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#bucky barnes oneshot
winter-james · 44 minutes ago
Drum sticks
Summary: Sebastian shows you the things he had to learn and get for his new role.
Word count: 1.1k
Author’s note: Based on the video Sebastian posted on instagram.
Warning(s): mention of sex, sexual tension, making out
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
Sebastian had been preparing for his role as Tommy Lee for a few weeks now, growing out his hair and getting that goatee you absolutely did not like. He had another costume fitting today and you truly didn’t know what he would come home with. He had said that you would like it but you would rather see it for yourself.
You were sitting in the living room when you heard the front door opening, your heart skipping a beat in excitement. You waited for him to walk in and when he did your whole body froze on the couch. His arms had tattoos from his wrists to his shoulders. Your mouth was open in shock as he stood there.
"So what do you think?" he smirked, knowing you liked tattoos on men. You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out as he walked over to you and knelt down in front of you. "I guess you like it?" you only just noticed the tattoo on his neck peeking out from under his shirt. He saw where your eyes were stuck on. "There is more." he stood up to take off his shirt, revealing a big tattoo in his stomach, but the big surprise came when he turned around and you saw the wings on his back.
"Oh my god!" you exclaimed, hiding your mouth behind your hands. He gave you a slow spin showing off the full look. He knelt back down, placing his hands on your thighs.
"So?" you couldn't take your eyes off of his now naked torso between your knees.
"So?" you repeated in disbelief. "It's crazy!" you ran your fingers along his arms. "But I absolutely love it!" leaning forward, your faces were inches apart as you grabbed the back of his head crashing your lips together, pouring all your passion into the kiss. He looked way too good with the ink covering his body and you just wanted him to take you into the bedroom so you could show him how much you loved it, and it seemed like he had the same thing on his mind as his lips traveled down to your neck. Goosebumps rose on your skin, which didn't go unnoticed by him, liking how he made you feel he smirked into your neck. Your fingers ran through his hair and gripped it, pulling a little on the strands. He nipped at your tender skin in response, making you let out a sigh in content. His palms brushed along your thighs, stopping at the place where your torso met your legs and grasped you. You shuddered at the felling of his thumbs being so close to where you wanted them to be. You leaned back, pulling him with you. He put one knee onto the cushion of the couch between your legs for support while he didn't break his assault on your neck. You pulled his head up into another heated kiss, his soft lips driving you crazy as his hands went under the shirt you were wearing. You broke away from him, throwing your head back at his touch with a moan leaving your lips. He went back to your throat that he had full access to and your hands found the wings on his back, definitely your favorite one out of all, your nails leaving slight scratch marks in their path making him groan into your skin.
"I'll get tattoos if this is how you'll react to them every time." he mumbled, teasing clear in his voice.
"Please" you keened, not even knowing what you were asking for.
"Please what, baby?" his lips moved to kiss at the skin under your ear, your right hand going into his hair again to push him closer. "Please get tattoos? Or please fuck me on this couch?" he whispered in your ear, his voice an octave deeper. Heat spread across your middle as you whimpered.
"Yes" all you could get out was one word, him grabbing your left leg, pulling it up and bending it at your knee, making you lose all senses and only focus on his touch. "Yes. Please." words were spilling out of your mouth without you wanting them to.
He grasped your hips and forcefully moved you sideways so you were lying on your back, him on top of you, between your legs. Mouth open in a silent moan, eyes hooded in desire you looked at him as he hovered over you, heart beating rapidly. Sebastian brushed his finger along your cheek, your eyes closed at the feeling, sighing. Having him kneeling on top of you with all his tattoos was a fantasy come true. You licked your lips at the view and lifted your hips to meet his, grinding against the growing bulge in his pants. His hands caught your movement, stopping you and pushing you back down. You whined at the lack of friction against your core, becoming more and more needy as the minutes passed.
"Use your words baby. What do you want?" he dragged his hands along your torso, over your breasts and down your stomach. They stopped at your hip bones, waiting for your response.
"You. I want you" you bit your lower lip.
"I'm right here." rolling your eyes at his teasing, you grabbed his hands and pulled him down on you, his face now inches from yours.
"You know what I mean" you buckled you hips against his again, trying to get him to give you what you wanted.
"I do" he reached for your shirt and pulled it off of you, kissing down your skin until he reached your pants and god did he make you feel like you were in heaven.
The next time he said he had something to show you was a few weeks later, making you excited all over again.
"If it's anything like last time I'm in" you said to him over the phone when he called you, making him chuckle at the memory of you and the couch.
"Oh I think you will like it even more" he teased, your heart jumping in excitement at his tone.
That night when he got home you couldn't see anything different on him.
"So what changed?" your eyes ran up from his shoes across his chest to the top of his head, but nothing was out of place.
"Did I say it had anything to do with my look?" he cocked his head to the side, smiling.
"What is it then?" you stepped closer, heart beating fast. He pulled something out from his back pocket, which, you realized, were drum sticks. "You learned how to play the drums?" you looked up at him, confused.
"No" he laughed. "This is what I learned." he spun one of the sticks in between his fingers. That was the single hottest thing you've seen in a long time. Your mouth hung open in shock.
"Do it again" you said, mesmerized by how easily he used his fingers. He obliged and you almost let out a moan at how sexy it was. All the tattoos and now this was just too much.
"Holy shit" you mumbled.
"You like it then?" he smiled smugly.
"Do I look like I don't like it?" you raised your eyebrows at him. He kept spinning the wooden stick in his hands like it was no big deal. Your thoughts were going crazy, all the filthy things you wanted him to do to you running through your mind. You stepped closer to him, eyes half closed in desire, focusing on his hands. He had a simple white t-shirt on, showing off his tattoos, which made him even more attractive. You put your hands on his chest, eyes still stuck on the spinning stick. "My god, that's so hot" you couldn't control your mouth as the words tumbled out of it. He stopped, making you look up into his eyes as he grabbed your waist pulling you flush against his body.
"You want me to teach you how to do it?" he held the stick out to you. You shook your head at his suggestion.
"I have different things I want you to do" you bit your lip, circling your arms around his neck and pulling his head down to give him a desperate kiss. He immediately understood what kind of different things you were thinking of, his hands pulling you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist. He walked into the closest room, which was the kitchen, and placed you on the table, standing between your legs.
"I might be able to help with those too." he mumbled into your lips, his hands running up your back and ending up on either side of your cheeks. " I love how turned on you get by these things" he bit on you lower lip and pulled on it, earning a moan from you.
"How could I not, when you look like this?" your hands pulling on his black hair made him pull you as close as possible to his body, your breasts pressing against his chest. His lips finding your neck he bit down on your flesh, then soothed the pain with his tongue. You closed your eyes at the sensation, legs wrapping around his hips once more to brush your clothed center to his. In the past few weeks you libido was through the roof, never getting enough of Sebastian. You were always ready to go to bed with him, but lately as a result of him having the tattoos and the long hair you were ready to jump him any time he had more than a few minutes to spend with you.
You gripped the bottom of his shirt and pulled on it, signaling to him that you wanted it off. He took it off as quickly as he could, dropping it on the ground. You bit your lip as your eyes ran over his chest.
"You like what you see?" he teased you, knowing full well that you wanted to jump his bones. He loved the effect he had on you and he liked to use it to his advantage. He never said no to you when you climbed onto his lap and started kissing him.
"You know that I do." you rolled your eyes, hands going around his neck to pull him into another passionate kiss. He grabbed the bottom of your shirt and pulled it off of you, his hands immediately exploring your naked skin only covered by your bra. You pants were the next one to go, followed by his, leaving both of you in your underwear. His hands were playing with the hem of your panties, his warm tongue running along your teeth, teasing. "Seb" you moaned as his hand brushed your clothed core, a wet patch already forming on it from your lust. His mouth found your neck again kissing down until he reached the strap of your bra, pulling it off your shoulder with his teeth.
"You want to see how good I got with my fingers?" he mumbled into your skin. Your heartbeat rapid at his word.
"Yes! Yes please." you arched your back, your head thrown back. His hands going behind you to unclasp your bra, he threw it away. His mouth kissing down as he found your nipple and pulled on it with his teeth. You whined at the sensation, pushing yourself into his mouth more. His kisses traveled down lower along your stomach, stopping at the hem of your panties and he looked up at you from behind his lashes, mouth not leaving your skin. Wetness pooled between your legs at the scene in front of you.
He gripped your ass as he stood up, your hands circling around his neck as he lifted you up from the table making you wrap your legs around him, your center meeting the bulge in his underwear, both of you moaning at the touch. You circled your hips while you left open mouthed kisses on his neck. The desire almost unbearable.
"I can feel how wet you are, baby" he groaned into your ear, his hands tightening on you.
"Then do something about it" you murmured, hips moving as much as it could in your position.
"I told you that you would like what I had learned" he smirked as he carried you up the stairs and into the bedroom to give you orgasms after orgasms. Maybe he should bring home the drum sticks more often.
Permanent taglist: @byatomoe
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Spilled Coffee
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader 
Summary: You love reminiscing about the day you met the love of your life. 
Warnings: pure fluff, slight cursing 
A/N: I thought of this idea last night and just had to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated! Thank you!!
Tumblr media
“The Course of Love, The Course of Love, The Course of.... Ah, found it!” you say, pulling the book off the shelf. 
“Perfect,” you whisper, as you stare at the book’s front cover. You’ve been dying to read this book, but since work has been so hectic recently, you haven’t gotten around to it until now. 
With the book in your hand, you turn around and start to head off towards the front register. No point in browsing, you’ll only end up buying more than you need to. 
After walking a few steps, you’re abruptly stopped by another body slamming into you. Hot liquid spills onto you, burning every part it touches. You yelp in pain and the book in your hand falls to the floor. 
“Oh my god, I am so sorry,” says the person in front of you. 
Taking a minute to register what just happened, you finally look up, only to be met by the stare of piercing, blue eyes. When you realize who’s standing in front of you, you mentally facepalm yourself. Sebastian fucking Stan just spilled his coffee on you. 
“Are you okay?” he asks, speaking again since you have yet to respond to him the first time. 
“Uh, yeah, yeah, I’m alright. A little hot,” you respond. A little hot? What the fuck are you even saying? 
“Your coffee,” you continue, as he starts to look at you with a confused expression on his face. “Your coffee was hot.” 
Realization dawns on him. “Oh my god. I didn’t even think about that. Here, let me get you some napkins.”
He is about to run off, back towards the café where he can grab napkins, when you reach out and grab his arm to stop him. 
“It’s okay,” you say. “I’ll just go to the bathroom to clean up.” 
Sebastian nods at you and then looks down at the floor, staring at the book you dropped. He picks it up. “The Course of Love? Were you about to buy this? I love this book. It’s one of my favorites.” 
“It is?” you ask surprised. “I’ve been wanting to read it. I finally have some time to. Figured I’d come pick up a copy.” 
“You’ll love it.” He looks down at the book again. “Shit, it’s stained with coffee. Let me buy you a different one. To repay you for…,” he gestures towards your clothes, “this. It’s the least I can do.”
“Oh, you don’t have to do that.” 
“I want to,” he insists. “Please.” 
You slowly nod your head. “Okay, um, let me just go get cleaned up and then I’ll meet you at the front?” 
“I’ll be waiting.” He gives you a small smirk. 
Practically swooning, you somehow manage to walk yourself over to the bathroom. 
Once inside, you grip the edge of the sink and stare at yourself. “Okay, Y/N,” you whisper. “You’ve got this. You’re going to clean up, walk out this door, and meet Sebastian at the register.”
Grabbing some paper towels out of the dispenser, you run them under the sink before wiping them onto your clothes, trying to get some of the coffee stains out. After vigorously wiping for five minutes, you decide you’ve done the best you can do and head back out to the front of the store. 
Sebastian is standing there, waiting for you. He smiles when you reappear at his side. 
“I did the best I could,” you say as you gesture towards your clothes. 
“You look great,” he replies. “Coffee stains and all.” 
Smiling back at him, you follow him as he heads towards the front doors. 
“Don’t we have to pay?” you ask, confused. 
“I paid while you were in the bathroom.” He reaches out and hands you the book. “Again, I’m really sorry about the coffee. I should’ve been paying attention.” 
“Things happen. It’s okay. I mean hey, I got a free book out of it,” you joke. 
Sebastian laughs loudly. “That you did.” He opens the door to leave, before turning around to look at you one more time. “I just realized that I never asked what your name is.” 
“Y/N,” you answer. 
“Y/N,” he repeats. “It was nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Sebastian.” 
“It was nice to meet you too, Sebastian.” 
He gives you one last smirk before leaving. 
After watching him walk away, you look down at the book and realize there’s a small piece of paper sticking out of the top. 
Curious, you pull it out and gasp when you see what is written on it. In Sebastian’s writing, it reads: “Let me know what you think of the book…”, followed by his phone number. 
When you look back up, a car is driving by. Sebastian sticks his head out of the car window and waves to you. You wave back and watch as he drives away. 
“And… that is how we met,” you say to Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans, having just explained to them the first time you and Sebastian had met. 
“I can’t believe we’ve never heard this story before. Leave it to good ol’ Sebastian to spill hot coffee on you,” says Anthony. 
“I think it’s kind of romantic,” says Chris. 
As the two of them continue to talk about it amongst themselves, you turn to look over at Sebastian, who’s standing across the set room, getting ready to film a scene for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. After sensing that someone is staring at him, he turns to lock eyes with you and smiles. You smile back and wave, before returning your attention back to Anthony and Chris. 
Four years ago, after Sebastian left his number in the book he bought for you, the both of you went on multiple dates together. At the end of the sixth date, he asked you out. You’ve been together ever since. 
Now you were with him in Georgia, as he filmed for his new show with Anthony. Chris had come down from Boston to visit, saying he wanted to witness the new Captain America in action. 
Anthony’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts. “Speaking of him, here comes lover boy now.” 
Sebastian comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. 
“Hey, beautiful.” He kisses the top of your head. “Did I miss anything?” 
“Y/N here was just telling us how you two met,” says Chris. 
“Yeah,” chimes in Anthony. “We heard you were real smooth, Seabass.” 
Sebastian blushes and looks down at the ground. Turning around, you reach out and squeeze his cheeks. 
“Hey now, nobody messes with my Seb,” you joke to Anthony and Chris. 
“Besides,” you say, smirking at Sebastian, “I think it was really cute.” 
“And, that’s all that matters,” Sebastian replies as he leans in to kiss you. 
“Whoa, cool it with the PDA,” Anthony jokes. “There are children around.” He gestures to Chris. 
Chris looks at Anthony in shock and points his fingers to his chest. “I’m the child?”
You and Sebastian sit back and watch as Anthony and Chris jokingly argue with one another. 
Sebastian wraps his arms back around you and rests his head on your shoulder. 
“I love you,” he whispers into your ear. 
“I love you too,” you whisper back.
You look down at the outfit you’re wearing and smile. After multiple attempts of cleaning, you finally managed to get the coffee stains out of your clothes. To this day you still wear the outfit, for it represents your favorite memory: the moment you met the love of your life.
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itsapeterthing · 3 hours ago
🌿 Buckyxreader where reader is on her period and has really bad cramps and Bucky takes care of her and brings like ice cream and hot water bottles etc. Idk🙈🙈
Cramps & Cuddles || Bucky Barnes
a/n: you caught me just at the right time bestie- i needed this :’)
word count: 642
warnings: period cramps and fluff
masterlist || request || taglist
Hearing rushed footsteps down the hallway, you turned your attention towards your door, not surprised when you saw a flushed Bucky on the other side.
“Are you alright?” He asked, making his way over to your bedside.
“What? Yeah. I’m fine, Buck.” You told your boyfriend, pulling the sheets tighter around you. “I just didn’t feel up to going on the mission with Nat and Steve.”
Pressing the back of his hand against your forehead, he shook his head.
“What’s wrong?” Bucky asked. “You don’t feel hot.”
You and Bucky had only been dating for a short time- less than a month. It wasn't as though you two had met and immediately begun dating- you had known him for the better part of six months and had been flirting with one another for three. In that time span though you had never brought up your period to Bucky. There wasn’t really a reason to when you were only friends and this was the first one since the two of you had started dating. As you sat there now though, your worried boyfriend by your side, you knew there wasn’t a way you were going to go on not discussing it for much longer.
“Yeah I’m uh...” You began, clearing your throat. “That’s because I’m on my period.”
His eyebrows rose. “Oh.”
Before you could say anything else, you felt another painful cramp ache throughout your abdomen, causing you to squeeze your eyes shut and groan in pain. Sinking deeper underneath the covers, you pulled them around you and laid your head on your pillow.
“What can I do to help, doll?”
“It’s fine, Buck.” You said. “You don’t need to get me anything-”
“Stop being a pain in the ass and let me help you.” He said more firmly, standing up. “I want to help you.”
Not being able to help the chuckle that escaped your lips despite the pain, you caved in.
“Can you get me my heating pad? Oh and um... ice cream.” You said staring up at your boyfriend, pouting and batting your eyes. “Pretty please?”
Shaking his head at your dramatics, he grabbed your heating pad off of your dresser, plugging it into the wall and laid it on top of the sheets over your abdomen. Making his way out of the room, he stopped short in the doorway, spinning around.
“Chocolate, right?” Bucky asked.
“You know me too well.” You smiled.
Shooting you a smile in return, he briefly left the room before returning less than a few minutes later, your carton of chocolate ice cream from the freezer and a spoon in his grasp. Pushing yourself up in your bed, you reached out and took the sweet you had been craving in your hands.
“Anything else I can get you?” Bucky asked.
Popping open the carton, and sticking the teaspoon inside, you then slipped it into your mouth, looking up at your boyfriend with puppy eyes.
“Hold me?” You asked, voice muffled by the ice cream you had just taken a bite of.
Not being able to say no to you, he toed off his shoes at the side of your bed.
Pushing yourself forward in bed, away from your pillow, you felt the bed dip beside you as Bucky crawled into it, positioning himself behind you with his legs on either side of your body.
“C’mon, doll.” He cooed. “Lay back.”
Once he was situated, you sat back, laying your back against his chest. Slipping another spoonful of ice cream into your mouth, your boyfriend tucked the sheets tighter around the both of you, grabbing the remote from your nightstand. Switching on the television, Bucky wrapped his arms around you from behind.
“Feel better?” He asked.
Leaning your head back to look up at him, you pressed a kiss to his jawline. “Much better.”
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chloecatina421 · 4 hours ago
Now Taking One Shot Prompt Requests!
Currently writing for:
Chris Evans
Chris Pine
Sebastian Stan
Henry Cavill
Tom Holland
Tom Hiddleston
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
Pete Davidson
Timothee Chalamet
Karl Urban
Leonardo Dicaprio
Daniel Sharman
Bradley James
Harry Holland
Evan Peters
Send me who you would like and a brief description of what you would like. My anons are on.
If there is anyone who is not on this list you would like to request, that is 100% ok too! I just listed some of my favorites.
Also, you don't have to follow me but if you did, that would be much appreciated and I will follow you back!
Tumblr media
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fuckandfluff · 7 hours ago
What should today’s drabble be!? Let me know in the comments 🥺💓
Rockstar!Bucky x reader (F receiving oral)
Rockstar!Bucky x reader (anal, ass worship)
Soft Rockstar!Bucky x reader (no smut.. just soft, softy, fluff. Bucky takes care of you!)
Tumblr media
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parkers-gal · 14 hours ago
hi!! can i request a story with Bucky asking the reader for cuddles for the first time 🥺
im in a moooood
Befriending the former assassin was, to put it simply, more difficult than you imagined it would be. James was reserved and quite frankly a bit hostile towards the literal sweetest girl out there. But, you were patient with him. It took time — a whole truckload of it — and healing on Bucky’s side to finally open up to the idea of a romantic relationship.
But, once that ship sailed there was no going back. It started with a few dates, which went from formal to informal to staying in and playing games instead of eating calamari in a nice Italian restaurant downtown.
Whenever you went out, Bucky always wore his gloves, and part of you didn’t like the James that everyone else had to see. Then again, you’d never really seen another part of him other than the dramatic boy that is your boyfriend.
You’re not sure if there was really, any official statement declaring the two of you as lovers; one day, he’d went from calling you “doll” to calling you “his girl” and that was the end of that.
It’s only been about a month and a half of this “official” relationship, and though you’re touch starved as hell, you’re wary about crossing boundaries. James is a sensitive man despite formerly being the Winter Soldier, so you watch where you walk so you don’t cross any lines.
You’re lounging on the bed in your own apartment, book spread in your lap and bedside lamp glowing a soft hue of golden. Suddenly, your phone dings from the nightstand, and you withdraw your eyes from the page to check who’s just texted.
bucky<3: i’m coming up now
you: let yourself in?
bucky<3: sure thing, doll
You smile to yourself and return your phone to its place on the nightstand. Not two minutes later, you hear your front door opening and closing, the lock faintly clicking, and footsteps softly padding their way to where you might be located.
“Doll?” he knocks on the bedroom door despite the fact that its open and, when he locks eyes with you, he lets out a sigh of relief and smiles gently. “Hey.”
“Well hey there,” you bookmark your page — just in case.
“What’ve you been up to?” he removes his gloves and places his jacket on the back of your desk chair.
“Light reading.”
He nods, and after sitting in the armchair by the window, he looks at you again. “Can I… ask you something?” “Shoot.” You wince at yourself, “Sorry. Bad phrasing.”
Bucky chuckles quietly, shaking his head at your antics before his regular tough demeanor returns. “Can we cuddle?”
You let out a breath, expecting something completely different to leave his perfectly pink lips. “Goddammit, James. I thought you were gonna ask something serious.”
“Is cuddling not serious?”
“No, I just-”
“Because I just thought it was a very serious subject. Cuddling isn’t to be taken lightly, I mean what if-”
“Bucky!” You exclaim, and he laughs at your whining. “Yes, we can cuddle.”
“Okay,” he stands up and successfully slides onto the bed next to you. “How do we… do that?” he motions around the sheets with his left hand, and the vibranium makes a slight clinking noise. It brings you comfort, oddly enough.
“Here,” you grab his right hand and bring it around your shoulders. Then, you lean onto his chest and hide in the crook of his neck, inhaling the undeniably sent of the Sergeant. “Like this.”
Bucky exhales and, after rubbing his left hand on his thigh, he pulls you a little closer into his side and breathes in your scent — calming, peaceful, humbling. He unclenches his jaw — it’s a habit he’s trying to get out of, clenching, that is — and he allows the stress of the day to fade into the air until all that’s left is you and him.
“This is… nice.”
You laugh at his vagueness and squeeze his middle. “We’ve never done this before.”
“I know.”
“Do you like it?”
“Yeah.” he glances down at you, “Do you?’
You nod, and he smiles in content.
“‘M glad, doll.”
“Yeah,” you sigh. “So tell me about your day.”
pls be gentle this is my first bucky fic-
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allthatmarvel · 16 hours ago
Summary: [bucky barnes x reader] Friday is when Bucky gets restless because you usually stay a little bit longer for work. But when a conference drags a little long, he gets creative on what he wants during that time.  
⚠ warning: pure smut, fingering, unprotected sex, dom bucky 
A/N: This is my very first oneshot that deals with smut, so please have mercy, thank you . This oneshot is inspired @buckycuddlebuddy fanfic: Honey Baby - which is amazing and really is a great story that makes you flutter in ways that is just... wow. Like said, this story is inspired by it but with my interpretation. Enjoy.
Tumblr media
The fan from the desk, blew around the room to defeat the summer heat of late May. You had on a tank top and a mini-skirt—it was nothing professional, but who was to see? The cameras were off. And now that the summer was at its high heat at this the time, the conference was being held at a late hour. An hour that was pass the time for you to leave on that Friday. Yes, Friday was the day you stayed a bit later, but not this late. Never tus late... until now.
Throughout the meeting, you grew agitated because of the scorned heat, and from what you could hear outside of your home office, a certain man—your lover, Bucky Barnes—was also growing agitated, not in the way that you were.
No, he grew agitated because of his patience wearing thin. You and him made a compromise that you would work a little late on Friday, and after that... all your time was between him and you. It sometime involved going out, ordering in and watching a movie, or just snuggles on the couch. Yet, always in the end, it led to a explosive fuck.
You heard the sounds of cabinets slamming in the kitchen and you truly wanted to leave that meeting and go to Bucky, but you couldn’t. You were stuck in the meeting, because you were second in lead with that meeting. The first leader of the meeting was your co-worker, Hope Van Dyne. Apparently, her father, Hank was apart of the company board members committee. 
Words were exchanged and you always threw in small commentary to keep the conversation going. The very long conversation that was suppose to last another hour--all talk about budget and all that.
“I agree,” you added in, somewhere in that conversation. To be honest, you weren’t really paying attention, because the thoughts of getting out was all that clouded your mind. Suddenly, the sound of the door opened. You looked over the computer monitor, and there stood Bucky, all shirtless and full of muscles and abs.
Crap, you thought. Now you wanted him during a meeting. Total crap. You tried to keep your eyes on the computer, hoping that your gorgeous distraction would go away because he knew you were busy. But when footsteps got closer to where you sat at the desk, you tried warning him. “I’m in a meeting. I’m almost done.”
From the black screen of the computer, since no other cameras were on; you saw his reflection from the screen. He leisurely made his way behind your chair, and stood directly behind you. “Bucky...” you tried to tell him again. 
His fingers trailed into your hair until it touched a small part of your neck. You chilled a little due to the sensation of his touch. His fingers were callous by the pain he gained throughout the years. It felt nice with the friction, though. He then tipped your head back with his fingers, and your eyes met his heavy, lusted blue eyes. Without another second, his lips crashed into yours, and a moan was let out. Thankfully, the microphone was off, but you heard all from what the other members were talking about. 
“End the call,” he mumbled into your lips, but you shook your head no. He deepened the kiss before you regrettably retracted from that kiss. 
“I can’t. I’m almost done with work, so when it’s done, you can have your ways with me.” That didn’t please Bucky, because he ignored you. And because of his strength, he pushed your chair back, and in a swift motion, he when he was in front of you. You squealed when he planted you into his lap. His jean rubbed on the skirt that was raised up from the certain sitting position. 
The bottom part—knee to legs—were bent and rested slightly on his leg, since most of your body heavily rested up high on his chest. Still, your head was tipped over with the kiss. His hands were free to travel beyond your thighs until it touched your inner thighs. “Get out of the call. No one will notice.”
Again with the demand, but you also demanded that you couldn’t. 
Stubborn like he was, neither you or Bucky liked each other answers, and to show that he was serious of your defiant, one of his free hand wandered up more-/above your short skirt until it skidded your drenched folds. “Your wet, sweetness.” he detangled from the kiss and whispered his finding in your ears. 
“It’s all your fault,” was all you could reply, throaty. Your chest heaved with anticipation. Your heart hammered away, no care, but maybe a care to want more.
“Guilty as charge,” his fingers tapped your clit and you instantly arched up, but his grip on you held you in place. Securely on his chest. “So responsive. God, what I would do to you... Would you like that, sweetness?”
Your body still shook from the explosive touch, but somehow you managed to let out a nod. He didn’t like that response, so he kept his fingers on that sensitive spot and demanded for a verbal answer. “Just take the ache away, Bucky,” you then begged. 
He chuckled into your neck. At that moment, someone from the computer side asked for your opinion on something. His fingers suddenly plunged into you. You let out a breathy gasp. With his help of rolling the chair over a bit more to the desk; you unmuted yourself and answered. And during that answer, he started to curl his fingers up, leaving you to try to hold in your groans. Your fingers quickly tapped mute again before you slapped his occupied hand. “I hate you.”
“You hate me? Really? You hate me when I do this?” With that he touched the most sensitive part in you and you let a squeal. “That doesn’t sound like hate, no. That sound like-” 
You interrupted him, “Just shut up and let me get off.” 
You couldn’t tell if he wanted you to hear or not, but he mumbled on how demanding you were. It made you smile a little. But he maybe liked your demand, because not long, you were quaking in his arms. His fingers soon pulled away from the heat within as he trailed the two fingers to your lips. You tried to taste yourself, but he quickly pulled away. From the reflection, you saw that his two fingers entered his mouth as he let out his own satisfied moan. 
“You taste so sweet, sweetness. What you do to me.” You hummed happily into his chest as you still tried to ride out your moment. It didn’t last long before he shifted you, so slightly, to give a space between each other. That was when the sound of his belt clattered to the wooden floor and soon he asked you to help him pull the rest of his jean down. The jean fell down to his ankles, leaving his cock and your pussy to ache for each other, maybe more than the owners. 
“Ride me,” he then pulled at your hair in his direction as he rested his head on your shoulder. You wiggled around until you felt his cock slowly poking into your entrance. “Come on, I’m growing impatient.” 
You wanted to tease him, maybe it was his form of punishment for when he interrupted your work—all for his pleasing. So you kept wiggling around at the tip until the both of you were all needy for more. Before you could take your move to take him, Hope called out for your name. You didn’t hear much into the conversation, but you tried to answer. Leaning away, you answered, “That sounds good.” Hopefully that what was being asked, but who cared at that moment. All you cared was to have that moment of your lover’s length into you. 
Bucky grew impatient again, so he took matters into his own hands, and grabbed you by the hips, angled you to his length, and just then... you fully sat into him. The both of you loudly moaned together. Connection.
When you began to find your rhythm. It was slow at first until it became a rhythm that was widely used in a fast beat. It was just fast. Your hands reached out, in a position that allowed you to hang on to his neck. His head was lowered to your shoulders as his teeth grazed the strap of your tank top. It soon slowly pulled away from your shoulders, to arms, and into heaps at your waist.
Your breasts were freely open to see from the computer reflection, once more. You could sense the smirk that was on his face. Knowing that he did that all with his teeth.
One of his hand detached from your hip as it played a dance on your nipples. You had him and his touch. That was all you needed. You and Bucky were soon drenched with sweat and loads of heat from the atmosphere. The very steamy atmosphere. 
You rode him until you began to beg to come. “Please, Bucky. Please.”
“Not yet, not without me.” he gasped out. “Together, okay?” You wanted to listen, but it felt impossible when all the tightness and friction against each other was fighting against all your instincts.
“No,” you pleaded. “No.”
But maybe... Bucky had heard you because soon, he demanded for you to come with him. The both of you fell on a high. Your head rested on his chest as his head fell back from the chair. From what you could barely see, your fingers trailed on his leaned down face just then. The face that kept kissing some part of you.
The pleasure was on a high until it was erased when the screams of a someone— aka Hope— shouted out for you to answer.
You never got the chance to answer her, because Bucky’s arm reached over you—still, he was planted in you—and he moved your mouse to the end bottom. The meeting ended.
You looked with wide eyes. “What-what-what did she ask? What did you do? Did you just clicked exit” You then frantically asked. You tried to dislodged yourself form him, but his grip was a vice. Leaving you clung to his chest all breathless.
“Who cares, sweetness. I think it’s time for round two.” He nuzzled your neck.
“Round two,” you squeaked.
“This time, on the desk. So don’t be shock if your computer falls, okay?”
Tumblr media
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itsallyscorner · 17 hours ago
Can i request: sebastian stan x reader?
Reader and sebastian is dating but they keep it from everybody else, then they open up to the public eye by agreeing to either do a very sexual nude photoshoot or just a regular photoshoot if your uncomfortable or be like a model in a music video
When Method Turns To Reality
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x actress!reader
Summary: You and Seb finally expose your relationship to the world by posting a sexy picture from the set of a steamy movie you both worked on.
Warnings: Intended smut
A/n: I know you asked for a photoshoot—but I remember Seb posting some pics on insta while promoting Monday, and we all know how that movie went down:) I tried my best I hope you like it x
Tumblr media
Draga - Darling
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
You wanna know what happens when you’re single, in Greece, and working with a man literally sculpted from the Greek Gods from above? You’re fucked—that’s what.
You had known Sebastian for years, the two of you were actually quite close. I guess you could say that you had a tight bond, a friendship, if you will. You’ve worked with him in the Marvel films and will soon be acting alongside each other again in the new Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.
You and Sebastian were always friendly with each other. You never saw anything wrong with him, in fact you couldn’t even find anything that was wrong with him. He was perfect, a god send. You’ve worked with many amazing and respectful men in the film industry, but there was just something different about your Sebastian. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but he was just unique in your eyes. He was a selfless sweetheart who cared about everyone around him and made sure to put everyone’s needs before his own. You adored the way he would get all flustered when someone compliments him. The way his cheeks would slowly turn red and how he’d nervously scratch the back of his neck was a sight that made your heart skip a beat every time. He was a diligent actor who always worked his ass off to embody a new character he was casted as. His diligence and dedication was another thing you adored about him. He never failed to stun you at how good he was in becoming a character, sometimes you believed he was a shapeshifter. That’s how good he was.
At first glance he seemed like one of those soft kind of guys who always wore knit sweaters, had fluffy hair, and did things like reading poetry books. Yes, he was very much attractive, he had charming features and a body that seemed way too good to be true. He could be flirtatious and bold but he could also be quiet and reserved when he wanted to. The man was just full of surprises, you never knew what to expect from him. Were you expecting him to strip down stark naked in Greece letting his goods hang out for the world to see? No, you didn’t—which proves your point.
Sebastian had many interesting ways to embody his characters. Obviously, he’d research things that related to the character’s background, but he also did things like listen to music or try to portray the mentality of the role he was playing. To Seb, there was no right or wrong way to become a particular role. To him, if one method works better than the other, then so be it—whatever works for you. He was open to anything.
You could say the same thing about yourself; you believed that there was no permanent method to becoming a new character you were casted as. You just went with whatever worked for you. Like Sebastian, you were also open to anything. So when he suggested that the two of you should try ‘method acting’ while filming Monday, you had no hesitation in telling him, “Sure, why not? I’m down.”
The idea had randomly came up when you two were eating at some Greek restaurant. Filming hadn’t started yet, so you two were taking advantage of your free time and getting used to the new country. Sebastian had knocked on your hotel room door, asking if you wanted to go out with him for lunch, feeling hungry yourself you decided to come along.
The both of you had ordered gyros—some might say it was such a typical thing to order in Greece, but it was a dish you were both familiar with. Your head was tilted at an angle to properly eat your gyro when Seb suddenly said, “I have an idea, you don’t need to agree to it, but just hear me out.”
The nervousness in his tone caught your attention causing you to place you food down.
“Yeah sure, what’s up Seb?” You wiped your fingers and mouth, giving him your undivided attention. He did the same before placing his elbows on the table, improper etiquette, but it was attractive nonetheless.
“So, you know how Chloe and Mickey have such an intense and intimate relationship?” You nod, letting a little “mhm” out in response.
Sebastian continued, “And you know how we’re supposed to represent that?” You nod again.
“I’m not saying that we’re not close, but their relationship is just so—like I said—intense and intimate. It’s just something that’s new to me because I’ve never experienced something like that. Like I’ve been in relationships and stuff, but I’ve never been in a relationship as exhilarating and passionate as Chloe and Mickey’s. I’m not that good at relationships to have something like that.” He rambled, his hand making gestures while he talked. You understood what he meant but was not sure where he was taking the conversation.
You placed your hand into his, the one that was moving around, and squeezed it. He paused, his mouth gaping at you.
“Seb, you’re rambling.” You kindly reminded him, a small smile on your lips. He slightly chuckled, growing flustered, though he usually found himself getting flustered around you. He quietly apologized, but you brushed it off, reassuring him that you didn’t mind.
“I just had an idea—you don’t have to agree to it—but it’s something that I think’ll help us during filming.”
“I’m all ears, go ahead.” You squeezed his hand again.
“Since we’re both single and not in long term relationships, I thought that maybe we should try fake dating? You know, like trying to have a relationship like Chloe and Mickey’s in real life. I think it’ll help me, and us of course, to capture their chemistry when we’re acting.” He proposed.
You raised a brow at him, “So basically method acting?”
Sebastian gestured at you, “Yeah, method acting!”
“Like you said, we’re both single. Plus we’re in such a beautiful country, I might as well have some fun with it.” You thought out loud as your words trailed off. Sebastian intensely stared at you with his addictive blue eyes, anticipating your answer.
“So you’ll do it?”
“Sure, why not? I’m down.”
The whole method thing didn’t start immediately, but it slowly built up the more you two spent time together. Sebastian was always one for friendly gestures, but ever since the agreement you both had, you noticed him doing them almost all the time. You didn’t mind it though, it was cute, and you lowkey liked the attention. Being single really had its pros and definitely had its cons. You only realized that after Seb started showering you with attention.
The gestures were friendly, you know: greeting you in the morning, pulling out your chair when you guys go out to eat, complimenting how you look; basically the things he already does. The time leading up to filming was spent together. You would explore more of Greece, doing some sight seeing together and taking pictures of each other. Sebastian would make it a goal of his to take you to a new restaurant and cafe everyday, it was a way for the both of you to expand your taste palettes and get to know each other more.
Going into filming, the two of you were very much comfortable with each other. Probably more than when you first reunited in Greece. You were used to filming with Sebastian. You guys bounced off each other pretty well when you had to improv and the chemistry you had were off the charts. Literally everyone could sense it.
The new level of closeness you had with Seb made it easier to film the intimate scenes of Monday. Though it did make it more difficult to get him out of your head. As Sebastian became more touchy-feely with you, you noticed that you were craving his touch all the time. You enjoyed the warmth of his hand on the small of your back or how he would lightly place his hand on one of your hips. You’ll even shamelessly admit that you like the feeling of being under his stare; whether he was looking directly at you or from a distance, you always felt it. You noticed how he would lean closer to you when you were talking, allowing you to clearly hear his rough and soothing voice directly into your ear. The way it would send shivers down your spine and goosebumps to form on your skin happened a lot as well.
In conclusion, Sebastian Stan was addicting. The fact that he was mostly in tight tank tops, had sun kissed skin from the Greek sun, and always around you didn’t help your growing infatuation for him. You knew this whole agreement was just something to help you both with filming, but you couldn’t help but imagine if it were real. What if you and Sebastian were actually dating? Turns out you didn’t have to wonder for too long, because one thing led to another, and then method became reality.
You and Sebastian had gotten back to the hotel after a successful Saturday night of clubbing. The two of you weren’t necessarily wasted, but you were a bit tipsy. Instead of splitting up to your designated hotel rooms, the both of you decided to stay at your room. It was the nearest one and Sebastian didn’t want the night to end, he wanted to spend more time with you.
The room was quiet but not awkward. The two of you had some light conversation as you both stared at the ceiling. You were laid side by side, flat on your backs on your queen sized bed. The room was dim, the only light shining into your window came from the moonlight in the Greek sky. Sebastian was flush against you; one of his arms laid across his stomach while the other was wrapped around you. Drunk on his presence, you were curled up into his side, head resting above his pec, and a hand fiddling with his top.
His quiet murmurs came to a stop, causing you to look up at him. You were met with his crystal blue eyes already staring at you. You hold his gaze, a ghost of a smile flashing on your soft lips. His eyes momentarily shift to look down at them before looking back into your (e/c) eyes. His lips twitch as if he were holding himself back from saying something.
“What is it?” You ask him softly. Sebastian’s lips slightly quirk up, tilting his head to look at you properly.
“Nothing, you just look really beautiful in the moonlight.” He mumbles, using the hand on his stomach to brush a strand of hair away from your face. He tucks it behind your ear but keeps his hand against your cheek, cupping your jaw into his rough yet loving hand.
“Bet you tell all the ladies that.” You hum playfully, nudging his palm with your cheek. He lets out a mix of a grunt and a chuckle.
“Only to the women I genuinely love.” He responds. He was quick to add, “And there hasn’t been a lot, barely any.”
Your lips turn down to a frown at his response, “I’m sure you’ll find someone.” His thumb began to stroke your cheek, tracing the little marks and scars on your skin. He didn’t mind them, they were the little things that were part of you, and he adored them.
“I think I already did.” He whispers, still intensely holding eye contact with you. His body shifts, fully turning to face you. Your hands brush against his arms as he maneuvers himself closer to you. Your hands settle on his chest, palms flat against his pecs, where you can distantly feel the beating of his heart.
“Can I try something?” He asks you, breath fanning your face at how close he was to you. One of his hands were still on your cheek, but this time his thumb traced the outline of your lips.
“Yeah.” You answer breathlessly before his intoxicating lips connected with yours into a long awaited fervent kiss.
Eventually the two of you admitted your feelings for each other after spending the night together. The remaining time in Greece became the honeymoon of your relationship. You were learning new things about each other and your new found relationship. Plus being in Greece really amped the romantic vibes. Everyday spent together was like being on cloud 9; Sebastian made you feel so loved and beautiful, showing you what you’ve been missing all those years of pining after each other. The two of you were finally together, a happy and healthy couple.
Your relationship was something kept between you, Sebastian, and trustworthy friends and family. It wasn’t that you didn’t want people finding out about your relationship, you and Seb just wanted to keep everything on the low. You wanted to take advantage of the fact that nobody knew you were a couple and that there weren’t any peering eyes constantly monitoring your relationship. Though there was some speculation about you two, there wasn’t any hard evidence to prove that you were a couple. Until, you and Sebastian were papped leaving each other’s houses and roaming around the city together. You guys could have done a better job at hiding, but it was your home for fucks sake! It’s your property and the paps shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Which basically brings you to today’s situation.
You and Sebastian were lounging on your couch in your LA home. Some random reality tv show was playing, serving more as background noise than its original purpose. Seb’s back was against the arm of the couch, while you laid against his chest. His arms were wrapped around you, both of them resting underneath his shirt you wore.
“I guess we outed ourselves by walking out the front door.” You muttered, thumb swiping on your phone as you went through the pap pictures taken the other day.
Sebastian hummed, “Should’ve gone out through the back.” His lips moved against the skin on your neck, as his head was nuzzled into the little space between your head and shoulder.
“The windows on both of our cars aren’t tinted enough to even hide us.” You grumbled, leaning your head against his.
“True.” Sebastian acknowledged. It was silent between the two of you until Sebastian sat up. He unwrapped one of his hands from around you and used it to remove your phone from your hands. You were about to protest but Sebastian’s plush lips were already closing in on yours.
“Gimme a kiss first, draga.” His muttered against you before pulling you into a quick yet loving kiss. You both pulled away with dreamy smiles on your faces. You shifted your body so you can properly face him.
Sebastian cups your face, thumbs stroking the apples of your cheeks, “Maybe us accidentally outing ourselves was meant to be?”
You tilted your head in confusion, “What do you mean, Seb?” He shrugged his broad shoulders.
“What if it’s time that we actually tell the world about us?” He insisted. Once again you were about to protest, but he beats you to it. He pecks your lips a couple of times, causing you to shut up. You groan out feigning annoyance.
“Hear me out, baby. Everyone’s been speculating things about us ever since Greece and it hasn’t stopped. I’m pretty sure people already know that we’re together and those pictures confirm it.” Your boyfriend reasons with you. You sigh, knowing that he’s right. As of recent, the two of you have been pretty shitty at trying to keep your relationship on the low. From sightings at stores to having the same backgrounds in Instagram stories, the secrecy of your relationship was deteriorating.
You groan again, slumping your head onto Sebastian’s shoulder, “But I like having you all to myself, I don’t like sharing.”
Sebastian chuckles at your childishness, his hands coming up to run through your hair. He kisses the crown of your head and wraps his arms around your figure.
“You’ll always have me, silly. You don’t have anything to worry about.” He assures you, pulling you closer to his chest.
“But don’t you think it would be easier to just tell the world about us? We won’t have to hide anymore or try and find other ways to leave your house together, we could do things together in public as ourselves—doesn’t that sound great?” He bargained. Damn it. He was right.
You pull away from his shoulder and look up at him, hands mindlessly coming up to stroke his scratchy beard. “I suppose we could tell them. About time, huh?”
“If you’re not ready, we don’t have to.” You shook your head, “No you’re right, it’s time. Plus the whole hiding thing is getting pretty tiring.” Seb smiles at your confirmation.
“Are you sure?” He checks. He didn’t want to force you to do something you weren’t comfortable with.
“Positive.” You nod, a grin on your face.
Sebastian leans in, “Alrighty then, I love you.”
You lightly nudge his nose with yours, “I love you too.” You place a chaste kiss on his lips before saying, “I bet my post will be better than yours though.”
“I’m not even gonna argue, you’re the younger one between the two of us.”
You ended up choosing a bts picture from the set of Monday. It was one of the first pictures you and Seb took while being in a relationship, plus it gave you the opportunity to promote the movie.
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@(y/n)(l/n): My favorite thing in Greece was you x. Monday the movie, comes out on Friday, April 16🇬🇷❤️
anthonymackie: Are ya’ll for real or is this bait to get us to see the movie???
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buckyspainofheart · 19 hours ago
Steve was sitting on the couch with his sketch pad, staring out the window. It had been a cold day in brooklyn, meaning steve had to stay inside. He had just gotten over a horrible cold and did not want to try and handle one again. He sniffled and continued to draw the view from outside of his and Bucky’s window.
Steve had always struggled with the fact that he couldn’t really have adventures. He sighed, a small frown appearing on his face. Bucky was out with a girl again. He knew Bucky didn’t want to, but he had to. People would get suspicious. Steve shaded his drawing, biting his lip while focusing. He jumped and turned his head quickly when he heard the door handle to Bucky and his apartment jiggle. Bucky opened up the door, a fond smile immediately appearing on his face once he saw Steve. He shut the door and locked it, covering the windows with curtains.
“Hiya, sunshine.” Bucky mumbled, opening his arms.
Steve got up off the couch and walked over to Bucky, wrapping his arms around Bucky. Steve took a deep breath in, visibly relaxing.
“Hiya, Buck. Missed you.” Steve said, smiling while hugging Bucky.
“I missed you too, baby.” Bucky hummed, rubbing Steve’s back.
Bucky pulled back from their embrace and took one of Steve’s hands, walking over to the couch with Steve. Bucky let out a sigh of relief as he pulled Steve into his lap. Bucky smiled tiredly and kissed Steve’s cheek.
“How’s your day been, Stevie? Are you feelin’ alright?” Bucky questioned Steve, his protective side in full motion. Steve bit his lip again, laying his head on Bucky’s chest and listening to his heart.
“I feel fine, Buck. My day’s been alright. Just missed you ‘s all.” Steve responded, yawning and rubbing his eyes gently.
“You tired, Stevie? Wanna go to bed?” Bucky spoke, bringing his hand up to Steve’s hair and scratching his scalp softly.
Bucky stared at Steve, a content smile plastered on his face. He knew that Steve would get tired whenever Bucky scratched his scalp. Bucky was content with this moment, wishing it could stay forever. He was tired of having to hide. He kissed Steve’s temple and Steve’s eyes fluttered shut as he kept his head on Bucky’s chest. Just as Steve was about to fall asleep, they both heard a knock on their apartment door. Steve’s eyes shot open, hopping off of Bucky’s lap and grabbing his sketch pad, pretending to be sketching something.
Bucky sighed sadly, getting up and giving Steve a desolate smile. Bucky walked over to the door, opening it and faking a smile. He talked for a moment with the man at the door then promptly shut it. He made sure to lock the door, yawning and sighing.
“Landlord. Just wanted to ask how we were doing.” Bucky stated, his tone gloomy. He walked over to the couch and sat back down.
Steve scooted himself over to Bucky, sitting in his lap again and sighing. He hated seeing Bucky upset. He wanted to do everything he could to make Bucky happy.
“‘m sorry, Buck. I’m sorry we have to hide.” Steve murmured, laying his head on Bucky’s chest. As if on impulse, Bucky’s hand immediately found its way to Steve’s hair. When Bucky scratched Steve’s scalp, it didn’t just relax Steve. It relaxed him as well. Bucky took a deep breath in, shaking his head and pecking Steve’s lips.
“Baby, you don’t gotta say sorry. It’s not your fault.” Bucky looked into Steve’s eyes with a loving stare.
Since day one, Bucky had always been in love with Steve’s eyes. They way they’d shine just right during a sunset or the way they would light up when Steve would talk about something he loved, Bucky adored them. He didn’t have to think twice about Steve being his one and only. When he was around Steve, he felt as if everything fell into place. Everything felt right, he felt like he was home. Steve opened his mouth only to close it again, seemingly at a loss for words.
“I really love ya, Buck. Till the end of the line. Forever.” Steve began to struggle fighting for consciousness, realizing he was going to fall asleep soon.
“I love ya too, Stevie. Till the end of the line.” Bucky kissed Steve’s head, noticing Steve’s exhausted eyes. Bucky began to speak again, talking softly.
“Baby, you can go to sleep. I’m right here if you need anything. Get rest, love. You need it.” Then, Bucky watched Steve’s eyes slide shut and his breathing slow.
Bucky watched Steve for a moment, still scratching his scalp in a gentle manner. He supposed that this would be their life. Yeah, the secretiveness and hiding was awful, but in the end he figured it was very well worth it. All of it. Bucky yawned again as his eyes began to become heavy. Hopefully, things would change. Maybe they’d be able to be themselves outwardly some day. Until that day, though, Bucky had Steve and Steve had Bucky. That everything they both wanted.
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buckysgoldenheart · 20 hours ago
Breaking the Rules: Bucky x Reader
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You sneak away from Bucky and Sam to try and calm Walker down after he takes someone’s life, only for Bucky to show up pissed that you put yourself in danger. Walker tries to shoot Bucky and you take a bullet for him. Then feelings stuff.
Words: 3180
Notes: After 1x04, before 1x05 * (I think. I often get my timelines confused. Feel free to correct me). I know the show plot actually turned out different, but I started writing this before ep 5*. Some of the stuff is out of order. Idk. I just thought it was kinda cute, not super emotional angsty stuff that I sometimes lean towards.
Warnings: cursing. Violence. Cursing.
Tumblr media
Bucky paced as you and Sam sat on the couch, your eyes following his every movement back and forth, making tracks in the floor.
“I can’t fucking believe this,” Bucky said, loud enough to fill the space of the small room you occupied. He tugged at the strands of his cropped hair. “Can you believe this,”—He looked at Sam—“I can’t believe this!”
Sam sighed.
“He’s insane! Walker—that idiot—is actually insane!”
Standing from the couch and walking to the super solider, you placed your hand on his arm to stop his steps, but he instantly shook it off. Though you weren’t surprised at his actions. He turned you away at every chance, denied any attempts to be more than acquaintances, even if only friends. “Maybe I could try to talk to him.”
“May—” Bucky took a breath that exhaled into a scoff. “Maybe you could talk to him? You?”
“Stay out of this, Sam,” Bucky snapped with a finger pointed Sam’s way, but those blue eyes stayed glued to yours, the usual chill to them now burning hot.
“I think I should,” you continued. “I could help…like how Sam talked to Karli.”
“Oh, because that worked out so well?”
“It would have if—”
“If that idiot refrained from storming in and ruining it!”
“Exactly.” With a huff, you said, “John isn’t going to storm in on himself. I really think I could reach him on some level, calm him down.”
Bucky’s eyebrows turned downwards in the center. “So, it’s John now, is it?”
“Well, I’m not about to refer to him as ‘that idiot’.” You put your hands on your hips. “I don’t happen to agree with that opinion just yet. I don’t mind giving him a chance.” And you truly didn’t. You knew how Bucky and Sam felt about Walker, but you also knew what it meant to be misunderstood. Watching Bucky try to live under the same circumstances and not being sympathetic to another was plain shocking to you.
“You are not going anywhere near him,” He said, a deep tone to his voice that you’d grown immune to when directed the threatening way it was. You couldn’t guarantee that if he used it on you some other way, it wouldn’t have a different effect. “That asshole just killed a guy in the middle of the street.”
“His friend just died! I’m not making excuses—”
“Sounds like you are.”
You inhaled deep and exhaled slow before you looked at him again. “He needs to be stopped in his tracks. This may be a way to do that. Besides, I can take care of myself and you can’t tell me what to do.”
“This is the exception,” Bucky said, walking closer until you were almost chest to chest. “If you so much as walk through that door in his direction—”
“You what”—You crossed your arms—"spank me?” You blushed the second the words passed your lips and looked down to the floor, willing it to disappear.
Bucky stood in shock, but then groaned, shook his head to himself and walked to an adjacent room before slamming the door.
You couldn’t get your thoughts in order. Where the courage to say something like that came from you didn’t know, and you’d have spent more time trying to figure it out if Sam hadn’t let out a low whistle. You finally released your breath and turned your head his way.
“How did you manage to make that argument awkward?”
Rubbing your hands down your face, you said, “It’s a special skill.”
“I’m still going.”
Sharon gave you Walker’s coordinates without question, thankfully, because then you didn’t have to go through Sam. You snuck out when he and Bucky had fallen asleep, tiptoeing past the super soldier who slept on the hardwood floor. He’d been sleeping there since you arrived, denying any attempts to coax him into a soft mattress of his own, but you knew why he chose to lay where he did. Right in the middle of the main room in case someone burst in during the night, he had explained. ‘It’s safest that way, and you need to let it go,’ He’d said, and you did your best to follow that order. But it hurt to see, knowing he couldn’t let go of that element of his past any more than he could let go of the nightmares.
Closing the front door behind you, you couldn’t believe you managed to slip away without waking him. A mouse couldn’t scurry by without Bucky shooting up from his spot, wildly looking around, but it gave you hope that maybe he was finally getting a decent nights rest.
Within the half hour you’d made your way to Walker’s coordinates, landing in front of a warehouse on the outskirts of the city. It was clearly abandoned, no other way to describe it. Windows smashed in, bricks loose and some falling out of their slots. Nevertheless, you pushed forward, easing open a side door that had long been broken into.
Your eyes scanned every direction for the new super soldier, hoping he was at least somewhat calm when you found him. You were the most likely to leave alive out of your little team, so it was best you came before they did, but it was still a risk if Walker was on the verge of a bigger breakdown.
You spun.
“What are you doing here?”
He looked awful. He was still in his suit, but helmet off, hair disheveled, eyes devoid of the spark he had started his Captain America adventure with. As he stepped towards you, you took an instinctive step back, Bucky’s words ringing in your head. But then you remembered your purpose here. He wouldn’t hurt you if you approached this right, so you shook off the chill running up your spine and mirrored his steps until you were a good ten feet apart.
“I just”—You inched closer to him a bit more, making sure to keep your eyes on his”—I just wanted to talk to you. I’m sorry about—”
“No, you’re not.”
“Of course, I am. John—” He scowled at the sincerity in your voice, like he didn’t know how to take it; wasn’t sure he could believe you or trust you after what he’d done. He knew he went too far, but there were some things he would always find a way to make excuses for. That didn’t mean you couldn’t try to save him before he fell any further. Despite Bucky and Sam’s immediate distaste for Walker, you saw the childlike enthusiasm in him, his desire to live up to the name of Captain America, even though it wasn’t and should never have been his.
“Where are your friends?” He asked. Venom practically dripped from the corners of his mouth.
“They don’t know I’m here.”
“Sure, they don’t.”
“They don’t, I swear,” you said. “I just wanted to see if you were ok, without them looming over your shoulder.”
Blue eyes that could never quite match Steve’s narrowed but he said, “Why bother? Why care?”
“Because I—”
Your heart dropped through your stomach onto the freezing cold floor of the warehouse when you heard a creaky door slam open from behind you, and the heavy footsteps that followed.
“Y/N!” Bucky yelled, and you quickly glanced at him before back at Walker.
“You lied to me.”
Rubbing the back of his neck, Walker laughed, and for the first time in the night you realized that his shield was nowhere in sight. As Bucky and Sam ran towards you, you stared forward with a horrified expression, carefully watching Walker’s fingers toy with the handle of a gun clipped into the holster he had added to the suit.
A cold, hard arm was wrapped around your middle less than a moment later; a massive body then blocking you after being shoved behind it.
“Walker put the gun down,” Sam warned when Walker had taken it out of the holster. He still hadn’t looked up, eyes glued to the floor as he shook his head back and forth.
You struggled to get out from behind Bucky, but his metal hand was still firmly attached to your arm to keep you where he wanted. “Get outside,” He mumbled; nothing less than a demand.
“Y/N, go outside…now!”
“Don’t yell at me.”
Bucky turned to look at you--glare really--and you could register the sounds of Sam trying to talk Walker down in the background. You needed Bucky to let this go, just this once. To stop himself from getting overheated over a choice you made so he could focus on the task at hand. But he wouldn’t look away from your face. And under that anger in his eyes, you saw something you never had before: fear. Pure fear.
“Walker, don’t!”
Just above Bucky’s shoulder you saw a glint of metal. Metal being pointed your way, directly at Bucky’s back. Your heart you had just picked up from the floor and put back in place fell again when Walker’s finger settled on the trigger. Without a second thought, you whipped around Bucky’s broad form, taking advantage of the momentary break in his defensive mode.
It was in slow motion, just like you’d heard others say. The sinking of the bullet in your body, its weight as it seemed to pull you to the ground. Sam called your name, but it was hazy, drowned out by the thumping of your heartbeat in your ears. And then the worst of it; not the pain or the immediate realization that you were going to die, but the look on Bucky’s face when your eyes began to close as he rushed to catch you before your head could meet the concrete.
Pacing was all you saw when you opened your eyes. God, he was pacing again. You hated when he paced; it was so terribly dramatic and unnecessary…usually. As you shifted in your bed, a pain you’d never experienced shot through your body. And then you remembered. Bullet in the abdomen. Wonderful.
At the small grunting noise you made from the pain, Bucky’s head shot to you, eyes wide in shock, then relief, then anger.
“Don’t ever do that again!” He snapped, walking toward you.
Your brain rattled and ached in its skull from his booming voice. It was worse than a damn hangover, and the last thing you needed was a super soldier lecturing you. “Could you maybe—”
“You don’t save me!” He said, pointing a long finger at you then himself. “I save you!” He repointed at himself then at you.
Pushing your fingers against your eyelids to relieve some of the pressure to your brain, you said, “Fine. Whatever.”
“I’m a super soldier. You are not!”
“I noticed,” You mumbled, but he didn’t stop, and your ears were starting to ring.
“I can take a bullet better than you can!”
“Don’t get sassy with me!”
“Oh, my God, then shut up!”
At your shout his lips slowly closed, and his shoulders dropped back in place. You hadn’t noticed how tense he was until he stood there, looking defeated.
“I got shot—” You thought a moment—“When did I get shot?”
“Two days ago.”
“I got shot two days ago!” You gestured to your gut. “Leave me alone if you’re just going to yell. I am so far from in the mood for your lecturing bullshit!”
Bucky stared at you for a good minute, and you thought you’d won, but then, “You know what, fuck that! I will not shut up! You. Got. Shot! You got shot because of me! It’s my fault! I love you and you got shot and it’s my fault and I almost lost you! So NO! No shutting up for me! You are going to listen!”
You were not going to listen. Not after what he just said. But you also weren’t going to acknowledge it. Not today, with him yelling and trying to force your brain to explode. You couldn’t speak even if you tried anyway. Your lungs had seized up and denied all oxygen.
He kept going and going, droning on and on, but you didn’t hear a lick of it, and when at the first pause in the rant you didn’t respond, Bucky shook his head, ran his hands down his face, and exited the hospital room with curses on his lips.
He hadn’t come back. Not the next day or the next. Sam was the one to discharge you into his care, and while you loved Sam, he wasn’t Bucky. Sam and Sarah were like family where Bucky was…something else. Always something else. You would’ve done anything for him for reasons you hadn’t understood until the night he trusted you with the knowledge of his Zemo plan. It was then you realized that, yes, you wanted to be his friend, but a part of you would forever be disappointed if not given the opportunity to be something more. Because you trusted him too, and you couldn’t say that often. The fact that he hadn’t been able to trust you to deal with Walker crushed you.
Though you’d settled on the idea of you two together never happening, now your mind was a flipped around jumbled mess. But just because he told you he loved you didn’t mean he would allow himself the chance at trying to be happy with you, and you didn’t know if you could bring yourself to push it, or him.
Leaning against the door frame as you threw a sweatshirt over your head, Sam smiled. Almost the way he did when he watched his nephews play in their backyard, and it made you a little wary.
His lips pursed but the smile wouldn’t drop, then he shook his head and stood straight. “Just thought we’d lost you, that’s all.”
You walked to him and hugged him, his strong arms wrapping around you tight in quick response, but not so tight as to hurt your wound. “Walker,” You said, muffled against his chest. He leaned back.
“What of him?”
“What happened?”
Sam dropped his arms from your body and smiled again, then reached up and patted the top of your head to flatten out your mussed up hair. “I took care of it. He’s been detained for the time being.”
Eyebrows scrunched, you asked, “Where was Bucky? He left you to fight alone?”
A small smirk grew on Sam’s face before he said, “Bucky wouldn’t leave you.”
You spent the entire car ride back to the place you’d been using as a base thinking about Bucky. While Sam seemed to know what you had not prior to Bucky’s outburst, he didn’t bring it up with you, just drove in silence and you were thankful for it.
When you got back, he helped you out of the car and up the stairs but stopped at the end of the hall.
“Aren’t you coming?”
“I think it’s my turn to take a walk,” He said then kissed your forehead before retracing the path you’d just walked, back down the stairs and around the corner.
You weren’t stupid. You knew the only thing keeping Sam from watching over you like a hawk was if Bucky was on the other side of that door, likely to watch over you like an even bigger hawk with an attitude problem. Though you weren’t sure you had the will to walk through it. It might be a fight and you were so tired, so done. Not only did you get shot, you failed in trying to help Walker and you thoroughly pissed off Bucky. That was enough to make you want to hole up under your covers for a couple days, but when you opened the door, all dreams of being alone died, just as you knew they would.
Bucky was leaning against a counter, arms crossed, head down in thought when you entered the room, but at your footsteps his head rose.
“Hi,” He said. You didn’t know what it was, but something in that one word, in the way he was looking at you, shook your brain in an entirely different way than it had the last time you saw him.
As you met his stare, something shifted. All parts of you suddenly called for him. Seeing him, hearing is voice, sent your nerve endings on the fritz, and you just needed him. Close to you, on you, in you; you didn’t care where he was as long as you could reach your hand out and touch him. A fraction of you felt foolish at your weakness; one look at him and you crumbled. But maybe it was ok to be weak now. He loved you. And it finally sunk in.
Without another thought, you stepped over to him and put a hand on the back of his neck, pulled him down, and met your lips with his. He was quick, taking no time to wrap his arms around you and hug your body close to his. No shock moment, just complete acceptance as he kissed you back hungrily, desperately.
When he bent down slightly to grasp your bottom and hoist you up you wrapped your legs around him. But then the pain of the sutures shocked your system and you let out a little groan. Bucky immediately leaned back to meet your eyes, searching them, then moved to place you on the kitchen counter.
“I’m so sorry,” He said and brushed the hair back from your face, his own full of an agonized worry. “I’m sorry.”
“It was an accident.”
“I’m sorry for all of it.”
“All of it was an accident.” You smiled and touched your forehead to his. “It’s not your fault…what happened. I don’t blame you.” And you didn’t. You never would. Now you knew that all he wanted was to protect you; all he had ever wanted was to protect you. His grumpy attitude at your insistence to help them whenever they jumped into a dangerous situation suddenly made sense after he had come to the hospital to see you, and yell at you. Truthfully, you were never too fond of him running head-first into danger either. It always unsettled your stomach so much that you nearly vomited before you left on missions.
Now you couldn’t believe you never saw it. His love for you, and the depth of it.
“Bucky--” You began, but he quickly kissed you, as if once the rest of your words were out you wouldn’t let him again. “I love you,” You whispered into the small space between you when you finally broke the kiss.
He exhaled a breath you didn’t know he was holding, then sucked a fresh one into his lungs. “Fuck, I love you,” He said and began pressing gentle, little kisses all over your face, landing the last one directly on your lips. “I love you.”
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wednesdayadams228 · 23 hours ago
Masterlist 2021
Hello lovely humans this is my masterlist - have fun
Blurry Figure
Taking requests
Taking requests
Peter (Parker)
Taking requests
You guys can also make requests for different mcu characters and characters from different fandoms
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lokirels · 23 hours ago
Guys my age || Sebastian Stan
Requested by @xoloverr : Hiii I was wondering if I could request a Sebastian Stan smut with “you have no idea how much I want you” prompt?
Prompts: 1. “You have no idea how much I want you right now”
Summary: after hearing your interview about how guys your age don’t know how to treat you, Sebastian decides to step in
Warnings: smut (18+), minors DNI, age gap (reader is about 25), choking, unprotected sex (it’s fiction, we don’t care about these things here), swearing
Word count: ~1,9k
A/N: english is not my native language so I apologise for my mistakes and lack of vocabulary, I’m still learning
Tumblr media
Sebastian was bored. He didn’t have work today and he was too lazy to go out somewhere. He already cleaned the house and made himself something to eat and now he just doesn’t know what to do.
An idea popped into his mind when he grabbed his phone and opened youtube, hoping that he will find something interesting to watch.
The first thing he saw when he opened the app was an interview in his suggestions. An interview with you. He immediately clicked on it and smiled to himself as soon as he saw you walking into the stage and saying hi to Jimmy Kimmel.
You and Sebastian had a very interesting relationship going on. You’ve been in two movies together and in both of them you were love interests which meant that you spent about a year kissing each other almost everyday on set and it made him feel some way about you. Especially when you started hanging out a lot off set. You got along very well and found out lots of things about each other and just generally you were a great duo.
As you may say - you were best friends. But Sebastian wanted something more...
However, he was respectful, considering your age difference, he knows that maybe you wouldn’t date a guy who’s fifteen years older than you. So he’s just grateful that at least you’re friends with him.
“so y/n, you mentioned in our last interview that you’re having troubles with relationships. Did something change?” Jimmy asked.
“oh god” you laughed and Sebastian’s heart fluttered at the sound of your laughter. “well no, not really. I just realised one thing”
“care to share?” Jimmy chuckled, wanting to hear an answer.
“well...gosh I hope this doesn’t sound bad. I realised that guys my age don’t know how to treat me, you know? Most of them are very childish, at least the ones I’ve been with” you gave a half shrug and laughed to ease the tension.
“so what you’re saying is that you need an older man, am I right?” Jimmy narrowed his eyes.
“yeah, I guess so” you blushed and burried your face in your hands. “this sounds so embarrassing”
Sebastian’s heart started beating faster. Your words were racing in his mind. All this time he thought you could never look at him as more than a friend just because of the age gap and now...he may have a chance.
“so is there any possible candidates?”
“well there is one guy that I know would be perfect for me, but I don’t think he would like someone younger than him”
“who is it?”
“I’m definitely not saying this” you threw your head back laughing. “we’ve been friends for a while now that’s all I’m gonna say”
He felt like he had just ran a marathon. Sebastian’s heart was beating out of his chest and he was breathing heavily. He had so many mixed thoughts and emotions that he didn’t know what to believe.
So he did the only thing that seemed right for him; he stood up, put on his shoes and left.
You almost dropped your glass of wine when you heard a loud knock on your apartment door, it was 11pm and you didn’t have any plans to meet anyone today.
You tiptoed to the door and pressed your ear against it. “who is it?”
“it’s me, Sebastian”
You immediately recognised his voice and opened the door, relieved that it wasn’t a serial killer or something else.
“oh god, you’re soaking” you widened your eyes when you saw him with a smug look on his face.
“yeah, it’s kinda raining” he shrugged.
“come in, I’ll get you a towel and something to change” you pulled him in by his hand and closed the door before leaving him standing there like a lost puppy while you went to search for a towel and dry clothes.
Since you love wearing oversized clothes which sometimes are from the men section, it wasn’t hard to find something that fits him.
“here, you can get change in the bathroom and leave your clothes there, I’ll put them in the dryer” you handed him everything.
“thank you” he smiled and eyed you up and down before walking away.
As soon as he was gone out of sight you widened your eyes and exhaled the air you didn’t know you were holding.
Your heart was beating out of your chest from excitement that Sebastian was here but you were also nervous to find out why is he here.
While going back to the living room, you walked past a mirror and mentally face palmed yourself when you realised that you’re just in your pyjamas, with a Mickey Mouse on them.
You turned around and started sprinting to your bedroom but bumped into Sebastian as he was leaving the bathroom. Before you could fall, his hands went around your waist to hold you still, his touch sending shivers down your spine.
“woah there” he chuckled looking down on you. “what’s going on?”
“I wanted to change” you laughed awkwardly.
“why? I love Mickey Mouse” he shrugged and tightened his grip. “plus, you look cute”
“I saw your interview” he cut in, making your mouth fall open.
“so older, huh?” he smirked and you immediately caught on.
“what can I say, they know what they are doing and they’re good at it” you replied cheekily even though you felt like you’re going to explode.
In a matter of seconds, Sebastian pushed you against the wall, making you gasp in surprise and cage you between his arms.
“and how do you know that?” he asked, his voice was low and raspy.
“lucky guess” you licked your lips nervously as he leaned in more; your lips almost touching.
Your mind was foggy, all you could think about is that this man in front of you -who you had a crush on since the day you met him- is making you wet by seconds.
“you have no idea how much I want you right now” he breathed out into your lips.
“then have me” you whispered back at him and that’s all it took for him to crash his lips into yours, pressing his full body against you.
His tongue slipped inside of your mouth, immediately gaining confidence as his hands travelled down your body and he lightly tapped the back of your thighs with his fingers indicating for you to jump.
You obeyed, wrapping your legs around his torso as he held you securely with his arms around you. You broke the kiss for a second to catch breath before connecting your lips once again as he carried you to the bedroom.
He detached your lips and gently laid you down on the bed before hovering above you. You smiled softly at him, enjoying the view of his messy, still a little wet, hair and red, plump lips. His blue eyes were piercing through you with desire as you tugged the bottom of his/yours shirt, signaling him to take it off.
As he held himself with one arm, his other arm went to reach for his back as he grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head easily. This action only made you drool even more.
“lord have mercy” you muttered under your breath as you eyed him and made him chuckle.
“wrong name, baby” he smirked and lowered his face next to yours to softly bite your earlobe.
Sebastian helped you to take off your shirt and widened his eyes when he noticed that you weren’t wearing a bra underneath.
“you’re so gorgeous” he whispered and kissed your lips once more, before slowly leaving a trail of kisses down your neck and your chest, stopping to suck on your already hard nipples, making you let out a breathy moan.
His fingers hooked onto the waistband of your shorts and he looked at you as if asking are you sure, which you nodded and he proceeded to take it off.
“no panties also, huh” he licked his lips and kissed your stomach, slowly moving down to your inner thighs.
“fuck, Seb. Do something” you whined when his lips ghosted over your soaked pussy. He giggled softly before sucking on your thigh, leaving a mark behind.
You ran your fingers through his hair with a squeal as his tongue dragged from your dripping hole to your clit where he began to flick on your sensitive bud.
“Sebastian” you moaned out and he brought a finger to tease your entrance. You threw your head back against the mattress when he suddenly slammed his fingers inside you.
“take your pants off” you managed to choke out the words while he sucked on your clit and fingered you like there’s no tomorrow, constantly brushing through your g spot.
He pulled his mouth away from you and licked his lips, still pumping his fingers inside you, he struggled to take his pants off with the other hand.
“fuck, Seb, I’m close” you gasped looking up at him.
He suddenly pulled his fingers out and you whined at the loss of contact. “I want you to cum on my cock” he smirked and took of his boxers while you watched him with hungry eyes.
He gave his cock a few strokes before lining it against your hole. “don’t tease, please” you begged him and he instantly obeyed, slamming himself inside of you without a warning making your back arch and a sinful sound leave your mouth.
He didn’t take much time before starting moving, letting you feel all of him raw inside you.
You would lie if you said that you’ve ever felt this way. Sebastian was definitely one of the kind. He knew what he was doing and how to do it, touching every inch inside you, making you moan uncontrollably, as much as you wanted to say something, to praise him, you were not able to speak.
His hand sneaked around your neck, squeezing the sides lightly as he pulled all the way out and slam right back in, making your back arch for the hundredth time this night.
“you are beautiful” he whispered leaning his face down to meet your lips. You were trying hard to kiss him back but it was impossible because he was pumping his cock inside you hard and fast.
“I’m close, baby. Are you close?” he smirked noticing how much you were struggling.
“shit, yes I am, fuck” you growled as he squeezed your neck harder.
Your vision became blurry, everything was too much to handle, your orgasm came closer by seconds until you finally squeezed his cock making him cum too, his load painted the walls of your insides.
He collapsed on top of you before rolling down to the side, breathing heavily. You both had a smile on your face after finally getting what you both wanted for a long time.
“yeah, guys my age definitely can’t treat me right” you chuckled, getting a quiet laugh in return.
“would you like to go on a date with me?” he asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence.
You looked at him and couldn’t help but laugh loudly. “I would love to”
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winter-james · a day ago
Requested by anon: hiiii! i love your fics! could you write sebastian and female reader fic where they’re facetiming while he’s filming a movie in l.a and its late at night and he just keeps smiling and staring at the screen without saying anything and readers like “what???” and he’s just like “you’re just so beautiful” and then shes blushing nonstop
Word count: 1.1k
Author's note: I kind of got off track with this one but I hope you like it. Thank you for the compliment and the request!
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
You were getting ready for bed when your phone started ringing. A sound you have been waiting for for a half an hour. You dropped the blanket you were holding and ran towards the sound in the living room. Sebastian's name was on the screen and you wasted no time to pick up his call. His face lit up your phone screen, the only light coming from his phone.
"Hey" you smiled, holding the device in front of you as you walked back into the bedroom.
"Hey pretty, how are you?" he smiled back, happy to finally see you. He was away in LA, filming a movie and you were back in your house.
"Good, I just miss you" you pouted as you climbed into his side of bed. It had became a habit after he left to sleep on his side. First it was because it smelled like him, which it was long gone now, but you kept doing it as it gave you comfort.
"I miss you too baby. A few weeks and I'll be back with you." he tried to assure you, but you knew how he couldn't be hundred percent sure about when he finished and you knew that it could be longer before he is back.
"Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it" you smiled sadly. You weren't mad at him, or anyone for that matter, it was just how things went with filming.
"Hey, don't go all sad on me. We talked about this" he wiggled his fingers at you playfully in warning. You did talk about it once it became too much for you that he wasn't with you, while he was away for another movie before this one, your first time being apart for a longer period of time.
Facetime was your only option to get any contact with Sebastian as he was in a completely another country while you were home. You understood that this was his job and he loved what he did, but it didn't make it any easier when you haven't seen him in person for more than a month now.
"You still with me?" the voice coming from your phone startled you from your thoughts. Your eyes snapped back to where Sebastian's face was on screen, now contorted in worry.
"Yes, sorry I just got caught up in my head for a second" you forced a smile, which he saw right through.
"What's wrong y/n?" concern clear in his eyes made you turn your head away so he didn't see the tears forming in your eyes. You cleared your throat and looked back at his face on the little screen.
"Nothing's wrong, it was just a hard day" you weren't lying, it really was just one of those days when nothing seemed to be going right, but it also made you yearn for Sebastian's presence even more than usual so talking to him now was hard, knowing you couldn't hug him.
"What happened sweetheart?" his soft voice almost made you cry, but you held back your tears.
"Nothing worked out the way I wanted it to! First I spilled my coffee in the morning then I had to clean it up, making me late. Then I missed the subway so I was even more late than I would've been and I got scolded by my boss. Then the whole day was just horrible, I couldn't get anything done and then I got home and there was almost nothing in the fridge so I couldn't eat what I wanted to." you let everything out. "And then I realized that you're not gonna be home for at least a few more weeks and it just made me even more frustrated and I just want to hug you and I-" you choked up, the tears finally falling from your eyes making you hide your face behind your hands. "I'm sorry" you sobbed.
"Hey, look at me pretty, it's okay" he tried to calm you down. You rubbed your face sighing and wiped your tears away. He had a soft smile on his lips when you looked at him, making your heart leap in your chest. He always knew what he had to do to get you to calm down, but looking at you through a camera was making this a little harder. "There's nothing you should be sorry for. I understand it was a hard day and I'm glad you told me about this." he got closer to the screen. "I miss and want to hug you too and I'm sorry I can't be there for you." you shook your head at his words not wanting him to feel guilty, but before you could open your mouth to say something, he continued "I want you to text or call me whenever you feel like this, okay? Whenever. I don't care what time of the day it is, I want to know about it" you almost started crying again.
"I can't bother you every time I feel a little sad, Seb." you chuckled sadly. "And I can't rely on you all the time to make it better either."
"You won't bother me so get that out of your head." he narrowed his eyes at you. "And I'm not telling you to rely on me all the time, but you can let me know about these feelings. Or think about a happy memory of us. Anything. It could be a small thing too. Just don't be sad alone at home baby. Okay?"
"Yeah, okay I can do that." you nodded, already feeling better.
"Okay how was your day?" he lain down on his bed and you did the same in yours. You started talking about your it, telling him how you met this really cute dog in the park. When you finished you asked him the same question so he told you how he dropped one of the props and it broke. You laughed at him, then it became silent as you found him just looking at you smiling.
"What?" you smiled back, guessing he was just thinking back to something.
"You're so beautiful" his soft voice full of love made heat spread across your cheeks.
"Stop it" you shook your head giggling, trying to hide your blush.
"I'm just telling the truth" he continued, enjoying how he made you frustrated. He wanted to thank whoever let the two of you cross paths because you were the best thing that happened to him. He just wanted to compliment you every chance he got as you deserved it and he planned on doing it for the rest of your lives.
Permanent taglist: @byatomoe
let me know if you want to be added
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Congratulations on reaching 1.5K! You deserve it. 🌿The prompt is “Come on, baby, up to bed.” if you could do it for Bucky with a pregnant reader, I’d appreciate it. I'm a sucker for soon to be Dad Bucky. 🥺 – @thejamesbuchananbarnes
Bed Time || Bucky Barnes
a/n: I loved this prompt omg it was so sweet! Such a sucker for soon to be Dad Bucky! Thank you so much!!
word count: 500
warnings: pregnancy
masterlist || request || taglist
Slowly opening the door to your shared home, Bucky could hear the dull sound of the television playing in the living room. Quietly shutting the door behind him, he made his way into the room, finding your sleeping figure on the couch wrapped in a blanket.
Smiling to himself, admiring how beautiful you looked in your peaceful state, he leaned down and pressed a light kiss against your temple.
“Come on, baby, up to bed.” He cooed, slipping off your blanket.
When your eyes fluttered open, catching your husband’s face above you, bathed only in the warm glow of the lamp beside you, you smiled.
“Mmm,” You hummed, reaching your arms up. “But I’m so comfy.”
“I know, doll.” Bucky said. “But you know it’s going to hurt in the morning if you don’t come to bed.”
“Fine, but only because our bed’s closer to the bathroom.”
Chuckling, knowing how often your unborn child forced you to go to the bathroom, he grabbed your hands, slowly pulling you up. When you sat up in your seat, you yawned, resting one hand on your pregnant belly, the other still in Bucky’s hand.
Bringing you to your feet he switched off the lamp, and rested his free hand on your lower back. Guiding you out of the living room and up the stairs to your bedroom, he was careful to stand behind you incase you slipped.
“I can-” You yawned. “I can walk up a flight of stairs, Buck.”
“I know, doll.” He spoke softly, knowing you were still in your sleepy state. “It’s just dark and you haven’t been able to look down at your feet for a month. I don’t want you slipping or anything. Never mind the rug-”
“Okay!” You chuckled, reaching the top of the stairs. “I know, I know. You’re just looking out for me.”
Listening to your tired laugh, he couldn’t help but smile in the dark, guiding you into the bedroom. Helping you down onto the bed, you slipped yourself under the sheets, getting yourself comfortable while you heard your husband undress on the other side of the bed. Closing your eyes, you listened as he finally slipped into bed beside you and felt as his hand rested on your belly.
“I’m always gonna look out for you and this kiddo, you know that, right?” He whispered.
Smiling to yourself, you leaned back into his bare chest. “I know, Buck.” 
Beginning to feel exhaustion wash over him, he tucked his head into the crook of your neck, his eyes fluttering shut.
“I love you.” You heard his raspy voice mumble.
“I love you too, baby.” You said back. “Good night, James.”
“Good night, Y/n.”
As his words slurred together and his breathing slowed, you smiled knowing he had fallen to sleep beside you. Allowing the peaceful slumber to find you once again, you were content in knowing you were in the arms of your loving husband and soon to be father of your favorite boy.
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summary~ after helping and steve and bucky out of a sticky situtation, steve has only one question. why?
warning~ mentions of blood and death. reader is an ex-hydra agent. angst kinda.
note: this is my first fic so please be kind to me. also, i tried to make the reader as neutral as possible so everyone can enjoy
Translations: солдат ; soldier
нет, что-то похуже ; No, something worse
Their breaths were ragged. Escaping a Hydra base was no easy feat, Bucky never able to do it himself and Steve only managing it once, fate sparing his life because he was too important to let die. They thought they were as good as dead, S.H.I.E.L.D being infiltrated and no one to save them who they weren’t sure wasn’t the enemy and Bucky, being an assassin, was declared an enemy of the country. There was no one coming to their aid.
After being cornered in nothing short of an exhilarating car chase, all roads were blocked, all exits were guarded by dozens of cars and armed vehicles waiting for their signal to blow them to pieces. Steve looked over at his friend for what he thought was the last time, regret and so much left unsaid behind his eyes as his friend couldn’t bare to look at him. He had gotten him into this mess and there was no way out, or at least that was what they thought.
There was a loud explosion and an unavoidable feeling of heat to Steve’s left. There were bursts of light they both assumed were their demise but from behind the shredded car they had been hiding behind, no thing had touched them. There was something out there, though. There were grunts at first, and the sound of bones being cracked, and skin being sliced. Screams of agony ringing out in competition with shots being fired. They covered their ears and hoped that whatever was killing their enemy wasn’t coming for them next.
“You call in a favor?”, Bucky questioned, wondering whether or not it was safe to look from behind their shield as Steve shook his head.
“No favor I could call in would do this.”
The fighting continued for only a few more seconds before it was quiet. The screams and shouts dying down and the explosions ceasing leaving only shrapnel and blood around them. The car they hid behind shifted, as if someone walked across the top. There was a small thud and there you were. Dressed in something Bucky was no stranger to and wearing a mask they haunted him in his dreams. Blood was splattered mask and the goggles had been abandoned, they assumed because they eventually became to messy to see through. There was no metal appendage, no sense of confusion. You were very aware. You offered a handout, sticky and red, and they didn’t dare touch it.
“Hydra.”, was all you said, and they didn’t know if you were with them or fighting them.
“солдат?” Bucky asked. You looked like a carbon copy of him, hidden face, tortured eyes, strong physique, yet he had never seen you before. You lifted your sleeve, only enough to show your wrist, revealing a symbol he had seldom seen. A marking that flashed him only before he went into the chair and that marked the door at the far end of his base. He was never permitted to enter, never even allow within a mile radius.
“нет, что-то похуже.”
“Why?”, where the first words spoken after hours of silence. Bucky had been dropped at a safe location and Steve back at his apartment after being provided new clothes and an alibi. Back home as if nothing had ever happened. You were still there, only requesting a place to sleep for the night before promising that they would never see each other again.
He didn’t exactly know what he was questioning, why you saved his life, why you wouldn’t let them kill his friend, why you continued to advocate for the both of them even after learning of their crimes which were surely severe enough to warrant a death sentence.
“Dark.”, was the first word that came to mind. “It was always dark. Hydra is unforgiving, taking what shines and corrupting it to shine brighter. They threw me in a room a while ago, took away the windows and the doors. Said I was too powerful a weapon to kill, and my body was practically unbreakable, so they did the next best thing.”
“They broke your mind.” You nodded, holding your wrist in attempts to ease away the soreness.
“They needed a weapon, not a human. I wasn’t supposed think or dream, I was supposed to kill. Just like your friend.”
“Did you know him.”, you shook your head.
“You friend was an expendable muscle, one of the only of their experiments to work but not important enough for them to actually care about his survival. I don’t think we even breathed the same air.” Steve nodded.
“How bad was it?” You furrowed your eyebrows in thought.
“I don’t remember much. It was cold and dirty. The walls were black with grime and the water was like ice. The nights and days blended together, the only distinguishable time was when I was on missions, which weren’t the memorable either. Just…so much blood. As soon as my hands were clean, they were dirty again, and somehow, that wasn’t the worst part.” Steve frowned. Your expression was familiar to Bucky’s whenever he mentioned Hydra. He always looked so pained, so guilty. Your eyes glazed over, tears threatening to spill but you had gotten great and blinking them back. You shifted in the white tee-shirt he had provided you with and the sweatpants that were practically falling off your hips.
“Did they…”, his voice trailed off as he looked for a polite way to ask if she had been mind controlled too but she caught his drift.
“I wish. Your friend could forget, he had something to blame for his deeds, but I was very aware. They didn’t need to torture me, my mind did that itself. It haunts your nights, the things they make you do, it interrupts your thoughts, and traps you inside your mind. It surrounds you, drowning out any chances of redemption until all that is left is the empty husk of a regretful soul.”
“How did you get out?”, she smiled.
“I didn’t. Hydra doesn’t just take your freedom; they take your soul. I broke free and I am still plagued by nightmares. I still cannot live for salvation does not welcome the guilty, but those who are willing to repent. She does not pity, only passes judgement to determine who is worthy to live with themselves. I didn’t know your friend, I don’t plan on knowing him either, but I know what a few years in those cells do to a person. They make you kill people; they make you forget so that allegiance is never an issue yet the most you lose is yourself. You lose your identity, your will to live, you lose hope. I don’t know what he wanted to do with himself, I don’t know his dreams or his aspirations, but I do know that they shouldn’t be taken by the actions of a broken man. He deserves a chance to live, or at least a chance to decide whether or not he can live with what the atrocities that the monster living inside him committed.”
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YOU HIT 1.5K!!! CONGRAAAATS!!! For the sleepover 🌿 : i'll give you the prompt: "no, i said i hate everyone. not you." with anyone you'd like (since you said bucky or peter)! I just had the idea and idk i think it's really cuuuute
Not You || Bucky Barnes
a/n: Thank you so much!! I’m so grateful!!
word count: 547
warnings: none
masterlist || request || taglist
In the aftermath of his outburst, you sat in your seat, mouth agape, glancing from Bucky’s therapist to the door. You were shocked to say the least. In all the time that you had known your boyfriend- ever since Steve had once again found him and brought him to Wakanda where you kept a watchful eye on him for his best friend- you had never seen him grow so angry and have such an outburst.
“I should... I should probably go after him.” You told Dr. Raynor, grabbing your bag from beside you and standing to your feet. “I don’t... he's not usually like that. I’ll make sure he comes back next week, Doc.”
Without giving her the chance to say anything in response, you left the room, making your way through the hallway and waiting room. Throwing open the doors of the building, you felt a cold blast of air hit your face as you made your way outside. Jogging down the steps, you caught Bucky leaning against the railing at the bottom.
“Hey,” You said gently, resting your hand on his arm. “Is everything okay?”
Shaking his head, he threw his arms up in the air.
“You know, I am so sick and tired of people asking me that.” Bucky confessed. “Nobody gives a shit anyway. I finally get my memories back and then I disappear for five years and come back and Steve leaves... Now if people aren’t scared of me they want something from me and I’m just so sick of it.”
Nodding along, you moved your hand to his back, rubbing circles against his clothed skin. Although you were listening, the outburst in the therapist’s office replayed over and over in your head- Dr. Raynor pushing him too far and him shouting about how he hates everyone and everything before storming out of the room. 
You were shocked, but also hurt. You could understand why he would feel that way, but now you were scared you were grouped in with his ill feelings.
“I know, Buck.” You cooed, before clearing your throat. “If you... if you want me to go- I will. I don’t want you to feel-”
Bucky snapped his attention back towards you.
“What?” He asked. “Why would I want you to go?”
“I don't know.” You shrugged. “In there you said how you hated everyone and-”
“No.” Bucky corrected you. “I said I hate everyone- not you.”
His face softening, he turned to you, his hands resting on your arms. “I don’t hate you, Y/n.” He said. “I’m sorry I said all that in there. I didn’t want you to see me like that, but doll, I could never hate you. I don't want you to think stuff like that, okay?”
You nodded. “Okay.”
Gazing at your face, Bucky moved his hands from your arms to your back, pulling you against his chest and into his tight embrace. Wrapping your arms around him, you listened as his breathing settled and he rested his head in the crook of your neck.
“I love you, Y/n.” Bucky mumbled against your skin. “You know that, right?”
Closing your eyes, pushing the conversation from earlier out of your mind, you nodded, holding him tighter. “I know, Buck.” You whispered. “I love you too.”
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cxddlyash · a day ago
Assassination to Soulmates
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Soulmate AU)
Words: 4200+
Author’s Note: I see a lot of soulmate type pov’s on tik tok and decided to write one of my own, and here it is. I did not expect it to be so long... oops. Uh, I really hope you enjoy it! Lemme know what you think, okay? I love feedback xox
"Mr. Pierce says that he needs to be eliminated," you hear a gruff voice say, and your brows furrow together, halting your footsteps.
You peek your head around the corner of the dark alleyway, seeing two men with guns in their hands and another man kneeling on the pavement.
"Well, we shouldn't be doing it right here," the other guy suggests and turns his head towards you. You quietly gasp and shuffle out of view before they could see you, feeling your heart pounding against your chest. "There could be eyes anywhere and then we'll get out asses chewed out."
"It's almost midnight, dude. There's no one out right now. C’mon, just fucking do it so I can go home."
You peek around the corner once more in time to see one of the men lift his gun before shooting the civilian in the head. Your eyes widen and a louder gasp leaves your throat, gaining the attention of the two gunmen.
"Goddamnit, I told you!" One of the men shouts and you start booking it down the street.
You start to hyperventilate as you can hear the footsteps running after you. A few gunshots are heard and you duck your head before running down a side street.
Fuck fuck fuck. You curse to yourself as you desperately try to find somewhere to hide. You eye the dumpster warily, not exactly wanting to jump into it but there's no way you're outrunning these guys.
You quickly throw the dumpster lid up and jump inside, resisting the urge to gag as you quietly close it afterward. You hold your breath as you hear the footsteps become louder, huffing and puffing leaving the men's lips.
"Goddamnit. She got away," one of them states and you chew on your lip, keeping your breathing steady.
"Not for long. We'll send him after her. Pierce will know what to do. C'mon," the other mentions and you wait a bit longer as their footsteps grow quieter.
You sit in the dumpster for what feels like forever before deciding to finally leave. Your heart beats quickly against your chest as you constantly look over your shoulder during your walk home.
Who were they?
Who's Pierce?
Are they in a gang?
What did they mean by sending him after you? Who were they talking about?
Why did they kill that man?
So many questions go through your head as you shakily unlock your apartment door, slipping inside the dark space. You let out a deep breath and rest your head against the wooden object, feeling like you're going to vomit.
You lock your door behind you, deciding that you're not going to leave for a bit before things cool down.
It's been almost a week since the night you witnessed a murder. Almost a week you've been hiding out in your apartment, too scared to leave for anything. Your anxiety has heightened since that night and you find yourself pacing in your bedroom multiple times a day.
A sigh leaves your lips and runs a hand through your hair, deciding to take a bath to ease your mind. You strip yourself out of your night clothes before walking into the bathroom, turning the faucet on.
You wait a few minutes for the water to fill up, staring at the clearness as that night flashes through your memory. You shake your head before letting out another sigh, needing to get your mind off the horrible event.
You grab a bath bomb from under your sink and remove the plastic wrapping before dropping it into the tub. You step in and lower yourself into the steaming hot water, your hands gripping the edge of the tub so hard your knuckles are white.
"I can't live in fear forever," you say to yourself while sinking further into the water. You calm your nerves for almost an hour when your door opening catches your attention.
You quietly try to get out of the tub, leaving the water in it, and grab a towel from the rack beside you. You press your lips together as you tightly wrap the fluffy material around you, securing it before walking closer to the closed door.
Something crashes from the other room and your breath hitches in your throat, causing you to stumble into the shelving unit beside you. You wince as a few things get knocked off the shelf and you quickly turn the light off before hiding in the corner.
You suppress a scream when the bathroom door gets kicked open, the wooden structure coming off the hinges completely. What the fuck. Your eyes look towards the man who walks into the room, his long hair and the mask he's wearing covering his face.
You swallow the lump in your throat as your eyes come into contact with the metal arm he's repping. Who is this guy? You think to yourself as he walks farther into the room.
Taking a deep breath, you quietly sneak your way towards the open doorway without having the strange man notice you. A gasp leaves your lips as he turns around immediately, seeing his steel-blue eyes reflecting off the moonlight.
You quickly make a run for it, not making it very far as the man easily catches up. You go to open your front door when he slams you against it. A groan escapes your lips and you glance over your shoulder to see him raising his fist. You dodge his fist, crouching a bit as the metal fist bursts through the door.
Your heart pounds against your chest as he suddenly wraps his hand around your throat. Eyes widening in fear, you start to pry his metal hand off of you. You're gasping for air as his grip tightens and your eyesight begins to grow fuzzy. "P-Please…" you plead as best as you could, looking into the eyes of the man in front of you. "I-I won't say anything I swear. I'll move to a different country if I have to."
The man doesn't lighten his grip and you're sure that you're going to die here. Black dots begin to fill your vision as your struggling dies down. Your window shatters and the man gripping your throat suddenly lets go of you.
You fall to the floor, taking in deep breaths as you attempt to crawl away. You look towards your shattered window to see Captain America standing in your living room, relief filling your body as the two men begin to fight.
It doesn't take long before the metal-armed man jumps out the window, but not before looking back at you one more time. You cough a bit, gathering your oxygen back as your eyes begin to finally focus.
"You okay, Miss?" The Captain asks you while kneeling beside you.
You nod your head a bit before looking up at the man. "T-Thank you," you choke out and rest your head against the floor.
Captain America gently moves your head to look at your neck, seeing the skin already bruising. "Why was he after you?" He questions with a furrow on his brows.
You slowly sit up, letting out another cough as you rest your back against the wall. "I witnessed two people kill someone," you inform him and a hum leaves his lips.
"I'm Steve," he introduces while holding his right hand out for you to shake.
"Y/N," you tell him and raise your left arm to shake his hand, his blue eyes drifting towards the birthmark on your arm.
Steve tilts his head before looking up at you through your lashes. "Interesting mark," he mumbles and your cheeks flush, pulling your arm away from him. "My friend, Bucky… he used to have one just like it."
Your heart breaks at the past tense he uses, your eyes casting down to the unique shape on your arm. "Used? He- Is he dead?" You ask softly and Steve nods his head.
"It's strange though since he was born in 1917," Steve mentions and a short groan leaves your lips. Of course.
"Only I would have a soulmate that's not from this day and age," you sigh while subconsciously rubbing the mark. "I've kinda got used to the fact that I'll be alone, so I guess it's not so bad."
Steve frowns and lays a hand on top of yours. "You'll find someone. Whether it be your soulmate or not. Maybe there's another out there that has the same mark."
You nod your head, not wanting to talk about it and Steve moves to stand up. "Steve?" You ask and look up at him, gaining his attention. "What am I supposed to do? I-I can't stay here."
He smiles kindly at you and holds his hand out for you to take. "C'mon, I know a place where you can stay," he mentions and your lips part slightly and you grab a hold of his hand.
"So, this Winter Soldier is after her? Damn, he's got a lot of contracts," Sam mentions as you, him, Natasha, and Steve sit at the table.
Steve brought you to Sam's place, informing you that you can trust him to keep you safe. You fiddle with your fingers as you listen to their conversation, not making any attempt to say anything.
"Y/N?" Steve asks and you snap your head up, looking towards the man. "The three of us are going to leave. We've got some stuff to do, but please stay inside and out of sight, okay?"
You gulp and nod your head, mumbling your thanks to Sam. The man smiles gently and waves his hand. "It's no problem. A friend of Steve's is a friend of mine. I'm glad to help," he tells you and you smile in reply.
Steve pats your shoulder, mumbling to you that it'll be alright before the three of them walk out the door. You wait a few minutes before standing up from your chair, walking towards the window to see if everything is clear.
A deep breath comes from your lips as you think how stupid this plan is, but you couldn't get Steve's friend he mentioned out of your head. You recall the blonde mentioning that Bucky was alongside him in the war before he fell from a train in Germany, so you decided to sneak to the museum to see if they have anything on him.
You grab one of Sam's hoodies that sits on the edge of the couch, quickly putting it on before walking out the front door. You shove your hands into the hoodie pocket while lowering yourself into the cab, telling the driver to bring you to the museum.
You pay the driver once you get to your destination before heading inside. You walk around the Smithsonian, taking in brief information as you suddenly find Bucky's memorial. You see a picture of him and Steve together, smiles on both of your faces, and your chest clenches.
He's cute. You think to yourself as you frown, seeing a full-body photo of the man and notice the unique birthmark on his left arm. You bring your hand to your mark, gently rubbing it as you silently wish you could've met him.
You've always been confused by the whole soulmate's thing. You've never heard about two people who lived in different generations having the same mark. It made you curious for sure, but you didn't know any expert on the matter.
You leave the Smithsonian after almost an hour when you hear screams in the distance. You throw your hood up, not wanting anyone who works with those two men to recognize you as your feet take you closer to the chaos.
You're hiding behind a few cars that have been knocked over and your breath hitches in your throat upon seeing the Winter Soldier and Steve fighting. You watch as Steve throws the soldier over his shoulder, noticing that his mask fell off in the middle of it.
Steve's eyes widen as the man slowly turns to face him and your eyes begin to widen as well. How's that… "Bucky?" He asks and the brunette tilts his head a bit.
"Who the hell is Bucky?" The Winter Soldier asks before going to raise his gun when Sam comes flying in, kicking him in the back.
You quickly leave the scene as Steve gets arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D., noticing Bucky walking down an alleyway and you stupidly decide to follow him. You keep your head down slightly as the two of you walk farther into the alley, trying to gather the courage to yell out to the man.
Your brows furrow together when you look back up to see the Winter Soldier disappeared. "What the-" you mumble and quickly turn around, finding yourself alone. You turn back around and let out a gasp as the soldier now stands in front of you.
His metal arm wraps around your throat once more, pressing you against the brick wall. "Who are you?" He asks and your eyes stare into his.
"I'm Y/N," you whisper and Bucky pulls out a knife. You panic slightly and grab a hold of his wrist, stopping him from stabbing you.
Flashes of the two of you together flood your minds, your chest rapidly rising and falling. Another gasp leaves your lips as the flashes fade and tears come to your eyes. The soldier suddenly lets go of you and stumbles back, a look of confusion on his face.
"What was that? What did you do?" He asks and you can hear the agitation in his voice.
"I-I didn't do anything," you stutter and place your hands up in defense. You swallow thickly and push the sleeve upon your arm, revealing the birthmark etched in your skin. "Do you… do you recognize this at all?"
Bucky's blue eyes dart down to your forearm, seeing the unique mark before furrowing his brows. He gently brings his hand to your arm, feeling his fingertips glide over your warm skin.
Before he has the chance to say anything a blunt force meets the side of your head, knocking you out instantly. Bucky manages to catch you before you fall, glancing to his left to see two agents standing beside him.
"Pierce needs you. Bring her too. He'll want to see her," he states before walking away.
You jolt awake when someone throws a cold bucket of water onto you, a yelp leaving your lips as you shake your head. "What-" you cut yourself off as you try to move your limbs only to find them restrained. You look around the room, seeing about five other agents standing around along with a few scientists.
Blue eyes meet yours and your breath hitches in your throat, seeing Bucky sitting in the chair across from you. "Buck-" you start but get cut off by the man beside you, your cheek stinging by the slap you received.
"Not a word," the man growls and you swallow the lump in your throat, nodding your head in reply.
The Winter Soldier stares off as the scientists work on his arm, looking to be lost in his mind. You jump when Bucky suddenly swings his metal arm, sending the scientist that's working on it across the room.
The guards raise their guns, aiming them at the man and you start to worry that they might kill him. Your cheat heaves rapidly as you keep your eyes on him, hearing the door to whatever room we're in opening before closing once more.
"Mission report," an older gentleman demands and you tear your eyes away from Bucky. "Oh, and a familiar face. A job you couldn't finish I see."
Bucky goes to move out of his seat when the older man walks towards me only to have two agents hold him back. You try to pry your hands from the restraints, wanting nothing more to be out of this place.
A gasp leaves your lips when the man slaps you in the same spot as the last slap you received. Tears spill from your eyes as the stinging almost becomes unbearable. "Leave her alone," Bucky suddenly says, causing the man in front of you to whirl his head around.
"Interesting," he goes and looks between the two of you, a smirk on his lips. "Now, what would be the reason why our asset would suddenly want to protect you?"
"Mr. Pierce," an agent pipes up causing the blonde to look towards the man standing beside you. The agent lifts your sleeve to reveal the birthmark on your arm. "We believe that they're somehow soulmates."
Pierce clicks his tongue before letting out a laugh. "That is interesting indeed, isn't it? I'll get to you later," he tells you and turns to face Bucky. "Mission report, now."
Bucky's eyes stay on yours and you can see a tinge of softness in them when Pierce crouches in front of him slightly. You jump once again when the older man backhands Bucky, the soldier whipping his head a bit before furrowing his brows.
"The man on the bridge," he mumbles and looks towards Pierce, "who was he?"
"You met him earlier this week on another assignment," Pierce tells him and Bucky's eyes dart towards yours.
"I knew him."
Pierce grabs the stool beside him before sitting down onto it. "Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped the century, and I need you to do it one more time. Society is at a tipping point between order and chaos, and tomorrow morning we're going to give it a push. But, if you don't do your part, I can't do mine. And HYDRA can't give the world the freedom it deserves," he explains to the soldier.
"But, I knew him," Bucky states once more before pressing his lips together. You can practically see his brain putting the pieces together about Steve and you're feeling relieved. Bucky looks back towards you once again, seeing an unreadable emotion in his blue eyes. "And she's my soulmate."
Pierce lets out a sigh and stands up from the stool, telling the scientist beside him to prep Bucky. "He's been out of cryo freeze too long," the man in the lab coat explains as your heart begins to pound in your chest.
"Then wipe him and start over."
"W-Wait," you whisper to yourself as the two scientists lean him back in the chair. Bucky places the mouth guard into his mouth when his eyes meet yours. His chest heaves quickly when he gets locked into place, his head leaning back as the electrode machine begins to descend onto his face. "Stop!"
You thrash in your chair as Bucky's muffled screams echo off the walls. Tears stream down your face as you squeeze your eyes shut, not being able to watch what's happening to him.
"What do we do with her?" An agent asks the older man and you can feel his eyes on you.
"Wait until he's done and then have him kill her," Pierce orders before walking out of the room.
A couple of the agents undo your restraints and lift you from your chair. You thrash and kick amongst their grasp, doing everything you can to get out of their death grip. Screams leave your lips as you look back towards Bucky, his screams stopping as the scientists finish the mind wipe.
"Bucky, please!" You desperately call for help as the two men throw you into a concrete room before shutting the door.
You pant heavily as you back up against the corner of the room, running a hand through your hair. You can faintly hear them ordering him around on the other side of the door and you look up at the ceiling, feeling like that’ll be the place you'll die in.
The door bursts open and you jump, cowering against the wall as Bucky walks into the room. His blue eyes are stone cold as he waltz's over to you before wrapping his hand around your throat for the third time.
"Bucky," you plead, your hand resting on his chest and you frown when the flashes don't play through your mind again. Your lip trembles and you gasp for air when his hand squeezes.
You slowly bring your hand to his face, gently stroking his cheek as you begin to grow dizzy. Memories from the first time you met the Winter Soldier plays through your head as you slowly lose oxygen.
Bucky releases you and you slump to the ground, growing unconscious as the brunette looks down at you. He can still feel your hand on his face as he glances over his shoulder.
I'm getting you out of here. He suddenly thinks to himself while coming up with a plan.
Bucky drags his fingertips up to your spine as you sleep peacefully, his lips peppering light kisses along your arm. A soft knock on the door makes the man glance over his shoulder to see Steve leaning against the frame of it.
"How is she?" He asks while crossing his arms over his chest.
"She's good. No major injuries which are good," Bucky sighs while slowly removing himself from the bed, making sure not to wake you.
The two men walk out of the room you and Bucky share, the ex-Winter Soldier looking back at you once more before quietly shutting the door. "How are you feeling? With all of this?" Steve asks, causing Bucky's brows to furrow.
"What do you mean?"
A slight laugh comes from Steve as the blonde looks towards him. "The whole Soulmate thing. Is it going well?" He clarifies.
"Oh, uh, yeah. It's going great. Other than the times that I tried to kill her when we first met, I'd say we're doing well," he explains and scratches at his jaw.
Bucky and Steve sit at the table in the main area, seeing some of the others watching whatever's playing on the television. "Do you still think about it? The time you two first met?" Steve mentions and Bucky sighs before nodding his head in response. "You know that it's been four years, right?"
"Doesn't stop me from thinking about it, Steve. Hell, I still think about the people I've wronged as the Winter Soldier," Bucky comments with a sigh, leaning his chin against the palm of his hand.
"Did she tell you what she did when she first heard about you?" Steve asks and Bucky furrows his brow before shaking his head. "It was right after you jumped out the window of her apartment. I noticed the mark on her arm and mentioned that you used to have a similar mark on your arm back in the day."
Steve notices you walk into the living area and you press your finger to your lips, silently telling him to not say anything.
"So, Y/N told me this a few years later but when I brought her to Sam's place to keep her safe… she snuck out to go to the Smithsonian to learn more about you. She thought you died in the war, and well, so did I obviously."
Bucky's heart flutters a bit at the story he's telling, fiddling with his fingers. "I just… I don't know how she feels about everything, you know? Like, we've never really actually talked about it," he sighs and you frown from behind him.
You drape your arms over his shoulder, causing the older man to jump in his chair before whipping his head back. "Hi, Buck," you whisper and feel him relax at the sound of your voice.
Bucky rests his flesh hand on top of yours and squeezes gently. "Hey. How long have you been standing there?" He asks and you chuckle in response, placing a kiss on his cheek.
"Long enough to know that you don't know how I feel," you inform him and Bucky's heart stops, not wanting you to find out this way. "Why don't we go talk?"
Your soulmate nods his head and stands up from the chair he's sitting in. You lace your fingers together and lead him back to your shared bedroom. Once inside the room, Bucky sits down on the edge of the bed and you climb onto his lap.
"What's going on inside that pretty head of yours?" You softly ask while running your hands through his now short hair.
Bucky's hands rest on your hips, gripping the soft flesh every few seconds as he takes a deep breath. "Do you ever wish that you had someone… normal? Someone who's not a murderer?" He questions and you shake your head immediately. "You didn't even think about it."
"I didn't have to. Bucky, I don't care if you used to be the Winter Soldier and that you once almost tried to kill me. That wasn't you. You were being brainwashed by a horrible group of people," you explain to him and his blue eyes soften at your words. You smile at him before leaning in to kiss his lips. "I love you in every way possible. You're funny, kind, dorky. Everything a girl could ever ask for. So, please, stop worrying about me."
"God, you're incredible. How did I get so lucky?" Bucky asks with a slight laugh, hiding his face in your neck.
Giggles leave your lips as you card your fingers through his hair, pressing gentle kisses to the side of his head. "We all need someone to keep us grounded. I'm just glad I got you."
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- A set of all things Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier Masterlist -
Tumblr media
* means smut
coming soon
coming soon
A Heated Conference * || when you try to focus on a work confrence, but it a tad difficult when a distraction keeps you quite busy || completed
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Game Night
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader Word Count: 2.2k T/W: fluff A/N: Part 2 of Bingo — a few months later
I am SO SORRY this took me way longer to post than it should have!
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Tumblr media
It was Friday night, which meant one thing: Game Night. Ever since Yori introduced you at Bingo, you made it a tradition in your relationship to play board games on Fridays. For the most part you kept it to fairly modern games, but tonight was going to be a surprise.
Tonight it was your place, 8 o’clock. Bucky showed up with a six pack of root-beer in glass bottles. You added a few to the fridge as he found his usual seat at your apartment table. He waited for you to round the small apartment’s bar and join him. Sliding the glass bottles across the table to Bucky, you smiled, biting in your bottom lip, as he slid your bottle back, now without its top.
Easily he popped the top off his own bottle with his left hand; it was as he was about to take a sip that he caught sight of your look, “what?” he furrowed his eyebrows, questionably. 
“So. . . tonight,” you tried not to giggle.
“What?” Bucky asked again, this time finding himself following your smile despite his will not to.
“Tonight is going to be special,” you clasped your hands together, “because I found some stuff that’s as old as you.”
“Wow, thanks,” Bucky said sarcastically, taking a sip, shaking his head, blinking softly as he saw you rush to convince him it would be fun. Sighing deeply, he gave in, “alright, what is it?”
“I’ll be right back,” you twirled on your heel and left the room.
Returning to shaking his head and the glass bottle, he paused after settling the bottle on the table. It’d been a long time since anyone cared about anything actually as old as him. He’d been pretty good at keeping up with the times, a lot of things he knew just got an upgrade, but the thought of something from his actual childhood felt a little heartwarming. 
“Okay,” you declared, reentering the room with a stack of vintage boxes in your arms that made Bucky lean back in his chair out of shock, “here we are.” 
His jaw dropped a little at what you had brought out as you set the stack on the table. Watching you take a deep breath and exhale with a smirk, he shook his head, this time silently asking “how?” You set your hands atop the stack, rapping your fingers across the top box as you smiled again. 
Smoothing your hands out across the box top, you cleared your throat, “no peeking,”  bringing Bucky’s attention entirely to you. 
“Option number one,” you held up the rectangular shape with severely faded letters across it, “Scrabble, released 1938.” The box very gently met the table, “option number two,” you looked at him attempting not to giggle as you saw him cross his arms over his chest, genuinely listening to you intently, “Sorry! released 1934, Battleship, original pen and paper game,” you clarified, he lifted his eyebrows, impressed, “and last but not least, Monopoly, released 1935.”
“Wow, you uh- you really did your research,” he commented, looking over the stack of authentically vintage boxes.
“Of course,” you shrugged with a smile, “my boyfriend’s 106, if I want to bring back some childhood nostalgia, that requires some research. . . and late hour ebay bidding in our case.”  
He nodded, a faint smile showing, before it faded with his next words, “I hope you didn’t do too much research on me,” he looked up, hand resting on Monopoly.
You calmly slid down into the seat across from him and stared with a kind smile still on your lips, reaching to touch his hand, you stroked your thumb against his knuckles, “I’m more of a first hand account, direct source, kind of girl when it comes to people,” the corner of his mouth tugged into a smile. 
You knew, just not everything, and he wasn’t sure he was prepared to have another living soul know it all quite yet. Luckily, you were someone who seemed to actually understand that.
“Or,” you announced, lifting a pointer finger, as if requesting a pause whilst you went to a nearby drawer, returning with a much smaller box, “we can get really really old school, even for you” the box met the table top, “standard 52 card deck, English edition, circa 1516. . .obviously not original.”
Bucky chuckled, looking to you, tonguing his cheek, before picking up the cards, “I hate to tell you, but that’s just a little before my time,” he squinted at you, teasingly.
Biting your lip, your shoulders shifted with the giggle that came after his comment, “so, come on,” you sat back down, this time with your elbows on the table and hands laced, to support your resting chin on top of them, “what should I beat your butt in?”
“Oh,” Bucky, attempting to appear insulted, began raising his eyebrows, “you think?”
“Yeah,” you laughed your words while looking at his serious face, “I think, better yet, I know.”
“Well, I don’t know where you get your confidence from. You know you are talking to a local senior Bingo night champion,” he shrugged with a head tilt, as if that was supposed to be a big deal.
“Woooow,” you drew out, smiling uncontrollably.
“But,” he sighed, “okay,” he shook his head once, accepting your challenge, “let’s go, you’re on! Monopoly,” he brought the box towards himself as you set the others on the floor next to your chair.
You watched as he picked up the little metal pieces, examining each one individually. There was an expression you’d never seen before, he was remembering something positive from his past. A memory that sparked a smile that you helped bring about. He surveyed the board, with all its bright colours and familiar street names.
“It’s been-” he paused, looking upward, doing the math in his head, “it’s been 85 years since I played this game,” setting each piece he stopped at the boat, laughing to himself, “you know, Steve used to always be the battleship.” 
A soft smile came across your lips, while you watched him remember exactly how to set it up. You picked the Scottie dog and he picked the vintage race car piece.
“Were you always the race car?” you ventured, wanting to know more about his childhood, you knew he didn’t talk about it often.
“Oh,” he glanced to the piece he had just naturally picked up without a thought, “yeah, well, I think,” he gave a quick, but somber smile, before clearing his throat, and actually looking up, “and my sister, whenever she’d actually manage to get mom and dad to let her stay up with us, she’d always be the thimble,” he leaned back in his chair, smiling, “whenever it was her turn to move she’d put it on her finger and hop it down the street names.” He leaned back to the table, “we never made her go to jail, even if she landed on it, Steve would make up some rule that let her skip it.” 
“That’s really sweet of you guys,” you said, looking softly at his smile.
“Yeah,” he swallowed, “but don’t think you can skip jail,” he changed his tone, preferring not to dwell on the past even if it was positive. 
“Don’t think I’ll be visiting,” you smirk confidently, “better watch out for the money man yourself.” 
“Wow, who is this?” he dropped his jaw, “she’s so sarcastic, does Yori know this side of you? Do you sneak jellybeans under the table or something evil like that?”
Laughing, you took your root-beer, “just give me my $1,500 so the smack down can actually begin.”
Two hours later, after a long battle between Boardwalk, control over the railroads, and many, many visits to jail, you sat back, lips quirked, arms across your chest as your little Scottie sat in jail.
“And three thousand, six hundred, and five. . . I’m sorry, but that leaves you,” Bucky set his elbows on the table, wincing at you, “bankrupt.”
“Fine,” you huffed jokingly, giving your best pout,“you win.”
“Aww, c’mon,” Bucky reached out a hand to touch your forearm comfortingly, accompanied by a smile you couldn’t deny.
“You wanna go again?” You offered seriously, resting your hand on top of his tenderly, happy to see him so happy.
“It was really fun, but let’s play something else, this time you pick,” he offered.
Breaking into a smile, you gave a nod, and he asked what you had in mind. It took a moment, you wanted to make this good, and you wanted to see it be a little more of a struggle for him, if you were honest. 
“You know, I know it’s later than your. . .original timeline, but there’s this fantastic game called Twister,” you smirked, perking an eyebrow to ask if he was up for it. 
“Twister?” He repeated you, tilting his head like a confused puppy, “what’s Twister?”
“I’ll show you, but,” you glanced over to your small apartment living room, “we might need to arrange the furniture a little.”
“Don’t worry,” Bucky stood, “I can handle that.” 
Smiling, you stand, “okay, just push it all to one side, I’ll get the game.” 
Ten minutes later, shoeless, you both stood looking over the polka dotted sheet on the floor. Nodding happily to yourself, Bucky shook his head almost in fear. 
“Make sense?” You asked, having just explained the very simple rules, you turned to face him.
“Oh, I’m sorry I asked,” he sighed, shouldering off his jacket and tossing it onto the couch along with his glove, “yeah, it makes sense,” he set his hands on his hips, pondering this new game intently. 
“Okay, you first,” you held up the spinning arrow, and began.
One hand and foot at a time, sometimes struggling to reach the spinner, but you both made it work pretty well. Having kept to one side of the sheet, it came time to get a smidge more twisted.
Bucky managed to keep balanced and spin a green dot with his left arm, conveniently it placed him right over you. As he began to reach for green, he carefully calculated how best to approach the green dot in order to keep his balance. It was a pretty far reach and he’d need to balance himself whilst reaching over you. 
“What’s the matter old man, can’t quite move like you used to?” you shamelessly giggled. 
Raising his eyebrows at your tone, “ohhh, wow,” Bucky said sincerely, finally placing his left arm over you and to a green dot, now above you he tilted his head sassily, “respect your elders.”
His last sentence only made your giggle turn into a genuine laugh. You closed your eyes and threw your head back a little. Admittedly, Bucky thought it was funny too, but he didn’t laugh, he just took in your smile and the sound of your laugh, enjoying every single moment of it.
When you brought your head back up, you were about to respond sassily, but instead you found his lips meeting yours. With a small squeak of surprise, you relaxed into the kiss, glad that he was finally confident enough with you to take a chance now and then. He tasted like vanilla root beer, which mixed wonderfully with the scent of his cologne you were finally close enough to smell. 
It was soft and slow at first, but slowly, with his right hand palming the arch of your back, you eased into his touch, lower back almost meeting the floor as you both sunk down a little. You completely forgot about the game, as you reached your arms around his neck gently. Keeping the kiss close, you felt him hesitate to deepen it, so you gave him a small sign of encouragement, by moving your hand to the side of his neck, naturally bringing him even closer. 
You had no idea how long you’d been there, on that polka dot sheet, but it was such bliss that you didn’t even care. Smiling into the kiss, you felt him smile back. 
Parting, he pressed his forehead to yours, “I win,” he whispered, lips in a smile. 
“What?” was all you could ask, still mesmerised by the kiss. 
Bucky motioned his head to his left arm which happened to have been keeping the two of you steady. . . all the while remaining on the green dot. You dropped your arms from around his neck, to the floor, elbows supporting you as you looked up at him, shaking your head. 
“That does not count, Bucky,” you tried not to smile as he kept his arm as still as possible.
“What? But my hand’s still on green,” he dramatically gestured to it, making you bite your lip to repress a giggle, trying to match his seriousness.
Shoving his chest directly above you, he feigned an ‘ow!’ before you softly pull him closer again.
“If I kiss you are you gonna hit me again?”
You smirk, “I might if you don’t.” 
Bucky smiled, lips almost touching yours, “alright, sorry,” he smiled, voice almost a whisper as his lips brushed against yours, “I’m still learning the rules to this game.”
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