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#bucky x female reader
bvccy · 2 hours ago
Nothing to Despair | 24. A different depth of ecstasy
PAIRING: Soft!Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader
SYNOPSIS: Bucky and a girl he never met before have to go undercover as married on a mission to Europe. He feels alienated in the modern world, while she goes through life alone and abandoned. Maybe they can find a new home in each other, but she’s not easily convinced.
CHAPTER NOTES: So much smut with feelings, the most emotional yet. Soft!Bucky, loving and being loved the way he deserves, being held and taken care of, and just... just cherished. Some creampie, some cockwarming, some breeding kink underneath everything, and a bit of playful choking (but really playful, and reader does it to him). Really all that happens this chapter is they make love, and then discuss the past and the future. The ship approaches NY. We approach the end of the story.
Tumblr media
Your fate is not to wither here, And, passionless, your soul to save Behind these walls, a scentless rose Unopened by the honey bee And dull to the Divinity. Ah no! My lovely one, your morrow Is marked by different destiny, A different depth of ecstasy. — Mikhail Lermontov, Demon
After their long morning outing, they went back to their suite, like Bucky said they would. But after they finished washing up and getting comfortable, she didn't let him even begin to talk about his plan again.
"I don't want to talk about it," she said, shaking her head at the protest she could read on his face. "I don't want to even think about it right now."
"But doll…"
"I want you to trust me," he said, cupping her face in his hands. With the black glove off, she leaned into the chill of the metal. "I want you to know that you can trust me completely. And it's never going to happen, but if I ever do wrong by you, you can do whatever you want with me."
She shook her head but couldn't contradict him. It was a clean solution, the sort she wouldn't have with any other man. The girl wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled herself closer, resting her head against his chest right where his heart was beating.
"It wouldn't be fair to you," she whispered.
"I'd take it," said Bucky, kissing the top of her head. "I'd take anything for you."
"You already have me, darling. You know I won't go anywhere, you don't need to do this."
"Is that how you feel?" he frowned, pulling a bit away to look into her eyes. "You still feel like you're forced to be with me?"
She took a moment to drink in just how hurt he looked, how desperate to the point of anger, but she smiled and shook her head and leaned up to kiss him. "No, I don't." She kissed him again and felt him melt against her. Bucky's arms wrapped around her and he held on tight enough to lift her feet off the floor while they kissed. "I love you," she said as soon as their lips parted again.
"I love you too," he smiled brightly as he held her close. "You've made me so happy. You're everything I've ever wanted. That's why I trust you, doll, I'd trust you with anything, I want you to —"
"Let's talk about it later, ok?" she asked as she cupped his cheeks. "See if you still feel the same. Just… think it through."
"Alright…" he sighed, though still itching with the need to do it. Bucky had been nervous the minute the idea struck him, but now, his wife seemed more scared of the prospect of taking that control of him than he ever was of relinquishing it. Seeing him relax slowly in her arms, she eased back into him with a fresh patter of kisses, light and hot and teasing, going from his lips to his chin to his cheeks and back, in random patterns as their hearts beat, ever faster, side by side. Still kissing him, she kept her eyes open and looked at him as if searching for something. Even after he noticed, it wasn't enough for Bucky to stop, though he did slow himself down, giving her every chance to say what was on her mind, because he could see her thinking. Maybe it was his gaze, or the soft petting of her back, or his waist tight against hers that got her to finally demand:
"Make love to me."
His every muscle froze and tightened, standing at attention, ready before his mind even accepted that he heard her say it. And once it got through to him that she really did, that she asked that of him, that she said something sweeter than he'd ever hoped, there wasn't enough room left for any other thought. Bucky's eyes stayed on her face, almost waiting for her to change her mind, while his hands rushed to strip her of her clothes and he walked her back into the bedroom. Her hands, trembling as if it was their first time together, unbuttoned his shirt and just about undid his belt when he took over and yanked it out. They finished undressing in a matter of heartbeats, and Bucky was just taking the pins from her hair while she looked down and admired the length of him so close and in front of her. With a light touch, she teased her fingers up his thigh, making him pause and forget what he was doing. She hummed and kissed the top of his chest in a comforting way while, below, her hand moved in tickling touches on his inner thigh, then just lightly over the length of his hanging manhood.
Bucky's fingers curled in her half-undone hair and he moaned, but let her play with him. His wife sighed as she explored that warm and still soft part of him. The head was just barely peeking out, and the way its blush clashed against the paler skin around it was at once perverse, and tender, and adorable. She moved her finger up and down the length, avoiding the tip, feeling just the warmth and the hint of heartbeat, while his member twitched and hardened beneath her hand, before her eyes, because of her. Bucky took her teasing pets as long as he could, but he lost his mind when he heard her moan — because he knew why: she'd seen the hint of wetness start to drip. He was barely done taking the pins out of her hair and placing them on the table when he wrapped his arms around her again, pulled her in for one long kiss, and eased them both down on the bed.
"Tell me how you want it," he husked, lips barely lifted from hers.
"Don't worry about me…"
"That's a tall order."
"I want to see what you're like," she whispered, teasing his lips with hers. "Pretend I'm not here, pretend I don't exist. I just want to see what you would do… if you didn't worry about what I wanted."
As he pressed her into the bed, Bucky kept looking at her with his own doubts, but it didn't stop him from moving them, slowly, into a linking of arms and legs that brought their whole bodies together, throbbing to the same rhythm. "I'm not sure you'd like it," he smiled timidly.
She cooed with a sudden sultry air and pressed her lips against his, quickly parting as she spoke between each kiss. "You don't want to show me, sweetheart?" she asked with an airy voice, then added a playful sound of inner hurt. "You wouldn't do that for me?"
"I've created a little monster, haven't I?" he grinned, chasing her lips while his hands moved up to pin her arms to the bed.
"I've always been one," said the girl, looking between his eyes and lips, timing her admissions with the spreading of her legs, still gripped by the instinctual fear that, with every whim, he might leave her. "I just didn't want you to see. Was afraid you wouldn't love me."
Bucky sighed and clenched his jaw at her irresistible manipulation, but she wasn't really teasing anymore. His flesh hand let go of hers to come up and pet the hair off her face, smooth the tension off her brows, brush gently over her eyelids and just feel the fanning of long lashes. She moved with him, sweet and docile, and barely reacted when she felt his member brush against her as it yearned for her centre. He laid his palm over her eyes and held it there, his thumb coming right down to her lips. And as he angled himself and pressed his tip to her, he felt her hips move along with him — first away in fear, then settling down, then trying to find him.
"Bite down," he growled. Her fingers tightened in his upper arm, but she just barely hugged his finger with her teeth. "Harder. Hurt me, come on." Her mouth pursed with a kiss, at first, then slowly curled around the length of him and she bit across the length. At the same time, her legs tensed around his waist as he found her womanhood and took his place, the head catching on her entrance, then with a jerk of hips he pressed inside and pierced the breath right out of her. Her other hand flexed in his metal fingers, the useless scraping of the nails the only hint he had of it, while dutifully her teeth bit deeper into his flesh. "That's it, doll. I love it when you hurt me," he gasped with complete abandon as he sunk into her. He heard and felt her moans under his hand, and the murmurs travelled up his flesh and bones to the beat of his thrusts. "You're always so vicious about it. Makes me feel like you're thinking of nothing but me…"
A plaintive sound rose from her at that, and for a moment she stopped her biting to press one kiss into his flesh. Her hand clasped his metal one, fingers now tightly interlaced, and with the other she scraped her nails up and down the side of him. As he finally sunk all the way inside, Bucky lifted his hand from her face, and kissed her. She sat still at first, letting him do whatever he wanted, but with the feeling of him all around, so warm inside and on top of her and his palm cupping her cheek, she melted against him and started gently kissing back. Her eyes opened, still adjusting, but her gaze went instantly to his. Bucky's fingers threaded through her hair, then stopped, holding her head while he rested his forehead against her, his eyes lidded and heavy but still locked with hers as he thrust forward. Her wince turned into a moan and she canted her hips, tightening around him so quickly he took a sharp breath from the pleasure-pain she caused. His warm breath fanned over her face and ended with another kiss. Though he watched her all through the struggle of taking him, enjoying every thought and feeling that bubbled to the surface of her face, her eyes slipped from his down to his lips, and his chin, and his chest, then grew unfocused and closed. He could feel the tension in her lower stomach, right against him, and could just about feel the hard little tip of her that she tried to rub against him with his every thrust out, chasing her pleasure on his shaft.
With every outward thrust, she could feel him move right beneath that surface of delicate skin that covered him, and with every thrust inward, could feel the ridges of his member against her weakest, most tender parts, making her relax and relent to him and grow wetter and warmer and welcoming. Then he stopped, and pressed in harder, and harder, until he almost bent her back, and his whole body tasted her. The girl whined and pressed her head back, spine arching as she took him in, and Bucky took advantage of it to slip a few suckling kisses to her breasts, lips and teeth pulling gently, his tongue soothing afterward. His other hand held her still, preventing her from moving too high on the bed, keeping her right where he wanted her. Her body came back down on the bed and her legs shivered, so he knew he'd teased her enough. Bringing his lips back to her face, Bucky pressed another brief peck to her lips, while still buried deeper inside her than he often dared. Her eyes cracked open and she smiled at him, shy and satisfied, and daring, then of all times, to blush. He chuckled lowly and pulled back out just enough to give her another firm thrust that stole every thought from her. Her panting breaths filled the air around them with the reedy, almost panicked sound, but she clung to him harder than ever before.
His metal arm let go of her hand to wrap around her throat, fingers closing with precision to the point where she felt it but it wouldn't hurt her. And just like she asked, Bucky didn't stop to think if she would like it, didn't pause his thrusts to check on her, or wait for her reaction. Only when his eyes moved back to her face did he see the scared look in her eyes, and beneath, the lip bitten naughtily between her teeth and pulled up in a smile. He thrust harder and pushed a moan out of her, and then another, slowly, and then shifted to a quick succession that had her gasping. He cooed at her, then soothed her cries with gentle kisses, thumb coming down to brush her upper cheek. Bucky felt her tense and throb around him, trying to close up but held open, and her cries were getting higher, more scared, and he could feel the heat inside of her from their joined flesh that worked its way through all her body, and the softness, and the unrelenting fighting of the muscles against him. His metal arm held her still while he whispered against her cheek, and marked each pause with kisses, saying ever more freely what he had learned, until then, to hold back.
"Take me, that's it, take me like a good little wife… I'm yours, I'm all yours, so take me." And on their own, his legs braced harder against the bed as he chased his pleasure into her, eyes half-lidded and distracted with the feeling of her beneath his hand, and down his chest, and all around his pulsing manhood. "I love you," he whispered, resting his forehead against hers. "I love you so much…"
By now, she'd relaxed enough to hear him and looked up into his eyes, mouth agape, and nodded slightly as if she wanted to say it back, but her every nerve was on edge. Bucky understood, still, and kissed her with a boyish smile lingering on his lips. He only parted to moan her name, and felt her whole body twitch nervously at that — it went against what she liked, and that's what she'd asked for now; it said her there, and then, and reminded her that he thought of her. He was always thinking of her, and maybe now she began to understand it. Bucky whispered and whimpered her name with every thrust, his pace more tempered but stronger. He pulled himself up and brushed his whole body against hers, held there, then pulled back like an exhale, moving freely in her softened womanhood. The metal hand slipped to her upper chest, holding her down gently for a moment, and though he couldn't feel her heartbeat through it, he came back down, closer to her, to feel her right against him. Then he was moaning her pet name, the one he'd come to call her when they were both happy and careless, like old friends, but he said it now with such overwhelming, mindless love, like the echo of a hundred thoughts he'd had on his own, and she felt, though present and attended to so intensely, as if she truly wasn't there — because so many times, for him, she hadn't been.
Her hands moved from the side of his chest up to his ruffled head and held him, brushing the hair back and keeping him by her side where she could kiss his cheek and whisper, once she found the courage, how perfect he was, and dear to her, and sweet, and how she loved him too.
"From the start," she whispered against his skin, "I've always loved you, sweetheart," and pressed it into him with a kiss.
Bucky savoured it with a moan and a shiver, and paused enough to turn his face, kissing her mouth with gratitude, and relief, and a happiness that was strong and unfamiliar, after having abandoned it so many weeks before, in moments of despair. It almost felt a shame to spoil the moment with anything carnal, but he stayed inside her, throbbing, and pressed deeper, and overwhelmed with love and pleasure he finally let go. His wife gasped as she felt it, the strong twitching that pushed him into her, the warm spilling of himself, and his flesh all around, damp and feverish and tender. Her body, which had come to know him so well, throbbed in sympathy, and relaxed, and opened up to take him in and keep and cherish him, just as she did. They moaned against each other as they finished, but it didn't stop their kisses, their soft and slow caresses, parting only to gasp in enough breath to keep on kissing and loving each other in every wordless way they could. He stayed inside of her as he softened, and moved his metal arm below to tilt her hips as he pressed closer, holding her body like an urn, thumb caressing the rim that was the crest of her hip in soothing, petting motions. She clung to him harder but tried to relax, letting the shivers run through her, the after-waves of pleasure and fear at the intensity of his claiming. Their kissing slowed as tiredness caught up with them, and she lay heavily on the pillow, Bucky's head resting right beside hers, turned on its side to face her.
"Alright, doll?" he asked breathlessly, smiling.
His wife grinned lazily — he was just fishing for compliments, he knew she was more than alright.
"So good… you're so good to me," she moaned, arching her back up into him, feeling the rumble in his chest as she clenched around his sensitive shaft.
He was still panting, sweat dripping and chilling on his back, every nerve aflame, but sated. She focused on tempering her breathing, and when she opened her eyes again, she found his waiting, their typical chill grey softened by the crinkle of a smile. With his lashes so long and his brown hair tousled around his face, he looked like a young deer. Her one hand rested on her chest, but she brought the other up to brush his hair back and pet him, and his eyes closed in contentment, lips curling in a smile.
"Not as good as you deserve," he mumbled sleepily.
"No, you're exactly what I want." Stretching her neck the slight distance, she pecked him lightly on the lips. "You're perfect for me. Don't say differently, don't even think differently. You're perfect."
Her tone was firm enough to stab into his soul while her eyes looked so lovingly into his. Every doubt she'd ever given him, with every rejection or cursing or clawing, was cut away and lost with those few words, that heartfelt look — and suddenly, he felt so full of not just his love, but her own, that it threatened to spill over his seams. All the other girls he'd been with, every couple he'd been jealous of, every young family he'd stared at with envy, seemed suddenly pathetic compared to what he had with her. And just the thought that they were on the way to starting a little family of their own…
Very carefully, Bucky laid her hips back on the bed, and with the motion, finally left her body, his member fully soft and satisfied and so warm from her that he growled when the air of the room hit his skin. She groaned at the loss, but her head lulled back dreamily, shivering with the final teasing taste of him against the parts of her rubbed raw and pleasured. Her skin was so warm and wet all over, but most of all she felt the thick, rich seed that threatened to overflow, even after pushing it so deeply in, and with a bit of sluggish movement she tucked a corner of the duvet under to keep herself tilted up, hungry and greedy for all that his body had made, enticed by her, and spilled, coxed between her lower lips. Now that she had caught her breath, she moved a bit up on the pillows and pulled her husband down, warming him against her legs and chest again, and pulled the sheets up over him, tucking them both in. Bucky rested his head against her chest and curled his arms around her, trying at first not to be too heavy, but seeing how easily she took him in her arms, he soon relaxed. Her legs curled around his, his stomach rested at her waist, and her hands were petting the back of his neck, fingers brushing through his hair. He breathed in her skin, listening to the beating of her heart as it slowly came down, and at the crown of his head he could feel her lips, cooing and kissing, then coming to rest.
"I love you," she whispered, rubbing her cheek against him, and he could even catch a hint of smiling in her tone. "My best boy, my own, my only… I've wanted you since I saw you, perfect, pretty, handsome lover. And you're so nice to me, so gentle. I don't know what I'd do without you."
He didn't trust himself to speak. His throat was gripped with new emotions that didn't even feel his own, so unused he was to this much care, to being held like this, and cherished as if he were the centre of someone else's world. As if all her thoughts were of him, all her feelings were for him, and she felt — she finally felt — for him what he felt for her. But it seems she'd felt it for even longer than he thought, she'd held it in and hid it from him, but it was there. Knowing that only drove him dizzier with love. All he could do was wrap his arms around her tighter, and nuzzle his face into her neck, and swallow his loss of control. Bucky didn't have to ask her why she hadn't told him. It was for the same reason he held the fullness of his feelings to himself up until he had her under his power, captured. Now that he had all but sworn to be her captive too, he finally could see it: how deep their love for each other was, how perfectly matched in intensity. He was already at the limit of how much of her affection he could take, but then she softly moaned into his hair and started praising him some more, in a way that completely undid him.
"My big, strong husband," she whispered, "who takes such good care of me," and kissed the top of his head. "I love you so much." To the rhythm of their breathing and her fingers through his hair, slowing, slowing lazily to long caresses, then to firm warm hugs, they fell asleep.
Tumblr media
They were just days away from New York, and every one of those days was spent trying to forget it. They went out every morning, walking hand-in-hand, and took their time with breakfast. His hand caressed hers while they waited for their order, playing with the wedding band around her finger — she finally admitted how much she liked it, too — then they went and window-shopped, or caught a show or movie, or spent time in a lounge, or he taught her how to dance. They made an event of lunchtime, and for dessert she sat by his side, leaning against him as she had a milkshake or an ice cream, her head on his shoulder and legs brushed up against his. It was difficult to stay out after that, and sometimes they skipped dinner to make love — which occasionally was just a series of kisses, a long undressing, resting with each other and leaving it there, and other times they sank so deeply in each other it hurt when he left her body. And on the days that were more quiet, they spent the evening on the deck, walking while they watched the sunset, or with her sitting on his lap as they sipped their drinks and talked. Once he got her to open for him, even just a bit, his girl let Bucky slip in as sleekly as a slip of water down a glass, and he made his way through every corner of her.
She sat sprawled on top of him one night as they lounged together, with no one else around on the deck. The sea looked as black as the horizon, sprinkled with foam and gentle waves like the sky was sprinkled with stars and little clouds. A breeze chilled the air, but they kept each other warm. Her head rested on his chest, and when she turned up to look at his face, she hummed and brought a thumb up to brush over his forehead.
"What's upsetting you, honey?" she asked, petting his frown away.
"Nothing, doll," he smiled down at her, but not being very convincing.
His little wife tutted and pulled herself up enough to cup his face and gentle her thumbs across his eyebrows, smoothing them back while she laid a kiss between them. "Tell me," she pressed again as she laid back down.
"I was just thinking about… I don't know. It's…" He sighed heavily as he thought of how to put it, worried no doubt about upsetting or offending her, but she waited and tilted her head up just slightly, encouraging him to go on. "About how it got to this. All the things you went through that I wish you hadn't… What I went through too, but mostly wishing you'd… you know, had an easier time of it. But then, thinking you wouldn't be here…" he trailed off, his arm wrapping tighter around her waist as if she could slip away, as if she was just something he'd dreamed up.
"You're feel guilty?"
"A little. No, a lot. I shouldn't feel it, but sometimes I can't help but be grateful for all the bad things that…" that had brought her to him.
"That's alright," she whispered, and through the length of her, she could feel his muscles relax.
"Really?" he winced, still doubting, but managing to smile a bit.
"There's a thought I had, from something you said once… Maybe more than once."
"You remember what I told you about how we look at evil, in our fairy-tales?" Bucky hummed again and kissed the top of her head. "There's another way I used to see it. I'd forgotten how nice it was, before you reminded me."
"Tell me, honey."
"There's this book I found out about," and she left out that it was from Althaus, she didn't want to ruin Bucky's mood, "by this ancient Roman author called Boethius. He was in prison awaiting execution, and he'd lost everything. His status, his wealth, his freedom and his library, and was about to lose his life. And while in prison, he wrote a book about how to get through that. To find happiness when everything's been taken away…"
Bucky hummed as he listened and kept his eyes on the sea, smiling at her showing off how smart she was again, but grateful that she did. Every day, he was learning something new about her, and he knew better than to scare her away by teasing her about it. His hand moved slowly over her hip in a petting motion as he waited for her to go on. Perhaps she hadn't meant it, but what she said brought him right back to his time as the Soldier, when he too had lost everything. Was that what she meant?
"And there's one thing he wrote about evil, a very interesting theory about it… He said that evil can only be perceived, by us, in time. But from a higher perspective, something like a Divine perspective, it ceases to exist. Because, when time has ended, everything is reconciled. Everything comes together."
He froze, as he understood her meaning. "I didn't want to say it, but when you put it like that…"
"It's helpful, isn't it?"
"To look at things that way, yeah."
"I was fascinated when I first read about it but, I couldn't really accept it, you know? None of the things that had happened to me seemed to make much sense. But now…"
His other hand came up to wrap around her, and he held her closer than before. He felt her hands come up to hold him too, and she turned over on his chest to press herself into his body, safe and warm with a complete belonging.
"I shouldn't say I'm grateful that you left your home, that you've been unhappy, that you've kept away from other guys — Well, no, I am grateful for that one," he smirked, and she chuckled into his chest. "Shouldn't say I'm grateful that it drove you into joining Hydra either."
"But if it led me to you, I can't say it was bad anymore," then quickly she added, "I mean, not that I'd say that about you but…"
"What do you mean?"
"About what happened to you."
"Just as I was about to feel better about it…" he chuckled jokingly. "So you'd get rid of me, huh?" he teased. "You wish you hadn't met me?"
"Bucky… If it meant I were alone again, I'd undo everything that's happened to you."
"Sweetheart…" he smiled and cupped her face, gentling her down-turned lips.
"You lost everything you had. I know I don't deserve you and I'm not enough to make up for ev—"
He pulled her down and shut her up with kisses.
"I told you not to talk like that," he whispered when they parted, his forehead resting against hers as he searched her sad and fragile eyes. "You just said it yourself, doll, everything comes together. And you make me happier than I've ever been before." His thumb brushed across her cheekbone as he waited, but she sat there, listening, neither contradicting him nor nodding. "If only you'd believe me…"
"I guess it makes me feel like… I need to make this whole century seem worth it," she joked with half a smile.
"That's right," said Bucky with a pout. "And it's not worth it when my best girl is being sad. So what can we do to make you happy, hmm?"
Tumblr media
Midnight found them wrapped around each other in bed, sheets strewn all around and tangled in between them. The hair around his forehead was matted with sweat and slowly she brushed it away, hand still trembling from love. Bucky lay half-way on top of his wife, feet hanging off the side of the bed while his arms were wrapped around her, face buried in the soft crook of her neck. Her body was strewn down on the bed, hair stretched across the pillows, sheets pulled off and half tucked underneath while she let her body cool and calm her thumping heart. He kissed her skin and ravished her with praises while her fingers pet his hair back, and kissed his head, and rested her cheek on top of it, lifting it now and then to kiss him again as if she just remembered how much she loved him, and hummed to him a gentle, sleepy tune.
"Keep going, doll," he murmured with a smirk. "Practice those lullabies."
"I hate it when you sound so smug."
"No you don't."
"No I don't."
He raised himself enough to reach her lips and kissed her tenderly, then rested his face against her chest, his ear against her heart, and looked up in her eyes. She looked down at him too with a half-lidded gaze, tired, at peace, and safe.
"What language do you think you'll sing in?" he asked with a proud smile.
"Oh, Dochian of course," she smiled back softly, but sounding unrelenting.
"You don't think we have pretty lullabies?" asked Bucky teasingly.
"I'm sure you do," she giggled. "But no child of mine is going to grow up speaking a foreign language. They will learn English only after."
Bucky grinned and nodded, and now that he had drawn her in, he said "So you're settled on those 5, or…?"
Feeling caught again, she turned her head away. His happy, hopeful face melted everything inside her. Her husband chuckled and finally got up, stretching in his feline way before plopping back down on the bed, and pulled her to lay on top of him. She sighed but let him do it, and straddled his thigh to work her way up, enjoying the little growl that bubbled in his chest as she did it.
"I wish I had your confidence," she said as she threaded her fingers together and rested her chin over them, right at the top of his chest.
"Everything's going to be alright, doll," he whispered as he held her. "There's 'Nothing to Despair', right? Isn't that the saying back home?"
"Oh you bastard!" she laughed, recognising the motto and surprised, underneath everything, that he even knew what it was.
"I'll have you know —"
"Using my own country —"
"— that your mother-in-law was an honest lady."
"— against me!"
"Hey, all's fair in love and war," he grinned.
"I could strangle you right now," she huffed, her smile mirroring his irresistible one.
"Yeah? Come on, do it," he goaded. "Really, come here. I want to see how you do it."
"You'll laugh at me," she muttered.
"No I won't." Slowly, she crawled up his body and wrapped her fingers around his neck, barely holding him. "Come on, you won't hurt me, harder," grinned Bucky. With her hand still around him, the girl straddled his waist and put more effort into it, her little fingers squeezing down. "Here, you should keep pressure on the side like this, cut off the blood flow."
"Like this?"
"That's right. Harder. Harder, come on." As she squeezed like he instructed, Bucky couldn't help but smile brighter, proud, and just slightly turned on. "That's pretty good," he husked as he looked into her eyes.
"Don't think I can hold it for long, though," his wife said with a little laugh as she tried to focus, then gave up.
Satisfied, took her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the inside of her palm. "We'll make an assassin out of you yet."
"Bucky…" she winced, but could barely hold back a saucy grin.
"What? Knowing how to kill people is an essential life skill," he argued with a smirk. "Just don't tell Steve."
Tumblr media
Everyone gathered on the deck as they approached the coast, cheering as the shoreline waited, growing in the shrinking distance. Bucky and his partner — his wife, his heart, his everything — stood outside too and watched. Her back was to his chest as his arms were tightly wrapped around her, and without needing to speak, he knew she was completely wracked with nerves beneath her cool exterior. He leaned down to kiss her cheek and felt her smile, and her head turned to kiss him back. But on his arm, around her waist, he felt her tight grip clinging.
"It's all going to be fine, honey. Don't you worry about a thing." He felt his wife nod and rested his chin over her head, swinging them both of them gently side-to-side to the rhythm of the waves. "I love you more than anything, sweetheart. I won't let anything bad happen to you."
"I love you too," she told him ardently, hugging the arms that held her. "I love you no matter what happens."
Tumblr media
End Notes: Regarding their little talk about evil and time and Boethius, I took some parts almost ad literam from this recording. It's actually helped me through some really difficult times. Obviously, you don't have to listen to it for the story or anything, but I am sharing it in case it can be helpful to someone else as well.
Tumblr media
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grey-water-colors · 5 hours ago
After All This Time (Bucky Barnes X Fem!Reader) Part 2
I went ahead and wrote the second chapter, I was so excited. I did a lot of research on PTSD and the triggers. I may not have a full grasp on it, but I hope I at least got some of it right. I feel kinda iffy on writing the characters, but I did my best to stay true to who they are. I hope you like this chapter!
Pairing: Bucky X Fem!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of torture, violence, yelling. Talks about triggers and PTSD. Mentions of death and killing. If there are any that I missed please let me know!
Word Count: 2,492
Part 1
“Steve, I don’t understand why you’re dragging me out here to this museum.”
“They told me that they made a new addition to the Captain America exhibit and I didn’t want to go alone.”
Bucky clenched his vibranium hand and continued to follow Steve. “Did they at least tell you what it’s about?”
Steve sighed, “No, they didn’t. I wish they had though, I hate going into these things blind. Who knows what they’ve dug up.
“Steve, did you find it?”
“Uh, yeah Buck. I don’t think you want to see it though. It’s something they had no business digging in”
“What is it Steve. And don’t even think of lying to me, I know you too well.”
Steve sighed and led Bucky to the new exhibit. A memorial just like Bucky’s, but it was dedicated to Y/N L/N.
Bucky scoffed but read it out loud anyways. “Y/N L/N was a childhood friend of both Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Y/N met the two in 1923 and they were close ever since. In 1941 record says that she became engaged to Sargent Barnes, but never married. Y/N was drafted as an Army Nurse but died in Germany in 1944.” A picture of her before the war and in a case were her dog tags, which was weird. If she hadn’t been found, how were her tags here.
Bucky trailed off, the rest just going on about what kind of person she was. They stood in silence for a while, both staring at her picture. Steve finally broke the silence, “How much of her do you remember?”
Bucky looked away and tried to remember the girl in front of him. Flashes of smiles, tears, and laughter floated through his head, but he could only focus on one memory.
“I don’t remember her before the war.” Steve’s head moved to look at Bucky so fast that his neck cracked.
“What do you mean before the war Buck.”
He looked at Steve and backed up until he could collapse on a bench. A deep breath then, “I remember seeing her when I was the Winter Soldier. I vaguely remember a mission, maybe a couple, and then an order. I couldn’t help myself. All I could do was watch as I choked her to death, them dragging her away after declaring her dead.”
He shook his head as if he could erase the memory, make it disappear to never see again.
“If you killed her-“ Steve paused, “If you went on missions with her then she didn’t die in 1944. She was captured by Hydra. Then there could be a possibility that she, well that she could still be alive. Could it be possible that it was staged? Buck is there any chance at all that she could still be alive?”
Bucky shook his head again and looked at his hands. “I felt it Steve, I felt her neck crush. There’s no way she survived that.”
He took a deep sigh and felt the world shift, his heart plummeted to the ground as he realized the full gravity of what happened. “Oh god. Oh god, I killed her. I killed my fiancé, Steve.”
Steve just sat down next to Bucky, still in shock. She had been a good friend to Steve. They had come from similar backgrounds, hell they had grown up together, she understood him in a way that Bucky never could have at the time. She had been there when needed and even when she wasn’t. A ray of sunshine in a dreary New York. He had taken a picture of them after Bucky had proposed. They were all so happy.
It shook Steve to his core that Hydra had gotten their hands on her. He couldn’t imagine the horrors that she had gone through, might still be going through much like his best friend. Was she as much of a shell as Bucky?
It felt good to walk into her apartment without having to break in. She had hassled every office and bank that had her name in its databases to get her back as a registered live, human being. And to get electricity and water going to her place.
She had already been living in the apartment, but now she could cook, light a fire, and make noise. With her accounts opened again, she bought a couple pairs of clothes to wear while she cleaned the place.
Starting with the kitchen she cleaned every surface, threw away all the canned food that had been left behind.
By the time she had finished cleaning, she was physically exhausted, but she couldn’t bring herself to sleep in the master bedroom. She had managed to turn off her emotions for the day. No tears had been spilled because there had been work to get done. But her new superpower didn’t work now that she had nothing to do. Y/N stood in the middle of the living room desperately trying to stuff her emotions back into the box they had been in, but they had seen their chance and taken it.
Tears filled her eyes and she took her first real look around the place she had once called home. It was like she had never left at all. A place for everything and everything in its place. She turned to face the worn leather wingback. The thick blanket draped over the back just like it always had. She shuffled over to the chair and sat down in it. The leather was cold but familiar with the smell of her life before the war. Ghosts of days past floated through the air around her. She curled up in the chair, thick blanket pulled over her.
Things had been so easy then, and it would be so easy now to just fall back into that time when everything was perfect. Except the person that had helped make it perfect wasn’t here. A tear fell from her cheek onto the leather, and she quickly brushed it off not wanting to ruin the chair.
As she was wallowing in self-pity, a fight broke out on the street below her window, voices piercing the air and pulling her back to a place she never wanted to go again.
Project Cecilia had become a nightmare. A nightmare she couldn’t wake up from. The project was a testing ground of trial and error. They tested the trial serums, triggers, enforcers, and everything else to make sure that they wouldn’t damage whoever took the role of Winter Soldier. The project was named after the scientist who did most of the testing.
The serums were bad, it felt like lighting her blood on fire, like hell itself was inside her. But trigger testing was far worse. For every test or experiment, a trigger experiment came after. Is sound more effective than smell? Are words better than sounds? What kind of words work better than others?
Trial and error for over 30 different types of triggers until they settled on a list of words that would mean something to the Winter Soldier. Her mind was blocked off so carefully that she couldn’t remember anything before the last trigger.
Here she was, testing how much electricity a super soldier could take before things started to shut down. And then the doctor walked in. Constantine Cecilia was the man who haunted her dreams. She couldn’t ever quite remember who he was, but somehow she knew that when he arrived, things would be bad.
“How is our little rabbit doing today? I believe a congratulations are in order, you finished testing.”
He put on plastic gloves and his assistant walked up to them both. “She’s due for sound this time.”
The doctor smiled. “Good good.”
Things were going well; the set-up went smoothly. She was ready to receive the trigger, the thing her mind would take as a trauma to seal away all of the bad.
But then a fight broke out, and then people were yelling, screaming at each other. The trigger was set.
Shuri had done her best at getting rid of the physical effect of the triggers, and by best, she was completely successful. Unfortunately, there was still an emotional effect that came with the triggers. Certain smells, sounds, colors, and even sometimes emotions would send her spiraling into a memory. Most were memories that terrified her, they brought her back to Hydra and their torture. Some were good, like remembering life before the war.
They happened less at home, surrounded by memories of a past that never hurt. The outside world was what tortured her. Going outside was like sentencing herself to relive the worst of her life.
And she remembered it all. Hydra had done such a good job of playing Tetris with her brain that every time that Shuri released a trigger, she remembered everything. Y/N bet that Dr. Cecilia was laughing in his grave at her tragedy.
Y/N fell asleep under the thick blanket on the chair of the man she had loved more than anything else in the whole world.
Y/N decided to visit the Veterans Center, hoping that they magically had the cure for what Shuri called PTSD. She walked inside and was met with the smell of burnt coffee and laughter down the hall. She followed the noise until she came to what looked like a break room, or a very poor excuse for a kitchen.
A tall man took notice of her and he excused himself to go talk to her.
“Hi, can I help you?”
“I, uhh, came here to talk to someone, hopefully.” Y/N cursed herself for feeling so small. She was a veteran after all. She just fought in a different war.
“Are you a vet?”
He smiled, “Well then welcome. My name is Sam Wilson. I help run this place. Mostly I work with the people though. Business isn’t really my style.”
Y/N gave a weak smile.
Sam spoke up again, much to her relief. “Why don’t we go somewhere to talk so we aren’t standing in a door way.”
She merely nodded and followed Sam to a room with foldable chairs and a couple beat up sofas.
After they had sat down, and awkward silence filled the air. Sam cleared his throat, “So what’s your name?”
Y/N took a deep breath and “My name is Y/N”
Sam nodded. “What war did you serve in Y/N?”
She froze, of course she could just answer him. She heard there was a whole museum dedicated to the two oldest people on the planet, so why was it so hard?
“You don’t have to tell me if you aren’t comfortable with it. I’m not going to force you into anything here. It’s a safe place.” The genuinely caring smile on his face helped her relax.
“I fought in World War II.”
Sam looked startled for a second. “Excuse me?”
“I was a nurse with the Red Cross in World War II.”
She watched as Sam’s shoulders dropped. Y/N prepared to fight, to tell him that it was true, without going through the horrors that she had witnessed. She prepared to give him the riot act like she had for every person who hadn’t believed her at the bank and social security office.
Instead, he started laughing. “Man, I wonder how many more of you there are out there,” Sam said between breaths.
The look of confusion on her face must have put more puzzle pieces together for him at how lost she really was.
“You… You actually believe me?”
“Yeah I do! I work with the other two.”
She suddenly felt cold, like someone had just dumped a bucket of ice water over her head. While Shuri had told her about James, or Bucky, and about Steve and how they both lived in New York in the Avengers Compound, it had never occurred to her that they were so close. So close, yet so far away. Her heart dropped.
“How exactly do you know them? You said you worked with them, so you must be an Avenger I suppose.”
“How much do you know about this time and place?”
She felt, for the first time since she left Wakanda, that someone understood. Only a fraction maybe, but an understanding all the same. Sam somehow knew that she didn’t know much about the present she found herself in. She didn’t really care to learn either though, the world was scary, and she had to face it alone for the first time in her life.
“Not much. I’ve only been off ice for about 9 and a half months now. Most of that was spent in Wakanda, while Shuri worked on getting rid of my triggers.” The more she talked the more Sam’s face filled with understanding and horror and that scared her.
“You were captured by Hydra weren’t you?”
All she could do was nod, her head held low.
“I won’t ask about that. I know better than that. I can’t even begin to imagine the horrors you’ve been through.
“Well, I’m the Falcon, I fly and I see things really well with my goggles. Other than that I’m just a human, no serum or anything.”
It was like all she could do was nod her head, she had been robbed of words.
“Would it be ok if I went home?”
“Of course! Nothing is keeping you here. I’m glad we met, and you’re more than welcome to come by anytime at all. We do close at 9 pm, but here’s my phone number if you need anything after those hours.”
More nodding. Y/N rushed home.
The first thing she did was climb into the chair, drape the blanket over her, and tell a ghost of what happened.
“Sam are you ok? You seem distracted today”
“Yeah. Yeah man I’m good.” Sam looked at Steve for a minute. “Say have you ever met someone named Y/N L/N? She came into the VA today and when I asked what war she fought in she said WWII. She was captured by Hydra. I didn’t press her on it, she got that same look that Bucky does when it gets brought up.”
Steve froze. “What was her name?”
“Y/N L/N, do you know her?”
“Are you sure about what you told me?”
“Yeah. Why? What’s going on?”
“What did she look like?”
“She had H/L hair and E/C eyes. She was about yay-tall” Sam held up a hand to about her height. “Again, do you know her?”
“I promise I’ll tell you later, but I gotta go.”
Steve took off running through the compound until he got to Bucky’s door. He hadn’t seen Bucky since the museum, but this was important. He pounded on the door, “Buck! Bucky! Open the door!”
A quiet mumbled “Go away Steve” came as a response.
“Bucky,” Steve pleaded. “She’s alive. Sam met her today.”
Then the door opened. “Where?”
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metalbuckaroo · 5 hours ago
Hi! 🦕
Can I request roommate Bucky x reader and 16. from Fluff and 1. from General (and maybe 1. from Angst)
I’m sorry I didn’t write it all, all I remember are numbers
Thank you so much and I love you! 💛
Summary: Agreeing to going bar hopping with Sam and Bucky ends in a confession.
Warnings: angst, fluff, cursing, bar setting.
AU: Roommate!Bucky x Reader
AN: ILY2! Ask from this list, requests are always open so feel free to send one or more in!
Reblogs and feedback are always appreciated!
Gif not mine
Tumblr media
Pushing your way through the sweaty crowd, you tried to find the two men you had came with; regretting that you even agreed to come when Sam invited you to go bar hopping with him and Bucky.
A hand touched your arm and you turned, hoping to see Bucky standing behind you. "How's your night, lovely?" A stranger smiled, leaning closer to talk to you.
Bucky could see you from his spot with Sam away from the crowd, narrowing his eyes at the man talking to you. "I'm sure she's fine, Bucky. Just leave it alone." Sam sighed, leaning back in his chair.
"She looks uncomfortable, I'm just gonna check on her." Bucky shrugged as he stood up. "What if she's just trying to get laid and you go over there and ruin it?" Sam chuckled at his friend. "Well, that's kinda the plan."
Bucky maneuvered his way to you, glaring at the man who was a bit smaller than him. "There you are, dollface." He said, wedging his broad body between the two of you, his lips knocking to your forehead as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders.
You watched as the man walked away, Bucky leaning to talk in your ear. "Needa' talk to you." He muttered, loud enough for you to hear before pulling you with him. "James-"
You were cut off by his lips engulfing yours, hands on the sides of your head. All you could do was stand there, shocked as he pulled away. "No, no. We are not doing this right now." You pointed, backing away from him.
"Sugar, c'mon..." He sighed, a sad look washing over his face. "No, you're drunk and I'm going home. Sam will make sure you get home safe."
Now was not the time to be confessing feelings, no matter how wonderful even the dim lights of the bar made him.
Bucky called your name as he watched you walk to the door, Sam following behind him when he decided to go after you. "Bucky, just leave it." Sam said grabbing his upper arm.
Pulling his arm out of Sam's grip, Bucky continued down the sidewalk behind you. "Talk to me about it, please." He pleaded. "Not right now, James. I knew I should've stayed home." You said shaking your head.
Bucky's hands grabbed your waist and spun you around. "We've been dancing around this for how many months? I'm sick of it."
"I'm leaving." Bucky scoffed and shook his head at you. "Of course you are, that's all you know how to do. Tuck tail and run every time I try to talk about this with you."
"I don't know what this is, but I'll see you at home." You said breathing a laugh, turning back around to walk the two blocks home.
"Fuck." Bucky cursed to himself, dragging a hand through his hair as he headed back towards where Sam was at the entrance of the bar. "Fucking scared her away." He scoffed, throwing his hands up.
2 hours passed without a sign of Bucky, the silence in the shared apartment was making your stomach churn. Although Sam had texted you and said Bucky was fine, you couldn't help but still worry.
Running a hand over your face, you leaned back against the couch; the memory of how Bucky's lips felt against yours replaying in your head over and over. You wanted it again, wanted more than just living in the same apartment, but tonight wasn't the night to admit that; not when there was alcohol involved.
You heard the sound of jiggling keys on the other side of the door before the knob just twisted open. "Thought I told you to lock this door when I wasn't here." Bucky said, words slurring slightly as he gently pressed the door shut.
You just watched as he toed his boots off and shuffled over to you, dropping to his knees in front of you. "What are you doing, Buck?" You sighed as he pressed your knees apart and moved between them.
He leaned forward, his head laying on your chest; hair tickling your chin as his body relaxed against you. "Can you please just hold me..." He mumbled, snaking his arms around your waist.
Inhaling a breath, you rubbed your hands up his biceps, goosebumps raising on the skin of his right arm. "Always." You breathed, letting your fingers tangle in the back of his short hair.
The silence was filled with sounds of quiet whirring of Bucky's arm and his soft breaths, easing the sick feeling that had settled in your stomach before. "I'm sorry for doing that..." He muttered, slipping his hands under the back of your shirt; a habit of his that became comforting for you, cold metal and warm skin pressing gentle circles into your skin.
"It's fine."
Another few moments of silence passed before he spoke again. "Will you rub my back? Please?" He lifted his head to look at you, slate blue eyes dancing back and forth. "You need to eat something. You smell like a brewery."
He shook his head and laid his head back on your chest. "I'm fine. Very comfortable."
You sighed and slipped your arms under his, bunching the fabric of his shirt up so you could rub his back; feeling the tension of the muscles soften under your touch as he hummed in contentment.
"I love you." Bucky mumbled, partially hoping you didn't hear him, or instantly shove him away.
Instead, you pressed a kiss to the top of his head before leaning your chin against it. "Tell me that when you're sober."
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noshame-bb · 6 hours ago
Hehe since I just saw your latest Stucky post, I've had this idea brewing in my head. So imagine the boys having to deal with a drink avenger!reader. Like this woman is a boss bitch, takes no nonsense, can kick some serious ass but drunk she is a flirt, and softie who just wanna cuddles and kiss her beautiful Beaus. Does she spill some spicy secrets at the party to the rest of the team who knows 🤷 maybe Sam tricks her into playing never have I ever adult version 😂
Idk where this so going, but I would love to read your take on it 😂♥️♥️
awwww nonnie this is-this is gonna be great
pairing: stucky x reader
rating/warnings: fluff, drunk!reader, swear words?
Listen, you didn't mean to get this drunk. Natasha just kept feeding you drinks as the night went on. When you drank you tended to get a little, touchy? You wanted to be cuddled and loved, and praised. During the day, you were a fucking warrior. You were a badass in the feild, fighting peole left and right, always got the job done. You were the teams best technical anylist (besides jarvis of course), in simple terms you were a boss bitch.
"Pssst Natasha!" You whisper yelled to the woman at the bar. "You see those fiiiiiiine men over there?" You point 10 feet away to your super soldier boyfriends chatting with Sam and Tony. "Yeeaaaah I get to go home with them and there gonna sex me so goooood mmhm" You flopped your head onto the bar. Natasha waved Sam, Wanda and Vision over to witness this.
"Oh yeah, what else?" Nat egged on. "Oooooh their such great cuddlers. Having two boyfriends is great because when we cuddle, it's like a big super soldier sandwhich and it's just uuuuuuuuh" At this point Bucky, Steve and Tony walked over to see the comotion.
'Hey! There they are! Hi guys!" You flopped yourself into their arms and hummed. "Hi darlin' " Bucky said with a drawl. "God you guys are warm, kiss please" You looked up at them and puckered your lips. Everyone was trying to hold in their laughs, including Bucky and Steve.
Steve leaned in first and gave you a quick peck, which you pouted at. Then Bucky leaned in and gave you a longer, more forcefull kiss. "Alirght alirght, there's people." Steve asserted as he nudged you both. You pulled away with a angry look, "First you don't even cuddle me properly," looking at how Steve had an arm around your waist, and an arm around Bucky. Bucky had one arm around your shoulders, the other around Steve's waist. ", then you take away my kisses rights! not fair." You yelled as you stomped your foot.
"Yeah boys give her some love" Sam joked. "Shut it Sam" Steve wasn't big on pda. It's not that he didn't want to love on you, he just prefered to keep it private. Bucky started to rub and scratch at your head, making you hum and push your head onto one of their shoulders. Steve's big, warm hand started to rub up and down your back, making you pull away, and grab his hand.
You held it up to your face, examining it. "Watcha doing Y/N?" Wanda questioned with laughter. "Look how big it is! It's like the size my face. UUUh guys! You know what this hand does?" You waited for a response. When no one gave one, you continued. "This hand, wraps around my neck sometimes and then he puts his big fingers-" Bucky put a hand over your mouth. "Alright sweetheart that's enough."
Everyone was stunned. Shocked even. Golden boy, Steve Rogers, kinky? "No Y/N go on, what about Bucky?" Tony asked. Bucky took his hand away, also curious about what you were going to say.
"OOOOOh Ton's you have no idea. His lips, my gooooood he does this thing in my pus-" This time it was Steve that cut you off. "Y/N, love, that's enough." He looked at you with THE look. And with that tone? Oh fuck.
"Uh oh, he's using his daddy tone, I think I'm in trouble." You whispered the last part as if they couldn't hear you. Steve was beat red, and Bucky was laughing his ass off like the rest of them. He looked to Steve, so serious, that means he had to be too.
"Y/N, stop, that's enough" He tilted his head, to let you know he meant buisness. "oooooh he also likes to be called daddy, which is greaaaaat because I like calling them daddy because their amazing and they take care of me and give me amaaaaaaazing orgasms" People couldn't breathe from how hard they were laughing. And that made you laugh.
Steve grabbed your cheeks by one hand and moved your head towards him. "Baby" He said in a low tone. Bucky turned you to look at him as well, "Enough"
You hung your head, "sorry" you once again flopped into their chests, as they continued their minstrastions from ealier. "cuddles now?" You asked in a sweet, innocent tone, complete 180 from ealier. Everyone gawked, h-how did they just-
"Of course darling." Bucky answered. "kissy's too?"
Steve smiled down out you, seeing your innocent doe eyes he loves so much. "Mmm course bubs, lets go to bed hmm?" You hummed. Bucky picked you up but your thighs, you wrapped your legs around his waist. You reached an arm out to Steve, wanting his hand to hold. "Alright little love, I'm coming," He turned to the group. ", night everyone"
"night night!" You yelled out before falling asleep on Buckys shoulder.
Everyone just stood there. Not knowing what the hell just happened.
Vision spoke up, "I did not find any of that amusing"
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mercurysstars · 7 hours ago
All That Glitters Is Not Gold (part 11)
Summary: Y/n gets hired to be the avengers chief physician and also happens to be an ex assassin.
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: Swearing, nightmares.
A/n: You know guys I just realized how BAD I am at writing endings. (This isn’t the end btw)
Tumblr media
"𝘖𝘬𝘢𝘺, 𝘺𝘦𝘢𝘩, 𝘐 '𝘮 𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘢𝘯𝘦
𝘉𝘶𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘮𝘦."
"Sorry, dearest."
"No, no don't leave me." She began to shake her restraint arms violently.
Y/n was up with a gasp. Her heart was beating erratically and her eyes darted around the room. She was in her room. Alone. Safe. The clock read 7:30 am. She pushed herself off the bed and walked to the bathroom.
Y/n walked into the bathroom and switched on the light. What she saw staring back at her almost made her flinch. Her skin was sweaty and oily. She had dark bags underneath her eyes from the lack of sleep.
She unwrapped the bandages on her hands and threw them in the little trash can next to her toilet. Her hands were almost completely healed. It took them a little bit longer than normal because she hadn't been in the mood to meditate.
Y/n peeled the sweaty clothes off her skin and turned the shower head on. She opened the curtain and stepped in. She let the warm water run down her back and onto the floor.
Since the compound had gotten raided Y/n had been on edge. She'd been distracted at work, barely eating. Every time she closed her eyes all she saw was her fears and nightmares. She hadn't been getting more than 3 or 4 hours a night and it was quickly starting to take a toll on her.
Y/n didn't know why this was happening. Maybe the break-in triggered some sort of PTSD? That was her only guess. There was a press conference going to be held today so she figured it might help her to see everyone and socialize instead of work and constant stress.
Y/n finished the rest of her shower routine almost on autopilot. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped her towel around her body. She walked out of the bathroom and opened her closet.
A knock at the door caused Y/n to jump and her hand automatically reach for her knife. She readjusted her towel and took a deep breath "Come in."
The door creaked open and Wanda peaked her head through "Pepper wants us downstairs early before the press conference starts and she wanted me to make sure you'll there."
Y/n smiled "Yes I will. I'll meet you down there."
"Alright see you down there hun." Wanda smiled back and closed the door. How badly she didn't want to go to this thing.
She sighed and started to get dressed. Y/n wasn't a big fan of the thought of being on Tv. She knew that nothing good could ever come out of it. The news always twisted their stories to fit their own needs.
Y/n opened her door and crouched down to the floor. She picked up the piece of thread on her floor. She put the thread between the bolt latch and the door frame. She locked the door and walked over to the elevator.
Okay so maybe Y/n was a little paranoid. She'd admit that. She learned the trick from her brother. You'd put a piece of string between your door and the door frame. If the piece ended up on the floor then you'd know someone had been in your room. But if said piece was where you left it then your room was safe and sound.
But of course, it doesn't always work because there was the occasional thief, assassin, or mercenary that was trained to watch out for those sort of things so when they were done scouting out you, your place, or your things they'd put it right back where they found it. And you'd never know the difference.
Y/n stepped off the elevator on the first floor. She walked over to the group of Avengers on the stage. Pepper turned to her "Y/n how nice of you to join us." She smiled.
"Anyways as I was saying, we'll just answer a few questions to get the press off our back. Remember to be polite. And Barnes try to smile. Looking like you're enjoying yourself won't kill you."
Pepper readjust her clipboard and walked away to what she guess finding Tony and scolding him. Y/n walked over to Wanda. She was sitting on the edge of the stage with her feet dangling off the side. "God I hate these things. It's just filled with rude journalists and bad press."
Y/n chuckled at Wanda's complaints. The conference room was empty of journalists. Pepper told them they'd be let inside in a few minutes she just had to go over a couple of last things. "This is my first one so I hope it doesn't go too bad."
"Yeah well, you're in for a long run." Wanda sighed.
Y/n was pretty sure Wanda was exaggerating but it didn't put her at ease. She heard even though these sorts of events only last 30 minutes some people say it felt like hours. After the Avengers did conferences like these they stayed in the news for weeks.
Y/n didn't really want her face all over New York but there was not much she could do. Sure a normal doctor of the Avengers would be expected to be on the news once or twice but the chief physician was expected to almost be seen with them always. Or at least that what the PR team had told her.
Pepper walked back through the door and clapped her hand together to gather everyone's attention "Alright everyone look alive. Doors are opening in T-minus 2 minutes."
There were a few groans and grunts but everyone got into place. Y/n somehow ended up in at the end right next to Bucky with Sam on the other side. Pepper was in the front putting on her best professional smile and Tony was standing beside her with his basic Tony look.
The doors opened and reporters started to flood inside. They all pushed over each other trying to get the best spot. Y/n bounced her leg anxiously, her gaze darting all around the room. Her eyes snapped to what she thought to be a familiar set of eyes.
"So what. You're just going to leave me here." She screamed.
"I'm sorry dearest."
Y/n felt a nudge on her leg breaking her out of her thoughts. She broke her gaze from the crowd and turned her attention toward Bucky "Are you alright?" He asked.
Y/n looked back to the swarm of reporters while she answered. She kept looking for the man but gave up after a few seconds of being unsuccessful "Yeah I thought I saw someone I used to know."
Tony tapped his finger on the mic and cleared his throat "Ladies and Gents first I would like to thank you all for coming today. So thank you." The crowd laughed at his attempt at a joke.
"So as you all know we've recently have had a pretty big security breach and I would like to put some of the rumors to rest."
Y/n tuned Tony out and her mind began to wonder. Where would she be right now if not with the avengers? Would she be working in some big hospital with tons of patients? Maybe she'd be a pediatrician. Or who knows if she hadn't met Tony that day almost 8 years ago she'd be a trauma surgeon with tons of student loans. Or maybe even dead.
During college Tony always checked up on Y/n every couple of months. Making sure she had enough food, nice clothes. He would invite her over for Christmas and forced her to go on vacations with him and Pepper. He was like the dad she never had but always craved for. And all she knew was that if Tony wasn't the impulsive person he was she wouldn't be here right now and she was thankful for that.
Y/n didn't have many friends in college. She didn't live in the dorms like everyone else, she thought there were too many risks involved in living in one and a lot of people thought she was too serious. To boring. To mean.
One time Y/n broke one of the frat boy's noses at a party for getting a little too handsy. He didn't press charges but she did have to pay for his medical bills and was blacklisted from most party's. She didn't have one single ounce of regret.
She wasn't really big on boyfriends either. Sure she'd slept with a few people but she was always gone before that person could wake up the next day. A boyfriend was someone with who you'd share a goal. Mark a milestone with. Make memories with. Y/n's first kiss was with a target. He'd brought her back to his room and she blew his brain out before he had even gotten the chance to give her a second glance.
Y/n moved her foot her feet uncomfortable in the heels she was wearing. In the process, she accidentally kicked Bucky. He nudged her back with his foot slightly harder. She nudged him again and he did the same. They started to play a little game of footies. She had to bite back a smile.
Of course her competitive nature she'd say she won. That was until took his fingers and pinched her in the side. "Rude." She gasped quietly. "I'm so going to get you back."
"I don't know what you're talking about." He feigned innocence. She narrowed her eyes at him but he just shrugged and looked away trying not to show her his laughter.
"We will now officially be accepting questions," Pepper spoke into the mic. The reports and journalists began to shout over each other. The room became a loud source of voices.
Pepper pointed at one. "My question is for captain Rogers. Do you think this security breach will affect any further missions?"
Steve walked over to the front of the stage and to the mic "This won't affect any future missions, we will continue on as normal."
Another person spoke up from the back of the room "My question is for Dr.Y/l/n."
Y/n eyebrows shot up in surprise. Her eyes met Peppers and she gave her an encouraging nod. She wasn't expecting anyone to acknowledge her let alone ask her a question. She stumbled toward the front "Yes?" She basically squeaked out.
"Do you feel safe at the Avengers compound? I mean for a normal civilian these little security breaches must frighten you."
Y/n took a moment to gather her thoughts. She definitely wouldn't call herself a normal or a civilian. The way that the reporter asked the question made it seem like he was trying to accuse the avengers of something that wasn't even their fault.
"I knew what the risks were when I signed on.  Mr. Stark and I have taken extra steps and precautions so that in case of an emergency I would be safe. As we all know Mrs. Smith had gotten a little bit older so that when they decided to hire mean." She stated.
The reporter seemed to consider what she said for a moment before they said "Are you sure it isn't because of your ex-relationship with Mr. Stark? He doesn't seem like the type to do that with other employees and there are photos with you guys from years back."
"Or is it Mr. Barnes that insured your safety? It seems like you guys are quite taken with each other."
She heard several people gasped and Y/n had to physically keep her jaw from falling open. Pepper quickly said, "Sir that is an inappropriate question."
Y/n finally came back to her senses and gave the man a death glare "No, no Pepper it's fine. I'll answer his question."
"If by relationship you mean friendship you are correct. He does take extra precaution because he cares about me and he doesn't want to see people he loves hurt in any, way, shape, or form."
"And it's the same with Mr. Barnes because he's a good person. He's a hero. An Avenger. And what Avengers do is save people even if it meant putting themselves at risk. You can quote me on that. Thank you and good day." Y/n said calmly. She walked off the stage and the crowd erupted in question.
Y/n flipped her grilled cheese absentmindedly. Wanda was right to say that the journalist were jerks. Earlier she had wanted to go down there and strangle the man. But she decided just to walk out of the room because she didn't want to headline to read Avengers doctor snap and chokes out an unsuspecting reporter.
Y/n wasn't really sure what happened after she left. Wanda had told her that it ended with Pepper reprimanding the guy. She kind of wished she had waited around to see that. Y/n had gone to her room and stress cleaned. Who was that guy to suggest such things?
"Can't sleep?" Y/n whipped around and pointed the utensil she had in her hand at what she thought was the intruder's throat.
"Woah calm down it's just me. If I was a bad guy what would you do? kill me with a spatula?" Bucky laughed.
"I've worked with less." She said. The statement flew right over Bucky's head and he laughed pushing her hand down so she'd lower the spatula.
Y/n turned back to the stove with her grilled cheese still on the pan. "I'm guessing you can't sleep either if you're up at 3:30 in the morning."
Bucky leaned on the side of the counter watching her "Nightmares?" He asked simply.
"Something like that." She replied. She grabbed out an extra plate and put on grill cheese on each. She handed one to Bucky and sat down on the counter. She decided she wasn't that hungry anyway so she might as well give him on.
His eyes lit up as he took a bite "I haven't had one of these since the 40s. My mom used to make them all the time."
Y/n chuckled biting into her own "Wanda taught me how to make these a couple of weeks ago. I used to buy them all the time from the school cafeteria."
"You know I never got a chance to thank you." He looked over to her.
"For what?" Y/n asked. She wiped her hand on a napkin taking a drink of water.
"For sticking up for me earlier. Not a lot of people have done that for me lately. So thank you." He smiled nervously.
Y/n hopped off the counter and threw her plate in the garbage. "Well, I meant what I said. You are a good man James Bucky Barnes." Unlike me. She left unsaid.
"Well, then good night Y/n."
"Good night Buck."
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xxspringmelodyxx · 7 hours ago
Bucky Barnes x reader
Tumblr media
I groaned as I was hit by one of Thanos' henchmen, making me fall to the ground from the impact. He swung his axe up in the air and pulled it down towards my neck, trying to end my life. However, I saw it coming and quickly put my hands up and created a forcefield right above me. When I did that, his axe flung straight up in the air due to the direct hit, and fell right on top of his head, instantly killing him. I cringed at the sight, kind of feeling bad, but quickly got over it and moved on. I looked around looking for someone in particular, but couldn't see him. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice from a good hundred feet away.
"Sam, behind you!" I heard. I turned and saw Bucky fighting alongside Sam. A small smile crept to my face when I saw him okay.
That was quickly washed away once I saw a group of men come and fight them all at once. I saw they were struggling to fight 50 men and women all at once and so I decided to take a step in.
I raised my right knee up in the air at a 90 degree angle and raised my left hand right in front of my face, holding a fist. Suddenly, a gigantic chunk of rock came out of the ground that was about three times the size of me. More and more small, but sharper rocks came out of the ground too.
"Bucky, Sam! Move!" I yelled out. They both looked and saw me. I took my other hand and pushed it towards the rock, stomping my foot on the ground simultaneously. All of the rocks were pushed towards the people who were trying to hurt Bucky and Sam. The big rock slammed into almost all of them, either crushing them under the rock, or knocking them out. The few that were left standing were hit with the slightly small rocks, quickly ending that fight. Bucky and Sam both looked at them with shocked faces, then turned to look at me. I smiled innocently and ran over to them
"Are you two okay?" I asked with worry.
"Y/n, we are fine. It's nothing but a scratch." Bucky said with a small smile. I rolled my eyes and smiled back at him. Meanwhile, Sam just watched with a "wtf" face.
"Okay, I get you two are a couple. But now's not the time to do any lovey dovey stuff. We are in the middle of a-Ah shit!" Sam started, but was quickly interrupted. Bucky and I turned to see him getting slammed on the ground by none other than Midnight. She flung him to the opposite side of us into a tree with a blast from her spear. She walked up closer to him, ready to shoot a blast at him once again, but Bucky quickly stopped her by shooting her in her arm multiple times. She yelled in anguish, looking at Bucky. She grabbed her spear and threw it at him, trying to pierce through him. Bucky saw this coming from a mile away and instantly caught it, shocking Midnight.
"You stupid human! I will kill you and your friend!" She said running after him. That's where I stepped in once again. I stood behind her and just as she was about to reach Bucky, I crossed my arms together, causing them to glow a bright yellow. A bunch of tree branches and vines crawled up behind me at a very rapid speed. They bunched up together, waiting to be set free. I then swung my arms apart from each other towards my sides, releasing the plants to rush after Midnight.
"You'll die alone, as will the rest of them-what the?" Midnight started. She was grabbed by vines and branches all over her body, including her neck. She struggled to get free. Everytime she broke out of it, it would just wrap more around her and grip on even tighter. She turned to see me, giving her a death glare.
"He will never be alone. Why don't you go try saying that somewhere else, you dumb bitch!" I spoke with venom. I raised my right hand in the air and bunched my fist up, tightening the vines and branches around her. She started to choke as this happened. The skies started to shift and the clouds started to rotate. Bucky saw this and knew something bad was going to happen.
"Let me show you how to really get rid of people for good." I seethed through my teeth. Midnight was clawing at her neck, trying to get air. I could have kept going, except I was interrupted by a huge blow to my head, making me black out a bit. Bucky saw this and oh boy, he was ready to brutally kill whoever hurt you. He grabbed his gun and instantly shot at the person's chest. He was another one of Thanos' henchmen. Bucky ran over and grabbed him by the neck, throwing him down and beating the living daylights out of him. Sam quickly got up and tried to help wake me up while letting Bucky deal with that.
"Hey come on, Y/n. Wake up, we need you in this fight. Come on, wake up Y/n." Sam tried to say.
He heard you groan in pain, trying to wake up.
"Ugh, what time is it?" I said, making Sam chuckle a bit.
"Come on, there's not a lot of time left. We need to go help the others." He said.
"Where's Bucky?!" I said with worry. I heard metal being pounded into something and looked over to see Bucky literally punching the shit out of someone, who was quite obviously dead. I got up and ran to him, trying to stop him.
"Hey, hey. Bucky it's okay, it's okay. I'm here, look at me." I said, making him slowly look towards me. His eyes were full of pure rage and I could see it. I grabbed his metal arm and brought it close to me, moving it away from the body to open space for me to hug him. I could feel his heartbeat and it was going very fast. I suddenly felt his arms wrap around mine and he sighed, going back to his normal self.
"Sorry. I just couldn't help it after I saw that bastard hurt you." He mumbled, making me kiss his cheek.
"I'm just glad you weren't hurt." I said, hugging him even tighter. He smiled slightly hearing you say that and feeling you in his arms.
"Are you all okay?" We heard from behind. We looked over to see Vision and Wanda and nodded.
"Yeah, how about you guys?"I asked. They did the same.
"There's so many of his followers out there, I don't know if we can take them all on." Wanda said. I smiled and got up, grabbing her shoulders. Wanda and I have been really close friends ever since we first met, we are basically sisters at this point.
"Wanda, you can move things with your mind, control people's minds, and you can shoot energy blasts out of your hands. I can control almost all of the elements with my mind and body. I think we've can handle a few more of his stupid helpers." I said with a smile.
"Now, I'm gonna leave you with Sam and Bucky. I need to go find T'Challa and help him fight with the Wakandans. I kissed Bucky goodbye and ran off.
There were still hundreds of them, but I could see that we weren't too far from them either. I saw Okoye fighting a group and while she was holding her ground, she seemed to be faltering a bit. There was someone coming up from behind her and she didn't notice, so I thought very quickly and raised my foot up again like last time, but this time I raised it higher and crossed my arms again. I then slammed my foot on the ground and uncrossed my arms, causing a big hill to form and move towards that person, hitting them hard and flinging them away. I then forced some tree branches to wrap around the group tightly. I then touched my middle finger and thumb together, causing the branches to burst into flames, burning each individual wrapped in the branches. Okoye finished the last person off and looked at me with a confused face.
"And why weren't you here with us beforehand?" She said, making me smirk.
"I'm here now aren't I?" I said, making us both smile. We then fought alongside each other and we're on a roll. Thor showed up and helped each of us fight. T'Challa was kicking ass as well. We had each other's backs and things were starting to look good.
However, that was short lived once we saw a huge dark portal open, making all of us look. My eyes widened and for one of the very rare moments, I felt fear. It was him, the man who was the cause of all this Chaos. The one we should've killed a long time ago.
"Thanos…" I whispered.
"Let's go!" Okoye yelled. I nodded and we both ran towards him. I looked over and saw the other already fighting him, but they were getting beaten badly. I saw him throw Steve out of the way, crush War Machine, trap Natasha under a bunch of thick wood, and shoot a purple blast towards Bucky. My eyes widened as I saw him hit a tree hard, knocking him out.
Okoye threw her spear at Thanos, but he quickly stopped it just before it could pierce through him. He blasted her away as well, getting closer to...Wanda. I saw her crying as she was using her magic to destroy Visions stone. I felt tears brimming in my eyes as I knew why she was doing it. She and he were sacrificing their life and love for the world, just so Thanos couldn't get the stone. I could tell she was in so much pain. I looked over to see Bucky knocked out and my anger rose at high levels towards Thanos. He's hurting the people I family. I saw him getting closer and closer to Wanda, Steve tried to stop him and he was doing well for the beginning of it, though he lost later and was punched hard to the ground. I ran towards him with a war cry. I felt the breeze run through me, I could feel each particle in the air and on my skin. I swung my hands around my head, feeling the air follow my movements, and pushed my hands down. I was then flung about 50 feet in the air. I then raised my right hand behind me and a long piece of water formed in my hand. I then froze it and it became a very sharp blade. I multiplied these sharp ice blades all around me and sent them flying towards Thanos. There were hundreds forming by the second. However he was able to stop them just like Okoye's spear. He then sent them back at me and my eyes widened. I blocked them all with my force field, but soon I started to feel tired, and my force field started getting smaller.
"I will die If I have to. I will not let you get to that stone!" I yelled. I then moved my hands in a continuous spiral motion and the wind started to blow harder. It actually kept Thanos away for a bit. I then started to form mini tornados and I pushed my hands towards him, sending about three small tornados at him. He was hit by each one, knocking him back. He looked up at me and growled. He then clasped his hand together and his purple stone lit up, causing a purple light to wrap around my body. My breath hitched as it crushed my body. I was in so much pain. He then threw me Into the tree as hard as he could, breaking the tree a bit. My vision was extremely blurry now. I tried to get up, but I kept falling. I saw a red blast go towards Thanos and realized it was Wanda. He was getting closer and closer to her.
"No...Wan...da…" I said. I crawled, hearing a ringing through my ear. Just as he was about to get to her, a huge blast of orange yellow filled the entire area.
I looked up and saw Vision, lying lifeless on the ground. Thanos looked at Vision and grunted. He looked at his gauntlet and that's when I realized. If all he needed was the mind stone…
Suddenly, green enchantment circles surrounded his hands and he twisted his hand counterclockwise. Suddenly, things started to reverse and the blast we saw a second ago, came back and returned to Vision. He grabs Vision by his neck and makes him come back to life. Wanda and my eyes widened as we saw it
"NO!" We both yelled and ran after him, but we're both thrown back in different directions. I landed next to Bucky and she landed next to Steve. I saw him rip the mind stone out of Vision's head and saw him put it in the last holder for the stone. His arm glowed as he felt the power surge through his body. He yelled in satisfaction as he felt himself gain all the power in the world.
However, a sudden blast of lighting struck and hit him, pushing him through the ground. I looked up to see Thor. His eyes were bright blue as he flew towards Thanos. Thanos yelled and shot a blast back at him with his infinity stones, but Thor threw his hammer, which surprisingly beat the blast and pierced right through Thanos' chest, making him groan in pain.
A part of me jumped with happiness as he came down. Please tell me this is the end.
Thor walks up and and pushes his hammer even more into his chest, making Thanos gasp out in pain. Just then, I felt Bucky get up and grab me.
"Bucky…" I whispered, holding onto him. He tried to help me up, but we both stopped moving once we heard Thanos say something.
"You….you should've…" he started, making all of us look confused.
Then he looked right into Thor's eyes and said,
"You should've gone for the head."
Then his hand raised up and he snapped his fingers, hearing all of us scream out, "NO!!"
He disappeared right after and we all stared in shock. Bucky helped me up and held me close, preparing to protect me.
"Where'd he go?" Steve asked.
Silence. That's all that was there
"Thor! Where did he go?" Steve asked again. Suddenly, we looked over and saw one of the Wakandans panic as they saw themselves slowly disappear into dust. All of our eyes widened as we saw that. Then one by one, people were slowly turning into dust. I started to feel my heart stop as I saw everyone I knew and loved turn into dust.
"No…" I heard Bucky say and then I saw the worst image I have ever seen. Bucky was turning into dust. I grabbed onto him and held his face, pleading.
"No, no, no. Bucky don't go…I need you." I said with tears filling my eyes. He looked up at me as he slowly fell down. He grabbed my face.
"Y/n...I love you." He said, trying to keep me calm. Everyone looked at us. I looked at him and saw a teardrop fall from his eye down to the ground.
"I love you too…" I said and was about to give him one last kiss goodbye, but it was too late. He had already turned to dust. I grabbed onto the ground where his body laid and silently sobbed.
Natasha ran up to me and hugged me. I hugged her back and held on tightly. The pain was too much to bear. I felt tired and lost. I just lost so many people I loved…and I just lost the love of my life.
The thought was getting to me and my body couldn't take it anymore. It's like it just shut down, causing me to pass out on Natashas shoulder.
Steve sat down next to us with a shocked and pained look.
All we heard was heavy breathing from everyone.
"Oh god…."
Okay, ngl, I kind of teared up when I wrote that Bucky cried a bit... because I can't stand seeing my man's cry😭 he just deserves to be happy! But don't worry, part two will be coming soon!
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buppybucky · 8 hours ago
ex!dilf!bucky coming to your house super drunk telling you how sorry he is and much he loves you and your daughter. You end up letting stay the night and he fucks. After that your daughter walks in and she so happy that bucky is here she ends up laying in bed with you guys (you guys are changed) and she tells you how happy that you and bucky are together if that makes sense
PAIRINGS! ex!dilf!bucky x f!reader
SUMMARY! in which one drunken text leads to a heart broken man on your doorstep.
WARNINGS! mentions of alcohol use, 18+ minors dni, mentions of divorce, passionate sex, fluff, masturbation, bucky is a sap, dry humping, unprotected sex, needy bucky, oral (f), bucky has a wet dream,
A/N! okay so, i have one more dilf bucky fic to post after this and then i’m putting the trope to rest for a bit, gonna move onto other tropes:)
Tumblr media
you couldn’t wait, you kept checking your phone for the time, counting down every second for your daughter to go to bed. it’s not that you didn’t love her, it’s just that time with you and your vibrator was unbeatable.
at what felt like the millionth time of you checking your phone, you noticed a message from your ex-husband, bucky. ‘i miss you.’ it read.
you rolled your eyes and deleted the message. the time caught your eyes and your smile was wide. “c’mon petal! time for bed.” you ushered, lifting her up.
she whined and put her head in your neck. you brought her into her bed and tucked her in, reading her a bedtime story before going to the kitchen.
you poured yourself a nice glass of wine and went to feed your cat, alpine, that your ex-husband once adopted many years ago. you refilled his bowl before walking upstairs with your wine in hand and your vibrator on your mind.
you got into your comfy bed, placing your glass on the counter. you decided on putting on a movie for some background noise, choosing baywatch because why not?
you grabbed your small bullet vibrator from the bedside table and pulled down your pants in excitement. just as you got your fingers under your panties to pull them down, you heard a noise outside.
hoping it was just a fox or something, you continued with pulling down your panties and turning on the vibrator.
just as the small bullet hit your clit, there was a knock at the door. you groaned loudly and turned off the vibrator. you pulled up your panties and pants and walked downstairs.
you opened your door and sighed. “y/n! oh thank god, i thought i got the wrong house.” bucky slurred, chuckling after his words. you cocked your eyebrows and took in his body language.
“are you drunk?” you asked. he nodded and smiled at you, his eyes half lidded and his body flopping around slowly. you scoffed and lifted him inside. “thank you.” he whispered, almost falling asleep in your neck.
you threw him onto the couch and went to get him some water. “drink this slowly.” you handed it to him. he nodded and failed to open it, dropping the bottle on the floor. “oopsies!” he giggled.
you rolled your eyes and massaged your temples slowly. “why are you here, james?” you asked, sitting next to him. “jus’ wanted t’see my best girl.” he mumbled, getting up and sitting in your lap.
you sucked in a quick gush of air at the large amount of weight being plopped onto your lap. “m’favourite girl.” he whispered, putting his head in your neck. you sighed and pushed him off.
“bucky, we’ve been divorced for six months.” you shook your head. bucky sighed and wrapping his arms around you. “i miss you s’much.” he said, leaving sloppy kisses down your neck.
you pushed his head off you again and rubbed your eyes. “haven’t been able to sleep without you.” he groaned, pulling you on top of him. “cant look at anything in m’house without thinkin’ of you.”
you sighed and put your head on his shoulder. “you’re all i want.” he whispered, rubbing your back slowly. “i would walk through fire f’you.” he kissed your cheek.
“i didn’t want a stupid fuckin’ divorce, i wanted you to be happy, always wanted you to be happy.” he grabbed your face, looking into your eyes. you bit your lip and shook your head.
bucky sighed and put his hand on the back of your neck, pulling you in for a soft kiss. you put your hands on his shoulders and melted into the kiss slowly. bucky moved his hands into his hands into your hair.
you pulled away and put your forehead on his. bucky sighed and shut his eyes. “i love you so, so much, the only girl i’ve ever wanted.” he whispered, kissing you again.
bucky lifted you up and stumbled towards the bedroom. “bucky, you’re still drunk.” you whispered, shaking your head. bucky nodded and let you get down.
you walked him towards the bed and helped him take off his clothes. “can we have sex?” he asked, gripping your waist. you giggled and shook your head. “fine, make love?” he kissed your neck.
you pushed him down into the bed and tucked him in. “sober up, and i might consider it tomorrow.” you whispered, patting his chest. “at least sleep with me.” he pouted.
you nodded and got on the other side of the bed, stripping yourself of your own clothes before you got under the covers. bucky was quick to connect himself with your body.
you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “please don’t let go.” he whispered, shoving his face into your neck. you smiled and kissed his forehead. bucky soon fell asleep in your arms like a baby.
the soft snores coming from bucky were nothing short of therapeutic. your hand fell onto his head, playing with the short strands of his hair.
the next morning, you were woken up to the feeling of something hard rubbing against your leg, and the soft whines coming from bucky. you looked over at the clock.
it read five twenty two. you looked down at bucky, his eyes still shut and his hips rubbing up against your thigh. his mouth open slightly with whines dripping from it.
you smiled and rubbed his hair. bucky woke up eventually and placed his head on your chest. “i’m sober, can we make love now?” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes.
you shook your head and giggled. “that’s a way to turn a woman on.” you said. bucky looked up at you and smiled before kissing you softly. “c’mon, we have about three hours before the devil wakes up and brings alpine.” you giggled against his lips.
he smiled and got on top of you, pulling down your panties. he kissed you again before sliding down the bed and getting between your legs. he placed each leg on his shoulders.
he connected his lips with the top of your cunt before moving down onto your clit, sucking softly. you arched your back and moaned softly. “fuck you taste so good.” he mumbled.
he went back in, sliding his tongue around your slit. he moaned at your taste, continuing to dive in like a starving man. he wrapped his arms around your thighs and toyed with your clit.
“s’fuckin’ good.” he whispered. he pulled away and wiggled his way back up to your face, kissing you lovingly. bucky pulled his boxers down and rubbed his tip against your clit.
you whined and gripped his shoulders. “gonna make my best girl feel good.” he kissed your cheek. you blushed and pushing him over. “i’m sick of waiting.” you mumbled, kissing his neck.
bucky chuckled and held your waist. you slid down onto him, moaning loudly. bucky groaned and shut his eyes. you bit your lip and slowly rolled your hips against his.
“shit.” you whispered, your grip on his shoulders tightening. bucky grunted and lifted your hips up and down slowly. “y’feel so fuckin’ good, missed your tight cunt.” he growled in your ear.
you sat up slowly, crying out when the tip of his cock hit your sweet spot. “that it? that where y’want me?” bucky asked, sitting up with you. you nodded quickly and put your head on his shoulder.
bucky moved you onto the bed, hovering over you and sliding back in. you whined and arched your back. bucky smirked and slid in and out at a fast pace, not wanting to waste any time.
he kissed you hungrily, letting you moan into the kiss. he pulled away and put his forehead against yours. “there’s no one like you, never will be.” he cooed, pecking your lips.
bucky continuously hitting your spot sent you to the edge, a toe curling, scream-worthy edge, that you forgot felt so amazing. “fuck, fuck, fuck!” you screamed, gripping his shoulders and releasing all over him.
“that’s it, good fuckin’ girl, fuck!” he groaned, releasing inside of you. “shit, sorry.” he mumbled as he got off you, moving to the other side of the bed. you chuckled and shook your head.
you looked over at him and sighed. “get dressed, c’mon i’ll take you out for breakfast before emily wakes up.” you said softly. bucky nodded and slid his boxers back on. “or we can stay in bed.”
his arms wrapped around your waist, that was now wearing his t-shirt. you squealed and giggled as he pulled you back into the bed. he shoved his face into your neck and let out a content sigh.
“mommy? alpine wants some treats, can i— daddy!” your daughter, emily, squealed from the door, running up to the bed with the white cat in her arms. you smiled and lifted her up.
you kissed her head before she cuddled in between you and bucky. “hi baby, i missed you.” he smiled, kissing her head too before petting the cat. “are you staying forever daddy?” emily asked.
bucky looked at you before nodding. “yeah, baby, for as long as i can.” he smiled.
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grey-water-colors · 8 hours ago
After All This Time (Bucky Barnes X Fem!Reader) Part 1
I have been brewing on this idea for a couple days now, and I finally got the gumption to write it out. I am super excited to share this with the fandom. This is one of my favorite fandoms and my current hyperfixation. I hope you enjoy this fic. I have no idea how long it's going to be, but it will be a series. I do not plan on following cannon after Endgame, it doesn't fit with the fic, but I'm working on one that is cannon.
Pairing: Bucky X Fem!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of death, angst, and fluff if you squint. If you see any others please let me know!
Word Count: 1,168
“I promise that I’m really alive.”
“I’m sorry, but without more proof we cannot legally prove that you are who you say you are.”
Y/N huffed and slouched in her chair. The lady who was supposed to be helping her shuffled her papers and cleared her throat. “It doesn’t seem very probable either. If you are who you claim you are then you’d be 105 and considering that you don’t look older than 25, I highly doubt that you are the Ms. Y/N L/N.”
“But I am!” Y/N yelped causing the woman in front of her to jump. “I’m sorry Ms.” She peered at the nametag on the woman’s suit jacket. “Clement. I have had a very long day of goose chasing and learning that I need to prove that I am still alive to get my own things. It makes sense, but I feel that it really doesn’t need to be this difficult. Besides, there are two people in the state of New York that are around that exact age.”
Ms. Clement looked around her office, probably wondering why she even bothered to get out of bed today. She then put the papers she had been shuffling into a vanilla folder and tucked it into a pile on her desk. “Those men are Superheroes. They have probable explanations as to why they are that old.”
“And so do I.” Y/N huffed.
Ms. Clement gave a fake smile, “Until you can provide legal documentation that you are who you say you are I’m afraid that I cannot move forward with a Certificate of Life. Please return when you have your documentation. Have a nice day!”
Y/N huffed as she walked down the street of New York City. She hadn’t known what to expect when she had arrived from Wakanda, but a legal goose chase wasn’t it. The Social Security Office had told her that she had needed at least three Legal documents that proved that she was who she claimed she was.
All she wanted to do was sit down in a corner and cry, but she had to get a place to stay for the night. She knew from experience how cold the streets got at night.
Y/N hardly recognized New York with all of its lights and noises. She wished for the New York she remembered from the 40’s.
She still knew where to go after all these years apparently because she stopped in front of a building that she knew by heart. The best years of her life were in apartment 9C on the top floor and a great view of the city. The best years until she was drafted into World War II as an army nurse. She shivered as a breeze rushed by her, then an idea struck her.
The elevator was just about as old as she was which made her a little nervous. A quiet ding announced that she had arrived at the top floor. Everything looked exactly the same as it had when she left and she hoped with everything in her being that the apartment didn’t have new tenants.
‘It shouldn’t’ she thought. An upfront payment had been made to have that apartment belong to her and her-
Her heart stung but she shrugged it off. She could live in the past later.
She didn’t have a key to the apartment, it was inside, in the bowl by the front door. You didn’t need house keys in Europe. She pulled out a hair pin and pen she had taken from the last office she had visited. Unlocking the door was easy, it was from the 30’s after all. Taking a deep breath to compose herself, she opened the door and stepped inside and closed the door behind her.
Y/N wasn’t prepared for what she saw. The landlord was true to their word, the apartment was still hers. There were still sheets draped over the furniture, dust clung to every uncovered surface, and a musty smell filled the air.
Nostalgia filled her heart, but she had things to do before she let herself feel anything. She walked into the kitchen and opened the farthest cabinet and pulled out a tiny cup that had a tiny key in it. Grabbing the key she went into the guest bedroom and pulled down the lockbox from the shelf in the closet.
Inside was her passport, birth certificate, and her backup draft card. Along with other papers. A sigh of relief escaped from her. She pulled out what she needed and put the box back to where it belonged. Walking back into the main room, she took off her jacket and put it on the coat tree. Her papers in the pocket of her coat. As long as she didn’t make too much noise, she could stay here for the night.
She turned around and was dragged into memory.
She was puttering around the kitchen getting things out to start making dinner. The front door opened, and the love of her life stepped through. With a sigh of relief, he took off his suit jacket and hung it on the tree.
He finally turned to look at her and he smiled, and she returned it. “Welcome home Love. How was your day?”
“It was boring. Paperwork and meetings. The only thing I looked forward to was coming home to see my best girl.”
Y/N blushed, and her lover walked over to the living room, got his pipe from the mantle and sat down in his worn leather chair.
About 30 minutes later Y/N called across the room. “Dinner’s ready”
He got up from his chair and they both sat down to eat and after both were done and everything was cleaned up, he retuned to his chair. This time though, she was curled up in his lap.
“We should do something fun this weekend Doll. Like a trip to the zoo or something.”
“I would love that.”
He leaned down a little to whisper in her ear, “I love you Y/N”
“I love you too James” she whispered back.
When Y/N came to again, it was almost dark out. She wiped the tears from her eyes and walked over to a chair covered in a sheet. With a simple motion she pulled the sheet from the chair and revealed a worn leather wingback chair. She didn’t bother to undrape the rest of the furniture; in fact she was very careful to make everything look undisturbed.
As much as she wanted to go to her old bedroom, she couldn’t. Even coming back to this place had emotionally drained her.
What she did do instead, was look at the pictures hanging on the wall and through the dirt and grime covering the glass, she could make out two people standing as close together as they could get. She was dressed to the nines and so was he. At the bottom of the picture written in loopy cursive was
James “Bucky” Barnes and his fiancé Y/N L/N
Part 2
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𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓲𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓲 ❁ 𝓫𝓾𝓬𝓴𝔂 𝓫𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓮𝓼
Tumblr media
a/n: keep writing reader as the villain of the story, about time this man screws up • wordcount: 1.3k • warnings: kids, babies, parenthood, cheating, alcohol, bucky being an idiot, mentions of sex, blink and you'll miss it.
going through rough years after losing your husband, you try to raise your daughter the best you can. With the help from the wilson's you make the best of it but the road is bumpy when sam introduces you to his friend.
Tumblr media
He shouldn't be here. He promised himself to never wake up in this bed again, ever and yet he finds himself sitting on the edge of the memory foam mattress, soft lilac blankets underneath his naked thighs. The smell of the room is familiar but it's not you, not Rosie, not JJ, not home.
He should've stayed home, told you he didn't need a boys night out because he deserved just that– for taking care of the kids while you were a mess, not available and not there when he needed you the most. Yes, he deserved that but maybe the pub his friends had dragged him too was not the right place to be. 
She worked there. She who he had ended things with weeks before meeting you. She with a head of brown curls bouncing around her face, bright green eyes through thick lashes and the cute little dimples in her cheeks whenever she smiled so bright, nose covered in freckles on a sun-kissed canvas and god, if only her personality matched her looks, he would have fought for this one the way he's fighting for you and his family.
God, he was in love back then, one of the firsts he saw a future with. Like a bunch of teenagers, making the eyes of his friends roll with the lovey-dovey behavior– looking back at it made Bucky cringe. The first six months were amazing before her attitude took a 180 and changed for the worse. Possessive, jealous, lowkey crazy.
He wished to never bump into his ex Melissa ever again.
But he did and with the beers coming, alcohol running through his veins and the lack of real intimacy made his mind foggy. The hugs, the cuddles and stolen kisses were not cutting it anymore, he missed you in all other ways and Melissa was there to fix it, like an angel with a halo above her head and rays of light casting from behind her – guiding him straight to what he desired most. 
He shouldn't have been here. Your relationship was taking the right turn, amazing, a do over, like the beginning. The acceptance letter to that nursing school you applied for and your weekly visits with your therapist did wonders for you. Giving bucky back the girl he so deeply fell in love with and he put it all on the line for some sex. Sex he would've gotten if he just had asked you and even then he didn't have a reason to complain. His 7 months old son asking all your attention and a jealous rosie hanging around your leg nearly every hour of the day– you had the right to fall asleep as soon as your head hit a pillow.
"You know what they say; once a cheater, always a cheater."
Bucky clenches his jaw and bites the inside of his cheek, nails digging half moons in the skin of his palms as his hands turn into fists– god, all the reason why he dumper her coming back up.
"I never cheated on you." He hisses through gritted teeth, back still turned to her. 
Melissa snorts "pretty sure you left me for that baby mama of yours." 
"We were long done before that," bucky spats back "for reasons. You being a pain in the ass being one of them." 
"That's not what you said last night." 
God, he didn't even call you or send a text. A shit excuse of staying with a friend for the night, too drunk to get home while he knew damn well he wasn't going home with them.
"I can ask her you know- ask her why she doesn't want to have sex with you anymore." 
Bucky nearly gives himself a whiplash with the force he turns his head around to meet with the green eyes of the half naked woman on the other side of the bed with a smug smile on her face. Playing with her phone in her hand. 
"Don't you fucking dare." 
"She has a right to know bucky." Melissa smiles wickedly "she has the right to know you slept with your ex." 
"I'll tell her myself." Bucky hisses again "I don't need you for that." 
"y/n, right?" Melissa quips, phone stills in her hand as she unlocks it with a swipe of her finger "I think I've seen her Instagram before– gotta say Barnes, the boy looks like you." 
"Melissa, I'm begging you." Bucky sighs "please, I'll tell her myself." 
I'll tell her myself– only if he believed that lie himself. 
Tumblr media
A date night, some one on one, some time alone is all what was needed to fill the missing gaps in your relationship. Both kids off to spend the night with bucky his family; just you and him. 
Dinner at your favorite sushi bar before strolling through the city hand in hand, catching a movie the both of you were dying to see followed by a round of beer at the first bar you stumbled upon and right back home– a trail of clothes leading from the kitchen, too desperate. Hands on each other and whispered sweet little nothings. Skin to skin. Raw. Real. Perfect.
But his mind couldn't help and wander to last week; tangled up in his ex her arms under thin sheets in a familiar bed. Mind wandering back to that night, not because he couldn't get Melissa out if his head but the regret– he'd done the same thing tonight but with the real love of his life, the mother of his kid, his future wife but it eats him alive; you can do better than the lying man he is. He needs to tell the truth, it's the least you deserve but he can't. He can't lose what he has now, a future.
He wants that white picket fence outside of the city with a big garden for your babies to grow up in. He wants another mini him or mini you running around, maybe even two if life is that kind. He wants to be by your side through thick and thin, in sickness and health, the bad and the good. He wants to see you stroll down the aisle in that perfect dress. He wants to be a good father figure for rosie, the perfect father and perfect husband– he's put it all on the line for some bad sex with a woman he despised so much.
He can't but he needs to tell the truth. No lies.
The smell of sex is still stuck in the air and the rays of moonlight cast through the crack between the curtains, the sound of the city a background noise– his arm is asleep from where your head rests but bucky runs his hand through your hair and presses a kiss to the crown of your hair, taking in the warm fruity smell of your shampoo. Your naked body cuddles up to his, soft legs entangled with his and a soft and warm hand laying on his chest right near his heart.
you're asleep, have been for a while but he can't; his eyes on the ceiling, following the small cracks in the paint and the cobweb he missed earlier this week. 
Bucky once again finds himself preparing himself a.nd his stupid apology 'a drunken mistake' and 'it won't happen again' followed by a pathetic 'forgive me?' 
He hopes you're getting angry at him, call him names, cursing him, wishing you never met him, a big mistake– bucky simply cannot bear the thought of you crying over him, he doesn't deserve your tears, doesn't deserve you. But above all, he wishes things will turn out okay in the end; see you happy even if it means without him. You deserve that.
God, he needs to tell the truth. You'll find out one way or the other, if not from him it'll be Melissa herself. 
'Hey doll, we need to talk.'
Tumblr media
taglist; @farfromshawn @Nicollettemarie @wooya1224 @felicityofbakerstreet @agentmstark @sierrax023 @lilyevanswhore @qhbr2013 @buckybarnesobsessed @themaddies-obx @aloserwithoutacause @aanngie @sebby-staan @sweetth1ng @starrystarkey93 @libidinexx @dontputyourfckingdrinkonmytable @gasly-kvyat @brown-bi-beautiful @peter-laufeyson @im-squished @meshlababy @lindseyrae20 @cb97skies @qwccrr @ssprayberrythings @yougottalovefandoms @jbcalway @realgaytrash @natyvwe @poetryazenth @winterberryfox @ahahafudge
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purple-babygirl · 11 hours ago
First of all… who told you that you could toy with my heart over your latest work: SamBucky and the injuries Little. Talk about the angst but fluff. Just mwah!
But will all that angst especially with Sam and Bucky—they are just a perfect combo, btw. I now am needy for angst to fluff (oops…). All I can think about is an insecure little who think that her daddies don’t love her after a misunderstanding, so she pack up her things and runs away. (But a happy ending is ensured) when Sam and Bucky are able to find her
Love you.
Pairing: SamBucky x little!f!reader
Word Count: 2,796
Warnings: polyamory, ddlg dynamics, a dash of angst, and a pinch of fluff
A/N: Hello, Nonnie! Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing this idea with me and allowing me to toy with your heart over it!💜💜 I was a puddle writing this one. I'm really sorry if this took me too long; I hope it's to your liking and I love you too *ghost kisses*💜 please enjoy xx
“That's enough. Go to your room.” Sam demanded angrily, looking down at the cheerios covering the kitchen floor that he now would have to clean up.
“All you do is cause trouble and I'm done! To your room, now!”
She's been bad again. It was the third time this week. She has been disobedient and impatient. Whenever Papa and Daddy told her to do anything she somehow managed to mess it up. Sam had told her not to touch anything but she wanted to help nevertheless. She couldn’t reach the cupboard though and ended up spilling the box of cereal all over the place.
Her gaze dropped and she walked to her room without another word and a few minutes later, Bucky came to give her lunch and collect her phone and tablet, taking away her screen time for the day.
“But daddy-”
“No, doll. I'm taking them away. You never listen anymore and it needs to stop.”
Papa and Daddy are mad at you. They don't love you no more. They're sick of you. You never listen and you're always bad. They could be so much happier and calmer if it wasn't for you always riling them up. They were done. It needed to stop. They don't love you no more. They don't want you no more. They don't love you. They don't want you.
She sat wallowing in her room, tears gathering in her eyes as her own mind attacked her. Maybe it was all true. All she does is cause trouble.
So maybe if she left…
She got up and got her big girl backpack out of the closet.
Maybe if she left Papa and Daddy would be better off without her.
Tears streamed down her cheeks as she gathered and pushed items into her bag.
Maybe if she was gone they would be less angry.
She zipped the bag up before sloppily slipping her socks on and picking up her stuffed friend.
Maybe if she escaped the house she could escape her thoughts too; leave them all in her room and go.
She wiped her cheeks, tiptoed out of her room, found her shoes by the front door and quietly got into them. She could hear Daddy and Papa lowly laughing together while they got things done in the backyard. Leaving really was the right decision then; they were happier without her.
Taking one, last, tear-blurred look at the house, she stepped outside and quietly closed the door behind her. She held her small white bunny to her chest and sniffed before taking off, walking to the only place that would bring her comfort.
“She's going to be so happy. I can't wait to see her face.” Sam smiled proudly, hands on his waist as he took one last look at the swing he and Bucky have put together for their baby girl in the backyard.
“I really hope she likes it.” Bucky smiled back in agreement before opening the door for Sam and walking inside behind him.
They felt they were too hard on her that morning and she was usually a good girl, only intending to do good for her Daddy and Papa. So they decided to build the swing earlier than they’d previously planned to lighten things up again.
“Is it just me or is it awfully quiet in here?” Bucky murmured, bringing the water bottle down from his mouth and looking around the living room in slight suspicion.
“I mean, she is in a timeout and you did take away her phone,” Sam reminded him, trying not to let himself panic as he got himself a water bottle from the fridge.
But it wasn’t that. Bucky could still hear her presence no matter how quiet. He could hear her crayons gliding on paper when she would sit down to color. He could hear her hum as she organized her toys around the table for tea parties. This quietness wasn’t normal.
Bucky jogged up the stairs to her room and just as he feared, she wasn't in there. Her sandwich was untouched. Her closet was open and her backpack and favourite blankie were missing.
“Sam!” He called for his husband, taking long strides to their bedroom to find she wasn't there either.
Sam ran up the stairs at Bucky's freaked tone and saw him pacing through the hallway.
“She's not here.”
“What?” Sam’s heart sank into his stomach.
“I can't find her.” Bucky shook his head at Sam, running his fingers through his hair in growing panic.
“Hey, calm down. We're gonna find her.” Sam rubbed a hand down Bucky's back, trying to hide his own fright for Bucky's sake as his mind ran to every single place she knew how to get to on her own.
“How? How are we gonna find her? We don't even know where she went or if she's okay-”
Sam put a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, the other cupping his cheek.
“Hey, breathe,” Sam instructed, slowly breathing so Bucky could copy him, trying to send away the panic attack ready to take over him. Bucky nuzzled his palm, his breath coming out shaky.
“That's it, Buck. In and out.” He moved his hands to Bucky’s.
“But she was so little when we sent her to her room and she probably doesn't even have any ID or money with her-”
“Bucky,” Sam squeezed his husband’s hands.
“We can't lose her, Sam. I can't- I took her phone away- if she's in trouble, she won't be able to-”
“Bucky, baby, we're gonna find her and she's gonna be okay. I promise.” Sam reassured him with words he himself wasn't sure would turn out to be true, his large palm stroking up and down the tense muscles of Bucky’s back, “I need you to keep breathing for me.”
Bucky tried to manage his breathing, slightly calming down to the thought of getting to hold her again.
“She couldn't have gotten that far, so we're gonna look around and I'm gonna call Steve, okay?” Bucky nodded at Sam's words, glossy eyes closing as Sam planted a kiss to the side of his forehead, “okay, baby. Let's go.”
Sam took the car, driving slowly, roaming the neighborhood to see if she was anywhere around the area. He was asking anyone and everyone who passed by his car if they've seen her. But apparently, no one has. Not even the old couple at the end of the street with the dog she loved to pet so much.
Bucky chose to go on foot as he walked in the other direction, preferring to depend on his enhanced senses instead of talking to other people. Even if he did talk to them for help, no one would understand that while her picture looked like that of a grown lady, she was a mere baby. They would never understand their panic.
Sam rubbed his forehead in frustration, leaning it against the wheel. He’d just hung up with Steve. He said she didn't come to his place; didn't even stop by. In fact, he hasn’t heard from her at all and got worried when Sam called. He took an uneven breath, trying to maintain his cool before he lifted his head up and started the car again.
Leaning back on the big tree, she wrapped her soft blankie tighter around her frame. It was getting kind of chilly and she was starting to regret leaving now that it wasn't that sunny anymore. The tears drying on her cheeks made her shiver even more and she sniffled, kissing her bunny's head and tugging the stuffed animal under her chin. She hoped Daddy and Papa were feeling better now that she was no longer there with them.
“Doll?” She heard Bucky's voice and before she could wonder if she'd imagined it, she was pressed to a hard chest.
“Oh, thank god,” Bucky sighed, kissing the side of her head over and over again, his hands tight around her back, holding her and her bunny close to his frantically beating heart.
“Baby, why'd you leave like that? We were so worried! We looked everywhere, we called everyone.” Bucky kissed her forehead a bunch before “-oh right!”
He got his phone out of his pocket with one arm, the other still firmly holding her to his chest. She kept holding onto her bunny, not really getting what was happening. Was she in trouble for leaving unannounced or not? Why would Daddy and Papa want to find her? She was nothing but trouble.
“Sam, I found her! We're in our secret place in the park.”
At Bucky's call, Sam took a sharp turn, stepping on the gas to get to the park as fast as he could.
“Are you okay, doll? Are you hurt anywhere?” Bucky asked her after hanging up, anxiously checking her head, face, arms and legs for injuries.
She shook her head silently, fresh, hot tears burning at the brims of her eyes.
“Thank god.” Bucky hugged her to his chest again, “we were so scared, doll. We were so scared.”
He kissed her damp cheeks and chin as she kept biting her lip, quietly sniveling.
She'd scared them. She'd worried them. Why was it always that she did something wrong while trying to do anything right? She was no good.
“It’s okay, love. I found you. I’m right here.” Bucky kissed her eyelids, then her nose, thinking she was crying because she was lost alone.
He pulled her on his lap and adjusted himself in her place, his back to the tree trunk as he held her close, fearing she’d disappear if he were to loosen his grip around her.
“Sugar!” Sam’s voice echoed through the empty part of the park when he saw her burrito-wrapped body in Bucky’s lap.
“Papa’s here, doll. It’s okay.” Bucky whispered to her when she didn’t stop crying.
She turned around and her eyes met Sam’s watery, brown ones.
“Hey, sugar,” Sam greeted softly, getting down on his knees before her.
Her lower lip jutted out further as new tears soaked her pretty face. It hasn’t even been a whole day and she’s missed Papa and Daddy so much. How was she ever planning on running away from them or being without them?
“Aww, no, no, baby, it’s okay,” Sam cooed, bringing her to his chest and engulfing her in a protective hug.
Her blanket fell in Bucky’s lap and she dropped her bunny to cling to Sam, barely quieting her sobs.
Not able to hold himself together any longer, a tear escaped Sam’s eye his gaze met Bucky’s. He buried his nose in her hair and squeezed her closer to him, sighing in relief that they’ve found her. His mind kept torturing him with scenarios of her getting hurt and not getting help. He didn’t know what he would’ve done if they’d actually lost her.
“You’re okay, sugar. Papa’s here with you. I’m sorry it took us so long, baby. We were looking in a lot of places.” Sam sniffled, pulling back to pepper featherlike kisses all over her face.
“You wanted to find me?” Her small, brittle voice asked, doe eyes staring up sadly.
“What? Of course we wanted to find you, baby! Why would you think otherwise?!”
“But I was bad. You w-were done. It needed to stop,” she repeated his and Bucky’s words on him and Sam felt shame cover him from head to toe, Bucky not any different as he bit down to stop his tears.
“Doll,” Bucky went to hold her hands only to find they were freezing.
“Shit! She’s too cold,” he told Sam, who immediately started taking off his jacket.
“Dada, bad word,” she softly reminded Bucky, covering her mouth with her hand before Sam got out of his jacket.
Sam slipped his warm jacket on her and pulled the zipper up, her small hands disappearing inside the long sleeves.
“Good girl, sugar. It is a bad word.” He rolled the sleeves back just enough to get her palms out so she could still hold her bunny.
“But you don’t see me asking daddy to leave because he was bad, do you?” Sam asked tenderly and she shook her head no.
“Exactly, I’m not. You know why?” Sam pressed kisses to both of her hands multiple times, rubbing them between his palms to warm her up.
“Why, papa?” she asked as he carried her in his arms; Bucky gathering the rest of her stuff.
“Because I love him so much." Sam wiped her tears. "And both me and daddy love you so so so much, sugar.” He pressed a firm kiss to her temple.
Bucky handed her the small bunny back after patting any dust or leaves out of it.
“We never want you to go, doll.” Bucky pressed a kiss to her shoulder.
“Even when I’m really really bad?”
“Even if you’re really really bad,” Sam guaranteed, kissing her temple again.
“But- I thought papa and daddy would be happier and not so angry no more if I left,” she mumbled innocently as Sam started walking to the car with her in his arms.
“That could never be true, doll. We’re only happy as long as we have you,” Bucky reassured her, opening the backseat door so Papa could slip in with her on his lap.
“And you still love me?” Her pout, teary puppy eyes and words were just killing both men inside.
“Of course we love you, doll! We will always love you. We can never afford to lose you,” Bucky told her, his eyes searching hers to offer them comfort.
“Baby, we love you so much it’s uncountable, remember?” Sam ran his thumb over the knuckles of her stuffie-holding hands.
She nodded, her eyes teary but her smile comforted and reassured. “I love you too, Papa,” she mumbled, grabbing onto Sam’s thumb, her eyelids barely staying open.
“I’m sorry I left,” she sniffled.
“It’s alright, baby. We’re all together now and we're going home.” Sam kissed her forehead once more, wanting her to forget all about it and know everything was okay again.
“Told you we’d find her,” Sam said, drawing Bucky inside the car by the cheek and brushing his lips against his.
“You did.” Bucky nodded, pressing his forehead to Sam’s and kissing him again.
Bucky pulled back and smiled adoringly at her sleepy eyes fighting to stay open as she leaned onto Sam's chest before getting in the driver’s seat to take them home. Sam was caressing her hair and before she knew it her eyes were fluttering closed.
All the crying all day had drained her and her body could finally give up and relax now that she was in Papa’s hold; she was out like a light.
“You’re so important to me and daddy, sugar. Never ever forget that,” Sam whispered against her forehead before pressing a slow kiss to her skin.
She might've had no idea how adored and cherished she actually was, but that was okay. Sam and Bucky had a lifetime ahead of them where they could show her again and again that they loved and needed her just as much as she did them.
“Dada! Papa! Wake up! We have a swing!”
She’d fallen asleep pretty early in the car last night and neither Sam nor Bucky had the heart to wake her up when they got home. So they took her shoes and socks off and tucked her in in their bed.
Now they had to deal with her waking up way too early. She’d gone to the bathroom on her own like a good girl before her stomach hungrily grumbled. And when she got to the kitchen for a cup of water and maybe the plate of fruit in the fridge, her eyes fell on the swing showing outside the small window on the kitchen door.
Bucky rolled over and opened his eyes first, her jumping on her knees on the bed beside him pulling him out of his dreams. Sam, however, didn’t move a muscle. The man slept so soundly that sometimes Bucky was jealous. How heavy of a sleeper could a person be?
“Yes, we do, baby.” Bucky chuckled. “Me and papa built it just for you.” He smiled sleepily at her excited face before annoyingly poking Sam’s back, “Sam, wake up.”
“Tank you, dada.” She settled back on her ankles though still buzzing with joy.
“You like it, sugar?” Bucky opened his arms wide for her.
“Yes, I love it.” She nodded happily before perching herself on his hard chest, cutely kissing his jaw, “and I love you, dada.”
“Sam.” He affectionately punched his sleeping husband’s shoulder, smirking when he heard him groan, “she likes the swing.”
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barnestuff · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
summary bucky takes care of you after a girls night out.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings drunk!reader, drinking, (kinda) shitty friends, fluff.
a/n I hope everybody's feeling well <3. not my gif.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky was watching some soccer match on the tv even though his mind was somewhere else, thinking about you.
You were having some kind of a girls night with your friends and Bucky couldn’t sleep without you next to him. He wanted to call you but he was afraid of being clingy or overprotective. He wanted you to have fun without being worried about him.
His thoughts were interrupted by his phone ringing. He let out a breath when he saw that the call was from you, but worry filled his heart quickly. He wondered why you were calling him.
“Doll?” His voice was raspy but still music to your ears. You silently smiled at the pet name he always called you.
“Hey Bucky,” you said and he could hear your smile in your voice, and hearing your voice calmed him a little bit.
“How is the girls night going, baby?” he asked, still worried and you knew he was, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. He was wondering why you would call him when you already told him that you were going to stay at one of your friends’ house that night.
“It was fine. Everybody left without telling me. It’s just me now.” you mumbled at the end and he could tell that you were drunk from your voice.
“Are you okay, sweetheart? How drunk are you?” he asked.
“I can’t remember. What time is it?” you said and hiccuped.
“It’s 2 pm. Do you want me to pick you up, doll?” his voice was calm.
“No, I’ll call a cab. I can come home by myself.” you mumbled.
“I’ll come pick you up, dollface. Just tell me where you are, okay sweetheart?” Bucky grabbed his keys and left the apartment.
Bucky’s car was in front of the bar in ten minutes. You were waiting outside, your coat wrapped tightly around you and your feet naked. He quickly walked to you and hugged you, inhaling your scent. He kissed your forehead before asking.
“How was your night, sweetheart?” and you just lifted on your tiptoes, your heels in your hand, other hand on his neck, kissing him. The kiss was tender and filled with love. You were just so thankful that he was here, thankful that you have him.
He broke the kiss to look at you. A tired smile on his face.
“It was good. ‘Missed you though.” you smiled back at him and his heart felt so full.
“I missed you too, dollface. Let’s go home now.” he took your hand in his and walked you to the car.
You fell asleep quickly after you sat on your seat, your heels in your hand, sleeping. Bucky’ heart swelled at the sight of you sleeping, your head resting against the car window.
When you reached the building he didn’t want to wake you up but he knew he had to since he couldn’t open the door while carrying you.
“We are home, pretty girl.” he whispered and caressed your hair to wake you up. Your eyes opened slowly, smiling when you felt Bucky caressing your hair gently. He held your and helped you stand up, his arm wrapped around your waist as you two reached the apartment shortly.
You sat on your shared bed, your make up and hair messed up. You were just about to lay down when you heard Bucky’s low voice.
“Honey, as much as it looks beautiful, you don’t want to sleep in that dress. Let’s take it off.” he said, motioning you to stand up, and unzipped your dress quickly. You sat down again, rubbing your face sleepily. Bucky’s eyes softened at the sight of you being so sleepy. He took one of his hoodies from the wardrobe.
“Arms up.” he said and you did, hoodie covered your body. You were practically already asleep, too tired to get under the covers. Bucky put a blanket on you and changed his clothes too before laying down next to you.
He wrapped an arm around you, and you buried your face in his neck, needing to feel his body close to yours even when you are sleepy.
“Goodnight, doll. I love you.” Bucky whispered and kissed your hair.
“I love you too, baby.”
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dollfacev8 · 12 hours ago
Coming To My Senses
Tumblr media
Touch- Fingers running down puckered up skin, tracing over the scars with such delicate care it almost takes your breath away. Soft hair tickling down my stomach as lips skim down...down... down.... pulling a gasp from me as my body arches for him...
Taste- His tongue fervidly tangles with mine, claiming ownership of my mouth as rich chocolate still lingers on his breath. The sweetness, along with the memory of how we got here in the first place, pull a soft whimper from me.
Open mouthed kisses and licks are trailed down his sharp jaw all the way to the dimple in his chin. Pausing there, I nip him playfully causing his chest to rumble with a quiet chuckle. Smiling softly to myself I move down to his neck, not minding the salty taste of his skin in the slightest.
Sight- Stormy grey eyes stare into my brown ones, searching for any doubt, any second thought, I may have. Pulling my bottom lip between my teeth I reach up and gently run my fingertips over his cheek.
This man, this handsome man, with all of his hardships clearly written on his skin. Every scar. Every bruise. Everything down to the beautiful vibranium arm that he is so self conscious of... is beautiful. HE is beautiful.
Those eyebrows of his scrunch together in thought and instantly I know he's doubting himself. Doubting how "someone like me could ever love someone like him" as he'd put it. I want to put an end to those thoughts.... I want him so wrapped up in me his mind won't fight him anymore. As he usually says, what I want I get.
Moving my fingers slightly I gently stroke between his brows and almost instantly they relax, eyes closing and dark lashes fanning over pale skin. My eyes can't be persuaded away from the sight of those pink lips parting to let out a contented breath.
Those eyes flash open in determination and with that arrogant smirk I've come to love he slides his right hand down my thigh to hook my leg over his hip.
Hearing- "You ready Doll?" His voice comes out gruff, consumed with pleasure, sending a shiver up my spine as I eagerly nod my head in answer.
Pressing his forehead to mine he keeps those eyes on me as he slowly presses into me. I gasp at the stretch, the full feeling as he settles all the way to the hilt, hips pressing against mine.
"Fuck, you feel so good wrapped around me doll. Like heaven." He grunts out. I can feel his body tremble slightly above me as he fights to keep his control, cautious he might harm me. Reaching up I card my fingers through his hair before rolling my hips onto him, gently prodding him to move.
Leaning in to claim my mouth once again he obliges, pulling back to give hips his an experimental thrust. To my embarrassment an obscene noise is pulled from my throat as he thrusts once again. I can feel him, all of him.... with every push and pull I can feel the ridges; the veins running along his thighs shaft. It's driving me insane.
"Bucky, bucky please! You feel so good... faster!" Wrapping my legs around his narrow waist I dig my heels into his beautifully muscled ass, forcing him harder into me. Growling in my ear his hand that had still been gripping my thigh is gone just to come right back with a sharp smack, pulling a startled gasp.
"Look at you, so desperate. You like that? Hmm? You like the way I fuck you doll?" I'm instantly nodding vehemently when I see something in his gaze shift into something darker. More intense. In seconds he'd changed our position, pushing my thighs up and to my chest, folding me over and slamming into me to get a better angle.
I cry out and moan with every thrust as he hits some untouched spot inside of me, fighting to keep my eyes open and on him as the coil on my stomach tightens.
"There you go, such a good little girl. You're doing so good for daddy baby, you take my cock so well." Grunting me increases his speed to an almost unbelievable pace. I feel like he may break me as he smashes me into the mattress. "This pussy is MINE now, do you understand? Mine."
All I can do is whimper and cling to him. He's completely stolen my ability to speak as he completely and utterly ravishes me. He is everything I've ever wanted and more, but never did I think it could be like this. His words, that dirty mouth of his, have pushed closer to the edge than I care to admit.
"I can feel you pulsing on me baby. You gonna come? You going to cum on my cock? Come on baby!" At his command my body tenses, back arching and head thrown back as his name in the form of a scream is torn from my lips as I fall over the edge.
My pussy clenches around him in an effort to keep him there. Nails dig into his back as my heels lodge back onto his ass, holding him to me and my body gyrates on him of it's own free will.
The orgasms seems as if it lasts forever, my vision white and fire in my veins. Pure ecstasy envelopes me and I hardly register the shout from bucky as he pushes as deep into my body as he can, painting my walls white as he releases into me.
Smell- Coffee. It's the first thing I notice when my eyes slowly flutter open. Bacon. The sound of it sizzling in a pan.
A smile graces my lips as I roll onto my back, languidly stretching my sore muscles before sliding out of the big and utterly ruined bed. Staring at it for a second I bite my lip and giggle as butterflies fill my belly, remembering the events from the night prior.
Every thought, every feeling, and every memory boiled down to one thing. One person.
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navybrat817 · 13 hours ago
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Steve Rogers x Female Reader, Bucky Barnes x Female Reader x Steve Rogers Summary: Bucky dishes out some punishment and Steve is in his corner. Word Count: Over 1.9k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, edging, oral sex (f receiving), possessive behavior, slight D/s theme, tattooed Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers (they’re warnings, okay?)
Tumblr media
A/N: Another part of my Howling Commandos Tattoo AU! I will not say when this falls in the timeline for now and I am not taking requests, but I couldn’t resist this ask! Beta read by the wonderful @sparkledfirecracker​​, but any and all mistakes are my own. Thank you, lovely! Banner created by yours truly, but Bucky and Steve photos were provided by the talented @nix-akimbo​! This AU wouldn’t exist without them. And divider by the beautiful @firefly-graphics​! Comments, asks, likes and reblogs are appreciated!
I have discontinued my tag list. Please follow my sideblog @navybrat817-sideblog​​​ and turn on notifications to see new fics! I will only post fics, writing schedule and updates there.
I do not consent to have my work posted on any third party site or app. If anyone sees my work anywhere but here or archiveofourown under my same username, it has been reposted without my permission. 18+ Please!!! By reading this, you agree that you are at least 18 years old. Enjoy, lovelies!
Tumblr media
You were going to kill Bucky. At the very least, torture him. You had no clue how because you couldn't think with his mouth playing you like a song on repeat. He told you once that he could eat you out for hours and he was making good on that promise. Both of your boyfriends were champion pussy eaters and you thanked the heavens above for your blessings. Until today.
You lost track of how long he had been between your legs, stopping occasionally to give you water and wipe the sweat off your forehead. He also checked your binds, making sure they didn't hurt your wrists. It was a sweet contrast to the delicious torment he inflicted on you. And you would have been more than fine with that if he let. You. Come. 
"Fuck, doll. Told you I could eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner," he said, his voice low and husky as his breath hit your folds. You wanted to twist your fingers in his hair, unsure if you wanted to push him away or pull him closer. "But my cock is greedy for your hole, too."
"Then fuck me!" you whined. 
"Not yet. I'm still hungry."
He gently circled your oversensitive clit with the tip of his tongue, groaning as he licked along your glistening lips moments later. He pushed two fingers deep inside you, plunging and curling to the point where your toes began to curl. You felt like you were trying to balance on a tightrope, but each time you got to the end you had to start over.
"Please. Fuck, please!" you begged when he slipped his fingers out, feeling how wet they were as he placed them on your trembling thigh.
"Still so wet for me, doll. You really do have the most amazing pussy."
"If it's so amazing, why won't you let me come?!" you snapped, blinking the tears from your eyes. 
"You know why," he chastised, chuckling when you did your best to glare at him. "You may growl like a tiger, but you bite like a kitten. What's your word?"
The smallest smile touched your lips when concern slipped into his voice. He was good about checking in. "Green."
"Good girl," he whispered as he dipped his head back down.
He held your thighs apart so tenderly and possessively as his tongue lapped and swirled in soft caresses. Your entire frame shook as desire rolled off of you in waves, a hot, writhing mess as he continued to play with your cunt. The colors of his tattoos seemed even brighter as you looked down at him, crying out when he suddenly stopped again. His face almost had a glow to it as he smirked up at you. 
"You want it so bad when all you had to do was be good," he scolded, sucking on your hard nub as your mouth fell open. He managed to do it slowly enough that the coil inside you wound tighter. How did it not snap?!
"I am good!" you argued.
"How long have you been at it?" 
Your head turned toward the open door, amusement in Steve's eyes as he lazily leaned against the frame. You were going to torture him, too, for standing there and not helping. Once you got your bearings and came up with a plan.
"Hours," came the muffled reply of the brunette.
"Have you let her come?"
"No. Not once," Bucky replied, sounding pained.
"What did you do, sweetheart?"
You looked over at the blonde innocently. Too innocently. "Nothing!" you yelped when Bucky squeezed your thigh. 
"Uh uh. What did we say about communication?" Steve asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Fuck! Fine! I skipped lunch...and… breakfast?"
The blonde no longer looked amused as he slowly walked over to the bed, ignoring the slurps of Bucky lavishing on your twitching hole. "What do you mean you skipped lunch and breakfast?"
You shrank back at his thunderous gaze. You already received that same look from the brunette after he found out you skipped a meal. Your boyfriends hated the thought of you not taking care of yourself or not being cared for. And you felt guilty. "Work was...Oh, fuck! Busy!"
The bed dipped as Steve sat down, pressing a kiss to your warm forehead. "Work will always be there. You put yourself first," he whispered as you closed your eyes. You were still working on that. "Did he feed you?"
You hiccupped a bit, the pleasure you were so close to reaching just out of your grasp. "Yes."
"Mmm. She ate every bite before I tied her up," Bucky promised, giving you no reprieve as he held you down. 
"Good girl," Steve whispered, moving his mouth to yours. As his tongue slipped past your parted lips, he somehow moved it in sync with Bucky's and you felt yourself tighten as you let your men devour you. 
But just as you reached the edge, everything stopped. It. Fucking. Stopped. You wrenched your face away from Steve's with a frustrated moan. “You. Fucking. Bastard."
Tears must have slipped out because you felt fingertips brush them away from your cheeks, even as both of them smiled at you. "Color?" Steve asked.
"Green! It is so fucking green!" you swore, your chest heaving. How much longer would they make you suffer?
"It really is cute when you swear. C'mon, Buck. Give her your cock. I think she more than earned it."
Bucky made a gruff sound as he stood up, fisting himself as he took in the sight of you. You knew it had to be agony for him, too, to not be inside you the moment he had you bound. "You look ruined, doll."
"Ruin her some more."
You nearly sobbed in relief when his cock pressed against your entrance. You couldn't even push your hips forward to take him in, but he didn't make you wait as he slid inside you. The only sound you could let out was a whimper as he stole your breath. 
His thickness stretched you to the limit as he hammered into you, his eyes not leaving yours. Your walls selfishly tried to keep him there when Steve leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth. You could only take so much as Bucky continued to bury himself in you over and over. 
"There you go,” Steve said softly, brushing his thumb over the other nipple. Even those felt more sensitive to the touch. “Bet you won't skip a meal again. You know that makes us worry.”
“I’m sorry,” you whimpered, even though Bucky should have also apologized for edging the shit out of you. Edging drove you crazy when you didn't plan it in advance… which is exactly why he did it. What good was a punishment if you enjoyed it from start to finish?
“I’ll bet you are,” Steve breathed out, feeling him smirk as he went back to gently sucking on the hard peak.
You didn’t bother coming up with a retort, instead making sounds of unrestrained pleasure. It didn’t matter how obscene you sounded as long as Bucky kept snapping his hips. It felt like he was trying to fuck you within an inch of your life. He owed you that. 
“I know, doll. I know,” Bucky said, a touch of sympathy mixed with his lust. “But it’s going to feel good when you come all over my cock.”
Steve turned his head away for a split second to give your aching nipple a break, his beard scraping along your skin. “Fuck, she really did leave some shine all over your face.”
“And the sheet,” Bucky said smugly. 
“Fucking. Tattooed. Bastards,” you gasped, more than ready to break.
“You love us,” Bucky said, his eyes intense as you moaned in response. “Just like you love feeling us wreck your tight, pretty pussy.”
“Yes!” you cried, hearing both men moan as you began to shake all over again. “Just let me come, please!”
Steve reached down, circling his finger along your clit. He barely touched it and you still felt like you were on fire. “Think she’s really sorry?”
You struggled to keep it together, gritting your teeth as you felt that rising bliss. “I am sorry… that I worried you. Please.”
For a second, you thought Bucky would pull back and stop again… until he slammed into you so hard you screamed. It’s like he was determined to fuck into your mind that you were their girl and that meant being cared for… by them and yourself. Feeling him pound into your desperate pussy, your walls began to spasm. Spirals of ecstasy began to spread as tears fell. 
“Bucky. Steve, please,” you begged as Steve’s finger circled your clit again.
Bucky took pity on you as his gaze went soft. “Come.”
The command was undeniable, tightening around the cock inside you as you finally climaxed. You thought you sobbed out “thank you” as you got lost in the haze, but you couldn’t be sure. Clamping down as his thrusts increased, you still felt every drag along your slick walls. You rode out the feeling of complete satisfaction and you took everything. Because you were their best girl and you were made to.
“Jesus, fuck, that’s gorgeous,” Steve groaned.
Bucky thrusts a few more times before letting out one of the deepest, sexiest growls you ever had the pleasure of hearing. Considering there were days you couldn’t keep either one of them from having you, that said something. Feeling him flood your insides as he shoved himself deep was a feeling you would never get over. It felt like heaven from both of them. 
Steve already had your wrists untied as you attempted to catch your breath, kissing each of them gently before letting Bucky stretch over you. His breathing was heavy for a minute, feeling his heart thud almost as fast as yours. His lips met yours in a soft kiss after a few more minutes, humming when he felt you kiss him back. “Still with us, doll?”
You nodded, grounded by having them there as your high faded into oblivion. “Still with you.”
“Do you get why Bucky punished you the way he did?” Steve asked curiously.
You nodded again. “Because I know to take care of myself and I didn’t. And… the punishment was chosen to teach me a lesson," you said quietly, swallowing. Steve had a bottle of water at your mouth in seconds, waiting until you took a few sips before you continued. You were proud you could form words. “But I don’t skip meals often, which is why I was only edged for a few hours.”
Bucky smiled, kissing you again. “I love how smart you are. We just want you to take care of yourself. You gonna do that?”
“Yeah,” you whispered, keeping your eyes shut. You really didn’t mean to worry them. It was still tough to remember some days that you had people looking out for you. But you had a family. 
“We’ll get you cleaned up and I’ll order a pizza,” Steve offered.
“We ate,” you grumbled, but you smiled. 
“I’m still hungry,” Bucky smirked, making all three of you laugh.
Fucking tattooed bastards. 
Tumblr media
Hours later, Steve smiled as he walked into the bedroom. Seeing you asleep in Bucky’s arms, holding you like he couldn’t let go, was a sight to behold. He would have to draw it later from memory. 
"What, punk?" Bucky asked as his friend shook his head. 
"Nothing. Just… love looks good on you."
"Looks good on you, too, Steve. Looks good on you, too."
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colossalcriminal · 13 hours ago
Highway to Hell
Pairing: James Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Summary: Y/N reunites with her longtime lover, only he isn't who she thought he was.
Content warnings: Violence, swearing, smoking. I don't know how to write fight scenes so I tried to make it funny, sorry.
This is a continuation of Historical Figure, but it could be read alone.
Y/N was grateful that Sam had taken her, Steve and Natasha in after finding out SHIELD had been compromised.
"So, the question is, who at SHIELD could launch a domestic missile strike?"
She sighed, sipping gingerly at her coffee. "Pierce, who happens to be sitting on top of the most secure building in the world."
"But he's not working alone." Steve interjected. "Zola's algorithm was on the Lemurian Star. So was Jasper Sitwell. The real question is how do three of the most wanted people in Washington to kidnap a SHIELD officer in broad daylight?"
Sam took long strides towards them, placing a file on the table. "The answer is, you don't. Call this a resume."
With narrowed eyes, Y/N snatched the folder. "Is this Bakhmala. The Khalid Khandil mission? Didn't know you were a pararescue. I heard they couldn't bring in choppers because of the RPGs. What did you use? A stealth chute?"
"No. These." He showcased another file.
"I thought you said you were a pilot." Steve remarked.
The other man smirked, arms crossed. "I never said pilot."
"I can't ask you to do this, Sam. You got out for a good reason."
"Dude, Captain America and Captain L/N need my help. There's no better reason to get back in."
After a brief confrontation with Sitwell, Y/N found herself huffing as she drove, Sam bickering with the Hydra agent in the backseat while Natasha pouted about being squished and Steve smirked slightly at his comfort in the front, only for his seat to be kicked.
"HYDRA doesn't like leaks." Sitwell declared, hoping for any kind of reaction.
She looked at him through the rear view mirror, not a single worry about the road on her mind. "Then put a cork in it."
"Insight's launching in 16 hours, we're cutting it a bit close here." Natasha reminded, wincing from the lack of space.
"I know, we'll use him to bypass the DNA scans and access the helicarriers directly."
"What? Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea!"
A thud had reverberated on the roof above him, a metal blur breaking through the glass window and yanking Sitwell out of the vehicle, his screams growing quieter as the banging footsteps on the roof had progressed into gunshots.
Grunting, Y/N slammed her foot on the brakes, the figure flinging off the car and landing onto the road before them, metal fingertips scraping at the concrete. While her glare was focused on the foe who'd begun taking short steps toward them, her head jerked harshly at a strong impact from behind, shattering the rear windshield.
Their best guess was that a car had rammed into them, and it was only confirmed when their own tattered vehicle rolled forward, the mystery man climbing right back onto the roof. It wasn't long before the steering wheel was gone, much to the avenger's amazement. Her moment of daze was interrupted by Steve pulled everyone to the passenger seat, falling out of the car as it had elevated from impact.
While Natasha and Steve went sledding down the road on the shield and Sam rolled down like a tootsie roll, Y/N had landed way ahead of them, the purple glow from her hands guaranteeing a somewhat soft landing. It was when she saw the HYDRA agent she felt her 2 years with the Avengers, mostly Tony Stark, had rubbed off on her when she nicknamed him Beefcake.
So, Beefcake had brought out his big gun, aiming it right at the enhanced avenger. Groaning, she just about deflected it towards Steve's shield, sending the blonde flying back in an awkward position that'd elicited a chuckle from her. They three remaining fugitives took cover as Beefcake's backup mercilessly fired their weapons.
Opening a portal onto the road underneath the highway they were stationed at, she rolled through, dodging a nasty bullet or two before standing up, sending a surge of power up towards Beefcake. She received a minute of reprieve before he came back at full force, his bullets gliding into a portal she'd opened for protection before running off.
Chest rising and falling at record pace, her feet aching in the poorly chosen boots, Y/N crouched behind a car in hopes of gaining the element of surprise. She rolled her eyes when a small silver ball rolled toward her, a bomb. Fingertips glowing as they warped open another portal landing right behind Beefcake, she jumped through, legs wrapping around his neck.
Beefcake stumbled back against a van before throwing her to the ground, reaching for his gun to finish the job until purple whisps surrounded his metal arm, heat generating faster than ever, bound to keep him still while she ran away, warning other civilians.
It wasn't long before he caught up to her, bullet scraping by her hip, her running halted just in time as Steve swooped in with his shield. "Nice of you to finally join us, Rogers."
"Good to be back, Y/N." He greeted, as the pair of them confronted Beefcake. It didn't take long for Steve to be MIA again, on the ground writhing in pain as Y/N had been occupied fighting for her life underneath the HYDRA asset. Fighting against his grip on her arm, she just about reached up, ripping his mask away. The gasp that left her lips had been the only thing she heard as crystal blue eyes had become so much clearer.
The Winter Soldier cocked his head. "Who the hell is Bucky?"
Her body had been relieved of pressure as Sam set his feet on the ground. The aftermath of Sam's kick was not evident as he reached for his weapon again, only to be interrupted by another explosion fired by a suffering Natasha. Looking back at where he once stood, Y/N let out a choked sob. They each raised their hands as 'SHIELD' crowded around them, ordering them as if they were law enforcement.
"It was him." She stated, staring at her handcuffs. "He looked right at me, like he didn't even know me."
"How is that possible? Its was like 70 years ago."
Steve pursed his lips at Sam. "Zola. Bucky's whole unit and Y/N were captured in '43."
"He experimented on us. Whatever he did enhanced me and helped Bucky survive the fall." She saw the look on her friend's face. "It's not your fault, Steve. I should've known they tested on him too."
Natasha interjected. "It's not your fault, either."
Y/N closed her eyes, shaking her head as if her mind had refused to accept the reality she was in. The throbbing pain stemming from the slight wound on her hip was a generous pinch to keep her sane. "Even when I had nothing, I had him. Nick was a part of him."
Sam's eyes glossed with sympathy towards the 'young' woman before noticing the blood oozing from the redhead's shoulder. "We need to get a doctor in here. If we don't put pressure on that wound, she's going to bleed out here in the truck." The guard launched forward slightly, aiming a charged electric baton at him, only to plunge it into their colleague's torso.
Maria was relieved of her helmet with a sigh. "That thing was squeezing my brain. Who's this guy?"
"Long story."
With an odd look, she alleviated the pressure around Y/N's wrists, taking the heavy duty handcuffs off. "If I give you a set of coordinates, can you get us a portal there?"
"I'll try my best." Within minutes, a purple circle had become the fugitives' great escape.
They suppressed the urge to ask a 1,001 questions entering the warehouse, even more baffled when they faced a practically bed ridden Nick Fury. "About damn time."
They'd been informed of their mission, to take down SHIELD as a whole. Y/N stood with a tense brow, her thoughts unsure as her fingers trailed the railing of the bridge she'd occupied.
10th of April, 1938.
Bucky Barnes watched his fiancee, mesmerized by the simple action of red pigment coating her lips.
"What are you staring at?" Y/N tugged the oversize shirt closer to her body, looking at his splayed out figure in the reflection of her vanity. The sight of his bare chest had her tummy swarming with the most excited of butterflies.
He leaned forward from his position on the bed. "My beautiful fiancee."
She giggled, rolling her eyes as she stood. "I don't have time for your kisses today, I promised Mary I'd go shopping with her." She balanced a cigarette between her lips, swiftly lighting it. He didn't reply, entranced by the blinding glimmer of the diamond engagement ring on her finger.
"You don't even have time for one kiss." He took the cigarette from between her fingers, placing it in his own mouth. Y/N kissed his cheek with a mischievous smile before pulling up her skirt and tucking her lover's shirt into it, ignoring the whine Bucky gave at her now concealed undergarments. "That's not fair."
She combed her fingers through her hair, pouting her lips in faux pity. "Why don't you go visit Steve today? See how he's doing. Take some of last night's dinner with you, he needs to eat more than boiled veggies."
"Yes, ma'am." He stood behind her, large hands falling onto her waist, sweeping them up and down, along the curves and dips of her stomach and hips before completely wrapping his arms around her. "I love you. I love you in this life, and I'll love you in the next, and the next."
As he buried his face into her neck, Y/N smiled in failed frustration. "James," She playfully warned. "I'll see you tonight."
He huffed as she spun to face him, patting his chest in appreciation. "Fine. Can I have a kiss?" She leaned up, not quite meeting him as he halted her. "A proper one, this time."
She grinned, raising her eyebrows in disbelieve before pecking his lips. What was originally a peck turned into a prolonged declaration of love from Bucky, leaving her to pull away, leaving him dazed. "I love you. I'll see you soon."
"I love you, more. See you later, doll."
Sam's quiet footsteps snapped her out of her daydream. "He's going to be there, you know."
Y/N let out a humorless chuckle. "I know."
"Look, whoever he used to be and the guy he is now, I don't think he's the kind you save. He's the kind you stop."
She shrugged. "Well, you have to stop someone to save them, right?"
"He might not give you the chance. He doesn't know you."
"He will." She countered, confident. "He'll remember me. I'll stop him, then I'll save him."
They'd successfully infiltrated SHIELD, Y/N, Steve and Sam heading out towards the hellicarriers on Maria's guidance.
"Hey, how do we know the good guys from bad guys?" Sam quizzed.
Y/N laughed. "If they're shooting at you, they're bad."
They all parted ways, beginning the ascent to the hellicarriers. Sam with his wings, Y/N devising portals upwards and Steve just being Steve. It didn't take long for explosions and literal hell to rain down on the three.
"L/N, status?" She responded to Maria's call, hopping through portals while attempting to dodge incoming bullets.
"Trying my fucking best- engaging!" She grunted, launching blasts of purple heat at said bad guys. "Alright, I'm in."
"Me, too." Sam responded.
"Alpha lock." Steve confirmed.
She was so close, so close yet so far. Jumping threw another entryway, she was instantly thrashed into the side of a structure, a wound evident on her side as Sam expressed his difficulty with 'the bad guys' over the comms. "I'm down, but I'm working on it." She gasped, fingers working to produce flecks of purple, heating the injury, mitigating her of pain.
"You good, Y/N?"
"Never been better, Rogers." She muttered, instantly getting back to work. "I can't get a portal directly to the helicarrier, but I'm almost there."
"Good. Bravo locked."
She continued her journey, the hairs at the back of her neck alarming her of something near. Him.
She steadied herself. "You're not as good as you think." Y/N was quick to block the incoming punch, turning around and twisting it as she went, kneeing Bucky in the torso. Kicking him back, she opened a portal to the nearby helicarrier, stepping through just in time.
The avenger jogged through the metal walkways, sighing when he landed before her. "People are going to die, Bucky. Don't make me do this, don't make me hurt you." She failed to mask the crack in her voice, the dryness of her throat.
When he made no attempt to move, she closed her eyes momentarily, hurling a ball of heat at him, commencing their fight. His guns were quick to be kicked away during combat, falling off the edge of the bridge. He switched to a knife, easily being over powered by his foe. "You were always better with a gun." She taunted, opening the center core.
He didn't let her complete her mission, launching himself at her, only to be kicked off. They paused, knife dangerously close to her neck, purple force eliciting from her hands attempting to inch it away. Y/N shoved him away, tending back to the center, using as much energy as she could to create a forcefield of heat around her. She took out the helicarrier's blade, reaching into her boot for what was left to complete of her mission.
She turned, striking Bucky through the forcefield before he got to close. She certainly wasn't prepared for it to fall immediately, leaving her to once again fight him hand to hand, causing them to fall down to another level of the helicarrier, the targeting blade slipping through her fingers.
Y/N spotted the small device, knocking him back and jumping, a large thump echoing from the glass, to retrieve it. She ran, like her life depended on it, a sharp pierce had bloomed on her hip, sending her down. She plucked it out with a strangled cry, pinning down it's wielder. "Drop it." She noticed the targeting blade in his hand. Forcing Bucky's arm into many positions, bone cracking and screams ripping at her heart. "Drop it!" She yelled.
She fell onto her back, arm around his neck and leg hooked over his metal arm. The enhanced woman took the device the second Bucky's body went limp, whispering a quiet apology before opening a portal to the center. It was farther than expected due to her exhaustion, her run towards the destination was slowed by the wound she'd acquired on her hip. "30 seconds, Y/N." Maria informed, antsy.
"Stand by." She gasped for air, leaning on the railing. A gunshot went off, an agonizing throb occurred in her shoulder. Y/N was sure 30 seconds had gone by as tears slipped down her face, failure hitting her harder than a bullet.
Pushing herself up with a groan, she slipped the blade into it's compartment, falling back with a whimper. "Charlie lock."
"Okay, Y/N, you have to get out of there."
Wincing, Y/N shook her head as if Maria could see her. "Fire now."
"I'm not going to make it. Fire now!"
Her aching body was carelessly thrown around as a result of the rattling, her surroundings crumbling as she hung on to the one metal railing. She stood, through all the commotion, approaching a trapped Bucky Barnes.
Curling her hands underneath the structure that had him down, she pulled it up with a strain, wrists aching and neck pulsing at the sheer weight. Releasing it harshly when he crawled away, they faced each other again. "You know me." She insisted.
"No, I don't!" He retaliated with a punch, luckily missed by the skilled super soldier.
"You've known me your entire life," Another lazy hit missed. "Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. You are my fiance." Another.
"I'm not going to fight you, sweetheart. You're the love of my life."
He ran towards her, caging her to the ground with his weight. "You're my mission."
"Then finish it. I love you in this life, and I'll love you in the next, and the next."
Bucky couldn't find it in him to hurt the woman before him, his eyes displaying a degree of horror she'd never seen before.
Under the stress of havoc, the glass beneath her broke, sending Y/N L/N to the water.
Waking up in a fit of coughs, the ache in her body gone and the inflammation in her hip healed, she squinted at a retreating figure.
"Hey!" She yelled, scrambling after him. Bucky turned, weary. "Can I show you something?"
He nodded, hesitant. The familiar shade of lilac engulfed the pair, their surroundings a stark contrast to the river. "Where have you taken me?"
"We're still by the river, it just looks different. We used to live here, together."
The assassin took one step forward, deeming it safe before he looked around. "Who is this?" He pointed to a picture from the Stark expo. Nick had been on Bucky's shoulders, his parents sharing their own embrace.
"That's our son, Nick. We took him to the Stark expo in 1943 before we went to England. You really doted on him."
"We have a son?"
She nodded. "You do. He's about 77 right now. We've got great grandchildren, too." Y/N observed the man, smiled at how in awe he was of the past life he lived, "If you wanted to, I could help you remember. I have a safehouse, no one knows where it is. We could stay there."
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spideyhexx · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
bucky x tva agent!reader aka agent x
will time heal all wounds or deepen them?
summary; 18+. Bucky is arrested by the TVA and if that isn’t enough trouble, he’s assigned to assist a rambunctious agent on her mission to capture one of her longtime foes.
*in this, we’re deviating a little from canon on the TVA’s mechanics and steve's ending (he stayed!)
talk to me about bucky x tva agent!reader here
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idy-ll-ique · 15 hours ago
The Perfect Wingman.
Pairing: Single Dad!Sebastian Stan x F!Reader
Genre: Fluff, tiny bit of Angst
Warnings: mentions of injuries, blood
Requested: Nope
Summary: Felix, Sebastian Stan's five year old son, is the perfect matchmaker (with the help of Uncle Anthony, of course!)
Author's Note: Hiya peeps! Another matchmaker fic lmao there's just something about that trope where kids play matchmaker for adults that's just... 💞 anyway enjoy!
"Buddy! Hi!"
Y/N glanced at Chris Evans as her boss spoke to her, seeing him running towards somebody. After her boss left, she turned around and smiled when she saw him chatting with Felix, Sebastian Stan's five year old son. The kid was literally sunshine in a bottle, making everyone around him happy. Guess that's another thing he got from his father.
Aside from looks.
Then she looked around, but couldn't see Sebastian anywhere. "Boo!" Startled, Y/N screamed and held a hand over her chest as she whirled around to see Sebastian doubled over in laughter behind her, clutching his stomach. "Oh my God!" she groaned as several heads turned to her at her scream. "You should've seen your face," Sebastian wheezed.
Y/N pouted at him and swatted his chest. "I could've had a heart attack!" Y/N wasn't an actress, she was just an assistant on set. Her only work was to make sure that all the actors on set were hydrated, which in turn led to her becoming good friends with all of them. They were all very friendly people, the Marvel cast. "But you didn't. Felix!" Sebastian called out and his son looked up.
Running as fast as his little feet could carry him, Felix jumped into his father's open arms, giggling. Y/N watched them with a smile on her face; Sebastian was a great father. "Meet Y/N," Sebastian introduced her and she waved at the kid. "Hi Felix," she grinned but Felix was mesmerized. Wow, she's so beautiful.
He simply blinked at her a few times, his jaw dropped. Y/N raised a questioning but amused brow at him, her eyes flickering to Sebastian who was watching his son with an exasperated look on his face, all too aware of his shenanigans. She laughed at Sebastian's expression and Felix snapped out of his thoughts. He raised his arms and leaned forward; a silent request of please pick me up.
Y/N gathered him in her arms, his tiny arms going around her neck as she held him on her hip. "Hello!" He had surprisingly clear speech, he did not mispronounce his L's and R's much. "Hi! How are you today? Enjoying yourself?" Felix nodded excitedly. "Yes!" Sebastian simply watched them with a soft smile as the girl he fancied talked to his son.
Sebastian had had a crush on Y/N ever since they began filming, and at this point, 4 months later, the only person who was oblivious to his feelings was Y/N. Everyone knew, and everyone heartily teased him for it. He had always wanted to ask her out; seeing his son get along so well with her only fueled his feelings. "Are you… are you an actwess too, Y/N?"
"No, darling, I'm a helping hand. I help everyone stay hydrated."
"What does that mean?"
"I give everyone water when they ask for it," she explained and Felix nodded, eyes the same colour as Sebastian's blinking at her in wonder. "Water is impowtant," Felix stated matter-of-factly making Y/N giggle. Felix decided he wanted to hear that sound much more frequently. "Felix! Is that you?!" Y/N, Felix and Sebastian turned to see Anthony making his way towards them.
"Uncle Anthony!" Felix squealed and Y/N put him down on his feet, smiling at the way he ran to Anthony Mackie. "Your son is so cute," she commented, turning to Sebastian only to see him already staring at her, a soft smile on his face. "It seems as though he has taken a liking to you. I wouldn't blame him." Y/N rolled her eyes at his flirting but blushed.
He did flirt with her a lot, but come on, that was just a part of his personality. Surely he didn't have feelings for her, he couldn't. Oh but he did; very strong feelings, on top of that. "Cheesy," she jabbed back and Sebastian clutched his chest with a pretend hurt look on his face. "You wound me," he pouted and Y/N grinned at him.
What they didn't see was Felix and Anthony staring at them, eyebrows raised in an identical manner. "Uncle Anthony, can I ask you something?" Anthony smirked but nodded. "Does papa… does papa love Y/N?" Anthony laughed loudly, realising that the adorable kid was the perfect wingman for Y/N and Sebastian. So he said, "Yes, yes he does."
"She is really pwetty…" Felix confessed, his own cheeks turning pink. "Aw, look who's blushing," Anthony teased, pinching his little cheeks. Felix blushed more and slapped his hands away, pouting. "Do you want your papa to go on a date with Y/N?" Anthony asked the child. Felix thought for a moment before nodding.
"Yes. If he likes her, he should just tell her!" Oh, bless his innocent heart. If only it were that easy in real life. "He will ask her soon, we'll make sure of it. Here's what you can do to help…"
2 months had passed since Felix visited the sets and Sebastian was getting impatient. If you thought his flirting was too much then, you should see him now. He flirted with her every chance he got but Y/N used to brush him off each time; he possibly couldn't be genuinely interested in her. She didn't think herself to be worthy of his affections, so, as much as she liked his flirting, she never reciprocated.
As Y/N gathered a few bottles of water in her arms, she heard a screech behind her. "Y/N!" Smiling, she turned, dramatically faking an 'oof' as a tiny body collided with her legs. "Felix, honey, hi! Didn't expect you to visit the sets today," she grinned as Felix let go, smiling broadly up at her.
"His babysitter couldn't make it, had to bring him down."
Her smile turned nervous as she saw the father of the cute kid walking towards her, a suave smile plastered on his face. "That's okay, papa, I can just hang out with Y/N!" Felix assured him before frowning at the dozens of bottles in her arms. "Do you need help?" Ah, ever the gentleman. One more thing he gets from his dad.
"Thank you so much, sweetie," she cooed as she handed him two bottles. It wasn't much, but seriously, how much could a little child carry? That was enough for him. "Can you go give these to Scarlett and Chris?" she requested, pointing to the spot where Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth were standing. "Okay, Y/N!"
She grinned when he left. "Seriously, how did you manage to birth the most perfect kid in the world?" she commented, turning to Sebastian. "Look at me," he said unabashedly, wiggling his eyebrows. "Seb," she huffed and nudged him, raising her eyebrows in shock when he took the bottles from her arms. "I have some time before my next scene."
"That's my job—"
"Nope, can't have you carrying all these bottles, sweetheart. What if you drop them?" She pouted as she followed him through the busy set. "Do you think I'm clumsy?" He glanced at her, worried that he actually offended her, but smiled when he saw her playful look. "Nope, but I don't want you to trip over the fallen bottles and hurt yourself."
"Now that was a good line," she whistled and Sebastian laughed. As Sebastian and Y/N chatted more, they heard a loud wail coming from a few feet away. Freezing up, both of them turned to see Felix sitting on the floor, surrounded by Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans as he moaned in pain. Y/N's eyes went wide with fear when she saw the cut on his knee.
Talk about hurting oneself...
Forgetting the world around her, she quickly rushed to the child, Sebastian hot on her heels. "Bub, stop crying," Chris tried but Felix wouldn't listen. The moment he saw Y/N, though, his tears ceased. "Y/N," he whimpered and reached towards her, finally content when she took him in her arms. "Oh, honey bun, you'll be okay," she whispered, kissing his forehead.
"It hurts," Felix insisted. "I know, darling, let's patch you up." Without any word to anyone, Y/N led him away from the crowd, sitting him down on one of the chairs littered across the place. Sebastian, Chris and Elizabeth watched her; Chris and Lizzie were smirking but Sebastian was beyond shocked. The worry on her face the moment she found out he was hurt, the way she cradled him…
The way his son had stopped crying when he saw her, as if she were his mother. The way he reached out to her instead of him. "Just ask her out, pal, look at her. She's perfect for you. And for Felix," Chris told him, patting him on the back before leaving with Elizabeth.
Sebastian stayed where he was for a few more minutes, heart racing and mind in an overdrive, watching as Y/N took care of Felix. Be mine, please.
"All okay, bub?" Y/N crooned as she tied a bandage on his knee after cleaning the blood off. "Thank you, Y/N!" Felix threw his arms around her neck and buried his face in her neck, smiling widely. Y/N returned the hug ardently, rubbing his back. "Felix?" Felix looked over Y/N's shoulder to see his dad standing there, a small smile on his face. "Papa!"
He made no point in moving out of Y/N's arms and Sebastian took the hint, merely ruffling the boy's hair. "You doing okay? Y/N take care of the boo-boo?" Felix nodded eagerly. "It doesn't even hurt now," he said proudly and Sebastian smiled. "Did you say thank you?" "He did, Sebastian," Y/N assured him.
"I wish Y/N took care of my boo-boos all the time!" Felix pouted. Sebastian froze again, his eyes darting to Y/N when he saw her stiffen. "How is that possible, sugar?" Y/N joked nervously as she stood up, Felix still in her arms, holding him on her hip like before. "Papa can date you! And then you can get married and then you'll be my mama and then you'll take care of all my boo-boos!"
Sebastian and Y/N stared at each other as Felix innocently looked at Y/N with a huge smile on his face. "M-Married? Bubba, I don't think your papa likes me in that way…" Sebastian suddenly found his voice. How dare she? "Y/N, I do like you, why do you think I flirt with you all the time?" he scoffed, rolling his eyes.
Y/N's eyes went wide. "Wait, I thought you were joking—"
"I wasn't. Will you go on a date with me?"
"Sebastian, I-I… I'll be honored."
"Oh please, iubi, the honor's all mine," he chuckled and, not caring about who was watching (including his own son), leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers in a sweet kiss. Y/N's heart fluttered at the term of endearment as she kissed him back. Felix groaned loudly in Y/N's arms, covering his eyes. "Yucky!"
Sebastian and Y/N had to break the kiss because they laughed too hard. Felix slid down Y/N's arms and ran towards Anthony, who was watching them with a small smile, proud of his best friend for finally making a move on the woman he liked. Anthony smirked when the pipsqueak stopped next to him. "Good job, bud."
"Thank you, Uncle Anthony." And Felix gagged again as he and Anthony turned to Sebastian and Y/N, only to see them in another liplock.
A/N: Thanks for reading! Leave a like if you enjoyed, reblogs will be accepted and appreciated too <3
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1-800-barnes · 15 hours ago
The Letters
Tumblr media
pairing: college!modern!bucky x female reader
summary: You’ve been in love with Bucky for a long time. You have suffered in silence as you have watched him fall for girls over and over again. Graduation day has arrived and you finally decide to tell him how you feel.
word count: 1.6k
author’s note: Please like and reblog, send me a message if you find any mistakes! I’m thinking about writing a pt. 2 but i don’t know yet
warnings: a little bit of angst, crying
You met Bucky in your freshman year, he was friends with your roommates, Natasha and Wanda. Ever since you started hanging out you couldn’t stop and with time, you started catching feelings for him, however, you knew he didn’t feel the same way, Bucky brought girls over almost every night and this proved your point. It came to a point where you couldn’t handle your feelings anymore so you decided to do what you do best, write. Every six months during those four years you wrote a letter, telling how you feel and how you wanted to forget him but couldn’t, but those letters were never given to him, you kept them under your bed, safe from everyone. Your crush on Bucky wasn’t that imperceptible, everyone but him seemed to notice that you were head over heels for that boy.
Despite your feelings, you never stopped hanging out with Bucky and there you were, in a bar after your graduation ceremony, you were sat by his side, but he wasn’t alone. You couldn’t remember the girl’s name, he probably didn’t too considering they just met, you just knew you were jealous of her, she’s sat on his lap and messing with his hair, living everything you’ve been wanting for years.
You gave your best friends, Natasha and Wanda a helpless look “I’m going to the bathroom” hoping they got the message, you stood up and left the table.
Arriving at the bathroom you looked in the mirror with tear-filled eyes, Nat and Wanda entered “What happened?” Natasha asked worriedly. “I can’t take it anymore” you whimpered “I can’t keep doing this, pretending that what he does isn’t affecting me”. Everything you said was true, you were tired of feeling that way. “What do you mean?” Wanda asked hugging you “It’s been years Wan, if he felt the same I would know already, I have to let these feeling go” Natasha immediately joined your hug “You need to do what makes you happy, we don’t want to see you hurt” you sobbed into your bestfriends’ arm “Let’s go home” she finished while cleaning up your tears.
The three of you left the bathroom and went in your friends’ direction, Bucky and the girl were still there but they seemed cozier, you felt tears brimming in your eyes again “Hey guys, we’re going home” Wanda started and you hoped she wouldn’t say the real reason why you’re leaving “I’m not feeling well and the girls offered to leave and help me” she said looking at you and Nat. No one asked anything, you said your goodbyes and started gathering your things. “Hey” someone grabbed your wrist before you could leave, Bucky. “Is everything okay, doll?” you hated that nickname, it was how he called his one night stands and when he called you that you felt like one of them, you didn’t want to be an one night thing, you wanted to hold his hands, go on dates, you wanted a relationship, but he didn’t even see you that way. “Everything is fine, Buck” you snapped at him “I just need to go help Wanda, today was an exhausting day” giving him one last look, you turned around and left with your friends.
The car ride was quiet, when you finally arrived at your shared apartament Natasha asked “What do you want to do?” you just wanted to curl into a ball and cry. “I think I’m going to sleep, I’m really tired” you said while going to your bedroom “Are you sure?” Wanda asked reassuringly, you nodded and went into your room.
Three hours later and you couldn’t stop thinking about Bucky, you felt like you needed closure, but didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, you remembered the letters, maybe if you gave it to him you would feel relieved and finally could move on. After getting the box with the letters from under your bed, you picked up the letter you wrote that morning, the last you were ever going to write to him and put it into the box. You grabbed a post-it note, wrote his name and put it above the box, if anyone besides him saw it you would feel so embarrassed so you needed people to know that it was for him.
After checking your phone and seeing that the clock marked 4 am, you left the apartment quietly to not wake up Nat and Wanda. Bucky and Steve also shared an apartment, two floors above yours. The moment you faced his door you knew you couldn’t just ring the doorbell and give it to him, it was the middle of the night and what if he brought that girl from the bar home? You almost left his door and gave up on giving him the letters, but you needed that, you owned it to yourself. You put the box on his doormat and left, tears falling from your eyes. Little did you know what happened while you were in your room.
As soon as you left the night before, he knew something happened so he just dropped everything and went home to see you. Arriving in the building, he saw Natasha on the elevator. “Hey, Nat” he rushed to get to her “Is she ok? Where is she?” He was worried about you. “Listen, James” Natasha started. “It’s better if you don’t go after her right now, plus, I’m sure she’s asleep, you should try tomorrow” she concluded and left. He just wanted to know what happened and who hurt you so he knew who would be the next person he was punching but he respected Nat's wishes and went to his house.
Bucky woke up the next day due to the sunlight on his face, he forgot to close the curtains when he arrived from the bar. After having breakfast he decided to go see you, when he was leaving he tripped over something, it was a box with his name on it. He recognized that handwriting, it was yours.
He picked it up, sat on the couch, and opened it. It was a bunch of letters with dates, he saw one with the date December 14, 2017, written on it, four years ago? Why would you give him something like that? Since that was the letter with the earliest date, it was the one he opened first.
December 14, 2017
Dear Bucky, it’s been five months since we met and became friends. During this period of time we grew closer and feelings started to develop on my part. You’ll probably never see this because I’ll keep it to myself, but I love you, with all parts of my body.
I never expected to meet someone like you, someone who makes me feel so alive. I wish I knew the way you feel about me. I care so much about you, but I constantly question my feelings. You’re always with someone new, there’s always a girl in your arms and I know that’ll never change, so I’m just swallowing my feelings. I don’t know how and when i’ll be able to let these go away, so if you’re receiving these letters there are two scenarios.
Either I finally told you how I feel and we’re finally together or my feelings got to the point in which they hurt me, so I decided to let you go. I love everything about you, with each new day, each new word from your mouth, I fall further and further in love with you. There's no turning back for me. It doesn’t matter where we stand now, you’ll always have me for anything that you need.
I am yours and yours alone. Now and always.
Bucky closed the letter, why wouldn’t you tell him tha? He felt so little and so disgusted by himself for hurting you, he didn’t even know if he could read the other letters. “How could I do that to her?” was the last thing he said before the tears came.
And you? You were almost in the same position, laid in bed crying. What could Bucky do to make things right?
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fanfic-for-readers · 15 hours ago
Wait... Rogers?! ~ Part 11 (Bucky Barnes)
Main Masterlist
Wait…Rogers?! M.List
(IFR Masterlist - My other blog (for social media au’s) you might enjoy)
If you want to be tagged in any of my work let me know :) xx
This is a Bucky Barnes x Rogers!Reader/Female!Reader. May contain spoilers for the MCU. Thank you for reading… I hope you enjoy! :)
Previous Part // Next Part
Life in Wakanda was peaceful, while Bucky was asleep, I stayed in the palace. My stomach continued to swell, and my baby was growing perfectly – Shuri would come and check on me every now and then. Soon enough Bucky was woken up, they had told us that they had to train his mind so he wouldn’t respond to those retched words any longer. They moved him into a hut on the outskirts of Wakanda; those looking after him decided that it would be best if he stayed alone until his mind could be truly trusted – it took a while but eventually we were together once again.
My belly grew impossibly larger until one day it burst… that was the day Jameson Steven Barnes was born – a beautiful, chubby little boy who Bucky and I adored with our whole hearts.
Now, at a year old, Jameson toddles around petting the goats while Bucky and I sort out their hay.
“We have a surprise for you Barnes!” a familiar voice calls, looking around we spot Shuri, T’Challa and Okoye moving towards us.
Bucky talked to them while I grabbed Jameson, then moved towards the trailer.
“Where’s the fight?” Bucky had asked, looking at the brand-new mechanical arm in the case.
“On it’s way.” Was T’Challa’s reply. That’s the moment I knew nothing was ever going to be the same.
A group of us stand waiting for people to exit the jet, nerves took over me as I held Jameson on my hip. Steve was the first one I saw – memories of last time surfacing causing my nerves to increase – he walked towards the group, first greeting the royals, then hugging Bucky. They shared a few words that I didn’t quite catch before Steve looked over towards me before falling to the little boy in my arms – his eyes lit up.
“Y/N.” I smile at my brother, “Who’s this then?”
“Jameson Steven Barnes, your nephew.” Steve’s smile was almost dazzling.
“Hello Jameson.” The boy in mention giggled before hiding his face in my neck,
“Don’t get shy now! This is your Uncle Steve; you’ll get to know him soon.” Jameson’s chubby cheeks were red as he shyly looked up at Steve, then at the others who stood behind him. Nat waved at him, and he pushed his face back in my neck – everybody chuckled at the sweet actions.
“You didn’t tell me…” Steve’s words made me freeze.
“You know I couldn’t, Steve.” He sighed shaking his head before turning towards the royals,
“We need your help.”
The fight was hard on everyone. We were strong but not strong enough – it was too late, we had lost… we stand there, in the clearing, silently waiting for the inevitable. Bucky stumbled forwards, my name tumbling from his mouth – I move towards him ready to catch him but all I catch it dust. I didn’t even register the scream that left my mouth as I dropped to my knees, quickly Steve’s arms wrapped around me. I had lost him again…
Previous Part // Next Part
Tags (If you wish to be removed please tell me (: xx)
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jurassicbarnes · 15 hours ago
—what a night [5/6]
Tumblr media
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (TFATWS)
summary: Bucky Barnes is out in the new world, navigating through everyday life and its trials and tribulations. His therapist insists he tries new things. He has collected a few new hobbies. But when it comes to making new acquaintances, what’s a better way to meet new people than a little dating site called Tinder.
warnings: idk me being pretentious af for the first 6 paras lol
author’s note: written for @bubblebuckys’s writing challenge. sorry i deviated from my schedule, hope y’all are still interested in this fic :') also, remember last month or so, i asked y’all to send me a bunch of fake names for tinder? yeah... credit to everyone who send me a name ;) [wc: ~2.2k]
follow & turn on post notifs on this blog
Tumblr media
You know how people say, that one should lead their lives unapologetically, without any regrets and to the fullest. Or something along those lines. All the pretentious bullshit that makes them sound optimistic and think they have a positive outlook on their lives.
Makes one think if they’re living their lives to their potential.
But here’s what most people do, they hear it one day, mull over it for a while. And then forget it the next day and go on with their 9 to 5 prestigious jobs in a multinational company, earning more money than they know what to do with. Then they find someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with and procreate and then they eventually become the very dust that once laid beneath their feet.
Here’s what most people don’t do, live.
Accomplishments are important, true. They define self-worth and boost up one’s confidence, makes them respectable members of society.
But they don’t help you live.
Or maybe people just don’t give themselves enough credit, don’t see the potential they have before it’s wasted.
This small, yet significant epiphany took a young woman—living in Brooklyn, New York, who works one of those same white-collar jobs—by a fucking hail storm. It shook her to her core.
After losing five whole years of her life to the Blip, she knew there was no going back.
Before this unforeseen event, she never stopped to smell the flowers. Or stomp on a path of crunchy leaves on an Autumn afternoon. Never stopped to pet her neighbour’s dog. Or make small talk with the vendor at the local farmers market.
To be quite frank, those things didn’t matter to her then.
She used to be a human machine. Just like the others, in the hustle and bustle of the city. Where competition was cutthroat and if she didn’t grab an opportunity, then her life was basically over. Never lost focus. No matter how many times she had to bail on her friends or ditch a date. Countless birthdays, forgotten. Never had time for things that allowed her to take a breather.
In a nutshell, she lived a normal, self-controlled life. Was a good citizen. Was always good at her job. Followed the invisible rules of life. Never got in trouble. Never did anything out of order.
Never left the mark of her existence.
God, how fucking stupid of her. How fucking stupid of her to take life for granted like that.
When she woke up or rather got un-blipped, re-integrated back to her form, she was on her couch, in her apartment—or it was her home at one point, given the new family living there just stared at her as if they’re seeing a ghost.
They were nice people, two moms with two teenage kids, a son and a daughter, three years apart. They gave her food to eat and offered to let her stay for a couple of weeks until she can figure out how to get back on her feet.
But she didn’t want to overstay her welcome… in her own home. Luckily, she still had money in the bank when she checked. So when reality set in after a couple of days, she left with a boxful of her belongings. The kids were kind enough to preserve them for the previous tenant of their home. It nearly brought tears to her eyes upon seeing her belongings. She doesn’t know why. It’s not like she missed them. Because nothing had changed.
Nothing had changed for her, and yet everything about the world did in the blink of an eye.
Five whole years wasted with a snap of a finger. Literally. She looked the same, only five years older by age. She was the same person, but she no longer had the same goals.
So after a couple of months, she got back on her feet, got a new place, landed another good job and returned to her routine. Restarted her life. Now, don’t judge her because she’s a realist when it comes to these things. She needs to survive in this new world. Somehow it became an even bigger shit show than it was before.
But one thing she vowed to herself she’d never do is turning back into that dull, boring person she previously used to be.
There’s got to be more to life than simply existing. A little twist, a little flair. She wasn’t going insane, she was going to live.
How does one classify living and existing?
Existence needs sustenance, food, water, the air you breathe.
Living is… not so simple. How would you guarantee that you sleep with a smile on your face every night? Content and in peace? In the arms of a lover? Or are you better off alone? Do you find different ways that make you feel alive? Or is going on with your day as you did the day before is enough?
She knew it wasn’t enough anymore. She had to become a new person in this new world. She just couldn’t figure out how.
At a five star restaurant, she was waiting for her date at the bar. Nursing her drink of choice, in a beautiful red dress that fit her like a glove.
To people watching her, she looked like she wouldn’t even spare a second to glance their way.
“Are you Nora Gould?” A deep voice asks, behind her.
She whips her head, turning on the barstool. One leg crossed over the other as she stared at the person with wide eyes. The man, to whom the voice belonged, was drop-dead gorgeous. Piercing blue eyes, a clean jawline, sharp and smooth and a smile flashed so easily, dressed to the nines in a dashing suit.
“Excuse me?”
She was staring; blinks to snap out of it. “Yes?”
“Yes, you are Nora Gould?” He asks once again.
For you? She thought. Hell yes.
“That’s me!” she grinned just as effortlessly and slipped her hand into his outstretched one as he led them to their table.
The guy’s name was Richard, and he was apparently on a blind date with a woman named Nora Gould. Who that poor woman was, she didn’t know and she didn’t give a flying rat’s ass to find out. She didn’t care about her own date, either. He was late, it was his fault.
According to Richard, Nora Gould was a friend of a friend. A pharmaceutical rep who travelled a lot due to work. And apparently, she was leaving New York tomorrow.
So she had to improvise a little, big deal. This was thrilling. She was on a date with a much more charming man than her lame Tinder date.
“Why would you go on a date with a girl you’ll never see again?” She asked.
“Took my chances, see if I can charm her into staying for another day or so.”
“You sound awfully sure, Richard.”
“Then it means my charm is working.”
There was only one way that night would end. With her sleeping with him, on the eighteenth floor of her supposed hotel room, which was the same place as the restaurant. The rush she got from being a different person, walking up to the reception desk and telling a different name than hers. Hoping the man behind the desk doesn’t ask for any sort of identification and just let her pass so that she could have sex with the gorgeous man awaiting her. Yeah, that rush was insane.
She never saw Richard after that night. It was a shame, they had good chemistry. But it couldn’t last longer than a night.
But she liked being Nora Gould. She liked having a one night stand with a hot stranger.
That’s when it struck her.
Ah, the epiphany.
Staring at your reflection in the bathroom, late at night—that epiphany.
Most people would just travel around the world, jump off a plane or go deep-sea diving. Call it the most thrilling moment of their lives. And while that’s true, this young woman would beg to differ.
Becoming someone else just for one night, that gave her the rush she’d been searching for. Think of all the possibilities she could con others, just for the heck of it. It’s a little twisted, but it’s not like she’s robbing anyone. Nor is she using them just for sexual favours, and even if she is, there’s absolutely no shame in that. It’s a two way street anyway.
It was simple, she just had to be prepared.
So she came up with a system. She found someone on the internet who’d help her create some fake ID’s and legit records. Some nerd in his mid-twenties, living with his parents. She paid him well. Well enough to keep his mouth shut.
“So, what’re you into? Credit card fraud? Identity theft?” the guy from the internet asked.
“Is it theft if the person doesn’t exist?” The counter-question went straight over his head.
The point is, she got her material and she was all set.
She had to admit, having a different name was a total game-changer. She never thought she’d be that good at acting and creating different personalities. Mostly, she just stole them from her favourite movies and TV shows. It was so subtle those idiots never saw it coming.
But just a difference in the name, that got her going.
A Vivian Tremaine got her a date with a guy named Adam Hutton. He was keen on finding a date for his cousin’s wedding to impress his family. Now Vivian works in fashion, she’s a Department Head of Design. What more could that guy ask for? And who was Vivian to say no to such a beautiful weekend in Colorado Springs, with all expenses paid?!
When she was in Barbados for a work event, she met a handsome man who looked exactly like Micheal B Jordan, she swore! She had one of those ‘our eyes met from across the hotel lobby, and we were already stripping each other naked’ moments. And suddenly, she was Ramona Louise Rittenhouse, who’d just dumped her cheating ex-husband and she needed a vacation. Fake Micheal showed her a good time on the beautiful beaches of Barbados. They danced with sand beneath their feet and his strong arms around her.
Then for Saint Patrick’s day, she was Janice Jameson. Now Janice loves to party and she loves to drink. And she loves to stick half her body up the roof of a limo. Janice was crazy and drunk, so much that she almost convinced herself to get a tattoo. And she even got arrested for a little bit of public indecency. Having drunken sex in the back alley of a bar was considered illegal, god, even on St. Patrick’s day! Drunk Janice didn’t give a fuck about it.
Gene Ravenna got her a date with a college professor named Alexander Hugh, the six-foot-tall, honey brown eyes and a gorgeous beard—the whole fucking package. They made a pretty handsome couple on his stupid Christmas party picture with his staff. But hey, the food was amazing and they had an open bar. And who was she to complain when Professor Huge whispered “Let’s get out of here” when he’d had enough of the fake smiles and chattering. That was the first time she ever indulged in roleplaying. Oh, what a thrill.
Not all her dates went well. She found these men on Tinder for fuck’s sake. She had to be incredibly lucky. All the good ones came months apart. You only ever know the better half of a story. But there are two sides of a coin, right?
Some of her identities were just wasted on men who were self-absorbed and downright disrespectful—to her, to the people working at the restaurant. Entitled pricks who had way too much to talk about themselves and yell at the waiter when their food wasn’t cooked well enough. Some were just too weird. She didn’t have a category to describe them. She didn’t want to judge them. But growing different kinds of potatoes in your backyard is a hobby, Kyle, not a job. Living with your ex-wife is not normal, Jim. And trying to eat a whole chicken raw is clearly a health hazard, Heath.
She had a way to get out of the dates. As soon as she got a red signal, she’d say something that was a total mood killer.
“I’m pregnant.” She has used that four times, with variations.
“Oh, no! My grandmother just died.” Was only used once because crying at a moment’s notice was not her forte.
“I am bisexual.” Was mostly used on homophobes.
Bribing the Maître D’ with an extra five dollars at the beginning of the date, to come rescue her with an excuse worked well as well. She’d just slip him an excuse in a piece of paper and hope he won’t have to use it.
So far, the Maître D’ of her regular restaurant, Sean has used, “Your car was towed” and “You’ve got an important phone call”. Some were just absurd and obvious, “The hospital just called, your daughter is alive!” That got you out of a coffee date with a guy in a goatee. You don’t know why you didn’t leave the second you saw that goatee. That was a red flag in itself.
Almost six months have passed since she’s been playing this game. And she hasn’t been herself on any of those dates.
She can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad one.
But then again, she’d think of the consequences later. She’d like to live a little for now.
Tumblr media
hope you enjoyed reading! feedback is always appreciated :)
Part 6 (final)
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a suprise in army green
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ bucky barnes x female!reader
Tumblr media
warnings: smut; unprotected sex, fingering, swearing,
word count: 2.4k
a/n: this has been in my wips folder for months, i just wanna wears his dog tags
The question wasn’t, why was Tony hosting a fancy dress party in May? it was why were you actually going? The answer is very simple, well there’s two: free liquor and you get to frustrate your boyfriend.
Ever since your childhood you had loved dressing up. becoming someone else for a night, wearing fun outfits and experimenting with makeup. Its like an art form. Ne which youtook a lot of pride in, so why would tonight be any different?
Steve had sent you a picture of the team a couple minutes ago, everyone seemed to be having a good time. You caught glimpses of costumes, but you wanted to save some of the surprise for when you got here.
Your costume was taking longer because it was a little more… intricate. It had taken weeks of planning and pure dedication on your end; it had become a project your spent too many waking hours thinking about.
It all started when you found a picture of Bucky. he looked adorable, it was from the 40’s and he looked so young, but when you actually looked it you saw his outfit. It’s no surprise he was wearing his uniform, you’re not sure why it surprised you so much. Its not like you didn’t know he was in the army, but there was something about seeing him in the uniform. He looked so pristine, proper. So put together and so, almost innocent? And from there stemmed this craving to undo his buttons and serve him. His personal whore.
Recruiting Steve was a brilliant idea you had, he was the only one Bucky trusted enough and listened to his subtle instructions without too much interrogation. As well as knowing Bucky in his uniform days. Her had an insight you desperately needed.
“When’s your girl getting here, Barnes?” Sam asked, holding a beer which looked completely out of place in his Sherlock Holmes costume.
“I don’t know.” Bucky replied. You hadn’t messaged him much today; you hadn’t even spoken much this morning. Secrecy shrouded you this whole week and he was beginning to get a little irritated. Not at you directly, he just missed you.
Thor spoke up next, “What is Lady y/n dressing up as?” his booming voice almost executing the music of the party.
“I don’t know, she’s kept it all a big secret.” Bucky huffs. Luckily, he doesn’t catch the beaming smile Steve has on his face, he’s so excited to see Bucky’s reaction. Steve also knows that you’re less than a minute away, you had texted him that you’re ready and on your way.
There were a lot of things you didn’t like about the stark tower. You didn’t possess enough fingers to count how many, one of which was the elevator. It was stupidly pretentious and so Tony. He was such a diva that he needed an elevator that opened out in the middle of the third floor, where the party was held. As much as you hated it usually, it was appreciated tonight. It gave you easy access to the team, as it opened, and they were right in front of you. it allowed for them to all see you waltz in, especially Bucky. Which he did.  
See, you were late for a good reason. Bucky always wore his dog tags. Always. Every minute of every day, he worked out in them, he slept in them, he showered in them. And your cherry on top for this costume, were his dog tags. Unknowingly for you, he had been meaning to give you his dog tags for a couple of weeks now but had never found the perfect time. Anyways, those metal plates that you love so much are ALWAYS on his person.  Tonight, you have no idea how, Steve had managed to convince Bucky to take them off; leaving them in his room.
Bucky was dressed as a bodyguard; simple and hot. His reasoning always boiled down to: I’m not dressing up or making any effort for Tony fucking Stark. You assumed that Steve explained how the dog tags wouldn’t work with his outfit- a black t shirt and blazer.
Was it able to be classed as sneaking to get them if he left them in your shared bedroom? Probably not. Once you had picked them up you dropped them on your neck, obscuring them under the white shirt you wore. Which was unbuttoned almost illegally, not very 40’s of you. but you had decided very early on in the planning, you were going to show as much skin as you (or Bucky) liked, being historically accurate was much less of a priority than looking absolutely smoking hot.
The metal sat right down your exposed cleavage, cooling the skin there. Its was a nice feeling. They felt solid and reminded you of him, like you were being marked.
He doesn’t even get up. But the look in his eyes says a whole lot more. He looks ravenous. Practically feral. Animalistic in his gaze as he just sits there and lets you make your way to him. There’s no anger in his eyes which is nice, considering you have basically ignored him all day, no he just looks impressed and downright horny.
The skirt is soft on your thighs, its short and green, matching its cropped blazer counterpart. You’ve donned some black heeled lace up boots and of course a red lipstick. Which you are really hoping will be smeared around his Adonis belt by the end of the night. Not forgetting the little hat which lies on top of some 40’s style curls. The metal clinks softly as you slink towards him, they’re your little secret.
Its very loud due to all of the cheers from the team and you wish you could take the time to appreciate the rest of their costumes, but you’re paralysed by his stare. He’s drowning everything out just by steel blue irises and you’re going down with the ship. So, you go straight to him just like he knew you would.
“Sergeant Barnes.” You greet, smiling at him knowing the effect you have on him. it was a quiet greeting, just for him. It’s just the two of you.
He’s silent for a while. Assessing you, you presume. Drinking you in like he has all day, and for him you would give him forever. Its inevitable that you start to get a little nervous, that is until he meets your yes again finally. And as slow as anything, his hand reaches up. you think its going to your face or hair, but it stops. Agonisingly gentle, he reaches into your shirt until he finds what he went for. He pulls out the chain and rests it above the fabric this time, before saying
“I assume these are why you’re late.” Smirking at your intake of breath. Naïve of you to think you could ever be in control.
But when he makes you feel so safe and electrified, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Nodding slightly, he returns your smile. Your eyelids feel heavy, not from exhaustion but desperation. Buzzing with an energy only he can provide and calm, you need him.
“You look beautiful doll.” And this time when he gazes at you, its full of love. The lust hasn’t completely dissipated but his admiration and adoration overpowers it.
God its so uncomfortable. Conversing with the team has never been more irritating. The whole night you’ve been steadily getting wetter, due to Bucky’s hand. Whether it be his warm flesh hand or cold searing metal, it will be either on your ass, your thigh (which is easily the best worst) or your back. It gravitates back and forth but always comes back to your back, pretending he’s not teasing you to the point of insanity.
That’s ignoring the looks he has been giving you. It’s like he’s in no control of himself tonight. His eyes will swallow you whole, sweeping your figure. Pupils blown, lips we, gaze steady and unrelenting.
Subtly trying to drag him away has been unsuccessful. Clinging onto his arm as he just smirks down at you and goes back to talking to one of the boys. It crosses your mind to leave by yourself and try and get off without him, but it would be futile. Ever since you’ve been with Bucky you haven’t been able to make yourself cum without some help from him. Pathetic really. Just how he likes you.
After what feels like days, your doe eyes succeed. Walking off together, his arm pushing your back and yours gripping his suit jacket, ignoring the laughs from the team as he takes you to your bedroom.
The door meets your back harshly and his lips are finally on yours. It’s messy and you both love it. his tongue is soft in comparison to his hands which grip your skin making sure to mark it as his.
Your reach to grab his hair, its short but has grown enough for you to grip it, pushing him closer into you.  
“Bucky,” you whimper and her groans. Moving his mouth to latch onto your neck, you can do nothing but take what he gives.
“God doll, you were killing me tonight,” he says into your neck. a breathless smile graces your features as you tip your head back giving him more space. It burns where he bites and nips, red splotches rise, and you can’t hold back the groan at the pain. It drips into pleasure like everything Bucky does to you.
“And wearing these,” he pulls his dog tags, bringing your lips to his, “fuck doll, you like everyone knowing you’re mine?” his lips brush yours with every syllable and you shudder. No words float around in your brain, its empty and your vision is clouded as you look at him. but it isn’t good enough, he wants an answer. Wrapping the chain around is fist he give it another sharp yank to get your attention,
“Yes, yes I love everyone knowing I’m yours bucky. I’m all yours.” You whine, the desperation is climbing, and you claw at his chest for more. your compliance will never fail to please him, so he gives you what you want.
Peeling his jacket and throwing his shirt off, he lifts you up into his arms, holding you against the closed door. His lips are on yours again, taking them hostage as you willingly open your mouth for him. gripping his shoulders, you feel him stoke along your damp panties and chuckling to himself.
“Aw doll, did you get yourself all worked up?” licking a stripe up your neck.
He teases you through the material for a second before finally tugging them to the side. Moaning unashamedly at the feeling of his finger brushing against your clit every upstroke, you grind down slightly wanting him to fill you with them. Smiling to himself at your desperation and the fact that he’s the one that made you like this, he grants you that small pleasure. A single thick finger enters you, pumping in and out and then curling.
You shouldn’t be surprised with the number of times you’ve done this that he can find that toe curling spot in you so easily, but it shocks you. when he deems you fit, he adds another and even with two of his fingers you feel full. How you manage to take him every time is astounding to you.
Its practically dripping off of his fingers, your wetness gathering in his hand as he keeps pushing into you with this long digits. You’re so close so quickly and he knows it. It’s his favourite thing in the world; watching you cum, so it’s not a revelation when he whispers in your ear: “Cum for me,” and you obey almost immediately.
your head falls back, thumping on the door, as you shout out his name and cum on his fingers. Shaking and moaning still, Bucky pulls himself out of the confines of his pants. He’s been painfully hard all night but done his best to hide it. seeing you dressed up like this had a very strong effect on him, he had wanted to fuck you in your little get up since you arrived. Imagining all the ways he can make you cum before you just break.
Stroking himself with your wetness a few times before looking at you. you’ve come back from your high but you’re still a little floaty. There’s no denying you still want him. especially when you tell him to “Please fuck me, James.”
You’re his weakness. Slipping inside you like a glove, addictingly tight for him, you both groan as he bottoms out. This is what he had been waiting for all night. Every time he fucks you it gets better, you are like a drug to him, he can’t escape it.
Harsh, merciless thrusts meet you. shoving you and dragging you against the door and you accept them like the good girl you are. He tells you exactly that. “My good girl, aren’t you? Fuck- so tight,”
Groans and grunts fill the room, echoing from his parted lips. Whines and whimpers slip past your swollen lips. Adding to that, the door creaks and the slapping of skin is loud. You don’t think you could be quiet if you tried.
He’s aware of your floaty headspace and it just spurs him on, “My little cockdrunk whore, aren’t you?” chuckling at your whine as you clench down on him, “’course you are.”
Its not long at all until you’re at the precipice again, he knows your body like the back of his hand. So, he’s well aware of your state and knows that when a cold metal thumb comes down to rub at your clit, its impossible to hold back.
The scream you let out is enough for him to joining you. groaning praises in your ear, pushing his cum back into you with his cock, wanting you to be full of him.
Coming down, you’re still being showered with praise, comforting words. Burying your head in his shoulder, utterly spent and exhausted.
“You did so good for me, so proud of you baby.” He murmurs into your hair. Stroking the curls before walking over the bed, lying down with you still on top of him. his cock has gone soft inside of you but neither of you want to move.
Your red lipstick may not be on his Adonis belt but there’s always tomorrow , you think to yourself as you both drift off to sleep.
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