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#avengers fluff
earlgreydream · 6 hours ago
little miss.
| loki x reader | fluff | smut |
anon requested. Loki's sub and he gets really busy, neglecting them until they snap and then he does his best to make it up to them and its nice and fluffy at the end
cw: dom/sub, a bit of a size kink, and also a bit of an innocence kink
a/n: I’m feeling so soft, so here’s some soft dom Loki🥺
Tumblr media
Loki’s search for you halted when he discovered your body curled up in the domed window that overlooked the city. You were curled up in blankets, staring out at the foggy city. Loki wasn’t sure if you were studying the buildings peeking between low clouds, or if your mind was entirely somewhere else.
When he had returned from an emergency meeting held in the early hours of the morning, you weren’t in bed like he’d expected. Loki had assumed you’d still be asleep, and had intended to slot his body back against yours and sleep the morning away under the duvet.
He slid down beside you, his hand gently smoothing over your leg. You didn’t seem to react.
“Hey, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, calling your attention from wherever you’d mind had wandered.
You hummed, your eyelashes fluttering shut as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. You were easily moved onto his lap, snuggled into his body. His knees bent, feet on the other side of the window, trapping you between his thighs and chest.
“How long have you been up?” He asked against your forehead, trying to follow your line of sight.
“Don’t know,” your voice was soft.
He brushed some hair out of your face, relaxing as you settled into him, the tension leaving your body. His chin rested on the top of your head, and you listened to his heartbeat.
“Your mind feeling all foggy like the weather?” Loki nudged your jaw so you were looking up at him. You shrugged, making Loki frown. He didn’t like when you got deep inside your head, becoming non expressive and overly pliant. Usually, it happened after he pushed your limits in an intense punishment or session, but that wasn’t the case.
Loki had been incredibly busy lately, barely around. You hadn’t had sex in weeks, which was highly unusual for the two of you. Loki was gone before you were awake, and returned after you were already dozing off to sleep. When he was around, he was short-tempered and exhausted.
While you knew that you’d never be on the receiving end of Loki’s anger and frustration, it still frightened you. You had nothing to fear, but you kept your distance when he was in a stormy mood.
“Talk to me,” Loki kept his voice soft, free of sternness. He reeled in his dominating tone he used with you when you weren’t being cooperative, now more worried than annoyed.
“You’ve been gone,” you relented finally, not wanting him to pry into your head and read your thoughts himself.
“I’m so sorry. I should never have neglected you, it was not my intention.”
“I know. And... I know your work is important. You have people to protect but... I need you to protect me too.”
Loki felt like his heart was being clawed from his chest when he saw tears begin to slide down your cheeks.
“Y/N, please forgive me,” he cradled your head against his chest, holding you as you cried.
He didn’t try to hush you or explain it away, letting you weep in his arms. Loki was patient as he comforted you, gently rocking and staring out at the foggy city below.
“Let me spoil you?” Loki shifted you to face him once your sobs had subsided.
“Spoil me?”
“Yes. Maybe make up for my terrible, horrible, insidious neglect?” His blue eyes were soft. Amusement pulled a small smile at your lips. Loki kissed your cheeks and all over your face, making you giggled.
“I love your sweet sounds, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, careful not to break the atmosphere.
“I’m sorry,” you breathed out, and Loki’s brow knitted together. Your fingertips gently went to his forehead, smoothing over the tension. 
“Whatever are you sorry for? I’m the one who is sorry.”
“I should’ve brought it up sooner, that I missed you. Before I snapped.”
“Look at me,” he tilted your chin up so he could gaze into your eyes.
“It is my job to make sure I am attentive to you, and I should have never let work get in the way of that. You are my first priority, always. I am the one who is apologizing. You have nothing to be sorry for, do you understand me?” Loki held your face.
“Yes,” you nodded shyly, earning a gentle warning look.
“Yes, sir,” you corrected yourself.
Loki kissed you, and you let yourself melt into him. He coaxed you into a hot bath with him, the water swirling with oils and expensive products. His skilled hands massaged your body with soap, getting you to relax into his touch. His body was cool, and you welcomed it in the hot water. 
“Can you get inside of me? I just want to be closer,” you gazed at him hopefully.
Loki rewarded you with a smile, wrapping your legs around his waist. He held your hips and sank you down on him, going slow to let you accommodate. He relished in your gasps and the feeling of your velvet walls squeezing around him and taking him inside. You didn’t struggle to let him in, completely relaxed. 
You leaned forward and draped your arms over his back, your head resting on his shoulder. Loki’s self control was unmatched, and he held still, letting you warm him as he trailed his fingers up and down your spine. 
“I love you,” he spoke into your hair, now wet and thoroughly washed. Loki had taken the time to massage your scalp and fully shampoo and condition your hair, an intimacy that you loved. He knew it was the best way to comfort you and get you to relax, and it made you feel safe.
“I love you too.”
A shudder rolled down your spine as Loki’s fingers went to where your bodies connected, sliding through your folds. You squirmed on top of him, growing more sensitive as he teased you. Your fingers gripped his raven hair, and you hid your face in his neck. Loki rubbed your clit in small circles, grinning as your small whimpers were muffled by your bite on his shoulder. 
“Gentle, little miss,” his voice was low, and you apologized, kissing the skin. He pinched your clit in return, making you jolt with pain, though it sent a sharp shot of arousal to your heat that had you tightening around him. 
“Please,” you breathed, and he returned to being gentle and slowly pulling you toward a cloudy euphoria. Fog filled your mind once again, and you melted against him. 
“You can use me, to get off,” you murmured, nearly inaudible.
“No, I’m spoiling you, remember? I’ll be alright.” 
His kisses were sweet, trying to wake you up some.
“I want to get out please, it’s too cold.”
Loki lifted you off of him, apologizing as you hissed. You stood on the heated floor, drying off with one of the warm towels your boyfriend wrapped you in. He kissed your forehead, making you smile and blush.
He was dressed in a shimmer of green, wearing black skinny jeans and a soft grey cable knit sweater. 
“What do you want to do today? It’s only ten am.”
“Will you take me to the MET?” you asked hopefully, wanting to spend the day walking around the museum with him.
“If that’s what you want, then of course.” You nodded, slipping into your own jeans. 
“It’s chilly, wear a sweater please.” Loki asked, looking up at you as you rifled through your drawers.
“Yes, sir.”
He gave you a pleased look, and you slipped a deep green sweater on, knowing he’d appreciate it. 
You heard Loki snap his fingers, and you obediently walked to where he sat on the edge of the bed. His hand went to your shoulder and he carefully pushed you to your knees in front of him. A content smile graced your face as his fingers skillfully braided your hair. You sat still while he cared for you, enjoying the cup of tea that had appeared in your hands. 
“Can we walk? I’d rather feel the fog than drive.”
“Yes, little miss.” 
His hands went to your hair, gently putting some pressure before kissing the crown of your head. You stood, the empty cup vanishing from your hands. He found your shoes and knelt before you, tying your laces for you like a child.
“I can put my own shoes.”
“I know, but I like to do it for you.” He squeezed your thighs before returning to his towering height above you. 
“If you had your way, I’d just be your little doll.”
You received a hard slap to your backside for your comment, making your breath catch in your throat. Your jeans protected you, but you knew better than to push your luck.
“Of course not. I value your autonomy.” Loki answered as you followed him through Stark Tower. 
“I didn’t mean that,” you clarified. You may have been Loki’s submissive, but he had nothing but the highest respect for you, giving you the real control in your relationship. You had unwavering trust in Loki, despite his history and talent for deceit. He would never break that trust. Your wellbeing and what was best for you was the most important thing to him, without exception.
“I would keep you naked in bed all of the time, buried deep inside your tight little quim if I always had my way,” Loki announced confidently. Steve, Bucky, Tony, and Sam all turned, blatantly overhearing the conversation. Your face burned red with embarrassment, and Loki looked pleased with himself, winking at you. 
“Relax, they’re very much aware that our relationship is sometimes of sexual nature.”
“You tried to embarrass me,” you accused.
“And it aroused you, did it not? Don’t you dare try to lie to me, little miss.” Loki’s words were threatening, but there was no malice in his tone. He was deeply amused by how shy you were, and he enjoyed letting everyone know you were his.
“Yes, sir,” you exhaled, taking the hand he offered as you went outside. 
His hand was much bigger than yours, matching his height and making you feel small. He kissed your forehead, leading you through foggy streets. 
You loved Loki, and you were overjoyed to have his undivided attention. He swore he loved it more than you did. He adored doting on you, willing to do anything to see your eyes light up or hear your laugh. 
You ascended the steps of the MET quickly, and Loki warned you to be careful about running on the rain-slick marble. 
“You worry too much. I may be fragile compared to you, but I’m okay,” you promised, pushing up on your toes to kiss his cheek. He turned and kissed you back before ushering you inside, insisting he didn’t want the cold to make you sick. You refrained from telling him that he was ridiculous, knowing all it would accomplish was another swat to your ass that you weren’t keen on receiving in public.
Loki held your hand as you studied paintings, drawings, sculptures, and artifacts that filled seemingly endless rooms. You dragged Loki to the impressionists, leaning back in his arms as you stared at Claude Monet’s paintings. 
“I like these the best.”
“Tell me about them,” Loki pressed, circling his arms around you.
“They’re so peaceful, and everything in them is soft. I like the colors too,” you looked up at Loki, your head tilting back.
“I like them too,” he murmured, kissing you sweetly.
He spent hours looking at art with you, even offering some of his knowledge of art history when he had it. You giggled as he swore to you that he was the model of Michelangelo’s paintings. 
“Lovely man, truly,” he grinned and you shook your head, laughing.  
You stayed until the museum closed, and you shivered when you stepped into the cold night. The two of you went to a cafe in the park for soup, warming up. You chattered about the paintings as you ate your soup, Loki making sure you had enough that you were no longer hungry.
It started to rain, and by the time you had finished eating, the storm was pouring down. Loki happily used magic to transport the two of you home, keeping you from getting soaked. 
When you walked into your bedroom, you smiled at the Monet print that hung on a formerly blank space on your wall.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, little miss,” Loki smiled against your kiss. 
“Do you feel less neglected?” He asked, seriousness edging at his tone.
“Yes. But I would definitely feel less neglected if you watched Harry Potter with me,” your eyes widened. Loki thought the movies were a little ridiculous, and always complained when you put them on.
“You’re being manipulative.”
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him down to your height. 
“I learned from the best,” you whispered.
“Alright, but I could always perform real magic for you.”
“That’s okay.”
Loki rolled his eyes at you, and you changed into pajamas before crawling in bed with him. He dragged you between his legs, snuggling you into his chest under blankets. He distracted himself with you, tracing patterns on your skin and playing with your hair while you were lost in your film. 
“You’re being handsy,” you said when he groped you, his hand under the waistband of your joggers. 
“You just look so pretty, I can’t help myself.”
You spread your legs for him, letting him touch you. Your movie was quickly forgotten as he distracted you with his own magic. 
“I promise you, I will make up for the weeks of depriving you of sex,” Loki’s deep voice echoed through you.
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hitmebucky · 7 hours ago
Best Friends
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston
Pairing: Tom x Reader
Warnings: fluff, angst, oral (f receiving), cussing, bffs to lovers
Summary: Y/N is tired of never finding the chemistry in a partner that she finds in her best friend Tom so she does an experiment
Request: hello! can you write a best friend turned to lovers (but they both have feelings for each other already) fic of tom hiddleston x reader with this prompt: “I need you to make out with me. Don’t worry though, it’s for science.” then after, things get really steamy so you may add smut on this hehe btw, i loved reading your works and i hope you write more!
Requested by: @aestheticallyholland
A/N: When i saw the prompt i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it so i hope y’all like it as much as i hope.! Requests are open! I will happily continue this story since i didn’t do full smut but i felt like since this was more emotional and exciting he wouldn’t wanna over indulge rather than make sure you’re okay if that makes sense.
ALSO i PROMISE The Servant P2 will be up next, this request was just super interesting and i couldn’t help myself. I promise i’m working on it as you read this!!
You trudge up the stairs to your apartment, let out a sigh and open the door. “Y/N? I thought you had a date tonight?” Your best friend Tom speaks from the couch. You frown slam the door and shed yourself of your purse coat and shoes. You slide onto the couch and lay your head on his lap. He instinctively strokes your hair and kisses your temple, your body feels flushed as a result and you hide your blush. “What’s wrong, Dear?” He asks and hearing that makes it worse. You groan and force yourself to your room with no explanation. He frowns, blaming himself.
Why why why why why why why. WHY tommy. You think to yourself. Why is he the only man you feel any connection to?! He’s been your best friend for years. No one compares. Tonight was a perfect example, date with a PERFECT man. He has a stable income, home owner, doesn’t talk about himself too much and is genuinely interested in you and still all you could think was how his eyes reminded you of your best friend Tom. He kissed you goodnight and you felt absolutely nothing. And this isn’t the first time.
The next day after you return from work you go out with some girl friends, they all convinced you that you just pick the wrong guy and so you’re gonna kiss every guy you talk to tonight to prove that you can feel something for anyone else. You exit your room to see him standing in the kitchen cooking dinner. “Oh- you’re leaving?” He asks with a frown. You answer as you fix your earring and slip on your heels, “Yeah don’t wait up” You quickly leave before his puppy dog eyes can get the best of you.
A few hours later you find yourself trudging back to your apartment just as you did the night before only when you open the door, the apartment is quiet and dark. You were the slightest bit drunk trying to feel something for those men, which was a horrible failure, which is the only reason why you did what you did next. You dropped all your belongings leaving a trail to his door. You’re left in your t shirt and undies before opening the door softly and biting your lip. You were gonna get your answer once and for all, was it just the tension, were you soulmates, do you just have great sexual chemistry?
You slip into his bed and nudge him awake. He groans lightly and peeks his eyes open. “Y/N? Are you okay?” He asks and sits up slowly. You pull him back down to his pillow. “I need you to make out with me,” You spill and his eyes widen, “Don’t worry though, it’s for science!” You defend and he laughs lightly. “Y/N what are you-“ His words are cut off by your lips and he moans into it. You pull back and stare at him. This was it. This is exactly what you’ve been missing... Him. Both of your eyes light up and he flips you so you’re underneath him. He kissed you deeper and both of you smile into the kiss. “I love you Tommy..” You whisper as he kisses your neck. “You love me?” He stills and you nod. “Y/N, I love you!” He says and holds your face as he brings you in for another kiss. He pulls away suddenly and clears his throat, “Is this okay? I mean we don’t have to obviously like-“ He rambles and you pull him down into another kiss. You flip him over and pull off his shirt. He’s surprised to find you half naked already but he doesn’t question it. “Say it again..” He moans as you kiss down his chest. “I...” *kiss* “Love..” *kiss* “You...” you moan as you suck just below his navel. You pull his bottoms off and he yanks you back up on him. “Let me please you like i’ve always longed to” He breathes out and kisses your collar bone up your neck and nibbles your ear.
He slides down and pulls you up so you’re now hovering over his face. You look down at him surprised and he smirks before tearing your panties in half and diving his face into your warm center. You could’ve came just from the sight. You choke out a moan and your hands immediately lace in his hair. “Holy shit Tom..” He moans hearing his name on your lips in such a sinful tone. He slides two long fingers inside of your dripping heat and you whimper and clench around them. As he works his fingers in his other hand is laced with yours locked safe and tight. He curls his fingers and hits your spot making your legs quiver around his head and he hums into you pridefully. Hearing the noises, feeling what he feels, he has never been so happy. He never thought this day would come that he could show you exactly how he would treat you if he had the chance. His thumb strokes your linked hand as he works an orgasm out of you. You’ve never felt so safe, so erotic so sensual and so beautiful before. He worships your body like you crave men to and you worship his just as much. The way he loves you brings you so much pleasure you can feel it in everything he does. He sucks your clit gently and your eyes roll back.
“Tommy i’m gonna cum” You squeeze his hand and he goes faster working his fingers in and out and a rush flows over you and you sob out as you orgasm on his fingers. Your legs can barely keep you up so he sets you down to sit on his chest while you recover. He catches his breath and licks his fingers.
He caresses your thighs with both ands and steadies your shaky legs while humming. “You’re okay, Dear” He coos and you come back down. Everything about that orgasm was so intense. You’ve never felt so consumed by passion before. And boy does he know it too because his boxers are as wet as you were. “Lay down, Love.” He eases you off him and brings you to his chest. Your shaky voice speaks up worried, “Wait no, I- wait what about you? I cant just-“ He shushes you. He kisses your forehead, “Another time love, i’m as satisfied as could be with you in my arms.” You hum dozing off in complete bliss and he can’t shake the smile plastered on his face.
“Sleep well, my Dove.”
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randomoutsiders · 8 hours ago
Do you think you could do a Pietro fluff where you get hurt so he takes care of you? ❤️❤️
warning/content: pietro maximoff x fem!reader, wound in the foot, blood, bandaging, crying, angst, fluff
word count: 900+
“And how did you manage to do such a thing?” The thick drawl of his accent is heavy with worry as he hooks his hand under the bends of your armpits, pulling you up to sit atop the compound’s kitchen island’s counter. 
“Wasn’t lookin’.” You pull your shoulders up in a shrug as you sniff, dragging the back of your hand below your nose to gather up the dripping snot. 
With an audible tut of exaggerated discontent, Pietro reaches up, dragging the pads of his thumbs underneath the swollen rims of your eyelids and ridding of the tears that taint your cheeks. “No tears, prekrasnaya devochka, you’ll be alright.” (beautiful girl) 
You twitch in your seat as you reach down, pulling your injured appendage onto your leg so you can get a better look at it. Despite your best efforts, tears are making visible, twin tracks down your rouging cheeks as you blubber like a wounded child, but with the screw in your foot - although only a few centimeters long - you’re in quite the amount of pain. 
Due to the fact that you’re the infamous Tony Stark’s one and only daughter, at least thus far, you’ve been forever suspended in this bubble of protected ignorance; infinite protection from the potential dangers of both foreign aliens and the outside world. 
Thus you’ve always found great difficulty in building up a strong armor, in creating a strong persona that doesn’t cry at the slightest amount of pain. 
And thus you’re blubbering like an idiot, one hand bracing the smooth muscle of your boyfriend’s shoulder as he gets a good look at the tool tucked deep inside the purpling flesh of your heel. 
“Ow!” You whine, tugging the foot away from him when his finger grazes over the metal of the screw, only testing the surface with the gentle brushing of his fingertips. “Stop doing that!” 
“Stop doing what?” Pietro’s lips are pursed, for he’s incapable of reading your pained expression as his attention is intently trained in on your bleeding appendage. 
“Touching it! It hurts!” You’re shaking your foot with every ounce of your strength, attempting to wiggle off the marbled countertop so you can just collapse in his arms and hope that the strength of his embrace will somehow take the pain of your foot away. 
“I have to take it out, printsessa, it can’t stay in your foot.” His fingers are an iron lock around your ankle bone, removing any semblance of movement as you squirm. “No moving, please.” 
“It’s gonna hurt too much!” You drawl, your bottom lip jutting out with exaggerated contempt. 
“But you would rather have foreign object in your foot?” His eyebrows pull together in a dominant frustration, one that seals your lips shut and forces a halt to your movement. 
“Good girl, printsessa, I promise you’ll feel better once it’s out.” 
He moves quickly, going as far as to use his powers so that before you’re able to blink, he has the metal screw out. You notice such when you hear the audible clink of it against the black countertop. 
“See? All done.” Within seconds he has the wound sealed over with polysporin and a bandage, before he seals a soothing kiss against your ankle bone. 
“Owww..” You mewl, falling forward so that your forehead smears against his clavicle, the speedster’s large hands finding your hips. 
“You are so strong, you big girl.” His accent grows heavier with the deepening octave of his baritone voice, and thus as he gets quieter you find more difficulty in understanding what he’s saying. 
But you understand.
“How did you manage to hurt yourself in such a way, hmm?” Pietro poses of you, pulling you off the counter and situating around his own hips so that you’re abkle to lock your ankles around the small of his back. 
“I was walking downstairs, y’know, in my Dad’s lab, and he’s so unorganized that his shit is all over the floor. I always wear shoes down there because of it but I guess I forgot this time.” You whimper, burying your nose in the junction between his neck and shoulder. 
“That is stupid.” 
“What’s stupid.” 
“That you did not wear shoes.” 
“It was an accident!” You giggle through the tears, thwacking him in the shoulder with your fingers with little effort. 
“And you are now crying, because you were stupid. You need to be more smart. I don’t like seeing you cry.” 
Pietro finds a couch before sitting down atop it, allowing you to find a comfortable spot atop his thick thighs.  
“Didn’t mean to. My foot just hurts really bad.” You sniff, leaning in so you can trail your nose in the hollow of his jaw, breathing in his musky scent and reveling in the warmth that almost immediately washes over you with it. 
“My prekrasnaya devochka is too beautiful to be hurt. She should not be crying.” He’s reaching up, brushing away the shed tears once again as he shifts, sponging delicate kisses against your damp cheekbones before sealing one against your swollen lips. 
“Thank you.” You murmur, doing your best to not flex the muscles in your wounded appendage so as to not feel any more pain than necessary. 
“Only for you. I will only do all of this for you. No other woman is as worthy of my attention. I will spend my ever day helping you, if that makes you happy.” He coos softly. 
“Not even Wanda?” You laugh, cuddling close into his chest. 
“No, fuck Wanda.” 
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buppybucky · 9 hours ago
babysitter || b.b
PAIRINGS! dad’sbestfriend!bucky x f!reader
SUMMARY! bucky looks after his friend’s daughter as both her parents decide to go on a well deserved date.
WARNINGS! age gap (reader is 18), 18+ minors please do not interact, spanking, cheating (undefined relationship), unprotected sex, verbal bucky, breeding kink, fluffy ending
A/N! my first post! (on this account) my old acc was shadowbanned and it wouldn’t lift so.. here i am! hope u enjoy <3
Tumblr media
it would never be the same. not after that night at the bar.
bucky was invited to a bar with his bestfriend and his daughter for her first drink. the night moved quick, one second they were laughing at the small t.v, the next bucky was locking the bathroom with the girl in his arms.
he had her over the sink, plowing into her mercilessly. the small room was filled with her loud moans and cries as her cunt was being abused by bucky. her knuckles were white from the grip she had on the sink.
her head was dazed and she was in an area of full pleasure. bucky’s hands were imprinted into her hips in dark bruises, which restricted her from wearing jeans for a few weeks.
she was restricted from walking due to how deep bucky decided to fuck her, hitting every spot inside of her. her walking was limp and slow, yet none of her parents even noticed. the feeling of him inside of her remained for days.
bucky was like a drug, she had a crush on him since she was thirteen and to finally have to chance for him inside of her, she couldn’t help but accept it the second it was brought up.
she didn’t care about the consequences that would soon creep up, like not being able to sit in the same room together, or y/n’s parents catching onto the obvious awkward tension. their usual thursday night dinners weren’t as exciting as they once were.
y/n’s parents decided to have a date night, turning to the only person they knew that could handle their daughter. bucky. he stayed in the living room, watching the tv with a bag of chips in his lap.
y/n was in her room, twirling a strand of hair around her finger. her legs were crossed and in the air, while her lip with sitting comfortably between her teeth. “i miss you.” the male voice said over the phone. her thighs squeezed together as she giggled with a blush.
the conversation went on for almost an hour, slight giggles followed by words. “y/n! come down!” bucky yelled from the living room, where he was holding his phone and the number for a pizza place. “i have to go, i’ll call you tomorrow.” she said, hanging up the phone.
she walked downstairs and smiled at bucky awkwardly. “im ordering pizza, what do you want?” he asked, punching the number into the phone. “nothing, i’m not hungry.” she said, going to walk away. “hey! hey, c’mon, you’re hungry, i know you.” he said, making her roll her eyes.
“i’m really not, i have an ice cream in the freezer.” she said, giving him a quick smile. bucky put the phone down and sighed. “whatever y’say.” he said, walking to the kitchen. he opened up the freezer, pulling out her tub of ice cream. “hey! that’s mine!” she complained. she walked over to try and take it, which failed.
bucky lifted it with a smirk. y/n groaned and pushed him slightly. “don’t make me spank you.” he said, grabbing a spoon. y/n rolled her eyes and walked upstairs. bucky chuckled as she walked off in huff. she picked up her phone again and punched in her friends number. “i’m sneaking out, do you want to go to starbucks?” she asked once she picked up.
“yeah okay, i’ll meet you there.” her friend replied. y/n smiled and walked back downstairs. “buck?” she asked, walking over to the couch. bucky looked over at her, mouth full of ice cream didn’t stop him from flashing a bright smile. “can i go out with my friends?” she asked, sitting next to him.
she took a chance to place her hand on his thigh, moving it up slowly. “bubbles, your curfew.” he whispered, looking down at her hand. y/n smirked and placed her hand over his crotch. “c’mon, what’s a few hours?” she whispered, leaning up and kissing under his ear.
bucky smirked and gripped her ass. “not a chance.” he whispered into her ear. y/n groaned and pulled away, crossing her arms. bucky bit his lip and looked her up and down. “go on back up to bed and stop irritating me.” he said, hitting her thigh slightly.
she huffed and walked upstairs, thinking of ways to get out. she called her friend again, telling her to wait about an hour so bucky could fall asleep and that she would call her again when she left.
all she did during the hour was sit in her room and wait, it was starting to get late so she decided it was time to leave. she walked downstairs quietly and walked to the door. “should’ve left through your dads office, would’ve brought you right to the yard.”
y/n jumped and gasped, falling against the door. “fuck! jesus bucky you cunt!” she yelled, throwing her head back, falling against her door. bucky smirked and looked over at her. “get over here, y’need to be punished.” bucky teased, patting his lap.
y/n groaned and walked over, sitting on his lap. “no, no, like this.” bucky said as he lifted her up, bending her over his lap. “bucky i’m not four—“ she started, being stopped by her skirt being filled up. bucky rolled his eyes and slowly massaged her ass, before slapping it roughly.
“dick!” she yelped, gripping his thigh. bucky shook his head with a scoff. “you count them, not shout at me.” he said, slapping her ass again. it was quickly followed by a low ‘two.’ bucky smirked and continued spanking her.
her ass was red and throbbing, tears were staining her cheeks. “that hurt, darlin’?” he asked as he continued to spank her. y/n whimpered and continued to count the spanks. bucky pulled on her panties and pushed them down her legs.
her eyes squeezed shut as she knew where this was going. “tell me to stop, and i will, if you don’t i’ll keep going.” bucky whispered, rubbing her clit with his middle finger. she whimpered and opened her eyes. “good girl.” he whispered, sliding a finger inside of her.
y/n opened her mouth and moaned softly, her eyebrows knitting together. bucky slid another finger in, pumping them in and out slowly. y/n moaned louder, her stomach tightening slowly. “that’s right, bubbles, nice n’ loud for me.” some how, the childhood nickname turned her on more.
bucky moaned his fingers faster, curling them and fucking her knuckle deep. y/n was pulling on his jeans, screams threatening to fall from her mouth. “c’mon, bubbles, give it to me.” he whispered, playing with her hair.
y/n felt the knot in her stomach tighten, ready to release. she let go, loud moans slipping from her mouth. “that’s it.” he mumbled, rubbing his fingers all over her slit, collecting her release before sticking his finger in his mouth.
“so sweet.” he said, lifting her up. bucky looked up at her with complete love in his eyes. “gonna fuck a baby in you, gonna take you away.. italy, live the life we want together.” he whispered, kissing her softly.
y/n placed her hands on his face, kissing him hungrily. she hadn’t ever thought of life after the moment, life if she left with bucky. of course he sprung up the idea last time they did it, but she never took time to think about it.
he unbuckled his belt and hurriedly pulled down his pants, not wanting to waste anymore time. “c’mon bubbles, lay down.” he smirked, helping her down onto the leather couch. oh how she would regret agreeing to a leather couch.
she opened her legs for him, like she did before. he knew he would have her wrapped around his fingers, for his use always. “fuck.” bucky whispered before hovering over her. he slid in quickly, moaning at the tightness of her. y/n followed with a loud moan, gripping his hips.
“whenever you’re ready, bubbles.” he said, his breathe suddenly being taken away from him. all he wanted to do was fuck her dripping cunt until she was brain dead and the only word she knew was his name. she nodded and softened her grip on his hips.
bucky smirked and started thrusting slowly, earning moans from each of them. “faster— please.” y/n begged with a small whimper. bucky nodded and complied, thrusting faster. his quick thrusts soon turned rough, merciless. y/n’s head was thrown back and her back was arched.
small sweat beads appeared on her body, sticking to the leather. bucky had sweat dripping everywhere, the quick and rough thrusts being a good work-out. bucky gripped her hips and continued to thrust into her, the bruises from last time reappearing.
“so good— fuck.” bucky moaned as he lifted her legs, placing them on his shoulder to go deeper. y/n let out a loud scream, gripping onto the sides of the couch. “fuck!” she moaned, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. bucky smirked and moved his hands up her shirt.
he fondled with her breasts, showing each of them equal affection before letting go. he felt a knot in his stomach appear abruptly, making him gasp. the living room was filled with the loud slapping of skin, followed by moans and cries.
“that’s right, y’take me so fuckin’ good, s’like you’re made for me.” bucky moaned as he wrapped his arm around her wrists, pushing them above her head. he continued to snap his hips against hers, moaning at the tightness.
y/n felt dizzy, not like she was going to pass out, like she was drop-dead drunk. she hadn’t ever felt like this, it felt amazing. she felt loose, and unhinged, a feeling she would crave from now on. the knot in her stomach tightening again.
“bucky! oh god.” she whispered, her toes curling. her face scrunched together in satisfaction. the knot snapped loose, making her yelp as she released her second orgasm. she felt a tingle in her legs.
bucky smiled and kept his thrusts deep, not caring about how hard or fast he was going, all he wanted was to plant himself deep inside of her. “fuck.” he groaned as he released inside of her, continuing to thrust.
“gonna make you a pretty momma, havin’ my baby.” bucky moaned, thrusting his seed deep into her. he pulled out and sighed, falling on top of her. “oh god.” he whispered, kissing her clothed shoulder. y/n gasped and gripped his shoulders.
bucky took a few seconds before getting up. “you speak french, right?” he asked, taking his phone off the table. she nodded and took her panties off the floor. “wanna move in together? in france?” he asked, looking into her eyes.
“dont joke about that.” she chuckled, pulling her panties up her legs. “i’m not, let’s start a new life, we just drop everything here and run away, the two of us, forever.” bucky said, grabbing her arm and placing his forehead on hers.
“i know you want to.” he said softly, placing a kiss on her lips. the kiss was slow and passionate. “i can book two tickets for a flight in three hours, we can leave all this.. we won’t have to hide anymore.” bucky finished.
y/n bit her lip before nodding and wrapping her arms around his neck. “whatever, i can always come back.” she said, sitting on his naked lap. bucky smiled and kissed her.
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itsallyscorner · 9 hours ago
Play Me A Song
Paring: Tom Holland x fem!reader
Summary: This is based off the video of Tom playing guitar that he posted on Instagram:) Tom facetimes you to help brighten up your day.
Warnings: none
A/n: Not me using fan fiction as a coping mechanism for my stress, yet ONCE AGAIN.
Tumblr media
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
“Hellooo, gorgeous girl!” Tom cooed as his face popped up onto your phone screen.
You let out a nasally giggle, the side of your face snuggling deeper into the pillow Tom would use when he was over at your house.
Tom tilts his head at the phone, a hint of a smile on his blush colored lips. The action caused his mop of chocolate brown curls to slightly bounce, catching your attention. You longed for the feeling of running your hands through his soft hair. You missed the way it felt between your fingers and how it would make Tom nuzzle closer to you.
“How was your day? You sounded a bit upset on the phone.” He checked in, voice soft and sweet, yet full of concern. His brows furrowed, causing a wrinkle to form between his brows.
You breath in, smelling the hints of him on your pillow. He was miles away, FaceTime allowed you to see and talk to him, though it wasn’t the same as him being beside you. If you were together right now, he would probably envelop you with his protective arms, pull you into his warm chest, and press kisses all over any bit of your exposed skin. His curls would tickle against your neck while he buried his head into the small space between your neck and shoulders—though you wouldn’t mind the tickle because it would remind you that he was there with you.
You sighed, “Today was a rough day. My professors have been piling work on us and I got called into work on my day off. I haven’t even gotten to start that research paper for class—I’m just so burnt out. I’m tired of trying, Tommy.”
Tom pouted, bringing the camera near his face to feel closer to you. He only felt the heat of his phone screen against his face, but he could still feel the light vibrations of your voice through the phone’s speakers. He placed the speaker of his phone slightly atop his chest, so he could feel the rhythm of your words against him. It reminded him of the days you two would cuddle after the both of you had long days at work. You would tell each other about your days and bask in the feeling of being in each other’s arms. He missed the feeling of being close to you.
“I know you have a lot of work to do, but you need to give yourself breaks, darling. And don’t tell me that you don’t need a break, you’re human (y/n), there’s only so much you can do in a day.” He began. Tom knew how you could get when college got overwhelming. Sometimes there were weeks where you would throw yourself into work, with no sleep, minimal food, and too many cups of coffee. He adored the diligence you had for your education, he wished he could’ve had that when he was still in school, but he wanted to make sure that you were taking care of yourself.
“Listen, you got this, I know you do. You’re the most intelligent and hard working woman I have ever met in my life. There’s nothing you can’t do, because I know, one way or another, you’re gonna find a way to do it. You always do. I just don’t want you to forget to take care of yourself. I know your education is important, but so are you.” He finished, a small smile forming on his lips. You hum in response, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself Tommy.”
What you say seems to reassure him, his shoulders visibly loosened up and the smile on his face grows a bit wider. Your own lips turn up on their own, reciprocating his smile.
“How about you, how was your day?” You ask him. Tom sits up and leans against his headboard.
“Well they’re still renovating the house, so Harry and I decided to rent out a place not too far from mum and dad’s. We actually had lunch with them, I got to see Tessa—gosh, I wish you were here right now. Tess was bouncing all over the place and giving everyone kisses, you would’ve loved it. And Paddy! He’s gotten so much taller since I’ve last seen him, and his voice keeps getting deeper, it’s actually embarrassing for me to be beside him because I’m older and I sound like I’m the one going through puberty.” He rambled, one of his hands making gestures and his face making expressions as he spoke. You loved the way he could just go on about a certain topic, especially when it came to his family. As sad as it was to see him leave for the UK, you were also happy because you knew he’d get to see his family.
He continued to talk about his day until his leg bumped into something, causing a hollow thump to emit from the object.
“What was that?” He leaned forward, the sound of his sheets rustling as he moved to grab the object filling your speakers.
“My guitar.” He grunted, holding the instrument up. “Remember, you got this for me for my birthday!” He proudly reminded you. You had gotten him the Ed Sheeran edition Martin Guitar after he had been going on and on about wanting to learn how to properly play the instrument. At the same time, he had a little obsession with Ed Sheeran and his music, so when you saw the guitar in the shop, you thought why not? You knew he would love it.
You fondly chuckled at him, “Yeah I do! You even promised to write me a song one day after you opened it.”
The last part of your sentence caught his attention, “I will write you a song one day, I’m very serious about that promise, love.” He pointed at you.
“Oh, are you?” You tease him.
“Yes, I am. In fact, ever since I’ve gotten back home, I’ve been practicing again and I’m doing much better.” He confidently told you.
“Can you play me a song?” You softly ask him.
“I can play you ‘Grow as we Go’ by Ben Platt. It’s the song I’ve been practicing.” He placed his phone against a pillow, using it as a stand. He placed the guitar in his lap, positioning his fingers on the frets and strings of the guitar.
“Yeah, play anything. I just wanna hear you play.” You mumble, your voice coming out in a muffle against Tom’s pillow.
“Just a warning, it’s probably not that good.” He mentions, shooting you a playful look.
“I don’t care.” You smile. He starts to softly strum the opening of the Ben Platt song and you couldn’t help but smile. He looked away from the camera, trying to focus on the notes and giving you a good look at the side of his face. The light shines part of his face, leaving the features you can see dark in the shadow, though it didn’t stop you from making out his gorgeous brown eyes. His long fingers move fluidly along the strings, creating a sweet melody on the guitar.
He stumbles a bit, making him whisper “Bollocks.” The little hiccup didn’t stop him from playing and so he continued to strum the guitar. You decided to stay quiet, letting him be in the zone. He messes up again, this time saying “bollocks” louder than the first time. You see him slightly shake his head as he regains his focus and places his fingers on the proper strings again.
You fondly watch him as he play, admiring the man you call your boyfriend. His fingers twitch on the string causing him to pause. He sucks his teeth, a bit of a frustrated grin on his face.
“Mmm.” He looks at you before turning away, “Okay.” He plays again, brows furrowed together in concentration as he tries to play the part of the song his keeps messing up on. You couldn’t contain the giggle that came out of you when he cringed at the sound the guitar made when he tried to play past the note. He pauses looking at the ceiling and tries to figure out the next notes.
“Alright, last time.”
“You’ve got it.” You encourage him. Your words give him some confidence and he shoots you a sweet smile. He readjusts the guitar in his lap, this time keeping his eyes on the strings as he plays. He strums the song again, starting off slow then slowly getting faster. Though his pacing was off by a bit, the song still sounded great nonetheless. You were thoroughly impressed.
He stops playing sitting back against the headboard, “I don’t know why I speed up though. I don’t know why I decide to do it so quickly.” He says into the camera.
You laugh, “It still sounds great though, I really enjoyed it.”
Tom tilts his head at you, teasingly squinting at the camera, “Even with the amount of times I kept stopping?”
“Yes, even with the amount of times you kept stopping.” You laugh, adjusting your phone. Tom puts the guitar aside and grabs his phone. He lays back on his bed, his head resting on his pillow and his curls sprawling out on the cushiony white surface. One of his hands rest behind his head as he stares at you.
“I’m gonna keep practicing. So the next time I see your beautiful face I can serenade you with a song and my guitar.” He muses, a lazy grin on his features.
“That sounds like something out of a chick flick.” You snort. He shoots you a playful glare, “Shut up, you love it.”
Tom knew you were a sucker for chick flick gestures. Kissing in the rain, watching the sunset, you name it.
You sigh, scrunching up your nose, “Yeah, I do.”
“But only from you.”
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theblueprintshawty · 9 hours ago
Five's a Crowd
Summary: (Requested by @maximeevansblog) The reader and Chris' 2 Year Aniversary is coming up, and both have suprises in store.
Pairing: Chris Evans x female!reader, (platonic) Scott Evans x female!reader
Warnings: Cursing I think thats it.
Word Count: 1147
A/N: This writing wasn't gender neutral, obviously, but I still hope you enjoyed it. Don't be afraid to request, my asks should be open and you can obviously be anonymous about it! You can also DM me request. Feel free to check out my other writings too! Hope you enjoy this. <3
Tumblr media
You clapped your hands startling Scott, some leftover flour flying into your face causing you to blow it out of your mouth. Scott shook his head going back to scrolling on Instagram but not before commenting.
"Idiot." this prompted you to chuck the spoon you have been previously using at his head. You untied the apron, that really didn't help, from around your waist and began cleaning up. Although, checking the time caused for you to halt all your actions and panic.
"Okay listen up Ass-Wipe..." Scott took a second to look up as if he didn't know you were talking to him but when he saw your glare he paid full attention.
"Since you apparently couldn't go anywhere today I need you to clean up, keep an eye on the cake and put the icing on it for me," Scott went to protest but you put up a finger shaking it.
"You've been distracting me all night and your brother is going to be home in about 20 minutes, and hell I need to get ready. So don't complain!" You began to leave the room going to get dressed.
You clapped your hands startling Scott, some leftover flour flying into your face causing you to blow it out of your face. Scott shook his head going back to scrolling on Instagram but not before commenting.
Tumblr media
The 20 minutes felt like 5 minutes as you heard Dodger running to the front door. Your breath hitched as you looked in the mirror at yourself. Flattening your dress and making sure there were no stray hairs you walked downstairs to where you had the table set up.
"Hey bud, where's mommy?" He asked this walking into the room that you stood in. His eyes scanned up your body to your face and he smiled at you in the set up scenery. You attempted at a slightly fancy dinner but gave up half-way because Scott had been bugging you all night. So in your shared dining room replacing where the chairs once were was a picnic blanket sat on the floor. There was an assortment of food but what caught Chris' eye the most was the menorah that rested in the middle.
"Why is there a menorah?"
"I wanted the closest thing to 'candlelit' without burning down the house, you get what you get and you don't get upset. Come sit with me my love," You flopped down on the blanket and Dodger ran to you first Chris chuckling and joined you next. You pet Dodger as he gave you kisses and you handed a plate to Chris. You held up your hand at him.
"Please refrain from dirtying the dishes I would like to spend my whole 2 year anniversary dinner with you," You joked as he rolled his eyes and smiled at you. In retaliation he went to the chicken parm first placing it on the plate and you glared grabbing your own plate. You both began to eat talking and reflecting on your previous years.
"Yeah and I thought you were gonna propose and I was scared only for how Dodger would react," You laughed from your place on the floor next to Chris. You both had finished most of the food just laying down and looking at the ceiling, granted you had a projector set up with fake stars displayed so you weren't just staring at emptiness. Chris laughed pulling you closer and you rested your head on his chest feeling his chest rise as he laughed.
"Each time I think he's trying to steal my girl," He glanced down at Dodger who rested near both of your feet sleeping. You chuckled reaching down a bit to pet the sleeping dog in question, giving a stern but joking look to Chris.
"You might be right. If you don't propose soon he might take the chance to," You laughed turning back to Dodger and Chris chuckled a bit just staring at you both now with a proud smile. You glanced at your phone though as it began to vibrate a string of texts from Scott saying the cake was ready. You grabbed your phone and turned to Chris with a smile. You started to get up and pecked his lips heading to the kitchen.
"I'll be back." You rushed into the kitchen running into Scott. When he laid his eyes on you he jumped up and down giddily handing the cake to you. You smiled a thanks adrenaline rushing through you as you opened the door backwards.
"I have a surprise! So, the cake might taste bad but it came from the heart so-" Your words stopped as quickly as they started as your eyes laid upon Chris on one knee. Mouth agape and almost dropping the cake you quickly placed it down gulping, knowing your answer even before he was about to speak.
"Y/n I've loved you since the day I met you and that was obvious with the way I failed to take my eyes off of you. These past two years have helped reinforce the idea that this was the perfect decision. I'm ready if you are to not only end something, but start something beautiful. So, Y/n Y/l/n, instead of being my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend...will you be my wonderful and beautiful wife?" You moved closer with each of his words and you stood above him frozen for a second.
"Just wonderful and beautiful?" You both laughed and you quickly nodded your head pulling him up and into a kiss letting him put the ring on your finger. You pulled away from the kiss and smiled chuckling.
"I don't mean to one-up your surprise but I also have something," You turned around with the cake in hand and put it on full display. He turned his head in confusion and furrowed brows.
"I'm Pregant?" You huffed and yelled out of frustration, "Damn you Scott!"
"I knew I should've googled it!" He yells mostly to himself from the kitchen. Chris just laughed at the both of you placing the cake down and peppering your face with kisses. He kneeled down, just like before, and kissed your belly. He looked up at you with the brightest smile on his face.
"I can't wait to start our family." Dodger was jumping up at you causing you to sit on the floor with Chris and him. You pulled both of them in a hug.
"You two are just the cutest, I can't wait to be in this family too," Scott said with a mouthful and tried to join the hug but you held up a hand still hugging your two boys.
"No, you ruined my cake...and five's a crowd asshole."
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hitmebucky · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan)
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: fluff fluff and more fluff, horrible writing idk how i feel ab this 😭
Summary: Bucky has a crush on Tony’s secretary.
Request: Give me fluff or give me death! Just kidding, may I request a fluffy Bucky Barnes fic? It can literally be about anything.
A/N: this was such a broad request i hope i did your request justice 🥺 i didn’t proof read cus i’m super tired but i’m reading through all your requests and i will get to them all asap i promise thank you so much for all the inspiration request away!
“Alright Ladies and Gents.... and mantis...” Tony says as you hand out spreadsheets to each individual at the table. Mantis let’s out an excited giggle even though she has no idea what he meant. “It’s about that time for another team meeting..” Tony goes on and you lean over to hand out the last one to none other than mister Bucky Barnes. He glances up at you and smiles with a nod. You blush slightly and step back. The whole meeting you felt him eyeing you. Tony babbles on about various topics and Steve pipes up with a sarcastic comment here and there with Scott laughing and high fiving everytime.
“So basically, just please show up to my parties guys I let you live here rent free.” Tony finishes and they all groan. He could never end anything on a serious note. As everyone gets up to leave Tony speaks up once more, “Oh yeah guys speaking of, there’s a party tonight and I swear if anyone ditches again you’re homeless.” He says and stares at Bucky, Loki, Wanda and Steve. Later in the day you run into Bucky in the main hallway. He smiles innocently and you pass each other. Before he could get far you turn around, “Mr. Barnes!” You call and wave him back toward you. He looks around and approaches you. “I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go to the party tonight, like with me..” You ask and nibble on your bottom lip as his eyebrows shoot up. “Like-like a date?” He sputters. “If you want, yeah” You say and before he could finish a thought you kiss his cheek and continue, “meet me by my room around 9:30 if the answer is yes” You smile and walk away leaving him there shocked with a burning blush on his cheeks.
9:30 came around and not a minute after you heard a knock on the door. You open the door in a burgundy dress. His breath hitches in his throat and he clears his throat quickly. “U-um.. these are for you” He says weakly and hands you a bouquet of lillies. You smile brightly and take them before smelling them. “They’re beautiful, thank you so much James.” You say sincerely and he stiffens at his name on your lips. “I’m gonna go put these in a vase, come in.” You invite and turn around showing your exposed back of the dress. He’s surprised you invited him in, he’s surprised he’s here with you at all. “You look amazing tonight” You yell out from the bathroom as you fill the vase with water. He rocks on his heels nervously. “Look who’s talking” He answers as he dries his sweaty palms on his pants. You return with the flowers in a vase and set them next to your bed. “Perfect.” You say and look to him. “You ready?” You ask and he nods.
You take his hand in yours and his heart flutters at the sensation. As you make your way downstairs the music grows louder and louder and, to Bucky, so is his heart. He never realized how nervous he’d be with you. He knew he needed to pull himself together. Stepping off the elevator to the party, He tugs you to the dance floor and immediately starts twirling you around. You squeal in excitement and he smiles. He pulls you back close to him and stalls for a moment. “That was amazing” You say out of breath. The song changed to a slow one and you danced lightly. “Yeah that’s how it was done in my day.” He chuckles. “At least, when you were trying to impress a pretty girl.” He finishes. You smile at him and blush. “You want to impress me? But why?” You inquire. He takes in a deep breath.
“I’ve liked you for some time now Y/N and i’m hoping you’ll be my girl.” He says with a shaky voice. You look up at him with bright eyes, “Really?” You spoke and giggled. “Of course, of course, of course!” You repeat and jump into his arms. Suddenly you hear applause and displaced “whoops” from the bar just to see Tony, Nat, Steve, Sam, Thor and Scott cheering him on and giving him a thumbs up.
“About damn time, Barnes!” Nat yells and you giggle and bury your face in his chest.
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dameronology · 11 hours ago
knowing me, knowing you {steve rogers}
summary: breaking up is never easy - but it's the best thing you can do (yes, it's based on the song by abba and no, i have no regrets)
warnings: mentions of drinking, swearing
i don't even know what possessed me to write this but? i've been neck deep in angst rn and sometimes, it's nice to explore a healthy break up bc shit happens. enjoy!!
- jazz xx
Tumblr media
In the middle of Brooklyn, about twenty minutes away from the Bridge, there was an unassuming townhouse. It stood between several other identical brownstones, with a messy garden and unkempt tangles of bushes - you nor Steve never had the time to tend to do it, with your jobs and your lives pulling you in a thousand different directions. The inside, though? That was what had mattered. It was filled with years of memories - photos of you on the fridge, ticket stubs from your trips to the movies, clutter from so many Christmases and birthdays - that were all contained between the four walls. Home had been important to Steve, given how often he'd moved around. And it couldn't have been that home without you.
Now you were stood at the foot of the front garden, a pile of collapsed boxes resting in your arms. The last time you'd been here was when you and Steve had tried to talk it out -- it had ended with the door slamming behind you. The conversation had ended badly, but your relationship had ended even worse. And even though you had both tried to hard to blame one another, finding fault had been hard. You'd just...fallen out of love. It wasn't something either of you could help, nor was it something you could force. Your frustration and anger, and the shouting and fights, had never been at Steve, but rather the situation. He had always said that finding you, and simultaneously loving you, had come out of nowhere; it was something he had never sought out. You were just there one day, and it changed everything.
Sighing to yourself, you headed up the path and towards the front door. You'd been dreading this day for months -- moving out years worth of stuff, and trying through bleary eyes not to look at the photos on the wall or the millions of little reminders that your relationship had left behind in its wake. There was a dent in the hallway, from your first Thanksgiving in the house when Steve had gotten a little too drunk, and the massive crack in the kitchen floor from where you'd managed to drop the kettle. It was littered with memories and callbacks and evocations. The house was haunted with the ghosts of what was, and what could have been.
You could at least take comfort in the fact that you'd tried - several times, actually. There had been couples counselling and forced, romantic getaways in a last-ditch attempt to trigger something, anything, to get back your dying spark. It made it better and worst - better, because you knew that you'd done everything in your power to salvage things, but worst, because it had all been a waste. A sign that your relationship had gotten so bad that it had crossed the point of no return.
Sometimes, breaking up was the best thing to do. It hurt now, but it hurt much less in the long term compared to what could have been if you'd stayed together.
Placing the boxes by the door, you shut it behind you and quietly crept inside. There had been no communication with Steve other than a few horribly formal emails - after all, you did still work together - detailing your plans to sort the house out. It had been sitting derelict for months, your former home collecting dust. He'd sought refuge at Bucky's loft across the River, whilst you'd been hiding out in Natasha's spare room.
It felt odd being back; nostalgic and painful all at once. So much had happened in these four walls - good and bad, memorable and mundane - and you were feeling it all at once. It was seeping in through the cracks of your mind, the same way the tension had slipped through the cracks in the old walls and questionable foundations. It didn't matter that the place had been falling apart, because it had been so loved.
"I...I didn't realise you were coming today."
You froze at the sound of Steve's voice. He was stood in the kitchen, navy bomber jacket slung over one shoulder and a box of his belongings in his free hand. Hadn't you said that you coming today? Tomorrow was meant to be his moving day.
"Yeah," you swallowed. "I said in the email."
"Sorry, I must have misread it." He sheepishly admitted. "I was just gonna get my stuff and go."
"Me too," you nodded. "Figured it might take a while though."
"You do own a lot of crap," Steve gently smiled. "I just put the kettle on. Do you want a coffee?"
"Uh," your eyes fell to the floor, "I should probably just-"
"- it's just a coffee." Steve cut you off.
"Yeah, okay then."
You awkwardly took a seat at the breakfast bar beside him. God, was this really what it had come to? This time last year, you would have just been waking up and strolling into the kitchen, greeting your super soldier with a kiss as he prepared breakfast. You had a routine - you had a life. But that was exactly it, wasn't it? Life. You and Steve of all people knew how fucking unexpected things could be; how many curveballs and challenges could be thrown your way. In an odd way, your break-up had been even less expected than Ultron and Loki and HYDRA.
"It'll have to be black coffee," Steve said. "We only have coffee out the jar. No-one's been here for months."
"I know," you nodded. "I did used to live here, remember?"
"I think I'm having a hard time not remembering, to be honest," He said. "Being here is harder than I thought it would be."
"Yeah, I get that." You took the mug out his hands, giving him a small nod. "All this feels a lot scarier than aliens and robots."
"Ah, well," Steve tried to brush it off. "I never noticed how badly we beat up the place."
"Do you mean the dent in the hallway, or the crack in the floor?" You found yourself smiling.
"I meant the hair dye stains in the bathroom and the smashed window in the basement," he shot back.
"That was both of us. You wanted to play football inside, remember?"
"Only because you had got me drunk," he countered. "I don't think we'll get our deposit back."
"Y'think?" You quirked an eyebrow.
An odd silence fell over you. It was the first time in months that you were talking - and now that the pressure of being in a relationship was suddenly off your shoulders, some of the tension had faded away. When you took a step back and brushed aside the ashes of what had once been, there was still...something. Not love, and not a relationship, but the same common ground and interests that had brought you together in the first place. It was worth holding onto.
"Do you remember that time that your parents came to visit and you forgot to tell me?" Steve recalled with a soft smile, "and your dad just strolled in on me in the shower."
"It's not any worst than the time you gave Bucky a spare key and he broke in in the middle of the night to get milk for his fucking coffee," you chuckled.
"It was a good few years."
"It was," your eyes fell down to the dark bubbles of the coffee in front of you. "Pride and all that aside, I'm sorry it ended how it did."
"Hey, it's okay," Steve gave your shoulder a gentle squeeze, "it's no-one's fault. These things happen."
"I know," you said, "I just...we had a good thing going, didn't we?"
"We did, but we also did everything we could to try and fix things." He replied.
"And we couldn't," you recalled. "I know that breaking up was the easy thing-"
"- it wasn't," Steve cut you off. "But it was the right thing, wasn't it? Because we made each other miserable."
"As partners, yeah," you nodded, "but what about friends?"
Your eyes met again, and he smiled. "Yeah. I think we can manage that."
Admitting defeat was hard, but if it was what you needed to do in order to stay in each other's lives? It was the best you could do.
tags: @agent-catfish-kenobi
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easilyobsessed73 · 13 hours ago
Bucky Drabbles? Part One
Tumblr media
Bucky x teen!reader 
Warnings: None, I think!
Summary: When you and Bucky are left alone for a week, what will happen?
A/N: I am so sorry for not posting! I will continue on my Tom Holland fics, soon. Please feel free to give feedback, this is my first Bucky fic. Message me if you wanna be tagged. Do not copy my work! Thank you!
You were excited to be alone with Bucky. You’d been working with Bruce on your powers since you were 11. You’d been kidnapped and held for ransom by HYDRA until your parents got in contact with the Avenger’s and they saved you. It wasn’t until a few months later you realized the stone they had made you touch in the base had effects. You felt other’s emotions amplified and for some reason your emotions were forced onto others. It was all odd, but it wasn’t until you set part of you flooded your parents large penthouse with your sadness alone, that they decided to seek help from other enhanced individuals. After a year of lessons with the team, Tony convinced your parents in would be best if you moved into the Tower. You loved everyone on the team and everyone loved you. Steve and Natasha trained with you. Peter was your best friend. You had your own floor. It was absolute heaven.
You were 17 when Bucky came to join the Avengers. You were nervous to meet the ex-assassin, who wouldn’t be. You were worried that you would be rendered speechless by how imposing he was. You never thought it would be due to his unbelievably good looks(to be modest). You shied away from him at first, but soon you were quite good friends, mostly because you were equally fond of shared solitude. You were always patient with him and he found you absolutely perfect. Steve figured out how he was feeling and was furious. He still saw the distraught 11 year old when he looked at you.
“ Come on, Buck… She’s a child!” 
“ She will be 18 in a month!” Bucky argued, feeling slightly like a pedofile.
“ Buck…” Steve sighed, “If I can’t persuade you, just promise me you won’t break her heart”
“ I don’t even… If we will ever… I won’t…” Bucky answered.He sighed, “ I have no plans to be with her right now, but if we ever… I promise.”
“Alright. I know you don’t think you’re good enough for her, but if you saw the way she looks at you… you’d understand why I worry. And if you saw what I see in you, then you'd see why I believe you’ll be perfect for her.” Steve admits. His watch beeps, 3 times repeatedly and Steve jumps up. “Fury called a meeting,” he glances at the face, “It’s about an upcoming mission.” He leaves the room, Bucky follows behind, almost bumping into you once in the hallway.
 Tony had run out of floors to give away, so you and Bucky being the newest editions shared, no matter how many times Steve insisted it should be him and Bucky who shared,Tony said no. To be fair, Steve did share with Thor when he returned from Asgard; Natasha shared with Loki when he came to “Misguard”(which wasn’t as often as his more energetic brother);Wanda and Pietro shared, as did Tony and Pepper. Bruce got his own floor, except when Peter slept over. Lastly, the guest floor was strictly off limits.
The meeting was kept short. Fury explained there was a semi- abandoned Hydra base with loads of information that would benefit Tony and Bruce’s projects along with the world, if wielded properly. He informed you and Bucky that for the well-being of yourselves you’d stay behind. It was now a week later and everyone was leaving on The Quinjet at 7am, a compromise between Steve and almost everyone else on the team. You got up early enough, to make the team your infamous banana cakes. You packed everyone baggie with 3, you added 2 extra for the always super hungry, super soldier. 
 Once everyone left, it was still about 3 hours earlier than you would have woken up on a regular Thursday. Senior year was almost over, nobody cared if you skipped, but you went in around lunch just for attendance purposes. You managed to get Study hall for your first periods and your last ones were gym and electives. You had all your credits, you were only still there because New York demanded it. If you’d gotten all of them just a year earlier, you could have gone to college promptly, like Tony.
You decided to go get some coffee. A Starbucks opened across from the Tower and you could never resist. You took a shower, chose your outfit, put on a teeny bit of make up and pulled your hair back. You knocked on Bucky’s door. He opened it. He was already up. He got up early, not as early as Steve but who does? 
“Hey, Buck”, you beamed at him and he admired how stunning you looked,” I was gonna get some coffee, maybe do a bit of shopping? I wanted to know if you would join me?”
“Y-yes” he stuttered, out almost too quickly. He had never enjoyed shopping, but your company takes the cake. He was already dressed and looked ready.
“By the door in 5?” you asked.
“ Yep.”
“Yay! ” you exclaimed. You went to your room, slipped on your shoes, a light jacket, and your bag and Bucky was already leanning against the door.
“Hey, doll” he greeted, his handsome face sporting a smile, which was rare for him. You already knew every second of this week was gonna be perfect! 
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wxnda-maximxff · 16 hours ago
strawberry pancakes // bucky barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter One: The One With The Dinner
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2241
    “Who does that woman think she is?” Lily exclaimed as she burst into the Barnes residence, “Telling me I need to calm down. She called my fiance a terrorist.” The blonde fumed, storming into the kitchen to start making dinner.
“Doll what’re you doing?” Bucky sighed as he set Stella down, following the woman into the kitchen, “We have the conference tonight. Remember?”
Lily dropped her hand from the cupboard, placing her face into her hands. She had forgotten that Bucky and she had an Avengers conference dinner that they had to attend. The dress she wore was sitting in their room, calling for her to go put it on. She could feel the pressure laying on her shoulders from the level above her. The blonde turned her head, meeting Bucky’s eyes. He looked sorrowful and sympathetic, knowing that Lily wanted to stay home more than ever.
“Is that tonight?” Hunter asked as he joined the others in the kitchen, “Did we agree that Stella and I were coming?”
“Yeah, why don’t you start getting ready,” Bucky began, “Take Stella with you to her room. I’m just gonna talk to mom quickly.”
Hunter nodded and took his little sister from Bucky’s arms, glancing back at his mother as he walked up the stairs to the second floor of the house. Lily leaned back against the counters of the kitchen, her face still resting carefully in her hands as she attempted to calm herself down. The entire day had been something out of a nightmare for Lily, especially when she learned about what happened at Hunter’s school. The anxiety in her skyrocketed, and she wondered what everyone around them thought of the two’s relationship. About Bucky raising two children. Marrying an “all-American girl”, or so the tabloids had been saying over the last few years when the public got a hold of their relationship and Lily’s story.
“I know you hate these, baby,” Bucky whispered, walking towards the blonde and placing his hands on her shoulders, “I know. I’m sorry.”
“It’s been a very, very long day,” Lily whispered, removing her hands from her face and staring up at the man, “Don’t apologize. Let’s just...let’s just go get ready.”
“Wait wait,” Bucky sighed, taking Lily’s hands and pulling her closer to his chest, hand moving to the side of her face.
“What’re you doing?” She sighed, tilting her head into his hand.
“Jus’ lookin’ at ya,” he purred, Brooklyn accent pushing through, “My beautiful, beautiful, fiance.” The brunette cooed, bending down and pressing a gentle and barely-there kiss to Lily’s lips.
Laughing softly at his words, Lily squirmed from Bucky’s grip, “Sam’s right. You have a staring problem.” She teased, poking her fingers into the brunette’s stomach before turning towards the stairs.
Lily sighed as she readjusted her black peacoat. Her hands dusted off the satin material of her dark green dress that had a black lace pattern along the entirety of it. After readjusting herself, Lily bent down to Stella’s height, smiling softly at her beaming daughter. The four-year-old wore a white dress with a baby blue floral pattern along the entirety of it, white tights on her legs, with bright white ballet flats as well. Her dark brown locks pulled into a bun, a baby blue flower pinned onto it.
“You do love dressing up, don’t you?” Lily cooed, pressing a kiss to her daughter’s cheek before standing up, running her hand through her curled blonde hair, “Shall we?”
“That makes one of us,” Hunter muttered as he readjusted the white dress shirt he wore, glaring over at the crowd gathered in front of the building, “I feel like a clown right now.”
Lily chuckled softly at her son and ruffled his tousled blonde hair, before picking up the four-year-old girl. The dinner was being held in Gotham Hall, a beautiful place where the Avengers were gathering to recognize a few that were retiring, and welcoming more who were joining in on the initiative. It was a televised event, and each Avenger was individually introduced to the hall, including the families. Meaning Lily, Hunter, and Stella were being introduced alongside the White Wolf, aka Bucky Barnes.
“Did we remember to tell Tony to have the chef make Stella chicken fingers? She won’t eat what’s on the menu.” Lily sighed, following Bucky as they walked towards the entrance, smiling at a few of the paparazzi and fans.
“I told him, as did Steve. Mostly because we had to ensure that Leo also got chicken fingers.” Bucky chuckled, hand resting on the small of Lily’s back, other arm slung around Hunter’s shoulder.
The family waved and smiled as they walked down the sidewalk, shielding Stella’s eyes from the bright lights. Friday night in New York was already an insane time, and with an Avengers event, it only grew more hectic. Which is not always the best for a four-year-old who was not the biggest fan of large crowds. Hence why she thrived in the countryside in Long Island, enjoying her time alone or with a few of her close friends. It sometimes freaked Lily out just how much the girl was like her father. But warmed her heart at the same time.
“Let’s go find our seats,” Bucky whispered in the blonde’s ear as the four walked into the hall, making their way through the halls towards the dining area, finding their seats with Sam and Steve.
“Well look who decided to show up,” Sam chuckled as he embraced Bucky, kissing Lily on the cheek, “You lot clean up well, hm?”
“Your girlfriend cleans up better than you,” Bucky teased as he embraced Rose, kissing his fiances sister on the cheek as well before taking a seat next to Lily, “Even Leo looks better than you.” He teased, winking at the five-year-old boy across the table.
“He was being nice Buck, c’mon,” Steve chuckled, clapping the man on the shoulder before smiling as Natasha joined the table, “Now the whole families together again.”
“Oh don’t go pestering cyborg, I looked at the playlist Tony made,” Sam chuckled, sitting at his seat, “He’s got Marvin Gaye on there. Might be the thing that sends robocop over the edge.”
Lily chuckled and shook her head, pouring a glass of water for Stella and placing a straw that was on the table in it. She loved hearing the banter between the three and laughing at Rose and Nat’s interjections. Lily herself was not the best at bantering back and forth with them all, but apparently, a few of her quips were some of the funniest things said. Hunter as well. Neither of them were big talkers, which is why the two never really enjoyed the events that they had to attend.
“When are they doing introductions? Just to prepare Stella for the camera that comes zooming around,” Lily hummed, catching Bucky’s attention, “You know she freezes when they come by.”
“We’re up first,” Steve commented, sipping his whiskey, “So it’ll be done and over with quickly.” The blonde chuckled, pinching his goddaughter’s cheeks gently, “But they may be doing interviews. Tony sent an email.”
Lily glanced to her side, watching Bucky turn his head away from her gaze and focus on the whiskey he himself had. The blonde shook her head, focusing her mind on the water in her own glass. Hunter seemed to go a bit pale as well, most likely worrying he’d have to speak. Lily nudged Bucky’s arm, nodding towards Hunter. The brunette nodded, turning to the boy and whispering to him. Lily sighed softly, watching Hunter relax at his words.
Time went on and Lily felt herself relax a bit. But when the camera crew entered, her anxiety skyrocketed once again. Bucky’s hand rested on her thigh, the coolness of the metal seeping through her satin dress, causing goosebumps to pop up along her skin. Stella was busy on Lily’s phone, too distracted to really see the cameras entering and everyone setting themselves up. Lily pursed her lips and turned to Bucky, looking up at him through her lashes. The older man bent down and pressed a kiss to the woman’s forehead, soothing her nerves. Or at least trying to, as the cameras made their way over.
“Welcome everyone to the annual Avengers Dinner!” The announcer chuckled, her voice radiating through the speakers around the room, “Let’s start this legendary night with the star of the show, Captain America!” She grinned, “Or, should I say. Captain Americas.”
Lily sighed softly as she watched Stella lift her head, dropping Lily’s phone into her lap. The blonde rested her hand on her daughter’s shoulder, squeezing gently as the cameras made their way towards the table. The announcer plastered on an obviously fake smile that made Lily want to leave the room, but she stayed silent as she came closer.
“Look at this lovely group,” she chuckled, “Steve Rogers, always an honour to see you here. Alongside the ever ravishing Black Widow, aka, Natasha Romanoff. And who do we have here? Sam Wilson, aka Captain America, and fashion designer Rose Osborne! With her little one.” The redhead grinned, gesturing to the group before turning her attention to the family of four, “And last, but not least, the Barnes. James Barnes, the now-retired White Wolf, with his stunning fiance, Lily Barnes. Have you two tied the knot officially yet?” She asked, lowering the mic to Lily.
The blonde flushed a deep red, chuckling softly, if not awkwardly, “Not yet.” She stated simply, readjusting in her seat.
“What’s the holdup? We’re all dying to know!”
“Just been busy.” Lily hummed, glancing over at Stella, who was staring down at her lap.
“How could I forget! You two have your own kid,” she hummed, glancing over at Hunter, “Kids, sorry. Stella and Hunter correct? How do you two feel about the announcement tonight?”
Bucky jumped in, taking over as he saw Lily’s confused face, “Walker has had a past. But I’m sure he’ll do great. Especially with some reinforced supervision.”
“Walker!?” Lily whisper yelled, pushing open the front door, “What the hell is Tony thinking?” She muttered, dropping her purse as she cradled Stella’s head on her shoulder.
“We tried to talk him out of it.” Bucky sighed, nodding up the stairs for Hunter to head up to bed.
“It’s ridiculous,” Lily sighed, following her son up the stairs, Bucky following close behind, “Was what happened nothing to him? He decapitated a man in a town square.” The blonde continued, walking into Stella’s room, slowly stirring her, “Darling wake up, gotta get you into PJ’s.”
“He redeemed himself near the end of it all,” Bucky sighed, pulling pyjamas out of his daughter’s dresser, “Maybe that counts for something in Tony’s books.”
Lily had her own personal reasons to resent the man. Whenever there was a function where he attended, he was always a bit friendly with the blonde. Bucky mostly stepped in before it got too far, but still, it made Lily uncomfortable regardless. But above all of that, the events that happened with the Flagsmashers was something that Lily couldn’t get past. Bucky had gone to help with the entirety of the ordeal but ensured to keep in constant contact with Lily, who was sitting at home, pregnant as can be.
She remembered the day he came home like it was yesterday.
Lily watched the TV with relief in her eyes. She watched Sam’s speech with pride, her heart swelling at his words. She had always admired Sam, and watching him officially take up the mantle was something Lily would remember for decades to come. Her hands rested on her swollen stomach, counting down the minutes before she could see her boyfriend walk through the door of the Manhattan home they still lived in.
Lily made her way to bed, laying uncomfortably in it. She didn’t remember how she was able to sleep when pregnant with Hunter, but the baby currently growing inside of her was making her want to turn back the time and keep Bucky at bay that night she was positive was the day the fetus was conceived. Though she knew deep down, she would want to relive that night time and time, and time again. As she tossed and turned, the blonde wondered if Bucky was still directly in the middle of the city.
When the door opened, she felt herself almost float up from the bed. Turning her head, the blonde jumped from the bed and walked towards the man, not hesitating to kiss him deeply as his hands found her cheeks. When they broke apart, he dropped to his knees and pressed his lips to Lily’s seven-month pregnant belly.
“Please tell me the arrested walker,” she whispered, running her hands through Bucky’s brown hair, “Please.”
“They didn’t...I’m sorry my love.” He whispered, standing to his feet, “We don’t know what’s going to happen with him.”
Three years later, they figured out just what would happen to Walker. He’d be given the same privileges as people who had saved the world countless times, including that of Lily’s fiance. It sat heavily on Lily’s shoulders as she undid Stella’s hair, placing the elastic to the side and running her nimble fingers through the dark tresses as Bucky helped the young girl get changed into her pyjamas.
After the two tucked their daughter into bed and undressed into pyjamas themselves, and climbed into bed, Lily let out a heavy sigh. Not only was the Walker situation heavy on Lily’s mind, but the announcer’s comments on the state of their engagement did also as well. She never really thought about it. The two had been busy, there was no time for them to really sit down and properly plan a wedding. But then again...Steve and Nat had been able to. Their own rehearsal dinner was in a week. They had gotten engaged about six months ago. Lily and Bucky...they had been engaged for two years.
Yet legally, they weren’t married. And it worried her.
“Why haven’t we gotten married yet?”
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marvel-sluts · 17 hours ago
Hey bestie! I was wondering if you could write a fem!reader x mob boss!loki where she lives in a shitty part of town so she makes fake id/marriage license that shes the bosses wife to keep creepy guys away, and it doesn't even matter because loki'll never find out...right?
So then shes at the bar trying to get these guys to leave her alone but then loki shows up and plays along? Thanks!😘
fake ID's and creepy men
Tumblr media
pairing: mob boss!loki x fem!reader
warnings: swearing, creepy guys.
summary: you and your friend comes up with the idea to get fake ID's to be the mob bosses wife to get guys to leave you alone, somehow this ends up getting you a date with the mob boss himself.
a/n: I feel like I always say this but I'm sorry for being so late! I'm honestly behind on life at the minute. thanks for requesting though, I always appreciate it. enjoy! <3
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
"I'm so fucking fed up of men." your friend, Grace said as she entered your apartment.
"I can't believe you said that I was married to the mob boss." you laughed, pulling off your shoes.
"it worked didn't it? he fucked right off." she said, plopping herself down on your sofa. "you know, we should get fake ID's."
"why? we are already legal." you said, sitting down next to her.
"I know that, I mean fake ID's saying that you actually are Loki's wife. that way the men will leave both of us alone." Grace said, swinging her legs over yours
"why me though? why can't you get one?" you asked.
"because you look more the part, also I have a tenancy to get very drunk and leave with some guy. that wouldn't be very believable." she said, shrugging.
"true, okay. let's do it." you said, turning on the TV and choosing a movie.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
"hey baby, let me buy you a drink." some creepy guy said, sliding into the seat next to you.
you groaned internally, making a mental note to give Grace hell for being late.
"no thank you." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"come on beautiful, just one drink." one of his mates said from the other side of you. you hadn't even realised he was there.
"sorry, I have a husband." you said, beginning to freak out as three more guys from the same group came up to your table.
"I'm sure he wouldn't mind." the first guy said, placing his hand on your lower back, making you tense up.
"really? do you know who my husband is?" you snapped, hoping that you had remembered your fake ID.
"whoever he is, I doubt he will mind us having a little fun." one of the other guys said.
"he would definitely mind, my husband is Loki Laufeyson." you said, feigning confidence.
you watched as the colour drained from their faces, there isn't a person in this town who doesn't know that name.
"I doubt it, prove it baby. if you can't prove it then we get to buy you a drink." one of the braver men said.
you pulled out your fake ID and marriage certificate and handed it to one of the closets guys.
"there, now will you please leave me alone." you said, reaching for the documents back.
"I doubt that's real baby, come on let me buy you a drink." one of them said, getting far too close for comfort.
"excuse me? why are you bothering my wife?" a voice came from behind the group. the men scattered quickly, all of them murmering apologies. you turned in your seat to see the mob boss, Loki.
"hello darling, we're those men giving you trouble?" Loki asked, taking the seat next to you and swinging an arm around your shoulder casually. "have they gone?" he whispered.
you looked behind you before answering. "yeah." you stuttered. "sorry for lying about who I was, I just thought that you'd never find out a-and me and my friends thought that it was a good idea to get creepy men to leave us alone." you said quickly, voice shaking.
"it's fine, honestly. I understand why you did it and I'm sure your not the only one with a fake ID to be my wife." he responded with a chuckle.
"oh o-okay." you stuttered, very aware of his arm that was still wrapped around your shoulders.
"are you by yourself or meeting with someone?" he asked, looking down at you with a smile.
"my friend is supposed to be meeting me here, but she's running late. she said she's about ten minutes away." you murmured, raising your glass to your lips.
"well I can't have my wonderful wife sitting by herself. how about I keep you company until your friend comes." he offered.
"only if you want to." you said, shocked that the feared mafia boss was offering to do something so sweet.
"don't look so shocked darling, I may be one of the most feared men in this city but it doesn't mean that I don't have a heart." he chuckled, gazing at you with his piercing blue eyes.
"it's not that, I just thought that you would be busy or something." you said feebly.
"don't worry about it darling, although I do have one question. do guys bother you like that often?" he asked curiously.
"yeah, a fair amount. that's why I decided to get a fake ID, it was my friends idea actually." you said. "now it's my turn to ask a question, why did you save me from those men? there must be hundreds of women in this bar that need someone to do that for them. do you do it for everyone?"
"I don't do it for everyone, I just thought that a pretty woman like yourself is far too good for scum like that. to be perfectly honest I had been working up the courage to talk to you for a while, when I saw those men bothering you I thought it would be a good excuse to talk to you. that and I didn't want their filthy hands all over you." he said, looking down slightly.
"I'm assuming you overheard me saying I was your wife then." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"yeah, I thought-"
"y/n! sorry I'm late, my boss kept me late. he's such a dick." Grace said, sliding into the seat on the other side of you. "who's this- oh"
"Grace this is Loki, Loki this is Grace." you said, giggling slightly at her shocked face.
"Loki? as in the loki?" Grace asked, grabbing your drink and taking a sip out of it.
"hey! get your own drink and yes, the Loki." you said, grabbing the glass from her and finishing it.
"I should probably be going, it was nice meeting you darling." he said, standing up and slipping a piece of paper into the pocket of your jacket. he winked at you before turning away and heading towards a table of men in suits, obviously waiting for him.
"how the hell did you get talking to him?" Grace asked, leaning forwards and placing her elbows on the table.
"I dunno, it just sort of happened." you said, smiling down at the card you had fished out of your pocket. here's my phone number darling, maybe we can get coffee some time? it read. you tucked the card safely back into your pocket before turning back to Grace, smiling at her as she wiggled her eyebrows at your lovesick face.
"oh shut up you." you said, hitting her arm lightly.
"I didn't say anything!" she protested.
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hitmebucky · 18 hours ago
I’m Already High Enough
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston)
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: getting high, kinda fluffy, super goofy and cute, light smut nothing hard core. high!smut, oral (f receiving), light cussing, lots and lots of giggles
Summary: You get Loki high for the first time
Request: you wanted some inspiration right.. i’d love a fic with loki and the reader getting stoned together add some smut if you want.. i don’t mind
Requested by: @yavanna3791
A/N: This was such a unique request and i had a lot of fun making it thanks so much for requesting feel free to do it whenever you want! i’m sorry it came out SO LONG. ALSO this easily could’ve turned into a threesome with bucky but it wasn’t in the request so i refrained 😭😭🤚🏻
It’s a normal day in the compound when Loki walks into the main room. “By Gods, what in hell is that smell?” He questions.
You and Bucky giggle. See, after what Bucky went through, the government issued him a medical card for medicinal marijuana to help with his trauma and nightmares. You were already a smoker so it was convenient for you that your friend got an issued card.
“That, my Lord,” You begin with a slight sarcastic tone while getting up from the couch, “is weed.” You finish as you stood in front of him. He bends down slightly bringing his face closer to yours as he observes your eyes intently, “Does it hurt you?” He asks referring to your bloodshot eyes. “Actually, it does the exact opposite.” Bucky pipes up, slumping further into the couch and giggling slightly.
You and Loki don’t break eye contact and you smirk, “Wanna try?” You whisper. He stands tall again and clears his throat. “Are you sure your Midgardian herbs will work on a God?” He asks half narcissistically half genuinely.
“Are you joking?” You start and place your hands on his shoulders, as you do he stiffens, “How do you think your brother hasn’t killed you yet?” You finish and let out a genuine belly laugh and slap your thighs as they return to your sides. “Thor has indulged in this?” He asks at peak curiosity. You nod with a half hearted smile. He feels a sense of pride flow over him almost forcing him to say yes, because if his big brother can do it why can’t he.
“I think I will try it, would you mind if I came to your quarters tonight?” He asks and you snicker. “Yeah, Pal? They’re just called bedrooms here.” Bucky laughs and Loki rolls his eyes. “That should be fine” You say and he excuses himself.
Around the time he comes, your high from earlier has been worn off for a few hours. He knocks hesitantly and you swing the door open with wet hair and sleeping clothes on. “Come on in.” You say and open your door wider. “So!” You start and plop down on your bed before rummaging through your nightstand drawer, you slow your actions and eye him confused, “You can sit” You say and gesture to your bed. He complies and adjusts his sweatpants he has on. He notices you pull out some candy and he gets confused then some herb like mixture in a bag, some small brown paper, and this glass bottle like contraption. You lay it all out in front and turn all the way towards him. “There are many ways we can do this, if at any point you don’t want to or want to stop or feel overwhelmed, please tell me because you can always do more but you can never do less and you don’t wanna ruin your first time.” You explain and he snickers at the reference to this being his first time. “Loki!” You snap and he looks back seriously. “Yes, I apologize I completely understand.. but i’m not sure i understand..... all this?” He motions to the collection in front of him. “Alrighty, so this,” You say and pick up the candy bears, “These are edibles. My personal favorite. They’re quick, simple, don’t leave a smell and the high lasts longer.” You explain and he nods. “This,” You say picking up the baggie with the herb like mixture, “is it, in its truest form. So we can roll this up in these,” You motion to the little papers, “we light it up and we inhale. It burns at first but you get used to it eventually. This is the classic, Buckys favorite.” He nods and hums making sense of all of this. “Finally this is called a bong” You say picking up the glass contraption. “You light this part right here and inhale from the top” You finish and you set everything back down. “We can start or do whatever you want.” He takes a moment, weighing his options and clears his throat. “I think i’d be interested in all three.” He speaks and you raise your brows. “It’s your first time are you sure?” You ask and he smiles and nods. “I’d like to experience it all.”
“Alright i’m going to start rolling then, while I do i’m gonna tell you what you’re going to expect ok?” You say as you begin. “Alright.” He adds simply. “So, you won’t feel like it’s working immediately. It will creep up and you won’t even know until you know, if that makes sense.” You start. “You might get hungry or very sleepy. Some people experience anxiety but you’re not a very anxious person so I don’t believe you’re at risk for that.” He appreciates all of this and is observing and listening intently. He’s happy you’re the one he’s doing this with, he feels the most safe around you. You lick the paper as you finish rolling and that catches his eye and he covers a groan with a cough and adjusts himself. “Okay i’m gonna demonstrate now,” You begin, pulling a lighter out of your purse. You make sure he’s paying attention and you bring the blunt to your lips and light the end of it. You inhale deeply and hold it for a minute before blowing the smoke out of your nose. He raises his eyebrows and laughs. “I hope that’s not a requirement” He says nervously and you giggle “Not at all i’ve just been at it for awhile.” You say and hand it to him. Something about this feels so intimate to him but he can’t figure out why. He takes it looks down and back at you. You give him a reassuring nod and he tries to follow what you did. He coughs violently, as you expected and his cheeks burn with embarrassment while you let out a laugh. “I did not enjoy that as much as you did.” He murmurs handing it back.
“That is completely normal especially for your first time. I was so bad the first few times i couldn’t even keep it in.” You reassure and put it out. “Alright we’re gonna try the bong now, this one might be a little easier for you.” You suggest. He lets out stray coughs and nods quietly. You set it up and continue with your conversation before, “some people also feel dizzy so it’s best not to stand up too quickly or even get up for that matter.” You say and he feels a little lighter as you say that. You demonstrate how to use a bong and after a couple of hits from both of you he mentions that that method was a lot easier for him. By now his eyes are slightly bloodshot and you two have scooted a little closer in with your knees touching as you both sit criss crossed. “Lastly,” You say with a smirk as you hold the gummy bears, “some people feel an intense sensation when it comes to touch,” You say as you place your finger on his lips and slightly pull it down to pop a bear in his mouth. He sighs and his eyes close. He opens them when you pull away to pop in a gummy of your own. you both chew and swallow and stare at each other for a minute.
“Y/N..” He says and you widen your eyes slightly to say he has your attention.
“Will you touch me again?” He asks.
You sit up on your knees in front of him and slowly lean down to kiss him. He hums into the slow sensual kiss. He feels the kiss all over. His eyes roll back as You make your way down his neck kissing him and he lets out a low sigh. “Touch me, Loki.” You whisper in his ear and he lets out a nervous laugh and his hands snake their way around your waist before flipping you so you’re underneath him. He rests his forehead on yours and you both breathe heavily and smile. He kisses down your chest and pushes your tank top up your stomach to kiss down your navel. You sigh and as he works his way down you take your shirt off. He looks up to you for approval and you nod before he takes your sleeping shorts off along with your panties. He peppers kisses all the way up your legs to meet your core and you whimper softly. He doesn’t know if his high is peaking or if you’re just that hot because he is in complete and utter bliss.
“Loki..” You moan and he groans before swiping his tongue slowly all the way up your slit. He slips his slender middle finger into your heat as his other hand squeezes your thigh. He nibbles on your clit softly as his fingers curl in you. Your back arches and your fingers lace in his hair and he hums. Just the touch of your hand in his hair is so igniting. He slips in another finger and he feels you clench around his digits. It’s almost like he can feel it everywhere because he twitches in his pants. “Loki I need you to get up here and fuck me like I know you want to.” You moan out and he stiffens sliding his sweats off. He slips his fingers out, wiping your arousal all over his dick and he moans gently. He hovers over you and he looks down before kissing you. You reach down and grab his hardened cock that’s leaking with precum and guide it to your center. You look up at him and nod gently and he thrusts in slowly. He had to otherwise he would’ve came immediately. You were right, sensation to touch is extremely heightened. He bottomed out and groaned deeply. You kissed on his neck and shoulder as he found a soft rhythm. “This is incredible.” He speaks in quiet grunts and you giggle and moan. “I told your Highness that, did I not?” You toy and he moans louder. “Call me that again, please..” He pleads and you smirk. “What? Your Highness?” You ask innocently and he thrusts faster hitting your spot. “How about my Ruler?” You ask and nibble his ear before letting out a loud moan as he hits your spot again. He’s a moaning mess above you feeling any and everything good and he’s just trying to hold it together so you finish. He reaches down and rubs your clit and you moan as you clench around him. “Y/N I don’t know how much longer I’ll last if you continue with your vixen like words.” Hearing that makes you cream around his dick and he chokes out a moan.
“Cum for me. My King.” You whimper in his ear and he grunts loudly stilling before a few more gentle thrusts, spilling inside you and breathing hard. He pulls out and lays beside you and you look at him and smile.
“My eyes feel heavy, Darling I don’t want to fall asleep on you now.” He speaks and you scoot closer into his chest. “Mine are too, let’s just rest together.” You say and kiss his chest.
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07.05 "Winged" Bucky x OFC (#043)
Description: The Soldier and Eris' first mission together goes smoothly, until disaster strikes and the Soldier is left with a decision
Tags: Angst, Fluff, Slow burn, very much a slow burn. Bucky Barnes x OFC, Winter Soldier X OFC
Warnings: Canon typical violence
Uploads may not be daily anymore! It's surprisingly difficult to write everyday ontop of normal life work. I hope you enjoy reading this! <3
Part 6
Tumblr media
Much to their handler's joy, Eris and the Winter Soldier worked seamlessly together. The cool calm control the the Soldier provided a excellent contrast to the relentless chaos that was Eris, he covered her blind spots and she cleared the path forward for him. Together they were brutal, unforgiving and 100% effective. Once they knew each others moves they seemed to be able to predict the other with scary accuracy.
Unknown to Hydra the two of them had many late night conversations, back to back against the divide, whispering low enough so the cameras would not pick their voices up. They would share small details of dreams and memories, hoping that between the two of them they would be able to keep what kept being taken from them.
The two of them now sat, side by side, listening intently as they were briefed on the upcoming heist they were to complete. Apparently is was important to Hydra, as the General himself was there do instruct them. They exchanged a knowing look as the General began to grow red, he had a bad habit of forgetting to breathe when he spoke too loud.
"You are to enter through the roof ventilation, navigate the vents, Soldier you go to the security room, disable the cameras with this." The general all but threw a gadget into the Soldier's lap, causing the scientists in the room to flinch. "Eris you are to, reach the office, wait for the Soldier to disable the cameras, break into the safe and take the plans. It is likely to be guarded but that should be no issue for the two of you. Remember, No witnesses."
The two just nodded in silence.
"This mission prioritises stealth above all else, as long as no one knows who has taken the plans there will be no consequences for the two of you."
The pressure in the room fell heavy upon Eris' shoulders, not only could she not fail for her but for the Soldier as well. Whispered words echoed through her mind and she was determined to not loose them to the thieves that wanted them.
They were sat opposite each other in the helicopter, hand gliders at the ready, dressed head to toe in slim tactical gear. Her metallic feet were covered in shock absorbing shoes that she hated. She was used to feeling the ground with the sensors on her feet, now she wouldn't be able to feel the vibrations of people and that felt wrong. She felt very alone, as stupid as it was she felt suffocated in these shoes. As if he sensed her distress the Soldier gently nudged her foot with his. She smiled under her mask at the sensation and slowly nudged back, it was a tender moment broken only when the pilot instructed the two of them to drop.
They were lucky it wasn't a windy day as they were relying on paragliders to land them safely on the roof. With a single nod, the two lowered their night vision goggles and jumped.
Flying was beautiful. The infrared view of the goggles let her see the forest below her and for a moment she felt like she was a robin from her dreams. She was flying through the air, free as the wind, flying towards something that looked like home. The Soldier's voice crackled through their comms.
"You look like you are having fun."
She turned to face him, his hair was flying behind him, the goggles covered his eyes but she could picture the small twinkle they had whenever he was slightly happy. She smiled, although he couldn't see and responded.
"I feel free."
Her freedom ended too soon, they were coming down to the target, they began to lazily circle downwards to land on the roof. The Soldier landed much more gracefully than Eris who caught her foot on the tail of the glider and stumbled in the landing. She threw a glare towards the soldier as he chuckled slightly. Before folding up the paraglide and heading towards the roof grating. The two worked in silent tandem as they unscrewed the ventilator and shimmied in.
It was a tight fit. There was barely enough room for their elbows as they started to work their way through the vents, heading towards the security room. Eris, although she didn't say it out loud, enjoyed the view from behind the Soldier. While she joked about it in her head, the Soldier's presence was an immense comfort for her as the sides of the vents pressed into her shoulders. They moved very slowly to avoid making too much noise. It felt like forever until the Soldier gestured that he was going to drop, she nodded and he slid gracefully out of the shaft.
As she began to continue on alone she heard the sounds of the Soldier dropping two men, after another two minutes there was a crackle over the comms,
"Camera's down, you're safe to go."
She steadied herself as the walls of the vents seemed to get closer and closer as she got nearer to her goal. Taking deep breaths she located the vent she needed to open and burst through.
As expected there were guards, three of them infact. She quickly kicked the nearest one in the head. He crumpled immediately to the ground. The other two began to raise their guns at her from the other side of the desk but she curled her legs and leaped over too them, vaulting over the desk. One fell with another kick to the head, the other fell with a swift punch to the gut and then to the neck. That was easy.
Eris turned to face the safe, it was a hi-tech looking box with a complicated turning system on the front. She grabbed the gizmo she had been given and attached it to the safe. It began whirring away, at a low tone. She kept her eyes on the safe as the knobs began to turn but kept her ears tuned to the door incase she heard anyone coming. While her ears were heightened she caught the whirring noise the machine was making heighten. It got higher and higher in pitch until it stopped. The machine stopped and there was silence for a moment.
Then a blast of blue energy and pain radiated up her spine and head. She couldn't help the shout as she fell to the floor, the last thought she had before she passed out was.
I can't feel my legs.
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You belong with me
Pairing: Bucky Barnes × gn!reader
Word count: 1.7K
Warnings: swearing, mentions of nightmares
Type: angst with a happy ending
Summary: Sharon and Bucky’s relationship is becoming more toxic every day. Thank god Bucky has the reader to give him some good advice and comforts him after everything.
A/N: This fic is written for @natasha-romancff 's Taylor Swift writing challenge. I absolutely love Sharon, she’s such a badass, her character is written like this just for the sake of this imagine. I think I kept the reader gender neutral. If I didn't, please tell me! And don't worry, I will make a part 2 :)
Tumblr media
*gif by @lunalovecroft*
You're on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset
She's going off about something that you said
Bucky and Sharon have been fighting again. You can hear him yelling from his room, keeping you awake. Getting up from your bed, you put on an oversized shirt, walking to his door, and lightly knocking on it. He mumbles something into his phone before saying “Come in!” 
You open the door, stepping inside. “Hey, Buck.” you begin, the sound of his loud sigh filling the room. “Hey, Y/N/N, what’s up?” he asks, his voice full of annoyance. This has been going on for over a month now and you can’t stand him sad. Sure, at the beginning their relationship was amazing, full of romance, but now, all they did was get on each other’s nerves. And in all honesty, it’s beginning to annoy you too. You developed a crush on your friend a long time ago, and knowing that he’s in a relationship was hard, yes it was, but seeing him happy made up for all of it. “You’re yelling again,” you mumble, sitting down on the edge of his bed. “I’m sorry.” he apologizes, a frown appearing on his face. “It’s okay, don’t worry. Fighting with Sharon again?” you question, another sigh escaping his lips. “Yea. I’m slowly getting sick of it.” he hisses, looking down at his hands. Seeing him like this always makes you sad, just wishing for him to be happy after all he’s been through. But alas, it’s hard to find happiness in life. Everyone deserves it, but a lot of people don’t experience it, and it’s not fair. “Look, Bucky, I know it’s not my place to judge, but from what I see, how you act around her, how she acts around you, this is not love. Yes, maybe at the beginning everything was sunshine and daisies, but now, everything you do is fight. All it does is cause pain for both of you. And I don’t like seeing you in pain, Buck, you’ve been through enough already.” he looks up and takes your hand, erupting a bunch of butterflies in your stomach. “Thank you for the advice Y/N, I’ll think about it,” he smiles, letting you know that you didn’t cross the line. “I’m glad to know you worry about me, but I’m reassuring you, I’m a big guy, I can handle myself.” and that stupidly beautiful smirk is back. “Jerk” you mumble under your breath but he heard it. “Hey, who are you calling a jerk?” he puts a hand over his heart, playing offended. Damn that stupid super hearing of his, you think to yourself while laughing out loud. You loved this about him, he could make you laugh no matter how sad or angry you were. “No, but really, I’ll be quiet,” he reassures, letting go of your hand. You stand up, mumbling a quiet “Good night” with a small smile on your face, Bucky returning the gesture.
I'm in my room, it's a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like
It’s almost 10 pm and you’re making yourself some tea, dancing around the kitchen while listening to the music on your headphones. Sharon came over earlier and all they’ve been doing since she got here is shout at each other. 5 minutes went by and you had enough so you turned up the volume as much as it goes, deciding a little improvised dancing wouldn’t hurt. You didn’t even notice when Sharon stormed out, Bucky following behind her but soon giving up, her being long gone. As he walks back to his room, he notices someone, well hears someone singing, recognizing the voice as yours. He starts walking to the kitchen, stopping at the entrance, leaning against the doorframe. He watches you dance around, a small smirk appearing on his lips. You turn around, doing a spin only to freeze in the middle of it as your eyes land on his figure. In your embarrassed state, you pull out the headphones, looking down at the ground. “How much did you see?” you innocently ask, earning a chuckle from him. “Enough, but you were quite cute, I must admit,” he comments, opening the cupboard, taking a glass from it, and filling it with water. “Fighting again?” you question, Bucky nodding in response. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. I think you were right, our relationship is coming to an end.” You really wished you could help him, but even you couldn’t see a good comeback of this situation, they’ve just been arguing too much. But there is this little part of you that was happy this was happening. It’s selfish, you know that but you can’t help it. 
But she wears short skirts
I wear T-shirts
She's Cheer Captain, and I'm on the bleachers
After your talk with Bucky, you’re left all to yourself and your thoughts. Some part of you was jealous of Sharon for getting to spend time with him, her being the one who he holds in his arms, that she’s the one with the privilege of kissing him, she’s his and not you. Of course, Sharon is a very beautiful woman. She’s organized and always dressed up while on the other hand there’s you, preferring sweats and a simple shirt, being messy and acting on instinct. We could say you’re the life of the party, just going with the flow and she’s an always-plan-ahead person. In conclusion, you’re totally different persons.
To clear Bucky’s head, you decided a walk would be an amazing way to do it. Besides, he wasn’t outside in days. It’s beginning to worry you, that's also one of the reasons for deciding on a walk. First, he argued, not wanting to go, but your stubbornness won, once again. 
Walk in the streets with you in your worn-out jeans
I can't help thinking this is how it ought to be
“See, going outside isn’t that bad! Inhaling fresh air, well as fresh as you can get in New York, stretching your legs, it’s awesome,” you exclaim, linking his arm with yours. He chuckles, amazed by how much energy you have. “Yea, it’s not that bad,” he says, taking a look ahead. “Should we go to the park?” asks Bucky, nodding at the entrance. “Yes!” you shout, running away from him, feeling like a kid again. All he manages to do is smile at your child-like behavior, walking after you.
And you've got a smile
That can light up this whole town
I haven't seen it in a while
Since she brought you down
“You’re smiling!” you yell as he catches up with you. “Mission accomplished,” you smirk, earning an offended inhale from Bucky. “This was your plan all along? You bastard.”
“Hey, I just wanted to see that pretty smile of yours again. I haven’t seen it in a while.” Bucky’s smile disappears, replacing itself with a serious expression. “Are you okay?” 
“Yea, yea, I’m fine.”
You say you're fine, I know you better than that
Of course he’s gonna say that, what did you expect, you think to yourself. “Okay, just checking.” Maybe it’s a bad decision to let him get away with his lie, but oh well, pushing him is not gonna do anything good either.
I'm the one who makes you laugh
When you know you're 'bout to cry
You’re currently walking to Bucky’s room, hearing the news a couple of minutes ago. 
“Have you heard?” 
“Have I heard about what, Steve?” you ask, having zero ideas about what he’s talking about. “Buck and Sharon broke up, Y/N.” he calmly says, clearly surprised you don’t know yet. “What?” you whisper, putting your cup in the sink and quickly storming out of the kitchen. 
With a soft knock on his door, you enter the room, seeing him laying on his bed. He’s not sleeping, you know that. “I’m sorry,” you say, your voice sincere as you watch him turn around, coming to sit beside him. Crossing your legs, you slowly start playing with his hair, waiting for him to talk. Maybe he just needs a little bit of comfort, and it’s okay. “I’m here for you, whatever you need, Buckaroo.” 
Think I know where you belong
Think I know it's with me
It took him some time to start talking, but he did and that’s all that matters. In the last hour, you’ve heard a lot of things Sharon had said, and it was awful. But one thing, in particular, caught your attention. Something along the lines of “And I’m so sick of the fact that I have to deal with your nightmares…” and that's it. That’s what drove you to the edge, overhearing the rest of the conversation, lost in your thoughts. 
“Bucky,” you state, stopping his now rambling. He looks up, seeing your clenched jaw, signaling that you’re mad. But there’s something that you didn’t expect to see. His eyes are watery, a sad look evident on his face. At the sight your face quickly softens, forgetting about the anger. There’s one time you’ve seen him cry and it was after a nightmare. He’s not comfortable with people seeing him be so vulnerable and as much as you want to be the person to get him through dark times, to comfort him when he needs it, your relationship isn't there yet. “She’s a bitch.” you comment, a small chuckle escaping Bucky’s lips. Yey, goal achieved, you mentally celebrate, your expression matching his. “You really know what to say to make me laugh, don’t you?” he teases, his laughs dying down, a smirk replacing them. “What can I say, that’s my talent.” you joke, taking his hand in yours. “What about some ice cream? Believe me, that’s the best cure for a broken heart,” you whisper, earning a nod from him. 
Besides the fact that she broke his heart, you know that he’s gonna be okay, he has to be. She is a bitch, you made that clear and you’ll reassure it to him every day if you have to. This man really deserves happiness and god be damned if you don’t make sure he gets it.
General taglist: @voidmalfoy @cunningambitousdetermined @crazy-beautiful @pad-foots @fives-cup-of-coffee @scintillatea
Marvel taglist: @rorybutnotgilmore @mycosmicparadise
Feedback is very much appreciated <3
If you want to be added to my taglist, here's the link to the form or just send me an ask. And please specify, if you want to be added to my general, HP or Marvel taglist :)
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I Think I'm in Love (pt 2)
Announcement: this is the second part of my "I think I'm in love....shit" Loki prompt that just got completly away from me. I just absolutly love writing all the request and the prompts sent my way. I have another song insperation that I am working on (in my head) that I will be starting on after I finish this one up then it will be back to writing for Fire and Ice for a bit. Thank you guys so much for all the suppost that I am getting and all the shares and reblogs. I didnt get to meet my goal for last month of 200 followers but i hope to be at that by the end of this month then I will try to think of something to do as a celebration so keep your eye peeled! 💚💚💚💚💚
Loki Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Lady y/n, Thank you very much for the dance. I shall find you again before the night is through to have another dance." He bowed taking your hand and kissing it.
"That would be a pleasure Sir Fandral. I shall save one for you." You curtised to him and turning to walk off. Before you knew it you had been swept up by yet another guest spinning you around the dance floor causing you to loose track of time.
"My Lady, may I have this next dance?" Thors voice boomed next you to causing you to smile.
"Of course you may, you did promise me at least one tonight." You took his hand and let him lead you across the floor where the crowd opened up leaving the dance floor open for you and the prince. You smiled as he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him.
Loki huffed next to his mother and rolled his eyes. "Honestly, the way he looks at her."
"Loki Odinson!" His mother swatted at his arm. "That is your brother out there simply dancing with a good friend, if you are so jealous then why dont you go out there and dance with her?"
"I am not jealous of Thor." He said.
"You could have fooled me. The way you have been watching her all night? The way you act around her? You act more like yourself, and dont you tell me other wise. You would give that girl the moon and stars if she asked and you know it." Hearing his mother say it out lound stund Loki, sure hos brother had dropped hints and asked him multiple times about the two of you but all Loki could normally do was laugh about it.
"She doesnt feel the same mother. How could she? I am second best, I am not the one that will take the throne one day." He sighed looking at Frigga.
"Shut up Loki. You are not second best. You are my son. And not all girls want the future king, they dont wamt the crown or the popularity that it brings. Beleive it or not some girls just want to love and be loved. I see the way she looks at you with love and passion, you hung the moon for that girl at a young age and she will always beleive that. Go dance with her before I call you both out." Frigga gave him a gentle nudge forward shooing him away.
As Loki walked to were you and Thor were dancing his stomach was flipping and he was straightening out his top as best as he could. Walking up he tapped Thor on the shoulder causing his brother to turn around.
"May I cut in Lady y/n and possibly save you a few toes from being stepped on?" He took notice of how your face lite up and you eagerly nodded smiling he returned the smile and offered you his hand.
"We shall finish another time lady y/n." Thor bowed walking away.
"I was expecting to see you sooned Loki." You smiled up at him as you placed one arm around his neck and placing you other hand on his chest.
"I was talking with mother about some things." He placed his arm around your waist pulling you close just like the others had done but with him you felt more at ease like you belonged there in his arms, more protected, no one would dare cut in as long as you was right there with Loki and you liked that. He took his free hand and tucked a peice of your hair that has fallen down back behind your ear before placing his hand over yours on his chest. To others around you this was normal you and Loki behavior but to the two of you there was something diffrent settling between you.
"You look absolutly beautiful tonight y/n, my colors look absolutly amazing on you." He smiled looking you dead in the eyes. He took his hand and traced the sleeve down to your bare arm. Your breath caught as you meet his eyes.
"And you, my prince of mischief, look just as stunning." You grinned.
"Darling I always look good." He laughed cauing you to giggle. "I do tend to look just a little bit better though when you are around." It slipped out before he could even think.
"What?" Your mouth dropped slightly.
"Well this has seemed to make things slightly awkward." He said giving you a slightly forced smile. You pulled him tighter to you almost forcing him to look in your eyes.
"Dont try to joke your way out of that little comment Loki."
"Y/n, I think I'm in love, with you." He leaned in slightly looking you right in the eyes.
You let out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank the Norns, I think I'm in love with you too Loki Odinson." You pulled him the rest of the way toward you so that your lips could finally meet after years of dreaming of this moment. His lips were soft and welcoming, they felt like what you had always imagined and you never wanted to stop.
"Ah, see mother. Harmless tricks and small little fibs. I knew they would fall into each others arms before the end of the night. Everything is as it should be." Thor gave a big smile turning to his mother.
"Well you weren't the only one planting seeds tonight." Frigga laughed at the look on Thors face as it dropped. "Me and Loki had a wonderful heart to heart while you danced with her."
You pulled away from Loki and placed you head under his chin as he laced his fingers together behind you. "Would it ruin the moment if I told you I had nothing to do with the outfit choice tonight?" You asked looking up at him.
"No my dove it wouldnt, though I must ask, who picked it out." He laughed.
"Dont ask me why but your brother had it delivered to my room this afternoon with shoes." You could see the wheels turning in his head.
"Now may I ask you something with out sounding crazy?" He asked.
"Of course Loki."
"Fandral, did he ask to escort you tonight?"
"Norns no! Do not get me wrong, he is a very nice man but I would not have came with him tonight. Who told you that?". Loki turned away from you facing toward Thor and Frigga. You followed his gaze.
"Oh dear my eldest. It seems as if you have been found out." Frigga simply stated taking a sip of her wine as she watched the two of you walk thier way.
Thors eye widened as he took a few steps back. "Mother, what would be the plan?"
"I warned you that you was playing with fire when it came to those two. Loki and y/n are bad enough seprate when it comes to tricks, them together though? Much worst." She took another sip from her glass. "Dont forget that they are doing some redecorating in the west wing so that is completly blocked off." Thor kissed Friggas cheek mumbling a thank you amd turning to leave right as you amd Loki were walking up the steps.
"West wing is beimg redone so hes not there. He wont leave the castle, not tonight at least, but I do remember him turning to the right as he ran out." Lol I took off after his brother.
"So my dear? The mystery man you had mentioned so many time turned out to be my son? I dont know if I should be hurt or thankful that he has someone like you to keep him calm." She smiled at you.
You blusjed before looking back at her. "Yes, Allmother. Please forgive me for not tellimg you the truth."
"All is fine, of course you will have to finish your teachings since you will one day be a princess of Asguard." She smiled at you.
"Of course Allmother you smile taking a few steps back. If you will please excuse me, I must go find your sons so that Loki doesnt kill Thor." You laughed turning to run in the direction the two princes had ran.
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Hurt | Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Summary: After Peter tells you he loves you for the first time, you get scared he's gonna break your heart like your ex-boyfriend did.
Warnings: Angst, language, anxiety attack, commitment issues??, crying, may be based on true events lol
It was just supposed to be a normal day. I would go to school, show up at the football game, and go home. I did the going to school part right, but instead of going to the football game, I snuck into the Avenger's Tower.
I'm no Avenger, but I know how to get in because I've lived down the street for years. All I have to do is go behind the building and pull a little trap door to get into the vents. The vents are quite large, so that's where Peter and I hang out mostly.
The others must be able to get in there too, because one time I was caught by Bucky, but he didn't say anything to anyone. One time I heard Wanda and Vision talking about grief. That was before Peter and I even met. I've been sneaking in here since I was twelve years old and have only been caught by Bucky.
How Peter and I got together was crazy. All of us had thought he liked my best friend, MJ, so her being herself told him she knew he liked her. When he told her it wasn't her that he liked, she was able to get it out of him. Turns out, he's liked me since we met.
I only seen him as a friend until I figured out he had feelings for me. I had a boyfriend before Peter, but he left me for my other friend, Liz. I didn't know how to deal with it because that was my first ever heartbreak. I never wanna feel that shit again.
After I realized I kind of liked Peter too, I just openly said it since I knew he liked me. He jut wouldn't ask me to be his girlfriend. It took MJ getting on his nerves before he actually asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes and we've been together for almost two months.
I made it above Peter's room, and opened the vent. His senses must've noticed me because he was under the vent in seconds. He doesn't live with the Avengers, but he comes around when I wanna see him because it's easier to sneak in here than climbing a million fire escapes.
"Y/n, how many times do I have to tell you that everyone knows we're together?" Peter held his hands out for me to grab.
"I'm supposed to be at the ball game." I said, jumping out. I dusted myself off before hugging Peter around the torso. "My parents would kill me if they saw me come inside."
"They're two blocks away." Peter chuckled. "I'm sure you would've been fine."
"Just making sure." I pulled away to smile at him.
"Let's go to Delmar's, then I have a surprise for you." Peter moved to put his suit on. I watched him with a small smile. He grabbed his mask and the mask Tony made for me, so I wouldn't be in danger if a bad guy me without Peter.
I put the mask on and followed Peter to the window. He thwipped his webs against the building beside the tower and held his free arm around me. I held my arm tightly around his neck.
"You ready?"
Peter leaned back on his arms with his mouth wide open. I careful threw a gummy worm at him, but it hit him on the nose for the fifth time. The football game in the background drowned out our laughing.
I grabbed my drink from Delmar's and looked at the field. Flash had scored a touchdown and the team was crowding around him. Peter snuck us into the game from the back, so now we were eating Delmar's in a dark corner with the perfect view of the game.
Peter grabbed my hands and pulled me into his lap. My heart fluttered in my chest at the physical touch. My last boyfriend never held me or anything like Peter does. I don't know what to do when he does stuff like this, so I sit there like a knot on a log.
Peter kissed me on the cheek before laying his head on my shoulder. "I love you." He mumbled, kissing my cheek again.
I didn't know what to do. The last guy who loved me left me for one of my best friends. He never loved me, he just said he did. Is Peter doing that?
"I love you, too." I whispered, feeling my heart pound in my chest. I felt like I was gonna pass out. A lump formed in my throat and I began to shake.
"Y/n/n, are you okay?" Peter grabbed my clammy hands, kissing my shoulder. "Y/n?"
"I wanna go." I let go of Peter's hands and hurried to the fence.
"Y/n, wait!" Peter chased after me, pulling me away from the fence. "What's wrong?"
"This." I gestured between the two of us. "I can't do this. We're better off as friends. Everything was perfect when we were friends. Can't we go back to being friends?"
"What? You just said you love me." Peter sighed. "Why didn't you say that instead?"
"I don't know." I held my hands on my face to hide my tears from Peter. "I just wanna ve friends, please."
"If that's what you want." Peter rested his hand on my shoulder. "I can't make your choices for you."
"But I don't wanna lose you." I shook my head, turning away from him.
"Don't worry." Peter smiled sadly. "I'll always be around. I'll still love you ten years from now whether you love me back or not."
"Thanks for understanding, Pete." I said, wiping my hands on my jeans. "I'm sorry."
"It's okay." Peter said. "If that makes you happy."
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Tumblr media
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| steve rogers x reader | fluff |
anon requested. Actor!Reader where they finally get their big break as the lead on Broadway and as much as they don’t want to tell the team bc they’re nervous, they end up finding out and going to support them.
Tumblr media
You couldn’t believe it. You’d landed the lead in Heathers, the musical you had been dying to star in. Even better, it was on Broadway. You had spent your entire career with the Avengers, working as Tony’s assistant and running data and occasionally assisting on missions with intelligence. All you wanted was to star on Broadway, and you had finally done it. 
You suddenly couldn’t imagine leaving them. The Avengers were your family, and your entire life, down to living in Stark Tower. Steve Rogers, known to most as Captain America, was your boyfriend. Your entire life was intertwined with the team, and you felt a little bit sick at the thought of leaving.
But this was your dream job. Tony had promised that if you ever left, you’d always be welcomed back. And, you knew that they wouldn’t kick you out, you’d always have a home with them, and a family.
But telling them frightened you. 
“Yeah, that’s me.” You nodded at the director, who greeted you warmly. 
You were embraced and welcomed. The rest of the cast introduced themselves to you and you ran through a couple rehearsals. 
After your shifts, you managed to slip away. Steve was gone on missions, and everyone else was too busy to notice your constant absence. You were thankful for the busy insanity, it gave you more time to keep your secret about the musicals. 
You came home one night, the Wednesday before your show. When you walked through the door, it was already past midnight. The rehearsal ran late, and you were stressed and exhausted from working full time, practicing full time, and sneaking around. 
“Where’ve you been, Y/N?”
Steve’s deep voice startled you, his massive frame leaning in your bedroom doorway. You didn’t fear Steve, you knew he’d never hurt you, but he looked mad. 
“Fuck! You scared me,” you breathed, your hand going to your chest. You dropped your bag and he raised an eyebrow. 
“It’s almost one in the morning. Security says you come home late every night I’m not here. Wanna tell me what’s going on?”
You swallowed, unprepared for having to tell him right now. You sighed, running your hands through your hair and turning to him. 
“If there’s someone else, just tell me. I don’t want to be blindsided.”
Your head shot up and you gasped. 
“Oh my god you think... NO! Steve, my love, of course not. I would never cheat on you. I love you more than life.” 
Steve stood up off of the doorframe and walked toward you, tilting your chin up. 
“Tell me what’s going on.”
His stern command made your knees weak, and you held his arms to steady yourself. You were shaking, and Steve was worried. He didn’t think you’d cheat on him, and he was right. But now, he was concerned that something even more sinister was going on. He didn’t know how Stark had managed to let you run around under the radar. Whenever you left, you took the subways, and always shut off your phone.
“Are you in trouble? Y/N, if you’re in danger-”
“It’s nothing like that, Steve. I swear.”
He patiently waited for you to elaborate, and your breathing grew unsteady as you tried to explain yourself. You were getting nervous, irrational fears that your new job would come between you flooding your mind.
“Talk to me, baby.”
“I got another job... I got the lead in Heathers on Broadway. Our first show is next weekend. I didn’t want anyone to know because I won’t be able to be full time with the Avengers, and I didn’t want it to come between us,” you were hyperventilating, your explanation rushed.
“Y/N! That’s fantastic!” Steve spun you around, surprising you. 
“Yes! This is your dream, baby, I’m so so proud of you!” Steve celebrated, his eyes filling with delight for you.
“Thank you!” You shrieked, the fear fading as you laughed in his arms. 
“I’m so happy for you, and everyone else will be too! Oh baby, I’m sorry we didn’t know sooner. Nothing is going to change, but we are going to support you. Unconditionally.” Steve promised, kissing you passionately, both of his hands cradling your face and his beard tickling you. 
Steve was waiting when you rushed out from backstage, still in your costume. You jumped into his arms with a scream, giggling as he squeezed you. All of your friends surrounded you with shrieks of congratulations and clapping, making you laugh and giggle. 
You were hugged by all of them, and it felt like the life was nearly squeezed out of you. Bucky had a massive bouquet of roses for you, and you giggled and blushed.
“Thank you!”
“You were amazing, Y/N. Come on, we have reservations,” Stark tried to lead everybody.
“Let me change, quick!” You begged, kissing Steve briefly before running back to the dressing rooms.
“Congrats Y/N!” The cast cheered for you and you thanked them, changing into a glittery red outfit to go out with your boyfriend and friends.
“You’ve got the whole Avengers team here to cheer for you,” someone noted, making you giggle.
“They’re my family!!!”
You squeezed Steve’s hand as your group was led into a five-star restaurant. You kissed him happily, and listened to your friends dote on you and your amazing performance. You were delighted and overwhelmed by the support, including their excitement for you to become a full-time actor. Tony had agreed to send you on missions between shows at your request, and you swore you’d still be able to do some data research for them.
“Don’t worry about that now. You always have a place with us. For now, let’s celebrate!” Tony squeezed your shoulder. 
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earlgreydream · a day ago
| Steve Rogers x reader | angst |
anon requested. the reader loses their memory and like the love interest suffers because they never remember them
Tumblr media
“Steve, she was in an accident,” Bucky stopped Steve before he could burst into your hospital room, where Shuri and Dr. Banner were tending to you. 
“Let me in, let me see Y/N!” Steve shouted. 
“You can, but there was a head injury. Y/N hasn’t woken up yet. You just need to be prepared, Steve,” Bucky spoke gently, holding his best friend back. 
Steve’s panic only heightened, and Bucky followed him into the hospital room. Shuri moved out of the way, standing to the side with Banner. 
Steve felt like he was going to fall apart at the sight of you. You laid in the bed, looking pathetic and weak. You were badly bruised and scraped, and there was a gash on the side of your head. Bucky hung back in the doorway, hurting for the both of you, the two people closest to him in his life. 
“Steve-” Shuri started, but Banner stopped her. 
“Y/N, baby,” Steve breathed, running up to you. You jerked back, pain throbbing through your entire body at the sudden movement. A monitor started beeping, indicating that your heart was racing. 
“Baby, it’s okay,” Steve tried to calm you down, shocked by your startled reaction to him. 
“Get away from me!” You cried, and Steve stepped back like he was wounded.
“I don’t, I don’t know you!” You started to sob, frightened by the large man that you didn’t recognize. Banner sighed, and Shuri and Bucky went to Steve, pulling him away.
“Steve, she hit her head. She’s having memory loss,” Shuri explained quietly. 
“But, I’m her husband-”
“I know.”
“When will her memory come back?” Steve demanded, shaken and in disbelief.
“We don’t know. Steve, you need to understand that it may not come back.” Shuri tried to be gentle, but Steve sank into Bucky, the weight of her words nearly making him collapse. 
“Breathe, Steve.”
Steve sat beside your hospital bed. You had slipped into unconsciousness, sedated by Banner to help you heal. Steve had stayed out of your room after the frightened reaction, but he needed to be close. The sun had set, and he was spending the night in your room, holding your hand as you slept. Tears stained Steve’s face, devastated by the fact you didn’t recognize him, your injuries, and seeing you in the hospital. 
He sat up when your eyes opened, and he couldn’t make himself release your hand. You looked a little confused, and very sleepy. They had been careful to give you plenty of sedation to keep you from having another panic attack. Your heartbeat was weak, and you had a bad concussion. That was on top of a sprained wrist, several fractured ribs, and the numerous bruises, cuts, and scrapes. 
“Y/N,” Steve breathed softly, and you blinked slowly.
“Are you a doctor?” you mumbled, rubbing your eyes with your free hand.
“No, baby, I’m your husband,” Steve whispered. 
You froze and stared at him, stunned. You looked down at your hands, surprised to see a ring on your left hand. The silver band had tiny diamonds, and Steve’s hand that held yours had another silver band. Hot tears started to slide down your cheeks, overwhelmed by the thoughts racing through your sedated mind. 
“I don’t remember you, I don’t even remember your name... The doctor showed me a picture of us, but I don’t remember anything, I barely even remember who I am,” you sobbed, and Steve felt nauseated. 
“I’m Steve, Steve Rogers. We got married two years ago, in Brooklyn. Bucky Barnes was my best man, and Wanda Maximoff was your maid of honor. Tony Stark walked you down the aisle... He’s like your dad...” Steve explained, his voice shaking as he tried to keep himself from crying. 
“Bucky...” you murmured, squeezing your eyes shut. His name sounded familiar, but every memory before waking up in the hospital was gone.
“Yes. Bucky is my best friend. Yours too. We’re really close, he lived with us for a year.” 
“I’m sorry, I don’t...”
“It’s okay. All your memory isn’t going to come back now.”
“Steve, Y/N needs to rest,” Shuri spoke, leaning in the doorway.
He nodded tightly, rubbing his eyes. She emptied more sedative into your IV, helping you slip back into dreamless sleep. She dragged Steve out, and Bucky stood in the hallway, pulling him into his arms. He squeezed Steve, promising it was going to be okay. 
Steve sat with you, chatting quietly when you were awake. He showed you photos from your wedding, and pictures of your small tabby cat that you adored. Bucky snuck her into the hospital, and you pet her head shyly, hating yourself for your lack of memory. 
“Steve?” you asked, sitting up in the bed, but struggling under the weakness of your muscles. 
“Yes, baby?” he set down his laptop, giving you his full attention the moment he asked. 
“You said that Tony Stark walked me down the aisle at our wedding? And that he’s like my dad?” You asked, and Steve felt his heart sink. 
“Yeah, Tony is like your dad,” he said dryly, showing you a photo. 
“I think that I remember growing up in a penthouse with him... but only when I was a teenager. I think, I don’t know for sure. Why?” you struggled to recall.
Over the last few days, bits and pieces started to return to your mind, and you remembered cooking in a sleek penthouse with Tony when you couldn’t have been older than 17. 
“Yeah. Stark adopted you when you were ten. Your parents were in a car accident. He was really close with your father. You love Tony, he took really great care of you. He wants to come see you once we’re home from the hospital.”
You nodded slowly, taking it in. You didn’t know how to express the pain and confusion you felt, and you shyly reached your hand out to Steve. He took it, gently squeezing.
“Steve, I’m so sorry. I want to remember...”
“Don’t apologize, my love.”
Steve had assured you a million times that he could take you to Tony’s, or that he could even rent you an apartment if you didn’t feel comfortable coming home with him. Your memory had barely returned, despite little pieces and isolated moments. 
Truly, you were terrified to be alone, because then, you were left with nothing, not even memories. You felt safe with Steve, even if you didn’t remember your history together. He’d stayed up with you, showing you photos and telling you stories, and patiently answering every question you asked.
Steve drove you to your brownstone on the Upper East Side, carrying you indoors. Bucky was waiting, having moved back in to help and be supportive. The flat smelled like homemade bread, welcoming you inside. Steve mouthed a thank-you to Bucky, who nodded silently. 
You convinced Steve to let you down so you could walk and look around. 
“Can I have some of the bread?” you asked, shyly setting your hand on Bucky’s arm.
“Yes, of course, Y/N.” 
You sat down, trying not to act like you were exhausted just from walking around the flat. Steve knew, and it seemed that Bucky did too. You may not have known them, but they knew you. 
“I’m so sorry,” Steve said softly, and he kissed your head gently. 
You had hoped that coming home would jog your memory, but nothing came. It felt like the first time you’d ever been, and you started crying as you sat between the men. 
“The only thing I can remember is going to high school prom with both of you... I don’t remember anything before or anything after, I’m so sorry,” you sobbed, and Steve pulled you into his arms, his own shoulders shaking. Bucky gently laid his hand on your back, trying to comfort you.
You felt lost, Steve nearly as much. There was nothing he could do, nothing either of you could do.
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