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#avengers smut
ccreia · 7 minutes ago
Tell Me You Love Me
Pairings: Scarlett Johansson x Female Reader
Prompt: "Tell me you love me"
A/N: I am so inactive but I'm just so busy forgive me! Anyways, here's proof that im still alive :)
Tumblr media
“Tell me you love me…”
It was what you’d tell your girlfriend—usually with a gummy smile and a giddy voice, you’d whisper those five words in her ear. There was not a day that you’d miss saying that to her, and it had just become a routine for you both.
Those moments came to you vividly. Ones where you’d find yourself cuddling in bed, or dancing in the kitchen. Your heart would be pounding inside your chest as she gives out her answer, only for you to give her another question asking if she’d meant it.
She’d say yes, immediately filling your stomach with butterflies. Her eyes staring at yours—always full of love, and sincerity—but now, it’s just full of desperation.
“Please… tell me you love me, Y/N…”
Quite an irony, that is she who asked you the question today. You both staring at each other’s eyes from a long distance. Your heart today, unlike any other, wasn’t pounding. You could barely feel it beating inside your chest. There were no butterflies, it was empty. You didn’t have a smile, nor did she. Rather, both of you shared flowing tears.
You wondered—if you told her the truth, would she believe you? Especially, after seeing you with a man whose arm held you close by your waist, his coat hanging just by your shoulders. Would she believe me?—you questioned yourself.
You could hear a part of you praying, begging that she’d believe you, that when you say yes, she’d take you back, caress you in her arms, and never let you go.
But she won’t. She wouldn’t believe you.
“I don’t love you anymore, Scarlett.”
You no longer feel your heartbeat, but you knew how lifeless it must have been beating inside your chest. You can feel yourself slowly falling into a numb feeling, now unable to tell if it was heartbreak or guilt you feel deep pain in your heart for.
“Do you mean it?”
You can clearly hear the lump in her throat limiting her from talking, her voice sitting slightly above a whisper. The cold breeze blew some strands of your hair onto your face, and you couldn’t help but wish to just have her hands caress your face, as she tucks a few strands of your hair behind your ear. You wanted to kneel down, to pray, to beg—you wanted her. You wanted her to kiss you, to hug you, to take care of you. You wanted her.
“I do.”
But there’s nothing you could do—you thought.
If you hadn’t turned away at that very moment, Scarlett knew that she would’ve came running back to you, regardless of the man who stood with you, but you left. And as she watches your figure slowly disappearing from the distance, the desperation she felt was washed away by now a feeling of hopelessness. The only thing she needed you to do was say yes…
No. The only thing she needed you to do was stay. That was enough for her to get you back, to pull you into a deep kiss, and return to the life she once had with you.
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frostedfaves · 6 hours ago
mommy!wanda feeding reader with her mommy milkers, for all us wanda thots please :)
A/N: this is softer than I meant it to be, I fear......
warnings: 18+ ONLY, thigh riding, mommy kink, lactation kink aka mommy milkers for the wanda thots :)
Of course Wanda caught you lingering in the hallway outside of your bedroom, despite how sneaky you thought you were
“Hi, Mommy.”
You eventually come into the room and sit on the edge of the bed, causing Wanda to tilt her head curiously as she watches you from her position against the pillows
“You want something.”
It’s not a question, and you’re not surprised that she can hear your screaming thoughts
“Come here.”
You don’t waste any time scrambling to sit next to her as she extends her arm out to you, using her free one to open her robe and pull one of her breasts over the top of her thin tank
“Don’t be shy now, love.”
You inch closer and latch onto her nipple with her guidance, nervously glancing up at her until you feel a sudden stream of milk hitting your tongue
“That’s it, such a good girl for me.”
She pulls one of your legs between hers and adjusts until you’re straddling her thigh, and you moan against her skin when she pushes your hips down in the same moment she raises her thigh
“No no, you’re okay,” she assures you calmly, moving to hold your head in place with one hand while continuing to guide your hips with the other. “You can take Mommy like this, I know you can.”
She alternates between observing your now desperate grinding and urgent suckling, unable to choose which sight she enjoys more in this moment
“Does my baby want to cum like this?” 
You nod your head quickly
“Okay, my love. Don’t let go or I’ll stop.”
She arches into you when you suck particularly hard on her sensitive nipple, whining and moaning around it as your orgasm hits you
“Thank you, Mommy,” you tell her with a shy smile once you finally pull away, and she chuckles while raising her hands to pet your cheeks, catching a drop of milk on your lips with her thumb
“Only the best for my princess.”
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ameliora-j · 19 hours ago
what a lie // ts x reader
words: 1.5k
warnings: angst, smut, mcd, blood, mention of injury, nipple play, pull out method (pls don’t use this irl), pregnancy mention
a/n: this is only half proofread but as always, lmk if i missed any warnings pls. italics is a flashback :)
“you’ll be okay, little dove,” thor whispered as he set a comforting hand on your shoulder.
“we’ll all be okay, y/n,” steve added, accompanied by a hiccup and a small sniffle from his spot next to you. you could no longer contain the loud sob that raked your body as you set down the flower reef that held your fiance’s arc reactor in the center and read: proof that tony stark has a heart.
the blonde super soldier pulled you into his chest and allowed you to harshly sob into his suit coat. tony was your forever. and he just got ripped away from you.
you walked into the grandiose building called “stark industries” one--very sunny--monday morning. you went to the desk and were greeted with a very pretty blonde woman. “can i help you?” she asked you.
“yeah i um... have a meeting with tony stark. he... he told me to come and meet him here,” you stuttered shyly. 
“ah, you must be y/n,” you nodded and she offered you a smile, leading you into tony’s office. that day, he hired you as his personal assistant. however, at the time, you had no idea what was to come of that one fateful day.
in the coming weeks as tony’s assistant, you picked up his coffee, and scheduled his press conferences, and answered e-mails, and scheduled his meetings, and answered the phone. in that time, you had also become closer to the man you called your boss. you might even go as far as to call the two of you friends.
tony was really funny. whether it was intentionally or not. he told a lot of jokes, and he was nothing like the media painted him out to be. he was nice and caring. he was also very attentive. he stopped turning the ac so high when he noticed that you would always bring a jacket into the office, and he kept little candies laying around for your sweet tooth, and he always had your favorite pack of pens delivered weekly because you were always losing your’s and stealing his. he even let you sign all of his important documents with your pretty, purple glittery pens because he knew you liked them the best. 
not to mention, tony bought you a whole set of y/f/c office supplies for your desk after you called his decoration “bland and boring.” everyday working for mr. stark was a brand new adventure and you absolutely couldn’t wait to see what the future held for you at stark industries.
you learned a lot about tony while you were working. you were the first person that he revealed his identity as iron man to. you, of course, freaked out, lecturing him on safety and being careful while fighting literal aliens, all while he chuckles and assured you that he was fine. one night--or early morning is a better term for it--there was a knock on your window. when you checked your bedside clock, the numbers “2:23″ flashed across it in bright red. when you looked over to the window, you noticed tony in the iron man suit, floating outside of your window.
“what the hell stark?! it’s half past two in the morning!” you complained as you opened the window and allowed him in. he grumbled loudly as he took off the suit and stumbled his way into your bathroom. he ignored you as you flung a million and two questions in his direction. untill finally, you noticed the blood running down the left side of his face. “what the hell!” you exclaimed before leading him to sit down on your toilet seat. you took the small first aid kit from underneath your bathroom sink and began to clean him up while simultaneously muttering what an idiot he was and how he could have been killed.
once you were all finished, you looked down at him. you had seen tony monday through friday for ten hours a day and sometimes on weekends if he had a press conference on a saturday or needed you to come in quickly and do something on a sunday, but this was the first time that you had truly noticed him. cuts and scrapes and bruises over his face, his hair sweaty and some falling into his eyes. those eyes... pretty, brown, and tired. the way that his facial hair had begun to grow on his jaw as a result of not shaving that morning. tony stark was gorgeous... ethereal even. you knew your boss was an attractive man, the media said it every day. hell, your boss said it himself every day. but now, actually looking at him, you saw it. you truly saw it, anthony howard stark was quite possibly the prettiest man you had ever laid your eyes upon. 
you and tony sat in silence. it was in that silence that you realized your current position. the only thing donning your body was a very short pair of black sleep shorts that really didn’t cover much and a black tank top with no bra. you were standing above tony, straddling his left thigh and your faces were mere centimeters apart. the silence was long and loud as you stared, unblinking, into each other’s eyes. it was a hairs breath of a second when tony’s eyes flicked from your’s to your lips, and then back up before he was hungrily pressing his lips to your’s.
the kiss was nothing but the clashing of teeth and tongues. it had you moaning into his mouth as he stood and quickly pushed you against your bathroom counter. he wasted no time as he quickly rid the both of you of your clothes. “you have protection?” he asked from his place, sucking dark hickies into every inch of your neck.
“just pull out, please i want it,” you whimpered as you tugged on his chocolate locks. your whimpers and begs were all the encouragement the man needed as he pushed his cock into you, making you release a loud moan.
the way tony fucked you was a stark (no pun intended) contrast to the way he kissed you. his thrusts were slow and deliberate, hitting spots you never even knew existed, while his kisses were rough and hungry. “feel so good wrapped around me, princess. fuck,” tony moaned into your mouth.
“fuck, tony please. more. give me more,” you whined, causing him to chuckle as his lips traveled down, sucking your nipple into his mouth as his hand came up and twisted and tugged the other one. “feels so good. ‘s so big,” you whimpered as he fucked his cock into you even harder. he moaned at your praise as his teeth scraped across your sensitive nipple before he pulled off of it with a small ‘pop’ and began giving the same attention to the other one.
“always knew your little pussy was made for my cock, princess. knew it from the day you stepped into my office. looking all innocent, just begging me to bend you over my desk and make you mine,” you moaned loudly at this, causing him to smirk. “that what you want? come on, use your words, princess.”
“wanna be your’s. make me your’s tony please. want you to corrupt me. ruin me for anyone else’s cock.” you whined out pathetically as the head of his cock abused your gspot.
“who’s pussy is this?” he asked as he began to rub harsh circles onto your swollen clit.
“your’s. your’s ‘s your’s please let me cum,” you whimpered as you arched into him. 
“cum on my cock princess, go ahead,” that’s all it took for you to cum with a loud shriek of his name. he continued his assault on your clit to fuck you through your orgasm as he pulled out and used his free hand to stroke his cock untill he came with a groan of your name, all over your stomach.
that night, after tony took care of you and made sure you peed and were cleaned up, as he pulled you into his chest, you whispered, “can i really be your’s?” 
“you can be mine forever if you want princess.” you fell asleep with a wide smile on your face.
you stayed at the lake after all the avengers had left. you sat against the tree with your left hand on your stomach, staring down at the large ring that tony presented you with just days before going to fight on titan. the one that was supposed to symbolize forever. the one that made tony stark your official future husband. 
“i’m pregnant tony...” you whispered as the tears collected on your waterline. “you promised forever. you promised that everything was going to be okay five years ago,” you took a deep breath as you rubbed the small, three month bump that was forming. “what a lie that was.”
how the hell were you going to raise a baby by yourself. how were you supposed to go on without your other half? how were you supposed to heal your heart? your baby would never know how amazing their father was. and your husband would never know how amazing his baby was. it still didn’t feel real. it never would feel real.
but you would figure it out. after all... you were a stark now. and stark’s are nothing if not strong-willed.
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littlebird616 · 21 hours ago
PART 46: Original part before tiktok took it down <3
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professorrw · 22 hours ago
Jealous Wanda
Pairing: female reader x Wanda Maximoff
Requested: Yes
Warnings: smut, 18+, fluff, fingering, strap-on, some jealous Wanda, top!Wanda, some praising
A/N: Requests are open for one-shots, headcanons, imagines, and drabbles for My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, and Marvel! My taglist is open so if you’d like to be on that just tell me! Please like, comment, and reblog!
Tumblr media
Wanda wasn’t normally a jealous girlfriend but since you started getting more and more involved with the team you were always talking to Natasha. Natasha was gorgeous and a total badass and Wanda didn’t think she could compete with that.
After a long day with the Avengers you went to your apartment, looking forward to seeing your girlfriend. You took off your shoes and tossed your jacket on the back of the couch. You were putting away your keys when Wanda stalked up behind you and wrapped her arms around your waist.
“Hey baby. What’ve you been up to?” You turned around and hugged Wanda back.
She sighed, “Nothing. Just waiting for you.” Wanda’s voice had an unnatural sadness to it that you couldn’t miss.
“What’s wrong?” You lifted her face so she was looking at you. Your concerned eyes stared into her sad ones. Wanda bit her lip and curled her toes in her socks.
“I missed you, that's all.” She gave you a meek smile and got on the tips of her toes to kiss you. You kissed her back when she pulled away you didn’t let her go. She always missed you when you were working but this time it was different. Something else was bothering her.
“Are you sure?” you asked. “You know you can tell me anything right?”
“I know… actually… Do you like other girls?”
Your eyes widened and you shook your head. “None other than you. Why?”
“You talk to Natasha a lot and I thought that maybe you like her.”
You let out a little breath. “Nat and I are just friends. Besides, I’m pretty sure she has a thing for Banner.”
You kissed the top of your girlfriend’s head and she giggled a bit. “I only have eyes for you. I love you.” You caressed Wanda’s cheek and gave her many more kisses to the top of her head.
“I love you too.” Wanda starts kissing your lips again but this time more fervently. Her arms wrap around your neck and she’s pulling you into her.
“Mmm baby…” Your hands hold onto her waist as she slips her tongue into your mouth.
“Let me show you how much I love you,” Wanda whispers against your mouth. She reattaches her mouth to yours and guides you to your bedroom. Your knees hit the bottom of the bed and she pushes you down onto it.
She digs through her drawers as you undress, ready for what’s to come. You’re tired and worn out and your girlfriend taking care of you is just what you need at the moment.
Wanda pulls out a strap on and lube and turns around with a smile. She’s nearly salivating when she sees you laid back on the pillows completely nude. She wants to take your nipples in her mouth and suck them, curl her dainty fingers inside of your hot core, and make you moan her name into oblivion.
She pulls her clothes off in a second, leaving herself in just her underwear. You swoon at your girlfriend’s gorgeous body and sheer eagerness that’s evident in her moves. Her eyes don’t leave yours as she puts on the harness.
Like a lioness she climbs onto the bed. She leans over you and starts to kiss you, keeping your attention on her mouth as she sneaks a hand to your pussy. You gasp when you feel a finger at your entrance. Wanda smiles against your lips as she pushes it in.
Her other hand is on your breasts, taking them each between her fingers and pinching your sensitive buds. You're raking through her hair as her lips trail further down to your throat. In just a few moments she’s pushing in another finger and scissoring them inside you to stretch your walls. You weren’t paying attention to the size of dildo she had but it was huge and that meant she would have to stretch you to max capacity.
She keeps on going with her fingers, adding more until she’s ready to have her whole fist inside you. Your brows are creased and she’s doing everything she can to take your mind off the hand that was about to go inside you.
She’s suckling at your boobs and biting them lightly as you moan her name. At this point you knew what she was trying to do.
“I’m ready,” you pant.
Wanda goes with the signal and pushes, your heat enveloping all her fingers all the way to the knuckle before her entire fist was inside you. You're letting out short pants and moans from the stretch.
Wanda takes control of your mouth again as she starts moving her fist back and forth slowly. Small tears are pricking at the edge of your eyes and she’s doing her best to make the pain minimal. After pushing in and out a few times she takes her fist out. Your chest is heaving at the release of pressure against your walls.
Wanda gives you a tender kiss before she squirts lube onto the enormous dildo attached to her harness. 
Your hands are on the knees of your open legs, gripping them for support as the dildo entered you. It slipped in well enough, but then she pushed more than just the tip in and your walls were stretched further than before. The artificial veins on it were prominent and you could feel them inside you and coming past your entrance. 
Wanda laid her hands on top of yours as she rocked into you. She had gotten the groove and rhythm of her thrusts down and she was relishing over your expression. Your head was tilted back, mouth open as you moaned and eyes shut. If she wasn’t holding onto you for support she would be caressing and kissing your face.
She could tell you were edging towards your orgasm. She was coaxing you to it, talking lowly and praising you while she continued to thrust, but harder than before.
“Come on baby. I know. I know you’re almost there. You’re taking it so well. You look gorgeous. Yeah- Yeah cum for me. That’s it.” She smiled as you covered her dildo in your cum. She took it out of you and made sure your eyes were open as she unstrapped the harness and licked and sucked the cum-covered dick.
She licked it clean and when she was done her mouth made a satisfying pop. 
“You taste so good baby.”
Taglist: @bellamy1998​
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vancityfire13 · 23 hours ago
The 9 Things I Love About You
Elizabeth Olsen x Reader
Word Count: 5K
A/N: This is a kind of fluff/smut hybrid. But definitely enough smut to be for adults only. 
Reader goes to the Allure interview with Lizzie, watched her try 9 new things and remembers the 9 things they’ve already tried together.
Tagging: @natasha-danvers​ and @reminiscingtonight​
Tumblr media
Lizzie had never invited you to one of these before. But, then again, you’d never invited yourself to her hotel room like this before. You’d knocked on her door, still a little out of breath from the hurry you’d been in since the airplane. Her smile couldn’t have been wider when she’d opened the door expecting room service and found you instead.
You hadn’t slept much, neither of you caring much about the early start the next day until it was already upon you.
You’d lazed in bed, not feeling that guilty as she’d hurried to change into the outfit sent over by Allure. Only when she’d shrugged on the blazer, completing the look, had you sat up automatically against the pillows. She’d turned around for you to see the full effect of it and you’d hummed lowly your appreciation, wishing more than anything that she wasn’t in such a rush.
Lizzie didn’t miss the look in your eyes, not that you were hiding it. She’d tilted her head with the unspoken suggestion. Before you knew it, you were walking together into the studio, hand resting under her blazer, brushing discretely along the small of her back.
You stood just behind the camera as the interview preparation began, enjoying the intimacy of catching her eye. Lizzie couldn’t acknowledge you, but you enjoyed seeing how hard it was for her to forget you when you were so close to her line of vision. 
They wanted Lizzie to try 9 new things. Though the list was approved in advance, there was still a nervous anticipation to Lizzie’s stance. As if she was braced for something, but she wasn't sure what. Her eyes flickered back to you every few seconds and you tried to smile reassuringly, not certain if you were a comfort or the cause of her nerves.
In the half second before they called action, you noticed Lizzie’s small smile in return.
They started with a blind taste test of various spices. Her competitive edge was there from the start. The first time she swore, you felt a shiver up your spine. Like Lizzie had felt it too, she glanced over at you. Her eyes moved back quickly to the spice jars in front of her, but her distractedness told you she’d also flashed back briefly to last night.
Her guesses got wilder.
‘Goddamn it.’ Lizzie exclaimed when the paprika was revealed. She tossed the cap across the table and you tensed at the new rush of sudden memory. 
You thought instinctively of the night you’d met, at a mutual friend’s party. You’d fallen into each other's company right from the start.
There was drinking and laughing. There was making out in the corner of the room, giggling like kids when you were caught together. 
There was the wobble of her lip when she’d found you trying to cut up a lime in the kitchen.
‘You’re too drunk for that.’ She’d told you seriously as she’d stumbled over, taking the knife from your hands.
‘I want shots.’ You’d whined, feeling emotional yourself. ‘And I want to keep having fun with you.’
Lizzie had smirked, resting the knife clumsily on the counter. 
‘We can do both.’
Even at the loud party, there was an odd kind of quiet when everyone’s eyes followed the pair of you, hand in hand, as you walked to the centre of the room. When Lizzie knocked the red solo cups from the dining table, someone had cheered from across the room. You hopped up onto it, exchanging silly smiles at your great idea, your legs swung happily over the side of the table.
Another friend grabbed Lizzie’s shoulder. She shrugged them off immediately.
‘’S fine.’ She’d slurred. ‘Just having a drink.’ 
Then, you’d removed your top and rested back on your elbows, bra exposed.
‘Jesus Christ.’ Someone had muttered when Lizzie moved between your legs.
You didn’t know if it was in awe or reprimand. Either way, it only spurred you both on.
Lizzie’s thumbs pressed clumsily over your lips as she placed the lime slice in your mouth. You winked and she grinned.
You hadn’t been expecting her to the lick your stomach before sprinkling the salt. You had to fight not to bite down on the lime slice as her tongue wandered across your exposed torso.
Your hands clenched and your stomach tensed with the slight tickling sensation.
Lizzie laughed, finally sprinkling on the salt. Her hand tipped too far, and the salt sticking to your stomach was comical
You’d both caught the giggles again.
Then, Lizzie had licked the salt from below your navel right up to the dip between your breasts. You’d nearly gone cross eyed, trying not to look away at her approach.
She’d stopped there, swallowing awkwardly at the taste of too much salt all at once. 
She’d lapped the last grains from the base of your neck before grabbing the shot glass and downing the tequila quickly.
‘Goddamnit it’ She’d exclaimed at the rush of the shot’s flavour. She’d lurched forward inelegantly in her effort to bite the lime slice still held between your teeth. She’d ended up falling into you instead.
She’d been pressed flush against you for a long moment. You’d forgotten everyone staring. 
Balancing on one elbow, you’d removed the lime rind from your mouth. Lizzie’s eyes had locked on your mouth as you’d licked away the taste of lime juice.
Now she was pushing into you on purpose, face moving close to yours.
You heard the roll of the shot glass on the wooden table as Lizzie threw it to the side. She crawled half onto the table.
She tasted like tequila, you tasted like lime. Together, you worked.
‘That’s the cumin.’ Lizzie told the camera with a wry smile. Her eyes slid to the side, taking in your expression. Maybe she saw you swallow, maybe she just saw your blown pupils. She smirked.
You slipped away from the rest of the crew. You needed fresh air, or at least a moment where you weren’t staring at someone whose touch you craved like you did hers. You snuck out the side door, leaning your head back immediately against the brick wall and enjoying the cool sun of the morning on your face. 
Your phone buzzed in your pocket. Lizzie. She’d been saved in your contacts for more than a year now, and still, excitement flooded you when you saw the caller ID.
‘Hello.’ You answered, moving to reopen the side door to the building.
‘Hi. They’re making me prank call you on helium.’ The strange, high voice was still unmistakably hers.
‘Oh.’ You replied, slowing your footsteps.
‘This is so weird.’ Lizzie laughed down the phone. You hummed, not knowing what to say, painfully conscious of the film crew listening in.
‘Okay, I love you.’ Her voice had turned tender, though still a little squeaky, before she hung up.
You hung back for a moment in the darkened backstage room. It was filled with the indistinguishable shadows of large set equipment. The bright light of your screen lit up your face as you scrolled through your camera roll to the only folder that was passcode protected.
Lizzie had first told you that she loved you on Valentine’s Day. Well, technically, she’d texted you. There had been three thousand miles between you at the time; Lizzie had been shooting in England.
The text had come through to you at 2am because of the time difference, along with your morning surprise.
Clearly she hadn’t been anticipating you still being awake, lying in your bed and missing her.
In the first photo she’d sent, she’d been topless, the angle taken from directly below her breasts.
You’d started to touch yourself instinctively at the memory of that position, of that view. Her breasts filled the screen but it was also the curve of her waist that was so familiarly Lizzie.
Another photo had come through then. Lizzie on all fours, leaning towards the camera. She was wearing smoky eyeliner and nothing else. You’d kept touching yourself, the image making you even wetter. Then you realised, the photo was a live one, playing the same few seconds on a loop. 
You watched Lizzie begin to crawl towards you on the bed spread over and over again. 
You’d called her then, wanting her to know what she’d done to you. You’d heard the surprise in her voice as she answered. 
‘I love you too.’ You told her.
‘Oh, so you tell me you love me when you’re touching yourself?’ Lizzie had smiled down the phone, voice quiet but you still heard her anticipation. She’d been excited to send them, she wanted your reaction.
‘I’m only touching myself because you told me first.’ You countered, wishing your fingers were hers.
‘Well, now you can have me, whenever you want.’ Her familiar voice had hummed out of your phone and made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
‘Just keep me safe.’ She’d requested, though you heard the underscore of her demand.
‘Always.’ You’d promised easily, more than happy to keep those photos for your eyes only.
You shut the folder on your phone, trying to ignore your own unbidden arousal as you moved back into the main studio. 
Lizzie was right. You did have her whenever you wanted. Your eyes wandered to her, standing under the bright lights. Whenever you wanted. You groaned under your breath.
Except for right now.
As you drew closer to your original position, you paused briefly at the sound Lizzie was making.
‘I’m going to try ASMR.’ Lizzie spoke quietly into the microphone, the hum of her voice intensely familiar to you. Your stomach dropped at just the sound of her as you took your place silently beside the camera man.
You folded your arms, trying to look nonchalant as Lizzie’s voice dipped in that certain way which had made you come many times before.
You’d anticipated the long distance difficulties of being with Lizzie, you’d understood the film industry enough to expect that. You loved her and you missed her. You knew she felt the same. It was hard, but you worked too well together to think about anyone else.
Nights like tonight stung though. Lizzie was in town, but the media circus around the next film was too hot. Instead of seeing you, she was spending the evening with some big exec whose name you’d already forgotten, and a few other members of the cast. 
She wouldn’t have time to see you tonight.
You felt a little tragic as you lay alone in your bed. You hated knowing that the one person you wanted in it with you was out somewhere nearby enjoying her evening. You swallowed the feeling, it tasted too much like jealousy. You tried to sleep, turning over your pillow like it was the problem.
Your phone rang, it was her. For the first time, you briefly thought about not picking up. On the last ring you answered.
‘Hello?’ You said, voice scratchy from the sleep you’d been falling in and out of.
‘I want you.’ Lizzie’s voice carried over the muffled sounds of a busy restaurant kitchen.
‘Where are you?’ You asked, waking up entirely at her words, propping yourself up in the bed.
‘At some restaurant. I want to be with you.’ Lizzie’s annoyance made her voice sound stronger.
‘Whenever and wherever you want me, honey, you know that.’ You bathed delightedly in her obvious want for you.
‘Now and here.’ Lizzie demanded, the line crackling slightly as she moved away to a quieter spot.
‘I wish.’ You mumbled, feeling further away from her than ever.
‘Yeah?’ Lizzie sounded a little breathless. ‘Can I tell you what I wish for?’
‘Of course.’ You answered hoarsely, your grip tightening on your phone in anticipation.
‘I wish for your lips on mine and your tongue in my mouth.’ Lizzie said bluntly.
‘I wish for your fingers tugging my hair when you tell me that you need me.’
‘Lizzie.’ You murmured quietly, eyes closing automatically, letting her voice fill your mind with flashbacks of times before.
‘I wish for your mouth on my nipples, and I want to hold your tits in my hands.’ Lizzie’s voice was hushed, but you heard the deep want for you coming from inside of her. There was something so determined about her in moments like this. You lost yourself in the sound of her voice in your ear.
‘I wish for your hand between my legs.’ She continued, and you could hear the click of her heels as she walked quickly now. You were silent, unable to think about anything but what her last words had been and what her next ones might be.
‘And I wish for your fingers running up my thigh, and stroking along me.’ Lizzie sounded as breathless as you felt.
‘I wish for you to fill me up and make me scream your name, like you did last time.’ Lizzie’s voice sounded plaintive now. ‘I think about it all the time.’
Her words made you hot with love and lust all at once,
‘You know I want that too.’ You hummed out after a moment, trying to remember how to speak. ‘I want you to think about me. I want you to have me.’
Your front door buzzed.
‘Then let me in.’ Lizzie told you impatiently, before hanging up.
Lizzie continued to look slightly baffled by the make up items and the noises she thought she was supposed to be making into the microphone.
One product made a squelching sound and you caught her uninhibited look of disgust. You snorted quietly, hoping the camera had caught it too.
Lizzie glanced over, her eyebrows raised imperceptibly as she realised that you had returned to the studio.
Soon, the task became a special performance just for you. It was more a comedy skit than anything else, she tapped randomly on the pieces of plastic, trying to elicit strange noises and glancing at you every few seconds.
You tried to keep your smug smile private, you liked her making noises just for you.
With her last noise into the microphone, Lizzie shot you an easy wink. You loved the second nature way she flirted with you, like every dirty joke or thought was something she only wanted to share with you.
The table in front of Lizzie was cleared quickly now, as the crew regrouped for the next new thing - flower crowns. 
A makeup team swarmed over to Lizzie ready to give quick touch ups. She smiled easily, keeping up a friendly conversation as they set to work. Despite the rush around her, Lizzie’s eyes stayed locked with yours.
The tight coiling need inside of you tempered slightly. Lizzie was so at ease now, more so than you ever expected her to be at an interview like this.
She glanced down at the table and rolled her eyes dramatically at the assortment of decorations it was laden with. 
Lizzie glanced back up at you and you caught the insecurity behind the eye roll. You knew she was conscious of how long this interview was taking. Officially, you’d only come along to go for a lunch date afterwards. 
In response, you moved forward, intercepting Lizzie as the make up team moved away from her. You only took up a second of her time.
‘If you make something pretty. I promise I’ll wear it for you’ You teased in her ear, barely above a whisper, conscious that she was wearing a microphone. Lizzie relaxed instantly at your flirting and the smile came back for you. 
Her finger trailed your forearm as you reluctantly turned and headed back to your spot behind the camera.
Her rambling monologue about flower crowns was beyond sweet. You repressed a smile when she warned the room of her poor arts and crafts skills. Despite her words, you could see her focus on the task at hand.
Lizzie glanced up at you as she worked on the flower crown. You gave a thumbs up and she looked back at her crown. Her answering laugh sounded more like a snort.
Once complete, Lizzie held the crown above her head, she tilted her neck slightly. The faux model pose was directed at you. She lifted her chin in the air and her eyes smiled at you.
You remembered that pose. 
Your last birthday had been excellent, primarily because Lizzie had been free to spend it with you. 
It had been a relaxed and blissed out kind of day that only Lizzie’s presence could ensure. She’d insisted on baking you a cake whilst you spent time on the balcony, drinking wine and chatting with mutual friends. 
As evening fell, you’d been greeted with Lizzie’s excited smile lit up by the candles. Your birthday wish had been for more days like this, with her.
An hour later, you’d found Lizzie again in the bedroom. You’d come through after saying goodbye to the last few friends who were finally leaving. 
You’d come up behind her, slipping your arms around her waist. She was wearing a bathrobe, tied loosely. You adjusted the top of it, allowing you access to her bare shoulder. You’d kissed her skin softly, letting your lips linger in that way that made her lean back into you.
‘Thank you so much for today.’ Your voice was softer than you’d ever heard it, blissed out by the perfect birthday.
‘You liked the cake, huh?’ Lizzie had asked contentedly, eyes closed at your embrace.
‘Mm-hmm.’ You’d murmured against her skin, swaying slightly with her in your arms. Lizzie had turned around then slowly. She’d pushed away from you slightly, hands against your shoulders. 
You’d released your grip in surprise as Lizzie took a step back. Only her easy smile reassured you at her unexpected movement. Lizzie’s hands went to undo the tie of her bathrobe, she untied it slowly and the pieces clicked. Now your eyes were glued to her fingers, waiting with anticipation for another birthday treat. You felt your heartbeat rapidly increase as the robe opened.
First, your eyes wandered down the plunging neckline of the short white satin slip that was all Lizzie was wearing. The silky material had a deep V neck, exposing both of her breasts at a perfect angle. 
Next your eyes landed on the large white satin bow that was woven into the lacey fabric, just above her navel.
‘Happy Birthday.’ Lizzie had smiled as the bathrobe pooled on the floor at her feet. She raised her arms and her hip jutted out slightly in a faux pose. 
Her smile was perfect and her eyes were hopeful as she watched you take her in. You moved close again, your hand trailing up her bare thigh, ready to slide under the hem of the slip. She looked angelic and sexy all at once.
A thought crossed Lizzie’s mind and her smile grew wider.
‘Oh wait.’ She informed you distractedly, moving over to the side table. ‘I brought you toys.’
Your breath caught as you realised there was nothing that angelic about her after all.
You tried to ignore the arousal that the memories elicited, shifting uncomfortably. You felt hyper aware of the crew moving around you now. You tried to avoid Lizzie’s questioning eyes, as they switched out the sets again.
You weren’t going to make it through a lunch date anymore. It was hard enough not having her right now. You checked the time on your phone impatiently.
You groaned as the crew prepped Lizzie now for playing water glasses. Obviously unsure what to make of your distraction, instead Lizzie listened to the crew's direction, with rapt attention.
The cameras began to roll and she started to touch the glasses experimentally. Now, with her attention on something other than yourself, you couldn’t look away from her. Her head tilted slightly and you watched her focus. Her middle finger ran hesitantly around the rim of the glass and she assessed the sound interestedly. Her eyebrows furrowed in thought.
You remembered that look from the night at the restaurant. 
It had been the cast dinner after another Avengers shoot. There had been plenty of wine drunk across the table and the atmosphere had already turned a little sluggish and emotional. You couldn’t focus on anything but Lizzie.
Lizzie’s attention, however, never left the older actor sitting opposite the pair of you. She nodded carefully as he explained his preparations for his last stint on broadway.
You’d noticed Lizzie’s interest and felt hopeless, resigning yourself to hearing a long discussion on a topic that you didn’t care for. Absent-mindedly, you’d picked up your wine glass, tilting it from side to side and watching the liquid slosh around at the motion.
Lizzie didn’t even spare a glance at you. 
So, the last thing you’d been expecting was to feel her fingers walking themselves over your upper thigh. 
You tried your best not to stare at your own crotch in surprise. Immediately, you adjusted yourself, attempting to discreetly spread your legs for her. 
‘Interesting.’ Lizzie murmured with another nod of her head, encouraging the actor to elaborate further.
Her middle finger slid itself right between your legs, brushing your clit purposefully through the fabric of your clothes. 
You jolted a little, trying desperately to keep yourself relatively still. Lizzie’s finger only pressed more firmly against you as she trailed it up and down your covered folds. You glanced around, checking that no one else had a view of what was happening.
The next few minutes were agonising and arousing. Lizzie drew rhythmic patterns against your covered pussy, her attention ostensibly still on the oblivious older actor.
You were soaked with want, filled with a prickly heat at the discomfort of being so turned on and so helpless to do anything about it. You squirmed in your chair.
When the actor paused in his rambling monologue, Lizzie had turned to you, her smile barely masking her mischief.
‘You’re a fan of my methods, aren’t you?’ She’d asked, tilting her head in mock inquiry. All you could do was nod, throat dry, as you desperately tried to press yourself more into her finger without making a scene.
Though you were now certain that you couldn’t sit through a lunch date after this interview, that last memory did make you inclined to a dinner date after you’d spent some time back at Lizzie’s hotel room. You practically hummed with built up anticipation for your afternoon once this interview was over.
You tried not to groan in frustration as the set was switched out again. This time, two members of the crew completely removed the table that had been standing in front of Lizzie.
Lizzie sat cross legged on the floor for the next task, trying out different flavours of jelly bean. The surrealism of this interview was not lost on you. Lizzie’s rambling monologue continued easily as she decided her thoughts on each flavour, going into unnecessarily detail for each one.
She didn't even pretend to be talking to the camera any more, her eyes glancing up at yours so often that it might as well have been a one sided conversation between you.
Your pussy ached and you fought an urge to cross your legs and relieve the tension. It was something about the way she sat looking up at you that reminded you so suddenly of her own taste test.
Lizzie had sought you out immediately upon her return from work. There was a calm efficiency to her words when informed you that she wanted to have sex, now. 
There was something so attractive in her matter of factness that all you could do was nod in agreement.
She’d led you over to the sofa and pressed down on your shoulders until you sat yourself down on it with a thump. 
Then, Lizzie had unbuckled your belt and unzipped your jeans, moving with clear purpose.
You’d felt her nails on your ass as she’d dragged your jeans and underwear off. 
You’d watched as she settled comfortably between your legs, fully clothed still. Her fingers had interlaced fondly with yours and her mouth had moved to cover your pussy. 
There’d been no wasted time as she ran her tongue along your folds, lapping slightly at the wetness that had already pooled there. Her touch was too light and you whined quietly. 
The hot huff of her breath against your pussy quietened you in anticipation.
‘Can you behave?’ She’d said with a half smile, using her forefinger to draw a line along your inner thigh 
‘I’ve been wanting to taste you all day.’ 
Her mouth had returned to tease your clit and you had closed your eyes at her hot touch. 
Lizzie shook off her blazer before beginning her attempt to juggle the mini bean bags. Her stamina was impressive as she approached the new task with good grace. Even the energy of the crew, who seemed expectant of the long shoot, had started to wane.
Lizzie ran her thumb along the line of her pants, tucking her shirt in fully. She approached the task pragmatically, her seriousness undercut by the ridiculousness of what she was trying to do. 
Her eyes tracked the bean bags as she threw them high in the air. You watched as briefly she forgot herself and her audience. Her mouth opened as she looked upward and her hips moved with each bean bag she caught. 
She laughed awkwardly to the room, obviously realising that she’d been dancing to herself. 
Her eyes stayed focused on the bean bags, and you couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed and hiding it, or truly nonchalant.
You’d never been great at guessing when Lizzie was embarrassed. 
You remembered walking into the bathroom once when Lizzie had been in the shower. You’d been on the hunt for sunscreen, not sure which cabinet it was in.
Your relationship had still been a new thing at the time. Not quite a few months yet, and with her work travel, it had felt even less than that. 
You’d entered quietly, partly hoping you might get away with sneaking in and out undetected. It had looked like an achievable mission, loud music had been playing from her iPhone where it rested at the side of the sink. 
Lizzie had been facing the back wall of the shower, completely unaware of your entry.
Your eyes wandered, taking in her long wet hair as she combed her fingers through it. You couldn’t resist gazing along the lines of her body, slowing your pace in spite of your plan. 
Lizzie’s hip moved with the beat of the music and her ass swayed in front you.
‘My God.’ You muttered, your eyes glued to her bare ass. 
Lizzie yelped, jumping in the air. She caught herself from slipping, just at the last moment. She turned around and stared at you wide eyed.
You couldn’t look away from the water droplets as they trickled down the curves of breasts.
‘Sorry.’ You muttered at her breasts, struggling to remember any other thoughts. ‘Needed sunscreen, I was going to go out.’
Lizzie coughed pointedly and your head snapped up to face hers, embarrassed. Her chin tilted slightly and her green eyes held yours. She moved back to running her fingers through her hair.
‘You’re not going out anymore, are you?’ She asked simply.
You shook your head dumbly, already kicking off your shoes and moving towards the shower.
You barely watched as Lizzie next assessed the scratch and sniff stickers, her patience holding out much longer than yours.
The scratch of her nails on the paper was enough to send more shivers down your spine. Every movement, every gesture from her was making you wet now. She held the sticker to her face and sniffed it. The most innocuous movement and you crossed your arms at the images in your mind.
You remembered her nails raking along your back as you hiked up her dress in the restaurant’s restroom.
Her open mouth kisses on your neck made you groan as you slipped your fingers into her underwear.
‘I can smell your perfume.’ Lizzie told you, though the words were half a moan as your fingers circled her clit.
‘It’s not mine.’ You corrected her, teeth grazing her bare shoulder when her nails dug into your skin even more. ‘I’m wearing yours.’
‘Good.’ Lizzie gasped, her head hitting against the mirror behind her as she arched at your touch. ‘That way you’ll always be thinking about me.’
‘I already am.’ You mumbled as you braced your arms under her thighs and sunk carefully to your knees. 
Your head slipped under her dress cocooning you in fabric. 
Your eyes landed on her white underwear directly in front of you. Now, all you could smell, all you could see and all you could taste was her. 
The last challenge was the most absurd of all.
‘I’m assuming most people haven’t tried this before.’ Lizzie joked as she spun the bright hula hoop around her waist for the first time. 
You saw the crew exchange smiles at her joke. One woman even tried to catch your eye. Her smile flattened at your tense expression. You felt relieved that she didn’t know why you were so tight with tension.
You shifted from foot to foot. This interview couldn’t be much longer. You’d soaked completely through your underwear.
Lizzie laughed as she tried one more time to spin the hula hoop.
‘This is the worst thing I’ve ever done on camera.’ She told the room, mouth still full of the goldfish crackers.
As she moved her hips, getting the hula hoop to balance, Lizzie looked over at you. You raised an eyebrow at her pointedly. 
‘The worst?’ You mouthed, tilting your head with incredulity. 
This time, you got to stand there and watch Lizzie recall the dirty memory. 
She laughed awkwardly a moment later, obviously aware of the cameras on her. 
Still, her eyes caught yours with a slightly helpless look. You’d smirked with satisfaction, knowing exactly what memories were occupying her mind now. 
You wouldn’t be the only one leaving this interview wet.
You checked the time again on your phone. At this rate, you’d be lucky if you managed to make it to the car.
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love4buckybarnes · 23 hours ago
*=smut warning
Series/Multi Stories:
Deja Vu Mini Series-COMING SOON
One-Shots: Promises
Here In Brooklyn
Best Sleep
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vegankitchenwitch · a day ago
Hey wonderful Loki fandom :) So I am planning to (co-)write a fanfic on Loki set in one of his/their upcoming "missions" with the TVA. I am eager to integrate an elaborate character study considering all this in-depth perspective we will be getting (judging from ep 1...we are in for a wild ride). One of the aspects will be romantic and/or sexual - and for that I am looking for some inspiration; I have little experience writing on such topics. Can anyone recommend some really, REALLY good fanfiction where Loki's love life has been as true to character as possible? Maybe a POV, maybe one where the reader gets to take a look at what goes on in their mind while conversing with a potential romantic/sexual interest? I would be super grateful for your help & for sure share the fic on my tumblr.
P.S. no, this love interesr canNOT be the Tesseract.
P.S.S. Yes I am aware the first P.S. will make many of you very angry 😂😘
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marvel-sluts · a day ago
Request #1 - hey please can you do numbers 5/6 with Bucky Barnes x reader and make it extremely angst :) - @bonk-3
Request #2 - Hey do you think you can do 5 and 7 from your prompt list with bucky? I've been having a rough time lately and relapsed with my self harm and I love your writing if not that's completely understandable thank you! - @but-my-tongue-is-a-wepon
5 - Finds you self harming
6 - Finds you trying to commit suicide
7 - Finds you having a panic attack
The escape you craved
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Warnings: self harm, attempted suicide, panic attacks, swearing, angst, ⚠️don't read this if it will trigger you⚠️.
Summary: Bucky finds you self harming and makes you promise to come to him whenever you feel like that again, but after a bad day you decide that you don't want to bother him.
A/N: If anyone ever needs anyone to talk to I'm here, I know what it feels like to go through self harm and suicidal thoughts, but I promise you will be glad you stayed when you get through it. Enjoy <3.
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
The first time Bucky found you self harming was a few months after the two of you had started dating. You were sat in the bathroom with a blade held to your leg and blood dripping onto the floor when he burst in, his eyes going wide as soon as he saw what you were doing.
"I'm sorry." You choked out, tears dripping down your face as you dropped the blade onto the floor.
Bucky kicked the blade away instinctively, as you started to breathe heavy. Your heart felt like it was about to beat right out of your chest and you couldn't breathe properly.
"Hey doll it's alright, I'm here, I'm not gonna leave." Bucky said, wrapping his strong arms around your small figure curled up on the floor.
"I can't breathe Buck." You sobbed, you felt your chest tighten as you gasped, trying to get air into your lungs. It felt like no matter how much air you breathed none of it was getting to your lungs.
"It's alright, calm down, I've got you. Your having a panic attack, follow my breathing and it will pass." Bucky reassured, "breathe with me okay? In." He said breathing in, you mirroring his actions. "And out. Okay one more time, in." The two of you breathed in like last time, holding your breath for a few seconds. "And out." Bucky said, as your breathing slowly started to stabilise. "Good girl, you keep breathing like that and I'm gonna clean you up okay? Then we can get to bed." Buck said before going to the cupboard and taking out the medical kit.
He started swabbing your leg carefully, pausing slightly when he saw the deep scars that littered your skin but not saying anything. Your breathing had mostly returned to normal thanks to Bucky but you were still worried about his reaction to what he had caught you doing, what if he left you?
Within a few minutes your leg was bandaged up and you were in bed but Bucky still hadn't said anything about what he caught you doing. "Please Buck, say something." You murmured as he came out of the bathroom.
"I know what your going through, when I came out of Hydra I felt like I had nothing. Half the world wanted me dead and the other half wanted me locked up. Steve helped me cope and got me out of that dark place, and when I met you, I had a feeling everything was going to be okay. You and Steve have been there for me through everything, now it's my turn to be there for you." Bucky said, turning off the light and crawling into bed beside you. "Please tell me if you ever what to hurt yourself again. I'll always be here for you. Always." He said, wrapping his arms around you securely.
"I will" you whispered back, glad that you had Bucky by your side.
After that whenever you felt the urges again you would find Bucky and curl up on the sofa with him. He never pressured you into telling him what was wrong, but would always listen to you if you needed to talk. You would often do the same for him, if he was feeling insecure about his arm or having nightmares about what occurred when the winter soldier was in charge you were always there to reassure him.
You were always scared about bothering Bucky, that he would get bored of you and leave or that he would get fed up of dealing with your problems all the time. Because of this you would sometimes not approach Bucky about what you were feeling, you knew that you were being stupid but you couldn't shake the feeling that he would get irritated of you sooner or later. Thoughts like these often resulted in you curled up on the bathroom floor trying to resist the urge to drag the blade against your skin until blood was all you could see.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
You burst into the bathroom with tears running down your face, fingers shaking as you locked the door behind you. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong today went wrong. You had to give a presentation in front of the whole team today on the new type of weapon Hydra had that would be used against them in the next mission. You had already had a bad day mentally, so when you got up there you kept stuttering over your words, nothing coming out the way you wanted it to. Because of this the new person in charge of your devision had a very stern talk with you about how high the stakes were on the next mission, like you didn't already know that. Bucky was going on that mission and you were worried sick about him.
As soon as you had finished getting told off you had ran into someone carrying a lot of very important looking papers, causing them them drop the large pile. The man that you had bumped into was obviously in a bad mood. He had got pissed off at you despite your profuse apologies and, once he had picked up their papers, had stormed off down the corridor.
This then led you to running to your room and locking yourself in the bathroom before breaking down into tears. You felt so stupid having a breakdown over such small things, but your mental state today had been awful, and Bucky had been busy all morning so you hadn't wanted to bother him.
You hated feeling this way, you hated hating yourself so much and you hated knowing that you would have to live like this for the rest of your life because it's a chemical imbalance in your brain. The only thing that was going to make you feel like everyone else was taking medication for the rest of your life to survive in a world that you don't want to be in anymore.
Your gaze landed on the razor sitting on the side of the bathtub, these last few weeks you had stopped using it for anything other than its designed purposes. But in that moment all of the progress you had made was completely lost to you.
You grabbed the razor, not caring about how much your hands were shaking or where you cut, you just needed that release. Rolling up your sleeve you pressed the blade to your skin, slicing it in one long stroke. The effect was almost immediate, blood pouring from your arm all over the floor. You had cut deeper than you planned but you didn't care, if this was the end you embraced it with open arms.
Several cuts later you were beginning to feel lightheaded, the floor was patterned with a mixture of the tears falling freely from your eyes and the bright red liquid that was pouring from your sliced up arm. In the past you had always avoided using your arm for cutting but today you didn't care, you needed the release too much.
I wonder if they will miss me. You thought as you drifted in and out of conscious but just as you closed your eyes for what you hoped was the last time
"Y/n!" You heard faintly, causing you to open your eyes again. Bucky was standing over you, tears in his eyes. "Hold on y/n, I'm calling for help." He said.
How did he get in? Oh the door is open, he must of busted the lock. You thought, the lack of blood in your system making your brain go fuzzy.
"Come on y/n, fight it. Please don't leave me, I need you. I love you." Bucky said, falling to his knees beside you. "Don't close your eyes y/n, no keep them open."
You felt yourself being laid on a stretcher, presumably to take you to the medical room, and Bucky's voice assuring you that you would be okay as you let the darkness consume you.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
The first things you hear as you slowly come back into consciousness was the faint sound of a heart moniter and soft voices around you.
"Shes going to be okay." You heard Bruce say.
You heard your boyfriend breathe a sigh of relief at the news.
"She's going to have to go to some sort of therapy though." Bruce said regretfully, knowing how much you hate that sort of thing.
"She's not going to like that." Bucky said, "she told me that she didn't want to see a therapist when she told me about her self harm."
"I know, but hopefully it will help" Bruce said, as you slowly started to open your eyes.
"I'm not going to therapy." You said stubbornly, your voice scratchy from unuse. "How long was I out?" You asked.
"A few hours." Bucky replied, taking a seat in the chair next to you and taking your hand in his.
"I'll leave you two." Bruce said as you heard the sound of the door opening and closing again.
"Why didn't you come to me?" Bucky asked, looking hurt.
"I didn't want to bother you with it, I was scared that you would get fed up of all my shit and leave me." You mumbled, looking down shamefully. "I had a bad day, mentally and physically. Everything just seemed to wrong. I have everything I could want, an amazing boyfriend and amazing friends. I don't want to seem ungrateful and kill myself when there is nothing physically wrong, but the minute things started going down hill I realised that I finally had a reason for the escape that I craved." You explained.
When you finally looked up at Bucky you saw that he had tears in his eyes, he hated the thought that someone he cared about so much had to go through thoughts like these.
"Next time you have thoughts like this, please come to me and never be scared of it, I don't know what I'd do without you." He said, tears falling down his face. "We can talk about therapy later, for now, rest. Talk to me if you need to."
"Thank you Bucky, I love you." You murmured, suddenly realising how much he cared about you.
"I love you too doll, so much. Oh and Nat and Wanda brought you flowers and food to make you feel better." Bucky chuckled, wiping his tears before pointing to the vase of flowers and endless amount of baked goods.
"Tell them I said thanks next time you see them." You said, laughing as you finally realised how many people cared about you. You had so many 'get well soon' cards from the team that you didn't know what to do with them all.
"Now go to sleep, we can talk when you wake up." Bucky said, picking up on how tired you still were.
"Can you stay with me?" You asked timidly, not wanting to be alone.
"Of course, I'll always be here." He said, crawling into bed with you and pulling you into his chest, taking comfort in the feeling of you against him. If you had died he wouldn't know know to do with himself, in that moment he made a promise to himself that he would cherish every second he got with you. Today made him realise exactly how much you meant to him, and how short life was. He wasn't letting you go for anything.
As the sound of Buckys steady heartbeat lulled you to sleep you also made a promise to yourself. To always go to him, and not suffer alone. He needed you, and you needed him, you couldn't leave him alone. Maybe there was something worth living for, him, your friends, the team. They all cared for you, you realised that now.
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maximoffismywife · a day ago
Not sure how to do these, but let’s see what happens…
Wanda would do anything in her power to protect those close to her.
She always puts the safety and needs of others before herself.
This gets her into some tight spots, but she always trusts that they will help her.
She would be a sweet and loving partner, but would also know how to take control of the situation.
If someone was struggling she could sense it and would let your mind relax.
Taking control, putting herself in charge, and making you feel like the world didn’t exist outside of that moment.
Her two sides of sweet and caring vs her controlling emotions of wanting to help and keep you safe.
Knowing when to let her walls down and let you in, but you would definitely have to work for it and earn that.
She doesn’t easily let others get in her head or see her hurt.
When you’re hurt nothing exists other than putting every one of your needs above hers.
Extremely powerful and a rough life, but knowing when to let her soft passionate side forward.
Her gentle touch and soft voice keeping you calm.
Her rushing emotions and feelings pushing her to be more aggressive and rough with you.
Never knowing what to expect from her. Will she be gentle and caring today or will she take total control and make you very aware that you are her responsibility.
Not taking any of your shit and taking every ounce of control from you.
Knowing you can do nothing about it and that in that moment you belong completely to her.
She craves protection from herself and her mind, but will always put herself on the line regardless of the cost to keep those close to her safe.
Quick to flip between happy, friendly, and carefree to aggressive, fiery, and full of will.
Letting herself be under your control, giving herself to you. Knowing she can trust you.
Never afraid to remind you that she is much stronger than you and will use that at any point to ease your mind. In any way she can imagine.
Tired of the pain and loss from childhood and through her first missions.
Loving the family she has to motivate her in her fights now.
Using the fire from her past and the safety of her family to push her to the absolute limits of her strength.
Pushing herself beyond anything you’ve seen just to be sure nobody else gets hurt around her again.
The loss and pain making her strong and rough on the outside. Putting the missions and everyone else’s safety first.
On the inside just a sweet and loving person ready to relax and be taken care of without a care in the world.
Always being sure of what is right and what she is fighting for.
Her new family and those who have proven their trust being her top priority.
Willing to hurt herself mentally and physically to protect the ones she cares about and those around her in the world.
An absolutely stunningly beautiful, sweet as can be, tough as nails, bad bitch with the strength beyond comprehension.
Wanda Maximoff…THE Scarlet Witch
Power she didn’t ask for and responsibility she never wanted, but a job and title she took upon herself to protect the good guys.
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airconditioningac · a day ago
Lunner (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Enhanced!Reader
Word Count: 1246
Warnings: Fluffyyyy, mentions/depictions of domestic abuse (not from Bucky), Reader gets hurt, protective Bucky
A/N: Yeah, yeah, you know the thing. Erm—I usually don’t really write enhanced reader, but the thought of knocking Bucky on his ass with ice is fun, so here we go. Please don’t copy my work onto this platform or other platforms.
Re-blogs, comments/critiques, and notes are GREATLY appreciated. thanks for all the support on my last fic too <3
Summary: Reader can conjure up ice, and is constantly using her talents to annoy Bucky.
Tumblr media
“What was that for?!”
“You woke me up so early.” you complained, still giggly at the fact that you’d made Bucky fall flat on his ass.
“Just because you have these powers now, doesn’t mean that you should abuse me with them.”
Your heart tugged at the word abuse. No one knew your secret, not even Bucky.
You never thought that Alex would lay hands on you, but the more often it happened, the more often you made excuses for his behaviour. You couldn’t see the trap he’d lay you into so gently that it was hard for anyone to take notice. Thinking about abusing Bucky made you want to jump out of a window. It made you want to hide your icy cold hands away from the world or shove them into a fireplace.
“Hey, I was just kidding. It’s fine. You didn’t actually hurt me.” Bucky said, misunderstanding your moment of silence, but who could blame him?
You and Bucky had grown close, something that Bucky wasn’t used to. He wasn’t sure that he even knew how to do it. He always found himself being overly possessive, slightly clingy, and extremely protective. You didn’t seem to mind.
“Are you hungry? Do you want lunch?”
“No. I-I actually have a date.”
Liar. You mentally scolded yourself. Today was too important to blow it off on lunch with Bucky. Today, you would finally tell Alex that you two were done.
All the while, Bucky wallowed in self pity at his singleness. Specifically, his singleness in regards to you.
Bucky hated Alex, plain and simple. Everyone else claimed that Alex was a “nice guy” when you invited him to meet Captain America, but Bucky’s always hated him. It started with the fact that you didn’t hold the door open for you. Then he spoke over you every time you tried to talk. And he finished the night by asking you to get him a beer, despite your deadly fear of drinking and driving, unless it was one of the enhanced, who couldn’t get drunk.
You didn’t miss the look of disgust that Bucky blew your way, but you brushed it off of your shoulder as if it was nothing.
“Erm—I’ll be back soon, though. Maybe we can have... ‘lunner?’ Together?”
“Yeah, Bucko.” he hated when you called him that.
“I hate it when you call me that.” and you knew.
“I know.”
Tumblr media
6 hours. You missed “lunner”, and Bucky was mad. You promised. This was the first time you ever broke a promise, and Bucky didn’t like the fact that it was over Alex one bit.
“Where have you been?! I’ve been waiting for you! I’m starving! Come on!”
He was starving? He’s been waiting? You couldn’t take it anymore. You simply wanted everything—even Bucky—to go away.
Bucky regretted everything.
Spiked shards of ice extended 10 feet away from you, attached to a central bead of ice, which kept you to your own.
“Hey... what’s wrong?”
But when Bucky tried to approach, the spikes got longer and longer, until he was more than 15 feet away from you.
“Y/N, please... talk to me.” he begged, setting down his phone on the table.
Talk. What was there to talk about? Were you supposed to talk about your bruised cheek? Were you supposed to talk about your broken heart?
“Don’t shut me out, Y/N. I’m sorry. I’m not mad at you.”
Sorry. Sorry was something you hadn’t heard for a long time. Maybe that was why the spikes retracted by 5 feet. Maybe that was why your tears started shedding. Maybe that was why you wanted to be held by him. The more you thought about it, the more your spikes retracted, not that you did anything to stop them.
He’d already taken you in. By the time the ice was gone, you were warm, and in his arms. God, did you hate the feeling of cold before him. Ironic, isn’t it?
“What’s wrong, Doll?” he asked, stroking your hair with his calloused palm. His metal hand contrasted that one, tugging from your waist.
When you didn’t reply, he lifted your chin to meet his eyes, but what he found was devastating.
It didn’t take him long to register what had happened—or at least portions of it. And he was ready to kill. All he saw was red, the colour of hate.
Just as Bucky was about the stomp to the door, you tucked yourself into his torso, tight enough the you almost knocked him over by squeezing around his stomach.
“He hit you.” Bucky seethed.
Still, his hands remained gentle as ever, rubbing circles on your back as you sobbed out all of your emotions.
“I wanted to tell you before, but I couldn’t, Bucky.”
“Before?” Bucky asked in disbelief. “How long has it been going on?!”
“... A year, maybe.”
Bucky physically tensed. Of course, he was still mad—furious—at Alexander, but he was even more upset with himself. With all his time spent with you, he hadn’t noticed anything off? Bucky felt like a punch to the gut had just been delivered, but it was only you, crying your eyes out.
Bucky would do anything for the woman he loved so much.
“I’ll kill him.”
Bucky ripped you arms off of his side, shoving his way to the door, but not even getting a footstep away from you.
“Bucky, wait!” you yelled, icing the floor beneath him, until he was sliding in your direction. “We-we broke up. I-I’m okay now.”
Never in his life had Bucky been so relieved. He didn’t know whether to jump for or call the police department. He was still determined to find Alex, but maybe now wasn’t the time.
“I’m sorry.” he repeated his words from earlier, giving them a different meaning. He sat on the floor, ice not allowing him to move any closer to the door.
You nodded quietly and tucked yourself back into his arms of protection. God, he was such a barrier from the world. He smelled of mint and cedar wood, something like a car freshener and expensive cologne. All you wanted to do was stay huddled in these arms forever.
“Did you get anything to eat?”
You had to stop yourself from giggling at the irony, so you shook your head against his clothed abs, frizzing up your hair.
Tumblr media
“It’s good.”
“You’re lying.”
“Well, you spent an hour trying to make those cookies, the least I can do was be nice about them.” Bucky tried to crumb off the burnt bottom of his chocolate chip and almond cookie.
“Hmph. I suck.”
“You don’t suck.” he started.
As he walked toward you, you created another ice patch under his feet, having little knowledge of the direction he’d fall in.
He ended up on top of you. His strong arms kept himself in a plank so he wouldn’t crush you with his weight, and all you could do was laugh.
“Now, what was that one for?”
“For lying to me.”
“I didn’t lie. You’re the least sucky woman I’ve ever met.”
You smiled at the childish words, remembering the first time you met Bucky.
“This sucks.”
“Oh...” you tried not to sound too disappointed.
“Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Not you! This stupid internet thing! What the hell is a ‘Vine?’”
“And the smartest, most beautiful, most deserving, most admirable person I know.” He praised looking deeply into your soul through your pupils.
The wind had been knocked out of you, and without your knowledge, you stopped breathing a long time ago.
Just as you were about to tell Bucky all the reasons you loved him, and reject his statements, strong, warm, slightly chapped lips met your’s for a gentle kiss.
“Now you know why I missed you for ‘lunner.’”
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greekgodwannabe · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky has a nightmare and unknowingly attacks you. Steve helps to calm you down and you reassure Bucky that everything will be alright.
Warnings: nightmares, ptsd, violence, swearing, fluff
Tumblr media
“Ms. y/l/n, I am detecting and increasingly rapid heart rate from Mr. Barnes,”
You shot up at Friday’s voice and looked at the clock beside your bed. It was 3:15 am. You had instructed Friday to let you know if Bucky ever had a nightmare so that you could go and help him. His room was one floor above yours, the same as Steve’s.
You put on your dressing gown, darted out from your room and ran up the stairs. You gently opened the door to Bucky’s room and looked inside. The covers were thrown away and two fists clutched the bedsheets. He was breathing hard and muttering something as moved his head from side to side.
You walked over to his side and sat down on the bed beside him. You brought your hand up to his forehead and caressed it gently like you always did.
His whimpers were no getting louder. His muttering turning into pleads. The twitching turning to thrashing.
“Stop! Please, no, stop!” He begs to nobody, his body still asleep.
You now took his head in both of your hands, trying to wake him up.
“Get off me! Get off! Stop it! PLEASE!”, he yells, his eyes still closed, his body still asleep.
“Bucky, wake up! Wake up, James, please!” you plead, shaking him slightly. “You’re okay, Buck. You’re okay, come on.”
“No! No, please!”
It’s no use. But you’ve done this before. Both you and Steve always try to comfort him but some nights were worse than others.
“James, come on, it’s me, it’s me, y/n. I’m here, Buck. You’re okay, you’re safe.” You continue, and then suddenly his eyes snap open. You sigh in relief, “Buck-“
But before you can even finish your sentence, a metal arm swings up, wrapping firmly around your throat and pinning you to the bed, his body hovering over you in seconds.
Your eyes snap wide open, adrenaline bursting through your veins.
“Bucky…!” you gasp, both hands wrapping around his metal wrist in a feeble attempt to get him off. “It’s... me!” you choke through but the man above you tightens his grip even more.
You don’t want to fight him, you really don’t. You don’t even know if you’d be any match against the Winter Soldier but you can’t fucking breathe.
You manage to throw your legs up, wrapping them around his head and flipping him over. You waste no time and run towards the door.
“Friday! Call Steve, NOW! Code red!, Call Steve, right no-”
But within seconds, he grips from behind and slams you against the wall.
You’re nothing short of petrified as you stare into the cold void of the eyes of the man you love before you. Tears run down your cheeks as you try and gasp for air. You know it’s not his fault but she doesn’t know what to do.
His eyes grow colder if that were even possible. Your throat throbs, your body aches and your vision begins to blur.
“” you manage to croak out.
Your vision darkens but you think you hear the door slamming open. The grip on your throat leaves and you sink to the floor.
* * *
You open your eyes slowly and groan as you try to get up.
“Hey, hey, lie down,” came Steve’s voice from beside you.
“Steve?” you croak out.
He gives you a small comforting smile and rests his hand on the top of your head, brushing your hair slightly.
“Where is he?”
“I think you should rest for now, y/n”
You sit up and face him, “Steve, where is he?”
He shakes his head slightly, “He’s outside but wait- are you sure you’re okay? He’s never...done this to you before?”
“It wasn’t him, Steve. I just... I was just-” you voice starts to crack. Steve wraps his hands around you, pulling you into a hug. Tears were running down your cheeks. “I know it wasn’t him but I was just so... scared.”
He hugs you even tighter, “I know sweetheart, I know-”
“No,” you say. “I wasn’t scared of anything happening to me. I was just so scared that if anything did happen to me, Bucky would wake up and realise and... I don’t... I can’t let him blame himself... it’s not his fault.”
Steve pulls away and brings his hands to your cheeks and smiles softly. “Well, nothing happened. You’re safe.” You smile back.
“He’s outside. It’s snowing,” he says.
You nod. Steve plants a kiss on your forehead and you get up and make your way to the door.
You exit the compound and look around, trying to find Bucky. You already beginning to regret not taking because of the snow but you decided not to go back. You walked around, keeping an eye out. 
You didn’t have to look for long as you found him sitting on the snow. There was a bench right behind him but he decided to sit on the cold snow. You knew that the sight let alone the sensation of anything cold like snow still bothered him but there he was, sitting on the snow like some sort of punishment.
You walk up to him and sit on the bench beside him, pulling your legs up to your chest to keep warm. No doubt Bucky knew you were there but he hadn’t turned around yet. 
You sigh, “Hey”
No response. You knew. He was just too scared to face you. You could see him playing with his fingers.
“Aren’t you at least feeling cold?”
He shakes his head. “No,” he says quietly.
You smile, “You and I both know that’s not true.”
After a pause, he slowly turns around to you. His eyes were a bit puffy and had a pained expression on his face. “I’m sorry- I don’t know what came-” 
You hold your hand up to stop him from talking and rush to his side, sitting on the snow with him. To hell with the cold. You takes his metal hand on your lap and bring your other hand up to cup his cheek, caressing it gently. He leans into your touch.
“It’s okay, Bucky. It wasn’t your fault.”
His eyes trail down to your neck where there were bruises forming. His eyes widen in shock as he brings his flesh hand gently near your neck. “Did I- did I do this to you.”
You. put your hand over his and squeeze it gently. “It wasn’t you Bucky. I’ll keep on saying this eve if you don’t believe it.”
His voice cracks. “But what if something bad happened to you? I don’t know what I’d do,” he whispers.
“Hey, listen. Look at me.” He slowly brings his eyes up to yours. You cup his cheeks with both of your hands and gaze intently at him. He looks breathless. The cold pricking both of you but neither of you didn’t seem to notice.
“You are not him,” you say seriously. “You are James Buchanan Barnes. You have always been Steve’s best friend and you will always be the love of my life. You understand?”
Bucky’s mouth hangs open in awe as he tries to say something. You lean in and kiss him and he kisses you back as if his life depended on it. Embraced in each other’s arms, shielding you both from the cold wind swirling around you. You pull away and smile. He smiles back. You brush away a tear on his cheek with your thumb. 
“You wanna stay here and condemn us both to hypothermia or you wanna come back with me?”
He laughs gently and gets up along with you. 
“Why aren’t you wearing a coat?” he asks.
You gasp at him, “Why aren’t you wearing any shoes?!”
He brushes it off and takes off his coat and wraps it around your shoulders. You stare at him.
“What?” he says, grinning.
You squint your eyes at him, “I’m not given my shoes to you.” He laughs loudly at that. More so because your feet were around half the size of his. 
“God, I love you so much, doll.”
“Flattery won’t help ya, Barnes!” You call back as you skip ahead of him and open the door to the compound to get away from the freezing cold.
You look over your shoulder and smile on seeing a wide grin plastered on his face.
“I love you too, Bucky.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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marniesea · a day ago
Writing the first kiss: OH MY GOD SO CUTE, I LOVE THIS
Realizing I have to write smut the next chapter: Oh fuck
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agentofbarnes · a day ago
hacker’s heart :
request | using a safeword
warnings | smut, use of safe word, rough sex, bruises, steve rogers has a big dick, size kink, sweet aftercare
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers was rough, there was no denying that. You liked it that way. His manhandling ways and dominance had a way of clearing your mind from everything around you.
You were smaller than him. He could easily overpower you and take care of you, he pinned you to the bed and gave you his all. Tonight was no exception.
The bruises on your hips are turning a light shade of purple, like large hand sized hickies on the fleshy skin on your hips. You liked it, you liked how he reddened your ass, how he fucked you over and over with his super strength until you were just a dumb little whore for him.
He had you riding out highs, ripping orgasm and orgasm from your tiny, withering body until you can’t handle it. Tears streaked down your face, his large hand pushing you down by the center of your shoulder blades and fucked into your weeping cunt with vicious motions.
It’s too much, it’s starting to hurt and you can’t feel your legs anymore. He’s fucking you through the seventh orgasm, his fourth one spilling inside you and continuing to fuck his cock into the tight wet hole he owned.
“Frozen!” You barely get out, clutching the sheets so hard with tears dropping down your cheeks endlessly. Steve swore he never moved so fast, pulling out of you and flipping you on your back.
“Hey, hey, hey,”Steve cooed, his hands gently holding your cum covered body. Everything is sore, you hurt and ache. You usually like it, but right now, your poor cunt is sensitive and fucked out. The bruises on your hips are nothing compared the sore feeling between your thighs.”Are you okay? Tell me what’s wrong.”
“It’s too much, it hurts, you’re too big sometimes. You — it’s just a lot, it’s overwhelming and I can’t take it so many times...”
“I’m sorry, baby, I should have know, I’m so—“
“It’s okay, Stevie,”You whispered, his hands wiping away your tears.”I promise. It’s just over stimulating, I like it most the time, but—“
“Too hard, too fast, we’ve never gone that long, I pushed you too far,”Steve replied, kissing away the tears.”Why don’t we get you in a soothing bath, I’ll rub some lotions on your ass and hips, it’ll help.” He glanced down at your hips, seeing how his hands were practically imprinted into your flesh. He winced at the sight,”Oh, princess—“
“No, I like those,”You admitted with a faint smile,”It’s my pussy that hurts, that cock of yours is too good, so deep, and as much as I love it...I’m still a lot smaller than you. My body can only take so much.”
“Let me make it up to you, it’s time for some pampering...”Steve scooped you up, setting you on the bathroom counter and drew a bath. He sprinkled it with lavender oils and that bath bomb you like so much.
Steve helped you in the warm water, admiring how it made you purr before slipping behind you. His large arms wrapped around you, hands washing away his mess and soaking you with love instead.
“I really am sorry, princess,”Steve said guilty, frowning when he kissed your shoulder.
“It’s okay, Stevie,”You assured him,”It happens, we’re okay.”
Steve nodded slowly, scrubbing a wash cloth over your body and leaving kisses all over you until the pain was long forgotten. You stayed like this until the water went cold.
Once it did, you are carried to the bedroom. He dried you off, laying you over the bed and getting out some lotions. Very gentle, he rubbed the soothing substance against your red ass.
“Is this okay?”Steve asked hesitantly.
“Yes,”You smiled against the sheet, feeling more at ease and cared for. His hands wandered up to the bruises, rubbing the silky lotion against the sensitive skin.
“Panties or no panties?”Steve asked, admiring how how pilant you were for him. You were only this quiet after sex, after he fucked the life out of you. He knew you weren’t always so chaotic, it was the nights that he realized this. Even when you are hurting, you get needy at night. You crave his touch and his arms around you.
“The soft ones,”You murmured out tiredly, watching as Steve went to the dresser drawers. He pulled out the small, blue cotton panties and pulled them over your hips. The bruises peaked out and he kissed the hurting skin very softly before grabbing a shirt of his for him to drape over your small frame. It swallowed you, making him smile before pushing his legs into his boxer and raising them over his hips.
It was then that he curled up in the bed with you, pulling you against his chest to finally ease you to sleep.”Rest now, princess. You’re gonna need it, gonna be very sore tomorrow.”
“I love you,”You murmured into his chiseled chest, clinging to him tightly.
“I love you too.”
You felt safe in his arms, his warmth overtaking you and his smell comforting. Steve Rogers was home, and you liked being home.
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agentofbarnes · a day ago
Hacker’s heart
The first: you mentioned something about ADHD previously so… maybe something like that the reader it’s getting kinda easily distracted or something like that and lately they have conversation about that the reader might have some issues with paying attention and not being distracted and actually having ADHD and the reader got a scared for a bit because she’s scared that he’s gonna leave her because “adults don’t have adhd” and it’s “sickness for kids” and she’s scared that it’s gonna annoy him and he’s gonna leave her. And more including Hero bcs emotional support 🥺🤌
The second: fluffy praising smut
The third: using a safeword (cuz I’m mentally unstable)
And have a nice day and night and dreams 💛
adhd — steve
au: hacker’s heart
first, thank you so much! i love adhd!reader and i really wanted to bring that in bc it’s something i really struggle with. im gonna twist the prompt a little cause i think reader knows she has adhd already.
second, i will get to the last two requests soon, but rn im gonna focus on the first one cause I loooove it.
warnings | mentions of mental illness, adhd, insecurity
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers was not up to date on the correct terms for illnesses that had no names when he was growing up. He could tell that you were always distracted, and you made some off-hand comments about how you could focus. Oh, and you could never sit still unless he had you fully seated in his life. It was as if your mind was running faster than your body could move and you just needed someone to understand you.
“You seem distracted,”Steve noticed everything. The nervous tick of biting your lip, how you bounced your knee when you worked, and how Hero seemed to attach himself to you on the worst days.
Today’s like today when you were hunched over your computer, but you have five different screens with five different things pulled up. Hero was sitting at your feet, head resting on your lap while you anxiously rubbed his head.
“Oh? Yeah, I ran out of my meds,”You replied nonchalantly, biting on your bottom lip as you read over your code for the tenth time cause you just couldn’t focus.
“Meds?”Steve asked curiously, tilting his head to the side. You had never mentioned taking meds before. Steve was still navigating the relationship, finding out new things for you.
“For my ADHD, I know it’s weird, and a lot people think it’s not a thing in adults, but...I’m living proof. It’s not bad, I swear, it’s not like I’m sick or anything. It’s just a disorder, it’s not like I’m a freak or anything. I can control it most of the time,”You rambled on and on, spinning in your chair back and forth while you spoke to him.
“Okay, hey, why don’t we go for a walk?”Steve suggested,”You, me, and Hero? Take a break, move around, and maybe explain to me what ADHD is?”
“Oh,”You chuckled, forgetting sometimes that he was still learning about everything. You took his hand, Hero following both of you eagerly.
Walking is good, it’s makes you feel at ease. It’s better than pacing around your room to get out your anxious energy. The outside of the compound is as beautiful as ever and it’s hard to not get distracted by the vast greenland that surrounded you.
“So, you were gonna tell me about-“
“Oh yeah, it’s an attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Basically, I get really distracted and it’s hard to stay still. I usually have meds, though I went so long without them because my parents didn’t believe it was a real thing, and they wanted me to be perfect,”You explained,”Hacking came easy, I can hyper focus on it, there’s so much going on, I feel like my mind works at that speed while the world around me goes slow than my train of thought.”
“We’ll get your meds tomorrow,”Steve told you, wrapping an arm around you while you threw a bone for Hero to fetch.
“You don’t care?”
“Why would I care, princess?”Steve asked curiously, kissing your cheek. Hero ran back towards you, almost colliding against you with force.”Easy, Hero, you’ll knock her over.”
The dog pawed at your feet and you picked up the toy to throw it once again.
“I don’t know, it’s weird, I guess? I’m spacey, I can’t stop moving, you don’t want someone with problems like me.”
Steve actually laughed at that,”Honey, I love you, you can’t scare me away for something you can help or something that doesn’t define you at all. You know what defines you?”Steve turned towards you, cupping your face.”The way you throw me through a loop, always keep me on my toes. You’re wild and I love that about you.”
“You do? You don’t think it’s annoying?”
“I think it’s adorable,”Steve whispered gently, breathing out.”You know I had a lot of health problems, right? I know what it feels like to feel like a burden, and you will never be that to me, princess. You are perfect with all your imperfections.”
You leaned up on the very tips of your toes, capturing your lips against his with a smile on your face. He grabbed you by the waist, lifting you up so you could kiss him with ease. You wrapped your legs around him with a giggle, pulling away for just a moment.
“For what it’s worth, I would have jumped your bones before the serum too,”You whispered, running your fingers down his jaw.”Like so much. We would have been—“
“Adorable, we would have been the tiniest couple and we would have been sickeningly cute,”Steve agreed, holding you tightly.”I’m serious about what I said, I want to learn about you, everything, I don’t want you to feel like you need to be insecure around me. You’re my best girl, my only girl.”
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frostedfaves · a day ago
ok ok ok so,,,,,sugar mommies!wandanat spoiling r and fucking r in the clothes they chose for r??
A/N: yes yes yes absolutely yes. 
warnings: 18+ ONLY, groping, teasing, oral, mommy kink, sugar baby!reader
“Hm....come here, detka.”
Natasha and Wanda are leaning back in armchairs just outside of the dressing area of their exceptionally massive walk in closet, and it takes all of your self control not to fall into one of their laps as you draw closer
“What do you think, Tash?”
“I like them,” you add quietly as you hold up your shirt to show off the shorts you’d just slipped on
“I don’t know...” Natasha pulls you closer by the waistband and slips her hand into your panties, holding you still by your hip as she begins massaging your clit. “I don’t think the access is easy enough.”
Of course she rubs until you’re close and then pulls away
And you’re sent to try on the next outfit
“I swear they seemed shorter in the store.”
This time you have on a skirt that just barely passes your ass and you can tell by the way Wanda’s eyeing you that she approves
But you ask anyway
“You like this one, Mommy?”
Your question prompts a chuckle to bubble up from the Sokovian’s throat as she waves you over
“Look at my princess, dressed up so pretty for me.”
Natasha clears her throat and gives Wanda a look
“Fine, our princess.”
She turns you around and you gasp when she pulls your thong to the side and dives into your pussy tongue first, balling the fabric of the skirt in her fists while she holds onto your hips
Natasha comes over and you watch through fluttering eyelids as she maneuvers around Wanda’s grip to remove your shirt
“Sorry, not enough easy access.”
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earlgreydream · a day ago
| loki x reader | smut |
loki drabbles 💚
anon requested. I just need a sucking Loki off fic
Tumblr media
“Leave us.”
Loki’s command was powerful, echoing off of golden walls. The royal court and its guards emptied the throne room at the god’s request, leaving you alone with Loki.
He gazed down at you, kneeling beneath the throne. You were curled up at his feet, leaned against his long legs. You were exalted, dripping in gold and heavenly jewels. You looked like a goddess, decorated in your god’s colors. He worshipped you like one, all of Asgard knowing your name, and knowing you were his.
“Y/N,” Loki spoke your name like a praise, his deep voice drawing out the deepest parts of you, exposing you to him by only speaking your name.
“Loki,” you answered, the only one in Asgard allowed to address him so intimately.
He stood, placing his scepter aside and towering over you. You gazed up into turquoise eyes, the god looking straight into your mind. He pried through your thoughts, seeing memories of the two of you, your most intimate sexual moments. They were always at the forefront of your mind, the god intoxicating you, leaving you always longing for him, even as you were endlessly satisfied.
“Kneel before me,” Loki commanded, his armor disappearing in a shimmer of green. He looked even more like a god then, nude before you. He had a body straight out of a Renaissance painting, all angles and muscle.
You shifted onto your knees in front of him, your hands folded on your lap as if you were praying. Loki’s slender hand came to your face, cradling your jaw gently and tracing your features with his fingertips.
“You’re heavenly.”
A smile graced your face, soaking up his praises. He spoke to you in old Norse, urging you to touch him. Despite the vulgarity of his words, his voice was beautiful, meant only for you to hear.
You reached up and carefully wrapped a hand around his cock, stroking down the length. He hardened under your touch, his impressive size making you salivate. You twisted your wrist, moving up and down. You gently squeezed, watching his dark lashes fall shut.
“Your mouth, darling,” Loki encouraged, his voice deep with lust.
He took a half step closer to you, and you parted your lips obediently. You guided his tip to your mouth, gently lapping over the smooth, red skin. You licked the precum leaking out, his heady taste filling your mouth. That alone was arousing, along with the moan that escaped him.
You gazed up at Loki as you wrapped your mouth around him, sucking on his tip and flattening your tongue along the base. His head fell back, onyx-black hair tumbling over his shoulders. You wrapped your hands around what didn’t fit in your mouth, bobbing your head until he brushed against the back of your mouth.
Loki moaned as you hollowed your cheeks and gently squeezed your hand, reveling in the pleasure you were willing to give.
When he gazed down at you, his eyes were dark, black pupils nearly eclipsing his bright irises. He looked dangerous and powerful, urging you to please him. You hummed, making him twitch in your mouth. His hands went to your hair, fingers threading through the perfectly groomed strands.
You were no longer in control, losing what little power you’d been given. Your hands dropped to your lap, and you inhaled, relaxing your jaw and opening your throat for him.
The noise of approval he made was reward enough, and you preened below the god, proud of your own ability to please him. He rolled his hips forward, beginning to fuck your throat as euphoria bloomed inside of him.
He was strong and steady, but the closer he grew to his high, the more forceful he became. Tears pooled along your lashes as he thrusted roughly into your throat, and you suppressed a gag, trying your best to help him, moaning around his cock.
“Fuck, darling,” Loki swore, the vibrations enough to send him over the edge. His thrusts stilled, and his hands held you still as he buried himself all the way inside of you. A brief shudder rolled down your spine as he throbbed, a violent orgasm crashing over the god.
Loki was coming down your throat, and you forced yourself to swallow, taking everything he gave you. Your nose brushed against his pelvic bone, your oxygen thin as he filled you, holding you down. The taste of him had your eyes rolling back in your head, and you sucked him off as he pulled out.
A beautiful, devious grin crossed his features as strings of spit connected your lips to his rosy top, the sight filthy and erotic.
He gently ran his thumb over your lips, beaming down at you. Loki brushed the tears from your face, smoothing your hair back into place.
“Have I pleased you, Loki?”
“You have pleased me expertly, take pride in your efforts.”
“Thank you,” you breathed, earning a kiss to your lips.
You took his hand, letting the god raise you to your feet. His armor returned, concealing his stunning figure. He sat on the throne, leading you onto his lap, your hand still in his.
“You’ve earned a seat on the throne.”
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jhiddles · a day ago
The Silver Shadow
Summary: The Avengers and Fury ask you about your past while Loki annoys you about yourself. When he heals you, he demands to join your escape.
Word Count: 1,727
Warnings: Language, Gore (I think), Violence, Angst
Tags: @daisy116 @shadowolf993
Other Chapters: Masterlist
A/N: I’m really sorry if the writing is a downgrade from last chapter. I started reading Twilight (yes for the first time) and my mind started imitating the writing style. I also apologize for missing last Saturday, I was at a tournament and was busy from Finals week. Hope to post consistently now that it’s summer. And I’m sorry the chapters short too.
Tumblr media
Chapter 6: Why’d You Heal Me?
Not a single member of the team ever brought up your age. It was extremely obvious to everyone that you were old. The only way that it would have been possible for you to have killed Rasputin was if you were over 100 years old. In your opinion, that should be the most burning question about you. But it was one of the only things you didn’t know about yourself.
Fury, however, was extremely interested in your age. When the Avengers had brought you back to your cell, he would call in the soldiers and bring you to another room. This one was dimly lit, damp, musty, and had rats running around. Time after time again, he would ask you that one question you couldn’t answer. Every time, you told him that you didn’t know, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
“Y/N, Remember what I told you. We get what we want,” he told you for the hundredth time after slapping you across the face. There was now a big black hand-shaped bruise on your face that would get worse every time Fury talked to you.
“I told you, Fury. I don’t know.” you felt the heat of anger traveling through your body, from the tips of your toes to your fingers that curled into fists. The only thing preventing you from giving Fury a black eye in return was the thick shackles around your wrists and ankles and the heavy shock collar around your neck.
“How don’t you know? You’re the one living in your body. Surely you must have tried to get answers.”
“I don’t know Fury. It hasn’t exactly been my priority. Most of the time, I’ve been trying to stay away from you fuckers.” After that comment, he hit you with a jolt of electricity around the neck and you passed out.
Truth be told you honestly didn’t care. You could deal with the pain. Hell, it was nothing compared to the torture of Loki bombarding you with questions in the precious time you were in your cell.
First impressions are often wrong, but you thought your impression of Loki was pretty accurate. He was annoying, for one thing. He was entitled, and arrogant, and had an unnerving fascination with you.
“When you killed, did you like it?” he asked you out of the blue. Loki had given you a rare hour of silence and you had been using it to plot out your escape. So far, you had gotten as far as how the hell you were going to get the collar off of your neck.
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean Loki? Why would I enjoy killing people?”
“I don’t know!” he replied, “I just figured that since you are so feared, you must have added some dark sadistic flair to your work.”
“The only sadist in this room is you Loki. I killed because I had to.”
“We all have to. But what emotions came out? Amusement? Relief? Every human spirit enjoys the blood and gore that comes from the death of another.”
“I-I don’t. I didn’t”
“But you did. If you truly disliked murdering so much you would have stayed at the other end of a fifty-foot pole. It is only logical.” Loki laughed as he stood and walked over to the glass wall separating your cells, “All your life, you have killed and lied for others. Governments across the world that you have never expressed a drop of empathy for. Why? With a million other possibilities in the future of a young beautiful woman, why choose such a life. One not for the faint of heart, nor pure of soul. That is why I do not believe you when you ask me why you enjoy killing. You are human. Basic. Simple. It would impossible for you to have kept your humanity.”
What does he know… I am more humane than he is… it’s fucking Loki…
“Did you enjoy it then?”
“I did.”
“Then you’re a monster.”
“So are you. And so is everyone else in this building. We are all monsters. Some of us just have a better hand on the reins.” He gave you his smirk that you were all so familiar with, and turned away to sit back down on his bed.
You stood up and started pacing around your cell. You had intended to continue planning your escape, but instead, your mind decided to wander. When you had jumped onto the train, you were doing so in search of something. That something had dominated your thoughts in the days after, but now, you no longer felt a pull. It was almost as if you had found it.
Was LOKI what you had been searching for… Fuck… Why was it him?... Out of all the people you could have had a mysterious attraction to, why did it have to be him?...
Apparently, the universe was not in your favor.
“Y/N,” Steve asked you. You were back in the Avengers interrogation room. This time, you weren’t wearing the shackles. In fact, the only thing that you were wearing that would indicate your prisoner status was the shock collar around your neck and the ugly yellow jumpsuit.
Aren’t they worried I’m going to escape?...
“No Y/N, I am not worried you are going to escape.” a female voice said behind you. Her Sokovian accent sounded so calm against your ears. She stepped out in front of you and sent red magic flowing out through her fingertips. She had reddish-brown hair and bright light eyes that gleamed in the artificially lit room. The Scarlet Witch. Did she read your mind?
Just before you were going to ask her about it, Steve’s earpiece beeped and he answered, “Yeah, go ahead and bring Loki in Buck.”
Loki, Oh no. The last thing you wanted was to be interrogated with Loki. It was bad enough he had to be your neighbor. Bad enough that it was him that had gotten you into this mess. Bad enough that he was what had drawn you to the train.
But when the door opened to bring Loki in, you were faced with a different man that had haunted you. Bucky Barnes. After that year and a half at HYDRA and Georgia… He was someone to you.
When he walked Loki in, he sat him in the chair next to you and walked over to the corner. His dark hair fell over his brooding face as his matching dark blue eyes never left yours. They were filled with sadness and regret. He looked to be in pain. Obviously, the universe didn’t treat him nicely either.
“Y/N, Loki, We’ve put this discussion off for too long. Why did you jump on the prison train Y/N?” Steve started.
“Captain, I can’t tell you.” you laughed. Loki glared at you in curiosity.
“Why not Y/N.” His voice was soft and coaxing.
“I don’t know why.” Lie, “I didn’t know Loki was on that train” not a lie, “I guess I thought that there were valuable weapons on it.” Another lie.
With the way Loki was looking at you, you thought that he was going to bore a hole through your skull. There was a burning sensation in the front of your head that seemed to come from his gaze. Is he trying to read my mind too?
You decided to think about something else to counteract Loki and Wanda’s telepathy. It didn’t work.
Y/N, It’s Wanda, I know why. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell them. It’s not your fault. I’m keeping Loki out too.
Thank you?....
“She’s telling the truth,” Wanda announced. Instantly a wave of gratitude for the witch rushed over you. That answer seemed to satisfy Captain America and he motioned to Bucky and Wanda to exit the room with him. Leaving you and Loki alone, and unshackled.
To your surprise, Loki grabbed your arm. Immediately, you flinched, expecting pain, but instead of hurting you, he waved his free hand around. Green shimmers tickled your body.
“What are you doing!” you asked.
“Y/N, relax.” he answered curtly, “I am simply helping you.”
Shockingly, he was telling the truth. When he finally stopped, you glanced at your bare arms. Where bruises, cuts, and scars once were, they were gone. Loki had healed you. Nothing made sense anymore.
“Why’d you heal me?”
“So I have something to bargain with.” he replied, “I know you’re going to break out. Or try. I want in”
“-Absolutely not. I work alone”
“Y/N, they’re listening”
“No Loki. I don’t need or want your help”
“It would be such a shame if someone were to find out then. I’m almost positive a certain man would be FURYous if you were to try to escape.”
“So what”
“In addition, you owe me something. I healed you. I will continue healing you. In exchange for freedom.”
“How do I know you won’t betray me?”
“How do I know you won’t?”
“Fine, Loki”
He stared at you and smiled. His white teeth sparkled.
“Thank you, Y/N”
“Don’t thank me. Just don’t read my mind. Ever again.”
Your brain was pounding in your skull as Steve walked you back to your cell. They were keeping Loki to talk to him more so you were alone. Perfect.
You laid down on your bed and closed your eyes and didn’t open them until you had a plan you were sure would work. With Loki helping you, escape should be easier. He could cast illusions of you and him still in your cells. The Avengers didn’t need to know you two were gone until they came to talk to you. Fuck, they never needed to know.
When Loki was returned to the prison, you talked to him. After a few hours, everything was in place for your great escape.
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