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#bucky barnes fanfiction
finnicks · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
you came back as the underdog
mcu (wandavision/tfatws) | wanda/bucky | part three 8.6k, mature. After the events of Westview, Wanda’s content to isolate herself away from the rest of the world in Sokovia. Unfortunately for her, Bucky has other plans.
"I forget I have a fucking metal arm that can do almost anything," he says with a laugh. Bucky feels warmer than the sun now. "You know, I was trying to pull up that panel on your back porch the other day with my right hand."
Wanda laughs, shifting on the bench. She keeps her knees tucked under her to elevate her and give her some height. She doesn’t want to miss the way he smiles or his blue eyes brightening.
"You’re not used to using your left hand for anything like that," she says kindly. Bucky makes it a point not to look at her, clearly embarrassed and a little uncomfortable. She thinks they’re similar; she had been too afraid to use her powers for anything good while he had feared his left arm was a weapon of destruction.
"Did you use your left hand in the end?" Bucky keeps his head bowed, smiling widely. She shakes her head incredulously. "Bucky…"
"I told you," he says, reaching over to tap the top of the fake umbrella in his drink. "Fucking hopeless."
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sunnyledomas · 25 minutes ago
I have a draft of a bucky Barnes Fanfic. Still not done with it because I'm going to change some details and mistakes I've done. Should I publish it when I'm done fixing it ?
Tumblr media
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theinfinitybucky · 46 minutes ago
Undercovers (Bucky Barnes x Reader) - Part Five
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Reader and Bucky are on an undercover mission as husband and wife, but she hates him and by accident begins a game of “Who Can Fake Better”.
Warnings: very brief nudity, cannon typical violence
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Tumblr media
You woke up the next morning hating yourself for every bit of what you had let Bucky do the night before. The regret panging through your chest was nearly unbearable. You sighed and pulled the white shirt off the floor to slip on over your bare chest. With feet hitting the cold marble floor of the hotel room, you walked to the bathroom.
Bucky was still passed out in the bed, taking in deep breaths as he slept. The man looked remarkedly peaceful for what you had done the night before. Right now, he was winning the game. What he had willfully manipulated you into doing was unspeakable. Even worse, what would the team say when they found out about what happened during this mission.
This was all Steve’s fault. He had forced you into this “situation” and not stopped it when another twist came. It had to be this with the target or his men watching the hotel room. That didn’t make this any easier. It was difficult to admit that you might actually enjoy Bucky’s presence. His rare smile. The way he kissed you like nothing else was left in the world but your lips.
Would it really be that bad if you liked him?
You brushed off the tough thought and began to brush your teeth. You met your own gaze in the mirror and shuddered with self-hatred. He hadn’t forced you into it. By the time the two of you were back in the hotel room, it felt right. The lingering regret was all about how you could go back to hating him.
“You okay, Sarah?” Bucky stood in the doorway, fully clothed unlike the last night.
You looked back at him and nodded. A wordless response. He could tell by the regret in your eyes and determined that it would be best to not push the boundaries that were being set. After getting ready for the morning in silence, both of you were discreetly slipping your gun into the blazer pocket when another text rang from Steve. A reminder to not forget about the meeting where you would be seeing the target today.
You would be going into separate meetings for the first two sessions then rejoining each other for lunch at the same table as the previous night. This was an unexpected moment to breathe after last night. The plan originally had you together in the sessions, yet this made more sense after the change in your job description.
Tumblr media
           After the two slow sessions, you met for lunch. Taking a seat at the table where you had sat last night, Marcus was already sitting when you arrived. It took to seconds to recognize who was with him, Eric Miller. This was concerning at best. A total nightmare at worst. Bucky, where are you?
           Almost as if you had called him, he appeared behind you. You hated how he could appear out of nowhere without a sound being made. You glanced up to him from the chair you were seated in. You glanced to Eric Miller which received a tiny nod from Bucky. This was where things began to get dirty. Would you risk taking Eric and Marcus down in a room full of people or wait until the meeting time later. Or had they already exchanged the codes and doom was only impending.
           The lunch dragged on forever with white lies being told back and forth between you and Marcus. No intel was gained after the hour-long lunch. It was almost as if they were playing with you and Bucky. An uneasiness continued to settle into your chest. Something was off here. It was only an hour before the codes were “supposedly” being exchanged in the hotel parking lot.
           When 1:00 pm came, Marcus and Eric both excused themselves as if they were on a timer. You waited for them to be out of earshot. They both exited through the tall conference room doors.  Things were about to get messy.
           “I think I left something in the car, Chris.” You took Bucky’s hand and murmured. His eyes locked with your own. He inferred exactly what you were saying. Truly, you had been dropped off and there was no car in the parking lot. This was only a ploy to get you out of the next session and into the parking lot where the codes were being exchanged.
           “I’ll come with you.”
           You both got up out of your respective chairs and headed towards the parking lot. You were too far behind Marcus and Eric. You broke into a running pace with Bucky right on your heels. This could be too late already. You drew your gun and headed out the door. The hotel security guards were right behind you. Great… only making this more difficult.
           Bucky ignored the presences as they called to the both of you.
           Marcus and Eric stood by a black SUV. Marcus was taking a suitcase from Eric when you approached them. Marcus took the suitcase and Eric drew a gun quickly. Your blood ran cold. He didn’t even waste a second and fired a shot at you. Bucky jumped in front of you and blocked the bullet with his vibranium arm. It ricocheted off and hit the SUV with a metallic ping.
           You didn’t take a chance and shot Eric in the knee without a second thought. Marcus dropped the suitcase and raised a gun in one swift movement. Bucky fired towards Marcus, but missed by about two inches when he dodged it. You ducked behind a random white sedan as another shot came towards you. The security guards began encroaching in with their own guns drawn. Breathing heavily, Bucky yelled to the security guards to back off and listed off credentials.
           As he was distracted, you noticed Eric moving. His gun was too close to him from when he had fallen. You stepped toward him to disarm the man. You weren’t fast enough to get there before he would shoot you. The next moment shocked you. He didn’t aim for you. He aimed for Bucky who was not ready for a bullet. As if in slow motion, the gun fired. You screamed and jumped to take it. You were expecting it. He wasn’t. You could make it miss vital organs. You moved in front of Bucky and it hit your shoulder. The bullet lodged underneath your clavicle. You yelled in pain and fell to the ground. Everything went red for a few seconds… Then black. 
           “What the hell happened?” Sam asked as he entered the waiting room where Bucky with his head in his hands. His face was red as if he’d been crying. His clothes were tattered. Dust and ripped holes scattered the fabric from his altercation with Eric and Marcus after Y/N got shot. Y/N had been in surgery for thirty minutes where they were pulling the bullet out of Y/N’s chest.
           Sam tried to push his anger down with in him.
           “You were supposed to protect her!” Sam grunted.
           “The hotel security got involved.” Bucky tried to explain. “They-.”
           “She still has a bullet in her!”
           Bucky went still. He knew that this was all his fault. Y/N had jumped in front of a bullet to save him. He’d noticed it the moment the guards tried to disarm him. The bullet hit Y/N’s chest and he was left to take down four people. He went into semi-Winter Soldier mode when you were shot. It brought out a rage in him that he hadn’t felt in a long time. This was all supposed to be a game. It wasn’t a game anymore.
           Your eyes opened slowly. You looked to your left and saw Bucky asleep in a chair next to you. A sharp pain radiated through your shoulder where the bullet had ripped through your skin. An IV was hooked up to your left arm. You shifted in the bed. Bucky’s eyes fluttered open.
           “Y/N!” He gasped. “I’ll go get a doctor.”
           “No, I’m okay.”
           “You nearly died.”
           “One bullet isn’t nearly dying, Bucky. You of all people should know that.” You smirked. “Where are Steve and Sam? I know you’re not here alone.”
           A bit of what Bucky thought was distain gleamed through your tone.
           “They are downstairs getting some food.” He muttered.
           “Oh, oka-.” You were about to continue when Bucky interrupted you.
           “Why’d you do it, Y/N?” He paused for an infinite moment. “I’m awful to you.”
You thought about it for a moment. Did you save him because you might actually love him after the mission? You may have regretted the sex. Was it because you thought it was just for show? Or because you truly liked him and wanted it to be something more.
“I would never let anyone die. You might drive me insane, but I see that there is good in you."
Bucky took in the words for a second then leaned over the guard rail of the hospital bed. He caught your eyes and noticed you weren’t pulling away. He lips fell onto yours. The kiss was gentler than what you had shared in the hotel room and on the dance floor. His lips formed over your own and your tongues collided. He moved together as he carefully avoided your shoulder. Bucky laced his fingers in your hair.
You heard a gasp and pulled apart to see Steve and Sam standing in the doorway with cups of coffee.
Sam chuckled, “Told you it would work.”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading. This is the last part in this series and I enjoyed writing it sooooooo much <3 Please give a like, reply, follow or reblog for more content in the future. Also, you can request to be added to the tag list! I also am taking one shot requests go ahead and  send your idea in to see it brought to life!
Tag List: @steveharrigntons @thebadassbitchqueen @farfromjustordinary @mela-noche @sstanbarnes @justab-eautifulmess @spideyycents @furiouscopshepherduniversity @sottisesreine @wintersoldat1943 @fookinsuckmecockmate
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when-i-was-your-angel · an hour ago
A Favor
James “Bucky” Barnes x Reader
5,584 words
Y/N, the Avengers resident seamstress, tailors a suit for Bucky. She cashes in her favor.
NSFW: Virginity Loss, Virginity Loss as a favor, Minor Alcohol Use, Lingerie, Fingering, Oral female receiving, oral male receiving, facefucking, deepthroating, praise kink, missionary, Bucky’s metal arm, curvy reader, minor insecure reader, body worship, hickeys, angst, fluff, smut, hurt comfort ending.
Tumblr media
   Six months ago Bucky Barnes needed help. He couldn’t find a suit that fit right around his arm and having one tailored by a stranger was too uncomfortable. So, he approached Y/N. As the team’s resident seamstress, he had grown used to Y/N’s gentle hands and soft touches while she worked on various aspects of his tactical gear. This was different, though. This wasn’t work. This was a favor. Friends do favors. Bucky didn’t have friends. Especially not really pretty soft-spoken friends. But, Stark insisted he have a nice suit for some gala, so he asked.     
     Y/N had immediately accepted, saying it was no problem. It really wasn’t. Tailoring was her job after all. His suit ended up looking phenomenal and Bucky got quite a few compliments, making sure to tell everyone who designed his sleek black suit. Bucky offered to pay her but she refused. Bucky insisted on doing something to pay her back. They ended up agreeing that he owed her a favor.
       Over the time she was tailoring him, they grew close. Y/N and Bucky were unlikely friends, but they quickly became the best of them. Bucky would bring her lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when he had nightmares he’d call her and they’d talk for hours, he brought her coffee in the mornings, and she brought him freshly made gloves every time he tore his open. They were just perfect for each other. Best friends and nothing more.
    Now, six months past the gala, Y/N has decided to cash in her favor. She’s pacing her small apartment. Her faded blue jeans hugged her hips as she walked and her blouse was unbuttoned slightly more than what would be considered professional. It was seven in the evening, Y/N had just arrived home from work. She had made plans with Bucky a week ago and he would be arriving any minute. She was in the middle of pouring herself a glass of wine when a knock came at the door. Y/N rushed over to it, smoothed her hair down, and opened the door.
    Bucky looked amazing. Dressed in dark jeans and that black fucking tee shirt. He had on his leather jacket and glove, but she knew he would take those off once inside.
    “Come in.” Y/N moved aside to allow him access and he smiled, taking his jacket off and putting it on her coat rack. His hair had grown out slightly, no longer trimmed close to the scalp. The realization made Y/N squeeze her thighs together in anticipation.
    “You want anything to drink?” Y/N asked, retreating to her kitchen to fetch her abandoned glass of white wine.
    “Water would be nice.” Bucky sat on her couch, waiting for her to return. Y/N made him a glass of water just how he liked it. Cool water from the fridge with no ice. He always said the cold hurt his teeth, but she knew he hated the way the cold glass felt on his metal hand.
    Y/N returned to the couch, sitting on the opposite end and tucking her legs underneath herself. She offered him his glass of water which he took with a muttered thank you.
    “So, what’s this about?” Bucky asked, taking a sip of his water. His left arm was draped around the back of the couch, his right arm in his lap holding his water. He had his left leg half-crossed over his right. He looked good. Casual. Like he belonged in the space.
    “I wanted to cash in my favor.” Y/N couldn’t look at him. Her eyes were glued to her hands in her lap. “For tailoring your suit.”
    “What, six months of the pleasure of my company wasn’t enough?” Bucky gave her a smile to try and lighten the mood but when he saw the look on her face he quickly grew serious.
    “What’s up, doll? Talk to me.” Bucky leaned forward and set a hand on her knee. Y/N looked down at his hand, then at his stark blue eyes, and took a large gulp of her wine.
    “Ok. So uh… the thing is... “ Y/N mumbled and trailed off, nervous beyond all belief.
    “Do you need money? Is Stark not paying you enough?” After she shook her head, Bucky spoke again. “What is it then?”
    “I- I need you to have sex with me.” Y/N said, looking up to meet his eyes. Bucky’s face was completely neutral. Not neutral- frozen, Y/N realized.
    “I know it’s totally unfair to ask this of you but please, just listen.” Bucky gave her a barely perceptible nod.
    “When I was in high school, I did everything right. I didn’t date, I didn’t party, I studied. That’s it. Then college came around and I couldn’t let loose like I wanted to. Studying and working was just too ingrained in me. So, I’ve never…” She trailed off, hoping Bucky would understand.
     “Never what?” With anyone else, Y/N would’ve thought they were messing with her. But Bucky had said it himself, he couldn’t lie to her. His face was genuine.
     “Never had sex, Buck.” Y/N looked down at her hands, picking at her fingernails.
     “You mean you’re a-”
     “And you want me to-”
     “There’s no one I trust more than you.” Y/N met his eyes and saw the internal battle in them. He wanted to be there for her, but he didn’t trust himself. He eventually broke the thick silence to ask her a question.
     “But, you’re twenty-two. How have you never had sex?” Bucky brought a hand to rest on his jaw, looking like he was solving a puzzle.
     “I’ve gotten close. My ex-boyfriend he uh- he tried a few times. But it never felt right. It felt gross and I was so nervous I wanted to puke. After I wouldn’t put out, he dumped me.” Y/N tucked her knees under his chin, curling into herself.
     “Matt?” She nodded. “I knew he was a scumbag.” Bucky sat forward and took his head in his hands, running his hands through his hair.
     “Why does it have to be me, again?” Bucky asked, still staring at the floor.
     “Because I trust you more than anyone else. Because I know you won’t let things get weird between us.” Bucky looked up at her and smirked.
     “I hoped my charming nature might’ve played into it a bit.” He gave Y/N his signature shit-talking grin. She rolled her eyes and kicked him lightly. After a few seconds the air turned heavy between them.
     “You don’t have to. I won’t be mad or anything. I just-” She sighed. “I don’t want it to be some one night stand with a guy I’ve never met. I know it’s stupid but I-”
     “It’s not stupid. I understand.” Bucky turned to face her and took her hand in his.
     “You trust me?” He asked, his blue eyes piercing her hazel ones.
     “Yes.” She answered honestly.
     “Ok? Does that mean yes?” Bucky laughed softly at that.
     “Yeah, yeah. You’ve convinced me. Let me go freshen up, hm?” Y/N gave him a smile and a nod. “Be right back, doll.” Bucky stood up with a disbelieving shake of his head and walked to Y/N’s bathroom.
     Y/N took a deep breath and threw her hand to her face. She could feel the heat on her cheeks, searing her hand. She reached for her wine, forgotten on the coffee table, and downed the rest of the glass. God knows she needed liquid courage.
    Bucky returned and Y/N only stared at him as he approached. Her eyes wide in anticipation. Bucky stopped inches in front of her and offered his hand.
    “I ain’t taking you on the couch, doll.” Bucky said in his smooth voice. The words combined with the tone had her clenching her thighs, something that didn’t go unnoticed. He gave a small smirk as she took his hand and let him lead her to her bedroom. Once inside the room, he motioned for her to sit on the bed and she did so. He kneeled in front of her and took her hands in his.
    “You sure about this, sweetheart?” Bucky was incredibly kind in his words, making sure she was positive.
    “You’re only making me more sure, Buck.” Y/N smiled at him and couldn’t help her eyes glancing down at his lips. They were so close to hers. She looked back to his eyes and saw that they were on her lips.
    “Can I kiss you?” His voice was quiet and low as his breath fanned across her lips. She nodded and brought a hand to his jaw as he leaned in. The first kiss they shared was short. Barely three seconds. But when Bucky pulled away and saw her eyes half-closed and pupils blown wide, he went back for more. Their lips crashed together and all Y/N could think about was how soft he was. The pink lips on hers felt like pillows, the hands on her knees felt like clouds. His hands travelled her denim-clad thighs and reached her round hips. Bucky gave an experimental squeeze, eliciting a moan from Y/N. Bucky smiled into the kiss.
    Y/N ran her hands into his hair, tugging lightly on the strands. Bucky groaned and pulled away slightly, only to move his lips to her neck. He left small love bites, soothing the bruised flesh with his tongue. Y/N whimpered and gasped as he worked.
    “Sensitive there, doll?” Bucky whispered against her skin. She could only nod, lost in him. He chuckled and pulled away, tugging at her shirt in silent question. She leaned back and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing baby blue lingerie. A laced corset accentuated her full breasts. There were lacy straps descending into her jeans, leaving just enough to the imagination. Bucky’s eyes travelled her form greedily. His hands came to rest on her waist, thumbs caressing the thin fabric.
    “Christ, Y/N. You’re gonna kill me.” Bucky pushed his lips into hers again letting his hands roam her figure freely now.
    “You next.” Y/N said between kisses as she pulled on his shirt. Bucky separated from her to pull his black tee shirt off.
    “Don’t expect anything lacy, doll.” Bucky gave her a minute to catch a breath. Her eyes roamed his form. She brought her hands to his chest and let her fingernails scratch over his abs gently. Bucky gave a low groan in his throat and covered her hands with his.
    “Baby… Don’t start something you’re not going to finish.” Bucky met her eyes to gauge her reaction.
    “Who says I’m not going to finish? I fully plan on finishing.” Y/N gave him a smirk and scratched her hands on his chest again.
    “Fuck, you asked for it.” Bucky groaned and pounced on her. Her back hit the bed and he leaned over her, caging her between his arms. She arched her hips into his and felt his erection even through both of their jeans.
    “Too many layers. Need to- need to feel you.” Y/N spoke between kisses. Bucky nodded and started kissing her neck again, trailing his tongue down the exposed skin. He left open mouthed kisses on her stomach through the lace of her lingerie. He popped the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper down, slowly dragging the denim down her thighs. Once they were off her long legs, he saw the continuance of her lingerie.
   Baby blue garters were strapped to her thighs, connected to crotchless panties. Glistening folds peaked out from behind the lacy material. He let out a sigh at the sight. Bucky tripped trying to rid himself of his own jeans, making Y/N giggle. His eyes snapped back to hers, amusement dancing in the blue.
   “What’s so funny, babydoll?” He crawled over her again, his black boxers the only thing left restraining his aching cock. She looked up at him with a ditzy smile on her face.
   “You’re a super soldier and you’re a-” Her words were cut off by a moan as Bucky’s right hand swiped through her folds, gathering her wetness on his fingers.
   “What was that, doll? You were saying?” He smirked at her as his fingers toyed with her clit. She only whined and moved her hips, rutting against his hand. Bucky looked down at her heat then back to her face, lost in pleasure.
   “Shit, baby. You fucking my hand?” Y/N nodded as a red blush came to her cheeks. Bucky leaned in to kiss her neck some more, letting her get herself off on his hand. She whimpered something he couldn’t quite hear.
   “Hm?” He pulled away from her neck, a goofy smile on his face, feeling drunk on her skin.
   “Said more, Buck. Please.” Her eyes opened to meet his, pleading want showing in the hazel hue. Bucky smiled and nodded, kissing down her body once again. Seeing where he was going, Y/N spoke.
   “You don’t have to- oh. Oh.” Her hands flew to the sheets as Bucky’s tongue slipped through her folds. Bucky sat up and pulled her hands to his hair, encouraging her to pull on it. He returned to her cunt and lapped at her clit. Y/N shivered underneath his touch. All the things he was doing were new experiences for her and Bucky was making sure they were all amazing. His tongue moved down to her hole, prodding at the entrance gently. He hooked her thighs over his shoulders and brought a thumb to her clit, rubbing small circles.
   “Bucky…” Various expletives and combinations of his name fell from Y/N’s lips as Bucky worked. “Bucky, your fingers. Please.” Y/N’s light gasp filled the air. Bucky nodded against her and brought his flesh hand up to tease her slit. Y/N caught the hand in her own and shook her head.
   “I want…” She trailed off, the embarrassment too much.
   “Want what, doll?” Bucky left small kisses on her thighs in reassurance.
   “I want the metal one.” Bucky’s eyes went wide at her words.
   “You- you want this? This turns you on?” He held up his hand, black and gold shimmering in the dull light of her bedroom. He had a look of pure confusion on his face. His hand was not something to be used here, with her. It was hard and cold and unforgiving, all things she was not. “Are you sure-”
   Bucky’s words were cut off as Y/N took his metal hand and lifted his index finger to her mouth, wrapping her swollen lips around it. She took the finger into the base, letting the tip hit the back of her throat. She coated it with her saliva and as she pulled it away there was a trail of wetness leading to her mouth.
   “Fuck… Christ, Y/N. You’re gonna give me a heart attack.” He pulled his metal finger from her grip and brought it to her heat, teasing the entrance with the first knuckle. She shivered and arched her back into his touch, trying to get more of him inside her. He slowly pushed the black and gold finger in, curling it experimentally. Y/N let out a pornographic moan when his finger brushed one particular spot. Bucky smirked.
    “Found you.”
    He brought his lips back to her clit, alternating between short licks and sucking the bud into his mouth. His finger maintained a steady pulse, hitting her G-spot with every movement. He could feel her clenching around his finger, her pussy pulling him in further.
   “You gonna cum, baby?” Bucky asked quickly, not wanting to take his mouth from her sweetness for any elongated time.
   “Yes, Bucky, Please, I’m so close.” She gripped his hair, pulling on it as she had imagined doing earlier.
   “Cum for me, doll. Cum all over my fucking metal hand.” The gentle vibrations of Bucky’s voice and the reminder of what exactly was making her feel so good sent her careening over the edge, holding onto his hair to keep her grounded in her body.
   “Bucky! Fuck, yes. Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop.” Her hips moved against his face, prolonging her orgasm. Bucky moaned into her center, enjoying the view of a beautiful girl in blue lingerie riding his face. When her hips stilled and her breath slowed, Bucky pulled away, his face covered in her slick. A blush came over her face at the sight.
   “You embarrassed?” Bucky asked her, coming to crawl over her again. She nodded briefly.
  “Don’t be. C’mere, baby. Taste yourself. Fucking delicious.” He pulled her to him by the neckline of her corset, crashing their lips together. She licked at his lips and he moaned at the feeling. Y/N pulled away and looked up at him with her swollen lips and darkened eyes. Bucky knew she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. He pulled the straps of the garters away from her body and let them snap back against her soft skin.
   “This needs to go.” Y/N hummed in agreement and looked at him mischievously. She hooked her leg under his and flipped them so he was on his back. His eyes widened in wonder and confusion, silently asking for an explanation.
   “Of course.”
   Y/N climbed off him and began pulling the various straps off her body. Slowly and teasingly, she became more exposed to him. Bucky palmed himself through his boxers as he watched, letting out small gasps every time a new segment of skin was unveiled. When she had taken the garters off, the only thing left was the corset. She reached behind her to unclip the buttons and let the garment fall to the ground. Bucky’s mouth dropped open as her breasts were finally revealed. She brought her arms to cover her chest, embarrassed. His gaze darkened and he reached his hands out, beckoning her to him. She climbed into his lap and his hands came to rest on the small of her back. He took her hands and guided them away from her chest.
   “Baby, shit, why’re you hiding these?” Bucky’s hands ghosted around the sides of her heavy breasts.
   “I don’t like them.” Y/N admitted honestly. Bucky’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped in disbelief.
   “Y/N, believe me when I say, these are the best damn tits I’ve ever seen. Fucking beautiful.” Bucky leaned forward and captured a nipple in his mouth, circling his tongue around the nub. Y/N gasped as his metal hand came up to the other nipple, the contrast between his hot, soft, wet, mouth and his cold, hard, hand making her head spin.
  He pulled away from her to admire his handiwork. Red bruises on and surrounding her nipples.
  “Why don’t you like them?” He looked up to meet her eyes, a softness in them she didn’t get to see often.
  “The stretch marks…” Y/N looked down at her hands. Bucky pulled her chin up with his finger, forcing her to meet his eyes.
  “Baby. Do you realize who you’re talking to? Look.” He guided her hand to his left shoulder, shivering as her fingers ran over the scarred flesh.
  “I could give a shit less what scars you have. It just proves you’re strong. That you fought a battle and came out the other side. You’re beautiful.” Bucky raised himself up to press a kiss to her lips. Y/N smiled and shook her head, a blush covering her face. Bucky didn’t know how to convince her.
  “Let me prove it to you.” Y/N looked down at him. Bucky looked at her with earnest eyes. “Let me show you how beautiful you are.” Y/N was shocked at his gentleness. She had expected him to just have sex with her. She hadn’t predicted this level of intimacy. It was surprisingly… nice.
   “Ok.” Y/N said simply.
   “Ok? Gonna need something a little more enthusiastic than that, sweetheart.” Bucky’s words were teasing but she knew he was yet again making sure she was okay with this.
   Y/N threw her head back dramatically and exclaimed: “Take me! Take me and have your savage way with me!” Bucky roared with laughter and flipped her onto her back, kissing her lips gently.
   “That’ll do, doll.” Bucky kissed her neck gently and stood up.
   “Wait- what’re you doing?” Y/N asked. Bucky turned back to look at her, a bashful expression on his face.
   “I uh- I need a condom, doll. Unless you want a little me running around here.” Y/N let out a light laugh at the image. But something about the idea of a kid with Bucky’s eyes and her smile made her heart ache.
   “I mean, I’m on birth control. And I’m clean…” Bucky looks down at his hands. There was something more intimate about what she was asking him to do.
   “Yeah, me too. The serum it uh, keeps us from getting any diseases. STDs included. Lucky me, right?” Bucky gave a dry laugh and started walking back towards the bed. They were both suddenly a bit nervous. Y/N stood and took his hand, turning him so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. When she got on her knees in front of him, Bucky held out a hand to stop her.
   “You don’t need to-” Y/N gripped him through his boxers.
   “This is a learning experience right? Teach me how to do this too. For-” She took an uneasy pause. “For whoever comes next. Can’t be giving my first BJ to a stranger.” Bucky looked saddened by that. Whatever glimmer of emotion she thought she saw disappeared and he quickly reverted back to his normal self.
   “Yeah. Wouldn’t want that, hm?” Y/N looked up at him expectantly. Her eyes went from his boxers and back to his eyes.
   “Oh- right.” Bucky lifted his hips off the bed and slid his boxers off. His cock was at half-mast but was still shockingly large. Y/N’s eyes went wide. Gone were the nerves of a second ago. This was no longer present day Bucky, this was 40’s Bucky with all the swagger and charisma of a dashing young military sergeant.
    “Like what you see, doll?” Y/N rolled her eyes and looked up at him, awaiting instruction.
    “Ok, first, you’re gonna spit on your hand. Then start stroking.” Y/N obeyed. Bucky let out a loud hiss when her lubed hand touched his bare cock for the first time. She moved her hand up and down his shaft, twisting it slightly like she had seen in porn.
    “Fuck, sweetie. Just like that. Now, uh, lick the tip.” Bucky was already out of breath and Y/N decided she loved this. Loved seeing him come apart for her. Y/N leaned forward and placed an open mouthed kiss on the red tip. Bucky’s hips jutted into her mouth as he moaned.
    “Shit, sorry. Dunno what’s gotten into me.” Bucky looked down at her. Her eyes were half-closed, her lips were red and swollen, her neck was covered in marks that he had left… He knew exactly what had gotten into him. He just didn’t have the nerve to say it. It was times like these that Bucky Barnes really wished he could get drunk.
    Y/N kept stroking his cock as she pulled away to speak.
   “It’s okay. It was kind of hot.” She looked at him from under her thick eyelashes.
   “Yeah? You want me to do it again?” Bucky asked hesitantly.
   “Please.” Y/N replied.
   Bucky groaned and brought his hips a little closer to the edge of the bed.
   “You’re going to let me know if it gets too much at any time, alright?” Y/N nodded.
   “Open your mouth, doll.” Y/N did, opening as wide as she could to prepare for his girth. Bucky slid his cock into her mouth. “Breathe through- shit. Breathe through your nose, sweetheart. Relax your throat.” Y/N tried her best to obey his commands, sitting back on her heels to allow him to take full control. Bucky brought a hand to the back of her head, gathering her hair before starting to gently thrust into her mouth.
   “Fuck, baby. Feels so fucking good.” He looked down to see her staring up at him but the biggest shock was her hand between her thighs.
   “Are you- shit, are you touching yourself, doll?” She batted her eyelashes as if to say “What does it look like?” and he chuckled.
   “You look so good like this, baby. On your knees for me. Sucking- shit- sucking my cock like you were born to do it.” Bucky’s filthy words drew a moan from Y/N, sending vibrations through his cock. “Fuck! Oh- baby. Oh, god. This is gonna end a lot sooner than I’d like if we don’t stop.” Y/N made no move to pull away from him, continuing to let him fuck her throat.
   “Oh, is that what you want, hm? Want me to cum down that pretty throat of yours?” Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed as another moan escaped her. A shiver ran through Bucky’s body but he tapped her on the cheek. “Nuh-uh, babydoll. Wanna see those eyes. Those fucking eyes.” Y/N batted her eyelashes and moaned again. Bucky pulled out of her mouth suddenly. She pouted at him.
   “Doll- if I hadn’t stopped, I wouldn’t get to fuck you. That’s the whole point, right?” Bucky took her hand and pulled her to standing so he could kiss her. He pulled away so he could see her eyes flutter open, dizzy on him. “Those fucking eyes.” Bucky said with a smirk before picking her up and setting on the bed. She wrapped her legs around his waist and shivered when she felt his hot length on her thigh. Bucky looked at her one last time.
   “You sure, doll? I want this too, but I’ll go home with some major fucking blue balls if you’ve changed your mind.” Y/N threw her head back and laughed. Bucky only watched her, a soft smile coming across his face. How had he never noticed how beautiful her laugh was before?
   “I’m sure, Buck.” Y/N arched upwards to press a kiss to his lips.
   “Alright, then. What the lady wants…” Bucky reached between them and gripped his cock. He slid it through her folds a few times, gathering her wetness. Then he slowly pushed inside her with a loud groan from each of them. Bucky watched her face to gauge her reaction. A mix of pain and discomfort was painted on her features and it killed him. He hated hurting her but this is what she asked for. He continued pushing into her, inch by inch, trying to control his hips and keep from rutting into her. After a minute of tortuously slow moving, he bottomed out. A few tears had escaped Y/N’s eyes and he leaned down to kiss them off her cheek. Slowly, the look of pain disappeared from Y/N’s face.
   “Yeah, doll?”
   “Please, move.”
   That was all it took to shatter his resolve. Bucky pulled out as much as she allowed him to, her pussy gripping him like a vice. He thrusted back into her warm depths, sighing at how well she took him.
   “So fucking tight, doll. Feels fucking heavenly.” Bucky’s fists tensed in the sheets beside her when she clenched around him.
   “Shit- oh. Someone has a praise kink.” Bucky muttered under his breath. Y/N nodded in desperation to hear him talk again.
   “You want me to keep talking? You like it when I talk to you, baby? Tell you how good you feel? How well you’re taking my cock?” Y/N shivered and her walls tightened around him.
   “Fuck, baby. You keep that up I’m not gonna last long.” Bucky propped himself up on his metal arm and reached his flesh one between their bodies, sticky with sweat. He rubbed gently at her clit as he thrusted, trying to time the rhythms together. Y/N cried out in pleasure, the sound music to Bucky’s ears.
   “Are you gonna cum, doll? Be a good girl and cum on my cock, yeah? Bet you look so fucking pretty when you cum for me.” Bucky kissed her neck sloppily, biting slightly on her pulse point. Bucky’s words and the new sensation sent her over the edge. Y/N’s hands gripped her pillow as Bucky sat back to look at her. She was beautiful as she came undone on his cock. She looked majestic. Holy. Like a goddess he’d get on his knees and pray to or a queen he’d serve until his dying breath.
   “Bucky, oh- baby. Just like- Oh-” Y/N shivered as her orgasm wrecked her, every thrust of Bucky’s hips prolonging the sensation. Bucky took in her post-orgasmic state.
   She was a mess. Her tits were sweaty and shiny as they bounced in the dull light of her bedroom. Her neck was covered in a smattering or bruises. She seemed to notice his gaze because she reached for him, pulling his face down to hers and kissing him roughly. She looked down to where their bodies met. Bucky’s eyes followed her own and he moaned in absolute delight at the scene. He closed his eyes quickly out of reflex. Protect himself. Protect Y/N. Don’t lose control. Y/N placed a gentle kiss on his nose and his eyes snapped open to meet hers.
   “Let go.” That simple sentence gave Bucky a gentle push over the edge and then he was falling. Not a hard fall with an ending that would leave him mentally unstable and minus an arm, but more of a pleasant roller coaster drop. He felt safe in her arms as he let go, shooting ropes of white cum inside her.
   “Y/N- fucking hell. Baby- So fucking good.” Bucky was very vocal as his hips slowed to a stop. His cock twitched from the oversensitivity. He knew he’d have to pull out eventually, but he wasn’t in any hurry. She was wet and warm and inviting and the world outside her bedroom was cold and cruel and unforgiving. Bucky knew he’d stay there forever if she let him.
   But that’s not what he was here for. Not for life, not even for the night. Just for an hour. Just until she’d had her cherry popped and she’d send him on his way like some kind of sick business deal. With great effort, Bucky convinced his body to pull from her soft depths, smearing cum and slick down her thighs. He stood and began gathering his clothes.
   “What- what’re you doing?” Bucky looked back at Y/N. She had her knees tucked into her chest and was staring up at him with those fucking eyes.
   “I’m leaving.” Y/N’s eyes drooped at his words.
   Bucky pulled on his boxers and elected to get changed out of her view- the harsh stare on his back was getting to be too much. He had his hand on the doorknob when she spoke.
   “Please- please don’t go.” This time when Bucky looked at Y/N, her eyes were rimmed with tears. He dropped his clothes and ran to her, cradling her face.
   “Why’re you crying, babydoll? What’s wrong?” His eyes sought hers, trying to understand what was happening behind them.
   “You were going to leave.” Y/N’s tears hadn’t fallen yet. She was always so strong. Bucky wished he knew how to make her feel safe enough to be weak.
   “I figured you’d want me to.” His thumb stroked her cheek.
   “No. I- I want you to stay. Please stay.” Y/N’s hands reached up and wrapped around his wrists, keeping them in place.
   “Then I’ll stay. I’ll stay, doll. Just please- don’t cry.” Bucky kissed her forehead and pulled her into his chest. If he felt a small wet spot growing where her head lay, he didn’t say anything.
   Eventually she pulled away from him. Y/N’s eyes met his and Bucky knew then- he was wrecked. Utterly, completely, wrecked.
   “Will you sleep with me?” She asked. He understood she meant sleep next to her in bed. Keep her warm with his touch and keep her mind calm with his presence. He nodded and she unravelled herself from his arms. She stood and tucked herself into her warm covers, beckoning for him to join her. Her body was naked still, but he didn’t care. Preferred it, actually. Not for any perverted reason. He had missed the feeling of warm flesh on his own. A body that wasn’t about to die underneath him. It was...nice.
  Bucky crawled into bed beside her, exposing his right side for her to cuddle into if she wished. She did. She laid her head on his shoulder and ran a hand up and down his stomach, tracing invisible patterns.
   “Thank you.” She said.
   After a while, her breath evened out. He watched her back rise and fall. He knew he had to leave in the morning- but for now he’d allow himself to indulge in the simple pleasures of the smell of her shampoo and the way her heart beat in time with his.  
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sunriserose1023 · an hour ago
One Last Job [Fourteen]
WORD COUNT: 5638 WARNINGS: Sexual content, anxiety, suspense, danger, violence, shooting, blood, injuries, character death  CHAPTER SUMMARY: Your big night finally comes, and everyone is on edge. If something is going to happen, it will be tonight. 
Tumblr media
The sun hadn’t risen yet, and you honestly didn’t even know what time it was, if sunrise was even close to happening. You were in Bucky’s arms, head resting on his shoulder, his fingers slowly rubbing up and down your back. 
“Buck?” “I’m awake.”
You nodded, shifting the slightest bit closer to him. Your knee slid between his, and his arm tightened around you. 
“You’re safe.” “I know. I’ve never felt safer than I do right here.”
Bucky smiled as he continued to touch your hair, hoping the motions would lull you to sleep. 
“You really think he’s going to try something at the awards show?” “I would. How many people around the world will be watching? They’d talk about it for years to come.”
You swallowed, sliding your hand over Bucky’s torso and holding him. 
“I’m scared.” “Don’t you know by now that I’d never let anything happen to you?”
You nodded, moving to prop yourself up where you could look him in the eye. 
“And who’s going to make sure nothing happens to you?”
Bucky just stared at you and you shook your head. 
“I know you’re going to do whatever it takes to keep me safe, but Buck…”
You shook your head again as tears came to your eyes. 
“You have to be safe, too.”
His eyes stayed locked on yours, one hand drifting up to thumb away the tear that slipped from your eye. His hand cupped your face and you closed your eyes, leaning into his touch. He leaned up and pressed his lips to yours, rolling to his back when you gently pushed his shoulder. You moved to straddle his hips, staring down at him as his hands moved to rest on your hips. 
“I love you.” “I love you, Princess.”
You bent down, kissing his lips as you felt his hips move against yours, both of you sighing as he slipped inside. Your hands found purchase on his chest, pushing yourself up slightly and swiveling your hips. Bucky’s hands moved to your wrists, lifting your hands from his chest and lacing his fingers through yours. He bucked his hips up and you moaned, nodding your head until he did it again. Bucky surged up to kiss you, wrapping his arms around you and rolling until you were on your back, staring up at him. 
“Buck.” “I’m right here, baby.”
You nodded as he leaned down to kiss you, and you moved your hands to cup his face, holding him close as he set up an almost delicate rhythm with his hips. 
“Oh god.” “Stay with me.” “James.”
Bucky groaned, shaking his head until you let go, burying his face in your hair. You wrapped your arms around him, hands holding him close, fingers digging into his thick muscles. Your mouth opened as you tightened around him, body jolting as no sound left your lips. Bucky groaned into your hair, hot breath washing over your shoulder as his hips stuttered and went still.
Bucky collapsed beside you, staring up at the ceiling. Your body was trembling as you reached a hand for him, and he rolled to take you in his arms. You burrowed closer to him, breathing him in, holding him as close as you could. 
“I need you, James.” “I’m right here.” “No, I need you. More than just right now.”
Bucky gave a shaky sigh, kissing your forehead before resting his forehead on yours. 
“You hired me to make sure nothing happened to you. I’m going to do my job. I have to do my job.”
You nodded, keeping your eyes closed. Bucky moved to whisper in your ear. 
“Because once my job is done, I’m not going anywhere. I need you, Y/N. You and the kid.”
You couldn’t stop the sob from escaping your lips. Bucky cradled your head in his hand, holding you close. 
“I’m going to get you through this, and we’ll figure the rest out later. Okay?”
You nodded, snuggling closer to him, the two of you clinging tightly to each other until sleep overtook you both.
Tumblr media
You stared at your reflection in the mirror, at the cold gold crescent-shaped pads under your eyes, supposedly there to make the bags disappear. Your hair was still wet from your shower, tied up in a towel on top of your head. 
There was a knock at your door, a second before it opened. Bucky stepped inside and you smiled. 
“You’re too early. You’ll ruin the magic.”
He smiled, walking up behind you, moving the robe aside where he could kiss your neck. He moved where his cheek was next to yours, the two of you staring at each other in the mirror. 
“You’re just as beautiful to me now as you’ll be later when you’re all dolled up.”
You stared into his gray eyes, the smile sliding from your face. 
“Buck, I’m scared.”
Bucky sighed, straightening and moving your robe, untying it just enough to free your shoulders. You closed your eyes as his hands started kneading. 
“We don’t have to go. It’s just the culmination of your entire career. You probably wouldn’t win, anyway.”
You laughed, trying and failing to move away from his touch. 
“You’re such a jerk!”
He laughed, bending to wrap his arms around you from behind. 
“You know you’re going to win. You deserve it. And if you don’t win, the people will riot.” “‘The people’ being you?” “And Clint and Steve and the kid.”
You shook your head, moving to rest a hand against his thick forearm. You watched him watch you, until he lifted his eyes to the mirror and met yours. You swallowed, speaking softly. 
“And you think he’ll be there?”
Bucky pursed his lips. 
“I do.”
You slowly nodded. 
“Then how is this not a suicide mission?”
Bucky sighed. 
“I know it doesn’t make sense, but we’ve got the LAPD on alert, and one of us will be with you every second.” “Not every second. I’m presenting.”
Bucky nodded. 
“Right. Well, I’ll be right offstage when you’re presenting. And when you win, so don’t worry about that.” “That’s not what I’m worried about.”
Bucky smiled. 
“Wanda’s going to be here with Ollie. Dugan will be at the gate, and Sam will be at the front door. Couple more of my guys will have the place surrounded.”
You slowly nodded. 
“I still feel like I’ll be walking into the devil’s lair.”
Bucky sighed. 
“I know.” “There’s been radio silence. No flowers, no letters. Obviously he’s gearing up for his final act.” “Baby, you’ll lose your mind if you focus on this.”
You gave a quiet laugh. 
“What else am I supposed to focus on?”
Bucky reached over, fingers tapping on the index cards on the counter in front of you. 
“Your acceptance speech. Whether you want to call me James or Bucky. I’ll accept either.”
You smiled. 
“Who said you were even in it?” “Ooh, now that’s just painful.”
You laughed, closing your eyes as Bucky kissed your cheek, resting his forehead against your temple for just a moment before he stepped away. 
Tumblr media
“You sure I don’t look like a penguin?” “Maybe a little bit.”
Bucky narrowed his eyes at Ollie, who giggled and covered his mouth with a hand. Bucky shook his head, sliding the jacket over his shoulders. 
“I hate these stupid monkey suits.” “I don’t know, I kind of like it.”
Ollie and Bucky turned to see Steve in the doorway, fixing the cufflink on his left hand. He held out his hands and Ollie nodded. 
“Looking good, Uncle Steve.”
Steve smiled, and Clint walked up behind him, adjusting his bow tie. 
“Is this on straight?”
Steve moved to adjust the tie, and Clint shook his head. 
“Monkey suit. I hate these things.”
Ollie giggled again when Bucky looked to him. 
“Told ya.” “But you’ve got to look good if you’re going to be seen with Mama.” “Have you seen her?”
Ollie shook his head. 
“No boys allowed.”
Bucky smiled, turning back to the mirror to fix his own tie. Steve laid a hand on Clint’s shoulder, looking to Ollie. 
“Hey, little man. You think she’s going to win?”
Ollie rolled his eyes. 
Clint stifled a laugh as Steve shook his head. 
“Sorry. Stupid question.” “Mom’s the best. Of course she’s going to win.”
Bucky smiled as he looked back at Clint and Steve. Clint walked over to Ollie, kneeling down in front of him. 
“You be good for Wanda tonight.”
Ollie nodded. 
“I’m going to stay up and watch Mama win.” “I don’t think that’s allowed. Your bedtime is seven thirty.” “Uncle Clint, no it’s not! I’m not a baby!” “Yes, you are! You’re our baby.”
Clint grabbed Ollie in a hug, cooing and squishing his face as Ollie squirmed to get away, making Bucky and Steve laugh. Ollie finally got free, glaring at Clint. Bucky moved to lay his hands on Ollie’s shoulders, giving them a squeeze. 
Ollie ran out of the room, followed by Steve and Clint, with Bucky rounding out the crew. They stopped at the base of the stairs, Ollie audibly taking in a breath when his mother stepped out at the top of the stairs. 
Your hair was up, curled and pinned away from your face. Your dress was a light pink, draped over one shoulder, darker pink sequins and sparkles covering the bodice and down into the skirt. The floor-length gown had a train, and despite the fact that your shoes couldn’t be seen, you were wearing a relatively comfortable pair of heels. 
Tumblr media
You lifted your head, a smile coming to your lips when you saw the look of awe on your son’s face. Clint and Steve both had soft smiles on their face, and your heart gave a double beat when you saw Bucky. You started down the stairs, your smile growing when Bucky stepped around the crowd and jogged up the stairs to you. 
“You’re gorgeous.”
You felt your cheeks flush, and Bucky leaned in, his lips finding yours. You gave a quiet sigh, your hand moving to press against his chest. 
You and Bucky broke apart, both of you laughing as you looked down to where Ollie had a disgusted look on his face. Bucky shook his head as Clint ruffled Ollie’s hair, and Bucky offered you his arm as the two of you went the rest of the way down the stairs. 
“You look so pretty, Mama.”
You smiled at Ollie. 
“Thank you, baby.” “You’re gonna win.”
You gave a quiet laugh. 
“I hope you’re right.” “I know he is.”
Clint stepped forward and you smiled as he kissed your cheek. Steve did the same, taking your hand and giving it a squeeze. You crouched down in front of Ollie, and he held out his hand. You smiled, puckering your lips and pressing a kiss to the back of his hand. A print of your lipstick was left behind, and Ollie smiled widely. You tapped his wrist. 
“That’s your goodnight kiss.” “Thank you, Mama.” “I love you, Oliver.” “I love you, too.” “Be good for Wanda.”
Ollie nodded, running off and yelling Wanda’s name. You stared after him, a lump in your throat. Clint cleared his throat behind you and you blinked, giving a breathy chuckle as Bucky offered a hand. You took it and nodded, straightening and letting out a slow breath. 
Bucky’s warm hand against your bare shoulder centered you, and you turned to face him. He nodded to you, and you returned the gesture, taking his hand and giving it a squeeze. Bucky kept hold of your hand, leading you out the front door. Clint was behind you, Steve on the side opposite Bucky. Bucky opened the door to the limo and you let out a breath as you climbed inside. Bucky slid in to sit beside you, and you gripped his hand as Steve and Clint climbed in. You looked from one to the other, eyes landing back on Bucky’s. 
“Here we go.”
Tumblr media
There were people everywhere. Celebrities with extensive entourages, with bodyguards just like yours. All of the entourages were made to remove their communication devices once they’d stepped backstage, due to interference with the ceremony’s devices. 
Bucky stayed as close to you as he could, eyes scanning the rooms for the slightest indication that something was amiss. 
Bucky turned from where he was watching you rehearse your presenting duties and smiled. 
They both laughed as they embraced, and Bucky shook his head. 
“What are you doing here, man?” “Personal security detail for Tony Stark. Can you believe it, man? The Tony Stark.”
Bucky shook his head and Pete nodded to him. 
“What about you? What are you doing?” “Personal detail for Y/N Barton.” “You don’t say?”
Bucky nodded, and Pete smiled. 
“That’s impressive. She’s up for a big one tonight, huh?”
Bucky nodded. 
“If she doesn’t get it, want to join in the riot?” “Oh, you know it!”
They laughed, and Pete looked over Bucky’s shoulder and nodded. 
“Sorry, I gotta scram. Hey, it was great to see you, Sarge.” “You too, Pete.”
Bucky slapped him on the shoulder, then turned to see you walk up beside him. 
“Find an old friend?” “You could say that. Old Army buddy.”
You hummed and lifted your hands to fidget with Bucky’s perfectly straight tie. He moved his hands to hold yours, squeezing gently. 
“Breathe. You’re just fine.” “I feel like I could jump right out of my skin.” “I know. But you’re presenting soon, right?”
You nodded. 
“With Tony Stark. Of all the people, they give me the biggest celebrity on the planet.” “He’s not as big as you.”
You rolled your eyes as you gave a quiet laugh, shaking your head. 
“Miss Barton, can we run one more time?”
You met Bucky’s eyes and nodded, and he watched you move seven steps away, muttering softly to an aide. Bucky took his eyes away from you to see Steve step up beside him, shaking his head. 
“You’ll never guess who I ran into.” “Bet I will. Pete?”
Steve turned to face him. 
“You saw him, too?”
Bucky nodded. 
“He’s here on security detail for Stark.” “Tony Stark?”
Bucky narrowed his eyes. 
“He didn’t tell you that?” “Well, I wasn’t exactly looking to catch up with him. All my best to Stark.”
Bucky glanced back at Steve. 
“What makes you say that?”
Steve sighed. 
“I know you liked him, but he always just rubbed me the wrong way. And then there’s the whole dishonorable discharge—“ “Whoa, hang on. Pete got dishonorably discharged?”
Steve nodded. 
“I thought you knew that.”
Bucky turned to look over his shoulder, shaking his head, letting the words die on his tongue as you stepped forward. 
“Almost time.”
The men nodded, and Steve smiled at you. 
“Clint’s by a seat warmer in the audience. Told us to hurry you back to him, because she’s a talker.”
You giggled, freezing and sucking in a breath when a kiss was pressed to your cheek. You slowly turned and gave a shaky laugh as you hugged the man responsible for the kiss. 
“Tony!” “Sweetheart, it is so good to see you again! Who’re the suits?” “Old friends of my brother’s. Bucky and Steve.”
Tony Stark shook both of their hands as he introduced himself, then held an arm out to you. 
“Ready to wow them?”
You nodded, slipping your arm into his. The two of you walked to your mark just off stage and waited, while Bucky and Steve followed, stopping a short pace behind. Bucky shook his head. 
“Where’s his entourage?” “Oh, Stark’s notorious for evading his entourage. How his wife puts up with him beats me.” “You have got to stop reading the tabloids.”
Bucky shook his head, straightening when a man in a dark suit came to stand beside them, giving them a nod. 
“Gentlemen. Hogan, personal security for Tony Stark.”
Bucky and Steve shook his hand, and Hogan moved to stand beside Bucky, feet shoulder-width apart, hands clasped together. Steve spoke softly, just as the host began introducing the next presenters. 
“You on your own, Hogan?” “That’s how the boss likes it. Too many people make him antsy.”
Bucky turned to Hogan.
“Wait. What did you just say?” “Academy Award winner Tony Stark and nominee tonight for best actress, Y/N Barton!”
Bucky shook his head, bringing Steve and Hogan with him as they moved to the edge of the stage, keeping you and Tony in their sights. 
Tumblr media
The lights were blindingly bright, and the stage seemed miles long. Your whole body was trembling, and Tony must have picked up on it, because as soon as you got to your marks, he didn’t let you go. The two of you smiled as you waited for the applause to die down, and you looked to the teleprompter. 
“Beautiful weather we’re having, isn’t it?”
Of course he would go off-script. You smiled, looking away from the teleprompter to him.
“Well, it’s hard to tell inside this gorgeous arena, but I’ll take your word for it.” “Finally, someone will!”
The audience laughed and you patted Tony’s hand. He stealthily slid his arm away from yours and looked to the teleprompter, this time saying what he was supposed to. 
“Well, my dear, I know you’ve only come tonight to present this award and you’ll want to leave as soon as we’re done.”
You laughed, patting his shoulder. 
“No, you have me mistaken, Mister Stark. I am very interested in one of the awards coming up later tonight.”
You paused, a wide smile crossing your face. 
“Best Actor.”
The audience laughed, and Tony smiled as he looked back to the teleprompter. 
“Miss Barton and I are thrilled to be presenting the award for best sound mixing. I know I would be nowhere near where I am now without someone making me sound good.”
The audience laughed and you picked up the next line. 
“The nominees for achievement in sound mixing are:”
You and Tony stepped back as a recording of the nominees and a clip of the film their nominations came from was played. While the audience was applauding, the two of you stepped back to the podium, and Tony raised the envelope he’d covertly been handed into the air. 
“And the Oscar goes to … would you like to do the honors?”
You smiled, taking the envelope from his hand, breaking the seal and sliding the card up. You went perfectly still, keeping your face as neutral as possible as you stared at the white card, letters from magazines and newspapers cut out and pieced together, glued onto the center of the clean white background. 
You glanced to Tony, who forced a smile on his face as he leaned closer to the microphone. 
“You know we’re all about theatricality, folks. Someone get me the correct envelope!”
You looked off-stage, locking eyes with Bucky, who gave you a nod before turning to Steve, who then took off at a run. You blinked and tried to maintain your composure, looking back to the audience. 
“Technical difficulties, am I right?”
Laughter rose from the crowd as an aide rushed to Tony and handed him an envelope. He looked to you and you gave a laugh, shaking your head. 
“I had my turn and we see how that ended. This one is all yours.”
Tony winced theatrically  as everyone laughed, and he broke the seal on the envelope. He turned it slightly, where you couldn’t see it, then laid it on the podium for the two of you to read. You smiled, meeting his eyes, the two of you announcing the winner in one voice. You stepped back as the winners rushed onto the stage, and you and Tony were escorted away. You kept the first envelope clutched in your hand, letting it fall to the floor when Bucky took you in his arms. Hogan bent to pick it up as Tony began to pace the small green room you’d been led to. 
“What the fuck?! Who the fuck did that?”
Hogan straightened and swallowed as he held up the note for Bucky to read. Bucky exhaled as he closed his eyes and held you, rubbing your back and gently murmuring to try and calm you down, to try and get your body to stop trembling. 
“I mean, what the hell, man?! Does she have a stalker or something? Do we need to get her out of here?”
Tony stepped closer to you and Bucky, whispering to you. 
“I’ve got a jet and an island. We can have you there before the sun comes up.”
You gave a watery laugh, shaking your head. 
“What will your wife think?” “Are you kidding me? Pepper loves you. She’s got the Academy President on speed dial if you don’t win.”
You laughed again, leaning back just a bit from Bucky. You shook your head at the look in his eyes. 
“I’m okay. It just took me off guard. There hasn’t been a letter in a while.”
Steve came jogging up, staring at Bucky and shaking his head. Bucky cursed under his breath, then turned to Tony. 
“Do you have a new security guard?”
Tony raised an eyebrow, tossing his thumb over his shoulder. 
“No, I have Happy.”
Bucky shook his head. 
“No, not him. An Army vet. Peter Quill.” “Peter Quill?”
Bucky looked to you and you shook your head. 
“Peter’s not an Army Vet.” “How do you know that?” “He’s my ex.”
Bucky blinked. 
“What are you talking about?” “Uh oh, trouble in paradise?”
You rolled your eyes at Tony, then turned back to Bucky. 
“Peter Quill and I dated for a while. He was great with Ollie, but the relationship was never going to go anywhere. We broke up … god. Like over a year or so ago.”
Bucky swallowed. 
“Like when the letters started coming?”
You started to shake your head, then went still. Bucky turned back to Tony. 
“You’re sure no one in your camp hired extra security?” “No one makes decisions for me except for my wife, and she tells me when she does. I don’t need extra security when I’ve got him.”
Tony tossed a thumb over his shoulder to Hogan again and Bucky looked to Steve, then to you. He started to speak, but you cut him off. 
“It’s Peter?”
Bucky sighed. 
“I think so.” “And he’s here?” “Yes.” “But you don’t know where?”
Bucky shook his head. 
“He’s not touching you.” “You don’t even know where he is!” “Take it easy.”
You looked to Tony, who rolled his eyes towards the group of people gathered a few feet away. 
“Everybody’s got ears these days.”
You nodded, feeling your cheeks warm. You looked back to Bucky. 
“What do we do?”
Bucky looked to Steve. 
“We’re going to inform the security and the LAPD officers we’ve got stashed around. We’ll seal off the exits with officers and we will find him, Y/N.”
You nodded, looking at Bucky’s tie as he stepped into your space again. 
“You go sit with Clint, win your award, and make everybody cry with your speech. I’ll be right here, watching everything.”
You glanced away from him at the sound of footsteps, and found Hogan beside you. 
“Anything you need, just let me know.”
You smiled at him, sending Tony a grateful glance. Bucky took your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. 
“Steve’s going to walk you back to Clint.” “And you?” “I’m going to find Quill.” “James.”
You reached out and gripped the lapels of his tux, and Bucky covered your hands with his own. You glanced over at the sound of a throat being cleared, and Hogan stepped in front of you, hiding you behind him. Bucky took your face in his hands and kissed you, your body relaxing at his touch, giving a quiet whimper as he broke the kiss. Bucky kissed your forehead and Steve stepped up, offering you his arm. You took it, shooting one last look at Bucky before walking away. 
Bucky turned to Hogan, eyes like steel. 
“Let’s get this son of a bitch.”
Tumblr media
You gave Steve a grateful smile as you sank into your chair, Clint leaning over the arm rest. 
“Everything okay? You did great presenting, but I could tell something was off.”
You nodded, looking down at your lap. Clint followed your gaze and you told him what had happened through sign language. You watched his face pale when you fingerspelled Peter Quill, and he shook his head, signing back to you. 
When did you date him?
You furrowed your eyebrows. 
Like a year or two ago. Where was I? I don’t know, I thought you knew about him. 
Clint shook his head. 
I know him. We were in the same unit. 
You nodded. 
Yes, that’s what Bucky said.  He wasn’t a good guy, Y/N. 
You shook your head. 
He was nothing but kind to me. He was good with Ollie, played with him, made us both laugh.  He’s a good actor. But he was a sniper, liked to take matters into his own hands.
You looked forward, swallowing hard and exhaling sharply. Clint leaned to rub your shoulder, speaking low. 
“Buck and Steve know him. Bucky taught him everything he knows, so they know how he operates. They’re not going to let him get you.”
You nodded, taking his hand and gripping it tightly as the music swelled and the host stepped onto the stage. 
Tumblr media
“Damn it.”
Bucky shoved the clipboard at Steve’s chest and Steve scanned the list. Steve cursed under his breath and shook his head. 
“Of course he wouldn’t use his own name.” “He lied to get in here and he’s on no list, no one’s radar. He’s bound to be using an alias, but hell if I know how to even begin to decipher that.”
Steve tapped the clipboard against his palm. 
“We gave his description to the security here. Sam’s contacts are pulling his old file to get his picture out.”
Bucky nodded. He took a few steps, then shook his head. 
“We’re good for now. He’s not going to pull anything while she’s in the audience.” “If that’s true, then why didn’t he pull anything when she was presenting?” “He did. He switched the envelopes.”
Bucky shook his head again. 
“No, he’s going to wait until she wins. When she’s on stage in front of everyone all by herself.” “Then we can’t let her be by herself.”
Steve lifted his sleeve to talk into the mic. 
“Oh, goddamn it. We don’t have any comms.”
Bucky nodded, running a hand over his face. 
“Look, let’s just divide and conquer. I’ll take the left side, you take the right. I’ll get Hogan on the middle and Clint will be perfect eyes from the front.”
Steve nodded, clapping Bucky on the shoulder before heading around to his side. Bucky let out a breath, scanning backstage as best he could before facing the stage again. 
Tumblr media
You gave a rough-sounding laugh, shaking your head and deliberately keeping your knees from bouncing. 
“Are you serious right now?”
You huffed out another breath, giving another shake of your head. 
“At least everyone else will think it’s just nerves.” “Miss Barton?”
You turned to see a young man before you.
“Yes?” “This is for you, ma’am.”
You swallowed as you took the envelope from him, nodding with a smile as he walked back down the aisle. Your hands shook as Clint gently took the envelope from your hands. You couldn’t look at him as he opened it slowly, closing your eyes as the flap opened. Clint let out a breath. 
“It’s okay. It’s from Bucky.”
Your body sagged with relief, and you blinked back tears as you leaned to read the note. The police had been notified, along with security in the building, and Bucky and Steve were flanking each side of the stage. Clint would be tasked with watching from your seats. 
“See? Everything’s fine, Y/N. You’re safe.”
Tumblr media
Bucky watched the actor standing before him, the one who’d taken home the trophy the year before, wait for his signal. He’d be presenting the award for best actress. 
And Bucky couldn’t help but feel that time was up. 
He gave a shake of his head, rolling his shoulders as the actor began walking out to thunderous applause. He scanned the side of the stage again, glancing across the stage to see Steve doing the same thing. Bucky looked out across the bank of cameras, glancing down into the orchestra. 
“Everything okay, sir?”
Bucky turned to the uniformed officer who’d walked up beside him. Bucky nodded. 
“Get your men on alert. If they say her name, this is when it’ll happen.” “Yes, sir.”
The officer walked away, and Bucky let out a breath, scanning the room again. He heard Y/N’s voice from the movie clip that was playing, heard the buzz and scattered claps even as the audience had been instructed to hold their applause. He couldn’t help but smile, glancing across the stage to where Steve was talking to a man with a camera on his shoulder. 
The smile slid from Bucky's lips as the man’s arm swung out, hitting Steve’s jaw in just the right spot to knock him out cold. Bucky lifted his wrist, staring at the empty sleeve, looking back in time to hear the announcement of the winner. 
Tumblr media
“And the Oscar goes to … Y/N Barton!”
The room erupted in applause as you exhaled, a laugh leaving your lips as tears filled your eyes. Clint helped you to your feet and wrapped you in a hug, and you shook your head as he began to walk you down the aisle. You were near the left side of the stage, feeling like you were in a daze, hugging your friends and costars and the director as they stopped you in the aisle, so you never noticed the commotion happening on the right side. 
Clint was laughing, repeating again and again how proud he was of you, practically yelling in your ear to be heard over the noise, holding your arm tightly as he led you to the stage. Last year’s best actor winner was there with a wide smile and an extended hand, and you gratefully took it, tears now streaming down your face as you walked with him to the podium where an Oscar statuette was waiting. He kissed your cheek and stepped away, leaving you alone. 
You grabbed the statuette and stared down at it, shaking your head and smiling through your tears. You looked up as everyone in the room seemed to audibly gasp at once. Clint screamed your name, and you glanced down to see a red laser point in the center of your chest. 
Time seemed to slow then. 
You lifted your head to see officers rushing to you from what seemed like all sides. You turned your head to see Bucky running at you and you closed your eyes as a shot rang out, the same moment you felt a body slam into you, both of you falling to the ground. 
Your head bounced off the floor and you squeezed your eyes closed, pain radiating through your body. You slowly blinked to see Bucky staring down at you with wide eyes before he looked away. You gave a soft moan, turning your head and opening your eyes in time to see Bucky raise a gun, firing off two shots. Screams echoed through the arena, and you watched a camera fall to the ground as Peter Quill’s body hit the floor and Bucky rolled off of you. You closed your eyes as you laid back against the floor. 
“Get a fucking medic over here now!”
A new pair of hands grabbed onto you and you turned your swimming head to see Clint kneeling at your side. 
“Don't move. You’re okay. You’re alright. Stay with me.”
You closed your eyes, giving a shake of your head, moaning softly. 
“Y/N, don’t move. Christ, there’s so much blood. Hang on.” “What?”
You looked down at your pale pink dress, at the bright red blood staining the gossamer fabric on the front of your gown. You lifted a hand to touch it and Clint quickly grabbed your wrist. 
You shook your head. 
“It’s not mine.” “What?” “I’m not bleeding.” “Y/N, you—“
You sat up, eyes meeting your brother’s. You shook your head and Clint’s terrified eyes scanned your body. You looked to your left side and felt your world tilt on its axis. 
Bucky was lying beside you on his back, eyes closed, stark white shirt staining bright red due to the blood spilling from the gunshot wound to his chest. You screamed and started to crawl to him, only to have Clint grab you around the waist and yank you back. You fought him as paramedics surrounded Bucky, as they attached wires and pads to his chest, sobbing in Clint’s arms as you heard the words that nearly made your heart stop. 
“I can’t find a pulse.”
Tumblr media
Tony Stark patted Happy Hogan’s chest as he stepped around him, crouching down and gently taking hold of the envelope that had somehow found its way to the back of the stage. He turned the insert over, a sad smile coming to his lips as he took a handkerchief out of his pocket, wiping the blood away from Y/N’s name. He picked up the broken Oscar statuette that had rolled when Y/N dropped it, shaking his head as he carried the two pieces of what should have been a happy night out of the arena, where blue and red lights were flashing.
Tumblr media
TAGS: @captain-rogers-beard​, @i-have-no-life-charlie​, @jillybeaner13​, @notyourtypicalrose​, @sea040561​, @fallenoutofrose​, @geeksareunique​​, @distractedgemini​​, @buckybarneshairpullingkink​​, @isaxhorror​, @scentedsongrebel​​, @paige-sais-rawr​​, @beardburnsupersoldiers​​, @absolukeyrh​​, @elatedmarvel​​, @shadowsof-thenight​​, @sarcasm-myfriend​​, @our-marvel-universe​​, @shinycupcakebaker​​, @victoriavickens​​, @not-another-fangirl, @ellaenchanted91, @soccer-100000
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mrsweasley06 · an hour ago
I Hear a Symphony
Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha x Platonic!Reader
Summary: In a world full of soulmates, you had lost hope. No one had ever had the tell you did, but you should never give up hope.
Trigger Warnings: mentions of a knife, bleeding, slight mention of Bucky with HYDRA, little bit of kissing.
Word count: 2,343
A/N: Idk how good this is, I'm actually really nervous. But here you go, love y'all ♡
Some people have their soulmate's name written in their soulmate's handwriting, others have the distance their soulmate is from them on their wrist. There are those who don’t see color until they meet their soulmate, it was different for most people. For you it was music, though it was special. One of your friends Karlee had heard whatever music her soulmate was listening to. But you simply heard a piano playing quietly, it was everlasting. When you were younger you loved how it sounded and it never stopped, it was like your own personal soundtrack. But as you got older it just upset you. Never having met or heard of anyone with the soulmate tell like yours took away your hope. Maybe you were just crazy.
“Not everyone finds their soulmate right away, it’s okay to not know yet Y/N.” Karlee had reminded you. Though she was holding hands with her soulmate, Fred, across from you.
“Well Karlee it is kind of annoying to see so many people getting their soulmates. I just want to love someone. I just want someone to love me. Okay?” You say exasperated.
It was tiring to hear people tell you to keep your chin up, telling you that you’ll find them one someday. Because that day could be years from now, at this rate you wouldn’t be surprised if you had never met your soulmate.
“Y/N, I know that you are hurting but your time wi-”
“Fred, you have no say in this. You are not, NOT my friend.” Your voice becomes increasingly louder.
“But you have also already found your soulmate. You get to be with her the rest of your life, and you both get to love each other. I- I don’t get that, there is literally no one in history who has ever had a constant stream of music in their head. I, as far as I know it, will be alone, because who in the whole wide world would have a song playing in their head repeat. And we have no idea what happens when I meet my soulmate! Maybe it just gets louder.” Tears had been welling in your eyes as your voice grew hoarse from yelling. “You know what.. I’m sorry I have to go.”
Grabbing your bag you walk out the door to your apartment to wallow in pity yet again. Pulling out your phone you dialed one of the people you trusted most.
“Hey Y/N/N!” the voice rang through the phone.
“Can I come over, I know I'm not a superhero. And I probably shouldn’t be there but I need you.” you sniffled already heading in that direction.
“Of course, I’ll wait for you in the lobby.”
Bucky pov:
All his life he had heard a simple strand of keys being played on piano. It was soothing when his nerves were high, being in the war was tough on him. But it was never something he was used to, beautiful but different. He was grateful to have it when things were tough, because he had imagined his soulmate playing it to him. He had imagined it playing in the background as him and his soulmate walked in holding a small white kitten. One day standing over a bassinet. But all of that was erased once HYDRA got a hold of him. Every single thing he had wanted to do with his soulmate, gone. He lost it all, the only thing that stayed was the music. But it annoyed him now because he didn’t know why it was there or how to get it to stop.
After being sent to Wakanda Bucky found himself wondering why the music was playing in his head.
“Shuri, why do I hear music?” he asked calmly, but Shuri turned around looking as if he had asked where his arm went.
“It is how you will find your soulmate I guess. What is she playing?” stepping closer to him.
“Um it’s just piano, that’s all it’s ever been.”
“Is it consistent? Like the same song forever?” her eyebrows furrowing.
“Is that bad?”
“No not necessarily, I have just never heard of someone who had a tell like that.”
“Tell? A tell for what. His heart sped up with every moment of silence.
“For your soulmate” her voice drifting off in confusion. It was quiet for the rest of the preparation. All Bucky could think about was his soulmate.
Would she like him? Would she hate him for all that he had done? Was she even alive? Had he already met his soulmate before and forgotten her? Going into the chamber he took a deep breath, imagining what his soulmate was like.
Y/N pov:
Natasha wraps her arms around me tightly, before grabbing your hand and pulling you into the elevator.
“There’s no need for an introduction right now.” she muttered avoiding the living room. As you both arrive at her door you hear something from the room beside hers. Seeing your scrunched up face, she provides an answer. “We have a new… member.”
You spend the evening in her room talking about how much you really do love your music. It just hurts you to have to hear it but not know where your soulmate is.
“Have you tried learning the song?” she said before putting a spoonful of italian ice in her mouth. This is something you hadn’t even admitted to her yet.
“Yes, I’ve been trying to write something to compliment it.” She shot up from her spot grabbing your hand, barely giving you time to stand up. “Where are we going?”
“We have a piano here.” leaving no room for discussion. Seating you down on the bench she opens the piano, gesturing for you to play.
“I- I don’t have my music with me.” you tried to deflect. But she and you both knew you already had it memorized. Huffing you place your hands on the keys, trying to pick out where the song was.
Soon enough your fingers were drifting across the keys as if you had been playing your whole life.
“This is what it sounds like.” you begin to play the tune you had heard since the very beginning. It started out kind of quiet and low, but then it became somber, as if something had gone wrong. Almost as if it was telling a story.
You hadn’t known that the sound would travel all the way upstairs, past the rooms of fellow superheroes all the way to a certain sergeants room. Who was currently laying on his bed trying to avoid sleep.
Bucky pov:
Bucky hadn’t slept well since HYDRA, he had never wanted to be around people by choice. But since learning he had a soulmate he wanted to line up everyone in the world and go down the line until he found the one. That was when he heard the music drifting throughout the compound, it was fairly quiet and hard to hear but beautiful. Then he heard his song. The only song that had ever mattered all his life. Something inside of him flipped like a light switch he saw flashes of things from before the war. He had heard it playing in the background as him and his soulmate walked in holding a small white kitten. Tears began welling in his eyes, jumping up from bed he scrambled around looking for paper and pen. Rushing to scribble it down so he couldn’t forget it this time.
It had been a week since you had been to the compound. Natasha had invited you to come around again, but this time for a more introductory meeting of the rest of the team. You and Natasha had met one night bonding over your exotic (for you) conversation starter; it was something about your choice of weapon. You both had drawn closer to each other after sharing stories, neither one of you had a very pretty history but that made the relationship that much more special.
“Are you sure about this? I mean they are a bunch of superheroes and well I am me.” You huffed as she dragged you inside.
“Yes. I am positive, they are all immature anyways. Except for Wanda, you’ll love Wanda.” turning to look at you as she continued to tug at your still figure. “Come on, you know I can throw you over my shoulder and just carry you up there. But I would rather you meet them mostly willingly.” you had never heard her whine before. Yet here she was whining, practically begging you to meet her family.
“Fine, but I get to spend the night again.”
You had decided that you liked Captain America; though he asked you to call him Steve, Sam, Dr. Banner who you saw for only a second in his passing. As well as Clint, though you had known him previously. And Wanda, who seemed to be aware of your arrival and predicament before you even said hello. You suspected Nat had talked to her about you before, but Wanda could read minds so who knew. According to Nat there was still more to the team, but they were out and about, Tony said the others weren’t as fun so you weren’t missing out.
Bucky POV
With every note that crossed his mind, he threw another punch harder than the last. He couldn’t tell if he was angry, sad, or both. What if his soulmate was someone from the 40’s, and now he couldn’t have a life with them? Does that mean that she possibly already lived a whole life with someone else? Will he be truly alone? With that thought his hits faltered. Feeling his heart drop to the bottom of his stomach he stepped back. It felt almost like a knife had been stuck in his stomach and someone was twisting it round and round, everytime he thought about it. Being alone, he had been alone before, mind controlled. But the thought that his soulmate was out there was enough to keep him going. The thought that you had already had a life without him and would be dying soon had stopped the Winter Soldier's heart.
Unwrapping his hands he started downing his water, as if that was supposed to stop the heartbreak. Walking quickly down the hall towards his room he has complete disregard for the voice coming down the hall the intersects. Crashing into someone he loses his balance before grabbing the person's hand steadying them. Mumbling a quick apology he was brushing past the group of people back to his room.
You had been chatting with the girls on the way back to Nat’s room when you were bumped into by a rather big man. But that wasn’t what caught you off guard. It was the way your head was now buzzing with music, the sound of the piano was joined by cello. Something you had never heard before.
“Y/N?” Wanda asked concerned, gently grabbing your elbow. “Are you alright?” you simply shake your head, unsure if you are okay.
Wanda and Natasha had filled you in on all the drama and stupid things the other team mates had done. You had laughed along and joked around but your mind was still wrapped around the cello playing and the man in the hall. At some point the girls had fallen asleep so you slipped out of the room tip toeing your way to the stairs, you had entered one of the rooms. The piano you had sat before hadn’t been touched since last week, the tops for the keys still raised. You silently cursed yourself, that was no way to treat a piano.
Sitting down you let your fingers begin to strum, fumbling every once in a while trying to keep up with the newer pace of music, as well as the slight change in the tune. You had heard the door open behind you but ignored it thinking it was Nat or Wanda. But you were greatly mistaken.
“That sounds beautiful.” the person's deep voice filled the room. Your seat dipped a bit as the person sat next to you. Being startled you stopped playing, pulling your hands away. “Don’t let me stop you.” For some reason you had yet to look up at the stranger, though you felt no need to. Placing your fingers back over the keys, you lightly played your song. Then you heard one of the most delightful sounds. His laugh, well more like chuckle.
Turning to look at him you were met with a pair of irresistible blue eyes. Your heart felt as though it was melting, pouring out of your chest all over the keys. He laid his forehead against yours, closing your eyes you heard the music get louder. More prominent. And quite suddenly it was as if a symphony was going off in your mind.
All of your life you have watched people meet their soulmates, you say the way their faces lit up with joy and love. You had seen couples embracing each other in such a way that made you wonder if they would die without the other. Wondering if you would ever be able to experience the same things. Now here you are, tears spilling out of your eyes as your fingers glide across the keys, your soulmates hands holding your cheeks.
“It’s you.” he managed. You couldn’t even say anything, though shaking your head seemed to mundane for such a revelation. Pulling your hands away from the piano you grab hold of his wrists while raising your head the slightest to push your lips against his softly.
Though Bucky knew he was broken in every way possible he felt completely whole in this moment. Seeing everything flashing in front of his eyes again, his life he wanted with you. He had lost so much, been gone for so long. And here you were playing your song, his song. He had found the one thing worth living for.
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belleinhell · 2 hours ago
Genesis- Chapter 11
Tumblr media
Genesis’ POV:
We arrived at Louisiana, and to where Sam was with his family. “How do we get it off the truck?” I rolled my eyes at James’ dramatics as he lifted the weight with his metal arm.
“You're welcome.”
“Show off.” I scoffed immediately burning when he winked at me and distracted myself by placing the briefcase on top of the vehicle.
“Just dropping this off. You can sign for it and I'll go. I called in a favor from the Wakandans.” He stated monotonously. How fucking dramatic, before Sam could respond the sound of a pipe bursting filled the air.
“Sam!” A woman. Sarah. Oh my gosh she’s pretty. May god save me, Sam tried fixing the pipe. Tried. James rolled his eyes and moved to Sam.
“Hi!” I breathed out to Sarah, she smiled at me and returned the greeting. Seriously? Now your game goes to shit? Fuck you Genesis.
I looked at James who stopped Sam “Hold on, hold on. You gotta go up” he stated before fixing the pipe.
“Why didn't you use the metal arm?” Sam questioned looking at James making me laugh.
“Well... I don't always think of it immediately. I'm right-handed.” Sam chuckled “So, this is the boat, huh? This is it. It's nice. You want any help?”
“Yeah.” I turned to Sarah while James and Sam looked at me.
Okay see be simple Genesis. “I'm Genesis.” I introduced myself. I already knew her name, oh well.
“Ah. Sarah.” She introduced herself making me smile.
“’s a really pretty name.” I complimented making her smile wide. Baby steps. She put a hand on my shoulder and walked away, I turned around to look at Sam who was ready to kill me and James who was…I really stopped reading his expressions, they’re weird.
The day went by with a lot of work on the boat, alternating between the engine and external work, I was pretty relaxed.
“James put that down.” I called out from my place on the dock with Sarah looking at James who was practicing defense with the scraper making him roll his eyes at me, I gave a scoff before turning to Sarah and… talking to her.
“Think Karli's gonna throw in the towel?” James questioned as we passed the buckets of water to be discarded.
“I think she's gonna double down.”
“Any idea how to stop her?” I questioned him.
“I got Joaquin working on something.”
“Well, Zemo says there's only one way.” I sighed out at his statement.
“Gotta catch our flights tomorrow. Get a hotel room for the night. Crash, you know?” James taunted hiding a smirk.
“You're just gonna set me up like that, huh?” yes.
“I don't wanna make it weird for your family.” I started
“Just stay here. The people in this town are the most welcoming people in the world. They don't care if you wear small T-shirts or if you have six toes or if your mom's your aunt.” I laughed at him while James chuckled.
“Okay, I get it. I mean, you know, the people are nice.” He finally admitted.
“But don't flirt with my sister.” Sam pointed at me with raised eyebrows as I downed my drink.
“'Cause if you do, I'll have Carlos cut you up, feed you to fish.” Well that was nice of him to say.
“Okay.” I quickly muttered.
“Samuel we can take the couch relax.” I reassured the man, homeboy went berserk on sleeping places “James do you have a problem?” wrong question, before he could answer “he’ll suck it up, go sleep, we got to catch a flight tomorrow.” I stated pushing him away into his room.
“I can-” I gestured to the floor, taking out my phone and texting Spencer and Penelope.
“Genesis, get your stubborn ass up here.” he ordered, I looked up at him from my place on the floor. Now or never sis, take it.
I moved up to the couch, ignoring the free space and got on top of him and laid down. “Hi” he whispered looking down at me, I laughed at him “you’re comfortable” he commented.
“Yeah” I breathed out “thank you” I looked up at him again.
“For what?”
“Just…the past few days have been hard, thank you for staying.” I explained and closed my eyes when I felt his fingers get tangled in my hair.
“You’re talking like I was gonna leave, Sleep Genesis, I’ll be right here when you wake up.” he assured, it felt so good to love someone, to be loved by someone again, it felt good knowing I had a constant someone. I closed my eyes focusing on his breathing, it wasn’t long before the exhaustion of working got to me and I passed out to a dreamless sleep. “Goodnight, Bucky…”
3rd Person’s POV:
The freedom and Peacefulness James Buchanan Barnes felt looking at the girl in his arms was indescribable, a few days ago this would’ve been a far-fetched dream he had, but now…seeing the woman he loved peacefully laying on top of him, clutching onto his dog tags made his heart melt.
He wanted this.
He wanted her.
He wanted them.
With that thought he entered a dreamless sleep, for the first time…in a very long time. He was home.
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buckyssoldat · 2 hours ago
Chapter 34: Keep up
Warnings: strong language, mentions of death
A/N: If you wanna be tagged in this, just send me an ask or a message. Feedback is always appreciated, don’t be shy to share your thoughts on this :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No words can explain the way I'm missing you
Deny this emptiness, this hole that I'm inside
After the whole Ultron debacle, the Avengers, along with Doctor Cho and Agent Hill, decided to reunite in Tony’s lab to discuss what had just happened, while Thor followed the Legionnaire who had escaped.
“All our work is gone” Bruce stated, “Ultron cleared out. He used the Internet as an escape hatch.”
“Ultron…” Steve muttered under his breath.
“He’s been in everything. Files, surveillance. Probably knows more about us than we know about each other” Nat said.
“He’s in your files, he’s in the Internet” Rhodey got up from the table he was sitting on and started pacing around the room. “What if he decides to access something a little more exciting?”
Alice raised her head, “Nuclear codes.”
“Nuclear codes” Rhodey agreed, “Look, we need to make some calls, assuming we still can.”
“Nukes?” Nat questioned, “He said he wanted us dead.”
“He didn’t say dead. He said extinct.” Steve corrected her.
“He also said he killed somebody,” Clint, who had been quiet the whole time, joined the conversation.
“There wasn’t anyone else in the building” Maria added while she picked shards of glass from her foot with a pair of tweezers.
“Yes, there was.” Tony walked to the middle of the lab and, using his small device, he projected something orange and blue, which actually was J.A.R.V.I.S. matrix, destroyed by Ultron.
“What?” Bruce didn’t believe what he was seeing, “This is insane.”
“J.A.R.V.I.S. was the first line of defense,” Steve crossed his arms and looked down at the floor, “He would have shut Ultron down. It makes sense.”
“No. Ultron could have assimilated J.A.R.V.I.S.” Bruce disagreed with the captain, “This isn’t strategy. This is… rage.”
Suddenly, Thor entered the lab and grabbed Tony by the neck, holding him up in the air.
“It’s going around” Clint observed.
“Come, use your words, buddy” Tony’s voice was strained due to the tight grip Thor had on his throat.
“I have more than enough words to describe you, Stark” Thor said in a cold tone.
“Thor.” Steve called him assertively, “The Legionnaire.”
The god of Thunder finally let Stark down, “Trail went cold about 100 miles out, but it’s headed north. And it has the scepter. Now we have to retrieve it, again.”
“Genie’s out of that bottle”, Nat said, “Clear and present is Ultron.”
“I don’t understand,” Cho, who was previously examining Ultron’s former ‘body’, stated, “You built this program. Why is it trying to kill us?”
Out of nowhere, Tony started laughing, making everyone in the lab look at him while Bruce shook his head to him.
“Oh, I’m sorry Tony.” Alice spoke up, “Is this funny to you? A murder robot who’s probably gonna try kill millions of people, us included, is funny to you?”
“No.” Tony turned to Onyx, “It’s probably not, right? This is very terrible. Is it so… Is it so… It is. It’s so terrible.”
“You always do this kind of shit, Tony,” Alice took a step closer to him, “You mess with things you don’t understand. And now who’s gonna have to clean up your mess? Us.”
“No, I’m sorry” Tony took another step, and he was now just a few inches away from Alice. He was so close to her that he could feel her breathing on his face. Steve walked over to them, afraid of what either could do. “I’m sorry. It is funny. It’s a hoot that you don’t get why we need this.”
“Tony, maybe this might not be the time” Bruce warned.
Stark turned around to face him, “Really? That’s it? You just roll over, show your belly every time somebody snarls?”
“Only when I’ve created a murder bot.”
“We didn’t. We weren’t even close. Were we close to an interface?”
“Well, you did something right. And you did it right here. The Avengers were supposed to be different than Shield.” Steve lectured him.
“And why would you need to create a program to save the world?” Alice joined the conversation again, “That’s why we created the Avengers. So we could save the world.”
“Anybody remember when I carried a nuke through a wormhole?” Tony asked, ignoring Alice’s statement.
“No, it’s never came up” Rhodey answered ironically.
“Saved New York?”
“Never heard that.”
“Recall that? A hostile alien army came charging through a hole in space. We’re standing three hundred feet below it,” he pointed with his index finger to the floor, “We’re the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the livelong day but… that up there, that’s… That’s the endgame. How were you guys planning on beating that?”
“Together.” Steve said.
Tony walked a step closer to him, “We’ll lose.”
“Then we’ll do that together, too” Steve added. “Thor’s right. Ultron’s calling us out. And I’d like to find him before he’s ready for us. The world’s a big place. Let’s start making it smaller.”
After that, the team decided it would be best to go home, get a good night of sleep and start things over in the morning. Alice went back to her place in Harlem. Everything looked the same, except a bit dustier. She took off her clothes and went straight to sleep. The next day was gonna be a long one.
 Alice arrived at the tower a few minutes after the sun rose. Everyone was already there, looking through the files they had taken from the Hydra base in Sokovia.
“Sorry I’m late” she said as she entered the room, a cup of coffee in her right hand. “Did anything happen?”
“Ultron killed Strucker” Steve told her.
“What about Doctor Semenov? Did he kill him too?” Deep down, Alice hoped Ultron had killed him. It was what he deserved after everything he did to her and Bucky. On the other hand, she also wished he was alive because she wanted to be the one who was gonna kill him.
“Nope, Semenov is still alive” Natasha said to her and Alice nodded, “We’re trying to find anything in these files that will help us figure out what’s Ultron’s next move.”
She joined them, reading through dozens of files, trying to find anything that would help them defeat Ultron before it was too late.
“Known associates.” Steve said as he put another box of files on the table, “Baron Strucker had a lot of friends.”
“Well, these people are all horrible.” Bruce stated as he read another file.
“Wait. I know that guy.” Tony grabbed the file Bruce was previously reading, “From back in the day. He operates off the African coast. Black market arms.” Steve looked at him suspiciously, “There are conventions. Alright? You meet people. I didn’t sell him anything. He was talking about finding something new, a game-changer. It was all very Ahab.”
“This?” Thor pointed at a mark the guy had on his neck.
“It’s a tattoo,” Tony answered, “I don’t think he had it.”
Alice stood next to Thor so she could see the picture of the guy, “That’s not a tattoo. That’s a brand. A nasty looking brand.”
Bruce immediately went to one of the computers and started researching on the brand, trying to find what it meant until he soon got a hit. “Oh, yeah. It’s a word in an African dialect meaning thief. In a much less friendly way.”
“What dialect?” Steve questioned the doctor.
Bruce turned to the computer again, “Wakanada? Wakanda.”
Alice immediately looked at Steve and Tony. Wakanda was the only country in the world who had and produced Vibranium. If Ultron had a hold of it, stopping him would be much more difficult.
“If this guy got out of Wakanda with some of their trade goods.” Tony turned to Steve.
“I thought your father said he got the last of it” Steve stated.
“I don’t follow. What comes out of Wakanda?” Bruce asked.
Alice pointed at Steve’s shield, which was just behind her, “Vibranium. We need to find that Ulysses before Ultron finds him.”
 Soon after, the team was in the African Coast, in a place called the Salvage Yard, which was where Ulysses base was. Bruce remained in the Quinjet, only to be called if it was completely necessary.
“Stark is… He’s a sickness!” Was the first thing the thing heard from Ultron when they entered the ship.
“Uh, junior. You’re gonna break your old man’s heart” Tony retorted as he landed in front of Thor, Steve and Alice.
“If I have to” Ultron added.
Alice looked at the two people who were behind Ultron. They should be Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, the enhanced twins Steve had told her about. The twins looked around her age, in their mid-twenties – although Alice was technically 31 years old according to her birth date, her body was still 25 or 26. They were both attractive to Alice, especially their foreign accent. She ignored these thoughts and turned her attention back to Ultron.
“Nobody has to break anything” Thor told Ultron.
Ultron took a step closer to them, “Clearly you’ve never made an omelet.”
“He beat me by one second” Tony said.
“Yes. He’s funny.” Pietro started to speak, “Mr Stark. It’s what? Comfortable? Like old times?”
“This was never my life” Stark answered him.
Alice joined Tony in the front line, “You two did nothing wrong yet. You can still walk away from this madness.”
Wanda nodded, “We will.”
“I know you’ve suffered” Steve added.
“Ugh, Captain America.” Ultron started, “God’s righteous man. And Onyx, the mass murderer. It’s funny how you two pretend you could live without a war. I can’t physically throw up in my mouth, but…”
“If you believe in peace,” Thor interrupted, “then let us keep it.”
“I think you’re confusing peace with quiet” Ultron was getting closer and closer to them.
Alice laughed at him, “Just tell us what’s the vibranium for, R2-D2.”
“I’m glad you asked that, because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan.” Ultron suddenly pulled Tony and blasted him, while three other robots charged at Alice, Steve and Thor.
Alice fought the robot until she finally managed to break it in half. She was about to help Steve when someone hit her out of nowhere, making her fall off the bridge.
“Keep up, pretty girl” Pietro was smirking at her from above, which made her even angrier.
When she managed to get up, three man were in front of her, with guns pointed at her chest.
“Alice!” Steve called her and threw his shield at her, knocking down two of the men in the process. The other remaining man tried to shoot her, but Alice had already picked up the shield from the ground and used it to block the bullets. She grabbed the man by his legs and threw him at a wall, knocking him out instantly.
Grabbing the shield, she started walking towards the stairs so she could join Steve and Thor in the fight. Meanwhile, she saw Pietro fall down, just like she did when he hit her. When he was about to get up, she hit him in the head with the shield.
“Keep up, pretty boy” she teased him before she started running towards Steve.
“Stay down, kid” Steve warned the boy and Alice gave him his shield back before they started running again.
The two friends split up when they reached the top of the stairs. Alice was walking down a hall when she felt something in her head. Turning around, she saw Wanda trying to mess up with her mind. Alice tried to catch her, but she was no longer at the ship.
“Humm, guys?” she called her friends, but no one answered.
 Alice looked at the familiar surroundings. She was back at the house outside of Milan and everything looked the same.
“You’re home” Bucky smiled as soon as he saw her. “I didn’t feel like cooking dinner tonight, so I just ordered some pizza. I hope that’s okay with you.”
Ignoring what he had just said about dinner, Alice ran up to Bucky and hugged him tight, like she never hugged him before.
“Did you miss me that much?” he teased her.
Her head was gently placed on the crook of his neck while her hands were wrapped behind his back. She could smell his hair – it smelled like apples, as usual.
“I’m sorry I left” she mumbled against his hair.
“Nothing. I missed you, Bucky.”
The man let go of her and went to the stereo they had just above the fireplace. He grabbed a CD that was next to it and put it on.
“I saw this today at a store and it reminded me of you. Well, of us actually.”
Music soon started echoing in the living room. The stereo was playing ‘Stay with Me’ by Sam Smith, the song they had danced back when they lived at Berlin.
Bucky bent down on one of his knees and reached his hand to Alice “May I have this dance, my lady?”
Alice smiled and took his hand. Soon they were slow dancing around the room, enjoying each other’s embrace.
“I want to stay with you forever and ever…” Alice muttered against his chest.
“Me too doll, me too…”
Within seconds, Bucky was no longer dancing with her, but lying on the ground, blood coming out of his nose and mouth and his jawline filled with bruises.
“Bucky?” Alice called him while she crouched down, tears already in her eyes. “BUCKY!” She tried to wake him up, but it didn’t matter. He was dead. “BUCKYYYYYYYY!” The soldier screamed and cried.
 When Alice woke up, she was back at the Quinjet.
“You’re awake” Steve sat next to her.
“Where is he? Where is he?” She asked frantically.
“Bucky. Where is he? Is he okay? Did I hurt him?” Alice was crying again.
“Alice, the girl messed with your mind” Steve put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him, “Whatever you think you saw, it didn’t happen. You didn’t hurt Bucky, or anyone, okay?”
Alice seemed to calm down, even though the scenes she had seen earlier were still on her mind. “What else happened?”
“We all took a blow. She messed with everyone.” Steve explained to her, “The Hulk was out of control. We’ll have to lay low for a bit, at least until we can find Ultron. Barton is taking us to a safe house. You should rest Alice, we’re still a few hours away.”
“Okay…” Alice laid down on Steve’s lap, making herself comfortable enough. Soon, she was asleep again.
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Firefly's Fic Recs - April
Tumblr media
Here are the amazing stories that I have read last month - as always, please check the tags and warnings, comment on the stories, reblog the fics and follow the writers for more fantastic content.
Appreciating the hard work and dedication of these writers just makes their day a little brighter!
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My asks are wide open, do you have any lines of dialogue/prompts for my Bucky (or other Seb character) fics?
Tumblr media
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i want to write you a song
pairing: modern!bucky x singer!reader
warnings: nothing i don’t think just fluff eeeek (maybe mention of parents that have passed away) (ignore lack of capitals i wrote this on my phone)
blurb: where bucky has trouble dealing with his past and constantly feels he’s not good enough for reader. so her being a musician/singer she writes him a song.
a/n: i thought of this a little while ago but i decided to write it while i was bored on the plane. hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
it had been a year for bucky. a year since losing steve and a year since the final battle.
after everything bucky was still plagued with nightmares. shuri had removed all the awful things hydra had put in his brain, but he still constantly felt shame and guilt for his past.
so when he met you 6 months after thanos, and coming back after the snap it had been hard for him to accept your love. and to realise that even through the nightmares and mental torture you still loved him.
unlike bucky you weren’t one of the lost. you had to live in a world for 5 years without many of the people you cared about.
you had always had a passion for music but in a time where the world was broken you turned to music even more. and even though it was a sad and hard time you had 3.5 billion less people that could want to be a musician and so people started to actually hear your music. most people turning to it for comfort.
you had always felt pain, even before the snap; having lost your family years beforehand. and so when anyone you had considered close left there was nothing left for you besides music.
when people actually listened, it made you feel like finally you had a purpose in the world.
in those 5 years you became a house hold name. so many people listening to your music which sang the words impossible to speak when most felt numb.
5 awful years went by, and finally the rest of the world came back after the final battle. you became even more of a well known name then as familys and friends shared your music with those they had lost to tell them what exactly had gotten them through. your music.
you felt honoured. and yet there was still a hole within you. a hole that had been there even before everything.
it was one day 6 months after everyone had returned when you had left your apartment in new york to get a coffee at your favourite local cafe. you had your usual cap and sunglasses on, in an attempt to disguise yourself.
without paying attention you swung the cafe door open hitting another customer with two coffees in hand, sending his drinks flying. like you he had a cap and sunglasses on.
“oh fuck, i’m so sorry” you rambled pulling your sunglasses off in hope he could see your sincerity. by now he’d removed his sunglasses himself but he was looking nervously at the ground.
“no it’s okay i shouldn’t have these on insid-“ his voice cut off as he looked up at you. “you’re (y/n).”
you sent him an apologetic look, but it quickly turned to a smirk. “that i am. and your bucky barnes. but no it’s my fault, i wasn’t paying attention.”
his gaze suddenly seemed more nervous again. “your one of the few people that hasn’t referred to me as the winter soldier” he spoke letting out a small smile.
you smiled back at his response. “why would i? anyway please let me buy you some new coffees” by now the staff had started cleaning up the mess sending you both glares.
“no you don’t have to i can get some new ones.” he responded shrugging.
“no no, it’s the least i can do bucky.” you responded giving him a big grin.
“fine” he finally sighed. “if you you insist,” his poker face turning to a smile.
you both walked over to the counter walking around the now clean but wet floor. you ordered yours and his drinks giving the cafe a $50 tip as an apology for messing up their morning.
while you were both waiting for your drinks you continued your conversation. “so how does the bucky barnes know who i am?” you asked wiggling your eyebrows as you emphasised his name.
his face blushed as he laughed at your expressions. “well my best friend steve listened to your music a lot when half the world was gone. myself included. and so he showed me it once i came back. thought i might enjoy the sadness of the music.”
you jaw dropped as you gasped. “you mean to tell me the captain america knew who i was?! that’s way more cool than you knowing who i am”
it was buckys turn to gasp. he placed his hand over his heart in a dramatic manner, “i’m hurt doll, truly hurt.”
your heart fluttered at the pet name he had just given you but instead of showing it you just stuck out your tongue in cheeky manner.
more chatting went on between the two of you until finally you got your order. unfortunately the perks of going to a very busy cafe.
you exited the warm cafe and were met with the cool winter air of new york. pulling you jacket in closer to yourself. your sunglasses already back on.
“now i don’t really know how to do this anymore. the last time i flirted was in the 1940s but i was wondering if i could get your number?” bucky asked cautiously. you could tell he was nervous.
your heart fluttered again. he wanted your number? you fumbled with your words. “y-yeah of course!”
his face fell slightly noticing your nervousness. “if you don’t want to give it to me don’t feel like you have to” he replied.
“no no it’s not that bucky. i just would never have thought someone as attractive as yourself would want my number.” your eyes fell the ground in embarrassment.
it was buckys turn to be surprised. “if anything it’s the other way around doll” he replied as he handed you his flip phone.
after you had given him your number you had continued to walk with him to the avengers compound. (for once not having anything on this morning). you had resisted the urge the entire time to make fun of his flip phone.
it didn’t take long for you to become attached to bucky as the months went on. much like he did with you.
you had begun dating a month in and would see each other as often as both your schedules would let you.
you had tried to keep the relationship hidden for a while. but it didn’t take long for the public to notice that ‘the winter soldier’ was dating the worlds beloved ‘(y/n) (y/l/n)’.
of course rumours spread and though both of you had anxieties that neither of you were good enough for the other. it was bucky who it affected more. constantly acting as if you would just disappear one day and he’d be left an empty shell of a person like he once was.
after around six months you had become so comfortable with one another. and so his insecurities were something you could never understand, having never endured what he had. to you he was the strongest person. to him you were the strongest person he knew.
it was your 5 month anniversary of dating coming up and though it was drastically important it meant a lot to you so you wanted to do something special. something to ease his insecurities so you did what you did best. make music.
you were in your apartment the only light around you being the glow of candles. just having finished dinner as you snuggled up to him on your couch.
you looked up to the beautiful man you felt honoured to call your own.
“i have a gift for you.” you spoke softly.
“oh yeah?” he smiled giving you a kiss on the nose causing you to blush.
“yep” you replied, “but i’m gonna have to go get it.” you jumped up out of his arms and he pouted as you ran off.
seconds later you returned with your guitar sitting back down next to him. he raised an eyebrow at this.
you gave him a kiss on the cheek and then leaned back again, “i wrote you a song to tell you just what i see from my eyes when i look at you.”
this caused bucky to blush but he stayed silent, encouraging you to begin.
and so you began to pick a simple and soft melody.
i want to write you song
one as beautiful as you are sweet
with just a hint of pain
for the feeling that i get when you are gone
i want to write you song
i wanna lend you my coat
one that’s as soft as your cheek
so when the world gets cold
you will having a hiding place you can go
i wanna lend you my coat
oh, everything i need i get from you
oh, and giving back is all i wanna do
i wanna build you boat
one that’s a strong as you are free
so every time you think
that your heart is gonna sink
you know it won’t
i wanna build you a boat
oh, everything i need i get from you
oh, and giving back is all i wanna do
you began to play a little interlude and bucky took that as his time to speak finally grinning, “i like the part about boats.”
you rolled your eyes. “shut up bucky i’m not finished” causing you to giggle as you began to sing again.
oh, everything i need i get from you
oh, and giving back is all i wanna do
i wanna write you a song
one to make your heart remember me
so anytime i’m gone
you can listen to my voice and sing along
i wanna write you a song
i wanna write you a song
as you finished the end of the song you suddenly felt very vulnerable. but once you looked at bucky all you saw in his eyes was admiration.
“bucky everything i sang then i meant, you truly are the strongest person i know. and i love you more than anything.”
he carefully took the guitar from your hands and placed it gently on the ground. grabbing your waist he pulled you close resting his forehead against yours.
“doll, if anyone is to say the words you just sang it should be me. i have lived in darkness for so long. and anytime i have felt the smallest amount of happiness it’s been taken from me.”
a tear fell down your face. you hadn’t known him that long but you knew he was your soulmate.
“i love you.” you whispered looking at his beautiful blue eyes.
“i definitely love you more,” he responded pulling you into a soft but passionate kiss.
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kittylulu · 5 hours ago
Bucky quickly put out his cigarette as he got close to home. Quickly waving out his coat and clothes to try to get rid of the scent, he stashed his cig in his usual hiding spot at the corner of the brick building. It was freezing out but he did this on his way home from work almost every day. Snow started falling slowly as he walked up the steps to his second floor apartment. It wasn’t much. Small room with a stove and a big window. Bucky heard muffled voices as he was about to unlock the door. Steve must've gotten home early today. Bucky put his coat on the hook , hoping it didn’t smell too strongly.
Tumblr media
Only two people in the world call him Jamie and one has passed. Bucky’s sister had come over to visit.
“Becca, what are you doing here? Don’t you have to be back at school by 6?” Rebecca Barnes was five years younger than Bucky and Steve. When Bucky had signed up for the army, Becca had been put into finishing school until she was able to move out on her own. “ I’ll be fine Jamie. I just wanted to come and tell you both the good news. I have a job! I’ll be working for the telephone company. It’s secretary work. I’ll hope to be moving on my own as soon as I find housing.”
“ Becca! That’s great,” as Bucky grabbed his little sister and swung her around the small kitchenette.
“ Stevie is all worried still. Word is going around that troops are being sent over from around here.” There was a war going on in Europe again. We were not involved this round but it was only a matter of time. The Barnes were an army family. Their father was in the army and his grandfather before him. Bucky wasn’t sure if he was ready to take his turn. Sure, he could shoot a gun and punch well. He was more scared to leave Steve and Becca on their own. If he did go off to war, he would send his pay to them. Becca could marry off well, as he hoped either way. He would find a way to support Steve.
“Well for tonight let’s celebrate that new job little one!” Bucky snapped as he crawled under the bed in the other room. He hid the good bottle of brandy in a box for special occasions. “ Tonight is a special occasion,”. His eyebrow raised as Steve still acted nervous. Bucky put on his sister’s favorite record on the player. The Andrew Sister began to harmonize. Becca giggled as she grabbed Steve and started dancing with him. Becca moved to her brother as he poured two glasses of the brandy, just enough for a shot. “ Sorry sis but I’m not getting you in trouble Madame Ida. This is for Stevie. Come on, man.”
“ Bucky,” Steve sighed reluctantly.
“Tithadshi!” “ Sláinte!” The boys tossed back the shot. It wasn’t the best brandy but it was Bucky’s father’s favorite.
Steve winced after but smiled. “ Becca, you’ll do great.”
“ Thanks Stevie.” She gave him a quick peck on the check.” I better get going. Bucky, Aunt Rachel expects you at lunch on Sunday.” She gave her older brother a bear hug before putting on her coat and scarf. “ Maise should be here soon. Henry wanted to make sure his kid sisters got back to school.”
“ Are you sure? Tell him I owe him a game of pool next time.”
“Jamie, you cheat every time…” Becca coughed as she walked out the door.
“ Never stopped good ole Hank from trying”.
“ Bye Boys! Oh Stevie, Aunt Rachel said she expects you too. Love you both!”
“ She’s too young to be working. There is no need for a girl working when she doesn’t need to,” Steve and Bucky had settled into the bedroom . The boys had shared the apartment for a year now. It was almost home like. Steve had tacked his sketches all over the plain colored wall of the bedroom. Next to the window, an easel with a half done canvas. Sure these cost a pretty penny, but both men worked hard for their earnings. Bucky had been on the docks since he was 17 years old.Steve worked at the local W.P.A office. Desk work since his asthma has caused a few scary nights over the last year.
“Stevie, she’s just as old as I was when I started. Let her help in the way she wants. She’s a Barnes. We’re stubborn, “ Bucky nudged Steve with a laugh.
“ Oh that’s what you call it,” Steve scoffed.
“ That’s what we call. What’s your excuse? I heard you had another scuffle with John Brown. You can’t keep pissing people off with your lectures.”
“ I did fine.”
“Is that how Becca came over?”
“ What gave you that idea?”
“ Steve! Whatever, I can only save your ass so many times. Listen I got us plans for Saturday. The Murphy sisters, the Bellflower room, 8 o’clock.”
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cuddlemen0w · 6 hours ago
random prompt list 1 ;)
you can send requests from this (from one up to three lines)
characters u can choose from
“why the hell is you phone on light mode?”
“my stomach hurts, my head pounds and you’re talking too loud!”
“will you please watch howl’s moving castle with me?”
“go on, make a fool of yourself.”
“ladies and gentlemen, may i present to you-“ “who?” “well, i didn’t think of it that far.”
“sorry, do you mind if i punch him in the face?”
“it’s for the aesthetic.”
“sorry, i’m busy.” “doing what?” “making my pinterest board.”
“how in the hell did you get in here?”
“i’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me.”
“sorry is my existence bothering you?”
“for fuck’s sake please kiss me.”
“so do i put my hand here?”
“who ate my blueberry cake?”
“it was my grandma’s idea.”
“stop looking at me like that.”
“hi! my name is — and i’d like to meet your cat.”
“you?” “what’s so surprising about it?”
“i told them you’re my gay cousin.”
“that’s not the worst of it.”
“she’s been sitting on that couch for four hours, i’m starting to get worried.”
“double homicide.”
“why would they do this to me?”
“i just want a dragon.”
“miss/mr —, please get to the information center, we’ve got your boyfriend/girlfriend.”
“don’t mind him, it’s not your fault you’ve got body like a greek god.”
“pee break!”
“are you on drugs?”
“sheesh” “what does that mean?” “i don’t know”
“someone’s grumpy today”
“we’re adults.” “and?”
“i don’t like you like that”
“it’s not likely he’d be as stupid as he’s tall but here he stands.”
“would you kiss me if i was a toad?”
“my only friend is death.”
“it’s he/she cute?”
“it’s not my problem you don’t like chocolate!”
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thatgoblin · 8 hours ago
I wrote the prologue and am beginning the first chapter tomorrow.... I'm already in love. Also let me know if you want me to tag you for updates. I'll be posting here and AO3.
Tumblr media
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bemine-bucky · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
**gif not mine! credit to the owner**
So, I couldn't help myself. This is a continuation of my previous Bucky fic Insomnia because I just really enjoyed the dynamic between Bucky and the reader. I had a lot of fun writing this part and I love building things up between the two of them. If you guys like this or are interested in seeing more - please let me know! I love talking with people and hearing their ideas and such.
Much love xo.
Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 2079
Warnings: cursing, struggles with mental illness, mentions of sex (nothing entirely explicit but better safe than sorry), alcohol use, and really poorly written jokes lmao
Fingers threaded into hair.
Hot, opened-mouth kisses marking every surface of your neck.
Nails trailing down his back leaving raised, red lines in their wake.
“Oh my god,” you groaned as you let your head fall back and continued to rock your hips into the man in front of you.
Strong hands tighten their hold on your hips, sure to leave purplish-blue bruises for the morning.
“C’mon, baby,” he grunted, face buried in your neck as he helped your body to grind against his, “I got you. Let go, fuck, let go for me.”
A pair of slender fingers snapped in front of your line of sight, tearing you from your daydream and bringing you harshly back to reality.
“Hmm, what was that?” You blinked a few times before you turned your attention to the redhead who you, apparently, had been having a conversation with.
“Are you serious?” She laughed, “I’ve been talking for the past 10 minutes! I looked over and you had that far off, glossy look in your eyes. Not to mention you’re bleeding.”
A hand found its way to your lower lip and you realized she was right. You had been so lost in wet dreamland that you chewed a layer of skin off of your lip. You hoped she didn’t notice the heat rising in your face as you cleared your throat, grabbing a tissue from the coffee table.
“Sorry,” you muttered, pressing the tissue against your injured lip, “guess I got lost in thought.”
“Is it one of those flashbacks again?” She asked kindly, facial expression softening.
You nodded quickly, knowing fully well that the statement was a lie. Your gaze drifted over the woman’s shoulder to the subject of your previous thoughts. It would be easier to explain the common occurrence of your PTSD than it would be to explain that you were reminiscing on the hot, steamy, passionate sex you had the night before.
Bucky was situated across the room, leaning against the counter as he talked to Rogers and Wilson. The unfortunately tight, black, short-sleeve t-shirt he was wearing left nothing to the imagination. It accentuated every muscle of the body you had gotten to know so intimately not more than 10 hours ago. His muscular arms were crossed at his chest and he was sporting his signature scowl. Everything about the sight sent a shiver down your spine. You finally had a taste and you wanted more.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Your friend’s voice gained your attention once more.
A small smile found its way to your lips as you met her gaze again. Apart from Bucky, Nat had always been a good trauma buddy of yours. From the beginning she had been someone you felt like you could confide in and someone who would understand your troubles. Sometimes you wondered if a requirement of joining the avengers was to have a fucked up, tragic backstory.
“I’m okay, Nat.” You reassured, “Just got lost in my head again.”
“Whatever you say. Maybe the party tonight will help you get your mind off of things,” She mused as she pushed herself from the couch to stand up. She paused briefly before she turned to you again, “you are coming, right?”
“Yeah,” you snorted, “Tony actually threatened me if I didn’t go this time, so, I guess I have to.”
After the last party you skipped out on, Tony cornered you in the hallway and gave you quite the interrogation. Then he went on a spiel about how staying in your room all day and all night was bad for you and that if he didn’t know better he would think you weren’t appreciative of what he’d done for you and blah, blah, blah. Tony really was a good person underneath all that hair gel. All he wanted was to help you break out of your shell and give you the family he knew you were lacking. That didn’t mean he couldn’t be a pushy asshole.
“Good, I’ll see you there. I’m sure Barnes will too.” A devilish grin painted her lips as she watched your jaw drop. Before you had a chance to say anything she was off down the hallway.
Fuckin’ Natasha.
A pile of clothes littered your bed as you slipped another dress over your form. Not once in your life had you ever been concerned about what you were wearing or what you looked like, but there was something about tonight that made you want to turn heads. Your eyes raked down your figure as you twisted from side to side, admiring the way the black dress hugged your body in all the right places. Not to mention the thigh high slit in the dress showed off probably the only body part you weren’t self-conscious about. Tony, being the theatrical and over the top man he was, once said that you shouldn’t show up to his parties if you weren’t dressed to court a royal or to bring a man to his knees. Guess you were shooting for the latter.
As you put the finishing touches on your look for the evening, you felt that familiar heavy feeling settling into your chest. Your body always had a tendency to go into fight or flight mode when you became too familiar with anything or anyone. It felt like every fiber in your body was screaming for you to retreat into sweats and stay in your room, to not allow yourself this opportunity to enjoy the people you’d grown so close to. You know what happens when you let people in.
Grief, trauma, coping - it made it really difficult to live a “normal” life. Everyday tasks are daunting, it can be next to impossible to have intimate friendships or relationships, and not to mention the intrusive thoughts that infect your mind on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Here you were, the happiest you’d been in years. You were finally in a place where you felt loved, comfortable, safe - and yet your mind was trying to self-sabotage again.
You took a moment to close your eyes and take several deep breaths. When you opened your eyes you locked eyes with your reflection in the mirror and made a pact with the girl staring back at you. The intrusive thoughts and self-doubt couldn’t continue to have a hold over you anymore. You gave yourself a small smirk and nod as you made the decision to throw caution to the wind and give the party a try. What’s the worst that could happen?
Come to find out, the worst that could happen would be your competitive nature overcoming the rational, thinking part of your brain; which in turn would lead you to enter in a drinking contest. Thankfully a small portion of your pink, smooth brain was still functional enough to tell you when you’d reached your limit. Now you sat comfortably on the couch, legs tucked underneath you as you joyfully watched your friends argue.
“Dr. Banner, my friend, you are one of the most intelligent people I know. However, you are wrong.” Thor stated simply as he finished the rest of his drink.
“Thor, for the last time, water is not wet!” Bruce retorted, throwing his hands up in frustration.
You let out a loud snort before thinking, “Oh yeah, water. I should drink some water.”
Your feet planted themselves on the floor and slipped back into your pair of shoes. As you made your way to the kitchen you were pleasantly surprised by your balance and coordination, considering how much alcohol you’d consumed. Seems that drinking with Thor has done wonders for your tolerance.
While you were busy searching the refrigerator for a bottle of water, you were also oblivious to the soft sound of footsteps coming into the kitchen. After retrieving the beverage, you closed the door and turned to leave. Instead, you turned right into the chest of a figure that was definitely not there a moment ago. You yelped as you clutched a hand over your chest dramatically, your face filled with horror as though you’d just come face to face with the grim reaper.
“Jesus Christ, Barnes!” you scolded.
Bucky was holding his abdomen as he leaned back, consumed with laughter at your reaction. You huffed and wanted to be offended, but he looked so damn cute laughing that you couldn’t help but join him. You pushed his chest playfully and grumped as you hopped up to sit on the counter, opening the water to gulp about half of it down. Bucky couldn’t help but grin at your pouty state as he finished up his laughing fit.
“My apologies, sweets. Didn’t realize I’d be makin’ ya scream twice in one day.” He teased, grinning even wider as he did so.
Your jaw dropped at the comment, quickly looking around to make sure no one else was in the kitchen to hear what he had said. After seeing that the coast was clear you kicked your foot at him out of annoyance, only for his metal hand to catch it smoothly. The two of you locked eyes, motionless for a moment before he moved closer, sliding his hand from your ankle to your thigh. In the moment, you damned yourself for choosing this particular dress. The closer he got, the faster your breathing became. The contrast between his cold embrace and your flushed, warm skin sent a shiver down your spine. Abandoning the water bottle, you ran your hands up his abdomen and chest until they rested on his shoulders. Following a small nudge from his knee, you parted your legs to allow him space to stand between them. The heat in your face at an all time high as he pressed his flesh hand to your cheek.
“Haven’t been able to stop thinkin’ about you.” Bucky whispered as he stroked the apple of your cheek with his thumb. Each word that left his lips had you feeling way more intoxicated than any liquor you’d had all night.
As quickly as it started, his touch was gone and his back was turned as he opened the fridge. Before you had a chance to open your mouth to ask what the hell just happened, Tony was entering into the kitchen.
“Well, well, well. Surprised to see you here, Annie.” Tony beamed as he laid eyes on you.
Yes, Tony had nicknamed you after little orphan Annie. Yes, he also referred to himself lovingly as Daddy Warbucks. Yes, any person in their right mind would probably be offended, but you were just fucked up enough that you found it kind of hilarious.
“Wish I could say that it’s a pleasure, Tony.” You grumped back, upset that you’d been cockblocked and by Tony no less.
“Never lose that spunk, kid.” Tony winked as he turned to see Bucky retreating from the fridge with a beer in hand. “Inspector Gadget! Good to see you too.”
As much as you didn’t want to encourage him, you couldn’t help but laugh. Much to your dismay, Bucky simply raised his bottle to Tony as if to say “cheers” and padded out of the kitchen.
“He has such a way with words.” Tony teased as you rolled your eyes.
A sigh left your lips as you slipped off the counter and back onto the floor, muttering a “goodnight” before leaving the kitchen and heading back to your room. Although you wanted nothing more than to find Bucky and finish what he had started in the kitchen, you came to the conclusion that you were probably too drunk and definitely too tired.
Back in the comfort of your bedroom, you went about your normal nighttime routine. As you exited the bathroom, you couldn’t help but notice a piece of paper that had been slipped beneath your door. Grabbing the paper from the floor and plopping back onto your soft mattress, you opened it to read the note that was scribbled in black ink.
Never got the chance to tell you how gorgeous you looked tonight. Gotta say, I’m a big fan of that dress.
Sweet dreams.
- B.
When you finished the note, it felt as though you were floating on cloud 9. Even when you laid your head down and tried to welcome sleep, Bucky’s words were still replaying in your head over and over again - like they were lyrics to your new favorite song.
Turns out you were down for Bucky Barnes, and you were down bad.
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bemine-bucky · 9 hours ago
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
one shots:
Bucky x reader | word count: 2533 | fluff, angst
Daydream (continuation of Insomnia)
Bucky x reader | word count: 2079 | fluff, angst, suggestive themes
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bemine-bucky · 9 hours ago
Masterlist ✨
Last updated: 5/7
Please do not repost, rewrite, or upload my work onto any other platform. I write a variety of things so I will try and tag and label things appropriately. Any smut I write in the future is 18+ only - please do not interact if you are a minor, as this content is not meant for you. If I found out you are reading this content I will have no choice but you block you and I really don't want it to have to come to that. Please enjoy!
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Steve Rogers Masterlist
Chris Evans Masterlist
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sj-ficrecs · 9 hours ago
1,000+ followers fic rec!
Recently noticed at some point a little while ago I passed 1,000 followers on this page! In honor of that here’s another fic rec of some good ones I’ve been reading lately. As usual, no specific order. 
(Hopefully this shows up in tags bc my last one didn’t & tumblr wouldn’t fix it) 
Thanks to @whimsicalrogers for this divider I’m using below :)
Tumblr media
Bucky x reader:
3B by @softlybarnes Bucky x reader
“Bucky is used to being alone, so is the girl living in apartment 3B. He keeps to his routine, to crossing off amends. But mutual loneliness forges an unlikely friendship. Alone and reclusive, sweet and incredibly strange, with deep secrets and regrets, 3B has more to reveal than meets the eye.”
(un)cool by @belowva rockstar!Bucky x reader
“in the summer of 1973, after covering the howling commandos’ concert for a night, you - a young and inexperienced music journalist - accidentally end up following the up and coming band from new york city across the country. between shows, parties, backstage nonsense, interviews and failed attempts at writing a cover story for rolling stone magazine, you end up developing a love/hate relationship with their brooding, but devilishly handsome, guitarist james “call me bucky” barnes. (based on “almost famous”)”
Your Song by @summergrls​  Rockstar!Bucky x reader
“it’s not summer without you. or, that’s what your favorite rockstar always says. it’s all happening.”
Last Love by @wicked-mind Modern!Bucky x reader
“Based on the quote “He may be your first love but I intend to be your last” by Klaus Mikaelson.”
Remember Me by @wicked-mind​ Modern!Bucky x reader
“Y/N and Bucky were the unlikely match when it came to love, but they were inseparable since they met. After a fight, Y/N left to be a trauma surgeon in the military and returns without her memories. How will Bucky remind Y/N how she is the fire in his bones?”
Cake by @tellmealovestory (Part of the Something More universe) Modern!Bucky x reader
“The wedding plans continue as you and Bucky try to decide on a cake flavor.”
My Eyes by @invisibleanonymousmonsters Bucky x reader, past Steve x reader
“Steve is a good man, America’s golden boy, a hero. He’s Captain America for christ’s sake! So it’s normal to want what he has… right? Bucky knows he doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t even deserve the second chance at life he’s been given. But Bucky can never let him know. Steve can never find out that his friend is in love with his best girl.”
The Mess by @sanguineterrain​ Bucky x Avenger!reader
“A wild night in Vegas changes everything between you and Bucky. Suddenly, all eyes are on you and you’re left wondering just how much can change between you and a man whose guts you hate (and who also hates yours).”
The Devil Has Lilith by @write-orflight Bucky x reader, soulmate AU
“They say your soulmate is supposed to be the one person you love unconditionally. So why did they make yours so insufferable?”
College!Bucky series / Couldn’t Be Me by @drunken-imagines College!Bucky x reader
Bucky is a known fuck boy trying to win over reader
Best of Friends by @anna-phora Modern!Bucky x reader
“When your best friend steals marries Bucky’s best friend, the two of you are left with only one solution: to become best friends yourselves.”
Back to You by @celestialbarnes Modern!ex-Bucky x reader
“desperate to find a place to stay after your boyfriend cheated on you, you end up crashing at bucky’s apartment, the problem is he’s the ex that you never really got over and he’s got a new girl who doesn’t like you very much.”
It’s Been a Long, Long Time by @luminnara Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader
“When HYDRA had their prized asset, the Winter Soldier, they did something no one ever thought was possible: they gave super soldier serum to an omega. With the sole purpose of tending to him during his ruts, she spends decades living in HYDRA facilities, denied her humanity and her life. Now, years later, Bucky Barnes has his mind and his own life back…and the last thing he ever expects is to see a familiar omega again. Bucky/OC, a little angsty but mostly smutty/fluffy/romantic!“
Friends Don’t by @watchtowerindistress Bucky x reader
“Reader is in a friends-with-benefits relationship with Bucky Barnes. Rule #1: no feelings - so don’t get attached (written by Bucky). Rule #2: don’t ever stay over (written by (Y/N)). After a fateful mission, one of them is going to break all the rules.”
Just a Touch by @buckychrist Bucky x reader
“Your powers? Controlling any feeling a human can have, from emotions to pain, with a simple brush of your fingertips. Your mission? The traumatized soldier with sad stricken eyes and scream filled nightmares.”
Under Pastel Skies by @redgillan Modern!Bucky x Artist!reader
“Bucky doesn’t need anyone, especially not a sugar baby. He isn’t that desperate… but she smiles so sweetly and she’s endearingly awkward, and he’s so lonely. She’s an artist, a painter, the type of person who always puts others before herself. Throwing caution to the wind Bucky offers her a place to live, a place where she can finally paint whatever her heart desires. He doesn’t need much in return; a friend, a muse.”
A Long Ways Away by @ai-unknown Bucky x reader
“Connection, reconnection, and a small miscommunication. Bucky will travel however far, if it means making you smile.”
No Rest for the Wicked by @abovethesmokestacks Trucker!Bucky x reader
Based upon this ask: “i have the absolute weirdest urge today to get railed by trucker!bucky in a motel in like southern florida🤨 and it’s late too, maybe 3-4 am. the place is kinda seedy & it’s rlly humid and hot outside & the ac barely works so we’d both be sweating a lot but it makes it hotter”
Meanwhile in Louisiana by @multifandomwriter Bucky x reader
“You are Sam’s best friend and you meet Bucky when Sam organizes a party down at the docks.”
A Tender Heart by @river-soul Alpha!Bucky x Omega!reader
“You’ve been sweet on Bucky since you started working at the compound six months ago. Normally quiet and mild mannered, an unexpected fight with a coworker brings Bucky into your orbit.”
Tumblr media
Steve x reader:
Jane Doe by @justkending Modern!Steve x reader
“They weren’t next door neighbors, but they did live in the same apartment complex. However, they were on completely different sides of the complex. Steve always sees her across the way doing her daily routines and way about life on her balcony from his own. Something about her has him checking in on her from across the way when he can… She’s intriguing and has a way about her life that he finds calming and captivating. He wants to know more about who she is, but there’s no non-creepy way of approaching a neighbor that doesn’t know you exist. Is there?”
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rayray1463 · 9 hours ago
Looking for someone to do marvel, The boys, DC, etc. Roleplay with me. Must have messenger and be open to smut once we get comfortable about it. I've been doing roleplay for 2 years and I fear my current best friend may stop doing it soon and I am so lost without RPS. We write it like this but I open to other ways.
My oc Raven
R: Hey Bucky~ Want to go for a walk with me?
B: *smiles* Sure thing Doll~
We also do omegaverse, open to same sex, no kink is wrong or shamed.
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