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#winter soldier fluff
justjessame · 4 hours ago
Starting Over Chapter 49
I’d learned, after my first visit to Delacroix and Connie’s less than relaxed state at my lack of communication while enraptured with Bucky and getting to know Sam and his family, to keep in touch with my overprotective and high strung best friend.  Texts, selfies, calls while we drove down from New York and for the few days we stayed, both me AND Bucky had made sure to touch base with Connie - thinking it a better alternative to her doing something drastic like calling out the National Guard to drag the water for my skinned body.  
We left the next morning, after going back to Sarah’s house to say goodbye.  Sam was still giving me a look that was a cross between smug and excited and I came very close to giving him a gentle tap on the back of his head like Sarah had.  Hugs and promises - to let both of them know whether I REALLY was carrying a mini Bucky OR Brooke - Sarah reminded Sam that I COULD have a mini ME inside of me as easily as a mini Buck - AND THE date when we set one.  
“And let me know -” Sam started to remind me, but I cut in. 
Sighing, I shook my head.  “What Strange figures out about my weird as hell nightmares that are getting worse?”  I’d woken up in a full body sweat, tears streaming down my face and pain wracking my body this morning.  Bucky felt impotent to help me, even when he mentioned that I hadn’t cried out or screamed this time - not a total victory by any means, but another new twist.  “We will, Sam.”  
“Dreams can get more vivid,” Sarah offered, her smile soft and reassuring.  “I know when I was pregnant with AJ I had the strangest dreams, and they got even more weird with Cass.”  
Bucky’s lips were on my temple, warm and sweet.  “Maybe that’s what’s making them worse?”  He wanted so badly for something to be simple for me - at least about THIS.  
“I hope so,” another sigh, smaller this time, and then we were on our way home.
We stopped along the way, Bucky insisted - and not ONLY because we wanted to get lost in one another, but that was most definitely a perk.  He insisted on doing all of the driving, since my nausea was still touch and go, and with it came bouts of exhaustion.  Between pit stops for food, and rest - not only sleep, but also stops to remind one another of how restful making love could be - Bucky also insisted on putting that bagful of pregnancy tests to use.
“You want me to pee on another one?” I asked the morning before we went to say our goodbyes to Sam, Sarah, and the boys.  I was staring at him like he might have caught my irrational hormones.  
He shrugged, handing me one at random.  “I read the box, Brooke.”  Yeah so did I, they were all pretty much the same.  “It says that morning is the best time because -”
“The hormones are highest,” I nodded, yeah, I’d read them too.  “OK, why not?”  I mean, he’d paid for them already.  Off I went to the bathroom with him on my heels.  “Are you planning on WATCHING me, Bucky?”  I was amused by his excitement, not grossed out - for fuck’s sake, it wasn’t as if he wasn’t intimately acquainted with ALL of my parts.  
“Not if you’re opposed,” he was grinning down at me, and I rolled my eyes.  “It’s a little piss, Brooke, and then we can shower while we wait.”  With an offer like that -
When we FINALLY got out of the shower, once we were both absolutely certain that both of us were the squeakiest of squeaky clean - and I was loose limbed enough to need his help to get back out of the tub/shower combo, a glance at the test had his grin growing wider.  Another positive to add to the soon growing pile.  Because he insisted on my using each and EVERY one of those damn tests - I tinkled on each one during every damn stop we made - and guess what?  Each one confirmed what I was fast growing comfortable with - Bucky and I were going to be parents.
Bucky got us home at dusk - not because he planned it that way, but because I got sick right after we had our last meal - a spectacular display of projectile vomiting that he luckily managed to pull over in time to keep OUTSIDE the car.  I’d smelled the rotting scent that came from roadkill, even with the windows and top up, something we’d learned early on was a necessity - and the animal that was dead was a chipmunk for God’s sake.  
It took less time for my stomach to empty than it had for me to get the taste out of my mouth - bottled water and my toothbrush, along with a bottle of Listerine we also learned to keep handy - and then we had to find another place to stop so he could find something ice cold to cool me down.  Vomiting not only wore me out, but it spiked my temperature - sweaty AND clammy, I couldn’t rest until I had something cool to at least brush across my face, and even with the small styrofoam cooler we’d bought at one of the roadside stops filled up - I went through ice quickly.  
“Do you want me to call her?”  Bucky asked as he pulled the car into the shed.  I groaned and he chuckled.  “If we don’t -” 
“I know,” exhausted from the trip and my waves of sickness, nightmares, with only the slight alleviation that came from the man I loved made me grumpy.  “I know if we don’t call her she’ll end up coming over and camping out, but I don’t feel up to it.”  
“Which is why,” he parked the car and turned to me in the dim light, his brilliant white teeth flashing and forcing a smile of my own to come out to mirror him.  “I’LL take the bullet.”  I sighed.  “Let’s get you inside first,” his thumb brushed my cheek and I leaned into his touch.  “You’re still too warm.”  
“I did throw up a LOT,” I murmured, still feeling gross from it.  “Get me inside so we can check in with Connie and then -” He chuckled at my attempt at seduction.  
“You need a hot bath, maybe some soup and crackers, and THEN -” he leaned over and kissed my forehead.  “SLEEP.”  I groaned again.  “Our little one is being pretty demanding, sweetheart, let me take care of you.”  
Nodding, I waited for him to get out and come around to my side to help me out - not only because he liked and expected to play the part of a gentleman, but because I WAS still pretty damn weak.  And then - he led me into our house and did exactly what he said he would. 
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endorspeaches · 16 hours ago
warnings: none just some fluff
pairing: bucky x reader
summary: You realize you have fallen in love with your best friend.
A/N: I’m a music addict. Every time I write a fic I’m usually listening to a song on a loop that helps feed the aesthetic. I will be adding each song to my fics <3
Listen with: Like the Movies -Laufey
Tumblr media
I almost didn’t realize I was falling in love with Bucky. I had run every mission with him. After the missions we were inseparable. Every moment we could we spent it in each other’s company. It wasn’t until one day that Sam asked what was going on with Bucky and me. Sam joked with me always, but something in his voice made me really stop and look. I was in love with my best friend.
“I love him Sam,” you uttered.
“I know, my question wasn't that but have you guys talked about it?” Sam asked.
“I don’t think either of us has stopped to realize it I guess.” You reply.
Your mind began to wander. Does he love me back? Does he even know I love him?
“What if he…” you begin to say.
“No don’t do that. Matter of fact go ask him. Don’t ask that question you know neither of us knows the answer to.” He interrupts you.
You sigh, “You make it sound so easy.”
There is a knock at your door.
“Door’s open!” You shout across your room.
Bucky lets himself in. You’re laying across your bed doodling in an old notebook.
“Hey doll, what are you up to?” He asks as he sits on the edge of your bed.
“I was waiting for you so I started doodling.” You sit up and place the notebook on his lap
“I love when you doodle,” Bucky says as he looks at your notebook
“Bucky. Um, I wanna ask you something but please don’t make it weird.” You stumble over your words.
“What is it?” He is now looking straight at you.
“Umm, damn uh, this is harder than I thought. I’m in love with you.” You get up from the bed.
Silence fills the room. You look over at Bucky. You can see him have this look on his face. His eyes meet with yours. He sees the look of worry on your face. He gets up off the bed and meets you where you stand.
He takes a hold of your hands. “ Oh Y/N, I love you. I'm sorry I kept you waiting for a response. I thought I would've been the first to say it out loud.”
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justjessame · 19 hours ago
Starting Over Chapter 48
We convinced Sam - and to a lesser extent Sarah (she was far more trusting of us) - that we’d let them know when we set a date. 
“Could you let us take things one at a time, please,” I begged.  “PTSD nightmares, possible pregnancy, a new career, AND a wedding to plan is a LOT to put on one girl’s plate, wouldn’t you agree?”  
Bucky was grinning into my neck, and it was doing things to me that I couldn’t exactly call CALMING.  As if he could hear me, or a more likely bet - he FELT my pulse kick up a few notches - his grin turned into a kiss, which moved to open mouth tongue touching my skin. I couldn’t squirm, God knew I wanted to, but if I did SAM would fucking KNOW.  
“Say it,” Bucky murmured, a breath - hot and burning against my damp skin - and I fought to form words.  “Say it,” so quiet, a throwback to his past that he hated.  
I swallowed hard, needing something - air, more moisture in my throat, SOMETHING - clearing my throat caught both Sam and Sarah’s attention.  Damn it.  
“Are you alright?”  Brow furrowed, Sam looked like he was ready to rush over and CHECK - fuck.
“I’m a little tired, actually -” Bucky’s grin was back, his fingers tight on my skin where he held me.  “I feel terrible for -”
Sarah was giving me a look like she KNEW exactly what was going on, but she managed to reign in the urge to call bullshit.  “Oh, there’s NO need for that, Brooke,” she fought a grin that was threatening to grow.  “You’re not feeling your best, you should head back to your hotel and REST.”  Her eyes flickered to where Bucky was still buried against my neck, my braid hiding his face.  “Bucky will take VERY good care of you, I’m SURE.”  
I tried to LOOK more pathetic, without looking TOO pathetic, but I’m not a great actress.  Luckily Sarah got Sam to pay more attention to helping her with the print that I’d made of her boys and the shield.  Sam diverted, Sarah amused, Bucky and I were free to - well we couldn’t RUN or RUSH, I was ILL after all - but we could leave.  And once we were in the car, Bucky’s gaze met mine and I bit my lip.
“How far is the hotel?”  His nostrils flared and the knuckles on his right hand were white as he pulled out of the driveway and onto the road.  “Let’s not get a ticket?”
“Nothing is stopping us, Brooke,” he ground out, and the rush of lust that hit me was like a flash of fire.  Sweet Jesus.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He was right, we got to the hotel safe and sound - without being stopped by the police - and we were in our room in record time.  Bucky’s mouth was on mine before the door shut, his tongue so hot and hungry that I REALLY hoped that anyone who was on our floor was out doing whatever people did who visited Delacroix - because I was making enough noise to raise the dead.  
His fingers were tearing my blouse off my shoulders while mine were working at his waistband - belt, button, zipper - we couldn’t get one another bare fast enough.  As fast and hungry as he began, he slowed, pulling back slightly and staring down into my eyes.  His mouth met mine again, and this time it felt like he was worshipping me, tempting and tasting - while my hands slid under his shirt and played across his warmth.  
My back met the bed, and we made love - once the rest of our clothing was tossed away and off - we kept being diverted by tasting one another.  As if we had never had the chance to see one another in the sunlight bare, or took the time to REALLY listen to the noises that the other made when our lips, tongues, or teeth met each part of the other's body.   
I’d thought that Bucky had made me tremble the first time we made love, but when we made love this time - he shook me to my core.  It was like we were finally settled.  That we knew exactly where we were headed - together.  And somehow that made everything so much more powerful and perfect.  
We were laying together, on top of the bedding, my head on Bucky’s chest and my fingers tangled in his dog tags - my newly acquired ring glistening in the afternoon sunlight.  His heartbeat was steady and sure under my cheek and my smile was growing.  
“You look happy,” his voice rumbled through my cheek.  Turning my head, I kissed his chest.  
“That’s because I AM happy,” propping my chin on him, I looked up.  “You don’t exactly look miserable, Buck.”  
He’d been tracing the same patterns he always seemed to find comfort in tracing on my skin, with his LEFT hand, and now he was cupping my cheek and the soft smile was growing on his lips too.  “I’m beyond happy.”  
“Beyond happy?”  Could that line in The Grinch about hearts growing be REAL? Because I swear, I was feeling like it was happening inside me.  “I love you.”  
“Come up here and say that to my face,” he teased, and I did just that, laughing when he reciprocated and rolled me onto my back, kissing his way to my abdomen.  He took a deep breath and kissed me just beneath my navel.  “If you’re already in there,” and I knew this wasn’t something he was saying to me, but he wanted me to hear it too.  “I love you, too.”  And he kissed the spot again, while I ran my fingers through his hair. 
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wxnda-maximxff · 20 hours ago
Strawberry Pancakes // Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter Five: The One With Her Uncle
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2286
    Carter Evanson was the one constant in Lily's life outside of her family. He was with her from the moment she filed for divorce with Scott, to when she wanted primary custody, all the way to when she wanted full custody. Then she utilized him once again with Hunter's adoption paperwork. Finally, however, she needed him to work those magic family law skills and get the adoption paperwork filed now more than ever.
"Did you know Scott was moving?" Lily asked, glancing behind her at Hunter from the front seat.
"I hadn't spoken with him since Christmas last year," Hunter sighed, sliding his phone into his pocket, "I'm just as shocked as you are, mom."
"That's alright, buddy," Bucky replied, sending a wary look towards Lily, "Mom and I just need all of the information."
The rest of the car ride to Carter's office in upper Manhattan was silent. No one knew what to say. The entire day had been a complete blur for all of them. Then, finally, this morning, Lily woke up and was excited to pick out a wedding dress to marry her fiance wearing. Now she was on her way to her lawyer's office so that she and Bucky could finally make it legal that Hunter was his son.
"Don't tell anyone about what is going on," Lily reminded as the three stepped into the foyer of the law firm, "The last thing I need is this spreading through the PTA right to Priya."
Hunter nodded and gripped his mom's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Lily knew this was tough on Hunter. Scott has done nothing but make the boy's life a living hell with a new bomb being dropped every other day. It didn't help that Scott seemed to have some sort of vendetta against his ex-wife, despite him being the reason they separated in the first place. It wasn't Lily's fault that Hunter resented his father. It was Scotts.
Lily always tried to be the firm front of her family. She wanted to show everyone that despite the hell they've been through, they were able to come out the other end happy. But it was hard sometimes, especially when Scott got involved in her life again. He always seemed to barge in whenever everything was finally going smoothly. Then, in classic Scott fashion, he threw Lily for a loop anytime he spoke.
Lily slid her other hand into Bucky's as the three stood in the elevator, waiting to get to Carter's floor. She remembered the nights when she and Bucky would camp out in the living room with Hunter when he was thirteen. She was pregnant and preferred sleeping in the living room since it was cooler than their room. Joey would curl up at their feet and snore softly as the three fell asleep to some cheesy rom-com movie.
Those were the times Lily found she was the happiest, when it was just her tiny family away from the outside world. She would watch Bucky and Hunter curl into one another, Bucky's flesh hand stroking the boy's blonde hair as they fell asleep. She would always get up before everyone and make pancakes and wake them up with the scent. When she was pregnant, she had an aversion to blueberries, so she'd make herself oatmeal and watch her boys devour an entire stack of pancakes.
"We're sleeping in the living room tonight," Lily whispered, glancing up at the two boys she loved more than anything, "You two, me, and Stella. We can watch movies and relax. Just like the three of us did at the old house."
"That sounds nice, mom," Hunter whispered, pursing his lips into a smile as the elevator door opened, "Now. Shall we?"
"Let's go make you a Barnes," Bucky smiled, wrapping his arm around Lily's waist and walking forward towards the office.
Three hours. After three hours of Hunter explaining to Carter why there was no chance in hell he wants to be Scott's son anymore legally, the paperwork was filed. Meaning that Hunter was officially Bucky Barnes's son in the eyes of the law. Carter also took the liberty of officially changing Lily's last name in the eyes of the law to Barnes. So when the three left the office, all of them were truly a part of the Barnes family.
Lily no longer had the name Osborne attached to her name. Hunter was free of the Harvey surname. And Bucky had the family he longed for since he was a young kid in the '40s. There was nothing that Scott could do to change what was done. He was no longer Hunter's father, which meant Lily had plans to make sure everyone knew just who the Barnes family was.
"So I guess it's not weird that I call you dad anymore," Hunter weakly smiled as he slid into the car, "Oh my god does this mean I'm Stella's full brother now? Can we take it back?"
"Oh, do not start that," Lily laughed as she buckled herself into the passenger seat, "You love her."
"She's five. She's gross," Hunter grinned, sliding his phone from his pocket, "Why would I ever want to be fully related to a child."
"You weren't an angel at five either, mister," Lily chuckled, shaking her head and sending a text to Rose saying they were on their way, "I distinctly remembering you wetting the bed almost every other day."
Both Bucky and Hunter let out identical laughs as the former started the car. Lily let out a relaxed sigh as she leaned back in her seat, sniffling slightly. She hadn't stopped crying the entire three hours they were with Carter, and she was optimistic that her eyes looked huge. Bucky had barely kept it together as Hunter pleaded with Carter to get everything in immediately, and how he couldn't bear another second of having the name Harvey attached to him. Despite the trauma Hunter has faced, he was a well-spoken and driven person, especially when it came to his father.
"How do you think he'll react when he finds out?" Hunter blurted out as the three sat at a traffic light.
Lily pursed her lips and glanced over her shoulder back at her son. He was fiddling with the hem of his shirt, a tall-tell sign that something was on his mind. Lily and Bucky compiled a list of both Stella and Hunter's ticks and how they acted when something bothered them. Along with that, they worked out strategies that worked best for each reaction to help their children the best that they could.
"He has no choice," Bucky stated, "He signed the papers. He agreed. You're my son, Hunter. If he contacts you in any way, shape or form, you tell me. Your mother may be scary, but as far as I'm concerned, that's my fight."
Lily watched Bucky intently as he spoke. Beside her sat the man who went up against a titan while being calm, cool, and collected. He fought against an entire army of aliens and didn't break his composure. Bucky was the man who was brainwashed and used as a weapon but managed to keep his calm exterior while in hiding. But whenever it involved Scott, or any harm towards Lily, Hunter, or Stella, he became frustrated and outwardly ticked off. She only ever really heard him raise his voice when Hunter did something completely offside or Scott spoke with Lily.
"He's right," Lily nodded, reaching her hand over and squeezing Bucky's shoulder, "Scott isn't your father. He never really was, you know this. If he contacts you, we'll let Carter know."
The car fell silent once again as the family drove towards Rose's apartment building. The only noise that filled the void of noise was metal gripping leather. Lily knew that Bucky was on edge. He knew that Scott would try to contact Hunter before anyone else. Especially after pulling a stunt like moving in down the street and attempting to be a father in a way.
Over the years, Bucky grew angrier and angrier at the way Scott was. Especially with his treatment of Hunter. At night, he would cry to Lily about how he would have given anything in his life to have a biological son like Hunter, how he longed to have a child like him. He would tell Lily stories of how back in the '40s, Bucky would babysit the young boys in his neighbourhood with his sisters. Or how he dreamed of having a large "all-American" family.
So, when Lily told him that she was pregnant, she swore his head would explode.
Lily nibbled on her bottom lip as she stared at the two lines on the five sticks laid in front of her. Each was positive. There was no questioning it; Lily was pregnant. She and Bucky were going to have a child. Hunter was going to have another sibling other than Laila. One that he'd get to see every day, not just at scheduled times with Mary. He was going to have a little brother or a little sister or a sibling in between.
Lily was going to have a child with the love of her life. She was going to give him the family that he wanted so badly. It would be difficult for them to figure out, being two working adults already with a pre-teen son, but Lily knew the child would be loved beyond words. She was going to have a baby.
"Hey, doll, what're you doing in here so long?" Bucky chuckled as he pushed open their shared bathroom door.
Lily pursed her lips as tears brimmed her eyes. Doubt shadowed her mind as she thought of the worst-case scenarios. What if he didn't want a kid with her? What if he thought it was too soon? What if he left her? Lily felt her stomach churn and face go pale as thoughts raced through her head. Her fingers gripped the surface of the counter before she decided to rip the bandaid off and tell him.
"I'm pregnant," Lily whispered, turning around to face the man that joined her, "I'm...I'm pregnant."
Lily waited for his outburst. She half expected him to turn and walk out of the bathroom altogether. She figured he would completely disappear from her life or just ignore her. But that wasn't the reaction she got. Instead, Lily found herself being held so tightly she thought her spine might crack.
"We're having a baby," Bucky whispered into the girl's shoulder, peppering it with kisses after each word, "We're gonna have a baby."
Lily felt the tears fall from her hazel eyes as she wrapped her arms around Bucky's neck. He wasn't mad. He wasn't upset. He was happy. The blonde let out a choked sob as she buried her face in his hair, inhaling the intoxicating scent of him. She was having his baby. They were going to have a baby, the two of them. After everything they had faced, Lily never thought she would see the day she'd tell him that she was going to be having his child. She never even thought she'd have another child after Hunter. But there she stood.
"Stella," Lily whispered into the girl's ear, "Guess what we did today?"
"Leave me," the five-year-old pouted as she looked down at her mother, squirming in her arms, "All alone!"
"That's a bit dramatic, Stell," Bucky chuckled as he locked his arm around his fiance's waist, "We made Hunter your full brother. You're both Barnes."
"Bleh!" Stella gagged, rolling her head back dramatically.
Lily laughed and shook her head, dropping her daughter down onto the floor before turning her attention towards Sam and her sister. The four stood for a few beats in silence, appreciating the relaxing feeling that fell over them. There was nothing that Scott could do to mess up what was done. Lily and Bucky were Hunter's legal parents. Scott had signed the papers, and it was a done deal. Hunter was a Barnes, no questions asked.
"Hopefully, they grow out of this phase," Lily chuckled as she turned to look at Hunter and Stella teasing each other, "Not sure I'll be able to handle it."
"I still hate that I'm your full sister so. Not sure if they will." Rose teased before embracing her sister.
"Congrats, cyborg," Sam chuckled as he and Bucky hugged, "You've got two kids now."
"I've always had two kids, Sam. Now it's just in paper."
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marvelswh0re · a day ago
Spot The Difference // Bucky Barnes
Here’s some random smut that I wrote a few days ago but never posted because... I don’t know why, to be honest. Anyway, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2491
Warnings: NSFW. Smut. Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it.) Pet names (princess, gorgeous, etc.) Sergeant kink?? Fingering. Oral (F! receiving.) Swearing. Orgasms. Bondage (Bucky uses his belt to bind Reader’s hands.) Praise kink.
Summary: Peter sets up a little harmless prank and, well, he finds out something he didn’t want to find out.
When Peter Parker walked into your bedroom one morning, a stupid grin on his face, you were instantly worried.
“What did you do, Webslinger?” You closed your laptop mid-episode, cutting your quality time with Chandler and Monica short. 
“Come with me.” Peter tried to speak normally, but failed to hold back a snicker. Despite everything within you telling you that this was a bad idea, you followed him into the kitchen. You paused.
Leaning casually against the fridge was Bucky Barnes. And beside him, arms braced against the counter, was… also Bucky Barnes?
“One of these is the real deal,” Peter said, gesturing to the two identical men. “And one is Loki.”
“This is cruel. He’s my best friend, do you know how bad I’ll feel if I get it wrong?” As you said this, you fought the smirk that threatened to appear on your lips.
“Then don’t get it wrong.” Peter folded his arms, glancing from you to the two Bucky’s. Shoving him as you passed, you stood before them both. Pacing back and forth, so as not to give yourself away too quickly, you stopped before the Bucky leaning against the fridge. Your fingers drifted to the buttons of his shirt, working quickly to undo them and slide his shirt off. Running a hand up his arm, you peered over his shoulder, gazing down at the bare, untouched skin of his back. 
Smiling to yourself, you swivelled toward the man leaning against the counter. He looked a little pissed, but mostly smug. He knew where you were going with this, too.
“That’s the real Bucky.” 
Immediately, Peter groaned.
“Seriously? How’d you guess?”
“I’m curious, too.” Loki said from behind you, back in his own skin, picking his shirt up off the floor.
Without speaking, you grabbed the hem of Bucky’s shirt, and he didn’t resist when you pulled it over his head. Grabbing his shoulders, you turned him around so Loki and Peter could see his back; the red, scratched-up skin.
“This one’s my Bucky.” Smirking, you handed Bucky his shirt and bathed in the glorious shock upon Peter’s face, and the vaguely impressed expression on Loki’s.
That afternoon, you were in the middle of rewiring the mainframe of one of Tony’s old suits that he’d let you borrow and tinker with when the music you were blasting throughout the lab stopped. Glancing over your shoulder, you smiled when you saw Bucky standing in the doorway. His hair was damp, dripping occasionally onto the sleeves of his white shirt.
“Hey, doll,” he muttered as he approached, slipping his hands around your waist as you turned back to your work.
“How’s your back?” You asked, tightening a loose screw, your tongue between your teeth, pressing yourself back against Bucky ever-so-slightly. Just enough to tease. The long sigh that slipped from his lips told you you were doing a good job of it.
“Fine.” You could hear the smirk in his voice. “Are you nearly done with all this?”
“Why?” You stood, turning to face him, one of your hands drifting up the expanse of his chest. “In a hurry, Sergeant?”
Bucky stilled, breath hitching as his eyes darkened. His gaze flicked from your eyes down to your lips, and you spared him the decision as you gripped the collar of his shirt with both hands and pulled him down to you. When his lips met yours, heavy and lustful, you almost moaned right then and there. It was hard to get enough of him; it felt like you could never touch him or kiss him or love him enough. You wanted all of him, now.
Bucky’s hands tightened on your hips before one of them slid shamelessly up your shirt and under your bra, cupping your breast. You sighed against his lips, pulling back briefly and tilting your head back. He took this opportunity to place hurried kisses along the side of your neck, sucking slightly.
“Bucky,” you gasped, your hand going straight to his hair, holding on as though he were a lifeline. You kissed him again, harder this time, and his tongue swept in to claim your own. He lifted you onto the edge of the table, sweeping your tools aside without a second thought, and stood between your legs. The hardness of him beneath his jeans pressed against your core and he groaned, a low sound that originated from deep in his throat. 
Pulling him closer, you kissed along his jaw and down towards his sweet spot; right below his ear. While he palmed your breast, you shuffled as close to him as you could, grinding against him.
You still weren't touching him enough. 
Fumbling blindly with the hem of his shirt, your smugness from this morning replaced by desperation, Bucky had to assist you in the removal of his shirt. 
“I love it when you’re like this,” he murmured against the skin of your collarbone as the hand that had palmed your breast drifted down beneath the waistband of your leggings and into your underwear. His fingers circled your clit lazily, opposite to the intensity of the desire that thrummed through your blood, and you let your head fall back as a moan slipped past your lips.
“Like what?” You asked breathlessly, shifting your hips so his fingers pressed a little harder. Your mouth opened in a silent moan as he slipped two fingers inside of you, curling gently.
Your fingers grasped the hair at the nape of his neck, but loosened as he suddenly pulled his fingers out of you. Your head snapped up, brows furrowed, as you looked at him. Though the sight of him bringing his fingers to his mouth, sucking the wetness off them, sucking you off them, was nothing short of erotic, you were a little annoyed. “Bucky?”
He simply helped you fix your clothes and scooped you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, and walked you to the door of the lab, towards the elevator.
“I didn’t want JARVIS to get a front row seat.” He whispered, pressing a soft, tantalising kiss to the hollow of your throat. “Only I get to see you like this.”
“Yes, sir,” you muttered jokingly, but the look he gave you was enough to make your cheeks flush bright red and your toes curl in anticipation. The walk to his room was swift, and you spent the whole time hoping, praying, that you wouldn’t run into anybody. Now that Peter knew about the two of you, it was only so long before everybody in the tower knew.
You wanted to enjoy some quality time with Bucky while you still could, without everybody watching you like hawks.
When the door to Bucky’s room was shut and locked behind you, everything escalated so quickly you could barely concentrate. Your top was suddenly on the floor and Bucky’s hands were on you again, wasting no time in helping you out of your leggings, giving your ass a shameless squeeze as he worked.
Laying you down on the bed, he hooked his fingers through the waistband of your underwear and pulled them down, smirking at the wetness he found waiting for him. Bucky placed wet, open-mouthed kisses along the insides of your thighs; the anticipation was killing you. Arching your back off the bed, you tried to shuffle closer to him, to get him closer to where you wanted him to be.
“Do you want something, doll?” He asked. Asshole.
“Mhm,” you nodded, taking your bottom lip between your teeth.
“What do you say?” His metal hand slid up the bare expanse of your stomach, goosebumps rising in its wake, and you whimpered as his thumb flicked your nipple. 
Oh, you wanted to be a brat so bad. 
“Please,” your voice was a soft whine as his metal hand stroked down your ribs, making you shiver.
“Please what?” Bucky muttered against the skin of your thigh, eliciting a small moan from the back of your throat.
“Please, Sergeant.”
“Good girl.” Bucky wasted no time after that, rewarding you by pressing his tongue to your throbbing core, and licking a long stripe up it. Your head fell back against the pillows as your eyes fluttered closed. A low moan escaped your throat as he continued, swirling his tongue and dipping it inside you. Your back arched off the bed as he slipped two fingers inside you, moving his tongue to focus more on your clit as he pumped his fingers.
You looked down at him and almost groaned when you found his gaze locked on you, staring up at you with such intensity from between your legs while he pleasured you. 
“You like that, darling?” He asked, pulling away, leaving his fingers inside you but moving up so his face hovered above your own. 
“Yes, Sergeant.”
Bucky pressed a greedy, feverish kiss to the underside of your jaw at the some moment he curled his fingers inside you. Groaning, your hands gripped his shoulders as the coil in your stomach tightened. You were close; the whimpers that slipped from between your lips made Bucky’s cock twitch within the confines of his pants. 
As you arched your back off the bed, pressing your pare chest flush against him, your breaths coming out in rapid, harsh pants, Bucky smirked. And he pulled away. His fingers slipped out of you and you whined, making Bucky’s smirk morph into a grin.
Though your legs were trembling from your almost-orgasm, you sat up on the bed.
“What are you一”
Your mouth fell open as you saw what he was doing. Gaze never leaving yours, Bucky slowly pulled his belt out of the loops on his jeans.
“Hold out your hands,” he growled, his pupils almost completely dilated. Without a second thought, you thrust your hands toward him. You trusted him, and the thought of what was to come was making you giddy. Pressing your thighs together, you tried to ease some of the aching in your core. You’d never admit it out loud, but you’d never been so desperate for anybody in your life. Bucky didn’t even have to be doing anything particularly enticing, but you sometimes found yourself turned on after the simplest thing. His morning voice is particularly raspy one morning? Soaked. He’s practicing his dagger-weilding? You’re gone. And as Bucky gently wound the belt around your wrists, you were absolutely melting. Despite the eager lust in his eyes, he took care to make sure the leather wasn’t too harsh on your skin.
“Is this okay?” He asked as he laid you back down on the bed, lifting your bound hands and pressing them into the cushions above your head. You nodded excitedly, unable to contain your smile.
“Use your words, gorgeous,” he murmured, leaving a trail of kisses along the underside of your jaw, down your neck, between the valley of your breast, taking extra care in circling his tongue around your hardened nipples, before making his way back up again. 
“God, yes,” you gasped, fighting the urge to loop your bound hands around his neck and hold him there forever. You watched him get up and kick off his jeans, your chest rising and falling as you breathed deeply. You were hungry for him at this point, and seeing the outline of his cock straining against his undershorts had your thighs squeezing together, core tightening around nothing. For a moment, Bucky stood there with that insufferable smirk on his face, watching you squirm. 
“Sergeant, please.” You knew he loved it when you begged, so you made sure to add a little moan as you spoke. Within seconds, Bucky’s undershorts were on the floor and he was upon you; his cold vibranium hand splayed across your stomach as he used his other to guide himself through your folds and into you in one swift plunge. With the added pressure of the hand pressing down on your stomach, it was heavenly, and Bucky tilted his head back in pleasure; his low, guttural moan echoing through the room. 
No matter how many times he fucked you, you could never get used to the feel of him inside you. It was indescribable; he stretched your walls and filled you so wholly… 
Bucky pulled all the way out, then slammed back in, setting a slow but rough pace that had you arching your back. Already worked up from being edged, it didn’t take long to reach that peak again. 
“Don’t stop,” you whispered, rolling your hips to meet his deep thrusts. Moans fell from your lips, louder with each snap of Bucky’s hips, and you weren’t sure how much longer you would last. 
When Bucky ducked down to kiss you, you looped your arms over his head.
“Did I say you could move?” He murmured against your lips.
“Please, Buck, I need to touch you, need you close.” Your words were a strung of choked, incoherent mumbles as Bucky picked up the pace. Though, hearing the desperation in your voice, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you up until you were both sitting up. Bucky’s back was against the headboard and you were slotted nicely in his lap. You were pressed flush against his chest, and Bucky was muttering sinfully into the skin of your neck while he thrusted up into you, not faltering once. The new position made Bucky hit a much deeper part of you and, with every pounding thrust, you couldn’t help the whimpers and moans that forced their way up your throat.
“Fuck, baby, just like that. Feels so good.” Breathless, it was a wonder you’d managed to get the words out, but you knew that Bucky liked to be praised (after a particularly hilarious incident where you’d jokingly called Bucky a ‘good boy’ in a meeting and it had gone straight to his crotch.)
“Yeah, doll? You wanna cum?”
You cried out as he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside you, a gasped ‘yes’ lost amongst the sound. And if you thought he was being rough before, it was nothing compared to now. You could barely breathe as he pounded into you from below, and you made pathetic attempts to circle your hips to feel him as closely as possible.
You were a whimpering mess when you came, eyes rolling back into your head as your thighs shuddered, tightening around Bucky. With a few more staggered thrusts, Bucky groaned loudly as he, too, reached his release.
Breathing heavily, you nestled into Bucky’s chest, pressing sloppy kisses to his collarbone.
“Fuck, princess,” he moaned as your walls fluttered around him, still sensitive from your orgasm. With his flesh hand, he drew shapes on the bare skin of your back as your breathing returned to normal.
“Bucky?” You whispered once you’d finally sunk into the state of blissed-out calm that followed a session with him.
“Yeah?” “You know that Spider-Kid is gonna blab about us, right?”
“Oh yeah.”
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pianistwriter80 · a day ago
The Multiverse of FATWS |Ch.9
Tumblr media
WARNING: Major Character Death
SUMMARY: Soulmates existed, in this world it was everything. A timer to know when they will die. However, Sam doesn't like his timer. He just hopes they can make it out alive.
@siancore @xsleepylilgeekyx @hey-yes-hi-hello @stansamwilson @fuckyeahsambucky @gay-gym-rats @sokovianpropaganda @blacklavenderjade @blvckdorkkpop  @blackboylikesflowers​ @areubeingserved​ 
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hopeless-writes · a day ago
✪Bucky Barnes Masterlist✪
Tumblr media
Last Updated: 06/11/21
Angst: ☹︎
Fluff: ♡
Content Warnings: ⚠︎
Personal Favorite: ☆
none yet :(
Just a Dream ☹︎♡
none yet :(
Marvel Characters as Taylor Swift Songs pt.1 
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justjessame · a day ago
Starting Over Chapter 47
Bucky looked concerned as I approached the front door of Sarah’s house and I understood - I was pretty fucking worried too.  I HAD just heaved up everything that I’d been lucky enough to keep in my stomach AFTER tossing my cookies during the cookout the day before from one whiff of the full breakfast she’d thoughtfully invited us to.  Who wanted to witness a repeat of that?  Even if, by this point, I was empty enough to only be able to dry heave.  
Sarah held the door, having shoved Sam inside after telling him to get his act together.  I hoped he understood the warning to mean “don’t post the news about Bucky and Brooke to all your social media accounts” because I was pretty fucking sure that Connie followed his ass and - I felt cold and clammy by the mere thought of my best friend learning about my engagement AND possible pregnancy via a TWITTER post from SAM.  Shit.  
“Brooke?” Bucky’s breath was warm against my cheek, his voice quiet and laced with worry.  “You’re pale, sweetheart.”  
I managed an almost silent laugh.  “Just sending up a silent prayer that Cap there doesn’t decide to share our news before we get a chance to tell Connie ourselves,” glancing up at his face, I was gratified to see that he was losing a bit of color at the prospect too.  “You’re not looking so hardy yourself, Barnes.”  
“She’ll -” he swallowed so hard I was pretty damn sure that Sam could hear him before we crossed the threshold and got inside.  “I’ll make sure he doesn’t, Brooke,” I nodded, smiling as he kissed my temple.  “Even if I have to destroy his damn phone.”  For Sam’s sake, I hoped it wouldn’t come to that - but I won’t lie and say the idea of seeing Bucky’s strength in action didn’t give me a sharp twist of lust.  
The good news: I didn’t start heaving as soon as we walked in the house.  Actually the scent of the food no longer made me want to vomit up the entirety of everything I’d ever considered eating in my lifetime - before and after The Snap.  I wasn’t full on gorge hungry like I had been the day before either, so I almost felt normal.  ALMOST.  I was incredibly thirsty - for milk, juice, water - still hated the taste of coffee, so that hadn’t changed, but I couldn’t seem to get enough fluids in me.  
Sam watched me with a mixture of wide eyes and a smirk that had me on edge.  Bucky was watching him with a look that made me wonder how Sam wasn’t on edge.  And Sarah was spending breakfast watching all of us like we were ridiculous, but marginally entertaining.  
“Where is it?”  Bucky asked, when I got up to help Sarah clear the table - after waving his help off.  Sam looked at him like he’d lost his mind, but Buck just crossed his arms over his chest and stared at him with a clenched jaw.  
Sam leaned back in his own chair and stared back.  “Where’s what?”  
While they had their staring contest/face off, I offered to wash up since Sarah had fed us, but she would only consent to letting me help load the dishwasher.  Both of us were listening for the inevitable collusion, but nothing happened, silence continued.  
“That’s not normal, is it?”  She was asking me?  I shrugged.  She probably had as much experience with the two of them together as I did.  “Should we -”  
I nodded, “Bucky can move like shadows and smoke, for all we know he has Sam unconscious and his phone in pieces right now.”  Sarah looked like she might want a picture or video of that, and I was thinking that having siblings might be the weirdest fucking situation ever.  
We found them still sitting opposite one another, tense staring contest still on - “Well,” Sarah sighed, “I’m SO glad that the two of you are acting as role models for my sons,” she shook her head and reached for Sam’s phone, watching him flinch, but he didn’t blink.  “Think you wanted to see if my darling brother was about to share your news near and far WITHOUT permission -” she handed it to me, and I grinned at her.  
“Hey,” Sam broke first, glancing at me as if I had somehow broken HIS trust.  “I would NEVER -”  I raised an eyebrow and he shook his head.  “OK, I there MIGHT be a text in there that I STARTED to type, in ADVANCE, so when you GAVE me the OK to send it -”
I snorted and Bucky sat shaking his head, frown on his face and disappointment rolling off him in heavy waves.  “Trust, Sam,” he pulled me onto his lap and held me close as I sat Sam’s phone down on the table in front of us.  “Is a two-way street,” he picked up the phone with his left hand. I watched as Sam’s eyes went so wide I worried they might pop out.  
“Buck, don’t make any rash decisions,” Sam got up and started around the table.  “I can delete the message,” he held out his hand.  “It was rash -” Bucky wasn’t actually closing his hand at all, just holding the phone in his palm, but Sam and I both knew that it wouldn’t take much, a tiny bit of pressure and that phone was dust.  “Just give me my phone,” his tone went from pleading to something akin to his Captain America commanding one and I nearly let out another snort of humor.  
Bucky squinted up at him.  “A preemptive text,” tilting his head so he was leaning into me, he shook his head and kissed me at the same time.  “To who?”  He asked, when he met Sam’s gaze again.  “Who could you possibly think you should get to tell before WE get to tell them?”  
“Torres,” Sam offered, a name that I vaguely knew from Sam and Bucky’s conversations on our drive down from New York.  “Sharon.” A name I knew very well, given that she stayed in OUR house.  “Walker?”  The last one was met with silence and tension so thick that I was pretty fucking sure Sarah could have cut it with a butter knife.  
“You wanted to tell WALKER that Brooke and I are engaged and we -” I nudged him and he sighed.  “MIGHT be expecting an addition to our family.”  I sighed.  “Walker?”  The incredulousness dripped so heavily that I wondered if I could SEE it.  
“OK, maybe NOT Walker.”  Sam rolled his eyes.  “I’m excited for you two,” his grin grew.  “I mean, Bucky, man - look at you.”  
I bit my lip to hide my smile.  Yeah, LOOK at him.  At peace, engaged, possibly starting a family - That was pretty fucking fantastic.  
“Yeah, yeah,” Bucky’s voice had lost some of the irritation, ripped away by the truth of Sam’s words.  “You’re not off the hook, Sam.” He handed him the phone.  “Delete it, NOW.”  
We watched as Sam deleted the text - then sat around discussing what came next - meaning our return to New York and two doctors’ appointments for me.  One to confirm whether or not I had a tiny supersoldier growing inside of me - and one to meet Dr. Stephen Strange. 
“Dr. Strange,” Sam inhaled a HUGE breath and I waited to hear what he had to say on the subject.  “I have to admit, Brooke, I have experience with PTSD, but what Bucky told me about what you’ve experienced -” I wasn’t upset that Bucky had discussed it, not when I knew it came from a place of concern and love.  “Strange is probably the best person to sit down with.” “Why?”  It got very quiet.  “Guys, I know he’s one of YOU,” they both shook their heads.  “OK, so he has a vastly different fashion style -” Bucky laughed and Sam rolled his eyes.  “What makes either of you think that he’s going to have answers that a regular therapist won’t?”  
I caught the look they shared - the “should we share what we know, or should we let her see it for herself first hand” look.  “He doesn’t JUST dress like a magician, Brooke,” Sam offered, looking very serious given the discussion of a man who wore a cape.  “He really does have access to information that none of us do.”  
“And you really think that he might be able to -”  Bucky tightened his hold on me.  “I told you I’d meet him, Bucky.”  I looked into his steel colored eyes and felt my breath catch.  “I will.”  
“That’s settled,” Sam said, rubbing his hands together.  “When’s the wedding?” 
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buckysbrattybug · 2 days ago
Imagine the Winter Soldier being given a little to take care of when he’s not on a mission. She was kidnapped and taken to where he is. He brings her toys and stuffed animals when he returns from missions. She’s extremely little every time he comes home because she’s all alone.
little dove
summary: you’re winter’s little dove. and he’d do anything for you.
w/c: 1k
note: i had a brainwave with this one so i had to start writing it straight away hahah😭 i’ll have another part of the bucky and zemo series out very soon!! and another part of their angel💞
Tumblr media
The first thing that you remember are his eyes.
Those piercing blue eyes boring holes into your very soul; the rest of his face is obscured by a mask, and he stares down at you curiously, as though he’s never seen another living human before.
“Who a-are you?” you stutter through your tears and he cocks his head quizzically, as though he doesn’t have an answer to your question. As you begin to sob even harder, he scoops you up in his arms, sitting you in his lap and shushing you. For a so-called killing machine, he’s so gentle with you. He handles you as though you’re made of porcelain — as though you may break with a single touch.
He’s your only source of comfort, and you cling to him at all times. Except, of course, when he goes on missions. And then you’re left all alone.
You often cry when he’s not with you, because none of this makes sense without him. He’s your only person; he takes care of you and rocks you to sleep at night. He feeds and bathes and kisses you. And the longer he’s gone for, the less able you are to do those things by yourself. You lose the ability to do so much as string a coherent sentence together. You cry for him every waking hour that he’s away, trying your best to soothe yourself with stuffies, but it rarely works. You need him.
And that’s what you’re doing right now — cradling a stuffy in the corner of the cold, concrete cell, rocking back and forth in a desperate attempt to calm yourself.
By the time he returns, you’ve gone completely non-verbal, the only sounds you make being soft whimpers and whines.
“мой принцесса.” he coos quietly, holding his arms out for you; you immediately push yourself up on shaky legs, staggering into his waiting embrace and burying your face into his neck.
My princess.
He’d kill for you. He’d live for you and die for you and do anything in between. You’re the only one he cares about.
“Shhh.” he calms you, letting his unexpected warmth seep into your pores and settle in your bones, tranquility flooding your every nerve. He’s the only thing that can make your brain stop screaming.
“I got you something.” he whispers; he doesn’t often speak English, but he will for you. Because you find it hard to understand him in this small state of mind. You peel your face out of its hiding place to look at him curiously, and he pulls out a pink rabbit stuffy. The fur is soft to the touch and as he hands it to you, you hold it to your chest tightly, inhaling his scent from it.
“Tank you.” you mumble meekly, and he chuckles, carrying you to the hard bed and laying down with you draped across his chest.
“Dada…” you mutter quietly into the fabric of his suit, and he wraps his arms more tightly around you.
“мой маленький голубь.” My little dove.
You fall asleep like that, pressed against his chest with his arms around you, hands curled into his clothes in an attempt to mould yourself into him.
Every time he leaves you, you retreat back into yourself. No matter how many agents come to check on you or assist you when Winter’s gone, you don’t speak. You become a ball of anxiety and worry — anxiety that can’t be calmed until you’re back in your Daddy’s arms.
Generally, you’re so little by the time that he returns that you can barely stand or talk. When you catch sight of him, you cry. The feeling of being back with him is so euphoric that it’s unbearable. Overwhelming. You’re totally dependent on him, your whole being aching when you’re apart. He’s your rock and you’re his little dove.
When he returns from his next mission, you try to walk to him as he’s thrown back into the cell, but you’re so little that your legs give out and you crumple against the cold concrete. Soft sobs overtake your body and you collapse in on yourself, tears streaming down your plump cheeks.
“голубь.” he coos, scooping you into his embrace and holding you tightly as you wrap yourself around him, legs around his waist and arms around his neck, placing desperate kisses to the side of his face, saliva mixing with tears as they trickle first down your face and then his. His rough stubble scratches at your face but you can’t find it in yourself to care, pressing your face further into his as he hoists you up in his hold, carrying you to the bed and sitting you on his lap.
“‘m s-sorry.” you sob into the crook of his neck and he shushes you.
“You’re okay. Shh. Dada’s got you.” he croons, rocking you gently as you weep. You lift your head to look him in the eyes, pushing his hair out of his face and running your thumbs across his cheeks.
“Hi, маленький голубь.” Hi, little dove.
“Hi, Dada.” you giggle through your tears and his lips pull up into an almost smile. Your breath begins to return to normal, your ragged pants ceasing as you press your forehead against Winter’s.
“Clever girl.” he praises, tugging you further into his body.
“M-missed you.” you hiccup quietly and he chuckles. “I lub you.”
“I love you too, принцесса.” He taps his lips gently with his finger and you know what he’s asking immediately. You lean down, planting a kiss to them; he smiles into the kiss and traces his hands lightly down your sides, making you shiver. You whine softly, curving your body away from his hands.
The only time he smiles is when he’s with you. Nothing else makes sense in this life. No one else cares for him as you do; nothing else is worth living for.
His life may be confusing and miserable and painful, but at least he has you. And one day, you’ll get out.
Just him and his little dove.
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uprootbasic · 2 days ago
Okay so imagine reader having a baby girl and winter knows about it as well and is truely happy. But one night when the baby is crying, the reader and Bucky are deep in sleep because they're exhausted, winter comes out and goes to hold the baby, he just melts into a puddle holding the baby 🥺 and rocking her back to sleep, he just can't get enough of looking at this beautiful little girl 🥺🥺 and he starts crying because he never thought he'd be able to live a life like this🥺🥺🥺
born ready
pairing: Winter x Reader, Winter x ofc!Willow, Bucky Barnes x Winter
warnings: fluff!
a/n: thank you for the request, and I hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
you were a little nervous about how Winter would handle having another person in the house, especially one who requires a lot of attention from both you and Bucky.
but to your surprise, he handled it extraordinarily well. when he'd wake you up a night, it wasn't by playing with your hair. you were often awoken by a metal hand rubbing your belly, and a gruff voice talking quietly to the little girl inside your belly. Willow Rebecca Barnes hadn't even entered the world yet, but she already had her Dada and Papa wrapped around her little finger.
when Willow arrived, nothing changed. he was still gentle, and sweet, holding her as if someone could take her any moment. he was protective of her, and always made sure that she was comfortable. you'd often witness Bucky rolling his eyes and sighing because Winter would be incessantly telling him to check on Willow while she was sleeping and to make sure she was breathing.
Willow was 3 weeks old now, and was finally starting to sleep through the night. of course, she'd wake up every so often, needing a feeding or a diaper change, but other than that, she would sleep the night, which relieved both you and Bucky. being Avengers and parents weren't life styles that meshed well, but Willow made it easier to handle.
Winter opened his eyes at the distressed crying coming through the monitor on his bedside table. he glanced at the clock briefly, and read the 2:10 am in red letters. the crying ceased briefly, a sneeze coming out, then the crying starting again. Winter glanced over at you, but you were still fast asleep. he pulled himself out of bed, and walked to the nursery that was located just across the hallway.
the cries grew louder as Winter walked closer to the crib. he reached inside and unzipped the sleep sack. he pulled Willow out gently, reminding himself to support her tiny little head. her pink and white onesie covered arms were flailing around as she was placed on Winters chest. the cries quieted down slightly, but picked up again when he laid her down on the change table. he unzipped her onesie, and watched as her once warm torso recoiled at the cool air around them.
"это нормально возлюбленная." he said in Russian, the language coming to him easier than English at the moment. "папа будет быстро." her crying quieted slowly, and she stared up intently at him, as if she understood the Russian. which, she most likely could. he had been speaking in Russian to her since the moment he met her, and he knew that Bucky would tell her things from him, also in Russian, when he was inside.
you had mentioned something once about raising her in both English and Russian, to give her an advantage over other children, and also be able to communicate with Winter, or Papa, who spoke mainly Russian. being able to speak to his daughter in the language he was taught made him immensely happy. despite how easily you and Bucky spoke English, he just couldn't quite grasp it, and often mixed the two. if Willow was raised with both, he could speak to her without a worry, and that made him feel safe.
he removed the soiled diaper from underneath her, and replaced it with a clean one after wiping her off. he fastened the diaper, and placed her moving legs back inside the onesie before zipping it up once more. he disposed of the dirty diaper, and picked he now quiet Willow up. he carried her over to the rocking chair that sat in the corner of the room. he laid her small body on his chest that was covered in a sweatshirt, and rubbed her small back with his flesh hand. when he first met her, he hid the metal one from her, not wanting to scare his daughter. but, he lifted it up to brush some hair out of his face, and she let out the tiniest coo, her eyes locked on the glinting metal. he brought a finger into her line of sight, and she reached a hand out, her fingers barely wrapping around his vibranium forefinger.
Willow moved her head around slightly until her eyes found the metal hand. her own hand reached out for it, and Winter instantly obliged. he'd made the decision the second he'd laid eyes on her that anything Willow wanted, Willow would get. you didn't like that, but you knew it was a fruitless argument after trying to speak to the both of them. Bucky and Winter were upset, and their speeches ending up getting slurred together, a mix of English and Russian with a hint of Romanian that made zero sense because Bucky and Winter were making two completely different arguments. you'd given up after that, and just hoped that she wouldn't turn out completely spoiled.
Willow sucked the finger into her mouth, completely disregarding the pacifier that was attached to her onesie with a clip in favour of the vibranium. her eyes drifted up to Winter's and he gave her a smile.
"я люблю тебя мой цветок," he whispered, a tear coming to his eye as he stared down at his little girl. the little girl that he never thought he'd have. as she drifted off to sleep atop him, he glanced around the room. there were pictures of both him and Bucky (labeled of course) holding her for the first time sitting on the dresser next to her changing pad, and it made him think of the life he'd been given by Bucky.
Bucky always used to talk to him about escaping and giving them both a fair chance at life. he'd talk about them hiding in Romania, Japan, China, even some place called Monte Carlo that he refused to believe was an actual place. he'd talk about maybe finding a girl who would accept the both of them, and allow him to be a person, rather than just the ruthless killing machine he was made to be. Bucky would talk to him, in that cold dark cell, and remind him that nothing that Winter ever did, was his fault. that he wasn't what they made him to be, and that one day he would see that.
more tears poured down his face as he gazed down at Willow, and realized that everything Bucky had said was true. she wasn't the Winter Soldier anymore. his name might be Winter, but that didn't make him the Winter Soldier. he wasn't a ruthless killing machine incapable of love. he was fully capable of love, capable of loving something so little and pure. he was capable of being a father, and being a person, no matter what HYDRA had told him.
the last thought he had before drifting off to sleep, Willow safe and secure in his arms, was that he was so thankful for you. for giving him a chance when he didn't deserve it, for letting him be a person, but most importantly, giving him the little girl in his arms that was his.
Tumblr media
Bucky was awoken the next morning by a small cough coming from his chest. he opened his eyes, and looked around, trying to figure out his surroundings. once he realized he was in the nursery, he looked down at Willow who was still snuggled into his chest, her hands curled up and tucked underneath her.
Bucky ran his hand through the small wisps of hair on her head, and pressed a kiss to her head as she cooed in her sleep. it washboard for him to believe that he was actually here. him and Winter were free, and were loved. Bucky had always promised Winter that they would get out of there, and that they'd find someone who loves them for who they are, and they have.
Bucky relaxed back against the rocking chair to allow Willow to rest a while longer, and bit his lip in excitement when he realized that today was the day Winter would get his own body, although Winter didn't know that yet.
Winter deserved his own body, especially now that he had a daughter, a daughter that deserved to know both her fathers.
Tumblr media
"это нормально возлюбленная." it’s okay sweetheart
"папа будет быстро." papa will be quick
"я люблю тебя мой цветок," i love you my flower
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buckys-short-idiot · 2 days ago
Nightmare (Bucky x Self insert oc)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Allen Stark (Self insert OC)
Word count:  1759
Summary: Set during TFATWS Ep 1: “New World Order”, Bucky wakes up from the nightmare alone or so he thinks at first when a special someone comes to comfort him, his boyfriend otherwise known as Allen Stark, son of late Tony Stark. Emotions so powerful, Bucky might not be the only one who needs comfort either.
Warnings: 18+, Fluff (lots of it), Slight angst, Strong language, Graphic mentions of violence, Bucky’s past, PTSD, His nightmare(s), Homophobia/Transphobia.
A/N: Hey lovelies long time no see (Allen stfu you haven’t “posted” in God knows how long and you basically stopped posting fics all together due to lack of motivation). This is my first time posting a fic in a very long while so excuse any grammar/punctuation errors. This is a personal self insert oc drabble/one shot I’ve been writing about for a few weeks now as well as developing an AU with this character (this drabble takes place in it). I’m so incredibly proud of it that I figured I’d share this one with you all! This one’s very special to me so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! 
I also wanna make a big shout out to @fuckandfluff​ for pushing me to post this  and boosting my confidence (as I was nervous about posting), she’s such a sweetheart and is so fun to chat with, go show her some love! <3
The room was swarmed with gun fire and screams, bodies flying left and right, collapsing to the cold ground. There he stood clear in the night, the yellow lights in the building bouncing off the silver titanium, everyone began to know him, The Winter Soldier. For years he caused chaos, murder and it was all upon Hydra’s demand whenever they felt they were threatened and didn’t wanna get their own hands dirty, it was sickening. The soldier carefully marched through the doors as he strangled what should have been the final victim as he quietly chanted the words as they took their final breath
“Hail Hydra” and threw the body to the floor with no remorse and as Hydra told him ‘no witnesses’ but there was one, an unfortunate one at the wrong place at the wrong time. 
“P-Please I didn’t see anything!” The poor individual yelled as he begged for mercy at the hands of the Soldier in front of him. That’s the thing Hydra built him for, he showed no mercy. The Winter Soldier glared at him with cold steel blue eyes with little to no emotion as he slowly whipped his firearm out and pulled the trigger. 
Gunshots that echoed loudly had startled the man awake, body sweating from head to toe and his blurry eyes soon became clear to see the dark blue lit room, Television still on playing some rerun of a football game now. Slowly and cautiously he sat up on the cold hardwood floor he somehow ended up on, his vibranium arm softly dangled off his leg as he continued to breath heavy, remembering he wasn’t stuck in the nightmare anymore but immediately he fell back down with his arms going to cup his head as he lay in a fetal position and loud sobs escaped. He lay there for what seemed hours before he heard footsteps and he immediately snapped back to reality, he remembered he had someone in the motel, his boyfriend Allen.
“Bucky?” A raspy high pitched voice called out full of worry and Bucky cursed silently, his sobs had woken him up. Allen finally caught sight of what seemed like Bucky on the floor curled up and his heart sank, he had another nightmare.
“Bucky! Oh god baby are you okay?!” He yelped in alarm, falling down to embrace his shaking boyfriend. “Allen I’m fi-”
“Do not say you’re fine James, do not” Allen cut him off sharply as he pulled Bucky closer to him, rubbing small circles on his back earning soft sighs along with his eyes closing from the tensing muscles becoming loose and calm again. Allen always had a way with making all the tension fade, he somehow always knew what Bucky needed and to Odin did he ever thank for bringing him and Allen together. After a few brief moments Bucky came around to his normal self again but more touch starved, basically becoming a big teddy bear as he held Allen close to him, earning a soft sigh from his small boyfriend who began gazing up at his steel blue eyes with his dark brown ones. 
Bucky and Allen began dating not too long after the world returned to normal after the blip, it started when Bucky had courted him the good old fashion way by showing up at the cabin with a simple white rose (he may or may not have bugged Peter about what kind of flower Allen liked). Allen of course was oblivious as a mouse on a trap however so it took many tries for Bucky to get it through to him that he was hopelessly falling for him, after a few dates and a month into dating, Bucky asked Allen to accompany him in Brooklyn and to his surprise Allen said yes. Of course their relationship wasn’t a picnic, there were ups and downs but not in the way many couples had fights and disagreements, it was the struggle of each other’s trauma and past. Allen knew about Bucky’s past and he did know Bucky was brainwashed by Hydra to become the Winter Soldier who had been sent on a mission to kill his grandparents on December 16th 1991. Of course Allen didn’t hold it against him as he only repeated what Steve had told him, that it wasn’t him and he didn’t have a choice. Allen also had his own struggles of trauma that involved losing his own father but also a past of being abused for who he was by peers growing up, specifically in school. That was it’s perks however being Transgender and Gay, it was still a very touchy thing many still didn’t accept and Bucky felt that better than anyone as he came from a time where that was ten times the abuse if you were caught with another man or questioned your gender identify.
Allen didn’t understand how (and when) Bucky got out of bed and ended up in the living room floor of their motel with nothing but a blanket and a pillow but this wasn’t the first time either that Allen found Bucky in the floor of a room in the middle of the night after a nightmare. Allen hated this sight of his boyfriend, he hated how he struggled with such demons and all he wanted was to make it all go away. Allen didn’t realize it but he was crying, his mind lost in imagining whatever horrors Bucky had going in his head.
“’s okay” Bucky hushed him softly but Allen shook his head before he met those steel blue eyes again.
“You didn’t deserve didn’t deserve all that pain and torture, I hate what they did to you” Allen sighed as he found himself being pulled up into Bucky’s lap, fidgeting with the dog tags dangling across his bare chest to try and distract his mind as cold metal stroked a strand of his messy hair back, Allen’s hair never did get long like Bucky’s had but it was growing out more than he normally let it since Bucky mentioned he liked it.
“Doll it’s in the past, we’re here now and I’m here with such a handsome boyfriend who I don’t understand how he’s even here in my arms, such an angel” Bucky grinned as he continued to playfully run his fingers through Allen’s wavy locks, trying to sooth his nerves now. 
“Shush it James! I’m trying to comfort you, ya idiot!” Allen choked out in a laugh with tears still falling, Bucky’s human hand catching them as he gently caressed his cheek. 
“We can comfort each other” His voice was soft and his eyes were warm, making Allen melt in his arms within seconds, soft sobs escaping. “Shh, it’s okay” Bucky murmured as he pressed his lips gently to Allen’s forehead, his embrace tightening as he pulled them up and carried them back to their shared bed.
The room was dark as night but Bucky could see the dim light from the curtains that outlined the bed, he gently set Allen down and crawled into his arms as he trailed soft kisses all over Allen’s body, giggles replacing sobs.
“Buck that tickles!” Allen wailed as Bucky began rubbing his stubble over the crook of his neck, intoxicating laughter filled the room as Allen returned the favor by nibbling at Bucky’s ears.
“You little devil! Ah- Stop!” Bucky howled as Allen towered over him, his small body was easily captured in Bucky’s large arms. “Gotcha” he grinned playfully as he continued to rub his stubbly face against Allen’s skin causing a hitch in his breath.
“James Barnes!” Allen squealed as he tried to wiggle free from the strong grasp but gave up as he met beautiful blue eyes growing soft with love. 
“Allen Stark” Bucky mocked with a chuckle as he rubbed his nose against Allen’s, causing the small man to blush redder than a tomato. If there was anything Bucky could manage it was that he could make Allen turn into putty with a simple glance or tone of voice and it only made Bucky fall more in love with him. Bucky loved especially how small Allen was which go figure played into being a trans man for some, something Bucky immediately accepted when they met. As far as Bucky was concerned, Allen was Allen and whether he was a cis man or not, he didn’t care, he loved his boyfriend more than life itself. 
“I love you so much” Bucky croaked softly as he nuzzled Allen’s shoulders, hot tears spilling from his eyes again but they were not sad ones this time around.
“I love you more James, more than you’ll ever know” Allen purred as his hands found them tangled in Bucky’s now short hair and Allen let out a grunt.
“I wish you’d kept this long, I liked it” He pouted as he fiddled with the short locks
“I know that doll but I felt I needed a fresh start” Bucky chuckled as he sat up, Allen still in his embrace as their eyes met again and Bucky ran his human hand up to cup Allen’s face, placing a chastise kiss to his lips. “Maybe I’ll grow it out for you, only for you though” He smirked and it sent jolts of shivers down Allen’s back.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want and hey besides, I saw those photos and I gotta say Sarge, you look pretty adorable with short hair” Allen winked as blush crept upon his face as his words caused Bucky’s eyes to widen.
“Sarge? That’s a new one from ya Doll” Bucky cried out with a snort and Allen hit his chest playfully before pulling the both of them back down to the bed along with the covers, holding Allen close to him as possible.
“I’m not going anywhere Bucky, I’m right here, I’m never leaving you” Allen cooed as sleep began to take over but he still managed to hear Bucky’s chest rumble with soft laughter before the world went quiet.
“Neither am I” He quietly muttered as he placed a soft kiss to Allen’s forehead with sleep catching up to him as well. 
Bucky didn’t understand how the world worked but he was glad regardless as despite all the pain and trauma he went through, he ended up with the best boyfriend in the entire universe.
And nothing was ever gonna change that, even if Bucky had to fight another war for their love. 
Allen was Bucky’s and Bucky was Allen’s.
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bvccy · 2 days ago
Nothing to Despair | 22. So sweet as melancholy
PAIRING: Soft!Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader
SYNOPSIS: Bucky and a girl he never met before have to go undercover as married on a mission to Europe. He feels alienated in the modern world, while she goes through life alone and abandoned. Maybe they can find a new home in each other, but she’s not easily convinced.
CHAPTER NOTES: A bit of angst and a lot of smut. Tender lovemaking, body worship (of Bucky, because he deserves it), creampie, cockwarming (that turns into full body warming), breeding kink. Reader and Bucky are both completely soft with each other. Also, Hamelin makes a brief re-appearance! Thank you for all your comments and support 😘 Beta-read by @offcast-plus1​ 💖
Tumblr media
When I go musing all alone Thinking of diverse things fore-known. When I build castles in the air, Void of sorrow and void of fear, Pleasing myself with phantasms sweet, Methinks the time runs very fleet. All my joys to this are folly, Naught so sweet as melancholy. — Robert Burton, The Author's Abstract of Melancholy
It had been years since she sat at such a table: round and heavy, wooden, perched on one strong leg and topped with a thick pane of glass. A grandmother's table, firm and welcoming and pure. She could feel the soft steady chill of it beneath her hand, could feel the rounded edge as she moved her finger across it, and could see in its reflection the lights from across the street. There were meaner lights too, red and bloody, and a deep sort of thumping and screaming and smoke from the jazz club at the basement — how those could reach them here, she didn't know, but somehow it made sense. Hamelin sat across from her, his hand also enjoying the surface of the glass, and for once, he wasn't smoking. She was happy to see him, relieved in a way; it didn't occur to her to be surprised.
"You should tell him, you know."
"When we get there…"
"I just thought you should know," he whispered, leaning closer on the table, and she leaned in too to listen, "they're in the suitcase at the bottom, in a fake compartment."
"We have many suitcases, I don't know which one."
"Then," he sighed, sitting back in his chair, "it doesn't matter." But he didn't seem upset, or worried like he used to be.
She smiled at him and stretched her hand across the surface, stopping right next to his without touching, because having travelled the distance was consolation enough. "Will you be alright?" she asked.
He gave her a sideways glance and smiled his usual, thin smile. "I already am."
She tilted her head in chastisement, but looked at him fondly. "I miss you, you know."
"High praise indeed."
"Don't tease me."
"Oh I'm not sorry," he grinned. "It's just that the sentiment is unexpected. But in a good way."
"I wish we could have spent more time together. I regret it, the way I was," she sighed, and through it said she wished to spend more time with him even now, but the leaving was almost upon her.
"Don't worry. Everything is as it should be."
Tumblr media
She woke up with a smile. Opening her eyes, the room was dark and she could barely make out anything in front of her, all odd shapes and shadows, but slowly something came into focus. A broad pale figure on the edge of the bed: her husband, sitting with his back to her, a faint light just barely shining off the metal shoulder. The corded muscles, the deep vast scars, the waist that tapered into such an elegant silhouette — she didn't often get to see him from this side, and it made her fears and doubts about him melt away to catch him in an unguarded moment while he thought she was asleep. She lay unmoving, breathing lightly, letting Bucky forget that she was there. He wasn't facing the windows, he was facing the dark inside of the room, and he didn't seem to be looking at or doing anything. He was clearly thinking about something, head bowed but coming up every now and then. The occasional sigh cut through the silence, low and deep and long, like it came from the very bottom of his lungs. Whatever conversation he was having with himself, he didn't like it. He looked over his shoulder at one point, and finally caught her staring. What little of his face she could see suddenly changed into a bright smile.
"Hey, doll. I didn't wake you, did I?" he said in a rough whisper. She smiled and shook her head. "What is it, you want some water?" he asked, placing his knee on the bed as he turned to face her.
"No," she said and, before he could ask anything else, added "Are you alright?"
He gave her a bright grin, a bit soft from sleep, but it didn't look like himself. "Yeah, everything's fine."
She stretched out her hand to call him back to bed, and with a more sincere smile, he took it and slipped back in the sheets. His wife scooted closer and laid her head on his chest, while his arm came around her like the most natural thing.
"How long've you been up?" he asked, looking into the dark.
She ignored that and asked instead, "What were you thinking about?"
The girl gazed up and caught a guilty look on his face, eyes cast down and lacking their lustre with a line between his brows. His lips thinned, his jaw tensed, and though he tried to ease his features when he looked into her eyes and caught her staring, it was already too late. A hundred evil scenarios were galloping through her head.
"Are you thinking of getting rid of me?"
"That is what you're thinking about. Isn't it?" she said, raising herself off him with one hand braced on the bed while the other held the sheets to her chest. She hadn't been sure when she asked, but his hesitation made her certain of it. Bucky frowned and stared at her mutely, his arms limp now that she was out of them. He swallowed the knot in his throat and quietly asked, with a touch of genuine curiosity:
"Isn't that what you'd like?"
His question gave her pause, because she couldn't exactly deny it, but she knew she looked hurt, and moreover knew that he could see it. "Well… I would," she started. "I mean, I want to be free and alone again, but not because I'm not wanted." Her mouth spoke without her and she was mortified by the admission the second it was out. Maybe he won't catch on…
"You want me to want you?" Bucky asked, tilting his head, and even smirking a little.
Was there a point in denying it? Would it do her any favours at this point? Would it do him any favours? He didn't seem any more distant than usual, except when he'd seemed lost in thought, and the lovely doubt slivered in that maybe it wasn't her he was upset with.
"Of course I do," she shrugged, and felt ashamed enough by the admission to look away and miss the hopeful change in his eyes, the melting of tension, and the restraint. As if she needed an excuse for it, she added quietly "I'm a person too, after all…"
Bucky got up and moved through the small dark distance in a heartbeat to put his arms around her, and pull her to his chest, and though she still didn't look at him, he searched her face very closely as he whispered, "If it hasn't been painfully obvious by now, I want you very much." He saw her wince and sink down lower, and was afraid to ask if that was out of fear or any lingering ache, or something else. She didn't seem so much afraid of him or angry, but rather sad. At what?
"And before you ask again, no, I wasn't thinking of getting rid of you, sweetheart."
When she looked up at him, she seemed conflicted. Her little jaw was clenched, and her eyes could barely stay on one spot on his face — was she even looking, or thinking what to say? — but at least she didn't pull away from him. Bucky rubbed his hands up and down her arms, then in one upward motion went further to her neck and gently clasped her face in his hands, tilting it up toward him.
"What about me?" he asked in faint jest, but deep down he wanted to know, "You gonna return the favor?"
She thought about saying it, as she looked into his eyes. Thought of various ways to put it: a simple yes, a fervent I want you, a binding I've wanted you for a long time, or conversely the safer route of no, I don't want you, I never did, I hate you, go away. But she wasn't sure she had that left in her, after all his efforts at breaking down her walls, because for days now he'd been beating at them with kisses, and caresses, and heartfelt declarations the sort she'd never heard before, and though she'd tried to remain her old self, it was harder than ever to do.
He held her, waiting, and the longer her fears and hopes raged, the more desperately he searched her eyes, lips parting as if he wanted to add something, but what could he? She wasn't saying yes, she wasn't saying no, and she just looked —
"Sorry… I'm sorry." She wedged herself closer to him on the bed, their knees brushing together beneath the sheets, and she cupped his face with one warm hand in a gesture more loving than she usually showed. "I don't want to be mean. I really don't. It's not that I don't… l-like you, I just don't know how to be around people. Around men."
His hand came up to grab her wrist but held it there, anchoring himself to these small parts of her body and the shy admissions she afforded him. Was she sorry for not returning his feelings, or for not being able to say it? "You don't need to know how to be around men," he growled, "just me." Then, softening at the sight of her slightly more afraid and deeply, sorrowfully lonely, added "And you shouldn't be afraid to ask me for what you want. I'm not afraid to ask you."
"Even if you don't always get it?" she smiled sadly.
"Even if I don't always get it," he said, pulling her slowly closer until her lips just barely brushed his. Bucky held her gaze as his hands came down to rest on her hips. Her head tilted in quiet invitation as she watched his lips, and seconds later he relented and kissed her, as soft as an apology.
"It's alright, honey," he sighed as he rested his forehead against hers. "You don't have to say it."
"But I do, I can see how much it matters to you, and you deserve to hear it. You deserve so much better than someone like me…" She was briskly interrupted by one broad hand gripping her throat.
"Nobody talks like that about my best girl. Not even you."
Her face broke into a smile and she leaned in with another kiss, which he hungrily took. With his arms around her, he pulled them both back down. She curled up half on top of him, leg straddling his waist and arms around his shoulders, holding on tightly as she snuggled into his warm flesh. Bucky's metal hand rested on top of hers, holding her to him, while his other one petted her slowly, smoothing her hair that was ruffled from sleep.
"Saying things matters a lot to you, doesn't it?" he asked at one point.
"It does," she realised, "I guess it makes it real."
"Is it less real now?" Does that mean it's real at all?
"Yes, it is." She felt his grip get tighter with happiness, pressing her more closely to him, and she matched it by snuggling in even closer and turning her head so her lips pressed into his chest. Muffled and so close to him, she whispered "But showing matters too."
She could feel his breathing rush, and though Bucky didn't move, she found his eyes tilted toward her, hopeful and waiting and a little afraid, even abashed, as if he had no right to ask. His wife brushed her lips against his skin until she reached the centre of his chest and stayed there, pecking it with kisses, then opening her mouth for wetter, warmer ones, and every now and then she couldn't help but nip the skin in little nibbles, before her mouth settled in again, gentle and reserved and loving, like her. She heard him inhale sharply, and felt it as the chest raised beneath her, and distantly felt his arms cradling her, petting her hair from the crown of her head all down her back, but mostly she heard and felt and loved the beating of his heart just under her lips. It pulsed stronger and more frenzied the longer she stayed there, as if it tried to reach her.
Looking up, his waiting gaze burned into her, and she had the sudden overwhelming feeling of being someone — herself, or Mrs. Barnes, or just the girl he loved, she wasn't sure she liked any of them. She'd decided that she liked herself best when she wasn't there, when there was just her own love for him, unspoken, and she could lose herself in that, and forget herself by thinking only about him, focusing on him, on making him happy. She needed that distraction to feel happy, too. So her solution was to bring her hands up, and gently clasp them around his eyes.
Bucky winced and almost said something, but let her do it, tilting his head back while hot little palms covered his eyes, and her mouth went back to his skin. He could feel it more intimately now, that soft cushion of her lips but also the little places where they were dry and chapped from sleep, and the hot exhale fanning above, and the bit of wet left after the inside of her mouth just barely suckled him in. He could hear the muffled, hollow patter as skin left skin, sometimes slowly, sometimes in quick succession. His wife gave him every kind of kiss, from the most sensuous and seductive ones he'd ever dreamed of, to the fast and shallow kisses one reserved for children. He let out a deep and happy sigh, and held her tighter, head tilting up to catch the edge of a thumb and kiss it back. She was everything to him, from a carer of his wounds to a playful girlfriend, a naughty lap cat, commanding minx, perfect wife, soulmate.
"I'm very fond of this heart," she moaned after some minutes, raising her head just enough to take a break and rest her cheek against his ribcage.
"You should be," he sighed with a broad smile, "it's yours."
She chuckled and purred, finally lifting her hands from his eyes to drag them down his side with the lightest scratch. Bucky could look at her again, head bent lazily to see her nuzzle into his chest. Her eyes were closed in pleasure and her lips twisted in a tight and greedy smile.
"It sounds big and strong," she said with an immediate peck, then going up to leave a kiss in the damp dip between his collarbones, "and very brave and loving," caressing herself upward on the surface of his body so that she could reach his unshaven chin, giving it a nibble, "just like" and bracing her arms on either side of him finally reached his lips for a kiss, "my best boy."
Bucky kept his eyes on her throughout the kiss and all through her parting, his face splitting into a grin so big and bright his face hurt. "Really?" She bit her lip and shrugged at him, but her cheeks rounded with a big grin too. The tension broke when he took her in his arms and pulled her back down to the bed, himself on top of her with her face in his hands, kissing through their smiles. "I'm your best boy, doll?" he asked once he came up for breath. "Am I?"
She nodded, giggling, looking up at the lightened edges of him through the dark as she braced herself against her chest, scratching lightly up and down without thinking. Then, remembering what they'd talked about before, she decided to say it. "Yes. You are."
Bucky leaned down to kiss her cheek first, then her lips, moving slowly as he shuffled himself closer to her, and she moved to make room for him. His warm hand moved down her hip beneath the sheets, then lower and toward the inside of her leg, pulling it up and to the side so that he could lay right on top of her. They were both lazy with sleep and sensitive, his senses alight from her earlier kisses. He held her face in his hand while her long fingers caressed his neck, and while he kept his gaze firmly on her — watching for any sign of surprise, or pleasure, or pain — he slipped himself inside of her. Bucky bit his lip to contain the smirk at the sight of her eyes half-lidded, lips parted in a gasp, and that one sharp inhale that brushed her chest against his with a shiver.
He felt her melt beneath his hand, like he melted into her, and in the silence of the room, their sighs and moans with each reflexive throb sounded deviously loud. Bucky worked his way inside, and cherished the victory of conquering the full length of her by staying there, settling deeply, holding her face still for him to kiss again and again. His lips pecked hers through her open-mouthed gasps, high and feminine and just what he wanted to hear. She flexed beneath him at first, trying to move, trying to pull him closer, curling her legs around him, but he chuckled and shook his head, and she didn't complain except through a bratty pout.
"Why are you teasing me?" she whined.
"You tease me all the time," said Bucky with a smirk, moving just slightly to make his point. The girl grit her teeth and it grew into a smile, her eyes aimed vaguely at his chest and where they touched each other, his stomach firm and heavy against hers. Then he stopped, and settled just a bit more firmly on her.
"This good?" She hummed and nodded, spreading her legs, and letting her arms lay around his neck in a loose hug as she stretched beneath him, making herself comfortable. "You're so warm when you've just woken up," he whispered, curling both arms around her on the bed, holding the top of her head with one and petting her cheek with the other.
"You keep me warm," she murmured.
"Let's see if we can't get you warmer then," Bucky grinned. "Fire up that little oven."
She got his meaning right away, and though she didn't say anything, he could see in the widening of her eyes that she was as intrigued as he at the prospect. If anything, she settled down firmer on his length as she looked into his eyes. Bucky set a hand over her thigh but she kept going lower, chasing him with a little grin while he slipped down on the sheets with her. He stopped her with a metal hand over her wrists, by now over the pillow, and clasped her hip within his palm.
"Sit still…" he growled, but he was grinning as broadly as she was.
"Or else what?"
"You sure you want to know?" he asked, nuzzling into her neck.
"You're charming when you're being threatening," she whispered into his cheek, ending it with a little kiss. "Tell me."
But he didn't tell her, he just focused on the feeling of her all around him, her skin hot and tight inside, and soft and smooth above, her smell just as hot and sweet and tasting sweeter with every kiss he took. Bucky sighed against her, and she giggled, and he felt it all along his chest. The longer he stayed inside her, the more he felt her throb and wet them both, and he wasn't sure he ever wanted to leave. Slowly, he let go of her hip and moved it just between them, over her stomach, and started to feel around. He lifted his head just enough to catch the look in her eyes once he found the tip of himself just barely there, right under his hand, on the other side of her. She quieted down and bit her lip, looking up at him somewhat afraid, or abashed, or surprised, and then he began to move his hand — just slightly, just trying. Her wrists beneath his metal hand stayed still, she wasn't trying to escape, and her legs lay quietly on either side of him. They gasped almost as one once he found the perfect spot. His hand spread across the breadth of her, with his thumb right on that spot, and then he started moving it — just back and forward, as he held her down, over and over, teasing the tip of himself while wrapped in her flesh.
"Is this alright, doll?" he breathlessly asked. She nodded mutely, mouth agape and eyes captured by his. "Do you like it?" A moan and a whine tangled in her throat while she stretched, trying surreptitiously to rub herself on him, but he wouldn't let her. His arm held hers firmly to the bed and the rest of him pressed her down while he teased himself with her. "Tell me you like it," he whispered, coming lower so that only she could hear — even the room couldn't catch the words he told her, or her little gasps. "Can you do that? Can you tell me?"
"Yes," she whispered back, dazed but completely absorbed by his pleasure.
"You like it?"
"I love it."
He kissed her lips then shifted them both up the bed, carrying her with him, and let go of her arms. She hugged him closer and held on to his neck while his metal arm gripped the headboard, squeezing it harder than he could her wrists. He stayed still inside her, just using his thumb to get closer and closer to finishing, and with her throbbing and whining and wrapping her thighs tighter around him, he released within minutes. He was grateful for the headboard then. Bucky focused on squeezing the wood while he buried his face in her neck, pulling himself ever so slightly closer, moving her up the sheets with him, and let her skin absorb his moans. He felt her shiver as she realised what was happening, gasping his name and grinding against him, but she took everything. Once his breath came back to him, he brought his flesh hand up to pet her and kissed the top of her head, still slowly spilling wave after wave of fertile seed into her. Bucky felt against his cheek, more than heard, her whispering his name pleadingly, and raising his head he saw how flushed she looked, lips swollen and eyes close to tears. He bit through a lazy grin at the sight.
"Keep it there, honey," he murmured, pressing even deeper.
She whimpered long and low, and ended it with a little raise of her head to bite at his clavicle, but then she fell back down, winded from the effort. He chuckled and grabbed her hip, then brought them both up together just by the waist until she was slightly bent at the middle with him on top of her and pressing down, her back firm against the bed and his thighs supporting her weight.
"Warmer now, doll?" he asked and kissed her cheek. She replied in a moan and a tight, delicious clench. "That's right, keep it in there."
"Feels so full…" she gasped.
"It's right where it needs to be, darling," said Bucky, kissing her again and threading his fingers through her hair to calm the both of them.
Her legs settled tighter around his waist and he felt her grip and release on the inside in rhythmic throbs, and between his satisfied manhood and her flesh, they felt warmer in a way that was still new to both of them. Looking in her eyes, Bucky could see she was surprised and softened by the same thing: the joy of another body heating hers from the inside, and the sensation spreading, licking up her body, through her blood, reaching her lips and her cheeks and hands, all of it a heat that his body made and gave to her.
Soon enough, all of her was burning. It wasn't in the way of a fever or a summer day, it was more, so much more intense than the most maddening arousal. She felt the length of him inside her, felt him heating at her core, felt his pooling liquid spill, his loins fixed to hers and large, manly, rough, warming with each slow sauntering second. The warmth spread between her legs, up her thighs that stuck to his in a shared light sheen of sweat. His abdomen was pressed to hers as well, more warm skin, their chests together, fire melting inside and out. That she could feel a part of him all throughout her — not just in her womanhood, but the heat of him as deep as her heart — that she felt her body change because of what he did, what he wanted to do with her, it was beyond all hope or expectation, and in that moment there was no more fear, or doubt of self, or hatred of a hypothetical him that left in a possible future. There was only the true feeling that they were two made one.
"Kiss me," she whispered, seeming for a second surprised by herself, but he obeyed her in the very same breath. When he parted from her lips, his hand came to rest by her face, thumb petting the line of her cheekbone. She was being so good and docile, letting him use her the way she needed to be used… He wanted to never stop pampering her. "Why do you do this?"
"You know why."
"So that… t-the thing you said before?"
He nodded and hummed contentedly. "You remember, doll? Say it, if you can."
"So that you can get me pregnant?"
Fire rushed straight through his body at just that timid whisper. "Just so, darling," he husked.
His arms curled tighter around her and his hips adjusted, making sure he couldn't slip out now that he was softening, and she moved with him, happy to be held. Her hands came up to rest on his cheeks, and she sighed as she looked at him.
"Why would you want that?" she asked.
Bucky looked at her and bit his lip, holding in a thousand things he wanted to say — remembering, most of all, the times when he'd asked himself the same question: why would anyone want to have his children? Because by now he knew better than to think it's him she was scared of — and instead took his time to settle them, slowly, on their side. He held her leg around him while he made room for her, making sure to never leave her, and pulled a pillow down and above his metal arm for her to lay her head on. She seemed a bit discomforted but constantly aroused, teased by the effect his body still had on her, but once she caught her breath and was secured around his length, her tired gaze came back to his, questioning.
"You remember when I asked you about what would make you happy?" Bucky said, caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers.
"You ever found an answer?"
She bowed her head a little, bringing it just to his chin, and muttered "Not really." She had found something, but duty wasn't enough.
"I think you did, sweetheart."
His wife looked back up at him, but he wasn't saying anything else. He just smiled at her, so lightly she almost didn't catch it in the dark, and kept caressing her skin. He stayed inside her, and they fell asleep in each other's arms, waking a few hours later with the sunrise.
Tumblr media
Going out on the cruise became easier. They were closer to each other, comfortable, more trusting, even happy. Meals became a source of fun, and dessert turned into foreplay. They still didn't feel right kissing much in public, both private and possessive of everything they shared, but it only made the closing of the door a more meaningful event.
They would feed each other bits of dessert, share drinks to try the taste, and spend long hours on the deck at sunset, stopping to chat with the Mondays when they met, holding hands or hugging and leaning on each other in comfortable silence. Very often, they'd skip going out for breakfast, laying on the couch and calling for room service while they watched TV.
Tumblr media
"It's not called Sock-er, it's Football."
"So what do you call our Football then?"
"A joke. There's no ball, and you're not allowed to touch it with the foot. Call it Hand-Egg instead."
"You're such a brat sometimes. If this was back in the day, I'd spank you."
"Only if you use the metal hand."
Tumblr media
Bucky laid down on his back and she laid on his chest, her head just beneath his chin and her hands folded over him. The breakfast was half-eaten and the coffee was gone, but there was still water and orange juice on the little coffee table. They watched the game play on the TV, volume just high enough to fill the silence of the room. His hands moved slowly up and down her back, in a long and loving pet. She wore a thin nightgown with nothing underneath, and he wasn't wearing much either. When she started purring and looking longingly up at him, he stopped.
"What?" he smirked at her. "You want something?"
She didn't need to say anything, she just stretched up to kiss his chin and looked into his eyes, and within seconds, Bucky pulled his sleepwear off just enough to take his still-soft manhood in his hand, and with the other hand pulled his little wife just there, pressing it into her. She took it with a delicious sigh, then settled down just as she was before, licking her lips as a shiver ran through her.
"Good?" Bucky asked in a whisper, but he could tell she liked it from the curling of her claws into his chest and the tightening around him that was making him slowly harden.
"Very good," she groaned, "the best," and nuzzling into his neck, "the most perfect."
"Good in the superlative? Oh my," he chuckled, and kissed the top of her head.
She wasn't paying much attention to the game anymore, and neither was he, but it helped to pass the time as they melted into each other. Her twitching flexed her around him until he was a perfect fit, and from her warmth and wetness, he slowly filled out until he was firm and deep. He didn't need to thrust, and she didn't need to move, tempting though it was. They just allowed their bodies to enjoy each other, warming together and pulsing with blood and desire.
Bucky watched her laying in his arms. She was happy and trusting, and she had so much affection to give, something he never would have seen or experienced if things hadn't happened the way they did — and for the longest time, he'd feared it impossible, but she kept surprising him. The change had been slow, and in spite of how different she was around him now compared to those weeks long gone where she was cold and avoidant, she was still completely recognisable. She'd carried the loving inside her from the beginning, and he wanted to beat himself up for ever doubting it, for ever thinking her cruel or heartless.
A little while later, she started shifting on top of him.
"What is it, doll?"
"Thirsty," she whined, looking at the glass of water on the table.
"Hold on," said Bucky, wrapping both arms around her waist to keep her in place while he heaved them both up to sit on the couch. Her knees hugged his hips and her arms came up around his neck, and she kept him inside the whole way. He bent to get the glass for her, then leaned back against the couch while she drank her full.
"Thank you, darling," she said once she was done. "You want some too?"
Bucky leaned in to sip at a drop left on her lips, while he took the glass from her and moved to place it back.
"Got all I need," he smiled.
They stayed like that until he released again inside her, teased by the hot pulsing of her muscles, and with just a few small tilts, she shivered all around him with a strong and desperate clench. She relaxed, he softened again but stayed inside, and they managed to do it all over again twice more before lunchtime.
Tumblr media
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mandonnan · 2 days ago
"𝐢'𝐯𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮"
bucky just can't seem to relax enough to go back to sleep, so you help him out
Warnings: beefy!bucky, oral (m receiving), nightmares and mentions of killing, sub!bucky, this gif, reader calls bucky sweet boy and big boy, size kink, slight tit-fucking if you pay attention
Tumblr media
He went to sleep just like any other night, beside you in a cushy bed with blankets and soft pillows. It was the only time he would lie in a bed-- when he was with you. Anytime else he would sleep on the floor. The feeling of you next to him was what grounded him. You wore one of his t-shirts and it swallowed you whole as you snuggled up to him in bed. He watched you fall asleep, his flesh arm slung over you to keep you close before he drifted off himself.
He slept better with you around him, your leg slung over his waist and your tiny hand clinging to his arm of his chest. He liked how small you looked compared to him; he was a super soldier and was used to always being faced with tall stature and looming threats, and your sweet frame brought him sanity.
It wasn't until he woke up, sweating profusely and eyes blinking back tears, that you stirred awake.
"Baby?" You heard him call for you as he turned to make sure you were alright. Your head lifted up and you saw him finally, eyes red and nose sniffly, looking to you for reassurance. You sat up with him, hands finding his shoulders and rubbing them.
"James, come back to bed. You need sleep." You nuzzled into his neck, kissing his skin sweetly. "It wasn't real, you're safe here. You're with me."
He breathed out and ran a hand over his face, wiping sweat and tears from his cheeks. "I-I can't relax. I can't get my mind to calm down long enough to even think."
He turned to you as you moved your hand along his thigh in comfort. "Shhh pretty boy. I'm here."
His eyes fluttered at the nickname, traveling down to your lips as he started to get hard in his briefs. He loved it when you called him that; no girl had ever called him something so sweet. To everyone else he had always been this big threatening soldier, but to you he was pretty.
Your hand traveled up his thigh. "I can help you relax if you want sweet boy."
He grunted as you swept your hand over his bulge, moaning as he became hard in your hand. "My sweet baby boy, do you want me to suck you off? Get you nice and sleepy so you can snuggle up again?"
Your dirty words set a fire in his stomach, and as you palmed his length in is briefs he thought about all the things you would do to him. His grunts filled the air, and a whine left his lips as he nodded feverishly. "Fuck- yes."
You leant up to kiss him, your hands still working his cock while your other hand helped remove his shirt. His hands drifted under your shirt, that was in fact his, and kneaded your tits with his rough and calloused palms.
"Let me do this for you pretty boy." Your lips raised to his and he moaned softly as you kissed him. "Let me take your mind off of it."
After you removed his briefs, freeing his hard length, you kissed the top of his pelvis. You stroked his cock lovingly, kissing the tip as pre-cum shone on it. He let out a soft whimper at your touch, his hands reaching for you to pull you closer to him. He swept the hair from your eyes as you went down on him, eyes flitting up to lock with his hooded ones.
"Baby..." He groaned, his hips wriggling, clearly wanting more attention. You giggled as you watched him squirm.
You knew he wanted to hold you and fuck up into you as you rode him, moaning your name while you called him pretty boy and rubbed his chest. He loved having you on top, in control and completely fucked out above him. Sometimes you would tease him and work up and down on his cock at an agonizingly slow pace, making him beg you to fuck him harder. You got off on his sweet whines and mewls.
"Shhh pretty boy," You licked across his tip as he tilted his head back and gasped. "I'll give you what you need."
You pumped him a few times more before taking him fully in your mouth. He groaned as you pushed down on him, your tongue swirling around him as you took as much as you could. "My pretty boy, you're so big."
He groaned again as you pulled off him with a pop, leaning up to discard your shirt so he could see you fully. Your tits bounced as you leant back down, pumping him with your hand and looking up to his hooded eyes. He ran a hand through your hair, softly tugging on the ends. Arousal pooled in your panties as your nipples brushed against the sweet skin of his thigh. "Do you want to cum in my mouth pretty boy?"
He whined as you kept pumping him, cheeks hollowed out and tongue swirling around his length. A rather vulgar moan left him as you sat up slightly, your tits falling on either side of his length; as you lifted up your arms squeezed them together on his cock, making him gasp aloud in absolute need. "Use your words pretty boy, do you want to cum in my mouth or on my tits?"
He loved the feeling of soft flesh around him, and the image of his cum on your chest as your tits bounced was enough for him to let go right there if he wanted to; but he ached to have your sweet lips on him again. "fuck- your m-mouth baby. I need it."
You smirked at his fucked out gaze, longing so bad to be touched by you that his hips flinched as he grinded through your tits. "My sweet pretty boy can have anything he wants."
He whined as his cock grinded up into nothing, and you shushed him sweetly. Your hands wound around him again, pumping and rubbing him until his moans filled the air again. You sucked on him sweetly, taste buds itching as he filled your mouth. Your saliva coated him up and down, and he felt himself start to throb with need. "Baby, 'm not gonna last."
"Make a mess pretty boy, let go all you want. I want to taste you."
Hearing that sent him over the edge, and he gripped your hair with his flesh hand as he came in your mouth, moaning your name as you sucked and swallowed his load. His head lay back as he came down from his high finally, chest heaving and eyes glossed over. He watched you wipe your mouth and travel up to him, kissing his sweet lips with his taste still on yours. He pulled away to peck your nose sweetly.
"Thank you baby." He pulled you close and snuggled up, feeling comfort and warmth as both of your naked bodies touched.
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lexi5678900 · 2 days ago
This request is purely fluff or whatever you want to add but, I couldn't help but wonder how Bucky got a phone? Idk, it might sound dumb but I was wondering if you could write the reader going with Buck to get a phone. Just all cute and stuff?? Great writing by the way!
omg omg hi! thank you for being my first request in like forever! i honestly love this concept and i hope i don’t disappoint ☺️
Tumblr media
Warnings: None just some fluffiness ☺️
You had just finished the last of your charting before you decided you wanted to call buck to see what he wanted for dinner. “Hey Trish do you mind if I step out to call Buck?” You sent your coworker a soft smile “Yes girl go ahead I got the floor while you’re gone” Trish waved you off “Thank you so much” You grabbed your cell phone and walked to the break room calling your house phone. You wouldn’t have to step out if buck had a cellphone, you thought to yourself as you heard the line ring “Hello?” Buck answered “Hey baby it’s me I was just calling to see if you had anything special in mind for dinner?” You asked looking over your nails as you waited for his response “Oh yes I was really hoping we could have spaghetti?!” He said excitedly as if he had been waiting all day for you to ask him that question “Okay that sounds good! We can go shopping for the ingredients together. You know what I was really hoping for?” You bit your lip bringing up this topic for the second time “That we could have a quickie before we go shopping” You could tell he was smirking over the phone “Oh my gosh Buck! No! You perv. I was hoping we could stop by T-Mobile and get you a cell phone?” You chuckled “Ugh babe...” You heard bucky sigh. You knew the reason why he didn’t want a phone was because he wasn’t accustomed to them considering they didn’t have cellphones in 1940 whatever “Please Buck that way I can text you throughout the day and you can get more connected with the world. You pretty much know how to use my phone it will be the same thing but your own” You smiled hoping he’d agree “Well... Yeah I guess it wouldn’t hurt but you’ll help me use it?” He asked “Of course old man” You joked and you could hear him chuckle and roll his eyes “Okay I’ll get ready unless you still want to do that quic-“ “I will see you when I get home” You cut him off chuckling “Okay I love you” He said through the phone “I love you see you soon” You hung up and went back on the floor “Thank you Trish” You placed your hand in her shoulder as a thanks. After giving report and grabbing your things from the break room you started on your trek home.
Once you arrived home you walked through the garage door and into the kitchen seeing Bucky in the living room watching tv “Honey I’m home” You sing songed “Y/N!” He got up quickly and enveloped you in a huge hug placing a couple kisses on your cheek “I missed you beautiful” He smiled into your neck “I missed you too handsome” you ran your fingers through his hair “Let me change out of my scrubs and put clean clothes on” You kissed his cheek and pulled away “Okay I’ll be waiting” He let go of you and watched you walk off not before placing a quick smack on your bum “Hey!” you looked back at him grabbing where he smacked “Sorry I love a woman in uniform” He winked and you rolled your eyes playfully, running upstairs to change real quick “Okay Buck let’s go get you a phone!” You clapped your hands excitedly
“Now what?” He looked at you, holding the phone that looked very tiny in his big hands “Give me a call” You looked at him and watched him hesitatintly press the buttons on his new phone and put the phone up to his ear then your phone began ringing “Hellooo?” You said cheerily. He smiled at you and hung up the phone “I’m so proud of you babe” You leaned over the console and kissed all over his face “Okay okay I still have a lot to learn” He laughed and kissed you back “When we get home I can show you all the things” you wiggled your brows and chuckled. You held his hand as you drove to the store then home to spend the night teaching your cute boyfriend how to use his new phone.
AN: I hoped you liked this! I haven’t wrote in forever. If anyone has more requests my asks in open. all the love 💛
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patd--phan · 3 days ago
Wanna Be Yours
Pairing: Dadsbestfriend! Bucky (mid/late 40s) x reader (in early/mid twenties)
Summary: Y/N surprises bucky on a business trip and he promises to be hers.
Warnings: SMUTTY stuff (18+ only pleasee), unprotected sex, creampie, oral sex (m receiving), riding, teasing, significant age gap, reader takes charge, “Doll/sweets/baby/sweetheart”, some cute ass shit at the beginning and end tho
WC: about 3K im sorry I was really H*rny yesterday and I was unable to do anything about it as i was stuck in the car all damn day
Note: So I was really h*rny yesterday and this happened lol I’m sorry. Loosely based on the song wanna be yours-arctic monkeys. Also this will probably be the only smut I ever write bc I don’t wanna become an 18+ blog or make anyone uncomfortable (not that 18+ blogs are bad tho lemme set that straight, most of my fav blogs are)
PS thank you for the love on my first ever fic with Peter Parker x reader, it made me so happy that ppl didn’t think I suck lol ( and i guess i lied saying i would probably never write another one shot lol)
You do NOT have my permission to repost this anywhere, I will come for u if you plagiarize ok bye
It was no secret that Bucky liked to be in charge in the bedroom, and you had absolutely no problem with that. After all, he was older and more experienced; he knew how to make your body sing. But this week you were craving something a little different. Bucky had been away on a business trip all weekend and you really missed him, not just the sex (but I mean…) but just cuddling and talking to him about your day; you were feeling clingy. You decide to text bucky even though you knew he couldn’t answer right away because he was currently in a meeting.
Y/N: I mis youu :( when will you be back tomorrow?
You just wandered around your apartment for the next 20 minutes, casually checking your phone about every 30 seconds just in case bucky was able to sneak in a text. He finally replied after 30 minutes, right as his meeting was ending at 3.
Bucky: Hey doll, I miss you too <3
Bucky: unfortunately one of the investors this morning had to push their meeting to late tomorrow afternoon, so I’m not gonna be home until very late tomorrow night :(
Y/N: dammit :(
Y/N: well good luck at the pitch meeting tomorrow, I love and miss you <3
Bucky: don’t gimme that pout I know your making doll, ill see you tonight on facetime! :)
Y/N: haha u know me so well, and yes you’ll see me tonight ;) (but I still miss u)
Bucky: I know doll I hate it too, see you tonight. Love you <3
Y/n: love you too <3
You didn’t know if you could go until late Monday without seeing bucky. As you laid on the couch smiling sadly about missing your love, an idea popped into your head. He was only two and a half hours away, and he wouldn’t be back at his hotel for another 4 hours at least. Fuck it, you were gonna go drive to his hotel and surprise him. You couldn’t be away so long, you felt super clingy this weekend and you needed to be on top of with him.
You quickly ran around your apartment, packing an overnight bag and you saw the package that arrived earlier on your floor that you completely forgot about because you couldn’t stop thinking of Bucky. You remembered its contents e(a completely evil lingerie set) and threw it in the bag with a smirk on your face.
The drive to Bucky’s hotel felt like forever and you had to remind yourself to stop speeding because you were so excited. When you finally got to his hotel, you had to convince the manager to give you a key to his room, proving that you were the man’s girlfriend with several pictures on your phone which was slightly embarrassing because in almost every picture, at least one of you was half-naked. Worth it. You thought. When you arrived in his room you quickly went into the bathroom to change into a little black dress (with a surprise underneath). Then as you were sitting on his bed waiting for him, you realized it would still be a while before he would get back, so you decided to tidy up his things, packing his clothes and organizing his suitcase. Pleased with your work, you sat back down on the bed and looked at your phone for a while. You finally got pulled out of your Instagram daze when you heard Bucky’s voice in the hallway laughing at something a coworker said. You quickly threw your phone on the dresser, straightened up you dress, and sat at the edge of the bed with a huge smile on your face, giddy to surprise him.
As he turned the doorknob he was still looking behind him talking to the man. When he finally said goodbye and turned his head around, his eyebrows raised up and his jaw dropped, which was quickly replaced with a smile even larger than yours.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, running towards you and throwing his briefcase on the floor.
He picked you up in a tight hug and you squealed, legs immediately wrapping around his waist.
“I told you you’d see me tonight!” you said, still clung to him like a koala.
“W-what?” He replied, still in shock. Letting your legs fall back to the floor.
“I just missed you too much” you shrugged.
If any human could embody “heart eyes” it was Bucky at that moment- he’s such a softie for you. He pulled your face towards him and gave you one of the most loving kisses you’ve ever had in your life. You were expecting it to be passionate and rough, but it was soft, delicate and loving, and your heart melted into a puddle. After your lips parted, you gazed into each other’s eyes before being pulled up in another tight hug. You giggled and wrapped your legs around him again.
“I guess you missed me too huh?” you laughed.
“Oh doll, you have no idea.”
You wrapped your hands in his hair, massaging his neck and he moaned loudly.
“Mm, that feels nice.” He hummed.
“You tired baby?” you asked, he seemed like he needed some TLC (and you were ready to give it to him).
“I am so exhausted.” He replied, making you frown behind his back.
You slowly slid down his body, back onto your feet again, and kept massaging his head. He looked at you lovingly before looking around his hotel room, his eyebrows pulled in confusion.
“Did you clean up in here?”
“Yep, while I was waiting for ya,” you replied, smiling.
His whole face softened.
“Oh, I really don’t deserve you doll.” Making you smile and shake your head.
“Oh yes you do.” You replied making him smile and his heart flutter in his chest.
He pulled you in for another kiss, this one with more fire and longing in it than the last one. His large hands grabbed you ass to pull you closer to him and you moaned into the kiss. You pressed your body against him even tighter and ran your hands through his hair making him moan. You could feel his pants tent start to grow against you and you smirked and moved you lips down to the side of his neck making him groan.
You pull back and look at him, hard and eyes half lidded, it turns you on so much you feel your panties dampening.
“Hey Buck?” you whisper, lips mere inches apart.
“Hmm?” he hums in response.
“I have another surprise for you.” You whisper into his ear before pulling back to look at his face.
“What’s that, doll?” he whispers.
You smirk and step away from him, noticing the confusion on his face before you pull your dress over your head and throw it onto the floor.
Bucky’s jaw drops, making you bite your lip and smirk even more. This was gonna be fun.
“Oh, fuck me,” He groans.
“Oh, I fully intend on it, Buck” you smirk.
He just groans and starts walking towards you.
“Yeah sweets?”
“Wanna be mine tonight?”
“Fuck, I’ll be yours forever doll.” He says, making you whimper. You pull him against you by his tie, pressing your bodies together.
Your lips crash and tongues swirl together fighting for dominance. Hands moving up and down each other’s bodies like animals. Bucky squeezing your ass so tight you know there’s gonna be marks.
You both pull back enough so you can shimmy off Bucky’s tie and throw it over his head before unbuttoning his shirt and peeling it off him. You then sink to your knees and undo his belt quickly before slowly unzipping his pants, kissing the outside of his member though his pants making him exhale a breath sharply.
“Fuck” he breathes out.
You don’t want to tease him too much (yet) so after another kiss, you shove his pants off and lay down on the bed, his body caging you under him.
The passionate makeout session resumes with Bucky still hard in his boxers pressing against your clothed core. You suddenly remember what you wanted and pull back from the kiss.
“Wait, no” you whisper.
Bucky pulls back, confused and nervous he did something to hurt you.
“What’s wrong?” he whispers.
You take advantage of his confusion and roll him over so you were straddling him with a smirk on your face.
Bucky moans at your actions, core pressing tight against him.
“You said you’d be mine.” You breathe over his lips. Moaning as being in charge is giving you a whole rush of feelings and confidence.
You kiss him, and he lets you dominate the kiss this time, biting his lips and grinding on him. He bucks his hips onto your and you pull back.
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll take care of you, I’ll make you feel so good.”
Bucky moans at your words as you start to kiss all the way down his body, leaving little hickies down his chest. When you get towards his boxers he thinks your gonna kiss his member or pull down his boxers, but instead you go back up his chest, licking a stripe from his belly button all the way to one of his nipples, up his neck, to his lips.
Bucky moans, loud. You give him one more kiss before deciding to stop teasing him (kinda). You quickly kiss down his chest again and then plant a few kisses on his aching cock through his boxers. He bucks his hips and is whimpering under you. Fuck, that turns you on. Your big strong boyfriend who could probably crush you with one arm, whimpering and practically begging under you. Your panties are fucking soaked and you don’t think you can deny your own pleasure too much longer. You pull down his boxers and his cock is throbbing and dripping precum.
“Shit” you moan at the sight.
You lick the precum off him and he gives a high pitched moan that goes straight to your core.
“Baby please, I- I can’t.”
“Don’t worry baby I got you.” You reply as you take his full member into your mouth, sucking lightly.
Bucky moans and bucks his hips into your mouth. You push them back down and suck a few more times before getting off of him. He looks worried for a second before you slide your panties off and straddle his cock.
“Still wanna be mine?”
“Always” he replies.
You sink down onto him, jaw dropping and eyes closing at the feeling. You don’t think you’ll ever get used to him no matter how many times he’s been inside you. You both moan as his whole cock is finally buried inside you.
“Fuck Bucky, you feel so fucking good in me.” You moan, starting to rock your hips.
“God, I’m so fucking wet for you.”
Bucky continues to give low moans as you start to ride him.
“Fuck baby, I love you like this.” He says, making you start to ride him harder, moaning at his words.
His hands come grab your hips to help you ride him faster, harder.
“Baby- shit I’m close already.” He pleads.
“All for me? Shit baby aren’t I the lucky one?” You moan.
Bucky’s grip on your hips tighten and he starts to fuck up into you. He was about to blow.
You moan loudly at the feeling. “Cum in me baby please I need it.”
After a particularly hard thrust into your wet pussy you feel him spilling inside you. He lets out one of those vulgar high pitched moans and grunts that make your brain short circuit and your eyes roll back while your pussy clenches around him. You feel yourself getting close, but you want to give him another orgasm, so you sink down on him fully and slowly ride him, hearing him whimpering and moaning. You feel him get hard in you again (thank you supersoldier serum) and you rock back and forth on him. You reach down to rub your clit, but Bucky sees it and swats your hand away, replacing it with his metal one.
“Oh fuck” you moan at the cool sensation.
You start to bounce up and down on him again, the knot in your abdomen building and heating up. You feel yourself close to being undone as you ride him and his other hand runs up your body and squeezes your nipple through your thin lace bra. You moan and feel yourself clench around him, making him moan.
“Fuck- I’m gonna c-“ you get interrupted by the white hot explosion of your orgasm. Your eyes roll back, jaw hangs open and toes curl as you feel that release knock throughout your whole body, making you shake. You let out those high pitched moans and whines that only Bucky makes you feel.
Feeling you clench around him and watching your completely fucked out face, you feel Bucky’s thick cock twitch inside of you, and you moan as you feel him release in you again. Fuck that makes you feel good. So good you can’t think or move and you start to collapse on top of Bucky, but he slightly catches you and lays you down on his chest, both breathing heavy, with his cock still inside you, cum dripping all down your legs and onto Bucky.
You can’t speak, can’t think, the pleasure totally ruining you. After what feels like forever, you feel your breathing start to return to normal, as does Bucky’s, and you feel his hand rubbing up and down your back, grounding you back to earth from wherever on cloud nine you were.
You hum as you feel yourself finally calm down.
“Holy fuck, doll” you feel him lowly whine in your ear. You can only moan lowly in response.
“Baby that was fucking amazing.”
“Mmhmm.” You hum.
“…but I think I’m gonna lose my mind if you keep clenching around me.” He chuckles.
“oh shit, sorry,” you mumble out. You try to push up off of him but the farthest you got was placing your hands on his shoulders before your body gave up on you.
“Oh my God, I can’t move” you whisper. You’re so fucked out, your body won’t respond to your brain anymore.
Bucky moans at your words and slowly rolls both of you so youre on your side facing him. He reaches down and pulls his soft cock out of your pussy, moaning when he sees a burst of cum leaking from you.
You moan at the feeling of him exiting your body. You look him in the eyes and give him a lazy smile. His eyes sparkle back at you and his hand comes up to rub your cheek.
“Mm” you hum at the feeling.
“That was fucking incredible” he says, making you smile wider.
“I’m not disagreeing” you quip.
He chuckles lightly before saying “you gotta do this more often.”
“What, surprise you on business trips?” you question.
“No” he rolls his eyes and smiles, “Well yes actually, but I was talking about you absolutely taking charge tonight.”
“Oh yeah?” you smirk.
“Fuck yeah doll, I don’t think I’ve ever cum as hard. You looked so damn sexy in charge.”
You look away from his eyes, shying at his words, but also they were giving you the confidence to look right back into his eyes and say “I agree” with a smirk.
“I love hearing those high pitched moans you make, It turns me on so much” you admit.
“You know, only you can get those noises out of me, doll” he chides. You blush and smile at him.
He chuckles and you bring his face towards yours and kiss him deeply, tongues meeting together. You both hum into the kiss as his hand rubs down the side of your body.
When you break the kiss, both of you needing a breath, he pulls your body towards him, resting your head on his chest. You hum in peace as he rubs your back.
“I love you so much Y/N” he says and you feel your heart absolutely burst in your chest.
“I love you so much too Buck,” you reply, lifting your head to peck him on the lips before placing your head back on his chest.
You lay in silence for a minute before your mind begins to wander again.
“Did you mean it?” you ask.
“Mean what, doll?”
“That you’ll be mine forever?” you ask. “I mean not just in the sexy way but that you’ll be with me forever?” you ramble out.
“God yes sweetheart, you’re the one for me.” He responds and you didn’t think your heart could explode anymore, but it just did.
You squeeze his shoulder with your hand before coming up to kiss him passionately again, almost crying at all of the love going though you.
“I promise I’m all yours forever too, Buck” you smile at him.
“Good,” he smiles back, and you rest back on his chest, eyes getting droopy.
“Night-night sweetheart.” You feel yourself smile in your sleep.
“Goodnight my love.” You reply, further cuddling into his chest. Bucky feels his heart combust in his chest. God, wasn’t he lucky to have you. He didn’t know what he did to deserve you, but he knew that he was going to assure you that you deserve the world every day for the rest of his life. He kissed the top of your head before falling into a deep sleep, content with his favorite person tight in his arms.
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beyondspaceandstars · 3 days ago
While You Sleep
Chapter 12
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: kidnapping, violence Summary: Soulmate!AU - Throughout life, you’re given glimpses of your soulmate through dreams. As you sleep, memories flash in your mind showing you the life your soulmate has lived. Everyone around you raves about how their soulmate reads great books or volunteers in their spare time. But you can’t relate as your dreams end up being more like nightmares. Through initial images of death and violence, you come to learn your soulmate is the Winter Soldier.
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
“They couldn’t take that from me. They could never take you.”
“I never want to bring you pain or worry, okay? That shouldn’t be what… we do.”
Bucky’s words rang in your head as you sat in the lonesome cell, fighting for release any way you thought to try. But naturally, these attempts of wrangling yourself out of this had fallen flat and you weren’t trying anymore, that’s for certain. It only made the restraints dig into your wrists more. Not to mention you were beyond tired hitting a point of exhaustion that you didn't know was possible. You weren’t given a chance to relax as you sat on edge, waiting. Waiting for what - or really who - you didn’t quite know. 
Sure, you had an Avenger for a soulmate (at least, that was what you considered Bucky, despite his humbleness) but you weren’t exactly up to date on their enemies. From your understanding, between the looks of the facility and your soulmate’s history, this was seeming like the work of Hydra. But they had been abolished...right? Apparently, you didn’t know anymore and doubts rang in your head as you feared you weren’t some random victim.
The first signs of daylight were just beginning to peek into your cell from a very tiny, thin window located near the top of the wall beside you.
Suddenly, a grumbling voice called from outside the cell. “She’s up.” You whipped your head towards the sound, just barely able to make out a figure illuminated by the early morning glow. There was probably some comment to make to whoever this was about how you hadn’t really slept but you couldn’t find your voice at the moment.
“Excellent.” A deeper, possibly older, voice called from down the hall. The man sounded way too excited for your liking. Your stomach threatened to empty its contents as heavy footsteps began making their way towards your cell.
When the steps stopped, you tried squinting through the minimal light but still couldn’t make out much of either man. If you had to guess, they looked like some doctors of sorts in long lab coats with notebooks in hand. One thing you definitely could tell was that they didn’t hesitate to stare back. You could feel their eyes taking you in over and over again making your heart pound in a weirdly familiar way.
“Does she speak?” The first man asked with a humorless scoff. You twisted in your wrist restraints wishing for some courage to get up and maybe put space between you. 
Mustering a scrap of energy, you turned away from the men, hoping maybe your matted hair falling in your face could block them out forever. Because really, couldn’t this be forever? How would anyone know what happened? Your best bet was your coworker noticing your absence but then you thought of Bucky… He was away for now and by the time he caught wind who knows what would be of you. Tears began welling in your eyes at the thought of this being it for you -- whatever this was. You still weren’t sure what about you compelled these men to kidnap you in the middle of the night.
“Hey,” the same voice called out to you this time, pulling you from your troubling thoughts. Slowly, you turned back to him, taking in more of the doctor (fake, you guessed) persona now. “I asked if you speak.”
“No,” you grumbled. You didn’t know where this smart response came from but it made you feel a bit better like you were coming back to yourself. Really, though, you were in no position to start getting smart with anyone.
He let out a joyous laugh that sent far more fear through you. “The Soldier’s soulmate has an attitude, huh?”
Soldier? Bucky. Your heart panged at another thought of him. If that’s who they were referring to, this was to be about Bucky, you realized. These men knew him and whatever connection was festered there, it hadn't fizzled and you were caught in the crossfire. This actually couldn’t be them… But it looked like it.
Suddenly, the cell door opened with a loud screech, and the two men walked into the full glory of the morning sunrise. There, on their white coats, you saw an emblem of what appeared to be some tentacle-bearing creature. Your suspicions were regrettably confirmed. 
They walked towards you, their eyes looking over you as if you were an experiment and they were memorizing you. With fear racing through you, you slowly began scooting backward trying to get as far away as you could. Your back eventually hit a wall and they just kept coming. 
“Quite the squeamish one for being chained to The Soldier,” the second man observed, writing something down in his notebook. You could see now that he was much older, having that wiser look in his older years. You guessed he was a leader of sorts (at least, that was how you were going to file him in your head) and the other man, the one who was so kind to comment on your attitude, was some kind of assistant. You couldn’t take your eyes off the logo on their coats as it was practically screaming in your face. It all felt impossible and yet here you were, in the belly of the beast.
“W-What am I doing here?” You asked, your voice scratchy and nervous. Honestly, you were just glad you had the guts to make any noise. The assistant looked a bit humored at your question.
“Wow, she speaks full sentences,” he commented with an unsettling smirk. 
The “leader” of the pair shot him a look before turning back to speak to you. “We have some observing to do, my dear,” he briefly explained.
The vagueness of it all was certainly not helping you - like anything realistically could in this moment. Still, you pursued it. “Observing?”
He hummed in response, turning back for a moment to write a few more lines in the notebook. Truthfully, you wanted to just kick it out of his fucking hand. Your eyes flicked quickly to the assistant but he wasn’t handing out any hints, just looking at you like you were something to be conquered. Oh, how you wanted to vomit on their shiny dress shoes.
“I will explain our intentions to ease your mind,” he snapped his notebook shut, “but first, you are to be moved.”
And just like, as if his words were keys, a hoard of men entered the cell and hoisted you to your feet. You tried kicking and screaming but they were strong. Maybe too strong. A strength you possibly could only recall in two other men you knew. But you didn’t have time to dwell on it as they corralled you easily and forced you down the hall. 
Everything was dark again. There was no light from the windows in the hall, just some musty glows of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. You didn’t know where to look so you just stared downward, taking in the metal flooring that made you chilled.
After turning a few corners, you were brought to a much larger cell. This one at least had a chair, but you didn’t think it was exactly a nice grand gesture as your eyes landed on the restraints attached to it. The second thing you noticed was some sort of computer-like machine and rolling tables which lined the side. If you hadn’t known better, you would’ve thought this was just another medical office. 
You yelped as one of the large men threw you on the chair, not giving you a second to even adjust before your hands were unbound only to be rebound by the chair’s restraints.  You tugged a bit at them out of reflex, finding them as sturdy as expected. Your legs were free, though, maybe offering some tactic but exhaustion and fear overtook you.
Once they deemed you settled in, the army of men left, walking in line as commandingly as they had entered. The leader and his assistant stayed, waiting for you three to finally be alone once more. The door shut with a disturbing bang, really sealing your fate. The assistant stayed off to the side, leaning against a wall adjacent to the chair. The leader walked over to you, taking a seat on some rolling stool. Wow, these guys really thought they were serious professionals or something.
“I hope the trip here was okay,” the leader said with a chuckle. “Comfortable?” He motioned towards your lounging state. You blinked. “I see we are losing that attitude. What a shame, really. I’m sure your soulmate loves a firecracker.” Your body visibly tensed at the mention of Bucky. The elderly man didn’t miss it. In fact, it seemed like you unintentionally gave him the perfect segue into his whole evil spiel.
“Ah, yes, your soulmate.” The leader nodded as if he had just forgotten all about it. “Well, you see, the fact he even has one was news to us,” he shrugged and glanced at his assistant who nodded in confirmation. “We were sure when we wiped him we were wiping everything, so imagine our surprise when we find out he’s out and about dancing - with you on his arm.” 
Your throat tightened as the memories of you and Bucky at the dance hall flooded your mind. It had been so busy that night you never would’ve thought you’d have to worry about someone… It sounded so ludicrous to you. You almost wish he hadn’t said it as the thoughts of that night were suddenly a bit darker. The carelessness you two had held seemed foolish now. 
The leader watched you carefully. When you didn’t say anything in response, just blinked away more tears, he continued, “At first, we were quite angry we had missed something so big. We could’ve sworn we broke every attachment time after time but, as I said, you just swept The Soldier right off his feet. So, naturally, our sights were set on eliminating you.” He let out a ridiculous hearty laugh. “But then my assistant here,” the man in the corner waved in response, “realized that that would be a waste. There could be potential here for you. For you and your soulmate. Potential rooted in a team. Two unbreakable soldiers, both in bond and skills. What more could Hydra want?” 
You gasped, your eyes growing wide, at the explanation. You didn’t know what to do now, your body had a mind of its own as it began shaking your head furiously as your wrists tugged and tugged at the restraints. This wasn’t realistic. They were absolutely mad. What kind of foolishness was this? They couldn’t possibly -
“Now, now,” the leader chuckled and turned to his notebook. He began checking referencing stuff from the monitor to the paper. “Don’t get too excited. We’re still brainstorming the whole concept and while it’s not near execution, it is on the promising side. There is, though, a vital component we seem to be lacking: your soulmate.”
Bucky… Your heart felt like it was going to rip itself out of your chest. Was he walking into a trap? Assuming he was walking in at all? Who was to say he had any idea of what was going on with you? How long could this all be for… You let out a surprising sob.
The leader responded to your outburst with an annoyed scoff. “There’s no reason to cry, dear. He’s sure to be here soon thanks to that little bond you have. If he hasn’t already recognized your distress by now, well, he’s not as smart as we thought.” He shrugged and began typing away on the monitor’s keyboard. “The whole attachment may all work out in our favor after all. Eventually, you two will be reunited, and won’t that be just lovely?”
Truthfully, you didn’t know anymore. You had no doubt in Bucky’s fighting abilities but these guys were… Well, they were pretty much responsible for him and everything you had seen him be put through. Who knows what they could do if (and when) he walked through those doors. You were lucky you hadn’t passed out yet from this anxiety alone.
“Besides, as I said, it’s all later down the line anyway,” the leader said. It had suddenly occurred to you at that moment that you were very glad he hadn’t given out his name. You couldn’t imagine humanizing these monsters. “For now, though, we are interested in learning more about you. I’ll be honest, on paper you are quite boring. Barely finished high school, left college for a coffee shop job… The pairing is almost comical. We just can’t figure out what you offer him and while, really, who are we to question Fate? But I still think in time we can figure out...well, whatever it is about you.”
You shook your head slowly, your eyes barely even able to focus on him anymore. Everything in you felt so heavy. “I’m not special.” 
“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong,” the leader chuckled. “He makes you special.”
As if on cue, a chorus of screams erupted from the hallway. You all jumped and turned towards the door. There was a little window on it but all you three could see were the bodies of the army of men from earlier flying about. 
“Sooner than we expected,” the leader mumbled and began furiously typing something into the computer.
You didn’t know what to do besides sit there and wait for whatever was coming. Deep in you, you knew it was Bucky, you could feel it. You could feel him. But there was also a part of you that could also sense… rage. A very familiar, unsettling rage burned within him. It made you wonder if you actually wanted to see him in such a state. Some sick piece of you wished they had just knocked you out. 
There wasn’t much more time to consider what you were going to do as the door to the cell was ripped off. Literally, fully, ripped away at the hinges to reveal a very determined, very angry, Bucky. He had an expression you didn’t recall seeing before, even in the nightmares. He looked ready to murder everything in its path but there was no calculated strategy to the madness. It seemed to be just him and his pure desire to eliminate anything and everything. His eyes were locked deadly on the older man, seemingly opting to ignore you. The assistant had begun shifting further away into the corner of the space.
“So nice of you to join us,” the leader said with an unsettling laugh. “I’ll admit, we weren’t expecting you so soon. I barely got a chance to get to know your little darling here.” He motioned towards you. 
“I’m only going to ask this once,” Bucky finally spoke, his voice strained, “let her go.”
The leader smiled, “I’m not sure you’ll be asking for anything in a moment, anyways.” He motioned towards the computer. You and Bucky followed his motion with matching bewildered expressions. “In fact, I think you’ll be the one doing what I ask.”
Bucky’s eyes widened. “No-,” 
But it was already set in motion. With a simple press of a button, the room filled with an electronic voice repeating a series of words in a foreign language. You looked around, unsure of where this could even be coming from and what the hell was being said, Your eyes eventually settled on Bucky who looked completely… lost. You gripped the sides of the chair, begging for this to just be over, as you watched that was so familiar. You could feel the memories rising from the depths of your brain. Hidden away, nearly suppressed... You gasped. The nightmares. That’s what all this was. They had pulled the trigger. 
As much as you loved and trusted Bucky, you couldn’t say the same for the other guy. If in that state, could he even recognize you? Like, fully understand your role? You didn’t want to find out, truly. The panic that was settling in now was unlike anything you had experienced that day. Not even the idea of Hydra goons kidnapping you had sparked this much within. 
You were preparing yourself for the worst as you watched Bucky try to shake it off. The leader wore a proud expression while the assistant kept his lonely distance, watching everything unfold. Suddenly, Bucky began mumbling to himself as his hands made hard fists. You thought the blow was finally coming and he was going to be gone. Just like that.
But then Bucky lunged. In one swift move, he pounced on the leader, taking everyone in the room off-guard, especially the target of the aggression. The older man hadn’t even had a chance to put his arms up before your soulmate was punching him relentlessly. Bucky’s yelling in the process was of pure, expressive anger, completely drowning out the screams of pain from the leader. You didn’t know what to do. You wanted to look away so badly but you were also hypnotized. Bucky was so determined and unwavering in whatever goal was planted in his head. A bit thankful someone would go to such lengths for you, you had had enough of such danger in your sleep - you didn’t want it in your reality. 
Bucky switched suddenly to strangling the man and that seemed to be the final straw for the leader’s life. The older man was soon just a lifeless, limp body on the floor. Bucky was still knelt above him, watching the soul drain from his victim. Your jaw went slack. You couldn’t turn this off.
The assistant didn’t help it as he made some foolish break for the exit but Bucky was just as fast. In a couple of determined strides, Bucky yanked the younger man back by the neck and threw him into the wall creating an artistic indentation. The assistant fell to the floor with a chilling thud. 
There was no one left for his sights to land on except for you. Slowly, Bucky turned around. A shiver ran up your spine when your eyes finally met. You didn’t know who was standing before you. Whatever or whoever this was quickly began stomping their way towards you. You shut your eyes and flinched away, waiting for a painful, finishing blow from the Soldier. 
But it never came. 
Instead, all Bucky did was lean over to turn off the speakers and then began untying your wrists. Hesitantly, you turned to look at him but found he wouldn’t look at you, just was intensely concentrated on the restraints. 
“B-Bucky?” Your voice was scratchy as you fumbled over his name. 
“It’s me, doll,” Bucky responded with an exhausted sigh. He sounded normal to you, his demeanor not even looking close to what you remembered from the nightmares. He… He was okay. Bucky still wasn’t looking at you as he finished one restraint then went on the next.
“You’re not…”
Bucky shook his head. “Everything’s okay,” he mumbled. “We’re getting you out of here.”
“The team is outside handling the other men.”
“You all came for me?”
Bucky finally looked up at you. For the first time, you could see just how tired he looked. A man nearly on the brink of defeat and enduring the fight. Your heart ached as all you wanted to do was crawl into his arms and take the longest naps of your lives. 
“Of course, sweetheart,” Bucky nodded. Gently, after the last restraint was undone, he picked you up bridal style. You threw your arms around his neck and buried your face in his shoulder, letting yourself relax and the tears flow. 
“Thank you,” you mumbled but Bucky didn’t respond as he carried you out of the facility
You must’ve fallen asleep because a few hours later you awoke at some sort of compound. You were lying in what appeared to be a hospital bed but nothing about this place looked like a typical hospital. The technology was too advanced and everything just seemed too quiet. You looked around, letting your eyes adjust to the bright light of the sun shining in from the large room windows. In the corner, you were greeted by the sight of Bucky sleeping awkwardly in a chair.
You twisted in the bed, trying to get more comfortable under the blanket. The super-soldier hearing must’ve kicked in because one ruffle of the blanket made Bucky’s eyes shoot open. He looked at you, panic shifting to relief when he saw you were awake. Quickly, in a few steps, he was out of the chair and at your bedside. 
“How are you feeling?” He asked softly. His hand went to touch your cheek but he must've thought better of it and instead lowered it. Your heart broke a bit wondering what self-deprecating thoughts were running through his brain after everything he had to do. 
“I’m okay. Just a bit sore,” you shrugged but boy was it the hard truth. You hadn't been in a comfortable position in hours and endured being thrown around like some rag doll. 
“Do you need any medicine?” Bucky asked, his voice suddenly having an air of panic to it. “I can call for help if you need it. Are you hungry? Do you need water? Or -  Or just anything to drink? I can get you-,”
“Bucky…” You placed your hand on his to calm down. He flinched at your touch. “I’m fine. Everything is fine.”
He shook his head. “Nothing is fine, sweetheart. You were taken from me-,” Bucky cut himself off as his eyes began welling with tears. He looked wrecked as he stared down at you, taking in your current state. You felt the pain, wanting nothing more than to make all these torturing thoughts vanish. “You… You saw things that I just… I never wanted you to deal with-,”
“It’s over.” You took a deep breath. “I’m here, I’m safe, and you’re with me.”
Bucky closed his eyes as if preparing for something. “After what happened back there, do you even want me around anymore?”
Your jaw went slack at his question. Sure, there was absolutely no denying that the events of today scared you, most likely more than you realized. You had only seen Bucky that determined and violent in your nightmares so to see it just steps away was jarring. But you also knew nothing changed within him. He wasn’t a robot or anything. He wasn’t someone just taking commands. He had remorse. You certainly couldn’t say the same for who greeted you in your sleep. It may take you some time to adjust, sure, but you weren’t turning away. At least, you were going to try not to. Healing was just beginning.
“Of course, I do,” you said, raising your other hand to Bucky’s cheek. At first, he flinched but slowly he leaned into the touch, sighing like he was letting go of something. “Bucky, what happened back there… You had no choice. I don’t have to tell you that those were some very, very bad people. They had it coming and the fact you went to those lengths to save me is unbelievable.”
“I’d go to the ends of the Earth for my girl,” Bucky admitted. 
You let out a weak giggle. “Thank you.” A pause. “May I ask how you figured out I was in trouble?”
Bucky smirked. “I had a nightmare.”
You raised your brows in surprise. “A nightmare?”
He nodded, “I started to feel weird after leaving for the mission like there was something I was missing. A little later on, I was taking a nap and you of course appeared but it was unlike any other dream I had ever had about you. It was… You were scared, deathly afraid of something, and then I saw what was going on. I practically watched it all play out from your apartment and on. It didn’t take too long to put everything together.”
You hmm’d. “Thank God for nightmares.”
Bucky chuckled and placed a light kiss on your forehead. “Thank God for nightmares,” he repeated in agreement.
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urimaginespimp · 3 days ago
The Wrong Bait
Bucky x Reader  
You, Bucky, Nat, and Sam are undercover in a Gala. Nat was supposed to be the one to get close to the target, but the initial plan goes down the drain when the target starts hitting on you instead. 
Your role in this mission was simple: blend in with the guests, be on the lookout for Nat’s target, make sure nobody gets hurt. The man wasn’t that much harmless, but he was working with sketchy people.  
This was probably one of your most laid-back missions yet, and it could’ve been taken cared of by other agents, but you, Nat, Bucky, and Sam wanted jumped on the possibility of a fancy night out after a day of pure boredom.
“I don’t have sight on the target yet.” you spoke in a low voice in the intercom.
“Neither do I.”
Bucky and Sam replied at the same time.
The satin floor-length gown you had on was enough to be appropriate for the occasion, and at the same time take your boyfriend’s breath away.
“I told you, quit having those heart eyes or I’ll poke them out.” Sam’s hushed voice came into the device again, confusing you.
“Who are you talking to?” you asked as you moved your way through a busy sea of people chatting along, and you took a seat by the bar.
“Your simp of a boyfriend.” Nat snorted an answer in behalf, making your cheeks burn at the flattery.  
Turning your seat and scanning through the faces in the room, your eyes finally met your boyfriend’s who was standing by the corner in his well-tailored suit, ignoring the unsubtle adoring stares sent his way by other guests.
“I don’t have hearts on my eyes.” Bucky muttered weakly in defense, sending you a shy smile that you mirrored, which of course was seen by Sam from who knows which corner he’s hiding.  
“Don’t make me go over there and smack that grin off you.” Sam threatened, thought you could hear the mirth in his voice.
But because of that little conversation the four of you had, you all missed to note that the target had made his way by the bar himself, and was now sitting beside you.
“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” A deep voice asked you on your side. Turning your head his way, you stared right into the eyes of the man whose picture was flashed during briefing. Curses were heard through your earpiece.  
Composing yourself, you knew you couldn’t blow it. But there was a reason why Nat was the one to interact with the target and not you. And that is the well-known fact that you are bad at flirting.
“I was gonna ask you the same thing.” You found yourself answering with a smile, though you were pretty much kicking yourself now in your head.  
“I am too sober for this.” you heard Sam mutter once again in your earpiece.
However, instead of being put off by your response, the target seemed to find it amusing. “So, I’m a nice girl now too, eh? I guess we nice girls should be sticking together.” he winked at you before taking a swing from his own drink.
A scoff from undoubtedly Bucky, came through.  
“I think I located the secret room. Y/N keep him there so I can get what we need and leave smoothly.” Nat instructed, and you almost let out a groan from frustration.
“You’re blushing.” The man commented, bringing your attention back.
“I'm not blushing. Your face is just so hot that I got sunburned.” you attempted to redeem yourself but failed once again. You winced.
“Wow, you’re on a roll, Y/N” the tone in Sam’s voice implied that he was close to losing it.  
“In a hotel ballroom at night?” the man let out a boyish laugh, shaking his head at you. “Come on, don’t let me deteriorate your confidence.”  
From his reactions so far, this might actually be easier.  
“Uh... People call me Y/fake/N, but you can call me tonight?” you tried to sound confident, but it was evident in your face that you were cringing.
“Keep going, darling, I might just fall in love with you.” he was still grinning at you in amusement.
“Quit flexing, Buck. We get it, you have a jawline.” Sam spoke once again, amused at seeing how hard Bucky was clenching his jaw from across the room.
“I’m about to break this guy’s jaw.” he replied through the intercom in all seriousness.
Clearing your throat, you hope that Bucky will forgive you for what’s about to come out of your mouth next. “It’s working then. I mean I would flirt, but I often seduce men with my awkwardness.” you smiled.
Nat who was being all stealthy in the secret room couldn’t help but comment. “Isn’t that your comeback to Bucky after all those teasing about your awkwardness?”  
“Yep. The very same one that got him to kiss her.” Sam added to her comment.
“I didn’t know you guys kept a scrapbook of our relationship.” Bucky replied in annoyance. “It’s alright, darling.” He assured you, his tone softer.
“I owe you one.” you found yourself replying, confusing the man in front of you.
“What?” He asked.
“I- I owe you a dance!” you quickly excused from mini panic, and pull him to the dance floor. It felt really wrong, especially when the reason you even learned how to dance was also because of Bucky, who has since then gone quiet.  
The man himself was good on the dancefloor, but you couldn’t help getting distracted from your own guilt, when you finally spot Nat by the exit, giving you a nod as a signal that you were free to go.  
“I have to go!” you exclaimed a little too excitedly.
“Why so?” The man before you asked, slightly annoyed.
“I just have two hundred-year-old men at home. They’re kinda traditional and need me home by now.” you reasoned smoothly.
“Two?” he inquired.
“Yeah, people keep joking they might be more than platonic though.” you chuckled and waved at him while already making your way to the exit.
Once outside, you turned right around the corner to where Bucky was already waiting, while Nat and Sam were already inside the car waiting. You gave him an apologetic smile, and was ready to apologize when he pulled you into him and kissed you, almost in a desperate manner.
Pulling away, you saw that there was a glint of smile in his eyes. “You’re not mad?” you asked and he shook his head with a smile.
“Maybe just a little jealous.” He answered.
“A little?!” Sam called out from the car, with the window down. “Get your assess in here so we can go home.”
Before you could reach out the door, your boyfriend pulled you into him once again and gave you a peck before giving you a playful scolding look.
“Don’t think that I didn’t hear what you said about Steve and I, doll.”
Y/N: This is short, but I’ve been having a bad case of writer’s block and just slowly working my way through it. Lol.
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