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#sebastian stan fanfiction
wxnda-maximxff · 15 minutes ago
strawberry pancakes // bucky barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter Three: The One With Their Marriage
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2923
    “Don’t start this right now Lily,” Bucky sighed, running his hands down his face, “It’s been a long day.”
“Been a long two years,” she muttered, staring at the ring on her finger, fiddling with it, “You know in a month it’ll be two years since you proposed?”
“Yes I know,” he grunted, readjusting in the bed to face the blonde, “We’ve both been so busy.”
Sure, they had been busy. With both working full-time, raising Stella, and handling teenage mood swings from Hunter, there wasn’t a whole lot of time left in the day for them to plan a wedding. But it’s not like they had no time at all, it had been two years since Bucky had dropped down on one knee and asked Lily to marry him. Two years later, she went by his last name, mothered his child, and lived her life with him. But he was always the one to push the marriage portion of their relationship aside. He never wanted to talk about it or even consider planning something.
“Steve and Nat are busy,” Lily retorted, turning to look at the brunette as he readjusted the reading glasses on his face, “But they’re getting married next week, Bucky.”
Lily longed for the security of a marriage. Many people thought that because of her traumatic experience with being married in the past, she wouldn’t want to go through that again. But in reality, she wanted it more than ever with Bucky. She knew he loved her and vice versa, but having an official concrete answer is something she longed for. They’d already had a kid, she’d taken his last name, they had done everything that traditionally happens after marriage. But then again, their relationship was anything but traditional.
“Steve’s retired,” Bucky countered, dropping his book down onto the bed with a sigh, “Where is this coming from? I thought we’d agreed on this.”
“First of all, no, we didn’t agree on anything,” Lily chuckled, rolling her eyes, “You got frustrated and walked away. And I don’t know...the comments people make are just…”
Groaning, Bucky flopped back down onto his back, “You’re shitting me? That’s what’s causing this? God, Lily.”
“Well, what do you want me to do?” Lily scoffed back, looking at the man, “When all I see are rumours about why you won’t marry your child’s mother and your own damn fiance!”
One thing about Bucky and Lily’s relationship is the fact that it was something so human, that both of them were shocked by it most of the time. Neither had experienced much normalcy in their love lives throughout their time but brought it to each other at such a domestic level that it freaked them out. Specifically Bucky. He had always dreamed of something as simple and organic as what he had with Lily, but after becoming the Winter Soldier, he was never sure he’d be able to have it.
But the small arguments and squabbles between them reminded Bucky that he had achieved something great. He had beat his demons and found love with someone who didn’t see him as an Avenger, or ex HYDRA agent, but as Bucky. He wasn’t Steve Rogers’s best friend or Sam Wilson’s partner in crime. He was just Bucky. Lover, fiance, father. Whenever they visited his sister in Manhattan, he would always pull the man aside and tell him just how lucky he had been to score someone like Lily.
“Hunter, why don’t we go see how the chicken’s doing in the kitchen while Auntie Rebecca talks with Bucky?” Lily whispered, leading the young boy out of the room with a knowing nod to her boyfriend’s sister.
Bucky sat just adjacent to his sister, sipping on a glass of water. He watched Lily walk out with Hunter, admiring the wait her hair moved gently across her back as she moved. Every day he saw her, he fell deeper in love with the blonde. She was everything Bucky longed for in life and so much more. From the moment she handed him his wallet in the cafe a year ago, he knew she was the one for him. Just the way her eyes looked at him. Through the facade and through the public’s interpretation of him.
“I’ve never seen that look on your face before,” Rebecca commented, crossing her legs and lowering her gaze at her brother, “It’s something I only ever see when you’re looking at Lily.”
“I can’t help it,” he whispered, voice trailing off as he admired her in the kitchen, watching as her hands traced patterns on her already swollen stomach, “I didn’t think I’d be able to get someone like her to love me.”
“You didn’t get her to do anything,” Rebecca scoffed, “She fell in love with you willingly...Even after all of these years, you’re still so dramatic.”
“We’re talking about me legally adopting Hunter,” Bucky trailed off, eyes going soft as he met his sisters matching ones, “Becoming a proper family.”
The man’s younger sister rolled her eyes, tucking a piece of her white hair behind her ear, “You became a real family the moment you realized you were in love with her.”
They had never officially filed the adoption paperwork, despite having Scott’s signature. It sat in Lily’s office in a drawer alone, waiting for them to make Hunter an official Barnes. But something always held them back, not necessarily in a bad way. It wasn’t something that really solidified anything for the family. As far as they were all concerned, Hunter was already Bucky’s son. Not by blood, but through the soul. The two were similar in ways Lily found hard to believe sometimes. She wondered if in some freak accident it was really Bucky’s son. She chalked it up to the two merely being kindred spirits.
However, Bucky knew Lily’s insecurities. How she kept every small comment made by the public about their private lives. Whether it be what she wore at an event, or when they were out as a family. Lily had grown more confident in herself but Bucky still saw that scared single mom living in Manhattan he had met all those years ago. Still healing from a broken marriage with an emotionally manipulative husband.
Sighing, the brunette rolled over and caged the blonde underneath him. She stared at him with confused eyes, looking up at the man on top of her with her eyebrows furrowed. He sat there for a second, staring at her face. He already had everything about her memorized, but sometimes, she just took his breath away. How he had managed to fall in love with someone as perfect as Lily was in his eyes...he didn’t have any words for it.
“Is there something I can do for you?” Lily questioned, lifting an eyebrow.
“Do you know how in love with you I am?” He whispered, lifting his flesh hand and brushing his thumb across her cheekbone.
Lowering her amber eyes at him, the blonde shook her head, “Don’t think this is getting you out of this conversation, Barnes.”
Bending down, Bucky placed a soft peck to his girl’s forehead before pushing himself onto his back again, “We’ll start planning tomorrow.”
This time, it was Lily rolling on top of the man, a bright smile on her face as she pressed a passionate and powerful kiss to his lips. He chuckled and laid his hands on her waist, running small patterns into her hips as she continued the assault on his lips. Both of their eyes fluttered shut as they revelled in one another’s touch and presence. The two had found each other in a cafe and became the other half to each other’s hearts that same day. When the blonde pulled back, Bucky chuckled, raising his eyebrow.
“What was that for exactly?” He chuckled, removing his glasses.
“A little sneak peek for what you get tonight,” she cooed, hand reaching down to the hem of his shirt, earning a chuckle from Bucky.
“That’s my girl.”
A week later, Lily found herself fussing at her computer as she attempted to find a place to book a wedding dress appointment. Everywhere she had tried was either booked or too far away for her to drive. She didn’t exactly feel like leaving her state to go and find a wedding dress. She had spent her entire day off on the phone with various stores, trying to get an appointment within the next month.
A task that had proven itself to be impossible.
“Whatchu doin’ mom?” Stella hummed as she pushed open the door to Lily’s office, making her way over to the desk.
Glancing down, Lily smiled gently at her daughter, “Trying to find a wedding dress store. Wanna help?” the blonde asked, chuckling as her daughter tried to see over the desk.
Stella nodded, climbing into her mom’s lap as the blonde continued to scroll through a website before the young girl chimed in, “Where?”
Lily sighed as she stroked the brunette’s hair, “Well that’s the problem. Mama can’t seem to find a place. Nowhere I’ve looked has any bookings or any dresses that I like.”
“Where’d you get your first?” she asked, looking up at her mother.
Lily pursed her lips as she looked at her daughter. The memory of her first wedding was something Lily tended to block out of her mind. It was the first night she felt fear that Scott was going to physically harm her. Years after, she had hidden her wedding dress away in a box that now sat in a storage cellar that they had. Stella knew that her mother had been married before and that it was to the man that had helped create Hunter, but nothing more than that. She had seen Scott a few times when he came to give Hunter his birthday or Christmas presents, but that was it. Even then, Stella wouldn’t be able to pick out her mom’s ex-husband in a crowd.
“Well your Uncle had taken me somewhere we had found, but it closed a few years back, bub,” she cooed, tucking a dark strand of hair behind Stella’s ear.
“Will I ever meet him?” She asked, bright blue eyes staring right through Lily, “Uncle Cedar?”
Lily’s heart sunk. She knew that it probably wasn’t the best idea to tell Stella about her Uncle, but she couldn’t just pretend Cedar didn’t exist. He was still Lily’s brother, despite the terrible things he and her parents had done. Bucky and Lily told Stella that her uncle lived in a place they couldn’t go and that it was too far away. But she knew that in a few years, when Stella was older, that she’d find out the truth.
“I don’t think so, darling,” Lily hummed, pressing a kiss to the girl’s temple, “But, why don’t you help mommy get ready for Uncle Steve and Aunt Nat’s dinner tonight?”
"It's so nice of you guys to come." Nat cooed as she pressed a kiss to Lily's cheek, beckoning her and the man that accompanied her further into the room, "But you're so early!"
"I wanted to make sure we weren't late." Lily hummed.
"We're an hour early, doll." He whispered into her ear, pressing a kiss to the shell of it as he pulled away.
"Well someone wanted to do something else," Lily laughed, her lips tight as she nudged him in the ribs, "But I figured we could help out too if we came a bit earlier."
"There's an empty room in the back if he can't contain himself." Steve laughed as he approached, nodding his head at the couple, "Nice to see my best man show up early though."
"Don't get all emotional on me, punk." Bucky chuckled as he removed his arm from Lily's waist, walking forward and wrapping his arms around Steve's shoulders.
"C'mon Lily, let's let these two have their moment to gaze into each other's eyes," Nat chuckled, lacing her arm with the blondes and tugging her away, "Okay what was the real reason you came so early."
"It's true, I was worried that we'd be late." Lily chuckled, taking a seat at a table with the redhead.
It was true. The dinner didn't start until 7:30, and it was only 6:30. But Lily was a punctual person, the last thing she wanted to do was be late for two of her close friend’s rehearsal dinner. Plus, they lived an hour away from Brooklyn, all the way on the coast of Long Island. Lily's hometown. The two were lucky to find the home of their dreams mere weeks after their own engagement and packed up from Lily's suburban colonial in Manhattan to a beautiful beach house on the lake.
The Avengers paid well.
Lily had switched positions to a superhuman consultant at an Avengers-funded hospital in Long Island. She mainly handled child mutants who were developing abilities and helping them through the changes in their body. Bucky on the other hand ran a therapy/group session for veterans, and those who served alongside the Avengers in various battles. It was the perfect outcome for the two, allowing them to work alongside each other in the same building, in opposite wings though. Of course, the two didn't really interact during the day unless a patient was attending a session across the way.
But it also meant that Lily was in direct contact with Tony Stark so often that she wanted to throttle him.
"Look who decided to crash the party!" Tony's voice rang out as he entered the room, a tight smile stretching across Lily's lips.
"Always a pleasure, Stark," Lily sighed, glancing up from her drink and tilting her head as the man walked over, "What brings you here so early?"
"Well I'm the stand-in father of the bride, can't miss my daughter's rehearsal dinner now can I?" Stark chuckled, taking a seat next to Nat, "You look lovely tonight Lily."
Glancing down, Lily assessed her outfit for the night. A flowy dress that reached down to just at her mid-shin. It had slight ruffles at the top along the neckline and near the bottom of the dress and was a lighter shade of black with small red rose decals covering it. It was a nice dress, she had to admit. Rose had brought it over the week before when she visited with Leo.
"You clean up well too, Stark," Lily quipped back, smiling softly when Bucky brought her over a vodka-cranberry, "And I had to look nice, couldn't let robocop over here outshine me."
A light-hearted conversation ensued, allowing Lily to relax a bit more. Bucky kept his hand resting gently on her knee the entire time, rubbing small patterns whenever her words became jumbled or cheek heated up. Small tells that let him know that her mind was racing at a million miles a minute. It was something the two had developed over the last few years of their relationship. It worked vice versa as well, though typically Lily just escorted Bucky away from the conversation.
The two worked together with one another in tandem. Both levelling out what the other was lacking. He reminded her just how loved and beautiful she was, and that he wouldn't change anything about her. While she reminded him that he was not a monster, and what happened was not his own doing. Each was the other's safety net in the crazy lives they lived. But it worked well for them, for four years now.
"Now when are you two going to figure it out and start planning your own wedding," Steve asked as everyone mingled after dinner was finished, "It's been two years since Buck popped the question."
"Oh come on now Steve," Sam chuckled, walking over towards the group, "Let's not raz these two. You'll only make them push it back further."
"In Bucky and Lily's defence, they did have a few unexpected events pop up along the way." Nat chuckled, leaning her head on Steve's shoulder.
Lily shook her head, sipping her water. In all honesty, she was wondering herself when the two were going to officially tie the knot. Bucky had proposed on their two-year anniversary, and here they were four years strong with no official marriage certificate in their name. Lily had naturally begun to start going by Dr. Barnes, and no one really questioned it. Hunter even said that multiple kids at school asked if Bucky was his real father. It would only make sense for the two to make it legally official soon.
She worried sometimes, that he was regretting his decision about proposing to her. That he changed his mind and wanted to leave it so the breakup wasn't a messy legal battle. Despite the fact, it would be because of outside factors like the house and other influences. But their conversation the other night created a sense of ease in Lily, especially since they had found a venue they both loved.
"We’ve actually just started our planning," Bucky stated simply, sipping his old-fashioned and squeezing Lily's waist gently.
"Yeah so bugger off Steve." Lily teased tensley, pursing her lips. This earned a barked laugh from the former Avenger, prompting his response.
“That’s awesome, about time,” Steve chuckled, clapping his best friend on the shoulder.
The following half an hour continued on like that, people wondering things about Bucky and Lily’s wedding. But honestly, Lily could barely keep her own excitement about it to herself. But she contained it, knowing that this was a night about Natasha and Steve. After tomorrow, she’d be able to be a bit more excited about things.
She hoped, at least.
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winter-james · an hour ago
I’m writing a Sebastian Stan x Reader fic and it’s so cute I love it
(Let me know if you want to be tagged, i’m probably posting it tonight)
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wintersoldierwhore · an hour ago
𝔧𝔲𝔰𝔱 𝔩𝔦𝔨𝔢 𝔪𝔞𝔤𝔦𝔠 - 𝔟𝔲𝔠𝔨𝔶 𝔟𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔢𝔰
part 4 of the ‘positions’ series
summary: who knew Bucky’s life would improve with just you beside him?
taglist: @missroro @blossomeng @toolateforhappiness @summerdaughter @wendyswildwonders @blowing-mikey @homesicam @violet-amethyst-sky @babygirlwilly @hsbavery
Tumblr media
Steve told Bucky he’d be gone for a week, meaning he’d be the one to train with you. He was terrified, to say the least. You were pure magic just to be around, his brain completely forgetting everything the second he caught eyes with you. You’d flash a smile at him, his brain all muddled up seconds later.
“Hey, Buck.” You greeted him, pulling his hand so he could stand up. He tried hiding his smile, but it was no use. “Ready to train?”
He taught you a few more moves, practicing them on you before you did the same to him. He was a great teacher — undeniably better than Steve, that’s for sure. During your session, your thoughts had taken over again. For the past month of knowing Bucky, you’d wanted to make a move. At first, you thought he would. But he didn’t, and you realised why. And after heavy debate with yourself, you’d realised the only way to have a chance with Bucky, was if you asked him yourself.
After successfully tackling him to the ground, showing off what he’d just taught you, you’d felt a wave of adrenaline and confidence. “I’ve been meaning to ask, wanna go for dinner or something?”
He was shocked by your confidence, immediately flipping the pair of you over, so he was straddling you. “I’d like that.”
“Cool. Meet me in the lobby by 7.” And that was it. That was the start of your story, but neither of you knew it would work out the way it did.
You’d started dating secretly, keeping it between the two of you for a while. But it wasn’t long until people began to catch on.
It started with Steve, who noticed his friend was rather chipper. He’d almost skipped his way around the compound, a smile never leaving his face. He was happy, but suspicious. After almost a week of seeing the unfamiliar, happy Bucky, he targeted you. You were innocently sharpening your knives, as you had an upcoming meeting for a new mission in a few days.
“Care to explain why Bucky is so happy these past few days?” He wondered. His questions were so difficult — the way his voice sounded as he asked, it made it seem as if he knew the answer already, he was just waiting for you to say it. You pulled a faux face of shock, before throwing a knife into the sponge wall behind him.
“Don’t play dumb, Y/N,” Steve taunted, folding his arms in front of you, “I left for a mission, came back, and he was suddenly happy.” You laughed, throwing another knife into the wall. As you went to retrieve them, he twisted you round to face him, staring down at you. How could you lie to those baby blues?
“Fine.” You huffed, continuing your walk to the wall and pulling the weapons from the wall, leaving divots amongst many others. “We went out on a date.” He knew that wasn’t all. And you knew he knew that.
“So you’re telling me he’s happy over one date that happened two weeks ago?” Again, with the voice. You could tell there was no way of getting out of this without spilling your secret, so you gave in.
“It was a little.. more than a date. We’re dating.” You admitted, your back facing him as you rearrange your knives into the slots they were usually found in. You quickly snapped round, a knife held to his chin, “you say a word, you won’t live to see Christmas.” The pair of you joked like this a lot — frequently gossiping as you trained together.
He held his hands up, chuckling at your behaviour. He should be used to it, but he never was. “Not a soul.”
It had been two years since that moment with Steve, and as promised, not a soul knew about you and Bucky. You’d sneak into each other’s rooms at night, making intimate moments together to remember for as long as you lived. But that was the only time you’d get alone.
You’d kept it a secret, and a good one at that. The team were suspicious, not of the both of you — of the fact that Bucky was so happy. You’d rarely find him without a smile, he was getting up early and making people breakfast, he only went to his room to shower and sleep, he was engaging in conversations with everyone. Luckily, he never lost the good parts of him. Like his sarcasm, his wit, his charm. That was all still, very much, intact.
You were actually questioned on it. Just like Steve, the rest of the team had targeted you. You were the one spending the most time with him. You trained with Bucky more than Steve now, and Steve wouldn’t spill. No matter how good their interrogation techniques were, you’d kept your secret. You didn’t want to put Bucky in a situation he might not be comfortable with.
“Why is Bucky so smiley?” Sam would always ask, whenever they get home from a mission, or whenever he’d passed him in the morning. You’d be sitting on the kitchen island, wrapping your hands ready for training with Bucky.
“Just like magic.” You’d reply.
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watchmegetobsessed · 3 hours ago
a/n: heavily inspired of the time when a girl actually asked him the question i used in this fic lmao. also maybe a part 2 might be good for this? let me know if you’re interested in one!
pairing: Sebastian Stan X Assistant!Reader
word count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
Fixing the collar of his shirt one last time you pat on his hard chest, breathing out shortly as your eyes flicker up to meet his icy blue gaze that was already examining you.
“Just try to… not say anything stupid, okay?” you tell him, hopeful that he will take you seriously just once, though in the back of your mind you already know it goes in one ear and slips out the other usually.
Sebastian nods, a small, coy smile tugging on his lips as you fold your arms on your chest, checking the time on the clock on the wall across you, only minutes until they are going on stage. It’s another day, another panel, you have no idea what the event is called anymore, you lost track of even which city you are at right now. You’ve been on the road for weeks now, going from one hotel to the other, jumping from events to appearances, trying not to lose your head, because if you do, that means Sebastian’s head is lost too. Being a personal assistant means that you’re responsible for two people at the same time, you can’t afford falling apart.
“Five minutes, everyone!” a man shouts as he runs down the hallway and Mackie drops a joke about him, but you don’t really catch it, because Seb’s hand touches your waist as the two of you wait patiently for the start.
“Can I get a good luck kiss?” he smirks down at you, leaning closer to your ear so no one can hear him, only you. His hot breath tickles your skin and you try to hide your pleasant shudder at his closeness.
You can’t push the smile down that tugs on your lips as you peek up at him, that boyish glimmer in his eyes never fails to stun you. He is such a beautiful person, inside and out and it’s hard to resist his charm when all he does is trying to wrap you around his finger. He knows the effect he has on you and he doesn’t hesitate to use it. The relationship between the two of you has been a bit blurred these past months, you both could feel the shift when after his last birthday, drunken and totally worn off from his party, the two of you ended up sleeping in the same bed, tangled in each other. You stayed completely clothed, yet the intimacy was burning and the flame hasn’t really disappeared since then.
However you haven’t let it go farther yet, trying to maintain the slightest bit of professionalism in the midst of the madness your job is, though Sebastian doesn’t seem to care about that at all. It’s been a cat and mouse game ever since that night.
Reaching up you cup his jaw in your hand and pulling him closer you can see the surprise in his eyes when he thinks you’re about to kiss him, but then you turn his head and your lips end up on his stubbled cheek, an airy chuckle leaving his lips.
“I think you missed it,” he slyly smirks down at you, but you just roll your eyes.
“Behave, Stan,” you warn him.
The remainder of the time flies by fast and the boys walk out to the stage to the cheering crowd, taking their places, ready to answer any and every questions thrown in their way.
You watch from the sidelines, laughing with the audience every time Mackie cracks a joke, or when Sebastian gives a funny answer, you feel like one of those fans sitting in front of them, you totally understand why they are so obsessed with them. It’s hard not to love them, they are just amazing people.
“Alright, let’s see the next question!” the lady on the stage announces, turning to the girl who has the mic this time.
“Hi! I’m so happy to be here and see you guys!” the girl beams, making the men on the stage smile gratefully.
“We’re happy you’re here too!” Sebastian answers her, definitely making her blush at the sweet response.
“So my question is…” she starts, taking a deep breath. “Sebastian, this is for you. If you were a chair, who would you want to sit on you?”
The question makes the whole room erupt in laughter and you can’t hold back yours either. You can tell Seb is shocked at the blunt and quite dirty question, but you also know that he is definitely gonna answer it, no matter how inappropriate it’s going to be.
“Wow,” he chuckles into the mic, while he is trying to keep his act together, Mackie on his left is fighting back tears at this point. “What an… interesting question,” he huffs, making everyone laugh again. “Um… Okay, if I was a chair, I would want…”
His eyes wander over the crowd until they find you at the side, your gazes melting together for a split second and you already know what his answer is gonna be, just from the way the tiny wrinkles around his eyes appear. And there’s nothing you can do against it.
“I would want my assistant to sit on me,” he answers, a round of howling and screaming washing over the room as you cover your face with your hands in embarrassment. Did he really just say that? In front of all these people?
When you glance up next time, you catch his eyes again, that smug and pleased look in his face is almost annoying, knowing how much he is enjoying putting you into this situation.
“I’m going to kill you,” you mouth to him, but he just chuckles.
“Damn, Sebastian,” Mackie huffs. “You ain’t playing anymore!”
“No, no, it’s all just fun,” he explains. “I just like to tease my assistant, don’t take it seriously,” he adds, trying to save the situation, though it’s useless. His answer has been captured on hundreds of cameras and it’ll be all over the internet in a matter of time.
The conversation on stage carries on and you patiently wait for it to be over so you can murder Sebastian yourself. When they finally say goodbye and head off the stage you’re waiting for them already, trying to look serious and a bit mad about the stunt Sebastian pulled, but when his gaze meets yours you simply can’t keep up the act. You are so soft for this man, he could do about anything and you wouldn’t stay mad at him at all.
“Uh-oh, you are thinking about killing me,” he smirks, not even an ounce of regret or shame for himself present in his voice.
“I am, yeah,” you nod, arms folded on your chest as he stands in front of you, biting into his bottom lip as he cocks his head to the side.
“What can I do to earn your forgiveness?” he asks in a dramatic tone, before his hands find your upper arms, pulling you closer until your front meets his chest and he can wrap you into his embrace.
“Stop being such a flirt,” you prompt, raising your eyebrows at him.
“Oh, I don’t think I can do that, sorry.”
“Of course,” you roll your eyes at him.
When everything is said and done and you can head home, you and Sebastian make your way out, only to face the huge crowd that gathered around the building just to see a glimpse of their favorites. The car pulls up to the entrance and you follow Seb out through the crowd that’s being held back with two rows of security guards, but you need to be fast, because they are starting to lose their shit. Sebastian gets into the car and someone pushes you from behind when you are about to follow him, making you fall and end up on his lap in the car, the door shutting behind you as the driver leaves immediately.
“Shit,” you breathe out, holding onto his shoulders for leverage and his strong arms wrap around you as an instinct, catching you from falling further. A second passes and he smirks at you, arching an eyebrow at you.
“See? You did end up sitting on me,” he smugly points out and you just shake your head laughing as you climb off of him, sitting next to him on the backseat.
“If only we had HR, you’d be in so much trouble,” you warn him, though you can’t keep a straight face as you point a finger at him that he just easily grabs and pulling your hand to his lips he kisses your knuckles with a smug grin on his lips.
“Good thing it’s just you and I then,” he shrugs, keeping your hand in his hold in his lap and you don’t even try to pull it back, you just huff amused, sliding down in your seat, leaning against his arm, your head coming to rest on his shoulder. Sebastian hums contented, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head as you both ignore the elephant in the room and pretend like you can go like this forever.
But deep down you know you can’t.
Thank you for reading, please like and reblog if you enjoyed it!
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noshame-bb · 3 hours ago
okay okay so, today is the 4th anniversary of Harry Styles first album and I had an idea.
how would y’all feel about a series based on each song? iiiiiif you like this idea, what character do you think would fit?
I write:
Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes
Sam Wilson
Steve Rogers/Chris Evans
Pedro Pascal
Javier Peña
Din Djarin
let me know!
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amayatheowl · 5 hours ago
Mess it Up - TFATWS (Chapter 4)
Hello Hello...
Back a bit early with a new chap.
Warning: a pinch of swearing and a dash of violence and as always spoilers so if you haven’t watched the show (please please do it’s great!) read at your own discretion. Oh and angst… It’s kinda a given at this point.
I had a skim, edited whatever I could but if there's any mistakes apologies in advance
Tumblr media
Chapter 4
As soon as the four walked in, Kaali felt their eyes following, her skin blushed at the amount of people staring, insides crawling uncomfortably as she snapped her head around to absorb her surroundings. The dimmed scarlet lights had her eyes and head throbbing.
She felt Sam’s hand on her back, guiding her ahead of him so she wasn’t directly in front of the armed man, and while under normal circumstances she would’ve protested and told Sam not to treat her like she was some fragile human, she appreciated his gesture.
The cage like windows forced them to cut through corners, forcing turns through the maze.
As soon as Zemo stepped into what seemed to be a seating area, Selby’s voice boomed, her hands tapping against the rim of the couch, eyes scanning the four as they entered.
“You should know, Baron.” Her voice was menacingly pleasant, luring almost, her accent floated through the words like a lingering scent. “People don’t just come into my bar and make demands.”
“Not a demand. An offer.” Zemo countered.
“A lot has changed since you were here last.” Her eyes quickly jumped to Kaali, clearly a new face she hadn’t seen around before.
Kaali settled into the couch, her attention wandered around the room to notice the ample amount of armed men. It would be a bitch to get out of here in case this all didn’t go to plan.
She paused, eyes flickering to Bucky who merely glared back. “By the way, I thought you were rotting away in a German Prison.” Her brows raised, head cocked ever so slightly. “How did you escape?”
“People like us always find a way, don’t we?”
Kaali was amazed at how easily Zemo could counteract any suspicion that came his way, he most definitely had a way with words and people, it was commendable and disconcerting.
“I’m sure you’ve already figured out what I’m here for.”
Selby unfazed immediately pointed at Sam, eyes still fixed on Zemo. “You’re taller than I’d heard, Smiling Tiger.” She placed weight on the words, almost as though she didn’t believe that he was actually who he claimed to be.
She finally met his gaze and Sam greeted with a simple nod. “And you brought your toy with you?” She added, eyeing Kaali sitting idly in the corner.
A toy?
She silently raged, her gaze fixed on the carpet, ignoring the bitch in front of her.
Noticing Kaali’s lack of response, Selby turned to look at Sam, feigning a frown before purring.
What a fucking character.
Sam was discomforted by this, what was that supposed to mean? He tore his gaze off her face and in front of him, internally appalled by the woman’s actions. “What’s the offer?” She grinned proudly, eyes now on Zemo.
“Tell us what you know about the super-soldier serum.” Zemo stated, before pushing off his seat and slapping Bucky on the back. “And I give you him, along with the codewords to control him of course.”
Kaali’s head shot up, a quizzical look on her face as she met Sam’s stare. This was the plan? Give him away?
Kaali knew better than to speak up, but her fists clenched as Bucky stared at her, never making the mistake of giving away his emotions, she should know he’d easily be able to get out.
Zemo’s hand traced his face before cupping his jaw, pinching it. Kaali tried not to laugh. She would’ve done that too if given the chance. “He’ll do anything you want.”
Selby sat up in excitement, glancing at Sam. “Now that’s the Zemo I remember.” She shifted eagerly. “I’m glad I decided not to kill you immediately.”
Kaali wanted to grab her by her buzzed snowflake hair and toss her across the room. “Yeah, you were right to come to me.”
Kaali was sure she could make her scream in fear just by giving her a look.
“Arrogant, but right.” She added.
Oh to knock her mightier than thou attitude out her jaw.
“The super soldier serum is here in Madripoor. Dr. Wilfred Nagel is the man you wanna thank. Or -” she huffed, Bucky’s fist tightened. “-condemn, depending on what side of this you’re on. The Power Broker had him working on the serum, but-” she paused again, smiling, mischief clear in her eyes. “-things didn’t go as planned.”
“Is Nagel still in Madripoor?” Zemo questioned.
“Oh. The breadcrumbs you can have for free, but the bakery’s gonna cost you, Baron.” She hissed, stepping off the couch and paced around the room, hand brushing Kaali’s arm. “And before you get all cute, don’t think you can find Nagel without me.”
Kaali wanted to sear her right then and there.
A muffled buzz caught everyone’s attention, Kaali’s senses instantly springing into action as she glared at Sam. She told him to turn his phone off, but did he fucking listen?
She shook her head at him discreetly warning him not to pick up and Sam rushed to reach into his pocket but it was too late. Selby already had her eyes on him. Zemo shook his head frustrated while Bucky stood tall in case he was needed.
Sarah’s name lit up the screen and Sam’s heart went wild in his chest. He thought he turned the phone off. “Answer it.” Selby ordered, “On speaker.” She pointed to a man behind him, Bucky stood next to where Kaali sat, on guard and ready to strike if needed.
Kaali already knew where this was going, that this would probably end in a fight and she was somewhat excited about it. Out of the four she was the least bothered by the scene unfolding, she picked at her nails, leaving Sam to fend for himself.
Sam answered the call, quickly putting it on speaker, eyes momentarily locking with Kaali. “Hello?” Sam answered, scratching his chin nervously before slipping his hand into his pocket, hands clammy. Why did Sarah always have shit timing?
“Hey, um, we need to talk about this situation. It’s been drivin’ me nuts.”
Good, he could work with this. As long as she stayed vague and didn’t ask him any questions. Or at least that’s what Kaali thought.
“What situation exactly are you talkin’ about?”
Kaali hid her face behind her hand, he could’ve said anything else, swerved the conversation, done something other than ask her to clarify, yet here he was playing dumb.
“Are you high?”
Kaali snorted, Zemo shot her a glance and she glared back. He was no one to be giving her a warning.
“You know what situation, it’s the only situation me and you have.” Sarah continued, Selby walked circles around Bucky and his gaze followed.
“What situation, Sarah? Say it.” Sam spat, desperation clear in his voice.
It was obvious Sam didn’t want any lingering doubt, if she was vague he’d incite suspicion, but to Kaali he was setting himself up in a trap, he could’ve quite easily steered the conversation in a safer direction. This is what Kaali was afraid of.
“The damn boat. And watch your tone. Okay? I let you slide at the bank.” Sarah fired back and Kaali internally cheered her on. Thank god there was someone that could call him out like that.
“The bank. Yeah.” He scoffed, trying his best to seem cocky. “Laundered so much mo-” He chuckled “Yeah, they’ll come around.”
“If that was the case, then why’d they dog you out, Big Time?”
Selby watched Sam skeptically, floating over their heads. It was pissing Kaali off. Why the fuck did she have to be so annoying?
Walking around literally wouldn’t help her hear better, instead it increased her chances of being tackled to the ground by Kaali.
“Yeah, you damn right I’m Big Time. You’ll see when I have that banker killed.” Sam spewed and Kaali face palmed. She wanted to slap him, tell him that was too much, but if she did she’d definitely have them exposed.
“Cass! What’d I tell you about the Cheerios? I don’t have time for this!” Sarah yelled, her voice crackling over the phone and panic set in Sam’s eyes, swiping towards Kaali who subtly shrugged at him, she couldn’t really help him.
She told him to turn his phone off. Did he listen? No.
“Sam, I’m sorry. I’ll call you back.” Hastily Sarah ended the call. Kaali was up in a split second dusting herself off as she turned to Bucky. “You ready?”
“Sam?” Selby questioned. “Who’s Sam?” She demanded.
No one dared to even let out a breath, Selby’s eyes darting around the room as she yelled. “Kill them!”
Literal shots fired, the sound of glass breaking as Selby hit the ground. Kaali looked around in confusion. Who could’ve possibly shot her?
There wasn’t enough time, Sam had a guard pinned down while Bucky worked on the other. A hand grasped Kaali’s shoulder and whipped her around, a knife sliced through the man’s arm, she could’ve aimed for his throat and killed him but Kaali thought better not. Using the cut as a distraction, she grabbed a hold of his head slamming it against her knee, knocking him out, and probably gave him a broken nose.
Bucky, waited to see balls of fire flying but when he saw no sign of a rogue fire he rushed to Kaali’s defence skidding to a halt when he noticed three men lying on the floor around her. Breathless she looked up at him. “What?”
“You didn’t use your powers.”
“Didn’t feel like it.” She shrugged walking around to where Selby’s body was, lifeless. “I wanted her to shut up, but I didn’t mean forever.”
The muffled noise on the other side of the door had Bucky push Kaali towards the door, propping the gun up as he guarded her, Sam and Zemo joined them soon enough, tensed but Kaali calm, in fact slightly buzzed by the adrenaline.
“I told you to turn your phone off!” Kaali yelled, Zemo shushing her but she pushed his hand away. “I thought I did!” Sam explained, beads of sweat slipping down his forehead.
“They’re gonna pin this on us.” He huffed, watching Kaali slip the knife back against her thigh, securing it in the holster. Bucky peeled his eyes off her exposed skin and continued to lookout.
“Since when did you start carrying around knives?” Sam inquired, eyes narrowing at Kaali and she simply shrugged in response. “Since killing people wasn’t on the agenda. They all had guns, I could’ve blown the place up if I wanted to.” She answered way too casually, Sam amazed at her sudden maturity.
It was like yesterday, she had been protesting against being trained, yet here she was pulling moves that had Nat’s finesse to them.
Zemo sighed cutting their conversation short. Sam wanted to know more but now clearly wasn’t the time. “We have a real problem now, so leave your weapons and follow my lead.”
Just like he’d thought, word flew through Madripoor at a lightning fast speed, a bounty ready on the quartet’s heads.
Zemo led them out of a bar, Kaali’s feet stinging from the quick pace at which they all walked, eyes glued to the path ahead of them.
Eyes were cemented on them, a woman even going as far to imitate gun shots as they walked past and Zemo was stressed. “This is not good.”
“Really? Here I was, thinking, fun times!” Kaali hissed beside him sarcastically.
They picked up the pace, swerving into a corner but were met with a loud bang. A man ahead of them holding his gun out. As soon as he fired the bullet they all broke into run, Sam ducked, cursing under his breath. Bucky's hand was wrapped around Kaali’s wrist, yanking her along with him while Sam followed. Zemo rushed in the opposite direction.
Kaali hadn’t even realised it was Bucky pulling her along, she was still confused about how her senses didn’t pick up a man pointing a literal gun at them.
The flashing lights tore her away from the internal scanning and she was finally, and awfully aware of his metal arm around her wrist. More guns fired at them, Sam squealed. “I can’t run in these heels!” And Kaali groaned, momentarily turning back to him and pointing at her own stilettos “Stop being a baby! And you, let me go!” She yelled at Bucky but he didn’t even acknowledge her. Kaali tried prying away but his grip was too strong and his metal arm couldn’t feel her scorching flesh.
The rumbling of motorbikes followed them, Kaali instantly found herself slowing down, but Bucky groaned and pulled her with him. “Don’t stop!”
“Wait!” Kaali skidded, almost toppling over because of the amount of force Bucky was using.
Right on cue two gunshots followed, the motorbikes slid across the ground, the riders beside them groaning in pain. Zemo ran towards them breathless, his head rotating cluelessly. “You seem to have a guardian angel.”
“Guardian angel my ass… ruined all the fun.” Kaali muttered, jolting her hand to loosen Bucky’s grip with a glare, when he still didn’t let go, she pulled back slightly, getting his attention. “You can let go now!” Bucky immediately dropped her hand.
“Well, this is too perfect.” A shadowy figure approached them and Kaali whipped out her hands, fire balls ready to be launched, she instinctively pushed Bucky and Sam behind her, stepping forward towards the person with a gun pointed at them.
Her face was illuminated by the light ignited in Kaali’s hand. The woman stepped back slightly, a scrutinizing look on her face as she pushed her hood down her back.
Sam’s face lit up in recognition.
Sharon Carter.
Kaali extinguished the fire, taking a step back towards Bucky, examining the woman in front of them.
“Drop it, Zemo.” She hissed, both hands wrapping around the pistol aiming it at him, her gaze inviting a challenge. Zemo instantly dropped his gun.
“Sharon?” Bucky stepped out from behind Kaali, his hand gently on her shoulder.
Sharon’s eyes flickered around the group for merely a second with no acknowledgement for them whatsoever, she had who she needed. She didn’t look like she had any intention to stop.
Sam noticed Kaali’s hardened face, deep in thought, studying the woman in front of her as though trying to figure her out. Kaali felt things she shouldn’t be from the famous Sharon, she’d heard all about her, how she helped Steve, how her aunt was Peggy Carter, yet she felt a looming darkness oozing from her persona. Not the kind of energy someone like Sharon should be diffusing.
“You cost me everything.” She charged forward, ready to strike, leading Sam to tear his gaze off of Kaali and over to Sharon. “Sharon, wait.” He said desperately, holding his hand out with caution, she could ruin everything then and there.
Sharon had no intention to listen to Sam. He kicked the guns out of the way. Bucky expected Kaali to step forward, since someone she hadn’t met yet was in front of them holding a gun to their heads, but she stood back, arms crossed over her chest, most likely inspecting the situation unfolding ahead of them.
Sam had it under control though, blurting the situation in a matter of seconds hoping it would stop Sharon from taking Zemo. “Someone recreated the super-soldier serum and Zemo had a lead.”
Kaali however didn’t think it was a good idea, she clicked her tongue, kicking away a stray can. He shouldn’t blindly trust her.
Sharon sighed but with no intention of lowering her guard. “Well, that explains why you guys are here. And Selby’s dead.”
“So what are you doing here?” Bucky asked, quickly turning back to check on Kaali.
“I stole Steve’s shield, remember?” The anger was clear, Kaali pushed Bucky back, this woman was clearly not safe, and had no intention to make this a reunion. She was fucked over by most of the people here. “I also took the wings for your ass, -” She pointed the gun at Sam then at Kaali, “so that you two could save his ass-” she pointed at Bucky now, before aiming her gun back at Zemo. “-from his ass.”
“Unlike you, I didn’t have the Avengers to back me up.” She spat. Holding her arms out she did a slight turn. “So I’m off the grid in Madripoor.”
“So dramatic.” Kaali mumbled, capturing Sam’s attention who hummed in agreement. “Don’t blow smoke. We were on the run too.”
“Was. Is. Big difference.” She spurred them. “I don’t speak to my family anymore. I can’t. My father doesn’t know where I am.”
Kaali could feel the resentment bubbling to the surface, she acknowledged Sharon had been through a lot, but it wasn’t enough evidence for her to disregard her senses. She couldn’t trust Sharon.
There was a pause, neither of them knowing what to say or do. It was obvious she was at a disadvantage, while Kaali, Sam and Bucky were pardoned, they were able to somewhat get their lives back with a few exceptions but Sharon was left to suffer alone. All because she helped the wrong side of the avengers.
“You.” Sharon nodded at Kaali. “I’ve heard about you but we haven’t met.”
“I know who you are.” Kaali hissed, Bucky could feel something was off about the way she was acting, Kaali had always been distant, hard to interact with, but she was never rude, never looking to fight someone she had just met.
“Listen. Sharon, we need your help.”
“We actually don’t -” Kaali intruded but Sam caught her in time, Sharon only looking her way for a second.
“Please.” Bucky picked up where Sam left off.
She hated Bucky’s desperation, and was taken aback, she knew they weren’t on the best terms but she thought he’d at least take her side, and the fact that Sharon chuckled when he pleaded drove her to the edge. She wanted to knock her out then and there. As soon as she opened her mouth, Sam shot her a glare, “Wait!” he whispered harshly and Kaali simmered.
Sharon sighed, seemingly defeated. “This isn’t over. I have a place in High Town. You’ll be safe there for a while.”
“We -”
“Shut up!” Sam grunted. Bucky was already trailing behind her.
“Sam,” Kaali held him back. “What Kaali?”
“We can’t trust her blindly!” She whined, unable to get through to Sam. “We aren’t! She helped Steve and I.”
“And that fucked her over! Why would she do it again? She has no reason to be helping us.” Kaali argued but Sam huffed, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“Because she didn’t have a reason to help us or trust us last time -“
“But she did anyway.” Sam stopped Kaali in her tracks. He shifted on his feet, hands on his hips, before returning his attention back to Kaali. “Why are you so adamant about not trusting her? Is it your senses?”
“Yes. She isn’t on the right side of the tracks anymore.”
“Kaali, she’s been on the run. Neither of us were on the right side of the tracks when we were on the run. We were basically criminals, we had to make ends meet, you should know that better than anyone.”
“That’s not -” Kaali groaned, kicking her feet, eyes closing. Were her senses mucking up again? God fucking knows, but she was sick of continuously doubting herself. “-we give off different energies. Heck, even Zemo gives off a different energy to her!”
Sam was hearing her, and it wasn’t like she’d been wrong about earlier, he didn’t listen and that fucked things up. It was hard to believe that someone who’d put their head on the chopping block for them wasn’t to be trusted anymore. Sam couldn’t bring himself to fully agree, but years had passed since Sam and Kaali went about saving Bucky, people can change.
“Look, we need to lay low. For tonight at least, so let’s just approach this with caution?”
Kaali let out a deep breath, Sam was trying to compromise, trying to make her feel like he’d actually believed her but the truth was he was being cautious about her senses. Her powers were still out of her control sometimes. It stung but she accepted, acting as though she believed everything he’d just said. There was no point fighting him when Kaali couldn’t guarantee her senses were right.
Sam smiled ever so slightly, patting Kaali on the back as they both slowly caught up to where Sharon and the rest waited patiently.
Bucky tried meeting her eyes but she shoved right past him walking ahead of the men behind Sharon. Kaali sat in the passenger seat, while Zemo sat in the back, between Sam and Bucky. Kaali had been staring at her hands the entire ride, her right hand trembling slightly, it was the after effects of the snap. The main reason why most of her powers were in disarray, a curse if anything, she was blinded by her feelings, it ruined everything, left her to relearn all that she knew.
Maybe Sam would trust her the way he used to if she hadn’t gone batshit crazy after losing Bucky, all she could see was red. She acted hastily, she lost the one man she’d ever truly loved after her family, he was everything to her and Thanos had taken him away from her, just like her family.
Kaali wasn’t even paying attention to where Sharon led them, ducking through the gates, Bucky slowed down as Sam and Zemo treaded ahead. She wasn’t going to talk to him, he knew that, but he wanted to be around her, he wanted her to know that he'd be there if she let him, just like he promised.
“Looks like breaking all those laws is treating you well.” Sam’s faint voice brought her back, her gaze lifting up from the ground instantly noticing Bucky staring back at her.
Kaali had nothing to say to him though, there was nothing really left to say. He most likely knew what was bothering her - and he did, it pained him, the fact that he’d made her so weak, weak to the point she despised herself for not doing enough.
Her eyes wandered around the dark palace like structure, lifting her head to take in the ceiling. Neon lights illuminated priceless artworks, Bucky watched Kaali’s eyes sparkle, the violet specs in her eyes glooming as she stood before it in awe.
“I thought if I had to hustle, might as well enjoy the life of a real hustler. You know how much I’ll get for a real Monet?” Sharon boasted, pointing around her makeshift gallery, pacing through the halls.
Kaali on the other hand took her sweet time, taking in every detail, her mother loved to paint and wouldn’t shut up about the hidden messages behind all the artworks that stood in front of her.
“Deactivate your hustle mode. You sell fake Monets.” Sam smiled playfully.
“No. She means real. This gallery is specialized in stolen artwork. Monet. Van Gogh. Classics.” Zemo answered, his face finally visible under the lights, Kaali sprung back into action, her heels clicking as she stepped past both Sam and Zemo, Bucky stayed close behind.
“It’s true. You know, half the artwork in museums like the Lourve is fake.” Bucky chimed in, causing Kaali to snap her head back at him, surprised that he remembered a fact she’d told him years ago. “Real stuff sits in places like this.” He added, locking eyes with Kaali, making her sputter and instantly turn the other way.
“Okay, guys, I see what you’re doing. You’re more worldly than good old Sam.” Sam called out, holding his phone out in front of the artworks, Kaali couldn’t help but smile.
“You really show your age when you use your phone Sam.” Kaali chuckled, leaning against a railing, Bucky smirked. “What’s Google say?”
“No shit!” Sam’s mouth hung open eyes snapping up to Kaali who simply met him with a smug smile, Sam felt himself relax slightly, at least she wasn’t pissed at him.
“You guys need to change.” Sharon tipped back from the stairs where Kaali was walking up, halting in her spot. “I’m hosting clients in an hour.” Her eyes then dropped to where Kaali stood peering back up at her. “You look good, but I might have something more your style if you want to change?”
It was somewhat of an olive branch, that’s what Kaali told herself, although to Sharon it was a way of breaking down Kaali’s gated thoughts.
They were only here while it was necessary, there was no point in being harsh.
Despite Kaali’s internal protests she gave in, nodding thankfully. “I’d love to be able to wear something I can breathe in.”
“Tell me about it. They see a woman and they think, put her in something tight and slutty.” Sharon exhaled.
Kaali wasn’t going to lie, Sharon had a no-bulshit charm to her that she liked, she walked with an air of confidence that had all those around her in wonderment. She had respect for the woman in front of her, to have been left behind and never looked at twice, she was doing well for herself, Kaali was impressed, maybe even a little jealous that she herself didn’t live up to the name that the people gave her.
“I’ve heard a lot about you.” Sharon mused, sorting through her closet.
“Yeah?” Kaali sat down on a chair, eyes scanning the room before landing on Bucky who sat on the other side of the doorway while Sam slipped out of his suit.
“Yeah, the Phoenix, that’s what they call you right?”
“Apparently, but my name is Kaali.”
“Kaali,” she tried the name out, a mischievous glint in her eye, she already knew her name. It’s not like Kaali’s identity was really ever hidden from the world, people just resorted to calling her the Phoenix. “What does Kaali mean?”
“Wow,” She twirled her way, a ghost of a smile on her lips. “Whoever named you must’ve known you so well.” Kaali gulped, the memories flooding through her system, ones she’d hidden even from herself. She didn’t deserve to be associated with who she was meant to be.
Sharon handed her a dark pair of jeans and a top before pointing to some boots by the door.
Just as she stepped out she paused watching Kaali struggle to unzip her dress. “Do you want me to do that for you?”
“If you can that’d be great.” She sighed, praying to god she wouldn’t have to end up asking Bucky, but Sharon was nice enough to help out.
“Can I ask you another question?”
“Yeah.” She gave her a tight lipped smile, clutching the now loose fabric against her chest.
“Did you actually rise from your grandmother’s ashes?”
“No… I was moulded from clay.” Kaali winked, Sharon broke into a laugh. “Noted, it's a rumour.”
“Glad I could clear that up for you.”
Sharon had so many questions, like how she got her powers, why was she the only one that could manage to snap half the humanity back, why Hulk who was ten times bigger than her almost lost an arm while she escaped unscathed. Kaali was hard to get through to, she’d heard that but now she’d experienced it first hand. If she wanted to know more, she’d have to work a lot harder.
Sharon’s eyes swept down Sam’s body, his arms taut as he flipped through the countless shirts on the rack. “Much better.” She teased, smiling when Sam’s head snapped her way.
Kaali entered after, adjusting the straps of her top, sighing in relief.
“What’s going on, Sharon? You don’t ever wanna come back home?” Sam inquired, maybe what Kaali had said got to him. If she’d been on the run for so many years, surely she would’ve tried to reach out to Steve, he’d like to believe she trusted him enough to reach out to him, then why didn’t she?
Kaali’s eyes roamed Bucky’s body, he’d changed too to her surprise, his gloves sitting beside him staring ahead, deep in thought.
“They’ll lock me up if I set foot back in the States.” Sharon sashayed across the room.
Bucky shifted to the side slightly, making room for Kaali and she sighed softly. Zemo could tell they were both blatantly checking each other out.
“Madripoor doesn’t allow extradition.”
Kaali settled down next to Bucky, crossing her leg over the other and leaning forward not even taking a second to acknowledge him but she chose to sit where there was limited space not the ample amount of couch space left on his right, he considered that a victory.
“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t call -” His eyes shifted to Bucky and Kaali settled beside each other before turning back to Sharon. “-but after The Blip and the chaos, I just…” he paused, the guilt settled over him. Here she was risking everything for them again.
“-Look you know the whole hero thing is a joke, right?” Sharon interjected, a hand slipped through her hair, Bucky and Kaali instantly shared a look. “The way you gave up that shield, deep down, you must know it’s all hypocrisy.”
Kaali would’ve known better than anyone, especially when her own interests got in the way of doing what was right for the world, something that she was told she was meant to do her whole life. If anything she should be the last person to judge Sharon based on her past.
“He knows. And not so deep down.” Zemo had taken the liberty of fixing himself a drink which Kaali eyed with curiosity.
“By the way, how is the new Cap?” Sharon turned to Kaali, the only other person that was yet to actually meet the fake Cap in person.
“Don’t get me started.” Bucky groaned, dropping his head back.
Sharon scoffed, hands tucked away in her pocket, her heels clicking as sat back on the other end of the couch. “Please. You buy into all that stars and stripes bullshit. Before you were his pet psychopath, you were Mr. America! Cap’s best friend.” She pointed at Zemo while Kaali shifted in her seat uncomfortably. “I wouldn’t say psychopath.”
Bucky’s head snapped to her a small smile on his face, his heart warming in his chest at the sight of her getting offended for him. Sharon rested her arm behind Bucky, laughing as she finished teasing. Bucky glared at her for a moment before huffing. “Wow. She’s kind of awful now.”
“Karli Morgenthau and at least seven others have taken the serum.” Sam informed as he adjusted his turtleneck.
“You guys should really steer clear of all of this for your own safety.” Sharon shook her head, her voice dropping to a more serious tone.
“We know the risk, but we’re not gonna leave until we find the one who cracked the code.” Sam added sternly, leaving no room for her to talk him out of this.
“We got a name. Wilfred Nagel.” Bucky chimed in. It irked Kaali how easily they were offering up information but kept her mouth shut. Sharon’s face dropped, forehead creasing ever so slightly as she pushed off the couch.
“Nagel works for the Power Broker.” She simply stated, grabbing a drink for herself.
“We need your help, Sharon. I can get your name cleared.”
Kaali’s eyes darted over to Sam, who pushed his hand out, asking her to keep her mouth shut, and she did. It was obvious he had no intention of listening to her, she didn’t know why she even bothered.
“You haggling with my life?” She accused, leaning against the bar cart. Sam’s face dropped. “Not like that.”
“I don’t buy that.” She brushed him off. “You pretending you can clear my name.” Sharon was head strong, she was dead against helping them, it eased Kaali ever so slightly.
“Okay, maybe it is hypocrisy. Maybe you’re right. What happened to you.” Sam sprung off the chair he’d been sitting on. Kaali continued scrolling through her phone, Bucky unable to help himself, peered over her shoulder as she replied to some texts, a name seeming familiar. The name shined across her screen again and Bucky’s jaw tightened. Torres. Why would she be talking to him?
“But I’m willing to try if you are.” Sam stood in front of her, hands held out willing to negotiate. “They cleared the bionic staring machine, and he’s killed almost everybody he’s met - with the exception of Kaali.” Sam shrugged.
Bucky’s mouth was hung open, before shaking his head. Sam wasn’t wrong, but seriously, resorting to name calling? “I heard that.” He announced as Kaali snorted beside him.
“I don’t trust charity.” Sharon added.
“All right. A deal then. You help us out and I get your name cleared.” Sam’s arms crossed at his chest, he stood tall, meaning every word he’d said. He paused before holding his hand out. Sharon pondered for a bit, eyes scanning his face before lazily shaking his hand.
“Well, I sell to some pretty connected people. Lay low, blend in, enjoy the party.”
Zemo didn’t seem too impressed either, scoffing silently as Kaali caught his eyes.
The satisfied smirk on Sam’s face didn’t let Kaali protest, instead she huffed frustrated. Bucky couldn’t help but immediately turn to Kaali. “You okay?”
He could see the hesitation etch through Kaali’s face, her eyes almost darkening as she looked up at him, biting her lip. “My senses aren’t letting me trust her.” She sounded doubtful, confused, frustrated even, and he wasn’t wrong. She’d looked like she’d been fighting against herself the whole time. “I know she did a lot for Sam, and my powers are batshit crazy but -”
Bucky’s mind raced, he could feel the ample amount of times she’d gripped onto him tightly after he came back, glossy eyes searching for him in the dark as he calmed her down in hushed tones. I’m here, I’m here. It’s okay, I’m fine. He’d tell her continuously, lulling her back to sleep.
“Hey…” He smiled softly, he caught himself from almost grabbing her hands like he always would and Kaali noticed. “Your powers aren’t crazy.”
“They’re wild.” Kaali smiled solemnly, she hated losing control.
“No. They’re helping you, and I believe you.” He spoke with such ease, calming Kaali down in an instant, she hadn’t felt composed in so long. “We’ll be careful.” he reassured.
Sharon and Sam were almost out the door before she stopped and turned back. “I didn’t know they were an item?”
Sam only shrugged, he had no clue what they were. “They… honestly I don’t fucking know. I wouldn’t try and make sense of it.”
Sharon pondered on the statement, giving him a quick nod before moving towards the steps, she ceased, turning back to the room.
“Try to stay outta trouble. I’ll see what I can find.”
Chapter 3
As always feedback is appreciated lovelies, hope this chapter was fun and awesome.
More to come soon.
Taglist: @shortsighted-fish @allegra-writes @hallecarey1 @untouchablechickennugget
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imagineaworld · 5 hours ago
evening shift - v | b.b
pairing : bucky barnes x reader
summary : bucky does his interview and gets jealous
word count : 900+
warnings : jealousy, mentions of abandonment issues 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky had to go shopping to find something to wear to his interview.
He bought a white button-up shirt and a pair of smart, black trousers. He'd already left the store when he remembered he needed some smart shoes too, and he had to go back to buy a pair.
Come Thursday, at ten to 2, Bucky arrived at the bar, desperately trying to ignore the knot of nerves in his stomach. 
Y/N whistled at him. "Looking good, Bucky," she said, filling a pint glass from the tap.
"Thanks," he mumbled back, awkwardly lingering instead of sitting at the bar. He tried not to think too much of the compliment, though he couldn't remember the last time he received one.
He watched Y/N as she handed the pint to the customer, took their money and gave them their change. She moved with such ease, as though she had been doing this a while.
"Nervous?" Y/N asked. Bucky nodded tightly. "Don't be! You'll do great, just be yourself, hm?"
Y/N's reassurance temporarily helped, but seeing a smartly dressed man step out from the staff-only area caused a new wave of anxiety.
The man, Daniel, noted Bucky's attire and asked, "James?" Bucky mumbled a yes. "Come on through."
"Good luck," Y/N said as Bucky followed Daniel through the staff-only door.
Forty minutes later, Bucky came out from the staff-only door, feeling rather pleased with himself. Considering that was his first job interview, he thought it went pretty well. 
He looked around for Y/N, excited to tell her all about it. 
She was over by a table, talking intently to a male customer. Bucky couldn't help but feel a wave of jealousy at the sight of it. Trying to shake it off, he began to head in her direction.
Y/N laughed at something the man said. Bucky had never heard her laugh like that. He had never made her laugh like that. His high spirits had been dampened, and he no longer cared whether or not he got this stupid job. He clenched his jaw, turned around and left without saying goodbye to Y/N. He stormed home, not bothering to look before crossing the roads.
Peering into his freezer, Bucky assessed his options for dinner. 
He would have to go shopping soon, the freezer was looking bare, apart from a few ready meals that only took ten minutes in the microwave.
Taking out a macaroni and cheese ready meal, he slammed it in the microwave for five minutes as his phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his pocket at looked at the name on the screen. Y/N.
Leaning against the kitchen counter, he answered. "Hello."
"Hey," she greeted cheerily from the other side. "How'd the interview go? I was going to talk to you after but I must have missed you."
Bucky thought back to the man at the bar. "It was alright," he said bluntly.
"I talked to Dan afterwards, he said you were great," Y/N replied.
In the background, Bucky could hear Atlas purring. He imagined her lying on her bed, Atlas lying beside her as she stroked him with one hand, her other hand holding the phone to her ear so she could talk to Bucky. 
"Well, that's good, then," he sounded more sarcastic than he had intended to.
"Are you okay?" she asked. "You don't sound very happy."
Fuck. She could tell something was wrong. The only other person who could tell when something was wrong was Steve. 
Steve, who was gone. 
Who left. Everyone leaves.
"I'm fine," he said.
Y/N sighed and Bucky could hear rustling. "I know you're lying. It's okay if you don't want to talk about it, but you should at least admit when you're not okay. You don't have to lie to me."
Bucky could picture her expression if she had said those words to his face. Her gentle smile, her soft eyes. Perhaps she'd delicately take his hand and squeeze, the way he had taken hers before.
"Sorry," he breathed out.
"Don't be," Y/N said softly. The purring had stopped, as though Bucky had her full attention
The microwave dinged. Bucky held his phone between his cheek and his shoulder as he opened the microwave and stirred his food.
"What you got for dinner?" Y/N changed the subject, and Atlas mewed in the background.
Bucky put the food back into the microwave for another five minutes. "Microwave mac and cheese." 
"Mm, my favourite," she joked. "I'll have to cook you an actual meal one day." 
"Alright, MasterChef," Bucky said. "You're giving me high expectations."
Y/N laughed. "You're eating microwave mac and cheese, the bar is literally on the floor."
"You're right," Bucky chuckled. "I could cook something better than this, and I'm terrible at cooking."
"I can teach you," she said. "Anyway, I'll leave you to enjoy your delicious meal. See you around?"
"Yeah, see you."
Bucky hung up, disappointed to say goodbye. Her phone call had made him forget all his worries for a short while. His mood improved slightly, and he once again felt good about his job interview. Hopeful, even.
Y/N had expected Bucky to call sometime in the next few days. Or maybe he'd stop by the bar to say 'hello'. But he didn't.
During her shift on Saturday, Y/N met another applicant for the bouncer job. She didn't like him much. He was quite rude, and he seemed kind of sleazy. Y/N wouldn't trust him to keep her safe the way she trusts Bucky.
She sent him a text after:
just met one of the other applicants... it's a no from me
He didn't reply.
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fuddlewuddle · 9 hours ago
Woke up early so have another chapter for my winterbaron truth serum fic 😊
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ohdolans · 14 hours ago
Bucky taking the readers virginity 😩💞
Tumblr media
warning: 18+, sexual themes, language | words: 2.8k + | flipped the more about being Bucky’s first time since 1940 and dealing with that.
When Bucky settled in Brooklyn and started, more like attempted, to date he wasn’t expecting much. The first few dates he went on were innocent, but nothing much came out of them. He wasn’t feeling the “spark” he thought he was supposed to feel with another. Or he found it hard to connect with someone to feel anything. There were a few times he let Sam set him up with a few people and even online dating, but the same thing happened. It was until nearly a year ago he felt he finally got it.
You had been working at a café when you met Bucky. It was your friend's business and you’d moved to Brooklyn to give them a helping hand. It was a slow and rainy morning when the bell dinged from above the door. You looked up with a bright smile that seemed to make Bucky stumble back for a moment. He stated towards you in a daze, your soft voice pulling him back. He couldn’t stop the smirk that came across his face as he walked towards the front counter.
You couldn’t stop yourself from staring up at the man that was in front of you. His bright blue eyes staring down towards you made your heart race more and more.
"H-Hi," You could feel the heat rising through your body "Welcome to CJ's cafe, what can get for you?"
Bucky opened his mouth a few times as he stared down towards you. He felt like his brain wasn't working and everything was moving in slow motion. He was focused on your smile and how it made his stomach flutter with nerves.  You couldn't stop the small laugh that left your lips as you saw that he was just as nervous as you. Bucky blushed and ducked his head slightly as he heard you laugh, before looking back up towards you.
"What do you recommend? I've never been here before."
"Trusting me?"
Bucky nodded his head and leaned against the counter, watching as you moved behind the counter. It wasn't long before coffee was placed in front of him with a breakfast sandwich. Bucky paid before leaving, looking back towards you with a small smile. When he got back to his small apartment he saw that you'd give him a ham and cheese gourmet breakfast sandwich with a plain black coffee. He was thankful it wasn't some sugar-filled coffee. But soon enough Bucky found himself at CJs every morning.
First, it started with just coming in and ordering whatever you recommended for the day. No matter what it was like you knew exactly what he was in the mood for. But then Bucky got enough courage to sit at one of the small tables, catching glances with you, before leaving. But after nearly two weeks it was you that walked up to him and made the first move. Bucky jumped slightly lost in his thought as he went through his notebook, shock coming over his face when he saw that you were taking a seat across from him. The nerves were back as you smiled towards him.
"You know, I'm gonna run out of menu items to give you if you don't just ask me out already."
Bucky's eyes widened in shock, and after a few seconds of silence, you took that the wrong way. You thought with Bucky coming in every morning, having some light flirtatious moments between the two of you, that he liked you. You grew a crush on him quickly after his first visit, but after the third week, you took a chance and made the first move. But then your stomach filled with dread as you looked at the shocked man in front of you.
"Oh no," You sat straighter and felt panic come over you, "I-I read all of this wrong didn't I?" You spoke, Bucky opening his mouth a few times, but your nerves got the best of you. "Oh my god, I am so sorry. I-I shouldn't have assumed anything...enjoy your coffee."
You pushed away from your seat before moving quickly across the cafe and pushing past the doors that lead into the kitchen. Bucky sat there with a pensive look on his face. He gathered the little that he brought with him before moving towards the counter. Your friend CJ sadly saw everything that happened, being the one to give you the push to go talk to him. CJ looked towards Bucky as the man slowly walked up to the counter with a piece of paper in his hand.
"Could you give her this?" Bucky spoke, CJ walking forward to take the small lined paper from Bucky's gloved hand, "She...ran off before I could get the courage."
Bucky gave a half-smile before turning and walking out into the cool Brooklyn afternoon. You had run off to hide away in the back office trying to shake off the embarrassment. You couldn't believe that you'd blown it with him. You'd only been tucked away in the back for no more than five minutes when you heard the door open. When your head popped up from your hands, you saw CJ leaning against the doorway.
"He left this for you," They walked forward and handed you the paper Bucky had given them only moments ago.
You took the paper from him and unfolded it to see a phone number written across it in neat handwriting. The embarrassment from before quickly left you as a smile spread across your face.
"You better call him," CJ smile before leaving out the door.
You did exactly that when you got home. Your eagerness getting the best of you and calling the moment you walked through the threshold of your apartment. Not even bothering to say "hello" to your roommate as you passed them. The phone rang a few times before the call connected.
"Hello?" A deep voice spoke from the other line
"H-Hello...Bucky?" You spoke, remembering his name from the orders. "You left your number with my friend at CJs."
A wide smile spread across Bucky's face as he sank back against his couch more, "Please tell me I didn't miss my chance cause I had forgotten how to speak?"
"No, not at all." You answered quickly.
"Good." Bucky paused. "Can I get your name now, doll?"
Your heart stuttered at the simple nickname before you answered "Y/N"
It didn't take long for you and Bucky to get into your rhythm. He still came every morning to see you at CJs but would walk you home at night. Especially after you told him you walked alone at night after closing. He made sure that you never did that again. You two would get lunch together, have date night on the weekends, or sit in his apartment and talk. That was your favorite thing to do with Bucky, was talking. You loved hearing about his life from all the good to all the bad. You wanted to know about him in and out.
Even when he told you about his times as the Winter Soldier, fear gripping at his throat, and his eyes never leaving your face. He was afraid that if he looked away from that you'd disappear. But you didn't leave, you didn't even move, till he was done. You sat there was a saddened look on your face before you moved to him and wrapped your arms around him. Bucky froze as your arms wrapped around him, your face nuzzling in his neck. You didn't speak, just held him, a comfort washing over him. Bucky wrapped his arms around you tightly and didn't let you go. You accepted Bucky for who he was, flaws and all.
But there was one moment that the two of you seemed to not be able to move forward with was sex. You'd need dating for nearly seven months and you'd yet to sleep together. At first, you thought it was cause Bucky was a little old fashioned, didn't want to have sex before marriage or something. Which you were cool with a respected.  But then the two of you were having your ex conversion, and you quickly learned that sex before marriage wasn't something James Buchanan Barnes was worried about. So then the self-doubt started to cloud your mind and think that maybe he wasn't attracted to you.
After a date night, you had a plan, you were going to seduce your boyfriend. You went out shopping for a new set to give yourself a confidence boost and had everything planned out in your mind. You two went to dinner at your favorite spot, walked around the neighborhood before going back to his apartment. Bucky walked towards the kitchen and poured the two of you glasses of wine before you moved to the balcony outside his bedroom.
You sat together on the small outdoor bench, cuddled together while drinking wine. The wine gave you even more of a confidence boost the more and more the two of you sat together. Quickly you grabbed the glasses and placed them on the side table before moving to straddle his waist.
Bucky looked up towards you shocked for a moment before you bent down and kissed him deeply. He was frozen against your lips for a moment before he began to kiss you back. Bucky's hands moved down and grabbed your ass, pressing you tighter against him, as the kiss deepened more. You moaned softly against his lips before pulling back and starting to undo the buttons of his shirt. But just as you got midway, you felt his hands grip tightly to your hands, stopping you.
Your stomach filled with dread as you looked down towards him and saw the look on his face. Slowly you pulled away from him and felt embarrassed. You pushed down the skirt of your dress before standing straighter and feeling the tears fill your eyes.
"Maybe I should go..." You whispered
Bucky shot up from the seat towards you, moving to block the door, and looked down towards you with wide eyes.
"No! Please...let me explain." He rushed out, his heartbreaking as he watched the tears slowly streak down your cheeks. "I-I...I want to do have no idea how much I want to do that...but I..."
"Are you not attracted to me or something?" You sniffled, your voice cracking slightly.
"No! No! That's not it at all!" Bucky rushed, panicking that, that thought was even in your mind. "No. I find you so attractive, doll."
"Then why won't you have sex with me?" You asked looking up towards him.
Bucky sighed and ran his hand through his hair for a moment, tucking on the strands, before sighing heavily. He sagged slightly as he stood in front of you, before speaking "Because of...I-I...I haven't been with anyone in over seventy years."
"I haven't been with anyone since the 40s, doll. You're the only one I have been with since then,"
"W-What...I'm sorry...I-I'm..."
Bucky sighed "I was scared because I haven't...ya know...and I didn't want our first time to be a disappointment."
Your eyes softened as you looked up towards him, reaching to caress his face. Bucky leaned into you and sighed softly, his metal hand clasping over your and holding your hand.
"Bucky, no matter what, our first time is always gonna be special. It doesn't have to be some over-the-top thing..."
Bucky stared down into your eyes before bending down and kissing you deeply. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down closer to you, as his hands moved down your body. Bucky won dominance in the kiss almost immediately, leading you through the sliding doors and into his bedroom. You pulled apart from him and continuing to unbutton his shirt before pushing it off his shoulder.
The shirt fell to the ground before Bucky moved to undo your dress. You felt your heart racing more and more as it slowly fell away from your body. A soft curse passed through Bucky's lips as he looked over you, to Bucky you were breathtaking. He moved to grasp the back of your thighs before picking you up and carrying you towards the bed.
Gently you were placed across the soft sheets of his bed, before his lips moved down your body, leaving soft kisses. Your skin felt like it was on fire with every kiss that was left behind.  He hovered over you and gently caressed your face, your hands moved down along his chest till coming to his pants. You moved to kiss along his neck as your hands unbuttoned his pants, slowly pushing them down.
Once Bucky kicked them off before your hands moved back down and wrapped around him. Bucky's breath shuttered and moaned against your lips as your hand slowly pumped him. His hips moved against your hand as deep, gruff moans passed his lips. Your thumb moved and teased over his head, bringing the precum that was on your thumb to your lips. You moaned as you tasted him against your tongue. You watched as Bucky's eyes darkened as he watched you.
"H-Holy hell," Buck cursed before grabbed the back of your head and bringing you in for a deep kiss. His hands moved frantically to pull off your underwear. Bucky didn't want the moment to go too fast, but it was moments like this, that his eagerness got the best of him.
You smiled and giggled as he fumbled with your bra, before taking it off for him. Bucky grabbed your face and kissed you again as he slowly pushed you towards the top of the bed, till you rested against the pillows. You two laid beside each other and kissed, with your leg placed over his hip to draw you closer, and hands traveling over each other's bodies. You loved the feeling of his cool metal arm against your hot skin. At one point his hand moved down between you to tease your clit, his fingers slowly teasing you. Bucky loved watching you wither beside him, moaning and sighing softly as his fingers teased your clit. Soon you were slick and wet against his fingers, needing and wanting more.
"Do you have a condom?" You asked, your breath slightly labored as you looked towards him.
"Fuck!" Bucky groaned "I've...I haven't needed one."
You bit your lip and looked up towards him, "I haven't been with anyone else, and I'm on birth you wanna..."
Your body suddenly became warm. Bucky cupped your cheek to have you look up towards him, his face cast with a serious expression.
"Only if you're sure, doll?"
You nodded your head. "I trust, Bucky"
Bucky bent down and kissed you deeply and slowly, before moving his hand from your face between you both. He slowly moved you onto your back and settled between your legs. You whimpered against his lip as you felt the head of his cock pressing against you. He pulled back for a moment and pressed his forehead against yours, before slowly moving inside of you. Your lips parted with a silent moan as you felt him enter you, stretching you in a way where pleasure was mixed with pain in a sinful way. Your hands reached to grasp his biceps, nails digging into his one arm, as you felt him. Bucky took a few deep breaths and took it slow as he felt you pulse around him, so wet and tight around his cock, he thought he was gonna lose it.
Bucky's forehead was pressed against yours as he stopped for a moment. He was fully inside of you and you'd never felt so full. Bucky let out a shuddered breath before slowly pulling his hips back and sinking deep inside of you again.
"Oh...Bucky," You moaned, your hips moving up to meet with his. His moans grew louder and louder the more he moved with you.
Bucky knew he wasn't going to last long, not with how good you felt. He watched as your hand moved between the two of you and rubbed at your clit, the erotic sight nearly sending him over.
"I-I'm not gonna last long baby...oh...god"
"It's ok," You moaned, "Let go for me, Buck. I wanna feel you."
That was all he needed, soon his thrusts became shorter and more erratic before soon he was pressed tight inside of you. His face nuzzled into your face before you heard him moan in your ear. Your arms wrapped around him as he slowly began to grind against you as he came deep inside of you. His body shuddered and shook for a moment before he rested against you. You and Bucky laid in the middle of his bed in an entanglement, softly touching and kissing one another as your body's calmed down.
Bucky pulled back from your neck before looking down towards you, your hands moving to push back his hair so you'd be able to see his face. You smiled up towards him before kissing him deeply. Neither of you needs to say a word to the other, cause you felt it. The love you had for one another. The deep connection that was now bonded between the two of you. Lying in that bed with the man you loved in your arms was everything and anything you'd need.
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photmath · 15 hours ago
i want to write a sebastian stan story but am debating if i should use an original main character with a name and *some* distinct features, or let it be a female reader, any thoughts?
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happygowriting · 17 hours ago
Bucky is alone. He’s thinking of reader. So he is sweaty and hot and breathing out their name and using his hands. Okay and I’m also picturing his metal arm flexing and gripping the sheets? Help me. Please 🥵
Tumblr media
Title: When he’s alone Prompt: Bucky is alone. He’s thinking of reader. So he is sweaty and hot and breathing out their name and using his hands. Okay and I’m also picturing his metal arm flexing and gripping the sheets? Help me. Please 🥵 Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (could be male or female, any race) Rating: Explicit [ if you are under 18 do not interact] Word Count: 738 Warnings: male masturbation, solo male, metal arm kink Author's Note: I love this request! All for you Nix, I really hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy it my love. You're a wonderful friend and I'm glad that you think of me when you want something to be written. It means a lot to me.
Buy me a kofi || Read my work on AO3
By clicking read more you are agreeing that you are above the age of 18. If you are not above the age of 18 you do not have permission to read this. Minors are not allowed to interact with this post as it contains graphic sexual situations and descriptions. Additionally I do not post my work to Wattpad. If you see this fic on there please let me know.
The room is silent except for the occasional moan and the sound of Bucky’s breathing. Laying out in the middle of his bed, he takes some much needed time for himself. Alone time was rare for him, between saving the world and finding time to spend with you he didn’t get to be alone a lot. He would never complain, because he enjoyed being with you but sometimes alone time was needed at times.
While Bucky loved the time you spent together and all that you had taught him about sex, there were still things that he was learning about himself and what he liked and at times that meant he needed alone time to pleasure himself. He had lately found that he really liked to jerk off to the thought of you and see just how long he could hold off his orgasm because when he finally did let himself cum it was always really good and satisfying.
So when he got alone time, he took full advantage of it. Like he was now. He had been teasing himself for close to an hour, thinking about you and that thing you did with your tongue the night before. You were the best fantasy that Bucky could think of because you were the best. Nothing was as sexy as the things that you did to him or the things that you made him feel.
His vibranium fingers curl harshly into the white sheets that were beneath him. He could hear the sheets start to rip under how hard he was gripping them but he didn’t care - it wouldn’t be the first time he ripped his sheets in the middle of a passionate moment. The plates of his arm shift as he moves, reacting to the lust that was running through his veins.
His body is hot, sweat beaded on his forehead as his hand slides up and down his thick cock. His thumb runs over the veins in his cock, up to the tip and he teases himself, pulling a whimper from his own lips and causing his hips to bucky up. One of Bucky’s favorite things to do is touch himself and think of you as he does so.
Your name falls from his lips in a whispered prayer as he strokes his cock, imagining that it’s your hand wrapped around it. You always know how to touch him, how rough to be, how soft, always knowing what he needs and it makes him love you more. Bucky thinks about your lips, how they feel when they’re wrapped around his cock, his fingers threaded through your hair as he moves his hips and fucks into the warm wetness of your mouth.
Bucky’s body buzzes, tensing and relaxing as he started to fuck his fist. He thinks about being buried inside of your body, fucking you into the matteress, the noises that you made and how you made him feel. Thinking about you almost overwhelmed him and he felt like he was getting desperate to cum so he fucked his hand harder, dropping the sheets so that he could use his metal hand to cup and play with his balls.
He holds them in his hand, running his thumb over them and he squeezes them just hard enough that it gives him that final push over the edge. He moans out your name, his body jerking as his cock throbs, white hot spurts of cum landing on his stomach, a drop or two on his chest and even some on the bottom of his chin from cumming so hard. He always came hard when he thought of you, or was with you, because of how crazy you fucking made him.
He drops his cock, letting his hand hit the bed as he lays there and catches his breath. A smile plays on his lips because he’s still thinking of you and how you would curl up for a cuddle after you two fuck. Getting an idea in his mind that he had before but hadn’t actually played out he reaches for his phone and opens the camera app. He angles his phone so that he can get a good picture of his softening cock and the mess that was made on his stomach and takes a few pictures.
He finds one that he likes and brings up his text messages with you.
[text] *attached image* thinking of you.
Friend tags: @steveng-rogers​ @daytonsferrari @eurynome827​​ @uncafeavec-chubbybucky​ @sweater-daddiesdumbdork​ @jtargaryen18​ @nix-akimbo
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hi, guys! as many of you know, i've been shadowbanned the last week because of a bug on tumblr, so here i bring you a friendly reminder that:
REQUESTS ARE OPEN for the 15 filthy days to celebrate the 3.5k milestone. (7 left)
This is my last WRITING posted. one hour after posting it, tumblr shadowbanned me.
adding (part) of my tag list undercut to notify them.
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winter-james · 20 hours ago
Woman Like Me - Part 4
Summary: Bucky is a tease when it comes to y/n and she can barely hold back anymore
Warning(s): death, language
Word count: 2.1k
Author's note: I’ll be honest i’m not really happy with this one, but this is the best I can do right now.
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
Your mind was running a thousand miles per hour, trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for John so he doesn't put you behind bars or worse, kills you... well tries to anyway. He pulled his arm from the shield that was still pinned to the table by the spear, his eyes not leaving you. You stared back, not willing to be the one who breaks eye contact, that would mean you are ashamed of what you are. The man stood up and marched towards you, only for Bucky to stand in his way. Sam walked up next to you as you held your hand out for the wakandan woman to take. She took it as she stood up, nodding her head. You guessed it meant she had no hard feelings.
"You care to explain the little stunt you just pulled?" John raised his voice. Bucky put his metal arm - that was back in it's place - on his arm in warning. It wasn't like you needed protection, but it was still nice for him to stand up for you.
"You want me to explain what you clearly saw? Did you hit your head or something?" you stepped closer to him. Bucky looked back at you, a warning clear in his eyes. You would be lying if that look didn't make your legs tremble in want, but now wasn't the time to think about that. Instead you shut your mouth. John shook Bucky's hand off of him and finally reached you, standing way too close for your liking.
"Do not get smart with me little girl, it can get you locked up somewhere cold forever." he hissed. You flexed your jaw, wanting to just punch him at least once.
"Oh yeah? Let's see how you do that with your head missing from your shoulder Cap" the mock clear in your voice at the last word.
"Okay let's calm down" Sam stepped between you with his hands up. Bucky put one arm around your waist and pulled you to himself so your back was flush against his chest. You straigthened your spine at the sudden contact. Sam and John arguing tuned out in the background. You could feel his breath next to your ear as he whispered to you in amusement.
"Aren't you a little feisty thing?" his arm thightened around you. Your breath hitched. Oh god. He was so enjoying this. You had half a mind to just turn around and press your lips to his, but the other people in the room probably wouldn't appreciate that so you just pushed yourself closer to him if that was even possible. In response he brushed his lips along your neck from your ear to where you neck met your shoulder. Okay that's it. You burst out from his arms, not being able to take his teasing. You whipped around to face him. His eyes were wide and his mouth slightly open like he didn't expect you to do that. He wanted to say something but the fire in your eyes was enough to shut him up. You stood in front of him, probably closer than you should have.
"If you're only going to tease me I suggest you stop" you hissed at him, tired of the game you two were playing. You have been constatly frustrated for the past 2 days because of him and you weren't sure how much longer you could take it. He needed to do something about this or stop entirely because the next time you will not let him play around. He nodded at your words with his eyes still wide so you turned back to the others. The women were looking in the bathroom, talking about how Zemo was gone. That slimy man must have slipped away when all of you were fighting. The women exited just as fast as they appeared, leaving you with the men.
"I can't believe he pulled an El Chapo" Sam walked over to the entrance to the bathroom, where the bath was moved out of the way, the lid of the drain removed.
"Well I do" Bucky walked up next to him, with you in tow.
"Don't think that this is over" John pointed at you as he and his partner walked ou the door.
"Oh I sure hope it isn't" you smiled at him. Sam put a hand on your shoulder in warning. You knew you shouldn't rile John up but then it shouldn't be this fun to do so. You looked back at Sam who was looking at you with a slight amusement in his eyes.
"Okay we need to go" Bucky grabbed his jacket and motioned for you to follow him.
"Okay hold on. Listen. Pack an overnight bag and take the boys." You didn't know who Sam was talking to but they seemed to be important to him and something was wrong. Maybe a wife and kids?
"What happened?" Bucky spoke before you could open your mouth to ask the same question.
"Karli called Sarah. She threatened my nephews" Sam pulled the phone away from his ears. So it's a sister not a wife.
"Okay." Sam put the phone back to his ear. "Go somewhere safe. Only pay with cash. Alright? Let me know when you get there." the woman said something on the other end. "I know. I love you. I'll never let anything happen to you ar the boys, you know that. Okay, bye." you wondered what it was like to have a family like that. Someone you are so close with, that you would do anything for them. The men stopped walking in front of you.
"Karli wants to meet. She left a contact number." just as the words left Sam's mouth he got a message. You looked at him, worried. "She said come alone" he looked at Bucky.
"I'm coming with you" the other said.
"And me too." you spoke for the first time since leaving the apartment. They looked at you and you knew what the answer was before either of them even opened their mouth.
"I can't let you come with us y/n. We don't know what will happen" Sam said with regret in his eyes.
"That's exactly why you need me. What if yomething goes wrong and you need help?" you tried to reason but they weren't having it.
"You need to sit this one out, okay? We said that I would be the one to decide whether you could come or not." Sam reminded you. You scoffed, stepping back.
'Fine, but don't come crying to me when you get your ass kicked by that girl" you turned and walked away. What am I supposed to do now? I can look around the city I guess.
You were walking along the sidewalk when you saw John running in the street. You decided to follow him because he seemed to be in a hurry and you wanted to know what was happening. You did say that they shouldn't come crying to you, but you still cared about Bucky and Sam and if John was going somewhere it was definitely related to them. You stayed hidden as he kicked in a door with Lemar on his side. They went up the stairs as you stayed hidden. Only when you heard John run up the stairs you moved after them. You were looking around quietly, trying to assess the situation when the glass roof shattered and Sam flew in. You stepped aside as he landed next to you.
"Hi" you smiled seetly at him, knowing you shouldn't be there. He only looked at you in disappointment and shook his head. Suddenly a man flew down the stairs with too much force for it to be normal. John appeared and the man tried to fight him with a metal pipe, but he easily bent it and kicked him down a few more steps. He was way too strong to be a normal human. You looked at Sam who seemed to be thinkng the same thing.
"What did you do?" he ask the new super-soldier, who's only asnwer was that they had Lemar as he quickly walked past you. Sam followed him and you were abou to do the same when you heard footsteps behind you. You turned around and it was a man wearing a mask. He stopped for a second and just stared at you with wide eyes. You looked back at him, weirded out by his staring. He shook himself out of and and started to throw punches at you. You easily blocked them and pinned him face first against the wall but he pushed backwards so you hit your back on one of the pillars. Your grip loosened because of it and he broke free. He tried to punch you in the face but you caught his hand and twisted it. His knees gave out because of the pain and it gave you the perfect opportunity to kick him in the stomach. He yelled out and you let go of him, thinking that he will stay down. You heard another set of footsteps and you turned around to see Bucky standing there, ready to fight. You back was to the masked man so you didn't see that he got back up, but Bucky did and you saw his eyes shift behind you. You realized what he was looking at when you felt movement and you turned around just in time to catch the man's hand again.
"I thought we agreed on you staying down" you joked and punched him hard enough that he was out cold before he even hit the ground. You turned back to Bucky who raised his eyebrows, impressed. You walked up to him and put your hand on his chest. "What was it that you called me? Feisty?" you tilted your head to the side and leaned closer to him so your breaths were mixing." I prefer the term strong. Thank you" you pulled away like nothing happened and walked towards where John and Sam disappeared to. The only thing indicating that Bucky had heard you was a quiet gasp that left his mouth. Two can play that game old man.
When you found the others they were in the middle of a fight with 4 masked people. You ran in to help and immediately the two women who were closer shifted their focus on you. You blocked one's punch to the stomach, but didn't count for the other who had a clear shot at your face. Fighting super-soldiers was not something you were used to, let alone two at the same time. The punch had you a little dizzy and you were thankful when Bucky appeared in your line of sight and knocked out one of them. He held you by your arm and stared into your eyes. You nodded at him in thanks. A knife flew past you that he caught in one hand. He pushed you aside and lunged at the man still holding another knife in his hand. Bucky easily threw him over his shoulder and flipped the knife in his hand then threw it at the grounf next to the man's head. Impressive. Sam kicked another masked person over the table while John was against two.
Two other people ran inside the room, one without a mask. The other you guessed was the infamous Karli, but you weren't sure as you couldn't see her face. She stopped as she caught you standing there and she ripped the mask off her face. She seemed to recognise you, but you didn't know how. Maybe she was in Madripoor at some point. The anger in her eyes was the only thing you saw before she lunged at you. Barely having time to register what she was doing you stumbled backwards, her fist missing your face by inches. Lemar appeared out of nowhere grabbing Karli by her torso and bringing her to the ground with him. She got up and punched him way too hard for a human to take. He flew backwards into a pillar, cracking it. Everything stilled. John broke free of the guy's grasp running to him and trying to wake him up. It was useless. He wasn't moving. He was dead. The masked people with Karli ran out of the room. You ran after them with Sam and Bucky, leaving John behind.
When you arrived at the square adn broke through the crowd of people, the scene you found yourself in was horrifying. John stood there with blood on his shiled, Captain America's shiled, while a man was dead on the ground in front of him. He put the shiled on his arm and looked around. Everything was so eerie about him that you said the first thing that came to your mind.
"Oh god"
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Bambi Eyes Zemo is a go
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Bucky Barnes and Reader | ?Avenger and Reader
SUMMARY:  Your daily routine involves waking up in the morning, going to work and sulking at night. But then you meet the man you’ve fantasized about for your entire life, Bucky Barnes. At the same time, you've caught someone else’s eye and his first step in winning you over is to cook you breakfast. But will you be welcoming of that person’s affections?
WARNING: yandere, obsession, stalking, violence, cursing, death. If you find any of this triggering, please DNI. Also inform me if I left something out.  
I already apologize for the pain... This is not beta read, so mistakes are my own.
Tumblr media
Bucky stood still upon being called his name. It was pretty dark for anyone to see clearly yet your mom somehow guessed it was him? Was he that obvious?
Bucky had been restless the entire time you had been gone from the tower. In the avenger's tower, you were protected with high level security that couldn’t be breached, security cameras that couldn’t be easily dismantled and mostly importantly, the Avengers were there.
Though you still had danger from Peter and Tony which you were blissfully unaware of, he was happy that there were other avengers like Steve and Sam who would undoubtedly help you. Most importantly he was there to protect your from all and any calamity.
When you had gone back to your home, you had naturally been susceptible to many dangers. The most important one of them being, Peter.
Peter hadn’t come down to the med bay to visit you even once. Bucky knew he should have been glad, but he could sense something was off. He had considered that maybe Peter was emotionally incapable of seeing the harm he had done to you.
But since you had returned back to your house, Bucky couldn’t help but think how vulnerable you were. He couldn’t even think what Peter was capable of. Peter was far from the sweet innocent persona he had created for himself. He was cunning and manipulative if not evil.
Standing like a deer caught in the headlight, which he actually was, not just metaphorically, he had no idea what to do. Now that he was caught, he couldn’t help but dread the future.
Peter and Tony were waiting like hawks to blame him for everything, waiting to make him the sacrificial lamb for the things he hadn’t even done neither ever thought of doing. If he was found out now, you would undoubtedly blame him.
And now that he had just started talking and knowing you, he would do anything for it to not stop. After that fake drunk call, he had genuinely thought you would never ever talk to him.
But then the last few days you both had become closer than he had ever thought possible. He was shocked and thrilled to know that you liked him his as much as he liked you.
He was more than happy to know you had a crush on him since a very long time. Even before he was discovered as the winter soldier. He couldn’t help but think that you liked him as the winter soldier too, especially after your ‘tik tak suit’ confession.
He couldn’t let the special bond you two had created in such a short time go into the drain by a stupid mistake done by him. He had to somehow get away from this situation.
“Bucky?” Your mom called him again as he hadn’t replied before. She rubbed her eyes and squinted. Without her spectacles, she could only see the outline of the person. She had guessed it would be Bucky, but she wasn’t sure as she couldn’t see.
She gulped audibly as her earlier calm was replaced by horrid afterthought. What if this man wasn’t Bucky? Was if he was a robber? Bucky would surely respond her, wouldn’t he?
Standing almost in the middle of the living room, overlooking the kitchen, she slowly started moving backwards towards the electric switch. In the darkness it was difficult to make out, but with the lights on, she would be able to see him.
Bucky quickly took the opportunity of her turning backwards to walk towards the switch and jumped up the kitchen counter and went out of the window. As your mom turned on the lights, she stared at the empty kitchen with wide eyes.
You were woken up from your deep sleep by someone banging on your door. Blinking quickly, you adjusted to the dark and got up. You cooed as you saw your puppy curled up on the bed. Opening your door, you saw your mom standing there with wide eyes and tensed face.
“There was someone! There was someone in the kitchen.” She ranted. With those words, your sleep went away. “Who?” You asked holding her arms. “I... I don’t know. I thought it was Bucky.”
“Bucky?” You asked skeptically. You remembered his handwriting was much much different than the one on the notes and therefore you had ruled him out, though your mom didn’t need to know this.
“Yeah. I thought he came to meet you or something.” She said sounding guilty. “Why would he come in the middle of the night?” You asked raising your eyebrows.
“I don’t know... because he is your lover...” Your mom said trying to smirk beneath the tense face. You fake coughed to hide the warmth spreading in your cheeks, though in the middle of pitch darkness it wouldn’t be quite visible.
“Mom! That’s... he’s not...” you said trying to deny that Bucky was your boyfriend. “Don’t lie now. I’ve seen you two. Always smiling like idiots in love. Also, I know how much you’ve always liked him.”
“I... you... you knew?” You asked gasping. “I’m your mom. Do you think I won’t notice? You really did love going to the museum quite a lot, didn’t you?” You were once again glad that the lights weren’t on.
“I... Wait! That’s not the topic. We are derailing.” You said with a hint of worry in your voice. It was a common thing for the topics to keep on changing while you both were talking, but now wasn’t the time. “So, it was Bucky?” You asked once again.
“I’m not sure if it was him in the first place.” You both were still very much standing in the doorway of your bedroom, uncaring of moving either way. “So... you didn’t see him?” You asked squinting.
“No. I wasn’t wearing my specs. And before I could switch the light on, he was gone.” You sighed dejectedly. “Okay. It’s fine. Let’s go to sleep, we’ll talk tomorrow.”
Your mom looked at you suspiciously, “Do you realize there was someone in your house? This is so dangerous. We must call the police.”
“There’s no need for that. Trust me.” You wanted to tell her about how leaving the past few days, there was always someone in your house whom you had no idea of. “Wait, you... you don’t believe me or something? I swear I saw someone standing in the kitchen. I'm old, but that doesn’t mean I've started seeing unreal things.”
“No mom. I don’t doubt you. I’m sure you must have seen someone, but what’s the point of calling the police? Whoever it was is now gone. So don’t worry.” You pressed a light kiss to her forehead and gave a strained smile.
“Yeah. You are right. Good night.” She said dejectedly and walked towards her bedroom. You closed the door and slumped upon the bed. So whoever it was, was back in town then.
You smiled to yourself as you texted a good night to Bucky. It had been almost two weeks after the incident. Since then, you had started going back to work and your mom had left just a few days back.
But most importantly, you had started talking to Bucky daily. It had all started with when Bucky had accidentally texted you asking if Dr. Strange was a wizard. You both had conversed for around two hours non stop only for him to later tell you the message was meant for Steve and his clumsy gloved fingers sent it to you.
Clutching your phone to your chest, you buried your head into your pillows. It was happening. It was finally happening. You finally were getting close to someone.
The best part was that Bucky respected you, yet he wasn’t intimidated by you. He wasn’t jealous of your position neither was he insecure about his talents. He liked you just as the way you were. Talking to him, you finally weren’t so alone.
Just as you were about to drift off to sleep, you heard a loud bang as good as explosion. Quickly getting up from your bed, you walked towards the bedroom door. Slightly creaking it open, you peaked out through it.
Your breath left your lungs as you stared at the scene unfolding before you. There were two men, both dressed up in tactical gear. Your main door was completely unhinged and broken. They were so sure to catch you, they didn’t feel the need to be subtle about their entry in your house. You didn’t need to be told who these men were. They were definitely from Hydra.
When you had first accepted this job, your mom was worried for one reason, the enemies the avengers had made. And as always, she was correct. You were an easy target, not an avenger yourself and highly vulnerable yet just as knowledgeable. You probably knew more about the avengers and their projects then the avengers combined.
You didn’t know why, but you were utterly calm. You thought this was the calm before the storm. You weren’t panicking neither were you terrified. Maybe you were in shock, but you were glad you could think. You shut the door without making noise and retreated back. Picking up your phone and your puppy, you entered into your bathroom.
You opened your phone and searched your contacts. You knew who you had to call. “Hello! How...” came back Bucky’s energetic voice. But you stopped him as you shrieked his name into the phone, “Bucky!” You entered your bath tub and laid down in it, in case they were to fire bullets, you would be safe.
Hearing the distress in your voice, Bucky sat ram rod straight where he was lounging on his sofa. “What happened?” He asked in a serious voice. “Bucky....” hearing his voice you lost your cool. “Bucky...” you repeated his name.
“Hey. Shhhh. Calm down sweet girl. Take a deep breath and tell me, what happened?” Bucky was already picking up his bike keys not even realizing that he was still in his pajama shorts and Henley.
You did as Bucky told and took a deep breath, “Bucky, they are here. They... they are here for me.” By now tears were flowing freely from your eyes. “Can you tell me who ‘they’ are?” Bucky asked as he sprinted down the stairs not waiting for the elevator.
You sobbed and recollected yourself before whispering into the phone, “Hydra.” Hearing this Bucky clenched his jaw and his sprinting turned into full blown running. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon.” Bucky knew reassuring you right now was important.
“Bucky...” you wailed and Bucky’s heart ached at your helpless pleading. Amidst broken sobs, you began again, “It’s okay, you don’t have to lie to me. They’ll get me Buck. They’ll get me.” You said suddenly sure of your doomed fate.
This was the first time you had called him Buck, and Bucky only wished if the circumstances were different. “You are wrong, doll. I’m coming for you. I won’t let them get you. I promise.” Hearing his words only broke your heart more.
“Where are you now?” Bucky inquired. It took you a moment to process his words before you answered, “In the bathtub. I’ve locked the door.” Bucky couldn’t help but be proud of your quick thinking. “Smart girl, I’m coming right over.” He praised you hoping you’ll feel better.
“Bucky, just... just tell my mom I love her.” You could hear their footsteps now. On the other side, Bucky had started his agile, high performance bike and was thanking Stark for giving it to him. Bucky was glad your house was not much far. With a regular car, he could reach it in fifteen minutes, with this extravagant bike, it would take him less than seven.
“Nothing is going to happen to you!” Bucky shouted through the phone. You could hear the tell tale whirring of his bike to know that he wasn’t lying. You heard the door of the room next to you being broken down and you lost all the hope you had.
“Hello! Are you there?” Bucky had never been more scared than he was now. He didn’t care for breaking the traffic rules. He was driving at full speed of the bike and was sure this news would make headlines tomorrow.
“Bucky...” your voice was almost a whisper now and it was barely audible to him over all the noise. “Yes sweet honey, I’m right here. I’ve almost reached, don’t worry. Just stay put for me, please.”
The door to your room was broken as well and not just you but Bucky heard it too. You shut your eyes and curled into yourself with the puppy still in your lap. Your hand was better but none the less fractured and all this activity was making pain shoot up through it, not that it mattered now.
What mattered was that you didn’t want to go without telling Bucky how you felt about him. All your life you had been shy to tell people how you felt. You were terrified of rejection and you knew your heart might not be able to handle it. But now you didn’t know if these were your last breaths. And there was probably nothing worse than crying in your bathtub while people came to kill you.
“Bucky... I love you.” You breathed out. Suddenly it felt as if a weight had been lifted from your chest and you could breathe again properly. Despite knowing that these were probably your last words, you smiled. If you did die today, you wouldn’t go with regrets.
You had done it; for the first time in your life, you hadn’t bottled up your feelings. You were always scared to be vulnerable, scared that people will take advantage of your weakness. But instead, you felt free, free from the baggage of emotion, free from the regret of unsaid feelings.
“I love you Bucky.” You said once again smiling through tears. You were about to end the call as you saw them enter your bathroom by breaking that door too. You didn’t want Bucky to hear your pain and suffering. You didn’t want him to go through that trauma for the rest of his life.
But then you heard a reply which made you euphoric and downcast at the same time.
“I love you too.” Came the voice through the other end of the phone just as you ended it.
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Hiiii! I love your writing so much!! Could you maybe do an imagine with Bucky where the reader gets hurt by John Walker and Bucky comforts and takes care of her? Thanks!!🥺❤️🥰
Omg thank you so so much for your request, you’re the sweetest!! I absolutely loved writing this one! I haven’t written anything like this in so long so I hope it’s what you wanted 💗
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word count: 3,053
Warnings: Graphic violence, blood mention, assault, knife mention, some angst, hurt/ comfort, some explicit language, fluff too though
Summary: John Walker blames anyone and everyone for Lemar’s death and he takes it out on you. Bucky helps fix you up and comforts you.
Stumbling in through the door was even more difficult when every breath hurt. Every muscle in your body ached but the throbbing pain in your side hurt the most, perhaps more than the cut on your right arm. Walker was nothing short of unhinged. Losing Lemar had brought out a different side of him, something darker and cruel and it had only been amplified by the serum. America’s poster child was gone, twisted by grief and loss and a need to restore himself to his former title at any cost. Unfortunately for you, all that anger had been directed your way. Whether it was a form of revenge or a message to Sam and Bucky, you didn’t particularly care, not worrying too much about his motive and more about getting yourself to safety.
You had let your guard down far more than you should have in all fairness, it was silly of you and you had paid the price for it. Quiet side streets had always been a comfort to you when you had a lot on your mind and God only knows you had plenty to think about. You had only planned to be out half an hour at most, going for a quick walk in the fresh air to clear your head, restlessness setting in from the hours you had spent cooped up with nothing to do but think. You had been so lost in thought you hadn’t even heard Walker behind you. You had thought you were completely safe until you felt his hand around your throat.
“No Bucky or Sam to save you this time?” He had snarled in your ear as you tried to pull yourself free from his grasp.
“Get the fuck off me Walker.” You hissed will all the venom you could muster, his stubble scratched harshly against your face as you struggled, trying to reach for your gun that you had concealed under your jacket.
“Reach into that jacket again and I’ll make you regret it. Keep your hands where I can see them.” He threatened, tightening his grip on your throat, nails biting into your skin. You had ignored him, trying once more to get the gun from its holster and that’s when things turned ugly. You hardly had time to think before he had pulled a knife out from who knows where, slashing at your right bicep. The metal ate through your clothes and down into the skin with ease, blood starting to drip freely. In your shock, Walker was able to throw you to the ground. Your hands broke your fall but your right arm gave way under the force, sending fresh streams blood dripping down and pooling at the tips of your fingers. The ground beneath you was wet and cold, the damp cement was relentless and you willed it to open up and swallow you whole rather than let Walker have the satisfaction of killing you. There wasn’t even enough time to try to reach for your gun again before Walker pulled it from you and continued his assault. Before you knew it, you were curled up in a foetal position, trying to protect yourself from the violent, never ending blows from his boot. He kicked and stamped until you were screaming, writhing in pain but still not able to do anything to stop him. After what felt like an eternity, someone shouted up the street at him.
“I lost everything because of you people.” Walker growled, low and menacing, panting from how long he had spent trying to break your body. You looked up at him from behind your hands. His face was warped into a snarl that was nothing short of terrifying. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days and he certainly hadn’t shaved, his hair was slick with sweat and his eyes showed how truly broken he was. He didn’t show any kind of remorse, he just turned and ran away as a small crowd ran up the narrow street to help you.
That was the last you had seen of him. Pulling your broken body from that damp street had been one of the most painful things you had ever had to do, every muscle had protested but you couldn’t stay there. You had no way to contact Bucky or Sam so you started the short journey back alone, limping and holding your bleeding arm with dirty hands. And that’s how you ended up almost falling through the door.
“Ah shit,” you winced, clinging to the door frame, leaving a smear of blood that you would worry about later. “Bucky? You here?” You called out, hoping he’d be able to help you. You hadn’t been dating very long but you had been friends for years, forever dancing around the fact that you longed to be more than friends.
“Y/n?” Bucky answered, appearing from the small kitchenette. “Jesus Christ, what happened?” He looked completely horrified at the state of your mangled body, not really knowing how best to help you that wouldn’t just hurt you more.
“Walker jumped me.” You hissed, trying to shrug off your torn jacket to get a look at your cut arm.
“Here, let me help.” Bucky soothed, peeling your blood stained outerwear off and dropping it in the trash can. He winced at the sight of the deep gash on your arm but at least it wasn’t really bleeding so much anymore. He would make sure Walker paid for what he had done to you but right now, that wasn’t his top priority, you were. “Okay, sit down here, I’ll run you a bath.” He pulled you over a chair and guided you down onto it, letting you grip his metal hand tightly to distract yourself from the pain. He hurried off to run the bath and came back with a hairbrush and a pair of scissors. “Gonna have to let me brush your hair doll before I can wash it. The blood has kinda made it stick together, it’s gonna hurt like a bitch.” He reasoned, sounding sympathetic.
“Think I can handle a little more pain Buck.” You joked with a weak laugh. Bucky started to detangle your hair as gently as possible, brushing through it while the bath filled with water. When he was happy he had detangled your hair enough, he helped you shimmy out of your jeans. Your top wasn’t worth saving so he just cut it off with the scissors and that’s when he noticed the bruising. Almost the whole expanse of your rib cage was mottled an angry blue and purple. The look of complete horror on Bucky’s face said enough, his mouth hanging open at a complete loss for words.
“I’m going to fucking kill him.” Bucky fumed, not daring to graze his fingers over the darkening skin of your abdomen.
“It’s not as bad as it looks.” You soothed, not wanting him to worry.
“Bullshit. He did this because Lemar got killed? That wasn’t anything to do with you. You didn’t deserve this.” He was seething with rage, but his anger was so different to John’s. Where John was only intent on causing senseless pain, Bucky’s anger was still controlled. He was levelheaded whereas John had been wild in his untameable need for retribution. Bucky hoisted you up, wrapping your left arm around his shoulders and did his best to manoeuvre you to the small bathroom, turning the tap off before helping to guide you into the bathtub. You groaned in pain as you sat down. Your aching muscles needed the comfort of the hot water but any kind of twisting and turning hurt terribly. You drew in a shaky breath, laying back so your head rested on the edge of the tub, taking the weight off your spine.
Bucky watched you intently, his eyes trained on your dirt and blood splattered face. He waited until you weren’t wincing in pain before getting up and retrieving a small bowl from the kitchenette. “Gonna wash your hair for you doll. You sure your neck is okay? Don’t wanna hurt it.” He whispered. You weren’t sure if he was trying to make this calming for you or for himself but either way, it didn’t really matter.
“It’s fine Bucky, I can do it myself. Just need a second.” You offered but he knew you were lying. You could hardly lift your right arm nevermind wash your own hair.
“Sure doll, and pigs can fly.” He retorted, making you huff out a little laugh. It calmed him to hear you laugh, despite being in so much pain. You didn’t argue with him any further and he filled the little bowl with bath water, pouring it over the crown of your head to wet the parts that weren’t already in the water. After saturating your hair, he squeezed out some shampoo and worked it into a soapy lather on your head. You had to admit, feeling both his flesh and metal hands working against your scalp in tandem was soothing, making you almost forget your aches and pains.
Working the shampoo into your hair was relaxing Bucky too which he was quite surprised by. The scent reminded him of those late nights you spent together, cuddling on your couch watching TV, his head buried in the crook of your neck, keeping you close. Then the memories of those early mornings you spent together flooded his head, when sunlight streams in through the window with nothing to distract him but your gentle snores and the tickle of your hair against his cheek. That shampoo was a smell that reminded him of nothing but you. You were his safe place. The one person in his life that didn’t judge him based on his past and the terrible things his body had done. He hadn’t really taken the time to recognise how happy you had made him these past few months until you had stumbled through that door looking like hell. His heart had fell through his stomach but for the first time since he was kidnapped by HYDRA, he felt fear. Real fear. Not just worry, or panic, but absolute terror at the thought of you being hurt and him not being there to protect you. From the shape of your now fragile body, he could only imagine what Walker must have done to you that would inflict that much damage. Half of the problem was how well he could imagine the brutal beating you had suffered. He had given so many in the decades he spent as the Winter Soldier, the faces of all those he had hurt permanently etched into his mind. He had seen their fear, their despair, the helplessness in their eyes as his body had tortured them, his brain only half engaged with the violence. The thought of it being you on the ground, enduring such a horrendous beating, from John Walker of all people, was driving him close to insane.
“You okay Buck?” You quizzed softly. His hands had stopped moving some time ago, his still fingers just tangled in your soapy hair.
“Yeah doll, sorry.” He mumbled, lifting the little bowl again to rinse all the soap out before running conditioner through your hair, knowing it was an important step in your routine. He only knew that because he had showered at your place a few times and every time he did, he jokingly made complaints about all the bottles of “potions” that littered the shelf. You had teasingly told him that if he didn’t like it, he could go home, making him laugh and pull you into a sweet kiss.
You both agreed that washing your body wouldn’t be the best idea, given how tender most of you was. Instead, Bucky lifted a washcloth and dampened it, washing the mud and blood splatters from your face delicately. Then it came time to tend to the gash on your arm. Bucky cleaned it carefully, pausing every time you winced in pain. He looked so sympathetic, not wanting to hurt you further but he knew it had to be done. He pulled the first aid kit from the cabinet, carefully opening the little packet that contained the disinfectant wipes.
“Gonna sting y/n,” he warned and you nodded slightly, steeling yourself for what was coming. He gently pressed it to your wound and you let out a low groan of pain, head pressed back firmly against the tub.
“Shit, Walker should carry those on him, this hurts more than his kicking did.” You joked through gritted teeth.
“I don’t know, he got you pretty good.” Bucky chuckled in response, just happy to hear you still had your sense of humour.
“Bullshit, my neighbour’s chihuahua is tougher than him.” You huffed as Bucky wrapped your arm tightly with a bandage.
“To be fair, that thing is vicious.” Bucky laughter softly. “Okay doll, get yourself dried, I’ll go get you a change of clothes.”
You nodded, letting him help you out of the bath. He wrapped a soft towel around you shoulders and left the bathroom, closing the door behind him. You patted your delicate body dry, thanking him when he returned with one of his hoodies, a pair of pyjama shorts and some underwear. You dressed as quickly as possible and let him brush the tangles from your hair. He pulled it up into a low bun – one of the benefits of having a boyfriend who had sported a man bun for a while.
“You should get some rest doll.” He offered, placing a little kiss on the top of your head.
“Come with me? Please?” You asked softly, not wanting to be alone.
“How could I say no to you princess?” He smiled warmly, leading you to the little bedroom. He helped you get comfortable on the bed, conscious not to make you bend too much before he laid down beside you. He let you rest your head on his chest and wrapped his flesh arm around you, careful not to put any weight on the bruised expanse of your rib cage. You were content just lying there with him, listening to the gentle pounding of his heart against your cheek.
“You wanna talk about it?” He suggested quietly after a little while, his voice was so soft you had hardly heard him at all. You brought one hand up to rest over his heart but when he noticed that under your fingernails was still caked with stubborn dried blood, he flinched a little. This conversation would be as difficult for him as it was for you. He wasn’t bothered by the sight of blood, God knows how much of it he had seen spilt in his lifetime but this was your blood. This was different in a way that made his stomach lurch and a lump settle in his throat.
You shook your head gently before you took a deep breath. “Walker snuck up on me. Grabbed me by the throat. I reached for my gun so he cut my arm. Then he pushed me over and kicked me until someone came to stop him. Not much more to tell you than that.” Your voice was quiet and you hoped Bucky wouldn’t notice how you were trembling as you spoke. Tears pricked your eyes, threatening to spill over thinking about how powerless you had been. Not being able to defend yourself bothered you more than the fact you had been hurt.
“He’s not gonna get away with this y/n. He’ll have to break every bone in my body before he gets the chance to hurt you again.” Bucky promised, bringing your hand to his lips and giving your knuckles a gentle kiss. He had sounded so sincere as he had spoke. He truly would protect you with his life if he had to.
“I-I couldn’t even fight back.” You whispered, little sob escaping and that’s when the dam broke, tears streaming freely down your face. You just felt drained. You had been so scared, your body was so sore and now you were exhausted, clinging to Bucky’s shirt.
“It’s okay y/n, there was nothing you could do. I should’ve been there.” He soothed
“No Bucky, I should’ve been able to handle him myself. I don’t need a body guard to protect me from John fucking Walker of all people.” You wailed quietly against his broad chest.
“Hey hey no, I know you could but that snake came up behind you. He didn’t even fight fair. Hell, if he had jumped me like that, I probably couldn’t have done any more than you did.” His thumb ran lovingly over your cheeks, collecting your tears. He knew it would be best to let you cry it out, just needing to be reassured that you were safe.
“I was useless Buck. And I was so fucking scared.” You choked, sobs wracking your whole body. The pain in your chest as you moved just made everything worse, reminding you of what you had been through.
“You weren’t, don’t say that.” The soldier chastised. He couldn’t bear the thought of you feeling that way. “You’re the most important person in the world to me.” His voice was hushed, making you truly feel the reverence of what he was saying. He meant it wholeheartedly. You had always been there for him, helping him through those terrible nights when the soldier’s memories were more vivid than his own and it felt like there was no escape. You comforted him in a way no one else could, accepting him and loving him in spite of everything. Seeing you so hurt was almost too much for him. You were far too special to him for you to be feeling like this so he cradled you a little tighter. Eventually he noticed your sniffling had stopped and your body was relaxed against his. Your breathing was so even he guessed you must have fallen asleep.
“God, I love you, y/n.” He whispered to himself, pressing a gentle kiss to the crown of your head. You smiled to yourself ever so slightly. He had never said that before but rather than call him out on it, you closed your eyes, hoping to drift off to sleep listening to the soft thrumming of his heart.
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