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thewildthorberrys · 9 minutes ago
Mermaid XXV - END
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x mermaid!reader
Word Count: 150
A/N: This is an AU. A series of drabbles inspired by The Shape of Water.
Bucky felt disoriented as he opened his eyes, his senses slow to adapt to the underwater environment.
He touched his neck, surprised at the gills that were there. Looking down at himself he realized his toes were now webbed like yours.
Bucky’s vision became clear just as you swam up to him.
Your lips curved upward into a relieved smile as you reached a hand out to stroke his face. He grabbed your hand and pulled you forward, bringing you in for a kiss.
When he pulled away he touched his forehead against yours, wrapping his only arm around your waist to press your bodies together.
Bucky believed he’d forever be slave to his past, but your love changed him completely.
Bucky was free, weightless.
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agentbelle · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
S01E02 - The Star-Spangled Man
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thewildthorberrys · 12 minutes ago
Mermaid XXIV
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x mermaid!reader
Word Count: 300
A/N: This is an AU. A series of drabbles inspired by The Shape of Water.
Your eyes were fearful as Rumlow approached, electric baton in hand.
Vision stepped forward to stop him but then halted as the baton connected to his body, causing him to convulse and drop to the ground. Wanda cried out and lunged for Rumlow before meeting the same fate.
Bucky pulled you behind him as Rumlow stalked forward.
“I’ve been watching you, Barnes.” Rumlow grinned wickedly. “I bided my time.”
Only a few feet away now, Rumlow’s predatory eyes made you hold on tightly to Bucky’s arm.
“Now I’ve come to collect my prize.”
Rumlow lunged forward and Bucky collided with him. Fists were thrown, and Bucky was able to dodge them all but then Rumlow got him in the side with the baton. It only deterred Bucky for a moment before he got the upper hand, kicking the baton from his grasp and landing a punch to Rumlow’s temple, knocking him out cold.
Bucky trembled as he slowly faced you.
His eyes were filled with sorrow and clouded by a shame that you couldn’t understand, but the longer he held your gaze the clearer his eyes became. You could see the ocean again.
He calmned as you placed a kiss to his cheek, then asked once again:
Bucky gasped and you looked down. A knife was lodged into his side, blood already pouring out from him. And grasping its handle was Rumlow.
You flinched when Rumlow roughly pulled out the knife. You tried to press your hand over his wound but Bucky stumbled a few steps backward, right off the edge of the dock and into the ocean.
Brock chuckled darkly but it quickly turned to a shout as you sunk your teeth deep into his neck. You pulled back, mouth bloody, as you watched him bleed out.
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stevebuckydogtags · 15 minutes ago
i relate to natasha romanoff cause i too, would betray my "team" and be against +100 countries just to protect stevebucky
Tumblr media
gif credits: mcufam
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katty06 · 21 minutes ago
Everytime i start watching a new show or a movie franchise i spot that one character and i say
Ah yes, you shall be the non canonical chaotic bisexual
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barnesplums · 23 minutes ago
*I pick up my dog tags laying on my chest and hand them to you* have these sweetheart, don’t want you to hurt yourself
- bucky
*take your tags on my hand and start to carefully nibble and suck on them*
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deexchanel · 25 minutes ago
Thunder 3
Word Count:
Pairing: Thor Odinson x BlackFem!OC, Tony Stark x BlackFem!OC, Steve Rogers x BlackFem!OC, Bruce Banner x Fem!OC, Natasha x Clint.
Warning: Swearing, fighting.
Summary: Part 2 to the family dinner!
A/N: Yall this basically cheat😂😂 written differently. No hate towards Sharon, I actually like her!
Tumblr media
Brielle looked puzzled to see Bucky. She honestly hasn't seen him since the whole avengers breaking apart thing. She turned to the side feeding Dalton, who was in Thor's arms.
Avianna raised an eyebrow at why Sharon was here. Hell, why was she even on the floor?
Peter silently prayed that the dinner would go right. He didn't want his family to embarrass him in front of Michelle.
"Hi guys, come sit please!" Hailee waved them over. "There's plenty to eat." Not knowing that a whole can of worms was going to open.
"I'm not going to be long. I just wanted to talk to Steve but I'll enjoy you guy's company." Sharon sat down, grabbing a plate. Brielle and Avianna looked directly at each other as if they were talking but not speaking.
"Oh, what did you need talk to him- Ow!"Clint urged being nosey but Natasha stepped on his foot.
"A mission that was last minute. I had to get him last because he said he was taking care of Avianna. I think that's his aunt or grandma? Which one Steve?" Sharon asked innocently making Lori drop her fork. Nobody didn't want to say anything.
"Sharon, please stop talking.." Steve covered his face while Avianna just stared at him.
"O-okay so um where are you guys going?" Bruce asked finally speaking up since all of this started.
" Why do I need to stop Steve? and I don't know Bruce, somewhere tropical. I was thinking for us to stay a couple days extra." Sharon winked at Steve. Avianna'ss leg shook trying to calm down but it wasn't working. It was quiet for a couple minutes just really quiet until Tony broke the silence.
"So now I can't know shit about our own son?!" Tony proposed pissed off. Lori looked at him crazy for him talking about their business in public."If you were here being a father maybe you would know. Now finish dinner and we will discuss this-"
"NO NO there no such thing as discussing this shit later. I'm tired of this fake happy avenger family shit. Everyone needs to say what's on their chest. It's time to stop bullshittin all of this!" Tony snapped pointing his finger at everyone. It's true, they act all fake and happy together.
"Barnes why you keep looking at Brielle?" Clint messy ass implied sipping on his drink. Natasha glared at him, "Clint. Shut. Up"
Bucky cleared his throat, "I'm just trying to figure out why she won't talk to me, or even look my way." He crossed his arms over his chest. "Is it because of what happened?"
Thor furrowed his eyebrows turning his attention to his girlfriend."What is he talking about? What happened between you two."
"Nothing happened Thor. Bucky there isn't anything to say. On to the next conversation." Brielle simplified looked away from the both of them. Thor let out a laugh, trying not to show that he was angry. She just lied to his face.
"I'm going to be here for a while. Avianna I really need your help. I've gotten a housemaid pregnant." T'Challa rubbed his face in defeat. Nobody judged but just stayed quiet. Avianna rubbed her temples trying to stay calm. Both men in her life were making stupid ass decisions.
"YOU DESPERATE BITCH." Avianna shouted at Sharon jumping across the table throwing punches. Oh, Steve was getting his licks from her in a couple of seconds. "AHH" Sharon screamed trying to block her face. "Avianna let her go!" Steve pulled on her waist from the side. Everyone jumped up trying to pull her off and not hurt the baby.
"Peter, you and Michelle take Morgan and Dalton in the room NOW." Tony yelled over the commotion making Peter flinch. Michelle noted to ask him about that later while she grabbed Dalton from Thor's arms.
Thor held onto Brielle who was trying to jump in. " Brielle, stop resisting."
Avianna was able to get a punch in before she let whoever it was grab her off of Sharon.  She repeatedly hit Steve on his chest, trying so hard to not aim for his face. "You cheating bastard!" Steve blocked the hits attempting to grab her wrists. "Avianna stop!"
She snatches away from him. "No! I can't fucking stop. You've already fucking embarrassed me in front of everyone, lets just add icing to the cake!!!" Steve began to say something but she held up a finger shaking her head, walking away to their room with T'Challa following.
"Fuck!" Steve cursed loudly, punching the wall. He really just lost his soul mate. He couldn't even look at his team, with his head down he walked to the training room.
"You need to leave now," Hailee said pointing to the door for Sharon. It was a quiet clean-up, soon everyone separated going into their own rooms.
"You'll rather neglect us than make us your first priority. Wow Tony I can't believe you, oh wait I can. All I ask is for you to not lock yourself in your lab and to spend time with your kids." Lori wrapped her hair, putting it in a bonnet. Tony replaced his jeans with some pajama pants. " What the hell you're talking about, I do spend time with the kids Lori!"
"Oh really? What time does Peter get out of school Tony?"
"That's unfair Lori."
"How is it unfair? I just asked a simple ass question but it proved my point. I'm done arguing, I'm going to go check on the kids." Lori yawned a bit. Tony let out a frustrated groan once she left the room.
"Peter baby can I come in?" Lori sigh knocking on the door, she was in defeat. "Yeah." She heard and went into the room to see they were watching a movie. She was so overwhelmed that she forgot that Michelle was still there. "Mommy." Morgan reached out for her mother.
Lori took her into her arms, "Crap Michelle, I honestly forgot you were still here. Let's get you home." It wasn't that late in the night, only around 9 p.m. MJ gives her a small smile.
"It's okay I understand."
"I'll be right back to talk to you so try not to fall asleep." Lori kissed Dalton's and Peter's forehead.
"Okay, mom."
Brielle sat at her vanity taking off her makeup. She kept a straight face but inside her consciousness was eating her alive. Brielle knew it was wrong to lie to him. Thor sat at the edge of the bed taking off his shirt.
"I'm going to go get Dalton so we can go to bed." She looked in the mirror at him, using a makeup wipe to rub the rest of the makeup off.
"I'll go get him when we are done talking about what happened at dinner."
"Thor can we talk about another-"
"There is no other time! you are going to turn around, look me in the eyes, and tell me what happened between you and Barnes now."
Doing what she was told, Brielle stared him in the eyes nervously. "Bucky and I met two years before you and I met. One night, we got drunk then hooked up with each other. After that night, we never hooked again babe I promise."
Thor's feelings went from anger to hurt." Why did you have to lie to me then huh? Brielle, I thought we agreed on honesty between each other."
"Baby I'm sorry, I didn't know how you would react and I don't want to lose you." Her lips quivered, tears forming. " I shouldn't have kept that from you Thor, I'm so sorry."
Thor debated on if he wanted to forgive her, it really hurt him that she lied to him. He could take dishonesty from Loki, not from his girlfriend. He kissed for forehead, "I'm going to get Dalton so we can go to bed."
Brielle wiped her tears nodding but she was still sad, Thor didn't say if he forgave her or not.
Lori was back in Peter's room, sitting on his bed with Morgan asleep in her arms. Thor had left out the room after getting Dalton. "Did the commotion earlier bring back those memories?" Lori asked playing with his hair. Peter nodded holding on to his mom closely.
"I'm so sorry honey, I wish I could make them go away. I wish I could protect you from it all."
"It's okay mom, I can handle it."
"I know Peter but I'm always going to be here to help you. No matter what I'm forever going to be here for you."
Lori held her children close, wanting to protect them from every problem they faced.
wow uh okay.
The characters i write, their always fighting 💀
thor don't like that lying shit, that's why he didn't forgive her ass. he already gotta deal with it from Loki.
should I write part 4 ? it would be the next day and about the aftermath which would include more arguments.
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sambucky-stupidity · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
there were so many sambucky moments to choose from making this was kinda hard
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deexchanel · 26 minutes ago
Thunder 2
Word Count:
Pairing: Thor Odinson x BlackFem!OC, Tony Stark x BlackFem!OC, Steve Rogers x BlackFem!OC, Bruce Banner x Fem!OC, Natasha x Clint.
Warning: Swearing, a lil bit of fluff.
Summary: It's family dinner time in the Avengers tower!
A/N: It was around Thanksgiving when I wrote this and it's not thanksgiving now sooo i changed it to family dinner😂😂😂 THIS IS THE SECOND CHAPTER WITH THEM SITTING AROUND THAT DAMN DINNER TABLE, Y'ALL I WRITE SOME CONFUSING ASS SHIT.
Tumblr media
The ladies were running around like chickens with no head. It was sunday family dinner and they were the cooks. Brielle was getting ready to leave now but Thor kept kissing her trying to distract her from getting ready.
"Babe stop kissing me so I can leave. It's not going to take me long to come back."Brielle giggled as she tried to get him off of her but it wasn't working.
"Baby you look so beautiful, I can't let you leave me." Thor murmurs as he continually kisses her neck. She was beginning to give in but Natasha was knocking at the door.
"Thor I know she looks pretty but we have to go!" Nat yelled before walking off. Her hormones were getting the best of her and everyone was catching a taste of it.
"Fine, let me know when you're on the way back, Lady Brielle. We will have everything set up." Thor said, giving her another kiss.
"I will bye baby," Brielle said, kissing back before grabbing her things and then leaving the room.
"There goes, mommy baby." She gushed about Dalton picking him up out of the playpen. He giggles then smile at her.
"Do we have everything?" Lori asks, looking around.
"Yes, Lori let's go. There's a lot we have to cook." Avianna groaned as she walked out the door with Hailee behind her. We were already dressed with what we wanted to have today.
Avengers: Assemble
Brielle: Guys please have everything ready when we get back.
She texts in the group chat before putting it on mute because they surely get carried away with texting in there.
"Mommy, can we get some candy?"Morgan asked Lori once they got into the grocery store.
"Yes you can, but only one," Lori told Morgan. Lori followed her to the section with the candies to pick out the one Morgan wanted.
They picked up everything from shrimp, pasta, to wine, drinks, and vegetables. Honestly, Brielle's feet were starting to hurt a lot. She got a phone call from Peter which was very odd.
"Hello?" She said in confusion.
"Brielle, I have a question," Peter said lowly on the phone.
"Yes, Peter what is it?"
"Promise not to tell mom?"
" I promise now what is it?"
"Can you get me some condoms?"
"wait a damn minute. When did this happen?"
"I was at Michelle's house but Brielle please don't tell mom yet."
"I promise I won't. I'll get them for you now bye Peter "
"thank you, bye Brielle."
Brielle hangs up her phone, shaking her head as she goes down the aisle with the condoms. This older lady was staring at Brielle while she was looking at the condoms.
She got tired of it and decided to say something," Woman I'm old as hell stop looking at me while I'll buy some damn condoms."
The old scrabbled to grab her things and walked off the false leaving her on it by herself. Avianna, Hailee, Natasha with Dalton in the cart walked down the food aisle to finish getting everything that was on the list.
"Anything that we need to add before we go to find Brielle and Lori?"Hailee asked the two looking at some meat that was on sale. Natasha played with Dalton to keep him entertained.
"No, we should be good Hailee," Avianna informed, pushing the cart. Natasha's bump was starting to show but on the other hand with Avianna her bump was looking at 2 months. The girls went to look for Lori, Morgan, and Brielle so they could go.
The guys stood in front of the living room confused about what they were supposed to be fixing up for their women. In conclusion, they ended up sitting on the couch drinking beer.
" Sometimes I don't understand Avianna. Like what is cocoa butter? or what is a wig cap?" Steve said, confused as he sips his water. Since then Steve and Thor have melanin queens, there was stuff they didn't know about.
"Is the caps of the wigs something that goes on their heads for protection? I don't really know. Brielle just had blonde last week, now she's a redhead." Thor said, taking a drink of his beer as well.
"Lori wants another child, how do I even respond to that!?!?" Tony stresses as he rubs his temples.
"Natasha's hormones are all over the place, I'm excited that she is having our child but she kind of scares me at the moment," Clint confessed after everyone confessed about their girl.
The living room was all set up for the girls to come in cooking. Which is exactly what they did when they came in from the grocery store.
5:30 p.m.
The rolls were the last thing heating up in the oven before dinner was declared done. Thor sat on the floor with Dalton helping him walk, the rest of the guys sat on the couch watching football making a big commotion. The elevator doors dinged, grabbing Brielle's attention to it. T'Challa walks through the doors making her run, giving him a big hug.
"T'Challa you're here!!" She squealed tightly hugging him. She hasn't seen him in about 6 months since the last time he was here.
"Yes Brielle, I'm going to stay for a while." He smiled, giving her another hug.
"Have you seen Avianna? I'm her surprise for today." He laughed and Brielle led him to the living room where Avianna was sitting in Steve's lap.
"Avianna look!"Brielle called out, making her turn around to see T'Challa.
"OMG T'CHALLA. OMG" Avianna screams running to him and jumping in his arms. The two are siblings but they didn't find out until that time she went to Wakanda for her vacation plus she wanted to see if it was a real place.
After everything calmed down, everyone was seated at the table fixing their plates. It felt good to be seated at a table with a good family and good food for the soul.
"Mhmm What is in this?"
"My foot, don't ask dumb-ass questions!" Brielle said while fixing Morgan a plate. They were sitting around the table in no particular order. A couple seats were empty for guests.
"Um, who's missing? This is a big-ass table. Stark where did you find this?" Avianna asked pointing her fork at Tony.
"Do it look like I know who's missing or where this table is from??" Tony scoff before continued to eat.
"Oh, one of the extra seats is for the spiderling's girlfriend. Michelle." Thor spoke up while he ate. All eyes were on Peter who's face was red as hell.
"Peter who's Michelle?" Natasha asked trying to get information. Nobody knew this information from him because he never really talk to them.
"Wait why the hell does Thor know this?" T'Challa spoke up confused. Everyone nodded in agreement.
"Alright Alright back off my son now. He told me a couple of days ago and I agreed." Lori stepped in to save the day for Peter.
"And you didn't bother to tell me??" Tony asked confused as to why he wasn't told that his son has a girlfriend/crush.
"Oh um, M-Michelle is my partner from class," Peter said ignoring what Tony said. The elevator doors open showing a beautiful girl walking in. Along with Bucky and a blonde girl.
"Sir Michelle Jones, James Barnes, and Sharon Carter have entered the floor."
Peter trying to get his freak on lmaoo
Thunder 3
stay slutty my friendss
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neverlandsky · 28 minutes ago
things i have in common with bucky barnes
say no to socializing
say no to meeting people-
has barely any contacts in our phones
eats sushi. likes sushi
sarcasm as defense
in love with sam wilson
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samwontshare · 28 minutes ago
Oh Lord their reunion in episode 2:
Sam: HEY DONT COME HERE AND TELL ME ABOUT MY RIGHTS. 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬 I don’t wanna talk about the thing I’m sensitive about!
Also Sam: Now I’m gonna strategically tell you about this mission I know you won’t be able to resist but I DONT WANT YOU TO COME. ...unless?
Also Sam two seconds later: I am so impressed you did a pop culture.
Still Sam: *dad jokes he laughs at himself*
Bucky: I’m coming with you.
Sam: NO DONT imsohappyheshere
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neverlandsky · 31 minutes ago
thinking about bucky barnes constantly staring at sam wilson until sam calls him out and bucky being embarrassed but hes trained to keep a straight face so he tries to stare at other people (like john walker) to make it seem normal but when someone other than sam calls him out, sam replies with "you'll get used to it" because he's jealous that bucky isnt only staring at him even tho bucky actually is-
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louisianaspell · 31 minutes ago
Once Around the Barn
So a few ideas…
1. I feel like this could be a/b/o. Your parents hated the pack they were in, so one night they took off and ended up settling down and raising you and your siblings on a farm in the middle on nowhere. Life was good and you were happy. Until one night an alpha shows up demanding your parents hand over his mate.
Apparently it was decided before you were born that you and Bucky would mated as a way off settling a feud between the two packs, your parents hated the idea and that’s why they ran. Bucky doesn’t care what you or your parents want, he’s not leaving without his mate.
2. Reader is gonna be older in this idea, like around the age of Chris & Seb. You left home right after high school, choosing to go to college as far away from your family’s farm as possible and haven’t been home since. I’m thinking there’s a reason why, maybe a really shitty relationship with at least one of your parents, or maybe there was a traumatic event that happened. I’m not sure yet.
Anyway, after the deaths of your parents, you’re forced to return home to settle their estate. While back on the farm you meet their hot as fuck farm hands, Steve and Bucky. I think there would be some old drama between the three of you, like maybe they played a role in you leaving home.
So they hate that you ran off and now have come back, bossing them around, and maybe selling the farm. You hate them for whatever happened between you in school.
Enemies to lovers. MMF. Lots of hot hate sex in various places around the farm.
3. Historical au, 1800s. Serial killer!Reader (inspired by Belle Gunness). After the mysterious death of your husband, you start to place lonely heart ads in newspapers looking for a new husband that would help you run the farm.
Basically you run through the men of the mcu or chris and seb’s characters, they respond to your ad and move onto your farm, and are never seen or heard from ever again.
Send me a fic title!
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reducedemtasketch · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I’d like to think Sarah took this picture…
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still-simping-over-sambucky · 36 minutes ago
Sam: hugging Bucky
Bucky: "What was that?"
Sam: "It's called affection."
Bucky: "Disgusting."
Sam: ...
Bucky: "... Do it again."
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captainslytherinsoldier · 43 minutes ago
Since The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ended, has there been any good SamBucky fics? Preferably ones that don't have Sam as Bucky's therapist? I Know I could browse AO3 but it's not something I wanna do at the moment. Fic recs please!
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samwontshare · 43 minutes ago
Man, Bucky doesn’t even sit on his couch. He sits on the floor exactly where he sleeps to watch TV.
They do a good job at showing little ways he’s still influenced by his time as the Winter Soldier. He has no personal affects. He keeps his personal space very small, really only using the floor next to his couch and TV. He sits very still and rigid with his hands clasped in his lap. He hides his arm, always wearing gloves. His affect is very flat and he mostly speaks when spoken to.
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write-orflight · 44 minutes ago
Light the Lamp: Chapter 1
Tumblr media
**Gif Not Mine**
Prev -  Next
Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader (Friends to Lovers, College/Hockey AU
Rating: M
Words: 2.2K
Warnings:  College kids being college kids, drinking, swearing, talk of sex(No smut yet but will be)
Summary:  Love and Hockey were kind of the same, everyone’s just rushing to score. So why couldn’t you?
A.N Summary bad but I literally couldn’t focus on writing anything else until I finished at least the first chapter of this. let me know what you think, Message/reply/inbox to be tagged.
  Chapter 1: 1st Quarter
Hockey wasn’t the sport Bucky wanted to play originally. He wanted to play baseball like his old man but when Steve decided he wanted to take ice skating lessons, he made Bucky tag along so he wouldn’t be the only boy in the class. Soon, they found themselves recruited in the junior rec hockey team and had been playing together ever since. It wasn’t a surprise that when recruitment came around that school’s were trying to pick up both of them. People knew better than to separate Cap from the Winter Soldier. Steve’s nickname was easy to figure out. He had a natural authoritative nature that made him the Captain of almost every team he played on. You never knew why they called Bucky the Winter Soldier until you played against him. Bucky was like an assassin on the ice. While everyone was focused on Steve in Center, Bucky was on left wing scoring the goal before you knew what hit you. So both of them getting recruited to play for the Avengers at Wilmington University wasn’t surprising. 
Meeting you was. 
At first, it was a sort of form of hazing. When they were starting their Freshman year so was the Coach’s daughter. He had asked senior members of the team to ‘keep an eye on her’ and make sure she didn’t get herself into any trouble. The seniors’ thinking that was lame, were more than happy to pass the task off to the two eager freshmen trying to make a name for themselves. So that’s how it started, The two boys walking you to classes and home from the library late at night, much to your demise. 
“I should’ve known my dad was going to do something like this.” You complained when you saw the two boys waiting outside your dorm the first week of classes. “Thanks for coming. But you can tell my dad that I’m not going to be the freak being escorted by hockey jocks everyday.” 
“No can do, Doll.” Bucky says. “We leave you, we’re doing drills the rest of practice.” 
“Doll? What’re you? A 40s newscaster?” You say, with an annoyed expression walking passed the boys who just followed suit behind you. “Ugh, this is such bullshit. He literally begged me to go to Wilmington and promised I’d be able to have a ‘normal college experience’. What about this is fucking normal?”  
“I know it’s less than ideal but hey, we can make the best out of this.” Steve smiles. “I’m Steve, by the way.” He says extending a hand. 
You shake it. You couldn’t blame them for your dad not trusting you. “Y/N. You?” You asked the other boy next to you. 
“Bucky.” He provides. 
“Bucky?” You question. 
“Well, it’s James but my friends call me Bucky.” 
“And that’s what we are? Friends?” You ask. 
“Might as well be, since we’ll be seeing each other a lot this semester.” 
And that’s how your semi-unconventional friendship started. Pretty soon, even though your dad had eased up on the 24-hour watch, per your mom's request, you still found yourself walking and getting coffee with the two in the mornings. Even, found yourself waiting in the rinks watching practices so you could hang out afterwards and that became your life for the next two years. Now the three of you we’re entering your Junior year of college. Steve was right back in his title role of Captain, Bucky was now first string Left Wing and you were… still watching from the bleachers. You didn’t mind though, you grew to love the sport due to it being your dad’s profession. Hell, you were on skates before you could even walk. But you never found yourself on the women’s team, Hockey wasn’t something you really wanted to do. You still supported the girls team though, which is why you found yourself watching their practices too. 
“Hey, Y/N!” Carol said, skating to the end of the rink where you were sitting next to her girlfriend, Maria. A position you often found yourself in, entertaining player’s girlfriends while they practiced. Maria was cool though, at least you knew about the sport. 
“Hey, Marvel.” You called her by her nickname. Thing about Hockey is everyone was called by their nicknames. 
“You going to the Sigma Pi party later?” She asks. 
“Uh, no one told me about it.” You say, awkwardly. 
“I’m telling you now.” Carol says like it's obvious. “You never go out anymore and I refuse to let you become a cat lady before you turn 25. Come over ours at 7, we’ll pregame and head over at 9. What do you say?” 
“Fine, I’ll come.” You say. 
“Great!” Carol says, pumping a fist before signalling her girlfriend to come closer to the rink. You look away as they kiss. Couples made you uneasy, especially hockey couples. You wanted that more than anything, for your guy to skate up to the gate just to sneak a kiss from you. Not that dating anyone from the team was even an option with you dad coaching. The team saw you as a little sister and if anyone was caught even looking at you in any way, their ass was grass by either your dad or Bucky, who’d become protective of you over the years. 
“Marvel, stop flirting with your girlfriend and GET BACK ON THE ICE!” You heard your dad scream. 
“Sorry, Couch!” She called. “Sorry, baby i’ve gotta jet. Y/N, don’t forget. 7 o’clock!” She says before skating off. 
“I won’t!” You call after her. 
You can’t help but look at yourself in the mirror awkwardly at the tight Satin dress your roommate, Wanda practically forced you in. You were just going to wear a sweater and jeans, your regular wardrobe but Wanda insisted everyone had seen you in that and what they haven’t seen is you in a dress. Especially, with your new body, you had gotten over the summer working at a sports camp. Who knew running after kids would be such a great form of exercise? 
Wanda also did your makeup, something you didn’t typically wear, giving you a natural glow eye, a layer of mascara, and sticky gloss that made your look ‘dewy’ as Wanda described it. You tried to keep your hair in the bun but Wanda insisted you keep your hair down. Saying it made you look hotter, you shrugged knowing you’d have to take her word for it. 
The two of you made your way to Carol and Maria’s apartment. Carol swung the door open and looked at you in surprise. “Woah, Ice Baby, you clean up nice.” 
“Don’t start, Marvel. And you know how I feel about being called that.” You hated the nickname but since you were the coach’s daughter and you stuck around the rink any chance you got, The seniors had started calling you Ice Baby your freshman year and the nickname unfortunately stuck long after they had gone. 
“Right, sorry, I always forget.” Carol said moving out the way for the two of you to come in. 
The four of you drink and play games until it’s time to head to the party. You’ve got a pretty strong buzz going as you enter the party and you regret the strappy heels Maria made you borrow before leaving. You’re sitting in the corner when someone comes to sit way too close to you. You look up to see Brock Rumlow, or Rum as the team liked to call him. 
“I almost didn’t recognize you, Ice Baby. You look good.” 
“My name is Y/N but thank you.” You say, annoyed. 
He holds his hands up in mock surrender “I forgot you hate that nickname. Let me bring you a drink to make up for it. What you want.” 
“Rum and coke, please.” 
“Oh, so you like Rum?” He says, obvious double entendre hanging off his tongue. 
“The drink? Yes.” 
“You’ll like the man soon enough.” He winks, smirking at the flush that spreads across your cheeks. 
The two of you spend the night like that. He brings you drinks and shamelessly flirts with you as you get drunker and drunker. The two of you even dance for a bit in the sea of grinding bodies. Soon you’re telling him a story and a hand drifts to your leg. You turn and he’s much closer to your face than you thought he was. 
“Wanna get out of here?” He asks. You nod but before you can even stand, Bucky is there towering over Brock.
“You can leave, Brock. But I’m taking Y/N home.” He says. 
Brock rolls his eyes. “Forgot you had a Winter Soldier guard dog. No worries, dude. I’m leaving anyway.” He says, before turning to you. “You’ve got my number, call me if you wanna hang this week.” He says, nodding to Bucky before walking away. 
“Ugh, Bucky. What was that for?” You whine, drunkenly. 
“You’re drunk. I’m taking you home.” Bucky says. “Come on, stand up.” 
You shakingly get up and Buck is there immediately under your arm, his arm around your waist helping you walk out. 
The cold breeze hits you as soon as you step foot out the party and take the long trek home. 
“I think I drank too much.” You point out. 
“You think, kid?” Bucky says. “You’re lucky, I was here meeting Sharon otherwise you would’ve been shit out of luck.” 
“Brock would’ve taken me home.” 
“Brock’s a lowlife. Don’t worry about him, I’ve got you.” 
You sigh. “Sorry for ruining your night with your girlfriend.” 
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll call her when I make sure you get home so if you could pick up the pace.” 
“My feet hurt.” You complain. 
“Yea, I bet. God, when did you start wearing heels, Doll?” 
“I wanted to look good tonight.” You sigh. 
“You always look good.” 
“Fine, I wanted to look hot.” You provide. “For once, I wanted to be the one guys paid attention to at parties.” 
“You can be yourself for that, Y/N.” Bucky says. “You’re a catch.” 
“If I was, someone would’ve fucked me by now.” You drunkenly admit. That makes Bucky double-take. “I mean, think about it? 3 years into my college career, I turn 21 in a couple months and still it's where no man’s gone before down there.” 
“Y/N, are you saying you’re--” 
“A virgin? Yea, Bucky catch up.” You groan at the pain in your feet. Bucky looks and takes sympathy on you. 
“Here take off your shoes.” He says, toeing his off as well and sliding them over to you. 
“You’re just going to walk barefoot?” You ask, putting on the shoes, holding your heels in your hand. 
“Better than you walking barefoot.” He shrugs. 
“Anyway, I decided over the summer that maybe I was putting too much thought into it. I mean almost everyone loses their virginity in high school and it's never good, no one ever says their first time was good. I just thought maybe I should just, you know, get it over with.” You slur. “Which is what I was trying to do until you chased my date away. God, you always do that, Bucky.” 
“I’m not fighting with you while you’re drunk.” Bucky says, trying to get you to drop the subject but you persist. 
“Every time I try to talk to a guy, you butt in--” 
“Maybe I wouldn’t butt in if you picked the right guys for you.” 
“There’s nothing wrong with the guys I pick! You’re just a cockblock.” 
“That’s not true.” 
“Yea what about Charles? He asked me on a date freshman year and took it back not even an hour later. I had to beg Steve to tell me why and it turned out that you threatened him if he even thought about going out with me.” 
“Y/N, you had just turned 18 and X was a 24 year old senior! I didn’t trust how he was just waiting. So yea, I told him to fuck off. And Rum is an asshole who can’t get a girl to sleep with him unless they’re shitfaced. So yea, I told him to fuck off.” Bucky exclaims as the two of you make it up the stairs to your apartment. “Y/N, you’ll find someone right for you and that right person will make your first time special. I just want you to find someone who’ll make you happy.” 
“And I just want you to remember for next time that if you want to tell a girl who she can and can’t fuck, you have Sharon for that. Not me.” You said, taking off the shoes as you arrived at your front door. 
“Y/N, wait--” You hear him say but you don’t care, you slam the door in his face regardless. 
Who did Bucky think he was? Sure, he was your best friend but so was Steve and he’s not nearly as protective as Bucky was. You honestly couldn’t tell who was worse at this point, your dad or Bucky. You loved both of them but they had the fatal flaw of forgetting you weren’t a kid. You were a woman, a woman with needs. And one particular need you needed to get rid of.   
So you picked up your phone and called Brock. Bucky couldn’t be right about everything.
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rebelforthebadtimes · 46 minutes ago
Imagine the teasing that goes on during missions between you, Sam, and Bucky.
*Platonic! Gender Neutral Reader*
Tumblr media
“On your left!” You shout to Sam, as you fly past him towards the enemy. He groans, and you laugh to yourself, knowing that line irked him at least a little bit.
“Sometimes I wonder why we bring you in the first place.” He says, and you can feel the eye roll as you start going after the enemies flying towards you.
“I don’t know what you mean Sam, I think they’re funny.” Chimed in Bucky from down on the ground. At least the earpieces were working nicely.
“Yeah Sam, get a sense of humor, why don’t you?” You laugh breathlessly, as the fight took some wind out of you.
“Yeah yeah, all funny when you’re teasing me. Don’t forget (Y/N), I have that video of you tripping over nothing but air at three in the morning while we stayed at Sharon’s place in Madripoor.” Sam says, and you glance over to see the shit eating grin he has as you guys start flying closer to the ground to help Bucky with the enemies down there. 
“That I’ve got to see.” Bucky laughs, and you groan.
“I don’t even know how you got that video, I thought I was the only person up. I can’t help exhaustion.” But you laugh as well, thinking of how to get back at Sam for that.
“I have my ways. But don’t think for a second Bucky that you’re off the hook either. I have the video still of when you fell straight through the trees after jumping off the plane.”
“The amount of blackmail that goes on is unbelievable. Can we get back to the mission at hand?” Bucky’s voice was light, meaning he thought it was still funny.
“All because I said ‘on your left’, and Sam took it this far. Don’t worry, I’ll catch you doing something embarrassing too.” You call over your shoulder to Sam as you roll onto the ground at last, near Bucky and helped him fight.
“I’m sure you will.” He responds with a laugh, also rolling in to help with the fight.
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