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#peter parker fic
michellejones-stacy · 6 hours ago
i’m standing here wondering
harley & gwen friendship for you and you and everyone!! sigh i love them
y’all should know, this fic was only supposed to be ~3k and it’s,,, not. don’t @ me alright, i got a bit carried away. and also lydia encouraged me alksjdflasd
thank you to @thereindeerlady for the beta! (love you lyds <33)
Warnings: none.
This particular incident was weird because Peter’s shoe was brown. Literally. The shoe was brown and soaking wet, looking to be caked with mud.
And so was Peter himself.
Harley couldn’t help but feel a little thrown off because Peter was cute. And, more importantly, he was covered in mud and dirt.
His brown hair—or, Harley was guessing it was brown, as it was hard to tell with the - mud—was plastered down his forehead and the top of his head, and his face and neck were streaked with dirt, and his clothes were downright filthy, and yet he was grinning happily like it wasn’t bothering him.
And, yeah, Harley was kind of interested at that point.
Harley and Gwen go to a fair - complete with a corn maze -  and they run into some of Gwen's friends from school. One of them is Peter Parker, and Harley immediately wants to hug him. Or hold his hand. Or both.
read the rest of i’m standing here wondering on ao3
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starkeraddictbaby · 7 hours ago
I lost the prompt but @completelyobsessedfangirl asked for “tabloids outing Tony and Peter’s relationship, revealing him as Spider-Man in the process.” Here is a little something on that, I hope you like it!!
@sinditia you said I could tag you so here it is, I hope you like it. I love your works btw!!
TW: Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Mild Panic Attack.
Peter couldn’t breathe.
His ears rang as blood rushed through him in panic, his breath catching in his throat and refusing to release itself. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think— it couldn’t be happening. He chanted “this isn’t real” in his head over and over again, hoping against all hope that maybe if he wished hard enough, if he wanted it bad enough, maybe, just maybe, the universe would grant him his wish.
It didn’t.
There was no mistaking it, that was him, standing on a rooftop in his spider suit with the mask in his hand. His hair was a bird's nest, curls stuck in every direction. Despite the night’s darkness, the camera was of good enough quality to capture the slight blush dusting his cheeks as he kissed the man in front of him. While Peter himself was facing the direction the picture was captured from, the man had his back facing it. But even that couldn’t conceal his identity, there was only one man on this earth that owned a red and gold iron suit and that man was Tony-freaking-Stark— Peter’s supposedly secret boyfriend.
He glanced at the TV and a pained sound escaped him, it was everywhere. Every news channel was talking about that damn picture. His name, Peter Parker and not just Spider-Man, was on every headline. No matter where he looked, he saw his face, he heard his name— his life was being picked apart by strangers. The ferry, Toomes, uncle Ben– they talked as if they knew him, knew his pain and suffering. They took his fears, his insecurities and regrets and talked about them so freely while he could only mutter them in the darkness, tucked in Tony’s embrace as the older man kept him safe from the pain.
He couldn’t breathe.
They tainted a sweet, romantic moment. While on patrol last night, Tony had sought him out. The older man was called to a mission with the team. They were going to Africa, something about a war. He was leaving the same night, shy of the early hours of the morning. With such short notice, they didn’t have the time to say a proper goodbye. Tony had found him, told he was leaving for a mission, stole a kiss and flew away with the promise to stay safe– as simple as that. What neither one of them took into account in their heste to say goodbye, was someone would capture the tender moment.
Three hours later, the photo was uploaded on the internet and the articles flooded in. First it was tabloids, electronic articles and gossip blogs talking about it. But it didn’t end there, when morning came in, news channels were ready to add to the fire. The reporters followed, swamping the apartment building entrance with big intimidating cameras and mics hanging from poles. May couldn’t leave for work, the building’s door had opened for a minute at most but their lack of respect for personal space as they shoved her while screaming questions in her face was enough to send her running back to the safety of their apartment building. He had classes to attend as well— amidst this chaos? It was impossible to leave.
With a single picture, his life came crashing down.
His phone rang in his hands and Peter had half a mind not to answer it. All morning, it rang and rang, everyone who had his number called him. His close friends, Ned and MJ, called to make sure he was okay. Happy had checked in on him as well. The rest, people from high school, most he barely knew, called— even Flash! He was tired of it, of the questions and the obvious attempt at getting clout. At first, naively, he had answered the calls but after the fifth he just couldn’t do it. However, one glance at the caller ID had him answering in a heartbeat.
“Tony,” he muttered breathlessly into the phone, his heart rattling against his rib cage.
“Oh angel,” the older man whispered back, voice grave. “I’m so sorry.”
“It's everywhere.” Peter sobbed, almost smashing the phone in his clench from how tightly he was holding on to it.
A sound that was almost inhuman came through the line, it was pained and strangled. “I know, Petey. I’m so sorry, baby.” he said.
“My face,” he hiccuped, desperately whipping at his tears with his free hand. “My name!” he agonized, a broken whimper escaped him. “Tony it’s everywhere, every little detail. They found photos of me from elementary school. They–” he stopped, gasping for air, “they’re here Tony!” he hissed, frustrated as more tears slid down his cheeks. “They’re at my apartment, camping outside the entrance. They ambushed May, she couldn’t leave for work; she had to call in sick. I’m too scared to try and leave for my morning class.”
“Yeah I’ve seen them, you look adorable by the way.”
“Tony!” Peter huffed, a wet laugh emerging from deep within his chest despite his aggravation.
“Sorry, sorry.” Tony apologized sheepishly, “It made you laugh though.” he reasoned, he sounded smug and Peter could almost see the smirk he knew lazed on the man’s lips. “It’ll be okay, Peter.” he reassured, suddenly serious, all traces of playfulness gone from his voice. “I’m on my way, baby. I’ll chase those reporters away as soon as I get there. No one will bother you again, ever.”
“What about the mission?” he asked, frowning. He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. It read 8:06, there was no way they made it to Sudan and back.
“The team can manage without me.” Tony brushed off easily. “Besides, you always come first.”
“There is a war going on, Toy!” Peter argued back weakly, fighting the blush creeping up his neck. Being a superhero himself, the confession should be disturbing— it was. Innocent lives are at stake, human lives are more important than his emotional distress. But even nerdy little Peter found it sweet, the world could be burning down and to Tony, he’d always be first.
“You always come first.” Tony repeated, not missing a beat.
“You need to sort your priorities.” he insisted, scoffing.
“They’re sorted just fine, thank you.” the older quipped back. He sighed, a moment of silence took over the line. Tony had so much to say, Peter expected as much. There were only a small handful of times that Tony failed to find something to say in response to things and today wasn’t one of them. He just needed time to collect his thoughts and the younger gave it to him. He waited patiently for his boyfriend to break the silence.
“I know this isn’t how you wanted it to go,” Tony started hesitantly. “But we’ve talked about this before, haven’t we? We knew that we wanted to go public with our relationship after you settle in at college. You said sometime in your second year and I know you just started your first only weeks ago, but you’re settled right? Spider-Man is another story, you said you wanted to wait until you're done with college all together….” he trailed off, realising that he was rambling. “Bottom line is,” he concluded, “Sooner or later, you were already planning to share your secret with the world.”
“Yeah,” Peter sniffled, tears reappearing in his eyes. “I was supposed to share it, not some creep secretly taking pictures of us!”
“I know baby, I’m sorry it happened this way.” Tony sighed, feeling defeated.
“This is awful.” he cried, unable to control his emotions. “They called you a pedophile!”
“So I’ve heard.” he mused, “Tabloids love to call me names, but I can’t say I’ve been called worst.”
“You’re not a pedophile.”
“No, I’m not.”
“I’m an adult,” Peter insisted, voice wavering. “I was seventeen when we got together.”
“My favorite young adult!” he gushed, “You’re eighteen now too, legal in every state.”
“I’m spider-Man.” he sobbed, his entire body jerking from its force.
“Queens’ favorite webslinger.” Tony agreed.
“I’m stronger than you.”
“A hundred times stronger.”
“I could stop you if I didn’t want to.” Peter said, pausing to hiccup. “You can’t make me do anything.”
“I can’t.”
The line went quiet after that, neither said anything. Tony could hear Peter’s soft sniffles and hiccups while the younger heard the distant sound of thrusters as he flew his way back alone.
“SI stocks dropped since the news came out.” Peter whispered, his insecurities bleeding through his voice.
“And?” Tony asked nonchalantly.
“That’s millions of dollars lost, Tony.”
“I’m worth a hundred billionaire, baby.” the older snorted, amused. “A couple of millions will hardly leave a dent in my bank account.”
“Whatever drop in stocks happened, it was nothing compared to when we stopped manufacturing weapons.” he reassured. “A company that was founded and built on creating weapons switching to electronics and clean energy overnight— SI survived that. It will survive this too, it’s hardly a scandal.”
“It’s been a couple of hours only since the news came out and the drop is already noticeable. By the end of the day, it might make a dent.” his voice was small when he spoke, as though afraid his words would prompt a reaction out of the older, a reaction he didn’t want.
“Peter,” Tony breathed deeply, sounding tired. “I’d rather say this in person so you can see how much I mean it but I’ll say it over and over again until you finally realize.” he stopped, collecting his thoughts and hand picking his words. “Stark Industries can burn down to the ground for all I care.” he admitted, every word spoken genuinely and firmly. “All this money, billions of dollars, what did it do for me?” he asked, not waiting for an answer. “Flashy cars, trips across the world, women and men at my feet, luxury atop luxury, everything money can buy— there is nothing I haven’t tried. None of it made me happy Peter.” he said softly, voice growing solemn. “You make me happy Peter, happier than I’ve ever been in my life. If having you, being with you, means I have to sign over my wealth, my company, then give me the damn pen because I will do it in a heartbeat. I love you angel, more than anything.”
“I love you too.” he sobbed weakly, his hands shaking.
“Good.” Tony said, sounding lighter. “Now open your window, let me hold you.”
Behind him, he heard thrusters go off and the unmistakable thud of Tony dropping on the fire escape outside his bedroom window.
Everything was going to be okay now.
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wrongcrowdposts · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings; angst, smut and SMUT, unprotected sex.
Summary; You didn't like Peter, and you liked to humiliate him every time you had a chance to do so.
Authors note; this is the first time i do smut so pls tell me if its good so i can keep doing it ✨
Temperaments heated up every time your father insisted that you train alongside Peter. You didn't hate Peter, but you didn't like him either. You even thought that he was a bit annoying and spoiled. You just felt annoyed with the presence of him near you. Typical Starks temperament.
Peter was not far behind, he knew that he was not to your liking at all, but Parker just did not seem to understand why. He didn't know anything about you, the only thing he knew was what anyone knew about the starks, a reputation for big parties that Tony seemed to have left once you and Morgan were born. But you followed the legacy of parties until you ended up with someone different under your sheets every night.
"Okay guys take a break but not to long." Tony pointed a finger as the sweat fell from their foreheads. “Jarvis monitors everything so if you spend more than the exact time i will know.
"As if that matters." You mumbled, heading towards the locker room that the Avengers base had.
"I heard that (Y/n)" Tony answered raising his voice watching you walk away. You turned around still walking backwards.
"Good, because I wanted you to know."
You wet your hands removing the sweat to wash your face, both would return to combat but you prefer to feel fresh and relaxed for minutes. When you looked up in the mirror reflection you saw Peter standing looking at you directly, he probably was going to do the same as you to wash some parts, but he was standing there looking at you seriously.
You had no problem challenging Tony, much less Peter.
"What do you want Parker." You turned around, leaning your hands on the sink, giving him that stupid little smile that you knew bothered him about you.
"Why do you hate me so much (Y/n)? Or Tony, are you always rude to people who try to be nice to you? "
"What the hell is your problem man?" You said indignantly crossing your arms, highlighting a little your muscles that Peter secretly lowered his gaze towards them. “My father and I is none of your business, or should I call you stepbrother now? I don't even know you and BELIEVE ME, I have no intention of doing so. Mind your own business, will you?
"What else could I expect from someone who wakes up with a different person every morning, because a mature attitude I don't think so." Peter challenged leaving you speechless, you were the one doing that, not him. “I have heard the rumors and stories of the incredible (y/n) stark and his magnificent reputation. But what if he's just an alter ego? And that you pretend to be the tough guy and not show that soft part of… .—
Peter couldn't finish as soon his spider sense warned him too late that danger was approaching. You pushed the boy on his shoulders causing him to bump his back against the metal lockers.
"And what about you Peter Parker." You started out with bitterness. It was your turn, Peter didn't know where he had gotten that guts, you always seemed to have them. “The classic loser who gets teased at school trying to get noticed by the girl he's in love with? C´mon Peter, you are nothing, the only thing that makes you special and why people would see you is because you are Spiderman. What else would make you special? Be a good kisser? A good boyfriend? You don't have any of that because you are alone. You are a lonely virgin.
Right on the guts. You knew it because Peter didn't bother to answer your push, he just stared at you with a combination of feelings, anger, sadness.
"Screw you man." Peter muttered pushing you with his shoulder before walking out of there.
You couldn't feel bad for him, you enjoyed the pain you caused to people you didn't like. You followed in his footsteps and when he had already left the room you heard your father's voice in the microphone of the communicator that was on the wall.
"Where´s he going? You have training. "
"He's a Nerd dad, He probably go back to his room to read a comic or something." You responded by pressing the button. “Now I'm going to do what I do best.
You caught the shot glass between your teeth and lifted your head letting the bitter drink enter your throat in a single movement. The others started clapping and praising you like you were a party god. You threw the glass on the floor, breaking it, wiping your lips with the sleeve of your expensive shirt.
"Well? Does anyone want to challenge the leader of the parties or are you all a couple of chickens?"
You said flaunting yourself as the thrusters slowly brought you down from the air.
"I'll do it."
The metal boots hit the ground, your gaze focused on Peter and his new look that hardly made you think he was the same Peter you had humiliated at the base of the avengers. His hair pulled back, black pants, and a stylish short-sleeved shirt. The stark scholarship left money.
"Penis Parker." You said mockingly, the alcohol was starting to rise between your veins. "This is going to be interesting. Come on come up here baby. JARVIS! Serve another round.
The round of drinks increased more and more, neither of you took their eyes off the other. Neither wanted to lose to the other. Peter didn't seem to show any signs of dizziness or being drunk, and you knew why, his blood and spider abilities gave him certain advantages that you didn't have. You could already feel a minor headache.
"St..op.." You said stamping your glass on the bar when Peter was about to finish the drink. "I'm going to ... find--... another bottle.
"Sure Stark, take your time." A random boy replied patting your shoulder.
You went through the people leaving everything behind and climbed the stairs escaping from the embarrassing scene that you were going to happen if you didn't get out of there fast. With one hand on your stomach feeling dizzy you entered the closest room closing the door looking for the closest piece of furniture and contain your urge to vomit, you had to go back, Parker would not ruin your reputation.
"Looks like the legend himself (Y/n) Stark can only hold 10 drinks."
Peter entered the room putting the lock to make fun of you seeing you with your eyes closed barely catching your breath.
"If you want to vomit there is a bathroom, I can hold your hair while you are on your knees."
"Fuck off." You responded to his sarcasm. "Was it necessary to be bitten by another spider for you to bring out this manly behavior?
"Only when someone challenge me." Peter crossed his arms, that's when you realized that his school sweater hid some marked arms. You only raised an eyebrow. "And I came to prove to you how wrong you were in what you said, I wanted to enjoy that you recognized that you were wrong but I think that will not happen, right?
"In what part?"
The two were close enough now, Peter was enjoying it. Peter rubbed his half-open mouth with his lips with yours kissing them in a matter of seconds when you turned your head to the side laughing with your eyes closed. You could swear Peter's fingers were already resting delicately on your waist to draw you closer to him.
"Now are you just trying to seduce me? Please try something better and not when I just had a drinking battle with you."
"Which I won and you can't admit."
"Because of your blood type."
"Yeah, whatever."
You could feel the heat burning inside you when Peter kissed you again. You didn't even know if it was because of the alcohol or because of the sensation that he made you feel. Sensation that you wasn't going to admit that it felt good for someone who was sexually active like you.
The kiss was more and more attempt when Peter's hands were in your hair pulling it towards him with a few force and your hands were on his cheeks squeezing them while their mouths combined into one and your tongues soon found the other and make the kiss wetter than it already was. The pleasure made the surrounding weather turn hotter, Peter pulled your hair back allowing the apple of your throat to be marked and he began to kiss it along with each part of your neck.
Both soon stumbled onto the bed where you desperately sought to get rid of each other's clothes, almost tearing them up to get under the sheets. The erections soon brushed making your lips part and you glanced down with a surprised sigh as both caught your breath with slightly swollen lips.
"I thought that being your room it would be a kind of room with games or something like that."
"How many adult movies have you seen?" You asked dumbfounded, Peter turned out to be the sassy guy.
"Well when we were in Germany and I met your father I ...---"
"Peter I really don't want to know, it was sarcasm." You interrupted before he continued. "And it's not my house so I don't have my things." Peter raised both eyebrows. "What?
"You don't plan on stopping do you?"
"Do you want me to continue?"
Peter got up a bit to place a soft kiss this time on the corner of your lips.
"Okay... uhhmm.... open up."
You said taking your fingers to the mouth of Peter who opened catching them. His gaze was on your hand. His tongue moved between them, internally you bit your lip so as not to moan at the sensation and image you were seeing.
"It's enough." You mumbled after a few seconds. Peter opened his mouth and you pulled your fingers from his red lips. "Do you want to continue?
"Will you take away the honor of being with a Stark?"
You giggled in denial, with your other hand you slid down his entire left leg until he raised them to your waist and had a position. Your free hand took his member massaging it giving him a little pleasure and excitement when Peter closed his eyes leaving his mouth open, if anyone knew how to make someone feel good, it was you.
While you distracted Peter, you continued to set him up. Your fingers sought the entrance where you slowly inserted a finger to which Peter responded with a groan, the first you had heard since he entered the room. You moved it slowly and when you thought it was right, you put the second finger.
"Uh..hh ... this is ... new ..."
You smiled when you heard him trying to speak properly and not moaning. You took your fingers out after being inside it for a while and took your member licking you lip. You got him into position and to push yourself in slowly and carefully, you came face to face with Peter.
"Wow ..."
"Peter shut up." You said in a whisper rubbing your nose with his. "Does it hurt? Tell me how it feels so I can ...
"It feels perfect (Y/n)." Peter opened his eyes to meet yours. For the first time, you felt good about him. "You can...uhhmm... move.
You nodded, hiding your face in his neck, biting it and leaving marks on the points that you knew the human body was weak, you proceeded to bite the lobe of his ear while Parker sank his fingers into your bare back with one hand and with the other he pulled strands of your hair. . It was not difficult to know that taking your hair was Peter's fetish.
At first your movements were slow, you didn't want to hurt him and go fast. Slow was the way the pleasure was distributed, demonstrating it in the kisses both had while you did it. Within minutes you decided to try and go faster trying not to make noise from your skin hitting Peter's.
When you were about to reach your point, the veins were marked in your calves. You got out of Peter and you reached out to your member and started to pull it.
"Wait ..." Peter sat on the bed stopping you after straightening his hair. You let go of your hands and Peter started doing what you were doing.
Your hands were now the ones moving Peter's hair. Peter's hand moved quickly, it didn't take him long to reach your climax and release everything on his abdomen to what Peter looked at for a few seconds when he stopped.
Your heavy breathing made your sweaty chest rise and fall. Peter ran a hand over his abdomen with a surprised smirk.
"Wow. Did I really provoke this to you?"
"Don't flatter yourself, it's natural body reactions." You corrected and Peter wiped his hand with his leg taking your waist turning you now staying on top of you.
"Come on (Y/n), it's not that hard to admit some things from time to time. I want to hear it."
You remained silent, but not because of that, but because you were experiencing the sensation of your being the one that was down for the first time.
"Then I guess I'll make you say it." Peter murmured into your lips, running his fingers between them and repeating the same thing you had done with him. "God this feels so good.
You put your legs behind him arching your toes as well as your back. As soon as you felt Peter inside you, he made slow movements in and out as he bent down to kiss and bite your nipples.
Your eyes went wide than normal as you stroked his hair gently. Peter paused with his mouth still on your left nipple. You stopped your caress feeling the heat in your lower waist, inside you.
"Peter? Did you ... uhmmm ... cum already?"
Peter let go of your nipple looking at you embarrassedly with his cheeks redder than a tomato as he realized that he hadn't lasted at all as soon as he entered you. Peter came out of you slowly draining a bit of what he had released into you.
"They are reactions of the body, aren't they?" Peter mumbled sadly lying next to you where they both covered their bodies.
Peter brought both hands to his face, you turned to see him even with the awkward silence between you.
"Hey it's fine, actually.... aggg I'm going to kill you if you say this to someone." You said shaking your head, Peter slid his hands from his face turning his body towards you. "You're the first time I've ever had someone ... you know ... on top of me doing that.
"Uuuhhh, I feel, flattered I guess." One hand was under your neck and the other rested on your abdomen. Which Peter looked at in detail. "You are my first person.
You were quiet for a few seconds.
"I shouldn't have made that stupid joke that you were a lonely virgin." You spoke with regret in your soft tone. "But I enjoyed it .... and you on top of me too.
"Do you want to go out tomorrow? Like we're starting over."
"That sounds good."
"So I'll see you tomorrow at 8:00 at dellmars. The best sandwiches in Queens." Peter said cheerfully as he searched the floor for his pants. "We should do this more frequently.
"Fight or have sex?" You raised an eyebrow.
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ptersmj · 15 hours ago
through the lens
Tumblr media
w/c: 2.3k
warnings: swearing and mentions of blood (all fluff tho!)
summary: yours and peter’s date night doesn’t go as planned, thanks to his “little” accident and mj’s photography project
a/n: it’s been a minute but i’m back! for now lol i promise i’ll be way more active when exam season is over <3 this was based off the lovely pic above taken by the even lovelier zendaya and i hope you enjoy these… let’s call it random workings of my mind
“hang on, can you come closer?” mj instructs you, you promptly stepping towards her. “is this good?” “great,” she affirms and squints behind the camera. “smile really big on the count of three, okay? one, two, three!” doing as she says, you give mj your cheesiest grin with your eyes squeezed shut and all. she snickers while snapping the moment on her polaroid.
mj asked you to be her subject for a photography project. you’re happy to do it, although it’s super last minute. like, barging-into-your-room-and-begging-you-for-help last minute. she was supposed to turn this in days ago. lucky for mj, her teacher was feeling generous and gave her an extension.
you have to work fast because of mj’s deadline and your plans with peter. he’s coming over for a movie marathon and cuddles right about now. well, he’s actually running a tad bit late. that’s typical peter for you.
“just a couple more, and then you’re free,” mj informs you while shaking out the polaroid. “this is honestly pretty fun, you know.” you glance at the photo she’s holding with an eyebrow quirked in surprise. she captures you well. “what made you choose me?” “no one else was free on a saturday,” she snorts and tosses the picture in a pile with the rest.
your mouth falls agape. “i’m not free! peter’s gonna be here in…” you check the time on your phone, much to your dismay. “he’s a few minutes late, but still. i have things to do, too.” a smirk sets on mj’s face as she gets ready for the next photograph. “relax, y/n/n. i was kidding. i’m sure spider-dweeb will be here sooner than you know it.” sighing lightheartedly, you take a seat on your bed.
“don’t call him that,” you shake your head. mj throws her own head back to the ceiling. “ugh, but that was a good one,” she insists, you only humming. “it’s better than penis parker, at least.” “nah, i like the alliteration,” you laugh out and earn a giggle from mj. “you’re lucky parker doesn’t have super hearing, or does he?” winking, you hit a pose for mj. you’re looking at her over your shoulder with smolder eyes.
“ask him yourself, after you get this shot.”
the two of you continue messing around with her polaroid until the film is almost gone, and peter has yet to arrive. you’re starting to worry. you aren’t sure where he could be.
he doesn’t patrol on weekends unless it’s an emergency, and he would’ve told you if there was one already. he’s never this late without sending a text, either. it’s almost an hour past when date night should’ve started. on the other occasions peter has gone off the grid, they didn’t end well.
“i’m freaking out, em. do you think he’s in some kind of trouble?” you ask mj, pacing around your bedroom. she offers a sympathetic shrug. “maybe he just ate some bad yogurt. remember last time?” being the dummy he is, peter once scarfed down an entire tub of vanilla yogurt before he realized it was expired. no one heard from him for days. he didn’t show up to school or answer any calls.
may ended up inviting you over and explaining he’d gotten a stomach bug, which you then tended to him for the rest of. the story was so amusing, and so peter.
“may doesn’t buy him dairy anymore. why do you think he always raids your freezer?” you bring your fingers up to rub your temples. “the kid can empty ice cream cartons in one bite,” she agrees, silently cringing. her curiosity piques at the fact. “is that also a power?” “who cares?” you nearly shout, your fingers curling into fists. “what i wanna know is if peter is fucking okay.”
on cue, there’s a knock at your apartment door. you and mj exchange looks of urgency, both rushing out of your room to answer.
mj follows you through the hall and stands by your side while you fumble with the lock. when your door pulls open, ned has his hand raised to knock again. “ned? what are you doing here?” you don’t give him the chance to speak. “have you heard from peter? he was supposed to be here a while ago, but he never showed.” rather than answering in words, ned takes a step aside.
the sight you’re met with makes you gasp. peter peeks out from behind him, cuts and bruises littering his flushed face. he gives you a lopsided smile.
“you have your answer,” mj murmurs to you and eyes ned curiously. he lets out a nervous chuckle. “here he is.” you push past ned and practically jump into peter’s arms, your hug bone-crushing. “peter, oh my god! are you okay?” wincing, peter hugs you back by your waist. his chin rests carefully on your head.
“hey… i’m alright, baby. still pretty sore, though,” he sucks his lower lip between his teeth. you take the hint to loosen your grip on him. “i was worried something bad might’ve happened to you. i… i guess i was right.” your tone softens, you threading a hand in his curls. they’re completely disheveled from whatever went down with him.
ned heads inside to catch up with mj, the two of them letting you have a moment alone.
“someone’s got a spidey sense of their own, huh?” peter tries to lighten the mood by joking. it doesn’t work, a frown still evident on your face as you try to untangle his once soft locks. “baby, everything’s fine. i just… had a little accident is all. no big deal,” he reassures you and moves in to peck your lips. you’re so shocked that you dodge the kiss.
“little? your whole face is black and blue, pete!” you tug on the white collar of his button up, peter letting out a shaky breath. your other hand comes to rest on his cheek, touch gentle. “how’d you get like this?” he licks across his lips shyly and sets his hands on your hips. “see, on the way over there were these bad guys who-“
“no there weren’t,” ned cuts in, scoffing at the beginning of his friend’s story. peter shoots him a warning look over your head. “yes there were, ned. you weren’t even there!” he catches mj glaring at him before he continues. “don’t listen to him. anyway, i had to fight them because…” when he trails off, you stroke your thumb across his cheek, avoiding any wounds in the way. raising both eyebrows, mj speaks up.
“because why? go on, parker. i’m intrigued,” she encourages him. everyone can tell peter is lying except you. the question really is, what’s he lying about? he gulps down his spit, pulling your body against his for comfort. “take your time, peter. we can wait,” you say only for him to hear. his love filled eyes meet yours, and he nods. ned huffs at the dramatics unfolding before him.
“dude, you’re making this way worse than it actually is. just tell her!” he demands, mj cocking her head to the side. peter’s gaze flits between the two of them. “tell me what?” you wonder softly and tilt his chin, willing him to look at you again. “i… i…” peter’s shoulders slump, his voice lowering in defeat. “there weren’t any bad guys.”
“of course there weren’t,” ned confirms. “no shit,” mj adds. exhaling, you wait for your boyfriend to further elaborate. “what really happened, then? be honest, pete.” peter lets go of you so he can come into your apartment properly, you shutting the door behind him. he scratches the back of his neck as he fills you in. “ok. um, me and ned were hanging out.”
ned is attempting to stifle a laugh for some reason, which mj elbows him for. you take one of peter’s hands. “yeah?” “we were at my place, and… you know those really slippery steps on the sixth floor?” peter pauses for someone to answer, playing with your fingers. “the ones flash almost wiped out on once?” mj questions in amusement. he lets a quiet chuckle out. “good times. yeah, those.”
his gaze averts to the ground, you listening on. “so, i was walking ned out on my way over. we were talking about spidey stuff-“ “as per usual,” mj mumbles to herself. ned raises his hands in defense. “—and i told ned i could always stick my landings. he didn’t believe me.” you playfully roll your eyes, seeing where this is going. “so… i, uh, decided to show him,” peter finishes off.
“i did a, um, backflip. tripped and fell down the flight of stairs,” he finally admits to you, putting his other hand on top of your intertwined ones. “clearly, i was wrong.” his bloody face is now red from humiliation. “you didn’t trip, dude. you freaking summersaulted!” ned corrects him and bursts into laughter he’s been holding back. “idiots, both of you,” mj simply remarks.
“that’s it? why didn’t you just say that?” you almost laugh yourself. groaning, peter rests his forehead against yours. “because it’s embarrassing! i wanted you to think i’m a tough guy or whatever.” placing both hands on his cheeks this time, you nuzzle your nose against his. “you don’t have to be a tough guy to impress me, babes. you’re kind, smart, funny. makes up for you being such a klutz.”
peter cracks a grin, easily capturing your lips in the kiss he didn’t get to before. it doesn’t last long because mj gags and ned whistles at you. you’re both giggling when you pull apart, peter kissing the tip of your nose for good measure.
“you really mean that?” he checks, tucking back a strand of hair from your face. “of course. i have a thing for himbos,” you tease and poke at his bare chest. his eyes widen. “how about i get you some ice and you find our first movie?” you’re already off to the kitchen, beaming at peter. “date night’s still on?” he happily plops down on your couch, mj showing ned her pictures from earlier.
“as soon as those two get out of here,” you call loudly enough so ned and mj hear you. “yeah, yeah. we’re leaving,” mj deadpans, shoving the photos back into her portfolio. peter glances over at it curiously. “what’s that for?” “photography project,” she says and gets an idea. “i have some film left. y/n took up most of it… you losers want the rest?”
while mj coerces her way to a higher grade, you put some popcorn in the microwave for your movie marathon.
“well, i could use a new lockscreen. i’m in!” ned quickly concedes. him and mj both give peter hopeful looks. “i’m not!” he protests, squishing one of your pillows against his chest. “with my face looking like… this? forget about it.” mj walks over to him and places her portfolio on the coffee table. “what? those gashes are gnarly… in a good way, i mean,” she promises.
“painful, too,” peter murmurs. “y/n, hurry up with that ice!” mj demands, grabbing the polaroid camera from its string around her neck. you wave her off. “what i’m saying is, they’ll look sick in my portfolio.” mj forces a smile, ned looking at her weirdly. “uh, what’s the theme of your project again?” “freestyle, baby,” mj casually replies.
peter comes up with a condition that could persuade him. “if you say please, i might consider it,” he concludes, mj perking up. “please be in my project. pretty please?” she instantly requests, ned pursing his lips from behind her. peter rubs his chin. “y/n, what do you think? should i?” you pipe in from the kitchen. “yeah, so she’ll leave my house.”
“you heard the lady. i’ll do it,” peter gives in. all but squealing, mj gestures for ned to sit. “this’ll only take a few minutes. you guys are really saving my ass.” ned gets comfortable next to peter on the couch, who wants to see how far mj will really go. “aw, we are? i believe that calls for a…” ned catches on. “it comes after please…” mj picks up her camera with gritted teeth. “thank you, morons. say cheese!”
that’s the only warning peter and ned get before they’re blinded with the flash. ned does a toothy grin as he leans into peter’s side. peter musters up the best smile he can, hair a mess and cuts burning pink on his face. satisfied, mj snatches the photograph as it pops out.
“pleasure doing business with you two,” she states, you joining the three of them in the living room. you set the popcorn on the table and give peter his ice pack. he presses it to his cheek, kissing the back of your hand. “send me that!” ned reminds mj, helping himself to your bowl of popcorn. she salutes him.
“there’s my star. what do you say, y/n? wanna take one more really quick?” mj suggests, already holding up her polaroid. you take the other cushion next to peter, your head on his shoulder. “can peter be in it with me? since he’s in the modeling mood tonight.” he wraps an arm tightly around you. “let’s do it, sweetness.”
eagerly jumping in front of you two, mj crouches down to get a better angle. “on the count of three. one, two, three!” the camera clicks, and you surprise peter by laying a smooch on one of his cheeks. he’s holding the ice against his other, genuinely smiling for this picture. ned coos at you, mj showing off her work when it dries.
“how adorable,” she says sarcastically but means it. peter nods at her in appreciation, his lips brushing the side of your head. “what can i say, you’re a pro,” you compliment mj. “come on, em!” ned cheers through a mouthful of popcorn.
tonight was an unexpected and exciting mess, even if your date night did get crashed.
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Peter P isn’t allowed to go on mission because he smol
Loki isn’t allowed to go on mission because the rest of the team can’t agree on whether or not to trust him so they magically and/or technologically keep him trapped in the tower
Loki thinks he’s stuck on babysitting duty, Peter thinks he’s keeping an eye on Loki so he doesn’t attack New York again or whatever
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wrongcrowdposts · 17 hours ago
✨ not gonna lie, im in the mood for writting peter parker x male!reader smut and post it in a few hours. ✨
Peter gives me the bottom vibes i cant help.
All i can say is; its stark!male!reader.
Tumblr media
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blissfulparker · 19 hours ago
Part 2 of college/fuckboy him finding the reader and finally ending the bs and being honest with her. Please?
Part 1 here
One train ride, one taxi, and four flights of unnecessary stairs and he was back where everything started. Back at the apartment you grew up in that was similar to his.
With nearly broken flowers and the scent of pizza and weed lingering still on him that he tried to cover up, he knocked on the door. His heart pounding and his senses all over the place as he takes a deep breath.
“Oh!” Your mother answered the door, excited to see Peter as she hadn’t seen him since college move in day. “Oh my peter! Look at you! What a lovely surprise! Have you eaten yet today? You look frail, all you college kids do—“ your mother started to go on. Peter knew you didn’t tell her, how would you even tell her if you wanted to?
“Thanks Mrs. (y/l/n) but I’m actually here to see (y/n). I-I heard she came home for the weekend.” Peter swallowed and your mother nodded.
“She said she was a bit sick, honey! Peter is here to see you!” Your mother called and allowed peter in. Peter only went up to your childhood bedroom and knocked on the door carefully. You don’t open it, he didn’t expect you to. Honestly, he didn’t know what he was expecting.
“’s peter.” Peter spoke through the door. He could hear your heartbeat, using his senses he knew you were in there. “Look, I know you probably hate me right now and I do too. Trust me, I really do. I-it’s just—I—“ he sighs before going on.
“I’m so sorry (y/n), I don’t know what I was thinking. I was so stupid and-and I wasn’t thinking at all. I was so angry, at myself and my feelings. Thinking I could never have you. I went through all of highschool loving you and watching you be with other people I couldn’t let myself just sit for another six years worth of college loving you too. And then sit my whole life loving you watching you marry and have kids and be a wonderful Person and I guess what I’m saying is that I’m so sorry. I’m such and idiot and you shouldn’t feel this way because of me. I-I Don’t like Mary, I don’t. I don’t even know what came over me but I felt so disgusting afterwards and-and I just loved you so much I thought maybe if I could hate you I would stop loving you.” He admitted. His heart pounding. There was no word from the other end, no sound or anything.
“Hey, are you actually on the other side awake or am I just talking to your potentially dead hamster?” He cracked a joke but you only crack your door open a bit, your eyes puffy from crying which causes Peter’s heart to hurt.
“Cheesepuff is fine.” You sniffled at the name of your hamster. Peter’s first time hearing your voice in a week and he hate how much he broke it. “I don’t hate you.” You lean against the door. He had tears in his eyes, almost crying because you’re crying.
“I don’t hate you either.” He swallowed and you nodded before looking down at the flowers he brought you.
“What are those?” You point at the half dead flowers.
“Oh...well...I thought getting you flowers would you not punch me incase you were really angry. They’re lillies.” He swallowed and you smiled at his effort.
“Peter,” you sniffled. His face perked up at you saying his name. “I’m allergic to lilies.” You remind him and he panics.
“Fuck! I mean-shoot! I-let me just-fuck fuck fuck—“ he finds the trash can and shoved them in there. “Okay. It’s fine. I think. Oh my god how can I forget you’re allergic to—“ you cut him off by wrapping your arms around him. His arms wrap back around you and he holds you there.
“I’m so sorry.” He kisses the top of your head. “I love you.” He says, for once more than a friend, you say,
“I love you.” And can hear his heart slow down. Finally finding the peace it needed. “And I’m sorry I slept with Brad, Harry, your lab partner and—“
“Wait you slept with Leo?” He says his lab partners name and you nodded.
“Yeah,” you sniffle. “And he was so werid.” You cried a bit into his chest and he only holds you tighter. Rubbing your back and kissing your head again.
“Yeah...he is really werid.” Peter laughed a bit. “Does this mean we’re okay now? A-are we together now?” He asked and you looked at him.
“I know you waited four years for me, and I’m sorry, but I think I just need some time. I-I want to be with you and—“ you start but he cuts you off.
“I waited four years, what’s another one? Or another two? Or three? Or however many m’lady wants?” He teases and you only fall back into his shoulder hugging him.
“Thank you.” You kiss his shoulder.
Your moment was interrupted by your mother calling you down to eat. That night, peter held your hand under the table and washed the dishes with your mom while you laid down. when late night hit, he came into the room and wrapped his arms around you. There were no more games, no more hidden feelings, no more hurt ones either. Just you and him finally.
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blissfulparker · 22 hours ago
dad!peter cuddling his babygirl in bed and reader and walking in on it plsss 🥺
“Go shower.” Were the words peter kissed into your hair as you were exhausted. Peter had been gone for a week because of a mission, the days he has been back had been him catching up on some lab work for the tower.
You felt like you hadn’t showered in days, slept in days, eaten a proper meal in days as you were up constantly with your darling girl May. Who was less of a darling these days without her daddy.
But you gladly listened to Peter’s words. Taking a nice long hot shower, scrubbing your hair with lavender shampoo and conditioner, your body finally clean with the scent of vanilla making you for once relax. You could finally be in a room for more than a minute away from your baby girl.
With fresh clothes, dried hair, clean skin, you walk back into the bedroom to see your sweet girl laying on Peter’s bare chest. Cooing away as if she was telling him a story. He gently massages her back as her head was pressed against his chest.
“Yeah? That sounded like a lot of work. Daddy bets that was a lot of work but you’re strong.” He talked along with her. Her little legs kicked only a bit and you smiled. She just missed him, she missed him maybe more than you did.
“Mmh, I will tell mommy you said that. You gotta be nicer to mommy while I’m gone, she gets so sleepy and she needs rest too. Maybe I should stop leaving for awhile? Take care of my girls?” He suggests to the girl and she kicks just a bit harder and coos a bit louder. He smiled and only stroked the top of her little curls.
“That sounds like a really good plan.” You walk into the room. Peter looking up with slight red in his cheeks, embarrassed you walked in on him.
“My girls need me?” He opens his arms for you to lay in them too. you loved how he said ‘my girls’ as he was very protective of you.
“Mmh, yeah.” You cuddle into his shoulder and shut your eyes. Finally falling asleep in his arms. And once you fall asleep, your baby girl does too. Peter smiles at the both of you, not being able to sleep himself he just admired the beauty of both of you.
“Thank you.” He kissed your head once more. Thinking you were too deep in your sleep to hear but you look up with sleepy eyes.
“For what?” You asked and he only shook his head and held his babygirl more securely.
Was all Peter said before he moved up to put the little girl in the crib that was next to your bed. Peter claimed that it was in case of danger she was right there for him. Or on nights like these where he couldn’t sleep but just wanted to take in how gorgeous she was.
But he couldn’t have thanked you more for everything you did. From sticking by his side to giving him his first chance at a family. A family he has always dreamed of he finally got with you.
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iamconstantine · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's going to have to tell Peter. And he's going to have to find a way to cushion the blow.
Cushion and cushion and cushion it.
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spideeysense · 23 hours ago
Spideey's Masterlist
Hey guys :D Here is my new and improved masterlist! This includes ALL of my work!
I have decided to not include my earlier works, as I have had this account for four years, and feel more confident with my newer stuff. My earlier pieces are still on my page, so do not worry! This was just a personal choice.
Warnings: All of these are fluff, or usually angst. There are some with implied smut, but they are marked accordingly. I never write anything explicit as I am not comfortable with that.
・゚ 🎀 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇 𝒲𝒶𝓇𝓈 🎀 ゚・
𝓟𝓸𝓮 𝓓𝓪𝓶𝓮𝓻𝓸𝓷
Give me back my wife: Part 1/Part 2 Poe and Reader are enjoying their honeymoon, when it is rudely interrupted by someone from Poe's past. (Fluff/Angst/Drama). Poe Dameron Headcanons : Dating Poe would include...
`° 🎀 𝑀𝒶𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓁 🎀 °`
𝓑𝓾𝓬𝓴𝔂 𝓫𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓮𝓼:
And so the Cat Sitter falls in love with it's owner: Part 1 : Bucky is adjusting to post Blip, and post Endgame life. His new neighbor and her cat, are a welcomed change in his life. (ON HIATUS). (Fluff)
Royal AU! It started with a roll: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4 :Royal AU, where Reader is a baker in the Barnes's Kingdom. A visit and request from King Barnes spirals into a hidden romance. With King's looming engagement, will the Reader and Bucky be able to stay together?
Domestic!Bucky x Reader : Domestic! Bucky x Reader, just a sweet little blurb.
𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓻𝓫 𝓢𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓼, 𝓪 𝓼𝓷𝓪𝓹𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓽 𝓲𝓷𝓽𝓸 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓭𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓬 𝓵𝓲𝓯𝓮:
Blurb (1): The day Bucky has to attend a funeral.
𝓟𝓮𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓴𝓮𝓻:
The Last Five Years: Peter looks back on what went wrong. Why did things end the way they did? Y/N and Peter had the perfect relationship. Married, happy, even owned their apartment. But one minor screwup on Peter's end, seemed to have fucked everything up.
Bathroom Feelings : Peter and Y/N were once best friends, and Y/N was desperately in love with him. But with Peter's new found popularity, will their friendship withstand? (Angst/Fluff)
Fallin': In which Peter drunkenly mixes up Y/N and her best friend/ (Angst/Fluff) warnings: mentions of harassement.
Corsets and Carriages: Part 1 : Peter (a duke) falls in love with a mysterious person at his ball. He's absolutely enamored, but his father has already arranged a marriage for him. Will Peter be able to convince his father otherwise? (ON HIATUS).
Alpha Pi Omega : Reader and her friends attend a Frat Party. As they expect, Reader is abandoned by her friend. She meets handsome Steve and his friends, including Peter. Peter teaches them how to play Beer Pong, and share a little moment. (Fluff)
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starkeraddictbaby · 23 hours ago
Accepting Prompts!!
Hello everyone, 
I’m new to the starker writing community and I thought it would be a great opportunity to open requests in order to get myself started here. Feel free to send in prompts you would like to see get written, my ask box is open! I will say though, I’m not very big on writing smut so don’t expect anything sexual from me.
PS. I’ve been writing since 2015, on and off, and this is my first time writing for straker.
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starkeraddictbaby · 23 hours ago
Lipstick Stains and School Plays
Summary: Penny Parker’s journey of self discovery throughout the years.
TW: Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), Trans MTF Penny Parker.
As most children did, she too had gone through aunt May’s makeup drawer and heels collection pretending to be her. It was completely normal, children were curious by nature. May, bless her, was far too amused to gently point out that boys don’t wear makeup and she loved her for it. Back then, she was too young to understand that her curiosity was more than just curiosity, she was too little to comprehend who she truly was. That simple act of allowing her to be curious and to explore her curiosity, of May smiling at her while she walked around the apartment wobbling in heels that didn’t fit her, proudly mimicking her aunt in front of her uncle, was the only reason her curiosity never dwindled and instead grew into the bravery she needed to feel in order to truly discover herself.
She could say that it started with May’s red lipstick and patterned scarves but that alone wasn’t the spark. If she were to be honest, it started with her fourth grade school play.
She hadn’t been casted as a character but instead was tasked with helping around backstage– as much as a 9 year old was capable of helping with. The girl that was supposed to play Alice in their Alice in Wonderland play, Amber, didn’t show up. Only 2 hours before her class was meant to go on stage, Amber’s mom had called and said that her daughter had caught the flu and couldn’t make it for the show. Panicked, the teacher's first instinct was to call for the double, however, it was a fourth grade school play and they didn’t operate on that level of professionalism. There was no double, only excited 9 year old children buzzing with energy. Trying to force another girl into memorizing the lines and taking on Amber’s part proved to be completely useless. Reluctantly, Mrs. Adelman had decided they would cancel the play.
Filled with innocent confidence and finding no fault in her suggestion, she strode to Mrs. Adelman, and offered to play Alice.
“But Peter, honey.” she had said softly, “You’re a boy, you can’t play Alice.”
“But I know all the lines!” she had insisted stubbornly, “And everyone worked so hard on this play, Mrs. Adelman please.”
Even Mrs. Adelman couldn’t argue with that. She had quizzes her on Alice’s lines and when she recited them all with a wide grin on her face, she was rushed to a room to change into the costume. Standing in front of the mirror, in a light blue dress that ended at her knees with a white apron like piece on top of it and shiny black shoes matching the bow sitting proudly on top of her short hair, she could honestly say, she never felt prettier in her life.
It was at that moment she realized that she wasn't like the other kids at her school, she was born different.
After that, she grew her hair long. May and Ben never said anything about it. They asked her twice, on separate occasions at different periods of time, if she wanted to cut it– she had said no and they never asked again. May simply helped her take care of her longer hair until she learned to do it herself.
They said nothing when she asked to be Tinkerbell instead of Peter Pan for Halloween. Never protested when one day, at the mall, while aunt May was wandering through the women's section on the hunt for a new dress, she shyly approached her with a red skirt in hand and pleading eyes.
The shift happened silently and wordlessly, they didn’t talk about it because– well, it was normal. All she had to do was make the first move, ask or hint at it and then it would happen. That was what happened with the skirt, she had wordlessly asked for it, May and Ben bought, after that, every item of clothing she got started to gradually become more feminine until none of the boy’s clothes she used to own remained. Slowly, she started hearing “Peter” less and less, instead they religiously called her anything but her given name. It was now sweetie, sweetheart, honey, baby, darling and other variations of pet names.
She had never been happier. Despite the mean kids at school calling her names and the teachers giving her weird looks, she felt pretty and she was happy with her choices. As far as she was considered she was not a freak, she was a normal teenager, equal parts nerdy and awkward. She loved science and pretty things, drooled over hot celebrities and built lego sets for fun.
But then the spider bite happened and her lithe petite body started to fill out in all the wrong places, her shoulders grew bolder, her flat stomach supported abs, and a layer of muscles grew under her flesh overnight.
Her body looked like a boy’s body now.
She couldn’t escape it and she hated it. It didn’t matter how bagy her shirts were or how many layers she put on, all she could see was those wide shoulders and hard muscles. She stuck with wearing her hair down, now at 14, it grew past her shoulder and she used that to her advantage. With it down, it concealed her new physique. It still felt wrong, too big and solid. But her skirts and dresses still fit, some of her cute tops still did as well. She could wear them and feel pretty again and pretend she hadn’t grown overnight.
It was okay, she told herself.
When she learned to live with her new superpowers and the body it gave her, Ben had died and so did a part of her. She was forever changed, she lost herself in her grief and let herself drown. With Ben gone she was left with looking after her aunt. She had to step up and become the man of the house, she had to protect May and Queens— she had to be the boy she was born as.
First to go was her wardrobe. The day after the funeral, she folded them, one by one, and donated them while May was busy. Instead, she wore Ben’s clothes. They were 2 sizes too big, plain and unappealing to her but she felt closer to Ben in them. They were the only thing giving her strength to be what May needed her to become, what Queens needed her to be. The second thing she parted with was her hair, 6 years of growing it and taking care of it went out the window when she chopped it off in front of the bathroom mirror sobbing.
As always, May said nothing and this time around she found herself hating her for it. She so desperately wanted her aunt to say anything, to protest, to reassure her that she didn’t need to become something she’s not. But May only looked at her with sad eyes and said nothing. No matter how much she wanted to direct her anger and frustration at May, she couldn’t. It was unfair to ask so much of her grieving aunt, a woman who lost her husband and was tasked with raising a teenager all by herself.
Instead, she threw herself head first into danger, Spider-Man was all she had left. It was the only part of her identity that felt true to her. Regardless if she was a boy or a girl, saving people, doing good was a part of who she was as a person and that was the only thing that mattered.
She was back to being Peter Parker.
For the longest time, she didn’t allow herself to think about it. On top of her Spider-Man responsibilities, she was on the marching band team, the robotics club and the Academic Decathlon team. She had no time to breathe, think or live, she was numb. The days that passed her were tasteless and bland, without colors. It didn’t feel like it was her life or her body, she wasn’t here– no. She was pretending to be someone else, someone she’s not. Whatever remained of that vibrant girl she used to be, she buried deep within her soul, as far away out of her reach as she could.
May’s lipstick and heels felt like a distant memory from a lifetime ago, or maybe a different lifetime. Sometimes she wondered if this life was even her own. It was hard to tell and she didn’t have the will to find out.
Hope came in the form of one Tony Stark, her idol and literal love of her life. He came into her life and brought a piece of her back from the dead. Her innocent excitement and love for science was reignited with his presence in her life. He was everything she dreamed he would be and more, he was real, he was scarred and broken just like her— he was human.
He was the spark she needed to rediscover herself, he had touched her numb emotions and made her feel again. He awakened the memories within her, of uncle Ben, red skirts and heels that barely fit.
Her journey back to her true authentic self started slow, unlike the first time, she hadn't wordlessly asked for a skirt. This time around, she was older and things were far more complicated. Now, she understood the word around her, she knew who she truly was and realized she wasn’t the only one. People like her, who never felt comfortable in their own skin, existed in the world.
She wasn’t alone but that didn’t stop her from being scared.
She started with the less noticeable things, the ones that took time or stood on the blurred lines of gender. She grew out her hair, painted her nails and pierced her ears— boys did that too. Then came the subtle makeup, a little mascara here, a hint of blush there topped with a dash of gloss. It was undetectable yet efficient in making her look softer. She used halloween as an excuse to dress up, going all out with a wig and a custom of Cher from Clueless, and dares as a cover up for showing up to school in a skirt.
It was hard, somedays, she would feel good about herself and her body only to put the spider suit on at night and be reminded all over again that she was born into the wrong body. She started going on patrols less and spending more time in the lab with Mr. Stark babbling about a new update, creating problems with the suit just to fix it, anything instead of putting it on— not now. Not when she felt alienated in her own body, when her own skin and flesh felt like a prison.
Her clothes were her form of expression at this point, when her voice was silenced by the crippling fear she felt (oh how she wished she had her innocent confidence back), dressing up was her only connection to her true self. Uncle Ben’s clothes were refolded and put away and with the money Mr. Stark instead paying her for the “internship”, she went and bought new clothes. She started first with softer unisex items, pastel colors that would pass for each gender. Slowly, painfully so, it progressed into more feminine articles of clothing.
When she turned 17, she made up her mind. She knew who she was, she knew what she wanted and even though she wasn't 100% comfortable with her body, she knew how to get there. This was her clarity, her epiphany— she finally knew.
With whatever confidence she had mastered, she walked into Mr. Stark’s lab, hair to her chin, a light layer of makeup on her face, and a red flowy dress hugging her figure.
“Kid, I thought I told you not to come in on-” the rest of his sentence died in his throat. Tony had the decency not to gape at her, there were no wide eyes or questions asked, other than the pause in his speech, it was as if she had shown up to their lab session dressed like this for the past two years they had known each other. “Hey, you look pretty in red, Peter.” he said casually, a genuine smile on his face.
This was what she wanted.
She took a handful of his tank top and pulled him close, with a single hesitant beat ringing between them, she closed the gap, standing on her tiptoes to kiss him. It was raw and desperate, soft to the touch but heavy with unspoken meanings. She held on to him as if he was her lifeline, she kissed him as if he was her reason to be.
This was what she wanted.
He was what she wanted.
When they pulled apart, she didn’t let him go, too scared it would be the last time she would touch him. She rested their forehead together, panting into each other’s faces. “You can call me, Penny.” she said, softly, barely above a whisper, her intense honey eyes staring into his.
Penny, that was who she was, she was a girl, a woman, and no one was going to tell her otherwise.
“And I’m going to call you my boyfriend.” she decided, voice firm and determined yet face bright red. Her confidence seemed to leave her just then, she looked down, the flush on her cheeks deepening. “I mean if you are okay with it Mr. Stark, of course. I didn’t mean it in a–”
Tony shut her up with a short tender kiss.
“I thought you were calling me your boyfriend?” he teased, gazing at her fondly. “I think that automatically promotes you to ‘Tony’ privileges. I like baby too, oh and sweetheart!”
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syntheticavenger · a day ago
Arachnid - Part One
Notes: Okay, so I debated on moving this fic over here but I figured, why not. I haven’t actually posted a chapter since December on AO3 but I’ve been working on bits and pieces for a little while. I wholeheartedly decided to just throw caution to the wind with this fic because it's a first for me writing Dark Peter Parker with a Reader who is not the usual age that is portrayed. So I’m going to roll with it and queue up some chapters that I will be editing as we go. So there will be some new portions in the story added along the way.
Please note that in this fic, Peter is of legal age. He’s 19 in this fic.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, World building for a little.
Dark! Peter Parker x Older Female Reader
Summary | Peter Parker has a big crush on Aunt's May co-worker. He's ready to keep her at any costs, even if she doesn't want him to.
Tumblr media
May tipped the bottle of wine into your glass, ignoring the quick shake of your head in protest.
“Oh no, no more,” you sputtered. “May, I shouldn’t.”
“Why not?” she asked, emptying the last few drops inside your glass. “You earned it.”
You rolled your eyes with a sheepish smile, May pressing her back against her chair while she held up her wine glass toward you for a toast.
“To turning forty-five!”
“I think the whole complex heard you, May,” you muttered, lifting your glass in kind. The clink was quick, May taking a big gulp of her wine. You took a small sip and placed the glass back down, your fingers sliding over the wooden coaster.
Was forty-five really something to toast about? You had bemoaned your last year in your thirties, which now seemed like ages ago. You’d celebrated it with May that year, too. You didn’t have many friends. Most of them were married, had children or were a mix of both. Somewhere down the line you stopped wanting to feel like the third wheel on couple dates and being the fake aunt was nice when you were able to shop for their kids for birthdays and Christmas but otherwise, you were somewhere in the background. An invitation to parties and someone to add to their holiday greeting card list.
Still, you were lonely, even if you didn’t announce it to the world. You hated that your life felt like a never ending cycle. Weekdays were a blur and you dreaded the weekends most of all, two days of nothing but getting up the courage to try something new. You tried a spin class last month, surrounded by toned bodies clad in expensive workout gear. The instructor was friendly but by the time you climbed onto the bike and the class began, you felt so out of place that you made an excuse to use the restroom and never came back. Maybe this weekend you’d try your hand at one of those wine nights May was always inviting you to.
May was a true friend, one that you counted your blessings to have in your corner. Your job was mundane, but it paid well and the thought of dusting off your resume and interviewing made you fearful of trying something new. Perhaps in your forties, you were allowed to be comfortable. Every article you managed to get your hands on mentioned that these were the years that women finally felt at ease in their lives. Perhaps this was true. Maybe you just needed to make peace with yourself.
“It’s past my bedtime,” you pointed out, watching May take another long sip.
“Relax, will you? You’re forty-five, not eighty-five. Besides,” May said with a small chuckle, getting up from the table. “I have a surprise for you.”
She disappeared into the kitchen, humming happy birthday to herself. You’d always loved her place. May had impeccable taste. She’d even helped you redecorate when your last relationship had ended, breathing new life into the space that you had figured would always stay the same, forever locked in time with dead houseplants and tons of self-improvement books that still had the price tag sticker on them.
May placed a slice of tiramisu with a lit candle on top in front of you.
“From Luca’s,” May informed you, taking residence back in her chair, tossing her long brown hair over her shoulder. “Your favorite, right?”
It was, indeed. Soft chocolate curls laid atop the dessert; thick mascarpone cheese sandwiched between the espresso-soaked ladyfingers. The smell alone made your mouth water, your mind immediately counting up how many calories you would be consuming in a single bite.
“Stop thinking about calories and just indulge. Make a wish,” May ordered with a tilt of her wine glass.
You let out a small breath, the candle flickering.
“Aunt May! I’m home!” a loud voice announced before the door slammed.
Peter rounded the corner, slowing to a stop. Peter seemed to have grown even taller since the last time you’d seen him. Plucking the air pods out of his ears, he shrugged out of his coat and turned, a look of surprise on his face.
“Oh, hey,” Peter greeted, his attention turning toward you. “Aunt May didn’t tell me you were coming over.”
He glanced down at the candle, giving you a wide smile.
“Happy birthday!”
“Thanks,” you replied, feeling your face get hot with embarrassment. Now you had two people waiting for you to blow out the candle. You’d get it over with and then you could focus on the dessert in front of you.
Hollowing out your cheeks, you sucked in a short breath and blew, the light blown out as a string of smoke lifted into the air. May and Peter gave a polite clap and you tried to smile, ignoring the weird feeling that had come over you. Why in the world did you feel like crying? Maybe it was because the blow of the candle felt like saying goodbye to another year past? Forcing yourself to think of happier things, you flashed a grateful smile.
Plucking the candle from your dessert, you picked up the fork while Peter disappeared into his room. May watched his closed door for a moment before she turned back around.
“All he does is work these days. After graduation, it’s been all about that internship with Stark Industries. I wish he’d take a break,” May confessed to you. “He comes home only to wash his clothes and then he leaves again.”
“Empty nest syndrome?” you teased, the corners of her mouth moving into a smile.
“Maybe so. I just worry about him, you know? He never has time for anything these days. Not even a lunch date. He’s stood me up twice. His own flesh and blood.”
“I’m sure it’s nothing,” you tried to soothe. “Stark Industries is a behemoth. Maybe his workload will get better in a few weeks.”
You took a bite of your tiramisu, eyes closing in bliss while you chewed slowly.
“Amazing, right?” May asked, finishing the last of her wine. “Let’s open up another bottle, shall we?”
“You go on ahead,” you urged, taking another bite. “I shouldn’t even be eating this, let alone having another glass of wine.”
“Just relax, will you? Another year older isn’t a death sentence.”
“I’d agree,” Peter chimed in from somewhere in the kitchen.
“No eavesdropping!” May chastised.
You glanced down at your watch, looking at the time. It was late but you still had enough time to dye your hair, self-conscious of the stray gray hairs that had crowned your head in the past few weeks. Looking down at the plate, you realized you had finished your dessert.
The wine in your system made your face warm, your legs slowly pushing back away from the table. The sound of utensils clattered into the sink.
“The tiramisu was amazing and so was the wine. But I should be heading home.”
May squinted at the clock on the DVR box.
“Why don’t you spend the night? It’s a little late for you to be going home. You could take my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch,” she offered.
“I can’t let you do that,” you denied, lifting yourself from the chair slowly. “I can walk home.”
Peter stuck his head out from the kitchen, sandwich in hand.
“I can walk you home,” Peter suggested.
Oh, no. You couldn’t let him walk you home. It was only a few blocks away and the last thing you needed was to walk in what you were sure was going to be awkward silence or bland small talk.
“I appreciate that, Peter but I can walk home. I’m a big girl, I promise. I have my pepper spray if I need it.”
Peter stuffed the last of his sandwich in his mouth, wiping his hands on his jeans. After swallowing the last of it, he grabbed his coat.
“Yeah, that’s not exactly convincing. Don’t worry about it, I’ll walk you home.”
“Thanks Peter,” May replied, a look of relief on her face.
Grabbing your purse and hauling it over your shoulder, you attempted to take your plate and glass to the sink but May slapped your hands.
“I got it. Paint and wine night on Saturday. Please come?”
Your shoulders dropped in defeat at her sad pout.
“Okay, okay,” you relented. “I’ll be there.”
Peter opened the door for you while you walked out into the hallway. Struggling with your coat, a pair of hands held out the coat for you, your arms slipping inside.
“Thanks,” you answered, still feeling slightly embarrassed at needing the help.
“Don’t mention it,” Peter answered. “I like to help.”
The elevator ride down was quiet, the doors clicking ever so often until you reached the ground floor.
“Peter,” you started, pushing open the door as the frigid air bit through your coat. “You really don’t have to walk me home. I know how to get there.”
“We’re walking,” he urged you, his body almost up against yours as he herded you to the sidewalk. “It’s not a big deal, trust me.”
Both of you walked along the dark streets, the streetlights above you while Peter surveyed ahead of you, his attention turning back to you.
“Sorry, force of habit. Been working at Mr. Stark’s lab late so I’m always on high alert. Can’t trust people, you know? I mean, you can trust me,” he corrected himself.
“I do,” you responded, shivering slightly while you jammed your cold hands into your coat pockets.
“Cold?” Peter asked, his elbow bumping into yours.
“A little bit. A few more blocks. I can handle it.”
Heavy material draped over your shoulders; Peter’s bare arms visible while he adjusted his jacket over you.
“I’m fine,” you protested, though you immediately felt the warmth of the extra jacket. “Thank you.”
“I hope you had a good birthday.”
Rounding the corner, you nodded in response. You really didn’t want to talk about your birthday. That would lead to more questions and right now, your legs were freezing in the thin material of your work pants and all you wanted to do was get home safe.
“That’s good. I wish Aunt May would have said something, I could have gotten you a present.”
“That’s sweet. But I’m okay. Really.”
He raised an eyebrow at your comment, his lips formed into a frown at your dismissal.
“Maybe I’ll get you one anyway.”
You decided it was best to not protest any further. Chalking it up to him being nice, you figured he would forget about this conversation once he left you and it would not be brought up again.
“You know, I agreed with Aunt May earlier. Getting older isn’t a death sentence,” he started.
You stifled back a groan of irritation. The last thing you wanted was to talk about your age with a nineteen-year-old, who was old enough to be your son.
“Hmm,” you finally replied.
“I think you’re beautiful. I always have.” Peter looked down at the ground as he delivered his praise.
“Oh… thank you.” You were unsure how to reply, the compliment making you blush.
“You’re welcome. I feel like I should have said that earlier. You’re special. I hope you know that.”
At that, you didn’t respond. Peter crossed the street, still at your side while he chewed on his lip.
“I made you uncomfortable, didn’t I?
“I’m not used to compliments, that’s all.”
You looked up, your apartment complex in view. A sigh of relief left your lips.
“Not used to compliments? You’re gorgeous, how can you not see that? I used to visit Aunt May’s office just to see if you were there.”
You fished for your keys in your purse, keeping your head down while you focused on searching for them. At his comment, your thoughts went to all of the times he visited the office.
“That’s very kind of you Peter but I’m double your age and then some. Thank you for walking me home,” you thanked him, aware of the intense gaze and polite smile on his face.
“Don’t mention it. It was my pleasure. I forgot how quick it is to get your place. Easy walk.”
An awkward silence hung in between you before you climbed up a step. For some reason, your heart was beating a little harder than you were used to, nervousness biting at your senses.
“Goodnight Peter,” you said, looking over your shoulder at him. “Thanks again.”
“Wait,” Peter protested, heading up the steps. “One more thing.”
He enveloped you in a hug, his arms strong and tight as he drew you against him. His lips hovered near your ear, the warmth of his breath tickling your earlobe.
“Don’t ever mention my age again,” he warned, his voice like a caress before he pulled away, patting your arms. “Keep the jacket. Have a good night. I'll see you soon.”
He descended down the steps, not looking back while he continued down the street. It was only then that it occurred to you that he had mentioned he’d been to your place before.
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blissfulparker · a day ago
ok so for fuckboy/college!peter, what about one where the reader and peter try to forget their feelings by fucking other people then one day their feelings are revealed by someone else?
Mentions of drugs
Peter was the first to play this game. Hooking up with Gwen Stacy, the girl you envied right in front of your face. His anger mixed with his sadness got the best of him, he thought more with his hurt heart than he did with his mind.
But you took the next move, after crying to MJ that night you gladly got too drunk and in a fun game of truth or dare you fell right onto brads lap. Peter’s jaw clenched before soon the two of you were at a war trying to get over this feeling of one another, slowly just loving each other more in the process.
It was Friday, you and peter had your own plans for the night but that wasn’t until you cried ro MJ about how he pulled the last straw. Maybe fucking your Enimies wasn’t such a good idea but fucking each other’s old best friends were the final straw for you.
“And then I was like—“ peter was already somewhat high from the weed he stored in his dorm. Telling ned the latest of his drama before MJ barged in. “What the fuck!”
“You asshole!” MJ took no time in throwing her book bag straight into Peter’s chest. Causing him to fall back on his bed and look at ned for help but ned knew everything and was so intrigued as to where MJ would take it.
“MJ what the fuck is your—“ he started but she gave him no time to speak.
“Fucking (y/n)! I don’t know what game you two are playing, honestly. All I know is that the two of you are too fucking stupid to actually talk to each other about how you feel but fucking Mary Jane? After (y/n) her whole life has said how much she hated her you went a fucked her? That’s a new low, even for you Peter.” MJ stood back. Her hair slightly tossed from how she was yelling at him and peter blinked a few times, sobering up as he didn’t realize you liked him back. He liked you a lot, far too much as he never knew he liked someone this much but he needed to get over you with Gwen and then with you fucking Brad it made him angry.
“I-I’m sorry.” Was all he could muster up in the moment. Trying to think of words but his mind cloudy with his feelings and still the weed.
“Oh he’s sorry! He’s sorry! Did you hear that ned? He’s sorry. Listen up Columbia! Peter parker is sorry!” MJ nearly laughed and peter clenched his jaw and sat back. “Fuck you, parker. I hope you know that she’s at this shit school because she loves you so fucking much. She has done almost everything for you and You are so fucking selfish.” MJ picked her bag back up and left the dorm. Slamming it which caused peter to jump and ned started laughing a bit.
“Oh...I was waiting for that.” Ned laughed as he lit the joint before peter parker scrambled to get up. Getting his shoes on knowing that it was best to find you and talk to you. “She’s not here by the way. She went home for the weekend. Everything MJ said was right you know.” Ned told his friend quickly before Peter looked back at him, wanting to cry, scream, just be with you and tell you everything.
“Thanks.” Was all peter said before he was the next to slam the dorm room door and make his way down the hall.
He didn’t know what train he would have to take, how long it would take, but he was going to get home to you as fast as he could and tell you everything.
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crazyshay-gay · a day ago
Two Stars in a Night Sky || SpiderFrost fic
On Peter's 18th birthday he is given one of Tony's Avengers Phones and to his surprise it already has some numbers on it. In the contacts are everyone on the team but one other named "Snake" who is the ominous person behind the other side of the screen?
Loki however just saw the phone lying about in Tony's lab and figured to add his number to it as a little joke to text Tony, just to have a little fun. Little did he know the phone was going to a much younger Stark.
words: 1000+ per part
ships: PeterxLoki SamxBucky TonyxStephenStrange and others
Gay🌈? yes.
3rd person perspective
where you can read it: Wattpad
Tumblr media
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hollandprkr · a day ago
i’m in desperate need of another tom holland enemies to lovers fic where they get double booked in a room, but get this...there’s only one bed.
not matter how cliche it is, you can’t lie that it always SLAPS HARD.
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zoellajulien · a day ago
come upon morning
(Peter Parker x Reader)
angst - words: 2.1k
"Alright! Enough from you!" Your friend laughed loudly as he smacked your other friend in the back of the head, turning to face you. "It's your turn. Give us all the details!"
You shifted awkwardly, laughing and rubbing your arms for comfort. The conversation happening between your group was on the subject of 'the ones who got away', which you all had experience in. "Fine, fine. Just be quiet and sit down!"
A hush fell over the room as you opened a book and pulled some photos out of the page. Curiosity spread as the photos were passed around for everyone to look at.
"Why do you keep these on that page?" One friend asked, looking over your shoulder at the highlighted text.
"I keep them close to a quote on it. It says 'you'll always be mine, in the back of my mind. I'll look for you in my next life.' I found this quote when I was in a dark place, and it reminded me of him. Because that's how I'll always feel." You explained to them, passing another picture around.
In the photo, the boy had a straw taped badly to his head with a ridiculous smile spread across his face. His nose was wrinkled too, adding to the joyous atmosphere the picture captured. His brown curls were splattered across his head and face in a mess, along with a hastily put-in butterfly clip. You felt warmth blooming inside you while looking at it. Your friends laughed at the picture, pointing out various (but positive) things about him to one another.
"What are you doing? You look ridiculous!"
"I'm a unicorn! You should be a unicorn too!"
"Wait until Tony sees this. No- I am not sticking a straw to my forehead like a crackhead!"
"Psh, you don't know what you're missing, then!"
"That boy was my whole world. We were best friends before we lovers, but we always did everything together. One time, we both failed an exam on accident, and celebrated! We drove around for hours just because." You reminisced.
"Dude, one kid sitting next to me was all 'I got this in the bag! Studied all night long!'" Peter chuckled, pushing his curls from his face with the hand that held yours. He pushed his lips against your knuckles softly.
"Are you serious? Dude, if you can't even pass the exam, then everyone else definitely failed. Their ego was 100% bruised afterward, I'm sure of it." You snickered, blushing as your eyes cast over his form. His skin glowed from the kiss of sunset colors. "Hey! Careful! You almost hit that bird! Ugh, your driving is the worst!"
Peter's laugh brought a smile to your lips as you teased him, knowing full-well you drove much worse than he did. Poking his side with your finger to tease him more, he squirmed away and began to make faces.
"Oi! I'm trying to keep us alive! Stop that!" He snickered.*
"I hope you know that we are absolutely not listening to this song! My turn to control the cord!" You cheered, snatching his phone away.
"What? No! I'm the driver, I control the music!"
"In your dreams, Parker! And don't take your eyes off the freaking road, you health-hazard of a human being!"
"Oh, please! I drive better than you do! And either way, you know you love me!"
"That, yes, that is very true. I can not deny that." You giggled with a happy sigh.
"What else did you guys do?"
"So much! We went on great adventures and vacations together but also enjoyed simple moments. One day, I was frustrated with everything so I started crying on the kitchen floor when the empty pot slipped from my hand." You laughed at yourself, shaking your head. "He came in with a sympathetic heart and dumped a bunch of pots on the floor. At first, I got even angrier. Because, hello, that was a huge mess! But then he started constructing them together on a mat and grabbed two dowels for the both of us."
Peter cursed when he saw your form, panicking slightly as he tried to come up with a solution to fix the sad mood you owned. The poor brunette had come in, more than ready to defend you from an attacker, after being alerted to the crashing sound of a pan hitting the tiled flooring. Trying to think quickly on his feet, he leaned past you to pick up said fallen pot along with a large group of others.
"What are you doing? I swear to god I will smash your face into the cabinet if you think I'm going to clean this up."
Peter wordlessly grabbed your hand and placed the dowel in your hand, kissing each finger as he twisted them into a fist. He reached up and brushed a piece of hair away from your face, smiling sweetly at your confused face.
"What do I need this for?" You questioned, still slightly irritated.
"What? What was he doing, exactly?"
"We actually started playing them together, on the floor. He cheered me up in less than an hour. I went from crying in frustration to crying from laughter." A blush crept its way up your body as a love-sick smile made its appearance.
Crawling on the floor, Peter gently pulled you by your empty hand next to him. A whine of protest escaped your lungs, but you eventually gave in and looked at the pots in front of you. He reached around you, his arms controlling yours. He began beating the wooden sticks against the metal and copper pots.
"I love you! I love you! My darling!" He sang out dramatically, badly playing out an improvised tune, hiding his smile when he noticed you were forcing one to hide. "My darling! She's oh-so-beautiful!"
Laughter bubbled within your chest and escaped into the air around the two of you. A smirk made its made to your boyfriend's lips at the achievement of making you happy. He pressed a kiss to your cheek before continuing his actions.
Eventually, he moved and sat beside you, using his wooden stick to bang on the pans. He laughed after you made a pun referring to the pots, shaking his head in amusement.
"Come one, sing a duet with me."
Peter began singing loudly but slow enough for you to try and match his lyrics. You were pretty sure the two of you were bothering the neighbors at this point.
A bubble of snickers filled the room after someone mentioned just how in love you seemed to be even after he left.
"You see, this big teddy bear of a human being loved to travel, so one day he showed up outside my job and picked me up. We ended up driving for a long time until we had a picnic underneath the stars. I taught him a bunch of the constellations."
"Peter! C'mon, tell me where we're going! You're boring me!" You joke, shoulders shaking in laughter when you do.
"No! You can't know yet! It's called a surprise, babe!" He protests, taking one hand off the wheel and easing his foot off the accelerator. Using the empty hand he has, he pokes your side once safely stopped at a red light.
"Ugh. You're a pain. I hope you know that." You paused for a few minutes before saying: "Are we there yet?"
"We are literally still driving! Relax!"
The drive continued for another hour or so before you pulled up onto a hill that sat beside a glistening lake. By that time, it was well past midnight. You would have fallen asleep if Peter's energetic and proding, literally, personality. He sang loudly to you and was constantly poking you in the ribs, although gently.
"We've arrived! I hope you're hungry!"
After the picnic, you rested by his side, enjoying the comforting kisses he left across your face. "I love you, but I'd appreciate it if you would pay attention to my lesson!" You whined*
"Alright, Teach. What do you have for me to learn? Not math, I hope." He replied in turn with a broad smirk.
With a sharp eye-roll, you sat up, taking his finger, and pointing it at the sky. "Big dipper." You drug it over to a separate spot. "Little dipper."
"I like this lesson. Teach me more."
"He sounded amazing. What happened to you two?"
"The part of him yearning for adventure became too difficult to ignore, and he knew he needed to go. Of course, he offered for me to come with him, but my parents refused. They told me how my focus was to be on where I was going in the future, so their force kept us apart." You set down the Polaroid picture to pick up another one, this one of a car. The brunette sat on top of it, clearly singing and dancing. "The night he left was a hard one for us all. His aunt and mentor came over so we could all wish him goodbye. I was angry at my parents, but they were right. My future was very uncertain with him, especially since he didn't know where he would be going."
A stray tear made it's down your cheek, dropping onto the hoodie of his you wore. Your friend wrapped an arm over your shoulder.
"Eventually, after he packed his car for the journey and his weeping aunt gave him one last hug, I was called over. I opened the door to be closer to him and sat, looking at him. His cheeks were damp with tears, as were mine, but we smiled. He put his hand into mine and kissed me, so softly, as if I were glass."
"You look beautiful today, you know. Is that dress new?" Peter's fingers danced up your arm to cup your cheek.
"I bought it just for you, for today. I wanted you to see me looking my best, so you can remember me this way when you go."
"I still don't know if I want to go." He admitted, ducking his head before looking back into your eyes.
"You have to. You need to go because your heart is calling." You whispered, reluctant to admit the truth as much as he was. "And you don't have to be scared, because I will always be with you along this journey." You placed your hand on his heart.
"He pleaded for me to go that night, to go with him. I told him I couldn't, that it wasn't an option."
You set down the picture while standing, grabbing one from underneath a flipped-over picture frame. One of your friends picked up the frame and felt anguish at seeing the picture inside the glass.
The same boy the conversation was about sat somewhere, clearly in a place with bright lights. He wore a white, short-sleeve top that ended with the picture. His eyes were blood-shot, curls messy as can be, but a smile sat across his lips, despite being clearly in pain.
"This noise is going to be the death of me, I swear."
"Kid, you've got a lot more fighting to kill you right now than the lights. At least try to act concerned for yourself." Tony's voice strained, dry from tears. "They are probably the smallest problem you have as of now."
"Don't say stuff like that. Please." Your voice croaked, all the tears you had now gone from crying them away. "It can't be like that. No."
"That picture was taken a few months before he left. This one is a copy of the photo he took with him." You explained, showing it around. "I loved him so much, you know, and he loved me too. I could tell since he had some much trouble leaving us. But I knew he had to go."
In the last photo sat you both, side-by-side, asleep. One of his arms draped over your side while he spooned you from behind with his face buried into the skin of your neck. You had hair flopped over one eye and one hand tucked into his dangling by your front. The two of you had corresponding colors on your nails, a bright red. It had been his idea after a tired sleep-over reached well past two in the morning. It was a fond memory of yours.
Your friend pulled you tight to his chest, noticing the balance you were struggling to keep between sobbing or staying straight-faced. Eventually, the tears came out, but a smile stayed on your lips as you remembered Peter.
You remembered his laughter that was always accompanied by his contagious smile or smirk. Also on the list, you remembered his ability to sweet-talk you into sneaking out to see him on nights he wasn't 100% busy. However, you also remembered how he left you, leaving a longing feeling that turned into unheard wishes.
You just wish his departure had actually happened like that.
taglist: @rorybutnotgilmore @petersasteria @elios-timotea
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biisexualemma · a day ago
unrequited pt.2. peter parker
word count: 3.6k
warnings: anxiety, panic attack? i guess kind of
requested: yea a few people asked for this lol
plot: you haven’t seen peter for weeks and start to worry about him
a/n: i finished re-writing this late last night and i’ll be honest with you i haven’t checked it over so sorry if there are any mistakes but i’m tired sis goodnight! lmk if you like this! pls comment / share!
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Tumblr media
"ned... you're so wrong for so many reasons," m.j.'s expression was flat, her eyes rolling before she continued to fight ned on who was really the strongest avenger. you were supposed to be working on a group project for your history class but somehow the topic of the avengers came up and the conversation derailed. ned was making a, somewhat, compelling case for the hulk but m.j. was clearly winning with her argument for wanda.
"nobody even knows the full extent of her powers... and the hulk? what? he's gonna smash some more?"
you sat quietly, chin in the palm of your hand, listening in and out of the conversation. you didn't really feel much like contributing. you would occasionally chime in to support m.j. but mostly you just heard the noise of their bickering and let it happen.
you didn't want to be that person, but your mind was (much to your frustration) completely consumed with thoughts of peter. and at the worst time, you had so many tests coming up, and essay deadlines were also creeping up on you. usually you were on top of this stuff, but your mind was preoccupied almost all the time.
because of peter, who was no where to be seen. in the past few weeks he had stopped showing up to school all together. ned said it was something to do with tony stark but you had a feeling it was more than that. you didn't know how to explain it.
you hadn't spoken to him in a long time now, and you didn't exactly leave things on good terms. it was the longest you'd gone without talking since peter called you a poopy head in the third grade.
you just couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. especially since you had no idea what he was getting up to, peter was known to get himself into some messes when he was left to his own devices. and you just knew ned was lying to cover for his best friend but that only made you feel even more out of the loop.
everything felt a bit off without peter around, like something was missing. that, on top of the guilt and worry you were feeling, was turning your head to mush. last time you'd spoken to peter, he was erratic and wounded and desperate. something bad had to have happened for him to be gone this long.
the bell rang, signalling the end of your last period for the day, and the rest of the week seeing as it was a friday. you snapped out of your daze, jolting as your eyes focused back on your surroundings.
"what time did you say again, y/n?" your eyes drifted to m.j. who was collecting her notes on her desk, her eyes meetings yours, waiting for your answer. a crease formed between your eyebrows, you hadn't heard a word of the conversation before right now. m.j. seemed to realise this, rolling her eyes at you with a playful smile. you did this a lot lately, she was getting used to it. "homecoming? what time did you want to meet tonight?"
"oh," you nodded, still sitting at your desk as your classmates hustled around you. "right, homecoming— i— uh—"
"tell me you're still coming," ned interrupted, his eyes wide suddenly, clearly desperate that your answer was anything but no. "c'mon we've had this planned for ages!"
"no— yeah— of course i am," you nodded quickly to reassure him. "yeah— sorry— i just spaced. is seven good for you guys?"
they hummed in response, nodding.
you packed up your books, shoving them into your bag, still in a slight haze with all these thoughts running through your head about peter. you couldn't think about homecoming, it seemed trivial now compared to the worst case scenarios running through your mind. maybe you could try to call peter again? you thought to yourself as you quickly left the classroom, forgetting about m.j. and ned and homecoming, your muscle memory alone leading you to your locker.
you swapped out your books from your bag with the ones you needed to study from for your biology test next week. after slamming the locker door shut, a familiar face was met with yours.
"jesus," you muttered as he stood inches away from your face, your heart racing from the shock. clutching your books to your chest, after nearly having a heart attack, you let out a loud sigh and furrowed your eyebrows. "peter? where the hell have you been?" you regained some of your composure, enough to find some anger in you towards him. he was the last person you were expecting to see today.
"you're ok?" his usual soft brown eyes looked sunken and tired, his hair was scruffier than usual and his lips chapped as they hung open, his eyes scanning over you.
your mouth hung open to speak but he just shook his head as if answering his own question. he gripped your forearm, urging you to walk with him. you dug in your heels, yanking your arm back, wanting him to slow down and explain before you went anywhere with him. "will you just walk," he muttered sharply when you tried to resist him. "please," he softened quickly, his eyes meeting yours.
you frowned, uncomfortably shifting the stack of books in your arms as peter pulled you along behind him hastily. you watched his eyes shifting about the hallway as students weaved around the two of you, his grip not loosening for a second. he was definitely up to something stupid and dangerous that he absolutely should not be involved in.
he'd dragged you all the way out into the parking lot, pulling you aside and away from the crowd of people.
"what's going on? why do you look like— i mean no offence but— you look like crap," you couldn't help but show some level of concern. no matter how complicated your feelings were for him at the moment, he was still your best friend, and he looked like hell. you couldn't stop yourself from staring at him.
"i need you to just— stop talking and listen to me," the look in his eyes made your heart beat a bit faster, your eyes darting between his trying to understand his urgency. "you're not safe—"
"no— i'm fine—" you were never very good at doing what you were told. you glanced down at yourself, perfectly safe and standing in front of him. "see?—"
"no— no you're not," he gulped, his eyes darting away from yours for a split second. "i'm taking you home and you have to stay there. ok? please."
his voice was horse, cracking when he spoke. you didn't understand any of it. peter was the friendly neighbourhood spider-man, what the hell had he gotten himself into that had him this worked up?
you tilted your head slightly, he couldn't think you'd blindly do whatever he said. you needed some answers. "pete," you mumbled, shaking your head with a faint frown. "can't you just tell me what's going on? you're kinda' scaring me."
"i screwed up," his face contorted, his eyes screwing shut for a second and his nose scrunching. you were glued to him, following his mixed expressions trying to understand what was going through his head. he took a deep, shaky breath, running a hand through his hair. "and i know you— you hate me and the last thing you wanna' do is listen to me but i need you to do this for me."
"alright," you said after a moments hesitation. you just wanted him to relax. all your pent up anger and hurt that you'd felt over peter had dissipated quite quickly. you were too occupied with trying to ease some of his stress, and if that meant becoming a homebody for a few days, you would do it. "alright— don't worry. i've been putting off my english essay for a week now anyway, it's about time i cracked down on it."
you tried to ease the tension, act like he wasn't asking much of you. he let out a heavy sigh, looking over at you with those brown eyes. "it's homecoming tonight, i know w—"
"is it?" you feigned forgetfulness, not wanting to make him feel any worse than he already did. you shrugged. "i was never one for socialising anyway."
peter knew you better than that. he knew what he was asking you to give up. "i'm sorry," he took a step closer to you, his hands hovering in front of you, unsure that you wanted him to touch you. "i'm sorry you got dragged into this."
your eyes lingered on his hands before you pulled back up to his stare. you pursed your lips and shrugged. "i'd feel better about it if i knew what i was getting dragged into," you pulled away from your conversation for a second to slip your books into your bag. "walk me home and you can explain everything."
and he did. he told you all about the vulture, the weapons, what really happened during the decathlon trip. all of it. right up to when the vulture figured out his identity— which lead to him finding out about aunt may, about his friends, and about you. he told you about how he'd spent the past few weeks figuring out where the vulture's next major deal was being held, how he'd messed up so bad and how mr stark had taken his suit.
by the time he'd finished, your mouth hung open slightly. you didn't know how he'd been dealing with all of this by himself. spider-man helped old ladies cross the street and returned stolen bicycles, he didn't fight men in bird costumes to stop illegal sales of dangerous advanced weapon tech.
"peter, this sounds pretty dangerous," you spoke up after he told you about his plan to intercept the vulture's airplane heist. "don't you think you should just call happy? or tony? this sounds like iron man territory."
"i can't do that," he sighed. "besides, i already tried happy— he's not taking my calls right now. something about a time out."
you let out a heavy sigh, having taken everything in that he'd told you. you had reached your door, peter standing behind you with his hands stuffed in his pockets. you motioned for him to come in but he hesitated, opening his mouth to decline. "c'mon," you grabbed his arm and tugged gently. "this heist isn't happening 'til late tonight. you can keep me company 'til then."
"maybe, get some rest, too, you really do look like hell," he let you pull him inside, following behind you. he ignored the second dig you had now made about his appearance.
"may must've been pretty mad when she found out you'd been skipping school?" you collapsed onto your bed, crossing your legs over and watching peter perch himself on the edge of your bed. he leaned forward, his hand running over his face with sheer exhaustion.
"you have no idea," he groaned, holding his head up with the palm of his hand now. "i'm pretty much grounded for the rest of the year. and i have to send her a pic' of me sitting in every one of my classes from now on," you nodded, pursing your lips because that sounded about right. "but mainly she was worried."
"well, she wasn't the only one," he glanced at you over his shoulder, his eyes lingering there for a while. you breathed through your nose, looking away from him and down to your hands to give yourself a moment. you'd forgotten how difficult it was to have him look at you like that. "you just took off with no word, peter."
he turned his gaze away from you, focusing on the wall in front of him, his eyes glossy. for weeks that last conversation with you had been sitting at the back of his mind. he knew he'd handled everything in the worse possible way. he tried to protect you, hurt you by doing so, and then had everything he tried to protect you from blow up in his face anyway.
"i haven't been able to think clearly for weeks," you gulped, scared to meet his gaze again, in fear that you might lose your confidence. "i missed you. and i was worried out of my mind about you."
"y/n—" his voice was quiet.
"and i know i was the one who told you to leave. but i was hurt and sad. i'd convinced myself that you felt the same way, and when you—" you closed your eyes for a second, feeling him watching you. you hadn't been able to say any of this out loud for weeks and now it was just spilling out of you. "anyway— i shouldn't've punished you for that. they are my feelings i need to get over. it wasn't your fault and i'm sorry i made it seem like it was."
he shook his head faintly, sniffling slightly, catching your attention. "i screwed up," he shook his head a little harder, pushing himself up off your bed, his back turned to you. "i screwed up so bad," he ran his hand over his face, his thumb and forefinger pinching the bridge of his nose. your eyebrows knitted. "it wasn't supposed to turn out like this."
"don't," you shook your head, willing him to stop. "it's not your fault. i shouldn't have—"
he cut you off, turning to face you as he did. "i'm in love with you," his mouth hung open slightly, his eyes now stinging red. "i was in love with you then, and i'm in love with you now. i think i always will be."
your eyebrows unknitted, your mouth opening to speak but nothing came out. you watched his hand tug on the ends of his curls, his eyes locked onto you the entire time, trying to read your expression.
"i was trying to protect you and it went completely wrong—" his breathing was erratic. "i thought you'd be safer if i distanced myself—" the look on his face was breaking your heart. he knew how stupid it all sounded now he explained it out loud. "i screwed everything up— and now you're in more danger than ever— because of me."
"you— you—" your brain was trying to keep up. you shook your head. you had spent the past month telling yourself that everything you thought he'd felt for you wasn't real, that you'd over thought everything he'd ever done for you. you'd been telling yourself for a month to move on. "you didn't screw up, pete. i know you. whatever you did, you did for the right reasons."
the lump in your throat was growing as you tried to keep some kind of composure. it wouldn't do either of you any good to get upset with him when he was worked up like this. he didn't need to be told he'd made a mistake, he was already painfully aware.
"you don't— you—but— i—" he was hyperventilating, completely vulnerable as he fell apart in front of you.
"pete," you mumbled carefully, climbing over to where he was stood, hand in his hair and he pulled on the loose curls, his eyes wide with anxiety and stress. you moved your hands to his, pulling them down to his side and giving them a small squeeze. "calm down," you cooed. "everything will be ok."
you trailed your hands up to his shoulders, giving them a soft squeeze before pulling him into a tight hug. you wrapped your arms 'round his shoulders, one hand moving to the back of his head, running your fingers through his hair. his head ducked, burying into your neck, his arms wrapping around your waist in a desperate grip. his breathing was heavy at first, uneven and jagged as he clung onto you. your heart was beating out of your chest, you were sure he could hear it, but you held onto him as tight as you could, pressing your whole body against his trying to offer him as much comfort as you could.
after a while of standing around, holding each other, peter's breathing began to grow softer and slower. he began to notice the sweet scent lingering on your skin. his lips innocently hovering over the curve of your neck, breath fanning against your skin. you could feel goosebumps growing on your skin, the hair of your arms standing on end.
"better?" you mumbled softly. he gave you a faint nod in response, his lips leaving your skin as he pulled himself back from you. your hand slipped from in between his curls and down to the neck, your thumb brushing over his skin as he looked straight into your eyes. you gulped, eyelids fluttering.
he was a state to behold. his nose was pink, under eyes wet, your eyes trailed down to where his lips parted. he hiccuped a breath. you tried to push away the impulse to kiss him because he was clearly vulnerable. you didn't want him to later regret anything. "thanks," he mumbled breathlessly. "i don't know what happened there."
you pouted your lips, about to reply when peters eyes fluttered down your face, catching you off guard. his eyes lingered and you noticed his head tilting down and nearer, his lips catching onto yours before you could register what was happening. it was soft, gentle and didn't last longer than a couple seconds before you had to force yourself to pull away.
"peter— you're overwhelmed right now so maybe we shouldn—"
your whispers against his lips where cut short, he pressed his lips to yours again. unable to resist now he'd had a taste. his arms tightened around your waist, pulling you back flush against his chest. you swallowed a gasp, feeling his full weight behind the second kiss. his lips pushed against yours a little more desperately this time, you fell back a step, peter's arms where the only thing keeping you upright at this point.
both your hands where either side of his neck, trailing up into his hair where you pulled softly at the roots of his messy curls. he let out a soft moan against your lips, and you stumbled back once more, your thighs hitting your bed.
your hands quickly slipped down to his chest as you gently pried him off you. your head was spinning a little, his lips were plump and pink and the way he looked at you, with pure love and obsession, made you want to kiss him again and again.
"did you mean it?" you muttered breathlessly.
his eyes trailed back up from your lips, his gaze locking with yours again. he noticed the vulnerability and fear in your eyes now that he was paying you his full attention. he felt a wave of guilt hit him, knowing he was the one that put that look there.
"yeah," he hummed. "i did," he said with his chest. "i do. always will," he was breathless.
"you're not just saying it 'cause you've missed me?"
he shook his head quickly, shutting down any traces of doubt in your mind. "i have been in love with you since that summer we took that trip to coney island when you threw up after you ate too much cotton candy."
your scrunched up your nose at the memory. "gross."
he shrugged. "i don't know what to tell you. that's just when i knew."
your lips twitched into a small smile. "you should probably get some rest," you diverted the topic, trying hard not to kiss him again. he looked so tired. he had poured out months worth of anxiety and stress all in the past ten minutes. "you can't chase bad guys if you're half asleep."
he wore a half-hearted smile, his mind clearly flickering back to the task he had to take on later tonight.
"you can crash here if you want," you motioned to your bed.
"y'sure? i don't wanna get you in trouble."
"mom's working late, so you're good. plus she loves you, pete," your hands slipped down to his, giving them a quick squeeze of reassurance.
"sure she'll still love me when she finds out about us?" he quirked an eyebrow, the small smile on his lips was sloped and tired.
"m'sure," you hummed, biting back your growing smile at the word us. you moved him to sit on your bed again, his hands lazily holding yours. his eyelids fluttered as he looked up at you, a small crease forming between his eyebrows again. you could tell his mind was wandering again. "lie down, you need to rest or you're no good to anyone."
he nodded hesitantly and followed your instruction. "i'll sleep better with you next to me."
his voice was soft after you'd turned your back on him to leave him to rest. you rolled your eyes faintly, smile tugging your lips again. "is that right?"
he hummed, his arms outstretched, waiting for you to fall into them. you dragged your feet back over to him, biting the inside of your cheek, the corner of your lip twitching upwards. "there's a scientific reason behind it but my brain's too sleepy to think right now, so you'll have to take my word for it."
his words slurred together, his eyes rolling slightly the longer he forced them open. you just nodded. "alright, spidey, just this once."
"hm," he hummed as you climbed in next to him, his arms wrapping around you and immediately pulling you against his chest. "thanks," he muttered, his lips pressed against the top of your head. "don't know what i'd do without you."
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Chapter 2 summary: “I don’t get it,” Peter says. “Why are you only annoying when it affects me?” and Tony just shrugs, all innocently complacent, and says, “The universe is cruel, kid, but not cruel enough to taunt me with burgers I can't eat. There's a line.”
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(In which Peter steals someone's puppy, drinks too much Redbull, and somehow accidentally reunites the Avengers.)
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