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#winter soldier smut
belleinhell · 4 hours ago
Genesis- Chapter 14
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: Smut, me crying, Cute Henry, Genesis and Spence
“I don’t wanna leave you on the night of Halloween.” Genesis whined at the team especially to her brother who shook her head.
“Well it was either that or throw drugs in your locker and fire you.” Penelope Garcia piped up making the Brunette’s eyes wide
“Let’s face it, Reign…you’re a workaholic and we just convinced you to lead a normal life.” Derek laughed as the girl rose her eyebrows.
“Define normal.” Derek just sipped on his coffee and walked away with a smirk.
“Hey…” a new voice popped up making genesis smile at the familiarity and ran into the Man’s arms.
“Did you do it?” she hugged him tighter when she received a nod in response “I am so so proud of you.” she whispered, pulling back, James Barnes dipped his head pecking the woman’s lips.
“Whoa, hey, brother still here.” spencer Reid pulled back the girl with a protective scowl, the room filled with laughter at the scene before them.
Just then JJ entered the room with a smile “alright everybody I have an announcement to make, as I’m sure some of you are aware Henry was a little nervous going trick or treating this year but he’s decided to anyway.” she announced making everyone smile.
“What changed his mind?” Derek questioned.
“The BAU did.” she clarified “I told him he should go out on Halloween and try to figure out which monsters are real and which ones are not.” the teamed beamed at her explanation.
“So he wants to be a profiler.” Aaron asked with a rare and beautiful smile.
“Ah! He wants to be his favorite profiler.” she moved aside to reveal Henry dressed up as his godfather making the room give out sounds of delight and his godparents immediately rushing to him.
Tumblr media
James watched as Genesis styles the child’s hair as spencer complimented him, she quickly lifted the child up on her hips and snatched spencer’s id from him attaching to the Henry’s cardigan “oh he’s official” they smiled.
Emily Prentiss was more focused on the look of adoration on James and moved towards him as Genesis and the others conversed among themselves “that’s cute.” she commented breaking him out of his daze “you love her.” she continued making the man nod “and you know I’ll shoot you multiple times if I find out that you hurt her.” James nodded gulping as her face turned into an innocent one “good, please take care of her, she deserves it.” Emily pleaded as the man gave her his word.
“hey Nes!” he called out to her and nodded towards the door indicating it was time to leave after hundreds of hugs and kisses and promises the couple headed back to her apartment.“So where are you guys headed?” Derek asked as Genesis took a deep dramatic breath. “Home.” she nodded receiving funny looks from her team mates and boyfriend.She laughed at them
“it was pretty funny, couple of weeks in Louisiana and then Brooklyn.”
James turned her around when she closed the door behind her, not giving enough time to even turn on the lights “can I kiss you?” he asked and immediately pressed his lips to hers after receiving a meek ‘yes’ from her, the once slow and innocent kiss turned into a lust filled hungry one “you sure? I don’t wanna hurt you” He mumbled against her mouth.
“I want this, I want you, you can never hurt me” she cupped face, he quickly pushed her back against the door while her hand fumbled over the wall to find the switch.
A shatter rang through the place when the light turned on, the couple laughed the broken vase on the floor as a result of turning on the lights “I hated that vase anyways.” she muttered with a small chuckle.
“Jump.” he whispered in her ear which she happily obliged to, turning into a moaning and panting mess when he attacked her neck with kissed, nibbles and bites.
“oh my god Bucky!” she gasped when his kisses hit her sweet spot, she could fell his smirk on her skin, he pulled back and kissed her lips again, angling their faces and tongues, He moaned into her mouth when her fingers tangled into his short brunette locks , sending shivers down her spine and wetness gather in her panties.
They quickly moved to her bedroom as he dropped her on the bed, hovering on top of her his “too much clothing.” he groaned in a deep voice making her let out an involuntary moan, he rushed to remove her shirt and pants, leaving her in her innerwear.
“So. Fucking. Beautiful” he praised making the heat rush to her cheeks.
“Too much clothing.” she spoke up undoing his pants when his hands stopped her.
“No, tonight is all about you.” he said sternly and immediately discarded his clothing and moved up to unclasp her bra.
Tumblr media
His tongue glided all the way from her neck, to the valley between her breasts, nipping it and kissing it making her whine, to her stomach, caressing her hips when he finally came to the destination he so desperately wanted.
He now faced her throbbing slit, he could see how wet she was, he looked up at her, asking for consent and when he received a nod he removed her underwear without skipping a beat, diving into her pussy, eating her out like a starved man.
His vibranium arm went to her stomach holding her down while she whined and moaned from above him, writhing with pleasure. She tangled her fingers in his hair pushing him deeper between her legs eliciting a moan from him the vibration making her moan his name out loud.
His tongue swirled around her clit with such skill she arched her back moaning louder than ever.
“Bucky Barnes, fuck me right now before I kill you.” she panted out, him giving her a boyish smirk he moved up kissing her lips and asked for a condom, she moved towards her bedside table pulling one out which he immediately accepted and rolled it on.
He almost laughed when she angrily whined as he teased her with his tip rubbing up and down her slit, his dog tags dangling over her, she hissed in arousal when the cold metal rubbed her skin, she quickly grabbed his ass and pushed him into her, both of them letting out a moan at the contact, and he gave her the time to adjust to him, moving slowly when she nodded in approval.
His once slow thrusts became fast and hungry, as the room filled with grunts, moans and the sounds of skin contact. He pinned her arms above her securing it with his metal arm smirking as she gasped at his action. The two were desperate for a release.
“Bucky.” she gasped feeling the knot in her stomach.
“me too, come for me doll.” as if those words were magic she moaned his name louder as her walls clenched around him in pleasure when she came, making him moan out at the sensation as he felt himself spilling into the condom.
The two panted out of breath as they rode down their highs, the man rolled off of her to the side, discarding the condom. He rolled over, facing her, his left hand making its way to her cheek, gently rubbing it. “You were amazing love.” her heart fluttered at the nickname as she gave him a smile
“This is everything I dreamed of and more.” she smiled at him. She moved up and placed a chaste kiss to his lips. She moved her body so she could lay her head on his chest and he instinctively moved so he could hold her.
“I’ll be right here when you wake up.” he whispered kissing her head “Genesis?” he called out to her, she tilted her head to she could meet his cerulean orbs “I love you.” he mumbled making her laugh.
“I love you too” he grinned wider admiring her naked body on top of his, her hand clutching on to his dog tags, like it did the first time the fell sleep together. He brushed her short brown hair and lightly kissed it before he drifted off to a dreamless sleep.
The morning sun spilled into the room, Genesis was the first to wake up as she groaned at the light contacting her eyes, her hands letting go of the dog tags she was holding. It took her a minute to realize she was laying on the chest of James Barnes, the thoughts of last night flooded her mind, a smile gracing her lips. She looked over to the clock reading the time, she moved her hand up, running her fingers through his short brunet locks making him shift in his place, his eyes fluttered open immediately squinting his eyes trying to adjust to the light. It wasn’t long before his eyes met with her own doe orbs. “Good morning.” she whispered moving up to kiss his lips.
“Good morning Nes” he spoke in the same tone into her lips.
“we,” she stood up, walking to her closet as James watched her move around the room naked, adorning a smile of admiration and love on his face while she picked out her outfits “have to catch a flight in two hours.” she turned around facing him, screwing her face together “what?” she laughed he just shook his head smiling wider.
“It’s a pretty good sight before me.” she scoffed at his response and threw a shirt at him.
“so whipped.” she pointed her finger at him, he pouted as she moved into the bathroom to ready herself for the day “I never said you couldn’t join me sergeant.” she poked her head out which made the ex-assassin almost run into the bathroom much to her amusement.
Tumblr media
“Boys!” she laughed as AJ and Cass ran up to the couple, pretending to knock them down as James hovered around them with the cake pretending to throw it on them.
A shrill scream sounded through the area making the couple snap their head towards captain America with a surprised look, he almost fell over making his way to the two and poked Genesis’ neck whose hand flew up to the place with a confused look “hickey…” he stuttered looking between the two “oh my god.” he repeated making the couple furrow their eyebrows in amusement while the moved and sat on the table with the Mother and children.
“Sarah, your brother is being a bother.” Genesis complained making the woman laugh.
“Join the club.” she scoffed looking at her brother who still had his mouth open.
“Yes, Samuel we’re dating now.” she deadpanned closing his mouth for him.
“Jesus, finally.” he breathed out making everyone laugh at his antics.
Genesis’ POV:
I was talking to the people Sarah introduced to me and glanced at Bucky, as if he felt me looking he turned around giving me a warm smile which made my heart melt, he immediately jogged over to me making me roll my eyes when his arms circled my waist pulling me against his waist.
“hi.” he whispered in my ears as I leaned my head back on his shoulders, Sarah smirked at me before walking to Sam who I saw was repeatedly hitting her pointing towards us. What a child.
“I am working.” I stated looking at his pout which made me hit him lightly. I scoffed when he let out a sound of hurt “oh so you can fall 200 meters and not handle a slap…that’s right, I have the video.” I smirked referring to the video I got when the two were in Munich. Thank you Samuel Thomas Wilson. He groaned as he reached out to get the food from me. I slapped his hand away.
“Wow you’re a violent lady” he whined and I innocently smiled in satisfaction.
“Stop being a dramatic piece of shit.”
“Okay you’re gonna be like this even if were dating?” I nodded vigorously.
He turned me around grabbing my cheeks and pulling my lips to his, Sarah came over and grabbed my spatula shooing us away, Bucky gladly took the opportunity to take me to the dance floor and his hands found my waist and mine fount his neck as we swayed around laughing our feet dancing to the music playing in the background.
After a while I ran to the place everyone were taking picture with Sam and I waited for my turn and jumped on his back, the two of us laughing as the picture was taken, I took multiple pictures, both of us looking like total idiots in every single one of them.
I looked at Bucky who stood beside be balancing the kids hanging to his vibranium arm while he dramatized his stories. He was truly happy, I could see it, and I believe everyone could. He deserved it more than anyone.
Tumblr media
It felt peaceful, my legs were dipped in the water when Sam walked over “for the first time in a very long time, I don’t have to fight my way through.” I spoke as he sat next to me.
“I can see that, I’ve never seen you this loosened up.” I laughed at his comment.
“Me neither.” I nodded he threw his arms around my shoulder.
“I’m happy for you Gen, truly.” I nodded leaning onto him.
“And I’m so proud of you Sam, truly.” I smiled at him and stood up, pulling him up and hugged him.
“Thank you Gen.” he smiled softly “hey, food’s being served.” he noticed making me snap my neck towards him.
“Gah! Finally!” I threw my head back, he laughed and threw his arms around me again, the two of us walking over to everyone.
It was beautiful, the fairy lights swimming on top of us as me and James swayed to the music, not like the goofy dance before but just us in each other’s embrace when I looked up in realization, he furrowed his brows in concern “what?”
“You’re my home” I muttered to him, a smile slowly growing, his expressions matched mine
“And you’re mine, always and there’s no one else I’d rather be with.” he proclaimed pulling me closer as we swayed to the slow music playing, letting ourselves to relax.
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bvccy · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
YOU MIGHT EVEN LIKE IT ► [listen on spotify] ↳ Bucky Barnes x European!Reader / undercover as married Chill and creepy beats for international espionage, lonely nights, pining, jealousy, and forced elopement. 10 songs for Bucky, 10 for the reader, 5 for Hamelin. ⸻ [MASTERLIST] [AO3]
Taglist: @golden-ghost @themaskismyface @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @ximaginx @ahahafudge @vikingqueen28 @ihavemanyhusbandfandoms @alexmercer-reginaldpeters @lianadare18 @frietiemeloen @ovoftbieber @gloomybrieyxb @learisa @offcast-plus1 @humongouswinnerduckmuffin @sailorsammyy @irespostthingsiwanttoseelater @mandybug39 @fiositivity @caitdjarin @millennial-teenybopper @ficklemcselfish @panickingqueer @chipilerendi @caramelcandescence @general-bunny @ssa-steverogers @witches-of-discovery-a @bluemoon-icecream
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Nemesis: Retribution (3)
Summary: 10 years after the Avengers had left you for dead during a mission gone wrong, you unexpectedly re-enter their lives. Wholly unrecognizable from the person they used to know and now with a new team behind you, they ask for your help to stop a chain of syndicates who were manufacturing and peddling the super soldier serum. You were determined to say no until the chance at the vengeance you had been chasing for years was added to the offer.
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU, The Punisher, Daredevil
Pairings: Female Reader x (Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Matt Murdock, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Pietro Maximoff)
Warnings: EVENTUAL SMUT. SHAMELESS SEXUAL BEHAVIOURS. (18+ ONLY), polyamorous relationships, reverse harem, blatant disregard for canon timelines and events, lots of angst, Punisher canon level of violence and gore, strong language, mentions of trauma, character death, fluff if you squint
A/N: We’re playing fast and loose with canon here people. Also thank you for the interactions. I love reading what you think and it helps me write the next chapters better. Also, I enjoy having someone to freak out with. Highlight of my life I swear to god. Enjoy!
No permission is granted to repost, steal, or translate my work. Not even a credit makes it okay. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
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Tumblr media
1:3 Hard Candy
Natasha stormed off the jet and into the conference room where she knew the rest of the team were waiting for them, fury radiating from her small frame. Catching sight of her target only made her grow angrier. She immediately ran up to Steve and growled up in his face causing him to immediately take a step back. Sam and Bucky were immediately alarmed, standing up to intervene and the latter's black vibranium arm whirring in preparation but Steve held up a hand to stop them.
"What the hell, Rogers? You send me on a mission with zero intel and this is what I find? Did you know?"
Steve's eyes narrowed down at her, the thick beard and longer hair adding even more to his already commanding presence. He knew exactly what Natasha was talking about and he did expect her to react this way.
"I wasn't sure, Nat. And I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up if I was wrong."
"And if you were right?" she scoffed.
Steve swallowed hard before he answered, the blue in his eyes calming considerably. "I thought the three of you deserved to be the first to know."
"What the hell is going on?" Bucky asked, arms crossed on his chest and brows deeply furrowed. They didn't even know about any mission.
Natasha chuckled humorlessly and backed off from Steve. She ran a hand through her hair, the red bleeding into the old blonde color, and gestured toward the door at the approaching people.
"Well you weren't wrong, Steve."
That was the overall theme of the day it seemed. None of them could hardly believe that you were actually standing at the doorway. It's been ten long years and you were like the ghost haunting their dreams during that time, a pure and kind soul taken far too soon. Hell, they told stories about your selfless sacrifice to the new recruits. You had unknowingly become a legend.
A legend turned ghost story.
Now you looked more like a nightmare; dried blood caked your clothes and skin, a cold smirk lifting the corner of your lips, and a dangerous unhinged glint in your eyes.
"Well, I'll be damned," Sam breathed. "Y/N?"
"Hey, Sam," you said, the almost flirtatious lilt in your voice sending a shiver down their spines. "I go by Nemesis now."
"Nemesis?" Bucky snapped out of his daze, brows raised high and his jaw clenched, features seen clearer now with his shorter hair. "The notorious mercenary Nemesis?"
"I prefer private contractor."
While they had been honoring your memory, you had been building a ruthless reputation of your own that was widely considered on par in violence with The Punisher but with the added disturbing fact that you could be hired. Of course, no one but a select few knew who you actually were.
Until today.
Nemesis. The Greek goddess of divine retribution and revenge. A name that suited the dark avenging persona you had adapted and the only purpose you now lived for. In a twisted kind of way, you were doing the same work they were only with far less finesse and none of the righteous for the good of mankind purpose they usually had.
You shrugged, sitting yourself casually down on the nearest chair on the other end of the long table from where they stood. You have had a long night, your feet were tired and they were still looking at you with absolute confusion and disbelief. This looked like it would take a while.
You rolled your eyes as you unbuckled your stained bulletproof vest, throwing it haphazardly on the table. You hazarded a glance at each one of them as you made yourself comfortable, noting the changes in them too. The years had given way to a solemn maturity to each one, it seems things had changed for them too.
"Now that I'm here, you have 12 minutes."
"12 minutes? Until what?" Steve stammered.
He couldn't keep his eyes off you, couldn't for the life of him reconcile the person he was seeing in front of him with the person he knew. From your expressions to your movements and even to the tone of your voice, you were just so different and yet it just seemed to make you a more magnetic presence. Fresh guilt washed over him, knowing that he had failed you as your Captain. They should have kept looking for you.
"You'll see. 11 minutes now. Either ask your questions or tell me what you want."
"We all thought you were dead," Steve muttered, taken back by your hostility.
"Well that obviously didn't stick. How did you find me, Cap?"
It was Steve who found you. At first he couldn't believe it was really you, but the split second glimpse he got of your eyes from the body cam on one of the field agents weeks ago drove him to obsessively dig further. It was a shot in the dark when he sent Natasha and the twins on the mission tonight.
"By chance," he admitted. "We've been chasing a group of people suspected to be manufacturing and selling the super soldier serum. Our agents have had a few close encounters with you. I think we're going after the same people."
"So you're asking for intel?" you snorted, absentmindedly picking at the bloodstains on your sleeves.
"No," he said cautiously, wary at how relaxed yet tightly coiled you looked. "I'm offering you your spot back with the team."
You almost choked on the laugh that just escaped your lips. You couldn't help the short bark of laughter at the ridiculous proposition. Looking at their faces though it seemed that the offer was serious, although the reluctant look in their eyes at your transformation showed their inner conflict. You straightened your features and shook your head, the amused smile still on your lips.
"Look, I'm not exactly on brand for you guys anymore." You leaned forward with your arms on the table and landed your eyes squarely on Bucky's, the venom unmistakable. "Besides, I seem to recall I was deemed not cut out for this team."
Bucky felt like his soul left him at your words. There was a Molotov cocktail of emotions raging inside him; surprise, shame, relief, anger, guilt, and longing. It was killing him knowing that he had a hand in how drastically you had changed. He was deathly afraid of finding out your full story. He wanted to talk to you, wanted to beg for your forgiveness and make things right. How many chances would anyone get to redeem oneself with a ghost? He couldn't find the words though, his throat going dry and his tongue heavy in his mouth.
"Y/N, you know that's not the truth," Steve tried to insist.
"I'm not Y/N anymore and I already have a team." You waved a hand dismissively. "Also your 12 minutes are up."
All at once the power cut out in the Compound, drenching the room into darkness punctuated by the flashing emergency lights. You felt yourself get lifted off your seat and the next moment you were standing behind a formation of Avengers in the arms of the resident speedster, your arms on his chest to steady yourself from the daze of the sudden movement. His muscles were tense beneath your hands but his expression was gentle as he looked down at you.
He had wanted to rush over to you the moment you revealed your face. He wanted to hold you, jump for joy, speed around the entire city with you in his embrace. How you were alive didn't matter to him.
Only that you were.
It was only at Wanda's warning for him to stay back that he did. She showed him that you weren't the same person anymore and that they weren't sure whether you would still be friend or foe. To Pietro though, you weren't different.
You were just angry.
To him you were still his little star despite the others thinking you were closer to a supernova now. His little star was just hurting and he decided that he would do everything in his power to help you heal. He held your head tighter to his chest, intending to protect you from the anticipated danger and ready to get you to safety at a moment's notice.
"What the damn hell is going on?" Sam yelled, readying his guns.
A figure silently jumped through the window and rolled on the floor to stop right in front of the group, jolting the Avengers to defend. He stood to full height and took a fighting stance; clad in head to toe red, billy clubs at the ready, and horns glinting in the sparse light atop his head.
The Devil of Hell's Kitchen.
"Let Nemesis go," he growled.
Natasha stepped forward, snapping her own batons in place. The crackling of the electricity from it sent lights to dance on the menacing expression on her face. The rest of the team watched closely the other entry points, expecting more to come in and if the first was any indication then they were in for a real fight.
Footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway, loud and not at all trying to be concealed. Walking straight through the front door, were two towering men in heavy military gear each holding an assault rifle aimed at the group. The sneer on one lent a dangerous taunting aura to his surprisingly handsome features as if to say just fucking try me. While the other had a burning steely focus that instinctively made anyone back off, the emblem on his black vest told them exactly who he was.
The Punisher.
The Avengers snapped to attention, each one drawing their weapons and aiming back. The air was crackling with animosity and fingers that itched to pull their respective triggers. Everyone held their breath, waiting for the first to break the standoff in the enclosed space. Willing for someone to break it.
You laughed.
The disorientation at your reaction was palpable across the room. You patted Pietro's chest, grinning up at him in reassurance that everything was fine. He released you from his hold reluctantly and let you step out of the protective cluster they had inadvertently formed around you. The three newcomers visibly relaxed the slightest bit at the sight of you.
"Weapons down," you said calmly, eyeing each one in the room. No one budged. "All of you. Now."
Steve being the first one to lower his shield was the catalyst in diffusing what could have been the fight of the century. As outnumbered as the newcomers were, they lacked nothing in skill and precise brutality. Frank followed in lowering his weapon and soon everyone did the same. There was still tension but at least it was now reduced to intense glaring.
You tutted and shook your head as you strutted your way to your three rescuers. "What I needed was a ride home, Frankie. Not a goddamn full extraction op."
"Sorry, sweetheart," he said, not sounding at all apologetic and knowing you weren't really angry if the tired amusement on your face was anything to go by.
He smiled at you, that small open quirk at the corner of his mouth that was always accompanied by a roll of his tongue. He reached for you when you got close enough, drawing you close with a burly arm around the back of your shoulders. He kissed you on the forehead, a lingering gesture that clearly showed an intimacy between the two of you. The soft look on his face was reserved only for you and when he raised his face to the Avengers it was back to the cold threatening glare.
"Can you blame us though?" His voice came out gravelly, a favorite sound of yours. "The last time you were with these guys you were captured and tortured."
The word hung heavy in the air and though your back was turned, you could imagine the look on the faces of your former team. They didn't know about that yet. How could they when they had believed all this time that you died in the explosion?
"You forgot to mention blown up," Matt added, grabbing your hand and pressing it to his lips.
He removed his helmet, floppy brown hair instantly softening his persona. He peppered kisses on your palm and the inside of your wrist as he breathed in your scent to calm his own anxiety. He almost lost it when Billy had called saying that you had been taken. He was usually the last one to jump to immediate violence in your group, but the thought of you gone filled him with irrational fear. The possibility that history could repeat itself was unacceptable to him.
"I should have come with you."
"I could handle it and Billy was with me."
"Lot of good that did," he scoffed, switching to lightly biting your wrist. This wasn't unusual. Being blind, he relied on a more intense physical reassurance that everything was still as it should be.
"They weren't gonna hurt me, Matty," you argued, but it was more to help settle his nerves.
"All right, leave the foreplay for later," the last of the trio said, pulling you by your other hand closer to him.
He held you tightly by the waist and pressed you close, molding your body to his in a practiced motion. The smile on his face was scandalous and the mischief in his eyes was one that spelled trouble. The cheeky bastard winked at you before dipping his head to lay open mouthed kisses on your neck up to your ear right along your old scars. Shivers went down your spine and you couldn't help the low hum as your body reacted instinctively to him, stepping closer still until you could feel the heat of his body through his gear.
You knew exactly what he was doing. He was always the quickest to show affection in front of company, but this was a particularly golden opportunity for him to stake his claim in front of people he believed did not value you enough. Billy wouldn't be Billy if he didn't take it.
"Hey, pretty girl."
Across the room, the Avengers watched on with blatant curiosity at the apparent intimately familiar exchanges. It wasn't as much the fact that three men were bathing you with affection, but more that this cemented how far removed you were from their memory of you. They knew you as a starry-eyed recruit who stuttered at light teasing and preening at the slightest validation.
"Y/N," Steve called for you, forcing you to step away from Billy for the moment. You turned around to face them but Billy didn't let you go far, slinging his arm over your chest and this time contorting his body to yours.
"I told you, Steve. I'm not Y/N anymore," you said, a fleeting sadness flashed in your eyes before it was replaced with a firm pride. "And this is my team."
"We're taking our girl home," Frank declared, the threat underneath didn't need to be verbalized. If they took you again, it wouldn't end well for anyone.
"Wait!" Steve said urgently, halting your exit. "We'll hire you."
It was a last ditch effort. He was grasping at straws to keep you from disappearing from their lives again. He knew that if you walked out that door now there was no chance of ever getting you back. He just could not let that happen. This would only be temporary at best, but at least it would buy him time to convince you of a more permanent arrangement.
"Not interested."
"Nem." Matt as usual cautioned you from being too hasty. "Is this about the syndicates?"
You sighed. Matt was like a dog with a bone now. There was no choice but to let him chew on it. This was particularly important to him because the syndicates had been running amok in Hell's Kitchen and he was starting to find it difficult to keep his backyard clean.
"Yeah, apparently the stuff we found in the shipment yard was for making super soldier serums. The Avengers have been following the trail too."
"Why not just join forces then? We can get this done and over with a lot faster with their help," he reasoned.
"We're doing fine on our own, Matty."
"Matt has a point, sweetheart," Frank cut in. "We've been chasing this for years. I know a part of you is just itching to end all of this."
"It might help us find him faster. Do you really want to spend another ten years pulling at threads?" Matt added.
You closed your eyes, hands clenching at your sides to control your anger. It grated at you when they ganged up on you like this, but your anger was more because they were right and you knew it. You hated it, but they were right.
It was Billy who intervened, pulling you again to hug you from behind. His hold was firmer than before, aimed more to calm your shaking body. His voice came out calm, but resolute. His first priority was always making sure you were okay and you obviously weren't okay with this.
"You heard the lady. It's a no."
Frank and Matt sighed and shook their heads, but backed off. They weren't about to push you about this no matter how much they knew this would help you. They'll try again to convince you later, but they weren't optimistic. It was fortunate for them that there was more than just one stubborn person in the room.
"Please," Steve interrupted. You had almost forgotten that there were other people in the room. Almost. "We need your help. They have someone who keeps getting in our way and every time we get close he either fights us long enough for the trail to grow cold or leads us on wild goose chases. We can't let that serum be available to whoever can pay for it."
He didn't know what it was that he said that made all of your heads snap in his direction. Your eyes in particular were suddenly wild with barely restrained fury. He would take it. At least he had your attention.
"We can't let that happen, Nemesis," he finished, making sure to use your preferred name. Anything to possibly get himself into your good graces.
"Do you have a name?" you ground out.
"A name, Steve. Do you know who this guy is?"
"By the way he fights he seems to be a merc too. Looks like military background though from where I'm not sure," he said slowly, carefully choosing his words in the hopes of you changing your mind. "He goes by Salvacion."
"We're in."
Earth's Mightiest was stunned at the sudden reversal of your decision. As firm as you had rejected the offer, you were jumping at it now with the addition of your own team.
"Let's get one thing straight though, Cap," you began, the rage still burning in your eyes like wildfire. "My team and I will work with you. It's all of us or none of us. We'll help you lock up the syndicates and destroy the serum. We'll play nice, but Salvacion is mine."
Steve took a deep breath, relieved that you had agreed but also deeply concerned at your visceral reaction to a name. He had to ask.
"Because that's the motherfucker who killed my sister."
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thatsthewrongwallcraig · 23 hours ago
The Thing With Cats And Water
Summary: Today is a big day for the two of you, but your little brat can't be bothered with getting out of bed.
Pairing: bratty!Bucky Barnes × a bit domme!Reader
Word Count: 1.1k
Content Warnings: smutty fluff (18+), naked butt cheeks, a sprinkle of Mommy Kink, implied further smut, unconventional methods to get someone out of bed, mentions of spanking.....I think that's it.
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Asks, messages and prompts are always welcome! 🌸💕
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A/N: That's what goes down in my mind when I listen to Disney music still half-way asleep 😬
Tagging: @demotalias and @wayward-blonde ( just in case you are interested 🌸)
Tumblr media
You were awake before the alarm even went off. Today was the day. The day your parents were about to meet the man you called Bucky, but to them it would be James.
You jumped out of your shared bed in all eagerness, ready to start this day, but your other - better - half appeared rather hesitant.
You knew this kind of behaviour, because he wasn't much of a morning person at all. A gentle smile adorned your face as you slipped back under the blanket, snuggling your body close to his, shutting off the alarm that would only be to wreak havoc upon this calmness. Instead of a rather loud and rampant sound rattling both of you awake, you pressed your lips along his neck, caressing his jawline and stroking your hand across his bare belly.
"C'mon, hun, it's time to get up..." You whispered into his ear, gently peppering his earlobe with your kisses.
Bucky just reciprocated with a tired humm, stretching himself ever so slightly.
"Don't you wanna take a nice, hot shower with me, hun?"
His answer was a sleepy movement onto his belly, softly snoring into his pillow.
"Sweetpea...", your voice turned more stern "Mommy needs you to get up now."
Still no reaction.
You moved closer, your teeth carefully grazing over the soft skin of his shoulder, occasionally nibbling at it.
" promised me yesterday that you'd get up with me and that we'd take a nice shower before my parents bust the party, hm?"
"I know....", finally some kind reaction of his, that was blatantly drowned in the pillow underneath him "Please...just a little longer..."
"Nuh-uh, sweety. We need to get ready now. We don't have time for lazy snuggles right now."
"I don't wanna get up..." Bucky groaned.
"I am aware." You returned, your hand sliding downwards for your fingers to play with the thin, soft trail of hair that led the way to the only part of his body that appeared to be awake and eager.
For a moment you could surely get him awake with some teasing, but he didn't earn it yet.
"Be a good boy for mommy, hm..", you hummed into the crook of his neck "I promise, I'll take very good care of you in the shower."
"Can't I be a good boy staying in here?", he turned back to his side, resisting to acknowledge the start of a new day "Pretty please..."
You didn't need to see that he was pouting, you could hear it and you felt yourself growing more and more impatient over that. On any other day it might have been cute, but you knew that the both of you really had to get going.
"Boy...", you warned, your voice turning to a darker tone "You know very well what you earn yourself with this attitude."
Bucky didn't seem all too impressed with that for he just huffed in return, shrugging his shoulders and wrapping himself into the blanket even more.
You sighed deeply, that's certainly were done playing nice with him. Not commenting on his behaviour any further you drew yourself back and slipped out of bed again. A displeased mewl fell from Bucky's lips at the loss of your comforting body heat. His hand tried to reach out to yours, wanting to pull you back, but, even though it was far from easy, you snapped it away, eliciting another grumpy whine.
The next target on your list was the blanket your not-so-good-boy had wrapped himself in, believing he'd be safe and secure under it, shielding himself from the sunlight. As soon as his sleep-drunk mind realized that you started to pull it from his grip he fought back, but you were faster than him and the fabric slipped through his fingers as you wrapped it up and got it far out of his reach.
"Come on, now!", you sighed, eyeing his exposed body and thinking about whether to speed this situation up with a juicy smack on his ass "I'll drag you out of there if I have to."
"Bringt it on.." Bucky threw back, turning his head towards you to be sure that you saw that shit-eating grin spread across his face.
"You bratty little thing!" You groaned under your breath, now certain to spank those cheeks until they were red and puffy as soon as your parents would leave. But for now you went for his ankles, clutching them tight and pulling him feet first from the mattress.
"Eeeh.." Bucky yelped as he got turned on his belly involuntarily and his body dragged over wrinkly sheets. Both of his hands tried to hold onto it, but it was to no use, if he'd grabbed it any tighter it would've simply shrivelled off the bed with him and so he had to let it slide.
"You had it coming, sweetpea!" With your hands still tight around his ankles you pulled him to the edge of the mattress, the bed frame moving a good part away from the wall. To make sure that Bucky wouldn't just crawl back, you latched at his neck the very second you let go of his ankles. In other circumstances it would be his sweet spot, but right now it much rather posed his weak spot and just as you had expected your little brat flinched under your firm grip around his sensitive skin.
"Ouw, please!" His voice hitched a little as you pulled him by his neck, forcing him to get off the mattress.
"You've earned that treatment all by yourself.", You remained adamant and squeezed yourself inbetween Bucky and the bed as soon as he stumbled away from it "You've made it that uncomfortable all by yourself and now up with you under the shower or I know who'll have to shampoo his hair all by himself!" With a nod towards the doorway you shooed him to better get his pretty body moving and to your delight he did, but not before he threw you the best puppy eyes you could muster.
"I'm sorry, mommy.", he mumbled, tugging astray strands of his brown hair behind his ears "I'll..make up for it."
Although you didn't allow yourself to show it, you were melting on the inside. Even though he made you lose your patience this morning you couldn't actually be angry with him, especially not if he was looking at you like this.
"Apology accepted, but be sure that we need to have a talk about this behaviour tonight."
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justjessame · a day ago
Starting Over Chapter 21
I was home, soaking in the bathtub with bubbles up to my chin, when my cell phone rang that night.  A glance told me I didn’t know the number, but with my luck it was something important even at THIS hour.  Drying my hand, I swiped to answer and hit the speaker phone option.  
“Hello?”  I sunk back into the bubbles.  Why not?  It wasn’t like they could SEE me.  
“Hey, is this Brooke?”  The voice was familiar, like I’d heard it before, but I couldn’t put my finger on where exactly.  “This is Sam.  Sam Wilson.”  My eyes widened slightly and I almost reached for the phone, thinking Bucky was hurt.  “He’s fine.  I’m sorry, you probably think Bucky went and got himself hurt - geriatric that he is.”  
I chuckled, and then sighed.  “You did ratchet up my heartrate a bit there, Sam.”  I exhaled slowly, reminding myself that freaking out constantly wasn’t going to work real well if I was going to date an Avenger.  “So if Buck isn’t hurt -”
“Still can’t get over the fact you can call him that and I can’t,” he muttered.  “He’s not hurt, but he is down here in Louisiana instead of up there with you.”  
“Oh, he is, is he?”  I shook my head, thinking about Bucky and his amends.  “And what is he doing down there with you, Sam?”  
“Flirting with my sister, for one.”  Tattle tale, I thought.  “He’s helping me fix up my family’s boat, but -” I could hear his hesitation, but couldn’t for the life of me think of what he was trying to get at.  “Look, he talks to you or about you and his face lights up.  He becomes the Bucky that Steve talked about.”  I bit my lip, that Steve Rogers.  “Maybe you could use a vacation.  Delacroix, Louisiana isn’t much of a tourist trap, but it’s a pretty nice place to visit.”  
“Are you inviting me to -”  I was teasing, because honest to God, the two of them were the WORST and most AWKWARD pair I’d ever come across.  
“If I don’t invite you, I’m never going to be introduced to you,” he countered and I laughed.  “I’ll text you the address.”  
“OK,” I shook my head, wondering what the hell Bucky Barnes was doing to me.  
I could have driven it.  It was nineteen hours from Brooklyn to Delacroix, but I thought a flight would be the best bet.  Connie drove me to the airport, beaming like a proud parent sending her kid off to camp or something.  
“Are you gonna wear the -” I shook my head.  No, I wasn’t going to surprise Bucky with the throwback outfit in Louisiana.  That was for HOME.  “Did you pack your camera and all the accessories?”  
“Yes,” I nodded.  Louisiana might be a great place to get a different perspective to add to my portfolio.  “Now hug me and tell me this isn’t a terrible idea.”
“Why would this be a bad idea?”  She asked as she hugged me tight.
“He has PTSD, Connie.”  I reminded her when she released me.  “Surprising him MIGHT not be the best idea ever.”  
She rolled her eyes.  “You’re not going to pop out of nowhere and yell ‘BOO’ with a flash-bang.”  My flight was announced and she pushed me forward.  “Go, have fun, and remind Bucky why he is absolutely smitten with you.” 
I rented a compact car and followed the GPS to the Wilson family home.  Tucked back among the trees, I was carefully driving along what I took for the driveway as my eyes caught sight of a flash of metal.  Tapping the breaks, I stared.  Were they?  No.  
I parked at a distance from the house and grabbed my camera from my bag.  Bucky was wearing a shade of blue that I hoped I could talk him into wearing more often.  Holding my camera up, I captured the vision that had struck me so fully that I had to stop the damn car.  Bucky and Sam were playing Frisbee with Cap’s shield.  Back and forth and back again, as if it weighed no more than one of the plastic ones that Connie and I had tossed at the beach as children.  
I captured the shots as fast as I could, moving forward quietly, not wanting to interrupt.  
“I think we have an audience,” Sam’s voice cut through my concentration and Bucky turning, his silver eyes shining as they landed on me caused my mouth to go dry.  
“Brooke,” game forgotten, he was in front of me and my camera was hanging from my shoulder as he cupped my face between both hands.  “You’re here.”  It was as if he thought I were a mirage.  
“Thanks to me,” Sam called out.  “You know, ME?”  
“I -” My fingers were tracing up his shirt, the vivid blue of it and I was making sure he was real too.  “I love this color on you.”  
“Am I invisible?”  Sam asked, voice rising.  “Cause it feels like I might be invisible.”  
Bucky leaned forward and I went onto my tiptoes and our lips met.  My mouth opened under his and then my back was against one of the trees, his blue shirt bunched in my fists.  His tongue touched mine and I wanted more.  
“Guys,” Sam cleared his throat, loudly.  “Not to be a party pooper, but - GUYS!”  I heard a clang and then another.  “BUCKY!”  
Bucky reluctantly pulled away from me and we both turned to look at Sam.  “Oh, now you remember me?”  He had his arms crossed against his chest and he looked smug.  “My sister might take issue with -” he gestured to how Bucky had me pinned to the tree in the yard.  “THIS while my nephews are running around.”  My eyes went wide.  “Yeah, kids - he forgot.”  He nodded toward Bucky.  “Like he forgot to introduce us before he shoved his tongue all the way down your throat.”  
He held out his hand and approached the tree.  “I’m Sam Wilson.”  
“Brooke Ashley,” I held out my own and we shook over Bucky’s shoulder.  “Nice to meet you.”  “Likewise.”  He grinned at me.  “Now, if Bucky could unwrap your legs from his hips, we could get back to work.”  
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justjessame · a day ago
Starting Over Chapter 20
While I waited for more pineapples, which came here and there, I got refamiliarized with the feel of a camera in my hand.  Not a cellphone, but a real camera.  Connie had been right, there was a list of names, in Mom’s handwriting because clearly Dad had asked her to write them out so I wouldn’t have to decipher his chicken scratch, with notes and contact information.  
I didn’t watch the news.  Call me a coward, but honestly, I was afraid I’d see Bucky’s face - marked as a terrorist or worse - and my anxiety would ratchet beyond anything a tiny pineapple would ever hope to diffuse. 
I read the notes Mom had made next to each contact Dad had made - what each person had wanted from me before I called or emailed, the likelihood they would be helpful in the path my Dad seemed more certain of than me.  Some wanted a portfolio to grade, or judge, before they would speak to me by phone - digital would be fine.  Others wanted actual prints, and a list of the sizes, finishes, and subjects they expected were included along with how they expected those prints to be presented.  There were a few that wanted to speak to me first, an appointment and a face to face meeting to see if I was a good fit to apprentice with them or if I would even work well with the image the gallery they worked with expected.  
It was overwhelming, but I felt excited by it.  More excited than I had felt during the resume padding and the multiple visits to the similar, yet slightly different job search sites online where I was ONLY that resume among thousands of other resumes.  
I decided that I would contact the names that wanted nothing more than a call or an appointment first, since those required nothing more than my person and my voice.  The options that required portfolios and prints I could work on while I waited for the face to face appointment times.  I started making a list of all the places and subjects that I wanted to shoot.  Wishing that Bucky was home, because those sharp angles of his face would look amazing in any light.
I guess I got caught up in pineapples and picture taking.  I had Bryn at the park - she was chasing bubbles that were being blown by a machine I found in my closet and I was snapping pictures when I heard the first gasp.  At first I assumed that one of the other little kids had fallen off a swing or took a nose dive into the sandbox, but then more followed and I called Bryn to me and looked up to see adults holding their cell phones up with their hands over their mouths.  
I looked up, checking the sky to be sure that we weren’t about to have a giant purple asshole situation again, but the blue sky was ringed with fluffy white clouds and nothing else.  Smiling down at Bryn I told her that we should gather our stuff and go see if her mommy wanted to have lunch.  She was in a giggly mood, and since my car was parked close by, the top up and the doors locked - just in case - we gathered up our things, alright I gathered the and she ‘helped’, and she was strapped into her seat while I was trying very hard to NOT look at my cell phone.  
The salon was silent when we walked in, and Bryn seemed to pick up on it, running to Connie with a loud, “MOMMY!”
I felt more self conscious than I had since the first time, since no one seemed to be willing to meet my gaze, not even Connie.  By the time I got to her station, my arm weighed down with Bryn’s bag full of stuff, I was terrified.  “What’s going on?”  My lips were numb and I still hadn’t looked at my phone.  
“Let’s go to the breakroom and get something to drink!” Connie’s voice was strained, too perky, too upbeat.  “You two look like you had fun at the park.”  I followed her, my feet like lead, but I had to know, and she wanted us to be alone.
“Connie?”  It wasn’t loud, but we were finally alone, so it didn’t have to be.  Not that the salon was exactly hopping.  
“I’m guessing you haven’t seen the news?”  She was getting a juice box for Bryn out of the fridge, but she didn’t wait to hear me answer.  “The new Captain America?”  My stomach was knotting the longer she took to spit whatever horrible news it was out.  “He murdered someone with the shield in full view of God and everyone -” I waited, there had to be more.  “Including Bucky and Sam.”  Shit.
I sat down in the chair closest to me, but I don’t know how I managed it.  Every part of me felt numb.  Captain America murdered someone - with the shield - in public.  
“Here,” Connie put a soda in front of me.  “Drink.  You look like a sheet.”  I sipped at the can, but couldn’t taste anything.  “Check your phone, it’s ringing.”  Was it?
I pulled it out, almost dropping it, but she took it from me and swiped it so it answered the ringing and then hit the speaker button.  “Hello?”  Was that my voice?  Shit.  “Hello.”  
“Brooke?”  I let out a breath.  Bucky.  “Brooke, are you ok?”  I nearly laughed, was I ok?  
“Are you?”  I shook my head.  “I’m alright, Bucky.”  I could almost feel my lips again.  “ Where are you?”  
He sighed and I knew he wasn’t in Brooklyn.  “Not home.  Not yet.”  He told me that he had a few more things to do before he could come back to New York, but that he wasn’t ‘off the grid’ anymore.  “No more pineapples,” I could hear the smile on his lips.  
“Good, I hate pineapples.”  I exhaled.  “I miss you.”  
“I miss you.”  And I wondered how we could miss one another already, but we did.  So strange.  “I have to go -”
“I really hate those four words,” I murmured.  “Come home soon, would you?”  
“Gold star, right?”  Bucky reminded me, and I smiled.  
“Damn straight, Bucky.”  And then Connie’s mini me reminded me that little pitchers have big ears.  
“Damn trait, Buck!” Bryn yelled and my eyes went wide and Connie slapped her hand over her own mouth.  
“Um, Brooke?”  Bucky sounded confused and I bit my lip as a chuckle hit me hard and fast.  “Do you have an echo?”  
“Yeah, her name is Bryn.”  I managed.  “Say bye, Bryn!”  She did and then I echoed her.  “Bye, Buck.” 
“Bye, Brooke and Bryn.”  He offered, chuckling.  
I looked at Connie when the call ended with wide eyes.  “I’m so sorry -” but her shoulders were shaking with laughter.   
“That was TOTALLY worth it.”  She got out.  “But you owe the swear jar fifty cents.” 
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justjessame · a day ago
Starting Over Chapter 18
“You wish you could call him, don’t you?”  Connie asked me as we were working in tandem to get Bryn’s car seat to cooperate with the slender backseat of my new to me car.  The three year old was making her own kind of fun in the safety of my hedged and fenced backyard, we could hear her playing with a doll and stuffy she’d grabbed to take along for the drive that I hoped we would eventually manage - but God help me if this fucking car and its added in safety measures were planning on giving up their secrets willingly.  I was fighting with my side of the car seat and seatbelt so I was momentarily confused by her question.  “Bucky, Brooke,” she groaned, yanking her side into submission with the knowledge and expertise that came from three years worth of doing it.  “You wish you could call him.”  
Oh, yeah.  No shit, I thought.  “Yeah,” I growled, pulling the belt into place and almost screaming in victory when it finally shot into place and was perfect in its imobility.  My goddaughter would be safe in the damn car now.  As long as I remembered how to fucking drive a stick shift, fuck.  I sat back, feeling both weirdly fucking proud that I managed to tame a car seat and irritated that I couldn’t tell Bucky any of my news.  Not until he called me.  And I hadn’t had anything since the pineapple I’d gotten after I woke up first thing.  Ugh.  “Do you want to keep Bryn FAR out of the way in the yard while I make sure I can maneuver this thing without damaging the shed, me, the car, and -” I considered my options.  “New York in general?”
Connie snorted.  “You’re not gonna destroy anything.”  She rolled her eyes and got out of the car.  “Put the top down, hit the garage door opener so the damn thing lifts out of the way and go SLOWLY.”  She went toward the sounds of Bryn’s giggles.  “I’ll go grab my girl and lock up the house.”  
“Grab my -” but she was gone and I was sighing for what felt like the thousandth time.  While she was gone I crawled out of the driver’s side of my car and walked to Dad’s tool counter.  Everything was still put away as perfectly and precisely as it always had been at the end of every day he’d spent in his workshop.  It made it easy to find the remote to open the garage door, and I wasn’t surprised that the sliding door made little sound as it rose along its path into the ceiling.  Dad wouldn’t have stood for anything being out of sorts, and nothing could squeak or squawk - that just wouldn’t do.  I was smiling at the little touches that brought him back to me, while I put the remote on the seat beside me, taking a deep breath and closing my eyes so I could think back to when he first taught me to drive a car that wasn’t start and go -
Bryn had fallen asleep on the way back around through the neighborhood, and I was thinking that Connie’s face might be frozen in a permanent grin that would make Batman’s Joker feel envious.  She had waved at every damn human that we passed, yelling out greetings while I tried desperately to NOT rip out the transmission of my car, while the echoes of Dad’s training were burning in the back of my head.  To say that I envied the toddler would be a vast understatement.  
I was clicking open the garage as we came into range and Connie was trying to talk me into another tour around the neighborhood.  I shot her a look and she laughed.  “Oh come on, Brooke, it wasn’t that bad.”  She leaned back, the slight breeze from the slower speed of the car and the wind itself ruffling her curls.  “If you’d relax your grip on the steering wheel, loosen your posture a tad, you might see that this car is pretty damn hot.”  
“This car is gorgeous,” I muttered, praying I didn’t knick any part of it as I inched it back into the shed.  “Too fucking gorgeous.  I’m going to fuck it up.”  
“You are NOT.”  Connie sighed and waited until I inched it carefully into place.  Once I was satisfied and I got out to make sure that I could close the garage door without taking out the rear end, I hit the remote and let it slide shut.  “You’re going to have a stroke if you don’t lighten up a little, Brooke, and you’re the YOUNG half of the couple you’re a part of.”  
I shot her another look as I got back in the car and put the top back up.  Then I helped her get Bryn out, staring in horror at her car seat.  “Oh shit,” the fucking car seat would need to come out to go back into - I nearly groaned again, but the little one was still napping  
“I have a spare,” Connie looked smug and I wondered if all parents had that look when dealing with the uninitiated.  “You might want to take it out when you show the car off to Bucky, or if you plan on using that backseat for -” she waggled her eyes and I rolled mine.  “You LOOK five years younger than me, but you ACT ten years OLDER.”  She shook her head.  
We were walking back to the house, after I relocked the shed - look my car was pretty fucking sweet, alright?  Bryn snoozing sweetly on Connie’s shoulder, when she brought the topic back to my urge to call Bucky.  
“Yes, Connie,” I agree, handing her a bottle of water while she juggled her toddler’s weight.  Feeling merciful, I opened it for her.  “I do want to call him, but I can’t.  And it sucks, but what can I do about it?”  
“That wasn’t really my point,” she answered once she took a long pull from her bottle.  “My point, Brooke, was that Bucky is the first person you want to call - after me of course - when you have something you want to celebrate, or just fucking talk about.”  Realizing she let the ‘f’- word slip, she shot the still out little one a look and shook off the look of horror.  Connie grinned, not the disturbing one she was shooting people during our parade through the neighborhood, but the one she kept getting when she talked to me about Bucky.  “That’s a good sign, you know?”  
“Is it?”  I didn’t have a lot of experience with this sort of thing.  Relationships.  
Connie nodded.  “Yeah, it is.”  She sighed and adjusted Bryn’s weight.  “So, while you’re waiting for him to send you more signs that he’s alright, or to finally call you up - open up that box with your camera and stuff, because there’s a list of people your dad talked to.”  I took a deep breath.  “Brooke, it’s time for you to start living for YOU.  Even your parents thought so.”  I nodded and her smile grew.  “Just think, by the time Bucky calls, you’ll have tons to tell him.” 
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vivid4am · a day ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky's therapist talks him into going to Y/N's apartment
Warning: Language
A/N: Thank you guys so much for the support on chapter 1, I'm so overwhelmed with joy. As a treat, I decided to post chapter 2!
Chapter 1
“I made a friend yesterday. I think.”
Dr. Raynor’s ears perked up. “You think?” She asked as she adjusted her glasses. Bucky was in Dr. Raynor’s office for his federal mandatory therapy sessions. And mandatory meant one missed appointment meant another appointment in jail.
Bucky nodded his head, “Yeah, I met her last night.” He said. Dr. Raynor started to pick up her notebook. Bucky sighed. “Please, do you have to do this?” Bucky asked, motioning towards her notebook. She ignored him. “A her?” She asked, jotting something down on her notes. Bucky clenched his flesh fist. “Yeah, her name’s Y/N.”
“How’d you meet her?” Raynor questioned. Bucky took a breath before speaking. “She lives next door. Was playing some dumb song on repeat. Something about life going on, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that song was annoying.” He rambled. All Bucky heard in reply was the scratch of pen on paper. “Songs and conversations about ‘life going on’ get you upset?” Raynor asked, looking up from her notebook.
Bucky sighed and rubbed his face, feeling his stubble on his single calloused hand. “No, it’s just annoying.” He replied with annoyance in his voice. Dr. Raynor gave him a look. “We’ll save that conversation for another session. Right now I wanna hear about Y/N.” Dr. Raynor leaned forward. “All I did was knock on the wall, which caused her to stop the song. She then asked about the band and I didn’t know who it was. She came over pissed.” Bucky explained, shrugging his shoulders. He was getting a little agitated with Raynor today. But then again, he always grew agitated with her every session. “What was the band?” She asked. Bucky shrugged again. “Something with a bug, I don’t know.”
“The Beatles?”
Bucky snapped his fingers with his flesh hand. “That’s the one.” He exclaimed, pointing at Raynor. She chuckled to herself. “What next, Bucky?” Bucky cleared his throat. “Well, she ripped me a new one for not knowing them, then came into my apartment -unwelcomed, by the way- and started looking around for my ‘shitty taste in music'.” Bucky did the little quotation mark gesture as he spoke. He went on, “I then told her that I don’t listen to music. She didn’t yell or anything after that. Just told me to come to her apartment today at 8. To do what, I have no clue. She then just left.” Bucky trailed off after saying ‘left’, which drew Raynor’s attention.
“Sounds like you like her already,” Raynor said, adjusting her position in her armchair. “You should go. I know you may think you don’t want to, but you do. Go.” Bucky rolled his eyes at her words. “Of course I don’t want to go, I don’t know her.” He did want to go. Goddamn, he wanted to go so badly. Why won’t he let himself go?
“You’re just saying that. You do want to go. This is the first person, other than-” Raynor stopped and flipped in her notebook. “Mr. Nakajima that you’ve had a connection with. Actually a first one outside of your list of amends.” Raynor was right. Bucky hasn’t spoken to anyone from the team in a while.
He’s been avoiding Pepper and Morgan because he still feels terrible about not being able to apologize to Tony about his parents. Thor’s doing whatever the fuck the God of Thunder would do. Sam’s in Louisiana with his sister and nephews. Clint’s trying to get over the guilt of Natasha’s death. And Bruce is doing “Brucey” things.
Bucky has no one. Just himself. Just like it’s always been.
He sucked in a breath. “Okay, I’ll go.”
“You better, Barnes. I’ll find out one way or another.” Raynor said, closing her notebook.
Bucky was sitting on his living room floor, staring at the clock in the corner of the room.
He still sat, his back against the wall, listening to the ticking of the clock on the wall. “C’mon, Buck. You gotta go.” He mumbled to himself, rubbing his gloved hands together. He screwed his eyes shut. He didn’t understand why he was so nervous.
“This is the first person you’ve ever had a connection with outside your list.” He said, remembering Dr. Raynor’s words. Maybe that’s why he was so nervous. He just didn’t want to fuck it up. Didn’t want to lose the chance to live a normal life. Whatever normal meant nowadays.
A knock on the wall shook Bucky out of his small pep talk. “You coming over or what?” Y/N’s voice sounded muffled through the wall. Bucky took a deep breath before getting up and walking over.
Before he could even knock on Y/N’s door, she opened it. She had a white t-shirt on, paired with a pair of plaid black pants, matched with a maroon leather jacket. Her feet were covered in her white socks. The only makeup on her face was some eyebrow gel and mascara. Bucky thought she looked pretty.
He shook that thought out of his head. Just be my friend, he thought. Y/N gave him a small smile. “Never thought you’d come.” She said, moving out of the way to let Bucky into her apartment. He stepped in. It did look similar, structure-wise. The kitchen was in the same place, as was the living room. But Y/N had it more decorated than him.
She had posters of bands and artists framed on her wall. Plants littered the corners of her apartment. She had a nice couch and another nice armchair in her living room. She didn’t have a T.V. though. Where Bucky had his T.V., she had a long shelf full of records, new and old. Sitting on top of the shelf was a record player accompanied by two speakers on either side. And of course, above the record player, hanging on the wall was a poster of The Beatles.
“I didn’t know people still used record players,” Bucky said aloud. Y/N shot him a smile. “It’s the best way to listen to music.” Y/N chuckled and walked over to her fridge. She opened the refrigerator door and pulled out two bottles of beer. Kicking the door closed with her foot, she gave one to Bucky.
Bucky watched as Y/N popped the lid off with her finger and took a sip. “Hope you like Stella Artois.” She said, nodding towards his drink. Bucky gave her a small smile. “I do, thanks.” He said, cracking the beer open with ease.
Y/N strolled over to her record player and then turned around to face the leather-clad man. “So, got a favorite decade?” She asked, crouching down to search through her records. Bucky cleared his throat before speaking. “The ‘40s.” He mumbled, just loud enough for Y/N to hear.
“Hmm,” Y/N sat down on the floor, shuffling through her records. “I have Frank Sinatra, does that sound good?” She asked, looking back and showing Bucky her copy of Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits.
“Yeah, I think I’ve heard his stuff before,” Bucky said, the name jogging his memory. He watched as Y/N carefully took the record out of its case before putting it on the record player. She pressed the start button, making the record spin. The girl grabbed a brush-like object and carefully swept the record with it. She then picked up the needle and placed it on the record. As Y/N walked away Sinatra’s All of Me started playing through her book-end speakers.
Bucky gave her a look. Something about this felt too good to be true. “So, what is all of this for?” Bucky questioned, motioning to everything around him. Y/N shrugged. “I decided to be charitable because you don’t seem to know anything about music. You come over, we drink, listen to some tunes, talk about life and whatnot.” She said, walking towards her kitchen table.
“Few rounds of rummy, while we listen to Sinatra, Buck?” She asked, holding a deck of cards in her hands.
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deaan · a day ago
If It Isn't Love
Part 2/2
Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader
Summary: Bucky acting without thinking first is what messed everything up in the first place, but it somehow makes everything right again
Word Count: 3,711 (ikr? I'm so proud of myself for this XD)
Warnings: (18+ only!) Bucky acting on his impulse, jealousy, Bucky being cute and caring, mentions of John Walker, break up, smut, oral sex, unprotected sex
@buckybingo square: roommates au
@girl-next-door-writes' make me feel bingo: smut
Writing Challenges entry for: @princessmisery666's Daily Mixes Challenge for the song Let Me Love You by Mario and @bubblebuckys 1K Writing Challenge with the prompt: “If you’re gonna start something, finish it.”
A/N: dividers by @firefly-graphics
hope you guys enjoy!
Main Masterlist • Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Part 1
Bucky can hear you arguing with your boyfriend, John Walker.
Or, to be more specific, he can hear you shouting at John even though he's in his room and you two are in the living room, but John's voice isn't audible.
It's times like this when he wishes he was a supersoldier of some sort and could hear what excuses that little shit is giving this time.
Bucky frowns when he catches your voice cracking, an indication that you're on the verge of crying and he tightens his fist. He wants nothing more than to confront John with a punch or two, and maybe even break his nose so that he learns his lesson.
Or, at the very least, comfort you with a hug and make fun of a rom-com to cheer you up, just like old times.
But he can't, and he knows that.
It's his fault for losing that privilege, after all. For losing you.
"I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore," he catches you saying, accompanied with a sigh.
There's a moment of silence where Bucky guesses John speaks before you utter - "Yeah, that will be for the best."
The front door of your apartment closes with a loud thud and he can make out the characteristic pitter-patter of your feet going down the hallway and then a definitive creak of your bedroom door, but John's heavy footfalls are absent, telling Bucky that the latter has left.
Every atom of his body is screaming at him to go and check on you, but his mind is in conflict. He doesn't remember walking up to your door, but he's here now and his hand is reaching for the handle.
A moment of hesitation causes Bucky to shake his head and step back.
His eyebrows stitch together when soft, muffled music starts playing, increasing his confusion when he deciphers it to be a song you had once exclaimed to be too sappy and pathetic.
Bucky's resolve to keep himself out of your business melts and he knocks once, then twice and a couple more with small gaps of time but you don't answer nor acknowledge it with a "Go away!"
Getting more worried now, Bucky tries the handle, which thankfully opens.
His gratitude is short-lived, because the sight he encounters tugs painfully at his heart.
Bucky's feet work on their own accord as he approaches your form lying face down and curled to make yourself small, used tissues littered all around you.
"You okay, Y/N?" He knows the moment the words leave his mouth that he asked the stupidest question on the planet.
Of course you're not okay.
In your usual spirits, you would've smiled and berated him for that, but now you just flinch and then slowly rise to look at him with watery eyes and trembling chin. Instinctively, he sits beside you and takes you in his arms.
Bucky waits for you to push him away which doesn't happen. Instead, your hands grab the back of his t-shirt as a choked sob escapes your lips. His hold tightens as you begin to weep, the dam you had built around your emotions crumbling down.
He feels you go slack a little while later, and he feels sad that you fell asleep while crying and he couldn't do anything about it. He takes this opportunity to really look at you. Your eyes are swollen while your cheeks are stained with tears.
Bucky gently lays you down before pausing the god-awful playlist on your phone through the lockscreen. The silence is deafening, with only your sniffles to break it now and then.
He tries to reach for a fresh tissue, but your grasp on his t-shirt tightens and so he stills, and a few seconds, is lulled to sleep with your arm wrapped around him.
Tumblr media
Bucky feels disoriented when he wakes up the next morning, bewildered about waking up in your room and shoots up, checking if both of you are wearing clothes and sighs in relief when you are.
His slightly wet shoulder and feeling you move as you cuddle into him brings back the memories of last night and he swallows the lump that suddenly forms in his dry throat.
He quietly removes himself from your clutch and perches himself on the side of your bed before seeing '7:00 am' flash on your digital clock.
Bucky's mind is in overdrive as he rushes out, getting fresh for the day with a quick shower. He decides to work from home for the day, perks of working for his best friend, and makes coffee for himself.
He wonders about how he's going to apologise for taking advantage of your vulnerable state last night. After all, even if you are still living in the same apartment, but walking on eggshells with each other. You haven't exchanged a word since that unfortunate debacle of a night three months ago, and this was certainly not the way he wanted to make up for it.
But it's done now, and he needs to think of something, and fast because a glance at his phone tells him that it's a Wednesday and you'll probably wake up in half an hour to get ready for work.
Will it be wrong if he asks you to take a day off and get rest? Yes. He has lost the right to coerce you into taking care of yourself and he needs to remember that.
It's five past 8 when Bucky hears the tap running in the bathroom. His heart starts palpitating and he curses drinking caffeine and thinks of what to do to ease the awkwardness when you finally come face to face again… that's it! Coffee!
He's pouring the beverage into your favourite mug when you walk into the kitchen, your face washed but still red and you're in your pajamas with your hair in a nest.
He struggles about what to say as you two stand face to face, the tension breaking when you muster up a small smile and ask, "Is that for me?"
The minty smell of your toothpaste is clear so he promptly hands the mug to you.
"Thank you, Bucky." You hum in satisfaction at the taste at the first sip. "You remember how I like it."
Bucky can feel warmth creep up his face and he knows that the tips of his ears have turned red. "Can't forget anything about you even if I tried, doll."
You chuckle softly and his blush deepens so he turns to do the dishes from yesterday to hide it from you.
Leaning against the counter beside him, you audibly exhale, bringing his attention to you once again… or it would if he wasn't already fully aware of your presence already, but he won't admit that.
"You wanna talk about it?" He asks.
You shake your head, taking another sip. He thinks that you don't want to say anything as you down the coffee in one go.
"I just don't get it." You say as you place your mug on the counter and start drying the dishes he has washed. "Is there a sick part of me that enjoys being hurt?"
Bucky straightens his spine and takes the dish and the rag from your hands and keeps them down. He gently tugs you to the living room and makes you sit on the couch before plopping down next to you.
Silent tears are streaming down your cheeks so he quickly brings a box of tissue from his room and hands them to you.
"What do you mean?" Bucky inquires with concern.
"It's just," you sigh, "It's just that I always go after people who are either not right for me or - you know, not interested in me." You said the final four words quietly. "I end up being hurt anyway."
He doesn't have to be a genius to know that the last part alludes to him.
"No one liked John. Natasha, Steve and Sam were warning me about him from the start." Your sentence is interrupted by a sob and he gives you a bottle of water from the pack you two always keep in the living room for impromptu movies or drinking nights. It had been mostly him who used them nowadays while you were out with John so thankfully, they're fully stocked.
"He was so good at the beginning, the perfect gentleman. I actually liked him, and - and then I smelled a different perfume on him one day and stupidly let it go." You tell him sadly.
"Next it was lipstick on the back of his collar which wasn't mine and he would tell me these stories and excuses and I knew, I just knew they were all lies but for some reason I still stuck around…"
You slump, pulling your knees up to your chest and placing your chin on your folded hands. He recognises the signs - you're closing yourself up.
It's a shame you don't even know what you're worth.
Bucky reels himself before his mouth acts on its own again and says dumb things that can further deteriorate whatever is left hanging on the thread between you two.
So he does the one thing that he knows will make you feel better for sure.
"You want some ice cream?"
Tumblr media
You slowly heal through the next few days, having taken the rest of the week off from your office. Pepper Potts, your very understanding boss, didn't say anything when you called up saying that you were really sick. Maybe your frail and hoarse sounding voice due to continuous crying contributed to convincing her as well.
Your friendship with Bucky repaired itself bit by bit as he supported you through your breakup and you were reminded of why you fell for him in the first place.
You should've known that your relationship with John was doomed to fail since it was only an attempt to get over Bucky. John had even metaphorically punched you with a low blow saying that his cheating was okay since your heart housed another man as well.
All in all, the break up was a good wake up call.
It helped you understand that you need time for yourself before you go back in the dating game again. What John said was correct from his point of view, even if it didn't warrant his cheating. It isn't fair to anyone else if you are still hung up on Bucky.
And so, you force a smile on your face everyday. On a particularly good day, you blocked John's number and unfollowed him from all social media you have, replace your break up playlist with a Feel Good one and start anew.
Tumblr media
Bucky finds himself falling deeper and deeper as you start becoming yourself again. He's so proud of you and he makes sure to tell you the same whenever possible.
You've distanced yourself a bit from him, but it's his fault to start with so he's okay with anything that he gets now.
A couple of months later, 4th of July is only two days away and you and your friends are all meeting up at Steve's to surprise him for his birthday.
You are tasked with chocolate chip cookies so that's what you're doing this evening, not wanting to give your friend store bought cookies.
Bucky watches from the door frame as you try to reach for the extra flour kept on a high shelf and chuckles. "Need some help, doll?"
You jump in surprise which only makes him laugh more as you calm yourself down with a hand on your chest. "Oh my god, Bucky, I never hear you coming."
The innuendos that come up in his mind which he wouldn't have thought twice before saying around you are forced to the back burner.
He takes short strides and stands beside you, "So, what do I do?"
You point up towards the flour, which he easily gets down and you give him the bowl to make the batter, adding all the ingredients as he mixes.
You're talking along the topic of Steve's party and what Natasha's gonna give him as you take some of the batter on the pad your finger to taste and you somehow manage to get some on your nose and that's all he can focus on.
"You got something here," he points to his own nose. "Did I get it?" You ask, messing it up more instead.
He glances at his hands which are dirty as well, so without a second thought, he just closes the gap and licks the dough off your nose, all while looking directly in your eyes which widen and causes him to realize what he just did.
Bucky immediately backs up, his hands up in surrender. "I'm so sorry, Y/N. I shouldn't have done that."
But you just stare at him, mouth open as you try to make sense of what just happened and Bucky knows he's for now. He wonders if he should start packing his stuff up to move out as you mutter something but his brain is in overdrive.
“If you’re gonna start something, finish it.”
Bucky goes back to mixing up the batter, hurrying to get the job done. He freezes for a moment before it clicks that you're not talking about the cookies, and then immediately leaves everything in his hands to stalk towards you.
You blush as you take a step back, only for your back to hit the counter.
Bucky doesn't hesitate now. This can be the only time that he gets to make everything right with the tiny hope that you still have feelings for him and that's exactly what he's going to do.
Without ever breaking eye contact, he cages you with his hands on the counter on either side of you.
"Are you sure?"
A simple nod with an enticing bite of lip and he finds himself leaning in again, this time with hunger as his destination is your lips which he captures with hunger.
Your hands travel up his body and then rest around his neck, returning the kiss with equal fervor, giving him the confidence to rest his on your hips to pull you closer.
Your tongue coaxes him to open his lips and allow you to explore his mouth as much as you want, giving you the authority to take him however you want.
A few moments later, you break apart for air, your foreheads touching as you pant while murmuring each other's names.
Your fingers gently trace the muscles of his chest and then of his abdomen before going down lower and his breath hitches when you palm him through his sweatpants.
"You wanna take this further?"
Bucky loses all of his control at the words you utter with that coy look as he attacks your neck, bruising your skin with purple marks.
He picks you up, earning a yelp. "Your room or mine?"
"Yours," you say, as you balance yourself in his hold. "You have comfier sheets."
He doesn't need more incentive to take you to his bed and drops you with a laugh.
You strip out of your t-shirt in a seductive motion, warranting a growl from him when he sees that you weren't wearing a bra the whole time. "You're gorgeous." He gets rid of his t-shirt as well as his pants, now only left in his black underwear.
"I didn't take you for a boxers guy," you mock with a smirk.
"Oh, doll. You know nothing yet." Bucky saunters towards you, making you lie on your back as he hovers between your bent knees with a smile that makes the smirk on your mouth turn into a soft smile as well. There's a part of him that still can't believe that this is happening since it's all going so fast but he knows that he needs to cherish it as much as he can.
He does the same thing you did earlier in the kitchen, his hand traveling first to your breast to delicately fondle them, giving equal attention to both. Then, he wraps his mouth over a hardened bud, flicking it with his tongue to pull a few strings of his name from your mouth and repeats the action on the other.
"I need you, Bucky." You mutter desperately, one of your hands clutching the sheets and the other coming to tug on the roots of his hair, "I need you."
"Where do you need me, doll?" He smirks, kissing your navel. "Here?"
You shake your head violently, all of your senses on fire, "No… lower, Bucky. Please. No games."
He doesn't have the heart to tease you more now, maybe he will drag it longer the next time if you let him have you again. But that's only an excuse, his own desperation is begging him to not torture himself any further.
Bucky removes your shorts with a skilled hand, leaving you bare except for the thin, lacy material of your panties which makes him grow harder. He's quick to pull them down, lust and desire overtaking his logic.
You're already wet and even the elastic fabric of his boxers feel unbelievably tighter as he whispers how beautiful you are, which you hear and respond to with a delicious groan.
He pushes your legs further apart and pecks the inside of your thighs. You tsk indignantly, making him laugh before his mouth finally latches where you need him the most.
You taste incredible, more so than what he had fantasized and he mentally thanks whatever gods are up there for giving him the opportunity to test his theories.
The sound that escapes your lips when he pushes a finger into your pussy is like nothing he has heard before and strokes until you're comfortable enough to put another in. He makes scissoring movements with them, stretching you for him with deliberation before he comes across that special spot which makes you curl your toes, all while his tongue is rubbing circles over your clit.
Bucky's fingers fuck you without haste, rubbing over and over your sweet spot until you're coming with a shout.
He gently removes his fingers as you whine at the loss of his touch, but then you see him put them in his mouth while still glistening in your juices and you're ready to come again.
"We can stop here," he says, "or, we can continue, but there will be no going back. Up to you.."
"I need you to pound me so hard right now." Well, you've always been more confident about what you want and expressing it than he is. Who's he to deny your demands?
So he removes the last part of the clothing that was covering his modesty, his cock springing out to slap against his stomach.
Bucky's never felt shy in front of any girl before, not even his first, but there's something about you that makes him feel bashful like a teenager again.
"Come here," you beckon him with outstretched arms and he follows your directions, once again wedged between your legs. "You're so beautiful too."
"Wait, I got condoms somewhere in the drawer."
"It's okay, I'm on the pill." He can feel himself grow excited at the thought of fucking you raw.
"You sure you still wanna do this?"
You roll your eyes, "Bucky if you don't fuck me-"
He interrupts you with his lips, keeping his weight up with one hand while the other guides his cock to your pussy and to both of your reliefs, he finally enters you in one swift motion and he wonders if this is what heaven feels like.
Groaning simultaneously as he pushes down to the hilt before starting a slow pace so as to not hurt you or come prematurely, you beg him to go faster, harder as he thrusts into you with devotion, worshiping your body.
Tumblr media
Bucky falls on his back next to you, eyes closed as pleasure still courses through his veins from his climax.
He still can't believe that it happened and he doesn't want to open his eyes in the fear that it will be over, or worse, realize that it didn't mean anything to you as much as it did to him.
"Was this a one time thing?" He asks hesitantly, not even sure if you're still awake. Your breathing is deep and he doesn't even know if he wants you to reply.
"Do you want it to be?" You reply, bursting his bubble.
He opens his eyes to see you turn on your side, propping your head on your elbow to look at him properly.
Not wanting to mess anything up, he only replies with one simple word, "no."
The sincerity and fierceness in his voice surprises you. "I thought you didn't like me?"
"No," he shakes his head vehemently as he repeats, "I don't like you, I love you. I still regret destroying what we had and what we could've and I know that I'm an idiot for losing that."
Bucky mirrors your posture, looking directly in your eyes hoping that you'll be able to read the genuineness in his as he reaches for your hand, rubbing circles on the back of your palm.
"Let me love you, Y/N. Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need. Show you the way love's supposed to be."
You giggle, and his heart starts cracking, thinking that you're rejecting him.
"You are definitely an idiot," you squeeze his hand comfortingly with a smile, "but I didn't know you could be such a sap, Bucky."
"Oh, shut up." He scoffs, about to head out of the bed but you pull him back down. He should've expected that you'll take revenge when he confessed but he knows you're too sweet for that.
"I love you." His eyes become wide like saucers when you straddle him, blood already flowing downwards. "You aren't kidding, right?"
You chuckle. "Nope. It's been way too long since I wanted to hear you say that to make fun of you."
Then, you lean down, your chest pressing against his to lick his earlobe, "Now, do you think you have enough stamina for another round or two?"
Tumblr media
Hehe, what a fix-it right?
I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Your likes, comments and reblogs means so much to me! Don't be scared to give constructive feedback Xx
If you liked this and want to read more, check out my Masterlist linked at the top ;)
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imagineaworld · a day ago
leather & jeans | b.b
pairing : biker!bucky barnes x reader
summary : you walk into a biker bar to repay a debt for your brother and get more than you bargained for
word count : 1.9k
warnings : 18+ ONLY, smut, swearing, oral (m recieving), fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, daddy kink, praise kink, thigh riding, pet names
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You regret offering to help your brother the moment you stepped through the door to the bar.
Loud ruckus all around you sent your heart rate through the roof, and it took everything in you to keep a calm exterior as all eyes fell on you. A momentary silence before the rowdiness resumed.
Walking into the bar owned by the local biker gang was scary enough as it was, let alone being a woman, walking in by yourself, carrying a bag full of cash.
You looked around through the sea of faces, hoping to see someone who looked mildly friendly that you could approach to ask for the man you needed. There seemed no such person. Instead, you opted to head to the bar and ask the bartender for help.
Clutching the bag on your shoulder, you made your way to the bar. On your journey through the leather-clad bodies, you bumped into someone.
“Sorry,” you blurted out, afraid of the consequences.
You looked up at the man you had bumped into. He towered over you, ruggedly handsome with long brown hair and piercing blue eyes. A black leather jacket coated his muscled body. Your eyes fell upon his left hand, made of metal, glistening in the light of the bar.
“No problem, doll,” the man replied. “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this, hm?”
His intense gaze intimidated you, not to mention his beautifully carved face. “I’m looking for Bucky,” you answered, slightly flustered.
“Well,” said the man. “You’re lookin’ at him. What can I do for ya?”
The man did fit the description that your brother had given you. The boss. A ruthless, violent leader. Despite this, you couldn't help but be attracted to him, the danger perhaps adding to your desire.
You'd heard from your brother about all the horrible things this man was capable of, the terrible things he'd done. Danny had told you what happened to people who didn't pay up on time.
“Danny sent me,” you explained. “I have the money.”
He didn't tell you why, but your brother owed money to the leader and was banned from the bar until it had been paid. He sent you in his place, with a shit ton of money you had no idea how he had come to possess. You didn't want to think about it.
How'd a pretty young thing like you know that low-life? Bucky thought. Better yet, what was Danny thinking, sending you to a place like this, full of men ready and willing to take advantage of you.
“Let’s see it.”
You slipped the bag off your shoulder, opened it up and displayed the contents to Bucky. He peered into the bag and assessed the stacks of cash inside.
"This all of it?" He asked, looking back up to you.
You shrugged. "As far as I know."
Your heart was still pounding and an uneasy feeling had settled into your stomach. Something didn't feel right. All around you, watchful eyes fell upon you and the leader. You tried to ignore them, tried not to make eye contact with anyone.
"Come with me."
Closing the bag and slinging it back over your shoulder, you obeyed. Bucky placed a large hand on the small of your back, leading you through the crowd. Men adorned in leather jackets stepped aside, giving respectful nods to Bucky as he passed them.
He led you to a private room that resembled something like an office, though much less professional. Still, a wooden desk and chair gave the impression this was Bucky's office.
"Empty it out onto the table, darlin'," he ordered, finally removing his hand from your lower back. "I need to count it."
With the way he spoke, it was clear he was used to giving orders and having them followed. You dreaded to think about what happened to people who didn't obey him.
You did as you were told, feeling even more unsettled now that you were alone with this man. You stepped away from the money scattered on the desk, putting as much space between yourself and the man.
You watched as Bucky began to count the stacks, organising them into piles as he went. You waited in silence, not daring to interrupt him.
"Well," he spoke after he'd sorted all the stacks into piles. "Looks like it's all here."
"So what now?" You asked. "Is Danny still in trouble?"
Bucky looked at you, his eyes running up and down your body. "How'd you know Danny, sweetheart?"
A shiver ran down your spine at the nickname that rolled off his tongue so easily. "He's my brother."
He started towards you, closing the space you had put between you and him. "Danny never said he had a sister, or that she was so beautiful." Your cheeks heated at the compliment, but dread pooled in your stomach. "What was he thinking, sending a sweet little thing like you into a sinful place like this."
"I offered," you began to explain.
"That was stupid."
He slowly stalked even closer to you, like a predator catching its prey. In a bid to keep a safe distance from him, you backed away. You took a step back for every step he took towards you until your back hit the wall.
Your heart rate sped up as you realised you had backed yourself against the wall. And with Bucky advancing on you,  there was no escape. Calling for help may only cause more problems.
"Don't worry, darlin'," he said darkly. "No need to be afraid. I just wanna teach your brother a lesson."
He had his body pressed up against yours, sandwiching you between him and the wall.
"Leave him alone," you breathed out. "Please."
He whispered in your ear. "Say it again." His breath was hot on your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
"Please," you whimpered again, ashamed at your arousal beginning to pool in your panties.
Bucky breathed in the sweet scent of your perfume, he could feel your heart thumping against his chest, hear your breath trembling. He couldn't help himself. You were so innocent, so untainted.
"What are you willing to do," he spoke gruffly into your ear, twirling his finger around a lock of your hair. "To make sure nothin' happens to your brother?"
He started slowly kissing behind your ear, trailing down to your neck as his beard scratched your soft skin. "Anything, hm?" He said gruffly. "Cos I've been dying to know what you'd look like with my cock buried in you since you walked through the door."
There was no denying any longer. "Bucky," you panted, desperate for his touch.
"Tell me you want it, baby," he urged, slipping a hand under your shirt. "I'll give it to you."
"Please," you pleaded. "I want it. I want you."
That was all Bucky needed to hear. He crashed his lips to yours in a hungry kiss, pulling off his jacket as he did so. You let out a small yelp at the urgency with which he kissed you, his facial hair rough against your face.
He slipped a thick thigh between your legs, causing a moan to escape your lips as his thigh brushed against your pussy through the fabric of your jeans. 
"You like that, hm?" He growled, kissing his way down your neck as goosebumps erupted on your skin.
You managed a breathless 'yes', but Bucky pulled hard on your hair. "Yes, daddy," he corrected.
"Yes, daddy," you repeated and he let go of your hair, satisfied with your submission.
His touch sent shockwaves through your body, and your pussy throbbed, desperate for release. You palmed him through his trousers and he let out a deep groan, throwing his head back in pleasure.
"On your knees," he ordered, removing his leg from between yours.
You obeyed, sliding down the wall to your knees as he unfastened his belt, discarding it on the floor and unzipping his trousers. He pulled out his sizeable cock, already rock hard from your touch.
Again, you did as he told you to do, opening your mouth. He pushed his cock to the back of your throat, your eyes filling with tears as he triggered your gag reflex. Your mouth was warm and wet on his dick, and he savoured the feeling.
"Good job sweetheart," he praised. "Taking my cock so well."
Your head was pressed against the wall as he fucked your mouth, holding your hair back with his large hands. When the tears started streaming down your face, he knew you'd had enough.
"Be a good girl," he said, stepping away from you as you tried to catch your breath. "Bend over the desk for me."
You climbed to your feet and did as he asked. Bent over the desk, the used your forearms to prop yourself up slightly, so the hard, cold desk wasn't pressing into you.
"Look at this ass," he worshipped, grabbing a handful causing you to cry out. "All mine."
He yanked your jeans down, exposing your thong underneath. "Such lovely panties, you wear these just for me?"
"Yes, daddy," you mewled.
He pushed your panties aside and slipped a finger into your wet pussy. You moaned out as he curled his finger inside you.
"So wet for me, huh, baby?" He murmured, adding another finger as you clenched around him. "Such a pretty little pussy."
"Please, daddy," you whined. "I need your cock."
He chuckled darkly at your desperation. As he took his fingers out and pulled your thong down, you felt empty. He pressed the head of his cock to your sensitive clit and began lathering up your slick as he teased your entrance.
He pushed into you with a hard thrust and you cried out at the feeling of him stretching your walls. Your eyes rolled back as he started pounding into your pussy, almost feral.
"So fuckin' tight," he growled through gritted teeth as he hammered into you.
Your ecstatic moans could surely be heard by the long-forgotten men in the bar but you didn't care. Bucky, on the other hand, wanted them to hear you, wanted them to hear what he was doing to you. Show them you were his.
"Gonna fuck you so hard you can't walk," he groaned, continuing his assault. "This pussy is mine."
He was true to his word, fucking into you roughly, his large hands gripping your hips and leaving bruises to mark you as his. You were completely at his mercy, though he seemed to have none as he ignored your cries, a mixture of pain and pleasure, at the way he beat your cunt.
You had no idea how long he had been fucking you when he said, "Gonna cum inside that tight little pussy of yours."
His cock twitched inside of you before he stilled, filling you up with hot ropes of cum. He collapsed against you, sticky with sweat and panting for breath.
"You did so good for me," he murmured eventually, slowly pulling out of you and watching his cum drip down your thighs.
He helped get you cleaned up, gently wiping around our abused cunt before pulling your jeans and thong back up. Taking your flushed face in his hands, he placed a gentle kiss on your temple. 
"You know where I am if you need me again."
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Better Together II
Tumblr media
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Pyrokinetic! Reader
Chapter Summary: Plots are getting recycled. Will it work this time around?
Warnings: mention of kids in cages (there is villainy okay?), sex while standing, electrocutions
Wordcount: 2.4k
A/N: Hello! It has been a while. Who knew being an adult would be so hard? Where is the handbook? Anyways, thank you for your patience with my writing updates. I hope you enjoy this one.
divider by the lovely & uber talented @firefly-graphics​
|| Series Masterlist ||
Tumblr media
Chapter II - Electric Love
Not worrying was probably the opposite of what Sam and Bucky were doing right now.
You’re little burst of anger had ended up with you being outnumbered, overpowered and captured by a small army of highly trained and heavily weaponized private soldiers within the first thirty minutes.
You had told Sam to stay back and wait for backup while being subdued with fire retardants. Subdued was actually a mild word to use here.
They powered down your fiery ass in the most non-graceful manner mostly consisting of an expanding fire killing foam. The foam enveloped your whole body, taking away the much needed oxygen for breathing and making fires. It was embarrassing.
Plus the added fact that evil army dunked your ass in a freezing tank while the children you aimed to rescue watched them do it from their cold cages. You might just have officially tainted the Avengers’ brand. Double embarrassing.
Your body ached everywhere as multiple people checked up on you in the Compound’s medical wing. Was it necessary to be strapped down in a bed in a freezer like room? You were fine. Your ego was heavily bruised but other than that—
Moving figures outside the glass walls caught your attention and immediately your vitals spiked. Your breathing got shallower and your pulse elevated as the figures got closer. Several personnel were telling you to calm down, asking you what was wrong when the glass doors slid open.
Your hand burst into open flames and the restraints disintegrated in a blink, the smell of burnt objects turning acrid in your nostrils.
“Stay back!” you growl at one specific figure standing before you. Blue eyes looked at you in horror as brown ones looked at him in confusion. “Stay back, Soldat!”
“Oh, shit!” Sam curses and automatically signals the staff in the room to leave. He reaches for a fire retardant from his jet pack when he realizes that he was wearing civilian clothing after getting cleared by medical.
“I will die before you can use me again!” You scream out followed by a whirring fire ball right at his face which he blocks with his vibranium arm. Wires of all sorts are getting pulled off of you as you try to find your bearings.
Just then, Bucky lunges at you and pins you to the floor using his whole body. You writhe in his hold, screaming in Russian for him to let you go. Sam seeing Bucky barely able to hold you down grabs a fire extinguisher from the hallway and douses you with it.
“What the fuck Sam! Stop!” you yell out just as you were drowning in white foam.
With a last squeeze of the extinguisher, laughter can be heard from beneath Bucky Barnes.
“I told you he’d over react.”
“Yeah. We couldn’t even get to the good part.” Bucky shifts and sits on the floor beside you, barely able to suppress the bubbling laughter from his throat.
“What the hell was that?” the extinguisher drops on the floor with a clang as Sam’s body loses the tension from the emergency he thought had occurred. “I—I really thought you—“
Legs finally giving out, Sam joins the two of you on the floor. He punches Bucky on the arm being nearest to him, causing you to break out a laugh while Bucky looks at his co-worker with a satisfied grin.
“You guys are grade A assholes. That wasn’t funny.” Sam extends one thick leg to kick your foot while you snickered at his reaction.
“Aww, c’mon Sammy. You gotta admit that was hilarious. You should’ve seen the look on your face.” You stand and brush the goop from your clothing, flicking it to the floor. “Also, I’m telling my therapist you don’t believe her sessions worked.”
Sam huffs as you offer a hand to help him up, swatting it away. He exits the room with a shove to Bucky’s shoulder and you exchange smirks at the Falcon, following close behind him.
You call out to him, telling him to wait. When Sam reaches the elevator, pressing the button to have the door close in but Bucky’s hand reaches in time and the doors open again allowing you to ride with him. You stand in the middle of both your friends, left hand entwined with your lover while you smirk at your friend.
“You’ll still help me tell the team that Blue Steel and I should never be separated in missions?” you try coaxing him but Sam only looks forward, crossing his arms on his chest and huffing in residual annoyance. You lean closer, standing on your tiptoes, “Is that a yes? Hmm?”
With a finger, Sam pushes your forehead away from him.
“C’mon, Sammy. You know my brain cells only function when this one’s around.” You nod towards Bucky who exhales in agreement, still stoic despite holding your hand softly. “You have to help me pitch to the team that I’m actually better at doing my job when I’m teamed up with Barnes.”
“Now that’s insulting. We have a higher mission success rate together,” Sam waves his finger between the two of you,” than any other duo aside from Black-Eye.”
“Black-Eye?” Bucky asks just as the elevator doors open to the residential floor.
“Black Widow and Hawkeye—keep up, baby.” You answer him and follow an exiting Sam. “Okay, maybe that’s not a good defense. I’ll modify that one, thank you very much. How about, we have co-dependent separation anxiety?”
“That’s not a thing.”
“It can be a thing! Our concentration lessens when we worry about each other—“
Sam stops walking and turns around, pointing an accusatory finger. “Your concentration is not the problem! It’s the fucking! It’s the giving him sloppy toppies in the middle of a fucking stake out! It’s the having sex in front of the bad guys!”
“We only do that after we knock them out,” Bucky defends and you smile at him.
“—THAT’S NOT THE POINT!” Sam erupts, shaking the mental image out his brain.
“Okay! Let me get to the point then,” you let Bucky’s hand go and take both of Sam’s in your own, looking up at his brown eyes,” Bucky and I are better together as a team. He reels me in and I let him go feral. We complement each other in the field.”
Sam looks at you, eyes glassy and filled with adamant concern.
“Plus he doesn’t let me get taken and dunked into chemical retardants.” You smirk again and Bucky’s face twitches into one. Sam pulls his hands from you but then shifts into a hug.
“Hey, that’s a low blow. I really thought they got you, firecracker!” He rubs your back, remembering how terrible it felt when he was pulling you out of a tank, unconscious and pale.
Before he could take you deeper in his arms, cold fingers pry him off of you as icy eyes stare him down. Bucky forcefully separates the two of you and stand in between to create an effective distance.
“Don’t call her that. I get to call her that, call her something else.” Sam’s eyes glint in mischief at his hesitant friend slash coworker slash partner.
“How ‘bout hot stuff?” Sam tries.
“Señora Fuego?”
“Flaming Hot Cheetos?”
“—ooh, I like that one. FHC! Nice!” you lean to your side so you could be in Sam’s view and raise a fist. Sam reaches out with his own and daps yours around Bucky who then pulls you away and towards your room.
You can hear Sam complain down the hallway about how your boyfriend was a complete asshole who doesn’t understand social cues. You’re pretty sure he was also flipping him off but you were used to their very aggressive expressions of love to each other by now.
“Is it really necessary for Wilson to have a nickname for you?” Bucky whispers into your neck as he pins you to the nearest wall the moment he heard Sam’s door slam shut.
You respond with a whimper as his hands roam your body. You were sure he was checking for injuries while he was feeling you up and it makes you smile. You grab a fistful of his hair and yank his head, staring him down.
“Yes. It’s how I know he cares for me.” He hisses as you pull harder but it becomes muffled as you plunge your tongue inside his complaining mouth. “Don’t be jealous, Barnes. You’re the only one I fiddle with.”
You gasp as his palms reach the back of your thighs and lift you up against the vertical surface. Bucky growls as he kisses you harder; lips, tongues and teeth crashing in urgency. Every time he kisses you, he does it like he’ll never get to do it again.
Swift fingers work on the button of his pants as a metal hand rips your medical wing issued pajama bottoms. With a quick thrust, Bucky is inside you, pushing into your limit and pulling out to his. The hallway is now echoing with your voices, promises to each other and curses as pleasure ripples through your nerves.
A loud clanging and a cracking of the wall interrupts the both of you followed by your screaming. You look to your left and you see about two feet away, a red, white and blue metal disk is lodge right into the wall.
“No sex in the hallway, Bucky!” Steve yells out angrily from the living room.
You look at each other and shrug. Bucky carries you with one hand and dislodges the shield with the other, tossing it back to Steve’s general direction. With a shuffle of his feet, caused by his pants pooling in his ankles, he manages to bring you to his shared room avoiding any interruptions.
There are hushed voices all over the compound. Side glances ominous in nature and brief rendezvous in the semipublic areas also became rampant. Even the birds that land on the roof seem to be up to something as they chirp less loudly than usual.
Tony has been in his lab for three days straight. No one is allowed to go in but there’s a specific warning for you to keep out, a poster with a screenshot of CCTV footage featuring you getting caught playing with an Ironman Mark LXIX. You thought it was funny then but not so much now when you can’t have access to Tony’s mini fridge inside anymore.
When he finally emerges from the lab, he texts members from around the Compound to gather and execute. After this, Tony thinks, there will be peace. He hopes fervently.
Phones ping and vibrate, leading everyone to the common room. At the sight of you and Bucky dry humping each other while a nature show plays on the big screen display, they hold their breaths. This was their last chance to live out the rest of their lives normally. It worked then, with a Hail Mary and an Old Norse prayer to Thor, it might work again.
Bodies leap out at the signal, limbs thrown everywhere with precision. In an instance, Ironman is behind you, restraining both your arms behind your back, and Bucky is being held down by both his best friends, Sam and Steve, pinning him down to the carpeted floor. Vision then emerges from within the floor and sticks a small metal disk to Bucky’s neck. When you see this, your whole body erupts into flames but your restrainer remains steadfast. With his ghost powers, Vision permeates your fire and sticks a similar disk unto your neck as well.
“It is done.” Vision says in his artificial voice and floats away from you. Tony, Sam and Steve let you go in unison after his word.
When you reach for your neck and scratch at the foreign object, recognition dawns on you and you lunge towards your annoying father figure.
“Are you crazy?!” You yell at him as you choke his armor, palms aflame in anger.
“Kitten, no!” Bucky’s warning is too late when a surge of electricity jolts you, making you writhe in pain. Seeing your condition, Bucky lunges for Tony as well but gets cut short when he gets electrocuted himself. He drops to the floor immediately.
When you and Bucky stop doing your rendition of the Harlem Shake on the floor, you get dragged away from each other and placed in opposite corners of the room.
“I can’t believe you’re recycling the plot from season one for this.” You growl as you cross your arms.
“It’s not recycling, hot stuff. It’s called being back by popular demand.” Tony takes his helmet off and crouches to your eye level. He takes your face in his hands and places a kiss on top of your head.
“Listen up, both of you!” he points back and forth to you and your lover, who was now staring murderously at your found father figure. “No touching while others are around or else—ZAPPY! No being within six feet of each other or else—ZAPPY! No sex during missions, whether you be assigned in public or private or else—“
“ZAPPY!” you scream at him in a mocking tone, rolling your eyes. “We get it. You could’ve just told us, y’know? Treated us like human beings instead of lab rats. How does this differentiate you from how HYDRA treated both of us?”
“You already pulled that card out last season, firecracker. Don’t recycle your guilt trippin’.” Sam reminds you with a gap toothed smile as you see his arm around Steve’s waist. Why were they allowed to do that while you weren’t? This was some favoritism bullshit. You stick your tongue out at him.
“Doesn’t matter.” You rise to your feet and push past Tony Stark. Trudging purposefully towards your 200-pound plus beefcake of a man. Bucky also pushes off the wall to meet you in the middle of the room, sweeping you in his arms when you’re at reach.
You kiss each other but it gets interrupted two seconds in when your disks get to work. Unable to latch onto each other’s mouths, you settle for a hug as strong voltages of electricity surge through the both of you.
Everyone in the room drops their jaws on the floor. The bravery. The love. The passion!
The stupidity.
Wanda who enters the festivities late forcefully tears you apart, flinging you into Vision’s arms and carrying Bucky in the air.
“We have mission, no?” She tuts in disgust, accent heavier with her annoyance. The men around the room snap out of their disbelief and scramble at what to do next.
Steve instructs everyone to suit up and meet their team at their designated jets.
The last you saw of Bucky was him being dragged across the lawn by Wanda in his full killer gear, sporting the biggest, deepest scowl for everyone to see.
The last he saw of you was your glowing eyes, aflame in the dim lighting of the jet across from his.
No one was allowed to make you upset, he thought to himself. There was hell to pay.
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Welcome to the Industry of Porn
Paring: Avengers X Female!Reader
Warnings: +18, heavy smut, drinking, slight angst in later chapters, fluff if you squint, and my English as usual.
Word Count: 3,811.
Summary: AU where the Avengers are Pornstars. It’s pretty self-explanatory.
Chapter: 3.
Chapter Title: Shall we begin?
A/N: This part is where we get to see some more cameos baby. I swear, I still do not know what made me want to write an AU about the Avengers as pornstars, like the hell? Please, I have never not even in other fandoms seen anyone thinking about this idea which made me feel like a complete idiot at first. Now, I'm just here remembering what my seventeen-year-old self thought was somewhat cool shit. Also, let's pretend the people in the gif are actually wearing fancy gala dresses and tuxedos because I couldn't find anything.
Tumblr media
Mr. Dickenson had made it sound like heaven when he had told you about the offers that had been offered to you, but now as you read away the contracts you thought it was hell. You thought that it was going to be easy to understand guidelines and whatnot, but honestly, it felt like it was a lawyer's job to read those contracts. But Cassie helped you read them and gave you a rundown on what it said. After understanding what all three contracts entailed, Cassie and you did a deep search on the directors to see if you liked their work. Out of the three, one of them seemed to be more professional than the others. While all of them seemed like good directors neither of you could deny that the other two lacked the originality of the Russo’s. They were brothers and they seemed to have a knack for making amateur videos feel natural rather than tacky and cringe. Granted, most of the time it was because of the actors overexaggerating things, but the director could always ask to tone it down. You had only watched the amateur videos because you didn’t want to get your hopes up if you found out they worked for bigger companies. Cassie had made a face before saying that it was a ridiculous thing to do but promised you that she wasn’t going to look more things up.
After that, it wasn’t hard to make a decision, and it had only taken you the majority of the week you had been given. Cassie had told you that she had a good feeling about the Russo’s when you had asked her if you were picking the right choice. You nodded to yourself before calling Mr. Dickenson the next morning to tell him that you had opted to work with the Russo’s. He had been glad to hear the news and had told you not to sign the contract yet as you would be doing that after the meeting on Wednesday where the Russo’s were going to be meeting you. Then he reminded you about the nudes and you had almost groaned at the thought.
It was awkward. You had reminded Cassie about it, who, for some reason, was excited about it. She had rambled on about how she loved doing those types of shoots. You had forgotten that Cassie had done a project with some of the volunteers she had managed to scout around campus where they had to pose in the nude. She had done a wonderful job, but you reminded her that for the most part, they had been covering themselves with a satin sheet while you were to be completely exposed. Her spirits didn’t lower after that, and she was a sweetheart as she tried to make you comfortable to the best of her abilities. You had to admit that no matter how awkward it’d been, you felt good about yourself afterward.
By Wednesday morning you felt ready. Cassie couldn’t help but smile at the way you seemed to have a little more confidence about the opportunity you had been given by deciding to find a job in such a challenging career choice.
“Good morning, Miss Y/l/n. I’m guessing you’re here for your meeting,” greeted the secretary, Jules, as you and Cassie walked out of the elevator.
“Yes, I know we are a little early, but traffic wasn’t that bad this morning,” you said as you walked toward the comfortable chairs.
“Oh, don’t worry about that,” she said as she stood from her chair behind the counter, “come on, I’ll take you to the conference room.”
You and Cassie followed her into the room. It had a long table that could be used for a conference for more than twenty people.
“Now you wait here while I announce Mr. Dickenson of your arrival,” she said as she walked toward the door, “if you would like some light breakfast to be brought to you, just dial twenty-one and ask for the menu.”
She left after that and Cassie didn’t hesitate to grab the phone and dial the number. She ordered some fruit and waffles while you had opted to order everything that sounded good. Within ten minutes, a young man walked in with a food cart and situated it near where the coffee maker was set up. After he excused himself, you and Cassie ate in silence while you two waited for Mr. Dickenson and the Russo’s.
Five minutes after having used the restroom, the door opened to reveal Mr. Dickenson and two other men walk in.
“Good morning, ladies,” said Mr. Dickenson as he walked in. You and Cassie got up and walked toward the men as you both greeted them.
“These are Anthony and Joe Russo,” he motioned to each man as he named them. Then he motioned to you and Cassie, “and these are Y/n and her chaperone/manager, Cassie Ayers.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” both men said at the same time as one went for your hand to shake while the other one went to greet Cassie, and then vice versa.
“Likewise,” you both said.
“Come on, let us begin,” said Mr. Dickenson as he motioned to the seats. Everyone sat at one end of the table, ready to get everything in motion.
“I’m guessing you’ve read the whole contract,” you nodded at Mr. Dickenson, “which means there’s nothing much to go through unless you have any concerns and/or questions.”
“No, we’re good. It was pretty understandable,” you said as you sat the big thing in front of you and on top of your nude portfolio.
“We’ve been looking for new faces for a couple of months now, and when Jason sent us your portfolio we knew we needed to get you before someone else did. We are glad to hear you chose us,” said the man that had been introduced as Anthony.
“I don’t know if you got around to see who are some of the people we work with, but I have a feeling that you will be scouted by someone sooner rather than later while you do the small gigs we have in mind for you,” added the man named Joe as he smiled at you.
You smiled as well as you listened to them talk. Soon the conversation revolved around what you would be making as a starting point after they had gone through your photos with you. They told you which angles seemed to be the best ones for you, and while at it, Cassie got her fair share of compliments of her work. They had told you that for any M/F shoot you would get two-hundred dollars, for F/F a total of three-hundred, and for any threesomes, it would be four-hundred, while anything more than four people would go up to five-hundred. An extra hundred would be added to anything that was considered hardcore such as bondages and anything that included unconventional kinks.
After some more talking, you signed the annual contract and celebrated your official introduction to the industry of pornography.
Two Months Later
Oddly enough, you couldn’t be happier with your life choices. Soon after having signed with the Russo’s, within a month, you had managed to work up to ten different gigs. You had finally made enough money to afford going out without having to check your bank account to see you if could afford anything. Granted, you had to make a different account as your main one was under your parent’s name and they could see anything that got deposited. You were not about to tell them that you were a pornstar as well as a college dropout.
All your gigs were pretty standard, and once in a while you got to play a younger step-sister or naughty neighbor, and there’s that one time you had gotten around to play a shy secretary for a knack of dropping pens. You found it fun to play with other people, let yourself step out from your reality, and enjoy a good fuck every so often. You had gotten lucky, you knew that, as you hadn’t had the need to fake orgasms while you did your job. But there was the occasional one after already having had one where you needed to fake it.
But after every shoot, and after getting home, you would feel like crap about everything. Cassie was getting nervous as the days flew past as midterms had come around and you knew that sooner or later the holidays would come around as well, and you would have to face your parents. Your supposed graduation was only six months away and you had yet to tell your parents about your idiotic decision to waste every cent they had spent on your education. But all that guilt would go away every time you got another gig or whenever a new package arrived. The mail person probably could recognize you at random with the number of times they’ve seen you from dropping off something you bought online.
It was a peaceful Friday afternoon when Mr. Dickenson—who you now called Jason—had called you.
“Hello?” you answered as you muted your favorite show.
“Hey, could you come to my office tomorrow morning?” he said.
“Sure, everything alright?” you asked as you walked toward the kitchen to grab a quick snack.
“Yeah, nothing to worry about. The Russo’s and I need to talk to you and Cassie about an event that is coming up. Can you be here by ten? I have to pick up my mother after that, so it’s the only time it works for me,” he said in an almost sheepish voice. You smiled.
“Sure, don’t worry about it. Cassie might ask for your head on a silver platter, but I think I can calm her down with some coffee on the way there,” you said as you threw yourself on the couch again.
“Lord,” he huffed a laugh, “alright, I’ll see you both tomorrow then.”
You both said your goodbyes before he hung up.
Cassie had groaned when you told her about the meeting, the poor girl was exhausted, and she just wanted to sleep through the weekend before the next week came. You had only offered her a sheepish smile and the promise of iced coffee. She begrudgingly accepted as she went to bed early, so she wouldn’t be snappy in the morning.
“So, this supposed to be like the Oscars but with raunchy movies?” you said as you summarized the important event the men had talked about.
“To simplify it, yes, the Adult Entertainment Expo or AEE is based on the Oscars, but we are attending the after-party only, the show itself is not that entertaining,” said Jason as he sipped his hot coffee.
“The after-party is said to be better than the Golden Globes’ one, and that comes from the mouth of big celebrities that have gone to both,” said Joe as he stirred his lukewarm tea.
“That’s why not a lot of people get the invitation to it,” added Anthony as he finished his own cup of coffee.
“So, why are we talking about this? It’s not like we were invited,” said Cassie with a confused look. Her face looking less grumpy from what you had seen when she came out of her room earlier that morning.
“Well, you two might not be, but we are, and I think it would be a great opportunity for the both of you to be exposed to the people there,” said Jason as he looked at the both of you, “that’s the best place to find connections to get great opportunities, not to mention you might become close friends with a celebrity or two.”
“Y/n, I was wondering if you would like to attend as my plus one?” asked Joe with a sweet smile.
“Of course, I would love to. It sounds fun,” you said as you chuckled.
“And would you like to be my plus one, Cassie? The food is great,” said Jason as he looked over to the redhead. She smiled and rolled her eyes at that last comment.
“Sure, but if I see one of my celebrity crushes, I’m ditching you,” she said as she gave him a wink. Everyone let out a chuckle.
The meeting ended soon after as Jason had to leave for the airport to pick up his mom. Before he had left, he had told you both that Jules would help you out with the dress shopping the next day as she knew the places to look for the best dresses. He had given no room to oppose him, and like that, you and Cassie had spent all Sunday looking for a dress to wear the approaching Friday.
It had taken you most of the late morning and afternoon to find a dress that you both felt comfortable wearing. Jules had announced that morning that Jason was paying for everything either of you bought that day which had you looking at prices more than you did it when it came to your money. You had told her that he needn’t pay for anything, but Jules had been ordered to do so, which made you roll your eyes. Sure, the three of you had become quick friends while working together, but you still felt a little weird accepting the man’s willingness to pay for everything. What if you had expensive taste? His wallet would cry.
By the end of the day, you two arrived home with more bags than you could carry. Everything was set for Friday night, even the plane tickets to Las Vegas had been taken care of. Nothing could bring your or Cassie’s spirits down, not even the stupid voicemail her ex-boyfriend had left while you two were out had killed her high spirits.
The entirety of the week that followed was spent trying to find the right makeup look and hairdo. YouTube became your best friend that week, and so did that lady that was fantastic in the arts of makeup and hair. Compared to her, you were shit, even the way you applied mascara seemed heinous compared to her expert hands.
When Friday came around, and you two were in Las Vegas after taking an early flight, you and Cassie had taken the liberty of doing a small photoshoot at the hotel room while you two waited for the limousine to arrive later that night. By ten-thirty, there was a knock on your hotel room door. When you opened the door, Jason and Joe stood there with their fancy and expensive-looking tuxedos.
“Ladies, you both look devilishly good,” said Jason with a casual smirk.
“Thank you,” you both replied as you both rolled your eyes at the man’s antics.
“You two will definitely fit in with the crowd,” added Joe as he gave both of you a sweet smile.
You both proceeded to accept the helping hands they gave you both as the men led both of you toward the elevator and down to the awaiting limousine. Anthony was waiting inside with his date, the woman had introduced herself as Sandy. She also worked for the Russo’s, but you hadn’t had the chance to work with her. She was a couple of years older than you and was nice enough to reassure both of you that everything was going to be okay and that there was nothing to worry about but the flashing of the cameras that awaited by the purple carpet.
When the car stopped, you were able to hear the muffled voices of people shouting names as they asked people to look toward them so they could get better angles. That alone had your hands going absolutely cold from anxiousness, but you had no time to panic as the door opened and Jason climbed out first as he grabbed Cassie’s shaking hand. When it was your turn, you gave a deep breath before climbing out as you tried not to flinch from the flashes.
The adrenaline you felt as you smiled at the cameras as they directed them to you and Joe was something else. You were new to this world, so it was no surprise when a couple of people asked Joe about who you were as he walked you down toward the building where the booming music was coming from.
Once inside, that adrenaline was completely different. The atmosphere was like nothing else you had ever experienced at a club. The music was good, the ambiance was comfortable, and the people looked like they had come out from magazines. As you walked down toward an open sitting area, you and Cassie couldn’t help but motion with your heads whenever either of you saw a familiar face. By the time you all had made it to an empty booth, you two had seen Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling, Megan Fox, and even Britney Spears was there.
And you both got to meet even more when some of them started to come over and greet the Russo’s like old friends as well as Jason. There had been no time to dance as the chatter had been more entertaining and so was the food, but before anyone could offer a chance to dance, a loud voice called the names of Anthony and Joe as it approached them.
“Tony Stark,” said Jason as he stood to shake the man’s hand, “I was starting to wonder where you were.”
“Couldn’t come sooner, you know with people always trying to catch a contract with me,” he said as he shook the hands of Anthony and Joe as they got up as well before offering the man a seat which he took.
As he talked about how he had almost gotten pinned down into verbally hiring someone, you had stared at the man long enough to realize that he had been the same man who Captain America had called ‘Boss’ the day Jason had decided to send out your portfolio.
“I’m guessing these two gorgeous ladies are your dates?” he said as he glanced at you both, “where is little Jules? I was hoping for that slow dance I never got last time due to the fact I couldn’t even see straight after that last tequila shot.”
“She’s with her boyfriend, they are celebrating their one-year anniversary,” said Jason as he nursed his drink. “This is Cassie, my plus one for tonight.”
Tony grabbed her hand and proceeded to plant a small kiss on the back of her hand.
“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Cassie choked out a ‘likewise’ as she blushed three shades darker than her hair.
“And this is Y/n, my plus one, and our newest face,” added Joe as he noticed that Tony now looked at you.
He did the same thing to your hand which you had to admit was classy but because of the way he grinned, it also made the gesture naughty.
“It’s always nice to see new faces around here,” he turned to Anthony’s date, “no offense, Sandy.”
“None taken, Stark,” she said with a smirk and a roll of eyes, “did you bring someone with you or is it just you little gang of Avengers?”
“I did bring someone, actually,” he said as he turned his head back to the large crowd, “you remember my assistant, Pepper? She was talking with someone. But my ‘little gang’ as you called it is also here, but I think I lost them.”
Shortly after his response, a beautiful ginger came over to the table with a smile as she called Tony’s name.
“There you are,” she said as she grabbed Tony’s arm, “sorry for interrupting, I just needed breather from that crowd.”
“We were actually just talking about you, Pepper,” said Anthony as he offered some nuts to the woman which she happily took. But before the conversation could start back up, another voice called out the man with the oddly attractive facial hair.
“Tony!” called out a brunet man. Your eyes noticed how his left hand was covered by a leather glove. “We’ve been looking for you. This place can really be a maze when you’re trying to avoid people.”
Just as his face became clearer in the dark place, you noticed how behind him followed two other people. You and Cassie looked at one another as you both recognized the three people who had just arrived at your spacious booth.
“Looks like I was not the only one trying to avoid somebody,” said Tony with a guilty-ish grin.
“You would try to make a fast escape if those two girls from Brazzers were trying to talk your ear off about working with you,” he shivered as if he remembered something he hadn’t wanted to remember, “I’ve done my fair share of questionable acts for the camera, but last year they talked my ear long enough about things that still haunts my dreams.”
“Yikes,” said Tony as he moved to make more room for the three new individuals. “Well, guys and gals, you already know Jason, the Russo’s, and dear old Sandy, but these two beauties are Cassie and Y/n.”
The woman named Pepper introduced herself with a graceful smile while she sneakily pinched Tony’s arm due to his comment that he couldn’t help from making about how lucky Joe and Jason had gotten for the night.
“Hi, the name is James Barnes,” said the brunet man as he leaned over to shake a hand which oddly enough turned out to be a light kiss on the back of both your and Cassie’s hands, “Nice meeting you, ladies.”
“I’m Natasha,” said the woman who had arrived right after James had, “don’t let his suave nature confuse you, he’s an ass.”
The man grunted something as he ate a peanut. Natasha only gave him a side smirk before continuing.
“And this mass of muscles is Steve.” She motioned to the man that couldn’t look more out of place. He seemed to be at ease but whenever he glanced at the crowd, his eyes would widen as if he was freaking out. He gave both of you a sweet smile and he gave a nod along with a soft ‘pleasure to meet you both'.
You and Cassie tried your best to act cool and collected as you both got around answering questions about how you two found yourselves there. It seemed they weren’t used to seeing brand new faces that they saw themselves trying to actually converse with, so the night ended up being full of chatter, laughter, and creating memories.
Who knew that Jason would be right? That night in Las Vegas would bring opportunities for you and Cassie, and for the first time, the saying ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ would not apply to either of you.
If you want to be added, please let me know!
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Tried a new painting technique
This was the starting sketch
Tumblr media
And this was the end result - originally I planned a Bucky with black hair, but well...
We got silver fox Bucky?
Tumblr media
While I still have to practice the technique, it is significantly faster than other techniques I have tried so I am quite happy with it 😌
New arts coming in June on our Patreon! (18+ only )
Support us to see process pics, videos and more!
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theravenclawlover · 3 days ago
Welcome to the Industry of Porn
Paring: Avengers X Female!Reader
Warnings: +18, heavy smut, drinking, slight angst in later chapters, fluff if you squint, and my English as usual.
Word Count: 3,605.
Summary: AU where the Avengers are Pornstars. It’s pretty self-explanatory.
Chapter: 2
Chapter Tittle: How about a job offer?
A/N: This part is a lot more about how she gets everything set in order to work in the industry. It's more information about what we are going to see when it comes to the smutty scenes and all that fun stuff. We do get a small cameo from someone we'll see later on. I think I might start posting the updated versions of this baby instead of posting They Don't Know About Us because I don't like it anymore and I want to rewrite it whole, so that might take some time. Also, I'm graduating in two weeks which means I'll finally be able to devote my time to writing, so yay!
Tumblr media
Two weeks with nothing but you working on getting all things ready for a portfolio with Cassie as the main source of help. Two full weeks of you putting effort into this idea that wouldn’t leave your head. The adult industry could be your salvation, and honestly, your desperation had made you take the whole ordeal way too seriously. The first week had you going over every other sexual encounter you’ve had as a requirement for any portfolio was to have a list of things you were uncomfortable and comfortable doing during sex. Of course, due to your lack of experience in the not-vanilla department, you had done more groaning that week. And your ranting about how much of a pain it was to look for a job, had your roommate Cassie finally asking you if you had found a job when she heard you on the phone talking about criminal records and STD tests.
There are moments in life when you go through experiences with friends that will either make your friendship stronger or completely demolish it. Luckily, the former was your experience as the awkward talk had managed to somehow make Cassie help you out. She had been a witness to the lowest moments in your life and seeing how the prospects of finally getting back to a normal standard of living made her want to show her support. Thus, she became your personal chaperone—which was one of the recommendations for anyone wanting to work in the industry. And in a way, she became your manager when she had taken over the phone calls and appointments whenever your anxiety got the better of you. God bless her heart.
The week that followed had been one full of doctor appointments, more phone calls, and even more awkward interactions with Cassie. The thing is, by the end of the week you had everything you needed, but one thing: the nude photoshoot. But as it was not needed until you had gone over everything with an agent, you didn’t worry much about it.
“Y/n! I’ve got the pictures!” Cassie’s voice carried from the entrance just as the sound of the door slamming shut was heard. You smiled as you heard her approaching your room. The redhead came in with a big smile and with a manila folder in hand.
“Here! You look so good!”
You chuckled and blushed as you opened the folder with a certain glee. You had chosen some nice yet simple dresses as they seek natural looks for professional headshots and full-body pictures. Taking them out with caution, you stopped to gawk at how good they looked.
“Jeez, Cass, you made me look like a model,” you said as you shuffled through them.
“It’s all you, girl,” said Cassie as she sat on your desk chair, but before she got too comfortable, her phone started ringing.
She looked down at the screen and saw that it was an unknown number, but it was local. With a shrug, she answered.
You kept on looking at the photos until you heard your name. Cassie looked at you with a smile as she spoke on the phone, you only tilted your head and looked at her questionably.
“…yes, that works—” she nodded her head “—we’ll be there first thing. Thank you for calling back…you too, bye-bye.”
“Who was that?” you said as you sat upright on your bed.
“You have an appointment tomorrow at 9 o’clock with one of the agents that we tried calling. His name is Jason Dickenson,” Cassie said as she grinned as you squealed your excitement.
“Oh fuck! Shut up!” you threw yourself on the bed as you were now grinning at yourself.
Maybe, just maybe this could be it. This could be your ticket to a better life.
By 8 o’clock you were running around making sure you had everything, and you were not forgetting anything, but before you walked out the door, Cassie had stopped you and pointed down at your feet.
“Oh.” You ran back to your room and put on some shoes before walking out and getting in the car by 8:15.
By 8:45 you stood in the elevator as you shifted from foot to foot. Anxiety overcoming you as your insecurities got the best of you.
“What if I’m not worth the contract? What if I’m not what he is trying to work with? I mean, what if I don’t make it because of how I look? What if—” you got cut off by Cassie as she had turned and grabbed your face. She held a soft yet hard stare as she spoke.
“Y/n, I need you to calm the fuck down, okay?” she waited for you to nod. “You will be fine. You’ve been working day and night to make sure this gig comes out great, and it will. The only thing that can stop you from getting this job is you. Don’t let your fears stop you from getting this job. This is the industry of porn for the lord’s sake, anyone can work here. You are beautiful, peaches, don’t doubt yourself.”
You looked at her with watery eyes as you inhaled and breathed out a soft thank you. Smiling at herself and you, Cassie pulled you in for a quick hug before she let go.
The elevator doors opened, and Cassie walked out and headed toward the front desk where a young girl sat in front of a computer. She lifted her head when Cassie got close enough.
“Hello, do you have an appointment?” she smiled brightly at the sight of you two.
“Hello, yes. Nine o’clock with Mr. Dickenson?” Cassie said as she smiled back at the young girl.
“Last name?” the girl turned toward her computer.
She typed in your last name and soon she smiled brightly and told you and Cassie to take a seat as she informed her boss of your arrival.
While the girl was gone, you and Cassie had taken a magazine each. Yours was a male magazine which only made you skim over it faster than Cassie. You noticed she was transfixed on a page.
“Whatcha reading?” you said as you leaned over. She turned her head to look at you before shifting her gaze back to the article she had been reading.
“This magazine has some of the brands that Mr. Dickenson works with, which I guess are the easiest for anyone to end up with. He seems to have a knack for picking the right people though as none of his clients have worked with amateur companies for more than two months before they got recruited by big brands. If someone doesn’t make it within the year to better companies, he drops them,” she said as she shows you parts of the article that aligned with her statement.
“Damn,” you said with an air of amazement yet some nerve. What if you weren’t good enough and he dropped you?
Before your thoughts got the better of you, the secretary appeared in front of you and Cassie.
“Miss Y/l/n? Mr. Dickenson is ready to see you,” she said and then turned to face Cassie, “are you her chaperone?”
“Yes, she is.”
The woman nodded and motioned for the both of you two to follow her. The sound of her black heels made you nervous as no other sound distracted you from the anxiety that was forming in the pit of your stomach up to the very top of your throat. The halls that you walked were filled with posters of almost every other adult channel you had seen since you were a teenager and the more you looked around, you noticed that the ones that were more noticeable were the covers from Brazzers, Mofos, Twistys, Reality Kings, and some others but the one that caught your eyes and almost made you stop in your tracks was the Avengers. Suddenly all of your anxiousness was gone as the idea of one day making it to the Avengers seemed like a more realistic possibility than it had been when you had decided to actually go for the odd career choice.
The secretary stopped in front of the last door down the long hall and knocked three times. A second went by before the sound of a manly voice carried from inside saying ‘come in’. The woman opened the door and went in first before opening the door wider to let both you and Cassie in.
“Mr. Dickenson, this is Miss Y/n Y/l/n,” the woman pointed to you and then she turned toward Cassie, but she looked a bit hesitant as she tried to introduce her, “and this is her chaperone. I apologize but I think I failed to ask your name before. What is your name, miss?”
“Cassie Ayers,” she responded with a small nervous smile.
The woman repeated her name and as the man behind the mahogany desk got up and walked over to where the three of you stood.
“It’s a pleasure to meet both of you, my name is Jason Dickenson and I’m sure you know that. Please, take a seat,” he motioned toward the comfortable-looking chair, “can I offer you something to drink? Some coffee, tea, or some water?”
“I’ll have some water please and thank you,” Cassie said as she walked over one of the chairs. You proceeded to say what you wanted before sitting next to Cassie.
“I’ll have another cup of coffee. Thank you, Jules.” He walked over to his desk as the woman walked out and closed the door behind her.
“I’m guessing you have your portfolio ready for me?” said the man as he undid the buttons of his suit jacket and sat on his leather chair.
“I do,” you said as you took the folder out of your bag and handed it to him with a shy smile. The man returned the smile as he grabbed it.
“I have some questions that I know you might have already answered here, but I’d ask them anyways,” he opened the folder that contained every necessary document. “May I call you by your first name, it’s that ok with you?”
“Sure, I don’t mind.”
The woman named Jules walked in with two cold chilled water bottles and a cup of coffee. And as quickly as she came in, she left.
“Well then, Y/n, can you tell me what are some of the limits you have?” said the man as he looked at you with a serious look.
“Well,” you cleared your throat, “I haven’t really explored a lot of things, but I know enough to know what I don’t like and what I don’t want to try. I don’t like the thought of blood play, yet I am willing to do some knife play. I don’t want to do extreme bondage but I’m ok with ropes and blindfolds. A big no is fisting of any type. Aside from that, I’m pretty much comfortable with anything else and I’m willing to try new things after giving it some thought.”
The man nodded as he read the portfolio and listened to you.
“One more thing, if I get to work in the industry I want Cassie to be there with me as my full-time chaperone. Is that okay?” you said with a more firm look. You had read that it was always important to be clear with everything with anyone you were trying to work with as it is better to be safe no matter what.
“Of course, you can have her as your chaperone, and if she is not available, just let me know as well as whoever your director is,” he said and you thanked him with a smile, “now, going back to your limits, I’m glad there is not much on your list that you can’t do as that makes your options broader with many directors. But what can shorten opportunities or broaden them is with whom you’re willing to do these things.”
You nodded along in understanding. You turned your eyes toward Cassie for a second and you noticed her cheeks were dusted with a small blush which was probably due to how normal the talk was about sexual matters. Granted, you felt a little awkward talking about sex with a complete stranger, but if you wanted to make a living out of it, you needed to be somewhat comfortable with talking about this matter. Your eyes shifted back toward Mr. Dickenson when he started to talk again after taking a sip of his coffee.
“Are you willing to do threesomes? Which includes variations of all women, all men, and mixed? Solos are also something people look for but not many like to do due to the sole focus on them. I’m guessing you must have a preference?”
You knew Cassie was blushing to the max now as she took a sip from her water trying to look around as if intending to disassociate herself from the conversation.
“I really don’t mind the setting much. I guess that is something I haven’t really asked myself, but I think I’ll be fine. I’m comfortable with the idea of having sex with anyone.”
“That’s good to know.” He put the folder down and turned to see you fully, “do you have anyone you know in any channel? This can be a relative or a friend.”
“Uhm, no, I don’t have any type of connections.”
“Alright,” he sat back on his chair, “in your portfolio you mentioned that you are flexible which makes me wonder to what extent. Also, I must say those pictures looked really good, were they professionally taken? I have never seen such good photos for a portfolio.”
“I’m pretty flexible, I was a cheerleader which is where I got my training for all of that. I did stop my sophomore year of High School and I haven’t gotten around to practice since then, but I can work on that,” then you turned to Cassie, “the pictures were taken by her, she is a photography major.”
Cassie couldn’t help but enjoy the little praise she got from the man which is why she had a bashful smile.
“It’s truly a wonderful job. If you’d like, we can talk another time about looking for a job for your expertise in photography. I’m sure if you give me a portfolio after you graduate we can send it to some channels that may be looking for new people in their photography departments for their magazine issues,” said the man turning to Cassie whose eyes were almost as wide as yours from hearing the man.
Cassie nodded quickly exclaiming how much she would love to take on that opportunity. Mr. Dickenson was glad to hear it. Soon the conversation shifted back to you.
“As you may know, Y/n, sinking it rich here is either easy or hard. There’s no in-between in this industry. I’ve got girls who have made it to Playboy and in two cases it was under two years after working with other big brands. What I’m trying to say here is that I cannot promise you success right now, but what I can do is assure you that I will try to find the best directors I can get a hold of,” he said as he looked at you with a serious face, yet it allowed you to trust his every word as if he was saying them reassuringly to you.
“Once I get you someone, I’ll need a portfolio with some nudes which I’m sure you can look up which angles work best but if you need, you can ask my secretary to give you the sheet with what directors look for. Do you have a manager? If you don’t, don’t worry, I can help you with that if you want.”
You were about to deny having a manager when Cassie spoke before you.
“She does, I’m her manager which I guess she forgot to put down,” she said as she glanced at you. She was giving you a friendly smile. You returned it in a silent thanks. She could definitely be considered your manager, after all, she made all of this happen in her free time. She had promised you her help and now she was not backing out and leaving in the cold to try and work with a stranger as your manager.
“I guess this means we have a deal, do you want me to proceed and make copies to send out to directors?”
You smiled and took a deep breath as he extended a hand to you.
“Yes, we have a deal.”
Soon after some reassurances, Mr. Dickenson walked you both down to the main lobby before biding his final goodbyes. When Cassie and you were walking toward where she had parked her car, you noticed that someone else had walked out after both of you. Two men were walking in the other direction as they walked toward a car that you knew cost more than what selling your uterus was. Cassie kept on walking as she looked for her keys in her purse not noticing how your steps had faltered to a slower pace as you recognized one of the men; it was none other than Captain America himself. You could recognize that backside anywhere. He was a lot sexier in person than what the view of your phone promised. You heard the faint sound of his voice as he addressed the other man by calling him ‘Boss’. You hurriedly walked toward Cassie’s car when you heard the beeping of her unlocking the car and once you were in, you told her all about who you had seen. Like you, she had been all smiles when you recounted how your eyes had almost memorized the sight of him as she drove to the nearest fast-food restaurant. After that, you both decided to spend the day shopping for some clothing and by the time you had arrived home, it was past ten at night.
It had been a good day for the both of you, and after finally getting ready for bed, Cassie entered your room with a smile.
“You’re going to bed? Not going to spend it reading away?” she said with a mocking smirk. You only rolled your eyes as you laughed.
“No, I’m tired. Do you need something?”
“No, I just wanted to thank you. Believe it or not, you’re the reason I finally got a job offer that hasn’t made me question my choice in major,” she said with a small groan.
“You don’t have to thank me, you did an amazing job as my manager, and while you were doing that you landed yourself a great opportunity. If anything, I should be thanking you,” you said with a thankful smile which only made Cassie bashfully smile and mutter ‘nonsense’ before saying goodnight and excusing herself in order to finally pass out before her alarms went off announcing that she had to go to class.
When morning came the next day, you were awoken by the ringing of your phone, but you only cussed it out before burying yourself deeper as you tried to go back to bed. As if Cassie knew what you were doing, she walked in and grabbed your phone. She was speaking with someone and before you could pass out again she grabbed your shoulder.
“Hey, wake up, It’s Mr. Dickenson. He wants to talk to you,” she said in a whisper. You quickly sat you and tried to clean your throat.
“Hey, Y/n, sorry if I woke you up. I just wanted to tell you the news myself. I have three great directors who called me back to tell me they would for you to read a copy of their contracts to see if you’re interested. My secretary just mailed it to you. I’ll need a response by Wednesday next week, so take your time. I’ll also need those nudes ready with the decision.”
To Cassie, you looked like the funniest thing in the world with your eyes bugging, hair looking like a bird’s nest, and mouth gaping. You quickly shook your head.
“Ok, I’ll be waiting for the papers. I’ll make sure Cassie knows as well,” you said as you glanced at Cassie, “and Mr. Dickenson?”
“Yes, Y/n?”
“Thank you so much for everything. You have no idea how grateful I am.” He gave a soft chuckle.
“You’re welcome,” he said with a chuckle still lingering in his voice, “and welcome to the industry.”
After saying your goodbyes, he hung up before you and you only dropped your phone and glanced up at Cassie who looked at you expectantly.
“I got three offers already. I need to make a decision by next Wednesday.”
She squealed as she gave a little cheer looking at you with wide eyes.
“That is great, gosh! That was ridiculously fast. I’m guessing that means he needs those nudes right? I get to see your boobs soon,” she said with a smirk as her eyebrows did a little weird dance. You laughed and threw a pillow at her.
“Shut up, don’t you have class? Go do that,” you said as you got up to stretch.
“Fine, but we are celebrating when I get back. I finally get to drag you to that new restaurant down the street.”
She left after that, leaving you alone in your room. After you heard the main door shut behind Cassie, you let out a squeal of your own. You made it, you literally were about to become a pornstar.
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bvccy · 3 days ago
Nothing to Despair | 10. Long, long years of dark despair
PAIRING: Soft!Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader
SYNOPSIS: Bucky and a girl he never met before have to go undercover as married on a mission to Europe. He feels alienated in the modern world, while she goes through life alone and abandoned. Maybe they can find a new home in each other, but she’s not easily convinced.
CHAPTER NOTES: Some angst but it’s quickly overshadowed by protective and jealous!Bucky, and a bit of playing footsie. One fairly steamy scene but no actual smut. Also, Hamelin is a little sh*t (I love him). And apologies in advance to any Danish readers 😂 More notes on AO3 as usual. Thank you so much for reading, dears! ❤
Tumblr media
I did not know the nights of gloom, The days of misery; The long, long years of dark despair, That crushed and tortured thee. Yet, should thy darkest fears be true, If Heaven be so severe, That such a soul as thine is lost, Oh! how shall I appear? — Anne Brontë, To Cowper
With the day of the opera came another opportunity to "mingle", and after the trouble they went through for the tickets, they owed it to the Medveds to attend. Marsden Karlovich would never turn that down, though Bucky couldn't find it anywhere in him to fake an interest. The girl didn't seem that keen on it either, even though it was a romantic opera. Girls were supposed to like romance, right? Well, all girls but his.
They met the Medveds in the nearby park, together with a few other couples who were joining. Everyone was in semi-formal wear, as it was an unofficial event but still a "cultural outing". Bucky decided a three piece suit was enough, not the tux he was saving for the party still one week away. The girl wore one of the few things she had brought along that wasn't a lady's business suit: a form-fitting lacy dress in dark blue that went off the shoulders, and ended modestly at her knees. They both wore their spring coats on top, but walked with them undone in the warm evening.
The whole group agreed to attend the opera and then have dinner together at a nearby restaurant instead of the hotel. Even Bucky was looking forward to that, and he thought the girl would too; a change in scenery might improve her mood.
The Athenaeum was, like everyone said, an impressive building. A couple of hundred years old by now, it was built in a style long abandoned and looked as if made for giants. The opera that evening was Carmen. Bucky had heard of it but never seen it, nor cared enough to know what to expect. They had seats somewhere a bit in the back, with a good view of the stage but he'd tried to get them as close as possible to the exits, "just in case".
His partner was quiet the whole way, clinging to his left arm dutifully and letting him chat with the other couples. And as they took their seats and the lights when off, he heard her give a sigh of relief and melt into the plush red cushions, at his side but still separate. He kept his hands in his lap, not wanting to crowd her any more than he usually did, nor wanting her to think he wished to.
He wasn't paying much attention throughout the performance, his mind at some of their most recent findings, even though the music crept up on him a few times — as did the lyrics, which seemed witty and oddly insightful. The orchestra was particularly good, but so were the actors who sang beautifully in French.
It was somewhere during a scene with a jail cell that he felt the girl fidgeting slightly toward him. Looking down at her, he noticed she wasn't so much trying to get closer to him as squirming away from something. Bucky looked to the left and noticed the man who sat beside her: some random middle-aged individual who stank a bit of alcohol. His arm was slung over the backrest and he was trying to be subtle as his fingers caressed her naked shoulder. The girl was too proud to ask for help, but too timid to hit anyone.
Bucky lifted his arm up and behind her, casually, then in a flash gripped the stranger's wrist mid-motion. The man was shocked at first, meeting his stare with something like an apology before his face twitched in pain that grew, and grew, and grew more urgent as Bucky squeezed his wrist. The man tried to pull away but the metal arm was unyielding and constantly squeezing down, through the flesh, through the bone, as Bucky kept his cold eyes on the guy that dared bother her. Only when he started giving painful yelps did Bucky let him go, just for the sake of not drawing more attention. The wretch scrambled away and out the back as he cradled his maimed arm.
The girl looked up to him with a mute question, not knowing how to phrase her concern but instinctively from her closeness and attention he could tell: she wasn't worried about that bum, she was worried about him, his cover. Bucky looked down, jaw finally unclenching and shifting effortlessly into a grin, to answer what she was probably thinking.
"Just gave him a hairline fracture. It's nothing special, he'll be fine in a month or two."
She bit her lip to tame her growing smile, then leaning in to whisper a sweet firm "Thank you", and rested her head against his shoulder. Bucky breathed her in possessively as he wrapped his metal arm around her for the rest of the performance.
Tumblr media
The whole group strolled through the park afterwards, chatting about the opera and the singers and the orchestra. She and Bucky walked along, exchanging approvals of this or that opinion, but mostly staying quiet, clinging to each other.
They all had reservations at a restaurant called Parzival, and each couple sat at its own round little table. It was a nice place, halfway between rustic and touristy, adorned with potted plants and painted earthenware.
"Oooh they have schnitzel here, with mushroom sauce." she noticed.
"What's so special about that?" laughed Bucky. "We've got schnitzel back in New York, honey."
"I'm sure you think you have real pizza too."
Bucky glared at her playfully. "We do and it's the best pizza."
"Mr. Vaccari?" she called to the Italian gentleman sitting at the nearby table.
Bucky groaned and covered his face. "Oh no, don't tell on me…"
"My husband," she continued, "would like you to know that New York City has the best pizza in the world."
Andrea delicately wiped the sides of his mouth on a napkin and leaned over to respond "Mrs. Karlovich, please tell your husband that duelling is still legal in this country."
She giggled and Bucky sighed, then leaned over to ask "Is that true?"
"With pistols or rapiers, yes. Was legalised it some two hundred years ago and it's been that way ever since."
He ordered some fish for himself, which was inordinately expensive — "We're a landlocked country." she explained. "Fish is a bit rare." — and some white wine for them both.
Halfway through the meal, a little guest started making the rounds: a white and black spotted kitten that seemed to belong to the owners. All the women were tempting it with bits of food, and the cat accepted greedily if somewhat aggressively. The girl couldn't resist either and asked for a sliver of fish meat to give it.
"Oh you look so strong and well fed. I bet you get treats from everyone, don't you?" she cooed. "Want fishies?"
The kitten sniffed her offering and, instead of eating like a normal cat, had the nerve to paw it off and onto the ground.
"Violent little thing, isn't it?" Bucky chuckled as he bent down to watch.
"Yes, he seems vicious." she said with delight. "As all kitties should be."
"Should've expected you to be a cat person."
"Of course." said the girl, then looked up at him to smirk and add "I have excellent taste."
Bucky smiled back a bit longingly, but then her attention went back to the cat and she gasped.
"Oh no, he's looking at my ankles…" Bucky chuckled as he sipped his wine, but she didn't seem so amused. "He's doing the butt wiggle. He'll ruin my stockings if he jumps!"
"Quick, put your feet up." he laughed and spread his legs, patting the chair. "Come on."
She didn't even think before she took him up on the offer, slipping her feet out of her shoes and raising them to his seat, her toes just about grazing his inner thighs. "Ah…" She did it just in time. "What an absolute bastard cat."
"You shouldn't have given him the fish." Bucky laughed.
"I know…" she pouted. "Give me some more."
He sighed and pealed off another bit for her, which she offered to the kitten. This time, she managed to catch it and lifted it up into her lap. The cat gave an indignant mewl but didn't seem too bothered, soon distracted by the treat in her hand.
"If I knew you liked strays so much, I wouldn't have shaved." Bucky smirked as he watched her play with the kitten.
"But he's not a stray." she cooed. "His fur is clean and he has soft pink paws… He's a pampered house kitty." The cat gripped her hand and started nibbling, nose scrunching up as it chewed. "Do you think cats have any idea how adorable they are?"
"I'm sure they do." he chuckled. "They take advantage of it all the time."
"Yes, you're a sneaky little kitty, aren't you? And he has stinky fish breath, I love him."
"What's he doing now?" Bucky asked, unable to see what was going on in her lap.
"He's eaten the fish and now he's licking my fingers." the girl smiled.
"I'm not giving you more, you'll spoil him."
"That's fine, he already has a round tummy… Ow!" she yelped, then laughed happily. "He bit me."
Bucky sipped his wine as he looked at her, enjoying her feet so close to his lap. She melted into her seat from the pose, not really caring. Watching her, he realised this was the first time he saw what love looked like on her face. It wasn't anything like Mrs. Karlovich, and certainly not anything like how she looked at him. She was completely transfixed by the little animal and all her attention was dedicated to it, taking its bites and fussiness with nothing but adoration.
Patrons ambled in and out, and from the periphery of his vision Bucky kept track of who was around them, but he thought nothing of it when another couple sat right behind the girl. He kept enjoying his wine, and she kept petting the kitten — now drowsy and less violent. But then all of a sudden, something changed in her face.
The smile paled and her eyes widened, then stared unfocused to the side as she listened to something. She turned her head briskly to look behind, then back around after only a glance. The couple were speaking in her language, and though he couldn't understand Bucky thought that maybe they were saying something of interest to the mission.
He could only see the man from behind — young, about his partner's age, sat across from a pretty wife — and noticed a rich head of blond hair, a bit wild and spiky as if no brush could tame it, a thin athletic frame of long limbs and sharp bones, and a rough but playful voice. Bucky looked back to the girl as he realised…
She kept her gaze away and distant, just listening to the young man talk with his wife about domestic things as they waited for their meal. Her feet slipped lightly off of Bucky's chair and she eased them back into her shoes, straightening in her seat as she eavesdropped.
It was remarkable how he sounded just the same, how he even looked the same from the little she could see. To hear him so close and have him not see her, not notice her, made her feel ashamed enough to not want to be seen. She'd spent her years moving from this country to that, hating every place that wasn't home, and now she was unrecognisable — a stranger in her own country, while he'd been here this whole time just going on with life. He was, as he'd always been, a happy normal boy who made his family proud, who did what he was supposed to, who always got what he wanted. And none of it involved her, just like it never had before.
At least that answered her question: Ardalion still lived around there.
"Hey… Want me to get the bill?"
She suddenly remembered Bucky was there, and looked up to find him staring at her with a slight frown but a gentle gaze.
"Yes, please."
Tumblr media
She released the evening's stress in a sigh as soon as they reached their suite — finally alone, more or less. The girl hurried wordlessly into her room, ready to hide away and maybe later on cry in the shower, and Bucky was prepared to let her. He couldn't even be angry about it — not at the boy for ignoring his partner's feelings, and not at her for ignoring his, because he knew what it was like.
He was becoming very familiar with the half-dead feeling of being right in front of someone and not noticed, not even thought about or seen as a flesh-and-blood person with a heart and a soul that was ready to comfort and console her. There was a hatred that bubbled deep inside, but above it all, he understood how distracting infatuation was, and could forgive her.
Just as he was taking his shoes off the phone rang, showing Tony's number. Tony never called him.
"Evening, Barnes." came Natasha's smooth voice. "So, what's it like?"
"Hello, Nat." he sighed. "What's what like?"
"Finally being in a building that's older than you are."
"Did you call for a reason, or…"
"Steve said you had some homework for me." That got him to perk up. "Thought you'd like to know what I found."
"Hold on a sec."
Bucky pressed the cell to his shoulder and went quickly to knock on the door. The girl opened it after a few moments and, seeing him on the phone, frowned in confusion.
"Doll, you mind going downstairs for a bit?" Bucky whispered.
"I should probably take this call alone."
"But I…"
"Please, doll. Just wait for me at the bar, I'll be down in a few minutes."
She wanted to argue but knew he wouldn't budge. So she went to put her shoes back on, picked up her wallet, and left without another word.
"Go ahead." said Bucky as the door closed.
"This guy, Hamelin…"
"I couldn't find much on him."
"You called me just to say that?"
"I couldn't find much because I don't think that's a name. I think it's a title."
"Like a rank?"
"Like a role."
She let him digest the information and waited patiently over the line. "How did you figure that?"
"Put together some info from SHIELD's archives, got in touch with some contacts… long story short, it fits a class of Hydra's operations."
"Would it help if I bugged his suite?"
"Personally, I wouldn't risk it. If he isn't what I think he is, it won't matter. And if he is, he'll be prepared for Tony's little toys."
"Alright, so what's the role?"
"Can't tell for sure. I can only guess from their naming conventions…" she paused, "like how you were the Fist, for example. Not very subtle."
"Go on…"
"Hamelin is a town in Germany. It's the origin of the Pied Piper story."
"Ok, so what's that mean?"
"If I'm right and it is a role, then he's supposed to lead someone away."
"Let's… not jump the conclusions, Nat."
"Hey, I'm not saying it's you."
"What are you saying?"
"Think about it. Why would he need to announce himself by his role?"
"So that… another agent could recognise it." he realised.
"Which means there's at least two of them here, and they didn't know each other."
"Could be a collaboration, an exchange, an extraction mission, anything."
"Ok…" he nodded. "But, er… didn't the Piper in the story lead kids away?"
"He led the rats away first."
Tumblr media
She played around with the idea of just wandering through the hotel, or maybe out in the garden, somewhere where there were no people at that that hour — before she realised it would only make Bucky angry when he couldn't find her. So she went to the bar, like he said, and sat down somewhere visible, and ordered a glass of absinthe to pass the time.
The bartender served it with a bit of water and the venomous-green drink turned cloudy soft. She sipped it, bit by bit: it was fairly strong, but the aroma of liquorice soothed her nerves, and if she drank it slowly enough she knew she wouldn't get drunk.
"How nice to see you again, Mrs. Karlovich." said a pleasant voice from behind. Turning around, she found Hamelin standing by her side.
"Hello." she smiled. "How's your thesis coming along?"
"Oh, you know…" he sighed, taking a seat next to her. "The thesis is fine. It's dealing with other people that can be… difficult."
"Yes… I know what you mean." she nodded softly.
"Went through a doctorate as well?"
"No" she laughed. "I managed to avoid that."
"Wish I had half your good sense." he groaned, and made such a show it that he made her laugh.
Leaning a bit forward, he dug into his pocket and pulled out a packet of cigarettes. Wordlessly, he tilted them to her in invitation, but she shook her head.
"Oh, then do you mind if I do?"
"Not at all." she smiled.
"Still not used to the fact that you can smoke indoors around here." he whispered with a feeling of strange guilt as he pulled a heavy silver lighter from his other pocket. The bartender came back around and Hamelin ordered a brandy. "Convenient law though, I'm sure." he added, eyes crinkling as he looked pointedly at the man.
The bartender chuckled and shrugged as he poured the drink. "Keeps us working hard, sir." he said, heavy grey moustache perking with a smile, and no sooner he said it that another guest called him over.
She nursed her glass of absinthe as she looked at Hamelin. He pulled a crystal ashtray over — long fingers, no calluses, just like an academic — and tapped his cigarette on top, bringing it back to his lips — thin, almost pale, but with the barest pink in them that gave him an adorably feminine quality — then blew out the smoke through his nose in a bullish sort of way.
The dark of the room and the warm lights from above blended around them in a haze, his smooth blondish hair catching all manner of green and golden lights that then ended, sharply, at his cheekbones and around his jaw.
From the side he looked almost concerned, though he had the drink and cigarette to soothe him, but it was relaxing for her to look at him quietly for a few moments while he was lost in thought, without having to make small talk or play the fake wife anymore.
"Where are my manners." said Hamelin, suddenly remembering his drink. "Proscht!" he toasted.
"Sanitas bona!" she said half-laughing, raising her glass to clink with his.
They took a sip but he kept his eyes on her throughout and hummed as soon as he put it down.
"Battle scar?" he asked, nodding toward the inside of her arm. When she raised it just then, he noticed a thin straight scratch.
She turned her hand to see what he was looking at.
"Ah, just played with a cat earlier." she smiled. "There was one at the restaurant we went to after the opera. I'm sorry you weren't invited, by the way."
"I was, in fact." he chuckled. "Nadežda told me about it, but I'm not one for opera. How was it, anyway?"
"Boring." she plainly said, resting her cheek in one hand. "The music was good and the actors too, but it's too surreal for me, the singing... I can't convince myself it's true."
"I know, the same with theatre."
"It's never convincing enough when you see the stage and all the props, you can't enjoy the performance."
"How do you feel about ballet?" she asked with a sardonic smile.
"Don't get me started."
She took a sip to hide her smile, slipping into the delight of hating things in common.
"It's such a relief to meet someone who feels the same. Whenever I've said this to anyone else, they called me a philistine."
"People like to pretend they're smarter than they are." he shrugged.
"I don't suppose you have to deal with artistic types much in your faculty, at least."
"Well..." he started, tilting his head jokingly in thought. "There's certainly a lot of it around campus. They hang up canvases with straight red lines and call it art. And if you critise it, it's 'well, you just don't understand it.'" he whispered with disdain.
"Oh dear, is there something rotten in the state of Denmark?" she chuckled.
"It's a beautiful country, don't get me wrong." he sighed, taking another puff of cigarette. "Just a shame it's populated." She bit her finger to keep from laughing too much at his mean little joke. "By the way, where did you study? If you don't mind me asking."
She told him of her university back in England, and he nodded in slow recognition.
"I think one of my old professors was there for a while."
"Perhaps you knew him: Professor Althaus?" She froze in a wide-eyed look and didn't need to say it. "Yes, I thought you knew him." Hamelin smirked and took a sip. "Small world."
"Does he still teach?" she quietly asked.
"Here and there, but not much lately. That accident really caught up with him in his old age."
"Yes, I remember... Even when I knew him, he could barely walk. I never dared to ask but maybe you know: how did he have his accident?"
They looked at each other in silence for a while, his drink resting in his hand, hers forgotten on the bar. She looked into his murky eyes with some disbelief and hollow doubts, but he held her gaze steadfast until she looked away.
Very politely he avoided taking in her figure, flattered as it was by the dress from the opera, except in sideways glances when she wouldn’t notice. He could pretend to look ahead or at the bar while, from a corner of the eye and out of focus, he'd make out her silhouette, maybe a hint of leg, a knee, a naked shoulder, ankles primly crossed, or even one pale wrist resting on the bar.
She'd allowed herself to open up a little around Hamelin, eased in by his distant manner, his lack of flattery, his cold friendliness that left plenty of space for her. Close and yet not so, his was not the sort of manner often found in larger cities, and it was so comforting she almost wanted to speak more with him, rather than less. But she wasn't so sure she liked where he led this conversation.
"Do you ever ski?" he asked, taking another sip as he searched her face.
"No, not really." she winced.
Hamelin smirked and suggested "Maybe you should try it."
"So that I can have an accident too?" she shook her head.
"Forgive me for saying, but I don't think that's why you don't do it." he whispered, watching the side of her face, waiting for her to look back.
"It's just not the sort of thing I like." she said with a mild pout.
"Can't blame you. Dangerous sport." he chuckled lowly. "So what is something you like, for example?"
She looked at him again and waited for his face to relax from its conventional smile into something more sincere, to answer: "Being at home."
"Really?" Hamelin asked with a tilt of his head. "That's all?"
She nodded, quietly awaiting his reaction — laughter? judgment? incredulity?
Hamelin looked at her with something that wasn't any of those things, nor pity, nor disappointment. If anything, he could appreciate it in a somewhat kindred feeling and could appreciate her honesty in the face of ridicule even more. It made him sorry for what he asked next.
"And… what if you'd have to ski to get there?"
The girl shifted in her seat at his question, searching his inscrutable eyes and finding no humour at all. She didn't get to answer, as they both heard Bucky walk in.
He froze right at the entrance when his eyes landed on her, and who she was with. And somehow, in his plain white shirt and ruffled hair, he looked bigger and more intimidating than in anything else as he stormed toward them.
"Hello, Marsden." Hamelin greeted, still sitting relaxed at the bar. "I was just keeping your wife company."
"That's very generous of you." he growled, levelling a dangerous sideways look at the man. "Come on, honey," he said to her with no pretence of affection, "let's go upstairs."
"I didn't finish my drink."
"Tragic. Let's go." He gripped her with his black-gloved hand, hard metal underneath squeezing almost carelessly.
She looked from Bucky back to Hamelin, but the other man just tilted his head and shrugged apologetically. With a sigh, she picked up her wallet and got up, following him back to the elevator.
Hamelin wished them a pleasant evening in an impertinent tone as she was dragged away. Bucky ignored him, and the girl just looked back with a pitiful expression.
Tumblr media
"Don't ever talk to that guy again." he grunted as he slammed the door shut.
"What do you mean?" she sighed, throwing her wallet on the bed. "I can't just not talk to people, we're supposed to be —"
"Don't talk to him again." he repeated, standing firmly in her room as he burned inwardly. "Avoid him, make excuses, I don't care."
She stepped back to give herself some distance, resting her hips against the nightstand and crossing her arms. "Is there a reason why I shouldn't talk to him?"
Bucky sighed and brushed his hair back nervously, realising that he probably shouldn't tell her too much but he had to tell her something.
"He's… one of our suspects."
"He's been our suspect ever since we got here."
"He's one of the prime suspects now. Ok?"
She stood quietly by her bed, watching Bucky with doubt and exhaustion in equal parts. If he didn't trust her to even be in the next room while he took a phone call, he definitely wouldn't trust her with more. She would be wasting her time and his temper trying to get anything out of him — and why was she here, anyway, except to be pawed at in public while he kept the "important" things to himself.
"Do you mind leaving my room so I can change, please?"
"Tell me you understand, first."
"I don't understand a thing, and at this point I don't care. Let me —"
"Promise me you won't talk to him." he repeated in a hard, low voice. "This is important, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't. Just tell me —"
"I don't have to promise you a single thing." she bristled. "I don't work for you. I don't answer to you."
"Then I guess I'll be here a while." Bucky rasped.
At least she wasn't accusing him of taking the role too seriously and turning into a jealous husband. He wasn't sure he could deny it convincingly enough.
They looked at each other, equal in obstinance, each frustrated in their own way with the other.
He stood large and frightening and unmoving, and she was too tired to feel afraid anymore but not too tired to be angry. She bent over the bed to pick up her wallet and started marching to the door. Inevitably she passed by him, but he didn't grab her — he didn't need to. Before she could react, he was by the door and, just as she was about to touch the handle, blocked her way with the metal arm braced against the wall.
"Where do you think you're going?" he whispered with anger and disbelief.
"I want to get my own room. We're in a hotel, after all." she mumbled.
"Is that all you want, sweetheart?" Bucky asked lowly, coming ever so slightly closer.
She looked up in his eyes. He probably thought she was going back to Hamelin…
"Yes, that's all I want." she said sincerely. "To be alone."
"I can't let you do that." he shook his head, and she knew he was right. All strength left her and she leaned back against the wall, and groaned. "Why can't you just say it? Just say you won't speak to him anymore."
She looked at him as she sifted through her thoughts. She wasn't sure she could put it into words why, and whatever she said wasn't going to placate him anyway. Her nerves were frayed after the whole week, her feelings were still raw from seeing her first love with another girl, and now she had to play the assistant to some arrogant Avenger.
"I'm here to help you, Bucky. I'm not here to take orders from you."
"Well it would help me if you avoided him from now on."
"Alright, fine."
"Promise it." said Bucky, pinning her with his stare.
He tilted his head in warning but held steady. She waited a few more seconds, then tried to quickly slip beneath his arm and reach the door, but it was no use. He caught her in a split second and pushed her back against the wall. She gasped in surprise and squirmed back, uselessly, against the pressing of his warmth.
Bucky gave a harsh exhale, more in exhaustion than anything else.
"I don't know why you're being like this, doll, but I don't want us to fight." he gently said.
She kept her eyes straight, unfocused, looking blankly at a button on his shirt, but she could feel his eyes burning into her. In truth, she also wasn't sure why she was being like that, and it filled her with shame and worry. She knew she just had to lie and tell him what he wanted to hear, maybe act sweetly so he'd leave her alone, but she couldn't bring herself to do it anymore.
"I don't want to fight either…" she said in a small voice.
"Let's have a compromise, then. Promise me you'll at least try to avoid him."
"Alright." she nodded, and looked up into his eyes to smile. "I can do that."
Bucky smiled back, dizzied by the sudden realisation of how close she was, how warm she felt, how sweet she smelled, and he tried to brace himself against the feeling by caressing her cheek, but she instantly squirmed away from his touch.
Tumblr media
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