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#male reader
manjinos · 7 minutes ago
05 : jonathan joestar x top!m!reader , one-shot.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings ,, tit fucking, praise . degradation . corruption (if u squint) . manipulation (?).
note : BEEFCAKE PUPPY JONATHAN LESSGO!!!! i got lazy towards the end, but idgaf. be grateful. this is my first work in a month and a half. give me more jojo requests.
Tumblr media
teary blue eyes stared up at you; a mix of embarrassment, determination, and lust flurrying within them. it took everything you had not to just fuck him then and there, not that he'd complain anyway. lightly patting the man's cheek, you gave him a comforting smile that hid your true intentions with him. "c'mon, jonathan. you can do it." 
although your gentle tone did wonders to ease jonathan's nerves, there was still a lingering ball of anxiousness in the pit of his stomach. "but w-what if i'm no good?" his voice was just slightly above a mumble as he bit the inside of his cheek, eyes subconsciously drifting away from yours. he was so cute. you were certain you'd never get over the shyness he had anytime you asked him to do something sexual.
like a virgin each and every time.
"aw, baby," you coo, a hand lightly cupping his cheek. "you'll do perfectly fine, i know you will. you want to do your best to please me, yeah? just focus on that." that was all he needed to hear. letting go of a breath he didn't realize he had been holding, jonathan pushed himself in between your legs and close to your crotch. 
he had been so concerned with his ability to actually please you that he hadn't realized just how painfully hard your cock looked. standing at full mast, he watched how it twitched as if begging for his touch. with a quick mental chastising of himself for making you wait, jonathan pushed your throbbing length between his cleavage. 
his chest had been nicely oiled beforehand to make things easier. it was truly a sight to see: his chest glistening with your cock neatly between his pecs as he pushed them together. "i'm going to start now.." he trailed off towards the end, starting to move. the joestar started slow, not wanting to get too ahead of himself and end up displeasing you. however, his slow pace was enough to somewhat annoy you.
"faster, love. i can hardly get off like this." you sigh, your soft tone contradictory to the degrading nature of your words. a fast nod is given in response and he immediately quickens his movements. 
jonathan intently watched the way your cock disappeared and reappeared between his cleavage. it was something to marvel at for him. your low groans and huffs spurred him on, squeezing tighter around you. he looked up at you, seeking your praise like he did with anything else. "so good, angel. you're so good. i knew you'd be good at this."
a bright blush covered his cheeks, reaching his ears and even his shoulders. your praise instantly went to his dick which throbbed painfully in his pants. he whined pathetically as if trying to let you know how needy he was becoming. no matter how many times you saw it, you could never get over how his puppy-like face contrasted with his huge body. it was something that only he could pull off and you praised the heavens for being the only one to ever see this side of him. 
"you're like a natural, huggin' my cock so tight between your tits." you croon, eyes staring intensely at the man before you. the vulgarity of your words sent a shiver down his spine. it never failed to surprise him considering how sweet and honey-filled your words were any other time. overcome with embarrassment, jonathan subconsciously shook his head no. 
you raised a brow. "what d'ya mean 'no', jojo? can't you see the way you're trying so desperately to milk me?" he responded with yet another headshake, eyes squeezing shut as if to have full deniability of his actions. "it's no good to lie."the frown on your face practically dripped into your words, "good boys don't lie, but i guess you aren't one anymore. you've always been just a dumb slut for my cock, yeah? 's all you care about, right?" 
all jonathan could do was rapidly shake his head. he wanted so badly to protest, but his words were caught in his throat. and in any case, how could he properly refuse your words when he knew they were true by how his own confined length twitched and throbbed? 
"look at me and tell me how much you love my cock. you can do it, can't you, angel?" your voice softened as you made your demand. you watched his eyes flutter open, tears slipping from them as he looked up at you. "i-i love your cock! 'm nothing but a dumb slut for you, sir!" he loudly whined out, completely overcome with embarrassment. it was the first time that he had ever said something so vulgar and he didn't know how to handle it. 
"mhm, that's my boy. my good boy." you praised causing the joestar's face to light up. he lived for your praise and to do right by you; he ate up any praise you gave him.
sucking in a breath, you mumbled a small 'right, then' to yourself. "get ready, jojo." despite warning him, you gave him no time to actually prepare himself before you started to rapidly buck your hips up again and again. jonathan could only hold his chest together and let you use him. 
he knew you were close by the way your thrusts become more sloppy and desperate, your groans and panting ramping up. your cock bumped against his lips a few times before you reached your climax; cum getting all over his chest and partially on his face. 
jonathan let go of his now sore chest once you finished riding out your high. the cum on his chest and face did little to quell the embarrassment he still felt from the moments prior. a breathy laugh passed your lips as you gave a lazy smile. 
"that must've been hard on you. let's get you taken care of now, yeah?"
but little did you know, poor, sweet jonathan had already cum in his pants. well, he'd just have to worry about that when the time comes.
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simpingthrash · 57 minutes ago
Here's a little prompt request for tomorrow 💃💃💃
Number 11 on the list
Plushie SCP!Techno X male touch starved reader
(I don't know if you need more detail for this so just ask me if you do 🕺)
- 🎃
I'm not used to writing male readers but I will try my best!! I hope its good o//o, also I changed the prompt just a little
Techno had only been staying with you for a week or so but still the sexual tension between the two of you had become more and more noticeable. maybe it was because of how close he would hold you at night when he would go back to his normal form, making you wake up with your face buried in his chest (dilf titties <3) and your whole body pressed against his.
you weren't sure how, but one thing lead to another and now you are straddling the pigling's lap, only wearing boxers, being painfully hard as Techno took his sweet time pawing at you, meanwhile you were whining and whimpering for any relief
“I didn’t think you'd so sensitive." he chuckled, almost mocking you as he bucked his hips up towards you, just to hear your cute moans
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dabis-biggest-simp · an hour ago
Paring- Iida x Reader 
Request- Hi, I’m not sure if you’re still writing for iida but if you are can I get him with a gn/male reader in enemies to lovers arc where the reader rarely studies and doesn’t seem to pay attention in class or take training very seriously but nevertheless they wind up getting near-perfect scores in every class and he’s hellbent on proving that their cheating and while he’s looking for evidence of their supposed cheating he finds out they have a crush on him,
A/N- ok so I normally only write for dabi, but I like this plot- so here 
Warnings- literally not angst- just a lot of cute fighting. enemies to lovers ig? actually a little bit of angst. and also ends on a somewhat ambiguous ending? idk you'll see 
Words- 1458 
There they were. Leaning back on their chair, feet on their desk, being as loud as humanly possible.
Y/N infuriated Iida. They were everything Iida wasn’t. Loud, lazy, laid back, doesn't pay attention. Except for one thing. Y/N was almost at the top of their class. Just like Iida.
Y/N was the most laid-back person in the class. Never studying, constantly goofing off, partying, never paying attention. It would never add up. Y/N would do the bare minimum in class, getting 100%’s meanwhile when Iida did hours of studying to get the same thing. 
Before every major exam, Y/N would be in the dorms common room, watching a movie, eating snacks, on their phone, while Iida was cramming everything he learned in the past here. 
Y/N was constantly getting A after A, and Iida couldn’t find one solid explanation for it.
So there Y/N was, in the classroom, having no regard for anyone but themselves, while Iida watched. 
Iida and Y/N sat next to each other, courtesy of Aizawa-Sensei and his seating arrangement. But it wasn't all bad being next to a lazy bum. Iida could watch and study their actions to see how they would do it. 
Everyone knew Iida was a hard worker. It was in his blood. But seeing Y/N’s annoyingly attractive faces constantly on their phone and doing just as good as anyone else made his blood boil. 
It wasn't fair. He would spend hours on one subject, while Y/N would just magically know what the answers were. 
Y/N had to be doing something...something different than them...
Lightbulb. Y/Ns cheating...that's exactly what they were doing...cheating! That was the only explanation for it! Never studying but getting the right answers! It was the only thing that made logical sense. 
At this point, the bell had rung and Aizawa came in to teach the class. When he did come in, he saw a very smug Iida, which confused him. The boy never had a look of malice or satisfaction on his face, yet here he was, smirking ever so slightly. 
Over 7 days, Iida took close watch on Y/N. Following them around at lunch, paring up with them for work, training with them, and with all of this, Iida couldn't find one single shred of evidence that they were cheating. 
It was infuriating the poor man. 
“Izuku I promise you. They are cheating somehow! It's the only thing that makes sense!” Iida said promptly to the green-haired boy. 
“Well, I don't know Iida...I mean- you've been following them a lot...and you still can't find anything that supports what your thinking...” The boy said in a worried and anxious tone. He had never seen Iida so worked up over something. It was scary.
Almost on cue, Y/N walked in with their food, sitting down next to them and starting to eat. 
Y/N didn't normally sit by them but after being borderline stalked, they wanted to catch Iida off guard. 
“So, Iida,” Y/N said while taking a bite of their meal. “What's the deal with you?” 
Iida sat there, looking around to the Deku squad, confused as to why Y/N was there before he locked eyes with Y/N. He had never really had the chance to look Y/N in the eyes, so seeing the person so close made something in Iida's sture. 
The short-lived butterflies exasperated almost a second after. “Pardon me?” He said as he was obviously offended. 
“I mean- you're constantly following me, watching me, paring up with me. I mean- it's kinda creepy-” They paused. “Don't you have something better to do than to watch me do my thing? Like I don't know- studying or something?” 
While Y/N spoke, Iida sat there, dumbfounded at his classmate's words. He couldn't believe it. They were telling Him to study??? The boy had patients but this was pushing the envelope.  
Iida scoffed, putting his hand to his head as he was doing his best to keep himself composed. “Me. I have to study.” He scoffed once more, moving his hand off his face, looking Y/N in the eyes once again. “You don't have any regard for studying. You're so Lazy and Unmotivated. While people are busting their Asses trying to get a set that might as well have been Handed to you. You have No idea how hard some of us work. And how Hard it is to keep it up.” 
Y/N listened to the man's words, now feeling a bad feeling stur in their stomach. Lazy? Unmotivated? What did he know? And this seat was not handed to them. They went through hell and back to get there.
Iida continued. “Now- don't get me wrong. I LOVE doing work! It's the pinical part of how everything goes. But you- you brake that cycle. You're constantly goofing off- never paying attention.” He paused. “I know your cheating (L/N). And I will catch you.”  
Y/N couldn't believe it. Iida. Their Idol. Calling them lazy. It hurt. It did hurt. Y/N stood up, looking down at the sitting Iida. “Iida. You know Nothing. Mind your own business. And fucking. Study.” With that, Y/N walked off, leaving the group to look at Iida. 
None of them had seen the calm and smart boy like that. It was unnerving. And scary. 
Ururaka glanced at Y/N and back at Iida. “Iida...I don't think they're cheating...” 
“I- Come on Uraraka-Kun- You can't be serious??? It's the only explanation!” 
“Well,” The boy with peppermint-colored hair said. “It's not actually the only possible reason.” All eyes were now on Todoroki. “I overhead Y/N talking with Kamanari about their learning disabilities. Y/N was talking about Their ADHD. So no Iida. It's not the “Only explanation” “ 
Iida sat there blinking. Everything started to snap into place now. How could he have missed it? It was right in front of him. 
Daydreaming. Looking withdrawn. Verbal aggression. 
Iida clenched his fists, imminently feeling bad for lashing out at poor Y/N. How could he do that to such a caring, nice, Beutifull person...
The boy abruptly stood up, and without a word, started walking in the direction that Y/N went. 
Y/N had gone to the staircase by the back of the school. No one had classes there and it was a perfect spot to sit and wallow in self-pity, which so happened to be Y/N’s specialty.  
It took Iida some time to find the now emotionally drained Y/N. But that time was enough for them to keep hearing the words over and over again 
A nuance
Y/N already didn't have that much confidence in their learning abilities, but hearing the class nerd call them names that they already thought they were, just made their motivation to learn drop. It wasn't Their fault they learned differently. 
Iida walked to the sitting Y/N, his fists clenched. He could tell that Y/N was internalizing what he said. 
Y/N was sitting against the stairs, knees to their chest and arms around their knees, head down. 
His eyes were downcast, looking at his poor classmate who had just endured slander for something they can't control. His heart was pounding as the immense regret surged through him like a disease. 
Ironically enough, Y/N was the first to speak. "What do you want. Didn't you say enough "Mr. Perfect" " 
Iida sighed. "...I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by your reaction..." He paused. "Y/N- I didn't know..." 
Y/N scoffed looking up. "Why would anybody know? I keep it to myself for a reason. But turns out either way people think something off with me." 
Y/N stood up, their eyebrows furrowed and fists clenched. "Oh, but what do you care. I'm just a lazy unmotivated kid who had everything handed to them" 
Iida stood there, looking down, and letting the other talk. It was the least he could do for practically embarrassing them in front of his friends. 
"Iida. Next time you think of something, I recommend doing some background research." 
A/N- Hi guys. Just a reminder, Having things like ADHD and ODD, or any other learning disability, doesn't mean you can't learn and don't listen to those who say that.   
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The Bad Influence’s Birthday (Spencer Reid x Masc!Reader)
Summary: After hearing some unsavoury rumours about his darling daughter, Spencer decides to do something about it.
AN: Happy Father’s Day tomorrow! This can be read as a continuation of Seahorse (SFW version) (NSFT version) or as a oneshot. The reader uses he/him pronouns.
Tumblr media
A wave of rapture swept through the children as Spencer began pulling out the handkerchiefs from behind Savannah’s ear. Savannah gasped dramatically and Hank in her lap flapped his hands to grab at the knotted fabric, managing to touch the last sunny yellow one. His face when Spencer handed it back to him, it was swiftly captured on Penelope’s phone as was Hank stuffing the handkerchief between his gums.
“Thank you for your participation!”
Katia was on her feet and clapping wildly as she trotted over to her dad. Her arms slipped under his cloak to hug his waist, her cheek creased with a grin pressed into his belly.
“Thank you Daddy! Thank you thank you thank you!” She squealed, trying to bounce whilst keeping her grip tight on Spencer.
“You’re welcome.”
More kids swarmed on him to say thanks, but just in time, his husband spoke up:
“Why don’t you kids grab a few more bounces on the castle while we prepare your lunch!”
A sudden stampede of trainers and once crisply ironed party outfits rushed past Y/N. His arms shot up perpendicular to his body, above the children’s rushing heads. Y/N sauntered over to Spencer, snatching off his pointy wizard hat and tousling his hair. His fingers stayed there a while longer. Just long enough for Y/N to get a grip on it and pull Spencer over for a kiss.
“Nice job, honey.”
Spencer beamed, adjusting his wizard’s cloak, “Glad you thought so.”
The couple sauntered over to their house’s edge, a table set up with jugs of juice for the children adjacent to the open French windows. That didn’t stop Spencer from taking one for himself.
He spared some glances at the other parents around. “Is she here?”
“Hmm?” Y/N raised his eyebrows, his eyes wide with confusion. Then his expression cleared, “Oh, yes. To your right.”
Not so subtle was his look in that direction as he took a sip from a disposable plastic cup. “There’s three of them.”
Y/N pretended to examine the rainbow stars around the rim of Spencer’s drink, “She’s the one in the navy-blue shirt.”
Ah yes. Melinda.
Before Y/N could intervene – or join him – Spencer strode across the lawn, his juice forgotten. He landed next to this woman without a smile.
“Hi, can I get you anything else to drink?”
“No, I’m fine thank you,” She replied, her folded arms constricting around her front. “It’s a wonderful party.”
Spencer’s tone was just as forced as hers, “Thank you. Pulling out the stops, she’s only going to turn seven once.”
His attention followed Melinda’s eyeline to the bouncy castle. Katia wasn’t hard to miss. Her bright turquoise and purple frock blurred as she threw herself herself back and forth between the walls and shrieked with laughter above all the other children.
“And Lukas is enjoying himself too, it seems,” Spencer indicated to Melinda’s child who was following by Katia’s example.
Just then, the man Melinda had arrived with rocked up beside him with a heavy clap on the shoulder. “Katie has quite a hold on our lad!”
Spencer’s shoulder rolled out of his grip, “They are best friends. Katia talks about him a lot; she was so excited when you confirmed yesterday. We’ll have to set up a play date-”
“Oh Lukas! Come off of there, sweetie!” Melinda looked despairingly at Spencer, “Can you get your husband to stop that?”
It was then that Spencer took in what Y/N was doing in the middle of the bouncy castle. Surrounded by children, he seat-dropped right beside them, launching them up into the air only to land on their backs. Cries of “again, again!” demanded to be satisfied and Y/N was working hard to keep them happy. Spencer smiled fondly at them.
“It’s alright, he knows what he’s doing. And we have crash mats.” He pointed to where all the shoes were scattered in haste of adrenaline. “It’s nearly time for the birthday banquet anyway.”
His pointy cap was donned once more as he headed off to attend to his birthday duties.
Y/N whipped off the star sprinkled sheet off the table and the children applauded at the sight of food, scrambling to get a seat near the birthday girl. The seats beside her throne (curtesy of Uncle Dave) were already promised Lucas and her other best friend Dominque.
While the kids were feasting, Spencer saw Derek taking the opportunity to bounce Hank on the very edge of the bouncy castle. The little man’s legs kicked and jerked above the inflated vinyl as he squealed in his dad’s safe grip.
Each plate was filled with only the finest of party foods. Sweets and treats were permitted before the sandwiches in this topsy turvy feast, with carrots dipped in hummus eaten between salted crisps. Katia’s mismatched socks sitting in odd sneakers swung back and forth as she crunched down. A few times, she forgot to swallow her food before shouting across the table to her guests. Ah well. It was her birthday. Spencer was too busy passing bowls to kids who couldn’t reach their favourite foods.
Y/N pinched Katia’s cheek and offered Lukas a napkin before grabbing one of the platters to offer to the parents. Coincidently Melinda declined while her partner took two.
“You were bouncing the kids on the castle deliberately, weren’t you?” Spencer whispered to Y/N as they topped up the drink jugs.
“I have no idea what you’re on about.”
The smirk on their lips said otherwise.
Penelope was the one to bring out the cake, the frosting’s colours matching Katia’s dress – which was actually Penelope’s birthday gift. She leapt into song the second she stepped outside and demanded a reprise for more photos to be taken of her goddaughter blowing out the candles from Spencer’s lap. It took two big puffs and Spencer pretending to smash her face into it before the candles were simply smoking.
“Daddy, do you want some cake?” Katia held up a forkful to his nose.
“Yes please,” and Spencer opened his mouth wide, “Ahhh!”
Somehow, Katia still missed. Crumbs and icing smeared in the corners of his mouth and caught in his stubble. Spencer cringed a little at the mess, but it faded at the uproar of laughter from his baby.
“Thank you, Katia,” He said slowly, accepting the napkin she offered him as an apology.
Katia then shared a dab of icing with Hank, Savannah saying a delighted thank you on her son’s behalf while Hank himself beamed at the sugar rush. It was over this interaction that Spencer caught sight of Melinda and her man. They were acting as though they hadn’t been staring at him and his bad influence. Without a second thought to them, he kissed Katia on the cheek then he caught Y/N on the arm as they were handing out cake. He kissed his cheek too. Katia smeared some cake down Y/N’s sleeve with chocolate blocking out some of the teeth that weren’t already missing.
God only knows how he was going to top Katia’s next birthday party.
Spencer Reid Tag List: @averyhotchner​ and @spenxerslut​
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yn-for-president · 2 hours ago
(Y/n): What parent trope do you have?
Eren: What?
(Y/n): Ya know: Abusive,neglectful,loving single parent, parents are dead or going to die?
(Y/n): It’s dead isn’t it? You seem like a dead parents kind of guy-
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x-reader-theater · 2 hours ago
you said you needed some ideas so i hope you won't mind me bothering you just a bit haha. I'd really like to see some more rossi x son reader if you'd be up to that. Could be fluff or angst with happy ending, etc. I believe you said you were running out of ideas so maybe these tiny ideas could help?
- reader gets kidnapped by an old unsub looking for revenge on rossi and the team and ends up severely hurt
-hostage situation at a bank or somewhere and unsub(s) taunt the BAU by toying with reader and other hostages
i believe you had Spencer and the reader together on some, so you could even add that for extra feels lol. I have more ideas but i don't want to be...too bothersome.
Literally you could never be bothersome sending in asks. I looooove getting them and they help me so much! Edited by @mystic-writes
I'm not making this a part three to my Spencer x Rossi's!Son reader because I want that to be full of fluff and love and marriage and shit. This is a platonic story between Rossi and his Son.
Tumblr media
Gif by @tobias-hankel
You sigh as you tap your foot, waiting in line to talk to the clerk. The bank had been withdrawing $25 from your bank account every month citing "Overdraft Fees," but you haven't overdrafted your account since *highschool.* When you're almost there, you realize something is really wrong. The clerk talking to the hooded man looks *terrified.*
You take out your phone and open the camera, making sure to get the clerk's face in it. When you take the picture however, you realize your sound is on, and your phone makes a very loud *CLICK*.
The man turns around and smacks you across the face, sending you flying to the floor. You manage to send the photo to your dad before the phone is crushed underfoot.
"Get over there!" the man screams, pointing a gun at you.
Your eyes widen and you scramble over to the group of people in the corner.
"It's okay. It's going to be okay," you whisper to the mother with three children next to her on the floor.
"Stop talking!" the man shouts, hitting himself with his fists on her arms.
"I know you don't want to hurt anyone!" you shout back.
"No! No! I don't want to hurt you!"
"I know! But, you have three terrified children here who are going to be hurt if you keep them here," you explain calmly. "Please, let them and their mother go."
The man nods to himself, whispering, before nodding more vigorously. "Okay. Go. You," he points his gun at you. "You stay."
You nod, helping the children up, and the woman and her three kids all slowly walk towards the exit and leave. There's shouting and crying outside, but all you can do is stare at the man. He stares back at you, and you think you can see regret in his eyes.
"You never wanted to do this, did you?" you ask him. He shakes his head and you get up. He points the gun at you, frightened, but you put your hands up. "You don't want to hurt anyone. You're just desperate. You need the money and you think this is the only way for you to survive."
"Yeah. Yeah!" he exclaims.
"I can help you. But, you need to give me the gun. No one needs to get hurt." you put your hand out, and the man looks at it, grimacing with closed lips, before slowly handing it out to you. You close around the grip of the gun, your fingers over his, and you smile, taking it from him. "Thank you. What's your name?"
"Uh, Jesias," he says, scratching his inner elbows. He's a junkie.
You nod and smile. "Can you put your hands behind your back, Jesias? I'm not going to hurt you, I just need to know you won't hurt me."
He nods and does as asked. You put one of your hands over his, and lead him past the terrified groups of people, and out the front door.
"Freeze! Put your hands up!" you hear the cops yell.
"Stand down! That's my son!" You hear a familiar voice say. You grin when you see your dad rushing towards you.
Some cops come over and take the man away from you, as well as the gun, and you throw your arms around your father's neck. "Dad!" you exclaim, hugging him close.
"Oh, Mi Babino. Are you alright?" he asks, pulling away with his hands on your arms, looking you up and down. You nod. "That was very reckless."
You shrug. "I learned from the best," you say with a wink.
He just sighs and hugs you again.
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autumntete · 3 hours ago
needy for you | kim taehyung
Tumblr media
pairing: kim taehyung x male!reader
summary: you're feeling needy but your boyfriend's a ridiculous tease
word count: 6.5k
a/n: hi! so this is my first piece of writing on this blog! i've never written for bts before so this is vv new to me hehe. i'm open to any constructive criticism or feedback in general! i'd love to know what you thought ^-^ also feel free to request! i may not write all of them but any inspo is always fun :)) i noticed there was a severe lack of male!reader fanfics in the community so decided to write some of my own! but i'm also open to writing female readers <3 hope u enjoy!
warnings: explicit smut (18+), unprotected sex, dom!top!taehyung, tae’s older than reader, lingerie, sexting, degradation, humiliation, slut/whore usage, hyung kink (+ overuse of it), mentions of exhibitionism, mentions of orgies, size kink, big dick!tae, small dick!reader (+ specific humiliation abt it), multiple orgasms, overstimulation, creampie, lil bit of fluff at the very end
Let's be real; Kim Taehyung was hot.
Many describe him as the type of man people fall to their knees for, a statement you definitely wouldn't contest. The sharp curve of his jawline, the fluttering of dark lashes hung over playful eyes. Whether it be his ability to charm anyone in bending over backwards to please him or using that charm to get them bent over in general, it was clear that Taehyung could truly get anyone and anything he wanted – and usually did.
And you were no exception. A teasing touch here, a wink there, and you were already inches away from putting your shame aside and asking him to just use you already. Of course, that would get you nowhere. Your boyfriend was an insane tease and outright asking for it would guarantee a night of sweating, edging, and screaming until your voice was hoarse. No, in order to get what you want, a far more calculated approach was needed.
Which is why you found yourself spread out on his lavish silk bedspread at 9pm on a Friday night. A powder pink two-piece clung to your skin, faintly outlining the delicate curve of your needy cock in the tight lace. Your phone laid next to you, carelessly flung after your intense photo session.
Tae had been so busy recently, hardly having any time to show his baby boy a good time. It really wasn't fair. Every time you attempted to seduce him, the answer would be the same. I'm too busy, I'm too tired. Although you knew how hard he worked and how demanding being an idol was, there was only so long you could go without some kind of release. You'd been so good for so long and had nothing to show for it. You missed the heavy feeling of him on top of you, the grip of his hands digging into your thighs as he spread your legs for him – the teasing slide of his tongue up your cock. Not being able to touch him was driving you crazy and nothing you did satiated the urge.
And so, you took matters into your own hands.
Donning your favourite set of lingerie (one he bought for your birthday), you'd arranged your phone camera and got on your hands and knees on his bed. You'd posed and preened for the camera, ensuring all your best angles were captured and that your desperation could be felt potently through the lens. Bending over for the camera and even going as far as straddling one of the many pillows on his bed, mouth open in ecstasy. After you'd finished, you'd picked up the phone and taken some more... up close shots. One of your hands teasingly trailing up your bare thigh. Another of lips wrapped around your own fingers, the pink flesh shining with saliva. And lastly, a picture of your hand clutching the tight fabric of the blush pink panties, the red tip of your dick just visible above the seam. You sent them with no warning, no accompanying text – nothing to spoil the surprise. After sending them, the response was almost immediate.
taetae <3: Don't you dare move.
And so you didn't. You took your position on the bed, legs spread and arms above your head, your heart pounding in your ears as you waited. And waited. Small tremors coursed through your body in anticipation of what was coming; hopefully in an hour or so, you.
The hope was that Taehyung would be so turned on, so sexually frustrated, that he would have no choice but to take you then and there. Just bend you over and fuck you. No teasing, no taunting, just hard, raw, animal sex. At least, that was the hope.
You closed your eyes in concentration, forcing yourself to stay still and ignore the throbbing of your cock against the scratchy lace. The longer you laid there, the more uncomfortable you became. Taehyung was taking far too long. Over an hour had passed since your riské texts and you were beginning to think you'd made a mistake. What if he planned to leave you here the entire night, pathetically waiting for pleasure that would never come? The thought made you groan, praying to whoever the hell is up there to please get Taehyung here now.
Just as you were debating whether this was really worth it, a distant clunk reached your ears. A door opening. The front door. You felt your entire body seize, cock bobbing excitedly in your panties. Just from a door opening. Pathetic, you thought to yourself, scrunching your eyes tightly closed. You strained your ears, listening to each and every move Taehyung made as he entered the apartment. The rustle of a coat being shed, a few footsteps. A sigh. More footsteps, closer this time. And then, the bedroom door handle was slowly pushed down. An eternity seemed to pass as the door was slowly pushed ajar.
You gulped.
He didn't look happy. His face was completely neutral, but the telltale sign of his lips pressed together gave away his distaste as he stood tall in the doorway. In his suit, he looked incredibly intimidating, his long legs seeming to go on forever while his hands rested gracefully on his hips. He stared at you intently. This was humiliating. A flush rose to your cheeks as you studied your positions. Legs spread in front of him, completely on display as he remained fully clothed. You questioned whether you should speak, but you knew better. Slowly, his hands moved from his hips to the tie around his neck, loosening it as he spoke, his low voice rumbling around you.
"So, would you like to explain what the fuck that was?"
The harsh words were a shock to your system, your stomach clenching as his deep voice went straight to your dick. Silence.
"Really? Nothing to say?" A humourless laugh left his lips like more of a huff, advancing steadily towards you on the bed. "Let me ask you a question," he began, turning to the side while giving you a lovely view of his flawless side profile. "Did I not say that I was going to be busy today?"
You mouth fell open, but no words came out. An impatient sigh was heard.
"I couldn't hear you. Let me re-word. Did you disobey me by bothering me while I was at work?"
Well fuck. At this point you really couldn't tell where this was going to go.
"Um... yes,"
"Yes what?" He asked, turning back to you now only in a shirt and slacks, already working on the first few buttons of the shirt.
"Yes, I disobeyed you... hyung."
A noise of approval left him and one knee came to rest on the bed as he kneeled, now looking you directly in the eyes. You could never get used to how intense his eye contact was. He could see right through you. You shivered.
"I see. That's such a shame baby," he started. "You dressed up so pretty for me, hm?"
You felt yourself preen at the praise, your hips bucking up and arms sliding down from their position above your head, a dull pain from the little movement suddenly piercing you. "Yes hyungie, love dressing up pretty for you..." you said, nothing but a whisper in the room.
"Mm, but you were bad, weren't you? Texting me those naughty pictures at work, looking like a little whore spread out on this bed... I really ought to punish you."
A whine left your lips.
"Oh, you don't like that? Were you really expecting me to come home and give you everything you want when you were so naughty today? Completely disobeying my orders, dressing up and sending me photos like a little slut." Well fuck, this is happening. "That's what you are, hm? A little slut for me."
You bit your lip, nodding and attempting to hide your face in the covers beside you.
"Nuh-uh, sluts don't hide their faces, baby boy. If you were bold enough to send hyung those pictures and spread yourself out for him like this, then you're bold enough to look me in the eyes and tell me exactly what you want."
Taehyung reached forward and took hold of your chin, his smooth hand tilting it up. He also grabbed both of your wrists tightly in his other hand, pulling them up to their original position, your shoulder muscles burning under the familiar pressure. "Go on."
You took a deep breath in. "Want... want you to..." you mumbled, cheeks burning. You could feel him all around you.
"Speak louder, I can't hear you."
"Want you to fuck me hyung..."
Taehyung hummed and invaded your space even further. "Really baby? God, that's so pathetic. Were you that desperate for my cock? That needy for my big cock to fill you up?" For extra effect, he pressed the growing bulge in his slacks against the coarse lace of your panties.
Just the idea of what he said made you let out an accidental moan, the friction against your weeping cock feeling like utter heaven. That's exactly what you wanted. To feel the heavy weight of him inside you, every ridge as he slides in and out of your aching hole. You want him to tell you what a slut you are for taking his dick so easily. You want all of it. So you tell him.
"Yes hyung, I want it so so badly, please fill me up. Please, please, need your fat cock inside me-" you start to blurt out incoherently, watching as his lips turn up into a proud smirk. He pushed his hips harder into your own, shameless whines leaving your lips while you bucked against him. You could feel the hard outline of his cock in his slacks, the fabric straining from the sheer size of him. You felt dizzy as his dick slid against your own, the size difference even obvious through the thick clothing.
"Do you feel that, baby boy?" Taehyung whispered in your ear, pressing a chaste kiss to the skin just below. "Feel how hard my cock is because of that dirty stunt you pulled? God, imagine how it would feel inside that tight little ass of yours. You're always so tight for me baby, hm?"
You sobbed as you ground yourself against him. "Please hyungie please, need it so bad..."
The feeling of Tae detaching himself from your body and standing up shocked you from your lust filled daze. Your eyes followed him in confusion, but soon relaxed as he began unbuttoning his shirt fully before shucking it onto the floor. You admired your now shirtless boyfriend. Those early mornings at the gym with Namjoon and Jungkook were really paying off and you felt the urge to just... lick at his chest, all buffed from his workout earlier. Shaking yourself out of your daydream, you looked back up at him to see that he was staring straight at you.
"As much as I would love to give you what you want... you were really naughty today." He spoke, biting his lip as he slowly massaged the aching erection in his pants. You felt your hopes of a good fuck and a quick orgasm dissipate immediately. "You don't deserve my cock, do you?"
You jolted. "No no no, I do hyungie," you whimpered, writhing on the bed. "I've been so good all week hyung-"
"That doesn't matter. You disobeyed and that deserves a punishment. So, what should it be? Let's think." He began to circle around you, walking leisurely around the bed. "Spankings? Too vanilla. Cock cage? Eh. Ooh, I could shove a vibrator in you and make you cum 'til you cry?" He said, chuckling to himself. You whined in protest. "Maybe not..." He hummed, stroking his chin in mock thought. "Ah... how about-" he said as he began to approach you. He grabbed your head in both hands and looked down at you menacingly. "-I just fuck this pretty little face of yours. Think that'll teach you a lesson, huh baby boy?"
Punishment? More like the best kind of reward.
You nodded your head eagerly, already attempting to smoosh your face into his crotch, moaning at the solid contour of his cock against you. Before he could properly react, you wasted no time in attaching your lips to the tip of his cock over the fabric of his slacks. Taehyung took a sharp inhale of breath but he didn't stop you, allowing you to lick all over where his dick was in his pants. Finally being able to feel it (even if it was through his clothing) makes your head go fuzzy, bringing your hands up to try and undo the buttons.
A sharp sting on the back of your hand stopped you in your tracks.
You looked up, pouting at your boyfriend. "Aw, did I spoil your fun?" He cooed down at you, carding his fingers through your hair gently. "Too bad." A tug on your hair forces a whimper from you. "You won't be getting anywhere near my cock unless you beg for it properly."
A chill went down your spine from his words, the idea of begging for your boyfriend's cock making your own jump in your panties. Taehyung smirked down at you, raising an eyebrow. "Get to it, baby boy."
Biting your lip, you stuttered out a quiet plea. "Hyung... please,"
"Please what? Be specific, slut."
You winced. "Please... please let- let me suck your cock." You sniffle. "Need it so bad hyung, wanna feel you in my mouth... Want to taste you." A groan leaves Taehyung's mouth, tightening his grip on your hair.
"Yeah? God, look at you... On your knees, begging for my cock like a little fucking whore. Truly pathetic, hm?" He shoves your face into his clothed crotch, biting his lip as his eyes roll back. "I wonder how people would react seeing you like this,"
You moaned against his groin at the thought. Fuck, that's hot.
"Mm, you like that, huh? Yeah, the boys had a nice look at those photos you sent me..." Oh my god. "Serves you right for being such a whore. Definitely seemed like they enjoyed seeing you bent over like that. Jimin had to hide his boner for the rest of practice." He chuckled, slowly grinding his hips into your face, the cold metal of his zipper sliding down your skin causing a shiver to run through you. "Bet you wanted them to see. Didn't you? Did you want all the boys to see you desperate, begging for cock through a fucking camera? What would they think if they saw you now, baby boy? You want them to watch? Fuck, that would be hot. All the boys watching me fuck your tiny little throat. Maybe I'd let them take turns in your pretty hole, I've seen the way you stare at Jungkook after his workouts." He chuckled darkly at the moans coming from your throat, muffled by the material of his pants.
"Hyung pleasee," you moaned, grinding your aching cock down onto the bed as you processed his words. "Please let me." You reach back up to his button.
You were finally allowed access. Tae stood back and watched you as you eagerly undid his button and quickly unzipped his pants, pulling them down the thick muscle of his legs. You were almost sure you were drooling as you looked at your boyfriend's dick in his boxers, the huge bulge almost taunting you as you nuzzled against it. You began to press small kisses against his cloth-covered cock, licking and sucking every now and again. This drew deep sighs from above you, encouraging you to continue.
"Baby boy?"
"Suck hyung's cock."
Immediately, you pulled down the boxers that separated you and his dick, nearly getting hit in the face as his cock bounced up and hit above his belly button. You'd never get tired of how big he was. He was already fully hard and leaking at his red, pulsing tip. Your eyes grew hazy as you reached out and wrapped your fingers around the base of his dick. Your fingers could only just close around it. It made you feel so small, the scale of his dick compared to your small hands making you feel even hotter all over.
Taehyung grunted as you slowly began to pump his cock, hand sliding against the smooth, tight skin with ease, your thumb circling the tip and spreading pre-cum around it. You could feel Taehyung getting impatient while you continued pumping, his hands that were still on your head beginning to push you towards his cock. "Suck."
So you did. You leaned forward, feeling the heat radiating off his dick. Then, you wrapped your lips around his bulbous tip, moaning in ecstasy as you sank down onto him. The heavy feeling of him finally against your tongue made you feel like you were in heaven, wanting to feel even more of him – as much as he would give you. Your mouth was already stretched uncomfortably around his cock, the slightly salty taste engulfing your mouth and you weren't even halfway down. You swallowed carefully around it, praying to yourself not to gag as you attempt to take him further. Taehyung exhaled with a sigh above you, his hands pushing you even further onto his cock, resulting in a muffled whimper from you before you completely pulled away to stop yourself from choking.
Taehyung clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Tch, what's wrong? Is my cock too big for your pretty little mouth?" You nodded pitifully, tears beginning to form in your eyes as you avoided his gaze. "Aw, poor baby. Acting like a little slut but can't even suck cock properly. God, you're so pathetic. Can't take hyung's big, fat cock, huh? Need hyung's help to take it?"
Again you nodded, looking up at him with sparkling eyes. "Yes hyung, your cock's too big," you whimpered, cheeks flaring in embarrassment as you rested your cheek against his thigh. "Please help me hyungie.."
Before you knew it, you were back on Tae's cock, your throat being stretched to the limit as he forced his thick cock down, controlling your head with both of his hands. Each time he pushed you further down, a muted groan would escape his lips, giving you the encouragement you needed not to pull away. You looked up at him with teary eyes as you swallowed around his dick, forcing a loud whine from him. He slowly stroked your hair, eyes softening.
"God, you look amazing like this. Stretched around my cock. This is what you were made for. Fucking destined to suck my cock like this," he said, biting the inside of his cheek as he pushed you down even further. A gasp was pulled from him as you reached up and started to caress his balls, rolling them in your hand and moaning. "Fuck angel-" Taehyung took a deep breath before pushing you fully down onto his cock. You were now strained around the base of his dick, your nose tickled by the neatly trimmed hair around it. "Taking hyung's cock so well, hm?" You attempted to answer but all that came out was a gurgled hum which made Taehyung chuckle.
Slowly, he began to shallowly thrust into your mouth, holding your head still as he moved his hips up. Steeling yourself, you looked back up at him and god, he was a sight. His mouth fell open, eyes rolling back while he bucked up into you, low groans escaping him as well as the occasionally cuss. He was ethereal. "Fuck baby boy, look at you. You- ahhh- you love my cock, don't you? Yeah you fucking love taking it down your throat, letting hyung fuck your pretty mouth, you little whore, oh my god-" he rambled, eyes closing while his hips fucked faster into your heat. You whined around his dick, grinding your own into the bed to get some sort of release – your panties were getting pretty uncomfortable at this point. You felt the tip of his dick ram into the back of your throat, choking around him. He didn't let up, continuing to thrust into you as he got closer and closer to his orgasm.
You closed your eyes, tears you hadn't even realised were there beginning to slide down your cheeks. You throat was raw, your lips aching from being stretched around his thick length; god, you fucking loved it. You could tell Taehyung was close to coming from the way his moans were starting to pitch as he slammed his hips up into your mouth. His hands began to push your head down to meet his cock, forcing you to gag on his dick due to the pressure. "Ah shit-"
You felt his hips suddenly stop their movements and you were quickly pulled off his cock, whining up at him. He smirked, sweat making it's way down his body as he held the base of his cock tightly to stop himself from coming. "What? Did you want hyung's cum in your mouth that bad?"
"Duh," you pouted, crossing your arms across your chest.
"Uh-uh angel, don't be a brat now. Or I suppose, I could cum in your mouth if you want. I guess you don't want me to fuck your pretty little ass..."
You whimpered, taking one of his hands and pulling it to your mouth, pressing desperate kisses to his skin. "No no, I really need you hyung. Need to feel you so bad..."
He hummed mockingly. "Tch, you need me? What's wrong with your hands, baby boy? Can't get yourself off?" You blushed deeply, looking down at your abdomen and seeing the pitiful sight of your hard cock in your panties. They were nearly completely soaked in your own pre-cum and sweat, adding to your humiliation under his gaze. "Answer me, slut. Do you need hyung to help your little cock cum?"
"Y- yes hyung, I can't... I can't cum without you." You entire face blazed as you spoke, your hand snaking down to massage your own cock in your panties, his comment about it making your length ache even more. Yes, it was true. Compared to Taehyung's ridiculously huge dick, yours would be considered quite small. Quite small being... barely a quarter of Taehyung's length; that was when it was hard. It didn't actually bother you, you had no complaints about your dick size. But there was just something about hearing him humiliate you because of how small your cock is, hearing him call it tiny and useless, him comparing his dick to your own – that made you completely lose control. You hated that it turned you on but you honestly couldn't help it. You couldn't get enough of being made to feel small and helpless.
"Aw don't worry baby, hyung will take care of you. Gonna make you and your precious little cock feel good, yeah?"
A moan ripped from your throat, far louder than any previously. A grin rose to Taehyung's face as he pushed you back down onto the bed before climbing on top of you. He reached down to the sweaty lingerie that clung to your body, first focussing on the lace bralette. "You look like such a whore in this, baby boy. That was your plan, right? Put this on and take photos to seduce me into fucking you..." He fingered the delicate lace, pulling it from your skin just to let it go, the snap on your chest making you wince. He leaned down to you, pressing wet kisses to the parts of your exposed chest, sucking here and there before hovering over you to admire his work.
"Fuck... you look so gorgeous when I mark you. Want everyone to know you're mine, yeah? Want everyone to know who gets to fuck your pretty little hole, who owns your tiny cock," he said breathlessly, eyes blown with lust. You bit your lip, unconsciously grinding up into him, bucking your covered erection into his bare one, moaning at the contact.
"Hyungie please fuck me. Please, I need it so bad, just stretch me already-" you cried, nearly sobbing as you wrap your arms around his neck. He cooed at your pleading, hissing as you grinded the lace against his dick.
"Well, since you begged so prettily..." His hands snaked behind you and unclipped the bralette, peeling it off your body to reveal your chest fully. Immediately, Taehyung attacked your left nipple, sucking and licking and relishing in the whines that left your mouth. Once he'd finished, he made sure to give the same attention to the right. You could tell he was trying to rile you up. And goddamn, it was working.
Taehyung smiled teasingly as you wiggled on the bed, pouting at him to hurry the fuck up. Then, he slowly started to drag his large hands down your body, the slide of him against you shooting goosebumps all over your body. His fingers played with the hem of your panties while he placed messy kisses to your navel. You tangled your hands in his mop of dark curls, pulling his hair lightly in protest. "Please don't tease..."
"Hmmm, but you're always such a tease to me, angel," he muttered before sliding his hands around to your rear, slipping in through the top and tightly squeezing your ass. "Besides... You know you love it."
You gasped as you felt his large hands groping your ass, bucking your hips up to hit him in the chin. Tae took this opportunity to place gentle kisses to the curve of your bulge, looking up at you with playful eyes; feeling the wet fabric against his lips. He finally took pity on you. Taking his hands out of your panties, he slowly began to pull them down your legs, peeling them off your aching dick. The cold air on your scorching dick made you whimper. He threw them to the side of the bed, now kneeling back on his knees to take in the sight of you.
Your entire face was blushing deeply, matching the red, irritated tip of your cock. Sweat rolled down your body from the relentless teasing, faded tear tracks on your cheeks from when he'd fucked your throat – your lips swollen from the same treatment. Hickies were scattered around your body. Your tiny, aching length rested against your mid-pelvis, still pathetically dribbling pre-cum. You were panting and shivering in anticipation, looking up at him pleadingly as he stared down at you lustfully,
"Get on your hands and knees."
You wasted no time in obeying. Quickly, you threw yourself around onto your stomach, perking up your ass for him while leaning on your elbows. Taehyung chuckled.
"Eager much?" He grinned as he reached over into the side draw, pawing around before coming up with a small bottle of lube. Resting on his knees, he stopped behind you.
It was a sight, that's for sure. You on your knees, presenting your ass ready for him. All he could think about was taking you right here and now, no prep – just thrusting into you and fucking you into the bedsheets. Coming deep inside your tight ass. It had been so long since he'd gotten to ruin you. He missed being inside of your tight heat while you moaned and whined for him.
Quickly, he poured a decent amount of lube into the palm of his hand, putting the bottle down to rub his hands together. Next, he wrapped one hand around his hard cock, pumping himself as he stared at your tight hole. He watched as you clenched around nothing. He bit his lip to prevent a groan, finally moving so that his face was in front of your ass. Teasingly, he blew cool air onto your hole. You shivered at the contact, craning your neck back to look at what your boyfriend was doing. Then, Taehyung picked the bottle of lube back up and placed the nozzle near your hole, squeezing so a large amount of lube flowed into your asshole. The cold sensation made you gasp and jolt forward slightly, feeling it slide down onto your balls. Suddenly, you felt something probing your entrance.
Taehyung slowly circled your rim with one of his fingers before pushing it in to the hilt. You yelped at the sudden fullness, grabbing at the sheets in front of you. Taehyung smiled behind you, pumping his finger in and out of your heat. "Aish, you look great like this. A good little slut taking my finger. Can you take another?"
You nodded furiously, pushing your ass back on his finger, encouraging him to add more. "God, you're so impatient," he chuckled, adding another one of his fingers into your ass.
Back arching, you whined loudly as he stretched you out with two fingers, driving them in and out as he moved his other hand back to pumping his own cock. A groan left him. "Shit, you're taking them so well. God- you can take more, can't you? My little whore can take another two, hm?"
The thought of having four of his fingers inside you made you whine once more. "Yes yes, I can hyung! Please, give me more. Want your- ahhhh- want your fingers," you sobbed, your grip tightening on the sheets.
Taehyung wasted no time in fulfilling this request, shoving two more of his fingers in, his mouth falling open at the tightness. "Fuck, you're always so tight for me. God, I don't think you'd even be able to take my cock, angel."
Your eyes widened in panic. "No no, I can take it hyung! I can!"
He tutted mockingly. "No, you can't. You couldn't even suck hyung's cock without his help, let alone take it in this tight little ass. What's the point in hyung fucking you if you can't even take it?" He thrusted his fingers in aggressively, rubbing over your prostate. A loud cry ripped from your throat.
"No, please fuck me hyung. I want your big cock so badly. Need to have it in me, wanna take your big, fat cock please," you sobbed, pushing back on his fingers.
He bit his lip. He reached under you and wrapped his large hand around your cock. You groaned as he enveloped your dick completely with his large hand, your cock barely visible any more. "Aww, look at this. Your cock really is tiny, huh slut? Has the whore got such a tiny cock that he needs someone else to make him cum? Hm? Can't satisfy yourself so you need hyung's fat cock to do it?" His humiliating words made your cock ache even more coupled with his fast strokes and the fingers in your ass. Behind you, he also pressed his cock against your ass, letting you feel how well-endowed he was.
Tears began to pool in your eyes, the embarrassment building up around you. "Y-yes," you said pitifully. "My cock's too little hyung,"
Taehyung chuckled, continuing to pump your cock. "Aw, how cute. Bet you can't even fuck anyone with it. Useless little cock." He squeezed it in his hand causing you to scream. "Ah, sensitive baby? Is it time for hyung to fuck you, pretty?"
You nodded weakly. "Please," you whispered, your muscles aching from holding yourself up and your head in a daze.
"Okay baby," he said lowly in your ear, pressing a kiss to your neck before finally letting go of your length and carefully pulling his fingers from your ass. You whined from the loss, the cool air hitting your hole. Behind you, you heard the obvious noise of your boyfriend slicking up his hard cock again. You exhaled deeply, allowing your muscles to relax. Your knees ached and as did your neck, but you held your position until Taehyung said otherwise.
"On your back, baby boy."
He took hold of you, one hand on your hip and one on your shoulder, and flipped you around. He spread open your thighs, lifting them up and onto his own as he kneeled on the mattress. His thumb drew small circles on your hip, his other hand on his cock as he lined himself up with your hole. "Ready?" You nodded.
Taehyung slowly pushed his swollen tip past the rim of your tender hole, sighing deeply as his grip tightened on your hips. There'd definitely be bruises there tomorrow. Your mouth gaped as you felt him sink into you. You'd never get used to the stretch from Taehyung's dick, no matter how many times he'd fucked you like this. Each time, you relished in the burn. A whimper left your mouth as he continued to move his hips forward, pushing his cock further into your ass, one of your arms coming up to grip his arm.
"Hyung- it- it's too m-much.." you gasped, your face scrunched from the slight pain.
Tae's hips ceased their movement. "Yeah? I told you my cock was too big for you, baby boy," he smirked. "It's not even halfway yet and you can't even take it." He moved so he was hovering over you, his dick still in your ass. The movement caused him to slide further inside you, making you wince and wrap your arms around his neck.
"Ahh- shit, I'm gonna fuck you so hard," he groaned, forcing himself not to move his hips. He wasn't that cruel. Once he was sure that the pain had passed, he inhaled deeply before pushing in fully. He was now balls deep inside your ass, his hips flush to yours. Your mouth fell open as he slid inside. You closed your eyes, trying to adjust to his large length. You fucking loved feeling this full, having the heavy feeling of him inside you. It was heavenly. The burn just added to how amazing it felt, knowing your ass would be gaping after this. Tenderly, you wrapped your legs around his waist and bucked up into him, moaning into his ear.
"Hyungieeee... please fuck me,"
He groaned, caging you to the bed between his arms, your dick pressed up against his body. The friction made you whimper, trying desperately to fuck down onto his cock. "Aw, is the little slut needy?" He asked cheekily, capturing your lips in a sloppy kiss. You whined into the kiss, your words incoherent. "Don't worry, hyung will take care of you,"
With that, Taehyung pulled his hips almost all the way out so just the tip was inside you. Before you could complain about the loss, Taehyung rammed his cock into your hole. You let out a breathy whimper and clung to his body as he began to fuck into you. He pistoned his hips against your own, already having found your prostate. He concentrated on that spot, hitting it every time he entered you. It was all far too much. You buried your head into his shoulder while he used your body.
"Fuckkk, you're such a fucking whore, baby boy. God, you love letting me use you like this, hm? Love being my little fucktoy? That's all you are. Just a little sex doll for me to use," he moaned out, slamming his dick into you over and over. He let out loud grunts with each stroke, every so often moaning breathily in your ear.
Reaching around his neck, he pried your hands off of him and pinned your arms down to the bed, completely trapping you below him. He continued to fuck you into the mattress, using you as if you were some kind of flesh light. You loved it. Each time he drilled into your prostate, you could feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge, your moans getting higher and higher. Before you couldn't hold it any longer. With no warning, you came hard between both of your writhing bodies with a loud wail. Tae didn't stop pounding into you.
"Aw, did you cum already?" He scoffed, watching you whine from the overstimulation. "Well, that's too bad. Just because your pathetic little dick already came, doesn't mean we get to stop. You gotta make hyung come first, slut." You bit your lip, the feeling of him moving inside you plus his degrading words already making your cock start to harden again. He hit your prostate with a particularly hard thrust, forcing a moan from you.
Tae's arms suddenly latched around your thighs, pulling you both up into a kneeling position. You were on top of his thighs, sitting on his lap as he thrusted up into your tight heat. In this position you could feel him even deeper, every ridge and vein rubbing against you perfectly as he moved rhythmically inside of you. He groped the globes of your ass as he fucked up into you.
"God, you're so tight," he groaned, leaning his forehead against your chest as he chased his orgasm. "I'm gonna cum so fucking hard inside you. Gonna fill you up 'til you're leaking my cum like the fucking cum whore you are. This is all you're fucking good for-"
His hips began to plunge into you even faster, your eyes tearing up at the overstimulation. You could feel yourself getting close again as you tried to meet his thrusts, though it was impossible to match his animal pace. His grunts started to morph into long needy groans as his thrusts got harsher. Each time he thrusted he pushed you down hard onto his dick, using you like a ragdoll as he got closer to orgasm.
"Fuck- fuck, I'm gonna cum," he moaned, sweat cascading down his body as he pressed himself hard against you. "Beg for it. Beg for your hyung's cum to fill you up-" He cut himself off with a high pitched whine.
"Want your cum, please please please hyung-"
"How badly do you want it?"
"Want it so fucking badly, please fill me up." Your words were nothing but gibberish, incoherently screamed against his neck. He groaned.
"Fuck, do you hear yourself. Begging for your hyung's cum like a good little slut- ah shit- Take it, oh my god- fucking take it!" He pushed you down roughly onto his dick, stilling inside you as he shot his thick load into your ass. It came out in spurts, long ropes filling you to the brim as he panted against your ear. Your mouth opened in a silent scream as you came with him, your cock pathetically dribbling out your second orgasm of the night.
The pounding in your ears lessened as you both kneeled there, you shaking in his lap – his hands starting to relax their hold on your bottom. Both of your breathing began to slow, matching the others rhythm. Drips of his cum sliding out of your ruined ass made you wince, catching Taehyung's attention after his powerful orgasm.
He locked eyes with you, smiling gently while he brought one hand to caress your cheek. You leaned into his touch, a tired smile gracing your face when you feel his thumb stroking your cheek. You both sat there in silence for a while, Taehyung pulling you close to softly press a kiss to your lips.
"So... did that make up for me neglecting you these past few weeks?"
You giggled. "Mmm, I'm not sure..."
"We should go again. Just to be sure."
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Imagine; Tim kinda hated you right now. He could never fully hate you, but right now, he was very close. You had wanted to spend some of the day out in the pool and invited Tim along, but he refused. Besides, he had work that needed to be taken care of.
But no, his brothers took advantage and literally tossed him into the pool. You had laughed but helped him so he wasn't quite literally drowning. Tim enjoyed his time, he guessed, since he saw you laughing and he finally got back at Jason and dunked him in cold water. Dick also got dunked, but for a different reason.
Now Tim felt like he was the one dunked on. Because guess who forgot sunscreen. Yeah, him. Now, he was laying stagnat on the kitchen tile floor trying to calm the frantic sear of the sunburn he got. Every little move hurt. Damian sure seemed to enjoy his suffering, but when does he not?
Soft footsteps alerted Tim of your entry. Looking up, he saw your shy smile, or was it a sympathetic grimace? Either way, his eyes were trained on the small bottle held in your hand, and tried to read the label.
Ah, aloe vera, good. Slowly, he sat up from the floor and allowed you to lift his shirt off his red skin. Since his brothers called him a hermit, his skin reacted badly to the strenuous amount of time in the sun. He guessed he should really get out more.
The cool touch of the aloe made him sigh, and the soft touch of your hand ensured no further pain was purposeful. When his back was finally covered and rubbed him with the lotion, the shirt fell back into place. Turning around to face you, he thanked you and went back to laying on the tile floor.
A laugh fading away was the only sign he was alone again on the floor.
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arcademoss · 4 hours ago
Blackhat x Male!Reader Fluff
Tumblr media
Since he’s a bit of a sadist, he’s not accustomed to “fluffy” scenarios, but he tries. He’s not GOOD at it, but he tries. Physical affection typically consists of you sitting on his lap. It’s a minor thing, but is says a lot. Since he’s the boss, he sees it as giving you a high honor. Since you’re his partner in crime, that technically also makes you the boss as well. He’ll keep an arm hooked around your waist, but that’s about it. If you want more out of him, you’ll have to initiate the fluffiness.
He doesn’t use nicknames, but he’ll allow you to use them for him as long as he feels like they aren’t condescending. Well, that’s at least the case when other people are around. While he is never good at being affectionate no matter who’s around, he’ll often call you his “man” or his “business partner”. Nothing too sappy but gets the point across.
However, he is very possessive. That means that around others especially, he’s going to get touchy. In terms of holding onto your arm, perhaps your waist. If someone gets a bit too friendly with you it’s more of a clamping his arms around your body and hissing like an angry snake. Often times he’ll only murmur one word when that happens. “Mine.”
He doesn’t like to be defied, and that includes manners involving you. No one is allowed to look at you funny, question you, question your masculinity, judge you for how you dress, act, anything. He makes that very, very clear with everyone. No one fucks with his man; you’re too special to him. That’s something he’d never admit but come on, it’s obvious. With the kind of person he is, he REALLY REALLY needs to like you in order to even attempt being a romantic. You manage to do that.
Likes to work with you in any sort of matter. Personal, work related; doesn’t matter. He does enjoy your company. Since that’s so, he doesn’t run you into the ground or over pile you with work like you may expect. He does that with Flug, but not you. Never you. In fact, there’s nothing he enjoys more than working together with you. Well that and being the psychopathic demon bitch that he is.
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kuraichycoochie · 5 hours ago
I saw your requests being opened and I nyoomed :D
Can we get an Albedo, Xiao and Venti (seperate) headcanon where their s/o comes home really really drunk and just starts blurting out the most romantic stuff to the boys, kisses them all over (or rlly any type of physical affection) bc y not
Idk just some fluff stuff with drunk a/o would be funny
Please omg My first request 😟
A/n: sorry if this may be bad it’s my first time writing head cannons 🥲 Well overall it’s my first time with writing such things unless you count my fanfic on wattpad-
I’ve tried my best to try and give what you wanted so here it is.If u do not like it please tell me and I’ll try my best and do it better next time.
I also made this into a gender neutral headcannon as u did not specify which one you wanted.Also I’m so sorry once again as I said this is my first time writing head cannons I struggled with it 😭🙏
HOPEFULLY YOU ARE FINE WITH THIS.Also sorry if this took long I did mention it would take a while for me to update
Tumblr media
I personally think that Albedo would be quite worried about you as he did his work as it was quite late and you still haven’t came back home
When you arrived back home he would ask you where you were and what you were doing
he would start to get worried or pay more attention to you when you dont reply
when he turned to look at you he saw you struggling to walk in a straight line
“Did you go out drinking?” He asked
You nodded your head sluggishly before you slowly made your way towards him
His face may flush bright red as you caught him off guard by suddenly kissing him on the lips
“Hehe,d-did you know that you’re one of the most p-p-prettiest people that I have ever seen?” You stuttered out due to the alcohol as you let out a crooked smile
Albedo would smile at the compliment as he slowly stroke the back of your head, entangling your hair in his fingers
“Oh really now?Im glad to know,” he replied as he looked at you lovingly.
He didn’t know that you would be so bold when you were drunk.
You pulled him into a big tight hug ,you began to blabber out compliments however they were all muffled out as your face was burried in his chest
But he would probably be able to pick up things like:
“Hehe,I love you my Alchemist”
“Your mine and I’m yours!”
“You love me and I love you”
“Please stay with me”
He would pick you up and carry you in his arms as he brought you to your shared bedroom
This may had taken quite a while as you would suddenly start thrashing about trying to get out of his arms and one he let you go you immediately latched into him once again
“N-noooooo~I want to s-stay with you!”you whined as you slowly began to kiss him everywhere around his face
He would be overwhelmed with the amount of affection he was receiving.
It had been a while since you guys had actually been this close to each other as Albedo was always burying himself with his work
He would chuckle softly at your antics and nod his head in agreement
“Okay then,keep me company having you by my side makes me feel more relaxed.”
“Huhu~Yay!I will!”You cheered as you pecked him on the cheek once again.
Tumblr media
Xiao would also probably be quite restless by the fact that you weren’t home yet
He would have gotten ready to go and look for you to make sure that you were safe.He didn’t want to lose another loved one
However as he was about to leave, you had just arrived back home at WangShu inn
In my opinion,Xiao seems like someone who would be protective over their S/O so he would probably check you for any injuries
When he looks at your face he would be perplexed as your face was a bright shade of crimson
He would question you but will then realise that you had been drinking as he smelt alcohol
“You’ve been drinking?”
“Mhm~You should have came with me!I missed you!”
You exclaimed as you pouted
He would slowly try to walk away from you as he wasn’t very fond of the decent of alcohol emitting from you
This plans of his backfired as you quickly clung onto him
He discreetly looked at you in distaste as your lips inched closer to his face
He would cringe when you smothered him in kisses
But would then cringe even more when you tried flattering him by flirting (but not to worry as he secretly enjoyed the attention you were giving him)
Once again he would probably try pushing you away without harming you but his attempts were futile and he finally admit to his defeat by giving in
You giggled as you walked behind him and when you jumped onto his back we would be taken aback
“P-piggyback!Woohoo~”you cheered with one hand in the air as the other one held onto Xiao for safety
Xiao would quickly hold onto your legs to make sure you didn’t fall
I believe that he would be quite annoyed by the fact that you had just jumped onto his back without his permission but allowed you to do so anyways
He would then slowly walk around WangShuu inn with you on his back trying to tire you out
When you had began to slowly pass out due to the alcohol you would rest your head between Xiao’s neck and shoulder but before drifting off to sleep you quickly pecked it
As he felt the weight on his shoulder he would let out a soft smile as he turned to the side to look at your face
He would then take you towards your room as he carefully made sure you wouldn’t wake up
Tumblr media
Ngl or anything but if the other two were worried venti would defo be worried if you came home late without telling him you would be
He would probably stay near the front door waiting for you to come back home even if it was like 2am in the morning because he needs to know if you were safe
I believe that every minute he would look at the door waiting for you to walk through it
And believe it or not but when you walk through that door he would pounce right on top of you.The impact making the both of you fall to the ground
He would interrogate you asking you so many questions about why you were late
“I CANT BELIEVE YOU Y/N!”He cried out in disbelief
“YOU.WENT.DRINKING.WITHOUT.ME?!?!!”He shouted in anger
When he found out that you went drinking without him he would be so disappointed that you didn’t bring him with you
He would begin to rumble on about how unfair it was
due to you being drunk you pushed him off you without checking if he was okay or not
He would feel offended.Absolutely offended.
But when you kissed him he was shook to the core but would kiss back smiling.
When you broke it he obviously went rambling on and on again
However he shut his mouth when you pulled him by the wrist leading him to the bedroom
You had thrown him onto the bed and his mind had obviously went off places
It was broken when you climbed onto the bed cuddling him
He put his sad self behind and was about spoon to you but you spooned him first
And you know what?He didn’t mind it at all because he felt safe within your embrace
He made himself comfortable and would begin to giggle when you pecked him on the neck
“Mhm?Y/n?What is it?”
“I love you~”
“I know~”
“No no,Like like this muchhhhh~”You said as you stretched your arms out.
Venti felt joy sprang within his heart.
“I know you do because I feel the same way,I love you too Y/n”Venti softly said with a smile on his face
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translytherins · 5 hours ago
39. “you ramble and it’s adorable”. kuroo x m reader :)
Tumblr media
A/n: Thanks for sending me a request!! I hope you like it! Also I'm sorry if it's to short but I quite like how it went.
Pairing: Kuroo Tetsuro x Male! Rambling! Reader
200 Follower Event
If you were to ask Kuroo one thing about his boyfriend, (M/n) (L/n), that he found cute he would have a rather difficult time choosing one because everything his boyfriend did he found it to be the most adorable thing he has ever seen in his whole entire life but if he were to choose one it would be when (M/n) starts to ramble without noticing about anything that came to mind. Kuroo thinks it's absolutely adorable when you talk about something so passionately or when you would talk about random things like what was happening right now. Him and (M/n) sitting on a bench outside of school during recess and him listening to you ramble about cats that you found on the way back from school the day before.
"And when I looked inside the box they were these cute little baby kittens that looked like you and the others and I almost suffocated them because of how hard I was hugging them and I started playing with them for about an hour or so but then the sky started getting cloudy so I knew I had to leave before it started raining but I felt guilty about leaving the cats in the rain so I decided to take them home with me an-" (M/n) stopped his rambling when he noticed that Kuroo was looking at him with his head rested on the palm of his right hand, looking at him with an amused smirk on his face.
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Oh nothing..." Kuroo said the amused smirk never leaving his face.
"Ok, ok you got me... I was just thinking about how..." Kuroo trailed off and looked at the anticipation on (M/n) 's face before chuckling and continuing what he was saying.
"You ramble and it's adorable"
And with that (M/n)' s face turned red like a strawberry and buried his face into the palm of his hands.
"I'm sorry! I just always ramble unconsciously especially if I'm talking about animals and I'm trying to find away to sto-"
Before (M/n) could finish his sentence Kuroo pried (M/n)'s hands away from his face and kissed him. (M/n) didn't pull away and just kissed him back. After a few minutes, they pulled away amd just stared at each other before Kuroo spoke up.
"There's nothing to be sorry about... You know why? Because I always love it when you ramble. I love listening to you're voice and how you talk so passionately about the things you love so there's nothing to apologies about, okay?" Kuroo said with a loving smile on his face.
(M/n) nodded his head before burying his face into the crook of Kuroo's neck. Kuroo chuckle and wrapped his arms around (M/n) and placing him on his lap with his arms wrapped around (M/n)'s waist. He kissed (M/n)' s neck lightly.
"I love you"
"... I love you too you big softie"
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rose7420 · 5 hours ago
When Y/n is afraid to speak up to Loki what will the consequences be?
Request from @lokiismyhubby
Tumblr media
“Would you like something to eat?” Loki asks his small friend who stands on the marble countertop fidgeting with her hands. He hears no response and turns his head down to properly look at her. Y/n’s head is turned downwards, looking at her feet.
Y/n is a rather shy person who only speaks her mind when absolutely necessary and right now is not one of those times. It’s not that she’s scared of Loki, sure his immense size is intimidating but she trusts that he is careful not to hurt her accidentally or on purpose even. It’s just hard for her to use her voice. Every time she feels the want to speak and respond to Loki her chest becomes tight, her hands clammy with sweat, and her breathing shallow.
Loki becomes irritated at Y/n’s silence; he has done nothing to make her so quiet and afraid of him. Taking a deep breath he tries to calm himself and leans down making his face level to Y/n. Her head tilts up to meet his gaze, a worried expression obvious.
“Are you mad at me?” She asks, fearing his disappointment in her.
Loki smiles in reassurance; something that was rare for him to do until he met Y/n.
“I just wish you would speak to me more often. I feel that the conversions we have anymore are one-sided.” Loki says sadly.
“But… what would you like to eat? I know you’re hungry Little Miss.”
Y/n blushes from the sweet nickname he has taken a liking to but does at least tell him what she’d like to eat. He seems proud when she speaks up, sending a jolt of happiness through her chest.
After Loki conjures what she asked for on a fancy china plate, he refuses to eat off of anything less, he picks Y/n up gently setting her upon his shoulder. He walks to the living room with their plates ready for a cozy, movie-filled night.
The next morning Y/n wakes up on her bed placed on the nightstand next to Loki’s larger one. She glances over at the already made-up covers, surprised to not see Loki anywhere in sight. She slides off her bed her bare feet hitting the cold hardwood.
“Loki?” She calls out. She can make out clanging in the kitchen which is odd. Loki usually always carries her into the kitchen or wherever he’s heading off to. He must not hear her as the noises continue. She peeks to the floor far below her perch on the nightstand and looks over to the bed. The nightstand starts to shake slightly indicating Loki’s arrival. Oh, thank God he didn’t forget about her. Her shoulders slump in relief as she sees his monumental form stroll into the bedroom, his head swiveling around as if he forgot something. He goes to his dresser and retrieves what he needs walking out of the room as if she was invisible. She wanted to call his name but what if she bothered him? Or if what she said wasn’t important enough?
Making the agonizing trip down the bedsheets is a feat way too big to be accomplished for 9 o’clock in the morning. She pads her way to the kitchen, wary of the furniture around her. She sometimes forgets how easy Loki makes her life, offering a gracious palm here and there to ferry her from room to room. She comes into the kitchen and stares up at the skyscraping counters that tower over her. She sees Loki come around the corner and stares up and up amazed that his hips clear the top of the countertop easily. She had momentarily forgotten how tall he was. Loki’s footsteps rattle her to the bone walking to the oven and back to the sink. Her mouth runs dry, her heart pumping furiously as his slippered foot comes down inches from her standing form. She screams in terror, sounding like a squeak to Loki’s ears. Y/n covers her head with both arms and falls down to her knees. He turns his head downwards and immediately kneels when he sees what happened.
“Oh, my God! Y/n are you okay?” He breathes out, terrified that he might have hurt her with an unaware step. He carefully scoops her up with shaking hands and sets her on the counter, resting a protective hand behind her.
Y/n looks up at him with teary eyes and sees that he is just as terrified. It seems they had gotten too comfortable with their different sizes; overlooking the dangers that could happen.
“Y/n, y-you should’ve called my name or something else to get my attention!” Loki scolds, running a hand through his hair. He should have just taken her with him this morning but he had wanted to let her sleep.
“I tried when I was in the bedroom… but you didn’t hear me,” Y/n says softly.
Loki kneels to see her eyes better, she downturns her head to avoid his gaze. Loki, gentle as ever, lifts her chin with a fingertip.
“Y/n you know I can’t hear you all the way in there. You gotta speak up.” Loki instructs.
A look of thought comes over his face as he scrunches his eyebrows.
“Hey, wait… I came into the bedroom a while ago. Were you in there at that time?”
Y/n wrings her hands and looks down at the counter nodding. Loki lets out an agitated sigh but says nothing more about the subject.
“C’mon Little Miss…. Let’s eat.”
Tumblr media
Y/n waited patiently in the living room chair, one that Loki had kindly made for her size. It was almost time for their daily walk which Y/n enjoyed. Loki would let her perch on his shoulder as he walked through a different part of the forest. He would point out unique flowers and offer a name and why they were called that. Y/n didn’t even know if that was their true name but Loki made it believable enough for her to not second guess. She had never actually walked on the forest floor partly because it was scary to a person of her size but also because she never wanted to annoy or interrupt Loki. But she was going to challenge herself today and actually ask Loki to put her down. She had loved how happy he looked when she spoke up earlier. She wanted to see that smile again. She tied her boots again and redid her hair to make certain it was out of the way waiting impatiently.
She felt Loki walking into the living room and stood up eagerly ready to go. But he kept walking by her, continuing to the front door. Without a glance back he walked outside on his own, ready to walk. Right when the door slammed did Y/n have the ability to speak and call out his name but it seemed it was too late.
He’d left her all alone.
Y/n sat down on her chair with a tightness in her throat. Even her heart seemed to hurt. All the eagerness she had previously had evaporated. She rested her elbows on her knees and put her hands on her head. One tear slipped from her eye and she wiped it away hastily. But it didn’t matter as the next one slipped out and re-wet her cheek. She let the sadness take over feeling more alone than she ever had.
Later that night Loki made dinner and offered her some but she refused. She felt stubborn and truthfully wasn’t a bit hungry. She didn’t want to bother him with her presence. When he made tea and brought it over to her in the little blue mug that she loved, she left it untouched. It was her favorite tea too, honey chamomile. Loki noticed this of course but he chose not to speak of it.
Y/n was still holding hope though for the night. After they had dinner and their tea Loki would read aloud the novel they chose. She’d snuggle close in the crook of his neck to see the words better and partially because she liked to feel the vibrations of his voice. She sat stiff as a rock in her chair now waiting for him to pick the book up and reach for her.
Once again, it never happened.
Instead, Loki stood to his great height and wished her a good night as he retreated to his bed. Y/n watched his form go with sad eyes. Anger bubbled up in her. He had no reason or right to treat her this way. She eyed the book laying on the coffee table and decided she would just read for herself. She managed to jump up to the dark wooden surface of the table and marched her way right to the hardback. As she stood next to it though she realized this would be no easy feat.
First, she had to open it.
The stacked pages came up to her shoulder. A good two inches tall. She dug her fingertips into the cover and lifted with all her might. She was able to raise it but couldn’t exactly get it over her head to fall to the other side. After three more attempts her arms were sore and her fingertips red from her tight grip. She admitted defeat and slumped against the book, wrapping her arms around bent knees.
Tumblr media
Loki hadn’t really gone to bed. He stood outside his room at the door frame waiting for Y/n to call his name. Plead for him to come back and do their daily reading. It saddened him when she said nothing about him leaving her for their walk this afternoon. Perhaps she no longer liked them as much as he did?
He figured that surely she would speak up when they didn’t read. But she didn’t. He had taken post here and began watching what she would do. At first, watching her try to open the book was funny. He then saw how much it angered and saddened her when she couldn’t get it over her head. How she had given up and leaned against it. Quiet sniffles sounded through the air, turning into louder sobs.
Oh no.
He straightened from the wall and beelined for the coffee table. There she sat looking even smaller curled up in a ball. He sat down criss-cross and nudged her shoulder with a finger.
“Y/n?” He said softly.
She looked up at him with red and swollen eyes. Her shirt was stained with tears.
“Oh, my little dove…” He scooped her up and held her to his chest.
“Do you not want me around anymore Loki?” She said shakily.
“Of course I want you around, why would you even say that?” He was taken aback.
“W-well you left me here today and then didn’t want to read at all. I-I figured I had done something.”
Loki mentally winced, it seemed his plan had backfired.
“Oh no, listen Little Miss,” He held her right to his face. A stray tear ran down her cheek, he used the pad of a thumb to wipe it away.
“I only did those things because I wanted you to speak up. This morning with our incident...I realized how dangerous it is if you don’t speak up. I could have killed you Y/n.” She couldn't help but flinch at his vulgar words. Loki noticed this and gingerly rubbed her back.
“So I figured since you like to go on our walks and read together that you would have no trouble speaking up. It seems I was wrong.”
A moment of quiet passed and Y/n looked up at him.
“It’s just hard for me to talk sometimes. It not that I’m scared of you I just worry that I’ll be annoying or you’ll tell me to shut up.”
Loki looked at her tenderly and fiercely. “Y/n I would never tell you to shut up or that you are annoying. Even if you were at the time.” He grinned.
Y/n smiled back at him and leaned against his middle finger. “You know today I was even going to ask you if I could walk in the forest on my own…” Y/n said.
“You were?!” Loki exclaimed.
Y/n laughed and nodded.
“Then we will have to accomplish that task tomorrow but how about I read that book now?”
“I’d like that.” Y/n agreed.
She settled upon his shoulder, a little envious of how easily he opened the book. But when he started reading it was forgotten.
"I love you Lokes." She said snuggling into his neck.
"I love you more Y/n..."
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a-bee-ja · 5 hours ago
Yandere Kirishima with a Male Reader that doesn’t have Stockholm syndrome. Kirishima just can’t hold himself back anymore and makes love with the reader, but he praises the reader through all of it, saying how good you are for him. (i hope this made sense)
Of course, baby!
Just can’t hold back anymore 🎂 🍨
Contents: Yandere!Kirishima doing the meat smasher with male!darling
Tumblr media
Eijiro was patient, it was a part of his kind nature to not want to force you to do anything you didn’t want to, this included giving him affection. He had kidnapped you and all but he wasn’t a bad guy, he knew good things come to those who wait, right?
But it was just... frustrating. He fucked his fist in the shower constantly whenever an impure thought of you came to his mind, and he was getting more and more impatient to just have a little taste of you. It has been months of sleeping in the same bed! At least hug him, or kiss him, or give him a small hand job, please?
He debates with himself if what he’s doing is right or wrong, groaning before entering the bedroom without knocking. You yelp and jump at the sudden intrusion, hugging yourself as you avert your gaze away from him.
“Is everything okay?” you ask meekly, expecting him to get out of the bedroom or just give you a smile while he tells you that nothing’s wrong. But he only gets closer and closer to you.
He crawls until he is above you, his face centimeters away from yours. You can’t help but blush and try to push him away “hey, s-stop” you tell him, using all of your strength to push his body away from yours, but its no use, he’s heavier, stronger and bigger than you. “Sorry, I just can’t hold back anymore” he says before he starts humping you, creating friction between your cock and his, his breath hitches as his movements get faster. And with every movement you do to try and pull him away he only gets harder, he just needed a bit of friction from your part.
He stops for a second, and you feel tears forming in your eyes when he grabs your sides and flips you over, you struggle, but this doesn’t stop him. He rips your pants and undergarments', leaving your ass exposed “sorry, sorry I just-” he licks his lips as he unbuckles his belt and leaves his cock exposed “just stay still for a moment” he groans as he starts rubbing his cock in-between your ass cheeks, they feel so warm and soft, he moans at the sensation as pre-cum drips from his rock hard cock “you’re doing so good, y/n” he moans as his movements get faster and sloppier “you’re so good to me, such a good boy” he pants, gripping your ass tight as he cums on your clothed back with a moan so lewd it seemed to be taken out of a porno.
Once he finally gets down of his high he uses his shirt to clean you up and his cock. He presses a kiss to the back of your neck as he hears the small whimpers and cries you’re producing.
“I’m so sorry, I just wanted a taste” he mumbles without an ounce of regret.
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed this, dear!
Have a great day/night
if you want to join my taglist, tell me via ask or dms with the character posts you wanna be tagged in (ex: want to be tagged in <insert characters> post from now on!) and if there are topics you don’t want to interact with even if they include the character (ex: don’t tag if it includes dub-con or self harm) and you’ll be tagged in those posts from now on!
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translytherins · 6 hours ago
Hey! I think your requests are open, and if they are, could i please request an oikawa x m!reader, where they get into intense play-fights that neither of them take seriously? Like, everyone thinks they’re mortal enemies, but they’re dating and no one realizes. And their both oblivious to everyone. Thanks :)
A/n: You have no idea how excited I was when I saw you're request. You're the first person to request so I hope that you like this and I'm sorry if you don't!!!
Tumblr media
Pairings: Tohru Oikawa x Male! Sassy! Reader
It was another beautiful day at Aoba Johsai. The birds were singing, the sun was shining and...
"At least I ain't acting like a f*ck boy by flirting with everything that breathes!"
"Alright that's it I'll put you in you're place!" a certain brunette, Tohru Oikawa that has every girl and possibly guy, swooning for him, said while cracking his knuckles with a threatening smile on his face which was sent towards a male with [hair coloured] and [eye colour] eyes, (M/n) (L/n), who just scoffed at him in return.
"I'd like to see you try... You b*tch"
"Alright that's it!"
And with that Oikawa tackled (M/n) to the ground and they started play fighting on the volleyball gym floor while their teammates just watched from the side, not even trying to break up the "fight" because it will be futile in the end as they will just strart arguing again and end up fighting again unless it was the brunette's best friend which sadly wasn't there at the moment as he was talking to one of his teachers.
"It's a miracle they haven't killed each other yet at this point..." a male with black hair, Issei Matsukawa, commented watching his childish captain wrestle with his "mortal rival".
"It's because of Iwaizumi-san speaking of which here he comes" a male with pink-brown hair, Takahiro Hanamaki, said while pointing towards their ace, Iwaizumi Hajime, who had an irritated look on his face.
"Oi you little piece of sh*ts! Stop arguing and get back to practicing!" Iwaizumi shouted as he made towards the wrestling figures before pulling them off of each other and smacking the both of them upside the head, earning whines from the both of them.
"Mean Iwa-chan! Mean!"
"That hurt jackarse"
"And it'll hurt more if you don't stop fighting and start practicing"
"Alright, alright we will... Party pooping f*cker" (M/n) mumbled under his breath while hoping that the angry vice captain didn't hear him but unfortunately for him he did.
"What did you say!?"
This my friends is what goes down in the Aoba Johsai Voleyball Gym if you were to put Tohru Oikawa and (M/n) (L/n) in the same room together but no one knew the scene that they would walk in when they entered the gym the next day.
"Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?"
"If you're talking about the fact that our captain is currently all over his enternal rival then yes... Yes I am..."
"Ohhh... To unsee..."
What they saw? They saw (M/n) and Oikawa cuddling on the gym bench giggling with each other which was already unnerving to say the least but that feeling intensified when they started maing out.
Iwaizumi decided to step in and stop things before things between the two "mortal enemies" escalate.
"Oi! Mind explaining what's going on!"
And with that a startled (M/n) jumped away from Oikawa and fell off the bench in the process while Oikawa turned to his childhood best friend with a pout on his face while crossing his arms over his chest.
"Iwa-chan! You interrupted me and (M/n)-chan!" he whined before grabbing the unsuspecting (M/n)'s arm and yanking (M/n) towards him, placing him on his lap and wrapping his arms around his waist.
"Shut up and start explaining Sh*ttykawa!"
Oikawa gave him a confused look.
"Explain what?"
"Why you and (M/n) were making out just now dumb*ss!" Iwaizumi shouted at his "best friend" while the rest of the team were just spectating from the side waiting for awnsers as well.
"Because we're dating?"
"You guys are what!?!" the team shouted at the same time utterly shocked by the information they just received.
"We're dating. I thought it was obvious?"
"Well it wasn't obvious enough apparently" Hanamaki mumbled.
"For how long?" a male with black hair that looked like an onion, Yutaro Kindaichi, asked the question that the rest of the team were thinking about.
"After he finally stop being a p*ssy and confessed to me at the end of our second year. I swear I thought that I would have to for a life before he confessed his very obvious crush to me"
"You knew the whole time!?!"
"Heck yeah I did. It was kinda obvious because you kept stuttering slightly whenever you talked to me"
"Really!?! And here I thought that I was being sneaky with it..."
"Trust me... You never were in the first place... I'm pretty sure most people knew about it. You were terrible"
'But we didn't' the team thought at the same time
"No I wasn't!"
"Yes you were"
"No I wasn't!"
"Yes you were"
And with that the couple started arguing again, completely forgetting about their teammates who were now just watching the couple arguing, more like bickering, back and forth.
"Are you going to stop them Iwaizumi-senpai?"
"No... I don't get payed enough for this..."
"But senpai... You don't get payed..."
"Exactly. More of a reason to not interfere now if you excuse me, I'm going to find coach to ask him to cancel practice" Iwaizumi said before he left to go and talk to their coach leaving the team with the bickering couple.
And that's how the team found out they were not enemies but that they were lovers.
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demonfkr · 6 hours ago
If nobody has requested this can I ask for headcanons for Asmo like you’ve done for mammon and Lucifer? They can be nsfw. Thank you! Love your work ❤️
(hc, ns*fw) overstimulation, yan!asmodeus.
features// neutral!reader, yandere content including... possessive behavior, obsession, slight jealousy, potential dub/noncon, ns*fw content including... slight praise kink, overstimulation, penetration, dirty talk. all characters depicted are 21+; (!!!) minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
♡ asmodeus rarely finds beauty worth marvelling at. he is, after all, the pinnacle. if he wanted to be impressed, all he'd need to do was look into a mirror. and yet... here he is, marvelling at a human, of all creatures, but my... what a sight you are.
you're sprawled out beneath him, mouth hanging open and wet, panting out adorable mewls and breathy little rhythmic ah's that match his every thrust. "cute..." asmo sighs lovingly, running manicured fingernails down your chest to settle on your hips, forcing you to match his pace-- to fit against him deeper. "so. so. very. cute..!" he cries, each word emphasized by the fluid smack of his hips against the backs of your thighs.
you pant asmo's name, adoringly gentle as you grasp at him even as your hole stretches to accomodate his girth-- pushed to your limits and past, you're a sweating, incoherent mess, but you're his mess-- exactly the way he likes you.
"oh, darling, i could do this forever-- fuck you until you're sore and aching but desperate for anything i see fit to give you- ah!" asmo moans and writhes against you with a mischievous smile on his perfect lips, taking from you exactly what you're being given.
the pleasure is exquisite, overwhelming, dark. you're addictive in the best way possible and asmo just wants you to drown in it, submerse yourself in the oceans of decadent bliss until you forget about the rest-- his brothers, the royals, the angels, solomon-- and focus on him and him alone.
"you're so tight, love, it's like you want me to own you," asmo chuckles, leaning down to trail kisses over bruises shaped like his fingers and mouth. "would you like that? to be kept like a treasured pet, locked away in such torturous pleasure that your toes would curl at my slightest touch?"
asmo strokes your sex with practiced ease, just once, but it's enough to force a full-bodied shiver from you, belaying the sudden overwhelming orgasm that crashes into you like a violent wave.
it steals your breath away-- he steals your breath away, fucking into you as the pleasure heightens, ridding you of those pesky, useless little thoughts-- of other people-- and forcing you to live in the present with him as your only guide and anchor.
even as you tremble, mumbling nonsense and dripping with want, asmo still doesn't slow down or falter. he simply pecks your cheek, a little breathless at how attractive you look-- absolutely gorgeous, so cute--, and promises to never allow the others to lead you astray, again. as if they were even a choice to begin with.
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degawrites · 7 hours ago
Any Yandere hawks angst! I really like your work so far 🥺
Notes: Sorry I havent been writing! I have only this request and my job is absolutely exhausting, I’ve also been really mentally ill as of late. I’m really sorry but its onto week three of my new job and I’m getting the hang of it so I should be writing more regularly!
Yandere Hawks (Takami Keigo} x  reader
Content under the cut
Gender Neutral Reader
Inbox open (see pinned post)
Warnings are provided** violence mentions**
Requests are open
Warnings: yandere, yandere themes, unhealthy relationship, delusional, dc,  yandere content, injury, blood
The floor felt miles upon miles away from the two glass doors that led out to the balcony. Tears continued to spill down your cheeks and mix with your pooling, darkening blood.
Just a handful of feet away lay that damned intruder, completely still with a host of injuries littering their body.
In your year since coming home to your pro hero boyfriend, it had never occurred to you that somone could infiltrate your shared home's defenses, much less lay a single finger on your body.
Takami Keigo had made ot his divine mission to love and protect you with his WHOLE being. Each night when the man thought you were so peacefully asleep in his arms, he would whisper desperate declarations of conviction and love to you, hoping the message would seep into your subconscious and strengthen your affections for him.
From day one you had been quite alarmed and equally if not more defiant, so much so that Keigo had reluctantly fitted you with a quirk canceling cuff prior to taking you. It was to be expected for somone as determined and strong as yourself.
As formidable as you had been, not even you could formulate adequate defenses against Hawk's silver tongue. The man simply drowned you in sweet words, constant love and adoration, his sickening affections eroded your tough exterior.
Though it was difficult to admit you had come to crave his soft kisses and warm more than ever.
Keigo had informed you the day prior that he would be off on a short mission for a few days. Despite efforts to have the job passed to some other hero, one without the duty of protecting the most important person on the planet, his agency demanded he take action. This left you with perhaps three days or more until the hero would return, but you were losing blood at a frightening fast pace, that time frame left you no hope.
So now as you weakly tried to inch across the bloodied hardwood floor, it was not only the will to live but the burning desire to li e to see your beloved at least one more time, that kept you moving in spite of the scorching pain.
Every twitch of your muscle sent wave of pain through your whole body, every move stretched your open wounds, freeing more precious blood.
The final blow that killed the intruder had been dealt when the sun had been at its highest, and when you could just barely touch the crystal clear glass of the balcony doors, that same sun was long gone.
Your arms had been overextended, leaving your legs as the final beacon of hope. Drawing back your right leg you started to kick at the glass, the first few blows barely cracking the material. But your last try is just enough, in fact it's more than enough.
One bare foot bursts through the door sending glass flying, setting off one of many alarms that Takami Keigo set himself to keep you from trying anything too rash. As the alarms blared and your blood continued to spill, you simply imagined the moment when you would be back in your true love's arms.
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kanataka-san · 7 hours ago
Owen Grady X Male Reader
I've been looking for (Y/N) all morning. You probably think why.... Well when I woke up he was gone- It was weird since I always woke up first, then after breakfast we're driving together to his lab - yea he wasn't there either- next stop was little cafeteria when he makes his morning coffe- still nothing - I also asked some people that works with him- They didn't saw him today...
I could call him but it'll be pointles 'cause he left his phone at home.
I'm sure I'll find him sooner or later, right now I need to see my girls.
Little time skip *paddock* 11:16am
"I bet they're hungry." I quietly said to myself taking bucket with meat in it and went on a catwalk.
While I was going up the stairs most of the guards- or rather idiots with guns- were standing frozen with wide eyes. My brows furrowed. As soon as I was all the way up I looked down and saw my lover.....
In the paddock....
With four raptors...
Cuddled up to him leting out sound like cats purring. "Well you don't see it everyday." I got down and made my way to first door of the paddock -opening them and closing after I was in and put down the bucket.
"I see you're comfortable." on my voice (Y/N) turned his head to look at me "Yea, I am." he then tried to get up but Blue had other plans.
She took a bit of (Y/N)s (F/C) shirt and bite it to pull him down again. Echo and Charlie came up neer him as Delta pickes up his book and places it on his lap. Blue sat down behind him acting as his personal pillow so (Y/N) wouldn't touch the ground with his back.
To be honest this made me jelous -will i admint it? - nah-"Your gonna stand there or come to me?" (Y/N) said looking- annoyed- going through pages where i asummed he finished reading. "Ok, ok, im comming in." I opened the second door and Blue made sound that I took as warning "Blue drop it." she didn't listen as others started to do the same 'oh so now youre agains your Alpha'. "Easy girls hes your Alpha and my mate. Be good." they went quiet. "So now they are listening to you?" My brows rose- I won't hide I was proud of my lover tho-.
"Well im glad they do 'cause by now, I'll be dead. You know I like colour red but I do like my body in one piece and organs inside- the same with my blood, not other way around." I saw smirk comming up at his handsome face.
(Y/N) let out a sigh and got up, girls wanted too but he told them to stay.
"Lets go." I looked down and saw
(Y/N)s hand in mine.
Going out we closed the paddock.
"Don't you have work to do?"
"Took a day off." I nooded- 'well that make sense-'-
"But why you were with my raptors?" "They needed my asist too check on them. I didn't woke you up 'cause you was really tired when you came home yesterday and when I was about to go out Blue and the girls hold me back and wouldn't let me go." "Yea. That ansvers my other questions."
After we returned home (Y/N) went to the kitchen and began to cook, I went to the livingroom to sit on a couch. Today'll be spaghetti - I love his cooking as much as i love him-.
"Dino-dad! earth to you!" "what-?" I asked confused. "ehh.... Can you take out the plates?" "Sure." I made my way to the kitchen and since plates were on upper shelf where (Y/N) stood I came up behind him kissing his neck a couple of times lighty "O-Owen not now." I hummed into his skin.
"Please, I don't want to burn myself." singhing defeated. "Ok." As I was about to take the plates out (Y/N)s hand occupied my cheek "Don't pout you big baby."
Before he let me go I got a kiss on the lips that was a little heated taking me by suprise - but i wasn't complaining.
"Now took them out and put them on the table. Im starving." Chuckling I did as I was told "You know I love you." "Yup. Well I love you too" (Y/N) said looking at me smiling making me smile back, earning a chuckle- and soon deliciouse meal.
"I really love your cooking." "I know thats why im doing it." "Yea but you always come home tired-" "It make me happy seeing you eat food i cook. I can say it makes my day better."
All I heard after that was silence.
"That was cheesy." He looked annoyed "Oh shut up... I was trying to be romantic mr. Owen Ruin-the-mood Grady." "Speaking of which. I don't like your last name." (Y/N) furrowed his brows.
"Wha-?" I got up "How about we change it?" I got on one knee and smile "Owen I swear if your joking I won't hesitate to-"
"(Y/N)(L/N)" He went silent. "You are the love of my life. I love seeing your sleeping face, adorible bedhead, your shining eyes when your happy, that annoyed look when I do something stupid-" (Y/N) roled his eyes making me chuckle taking out the ring. "- when you rool your (E/C) eyes when i ramble to much and many more. Will you make me the happiest men on this planet and marry me?"
Just now i noticed tears running down his cheeks.
"You idiot..."
He got up.
"Of course i will!!"
I put the ring on his finger and got pulled to the ground with (Y/N) on top of me 'crying mess... But my crying mess'.
Kissing his head I rubbed his back
"I love you so much Owen."
"I love you to, but honey, please stop weating my shirt." I heard him laugh and slightly pulled away. His hands on both sides of my head, legs straddling my hips. His face all red not only from crying but from blushing too with small smile. "oh- kiss me." I haven't waist any more time and obeyed, pulling him closer to my chest kissing his lips.
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darkmoka · 7 hours ago
Kurogiri getting domed by the a corrupt young hero
Kurogiri x Seme Corrupt Young Hero
kurogiri x seme corrupt young hero
damn- you're now 🎂 cake anon. no choices for you.
enjoy (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻
↝ Kurogiri comforting a young hero.
↝ Kurogiri allowing young hero reader to screw him so he can relieve stress.
↝ Kurogiri staying with Young hero Reader even after he becomes corrupted.
◤ Kurogiri was hanging out in an alleyway close to his bar. He heard sped up footsteps so he searched for the source and saw a youngster in a U.A. uniform getting chased by other students in the identical uniform. "That's why you can't be a hero, Reader!" A kid said out. Kurogiri was shocked when he saw the bullied yougster smile and then put on a fake sad face. "Boohoo, I have to go and tell my mommy!" The teens stopped making noise and Kurogiri was confused. "Oops! I forgot I killed her!" The teen was laughing so much that the other students backed up. The youngster started beating them up and the teens scurried off with their tails between their legs. "Sniff. Fuck." Kurogiri was even more confused when he saw the teen crying.
"And that's it." The teen explained while he leaned onto Kurogiri's chest, straddling him. "I apol-" The misted man started but was soon cut off by the teen. ""It's okay. It's not really your fault, as you hadn't known." "Would you like to go to the mall with me tomorrow?" Kurogiri asked as he kept patting Reader's head. "Sure, I was gonna' go anyway." Reader said as he shifted to put his neck on Kurogiri's metal block.
The next day came and Kurogiri waited for Reader to arrive. When Reader arrived, he immediately lunged at Kurogiri.
Their shopping ended and Reader invited Kurogiri to his house/condo. Kurogiri was a bit surprised by the teen's flat.
Reader came and offered the Misted man a drink. After talking for a while, Kurogiri started feeling weird. "Reader-Kun. I'm not feeling too well. I apologize but, may I go home?" Kurogiri asked. He didn't know why but, the aura Reader gave made him a bit uncomfortable. "Kurogiri-san, if you'd like, please take a rest in my room." Reader said as he smiled maliciously. "Eh? Thank you then." Kurogiri walked over to Reader's bedroom. He layed down but was immediately pushed down. "Kurogiri-san! I love you, love you, love you, so, so much! Please stay with me forever!" Reader said as he caressed his beloved Kurogiri's metallic neck while straddling him.
Kurogiri noticed, his Reader-Kun, was not so innocent. He put an aphrodisiac in his drink, after all. ◢
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