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fanfuckingtastic04 · 2 hours ago
Update! - Love & Other Desires
So, I’ve decided to update the day of upload for each chapter to Wednesday coz Saturday is like super inconvenient. It’s the weekend, I’m lazy🤷🏽‍♀️ and I have class to prepare for and it’s just a super lazy and busy day. I will still be writing requests along with the series and next month, imma have a surprise for you lovely people, so stay tuned!!!!🌸🤌🏽✨
The main Masterlist for this series is here
*not my gif, credits to the owner*
Tumblr media
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jurassicbarnes · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (AU)
summary: In which Bucky can’t help but confess his feelings in the least expected way.
warnings: sex (18+), brief mention of steve x reader, some fluff
author’s note: don’t mind me pls, i just want all my new works on this blog also not tagging anyone :/ [wc: ~7k]
Tumblr media
A swift knock on the door makes you drop the task at hand. Your eyes meet the wall clock and you curse softly under your breath.
“Coming!” You yell, abandoning the laundry basket on the couch and adjusting the cream-coloured sweater which hangs loose on your frame. You run your fingers through your hair a couple of times, hoping you don’t look like a complete mess. Although the coffee stain on your tank top begs to differ. Running to the door, you open it wide with your best smile plastered on your face.
“Steve! You’re here! Thank you for making it on such short notice.” You huff, blowing a piece of hair that fell dramatically on your face. When it didn’t fall back in place, you used your hand.
“No worries, I’m always glad to help.” Steve steps inside, greets you with a hug and a kiss on the cheek flashing you that toothy grin. “Besides I love having that little monster around. Where is she?”
“In her room, playing with her dolls.” You deadpan, then turn your head to the hallway, “Daisy! You’re dad’s here!”
“So what’s the emergency?” Steve asks.
You heave an exasperated sigh, picking up the newspapers and the cup off the coffee table to keep them in place. “Ugh, the school called last night to grade some papers. So I have to go collect them by noon. Need them to be done by tonight.” You’re in the kitchen now. Steve doesn’t know what you’re doing but you’re constantly on your feet. And by the looks of it, you have been at it since morning. Your voice comes out a bit muffled, head stuck in the fridge. “Hope I didn’t step on your weekend plans. It’s just for today. You can drop her off tomorrow morning. Steve, I’m really sorry to –”
You stop your rant as soon as you close the fridge door and find Steve standing right next to you. A bit startled, you take a step back and stare at him with wide eyes.
“Hey, no worries. You know I’m always available for Daisy.” He eases you of your qualms with a light squeeze on your shoulder. “When was the last time you had a breather?”
“Don’t ask.” You said, roughly removing the cap of a water bottle and drinking straight from it.
“We’ll be fine. She can even stay back until tomorrow evening if you wanna have a day off.” He offers.
“Oh, no Steve. I have to drop her off at her ballet recital. You’ve never been there; it’ll be hard to explain. Plus, I haven’t packed that part of her stuff.”
“Okay, just don’t stress yourself out so much.”
“Have you ever seen me relaxed, Steve?”
“I’m just sayin’ ‘cause I care about ya.”
“I’m fine,” then you look in the direction of your daughter’s room, “Daisy! Baby come out of your room.” Then back at Steve, “God, she really is your daughter. Remember how you used to space off all the time?”
He scoffs, “Never during important conversations.”
You smile at him and shake your head. You hear tiny footsteps coming your way. Your five-year-old baby girl, who’s a splitting image of her dad, with shiny blonde hair and a cute button nose – she has your eyes and lips, the best features – stands in the middle of the living room. Her favourite stuffed toy, a giraffe, clutched to her chest. Her overnight bag on the floor since she dragged it behind her.
“You ready to go, daddy?”
Steve smiles at her and walks over to pick her up. One side of the loop of her backpack goes through his arm and he kisses her cheek once she’s settled in his arms.
“Yup! Say goodbye to your mother.” He says.
Daisy leans in slightly, still in his hold, to kiss your cheek and you kiss her back, a sloppy on that makes her nose scrunch up and stick her tongue out.
“I love you, babe.”
“I love you too, mommy!”
Before he leaves, you tell Steve to call if there’s an emergency. He rolls his eyes playfully at you but nods his head nonetheless. Another kiss on your cheek and he’s out the door. You hear a faint bye from your daughter as they leave, you say it back softly and shut the door. Back resting on it as you sigh.
After that, your day is pretty much chaos, full of chores and errands. You barely have time to breathe as you go around cleaning the house. Then shower and leave for school by eleven-thirty. Collecting the papers you leave once again, taking a pit stop at the grocery store to stock up the house. You don’t even realise how half your day ends by the time you reach home. You’re so glad Steve was free today to look after Daisy.
You and Steve had Daisy about three years into your relationship. You’d been together since the last year of college, you were young and in love. So after you both had steady jobs – you working as a High school teacher and Steve as an art curator – decided to have a baby. As unconventional as it sounds, you both didn’t want to get married. You were happy where you were in life, you just wanted a bundle of joy to play with. Then five years ago, Daisy was born on a wonderful spring morning in April. You couldn’t have been happier. But with time, yours and Steve’s differences grew and you knew it was time to end it. It was a mature, mutual break up. No mess, no anger or resentment towards one another. No matter what, the three of you would still be a family. You were both surprised by how you handled it, having heard of terrible cases where the kids’ lives are just as messed up as their parents.
Ever since separating, Daisy has lived with you. Though, she obviously has her own room in Steve’s apartment. The three of you have always spent important moments together, holidays, birthdays, school events.
And ever since breaking up, that’s three years ago, your dating life has been a disaster. You have tried everything, blind dates, dating apps, you name it. You’ve been set up by your mother, your friends, even once by Steve. It never led to anything. Either they didn’t like you or the fact that you’re a single mother.
But six months ago is when your life changed… well, dating life, that is. You were at a local bar, a girls night out with your best friends. Daisy was at Steve’s and you had the night all to yourself. So you met a handsome stranger, with sea-blue eyes and chestnut brown hair and a smile that made you weak in the knees. Flirty banter ensued and the next thing you knew, he was at your place, desperately trying to get you out of your clothes.
You came to know the next morning that his name is Bucky Barnes and that he actually owns the bar. He noticed the numerous pictures of you and your daughter, and your little family littered all-around your house. And you had to explain your situation to him. Mostly clear the air that you weren’t cheating on Steve with him. To your surprise, he took it rather well. He didn’t seem to have any qualms or questions.
You started seeing Bucky. Often you both ended up in your bed, tangled in between your sheets and lost in each other. It was just sex, that was the deal. You didn’t want to invest time in a relationship and Bucky wasn’t the kind of person who’d anyway want to be in one. He had that bad boy personified quality, but only that he was a responsible adult and knew how to pay his taxes and respect women. There was only one condition that came with the deal. You’d never invite him when Daisy was home.
However, every friends with benefits relationship has its course. And yours was bordering on its track.
Over the months you’d come to know Bucky and his pattern. Either you would text him or he would call to see if you’re free. You met at your place, stripped each other naked, fucked – only in your bedroom and then he was gone. The first time you had sex after the deal came into existence, Bucky fist-bumped you as congratulations on your orgasm. It was fun given the moment.
The second time it was a little less fun. The sex was great, amazing even. But the third time, you told him off on the fist-bump. So he did the next weird thing that came to his stupid, handsome mind. He kissed you on the cheek and then went off his way.
You didn’t seem to mind it that time. And that’s when the pattern changed. A kiss on the cheek at the end turned into kissing between sex, turned into passion and holding of hands during sex. You don’t know if he noticed it or did it on purpose. Or if it was just one of those ‘in-heat-of-the-moment’ cases. You knew nothing between you two was exclusive, you knew he’d occasionally flirt with a customer or two at the bar. But in the back of your head, where that worm in your subconscious mind lurked, it knew you were developing feelings for Bucky.
Pushing him away became second nature since you didn’t know how to deal with him and your ‘non-existent’ feelings.
So instead of giving him an explanation you… ghosted him. It’s been three whole weeks since his last text message went unanswered. Besides, you’ve been busy with work and Daisy… and more work. Okay, that’s obviously an excuse to avoid him but he would never know that.
Grading the papers took your entire evening, another half hour of sorting out the groceries and then around seven-thirty you cooked and ate a meal for one. Then you video-called Steve to say goodnight to your daughter. He read her a bedtime story and later he even sent a cute picture of her asleep with her favourite stuffed toy at daddy’s place, a pink turtle.
The TV played a 90’s sitcom in the background as you rummaged around the kitchen for a drink. You were finally allowing yourself to relax. The prospect of drinking cheap wine never delighted you as much as it did right now.
It’s around ten when you hear a light knock on the door. You grumble, obviously annoyed. You’d just sat down on your couch, your fluffy blue blanket draped over your legs, lips just centimetres away from a glass of white wine.
You get up to attend to whoever’s at the door but as soon as your eyes land on the person standing outside, you’re right about ready to slam the door in his face. Sighing, you lean on the doorframe. He mirrors your position, leaning on the opposite side. A charming smile lighting up his ocean eyes under the yellow hallway lights. Dressed in a tight black t-shirt, the soft cotton material deliciously hugging his biceps and torso, jeans equally dark and snug around his thighs. His black leather jacket draped over his right shoulder, casually hanging off a finger. He lifts an arm up to show you a bottle of wine, a cheeky grin showing those pearly-white teeth.
The first thing that comes out of your mouth is anything but a greeting,
“Who let you inside the building?”
Mischief immediately twinkles in his eyes, “I waited and sneaked in as soon as someone opened the main entrance.” His amusement didn’t baffle you at all.
“Oh, sweet Jesus.” You muttered under your breath, also mentally cursing the shitty security in your building.
“You don’t seem very happy to see me?” Bucky says, observing the indifference in your expressions. Need you remind him the last time he arrived unannounced at your door – he’d been in a fight with some goons trashing his bar.
“Given that the last time you were here, you were bleeding on my very expensive blanket, you’d remember – didn’t make me very happy.” You raised an eyebrow.
“Oh, would you give me a break? It happened once.” He scoffs.
“What do you want, Bucky?”
“To have a drink with you, beautiful.”
“You have an entire bar to yourself. Drink there.”
“But I wanna drink with you.” He holds up the bottle again, looking at you invitingly. “I got the fancy stuff. The best, only for you, darling.”
“I’m fine drinking my eight-dollar wine, Buck.”
“But I think you’ll appreciate this one better.”
When you don’t budge, Bucky sighs defeatedly.
“Look, I would’ve called, okay? But I doubt you’d pick up.”
“You’re right, I wouldn’t’ve.” You say, trying to stop the teasing smile spread on your lips.
“Is she here?” He asks, straightening up.
“She’s spending the evening at her dad’s. But that doesn’t mean you can come over.”
“Just one drink, darling. I just wanna –” He stops whatever he’s about to say. “Just one. Then I’ll be outta your hair.”
You think about it for a full ten seconds, one foot lightly bouncing. Then step back to let him enter. Your resolution just went crumbling down. Bucky Barnes and the power his sweet, stupid words hold over you. You mostly hate it when he brings terms of endearments to the mix. He steps in whispering a faint ‘yes’ to celebrate his small victory. You let him bask in it but can’t help rolling your eyes.
You take the bottle from him to the kitchen. Dropping off his jacket on the armrest of the couch, Bucky picks up the glass of wine that you’d already poured for yourself. He takes a whiff and cringes at the smell. It’s not that it’s bad, just not up to his standards. He then follows you to your kitchen and immediately drains the cheap stuff down the sink.
You begin to protest but stop, telling yourself it’s not worth it. Grabbing your corkscrew fridge-magnet off the fridge, you stab it into the cork and he gets a pair of glasses from a cabinet above the gas range and places it in front of you on the counter. He’s made himself at home, it seems, what with it definitely not being his first time here.
Uncorking this bottle seems like a very difficult task right now. And with Bucky standing right behind you – breath fanning over your neck, then slowly breathing in your scent as he nuzzles the cold tip of his nose against the curve of your neck, fingers gripping your shoulders and lightly pressing – it’s not exactly helping you concentrate on the task.
“You smell so good…” Should you even try to understand what’s he playing at?
Bucky – completely aware of his effect on you – slides his palms along the length of your arms, raising goosebumps in his wake – takes the bottle of wine in his own grip and the cork, too. A three-second pause and there’s that pop sound. You exhale sharply, never realizing you’d stopped breathing in the moment. He pours the wine, more than what seems necessary, in both the glasses and steps aside to face you. An unreadable look on his handsome features.
A soft clink made by both the glasses touching lightly, he tips his head, an obvious smirk on his lips. A few more sips and then he’s right where he was before – behind you with his hands on your shoulder. This time lightly massaging the muscles with steady pressure. He can feel the knots unwind as you hum in delight, completely involuntary of your mind. Your eyes flutter close, head resting on his shoulder. The warmth of his touch melts you down. You moan when he presses on another knot, slumping further against his chest. Oh, you’ve truly missed his touch.
“You like that?” You groan as a reply, melting into a puddle under him and all he had to do was touch you. It’s that simple for him, isn’t it?
“You’ve been busy.” He says like he made an observation. He continues massaging, thumbs digging into your trap muscles – that hits the bullseye, god it feels so good. He’s proud of his work so he does it some more, placing a feather-light kiss behind your ear along the way.
“Yeah… a little.” You answer, feeling his hands strip you of your sweater as it drops on the floor. He carelessly kicks it away; you don’t even have the energy to scold him over that – that’s how relaxed you feel right now.
Another kiss down the line of your neck. “So busy that you couldn’t even return my calls?”
Now that makes you chuckle, “Believe it or not, I have a life outside of you, Bucky.” His hands come around your front, ribs feeling the pressure of his fingers and you inhale languidly, back arching slightly when you feel those palms travel up to cup your breasts and give them a gentle squeeze. Mouth open, eyes hooded and you whimper.
“Nah, I just think you’re just avoiding me.” He bites the soft skin of your ear, sending a shiver straight down your spine, it settles deep in your tummy like an ember striking to build a fire – slow and steady. That’s the pace he’s going for, along with searching for answers.
“So what if I am?”
“Mmm, I wonder what changed?” The wonder in his voice makes you pull back, face to a side as you glare at him.
“I just thought you’re not interested anymore. So I thought why bother?” You said shrugging.
“What makes you think that I’m not interested?”
You ignore the ugly head your feelings rear over you. You can’t tell him the truth. You turn around in his arms, head tilting to meet his eyes.
“Really? So I’m crazy to think that you’re not interested in this anymore?” You said gesturing a finger between the two of you.
He’s clearly confused, eyebrows frowning with a slight tilt of his head.
“I saw you… flirting with that woman at your bar last week.” As if his face could twist even more in confusion – oh he makes you wanna scream! “Tall? Blonde? Wore a maroon dress? ‘Had a smile to die for’? Does that ring any bells?” You repeat what you’d heard him say before you stormed off without Bucky noticing you were there.
Okay, so this little banter was your way to sway the conversation in another direction. One which doesn’t involve you revealing the truth about why you were ignoring him. But damn, it opened some new doors. And you didn’t know jealousy was on the other side of it.
God, she’s an ugly bitch.
He lets out a laugh, a real hearty laugh. “That make you jealous, sweetheart?”
“No,” you say defensively and give him a shove, but of course he doesn’t budge. “Not at all. I just pitied the poor girl. Had to deal with your lousy flirting.”
“Now from what I remember, that same lousy flirting got me into your bed, baby.” God, you wanna slap that smug smirk right off his lips, or kiss it off. Either way, you don’t want him to look at you like that. “Don’t question the method.”
“So, did you?”
“Did I?”
“Get into her bed?”
“Ah, so you are jealous?”
You shove him again, harder this time and he moves, as he still laughs at your expense. But as soon as you begin to walk away, he holds your wrist and pulls you back to him. He’s so smooth, that the action takes your breath away. Then he’s kissing you, it’s a rough drag of lips on lips – arms gripping each other even though seconds ago you wanted to be as far away from him as you could. Bucky cups your cheek with one hand, thumb softly caressing your skin. Completely contrasting the way his tongue licks into your mouth, a little harsh and demanding.
You don’t even try to resist him. God, the way he kisses you, indulges you, traps you – you feel helpless and frustrated. Helpless because, this is all that it takes – a simple gesture. Frustrated because you’re so weak when it comes to Bucky.
Nimble fingers begin to untuck his shirt from his jeans, and he breaks the kiss only to let you shove it over his head. Your palms, warm and soft against his chest, feel the erratic beat of his heart, and the trimmed coarse hair on his smooth skin. He kisses you again, ridding you of your pyjama and the tank top you wore under your sweater, leaving you in a pair of mismatched underwear. You wear one of those simple black bras and cotton white undies. His attendance was completely unexpected but the mom bra doesn’t bother him, in fact, he finds the little bow in the middle of your breasts pretty cute. His eyes twinkle, a cheeky smile on those kiss-bitten lips as he gives it a little tug. Then he picks you up to place you on the counter. The two unfinished glasses of wine, long forgotten.
“You know you don’t have to be jealous. You’re the only one for me, baby.” He mumbles, lips brushing against your own. He pulls at the bottom one, giving it a light nip, large palms resting on your thighs to keep them apart as he steps between them. He pulls you closer to the edge so that the obvious bulge in his jeans rubs oh-so nicely against your core.
“Don’t be so corny, Buck –” You said, grinding down on him with equal pressure. Hot lips, breath even hotter fans across your face as he resists the urge to take you right here, right now. His eyes pinched shut and he moans pathetically as you shamelessly roll your hips against his. “Bedroom, now.”
Your request is immediately heeded, and he’s picking you up and rounding the kitchen counter with carefully calculated steps like he’s done so many times before. Bucky walks you both towards the small hallway, heading for your bedroom. Once you’re inside, he puts you back on your feet.
“Okay, we’re doing this.” You said as if it’s your decision that you’re doing this. As if you’ve not been tricked into doing this by his utter charm. “But you’re leaving as soon as we’re done.”
“Oh, baby I’m not making any promises.” The wicked smile gracing his lips only makes you want to jump his bones. “Go lie down. I’m gonna eat that pussy until you’re begging me to stop.”
A giddy smile appears on your lips as you walk back a few steps until the back of your knees hit the edge of your bed. You crawl back until you reach the mountain of pillows and prop yourself on your elbows to watch Bucky. He’s going through his pockets to retrieve what seems to be a – yup a condom – he throws two packets and they land on the pillow next to you. Then he nearly trips over his own foot while taking off those skinny jeans, you are part of the reason why, back arched slightly, delicate fingers slipping under to unclasp your bra. And you toss it right towards him. The useless material hits his chest before dropping down. And that’s when he loses his footing – when his eyes land your bare breasts. Oh, the hunger in those dark eyes, makes you feel like a goddess.
“Hurry up,” you say, eyes equally dark, brimming with lust.
Bucky kneels before your legs, fingers snapping at the waistband of your panties. The little sting makes you jump up and gasp before he completely removes the last piece of clothing that had you covered. His palms slide down your thighs ever-so softly, fingertips tracing your skin and the sensations send tingles up your body. One leg propped over his shoulder while the other is spread as far as your body could let him.
And the sight before him has his jaw hanging off. It’s like he’s seeing you for the first time. You feel kind of shy but you’re so desperate for him to do something – hell anything – that you simply just whine. You really don’t want to beg but at this pace, you think you’re gonna have to.
“I’ve been thinking about this pussy for weeks now,” Right then, long, slender fingers meet your heat. You both breathe out in unison. “Fuck, baby… you’re soaking wet.” You don’t understand why he sounds so amused.
“And who’s fault is that?” You find yourself mumbling, all the while lifting your hips to again more action. At this point he’s just simply running his fingers up and down your folds, not even nudging your clit or entering you – you’re right about ready to explode.
“I guess, it is my fault?” He smirks, eyes roaming all over your naked body. Then he finally, finally lowers his face, oh so close to where you need him most.
One hard lick, tongue lapping from your core to the bundle of nerve and you’re done for. It’s a toe-curling, back-arching sensation. Yet you force yourself to watch him. The way he’s so into it, eyes flutter shut, lashes dusting over his flushed cheekbones, thick arms around your thighs to keep you there, as he keeps alternating between sucking and licking – completely ignoring your clit. Each swipe bringing you closer to the edge and it’s really not fair how beautiful he looks while going down on you. Your moans getting heavier, it’s like fucking music to his ears. Your eyes meet for a brief second and he smiles that devious smile. And you think this might be the right time to pass out or for the universe to swallow you whole.
It’s how he consumes you, breathes you in. The way he eats your pussy; he manipulates you into submission. The hard press of his lips against your core, rough stubble scratching at your thighs – rubbing until they’re bruised, sensitive. The way the fire builds, slow and low in your belly. The way his mouth follows you when you try and push away, the way your eyes roll back into your head when he wraps his arms around your legs, pins you down and sucks– you’re left breathless, completely delirious.
The sheets gripped tight between your fingers, the other hand travelling down to tease his tresses and one harsh move on his part makes you gasp and pull, hard. The way it makes him moan against you? Your entire body trembles. Lips parting, chin quivering as you whisper his name into the night. Begging, pleading, crying. For what? For whatever he’s willing to give you. And oh, he has so much to give.
“Buck –” Words die in your throat before you even have a chance to think of something coherent, the only thing on your mind is his name, is the way he insistingly buries his face and never stops.
Biting his lower lips he pauses for a second, hot and panting, “Oh, how I’ve fucking missed you.” The fact that he’s staring down to your glistening heat, telling her he misses her. Fuck, you feel something twist in your stomach.
Bucky eases your grip on the sheets, instead makes your hold his hand – a sign that you can hold onto him if you need to. A sign that he’s right there for you if you fall. Grey, lust-driven eyes find your own, and it’s hard to face him when he’s being so genuine, while lying there, with his face between your thighs. It’s so much to take on, it’s so intense, so intimate. It turns you on but at the same time, makes you want to shut down.
This is new. You want to accept this feeling and for a moment you do – when it crashes down and the coil in your belly snaps.
“The sweetest thing ever,” Bucky mumbles, tongue lapping at everything you have to offer. He plants a trail of kisses up your body, biting the flesh here and there along the way, watches you wriggle and laugh when his stubble tickles you. And then, his mouth encases one of your nipples in it. Hot and inviting, velvety soft tongue again assaulting you in the sweetest way possible. You moan again, pushing his face against you because it feels so good. His hand covers the other breast kneading it tenderly.
“Fuck me,” you pant a little, pulling him by his hair to make him face you. Bucky nods his head and gets up. He grabs a condom from the pillow, kneeling between your spread legs once again. A shudder passes through him when he rolls the condom in place, too sensitive and deprived of any touch. When he’s back on top of you, you hold his face, tug slightly, silently guiding his face to yours. You seldom initiate a kiss but right now, you really want to kiss those lips, red and swollen and they glide perfectly over yours – like they were meant to kiss you. And Bucky is more than happy to oblige. Kissing you with everything he has, every bit of force, every bit of might that he could possibly pour into this simple act. And oh, his heart nearly gives out when you moan his name against his lips.
God, he needs to find his bearings and get a fucking grip. He knows he’s being too emotional and intense; this is by the most intimate you’ve been with each other. This is not the time to catch feelings. He should really stop thinking with his heart and start thinking with his dick when he’s around you.
“You want me to fuck you, baby?” the way his eyes darken, the way something primal flashes in them – you dare not say a word. Like something entirely changed the atmosphere around you. You just nod, the thick knot forming in your throat advising you against speaking at all. “Good.” Sitting back on his knees, Bucky suddenly flips you over, pulling a sudden gasp from you. Your head’s spinning from all the manhandling, you don’t know whether you should be as turned on as you are right now. But hell, you are.
He pushes your thighs apart, as much as he can until he can see your cunt, dripping wet and still gushing, messing up the sheets. Holding himself, he nudges your folds, dragging the tip of his cock over and over until he’s covered in your wetness until you’re lifting your hips off the bed to meet him. But he pins your down, palms on your lower back.
“Be a good girl and hold still for me, yeah?” The gruff tone of his voice – God, why does that make you whimper the way it does? Pathetic and sobbing.
“Oh, just fuck me already –” And then he’s sliding in, all the way in, punching the air out of your lungs in one thick, long thrust. You choke on your own breath, gripping the pillow next to you as he pounds away, not even waiting for you to adjust to his girth. And God, he’s thick and long, hits all the right spots inside you, has you seeing stars and moaning so loud like don’t have neighbours who can definitely hear you.
He leans forward, holding onto the bed frame to gain leverage on his thrusts. His hard, muscled chest laid on your back as he fucks you deep, grinding against your ass. Licks the sweat off your shoulder, biting on the flesh there. Nuzzles his face into the space between, panting all hot and wet against your neck, slipping a hand under your chest to cup one of your breasts, pinching, pulling at your nipple.
“My god, you feel good.” He groans, and the next thing you know his fingers travel down your body, searching your clit, grinding and rubbing fast, hard. A silent moan follows, eyes rolling back into your head. The weight of his body on top of yours – it numbs the senses in your brain, numbs your lungs as you breathe in short puffs. God, you feel dizzy, head spinning and so out of it. You feel wound up tight, waiting for your body to snap with each of his thrusts. You wait, any second now –
“Oh, Bucky –” A sob of his name parting your lips and –
Well, he stops.
A loud groan of frustration into the pillow makes him chuckle. “You jerk! I was just about to come!”
“I know,” He kisses your cheek and pulls out without a warning, flips you again so that you’re facing him. On his knee, once again he spreads your legs as far apart as they can go, then he’s pushing inside you again. You both moan in unison, filled to the brim as that heady feeling engulfs you both again.
Contrary to the way he was fucking you before, his moves are unhurried, almost as if testing your patience. Pumping in and out of you, languid and deep, revelling in the sounds your pussy makes because you’re so impossibly wet by now. You think of it as his new method to torture you, make you beg.
But then you notice him, the deep frown between his eyebrows, the way his eyes are closed in concentration, the way his body is all flushed in crimson splotches – from cheek to chest. How he shines in a light sheen of sweat and how he bites his bottom lip to stop the moans from spilling. He wants to take it slow.
This is so different from your usual drill. Normally, he’s all wham, bam, thank you, ma’am. He’s fast and quick but always makes you come at least twice. And then he kisses you on the cheek before getting dressed and out the door, he goes. But this, this feels different. The slow, leisurely pace he sticks to, lets you feel each drag of his cock. Something you’ve felt before in fast, frantic movements but never truly lived in.
It’s like something entirely different came over him. Exactly what, you have no idea. You don’t even try to get inside his head to know.
Kiss bitten lips find yours, gliding with the rhythm of his thrusts – slow-paced, almost like he’s grinding, barely pulling out. You hold onto his shoulders, fingers at the nape of his neck. Chest damp with sweat meeting yours, and you swear you feel the beat of his heart against yours, thumping fast, wild. His lust blown eyes stare back at into yours, roam all over your face. His gaze though, makes you feel shy, uncomfortable, almost. It’s so tender and filled with warmth that you almost whimper.
“Bucky,” you swallow the lump in your throat, “You have to stop staring at me like that, please.” It’s too much, the intensity, the pleasure building in your gut.
He smiles and shakes his head. “But you’re so beautiful. I can’t help it, honey.”
“Stop saying stuff like that.”
“Like what?”
Oh, this cocky son of a bitch.
His question comes with a slight, clueless tilt of his head, hips thrusting a bit harder than before. It makes you tighten your hold on him, nails digging into his shoulders.
“Like you’re trying to catch feelings –” Your challenging tone makes him snap his hips harshly, a grunt follows soon.
“And would that be so bad?” He kisses you, “For me to have feelings for you?” His forehead rests against yours as he continues to fuck you lazily, for the words that leave his stupid, perfect mouth next. “I swear I’m not being impulsive, baby. I’ve been thinking about you –” A kiss on your cheek, “– about us.”
“Bucky, what are you saying –”
“Shh, just hear me out. I didn’t mean to unload this on you tonight. But fuck if I could help myself. You looked so damn cute in your pyjamas and that damned sweater.” He bumps his nose against yours, placing a kiss there while still moving above you. How the fuck is he doing this? Saying words that aren’t dirty and yet fucking you like he is.
He buries his face into your shoulder, whimpering hard, “Fuck, I want you, honey. I wanna be with you.” And you feel him growing even harder inside you at the confession. Damn him, since when did emotional intimacy turned him on so much?
You’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit it but you longed to see this side of Bucky. To see if it even existed. You hope for it. But never thought he’d ever show you. There was never a chance for the two of you to make this into a real thing. Feelings didn’t exist for you until now until he burdened you with his confession.
Relationships for you are a different reality to tackle than others due to obvious reasons. You’re not focusing on maintaining one right now. It’s just that sometimes simple urges get in the way and you’re only human. You have the right to live a little every now and then. Bucky always told you, he’s the kind of guy you sleep with until you find the right one, with whom you’d actually want to settle down. Given your situation, you weren’t looking for Mr Right Guy, Bucky was enough.
Oh, he was more than enough. Every time you would have the place to yourself, you’d ask Bucky to come over and he’d satisfy you beyond your dreams. But that was it. You know that having a casual, sexual relationship with the hot guy from the bar down your street is nothing to be ashamed of. But being a single mom, you cannot have Bucky in your daughter’s life. He’s not a constant presence, and this is just between you and him.
You find yourself at a loss for words. Unable to comprehend or keep apart what your heart and brain are trying to tell you. But he saves you the trouble.
“Don’t say anything right now.” he speaks over your thoughts, “Just come with me, yeah?” He kisses you some more and doesn’t stop fucking you until you show all the signs of being close to your release. You’re both so close, breathing hard and shallow. You feel the deep pull in your belly once again, building quicker and it breaks. Pushes both of you over the edge. His knuckles turning white from gripping the sheets too hard as he rides out both your highs with a few more pumps of his hips, legs shaking and chest shuddering from the aftershocks.
And when it’s all over, he falls on top of you, like his body just gave out. Face hiding in your neck, he breathes to calm himself, you do too while caressing the sweaty strands of his hair at the nape of his neck. It soothes him, your entire presence does, actually. You don’t understand where it all comes from, but you feel your heart tighten in your chest, feel the sting of tears in your behind eyes.
With a finger under his chin, you tilt him to face you. Eyes searching yours for any sense of doubt but he can’t get a read of you, for the first time since he met you.
“Kiss me?” A simple request.
How could Bucky ever say no? You share another kiss, slow and lazy, sloppy even given that you’re both tired. But he kisses you because you asked, because he cannot stop kissing you. He would give you the world if you asked. A kiss is nothing. Warm hands again map each other, roaming free and smooth over the planes of his body, your body. Tender touches that don’t necessarily lead to anything more than that. His palms squeeze your breasts, moving down to your ribs and then your hips, massaging and kneading softly; revelling in the warmth both your bodies provide.
This has definitely never happened before.
Bucky breaks the kiss, slowing pulling out of you and quietly stands to leave. “Where are you going?” A mild panic rises in you as you get up on your elbows. There’s so much you need to say to him. He can’t just up and leave like always.
“Just the bathroom, baby.”
You sigh, falling back down with a light bounce. After a moment you feel a dip in the bed next to you and a warm fluffy towel running over the mess between your thighs. A smile automatically spreads on your lips and you stretch out at the feeling, almost purring like a kitten.
“That feel good?” He asks.
“Hmm,” A dimpled smile from you and Bucky wants to kiss you stupid.
Bucky snickers and leans down to give you a little peck before finishing up and dropping the cloth somewhere at the foot of the bed. You’re sort of surprised at the aftercare. He never does that. But you’re definitely not complaining. He lays down next to you and slips both of you under the thin grey blanket like it’s the most natural thing you two do after sex.
“I promise I’ll leave in an hour. Well, two, max…” he kisses your forehead, “… I’ll definitely leave before sunrise.” You giggle at that. You don’t have any complaints. No matter how unsure you are about where you stand with Bucky, you like that he decided to stay back. You snuggle up to him, bare breasts pressed against his side, and cheek on his chest, the soothing sound of his heartbeat slowly lulling you to sleep. His arm is tucked comfortably under you, a finger running up and down the length of your arm.
“Bucky?” Your voice is so tiny in the dark, you’re afraid he didn’t hear it. It took everything in you to just utter his name and disturb the silence.
“Yes, honey?”
“Did you mean it?”
“Every word.”
Staring up at him from your position, you find him already looking at you, all glassy-eyed like you hang the stars in the sky. It makes your heart swell in your chest.
“You have no idea how hard it was to keep all those feelings to myself. To pretend like I didn’t care.” He shakes his head, “I wanna be with you, for real. I wanna do it all with you – ask you out on a proper date. Get you flowers when I pick you up. Make you laugh, a lot. Then drop you home, without expecting anything, like a gentleman.” You laugh at that, “I wanna build this with you and when you think it’s right, you’ll introduce me to Daisy. I really want this, no lie, no doubts, no games. You. I wanna fall in love with you. And I wanna know you for that to happen. And I hope you do, too.”
“So you do mean it?” Your voice wavers as an onslaught of tears threaten to open the damn. That doubtful tone in your question boggles his mind but also makes him laugh.
“Yes, silly. I mean it.” He kisses your forehead, squeezing your hip lightly. “It’s up to you now.”
You know he told you to think about it. But there’s really nothing to mull over. You’ve known Bucky for quite some time now and the honesty in his eyes and behind his words is enough for you, for now. Bucky said he wants to meet your daughter. No other boyfriend of yours has ever shown interest in that part of your life, it was part of the reason why never let any of your ex’s meet Daisy. She’s the most important person in your life and it’s only instinctive that you protect her. But with Bucky, you have a good feeling about it. About everything.
“Well, choose a nice restaurant and pick me up next Saturday. 7 pm sharp.”
Bucky grins so wide his cheeks hurt and he seals the deal with a kiss.
Tumblr media
i hope you enjoyed reading! as always feedback is greatly appreciated! :)
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imaginedreamwrite · 3 hours ago
The Auction: Part 4
“You don’t need to be nervous,” He whispered in your ear, his hand brushing against your knee under the table, “we won’t hurt you.”
Caged between Steve and Bucky, caged between two super soldier bodies made of muscle snd undeniable strength, was the most nerve-wracking situation you’d ever been in. Being trapped between them at a dinner table, with Steve’s hand on your knee and Bucky leaning into you to tell you some tall tale about a giant, you were a ball of jumbled nerves.
“I know you won’t hurt me. I mean based on your reputation for self-sacrifice, it’s likely that you’d hurt yourself before you hurt me…” Your voice trailed off as the two men stared at you with growing intensity.
“Why are you so nervous? You’ve had dinner before with men, haven’t you?” When glasses of wine were set on the table, Steve grabbed one for you and Bucky, leaning over the table to set them before you both.
“Yeah, but they haven’t exactly been stellar. The last time I went on a date with a man…well it was online dating which my friend pushed me to start which is the start of everything that could’ve gone wrong-“
“Relax.” Bucky rubbed your upper back with his right hand while he used his metal hand to cup your chin and make you look at him. “You don’t have to be scared of us, darling.”
He was beautiful. His eyes were bright and so blue, they almost looked crystalline. His jaw was well defined and he was ‘classically handsome’ with the charm and charisma that could’ve romanced the pants off any woman, in the ’40s or the modern age.
Steve had the same ability, the same beautiful robustness that would’ve drawn any woman to him. Only, if history was correct, and his dating experience was what it was when Steve was the shyer of the two. Steve was the man who had less luck with women because of slight awkwardness and the sickly man he was before the serum.
“I don’t have a lot of good experiences with men.” You admit abashedly. “The few dates I’ve been on in the last few years have been awkward and uncomfortable and the kind of men who are attracted to…”
You shook your head and reached for your glass of wine with urgency. You recoiled your hand and lift her glass to your lips, downing almost the entire glass before you set it back down. The wine produced warmth in your mouth and throat down to your belly, the warmth was pleasant and enduring yet even that wasn't a comparison to Steve’s hand on your knee.
“Bucky and I went on a double date to Coney Island this one summer weekend. He went with this redhead he called Dot, and spent all our money for the train ride home trying to win a stuffed bear for her.” Steve cracked a grin, speaking about Bucky but talking to you.
“It was 3 dollars.” Lucky added, draping his arm across the back of the chair you were sitting on, his fingers brushing against your shoulder.
“Spent the rest of our money on Coney dogs.” Steve inched closer to you, ignoring the rest of the people at the table.
“I suppose Coney Island is famous for its hot dogs.” There was laughter at the tip of your tongue, your smile building.
“Had to hitch a ride in the back of a freezer truck,” Bucky spoke with fondness and nostalgia.
“Can’t even get a hot dog for $3 anymore.” You added, the laugh slipping from tout tongue before you could stop it.
“I think you could get all the…hotdogs you wanted.” Bucky shot a smirk your way, blatantly and boldly flirting with you.
“Shameless!” You wad up a napkin and tossed it his way as you picked up on the euphemism for ‘hotdog’, the flirtations bringing another flash of warmth to your belly, as you truly settled into comfort between the two men.
Comfort and ease as they made you feel like you were the only woman in the world who mattered.
** **
You were stirred by a steady knock on your door that had you striding toward the wood separating your apartment from the rest of the floor. As your bare feet shuffled across the wooden floor, you wiped your hands down the front of your dress, the water on your hands temporarily darkening the colour of the cloth, as you dispelled the remaining droplets of water.
“Just a minute!” You were just about to leave your apartment to do some last-minute errands before you were supposed to leave with Steve and Bucky.
However, when you opened the door, you knew those errands were not going to happen. When you opened the door, electric blue eyes made brighter by the smile on his face, bore into you. He was leaning against the doorframe with a coffee cup in one hand and a thick envelope in the other.
“Bucky..!” You were surprised by more than just his arrival at your door, but given the circumstances that were revolving around this weekend and your nervousness at being alone with the two super soldiers, you chose to focus solely on his sudden appearance at your door.
“I brought you a coffee,” he handed you the cup and wait until you took it and thanked him before he mentioned the envelope, “Nat wanted me to give you this.”
When he stretched out his hand with the envelope, you slowly grabbed it and turned it over. Your name was scrawled in black ink across the middle of the plain white envelope, with only the initials N.R in the top right corner.
“Right,” you were puzzled, “Natasha left for a mission in Lagos…”
You were hoping you could speak to her before you left for your weekend away with Steve and Bucky, however, Natasha left in the early hours last night with the promise that she would call at some point during the weekend.
“Do you know what it is?” You asked, lifting your head.
“I have no idea,” Bucky’s attention moved past you to the bags you had behind you, “need help with those?”
You looked over your shoulder to the luggage tags that were already added and the contents unknown to you, somehow packed by Natasha before she left. She had kept your destination a mystery and you’d be foolish to think you could get anything out of Steve or Bucky.
“You know I have no idea what’s in those?” You pursed your lips and furrowed your eyebrows.
“Nat’s trying to throw you for a loop, isn’t she?” Bucky questioned with mild amusement.
“She thinks I need spontaneity.” You lift the cup to your lips, catching the sweet scent of vanilla and caramel, and slightly burnt sugar. “You know my coffee order?”
Bucky was the one to look a tad nervous now. He had shifted his weight from the right foot to the left and you could see that he was biting the inside of his cheek ever so slightly.
“Nat gave it to me,” Bucky spoke of your coffee order, your usual sweet pick-me-up you rewarded yourself with when you got Natasha’s order. “She also told me you have an aversion to flying.”
You part your lips and sipped lightly on the coffee that was still a little too hot, yet was incredibly pleasing to your tongue and tummy. When the delicious concoction of coffee and sugar mix had hit your tongue, you felt a little more eased and normalized despite not working today or the weekend.
“I do have a slight fear of flying.” Anytime you had to fly, your stomach would be unsettled and your mind would race with every possible outcome that could be devastating.
And that was nothing to say about the way people looked at you when you flew or the whispers behind your back. The quiet comments about how your weight would've been enough to bring the plane down on its own.
“You can hold my hand, ” Bucky offered, his brilliant blue’s looking you up and down appreciatively.
“It’s not like that, it’s…” You frowned and decided to move past the topic altogether, “what airport are we leaving from? And what time do we have to be there?”
You moved toward your luggage, ticking the envelope under your arm while grabbing one of the bags.
“I can take them,” Bucky was quick to offer, quick to sidle up to you and take the other bag by the handle, “let me take them for you. Just enjoy your coffee.”
With his instance, you let Bucky take them both. When he started to move out of your apartment, you hid your smile behind your coffee cup and followed him out the door.
“So the airport,” you started speaking as you followed him toward the elevator, “I’m guessing by your lack of an answer that it’s private?”
“The plane and the runway belong to Stark.” Bucky glanced over his shoulder making sure you were still behind him, “Steve and I thought you’d like to fly private if you had the chance.”
Realistically, that would have eased a lot of your worries and anxieties. Flying private would-be a once in a lifetime opportunity, who knew when you would get another chance to fly in a private jet on a private runway?
“You’re pulling out all the stops aren’t you?” You stepped into the elevator and pressed the designated button to take the elevator down to the underground parking.
“This is our once chance to impress the pretty dame,” Bucky was only separated from you by the thickness of your luggage, “every other time Steve and I have tried to flirt or show our interest, someone hasn’t caught on.”
“Sounds like this person is a bit of a blockhead.” You played along, your lips twitching as they threatened to form a smile.
“No,” Bucky sighed, “but God is she gorgeous. Beautiful inside and out. Eyes so captivating they put the stars to shame.”
You wanted to laugh and sob. You wanted to laugh at the romantics that seemed atypical yet heart-stopping and cry at how spectacular he made you feel by his words alone. You wanted to cry by the tone of voice and the lack of any joking matter, the lack of any scorn or disgust.
“Must be special to have stolen your attention.” The elevator stopped and the doors opened to the underground parking, yet neither of you moved.
“You are, Y/N,” Bucky spoke with genuine and deep truth rooted at every word, “you have no idea how badly we want you.”
To hear that from him, to hear the wantonness behind his voice and the certainty in his eyes had created a momentary shift.
Bucky and Steve wanted you.
They wanted you. They wanted you for everything you were and nothing you weren’t.
“Where are we going anyway?” you questioned to distract yourself from crying.
“Sorry sweetheart,” Bucky stepped off the elevator with your luggage in his hands, “I promised Steve I'd keep it a secret.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nano--raptor · 3 hours ago
A Powerful Love
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Omega!Reader
Words: 730
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. Smut, sex, heats and nesting, slight dirty talk and praises, needy reader, a/b/o dynamics, primal urges, etc.
A/n: For @redhead-wine-and-literature-club  Love in Bloom challenge, Day 16: Aster - Powerful love. What is more powerful than the bond between an Alpha and their Omega? I love writing a/b/o, and this might actually be my first time writing Alpha!Bucky. I love him, and I had fun with this. Thanks for reading!
I could not find credit for this gif, if anyone knows please let me know and I’ll update with the info!
Divider by @firefly-graphics​
I do not give permission for my work to be translated, copied or reposted in any way!
18+ ONLY. Do not click ‘keep reading’ if you are under 18.
Tumblr media
Bucky knew your heat was close. Your scent was changing and you’d started stockpiling items for your nest without even realizing. He smiled to himself, loving the little traits of yours he’d picked up over time, and eyeing the ever-growing pile of blankets and pillows in the bedroom. 
Two days later, when he came home from work, the scent of your heat hit him square in the chest as he walked through the door. His mouth watered and his cock jumped from it, his hindbrain already screaming at him to find you and breed you. He closed his eyes and inhaled your scent, warmth washing over him as he basked in it for just a second, before kicking his boots off and stalking towards the bedroom, stripping his clothes off along the way.
When he saw you he outright groaned, you were curled up in the nest you’d made, comfortable and cozy with just enough space for the two of you. You’d stolen a few of his shirts too and had them bunched up in your arms as you lay half asleep in a little lacy nightgown. He could see the curve of your ass peeking out and it was all he could do to not jump in right then and bury his face between your legs.
A low growl escaped his throat as he crawled in next to you, his body covering yours as he kissed his way up over your skin. You whimpered and shifted, rolling onto your back beneath him and his rumbles reverberated through his chest as he nosed at your throat, inhaling your scent and sighing.
“Baby girl, let me make you feel better,” Bucky purred, and you simply whimpered, your arms linking around his neck to pull him close. He kissed you then, deep and passionate, his hand running up your thigh and under your nightgown, brushing over your hip, then back down to push your legs open. Settling between, his hard cock nudged at your entrance and you whimpered, your need for him overwhelming every other sense in your mind. Bucky grinned, his lips on your throat again as he pushed in, groaning in relief as your heat finally wrapped around him.
Pushing the rest of the thin fabric out of the way, Bucky smoothed his hand over your body, loving the way you rolled against him, wanting him all over you. He couldn’t help mouthing at his bonding mark on your skin, licking and sucking over it, nosing against your scent glands and completely losing himself in you. His thrusts were strong and deep, making you whine with each roll of his hips, and it wasn’t long before his knot was starting to inflate, catching deliciously every time he’d rock out of you. You were mumbling, his name on your lips as you gave yourself over to the pure bliss of him inside of you.
“Bucky… Alpha please, please I need it so bad.” Your pleas spurred him on, and Bucky growled again, angling his hips to drive even deeper, making you cry out. His body prickled all over with instinctual desire, and he gave in to it, fucking you hard as his lips closed around your mark, biting down with a growl when he came, his knot locking you together as he filled you with his hot release.
All the sensations sent you spiraling over the edge and you cried out, legs trembling, fingernails digging into his shoulders, white hot bliss washing over you. Bucky swore he always got harder when you came, it was such a primal release, and nothing made him more proud than knowing it was him who made you feel that way. He rolled his hips into you gently, helping you ride out your orgasm, and kissed your throat gently now, his tongue soothing over his bite marks. When he pulled back enough to meet your gaze, you looked just as ruined as he felt, and he leaned in to capture your lips, murmuring praises against them.
“So pretty, Omega, so good for me.” You gazed up at him with love drunk eyes, utterly satisfied for the time being.
“I love you, my Alpha.” Pecking a kiss against his cheek, your eyes fluttered closed and Bucky maneuvered the two of you so he could lay down, wrapping his arms around you as you drifted off into a blissful little nap.
"I love you, my Omega."
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zbarnes · 3 hours ago
come here
Tumblr media
a/n: this one is so bad i’m sorry LMAO and sorry it’s a short one
summary|| bucky is your roommate and hes notices how stressed you’ve been with work and your studies..
pairing|| roommate!bucky x reader
warnings|| unprotected sex, degradation kink, squirting, angst, language, kissing, fingering, praise kink, smut 18+ MINORS DNI
the low rumble of buckys bike downstairs makes you look up from your studies. you look down at your clothes and sigh. wearing a blue tank top, no bra, and pajama shorts was not how you wanted buck too see you. you’ve been so focused on school and college, you’ve been stuck in your condo for weeks working yourself out.
before you get up the door to your apartment is being unlocked. “y/n, i’m back!” he yells and turns to set his keys on the counter. you begin to scurry off before he sees you. “you’re not gonna talk to me. ‘m hurt doll.”
you turn around slowly and cross your arms over your chest, “hi buck.” you mutter with a small smile. “how was the meeting with sam?”
“fine, you okay?” he ask while sitting and patting the spot next too him. you slowly walk over and grab the blanket that was covering your legs earlier; wrapping it around yourself. “i’m fine, just cold.” you say quietly and sit next too him.
he looks down, seeing your nipple through your tank and instantly growing hard. “do you ever stop studying?” he ask and chuckles lowly; moving your books aside.
“i do,” you begin and he raises an eyebrow, “but i need to focus on my work.”
“are you not stressed?” he ask
“no.” you lie and he rolls his eyes, “what buck?” he’s never rolled his eyes at you before. this causes an awkward shield between you too that you wish you could break.
“don’t lie too me.” he mutters and you pull the blanket around yourself a bit more. “you need to relieve your stress. have fun.” your friendship with bucky has been rocky lately. he’s so used too you partying with home every weekend but now you have to study 24/7 and he’s tired of it.
“and how the fuck can i do that?” you snap and his eyes darken. “if i had a way i would’ve done it buck. nothing can be fun for me anymore. i want too do good and you know that so stop.” you say and he can hear you voice break.
his hand lands on your thigh, and the angle he’s sitting; you can see his hard-on. when you notice your panties become wet and soak through your tiny pajama shorts. buck notices very quickly and you get embarrassed.
“come here.” he mumbles lowly and you sit up a big scooting closer too him. rolling his eyes again, he pulls you onto his lap so you’re straddling him. the blanket you had wrapped around yourself is now next too you, you reach for it but he smacks your hand away, “no.”
you go to reach for it again and he grabs your wrist, “don’t test me angel.” he mumbles. before you realize it, his lips are on yours. his tongue slips into your mouth and the kisses are needy.
his hands palm your butt and pull you closer too him. you hands are traveling down his torso, to the hem of his shirt and pulling it over his head. his thumb shook onto the waistband of your shorts and he pulls them down.
when he sees your lacy dark red thong, he looks up at you and smiles, “all for me?” he ask and before you can answer, his thumb began rubbing slow circles over your clit.
a moan gets caught in your throat and your breathing becomes heavy. his lips meet yours again and he flips you on the couch; laying over you. “god you’re so hot baby.” he mutters
his circles begin to become messy and faster. your moans finally break through your throat and they are loud. “i’m gonna cum.” you moaned and he chuckled
two of his fingers slip into you and your orgasm hits. your eyes shut and you hear an unfamiliar nose. when your release-high goes away, you open your eyes and buckys face and shirt are soaking wet.
“damn angel, did you know you could squirt?” he ask and embarrassment washes over you. “i’m s-“ you begin but bucky slaps your thigh.
“don’t fucking apologize, that was hot.” he mutters and your embarrassment washes away. “i’m not done with you yet.” he commented. his eyes darken again and he flips you on your your stomach, yanking your underwear off.
the cool sir on your slit is a different type of sensation that causes you too whimper, and buck notices, “awh, you pretty slut. always so needy.” he mumbles and you hear his belt being undone.
you turn around as he strokes his dick and notice his big it is. the biggest you’ve seen and the biggest you’ll probably have. “that’s not gonna fit.” you stutter and he chuckles lowly.
“it will.” he confirms before sliding it in. you feel yourself stretch around him in a way you never have before. “shit.” he whispers under his breath.
both of your moans and groans filled your apartment. you felt your second orgasm coming and bucky knew it. he pulled you up by the neck and kissed your cheek; pumping even faster.
“you drive me crazy.” he says and you second release hits. causing you to squeeze around him and he thrust became sloppy. “baby, you’re squeezin’ me so well.”
the overstimulate felt amazing and buckys release was coming. he began kissing your neck and pumping into you slowly. “you drive me crazy. i’ve wanted this for so long..” he whispers in your ear and cums in you. you quickly remind yourself to take the morning after pill.
you both fall back onto the couch and begin to catch your breaths. “did you mean it?” you whisper as buckys breathing slows.
“yes, every bit of it.” he exclaimed and smiles softly, “stress reliever?” he questions and you sit up slowly grabbing your underwear.
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winter-soldier-101 · 4 hours ago
Hello to everyone I just want to thank all the new people following me and the amazing people I’ve meet so far and the amazing friends I’ve been making and I’m glad that I’m making new friends so thank you to everyone.
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malfoysreid · 5 hours ago
Wouldn’t Change a thing- B.B.
marvel cinematic universe
- pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader
- genre: smut
- word count: 2.6k
- summary: when you admit to bucky that you’ve never finished more then twice at one time, he see just how many times he can push you over the edge.
- warnings: smut, unprotected vaginal sex, oral!female receiving, choking, slight degradation, soft dom!bucky, sub!reader, praise!kink, orgasm denial, might be a spank or two,
-A/N: this is literally just porn, no plot. this is also the first time i have ever written smut, i’m trying to get used to it a bit and find out wether or not i’m going to write any for my bucky fic, other then that let me know what you think.
credit to the rightful owner of the gif!
Tumblr media
A choked gasp escaped your lips as Bucky pushed you up against the wall. His lips immediately attached to your neck, which had fallen back in pure bliss. His plump lips worked magic against the skin of your throat. The trailing of wet kisses and light nips of his teeth felt amazing. Blood rising to the top of the skin resulting in little bruises.
When you emitted to your boyfriend earlier in the night— curled against his side, you two in your own little bubble at one of Tony’s many ridiculous parties—that you had never come more than twice in one setting, that being with him. You definitely didn’t expect him to respond with a sly “I like a challenge.” and then proceed to drag your body, through the crowd and up the floors of the compound to his room. But then again, it’s not like you were complaining.
Bucky moved one hand to rest at the small of your back, pulling your body flush against his chest. Then moving his hands to the back of your thighs as he holsted your weight up as you wrap your legs around his hips.
His lips drifted back to yours, smashing together in a bruising kiss. The kiss was messy, spit mixing together, tongues wrestling for dominance. But it was as passionate as ever.
Bucky walked you back towards his bed, breaking the kiss and throwing your body onto the soft surface as if you were a doll. You waited for him to lay with you but he never did.
“Undress.” He demanded. His voice deep with lust.
Your eyes widened ever so slightly before you complied. Propping yourself up on your knees, you reach behind your back unzipping your dress. He watched as the silky material fell from your body, leaving you in a deep red and black strappy lingerie set.
Bucky eyed you for a moment before you went to unclasp your bra. “Don’t.” He stopped you. Your hands fell back to your side in obedience, just what he wanted.
You were always so good for him. An obedient little slut that does whatever he tells her to.
And looking at your lace covered form now, he knew you had planned this all along. You’d planned to bring up the topic of conversation earlier, you’d planned for him to absolutely demolish you tonight. And who was he to deny you that wish.
Bucky took slow steps towards the bed, crawling on and pushing your body flat onto the mattress. Like a predator about to devour its prey.
“So pretty for me.” He husked. Your eyes were wide and full of innocence as he finally met yours again. Despite him having taken every ounce of innocence from you a long time ago. Bucky loved it. The way you looked so stunning under him.
When he’d tie you up and have you screaming for him, your shaking form underneath him, the way he felt so protective over you.
“So, so pretty.” He held a contemplative look on his face. “Wanna fuck you in this.” He ran his fingertips over the straps of your panties. “But I also wanna rip it off you.” Both his hands grabbed your hips hard as he pulled them up to meet his own.
“Please, Bucky.” Your voice was pitiful. Weak and broken with need.
“Be patient, doll. I’ll make you feel good.” Bucky muttered as he placed a large hand over the expanse of your stomach and pushed your body flat onto the bed again.
You laid your head back against the pillows. Trying to relax and be a good girl.
Bucky’s hands danced along your skin, the cold vibranium of his left arm leaving goosebumps in its wake. Your body stuttered when you felt his metal fingers drag along your clothed slit, the material of your panties soaked completely in your arousal.
“You're dripping, sweetheart.” Bucky rubbed your sex through your panties, the touch so light, so teasing it was hardly there. “I told you I was in need of a challenge, but this, my love, this is no challenge.”
With his words he pushed your panties to the side and dipped two of his cold vibranium fingers into your soaked pussy. He spread your arousal around your slit before pulling his hand away, bringing his fingers to his mouth and licking every last drop from them. “You taste so good, doll.” He groaned.
You looked up at him, your irritation and arousal growing exponentially. “Please, Bucky.” You pleaded. He was teasing you, but he just couldn’t help it with the way you react to his touches.
Bucky slid a finger underneath one of the straps along your hip bone, pulling back then letting the elastic snap against your delicate skin. You jumped at the contact, but your body defied you with the desperate moan that escaped your parted lips.
“Keep count for me. Okay, sweet girl?” He trailed down your body, pressing your legs apart and settling in between them.
“Okay.” You mustered up the strongest voice you could.
The sight of Bucky’s eyes directly on your pussy still made you anxious, no matter how many times the two of you had been intimate. Every time was better than the last.
He licked his lips before using his fore and middle fingers to scoop up some of the arousal leaking out of your hole, lifting it up to your clit. The sight was erotic and he loved it. Your clit pulsating for his touch, the slow movements of his fingers causing your pussy lips to spread giving him the most beautiful view of your clit all the way down to your tight little whole.
You threw your head back in pleasure as Bucky began a slow and steady pace of rubbing your clit, just as you got used to the rhythm, allowing the pleasure to course through your body, he stopped. Replacing his forefinger with his thumb and using his middle finger to circle your entrance.
The tight circles around your sensitive bundle of nerves didn’t slow as Bucky plunged his middle finger into your little whole. Your walls clenching around him, before you relaxed, welcoming the intrusion. Your repetitive moans mixed with the wet and filthy sounds of your gushing pussy filled the room.
The familiar pressure was building in your stomach, your walls clenching around Bucky’s fingers as he added another. Your legs clenched shut around his hand, he quickly pried them apart.
“Be a good little slut and hold this up for me.” Bucky demanded grabbing one of your legs. You moaned at the degradative term but nonetheless grabbed your leg, holding it out of the way for him. He wanted a perfect view to watch that little pussy of your clench and quiver.
He began to rub your clit faster, messaging the nerves. The feeling of his cold metal fingers sliding in and out of you and the pleasure to your clit became too much. The knot in your stomach snapping as your leg shook in your grasp. Waves of pleasure raked through your body, your mind numbing over with ecstasy. Bucky fucked you through your orgasm with his fingers, prolonging it for as long as he could. Rubbing your sensitive little nub until you were pushing him away.
“Look at that sweetheart, it’s so easy.” Bucky husked as he pressed a kiss to your clit. Your body jolted at the contact, far too sensitive for his touch. “Look at me.” He demanded.
Your eyes were still glued shut, body numb and tired. But Bucky wasn’t having it, he brought his hand down, slapping you pussy. Just hard enough to send a sting to the area, which then spread throughout your whole body. Reluctantly you opened your eyes to meet his. Bucky sent you a look, as if he was asking you to do something, and then you remembered he’d asked you to count.
“One.” You choked.
“Good girl.” Was all Bucky said before he dove back into your pussy. His tongue lapping up all of your cum. The pain of the oversensitivity soon became pleasurable, you moaned loudly as Bucky licked up your slit to your clit. Circling the nub with his tongue before pulling it between his lips, sucking lightly. He brought his teeth around your clit, pulling back a bit.
“Bucky...” You moaned, you weren’t sure whether you were asking him to stop or for more. No matter, he didn’t stop. Licking back to your entrance, slipping his tongue in and fucking you.
Your next orgasm came much faster. The pleasure racking through you, your hips bucked up into his face.
Bucky grabbed your hips, holding you against his tongue as he took in all of your cum. “Two.” You breathed.
But Bucky didn’t even think about stopping, continuing to eat your pretty pussy. His tongue slipping in and out of you, his hands holding you legs wide. Tears welded in your eyes from how good it felt. You looked a mess when he lifted his pretty blue eyes up to your face. Head thrown back, lips parted as breathless screams escaped the pink flesh. Hair mussed and tangled.
“Such a mess baby. You gonna make a mess on my tongue again?” Bucky muttered against your pussy. His sinful words sent you over the edge again. A full scream leaving your mouth this time as your entire body spasmed. Walls clenching around nothing as Bucky’s tongue licked you clean. Messy tears flowed down your face, your makeup surely spread everywhere.
Once your body finally stopped shaking, Bucky trailed back up to your face. “So pretty when you cry for me.” He grabbed your chin softly, bringing your eyes to meet his. “What number was that, doll?”
“Three.” You whispered, your hips involuntarily bucking up to meet his. You whined when the rough fabric of his jeans brushed up against your abused clit. All you wanted was for him to fuck you. Fill you so good like he always did.
“Please, Bucky.” You cried, pulling on his shirt.
“What do you want, sweetheart?” Of course he knew exactly what you wanted, he just had to torture you.
“Please.” You pleaded. “Fuck me.” You pulled his shirt again.
“See, that’s all I needed.” Bucky reached his hand behind his back, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it unceremoniously onto the floor. Your hands ran down his toned chest, too tired to do anymore.
Unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard cock. You took a second to admire him, thick and long, always fills you so well, before Bucky lined his tip up with your entrance. Rubbing his tip against your wetness, up your slit before circling your clit. You whined out again at the direct stimulation of your sensitive nerves. Bucky shushed you gently before lining up with your entrance and slowly pushing in. The feeling was unforgiving as he sick into you, inch by inch. He wanted you to feel every last bit of him, ever vein and curve. It drove you mad. He groaned when your tight whole clenched around his length. Once he was fully inside of you he took a second to just enjoy the feeling of your tight walls and wetness welcoming him. Then all gentle touches were lost as he set a bruising pace.
Each thrust harder then the last, your body tutted on the bed from the force of Bucky’s thrusts. It felt heavenly, your mouth opened in ecstasy. “Bucky, Bucky, Bucky!” You panted. He leaned down to take one of your hard nipples in his mouth. Sucking the bud, grabbing it gentle between his teeth and pulling back just a bit. One of his hands grabbed your right leg, hiking it up around his waist. The new angle allowed him to touch deeper within you. Every single touch sent your over sensitive body closer and closer to the edge.
Until he stopped. His mouth leaving your breast and his hard cock sliding out of your dripping core. You were just about to cry out when he flipped you onto your stomach. Pulling your hips up, your back arching and your ass in the air. You gasp at the sudden movement. And then he was back inside of you. His cock hitting deeper inside you from the improved angle.
“Cum!” Bucky demanded as he pounded into you. All it took was his command and you were being thrown off the cliff, body spasming for the fourth time in a row. He held your hips up to keep you from trying to get away from him. You moaned and cried more in pleasure.
“And that was four.” He didn’t stop once you had stopped shaking, chasing his own release. You gave up fighting, knowing it would do no good. Until only a few minutes later he was pulling you flush against his chest by your hair. His vibranium hand drifting down your body, landing right between were the two of you connected. Bucky circled your clit with his icy fingertips.
“No, no…” You shook your head tiredly. Your body is so over sensitive, and the way his cock felt as he slid almost all the way before slamming back into repeatedly.
“This is what you wanted, my love.” Bucky’s lips pressed against the tender skin behind your ear. His teeth biting down onto the skin before pulling back again. “Such a little slut. You planned all of this, little girl. Didn’t you?” His hot breath against your sweaty skin sent shivers up and down your spine.
“No, I didn’t.” You shook your head, struggling to keep your eyes open.
“Don’t try to lie to me.” Bucky punctuated every word with a thrust harder than the last. Every time he moved his cock brushed against your g spot, you shuddered at the pleasure. Your walls started clenching for the fifth time tonight, tears staining your checks farther as your orgasm was about to rack through you.
“Hold it.” Bucky could tell, but of course, you lied to him.
“Wha-no please! I can’t.” You cried.
“Yes you can, now hold it.” From the cold stimulation to your clit and the aggressive pounding into your body you couldn’t take it. “I’m sorry! Please, Buck… I’ll be good.” You pleaded.
A few moments later you felt his cock twitch inside of you, signaling he was close. He groaned deeply against your neck, “Cum.” He commanded.
It happened fast, your back arching off of his sweaty chest, a scream of pure bliss leaving your lips. Spark after spark of pleasure raked through your body as you came. Bucky followed, his hot seed shooting into you fast. Filling you even more than you already were. A mix of both of your cum dripped down your thighs as he pulled out, flipping your fucked out body over to lay on your back.
He hovered over you again, spreading your legs and scooping some of his cum off of you with his fingers and thrusting them back into you. Stuffing you full of him. Your eyes remained closed, too tired from your five orgasms to react. When Bucky thought that you’d had enough he pulled away, laying down next to you and pulling you into his chest.
“You did so good for me, doll.” He murmured into your hair, rubbing your back. You made a small noise of agreement. Bucky had been thoroughly surprised, he’d never been able to pull so many orgasms from you, not that he’d ever tried.
“M’gonna run you a bath, sweetheart. That sound good?” Bucky leaned his head down to kiss your cheek. You nodded against his chest. He then picked you up, bridal style and carried you into the bathroom.
It never ceased to amaze you how quickly Bucky’s demeanor changes with you, one second he could be fucking you incoherent and the next he’s back to gentle touches and sweet nothings.
No matter, you wouldn’t change a thing.
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Entangled Affairs
Pairing: Boss!Bucky x Assistant!Reader x Boss!Steve Rogers
Summary: The lines of professionalism and desire between you and your boss have been crossed, but what happens when they become blurred?
Warnings: Smut 18+ only, threesome, rough sex, semi-public sex, oral (m & f receiving), semi-degradation, swallowing, creampie, a dash of fluff, possessive!bucky, bucky’s kind of a douche at times, spanking, choking, it’s just filth honestly
Word Count: 3.8k
A/N: Hi! This is a sequel to Business & Pleasure but it’s also my excuse to live out my Bucky & Steve threesome fantasy, hope you like it & as per always, feedback is appreciated! 😘
Tumblr media
Ever since your encounter after work with Bucky, things between the two of you had changed dramatically. When you weren’t pressed against his desk, hand over your mouth as Bucky fucked you hard and fast, you were in his sheets, screaming his name as loud as possible. It had been the most exciting and eye opening few months of your life, discovering this new side to your boss. He had always been mysterious and elusive to you, but now you knew him inside and out.
You knew where he liked to be touched, what actions could bring him to his knees the fastest. You knew what ticked him off and how to calm him down, especially on days where the work load was especially hard. However, you hadn’t agreed to keep things exclusive, and even though Bucky wasn’t the type to go through a slew of women at a time, that didn’t mean that women wouldn’t throw themselves at him at any given chance. You had always quietly seethed when witnessing how blatantly your female coworkers would flirt with him, but he never gave them the time of day. Bucky only ever dedicated his time to you, he had proven this to you on several occasions.
When he wasn’t swamped with work and hectic business meetings, he’d always look to you to be his stress reliever. Your relationship was based around sex mostly, but sometimes the lines would get blurred and you didn’t know exactly where you stood with him. He had shown up to your apartment on more than one occasion, fully expecting him to just be there for a quickie, but instead Bucky would prefer to cuddle and watch a movie. You’d wake up in his arms, his serene sleeping face beside yours and his strong scent lingering all over you.
It was both bliss and torture, you loved feeling wanted by him but at the same time you knew he’d never truly be yours.
You knew the risks when you began this rendezvous with your boss, you just didn’t expect for the feelings that arose towards Bucky to be as strong as they were. As much as you loved playing his whore, you also craved the moments where he showed you any amount of real affection. He could be kind and sweet, you saw the genuineness in his eyes. At times his touches were gentle, making you feel like you were his entire world. He’d make love to you, or at least that’s what it felt like to you, and he’d stare deeply into you in an almost adoring way. It made you question everything, but you were never brave enough to delve into that territory. You kept Bucky at arms length, where it was safe.
Your teeth were clenched as you sat across from Bucky and him. There he was, in all of his well dressed and apt looking glory, Steve Rogers. Bucky’s longest and dearest friend, who just so happened to also be his business partner. You had seen him in the office before, he worked in a different building and would drop by from time to time. He would always have on his sharpest looking suit and his hair usually gelled back, he had a neatly trimmed beard that accentuated his bone structure perfectly. He was tall, muscular and strong, but most noticeable of all his features were his green eyes, they had hints of blue in them and one glance could be enough to make anyone swoon.
It was pointless to deny that you liked whenever he’d visit. He would always stop by your desk before heading into Bucky’s office, giving you suggestive grins as his eyes would roam appreciatively over your body. You always felt flustered right after, needing to excuse yourself so you could get some air. It was always hard being in a room with both him and Bucky, the air always felt heavy and you couldn’t help the fantasies that would play in your mind where they’d be taking turns bending you over. And now you sat across from both of them, the only difference now being that you were screwing your boss.
The meeting ended and you finally felt like you could breathe again, it had felt like you were sat there for ages, talking in circles about the same mundane things. Bucky shot you a look that you knew by heart, it was the kind of look where you knew he was upset and he needed you in his office yesterday. You gathered your belongings and excused yourself, glancing over at Steve who only smirked in turn. You waited until Bucky had closed the door to his office to make your way over to it, knocking on it twice to not arouse any suspicion. Even though the work day was over, you were never sure who could be watching.
“Come in.” His voice sounded stern and you felt immediately uneasy. For once you weren’t sure what had him so agitated. The meeting had being going well, or so that’s what you could recall when your mind wasn’t so preoccupied thinking of what you’d look like with Bucky and Steve’s cocks filling you up.
You stepped inside Bucky’s office, quietly shutting the door behind you. You were about to comment something sarcastic, but as if Bucky could read your mind, he turned to face you and pinned you down with a hard look. The kind of look he’d give you when you were being a brat in the bedroom and he had to teach you a lesson in obeying orders.
“I know you want to fuck him,” Bucky said in an eerily calm way, you opened your mouth to protest but no words were able to leave your lips. “Darlin’, you must really think that I’m blind, that I can’t see the way you look at Steve. I know what goes through that mind of yours. I’m not just an expert in how you like to be touched, I also know what you want, it’s written all over your face.”
“What?” You let out as you regained your composure, “I don’t want to fuck him, what the hell makes you think that? And even if I did, so what? I’m not allowed to even look at other men anymore?” You inadvertently walked into Bucky’s trap, you admitted to it without even thinking.
“I never said that,” Bucky countered, “I was just pointing out the obvious, I’m not mad about that. I’m more upset about the fact that you want to deny it when we both know it’s true. You’re free to do as you please, you always knew the rules of our arrangement.”
You were pissed off. Sure, Bucky wasn’t wrong. You knew deep down if the occasion arose that you wouldn’t hesitate to fuck Steve, he was attractive and probably amazing in bed. You just hated the condescending tone in Bucky’s voice, it made you feel like he was belittling you.
“So you wouldn’t care if I fucked your best friend?” You sneered, watching the way Bucky’s eyes flickered with rage, “You wouldn’t be angry if I sucked his cock the way I suck yours? If I let him fill up my tight little pussy the way I let you?”
“Watch the next words that come out of your mouth.” Bucky hissed, giving you a warning glare.
“Or what?”
Before you knew it, Bucky’s hands were on you, roughly grabbing you by your hair as he crashed his lips onto yours, biting down hard on your bottom lip. You tasted the metallic tang of blood on your tongue as he kissed you. You gasped at the sensation of Bucky ripping your shirt and bra off your body, not giving you enough time to think as he pinched your nipples hard, making you cry out. He wrapped his prosthetic hand around your throat, choking you as tears welled up in your eyes from the lack of oxygen. You wanted to be furious, to push Bucky away and slap the shit out of his smug face, but you liked the way he was man handling you. Your pussy was already soaked and you were eager for him to fuck you roughly, like he hated you.
But instead, Bucky pushed you down harshly to your knees, unbuckling his belt and pulling out his cock from the confines of his trousers. He was rock hard and already dripping precum.
“Put that mouth of yours to better use than pissing me off.” Bucky spat out as he shoved his erection past your lips, you gagged initially as his cock hit the back of your throat, but you were used to his size now so you relaxed your muscles and let him face fuck you as he had done many times in the past. Tears and saliva ran down your face making you look utterly ravished. You loved every second of being used by Bucky, loved the depraved sounds coming from his mouth and the crazed look in his eyes as he continuously forced his throbbing cock in your mouth.
You were lost in a daze, completely out of your mind and enjoying yourself a little too much when you heard the door knob turning and the door to Bucky’s office opening. You felt a rush of panic going down your spine as you turned your face only to be met with Steve’s shocked expression. He stood by the door, not knowing what to do as he watched Bucky face fuck you as if it were the most normal thing in the world.
“Shit, man my bad, I didn’t know you were busy,” Steve stammered, a slight blush creeping up his neck. “I was just heading out, but I had forgotten to grab something from your office. I can leave-“
“No,” Bucky smirked, grabbing a handful of your hair and pushing your face back onto his cock, you were caught off guard as you gagged around his length again, pulling away slightly so you could breathe. “Stay, this is exactly what this little slut wanted, isn’t it?” He grabbed you abruptly by your cheeks and made you look at him, his eyes were wide with rage and lust.
“Isn’t it?” He demanded.
“Y-Yes…” You let out sheepishly.
“You wanted Steve to see what a good little whore you are,” Bucky taunted, “Tell him how badly you want his cock.” He yanked you up by your hair, your tits bouncing in the air, making Steve swallow thickly. He was completely confused by the whole ordeal, but he couldn’t deny he was also incredibly turned on. Steve’s cock was hard in his pants and he was more than willing to participate in whatever little game you and Bucky had going on. He and Bucky had done crazier things in the past, sharing a girl wasn’t anything new.
Steve shut the door behind him and walked over to you, already removing his shirt as he took in your debauched appearance. You couldn’t believe what was happening, yet you knew how desperately you wanted it.
“Please…” Your voice was shaky as you felt Steve’s calloused hands on your heated skin.
“Please, what?” Bucky spat.
“Please, I want his cock.” It was nearly a whisper, but it was enough as Bucky pushed you back down on your knees and your fingers started undoing Steve’s belt. You looked up at Steve, he had a hungry look in his eyes as he watched you, your mascara coated eyelashes fluttered as you pulled down his pants, hand instinctively wrapping itself around the base of his cock. He was perhaps a little bigger than Bucky, but not nearly as thick. Still, your mouth watered at the sight of Steve hard and ready for you. He hissed as your lips parted open and you sucked on the head of his cock, swirling your tongue around it and making all sorts of vulgar sounds.
Expertly, you took him down your throat, only gagging a little bit as he thrusted his hips forward, getting accustomed to the warm wetness of your mouth. You made a show of sucking him off, it turned you on knowing that Bucky was watching as you pleasured his best friend. You knew without glancing at him that he was quietly fuming, and though you were still angry with him, you weren’t completely heartless. Without disconnecting your mouth from Steve’s cock, you reached out to grab Bucky’s painfully hard length, pleasantly surprised when he let you. A low growl escaped his lips as you stroked him languidly, he quickly took the reins back, fingers tangling in your hair as he shoved his cock inside of your mouth, replacing Steve’s.
You moaned wantonly around his length, hand kneading Steve’s erection as Bucky resumed his place inside of your mouth. One of your wildest fantasies was coming to life and it felt too good to be real. As your mind slipped away, the only thing grounding you back to reality was the realization that two gorgeous men were currently coming undone in the palm of your hand. You took turns sucking on both Steve and Bucky’s cocks, eyes fixated on both of them as they watched you like a predator stalking its prey.
Once your jaw began getting tired, you stood up, letting both men caress your breasts and whatever exposed skin they could touch and fondle. Steve suddenly turned your face towards his so he could kiss you, teasingly sliding his tongue inside of your mouth and making you moan against him. Bucky’s nostrils flared as he watched Steve kissing you, he pulled you away from him and kissed you messily, the kind of sloppy wet kisses you loved.
“I really need one of you to fuck me right now.” You breathed out, feeling the way Steve smirked against your neck and the way Bucky squeezed your thigh hard enough to leave a bruise.
“You’re a needy little slut, aren’t you?” He chuckled against your ear, without hesitation Bucky threw you down into the large leather couch in his office. You were on all fours, your ass still covered by your tight pencil skirt, Bucky’s favorite. He pulled your skirt down, sliding it off your legs and fully off you. Smirking, he slapped your ass hard, surely leaving a bright red handprint.
Bucky peeled off your panties, eyes devouring your glistening cunt. Steve’s cock twitched at the sight, stroking his cock as he watched Bucky spread your ass cheeks, revealing your tight wet pussy. He dove right in with his tongue, licking a long stripe from your asshole to your clit. You moaned out loudly, biting down on your bottom lip as your body shivered with pleasure. He licked your pussy just how he knew you liked it, he had all of your sensitive spots memorized, Bucky was an expert on your body.
As Bucky took his time eating you out, you reached out and grabbed Steve’s cock, stroking it for him and taking him back in your mouth. You needed a distraction as you eventually felt the warmth of Bucky’s mouth leaving your cunt only for it to be replaced by his thick cock sliding past your lips, stuffing you to the brim. You gasped around Steve’s erection, pushing back into Bucky’s thrusts as he snapped his hips forward, you loved the way his balls hit your ass as he fucked you relentlessly.
“S’fucking good, fuck…” You whined as Bucky slapped your ass again, continuing to drive his length deep inside of you making you see stars each time it brushed over your sensitive spongey tissue.
“You want Steve to fuck you too? hm?” He asked in a harsh whisper, hand wrapping itself around your hair, pulling you away from him. “Use your words, baby.”
“Please, Steve, I want your cock inside me.”
“Been waiting for you to say that.” Steve kissed you fervently as he pulled you towards him, pushing you down onto the couch so you were laying down, legs spread as he nestled between them, nudging his cock past your folds. Your nails raked down his toned arms as the initial sting of him stretching you out overwhelmed your senses. Steve thrusted hard into you, picking up the pace causing your sweaty body to slip around the leather couch. He grabbed you with his big hands and switched up the position so you were on top of him, gasping as his cock slipped out of you momentarily. You lifted yourself up and slowly sank back onto his shaft, undulating your hips as you took every inch of him deep inside your pussy.
The noises leaving Steve’s mouth as you rode him were sinful, you loved the look on his face, his emerald eyes glazed with lust. As much as you enjoyed fucking him, your mind could only think about Bucky. You peered over at him, he grimaced as he watched Steve’s hands roaming up and down your body, touching you in ways that only Bucky was allowed to.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum soon…” You let out with a choked moan as Steve pinched your nipples, your walls clenched tightly around him, the beginning spasms of your orgasm coiling in your stomach. Bucky pulled your face towards his, kissing you hard as his cold prosthetic hand wrapped itself around your neck. He wanted to be the one to make you cum, he wanted you to remember who could truly set your skin on fire.
Bucky lifted you away from Steve, pushing you down onto the couch so he could wrap his arms around your thighs, burying his tongue in your aching pussy. Your fingers threaded through his soft hair as you whimpered, pulling on it harder the more he lapped at your clit. The cooling sensation of his fingers sliding past your folds had you on the edge, your back arched off the sofa as the pleasure between your legs built.
“That’s it,” Bucky rasped, “Cum for me baby…”
The coil inside of you snapped as you came all over his fingers, shockwaves of ecstasy rippled throughout your body making your eyes water from the intensity of your orgasm. Bucky caught you off guard as he slid inside of you again, not giving you a chance to catch your breath as he fucked you roughly, chasing his own release. “S’good baby, feels incredible.” You knew he was close as his cock twitched inside of you, with a few more thrusts he coated your inner walls with his release. Panting heavily as the last bit of his orgasm washed over him.
With Bucky’s cum leaking out of you, you reached over to take Steve’s cock back in your mouth. He growled low, hand burying itself in your mussed hair as he thrusted his hips forward. You tasted precum on your tongue and you readied yourself for his release.
Your skilled tongue swirled over the head of his cock, sucking him off in fast successions as his grip on your hair tightened. Steve threw his head back in bliss as he came hard inside of your mouth, you swallowed every last drop, a satisfied smile spreading across your face as you wiped your lips with the back of your hand.
“Holy shit…” Steve let out as he sat on the couch, his bare chest heaving up and down, completely blown away by what had just transpired. “I need to find me an assistant like you, doll.” He ran his thumb over your swollen lips, leaning in to catch you in a messy open mouthed kiss. You moaned into the kiss, caressing Steve’s scruffy beard.
“Mm, maybe we can make this happen more often,” You purred, adding more fuel to the fire, “I can assist you both whenever you’d like.”
Bucky laughed, it wasn’t his usual playful laugh but rather a bitter one. “Not a chance in hell.” He slipped his pants back on, his demeanor completely changed as he disregarded both you and Steve.
“Hm, I guess not.” Steve chuckled, not thinking much of it as he began getting dressed. Your eyes remained on Bucky who looked disgruntled and on the verge of murder with his jaw clenched tightly and lips pressed into a thin line.
You were confused yet again, he had been the one to ask Steve to join in on the fun, but now it looked like he regretted it by how standoffish he acted. You didn’t understand why he had even agreed to it if he had such an issue with it, you wanted to confront him. Your anger had dissipated some, but you could feel it rising deep within you again.
Steve got himself together and gathered his things, he could tell there was tension in the air and didn’t say anything as he left Bucky’s office. You were alone with him now, the office building was completely empty and for that, you were grateful. You felt ready to explode as Bucky just ignored you, too preoccupied sorting through files on his desk.
You slipped on your clothes in complete silence, waiting for Bucky to say something, anything.
“Let me get this straight,” You began, rather calmly despite the way your blood boiled in your veins, “You let your friend fuck me and now you’re the one that’s pissed? You didn’t even bother asking me if I was okay with it.”
“I didn’t see you complaining,” Bucky said nonchalantly, finally meeting your gaze, “Clearly you enjoyed it.”
You bit the inside of your cheek, rolling your eyes at his cavalier response. “Clearly you enjoyed it too,” You hissed, “I guess I’ve just gotten really good at being your personal whore.”
Bucky slammed his fists on the wooden desk, making you jump slightly, “Don’t fucking say that, that’s not what you are.”
“That’s all I am to you, you had no issue reminding me.”
Bucky sighed in exasperation, standing up and walking over to you, “You’re wrong. That’s not what you are to me at all.”
“Then what am I?” You demanded.
“You’re my everything,” His answer caught you completely off guard and your body immediately stiffened, “Fuck, it was physically painful to watch him touch you, I wanted to rip his fucking hands off!”
“I thought it was what you wanted, but I can’t pretend that I’m okay with it,” Bucky looked defeated, “I can’t pretend anymore, I can’t fathom the thought of someone else touching you…”
You gasped as he closed the gap between you and held your face in his hands, he pressed his lips against yours, his eyes laced with adoration as he kissed you.
“Never again,” You breathed out against his mouth, feeling like you shed the last bit of doubt from your heart, “Never again will I let anyone but you touch me.”
“You’re mine.”
“I’m yours, Bucky, I’ve always been yours.”
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earlgreydream · 6 hours ago
| stucky x reader | smut | fluff |
anon requested. plz write a squirting fic with stucky & Bucky holds the reader down
dom!stucky helping you train & things get steamy
Tumblr media
“Y/N, let’s go,” Steve called, watching you stretch in the corner of the gym. You nodded, bouncing to your feet and walking up to the mat in the center of the room. 
The training room was empty, barring you, Steve, and Bucky. School kept you busy during the day, leaving you to practice your fighting and defense at night. You didn’t mind, preferring to have the gym to yourself, able to train privately with your two super-soldier boyfriends. 
“Driving me crazy watching you stretch like that,” Bucky stated, taking your hand and helping you onto the sparring mat. 
Both boys struggled to keep their eyes off of you when you showed up to train in tiny spandex shorts and a sports bra. It was easier to move that way, and you needed all the help you could get during their intense sessions. Both men were shirtless, and your adrenaline was pulsing with sexual energy. You pushed the impure thoughts out of your head, trying to focus so you didn’t get the life beaten out of you. 
Steve watched as you practiced dodging hits from Bucky, moving swiftly out of the way of the blows. He tried to grab you, and you dropped low, managing to sweep him off of his feet by grabbing his ankle and yanking it out from under him. 
“Damn,” Steve smirked at you proudly, and you jumped on top of Bucky, shoving him back down before he could get up. 
“Think you’re so fucking smooth?” Bucky asked, flipping the two of you over, pinning you down to the mat. The surface was cold against your back, and amusement flashed in his silver eyes, along with lust, his eyes trailing down your body. He loved pinning you below him, proving that your body would bend to his will, even during your training. Steve adjusted himself, knowing he couldn’t get this hard while you worked, because he was up to work with you next. 
You used the instant of Bucky’s distraction to bring your knee up to his abdomen. He shouted, loosening his grip on you, unintentionally allowing you to slip out from under him. You kicked him down, standing on top of his back with a pleased grin. 
“How was that, Captain?” you asked Steve cheekily. 
“Very good, honey,” he tried not to laugh. 
Bucky knocked you off, and you fell hard against the mat. 
“Hey! You’re not allowed to be mad that I’m doing well!” you cried, the breath knocked out of you from the impact. 
He slapped your ass, not caring that you were succeeding in combat training. You shrieked at the sting that spread through your skin, and you gave Bucky a vicious look. You were annoyed at how aroused you were getting, at the action certainly didn’t help. 
“Buck, that’s enough.” 
Steve walked over, helping you to your feet. You thanked him, giving Bucky another scathing look. 
“Hey, cut the attitude. Go run,” Steve said, pointing to the padded track that stretched around the perimeter of the gym. You sighed but obeyed, jogging around the room. 
“Fuck, she’s going to kill me,” Bucky whispered, watching your body bounce as you ran. Steve agreed, definitely admiring your ass. You could feel their heated gazes, and it made you slick between your thighs. You had to train, but you were quickly going hungry for sex. 
You joined them once you finished your lap, sweat giving your skin a sheen. Bucky whistled at you, and you couldn’t stop the laugh from escaping your lips. 
“Come here,” you said, pulling him into a kiss. You were startled about how starved it was, his tongue instantly pushing into your mouth. He gripped your ass in his hands, and Steve scolded the two of you. 
You boxed with Steve, doing the drills that Bucky shouted out at you. Your breathing increased, your chest rising and falling quickly and your body bouncing on the mat as you delivered punches and kicks to the pads he held. 
The boys didn’t care as you grew tired, and you wrestled with Bucky, rolling around on the mat. Your thighs went around his head as you tried to roll the two of you over, but he knocked you down, his hands pinning you to the mat as he buried his face between your legs. 
“I want to fuck you so damn bad,” he growled into the spandex, making you moan with need, unable to hide it any longer. 
“Please, Bucky,” you begged.
“Sergeant, to you. We’re still training,” Steve corrected, your eyes rolling back at the command. 
Your hips were shoved to the ground, and Bucky climbed over you, kissing up your bare torso.
“Doll, you wanted to get fucked, didn’t you? Wearing the one you know I like,” he growled, nipping at you through the sports bra that held you in place. 
“Yes, Sergeant,” you answered, trying to roll your hips up into his. 
Bucky pulled down the zipper with his teeth, freeing you as the sports bra fell open. Steve swore, tossing his sweats off, kneeling down behind your head. 
Bucky couldn’t keep his hands from your chest, tugging at your nipples and making you squeal and writhe under him. 
“Want your Captain to fuck your mouth?” Bucky asked, smirking at you. 
“Yes, please!” You parted your lips, making Steve laugh darkly and cradle your head in his large hands. 
“So needy, honey. You’re so horny you’ll take dick anywhere you can get it, huh?” Steve teased, and you felt yourself growing even more soaked.
You moaned as he fucked into your mouth, burying himself in your throat. Steve groaned as you opened your jaw, running your tongue along the veins of his cock. 
“Fuck,” he swore, his blonde head falling back. He struggled not to slam into your throat, being careful as he rolled forward steadily.
You jolted as Bucky lightly bit down on your soft skin, delighting in the sound you made. He let off you, kneeling between your legs and pulling the spandex from your hips. 
“She’s fucking soaked, Stevie,” he gasped, running his fingers through your glistening slit. 
“All that from being thrown around by us?” Steve asked, knowing very well you couldn’t answer with your mouth still full of him. 
Bucky held your thighs open before his tongue replaced your fingers, the muscle dragging through your folds and pushing inside of you with shallow thrusts. You moaned around Steve, making the soldier’s hips stutter.
Bucky ate you out, holding your hips still and pressing his tongue flat against your cunt, making you squeal around Steve.
“I’m going to come, honey,” Steve’s voice was deep and raspy, sending heat shuddering through you. 
You gripped his thighs on either side of your head as he spilled down your throat, filling your mouth with his taste. You swallowed all of it, your eyes glassy as you gazed up at him. 
“So good for your Captain,” he praised you, leaning down to press a heady kiss to your lips. 
“Bucky!” You yelled as you came, gushing onto his chin, gasping as he lapped it all up. 
“You look so hot when you come, doll,” Bucky wiped his mouth, letting you catch your breath. 
You started to get up, but Steve stopped you, his hand wrapping around your neck and pulling you into a messy makeout session, distracting you as Bucky pried your legs back open. 
Steve laid you back down on the mat, groping your tits as Bucky knelt between your thighs. 
“Beg, doll,” Bucky smirked, brushing his tip against your clit, through your folds, teasing you.
“Please fuck me, Sergeant. I need to feel you in my pussy,” you whined, biting your lip and arching your back off of the floor. Steve smirked as you shuddered under his touch.
He rolled forward into you, stretching you out and satiating your throbbing need to be filled. Pleasure erupted through your body and you moaned, pushing your hips against his, trying to pull him deeper inside of you.
The air was thick and sexually charged. You were sensitive from your first orgasm, and you shuddered as Bucky’s tip brushed against your g-spot. The pressure was quickly rebuilding in your belly, and you were dangerously close to a second orgasm as Bucky rocked steadily into your pussy, encouraged by Steve’s teasing hands. 
“I’m close, I can’t hold it,” you warned, unable to fight it off. 
“You’re going to wait until we tell you, doll,” Bucky ordered, squeezing your thighs. Tears threatened to fall as you tried to hold back, and a choked shriek escaped you as he came inside of you, riding out his own orgasm with shallow thrusts, painting the inside of your velvet walls with his release. 
“Thank you, Sergeant,” you squeezed his wrist, your vision blurring. 
“Go ahead,” Steve granted you permission, and the pressure gave way, sending a powerful orgasm rushing through you. Your legs were shaky under Bucky’s hands, all of your nerves sparking like a live wire. Tears slid from your eyes, and Steve kissed them off your cheeks.
“You look so gorgeous when you fell apart, honey, all spread open and getting fucked here on the floor,” his deep voice shot down your spine and settled in your cunt. Bucky felt your walls seize around him at Steve’s lewd words rolling from his lips.
“Does it turn you on to hear Steve tell you filthy things?” Bucky asked, his gaze alerting you that he demanded an answer. 
“Yes!” you confessed, blushing.
There was no reason to be embarrassed about it, especially given what you were doing. They reveled in seeing you so shy, tearing your walls down as they took turns fucking the doubt from your mind. Neither of the boys teased you to shame you, they ate up your confidence in your sexuality, and they wanted to know how best to please you. Despite their dominance over you, they did everything for you, striving to extract as much pleasure from you as possible. 
And fuck, they were so good at it. 
You’d never experienced anything like the two of them, and any relationship or sex that predated them was rendered completely irrelevant. They blew your mind over and over again, taking you to heights of pleasure you had no idea were even possible. 
“I know you have another one in you, doll,” Bucky grinned, and you blushed, shaking your head.
“I’ve already come twice-”
“You can do it again, it’ll feel so good, I promise,” Steve kissed you, dragging you back onto his lap. He pushed his legs between yours, spreading you open on top of his body. 
You were hypersensitive already, and out of breath from the training and sex with the men who had superhuman stamina. Steve’s fingers pushed inside of you, curling forward and brushing your spongey walls, making you writhe on his lap. Bucky’s lips caught yours, tasting Steve still on your tongue. You moaned into his mouth as Steve fingered you quickly, lewd noises filling the gym as his fingers slid in and out of your pussy, slick from both yours and Bucky’s come. Bucky’s hand went between you, rubbing your clit as Steve pushed two fingers deep inside of you. He leaned back on his heels, watching you squirm and beg incoherently for more. 
“Captain!” you shrieked, about to snap. 
White-hot euphoria burned through you like fire, searing everything inside of you and swirling in your clit. You screamed and pulled on Steve’s hair as it shattered, electricity sparking through every inch of your skin. You squirted all over their hands and the padding below you, soaking everything between your legs. You panted, trying to draw air into your lungs and recover from the intensity, melting back into Steve’s arms.
“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Bucky praised you, making your cheeks rosy. You’d never done that before, and you were suddenly shy around them, hiding your face.
“You alright, baby? That was a lot, huh?” Steve chuckled softly, kissing your cheek and hugging you tightly against him. 
“Yes, holy shit,” you swore, closing your legs and curling up into Steve. 
Your legs were still trembling slightly, even once they’d cleaned you up enough to slide your shorts back up your legs and rezipping your bra so you could walk through Stark Tower back to your room. 
“You did great, doll.” Bucky kissed your cheek before following you back to your room, turning on the shower as Steve set you down.
“I’m not letting you shower with me, I can’t go another round, and I know you two. Go shower and come back,” you laughed, pushing them out of your bathroom. 
You got clean, sitting on the tiled seat in your shower, still weak on your feet. Once the water started to go cold, you got out and dried off. You searched through your things, pulling a clean pair of cotton shorts on your legs and Bucky’s NASA hoodie, letting the fabric swallow you up. You wrapped your arms around yourself, breathing in Bucky’s scent that lingered on his clothes, like sandalwood and lemons. It instantly relaxed you, taking the edge off of your raw nerves. 
Your muscles were a little sore, and you grabbed a bottle of lotion from your dresser. The door opened and Steve and Bucky entered, Steve immediately going to stretch out on your bed. Bucky smiled when he saw you in his hoodie, and he hugged you from behind, kissing the back of your head. 
“Do you mind?” you asked, handing him the bottle. 
“Of course not.”
You sat on the bed and Bucky massaged the lotion into your muscles, patiently listening to you talk about your day. Steve’s soft blue eyes never left yours, playing with your fingers, his head resting in your lap. 
“Can we skip training tomorrow? I’m exhausted,” you asked, and Bucky smirked.
“Yeah, I suppose you can have one day off.” 
“So generous,” you giggled, leaning into his side as he settled down next to you. 
“We can always work out another way,” Steve suggested teasingly. 
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anchoeritic · 6 hours ago
been thinking ab bucky using a knife on me all day :|
a little discovery 
pairing: dom!bucky x sub!reader
warning: (18+)smut/nsfw content, knife kink, tracing skin with blade, the pet name ‘little girl’.
a/n: i gotchu bb
Tumblr media
“aren’t you big enough to know what’s wrong and what’s right, doll?” he asked, tracing your cheek with the flat side of his blade.
you got him angry again, the third time this week. it wasn’t on purpose... but you’d be lying if you said it was an accident.
huffing, you looked away from him, not daring to stare into his eyes. he wasn’t a scary person, that’s what you tried to convince yourself. you hated the way his eyes would go dim whenever he was upset with you. it always intimidated you.
the way his expressions would change so quickly after you’ve made a bad choice, disappointed him. 
“no, i’m not doing this with you again.” he spat, grabbing your jaw harshly.
a whimper left your lips as you felt his fingers push deeper into your skin. “i’m not fuckin’ playing around with you right now”
“you listen here, little girl.”
you were met with a familiar sensation, the cold touch of his blade sliding its way down the valley of your tits. it was a calm feeling, thrilling at the same time. “w-what?” you managed to mumble out, distracted by the sharp point against your skin.
he scoffed at you, tightening his grip on the handle. he pressed it down on you lightly, rolling his eyes as he heard you let out a quiet gasp. 
“big enough to handle a knife but too little to behave in public?”
“i-i-” you started, quickly cut off by his palm clapping over your mouth.
“hm, shut it.”
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mollysolo · 6 hours ago
Come undone for me
Summary: You make Bucky feel good after a long day.
Pairing: switch!Bucky Barnes X switch!fem!Reader
Warnings: Oral sex(male receiving), deep throating, teasing, smut
this gif does not belong to me
Tumblr media
As Bucky sat on the edge of his bed, you raced over to him and straddled his lap.
There was stress written all over his face and body.
His shaky breaths fanned across your bare shoulder as you tenderly bit and kissed his neck. His hands rested on your hips as you continued to leave hickeys scattered around his neck.
You pulled away for a moment and met his bright blue eyes.
He looked at you nervously as you started to sit on your knees in front of him.
You ran your hands along his thick thighs as you began to speak. “May I? I won’t do this if you don’t want me to.” you asked.
A lustful look took over his eyes as he looked down at you and gave you a weak nod of approval.
“Please, I need your mouth around me now.” he begged you.
You smirked as you looked down again and saw that his cock was already hard, just for you.
“I just wanna make you feel good. Just relax for me, alright?” you said, your hands trailing up to the waistband of his shorts.
He nodded again as his eyes stayed glued to what you were doing.
You slowly pulled his shorts down along with his boxers and hungrily watched as his cock sprung out of the fabric.
Your mouth subtly watered at the sight of it.
You softly bit your bottom lip then licked both of your lips before you started to please him. And you didn’t intend on wasting anytime, you were going to take your time with him.
You swirled your tongue around the head of his cock. As you did this, his hand went to the back of your head as he let his own head fall back.
His quiet moans filled your ears.
Your hands shifted to the base of his cock as you began to bob your head up and down on it.
You looked so hot with him stuffed in your mouth and Bucky truly couldn’t get ever over how good you felt around him. He then quickly decided to indulge his desires.
So, he dug his fingers into your hair and grabbed a hand full of it. He yanked and tugged on your hair as you continued to suck his dick.
But you really made him come undone when you began to run your tongue from the base of his cock to the head.
Over and over and over again.
He groaned as he forced more of his dick down your throat. You gagged for a quick few seconds as his cock hit the back of your throat.
Bucky could feel himself getting closer to his release.
It was quickly becoming hard for him to hold his orgasm back and he desperately wanted to shoot his load down your throat. 
You pulled his cock out of your mouth for a few minutes as you caught your breath.
However, your hands still never left his cock.
He gently smirked as looked down and saw you teasingly stoking his cock. He adored how big his cock looked in your hands.
You quickly said one more thing to him before your mouth and lips met his cock yet again, “Come undone for me baby. I know you want to.” you simply said as you looked up at him with dark eyes.
He collapsed back onto his bed as you began to deep throat his cock once more.
Everything you did just made him feel so good and he never wanted your mouth to leave his cock.
His vision went white as he came and shot his load down your throat, just like he wanted to.
You removed your mouth from his dick and wiped your mouth as you sat on your heels. You bounced your tits in front of his knees as you swallowed his seed. 
He tucked himself back into his shorts as you kept swallowing.
He couldn’t wait any longer, it was now his turn to make you feel good.
He snaked his metal arm down your back and slowly removed your grey tank top. That lustful look took over his eyes again as he saw that you were wearing nothing under this tank top.
A warmth pooled in your stomach and your folds grew wetter as he beckoned you up to his lap again and you straddled his lap.
He firmly squeezed your butt in his hands. Him doing this, made you moan in his ear and his cock quickly became hard once again. You shuddered as you felt his cock press up against your entrance.
He began to hungrily kiss your lips as you attempted to fish his cock out of his shorts yet again. He stopped kissing you and made a ‘tsk’ noise as he swatted your hand away.
“Not yet, doll. Be patient.” he whispered in your ear.
These whispers caused goosebumps to appear all over your body.
You knew that Bucky liked to take his time with you and you didn’t know long you would be able to last until you were begging him to fuck you.
But you promised yourself that you’d try to be patient. After all, you always took your time with him as well.
Plus, you did want to be his good girl.
You’d do anything to make him reward you, even if that meant waiting for a little while until he was ready to fuck you.
smut marvel tag list: @dilanajx @lil-stark
permanent tag list:  @lil-stark @weenersoldierr @dilanajx
i hope you guys like this! while writing this i listened to Heaven by The Neighbourhood. and as always my inbox is open for requests. :))
Join (or leave) my tag list here!
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anchoeritic · 7 hours ago
OMG MCU SMUT IS OPEN?? ooo ok i'd love something w bucky literally just dom!bucky maybe like daddy!kink 👀
pretty little thing
pairing: dom!bucky x sub!reader
warning: (18+)smut/nsfw content, daddy kink, dry humping.
description: you get off on daddy’s lap.
a/n: bleh my first smut drabble/blurb in a while aaa
Tumblr media
“aren’t you a pretty little thing, baby?” he muttered under his breath, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.
“you really think so?” you giggled, sliding your skirt higher up, exposing the white lace that sat tightly around your lower-half. he groaned in response, running his palms up your thighs, holding onto your hips.
how did you manage to look like an angel after committing so many sinful acts? so innocent, sweet-looking. a pretty preach, full of nectar, that sweetness he had always craved, the one you always offered to him.
rocking your hips back and forth against his bulge, a moan escaped from your lips as you felt him press up against your clit; the feeling of bliss taking over your mind, making it go blank.
your eyes clenched shut, heavy breaths leaving your mouth as he continued to guide your hips in circles, stimulating you, helping you hit every spot. “d-daddy, shit, god...”
his fingers found their away into the flimsy straps of your panties, twisting and turning them as he watched you squirm right on his lap.
“shh... keep going”
“you’re doing so good for daddy.”
fuck. your hips started grinding at an even quicker pace, chasing your high. his praises did something to you, a lot of things. he smirked, feeling the fabric of his boxers go wet from your arousal.
“my favourite girl, the best, aren’t you?” he mumbled, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. you whimpered against him, the feeling of your release coming close.
“can i come, d-daddy?-”
“go ahead, pretty girl. all over my lap.”
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sebstan-simp · 7 hours ago
Guess what time it is... Slutty Sleepover Friday ;)
everything is on the table! (you must be 18+ participate!) *18+ warning* - venting - asking me questions - 18+ topics/advice - opinions about marvel/marvel cast - advice about anything else - opinions about unmarvel related things - would you rathers, this or that's, make me chose, etc. - literally anything you want!
… it’s a sleepover baby!
join the sleepover here! anon or not, you’re all welcome!
*i am not obligated to answer every single ask!* **These are how to automatically get ignored: anti-lgbtq+, racism of ANY kind, sexism, hate towards me or another creator, excessive spamming, or if you’re being an asshole ** too much of any of these on anon will result in me turning off anon**
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kayxleeee · 8 hours ago
When He’s Drunk
Warning: NONE!
A/N: Poor Bucky 🥺
Summary:IMAGINE! Includes; Bucky, Thor, Steve, Peter Q, and Loki
Word Count: 392
Tumblr media
Bucky hated parties, he hated them with a passion. Which sucked because Stark seemed to throw one every weekend. When Bucky would drink the galactic stuff Thor would bring on occasion, Bucky found himself very emotional, more than usual. At least when he was sober, he was able to functionally talk to people, he might have scared the shit out of a few, but nonetheless. When he was drunk  he’d just sit in a corner sulking without speaking a single word to anyone the whole night. You thought it was weird. One time you went over to talk to him and he started to cry… you felt bad for him, but you weren’t doing that again 
Tumblr media
Thor loved parties no matter if they where on Earth, Asgard, Knowhere, or Anywhere. No matter where in the galaxy, he enjoyed himself. What he loved the most about parties was that he could drink. Beer especially. Whenever he was drunk he’d get all giggly and everything was absolutely  hilarious to him.
Tumblr media
Sober Steve is sorta uptight, but drunk Steve Grant Rogers? Well let’s just say his back hurts every time because he is always carrying the party.  Thanks to Thor and his magically strong alcohol, Steve could finally let go and relax. Now it was extremely fun he got super drunk, because it was a very rare occasion and a very different Steve. One time you yelled “TAKE IT OFF” teasingly and he actually began to take off his clothes…  He was wild as hell.
Tumblr media
Peter Q
“I love you.” Falls from his moth about 70 times in one night if the drinks too much. And if he’s not telling you specifically that he loves you, he’s going to tell it to anyone who will listen. 
“I fricken love her man!” He would say with his arm draped around some poor random guy.
Tumblr media
Loki was/is very easily irritated when he is drunk or sober for that matter. One time he and Thor began to fight because Loki didn’t like how Thor spoke to you. He said it was “Disrespectful”, but in reality the only thing Thor said was that he didn’t understand the meaning of the movie “Home alone.”, which was one of your favorites. He stated that he’s been home alone many times and… umm well not important . Loki had zero patience for it nonetheless. 
Comments, Questions, Opinions :)
See more of what I have written so far: Masterlist
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fuckandfluff · 8 hours ago
Soooo I only have time to write one thang tonight.... please let me know in the comments what y’all would rather see:
Bodyguard Bucky & Virgin with a Praise Kink
Part 5 I’m With the Band
Tumblr media
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ohbuckie · 9 hours ago
81 & 82 w college bucky pls.... maybe throw in a spitting kink 👀 jk.... unless
81. “We’re...just friends.”
82. “Friends don’t do this kind of shit.”
wc: 430
warnings: college!bucky x fem!reader, smut, unprotected sex, spitting
He cums inside of you. His hair falls over his forehead, sweats beads on his chest, his mouth hangs open. His hips falter and he lets out a moan that only slightly resembles your name while he continues to thrust as he pumps you full of himself.
“Open.” He orders, grabbing your chin. Still recovering from your orgasm with labored breath and quiet moans, you hardly hear him. “Now!” He shouts, and shoves your head backwards against the pillow.
You stick your tongue out and watch his jaw clench before he spits into the cavernous opening, so willing and ready to accept what he’s giving you.
“Swallow it.”
You close your mouth, letting his saliva mix with yours and slip down your throat.
“Good girl.” He coos, pressing a bruising kiss to your lips. Still hard and sheathed inside of you, as if a cork to keep you from spilling, he pulls out slowly, taking your sensitivity into consideration. His seed dribbles out of you, undoubtedly staining the sheets, but you don’t care much.
As he collapses beside you he holds your face assertively in a deep and lustful kiss. His tongue pushes past your lips and swirls around your own, and you swear you can taste mint gum and cigarettes on his breath, even if he’s not touched either of those things in hours.
“Bucky.” You whisper against him, and he plants another kiss to the corner of your mouth before he pulls back.
“What are we doing here?”
He furrows his brows. “What do you mean?”
“What is this?” You point between the two of you. “I mean, it’s been almost two months and we haven’t talked about it.”
“We’re…” He ponders for a moment, before deciding only the only answer that’s incorrect, “Just friends.”
You chuckle. “Friends don’t do this kind of shit.”
“Sure they do.” He reasons.
“Your cum is dripping down my leg right now. You just spit in my mouth. You just called me a good girl. Last week, we even-”
“Okay, fine, I get it.” He holds his hands up in surrender. “Then we’re…more than that. We’re whatever you want us to be.”
“I think I want us to be dating.”
You nod and he smiles, taking your face in his hand and kissing you gently. He’s never kissed you like this before, but you could definitely get used to it.
You break the kiss suddenly, and grin against his lips. “I would love to continue this, Buck, but if we don’t get cleaned up, this’ll never come out of the sheets.”
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sebstan-simp · 9 hours ago
after this chris fic,
im gonna start writing pt. 1 of assassins 🤩
i have the first pt all outline & v excited
i’ll talk more about it tonight during slutty sleepover!
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enamour - bucky barnes
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𝔩𝔬𝔳𝔢𝔯'𝔰 𝔮𝔲𝔞𝔯𝔯𝔢𝔩 - 𝔟𝔲𝔠𝔨𝔶 𝔟𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔢𝔰
For my baby, @violet-amethyst-sky 🥺
summary: Bucky and you have an argument, resulting in the both of you going to bed angry.
warning: sad bucky, sad y/n, arguments, fluff at the end, swearing
Tumblr media
It was stupid.
A needless and unnecessary argument between the two of you. It started all because of Bucky’s protectiveness, and your stubbornness. Resulting in the both of you facing away from each other that night.
“I can’t believe you!” You seethed, leaving the meeting room. You, Bucky, Sam, and Natasha were all being briefed on an upcoming mission by Director Fury. He’d reviewed the location, the drop-in points, and exactly what to do. He was nothing if not a rigorous man.
You’d say you were the key to this being a successful mission, not to toot your own horn. Your powers extended far beyond human capabilities, and you’d been trained by Fury himself. That only stopped when you’d been shipped off to the Avengers compound to work with them.
However, Bucky royally fucked your day. Your next two weeks, even. He’d expressed his ‘deepest concerns’ for your participation on the mission. And Fury agreed. He fucking agreed, dismissing you from the mission. So now you were stuck bored for the next two weeks at the compound. Probably having to put up with Tony’s entrances into every room, being thrown about in training by Steve, and finishing your cabinet of new books.
“You could hurt yourself,” Bucky yelled back, equally as mad at you for not seeing his point of view. He hated conflict — he was exhausted with it, to be honest. But he wasn’t letting this go. You weren’t seeing how afraid he was of losing you, “I’m not letting that happen.”
“You forget the man you told to dismiss me, was the man who taught me everything I know. I’m small and stealthy, I’m probably the most vital for this mission.” You complained back at him, storming away from the conference room and back to the living quarters of the compound.
“I’m not doubting your abilities, dummy!” Bucky was getting impatient, you weren’t listening to a damn thing he was saying. “This is a group of dangerous people, Y/N. They could seriously hurt you. All it takes is for one of them to get hold of you, and..”, he paused. He couldn’t finish his sentence, he didn’t want to even speak it into your ears in case it actually happened.
“I’m not a plain, old human.” You chided, turning to face him. He stopped trailing after you, threatened by how close you were to him. Your face held all the anger and fury it could, it was new to him. You were usually sweet and tender with him, this was unlike you. It was only then he’d realised he might have done the wrong thing. Without another word, you’d left him standing in the hall, feeling his emotions colliding heavily.
The rest of that night was spent separately. You’d spent some time with Steve, watching a movie with him. It felt like a kick in the throat to Bucky, seeing his girlfriend watch a movie with his best friend. He wanted nothing more than to sit at your side, laugh with the both of you about the movie, but you wouldn’t like that. You were still hot with rage at him.
Except you weren’t. You’d cooled down a lot, after Steve spoke some reasoning to you. Bucky didn’t have many people, you and Steve being the only ones. Which meant he clung to the both of you, and his life did depend on it. He wouldn’t be able to function without the two of you. And after realising that fact, it made sense why Bucky reacted the way he did. He didn’t want to lose you.
You were in bed before him, Bucky deciding to give you space as you drifted off to sleep. But you couldn’t. Sleep felt completely out of reach for you. You’d become a light sleeper, being Bucky’s lover meant you’d wake up almost every night with his cold sweats. You didn’t mind waking up for him, fetching him water, sitting in his arms on the balcony of your shared room. Whatever calmed him down. Not only Bucky, but various missions had you waking up in the middle of the night to fight. You always had to be alert.
Bucky finally crept into the room, pulling the sheets back and getting in. His arm was instinctively moving to wrap around you, but stopped after reminding himself of today’s events. Deflated, he rolled over and sighed heavily. You were still, completely still. So he assumed you’d fallen asleep. He was none the wiser to your open eyes and heavy heart. You’d hoped he would attempt to talk to you, you hated falling asleep on an argument. He knew that. With lives like yours, you never knew when the last day was.
Thirty minutes passed, and nothing. You both laid quietly away from each other, unaware the other was awake. Bucky was usually fidgety before he slept, trying to find a comfortable position before sleeping. But tonight — he was stock-still. The moment your thoughts told you he was asleep, your tear ducts had cracked open like a dam.
He’d actually fallen asleep on an argument, you’d repeated to yourself. You tried to keep your sniffles quiet, hoping not the wake the asshole up. But he heard it all. To think he’d reduced you to tears hurt him.
He was quick to roll over, his warm arm wrapping your body closer with his. You relaxed into his touch, no longer crying over the possibility of him actually forgetting your worst fear.
“I won’t ever fall asleep when you’re mad at me. I won’t forget that, doll.” He murmured to you, kissing your tears from your cheeks. “I’m so sorry for getting you kicked off the mission, I’m just so scared to lose you. You and Steve are the only ones I have.”
You were facing him, his pale, blue eyes staring down at your own. The light from the hallway outside your door dimly lit your room, giving enough to see each other’s face. Bucky continued to press kisses to your cheeks, forehead, and nose. He kissed your troubles away, like you did his.
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