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#Bucky Barnes fluff
imaginedreamwrite · 20 minutes ago
If You Love Her: Part 9
A/N: Slight violence warning near the end, just please be cautious
** **
“Take it, when she gives you her heart, don’t you break it,” you sung along to the melody filtering through the speakers sitting on the desk, your eyes trained on a mock-up for an invitation to an upcoming social event your father’s company was planning.
“You have a beautiful voice,” Bucky watched you, listened to you as you moved a few things around, “I love hearing you sing.”
“You,” you addressed him with a smile, without looking at him, “are a charmer, Mr. Barnes.”
“Oh,” he crossed his arms over his chest, “its back to formalities now, princess? After I took you to Coney Island? Won you that stuffed bear?”
“Fed me deep-fried cheesecake,” you spoke as your stomach growled.
“And that’s the thanks I get?” he teased as he moved toward you.
“Yep,” you finally lifted your head and glanced his way, sticking your tongue out at him when he moved further and leaned against the desk you were working on.
“You’re a tease, baby.” He placed his hand on the small of your back; the warmth from his hand felt through your shirt.
“Oh, and you aren’t?” You turned away from your work and rested your backside against the edge of the desk, and crossed your arms over your chest. “Everything you do is teasing.”
Bucky tilts his head, his blue eyes trained on your face. He was studying you, searching your face before he moved in. He trapped you against the desk with his arms, the tip of his nose brushing against yours. His warm breath was caressing your flesh as he moved in, painstaking inch by painstaking inch. Your gaze moved from his eyes to his lips, fixated on his plump flesh that looked entirely too kissable. You were so tempted to grab him by the front of his sweater and pull him into a kiss, but would that be too far.
“You can’t look at me like that,” Bucky mumbled, his top lip barely grazing against your bottom.
“Why?” You angled your pelvis to brush against his own.
“Because it makes me want to kiss you.” His voice was husky and gruff, teetering on the fine line between deep desire and want, and softened affection.
“I’m not going to stop you.” You reached out to touch him and placed your hands flush against his chest. Your fingers curled into his sweater to bring him closer to you, to close any remaining distance. “I won’t stop you.”
His lips were on you in an instant; the crackling electricity between you two was creating this atmosphere that was ethereal and otherworldly. It was you, and it was Bucky, and that was it.
His hands-on edge of the desk had moved to your hips, his fingers digging into your flesh through the jeans you wore. Even though your denim and your underwear, you could feel the heat from his hands. He was invigorating, every inch of him, and between him and the feel of his lips moving against yours, you were in heaven.
You whimpered against him, pushing yourself closer to him as his hands moved again, this time to cup your backside. He squeezed your ass through your jeans, his fingers digging into denim-covered flesh, earning another whimper and a moan. He smirked against you and pulled away, nudging his nose against the side of your neck, tilting your head.
He leaned in and pressed his lips against the edge of your jaw, his teeth grazing your skin. Everything he was doing was earth-shattering, every slight touch and movement of his lips.
Bucky had only stopped and pulled away when your stomach grumbled and growled, signifying your thriving hunger that wouldn’t be ignored anymore.
“Sorry,” you squeaked after Bucky pulled away, placing a hand on your stomach, “I skipped breakfast this morning.”
Bucky flashed you a soft look and laughed under his breath, slipping his hand on top of your hand that was on your stomach. He intertwined your fingers and leaned back in, kissing you quickly and sweetly.
“I’ll go grab us some lunch.” Bucky pulled away. “Will you be okay?”
“I’m in the office, Bucky. I’ll be fine for a while.” You reassured him with a quick peck to his lips. “You want my card?”
“My treat, honey.” He smirked and smacked your ass playfully as he walked by. “Maybe I’ll even find you some cheesecake.”
“You are a wonder, Bucky.” You smiled and wait until he was gone before you turned back to your work.
You pieced the cutout bits of information to get the overall feel of the event your dad’s company wanted to throw. It was supposed to be a fun event that would bring in more sponsors and advertisers, more investors to help the company boom through another quarter. Your dad instructed the team, of which you were a part, to plan something for the summer that would get people in the mood to party and invest.
“Carnivale,” his voice sent shivers down your spine and made the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end, “how fun.”
You stepped back and glared at the imposing figure that stood in the doorway of the office you were working in. His dirty blonde hair and tired and muddled green eyes were an unpleasant sight, but that was insignificant compared to how his presence made you feel on edge.
“You can’t be here.” You stood your ground when he came closer to you, your attention locked on him. You weren’t going to give him an inch when it came to averting your gaze. You were going to keep your eyes on him, show your strength.
“Yes, I can,” he closed the door behind you, clicking the lock, “you and I need to have a discussion.”
“Bucky will be back any moment.” You placed your hand on the left side of the desk, knowing that there were a pair of scissors in the top pull-out drawer.
“Well, then I suppose I should make our little chat quick.” He sneered, his eyes growing dark with twisted intent.
“Or you could turn around and get your ass out of here.” You were standing firm as you slowly opened the drawer, lifting the scissors from the organizer inside. You hooked your fingers around the looped handles and hid them behind your leg.
“You don’t get to call the shots. Do you understand me, you little bitch?” He slammed his fist against the desk, a wild look in his eyes.
“Oh, and I suppose you are?” You wait. You had to wait.
“You should’ve been mine.” His hand slipped onto your hip. “You rejected me. No one rejects me.”
He squeezed your hip, his other hand wrapped around your throat, and still, you wait. You had to wait.
“I did.”
“And you’re going to regret it.” You wait until he squeezed your throat and your hip simultaneously, and then you reacted.
You slammed the end of the scissors into his thigh; the painful scream he emits was the catalyst for the sense of panic that came from the other side of the door.
“Y/N!” Bucky screamed your name, slamming his fist against the wood. “Y/N, open the door!”
“You fucking bitch!” John cursed you out as he ripped the scissors from his thigh. “I’ll kill you!”
“Y/N! Open the fucking door!” There was desperation in his voice. There was a feeling of helplessness.
You didn’t waste time. You jumped over the desk and ran to the door, your fingers fumbling with the lock. You twisted the lock and opened the door, granting access to Bucky.
As he moved in, his attention shifted from the bloody scissors in John’s hand and the wound on his thigh.
“You son of a bitch!”
Bucky flew into a rage. He stalked toward John with a deadly, animalistic stride. He grabbed the wound captain and threw him onto the desk, his fists flying into his face. Every strike, every hit, was met with a satisfying crunch that was more than deserved.
“Bucky,” you called his name, his head snapping in your direction, his eyes locked on yours. He was wild; he was a brutal predator attacking his prey, “he’s done.”
John’s face was bloody; his lips were split, and his eyes were swelling already. The blood from his thigh was dripping onto the floor, and the desk, a pool beneath his thigh, was staining the wood, ruining your hard work.
Bucky picked him up from the desk and dragged him by the back of his shirt. He threw John to your feet and rolled him over onto his back with his foot. He bent down and lifted him by the front of his shirt, his voice teeming on darkness you’d never heard before, but you weren’t the least bit anxious. You weren’t the least bit turned off the night.
“You didn’t listen the first time, John, so I’ll tell you again,” Bucky raised his head and looked up at you, “you’re lucky Y/N was here to stop me. You’re lucky she was here to stop me from destroying you. But take this as your final warning, if you so much as come within 500 feet of my girl, I won’t be able to be stopped. I will not stop until you are finished, until every pathetic breath has been ripped from your lungs.”
Bucky let him go. He stepped over his body and returned to your side. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his side, his lips brushing against your temple. He let his lips longer until he had to step out of the way for security to come and drag John’s sorry ass out of the office.
“I’m calling Steve,” Bucky mumbled into your hair, “Steve will get his rank removed. That’s twice he’s attacked a civilian.”
Bucky spoke to you while you held yourself against him.
“I’m damn proud of you, sweetheart.” He kissed your temple again. “You’re tough. You could’ve taken him yourself.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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houseofbucky · an hour ago
Mirror, Mirror
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Warnings: 18+ MINORS DNI, smut, cursing, soft!dom Bucky (Maybe?), reader watching herself in the mirror, slight degradation? - Bucky calls reader his “eager little slut”, Pet names (kitten), slight praise kink, if there’s something I didn’t mention please tell me so I can add it!
Request details: Bucky discovering reader has a mirror kink, making her look at the two of them in a floor-length mirror; soft!dom buck? Like he’s a bit possessive of the reader and just wants her as close to him as possible as they’re going at it. 
Word Count: 1,932
A/N: thank you for the request lovely nonnie. I forgot I didn’t have my asks open, but they’re open now!! If you would like to request there, I also have the request form, here if you’d like to utilize that instead! I couldn’t figure out how to write it with them facing a bed, and a mirror, so I had them on the bed facing the mirror! Hope that’s okay! I’ve also never done soft!dom before, so feedback is welcomed!
Tumblr media
“Alright baby, I’ll be back later” you called to Bucky, as you were getting your purse ready, making sure you had your keys, and everything else you would need. You took a couple steps towards the mirror, looking over your outfit. It was just a simple lunch with your friend, Shouldn’t take you that long.
You heard Bucky coming out of the shower, towel around his waist, and out to the bedroom where you were. You turned, and nearly ran right into his chest. He thankfully caught you, hands on your arms as you turned. You looked up to see him pouting at you. “Where are you going, Doll?” He asked you.
You giggled, and leaned up, kissing the corner of his mouth. “Lunch, with Tina! I told you about it last night, don’t you remember?” You asked him, moving around him, trying to find your cellphone.
He groaned, and walked over to you. “Of course I remember.” He spoke, while his hands found their perch on your hips, while you were looking in the drawer of the bedside table. “Can’t you skip it baby? I could think of a million more things we could do.. all more fun.” He spoke, his voice significantly huskier, as he kissed your neck softly.
You giggled, “baby. I already skipped it a couple weeks ago for this exact reason…” you smiled, sighing leaning into him. Bucky only hummed in response, and cradled you against him. “Buck…” you practically moan, as his hands drifted between your two bodies, squeezing your ass slightly.
“Please baby?” He whispered, his lips near the shell of your ear, “I could make it all worth your while.” His hands drifting to the front of your skirt. Hands barely touching you, lighting your body up. You almost let him.
You squealed, and walked away from him. “I can’t baby. I’ll be back in an hour and a half at max. I promise I’ll make it up to you, later.” You said as you found your phone, slipping out of Buckys grip. You threw your phone into your purse grabbing your keys.
Bucky just groaned, and walked to you, “fiiiiiine. Be safe. Please.” He said softly, leaning down to kiss you. You smiled against his lips, kissing him back, allowing him to wrap his arms around you. You giggled, and pulled away, hands going to his dog tags.
“I really have to go baby.” You smiled, slowly pulling out of his hold completely. He nodded, letting you go.
“Okay.. I have some intel to look into, I told Steve I’d find some old files, so I’ll be here. But please come back soon okay?” He said, softly, walking with you to the front door. You smiled softly, this side of Bucky always made you soft.
You nodded, “I’ll be max an hour and a half. Have fun. Don’t bring up anything that’s going to hurt you.. okay?” You asked him. You knew this stroll down “memory lane”, if that’s what you want to call this, could potential harm him. And that was the last thing you want.
“I won’t baby. I love you. Be back soon.” He smiled, and you nodded, leaning up and kissing him one final time. You walked out of to your car, getting in it, and driving off. Completely forgetting about your browser history.
You giggled, saying goodbye to Tina. You enjoyed your time with her, though Bucky had called several times. You just ignored, and opted to call him when you got back in your car. So there you were driving down the freeway, the phone ringing with your Bluetooth connected to the car.
“Hey baby.” Bucky picked up the phone on the second ring.
You smiled, “hey baby, you called.” You said, eyes drifting to the console, turning the air conditioning on.
“Oh yeah! I have a quick question for you.” He said, you could hear the smirk in his voice. He gave you a moment to process, but not too long for you to respond. “So I’ve been looking into something because you left it up. But uh. Mirror kink huh?” He said, the smirk never leaving his face.
Your eyes widened, grip on the wheel tightening. “Buck.. I” you started to say, but he cut your thought process off.
“Are you done lunch?” He asked, as if he didn’t just admit he knew what you were searching up online.
“Y-yes.” You said softly, “I’m in my way home now…” you trailed off, unable to form a full thought. All you could think about was how stupid you had been to leave the browser open.
Bucky hummed, “good. Get home. ASAP.” He demanded, and hung up the phone. Your mouth hung open. He really just hung up on you. How in the hell, you called him back, but he didn’t pick up. You sighed as you continued to drive.
You bit your lip, turning your car off. You had no clue what was on the other side of that door. You shook your head, grabbing your purse, and phone and walked inside. Smiling at Nat in the kitchen, you walked to your room.
Upon entering, the room was silent. You set your stuff down. “Buck?” You called, gently shutting the door behind you. You heard him chuckle. You quickly turned, seeing him standing there, in just a pair of grey sweatpants.
“He baby.” He said, closing the gap between you two in strides. Upon entering your space, he pulled you into him, giving you a heated, and head spinning kiss. You squealed in surprise, but kissed him back, as he tilted his head to further deepen the kiss.
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you allowed yourself to melt into this kiss, and in turn, melt into him. Bucky hummed, and mumbled against your lips. “Jump”, to which you did. He caught you and walked you towards the bed.
Pulling away, to be able to take a breather, Bucky started kissing at your neck. You giggled, which quickly turned into a gasp as he pushed his hips into you. “See what you did doll? See what you do to me?” He mumbled, practically tearing your blouse in two as he stripped it off your body, kissing further down your newly exposed skin.
“I didn’t even do anything Buck..” you muttered as you watched him. He smirked, and pulled your bra off, throwing it with the torn shirt. Humming, he took your right nipple into his mouth, lightly grazing his teeth over it, as his metal hand came up to pinch and knead at your left breast.
Gasping, your back instinctively arched into his body. “You did. You left that damn browser open. You were the precursor for me doing research, instead of what Steve needed,” he said as he switched to kissing, and nipping at your left breast, his flesh hand coming up, and kneading at your right breast.
“You made me think of you, in all kinds of positions baby. Things we haven’t even discovered yet.” He said, letting go of your breast with a pop. Whining, you wrapped your hands around his neck once again. He just smirked, pulling your skirt, and panties off in one motion.
You gasped, “buck please.” You whimpered. You wanted his hands on you. Everywhere on you.
He shook his head. “Get up, on your knees, and at the edge of the bed.” His voice soft and commanding. You nodded, and did as he asked. He just smirked, got off the bed, and walked over to the mirror moving it so you could now see your naked body in the reflection.
Your mouth formed an O shape. It all made sense. He was going to fuck you while you watched. “Now you get it” he said smirking, walking up behind you, railing towards you on the bed. You blushed, and watched him in the mirror.
This whole situation, was very arousing, from the way he looked at you, to the way he crawled towards you. Finally, pressing himself against your back, he brushed your hair off your shoulders. “God, you look so good like this baby. Spread your legs as wide as you can for me.” He said, lightly sponging kisses along your shoulder.
You found yourself complying, spreading your legs, adjusting yourself so we he could do whatever he wanted to. He smirked. “You’re practically dripping on the bedsheets kitten.” He said, as he watched you in the mirror, hand settling on your thigh. Your head lulled back, as he slowly moved his hand closer and closer to your cunt.
His motions stopped, “watch yourself.” You whimpered, but yet again obeyed, and lifted your head to look in the mirror. “Good girl. My eager little slut.” He said, resuming his motions.
“Buck.. please! Don’t tease.” You whimpered again, trying so desperately to keep watching. You so desperately wanted to sink into him. He smirked, hand stopped as it splayed on your inner thigh. You wiggled your hips, trying desperately to get him to move his hand a fraction to the left, and he would be touching you.
“Tell me what you want baby.” He smirked, metal hand landing on your hips to stop your movements. He knew what he was doing. He calculated this. He planned this.
“You. Please. I need you to touch me. Please.” You said, stilling your hips, but you looked at his reflection. He looked so incredible, his hair was tousled, his chest on full display, and his eyes were dark, only the rims had the beautiful shade of blue.
This seemed to be enough for him, as he sunk two fingers into your cunt. You gasped, trying to close your legs, of which Bucky lodged on of his thighs in between your legs to prevent that. You watched as he pumped his fingers in and out of you, muttering how much of a good girl you were.
He had you chanting his name. Your head fell back against his shoulder, letting out a particularly loud moan. Bucky growled in your ear, metal hand coming up and grasping your chin, forcing your head down, and forcing you to look in the mirror again. “I told you to fucking watch. Watch yourself cum around my fingers baby. Can you do that for me?” He asked, still holding your head.
You whimpered, as his thumb came up and toyed with your clit, adding a third finger. “Use your words baby. Cmon” he smirked, all you could do was let out a moan of his name, and a very small “yes”.
All that could be heard in the room, was your panting, Bucky muttering “such a good girl, look at you baby”, and the squelching sound as Bucky pumped his fingers. You gasped, as you felt the familiar feeling in your stomach. “B-Bucky.. I- fuck..” you whined, back arching slightly, as he continued to hold your head.
“I know baby, let it go, make an absolute mess baby” Buckys encouragement was enough to send you over the edge. White hot flashes obscured your vision, as you could only watch as you came all over Buckys fingers. He slowly pulled his fingers out, and let go of your head, “hang on baby.” He said softly, you shook your head turning, and grabbed his hand. You took his fingers into your mouth, cleaning them off, never letting his gaze leave you.
“Shit…” he mumbled, and you giggled. “now it’s your turn.” Was all you could muster as you pushed him down so his back hit the bed.
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angrythingstarlight · an hour ago
yk dilf bucky and his wife r that couple that all the other couples are jealous of because they have this amazing chemistry and great kids n bucky realllyyyy gets off on how domestic his wife is
Tumblr media
They're so jealous because he openly worships the ground she's walks on. He isn't ashamed to show how much he adores her. She wants ice cream at 2am, she's getting it. She needs tampons, he's in aisle 7 with a cart full of snacks and whatever else she wants.
The kids are beautiful and he brags about how they have her best features. No one picks on them because Bucky taught them how to fight and he proudly signs the suspension slip when they beat up a bully.
Bucky lives for the domestic side of her. He can't get enough of her when she's doing the simplest things. He'll drag her into the laundry room for a quickie just because she started dinner.
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agentofbarnes · an hour ago
summary || bucky and his wife are apparently sex maniacs, or at least that’s what they’re kids think
alternative universe || the barnes’ au
warnings || smut, minors DNI, degradation, teasing, daddy kink, car sex, unprotected sex
note || dedicated to my love @gwenavibra of course cause we’re hoes of a feather
Tumblr media
You were in a mood. It had been weeks since the last time you and Bucky had been intimate. It wasn’t that you were growing apart but that life had been incredibly busy. Sam and Bucky had been on a mission for about two weeks. The week he had gotten back you had to help with the school’s fall festival to worry about.
With Grant being the class president and Rebecca being the star of the drama department, you had become quite the PTA mom. You had put so much work into the event, along with Sam’s wife, Lelia. Their daughter was sixteen, just a year older than Rebecca.
The night the festival arrived, Bucky had met you there at 6pm when it started. Becca and Grant hugged him tightly, kissing his cheeks before showing him around the festival.
“It’s good to have them back, isn’t it?”Lelia chuckled, watching how Sam and Samantha interacted at one of the game booths.
“I haven’t gotten any time with him, actually,”You sighed, watching as Bucky socialized with the suburban dads who seemed to glare at him when they realized he was your husband. It was no secret that you were hit with all the dads being an original avenger seemed to win all the points. It made them forget tug were a mutant.
“So, tonight’s the night, go get ‘em, the festival is done now enjoy it with your man,”She pushed your shoulder, making you roll your eyes.
She was right. You had come with a plan. Bucky hadn’t seen you yet, but when he laid his eyes on you he already knew the game you were playing.
You wore his favorite mini sundress, the one with the little skirt and tiny straps. It was red with little specks of white dogs covering it. You were sinful and precious in one perfect package.
Bucky bit down on his lip, not even saying goodbye in the conversation he was currently having. No, he had to have his hands on you.
You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck when he captured your body against his. His large hands circle your hips, beginning to inch his lips towards yours.
“Dear God, baby doll, you are trying to kill me, you’re gonna give me a heart attack wearing shit like this, fuck,”He whispered, making you blush creep on your warm skin.
Just as he’s about to mold his lips against yours, he felt a hand on his shoulder pulling him away.
“No,”Grant interrupted them with a frown,”Not here, dad. Can you keep your lovey dovey stuff for home? My friends are here, they already think mom is hot—“
“They do?”Bucky raised a brow, frowning at the idea of anyone sexualizing you.
“Not the point,”Grant complained, sighing out.”I don’t need my friends and teachers knowing my dad is a sex maniac.”
You snorted at that, hiding your face in his shoulder to muffle the laughter. It was just too funny. You wished you could take a picture of a moment because your husband’s face when he said that was just pure baffled.
“I am not a maniac,”Bucky said very slowly, narrowing his eyes at you,”If anyone is a maniac—“
“It’s you,”Grant answered, shaking his head,”Mom wouldn’t do anything like that. You are a bad influence.”
Okay, now you couldn’t hold together your fit of giggles,”Okay, you’re killing me, Gray, I’ll keep him in check, okay?”
“Where’s your sister?”Bucky asked curiously, noticing she had run off.
“I dunno, probably with Tommy again, you know he moved back? I heard he—“Grant stopped himself, glancing at Bucky.”Never mind.”
“Wait what?”
And then Grant was off.
“Don’t worry about it,”You patted his shoulder, looking up at Bucky with a little smirk.”I missed you.”
“Behave,”He warned, towering over you which only made you want him to make you behave.
“How can I behave when I have felt full in weeks?”You murmured, making Bucky grunt under his breath.
“You are so not playing fair, our children think I’m a horny teenager, and they think you are an angel that in corrupting. This has got to stop, baby doll,”Bucky breathed out, making you pout when he released you.
“But I want you to corrupt me,”You whispered, but before you can say anything else, someone had approached you both.
“The Barnes’, right?”
“That would be us,”You smiled innocently as if you weren’t just begging for your husband’s cock.
“Oh, Grant and Becca are godsends, your son is so precious, I’ve never met a more emotionally mature teenager in my life,”The woman told you, and you didn’t make any comment about how he was empath. Of course he had more emotional intelligence than anyone else, he could feel it all.
“We try,”You chuckled, leaning your back against Bucky’s chest. You pressed your hips just slightly against him, making him clear his throat.
“James, why don’t you join us and the other dads by the games, the boys have been dying to see the super soldier in action,”The man, Greg, suggested,”Think you can hit those small targets.”
Bucky laughed,”Oh, I think my military experience might finally come in handy,”He joked, kissing your cheek before joining the other fathers reluctantly.
You socialized for a little bit, joking with other parents and making sure your kids were having a good time. But soon, enough was enough.
You wanted your husband, and you knew the night was drawing to a close soon.
“Hey, Mom,”Grant breathed out, jogging up to you,”Is it okay if I stay with Harry tonight? I figured Becks is staying with Sammy tonight anyway, you can pick me up when you pick her up tomorrow, Harry doesn’t live too far away—“
“Yes!”You grinned, making Grant tilt his head slightly.”Sorry, I’m just exhausted, Gray. Yes, you can stay and just, take my car for the night, okay? I’ll drive back with your dad, but you are in charge of getting your sister in the morning.”
“Got it, thank you, mom,”Grant kissed your cheek, going to say goodbye Bucky next.
With the kids out of the house, you knew you could acted up all you wanted. A small smirk graced your lips, finding your way to the bathroom to slip off your soaking panties. You couldn’t help the ruined fabric, seeing Bucky show off his strength and skills to the other dads was so hot. You were just dripping for him.
You approached the men, slipping into Bucky’s arms with ease. You just barely pulled him to the side, grabbing him by the shirt to anchor him down to your height. You slide the wet fabric into his hands and it immediately made his mind goes blank.
You just barely graze your lips over his lobe, gently nipping at him before uttering those magic words,”I want you, daddy.”
“Holy fuck,”Bucky grunted, quickly shoving your panties in his pocket with a very dark gaze and pulling you away from the public eye. He had started you towards the parking lot.”You’re being a little brat today, you that needy, baby doll?”
“Yes,” You gasped out, wetness looking between your thighs when his voice dropped an octave.
His lips were on you, kissing the air from your lungs while lust consumed you. Bucky had a way of consuming you, his emotions and warm flooding through you. It only made you want him more. You craved how your auras mixed together. You needed it.
“You’ve got everyone thinking I’m the needy one, that I’m insatiable, but they don’t know much of whore you are for me, how addicted you are for my cock. Would ride me every morning if you could, isn’t that right?”
You whined just as Bucky caged you in to the metal of his car. The metal was cold against your open back, making you shiver.”Can’t help it, you’ve been gone so long...”
“Such a fucking tease, this tiny little dress and that innocent smile, you want me to fuck right here, hm? In the back of my new car?”
You had noticed the sleep Chevrolet Suburban Bucky had brought this time, a gift from the government for his service on one of his latest mission. You personally loved the car, enjoying the big space and the tinted windows.
“I’ll do anything if it means you’ll fuck me, James,”You paw at his shirt, smirking down at you. “Come on, daddy, you know you wanna...”
Bucky gave in easily, opening the backseat door to lay the seats all completely down into a flat surface.. He pushed in the back. With the seats all down, you had plenty of the room to get on your hands and knees. He slammed the door shut, locking the car before he dipped his hands between your thighs.
“Fuck, baby doll, you are absolutely soaking,”Bucky groaned out,”You know how fucking hot you are, how all the dads thirst over you. They glare at me, knowing I’m the only one who gets this sweet cunt.”
You pushed your ass against his hand, whimpering at the feeling of his cold digits hooking inside of you.
“Give it to me, Buck, please,”You gasped out, fingers clawing at the seats under you. His hands bunched your dress up, scrunching it over your back to reveal your perky ass.
“Such a pretty pussy, all ready for daddy to destroy, did she miss me? Three weeks and you just can’t contain yourself.”
“Stuff me full of your cock,”You arched your back, wiggling your ass while Bucky unzipped his jeans. You felt his thick cock against your ass, pre-cum dripping onto your smooth skin. He thirsted his cock between your cheeks before licking his lips.
“Shush, baby doll, I’ve got you,”He held your hips still, slowly pushing his large cock into the tight heat. Your walls squeezed around him snuggly, gripping him like your life depended on it.”Such a little brat, all you needed was my cock, huh? Fuck, pretty girl, you’re so fucking tight, so good to me.”
He’s so big, stretching your little cunt around his girth in the most obscene way. Bucky started out slowly, drinking up the whimpers that emitted from your throat.
“Fuck, James,”You moaned, pushing your ass back against him. Bucky can’t help but groan at the sight of you fucking yourself on his cock.
“So fucking needy, just gotta have my cock stretching this tiny pussy, she craves to be full, doesn’t she? Fuck, I’m going ruin you tonight, ‘m fuck you till you can’t think, how does that sound. You wanna be my dumb baby? Want me to fuck you stupid?”
His metal hand curved around your body, two vibranium fingers rubbing against your neglected cloth which throbbed under his touch.
Bucky grunted, fucking into you fast and hard. The car rocked with his strength, and he hoped no one noticed how he was giving you the fuck of your life. He didn’t need anyone to see how needy his wife was for his cock. That was for him and him only.
He heaved air out when your body trembled under him. Shockwaves rolled through you, your voice cracking when you screamed his name. Bucky whimpered out your name, spilling his hot, thick seed into your pulsing cunt. He had a tight grip on your hips as his hips sputtered. He threw his head back, pulling out and digging the panties out of his pocket.
Bucky helped you slip back into them, not wanting you to leak on the seat when you climbed up into the passenger seat.
“I needed that,”You whispered, reaching over the middle console to kiss Bucky gently. You felt so at home with his warm aura surrounding you, claiming you in a way that only you could feel.
“This night is far from over, baby doll, daddy’s just beginning.”
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flagsmashersam · an hour ago
I literally appreciate you sm for spamming the SamBucky tag with awesome hcs at a time like this😭 <3
I've also been spamming the Anthony Mackie tag, muahahaha!
Also, feel free to send me your own headcanons in my inbox!!! I'd like to keep spamming the positivity and I'm running out of ideas lol
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agentofbarnes · 2 hours ago
Okay but I would love to see about milf!reader going to Grant’s school for a teacher conference or to pick him up and all the dads just drooling and seeing the other moms be jealous and I can imagine the teacher being awestruck when having the meet with her !
starstruck — the barnes’
Tumblr media
You are the star of all events because you are the celebrity, one of the Avengers. You had been in New York in the very beginning and also, you were the definition of a milf now.
It started in middle school with Grant, the dads had begun to notice you more. The talked about how you dressed and doyen shared their opinions about how you looked in the iconic suit you had worn during your time as an Avenger.
Now, you were all short skirts and flowing dresses. Somehow, this only mad eut worse.
The single dad were always flirting with you, anything to get in between those smooth thighs you liked to show off.
The one time Bucky heard them talking about your thighs, he left hickies and beard burn on them. That would show them who you belonged to.
No. It didn’t.
It was always something new, they always found something to comment on.
“You see her ass in that skirt, what a slut, stop staring at her, Greg!”One of the moms scolded her husband.
You rolled your eyes, squealing when you see Grant in his baseball uniform. He was twelve and the most adorable thing ever.
Bucky chuckled at you,”Calm down, baby doll, he’s adorable, but don’t embarrass him.”
Everyone around you watched when you bent down in your dress, fixing his baseball cap and helping pulling his socks up so they didn’t bunch up in his cleats.
Bucky got just a little glimpse of the pretty lace panties you wore, but he realize if he could see them, all the men could too.
He swore he heard one of them make a comment about how tight your ass looked.
Bucky bent down behind you to cover your ass, his hand smoothing your skirt over.
You blushed at his touch, thanking him.
“Gray, you look so cute in your little uniform,”You cooed, kissing his face.
“Moooom,”He complained, rolling his eyes.
“She can’t help it, bud,”Bucky chuckled.
When the baseball game finally starts, you bouncing in the bleachers without a care in the world. Rebecca was playing with Samantha while Sam watched the game from the lower bleachers with his wife.
You have no idea how adorable and sexy you look yelling at the referee.
Bucky realized how the states you were getting were from your loud voice but for your short skirt and low cut cleavage. You were bouncing with excitement
He was starting to feel a little possessive, urging you come sit in his lap for the rest of the game.
When Grant scored, you screamed at the top of your lungs as both you and Bucky lifted you up before sharing a soft kiss.
That’s what had all the dads crumbling. Bucky would never let anyone forget that you were Mrs. Barnes and you belonged to him.
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hopeless-writes · 2 hours ago
✪Bucky Barnes Masterlist✪
Tumblr media
Last Updated: 06/11/21
Angst: ☹︎
Fluff: ♡
Content Warnings: ⚠︎
Personal Favorite: ☆
none yet :(
Just a Dream ☹︎♡
none yet :(
Marvel Characters as Taylor Swift Songs pt.1 
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I have 111 followers. Something I never thought I would achieve. Should I do something to celebrate? I’m taking suggestions. A sleepover maybe?
@buckys-blue-eyes @sah1x1s @i-feel-so-vintage-baby @buckys2thicc @angel-of-hell-cece1967 @winter-soldier-vibes
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bloodorangesoup · 5 hours ago
Anything | B.B.
Summary: Bucky is NOT in love with reader (except he very much is). Bucky catches reader during a small depressive episode and comforts her.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1.3k
Warnings: Mention of depression, Bucky being sweet, slight angst
My Masterlist
Notes: This was an idea I got at 3am and I’m not sure how I feel about this but it helped me get out of my writing slump :)) Happy reading!
Bucky only had two friends in his life, Steve and you. Steve was his brother, in childhood, in war, in life. To him it just made sense that that was how having a friend should feel. That’s how it felt when he met you. He could see you were a pretty woman, most of the women on the team were, but he never felt attracted to you in a way that was any different than seeing a pretty woman on the street. When he joined the team there was no shocking, firework-and-spark-producing moment that solidified you as partners, it just happened over time. The two of you felt naturally drawn together, if it came down to it, both of you were sure you’d have each others’ backs.
After weeks of training together and the team seeing the natural bonding between you, Steve set you up as partners for all missions. Through those missions you’ve taken hits for him and he’s carried you bloody back to the quinjet. Bucky often thought about the memory of you laughing and coughing up blood at the way he yelled your name when you jumped in front of him; Steve was his brother, but you were definitely his best friend. That was it.
Bucky faintly remembered the feeling of romantic attraction. When he was young, he had his fair share of dames kissing up to him and an even smaller bunch that he really liked back. However, life had been cruel, and he hadn’t had much time to sustain the memory of the fluttery emotion he got whenever the girl he liked would walk into the dance hall. He figured he would probably never feel it again, and he had accepted that his life was far too involved in other things to bring him back to that vulnerable state.
Life really was cruel, but it was also complicated. Even though the memories were faint, he started to notice more and more how, when you’d make that face at him during boring meetings and try to hold in your laughter, he felt like that 20 year old kid who’s hands would shake when asking his best girl for a dance. It was moments like those that he wondered if your eyes had always sparkled like that, or if your lips always looked that soft. It was moments like those that he wished he had forgotten the feeling altogether. You were his partner, his best friend, he wasn’t supposed to like you, at least he wasn’t in love with you. He disregarded it to the feeling of being close with a woman again. Of course, you were pretty, nice, funny, and trustworthy, that was all. He wasn’t in love with you, the friendship you two had was just really good. That was it. He’d just keep telling himself that that was it.
You had already confided in Bucky about your depression, about the weeks where the cloud that followed you constantly would completely crush you. He knew about the nights you wouldn’t sleep because of all the dark thoughts that took the spotlight in your head. Those were the times Bucky missed you the most. During those times, the dark would inhabit you like a crab taking temporary residence in a shell, leaving the person he knew stranded somewhere to find her way back.
It was happening again. Bucky noticed how you went straight to your room and didn’t come out after the last mission. He noticed how you would silently make your dinner, flash a half smile to the team and retreat back to safety. He noticed how the muscles in your face drooped despite how much sleep it seemed you were getting.
Unlocking the door of his room and stepping out into the wide hallway, Bucky, clad in sweatpants and a loose shirt, made to the kitchen in search of a glass of water before bed. The night was unusually quiet in the residence floor of the compound. It was only eleven, yet the lights were dimmed and there were no stray members wandering around. He could hear his steps, how the sound changed as he left the carpeted hallway and entered the hardwood floors of the lounging area.
You almost spooked him, the way you sat in the dark. He observed your place at the head of the dining room table, the length of it emphasizing your solitude. Your head was buried in your hands, slowly rising from them to stare at the wall in front of you with a blank expression. You looked tired. Bucky could see it, but he still admired the way your silhouette moved in the soft light. A pang of guilt tugged at his heart, how could he be thinking of you like this when you were clearly hurting? He couldn’t help it, he could push down his feelings, but there was nothing to distract him from how beautiful you were.
Bucky stayed in the shadows, watching you with furrowed brows. He wasn’t sure if you wanted to be bothered, you were obviously out there to be alone. You took in a shaky breath as a line of light reflected its way down your face, following the tear running down it.
He closed his eyes. There was no more running, no more distractions, there was nothing else but you. He knew he was in love the moment he saw you sitting there, in fact, he had known it well before that. He had known it from the first time you managed to get the upper hand in a sparring match against him, from the time you asked him to help you bake cookies even though he burnt them the time before, from the time you had saved him a seat at the table even when he didn’t come out to eat, from all the times you smiled through injuries and he vowed to do anything to make the pain bearable.
His eyes opened, he would always vow to do anything to make the pain bearable.
Bucky took small steps towards the table and stood next to you. He looked down at you and cursed himself for thinking of how pretty you were. Shaking the thought out of his head, he focused his gaze on your slumped shoulders, he could think about that later, right then he had to be your best friend. Wordlessly, he pulled your shoulders and held you to his abdomen, taking deep breaths so that you would feel the steady rise and fall of his stomach. You closed your eyes, matching his breathing.
The two of you stayed like that for what felt like hours to Bucky. As much as holding you like this was something he had imagined countless times, he just wanted to know you were okay, some kind of assurance.
Your head turned up, your chin coming forward to lean on him. Bucky met your gaze, keeping eye contact as he lifted his flesh hand to cradle your head. Your eyes were glassy and your lips swollen.
“Thank you, Bucky.” It was the faintest whisper, Bucky would have missed it if he wasn’t already looking at your lips. You turned your head back down, resting the side of your head against him. Bucky swallowed the lump in his throat.
“Anything, Y/n.”
Bucky tried not to focus on how you felt in his arms, or how your head felt on his stomach, or how the tears made your eyes glimmer. He tried not to think about how things would be different now that he couldn’t hide his feelings from himself anymore. He didn’t want to think about how he wasn’t supposed to love you, about how it would go nowhere, so he didn’t.
Closing his eyes, he held you tighter. He had you, at the very least he was keeping to his vow to do anything to make the pain bearable. You were his person, and he was your best friend. If that was all he could be, then at least he had you.
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shxdowsummoner · 5 hours ago
my savior (2)
summary || taking the offer you you begin working for bucky. though, later he has to save you again
pairing || mafia!bucky x female!reader
warnings || creepy guys again (briefly)
note || i wasn’t going to make a second chapter, but i have more inspiration for this
should i make a part 3?
requests are open <3
please don’t steal my work!
part 1
Tumblr media
It was noisy. Bass echoed throughout the club. The white shirt you wore was tight against you, and the black skirt you wore was slightly shorter than you wanted it to be. You kept pulling at the collar of your white shirt as if to stretch it out.
Your job was easy. All you had to do was serve drinks and occasionally work behind the bar. You ran into the man that saved you occasionally, but you still didn’t know who he was. Most people seemed scared of him often bowing their heads out of fear.
He on the other hand already knew who you were. He had Sam research you to check if you were dangerous. Someone as powerful- as Bucky who owned almost the whole city- he needs to make sure a rival didn’t send a spy in.
You were cleaning up the bar that was off in the back. When the door opened in the front. You could see people stepping aside for what you could only assume was him. His entourage followed behind him as they descended up the stairs that were nestled in the corner.
Your eyes followed his broad frame as he disappeared. You couldn’t help, but have a slight attraction to the man. Who wouldn’t though? With his charming personality and handsome looks, he could practically have any girl. You’ve seen firsthand how women just drop to his feet.
“Y/n they’re requesting you,” your co-worker Natasha turned to you. The two of you became friends rather quickly.
“Why me?”
“Dunno, the boss just asked for you though,” Natasha’s red locks framed her face as she shook her head.
Walking up the dingy stairs you could hear the chatter above grow louder. You didn’t know that the whole upper level was a giant casino till you entered. People cheered happily as they took the money they had just won. Guards were stationed all around. In the back of plush sofas, you saw him sitting with several other people. Only one you recognized. A man who wore an expensive suit with messy hair. Tony Stark, the famous billionaire.
Walking up to them was hard enough. You could feel a bundle of nerves rise in your throat as they turned to you.
“Who is this,” Tony tossed an arm over you. You could see him giving Tony a look you couldn’t place.
“That’s Y/n,” Bucky stood up and gently pulled you to his side. Tony just sat down again a smile on his face.
“Is she your girlfriend?”
“No,” Bucky’s voice was sharp as he slowly let go of you.
“Mmm,” Sam hummed a content smirk on his face as Bucky looked at him. Anger raging in his blue eyes.
“Well Bucky this has been fun, but I must go,” Tony had suddenly got up and was heading towards the door, a woman draped on his arm.
So his names Bucky.
“Don’t forget about my offer!” Tony yelled across the room as he disappeared with the woman.
Nervously you placed one foot in front of the other, “Can I get you all something to drink?” They must have forgotten you were there because all eyes turned towards you.
As they rattled off their orders Bucky’s eyes didn’t leave your figure. His gaze was intense and unwavering. The way back towards the bar was darker than it originally was on the way up.
The club was even more crowded than before. As you waited for Nat to hand you all the drinks you felt someone slid next to you.
“Can I buy you a drink?” A gravely voice rumbled deep next to you.
Your body went still. Not turning towards the man you swiftly replied, “No thank you.”
“What about-”
“She said no, you idiot.” Bucky stood behind you. Anger clear as day on his face. The man went running off in fear. Your eyes met his ocean blue ones as you silently thanked him he was there.
“You always need saving don’t you?”
“Apparently,” your body relaxed as Bucky chuckled deeply.
“Well I’m glad I’m your savior then.”
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justjessame · 6 hours ago
Starting Over Chapter 47
Bucky looked concerned as I approached the front door of Sarah’s house and I understood - I was pretty fucking worried too.  I HAD just heaved up everything that I’d been lucky enough to keep in my stomach AFTER tossing my cookies during the cookout the day before from one whiff of the full breakfast she’d thoughtfully invited us to.  Who wanted to witness a repeat of that?  Even if, by this point, I was empty enough to only be able to dry heave.  
Sarah held the door, having shoved Sam inside after telling him to get his act together.  I hoped he understood the warning to mean “don’t post the news about Bucky and Brooke to all your social media accounts” because I was pretty fucking sure that Connie followed his ass and - I felt cold and clammy by the mere thought of my best friend learning about my engagement AND possible pregnancy via a TWITTER post from SAM.  Shit.  
“Brooke?” Bucky’s breath was warm against my cheek, his voice quiet and laced with worry.  “You’re pale, sweetheart.”  
I managed an almost silent laugh.  “Just sending up a silent prayer that Cap there doesn’t decide to share our news before we get a chance to tell Connie ourselves,” glancing up at his face, I was gratified to see that he was losing a bit of color at the prospect too.  “You’re not looking so hardy yourself, Barnes.”  
“She’ll -” he swallowed so hard I was pretty damn sure that Sam could hear him before we crossed the threshold and got inside.  “I’ll make sure he doesn’t, Brooke,” I nodded, smiling as he kissed my temple.  “Even if I have to destroy his damn phone.”  For Sam’s sake, I hoped it wouldn’t come to that - but I won’t lie and say the idea of seeing Bucky’s strength in action didn’t give me a sharp twist of lust.  
The good news: I didn’t start heaving as soon as we walked in the house.  Actually the scent of the food no longer made me want to vomit up the entirety of everything I’d ever considered eating in my lifetime - before and after The Snap.  I wasn’t full on gorge hungry like I had been the day before either, so I almost felt normal.  ALMOST.  I was incredibly thirsty - for milk, juice, water - still hated the taste of coffee, so that hadn’t changed, but I couldn’t seem to get enough fluids in me.  
Sam watched me with a mixture of wide eyes and a smirk that had me on edge.  Bucky was watching him with a look that made me wonder how Sam wasn’t on edge.  And Sarah was spending breakfast watching all of us like we were ridiculous, but marginally entertaining.  
“Where is it?”  Bucky asked, when I got up to help Sarah clear the table - after waving his help off.  Sam looked at him like he’d lost his mind, but Buck just crossed his arms over his chest and stared at him with a clenched jaw.  
Sam leaned back in his own chair and stared back.  “Where’s what?”  
While they had their staring contest/face off, I offered to wash up since Sarah had fed us, but she would only consent to letting me help load the dishwasher.  Both of us were listening for the inevitable collusion, but nothing happened, silence continued.  
“That’s not normal, is it?”  She was asking me?  I shrugged.  She probably had as much experience with the two of them together as I did.  “Should we -”  
I nodded, “Bucky can move like shadows and smoke, for all we know he has Sam unconscious and his phone in pieces right now.”  Sarah looked like she might want a picture or video of that, and I was thinking that having siblings might be the weirdest fucking situation ever.  
We found them still sitting opposite one another, tense staring contest still on - “Well,” Sarah sighed, “I’m SO glad that the two of you are acting as role models for my sons,” she shook her head and reached for Sam’s phone, watching him flinch, but he didn’t blink.  “Think you wanted to see if my darling brother was about to share your news near and far WITHOUT permission -” she handed it to me, and I grinned at her.  
“Hey,” Sam broke first, glancing at me as if I had somehow broken HIS trust.  “I would NEVER -”  I raised an eyebrow and he shook his head.  “OK, I there MIGHT be a text in there that I STARTED to type, in ADVANCE, so when you GAVE me the OK to send it -”
I snorted and Bucky sat shaking his head, frown on his face and disappointment rolling off him in heavy waves.  “Trust, Sam,” he pulled me onto his lap and held me close as I sat Sam’s phone down on the table in front of us.  “Is a two-way street,” he picked up the phone with his left hand. I watched as Sam’s eyes went so wide I worried they might pop out.  
“Buck, don’t make any rash decisions,” Sam got up and started around the table.  “I can delete the message,” he held out his hand.  “It was rash -” Bucky wasn’t actually closing his hand at all, just holding the phone in his palm, but Sam and I both knew that it wouldn’t take much, a tiny bit of pressure and that phone was dust.  “Just give me my phone,” his tone went from pleading to something akin to his Captain America commanding one and I nearly let out another snort of humor.  
Bucky squinted up at him.  “A preemptive text,” tilting his head so he was leaning into me, he shook his head and kissed me at the same time.  “To who?”  He asked, when he met Sam’s gaze again.  “Who could you possibly think you should get to tell before WE get to tell them?”  
“Torres,” Sam offered, a name that I vaguely knew from Sam and Bucky’s conversations on our drive down from New York.  “Sharon.” A name I knew very well, given that she stayed in OUR house.  “Walker?”  The last one was met with silence and tension so thick that I was pretty fucking sure Sarah could have cut it with a butter knife.  
“You wanted to tell WALKER that Brooke and I are engaged and we -” I nudged him and he sighed.  “MIGHT be expecting an addition to our family.”  I sighed.  “Walker?”  The incredulousness dripped so heavily that I wondered if I could SEE it.  
“OK, maybe NOT Walker.”  Sam rolled his eyes.  “I’m excited for you two,” his grin grew.  “I mean, Bucky, man - look at you.”  
I bit my lip to hide my smile.  Yeah, LOOK at him.  At peace, engaged, possibly starting a family - That was pretty fucking fantastic.  
“Yeah, yeah,” Bucky’s voice had lost some of the irritation, ripped away by the truth of Sam’s words.  “You’re not off the hook, Sam.” He handed him the phone.  “Delete it, NOW.”  
We watched as Sam deleted the text - then sat around discussing what came next - meaning our return to New York and two doctors’ appointments for me.  One to confirm whether or not I had a tiny supersoldier growing inside of me - and one to meet Dr. Stephen Strange. 
“Dr. Strange,” Sam inhaled a HUGE breath and I waited to hear what he had to say on the subject.  “I have to admit, Brooke, I have experience with PTSD, but what Bucky told me about what you’ve experienced -” I wasn’t upset that Bucky had discussed it, not when I knew it came from a place of concern and love.  “Strange is probably the best person to sit down with.” “Why?”  It got very quiet.  “Guys, I know he’s one of YOU,” they both shook their heads.  “OK, so he has a vastly different fashion style -” Bucky laughed and Sam rolled his eyes.  “What makes either of you think that he’s going to have answers that a regular therapist won’t?”  
I caught the look they shared - the “should we share what we know, or should we let her see it for herself first hand” look.  “He doesn’t JUST dress like a magician, Brooke,” Sam offered, looking very serious given the discussion of a man who wore a cape.  “He really does have access to information that none of us do.”  
“And you really think that he might be able to -”  Bucky tightened his hold on me.  “I told you I’d meet him, Bucky.”  I looked into his steel colored eyes and felt my breath catch.  “I will.”  
“That’s settled,” Sam said, rubbing his hands together.  “When’s the wedding?” 
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houseofbucky · 7 hours ago
To all of the lovely anons who had sent me a request through my form! I got them! I’m working on them! Hopefully I’ll have them all up tonight!!!
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barnestuff · 7 hours ago
soft spot
Tumblr media
summary bucky always has a soft spot for his girl.
pairing biker!bucky x reader
warnings biker!bucky, brief implied violence and blood, fluff, pet names.
a/n have a nice day/night <3 not my gif
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky would avoid letting his guard down as much as possible. Concessions and forgiveness would never help you in bikers world and he knew that better than anyone. He was known to be tough and strict, and he was keeping up with the reputation most of the time.
“You take care of him.” he said to Steve, still looking at the man, laying on the floor in his own blood. Steve nodded slowly and Bucky walked away, ignoring his blood stained knuckles.
Tough and strict.
Except when he was around you.
You and Bucky were as different as you could be. You were the nicest person he has ever met. You were polite to everyone, even to him, a gang leader. You were always gentle with him. You would never pressure him or hurt him. You really cared about him. You were simply just good while Bucky was just, well, Bucky.
“You are sure that this is safe, right, Bucky?” you looked at him with a worried frown between your eyebrows and he chuckled. He was going to give you a ride to work with his bike since your car was under repair. You were wearing the blue helmet he bought especially for you and the sight was making his heart swell.
“Sweetheart, I would never let anything happen to you, you know that. I would never put you in danger.” he said and kissed you.
Yes, it was difficult at first, you were far from an ordinary couple but the challenge only made Bucky love you even more.
Maybe it was just you being different from him but Bucky couldn’t help developing a soft spot for you.
You were already asleep when he came home after midnight. He usually came home early but today he had more complicated things to do. He quickly regretted not coming home earlier when he saw you curled up on the couch, sleeping while some sitcom was playing on the tv. He knew that you were waiting for him, worrying that he wouldn't come back.
He walked up to the couch and smiled at you softly. He slowly lifted you up in bridal style, giving you a kiss on the forehead. He walked to the bedroom, careful not to wake you up. He put you on the bed slowly and put a blanket over you. He kissed your cheek and took off his leather jacket. He was trying to take his shirt off when he heard your voice.
“Bucky?” He quickly turned around to look at you. You were on your elbows, looking at him with sleepy eyes. His eyes softened when he saw your sleepy and confused state, you were looking adorable with your messy hair and puffy eyes.
“Hey, baby.” he whispered, smiling and quickly changed into shorts and a t-shirt. You watched him as he changed and he laid down next to you. He pulled you to his chest gently and kissed your hair, smelling your shampoo.
“I’m sorry. I tried to make it home earlier but I had things to do.” he apologised, feeling guilty about the fact that you fell asleep on the couch, waiting for him.
“It’s okay.” you mumbled sleepily and he knew that it was okay. He couldn’t express how thankful he was for you. You understood him, knew him, loved him and he was beyond happy for it. He knew that it was all going to be okay as long as you were with him.
“I love you so much.” he whispered but still, it wasn’t enough to express how much you meant to him, words were useless when it came to you.
“I love you too, Bucky.”
It wasn’t that bad to have a soft spot. In fact, it was the best thing that ever happened to Bucky Barnes.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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taglist: @multiplums @buckythompsonsousa @stuckysavedmylive @amayatheowl @harrysthiccthighss @justreadingficsdontmindme @bucks-bunny @leyannrae @libraries-and-coffee @buckys2thicc @lil-stark @msmimimerton
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stcveskent · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
illicit affair; steve rogers
pairings: best friends dad! steve rogers x reader (steve is also reader's teacher)
warnings: smut, and kinda fluff (idk you count it) and also, awkardness and tension between the two
request on tumblr
It was raining, it was very unusual, to rain on such a sunny day, but we gotta expect the unexpected. After your lectures you went to a library to get some book for your upcoming test, and it started to rain pretty bad.
So you started walking because your best friend, Melissa, wasn't gonna pick you up. The only place close to this library was Melissa's place, and you decided to go there for a while.
There wasn't any problem except one, Steve Rogers, Melissa's Dad, and also, a professor in your college. It was strange how young he lookef when he was a father of a girl who was your age.
So like usual, you walked to  Melissa's place, and knocked. Again, expect the unexpected. You expected Melissa to great you on the door, but it wasn't, It was Steve Rogers, the handsome, and ridiculously hot man, you had dreams about.
"Y/n? Hey!" He greeted, and you just stopped looking at him.
"Uh—M-Mr. Rogers? Is Melissa here?" You asked, still standing outside, and you were soaking wet, from the rain. He looks at you, from up to down.
"Melissa isn't home." He says, and you nodded.
"Alright, i-i'll leave, see you on Monday, Mr. Rogers—"
"Its still Raining Y/n, i think you should stay here, Melissa would be here soon, don't worry."
"I don't really wanna disturb you, Mr—"
"I can really use your company, Y/n, stay." He says, his voice calm, and demanding, which made you take a deep breath.
"S-sure." You replied as he let you in. You had a huge crush on this man, he was your Teacher, alongside was your best friend's dad. But love is love.
Steve, on the other hand, too had a crush on you, and he always used to backout thinking of his daughter and also, thinking that you were his student, and you probably don't feel the same.
a shiver ran down your body, you were cold, and wet from the rain. This grabbed, Steve's attention, and he looks at you, your arms closely wrapped around your body.
"I'll get you some fresh clothes, and a towel okay? You can go and take a shower, in Mel's room." He offered to you and you nodded, walking upstairs to Melissa's room.
You walked to the bathroom, and stripped down to shower. Warm showers were your favorite during these times. Meanwhile, Steve keeps a pair of fresh clothes, (his clothes) and a towel, while you fresh up, and decided to give you the towel.
He knocks on the bathroom door.
"Is it Mel?" You asked, your voice soft, and he melted when you spoke like that.
"No, Y/n, it's me, Steve, i wanted to give you you go." He says, a weird feeling between the two.
"Mr. Rogers, thank you, uh.." you tried to talk, but couldn't form words. He too was in the same form when he was around you.
"I'll see you, downstairs." He says, before leaving, and closing the bedroom behind him, sighing, pushing his hair upwards, thinking of what's wrong with him, and you do the same.
After getting dressed you walked downstairs, to where he was sitting, with a cup of coffee, near the heater, at how cold it was getting, and so were you, so cold. His attention turns towards you, as you walked in his clothes, his shirt, and his sweats.
"I hope you won't mind wearing these, you know, I don't touch Melissa's closet —" he waits to gather words, but couldn't.
"I-i understand, Mr. Rogers, and thank you for these clothes , they're very comfortable." You thanked him, and he smiles, unable to take his eyes off you.
"Would you like a cup of coffee?" He asked, and you looked at him.
"—yess if it doesn't bothers you." You replied and he shook his head.
"Ofcourse y/n, why would it bother me?" He says and asks at the same time while he walks in the kitchen, getting a cup of coffee ready, for you.
He gives it to you, and sits infront of you, while you're shivering, and he turns the heater to your side.
"So, what were you doing outside?" He asked, and you smiled at him before answering.
"I-i was just getting books from the library for the upcoming test, you know." You answered, and he nodded, and smiled.
"Studying i see, I really am proud of your results Y/n, you did great, the past semester." He appreciated you, and you smiled at him.
"Thank you, Mr. Rogers!"  Just then, Melissa calls him, and he sighs, and picked it up, you take a deep breath, as he answered.
"Melissa, where are you?" He asks, trying to calm his anger and stress towards the fact that his daughter hasn't returned home.
"Dad, I am with jacob! I already told you, now look at how bad it's raining, I won't step or drive." She explains, and he sighs, keeping his free hand on his torso. Your eyes not stuck at him, as he talked.
"Are you planning on staying the night there? Gosh! Y/n's here waiting for you too." He says, and looks at you, and you quickly look away from him.
"Y/n's there? Then you two can give company to each other. Dad, i have to stay the night here, you have to look at the way it's raining today."
"Fine, take care, be back early tomorrow." He says and hangs up, seeing you.
"Mel's not gonna be home tonight, it's raining very bad." He said and you nodded.
"Well, i guess i should leave Mr. Rogers, I-"
"Steve, Call me Steve, no one's around here.." steve said and you nod
"Mr. R—Steve...i think I should leave, see you—"
"Stay here for a while Y/n, its still raining heavily." He insisted, and you couldn't say no to that face ofcourse. He looked like he needed company and even if you get home, you wouldn't do anything, so you wouldn't mind spending time with him.
"Alright, Steve." You said, and he smiles. You sit back, shivering like hell. You were a very cold person, I don't know how should I describe it. But back in the days, you always were found in sweaters or blankets wrapped around you.
"Still cold?" He asked, and you shook your head.
"I am done with my work, would you mind watching a movie? I also have food and i hope you like it." He offers and ofcourse you say yes.
"Ofcourse, Mr.Rogers — i mean Steve." You said and he nods going to the kitchen, getting some snacks, while you get comfortable on the couch.
He comes back, playing some random movie, which you're trying hard to pay attention to, but its getting so hard, because Steve was hella attractive and seeing him with a formal wear, made you go crazy.
He comes closer to you, as you were cold, wrapping you in a blanket, and holds you close to him.
"Mr. Rogers..what are you doing?" You asked pulling away from him.
"Y-you were cold Y/n, i was just trying to help nothing else.." he says and you look away.
"Sorry...i—thank you.." you whispered and he nodded, as he still kept you close to him, it was very difficult to keep the eyes on the tv and watch it or pay attention to it now.
The female lead in the movie kisses the male lead, and it was just getting intense, and your heart was racing, and so was Steve's. This has been the closest he has been to you...and he was losing himself.
You didn't know how, but something came over you, and you looked at him, and he turned to look at you, this was very different.
"Everything ok—" you cut him off by pressing your lips on his. He was shocked but, kissed you back. He now pulled you closer to him, arms freely on your waist, as he pulls you closer. You pull away, resting your head on his, and both of you pant.
"I've wanted that for so long." He says, and you look at him.
"Me too." You replied, kissing him again, now it was so unholy, that he got an idea of. Pulling him closer, tangling your legs on his torso, kissing which was full of teeths and tongues.
He pulls away, looking at you , breathing heavily, and asks you.
"Do you want this, Y/n? Because if you do, fuck i will give it to you, and if not I won't lay a finger on you, ever!" He says and you smile at him.
"Ofcourse i want it." You said, before he kisses you again, you now laying on the couch, he's on top of you. Your hands on the hem of his shirt, as you rip it off him, and smirked at your eagerness.
His hands pull your shirt off, and you both try to get rid of the clothes you were on throwing it on the floor, somewhere, none of you cared about.
He kisses you, on your neck, his fingers roaming around your body, resulting moans falling from your lips, he left marks, just then he picks you up, takes you to his bedroom, not leaving your lips for a second.
The kisses keeps getting hotter, you both fell on the bed, you were on top, but he rolls, and he's on top now.
"I need you!." You whinned.
"I know!." He says, kissing your inner thighs
He goes down and leans to your clit, smirking as he felt your wetness.
"So wet for me, and i've barely touched you." He said and you moaned. His lips attach to your clit and he started licking it slow, and teasing you
"Oh fuck! Steve! Don't tease!!" You moaned and he smirked. He kept doing that until you were close enough for him.
"Baby.." you tried to say and he switched his mouth with his fingers. His eyes starring deeply into yours, and when you moaned, he growled lightly.
"Fuck i'm going to cum!" You said and he kissed you, as you came on his fingers, moaning loudly,arms around his shoulder.
He sucks his fingers clean, and seeing that made you go crazy. I mean he looked like a sex god.
"Baby, you taste so good." He said and you blushed. He smirked looking at you.
"Ready for me baby?" He asked and you nodded. He lines himself at your entrance and pushes into you, gasps and moans leave your mouth. He moans at how tight you were.
"Oh god." You moaned as he started thrusting in you, slowly. Sweating, and moaning was the only things you two do. Steve grunts, as he thrusts again.
"Just like that baby, just like that oh god yes." You moaned, he literally is a sex god, now you were sure
Steve's one hand on the headboard and the other near your body, for his balance. He thrusted harder into you, and your moans and his grunts were loud.
He continued doing that until you both were close, moaning eachother names like its the only thing you know.
"Oh god, i'm gonna cum." You said
"Cum on me, i know you want, give me one more, baby." He said and kissed you, before you screamed, cumming all over his cock, as he moaned at how you clenched around him. He felt how close he was, and then came in you, both of you heavily breathing.
He collapsed next to you, while you tried to catch your breath.
"That..was...amazing!" You said, and he smiles at you.
"I know, now get some rest, i'm not leaving you that early." You said and he kissed you.
Oh boy you were in for a longgg night, and no you weren't complaining. What you & Steve had, was illicit and wrong, but none of you cared because that's what both of you wanted it from so long. You were just worried about facing Melissa, and on the other hand Steve would have felt the same, but for now, none of you care about the future, other than living the present, with each other.
so bad omg😭😭
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agentofbarnes · 8 hours ago
A drabble about Grant and Becca fighting over something and how Bucky handles it, please ❤
sibling squabble — the barnes’
Tumblr media
“Give it back!”Grant screamed from the living area, pulling at Rebecca’s hair. Bucky immediately was on his feet when he realized the kids were fighting. He closed down his work laptop, entering the living room just in time.
Without knowing her own strength, Becca pushed Grant back and he slammed into the way. The little girl’s eyes went wide.
“Rebecca Barnes!”Bucky scolded, going to check Grant for injuries. He seemed fine, just a little scared of his little sister’s strength. He was always consumed with Bucky’s concern, making him cry from pain and worry. Bucky sat him on the couch before turning to Becca.”You know better than that, violence is never the answer and you can’t push people around, look baby, you could have seriously hurt him, you can’ have to be gentle, no everyone is built like me.”
“I didn’t mean too! I just wanted the—“Becca looked down in shame and Bucky picked her up to sit with Grant. She went to go hug him, apologizing profusely with little sobs.
“What was all this about?”Bucky asked with his arms crossed, staring down at his children with a tight frown.
Both Barnes children glanced over by the floor toy bin, and Bucky followed their gazes to this stuffed animal.
It was an old stuffed bear, baby blue with little Captain America shield all over it. It was something you had since way before you had even met Bucky. It had been a gag gift to Steve one Christmas and he had left you the bear with a little note before he left forever.
You had left Grant have it when he turned one, and it was his favorite toy. He couldn’t sleep without it, he adored it. Bucky realized now that Becca seemed to be jealous of the toy.
“Becks, you can’t take your brother’s things, you know he loves that bear,”Bucky told her, already setting his own little plan in motion.”We can just get you your own bear, a stuffed animal that you can cherish like your brother does Cappy.”
“Promise?”Becca asked, sniffling quietly,”Can it be koala?”
Bucky chuckled,”Yes, baby, we do it and we can get a little Captain outfit like Uncle Sam’s, how about that?”
“Yes!”Becca giggled before Bucky went back I to daddy mode.
“But before anyone gets any new toys, I want to make something very clear, you can squabble all you want, but you cannot hit each other. You do that again, I will put you in time out and I will tell mommy.”
“No, not mommy!”Grant gasped, shaking his head.”She’ll get sad!”
“We don’t wanna make mommy upset,”Becca pouted,”Please don’t tell her.”
Bucky nodded,”Fighting helps no one. You guys can always work it out and if you can’t, you come find me and we’ll work it out together.”
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buckysbrattybug · 8 hours ago
Imagine the Winter Soldier being given a little to take care of when he’s not on a mission. She was kidnapped and taken to where he is. He brings her toys and stuffed animals when he returns from missions. She’s extremely little every time he comes home because she’s all alone.
little dove
summary: you’re winter’s little dove. and he’d do anything for you.
w/c: 1k
note: i had a brainwave with this one so i had to start writing it straight away hahah😭 i’ll have another part of the bucky and zemo series out very soon!! and another part of their angel💞
Tumblr media
The first thing that you remember are his eyes.
Those piercing blue eyes boring holes into your very soul; the rest of his face is obscured by a mask, and he stares down at you curiously, as though he’s never seen another living human before.
“Who a-are you?” you stutter through your tears and he cocks his head quizzically, as though he doesn’t have an answer to your question. As you begin to sob even harder, he scoops you up in his arms, sitting you in his lap and shushing you. For a so-called killing machine, he’s so gentle with you. He handles you as though you’re made of porcelain — as though you may break with a single touch.
He’s your only source of comfort, and you cling to him at all times. Except, of course, when he goes on missions. And then you’re left all alone.
You often cry when he’s not with you, because none of this makes sense without him. He’s your only person; he takes care of you and rocks you to sleep at night. He feeds and bathes and kisses you. And the longer he’s gone for, the less able you are to do those things by yourself. You lose the ability to do so much as string a coherent sentence together. You cry for him every waking hour that he’s away, trying your best to soothe yourself with stuffies, but it rarely works. You need him.
And that’s what you’re doing right now — cradling a stuffy in the corner of the cold, concrete cell, rocking back and forth in a desperate attempt to calm yourself.
By the time he returns, you’ve gone completely non-verbal, the only sounds you make being soft whimpers and whines.
“мой принцесса.” he coos quietly, holding his arms out for you; you immediately push yourself up on shaky legs, staggering into his waiting embrace and burying your face into his neck.
My princess.
He’d kill for you. He’d live for you and die for you and do anything in between. You’re the only one he cares about.
“Shhh.” he calms you, letting his unexpected warmth seep into your pores and settle in your bones, tranquility flooding your every nerve. He’s the only thing that can make your brain stop screaming.
“I got you something.” he whispers; he doesn’t often speak English, but he will for you. Because you find it hard to understand him in this small state of mind. You peel your face out of its hiding place to look at him curiously, and he pulls out a pink rabbit stuffy. The fur is soft to the touch and as he hands it to you, you hold it to your chest tightly, inhaling his scent from it.
“Tank you.” you mumble meekly, and he chuckles, carrying you to the hard bed and laying down with you draped across his chest.
“Dada…” you mutter quietly into the fabric of his suit, and he wraps his arms more tightly around you.
“мой маленький голубь.” My little dove.
You fall asleep like that, pressed against his chest with his arms around you, hands curled into his clothes in an attempt to mould yourself into him.
Every time he leaves you, you retreat back into yourself. No matter how many agents come to check on you or assist you when Winter’s gone, you don’t speak. You become a ball of anxiety and worry — anxiety that can’t be calmed until you’re back in your Daddy’s arms.
Generally, you’re so little by the time that he returns that you can barely stand or talk. When you catch sight of him, you cry. The feeling of being back with him is so euphoric that it’s unbearable. Overwhelming. You’re totally dependent on him, your whole being aching when you’re apart. He’s your rock and you’re his little dove.
When he returns from his next mission, you try to walk to him as he’s thrown back into the cell, but you’re so little that your legs give out and you crumple against the cold concrete. Soft sobs overtake your body and you collapse in on yourself, tears streaming down your plump cheeks.
“голубь.” he coos, scooping you into his embrace and holding you tightly as you wrap yourself around him, legs around his waist and arms around his neck, placing desperate kisses to the side of his face, saliva mixing with tears as they trickle first down your face and then his. His rough stubble scratches at your face but you can’t find it in yourself to care, pressing your face further into his as he hoists you up in his hold, carrying you to the bed and sitting you on his lap.
“‘m s-sorry.” you sob into the crook of his neck and he shushes you.
“You’re okay. Shh. Dada’s got you.” he croons, rocking you gently as you weep. You lift your head to look him in the eyes, pushing his hair out of his face and running your thumbs across his cheeks.
“Hi, маленький голубь.” Hi, little dove.
“Hi, Dada.” you giggle through your tears and his lips pull up into an almost smile. Your breath begins to return to normal, your ragged pants ceasing as you press your forehead against Winter’s.
“Clever girl.” he praises, tugging you further into his body.
“M-missed you.” you hiccup quietly and he chuckles. “I lub you.”
“I love you too, принцесса.” He taps his lips gently with his finger and you know what he’s asking immediately. You lean down, planting a kiss to them; he smiles into the kiss and traces his hands lightly down your sides, making you shiver. You whine softly, curving your body away from his hands.
The only time he smiles is when he’s with you. Nothing else makes sense in this life. No one else cares for him as you do; nothing else is worth living for.
His life may be confusing and miserable and painful, but at least he has you. And one day, you’ll get out.
Just him and his little dove.
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uprootbasic · 9 hours ago
Okay so imagine reader having a baby girl and winter knows about it as well and is truely happy. But one night when the baby is crying, the reader and Bucky are deep in sleep because they're exhausted, winter comes out and goes to hold the baby, he just melts into a puddle holding the baby 🥺 and rocking her back to sleep, he just can't get enough of looking at this beautiful little girl 🥺🥺 and he starts crying because he never thought he'd be able to live a life like this🥺🥺🥺
born ready
pairing: Winter x Reader, Winter x ofc!Willow, Bucky Barnes x Winter
warnings: fluff!
a/n: thank you for the request, and I hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
you were a little nervous about how Winter would handle having another person in the house, especially one who requires a lot of attention from both you and Bucky.
but to your surprise, he handled it extraordinarily well. when he'd wake you up a night, it wasn't by playing with your hair. you were often awoken by a metal hand rubbing your belly, and a gruff voice talking quietly to the little girl inside your belly. Willow Rebecca Barnes hadn't even entered the world yet, but she already had her Dada and Papa wrapped around her little finger.
when Willow arrived, nothing changed. he was still gentle, and sweet, holding her as if someone could take her any moment. he was protective of her, and always made sure that she was comfortable. you'd often witness Bucky rolling his eyes and sighing because Winter would be incessantly telling him to check on Willow while she was sleeping and to make sure she was breathing.
Willow was 3 weeks old now, and was finally starting to sleep through the night. of course, she'd wake up every so often, needing a feeding or a diaper change, but other than that, she would sleep the night, which relieved both you and Bucky. being Avengers and parents weren't life styles that meshed well, but Willow made it easier to handle.
Winter opened his eyes at the distressed crying coming through the monitor on his bedside table. he glanced at the clock briefly, and read the 2:10 am in red letters. the crying ceased briefly, a sneeze coming out, then the crying starting again. Winter glanced over at you, but you were still fast asleep. he pulled himself out of bed, and walked to the nursery that was located just across the hallway.
the cries grew louder as Winter walked closer to the crib. he reached inside and unzipped the sleep sack. he pulled Willow out gently, reminding himself to support her tiny little head. her pink and white onesie covered arms were flailing around as she was placed on Winters chest. the cries quieted down slightly, but picked up again when he laid her down on the change table. he unzipped her onesie, and watched as her once warm torso recoiled at the cool air around them.
"это нормально возлюбленная." he said in Russian, the language coming to him easier than English at the moment. "папа будет быстро." her crying quieted slowly, and she stared up intently at him, as if she understood the Russian. which, she most likely could. he had been speaking in Russian to her since the moment he met her, and he knew that Bucky would tell her things from him, also in Russian, when he was inside.
you had mentioned something once about raising her in both English and Russian, to give her an advantage over other children, and also be able to communicate with Winter, or Papa, who spoke mainly Russian. being able to speak to his daughter in the language he was taught made him immensely happy. despite how easily you and Bucky spoke English, he just couldn't quite grasp it, and often mixed the two. if Willow was raised with both, he could speak to her without a worry, and that made him feel safe.
he removed the soiled diaper from underneath her, and replaced it with a clean one after wiping her off. he fastened the diaper, and placed her moving legs back inside the onesie before zipping it up once more. he disposed of the dirty diaper, and picked he now quiet Willow up. he carried her over to the rocking chair that sat in the corner of the room. he laid her small body on his chest that was covered in a sweatshirt, and rubbed her small back with his flesh hand. when he first met her, he hid the metal one from her, not wanting to scare his daughter. but, he lifted it up to brush some hair out of his face, and she let out the tiniest coo, her eyes locked on the glinting metal. he brought a finger into her line of sight, and she reached a hand out, her fingers barely wrapping around his vibranium forefinger.
Willow moved her head around slightly until her eyes found the metal hand. her own hand reached out for it, and Winter instantly obliged. he'd made the decision the second he'd laid eyes on her that anything Willow wanted, Willow would get. you didn't like that, but you knew it was a fruitless argument after trying to speak to the both of them. Bucky and Winter were upset, and their speeches ending up getting slurred together, a mix of English and Russian with a hint of Romanian that made zero sense because Bucky and Winter were making two completely different arguments. you'd given up after that, and just hoped that she wouldn't turn out completely spoiled.
Willow sucked the finger into her mouth, completely disregarding the pacifier that was attached to her onesie with a clip in favour of the vibranium. her eyes drifted up to Winter's and he gave her a smile.
"я люблю тебя мой цветок," he whispered, a tear coming to his eye as he stared down at his little girl. the little girl that he never thought he'd have. as she drifted off to sleep atop him, he glanced around the room. there were pictures of both him and Bucky (labeled of course) holding her for the first time sitting on the dresser next to her changing pad, and it made him think of the life he'd been given by Bucky.
Bucky always used to talk to him about escaping and giving them both a fair chance at life. he'd talk about them hiding in Romania, Japan, China, even some place called Monte Carlo that he refused to believe was an actual place. he'd talk about maybe finding a girl who would accept the both of them, and allow him to be a person, rather than just the ruthless killing machine he was made to be. Bucky would talk to him, in that cold dark cell, and remind him that nothing that Winter ever did, was his fault. that he wasn't what they made him to be, and that one day he would see that.
more tears poured down his face as he gazed down at Willow, and realized that everything Bucky had said was true. she wasn't the Winter Soldier anymore. his name might be Winter, but that didn't make him the Winter Soldier. he wasn't a ruthless killing machine incapable of love. he was fully capable of love, capable of loving something so little and pure. he was capable of being a father, and being a person, no matter what HYDRA had told him.
the last thought he had before drifting off to sleep, Willow safe and secure in his arms, was that he was so thankful for you. for giving him a chance when he didn't deserve it, for letting him be a person, but most importantly, giving him the little girl in his arms that was his.
Tumblr media
Bucky was awoken the next morning by a small cough coming from his chest. he opened his eyes, and looked around, trying to figure out his surroundings. once he realized he was in the nursery, he looked down at Willow who was still snuggled into his chest, her hands curled up and tucked underneath her.
Bucky ran his hand through the small wisps of hair on her head, and pressed a kiss to her head as she cooed in her sleep. it washboard for him to believe that he was actually here. him and Winter were free, and were loved. Bucky had always promised Winter that they would get out of there, and that they'd find someone who loves them for who they are, and they have.
Bucky relaxed back against the rocking chair to allow Willow to rest a while longer, and bit his lip in excitement when he realized that today was the day Winter would get his own body, although Winter didn't know that yet.
Winter deserved his own body, especially now that he had a daughter, a daughter that deserved to know both her fathers.
Tumblr media
"это нормально возлюбленная." it’s okay sweetheart
"папа будет быстро." papa will be quick
"я люблю тебя мой цветок," i love you my flower
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deaan · 9 hours ago
Staying In
Part 1
Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader
Summary: You and your boyfriend Bucky are stuck together in your apartment during quarantine.
This one's about not wanting to work anymore (screw wfh)
Words: 523
Warnings: fluffy, soft!dom and domestic!Bucky vibes, your teeth will rot and I need a man like this
A/N: repost of my own with a few changes ;) can be read as standalone // dividers by @firefly-graphics // hope you like it Xx
Main Masterlist • Marvel Masterlist
Staying In Masterlist
Tumblr media
Bucky raised his eyebrows when he heard you come out of the study, stand there for a moment and sigh almost inaudibly before going back for the fourth time that day.
He was sitting in the lounge chair in your living room, reading The Alchemist. If it wasn’t for his super soldier senses, he wouldn’t even have been able to pick up your light footsteps or the frustrated groans. But he didn’t want to alert you by any sudden movements, he knew you would come to him on your own.
Thirty minutes went by before you reappeared, this time with your water bottle and went directly to the kitchen to fill it. 
You were trying your hardest to not bother him, that much he had discerned. Like every time before, your steps stopped exactly prior to the turn to the hallway which led to the other rooms in the apartment.
Bucky placed a bookmark between the pages and closed the novel quickly, keeping it on the table beside him and then looked directly in your eyes which had widened in surprise.
You chuckled nervously at being caught and waved at him, about to retreat into the study room once more, but he said, “Stop. C'me back here.”
You gulped like a child who was in trouble and trudged to where he was sitting, putting your bottle on the floor. He opened his arms and you promptly fell into them, savouring the warmth and comfort he exuded. 
Bucky’s bionic arm wrapped around your waist with his human one brushing his fingers through your hair as you straddled him.
“Wanna tell me what’s wrong?” Bucky softly inquired. 
“I don’t wanna work.” came your reply, voice muffled into the wool of his sweater. “Why did I let Tony talk me into doing the reports?” You whined. 
“Well, I think it was you who asked him to give you something to do, in your exact words, ‘to maintain your sanity’ -”
“It was a rhetorical question, Buck.” You grumbled. 
“Okay.” He chuckled. “Why don’t you take a nap?”
You shook your head, leaning back a bit so that you could look at him properly.
“A power nap becomes thirty minutes, then I end up sleeping for four hours straight.”
“A break?” Bucky proposed.
“Hm,” you hummed as you fiddled with the hem of his sweater. “But I don’t have the energy to get a chore done and my eyes feel too strained to even scroll through Instagram.”
“How about I read to you then?” He offered.
“Sounds good,” you shifted so that your head was on his shoulder, your back to his chest and your smaller frame fitting perfectly into his. 
Bucky picked up The Alchemist again, starting from page one. 
“The boy’s name was Santiago. Dusk was falling as the boy arrived with his heard at an abandoned church. The roof had fallen in long ago-” Each of his words reverberated through his chest and into your skin, lulling you.
He felt your heart become slow a couple of minutes later, a soft snore escaping your lips, and he glanced down to see that you had fallen asleep, a smile forming on his lips at the sight. 
Part 2 Coming Soon
Tumblr media
I’d love to hear what you think of it! Please like, reblog and comment to let me know Xx
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