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#tom holland x reader
asonofpeter · 10 minutes ago
Can't Escape | V
Tumblr media
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Life moves fast out in the suburbs, you live the perfect life with your mother and father. But when you start to crave for more meaning in life than just Westview, your mother does everything in her power to make sure you don’t leave. Can you ever imagine what’s on the other side of Ellis Avenue?
Warnings: Angst, making out, implied sex, Wanda, fluff
Word Count: 5844
A/N: AHHHH part 5! I’m so happy with this chapter! Disclaimer: Reader is not biologically related to any of the characters mentioned in this series. That is intended so that anyone can read this. Reader's back story will be revealed as the series progresses but for now, this will be taking course like WandaVision. Also note that any photos in the moodboards don't define the Reader's appearance, it's simply for the sake of the moodboard. Thank you all for the love and support! Don’t forget to reblog to show your support! Enjoy! 💕💕💕
*Don’t repost, translate or copy my work without my permission*
The sounds of the twins crying filled your ears.
You were trying to study for the SAT, before you felt a headache come along, but now you just felt aggravated.
You hastily shot up from your seat at your desk, a few flash cards and pencils flying about from the sudden movement before you walked out of your room and down the hall.
“Mom, I’m begging you, please use your magic or something,” you hurried down the stairs, your teased bangs flying in front of your face.
“Sweetie, I’m trying,” she pleaded, cradling Tommy in her arms, turning around to face you.
“Please go get the binkies,” she nodded her head towards their direction, but your dad appeared with them shoved in his ‘ears’, making you and your mother laugh.
“Love the new look, Dad,” you joked, nodding your head.
“Thank you, dear,” he smiled, shoving your shoulder playfully.
Once the cleaned binkies were placed in the twins mouths, it was quiet, until they decided to spit them out, the room filled with their cries again.
“Howdy neighbors!” the distribution was disrupted by Agnes, her gym attire blinding your eyes.
“Hi Agnes,” your mother greeted, sounding cheerful.
Your father zoomed past the two of you, a pillow covering his face as he changed to his human look. You moved closer to your dad, partially to conceal his real identity but you still couldn’t fathom that sense of uncertainty around Agnes.
“I hope the twins didn’t disturb you,” Wanda played with her hands, a smile on her face as Agnes made her way down the steps, placing her gym bag by the couch.
“Oh well I was just on my way to jazzercise when I noticed the babies were on a sleep strike,” she joked, hands placed on her hips.
Her stance was very bouncy and lively.
“Who told you?” you father asked, taking a step towards her, you taking this as an opportunity to shield yourself from her.
“Uh, my ears,” she bluntly said, everyone laughing as you let out a nervous laughter, moving closer to your father, you hooked your hand around his arm, letting him know you felt wary around Agnes. “Well I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve to help out.”
“Oh, Agnes, you’re a lifesaver,” your mother thanked, instantly your eyes widened in shock as you saw Agnes approach the twins.
Quickly your father reacted, listing different precautions before he decided ultimately it wasn’t a good idea, your head shaking enthusiastically in agreement.
All of you stood awkwardly in the living room before Agnes spoke up.
“Do you want me to take that again?” she asked, shifting from one foot to the other.
You furrowed your brows, cocking your head at her question. You saw her glance over to you and you felt a chill run up your spine.
You sense it too.
You need to help me put her to a stop.
You blinked.
The cries of your brothers rang through your ears and you saw Agnes go through the liquor cabinet.
“Vis, we haven’t slept in days, she’s just being neighborly,” your mother had Vision to the side and you wondered how long you were spaced out for when the twins finally stopped crying.
“Where are the twins?” your parents gasped, not finding them in their bassinets.
Your heart dropped as you looked at Agnes, thinking she was the culprit, but she was simply sitting on the counter.
“Mommy? Daddy?” two small voices called behind you, your gaze finding two little boys.
“Kids,” Agnes spoke up from her spot. “Can’t control them,” she chuckled as she drank from a glass.
“Hi,” your parents cooed the twins over, your body still in shock at their sudden growth spurt.
They hurriedly ran into their arms, your mouth wide as you stared at them in awe.
You were so glad you didn’t have to change dirty diapers anymore.
“Captain Rambeau, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” Peter shook her hand. “Y/N and I are big fans of you,” he passed a smile, Monica returning the gesture, a solemn look on her face.
“Thanks, nice grip, kid,” she commented, noticing the way he gave her hand a tight squeeze, she figured she could make light out of the conversation, for the sake of the teen boy and for herself.
“Yeah, thank you,” he stumbled out, red rising on his cheeks at the compliment before he stepped back to let Bucky make himself known.
“Sergeant Barnes,” she directed her attention to Bucky, shaking his hand.
She remembered hearing about the myth of the Winter Soldier as a kid, the idea of a killer not matching the look of his current state.
“Captain Rambeau, thank you for offering your help after everything,” his lip curled upwards, Monica’s heart wrenching at the sight of him.
He was now a father who only wished to have his daughter back.
“Of course, Wanda is in pain and your daughter,” she trailed, Bucky already knowing what she meant.
“Why do you say she’s in pain?” Peter asked, sounding a bit defensive, how could the culprit be in pain?
Monica opened her mouth, trying to find the right words, empathy filled her eyes.
“Being in there,” she began. “No thoughts were my own, they were Wanda’s and all I felt was pain and grief,” she inhaled deeply, her shoulders falling as she ended her sentence. “I don’t think what she is doing is intentional,” she looked between the two.
Peter felt a bit apprehensive, but he quickly excused himself from the room as Darcy and Jimmy came in.
Bucky took a deep breath, processing her words.
Surely Wanda wouldn’t put you in harm's way, not after everything she promised him, not after everything she’s done for you.
Letting go of his breath, he nodded his head. He believed Monica, she knew what she was talking about because she actually experienced the world Wanda put up.
He needed to have faith.
The five of them found themselves in the same spot they were put in when they first arrived, every agent listening to Jimmy start the brief- or rather try.
“And earliest tracking had her using her powers against the Avengers. Is that correct?” Hayward asked Jimmy, the man continuously cutting off the FBI agent to make Wanda seem more terrible than what she actually is.
“Right before she earned their trust and became one herself,” Jimmy defended, shooting his new friends a look.
“Lagos and Germany, we all know how that turned out,” Hayward dismissed Jimmy. Jimmy mummering something under his breath that Peter wholeheartedly agreed with.
“Surely we can look beyond her past, can we not?” Bucky suggested, arms crossed over his chest, knowing how it felt to be judged for their past.
“I think it’s safe to say that with most recent events, no,” Hayward answered. “Last time I checked, you were excused from your government mandated therapy to be here?” he implied, Bucky being taken aback, growing more insecure as the room judged him.
What a literal ass.
“Now we know that Wanda is the main victimizer, we don’t know what kind of terrorist agendas she holds,” Hayward read through the files, going back to what he thought was important.
“Wanda isn’t a terrorist, she’s mourning,” Monica explained, cutting him off. “Clearly this is a sign that she doesn’t know how to handle it,” she stated, gesturing around for emphasis.
“You said the experience was excruciating,” he used her words against her. “With all due respect, we can’t narrow down the possibility that an enhanced is simply mourning when the outcome is this,” Hayward commented. “And not to mention we don’t know what Y/N will do once she awakens.”
“You really think Y/N poses a threat too?” Peter straightened up, fury flashing through his eyes. “How dare you,” he was going to charge at the man, but Bucky stopped him.
Peter reluctantly stopped, his head dropped in defeat before he shot a look of disgust at the man.
“I can assure both Wanda and my daughter do not pose as threats,” Bucky sneered. “We shouldn’t try to overpower Wanda, she needs our help,” he confessed, backing Monica up.
“She shot you across the city,” Hayward directed back to Monica. “You almost died.”
“But I didn’t because she chose to protect me,” she retorted, growing frustrated at not being heard.
Just then, Hayward decided it was best to show the team “highly classified footage”.
“Wanda broke into SWORD Headquarters and resurrected him upon creating this reality,” he spoke as the screens showed security footage of Wanda breaking glass through a lab.
“That’s a violation of the Sokovia Accords,” Peter spoke up, remembering that lesson in his history class.
Vision never wanted to be used as a weapon.
He was now more convinced that Wanda could actually be harming you intentionally.
“Exactly,” Hayward nodded. “That’s it for now,” he dismissed everyone.
“But how did she bring him back, without the mind stone?” Jimmy asked, the five of them left in the briefing area.
“Who knows,” Darcy replied, leaning on the table.
“Why is she having Y/N play a part of it?” Peter drummed his knuckles on the table, brows furrowed as he thought of every possibility.
“Well who knows what’s gonna happen when both Vision and Y/N find out the truth?” Monica brought up the five of them staring at the monitor showing a painted picture of you standing beside Vision, your arm placed on Billy’s shoulder; a big smile on your face.
“Tommy, Billy,” you groaned, regretting your decision to check on your brothers the moment you stepped into the kitchen.
You found them standing by the sink, their bodies shielding you from something.
“I know you squirts are hiding something,” you cocked a brow, arms crossed over your chest.
“Please don’t tell Mommy,” Tommy turned around, giving you access to see the little puppy inside, bathing, your hard gaze softening.
“Where did you find the little guy,” you cooed, picking him up to dry him off.
“In the yard,” Billy answered, the twins following you around.
“Well I don’t know how Mom will feel,“ you shrugged, tilting your head as you placed him back on the counter.
“Feel about what?” your mom came strolling in, hands placed on her hips.
“Uh, nothing, just messing around with my lil bros,” you turned around, holding the puppy in place behind your back, Tommy and Billy standing on either side of you, both of them eagerly nodding.
“Kids,” she cocked her head to the side, giving an all knowing look.
“I swear they put me up to this,” you raised your hands in defense, a bark sounding from behind you, your mother’s brows raising in shock.
“We found him in the yard,” Billy began.
“Alone,” Tommy added. “And scared,” he gave a puppy dog look to match the one of the little furball.
“Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility, they need food, exercise, cuddles,” your mom grabbed the little guy, petting him, her mind contemplating. “And whittle kisses behind his whittle ears,” she scrunched her nose, kissing the pup.
“Good morning, wife and kids,” your dad strolled in. “And an unfamiliar wet animal?” he stopped in his tracks, slowly placing the newspaper on the table.
“Honey, why so formal?” your mother noticed his human appearance, handing you the puppy back.
His response with the fear of the unexpectedness of someone and you couldn’t help but agree with him and just like that-
“Agnes is here!” your father stated, rather a bit unenthusiastically. “With the exact item we require” he trailed and you sensed the way the wires in his brain moved.
She smiled, winking at your father as she sat the dog house down.
“My kitchen window told me you got a new pooch!” she smiled, bending her knees slightly to reach the boys. “Have you thought about a name?”
“What about Sniffy?” Billy suggested, noticing the way the puppy sniffed around after you placed him down.
“How about Sparky,” Agnes said, the poor puppy yelping when he electrocuted himself.
“Well, should we make it official?” you mother beamed, conjuring a dog collar right in front of Agnes.
“Wanda,” your father gasped, matching the same expression as yours, your mother not seeming to care.
You walked towards the boys and Anges, keeping an ear to your parent’s conversation.
“What aren’t you telling me?” your dad asked, voice laced with worry and you caught a glimpse of fear and betrayal written over his face.
You felt your heart pang, hoping whatever was going on with your parents, they could fix it.
“Don’t worry, sweetheart, parents argue all the time,” Agnes placed a hand on your shoulder, that same chill running through you. “You should count the number of times my dear Andy thought Ralph and I were gonna divorce,” she teased.
You passed her a smile, before you turned your attention to Sparky, deciding it was best not to draw too much attention to her.
“So is Sparky our dog, Dad?” Billy asked.
You picked up the little pup in your arms, the three of you staring at your parents, pleading to keep him.
“Not until you two are ten,” your mother said, your father coughing the number under his breath.
“Wait!” they both exclaimed, your twin brothers aging up half a decade right before your eyes.
“Let’s just hope Sparky stays the same size!” Agnes laughed behind you.
You only forced another laugh, hoping she left soon enough.
“C’mon, boys, let’s show Sparky the ropes of this house,” you nodded, leading them out of the kitchen.
Peter spent the morning watching WandaVision while half paying attention to Monica, Darcy and Bucky’s conversation.
Seeing you brought a smile to his face. Even if you were under Wanda’s control, you still acted like yourself, the only difference is that you don’t know you have powers and you don’t remember anything before Wesview.
“Okay, okay I think I know a way in,” Monica breathed out, capping the marker as she looked over her work.
“Wait, you’re not seriously thinking of going in, are you?” Bucky asked, taken aback, he had been watching Monica write different equations down, trying to remember how much he learned from his high school days.
“Wanda needs help and the quicker I can help her, the faster you’ll have your daughter home,” she pointed out, making Bucky sighed out in defeat.
“Have you identified the twins yet?” Jimmy strolled in with coffee in his hands, handing one to each of them, Peter graciously taking his.
“Oh, Wanda’s twins are hers, everything in there is real,” Monica clarified, turning around to face the group.
“So if everything is solid matter, then she’s wielding an insane amount of power,” Darcy said, Peter nodding along, now paying attention since Andrew made his appearance on screen.
“More than what she’s shown in the past,” Jimmy added.
“Well she could’ve taken out Thanos if she wanted to,” Monica cocked a brow, leaning on the worktable.
The name made Peter pause, his heartbeat racing when flashes of the battle and Tony dying filled his brain.
“Umm, I’m gonna go get some fresh air,” he stuttered, running out of the room, his pace causing a breeze to brush past the two women.
“Is he alright?” the three questioned.
“He and Tony Stark had a close relationship, it’s been a tough time for him,” Bucky explained, the three nodding in understanding.
“What are you doing?” Peter smiled, resting his head against the headboard while you climbed over his lap.
“I wanna try something,” you said, grabbing his hand in yours and placing it in the middle of your chest.
You saw him panic, you two haven’t explored your relationship that intimately yet, but you made sure to let him know it wasn’t that.
“Wanda and Vision have this thing where they can feel each other, because they’re connected with the mind stone,” you began, placing your hand on his chest.
“I figured because I have always been able to sense everyone around me and you can too, we could have something of our own,” you smiled, looking down at him.
He had the most adorable eyes, his brown orbs staring into yours, an admiration across his features.
“I love you so much,” he said, his ears already filling with your heart beat.
Slowly but surely, you felt his heartbeat mimic yours and you felt a state of peace in that moment.
“I love you too,” you pecked his lips, before snuggling into his hold, chests pressed together.
Over the course of your relationship, your connection grew stronger, being able to sense eachother miles away, hell, even lightyears.
And then one day you scared the shit out of him when you appeared in his thoughts.
“We could communicate telepathically now!”
You surprised him while he was at his locker and you were in class, causing all of his books and papers to fly out of his hands.
Being able to sense his reaction, you took advantage of startling him any chance you got.
“You look so cute today, Petey.”
“I love how your muscles look in that shirt.”
“Wanna make out after school today?”
You loved how you made him blush easily and secretly he loved it too.
Now standing on the perimeter of SWORD’s base, he sniffled, wiping away some tears as he looked out, the barrier staticing.
Was he tempted to go in and get you himself?
He did think about it before, but watching you fall in love with Andrew, thinking Wanda and Vision were your parents, he couldn’t fathom what Wanda would have him do.
He placed his hand on his chest, your heartbeat was slow and steady.
He knew it was because Wanda had control over you, you were growing weak as you fought against her.
But he also knew it was because the longer you stayed in there, the more you considered it being your reality, subconsciously letting her win and ultimately losing your connection with Peter.
He inhaled deeply, trying to stop the tears from falling.
I know you can hear me, Y/N. Just keep fighting.
He stood for a good few minutes, keeping his conscious clear in case you replied, but it was radio silence.
Letting himself calm down, he was going to go back inside before he was cut off by sirens and red flashing about, the barrier being broken through.
“You’re a really amazing kisser,” you mumbled against Andrew’s lips, hand grabbing onto his sweater that he wore, drawing him in closer.
“Can say the same for you,” he smirked, hand intertwined into your hair, pulling you close.
“I love you,” you said, his tongue slipping into your mouth, your head trying to block the way your heart clenched as the words escaped from your lips.
“You’re so cute,” his hand trailed underneath your sweater, your heart beating faster as his fingers danced over your spine. “Love you too,” he leaned in, moving you to your back.
You played with the hair on the nape of his neck, his short straight blond locks felt unfamiliar in your touch.
So abnormal.
You twirled the curly piece of brown hair you loved between your fingers, tugging on it slightly to erupt a moan from your boyfriend.
His hands gripped tighter on your waist, but he made sure not to hurt you before he slipped off your shirt.
“I want to go all the way,” he stopped, staring into your eyes to let you know he was being serious.
“Me too, Peter.”
“W-wait,” you stopped him. “It’s too soon,” you said, your mind drawing back to your room again.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” he rambled, but you stopped him, a small smile on your face.
“It’s okay, thanks for understanding,” you cupped his cheek, pecking his lips once more.
“Well gotta make sure the star is happy!” he beamed, standing up.
You laughed at the funny nickname, wondering where he got that from.
“Wanna head to the record store? We could listen at my place,” he suggested.
“Is your mom home?” you asked, moving around to grab your shoes and bag, smiling when he shook his head. “Okay, perfect!” you exclaimed, a weight lifting off your shoulders.
As the two of you walked down the stairs, you were met with Billy teaching Sparky some tricks.
“Woah, cool moves, dude!” Andrew hyped Billy up, giving him a high five.
“Thanks!” Billy responded, jumping up and down.
None of you realizing Sparky decided to go on a small adventure.
“Wait! Sparky!” Tommy cried out, the dog finding his way out the door.
“Kids!” your mother called out, running after them, you and Andrew following.
Walking out into the front yard, you all spotted a drone.
“This is Captain Monica Rambeau.”
The voice rang through your ears, sounding very familiar.
All of a sudden the voice powered down, the drone firing up as it aimed at your mother.
“Mom? Where are you going?” you held onto Billy and Tommy as you all watched the drone above you.
You wondered how it communicated with you, but you were more worried when you saw your mother completely shoot it down with her magic.
You instinctively pulled the twins closer to you, shielding them from what happened.
“Mom?” you asked worryingly, her stance becoming stiff and angered as she walked over to the drone.
“Stay here, honey, I’ll be back.”
Peter and Bucky ran out with everyone else, the barrier turning red, the silhouette of Wanda appearing.
“Is this yours?” she threw the drone laced with her magic in front of the director.
“It was just a precaution,” Hayward dismissed. “You could hardly blame us, Wanda.”
“Oh I think I can,” her voice was laced with anger, her gaze darting around the area, not noticing two very familiar faces. “This will be your only warning, stay out of my home, you won’t bother me I won’t bother you,” she tried to compromise.
“You’ve taken an entire town hostage,” Hayward argued, the lasers aiming at her.
“I’m not the one with the guns, Director,” she shot back, unfazed by the multitude of guns pointed her way.
“But you are the one in control,” Monica spoke up, stepping forward, cautious of what Wanda is capable of.
“You’re still here,” Wanda spat, forming a red ball in her hands, a look of disbelief on Monica that Wanda feels the need to do that.
“Wanda, please, deep down you know I am an ally, I wanna help you,” Monica pleaded, approaching closer.
“What do you have to possibly offer me?” she softly spoke, irritation laced in her voice.
“What do you want?” Monica spoke hopefully, thinking she got Wanda to compromise.
“I have what I want and no one will ever take it from me again,” she spat.
“What about Y/N?” Bucky raised his voice, his voice strained with anger and hurt as he walked past the guards and Monica until he was in front of her, face meters from hers. “Is this what she wants?” he pleaded, his heart wrenching.
He saw the way her composure faltered, surprised to see him here.
“I gave her exactly what she wanted,” she cocked a smirk, taking the upper hand again. “Don’t you know that James?”
“Not like this, Wanda,” he shook his head, eyes begging at her to let his daughter go. “Out of everyone you should know this is not what she needs,” he gritted, pointing a finger at her.
“I know what she needs and no one is going to get in my way,” she bit back, swirling her hand before she flicked her wrist and she was mind controlling the guards to point their guns at Hayward.
Peter and Bucky watched as Wanda opened the barrier again, disappearing once more.
Bucky stood by the car, surprised that he’d see Wanda again. He was glad she made something of herself after Hydra.
Willing to fight in order to help him.
He knew she was probably going to ask where you were.
God, it broke his heart to leave you, but he couldn’t take you with him, not like this.
So even though Wanda was doing so much for him already, he needed one more favor to ask of her.
“Wanda, thank you for doing this,” he pulled her to the side, while everyone else changed.
“No problem, James,” she smiled. “Anything for family.”
“Thank you,” he breathed out, playing with his metal hand. “Umm, I need to ask you something else,” he began, Wanda tilting her head to the side in curiosity. “Y/N, she’s still in Romania, probably scared to death. Whatever happens, can you make sure she’s taken care of?”
“Of course, Bucky, I’m sure we could arrange something, I’ll find a way,” she touched his shoulder reassuringly. “I love her more than anything in the world,” she said truthfully.
“I want her to have a good life, have her go to a nice school, y’know, have her put that brain of hers to good use,” he cracked a laugh, making her smile grow wider. “You probably know her better than I do,” he joked.
“I promise.”
Bucky sat on the grass outside the tents, his gaze straight on the barrier in front of him, his knee bouncing up and down.
“Mr. Barnes, are you alright?” Peter asked, even though both knew the answer to that already.
“She broke my promise,” Bucky muttered. “I told her to keep her safe.”
“What?” Peter sat down next to him, brows furrowed.
“Wanda’s the reason my daughter had a good life for two years, the reason why she went to Midtown, the reason why she met you,” he clasped his hands together, resting his elbows on his knees. “And now she’s acting like she knows her better than me,” he sniffled, quickly wiping his tears away.
Peter awkwardly stared at him, figuring out what to say.
“I think Wanda is still in denial, she doesn’t know the full strain she is putting on Y/N and everyone else, but I can confidently say that Y/N won’t give up, I can feel her fighting, Mr. Barnes,” he looked at him before looking out into the barrier, hand placed on his chest.
When you grew older, you met Wanda at a Hydra base, instantly looking up to her. Her powers similar to yours.
At first she was a bit cold and mean, but you had a habit of making everyone fall in love with you.
After Bucky managed to escape from Hydra’s grasp, he took you with him and you spent a good two years hiding in Romania, but then Captain America showed up.
It was your fifteenth birthday that day, your father reluctantly letting you go out on your own after you tricked him in doing so.
You were devastated and scared when you came back to the apartment to find it all battered and beaten, your home looking much worse.
And deep down you knew it was your dad.
Only a week of hiding out in your home, dodging multiple police and secret service men, but finally- Wanda showed up.
She was older and looked like she’d been through hell as well. She appeared with a blond man, he looked familiar but you couldn’t pinpoint it.
Although, you saw the way they looked at each other.
“Your father is getting help, but I promised him that you will be taken care of,” she promised you, leading you outside to a car.
Her promise is what led you on a plane to America and in a city named Queens.
That’s where you met Peter.
You quickly became friends and it wasn’t until your second anniversary in America that he asked you out.
By then you had known each other, already in love with the boy.
But then seven months later and half the universe turned to dust, leaving you to watch your father die before you after seeing him for the first time in two years.
Your heart wrenched when you felt panicked, failing even when Peter warned you he was coming.
Then you turned to dust next to your father.
“I remember when Hydra used her against me, threatened to kill her if I didn’t oblige to the mission,” he spoke up. “She was barely five and she still understood what they were doing to me was wrong, she never blamed me for what I did,” he glanced down, eyes full of sorrow.
He thought back to the memories, your tiny frame always resting on top of his chest as he read you bedtime stories or when you would eat dinner together.
Hydra always let him be with his daughter, growing that bond, but he knew deep down it was so that they could use you as leverage to get him to do whatever they wanted.
You were much smarter than them though, using your powers to control their souls. You were such a devious little child full of power and destruction.
No wonder Hydra kept you.
But even with the powers you held, you always promised Bucky that you would never use them on him, knowing very well about his history.
“Look there’s a butterfly,” you cooed, one landing on your extended finger. “I love them so much,” you sighed.
“Seems to be a lot out here,” Andrew said beside you.
The two of you were walking home from the record shop, admiring the scenery and your day got better the moment you saw the little creatures.
Everyday seemed like the same old thing, every neighbor saying good morning the same way, your boyfriend taking you on the same dates all the time. It was getting boring.
Yet anytime you saw a monarch butterfly, they seemed to spice it up, reminding you there was more to life.
Walking closer to your houses, you spotted your mom, brothers and Agnes.
The twins seemed distressed, your mother trying to calm them down.
“Hey what’s wrong?” you quickened your pace until you reached them.
“Sparky got into my azaleas,” Agnes said solemnly, holding the puppy.
“What?” you gasped, pulling the boys into your sides. “I’m so sorry guys,” you sighed, shooting Andrew a look, your boyfriend lightly ruffling their hair.
Once your dad came over, things seemed to settle down a bit, thus prompting Agnes to open her mouth.
“Say Y/N, congratulations on making your college decision, keeping tradition running!” she congratulated you, her compliment making you furrow your brows.
“What do you mean?” you forced a smile.
“You decided on attending Westview University!” she said.
Your world stopped the moment she said those words.
How could your mother do this? Decide for you.
You sat through dinner quietly, waiting for the right moment.
Sitting on the couch, you waited for your mother to come back down stairs after she put the twins to sleep, your father burying Sparky outside.
Hearing her steps, you turned your head to her. She quietly ignored you as she went to the kitchen, making you huff out in anger.
“Mom! Why did Agnes say I’m going to Westview University!?” you yelled, following her into the kitchen. “Why can’t I go out of state, why do you want to keep me here!?” you seethed, growing irritated and annoyed and her constant acts of pushing this conversation to the side.
“Enough!” she turned around, her face inches from yours. “Why on Earth would you want to leave?” she baffled.
“Because I want more to life than just living in this stupid town, everyone does the same thing everyday!” you admitted.
“So you’re just going to leave everything behind, your family, your friends, Andrew?” she cocked a brow. “Haven’t I given you enough? You’re the captain on the cheer squad, smartest kid in school dating the quarterback of the football team!” she expressed. “What more could you want?”
“I don’t know!” you replied, proving your point. “That’s why I want to leave, but you’re treating it like I’m abandoning you guys,” you began to cry, tears streaming down your face.
The sound of the backdoor open alerted you both, your father walking through the door with a solemn look on his face as he washed his hands.
“We are done discussing this,” your mother finished, going back to grabbing toys and putting them in a basket.
“Dad?” you whined, asking him for help.
“Go to your room, dear, let me talk to your mother,” he replied, pushing some hair out of your face before bidding you goodnight.
“I hate you,” you gritted at your mother, the shock on her face made you feel guilty but you didn’t care as you ran up the stairs and slammed the door to your room.
Vision winced at the sound of the door slamming, looking up at Wanda to find her wiping a few stray tears.
“She doesn’t hate you, she just wants to know why you don’t want her to pursue her dreams,” he clarified.
“Don’t you think I know that? Don’t you think I want her to go out into the world?” she shook her head. “It’s too dangerous out there for her, she doesn’t know the real world.”
“Shouldn’t that be up to her to decide?” he tilted his head. “You can’t control her the way you do others, you can’t control me the way you do to them,” he added. “What are you hiding, Wanda?”
“We’ll talk about this in the morning,” she picked up the basket and walked out of the kitchen.
“No, we’re discussing it now!” his voice grew louder. “What is outside of Westview!?”
“You don’t want to know,” she seethed.
“You can’t make that choice for me Wanda!” he pointed, his normal form appearing. “Norm has a family Wanda,” he tried to make his case.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
“Stop lying to me!” he flew up out of anger and frustration.
“This, all of this is for us,” she matched him. “So let me handle it.”
“I don’t know who I am, I don’t remember anything before Westview!” he shouted.
“You are my husband, the father of my children, Y/N, Tommy and Billy,” she lowered herself, Vision following.
“It’s more than that, isn’t it?” he said.
“You really think I control everything?” she yelled back, growing frustrated. “What do I control when they go to dentist appointments? To work?” she sneered. “You really think I’d let my own daughter say she hates me?” she sat on the couch, tears in her eyes.
“I-” he was cut off by the door ringing.
“That wasn’t me,” she said, but Vision’s face told her. “You don’t believe me,” her face fell before she got up.
As she went to open the door, she was startled by who she found.
Flashes of Sokovia and Ultron. Her brother’s death.
Her heart wrenched before she felt whole again.
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blissfulparker · an hour ago
Reader breastfeeding her's and tom's baby for the first time and it's all awww until you are like: HE BIT ME
“Okay mom, I’ll leave you to it!” The nurse had prepared you in every way to start breastfeeding your child. Taking good care of you and your small boy as he cried out of hunger.
“Look at him, oh Tommy look at how he’s latching on so quickly!” You wince a little at the already soreness but the sweet boy who closes his eyes as he feeds makes all the pain go away.
“Hey, look at you.” He sits closely in the chair as he strokes carefully at the baby’s soft head of hair. A bare layer of brown hair forming at the top. “You’re doing it!” He said both to you and to the baby. Proud of both of you.
“I’m doing it.” You say to yourself in accomplishment. Relax a little too much as you feel your son bite down a little bit too hard. You wince, Tom can see it in your eyes as you flinch a bit and your baby boy pulls back crying.
“What happened?” Tom panicked and you threw your head back. Your nipple already raw and sore, your son biting down didn’t make anything better.
“He bit me!” You groan as you try and calm the baby but Tom gently takes him out of your arms to give the two of you minute.
“I don’t blame you bud—OW!” Tom felt the sudden and strong slap to his arm from you who sat there trying to clean youself up.
“Are you kidding? He’s two days old thomas!” You scold him and his eyes only roll as he keeps bouncing the baby. He starts to prepare a bottle rather than have you try again and be more sore.
“What! I get where he’s coming from! Bubs, trust me, mama doesn’t like it when you—HEY!” This time you threw your plastic fork at him from your lunch. “You should’nt have this much strength after just giving birth...they put steroids in your medicine or something? I’m going to have a talk with these doctors...” he groans as he gives the little boy the bottle, going from pouting to smiling as he feeds the boy.
“Maybe don’t tell our child how to suck on my boobs! He will learn Tom, you know because he actually has a reason.” You lay back on the hospital bed and Tom looks over at you with raised brows.
“Hey, I had a reason nine months ago—don’t throw that!” He hesitates as he sees you found the empty plastic cup from your medicine.
After the boy finish bottle feeding he was placed back in your arms. This time tom slid into the bed too and the two of you cuddled him until the sweet boy fell asleep. Even with Toms stupid jokes and your boobs painfully sore, you couldn’t have asked for a better family to start.
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blissfulparker · an hour ago
you think mistletoe kisses are lame but i bring you under one and suddenly you're all for it?
“Mistletoe is just a dead plant you’re hanging in your house!”
You would always say.
You found the whole mistletoe thing tedious, maybe it was because years you spent without a lover or maybe it was the way you seemed to always hit your head on it but you always found it a joke.
Tom dressed in his favorite Christmas jumper, warm sweats and you all got ready to have Christmas dinner at his house. The family of Holland’s rushed around to set the table to eat, the house mostly filled with starving boys and ones eager to get to their first present.
“Ah, ah, ah,” Tom grabbed you by the waist and pulled you back.
“Tom, I’m starving, what is it?” You grew a pout as all you thought about was the casserole that sat warm in the middle of the table.
“Mistletoe.” He pointed up. You raised your brows but he already locked you in with his arms and his face so close to yours.
“Seriously?” You huff and he nodded. Leaning in to steal the first kiss, you suddenly want more. Kissing more and more, feeling your lips against his as your hands went to his hair.
“Get a room, Mum tell them to get out!” Harry pushed past the two of you causing you to break off. Tom giving his brother the finger which sparked his mum to tell him off and for you to sigh.
“See? More than just a dead weed.” He smriked and you looked up.
“No, still just a dead weed. But I guess whatever gets me to kiss you.” You grew a soft smile and leaned in for more.
It took another Holland brother to snap at you two to finally get you both to sit down. Enjoy the Christmas dinner with everyone but now you smiled as you looked forward to kissing tom under the mistletoe next year and every year after that.
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poetrcy · an hour ago
oooh a Tom blurb where you’re set up on a blind date by friends and you’re both opposed to the idea but do it for your friends
blurbs & drabbles night
“You would tell me if he was an ass, Lily?”
“Yes, now just give him a chance,” she pleaded.
She was driving, and it was nearly seven, which was when you were both supposed to be meeting each other at whatever restaurant she and her boyfriend Harrison had picked out. They’d practically begged you to go out on a blind date with him, to which you completely protested up until earlier in the week when you broke and agreed.
When you pulled up out front, Lily couldn’t help squealing in a mix of excitement and anticipation. You, on the other hand, were quite unimpressed. She showed you a picture of him a few weeks back, his name was Tom and he was certainly attractive. You hadn’t really needed to see the picture, he was a pretty famous actor and you weren’t living underneath a rock.
He, however, had probably been shown whatever picture Harrison though best that he could take off of your Instagram. This made you nervous, even if you didn’t expect anything to come of the date.
Lily practically pushed you out of the car, forcing you to enter the very nice restaurant. It had a beautiful interior, and when you approached the lady at the front and told her your name, she brought you to the back outdoor patio where he was already sitting.
You felt a bit of a spike in anxiety, hoping your dress wasn’t sitting odd. You swallowed, hoping to stretch the walk a bit longer. He did look very nice, he was wearing a white button up that was tucked into black slacks.
“Tom,” he greeted, holding out his hand when you approached where he sat.
“Y/N,” you laughed nervously, taking his hand and shaking it.
The woman informed you that your server would be around momentarily and that you shouldn’t have to wait long. Tom invited you to sit down, both of you staring at each other in a bit of awkward silence.
You opened your mouth to say something, but it seemed he had the same idea. Your words clashed, both of you laughing this off and inviting the other to speak first. He watched you intently while you spoke, eyes not faltering while he listened.
“I’m sorry if Harrison and Lily forced you to do this, really,” you told him.
“Oh, I don’t mind. You are very beautiful, and I hadn’t much of a reason not to come out to dinner with you.”
This made you look away casually in a flustered embarrassment. The waitress came around and you both agreed to order a bottle of red wine. He was easy to keep a conversation with, and things weren’t going nearly as awkward as you envisioned them to be.
“You’re studying in university, right?” He asked, genuinely interested.
“Yeah, I am. And you act, I’ve seen a few of your movies, you’re really talented.”
He flushed at this, sipping the wine and shrugging. By the time you both began looking over the menus, you couldn’t help peering over the barrier and observing him. Something telling you that you wouldn’t regret coming out for the night.
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golddustharrington · an hour ago
Stuck In The Web of Love (Peter Parker x Stark! Reader!) |Spider-Man: Homecoming- Chapter 8|
Spider-Man: Homecoming Masterlist
Story Summary: Being Tony Stark’s kid can have its ups and downs. One of the downs is that you are in danger when your dad comes out as Iron Man. And one of the ups is that you are protected by the avengers. But what happens when you meet someone that you met a long time ago. As the two of you get closer when you go to Midtown Tech, meeting Ned, MJ, and everyone else. What happens when you catch feelings for the geeky brunette, especially when he has feelings for someone else? Will you hide these feelings or tell him at the right time… or the wrong time?  
Chapter Summary: the reader and peter are working at the weapon core they found the night before in the shop with some help from ned. its decathlon time and its seems to be the perfect time for peter to sneak off, right? peter talks to karen about his feelings, but about who.
Word Count: 8.2k+
Warnings: fluff and language 
I love interacting with you all! Feel free to ask, private message or leave a comment below! 
Note: grammar, punctuation and spelling errors 
Taglist: @write-from-the-heart @ayejaysshite @est19xxshit @hallecarey1
“You want to tell me why the hell you came home late last night with your clothes somewhat wet?” Pepper questioned you, watching you grab two pieces of toast from the toaster and placed them on the white plate that you were holding before you. You were wearing a white ivory shirt with a maroon plaid button up with light washed skinny jeans, paired off with black vans. 
“I was hanging out with Peter at the party, and we ended up staying late, okay?” You lied as you placed the plate onto the counter and grabbed the jar of your favorite jam to put on the toast. Pepper sighed in annoyance as she looked at you, her head placed in the palm of her hand as she looked at you with a look of disbelief on her face.
“Mhm,” She hummed, stealing a quick glance down at the screen of her laptop. Probably an important email or something like that. “So, what’s your explanation for your clothes?” She looked at you with a raised brow and you returned the look after taking a bite for your toast, swallowing the bite before you spoke.
“There was a pool. I lost my balance and fell into the pool.” You lied again before taking another bite of the toast. Pepper took a deep breath before looking at her laptop before her and started typing, the way she looked at you and how she reacted to what you said was telling you that she didn’t believe you.
“And what did Peter do?” She questioned as she continued to type, her eyes moving word after word that she was typing in her computer. Trying to get more out of you, looking up at you quickly.
You shifted on your feet as you got rid of the little crumbs of toast off your hands as you finished your breakfast. “He jumped in to make sure that I was okay,” You lied to her once again as you placed your plate into the sink. “And we just hung out in the backyard with Ned afterwards.” You finished. You were met with typing as it echoed throughout the room.
You sighed and glanced down at your watch that sat on your wrist to see that it was time to go to school, and from what Peter texted you when you woke up that morning was that he was bring the glowing purple item in school and was wondering if you wanted to help him dismantle it to see what it was.
Of course, you agreed to do so.
“I’ve got to go,” You informed Pepper as you grabbed your bag from a chair at the table. “I’ll be back some time after school.” You added as you began walking towards the elevator.
“Don’t you have that Decathlon competition coming up soon?” Pepper questioned as you pressed the button to go down. You looked over your shoulder to look at her.
“Yeah. Why?”
“Just wondering,” She answered, turning around in her seat to look at you. Her arm sitting on top of the chair as she looked at you. “You might want to pack beforehand, Y/N.” She suggested, to which you nodded to her as the doors of the elevator opened.
“Have a great day at school, Y/N.” Pepper said over her shoulder as you walked into the elevator, placing earbuds into your ears. “Have a great day, Pepper.” You repeated as the elevator doors began to close. You sighed and leaned against the railing of the elevator, watching the numbers count how many floors you passed by.
The numbers telling you how close you were getting to going to school.
At the shop with Peter, trying to dismantle the glowing object that the two of you found to look at the glowing item better. Peter hitting the item a few times with a hammer to see if that freed the object from the wiring. Causing the object to glow purple after hit after hit. 
It did lose up a piece of metal that was placed on the object, letting Peter remove it just as easily as it came loose. 
“Hey,” Ned said as he walked up to the table where you and Peter were. “Thanks for bailing on me.” You and Peter looked up from the object to look at your friend. 
“Yeah, well, something came up.” Peter informed, looking down at the glowing object and back at Ned. Showing him what the two of you are working on. Ned looked down in shock. 
“Oh, what is that?” Ned asked in shock as he studied the object just you and Peter were. You picked some tweezers and began removing the wiring as Peter informed Ned about what happened last night. 
“We don’t know,” Peter shrugged, glancing at you quickly before looking back at Ned. “Some guy tried to vaporize me with it.” Peter said, causing you to look at Peter with a look of concern. 
“Why the hell didn’t you tell me that Peter?” You questioned the brunette as you tossed some metal onto the table. Peter looked over at you and shrugged once again, swallowing nervously. 
“Did… didn’t cross my mind at the time Y/N.” 
“Mhm.” You hummed as you returned to dismantling the object. Tossing more things that came from the object onto the table.
“Really?” Ned asked in shock, making his friend look away from you and back to him. 
“Yeah.” Peter nodded.
“Awesome!” Ned exclaimed, causing you and Peter to look at him with an indignant look making him back track immediately. 
“I mean, not awesome,” Ned shook his head to disapprove of what he said before. “Totally uncool of that guy. So scary.”  You and Peter glanced up at him from the device to look at with the same look you gave him before looking back at the device and disassembling it. 
“Well, look, we think it’s…” Peter looked quickly over at you. “A power source.” He said, making you nod your head in agreement. “Yeah, but it’s connected to all these microprocessors,” Ned pointed at some of the wires. “That’s an inductive charging plate. That’s what I use to charge my toothbrush.” 
“Well, whoever’s making these weapons is,” You began as you pulled a wire loose.
“Is combing alien tech with ours.” Peter finished your sentence, making you look at him. Earning a tug at your heart. You gave him a soft smile and nodded your head. 
“Yeah, that.” You sighed. Peter reciprocated the same soft smile you gave him in return. The two of you having a red tint to your cheeks.
“That’s literally the coolest sentence anyone has ever said,” Ned said in amazement, making you and Peter look over at him as he stared off. You two of you looked at each other and shrugged. You went to start moving the wires, feeling Peter’s hand brush against yours.
Causing sparks to flow through your skin.
“I just want to thank you for letting me be a part of your journey… into this amazing-“ Ned said, beginning his speech until you moved your hands away from the device to allow Peter to slam the hammer down on it once again. Making a loud noise echo throughout the shop and the glowing object to jump out of the device it was held in, onto the table, also causing the three of you to jump and to quickly look over at the teacher, who was reading a book at his desk.
“Keep your fingers clear of the blades.” His voice boomed throughout the shop. The three let out a sigh of relief and turned back to the device. “We gotta figure out what this is and who made it.” Peter informed.
“We’ll go to the lab after class and run tests,” Ned added, which not too so afterwards do their handshake as you just chuckled at them with a small shake of your head as the three of you continued to look at the glowing object.
Wondering who in the world would want to combine alien tech.
In Peter’s room, you were spinning in Peter’s desk chair. Staring blankly up at the ceiling as you tried to understand what you were just told over the phone when Peter called you. Talking quickly through the phone.
“So, let me get this straight,” You sighed, running your fingers through your hair with your eyes clenched closed in concentration. Peter sitting on his bed looked at you with his head in the palm of his hand, staring at you admiringly. “The guys that tried to vaporize you came to the school because they…” You trailed off and looked over at Peter for help.
“They had an energy pulse in the shop and were searching for it. So, I put a tracking device on one of the guys boots to see where they might be going.” You nodded your head at this information, moving the chair back and forth slightly as you pursed your lips in thought.
“And what are you going to do when you figure out where they are?” You questioned the brunette. Peter sat up fully as this question and looked at you confidently.
“Easy, I’ll go after them and stop them,” His cheeks began to turn a light pink as he looked at you shyly. “With your help if you want to.” He suggested shyly, making your cheeks feel hot.
“I’d like to Peter, but my-“ But you were cut off by Ned sitting in front of the two of you as a holographic map with a blinking red dot on a device with excitement in his voice and on his face. You were going to tell Peter about the tracker inside his suit, but it was too late when Peter looked over where Ned was with excitement. 
“This is so awesome,” Peter laid on his bed to be closed to his best friend and you moved from the chair to sit on the floor and lean against the bed as the three of you looked at the holographic map that sat in Ned’s hand.
“I know, right?” Peter agreed as the three of you watched the red dot move along the map. You sighed and moved around to get comfortable, having a feeling that this was going to be awhile until the three of you figured out where they’re going to stop at. You glanced over at the map to see that the red dot moved.
“They’re in Brooklyn.” You sighed as you crossed your arms against your chest.
As time moved on, the three of you moved around the room as you watched the red dot move on the map.
“Staten Island.” Ned said as the three of you were snacking on chips, you and Ned sitting on the floor and Peter hanging upside down from the top bunk of his bed.
“Leaving Jersey.” You yawned as night fell on the three of you. The only light sources helping the three of you see were the holographic map, your phone that you had in your hand as you texted Pepper that you might be late coming home, and the streetlights shining in through Peter’s bedroom window.
Not too long ago, Ned fell asleep on Peter’s bed, wearing the Spider-Man mask. You were laying down on the floor with a pillow cushioning your head as you looked up at Peter, who was on the ceiling. The two of you having random conversations after one of you brought something up. 
“Do you remember when we first met?” You questioned him as you looked up at him. Your heart beating fast as you looked up at him curiously. Peter furrowed his brows at you with a small tilt to his head, making your heart do backflips. 
“Of course I remember Y/N,” He said softly. “I have a fucking picture that aunt May took of us sitting on the fucking jungle gym. I remember bumping heads with you and meeting you, it was one the best things that happened to me.” He smiled softly, making you do the same. 
“It was the best thing that happened to me as well,” You sighed, but then sat up and looked at the brunette curiously. “One of the best things that happened to you?” You questioned him. Peter looked at you with another tilt of his head and began to lower himself from a web, stopping to be face to face with you even though he’s upside down. 
“Yeah, meeting you again was another best thing that happened to me, Y/N.” He confessed, his cheeks having a light pink tint to them, you felt your cheeks heat up at this confession as well. 
“Same,” You smiled at the brunette. “I wish I didn’t lose that picture though. When my dad came back from where our house used to be in Malibu with just a few things that were left behind and didn’t have that picture I felt my heart shatter,” You confessed, looking down at the ground. Playing with your fingers as you did so. 
“Y/N,” Peter said softly, making you look up at the boy with brown eyes. He reached over and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, kept his hand there as the two of you looked at each other. Both of your hearts feel a tug on them. 
“I’m sorry for losing it.” You apologized softly as you continued to stare into his brown eyes. Peter shook his head at your apology. 
“You don’t have to apologize for losing it, Y/N. You didn’t know that your home was going to be destroyed that day,” He began, watching at a passing headlights of a car pass by his bedroom window move across your face, showing your features that caused another big tug at his heart. 
“I can make you another one if you’d like.” Peter offered with a soft smile. 
“No,” You shook your head. “I can’t ask you to do that Peter.” You were being stubborn, something that your dad, Pepper, Happy, Rhodey, the Avengers picked up on when they were around you. Tony telling you that you act like your mom when she’s stubborn, especially when you cross your arms and tap your foot when your firm about your decision.
“Y/N, please let me do this for you,” Peter begged as he pushed the same strand that came loose when you shook your head. “Please.” He pleaded softly to you. You stared at Peter and opened mouth to say something, but the sound of a beeping noise interrupted you and the bed shifted as Ned sat up on the bed and grabbed the device that had the holographic map. 
“They stopped.” He informed, causing you and Peter to turn in his direction to look at the map. 
“Maryland?” You questioned as you looked at the red dot with furrowed brows. 
“What’s there?” Ned questioned the two of you. Peter shrugged as he answered him. 
“I don’t know. Evil lair?” 
“They have a lair?” Ned asked, surprised. 
“Dude, a gang with alien guns…” Peter began his sentence. 
“Run by a guy with wings?” You questioned, you and Peter looked at each other with a pink tint still on your cheeks but probably slightly brighter before looking back over at Ned. 
“Yeah, they have an evil lair.” The two of you said in unison. 
“Badass,” Ned said, impressed with a nod of his head, but titled his head to the side as he looked at Peter. “But how are you gonna get there if it’s like, 300 miles away?” The three of you stared at each other for a second before looking over at the decathlon poster simultaneously.
“It’s not too far from D.C.” Peter stated, forming a plan inside his head already. But looking at the poster made your eyes widened from what you and Pepper talked about that morning, causing you to stand up quickly. Being careful to avoid bumping heads with Peter as you did so. 
“I’ve gotta go,” You informed as you patted your jean pockets to see which pocket your phone was in to text Happy you need a ride home. “I’ve got to pack for the decathlon and I told Pepper I was going to be home earlier and it’s late…” You rambled as you texted Pepper quickly after texting Happy. You glanced up at Peter and Ned as they looked at you. 
“I’ll see you guys later,” You sighed as you walked over to where they still were. You leaned down to hug Ned goodbye. 
“Bye Ned.” You said.
“Bye Y/N.” You gave him a soft smile before you turned around to see Peter still hanging upside down but still eye level with you. You couldn’t really hug him like this so you had to think of another way to say goodbye. 
“Bye Peter,” You said softly as you leaned a little closer, your heart beating fast in your chest. 
“Bye Y/N.” Peter said with a shy smile on his lips. Thinking you were going to back away and walk away like he thought, you didn’t. 
Instead you leaned in a little closer making Peter shallow nervously as he watched you. You quickly looked at the brunette before pressing your lips softly to his cheek like you did years before at the playground when you had to leave. 
When you pulled away you saw that Peter’s cheeks were a bright red as he looked at you and you were pretty sure your cheeks were exactly the same. 
"I… I'll see you guys later," You said softly as you stood up fully and started walking towards Peter's bedroom door. 
"Bye Y/N!" Ned waved happily at you. You returned the wave with a shy smile and watched Peter land on the floor on his feet. And turned around to look at you in awe. 
"Bye Y/N." He breathed. You felt a tug at your heart at this. You opened the door as you said before you walked out the door. 
"Bye Peter." 
Once you stepped outside his bedroom door, closing it behind you, you pressed your lips together to hide your smile as you walked to the front door of the apartment. 
Saying goodbye to May as you did so. 
You were standing in front of the bus with Ned and the rest of the decathlon team, helping everyone load up the bus wearing your yellow decathlon jacket with a river green short sleeved t-shirt with different variations of colors that were gathered in bouquets on the shirt. 
The colors consisted of; yellows. whites, pinks, and blues. The dark blue skinny jeans finished off with black vans. You were looking around to see if Peter was going to show up or not, you were worrying your bottom lip between your teeth as you looked around the school. 
“Where are you Peter?” You mumbled underneath your breath. What if Peter decided to not go with the plan that he told you over the phone that morning when you woke up. What if it was because of the kiss you left on his cheek? You shook your head at the thought followed by your cheeks heating up at the thought. 
As you looked forward again you felt your heart almost leap out of your chest. Peter was walking over to where all of you were standing. A smile broke out on your lips as you waved at him with a smile on your face, making Peter return it. 
“Hey, it’s Peter.” Abe shouted, giving Peter away. Everyone turned their attention to the brunette that was getting closer to all of you. 
“Guys,” Peter greeted as he stopped in front of everyone, taking a few steps back when he got too close to Liz. 
“Peter?” Liz asked, confused with her brows furrowed in confusion as to why he was back after quitting. 
“Hey, I was hoping I could rejoin the team. Peter said, looking at everyone in the group. Before anyone can say anyone, a voice that annoyed you to death so much that you knew who it belonged to spoke up. 
“No, no, no way,” Flash spoke up, annoyed as he walked towards Peter. “You can’t just stroll up and be welcomed back by everyone.” And just right on cue, Mr. Harrington stepped off the bus and greeted Peter with a smile and did the exact opposite Flash just said. 
“Hey, welcome back Peter,” Flash looked at Mr. Harrington with an annoyed look just as Mr. Harrington looked at him. “Flash, you’re first alternate.” You laughed when you heard this, covering your mouth with the fist of your hand. 
“What?” Flash questioned, acting like he just got punched in the face. Making you laugh even more behind your hand. 
“He’s taking your place.” Abe shouted out to Flash, making people silently chuckle to themselves. 
“Excuse me,” Michelle spoke out from the back of the crowd, stepping forward a bit so that she could be seen. “I was hoping to get some protesting in front of an embassy before dinner, so.” Michelle added as she looked at Mr. Harrington for his response. 
Mr. Harrington nodded his head as he understood where Michelle was coming from. “Protesting is patriotic,” He nodded towards the bus towards him, telling all of you to get on. “Let’s get on the bus.” 
As everyone began getting on the bus, Flash shrugged off his jacks and thrusted in into Peter’s arms before getting onto the bus in annoyance. Bumping into people as he walked up the steps of the bus. You walked up next to Peter and bumped your shoulder against his. 
“He deserves it,” You sighed and looked over at the brunette with chocolate brown eyes. Peter chuckled as he removed his backpack and handed it towards you to put on his decathlon jacket. “He’s a dick.” 
“Not to you at least.” Peter sighed as he pulled his right arm through the jacket sleeve. You rolled your eyes at this and an aggravated groan. 
“It’s because he likes me and doesn’t know how to take a no as an answer.” Peter snickered at this as he grabbed his backpack from you and put it back on his back with a smirk on his face. 
“You should tell him that you have a crush on Spider-Man.” Peter joked. You felt a tug at your heart and your cheeks when Peter said this. You wished that Peter knew what he said was true. You really wished he did. 
But it needed to be at the right place, at the right time. 
“Hahahahahahaha,” You sarcastically laughed as you bumped your shoulder against his again as you walked towards the steps of the bus. “Like that’s gonna stop him. It’s only gonna motivate him even more.” You added, walking past Peter to get onto the bus. Your cheeks heating up even more if that was possible as you heard Peter’s light footsteps against the concrete and grass to catch up with you. 
With one foot stepping onto the bus, you felt Peter grab your hand, sending sparks down your spine. Even more were sent down when he intertwined his fingers with yours. The two of you holding hands until it came to walking down the aisle to get to your seats is when you let go of his hand, and him letting go of yours. 
Much to both of your dismays. 
In their hotel room, Peter and Ned had his suit hooked up to Ned’s computer after getting to the hotel for the competition. Peter wanted to get rid of the tracker that Happy mentioned to him on the bus when heading to D.C. Why didn’t you tell him when you had the chance? 
Were you going to tell him anyways? Let him know about the tracker or keep it a secret from him? 
But here he is, sitting on the carpet floor on his knees. Tweezers in one hand, flashlight in his mouth, while his other hand is holding onto a piece of his suit that held the embedded tracker. 
“Peter… what are we removing the tracker from your suit?” Ned questioned him. Peter looked at Ned quickly and back to his suit, and took the flashlight out of his mouth so that he could speak. 
“I gotta follow these guys to their boss before they move again…” Peter answered, dropping his voice a little as he looked at his friend. “And I don’t want Mr. Stark to know about it.” 
Ned furrowed his brows at Peter in confusion. “So you’re lying to Iron Man now? What about Y/N? Wasn’t she going to go with you?” He questioned, making Peter look at Ned with his brows furrowed as well when he mentioned him lying to your dad and leaving you out on his little mission. 
And Peter has thought about you going and he decided not to. He noticed how you were enjoying being a normal actual teen for once on the bus with everyone else, more specifically having separate conversations with Michelle during practice on the trip to D.C.
“No, I’m not lying. He just doesn’t really get what I can do yet,” Ned rolled his eyes with a shake of his head in annoyance. “And for Y/N… I just want her to enjoy this trip as much as she can. She’s never got to do something like this for a while. She deserves this.” Peter placed the flashlight back into his mouth and started concentrating on the tracker once again. 
Feeling his heart flutter at the little scenarios of taking you on little dates if the two of you were to date. If you shared the same feelings as him, the keyword being if. Scenarios where you can be a normal teen with him by your side, as your best friend and boyfriend. 
“Gotcha,” Peter muttered as Peter held the tracker up between the tweezers and removed the flashlight from his mouth and moved towards the lamp. “All right, Happy, enjoy tracking this lamp.” Peter smiled as he placed the tracker not the lamp shade while Ned was looking at the coding that was on the screen of his laptop.
“There’s a ton of other subsystems in here… but they’re all disabled by the Training Wheels Protocol.” Ned smirked with a laugh leaving his lips. This caught Peter’s attention and moved to Ned’s side to look at the screen in annoyance.
“Training Wheels Protocol,” Peter mumbled to himself as he looked at the screen. “Turn it off.” Peter demanded. 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Ned disagreed and pointed at the screen to prove his point. “I mean, they’re probably blocked for a reason.” Peter sighed in annoyance with a roll of his eyes
“Come on, man, I don’t need Training Wheels,” Peter got up and got onto a bed and stood on it. “I’m sick of him treating me like a kid all the time. It’s not cool.” He complained. Ned looked at his friend with furrowed brows in confusion. 
“But you are a kid.” Ned pointed out. 
“Yeah, a kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands.” Peter remarked. Ned looked at Peter with a worried look. “Peter,” Ned began, he gestured to the screen in front of him. “I just don’t think this a great idea. I mean, what if this is illegal?” Ned asked, cautiously. Peter jumped down from the bed in panic and got down on his knees next to Ned. 
“Look, please. This is my chance to prove myself. I can handle it. Ned, come on.” Peter pleaded with his friend to follow on with disabling the protocol in his suit. 
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Ned stated, disapproving of the idea. 
“The guy in the chair.” Peter said, trying to tempt Ned. Ned sighed with a roll of his eyes, trying not to fall under his friend’s temptation. 
“Don’t do that.” 
“Come on,” Peter begged. Ned sighed and typed away on his laptop, disabling the protocol. The two of them watching light blue lines run over the suit and stopped. 
A sign telling the two of them that the plan was taking place and that Peter was no longer under the Training Wheels Protocol. 
“Come on, Y/N,” Liz urged you as you, her, and some of the people on the team were rushing down the hall of the hotel with snacks, towels, and wore white robes around yourselves, giggles leaving your mouths as you tried to “sneak”. All of you were rushing down to the pool before the day of the competition, which is the next day. 
You never got the chance to do something like this, especially when your dad took you out of school earlier on when you were little. You never got the chance to do the things you haven’t, like this. Not being able to be a regular teen with friends and do things that teens do. 
So here you are in a light purple two-piece bathing suit with a white robe around yourself as you ran down the hard floor of the hotel with your friends. Right when you went around the corner of the hallway, you saw Liz and Peter talking. You tell it was Peter, even with a hood over his head, was some of his chocolate curls peeking out from underneath the hood of his jacket. 
While everyone ran past them, Flash slapped Peter’s ass as he did so. Starling Peter while it made you laugh. You stopped in your tracks while Peter and Liz talked about something and then Liz looked over Peter’s shoulder and gave Peter a smile before walking off. 
Telling you it was your chance to talk to him. So you did so. You started making your way towards the brunette, your feet lightly hitting the hard cold floor. 
“Hey,” You said softly, making Peter jump and turn around to see who it was. He had his jacket all the way zipped up, and you already knew why. He had his suit on underneath. “I see that you’re ready to go swimming.” You joked, pointed to his jacket and jeans. Peter looked down at the clothing he was wearing and back at you. You had a white robe on like everyone else that passed by him. 
“Y-you’re g-go-going swimming to?” Peter asked, stuttering. You nodded with a soft smile and burning cheeks. 
“Yeah,” You nodded, playing with the soft fabric on the towel that you were holding. “I haven’t been swimming in a while, which feels like forever. The only time it feels like I’ve ever been swimming was in…” You trailed off and looked at Peter, feeling a tug at your heart. 
“Malibu.” You and Peter said in unison. Peter looked at you sympathetically as you gave him a shy smile. You let out a sad sigh as you thought about the memories you had in Malibu, everything that you missed and remembered. 
“You miss it? Don’t you?” Peter inquired, making you look up at him with another sad sigh and a shrug. 
“Yeah, sometimes I guess,” You looked into his brown eyes with a sad smile, playing with the cuff of your robe. “I miss the beach, the water, surfing on the waves.” You listed off with a laugh, closing your eyes imaging everything you listed off. The sound of the waves crashing around you, encompassing around you as you were knocked off your surfboard. Peter joined in the laughter as he looked at you, the lights showing your features like in his room. 
But this time it made it seem like you were an angel from how it was behind you. 
But then your laugh faded and your eyes opened to look at him, sadness prevalent in your eyes as you looked at him. Almost like you were hurt or upset by something. 
“What’s wrong?” He asked, concerned. You bit your lip nervously as you looked at the brunette. 
“It’s just that…” You sighed as you ran your fingers through your hair. “If I stayed there, meaning that the house wasn’t destroyed. I might not have met you and that would really suck, because you’re my best friend.” You admitted with a shy smile and a burning of your cheeks. You looked down at the floor real quick before looking up to see Peter looking at you in awe. 
His brown eyes showed admiration as he looked at you with a smile and light tint on pink on his cheeks. You just wanted to kiss him, telling him how you feel also and hopefully he’ll feel the same also. You wanted to have little dates with him and hold his hand across the table, make little jokes between the two of you during dinner with your dad, couple things that you’ve read in books. 
Even though sometimes they’re not sometimes exactly accurate. 
Unfortunately your little scenarios of Peter were interrupted by a voice calling out to you. 
“Y/N,” You groaned and rolled your eyes and looked over Peter’s shoulder as Peter looked behind him. Flash was standing there waiting for you with his hands on his hips. “You coming or what?” He questioned. You sighed in annoyance and looked at black haired teen in your eyesight. 
“Give me a damn minute, okay?” You looked at Peter quickly, mouthing to him. “He’s so annoying, my god.” Peter snickered at this as you looked over his shoulder to see Flash throwing his arms up in annoyance and walked off. Allowing the two of you to start laughing at loud. 
You leaned forward, clutching your stomach and placed your head on Peter’s shoulder. Trying to catch your breath but failing to do so. 
“He really doesn’t know when to leave you alone, doesn’t he?” Peter chuckled, he felt you shake your head no as you continued to laugh. “No, I-I guess he doesn’t.” You giggled. The two of you continued laughing until the reason why Peter’s out here dawned upon the two of you, causing the laughter that was shared between the two of you to stop. 
You lifted your head up from Peter’s shoulder, your lips closer than you thought. Making your cheeks burn from how close the two of you are, you could feel Peter’s breath lightly hit your face as the two of you look at each other. 
“I should let you go, huh?” You questioned. Peter nodded, looking down at you sadly. You nodded, understanding that he had to go. But then something popped up in your head. You nudge your nose against his lightly, making your heart flutter even more. 
“I can go you know, help you catch the bad guys. I can hurry back to my room and get changed and we can go.” You suggested. As much as Peter would like that, he still remembered the decision that he made earlier on. 
“As much as I’d like to, Y/N,” Peter whispered, nudging his nose against yours like you did before. “I can do this on my own. I want you to be able to have fun with teens our age without having to deal with any superhero duties for a day. You should be able to have a day to be just a teen.” 
“But I want to have those days with you.” You admitted with a whisper. Peter felt a tug on his heart when you admitted this, Peter nudged his hand with yours and yours reacted to his small touch by nudging against his. And you pressed your forehead against his, making your heart flutter even more. 
“I promise…” Peter trailed off with a nervous swallow as he closed his eyes. “After all of this is over we can hang out somewhere. Just you and me.” He promised. You hummed as your response and moved your head a little, making the brunette curious. But he soon figured it out when he felt a light peck against his cheek that made his cheeks flush even more and a hard tug at his heart. 
“Please be careful, I don’t want to lose my best friend,” You whispered in his ear before you pulled away. Peter opened his eyes to see you had a bright pink flush on your cheeks that probably matched his. “Please make it back safely. Please.” You begged as you began backing away towards the direction of the pool. 
“Y-yeah.” Peter stuttered with a smile on his face as he watched you get closer to the corner that led you to the pool. You returned the smile as waved him goodbye before turning around and rushing around the corner before Flash came back to get you. Your hair flying in the wind. 
Peter did not know what was going to happen tonight and neither were you. 
Waking up from a hard shake from the dark trailer of a truck, Peter woke up with a groan and sat up a bit, holding his head. 
“Oh, my head,” Peter groaned. He vaguely remembered about what happened. He knows that he found the bad guys and went after them, but then the bird guy came over and everything went fuzzy from there. He continued to groan as he got up from the floor, his vision a little bit wobbly, causing him to hold onto the crates in front of him. 
“You appear to have a mild concussion.” The voice lady in his suit informed him. Peter removed his hand from his head and looked around the area that he was in. Confusion setting on his mind as he looked around. The metal crates around him full of things that he didn’t know. 
“Hey, so where am I right now?” Peter questioned the voice lady. 
“I’m not sure,” The voice lady answered as Peter looked into the crates. “The container walls are hindering my sensors.” 
 “Wait a minute,” Peter whispered to himself as he looked around his surroundings once again. “They must have hijacked the truck and taken me to their evil lair.” Peter looked around once again before whispering. 
“Okay, suit lady, we’re gonna have to fight our way out of this one.” 
Peter turned around to face the doors of the trailer, getting into stance and to break down the doors.  
“Three, two, one.” Peter began to run towards the metal doors of the trailer. Bracing his arms in front of him for impact. Peter breaks the doors down of the trailer and looks around to see that he’s in a warehouse full of containers, making him look around the warehouse on guard. 
“What is this place?” Peter asked himself. “Suit lady, where am I?” Peter asked his suit. 
“You’re in the most secure facility on the Eastern Seaboard. The Damage Control Deep Storage Vault.” The voice informed Peter. Peter turned around to see a huge door with the letters. 
Peter placed his hands in panic as he started at the huge door. “No. Seriously.” Peter said, groaning in annoyance at the end. Moments later, Peter crawled to the door and tried to open it, but nothing would budge. 
“The door will most likely remain closed until morning.” The voice lady informed Peter as he landed back onto the concrete floor. Peter kicked at the door in annoyance and looked up at it. “Morning.” Peter asked in disappointment. Peter sighed after hearing this and looked around the warehouse to see if there was any other way for him to leave. 
But when he found nothing in return, Pete was left to find something to do in the meantime until morning.
“Hey, suit lady. I kind of feel bad calling you ‘suit lady’, you know?” Peter asked as he laid down on a web-made hammock. “I think I should probably give you a name,” Peter said, thinking about names. And one came to mind. 
“Like Liz,” Peter suggested, but then immediately regretted it. “No, no, no. God, that’s… weird.” 
Later on, Peter was swinging on a web with one hand. Still coming with names for the suit lady. 
“What about Karen?” Peter suggested as he dropped onto the concrete floor below him gently on his back. He was wondering what you were doing right now? Were you wondering if he was okay or where he was at? The thought of you made Peter’s heart do backflips.
“You can call me Karen if you would like.” Karen said, breaking Peter out of his thoughts. Soon after that, Peter was hanging upside down on a web reading a textbook. “Hey, Karen, what else can this suit do?” Peter questioned, trying to break his thoughts from the last time he was hanging upside down like this. 
It reminded him of when you kissed him on the cheek before you left the night before everyone left for D.C. The thought of you not only kissing his cheek in his bedroom, but also in the hotel hallway. He felt his cheeks heat up at the feeling of your lips pressing softly against his cheek. 
But then suddenly, web wings popped out from under his arms. Snapping him out from his thoughts and from the textbook that sat in his hands in shock. 
“What?” He gasped. 
Peter then moved onto standing in front of an empty wall, wearing his yellow decathlon jacket over his suit. A laser of the Spider-Man emblem on the wall, while Peter is examining the options for his web. 
“Maybe we should run that refresher course.” Peter mumbled under his breath. 
“Ricochet web.” Karen said as Peter selected an option for his web. 
“Ricochet web.” Peter repeated, aiming towards the empty wall where a ball of a web was shot out towards the wall and then ricocheted off the wall into a trailer, making Peter duck when it bounced off the wall. Peter turned around to look at the container in amazement. 
“Whoa! Cool!” 
Later on, the wall is covered with patches of webs. No longer being as empty as it was before. Peter was walking around the area of the wall full of webs, selecting another option. 
“Splitter Web.” Karen said as Peter selected another option, making two different webs shootout in different directions as Peter continued to walk.
More time had passed by and the wall was even more messier from Peter practicing each option he was learning. 
“Web grenade.” Karen named another option Peter selected. 
“Web grenade!” Peter exclaimed, as he jumped and threw another web and it exploded into a giant web and then later on Peter used some web and started to jump rope. Just trying to find something to pass time. 
Hoping that time will speed up so he can go to the competition in time before anyone notices he’s been gone. And so he can be there with you before you start to worry even more than you probably were. 
After learning about his different options, Peter was laying on one of the trailers. One hand placed on his stomach as many thoughts ran through his head. Like, what would you do when you see if? Would you run towards him and hug him so tight that he couldn’t get out of it unless he pushed you off. 
Which he didn’t want to do. 
Or would you kiss him on the lips instead of the cheek this time. In front of everyone. Telling them that you both liked each other. But there was that little doubt inside his mind that was telling him that even though he liked you, doesn’t mean that you liked him back. You were kind of out of his league. 
“Should I tell Y/N that I like her?” Peter asked out loud, not knowing that he did so as he stared up at the ceiling. 
“Y/N Stark?” Karen questioned him, making Peter jump for a bit but then embarrassed when he realized that he asked something out loud instead of his head. 
“Uh… y-yeah. She’s just… heh. She’s awesome and so caring, you know. And she’s just the best. And, uh… Yeah, I just… I really want to tell her, but it’s kind of weird, you know? ‘Hey, I like you, do you like me?’” 
“What’s weird about that?” Karen questioned the brunette. Peter let out a deep sigh as he thought of his answer. Thinking about any other boy that might catch your interest who isn’t him. Someone that might catch your interest more than him gaining your interest. 
“What if she’s more into someone like Flash? Imagine how she’ll be when I tell her. What if she rejects me after I tell her that I like her?” Peter questioned out loud, throwing his arms up. 
“Well, if I were her, I wouldn’t reject you at all.” Karen reassured. Her reassurance made Peter feel a bit better, giving him a little bit of hope that you might like him back. 
“Thanks Karen. It’s really nice to have somebody to talk to,” Peter thanked Karen, but then something popped inside his head. Something that he was trying to keep a track of time he had left until morning so that the doors could open. “Hey, how long we been here anyways?” Peter questioned Karen. 
“Thirty seven minutes.” Karen answered. This was a shock to Peter since he thought that it was less than that and this frustrated him. 
“What?” Peter sat up immediately, getting ready to leave the warehouse. Not waiting for anyone to open the doors to the warehouse he was in. He needed to leave now. “Thirty seven minutes? That’s insane. I cannot take this anymore. I gotta… I gotta get out of here.” 
Peter then flipped off the trailer he was laying on and walked into the trailer that he was in when he woke up. He sighed as he took off his yellow decathlon jacket and he’s other jacket he wore at the hotel. 
“There’s got to be something in here I can use.” Peter said to himself as he kneeled down on the ground and unzipped the bird man’s duffle bag. 
“Okay, let’s see,” Peter said as he began going through the duffle. Peter pulls out a wheel-shaped metal piece and puts it aside, finding it not useful for what he’s trying to do. 
He then reached inside the bag again and pulled out a head of a robot. “That’s awesome,” And then also put it to the side like the wheel-shaped metal, the robot head making a clanging sound as it hits the metal of the floor. Peter reached into the bag again and pulled out a similar glowing thing that you and him found when the two of you were walking back to Liz’s house. 
“Ah, hey, it’s like the glowy thing Y/N and I found.” Peter said out loud. Examining the object close like he did with the one that Ned has currently. 
“That glowy thing is an explosive Chitauri energy core.” Karen informed Peter. This new information that Peter just received made him drop the Chitauri energy core carefully. Not wanting to disturb it and cause it to blow up, if that could be the possible cause. 
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You mean, we’ve been carrying around a bomb?” Peter questioned, panic in his voice. 
“It would require radiation to transform it into an explosive state.” Karen informed. While Karen said this, Peter rushed to the pocket of his jacket and pulled out his phone to try to call Ned, but the call ended itself from getting any reception. 
“No, no, no, no, no.” Peter panicked. Peter then rushed out of the trailer and used his webs to swing to the warehouse doors, clinging to them once he reached them and started banging and shouting. Hoping that someone nearby will hear him and get him out of there. 
“Hey! Please! Please, somebody, let me out! Hey!” But then caught Peter’s attention from the corner of his eye. It was a time lock, sitting there for someone to put in the right sequence to be opened and make the doors open. “Karen, you have to help me override that time lock.” 
After gathering his stuff into his backpack, Peter was hanging upside down in front of the time lock with a notepad and a pen in hand. Putting numbers into the lock panel in hopes of the doors opening. 
“Okay Karen. Lower the voltage and run it.” Peter ordered. 
“Trail unsuccessful.” Karen informed. Peter began crossing out the wrong sequence into his notepad, panic settling in his bones. 
“Okay, we’re just gonna have to try every sequence.” He said. After he began writing another sequence that’ll override the lock, Peter yawned as he pressed in the numbers of the finished sequence he wrote down. 
“Initiating trail 247.” Karen stated, the massive warehouse doors groaning as they opened made Peter look over in relief. 
“It worked! It works!” Peter exclaimed. Right when the warehouse doors had a big gap between the two of them, Peter swung out in his webs, crawling on a ceiling outside the warehouse afterwards and then dropped on a trailer on a departing truck. When the truck was passing by an armed guard, Peter quickly laid down to stay out of sight of the armed guard. 
The only thing going through his head was that he was hoping that he was going to make it to the decathlon to see you and Ned and the Chitauir energy core. 
Hoping that he wasn’t too late, but something was telling him that he was. 
You might want to remember about the picture that the reader lost and what Peter told her what he can do. It’ll be REALLY important in a future chapter!
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wannabemobwife · an hour ago
Guns, Glamour, Goodfellas - Chapter 12
Chapter 12: Make You Feel My Love
Dad!Mob!Tom x Mom!Mob!Reader
-Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader, Rosie Holland x Henry Osterfield
-Warnings: Amnesia, Sadness, Language, Fluff, Dialogue, Typos
-Words: 6.6K
Tumblr media
A/n: Sorry this chapter is long. Heads up, always a lot of dialogue. I get tired of only writing imagery lol. Thanks for reading, I love all your comments so dearly.
Chapter 12: Make You Feel My Love
Words: 6.6K
Everyone’s faces stood emotionless. More than a deer caught in headlights, there was no expression. Tom’s jaw slacked open, standing heartbroken in front of you. How could you not remember him?
After everything he couldn’t even hold you in his arms. No words could describe the room. You had just woken up and said 3 measly words that rewrote history.
“Who are you?” You questioned.
“What?” Tom gasped, his eyes starting to water.
“I don’t know who you are. Where am I?… Who are you people?” You fretted, confused to why you were lying into a hospital bed surrounded by strangers.
“Mom? It’s me. Roo,” Rosie stammered, moving to grab your hand but you just flinched away.
“Harry go get the doctor,” Nikki called out.
“No, I don’t know who you people are. Please get out.”
“Y/N it’s me?” Tom pleaded.
“Who’s Y/N?”
“You, darling,” Tom whispered. Was this all real? It had to be some sick joke.
“No, no! I suggest you all leave. Please, just leave me alone,” you asserted, pressing the nurse call button.
“Mrs. Holland what seems to be the problem?” asked the nurse.
“Who’s Mrs. Holland? I don’t know where I am or why I’m here or who these people are,” you fretted, heart rate starting to spike.
“You don’t recognize anyone here?” Pestered on the nurse.
“No, maybe the young boy and girl, but no,” Tears flooded Rosie and Parker’s eyes.
“Mrs. Holland you’re awake,” called the doctor, Harry brought in.
“Why do people keep calling me that?” You questioned angrily.
“She can’t remember anyone, doctor,” explained the nurse.
“Why don’t we clear out the room and I’ll speak to you all privately outside,” the doctor announced.
“It seems she is suffering retrograde amnesia. It is possibly temporary. You need to talk to her but be careful not overwhelm her. She will feel like her entire life passed her by because she can’t remember it. For now, only a few people in the room. May I suggest her husband and her kids,” explained the doctor.
“What do you mean it might be temporary? She might not ever remember her entire life?” Tom inquired.
“It is uncertain, but yes. Mr. Holland, we are very hopeful that her memory will come back. For now take it slow, showing her photos of you together can help greatly,” concluded the doctor.
“Dad, will mom ever remember me?” Rosie asked teary-eyed.
“I don’t know, baby.”
“Now, come on. We just have to be patient with her.”
“Ok, dad. I’m ready,” said Rosie, trying to hide her tears.
“Parker? Are you with us?” Tom inquired.
“I know she doesn’t remember me but, I don’t want her to see me and not know who I am. If she doesn’t remember me then who am I? I owe my entire life to mom. I don’t understand how she just forgot 16 years of my life,” Parker lamented.
“Hey, we just need to patient. One thing you need to have is faith. That’s all we had waiting to be rescued. Hope, hope that we would see you and your sister again.”
“I’m scared, dad.”
“I know me too. But we have to do this for mom. Ok?” Tom admitted. Parker just nodded in response. They made their way into your room, standing by the foot of your bed.
“Hi, let’s start over. I am Tom. You are Y/N. I am your husband. Your name is Y/N Holland,” Tom began. “This is our son, Parker. He is 16 years old, along with his twin sister. This is our daughter, Rosie….We just want to let you know we will be here for you. Through everything, we want to help you remember if you will let us.”
“Okay,” you whispered. That was the first step, having people to support you.
You were soon discharged a few days later. All set to travel back to London, the home you once knew. Back to the life you shared little to no importance for. All the things you once loved, lost in translation.
The plan ride was painfully long. Tom had yet to hold you in his arms. After watching the life drain out of you, waiting for someone to come, he just wanted to hold you and love you. Let you know you are safe.
He watched as you sat there a few seats away from him. The spark in your eyes non-existent. He didn’t know how to call you over there his when you couldn’t remember him. Almost 20 years of being together, down the drain. He just wanted you back.
Not being able to hug you or hold you or whisper sweet nothings in your ear was killing him. He felt like a recovering drug addict experiencing the process of withdrawal. Everything hurt inside, knowing you forgot him. It was so unfair. How could you survive the helicopter crash but not recognize your own family? You were a shell, a husk of the person you used to be.
Jared, was the one to pick you all up from the airport. The plane ride was nothing compared to the awkwardness of the car ride. You had always been very close with Tom’s staff. William and Jared specifically because you’d see them the most. Jared used to be more your driver but, Tom snatched him up after he saw how close you two were getting. He couldn’t help but be jealous.
You sat next to Tom, almost like a statue. You didn’t know how you were supposed to act. Pulling up to the manor, you were a combination of terrified and astounded. Terrified and astounded at the sheer size and security measures taken.
“Tom, did you pay for the cab?” You asked, hopping out of the car.
“Darling, this is our car. This is our driver, Jared. You two are close,” Tom explained.
“Oh, sorry. Jared it’s nice to meet you,” you waved to him.
“We’ve met before, but it’s nice to see you Y/N,” Jared said, trying to address the elephant in the room.
“Right, sorry.”
“No need to apologize, ma’am.”
“Love, why don’t I make you a cup of tea and you can relax in the living room? The plane ride probably wore you out. However, I know Parker and Rosie have something planned,” Tom interjected.
“Ok, tea would be good,” you responded, walking to the mansion.
“Where’s the living room?” You questioned, afraid you will get lost.
“Oh, it’s ok darling. I’ll take you there,” Tom said, leading the way.
Being here, seemed like an out of body experience. The only thing you knew about yourself was what people told you.
“Here mom. I-I mean Y/N. Please come sit. These are a bunch of photo albums and scrapbooks about our lives. Maybe showing you them will bring something back.”
“Ok… You could call me mom. I don’t mind,” Rosie just nodded in response.
“Look this picture is of your wedding day. It was at this really pretty garden. I wish I could’ve been there,” Rosie reminisced.
“You weren’t?” You asked, confused at her remark.
“No, Parker and I weren’t born yet.”
“Oh, is that you?” You asked, gently raising a finger to a picture captured a perfect moment in time. Parker had just gotten out of a bath and was running naked through the house, he had to be about three or four years old.
“No, that’s Parker,” Rosie remarked.
“Here’s a photo of me. It’s the first day of kindergarten.” Rosie pulled out a photo of her dressed in a blue dress with pink bows in her hair, one on each side hugging her pigtails.
She stood in front of a large gate along with Parker, holding their tin lunch boxes high. Rosie’s lunchbox was a homage to My Little Pony and Parker’s was Transformers. They were all grown up, no longer spending the days with you while Tom worked.
“I’m crying, why?” You questioned, seeing yourself adorned with red puffy eyes in the photo.
“I don’t know, maybe you didn’t want to leave me or Parker,” Rosie explained but was soon cut off by a large clash coming from the kitchen. CRASH, CLANG, THWAP.
“What was that?” You asked, a little startled by the noise.
“I don’t know, I’m going to go check on something. Feel free to keep looking at them.”
You flipped through the countless pages adorned with family photos that documented the milestones. It killed you that you couldn’t remember. You were said to be their mother and if you were anything like your mother, you loved them till it was too much and kissed them and held them. You loved them more than life itself but couldn’t remember why.
About 12 pages in, there was a photo of you in the hospital holding a baby. The caption read “my little Roo.” It was of you and Rosie shortly after she was born. She looked so small, so delicate. Her skin was pale with a hint of rose colored cheeks. The little baby girl in your arms was wrapped in a pink cloth with a pink colored beanie on her head.
She was sleeping so peacefully and you just had the biggest smile imagined on your face. You brought this little girl into the world and couldn’t remember that moment. What own mother can’t remember her baby? Tears pricked at your eyes as you gazed into the picture.
“Dinner is almost ready—Love, what’s wrong why are you crying?” Tom said, coming out of the kitchen.
“I’m sorry. This isn’t fair to any of you,” you cried, letting the tears fall.
“Hey, it’s ok. We are here for you,” Tom whispered, grabbing a hold of your hands.
“I’m still sorry, I don’t remember anything.”
“It’s not your fault. It will come with time,” Tom said, only holding your hands. His main goal was to not overwhelm you and pulling you into a warm embrace may be too much too soon.
“You’re right. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. What’s for dinner, smells great?” You said, quickly changing the subject.
“Your favorite and specialty so we can’t guarantee it will be as good as you make it but, spaghetti and meatballs,” Tom joked.
“Ok, I’m sure it will be lovely.”
Everyone was dealing with your amnesia differently. Parker would take you on special outings to places you loved and Rosie could barely stand to be in the same room with you. Your sweet and affectionate girl couldn’t as much give a real smile. The only time you spent with her was when she showed you the photo albums. Something clicked in her when you didn’t recognize her in the photo of you holding her a for the first time. Rosie proceeded to cry herself to sleep that night, she couldn’t handle you not recognizing her.
As time progressed it had gotten too hard for Rosie to be around you. Looking at you just reminded her of all the things she had lost. She would stay in her room from dawn till dusk, refusing to see or talk to anyone. Rosie shut everyone out, including Henry. He’d come by quite a lot, begging to see Rosie.
“Hi, can I help you?” You said, answering the door.
“I’m Henry, Harrison’s son and Rosie’s boyfriend,” Henry explained.
“Oh. Sorry I can’t remember anything. Were we close?” You inquired, yet another person you have disappointed by not knowing your own life.
“Yeah, you and Tom were a big part in raising me, aside from my dad. I love you like a son would loved his mother.”
“I’m sorry, I’ll work on it. But I believe Rosie is upstairs, come in,” you responded, inviting the boy in.
“Thanks,” Henry said, quickly making his way upstairs. “Roo, it’s me. I’m coming in,” He said whilst knocking on her door.
“Henry what are you doing here?” Rosie asked, trying to hide her tears.
“You weren’t returning any of my phone calls.”
“There is a reason for that,” Rosie snapped, building a wall that Henry was bound to knock down.
“Hey, I’m here. Talk to me. Talk to me about your mom,” Henry whispered, coming to Rosie’s side.
“What’s there to talk about? She doesn’t remember me. She was my best friend and she doesn’t even know who I am!” Rosie yelled. Needing to let out all her emotions in one single blow.
“Hey, it’s ok. I’m here,” Henry assured.
“Henry, I just want to be alone right now. Could you please leave?” Rosie begged.
“No, I won’t let you push me away. I’m here to help.”
“I want you to go,” Rosie demanded.
“No.” Henry said, holding his ground.
“I’m serious Henry, leave.”
“No, Rosie you need someone to talk to.”
“Can you get out and leave me the fuck alone?” She screamed, this time being pushed over the edge. Flailing her arms back and forth in anger.
“No. I’m not leaving,” Henry knew she needed him, he couldn’t leave anytime soon.
“Really? I’m here screaming at you and you are still here. Why?” All her anger drifted only leaving her sadness. She fell into his arms, breaking from the weight of pain, sobbing.
“Yes, because I love you and I’m staying for you,” Henry reassured. He knew Rosie would need this. Someone who promised to never leave.
“Henry, what do we do if she never remembers? I’m not ready for that. It’s like losing my mom even though she is still alive. All those fun memories of shopping or baking or just talking, gone. I don’t know who I am without her.”
“Rosie, you have to look on the bright side.”
“What’s the fucking bright side? There is none. We took her to all her favorite places today and she still doesn’t remember. There is no fucking bright side!”
“I lost her. I lost her but she is still here. I’m lucky right? She’s still here living and breathing, but she doesn’t know who I am,” Rosie lamented. “Henry, I love you to pieces but I just need to be alone right now.” Pleading for him to leave, she wished he could stay and comfort her but nothing could do that right now.
“Baby, I don’t want to leave you so upset,” Henry whispered.
“Please. I’m begging you, just go.”
Rosie, didn’t mean to push Henry away. But she couldn’t help it. She needed to release her frustrations out on someone, but there was no one. There was no one to blame for the crash or the loss of your memory. It was all an accident. Henry knew her well enough, where he knew what she needed before she did herself. He already lost Rosie once and promised himself he wouldn’t again.
Parker was the opposite of Rosie, not consumed by his sadness, he was looking for a solution. Anything that could help bring back your memory. He had been taking you to your favorite places around the city. The beach, the library, a coffee shop, and a park you always you took Parker and Rosie to as kids.
To no end, he couldn’t and wouldn’t give up. He couldn’t leave you stuck in that misery. He approached Tom with something that might work.
“Dad, I have an idea. I thought we should create a memory for her.”
“Ok, that might work. Any memory in mind?”
“I was thinking your wedding day,” Parker explained. Tom just nodded in response with a smirk strewn across his face.
Tom was willing to try anything to get you back. It a been a few weeks from the crash and he’s so scared of terrifying you or being too forward. He won’t even lay a hand on your shoulder to comfort you, in case you get scared.
Even though he had yet to hold you once again, Tom refused to leave your side, in case having him around so much would bring your memories back. Have them all come flooding back.
Tom just wanted you by his side. You were sleeping in your bedroom and Tom was in the guest room. Feeling like nothing had changed. It was the same before the accident, you barely acknowledging Tom and Tom sleeping elsewhere. Granted it wasn’t because you were mad at him, it was worse, you couldn’t remember him.
The nights were different, half way through the night you would wake up. Scared wide awake from nightmares that plagued your mind. One night you found Tom taking down a big bottle of scotch by the fireplace.
“What are you doing up?” You asked,
“Drinking,” he said rather harshly, you just brushed it off though.
“Oh, the fireplace is really lovely. I could just read a book out here for hours.”
“You used to. I’d find you asleep in front of the fireplace all the time.” Tom chuckled, reliving those memories.
“Oh, sorry.”
“Y/N! It’s not your god damm fault. STOP FUCKING APOLOGIZING!!!” Tom screamed, chucking his glass at the wall. It shattered into a thousand tiny pieces much how his heart was now.
“Ok, I’m sor—, I just came down for some water. Good night,” you said, trying to mask the tears about to fall. Reverting back to the catatonic emotionless person you’ve been lately.
“Y/N wait!” Tom called after you but you were already gone. This was a side of Tom you’d never met. The old you had and learned to deal with it but it was completely different now.
It was scary, Tom reacting like that. You quickly got your water and made your way back upstairs. If he had that much pent up anger, you were worried he would take it out on you. You didn’t know what to think, everyone were stranger to you and you were a stranger to this life and family.
Coming back to bed, you locked your door and tried to fall back into blissful sleep but it was hard. You stared at the ceiling for quite a while. Begging to go to sleep and wash away this entire night. Tom came to knock on your door about an hour later.
“Y/N. I’m sorry, let me explain myself,” he said, through the thick wooden door.
“I guess you’re asleep by now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, sweet dreams sweetheart,” Tom whispered, going back to his bed in the guest room. You couldn’t find the will to get up and talk to him.
You came down for some morning coffee, hoping you wouldn’t see Tom. You were scared of the man presumed to be your husband. In truth, you didn’t know anything about him. Only what people had told you. It took you hours to fall asleep after his outburst.
“Oh, you’re up. Y/N could I talk to you?” He asked, coming into view.
“Sure,” you responded. Who are you to say no?
“I’m sorry for my outburst last night. Everything is just so frustrating, nothing you did, ok?” Tom apologized.
“I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m really sorry. I know you don’t know it but I love you so much and at a time, you loved me just the same. I need you to know that I have never physically hurt you or will in the future.”
“Ok. Thank you. I know you don’t like me saying it but I really am sorry. This shouldn’t be happening, you should be able to love your wife.”
“I do love you,” Tom assured.
“Tom, I’m not the same person and you know it. There’s nothing I can do, it’s just the way it is and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m not the person you fell in love with,” you exclaimed.
“You don’t have to be sorry. You are here, trying to remember for all of us. That’s all that matters,” Tom said, made at himself that you even thought those things.
“Thank you….Could you tell me more about me, I mean the person I was before?” You asked.
“Yeah, darling. I’d love that,” Tom agreed.
“Ok, start with how we met.”
“Well..” Tom started and went on to tell the story of how you met.
Tom was set to meet someone new, a future contact possibly. He was supposed to meet with their assistant to take him to them. He was given strict instructions on what to look for, she would be dressed in a gold mini dress, hair down. Unbeknownst to him, you were the person he was meeting. The most feared mob boss, next to who you had a meeting with, the one and only Tom Holland.
“Hey doll face, I’m here to meet with your boss. Someone they call the Ace of Spades,” Tom said, cornering you at the bar. “Oh, really. Do they know what this is concerning?” you said, smirking. “I should hope so. Can you just take me to him?” Tom demanded. “Certainly, right this way.” You were so ready to eat this guy alive. You lead him to a back room with a bar and large round table. “Wait, there’s no one in here. We’ve been set up,” Tom yelled, alerting Harrison behind him. “What do you mean? There’s you and me, also your consigliere I presume. Why don’t you tell him to back off?” “Alright enough with your games. Where is he?” Tom barked, growing more frustrated by the second “I’m right here, doll face,” you said, in a mocking manner. “Pleasure to meet your acquaintance, I’m Y/N Y/L/N or do you know me as the Ace of Spades,” you sneered, holding out your hand for him to shake.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I was misinformed, well they’re dead. Why don’t I buy you a drink after to make it up to you?” Tom said, he has never been caught off guard before. Barely keeping his cool.
“How about we finish our business here and then you and I go get something to eat, just you and me without your puppy dog, then we call it even,” you smirked, referring to Harrison who always stood so close to Tom.
“How could I say no to having dinner with the most gorgeous woman in the room,” Tom grinned.
“Smooth talker I see, but I’m the only woman the room,” you pointed out
“Doesn’t matter, doesn’t change what I said,” Tom chuckled.
He was starstruck just being in your presence. You were a force to be reckoned with. For him and you it was love at first acquaintance. Couldn’t of been sight because he thought you were a completely different person.
But once he formally met you, he was whipped. The rest is history.
You and Tom talked the day away. Living through your life like you were reading a book or watching a play. The night soon fell and you bid good night.
It was a regular night, but ever since Tom exploded you started to have nightmares. Being jolted out of sleep, trying to catch your breath. One night Tom heard you screaming, he rushed in to check on you.
“Y/N? Darling, are you okay?” Tom asked, concerned after being woken up by your screams.
“I keep having these horrible nightmares,” you choked out, shaking with fear.
“What are they about? You can talk to me.”
“One where I was trapped inside a huge room, tied to a chair. There were scary looking men saying they were gonna kill me, however I couldn’t speak. Like it hurt to speak,” you explained. Tom knew about your common theme with nightmares, unable to make any sound.
He just believed it was because you tried to repress thoughts like that. However, this wasn’t a nightmare, it was a memory. He was trying so hard to suppress his smile. Knowing you were starting to remember things even if it was trauma. It made him hopeful.
“Shhh, it’s was just a dream. It’s ok. I’m here now… can hug you?”
“Mmhm,” you nodded having him pull you into his warm embrace. “It felt so real though. Didn’t you say we were in a helicopter crash?”
“Yes, we were. Do you remember that?”
“I don’t know. My nightmares feel more like memories. I remember the feelings I had, like I felt pain and weak.”
“Well, try and go back to sleep. Just remember they are only figments of your imagination,” Tom said, he was torn between wanting you to remember everything and not scarring you.
“Tom, could you sleep with me tonight?” you asked, not wanting to be alone.
“Yes of course, darling.”
Tom climbed into bed and you moved closer to him. Snuggling right into his side and nuzzling your head by his neck. He rubbed soft circles into your arm as you dozed off. Feeling your soft breaths on his neck as he fell into deep sleep. He finally got to hold you.
Just for a moment, everything was right again. You were his and he had no intentions of letting you go. You felt safe with him, like you were home.
You woke up to a blinding light from the crack in the curtains.
“Tommy, the blinds it so bright…. Screw it. I’m up, can I bring you some breakfast?… What?” You asked, confused as to why Tom was gazing at you with a puzzled expression.
“You called me Tommy,” Tom croaked out.
“I did,” you said, confidently.
“Y/N, do you remember me?”
“Is this a weird game? Of course I remember you, you’re my husband,” you chuckled, playing off his antics.
“Quick, what happened last week?”
“Our helicopter crashed, but we were rescued. I don’t really remember how we got home but, here we are. You were right, we made it. I remember the moments leading up to being rescued, you holding me.”
“Kids come quick!” Tom shouted, loud enough to wake up the entire house.
“What’s going on?” Rosie came in, scared something happened.
“Tom, what are you doing?” You queried.
“Ask her,” Tom said.
“Who am I?” Parker asked, hoping you were his mom again.
“You guys are so weird. You’re Parker, my son. And you are Rosie, my daughter.”
“Mom, I’ve missed you so much,” Rosie shouted, throwing herself into your arms and sobbing.
“Oh, honey. I never left,” you signed, caressing the back of her head.
“I know, but the helicopter crash, I was so scared,” Rosie sniffled.
“Tom, why are you looking at me like that?” You questioned, catching a glimpse of pure adoration streaked across his face.
“Oh, nothing. I just love you, more anything.”
“I love you too…. Parker you’ve been awfully quiet.”
“I missed you mom,” Parker chimed in.
“I missed you too. Ok, I’m really confused, did I go somewhere? Someone fill me in,” you proclaimed.
“Well darling, our helicopter crashed on our way back from Barcelona—” Tom began.
“Yeah, and we’re ok,” you nodded.
“You are now. We were both badly injured and didn’t know if we would make it. You lost your memory. You didn’t know who any of us were,” Tom finished, his tone growing softer.
“What? I-I forgot all of you?” You gasped, your voice breathy.
“It’s ok, love. You’re back now, that’s all that matters,” Tom encouraged.
“Parker? Rosie?” You exclaimed.
“You looked at us and didn’t know who we were,” Parker mumbled.
“Oh babies, I’m sorry,” you whispered on the verge of tears.
“Y/N listen to me, it’s not your fault. Love, it’s ok. You are here now,” Tom reassured. “Kids why don’t you go make mom some tea,” Tom said, needing to talk with you alone.
“Alright dad,” Parker agreed, taking Rosie along with him.
“Y/N? Darling, talk to me,” he said, watching you beat yourself up inside. You head hanging lowly in your hands.
“How could I not remember them?” You cried.
“It was just your mind playing tricks on you. It’s ok.”
“It’s not okay. I put you through all of that.”
“Not on purpose darling.”
“Tom, I have something to get off my chest.”
“Yes, love.”
“I really thought I was going to die. But you were there and you saved me. You brought me back to them, thank you,” you recounted.
“Oh, baby. I was never going to just let you die. There was a moment where I looked over a battered body leaning against me after the crash. Your eyes were closed and I had accepted that you were gone. At that moment, I vowed I’d go too,” Tom concluded.
“Tom, they couldn’t lose both of us.”
“I know, I’m just glad they didn’t lose either of us.”
“I’m sorry.”
“For what, darling?”
“For everything. Our fight. Giving in you a hard time in Barcelona. I love you so much, Tom. I don’t know what I’d do without you,” you cried, letting yourself be completely vulnerable with him once again.
“Hey, you're not going to lose me. I believe it’s the other way around. I can’t live without you and I don’t want to, ever,” Tom said, smashing his lips on yours. God, how he missed you.
And with that, Tom had got his girl back, you. Your lips entangled with his was exactly what he needed. You were back. The love of his life and mother of his children. You were you again with the same spark in your eyes.
Something flipped in your head like a switch during the night. After falling asleep in his arms you dreamt of your life. Almost like a movie played in your head showcasing all the greatest memories.
Parker and Rosie’s first steps, the kids’ 5th birthday, the day you told Tom you were pregnant with twins, Tom’s proposal and so much more. Your memories are what made you who you were, even the bad ones.
All the fights and near death experiences came flooding back. But it wasn’t a feeling of drowning or being held down by the weight, begging for air. It was a feeling of renewal like the water had washed away all the pain and sins. Leaving faint stains of bad memories to be remembered for another day but never forgotten.
Tom brought you back. He was your anchor to the life you once knew. Resting in Tom’s arms felt like home. You knew you were safe.
“It’s so good to have you back in my arms,” he said, savoring every moment.
“I never want to leave,” you said, coming in for another kiss. Shorter this time but still full of longing and unconditional love. Tom broke away as he remembered something.
“Wait,” remembered Tom.
“Come on, let’s go downstairs.”
“Why the kids are bringing us tea in bed?” You questioned.
“Just trust me,” Tom concluded.
“Okay,” you said, letting your husband lead the way. Descending the stairs and once reaching the bottom he asked for you close your eyes. You hesitant at first but agreed. He pulled you to the backyard for a much needed surprise.
“Ready. Open your eyes.” You just stood there in complete awe, speechless.
“We had a plan to bring back your memory. We set up the backyard to look just like our wedding,” Tom explained.
The backyard was full of the wedding essentials, an archway at the end of the aisle, chairs for the guests, and so many flowers. Flowers that decorated every pillar and fence, blooming with beautiful shades of lavender.
“Oh my god, it’s as beautiful as I remember it…. Tom I have an idea,” you smirked.
“Yes, darling,” Tom acknowledged.
“What would you say to us renewing our vows?” You asked, hoping he’d say yes.
“I love that idea, sweetheart. When would you want to do it?”
“Today?” Tom asked, stunned by your response.
“Yeah, it’s already all set up like our wedding. Why not?”
“Ok, yeah. Yes. I’m going to re-marry you today. I love you so much,” Tom exclaimed.
“And I’m going to re-marry you today. I love you too,” You grinned.
“Alright we need guests, just family,” Tom beamed.
“And I need a bridesmaid. Rosie?” You cheered, excited to share this day with you daughter.
“You serious?” Rosie asked
“Of course, honey. Now come on, I need a dress,” you said, pulling Rosie upstairs. Even though you were already married you wanted it to be as much as a real wedding as possible. So for the next few hours, you couldn’t see Tom.
Tom was tasked with inviting everyone. Sure it was last minute, but all the family would be there. He found it pretty awkward because he had to tell everyone that you got your memories back and getting married again in one phone call. He called Nikki, Dom, Harry, Sam, Paddy, your parents and Harrison and Henry.
“Haz, come quick. I need you at the house.” Tom left a message on Haz’s voicemail.
“Tom? What happened? I came as soon as I got your call,” Haz screamed, running through the mansion.
“Y/N got her memories back,” Tom cheered.
“That’s amazing. You called me all the way down here for that?” Haz asked, slightly annoyed.
“No, you div. I have a favor to ask….Will you be my best man?” Tom asked.
“Ok, I was already you best man at your wedding years ago,” Haz sneered.
“We are going to renew our vows. I wanted to know if would be my best man?”
“Are you serious?”
“No, you’re only my best friend aside from her. Yes, I’m serious,” Tom remarked sarcastically.
“I honored mate, of course. When is it?”
“In 3 hours,” Tom said stone faced.
“In 3 hours?” Haz screeched. It was so soon.
“Yeah, we set up the backyard to look like her and I’s wedding to bring back her memory.”
“Wait.. who’s officiating?” Haz wondered.
“Harry,” Tom said, trying not to burst into laughter.
“Oh, I’m so ready to watch him fuck that up.”
“Me too, mate. Now come we have a wedding to put on.”
The house erupted in wedding central. Tom had tasked his cook with cooking for 15 people for the reception, he had ordered a cake and called his personal tailor for two matching suits preferably black, just like at your first wedding.
Tom made his way upstairs to tell you about Harry officiating but was stopped by the maid of honor, Rosie.
“Why is this door locked?” Tom asked, angrily shaking the door knob.
“Dad what do you think you are doing?” Rosie asked sternly.
“Wow honey, you look beautiful,” Tom admired his daughter dressed in a light blue dress that dragged on the floor.
“Thanks, dad, it’s mom’s dress.”
“I remember, you look just like your mom.”
“Thanks, but I ask again what are you doing here?” Rosie interjected, not letting his endearing comments distract her from the more important matter. Tom wasn’t allowed to see you before the ceremony.
“I need to talk to your mother.”
“You can’t see the bride before her wedding it’s bad luck,” Rosie exclaimed.
“Please, I don’t believe in stuff like that. Plus we’re already married and happily might I add,” Tom interjected.
“Oh really, no bad luck? How do you explain all the bad things that have happened,” Rosie reminded.
“Umm, that’s not important right now. I need to talk to your mother.”
“Too bad, now shoo,” Rosie said, shooing him away with her hands.
“Fine, I guess she’ll never know THAT HARRY IS OFFICIATING,” Tom shouted as he left.
“Rosie, what did dad want?” You asked.
“Umm, nothing. Just to tell you that he found the most amazing officiant on short notice,” Rosie sneered, trying to keep it secret from you.
“Oh, good. Now, come here and let me do you hair,” you said, motioning her to the restroom.
It was now time, to remind everyone of a vow you once made.
You were dressed in a white floor length gown, not as near glamorous as you actual wedding dress but it was still beautiful. Your wedding song played again, Make You Feel My Love by Adele, as you came out from behind the corner.
All eyes turned to bask in your beauty. You could see Tom stop breathing, made you laugh a little. You noticed Harry up at the altar and wondered what had Tom done.
Rosie went up first, slowly gliding through the aisle. You followed behind her. Everything was once right with the world. You were about to re-declare your love for your best friend.
“Friends, family and Sam,” Harry said, taking a jab at his brother only to be returned with Sam sticking his tongue out. “We are gathered here today, to celebrate and re-marry Tom and Y/N Holland. If anyone has any objections please speak now or forever hold your peace,” Harry announced.
“I have problem. They’re already married,” Sam yelled from the audience.
“Sam, sit down you div. It’s a vow renewal,” Tom called out from the altar.
“Harry, they don’t ask that at actual weddings,” you whispered to him.
“Well, fuck,” Harry whispered.
“I’ve just been informed that I’m not supposed to say that, my apologies, I’m basing my entire speech on TV. Now I will continue with the proceedings. Can you believe this div, needing two weddings. Two fucking weddings when I haven’t even had one. Can we skip the vows? You’re probably going to say the exact same like thing you said 17 years ago,” Harry announced.
“Absolutely not, that’s the whole purpose. I’ll go first.” You started, taking a minute to breathe and share your heart with everyone there.
“Tom, these past 17 years being your wife have been a dream come true. You are my best friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know it is fucking cheesy but, I can honestly say I found my soulmate, my better half. You make me be a better person and mother. I owe you everything and promise to give you all my love. What do you say, still want me as your wife? Please say yes, because I’m choosing you for then rest of my life. Couldn’t dream of anyone else. I love you, a thousand times over.”
“Y/N, just thinking about everything our love has survived and I’m amazed you have stuck with me through thick and thin. I want to thank you for the beautiful life you have given me and my two beautiful kids. This a declaration of my love for you but also a promise. I promise you will always be appreciated, that I will make you laugh and cry sometimes, appropriately. Falling in love with my best friend and marrying her has been the best decision of my life, I love you and I promise to always keep you safe and always stand by your side.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep. But that one I know you’ll keep,” you cheered.
“By the power vested in me by a shitty website online, I now pronounce you still husband and wife. You may kiss your wife. Children avert your eyes,” Harry concluded as Tom pulled you into a deep, passionate kiss. Nothing will ever be more perfect in that moment.
“Who else needs a cootie shot? Or some booze?” Harry called out, while you and Tom pulled apart.
“Fuck off, Harry,” Tom said, pulling you back in for another kiss.
“Where are we going on our honeymoon?” Tom whispered to you.
“I vote somewhere, we don’t have to fly,” you remarked.
“I second that. God, I love you.”
“You’re just lucky I said yes, Holland.”
“God damm right, I am.” Tom said, his lips getting caught in his smile.
There are moments where words have lost all their meaning and this was one It wasn’t full of sadness, quite the opposite. Nothing could ruin this perfect day. You were his once again.
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lovemarvelcast0105 · 3 hours ago
How I think the Marvel cast would react to you falling asleep in their arms
Robert Downey Jr:
- Kisses your forehead
- Pulls you closer
- Wraps you in a blanket
- Tells the others to turn the volume down
Chris Evans:
- Tightens his grip around you
- Puts a pillow under your head
- Takes you up to your room so the movie doesn't wake you
Chris Hemsworth:
- Pulls you in closer
- Places you on his chest
- Kisses your forehead
Sebastian Stan:
- Smiles down
- Strokes your hair
- Pulls a blanket over you
Tom Holland:
- Puts his hoodie on you to keep you warm
- Pulls you closer to him
- Falls asleep with you
Anthony Mackie:
- Laughs at your cute little face
- Turns the volume down
- Pulls you close
- Puts a protective arm around you
Tom Hiddleston:
- Pokes you jokingly to see if you're really asleep
- When he realizes that you are he pulls you to his chest
- Smiles to himself
Elizabeth Olsen:
- Chuckles to herself
- Snuggles into you
- Kisses your cheek
Scarlett Johansson:
- Pulls you close to her
- Gives you little gentle pecks all over your face
- Traces patterns on your tum tum
- Tucks strands of your hair behind your ears
- Accidentally falls asleep with you
Brie Larson:
- Smiles to herself
- Takes a photo and some selfies to remember
- Cuddles!
Hayley Atwell:
- Chuckles to herself
- Lies down with you
- Traces patterns on your arm
- Falls asleep with her head on top of yours
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poetrcy · 3 hours ago
okay then !! blurb about random late night drives when you can’t sleep with tom
(also i’m jealous i want iced coffee)
blurbs & drabbles night
“I quite liked that song!”
You couldn’t help but laugh at Tom’s protest, decided to just ditch the radio all together and sync your phone.
He had one hand on the steering wheel and the other laid gently along your thigh. The sky was dark, the headlights illuminating the road you guys drove down. You had the sunroof open, letting the air come through.
Your sweats and ratty t-shirt matched Tom’s, his grey track pants and old hoodie displaying a few hours of tossing and turning in the night. It was quite common for the both of you to endure tireless, restless nights in his flat. It was nice, him being home instead of somewhere on the other side of the world filming.
“You’ve played Taylor Swift the past three drives,” he chuckled. “I’m sure I could name most of her songs by heart.”
“I doubt it, but we’ll see.”
The hum of Right Where You Left Me played in the background, the moonlight reflecting off of the windshield. You couldn’t help looking over and admiring him, bringing a hand up and running them through his curls.
“Love you,” he whispered.
“Mm, I know you do,” you teased.
“Fuck you.”
The both of your tired laughter filled the car, a permanent smile on his lips. You leaned over and placed a single kiss on the corner of his mouth. He turned away from the road a moment, pecking your lips once or twice before looking back.
There was a comfortable silence, one that you could both bask in. He’d be leaving in a few weeks, first he’d go to America—then somewhere else you couldn’t quite recall. Now though, it felt as if you could be in each other’s company without having to think of another extended period away from each other.
“I love you too.”
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Tumblr media
anchor ☆ chapter 1 - stranger
a/n: here it is! special thanks again to the lovely @rosyparkers​ for the amazing header and for being my editor once again :’) and also thank you to @duskholland​ for helping me plan out some of the ideas for this chapter :D i hope you all enjoy, and please feel free to send feedback!! oh, and, as usual, this chapter is titled ‘stranger’ after the song by vampire weekend, and the lyrics featured at the beginning of this chapter are from that song :’)
warnings: mentions of drinking and smoking and sex, slut-shaming, angst, dare i say...a smidge of fluff
word count: 6.1k
who knows the reason that kindness lost its hold? those better angels confined to minor roles i left the wilding, wilding, wilding days of old your house is warmer the wilderness is cold
Tumblr media
As Peter stares blankly into his small dorm room closet—that mostly contains Ned’s absurdly large male accessory collection—he realizes he doesn’t have much to choose from. He could wear jeans and a t-shirt, but what if it’s not a casual dinner? Even though it’s the same dinner he’s been going to for two years, you’ll be there.
The rational part of his mind says that it’s no different than any other dinner, but Peter’s never really paid attention to the rational part of his mind when it came to you.
Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this, Peter thinks.
“You are,” Ned butts in, while going over his chemistry homework. Peter’s face blushes in embarrassment, but after being friends with Ned for years, it’s nothing he isn’t used to.
Did I say that out loud? Peter ponders.
“Yes, dumbass,” Ned retorts, just making Peter’s face even closer to the color of the strawberries that Ned’s eating, and though their juices are getting all over his paper, he seems to have no care in the world. 
“Well, if you’re gonna make comments like that, at least say something useful,” Peter adds. “Tell me what to fucking wear.”
Ned turns around in his desk chair, before licking his fingers and delighting at the taste of the fresh strawberries that Betty gifted him earlier. Peter always refers to her as Ned’s girlfriend, but Ned always feels the need to clarify that “girlfriend” is too casual a word to use in reference to Betty, who Ned often refers to as his “fierce lioness who exhibits only radiance, intelligence, and beauty, while simultaneously being the most down-to-earth and humbling creature to ever walk the earth.”
“Why don’t you just wear jeans and a flannel like you usually wear?” Ned asks, making Peter realize that today is just one of those days where Ned’s decided that he’d prefer to get this conversation over with more than actually help Peter in his dilemma.
“Because, what if I get there, and all of them—Morgan included—are wearing these dresses and I look like the homeless kid they brought in off the street?”
“Well, first off, I’m pretty sure the once-owned-by-Tony-Stark-ten-thousand-dollar-watch you’re wearing that Pepper gave you would prevent anyone from thinking you’re homeless,” Ned starts, making Peter squint. “And, also, I think we both know that Y/N will most definitely not look… well, more put-together than you.”
Peter’s eyes widen at Ned’s accurate, but distasteful comment. “Ned!” he shouts.
“What? We know it’s true. Her outfit might be worth more than all of your clothes put together, but it’ll also be on top of her body that’s probably 30% cheap vodka.”
Peter avoids commenting.
“Oh, come on, you’re gonna tell me you haven’t been reading any of the headlines?” Ned goads.
Peter’s blush returns when he realizes that Ned is unfortunately all-too-knowledgeable about Peter’s not-so-discreet lurking.
“I don’t wanna talk about it, Ned,” Peter says, firmly, making Ned shut up. 
It’s not often that Peter uses such a serious tone with his longtime friend, but when he does, Ned knows to stop. That doesn’t mean Ned wants to end the conversation, but he also knows that Peter has boundaries, and that he needs to respect them, even if he thinks what he has to say might be better for Peter in the long run.
And it works in the reverse, too. Ned’s not known for being serious; if anything, it’s one of his greatest traits and yet one of his frequently-annoying flaws. However, on that rare occasion where Ned’s face is void of a smile or frown or some show of emotion, Peter knows to back away.
It’s something that comes with years of friendship, especially one with as many ups and downs as Peter and Ned have had. There’s a depth of understanding there that’s hard to replicate, and each knows that while they’ll see new friendships begin and end throughout their lives, there’s no one that could even come close to being the friend that Peter and Ned are to each other. 
After a few minutes of silence, Ned finally says, “Go with the white button-up, Pete. And a pair of jeans—the nice ones that May bought you, not one of the pairs you went dumpster-diving for because you spent all your money on Star Wars action figures.”
Peter agrees with his suggestion, but scoffs as he gets the clothes out of the closet. “I was a child then, Ned. And, I’m pretty sure you enjoyed those as much as I did.”
“We were seventeen, and after Betty and I got together, I gave them up. Once you’ve felt true love in all its glory, you’ll understand what I mean, and you’ll give up the figurines, too.”
Peter rolls his eyes. He wants to disagree with Ned, but unfortunately, he’s right. Sure, Peter had his infatuation with Liz in freshman year of high school before he, well, sent her father to prison, and then his romance with MJ that was really more awkward and uncomfortable than it was cute and loving. He did lose his virginity to the girl, but Peter would prefer to not think about that experience. And then there’s, well, you—and you crushed all hopes of the two of you possibly having a romantic future when you abandoned him a week after your father died.
But he’s never been in love. He’s never had something like what his parents apparently had. He’s never experienced the pure comfort that he saw between May and Ben. He’s never felt something quite as chaotic and yet perfect as Pepper and Tony. And he’s never felt the simplicity of May’s weird connection with Happy. Simply put, he doesn’t have any personal experience with any of the feelings from any of the adult relationships he’s gotten the chance to witness throughout his life.
Though the rational part of him knows that he hasn’t been a legal adult for that long, and that he has plenty of time to find someone, there’s a deep fear buried in him that he’s unlovable. 
It’s the fear that he’ll be lucky enough to meet someone who falls in love with Peter Parker, but can’t fall in love with Spiderman. What happens when he tells a girl about his other life? Does she get scared of him and run away, or does she not care and eventually fall into danger because of him?
Peter could never forgive himself for that.
And that’s all in addition to the fact that you abandoning him basically reaffirmed his insecurity that he’ll never be enough for someone.
So, yeah, Peter’s never felt that optimistic about his love life.
As Peter drives in May’s old sedan up to the Stark cabin, it begins to pour—because of course it does. And though he’s been trying to ward off old memories by blaring whatever crap music is playing on the radio, the rain reminds him of one of your first memories together on a similarly rainy day, back at the Avengers Compound.
He remembers how much he loved visiting the Compound, and how lucky he felt when Tony gave him a room to stay in whenever he visited, especially on weekends or over the summer. He felt so special, and it was such a unique feeling. Though he’d been gifted his spider powers at quite a young age, he never felt special as Peter Parker, and every time Tony showed pride in his talents as Peter and not Spiderman, he was elated.
It was a late night at the Compound in July, and it’d been a hot summer—so hot, in fact, that Tony and Pepper had decided to spend a few weeks on vacation, leaving you here, under the supervision of various Avengers.
And while he has no malice to Tony for doing so, as he couldn’t understand why someone as privileged as you could be so miserable, he can’t help but feel his heart slowly breaking at the sight of you, at fourteen years old, sitting on the edge of the covered driveway, just staring out at...nothing.
He’s concerned, and though he doesn’t know why he is, he decides to take the walk downstairs. After opening the door, he carefully makes his way to where you’re sitting, as to avoid spooking you.
And though his senses probably should’ve picked up on it, he’s still shocked to see someone his age smoking a cigarette.
But before he gets the chance to say anything, you speak for him. “What are you gonna do, Parker? Tell me that I shouldn’t be doing this? You have no authority here, Webs.”
He pouts at the nickname. “I feel like you could come up with a better nickname than that, Baby Fe,” he says, making you roll your eyes.
Soon after meeting, Peter thought he was the most clever person in the world for calling you “Baby Fe,” since “Fe” is the atomic symbol for iron. You thought it was cheesy, but you never actually objected to it. 
Nonetheless, he’s more concerned with the fact that you’re a teenager—barely—and smoking. “I mean...Would I be wrong to tell you that you shouldn’t be smoking?” he asks, before carefully sitting down on your left, leaving only a foot between you. 
And, shockingly, you don’t make some sarcastic retort. In fact, he sees your body deflate, and not just because you rub the cigarette out on the pavement. 
When you turn to look at him, he can see the few tears that you’ve shed since being here, and he’s a bit taken aback. He’s never seen you like this before. Or, at least, you’ve never allowed him to see you like this.
And he has no idea how to respond.
“My dad knows I smoke, Parker,” you say, before turning your head back to face the landscape.
Peter has to admit he’s shocked by this. Tony always seems like the perfect dad. The perfect father figure. He’s never seen his flaws. Obviously, he knows he must have them, and he knows about the not-so-great years of his past, but it’s hard for him to process that today’s Tony Stark lets his barely-teenager-daughter smoke. 
Peter shakes his head at the memory. No, Mr. Stark’s gone...Thinking of his flaws is disrespectful.
“Fuck this,” he says, before pulling into the cabin’s driveway.
As he opens the car door and scolds himself for forgetting his umbrella, he makes a dash for the porch. He’s about to raise his hand to knock, until he remembers that he’s never been here before.
All of the previous dinners had been at Stark Tower, but since you’re back for the first time in a while, Pepper decided to have it at the cabin, away from prying eyes—and, well, everything.
He remembers how Tony vaguely spoke of building a home for Pepper—and you, of course—outside of the city, and somewhat distanced from the Avengers Compound.
Peter places his damp hands along the railing, and looks out at the scene before him. It’s a bit bland for Tony, but that makes sense to Peter. If Tony wanted something so different from his city life and his life as Iron Man, then it makes sense that there’s no extravagance. It simply looks like a home, a home built for a family—not just a home built for a billionaire.
Though he soon realizes that there’s no other homes in sight, and that Tony probably bought the whole fucking lake, and he chuckles to himself. 
Well, it’s still a Tony Stark cabin, he thinks.
“Hey, Peter!” he hears a faint voice speak, making him spin.
Fuck, I’ve gotta stop saying what I’m actually thinking, he reminds himself.
“Mommy said I’m not supposed to say that word,” Morgan remarks, before hopping up onto the bench and dangling her small feet off the end.
“Mommy’s right, Baby Stark,” he says, before sitting down on the bench next to her. She pouts at the nickname, but doesn’t argue with him, making him chuckle. “What are you doing out here?”
“I saw you through the window, and Mommy’s busy,” she explains.
“And… she’s not here yet?” Peter asks, treading around your name.
Peter groans internally, realizing that even though Morgan Stark is smarter than any six-year-old he’s ever met, she’s still, well, six years old. “Your sister,” he lets out, still refusing to use your name.
“No,” Morgan pouts, and the sadness in her eyes definitely doesn’t diminish his negative feelings for you. “She’s never been like this before,” Morgan adds, confusing Peter, because Morgan was only born during the years of the Blip, when you and him were both… gone. When would Morgan and you have spent any time together?
“What do you mean?” he asks, scooting closer to Morgan, and letting her squish into his side.
“When she was at the school in Switz… Swiss… Land… Hmm, I forget the name of the place, but when she was there, she always called me on Mommy’s phone in the morning. And over the summer, we went to stay at this fancy home in some place called Italy, and she always spent time with me there,” Morgan explains, with a distant look on her face. Though, her face soon goes confused, and she pokes his chest and asks, “how do you know Y/N?”
“You’re very perceptive, Morgan,” he chuckles out. “Um… We used to be… friends.”
“You did? What kind of friends? Did you play on the swings together?”
“Um… Yeah. I guess you could say that.”
She gasps, and then puts her hands over her mouth. “Oh, were you the kind of friends that used to… kiss each other on the lips?”
Peter, flustered by Morgan’s very unexpected question, quickly denies it. “No, no, no! We were… normal friends.”
The two sit in silence for a bit longer, until Peter checks his watch. “Come on, kiddo. We should go inside.”
She nods, before standing up on the bench, and reaching her arms up, making Peter chuckle. Instead of pulling her up by the waist, though, he flings her over his shoulder, and she squeals in response. 
Peter opens the door, kicks off his shoes in the entrance, and then makes his way to the bottom of the stairwell. “Pepper, I found a little monster wandering around outside!” he belts out, playfully.
Morgan’s still chuckling, though now the little rascal has climbed her way onto Peter’s shoulders, playing with his hair.
Eventually, Pepper walks downstairs, and smiles at the sight before her. “Hello, Peter,” she greets, and manages to give him a small hug, though it’s a tad awkward given the kicking child on his shoulders.
They let go, and Peter puts Morgan down, ignoring her huffs. Thankfully, as the child she is, her attention span is short, and she makes her way to the couch, beginning to play with one of her many dolls.
“Do you need any help with dinner, Pep?” he asks, trying to be a tad helpful.
“Ooh, do you mind setting the table?” she asks, and Peter agrees.
After he sets the third spot, though, he pauses, and looks across at Pepper in the kitchen, whom he finds already looking back at him. And their minds are both on the same thing; they’re just waiting to see who will bring it up first. 
“Should I, uh...”
Peter gestures to the last placemat, hesitating to put the plate in its seat. 
It takes more energy than she’d like, but Pepper nods, smiling through the uneasiness. “She’ll be here… eventually.”
Though Pepper’s been waiting for you to start dinner, Peter gets the sense that she’s lost hope in you showing up, and that you being ridiculously late is not so out of the ordinary. Eventually, he convinces Pepper to start dinner, and things go somewhat smoothly from there.
The conversation is calm, and Pepper and Peter update each other on their lives, with Morgan interrupting with her own stories. Laughs are shared, and though there’s an empty place setting that occupies their thoughts, the normalcy of the conversation helps to keep it at the back of their minds. 
Peter willingly shares how college has been so far, making sure to highlight the pleasant instances more than any lingering negative sentiments he’s holding onto. He fills Pepper in on Ned and Betty’s adorable yet extremely annoying romance, and he updates her on how May’s doing, to which Pepper responds by informing him that she’s going to ask May for some help with charity organizations. It took a while for Pepper to start delegating various parts of Stark Industries and his estate after Tony’s death, but now that she’s ready for it, she hopes to involve May—who dedicates her livelihood to charities in the Queens area—in deciding what charities need the most help and how Stark Industries can make the biggest difference. 
It’s a bit weird for Peter to see just how interconnected his life has become with Tony after his death, but he doesn’t mind, and there’s something immensely heartwarming in the idea that May—the biggest maternal influence in his life—is developing a friendship with Pepper.
They eventually move on to discussing May and Happy’s romance, in which Peter plays the part of concerned, disgusted, and overprotective nephew, though both Pepper and Peter know that he’s truly happy that his aunt’s found happiness after Uncle Ben, and with someone Peter can trust. If there’s one man who Peter was closest to besides Tony after Ben’s death, it was most definitely Happy, and it delights Peter to see him bring his aunt happiness. 
As most of these dinners go, the conversation is generally light, but intense emotion is there. ANd though Peter tries to avoid deep emotional sentiment in every part of his life these days, for some reason, it’s easy for him to abandon that firmness during his times with Pepper and Morgan. In other parts of his life, he has to escape emotional attachment, but here, there’s nowhere to escape to.
Eventually, though, Morgan gets antsy, and it’s nearly her bedtime. They’ve tried to eat dinner as long as they can, and it’s clear that you’re not coming anytime soon, and if you are coming anytime soon, they simply don’t believe it.
Peter lets Pepper know that he’ll take care of the dishes, and Pepper gives him a grateful hug in response.
After putting Morgan to bed, and after Peter does the dishes, they meet again in the living room, and Peter can tell that Morgan’s not the only tired person in the house.
“I’ll wait for her,” he says. And even though he tries to hide his hesitancy, he knows he’s not the most convincing. 
Pepper’s clearly hesitant, too. “Are you sure? I know that you two haven’t spoken in quite a long time, and I can’t imagine that’s been easy for you. I remember how close you were before—well, you know—and how crushed she was to leave you. But, in her mind, it was the right decision, and I hope you can understand that, at least a little bit.”
Peter’s lips draw into a line, and he tucks his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. “I won’t lie to you, Pep—you deserve better than that. I don’t have many… fond thoughts of her these days. But, if it hurt her so much to go, then why did she? Was it something I did? Something I said? I just—”
Shaking her head, Pepper interrupts. “She had her reasons, Peter. And while I know the gist of them, they’re also not mine to tell. But I truly, truly hope that you can at least try to be a bit patient with her,” she pleads, and Peter gives her a slight nod. “Alright, well, I’m heading upstairs. If she doesn’t show up, there are two guest rooms that you’re free to crash in, or you can take the sofa. Please don’t drive back so late.”
“You’ve got it. Good night, Pep.”
“Good night, Pete,” she says, before continuing up the stairs.
Peter doesn’t know how long he waits in the living room for you. All he knows is that it’s now well-past one o’clock in the morning, and that whatever reruns he’s watching on the television are all morphing into the same damn thing. 
He’s about to go upstairs and turn in for the night, before he hears yelling outside, muffled by the rain. 
He really hopes he only hears it because of his senses, and that it won’t wake up Pepper and Morgan.
Peter opens the window curtain in the dining room, and is faced with the sight of an expensive car that he doesn’t know the name of skidding off, and you, in a tight black dress, soaked with rainwater, clammering up the front steps… or at least trying to.
He hates that he worries for you, when all you’ve done tonight is disappoint your family (and him, though he would never admit that), but he’s trying to be considerate.
Or, as May always tells him, “be generous.”
He’s never really sure what she means by that, but part of him thinks it’s applicable to this situation.
He opens the door at the same time that you make it to the porch, and it seems that you haven’t even noticed his presence as you practically fall onto one of the benches.
Carefully, he walks towards you, and as he does, he can now make out what the rain had previously masked—at least somewhat.
Your eyes are almost shut, and your eye makeup—it might be mascara, but Peter’s never been one to know much about the things women put on their faces—leaves dark trails down your cheeks. Your hair is a mess—there’s no nicer way to put it. And he’s fairly convinced that there’s a rip towards the center of the very short skirt of your dress that wasn’t there when you purchased the item.
And, to make matters worse, if he looks closely, he’s pretty sure that the rip in the dress gives him an indirect view of the hot pink thong you’re wearing under it.
If Ned were here, he’d probably say something like, “hey, at least she’s wearing underwear,” Peter thinks.
“I’m not that stupid,” he hears you say, and Peter scolds himself for again saying what he means to be thinking.
Peter honestly doesn’t know what else to say, though, so he waits for you to continue talking, which you do.
“Why are you here?” you rasp out. Clearly, your voice is drained by whatever you’ve done tonight, whether it be drinking loads of alcohol, engaging in a lot of screaming, using whatever smoking device Peter’s not familiar with but is probably all over his college campus, and, well, sucking dick.
“Pepper invited me over for dinner tonight with her, Morgan, and, well, you,” Peter says, before taking a seat next to you on the bench, though keeping his distance.
The two of you sit out there for a few minutes, simply staring at the rainy landscape before you. Frankly, Peter’s a bit stunned. The event of meeting you again had crossed his mind countless times over the last few years, and though it feels like he’s gone through every possibility in his mind, this feels like the one he never thought about.
He never thought he’d meet you at a place in your life where you’ve hit rock bottom. It’s harsh, but that doesn’t make it any less true. And, to be completely honest, Peter’s hit rock bottom, also… he’s just a tad better at hiding it.
The entire truth is that the outside world sees your life as a mess and sees you as a girl who had everything going for her, who then went rogue after her father died. You’ve made mistake after mistake after mistake, to the point where people no longer believe that they’re mistakes. They’re no longer oddities—they’re you. 
Peter, on the other hand, doesn’t have as many people looking at him. He’s just an average college student, and everything that makes him a special guy is exactly what he hides from the world.
However, none of that means he hasn’t had his own troubles. While you’re dealing with your problems in an unhealthy way, you’re at least acknowledging their existence. You’re in pain, and you’re not denying that. Sure, your habits of dealing with grief are worrisome, but you at least have them. Peter doesn’t, because it’s difficult to try and manage your troubles when you refuse to acknowledge that they exist in the first place—and, even if Peter’s acknowledging his issues to some extent, he’s minimizing them. After he stopped trying to make contact with you, he just acted like his problems didn’t exist.
And maybe it’s fucked up, but to Peter, there’s something brave in what you’re doing. You aren’t shying away from anything—well, except admitting that you’re only developing bad habits to cover your real issues. At least from a distance, it seems to Peter that you’ve accepted that your life has been fucked up one too many times. While Peter, in his mind, acts like a coward, refusing to accept that his wounds exist just so that he doesn’t have to embark on the process of healing them.
Peter can be quite a philosophical guy when he wants to—especially in the most awkward scenarios. However, your teeth-chattering has just become fundamentally nauseating to Peter and his senses. “Let’s go inside.”
You want to argue with him, but Peter’s grateful that you don’t, and he opens the door to the cabin. You struggle to slip off your heels, and Peter has to bite back a chuckle at the scene. 
“Don’t laugh,” you growl, before stumbling on your bare feet over to the couch, and plopping down headfirst.
“Don’t you think you should sleep in your bedroom?” 
Since “nnnnnngh,” is the only response you give, Peter sits on the chair next to you, and begins to tap his hands on his thighs in boredom.
Your face shifts so that you can see Peter out of the corner of your eye, before you twist to lay on your side, groaning in the process.
“What are you doing?” you ask.
“Yeah, I know that, dipshit. Why?”
“Pepper entrusted me to watch over you and make sure you got home safe, so that’s what I’m doing.”
“Well, I’m here, and I’m home safe. You can leave now.”
Peter squints, and while he’d love to leave and miss interacting with your extremely shitty and spoiled attitude, he reminds himself that he’s doing it for Pepper, and not for you. And at least there’s a solid chance that you won’t remember any of this tomorrow—well, actually, later today. 
You just groan again in response, before getting up way too quickly that Peter has to sprint over to you to prevent you from falling. If it weren’t for his spidey senses, he would’ve missed you entirely and you’d have definitely cracked your head open against the coffee table.
However, he’s surprised when you don’t make an annoying retort, until he realizes that you’ve completely knocked out in his arms.
Of fucking course.
Securing you tightly, he makes his way up the stairs, walking quietly as to not wake up Pepper or Morgan. 
Luckily, the door to your room is marked with a small paper sign—clearly decorated by Morgan—that reads “Best Big Sis Ever.” Peter wants to frown at the sight, since he knows that there’s probably no way that you’ve actually proven to be the “Best Big Sis Ever” to Morgan, but his smile betrays him. 
He uses his foot to quietly knock the door open, which is fortunately unlocked, and then plops you on the queen-sized bed, and ponders what to do next.
Should he just leave and head for the guest room?
Should he wipe your makeup off and dress you into some comfier clothes?
Should he set a garbage can next to you for when you inevitably start retching in the morning?
To be completely honest, he doesn’t want to do any of the above, and his tiredness is starting to get to him, but he tries to “be generous”, as May says.
May’s words and Peter’s refusal to break promises eat away at him, and he decides to at least lay out some comfier clothes for you.
Letting out a huff, he turns around, faced with your dresser, and opens up the top drawers, which, much to his annoyance, are full of bras and thongs. The act, though, of opening your dresser, is eerie. Before the Blip, the two of you had become accustomed to sleepovers and doing everything together, and now it feels so ghost-like. Though he’s done this with you before—in some fashion or another—it almost feels disgraceful to those old memories to associate them with the messiness that is this current moment.
Nonetheless, he’s grateful at the sight of pajamas. Phew, he thinks, but when he hears you mumble something in your sleep, he realizes he’s done that stupid thing again.
Not trying to be too invasive, he just grabs the first shirt on top—one of your dad’s old band shirts—and lays it at the foot of the bed next to your bare feet. 
And while you might be one of those girls who sleeps in their underwear, he feels like getting a pair of underwear for you would definitely be crossing a line. 
So, instead, he grabs what he assumes to be old pajama shorts, and quietly shuts the drawer.
Realizing he’ll have to wake the beast to at least do this semi-respectfully, he walks over to you, poking you gently on the forehead. 
Unfortunately, all you do is let out a bit of gibberish, so he taps you a few times on the shoulder, hoping that’ll do it. 
Thankfully, your eyes blink open, and they go wide when they recognize someone else’s presence. “What the—”
Peter quickly stops your outburst by shoving his hand against your mouth, and when you realize that he’s not a murderer and then remember the events that happened not so long ago, you calm down. Peter removes his hand from your mouth, and then wipes off the drool on his jeans.
“Uh...I got you a pair of shorts and, uh, a shirt.”
You don’t seem grateful, though, because you frown at him in disgust. “You went through my underwear drawer?!” you whisper-yell.
“I wasn’t being creepy!” he defends, matching your tone of voice.
“That’s such a perv-y thing to do, you… perv!” you remark, wincing at your lack of a witty nickname in your post-drunk state. 
“Clever,” Peter retorts, rolling his eyes.
You huff in annoyance. “Whatever. Just… turn around, please.”
Peter gives you a look as if to say “obviously”, and turns around, leaving you to change.
However, you clearly overestimated your sobriety, as getting out of your dress proves to be a nightmare, which Peter notices by your endless groans, huffs, and stammers. At this point, he decides that he’s just waiting for you to ask for his help.
He taps his foot on the floor, and once you notice it, you concede. “Whatever. Just help me, dipshit.”
He stops tapping his foot, but refuses to turn around.
“Oh my God, seriously? Fine, whatever. Please help me with my clothes, dipshit.”
Deciding that that’s probably the best he’ll get from you, he turns around, and has to stop himself from admiring how cute you look, with your head lost in your dress and your body contorted in a way that he can’t possibly understand.
“Alright, uh… Hmm. Ahh, here.” He walks closer to you, and notices that the rip previously in the center of your dress is now on the side.
“Do you mind if I just… rip it?”
“Hey, I like this dress!” you object.
“Oh, come on, this can’t be the only little black dress you have. And besides, it’s already ripped… and covered in a mixture of liquids that I really don’t want to know the makeup of.”
You give in, and let out a “fine,” and Peter turns to your side, before simply ripping the dress in half. 
When it falls to the ground, Peter’s eyes go wide, and the two of you make immediate eye contact, though that doesn’t mean Peter can’t see all of your practically-naked form.
It takes a few seconds for the two of you to react to the situation, and Peter turns around.
You struggle to unclip your bra in your state, and eventually decide to just take it off the way you would a shirt, before flinging it in at least the direction of your hamper. 
You then take off your thong, flinging it in the direction of the trash can, because after last night’s events, you’re pretty sure a quick wash won’t get the dirt, grime, and other… substances out of it.
As Peter continues to stand in front of your dresser, staring out the window, you slip on your dad’s old band shirt, and the pair of pajama shorts, though, given your state, it takes a bit longer than it usually would.
“Done,” you announce to Peter, and he turns around, gulping at the sight before him.
“What?” you ask, with a nervousness he didn’t expect to see in you.
“It’s just… well. You… look like him,” Peter vocalizes, before he can even think of what he’s said. And, while that’s not shocking, the sight of an older you, in your father’s old shirt, almost gives him whiplash. Not only do you remind him of your father and all that he was, but you remind him of the sight of that sad fourteen-year-old girl who used to be his best friend smoking in the Compound driveway. 
You’re older and more woman than girl now, of course, but there’s an innocence that he sees in you now that he’d forgotten, or maybe just pushed to the side. Or maybe he didn’t notice it because he used to have that same innocence in him. It’s not necessarily an innocence in attitude or pattern, but it’s a reminder that, no matter how you’re seen by the rest of the world, you’re still human. And while most people got to come back and got to see their loved ones come back, you didn’t. The man who the world views as a hero was still your father, and though everyone else gets to love and reminisce in the effects of his actions, you don’t. The world lost a hero but gained everyone, while you just… lost your dad.
It’s a dark thought, but it makes him sympathize with you, and with everything you’ve done. And something about that’s even more infuriating. He should hate you—for fuck’s sake, he’s been trying to convince himself and everyone around him that he hates you for the past year and a half. 
It’s not until you walk to the bathroom that he gets out of the daze.
He stands there for a few more minutes, while you do...whatever you need to do in the bathroom. Eventually, he hears the toilet flush and the sink run, and you walk out, now with a makeup-free face and hair a tad less unkempt.
You stare at him, waiting for him to leave, but it takes a bit for him to understand. “Oh, uh, Pepper said I could take one of the guest rooms… Uh, which one should I take?”
“Doesn’t matter, but there’s one to the left of the stairwell.”
As he walks to the door, you get into bed, and as he’s about to leave, he stops.
“What, Peter?” you ask, no malice in your voice, just a very clear need of sleep.
“Uh, nothing. Good night… Oh, wait!”
You give him a confused look, but smile just a bit when he reaches for your trash can, picking it up by the end that your pink thong isn’t hanging off of.
He places it by your bedside, and you can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed at the sight of the pair of underwear, so you quickly knock it into the bin.
“Thanks, Pete.”
“Uh, no problem.”
You settle back into your covers. “Good night, Y/N.”
“Good night, Peter.”
so...what’d y’all think? did you like it? do you have questions? do you have predictions? please let me know via ask or comment/reblog! i’d love to know. do you have suggestions? feel free to send them in! thank you for reading, and i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did writing it <3
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Routine - Peter Parker
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Warnings: Little bit of violence (knives) and a whole lot of fluff.
Word count: 2.1k
Tumblr media
There you were again, standing at the counter reciting your order to Delmar. Every day, at 7pm, you came in here to order one sandwich. Then you’d hang around for twenty minutes, swiping on your phone while you picked at your food. Peter didn’t intend to remember your routine off by heart, it just happened. He even shifted his routine around, just so he would be here at the same time as you were. Part of him felt creepy, but it wasn’t like he was stalking you or anything. He just didn’t have the confidence to approach you, so instead, he stole sneaky glances while you ate.
There he was again, sitting on the chair by the door. Every day, at 7pm, he sat there and ate his sandwich. Then he would pull out a textbook, skimming it while he sipped on his drink. You didn’t intend to memorise the boy’s routine, it just happened. Now you tried to find ways to stay for a little longer; by eating your sandwich slower, ordering a cookie, anything you could to linger in the presence of a boy that didn’t even notice you. Part of you felt creepy, staring at him longingly from a distance. You just didn’t know how to approach him, so instead, you stole sneaky glances while he ate.
You left at 7:40pm; you stayed for almost twice as long as usual, which surprised Peter. The smell of your perfume hit him like a truck as you strolled past his table, and it left him gazing at your retreating figure like a lovesick puppy. With a sigh, he put his books back in his bag and stood up to leave.
“Don’t think I haven’t noticed, kid, just talk to her.” Delmar shrugged, making Peter stop like a deer in the headlights. The stunned boy spun around, his mouth opening and closing like a fish.
“I - erm - She wouldn’t be interested.” He sighed, and his eyebrows sank in disappointment.
The deli owner snorted at his answer and leaned over the counter, “She looks at you the same way, you know.”
Before Peter could respond, his enhanced hearing picked up on a potential emergency outside. He mumbled his goodbyes and ran out the door, racing to the ally where he stashed his suit.
The teenage superhero swung across a few roofs before finding the crime in progress, and his heart thudded against his chest when he saw you, a knife to your throat while you were getting mugged.
The boy wasted no time and dropped down, pushing you behind him protectively.
“Well, this is no way to treat a lady.” He quipped, and roundhouse kicked the man before webbing him up. 
Peter’s heart almost shattered when he turned to see your trembling figure, eyes wide and glassy. Being in the suit gave him confidence that he didn’t usually have, which is why he reached out to place a comforting hand on your arm.
“Hey, you’re safe now.” He assured, but you were still in shock, eyes darting between him and the man. Parted lips and puffy eyes wasn’t how Peter liked to see you, this version of you made his heart drop.
He nervously scratched the back of his head, “Why don’t I swing you home?”
Your eyes snapped up to the superhero, only just processing what just happened. The lump in your throat made you not trust your voice, so you gave him a slow nod instead.
A warm tingle ran down his spine as he wrapped his arm around your waist and you secured yours around his neck. The two of you have never had a conversation or even shared more than a second of eye contact, and here he was holding you to his chest. You whispered your address so softly that you weren’t sure if he heard you, but he did, he always heard you.
“Hold on tight.”
It had been three days since the incident, and you were still pretty shaken up, Peter could tell. You sat at your table, eyes trained on the plate while you pushed your food around. A sigh left his lips. Why couldn’t he just walk over there and talk to you? Why could he only be confident in a blue and red suit? Spiderman and Peter were the same person, so why could only one of them speak to you? He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he almost missed you leaving, only realising you did when the bell on the door rang. He shot up and ran to the ally once again.
This was a new part of his routine, swinging above you while you walked home to make sure you were safe. Then as soon as you entered your apartment building, he started his patrol.
But that night’s patrol was different, because as he swung over your building there was a miniature figure perched on the edge of the roof. Curiosity got the better of the teenage superhero and diverted his swing to land behind the woman. As soon as he did, he realised the woman was you. He would recognise that hair anywhere.
“Erm, hi,” He said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. The sudden voice made you jump, and you spun around with a hand over your heart.
“Oh, its you.” You smiled, anxiously playing with your fingers. “I, erm, I didn’t thank you for the other day. It’s kinda been on my mind, like constantly on my mind. I just walked away after you save me, god who even does that? You must think I’m so rude, I am grateful. Like super grateful… so anyway, erm, thanks?”
You recoiled as the words left your mouth, embarrassing yourself in front of spiderman wasn’t on your to do list. While you internally groaned, Peter’s heart fluttered. Finding out you were as awkward as he was put him at ease, maybe he could talk to you without the suit after all.
He strolled over to you, pointing to the space on your left, “Mind if I sit?”
A genuine smile grew on your lips, and you nodded. That is how the two of you spent the next hour, eyes fixed on the city while you made casual, but awkward conversation.
It had been a month since the first night on the rooftop, and you had a fresh addition to your routine. At 10pm, every night, you waited for spiderman on your apartment’s roof. A strong friendship had formed, and you were crushing hard on the faceless boy whose name was a secret. How you could develop feelings for someone you didn’t really know was a mystery to you, but it just happened. You could walk past him on the street and never know it was the boy you spend hours talking to, which was daunting but also exciting.
Tonight, he was a little late. But you couldn’t complain, he was keeping the city safe after all. When the clock hit 10:30pm you began to worry, but you shrugged the feeling off. He was probably in the middle of kicking ass.
Right on queue, the masked figure flipped to land beside you with a small grunt. You didn’t need to see him to know that he was hurt, and you turned around to him with a concerned frown. The concern quickly turned to full-blown panic, his suit was ripped and covered in blood. His blood.
“Oh my god, what happened?” You asked, hands covering your mouth.
He waved his hand around dismissively, “Bad guys with a knife, I’ll heal… eventually.”
Peter watched as your face twisted in disbelief and you shook your head at him. You jumped up and held your hand out, making his eyebrows furrow under the mask. When he didn’t move, you groaned.
“Either you walk willingly or I’ll drag you, spiderboy.” You raised a brow, and he slowly stood up with a huff.
“It’s spiderman…” He mumbled, but trailed after you anyway.
The two of you snuck down the flights of stairs, trying to avoid your neighbours as you led him through the building. You really didn’t want to explain why you were sneaking spiderman into your apartment while your mother was at work to Mrs Mathews. When you opened the door to your apartment, Peter’s heart pounded against his chest. You gestured for him to come in and rushed over to the cabinet to grab the first aid kit.
“You know, you really don’t nee-”
You cut him off with a stern glare, “Sit.”
He obliged, flopping down onto the chair with a pained groan. Kneeling down, you scanned his stomach and bit the inside of your cheek in concentration.
“Your, erm, gonna have to take the suit off.” He tilted his head, and you peered up at him in panic. “Not the entire suit! Just the top part.”
Spiderman nodded, but Peter was freaking out. He was going to be topless in front of the girl he’s fallen in love with, even the false confidence the mask gave him wouldn’t help in this situation.
Slowly, he peeled the top half of his suit from his body, revealing his injured but defined abs. Your breath hitched in your throat, something that went noticed by the boy. While the suit showed his prominent muscles, you weren’t expecting him to be in such good shape underneath it.
After staring for a second too long, you shook your head and got to work on his wounds. The boy winced and hissed occasionally, making you mutter apologies under your breath. You rested your hand on his torso, and he sucked in a sharp breath. A blush formed on your cheeks at the feeling of his body underneath your hand, and Peter was glad that he had a mask on, because he was blushing just as hard.
“All done. You can, erm, cover up again.” You stuttered out, biting your thumb before rushing off to put the first aid kit away.
A wave of confidence rushed through the teenage boy, and he stood up, slowly taking his mask off as he shuffled towards you. He had been wanting to tell you for a while, but always chickened out at the last moment. What if you didn’t like what was behind the mask? The thought made him go to put it back on, but before he could, you turned around. Your eyes raked over the half naked teenage boy, and a gasp escaped your throat.
“Cute deli shop boy?” You asked, clamping your hand over your mouth when you realised you said that out loud. Hearing you call him cute made his cheeks heat up, and a weak smile played on his lips. He took a step forward, fiddling with his hands while he looked down at the floor.
Your mind was racing. Finding out that the two boys you were crushing on were the same person was unexpected, to say the very least. He was only a few steps away from you now, close enough for you to see the marks on his face. Without thinking, you moved closer and hesitantly brought your hand to his cheek.
“Your face is hurt.” You stated, your eyes running over his handsome features. He stared down at you through his thick lashes and cleared his throat, you being so close to him left him speechless. The mask was always his safety net when it came to you, now he was exposed and he didn’t know what to say.
“Your face is pretty.” He blurted out, and his eyes expanded in embarrassment. You let out a small chuckle, making his body relax again.
A genuine smile took over your features, “Yours is too.”
Both of you internally cringed at your inability to converse normally, but it was just the effect that you had on one another. Neither of you moved nor spoke, choosing to just stare at each other instead. Being this close to him made you notice new things; like the light freckles that dusted over his nose, and the small wrinkles that sat in the corners of his eyes. He placed a trembling hand on your cheek, and his heartbeat quickened when you leaned into his touch.
“May I - can I kiss you?” He asked, voice faltering from nerves. 
Your lips parted in surprise, and he was close to taking it back. But you quickly nodded, a blush forming on your cheeks. With a shy smile, he leaned down and closed the distance between the two of you. The kiss was gentle, an innocence to it that made both your hearts flutter. You both pulled back, and he rested his forehead against yours.
“My names Peter… by the way.”
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little-diable · 7 hours ago
Confess to me - Mob!Tom Holland
Happy Friday! First time writing about mob!Tom Holland and I truly hope you guys are on board with this. Give it a shot, enjoy the whirlwind of emotions we are about to live through and most importantly, share your opinion with me. I honestly don’t know why I am so into the whole angel setting (I’m not religious) but there’s no way back now haha. Please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction. Big thank you to my beta @hidingsikki​​ and to my lovely @angelusviate​ Enjoy my loves. xxx
Summary: She gets offered one last chance to make it back into the holy realm, one last chance to prove her worth - turning a sinner pure can’t be that difficult, can it? 
Warnings: 18+, smut, unprotected sex (no dark smut), masturbation, hand job, oral, innocent reader, adult themes, violence and blood, Tom kills people (no explicit descriptions), talks about heaven and hell, about sinners and believers, God is a ruthless mf in this imagine, heaven and hell are inspired by the greek mythology 
Pairing: Mob!Tom Holland x angel!fem!reader 
7.3k+ words - I’m not sorry about it
Tumblr media
She drowned the black liquid, squeezing her eyes shut, hugging herself as the room began to spin, darkness momentarily robbed her vision. No longer could she hear Helen’s broken English, asking her if she wanted to order something else, the cafe was long gone and so was she.
“Will you ever learn how to be on time?”
The sharp-tongued words pierced through her, hands tightening their grip on her dirty dress. A small apology bled from her lips, gaze averted, not trusting herself to stay calm around the immortal beings she detested, the ones she had always tried to avoid.
She didn’t feel welcomed, wondering if she’d ever get to see the white, light-flooded temples again. By now (y/n) couldn’t even remember what her home looked like, memories robbed from her, not trusting her to keep the one secret all life was built on.
“Sit, she’ll be with you soon.”
Sweat was pooling on her palms, dripping onto her dress, not once had she felt this tense, waiting for her verdict, wondering if she’d ever get another chance to make it back home.
The holy realm she hadn’t seen for months, wandering earth as she cowered away from the other angels she had once called her family. She hadn’t done anything wrong, though maybe she had, maybe she shouldn’t have stood up for herself, not following the archangels’ orders, not wanting to rip a young life away from its family just yet.
Before she could have apologized for her actions she had felt herself stumbling out of heaven, leaving the pearly gates behind as her once white dress was now covered in stains. The fall had taken its toll on her, body crashing to the ground, skin bruising for the first time since her creation.
No words would ever manage to describe how ashamed she felt, how confused and anxious, forced to adapt to another life, a new life, without her wings, without most of her powers.
She’d try to use the portal, sitting in the German cafe down in the Middle West, ordering the black coffee she’d drown in one go, leaving earth as she’d place the cup down. But she wouldn’t end up in heaven as she’d normally do, no, she’d find herself downstairs, dress getting dirtier with every trip she’d take between the levels.
“(Y/n),” the thick voice mocked her, red lips wearing a smirk as heels clicked against the dark marble floor. She was gorgeous, wrapped in dark fabrics, leaving (y/n) breathless. It had been the first time, the first time she had looked at the goddess of the underworld herself, a sight she’d probably never forget.
A black folder got placed in front of the quivering angel, hands freezing midair as her name got called once again. Her eyes met the dark ones that stared at her, intensely studying the angel that no longer was allowed to call herself that. They could tell how she missed her home, the place she had been made for, the place she had been crafted and created in.
“This is your chance, (y/n)-” the goddess sunk down in her chair, hands interlaced as she opened the folder, scanning over the words “-I’d be careful about it, you only get one shot.”
(Y/n)’s fingers trembled as she was finally encouraged to touch the black case, staring at a picture of a man she had never seen before. Absently she let her thumb trace the dark paper, allowing herself to study him for a few moments. He must have been around twenty five, his sharp jawline distracted her, no longer appreciating the dark brown color of his eyes, though wondering why cuts and bruises were covering his skin.
“Who is that?”
She turned the page, reading through the dates that were listed, Tom Stanely Holland. Not once had she heard the name before, wondering why his folder got handed to her. A crime record was added to his file, telling her all about his wrongdoings, the lives he had taken, the sentences he had managed to buy himself free from.
“He’s your one chance. Turn a sinner pure and you’ll be allowed back in. You have two weeks.”
Blood was dripping from his knuckles, leaving a small puddle on the floor as he heavily breathed in and out, lungs grasping the air that flooded through them. Every punch he threw grew rougher, (y/n) could almost hear his skin breaking apart, tape no longer protecting his fingers.
He was fighting like an animal, music was blasting from his earphones, a tune she didn’t recognise, though he seemed to focus on the beat, moving in sync with it, landing his punch whenever the tune would change.
(Y/n) could watch sweat dripping from his forehead, running along his throat, soaking through his dark shirt. His muscles were flexing with every move of his, abs shining through his clothes, leaving almost to none to her imagination. He was handsome, could perfectly fit into the holy realm if he wouldn’t wear all those bruises on his skin.
Carefully she took a step closer, hiding behind a pillar, glad that he was still focused on his punching bag, not noticing the curious girl, the eyes that wandered up and down his body - gaze lingering on his middle section for a tad bit too long.
Tom. She tried to grow accustomed to her task, the one mission she couldn’t fail, turning the mobster into a pure man, taking away all his sins if he’d give in and confess. It was all she needed him to do, to fall to his knees, pressing his forehead against her stomach, confessing to his wrongdoings, and asking for his absolution.
Maybe she could explain her struggle to the oblivious man, could let him in on the burden she had to carry, not used to walking around without her wings to take her places. She had lost the one thing she had always cherished, the one thing that made her feel like she was part of something bigger, a family that now no longer accepted her.
But even an angel like her knew that it wouldn’t be that easy, no longer could she paint herself a calm and clear picture, had to face the brutal truth.
His movements were slowing down, body not as static and concentrated, shoulders hunched. Tom took off his shirt, patting his forehead dry, smirking as he cleared his throat, turning towards the gaping woman. 
For just a second he felt something flood through him, a warm, calming sensation. Something he hadn’t felt in years, familiar like a mother’s touch, protective as the arms a loved one would wrap around one.
“Throw me my towel, will you?”
It would take her days till she’d see him again, tracking a mobster down appeared to be more difficult than she had originally thought. He was constantly on the move, disappearing right before her eyes, drenched in blood as he took care of the business his men seemed to fuck up. 
(Y/n) was sure that she had never seen this much cruelty, this man took lives within such a short span of time, she feared him, wondering if he’d show any mercy to her case.
The moment he had spotted her in the dark gym she had run away, darting out of the hall, body burning in embarrassment. Like a coward, she had tried to hide away from the man that seemed too handsome to be true, from the man whose every secret she knew, the man that was supposed to guide her back home.
(Y/n) tried to follow him, tried to watch him take yet another life, but she couldn’t, couldn’t watch a man this young do something this awful and ruthless. 
So, (y/n) would keep her distance, back turned towards him as he’d cock his gun. He didn’t know about the immortal human being that ran after him, protecting him from every gunshot that could pierce right through his skin, she’d always manage to save him.
At least that’s what she thought.
(Y/n) herself seemed to be oblivious to the men that followed her, wondering why she was sticking around if she posed any danger. Tom couldn’t leave any business unfinished.
With every rising of the sun, she’d feel weaker, having to drag herself around town, hiding away in different shops, seeking shelter in the library as the weather would turn bad. Time was fading and she didn’t do anything about it, maybe she didn’t deserve her second chance after all, maybe it was time to move forwards, switching sides as she was doing so.
Like a helpless woman, she’d let her heart guide her, finding herself in front of a church, staring at the massive cross that screamed at her, daunting her, challenging the fallen angel. One step after another carried her into the building, chest burning from the adrenaline that kicked through her system.
Candles flickered in the distance, projecting a shadow onto the altar. People tried to avoid her, misjudging the angel for something dark, something sinister. Her clothes were almost black by now, matching with the dirt stains that stuck to her cheeks, the fall had clearly left its marks on her body.
“Father in heaven, I need your guidance-” her throat began to tighten up, catching the words before they’d pour from her lips. No longer was she entitled to talk to him, no longer would he offer her his hand. She was alone, didn’t have anybody to turn to. (Y/n)’s body trembled, crashing to her knees in the middle of the hallway, right in front of the massive cross that stared down on her.
Naked and bruised, the savior that had given his life for them all, the son that had been created just like her, the son that had died on the cross to save them all. (Y/n) mumbled a few words, wondering if she could call out to him if he’d find it in his heart to forgive her.
The feeling of a hand getting placed on her shoulder left her frozen, had he listened to her words? Hope began to replace the confusing emotions that had their grasp on her, he was here, ready to help his fallen angel, still loving the one that went missing.
But he hadn’t, had left her alone, dared the angel to fall to her knees like a sinner, crying holy tears.
“Let me help you.”
His voice wrapped itself around her shaking body, brown eyes met hers, hands reached for her sides, pulling her onto her feet. Tom stabilized her, helped her sit down on a wooden church bench, nodding towards the two men that had followed him, ready to give their life for the young man.
Tom wasn’t oblivious, would catch her wherever he’d go, she was following him, though she wasn’t doing a good job at staying hidden from his eyes. He had been in his business for long enough, able to let his focus catch on as he’d feel another presence near, there was too much at stake, he couldn’t allow himself to become sloppy. His life was on the line, he had to protect himself, would always have to be one step ahead of his enemies.
But he couldn’t tell if she was an enemy or a lost soul that seemed to be too curious for her own good.
“What's your name, love?”
She caught him fiddling with the rings on his fingers, covering some cuts and bruises, she didn’t need to look at him to feel his pain, the exhaustion he was fighting against. If she’d still be able to work with her powers she’d instantly take away the pain, would heal his wounds, selfless as she was.
“(Y/n),” it was just above a whisper, voice soft, too angelic for her to carry any darkness inside of her. He hadn’t planned on her being that cooperative, struggling to find the right questions, the things he needed answers to. Tom had thought about this very moment for hours, would she try to run? There was no way that he’d let her out of his sight without knowing about her motives.
“Why are you following me?”
Too many answers could have helped him with his question, allowing his mind to rest, no longer having to worry about the girl, but she couldn’t tell him anything he wanted to hear. What would she tell him anyway? That was an angel no longer allowed to call herself that? That she was here to take his confession?
He would have laughed at her, disappearing once again.
Patiently Tom sat next to her, taking in her beauty, the eyes that had cried thick tears just a moment ago. Something about her mesmerized him, he couldn’t tell what it was, but once again he felt unable to move away from her, captured by the warm sensation that crashed upon him, holding onto him, begging him to stick around.
“Are you in danger? Do you need my help?”
Tom Holland had made a name for himself, wasn’t just a boy with bloody knuckles and a gun, though a feared man that didn’t mess around. He’d protect her if she’d need it, would take care of the girl he only knew the name of, there was no explanation as to why he felt like that, but he couldn’t let her go. He just couldn’t.
Something told him to stick around as if she was the missing piece to complete the puzzle he was working on. 
“I-” yes she needed his help, though not the help he was thinking of.
Before (y/n) could explain why she kept close his name got called, a younger boy she had seen near him once or twice before stepped towards Tom, reaching his phone out for the mobster to take. His expressions changed, eyebrows furrowed, lips pulled into a thin line. She could watch his jaw muscles tick, hands balled into fists, ready to pounce as if he was standing in front of his punching bag.
“Come on, love.”
She could have run, could have pushed him away, but (y/n) had to grasp her chance, would do anything to coax his confession out of him, needed to understand his motives, why he kept on killing, why he kept on pulling other innocent beings down with him, forcing them to share his misery.
Her stomach dropped, not daring to say a word, wondering where he was taking her. If he wouldn’t type away on his phone his eyes, hidden behind his black shades, would pierce through her skin, wondering why he felt that connected to the girl that couldn’t stop trembling, why he felt this close to her.
Tom sensed his patience slipping, curious to see why she had been following him around like his own shadow.
(Y/n)‘s thoughts were racing, filling her with anticipation and anxiety, how would she ever find the right words to explain her struggle. A sinister mortal like him wouldn’t ever see the depth of her problem, a ruthless mortal like him wouldn’t care about the holy realm and the fallen angel.
How would she ask one to confess, one that didn’t believe in the father above?
The car kept on moving through the busy city, night was about to fall, covering the land with its dark veil, as dark as the suit he was wearing, as dark as the world downstairs, the world she was trying to flee from.
There was no way out, she had to save herself, had to stand up for herself just once, a trait she wasn’t familiar with, a trait that had kicked her right out of heaven. Nobody had taught her how to protect her own soul, trained to keep her eyes on the mortals, helping them if they were about to lose their trust in God.
As the car came to a stop he opened the door for her, buttoned his vest, and placed his hand on the small of her back, guiding her into the big apartment complex they were about to step into. They didn’t share any words, too lost in their own thoughts, though not finding the strength to move away from one another.
(Y/n) needed him to be resurrected and Tom needed her to figure out the riddle that had plagued him for the past nights.
The apartment he dragged her into felt cold and uninviting, he didn’t seem to spend much time around there. Deep down he let his anxiety and his anger guide him, not trusting himself on his own, he’d go mental if he’d allow his thoughts to gain the upper hand.  
His office seemed too clean, too bright for a man like him. A killer, a murderer, a sinner. Wide windows allowed the darkness to seep into the room, binding them closer together as the moonlight danced along her features. For a moment she allowed herself to take him in, the rings that clung to his fingers, the small scars that littered his features.
“I need you to be honest with me, love.”
A strange warmth filled her as he used the nickname, clearly blinded by her beauty, by the graceful way she moved her body as if she was still walking through the white temples. (Y/n)‘s lips trembled, watched Tom lean himself against his dark table, arms crossed in front of his chest.
She could be honest with him, though at what price?
“There’s something I need from you.”
Tom studied her, wondering what she was about to ask for. Money? Protection? She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, frozen on the spot as the mobster moved closer, clean, shiny shoes meeting the cold ground. He brought his hand up to her face, cupping her jaw, forcing the girl to look at him.
“What is it?”
She swallowed, took one - two - three breaths, parting her lips to let the words flood from her lips.
“I need you to confess.”
Life as an angel had been easy, had been calm and uneventful. The other angels would try to avoid her, something about her didn’t sit right with them, they could feel the darkness that simmered deep inside of her, she wasn’t one of them and would never be.
Sometimes the archangels would pull her aside, reminding her of her position, the cause she was fighting for, the hope and love for God she should spread. In hopes of saving her from the fall, they’d force her to confess, falling to her knees in front of them, pressing her forehead against their armoured stomachs, mumbling words that begged for their forgiveness.
Though how could you spread love for a man that took away thousands of lives on a daily basis, the man that unleashed his anger on the innocent human beings he had created?
Every single time she had been forced to switch levels, using the German cafe to make her way back home, her brightness would fade away. It seemed as if she was the only angel that would notice all evil, all pain that humankind had been forced to live with. Every trip down to earth would fill her with dread, not knowing if she’d bear to see other people suffer.
So, she did what most humans would do, she found herself a church and confessed, talked about her worries, the thoughts that would burn in her chest. She’d listen to words of guidance, words that reminded her of the love she felt for the one father.
Maybe it was her turn to remind Tom why he needed to trust the hand of guidance, the soft voice that would push him onto the right path.
That night Tom had left her behind in his office before she could explain what she needed him to do. He had been called to a meeting, distracted as his thoughts would wander back to (y/n), the words she had spoken, the frightful gaze she’d shoot him.
It had been way too late as he had returned, finding the girl fast asleep, hidden away in a big leather chair, arms wrapped around herself. Tom had placed himself in front of her, falling to his knees as he covered her with a blanket, keeping her warm and protected. She confused him, he couldn’t understand why his body was reacting to her like that, asking him - begging him - to keep her by his side.
Tom Stanley Holland wasn’t a believer, had never understood the concept of trusting in God, a man he couldn’t see, a man he couldn’t talk to. But deep down he knew that a man like God could never love a man like him, he was too dark, wouldn’t find any absolution, not for the things he had done.
Years ago he had wondered if he’d ever manage to pull himself out of the chaos his family had brought upon his life, the choices they had made for the young boy, becoming a lost soul long before he had reached legal age. His life had been planned out for him, there was no way out of the darkness, the light would burn him, would push him right back into his misery.
He touched her cheeks, ran his thumb along her skin, eyes fluttering close as his digit began to tingle. For a second he wondered how her lips would feel pressed against his, would she allow him to kiss her? Before he could stop himself he closed his eyes, giving into the clashing waves of exhaustion that dragged him along, body slumped in his own chair.
(Y/n) woke before the sun would rise above the horizon, eyes snapping to her hands, fingers interlocked with Tom’s. Her heartbeat picked up its pace, roaring in her chest, allowing the feeling to wash over her, savoring the unfamiliar sensation.
He looked peaceful, finally at ease, no worries to plague his mind. Oh, how she wanted to take all his pain away from him, giving him a chance to start off fresh, though she couldn’t do so without his confession.
She needed him to confess to her, time was fleeting, the days were growing shorter and so were her chances of being allowed back into the holy realm. With another seven days on her hands (y/n) couldn’t allow herself to make any mistakes, had to be careful though determined, she’d turn him pure even if it would be the last time she’d see earth with her own two eyes.
As Tom stirred in his chair she let go of his hand, smiling at the barely awake man. He didn’t speak a word, basked in the heat of the sunlight that flooded into his office, back aching from his rather uncomfortable position. A yawn slipped from his lips as he rose to his feet, cracking his knuckles, checking his phone with his eyes finding hers every now and then.
His eyes studied the stains on her skin, not understanding why she was forced to carry them, why she couldn’t just wipe them away.
“You can take a shower if you want to.”
Moments later she found herself in his dark bathroom, staring at the marble walls, the golden taps, the black towels. Water cascaded down her naked frame, hands combing through her hair, trying to pierce together a plan, she’d have to catch him in a vulnerable moment.
Though fate didn’t seem to be on her side, Tom was long gone before she could make it back into his study, about to run from one meeting to another, hiding away from the girl he had allowed into his apartment. He felt scared, scared of the words she had spoken the night prior, scared of the rabbit hole he was about to tumble into.
She wouldn’t give up, would rest patiently in his office, staring at the heaven above, counting the clouds as one prayer after another would leave her lips. A useless way to pass her time, keeping her focused, allowing herself to rehearse the words she’d use to explain herself to Tom.
Her mind would wander to the temples she had once called home, the cold marble that would grace the walls, the angels that would fill the halls, working on their tasks. Rarely would she stumble upon the one man all were following, the fearless leader they worshipped. (Y/n) could clearly remember the disappointed expression on his face, the cold words he spoke as he disowned his child.
“You haven’t been taught to go against me. This isn’t in your nature, you have allowed the darkness to guide you.”
His voice boomed through the temple, staring the crying angel down. One archangel after another stepped towards her, closing in on her, keeping (y/n) from touching the holy father. 
They reached for her frame, didn't give her a chance to move away as they ripped on her wings, tearing them off her skin. Her cries sounded unfamiliar to those that haven’t been living for long, the beings that had just been created, confused as to why she’d ever go against their father.
“You are no child of mine.”
Every word he spoke pushed her further away from him, bond snapping apart, no longer connecting the child to her father, her creator. (Y/n) could feel her blood trickling down her back, wounds struggling to close themselves, skin burning from the unexpected pain that had shot through her.
“You are a sinner, you are no angel.”
Her feet tried to stop her from getting pulled away, but the archangels were by far stronger, dragging the crying, whimpering girl along the cold floor, moving closer to the pearly gates. No longer was she wearing a white, pure dress, the fabric was covered in stains, blood stains, black stains that signaled all beings that she was about to fall.
Michael placed his hand on top of her racing heart, gave her a push backwards, body falling for a few seconds before she crashed to the ground, rolling around in pain. Her name got called, tears blurred her vision once again, blindly following the sound, tumbling into the wooden boat that had been waiting for her. The ferryman helped her onto her knees, nodding at the archangels that stared at her with disappointment laced in their gazes.
The water began to turn cloudy, no longer clear and blue though dark, hiding all the creatures from her glassy eyes. (Y/n) felt the temperature dropping, hairs rising, skin littered in goosebumps. Not once had she been in this part of the realm, had only heard the stories about those who had been forced to cross the river, following the ferryman as he accompanied them to the other side, expecting his payment.
“We are here.”
She leaned forwards, pressed her forehead against his palm, allowing him to take his payment. The ferryman would draw most of the memories she had of the holy realm, clearing her memory, keeping her from spilling any secrets she wasn’t allowed to share.
The sound of heavy panting, of rough voices screaming at one another ripped her out of her thoughts. Carefully (y/n) stepped out into the hallway, watching a few men drag a pale Tom into his bedroom, not sparing the confused girl another glance. 
She followed them with an unreadable expression on her features, they placed him on his bed, unbuttoned his dark shirt. Blood was pouring from a wound in his stomach, soaking through the covers he was laying on.
His eyes found hers, hand reaching out for (y/n), asking her to step closer.
Tom dismissed the men around him, pressing his hand down on his throbbing wound. It hadn’t been the first time a bullet had ripped his skin apart and it certainly wouldn’t be the last time. Wordlessly she sat down next to him, staring at the thick, dark substance that began to stick to his hand.
Would her powers still work? Did she have enough strength in her to take away his pain?
“Why do you need me to confess?”
His voice sounded strained, clearly struggling with the pain that rattled through his bones, robbing him of his sight, vision dark and blurry. The feeling of her hand getting placed on top of his coaxed a gasp out of him, body arched off his mattress. Bolts of electricity shot through him, forcing his heart to accelerate its beat.
“Because I miss home, you’re my only chance.”
Incoherent words rolled off his tongue, Tom blacked out before he could watch the bleeding coming to a stop.
(Y/n) cursed whoever had shot him, taking away her chance of listening to his confession, leaving her to care for him, tapping his sweaty skin dry, struggling to change the bloody sheets with a fast asleep Tom right on top of them. His drowsy state was to her advantage, helping her to push him into the right direction, forcing him to lay his trust into the angel.
Tom would slip in and out of consciousness, mumbling her name as he’d wake with a gasp, reaching for the praying girl, pulling her closer to his body. His temperature would go up with every passing hour, all until she’d gently wake him, forcing some fever-lowering pills she had found in his cabinet down his throat.
As he’d stay awake for a few minutes he’d listen to the words she’d whisper, too out of it to truly understand what she was doing. But her words seemed to calm him down, cozying him along as darkness would engulf him once again.
Gently she’d call his name, waking him as the morning had barely started. She’d watch him drag himself into his bathroom, leaving the door unlocked, not fully trusting his own strength just yet.
He didn’t seem to wonder why he felt no pain in his stomach, why he couldn’t find another big, ugly wound like the rest of them. Just as he tugged his shirt over his head his gaze found his frame in the mirror, fingers absently running over the spot where the bullet had found its way into his body.
Had she done this to him?
For a second Tom debated turning back to her, asking (y/n) about his wound, the blood that had poured from it, but the urge to clean himself, to wash the reminders of the past night off his skin pushed him towards his shower. 
The warm water would heat up the room, mirrors foggy, leaving him sweating and panting. He’d press his forehead against the shower tiles, lowering the temperature of the water, groaning as he felt his cock twitch. Tom couldn’t stop thinking about the woman right outside the bathroom, the lips he wanted to kiss, the body he wanted to explore.
He wasn’t used to chasing women, would find an easy lay for the night and move forwards. Though she wasn’t easy, wasn’t one he’d just use for his own pleasure, not after inviting her into his home.
Slowly he grasped his aching length, pumped his hands up and down his shaft with his thoughts focused on (y/n). Tom could almost imagine how her lips would feel wrapped around his cock, how she’d take care of him, just as gently as she had touched him this night. Her name bled from his lips, echoing through the fogged up bathroom.
Without thinking twice (y/n) stumbled into the room, scared that he had hurt himself, following the sound of the pained gasps that left him. Though the sight in front of her looked anything but painful, he hadn’t noticed her presence just yet, still stroking his cock with her name on his lips.
(Y/n) couldn’t move, mesmerized by his naked body, looking like God had carved him with his own hands, focusing his attention on every inch of Tom’s handsome skin. The words he panted sounded sinful, she had to fight against the urge to cover her ears, but something kept her from it, encouraging her to take a step closer.
His head whipped to his right side, catching her curious eyes, halting his movement. He needed to act fast, using her frozen frame to his advantage, hand reaching for her wrist, pulling her under the running water. The shriek that left her put a smirk on his lips, teeth sinking into his skin, hand still wrapped around his girth.
“I- I thought you were in pain.”
(Y/n) tried to row back, explaining her motives, though the more she kept on rambling the more she felt her focus slipping away. Not once had she interacted this intimately with another being, had been reminded to stay pure, only sinners would lay with others.
Her curiosity got the best of her, she let her hands wander, not caring that her clothes were sticking to her body, giving Tom the perfect view of her cleavage and the nipples that began to harden, pressed against the fabric of her now wet dress. His forehead fell against hers, giving her a slight push back, placing her against the shower wall.
She covered his hand with hers, exploring the velvety skin of his cock underneath her fingers, carefully moving her hand in sync with his.
Growls, moans, and curse words left them both, high on adrenaline, holding onto the buzzing tension. Their lips were about to touch, about to taste one another for the first time, watching the fallen angel turn into a human being, living through a new sensation, allowing his hands to tighten their grasp.
But as his name got called she shied away from him, averting her gaze, gasping for air.
What had she done?
Tom had been checking in with his men, going over plans and ideas, trying to distract himself from the ache he carried deep inside of himself. He had been close, oh so close, could have easily had his taste right there, she would have given in - he was sure of it.
Though while he was a few rooms down from his bedroom she kept pacing around, wondering if the chance of making it back home had just slipped through her fingers. She had sinned, had touched a man, urged on by the heat that had swapped over her, the lust she felt deep inside of her.
Her fingers began to tingle as she remembered the way his skin had felt underneath hers, shooting sparks right down her spine, leaving her most intimate parts tingling. What had he done to her? She had had her taste of the forbidden fruit, sinning just like Eva had as she had given into the snake’s command.
Tom had been the snake, the seducer she couldn’t hide away from. The embodiment of the darkness, the one that needed to confess, though (y/n) felt her chances slimming, doubting that she’d ever make it back into the temple without having to confess herself.
Yet another glass got filled with bourbon, the smell of alcohol stuck to him like wet clothes would, lingering on his skin as he tried to drown out the world outside. Tom had lost count of how many shots he had taken, desperate to quiet down his thoughts. He needed a break, couldn’t think about her any longer, about the things he had done wrong, the path of life he had been forced to follow.
He regretted every gunshot that had echoed through the air, every stabbing of his knife that had pierced through skin. There was no way out, he had dug himself a grave, body falling to the cold ground, gasping for air as soil began to cover him. It was only a matter of time till he’d suffocate.
“You know-” he swallowed another big gulp of alcohol, “- I’ve never believed in God, I mean, why would I?”
The sound of her naked feet tapping against the floor hallowed through the dark office, but he didn’t react, kept on staring at his hands, the hands of a killer, the hands that would be covered in blood every single day.
“There’s no need for me to confess, my crimes won’t be forgiven.”
Tom slurred his words, eyes fluttering shut, laughing at himself for talking to a girl he didn’t even know, a girl he couldn’t stop thinking of, a girl he saw his own guiding hand in.
“He’ll always forgive you, he loves you.”
(Y/n) reached for his hands, silently asking Tom to turn towards her, to spare her a glance. His brown eyes carried all his pain, all his desperation and anger, giving her access to his darkest secrets, the path into his soul. An open book to an angel like her.
“Why are you still here?”
His body swayed, teet trying to stabilize his rising frame, hands automatically finding her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. She could smell the alcohol on him, overpowering the expensive scent of his cologne. Slowly, carefully they moved towards his bedroom, hands holding onto her frame, begging her not to let go of the lonely man.
As his body crashed against his mattress (y/n) helped him out of his shoes, taking off the dark vest he had been wearing, catching a small glimpse of his defined stomach, the abs that left her breathless. Ever since their moment in the shower his body had been the only thing on her mind, she could remember every inch of his glorious skin.
Within moments he was out like a light, holding onto her hand, a habit he had developed in young years, clinging to his mother, the one that would manage to calm his racing heart, the anxiety that threatened to overtake his system.
Not once would she leave his side, tending the drunken mobster, protecting him as he was sleeping in his drunken state, fighting against the alcohol that flooded through his veins. She’d run her fingers through his hair, along his sharp jawline, the thin lower lip he’d press his teeth into.
“So I trust in our father, to comfort you when you are in need.” The feeling of her lips pressed against his forehead ripped Tom out of his sleep, blinking at the smiling girl, stroking a few loose strands of her hair behind her ear.
In that very moment, he felt content, protected and loved, not having to carry any weight on his shoulders, the weight of his sins. Brave as one could be he heaved his upper body off the mattress, kissing her before she could move away from him.
Everything seemed to fall into place, the missing puzzle piece had been added, painting a picture whose beauty couldn’t describe with any words he could find, now more sober than ever.
(Y/n) followed the movements of his lips, shuffling closer, body meeting his, arms finding their way around his neck. He tasted like the bourbon he had nursed hours ago, mixed with the minty flavor of his toothpaste, (y/n) couldn’t help but beg that she’d never have to stop kissing him. Their bodies mended together, telling their own story, wrapped up in the darkness, embracing the unfamiliar sensation that had its hold on her.
Carefully Tom shifted them around, hovering over the smiling girl, mesmerized by the brightness she emanated, the light that overpowered the darkness, helping him make his way out of the foggy night he had managed to get lost in.
Sounds she had never produced before bled from her swollen lips, eyelids fluttering close, allowing Tom to undo the by now black dress she had been wearing for the past weeks. Her skin tingled, flaring up with every kiss he pressed against it.
She was drunk on the feeling, ranking her hands through his locks, pressing herself closer as he sucked on her hardening nipples, cupping her breasts for the first time. 
Not once had she been touched like this, finally realizing what she had been missing out on, now understanding what all human beings would talk about - the blinding sensation of lust, the breathless kisses one would share as they’d let go of their worries.
“Can I?”
His fingers danced along the outlines of her underwear, staring at the panting girl, waiting for her approval to go any further. Silent whispers of encouragement left her, raising her hips for Tom to rip the soaked through fabric down her legs.
“You’re beautiful-” he couldn’t stop ranking his eyes up and down her naked frame, gaze lingering on her glistening wetness, the arousal that seeped out of her heat. The second his fingers ran through her slit she cried out his name, wondering why she had never done this before, why she hadn’t been allowed to live through something this intimate.
Their lips met once again, kissing one another breathless, drowning out the sounds of her moans. Her hips moved on their own, pressing herself closer to his hand, urging him on to push two fingers into her, spreading her walls. She felt tight - pulsing around his skin, holding onto him, scared that he’d let go of her any time soon.
“Need to feel you, please, let me have you.”
Lips explored her throat, sucking on the spot that left her clit tingling, sending sparks to her lower back. (Y/n) could only moan a small “yes”, watching Tom undress himself with lust-blown pupils, admiring the body she couldn’t stop thinking about. His cock leaked a few drops of precum, glistening in the faint moonlight, ready to get buried deep inside of her.
As their eyes met he felt his heart burst in his chest, once again feeling the wave of heat and comfort crash upon him, forcing him to speak the words that seemed to flow from his lips way too effortlessly.
“I’m ready.”
She tried to process his words, mind not truly understanding what was going on, if he had just broken the invisible wall between them, it was time to give him his absolution. Her tightness clenched around his cock, trying to get used to his size, feeling every vein that graced Tom’s thin skin. He was gentle, careful not to hurt her, giving her as much time as she needed to let herself breathe freely.
He rocked against her in a steady rhythm, cock pumping in and out of her, arousal sticking to his length. (Y/n) moaned into his mouth, nails pierced into his shoulders, leaving half-moon shapes while her body got pushed closer to the edge.
No confession had ever been this raw, this honest and comforting at the same time. The moment he had laid his trust in the holy being, allowing their bodies to mend together he had let go of his sins, darkness slowly dissolving.
“I’m close, need you to let go, love.”
(Y/n) didn’t truly understand what he was asking her to do, though the feeling of Tom’s thumb pressed against her clit, rubbing the sensitive bundle of nerves, pushed her into the arms of her orgasm, coil snapping, body thrashing around. 
His warmth began to spread through her, cock twitching, filling her with his release. As Tom plopped down next to her, with a smile on his lips, a somber feeling washed over her, realizing that she didn’t want to let go of him, that she didn’t want to make it back to the place she hadn’t been welcomed in.
No longer would she need him to tell her about his sins, to beg for forgiveness, the second he had touched her lips, desperate to feel the angels all, he had let go of his wrongdoings, laying his trust in the holy being. He had given in, had done what she had needed him to do, though no longer did she want to go home, no longer was her heart aching for the white temples, content with her life right here, without her wings, without other angels around her. What had she done?
(Y/n) had almost missed them, his words that found their way to her, snaking themselves around her, tightening up her throat.
“I’m ready to confess.”
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clandestine masterlist
PAIRING: Tom Holland x Reader (main), Harrison Osterfield x Reader
SUMMARY: y/n is in a crumbling marriage with Harrison (Haz), she is trying to make sense of how she feels about Tom
main masterlist
chapter 1: too wise to trust
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
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onewithnomightypowers · 7 hours ago
clandestine (chapter 1)
PAIRING: Tom Holland x Reader (main), Harrison Osterfield x Reader
SUMMARY: y/n is in a crumbling marriage with Harrison (Haz), she is trying to make sense of how she feels about Tom 
Chapter 1: too wise to trust
A/N: y/n is bisexual but not paired with a women. the characters have been aged up. the characters in no way portray how these ppl are in real life. i do not encourage cheating. i hope you guys like it as much is i do. if you want to be tagged them pls tell me. also comments are appreciated as they motivate me to write more and i love to know how you guys feel about the story.  
warning: cursing, mention of miscarriage, mention of sex, mention of cat calling, angst. fluff? 
word count: 1.4k
important: character thoughts are bold and italic, flashback is in italic
masterlist  series masterlist
She picked up her makeup bag from her vanity and started walking towards her empty suitcase which was wide open on her bed. “What time is your flight?” Haz asked while walking into their bedroom. “I think it’s at 6:30 in the evening but the car will be here to pick me up at 4”, she replied whilst folding her clothes.
“So we have at least an hour to us”; he pulled her by the waist and started kissing her neck. She tried pushing his chest away but failed miserably. “Haz, I’m not in the mood, please stop”
“Fine. But you have been saying that for months now”, he was frustrated.
She ignored his words like always. 
He was right. They hadn’t had sex for at least five months now and it was starting to gain on Harrison. Their marriage, which had been ‘couple goals’ according to the internet, was now slowly falling apart. It was clear that Y/N was falling out of love but she couldn’t find grounds for it. She couldn’t reason it by making him the villain because he was a good man who, in theory, had done nothing wrong. Though, to her, it felt like he had. Maybe he didn’t love her enough or maybe all had gone astray when they had lost their baby last year.
“Will Tom be there?” his words felt like venom, entering her bloodstream.
She placed her hand on her forehead, trying to indicate that she did not want to have this conversation or the inevitable fight, again.
“Of course he will be there, he is my co-star. You should get off the internet, it’s feeding you poison”, she said in an almost nonchalant way. Trying her best not to give him the satisfaction of a reaction to his name. His name, which did not mean anything to her. Tom was her colleague whom the internet liked to ship her with, but he was just a friend. Haz found it hard to believe this because the internet told him so. Their relationship was so far gone that he had no other way of knowing what was going on in her life. 
His wife was so far gone. She was as distant as the sun is from the moon. The distance left coldness between them. The kind of cold that you feel when you pass a stranger. She was a stranger to him and the only reason he could think of was that she and Tom were having an affair. This was not true, but the ache in his soul found comfort in painting Tom as the villain. 
“I don’t believe you”, Haz spat out.
She threw her heels inside the suitcase in anger. “What do you not believe? That Tom is my co-star? Is that what you don’t believe?” her voice was louder than before.
“I don’t trust him.” Haz matched her voice.
“Do you trust me?”
Trust? Her? How can I trust a stranger?
It was his turn to ignore her.
She zipped her bag, put on her shoes, and left the room. “Fuck you”, she cried before slamming their apartment door and leaving for London.
Y/N had first met Tom at a cast and crew dinner in New York, six months ago. Greta, the director, had invited both her and Haz but he had decided to opt-out of the ‘fancy’ dinner. Y/N was excited to meet her new co-stars and mark the starting of a new project, a new phase in her life.
It was cold in New York, she figured she shouldn’t wear a dress. She put on black stockings underneath blue bell-bottoms to keep her warm. She wore a dark grey American Eagles t-shirt and over that, a tan leather trench coat. She liked commuting via subway because she believed ‘nobody gives two shits about who is sitting next to them on the train’; and a town car was much slower, especially when it had been snowing. She stuffed her heels in her purse and wore her commuting shoes.
Tribeca to West Village was a good ten minutes train. Her travel was mostly uninterrupted except for the catcalls which felt like the usual to a native. Just before ringing Greta’s doorbell, she got out of her Converse and wore her heels.
Y/N entered a packed house. Almost everyone was there and she was late. But someone was to arrive even later than her. She examined the room, everyone was mingling with each other. She didn’t know anybody there except Noah Baumbach from the time she auditioned for ‘marriage story’. She didn’t get the part but still loved the movie. She realized Tom was missing.  
Greta pulled her into a conversation about when the production of the movie would start or something like that. She wasn’t really paying attention. She was so eager to meet Tom that her eyes couldn’t stop roaming around the room, trying to find him, and just when she thought he wouldn’t show up, he did. 
Everybody’s head turned towards him when he entered the living room. It was as if every person in the room wanted him, including her. His dark brown hair, falling into place like a domino, had snowflakes in them.
“Excuse me”, Greta gave a small smile to Y/N and walked over to Tom. She greeted him and politely touched his back. “Now that everyone is here we should take the party to the dining hall”, she said in a loud and cheerful tone.
Following Greta, everyone started moving towards the dining hall. Tom sat right across Y/N on the grand dining table. “Hi, I’m Tom”, he introduced himself in his thick British accent. “And he’s English”, Y/N said, adding to her list of things she found captivating about Tom.  
“And?” Tom gave her a confused look.
Shit. I said it out loud.
“I-I mean hi, I’m Y/N”, she tried to cover up her mistake.
His dark brown eyes on her, made her thoughts run wild. It was wrong enough to feel right. The dinner was served and small groups of conversations were taking place. Somehow the whole table took on the topic of bisexuality. Y/N felt obligated to take part in the conversation, being part of the community herself. 
“I think bisexuality is a gateway to being gay”, Tom said to the whole table.
“You’re being bi-phobic, Tom”, Y/N called him out. All eyes were on her now.
“And how do you know that?” Tom asked Y/N.
“Because I am bisexual, and any decent human being would know that”
“Are you calling me indecent?”
“No, I’m calling you bi-phobic”
“But aren’t you married to a guy?”
“That doesn’t change my sexual orientation, and you’re being bi-phobic. Again.” There was silence, everyone was listening carefully. 
“Okay, so please explain to me how I’m being bi-phobic?”
“Just the fact that you believe bisexuality is a gateway to being gay and me being married to a guy, means my bisexual card has been revoked, portray your biphobia”
“I am a little confused”, Tom said while reaching for his wine glass. 
“Someone who is bisexual is attracted to both men as well as women. It isn’t a gateway to being gay, it is a legit sexuality of its own”, 
“Hmm, I suppose I stand corrected. I’m sorry if I offended you or anyone. I will go home, do the research and try to be more open-minded”, said Tom, smiling.
“Good”, Y/N said, feeling accomplished and impressed by Tom’s ability to accept his mistake.
Haz would have never accepted that he was wrong.
Y/N felt wonderstruck. Blushing all the way home. She hoped Tom knew how enchanting it was for her to meet him. She wondered if someone was waiting for him at home, like someone was waiting for her. She wasn’t quite sure whether Haz was waiting for her to reach home or not.
She reached home to an empty bed. Not knowing what to make of it, she got ready to sleep. 2 AM and Haz was still not home. She didn’t try to reach him because she knew all phone calls would go straight to voice message and all messages would go unreplied. She closed her eyes, feeling indifferent towards Haz. Even in her sleep, her mind echoed Tom’s name. She was unaware of the treacherous road ahead of her. And that gave her comfort. His thought gave her comfort.
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bvttercupbby · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
take care || tom holland 
word count: 1.3k+
summary: Tom’s been really over whelmed, over worked and over all exhausted recently so what better than his girlfriend to help take care of him.
warnings: none I think just really fluffy 
a/n: this is really cute, let me know what you think 🥺  also what do we think about the new banner?? 
this is not proofread 
You could tell Tom had been having a rough couple of weeks. He had just gotten back from filming, and he was just overall run down, drained, and just blatantly exhausted. He was pulling back from social media, sleeping more during the day, and more often than not he was staying with his family, just needing their presence to hopefully bring him back to life.
You hadn’t seen Tom in almost a week, your work schedule being a little busy causing you to work late nights and rely on mainly dry text messages from Tom. You were tired too but you knew that Tom could use a pick me up so after clocking out, you immediately headed to the store, picking out a few things that you knew you help de-stress your boyfriend. You chewed on your lip as you stood outside his apartment door, worried you might be overstepping since you had only been dating for a little under a year. Deciding not to use your key, you took a deep breath before lifting up your fist to the wood, knocking three times before taking a step back to rock back and forth on your heels nervously.
Your eyes snapped up towards the door when you heard the familiar sound of the lock clicking, your mouth forming into a shy smile when Tom’s hoodie-clad body was revealed.
“Hey,” you greeted.
“Y/n, what are you doing here?” he breathed, pulling you in by your waist for a much-needed hug.
“I know you’ve been stressed recently, and I wanted to see if I could help and I missed you,” you spoke, your voice mumbled by his sweatshirt. You pulled back slightly to look up at him, taking in his features, the bags underneath his eyes, his sunken cheeks. You brought your hand to his face and he immediately leaned into your touch, having to hold back a pathetic whimper.
“Tell me if I’m overstepping I just I-i just want to take care of you,” you admitted, heat rising in your cheeks. He dipped down to connect his lips with yours, softly but full of passion as his grip around your waist tightened slightly.
“Thank you, so much,” he mumbled against your lips, pecking you once more before pulling you inside of his apartment. Your eyes darted around his apartment, noticing the dirty dishes and clothes that have made their way around before getting spun around and pulled back into Tom’s arms.
“Missed you so much darling,” he mumbled, kissing your head multiple times before his lips were back on yours. Your hand cupped underneath his jaw, thumbing at his skin as your lips worked against each other.
“I brought my shampoo and conditioner, the apple one, figured we could shower?” you suggested after pulling apart, wrapping your arms around him.
“That sounds bloody perfect sweetheart,” Tom smiled, lacing your hands together to leading you to the bathroom.
“Turn on the water and I’ll grab us some clothes?” he asked. You nodded with a smile, watching with loving eyes as he walked towards his closet. You turned towards the tub, turning on the faucet to almost as hot as it would go.
“Brought my facemask too,” you called, pulling the shampoo and conditioner out of the bag to put into the shower. You pulled out your lavender-scented body wash, throwing that in as well before you felt a pair of arms wrap around your stomach.
“Which one?” he asked, pressing a kiss to your neck sweetly. You placed your head on his shoulder, nodding slightly as you felt his fingertips play with the hem of your shirt. He helped you out of it before doing the same, making sure to be respectful and try his best not to stare at your naked body.
“The sparkly peel off one, your favorite,” you smiled. He bit his lip to suppress a smile.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about love.”
“Mhmm,” you hummed, pulling him into the hot shower.
“Christ darling!” Tom yelped jumping towards you as the water hit his bareback making you giggle.
“Such a big baby,” you teased, reaching around him to turn the temperature down. Once the temperature was considerably lower, he sunk into the stream with a relieved sigh, his eyes fluttering shut as the warm water flooded his body. You reached your fingers up to his arms, running them up and down his smooth skin making him hum. He dipped down to connect your lips softly, dropping his hands down to your hips. As you broke apart reluctantly, he reached for the shampoo bottle.
“Wait,” you said, stopping his hand and grabbing it from him. He watched as you poured a generous amount of the pale green liquid into your hands, before reaching up to place your hands in his hair. He held back a moan as you lathered the shampoo against his scalp, lightly using your nails to scratch against it. His hands found your waist, pulling you close enough to press against his body, his eyes falling closed as your hands worked their magic through his curls.
“Put your head back for me please,” you whispered, not wanting to break the peace you knew he was feeling. He did as told, feeling you raise on your tiptoes to guide the stream of water through his strands, being sure to not get anything in his eyes. Next came conditioner, and it was then Tom realized your hair was still in the same bun it was in when you arrived.
“What about you love?” he asked, reaching up towards your hair tie, making you duck your head.
“I washed it this morning, this is about you,” you assured him, taking his hand to kiss his knuckles. You moved onto body wash, and Tom thought it couldn’t get any better but as your hands ran up and down his skin, working out the tense muscles in his shoulders and his back, he swore his knees were ready to give. He felt his eyes fill with tears as you littered soft kisses along his shoulder blades.
He had girlfriends before you, but no one had ever made him feel the way you do. He felt so cared for, so loved. And as he hyperfocused on the feeling of your fingers working against his shoulders and your lips moving across his skin, the feeling of love you filled him with was borderline overwhelming. He turned around suddenly, needing to feel your lips against his. You of course didn’t object, bringing your hand to cup his cheek feeling wetness that wasn’t from the showerhead.
“You okay?” you whispered tilting your head with a frown. He nodded rapidly, grabbing your face with both of his hands to look into your eyes.
“What is it baby?” you asked tenderly, turning your head to kiss his palm.
“I love you so much,” he uttered for the first time, the foreign words feeling so right coming out of his lips. He watched nervously as the corner of your lips twitched into a smile, before connecting your lips once more.
“I love you too Tommy,” you mumbled against his mouth, “so much.” He kissed you again but it was short-lived as both of your mouths grew into lovesick grins.
“Let’s get out before we turn into prunes yeah?” you suggested. He nodded, kissing your forehead and reaching for the towels as you turned the water off.
A few minutes later both of you were dressed in Tom’s clothes, his head in your lap as your fingers gently moved against his face as you applied the face mask, his eyes fighting to stay open.
“Don’t fall asleep on me bub, just gotta wait 15 more minutes,” you said.
“I’m sleepy,” he whispered with a yawn, opening his heavy eyes to look up at you with a dopey smile. You ran your hands through his hair with a giggle, enjoying the smell of apple that wafted through the air.
“Okay, I’ll wake you up when it’s time,” you agreed, letting him take your hand to intertwine with his to place against his chest.
“G’night pretty girl, I love you,” he mumbled sleepy, carefully pressing kisses to your knuckles.
“I love you baby, goodnight.”
Tumblr media
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Now Taking One Shot Prompt Requests!
Currently writing for:
Chris Evans
Chris Pine
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Evan Peters
Send me who you would like and a brief description of what you would like. My anons are on.
If there is anyone who is not on this list you would like to request, that is 100% ok too! I just listed some of my favorites.
Also, you don't have to follow me but if you did, that would be much appreciated and I will follow you back!
Tumblr media
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spidernerdsblog · 11 hours ago
Match made in Hell : Chapter Ten
A/N : Chapter ten is here. Only three more chapters to go. Hope you like this. Let me know what you think.
Pairing : Mob! Tom Holland x Reader
Summary : you always wanted a simple life but to be born as the daughter of a dangerous mobster turned out to be a curse for you. Everything changes when your father gets your lover killed and forcefully marries you off to another mobster as a part of a deal. You hate your father and your husband the only thing you seek is now revenge. Will you ever be able to fall in love again or this burning hatred inside you will consume you?
Warnings : fluff, angst, suggestive themes, typos
Mini Playlist : Stay by Rihanna       
Series Materlist 
Tumblr media
Three weeks had passed since you and Tom reciprocated your feelings for each other. You felt a weight lifted off your chest after being able to let out all those unspoken words that you had kept bottled up inside you. It was indeed a new beginning for both of you. For the first time you were happy and you could finally trust someone. Sometimes it made you wonder if all of this was a dream and once you wake up this will be all be gone. But waking up to Tom everyday in the morning made you believe that this was indeed true.
After almost a month you were going back to reve de nuit though Tom was still wary about letting you out of  his sight but you had thrown a fit of being cooped up in the house the whole day to which he had to half heartedly agree. You were dressed in a flounce top paired with a pencil skirt as you were checking yourself out in the mirror. Vanessa stumbled into your room with a champagne bottle in her hand.
“Happy birthdayyy!! Little sis!” Vanessa exclaims pressing the champagne bottle to your lips as you gulp a little bit of the alcohol
“Mmmm V!” you scrunch your face and push her away lightly “it’s nine in the morning for god’s sake!” your face contorts at the strong taste of the alcohol. 
“Well it’s happy hour somewhere in the world” she reasons.
“Haha very funny” you grimace 
“C’mon don’t be so grumpy” she nudges your shoulder “It's your day, enjoy. By the way what did Tom give you?” she wiggled her eyebrows mischievously to which you gave her a puzzled look.
“Nothing?!” she gasps feigning surprise “Not even birthday sex?” she asked making you fluster
“Okay I understand you’re drunk but I need to get dressed so you need to leave now” you hold her hand to show her out of your room
“No, no I’m totally sober I swear” she objects when you hear a light knock at the door to find Tom standing at the doorway with his hands behind his back.
“Oh there he is” she exclaims and walks over to him “Boy you have disappointed me yet again” she sighs placing a hand on his shoulder as he exchanges glances with you clueless.
“V just go please” you 
“Okay, okay I'm leaving” she raises her hands in surrender but not before whispering in Tom’s ear “at least give her a quickie” she winks at him making him choke on nothing as he gulps hard flustered.
“Jódete V!” you curse annoyed.
“Te amo cariño” she leaves you two alone giggling.
“Hey” Tom speaks up softly 
“Hey” you look at him meekly “sorry for my sister she's a real pain in the ass. I mean who gets drunk in the morning?” you scoff
“It's OK. She isn't that bad if we compare to your dad” 
“Heh that’s true” you chuckle lightly “You had something to say?” 
“Actually... yeah” he brings out a box from behind his back. 
“Happy birthday love” he wishes you with a soft smile handing you the box. It was a jewelry box from Bulgari and as you opened the box your eyes went wide seeing the shining wings of Rome diamond necklace which wouldn't cost less than a few hundred thousand pounds. 
“Tom you-you didn’t have to…” you stutter overwhelmed by his loving gesture. 
“Uh uh I’m not listening to anything. It’s your day honey and this is for you” he cuts you off   “let's see how it looks on you eh?” he turns you around to the dresser making you stand in front of the mirror. His hand goes to brush your hair to the side before taking the necklace in his hands and gently placing it around your neck fastening the clasp. 
“Would you look at that” he looks at you starstruck “just made to be worn by a queen” he wraps his hands around your waist resting his chin on your shoulder “my queen” he says gently kissing your cheek you couldn’t help but blush.
“I love you”
“I love you too” you look at him pecking his lips.
Once you reached rêve de nuit your staff gave you a hearty welcome as you thanked them for keeping the diner and speakeasy running smoothly in your absence when one of your female staff walks over to you.
“Mam these came for you” she informs, handing you a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers.
“Oh thank you, these are beautiful, guess who this might be” you turned the bouquet to look for a card but couldn’t find any “no name? That’s strange” you frown. You were quick to shrug that thought of your mind of who could be this mystery well wisher of yours as you got busy with your work.
In the evening the whole squad was there to celebrate your birthday at the speakeasy. Vanessa put her expert bartending skills to good use stirring up some good concoctions for all of you as you let yourselves loose for the night.
“To Y/N!” Harrison raises his glass
“To Y/N!” Everyone cheered, clinking their glasses and gulped down their drink. The boys went for another round, their loud laughter filling the whole speakeasy as you stood near the bar leaning on your elbow on the counter with Grace and V. You looked at them with complete adoration, your not so little family. For the first time you knew the true meaning of having a family they’re the ones who will love you, protect you and have your back all the time without expecting anything in return. And it makes your heart swell with warmth that you have finally found one.
“Mam a gentleman wants to come down to the speakeasy” one of your staff says, breaking you out of your thoughts.
“Didn’t you tell him that the speakeasy is closed for tonight?” 
“Yes mam but he is particularly asking for you, says its important” he informs
“Asking for me?” your brows knit into a frown
“Yes mam”
“Okay let him in” 
You stood there in anticipation of who this mystery person could be and then you saw him, a chill ran down your spine as your eyes widened in shock ‘no this can't be happening this isn't real. Ethan is dead’ was the constant thought reeling in your mind as you tried to make yourself believe that you had drank too much and are just seeing things. He makes his way to you until he is standing a foot away from you while you stand there frozen unable to form any kind of words.  
“Happy birthday Y/N” Ethan wishes you with a warm smile as the boys turn their attention towards the both of you. They looked at him with wide eyes with utmost shock as if they had seen a ghost. Tom swallowed hard, clenching his jaws as his grip tightened on the glass in his hand.
“Who are you?” were the words that came out of your mouth instantly as Ethan looked at you in confusion
“Y/N it’s me Ethan, your Ethan” he remarks.
“Well I’m sorry to say but my Ethan died six months ago so better say who you are or we know different other ways to do that” you threaten him.
“I-I don’t understand Y/N sweetheart don’t you recognize me?” his hands reaches out to hold yours 
“Don’t touch me!” you retract away from him.
Harrison noticed the death stare on Tom’s face and thought he had to do something before things turned the wrong way. Tom finished his drink as he placed the glass on the counter and was about to stride his way towards you when Harrison stopped him.
“Tom you need to stay calm” he cautioned him “let me handle this” Tom sighed nodding in understanding.
“Hey mate, I think you should stay away from her” Harrison looks at Ethan with a stern gaze.
“No-no you don’t understand I need to talk to her” Ethan tries to explain.
“But she clearly doesn’t want to talk to you so I’m asking you politely to leave” he grits through his teeth.
“Listen dude today is a very special day and we don’t want things to get messy at least for today so just leave” Harrison states firmly.
Ethan gave up sighing and left wordlessly. You watched him go frequently looking back at you with his eyes pleading to you to hear him out for once. No doubt the night was totally ruined and everyone agreed it’s better to head back home. The whole ride back home went in silence even after reaching home not a single word was exchanged between you and Tom. You wanted to make sure if he was ok but was too afraid of how he may react so you kept numb. And with that suffocating tension you both called it a night Tom didn’t even bother to say you goodnight which he usually does every night and went to sleep with his back facing you. You on the other hand couldn’t sleep a wink as you tossed and turned on your side when your phone lights up on the nightstand. You went to check to find several texts from an unknown number.
E : Hey it’s me Ethan
     I know you don’t believe me and that’s totally justified 
     but you need to hear me out for once
     And after that if you want me to go away 
     I promise you’ll never have to see me again
You went into a deep thought as you considered your options. You were hundred percent sure this was your father’s doing but running away from the problem will not do any good. You need to fix this once in for all so it’s better to clear things out so you texted back.
Y : Meet me at the Starbucks, Broadgate estate sharp at 11 
E : Thank you so much Y/N
      Love you, goodnight darling
You were still unsure agreeing to meet him was a right decision or not so you decided to keep this a secret for now from Tom. He's already heartbroken and you don’t want to add more to his misery but you need to uncover the truth so you’re going to take your chances.
Truth be told Tom was devastated. It felt like his whole world was crumbling down in front of his eyes and he has to watch it helplessly. He was trying his best to stay impassive to the whole incident even though he was a mess from the inside. Someone is going to steal you away from him and he doesn’t know what to do.
“Tom! Tom!” Harrison's voice startled him as he was pulled out of his thoughts
“Huh? What?” 
“I was saying the Guerreras are again refusing to pay the protection money. What should we do?” 
“What we have been doing to non-payers every time, pick up one of his boys and break some bones that would teach him a lesson of what happens when you refuse to pay the Hollands” he says nonchalantly.
Harrison sighs audibly, putting down the balance sheets and looks him in the eyes with concern. 
“You alright, bro?”
“Yeah-yeah I’m totally fine”
“You really gonna lie to me? I know that look very well the whole coming back of Ethan is bothering you” he remarks 
“I feel so fucking lost at the moment honestly” Tom breaks down pinching the bridge of his nose
“Have you talked to her?”
“What will I say to her Haz? The only thing I know is I don't want to lose her” 
“I know mate it’s a hard time but you and Y/N will get this through I know that too”
“Yeah we will, I mean she loves me. And that guy is definitely an imposter. Why would I be worried? This is all Victor's plan to ruin our lives” Tom tries to stay positive reassuring himself.
Meanwhile you were at the cafe when you caught sight of Ethan. He quickly made his way to your table and took the seat opposite to you.
“You better be quick if Tom comes to know you are here you’re a dead man” you muttered taking a quick glance of your surroundings. 
“Yea-yeah sure” you couldn’t ignore how nervous he was. Which only reminded you of your college years he was always this awkward nerd of the class.
“So you still want me to believe you are Ethan and not anyone of my dad’s men made to look just like you” you eyed him suspiciously.
“That’s impossible Y/N and you know that”   
“Well prosthetics are quite popular nowadays so why not?” you quip
“You literally bled in my arms, I saw you die and now out of some miracle you’re alive” you said with distaste in your voice.
“Ok listen. You remember the college fest night we were in our sophomore year. I got drunk and confessed to you that I love you and then we kissed for the first time” your eyes 
“Stop. How do you know about that? Only Ethan would know about that”
“Because I’m Ethan believe me Y/N”
“But you died! They shot you in front of my eyes!” you exclaim.
“I know baby but that was all an act” he tries to calm you down.
“Huh” you scoff “an act? Now that’s even worse”
“I know but you have to let me explain”
“The day before we decided to run away your father visited me with his men”
“What?” you looked at him in disbelief
“Yeah he said me these exact words-
“I know my daughter loves you but if you truly love her go away from her life”
“I can’t lie to your daughter sir”  
“Ethan do you want her to die?” 
“No sir” 
“Then do what I say, I promise you that after all this is over I'll myself give her hand to you” Victor assures him.
“You see I never left you Y/N. This was all to keep you safe your dad told me that if this wedding doesn’t happen they’re going to kill you. How can I let that happen? ”
“Then why didn’t you at least say to me anything?”
“Would you have agreed to this?”
“But-but what about the blood you got shot”
“That was all fake I was completely fine” he gently takes your hands in his  reassuringly.
“Where were you all this time then? Why didn’t you keep contact? You don’t know how devastated I was seeing your lifeless body”
“I know baby I should have contacted you sooner but Mr. Martinez didn’t want to blow your cover but he called me two weeks ago and said that everything is fine now. That it’s a matter of time now you will get rid of your husband and then we can together forever”
“Daddy said that to you?” you ask with suspicion.
“Yes and that’s why I came to see as soon as I could” he cradles your face lovingly and looks into your eyes “Y/N sweetheart I love you and will always do” he leans forward to kiss you.
“I'm married” you blurt out pulling away abruptly. 
“Oh yeah sorry my bad. What was I thinking?” he apologized 
“It’s fine” you say looking away.
“So if you don’t mind, I, I mean your dad will be hosting a party tomorrow and I would be happy if you come,” he insists.
“Uh Ethan I-” you hesitate
“I know you can bring Tom as well no issues with that after all he’s your husband for now you have a public image to keep”
“Ok I’ll try but I can’t promise anything. Wish we could talk more but I have to leave now” you say apologetically.
“Yea-yeah sure you’re a businesswoman now I heard. I’m so proud of you see you soon darling”
“Yeah bye” you left the place and straightaway headed to your diner.
“You're late today where were you?” V enquires immediately the second you stepped inside the speakeasy. 
“Went to meet with Ethan”
“What? Tom didn’t say anything? 
“He doesn’t know” you inform
“Okay...So how did it go?” 
“I need a drink first” you sit down on the barstool panting trying to catch your breath. 
“That bad huh?” she gets busy making you a drink just the way you liked “I must say your life is no less than a movie where the ex boyfriend comes back from the dead” she chuckles.
“It’s not the right time to joke V” you sounded tired. 
“You seem stressed, what's the matter?” she says handing you a bourbon cocktail. You took a sip and smacked your lips 
“I can't believe that he's actually Ethan. He knows things that only Ethan could know” you vent out
“I fucking saw him die in front of my eyes V! How is this even possible?!”
“Did he give an explanation about his sudden rebirth?” she asks sarcastically
“Well he said that it was a set up the bullet was fake and he had a blood bag inside his shirt which bursted out so that it looked real” you explained.
“Do you believe that?”  
“Yeah kind of, what other possible explanation could there be for that but I don’t trust him, not anymore. He seems like he is hiding something” you narrow your gaze frowning.
“I can’t wrap my head on the fact that daddy in order to save my life will beg to someone”
“So what are you planning to do?” she asks
“Not me this time you’re going to do the job. You’re a smooth talker and know very well how to pull out information from people so make him open up to you. I bet he has a lot more than he’s showing” you say finishing your drink.
“Well you have come to the right person. Don’t worry I’ll do my best” she assures you but then notices the frown on your face.
“What are you thinking now?”
“About Tom” you sigh “I just can’t look at his face. He hasn’t spoken much after last night”
“Isn’t it obvious? When suddenly your wife’s ex arrives in your life, dilemmas follow”
“I can totally assure you I’m over Ethan”
“You gotta make him understand that, not me. He has all the right to know where your relationship stands so talk to him” she advises. You thought she was right, you need to tell him about your meeting. It’s better he gets to know from you rather than from any third person.
Tom was in his office busy typing something in his laptop. You lightly knocked on the door to draw his attention. He gave you a quick glance before focusing back on his laptop screen as you padded your way to his table. Your hands felt clammy as you cleared your throat before speaking. 
“Uh Tom I had to tell you something” you said meekly.
“Yeah go on” he says, still busy typing.
“I met Ethan today” he stopped typing for a moment before continuing again.
“I don’t know how but he’s actually Ethan, my ex and he’s alive” you say glancing at his face trying to get a read on him.
“Hmm” he hummed eyes trained on the screen totally unphased which surprised you. 
“You have nothing to say?” Tom lets out a sigh and sits up straight looking straight in your eyes.
“No Y/N I have nothing to say but only one simple question: do you still love him?” he asks with a calm tone
“What?” you gave him an astounded look.
“See I know he was your first love and it’s totally valid to have feelings for him. If you want to be with him you are free to go. You will have no issues from my side regarding the divorce I can assure you that” he explains 
“What? No, no. Tom you’re totally misreading the thing. Where the hell is the topic of divorce coming from?” you walked around the table to stand near him as he turned the chair to face you.
“Last time I acted all selfish but this time I’m not gonna stop you from your happiness. I just want to let you know the time we got to spend together will be the best in my life” he says, keeping his calm stature intact.
“Hey, hey listen to me” you leaned down to cup his face with both of your hands “I know how you’re feeling with the whole Ethan being alive thing, I understand and yes we had a history together I can never deny that but-but I love you now” you emphasize “you’re not a mere rebound for me. Whatever we have is real and that’s the truth”
“I want to believe that too honey” he kisses your palm softly “I don’t want to let you go but I want you to be happy too” you went to sit on his lap as he spreads his legs to accommodate you as you sit comfortably wrapping an arm around his shoulder while his hand rests on you knee.
“I’m happy, trust me. We have had our differences but we did overcome everything right?” Tom nods in affirmation “then we can get through this too I’m not gonna let my past ruin my present cause I love you Thomas Stanley Holland and nothing’s gonna change that” you place a soft peck on his lips.
“So we're good right?” he asks, squinting his eyes.
“Absolutely, you’re not getting rid of me so easily don’t worry” you snicker.
“I don’t want to honestly” he wraps his arms around you nuzzling his face into your neck.
“But we have to play along a little bit, Ethan invited us basically me for a party at his place”
“We can skip it,” he suggests.
“No, we need to know his true motives. I've already put Vanessa to gather more information about him. So we need to attend this party to not raise any kind of suspicion” you explain.
“Ok but if that twat comes anywhere near you I’m gonna kill him” he mutters.
“Ah there he is my possessive husband” you quip
“I can’t help being possessive  when it comes to you” he brushes the tip of his nose along the column of your neck making you giggle.
“I’m damn sure daddy is behind all this why can’t he leave us alone” you scowl.
“Darling you really need to stop calling your father by that name around me. It does things to me not gonna lie” He looks at you with a smug grin. 
“Keep it in your pants mister” you pretend to be offended and tried to get up from his lap but his hands tightened around you pulling you closer to him. 
“I'm trying to honey but you and your sweet voice makes it really hard for me” his voice sultry as he gives a light squeeze to your ass. 
"tal vez algún otro día papi” you trace a finger along his jawline with a smirk.
“God I don't know what that means but spanish from your mouth sounds so sexy” he sighs with droopy eyes.
“Ok now let me go I have to get ready for the party” you chuckle finally getting off his lap. 
“No don’t go pleaasse” he pouts with puppy eyes, you shook your head smiling at his childish antics and turned to leave
“Wait, you didn’t say the meaning of the words you said in spanish” he called you back.
“Nada” you walk out of the room giggling without even looking back. 
You were dressed in a black cocktail dress with no back while Tom was in his usual business wear as both entered the hall hand in hand.
“Welcome Mr Holland I’m glad you came” Ethan extends his hand as a frown forms on Tom’s face. You give a light squeeze to his hand, hinting him to keep his cool as he forces a smile.
“Glad to be here too” he shakes his hand
“Hey” Ethan looks at you sheepishly.
“Hey” you smile at him.
“Let’s get a drink honey I bet you’re thirsty” Tom drags you away from him
“What was that?” you looked at him amused
“Nothing” he says as you chuckle lightly.
You ordered your drinks when Tom gets a call and excuses himself for a while to take it. You were standing near the counter looking at the gathering of people when Julian came up to you from nowhere.
“So how are you sis?” he says handing you a drink
“Alive thanks to your shooter who missed my vital organs by a few millimeters” you jab.
“You were never a target you need to understand” he tries to explain it to you.
“Oh I’m relieved to hear that” you scoff
“Well you weren’t kind yourself either upon me” he retorts.
“I was shot by a freaking bullet and it was a simple flesh wound for you so stop being a bitch about it” you grimaced “and what is all this?”
“This party and then Ethan. I thought he was dead”
“And here he is” he says in a singsong manner “hey Ethan! Come here a moment” he calls out to him
“What are you doing Jules?” you say in a hushed tone stunned.
“Yes Julian” Ethan walks up to him.
“My sister here is getting bored. Why don’t you take her for a dance?” he suggests casually as Ethan looks at you.
“Shall we?” he extends his hand to you
“Uh…” your eyes wandered towards Tom who gives you a smile in return assuring you it's fine “yeah sure” you took his hand hesitantly and he takes you to the center of the room.
Stay plays in the background......
All along it was a fever A cold sweat, hot headed believer I threw my hands in the air, said, "Show me something" He said, "If you dare, come a little closer"
“This feels nice, you in my arms after such a long time” he smiles holding your hand and placing his other hand at the small of your back.
“Hmm” you hum with a smile, your eyes fleeting away towards Tom. 
“All this time I was away I always thought about you” he confesses
“Wish I could say the same given that you were dead”
"I know it's my fault that I didn't reach out to you sooner but now I'm here and it's only a few days you have to stay with that criminal” he scoffs
“What do you mean?” you frown 
Round and around and around and around we go Oh, now tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know
He twirled you around and pulled you closer to him “well your dad has a plan and for that we need your help”
“What plan?” you frown
Not really sure how to feel about it Something in the way you move Makes me feel like I can't live without you It takes me all the way I want you to stay
“Can’t say now but you will come to know soon” he whispers.
For a moment you felt your head spin as you stumbled on your step feeling dizzy Ethan was quick to catch you holding your hand tightly 
“Woah easy there, I think you had enough for tonight” he chuckles lightly
“Yeah maybe” you smiled weakly feeling a little uneasy for some reason you can’t figure out. Tom’s eyes were always on you and he quickly made his way towards you as soon as he saw you in discomfort. 
It's not much of a life you're living It's not just something you take, it's given
“May I steal my wife for a moment” he asks politely
“Please by all means” Ethan leaves your hand with a tight lipped smile.
Ooh, the reason I hold on Ooh, 'cause I need this hole gone Well, funny you're the broken one But I'm the only one who needed saving 'Cause when you never see the light It's hard to know which one of us is caving
“You okay?” Tom looks at your face with concern rubbing your back with his hand soothingly.
“Yeah” you nod and cling on to him wrapping your arms around his neck resting your head on his chest
“Ooh someone is getting extra cozy” he teases.
“Just stay like this please, it feels nice” you mumble inhaling his musky cologne.
“As you wish, love” he kisses your forehead swaying to the music.
You don’t know why but your emotions were all over the place. You wanted to hold on to him as close as possible. You were feeling restless for some reason and his warmth was the only thing that was able to calm your nerves.
Not really sure how to feel about it Something in the way you move Makes me feel like I can't live without you It takes me all the way I want you to stay Stay I want you to stay Ooh
Next day Ethan visits your bar. V was busy wiping some glasses at the counter as he approached her.
“Hey is Y/N  here?”
“No she hasn’t arrived yet”
“Oh ok” he turns to leave just then Vanessa remarked
“So you’re the back from the dead lover” he turns again to her
“It’s Ethan by the way”
“You seem to have quite the balls to come here again” she mocks.
“Well what can I say, the power of true love I guess makes you do impossible things” he shrugs.
“You are really more than you appear” she says cockily “I’m Vanessa by the way Y/N’s sister”
“I know who betrayed her father” he taunts.
“That’s called survival baby boy when your bastard father don’t acknowledge your existence you gotta be selfish” she retorts “and moreover I always like to be on the winning side”
“Then you have picked the wrong side darling” he says with a sly smirk.
“And why is that?”
“Trust me I have been working with your father for years that man has vision and power to do anything” he states proudly.
“What do you mean by working with him for years?” she frowns at the information taking her by surprise.
“Huh sweetheart do you think I’m some kind of streetside scum? I have been in this mob business for a long time. My dad and he used to be partners. The Coopers used to rule London the Hollands killed my dad. Your dad took me under him so that I can take my revenge” he reveals with malice filled eyes.
“As much as I know you and Y/N met in college. How come she never saw you before?” V questions him further.
“Oh Mr. Martinez made sure of that. You know a cowardly small town boy with financial struggle had to drop out for three years from college finally gained some stability and again back to college to finish his degree. Good character background story, what do you say?” he grinned ear to ear.
“You made that all up?! Is your name really Ethan?”
“Oh don’t worry my name is Ethan Cooper but instead of a college nerd I’m one of your dad’s trusted men” he says with a smug grin.
“Then what about Y/N? You love her don’t you?”
“Love? That too with that headstrong spoilt brat?” he scoffs “I mean she’s nice but way too eccentric just like her dad. She is just a means to an end plus Mr Martinez promised me I’ll get to handle the businesses written in her name that’s the reason I have been with her all this time. At the end of the day money is what matters to me” he confesses shrugging his shoulders totally unbothered.
“Playing with people’s emotions? You’re such a douchebag!” she looks at him with disgust
“Says the girl whose motives are exactly the same as mine” he quips
“Well I don’t deceive people with a string of lies our deal is straight and clear” she jabs.
“Whatever” he shrugs “my work is almost done, Y/N is already having second thoughts. Her desperation to be loved is immense and in no time she’ll make him sign the papers and then I’ll kill him and avenge my father by taking over his mob” he says coldly.
“You’re soaring too high my friend beware you might end up falling too hard” V warns him.
“I know exactly what I’m doing so is your dad. You on the other hand might wanna rethink your priorities, come back it will be your gain only” he advises.
“Will give it a thought if I get time” she sneers.
“As you wish” he shrugs “ok it’s time for me to leave see you later”
As soon as he left you came out from the secret room at the back of the bar.
“What happened? What did he say?” you ask her impatiently
“You really have some questionable taste in men I must say” she scrunches her face glancing at you.
Vanessa briefs you in with all the details of her conversation with Ethan which makes your skin crawl with disgust and anger. You couldn’t believe that the person for whom you were once ready to leave everything behind and run away, whom you gave your heart and trusted him with your life would betray you like this. All this time you wrongly blamed Tom for his death and pushed him away even though he pleaded innocence fuck you were ready to kill for him and he didn’t even think twice before toying with your heart.  
“That fucking bastard!” you curse in rage “My life has just been reduced to a pawn who's used as a means to seek revenge, great!” you sneer “all this while I wondered why daddy didn't do anything to him even after I was engaged well he was behind this after all. He literally controlled my life. I just can’t believe the person who I thought was my first love, for whom I bawled my eyes out when he faked his death turned out to be one of his capos” you rant.
“Calm down don’t do anything reckless out of spite” V advises
“They have no idea who they have messed up. I'm not gonna let him go this easily. He's gonna be dead for real this time I'm gonna make sure of that” you promise.
“What are you gonna do?”
“It's time to take a page from my mother's book” you say with a sly smirk.
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felicityparkers · 13 hours ago
Since Tom said in his deleted story that he got a c in maths maybe I should tutor him Ajsnsnsbsbsbs
— frat friday !! —
a/n ⤑ absolutely yes
warnings ⤑ one swear word, fluff :’)
Tumblr media
Never in a million years did Tom think that he’d needed to be tutored. Nevertheless, here he was sitting in the library — which was as empty as anything with the exception of a few students, all of whom were from the ‘nerd’ clique — on a Friday night with his maths booklet open in front of him, and you beside him solving your own, as he tried to solve a similar question to the one that you’d just explained. 
Tom knew that he desperately needed to bring his grades up, being too wrapped up in frat parties and girls, he’d neglected his studies. Having failed a very important math test, and with finals were just around the corner, he knew it was pertinent to get back on track. That’s when his math professor suggested you as a tutor. One of the brightest students in the grade. 
So, here you were, on a Friday, teaching one of the most popular frat boys, Tom Holland, math.
Tom was not happy with this predicament.
While as always you would study on Friday nights and not go out and party, Tom was the exact opposite. He was all about the parties — a party animal if you will. 
It was your first time tutoring him, and you could tell he was already hating it, the way a grumble escaped his mouth every two seconds about a ‘party,’ and it was beyond annoying. It’s not like you wanted to spend your time with a frat boy, you preferred to study in peace, but with him right beside you, it proved to be a difficult feat.
First, he arrived a total of thirty minutes late, second, he decided to make pointless conversation with you, throwing in flirty remarks, whereas you just wanted to get started, third, he would not shut up about the party he was missing. 
“Y/N, uh, I think, I totally get all this, I should go,” He said, pushing his booklet away, despite only having solved one question and you two had only been studying for forty-five minutes, all of which were taken up by you explaining a question that he just didn’t seem to understand. You knew why he said that though, his little ‘excuse.’ He wanted to go to the frat party. You rolled your eyes at his statement, sliding the booklet back to him.
“No, Tom, you’re not going anywhere, finish this up.” You whispered, not wanting to cause any ruckus in the quiet library, motioning to the textbook in front of him, as he groaned and was instantly shut up by the librarian as you gave her an apologetic look. 
“Oh, come on, live a little! Let me go, I promise, I’ll come right back after the party,” He pleaded, leaning near your ear, his octaves low, as his hot breath fanned over your neck, and the close distance sent a shiver down your spine.
“Tom, do you want to bring your grades up or not?” Exasperated, you turned to face him, your face in close proximity, just mere inches away from each other, and you swore you saw his gaze flick down to your lips for a moment, before you distanced yourself from him, pulling back, as you felt yourself getting hot.
Tom observed your face for a moment, before turning to face his textbook with a huff.
“Fine, fuck, yeah, you’re right.” He picked up his pen, twirling it once before picking back the task of solving questions again. 
“Good.” You placed a hand on his shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze, a gentle smile resting on your face, “It’ll only benefit you.” 
Tom smiled gratefully at the gesture, his stomach doing a backflip just at a simple touch — which was a different, good, feeling, one he never experienced from any one’s touch — or it was the way you sounded so sweet, maybe it was your smile, he didn’t know, but he didn’t mind. 
He got back to solving his booklet, while you started on your homework assigned to you for the day. A small smile splayed on Tom’s lips through the whole tutoring session, as you two made light conversation. You came to find out that he wasn’t like the boy you imagined he’d be, unlike the snobby and rowdy ones, he was actually sweet. And Tom realized that you were far from the nerdy girl he imagined, as you occasionally retorted with a sarcastic remark to his flirting or laughed at his jokes and made your own, making him laugh. 
Maybe having you as a tutor won’t be too bad.
Tumblr media
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