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#peter parker fluff
comingtothetree23 · 54 minutes ago
Having Fire Powers and being an Avenger
Paring: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: Swearing, burning, injury, mean comments, kidnapping. 
A/N: This is kinda a mess. I saw that there was a couple of Peter Parker stories with ice powered reader’s while there wasn’t a lot with a reader with fire powers so I thought I’d try it. 
Tumblr media
You honestly didn't remember how you got your powers.
All you remember was hanging out on the beach with your family then suddenly nothing.
Nothing except for everything being too hot. So hot it felt like your blood was boiling, skin felt like it was on fire. It wasn't fun. 
You also remember how all the heat slowly goes to your chest, like it's going into your soul.
What you weren't aware of and found out later was you were missing for 36 hours. 
You were found on the beach alone at night by the one and only Spider-Man. 
"Did I find a dead body!?" That was the first thought Spider-Man has when he found you laying on the beach unmoving. He quickly figured out you weren't dead by checking your pulse.
Oh boy, it was there! But you were also burning! Like you should be dead burning. 
Without thinking, Peter picked you up Pretty much burning himself and swinging to the tower. 
"H-Hey, Mr.Stark Uh, I have a problem." 
"What kind of a problem?" 
"I found a really hot girl." 
Tony thought Peter was kidding until he brought you to the tower. Tony was equally shocked because he was pretty sure that no one can  survive that temperature but he didn't know for sure
so he called Bruce
You can imagine how that phone call went.
"Hey, Brucie-Bear..."
"Tony, what do you want?" 
"Uhh, Peter found someone and their temperature is...110!?" 
"THAT'S WHAT IT SAID!" Peter screeched in the background of the call.
"Their temperature is 110?! Tony, that person is in danger you have to put them in cold water to hopefully cool them down. I'm on my way." 
Tony and Peter did what they were told and when Bruce came around he started taking over. Which good cause Tony and Peter had no idea what to do!
When your temperature did cool down Tony had it his mission to find where you lived and if you were okay. 
He quickly found where you lived which is creepy and who your family are. He quickly figured out you've been missing for hours. 
When everything and said and done Peter delivered you back home and explained to your parents that you have a fever. 
your parents thanked him repeatedly. 
the only Avengers who knew about this were Tony, Bruce, and Peter. No one else knows that you've been at the tower. 
You woke up the next day feeling hot even when it was just the beginning of summer. 
That's when things started getting weird...
Like said earlier, it was much hotter for you than anyone else which annoyed you greatly.
"Mom, please turn up the air! It's too hot!" You pleaded with your mom for the 4th time this week. 
"(Y/n), It's only 67 degrees outside It's fine." She turned away and left you in the kitchen, sweating your head off. 
You also started smelling burning a lot throughout the day.
 You noticed that when you were either in deep thought or really emotional the burning smell would appear the most.
That leads to you noticing that a lot of the ground was charred.
Also for some reason, cold water hurt you?? 
Like you would just be taking a shower and the warm water would be gone thanks family so you had to take a cold shower. What you didn't expect was for the water to PHYSICALLY HURT YOU!
You quickly figured out the only way for you to be in the water and be fine is when the water is very hot. nearly boiling is the very best for you. 
Your siblings would complain that it's too hot when you're close to them, which you've been saying that for a while now.
It was until now night you and your sibling got into a big argument. That's when your eyes turned red and fire lit from your hand as you accidentally burned your sibling.
You stared at them in fear, horrified at your own actions. They looked at you in fear and that what lead you to run out of the house.  
That's when Peter found you once again, You were hugging yourself tightly while quickly walking down the streets alone at night.
What you didn't mean to notice was your eyes were glowing red while every step you took burned the floor. Peter tilted his head in confusion as he watched you.
"Hey miss, Are you okay?" He appeared in front of you making you jump back. That's when he noticed you were crying, "Hey, hey it's okay..." He raised a hand to your cheek to gently wipe away the tear, Peter noted that it was warm. 
"No, it's not okay...I don't know what's going on with me," You took a step back from Peter, "I've been feeling weird lately, I hurt my family! Nothing is okay!" You cried as you hugged yourself tighter. 
"You hurt your family?" Peter questioned with a tilt of his head. He didn't want to assume but you didn't seem like the type to hurt someone at least on purpose.
"Yes, I-I burned them somehow." 
"You burned them??" Peter couldn't help but question.
"Yes! I don't even know how I did," You choked out a sob as you shook your head, confused, "I didn't even have a lighter on me...." You mumbled before looking at the floor.
Peter watched you for a moment before an idea hit him.
"I know it's not my place but I can take you somehow we're we can figure this out." Peter held out a hand for you to take, "It might help." 
You looked up at him in shock before looking down at his hand, your eyes slowly turned back to normal as you thought about his offer. You give him a small smile as you took his hand.
The place he took you to was Avengers Tower. 
Peter was able to explain to everyone your situation before introducing you to everyone. 
Tony and Bruce quickly figured out that you weren't sick that night, you were developing your new fire powers. 
When you were told it honestly made sense. 
The first couple weeks of you staying at the tower you were scared of yourself, letting yourself relax. You decided not to stay by them so you couldn't hurt them. 
Peter quickly noticed this and started hanging out with you, making you more comfortable with yourself. 
Peter quickly became your best friend. 
Black Widow took one look at you and said, 'Let's get to work'
And oh boy did you get to work!
She trained you hard, just enough to help you out with your newfound anger.
Oh yea, You quickly found out that your powers made you have a temper. 
Which honestly led to problems once you became an Avenger. 
which, after a lot of training the team decided to let you on the team. Which you were excited about. 
Which with your temper missions can be quite difficult for them. 
"(Y/n), remember the plan go over to the ri-" 
"You brought a little girl on the team?" One of the hydra agents cackled, "A bet she doesn't even have any special ability-" 
"...Tony, it happened again." 
When it happens they have you physically drag you away, the agents having burned all over their body. 
It was a lot but they found out that Peter was able to calm you down fast. He was the only one who knew how to calm down you. 
So that's what they did for a while when anything made you mad, call Peter.
"Guys, I told you I don't need this!" You yelled as you slammed the door in their faces. The Avengers frowned as they look at the door.
"I'll get Peter...again." 
You didn't like how fast you lost yourself to your temper but you didn't want to ask them for help.
It was until one day where you got into a fight where you walked past the group and heard their whispers.
"Why does she have to be so difficult!?" That hurt you more than it shouldn't
You didn't see Natasha hitting them upside the head with Peter glaring at them. 
It led you to swear to yourself you wouldn't let your emotions out of control, so you wouldn't annoy your new team. But that meant that you didn't let yourself show any emotions.
Which was noticed almost right away, mostly by Peter.
You continued with life but with a blank face at all times, which wasn't like you at all.
it confused the team with how you were acting because before you weren't afraid to show your emotions anymore. Or at least they thought so. 
No one could argue that the days got quiet, days got duller as you hid yourself from the team. 
You were starting to regret it before you heard something.
"It's been so peaceful lately huh?" Your heart broke when you heard this. It was clear they didn't mean to hurt your feelings but it did. 
"No," Peter quickly sad, looking angry, "It's been boring and lonely." You couldn't help but give a small smile but you quickly wiped it off as you walked out of the room.
Peter watched you leave with a deep frown.
One mission since you weren't using your anger your flames weren't as powerful. The team was quickly captured chained with metal made out of vibranium. 
Good for you guys is that they somehow forgot that there was another member on the team, You.
You had normal handcuffs on which you could easily burn through didn't have it in you. This is when Peter had enough.
"(Y/n) What's wrong?" Peter looked at you, "What has gotten into you? You haven't been yourself in weeks!" he tugged on the cuffs as you stared at you, "...Did we do something?"
You look at Peter in shock before looking down with a frown. You didn't want the team to think you were mad at them, you just wanted to make their lives easier. 
"...I didn't want to be difficult." You mumbled causing all the Avengers to glare at the one who said that. 
"I was being difficult and shouldn't have been." You shook your head, "You guys don't need that, you all did so much for me." You looked down in shame.
"Kid, is that how you feel?" Tony questioned looking at you with sadness. 
"Пламя, We are all difficult," Natasha said gently, making you slowly lookup. 
"I mean, Look at Tony-"
"Nothing could be any more difficult than that," 
"Get out of my house," 
"(Y/n)," Peter looks at you with a smile, "We all care about you, we don't care about your temper. Yes, it can be hard but so is life." 
You look up and smile at your team before your hands light on fire, melting the chains. You stood up with a smirk eyes glowing red once again.
"Let's get this party started," 
That was a fun mission, a lot of people left that place with burns on their skin. 
After that, you found out different ways to control your anger. It didn't go away but it definitely did help. 
You visit your family quite a bit, they are so proud of you for what you're doing. Your mom also feels so bad about not turning the air on. 
Something you do to annoy the team is before you summon fire in your hands you snap your fingers like it's a lighter. 
The team hates it greatly. 
You and Peter got closer to each other, the team made a bet for how long until you two got together. 
Answer: Not long.
It was a day we're you were overheating, you were sweating, you were heating up your room without realizing it. You decided to get up and grab a quick snack.
Peter walked in sleepily to see you sweating like crazy. 
Without thinking, he walked over and hugged you from behind. Humming at the warmth you brought him. 
You froze and turned around to look at him, he smiled at you before cupping your cheeks and giving you a kiss on the lips.
The thing you both didn't think of
You were overheating!
Your lips burned Peter as his eyes widen in surprise. You opened your eyes once you heard a thud and looked to see Peter on the floor. 
Cue you cooling Peter down.
The team laughed at you when they found you two. 
You didn't like that
so you melted all their ice cream and popsicle.
When the laughter was done they all quickly discovered how you overheating can actually hurt you. 
Tony made a system where if you were overheating you press a button that’s in every room and the room will automatically cool down. 
Which made you really happy since overheating was awful for you.  
You and Peter cuddling a lot but you two switch depending on the weather.
When it's the summer Peter is the big spoon. 
You love being in Peter's arms, it made you feel so safe. 
When it's Winter since it's so cold you are the big spoon.
Peter loved being in your arms during winter. Ever since the Spider-bite, winter always slowed Peter down and made him tired but the moment he's in your arms he warms up and is comfy.
He loves when you rest your chin on his head while he nuzzles his face into your collarbone. 
Peter clings to you like a koala during the winter.
It once led to Peter going into hibernation because he was so very warm and he felt so safe.
It was a whole thing. 
It's not uncommon for the team to grab you and make a big pillow fort during the winter to warm up. 
Winder is confusing for you, It always depends on the day.
Some days you're able to walk outside in the snow only wearing shorts and a t-shirt and be completely fine for a while. The team is always shocked when you do because they know that you know that it's not good for you but it never stops you.
Other days one blast with the cold wind and you grab all the blankets in the tower and covered yourself from head to toe, with only your eyes peeking out. 
When it one of those days that when the team decided to have a movie night. You always enjoyed movie night, You only share your blanket with Peter.
Peter gives the team a shit-eating grin when you weren't looking.
You and Peter finally found ways to kiss each other without you burning him. 
you know what that means 
The team hates it greatly.
It got to the point where someone had to sit between you and Peter just so you two would stop. 
Tony always made sure to have extra warm water just for you. After they found you wheezing in pain after taking a cold shower. 
They were confused but that turned to fear as you told them the water hurt you. 
"Water hurts you??"
"Only cold water,"
After living with the Avengers for so long you learned how to fully control your powers. Meaning, you don't accidentally give people burn marks anymore. 
Well, except for Peter.
When you and Peter are in a steamy make-out session you tend to accidentally give him burn marks around his body. 
It doesn't bother him, it's never enough to actually hurt him it just gives him marks. His healing factor makes the marks go away quickly. 
It becomes your version of hickeys. 
If the teams notice this they don't mention it at all.
You love making hot Chocolate for the team.
It becomes a tower favorite
You become close with everyone on the team. You actually have little activities for everyone on the team.
You watch bad movies and make fun of them with Sam and Bucky 
You let Bruce and Tony do tests on you, mostly trying to figure how you got your fire. They never actually figure it out but they never give up. 
You, Wanda, and Vision try to cook together. It's always so much fun as you and Vision always have deep conversations. 
You, Natasha, and Clint train together. They surprisingly have really good tips for your powers. 
You and Thor tend to do eating contests with each other. You're pretty good with spices because of your powers, it gets to the point where the team begs you two not to. 
Steve someone convinces you to go on runs with him. You and Steve usually draw together which you never realize how good he was at drawing. 
You and Peter do pretty much everything together, no matter what he does you can never stop loving him. 
You love your new family so much. There's never a dull moment with them and you'll never trade them for anyone else. 
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onlyjamesbarnes · 58 minutes ago
That Should Be Me - Peter Parker x Reader
Tumblr media
a/n: this is my monday entry for @theweasleyslut's 2k writing challenge! i'm going to challenge myself to post each fic on the day the prompts were posted, so we'll see how that goes. this is my first time writing for peter, so bear with me!!
you can still join!! go to this page right here before june 20th :)
pairings: peter parker x reader, ex!steve rogers x reader
word count: 2227 words, not too bad :)
warnings: some language (I think, maybe not), lots of angst, drinking, some fluff, jealousy jealousyyy, peter is aged up ppl!!, literally one kiss
prompts used: wedding + "you look like you need a hug."
sneak-peek: you think sitting through your ex's wedding is the end of the world. peter begs to differ.
all dividers created by the amazing @firefly-graphics <3
Tumblr media
Satin curtains were strung along the top of each window as sunlight poured into the hall. It was a beautiful sunny day in Brooklyn, just hot enough to require fans around the room, but weddings in June were always divine.
Vases with orchids, dahlias, and silver dollars for greenery were placed in the middle of every table, surrounded by fine china and silverware. Each seat had a place card at the top of the plate, each guest methodically given their own place.
A four-tier white cake sat at the head of the room, and two tiny figures stood at the very top. The miniature bride and groom looked to be sharing a dance, smiles etched onto both of their faces.
The wedding was absolutely magnificent. But it should have been yours.
You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t envisioned a future with Steve Rogers. Even before you knew him personally, you worked under Dr. Helen Cho as a nurse for the Avengers. You figured your job wasn’t exactly important to the team until you realized how many times they would get hurt in 24 hours, and how many missions they attended all the time.
You got to know the team very well, but you found yourself assigned to Steve after the attack on Sokovia. His lip was cut, his ankle was sprained, and there was a deep gash on his right arm. “Captain, you’ve looked better,” you smiled at him, setting down your clipboard to grab a washcloth.
As you wet the washcloth, he smiled back at you. “Gee, thanks. That was one heck of a fight, and we still made a mess of the city. Unbelievable.” He extended his right arm to expose the cut, most likely made by one of those clones, and gently placed the cloth on it.
“Well, lucky for you, that serum is gonna heal you up in no time. Looks like I’ll have some time off pretty soon,” you teased, taking the cloth off his arm to wipe the blood off his face, but the cloth then returned to his arm.
“Don’t leave so soon, Y/N, I’m stuck in this room for at least a few days. Stay, make it worth my time.” His wink made you smile brightly, and you rolled your eyes jokingly. “Fine, Steve, I’ll stay here.”
“Actually, I like ‘Captain’ better.”
You weren’t expecting to fall that hard for a 100-year-old popsicle from Brooklyn. You kept telling yourself that he was simply a soldier, and you worked with him. Still, you grew closer and closer to him and found yourself attending to him every time he was hurt.
During the signing of the Sokovia Accords, he was nowhere to be found. You grew more and more nervous after the fight at the Berlin Airport since everyone who was supporting Steve was suddenly jailed or forced to go under the radar. You continued questioning weeks later as you urged your boss, Tony, to tell you his whereabouts, for his information, something that would tell you he was okay.
“I don’t know, Y/N, why do you keep asking? He violated the accords, refused to sign it, harbored and trusted the man who killed my mom over me; he’s a fugitive of the government. Not a man you want to cross paths with again.” You could hear how tired he was about talking on the subject of Steve as he turned to you. “Any status updates on Rhodey?”
You sighed, opening the tablet next to you. “Nothing really new… he’s going to survive, but he’s partially paralyzed from the waist down. Nothing your tech can’t fix…” Tony looked a bit nervous, “... and nothing he can’t get through. He’s been through hell and back in his lifetime, I think he’ll be okay.”
“Is that your personal or professional standpoint? He needs to be okay.”
“Calm down Tony, geez,” you smiled a little, watching his heart rate climb steadily on the monitor. “He’ll be okay.”
It was just days later when you were enjoying a latte at your favorite coffeehouse, which was pretty far from the compound. You loved your space, and you didn’t really feel like bumping into a bunch of coworkers every time you needed a bite to eat. Well, some coworkers were acceptable.
As you sat in the back, you noticed a figure walking towards you. Usually, no one came to the back, but your face lit up when you realized who it was.
“Sam?” you whispered as he placed a finger over his lips. He smiled and took the seat opposite of yours, facing away from the rest of the shop.
“Y/N, long time no see!”
“You could say that…. Where have you all been?”
He sighed, sitting back in the chair. “Everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Can’t be in one place for too long, it’s getting tiring.”
You nodded a little. “I can’t even imagine. How’s Bucky, and, uh… Steve?”
“Bucky’s over in Wakanda, under the ice again. Can’t say I blame him though, the man can’t even trust his own mind. He’ll be fine.” Sam shifts a bit in his seat. “Steve, on the other hand... requested your help.”
“Oh my- is he okay?” you asked, your eyes wide.
Sam chuckles, nodding his head. “Yes, yes, he’s fine. He wants you on the team.”
And just like that, you were under the Captain’s orders. You smashed your phone the second you stepped out of the coffee shop, according to Sam’s orders. The second you did, you were officially on the run.
You were the only nurse for the team, moving with them when they needed to abandon camp and making sure they were all patched up for the next fight. Usually, Sam needed more attention than Steve or Natasha, but you still spent most of your time around Steve.
The two of you were inseparable. You were Steve’s girl, and Sam talked about the way Steve wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. As soon as each of you got pardoned, you would start a new life.
Until all of it, in an instant, was snapped away.
You were still at base camp when it happened. Steve, Nat, and Sam were no longer on the run; they had given up their whereabouts to help the rest of the ‘Avengers,’ if you could even call them that, to defeat Thanos. You stayed back, still undercover, but you were keeping close watch and ear on the two.
You listened in on Sam’s suit, hearing the static suddenly. “Sam?” you heard Rhodey say from a distance, and you were incredibly confused.
You switched the signal to Steve’s suit, and he was breathing very heavily. “Steve?” you heard Bucky faintly say, and before you could hear anything else, you felt your body slipping away from me. You were dust, and a few moments too late, Steve’s voice rang through the radio, frantic and scared.
“Y/N? Are you there? Y/N, pick up!”
Five years later, you woke in the same spot. The same base camp, now abandoned in the middle of New England. It had been a moment to you, and you looked at the radio. You tried to contact Steve, Sam, Nat, even Tony, but no one was picking up.
Making your way into the city with the only imperishables you had left, you realized you hadn’t been the only one. The world was in chaos because half of all humans had disappeared. You were one of them. Where was Steve?
You finally reached the compound, a ring of orange sparks suddenly forming as you tried opening the door. Peter Parker, or ‘Spideyboy’ according to Sam, popped out
“Y/N! Just who I was looking for, M-Mr. Stark needs to see you,” he said frantically, pulling you through the portal. He was in the suit Tony made for him, his nose bleeding and his eyes red from tears. You were incredibly confused.
When he pulled you through, you were at Tony’s funeral. People who you had cured, people who you fought with, people who you fought against, and people who you frankly didn’t recognize stood around you. You stood with Bucky, Sam, and Wanda off to the side, watching the arc reactor float away into the distance. You knew life would never be the same again.
You didn’t get the chance to talk to Steve much. Before you could even greet him, he was already about to put the stones back.
Bucky brought you back to Tony’s cabin as he did, but you didn’t see Steve come back. Now, just months later, he was back.
But he brought someone with him from the 40s.
Tumblr media
You forced a smile as the happy couple walked into the reception room. You had survived an entire wedding being one of her bridesmaids; she told you she didn’t have any friends in the 21st century, and Steve insisted.
There you were, dressed in a gorgeous shade of pink next to Sharon and Nat. Watching the love of your life get married to the girl he told you not to worry about. The girl who he had said he had moved on from. This doesn’t look like moving on, Steve.
But Peggy looked so happy as she walked hand in hand with him, waving to all of the guests. You didn’t feel any hatred towards her; only jealousy filled you as she took a seat next to her husband. You knew they had history, but you kept reminding yourself that Steve never said goodbye. He just left.
“You look like you need a hug,” you heard a voice say behind you, a hand resting on your shoulder. You had been staring at the program for a few minutes as you sat in your seat. The rest of your friends at your table had gotten up to dance, especially after the song requests Sam put in. All except Peter Parker.
You sat back a little to look up at him. “I think I need a little more than a hug,” you sighed, setting down the piece of paper.
He nodded, looking to the side. “Maybe a drink? The idiots are doing an open bar, we might as well take advantage.”
You smiled at that, nodding. “I’d like that.” You stood with him, walking over to the bar just opposite the dance floor. Sam eyed you and motioned for you to come dance, but you turned it down for now. You turned to look at the bartender. “Old fashioned, if you wouldn’t mind.”
“Make that two,” Peter told him before taking a seat next to you. “So I know you know Cap, but I don’t really remember how. Mr. Stark might have mentioned it to me, but you’ll have to remind me.”
If you did, you wouldn’t be bringing it up. “He and I go way back,” you sighed, realizing Parker hadn’t been on the team in the days of Ultron. “I started as a nurse for the Avengers, but then he needed me after he became a fugitive. We dated, but then I got snapped.” You paused, not wanting to bring down the mood. “Peggy, though, is amazing. I’m happy to just be here with her, as her bridesmaid, I hope she’s having a good time,” you lied right through your teeth. You internally wished more.
But Peter could feel it. He could feel how you were feeling that you were upset. “No you don’t,” he chuckled, taking a sip when the bartender returned with the drinks. “And you have every right to be jealous. He had five years to move on, you’ve had, what, a few months? Give yourself some credit, but don’t let them ruin the night.”
“How can I? Steve’s over there, kissing her, being happy, while I’m -”
His lips cut you off, and you smiled a little as you felt his hands grip your arms. He was eager, eager to try and dissolve your thoughts of Steve. You did for a few moments, enjoying his lips against yours as he kissed you back. Your hand running through his soft brown hair, his body moving closer to you. You could taste the whiskey on his lips.
As he pulled away, he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. “While you’re kissin’ me.”
You were about to lean in for another when you felt a hand grab yours, and you were yanked from the bar. Sam was practically dragging you away. “Spidey, really? You could do so much better!”
You rolled your eyes as you tried to pull away, and you smiled as you saw Peter laughing. “Have fun, Y/N!” he called to you, picking up his drink and walking away from the bar.
“Sam, stop!” you were laughing now, finally releasing yourself from his grip.
“Dance with us, Y/N, let loose a little!” Sam was loving the tracks he had requested, and even Bucky was feeling the rhythm with you.
“I will, I will... Just let me just go finish my drink. Look, Peter isn’t anywhere near there! I gotta have something strong in my system.”
They reluctantly obliged, watching you walk back over to your old-fashioned. Right below it on the bar was a small sticky note, scribbled with writing.
Coat closet, five minutes.
a/n: like, comment, reblog, and let me know your thoughts. i'll see you all tomorrow for tuesday's prompts <3
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peter-parker-recs · 2 hours ago
Peter liked to keep things. Or more accurately, just… never throw them away. It wasn't really to the point that he'd say he had a hoarding disorder. He was just fine with the idea of throwing them away. It's just… what a waste, you know? They’d find some use later on, he was sure.
Naturally, this extended to his activities as a science nerd and, later on, his vigilante persona. This may or may not have… caused some problems.
Or: Peter Parker finding things to give to the Avengers in his pile of random things.
This fic is simultaneously hilarious and so so sweet, it’s got Peter being the most thoughtful human being in the world, as he is, and giving the Avengers gifts but it also just has descriptions of the random crap Peter has just hoarded away and a little sprinkle of irondad and superfamily feels just to bring it all together. I’d recommend this fic if you like sunshine child Peter, irondad feels, Peter low key being a hoarder, or Avengers as family fics.
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starknik22 · 3 hours ago
Where’s My Love: Chapter 3— Simple Songs
Summary: Tom begins his journey to bring you home.
Word Count: 2.9k
Warnings: normal grief angst, swearing, somewhat abusive father 
a/n: hi guys! here is the next chapter, sorry it took so long to get out. i’m kind of rotating between blurbs, oneshots, this series, and where we rot right now. i’ve been planning this specific chapter for a while now, so i hope this ends up working lol. you can play the song whenever to get the feels, but the song is featured in a certain scene, it will be marked! let me know if there are any problems! thanks for reading, reblogs and comments aren’t necessary but they’re extremely appreciated, thank you!
Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist 
“Father,” Tom fell to his knees in the dirt. His lyre by his side and tears in his eyes, “please, father, I need you.” 
The shrine to Apollo was covered in flowers, candles, gift baskets, and golden jewels; a token of appreciation from the mortals that resided nearby. Tom couldn’t help but scowl when he saw the ornate gifts littered across his father’s shrine. 
He knew what his father was. Nothing but a lowly god that never gave a shit about the mortals that loved him, even his own sons suffered at the hands of his neglect. 
“Fine,” Tom huffed, “fuck you! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!” He screamed into the sky. He pushed the flowers to the ground and stopped them into the dirt, “I hate you! I hate you!” He cried, tears uncontrollably spilling out of his eyes. “I hate you!”
“Your wife wouldn’t want you to harm such innocent flowers,” Apollo tsked from behind him. 
Tom whipped around, throwing a golden chalice at his father’s head. Apollo caught it and tossed it aside, as Tom glared at the god, his eyes filled with rage. “How would you know? You never met her. You never even came to the wedding.” 
Apollo sighed, “You wanted something from me, son?” He ignored Tom’s hateful rambling. 
“I loved her.” Tom stated, “I need her back.” 
“That’s not the way the world works, kid.” Apollo shook his head, “Death is death. There is no loophole. Though, I’m sure Harrison already told you that .” 
“He did,” Tom sighed, “but it’s different when you’re a god, right? How final can death be when you have the god of it as your uncle?”
“Hades is not to be trifled with.” Apollo warned, “You’ll get yourself killed trying to gain sympathy points with him.” 
“My whole life,” Tom began, “you’ve done me no favors. You leave me on this mortal realm to clean up the messes of these helpless folk, while you live it up in Olympus. You leave mom to fend for herself with her babe, giving her no gifts or wealth to keep her going—”
“I gave her you, are you not a gift?”
“I’m not enough!” Tom snapped, “Harry, Sam, even Paddy. We weren’t enough. She loved you, she laid with you, and you left her.” 
“I am a god!” Apollo argued, “I do not live on this earthly coil! I would wither away!”
“She’s dead because of you!” Tom screamed, throwing a handful of golden coins at the god, “Her grief killed her!” 
“And so what?” Apollo sneered, “I killed your mother so now I must bring your wife back? Life is hard, Tom. You aren’t here to find joy in it, you’re here to do your part and then go. There are no favors that would satiate you.”
“If I had (Y/N) back, it would satiate me.” Tom frowned, fresh tears glistening in his eyes. “I loved her, father. And I know how hard it is for you to know what that’s like, but trust that I loved her. She was everything to me. More than any whore ever was to you.” 
“What do you want from me? I can’t bring her home.”
“Talk to Hades, then Hermes, I need access to the Underworld.” Tom explained, “I’ll do whatever it takes.” 
“You’ll get yourself killed, boy.” Apollo scoffed, “Killed for a girl. Is that how the great Tom, son of Apollo, goes out?”
“If I die, I get killed for love,” Tom corrected, “that’s how I go out. And I’m more than happy with that fate.” 
“Then so be it,” Apollo frowned, “if it’ll please you, I will get you into the Underworld. In three days’ time, be back here. Hermes will show you to the entrance. Go now, say your goodbyes while you still can. Let you brothers know what they’re losing you for.” 
Before Tom could protest, Apollo was gone, seemingly whisked away the moment he blinked. But it was done. He got want he wanted, now all he needed to do what get to Hades. 
Tom bents down and set the flowers that he hadn’t smashed back up. He placed them back in their chalice, delicately sweeping his fingers over the vibrant petals. 
“Don’t worry, my love.” He smiled, “I’m on my way.” 
“There is he!” Paddy yelled from the front porch of the villa, “Tom’s back! Tom’s back!” 
Harrison and the rest of the boys ran to meet Tom at the walkway up the hill. Paddy hurdled into Tom, nearly knocking the wind out of him. Sam and Harry pulled in him for a group hug of their own, while Harrison stood to the side with a glare. 
“Where did you go?” Paddy cried, “I missed you.” 
“Aw,” Tom smiled softly, “Sorry, Pads. I just went to get some help.” 
“Help for what?” Harry asked.
“I’m getting (Y/N) back.” Tom asserted with a smile. “I’m bringing her home.” 
“What the fuck, Tom.” Harrison snapped, causing all the boys to look over to him. “You leave us, your family, to bring back someone who’s gone? You were gone for days, Tom! We didn't know where you went or how to find you!” 
“Haz, I—”
“Do you even know what that was like for us? For Paddy? He cried himself dry, Tom! First (Y/N), then you, how do you think that makes him feel? You’re his brother for fuck’s sake.” 
“I’m sorry,” Tom sighed, “but I have a chance. There’s a way to bring her back, Harrison. You said so yourself.” 
“A way that’ll get you killed!” 
“I love her!” Tom yelled, “I love her so fucking much! I love you all too, but (Y/N) was my soulmate. You can’t expect me to sit here and do fucking nothing when I have an opportunity to bring her home. This is for me, I know, but it’s for you guys too. (Y/N) loved all of you. She’d want you to fight for her.” 
“No, Tom,” Harrison frowned, “She loved all of us. She wouldn’t want us to risk our lives for her. We need to let sleeping dogs lie.” 
“Fuck you,” Tom snapped, “you don’t know a goddamn thing about her.” Tom pointed an angry finger at Harrison. 
“I did, Tom.” Harrison nodded, “And you knew her better than I did, so you know I’m right.” 
“Tom,” Paddy hesitantly spoke up, interrupting the ensuing argument, “if it would please you, I understand.” the boy said softly, “It’s okay if we are not enough. (Y/N) once told me that one day I’d feel love like you two felt, and I haven’t felt that yet, but the way she described it; I understand. If this is what you have to do, then do it.”
“You are enough, Paddy,” Tom sighed, “I just—”
“It’s okay,” Paddy insisted with a small smile, “if this is what you need to do, then do it. You deserve happiness or closure, neither will come if you do nothing.” 
Harry and Sam nodded, patting Tom on the back, “Brothers for life,” Sam insisted, “and in death too, I suppose.” 
“Don’t worry,” Tom hugged his brothers close, “it won’t come to that.” 
“Tom,” Hermes smiled at the young man as he strolled up the hill to his father’s shrine, “it’s nice to see you, son.” 
“Thank you, Hermes.” Tom bowed, “I appreciate all you are doing for me. You are doing me a great favor.” 
Hermes chuckled lightly and gripped the boy’s shoulder to raise him, “Don’t thank me yet, boy. Hades is expecting you, though he doesn’t seem quite happy about the impromptu intrusion.”
Tom nodded, “Yes, I do hope he will hear me out though.” 
“Contrary to what many think, Hades is a very just god. He follows the rules, and sometimes the rules are not in our favor, leaving him to deal with the backlash.” Hermes explained as he guided Tom through the woods, “I would not fear, though. It may not seem like it, but Hades can be a softy when the right story comes along. I do hope your story is one of those.” 
“I’m not fearful of Hades,” Tom corrected, “I’m fearful of leaving empty-handed. My love is waiting for me, and I don’t want to let her down.” 
Hermes smiled warmly, placing an arm around Tom and they trekked through the bushel. “I do hope this works out for you, son. But may I offer some advice?” Tom nodded, carefully listening to the god’s wise words. 
“Death does not sever the bonds of love.” Hermes stated, “I have seen all acts of love through the beginning of time, and death doesn’t stop a single one from getting across. You may weep for your love, but I promise you, she still comforts you in ways only the soul can see.” 
“I’m not sure I understand,” Tom frowned. 
“She is here, boy.” Hermes touched Tom’s forehead with the tip of his finger, “In your memories. And here,” Hermes moved the finger to Tom’s heart, “in your heart. But most of all, she is here,” Hermes extended an arm out into the air in front of them, “in everything. She lives on in spirit.” 
“I know, sir,” Tom nodded as a few tears slipped past his cheeks, “but I’m afraid it’s not enough.” 
“It isn’t for some.” Hermes agreed, “but sometimes, it’s all we have. Now come,” Hermes and Tom approached a large chasm-like opening in the ground, looking down upon nothing but darkness. “Charon is waiting for us down there.” 
“How do we—” 
“Hold tight, boy,” Hermes smirked, lifting Tom from under his arms and jumping into the hole. 
The wind whipped around Tom’s face, silencing the world around him as Hermes glided them down to the bottom of the seemingly endless pit. 
The bottom of the chasm was hundreds of miles down into the Earth, the only light being the opening that gradually fades out in the distance above them. 
“When you come out, you’ll come out at a different exit in the hillside,” Hermes explained, “I’ll meet you there and take you back down to your town.”
At the floor of the pit was a tunnel, lined by torches. “Here,” Hermes hands Tom six gold coins, “drachma to pay the ferryman.” 
“Thank you,” Tom nodded with a small smile, “for everything.” 
“No problem,” Hermes smiled, “now, go get your girl.”
As promised, Charon was waiting for Tom at the end of the dimly lit tunnel. He was in a long wooden boat, wading over murky black water. He looked at Tom as he approached and held out his boney grey hand. 
Tom gave him a tight-lipped smile and handed him the six drachma. Charon grunted with a nod, signaling Tom to get into the boat. 
Tom climbed in and situated himself in the rickety wooden boat just as Charon began to slowly move it through the waters, into the main void of the Underworld. 
In the darkness of the Underworld, Tom could see the reflection of the lost souls in the water. 
“Do all souls end up here?” He asked hesitantly, reaching out for the water. 
 “Don’t touch that,” Charon snapped, “lest you’d like to trade places with one of them.” 
Tom yanked his hand back and held it in his lap. 
“Those souls are lost,” Charon explained, “doomed to spend eternity in misery and torment. They were the ones that had too much-unfinished business.” 
Were you lost in there?, Tom wondered, as he looked solemnly at the murky water, Were you able to come back from that?
“She’s not down there, kid.” Charon spoke up, pulling Tom from his thoughts, “I remember bringing her down here. She was sad, but she also had an overwhelming feeling of contentment. Lost souls never make it past the boat ride.” 
“She made it all the way?”
“Yeah,” Charon nodded as he passed the gate into the underworld, “all the way to the city of the dead.” 
“Where are you taking me?” Tom asked as they entered the dark, yet extravagant city.
“Hades’ castle.” 
“Hades,” Charon announced his and Tom’s presence as they entered the throne room of the castle. “Tom, son of Apollo, is here for an audience with you, as requested.” 
The god of the underworld was sitting atop his black iron throne, his wife, Persephone, goddess of Spring, sat beside him, in her own, smaller seat. 
“Yes,” Hades’ voice boomed throughout the large room, “come forward, Son of Apollo.” 
Tom clutched his lyre close to his chest and walked forward towards the god, bowing upon arrival in front of his feet. 
“Hm,” Hades studied Tom, before waving a hand for him to rise, “thank you, Charon. You may go now.” 
Persephone narrowed her eyes at the boy, before giving him a warm smile. Hades remained stoic as his gaze burned into Tom’s head. 
“Hermes tells me this is an urgent matter,” He began, “urgent enough to request an audience with the god of the underworld himself, taking me away from my work.” 
“Yes sir,” Tom nodded.
“Well speak up, boy,” Hades raised his voice, “tell me the urgent matter.” 
“My wife,” Tom explained, “she died the night of our wedding. She was my soulmate, my one true love. I can’t live without, sir. I’ve tried so hard to move on, but I’ve never been able to return back to how I was before her.”
“You’ve interrupted my work for a girl?” Hades deadpanned. Tom lowered his head and hesitantly nodded. 
“Son,” Persephone spoke up, “death is death. It’s the most final thing in existence. Though I sympathize with your pain, there is nothing we can do.” 
“You could bring her back,” Tom pleaded, “I know you have the power, and I beg of you to use it.” 
“How long did you know her?” Hades asked.
“Less than a year,” Tom stated, “and I loved her for every moment.” 
“You will see her again,” Hades offered, “you are mortal after all. She’s gone, though, Tom. Somewhere between hello and goodbye, there was love. Is that not enough?”
“It isn’t, your grace.” Tom insisted, “Not love as we had. Nothing will ever be enough, but if I could just hold her again, it would be worth it. All the pain and heartache in life doesn’t nearly compare to the way my heart was ripped out when she died.” 
“That’s an awfully lovely lyre.” Persephone noticed, pointing to the instrument in Tom’s arms. “A gift from a god?”
“Yes, your grace,” Tom nodded, “it was a gift from my father.” 
“Why don’t you play us a song,” Persephone suggested, “while we think this over.” She sent a knowing look to Tom, giving her husband’s hand a squeeze. Hades nodded in agreement. 
*start playing the song now!*
Tom held the lyre in his hands and looked down at it. He hadn’t played it since your wedding night. He hadn’t had the motivation or the spark he once always had. He lost all interest in the instrument but still kept it by his side due to how much you loved it. 
You said you didn’t love him for his music, but he knew you loved to hear his pretty tunes. You’d always dance around and sing with him whenever you heard the sweet melody of his songs. 
Tom gently held the lyre in his hand, while his fingers began to strum the chords. 
All at once, his motivation returned. The prospect of you coming home, his love for you, ignited a new song in him. 
I used to hear a simple song, 
That was until you came along. 
Now in its place is something new.
I hear it when I look at you.
Tom could feel the pressure of tears in his eyes as he got lost in the music. The soft, melancholy tune whipping throughout the castle, until even the dead wept for his song. 
And then there was you. 
In a courtyard in the underworld, cold and dreary, you heard a sound you longed to hear again sift through the air. 
With simple songs I wanted more;
Perfection is so quick to bore. 
You are more beautiful by far. 
Our flaws are who we really are. 
The sound of your lover’s song drew your soul near. Before you knew it, your soul wandered through the castle walls, reaching to hear more of the beautiful melody you’d been deprived of. 
The song picked up as Tom’s emotions spiraled out of him. You saw as he poured his heart and soul out into the throne room of the castle. His tears poured down his cheeks as he sang until his throat was raw and torn.
I used to hear a simple song,
That was until you came along. 
You took my broken melody,
And now I hear a symphony! 
Tom cried his song out, and for a moment he could hear your beautiful voice joining him. He could almost smell the sweet scent of flowers that always clung to you, could almost feel your breath on his neck. And for a moment, he knew. He knew you were there, joining in his song like you always did. 
But when he turned around, only for a moment, just to catch a glimpse, you were gone again. And as he had been for the past few months, he was alone. 
And now I hear, 
A symphony.
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Would you all like more Bucky content? Maybe even some Peter Parker? Let me know!💛💛💛
I love you all very much!!!!💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
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Tom Holland's masterlist.
Peter Parker
Tom Holland
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Existence in Real Time - Chapter 9
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark! Reader
A/N: I’m so sorry this update has taken so long loves, I promise not to do that to you again. I hope you enjoy this chapter, I was getting all up in my feels about my babies at the end. As always feedback is appreciated and let me know if you wanna be added to the series taglist, love you guys xx
Warnings: Violence, fighting, blood, general angst
Summary: Peter’s cooking lesson with May doesn’t go as planed
Series Masterlist
Upon Peter’s arrival at the apartment May had pulled him into a hug and gushed about how much she missed him, not even giving him a chance to breathe before she began drilling him about what had been going on at school and home. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t just as excited to see her, but there was only really one thing in his personal life he wanted to gush about.
“I took (y/n) on a date,” he smiled proudly.
It was the one subject he couldn’t really talk to (y/n) about, or Tony, or even Ned and MJ. They all already knew her, and they knew how amazing she was, and there was no reason to brag to them.
“I thought there was something going on between you two,” she smiled, “Did it go well?”
He nodded excitedly, “Y-Yeah, really well I think. We went ice skating.”
“That’s adorable. Is she your first girlfriend?”
“Yeah, she was my first kiss too.”
“A kiss? Seems like it must have been a good first date,” she chuckled.
“Well we kissed before the date, but we kissed again on the date, a-and after too.”
“Wow, sounds like she must be pretty into you.”
“I-I think so, I hope so, I’m really into her,” he blushed.
“She must be, she wouldn’t want to go out with you or kiss you if she wasn’t,” she assured, “So, what are you going to do for your next date?”
“I don’t know yet, we just went on the first one last night though. Maybe we’ll just do something a little simpler, like dinner or something.”
“Why don’t you cook for her?” May smiled widely at the suggestion, “I’m sure she’d love that.”
“I can’t really cook,” he admitted, his cheeks tinting red again, “I mean I know the basics, but I’m not really good at it.”
“How about you help me cook dinner, I can teach you a few tricks,” she winked, “I’m sure she’ll be very impressed.”
Peter loved the idea of impressing (y/n) so he scrambled off behind May for a cooking lesson. She instructed him to cut some vegetables, starting with the onions, which he quickly found he didn’t like. May continually peaked over his shoulder, making little corrections on his technique until he had it perfect.
“That looks great Peter,” she praised over his shoulder, “You’re a natural cook.”
“I’m a fast learner,” he smiled back at her.
“Your parents were both like that,” she hummed before moving back to the stove.
“Oh yeah, they were both super smart.” He smiled proudly to himself, “Do I, uh, look like them?”
“You look a lot like your mom,” she nodded, “You’ve got your dad’s eyes though.”
“Cool,” his cheeks flushed, “Maybe later we can look at some pictures?” “Absolutely, I’d love to get them out,” she peeked back over at him with a smirk, “You’ll have to bring (y/n) next time, I’ve got lots of cute little baby pictures to show her.”
“I think she’s gonna have a project to work on next time too.”
May laughed heartily, “I’ll run them by you first, how about that?” “Maybe,” he hummed, drawing his eyes upwards towards the tv, “People are really crazy about the Avenger’s huh?”
“Yeah, they’re usually a pretty hot topic,” she glanced up to see what he was staring at, “Uh oh…”
Peter’s eyes were glued to the tv, watching intently as a story about some kind of hostage situation at the Avenger’s tower unfolded. He tried not to panic as he plucked his phone from the counter, dialing (y/n)’s number as quickly as he could. She didn’t answer his call, or his text.
“I’ve got to go,” he declared as he punched in Tony’s number next, “(y/n)’s not answering, I need to make sure she’s okay.”
May nodded, digging through her purse for her keys, “Come on, I’ll drive you.”
“O-Okay, I uh,” he stopped mid sentence when Tony picked up.
“(y/n)’s not answering her phone is she okay?”
He was quiet for a moment, confirming all of Peter’s worst fears, “She’s inside the tower right now but we’re dealing with it.”
“O-Okay well I can help!”
“Right now all you need to do is calm down. I’m gonna send Happy to come pick you up and you can meet us here.”
“May can drive me now. Aren’t you going in there?”
“Not yet.”
“Why not?!”
“Because you can’t just rush into things like this. Look Peter, all you need to do is get here and let me handle this.” “She could get hurt!”
“I’m not going to let anything happen to my daughter. If you want to help, what you’re going to do is show up here, not try and tell me what I should be doing.”
Peter hung up, anger bubbling in his chest, “Uh, you don’t need to drive me May, Happy is picking me up.”
She set a hand on his shoulder, “Are you okay?”
He nodded, “Yeah, yeah, I just need to go. I’ll text you though, it was good to see you.” ‘You too…” he was out the door before she could finish her sentence.
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
Spiderman was supposed to be an emergency precaution, and Peter simply couldn’t imagine a bigger emergency than someone holding (y/n) hostage. Swinging around the actual city was a lot harder than the test run he’d taken around the tower, but he got the hang of it quickly, and he arrived back at the tower much faster than he would have in any car. The only issue then, was Tony, who he was sure would stop him if he saw him trying to swing his way past the cops and into the building.
“Karen?” Peter had perched himself on a building across the street, trying his best to stay out of sight, “I need some help.” “What can I do for you Peter?” she chimed back.
He hadn’t had much of a chance to test out the built-in suit assistant, so he wasn’t totally sure what she was capable of. “Is there a way I can get into the tower, uh, secretly?”
“You can access the ventilation system from the roof.”
“Shit,” he swore, glancing towards the roof. A helicopter was hovering around the building, he was sure he’d be spotted. “You’re sure that’s the only way in?”
“That is the only secret way in.”
If he was going to be noticed then he had to be fast, get in before word got back to Tony. Peter took a deep breath before zipping to the building, landing on the roof with a thud. The vent cover had already been torn off, but Peter paid it no mind and dove right in. He’d asked Karen to guide him to the lab, but before he could reach it he found a perfect circle cut through both the vent and ceiling, just big enough for him to squeeze through. It led to (y/n)’s empty bedroom, his heart picking up at the idea that they’d come for her specifically, not just for Avenger’s secrets.
The room appeared undisturbed at a first glance, but a picture she usually kept on her nightstand had been set on her bed, right against her pillow. It wasn’t anything too special really, it was her, MJ, Ned, and Peter, she’d taken the picture a few weeks prior. A red heart had been drawn around her face, it looked like blood, though he couldn’t be sure. He jumped away from the photo at the sound of something crashing in the closet and quickly ran to see what it was. He threw open the door and found MJ, her hands tied to a rack above her head and a scarf shoved into her mouth as a sort of make-shift gag. She went wide eyed when she spotted him and he put a finger over his mouth to keep her quiet.
“Shh, it’s okay, I’m here to help,” he insisted as he removed the scarf from her mouth, “I-I’m (y/n)’s friend, I’m gonna get you guys out of here.”
“Where’s (y/n)?” she demanded as he worked at her hands.
“I don’t know yet,” his cheeks burned under the mask, “But trust me, I’m going to get her out of here just fine.”
“You don’t know yet?! Aren’t you here because she called you?!” she snapped, “Who the hell are you anyway?!”
“Spiderman, and no one called me, I just saw she needed me so I came. Look, just stay in here and I’ll come get you when it’s safe okay?”
“I’m not staying here, that creep came for my best friend and I’m going to make sure she’s okay,” she rubbed her wrists as the ropes finally fell off, “And she’s got a boyfriend by the way.”
“I know h-”
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Peter was cut off by Tony’s voice ringing in his ear, “Did I or did I not tell you to let me handle this?!”
He turned away from MJ before replying, “I’m saving (y/n).”
“Yeah, great idea buddy. You know I built that suit? I can turn it off a-”
“Karen cut the radio,” he ordered, “He won't do anything to the suit now that I’m already here.” “You aren’t even supposed to be here?!” MJ snapped again.
Peter stayed quiet for a minute, “I’m here for (y/n). Just tell me what happened so I can save her.”
She took a deep breath, cheeks dusting pink before she seemingly decided to trust him, “I came in here to grab my bag and that creep was over by her bed. He tied me up in the closet and I didn’t see anything after that, but Flash and (y/n) were both in the living room when I came in here.”
“It was a man? What did he look like?”
“He had a green mask and suit, brown hair,” she knit her brows, trying to remember everything she could, “It was all really fast, he had some kind of scarring on his face though, burns I think.”
“Harry,” Peter mumbled, eyes darting to the door worriedly, “Look this guy is dangerous so if you really want to come along, just stay behind me or something.”
He knew MJ wouldn’t stay behind, he couldn’t blame her because he wouldn’t have either, but she did stay behind him. The hallway was perfectly still, completely untouched, but the living room was just the opposite. Furniture was thrown about, the large glass coffee table was completely shattered. Flash Thompson sat in the corner, tied to a chair and barely conscious. MJ ran to help him right away while Peter looked around for danger. “Hey, eyes open buddy,” MJ patted his cheek, willing him to stay awake.
A gash on his forehead has spilled blood over his face, but that appeared to be his own injury, “MJ?” he mumbled.
She nodded, “Yeah, it’s me. Are you okay? What happened?” “Some green douchebag,” he groaned, “Who’s that?”
“Spiderman, he’s an Avenger or something,” MJ looked to him for help.
“Do you know where (y/n) is?” Peter ripped the rope from his wrists, freeing him from the chair. He nodded, “Y-Yeah, that guy took her, in there,” he pointed to the lab lazily.
Peter’s eyes darted between them and the door as he tried to decide what to do. It was obvious Flash needed medical attention, but there was no way he was leaving (y/n) with Harry for even another second.
“Karen tell Tony we’re gonna need a doctor or something on the helipad,” he helped Flash up with a grunt, “MJ I need you to help him, I’ve got to go get (y/n).”
She nodded, pulling his arm around her shoulder, “I got him, you make sure she’s safe.”
“I will,” he promised, “J-Just lay him down out there, and, uh, hang in there buddy,” he patted Flash’s back as he sent them off, wasting no time, he ran straight for the lab.  Harry stood behind (y/n), watching as she typed away at her dad’s computer.
“We’ve been waiting for you,” Harry smiled as he turned towards Peter, “I mean the disguise is good Peter, but the spider motif kind of gives you away.”
“Why are you here?” Peter demanded, clenching his fists at his side.
“What do you think I’m here for? You obviously, and all the other things Stark and company stole from us,” he smirked as he set his thumb on (y/n)’s chin, “I like your girlfriend Peter, she’s pretty.”
“I’ll help you,” Peter offered, locking eyes with (y/n), “And I’ll go back with you, just leave her alone.”
“Oh that’s adorable,” he laughed, “But little miss Stark knows how to get me the things I need, and she’s cute, I think I’m gonna keep her around awhile.”
Harry leaned in, almost like he might kiss her, but he didn’t make it very far before she spit in his face. He jerked back, wiping the spit away as Peter jumped into action. He shot a web at the boy, securing one of his hands to the desk so (y/n) could dive away from him. Harry reached for a narrow black blade at his belt, the same one he’d used to cut Peter, and used it to cut through the web, freeing himself once again. Harry chucked the blade at them and Peter dove to the ground with (y/n), using a web to yank a rolling cart in front of them for a bit of extra coverage.
“You need to get out of here, I can handle him,” Peter tried to push her in the direction of the door but she resisted.
“I’m not leaving you here with that psycho,” she snapped, “We’re in this together.”
He frowned, “Please just go, I’ve got this, I just need you to be safe.” “No I-”
She was cut off as Harry threw the cart across the room and lunged for Peter. Peter was knocked to the ground and Harry reached for his waist again, pulling out another oddly shaped blade. Harry tried to swing the blade at Peter but was stopped by (y/n) grabbing him, attempting to shove him off of Peter.
“Oh isn’t that cute?” Harry cooed before he hit her, sending her stumbling back into a nearby desk.
Peter kicked him off, knocking him into a nearby wall as he sprung back to his feet. Harry was webbed at his feet trapping him in place so Peter could help (y/n) back up. Harry managed to free himself again but instead of attacking threw down a small orange sphere, which began instantly filling the room with fog. Fearing the fog may be dangerous, Peter lifted (y/n) up and zipped both of them towards the door, sending them stumbling into the living room. Harry went flying over their heads, obviously aiming to escape through the helipad.
“Go, I’m fine,” (y/n) promised, pushing Peter towards him, “Please Peter, he can’t get away again.”
He nodded, squeezing her hand before he ran after Harry. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to catch up to him he shot a web at the board. He caught it only to be ripped outside as Harry burst through the living room's glass wall and onto the helipad.
Peter was able to ground himself for only a moment before the force of the board was too strong and he was yanked into the air.
“Hold on tight spider boy!” Harry taunted above him, swinging the board to try to send Peter into the side of a building.
Peter was barely able to catch himself, running along the side of the building for a few steps before he shot another web at Harry, using it to launch himself at him. The crash knocked Harry off his balance, sending them spinning through the air while he struggled to regain control of the board. Harry elbowed him, trying to shove him off anyway he could, but Peter held on, finally throwing a punch into his jaw and kicking one of his legs hard enough to knock it off the board. They dangled in the air for a moment, both struggling to take control of the board until Peter shot a web to the tower and sent them both slamming into the side of the building, resulting in both of them bursting through a window and tumbling into an office space. The board had fallen from Harry’s feet, leaving him stranded.
He threw himself at Peter, knocking them both into the ground again. Peter was able to take control quickly, rolling out from under him and kicking him into a nearby wall. Peter was quick to web both of his hands there, preventing him from cutting himself free again. He threw a punch into the boy's jaw but before he could do anything more Ironman decided to join the party.
“Yeah I think you’ve got him Peter,” Tony set a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it gently, “Good job kid.”
Harry went wide eyed and thrashed against the wall in attempt to get away, “Call you’re fucking attack dog on me?! That’s fucking low Parker!”
Peter froze at the use of what he now knew to be his last name, but Tony paid it no mind. “You did good kid, let me take it from here.”
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
Peter’s eyes were glued to the tv, watching as the fight he’d been in just hours before unfolded on the local news. If he weren’t so on edge he probably would have thought the whole thing was cool, he looked like a real superhero out there. No one had gotten seriously hurt, Flash had it worst with a minor concussion and a tear in his shoulder, he’d be in a cast for a few weeks but he’d heal just fine, but Peter was still on edge.
“MJ said Flash just got released,” (y/n) hummed as she tossed her phone onto the bed beside Peter, “He’s got a concussion and he had to get some stitches, but he’s gonna be fine. MJ got off with just a couple rope burns.”
“I’m glad they’re okay.”
She sighed and sat down beside him, “Pretty cool, you’re like a real superhero now, everyone wants to know who Spiderman is.”
He nodded, letting his head fall onto her shoulder sleepily, “Yeah, I guess it’s cool.”
“What’s on your mind spider-dork?” she slipped a hand into his hair, doing her best to untangle his wild curls.
“He called me by my last name.”
“Yeah, and it was blacked out in all the records…” he sighed, “I don’t know, didn’t it just seem a little personal?”
She nodded in agreement, “Yeah, he seems to really not like you.”
“Did he say anything to you when you were alone?”
“He didn’t say much, he pretty much just told me what he wanted me to do,” she shrugged, “Nothing really sticks out, but he got a lot more aggressive when you showed up, both times.”
“What do you think is gonna happen now?”
“He’ll be interviewed by Shield, and the police, eventually he’ll go to trial. I don’t really know how serious it’ll be but hopefully they’ll get some information that helps them bring down Oscorp, I think that’s the best case scenario here.”
Peter sighed and pressed a kiss to her cheek before falling back onto the bed beneath them, “I hope so, but for now, I’m just glad we’re both okay.”
“Me too,” she fell down beside him and snuggled into his side, “Thank you for saving me.”
“You don’t need to thank me, it was the right thing to do.” “I know, but I know you went against my dad and you risked a lot, and as much as I want to scold you for doing something so reckless and dangerous, I’m just really grateful you were there.”
“We’re in this together,” he repeated her words from earlier that day, pressing a firm kiss to the back of her hand, “Everything I mean, because I love you, and I’m gonna love you forever, and I’ll do every reckless, dangerous thing I have to to keep you safe.”
She squeezed his hand and pressed her lips to his for just a moment, “I love you too, forever.”
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kelieah · 16 hours ago
Hi!! i saw your requests were open so, could you write some Peter x Stark!reader, where every time Tony sees them together they are always like making out or smth, so he gets kinda mad, but the one they he finally sees them doing smth really cute and fluffy. Thanks!! Love your writing btw.
he loves you too (peter parker x stark!reader)
Tumblr media
word count: 0.5k
warnings: fluff, language, steamy kisses and, touches, tony being an annoying dick, peter being an awkward dork
a/n: haven't written a stark fic in a hot minute haha, love this cliche concept. also going to make this a headcanon because yea and thank you!
peter parker masterlist
Tumblr media
you're his kid
and you're just like him
which he hated and loved
but your boy crazy phase
it killed him
or shall i say is killing him
because ever since the spider kid decided to join the avengers and stay at the facility
peter parker was the last kid your dad expected you to date
or fuck
he thought you liked the cliche bad boy fuckers
but of course, you proved him wrong
especially when he walked in on you and peter for the first time
a year after peter moved in
you were straddling peter's lap as he sat on your bed
your arms lazily placed on his shoulders as your lips were connected and moving with his
peter's hand dangerously close to your ass
"now, what the actual flying fuck," your dad raised his voice at the both of you
"come on," you groaned and climbed off of peter's lap, standing while turning to your dad
he raised an eyebrow at you and you simply crossed your arms, "well?"
"did you need something?" you retorted, the sass almost giving your poor billionaire father whiplash
peter awkwardly sat behind you flustered, his hands nervously tied together as he avoided your dad's piercing glare
"what is this?"
"what you see."
"unbelievable," he muttered and shook his head at the two of you
"did you need something, dad?" you repeated, pursing your lips at him
"yea, for you to drop your attitude and tell me more about your boyfriends," he scoffed and walked away from your room
"b-boyfriends?" peter stammered
and the cycle of him walking in on you and peter continued
some cases were worse than each other
"peter," you breathed out heavily as he lied you on his bed
he hummed in response and kissed down your neck, his hands carefully roaming your body
"hey arachnid, do you—" your dad then walked in once again for the millionth time, his eyes glued to his phone until he glanced up to see peter's hand down your pants
peter quickly snatched his hand away and stood up abruptly, smiling sheepishly
"for fucks sake," he raised his voice and walked off dramatically
"you're such a drama queen!" you yelled at him
"and you're such a horn dog!" he yelled back
peter stifled a laugh
"you are too!"
he then shut up and glanced at you bashfully
it got pretty annoying because he'd always walk in on you and peter's steamy moments and not the innocent, domestic ones
but finally
after all
he comes home to you and peter dozing off on the couch on the living area floor
you're lying between his legs with your arms wrapping around his body and your head on his chest
you move up and down with each breath of his and find yourself drifting off to sleep to the beat of his heart
tony walks over and gently grasps peter's head, tilting it back
peter hesitantly glances up at him
"tony. i mean, m-mr. stark."
"please, take care of her."
"i'm serious, mr. parker. if you break her heart, i'll break your spine."
"joking. of course, i couldn't do that i'd have mr. banner do that."
"dad, please shut the fuck up," you whisper, slightly awake from the sudden commotion
"just giving him the ol' dad talk."
"yea and i'm trying to sleep."
"seriously though. condoms. use them. i'm too young to be a grandpa," he glares at you two teasingly and walks off
"your dad scares me," peter sighs and holds you closer, kissing the side of your head
"mm, but you're spider-man."
"he loves you too, you know," you murmur, eyes closed again
"yeah, i love you."
"i-i love you too."
"i love you more," you snuggle into his embrace, unable to see the teary look in his eye and soft smile upon his face
thanks for reading, let me know what you think!
tagging some mutuals <3 @evermoreholland @ptersmj @celestialholland @heavenlyholland @hollandcrush @dhtomholland @msmarvelsmain @ms-misery @spideyspeaches @alinastarkrovs @peterbenjiparker @peterssweetpea @selfcarecap @asonofpeter
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vampireoutofbusiness · 16 hours ago
Proposal Parker
Pairing: Peter x Reader
Warnings: none, just a small sex reference
Request: could you please do Peter privately proposing to the reader and him being like really nervous and stuff thank you
Synopsis: After you and peter are out of college and grossly in love with each other, he decided to pop the question, no matter how low his confidence about your answer might be
a/n: thank you to the person who requested this, I hope you and everyone else likes it. Considering making this a series??
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work on any platform, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
Four years. Two months. One week. Five days. Roughly the amount of time Peter has wanted to do this. Ever since you met him your senior year of high school when you transferred to midtown, he liked you so much.
That like turned into love when you started dating. No doubt in his mind, he wanted to marry you. It wasn’t really discussed between the two of you, it was just definite that you would get married.
College, however, got in the way a little. Financially, it wasn’t smart to get married when you’re trying to focus on your education and just keep your relationship with someone you love.
Peter and you knew everything about each other. Finding out he was spider-man was a real kicker. But you stayed with him and that might have made him fall for you harder. And having someone there to hold him when he felt like the world was crumbling around him was more than he could ever ask for.
Your fourth year of college was when you finally decided to move in together. You were told plenty of times it was a bad idea. “What if you guys break up?” was a common concern but you both dismissed it.
Living in a small apartment together actually made your relationship stronger and resulted in the both of you even more sure you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together.
Which now has Peter fumbling with the TV remote and trying to find something to watch while the ring in his back pocket was screaming at him. When would he do it? He wasn’t sure if he could.
After being so sure, he was pretty damn flustered about asking you to marry him. No, you obviously wouldn’t say no. But he couldn’t fathom pulling out the ring and popping the question.
It’s not like you hadn’t noticed his behavior. The nervous glances in your direction, constant fidgeting with his fingers, or the sentences he would start but ultimately made his jaw slack and he’d stutter a “never mind”.
“How about The Proposal?” You questioned, sinking into the spot on the couch next to him with two bottles of root beer and a bag of popcorn in your hands.
“What?” He turned to look at you, his eyes blown wide and jaw slack.
“It’s supposed to be on the Freeform channel tonight,” you furrowed your brows and chuckled at his reaction, “you okay?”
“No- I mean yeah…I’m great,” he grinned and took one of the bottles from you.
You weren’t convinced.
Peter couldn’t focus, his only thoughts were filled with you and May’s ring on your finger - hopefully.
Halfway through the movie, you couldn’t take it anymore. He wouldn’t stop readjusting in his seat and in the process, moved about a foot away from you.
“Peter,” you picked up the remote and paused the film, “what’s wrong?”
“Hmm?” He shook his head to clear it and turned to look at you.
“Come on, you’ve been acting off,” he turned your upper body to face him, leaning an elbow on the back of the couch.
He was acting the same way as when he did both of your laundry loads for the first time and he wasn’t sure if he should tell you he touched your bra. As if you guys didn’t end up naked together every night.
“I don’t- nothing’s wrong,” his lips quirked because he’s an awful liar and you know when something’s up with him.
You didn’t say anything and watched his smile faulted under the now frozen light from the tv screen.
“I- this isn’t what I thought would happen,” he looked at his hands in his lap to avoid your gaze.
“Huh?” You scooted closer to him, closing the gap he made over the last forty-five minutes.
“Okay,” he took a deep breath and stood up, much to your confusion.
“What are you-“ you watched him reach in his back pocket, a small glimmer catching your eye.
He knelt down in front of you, a silver ring between his thumb and index finger. Your breath hitched when your brain processed what was happening.
“Babe-“ you felt tears prick your eyes and you leaned forward, elbows resting on your knees,”
“Y/n,” he took a deep breath and he offered a timid smile, “I don’t really know how to- to put this because I’m not- words aren’t very good- I’m not good with-“
“Hey, relax, you know the answer,” you smirked and cupped his cheeks making him more at ease, “continue,”
“Y/n, I am so in love with you,” he kissed your palm, his eyes beginning to water, “everything about you makes me happy and I don’t care how cliché it sounds I- I can’t imagine my life without you,”
You couldn’t hold your own tears anymore. The love you had for Peter Parker was indescribable. You couldn’t imagine your lie without him in it either.
“So, will you continue to make me the happiest man on this Earth and-“
You slid down onto the floor with him, throwing your arms around his neck. He was a little unsteady, making him fall back with you attached. His back hit the hardwood with a thud and you felt the wind get knocked out of you.
Once you caught your breath, you couldn’t help but laugh at the current situation, in turn, making Peter laugh too.
He reached his hand out, running it over the floor to find where he dropped the ring when you attacked him. His fingers found it, picking it up and holding it in the gap between your faces.
“Yes?” He grinned, his eyes full of love.
“Yes,” you held your left hand over his face and he slid the ring onto your fourth finger.
You leaned down, connecting your lips with your now fiancé’s. This was going to be the last person you kissed for the rest of your life and you couldn’t wait.
“A million times,” you gave him a peck on the forehead making him chuckle, “yes,”
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toomanyfandoms02 · 19 hours ago
I'm very much open to requests right now! I'm writing for Peter Parker / Tom Holland at the moment. And since I just got a little influx of followers here's my old dialogue prompt list so you can request! You can do so in the comments or my ask box. You can request as many as you want at once :)
1. "I told you not to read that."
2. "Sir, this is for children only."
3. "Are you kidding me? We're not 'fine'!"
4. "Whatever you're going to ask, the answer is no!"
5. "Hey... what's wrong with your face?"
6. "You look a lot different from your profile picture."
7. "Are you going to keep walking by my house, or are you going to come in?"
8. "Dude, it's three in the morning."
9. "I can't believe I use to think he was attractive."
10. "Actually, you *are* speaking to the manager."
11. "This isn't going to be a typical best man's speech."
12. "According to this, you owe them eighty thousand dollars."
13. "That's the worst reason I've ever heard to have a baby."
14. "I didn't even recognize you!"
15. "You're Satan." Costume party
16. "I need a place to stay."
17. "It's six o'clock in the morning, you're not having vodka."
18. "Safety first. What are you? FIVE?"
19. "This is girl talk, so leave."
20. "You're bleeding all over my carpet."
21. "Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now."
22. "Hold still."
23. "You're not interested, are you?"
24. "Oh honey, I'd never be jealous of you."
25. "I'm telling you, I'm haunted."
26. "Touch her again and I'll break your wrist."
27. "Don't look behind you, but that guy is checking you out."
28. "I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend."
29. "Quick! Kiss me!"
30. "Just shut up and kiss me."
31. Ihate high school reunions."
32. "I think I picked up your coffee by mistake."
33. "I've never felt this way before... and it scares the shit out of me."
34. "Wait a second, are you jealous?"
35. "This is by far the stupidest plan you've ever had. Of course I'm in."
36. "You never told me you had a fucking twin."
37. "Am I suppose to be scared of you?" Skeleton dick costume
38. "You're hiding something from me." Ethan proposes
39. "A wedding?"
40. "Where would someone hide in a town like this?"
41. "H-how long have you been standing there?"
42. "Is this skirt suppose to be this short?"
43. "Oh fuck off."
44. "When did you take that?"
45. "I hid it."
46. "Stop trying to look cool in paparazzi pictures, you look like a dumbass."
47. "Can you stop laughing?"
48. "You look like a reptile from this angle."
49. "You have a dirty mind."
50. "You guys are lame."
51. "I don't know. Resurrection maybe?"
52. "This is a safe space." "What the hell are you talking about?" "SAFE SPACE!"
53. "Just stab him."
54. "I'm in dire need of assistance."
55. "I'm gonna die in an elevator full of idiots."
56. "Shoot me."
57. "I feel like you know."
58. "You're making me dizzy."
59. "I don't want any excuses, they must have the hottest date ever."
60. "Are you with him because it's easy?"
61. "Dibs!"
62. "If we die, I'm going to kill you."
63. "Do you think you could just go *one* day without pissing me off?"
64. "Your hands are really soft."
65. "We've become the clingy newlyweds you've always complained about."
66. "Pregnant?"
67. "We are SO much cuter than them."
68. "Wanna go for a drive?"
69. "Is there a reason you're blushing like that?"
70. "Sleep over? Please?"
71. "Are we on a date right now?"
72. "Am I your lockscreen?" "You weren't suppose to see that."
73. "Well I think you're beautiful."
74. "Your feet are so cold!"
75. "You come here often?" "Well I work here, so I'll have to say yes."
76. "You met me yesterday though?" "Yes, and I would die for you in one second. Next question."
77. "I can't stop smiling."
78. "Did you see it?"
79. "Don't leave me alone."
80. "Have you ever kissed anyone before?"
81. "You didn't tell me your friend was cute! Now what am I gonna do?"
82. "How can you drink that stuff?"
83. "Stop apologizing for other people! You aren't the shitty one!"
84. "I just wanna be swept off my feet. Is that so much to ask?"
85. "Oh, my ankle! It must be broken!" *wink wink*
86. "These heels are peeling off my **skin**. But yes, keep complaing about your tie you whine ass."
87. "I don't want to ruin your party."
88. "Could you just come get me?"
89. "Now I have to start counting all over again!"
90. "Do you talk to your mother with that mouth?"
91. "You are very endearing while you are half-asleep."
92. "But I want to hear you sing!"
93. "No- Mom- don't tell him I said that. Wait!"
94. "And you wonder why you are still single."
95. "Somebodys cranky." "Somebody needs to shut up."
96. "She's hot. But she's evil."
97. "Pinky promise!"
98. "I'd rather jump out that window. But thanks."
99. "Hello, sunshine."
100. "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Prompts based on things my best friend has said (changed a little bit for context)
1. Man, I hope this ice melts soon
2. Holy SHIT the Disney World parking lot is packed.
3. Those tree lights are burning my retinas
4. "These are fun to work with." "Not to eat." "No!"
5. "I mean, I could hit a kid with a car."
6. "You up? I need to call you! It's not bad it's just kinda funny!"
7. "Wow I can't imagine being that rich! How old are the kids, maybe I can date one!"
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vampireoutofbusiness · 19 hours ago
Shaking Hands & Shallow Breath
Pairing: Peter x Avenger!reader
Warnings: all about anxiety and probably typos
Synopsis: You're Peter's go-to for his anxiety attacks so it's not very surprising when he clings to you at dinner
a/n: I have always struggled with anxiety, look at that, another thing I need to worry about so I thought why not make an imagine about something I'm sure peter parker deals with.
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work without giving credit, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
Peter couldn’t remember the last time he didn’t have anxiety. There was always something nagging at him, in the back of his mind making him worried. Some would say it was for “no reason” and that he just needs to “worry less”.
Easy for people to say that when they don’t feel like they’re being suffocated. Or, constantly aware of everything going on around them because they’re too worried about doing or saying something wrong.
Nervousness overcame Peter daily. Some days were worse than others. It was easy to hide it and just be happy and easygoing while in public before he hyperventilated private. However, it was difficult to keep it from you.
After knowing and being close to him for years, meanwhile, you were also dating him, you were — sadly — used to him being in such an agitated state so frequently.
Sometimes all he needed was for you to hold him and tell him everything was going to be okay. You knew, you always did, when he was anxious and when you thought he was about to have an anxiety attack.
His hands would shake and his breathing got shallow. He’d get that look in his eyes like he just saw something awful occur and he’d try to find you. If you were already by him, he’d cling to you and you would get him away from others.
That’s another thing, Peter didn’t do well in big crowds. You made sure to be close to him in social situations, trying to take the lead. Even if you weren’t particularly good with people, you still took one for the team.
Speaking of which; dinner. Recently, you, Peter, and the Avengers completed another successful mission. Everyone agreed a night out would be a good celebration. You thought Peter looked very pretty for the occasion; a white button-up and black formal pants. Then again, he looked good in everything.
“I can’t believe y/n didn’t get shot,” Nat raised an eyebrow, remembering the encounter you and she had with a few henchmen.
“Hey! I am very responsible and they weren’t even aiming well,” you chuckled at your slight recklessness when dealing with the enemy.
“But you got knocked out,” Steve recalled…he had to carry you out.
You glared at him as you gestured for Bruce to pass the breadbasket.
“You were good while you were awake though,” Nat winked and took a sip of her wine.
“How the fuck did you even get knocked out?” Tony questioned when he reached for a roll in the basket you held.
“I went to grab her gun and…”
The voices flooding the air around Peter were being blocked out. He was trying to stay calm, breathe like you worked on. His nails were digging crescents into his palms.
His enhanced senses didn’t help his nerves. He could smell every meal being cooked and served. The constant noises of people eating, their forks and knives clinking with the plates. And everyone’s conversations were just maximized in his ears.
He reached a hand over to you beside him, grabbing onto your sleeve.
“Hey, yellow?” You whispered in his ear while the others discussed more moments from the mission.
He frantically shook his head, his chest rising and falling getting more unsteady.
This time he nodded, telling you all you needed to know. You took his hand and got up out of your seat, Peter following suit.
“We’ll be right back,” you told the group, no one questioning it.
It was normal. Normal for you to bring Peter somewhere else during something like this. Tony knew the most, besides you, about Peter’s anxiety within the team. In fact, Tony had his fair share of anxiety and tried to help Peter in any way he could.
But one thing for sure was you made the boy feel better so they never intervened. Bruce gave you a small smile as you left the table which you returned.
Your boyfriend’s grip tighter and tighter when weaving your way through the restaurant. You were careful not to run into anyone, but it was pretty busy.
Finally, you and Peter got out onto the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.
“You’re okay, you’re okay,” you brought him under another store next door’s awning, leaning against the wall so he didn’t feel trapped.
He held his hands to his chest because he was having difficulty breathing. You stepped a little closer, being mindful of his current state. But all he wanted was your arms around him, you were the only thing keeping him stable when this happened.
“In for five,” you took a deep breath and his eyes found yours, “out for five,”
You put your hands on his shoulders which he didn’t reject and continued breathing. Eventually, he followed your breathing pattern, his breathing becoming more steady.
He felt overwhelmed, wanting to sit in a dark, noiseless room, away from everyone and everything.
“We can do ten, yeah?”
You filled your more lungs to slow Peter’s still heaving chest. He covered his ears and closed his, the never-ending honking and rushing-by of cars filling his head still.
“It’s alright, you’re safe,” you told him, not really sure what you could do.
Yeah, you’re dealt with this many times but you can’t fully “fix” the anxiety a person experiences. Being there just helps since a lot of what they’re feeling is beyond their control. That didn’t stop you from researching and trying to help Peter because seeing him in such discontentment hurt you.
You figured doing breathing exercises with him made some of it better, at least the physical components of his attacks.
On the other hand, Peter just felt like he was a burden to you. He thought you would have a much more fun time if he stayed home while you went out. That wasn’t the case at all, sure, it was inconvenient but he couldn’t do anything so you weren’t going to make him feel worse.
“You want to go home?”
He shook his head and tried to smile, but the tears in his eyes showed his real emotion.
“No, I’m fine now,” he fibbed, looking down at his shoes to avoid your gaze.
“Peter,” you took his chin in your hand and lifted it to meet his eyes with yours, “we’re leaving,”
“No really y/n/n I’m-,”
You wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled out your phone to call a car to the restaurant. Tony had several people on call in case any of the Avengers needed a ride at any time.
On second thought, maybe getting in a small car with another person you didn’t know wasn’t the best idea.
“You okay to walk?” You squeezed his side and he nodded, “come on, et’s go,”
It was only a few blocks to the tower so you hoped he could wait until then. You’d text the others when you got there to let them know what happened. They would understand.
The walk home was spent with quiet murmurs and apologies from your boy. You answered with “it's fine” each time. You couldn’t blame him for something he couldn’t help.
Besides, you made the decision to go home. It’s not like you were going to make him sit there and be miserable throughout the rest of dinner.
Being in the “fresh” air of New York seemed to help his breathing but his head was still spinning.
When you got to the Tower, you lead him to his room helped him change into some pajamas. He got in bed and you told him you’d be right back.
You grabbed an ice pack from the freezer after changing into your own pajamas and headed back to his room. There he was, curled up in a ball in his bed and clinging onto his shirt.
He felt the bed dip next to him and opened his eyes to see you sat against his headboard, a corner of your lips quirked when you saw how red they were.
He’s been crying.
“My baby boy,” you pulled him over, with his help, closer to you and he laid his head on your chest.
That usually helped him follow your breathing when his head went with the rise and fall of your upper body. His arms wrapped around your torso, his body was excessively hot.
You handed him the ice pack that you had wrapped in a towel and he brought it under his shirt. It usually, besides you, helped him feel grounded.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his voice a little hoarse.
“You never did anything wrong, stop apologizing,” you thread your fingers through his hair and caressed his tear-dampened cheek.
“But ev- every time I’m there…you can’t have fun- I ruin it for you,”
“Don’t do that. I hate that this happens to you because it hurts you but you don’t ruin anything for me. And I don’t expect you to go through it alone,”
He pulled himself up and rested his chin on your sternum.
“Okay?” You smoothed his eyebrows over and raised your own.
“Okay,” he repeated and a small smile showing on his face, “thank you,”
“Please don’t think you have to ‘tough it out too because you’re allowed to be vulnerable, especially around me,”
Being with you was quite literally a breath of fresh air for Peter Parker. The sad reality was he probably wouldn't be able to get rid of his anxiety in one night but you did everything you could for him and wanted you to know how much he appreciated you.
“I love you y/n/n,” he leaned forward and connected your lips.
You pulled back reached for your phone to text Tony about your whereabouts, “I love you, baby boy,”
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t-hollanderr · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Harry Holland x reader
Requested by: @harryhollandsgirlfriend
Summary: You have been Harry's bestfriend for quite some time now, well bestfriends on the verge of being more. As soon as he arrives back in England from a trip one day, he is on your doorstep in no time. A sweet welcome home with some fastfood and a movie turns into a night filled with confession.
Warnings: fluff, talk of drug use, again FLUFF.
Harry didn't feel as happy as he should and he hated it. Tom gushing about how hungry he was on their way to the restaurant wasn't really helping either. The truth was: Harry misses you.
It might sound pathetic but he wasn't used to being away from you, he loved you. He hadn't realized it before and you defenitly didn't know about it either but he truly loved you. This little get away holiday with Tom made him realize that. He was always next to you twenty-four-seven, you lived in the same apartment complex but to be honest you were at his place more than your own. Your friendship had been building for three years now and Harry knew it was different with you than any of his other girl friends, love was a word with a deep word for him. Sure he had crushes here and there but this was different, you were different. Unconsciously he pushed his feelings away, not wanting to lose you as his best mate but him being away from you was absolute hell for him. Everytime he recieved a text message from you he couldn't stop smiling like a absolute idiot making Tom question who he was talking to. Never in his life had he excited to leave a holiday destenation before but he couldn't be more excited to fly back to London. Just so he could hold you in his arms again.
"What are you on about man?" Tom asks pushing Harrys arm softly as they make their way trough the streets of Amsterdam.
"What?" Harry looks at his brother in confusion.
"You were saying something, couldn't understand you were mumbeling like always" his older brother grins. "Oh no never mind wasn't important anyway, is the restaurant close?" Harry quickly tries to change the subject. He didn't know what he was mumbeling but he was glad Tom didn't hear. "Yea around the corner".
As the plane in London lands after a short 45 minute flight Harry is filled with excitement. After a week he is finally home, finally back to you. His bestfriend and love. Somehow it was still scary though, nobody knew about his feelings towards you except himself. He didn't want to tell Tom hell not even Sam because it would make it all so real. What if he finally held you in his arms again and you'd tell him about a guy you were hooking up with? It would crush him and everyone around him would know. No, he'd rather suffer alone in this situation.
"Mum said she'll be here in about twenty minutes" Tom sighs putting his phone back into his pocket. "I think i'll be getting a taxi actually" Harry responds. The spontanious idea popping into his head, recieveing a look from Tom.
"Why? Like I said Mum is here soon".
"Yea but I think i'll go home instead of sleeping at Mum's tonight and I don't want her to drive a extra 30 minutes just to bring me home" Harry says. "You know she won't mind doing that" Tom argues. "I know, that's why i'm not telling her. Don't want her to do it and I know she will" Harry chuckles. "Hmm, well say hi to y/n from me" Tom smirks making Harry look at him in disbelieve.
"You fucker" Harry laughs.
"Come on you really think I haven't noticed? I'm your fucking brother Baz".
You were so close to falling asleep after turning in your bed for what felt like hours now. You just missed him more than anything. Harry was always there, and for the past week he just.. wasn't. You felt like a baby who couldn't sleep without their favorite stuffed animal around.
He made you feel save, grounded and loved. Even though he wasn't even your boyfriend, just a friend you met when you came living next doors. Just a boy who probably saw you the same as all his other friends. Just a boy with a ridiculously famous brother who could get anyone he wants. Just a boy who probably hooked up with girls on his trip to The Netherlands. Just a boy who didn't love you like you loved him. Just a boy who...
Your self pitty thoughts got disturbed by a loud buzzing noise. One you reconized as your door bell. Who the fuck was trying to see you at midnight? You knew Harry was coming back tonight but he was going to his Mums before returning home so it couldn't be him.
As you peep trough the hole your heart stops. You are met by your favorite bush of ginger curls. For a second you don't know what to do, your house was clean but still messy. You were in your silly Harry Potter pyjamas and your hair probably looked like a rats nest from all the turning you did hours prior. But.. that didn't matter right? This was Harry, your Harry.
The boy who let you bloody puke in his lap once because there wasn't any other place. The boy who would do anything for you, and when I say anything I mean anything. You wanted to place a rock on the moon? It's bloody impossible but I bet you he'd find a way.
Quickly you open the door, a bright smile taking over his face as he sees you standing infront of him. "Harry?" You say truly questioning why he wasn't at his mums, instead at your front step.
"Hey love" he smiles at you, not bothering any longer to pull you into a hug. You hugged him back and automatically took in his scent.
He smelled like home.
"Not that I don't like it, but what are you doing here?" You ask, pulling back so you could look him into his eyes but still hold him in your arms. "Missed you" is all he says.
His throat feels like it was closing up. He was used to being around you sure, but that was when he thought all the felt as platonic. Now that he knew you were the one he wanted to be with forever he felt so much more self concious.
"Could've called me" you giggled.
"What's the fun in that? Wanted to suprise my girl"  he laughs. When he sees your face expressions change he realized his choice of words and immediately feels like he made you uncomfortable. Getting bloody annoyed with himself. Before you could even say anything else he decided to change the subject. Trying to get himself out of this one
"What are you feeling pizza, sushi..?" He raises his eyebrow slightly as he rolls in his bagage. You smile as you close the door after him.
"You know what I want Harry why even ask" you laugh. He knew everything about you including your favorite late night meal, he didn't need to ask. Didn't mean the little cheeky basterd didn't do it anyway. You grab a beer for him out of the fridge, not even needing to ask if he wanted one and took a seat next to him on the sofa. He was already busy ordering your meals taking the beer from your hand with a greatful smile.
You lay your head on his shoulder as you stare at his phone, his tumb typing in his debit card information onto the screen as he send the order.
"Will be delivered in 15 to 25 minutes"
Appeared on the screen before he turned his phone off and threw it next to him.
"How was your trip?" You ask, genuinly curious about his holiday. You had gotten some picture from him and quick phone calls where made here and there but you not enough to really get the whole experience. "Bloody amazing!" He groaned back at the happy memories. Though he missed you trough all of it and it was hard sometimes he still was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the city. "Ohh was it really as good as everyone says?" You look into his light brown eyes filled with excitment and your heart just burst at the sight of his happiness.
"It really was. I mean the buildings there for example are so typical Dutch and it was just such a unique experience. Let alone all the 'I love Holland' merch around, was a big ego boost" his joke making you laugh. "I'm glad you enjoyed it love. Did you and Tom also went for the special recipe?"  You wiggle your eyebrows at him as you lay down on the couch horizontal, with your head in his lap. Harry looks at you in confusion.
"Special recipe?" He questions, genuinley confused. "Oh come on!" You say suprised he doesn't know what you're talking about.
"The special little treat people normally take when they get to Amsterdam, the city of..."
"Cheese?" Harry guesses out of the blue.
"My god Holland, weed! You dumbass" you laugh grabbing a pillow from behind your head and pushing it into his face playfully.
Harry grabs the pillow from you hand and moves it out of his face.
"Well missy not everyone here is addicted to drugs" he jokes slightly tickeling your sides.
"Stop! Baz stop tickling me!" You gasp for air, trying to push his hands away from your ribs.
"Okay okay i'll stop, if you stop making fun of my three brain cells" he pouts at you.
"No, Mark Ian and Floris should be talked about daily. They keep your mind running on the 1%, i'm sure they won't mind the jokes" you shrud you shoulders, taking your index finger and poking the side of his head. "Leave me and my three braincells alone. We're very happy as we are" Harry smiles taking your hand away, stopping you from almost fully fingering the side of his head.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it though. Did Tom do too?".
"Yea he loved it a little more than I did" Harry snorts. "Pretty sure he did  use our Amsterdam's special recipe that one Tuesday night... anyway no yea it was fun. Loved spending time with his in such a fun city".
You heart melted at his words. You adored seeing Harry happy and spending time with the people he loved. You were there when thing's weren't going so great in his mind and he definitly wasn't as happy as he is now. It were hard times for him but also for you, you have always loved Harry. Even if you haven't always been in love with him you cared for him deeply so seeing him so mentally down also took a toll on you. Happily that had been ages ago and he was his bubbly, sassy happy self again and it made you so filled with love and adoration.
Harry was softly putting some of your hair behind your ears, slowly stroking your cheek in the progress. His soft ginger curls were hanging on his forhead, he was in need of a haircut but to be honest you loved it when his hair was a little bit crazy. Made him look like a fluff ball.
A relaxed smile was taking over his face, his birth mark next to his mouth almost invisible now by how big his smile was. Your heart was stuttering in your chest. There was nothing what you wanted more in your life than this man and it was so painful. You had him, but not really. He was your friend, someone who loved you but not in the way you wanted him to love you. The thoughts of him every coming to you to introduce a girl to you as his girlfriend crushed your heart in ways you didn't think were possible.
"You know y/n?" Harrys says softly. So soft you almost couldn't hear him. "I re-" suddenly a shock went trough your body as the doorbell rang. "Holy fuck that scared me!" You say placing your hand on your heart. Harry also had a look of terror on his face, clearly shaken as well. You quickly stand up to get the food, slightly annoyed your little moment with him was ruined. You prayed that he was still going to say what he was going to, it sounded important.
You placed the food on the table as you grab the remote from the love seat in the corner.
"What do you want to watch?" You ask, switching the tv to netflix. "We can watch the last season of Lucifer?" Harry presents. You cringe a bit as you look at him with a guilty look.
"You didn't!" He says shocked.
"I'm sorry Harry but it dropped the day you left! How was I able to wait a whole week?" You protest. "Y/n Y/l/n i'm super dissapointed in you" he shaked his head taking another sip of his beer. "We can start another series together" your propose. "I still need to finish Lucifer" he argues.
"I won't mind watching it again" you say, already starting to type Lucifer into the search bar but Harry grabs your hand to stop you.
"You already broke my trust on this one. I'll watch it alone in my bed" he says, faking his sadness. You laugh hitting his chest playfully.
"You're such a child" you roll your eyes at him.
"Let's start watching The Haunting by Bly Manor, it's not that long. We can watch half the episodes tonight and the rest tomorrow. You're staying over right?" You ask looking at him with hopefull eyes. His heart picks up a beat at your proposel to stay over, he quickly nods his head.
"Yea let's do it".
Three episodes and empty food bags later you are almost sitting in Harry's lap. You don't really know how it happened but you guess you just crawled towards him more every jump scare that showed up at the screen. Not that either of you minded though. Your head was on his shoulder as his arms are around your protectively. Without you realizing you had grabbed his hand somewhere in between this and the last episode and were squeezing him like crazy.
"Love if you keep abusing my hand like that the lady in the lake might grab you tonight".
Harry's words resulted in a hars slap on the back of his head. "Don't joke about that!" You groan.
"And even if she will, you'll be sleeping next to me so she'll be getting both of our asses" you say making Harry frown slightly.
"No, i'm way to big to carry" he defends himself.
"Oh come on as if she'll be able to carry me. I mean i- OH MY GOD PUT ME DOWN" you scream as Harry picked you up bridal style.
"No" he laughs, enjoying your look of terror.
"See, I can pick you up fine. I'm sure so she can she" he laughs, still not putting you down.
"Harry Robert Holland I would like it very much if you'd put me down right now before your arms fail on me and you'll give me a concussion" you tilt your head and pout at him. Trying to get him to put you down again. Of course this was  cheeky Robert we were talking about, so he didn't. Instead he started to walk around with you still in his arms, making you snuggle your face into his neck.
"Your plants are dying love" he notices before , walking away from the window and making his way over to the kitchen. Making sure to not let your body dump into anything that could hurt you. "Harry" you whine, you hated being picked up. Harry laughs at how whiny you are before giving in. "Okay, here you go" he puts you down and places his hands on your waist after. His forhead almost touching yours. "Thank you".
He was mega close. You could feel his breath on your skin, the freckles on his face and in his eyes were so clear now. Every detail was visible and you loved every single one of them. What you didn't know was that Harry was also mesmorized by you. He was obsessed with your eye colour, the form of your eyebrows and even the little dry spots on your lips. You were more than perfect to him, he loved you so much.
He wanted to show you off to the world. Post a mega romantic couple goals picture with a cheeky caption on instagram to let the world know you were his. Take random picture of you doing basic things and put it on his story to show everyone how amazing you were. You doing the dishes? Needs to be seen by the world. You painting your nails? Truly insta story worthy right? He wanted to take you to his family and have dinner together but not as friends but as his girlfriend. His family adored you and he couldn't wait to share you even more with them. He wanted to wake up to you, face burried in his chest as he gete up to make you his OG milky tea. Take you with him when he went golfing with his brothers, teaching you the things he loved and the other way around. He would love to take part in your hobby's and things you were passionate about. He wanted, no needed to make you feel valid, cared for and loved in every single way and he was the one who wanted to give all of that you to. But his heart was way too afraid you didn't want the same thing.
"What did you want to tell me earlier?" You ask, your breath tingeling on his skin.
"Uh, it was stupid actually" he laughs nervously.
"I'm used to stupid stuff coming out of your mouth" you giggle making Harry snort.
"Promise me you won't push me away?" He asks. He was absolutely terrified you wouldn't feel the same for him and ruin your amazing friendship.
"I promise Harry?"
"I love you" his voice sounded breathy, soft and intimate. In a way he had never talked to you before. "In love with you".
It felt like your lungs stopped working.
He what now?
"Harry are you like.. serious?" You ask, way too afraid this was all one big joke.
"Positive. It's just that you're my best mate and that comes above all. I think I loved you for a while but being away from you made me realize. It's fine if you don't feel the same i'm not even really sure why i'm telling you this" his voice is  slightly trembeling. His nerves taking over.
"Harry, can I kiss you?" You ask. You were never good with words, actions working way better in your opinion. A small smile appears on Harry's face as he nods, "yes please".
After what felt like years your lips finally meet his and it was everything you've every dreamed of if not more. He tasted like him, his unique taste filled your mouth and you loved every second of it. His soft hair tickled your forhead as your nose slightly boops his. Your hands find it's way towards the hairs in his neck while his parked on your hips. His fingers slightly  massasing your flesh. After a couple of seconds you move apart and a smile overtakes both of your faces.
"I guess that means you like me back?" He asks.
You giggle softly. "My love I can't wait to hold your hand for the rest of my days and help you become the amazing director that you are. I'll be next to your side for as long as I breathe. Yes, I love you back"
Tumblr media
the end.
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Think Negetive! | t.holland
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader
Summary: You sneezed and Tom took it personal/ Overprotective Tom
Content: fluff/ Headcanon / mild language use
A/n: Aha, shit :') I'm enjoying this whole writing gig a little too much now
Not proofread cause I hate reading my own writing
Tumblr media
Both you and Tom were lucky enough to be quarantined together at his apartment. It was hard only keeping in touch with your friend's and family through zoom calls but at least having each other put you at ease
You sat on the kitchen island, scrolling through your phone while Tom stood across from you over the sink as he washed and put away the dishes when suddenly,
You sneezed.
"Bless you" Tom smiled looking back at you.
"Thank you darl-" You didn't get to finish your sentence and sneezed again.
You felt the ache go through your nose to your head the second time. "I can't give you my blessings all at once darling" He joked, rubbing the sponge carelessly across the plate.
"No, Tom I think I-" You sneezed, again. God damn it.
When Tom turned around, he looked more concerned then amused. "Love, are you okay?"
He wiped his hand with a small towel and walked over to your side, resting his hands on your shoulder and tummy. "I don't know, I've been feeling funny since this morning but I didn't think it was a big deal"
"Love, are you coming down with something??" He was alarmed now as he checked your temperature and rubbed your hand in an attempt to keep it warm.
"What if it's c o v i d ?" He asked, enunciating each letter of the word separately with a look of worry on his face.
"I'm not sure Tom but I think it's just-" He wasn't listening to you though. He grabbed your hands and pulled you up to your feet, mentally keeping score of everyone you had met with recently which included the pizza delivery man and your next door neighbor.
"Should we call the ambulance or drive?" He asked seriously, holding onto both sides of your shoulder. "WHAT? Tom, No-"
"That's right, we probably shouldn't alert the whole neighborhood" It felt like he had completely zoned out his sense of hearing. "I'll get the keys, you grab our jacket's and wait for me at the car"
Your mouth hung open as Tom disappeared into the bedroom, the sound of him ruffling through the drawers not failing to catch your ear. You knew you weren't getting out of this one by putting up a fight. Tom Holland had a habit of getting his way with things and you were all too familiar with that.
You sighed and chucked your phone into the pocket of your jeans, doing as you were told.
In a matter of minutes you and Tom had already reached the nearest clinic and was waiting on your appointed Doctor to see you. When you were called in, Tom grasped your hand tightly, interlocking his fingers with yours before nodding.
Once inside the office, you waited for the Doctor to give you the attention that Tom assumed you so-badly needed, tapping his heels against the floor in an impatient manner as he crossed his arms. "So, what seems to be the problem?"
You opened your mouth to respond but halted, realizing how stupid it would sound if you said it out loud. The Doctors gaze on you didn't falter as you tried to find better words to explain why the hell you were there on a Saturday evening. You couldn't of course so you told the truth.
"I sneezed"
"And?" He urged you to go on but you only blinked at him a few times before you looked at Tom.
"We think she's caught the virus and we would like to get ourselves tested" You facepalemed, giving the Doctor a tight lipped smile afterwards.
"Well,- do you maybe have, any other symptoms ?" He asked, biting the inside of his cheeks and narrowing his eyes at both you and Tom. You shook your head, fiddling with your fingers under the table.
"We're not gonna assume you caught the virus, as the gentlemen here suggested" The Doctor refered to Tom as he wrote down incoherent things on a pad. "But you can get tested, as a safety measure"
"And if you ever feel like sneezing again, try and hold your breath for awhile. I'm sure it'll help" You cringed, sensing the sarcasm in his tone even though Tom wasn't taking the hint. He was telling you to fuck off because he had actual patient's to deal with, but in medical fashion.
You didn't know what hurt more, your pride as a human being or the q-tip that was stuck up your nose. Tom held your hand through the whole process, giving you kisses on your forehead and gently patting your head.
"Think Negetive darling," He smiled reassuringly at you, kissing the tip of your nose and pulling you closer to him. You smiled back up at him, leaning into his touch knowing that the only thing you were coming down with was a lovesickness for Tom Holland.
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Oh, Baby | Prologue | P.P
Tumblr media
disclaimer: this chapter is discussing some mentions of sexual intercorse. this chapter is for a mature audience.
reminder: this chapter will not be what the others consist of. this is merely for you all to get some history and knowledge on the characters before we get started.
P R O L O G U E :
I never went into thought about the way I would fall in love. Or when, for that matter.
It might seem too 'cliché' and probably hard to believe, but I was just never too interested in the opposite sex. In fact, my family was convinced I was secretly gay. (It probably didn't help that I was set on marrying my best friend, MJ, because then I'd never have to touch a boy). Not that they cared, but for most millennials, it was nearly mandatory to show any affection or interest in anyone at the earliest age possible.
Heteronormative agenda at it's finest.
I was too busy with my mind on the numerous quests that were beautifully described in my novels. They took up all my social time, which I was definitely more than happy with.
To be fair, it was an incredibly helpful step to begin the writings and planning of my life's path. My love for books was the all-to-obvious reason for my career plan to take place in the editorial career. Being able to read countless books for a living seemed way too good to be true, but my school's counselor helped me learn how possible it was for me.
All I had to do was keep an average G.P.A and take a few good after school activities to help my transcript seem more put together. Her crucial and practical recommendation, more like demand, was that I stay focused. I had to keep my eye on the prize and be sharp.
That's all I had to do.
Until he happened.
Of course my luck had to run dry and I inevitably fucked up everything I had worked hard for.
The first month of my freshman year had been running smoothly. It was easygoing and the homework had been light. Many of the teachers wanted to keep our schedules as stress free as possible.
Some students were doomed to fall behind from the lack of structure. Not their fault, of course. But because I had been one of the top students, I was asked to help a few of my peers practice for an English paper worth almost half of our grade.
I, more than happy to devote my time, was all too eager when I was assigned one of the cutest boys I had seen. That says a lot considering I never focused on my peers' looks before I saw him.
He was almost disgustingly cute. His boyish, All American smile was to die for. And his annoyingly beautiful curls were always placed atop of his perfectly shaped head in a way that let certain curls flop gracefully against his forehead. His forehead that was such a nice size with adequate spacing between his brows and hairline. Speaking of, his brows were just as cute as his smile. They were incredibly uneven, with hairs unruly on his left side.
Peter Parker was the sole reason I could not focus.
"I'm embarrassed," His words were muffled as he buried his head into his arms.
We were sitting quite closely for only studying, but how could I fight the fire in the pit of my stomach and middle of my chest as it flared for only him.
Our knees brushed against one another and I wanted to run away while I tried to keep my nervous giggles to a minimum.
Overwhelmed was the least significant way to describe me at the moment. But I continued on, as one does.
"It's okay, Peter. I think you just need to set a good study plan. Specific times for each subject." I placed a hand on his shoulder without much thought to the action.
He tensed under my touch and I nearly fled the scene from embarrassment of my own. I snatched my hand away, looking away from him.
When he was silent for too long, I glanced back to see him gazing up at me. His face was flushed with a red tint that I so wanted to graze with my fingertips. But, of course, I only smiled at him bashfully.
Peter sat up easily then. "Will you help me?"
My mouth became dry. "Help you . . .?"
"With a study schedule. You're so smart for a reason. I'd be an idiot to ignore your advice."
I looked down at my lap to hide away my bewildered expression. A trickle of bravery helped me sputter out my response.
"You're smart, Peter. You used to have your hand up all the time in every class we had last year. You just need help organizing, but I would be more than happy to help you out."
His boyish smile made me practically putty in his fairly large hands.
"How can I repay you?"
"Don't!" I gasped, making him jump slightly from my outburst. I winced before relaxing my shoulders. "You don't have to, I mean. It's really no big deal."
He looked almost worried. "I want to, though."
I didn't say anything, too stressed over the way I could feel my face burn. I didn't trust my voice, either.
"How about the movies? I'll get us tickets to that new film that just came out."
"The horror film?"
"If you're interested!"
I kept my eyes on the floor, thinking of the way our feet almost touched interesting. But I knew I had to answer soon, so I only nodded.
“You sure? You don’t have to just say yes ‘cause you feel obligated.”
My eyes snapped over to him, noting the way he anxiously played with his fingers. His nails were short and the skin around them were either bitten or peeled. He must have been a worrisome person.
The smile forming on my lips seemed to have relax him. “I’d love to, Peter.”
That following weekend, we spent both days together back to back. We got up early both Saturday and Sunday to spend as much time together as we could. It didn’t take long for me to fall for him. How could I not when he looked at me in complete wonderment with those honey colored eyes?
Our first kiss was two weekends after our movie date. Although I never assumed our first gathering would be considered a date, Peter is still adamant to say it was.
We had taken a bus to Central Park, eager children entranced with one another than the scenery before us. He had made us a lunch in a picnic basket and everything, putting a thoughtful amount of care into it for me.
When we nervously stood underneath a weeping willow, our sneakers and limbs bumped into one another as we fumbled to stay upright. But somehow and quite suddenly, he leaned in to capture me in a kiss.
It was sweet and a bit clumsy, but we easily figured out the whole ordeal. With time and patience in between classes and study dates, we were almost professionals.
We spent the year hand in hand, enjoying Friday nights for our designated date night. Of course we were together every other day, too, but it was nice to have a special day for ourselves.
Despite being undeniably smitten, we made time for our friends whenever we could. I introduced him to my MJ and he introduced me to his best friend Ned. The four of us became a tight knit group and I knew to be thankful that I met Peter. He helped me branch out, always encouraging me to let go once in a while.
The group of us had also gotten closer after a certain incident that involved Peter getting bitten by a radioactive spider. He trusted us to keep our mouths shut and we trusted him to keep the city safe.
Although, I had to admit, it scared the hell out of me. The boy I was so enamored with was willfully sacrificing his safety. I was up late at night waiting for his calls that let me know he was home safely. I didn’t know how to cope, but he somehow reassured me he was being careful.
By the time summer came, I was so drunkenly in love with Peter Parker it was frightening at some times. I wanted to be around him every day and each night, but of course, that was not doable. So, we decided to take a small break as it was determined by my parents that I was to go to a summer camp.
We were to avoid texting or calling and it turned out to be a nice break. I spent a month of my summer enjoying the outdoors and catching up on my books. I made new friends once again who showed me what good music was. The time away from Queens was exactly what I needed. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was crazily anxious to go back home, fearful if i was to see him with another girl.
Thinking back on it now, I was a bit paranoid. I know Peter felt just the same for me when he surprised me at the steps of my apartment complex with a breathtaking bouquet.
Which led to the exact moment we were in now.
One of his hands were intertwined with my hair, pulling me into a kiss that had surely took my breath away. His other was snug against my waist. Every part he touched along my body felt like it was scorching hot, his perfect hands most definitely blistering my skin.
I had an arm thrown around his shoulders to keep him locked in this position. He fit perfectly against me, I was completely sure he was meant to be there. The other hand of mine was well rested against his chest. It grasped and tugged his maroon t-shirt as if I could possibly take it off like that just to be closer.
I forgot how well that color suited him.
Peter pulled back a bit, his lips grazing my own. He was trying to catch his breath as he smiled brilliantly at me. “I missed you. A lot.”
“I missed you, too. A lot,” I giggled. My fingers twirled a curl of his, moving his from his face. “You waited for me?”
“Of course I did. I want you just the same as before,” He paused before scrunching up his nose to nudge it against my own playfully. “Maybe a bit more now, actually.”
My eyes fluttered shut to soak in the feeling of him. “After all this time?”
I felt his lips against mine for a moment. “Always.”
When I opened my eyes to meet his, I felt my heart soar. “Will you come in? I can’t wait to show you the letters I wrote you. Afterwards, we can text the gang and go get ice cream or something.”
He grinned at that, but loosened his grip on me. “Actually, I was hoping you’d join me at my place. Aunt May is working the night shift and I thought it’d be nice to have our own space for the evening.”
I could feel my legs tremble from the idea. “Are you sure? Would Aunt May mind?”
“She actually doesn’t know. . .”
My eyes widened at that, ready to protest.
“But! But as long as we clean up after ourselves, what’s the harm? Don’t you wanna stay in after your long trip? We’ll get take out and binge watch a crap ton of movies. We can always meet up with Ned and MJ tomorrow night.”
I felt myself contemplating the idea. It wouldn’t be so bad spending a domestic evening with my boyfriend. I was pretty exhausted from the drive and I just wanted a nap if anything.
So, I nodded. “Okay, but as soon as it’s nine, you’re walking me home. I’d hate to overstep.”
That resulted in Peter letting out a small cheer, pulling me in to kiss my forehead. “C’mon! Chinese food and rom coms are calling our names!”
We raced to get to the restaurant, placing our orders quickly. When we got the bundle of food, we headed over to his place that was only a block away.
When we were walking, I admired the sunset and the skyline. I really did miss home and was adamant on not taking it for granted any longer. This city held some of the greatest things and places and people. It helped shape me into the person I am, molding me with all of its rich culture and history.
While I was busy being entranced, I felt a tug against my hip. Peter had me pressed into his side so I could lean my head into him.
“Were you being safe, Pete?” My voice was soft as I looked up at his taller frame.
He brushed back my hair from my face to gently caress me. “Of course. I had to make sure I was all in once piece for you when you’d eventually come back.”
I chuckled at that while he smiled. “Thank you, then. You took very good care of my person.”
He blushed. “I try.”
Despite the warm temperatures, I was too eager to soak up all that I had been missing from him.
That may have been one of the reasons we didn’t take to long searching for a film, because as soon as we sat down on his couch, our bodies were determined to try and fuse together.
He found his way above me, gently adoring every part of me as we kissed. His lips molded against mine fervently and I was pleased to notice how easily it came to him.
My hold on him was tight, clinging to him for any sense of security. I knew that no matter what was to happen in the next few moments, I’d be safe.
A part of me was surprised with myself. How did I let this get so far?
But when his mouth left wet and warm kisses along my neck which slowly moved down to my collarbone, I remembered why.
I kept my eyes shut as he worshipped me, craving for more urgently. Peter, although usually shy, was confident and cool. He seemed to know what to do and how to help me be more comfortable. He had even gotten me to look him in the eye as we undressed ourselves, determined to be as vulnerable as possible. I felt myself silently thank the universe for blessing me with this boy, allowing me to trust and love him with no hesitation.
The rest of our evening was filled with a certain kind of passion I had never been introduced to before. It was gentle and warm between us, this emotion so intoxicating. Although we were bare physically and mentally before the other, I had never felt so wanted or cared for. He made me feel things I hadn’t been sure I could feel. I was brought to a heaven on earth or some kind of Elysium.
During the midst of it, he even declared his love for me. I didn’t hesitate to do the same.
“You do?” he asked breathlessly.
I cried out, “I do, I do, I do.”
He captured me into another kiss afterwards.
When the moment ended, I could honestly say I felt my body feel lighter. My limbs seemed weightless as I shifted underneath the duvet, moving to allow Peter to lay comfortably next to me. We faced one another with flushed cheeks.
“I’m surprised we both fit in your bed,” I whispered.
It was a bit ridiculous to feel shy after what we had done, but I couldn’t help it. Especially when he looked at me like that.
He chuckled, his voice sounding a bit breathless as he spoke. “Me, too.”
His eyes darted to my lips and I smiled, as if inviting him in. When he kissed me again, it felt almost different than the million other ones. This one was careful.
“How do you feel?” He asked nervously, playing with my fingertips.
I brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear as I contemplated my answer. “A mixture of complete bliss and utter fascination.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Probably because my boyfriend told me he loved me during shockingly good sex. No offense. Is this your first time?”
Peter’s eyes widened at that whilst his face visibly changed to a deep red. “Of course. Is it yours?”
“Of course, Pete.”
He smiled his beautiful smile and I felt my heart thump tremendously against my chest. When his hand went to graze my arm, his fingers gently moving back and forth against my skin, his eyes stayed on mine.
He pursed his lips before speaking. “Can I say something completely insane?”
I only nodded.
“I think we’re destined for one another.”
It was my turn to ask, “Why do you say that?”
He swallowed visibly. His eyes shifted, too, but I could tell he was only being shy. “It just feels like my soul is complete when I’m with you. Doesn’t that just sound crazy?”
The room seemed almost brighter as I soaked in his words. My thumb traced his lower lip as I felt my world begin to turn on its axis. “Not at all.”
t a g l i s t : @lharrietg @peterbparkersbae
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hoony-parker · a day ago
Secrets - Peter Parker
a/n: this is the first time i write an imagine based on a song. i really hope you like it <3
warnings: just a LOT of fluff and pete hiding his identity
song: secrets - one republic (lyrics in italic)
masterlist  -  
prompt list
Tumblr media
I need another story
Something to get off my chest
His hand reached up, fingers combing your hair as you slept, cuddled in his chest under the comfort of the duvet.
Peter felt this uncomfortable feeling in his chest for a week or so. He had something he wanted to tell you, yet the internal debate he had with himself was eating him alive.
He knew he had to tell you eventually. You were his girlfriend, after all. He knew that you'd be more angry if he waited any longer to tell you. But Peter couldn't find it in himself to do so. Always trying to approach to you, open his mouth to talk, but the heavy feeling in his chest only grew heavier when he thought about all the dangers that came with your acknowladge about this secret of his.
He, of course, didn't want to put you in danger. He didn't want you to think that you could lose him any time, either. Of course. It was selfish of him not to tell you about his alter ego because of this. But, what could he do? You were one of the only good things left in his life.
You were his angel. He adored you. The only sight of your eyes could bring the widest smile on his face. He had always told you how much impact your eyes had- how much effect they had on him. Your long lashes, combining with the gorgeous, breathtaking color of your orbs. He swore it gave him goosebumps.
My life gets kind of boring
Need something that I can confess
Peter for you was nothing too different. He has had always been there for you. Every fight with your parents, every insult, every guy mocking you in school, every time you didn't feel like you were enough, he was there to show you otherwise.
Your heart always swelled with the mention of his name. The only thought of him made you melt, and he didn't even had to be next to you to make you fall in love with him all over again.
He was perfect to you. From his smile, to his arms protectively wrapped around you, and his lips kissing your cheeck while whispering sweet nothings in your ear, his warmth lulling you to sleep.
There were times it mentally drained him to keep it from you. He told you everything. You told him everything. The comfort you found on each other was something you wouldn't be able to find in anyone else. He was yours, he was your home. And you couldn't be more grateful for having him.
Walking through New York was your favourite thing to do together. On Christmas time, Peter always takes you to walk around the shops, knowing how much you enjoyed the festive decor. He blushed every time he saw your eyes lit up, enchanted with the christmas lights, trees and billboards decoring the centre. But seeing families standing in front of the showcase, in the same situation as the both of you, whispering and muttering in admiration for the sight in front of their eyes, warmed your heart. The faces of the little kids as they saw the decorations, hot chocolate in one hand, some of them being held by their parents, or others, holding their hands. It reminded you to your own childhood memories. The happy ones, where your family would take the day off to enjoy the warmth of a local coffee shop, the sweetness of the homemade cinnamon rolls, and the delicious taste of the so familiar hot chocolate warming your insides with every little sip you drank.
Till all my sleeves are stained red
From all the truth that I've said
Come by it honestly I swear
Thought you saw me wink, no I've been on the brink, so
But seeing you so happy was a constant reminder that he held something from you. And God, he was wanting so hard to tell you. But what if he lost you for it? Was it really worth it?
He knew you were worth everything. You were it for him, and he was totally sure he wanted to start a life with you. You were his person.
But, would he really consider stop being Spider-Man if you asked him to? Would he stop being the famous vigilante who people could feel safer to walk down the street, knowing he would be there to save them if they needed to be saved?
But the question he was dreading to ask himself, and wouldn't stop wandering through his mind, was: Would you really ask him to stop being something he loves so much to be?
Tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
He watched you from afar.
God, you were so beautiful.
Book in hands, eyes focused on the inked words written over the yellowish sheets, mind swelled in awe for the welcoming story over your lap.
He couldn't believe you were his. He couldn't believe he got so lucky.
He was being unfair. You had had told him everything you held. Every memory, every reaction to every fight with your parents back at home, every insult, every scream, everything.
His cheecks flushed at the moment your hand reached to tuck a peace of hair behind your ear, the sight of your beautiful eyes mesmerizing the young boy. As soon as you looked up, your eyes meeting, your blush combined his and you waved at him, waiting for him to come over to you.
Your back was pressed to his chest, his hands wrapped around your torso and his fingers interwined to yours.
You were both alone at your place, your parents both still at work. You would always try to make the most out of your alone time at your flat, knowing the peaceful silence wouldn't last long as soon as your parents stepped into your home.
So, here you were, in Peter's arms, swaying to the soft music in the background, a long forgotten cookie dough over the counter, faces covered in flour.
Peter sighed contently, and you cuddled closer to his chest, the warmth from his body warming your back, and his grip around you tightened.
I'm sick of all the insincere So I'm going to give all my secrets away
"Hey, baby?", Peter asked. He knew he was going to tell you. He knew this was the time. But he was afraid that it'll ruin everything. At least he'd have this one happy memory to remember you -you, in his arms, your hair messy and wearing his sweats and hoodie, hair up in a messy bun and face covered in flour from your previous fight, the sounds of your laugh still echoing in his mind, and your giggles in the air when he wrapped his arms around you from behind, lifting you up while your legs kicked the air, asking him to put you down in between laughs. And now, here you were.
"Hmm?" This was it.
"R-remember when I... When I told you I had to tell you something in school? Early today?" He gripped you tighter, afraid you'd disappear as soon as he opened his eyes- as soon as he told you. He was afraid he'd lose you.
You turned your head, looking up at him. "Oh, yeah. What did you want to tell me?" you asked curiously, turning around still in his arms to have a better look at him.
"I just- I just, you know- I wanted to... Shit-" he stuttered, his face turning red as he lifted his hands to run them through his hair, a common thing he did when he was nervous. You frowned, cupping his cheecks to make him look down at you. In the instant he met your eyes, his seemed to relax. You put a hand in his chest, his heart beating rapidly against his rib cage. You leaned in, leaving a kiss on the tip of his nose before your hand reached back up to cup his cheeck once again. "Hey, hey, hey. Breathe, baby. Okay? Breathe with me," you told him. You knew Peter used to have panic attacks every once in a while. You knew he had so much pressure on him. With the Stark Internship, with school, and after uncle Ben died, he promised himself to always be there for May. And that's why you loved him so much.
Your eyes were locked- your breathing loud, trying to make him match yours in an attempt to calm him.
As soon as his breathing slowed down, he looked at his feet, his hands shaking. "I-" he sighed, his eyes closing. "I- I'll show you," he opened his eyes, his still shaky hand reaching for your on his cheeck, taking you to your room, where you had left your backpacks a few hours ago. Your brows were forrowed, eyes curious looking at his back as he walked you to your room. "C-could you close your eyes? Please?", he breathed out, eyes pleading. You nodded slowly, eyes shutting.
You heared ruffling around you, your head moving to were you heard the noises from, still keeping your eyes closed. As soon as the noises stopped, you heared an almost mute "You can open them now," from him.
This time Don't need another perfect lie Don't care if critics ever jump in line I'm going to give all my secrets away
You did, blinking a few times. Your eyes met with a figure, red, black and white covered it. You tilted your head, watching deep into the white spots on his face. Your brows forrowed once again, blinking a few times. You slowly, step by step got closer to him. Your hand hesitantly, shakily reached up, and you cupped his face, your thumb rubbing the mask, feeling the material under your touch. "Oh..." you sighed.
You weren't mad- you were shocked. Your mind began to wander: missed dates, the hiding, the unanswered calls and texts, the blushing at mentions of the masked vigilante, the bruises, the abs, the no longer used glasses... The Stark Internship.
Your heart fluttered.
This kid- this man in front of you had been through everything. Yet, he still managed to be an excellent student, an amazing friend, a present nephew, a loving, caring boyfriend and a superhero.
He went out every night saving lives. And he could easily take all the credit for it. He could take Flash down, he could be famous. He could be the most popular teenager in the moment. But, of course, he chose not to. He chose to still be the dorky, nerdy Peter you fell in love with all those months ago. He chose to stay still every time he got mocked on, trying to make it seem he was still just the same guy he had always been. But for you, the "just" didn't exist. Peter was your world. He was the kindest, most thoughtful person you had ever met. There wasn't a "just" when you talked about him. But Peter was still the same kid with the big heart you met all those years ago. Nothing changed. The only thing that did, was that he was a superhero. It didn't impress you, if you were being honest.
"Please- Please, Y/n... Please say something. Anything?", he pleaded, whispering.
Your eyes softened. Your hands took the end of his mask, lifting it up and taking it completely off his face, his brown eyes locking with yours once again, messy curls all over the place, disheveled because of the mask that recently covered his face.
Your hands cupped his cheecks, and in a quick movement, you kissed him.
It was soft, caring, loving. It expressed everything words couldn't. His arms sneaked around your waist, firmly bringing you closer to him. His eyes were closed tight, savouring the moment as he took in your presence. Your perfume, your sweet lips on his, your soft, delicate hands on his face. Everything.
You pulled apart, resting your forehead against his. After a couple of seconds of recovering your breaths, you whispered:
"I'm so fucking in love with you."
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erule · a day ago
You keep me sane | t.h.
Pairing: Frat boy!Tom Holland x florist!reader
Summary: Tom always come to your shop in order to buy some flowers, so one day, you decide to ask him why.
Warnings: kinda enemies to lovers trope, a lot of fluff, crack, shy Tom, frat boy Tom, florist reader
Word count: 564
A/N: Hello! I needed some fluff in my life tonight, so I came up with this idea. Hope you like it. I used prompt 18 from this list: (you’ll find it marked in bold in the fic). Enjoy! Goodnight 🌙
Previous work
Main Masterlist 
Tom Holland Masterlist 
Peter Parker Masterlist
Tumblr media
[credit to whoever made the gif!]
You looked at him with suspicion, while furrowing your brows. He was in your shop again that week. For the seventh time. If he was stalking you, he was doing it in the wrong way. He waited for the client you were talking to right now to go away, then he approached your counter. He had a shy smile on his lips, that you found very annoying though. Sure, he bought flowers everytime, which was good for your business, but you didn’t quite understand his motive. It just seemed that he wanted to see you somehow. Then why couldn’t he just ask you out?
“Hi,” he said.
“Hi,” you replied. “Can I help you?”
“Uh… well… it’s my Mum’s birthday tomorrow, so I’d like to send her a bouquet,” he said and this time, you were surprised that he was there to send someone some flowers. A real person.
“Yeah, just tell me her favourite flower,” you said.
“Oh, I don’t know, actually… but I trust you! You have good taste. I’m sure that she’ll like it”.
You raised an eyebrow to him being such a sycophant, but you remained silent in order to keep your job. So you gave him a fake smile and then tried to find some cute flowers for his mother. While you were packing his bouquet, he seemed anxious, because he was literally staring at you, shifting the weight of his body from one foot to the other.
“So… uh… you come here often?” He asked, trying to start a conversation with you.
You looked at him dead in the eyes and said: “Well, considering I work here, yes”.
He seemed very pale, after that. It was the last thing he said, before a tiny goodbye while he was leaving the shop. But you had enough of this situation, so since you two were alone that night, you decided to ask him why he was always there.
“Hey!” You called him. He turned in order to look at you, genuinely curious. “Why do you always come here? Are you stalking me? Are you cheating on your partner with someone else you’re sending flowers to? Just explain to me what the hell you’re doing,” you said.
He swallowed, trying to think what to say, then he sighed. He seemed very sad, when he finally spoke.
“I’m studying for my college finals and I’m really under pressure, right now. I have a lot to do and I don’t wanna fail them, so when I feel too overwhelmed, I come here. You keep me sane,” he said. Those words made you burst into flames in the inside. “Looking at you while you work relaxes me. It’s also a very calm and cute place. Oh, well, I also like your smile,” he added, letting his cheeks coloring of a hot pink. “Yeah, like that. Your smile is my favourite thing in the whole world”.
You didn’t notice, but you were smiling like an idiot the whole time. So you tried to keep a straight face, then.
“You still come here too often, though,” you said.
He nodded, sad.
“I know and I’m sorry. I promise you that…”
“Come and pick me up here at 7 PM tomorrow. You could let me know if your Mum liked the bouquet,” you said.
Tom chuckled, happily.
“It wasn’t her birthday anyway. She’ll love them even more”.  
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onewaymatinee · a day ago
driver’s license
Tumblr media
in which: peter teaches you to drive.  all fluff.  none of the angst of the song.
wc: 1089
proofread: absolutely not
notes: yeah this is my first fanfiction.  read at your own risk.
“Peter, is this even legal?”
Your sweater is riding up on your back, exposing a strip of skin to the chilly material of the seat.  The car feels small, cold and silent, waiting for you to turn it on.  A few leaves are matted to the glass of the windshield, damp from the earlier storm.  It’s getting late, and you’re running out of excuses to get out of driving practice with Peter.  
“It’s fine!”  He says.  “ I’ve stopped a bus with my bare hands, I think I can stop you from running over any pedestrians in an empty parking lot.”
You glance over at him.  He’s turned fully towards you, doe-eyes big and begging.  He’s wearing a flannel under his sweatshirt again, his favorite outfit.  Yours too, but he didn’t need to know that.  It’s rumpled, like his soft brown curls, and one of the sleeves has a hole in it.  Sometimes you fantasize about wearing it.
You really don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of him with your shitty driving.
“What if the police come and ask for my license and they arrest us and we get expelled-”
“That’s not going to happen!  I promise!”  He grabs your arm.  “I’m right here.  I won’t let anything happen.”
You swear your heart skips a beat.  “Fine.  Fine.  But if we crash and you die, it’s your fault.” “Yeah, there’s a singular tree about 100 feet away.  I’m really nervous.”
“Shut up.” You whack his arm. “Drive!”
You sigh.  Foot on the brake pedal, and push the round ignition button.  The car grumbles to life around you.
“Ok, now put it in reverse, and back out of the spot.”  Peter instructs. “Thanks, it’s not like I was going to drive forwards over the curb, Peter.”
“You seem convinced you’re going to kill us both by driving a few circles in a parking lot, sorry if I’m a bit cautious!”  He protests, half laughing.  
You roll your eyes and tug your lip between your teeth, taking a deep breath while you fiddle with the stick, switching into what you think is reverse.  Hands both planted firmly on the wheel, you ease off the break.
The car jerks forward and crunches against the curb.
“Break!” Peter shouts, eyes wide, hand flapping at your shoulder.
You slam your foot down.  “I did!  I am!  Sorry, sorry!”  
You glance at him, heart thudding.  He’s gripping the sleeves of his sweatshirt between white knuckles, eyes still wary.  
“Sorry, I thought it was in- sorry,”  Your voice breaks.  “God, I can’t even back up properly.  I fucking hate driving.”
“Hey- hey, no, don’t stress.  I didn’t mean to freak you out.  It’s not a big deal, I promise.  We’ll just practice until you figure it out.  If I can do it, you can do it, right?”
“You’re like, a genius.  And a superhero.  Obviously you can drive fine,” You roll your eyes, tears of defeat and embarrassment threatening to spill.  
“You’re brilliant.  You’re smarter than me.  I couldn’t figure out an intersection once and literally drove down the wrong side of the road.  You’ll probably screw up bigger stuff like that too, but I promise, this part is so easy and you’ll figure out the hard parts too.” You smile a teary smile at him and he pats your hand still resting on the gear shift.  “Do you still want to practice?  Or just do it another time?”
“I can do it.  Sorry.  For being so dramatic.”  You sniff, wiping your eyes.
“Don’t apologize, please.  I got my license a while ago and it’s still kind of scary.  And I’ve like, fought Captain America.”  Peter grins at you, his warm eyes wrinkling slightly.  You fight down a blush.
“Yeah, yeah, you stole his shield.  We know.”  You roll your eyes, and turn back towards the wheel.  
“Alright, driving time.  Take two.  Car in reverse.  I believe in you,”
You do as you’re told, and double, then triple check that it’s really in reverse.  With Peter’s warm encouragement, you slowly ease off the breaks again, and roll a few feet backwards.  
“Yes!  You got it!”  He shouts.
“Great!  Ready to go home now,”  You laugh.
“Oh- really? Okay,”  He says, frowning slightly.
“No, no, I’m joking.  I want to try and do at least one circle of the parking lot,”
“That’s my girl.”
The car doesn’t feel so chilly anymore.
“Where’s the first place you’ll drive to alone, when you get your license?”  Peter asks, tilting his head to look at you.  He’d driven you both to some coffee place, and now you both sat in the car, steaming hot chocolates clutched close to your faces.  
“Dunno.  Your house, probably.  I don’t really go anywhere else,”  You laugh, taking a small sip, peeking at him over the rim of the cup.
“You should!  That would be awesome.  We might have to work on your parallel parking skills for that, though.”  
“Oh, god.  Nevermind.  I’m never going to parallel park.  Scares the shit out of me.”
“You were saying that about reversing a few hours ago!  And look where you ended up.  Best driving in circles I’ve ever seen.”  He grins at you, and you know he’s joking, but you still giggle at his praise.
“You taught me well.”
“And I can teach you parallel parking too.  They don’t call me Peter Parker for nothing,” 
It takes you a second, then you groan.
“Get out of the car.”  You push at his arm, shoving him towards the door.
“That was funny.”  He protests, nose wrinkling as he laughs at his own pun.
“No, it wasn’t.”  You shake your head.
“Yes, it was.”
“No, it-” You quit trying to wrestle him out of his seat for a moment and notice a tiny smudge of whipped cream on his nose, sending you spiraling into giggles.  
“See, funny!”  He spreads his arms triumphantly, hot chocolate swaying dangerously to the edge of the cup.  
“Fine.  Vaguely amusing.”  You concede.
“I’ll take that.”  
“Maybe I will take you up on parallel parking lessons.  Once I actually get my license, that is.”  You fiddle with the edge of the cup, hoping he wasn’t joking when he offered earlier.  You hated driving, but something about being trapped in a car with Peter for longer didn’t seem so bad.  
“You’ll be great at it.  I promise.  And you can come see me more often,” He smiles at you, the bit of whipped cream still sitting on his nose.
Yeah, maybe driving wasn’t so bad.
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rainydayathogwarts · a day ago
Second person p.o.v Warnings: fluff. Summary: Peter gets hurt on a mission and the reader fixes him up. Okay I really really like this one. It's kind of a blurb but the thing is I feel like when people write imagines about Peter they forget the fact that sometimes the injuries aren't just minor and that he could get seriously hurt. This is like another side of Peter that people don't often show while writing fanfic about him. It's like the side we discover in Far from Home.
Tumblr media
"Come on Peter, how's the pain a ten, it's just a scratch - oh." Blood coloured your hands red and you gasped. What had looked like a long paper cut actually turned out to be a large gash on Peter's abdomen.
He visibly gulped, his eyes tearing up a little and you kissed him softly on the lips. "Everything'll be okay. The pain will go away soon - just take deep breaths and it'll be gone before you know it."
You went to fetch the first aid kit from your bathroom. You then opened the mini fridge that was placed next to your bed. You took out the first ice pack you saw before wrapping it in a towel and handing it over to your pained boyfriend for his black eye.
Peter didn't make a sound as you disinfected his wound and stitched it up. Usually he'd be whining and asking for kisses but his silence showed you that he was in excruciating pain.
His hand was gripping the edge of your bed, not letting go for one second. The other one was holding the ice pack against his eye, nails digging into the towel. When you were done, his eyes were tightly shut and his grip on the wood was unyielding. You fetched one of his sweaters and sweatpants from your closet, and sat down next to him on your bed.
You slowly ran a hand through his hair, not wanting to startle him or somehow hurt him. He finally looked at you though his body was still clearly tense. "Would a hug make you feel better?" Peter gave you a smile, shrugging lightly.
You wrapped your arms around him carefully and felt him smile. The ice pack fell to your laps and Peter wrapped his arms around you lazily. You angled your head so you could kiss his jaw but then pulled away to go wash your hands.
When you returned, Peter hadn't moved from his position. He was still sitting up, hands on his laps. The top part of his spider suit was off but the bottom one was still clinging onto him. You tugged it off completely, handing him the clean clothes.
When he didn't move to take them, you put them on for him. He lifted his hips off your mattress to help and put his arms through the sleeves of his sweater. You tilted your head and looked at him for a moment.
You moved to your mini fridge once more, putting the ice pack back in and taking out some chocolate and leftover pizza. Peter loved pizza, whether it was boiling hot or borderline freezing.
"I love you so much." Those were the first words he said since he had stumbled through your window and asked for your help. His voice was shaky and raspy. It was clear that he didn't do much talking since he got hurt. He'd usually talk to himself and whine while coming over to you for help but you had a feeling that didn't happen today.
All you did was smile at him softly. At this stage in the relationship you didn't have to say it back. He knew. Of course he knew. You wouldn't act the way you do if you didn't love him.
You opened the chocolate wrapper and handed it to Peter. He laid down slowly, pulling the covers over him and snuggling into you. He ate the chocolate joyfully, head on your laps as you played with his brown curls.
You opened the pizza box before leaning down to kiss Peter's head softly. You spent the night in quietude, both eating from the cool pizza. When Peter started dozing off to sleep, you picked up your phone, telling May he was with you and was okay.
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