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#winter soldier fic
avenging-fandoms · 2 hours ago
bucky waking up from a nightmare and all he keeps saying is “don’t leave me, please don’t leave me” as he holds you so tight
Tumblr media
the winter soldier stomped around the hall, pointing his gun at people and pulling the trigger. people fled with pleas and screams, ducking with every shot. the winter soldier scanned the room, spotting the person he was told to find. 
the winter soldier skipped steps as he ran up the stairs, standing in place as he rose his hand slowly, cocking the gun. all he saw was the back of their head, and he stepped closer, slower. the winter soldier pressed the gun against the back of the person’s head, and they slowly turned around. 
you stood in silence as the barrel of the gun pressed against your forehead, staring up into his eyes. the winter soldier’s eyes flickered in between yours, gripping the trigger with his index finger slowly. you shut your eyes and the winter solider pulled the trigger. 
bucky woke up with a loud sob, his breathing jagged and shoulders shaking as he sobbed. you sat up with him, rubbing his back and scooting closer to him. your fingers ran through his hair, pulling his head to your shoulder. bucky’s arms wrapped tightly around your body, crying into your neck. 
“don’t leave me, please don’t leave me. please.. please..” he whispered, sniffling and letting out a sob. “don’t leave me, yn, please, don’t leave”
“i’m not going any where, bucky, i’m with you forever and a day. i’m not going any where, baby” you kissed his forehead softly a couple times, whispering the same words against his head. 
bucky finally calmed down and you two laid back down, your nails softly drawing pictures into his back. your other hand rested on his cheek, thumb rubbing over his skin. bucky didn’t loosen his grip on you, scared to close his eyes in case he saw what he had a nightmare about. 
“do you want something to eat? watch something? music?” you offered everything bucky enjoyed, but he just shook his head. his head snuggled deeper into your neck, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly.
“i just want you to hold me, yn. please don’t leave me” he whispered, a tear running down the side of his face and landing on your skin. 
“i’ll never leave you, bucky. it’s me and you against the world” you kissed his forehead and put on your relaxing music playing, humming along and bucky fell asleep to the vibrations, your warmth, and your words replaying in his head. ‘i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you. i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you’ 
you turned off the music when you heard bucky snoring, holding him as you fell back asleep yourself with your cheek on top of his head. you were what bucky always needed, and he never wanted to let you go, and you never wanted to let him go either. 
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Ya know what I'd like in a SamBucky fix it Fic of sorts? Mama Darlene being the voice of reason for her two hopeless romantic idiots.
Can someone make this happen for me? I'd love you forever.
Sooo Uhh calling all Fic writers?
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underwhelmingalchemist · 6 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel) Additional Tags: Bucky's staring problem, Staring, Fluff, Domestic Fluff, Original Locations, Delacroix - Freeform, First Dates, Falling In Love, sort of canon compliant, TFATWS SPOILERS, Smut, Fluff and Smut, Porn with Feelings, Betaed, Bookstore Date, bucky barnes is a nerd, mild LOTR references, Bucky Barnes Needs a Hug, Bucky Barnes Gets a Hug, bucky in Delacroix Summary:
Sam realizes that he's falling in love with Bucky. What's more, Bucky might be falling in love with him. Or at least that's what he's reading in his eyes.
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mayraki · 8 hours ago
✧ chapter four: fire is catching - b. barnes x oc series ✧
Tumblr media
-> captain-james’ gif
Tumblr media
‘let’s play fire with fire’ series masterlist
my masterlist
summary: the night continues so sam, bucky and sera deal with the big man on his big throne. but when their mission doesn’t go according to plan, blood ends up spilling on the floor as their little team starts to fall apart.
warnings: graphic descriptions about blood.
Tumblr media
“Where do you think you’re going?” A tall man with his deep voice asked while putting his hand on Sera’s shoulder as soon as she walked in front of him with the intention to walk inside the VIP area.
Sera, who had her veins still pounding from her fight with Bucky moments earlier, she moved the man’s hand away and looked at him dead in the eyes. “Dude, I’m not in the mood for this so you better fuck off.”
“Excuse me?”
Sera nodded with a smile. “Oh, you heard me.”
“Hey, hey.” Sam appeared from her back trying to calm the situation down like he always did. But before he could let out another word, the big guy on his boy throne spoke while he had three girls around him.
“What is going on with that girl, Jack?”
Sera moved her head to the side to be able to see the guy on the eyes. “We just need to talk to you!”
The man let out a big laugh soon joined by the girls next to him, which lead to Sera feeling her chest being filled with anger and hotness. “And why would I do that, sweetheart? What makes you think a man like me would want to talk to a girl like... you?” He grabbed one of the girls he had next to him and quickly moved her on top of his lap. Disgusted by this man, Sera clenched her jawline and rolled her eyes. “Unless, is not exactly talking what you want to do with me.” The man let out a grin as Sera tilted her head to the side and squinted her eyes when a thought crossed her mind.
Bucky took a step closer angrily but soon stopped once he saw from the corner of his eye the little smile forming on Sera’s lips. “No, you’re right. It’s not talking what I want to do.” As soon as she said those words she opened her eyes normally and felt the hot air going through them.
Sam and Bucky looked at her and carefully watched her moves. But she wasn’t moving a single muscle from her body. Sam, noticing this and her silence, walked to be next to Sera and locked at her eyes. Followed soon by Bucky, but to her other side.
“Careful, now.” Sam said softly. “Just to get us in.”
Bucky heard Sam’s words and furrowed his eyebrows confused still looking at Sera and her red eyes. But before he could let out a word the man letting out a big scream in pain made him turn to him and see how he was grabbing his head as he was kneeled down on the floor.
“Sr? Sr? Are you alright?” The big man quickly walked towards him to try and take him off the floor worryingly. But soon after, the man stopped grabbing his head and quickly looked up with terror in his eyes.
“Just to get us in.” Sera said softly looking at how the man struggled to get up. The girls around him stepped back as they were grabbing each others arms.
As Bucky’s eyes were seeing everything that was happening in front of him, his thoughts about her were slowly coming together. She and her powers were still a mystery to him, the more he spent time with her the more he found out. And this time, he had one thing to add to the list: her saying “I can burn everything that’s on your mind without moving a finger” wasn’t a lie after all.
“Everyone out!” The man yelled after regaining his feet on the floor and started to push everyone out of the way. “Now!” His loud tone could be heard on top of the music gaining some looks from the people dancing. Proudly walking inside that tiny VIP area, Sam, Sera and Bucky stood in front of the man as he sat down once again on his throne, trying to gain his confidence and thoughts back. “Seraphina Thompson. I’ve heard stories about you... I should’ve guessed you were going to come here.”
“And why is that?” Sera asked as she crossed her arms around her chest.
“My name is Zaha and I’m a smart man. Enough to know that I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. And for that, I am truly sorry.”
“You know where you can stick your apology-”
“Sera.” Sam stopped her gaining her eyes on him. “We’re not here to get ourselves into trouble, remember? We just want to talk.” Sera rolled her eyes and went silent, letting Sam take over the conversation. “We need to talk about a guy that calls himself The Red Wolf.”
“I’m sorry. But what makes you think I know about him?”
“Rumours has is that one of his guys worked here for you, and we need to know if you’ve seen or heard about him.”
“I’m sorry... but I don’t. I’ve never heard that nickname before.” Sera squinted her eyes and took a deep breath in, noticing the guy moving uncomfortably on his seat.
“You sure about that?” Bucky said and for the looks of it, he seemed to have caught the same thing as Sera.
“Yes, I am sure. Otherwise I don’t know why I would hide information from you guys.”
“You call yourself smart but you lie about having information,” Bucky said “and I don’t think that’s very smart of you, Mr. Zaha.”
“I’m not lying.”
“Oh, I think you are.” Sera spitted out. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be moving in your seat nervously like you’re doing right now. If you don’t have anything to hide, then don’t be nervous.”
“Oh, I think he is very nervous.” Bucky agreed, getting closer to Zaha.
He crossed his legs to hide his heart beating faster but unlucky for him, nothing passes unnoticed for Sam, Bucky and Sera.
“Nervous like a little chihuahua.” Sam said jokingly. “Shaking like you need to pee right now. Do you need to pee Mr. Zaha? Or that brain of yours is hiding something important and that’s why you’re shaking like a little baby?”
“I think is the second option, Sam,” Bucky said firmly “so you better be smart about this.”
It was obvious that Zaha was caught off guard and didn’t expect to face someone like them on that night. Sera knew that he was a man that liked to be feared and not the one being threatened, so trying to gain control of the situation he let out a grin and tilted his head slowly to the side. “And you are, Mr...?”
“You don’t want to find out.” Bucky said quickly, not wanting to deal with Zaha’s twisted mind.
“Not to be rude or anything,” Zaha said slowly while while pointing at Bucky with his long finger “but why are you the one with the job of intimidation?” He let out a grin and then slowly turned towards Sera, who furrowed her eyebrows angrily. “Don’t you two think that is better to use the girl with fire in her eyes?”
Before Sam or Sera could say anything, Bucky quickly walked towards Zaha and punched the side of his throne making a loud noise once his hands touched the sit and for Zaha to lock eyes with him and regain the fear on his eyes.
“Don’t look at her, look at me.” Bucky said firmly with his jaw clenched and his killing eyes on Zaha. “You better speak and tell us what you know because you don’t want to be on my bad side.”
Sera noticed his big arms under that black jacket he had and felt how her stomach turned once the need of touching them appeared on her mind. Unintentionally, she widen her eyes at the surprise of Bucky feeling angry once again. But this time, Sera wasn’t angry too, this time she felt the hotness growing inside of her as the butterflies were going crazy inside of her stomach. He looked attractive and her mind wasn’t going to let it pass.
So lost in her thoughts, Sera didn’t notice the metal arm showing once Bucky moved closer to Zaha. Before she could do something about it, Zaha moved his eyes towards it since it made a different noise than the other hand. Realising the dark grey color Bucky had on his arm, his eyes went wide open as his back touched the back of his seat, clearly intimidated of what he had in front of him.
“You’re the winter soldier... and you” Zaha turned to Sam, immediately recognising him “you’re the falcon.” Bucky stepped back as Zaha was going back and forth between them all with shook in his eyes. “Seraphina Thompson with the falcon and the winter soldier?”
“Now you see the trouble you’re in?” Sam said nodding his head.
“I knew... The Red Wolf.” Zaha said finally after a couple of seconds and looking down at the floor. “He used to make his reunions here.”
“Why used to?” Sera asked.
“I don’t know. He suddenly stopped needing the place. I- I never stepped inside one of his meetings because he didn’t allow it.” He looked up waiting for one of them to talk but receiving not words he sighed and shook his head. “He is a very dangerous man. And has so many people behind him- even I was impressed. I knew who he was but I never knew or tried to understand what he was planning to do. To be quite honest, I was terrified, truly terrified, when he came here I moved myself out of the way. He once asked me to give one of his men a job here so I did. And that’s it. So, I’m sorry but I can’t help you more.”
“So you let a man have his meetings here for a long time but you don’t know anything about him?” Bucky asked. “It sounds like bullshit.”
“Sera do you smell that?” Sam asked and Sera quickly smelled the air and nodded. “Bullshit.”
“It’s not! I’m telling you the truth.”
“Sounds to me like you’re a coward.” Bucky let out slowly as he was getting closer.
Noticing his eyes on Bucky’s metal arm, Sera let out a tiny grin and slightly tilted her head to the side. “What? Afraid of a little metal arm?”
Bucky let his hands rest on the side of his chair to get his face closer to his, feeling the fear growing inside of Zaha. “Talk.”
“That’s all I-”
“Talk, before you make me lose my patience.”
“I’m being serious! That’s all I know!”
Bucky said something else but Sera didn’t hear it. As soon as he said his next words Sera felt how they slowly faded away as the electricity ran through her veins. She closed her eyes feeling her eyes burn and her throat feeling up with hot air.
“Sam-” She said almost in a whisper but it was enough since Sam worryingly turned to her and quickly walked towards her to grab her shoulder.
“Sera? Are you alright?” He asked but as soon as she locked eyes with him, he understood.
“Something’s wrong.” The second she said those words the sound of a bullet entering the room his their ears and soon ended up inside Zaha’s head, immediately making his body to fly backwards as the blood was pouring from his forehead and slowly covering the floor around him.
Realising what just happened, Bucky turned around to lock eyes with Sera. But when another thing caught his eyes, he immediately ran towards her as the sound of bullets being shot hit his ears. Without hesitating, Bucky covered her body and lifted his metal arm to stop any bullet quickly flying her way.
As Sam threw himself out of the way, Sera closed her eyes once Bucky turned her to the side and with strength pushed her against the wall to cover themselves from the thousands of bullets going their way.
Ignoring the pain Sera was feeling on her back from hitting the wall, she locked eyes with Bucky who seemed to have glued himself in front of her. Their eyes were locked to each other with no intention to move them away. Their faces were so close that their chests would almost touch the moment they filled their lungs with air. Sera widen her eyes at the realisation that Bucky just saved her body from ending covered in bullets.
Even if the loud noises around them were still going, Bucky and Sera didn’t take their eyes away from each other, until Sam quickly ran towards them to cover his body the same way Sera and Bucky were doing.
“Would you two mind stopping with the whole staring thing and help me?! Because I don’t think Mr. Zaha has the intention to do so now!” Sam yelled after taking the gun out of the back of his jeans and trying to hit anyone that had the intentions to kill them.
Going back to reality and what was happening next to her, Sera moved Bucky out the way the moment he took out the guy he had on his back. Feeling the fire on her fingertips grow Sera moved her feet towards the bullets and ignored the big yell of her name coming out of Bucky’s mouth. Lifting her hands to her side the second her eyes turned red, a wall fire started growing in front of her making the bullets towards her, Sam and Bucky melt the instant they touched the burning wall Sera had created.
Bucky seeing what Sera was doing and the second he took off the shook out of his face, he ran towards Sam who was now standing next to the wall of fire with his chest going quickly up and down. He turned to look at Bucky who was still surprised at the way Sera and her red eyes were handling the situation, something that he had never seen anyone do before.
The sound of the melted bullets hitting the floor were now hitting their ears. “I guess she can do a little more than turn into a torch.” Bucky said with his eyes locked on her. When the bullets stopped going through the wall, Bucky lifted his gun ready to face whatever was coming even if it felt like Sera had everything covered. And she did.
Without waiting another second, moving her hands to the ceiling she closed them into fists to feel the burning sensation growing inside her palm. Her chest was filled with hot air as the smoke was quickly coming out of her skin. Silence surrounded the room, but then, quicker as another bullet trying to get through, Sera opened her hands and with a loud noise left the fire of the wall fly like a pheonix towards the man with big guns trying to kill them, making them all fly toward the wall and end up unconscious on the floor, with nothing more than empty gun and burning marks on their skins.
Feeling her hands going back to normal, she turned around to Sam and Bucky who were standing behind her with their eyes locked on the guys at the floor with furrowed eyebrows. Sera did a little smile and shrugged her shoulders once she gained their eyes on her, doing a thumbs up and nodding. “We’re cool now.” She said before turning around and leaving the VIP area to join the now empty dance floor.
“Yeah, more than a torch.” Sam said softly before leaving a confused and still surprised Bucky behind.
“Now what?” Sera asked once she had her two partners by her side on that empty room with lights going all sorts of crazy.
Before Sam or Bucky could say anything, the sound of a door opening hit their ears letting them notice the now four guys with big guns going their way. “I guess is fighting those assholes.” Sam said before they all ran towards a big white column to hide their bodies behind it.
Expecting to hear more bullets going their way, Sera made her hands burn making fire grow out of them, but before she could move her hands to her side, a big ball of fire hitting the side of the column made them all jump backwards as both Bucky and Sam looked at a very confused Sera.
“What the fuck was that?!” Bucky asked.
“Did they cloned you or some shit?!” As Sam asked that questions, Sera looked at her hands glowing and spitting fire, she closed her eyes the second an ugly old memory game back to her head.
“Can’t be.” She said moving her head to the side to have a better look at the men with black suits and big guns on their hands. But they weren’t normal guns... they were white and were as big as their whole torsos combined. It had red lines on each side that Sera knew they glow everytime they charged. The little sound of fire it made when it threw the ball fire hit Sera’s ears once again making her move Sam and Bucky out of the way by pushing them and hitting their backs to the wall by their left.
“What is that and where can I get one!?” Sam asked when another fire ball hit the white and big column.
“It’s a fire arm!” Sera yelled moving the fire growing towards them.
“Yeah no shit, Sera!” Bucky yelled putting off the little ball of fire by his side with his foot. “What do we do now?”
“We need to make a plan!” Sam yelled. “Bucky go left and I go right while Sera stops the fire-!” He was yelling but then shut his mouth when Bucky and Sera completely ignored what he was saying and started to walk towards the big guns throwing fire. “Why the hell did you ask?!” Sam asked but then went back to the wall once another ball of fire went his way.
“This fucking shoes!” Sera yelled feeling the pain on her toes and ankles the second after she moved the fire going towards her and Bucky by her side.
“Give them to me.” Bucky said and without questioning it, Sera lifted her foot and took of the heel and handed the two pairs of shoes to Bucky. As her eyes were slowly following Bucky’s move, she saw how he moved his metal arm backwards and how the shoe left his hand the second his hand passed his head.
Without giving Sera a moment to react, her other shoe was already flying towards another man, ending up inside his eye. Sera’s eyes were seeing how the blood started to pour out of their eyes as slowly as a tear going down their cheeks. “I always knew you could use a heel as a weapon.” Sera said surprised. But that tiny moment didn’t last long since she felt another ball of fire going her way. Lifting her hands to her side she quickly stopped it and pushed it away, making a big explosion and taking down the other men in front of her in the process.
Bullets hitting her ear Sera turned to her side and noticed Sam behind the counter trying to hit the man now going towards him. With quick steps, Bucky walked passed her ready to take the man down. Seeing how the gun he had on his hands was glowing, Bucky stopped with the intention to move to the side and avoid the big ball of fire wanting to burn him. But before it even had the chance, the second it was out of the big white gun, the big ball of fire quickly moved backwards like someone pushed it, making the man fly backwards and hit the wall behind him.
Bucky turned back to see Sera with a little smile on her face as her eyes were slowly going back to normal. “Uno reverse card, bitch.” She said as she was getting closer to Bucky and Sam, who were now standing side by side.
“Having fun?” Sam asked out of breath while Sera was barely different from when the fight started.
“Is it wrong if I say yes?” She answered cheekily. Eating the laugh that came out of Sera’s mouth, the front door opened letting them see another man entering with, this time, an ever bigger weapon. “Holy shit.” Sera said with shook in her eyes.
“Still having fun?” Bucky asked gaining a mean look from Sera.
Without giving them a second to breathe, another big ball of fire was flying towards them but Sera moving in front of Bucky and Sam lifted her hands into the air and quickly stopped it. Feeling the fire inside of her hands and her eyes burning with desire, she pushed the fire towards the wall by her side making a big loud noise in the process.
Punches were being thrown out, bullets flying as well as fire growing each second around Bucky, Sam and Sera. Neither of them expected to end the night like that, or even why they were in that situation to begin with.
After moving another ball fire going her way, feeling her arms getting tired she moved to the side and let her back rest on the wall as the bullets leaving their guns was hitting her ears. She slightly moved her head to see better what was happening as she heard Sam yelling for Bucky. They needed her. She felt her heart beating faster as she saw how Bucky and Sam were struggling to keep up the fight. Her breathing was going quicker as the sound around her was fading away and her sight was becoming blurrier. Her fingertips felt the burning sensation as her eyes wanted to close. But trying her hardest, she moved towards Sam and Bucky to lift her hands and enter the fire about to burn them into her body.
The scene in front of her getting blurrier and blurrier as the seconds were passing, seeing the fire around her and being thrown at her became even more harder. She didn’t know what was happening or how to stop it. Moving her head side to side to see if Bucky and Sam were alright, she felt how her heart wanted to jump out of her chest. Bucky was struggling when three men were grabbing his arm with strength. Sam, by her other side, was still hiding behind the counter trying to move himself out of the way were fire was growing everywhere around him.
With the intention to move, Sera tried to lift her foot but it felt like it was heavier than ever. The pain in her legs turned into feeling like she was glued to the floor down her. The burning on her hands was stronger but nothing seemed to want to come out of it as her eyes hurt like something had stabbed them a second ago. Her head was pounding while she noticed the noise around her was slowly fading away. No bullets, no fire, no voices but complete silence... until she felt something grabbing her neck and pulling her to the ground as she felt an electric sensation against her neck making her breathing cut short and her eyes to fully close, stopping her from feeling anything else and fall unconscious on the floor.
Bucky’s foot quickly flew towards one of the guys’ knee making him quickly fall into the ground. Able to free himself from one of them, he threw his head backwards to hit the guy behind him in the forehead. Having one guy left, he just lifted his hand and quickly punched the guy in the face, leaving three men now in the floor next to him. Wanting to look for his friends, Bucky looked up and noticed Sam trying to fight a man but quickly shooting him to the ground. Nodding once they locked eyes with each other, with the same intention they both looked around looking for the third member of their team. But once they both saw the same thing, it made their quick feet ran towards a Sera laying on the floor with four men around her. But before any of them could make another move, a strange electric feeling hit their skin making them soon fall to the floor.
Feeling his body shake against the floor, Bucky’s eyes were still glued to Sera as his heart dropped to his stomach. “Sera!” He tried to yell but it came out nothing more than a loud whisper with so much pain in it.
“Look at you.... the winter soldier.” Bucky heard with a joking tone as he was laying in the floor. “What a pity.” Soon after a sound of someone spitting by his side hit his ears and then steps moving away.
As her skin was moving uncomfortably on the floor, he managed to keep his eyes on Sera. The way that a man grabbed her body and lifted her on his shoulders like she was bag of some sort, made his inside burn with anger. He felt how his heavy body was starting to hurt him and getting tired the more he spent on the floor with his eyes stuck on one side of the room.
“What are you gonna do now, Winter Soldier?” A guy yelled kneeling down before letting out the biggest laugh ever, shaking the walls around him. “We’re going to have fun with her. Don’t worry.” He said after getting up and letting out another smile seeing how Bucky still couldn’t get up from the floor.
Following the men with his eyes, Bucky felt how his brain was screaming at him to move and save her. But nothing seemed to be working, the electric feeling against his skin was still shaking his body slowly and keeping anything else from hearing the commands his brain was yelling.
Shaking Sera jokingly, the man that just talked to Bucky turned her head and said something that Bucky couldn’t hear. There was nothing he could do about it, they were taking her God knows where and were planning on doing terrible things to her while Bucky couldn’t even get up to try and save her. He felt useless while the pain inside of him was growing as they were taking Sera further and further away out of the building.
Suddenly, when he gain full attention of his heart beating faster he immediately felt something falling from his eyes towards his cheek. He tensed his teeth together while the pain became tighter around his chest and heart. His breathing was cutting short when the air became thicker around him. Closing his eyes when he heard the front door closing and seeing that Sera was no longer inside the building, hearing his breathing was the only thing he could hear next. The thick air, his heavy stomach and the pain inside his chest were growing each second that was passing as a single tear drop was going down his cheek. She was gone. They took her and Bucky couldn’t save her. That was just... it.
A strong headache appeared on Sera’s head the second she opened her eyes and the white strong light troubled her eyes. She squinted them as they were wondering around the room. It was as white as the light itself and had nothing but the chair she was sitting on and a giant black window in front of her. A tight feeling around her wrist made her realize that she was wrapped at the chair as well as her ankles. The coldness on her neck and being unable to move her head far backwards, she noticed a thick metal necklace covering her neck with a red light that would turn on and off constantly.
The memories before she closed her eyes were slowly coming to her the more she found herself in that room. The fire around her, her burning eyes and... her blurry sight. She still didn’t understand why she felt like that and why couldn’t she control herself. Her heavy body was now gone but she still felt a slightly electric feeling on her neck.
With the intention to move her fingers to feel the burning sensation in them, she took her full attention towards them, but as soon as she tried the white giant door by her left side quickly opened to let her see that ugly face she hated seeing.
“Jackson.” She said angrily as he let out a tiny smile once he closed the door behind him. He had his same long red coat and brown shiny boots. It didn’t matter to the old man that he had a powerful woman like Sera under his power, he still took the time to look good. “I should’ve guessed it was you.”
“Why?” Jackson asked while slowly walking towards her with his hands behind his back. “Because I am the only one who can defeat you?”
“No,” Sera quickly nodded as a grin started to grow on her lips “because I can smell the rotten fish from here.”
Instead of saying something back, Jackson just let out a tiny smile and got even closer to her face. Seeing every detail on his eyes, Sera felt the blood in her veins move faster as his lips were becoming even more into a bigger smile. “Nice to see you again, Sera. And not with those two.”
“Where are they?” She asked moving her body towards him making a loud noise as the chair moved with her.
Seeing how Sera clenched her jawline and the anger Jackson loved so much to see in her eyes, he moved backwards and let out yet another smile. “You really care about them... don’t you?” Not wanting to get an answer from her, Jackson took another step closer and added: “One thing at a time, dear, one thing at a time.”
“Yeah, and the first thing I’ll do is burn everything to the ground.”
“Ah. There she is. I missed you.” Jackson grabbed her chin with strength taking her head backwards as her eyes were burning with anger while looking at him. “But you need to be careful with what you do, dear. I want you to see something. You’re going to love it.” With the same strength as he was holding her, he let go of her chin making her move her head to the side and immediately feel the pain on her skin the moment he let go.
Following Jackson with her eyes, she noticed how his hand went inside his pocket and slowly took out a small controller with a bunch of different color buttons on it. “See this? This, can do a lot of things.” He arrived next to the window and let out a tiny smile while pointing at the blackness next to him. “First of all...” he pressed a button and Sera saw how it quickly turned the lights from the other room. Being the light so bright, Sera squinted her eyes and looked down trying to cover her eyes from the strong and bright light.
But when curiosity became even stronger than the pain she was feeling, she looked up and immediately widened her eyes. The moment she saw those blonde hairs and those green eyes her heart dropped to her stomach. “Angela.” Sera whispered making her throat hurt. Red scratches covered her lips and arms making Sera feel some tears fighting to come out. Her heavy dark bags under her eyes made it seem like she hadn’t slept for days.
Angela, being kneeled down on the floor with chains covering her wrists, looked up and made her face and body even more visible. Realising the shook in her eyes, Sera noticed that she could see her when they both locked eyes with each other. Her skinny lips turned into a smile as soon as her eyes realised that the person she was looking at was Sera, but then noticed Jackson standing in the other room as well, she erased it and rolled her eyes moving her scratched body to the side.
Feeling the anger and pain of seeing her friend all hurt grew inside of her as her fingertips were staring to feel their burning in them. A slight noise hit the room as Sera filled her lungs with fire and tried to free herself, but before she could let anything out, she felt a strong electric shook in her neck, making her body go back to normal and let out nothing but smoke out.
“And that, my dear, is the second thing this controller does. See that fashionable necklace I gave you? Yes, this little thing does the trick but, oh boy, that is the thing that could destroy you. So, if I were you, I would check my options and keep those beautiful fingertips still. We don’t want your sight to her blurry again before you fall on the floor, do we?”
“What do you want?” Sera asked with a firm tone once her neck recovered from the electric shook.
“What do I want?” Jackson asked getting closer to Sera. “I want you, of course.”
“Yeah...” He said softly. “To help me, of course. Like you did years ago.”
“I’m not that same person I was years ago, so fuck off.”
“Oh, language, please.” Jackson said disgusted arriving closer to Sera and stopping right in front of her body. “The old you is still there,” he pointed at her chest “I know it.”
“You don’t know shit, Jackson. You think you do, but you don’t. You want to control something that you can’t.”
“Well, I did controlled you, didn’t I?” He asked softly enjoying the look of Sera’s eyes.
She remembered all those old memories like it was the other day. Her old self being by Jackson’s side and doing whatever his mouth let out. Burning, exploding, tortuning.... it was horrible for her to recall all of those things. Knowing that she was no longer than person was what kept her going, but being in front of him asking her for help, made it more difficult to forget and not get affected by them as they were slowly coming back.
“You were happy, Sera. What happened?” Jackson asked slowly.
“I wasn’t. You manipulated me, you used me. You saw my pain so you took your chance to use what I can do-”
“But, yet, you did them. No questions asked. I never pointed a gun to your head. Did I? Don’t make excuses for the things that you did, dear.”
“I’m not. Believe me. I’ve spent years regretting and trying to forget what I did.”
Jackson stopped for a moment while a little smile grew on his lips. “Yes, with Mr. Wilson, am I right?”
Sera felt her chest close up as his mouth let out his name. “Don’t talk about him. Go to your point, Jackson, what is it exactly that you want from me?”
Seeing how Jackson lifted the controller and got ready to press another button, Sera furrowed her eyebrows as she was waiting for his next words. But before he did, the little noise of the button being pressed hit her ears and soon after, the door quickly opened. “I want you to make me more, Sera.”
Tables and more tables with the same weapons that Sera saw before collapsing on the floor were entering room. She slowly wondered the room and shook her head before turning once again to lock eyes with a proud Jackson staring at her like he was staring at her soul.
“What do you say, Sera? Just like the old days?”
“Like the old days-” Sera closed her eyes with strength while shaking her head. “This is insane, Jackson! Even for you!” The moment she opened her eyes Jackson was closer that made her able to see the desire and craziness now building inside his eyes.
“Sera, you and me together; we could rule the world. We would be unstoppable. If you make me more I can take down those asshole that want me dead and then make the underground mine. And after that, make the whole world mine. If you help me, if you give those weapons the energy they need to breath out fire it’s going to happen. I could be the king. And you... can be my queen, right by my side.”
Sera moved her head backwards and slowly shook her head while her eyes wondered the room once again, shook of what she was hearing and seeing. “Jackson. You want to play with something that’s way more complicated than you think. Understanding how this works isn’t something as easy as knowing how to build those weapons. It was comes after.” Seeing the anger and disappointment growing on his eyes, Sera moved closer to his face and whispered loudly: “Fire is catching. And if you play with it when you can’t control it... you’ll burn.”
“Well, I controlled you and I didn’t burn, did I?” He asked with the some tone but with anger before walking backwards and grabbing the controller once again. “And if I can make you remember, I have something that is going to make you help me, dear.” Jackson pointed at Angela who was confusingly watching every single weapon that there was in the room. Noticing that everyone was looking at her, she turned to lock eyes with Sera and let out a tiny smile even if her eyes screamed the pain she was feeling inside and out. “If you don’t help me, I can make her eyes go blurry.... like yours did. But I don’t think someone as weak as her can take it. So you better think it twice.”
Sera didn’t move her eyes from Angela. She saw how after giving her a smile, she went over to Jackson and flipped him off when he turned to her. Him, letting out a long angry sigh, went back to staring at Sera and tilted his head to the side, enjoying having the upper hand on her and the defeated look on her face.
‘I’m sorry’ Sera mouthed at Angela who slowly shook her head with a confused smile. Not wanting to look at her in the eyes anymore, she turned to Jackson and said the words she would never expected to say ever again: “I’ll help you.”
The trees were passing on Bucky’s window as the car was moving on the road. He had his elbow touching the door while his hand was against his lips holding his heavy head. The only noise surrounding the car was the sound of it running and the beeping coming from Sam’s phone.
After both, Sam and Bucky, gained control of their bodies they ran out of the building to see if they could notice anything that could lead them to Sera. But the whole street was as empty as the club inside. No noise, no black car, not even people walking around. The wind was the only thing they noticed moving around them.
Bucky found himself walking backwards and moving his metal hand with speed towards the wall behind him, hitting it with strength and making a big whole in the process. Feeling his breathing getting heavier as the anger grew inside of him, he closed his eyes with strength while his mind was trying to think of his next move.
He had no idea where they could’ve taken her, or even if she was still on the ground or on a plane going somewhere. His brain was empty as his chest became even more tighter and his heart wanted to jump out of his body. He opened his eyes to see Sam standing right next to him with his eyes glued to his phone screen typing something as fast as his fingers let him. Confused on what he was doing, he got closer to him but as soon as he arrived to his side, Sam blocked his phone and started walking away, quickly being followed by Bucky.
“So how exactly is this thing going to take us to Sera?” Bucky asked with a raspy voice once he looked at the phone, seeing how it had a tiny map in it and had a big red circle beeping every two seconds.
“A couple of years ago, when I used to work with Sera, I installed a tracker on her phone because there were times where she would...” Sam stopped and Bucky noticed that he was struggling on deciding if he should keep talking or just stop right there, but then when a tiny sigh came out of his mouth, he continued: “Look, our story is way more complicated than I could ever let you know. And if ever let you know, she has to say yes first. It’s her decision.”
“What is it about it that it’s such a big thing for you to ask her permission?”
“It’s complicated, Bucky, like I told you. It’s more of her story than mine, that’s why.” Bucky looked to the window a million of questions were flying around his head. Was it something bad? That questioned seemed to eat his brain the most. It wasn’t like Bucky’s past was clean and he was worried of thinking bad of her if he knew, his past was the dirtiest of them all, the wonder and the curiosity was the thing that was surrounding his brain. Why was it so important that Sam didn’t want to tell him?
“I get it.” Bucky said. “Believe me, I do. It’s not like I have the cleanest past.”
“Look, remember the first where she stayed with us? The one where we told her to wait?” Bucky nodded, as he looked at Sam remembering what Sera told him about Sam seeing it before. “It used to happen a lot back then, but even worse than the one we saw. She would take more minutes to calm herself down, make bigger shields around her to the point where we couldn’t even be close to her. It was ugly, Bucky.”
“Why, Sam? What makes her do that?”
“She comes from a hard life. Even if she acts like she doesn’t, the worst scenario that could happen to a person happened to her. After that, she went through even more terrible things. The point is, when those moments were over, she would usually end up in places far, far away.” Sam said. “That’s why I decided to install this tracker, I never told her because I knew she was going to hate it. But that was the only option I had back then.”
“And that’s how you knew where she was after all those years.” Sam nodded as Bucky let out sigh and added: “Good thing you thought of it, then.” He let out a tiny smile and turned to his window once again.
Even if some of the questions Bucky had on his mind were answered, he still felt as confused as the moment he started to wonder about her. Thousand of ideas were growing on his head as the seconds were passing. Not knowing the real story was eating him on the inside and making him even more nervous. He moved on his seat uncomfortably as his foot started to move up and down with speed. The minutes didn’t seem to pass as they where moving and that made the blood in his veins to rush.
Noticing this, Sam did a quick look to Bucky and his nervous actions. That wasn’t something normal on him, feeling anxious and showing it. He would always hide what was going on that brain of his carefully managing every movement he did. He was good at it. He was trained to be good at it. Even if his mind wasn’t the one that it used to, he still had everything he learned inside of him. So to be this out and about with his emotions, it had to be something big.
“You care about her, don’t you?” Sam asked ending the silence between them. Bucky, instead of turning to Sam and denying it, he stayed in silence and let out a tiny sigh. Maybe he did.
The memory of how his body felt when his eyes were seeing those men taking her away... made his chest tighten and feel his heart beating a little bit faster than usual. His throat closed up making it harder for him to say something to Sam. Like his cheek had a memory of it self, he felt how the invisible tear dropped down from his cheek while his mind was replaying Sera’s body being carried out. She knew this girl in less than a week but had him feeling things he hadn’t felt in a long time. He found himself caring about her, wanting to protect her like she was his.... Bucky knew that Sera didn’t need a protection, she proved more than capable of taken care of herself multiple times, but for the way his body and mind were acting, that didn’t matter to Bucky, he still felt the need to make sure she was fine until her last breath.
“She’s going to be fine, Bucky.” Sam said softly gaining Bucky’s attention.
Locking eyes with Sam, he nodded and let out a tiny smile not wanting to worry Sam with his millions of questions inside his brain. And weird enough, a big noise coming from a far helped him do that. As soon as the noise hit their ears, they both turned to the the road to see a big explosion going off, fire surrounded trees as big piece of smoke was flying upwards towards the sky. Like they were thinking the same thing, they both turned to Sam’s phone and noticed that the big red circle was closer than they expected.
“I think we found her.” Sam said softly, quickly turning the car towards the side of road after checking if anyone was coming, ready to follow the fire slowly growing around the forest.
“C’mon, Angela, get up.”
As the smoke around her was getting bigger and thicker, fire was growing and building up every second, Sera quickly ran towards her friend and grabbed her arm to help her get up. She noticed the weapons all now destroyed and some men also laying on the ground, but Jackson was nowhere to be seen.
Since the moment Sera saw those weapons get into the room, her little plan started working inside her head. She saw the opportunity and knew that she was going to take it. So, when Jackson pushed the little button to take that thick eletric necklace out of her neck and slowly took it off her, she looked up and immediately felt her eyes burning with desire as her hands touched the cold metal of the weapons.
“How-?” Angela asked after coughing the smoke out of lungs. “How did you do that? I thought you were going to help them.”
“That asshole wants to control fire but doesn’t even take the time to understand it.” She said while getting Angela’s arm around her shoulders to help her walking. “If I can give that piece of crap the amount of energy to work, I can also give it the energy to self destruct and explode. C’mon, let’s go.”
Covering Angela’s mouth with her own shirt to prevent her from breathing in the smoke around her, they both walked outside the room to find their way out of that building. Wondering with her eyes, Sera looked to her left and noticed a light coming from a tiny window surrounded by fire. But that wasn’t a problem for her. Moving her feet towards the window, she moved the flames to the side making a tiny path for her and Angela to walk through. Once close to it, she lifted her other hand that wasn’t holding her friend and as she felt the burning on her palm, she moved it with speed and threw a ball of fire to break the glass and finally, leave the burning building behind.
“C’mon, watch your step.” Sera said as Angela was carefully jumping the window and dropping to the other side.
Trees on fire and more smoke was the only thing Sera noticed the moment her shoes touched the grass. She looked around and realised the where both in the middle of the forest, there was nothing else than trees and bushes around them. But getting away from the fire to keep Angela safe was the only thing Sera wanted to do, so without waiting another second, Sera wrapped Angela’s arm around her shoulders once again and started to walk away, leaving pieces of smoke behind her.
“Wow, ok, so let me get this straight.” Angela started saying with her heavy breathing as they were both carefully walking besides the tall trees. “You have super powers. You can control fire and explode things... am I right?”
“And other things, but yes.”
“Alright! Cool, cool, cool, cool. That’s just... oh my god, that’s wild Sera! All this time since I’ve known you?” Sera nodded. “What the fuck?!” She yelled but then regretted it since a strong pain appeared on her stomach. “Fuck. I mean,” she said softly “you, fire, that’s crazy! And that man? What’s your story with him? Did you work with him? Is he bad? Angela, of course he’s bad! He trapped you for days to get to Sera! Of course! So, ok, Sera equals super powers. Then bad guy takes me to find Sera and make her do shit that’s bad. Ok, I got it. Then, Sera, a badass, explodes the entire building so we can escape. Sounds good?”
“You know, for being trapped in a horrible room for days you do have the energy to talk a lot.” Sera said and then soon heard Angela let out a tiny laugh, which lead to Sera’s chest fill with relief since her friend was alright and it was starting to hit her.
“Yeah. I mean if you just found your roommate for almost a year has super powers, you would too!”
Sera let out a tiny laugh but then quickly shook her head. “It’s not that amazing.”
“Sera! Are you kidding me, of course it is! You made an entire building blow up! Ouch- fuck.”
“Are you alright?” Sera asked once she looked to her friend, noticing her hand on her stomach. “We can stop if you want.”
“No, we need to get out of here. I trust you and your amazing powers, but those assholes can come after us any minute. C’mon.”
After feeling like they’ve been walking for long minutes, Sera and Angela both smiled when they started to hear the sound of cars moving along on the road. But the moment Sera moved her foot to keep walking, the sound of people walking behind them made her turn around with speed and fill her hands with fire and her dark eyes to turn red.
“Sera! It’s us!”
“Bucky?” She asked making her hands go back to normal as well as her eyes. Once she locked her sight with Bucky’s, a wave of safeness ran through her body.
“And you have hot friends too?!” Angela asked in a loud whisper by her side making her let out a tiny laugh and erase the feeling Bucky just gave her, saving it in a little box along with the others.
“Sam. How did you find me?”
“That’s a long story for later, now we need to get the hell out of here because-” Sam was saying but then the sound of a group of people running towards them cut him off. Turning around, they all noticed the men with weapons ready to fight them all. Sera took of Angela’s arm and walked closer to Sam, before he turned around to look at her once again “well, because those douche bags were following us.”
“Sam, Bucky, you need to take Angela to the car and keep her safe. Leave and don’t look back, I got this.” Before Sam could let out a word, Sera talked again “C’mon, you know better than anyone I can handle it.”
Sam took a second but then nodded, taking Angela’s arm and turning around, ready to follow what Sera told her.
“I’m not leaving you.” Bucky said walking in front of her. “I’m not going to let you do this alone.”
“Bucky, go!” She tried to push him by touching his chest, but barely moving Bucky turned to the men walking towards them and ignored the angry Sera by his side. “Bucky.”
“I’m not leaving without you, Sera.” His firm tone made her realise he wasn’t going to change his mind and having no more time left, she let out a big angry sigh and turned to the side ready to face the fight coming her way. With her eyes, she counted the amount of men in front of her and as soon as the number ‘15’ appeared on her mind, she turned to Bucky and whispered “Regret staying now?” But got no response, he just tilted his head to crack his neck and moved his metal arm, preparing his body to help Sera and end that fight once and for all.
From the moment that the first shot was fired and Sera stopped it, neither of them stopped moving. Sera moving her hands left and right, filling their surroundings with flames, destroying or exploding the weapons along side the men holding them. Bucky, with his quick feet would make his way towards each men by the right side, avoiding balls of fire and using his strength to take every guy to the floor by only one punch. Soon after, they both find themselves with three guys left.
Feeling Bucky by his side, Sera locked eyes with him and nodded when Bucky grabbed the knife from his back pocket and quickly moving it between his fingers. Lifting her hand towards Bucky, she carefully lit up her fingers and as soon as Bucky’s knife left his hand, she took full control of it and moved it towards the men with the intention to hit three of them at the same time. And just like she wanted, as the fire was leaving her hand she moved the knife and with a quick move of her wrist she saw how the tiny metal object hit one, then another one, and final, the other men lined in front her, taking them all to the ground in less than three seconds.
“Good throw.” Bucky said while nodding with approval which lead to Sera just shrugging her shoulders and letting out a tiny smile.
“I had a little bit of help.”
“A little bit?” Bucky said offended, but that little banter didn’t last long since Sera felt that electric feeling against her skin and soon faced forward to see the big ball of fire going with speed towards her.
Before she could lift her hands to stop it, a big yell coming from Bucky’s mouth hit her ears making her turn around with worry. But what she feared to see didn’t happen, instead, a quick Bucky was now in front of her seconds away to get hit by the fire flying ready to burn him.
Everything after that turned like a slow motion movie for both of them. The flames hitting his skin and the pain on his face made her eyes widen and get watery at the sight of it. As fast as her feet could allow her, she moved towards him and quickly placed herself in front of him immediately feeling the fire hitting her skin in every single place of her body. She touched his shoulder and closed her eyes with strength, ready to do one of the hardest thing she ever learned to do.
Bucky as soon as he felt the burning sensation against him, he closed his eyes with clenched teeth feeling the strong pain now growing on his body. Not being able to bare it anymore, he let out a loud scream in pain but soon after, like a quick wave of water had hit him, he suddenly stopped feeling that irritating pain. Opening his to see what was happening, he met hers. Her red eyes were staring at his while tears were dripping down her cheeks. Her hair was moving around her uncomfortably as her glowing skin was making her body shine.
From the corner of his eyes Bucky noticed the fire still going around him, but he wasn’t burning. His eyes were still glued to hers trying to understand what she was doing, he suddenly felt how her fingers on his free hand started to tingle so he looked down to find his skin... glowing. Just like Sera, his skin started to glow the same color as the fire around them. The tingle feeling was now all over his body expect on his metal arm which seemed to be the only thing that didn’t change since the fire hit him.
Looking back to Sera, the moment that they both stared at each other was when a strange feeling appeared on their insides. It felt like they were connecting, he felt like he could read all of her thoughts as she could read his. A second later, Sera moved her hand to Bucky’s cheek and pressed her palm with strength agains his skin to feel every single part of him on her.
Their hearts felt like they were beating as one with the same rhythm, their veins were twisting together like cables as their blood were mixing to become just one. Those feelings felt so strange but real at the same time. Their glowing bodies were becoming one as the fire that had went inside Bucky was slowly flying out. Suddenly, like the slow movie that was happening they both felt everything come undone when Sera lifted her hands and let the explosion that was building inside her body finally come out.
Once the noise was gone and there was nothing but silence surrounding them, they both opened their eyes to find themselves lying on the floor with smoke trying to get inside their bodies. Their eyes locked as their heavy breathing was moving their chest up and down.
Bucky felt so confused at what just happened that he sat down and stared at his surroundings noticing nothing but fire around him. Going back to Sera, he saw how her body was going back to normal and her red eyes were turning dark once again. She knew what just happened and he couldn’t wait to ask her, but nothing seem to want to go out their mouths.
Their connection was all they could think about. The way their bodies became one and everything they felt. Even if Bucky was confused and had no idea what just happened, he knew one thing: that was definitely not a nothing.
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Missed Opportunities - Helmut Zemo x Reader | Chapter 2
Here it is! I'm managed to whip up another part to this story. I hope you all enjoy this next bit!
If you missed out on Part 1, it's here.
Word Count: 2300 and some change
Side Note: Obviously, I have taken some liberties with the plot and timeline of TFATWS. So this will be loosely based on the timings of what has happened, but will not be a chronological order of events occurred.
Much love to you, and thank you for the inspiration! And yes, there will be a Part 3 because this was more of a set-up chapter. So hopefully you won't be too disappointed with this one.
As things turned out, your conversation with Bucky and Sam went surprisingly well. Once you were finally able to say your own piece and explain the entire story, a lightbulb seemed to have gone off within both of them.
Sam, of course, was the most understanding, realizing that the reaction Zemo had was surely due to the intense trauma of what happened. He went on to explain; he had seen those types of emotional outbursts between complete strangers who had similar experiences when The Blip happened. They would come into support groups to tell their own stories, once upon a time when the world began trying to make sense of what happened.
He said it was normal. And Sam was right, he's always right. It was a perfectly logical explanation, and those are the things you look for and stood by.
Except, this.
Nothing about Zemo's reaction felt normal. The connection upon seeing him again twisted up your insides and set your nerve endings on fire. None of your previous interactions ever gave you pause like this. No, this was different. Seeing the raw emotion on his face. The intensity of how closely he wrapped you into his body, as if he were trying to consume your entire being. You were held so closely to him, you could felt the beat of his heart, hear the raggedness of his breath, and sense the tremors beneath his fingertips.
Clearly what happened had changed you both. It would be hard not to given the enormity of the event. Again, you tried to think back to your time visiting him over the past couple of years in prison. Was there always a connection between you? Simmering beneath the surface? And The Blip was simply the catalyst to uncovering something hidden? You scoffed. Now you were just entertaining nonsense. Yes, it was emotional, but this was Zemo we're talking about. There's always a reasoning behind his actions, and they're usually executed in ways that only benefit him.
And just like that, logic and sanity had finally returned to you, like a cold bucket of ice water dowsing you over the head.
You remember looking to Bucky after Sam had finished his explanation and acceptance of everything that had transpired. You had sagged in relief noticing he had taken the information in stride and was no long on the defensive. However, in the following days after, you would always catch him now and again eyeing Zemo with some sort of suspicion. You figured with how manipulative the slightly unhinged genius could be, James was simply keeping a watchful eye on him. And why should he? We all should. Zemo was not to be trusted, and yet - deep down, you felt as if you were lying to yourself. That when push came to shove, you could trust him.
And that scared you.
All of you were gathered around the kitchen island discussing tactics on where to locate Karli. Bucky had pitched we should be looking in isolated and abandoned areas, but Sam had different feelings on the subject. He felt they should be looking in more highly populated areas, as he believed they would want to try and blend in with the community like normal citizens.
So of course they start bickering, again.
You wanted to roll your eyes at them in utter exasperation, but held back. Instead you settle for a face palm as you continue to map out possible routes Karli and the Flag-Smasher may travel to stay accessible, but not completely visible to the public eye.
As you were zooming into a particular area that looked promising, you felt the brush of someone's hand against yours to the right of where you were sitting.
It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who it was. Sam and Bucky were still debating who's idea would bring around to most promising results in the short amount of time we had before Karli decided to strike again.
You peered up at Zemo thinking he was hovering to catch a glimpse of what you were working on, but instead you were surprised to see he had simply poured you a cup of tea and set it next to you.
The brush of the hand was deliberate though. This you knew for a fact. Over the past few days since your little reunion, you noticed Zemo had been silently giving you brief bouts of physical contact. Nothing overtly sexual in nature. In fact, they were quite light and fleeting. Sometimes, it was a brush of his hand against yours, a soft touch at your lower back or the slide of his fingers against a hip as he walked past you.
You weren't quite sure what to make of the actions. They certainly didn't disrupt you, but your body always took immediate notice when he did it.
The chair you were sitting in had swiveled when you went to look at Zemo. You had planned on quietly thanking him, but he had already moved to the opposite side of the island to observe the land markings Sam had drawn up on a paper map.
You gently picked up the tea cup and brought it to your lips. The warmth of the tea emanating from the cup was a balm for your hands. Before taking a sip, you closed your eyes and inhaled the scent of the tea. Ah. Cherry blossom. Apparently, a favorite of his according to James.
When you opened your eyes, Zemo was now watching you. You tilted your head to the side and smiled graciously at him, mouthing a 'Thank you' in reply to his kind gesture.
The corner of his lip twitched up in response to your thanks, nodding back at you. He held his gaze as you took a sip of the tea.
Your eyebrows shot up as you swallowed the tea. It was quite delicious. You pointed to the cup and nodded your head up and down in quick succession to show your appreciation.
You could tell Zemo was holding in a chuckle, but refrained from expressing himself fully. You had narrowed your eyes, and thought about calling him out on it, but ultimately decided against it. Instead you motion your head to Sam and Bucky acknowledging their ridiculousness. Zemo just dismissed them with a, 'What did you expect?' type of look.
Finally you had enough of the two knuckle-heads on the other side of the kitchen and decided to intervene on their behalf otherwise they would never accomplish anything today.
"You guys planning on coming to a conclusion any time soon, or should I start selling tickets to this show?"
James stopped his rant and turned to you, "He started it," pointing his finger at Sam. "Sam just doesn't want to admit that my prospective places have added value that his don't."
"Now wait, that's not entirely true Bucky. I just think -," Sam started in again, but you had cut him off before he could finish.
"For the love of - how old are you two? It amazes me Steve got as much done as he did with you two around," you shook your head in feigned disbelief.
You might have felt bad about your slight outburst, but it was absolutely worth it to witness the sheepish expressions on both Sam and Bucky's faces. You wished you had snapped a picture. Definitely would have made it your new lock screen on your phone.
"If it's okay, I'd actually like to offer a third option," you said, motioning them over with a flourish wave of your hands.
As Sam and Bucky moved over to you, you shifted your eyeline to Zemo, "You too Zemo. Let's get your opinion on this as well since you are a resident to the area and more familiar with its surroundings than we are."
Zemo rose from his place and came to rest at your side, hovering, but not in a suffocating manner.
Even though Zemo had kept a reasonable amount of distance between you, Bucky seemed to show some displeasure as you saw him scoot him a bit out of the way as he tried to put some distance between the two of you.
You bit back a comment in favor of going over what you had discovered and turned to Sam, "I know we want to locate Karli as quickly as possible, but there are too many variables to account for when scouting buildings that they could be hiding out in. I propose we search in hidden pathways that could quickly get the Flag-Smashers in and out of different parts of the city without being readily detected."
"Alright, that does make sense, so what are you suggesting?" Sam tilted his head in agreement before gesturing for you to continue.
"Take a look at this map," you swipe your hand up the computer screen to show a holographic image of an underground rail system.
"Those look like the old track lines from a railway project that was never completed. If I remember correctly, the government abandoned the project when they ran out of money. Most of the tunnels were built, but never quite finished," Zemo interjected.
"Exactly," you turned to him beaming.
You moved your hands animatedly as you were excited by this prospect, "These tunnels travel throughout the entire city. Karli and the rest of the Flag-Smashers can easily maneuver where they need to with these routes. If I were to put money on it, I'd bet you could find their insignias left on the walls of the tunnels below as a potential guide that could -"
"That could lead us straight to their hideout," Zemo finished, smiling with what could be described as something akin to pride, clearly impressed with the astute observation you made.
"I see where you're going with this. You know, you might be onto something. Especially with our truncated time table," Sam chimed in. "Bucky? What do you think?"
You turned your chair around so you could face the three of them fully.
"Yeah, I agree. I think there's a legitimate chance we could find some clues at the very least," Bucky replied, leaning in over your left shoulder to get a closer look at the image.
Memorizing it most likely.
"If I may suggest, here?" Zemo said, pointing to a location not far from them.
You saw Sam and Bucky turn to each and nod in agreement of the starting point.
"That's good. It's also close to one of the last places we spotted Karli, so it makes sense to check it out first before branching off somewhere deeper," Sam assented.
You turn back around and start typing on the keyboard. A few moments later a ping erupted from everyone's phone.
"I sent the map to all of us, so we each have a copy," you stated.
You closed the laptop and hopped off the chair you had been sitting in, packing your stuff up into your backpack off to the side.
"Whoa. Whoa. What are you doing?" Bucky said, placing his vibranium arm on your shoulder to pause your movements.
"Getting ready to go?" you questioned slowly, as if your actions weren't obvious.
"You're not coming with us," James stated sternly.
You turned to look at Sam.
"Listen, Bucky's right," Sam answered. You saw him hold his hands up in the air and shrug before placing a hand on your shoulder before continuing, "I know, it's a shocker, having Buck and I agree on something - but when it comes to your safety, we both feel the same."
You chewed on your inner cheek, knowing this was going to most likely be a losing battle. You pursed your lips, closed your eyes slowly, and sighed before lolling your head to the side in defeat.
Sam grinned knowing he won and dropped his hand from your shoulder, as he left the kitchen to go get his gear.
Bucky came up from behind you and gave you a quick hug and kiss on the head.
"Thank you," James murmured before moving to the door.
"You can't fault them for caring," Zemo said, voice carrying softly through the air.
You pivoted around to where Zemo was, watching him adjust his holsters and making a move for his coat.
"I know," you begrudgingly admit.
Zemo put on his coat and walked over to stand in front of you.
"It may not be completely dangerous, but there's always a chance, and it's not one your friends are willing to take with you," Zemo stated.
You drop your head slightly to stare at the floor. He was right. Sam and Bucky just wanted to look out for you, but that doesn't mean you couldn't be helpful down there. You do know some self defense. You spent 10 years around Steve and various Avengers over time, it's not like you weren't going to pick anything up.
"Zemo let's go," Sam said briskly, as he walked past them to meet Bucky at the front door.
You lifted your head up and saw Zemo give a curt nod to Sam before focusing his attention back on you.
Zemo started to walk by you, but paused to lean into, grabbing your wrist to gently rub his thumb over your pulse point and whisper, "And neither am I."
With that, he abruptly walked off to join Sam and James.
Your wrist was tingling with sensation even after Zemo had left your side.
Before they all left, you managed lean over the island to strangle out, "Please play nice with each other and come back in one piece!"
You could hear the huffs of laughter as they left and the door clicked shut behind them.
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mayraki · 12 hours ago
a little sneak peak of tonight’s chapter: fire is catching 👀
“I’m not leaving you.” Bucky said walking in front of her. “I’m not going to let you do this alone.”
“Bucky, go!” She tried to push him by touching his chest, but barely moving Bucky turned to the men walking towards them and ignored the angry Sera by his side. “Bucky.”
“I’m not leaving without you, Sera.” His firm tone made her realise he wasn’t going to change his mind and having no more time left, she let out a big angry sigh and turned to the side ready to face the fight coming her way. With her eyes, she counted the amount of men in front of her and as soon as the number ‘15’ appeared on her mind, she turned to Bucky and whispered “Regret staying now?” But got no response, he just tilted his head to crack his neck and moved his metal arm, preparing his body to help Sera and end that fight once and for all.
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nervousbidisaster · 12 hours ago
Ungodly Union - excerpt from the prologue.
James Bucky Barnes / Helmut Zemo
Alternate Universe - Vikings
I'm not a native english speaker.
He blinked once, twice, pressed the fingers of his free hand into his eyes, rubbed them inconsiderably over the pain it caused, he would not allow himself to sleep while a Viking was a few feet away from killing him at any moment. He needed to stay awake.
And despite his own hypersensitiveness, Helmut had the most feared man on the battlefield lying peacefully right in front of him; if anyone asks, he would say it wasn’t him, but he suspected, he knew death when he sees it because this isn’t the first time its come knocking on his door.
Death, what a delightful name even to someone nameless; even being flesh and bone, Helmut cannot accept to say the Viking was human; and still, he cannot help but wonder where he came from, and who he missed, and what he’s may be sorry for.
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wxnda-maximxff · 15 hours ago
strawberry pancakes // bucky barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter One: The One With The Dinner
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2241
    “Who does that woman think she is?” Lily exclaimed as she burst into the Barnes residence, “Telling me I need to calm down. She called my fiance a terrorist.” The blonde fumed, storming into the kitchen to start making dinner.
“Doll what’re you doing?” Bucky sighed as he set Stella down, following the woman into the kitchen, “We have the conference tonight. Remember?”
Lily dropped her hand from the cupboard, placing her face into her hands. She had forgotten that Bucky and she had an Avengers conference dinner that they had to attend. The dress she wore was sitting in their room, calling for her to go put it on. She could feel the pressure laying on her shoulders from the level above her. The blonde turned her head, meeting Bucky’s eyes. He looked sorrowful and sympathetic, knowing that Lily wanted to stay home more than ever.
“Is that tonight?” Hunter asked as he joined the others in the kitchen, “Did we agree that Stella and I were coming?”
“Yeah, why don’t you start getting ready,” Bucky began, “Take Stella with you to her room. I’m just gonna talk to mom quickly.”
Hunter nodded and took his little sister from Bucky’s arms, glancing back at his mother as he walked up the stairs to the second floor of the house. Lily leaned back against the counters of the kitchen, her face still resting carefully in her hands as she attempted to calm herself down. The entire day had been something out of a nightmare for Lily, especially when she learned about what happened at Hunter’s school. The anxiety in her skyrocketed, and she wondered what everyone around them thought of the two’s relationship. About Bucky raising two children. Marrying an “all-American girl”, or so the tabloids had been saying over the last few years when the public got a hold of their relationship and Lily’s story.
“I know you hate these, baby,” Bucky whispered, walking towards the blonde and placing his hands on her shoulders, “I know. I’m sorry.”
“It’s been a very, very long day,” Lily whispered, removing her hands from her face and staring up at the man, “Don’t apologize. Let’s just...let’s just go get ready.”
“Wait wait,” Bucky sighed, taking Lily’s hands and pulling her closer to his chest, hand moving to the side of her face.
“What’re you doing?” She sighed, tilting her head into his hand.
“Jus’ lookin’ at ya,” he purred, Brooklyn accent pushing through, “My beautiful, beautiful, fiance.” The brunette cooed, bending down and pressing a gentle and barely-there kiss to Lily’s lips.
Laughing softly at his words, Lily squirmed from Bucky’s grip, “Sam’s right. You have a staring problem.” She teased, poking her fingers into the brunette’s stomach before turning towards the stairs.
Lily sighed as she readjusted her black peacoat. Her hands dusted off the satin material of her dark green dress that had a black lace pattern along the entirety of it. After readjusting herself, Lily bent down to Stella’s height, smiling softly at her beaming daughter. The four-year-old wore a white dress with a baby blue floral pattern along the entirety of it, white tights on her legs, with bright white ballet flats as well. Her dark brown locks pulled into a bun, a baby blue flower pinned onto it.
“You do love dressing up, don’t you?” Lily cooed, pressing a kiss to her daughter’s cheek before standing up, running her hand through her curled blonde hair, “Shall we?”
“That makes one of us,” Hunter muttered as he readjusted the white dress shirt he wore, glaring over at the crowd gathered in front of the building, “I feel like a clown right now.”
Lily chuckled softly at her son and ruffled his tousled blonde hair, before picking up the four-year-old girl. The dinner was being held in Gotham Hall, a beautiful place where the Avengers were gathering to recognize a few that were retiring, and welcoming more who were joining in on the initiative. It was a televised event, and each Avenger was individually introduced to the hall, including the families. Meaning Lily, Hunter, and Stella were being introduced alongside the White Wolf, aka Bucky Barnes.
“Did we remember to tell Tony to have the chef make Stella chicken fingers? She won’t eat what’s on the menu.” Lily sighed, following Bucky as they walked towards the entrance, smiling at a few of the paparazzi and fans.
“I told him, as did Steve. Mostly because we had to ensure that Leo also got chicken fingers.” Bucky chuckled, hand resting on the small of Lily’s back, other arm slung around Hunter’s shoulder.
The family waved and smiled as they walked down the sidewalk, shielding Stella’s eyes from the bright lights. Friday night in New York was already an insane time, and with an Avengers event, it only grew more hectic. Which is not always the best for a four-year-old who was not the biggest fan of large crowds. Hence why she thrived in the countryside in Long Island, enjoying her time alone or with a few of her close friends. It sometimes freaked Lily out just how much the girl was like her father. But warmed her heart at the same time.
“Let’s go find our seats,” Bucky whispered in the blonde’s ear as the four walked into the hall, making their way through the halls towards the dining area, finding their seats with Sam and Steve.
“Well look who decided to show up,” Sam chuckled as he embraced Bucky, kissing Lily on the cheek, “You lot clean up well, hm?”
“Your girlfriend cleans up better than you,” Bucky teased as he embraced Rose, kissing his fiances sister on the cheek as well before taking a seat next to Lily, “Even Leo looks better than you.” He teased, winking at the five-year-old boy across the table.
“He was being nice Buck, c’mon,” Steve chuckled, clapping the man on the shoulder before smiling as Natasha joined the table, “Now the whole families together again.”
“Oh don’t go pestering cyborg, I looked at the playlist Tony made,” Sam chuckled, sitting at his seat, “He’s got Marvin Gaye on there. Might be the thing that sends robocop over the edge.”
Lily chuckled and shook her head, pouring a glass of water for Stella and placing a straw that was on the table in it. She loved hearing the banter between the three and laughing at Rose and Nat’s interjections. Lily herself was not the best at bantering back and forth with them all, but apparently, a few of her quips were some of the funniest things said. Hunter as well. Neither of them were big talkers, which is why the two never really enjoyed the events that they had to attend.
“When are they doing introductions? Just to prepare Stella for the camera that comes zooming around,” Lily hummed, catching Bucky’s attention, “You know she freezes when they come by.”
“We’re up first,” Steve commented, sipping his whiskey, “So it’ll be done and over with quickly.” The blonde chuckled, pinching his goddaughter’s cheeks gently, “But they may be doing interviews. Tony sent an email.”
Lily glanced to her side, watching Bucky turn his head away from her gaze and focus on the whiskey he himself had. The blonde shook her head, focusing her mind on the water in her own glass. Hunter seemed to go a bit pale as well, most likely worrying he’d have to speak. Lily nudged Bucky’s arm, nodding towards Hunter. The brunette nodded, turning to the boy and whispering to him. Lily sighed softly, watching Hunter relax at his words.
Time went on and Lily felt herself relax a bit. But when the camera crew entered, her anxiety skyrocketed once again. Bucky’s hand rested on her thigh, the coolness of the metal seeping through her satin dress, causing goosebumps to pop up along her skin. Stella was busy on Lily’s phone, too distracted to really see the cameras entering and everyone setting themselves up. Lily pursed her lips and turned to Bucky, looking up at him through her lashes. The older man bent down and pressed a kiss to the woman’s forehead, soothing her nerves. Or at least trying to, as the cameras made their way over.
“Welcome everyone to the annual Avengers Dinner!” The announcer chuckled, her voice radiating through the speakers around the room, “Let’s start this legendary night with the star of the show, Captain America!” She grinned, “Or, should I say. Captain Americas.”
Lily sighed softly as she watched Stella lift her head, dropping Lily’s phone into her lap. The blonde rested her hand on her daughter’s shoulder, squeezing gently as the cameras made their way towards the table. The announcer plastered on an obviously fake smile that made Lily want to leave the room, but she stayed silent as she came closer.
“Look at this lovely group,” she chuckled, “Steve Rogers, always an honour to see you here. Alongside the ever ravishing Black Widow, aka, Natasha Romanoff. And who do we have here? Sam Wilson, aka Captain America, and fashion designer Rose Osborne! With her little one.” The redhead grinned, gesturing to the group before turning her attention to the family of four, “And last, but not least, the Barnes. James Barnes, the now-retired White Wolf, with his stunning fiance, Lily Barnes. Have you two tied the knot officially yet?” She asked, lowering the mic to Lily.
The blonde flushed a deep red, chuckling softly, if not awkwardly, “Not yet.” She stated simply, readjusting in her seat.
“What’s the holdup? We’re all dying to know!”
“Just been busy.” Lily hummed, glancing over at Stella, who was staring down at her lap.
“How could I forget! You two have your own kid,” she hummed, glancing over at Hunter, “Kids, sorry. Stella and Hunter correct? How do you two feel about the announcement tonight?”
Bucky jumped in, taking over as he saw Lily’s confused face, “Walker has had a past. But I’m sure he’ll do great. Especially with some reinforced supervision.”
“Walker!?” Lily whisper yelled, pushing open the front door, “What the hell is Tony thinking?” She muttered, dropping her purse as she cradled Stella’s head on her shoulder.
“We tried to talk him out of it.” Bucky sighed, nodding up the stairs for Hunter to head up to bed.
“It’s ridiculous,” Lily sighed, following her son up the stairs, Bucky following close behind, “Was what happened nothing to him? He decapitated a man in a town square.” The blonde continued, walking into Stella’s room, slowly stirring her, “Darling wake up, gotta get you into PJ’s.”
“He redeemed himself near the end of it all,” Bucky sighed, pulling pyjamas out of his daughter’s dresser, “Maybe that counts for something in Tony’s books.”
Lily had her own personal reasons to resent the man. Whenever there was a function where he attended, he was always a bit friendly with the blonde. Bucky mostly stepped in before it got too far, but still, it made Lily uncomfortable regardless. But above all of that, the events that happened with the Flagsmashers was something that Lily couldn’t get past. Bucky had gone to help with the entirety of the ordeal but ensured to keep in constant contact with Lily, who was sitting at home, pregnant as can be.
She remembered the day he came home like it was yesterday.
Lily watched the TV with relief in her eyes. She watched Sam’s speech with pride, her heart swelling at his words. She had always admired Sam, and watching him officially take up the mantle was something Lily would remember for decades to come. Her hands rested on her swollen stomach, counting down the minutes before she could see her boyfriend walk through the door of the Manhattan home they still lived in.
Lily made her way to bed, laying uncomfortably in it. She didn’t remember how she was able to sleep when pregnant with Hunter, but the baby currently growing inside of her was making her want to turn back the time and keep Bucky at bay that night she was positive was the day the fetus was conceived. Though she knew deep down, she would want to relive that night time and time, and time again. As she tossed and turned, the blonde wondered if Bucky was still directly in the middle of the city.
When the door opened, she felt herself almost float up from the bed. Turning her head, the blonde jumped from the bed and walked towards the man, not hesitating to kiss him deeply as his hands found her cheeks. When they broke apart, he dropped to his knees and pressed his lips to Lily’s seven-month pregnant belly.
“Please tell me the arrested walker,” she whispered, running her hands through Bucky’s brown hair, “Please.”
“They didn’t...I’m sorry my love.” He whispered, standing to his feet, “We don’t know what’s going to happen with him.”
Three years later, they figured out just what would happen to Walker. He’d be given the same privileges as people who had saved the world countless times, including that of Lily’s fiance. It sat heavily on Lily’s shoulders as she undid Stella’s hair, placing the elastic to the side and running her nimble fingers through the dark tresses as Bucky helped the young girl get changed into her pyjamas.
After the two tucked their daughter into bed and undressed into pyjamas themselves, and climbed into bed, Lily let out a heavy sigh. Not only was the Walker situation heavy on Lily’s mind, but the announcer’s comments on the state of their engagement did also as well. She never really thought about it. The two had been busy, there was no time for them to really sit down and properly plan a wedding. But then again...Steve and Nat had been able to. Their own rehearsal dinner was in a week. They had gotten engaged about six months ago. Lily and Bucky...they had been engaged for two years.
Yet legally, they weren’t married. And it worried her.
“Why haven’t we gotten married yet?”
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its-tortle · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
why is that so grainy oh my god
thank you to @nadiasna7​ and @im-just-a-random-fandom-girl​ for all the love and feedback on this one! <3
-- read on ao3
Sam heaves as he looks down at the man on the ground.
Walker lays motionless, knocked out against the cold cement. There’s blood in his hair and on the star of his suit. His cheek is bruised, and there’s a rip on his sleeve.
Sam tastes blood in his mouth. He knows that his face will be purple tomorrow and that his tailbone will be bruised for the next few days. He hopes his wrist is just sore, and not fractured.
Bucky seems to be fine, or something like it, as he paces the empty warehouse. He’s banged up, for sure, and Sam thinks his temple is bleeding, but he’s one piece.
The shield lays on the ground between Walker and Sam, filled with more blood than any of them. Sam feels bile rise up in his throat at the sight of it, at its wrongness. The shield was never made for this. Neither was Captain America.
But really, what is Cap’s role in all this? What does he do when there’s no Nazis or aliens to fight? Sam still doesn’t know if he can take up the mantle and figure it out. It seems unbearably heavy, negating so much of the struggle Sam and his people have faced. Who is he to claim the shield? Who is he to wear the stars and stripes and defend the country that was built on the blood of his ancestors?
No one, really.
And yet, he picks it up.
He’ll think about it, talk to Sarah and to Isiah. He needs a little bit of time.
But he sure as hell isn’t letting Walker get it back. Super-strength or not, he shouldn’t be wielding it.
Bucky is already across the warehouse when Sam looks back up. He’s searching for his dog tags, behind the containers and old equipment.
Walker had ripped them off earlier, when they were fighting with Bucky on top of him. Sam almost wants to chastise Bucky for not tucking them away right, but he doesn't really want to trigger another fight.
He’s so damn tired of it.
Sam spots the tags before Bucky does, just a few feet away from where Walker is lying. His heavy footsteps echo on the concrete as he goes to pick them up.
They’re not quite what Sam is used to, he realizes, when they’re in his hand. Slightly smaller, slightly thinner, they’re a different aluminum grade from those in the 21st century. The engraved words on it are different too, just slightly off in terms of formatting.
Sam turns them in his hands, expecting to see James B Barnes and the four lines of his mother’s Brooklyn address.
Except there’s no next of kin listed. The dog tags aren’t Bucky’s. Even in the low light of the warehouse, the impression on the metal reads clear.
Steven G Rogers
98765432  O
Jesus Christ.
“Bucky,” Sam calls.
Bucky turns to him, and Sam holds out the chain.
The look Bucky gives him as he stalks over is somewhere between grateful and frustrated. The dog tags are snatched out of his hand a moment later.
“Thanks,” Bucky says gruffly.
Maybe he’s hoping Sam didn’t see the name, or, more likely, he’s just hoping Sam won’t mention it. But Sam’s a therapist, and he’s stubborn, and Steve and Bucky’s relationship has kind of become a constant in his life, one he has to care about.
“You know,” he starts, “if you’re gonna wear any dog tags they should probably be your own.”
Bucky rolls his eyes. He says nothing, and begins to walk away.
“Really?” Sam prompts exasperatedly. “C’mon, Buck. The notebook, and now the dog tags too? And don’t think I don’t recognize some of those shirts.”
Bucky recoils, and then turns to glare at Sam so hard he might be scared if he didn’t know Bucky better.
“It’s none of your fucking business, Wilson.”
Sam gives him a look. “Isn’t it? Feel like it kind of is at this point.”
“It’s not.” Bucky’s jaw tightens. “And I don’t want to talk about it.”
Bucky begins to turn away again, the stubborn idiot, but Sam calls out after him.
“You think I don’t know what this is, Bucky? All your brooding and being a pain in my ass? You’re shutting me out because you were in love with Steve.”
Bucky whips around sharply, eyes wide, stance tense. He looks at Sam with a mixture of fear and worry. He looks almost surprised that Sam knows, like it was anything but an open secret.
Sam snorts hollowly. “C’mon, man. You think I’m blind? It’s obvious.”
Bucky’s eyes are still guarded, scared, defensive.
“I’ve got no problem with it, obviously,” Sam adds quickly, “apart from the fact that you’re both fucking idiots. Clearly you never told Steve, or he’d be here right now.”
Bucky scoffs cynically. “Yeah, right. If I had told him, he would’ve been gone even faster.”
“You can’t believe that.”
Bucky’s jaw jumps. “Doesn’t matter now, does it?”
“S’pose not,” Sam sighs.
He doesn’t say that the whole thing with Steve still bothers him, deep down. Steve was on his way to happy here, with his new friends and with Bucky. And he respected Peggy too much to just swoop in on her life like that, and interrupt what he knows was her moving on. It just doesn’t make any sense to Sam, but he doesn’t say that now. He doesn’t think he has to.
The dog tags clink on the chain as Bucky hangs them back around his neck and tucks them under his collar. They make their way over to the light of the doorway.
Bucky’s jaw is still tense, his steps measured and heavy. The embarrassment, the frustration, is coming off in waves.
“You know,” Sam tells him, “you’re not gonna wanna wear those forever. At some point, you’re going to have to let go.”
“I know,” Bucky says quickly. “But Steve’s just- he’s everything. He’s been the center of my universe for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how to exist without him.”
The words hang between them, and Sam doesn’t quite know where to stow them away. He can feel they’re true, for Bucky, and that there’s nothing he can say to change that immovable fact.
“But you are.” Sam tries. “Steve’s gone, and that sucks. But you’re still here, the world's still turning.”
Bucky lets out a cynical laugh that turns almost humorful. “Yeah. It’s doing great.”
Sam can’t help but huff out a laugh of his own at that. He lightly bumps Bucky’s shoulder.
“Right, well. We’ll figure it out,” he smiles. “We always do.”
Bucky’s smile doesn't quite reach his eyes, but it’s there, so Sam counts it as a win.
He can’t imagine that Steve didn’t love Bucky back. Really, there’s no way to explain the choice that he made, so Sam doesn’t try to justify it.
And when Sam continues to see the tags around Bucky’s neck, or lying around Sarah’s house, he doesn’t say anything. He may have the shield, but that piece of Steve belongs to Bucky.
this is not a happy ending (sorry!), but i swear there is one coming. this is set in the skrull!steve verse, and i'm working on a steve-comes-back fix-it that should be up very soon!! so keep an eye out if you want to.
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eloquent-vowel · 22 hours ago
07.05 "Winged" Bucky x OFC (#043)
Description: The Soldier and Eris' first mission together goes smoothly, until disaster strikes and the Soldier is left with a decision
Tags: Angst, Fluff, Slow burn, very much a slow burn. Bucky Barnes x OFC, Winter Soldier X OFC
Warnings: Canon typical violence
Uploads may not be daily anymore! It's surprisingly difficult to write everyday ontop of normal life work. I hope you enjoy reading this! <3
Part 6
Tumblr media
Much to their handler's joy, Eris and the Winter Soldier worked seamlessly together. The cool calm control the the Soldier provided a excellent contrast to the relentless chaos that was Eris, he covered her blind spots and she cleared the path forward for him. Together they were brutal, unforgiving and 100% effective. Once they knew each others moves they seemed to be able to predict the other with scary accuracy.
Unknown to Hydra the two of them had many late night conversations, back to back against the divide, whispering low enough so the cameras would not pick their voices up. They would share small details of dreams and memories, hoping that between the two of them they would be able to keep what kept being taken from them.
The two of them now sat, side by side, listening intently as they were briefed on the upcoming heist they were to complete. Apparently is was important to Hydra, as the General himself was there do instruct them. They exchanged a knowing look as the General began to grow red, he had a bad habit of forgetting to breathe when he spoke too loud.
"You are to enter through the roof ventilation, navigate the vents, Soldier you go to the security room, disable the cameras with this." The general all but threw a gadget into the Soldier's lap, causing the scientists in the room to flinch. "Eris you are to, reach the office, wait for the Soldier to disable the cameras, break into the safe and take the plans. It is likely to be guarded but that should be no issue for the two of you. Remember, No witnesses."
The two just nodded in silence.
"This mission prioritises stealth above all else, as long as no one knows who has taken the plans there will be no consequences for the two of you."
The pressure in the room fell heavy upon Eris' shoulders, not only could she not fail for her but for the Soldier as well. Whispered words echoed through her mind and she was determined to not loose them to the thieves that wanted them.
They were sat opposite each other in the helicopter, hand gliders at the ready, dressed head to toe in slim tactical gear. Her metallic feet were covered in shock absorbing shoes that she hated. She was used to feeling the ground with the sensors on her feet, now she wouldn't be able to feel the vibrations of people and that felt wrong. She felt very alone, as stupid as it was she felt suffocated in these shoes. As if he sensed her distress the Soldier gently nudged her foot with his. She smiled under her mask at the sensation and slowly nudged back, it was a tender moment broken only when the pilot instructed the two of them to drop.
They were lucky it wasn't a windy day as they were relying on paragliders to land them safely on the roof. With a single nod, the two lowered their night vision goggles and jumped.
Flying was beautiful. The infrared view of the goggles let her see the forest below her and for a moment she felt like she was a robin from her dreams. She was flying through the air, free as the wind, flying towards something that looked like home. The Soldier's voice crackled through their comms.
"You look like you are having fun."
She turned to face him, his hair was flying behind him, the goggles covered his eyes but she could picture the small twinkle they had whenever he was slightly happy. She smiled, although he couldn't see and responded.
"I feel free."
Her freedom ended too soon, they were coming down to the target, they began to lazily circle downwards to land on the roof. The Soldier landed much more gracefully than Eris who caught her foot on the tail of the glider and stumbled in the landing. She threw a glare towards the soldier as he chuckled slightly. Before folding up the paraglide and heading towards the roof grating. The two worked in silent tandem as they unscrewed the ventilator and shimmied in.
It was a tight fit. There was barely enough room for their elbows as they started to work their way through the vents, heading towards the security room. Eris, although she didn't say it out loud, enjoyed the view from behind the Soldier. While she joked about it in her head, the Soldier's presence was an immense comfort for her as the sides of the vents pressed into her shoulders. They moved very slowly to avoid making too much noise. It felt like forever until the Soldier gestured that he was going to drop, she nodded and he slid gracefully out of the shaft.
As she began to continue on alone she heard the sounds of the Soldier dropping two men, after another two minutes there was a crackle over the comms,
"Camera's down, you're safe to go."
She steadied herself as the walls of the vents seemed to get closer and closer as she got nearer to her goal. Taking deep breaths she located the vent she needed to open and burst through.
As expected there were guards, three of them infact. She quickly kicked the nearest one in the head. He crumpled immediately to the ground. The other two began to raise their guns at her from the other side of the desk but she curled her legs and leaped over too them, vaulting over the desk. One fell with another kick to the head, the other fell with a swift punch to the gut and then to the neck. That was easy.
Eris turned to face the safe, it was a hi-tech looking box with a complicated turning system on the front. She grabbed the gizmo she had been given and attached it to the safe. It began whirring away, at a low tone. She kept her eyes on the safe as the knobs began to turn but kept her ears tuned to the door incase she heard anyone coming. While her ears were heightened she caught the whirring noise the machine was making heighten. It got higher and higher in pitch until it stopped. The machine stopped and there was silence for a moment.
Then a blast of blue energy and pain radiated up her spine and head. She couldn't help the shout as she fell to the floor, the last thought she had before she passed out was.
I can't feel my legs.
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, 1880s, Curses, Fluff and Angst, Falling In Love, Getting Together Series: Part 7 of sambucky and the multiverse of being in love Summary:
It’s a simple life. He wakes up at four-thirty in the morning, right before the sun breaches the horizon, eats a small breakfast, pulls on his waders, takes his fishing rod and bucket, and goes down to the bayou by five-fifteen.
What happens when a kind and attractive fisherman meets a sweet and strange merman that lives in the bayou? They fall in love, obviously.
Fisherman!Sam / Merman!Bucky
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writingsutlac · a day ago
Bucky Barnes Imagine
Tumblr media
Warnings: faws spoilers but the imagine is not based on it (I guess it was ep. 3)
Summary: After the Blip, the reader is ignored by Bucky, and s/he confronts him.
Word Count: 940
Notes: The gif is not mine. I might have forgotten about MCU, so if there are any mistakes about the universe, please forgive me. Love you <3
You were helping Sam and Bucky with the Flag Smashers, and right now you were in Madripoor at Sharon’s place. At first you didn’t want to include yourself to the mission because of the awkward situation between you and Bucky. Before the Blip, you two had been really close and even your relationship had been evolving romantically. Unfortunately, you both had vanished because of the Blip. After you had come back and everything had been normal, Bucky had not been feeling the same way in contrast to you. He didn’t want to see you.  Actually, he did not say it verbally, but you understood it from his behaviours. Anyways, you were here mainly because of Sam who is a very good friend of yours.
It was late at night, and you were sitting in the room Sharon gave you. Madripoor was a really strange and unsettling place. It was really hard to fall asleep in a place like this, so you were sitting thinking and listening to your favourite songs to make yourself relaxed. Then, your stomach cried out craving for food. You decided to go to the kitchen and look for something to eat. Usually, it was not a habit of yours to seek for food in someone else’s kitchen, but you were really hungry. You went down to the kitchen hoping Sharon would not be bothered.
You started making yourself a P&J sandwich. While you were trying to open the peanut butter jar, you were startled by a voice coming right behind you.
“You need help?” Bucky asked delibaretly showing his shining vibranium arm.
“No, thanks” you said opening the jar. “I can handle it.”
You could see a slight smirk on his face, which annoyed you. “Stress eating huh?” he asked. You were surprised as you didn’t expect him to start a conversation. “I know that you normally avoid eating at night unless you are stressed.” You were again surprised by his claim of knowing you and this sentence being the longest he said to you since the beginning of the mission.
“No, I’m just hungry” you said taking the knife and some peanut butter with it. He raised his eyebrows at your response. Then, he grabbed a slice of bread and a knife and started making himself a sandwich too. You two just stood side by side making your sandwiches in awkward silence. You could feel the heat coming from his body, and his scent. Things may have changed but his scent stayed the same you thought to yourself. The things having changed could not make your heart more broken than right now.
“So, how are you?” he asked pulling you out of your thoughts. “You are asking this now?” you snapped not being able to hold yourself. “It’s been a long time since we saw each other again due to the mission, and you are asking me this now? Well, I’m fine if you really care.” The second you finished your sentence you felt regret with what you said. You didn’t want him to think that you cared about him enough to get mad at him.
“I- I did not mean to upset you. I’m sorry” he apparently didn’t expect you to react like this. You just shrugged your shoulders to his apology. However, you could not stop the anger growing inside, and your eyes got watery. You managed to keep yourself from crying. You just wished to finish your sandwich and go back to your room. You reached for the jelly jar for the final touch to your sandwich, but at the same time Bucky reached for it too causing the jar fall to the floor and break.
This triggered the growing anger towards Bucky inside of you. All this time you had wondered why you two were not together and blamed Bucky for this. All you wanted to say to Bucky revealed with the falling jar.
“Why did you do this-” You whimpered.
“It’s just a jar. No big deal, I can clean it up” He said softly trying to calm you down. He looked confused as you started crying.
“To us?” you looked at him waiting for a proper answer to your question. You hated yourself because of crying in front of him, even if your tears were caused by anger. You didn’t want to look helpless to him.
He slowly hugged you and placed his chin on top of your head. “Oh, Y/N” he sighed. You suddenly realized how much you missed his touch. Giving in, you wrapped your arms around him slowly.
“I cannot tell you how much I regret what I did” you heard him sniffing. “I’ve been coward all this time. After the Blip, even the possibility of losing someone…” he breathed out deeply “even I was the one who was lost, the thought of being the one who lost someone made me so worried that I kept myself from you. I couldn’t resist losing you”
“But we came back. No one is lost right now” you said wiping your tears away.
“I know. But the Blip, then Steve, all these things affected me terribly. I became too afraid to lose someone” You hugged him tightly as you wouldn’t let him go. All this time you had thought that he didn’t want you, he didn’t love you. After hearing his worries, you understood him completely. His life had not been an easy one after all.
“I missed you so much” you mumbled inhaling his scent while you rested your head on his chest.
“I missed you too, Y/N” he said placing a kiss on top of your head.
Feel free to share your thoughts and feedbacks!
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Part 17
Tumblr media
Pairing- Bucky Barnes x F! Reader
Warnings- Fluff. I don’t even think there’s a bad word in this chapter
Word count- 3026
Summary- Bucky and Sam are working together with S.H.I.E.L.D. to help make the world a better place. One night they discover a woman with abilities and a history with Hydra.
Note- The events of this story happen post Endgame. POV of story will switch between Bucky and reader and is noted at the start of each chapter. This will be at least a 20 part series.
A/N- Buck and Y/N take a road trip
❤️As always, please let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list❤️
Tumblr media
Part 17- Reader POV
Scott cooked breakfast for everyone which was actually quite tasty and the conversation throughout the meal was pleasant. Things took a slightly awkward turn at the end however when Chuck, the house ant, came by to clear the table and startled Bucky again. 
Afterwards, you went back upstairs to grab your clothes from the night before. As you were picking up your still damp dress from the bedroom floor, you felt a familiar heartbeat and turned to see Bucky standing in the doorway behind you.
“Hey,” he greeted you bashfully. “I heard from Sam and he agrees that driving is the best course of action right now. So I was aiming to leave here in about an hour unless you see a reason to stay longer?”
“No, that’s fine. I should be ready in under an hour,” you replied. 
“And, uh, Hope gave me these to give to you so that we wouldn’t have to worry about clothes and stuff for the drive,” he said as he handed over a small duffel bag to you. 
You smiled at him as you took the bag and rifled through it to find pants, shirts, a jacket and some toiletries. Looking up, you noticed Bucky was still wearing a shirt that was very tight and pants that stopped well above his ankles. Teasing him, you asked “What about you? Are you good with the muscle shirt and short shorts look or do we need to get you some clothes that fit?” 
“Scott’s working on getting me some stuff that’ll fit better as we speak,” he grinned back at you.
“Ok,” you chuckled softly as you looked at him, anticipating more to the conversation. Answers to the questions that had kept you awake most of the night. Was the kiss last night the start of something? Was it just the adrenaline leaking over from the incident at the club? Were you being naive and reading into something that wasn’t there? So many thoughts flooded your mind at once, you ended up just standing there speechless and staring.
Finally, Bucky broke the silence as he stepped past the doorway further into the room. “I, ah. . .last night. . . It. . .,” he huffed and seemed at a loss for words himself. You watched as his cheeks grew rosy and he tried his best to maintain eye contact with you. Before he could collect any of his thoughts to say more, you heard Scott yell for him from the bottom of the stairs.
“Hey Big Guy, I got you clothes that’ll fit. You want me to bring them up?” 
Bucky closed his eyes and dipped his head as he called back, “Nah, I’ll be down in a second.” He then lifted his head to look at you with the warmest blue eyes. “I’m going to go change into some clothes that fit better. . .hopefully. We can talk later?”
You nodded and smiled as he turned to go back downstairs. Feeling the heat of your own flushed face, you swallowed those questions down for a later time. For now, you tried to focus on getting ready to leave and were suddenly filled with anticipation of the road trip you were about to embark on. Although you had spent most of your time with Bucky since your most recent awakening from cryo, it had never been under these circumstances. Circumstances where you would be stuck together for days without many outside influences.
After a few deep breaths, you finished placing various items of clothing in a plastic bag then went to the bathroom to freshen up before your departure.
A little over an hour later you found yourself downstairs with Bucky and Scott selecting what looked like a toy car from a round plastic case. Settling on a nondescript silver sedan, Scott removed it from the case and carried it to the front of the house where he placed it in the street. He stood back, pressed a button and the car became full sized in the blink of an eye. 
“That’s a useful trick,” Bucky said approvingly. “Keys?”
“In the ignition,” Scott answered. “When you get back to New York, just shrink it again and put it in the mail.”
Looking over, you saw Bucky turn to smile at Scott, “Thanks Scott, for everything.” The two men shook hands then Bucky walked over to the trunk and placed the shield inside. Closing the trunk, he then walked over and got into the driver's seat.
“Thank you so much Scott. And please tell Hope we appreciate everything,” you said and then gave him a hug. Releasing him, you took the few steps to the passenger side and got in the car yourself.
“What is it?” Bucky asked as you buckled your seatbelt, having noticed the perplexed look on your face. 
“My arm. . .” You trailed off. 
“Does it hurt?” Bucky asked. 
“No, that’s just it. It doesn’t hurt at all,” you explained. Pulling up your sleeve, you picked at the tape and removed the gauze Bucky had placed on there to reveal that your arm was totally healed.
“Look at that. You may be more super soldier than you knew,” Bucky exclaimed. 
“Y-yeah. . . I suppose so,” you responded in awe.
“Ready?” Bucky looked over at you with a coy grin with his hands on the steering wheel.
“Yeah, but we’re going to need to stop at a gas station.”
“Why? The tank is full,” he stated as he pointed to the readout in front of him. “You have to pee already?”
“No,” you scowled at his accusation. “No road trip is complete without snacks, duh,” you smirked.
A few hours later Bucky finally pulled over at a rest stop for gas, a bathroom break, and a snack run. While he filled the tank of the car, you took full advantage of the mini market grabbing several bags of potato chips, two snickers bars, a bag of gummy worms, Chex mix, and some caffeinated drinks. Although you hadn’t spent much time in the outside world, these were a few of the items you remembered from your past.
 In addition to the food items, you also grabbed a pair of sunglasses, a sudoku puzzle book, and a gossip magazine. Unloading your haul at the check-out register, the man behind the counter began to ring up all of your assorted items. While you waited for the total, you glanced down and saw the distinct yellow and red wrapper of a Sugar Daddy. You grabbed several and added them to your purchase.
Exiting the market with your new sunglasses on and bag of goodies in hand,  you saw that Bucky was already back in the driver's seat giving you an odd look. As you entered the passenger side, you placed your bag on the center console and showed Bucky your spoils.    
“Are you twelve?” He glanced up at you after he scanned the contents of the bag.
“I wasn’t kidding about the snacks,” you smiled. He reached into the bag and pulled out the sudoku book and gossip magazine with a questioning look. “Ok, maybe I’m trying to make up for some lost life experiences also.”
Without saying a word, he gave you a sideways grin that let you know he understood.
“Plus, I got something special just for you,” you told him as you produced the three Sugar Daddies and handed them over to him.
“Sugar Daddies? I’m. . .flattered. I didn’t think you remembered that,” he smiled to himself.
“In spite of the tremendous loss of memories from the rest of my life, I do remember just about everything that has happened since you found me that night in the shipyard,” you confessed to him.
He stalled for a moment staring at you in wonder. The intensity of his blue eyes boring into you. Finally, he said, “I hope the memories have been good so far.”
“Yeah, I’d say they’ve been pretty great overall. I mean, aside from getting shot at last night. And plummeting off a bridge into icy cold water and almost drowning,” you taunted him.
“Alright, alright,” he chuckled as he opened the wrapper on one of his Sugar Daddies then stuck it in his mouth.
 “Shall we?” he asked as he put the car in drive and continued west into the Sierra Nevada mountains. 
The drive through the mountains was beautiful, but quiet. Neither of you seemed willing to risk broaching the subject that was looming over the car. 
The kiss.
In an effort to lighten the mood, you opted to turn on the radio and started scanning the stations for something that was suitable for the drive. Finally you heard the familiar trumpets of “Begin the Beguine” play over the speakers.
“Artie Shaw. . .my Ma loved this song. She would always turn the volume up when this came on the radio and make me dance with her,” Bucky mused. You turned to see he had that distant look in his eyes that took over when he was reliving a pleasant memory.
“You listened to a lot of music when you were younger?” you inquired.
“Music and shows,” he answered.
“What shows did you listen to?” you quizzed.
Blowing out a burst of air that rattled his lips as he raised his eyebrows in thought, “Gosh, I haven’t thought about radio shows in a long time. Um. . . my sister, Becca, she used to love the Lone Ranger so we would listen to that a lot.”
“I loved the Lone Ranger! I would sit on my dad's lap and listen when he got home from work.”
“Return with us now for those thrilling days of yesteryear,” Bucky spoke in his best impersonation of an announcer voice. 
The remainder of the drive that day was spent comfortably talking about various radio shows and music from your youths. You talked about the great artists of those times; Billie Holiday, Glenn Miller, Cab Calloway, and Duke Ellington. How your families would gather around the radio for shows like the Jack Benny Program, the Roy Rogers Show, and The Aldritch Family.
Around seven that night you decided to seek shelter in the town of Wendover on the state line between Nevada and Utah. Bucky picked the town and explained that it was best if you stayed in smaller towns but nothing too small. With limited lodging options, you opted for a Super 8 motel that was located close to the highway on the edge of town.
In the parking lot of the motel, Bucky had put on a black baseball cap before he went to the registration desk. While you waited for him to return, you gathered the various wrappers in the car from all the junk food you had consumed during the day. About ten minutes later, Bucky returned with key cards in his hand. 
“Room 308,” he said while grabbing your bags from the back seat.
You followed close behind Bucky up the flights of stairs until he stopped at the vestibule to your room and used a key card to open the door. The room smelled of old cigarette smoke but it was ample enough for the night with two queen beds. 
Once inside, Bucky explained that it would be best if you waited until you had more distance between you and San Francisco to dine out. As such, he went back into town to pick up some food and bring it back to the room while you took a shower. 
By the time you finished your shower you were starving and were happy to see that Bucky had already returned with food in hand. Grabbing a burger and bag of fries, you plopped down on your bed and turned on the tv. Bucky ate his meal, then took a shower before settling down on the other bed. The night passed quietly as you watched several nature documentaries. Then around ten o’clock, Bucky announced he was going to try to get some sleep.
He laid down on the bed closest to the door and placed a hand over his face after shutting off the light on his side of the nightstand. For a moment you turned your body towards him thinking you had the courage to talk about the kiss. However, after a few seconds you decided against it as you stifled a yawn and decided to try to get to sleep yourself.
Highway sounds filled the room the next morning and you woke up to see that Bucky was already awake and dressed. Hearing you stir, he turned from the counter where he appeared to be meddling with the coffee maker.
“G’morning. How’d you sleep?” he inquired.
“Really well, actually,” you mumbled. “What time is it?”
“Close to six. I was hoping to get an early start and put some good miles in today,” he said, taking a sip from a paper cup and then making a displeased face. “Ugh, this stuff is shit.”
“I think I saw a coffee place down the street,” you laughed. “It should only take me a few minutes to wash up and get dressed.”
By six thirty you were back in the car and headed east after making a quick stop at the coffee stand you had mentioned. Sipping your latte and watching the buildings of Salt Lake City pass, you realized that Bucky had been driving non-stop.
“Hey, I can drive if you want a break,” you offered.
“Do you have a license?” He asked with furrowed brows.
“Technically no, but neither do you right now,” you retorted.
Placing his tongue on the side of his cheek as he chuckled softly, he replied, “Fair enough. Ok, when was the last time you drove?”
“Does that matter? It’s like riding a bike. It just comes back to you,” you attempted to argue. Looking over you saw the smug grin on his face knowing that he had bested you. “Fine then, see if I offer to help you again,” you resigned as you crossed your arms across your chest.
“Ah c'mon West Coast. Don’t do that,” he pleaded looking over at you. “It’s not fair when you do that.”
“Do what?”
“Make that face. I can’t say no to that,” he grinned over at you. After a sigh he continued, “If you really want to drive you can take the wheel for a bit after we get out of the city.”
“I’m not dying to drive, I was just trying to relieve you for a bit,” you said, feeling frustrated at his lack of trust in your driving abilities.
“Well, it’s up to you. We’ve got to stop for gas in a bit anyway,” he offered again. He turned his face over towards you entirely for a moment to see that you were troubled by his lack of confidence in you. “Hey, I’m just giving you a hard time. I’m sure you’re a great driver.”
“Says the man that drove us off a bridge.”
“You’re not going to let that go are you?” 
“Nope,” you responded, popping the P at the end of the word.
At the next stop Bucky held true to his word and stepped away from the driver's seat. You truly couldn’t recall the last time you had driven, but you knew it was something you were fully capable of doing.
The hope was to make it well into Nebraska by the end of the day which meant at least another seven hours of driving. Bucky told you he was going to touch base with Sam and see if they had any more information as to what had happened. After sending a few texts, however, he sighed in frustration and explained that Sam’s only response was that this was not a good time to talk. 
“Was the other night really that bad?” you started and saw Bucky freeze at the question. You then clarified by adding, “At the club. . .I understand we had people shooting at us and all, but why are you guys so suspicious that someone blew our cover?” 
Bucky visibly relaxed once he realized you were referring to the mission and not the kiss. “Well, they had way more than their usual number of affiliates there and from what intel have is, they always kept a very strict schedule yet our guy was early that night. And then there’s the issue with the comms,” he trailed off.
“What? That they went out?”
He nodded and said, “Implies it was someone on the inside tampering with it. And the last time someone infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Avengers, it turned out pretty bad.”
“You don’t think they’re after you again do you? Shuri removed your trigger words,” you worried.
“No, I don’t think they’re after me. But it worries me what they might be after.”
Realizing what he was implying, you rubbed a hand to your cheek. “You think they might be after me,” you stated.
“We don’t know,” he paused, “But it is one theory.”
Your hand on your face began to shake and you placed it back on the steering wheel to steady it. Bucky, however, saw it before you could hide your tremors.
“Y/N listen to me. You’re safe, alright? That mission was a mistake. We shouldn’t have put you out there. But we’re headed home and you’ll be fine there until we can figure this out. I promise, I’m not going to let anybody hurt you,” he assured you.
Keeping your eyes on the road, you could feel the weight of his stare on you as you tried to keep steady and put on a brave face. Bucky however knew you too well and could tell you were scared. 
He then tried to brighten your mood and changed the subject. “So I saw that the town I wanted to stay in tonight has a county fair happening. I thought maybe we could wander around for a bit, have some dinner, go on rides,” he suggested. “If you want.”
“You think it’ll be safe?”
“Yeah, so long as you don’t go winning any first prizes in a beauty pageant or something, I think we’ll be ok.”
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Life Goes On (Chapter 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky's therapist talks him into going to Y/N's apartment
Warning: Language
A/N: Thank you guys so much for the support on chapter 1, I'm so overwhelmed with joy. As a treat, I decided to post chapter 2!
Chapter 1
“I made a friend yesterday. I think.”
Dr. Raynor’s ears perked up. “You think?” She asked as she adjusted her glasses. Bucky was in Dr. Raynor’s office for his federal mandatory therapy sessions. And mandatory meant one missed appointment meant another appointment in jail.
Bucky nodded his head, “Yeah, I met her last night.” He said. Dr. Raynor started to pick up her notebook. Bucky sighed. “Please, do you have to do this?” Bucky asked, motioning towards her notebook. She ignored him. “A her?” She asked, jotting something down on her notes. Bucky clenched his flesh fist. “Yeah, her name’s Y/N.”
“How’d you meet her?” Raynor questioned. Bucky took a breath before speaking. “She lives next door. Was playing some dumb song on repeat. Something about life going on, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that song was annoying.” He rambled. All Bucky heard in reply was the scratch of pen on paper. “Songs and conversations about ‘life going on’ get you upset?” Raynor asked, looking up from her notebook.
Bucky sighed and rubbed his face, feeling his stubble on his single calloused hand. “No, it’s just annoying.” He replied with annoyance in his voice. Dr. Raynor gave him a look. “We’ll save that conversation for another session. Right now I wanna hear about Y/N.” Dr. Raynor leaned forward. “All I did was knock on the wall, which caused her to stop the song. She then asked about the band and I didn’t know who it was. She came over pissed.” Bucky explained, shrugging his shoulders. He was getting a little agitated with Raynor today. But then again, he always grew agitated with her every session. “What was the band?” She asked. Bucky shrugged again. “Something with a bug, I don’t know.”
“The Beatles?”
Bucky snapped his fingers with his flesh hand. “That’s the one.” He exclaimed, pointing at Raynor. She chuckled to herself. “What next, Bucky?” Bucky cleared his throat. “Well, she ripped me a new one for not knowing them, then came into my apartment -unwelcomed, by the way- and started looking around for my ‘shitty taste in music'.” Bucky did the little quotation mark gesture as he spoke. He went on, “I then told her that I don’t listen to music. She didn’t yell or anything after that. Just told me to come to her apartment today at 8. To do what, I have no clue. She then just left.” Bucky trailed off after saying ‘left’, which drew Raynor’s attention.
“Sounds like you like her already,” Raynor said, adjusting her position in her armchair. “You should go. I know you may think you don’t want to, but you do. Go.” Bucky rolled his eyes at her words. “Of course I don’t want to go, I don’t know her.” He did want to go. Goddamn, he wanted to go so badly. Why won’t he let himself go?
“You’re just saying that. You do want to go. This is the first person, other than-” Raynor stopped and flipped in her notebook. “Mr. Nakajima that you’ve had a connection with. Actually a first one outside of your list of amends.” Raynor was right. Bucky hasn’t spoken to anyone from the team in a while.
He’s been avoiding Pepper and Morgan because he still feels terrible about not being able to apologize to Tony about his parents. Thor’s doing whatever the fuck the God of Thunder would do. Sam’s in Louisiana with his sister and nephews. Clint’s trying to get over the guilt of Natasha’s death. And Bruce is doing “Brucey” things.
Bucky has no one. Just himself. Just like it’s always been.
He sucked in a breath. “Okay, I’ll go.”
“You better, Barnes. I’ll find out one way or another.” Raynor said, closing her notebook.
Bucky was sitting on his living room floor, staring at the clock in the corner of the room.
He still sat, his back against the wall, listening to the ticking of the clock on the wall. “C’mon, Buck. You gotta go.” He mumbled to himself, rubbing his gloved hands together. He screwed his eyes shut. He didn’t understand why he was so nervous.
“This is the first person you’ve ever had a connection with outside your list.” He said, remembering Dr. Raynor’s words. Maybe that’s why he was so nervous. He just didn’t want to fuck it up. Didn’t want to lose the chance to live a normal life. Whatever normal meant nowadays.
A knock on the wall shook Bucky out of his small pep talk. “You coming over or what?” Y/N’s voice sounded muffled through the wall. Bucky took a deep breath before getting up and walking over.
Before he could even knock on Y/N’s door, she opened it. She had a white t-shirt on, paired with a pair of plaid black pants, matched with a maroon leather jacket. Her feet were covered in her white socks. The only makeup on her face was some eyebrow gel and mascara. Bucky thought she looked pretty.
He shook that thought out of his head. Just be my friend, he thought. Y/N gave him a small smile. “Never thought you’d come.” She said, moving out of the way to let Bucky into her apartment. He stepped in. It did look similar, structure-wise. The kitchen was in the same place, as was the living room. But Y/N had it more decorated than him.
She had posters of bands and artists framed on her wall. Plants littered the corners of her apartment. She had a nice couch and another nice armchair in her living room. She didn’t have a T.V. though. Where Bucky had his T.V., she had a long shelf full of records, new and old. Sitting on top of the shelf was a record player accompanied by two speakers on either side. And of course, above the record player, hanging on the wall was a poster of The Beatles.
“I didn’t know people still used record players,” Bucky said aloud. Y/N shot him a smile. “It’s the best way to listen to music.” Y/N chuckled and walked over to her fridge. She opened the refrigerator door and pulled out two bottles of beer. Kicking the door closed with her foot, she gave one to Bucky.
Bucky watched as Y/N popped the lid off with her finger and took a sip. “Hope you like Stella Artois.” She said, nodding towards his drink. Bucky gave her a small smile. “I do, thanks.” He said, cracking the beer open with ease.
Y/N strolled over to her record player and then turned around to face the leather-clad man. “So, got a favorite decade?” She asked, crouching down to search through her records. Bucky cleared his throat before speaking. “The ‘40s.” He mumbled, just loud enough for Y/N to hear.
“Hmm,” Y/N sat down on the floor, shuffling through her records. “I have Frank Sinatra, does that sound good?” She asked, looking back and showing Bucky her copy of Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits.
“Yeah, I think I’ve heard his stuff before,” Bucky said, the name jogging his memory. He watched as Y/N carefully took the record out of its case before putting it on the record player. She pressed the start button, making the record spin. The girl grabbed a brush-like object and carefully swept the record with it. She then picked up the needle and placed it on the record. As Y/N walked away Sinatra’s All of Me started playing through her book-end speakers.
Bucky gave her a look. Something about this felt too good to be true. “So, what is all of this for?” Bucky questioned, motioning to everything around him. Y/N shrugged. “I decided to be charitable because you don’t seem to know anything about music. You come over, we drink, listen to some tunes, talk about life and whatnot.” She said, walking towards her kitchen table.
“Few rounds of rummy, while we listen to Sinatra, Buck?” She asked, holding a deck of cards in her hands.
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sergeantxrogers · a day ago
| black shirts and soggy cereal |
Summary: Bucky was your best friend, until he saw you wearing his shirt.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word count: 1.7k
Warnings: Fluff?? (it’s a friends to lovers kinda), making out, implications of smut but no actual frickle-frackle
"God, I fucking hate Sundays," you muttered to yourself, huffing as you slammed the drawer shut.
At your place, Sundays were laundry days. Meaning, you had a limited amount of clothes to wear while you waited for the washer and dryer to stop. Therefore meaning you had nothing to wear. Literally nothing.
You dragged your bare feet across the hardwood floor of your bedroom towards the huge closet in the corner. Sighing, you opened it and stood in front of it, your arms crossed against your bare chest, hoping something would've magically appeared since the last time you checked. Since all your casual clothes were in the wash, all you had on you was your underwear. Chewing on your bottom lip out of habit, you started pulling out items of clothing and throwing them on the floor at your feet in frustration.
Blue crop top? White blouse with the fancy little buttons? Your favorite jean shorts that were just a little too short to be considered appropriate by your parents?
None of those were lazy-day clothes. You frowned at the pile that had formed on the floor, feeling a breeze of cool air send goosebumps across your arms and stomach.
Great, it's fucking cold too.
You knew it was Bucky's turn to use the dryer, so it was full of just his clothes. Deep down, you hoped one of your band tees or sweaters had somehow made it's way into his pile of laundry and was washed and dried with his clothes. It was worth a shot.
Opening the door to your bedroom when you reached it, you peeked out into the hall to find it was empty, and you hurried across to the bathroom, shutting the door behind you. Sure, Bucky was your best friend, and sure, he'd been living with you for over a year, but you weren't planning on flashing him anytime soon.
You whispered a small yes to yourself in victory when you saw the dryer was finished, and you opened it to dig through the pile of clothes. Your victory, however, was short-lived, after you rummaged through the pile of Bucky's abundance of black shirts, black sweats, black socks, the occasional pair of boxer briefs (did that man own anything that wasn't in black?), and you realized there was nothing of yours there.
With your hand resting in the warm clothes, an idea came to mind. He wouldn't mind, would he? He wouldn't think it was... an invasion of his privacy, right? If there was one thing you wanted to avoid in life, it was making Bucky uncomfortable in any way.
Another chill ran down your spine and made up your mind, tugging out a random oversized shirt and pulling it over your head. You sighed happily when the warm fabric enveloped your body, and you glanced at it in the mirror. You couldn't help but laugh to yourself when you saw the Captain America shield right in the middle of your chest. If there was a bigger Cap fanboy than Bucky Barnes...
You decided you could deal with the rest of the laundry later, because right now all you needed was a nice cup of tea. Leaving the bathroom, you made your way to the kitchen, your eyes finding Bucky sitting at the island hunched over a bowl of cereal.
"Morning, Bucky," you said, moving past the island and walking to the stove. You picked up the tea kettle and filled it up with water, turning the stove on after setting the kettle down.
"Mornin' doll," he said back, slightly muffled from the spoonfuls of cereal he was shoveling down his throat, not bothering to look up at you. You rolled your eyes. The man always ate like he had been starved for 6 years.
"You plan on going anywhere today? Or are you just gonna stay in?" you asked him, turning to lean against the counter.
Bucky shrugged, and turned around in his seat, and froze. Only then had he seen you, and when he did, he felt like his heart had stopped.
He swallowed the mouthful of cereal harshly, eyebrows raised slightly at the sight of you. He couldn't help the way his eyes dropped to trace the shape of your legs, crossed in front of you.
The hem came down to your mid-thigh, swallowing your frame.
You were wearing his shirt.
And as far as he could tell, you were wearing nothing but his shirt, and for some reason the thought of it made something stir deep inside the pit of his stomach, a feeling he hadn't had in a very long time. Eyes wide and spoon dropped in the bowl, a million thoughts raced through his mind at the sight of you, many of which his Ma would’ve beaten him for thinking of, but most apparent of all were the ones along the lines of I need her to be mine.
Your brows furrowed at his frozen stare.
“You good, Buck? Sorry, I was cold and had nothing else to wear- I didn’t think it would be a problem...,” you trailed off, immediately starting to regret your decision. 
Bucky slowly rose from his seat, shaking his head.
“You look... No, it’s not a problem, I just-”
You held your breath as he walked over to you, standing up straight when he finally reached you, standing less than a foot away. His figure loomed over you, and blocked the window across from you, the early morning light shining behind him, framing his messy hair. An angel.
His hands rested on the countertop, trapping you between them. You opened your mouth to say something, to mention how weird it was, but the look in his eyes and the way his tongue darted out to lick his lips had the words dying in your throat. 
You barely registered the kettle boiling behind you, afraid to tear your eyes away from his, worried that he would disappear. None of it felt real. There was a sense of comfortability and familiarity hanging in the air around you, as if it was teasing you, pulling you in to go even further. So you did.
You hadn’t even realized your hands reached up to rest in his hair, or his hands gripping your waist, until his desperate lips met yours.
When you were a kid, you used to love going to the beach. You loved swimming, adored it. Your favorite hobby, however, was playing a little game of endurance with yourself. You would take a deep breath before submerging yourself completely underwater, counting the seconds. And you would stay there, your hair flowing around you, until your lungs felt like they were on fire and the pressure in your head became too much. And when you would finally shoot up, the first gust of air that would enter your lungs as you heaved and gasped, wiping water from your eyes, was your favorite part. 
Bucky’s kiss felt like that first rush of air. It felt like oxygen to your burning lungs, and you hadn’t even realized you were underwater until he pulled you out of it. Lips soft, tongues warm, teeth hard and clashing, hands reaching to grasp whatever they could find: it was fresh air. He pulled away first, bringing his hands up to your neck to get a better look at you.
“Gorgeous... my gorgeous fuckin’ girl,” he muttered, almost to himself, stroking your pulse points with his thumbs, and you were sure he felt your heart pick up speed at his words.
Before you knew it, his hands were grabbing your hips and pulling you up to sit on the counter, and he stood between your thighs. A chill ran down your spine when you felt one soft, warm hand and another cold, smooth one run down from your hips over your thighs, and slowly come back up again. Breathing heavily, you gripped his shirt and your head fell forward onto his shoulder when his fingers started tracing circles dangerously close to your panties. 
“Bucky...,” you whispered in his ear, but that was all you managed to say before his hand went to the back of your head and pulled you in for another kiss, this time shorter, and sweeter. 
His lips tasted like coffee, and that cherry chapstick you started forcing him to wear because “they’re drier than the Sahara, Buck!”, and they felt like they were perfectly made to fit against yours. Your fingers traveled down to play with the hair at the nape of his neck, and his hands that were still on your thighs went up, bringing the shirt up slightly with them, to lay on your hips. 
“Now, tell me princess,” he started, resting his forehead against yours, “why we haven’t done that earlier.”
Your cheeks flushed at the smirk growing on his face, and all you could do was give him a little shrug, at a loss for words.
“I probably should’ve worn your shirt earlier,” you replied, and he smiled as he watched you absentmindedly reach for the stove to turn it off. 
“Yeah, probably.”
His metal hand made it’s way underneath your shirt to settle on your bare waist, leaving goosebumps in it’s wake, his thumb stroking your skin back and forth. His other hand traced patterns on your back and you buried your face in the crook of his neck, humming quietly. 
You sat like that in silence for a while, until his hand dropped from your waist to the hem of your panties, hooking his fingers underneath. Your heart skipped a beat and your head shot up to look at him, his pupils wide and dark.
“Poor thing... you must be so uncomfortable sitting on that cold, hard countertop,” he cooed at you, tracing your jaw with his fingers.
“Let Bucky take care of you, hm?” he said, quieter this time, and you just nodded, lips parted at the feeling of his fingers teasing your underwear.
That was all it took for Bucky to grip your thighs and wrap your legs around his waist, heading for his bedroom. 
It was only a few hours later, when you came back to the kitchen, that you saw his forgotten bowl of soggy cereal on the kitchen island, spoon still resting in it. 
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honeyybey · a day ago
Can't Get Enough
Content warnings: touch starved Bucky, FATWS Bucky, Song inspired fic, fluff, angst if you squint, SOFTBOI BUCK!!!!, ugly format
"You're not here and I can't sleep. I've got you on my mind"
When Bucky got the call from Sam about attending his family’s barbecue, he had to admit he was more nervous than anything. While the ex super-soldier had definitely gotten more comfortable hanging around his partner’s family, immediately being considered to relax and hang out for leisure was still…new.
With Steve gone, Bucky had spent months and months alone and in the dark. That dark drowning the veteran, leaving him completely desensitized to human touch and affection. But, God, it all changed when he met her. Bucky could not describe it, but as he recalls the moment to himself, he simply says “It was everything”. It was at said barbecue where Bucky sauntered in confidently toting a store bought cake and the brightest smile he could sport in that moment. Immediately on entry, he was greeted by two kids, one familiar and the other not, that pretended to throw punches and swing at the old man. Bucky, more happy than he could have envisioned for himself, dramatically threw his body backwards as if the tiny child’s punch actually connected and swing a dramatized right hook in retaliation. The children giggled, barely giving him time to put the cake down at the table where Sarah sat speaking to another woman, before they attached themselves to his metal limb and demanded to prove how strong he really was. Sarah, hearing the rowdiness in her sons voice, snapped her finders at the brown boy, but Bucky reassured her it was ok before lifting the two kids off the ground with a little less than ease.
Bucky dramatically leaned towards the picnic bench Sarah and the other woman as if the kids were actually heavy, and that’s when he got that first glance at her face. He wasn’t sure if it was the sun beaming on her deep, brown, skin or the shimmer of the gold specks dusted along her cheekbones, but whatever it was…. It was everything. Her dark brown eyes focused on her own blue ones, immediately forcing him to drown out the weightless children squealing loudly in his ear. Her full lips creeped into the tiniest smile forcing his own to do the same, but bigger. While Bucky was no stranger to a good ole stare down, the brown skinned beauty shyly giggled and averted her eyes back to Sarah who had a shit eating grin on her face.
“I’m telling Sam” Sarah laughed to herself. Sam’s sister called for the two kiddos to “leave Bucky alone to chat with Vivi”, and she stood up herself to let the two talk.
“Vivi” Bucky whispered to himself, making sure the kids were safely back on their feet before sliding into the seat Sarah previously occupied. “Nice to meet you, Vivi. I’m Bucky” He grinned foolishly.
“Ivoryanna” She giggled, reaching her right hand out for him to shake.
It had been only short of a month after that initial first encounter, that Bucky recalls as their first official, unofficial date that the pair had become two peas in a pod. While they weren’t officially dating, Bucky never hesitated to let the woman know how much he appreciated her essence. He was appreciative of every little detail about her, and made sure to tell her every waking chance he could. Miss Ivoryanna, the formal title he often referred to her as, learned more and more about him everyday they spent together. And he the same. His favorite thing about her so far was how affectionate she was. She worried about him at night when she was in her small house half an hour away from where he lied on Sarah’s couch. She knew about the nightmares and horrible dreams he had about his past, and every time he even uttered the word “sleep” she would immediately attach herself to him, giving him a gentle affirmation that she was present and listening…and he swooned every time. The way he would nuzzle his head into her hands at the faintest touch of his face. The way he would position himself so that his knee touched hers whenever they sat side by side. And especially the long, restless, sigh he released every time she wrapped her arms around him from behind and laid her head on his strong back while tangling his fingers into hers.
She saw it all, and the day he muttered “God I never want you to let me go” in the smallest voice she’d ever heard from the overly confident man, she knew there was no way in hell that she could.
And she didn’t.
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niallbucky · a day ago
Bucky Barnes fic rec
* indicates smut
*Pussy Whisperer by whintersoldiers - "My fuckbuddy is kind to my cat and my cat likes him. My cat doesn't even treat me this nicely. I feel I'm starting to really like him because my stupid cat likes him so much."
*crazy in love by parjil - Sinning with Bucky.
*all in the weight (gentle, we fall) by heli0s - A stretched night in Wakanda with you, Bucky, and the truth.
*thigh riding by buckysknifecollection - Drabble request: how about thigh riding with bucky bec oof
*Put Your Lovin' On Me by The_Onyx_Moon - Bucky needs to forget. He needs someone who can help him erase all the wrongs he’s committed and the monster he thinks he is. You’re just what the doctor ordered.
dog days by ohhthatgirl - Bucky takes Steve’s dog for a walk, and in a twenty minute span manages to meet the girl, insult the girl, make the girl think he’s an idiot, but just maybe charm the girl enough to come back for more.
*Bruised by jbarnes2494 - It takes a rescue mission & a near-death experience for Bucky to admit how he feels.
Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life Too) by wkemeup - Bucky waits at the end of the aisle for the love of his life (heavily inspired by the wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians)
Little Lion Man by wkemeup - Sent on an assignment back to 1943, you encounter a drastically different version of the man you know
*bitter fruit by divinemistake - “The mission was already a success!” you say and you can feel tears burning the back of your eyes. You will yourself to blink them back. “You had the files, the base was set to detonate, I don’t understand why you didn’t just stay on the fucking jet.”“Because you were going to die.”
*so crazy right now by parjil - It had been a quiet night as a storm blew through New York. The rain splattering against the window drowned out to a faint din from the television replaying an episode of a show that you enjoyed. Your eyes were going hazy, and you bit your lip. Bucky moaned against your skin.
*i don't know if i could ever go without by thegreenfairy246 - bucky gives you something good to wake up to
*To Build a Home by ussgallifrey - The glimpses into a life Bucky never thought was possible for himself. A world where he would find someone who he could love and be loved in return - a person he could start a family with. This is how an ex-assassin navigates the world of parenthood.
*Sunrise by wkemeup - After an explosion takes his arm and his only sense of belonging, Bucky is discharged from active duty and sent back to civilian life. Left with a storm of unchecked guilt, Bucky is content to live out the rest of his days in the hollow comfort of the dark. This is, until Sam drags him down to the local VA and he meets you.
*Sleeping With A Friend by wkemeup - You wake up in Bucky’s bed after a night you’re certain will only break your heart.
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beyondspaceandstars · a day ago
While You Sleep
Chapter 4
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: angst, mention of violence, slow burn Summary: Soulmate!AU - Throughout life, you’re given glimpses of your soulmate through dreams. As you sleep, memories flash in your mind showing you the life your soulmate has lived. Everyone around you raves about how their soulmate reads great books or volunteers in their spare time. But you can’t relate as your dreams end up being more like nightmares. Through initial images of death and violence, you come to learn your soulmate is the Winter Soldier. 
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Hope was surprisingly actually kept alive as suddenly you were seeing the blonde-haired super soldier every morning. Sometimes even in the afternoon. While his order never changed -- quite the man with a plan as he certainly liked to stick to a routine -- he became much more talkative. 
It started out as the littlest things. Steve would bid you a good morning or ask you about some breaking news he saw the other day. You entertained the chit-chat quite well in between orders. Steve had practically taken over the seat at the bar, the same one you had offered him that one nerve-wracking day.
Wondering what he would ask you about each day certainly helped to keep your mind off things. Granted, it didn’t totally block out the fact you were speaking to your soulmate’s best friend, but the conversations mixed with that tinge of hope sure did keep thought about the nightmares at bay. 
Nothing was exactly progressing or regressing with the nightmares. They were at a sort of standstill in your mind. They were filled with violence but still were of older times, decades ago. The emotions, though, were not letting up. If you didn’t wake up with vivid imagery of knives being flung and guns being loaded, you sure did wake up with a roller coaster of feelings rushing through you. 
But what was felt from your soulmate didn’t exactly align with what the nightmares told. The small glimpses of Bucky’s eyes as the Winter Soldier wasn’t filled with… anger, sadness, regret. They were just… eyes. They held little to nothing outside of stoic determination. If lines were getting crossed, you weren’t sure. You still walked around feeling like a freakshow on display despite the fact no one, especially your coworker who had seen you initially crash and burn, ever asked you about the soulmate “dreams.”
Well, that was until Steve started getting more comfortable at the coffee shop.
One afternoon, he had apparently decided to get bold. He was lounging at the little bar area and you could feel his eyes watching you clean up some syrup bottles. 
Steve broke the silence, asking you something that he typically always did: “How are you?”
You shrugged with your back still facing him. “I’m doing okay, Steve. How are you?”
“No,” he let out an awkward cough. Your brows furrowed as you turned to him, abandoning your task. “How are you?” He asked with such a pointed look that your heart sank. 
You fumbled with the rag you were still holding, trying to look anywhere but at Steve -- but his demanding presence didn’t allow for it.
“If I’m being honest, not much is getting better,” you admitted. “I still see things, sure, but it's really about the feelings I get. They are so strong but I don’t know how. The dreams are like old memories or something, I’m not sure anymore.”
Steve nodded then looked down at his lukewarm coffee. You didn’t know how he didn’t get tired of that stuff, but you were past thinking he actually came in for the coffee anymore. 
“Thought they would’ve lightened up by now,” Steve eventually said. Your eyes shot to him. Every other word out of this man’s mouth seemed to stun you. You were nearly convinced he knew everything.
You wanted to tread on this, but carefully. 
“Why…” you sighed. “Why do you say that?”
“Hmm?” Steve hummed as if he didn’t hear your question. Your eyes narrowed in confusion. 
“I asked, why do you say that?”
He looked away, this time at the lines of syrup bottles behind you. He seemed lost in thought, his eyes shining with concern. Maybe he just needed that push and you wanted him to confirm… something, anything. 
Steve snapped back to you suddenly. “Just thought since it’s been a few weeks it’d be better.”
You looked to the ceiling, taking a deep breath. “Steve, do you-,” 
You were abruptly cut off by Steve getting up and placing his empty coffee mug on the counter. “Thanks for the coffee.” That was his final parting words for the day before he walked out of the shop, leaving you standing there confused and annoyed. 
But this wasn’t going to be over. Especially not after you went home that night, settled into bed, and gave into the nightmares. While still past memories, they were only a few years old. And featured Steve. Flashed of a bruised, tragic-looking Captain America played out quickly. The feelings washing over you were those of strong love but even stronger regret. Everything pounded in you as the nightmares played, coming in a weird kaleidoscope of clips. The hurt you felt was overwhelming. But there was also just so much… Worry. Fear. Your soulmate was afraid. Afraid of what exactly, you didn’t know, but he was consumed. 
You woke up in the early morning hours, heart pounding, feeling raw from that nightmare. Everything felt powerful like the final straw was snapped in you. You needed stuff to lessen and, supposedly, that could come with actually meeting your soulmate. You didn’t know the logistics of it all, people had been so vague as they preferred to fawn over and treasure the initial dreams, but there were ideas out there about how once soulmates formally met they created new shared dreams. Together, through the connection. These could be just as bad or they could be just as good as the original telepath. No matter the fact, you needed something. You were begging for this pull to loosen. The world was setting you up with this man and you had to see about it. Maybe get some kind of closure, at least. You were exhausted from playing it safe with Steve. Everything from his dumbass vague phrases to his hovering gaze gave you your answers. 
You were once again a woman on a mission, but this time you couldn’t hide behind a coffee counter and brewing espresso. 
You called out of work but showed up at opening time. Your coworker stared at you in surprise when the bell rang but you just gave her a wave and made yourself comfortable at a table right by the door. You sat very still, staring at the glass door, watching the patrons. 
A glance at the clock told you Steve was late for his usual coffee run but you weren’t giving in. If he had any inkling about your confusion he would show, be the confident man he could be and face you. 
Thankfully, you were correct. It was mid-morning by the time Steve strolled in, definitely not surprised to see you patiently waiting. Your eyes locked immediately as he gave a defiant sigh. But he didn’t bypass you for the counter. Instead, after you gave a single nod, he sat at the table, directly across from you. 
“Good morning,” Steve greeted you but he lacked that award-winning smile he always gave with it.
“Good morning,” you said, suddenly feeling iffy under his gaze. You had to practically shake yourself out of it to get back on track. You weren’t backing out, not after what you had felt last night. This would consume you after so many years. Your soulmate was going to consume you if you didn’t man up. “I think we need to talk.”
Steve nodded. “I agree.”
You sighed, a bit relieved. He possibly did know, your suspicions were confirmed. “These nightmares I have - they’re about-,”
“Bucky,” Steve answered so simply, you were almost jealous by how the name rolled off his tongue with ease. That was your soulmate and you could barely talk about him. But that was ending, you reminded yourself. Right now, you were taking steps. Life had become a whirlwind but maybe you needed it. 
“Yes,” you confirmed. “Everything I see it’s from his days as… you know what.”
“The Winter Soldier.”
You groaned in annoyance with yourself. “I’m sorry, this is just so weird for me,” you said. “I just learned the other day him and I are… And it’s a lot. Everything is a lot. I see and feel so much in the nightmares that I needed to make progress or something but, truthfully, I don’t know how to go about any of this.”
Steve nodded, his eyes looking very sympathetic. He leaned forward, his arms now resting on the surface. You shifted in your seat, staring down at the wood patterns of the table. Steve didn’t seem to mind the lack of eye contact, though, as he began. 
“I’ve known about you for a while,” Steve admitted. “When Bucky began getting back to himself he would talk about you every now and then. I-I don’t know when he realized it but he’d tell me bits of what he thought you looked like, where you went to school, the coffee shop you were always in… And, well, it didn’t take long for me to realize it was you he was seeing in dreams. But he doesn’t know that I see you nearly every day,” Steve let out a light chuckle, almost in disbelief of himself. “And he certainly doesn’t know the dreams he’s relaying to you. I don’t think he’s ever thought about it, honestly.”
Your heart jumped knowing your soulmate actually knew about you. Saw you. Got the loveliest dreams about you. It made you feel pretty good, really. You were glad you were giving him something light, relaxing, after everything he had seen. Maybe that was a fair trade. As long as your soulmate was okay.
“He doesn’t know I see all those… Things?” You asked, your voice dropping a bit timidly.
Steve sighed, shaking his head. “If I had to guess, it would have something to do with the fact that he’s remembering everything,” he said. “Everything he had done, the people and violence… All that comes back to him. He’s said he remembers it all. That’s probably the feelings you’re getting with the nightmares - him handling the aftermath.” 
Your heart dropped at that. You lifted your gaze to meet Steve’s, seeing he was wearing a similar mix of sadness and worry. It was still strange to feel this ache when you were awake.
But you understood, at least, as much as you could. It sounded like there was some healing going on, with everything coming in waves. Did you like that you had to suffer because of it? No. But that was your soulmate and a deep part of you wanted to just take all that pain away for him personally. 
“It’s not fair he has to deal with all this,” you said. 
Steve agreed, “It’s not.”
“But I want to help,” you spoke with such sudden determination. Steve gave you a confused look. “Would he… Would he want to meet me?”
That look of surprise on him suddenly morphed into some form of relief, with a bit of a smirk playing on Steve’s lips. 
“I think I could arrange that.”
“R-Really?” Your hands were practically shaking at this point but Steve seemed too cool and collected, almost proud of the situation he was concocting. 
“If I’m being honest, he mentions something about you nearly every other day.”
Your jaw went slack, now making you the surprised one. “But you knew who I was. Why didn’t you just tell him?”
“Would you have honestly been comfortable if I just sent him in here?”
Well, he had you there. You sighed, shaking your head, sinking a bit in your seat. 
“Yeah, he wouldn’t either,” Steve mumbled. “But it’ll be okay. I’ll figure out something.”
You nodded, maybe a bit too eager. “Thank you.”
Steve gave a small smile then averted his gaze to the table as if debating what to say next. You thought the conversation had wrapped up nicely but there was another thing you didn’t expect to hear about.
“You know,” Steve began, “back in the day, Buck never had any dreams and while now we know why,” he motioned towards you. You blushed. “We had just figured he didn’t have a soulmate or something. Like the world had just happened to screw up…” His voice trailed, letting out a brief sigh. “I can’t imagine his relief when he got the first images of you.”
Your heart swelled. It took everything in you not to choke out sobs. The feeling of hope and… love suddenly wash over you. It was such a distant feeling but it was all coming. Slowly, it was becoming an acquaintance. 
“Do you have a soulmate, Steve?”
He nodded. “I did.” You frowned at the past-tense use of the word. “But that time has come and gone. I’m more than happy to help Bucky get his.”
The lovely feelings crept back, stronger than ever. Just the thought of being in the same area as your soulmate was making it bloom even more.
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the sam and bucky arc is so funny to me; like there’s no way that no one at marvel reads fan fics. literally doesn’t have to be sam an bucky fan fics; not even marvel. but they have to have read some because how else would they know to include:
1. enemies to lovers
2. “... unless you could just stay with me...?🥺”
3. there’s only one bed 😱
5. BOAT FIXING MONTAGE (there’s no way they don’t know about the bucky on the docks headcannon)
6. everyone around them knows they love eachother before they do. esp that one frienemy who hella ships them (zemo)
i could go on but i won’t. 
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel) Additional Tags: Mention of Death, Heavy Angst, Grief/Mourning, sam has angel wings, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Bucky Barnes Is a Good Bro Summary:
“I’m sorry,” Karlie said, her body going lifeless in Sam’s arms. He wanted to scream and cry but it was stuck in his throat and his body felt numb. He held the eighteen-year-old closed to his chest and placed the rosary she dropped around her neck. He said a soft prayer before Karlie’s eyes opened up. Karlie’s eyes showed no signs of life as they stared deep into Sam’s brown eyes.
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