah, they definitely gave you guys a run for your money." Y/n chuckled.
"We're just lucky that you caught something before we went in," Steve added.
"We're going to have to have you replace our regular guy, man can't see a foot in front of him." Sam joked.
"How did you know how to run coms?" Natasha questioned.
"It wasn't hard I had some experience before college so I guessed that helped." Y/n shrugged.
"Understatement of the century," Peter muttered rubbing his side.
Natasha pushed off the couch and stood up "I'm getting another drink does anyone want one? Y/n?"
"No thanks I have to drive home my cat probably misses me."
"Why don't you just move in," Clint questioned.
Wanda gasped "Oh my god why don't you, that would be so fun then you wouldn't live so far."
"There's a free room on Bucky, Steve, and Sam's floor I think,"  Tony commented.
"Oh come on what will I do with my cat I can't just leave her."
"Bring her here." Tony grinned this was working out in his favor even though he hated animals he cared about Y/n more and wanted to make sure she was safe.
"Please Y/n PLEASE," Wanda begged.
Y/n took a deep breath "Fine I will, let me go get something to drink."
She got up and walked to the kitchen to see Natasha making her drink "Me, you, and Wanda should have a girl's day one day we haven't really got a chance to talk."
Y/n leaned against the counter and smiled "I'd really like that."
Natasha smiled back and walked back out to the living room. Y/n opened the fridge and grabbed a juice out, when she walked back out to the common she noticed Bucky wasn't there. She looked outside to see him leaning against the railing of the patio. She opens the door and walked next to him. They stared at the stars in quiet for a bit.
“So what are we doing out here?” Y/n asked
"Well I'm getting some air I don't know what you're doing."
"Well, I'm keeping you company." Y/n knew it wasn't good to be by yourself after a hard mission even if you think that's what you need.
Bucky hummed "Interesting drink of choice." He commented nodding toward her apple juice.
"I could say the same for you I thought super soldiers couldn't get drunk." She nodded back to his beer.
"We can't I drink it for the nostalgia."
"Hmm, you drink something that tastes like cat piss for memories interesting." 
Bucky chuckled but this time he was the one that got serious "I think you should move in working for the Avengers could put a target on your back and you'll be safe here."
"I'm not worried about that." She replied.
"You're different," Bucky commented.
"Oh yeah?" She raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, everyone else would be lining up to move in to have the world's mightiest hero's protection but you shrug it off like you don't have a fear in the world. You're brave, fearless."
"One cannot be brave who has no fear." That was all she said when she turned to walk inside
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wanderingdazes · 7 hours ago
hey everyoneee! i’m not to happy about the way i wrote yellow daisies part two so i took it down and i’m gonna rewrite it soon. i also have a marvel one shot coming out sometime this weekend hopefully! 
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vibesandwonders · 8 hours ago
new chapter up -- A convenient truth
“Nah, nah, Bucky, James.” He massages Bucky’s hand, repeating his name until the eyes flutter open again, “there you are— did I ever tell you about uh, about Riley? My partner?”
Buck shakes his head, swallows thickly, his eyelashes are pale against his skin, his heart’s beating hard against Sam’s shoulder, every breath he takes rattles, he coughs, blood trickles across his lips.
“Yeah,” Sam says, keeps hold of Bucky’s hand, “I don’t really talk about it, cause uh, he and I, we were uh... best friends since we were little kids, and uh, joined up together and um, we uh... well we were together, um, when he died…”
He takes a deep breath; feels the tears prick, the way his throat locks up, “and uh, nobody knew…” He bites his lip as words come tumbling out, words that only Sarah ever heard, and that was only because he’d gotten so wasted after Riley’s joke of a funeral that he couldn’t help it, she left the boys with her husband and sat on the tub edge while he cried, kept bringing in Pedialyte
“Cause we didn’t want it to affect our futures, you know, being involved, like that, nobody uh um, knew.” He sniffs and his hot tears drip off the tip of his nose onto Bucky’s cheek, Bucky’s blinking real slow, his eyes are dull,
“Then he died… during an op, unofficial, off the books; we had to lie about it, told his mom and dad some shit about an error during a training exercise. Like he made the mistake, like I wasn’t the one who shoulda checked again. I saw him fall, and there was nothing…” He sobs, “Couldn’t even tell em’ how much I uh… I—” His voice cracks, he strokes Buck’s cheek, his eyes are nearly closed and Sam isn’t sure what else he can do, or why he’s trying to make James Barnes understand.
rest of the fic here
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