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#winter soldier
itsflygtig · 11 minutes ago
I'm not sure about this but I'm gonna say it because I have this feeling and having a feeling is enough to say something. SO:
Why do people get mad when John calls Sam and Bucky "wingmen"? This is not a question for debate, though, it was just to start the paragraph lol.
I did a bit of research about the term "wingmen" and my gamer knowledge came out to compare "wingmen" to supports in online games.
I love playing the role of support, and as a support I couldn't help but ask myself... Why do people get mad when someone is called a support? Why do people think that beeing a support is something bad? Why do people want to be always the hero (Sam also got mad at that word, wtf), or their favorite characters to be the heroes?
Support is an important role in games. For example. I mostly play two games, ok?
World of Warcraft - I've been forced uncountable times to leave raids because the supports didn't heal enough, or because a support leaves the raid and we don't have as much heal as we need. So the raid can't continue.
Overwatch - I play support role here and I love it. What I've learned about beeing a support is that no one cares about your job. Sometimes you find people that gives you compliments, but that doesn't happen very often. In this particular case, every role is important. Supports can't do a good job if there isn't enough damage, damagers can't do a good job if there isn't enough healing and protection from tanks, and tanks can't do a good job if there isn't enough healing. BUT. If a team is equal in power, the support role makes THE DIFFERENCE.
This is why I don't understand why that word was so painfull for the fandom and even for Sam. Also, a support is probably the most important role in every scenario. Even in life, terapist are supports, for example. There is no problem on beeing a support AND a friend. There is no problem on helping YOUR FRIEND+BROTHER+FAMILY as a support and not as another hero who wants to be in the limelight.
Also, this speaks a lot of every people that gets offended about the idea of Sam beeing a support lol.
PS: yes yes I know that people got pissed because Sam and Bucky were family to Steve and helped him because they wanted to yes yes, but I don't care. As I said. You can be family to someone and help them as a support and not as another hero.
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100hearteyes · 18 minutes ago
So let me get this straight 🤔 the character who was done dirty in WS and CW because Disney didn't want Cap and Bucky to be gay for each other has now been done even dirtier by becoming a villain? Will it ever stop?
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iwasnotaslasher · an hour ago
Sam: You know, Steve gives Tony flowers everyday.
Sam: I wish you'd do that too.
Bucky: Okay.
Bucky: *gives flowers to Tony*
Tony: ???
Bucky: Dunno, I'm confused as well.
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mejacinta · 2 hours ago
The writers should've had Bucky and Sam at least acknowledge that the government were the baddies, but strangely they didn't.
Sam only got to confront the government directly with that little pep talk in the finale, telling them to 'do better'. Corny and vague, what the writers did.
They wasted too much time getting the protagonists to antagonize a mere government pawn (John Walker), when directly fighting against the government would've been way more entertaining to watch.
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