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winter-james · 8 minutes ago
Woman Like Me - Part 4
Summary: Bucky is a tease when it comes to y/n and she can barely hold back anymore
Warning(s): death, language
Word count: 2.1k
Author's note: I’ll be honest i’m not really happy with this one, but this is the best I can do right now.
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
Your mind was running a thousand miles per hour, trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for John so he doesn't put you behind bars or worse, kills you... well tries to anyway. He pulled his arm from the shield that was still pinned to the table by the spear, his eyes not leaving you. You stared back, not willing to be the one who breaks eye contact, that would mean you are ashamed of what you are. The man stood up and marched towards you, only for Bucky to stand in his way. Sam walked up next to you as you held your hand out for the wakandan woman to take. She took it as she stood up, nodding her head. You guessed it meant she had no hard feelings.
"You care to explain the little stunt you just pulled?" John raised his voice. Bucky put his metal arm - that was back in it's place - on his arm in warning. It wasn't like you needed protection, but it was still nice for him to stand up for you.
"You want me to explain what you clearly saw? Did you hit your head or something?" you stepped closer to him. Bucky looked back at you, a warning clear in his eyes. You would be lying if that look didn't make your legs tremble in want, but now wasn't the time to think about that. Instead you shut your mouth. John shook Bucky's hand off of him and finally reached you, standing way too close for your liking.
"Do not get smart with me little girl, it can get you locked up somewhere cold forever." he hissed. You flexed your jaw, wanting to just punch him at least once.
"Oh yeah? Let's see how you do that with your head missing from your shoulder Cap" the mock clear in your voice at the last word.
"Okay let's calm down" Sam stepped between you with his hands up. Bucky put one arm around your waist and pulled you to himself so your back was flush against his chest. You straigthened your spine at the sudden contact. Sam and John arguing tuned out in the background. You could feel his breath next to your ear as he whispered to you in amusement.
"Aren't you a little feisty thing?" his arm thightened around you. Your breath hitched. Oh god. He was so enjoying this. You had half a mind to just turn around and press your lips to his, but the other people in the room probably wouldn't appreciate that so you just pushed yourself closer to him if that was even possible. In response he brushed his lips along your neck from your ear to where you neck met your shoulder. Okay that's it. You burst out from his arms, not being able to take his teasing. You whipped around to face him. His eyes were wide and his mouth slightly open like he didn't expect you to do that. He wanted to say something but the fire in your eyes was enough to shut him up. You stood in front of him, probably closer than you should have.
"If you're only going to tease me I suggest you stop" you hissed at him, tired of the game you two were playing. You have been constatly frustrated for the past 2 days because of him and you weren't sure how much longer you could take it. He needed to do something about this or stop entirely because the next time you will not let him play around. He nodded at your words with his eyes still wide so you turned back to the others. The women were looking in the bathroom, talking about how Zemo was gone. That slimy man must have slipped away when all of you were fighting. The women exited just as fast as they appeared, leaving you with the men.
"I can't believe he pulled an El Chapo" Sam walked over to the entrance to the bathroom, where the bath was moved out of the way, the lid of the drain removed.
"Well I do" Bucky walked up next to him, with you in tow.
"Don't think that this is over" John pointed at you as he and his partner walked ou the door.
"Oh I sure hope it isn't" you smiled at him. Sam put a hand on your shoulder in warning. You knew you shouldn't rile John up but then it shouldn't be this fun to do so. You looked back at Sam who was looking at you with a slight amusement in his eyes.
"Okay we need to go" Bucky grabbed his jacket and motioned for you to follow him.
"Okay hold on. Listen. Pack an overnight bag and take the boys." You didn't know who Sam was talking to but they seemed to be important to him and something was wrong. Maybe a wife and kids?
"What happened?" Bucky spoke before you could open your mouth to ask the same question.
"Karli called Sarah. She threatened my nephews" Sam pulled the phone away from his ears. So it's a sister not a wife.
"Okay." Sam put the phone back to his ear. "Go somewhere safe. Only pay with cash. Alright? Let me know when you get there." the woman said something on the other end. "I know. I love you. I'll never let anything happen to you ar the boys, you know that. Okay, bye." you wondered what it was like to have a family like that. Someone you are so close with, that you would do anything for them. The men stopped walking in front of you.
"Karli wants to meet. She left a contact number." just as the words left Sam's mouth he got a message. You looked at him, worried. "She said come alone" he looked at Bucky.
"I'm coming with you" the other said.
"And me too." you spoke for the first time since leaving the apartment. They looked at you and you knew what the answer was before either of them even opened their mouth.
"I can't let you come with us y/n. We don't know what will happen" Sam said with regret in his eyes.
"That's exactly why you need me. What if yomething goes wrong and you need help?" you tried to reason but they weren't having it.
"You need to sit this one out, okay? We said that I would be the one to decide whether you could come or not." Sam reminded you. You scoffed, stepping back.
'Fine, but don't come crying to me when you get your ass kicked by that girl" you turned and walked away. What am I supposed to do now? I can look around the city I guess.
You were walking along the sidewalk when you saw John running in the street. You decided to follow him because he seemed to be in a hurry and you wanted to know what was happening. You did say that they shouldn't come crying to you, but you still cared about Bucky and Sam and if John was going somewhere it was definitely related to them. You stayed hidden as he kicked in a door with Lemar on his side. They went up the stairs as you stayed hidden. Only when you heard John run up the stairs you moved after them. You were looking around quietly, trying to assess the situation when the glass roof shattered and Sam flew in. You stepped aside as he landed next to you.
"Hi" you smiled seetly at him, knowing you shouldn't be there. He only looked at you in disappointment and shook his head. Suddenly a man flew down the stairs with too much force for it to be normal. John appeared and the man tried to fight him with a metal pipe, but he easily bent it and kicked him down a few more steps. He was way too strong to be a normal human. You looked at Sam who seemed to be thinkng the same thing.
"What did you do?" he ask the new super-soldier, who's only asnwer was that they had Lemar as he quickly walked past you. Sam followed him and you were abou to do the same when you heard footsteps behind you. You turned around and it was a man wearing a mask. He stopped for a second and just stared at you with wide eyes. You looked back at him, weirded out by his staring. He shook himself out of and and started to throw punches at you. You easily blocked them and pinned him face first against the wall but he pushed backwards so you hit your back on one of the pillars. Your grip loosened because of it and he broke free. He tried to punch you in the face but you caught his hand and twisted it. His knees gave out because of the pain and it gave you the perfect opportunity to kick him in the stomach. He yelled out and you let go of him, thinking that he will stay down. You heard another set of footsteps and you turned around to see Bucky standing there, ready to fight. You back was to the masked man so you didn't see that he got back up, but Bucky did and you saw his eyes shift behind you. You realized what he was looking at when you felt movement and you turned around just in time to catch the man's hand again.
"I thought we agreed on you staying down" you joked and punched him hard enough that he was out cold before he even hit the ground. You turned back to Bucky who raised his eyebrows, impressed. You walked up to him and put your hand on his chest. "What was it that you called me? Feisty?" you tilted your head to the side and leaned closer to him so your breaths were mixing." I prefer the term strong. Thank you" you pulled away like nothing happened and walked towards where John and Sam disappeared to. The only thing indicating that Bucky had heard you was a quiet gasp that left his mouth. Two can play that game old man.
When you found the others they were in the middle of a fight with 4 masked people. You ran in to help and immediately the two women who were closer shifted their focus on you. You blocked one's punch to the stomach, but didn't count for the other who had a clear shot at your face. Fighting super-soldiers was not something you were used to, let alone two at the same time. The punch had you a little dizzy and you were thankful when Bucky appeared in your line of sight and knocked out one of them. He held you by your arm and stared into your eyes. You nodded at him in thanks. A knife flew past you that he caught in one hand. He pushed you aside and lunged at the man still holding another knife in his hand. Bucky easily threw him over his shoulder and flipped the knife in his hand then threw it at the grounf next to the man's head. Impressive. Sam kicked another masked person over the table while John was against two.
Two other people ran inside the room, one without a mask. The other you guessed was the infamous Karli, but you weren't sure as you couldn't see her face. She stopped as she caught you standing there and she ripped the mask off her face. She seemed to recognise you, but you didn't know how. Maybe she was in Madripoor at some point. The anger in her eyes was the only thing you saw before she lunged at you. Barely having time to register what she was doing you stumbled backwards, her fist missing your face by inches. Lemar appeared out of nowhere grabbing Karli by her torso and bringing her to the ground with him. She got up and punched him way too hard for a human to take. He flew backwards into a pillar, cracking it. Everything stilled. John broke free of the guy's grasp running to him and trying to wake him up. It was useless. He wasn't moving. He was dead. The masked people with Karli ran out of the room. You ran after them with Sam and Bucky, leaving John behind.
When you arrived at the square adn broke through the crowd of people, the scene you found yourself in was horrifying. John stood there with blood on his shiled, Captain America's shiled, while a man was dead on the ground in front of him. He put the shiled on his arm and looked around. Everything was so eerie about him that you said the first thing that came to your mind.
"Oh god"
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acacia-digi · an hour ago
CROSSFIRE - b. barnes/winter soldier
Pairing: ws!Bucky Barnes x OC, Bucky Barnes x OC (reader) 
Warnings: dark themes, abuse, SA, language, PTSD, trauma, anxiety
Summary: She was born a prisoner, born a puppet, who never saw a daylight or outside of the Hydra facility. In this hopeless place, she found the one person who was willing to do anything to make her fly. 
A/N: My first story I'm writing on Tumblr. Let me know what you think and if you want me to continue. 
Tumblr media
She watched the guy like a hawk. She was ready for the moment he will strike. It always happened. However, he just stared back at her. And his eyes were full of something she rarely saw in her life. Sympathy? Kindness? His blue eyes were expressive, and if she focused more, she would find more. But her attention shifted when he straightened himself and put his elbows on the desk between them.
“I need to know everything if you want my help.”
Scoffing, she slowly shook her head. “You are mistaken if you think they ever told me anything important. I was nothing. I wasn’t even considered a human being.”
“How did you escape? After all these years?” the man’s kind eyes held curiosity.
“He helped me,” her voice was just a whisper, but the thumping of her hurting heart was loud inside her head. Too loud.
“Who is he?”
“The asset,” she said almost in a question and looked up at the man, seeing he was confused. “They called him the asset. Or the Winter soldier,” she said his name like a prayer. And she might as well be praying for his safety if she even knew what it means. Nobody ever taught her that.
She was sure the man repeated the assets given name and furrowed his eyebrows. In confusion? In fear? Worry, perhaps. She couldn’t say, never was very good at reading people.
“Does he…does he have a metal arm?”
“Yes,” she nodded, and the man was almost sure there was a gentle smile forming on her pretty face. “Yes,” she repeated and looked as if she was not present, sitting behind a table with him but somewhere far away.
“Alright,” the man said and nodded. His voice was quiet, almost as if he was talking to himself and not the young woman across from him. “You are safe here,” this made her look at him with doubt. “My name is Steve Rogers, or people call me Captain America, and I will do what I can to help you. But I will need your help too.”
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heyquxxns · 7 hours ago
Say You’ll Remember Me - Chapter Nine
Tumblr media
Summary: They where like Ares and Aphrodite, love and war.
Words: 5.9K
TW:  Cute moments and smut towards the bottom ( Minors I will mark the start of it  with ** so you can skip )
A/N: Once I finish the TFAWS part of this series, I will be moving onto the comet section! So please tell me what soft, sweet moments you will like to see! Also, I’ll be taking questions for a Q&A so please send all question to my ask box! I also have a taglist  this series so if you want to be added, DM or send me an ask!
Neither the Nurse nor the Sergeant slept for long, perhaps five hours tops. A few hours short of the recommended amount needed for adults their biological age. His nightmares prevented him from getting a long night’s sleep while she was so used to waking up at odd hours for work. But Bucky had woken up before her, silently making his way to the kitchen, and he was thankful for the vintage radio she had. Although it was also Bluetooth, the super-soldier could quickly figure out how to connect with the radio. And at this hour, most of the stations were playing songs from back in their day. Tangerine by Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra softly plays as he begins to cook, just like how his mother taught him.
It’s only when he looks through her refrigerator that he realizes that it had only been a few days since everything had happened. That it had only been a week since Y/N had told him about the comet, telling him about its everlasting effect on her. John Walker had only been Captain America for a few days before publicly executing someone, tarnishing Steve’s legacy. A sigh escapes his lips as he takes out the ingredients for pancakes, the first part of the breakfast plan. However, he pauses to feed the newfoundland as the giant dog walks over with his bowl in his mouth.
HE CAN SEE WHY Y/N NAMED THE DOG AFTER HIM Both had steel-blue eyes, and the K9’s fur matched his hair color. All the dog needed was Bucky’s hold hat, and he would be transformed into a furry version of the Sergeant.
The Nurse strolls into the kitchen almost thirty minutes later, Bucky softly pushing a hot mug of coffee into her hands. He only hopes it tastes as good as hers but wouldn’t be surprised if it tasted like absolute shit.
Bucky took his black.
Y/N liked to add a shit ton of things depending on her mood. He doesn’t bat an eye as she goes for the coffee creamer after one sit, chuckling softly at the disgusted look on her face. The Sergeant makes a mental note: She hated black coffee. But neither of them says anything, even as he places a large stack of pancakes in front of her. He didn’t stop there, though. A plate full of hash browns and bacon is also placed in front of her.  Her stomach growls, the body just now realizing how starving it is.
The super soldier watches her eat, leaning against the kitchen counter as she shoves a stack of pancakes into her mouth. The more silence falls between them, the more worried Bucky becomes. Perhaps he was wrong to think that all she needed was a good night’s rest and a big breakfast. Obviously, it wasn’t going to take a day for her to realize that she wasn’t alone; going to take a lot more time and effort for her to be comfortable with someone always being there for her without expecting anything in return.
So, Bucky takes the seat across from her with his own fork and digs in. “What are you thinking, Doll?”.
Y/N shoves a mouthful of hashbrowns into her mouth, swallowing before finally speaking up. “Depends on how philosophical you want to get.”. The statement only makes him lean on the table a little more, eyes falling on her.  He didn’t need to say anything for her to know that he was all ears.
“Just thinking about the meaning of a legacy and how Walker’s actions tampered with Steve’s. How much the legacy of the shield would have changed had Sam accepted it; if he still accepts it after everything. How everyone who had known Steve has a different connection to it.”. Pancake is shoved into her mouth. “I know you probably have never seen the musical Hamilton, but there’s this line that always stuck with me. Well, a few lines. It’s a scene during the duel where time slows down right before Hamilton is shot by Burr, giving him enough time to think back on his ideals, beliefs, and most importantly, his life. Throughout the musical, he’s constantly questioning his legacy, questioning what makes a legacy. It’s only in his final moments he realizes that a legacy is, and I quote, It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”.
A brow is raised in her direction. “What does a musical about Alexander Hamilton have to do-.”
“Steve’s legacy is more than just the shield, Bucky. It’s you, me,’s everyone Steve’s life has impacted personally. At least, that’s my theory. That legacy of the shield is complicated to those who didn’t know the great Captain American personally. And we’re the only people left alive to have known Steve Rogers before the idea of Captain American came to be. Our friend was inherently good, never looking for any sort of power over anyone. He...he just wanted to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. He wanted to protect those he cared about. Especially you.”.
“Yeah, I get the whole wanting to help me adjust with everything Hydra has-.”
“No. No, Hon, I mean before you were assumed dead. Before the Howling Commandos. Steve picked up the shield for you. His first heroic act, saving the POWs being held in the Hydra base...that was for you. Steve become Captain America after that, receiving the vibranium shield we know because he went across enemy lines to save you, Bucky. I thought...I thought you knew that?”.
HE DIDN’T Bucky knew Steve wanted to save everyone being held there, not leaving a single man behind. However, he didn’t realize that the main reason his late friend did it in the first place was to save him.
He gulps, looking at the Nurse now as he had been staring at the plate for a while. “What about you? You said you had a connection to the shield.”.
The woman shrugs, poking at the food. “Sam told me to visit the Smithsonian when I got the chance. Not sure why though, I haven’t been in years. Also kind of fell out of love with science after the comet, years of not figuring out a scientific answer. Sure, I get excited over a few new discoveries from here and there.  ”. And then it clicked, and he can’t help but take her hands into his. Y/N raises a brow at him, obviously confused. “What?”.
“Y/N….Steve got you a place in the Smithsonian. He even got you your own section. They repainted the mural to include you and everything. In a few years, you’re supposed to be included in the textbooks. The punk told me all about it, how he made so many angry calls to multiple museums and scholars. Somehow found the time to do despite searching for me and the Avengers splitting up.”. Bucky watches as Y/E/C eyes slowly start to fill up with tears, moving so he was kneeling in front of her, and he could cup her face. “I gotta head to Louisiana, dropping off something to Sam. Come with me so I can show you, so you can see that you’re back in the narrative. That Steve made sure you were put back, just like how Eliza Hamilton told Alexander’s story. Fuck, we can turn this into a road trip and bring Sergeant. Just...just let me show you.”.
He managed to get a low chuckle from the Nurse as she nods her head. “O-okay, sure. We can take my car. And we c-could stop at the store and get snacks a-” Y/N voice trails off, seeing how Bucky was looking at her. She knows the look well as it makes her heart flutter. The Sergeant looked at her just as he did when they were young, just how the Winter Soldier used to look at her.
“Still doll dizzy after all these years?”.
“No. Just for you.”.
AND HE MEANT IT When the news broke out that Bucky Barnes had his eyes set out for Y/N Y/L/N longer than expected, some girls tried to sway his attention out of jealousy. They’d go to the diner and try to distract him from his mission often, batting their eyes and wearing their most amazing dresses. Some went as far as to sabotage the Nurse, only to fail as Bucky would see this as a chance to woo Y/N.  Some of the nurses out in the field hospitals or Allied camps would often flirt with him just for the Sergeant to turn around and ask if they knew his beloved.
In the end, though, after the war had ended, many of these same women left flowers on her doorstep. Surprisingly, Y/N even became friends with a few of them. Connie, the woman who Bucky had his eyes set on before meeting the Nurse, somehow became her best friend. She held her hand at Bucky’s funeral, watching as an empty coffin was buried six feet into the ground.
Years from now, the two friends will reunite, and Connie would tell her how proud she was. But until then, Y/N would miss the woman she called a friend.
The drive down to Washington was quite fun, the two making sure to stop to grab enough snacks for the four-to-sex hour drive. Sergeant had his head out the window of the jeep for the majority of the ride, ignoring as his owner belted out the lyrics to songs in hopes of getting the super soldier to enjoy them. Of course, she played a few songs from the 40s to make him happy, but otherwise, the playlist was all over the place.
Dog Days Are Over - Florence + Machine
Rasputin - Boney M ( He wasn’t going to admit it to her, though. But it was catchy)
No body, no crime - Taylor Swift
Anything by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox
Livin’ On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
She had caught him bobbing his head to Postmodern Jukebox’s version of Love Yourself, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. A small smile forms on her lips, going to make a playlist for him to listen to later.
“After this all over, you should show me how good of a dancer you were.”.
“Depends: Are we talking actual dancing or that shit you made me do in Madripoor.” the corners of his lips tilt up as she giggles, stealing a quick glance at her before looking back at the road. “Call me an old geezer all you want, but the dances kids these days are coming up with are ridiculous.”.
“You sound like the guy from dirty dancing.”.
“....What?”He pulls up to the Smithsonian parking lot. Y/N mutters a “never mind” before hopping out of the car, going to let Sergeant out and put his vest on. Bucky mentally adds it to the list of things he needed to get into, hopping out as well.
AN UPDATE ON SERGEANT’S JOB DESCRIPTION Unlike the Nurse’s many dogs before, Sergeant was her first actual service dog as the paperwork had finally come in. Although she had always had PTSD and her emotional support animals did help with anxiety, her mental health had only worsened during the snap and the blip. The Nurse had been part of the population to have survived.
The day Sergeant got his certificate and all the paperwork had been signed, she had thrown him a small graduation ceremony. Bucky had seen the photos around the apartment. It was adorable. Today would be his first day since graduating.
The super soldier held her hand as they walked in, silently leading her to the Captain American exhibit. Standing outside the entrance to it, steel blue eyes land on her, and he soft squeezes her hand. “Are you ready?”.
He watches as she takes a deep breath, grip on Sergeant’s leash tightening just a little. “I’m ready.”. And with that, Y/N allows him to lead her inside. Immediately, the first thing she sees in the mural that they had repainted. It was quite an odd placement as there were eight members to fit onto the mural as they wanted the Captain to still be front and center. But after many awful drafts, they had decided that both Steve and Bucky would be in the center together. The order went as such:
Right Side, going back to front: Jacques Dernier, Jim Morita, Y/N Y/L/N, Bucky Barnes
Left Side, going front to back: Steve Rogers, Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Montgomery Falsworth
Y/E/C colored eyes widen with shock seeing it, almost forgetting what she had looked like in the white ward dress and the dark blue cape. The same dress uniform that had on display with the others. It was obviously a decoy as Y/N still had it kept away neatly in a box. It sat with the letters from the men she had called her family brothers. They had stayed in touch for years until she faked her death. It isn’t until she sees the old photos of the Howling Commandos that tears threaten to spill down her cheeks, watching old black and white films of them altogether. There’s a short clip of Bucky hugging her from behind during an interview they all had to do, the young couple falling into a fit of giggles. She remembers that day well as it was a few days after he had proposed to her, the two still in the honeymoon phase or whatever it was called.  The Howlies had started to call her Mrs.Barnes by then. Had they known what was coming, they wouldn’t have.
Bucky’s eyes are on her the entire time they’re at the exhibit, watching as she takes in everything before they have to hit the road again. She only allowed herself an hour, more than enough time in her eyes. As the Sergeant and the Nurse make their way back to the car, she fills his hand shift a little. Then, fingers intertwined with hers as the hand is brought up for his lips to press against the back.
Y/N falls asleep for the next few hours until they reach their hotel.
WHEN ARE WE Los Angeles, 1999 Six years since the Nurse was last taken by Hydra
It had been all over the news that day, that the beloved and wealthy businessman under the name of Nikolai Sergeev had been found dead in his pool early that morning. The man had ties back to the Russian Mafia, using his booming business as a front for his real occupation: producing and distributing drugs. Although Nikolai had been accused of the crime before, he had been released from those various charges. No one really did anything until he started making friends with government officials, using this friendship to get the information he could use for his own gain somehow. That night, a few members of his crew were also found dead at a scene of a car accident. Because they had found drugs in the car, the police did not bother investigating further into it and assumed the driver was under the influence.
Y/N had known something was off earlier that day when it seemed a few cars had been following her to and from work. At the time, she had thought it was a coincidence as those said cars eventually made different turns, never to be seen for the rest of the day. However, her alarm doesn’t go off when she opens the door to her house, silently slipping off her shoes and setting her backpack down on the ground. However, she is not as terrified as she once was upon noticing the pair of boots on the shoe rack—black tactical boots. A sigh escapes her as she enters her kitchen, turning the overhead light above the stove on.
“It was nice of you to take off your shoes, Hon.”.
The Winter Soldier sits at the table, not saying a word. It was the first time Y/N saw him in all his gear, the mask reminding her too much of muzzle. He left his gun on the table, far away from him as if this was his way of assuring her that he wasn’t here to kill her. Though he did do a bad job at it, the Nurse could see all the throwing knives on him. His metal arm was a weapon in itself as well.  But she knew he wasn’t going to hurt her as she turned her back to him, taking out the food she had brought home from her job at the local bakery.
More silence...and then.
“You really should invest in a better security system. It was also a little too easy for Hydra to track you down.”. Steel-blue eyes are still on her as she walks over to the table with her dinner, a whole cinnamon apple pie in her hands. However, in her other hand are two forks. Y/N offers one to him.
“After the murder of that Nikolai guy, I figured it wouldn’t be long until I was dragged back to being Hydra’s nurse and possible lab rat. Also had a feeling they were going to send you as the car accident isn’t far from here. Drove past the scene on my way here. Glad my gut feeling was right, I wouldn't want to have to eat this entire pie by myself.”.  The asset hesitates for a moment before reaching up to slip the mask off, flesh hand reaching out for the fork. He wasn’t going to deny a baked good. And he had a feeling Y/N would have insisted until he agreed. Y/N did go through the trouble of bringing it back from him.
“Most people would have thought he messed with the Russia Mafia for too long, not thinking much of it afterwards.”. He shoves a forkful of the pie in his mouth and he can’t help but let out a moan, shoulders falling back as his eyes close.
“I wouldn’t have thought much of it if you hadn't killed him Great Gatsby style.”.
The Winter Soldier raises a brow at her and Y/N can’t help but frown. They probably wiped his mind clean again, meaning she would have to remind him again of who he once was.
“One of the books we used to talk about often was The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of the main characters, Jay Gatsby….he was shot and killed by the name Wilson due to him believing Jay Gatsby killed his wife. Gatsby was lying on an air mattress in the pool when he was shot. Wilson killed himself seconds after.”.
He stays silent for a moment before looking back down at the pie. “....Wasn’t it some lady anime Daisy that killed his wife? And Gatsby took the blame.”. he did remember reading it.
“Well, he did it because he was in love with her. You do stupid things when you’re in love.”.
Steel-blue eyes land back on her and the asset can’t help but chuckle. “How was your day, Doll?”. Y/N knows he’s purposely trying to change the topic, but she doesn’t care all that much. He probably couldn’t tell her much about his mission anyway.
“A few guys started hitting on me today. A group of college students who think they can get whatever they want.”.  The asset’s jaw tightens a little, a wave of slight jealousy and protectiveness washing over him.
“They didn’t do anything...did they?”.
“No, thankfully. But if they did, what were you going to do? Kill them?”.
Although it was a joke, Y/N could see the Winter Soldier was considering it.
“Winter, please don’t go hunting down a group of kids.”.
“I wasn’t going to do it, Doll. I was just thinking about it, maybe just beat them up. And it’s like you said.”. He stands up from his seat, placing the gun back on his person. It was time to go.
“You do stupid things when you’re in love.” The mask goes back on.
WHEN ARE WE Atlanta Georgia, 2023 They arrived at their hotel for the night
The newfoundland had made himself comfortable in the corner of the room, deciding to take a long nap against the heater in the room. It's late, almost one in the morning. And they both would need to get up early in the morning to hit the road again if they wanted to make it to Sam’s by the afternoon.
Stepping into the bathtub, Y/N sinks deeper into it and lets out a sigh of content. Something about taking a bubble bath in a luxury bathroom always made her feel nice seeing as she never pampered herself. The fact that the hotel also allowed guests to keep the ropes made it ten times better. And she always found hotel beds to feel softer and more relaxing than her bed at home. The Nurse swore it was some sort of magic. And the bathroom had amazing acoustics, the girl playing music from her phone.
She hears the door creak open just a little followed by heavy footsteps. Bucky must have been grabbing something, hearing him muttering about needing a towel as he looks in the other part of the bathroom. However, the muttering stops as he listens to the song being played.
“What’s the name of this song?”He asks after a while.
“Jackie Onassis by Sammy Rae and The Friends. Why? You like it?”. A moment of silence before he answers.
“Yeah. I...I do actually.”.
“You’re more than welcome to sit in here and listen to it. Could even join me in the bath if you want, the water is still hot”.
Bucky doesn’t say anything as he’s a bit hesitant. But he soon finds himself stripping out of his clothes and rounding the corner to where the tub was located. The music sounded better in here though, the nurse bobbing her head to it. He can definitely tell she took advantage of all the free stuff already as there’s a bubble grown on her head.
It starts off as a snicker.
And then he’s full-on laughing.
The Nurse pouts at him, crossing her arms. “What?”.
“Nothing, nothing. You’re just — god — you’re just adorable.”He says, climbing in and taking a spot across from her.
“You say that until you realize you need to make yourself a bubble outfit now. My bath, my rules.”.
Bucky playfully rolls his eyes before taking a stack of the bubbles and forming a beard on his face as well as a mustache. It results in Y/N falling into a fit of giggles, reaching for her phone to take a photo of the scene before her.  The super-soldier doesn’t try to stop her, in fact, he humors her and makes the silliest face he could think of.
THIS WAS THE LIFE THEY BOTH WANTED WITH THE OTHER A married life with peaceful moments like these. No super-soldiers, no vibranium arms. Sergeant wouldn’t be a working dog rather just a family dog. Maybe this would have been their honeymoon, only they would be in another country. Perhaps a trip to France so she could eat as many sweets as she wanted. Maybe he would be a teacher by then and her a full-on nurse. Or whatever they had planned on doing after the war.
There’s always that moment in the clique moment when time slows down, and one character is staring at their love interest as if they’re the one for them. Well, that was how Y/N was looking at Bucky now, even more so as Sergeant makes his way in to join the two. The super soldier only looks in her direction again when he feels her eyes on him, giving her a small smile.
“What are you thinking, Doll?”.
“You...and how much better you would look if you had a matching hat.”Y/N lies though it’s only partially. She really was thinking about him. Thinking about how in love with him she was and how much the Sergeant meant to her. Even if the last few days hadn’t been the best, questioning where they stood in this relationship. Whether they could go back to being the couple they once were or if they were truly better off as friends. Questioning if there was a possibility that they could live somewhat normal lives, even with this curse of hers.
It takes a bad liar to spot one, Bucky wiping off the beard before speaking. “You sure that’s what you were thinking about, Doll?”.
James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes was and still is, the love of Y/N’s life. In the short time that the two had together during the war, he had quickly become the person she trusted the most. And he had meant the world to her. And so, when the Sergeant was assumed KIA? It felt like her world had started to cave in.  Of course, throughout her years alive, there had been others who wanted her love and affection. Men would come along to try and sweep her off her feet. But none of them were her Bucky. None of them could fill her gap. And so, of course, it pained her that he didn’t realize how much he meant to her. Their argument on the way to Latvia probably made it harder for her to prove it to him.
“I was thinking about you. Thinking about how in love with you I am and that, if you’re still willing...I’m ready to try again. Thinking about how I’m truly sorry for what I said on the flight to Latvia, knowing damn well none of it was your fault. And I know it’s not your fault that you don’t know how much you mean to me. That’s something I need to work on, showing you how much I love you.”.
Her voice eventually trails off the longer the Sergeant stares back at her, long enough that she starts to feel self-conscious about the words that just left her mouth. Perhaps it was just bad timing or he had finally realized that she wasn’t worth it anymore. Maybe the Nurse missed her chance or that her own insecurities and issues drove him away, that he had found the ridiculousness of why she was pushing him away. Or maybe it wasn’t that, maybe she had read all the signs wrong. That he didn’t come to check on her last night because he loved her. That he checked on her because Y/N was just a friend. Maybe their road trip, joking like they used to, and singing horribly to songs meant nothing more than just being friends. That taking her to see what Steve had done for her was just his way of being a good friend to her.
That when he said he loved her the night prior, he meant it as a friend.
Y/N MADE BUCKY PROMISE TO REMEMBER HER But she never made him promise to love her forever.  He had met women like Natasha Romanoff and other agents like Sharon Carter.  She couldn’t compare to that. Sure, she had also been an agent of Shield and she had done one heroic act during the second world war. But what was a shiny metal to saving the world multiple times? What was being a Nurse to a deadly assassin or whatever Sharon was now.
Y/N Y/L/N wasn’t anything special and she definitely wasn’t anything special now.
Whatever the cause for Bucky’s silence may be, Y/N just knew she didn’t want him to see her cry. If she stayed in that tub any longer, staring back at an emotionless face, the tears would start to fall. The Nurse is quick to climb out of the bathtub, leaving the bathroom quickly as she wraps a towel around her. Y/N grabs the first change of clothes she sees, not realizing it’s one of his shirts as she’s suddenly glad that the hotel only had a luxury two-room suite available for the two of them. It was a little expensive but the Nurse had more than enough to pay for it. The room had more than enough beds. And a room where she could hide from him for the night.
The Sergeant is on the other side of the door, missing her by a second due to his delayed reaction. He didn’t bother getting dressed, only had a towel wrapped around him. His fist bangs against the door to the other bedroom, heart hammering in his chest. “Doll, open the door please. I….you just caught me off guard, that’s all. Just talk to me, please.”.
He can hear her crying softly on the other side, not needing the enhanced hearing for that. And it just makes him feel worse. Today had gone so well, he thought he was doing well. Buying all the snacks they could possibly carry. A bit of karaoke to songs he didn’t know the lyrics to. Trying to get truckers to blow their horns and cheering like little kids when they did. Stopping to get ridiculously expensive milkshakes at ShakeShack.
Bucky told her he wasn’t going to give up on her. And he wasn’t going to start now. And it’s in the determination that he finds the Nurse forgot to lock the door in her rush to get away from him.
HE STILL NEEDED TO TELL HER ABOUT HER BROTHER Part of the reason he was so hesitant. Because we wanted this, wanted her. And even if Y/N tries convincing him everything he’s done as the Winter Soldier wasn’t his fault….will she still think that when he revealed how Bradford died? Her beloved baby brother?
The door swings open and for a moment, Bucky just stands in the doorway taking in the scene before him. Y/N just changed into his shirt, just long enough to cover her ass. The Sergeant is quick to notice the tear stains on her cheeks as they’re still fresh as well as the sniffles from her. She looked a mess.  But, nonetheless, he stared at her as if she was as beautiful as she ever was. Looking at her like she was somehow above him or too good to be true. That regardless of how broken and scared this woman before him was, regardless of everything, the Nurse was the only person he could ever want. Even more so as steel blue eyes seem to be undressing her, seeing her in his shirt just reminding him of how in love with her he was.  
Bucky doesn’t bother to shut the door behind him, slowly making his way over to Y/N. Gently, he grabs her face and wipes away the few tears rolling down her cheek.
Then he kissed her. And that’s when everything stopped. The whole room, the ceiling, the sky outside the window, the floor underneath them, the air. Everything. Everything stopped but time, the only one that frantic enough to keep going, perhaps even move faster. And soon enough, that soft kiss turned into something more. Bucky was kissing her as if he was running out of time.
No more time to be wasted.
Not another second as they had a lot to catch up on.
Bucky had 80 years’ worth of things he wanted to tell her, to do with her.
The Nurse didn’t need to tell him how much he meant to her as he could tell in the way she immediately melts into the kiss, arms snaking around his neck and playing with his hair like she always did. Everything she ever had to say to him, everything she didn’t get a chance to tell him, those words flew past her lips. How much she missed him after all these years, refusing to love another. How much she longed for him even when he was in the same room as her. In the way the Nurse was kissing him, the Sergeant knew how in love she was with him regardless of the mess of a human he was or the horrible things he was forced to do, loving his flaws whether they were visible or not. All this from how hard she pressed her soft lips against his.
** The Sergeant pushes her against the wall, falling in love with the sinful sounds that came from those very lips. It was in this moment that he knew that all he wanted was to love her. To make her feel loved after decades of loneliness and self-isolation. Whether it took all night or another hundred years, he was going to make her feel worthy of his affection even though Y/N was more than worthy of it. He was going to prove to her that his feelings about her never changed, that nothing had altered his love for her since 1943 when they first met or since in 1993 when he was more than to kill anyone that put her in harm's way.
HE LIKED TO THINK THAT HE AND THE WINTER SOLDIER HAD DIFFERENT MEMORIES. But Bucky Barnes and The Winter Soldier had the same memory of her. Both had loved her furiously. Enough that it made even the head of Hydra was concerned that they would lose all control over the asset due to an emotion they thought they had gotten rid of. They both remembered how kind she was despite being experimented on, how the Nurse was the only one to remind them that they were still human. That there were good people outside the concrete walls of Hydra.
Neither of them cared that it was nearly two in the morning and that they needed to get up early, that one of them would need to drive. Bucky doesn’t care as he gently pulls away, just to look his lover in the eye. Doesn’t care as he pushes himself into her, Y/N’s breathing turning into soft moans. And by the time the Sergeant finishes having her against that wall, bringing her over to the bed, he still doesn’t give a damn as teeth sink into the Nurse's Neck, biting down just to hold himself up from his own thrusts. And as he hoists her up so the sweetest part of her body is just hovering over his mouth, with a flesh hand and one metal gripping her thighs, Y/N learns she also doesn’t care.
IF BUCKY BARNES WAS ARES, GOD OF WAR, Y/N Y/L/N WAS APHRODITE, GODDESS OF LOVE You may argue that Y/N was more like Hygieia, the goddess of good health, cleanliness, and sanitation. However, to fit their love story better, historians sometimes compared them to the god of war and the goddess of love. It made even more sense when it was revealed that Bucky Barnes was the Winter Soldier.
And as sex and ecstasy filled the room, fingernails digging into his back and hips rolling together, and once it dies down with two being drunk off each other, stealing kisses when they could and smiling at one another, they fit comparison well.
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A/N: uuuhm sorry, I did not mean to make this so sad. i’m putting this out because i’m a shitty writer and haven’t written part 2 of “a switch” The song is Jealous by Labrinth!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Rating: angst, sweet ending
Word Count:1659 (oh wow-)
feel free to leave some feedback, or come talk to me!
Tumblr media
Living in Louisiana with the Wilsons was great. You helped Sarah cook and clean while the boys trained or were on a mission. You and Bucky wanted to stay, maybe find a house together, get a cat. Problem was, you weren’t together and that could cause problems. Sam eventually found his own place, so you and Bucky got to move into the guest room, instead of sleeping on the couch. You didn’t mind sharing a bed with Bucky, you both weren’t a fan of touch but, if it was just the two of you, you were okay with cuddling. 
You had been friends with Bucky since the Avengers days. You both were closed off to others, always had your walls up. You never socialized, keeping to yourself most of the time. You both waited for people to leave the kitchen before you went in, and never participated in an annual movie night. You both had guilt on your shoulders from being ex assassins. That was the thing you had in common, the thing you kinda bonded over. After a nightmare, you’d walk out to the balcony, just to cool off, only to find Bucky already sitting there. You’d ask another about the nightmare, neither wanted to say anything. You’d just bask in the quiet of the night. That’s how you and Bucky became inseparable. 
Back to present day, it was a rainy day in Louisiana. The thunder shook the house with it’s booms, and was followed by a quick strike of lightning in the distance. It was far enough away that it didn’t worry you when you went outside to the wrap around porch. The Wilson house was beautiful, with a huge yard, and porch, it was a dream. You rubbed your arms at the sudden gust of wind mother nature decided to blow in. You looked to your right, seeing the old piano that sat there. It taunted you everytime you walked outside, practically screaming, play me! And you were finally giving in. You sat down at the dusty bench, the wind picking up. You fiddled with the keys for a minute before you decided on what to play. 
I’m jealous of the rain
You started to play the beginning keys of the song. Softly singing along. It was the song you’d play late at night, when the thoughts consumed you, and everything got hard. 
That falls upon your skin 
This song always reminded you of Bucky. He may have a hard exterior but, he was secretly a softie. I mean, he cried at Bambi and made me swear I wouldn't tell a soul. 
I’m jealous of the wind, that ripples through your clothes
The song perfectly describes how you feel about him. You get so immersed in everything Bucky. Jealous of the way the sun kissed his skin, wishing it was you giving him a gentle touch. 
It’s closer than your shadow, oh i’m jealous of the wind
Cause I wished you the best of all this world could give
As the song got louder, so did you. You wished you could tell Bucky, he deserves all the love in the world. He deserves to be showered in compliments and treated like a normal human. Not like the monster he thinks he is. He deserves happiness, and kindness and-
You were so lost in the music, just finishing the chorus,  you hadn't noticed Bucky creeping up behind you. 
I’m jealous of the nights, that I don’t spend with you
All those nights you never spent with him, made you achel. You wished it was you fighting alongside Bucky or driving him home after a long day, just being there. Bucky came to sit next to you on the bench. You looked over to him, startled, and stopped playing.
“Don’t stop on my account. It’s beautiful.” You gave him a shy smile, and picked back up where you left off. 
I’m jealous of the love, love that wasn’t here
You looked at him when you started to sing, hoping he would understand you. Those words hit home,you always felt like Bucky would never reciprocate the love you had for him. He deserved more than you. More than someone who can’t pick up his broken pieces when you were still trying to pick up your own. 
You got into the chorus of the song, a crescendo of sorts. You had to break eye contact with him, all of the emotions overwhelming you. All the thoughts, the love, the emotion behind the song, shone through as you sang the lyrics out to him. Portraying everything you’ve ever felt for this man. All the heartbreak and misery. All the waiting around for him, and the constant heart ache. It’s hard to know that he may be happy without you. 
As i sink in the sand
Watch you slip through my hands
Oh, as I die here another day
Cause all i do is cry behind this smile
Bucky couldn’t help but watch you in awe. The way your fingers moved against the keys, or the way he could see you move with the music, the passion behind your eyes. It was like the rain and you were in sync. Thunder clapping at the right time, and it was almost like the rain was keeping tempo. God, he was so in love with you. He hoped that this song was your way of telling him you loved him too. 
I wished you the best of, all this world could give you
You looked over to him seeing unshed tears in his eyes. You knew the lyrics of the song, the passion you put behind it, was getting to him. And you couldn’t hold the tears in any longer, making your voice waver. 
But I always thought you'd come back, tell me all you found was
Heartbreak and misery
It's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me
You looked at him again as you sang. The song coming to an end, as you started to play the final chords. Your years dropped on the keys, and soaked your face. 
It's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me
You couldn’t look at him. Your facial expression would give away exactly how you felt. So helplessly tied to this man, clinging to every word he said, tended to every wound. It was hard falling in love with Bucky, knowing he would never let himself fall in love with you. You wanted to hold him in the night, cook his favorite meal when he was sad, and watch old 40’s movies with him. You just wanted him to be happy, even if it meant never being with you. 
“Doll?” You head snapped up at the name. You barely heard it over the raining falling on the roof, and the occasional boom of thunder. Doll, that was a good sign. You didn’t really respond, just a slight hum, voice hoarse from singing. 
“Do you really feel that way? That you don’t make me happy?” He said with exasperation. You could only nod your head, and sign. You didn’t know what to say, you’d never thought he would ask such a heavy question. You honestly expected him to get up and walk away. 
“Y/N I- You make me so incredibly happy. Seeing you, being in your presence is like- sunshine coming out on a rainy day.” As cheesy as it sounded, he meant every word. Bucky brought his hands up to cup your face. You quickly leaned into his embrace, loving the contrast of his warm flesh hand, and the cold vibranium hand. 
“I can’t even put into words how happy you make me. You brought out so much good in me, even when you were struggling, you always told me to keep my head up, always there to make sure I’m okay.” More tears streamed down your face as he continued to confess. 
“I mean- I love you so fucking much Y/N- I can’t believe you ever doubted that. When I’m around you, god doll, it’s hard to think, hard to focus. Being with you is like- a breath of fresh air I never knew I needed. Loving you is like watching the sunset- you're so warm and soft and gentle an-and so kind. You were always so kind to me even if-even if I didn’t deserve it.” 
Looking in his eyes, you knew he wasn’t lying. You could see the love in his eyes, in the soft way he spoke to you, even with the harsh rain coming down. 
“You will always deserve love James. You deserve all the kindness, gentleness, warm feelings any other person has. You, James Buchanan Barnes, are an amazing, kind, incredible human being. That’s what I love about you. You may think you act tough but, deep down you love Sam like you Steve.” It was your turn to cup his face with your hands. He closed his eyes the minute you made contact with his face.
“I love you so much Bucky.” You choked out. Everything came rushing at you. Knowing he loved you too, made all the different. You’d never have to feel alone, or forgotten ever again. You never had to talk to a brick wall- no- . You would go to the ends of the earth for Bucky, and it was a great feeling knowing that he would too. 
“I love you doll” He said before he pulled you in for a sweet kiss. At that moment, thunder clapped, and lightning strikes. The earth sounded like it was coming to its climax and you never wanted it to end. You never wanted this...feeling to end. The feeling of serenity in Bucky's arms, the feeling of harmonious embrace. 
You both knew that it would never end. You would love one another until your dying day, and you were content with that.
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Imagine Submissions
If you have any thing you would like to see written please inbox me and I will start them as soon as i can!
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Buckyvision Part 3: The One Where He Takes A Chance
Summary: Bucky experiences the life that could have been if he were more forward with you.    
Pairings: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 3.2k
Warnings: alcohol consumption
Heads up:  @ironmansuucks  @fanofalltheficsx  @intothesoul  @ladifrickinda  @reichelhache  @austynparksandpizza  @ihavemanyhusbandfandoms  @thesneakylittleminx  @bluemoon-icecream  @mizz-kraziii​  @stolenxkissess @kennedywxlsh  @fragile-heartt  @pistachoz​  @acciosiriusblack @galaxysweets @xkonpinkx @i-just-like-fanfics
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky stumbled forward and found himself back in his apartment as a flash of red disappeared from behind him. Excited by the thought of being brought back to the reality where he had a family, Bucky quickly ran to Stevie’s room. As he opened the door, he caught a glimpse of you getting dressed.
“JAMES!” you screeched while covering yourself up. Bucky immediately shut the door.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” he panicked. His outcry was met with silence. Fuck. He was in big trouble now. But he shouldn’t be! He didn’t see anything! Just your bare shoulders…and bra…and…your exposed neck…Bucky gulped as he thought about how soft your skin was. Bucky walked down the hallway and noticed that the family portraits were gone. So, this was a new reality but you both still lived together. Soon, Bucky heard your door open and turned to you. He watched as you emerged wearing a short, light blue, sleeveless dress. It had these silver tassels hanging down from the skirt part. It was tight enough to show off your curves but not so tight that it revealed everything about your body. It had the energy of a dress from the 1920s but way shorter. If looks could kill, Bucky had been effectively murdered. He stared at you slack jawed in awe.
“Did you forget how to knock or something?” you asked while putting your hands on your hips, “What was so important that you barged in like that?”
“I…I…” he stuttered slowly, “I forgot.”
“Is that what you’re wearing?” you then asked after taking a good look at Bucky. He wore dark pants, a grey shirt, and his signature leather jacket.
“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”
“It’s just… you always wear it,”
“So?” Bucky shrugged, “Where are we going anyway? Not a wedding.”
“Yeah, but it’s a rooftop party and you can’t dance in those clothes…not properly anyway,”
“Let me worry about what I can and can’t do in these clothes, alright sweetheart?” Bucky smirked at you. He enjoyed this banter. It had been a long while since he was just able to banter with you about stupid things like clothes and he reveled in the moment.
“Sweetheart? That’s new...” you stated then went on your phone to order an Uber.
“Why are we going to this place?” Bucky then asked.
“It’s Joaquin’s birthday and he wanted to go to a rooftop party, remember?”
“Right…. Torres…” Bucky hummed and just looked at you. You were staring at your phone with your lips pursed as you were deep in thought.
“What? Is there something on my face?” you asked without looking up.
“Huh? No…I was just—”
“Quit staring at me, James,”
“You’re not dating Sam, right?” Bucky suddenly asked.
“What? Hah…no…” you looked at Bucky suspiciously. He was being oddly talkative today and seemed so unusually eager to be around you today. For the past couple of years that you two had lived together, he kept his responses to you very short. It was either a grunt or a head nod. It gave him a sexy air of mystery and you were always so curious to know what went inside his head. Apparently, your love life was not an off limit thought in his mind.
“Are you…dating anyone at all?”
“Nope…” you raised an eyebrow. Did Bucky Barnes have a secret crush on you? But it all felt so sudden. One moment Bucky is barely acknowledging your existence and the next he’s staring at you and asking about your love life. What was going on?
“Alright,” Bucky nodded. Good. He didn’t have to worry about feeling awkward around you in this reality.
“Let’s go the Uber is here,” you then said and rushed out. Bucky quickly followed after you.
The rooftop wasn’t as crowded as Bucky had expected which was nice. There were still enough bodies to bump into but not enough that you had to push through them. The fresh air definitely made walking around the place better. You both had gone towards the side of the rooftop where Sam and Torres had reserved a table. You immediately went up to Torres gave him a hug and a small peck on the cheek. Bucky only gave him a nod and a polite “Happy Birthday”. You insisted on buying Torres some birthday shots and dragged him to the bar. Bucky watched you closely as you laughed and whispered into Torres’ ear the entire time you were at the bar. Bucky had soon followed you to order his own drink: a whiskey. But at the time he got there, you had already pulled Torres onto the dance floor.
Bucky slowly made his way back to Sam who had hung back.
“What’s going on with you tonight?” Sam asked, his voice a little louder than usual to speak over the music.
“Me? Nothing, why?”
“Usually, you stare into a random space, but your staring problem today seems to be concentrated on Y/N. So, what going on there?”
“I’m just making sure that her drink doesn’t get drugged or something,”
“She doesn’t have a drink in her hand,” Sam pointed out.
“It doesn’t hurt to be careful,” Bucky sipped his drink while not moving his gaze. He watched as you smoothly moved your body around Torres. He looked pleased enough as he laughed and danced with you. As he put his hand on your waist, Bucky shifted his weight from one foot to the other, agitated. And there he thought he wouldn’t have to worry about you in this reality.
“I’m sure that’s what this is…” Sam sipped his drink while watching Bucky glare, “You know, it’s okay if you like her,”
“I don’t feel that way about her,” Bucky denied. He actually didn’t know if that was a lie. He liked when you were his wife, but he didn’t know if it was real or if it was because he liked his family so much. Was it you or was it the idea of you giving him a family that he was currently obsessed over? Or did he just miss you and was trying to make up for lost time with you? Just then a girl had come up to Bucky,
“Hey handsome, can I buy you a drink?” she asked.
“Ah, no thank you,” he declined then added while pointing towards you, “That’s my girlfriend over there!”
Sam gave Bucky a surprised look. The girl looked over at you. At that point, you had wrapped an arm around Torres’ neck and was whispering something in his ear.
“She looks like she’s flirting with that guy,” the girl pointed out.
“Oh yeah, no, that’s just how she is. She gives off a flirtatious vibe. No, she’s my girlfriend, sorry.”
The girl nodded slowly. She couldn’t decide whether Bucky was in denial about his girlfriend cheating on him or if he was just lying about the girlfriend. She decided not to stick around long enough to find out and danced away.
“You don’t feel that way about Y/N that way, huh?” Sam mocked Bucky.
“I just wanted her to go away without feeling too bad about being rejected,” Bucky explained.
“You could’ve pointed to any other girl or say your girlfriend was in the bathroom.”
“It’s easier this way, they can see her and eventually, Y/N is going to come back and the girl will see I actually know her,” Bucky sipped his drink once more and went back to staring at you. It wasn’t long before another girl had come up to Bucky. He again declined the offer for a drink and told her you were his girlfriend. This happened about four other times. Two out of the next four times, Sam personally pointed you out as Bucky’s girlfriend. After a while, you and Torres came back to where Sam and Bucky were. Torres needed a bathroom break, and you needed some time to cool off. You immediately grabbed Bucky’s drink and downed it.
“That’s mi—okay… just drink it all,” Bucky mumbled. You had worked up quite the sweat just dancing. Bucky stared at the sweat beads slowly moving down your neck to your chest. He rubbed his palm against his thigh nervously. It didn’t help that you threw your head back to drink his whiskey. Bucky licked his lips as your throat moved while you swallowed the drink. Sam elbowed him to get him back to reality.          
“I saw all those girls come up to you,” you commented to Bucky while slamming his glass on the table.
“Yeah and?” Bucky raised an eyebrow. So, you were watching him too.
“Why didn’t you dance with them?”
“It’s because Bucky has a girlfriend already,” Sam cut in while standing close to you. Bucky threw a death glare at him.
“Really? Since when?” you said trying to not sound disappointed. Not that you really cared, but you had been roommates with the guy and never saw him leave to go on dates.
“Don’t listen to him,” Bucky elbowed Sam farther from you, “I just wasn’t interested. Plus, I don’t know how to dance to this music,”
The only dance moves he knew about were choreographed with a specific partner.
“You can just say you’re a bad dancer,” you said while fanning your face, “I told you your outfit wasn’t appropriate.”
“Lay off the outfit and I’m not a bad dancer! I just can’t dance for this century yet!” Bucky defended.
“Oh come on, it’s real easy,” you grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the dance floor. As Bucky got closer to the dance floor, he began feeling the full force of the bass from the music. You were already dancing at this point while placing him in a spot. You had raised your arms in the air and stared moving to the beat. Bucky stood and watched you awkwardly. He was mesmerized by the way your face looked under the different colors of lights that flashed. You ran your hands through your hair before flipping it side to side. You looked up at Bucky and gave him a smirk before licking your lips. Bucky bit his lip and gulped. This felt like the beginning of trouble. He then looked around and hoped that no one was watching him just staring at you awkwardly.
“Just move to the beat, James,” you shouted at him. Bucky closed his eyes and tried to just feel the beat of the music. He began nodding his head to the beat and before he knew it, he the rest of his body followed but his arms unfortunately did not. He began stepping side to side while doing mini body rolls.
“There you go!” you cheered then turned your back to him. Instinctively, Bucky had placed his hands on your hips and began moving to your rhythm. Something had overcome Bucky that emboldened him. It wasn’t long before you two were grinding up against each other. Soon the song Levitating by Dua Lipa played. You turned to face Bucky.
If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy And I can take you for a ride…
You winked at him and sustained intense eye contact as you both danced to the music. Bucky didn’t smile but his eyes were fixed on you. He wasn’t mad but he had a hungry look in his face, you thought.
If you're feeling like you need a little bit of company, You met me at the perfect time
“You want me, I want you baby,” you sang along and wrapped your arms around him his neck. You pulled him close and pressed your pelvis against him while mouthing, “My sugar-boo, I’m levitating…”
Bucky felt a sensation in his pants that he hadn’t experienced in a while. He was intoxicated with the way you pressed your body against him. Despite the place being in an open space, Bucky felt like he couldn’t catch his breath as he danced with you. It made his whole body buzz. Was he missing out on this in his reality? Bucky started to regret not giving you guys a chance. As the music blasted, Bucky couldn’t tell if it was the beat of the music or the beat of his heart that was pounding hard against his chest. He slid his hands from your back all the way to your waist. You pulled away slightly and turned round so that your back was against him once more.
I got you, moonlight, you're my starlight I need you all night, come on, dance with me I'm levitating
As you raised your hands to the air, you felt Bucky come closer. He placed his vibranium hand on your left hip. His flesh hand traveled from the top of your stomach down to your upper thigh. In reaction, you pressed your head up against his chest. Bucky pulled you closer and ground himself against you more. He had never felt so restless before. He wanted nothing other than to get even closer to you. Meanwhile, you initially felt warm and was sweating form all the dancing, but the intensity that you felt between you and Bucky brought on a different kind of heat. You turned your head slightly and reached your right hand behind you. As you made contact with Bucky’s head, you ran your fingers through his hair. You placed your other left hand on top of Bucky’s flesh hand and squeezed it. You heard Bucky let out a small growl right next to your ear. Damn, it was getting really hot in here.
I believe that you're for me, I feel it in our energy I see us written in the stars
You pulled away and turned to face Bucky. His hair was disheveled and covered in sweat. So, you weren’t the only feeling the heat, you thought. Bucky licked his lips and gave you a devilish smirk that took your breath away. This was a side of him you had never seen before. You didn’t know if the knot in your stomach was from excitement or fear. For the first time ever, you felt like a vulnerable lamb to the White Wolf. At the exact same moment, as Bucky stared into your eyes, he had a realization. He wasn’t obsessed with just your guys’ family. It was you. Yes, he wanted Stevie and Bucky Jr., but it wasn’t just them. He would only be satisfied if he had them with you. As you bit your lips and smiled at Bucky, he knew he was fucked.
You want me, I want you, baby
Before you knew it, Bucky had grabbed your wrist and was dragging you off the dance floor. As you guys passed Sam, you heard him call out,
“Is this you not being interested, Bucky?”
As you guys kept walking through the crowd, you guys ended up bumping into Torres. This had stopped Bucky’s momentum completely.
“Hey guys!” he greeted then turned to you, “Y/N, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Do you wanna get out of here and grab a bite to eat somewhere else?”
You and Bucky made eye contact and he let go of your arm. He wanted to let you decide on whether you wanted to go with Torres or him. Bucky turned away from you while waiting for you to answer. If you chose Torres, he didn’t want to see the look on your face. However, you took Bucky turning away as a signal that he was giving up on you.
“Oh…” you looked down on the ground, disappointed in Bucky, “Dinner soun—”
“Not tonight, Torres,” Bucky interrupted you and gestured Torres to leave with a nod. Before Torres could respond, Bucky had already grabbed your hand pulled you away. You smiled and giddily waved good-bye to Torres as Bucky aggressively pulled you away.
In a small hallway near the bathrooms, Bucky had pushed you against the wall. One of his hands stayed on your waist while the other was placed flat against the wall just next to your head. He looked into your eyes.
“I thought you changed your mind,” you whispered breathlessly.
“I thought you were gonna tell him you weren’t interested, but when you didn’t…” he explained while looking down on the ground. He then looked up and gave you a shy smile, “I guess I couldn’t take no for an answer,”
“Are you just going to stand there like an idiot or are you going to do something?” you then asked.
At this, Bucky gave you a cocky smile. He dipped his head down to kiss you. At the same time, you cupped his neck and lifted yourself to meet his mouth. As you both kissed you let out a light moan. Bucky pressed you up against the wall and your hands wrapped around his waist. As your mouths moved together, you felt Bucky’s hand snake down to the edge of your dress. You felt his cold metal hand on your thighs. He squeezed it lightly which made you moan more. Was this the famous playboy side of Bucky Barnes coming out? You pulled away slightly and pressed your forehead against his,
“Let’s go back to the apartment?”
“Hell yes,” Bucky grabbed you and pulled you towards the exit.
You and Bucky tried to stay civil in the Uber on the way back to your apartment. Your gaze never left his face. Meanwhile, Bucky didn’t dare look at you. If he did, he felt as though he would lose control and want to rip your clothes off immediately. His hand, however, had gripped your thigh; his ring finger and pinky rubbed the inside of your thighs firmly. Bucky glared at the Uber driver, silently demanding they go faster. You had never seen Bucky so focused before. You wondered if he was going crazy on the inside like you were. Bucky tried to distract himself from the discomfort he was feeling due to the boner that had resided in his pants. God, when was the last time he had a boner like this? Bucky slowed down his breathing to stay calm and not encourage any more blood rush to his erection. Unbeknownst to Bucky, you already knew about the boner. In all honestly, you had felt it all the way back at the rooftop bar and saw it the minute you guys entered the Uber. You bit your lip in anticipation of what would happen the minute you both stepped inside your apartment.
As the Uber drove through the streets, Bucky suddenly saw a red flash of light emerge from the front. This light wasn’t just from a traffic stoplight. It was the shade of red that had been following him for the past two realities. It was the familiar red rip and it appeared right in front of the Uber.
“No…” Bucky mumbled and sat up.
“James?” you put your hand on his as you saw the panic in his face.
“No…no…” Bucky muttered and the driver drover closer and closer to the scarlet rip, “No, not now… I don’t want to leave,”
“Bucky you’re scaring me,” you whispered. Bucky tried to look around to see if there was another route the driver could take,
“Make a left,” Bucky commanded.
“That’s not what the GPS says,” the driver commented.
“Bucky what are you doing?” you sat up yourself and put your hand on Bucky’s shoulder to try and calm him down. The scarlet rip came closer at a faster pace. Bucky unbuckled his seatbelt to try and jump out of the car, but it was too late. As he gripped the car door, everything was suddenly enveloped by the scarlet rip.
Part 2
Part 4
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andiboyo · a day ago
The Florist
Tumblr media
Rushed at the end, sorry about that, hope you like this!
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Florist!Reader
Words: 899
Summary: Being a florist was your life and you loved every second of it, what would happen if something happened to your life? Your home?
Warnings: Canon violence, mentions of broken bones, and Bucky being the gentleman he is
Being a florist was not easy, many people wanted flowers, and there were only so many to sell, but one customer you did know was James. He always bought Gloxinia’s (Purple flowers with white outlines) He loved them, so he told you. Once and a while he’d ask for only one of them, sometimes 10. Never made any sense to you why he always bought the same flowers. That was until the end of the week.
“Three of those purple flowers.” He smiles.
“Three? Seems to be specific this time J, what’s the occasion?” You ask.
“Don’t know why three, just feel like I should get three today.” Shrugging. 
Handing them to him, he opens his mouth to speak, but closes.
“What’s wrong?” 
“What time do you get off today?” He asks.
“2, Why? What’s up?” 
“I want to show you something after, okay?” He smiles, almost relieved.
“Okay, I’ll be here waiting, no rush though!” You reply giggling.
The day goes by, and it’s around 1, only one hour to go. Then a giant explosion is heard from in front of your shop, the building across had blown up. People gasp and scream at the sight, some run out coughing and holding onto possessions. Then another explosion arrives, one from right next to it. Something inside you ticks, there's a bomb inside your shop.
“Everyone out! There’s a bomb in here!” You yell.
Everyone runs out, and you go to the back of the shop grabbing onto your employees, telling them to leave. Right when you get to the register a tick is heard and you make a dash for the door. A high pitch eruption explodes from your ears as you are launched forward onto the street, hearing a loud crack from your arm as you break your fall. 
“(Y/N)! Are you okay?” Your co-worker asks.
Nodding slightly, you wheeze, at loss of breath, sitting up you look upon your shop, flowers dispersing in the air and waving goodbye. All the flowers you spent months on growing were no more, and gone into flames. 10 minutes pass and police and ambulances arrive, taking people out onto stretchers from within other buildings.
“Where’s (Y/N)? Are they alright?” You hear from behind the crowd of people, entering into view, James kneels down you your height. “(Y/N), what the hell happened?” He asks.
“Bombing, someone must have hid it without anyone noticing all along the buildings.” You whisper.
“Are you okay?” He tones his voice to your level.
“Other than my arm probably fractured, I’m alright.” 
Looking at your arm, he picks you up, setting his hands to carry you in a bridal style.
“We’re going to get that patched, alright?” 
You nod in response, taking one last look at your job, your home. It was a small building with two floors, one which was your literal home, and the other being your job. Grasping at Bucky’s shirt with your good arm, you sniffle. Making it to a local doctor, they inform you it was a broken bone, requiring a sling to be put on your arm, and a couple bandages on your face. 
"Glad it's not fractured." Bucky states.
"Me too, this is gonna be hard to handle." You sigh, the expenses that have to be put into rebuilding your job and home would take a lot.
"(Y/N), do you have a place to stay? I knew you lived there, but did anyone else offer you to stay?" He asks.
"No, no-one even offered, I don't wanna be a big deal James, so it's up to you, it's very nice of you to offer." You inquire. 
"You could never be a big deal (Y/N), and I still have something to show you right?" He smiles.
Smiling at him, he pats your shoulder, and you stand. You two walk to his apartment building where he jokes about how his cat alpine might nip at you. 
"You have a cat? That's adorable." You blurt, quickly wanting to faceplate.
"Thanks, she's the cutest cat out there I believe, but very needy." He rolls his eyes. 
Opening the door for you, you step inside, looking around seeing a pillow and blanket on the ground. He hangs his keys up and points over to a room on the left.
"That's a spare room, I usually hang in the living room, still yet to get used to beds." He states. 
Settling down on the couch, you sigh in relief that you have a place to stay, Bucky wanders off to the kitchen and you pay no mind, resting your eyes.
"Hey doll, wanna open your eyes?" 
Opening you eyes, you are greeted with a bouquet of flowers, the purple ones that he'd buy.
"Was going to ask you for coffee later, but what about a movie night? We can watch The Hobbit and Lord of the rings?" He giggled.
Hugging him with one arm, you chuckle back. 
"Of course I would want a movie night with you James."
Sighing in relief, he puts the flowers onto the table in a vase, and turns on the TV, struggling to find Netflix and searching up Lord of the Rings. That night you would remember as your beginning. You did in fact find a way to rebuild your shop, but your home was now with Bucky, in your heart and his.
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julesjohansson · a day ago
Tumblr media
Old Habits Die Hard, Part 1 - Bucky x Reader x Zemo
A/N: Inspired by an ask by @nyx-aira​ as well as an anon! I decided to make it a series.
When Bucky comes to see you, it’s an ordinary Monday.
You twist your keys in your front door, let yourself in. Tuck the groceries into the fridge. Collapse on your couch.
But something...
Well, something feels wrong.
Terribly, terribly wrong.
“Hello, Sergeant Barnes,” you state, attempting to keep your voice level.
You knew he wouldn’t really hurt you - still, you’d spent far too many years in Hydra not to have your heart skip a beat when you find the Winter Soldier at your dining room table.
“...You know that’s not my name.”
You let yourself smile.
“Hey, Bucky.”
He sits down beside you - and for the first time in awhile, Bucky lets himself smile, too.
“It’s been a long time,” he says. “...What? Almost six years?”
“Seven. I counted.”
“Right. I would’ve reached out sooner, but... you made yourself pretty hard to find.”
“Well, Hydra was looking for me. After they found out I was a spy, well... I didn’t mind taking a few precautions.”
He shook his head.
“I’m gonna have to hear the whole version of that story sometime. All I ever got was... the communication I found. The one that tipped them off.”
This silences you, for a moment, and you remember the exact circumstances in which you saw Bucky for the last time.
Bucky had been your trainer, your mentor, your only friend. You had been a gift from the Red Room to Hydra, and they had used you as a spy. Years later, you’d double crossed them - and become a spy for Shield.
Of course, that all came crashing down the moment Bucky - no, not Bucky, the Winter Soldier - intercepted one of your messages to Shield.
The moment you’d had to go into hiding.
“You could have killed me,” you say, softly. “...Why didn’t you?”
He shrugged.
“You could have killed me when Tony told you to. Why didn’t you?”
You hesitate in answering, and you know you’re holding back. You get the sense that Bucky is, too.
“Didn’t want to come out of hiding,” you answer brusquely. “Kinda wanted to keep my title as... the most underutilized Avenger.”
“As much as I wish you could keep that title, I need you.”
“Sure you do, Barnes. What’s the job?”
Bucky chuckles, tossing you a file.
“An extraction. Nothing you’re not used to. One rule - no killing.”
You shrug in response.
“I mean it, Y/N.”
Half of you wants to respond ‘make me.’
...The other half of you wants to remain professional.
“Okay, okay. No killing,” you hum, scanning the file. “...Who’s the target?”
“The one who killed T’Chaka? Jesus, Barnes! You think I want Wakandans knocking at my door? I might be the Red Widow, but any member of the Dora Milaje could put me on my ass, easily.”
"If this works out, the Dora’ll never even know, Y/N.”
“Of course they’ll know. They’re the Dora Milaje.”
“Fine, then. Stay here, in your cave. I’ll let you know when the danger’s over.”
Your mouth dropped open, and you whirled around to face him.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me, krasnaya vdova.”
Your fists clench, and you charge at him. Never mind that the two of you aren’t Hydra anymore, never mind that you’re not sparring partners-
Old habits die hard.
And he takes you down easily, of course, as he always did and probably always will. Even without the metal arm, Bucky had always been the better fighter.
You had different talents. Your weapons were your words.
You groan, feeling his weight pressed against you as he slams your chest into the kitchen floor.
“Will you play nice now, kukla?”
“Nyet!” you manage to shout, throwing him off you and tackling him to the ground.
Bucky wheezes, and for a moment - just one - you think you’ve really got him. That he’s dying, underneath you.
Of course, you were very, very wrong.
He stabs you in the thigh with the smallest of knives, and you double over, whimpering. You look up to find Bucky, offering you his hand.
“You could join us, you know. Or, if you’d rather... you could lose a few more rounds.”
You swallowed, pressing your finger to the wound.
“...When do we start?”
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imaginestuffs · a day ago
Her Cowardice Pt. 2 - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 2,793
Warnings: mentions of small injury, language, angst, fluff, tfatws spoilers slightly. I think that's everything.
Summary: Sam and Bucky try to speak with the reader, but she's scared.
This is part 2 of Her Cowardice! here is part one! hopefully, you all will like part 2!! love you guys! SLIGHT TFATWS SPOLIERS! DON'T READ UNLESS YOU'VE SEEN EPISODE 3!
Tumblr media
(not my gif!)
You had no idea how long you were on the floor. By then you had gotten used to the stinging pain of the alcohol painting your wounds. Tears now drizzled down your cheeks, no longer a shower. Your lashes were still heavy with the droplets of remaining tears but that was ok. They would dry again.
You carefully tried to lift yourself from the glass veiled floor. Only to get more glass stuck in your hands. You cringed and saw a few tears dripping onto the floor mixing with the small amount of blood.
You finally stood on unsteady feet and assessed the mess you had created and sighed.
"Of course I'd do this... the day I decide to try, my house ends up covered in shards of glass and my blood. What happened?" You question yourself.
-outside 20 minutes earlier-
"This is stupid Sam," Bucky spoke blatantly to his friend.
"We need her man, we've always been a trio. We can't just be a couple of dudes. All groups of people need a bad ass friend. Now hurry it up."
"We're enough as we are. We are leaving Sam." Bucky glared at Sam intensely.
"You've done enough avoiding and running, it's time to grow up," Sam spoke in confidence.
Bucky clenched his jaw and stormed towards Sam. "You don't get to say that to me. She's the one who ran from me. We needed her and she ran."
Bucky's growl turned into a soft whisper.
"She ran..." he breathed out.
Sam stood his ground although holding back tears. He remembered the day you left, he remembered the tears pouring from your eyes and the way you held them both.
"Boys, I'm leaving... you breathed out. There you stood in front of them with some bags behind you.
Their eyes went wide, and their hearts dropped.
"What do you mean? Where are you going doll?" Bucky stood up quickly to stand before you. Tears rushed to your eyes and your lip trembled.
"I can't be here anymore. It's too hard, I just -I can't- I feel like I'm drowning..." you trailed off. Sam rose from his seat and walked over to stand next to Bucky.
"(Y/n), you can't go. Doll, you can't please." Bucky pleaded, reaching to grab your shaking hands. "We need you here, it'll be ok I promise," Sam said and placed a hand on your shoulder.
You let go of Bucky's hands and wrapped them around his waist. You held each other as close as possible.
"I love you, James Buchanan Barnes. Until the day I die." You cried to him. Lifting your head you bring your hands up to hold his face. He meets into your touch. You bring his face to yourself and place a kiss on his lips. You hold onto him for as long as possible. Trying to show your love. He does the same, trying not to let go of you.
You pulled away and tears rested on his cheeks as well. "I'm sorry James but I have to go." You placed a kiss on his cheek and finally turned to Sam.
"Sam, I'm so sorry. I just can't do it. I'm so sorry... please. Please take care of him." You tried to cover your mouth but you let out a sob. He pulled you into a tight hug, you held on tighter. I love you too Sam ok. Don't forget that." You took steps back.
Once again you ran to Bucky holding him tighter than before, kissing his tears away. "I love you, James, I always will. You're my forever."
"You're my best girl... I love you, please don't go." You shook your head sadly.
"I love you Bucky. I love you both. Take care of each other."
You walked out the door and Bucky watched from the doorway ready to run after you.
That was the last time they saw you.
Now here they are, outside your small little house away from any city.
Bucky was scared to see you. He didn't want to be there at all. He didn't understand why they needed you, but here they are.
Before Bucky could speak he heard someone start to speak from within the small house. With his enhanced hearing he could hear your voice.
He turned to look at the door and began to slowly walk towards Sam on his tail. Confusion etched onto his skin, wondering what Bucky was doing.
"Man, what are you doing?" Sam whisper shouted. Bucky shot him a glare and put a finger to his lips. Sam then heard you speak as well.
"After everything, I ran. After Nat, after Tony." You took a shaky breath "After Steve... my body shut down. It felt like my soul became so heavy it pulled me so far under the water. Far enough for me to give up and let the pressure of the water shatter my remaining fragility."
His heart hammered in his chest at her words. Sam's eyes were narrowed as he tried to concentrate on what you were saying. Both of their hearts ached at the memory from your perspective.
Then all of a sudden they hear what could only be a chair screech across the floor, and a shattering sound. They both jumped and Bucky had to hold himself back. Sam was about to say something when they heard another smash and shouting.
"He was there! Why weren't you there for him! You fucking coward!" They heard you yell and let out a cry.
They both sat there dumbfounded at your outburst. They had no idea the guilt you felt. It hurt them to hear you like this. You were so broken.
After a few moments, the sobs stopped and they heard shuffling.
They waited a few moments before knocking on the door. Bucky's hands shook and Dam shifted his weight from one foot to another.
They hear a floorboard squeak under your weight and prepare themselves. You pulled the door open only slightly. The people you saw made your eyes go wide and a gasp fall from your chapped lips. Your cheeks were rosy from wiping tears.
Sam gave you a friendly smile and you slammed the door shut. You had no words.
So they spoke up.
"(Y/n), please open up.. we need to see you. We need to make sure you're ok. We heard smashing and yelling. Please let us in." Sam called out to you.
You squeezed your eyes shut, trying with everything in you to lock the door and walk away instead of rushing out to see them. You were horrified by them, you were so scared of seeing them.
You once again said nothing and tried to quietly move away from the door and into your bathroom. Still keeping in mind the glass sticking from your skin. You were halfway across the room when you heard the voice that made you shake and cause new tears to collect.
"(Y/n), come on. Open up, please. Please..." you could hear the sadness in his voice. It broke your heart to hear his voice after so long.
Tears slipped down your cheeks once again. Before you could realize what was going on, words passed your lips.
"I can't." Your voice was hoarse from crying and yelling. From outside they heard your strained voice, and the fear it held. Sam cringed and Bucky looked away trying to blink away tears. He never thought he would hear your voice again. He was hurt but he didn't realize the guilt you felt.
Sam didn't know how much you felt.
"Are you hurt?" Sam called out again.
You had to decide whether or not you wanted to give in or hideaway. You had taken care of worse wounds but after so long of being alone you felt the need to see those familiar faces.
"You don't have to be scared doll. It's us... please..." Bucky spoke up.
The use of his name for you made your heart stop for a moment.
"I don't deserve to see you... I hurt you and I don't deserve for you to care about me." You cried out to them.
They look at each other with sadness.
You began to breathe heavily as quiet sobs once again invaded the space around you.
Before you knew it you were on the ground again. You didn't even acknowledge the pain you felt from the glass.
Bucky couldn't take anymore and he opened your front door and looked around. Sam followed and they saw all the glass shattered on the floor. Whiskey from the bottle and water from the vase. Blood mixed in with the whiskey and flowers strewn from the vase. Further, into the house they saw you crumpled on the floor. Glass littered your skin and blood dripped from your arm and leg. They hear your sobbing and cautiously approach you.
Sam stays back a bit as Bucky comes to kneel in front of your shaking figure.
"Doll." You heard Bucky's voice right in front of you. Your head snapped up with wide, teary eyes.
"What are you doing here, you shouldn't be in here Bucky you need to go." You tried to scramble backward. He reached out for you, gently grasping your un-injured wrist. At the feeling, you cringed and just looked up at him with a pleading stare.
"I don't deserve you James please..." you pleaded with him. "Let me take care of you (y/n)." He stated firmly but with those kind eyes, you always loved. You began to let some tension go. You looked up at Sam behind him with a nervous gaze. He smiled gently at you.
"Hey (y/n)." He said carefully. You nodded sadly at him. "Hi Sam..." you said softly.
Bucky lifted his hand and gripped your chin with his fingers and turned your face towards him. The cool metal was soothing to your hot skin. You sighed at his touch.
"I'm so sorry James, I'm so sorry..." you said.
"Everything's OK (y/n), let's get you cleaned up ok." He told you soothingly. You nodded and moved to stand up. Bucky quickly gripped you tightly and helped you up. Picking you up he tried to be mindful of the shards of glass in your soft skin.
You tried to hold back a whimper as you held onto him.
"Where’s your bathroom?" Bucky asked. "It's down the hall first door on the right." You answered.
"Sam, would you mind cleaning this up for her?" Bucky asked kindly. "No, Sam. No, you don't have to. I can do it afterward." You protested.
Sam gave Bucky a nod "of course." He said. Before you could say anything Bucky was walking down the hallway.
He stepped into the bathroom and you turned the light on.
"Will you be ok to sit on the counter?" He asked gently. You nodded at him.
He set you down on the cold marble countertop and it made you shiver. He then began his search and quickly found the first-aid kit.
He closed the door and looked at you. "This is going to sting a bit ok." He said and began to gently pull the glass from your skin. "You really don't have to do this." You said and reached to grab his hand.
"I want to. You always patched me up, now let me help you." He reassured you.
The silence wasn't overbearing and thick. It was soft and comfortable. Just like it used to be.
"Bucky I'm-" you didn't get to finish.
"(Y/n), no more of this. I've missed you." Bucky said while cleaning your small wounds. His hands worked quickly but gently as he took out each piece of glass.
You looked at him with surprise.
"You've missed me? How could you after what I've done?" You asked quietly with your gaze on the ground, wincing every now and again.
He finishes up and puts everything away before turning to look at you.
"Because you're still my best girl." He told you with sincerity. Your heart melted.
"I'm so sorry I left you... I left you when we needed each other the most. I love you, I'm so sorry." Your voice trembled as you reached out to take his hands. You missed the feeling of his hands in yours. You miss the feeling of the cool metal and warm flesh intertwining with yours. He stepped between your legs and looked down at you.
"I love you too... we'll work everything out I promise. Just please don't leave me again." He pleaded gently. You looked into his beautiful stormy eyes and saw tears threatening to fall.
"I promise you. I promise I won't ever leave again." You whispered as you let go of his hands to move them up his chest and around his neck. You had only then realized he had cut his hair. Those long soft locks were gone. You smiled at how nice he looked. He looked like he was starting to heal, and it was beautiful. He was beautiful.
You tug him closer and pull his head down so you can close the gap between you. Your lips were so close but you gave him time to pull away if he didn't want it.
He just reached forward and pressed his lips to yours.
It felt like home, his lips moving along with yours. So much love was put into it, his hands cupped your cheeks as yours gently clawed at the nape of his neck.
He pulled away and when he opened his eyes he saw that yours were still closed and a look of pure content rested on your features.
"Open those eyes doll, I wanna see them." He whispered and kissed your nose. Your eyes fluttered open, and he could see the sparkle in them. He saw how brilliantly they shined.
"There she is... my beautiful girl." He mumbled before pressing his lips to yours one last time.
Tears shined in your eyes. You could feel the love between you two and it made you feel as though everything was mending.
"You forgive me, James?" You asked quietly. "I forgive you (y/n). I love you."
When you walked back down the hall you saw the place cleaned up, and Sam sitting on your couch with his phone in hand.
"Hey, Sam." You spoke up. He quickly looked back at you. "(Y/n)." He got up and pulled you into a hug. You winced but hugged back nonetheless missing your best friend.
"I missed you so much. I'm sorry for everything." You spoke into his shoulder.
"It's ok now, we're okay." He reassured you.
Bucky came up behind you after you pulled away from Sam. He wrapped his arms around your waist gently. Sam smiled.
"Now, (y/n), we need you," Sam spoke up. You looked at him in curiosity, ready to listen.
He told you all about this new group of Super Soldiers called the Flag Smashers. They told you all about John Walker, the new Captain America. He mentioned that and you cringed at the thought. It made your grip onto Bucky's arm tightly in anger. He just held you closer. They told you all about their plan and revealed to you that they had an idea. They needed to go talk to 'him'. Zemo.
You were downright pissed about it, but you wanted to help the boys in any way you could. After everything, you owed them the world and this is just a start at making it up to them.
"Alright boys, let's go talk to Zemo." You sighed before going to grab your things.
You stood in your room gathering a bag of your things. Bucky helped you and every once in a while he would pass by and kiss your head.
He was just about to pass you to put something away when you grabbed his metal hand and pulled him closer. He smiled down at you. Lifting his hand you pressed a kiss to it and gently rested it against your waist. You looked at him with a smile and he knew exactly what you wanted. He moved his hand from your waist to the hem of your shirt gently letting his cool fingers travel up and around your waist pulling you into his chest.
You loved to feel the cool metal against your warm skin. He came to find out it was a comfort to you. He did it whenever you were alone. It was just the way he held you. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your lips letting his thumb rub circles onto the skin over your ribcage.
At that moment things were delicate, they were mending. You were both mending.
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band--psycho · 2 days ago
Bucky Barnes
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(Credit to the gif owner)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Reader-Unsaid Feelings
Bucky Barnes x Reader-Their First Christmas (MerryHoemas writing Challenge)
Bucky Barnes x Reader-A Stupid Plan
Bucky Barnes x Reader (Royal AU)-The Lost King (Bingo Entry)
Bucky Barnes x Reader-Karaoke Night
Bucky Barnes x Reader-The Memories
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andiboyo · 2 days ago
Sorry for not posting the hurt/comfort for bucky yet, been tired from work, but to make it up, how about some Jefferson from OUAT x reader fics for the time lost? (Posting hurt comfort may 10th)
Tumblr media
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whenweloveagain · 2 days ago
You're Not My Bucky (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
"No no no . . ."
You were running. He's there. You know he's there! You know he's there! He just can't leave you alone, he's always spreading, like a cancer, consuming you and your life and everything you ever cared about . .
Bursting through the upper floor of the Russian Embassy . . . The man he has pinned hits the ground. Every time you show up, you have his full attention. And you wouldn't have it any other way.
"What's wrong Soldier?" You growl. "You look live you've seen a ghost."
You dodge the first knife. Your arms rise as his full weight descends upon you. Drop as he aims for your ribs. He's fast. And strong. And every time you're about to hit, he's blocking and every time you're about to hit, he's dodging. It's like knowing all the steps to a dance you've done a thousand times before. Because he's an insult.
"Give up!" Your shout snaps his concentration for one second long enough. Elbow up like a battering ram. It strikes his jaw with a crack. The twisting kick follows. BANG! As fast as he's down he's up like a yo-yo.
"You aren't the goal," he warns you. Look at how you can take all that gentleness, all that handsome charm that Bucky had, and twist it into something so warped. Something that spits in the face of everything he stood for.
"No," you say. "But I've got your attention on me now. And you better not take it off."
His laugh hits you like shards of glass. "I know you."
"And I knew you. But you're not my Bucky, you're just the thing that killed him."
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