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#bucky fanfiction
avenging-fandoms · 15 minutes ago
bucky waking up from a nightmare and all he keeps saying is “don’t leave me, please don’t leave me” as he holds you so tight
Tumblr media
the winter soldier stomped around the hall, pointing his gun at people and pulling the trigger. people fled with pleas and screams, ducking with every shot. the winter soldier scanned the room, spotting the person he was told to find. 
the winter soldier skipped steps as he ran up the stairs, standing in place as he rose his hand slowly, cocking the gun. all he saw was the back of their head, and he stepped closer, slower. the winter soldier pressed the gun against the back of the person’s head, and they slowly turned around. 
you stood in silence as the barrel of the gun pressed against your forehead, staring up into his eyes. the winter soldier’s eyes flickered in between yours, gripping the trigger with his index finger slowly. you shut your eyes and the winter solider pulled the trigger. 
bucky woke up with a loud sob, his breathing jagged and shoulders shaking as he sobbed. you sat up with him, rubbing his back and scooting closer to him. your fingers ran through his hair, pulling his head to your shoulder. bucky’s arms wrapped tightly around your body, crying into your neck. 
“don’t leave me, please don’t leave me. please.. please..” he whispered, sniffling and letting out a sob. “don’t leave me, yn, please, don’t leave”
“i’m not going any where, bucky, i’m with you forever and a day. i’m not going any where, baby” you kissed his forehead softly a couple times, whispering the same words against his head. 
bucky finally calmed down and you two laid back down, your nails softly drawing pictures into his back. your other hand rested on his cheek, thumb rubbing over his skin. bucky didn’t loosen his grip on you, scared to close his eyes in case he saw what he had a nightmare about. 
“do you want something to eat? watch something? music?” you offered everything bucky enjoyed, but he just shook his head. his head snuggled deeper into your neck, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly.
“i just want you to hold me, yn. please don’t leave me” he whispered, a tear running down the side of his face and landing on your skin. 
“i’ll never leave you, bucky. it’s me and you against the world” you kissed his forehead and put on your relaxing music playing, humming along and bucky fell asleep to the vibrations, your warmth, and your words replaying in his head. ‘i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you. i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you’ 
you turned off the music when you heard bucky snoring, holding him as you fell back asleep yourself with your cheek on top of his head. you were what bucky always needed, and he never wanted to let you go, and you never wanted to let him go either. 
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fuckandfluff · 35 minutes ago
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x Female Reader
Warnings: Oral (M Receiving), Explicit language/content, 18+.
Word Count: 1000.
Reblogs, likes, and feedback welcomed!
Summary: After playing a show at our local college, Bucky follows you into the bathroom.
First time writing *light* smut - please be nice!
Part 1:
“Oh god..” you muttered to yourself, unsure of what had just happened out there. For the entire 45 minutes of The Winter Soldier’s raucous set, Bucky eye-fucked you with no shame.
You had slipped away to the restroom between the first and second encore in an effort to splash some cool water on your beet red face and hopefully regain a modecum of self-respecting composure after that dizzying, dazzling display of sexual prowess by Bucky out there. What the hell had just happened?
Jenny had texted you to let you know she was in line for the meet-and-greet, as was pretty much every other bar patron and you were grateful for a moment of peace in the fluorescently lit washroom. You cupped your freshly manicured hands under the thrashing stream of tap water and just as you went to lift them to your face, you heard the door latch click closed.
Your breath was punched out of you and you felt a warm, fuzzy feeling diffuse within your chest and through to your fingertips as you saw him in the reflection of the crooked, cracked mirror.
“Wow,” he marvelled, “you’re even fuckin’ prettier up close.” Your brow furrowed in utter confusion.
The corners of his mouth turned upward into a sly smirk as he swaggered toward you. He unabashedly planted both hands firmly on your waist and smiled at you in the mirror. He was so incredibly sweaty from the marathon performance he had just put on but the cool steel from his metal hand was a welcoming contrast.
“’re.. Bucky Barnes…” you stammered embarrassingly.
“Yep, can’t get anything passed you!” He teased, pushing his pulsating cock against your back.
He took a strand of your wavy auburn locks and pushed it gently behind your ear as he looked you up and fucking down. It was so hot - watching him ogle you. His pants were leather and you could literally feel his swollen penis throbbing against you - just one layer of fabric between you and that growing length.
You looked at your reflection in the mirror and inquired, regretting it almost immediately after you said it, “Why me? I mean, what do you see in me?”
Bucky took his left hand off your hip and spun you around to face him - your lips maybe 2 inches from his. It was uncomfortably close but you would be lying if you said you didn’t love it. His knuckles dusted the side of your throat and you purred ever so gently at the touch.
“Because doll, you’re the only gal in forever who hasn’t tried to suck me off behind a dumpster,” he chuckled softly, but you knew he was serious. You had just witnessed Tiff from Psych 341 shamelessly throw her bra at him and he clearly had his pick of any woman he wanted - yet here he was with you, on a Wednesday night, in The Cave restroom.
“Are you a good girl?” His right hand migrated down to your plump ass as he took a healthy handful and squeezed mercilessly. The hand stayed transfixed on your ass as he awaited your answer.
You nodded coyly, “…yes, I’m a good girl.”
Within seconds, Bucky pushed his lips up against yours. He fought for space in your mouth as you parted your lips and allowed him in. He tasted of spearmint gum and Export A Golds but you relished the taste. You keened pathetically into his mouth.
His cock was now firmly pressed against your abdomen and you wanted to be able to give him whatever pleasure he was craving. You had literally just told him you were a good girl but you wanted to be so bad with him.
“You see what you do to me, doll? My rock hard cock just for you,” he whispered into your ear as he peppered your neck with kisses. You tossed your head to the side gingerly as if to silently grant permission and encourage the kissing to continue. “Are you going to let me throat fuck that pretty little face?”
So much for coming into the bathroom to avoid anymore awkward, sexually tense situations because as soon as Bucky said these words - your face was prickly and warm with anticipation. You got down on your knees with no hesitation - if the Winter Soldier asks you to suck his cock, you do it.
He posited your head in front of his metal-studded belt buckle and with one fluid motion his belt was undone and the zipped unzipped. His cock sprung out because, of course, a rockstar wouldn’t be wearing underwear in such taut leather pants. With one glance, you were entirely sure this cock wouldn’t be able to fit in your tiny throat. You were enamoured with it - the length had to be at least 7 inches - maybe 8, and it was thick and just beautiful.
As you grasped his throbbing member and led it to your lips, Bucky let out a feral growl. You weren’t sure if he said something to you quietly or if it was just gibberish but you knew he was in a state of bliss, having you on your knees for him.
You eagerly licked the one singular drop of glistening pre-cum from the tip of his glistening cock. Your mouth enveloped his length, inch by inch, somehow surprised that it was even thicker than it looked and it was stretching the shit out of your mouth already.
And just like that - it was over before it began.
“Bucky let’s fucking go!” his manager snarled, banging on the bathroom door. “You shoulda been out here 15 minutes ago what the fuck!”
Well, shit.
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morgana-greenleaf · 39 minutes ago
Someone of Importance
BTHB Masterlist | AO3
Fill for 'Ransom Note' for @badthingshappenbingo
Rating: Teen
Fandom: MCU / TFATWS
Words: 6011
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Sarah Wilson, AJ Wilson, Cass Wilson
Summary: Sam gets a note, asking for a hostage to stop him meddling with the IFA's plans. If he doesn't, they'll kill everyone in the house. Bucky can't let anything happen to Sarah and the boys.
It’s the middle of the night when there’s a large BANG! outside. Sam’s out of bed immediately, running downstairs, and from the footsteps across the hall, Bucky’s up too. He’s just glad Sarah and AJ and Cass know what to do.
He meets Bucky at the bottom of the stairs, and together, they pad towards the front door, footsteps silent on the carpet.
There’s an envelope resting on the doormat, with the words ‘Captain America’ written on the front in thick black letters.
They exchange a look, and then Bucky stoops to check out the peephole in the front door. He swears.
“What is it?” Sam asks.
Bucky glances at him, and then walks swiftly through the house, looking out the windows. Sam sees people outside, crouching in his garden. They’re holding guns. “Out the front too?”
Bucky nods tersely. “I’m assuming they were behind the noise and the note.”
Sam returns to the door, and picks up the letter. If they’re surrounded, then the people outside wouldn’t need to bother poisoning the paper or something like that. They’d just come in and shoot him.
He flicks the envelope open, and pulls out the paper inside. It’s short and to the point:
Captain America-
Your meddling has gone too far. You have 24 hours to deliver a person of importance to you as hostage to us or everyone in the house will die. The hostage will be returned to you when our business is done provided you do not interfere.
Bucky holds his hand out, and Sam wordlessly passes the note over. Bucky skims it, then looks back outside. “These the IFA guys you were talking about?”
Sam nods. “Yeah, busted two of their bases last week. Apparently they didn’t like that.”
“Do you have an escape tunnel?” Bucky asks. Sam tries to be surprised, but he suspects HYDRA had a fair few escape tunnels that the Winter Soldier escaped down.
“So we can’t get Sarah and the boys out. And you can’t fly them out, because they’ll just shoot you out of the air.”
Bucky’s already calculating. So Sam does his own calculating. He checks the landline, then his mobile phone, then his laptop and the television. None of them work. They’re on their own.
Sam goes back upstairs, closely followed by Bucky, up into Sarah’s room. Sam knocks four times on the panel on the side of the bed, ta-ta-ta-ta. It clicks, then folds down, and Sarah crawls out, followed by AJ and Cass.
“What was that about?” Sarah asks. She’s surprisingly calm.
“IFA want a hostage so I stop messing around with them. We’ve got 24 hours,” Sam explains.
“So what do we do?” Sarah asks, practical as always.
“There’s no way in hell I’m letting them take you or AJ or Cass. So you kids-” he points to AJ and Cass, “Go back to sleep. We grown-ups will sort it all out.”
AJ and Cass hesitate, and then run out of the room.
Bucky sits down on the bed. “We’re screwed.”
Sarah snorts. “And what will we do about it?”
“I’ll fly you out tomorrow night,” Sam decides. “Get you across the water.”
“I’ll distract them,” Bucky offers.
“You will do no such thing,” Sam says. “There’s too many of them. You won’t stand a chance.”
Bucky huffs. “So it’s decided then.” He stalks out of the room.
Sarah drops back onto her bed, and pulls a pillow over her head. Sam goes back to his room, to try and sleep. He’ll need all he can get to fly four people over the water. But try as he might, sleep doesn’t come.
Bucky waits an hour after the house has gone silent, and then slips out of bed, getting dressed quickly and slipping on his gloves. He sneaks down the stairs, and into the kitchen, where he snatches up a scrap of paper and scribbles a note.
Then, he carefully goes over to the front door, and eases it open. He steps out, hands raised. He counts more than a dozen guns pointing at him.
A man and a woman step forwards, and grab his arms, pinning them behind his back. He doesn’t fight back. He’s just glad his jackets are thick enough to hide his metal arm.
He’s dragged into a van, and forced to his knees in front of grumpy looking guy with a black suit.
“What’s your name?” the man asks him as his wrists are handcuffed behind him. He tries not to laugh. He could break them with a half a thought. Or pick them, if he had something to do it with.
“Jamie,” he answers, hesitating for a second. If they don’t know who he is, then they won’t take the proper precautions.
“Well, Jamie, you made the right decision. If you behave, and the Captain behaves, we’ll have you returned safely.” The man nods to his henchmen, and they gag and blindfold him. He hears a clink as his handcuffs are locked onto the wall of the van. A moment later, the van shudders into motion, driving him away from Sam’s house.
At dawn, Sam gives up the idea of sleep, and goes downstairs to check on his wings, and make sure they’re in tip-top shape for the flights tonight. On his way, he looks in on Sarah, who’s awake, with AJ and Cass snuggled into either side. At least they’re asleep. And then he looks in at the study-turned-Bucky’s room. It’s empty.
He rushes downstairs, looks in the living room. Empty. He goes into the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry, and he still can’t find Bucky.
“Sarah!” he calls, running upstairs. He passes the stairs on his way, and notices another envelope sitting on the doormat. There’s no writing on the outside. It’s a new one. He retraces his steps and picks it up, opening it just as Sarah appears at the top of the stairs. She descends slowly, and rests an arm on his shoulder.
“What’s up?”
Damn her for being able to read him so easily.
The hostage has been received.
Jamie will be returned when we are finished.
Do not come after us.
“Jamie?” she asks. “J-James? As in, Bucky?”
Sam sighs. “I don’t know why he did it.”
Sarah strides into the kitchen and begins making a pot of tea. “There’s nothing you can do about it now. He’s gone to them now. You…we need to get him back.”
The tea finished brewing and Sarah poured it into two mugs, adding a spoonful of sugar to one and a splosh of milk into each. She pushed the sugar one towards Sam, and he took a deep drink.
“First priority is getting the boys out,” Sarah said, moving the papers on the benchtop around. “Send them to Bob’s house. He can look after them.” She began scribbling on a piece of paper.
Sam pulled another piece towards him. “And then we see if we can track their vehicles. It won’t be that simple, but it’s a start.” He flips the paper in his hands over, and falters. “Sarah.”
She looks up. He passes over the third note in less than a day. None of them have been good news.
Sam, don’t get mad. But I couldn’t endanger Sarah and the kids. I know it said ‘someone of importance’, but just pretend for a bit. Don’t worry about me, I can get myself out.
“The idiot!” Sam yells.
“So what are we going to do about it?” Sarah repeats.
Sam glances up at her. “I don’t know.”
Bucky sits in the back of the van for hours, his bottom going numb. Finally, he’s dragged out, and he stumbles across the ground, and then he’s shoved up a short ladder. They push him into a seat, and strap him down, his arms still pinned behind him.
He hears the thundering of engines, the wokka-wokka-wokka of helicopter blades rotating. Where were they taking him? To their base, or just somewhere to hold him?
They don’t speak the whole time, probably wary of him, but eventually, they touch down somewhere where he can smell salt and hear the crash of waves. The ocean, then. He’s marched across the landing platform and thrown to the floor of an empty room. He hears the door lock, and then he’s alone.
He scoots back against the wall, and begins to plan. He can get out of this room easily enough, but then what? Destroy the base? Call the police? The fact that these guys haven’t thought to check his pockets, remove his gloves, haven’t noticed he’s got a fucking vibranium arm suggests that they’re complete noobs. Who he should be able to take out easily.
With HYDRA, though, when they took a hostage, they didn’t just lock them in a room and forget about them. No, they’d take the hostage out, and usually send a video back to the other group just to show they were serious.
Wait for that, then. Sit through a minor beating, then escape and mess their stuff up. Maybe steal a helicopter.
He doesn’t have to wait long.
There’s a click, and then the door opens. Someone grabs his shoulder and hauls him into the centre of the room. There’s a few thudding noises, which he guesses is a camera getting set up.
“Ready?” A voice says. It sounds like the suited man in the van. “Action.”
Sam’s sitting at the breakfast table with a brand-new laptop when all the screened devices in his house suddenly switch on. He jumps up immediately, going over to the television, which has the biggest screen. He can see Bucky clearly, kneeling in the centre of the room, blindfolded and gagged.
A man in a black suit steps into view. He’s wearing a matching black mask. He turns to the camera. “This is live. I’m glad to see you listened to me, Captain. Our work is almost done, and Jamie will be returned to you soon. But I need you to know we are deadly serious. As in, he will be dead if you interfere.” The suited man suddenly twists and kicks Bucky, who collapses onto his side. Sam could see his back now, could see his wrists, cuffed with…normal handcuffs?
Bucky could break free at any moment and beat the shit out of everyone in that room. Hell, he could probably do it without breaking the cuffs. So why wasn’t he.
The man rested a foot on Bucky’s head, driving into the ground. Bucky let out a grunt.
“I would like your word, Captain,” the man says.
In the view of the camera, a screen flickers to life. It shows Sam’s face, his living room. He can see the confusion on his own face.
“Do not worry, we have only just managed to hack your cameras,” the man reassured him. “But I want your word.”
“Of course,” Sam says.
The man glares at him, then hauls Bucky back up onto his knees. “You see, Jamie,” he begins, then snorts. “Well, I suppose you don’t. But your dear Captain will not give me his word.” He backhands Bucky across the face. “Of course what, Captain?”
“Of course I will not interfere.”
This time the man punches Bucky in the gut.
“Of course I will not interfere with your plans,” Sam corrects. Shit. If he got it right the first time, then they wouldn’t have hurt Bucky like this. “But how do I know you will give him back? How do I know you won’t just keep him as leverage for your next plan? And the one after that?”
“You don’t,” the man replies. “But you don’t have a choice.” He pulls what looks like a cattle prod from his pocket. “And for that-” He drives the point into Bucky’s neck.
Bucky immediately flinches away, but two men come over and hold him still as the prod is moved from his neck, to his face, and then the soles of his feet.
“Leave him alone!” Sam yells. He can tell from how tense Bucky is how much pain he’s in. How he’s doing his best not to cry out in pain. Whether it’s because he doesn’t want to give his captors that satisfaction or to stop Sam from feeling guilty, he doesn’t know, except Bucky’s definitely failing at the second.
The suited man grabs Bucky by his hair, which is longer now than when he first moved in, and wrenches his head up, facing the man even though he’s still blindfolded. “It pains me to do this to you, Jamie, it really does. You seem a good kid. Offering yourself up like this, it takes a lot of courage.”
“I gave you my word, now please stop hurting him,” Sam says. He realises Sarah’s in the room now, hovering at the edge.
The man punches Bucky in the face, and he flops backwards, only staying upright because of the two men holding his arms.
“And you keep making it worse for Jamie!” He punches Bucky again, and again, and again. “Some Captain America you are!”
Sarah lets out a noise of outrage, and Bucky hisses. One of his legs sweeps out, knocking the suited man off his feet. He falls to the floor, flat on his face, but is up immediately. He pulls out the cattle prod.
“You’re going to regret that, Jamie,” he snarls. Bucky instinctively cringes away, but the men hold him in position as the man unleashes a series of blows across his body – across his head, chest, arms, legs and feet. Bucky’s panting by the end of it, evidently struggling. And the fact that he still hasn’t cried out worries Sam, because that suggests that he’s endured a lot worse a lot of times, so that this seems insignificant in comparison.
“Leave him alone!” Sam yells. “You’ve got what you wanted. I’ll stay out of it. I’ve got your message. I know you’re serious. Please, stop hurting him.”
“Since you asked so nicely,” the man says, delivering one last slap to Bucky’s face, and then the screen goes black.
“Let’s go,” Sarah says, hoisting a backpack on her back, and handing him the wings. He doesn’t question, just follows her out. They’re not safe near devices anymore. They walk for almost an hour, and end up in a secluded corner of a park. Sarah pulls out a piece of paper.
“I called a friend, who’s a sort of private investigator. Anyway, she dug this up.” Sarah shows him the paper, which has a map printed on it. Not far off the coast, there is a red cross marked, with the words ‘IFA OR’ written next to it.
“Think you can get us there?” she asks.
They walk into town, and at the first telephone box they find, he calls Torres and organises a helicopter to come and pick them up in an hour.
After they’ve ended the call, they go to leave, but Bucky can’t resist one last act of defiance. He repeats the same move from before, kicking the man’s feet out from under him, but then he elbows him in the face.
Of course, they need their revenge for that.
They shoot him in the foot.
He bites down on the gag instead of screaming, and the moment the door’s locked behind them, he jerks his wrists apart, and the chain between the handcuffs snaps easily. He slips a flesh finger beneath the cuff on his left wrist, and pulls it away, then repeats the process on his right wrist, he jumps up, pulling the gag and blindfold away, stuffing the fabric in his pocket in case he needs it later.
A sharp lash of pain through his foot reminds him that he’s just been shot. He twists his leg, bringing his foot up near his face to get a better look. It’s gone through the end, and has missed the major bones and tendons. He pulls the blindfold back out of his pocket and ties it around the hole to stop the bleeding, wincing. Carefully, he puts his heel down, and takes an experimental step. It hurts, but as long as he doesn’t put the front part down, it’s manageable.
He hobbles over to the door, and pulls it clean off its hinges. It makes a loud clatter noise as it hits the floor, but there’s no one outside. They must be all gathered together to finish their final plan. He still doesn’t know exactly what it is. And with the state he was in, it’s fair for them to assume he couldn’t walk, let alone break out.
Too bad for them he’s not a normal human being.
He limps down the hallways, hugging the walls, partly for balance and partly for secrecy. He tries to ignore the bloody smudges his foot’s leaving on the floor. He turns a corner and sees into a large room. There’s at least two dozen people gathered inside, crowded around a large glowing thing.
He doesn’t want to know what that is.
He slips across the hall, hoping none of them will glance his way. He accidentally puts the front of his injured right foot down and squeezes his eyes shut against the pain. He heads further down the corridor, and finds a flight of stairs. He climbs them, and with the layout of the lower floor in mind, he heads across until he’s right above the hall with the glowing thing inside it.
Luckily for him, it also happens to be a control room. And this base is actually on oil rig.
Oil…that means they’re probably going to blow something up. And he has to stop them. He goes over to the wall, which is covered in levers and buttons and none of them have labels and of course he’s not lucky enough to have a monologuing villain to point out the use of every single button.
So he takes hold of the biggest lever, and pulls it.
The lights dim, turning red, and a siren blares.
“EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN INITIATED,” a voice from the ceiling announces. It vaguely reminds him of Vision.
He runs out of the room before someone comes to see what (or who) caused the lockdown, limping into a room just across the hallway.
Unluckily for him, the suited man is waiting inside. Bucky lunges forwards, but he’s too late; the man pistol-whips him across the face, and he collapses. The man retreats a few steps, pointing the gun at him.
“It was you that set off the lockdown, wasn’t it, Jamie?” the man says. “I don’t know how you managed to escape, but soon our plan will be right back on target.”
Unwilling to get involved in the villain monologue, Bucky pushes himself to his feet, and runs across the room as best he can. The man’s obviously unwilling to kill him (and destroy his leverage) so he makes it to the window, although he hears footsteps behind him. He pulls back his left arm and punches through the glass, then flips himself out, until he’s hanging by his fingertips from the sill.
He glances down, and sees he’s four floors up. Oh well. He lets go, and a second later he hits the ground, rolling to try and minimise damage. He hears gunshots from the window, but he’s already running, seeking cover behind a massive metal column.
The gunshots stop, and he peeks out from behind the column. There’s no one in sight, so he darts over to the next column, then the next, then the next, making his way across the rig.
After several minutes, the alarm shuts off, and orders boom out over the PA system, telling him exactly where they’re gonna be looking for him; sweeping through the building from top to bottom, and then fan out over the rig.
Yep. They’re noobs.
He begins to climb up the column, digging in his vibranium hand, gouging out chunks. Hopefully by the time they’re noticed, he’ll be out of there. He makes it to the top, and jumps to the next column. Something in his knee breaks, and he slips, banging his injured foot on the pillar. He slips a few feet down, then takes a deep breath, and begins climbing again.
He’s made it to a fourth column when they get out of the building, and begin marching across the concrete. Thankfully, they don’t think to look up, and see if he’s jumping from column to column like a big cat.
Eventually, the line of searchers move past him, and he slides back down to the ground. He hobbles along until he gets to a ramp leading up to the next level. Sticking to the outside edge and clinging to the railing, he climbs one, two, three, four levels, until he’s level with the top of the main building. He moves back over to the other side, assessing the building.
If he climbs one more storey, he’ll be able to jump down onto the roof, and maybe climb in a window. He does just that, and is about to step into a metal beam to begin his assent, when:
“Stand down!” There’s a cocking of guns behind him, and suddenly, he’s surrounded by guards.
How did he not hear them coming?
But he’s got two choices. Fight them, reveal he actually knows what he’s doing, run even with his busted knee and shot foot, and hopefully make it to a helicopter. His foot throbs, and he takes the second (and hopefully smarter) option: he drops to his knees, and places his hands on his head. The ring closes in around him, and someone cuffs his hands again.
They don’t learn, do they?
They drag him to his feet, heedless of his injuries, and make him walk back down the ramp, and into the building again.
“Take him to Nicholson,” one of them orders, and the rest of the guards taper off, leaving the two holding his arms.
He ends up in a room with a smashed window, and he realises it’s the one he jumped out of. The push him to the floor, and someone sets a camera up. The suited man, who Bucky realises is Nicholson, turns to the camera. “Let’s begin.”
Sam’s only been on the helicopter for twenty minutes when his phone switches on and a live video of Bucky appears. He looks considerably worse than last time – has he been shot? But he’s alive, and Sam’s on his way.
“You’ll be glad to hear, Captain, that it’s not your fault I’m calling this time. It’s Jamie’s. I just thought you might appreciate it.”
“Don’t hurt him,” Sam says immediately. “I’ll do whatever you, want, just don’t hurt him.”
The man snorts. “This is his punishment.”
“It’s fine, Sam, I deserve this,” Bucky says, “Brought it on myself, trying to escape.”
Bucky looks like he actually believes it.
And then suddenly he rolls away from the guards, and yells, fast as he can: “Nicholson. Oil rig. No coast in si-”
He’s cut off by the suited man (Nicholson?) hitting him on the head so hard he falls over, and then one of his henchmen tie a gag in Bucky’s mouth.
Bucky begins blinking slowly, purposefully. Sam recognises it immediately for what it is – Morse code. It’s what all soldiers are trained to do if they’re captured, if they’re forced to do something under duress.
‘G-H-T,’ Bucky blinks, and then Nicholson’s grabbing his shoulder, pulling him away and tying a blindfold over his eyes.
“Stop trying to communicate,” Nicholson hisses, slapping Bucky across the face. “If you behave, we may consider returning you to your Captain when we’re done.”
“You said it’s dependent on me staying out!” Sam yells. Never mind that he’s not staying out. They don’t know that.
“And Jamie’s good behaviour. But let us think of his misbehaviour, now.” Nicholson pulls out a short knife, and cuts away the fabric at the top of Bucky’s right jeans leg. Bucky leans away from him.
“He broke out of his room.” Nicholson’s hand darts out and cuts a deep slash across Bucky’s thigh. Bucky grunts in pain.
“He spied on our business.” Another cut, another grunt.
“He activated emergency lockdown.” Bucky’s face is paler than it should be, and there’s a growing pool of blood on the floor.
“He broke a window.” There’s barely any skin left on Bucky’s right thigh. Nicholson cuts away the fabric at the top of his left leg.
“He damaged our columns.” Sam’s brow furrows in confusion, but then he’s distracted but Nicholson cutting Bucky again. Bucky whimpers.
“He tried to escape my guards.” Bucky’s blood spurts up, splattering his face and Nicholson’s.
“And he is now making a mess on my floor.” Bucky looks up indignantly, as Nicholson cuts him for the final time. His thighs are a mess of ravaged flesh.
“Now stay there,” Nicholson snarls. He stabs the knife right through Bucky’s calf muscle, and by the amount sticking back out, some of it must be embedded in the floor, too.
They must have really shitty floors.
With one last blow to Bucky’s head, causing him to collapse, his leg at an odd angle, Nicholson leaves.
The screen goes black once again.
Bucky hears Nicholson leave, but not the two guards. They must have stayed to watch him. They must be learning. Unfortunately for them, they haven’t learned enough. Enough to not leave him with a knife, even if it’s currently pinning his leg to the floor.
He lies on his back for several minutes, then pulls his wrists apart, breaking the chain again. He listens, but the breathing of the two guards hasn’t changed. They didn’t hear. One’s near the door, and the other’s near the window, if his mental map of the room is correct.
He sits up, biting back a scream of pain, black spots dancing in his vision. He pulls the blindfold off. Both guards are standing side-on to him. Somehow they haven’t noticed his movement yet. Or aren’t worried about it.
Bucky braces himself, then pulls the knife out of his calf. He glances around the room, and sees a heavy book sitting on the desk, about three metres away from him. Then he moves.
He throws the knife, and it hits precisely where he aimed: in the neck of the door guard. He stands, runs at the desk, picks up the book, and clobbers to window guard on the head with it. They fall like a sack of shit.
He retrieves the knife, then busts the door open. Maybe it’s adrenaline, maybe it’s something else, but he’s numb to his injuries. He runs down the corridor at full speed. None of the guards he meets (whether there’s one of them or ten of them) are any match for him, especially after he picks up guns from the second and third.
He opens every door he passes until he comes to some sort of armoury. In there, he finds timed bombs with a detonator. He takes that, and some grenades. As he continues through the building, he places them every so often, until he finally makes it back down to the room with the glowing weapon. It’s chock full of people. He doesn’t bother finding cover, just chucks a few grenades (stun, flash or explosive, he doesn’t know), and then barges in. He hears shooting, and faintly, he feels something bite through his shoulder. His arm. Scrape his elbow. Graze his face, his ear. He ignores them, focused on placing his explosives. If he’d been in a different frame of mind, he might have noticed that it was glowing blue, like the Tesseract.
He sprints out of the room, blood flowing freely from the dozens of holes in his body, causing him to slip. As he runs up the ramp from earlier, his blood-slick fingers struggle to press the detonate button. But he manages it, eventually, and he’s thrown several metres as it goes off. He continues running for the helicopter, but then he realises: he’s blown up his supports. The oil rig he’s standing on will fall into the ocean, taking him with it.
Maybe he might actually die, this time.
He runs faster, the concrete collapsing beneath his feet, and he makes it to the helipad just as the far edge crumbles away, taking the lone helicopter with it.
That’s it. He’s lost hope of escape. Until…
There’s another helicopter coming. The sound’s getting closer. It touches down mere metres away from him, and he stumbles towards it, pulling his gun out.
The door opens, and the pilot climbs out, steps towards him. He raises his gun, but then the rig shakes, and he drops it, falling onto his side.
“Bucky?” the pilot says. It registers vaguely with him. Does he know a Bucky?
“Fuck. You’re a mess. Come and get in,” the pilot says, reaching for him. He shies away, but the pilot grabs him, and carries him gently into the helicopter, setting him down on the seat.
The pilot presses a few buttons, and then they’re taking off. Just before he falls unconscious, he sees tears gleaming in the pilot’s eyes.
Bucky’s a mess. There’s no other way to put it. And until they get home, there’s not much Sam can do about it.
He pulls the gag out of Bucky’s mouth. It’s black fabric and with the longer hair, it reminds him of the Winter Soldier. It’s strange Bucky didn’t think to remove it. He pulls out his lockpicks, and carefully removes the snapped cuffs from Bucky’s wrists. They’re pink and swollen, the skin broken at one point, but compared to the rest of him, they’re quite mild.
Sam wishes he thought to bring more than a mediocre first aid kit with only two bandages, but they were in a rush and Bucky hadn’t been that injured at the time.
Sam carefully pulls Bucky’s jackets off, and that exposes yet more wounds. He wraps the bandages around the Bucky’s thighs, and then begins ripping his own shirt into strips. He ties them as tightly as he safely can around Bucky’s arms, calf, foot, knee and chest, and then calls Sarah.
“What happened?” she asks.
“Bucky’s hurt really badly. I-I’m honestly surprised he’s still alive. But the IFA are all gone now, so you’re safe to go back home. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” He hangs up. Now he just needs to make sure Bucky survives that long.
The flight is uneventful, and they land in a cul-de-sac two streets away from Sam’s house. As he lifts Bucky out of the helicopter and carries him bridal-style down those streets, he wonders what the neighbours will think.
Sarah opens the door when he gets to their yard, and ushers him inside. He places Bucky on the lounge. AJ and Cass look horrified.
“What happened?” AJ asks.
Sam pulls out the full first aid kit from the cupboard while Sarah begin filling a basin with warm water.
“You read the note the IFA sent. Bucky gave himself up to them, and while they had him, they tortured him.” It hurts Sam to tell the boys this, but they need to know the truth. He can’t wrap them in cotton wool forever.
Sarah sets the basin down on the floor. Sam picks up a facewasher, and dunks it in. He pulls away the bandage on Bucky’s left thigh. He hears Sarah take AJ and Cass away, saying “Call me if you need anything.”
Bucky startles awake the moment the flannel touches his leg. “Sam!”
“Shh, it’s okay,” Sam says soothingly.
Bucky narrows his eyes. “Don’t patronise me, Samuel.”
“Okay, Jamie,” Sam says. Bucky snorts.
Bucky reaches out for the flannel. “I can do that.”
Sam pulls it away. “The thing is, you don’t have to. It’s a lot easier if I do it.”
Bucky settles back onto the lounge, adjusting a cushion under his head. “If you insist.”
They sit in silence for several minutes, as Sam cleans and bandages Bucky’s wounds. Most of them require stitches, but Bucky suffers silently, staring up at the ceiling, face tight.
When Sam leans back, gathering up the discarded bloody cloths, Bucky grabs his arm, halting him.
He takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry for doing that. For making you come and rescue me.”
Sam’s so shocked that he can’t speak for a moment. “I’m sorry you had to go through that. None of that was your fault, you hear me? None of it. So don’t you dare apologise. I hate that you did it, that you suffered like that since I can’t protect my own family, but I will be forever grateful to you for keeping Sarah and AJ and Cass safe. So thank you. And I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault, Sam,” Bucky says immediately, predictably. “It was my choice.”
“Let’s just agree to never let this happen again,” Sam says, moving over to the lounge and pulling Bucky into a hug, carefully avoiding his injuries. “Thank you again.”
“It’s nothing,” Bucky says, looking away.
“It’s not nothing,” Sam says. His hand drops to his pocket, and he begins fiddling with the black fabric inside it.
“I’ve had worse.”
“Doesn’t mean this time didn’t hurt.”
Bucky doesn’t answer, which means he’s struggling to disagree.
Sam’s about to go and get some food, because he doubts Bucky was fed, when-
“I was turning back into the Winter Soldier.”
Sam freezes. Bucky continues, still determinedly not looking his way. “I don’t think they were HYDRA, not directly, but I was going back into the mindset. Of ‘let nothing jeopardise the mission’. I didn’t notice getting shot, apart from my foot.”
Sam doesn’t know how to answer that, but Bucky keeps going.
“D’y-do you think I’m really fixed?” Bucky asks.
“You never will be,” Sam says. Bucky’s head snaps around to him, looking a mix of shocked and hurt. “There’s no such thing as ‘fixed’. But there is ‘better’. And I know you’re getting better.”
Bucky sniffs and nods. “Okay.”
Sam’s not quite sure Bucky believes him, but when he leaves and comes back with a bowl of pumpkin soup, Bucky demolishes it, not even bothering with a spoon but just drinking it all in one mouthful. AJ and Cass have come back, and they look amazed and in awe, in the way only little boys can be, while Sarah just looks concerned.
She passes Bucky a pile a ham and cheese sandwiches, and he digs into those too. “Thanks, Sarah.”
“Thank you,” she says, “for keeping my boys safe.”
Bucky smiles. It’s genuine, and makes Sam’s heart fill with warmth.
“All in a day’s work, ma’am,” he says.
Sam turns his laugh into a cough. Bucky glares at him.
Cass walks over to Sam, and pokes him. “When will Uncle Bucky be all healed again?”
Sam glances over at Bucky, who’s got tears gleaming in his eyes. “Uncle Bucky will be healed very soon.”
“A day or two,” Bucky clarifies, his voice surprisingly steady.
“And then you’ll show us how to make a booby trap like you promised?” Cass asks.
“As long as it’s okay with your mum,” Bucky says, shooting a nervous glance at Sarah.
“Provided you don’t use them on anyone, including the neighbours, and dissemble them when you’re done, go wild,” she says. “But now we’re going to leave Uncle Bucky to rest, so he gets all better faster.”
AJ and Cass groan, but they follow her out of the room. Sam takes Bucky’s plate and bowl away, bringing back a glass of water which he sets on the coffee table, within Bucky’s reach. He unfolds a blanket, spreading it over Bucky, who snuggles down and shuts his eyes like he’s preparing to sleep.
“I still don’t know whether to kiss you or kill you for that stunt you pulled,” Sam says.
Bucky’s eyes snap open. “Kiss me, Sam.”
And Sam does.
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Main Masterlist
Hello everyone! after some suggestions from a friend, and seeing how many older fics I have, I have decided to make a masterlist. I will update as I go, and put the dates last updated. I’m trying to branch out more with my writing as well. This includes most of my fics, as I write more I may separate the more serious ones from the lighter ones
A lot of my fics deal with mental health topics. Each fic has warnings listed at the top, and if you feel that they may be upsetting or harmful to your journey please feel free to skip them.
I’ve sorted them into general categories, some of them may cover a few but I’ve put them into the most prominent category. I got specific with Bucky x reader because let’s be honest, there’s so many
If you have any requests, ideas, or want a friend, asks and DM’s are open! 
Bucky Barnes (Comfort)
Come Back Home
Where’s my White flag?
Take the Pain away - also includes drug addiction
It Shouldn’t Happen to Me 
Never free of myself - also includes self harm
I can’t be alone right now - also includes self harm
Let me In
Happy Pills
You’re my priority
All I ever do is run
I swear, I’m fine
Eating disorder
I Don’t Hate You Like I Hate Myself
What’s going on with you?
Why do you bother with me? 
Running on Empty
Empty Words - you go through a break up and Bucky comforts you
If I were someone else - reader and Bucky have feelings for each other, both too insecure to say anything
Just give me more time - reader has a near death experience and shuts Bucky out
I am my worst enemy - No reader, Bucky’s internal thoughts between TWS and CACW
I’m Dangerous - Reader comforts Bucky after a nightmare
Bucky Barnes (Fluff)
You’re not going to work - Bucky wants cuddles
40′s Bucky
Are you looking down upon me? - You’re Bucky’s girlfriend in the 40′s and are devastated by his death. Until the winter soldier comes for you
How do I do this without you? - You’re Bucky’s sister trying to cope with the loss of your brother
Coney Island - your last date with Bucky before he ships out with the 107th
Steve Rogers
You saved me - reader gets snapped away by Thanos and is reunited with Steve in 2023
I didn’t have the right words to say - comfort for depression/self harm
Am I wrong? - comfort for depression/trust issues
Just let me go - comfort for suicidal thoughts
Sebastian Stan
You just have to keep trying - includes eating disorder
But words can never hurt me - in which reader is an actress and hate messages get to her. Includes self harm
Don’t let me forget - you break up with Sebastian and then regret it
I wanna dance with somebody - in which you get Sebastian to try a new type of workout 
One Step at a Time - includes eating disorder
Lance Tucker
I got your back - includes eating disorder
I was never good enough for you - includes self harm
Emma - Based off a Friends episode
What do you meme? - in which Steve, Bucky, and Sam get pulled over for being distracted looking at memes, and they have one phone call
She’d rather be beautiful than alive - comfort for eating disorder
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Genesis- Chapter 14
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: Smut, me crying, Cute Henry, Genesis and Spence
“I don’t wanna leave you on the night of Halloween.” Genesis whined at the team especially to her brother who shook her head.
“Well it was either that or throw drugs in your locker and fire you.” Penelope Garcia piped up making the Brunette’s eyes wide
“Let’s face it, Reign…you’re a workaholic and we just convinced you to lead a normal life.” Derek laughed as the girl rose her eyebrows.
“Define normal.” Derek just sipped on his coffee and walked away with a smirk.
“Hey…” a new voice popped up making genesis smile at the familiarity and ran into the Man’s arms.
“Did you do it?” she hugged him tighter when she received a nod in response “I am so so proud of you.” she whispered, pulling back, James Barnes dipped his head pecking the woman’s lips.
“Whoa, hey, brother still here.” spencer Reid pulled back the girl with a protective scowl, the room filled with laughter at the scene before them.
Just then JJ entered the room with a smile “alright everybody I have an announcement to make, as I’m sure some of you are aware Henry was a little nervous going trick or treating this year but he’s decided to anyway.” she announced making everyone smile.
“What changed his mind?” Derek questioned.
“The BAU did.” she clarified “I told him he should go out on Halloween and try to figure out which monsters are real and which ones are not.” the teamed beamed at her explanation.
“So he wants to be a profiler.” Aaron asked with a rare and beautiful smile.
“Ah! He wants to be his favorite profiler.” she moved aside to reveal Henry dressed up as his godfather making the room give out sounds of delight and his godparents immediately rushing to him.
Tumblr media
James watched as Genesis styles the child’s hair as spencer complimented him, she quickly lifted the child up on her hips and snatched spencer’s id from him attaching to the Henry’s cardigan “oh he’s official” they smiled.
Emily Prentiss was more focused on the look of adoration on James and moved towards him as Genesis and the others conversed among themselves “that’s cute.” she commented breaking him out of his daze “you love her.” she continued making the man nod “and you know I’ll shoot you multiple times if I find out that you hurt her.” James nodded gulping as her face turned into an innocent one “good, please take care of her, she deserves it.” Emily pleaded as the man gave her his word.
“hey Nes!” he called out to her and nodded towards the door indicating it was time to leave after hundreds of hugs and kisses and promises the couple headed back to her apartment.“So where are you guys headed?” Derek asked as Genesis took a deep dramatic breath. “Home.” she nodded receiving funny looks from her team mates and boyfriend.She laughed at them
“it was pretty funny, couple of weeks in Louisiana and then Brooklyn.”
James turned her around when she closed the door behind her, not giving enough time to even turn on the lights “can I kiss you?” he asked and immediately pressed his lips to hers after receiving a meek ‘yes’ from her, the once slow and innocent kiss turned into a lust filled hungry one “you sure? I don’t wanna hurt you” He mumbled against her mouth.
“I want this, I want you, you can never hurt me” she cupped face, he quickly pushed her back against the door while her hand fumbled over the wall to find the switch.
A shatter rang through the place when the light turned on, the couple laughed the broken vase on the floor as a result of turning on the lights “I hated that vase anyways.” she muttered with a small chuckle.
“Jump.” he whispered in her ear which she happily obliged to, turning into a moaning and panting mess when he attacked her neck with kissed, nibbles and bites.
“oh my god Bucky!” she gasped when his kisses hit her sweet spot, she could fell his smirk on her skin, he pulled back and kissed her lips again, angling their faces and tongues, He moaned into her mouth when her fingers tangled into his short brunette locks , sending shivers down her spine and wetness gather in her panties.
They quickly moved to her bedroom as he dropped her on the bed, hovering on top of her his “too much clothing.” he groaned in a deep voice making her let out an involuntary moan, he rushed to remove her shirt and pants, leaving her in her innerwear.
“So. Fucking. Beautiful” he praised making the heat rush to her cheeks.
“Too much clothing.” she spoke up undoing his pants when his hands stopped her.
“No, tonight is all about you.” he said sternly and immediately discarded his clothing and moved up to unclasp her bra.
Tumblr media
His tongue glided all the way from her neck, to the valley between her breasts, nipping it and kissing it making her whine, to her stomach, caressing her hips when he finally came to the destination he so desperately wanted.
He now faced her throbbing slit, he could see how wet she was, he looked up at her, asking for consent and when he received a nod he removed her underwear without skipping a beat, diving into her pussy, eating her out like a starved man.
His vibranium arm went to her stomach holding her down while she whined and moaned from above him, writhing with pleasure. She tangled her fingers in his hair pushing him deeper between her legs eliciting a moan from him the vibration making her moan his name out loud.
His tongue swirled around her clit with such skill she arched her back moaning louder than ever.
“Bucky Barnes, fuck me right now before I kill you.” she panted out, him giving her a boyish smirk he moved up kissing her lips and asked for a condom, she moved towards her bedside table pulling one out which he immediately accepted and rolled it on.
He almost laughed when she angrily whined as he teased her with his tip rubbing up and down her slit, his dog tags dangling over her, she hissed in arousal when the cold metal rubbed her skin, she quickly grabbed his ass and pushed him into her, both of them letting out a moan at the contact, and he gave her the time to adjust to him, moving slowly when she nodded in approval.
His once slow thrusts became fast and hungry, as the room filled with grunts, moans and the sounds of skin contact. He pinned her arms above her securing it with his metal arm smirking as she gasped at his action. The two were desperate for a release.
“Bucky.” she gasped feeling the knot in her stomach.
“me too, come for me doll.” as if those words were magic she moaned his name louder as her walls clenched around him in pleasure when she came, making him moan out at the sensation as he felt himself spilling into the condom.
The two panted out of breath as they rode down their highs, the man rolled off of her to the side, discarding the condom. He rolled over, facing her, his left hand making its way to her cheek, gently rubbing it. “You were amazing love.” her heart fluttered at the nickname as she gave him a smile
“This is everything I dreamed of and more.” she smiled at him. She moved up and placed a chaste kiss to his lips. She moved her body so she could lay her head on his chest and he instinctively moved so he could hold her.
“I’ll be right here when you wake up.” he whispered kissing her head “Genesis?” he called out to her, she tilted her head to she could meet his cerulean orbs “I love you.” he mumbled making her laugh.
“I love you too” he grinned wider admiring her naked body on top of his, her hand clutching on to his dog tags, like it did the first time the fell sleep together. He brushed her short brown hair and lightly kissed it before he drifted off to a dreamless sleep.
The morning sun spilled into the room, Genesis was the first to wake up as she groaned at the light contacting her eyes, her hands letting go of the dog tags she was holding. It took her a minute to realize she was laying on the chest of James Barnes, the thoughts of last night flooded her mind, a smile gracing her lips. She looked over to the clock reading the time, she moved her hand up, running her fingers through his short brunet locks making him shift in his place, his eyes fluttered open immediately squinting his eyes trying to adjust to the light. It wasn’t long before his eyes met with her own doe orbs. “Good morning.” she whispered moving up to kiss his lips.
“Good morning Nes” he spoke in the same tone into her lips.
“we,” she stood up, walking to her closet as James watched her move around the room naked, adorning a smile of admiration and love on his face while she picked out her outfits “have to catch a flight in two hours.” she turned around facing him, screwing her face together “what?” she laughed he just shook his head smiling wider.
“It’s a pretty good sight before me.” she scoffed at his response and threw a shirt at him.
“so whipped.” she pointed her finger at him, he pouted as she moved into the bathroom to ready herself for the day “I never said you couldn’t join me sergeant.” she poked her head out which made the ex-assassin almost run into the bathroom much to her amusement.
Tumblr media
“Boys!” she laughed as AJ and Cass ran up to the couple, pretending to knock them down as James hovered around them with the cake pretending to throw it on them.
A shrill scream sounded through the area making the couple snap their head towards captain America with a surprised look, he almost fell over making his way to the two and poked Genesis’ neck whose hand flew up to the place with a confused look “hickey…” he stuttered looking between the two “oh my god.” he repeated making the couple furrow their eyebrows in amusement while the moved and sat on the table with the Mother and children.
“Sarah, your brother is being a bother.” Genesis complained making the woman laugh.
“Join the club.” she scoffed looking at her brother who still had his mouth open.
“Yes, Samuel we’re dating now.” she deadpanned closing his mouth for him.
“Jesus, finally.” he breathed out making everyone laugh at his antics.
Genesis’ POV:
I was talking to the people Sarah introduced to me and glanced at Bucky, as if he felt me looking he turned around giving me a warm smile which made my heart melt, he immediately jogged over to me making me roll my eyes when his arms circled my waist pulling me against his waist.
“hi.” he whispered in my ears as I leaned my head back on his shoulders, Sarah smirked at me before walking to Sam who I saw was repeatedly hitting her pointing towards us. What a child.
“I am working.” I stated looking at his pout which made me hit him lightly. I scoffed when he let out a sound of hurt “oh so you can fall 200 meters and not handle a slap…that’s right, I have the video.” I smirked referring to the video I got when the two were in Munich. Thank you Samuel Thomas Wilson. He groaned as he reached out to get the food from me. I slapped his hand away.
“Wow you’re a violent lady” he whined and I innocently smiled in satisfaction.
“Stop being a dramatic piece of shit.”
“Okay you’re gonna be like this even if were dating?” I nodded vigorously.
He turned me around grabbing my cheeks and pulling my lips to his, Sarah came over and grabbed my spatula shooing us away, Bucky gladly took the opportunity to take me to the dance floor and his hands found my waist and mine fount his neck as we swayed around laughing our feet dancing to the music playing in the background.
After a while I ran to the place everyone were taking picture with Sam and I waited for my turn and jumped on his back, the two of us laughing as the picture was taken, I took multiple pictures, both of us looking like total idiots in every single one of them.
I looked at Bucky who stood beside be balancing the kids hanging to his vibranium arm while he dramatized his stories. He was truly happy, I could see it, and I believe everyone could. He deserved it more than anyone.
Tumblr media
It felt peaceful, my legs were dipped in the water when Sam walked over “for the first time in a very long time, I don’t have to fight my way through.” I spoke as he sat next to me.
“I can see that, I’ve never seen you this loosened up.” I laughed at his comment.
“Me neither.” I nodded he threw his arms around my shoulder.
“I’m happy for you Gen, truly.” I nodded leaning onto him.
“And I’m so proud of you Sam, truly.” I smiled at him and stood up, pulling him up and hugged him.
“Thank you Gen.” he smiled softly “hey, food’s being served.” he noticed making me snap my neck towards him.
“Gah! Finally!” I threw my head back, he laughed and threw his arms around me again, the two of us walking over to everyone.
It was beautiful, the fairy lights swimming on top of us as me and James swayed to the music, not like the goofy dance before but just us in each other’s embrace when I looked up in realization, he furrowed his brows in concern “what?”
“You’re my home” I muttered to him, a smile slowly growing, his expressions matched mine
“And you’re mine, always and there’s no one else I’d rather be with.” he proclaimed pulling me closer as we swayed to the slow music playing, letting ourselves to relax.
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Genesis- Chapter 13
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: blood, character death, violence.
A/N: look at Samuel...a literal angel
“Nessy, I think it’s time you take a break.” The girl looked up from her file looking at the source of the voice “From fighting…” He explained further making her tilt her head in confusion. It had been a week since she arrived back to Quantico, there was one case in that week which was pretty short so they were back and writing their reports on it.
“Nessy, you’ve been going from one fight to another since you found out you existed, now you’re here in the FBI hunting Serial killers. I think you should take a break.” Genesis closed her file and looked at him taking a deep breath knowing deep down Spencer Reid was right. “You know I’m right because you’re being hyper non-verbal about It.” he chuckled at her.
“I was thinking about it too.” she admitted “but I don’t want to leave you.” Spencer Reid got up gaining the attention of the other agents’ attention.
“You worry too much about me.” he laughed crouching in front of her “I’m a big boy now, I’ll be fine as long as I hear your voice every day.” he assured her.
The team listened intently to the conversation knowing where it was going to end
“But how is it fair to you guys?” she frowned when Emily Prentiss joined in.
“If we keep you here…how is it fair to you?” Genesis snorted at this “I’m really doing this?” she breathed out.
“Babe, it’s 2023 it’s not like we’ll never see each other” JJ spoke up slinging her hand on her shoulders.
“I agree Reign, it’s time you took a break for yourself, focus on you.” making the group flinch and look at the Unit chief.
Genesis was just about to reply when she felt her phone vibrate, she dug into her pocket and fetched out her phone, immediately answering it seeing that the caller was Sam Wilson, the team watched her as her expression changed to a serious one. “I’ll be there” she assured and hung up.
“One last fight?” she smiled sheepishly at her team.
Genesis’ POV:
I immediately flew over the city, following Sam’s coordinates, I was just over the Bridge when I saw Sam pummel to the ground with a burning chopper heading towards the civilians, I joined my arms sending a golden force field freezing the chopper and pushing it into the water.
“Nice suit!” I laughed, landing on the ground, I liked it, that doesn’t mean I won’t make fun of it.
“Don’t you dare.” he warned, knowing where I was headed throwing a comm towards me which I caught with ease.
“I didn’t say anything, take a compliment Wilson.” I pouted as we took off in different directions.
“Nice of you to join Nes!” James yelled blocking a man who tried attacking him with a metal pole, I rolled my eyes, pulling my wings in and throwing the man away with my powers.
“You’re welcome” I huffed out before the man punched me making me lose my balance.
“James go!” I yelled at him noticing Karli burning the truck, he looked at me for a second before running towards the fire. “Son of a bitch.” I cursed breaking my hands free from his grasp and throwing force at him, knocking him out.
“Genesis! Contain the fire.” James yelled, repeatedly punching the door, and I did that. I could feel my powers drain from the fire absorbing it. I hate fires.
“Hurry up!” I yelled at him.
Oh shit.
I heard Walker call out for Karli and I turned to look at him fighting the flag smashers.
The shield? Did he make that on his own? He definitely learnt that from a DIY Halloween video.
“Reign! Why are you laughing?”
James and I moved away the fire when we saw Walker getting his ass whopped by them, James ran in leading the bad guy away from killing walker.
“Bucky!” I ran towards the ledge where he fell to see him landing on his feet, I sighed in relief which immediately went for a toss when I felt my hand being restrained away from each other. I couldn’t use my powers. I screamed in pain when they lunged at me multiple kicks to my ribs.
Fucking Super Soldiers.
I could feel myself lose conscious with a blow to my head, before I knew it I felt the wind hit my back. Everything went black.
3rd Person’s POV:
“Genesis!” James Barnes caught the Girl who fell down the bridge and quickly laid her on his lap desperately trying to wake her up
“Nes! Genesis wake up, hey open your eyes baby. Genesis! Come on” he tried patting her cheeks before cupping it “Nes! Doll come on, you can’t do this now!” he pleaded his eyes slowly filled with tears.
He looked up to see a man holding an Iron bars, he Laid the girl down and moved away from her, in turn leading the fight away from her. The brunet called for her while fighting against the enhanced man.
The crowd watched as a truck hung on the ledge, brink of destruction, John walker made the choice of saving the people in the truck than fight. James Barnes watched in terror hoping John walker would pull through. The soldier flinched when the truck fell forwards and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw a purple force surrounded the truck holding it in place, following the trail of purple, his blue eyes met Genesis’s now purple ones while she struggled to stand holding up her joined hands.
She collapsed, seeing Captain America had it under control. James ran to her as they sat on the ground, she leaned back laying her head on his chest “I’ve got you.”
“I think I should do more cardio.” she panted making the man holding his laugh.
The pair scurried to their feet when they saw the Flag-smashers surround them.
“You of all people bought into that bullshit?” Karli scoffed in disbelief.
“I'm trying something different. Maybe you should do the same” Sam spoke confidently.
The group slightly panicked when the area filled with gas making them blind to sight “This way.” Sam guided them through the smoke leading them underground.
“Hey, Baby. We're underground. We entered the tunnel on William. Heading south.” Genesis spoke into her comm walking alongside them.
“Looks like they split up. Here” Sam stopped pointing to the right, John walker ran in making them feel wary
“I got it.” Genesis and James spoke at the same time, they looked at each other and smiled. Sam rolled his eyes.
“Seriously? Now?”
“Wait Sam! I’ll come with.” she brunette called out to him.
“Gen, I want to deal with Karli on my own, I’ll be fine, go” he nodded assuring me.
“Stay safe cap.” she mockingly saluted him running off to where James and John were.
Genesis’ POV:
I took out the phone that I picked from one of the flag smashers and set a rendezvous point. I turned to look at the two men who looked at me with a confused expression.
“Agent Reign with the FBI, sending you coordinates, I need a SWAT team to trap the targets.” I spoke into my phone.
“Sleight of hand.” I laughed explaining how I picked the phone and dug into my pocket to throw James his keys, he searched his pockets while I laughed.
“Damn Genesis.” he grunted lowly. I stopped in my tracks, blinking a several times at him.
Son of a bitch, he smirked walking to the meeting point.
“"Mercy bears richer fruit than strict justice"” Walker quoted I rolled my eyes and pulled out the phone showing it to the flag smashers.
“It's a great app.” I nodded with a smile and thanked the officers who surrounded them and walked away.
“Lincoln, really?” James looked at walker.
“Great man. Great quote.” He shrugged.
“Not when you say it.”
We waited for Sam to arrive, I sat there cleaning my wounds when I saw the cameras go off I looked up to see Sam carrying someone in his arms.
I looked down, I couldn’t see her. She tried so much, she died fighting and right now if her fight went to waste, it would be a shame to humanity.
I looked up to see James standing next to me, his hands fell on my back slightly caressing it.
Karli Morgenthau was kid who deserved better. So much better.
I turned my head towards Sam when I heard him talk to the senator about how wrong they were and encouraging them to take the right decision and fight.
As much as I love teasing Sam, words couldn’t explain how proud I was of him and with the looks of it, James was too. This was Sam Wilson, my best friend, speaking his mind so effortlessly made me smile till my cheeks hurt.
There was no one worthy enough to take Stevie’s Mantle than Sam, he was giving that shield a meaning, a new, better meaning.
I smirked, just ‘cause he was cap now doesn’t mean I won’t tease him , I pulled out my phone typing out ‘cute cat videos’ and pretended to be invested in it.
“Sorry, I was, uh, I was texting and so, all I heard was, um, "a Black guy in stars and stripes".” James commented pointing at his phone while I showed mine to the men, them laughing at my antics.
“Nice job, Cap.” I complimented.
“Sharon?” Sam looked at her, she was trying to tend to her bullet wound.
“Blocking my light.” She mumbled.
“We gotta get you to a hospital.” Sam commented, I rolled my eyes, as if.
“She's not gonna listen.” I said at the same time as James making me chuckle.
“It's not the worst thing that's happened to me all week.”
“Told you.”
“Uh, Cap?” a man came running towards us making me smirk.
“I think he's talking to you.”
“all right, I’m gonna get out of here” Sharon stated and left before I could or any of us could argue with his, she left reminding me of my promise.
“Hey Sam?” I looked at him while he was getting ready to leave.
He groaned and turned towards me “just say it.” I laughed at what was coming
“You look like a pimp.” I laughed harder as he flew away flipping me off.
Genesis’ POV:
That left me alone with James “Genesis, you know we have to talk.” I sighed looking at him. I don’t.
“Or I can ignore my problems until it goes away.” I suggested walking away before I felt his cold vibranium hand hold on my wrist pulling me back.
“Not this time.” he mumbled softly. His hands moved from my wrists to my waist, I inhaled deeply when he leaned his forehead on mine. “You meant it?” he asked me.
“Yeah, every word” I breathed out not knowing what else to say.
“And I mean every word when I say Genesis Reign, I love you.” my eyes widened at his words. He laughed “no need to be this surprised.”
“You’re not mad?” I stuttered out. If he loved me and I pretended like I hated him. Didn’t that hurt him?
“You had your reason…now that I know the reason, I forgive you” he assured me, a smile slowly broke into my face.
“You love me?” I asked bewildered. The man I’ve been in love with…loves me back.
James Buchanan Barnes loves me.
“Like love love me?” I stumbled over my words, he threw his head back laughing.
“Genesis reign, I fucking love you, and nothing will change it.” he proclaimed sternly, I closed my eyes taking it in.
I took a deep breath and started to speak “James Buchanan Barnes, I love you too.” he chuckled before he went silent.
“Can I kiss you?” he questioned after a minute if taking in our words.
“Please do.” I whispered, before I knew it his lips crashed on to mine. My eyes fluttered close due to the pressure I felt on my lips. I kissed back tilting my head to give him better angle, I pulled back for a second before kissing him again. He cupped my cheek brushing the skin making me sigh into the kiss I could feel my heart beating loud with each passing minute, I was so going to collapse. All I could think of was how his lips felt on mine.
We pulled back, panting for air. I threw my arm around his neck bringing him closer to me while his went around my waist.
“You won’t let go right? He spoke into my hair. He kissed my hair, I shook my head with a chuckle.
“Not a chance.”
“You sure you don’t need me?” I asked him holding onto his vibranium arm, he told me about how he was going to tell Yori the Winter Soldier was to one to murder his son.
“I’m sure, I’ll be okay” he assured kissing my head, I was heading to Virginia to say my goodbyes, and it was time to take a break, live the civilian life…well till the world ends…again.
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chaneajoyyy · 2 hours ago
Omg sis help me I was reading a fic with Erik and Bucky wanting the reader and it was the readers birthday and her and Erik went to vist her family and her mom wants her to get married and be like her sisters I flipping lost it cause my app crashed and I’m so upset I cannot find it again please tell me you know or someone knows where I can find it
I’m thinking it’s A Tale of Two Soldiers by the good sis @blackmissfrizzle 😘.
It’s not far down in the masterlist☺️
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winter-soldier-vibes · 2 hours ago
Come Back Home (Bucky x reader)
Come back home
Bucky x reader
Word count: 3,061
Summary: You were getting worse and were afraid to hurt Bucky, but unable to hide it. Instead of talking it out, you ran away. Embarrassed and afraid, you avoid the calls and voicemails from the man you left. But one night, you can’t help but listen to them, and you need to hear his voice.
Warnings: depression, reader blames herself, Bucky blames himself, anxiety attack, lots of tears, lots of fluff and comfort
I actually got this idea from @thelifeof.jana on TikTok, she posts different scenarios with comfort characters and I wanted to make it into a fic. 
Tags: @buckfics @buckys2thicc @abitgryffindorky @stucky-on-spiderman @thatfangirl42 @thundering-barnes   
A/N: It’s nearly finals week and it is CRUNCH TIME so I’ve been writing when I can, I apologize for the sporadic-ness of it. Thanks for sticking with me! 
A/N 2: I left a few things to interpretation, such as a nightmare. Insert what you want, I know everyone has different experiences and I wanted this to be as relatable to as many people as I could. I also left out when y/n gives an address because 1) I don’t know New York and 2) It’s likely somebody’s address in real life so...interpretation. 
Your phone began ringing, piercing the otherwise silent house and startling you
Answer it.
You stared at the phone, taking a deep breath.
You picked it up and turned it over, closing your eyes and letting a breath out.
Don’t answer it.
You looked at the screen again, seeing the name of your favorite person.
Answer it
Please, I wanna hear his voice.
I can’t
Letting a breath out, you put the phone down and sat on the floor next to your bed, leaning your head back and closing your eyes. 
Ring. Ring. Ring.
Then you were left in the silence once again.
You let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding, waiting a few more seconds for the next noise. Sure enough, your phone made a sound, notifying you of yet another voicemail.
Another addition to your library of ignored messages.
You picked up your phone, clicking to see the messages you never listened to.
25 unheard messages. All of them from Bucky. 
Your finger hovered over them for a moment, allowing yourself to ponder listening to them. But you sighed, closing your phone and placing it back on the nightstand. You couldn’t listen to them. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be able to resist calling him back. And you couldn’t take that risk. 
You’d spent this much time without him. Once you heard his voice you’d be spilling everything to him. Just like you used to. Which is why you left in the first place. 
Bucky was special to you. He always had been. Despite all the trauma he’d gone through, he was still kind and gentle. He had been the one to pull you out of the dark place you were in at the time. He was always there to talk to you, listen to you, or help you take care of yourself when you just couldn’t anymore. He’d sat through many of your panic attacks and calm you down if you had a nightmare, just as you would for him. He would drop anything for you, you always came first.
And that was the problem.
He did too much for you, and you couldn’t help but feel guilty. This man had already gone through so much pain and suffering and was finally getting better. He was going out more and the nightmares happened much less often. You were grateful for the love he gave you, and you loved him more than anything.
Which is why you couldn’t bring him down anymore. So, one day when he was out on a mission, you had packed up your few positions and left him a note.
I just wanted you to know that I love you so much, but I have to go now. I’m sorry. 
You had to keep it brief. If you said anything more you knew you’d say too much, and it would only make leaving harder. And if he knew you were leaving because you were hurting too much, he wouldn’t stop until he found you.
Not that he wasn’t looking for you know.
You had rented out a room in the cheapest hotel your could find in somewhere-New-York-City. It was small, it wasn’t the cleanest, but it was fine. You didn’t care, it was functional. Within hours of leaving, your phone started ringing. Not that you answered. You couldn’t, not when you would start crying once you heard his voice.
You got many texts and calls that night. 
What happened?
Where are you? Y/n are you okay??
Tell me where you are, we can talk this out, please.
You couldn’t bring yourself to read more than that. You silenced his messages and let the calls go to voicemail, never able to bring yourself to reject a call, instead letting it ring all the way until he got the same voicemail message every time.
Hi, it’s y/n. Leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, have a nice day!
The same fake cheery message every time, giving an empty promise.
What you didn’t know was that on the other end of the line, Bucky was shattering a bit more with each voicemail he left. 
Bucky’s POV:
He couldn’t understand what could have happened. Why you had left all of a sudden. He knew you had some bad days, and the first time he had read it he was terrified that you had done something. He usually was able to see when things were getting bad again but he couldn’t think of what he could have missed. When he saw that you had read his texts that night, seeing the word read appear after a few of them, he told himself that you were okay. 
Because he didn’t know what he was going to do if you weren’t.
What you didn’t know was that you had helped Bucky just as much if not more so than he had helped you. His nightmares happened less often because you were there with him every night. He was more outgoing because you had dragged him out to those first few bars and parties. He felt happier because he was helping you, and you made him feel safe and wanted.
And then you left.
He couldn’t sleep most nights, worried about you. Most of the nights he did sleep, he dreamt about you and everything that could have happened. He called you every day, multiple times, needing desperately to hear your voice. He withdrew again, only going on one mission when the team absolutely needed him. It was his only sense of purpose anymore, but it meant nothing compared to what you had meant to him
But you didn’t know that. Because you hadn’t opened any of his messages yet. 
It was late now, and Bucky was discouraged. It had been over a week since you had left, and his texts had gone unread ever since a the first night you left. It wasn’t a long time. But it was still too long. He decided to try your phone once more. 
Bucky closed his eyes, begging you would pick up, silently knowing you wouldn’t.
“Hi, it’s y/n. Leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, have a nice day!”
Sighing, he got ready to leave a voicemail. After the beep he said, broken.
“Please y/n. Come back home.”
Your POV:
You sighed as yet another round of rings echoed through your apartment, hearing the notification soon after, notifying you of yet another new voicemail. 
You looked at the time. 11:03 P.M.
You sighed, knowing you should get some sleep. But no matter how tired you were, you knew that once you closed your eyes, you would have nightmares again. And no one would be here this time. 
You couldn’t deny it, you weren’t doing well. Your appetite had diminished and you relied heavily on caffeine to supplement the sleep you refused to get. Not that it helped your appetite in any way.
You would go through the motions, make it to work (most days) and get through the day just to...get through the day. You weren’t living really. Just surviving. You knew it was getting bad again, some nights so dark you weren’t sure if you would see the light the next day. Yet you couldn’t let yourself call him. You didn’t want to hurt him.
But you didn’t know that you had already hurt him more by leaving than you ever could’ve by staying.
You sighed, knowing that eventually, you were going to need to sleep. Might as well try to. You didn’t know if for sure you would have a nightmare, so may as well try?
That turned out to be wishful thinking.
Major wishful thinking. 
You woke up screaming, drenched in sweat and looking around the room frantically. When you realized it was just a dream, you put your face in your hands and felt tears immediately prick your eyes.
When was this going to stop?
You felt your chest contract as you realized the truth. It wasn’t. Not like this at least.
Just over a week and you were already at your breaking point.
Call him
You looked at the time. 2:47 AM.
You couldn’t call him now.
Call him.
You opened your phone and found Bucky’s contact, finger hovering over the name once again. At the last second, you clicked your voicemail inbox instead, scrolling back down to the first one on the night you left.
Your breath hitched as you heard his voice, fresh tears pricking your eyes. Not just from his voice and how much you had missed it, but also the absolute panic in his voice.
“Where are you? Are you okay? Why- why did you leave? Please, answer the phone, I need to know you’re okay.”
You clicked on another one from a few hours later.
“Y/n, please, I saw you read the first few texts I sent. Please answer the phone. We can talk this out, whatever it is just - please call me.”
Tears were falling from your eyes, and you didn’t have it in your power or even the desire to stop them. You flicked to another one that was sent a few days later, this one was longer. 
“Please y/n,” it started, his voice soft and cracking with emotion. “Where are you? Just - just tell me where you are, please. I need you. These past few days it’s like I hear your voice and then there’s nothing. I miss you so much. I’m nothing without you please....please just come back home. I don’t care what you did or think you did or why you left. I love you. And I could never stop loving you. I can come get you, we can talk this out. Please. I can’t do this without you. I - I’m falling apart.”
You were now sobbing as you flicked over to your text messages and clicked on Bucky’s name, seeing texts upon texts from him.
One of the more recent one’s caught your attention.
“I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?”
Never, never in your heart did you ever think Bucky would think that he had done something to drive you away. Your heart broke, realizing he could be blaming himself for your leaving. It was never his fault. It could never be his fault.
With shaking hands, you pressed the phone icon below his name, bringing the phone to your ear as you listened to it ring.
You tried to control your breathing through the tears, falling apart after a few seconds of thinking you had it together.
Please pick up, I need to hear your voice.
I’m sorry this is all my fault.
Please, I -
Your breath hitched and your eyes flew open. Your words got caught in your mouth, having no idea what to say. Bucky, on the other side of the line, hadn’t even looked at the caller ID. He hadn’t fully fallen asleep yet, but the tiredness was evidence in his voice.
“Hello?” he said again
“I’m sorry,” you choked out.
Bucky’s eyes flew open and he pulled away his phone, seeing your name across the screen. All exhaustion was gone from his body, and he heard you trying to control your breathing on the other side of the line.
“I’m so sorry…” you said again, breaking out into sobs.
“Y/n, can you tell me what’s wrong? Where are you?” he said, panicked and getting out of bed, pulling on a shirt and shoes.
“I’m sorry, Bucky, I’m so sorry,” you said again, not being able to say much else. 
“Y/n, sweetheart, it’s okay. You’re okay. But I need you to tell me where you are, can you do that for me?”
He waited for a moment while you tried to pull yourself together enough to repeat the address of the hotel.
As you did, Bucky was already out the door and in the car, starting it and putting you on speaker, driving as fast as he could to the hotel and ignoring all traffic signals. It was the middle of the night, and you were not okay.
“I’ll be there soon, angel, can you keep talking to me?
“I’m sorry Bucky…”
“It’s okay y/n. You’re okay. We’re okay. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
His words didn’t reach your ears, your breathing getting harder to control and your tears fell faster. You had fucked up, this was your fault. Why did you call him, now he knows where you are and you were going to burden him with all your shit again. 
He could hear your breathing become labored as he sped further towards your location. He tried talking to you more but he soon realized that he wouldn’t be of much use until he was in front of you. His heart was breaking and he was hoping nothing was seriously wrong. 
But you wouldn’t have called him like this if nothing was wrong.
Clenching his jaw, he scanned the street signs for yours, knowing the city well enough to know he was close. 
When he pulled up to the street, he couldn’t help but wince at how dingy this place was. It was run down and the smell was putrid. He was so sad that this was where you had run off to. He took his phone, saying how he was here but it fell upon deaf ears. You weren’t calm enough to hear his voice from the phone you had dropped when you had moved to cover your face instead.
Bucky took the stairs 3 at a time, getting to your room in record time. He pounded on the door, trying the knob even though he knew it would be locked. Calling out your name and getting no response, he decided to break the door in. It was barely hanging on its hinges anyway.
“Y/n? Y/n where are you?” he called out, met only with the sounds of your labored breathing. He followed it to your room, where you had curled yourself into a ball against the headboard, hands covering your face as you struggled to breathe. 
He walked over to your side, reaching out his hand but thinking better at the last moment. He needed to make sure you knew that he was there, he didn’t want to scare you.
“Y/n?” he starts softly. 
You lifted your head and looked around yourself wildly, startled when you saw the figure of a man standing in front of you, trying to push him away. He grabbed your arms and you tried to break free
How did he get in here? 
What does he want with me? 
Your eyes settle on his. Light blue eyes, staring right back into yours. You knew them, you were safe with them. Your own eyes, red  and blotchy flash with realization and you let out a sob. 
He took you into his arms as sobs wracked your body, rubbing an arm up and down your back in efforts to calm your shaking form. He was repeating comforting words over and over again. You clung to his shirt as you kept apologizing over and over again, not knowing what else to say - or even how to say it. 
“I’m sorry”
“It’s okay.”
“I’m so sorry…”
“Shh, y/n, it’s okay.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m here. I got you.”
You tried to focus on his heartbeat, steady and strong, as you tried to take deep breaths. Eventually your tears slowed down as you still clung to him, tears drying on your face as you were able to deepen your breathing to match his. His hand still rubbed up and down your back as the two of you sat in silence for a few minutes.
You took a shaky breath. “I - I’m so sorry Bucky.”
Bucky took a deep breath and held her a little more tightly. He could still feel her heart racing. What could she possibly have to be sorry for?
“What happened y/n?”
You felt tears prick your eyes again. Sadness, shame, embarrassment and made you feel sick to your stomach. You opened and closed your mouth a few times before you were able to speak. 
“I - I don’t know.”
“Please y/n. Tell me why you left.”
“I just… I was… “ you swallowed and let out a shaky breath. “It was getting bad again,” you said, voice barely audible. 
Bucky clenched his jaw, angry at himself that he didn’t see it. “Why didn’t you tell me? I told you you could talk to me about anything.”
You screwed your eyes shut. “That was the problem…”
Bucky pulled you back to look at you. “What?”
Your eyes darted everywhere but Bucky’s face. You didn’t want to see the pained expression you knew he’d have right now. You took a deep breath. 
“I just… you were doing so well. And I - I just felt so bad for bringing you down all the time. You would drop anything for me, and you were always there and you were always perfect but I wasn’t.” you finally looked at him. “And I left because I realized I was never going to be.” You shook your head slightly. “I didn’t want to put you through that when you were doing so well.”
You looked away, unable to look at Bucky’s sad eyes any longer. Bucky broke the silence after a few moments. “You were the only reason I was better.”
 Now it was your turn to look at him confused. “What?”
“You brought me out to places when all I wanted was to hide. The nightmares stopped because you were there to make me feel safe. Every time I helped you, I was helping me too,” he said, voice cracking. “You were the best thing that ever happened to me. You weren’t too much for me, you never could be.” 
When you still looked unsure, he moved his hand to cup your cheek. “It’s okay to let people help you, y/n.”
Tears pooled in your eyes once again. That had been what you had said to him when he began closing himself off, be it an intense nightmare or being triggered. Back when things were bad. Like they were for you now.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered.
“It’s okay.” he whispered, hugging you again. “Let’s go home.”
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dylkntz · 3 hours ago
oh god....i gotta see.. i GOTTA see sambucky with “I can’t believe you told them you were my fiancé.” like. i have a CARNAL NEED to see a fake dating sambucky fic. bonus points if u have cat owner sam bc i think he deserves it (and also i think it's funny bc he's called the falcon)
YES okokokok also alpine rights bc i said so 
Warnings: None, except light cursing
(Also might do a part two) 
“I can’t believe you told them you were my fiancé.” Sam laughed as he and Bucky got into the car. Bucky ignored him, staring out the window, blushing furiously. “I mean really Buck, that’s the best you could come up with?” 
“I panicked ok!” Bucky squawked indignantly, sinking further down into the seat out of embarrassment. 
Sam looked over at him in disbelief, “They just asked how you knew me!” 
“Yeah,” Bucky said, “and I panicked!” Sam laughed, muttering an ‘oh my god’ under his breath, “Can we just drop it, ok, it never happened.” 
“Yeah ok Buck,” Sam said, leaving Bucky to awkwardly brood in the passenger seat. See this whole situation started because Sam ran into an old college friend at the grocery store, and Bucky was not a people person. 
“Sam Wilson?” 
Sam turned around at the sound of his name, his face broke out into a confused smile when he saw who called it, “Matthew Jones?” 
Matthew smiled, giving Sam a hug, “God man it’s been forever since I’ve seen you, how have you been holding up? You know except for the whole Captain America thing!” 
Sam laughed, “Man, keep your voice down, I’m trying to avoid being recognized.”  
Sam and Matthew talked for way longer than Sam thought. They had a lot to catch up on, Sam hadn’t seen Matt since senior year of college, and if he was being honest hadn’t thought of him since that time either. Apparently, Matt’s married, with a baby girl, and two baby boys on the way. 
“Jeez man,” Sam said, “Last time I saw you, you could barely get a date, and now look at you, all married and shit.” 
Matt laughed, “Yeah, it’s crazy how much has changed. How about you any special someone in your life?” 
Just as Sam was about to say no, the truth, Bucky Barnes, with his perfect timing, dropped a bag of cat food into the cart; startling both Sam and Matt. Sam rolled his eyes, turning his head to face Bucky, he really was going to hurt this man one day.
“I thought you wanted to wait in the car?” Sam said, glaring daggers at Bucky, who just shrugged. 
“You were taking too long,” He said, grabbing the cart from Sam, who made a noise of protest. 
Matt waved awkwardly, holding his hand out to Bucky, “Uh hi, I’m Matt, a friend of Sam’s from college.” Bucky reluctantly shook his hand, shooting Sam a questing look. “So uh, how do you two know each other?” 
Bucky froze, “Um.” Sam started to answer for him, but Bucky stuck once again with his perfect timing, “I’m Sam’s fiancé,” He shook Matt’s hand once more, face slowly turning beet red, he looked between Sam, who’s mouth was agape, and Matt, who look just as confused as Sam did. “Ok, ok uh bye.” 
Matt smiled awkwardly, “Weird guy,” Sam looked after Bucky as he practically sprinted away from them. His brain was still stuck on one word, fiancé, Bucky had called him his fiancé. They weren’t even dating, so fiancé was a pretty new term used to describe their relationship. They were coworkers, friends on good days, fiancé though, that was new. 
“So uh,” Matt said, snapping Sam out of his thoughts, “That’s the special someone huh?” 
“Yup.” Sam said through gritted teeth, he had no clue what he was saying, Bucky was most definitely not that special someone. Before Sam could say anything else that lead him further down the rabbit hole, his phone buzzed. 
‘I’m ready to go when you are’
Sam shot Matt an apologetic look, “Sorry-” 
“You gotta go,” Matt nodded, “That’s cool, hey lemme give you my number in case you want to catch up later.” 
Sam and Bucky sat in awkward silence the rest of the way home, not talking still when they were unpacking groceries in their shared apartment. Now that Sam thought about it he and Bucky did act like a couple. They lived together, when one of them got nightmares they shared a bed, they basically had a kid together, even thought Bucky denies it Alpine is basically their son, and it didn’t help that Sam had been utterly and hopelessly in love with Bucky Barnes for years. Yup, you heard that right. Sam Wilson is utter gone for one James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. 
Sam sighed as he flopped down on the couch, chuckling to himself as Alpine sat himself down on his chest. He rubbed lightly between his ears, watching as Bucky took a seat opposite of him on the couch. 
Sam smirked to himself, “So uh, fiancé huh? I mean if you could’ve just asked-” 
“My god Sam!” Bucky shouted, sitting up before pausing, “Wait what?” 
Sam froze, “What?” 
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mads-weasley · 3 hours ago
Love & War Masterlist
40s!Bucky x Medic!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: When she volunteered as a combat nurse in the war, (y/n) (y/l/n) did not think that she’d end up working with the Howling Commandos. Most of all, she definitely didn’t expect to fall as hard as she did for a sweet brunette from Brooklyn.
New Beginnings: A young girl travels overseas to help her country during the Second World War.
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ithehellisbucky · 3 hours ago
My For You Page~
Tumblr media
This is a brief directory towards all my cool stuff, feel free to ask any questions!
Fanfiction Schedule- New works are out on most Saturdays for the time being, here is a link to the posting schedule.
What do I write for- The short answer is everyone. I write for any and all characters in the MCU and Criminal Minds, as long as the character is mature and the actor is above 18. Only imagines and LGBT imagines are welcome.
My rules- No glorifying of assault, no smut (slightly NSFW is fine, like non-sexual nudity or inneundos), no minors, no hate speech and nothing im uncomfortable with.
Requesting and Taglists- My requests are always open for any of the above, and here's my prompt list you may use if you choose to. My taglists are open for series, characters, fandoms, and all of those.
About me- I am a minor, my pronouns are she/ they, when i have picked out a name you can refer to me by I'll let you know. I read a lot of fanfiction to and my main blog is @johnwalkerhateclub. I do every writing contest I can, so let me know if you have one to join.
Questions for you- what should i post on this blog. I don't know exactly what I should put on this blog besides my fanfiction because I already have my main one, so let me know if you have ideas.
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ithehellisbucky · 3 hours ago
Posting Schedule
Tumblr media
May 15th- For You (Bucky Barnes)
May 22nd- Chapter 2 of Random People (Bucky Barnes
May 29th- TBD
June 5th- TBD
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hitmebucky · 3 hours ago
The Servant P.2
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston)
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Smut, some fluff, slight Praise!kink, cussing, horrible rushed writing cus yall wanted a p2 really bad 😭😭😭
Summary: it’s literally just sex it’s all sex
A/N: OKAY YALL WANTED IT SO BAD DONT LET THIS FLOP. Requests are open also i didn’t proof read so i’m sorry for typos i’ll fix later i just needed to feed y’all this before i get another request for a part two 😭😂
Masterlist Part 1
He shuts the door behind him and you giggle as he kisses you. “See even now, I speak of ravishing you and you let out the sweetest of sounds.” He speaks and strokes your cheek. “I can’t help it, I haven’t had a man speak to me like this before” You admit embarrassed. You look down and he takes this opportunity to kiss your forehead. “Lady Y/N?” He asks. You look up. “You’re inexperienced, is what you mean?” He inquires and you nod. His pants feel entirely too tight with excitement. He leans in and rests his head in your hair and inhales deeply before letting it out with a groan. “Fuck” He speaks lowly. He steps back and makes his way towards the bed.
“The things you do to me little girl...” He says as he removes his shirt and dims the light. He holds out his hand and you approach him and take it hesitantly. “My Dear,” He says and kisses your hand, “I will not force this upon you, you’re free to leave if you wish.” Your eyes widen slightly and he smiles genuinely. “N-no I want to- I do, I just-“ You stutter and he runs his hands in your hair distracting you. “I’ve got you.” He says and sits on the bed pulling you on top of him. Your hands brace yourself on his shoulders.
“That’s a good girl, see you’re already doing good.” He whispers and slides your nightgowns sleeve down your arm to pepper kisses on your shoulder and collar bone. You blush at his praise. You sigh gently and let your head fall back to let him kiss up your neck. His hands snake around your back to grip your waist, he squeezes gently eliciting a squeal out of you. He laughs into your neck and palms your ass.
“I-I love the way this feels” You whimper out and he moans. Even your innocent nervousness turns him on. He pulls away admiring your flushed cheeks and disheveled sleep attire. “Lay down for me, Love.” He says and unmakes the bed for you to get in it. You try to make yourself more graceful looking even though your heart is racing. you have this dampness in your panties that is beginning to become uncomfortable. He hovers above you and kisses your neck and down towards your chest. “May I?” He asks for permission and you hum in affirmation. He removes your gown and takes in your bare chest. He twitches in his pants and sucks one while caressing the other. You moan desperately and your legs twitch in response to the newfound stimulation. He groans at how responsive you are. This is what he’s always imagined.
Once he’s finishing with his assault on your chest he kisses down the valley of your breast’s down your stomach and sucking on your hip bones sweet spot. Your back arches slightly and he smirks into you. “You’re leaking, My Angel” He mocks as your cheeks flush.
“I’m sorry my prince, I-I can’t help it, I-I-I’m not sure what’s happening” You stutter and He bites his lip to refrain from laughing. He slips your panties off and inhales deeply. “Gods you smell heavenly” You squeal embarrassed and close your legs. He catches them and pries them open. He gently swipes his two fingers over your slick and you twitch. Loki can hardly contain himself. He leans down kissing her clit and she sighs. He licks up her soaking heat and his eyes roll back at the taste. You sob out and he moans into your cunt. This starts turning him on so much he begins to grin his clothed member against the bed as he devours you. He slips one finger in and you gasp for air.
“I’m gonna do my best to prepare you, Darling” He promises and kisses your inner thighs. You moan in response. “Th-This is so good” You squeak. “I think i’m ready” You declare. He’s surprised you’re saying it yourself. “My brave girl” He praises and removes his finger licking it and moaning. You shift nervously as he sheds himself of his pants and underwear. He slithers up your body and rests his forehead on yours. “Are you ready?” He asks one last time and you nod. “Yes, Please” He laughs at the desperation in your innocent voice. He grabs himself and nudges against your leaking hole and you gasp. He slowly pushes in and you hold your breath as he bottoms out. He sits for a minute stroking your cheek while you adjust. “Do to me what you always wanted to..” You muster up and something switches with Loki. He grips both your wrists and holds them over your head as he pulls almost entirely out and slams back inside of you causing you to let out a high pitched moan.
“Fuck, you’re so tight. Gods, you’re such a good girl for me.” He says and you moan helplessly in your own world of bliss. He laughs and goes harder as your legs involuntarily try to close because of the intense pleasure. “You don’t even know how to take it do you? You’re so clueless, you’re too sweet for this, luckily i’m here to defile you in every way and make you mine.” He swears and holds your chin to force you to look at him. You look up at him with your big innocent eyes watering because you’re so close, you can’t even spit any words out other than, “Yes Sir” He groans hearing those words and reaches down
“You’re gonna love this” He warns before he massages your clit with his thumb. Your walls clamp around him and he grunts. “Be my good girl and cum around me. You can do it.” He encourages and you whine as he gently pulls on your clit forcing an orgasm out of you, triggering his. You call out his name and his head is thrown back in ecstasy. He thrusts hard and slow for his last shots of cum and he pulls out leaving you full of it.
As you come down, you see him approach you with a wet rag. He smiles and cleans you up before tucking you in and pulling you in close to sleep.
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redhoodssweetheart · 4 hours ago
By the Sea Part Four
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Mermaid!Reader
Requested: No (Requests are closed)
Word Count: 2.6K
Warnings: Angst, fluff
Description:  Y/N is a mermaid that longs for the land.  Her friend Natasha tells her that she knows a human who will take care of her and leads her there, she only has one rule: do not under any circumstances fall in love with a human.  But Steve’s friend Bucky is drawing her in, in ways she hadn’t expected.  Will Y/N be able to return to the ocean once her stay in the human realm is complete?  And what happens when Natasha learns that Y/N is betrothed to be married to their king’s son?  Will she drag her friend back or keep her hidden amongst the humans?
Tumblr media
Natasha drug herself out of the water and found the clothes that Steve had left for her in their usual spot.  She quickly put them on and stormed up to the house where Steve and Y/N were sitting on the back porch enjoying a nice lunch together.  Y/N smiled when she noticed Natasha, but it slowly slipped away when she saw the look on the other mermaid’s face.
“How dare you not tell me the real reason for running away to the human world!”  Steve stood up and blocked Natasha’s path to Y/N.  She glared up at him, “Get out of my way, Steve.  This doesn’t concern you.”
“Hear her out, Nat,” he replied.  “Please, for me.”
Natasha’s anger cooled some at the pleading look on Steve’s face, but she could still feel her anger simmering below the surface.  He moved away from her so that she could see Y/N who was sitting frozen in her seat.  “Explain.”
“I’ve known for years,” Y/N began to explain.  “I’ve known since I was fifteen that Loki and I were supposed to be married to one another.  I never wanted this, I never wanted to be the future queen, I just wanted freedom.  And now it’s getting closer to when they were going to announce our impending wedding to one another and I panicked.  I don’t love him, Natasha.  I wanted to be given a choice and it was stripped from me.  How could they not even consider my feelings on this?  How could they just look at me and think that it was a perfect match made by the gods themselves?”  Y/N shook her head.  “So I decided to run to the one place no one would think to look.  Why would a mermaid go here?”
Natasha sat down across from her, “Y/N, King Odin is furious.  Everyone knows that you were betrothed to Loki now and they’re in a panic looking for you.  Some believe that you could have been kidnapped by a rival kingdom, but soon they may figure out that you ran to the human world.  When and if that happens I don’t know what the consequences will be when they find you.”  Y/N could see that her friend was worried, and she hated that she was the cause of it.
Y/N looked down at her hands, “I know that things will be difficult if they found me and that the consequences may be severe, but I can’t live that life anymore.  I can’t live each day tied to a man that I won’t ever love.”
“How do you know you won’t love him?”  Natasha gently prompted, hoping to maybe talk some sense into her friend and have her come home.
Y/N took in a shaky breath, “Loki and I would spend time together while we were growing up.  The court wanted us to get to know one another more intimately over the years as we grew.  I love Loki but as a friend or a brother.  He had never given me any indication that he wouldn’t be a good match, but deep in my soul, I knew that he wasn’t meant to be mine.  He was never meant to be mine.”
Natasha contemplated Y/N’s words, she understood that being forced into a marriage wasn’t an ideal situation.  And not being in love or knowing you never would be in love was a frightening thought when thinking about how the rest of your days were going to go.  “What now?  Are you just going to spend the rest of your days here in the human world?  Where will you stay?”
“She can stay with me for as long as she likes, it was the same offer I gave you,” Steve cut in.  “She will have a room and food for the rest of her days or for however long she decides to stay with me.”
“Steve, this is ridiculous, a mermaid cannot possibly stay in the human world forever!  She needs to go into the ocean on occasion and if she’s marked as a traitor or wanted by the crown then every mermaid from here to the farthest depths will know and look for her.  She will never be safe going out there again.  But if she comes home now and apologizes for the panic she caused then she still has a chance.”
“And I’m not going to do that!”  Y/N stood up, her own anger flaring to life inside her.  “I just told you why I can’t marry Loki and you think that I care if I’m wanted or labeled a traitor?  At least I will be happier here than there trapped in a marriage that I’m not happy in.”
Natasha curled her hands into fists, “You’re not listening, you will be a traitor, the water won’t be safe for you and you need the ocean for your survival.  They’re not just going to give up looking for you Y/N, they will find you and the consequences won’t be pretty.”
Without another word, Y/N stormed off back inside the house and through the front door.  She wasn’t going to stay there and let Natasha tell her how she should or shouldn’t live her life.  She knew the risks when she decided to come here.  She knew that the crown would label her a traitor or come looking for her, but she thought any existence was better than being forced into something she didn’t want to do.
Natasha went to go after her but Steve stopped her.  “Let her go, Natasha,” he said in his gentle tone.  “She’s angry and so are you.  But you need to look at it from her perspective.  Any way she chooses she’s giving up something.  Only staying here she gets to keep her happiness even if it means she can’t go home.”
“How can she think that this is a good idea?!  Steve, she will be hunted down!  They’ll kill her.”  Natasha was scared of losing her friend, of watching them put her to death all because she didn’t want to marry Loki.  “I can’t lose her.”
Steve pulled Natasha in for a hug, “It’s her life and she needs to be the one that chooses which paths she needs to take.  I’ll protect her as best I can.”
Natasha clung to Steve trying to calm her racing thoughts and wondered if there was anything she could do to save her friend.
Y/N wasn’t sure where she was going, only that she needed to get away.  She needed to get away from Natasha telling her how to live her life and that she was making the wrong choice.  She knew the risks in coming here, she knew that she would be hunted, but she just wanted some happiness.  Something that would carry her through her days.
The crowded streets of the village came into view and she slowed her pace.  She didn’t want to shove through the crowds, she wasn’t even sure where she was going.  She just began wandering aimlessly through the streets looking for something to distract her mind.
Bucky was sitting in one of the cafes with Clint and Tony sharing lunch when he saw Y/N pass by the window looking lost.  “I have to go,” he said quickly as he shoved his chair back and raced for the door.
Clint and Tony shared a look with one another, confused by their younger friend’s sudden departure.  “Do you know what that was all about?”  Clint asked Tony.
“No idea,” he responded as he craned his neck to see where Bucky was running off to in such a hurry.
“Y/N wait!”  Bucky called out as he hurried to catch up with her.
She paused at the sound of his voice and turned around, surprised to see him there.  “Bucky?  What are you doing?”
He pointed to the cafe that he had just been sitting in, “I was having lunch with some friends when I noticed you.  You were looking a little lost and I came to offer some assistance.”
“Oh,” she felt bad that she had interrupted their lunch.  “I’m all right, you should go back with your friends and spend some time with them.”
“Nonsense,” he replied.  “I have lunch with them every day and you look like you could use a friend.”  He offered her his arm like he had the day before, “Come on, let’s see if I can help cheer you up.”
Y/N hated that she was pulling him away from his friends, but he showed no signs of wanting to go back and she honestly could use a friend.  “What are we going to do?”
“I could show you my loft, I have a space here in the village where I paint.  It’s quiet there and would offer some peace and quiet.”  It wasn’t often that Bucky let another person into his loft, but this was a special case.  He could tell that Y/N needed somewhere to go where she could hide from the world.
“All right, take me to your loft,” she felt a fluttering feeling in her stomach and her heart began to pound as she let Bucky lead her through the streets toward his loft.  She also wondered if Bucky was the friend that had painted the picture of Natasha for Steve.  She assumed that she was about to find out when she saw his other works of art.
They reached a building that was away from the crowds of people and in a quieter district of the town where people lived versus where they owned their shops.  Y/N and Bucky climbed the stairs to the top floor which opened into a wide-open space with large windows all around them.  It was a mess with paint splatters on the floor and along the walls.  Tarps were strewn about and piles of canvases were propped up against the walls.  Some were filled with brilliant images while others were left blank for future projects.
“Look around, I’m not shy about others seeing my work.”  Bucky walked over to one wall and gathered up his easel and stool as Y/N wandered around the room and stared at the paintings before her.  He watched her for a few minutes before grabbing for his paints.  “So?”
She turned her head and smiled a brilliant smile, “They’re beautiful.”
He beamed at her, it pleased him that she thought his artwork was beautiful.  “Thank you, it’s been a hobby of mine for many years now.”
Y/N paused in front of a row of paintings and started flipping through until she came upon one that was similar to the one Steve had hanging in his entryway.  She pulled it out and noticed that instead of just the one mermaid there were several.  “So you’re the one who painted the mermaid hanging in Steve’s entryway,” it wasn’t a question.
He paused what he was doing and peaked around the canvas at her, “I did.  Do you like it?”
She hummed and turned her attention back to the piece of artwork in her hands, “I do.”
“Steve seems to believe mermaids exist,” Bucky said absentmindedly as he continued to work.  “He has all this folklore on them and even started his own.  He once claimed he saw one when he was a teenager, but no one believed him.”
Y/N wondered if that was around the time he discovered Natasha.  “And who’s to say there aren’t mermaids out there?”
Bucky shrugged, “I guess there could be, but I won’t believe it until I see it.  Do you believe in them?”
Y/N bit her lip to keep from smiling, “I do.”
They fell silent again as Bucky continued to work on his project.  Y/N hadn’t realized that he was painting a picture of her as she wandered around his studio, letting her mind forget all her worries and stresses from the day.  Hours passed and she was now sitting on his floor with a sketchpad in hand as she tried her best to begin drawing.
She wasn’t used to holding the charcoal in her hand and her lines were wobbly as she tried to recreate her underwater home from memory.  Bucky would peak at her from around his canvas and watch her for a few moments before picking up where he left off on his picture.  The sky had grown dark and Bucky had lit several candles to give the loft a cozy glow.
Neither of them were ready to leave just yet and Bucky was almost done with his painting.  He also didn’t want her to leave just yet.  He had forgotten how lonely it could get here when he was by himself and even though they weren’t talking it was a comfortable silence that descended upon them.
“Come here,” Bucky said once he had put his paintbrush down.  
Y/N discarded her piece of paper and charcoal and stood.  She had wondered what he had been working on all this time and when she stepped over beside him her eyes widened as she witnessed the painting he had spent all afternoon on.  “Is… is that me?”
In the painting, there was a young woman with her hair color and hairstyle standing in Bucky’s loft admiring his artwork as the sun shined through the window panes casting a bright glow across the space.  “It is,” he replied as he looked up at her shocked expression.  “You inspired me.  You looked so peaceful that I had to paint it.”
Y/N could feel her heart skip a beat, “It’s just as beautiful as everything else.”
“I think it may be my best work yet,” he said softly as she gazed down at him.  He stood and went to say something when someone began banging at the door.  
“Bucky!  Open up, I know you’re in there!  I haven’t seen Y/N for a while and I’m worried about her,” Steve shouted, clearly panicked.
Y/N suddenly felt embarrassed and terrible that she hadn’t let Steve know she was all right.  Before Bucky could react Y/N rushed over to the door and pulled it open, “I’m so sorry, Steve!”
He wrapped her in his arms, “Oh thank God, you’re all right.  When you didn’t come home I started looking all over town for you.  I thought something bad had happened.”  After their conversation that afternoon he was afraid that her people had found her and dragged her back to her kingdom.
“It’s my fault,” Bucky said as he made his way over to them.  “I kept her out longer than I should have.”  He gestured to the painting he had just finished, “I began painting her and just lost track of the time.”
Steve straightened, but kept a protective arm around her, “Next time please let me know if you plan on keeping her out past sunset.  She doesn’t know the village like we do and I worried that someone had made off with her.”
Bucky bowed his head apologetically, “I’m sorry.”
“I had fun today,” Y/N said in hopes that it would ease some of the tension and bring a smile back to Bucky’s face.  “We should do it again sometime.”
Bucky nodded his head, a smile beginning to grow, “I’d love that.”
Steve and Y/N said their farewells leaving Bucky to close up shop after them.  On the way home, Steve made Y/N swear that she would never scare him like that again.  She apologized profusely and asked if Natasha was still at his home.  He told her that she had left before sunset so she had no idea about the panic Y/N had caused Steve.
Y/N silently wished that she could go back and spend a few more hours with Bucky in his loft, but she let Steve lead her home and lecture her about the dangers of being out past sunset.
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darke-15 · 4 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Three hours and counting - Chapter 44 releasing Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT
You're caught up, right?
Tumblr media
“Your loyalty knows no bounds.”
“Don’t patronize me,” Boone spat with a glare, “Aftermath is simply my employer. A means to an end. But, when the game's over, all my cards are on the table and the chips are down, my loyalties lie with you.”
| Battle Scarred: Aftermath | »Darke15
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speaking-theoretically · 4 hours ago
Anyone else make themselves cry with their own writing.
Writing a sad scene so that I can work backwards.
Man the tears are flowing and it doesn't help that the whisps sings is playing on repeat.
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hitmebucky · 5 hours ago
Best Friends
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston
Pairing: Tom x Reader
Warnings: fluff, angst, oral (f receiving), cussing, bffs to lovers
Summary: Y/N is tired of never finding the chemistry in a partner that she finds in her best friend Tom so she does an experiment
Request: hello! can you write a best friend turned to lovers (but they both have feelings for each other already) fic of tom hiddleston x reader with this prompt: “I need you to make out with me. Don’t worry though, it’s for science.” then after, things get really steamy so you may add smut on this hehe btw, i loved reading your works and i hope you write more!
Requested by: @aestheticallyholland
A/N: When i saw the prompt i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it so i hope y’all like it as much as i hope.! Requests are open! I will happily continue this story since i didn’t do full smut but i felt like since this was more emotional and exciting he wouldn’t wanna over indulge rather than make sure you’re okay if that makes sense.
ALSO i PROMISE The Servant P2 will be up next, this request was just super interesting and i couldn’t help myself. I promise i’m working on it as you read this!!
You trudge up the stairs to your apartment, let out a sigh and open the door. “Y/N? I thought you had a date tonight?” Your best friend Tom speaks from the couch. You frown slam the door and shed yourself of your purse coat and shoes. You slide onto the couch and lay your head on his lap. He instinctively strokes your hair and kisses your temple, your body feels flushed as a result and you hide your blush. “What’s wrong, Dear?” He asks and hearing that makes it worse. You groan and force yourself to your room with no explanation. He frowns, blaming himself.
Why why why why why why why. WHY tommy. You think to yourself. Why is he the only man you feel any connection to?! He’s been your best friend for years. No one compares. Tonight was a perfect example, date with a PERFECT man. He has a stable income, home owner, doesn’t talk about himself too much and is genuinely interested in you and still all you could think was how his eyes reminded you of your best friend Tom. He kissed you goodnight and you felt absolutely nothing. And this isn’t the first time.
The next day after you return from work you go out with some girl friends, they all convinced you that you just pick the wrong guy and so you’re gonna kiss every guy you talk to tonight to prove that you can feel something for anyone else. You exit your room to see him standing in the kitchen cooking dinner. “Oh- you’re leaving?” He asks with a frown. You answer as you fix your earring and slip on your heels, “Yeah don’t wait up” You quickly leave before his puppy dog eyes can get the best of you.
A few hours later you find yourself trudging back to your apartment just as you did the night before only when you open the door, the apartment is quiet and dark. You were the slightest bit drunk trying to feel something for those men, which was a horrible failure, which is the only reason why you did what you did next. You dropped all your belongings leaving a trail to his door. You’re left in your t shirt and undies before opening the door softly and biting your lip. You were gonna get your answer once and for all, was it just the tension, were you soulmates, do you just have great sexual chemistry?
You slip into his bed and nudge him awake. He groans lightly and peeks his eyes open. “Y/N? Are you okay?” He asks and sits up slowly. You pull him back down to his pillow. “I need you to make out with me,” You spill and his eyes widen, “Don’t worry though, it’s for science!” You defend and he laughs lightly. “Y/N what are you-“ His words are cut off by your lips and he moans into it. You pull back and stare at him. This was it. This is exactly what you’ve been missing... Him. Both of your eyes light up and he flips you so you’re underneath him. He kissed you deeper and both of you smile into the kiss. “I love you Tommy..” You whisper as he kisses your neck. “You love me?” He stills and you nod. “Y/N, I love you!” He says and holds your face as he brings you in for another kiss. He pulls away suddenly and clears his throat, “Is this okay? I mean we don’t have to obviously like-“ He rambles and you pull him down into another kiss. You flip him over and pull off his shirt. He’s surprised to find you half naked already but he doesn’t question it. “Say it again..” He moans as you kiss down his chest. “I...” *kiss* “Love..” *kiss* “You...” you moan as you suck just below his navel. You pull his bottoms off and he yanks you back up on him. “Let me please you like i’ve always longed to” He breathes out and kisses your collar bone up your neck and nibbles your ear.
He slides down and pulls you up so you’re now hovering over his face. You look down at him surprised and he smirks before tearing your panties in half and diving his face into your warm center. You could’ve came just from the sight. You choke out a moan and your hands immediately lace in his hair. “Holy shit Tom..” He moans hearing his name on your lips in such a sinful tone. He slides two long fingers inside of your dripping heat and you whimper and clench around them. As he works his fingers in his other hand is laced with yours locked safe and tight. He curls his fingers and hits your spot making your legs quiver around his head and he hums into you pridefully. Hearing the noises, feeling what he feels, he has never been so happy. He never thought this day would come that he could show you exactly how he would treat you if he had the chance. His thumb strokes your linked hand as he works an orgasm out of you. You’ve never felt so safe, so erotic so sensual and so beautiful before. He worships your body like you crave men to and you worship his just as much. The way he loves you brings you so much pleasure you can feel it in everything he does. He sucks your clit gently and your eyes roll back.
“Tommy i’m gonna cum” You squeeze his hand and he goes faster working his fingers in and out and a rush flows over you and you sob out as you orgasm on his fingers. Your legs can barely keep you up so he sets you down to sit on his chest while you recover. He catches his breath and licks his fingers.
He caresses your thighs with both ands and steadies your shaky legs while humming. “You’re okay, Dear” He coos and you come back down. Everything about that orgasm was so intense. You’ve never felt so consumed by passion before. And boy does he know it too because his boxers are as wet as you were. “Lay down, Love.” He eases you off him and brings you to his chest. Your shaky voice speaks up worried, “Wait no, I- wait what about you? I cant just-“ He shushes you. He kisses your forehead, “Another time love, i’m as satisfied as could be with you in my arms.” You hum dozing off in complete bliss and he can’t shake the smile plastered on his face.
“Sleep well, my Dove.”
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mads-weasley · 5 hours ago
Love & War
Pt. 1: New Beginnings
1940s!Bucky x Medic!Reader
A/N: This is going to be a series about the Howling Commandos during WWII! It’s going to be slightly anon because we don’t know much about their different missions. I’m such a sucker for 40s Bucky! Sadly, I do not own any of these wonderful characters except (y/n). Bucky isn’t in this chapter btw, but it’s important for the rest of the series. I hope you like it!
Summary: When she volunteered as a combat medic in the war, (y/n) (y/l/n) did not think that she’d end up working with the Howling Commandos. Most of all, she definitely didn’t think she would fall as hard as she did for a sweet brunette from Brooklyn.
Warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of blood, gunshots, World War II, mentions of death, descriptions of injuries.
(y/n) - your name
(y/l/n) - your last name
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Tumblr media
As (y/n) is packing her small bag for overseas, she can’t help but feel excited and terrified at the same time. Since the attack on Pearl Harbor, she wanted to do her part for her country, so when she got the opportunity, she took it.
“Why do you have to go, (y/n)? There are plenty of other girls who are nurses.” Her best friend, Allie, asks.
Taking a deep breath, she speaks passionately. “Well, Alls, if not me, who? I’m sick and tired of sitting on my butt at home knowing I could help so many people over there!”
“You could work in the factories like the other women! They’re doing their part! You could so do that!”
“No! I want to save people, Allie! I can’t do that here.” Her voice softens to just above a whisper, tears welling in her eyes. “Please, I don’t want to fight during my last day here.”
Allie walks up to her and envelopes her into a big bear hug that made both of them start crying. After many, “I’ll miss you’s,” the girls broke apart and went to have dinner. Being from North Carolina, (y/n) wanted to have some bbq as her last meal before she shipped out.
Laughing inside of Gary’s Diner, they drank milkshakes and reminisced from their childhoods. As both of them were about 25, they had a good bit of funny memories to share with each other, many involving the other. After stuffing their faces full of food, they walked arm in arm back to (y/n)’s house.
Looking at her watch, Allie sighs. “Less than 12 hours, (y/n/n). I’m going to miss you so much. Please, please, please be careful. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”
Wrapping her arms around her friend, (y/n)’s voice betrays her by cracking before correcting itself. “I’ll miss you too. But it’s a good thing that I’m not going to be saving people. You know me, if I got hurt, I’d just patch myself up and I’d be fine.”
Seeing Allie’s lower lip tremble, she realized she should not have let that slip out of her mouth. Trying to backtrack, she sputters, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! I’m not going to be on the front lines anyway. I’ll be far, far, far away from the front.”
The new nurse sends her friend a sweet smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes. With one last hug, the duo says goodbye and (y/n) walks into her house. She gathers the last of her things and goes to bed thinking of all the things that could happen in Europe.
6 Months Later
Above the chaos of battle, bullets, and heavy artillery fire, “Medic!” Can be heard around the battlefield. A young woman with a bloodstained uniform runs to the man who called out. When she reaches him, she immediately sees the empty space where his forearm was supposed to be. Biting back the bile that rose in her throat, she shakily tried to sooth the soldier while giving him a shot of morphine.
“Hey, kid. What’s your name?”
“D-Desmond.” He replies with a pained sound.
“Well, hi there, Desmond. I’m (y/n) and you’re going to be just fine.”
She applies a tourniquet to his bicep and places gauze to the bloody stump of what used to be his arm. He cries out at the action, resulting in her apologizing for the pain it caused him. Quickly calling for a stretcher, she reassures him and moves on to the next man who needs her help, crouching to avoid the bullets flying above her head.
By the end of the day, her once spotless uniform was littered with dirt and blood. While in the field, she can’t let her emotions show, but when she is alone, she lets them flow freely. The death that surrounds the young woman is enough to break the strongest men, but she refuses to crack. The last place (y/n) thought she would be was on the front lines in France.
The place her unit, the 107th, is currently residing in is an old abandoned school. The classrooms are still intact, minus a few that were destroyed during different bombings. Normally, (y/n) would stay with her friend Betty, who was also a medic. Tonight was different though. She had lost more men today than she had in quite a while.
The Germans rolled out a new weapon that took out soldier after soldier, leaving them screaming in agony in the mud. Seeing this day in and day out took a toll on her, and she often isolated herself to deal with it. With a soft “Goodnight” to her friends, (y/n) found herself wandering the school to find a empty classroom where she could be alone.
When she finally finds one, she closes the door behind her and sinks to the floor, knees pulled up to her chest. Every time she closes her eyes, she just sees the men she couldn’t save; the ones begging her to save them. It becomes too much and she starts to sob quietly.
Suddenly, the door opens and an middle-aged burly man with a mustache walks in. The man looks familiar, but the absence of light in the room made it hard for her to make out his features. His eyes soften when he sees (y/n) against the wall.
“Hi there.” He says softly, bending down or her level.
Sniffling and looking up at him through her lashes, she replies. “Hi. I’m sorry. I’m such a mess. I’ll be ri-“
“It’s okay, sweetheart. Don’t worry. Everyone does this, even us men. You’re a medic right?”
She nods, her mind thinking back to the day. “I’m sorry if I couldn’t save someone you knew. I-I really tried, and th-there were ju-“
“Hold your horses. I watched you save so many men. Our squad has been needing a medic, and I think you’d be a great fit. What’s your name, kid?”
Head shooting up in confusion, she replies.“(y/n) (y/l/n), sir. What unit are you in?”
“Let me introduce myself. I’m Dum Dum Dugan, and my unit is the Howling Commandos.”
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The Coupon Book: #1 - One Lap Dance to your song of choice.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader     Word Count: 1.7K
Warnings: Smut NSFW 18+ Only, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism.
Thank you to my amazing beta babe and hype ho, @whisperlullaby​ / Divider by @firefly-graphics​
The Coupon Book: A 12 Part Smut Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You looked over yourself in the lingerie Bucky had picked. The set was royal blue overlaid with black lace. The matching bra, panties, and garter belt were sexy as hell when paired with thigh highs and heels. You looked ready to step out onto the stage of a strip club which is exactly what you felt like you were about to do. Bucky had sweet talked you into allowing Steve to join you again and then had somehow gotten you to agree to him giving the coupon for a lap dance to Steve. Probably because he had been expertly stroking your clit while being knuckles deep in you when he had brought it up. You would have agreed to just about anything.
If you were honest with yourself, including Steve was a turn on. You had enjoyed him watching you, wanting you, and you were looking forward to being allowed to touch him. You knew Bucky had strategically chosen Steve’s favorite color for you to wear and smirked as you pulled a matching robe over the ensemble. A knock sounds on the bathroom door. 
“Ready when you are, doll.” Bucky says. 
You can hear the grin in his voice. The dirty bastard was loving this. Teasing Steve, watching him get so hot for you, and then fucking you while Steve watches. You were getting wet just thinking about it. You take a deep breath and open the door. You smile widely as Bucky gives you a once over and nods his approval. When you turn to Steve you feel yourself getting excited. His heated gaze flickers over you before settling on your eyes. His tongue darts out to wet his red lips and anticipation crackles in the air. 
“You ready?” you ask Steve. 
“Whenever you are, sweetheart,” Steve sits in the arm chair while Bucky settles on the couch. You stood just outside their reach as you looked between them.
“You know the rules of a lap dance?” You ask Steve, biting your lip. 
“Never had one.” Steve says with a blush stealing across his cheeks. 
“Only one rule really. I can touch you but you can’t touch me, okay?”
“Uh, yeah, of course,” Steve wipes his palms on his thighs nervously. 
You walk to Bucky, lean down and kiss him. Looking into his eyes you whisper, “Ready?”
“Very,” Bucky whispers back with a grin.
He had picked the song for you to dance to and, as you turn away from him, “Guys My Age” by Hey Violet begins to play. You untie the robe and slowly remove it as you go to Steve. His eyes widen and lips part as you walk towards him in time to the music. You stand between his legs and as the beat drops you twirl around and drop into his lap. Your ass grinds against him in rhythm and you can see his hands gripping the arms of the chair. 
Turning to face Steve, you drape your arms across his shoulders and bring your face close to his. You roll your body up, allowing your breasts to almost touch him. He licks his lips as his eyes glued to you. Lowering yourself, you drag your hands down Steve’s chest and then his thighs as you kneel between his legs. You stretch yourself back until you can see Bucky who looks at you with unconcealed lust. 
At the next beat, you move yourself forward until your face is inches from Steve’s tented sweatpants and look up at him through your eyelashes with a sinful smile. 
“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” Steve breathes out as he watches you rise again. You turn and grind against him as you lean back on his chest and wrap and arm around his neck. You bring your lips close to his as you move your hips in circles against his clothed cock. You can feel your own slick pooling in your panties seeing the two men looking at you with such lust. Bucky’s eyes haven’t left you since you began the dance. 
You decide to be a bit more daring and grabbing Steve’s hands from the arms of the chair you slide one across the skin just under your breasts. The other you drag across your stomach and then down, across your bellybutton, past the lacy edge of your panties, to just above your mound while staring into Bucky’s eyes. You watch his jaw tighten as Steve’s fingers spread out and his breath falls on your neck. You pull away, standing up, and turn to face Steve again. The song is nearing the end. You straddle Steve and watch as he fights the urge to grab your ass, his hands lifting and flexing before returning to the arms to grip with white knuckles. You grind on him, staring into his face and then roll your top half back to see Bucky’s reaction. He sits on the couch with a smirk on his face and you already know the man is going to destroy you once this song ends. You slowly roll your body against Steve as the final chorus plays. He stares into your eyes as you grind against him and then the song comes to an end. You smile as you stand.
“What did you think of your first lap dance?” You ask. 
“That was hot and a fucking tease.” Steve grouses. 
You wink at him before turning back to Bucky, only to run into his solid chest, “Oh!” You make the exclamation of surprise and then stare into his intense gaze. His eyes mesmerize you. He slides one hand into your hair and kisses you passionately. You feel his other hand slide into your panties. His finger traces over your wet folds and you shudder. 
“You’re soaked, doll,” Bucky whispers as his fingers press into you. You grab his biceps to steady yourself as he pulls a pleasured moan from your lips. “Do you like knowing how much I want you?”
“Yes,” you breathe. 
“Do you like knowing that Stevie wants you?” he whispers against your lips. 
“Bucky,” you moan. 
“Tell me, doll.”
“Yes. Yes, I like it.” 
“Makes you hot, doesn’t it?” Bucky teases as he fingers edge you closer to orgasm. 
“Yes. Yes!” you clench around his fingers. 
“Good girl.” Bucky says as he pulls his fingers out of you. 
“Bucky!” you whine. 
Bucky’s hand grabs the front of your panties and leads you to the bed. He strips quickly and then kneels down in front of you. Carefully, he unclips your garter belt and slips it off of you. Your panties go next and then Bucky rises to remove your bra. You stand naked except for your stockings and heels. He lies down on the bed and then reaches for you, “Come sit on my face doll.”
You clench at the words. One glance over at Steve and you see his eyes glued to you with his cock firmly in hand. You straddle Bucky’s face and within seconds your head is thrown back. Bucky knows exactly how to use his mouth on you and you are mewling as he works you over. Grabbing handfuls of his hair, you ride his face. Electricity shoots through you with each swipe of his tongue. You stare at Steve as he watches you riding his best friend's face. You think about being between the two of them as they rail you together and the dam bursts. You cry out as you come and Bucky laves over you as you ride out the sensations. 
You move off Bucky’s face and he begins to sit up, but you surprise him by forcefully pushing him down on the bed. 
“Doll?” he says in surprise. You don’t answer instead, you straddle him, line him up with your entrance, and impale yourself. You ride him hard, barely giving either of you time to adjust to the new sensation. He grabs the sheets beneath him as you work him quickly. “Fuck, baby. Goddamn, you feel good.”
“Feels good, baby? Like it when I fuck you hard? God, you’re so thick,” you throw your head back as you ride him but a moan from across the room draws your attention back to Steve. You’re not sure where the confidence comes from or the assertiveness but you find words falling from your lips that would never have found their way out if not for Bucky’s openness. “That’s right, Stevie. It’s so fucking good when I ride him like this. Can feel him inside me.” You press your hand just above your mound.
“Fuck.” Steve groans as he watches your tits bounce with your motions. What he would give to have you on top of him. It had taken all of his self-control not to grab a hold of you when you were dancing and have you do exactly what you were doing to Bucky right now. Watching you was the most pleasurable torture he’d ever been through. His cock strained for your touch. The thought of your mouth on him, your cunt clenching around him, was driving him mad. He was near feral with lust for you as he watched you fuck his best friend. 
Bucky’s hands grasp your hips and he thrusts up into you bringing a cry of pleasure from you. His expression is one of possession as he fucks up into you. Staking a claim over what’s his while you talk to his best friend. 
“Fuck,” you moan, “so good. It’s so fucking good. You look hot fucking your fist, Stevie. Do you wish it was me? Wish it was my hot cunt wrapped around you?”
“Fuck yes.” Steve groans as his hand speeds up. 
With a guttural growl, Bucky grabs you around the middle and has you on your back in seconds, “Mine.” He exclaims the word as he rams into you. His hands go around your neck as he slams into you over and over again. "Mine" coming out in growls as he fucks into you. His hands tightening as he pushes you higher. 
You come with a silent scream. Your body violently spasming around him, pulling his own release from him. His hands slide from your neck and he lowers himself on top of you. His lips connect with your neck as he empties into you. You hear the moans of Steve as he reaches his end along with the two of you. 
When your breathing has slowed a bit you whisper in Bucky’s ear, “Yours. Always.”
Bucky grins against your neck, “I know.” He kisses your lips and then looks up at his ruined best friend with a devilish smirk. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Bucky and Vicky catch up on lost time
Trigger Warnings apply: Mentions of Brainwashing, murder and sex. 
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Making their way to Bucharest Romania for safety while on the run from HYDRA and the government, over the course of a year Vicky helps Bucky with remembering his former life while the couple catch up and connect with one another once again.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character. Minor Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter.
Word Count: 2,000+
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