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#tom holland fluff
ptersmj · an hour ago
now or never
Tumblr media
w/c: 2.9k
warnings: every word out of harry’s mouth, aka swearing and lots of suggestiveness
summary: being the power couple they are, peter and harry help you ask out mj
a/n: HI EVERYONE i’m back for real :,) i know y’all missed me and i missed you too hehe it’s been way too long! i’m done with exams n all that so i’m ready to get back into writing ! since it’s pride month i figured i’d start with some gay shit because yeah? happy pride my loves and stay tuned cuz there’s lots to come <3
“i love you more.”
“not possible! i love you the most.”
you let out a long sigh as peter and harry get into one of their who’s the better boyfriend arguments. they’re the epitome of mushy gushy, and they don’t try to hide it.
you’re well aware that peter is a hopeless romantic, so you expect it from him. he’s worshipped the notebook and pretty woman literally since kindergarten. harry, however, wasn’t much for pda until peter. he wasn’t much for anything other than his occasional flings with cheerleaders. peter brings out the vulnerable side of harry that he didn’t realize existed.
it’s conflicting because you’re insanely happy the two of them found each other. at the same time, you’re kind of jealous. your heart aches whenever you catch them sneaking quick kisses or holding hands so tightly their knuckles turn white. oh, how you long to find your person.
sometimes, it feels like all your friends have except you.
peter and harry, ned and betty. even flash and brad are a thing. at midtown, everyone is off the market.
not mj, though.
she hasn’t been in the dating game since liz moved away. although, you still don’t understand why they were together in the first place. those two are polar opposites. liz would drag mj to parties and fancy restaurants that she didn’t particularly enjoy — she’d rather spend her nights in the library.
you picture mj with someone more her own speed, more lowkey. someone who appreciates her for her many quirks. for example, yourself. you’d make an interesting pair. you’ve considered this more than you’d like to admit, which you’ve yet to do to anyone but yourself.
maybe, you should come clean. you’ll talk it over with peter and see what he thinks.
“peter, can i-“
“no, stop! that tickles,” he giggles out. so much for coming clean. harry peppers kisses across peter’s face and holds him by his waist. “not until you say it.” peter attempts to block himself with his hands. “say what?” he’s playing dumb, grinning ear to ear. in retaliation, harry trails his kisses to each of peter’s palms. “you already know. just four little words, pete.”
peter can hardly take it, so he concedes. “okay, okay! fine! you love me more!” he groans and shoves harry away, only to be pulled in for a big hug. harry is sporting one of his cocky smirks. “damn right i do. you’re lucky we’ve got eyes on us, or else i’d-“
you slam your head against the locker you’re leaning on. no one needs to hear the end of that sentence. that draws both harry’s and peter’s attention, finally. they’ve barely acknowledged you all morning.
harry releases peter from his arms, turning around to face you. “whatcha doing over there, y/l/n?” he questions. peter peeks out from behind him with furrowed eyebrows. “you okay? sounded like that hurt.” you shoot him a glare. “it was supposed to. i’m doing great, obviously.” shrugging, harry turns to peter again. “she seems peachy to me. so, where were we?”
peter dodges the kiss harry leans in for. he gives him a stern look, going over to you.
“what’s wrong, y/n/n? and, don’t say nothing ‘cuz that’s not your nothing face.” peter gives you a small smile and pokes both your cheeks. you’d usually perk up at that, but you only keep your pout. “i just… ugh, it’s embarrassing. let me wallow in peace.”
you slide down the locker, peter catching your wrist before you hit the floor. he yanks you to stand and frowns.
“ok, now i’m really worried.” his fingers lock with yours, you chewing on your lip. “talk to me, y/n. what happened?” he squeezes your hand for encouragement. harry puts his hand on your shoulder, feeling bad for brushing your troubles off.
honestly, you’re making this out to be much more serious than it is.
“i, um…” you glance up at peter and harry, who both nod at you to continue. “i want a boyfriend! or… or a girlfriend. anyone, at this point.” harry elbows your arm. “yeah?” he muses and cocks his head to the side. “a girlfriend, you say?” “such a drama queen,” peter murmurs, patting you on the back nevertheless.
“being single is torture. you guys wouldn’t get it!” you defend yourself. peter scoffs at your statement. “uh, hello? harry was my first.” with a proud smile, harry moves so he’s next to peter. “pete was mine… technically.” he slings an arm around peter’s middle. “you wouldn’t get it anymore,” you correct yourself. your face falls as peter leans into harry more.
peter is right, you’re being dramatic. you wish you could help it, but it’s easier said than done. especially, when him and harry are attached by the hip, and you have to witness every second of it. it wouldn’t hurt so bad if mj was around right about now. you two usually team up and tease them together.
where is she, anyway?
picking up on your mood change, peter steps away from harry again. he comes back to your side.
“not the point. we hear you, and… we’ll dial it back,” peter reassures you and earns a noise of protest from his boyfriend. he shoos harry away. “ignore him.” you merely press your lips into a line. harry throws his head back in annoyance, grabbing you by your shoulders. “come on, y/l/n! that sound fair to you?”
being forced to witness their constant saliva exchanging is unfair to you. mj would agree.
“i have a counter offer. we’ll get you a fuck buddy of your own, eh?” harry suggests, peter’s jaw dropping on your behalf. “jesus, harry! we’re… we’re in school!” peter hisses and clutches onto his backpack straps.
you’re not offended like you probably should be. instead, you ponder the offer. it isn’t so terrible.
“not the way i’d put it, but sure. you guys know what you’re doing,” you give in, much to peter’s surprise. his cheeks burn red as he fiddles with his backpack. “there we go,” harry chuckles, hooking his arm around peter from behind. “anyone you have in mind?”
on cue, mj comes trekking down the hall with betty beside her. she tucks her signature strand of hair behind her ear, squinting at betty while she rambles about the latest gossip. you unintentionally gaze at her passing by. being her observant self, mj notices. she salutes you before focusing back on betty. your chest tightens, bottom lip between your teeth.
“mj?” peter brings you out of your dazed state. “you like mj, don’t you?” he’s already beaming about it, nudging your side. you’re not so subtle, you guess. “how… how did you…” harry cuts in to answer your question. “those were what i like to call,” he pauses to make air quotes and winks at peter. “‘fuck me’ eyes. i’m familiar with those.”
“ahem!” peter loudly clears his throat. “we’re dialing it back, remember?” his voice comes out as more of a squeak. you bite back a grin, harry clicking his tongue. “whatever you say, sweets.” he eyes you hopefully. “mj it is, then. operarion get y/n laid is officially in action.”
you tug on the sleeve of peter’s sweater, speaking lowly. “is he always this… excited?” you’re referring to harry’s never-ending innuendos. peter exhales and looks harry up and down. “yes, y/n. yes, he is.” he bumps his shoulder with yours. “but, hey! you and mj! i thought you might’ve had a little crush on her.”
you love him to death, but peter is the most oblivious guy on earth. if he figured it out, mj definitely did, too.
“what gave it away?” you wonder, peter scrunching his face up. “for starters… you used to flinch, like, every time she mentioned liz.” he’s known for that long? damn, you’re really not slick. “you listen to all those creepy murder podcasts she sends,” peter recounts. “those are interesting!” you retort. harry rests his chin on peter’s head. “the eyes,” he adds on.
he just won’t let that go. if you didn’t need harry’s expertise, you would’ve beat his ass by now.
“well, kids,” harry reaches over and ruffles your hair. “let’s get to work, shall we?” peter wiggles his eyebrows at you, prompting you to throw your hands up. “we shall.”
after discussing everything over soggy chicken nuggets and cold mashed potatoes, you’re ready to tell mj how you feel.
the only question remaining is, does she like you back?
“of course she does!” peter coos, setting a hand on your arm. “who wouldn’t? you’re so funny, sweet when you wanna be, pretty-“ harry flicks the back of peter’s head. “you’re a bi disaster, pete. can’t take you anywhere.” peter smiles wickedly at him over his shoulder. “you’re one to talk.”
“oh my god, enough!” you grumble, kicking peter’s leg under the cafeteria bench. “compliment me some more.” peter laughs softly. before he has the chance to, harry winds his arms around his waist protectively. “back off, y/l/n. get your girl instead of stealing my boy.” “he came onto me,” you remark, although you’re not wrong.
“whatever,” peter dismisses you both, craning his neck to kiss harry’s cheek. “we should go find mj. any ideas where she could be?” “the library,” you automatically reply. you’re a bit too fast because peter and harry make faces. “she loves it up there! what’s more mj than a room full of books?”
you sip from your carton of chocolate milk, distracting yourself from their judgement. peter breaks the short silence.
“true,” he affirms. harry places a kiss on the back of his neck. “we’ll walk you up, stick around for moral support.” your mind is racing, the reality of this sinking in.
you’ve never told a girl you like her before, or anyone, for that matter. you prefer to be the one who’s confessed to rather than the one confessing. putting yourself out there isn’t your strong suit, and the fear of rejection mortifies you. mj will not sugar coat it if your feelings are one sided. you’re not sure in the slightest how she’s going to take this.
it’s too late to back out now, though.
peter collects everyone’s lunch trays, holding out his free hand to you. “don’t worry, y/n. we’re right here, okay? we’ll be rooting for you.” you thread your fingers through his and let him help you up. harry jabs his thumb at the cafeteria doors. “lead the way, champ.”
the library is almost dead silent, save for kids tapping on keyboards and teachers printing last minute handouts. it’s honestly refreshing. you can see why mj usually spends her lunch here. you’d much prefer the quiet over the vulgar comments made by everyone in the cafeteria. by everyone, you mean harry.
you three head in and search for mj amongst the plethora of readers. you’re hidden between the bookshelves, pretending to look for novels. peter actually skims a few back covers.
“where the hell is she?” harry whisper yells, you hitting at his chest so he’ll shut up. “relax! we just got here.” you tap peter’s shoulder. “you see mj yet?” smiling to himself, peter folds the page of a young adult romance he began reading. he never even looked. “um, nope. i’ll let you know when i do.”
typical peter.
harry runs his hands through his gelled hair in distress. “i can’t believe this, y/n. seriously! i mean, she’s gotta be-“ “wait!” you squeal, alerting peter and harry. “right there!” you point at a table where mj sat down moments ago. she spreads out her homework, pulling a pencil from behind her ear. this is your moment.
“go!” peter eagerly commands. “it’s now or never, y/n. you got this.” he pushes you forward before you can respond. the abruptness makes you stumble, harry stifling a laugh. mj curiously peers up from her biology assignment upon hearing. her eyes quickly land on you. that wasn’t the graceful entrance you planned on.
gulping harshly, you head over to mj’s table. you wave to her on the way there, which she returns with a half smile.
“hey, mj,” you greet and grab at the empty seat. “hey, y/l/n. sit,” mj indulges, shoving her homework aside to chat with you instead. she taps her fingers on the wooden tabletop. “what’re you doing up here?” breathing out a laugh, you take the seat across from her. “looking for you, actually. i had a feeling this was where you’d be.”
mj leans back in her chair, her interest piqued. “oh? why’s that?” you meet her dark eyes that seem far more intense than usual. “because i know you, em.” she parts her lips to speak, but doesn’t say a word. her tough exterior almost fades away in that moment. “don’t get sappy on me, y/l/n. i’ll spew chunks,” she warns you monotonously.
and, it’s back.
“ok, ew. moving on,” you digress. “i’m here because i… i wanna tell you something.” your stomach drops, sweaty palms wiping against your jeans. you might be the one spewing chunks. “i’m all ears,” mj welcomes you with a definitive nod.
she’s also freaking out, just on the inside. this is petrifying for each of you.
you glance off to where peter and harry are watching you two. peter sticks out an exaggerated thumbs up, harry making lewd gestures until peter smacks his hand away. idiots.
“please don’t hate me,” you preface, mj’s features twisting in shock. “never,” she nearly whispers. that gives you the tiniest bit of confidence to spill what you’ve been waiting to. “thank god. well…”
you lose track when mj puts her hand on top of yours under the table. she’s rarely ever touchy like that, so this is a huge deal. warmth spreads throughout your entire body. mj runs her thumb along the back of your hand, willing you to continue.
“well, i’ve been thinking about this for a really long time,” you start and shift around nervously in your seat. “but… i was too scared to say it because i didn’t wanna make things weird between us.” mj does her best poker face while really, she’s terrified for whatever comes next. she hums to signal for you to finish.
mustering up a smile, you go on. “you’re one of my best friends, mj.” mj snorts at this, you fighting back an eye roll. “you make me laugh when no one else can, you’re so fucking smart. like, you’re a walking thesaurus.” she’s starring to get hot from your words, a giggle even escaping her. “get on with it, weirdo!”
fair enough, your buildup is quite excessive. that’s what happens when you take dating advice from peter parker.
“i like you, mj. i like you a lot,” you blurt out, a huge weight lifting off your chest. “i like everything about you.” the grin disappears from mj’s face. she shakes her head.
this is exactly what you were afraid of.
panicking, you attempt to fix your unsuccessful declaration of love. “um, you don’t have to say it back,” you mumble, staring down at her hand still on yours. “i know it hasn’t been that long since you and liz… it’s okay if you’re not ready to-“ mj suddenly pulls her hand back, expression indecipherable.
you’ve really screwed up now.
“what about me and liz?” mj sharply asks. you want to curl up in a ball and die there. “she- she just moved away and everything. don’t you miss her?” a bit more calm, mj twiddles with her fingers. “no, not really,” she casually replies.
you’re utterly confused about her response. you’d assumed she reacted that way because she’s hung up on liz.
“as a friend, yeah. but, we didn’t break up because she was moving,” mj further explains. you let this new information sink in for a few seconds before saying anything. “why’d you break up, then?” her shoulders slump, demeanor changing. “i, uh, i like someone else.”
great. here you are, professing your feelings to a girl who’s holding out for a completely different person. happy pride.
“oh, that makes sense,” you weakly acknowledge. “good luck with them, mj. i’m sure they’ll like you, too.” huffing, mj takes both your hands, intertwining her fingers with yours. “i’m talking about you, you dork!”
there’s no way.
you practically jump in your seat. “me? you’re kidding…” “i mean it,” mj clarifies with a shy smile. “i would’ve told you sooner. i’m just… not good at this shit. i’m sorry it came out so bad.” she averts her gaze to the floor, you gripping her hands tighter. “don’t be sorry. like i’m any better? peter and harry had to pimp me out.” mj snickers. “figures. ned was my guy.” “yikes,” you say under your breath.
“so, what now?” you swing one of your hands in mj’s. mj purses her lips. “date night? i was gonna binge true crime later-“ she remembers not everyone is into that. “unless, you wanna pick something else?” “true crime it is,” you confirm, standing up from the table.
when you said you like everything about mj, that included her concerning obsession with murder.
mj lets you tackle her in a hug, laughing into it and holding you by your hips. peter and harry whistle at you from behind the bookshelf.
“these bitches are gay! good for them!” peter cheers, mj flipping him off and you gasping playfully. that certainly ruins the library’s quiet atmosphere. harry sniffles with real tears in his eyes. “we did this, pete. look what we created.” chuckling, peter wipes his thumb over harry’s cheek. “babe, chill.”
you keep your arms around mj’s neck when you pull apart, bodies pressed together. “promise me one thing,” you request. mj looks from harry and peter to you, quirking an eyebrow. “we’ll never be like… them,” you half joke. she pecks your cheek in agreement.
“yeah, deal.”
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Spideys Mad Skillz (PART 2) Tom Holland Smut
Tumblr media
“Tom” yes princess? “do you ever actually think about having kids of our own?” he paused in the kitchen quite shocked by the sudden question he turned on his heals to face Y/N and walked over to her pulling her in for a hug from behind, “well of course I do!” he said sexually as he trailed soft sweet kisses down her neck. “what do you want for dinner love?” “you ;)” Y/N replied with a wide grin “ok but seriously beautiful” “hmmm how about fried rice” “well of course sweet heart but can we please watch fifty shades of grey after?” “geez Tom you really want to get spicy tonight don’t ya!” Y/N had a giant grin plastered on her face.
Tom guided Y/N to the glass bedroom where he spun her petit body around and captured her in a very heated kiss moving his hands down her body to meet her lower arse he gripped it as Y/N began to moaned in his mouth. He bucked his hips and begun removing her silk sexy robe she ripped his tight shirt off his gorgeous body he began kissing down her neck he grabbed her lower arse and lightly threw her back on the silk sheets of the bed beginning to remove her lace lingerie. He placed purple hickeys all down her body reaching her wetness where he ran his fingers across the wetness and moved back up her body “daddy fuck me please” “not yet darling your going to pleasure me first on your knees!”. she removed his jeans to revel his erection tight against his boxers “so hard for me” “princess do your job now!” Y/N began to moan as she began to pleasure Tom, he gripped her hair he began spitting out praises as he neared his release “good girl for taking my cock so well” he stood up and flipped her on her stomach after checking she swallowed all of his release he started thrusting making Y/N squirm. They eventually both finished Tom went down and cleaned Y/N up after leaving his cum dripping from her “goodnight Tom” “goodnight Love”.
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luhvtommy · 8 hours ago
Pairing:: Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings:: grinding, dry humping, language
Summary:: Tom wakes up horny.
A/n:: I love this prompt so much I have so many ideas for this. This is so short I apologise but longer things coming in future.
He couldn’t stop thinking about it. The dream. It felt so real. It doesn’t help that your ass was pressed onto him oh so deliciously.
His hips bucked forwards, eyes rolling back.
He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. You felt so good against him. He wanted to speed up but he had no intention of waking you up, but he was going so slow.
“Fuck it.” He mumbled, he sped his hips up. Angling them so his balls would get more attention, he heard you stir.
“Tom?” You asked, the huskiness in your voice going straight to his cock.
“Sorry baby.’ He moaned. ‘Had a dream. Can’t help it.” He stopped his hips, feeling bad.
You surprised him by climbing onto his lap and rocking your hips against his.
“Oh fuck.” He cried. You moaned.
You slowed down, pushing into him harder. Your eyes rolled back at the feeling of him running through your folds.
You angled your hips so the pleasure was focused on your clit. You moaned out, feeling your clit throb with every drag across his dick. You sped up, pushing down harder onto him.
You whined, wanting more. Your moaning was too much for Tom.
“I’m gunna cum.” He moaned, grabbing your hips.
“Me too.”
He guided your movements, making them frantic and desperate.
You cried, cumming hard. The noises you made pushed Tom over the edge. He came hard, cock throbbing.
“That was amazing.” You sighed, rolling to lay next to him.
“I needed that.’ He turned over, pulling you closer to him. ‘You can sleep now by the way.”
“Oh good.”
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golddustharrington · 8 hours ago
Stuck In The Web of Love (Peter Parker x Stark! Reader!) |Spider-Man: Homecoming- Chapter 11|
Spider-Man: Homecoming Masterlist
Tumblr media
Story Summary: Being Tony Stark’s kid can have its ups and downs. One of the downs is that you are in danger when your dad comes out as Iron Man. And one of the ups is that you are protected by the avengers. But what happens when you meet someone that you met a long time ago. As the two of you get closer when you go to Midtown Tech, meeting Ned, MJ, and everyone else. What happens when you catch feelings for the geeky brunette, especially when he has feelings for someone else? Will you hide these feelings or tell him at the right time… or the wrong time?  
Chapter Summary: its homecoming time, and tony meets the reader’s date. peter steals the reader from flash after she had a horrible dinner date with him. peter admits his feelings during an argument. and after a fight with toomes, the jet carrying stuff from the tower crashes in coney island. 
Word Count: 14.1k+
Warnings: fluff, angst, mentions of death and murder, and violence 
I love interacting with you all! Feel free to ask, private message or leave a comment below! 
Note for each chapter: grammar, punctuation and spelling errors 
Taglist: @write-from-the-heart​ @ayejaysshite​ @est19xxshit​ @hallecarey1​
A/N: For the people who didn’t read the Prologue, that has a lot of important stuff in there, your superhero name is Violet NOT the reader’s name. 
It was homecoming night, and you were sitting in front of your vanity. Watching Pepper’s reflection as she was fixing your hair with a smile on her face. The two of you went homecoming dress shopping right after school when you told her when the night homecoming was and that you got a date. You were wearing a light purple knee-length dress that was off the shoulder pair with flats with the matching color. 
“Ow,” You winced when Pepper tugged on a strand too hard. She looked at your reflection in the mirror. “Sorry,” She apologized. You took in a shaky breath and looked down at your newly painted nails, they were white and one was chipped from before and getting more chipped from you doing it without noticing until you noticed little chips of white polish on your dress. 
You sighed tiredly as you used your hand to sweep the chips off onto the floor as Pepper pinned a piece of your hair to the side, being careful this time. 
“So,” Pepper began, starting up a conversation. You looked up at the mirror to look at her in the reflection. “This ‘Flash’ is going to take you to dinner?” She asked. You nodded. “Yeah,” You answered. As much as you appreciate Flash taking you to dinner and homecoming, you still wished you were going to Peter, but he’s going to his dream girl. His crush. 
“I don’t know where it is.” You laughed, trying to get Peter out of your thoughts. “He just texted me last minute today, saying it’s a ‘surprise’.” You finished, making Pepper let out a small laugh with a gentle smile as she grabbed a few flower clips to put in your hair. 
“Ah, so a last-minute surprise dinner. How romantic.” Pepper teased playfully as she placed the clips in different places in your hair. “Ha, ha, ha.” You laughed sarcastically with a smile and a little burning on your cheeks. The teasing made you flustered a little bit, but not as much as it was with Peter. And you knew why you didn’t like Flash like you did Peter. 
There were two separate feelings there. You had really big feelings for one boy and saw the other as a friend. But the boy you liked more apparently liked one girl more than you, which you understood. He liked her more than a friend and he liked you just as a friend. 
“There… done.” Pepper smiled, pinning one last strand of your hair under the clip. Flattening your hair down with her hands with a smile on her face. She saw the sad look on your face as you looked into the mirror, your eyes and lips showing it. Her smile fell when she looked at you, all she could feel from you was sadness. Before all of this happened, when you saw her all you would talk about was Peter and now you didn’t as much after what happened. 
Pepper leaned down, placed her head on your shoulder and her hands on your arms. Giving you a soft smile and a reassuring squeeze to your arms. “Even though he’s not Peter, you’ll still leave him speechless,” You nodded your head at her. “But if you do see Peter, I’m sure he won’t be able to take his eyes off you, and then he’ll be the one after you while you’re having fun.” She added, moving her hands to your sides and began lightly tickling you. 
Making you laugh out loud and lean back into her with your eyes closed. Your laughter echoing throughout the compound mixed with Pepper’s. Something you, Pepper, and your dad haven’t heard after their break from each other. Before that, the two of them would gang up on you when you were little and near the age you are now and one of them would grab you while the other tickled you. 
The room the three of you were in had your laughter echoing throughout it. Happy, memorable memories that neither of you would forget.
So when Tony walked near your bedroom and hearing that laughter from you and Pepper and you begging for her to stop made a smile itch onto his lips. He hasn’t heard that laugh leave your lips in a long time and he’s happy that he’s hearing it now. 
“Tony,” Pepper called through her laughter, making Tony look at your open bedroom door. “Tony, come here.” Pepper demanded. Tony made his way over and stood in the doorway, looking in your room to see you already looking over there with Pepper behind you with her hands on your shoulders. You were trying to get your breathing even from laughing, same goes for Pepper. 
But besides that, you looked beautiful. Your eyes had that happy gleam that seemed to be missing for a while but now it’s back. You gave him a nervous smile, that still seemed to light up the room and bring happiness to everyone who was around you. 
“What’d you think Tony?” Pepper questioned, looking at your dad for an answer. “She looks ready for her homecoming dinner and homecoming?” Tony looked at you in awe before complimenting you.
“You’re so beautiful.” 
You and Pepper chuckled as the two of you looked at each other. “Thanks, dad.” You smiled as you got out of your seat and walked towards him. Taking careful deer-like steps towards him. 
Being cautious. 
Tony met you halfway and immediately pulled you into a hug. This hug surprised you, your eyes widening in shock from your dad's action. You reciprocated the hug, wrapping your arms around your dad. Tony then pressed a kiss to the side of your head, lingering there and made eye contact with Pepper. Pepper was smiling at the two of you with her hands in front of her, clasped together. Seeing father and daughter hugging. 
But it wasn’t just a normal hug. 
This was a hug to apologize to one another. A way to rebuild the pieces that fell out during an argument that had happened before. Pieces trying to build over the harmful words that were shared between the two of you. But the two of you needed someone familiar to join in on the hug. Someone that was there with the two of you when your mom died. Someone who was like a mom to you and was always there for you just like she was for Tony. 
“Pep,” Tony said softly, looking over at the blonde. Pepper looked at the two of you with wide eyes and began shaking her head. “Come on, Pepper.” Tony urged, waving his arm. Telling her to walk over to join in on the hug. 
“No, no, no. Tony,” Pepper began to reject, but then you turned around with a smirk and began joining in with your dad. 
Something the two of you did, not just to her but also to Rhodey and a few other people to form a group hug. 
“Come on, Pep.” 
“Please, Pep. For me.” You and Tony begged in unison. You and Tony had both of your hands outstretched towards her. Still trying to get her to come over to where the two of you were standing. Pepper looked between the two of you and then looked over to the wall near the two of you. 
Trying to avoid eye contact.
But when you were continuously saying her name over and over again, your dad just laughed and did not stop you. Pepper sighed and gave in, just wanting you to stop and to make you and your father happy. The two of you opened your arms to welcome her in the warm embrace with smiles on your faces. 
Her and Tony sharing a look, coming up with the same thing in their heads. Them nodding their heads in agreement with a smile on mischief on their faces making you nervous. 
“You grab her and I tickle her,” Pepper said out loud, glancing a teasing glance your way. “Yup.” Tony agreed. You began trying to fight your way out of their grasps, saying. “No, no, no, no.” But it was too late, Tony grabbed you quickly by the arms, moving behind you while Pepper was in front of you. Repeating the same action she’d before, making you laugh out loud before, your eyes were closed as you tried to push Pepper’s hands off you to get her to stop.
The room filled up with three laughs instead of one. 
Then suddenly a knock on the door downstairs interrupted the laughter. Making all three of you quiet and for Tony and Pepper to stop their attack on you. You were breathless from laughing and trying to get them to stop as you were smoothing out the wrinkles on your dress. 
“That must be him,” You informed, moving a piece of a strand of your hair from the front of your eye. Your cheeks warm to the touch. Pepper and Tony watched as you walked quickly out of your room and down the stairs to meet up with your homecoming date. Leaving the two of them alone in your room. 
“We should…” Pepper began, motioning outside the door to tell him that they should catch up with you. 
“Yeah, we should.” Tony agreed with a nod of his head and watched as the blonde walked past him and hurried down the stairs to reach you. 
“Hey!” Tony heard you greet your date from the bottom of the stairs, and then Pepper’s voice, as well as your date’s voice. Tony sighed and began walking down the stairs, holding onto the railing as he did so. Still thinking about the moment that took place upstairs, a moment where you, Pepper, and he was a family. 
A complete family that he wanted and that he wanted you to have. 
But as Tony got closer to the floor he saw the boy called Flash, who was taking you to homecoming. Flash was smiling at you nervously as you were looking at the corsage that matched your dress, Flash had a matching flower on the lapel of his suit. The color stood out against the gray suit jacket and the gray, black, and white plaid button-up shirt that was paired with a black tie and black dress pants with black dress shoes to finish his outfit. 
“Nice place,” Flash complimented, a slight crack in his voice as you stepped aside to let the boy inside. “Thanks.” You smiled, closing the door once Flash was inside. The three of you not knowing your dad was closer than you thought.
Flash stepped inside, looking around the compound even more. Not noticing your dad at all. He was taking everything in as he turned around in one spot with his mouth opened in awe. “Ms… Ms. Potts.” Flash acknowledged the blonde nervously once he was facing her and was done admiring the compound and not believing that he was here. 
Pepper took a step forward with her welcoming smile and gently grabbed Flash’s outstretched hand and gently shook it. “It’s nice to meet you Flash, I’ve heard some really good things about you,” Pepper greeted, smiling at him and you. Flash felt his cheeks heat up. 
“Y-you did?” He questioned quickly, looking at you for an answer. You just gave him a small smile and a little shrug with your hands behind your back. 
“And before you ask,” Pepper said, getting Flash’s attention. “Spider-Man isn’t here. He’s out somewhere. But her father should be down here in a minute.” You let out a little giggle at Flash getting even more flustered at the mention of Spider-Man and Pepper calling out Tony. 
“Ah,” Tony began, stepping down the stairs and towards Flash with his arms outstretched at his sides as he walked towards the three of you. “So this must be Flash.” Tony smiled, patting Flash’s shoulder in a greeting once he was closer to him. “The Flash who isn’t only taking my daughter to homecoming, but also dinner. Boy is she lucky to have you.” Tony continued, looking down at Flash who was looking at your dad in shock. 
Pepper smacked Tony’s arm to scold him, making Tony jump and cover his arm and look at the blonde. “Ow.” He complained, which only made Pepper roll her eyes at him and talk to him with her eyes. Tony just sighed and ran a hand through his hair while Pepper looked at the two of you. 
“Sorry about him,” Pepper apologized, directing her thumb behind her to point at Tony. “But anyway, let's get some pictures before we let the two of you go before he decides not to let her go.” Pepper joked, making you and Flash laugh along with her as she directed the two of you to the wall excitedly, she was excited to take pictures of you and your date for homecoming. 
Even if it wasn’t with Peter. 
After some pictures and some poses, it was time to leave for your dinner with Flash. Tony and Pepper were walking the two of you outside to watch the two of you drive away. 
“Wow, time sure does go by fast.” Tony laughed, his laugh echoing outside alongside the rest of your laughter. You were toying with the leaf of your corsage as the four of you were making it towards Flash’s car. 
“Make sure to have her by 10 or there’ll be trouble.” Tony joked to Flash, lightly bumping his shoulder. This only caused Flash to look at your dad horrified as he thought about what would happen if he dropped you off late, thinking that your dad was serious. You understood because it was your dad and you were his daughter, but you didn’t want your homecoming date to be horrified of your dad. 
This is why you lightly grabbed Flash’s, grabbing the teen boy's attention. “He’s just joking,” You laughed and then looked at your dad, giving him a look to tell him to stop scaring your date. “Right, dad?” You asked through clenched teeth. Tony only held his hands up in defense and didn’t say anything. 
You just rolled your eyes at your dad and said to Flash. “Come on.” You lightly tugged on Flash’s wrist to tell him to go and he got it and walked ahead of you, your hand slipping from his wrist. You followed after Flash, hearing Pepper scold your dad behind you (which you tried very hard not to laugh at.) 
Flash opened the passenger door for you with a small smile. “Thank you.” You smiled at him, before you got into the car you looked over your shoulder to see your dad and Pepper. Your dad had his arm wrapped around Pepper’s waist as the two of them stood on the second to last step. 
Smiling at you, making you return the smile. 
“You’re welcome,” Flash said, making your attention go back to him. You smiled at him as well before waving at your dad and Pepper. Telling them goodbye. 
“Bye sweetheart, have fun,” Pepper said. 
“But not too much fun.” Tony joked, causing Pepper to lightly smack him on the arm once again with a scold following along with it as you got into the car and looked out of the glass window once Flash shut the car door. Your dad and Pepper were still waving at you as they waited for the car to drive away. 
After getting buckled into your seat and the roaring engine of Flash starting his car, the two of you were off to dinner. Hearing them say their continuous goodbyes as Flash began driving away from the compound. 
As he did so, your mind immediately drifted off to Peter. Wondering how he was doing and if he was having a great time with Liz as his date. 
Liz’s dad is the bad guy! And Peter didn’t know what to do since he’s in the car with him and Liz. He didn’t have his suit and he didn’t know if he should contact you or not. He didn’t know if Tony didn’t allow the two of you to talk to each other, which is why he didn’t ask you to homecoming. But he needed someone to help him with Liz’s dad and the only person who he could think of, during an awkward car ride to the high school, was you. 
Another reason why he didn’t want to call you was because Liz brought you up in conversation when her dad asked about you, this made Peter overprotective of you. He didn’t want anything bad to happen to you. He’ll do anything to make sure that you were safe. 
“Here we are. End of the line.” Liz’s dad stated as he pulled up to the front of the school, which had pop music playing from the inside. Outside of the school were students standing outside, either with each other or waiting for their date or a friend. Inside the school were students dancing to the music that was blasting throughout the school. Peter swallows nervously when thoughts of what could happen after Liz’s dad drives off. Thinking about what he’ll be able to do without his suit. 
Liz unbuckled her seatbelt belt eagerly. “Thanks, dad.” She thanked before leaning towards the car door to leave, Peter following suit. Thinking he was going to be able to get out of this without having to talk to Liz’s dad. But before Peter could even get his hand on the door handle, Liz’s dad’s voice got both his and Liz’s attention. 
“You head in there, Gumdrop,” He began, looking into the rearview mirror as he spoke. “I’m gonna give Peter the ‘dad’ talk.” Peter felt his heart drop, having a bad feeling about being alone with her dad. Even the teasing tone he added in his voice didn’t make anything less nerve-racking, also with the toothy white smile that he shot towards Peter didn't help
It made everything even worse for Peter. 
It seems that Liz has noticed how tense and nervous that Peter has gotten and placed a hand on his knee to get his attention. “Don’t let him intimidate you.” Peter didn’t say anything to her as she removed her hand and gripped the front seat for support as she brought her attention back to her dad. “Love you.” She told her dad and then leaned forwards and placed a quick kiss on his cheek. 
“Love you too, Gumdrop.” Her dad replied. 
“Have a safe flight.” She said before opening the car door and getting out and closing it. Leaving Peter and her dad alone, making Peter even more anxious and making his heart beat faster than it usually does.
But once Liz was far enough from the car, Liz’s dad turned around to face Peter with a gun in his dominant hand that he grabbed from the glove box. Peter swallowed nervously under her dad’s hard stare, the kind of stare where you couldn’t look away and even if you did you’ll still feel the stare on you. 
“Does she know?” He questioned Peter. Peter felt panic rise in him at her dad’s question. Liz’s dad just gave him confirmation about what Peter was thinking about him knowing about everything. 
“Know what?” Peter questioned, playing dumb. 
“So she doesn’t know. Good.” He nodded, seeing right through Peter’s act. “Close to the vest. I admire that. I got a few secrets of my own. Of all the reasons I didn’t want my daughter to date,” Liz’s dad shrugs with a smirk while Peter was trying to calm himself down in the backseat.  
“Peter… nothing is more important than family. You and Y/N Stark saved my daughter's life, you saved her’s after everyone got off safely which I’m sure she and her father are grateful for. And I could never forget something like that. So I’m gonna give you one chance. Are you ready?” He asked Peter. Peter swallowed nervously as he stayed silent, telling him that he’s listening and for him to go ahead. Despite the nervous feeling bubbling up inside of him. 
“You walk through those doors, you forget any of this happened, and don’t you ever, ever interfere with my business again. ‘Cause if you do, I’ll kill you,” He threatened Peter. The threat made Peter’s heart pound hard against his chest, so hard that he could hear it in his ears. “And everybody you love. I’ll kill you dead and then Y/N, too. Probably kill her before you could get to her before you could even have a chance to save her and then kill you afterward,” He continued. Peter felt anger and fear rise inside of him when he mentioned him killing you before he could save you. 
He didn’t want to think about it, seeing you screaming his name and having it cut off by the hands of a man who is the father of his homecoming date and the man he and you are after. Peter just wants to get out of this car and find you to see if you are okay and to protect you from Liz's dad, not wanting the threat to be true. Peter bit his lip and looked down at his lip, not wanting to look at the man before him. 
“That’s what I’ll do to protect my family, Pete. Do you understand?” He finished. Peter was still looking down at his lap, giving a slight nod as his answer, but it wasn’t satisfactory for the man in front of him. “Hey,” He said sternly, making Peter look up at him nervously. “I just saved your life. Now, what do you say?” He questioned him.
“Thank you.” Peter thanked nervously.
“You’re welcome,” He said. “Now, you go on in there,” He nodded towards the school. “You show my daughter a good time, okay? Just not too good.” He gave Peter a small smile before Peter opened the car door and stepped out, not saying anything to the man. Only stealing glances at him as he was getting out. 
Once Peter closed the door of the car, Liz's dad drove off. Leaving Peter to go into the school with the threats he was given and is expected to forget about what happened. 
But he can't. Not when the lives of everyone he loved, himself and you were at stake. But Peter needs to stop him, he just has to. And he needs to leave homecoming, as much as he didn't want to, and leave to go after Liz's dad. 
And he needed your help. He needed his friend, crush, and partner's help. 
Peter needed to find you. Even if it means taking you away from your homecoming date. 
The car ride to the school for the homecoming dance is awkward, pop music filling in the silence that Flash started playing not too long ago to make things as awkward as it is, but it still didn’t help. The restaurant that Flash took you to for dinner ended up in disaster. The branzino wasn’t as ‘fresh’ from Flash’s liking, which caused an argument between Flash and the manager to arise. Thankfully you stopped the argument before anything could get worse and told them that the two of you would leave after everything is paid for. 
And when things could get even more stressful, your phone was going off second after second with phone calls that led to voicemails of him rushing through his words and you couldn’t understand what he was saying. But from how his tone was evident in his voice it was full of panic and you were curious. 
You listened to the voicemails several times while Flash was driving at a somewhat fast pace, his fingers lightly tapping at the steering wheel when he was waiting for the red light to turn green in the beginning. But now that you were at school, still trying to decipher what Ned was saying, Flash decided to speak up. 
“I’m sorry about dinner,” Flash apologized. You pulled your phone away from your ear to look at your homecoming date to hear what he was going to say, Flash kept looking over at you to see if you were listening to him or not. You hummed as your answer, playing with a leaf that was a part of your corsage. “But I know when branzino’s fresh, and that was not fresh, okay? So-” But Flash cut himself off by screaming when there was a thump on the bonnet of the car, causing Flash to slam onto the breaks and causing the tires to screech against the pavement. The action jolted you forward, thankfully you stopped yourself by placing a hand on the dashboard to catch yourself. 
You turned your head to look at Flash to scold him but red-covered feet caught your attention instead. You already knew who it was. That person was Peter in his homemade sweatsuit, something you already knew from the video you saw when you and your dad went to his apartment to recruit him. You felt your heart flutter when you looked up at Peter to see him looking at you and Flash, putting everything together that he was taking you to homecoming. 
“Flash, I need your car and your phone,” Peter demanded in a gravelly voice to make himself intimidating since he didn’t have his suit anymore he had to do everything on his own. You felt your heart drop when Peter just wanted Flash’s car and his phone and didn’t want you, but you understood what happened at the ferry. But you still wanted to go with Peter and help. 
But when Peter looked over at you, you got your hopes up. “And your homecoming date.” You smiled a little and looked over at Flash to see him nervous, he was gripping the steering wheel tightly as he looked up at Peter. Probably thinking about what Pepper told him earlier about Spider-Man being somewhere. Flash stole a glance over at you before looking at Peter once again. 
“Uh, sir, technically this is my dad’s car, sit. So, I can’t…” Flash stuttered over his words as he looked up at Peter as he tried to give the teen boy his answer, Peter jumped off the bonnet of the car, clearly not listening to what Flash was trying to tell him, and opened the car door. Waiting for Flash to get out of the car. 
Flash looked at Peter, stuttering even more but when Peter didn’t budge was when Flash gave up. “O-okay. Just don’t scratch it or do anything to it or my dad will kill me.” Flash stuttered, stepping out of the driver’s side, and lets Peter take his place behind the wheel.  
It was easy for Peter already, the key was in the ignition and Peter just had to put the car into drive and press his foot on the gas. 
Simple, right?
While it was for a little bit. Peter backed up nicely and turned the wheel to go the opposite way of the high school, his hands shaking on the steering wheel. He was nervous being behind the wheel, the wheel being a lot harder to control than what people who can drive make it seem. 
You were about to praise Peter on his driving as he began driving away from the school until he hit a bike rake to the left of the car, causing the metal to scratch against it. You gritted your teeth and scrunched your shoulders at the sound and looked over at your shoulder to see Flash looking horrified as he watched Peter drive away, doing something he told Peter not to do. You sighed and turned around to look forward. 
This was going to be a long car ride. 
It was silent during the car ride, Peter weaving around the road, showing that he doesn’t know how to drive than how he easily backed up at the high school. You gripped onto the dashboard for your life as the wind blew through your hair. You looked over at Peter to see him turning the wheel to go into the different lanes on the road, causing the cars to honk at him to tell him to get out of the way. 
And along the way, Peter called Ned and placed him on speakerphone and in the cupholder so that you could hear him. Peter caught you up on everything about Liz’s dad being the bad guy and that he needs your help, to which you agreed to do so and listen to him as he told Ned to track his phone that he left in Liz’s dad’s car. 
And now the two of you are weaving between different lanes as Peter was waiting for Flash on the other end for instructions on how to turn on the headlights and more information on Liz’s dad and Happy. 
“Have you ever driven before, Pete? Like placing yourself in front of the steering wheel of a moving car?” You questioned with wide eyes at the close encounters that two of you had so far with cars you got close to.
“Only with May, I’ve never really driven before. Only with May in parking lots. This is a huge step up.” After Peter answered, the two of you were met with a car honking at the two of you, causing the two of you two to scream in fear as Peter swerved out of the way. 
“Peter, Y/N. Are you guys okay?” Ned questioned, concerned about what was going on with his two friends. You and Peter looked over at each other before you spoke up. “We’re okay Ned.” You assured, gripping onto the dashboard even tighter when Peter swerved to avoid another car. 
“Hey, have you gotten through to Happy yet?” Peter questioned Ned after you assured your friend that the two of you are okay. There’s shuffling on the other side and Ned’s voice speaking through all of it.
“Uh, yeah. I’m working on it. I just gotta backdoor the phone system.” And then the sound of typing was heard from the phone. As Peter was speeding down the road, you swear you felt the little strands of hair coming undone from what Pepper had done to your hair as the wind blew through your hair. And the silence between you and Peter was unbearing. 
You looked over at Peter and opened your mouth to ask him what was wrong since he’s been acting off ever since he saw you with Flash, and the tension between the two of you was really obvious when the main thing between the two of you was unspoken. 
But when you went to ask Peter what was wrong, he already began to ask Ned. “Hey, Ned, how we doing with those headlights?” Peter stole a look at you and your mouth dropped, you felt anger rise inside of you. A part of you has a feeling that Peter knew that you were going to say something to you. It was just a feeling that you had. 
“Round knob to the left of the steering wheel, turn clockwise,” Ned replied. “Left, okay,” Peter mutters to himself as he reaches for the knob and the headlights come on. “Okay, perfect. So, where’s my phone now?” Peter asked. You scoffed at Peter, making the teen boy look at you as he drove down the road. The way he was acting after your scoff, you knew he was annoyed. And if you could see his face, if it wasn’t covered up by his homemade mask, then you’ll see the look of an annoyance prevalent on his face. 
“What?” He asked, getting annoyed, glancing at you and the road repeatedly as he waited for your answer. “Oh, it’s nothing.” You answered sarcastically. You glanced down at the phone that was placed in the cupholder, you felt bad for what Ned was going to hear from you and Peter. An argument the two of you decided to have because of you, but whatever was going on with the two of you needed to be talked about. 
“No, what is it Y/N? You obviously have something to say?” Peter shouted over the cars and the honking so he could be heard. You turned in your seat to face Peter as he continued to drive, feeling the wind whistle through your ears. 
“Me?” You chuckled harshly. “ You’ve been acting like this ever since you took me from my homecoming date, who is-”
“Flash! Really!” Peter interrupted you, anger in his tone as he stole a glance at you before he swerved around another car, he turned roughly on the steering wheel to show his anger. “For your date to homecoming, you went with Flash! And you're mad at me!” Peter exclaimed, with jealousy clear in his voice as he tried to blame you for everything. You laughed sarcastically and looked at him. “You’re one to talk.” You said to him.
“Guys,” Ned said, trying to get the two of you to stop arguing, but the two of you didn’t listen. Instead, Ned was met with the two of you still bickering through the phone. Making Ned sigh tiredly. 
“Oh, really. Please elaborate.” Peter says angrily, pressing hard onto the gas pedal. 
“You got to go to homecoming with your dream date and you don’t see me complaining,” You began, moving your hands as you explained. “I’m happy that we went with her as a friend should be. But, I go with Flash, and all of a sudden you're upset. That’s what I would like to know” You exclaimed, your throat going raw from how loud you were speaking. It being a sign to tell you that you were probably going to lose your voice from this argument.  
“Why am I upset that you went with Flash? That’s what you would like to know?” Peter asked, glancing at me and the road. A little laugh leaving his lips through his mask, his grip tight on the steering wheel was even tight from the last time you checked. From how hard he was holding onto the wheel made you afraid that Peter might break it with his strength. 
“Yes!” You exclaimed. Wanting to know what exactly has your friend acting like this all of the sudden, because you’ve noticed him being a little mad a little when you’re around Flash but it wasn’t this bad. Because at the end of the day, you’ll always be with him and not with Flash in his car. 
“Because I like you! More than a friend! There! There’s your answer, happy!” Peter admitted to you, not looking at you. You gasped lightly at what he just admitted. He likes you how you like him. More than a friend, more relationship-wise. When he admitted this you felt your heart flutter, but the way he was acting after he admitted this was like he was nervous to admit that he had a crush on you. 
So, you reached over and placed a hand on his arm to get his attention. “Pete,” You said softly. Peter looked over at you, and even if you could see his face you knew that there was a red tint to his cheeks. “I like-” 
“Guys!” Ned exclaimed, interrupting you. His voice made you and Peter looked down at the phone that was resting in the cupholder. You understood why Ned raised his voice through the phone, he was trying to stop the fight between you and Peter. You and Peter looked up at each other before Peter answered him. 
“Yeah, Ned.” 
“He stopping in an old industrial park in Brooklyn,” Ned informed the two of you of Liz’s dad’s location. You and Peter looked at each other once again, you had your brows furrowed when Peter exclaimed. 
“What? That makes no sense. He said he was going out of town.” 
“Well, he could’ve been lying to his family and you when he didn’t know that you are Spider-Man.” You stated nonchalantly. 
“Yeah, I know that Y/N!” Peter exclaimed over the cars passing by, he wasn’t yelling at you he was just raising his voice so he could be heard. But you still raised your hands in surrender as you mumbled. “Just thought of telling it to you of the reason why he said that.” 
“Weird. Oh, I reached Mr. Happy. Don’t think he likes you, by the way,” Ned’s voice spoke up through the phone. You placed your hand over your mouth to stifle the laughter from leaving your lips when Ned said this. You knew for a fact that Happy did like Peter, he was just stressed out with moving and getting everything out of the tower for the move and didn’t have time for what Peter was trying to tell him. 
“It sounded like he was catching a flight. He said about something taking off in nine minutes.” Ned added, making you and Peter look towards each other in confusion. The last time you heard from your dad there was something about people being at the tower for something before the tower was up for sale. 
“What?” The two of you said in unison. 
“He was surrounded by boxes,” Ned added, and that was what caused you to have a light bulb go off in your head. 
“Boxes? It’s moving day! He’s gonna rob that plane. We gotta stop him!” You exclaimed, making Peter look at you with the white eyes of his mask widening in panic before he looked forward and pressed hard onto the gas, gaining speed so that the two of you could catch Liz’s dad. 
Your hand back to gripping the dashboard as the engine revved as Peter sped down the road. 
After experiencing near-death encounters as Peter sped down the road, Ned finally spoke up through the phone. 
“Okay, slow down. You’re getting close. It’s on your right.” Right when Ned said this, Peter was about to drive right past the turn Ned was talking about.
“What?” Peter questioned. 
“Turn right! Turn right!” You exclaimed, pointing in the direction where Peter needed to turn the car. Peter took one hand off the steering wheel and raised his right hand and shot a web as he continued to steer the car, making the tires screech against the pavement and for the car to hit the curb and then for it to fall to its side and skid against the concrete., making you and Peter scream for your lives. You felt Peter’s arm go against you to hold you still from going forward or getting hurt.  
But then the car hit a pole lightly, making the car go to a complete stop and then the car going back onto its four wheels. The only sound being yours and Peter’s heavy breathing to calm yourselves down, Peter’s arm was still across you to keep you from falling forward and getting hurt. 
“You okay?” Peter asked you softly. You turned around head to face Peter with warmth to your cheeks and the fluttering of your heart when you looked at him. “Yeah, I’m fine. Are you?” You answered, asking him at the end if he was okay. 
“Yeah, I’m fine too.” 
“Good.” You smiled. 
“Guys! Are you okay?” Ned’s voice boomed from the phone, his voice full of concern. You looked away from Peter as he answered your friend.
“Yeah,” Your eyes widened when you saw a car sitting a few feet away from the car that the two of you were in. You blindly waved your hand in the air to get Peter’s attention and accidentally hit him in the face, not too hard just a little. 
“Ow, what is it Y/N?” Peter asked, holding a hand up to where you hit him. You nodded your head behind you, telling him to look in the direction where you were nodding your head towards. Peter leans forwards to see where you were nodding to see a car sitting exactly where Ned said Liz’s dad stopped.  
“Just keep trying to get through to Happy,” Peter said quickly before the two of you got out of the damaged car and started heading towards the building where Liz’s dad was in, hearing Ned’s voice say before the two of you got too far away. 
“It’s been an honor, Spider-Man, and Violet.” 
Levitating down with Peter lowering down on a web, from the hatch that Peter opened from the roof of the building, you saw computer screens and stolen weapons and other things that were all over the building. The screens showing the aircraft that was going to have the boxes that were being loaded for moving and one screen with the tower on it. 
You squinted your eyes at the screen as you and Peter looked around the building in silence. Apart of you thinks that this is a bad idea to be here, the two of you don’t know what her dad has up his sleeve. For all of you may know, he might just trap the two of you down here so he can do what he already plans to do. 
Hell, he might not ever be here by now. He could’ve left, meaning you and Peter missed him. But when you and Peter turned around to see those familiar metal wings, that was a sign that he was here. You walked closer to the stairs, your flats lightly clinking against the metal flooring. 
“He’s got to be here somewhere,” You mumbled under your breath as you looked around the building. And as if it was the answer to your question, the sound of something moving down the hallway caught your attention. “Gotcha,” You mumbled before hurrying, quietly as you could, down the stairs. Hearing Peter lightly call out to you and for you to wait, but you didn’t. 
Peter sighed and swung down from the platform he was on to catch up with you. He didn’t want you to get caught and something to happen to you, not the way Liz’s dad told him in the car earlier. So when Peter caught up with you, Peter lightly grabbed your wrist as he walked beside you. Not wanting to be far away from you. 
He knows you can take care of yourself, but he didn’t want anything bad to happen to you. 
The two of you walked into a big empty, echoey, darkroom. It was abandoned with nothing in it, except for a table with a lamp on the side with tools scattered all over it and had the one guy you and Peter are after. He worked on something with the tools and placed them down, causing them to clatter together as he reached for a new different one. 
“Hey!” Peter exclaimed, making Liz’s dad drop the tool he had in his hand and turned around to face the two of you. “Surprised?” Peter asked sarcastically. Liz’s dad wiped at his hands nonchalantly as he greeted Peter and you like he wasn’t planning on doing something bad. 
“Oh, hey, Peter,” He then turned his attention to you. “Miss. Stark. It’s nice to meet you finally,” He greeted you. “ I didn’t hear you two come in.” He added as the two of you advanced onto him, Peter already let go of your wrist when Peter first got his attention. You had your hands to your sides, formed into a fist to get ready to use your powers just in case things escalated. 
“It’s over. We’ve got you.” Peter said sternly as the two of you got closer. 
“You know, I gotta tell you, Pete,” He began, reaching over to the table and grabbed his leather jacket to put on over his arms. “I really, really admire your grit. I see why Liz likes you,” He added and then pointed at you. “And why Y/N likes you. I do. When you first came to the house, I wasn’t sure. I thought, ‘Really’? But I get it now.” He continued, as he sat down on the edge of the table. Watching as you and Peter got closer to him. 
When he said that he understood why you liked Peter the way you did, you felt your heart flutter like always. But didn’t like it overtake your consciousness, you’d only let it for a few seconds before focusing on the reason why you and Peter are there. 
“How could you do this to her?” Peter questioned, stopping in his tracks and you did the same, just a few feet behind him. You placed your hands on your arms to keep yourself warm, cursing at yourself for wearing a dress with no sleeves. 
“To her?” Liz’s dad asked in confusion. “I’m not doing anything to her, Pete. I’m doing this for her.” You hummed as your answer, not believing him. Peter looked down at you to see what you had to say. You shook your head and said quietly enough for only Peter to hear. 
“I don’t believe him. He’s just trying to cause a distraction so that he gets away. I suggest webbing his hand on the table.” You stated, nodding your head towards the hand that was resting on the table that was close enough for Peter to shoot a web at. You stepped back from Peter and looked back at the man before you and Peter did the same.  
“Huh, yeah…” Peter said, still not convinced, and shot a web at the man’s hand, sticking it to the table he was leaning against and knocked over a bottle that was near his hand. Liz’s dad looked down at his webbed hand and back forward with a sigh, looking into the distance for a short second before looking back at you and Peter. 
“Peter,” He began and pointed a finger at the two of you. “You and your friend are young. You don’t understand how the world works.” He said. 
“Yeah, but we understand that selling weapons to criminals is wrong!” You exclaimed, sending a glare at the man. Liz’s dad looked at you with the look returned as he tried to think about what he was going to tell you. To try to convince you and Peter of what he was trying to tell the two of you.   
“How do you think your dad paid for that tower, Y/N? Or any of his little toys? Or,” He asked, pausing as he held a finger up with a smirk. You felt Peter’s hand wrap around your’s, he was trying to be there for you while Liz’s dad talked bad about your father. “When he had all of those doctors try to help you with your powers, huh? How’d you think he did that?” 
You clenched your teeth in anger as your fist did the same, but a purple linged force surrounded them. Your anger took over you as you glared at the man before you, and if Peter wasn’t there with you, you don’t know what you’d do. Because when Peter squeezed your hand to get his attention and you looked up at him, you felt all of your anger go away. Even if you couldn’t see his brown eyes or his face entirely, you calmed down. 
“Of course you don’t understand.” The man scoffed when you didn’t give him an answer and then turned his attention to Peter. 
“Those people, Pete, those people up there,” He began, making the two of you look at him as he pointed above him and then towards you as he continued. “People like Y/N the rich and the powerful, they do whatever they want.” He then gestures between him and Peter. “Guys like us, like you and me. They don’t care about us. We build their roads, and we fight all their wars and everything, but they don’t care about us. We have to pick up after them. We have to eat their table scraps. That’s how it is. I know you know what I’m talking about, Peter.” 
“No, she is nothing like them. She doesn’t do that. She’s not like them. She cares about other people,” Peter disagreed with him, looking straight at you. Not believing a single word that he was telling him about you. And then Peter added on another question that he wanted to be answered. “Why are you telling us this?” Peter asked him as he turned his attention back to him. 
“Because I want you to understand. And…” He trailed off and placed his hand that isn't webbed down on the table to pick something up as he continued.  “I needed a little time to get her airborne.” 
He then pulled out a device and there was a noise of something breaking through the wall, causing you and Peter to turn around to see the wings bursting through the walls and coming towards the two of you quickly. Peter jumped up as you levitated off the ground. The two of you managed to dodge every move that the wings made as they cut through the pillars that were holding up the ceiling above you. 
“I’m sorry, kids.” Liz’s dad apologized to the two of you after Peter pushed the wings into the wall from jumping and landing on it beforehand. Peter grabbed you by the shoulders and moved the two of you out of the way of the metal wings, you gripped onto Peter tightly when he spun around and slid on the ground after he got the two of you out of the way. After doing so, Peter let you go to let you stand up fully. 
“What are you talking about? That thing hasn’t even touched us yet.” Peter shouted at him as the wings were whistling by as they flew around the building.
“True. Then again… wasn’t really trying to.” The man said, shrugging. You looked around to see the wings cutting through even more of the pillars, Causing debris to fall from the action after the pillars began to fall. Liz’s dad was trying to collapse the ceiling over you and Peter so that the two of you could stop him. 
  “No, no, no, no.” You exclaimed, outstretching your hands to hold up the rumble that was coming down on you and Peter, but it was too late. The roof fell on top of the two of you, burying you underneath the rubble. 
Knocking you and Peter out. 
Peter groaned when he became conscious when he looked around to see everything dark with debris laying everywhere and he felt something heavy was on top of him. The events that happened before all of this happened came back to Peter, you and Peter were talking to Liz’s dad and trying to stop him. And the outcome of that was Liz’s dad’s wings knocking down the pillars and trapping you and Peter underneath the rubble. 
Peter tried to get up from underneath the rubble, but he couldn’t. He was only able to lift his chest off the ground, causing him to gasp for air. He was only able to move his head and arms and that was it. As Peter was trying to breathe, he quickly removed his mask to get more air to breathe, the mask wasn’t helping at all. 
“Oh, God.” Peter gasped and then looked to his right to see a familiar light purple corsage that is now destroyed, laying on a hand that belonged to you. And you were not moving or making a sound to tell him you were conscious, but he could hear your heartbeat. Telling him that you were alive. 
But it still caused him to panic. 
“Y/N!” He shouted, hoping that you’ll say something or mumble in return. You didn’t. Peter threw his mask down and placed his hand on some rubble and struggled to try to get the rubble off the both of you. “Y/N!” Peter repeated, looking over at you once again. Nothing came from you. Peter let out a choked sob when he tried to push the rubble off the two of you again. “Okay, ready?” Peter questioned himself before he pushed himself up once again, straining himself as he tried to get the rubble off. 
But the rubble didn’t budge, no matter how hard Peter struggled against the rubble it wasn’t going to move. Peter let out a sob when he couldn’t get the rubble off the two of you, as much as he tried with all of his strength. “Hello?” Peter called out, shouting as loud as he could. Hoping that his voice is loud enough that someone could hear him. “Hello!” Peter repeated himself with tears in his eyes as he choked on his sobs.
“Please. Hey. Hey, please. We’re down here. We’re down here. We’re stuck. I’m stuck. Help Y/N she’s not moving. I can’t move. I can’t-” Peter cried, reaching out and then letting it drop as he panted and laid his head down, letting the tears roll down his cheeks. He felt like a failure, he couldn’t get the two of you out of the rubble, he couldn’t save you. He just felt like a failure. He felt like he failed you. 
Peter then looked up at a puddle to see his reflection. Half of his face in his reflection was covered by his mask. Peter stared at his reflection in silence as he heard your dad’s words echoing in his head from what he was told when he got his suit taken away. 
“If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” 
Peter stared at his reflection for just a little bit before he took a couple of deep breaths before he started using his whole strength to get rid of the rubble. “Come on, Peter,” Peter muttered to himself as he began to push the rubble with his back. “Come on, Spider-Man. Come on, Spider-Man. Come on, Spider-Man,” Peter repeated himself as he continued to push himself up with all of his strength, small pieces of rubble falling as he did so. “Come on, Spider-Man!” Peter shouted one last time, grunting, screaming, and shouting as he was almost off the ground and was getting the rubble off. 
Once Peter got the rubble off the both of you and he was standing up fully, Peter immediately made his way to where you were laying. You had dirt covering your dress and your face and arms, along with cuts that were small and large. The small ones were little scraps on your shoulders and arms, nothing but a little cleaning could help. But the big ones were above your eyebrow and on the corner of your mouth where there was dry blood. 
Those were the ones that needed the most focus on. 
Peter got onto the ground and grabbed you gently, feeling guilty for what happened to you. You were limp in his arms as he held you close, apologizing to you quietly repeatedly and wishing that you’ll wake up soon with promises he’ll never let anything happen to you again. 
But when Peter was going to repeat himself again, he heard you cough and your eyes squinting as you tried to wake yourself up. You groaned when you wiped at your eyes with your hand, looking around where you were. “Wh-where am I?” You asked yourself as you continued to look around the destroyed building with rubble around you, but it was until you saw the brunette boy with big brown eyes who makes you smile, did everything come back. 
“Peter,” You said softly, you watched as a smile appeared on Peter’s face from the sound of your voice. “Y/N!” He exclaimed, he moved his arms from around to rest his hands on your face. You winced at the contact on his hands on the scratches on your face. 
“Sorry,” Peter apologized with a smile still on his face. You looked up at him and reached a hand up to cradle the side of his face as you leaned into his touch. “You’re hurt.” You said softly, noticing a little cut on his lip. Peter leaned into your touch as well and shook his head with a small chuckle. 
“You’re worried about a small cut while you’ve got it worse than me.” You laughed along with him but winced in pain a little after. The pain shot right from your ribs. Peter quickly moved one of his hands to where you were reaching towards and placed his hand there as he looked at you with concern. 
“You think you could make it?” Peter questioned. You nodded your head lightly as you tried to sit up with Peter’s help, wincing still from the pain that shot through your once again. “I can try, but I won’t be able to give my best.” You sighed, looking up at Peter. Peter looked at you sympathetically before looking up from where the roof collapsed to see Liz’s dad sitting on the edge of a billboard sign. 
Waiting for the jet to leave the Avengers Tower. 
“We… we should go after him before he gets the stuff on the jet,” Peter informed, looking down at you once again. You nodded your head in agreement and wrapped your arms around Peter’s neck as he stood up, frowning at the yelp you made. Peter apologized softly to you as he moved towards the puddle where his mask was. 
The two of you were in a hurry to get to Liz’s dad, so when Peter got his mask back over his face and looked up to see Liz’s dad’s wings opening, and began to fly off. Peter looked at you and hated what he was about to ask, but he wanted to know if you could or not. 
“You think you can levitate okay?” Peter asked, looking at you as your brows furrowed in confusion as you looked down at your hands. A petal falling from your destroyed corsage before you looked back up at Peter, wincing as you spoke. “I should be… I just don’t know how high I can get.” You informed him. Peter nodded and shot out a web and it attached to Liz’s dad and you began to levitate by his side, ignoring the pain that was yelling at you. 
  After some time, your powers began to grow weak. The purple force fading in and out, telling you that your powers are going to give out and who knows what’s going to happen after that. 
“Peter.” You whimpered, getting Peter’s attention at the tone of your voice. He looked over at you to see what was happening to you and the white eyes of his mask widened in fear. “Y/N,” Peter said and outstretched one hand that wasn't holding onto the web. You levitated as close and fast as you could before your powers gave out and reached out for it, Peter shot a web at your hand, just like in the elevator shaft in Washington. 
“I got you. I got you.” Peter reassured you as he pulled you up so he could grab your hand. Once you were close enough to Peter's hand, Peter gently grabbed yours and intertwined our fingers. Making sparks ignite in your belly at the contact. You then looked over to see the plane disappear, camouflaging into the night sky    “What the…?” Peter started to ask, looking down at you for an answer. 
“The plane cloaks itself so it wouldn’t be noticed.” You informed him, shouting so that Peter could hear you and so that you could hear yourself. Peter nodded his head after he heard what you said as the two of you continued to go after the winged man before the two of you.
The man taking the two of you high in the sky and above the clouds. 
After Liz’s dad chased after the jet, the winged man went under the plane and latched onto it. This action caused Peter to lose his grip on the web and almost the grip on your hand when he went to stick one of his hands to the plane. 
“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Peter exclaimed, his tight grip on your hand so he wouldn’t lose you. The two of you watched as Liz’s dad folded up his wings when he focused on one part of the plane. Peter tried shooting a web quickly for it to stick on something, but the wind blew it away. As Peter struggled to get to the wings, an idea popped in your head as well as a sudden powerful urge in your body. 
Like your powers were gaining their strength back, despite the pain you’re in. And to test out what you were feeling was true or not, you needed Peter to let you go. 
“Peter, let me go!” You shouted over the wind. Peter looked behind him to look at you, the white eyes of his mask widened in shock and fear as he shook his head vigorously. “No, Y/N! I can’t lose you! No!” He demanded, tightening his grip on your hand when you tried to slip yours out of his grip. 
“Trust me! We can both get to those wings and stop Liz’s dad! I’ll be okay!” You exclaimed back. Behind Peter’s mask, Peter felt his eyes burn with tears at your words and your hand slipping from his slowly. “Trust me.” You repeated softly. Peter sighed shakily before nodding his head slowly and then stated. 
“Okay, but after we get to those wings and something bad happens you’re right by my side, okay?” 
“Okay.” You nodded. 
Peter sighed once again before letting go of your hand, not liking the feeling of your hand leaving his. His eyes closed as he did so, he didn’t want to see you fall. But when Peter expected you to scream as you fell, telling him to go after you, he was met with silence, making Peter open his eyes and he was in complete shock and awe. 
You were levitating before him with your eyes glowing violet that matched the force around your hands as you smirked at him. You were okay for someone who has a bruised rib. 
“Told you I’d be okay, Spidey.” You smirked before levitating to the other wing to help him. 
“I never doubted you, Y/N.” He shouted to you. The only response he got from you was a hum. While you were working on prying off the other wing, Peter was on top of the wings to see if he could get it off from there. But then a little drone pulled off of it and flew off. 
“What was that?” You questioned Peter. 
“I don’t know,” Peter answered. 
The two of you continued trying to pry off the wings of the belly of the plane, Peter then moved to the edge of the wings and started kicking. The wings moved a little, making Peter kick even harder at them, wind whistling through the cracks of where the wings moved. 
Suddenly, the wings moved from underneath Peter’s feet and flew off. The action caused Peter to gasp and to hold on to a handle on the bottom of the plane. Peter looked to his left to see you pointed to the side of the plane, telling him where to meet you. Peter nodded his head and you did the same and levitated to where you were going to go, Peter crawling there. 
Once Peter got to the side of the plane, Peter saw you holding onto the wheel off the door on the side of the plane with a tight grip. This made Peter hurry up to catch up to you, he knows you can catch yourself but he wanted to be right there to catch you just in case you weren’t able to yourself. 
“Just a typical homecoming,” Peter began as he crawled on the door, making you look at him as your hair blew around your face. His voice was muffled from the wind blowing around you, but you still could somewhat understand what he was saying. “On the outside of an invisible jet- ah,” 
“Peter!” You gasped when Peter was cut off by turbulence that the jet hit, jolting Peter in his spot and almost made him fall off until he reached his other arm out to stick to the jet sill. You sighed in relief and were thankful for him getting bit by that spider and having the ability to stick to things. 
“Fighting my date’s dad with the girl I like.” 
You smiled softly at Peter with a tug at your heart when he admitted that he liked you once again. You wished you told him you liked him as well in the car, but it seemed like that wasn’t a great idea and this doesn’t either. And right now doesn’t seem like a great idea either. 
When the two of you were looking at each other, you saw the white eyes of his homemade mask widened in panic after he took a glimpse of what was behind you. And before you could even ask what it was, Peter screamed. 
“Duck!” You did what you were told and moved down, and you're thankful that you did. Because when you did so, the sound of wings and the sound of scraping against the jet made your heart stop. And when you looked to the side to see if Peter was still there to see that he wasn’t, but he was webbed to Liz’s dad’s foot as he flew up in the air made your heart stop even more. 
“Peter!” You screamed, fearing for your crush’s life. You watched as Peter shot a web at the web, grip tight on both webs he was holding on to. However, this didn’t stop Liz’s dad. The winged man used all of this strength to tug his foot out of Peter’s web to get away from him, and this caused the web on the jet to break. Causing Peter to head towards the turbine of the jet along with Liz’s dad, you felt fear overcome you and began levitating to him. 
“Oh no!” Peter shouted in fear as he and Liz’s dad headed even closer to the turbines, making Peter shot webs towards the turbines to stop him and Liz’s dad wouldn’t go through. 
Unfortunately, one of  Liz’s dad’s wings got caught in the turbine in the engine and caused the engine to blow out when he flew away. When Liz’s dad was out of sight, you levitated over to where Peter was, saying his name softly. 
You looked where Peter was to see the teen boy safe and sound when he looked up at you. “Whew, I can’t believe that worked.” You let out a breathy laugh and Peter joined. Thinking that nothing bad could happen. But there were sudden sparks from the engine behind him that made your eyes widened in panic. “Peter!” You screamed when he did as the engine was pulled out from behind, but was still stuck together because of the web.
You levitated to where the engine fell out to help Peter. Peter was gripping the metal to stay on and not to fall off. You reach your out hand for him to take and he does, his grip tight as he kicks the engine off his foot that was trapped underneath some webbing. After the engine falls down in the sky, you levitate Peter to the side of the jet for him to crawl on top. 
Once the two of you are on the top of the jet, the two of you see Liz’s dad charging towards the two of you. The tips of his wings digging into the top of the jet, sparks spiking up as he dug his wings in the metal of the jet to get to the two of you. Each time he went forward the two of you went back, but when the two of you backed up, the wind knocked the two of you back. 
Sending the two of you back towards the end of the jet, thankfully Peter webbed the top of the jet and grabbed your hand as the jet began to nose dive. Ahead of you, Liz’s dad was sawing at the top of the jet to get inside. To get whatever he wanted inside of it. And behind him was the city, the exact city the jet was heading towards. 
“Shit!” You exclaimed and looked up at Peter. The white eyes of his mask widened in panic when he saw where the jet was heading. Still holding your hand, Peter turned around on the jet and shot a web at the wing, and then stood up with you. You just held onto the fabric of his hoodie as he used both hands to pull at the wing as the jet flew through the city. 
You placed your head against Peter’s shoulder, feeling his warmth through his hoodie, and closed your eyes when the jet began to tilt as it began to fall faster. “Please turn! Please turn!” Peter begged as the jet continued its path over the city. You looked over your shoulder to see the jet was heading towards Coney Island. 
“Peter!” You exclaimed to get the boy’s attention, Peter turned his head to the side to look at you to ask you what you wanted to tell him. But when he went to do that his web snapped, causing him to fall back along with you. Thankfully, Peter grabbed onto a wing of the jet with a strong grip on your hand. Not letting you go. 
“Hold on tight, Y/N! Don’t let go!” Peter exclaimed to you as the jet began falling at a fast pace towards Coney Island. All you could do was just nod your head at what Peter told you, your heart beating fast as the jet got closer to the land below. What was going to happen when the jet crashes had a lot of things going through your head as the jet was accelerating in speed. 
The jet hit a tower near the island, knocking it over in response to the contact. And then the jet crashed onto the beach and skidded across the sand. You and Peter screamed as he let go of the wing, causing the two of you to tumble in the sand. 
And the two of you were separated when your hands were forced apart as you tumbled away from each other. 
You groaned when you felt a sharp pain on the side of your head as you blinked your eyes a few times as you looked up at the night sky. You felt the sand in between your fingers when you gripped the sand underneath you. You turned your head to your right and left to see the boy in the red and blue sweatsuit wasn’t by your side as you hoped. 
The two of you got separated from the crash and panic began to rise inside of you as your thoughts kept coming up with different things about what happened to the brunette boy with brown eyes. You shook your head as you mentally told yourself that he was going to be okay and nothing bad happened to him. That Peter is okay. 
“Peter!” You exclaimed as you sat up in the sand, your eyes widening when you noticed the flames scattered along the sand. Making Coney Island glow along with the rides and ferris wheel and the destroyed jet that sat before you that carried things that your dad wanted over at the new compound. “Dad is going to be so pissed.” You mumbled to yourself, wincing at the sting at the bottom of your lip. 
You placed an arm around your chest and right over the place where you were hurt as you stood up fully in the sand to look for Peter. “Peter!” You exclaimed again as you limped down the beach, using your other arm to cover your nose and mouth from the smoke from the fire after you coughed the first time. 
“Y/N,” You heard faintly as you continued to limp on the path you were on. You squinted your eyes through the smoke to see a faint figure before you. “Peter.” You muttered under your breath as you got closer, and as you were walking the figure started going towards you. “Y/N!” The voice repeated. 
“Peter!” You exclaimed, your eyes widened as you limped fast towards him. When you were just a few inches away from him, you noticed Peter had his mask off and had his face scrunched up as if he was in pain. Peter opened his mouth to say something to you, but he didn’t get the chance to because you immediately wrapped your arms around him in a tight hug with your eyes closed. Happy that he was alive. 
Peter was startled a little before he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you close as he closed his eyes. “You okay?” You questioned him, he felt your breath hit his neck that caused a tug at his heart. “I think so, I have this ringing sound in my ears.” He answered, burrowing his face into your neck. Unfortunately, his new home in the crook of your neck didn’t last long because he felt you pull away from him. Peter opened his eyes to meet yours filled with concern as they looked over at him, you then reached up and placed your hands on his face, still looking into his brown eyes. 
Peter swallowed thickly as he reached up and wrapped his hands around your wrist. “You okay?” Peter asked softly. You smiled up at him as you smoothed your thumb along Peter’s cheekbone, making Peter sigh. “I’m fine, I think.” You answered him, smoothing your thumb over his cheekbone before dropping your hands to your side, despite how much the two of you didn’t want that to happen.
“My dad is going to be so pissed when I tell him everything that happened when he asks me how homecoming was.” You joked with a giggle as you looked at the destroyed jet before you. Peter quickly looked over his shoulder to see the destroyed jet before looking back over at you, he was going to reassure you that everything is going to be okay. 
But right when Peter was going to tell you this, Liz’s dad charged towards the two of you. Knocking the both of you down, making you both groan in pain. The sound of crashing and an engine caught your attention in front of you and Peter as the two of you got up. 
Liz’s dad pushed away things that were on top of him before he turned his attention to you and Peter. “Hey, Pedro,” He greeted Peter sarcastically and then looked at you. “Hey, Violet.” You and Peter looked at him with your mouths open as he began to fly, his wings sparking blue before he charged towards you and Peter again. Making you and Peter duck to avoid his attack. Peter then tried to shoot a web at him and missed, making it your turn to try to stop Liz’s dad. 
You outstretched your hands and tried to use your telekinesis to keep him from moving, but it didn’t work. Liz’s dad took it as a sign to go after you and Peter again. As he did this, Peter quickly pushed you out of the way so you wouldn’t get hurt from whatever the man was going to do. So, you were laying on the land and watched as Liz’s dad kicked Peter down with his mechanical feet and then latched onto your crush's chest with mechanical claws, making Peter scream in pain at the contact. 
“Peter!” You cried out as you watched the man repeatedly start punching Peter over and over again before lifting Peter off the ground and into the sky. That’s when you stood up and outstretched your hands to use your telekinesis once again, screaming as you focused on getting Peter out of the mechanical claw's grasp. You violently moved your arms to the side, making Liz’s dad lose his grasp on Peter’s chest, freeing Peter and making him fall towards the sand. 
You tried to hold him in the air, despite the pain that was throbbing in your head, as Peter shot a web at Liz’s dad. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, you started to become weak and that left Liz’s dad free to do whatever he wanted after he punched Peter, making the teen boy fall onto the sand. 
Liz’s dad then picked Peter back up with his mechanical claws and started slamming him repeatedly onto the sand before letting him go after hearing you cry out for him to stop. Peter rolled onto his back to catch his breath and turned his head to look at you. You looked like you were about to faint just like at the ferry, you looked up at Liz’s dad as you tried to be strong before he knocked you down. You were too weak to fight him off, so when you watched Liz’s dad fly up and then grabbed at your chest, digging where you had a hurt rib, you screamed in pain. 
The scream that Peter never wanted to hear from you again. Peter blinked his eyes a couple of times to get rid of the tears that were threatening to fall. Peter watched Liz’s dad fly over to him and used the tip of his wing to pick Peter up. You and him made eye contact and you mouthed something to Peter that he couldn’t understand, but the way you mouthed it to him meant that it was something you wanted to tell him. 
As Liz’s dad raised his fist to punch Peter once again, he tilted his head to see something that piqued his interest than you and Peter. He removed his helmet and dropped you and Peter onto the sand. He flew above you and Peter as he went to a case. You squeezed your eyes closed for a moment from the pain that was throbbing in your chest, but when you opened your eyes you noticed that Liz’s dad’s wings were beginning to malfunction as he started to pick up the case. 
The weight of it making it worse. 
“Your wingsuit.” You gasped, trying to make your voice loud enough for him to hear, but winced at the action. Peter quickly glanced over at you before looking back at Liz’s dad and shouted. “Your wingsuit’s going to explode!” Liz’s dad started getting higher and higher with the case, sparks shooting out from the weight. 
Peter winced when he lifted his right hand and shot a web at the case to stop him from going anywhere. Peter immediately got up from the ground and began to pull at the web and you joined in, feeling some of your strength coming back and outstretched your hands to try to stop him. This made him look over his shoulder to look over at the two of you with a grin. 
“Time to go home, kids.” 
“We’re trying to save you!” You and Peter exclaimed in unison. Liz’s dad seemed not to like that since he used one of his wings to cut the web, sending Peter backward. He then tugged against the force you had around him, causing you to gasp in pain and to fall onto the sand in pain. Peter was immediately at your side, placing a hand on your arm, and said your name softly. 
“I’m fine…” You began, gasping for air as you trailed off. “Just… give me… a few minutes.” You breathed as you looked down at the sand. Peter looked up to see Liz’s dad still flying upwards, so Peter went to shoot another web towards him only to find out that he ran out of web fluid. 
But then the wings started making a humming noise and Peter pulled you close to him when the suit exploded, trying to protect you and himself from anything from the explosion. 
When the two of you looked up, your eyes widened at the fire and that Liz’s dad was in that fire. Yes, he was the bad guy, but he was still a citizen and had a family that needed him. 
“No. No!” Peter shouted as he got up and looked down at you. You looked at him weakly as you sat there. “Go. Save him. I’ll be okay.” You pointed at the fire where Liz’s dad was behind. Peter began backing up and asked. “You sure?” You just nodded your head weakly before looking down to catch your breath. 
“Okay,” Peter muttered underneath his breath before running into the flames. He was covering his face from the flames as he ran through them. Coughing as he did so. Once he laid eyes on Liz’s dad underneath the metal wings, Peter immediately rushed over and went to lift one of the wings but yanked his hand back with a yelp from how hot the metal was. 
He tried again, but this time by going for the edge of the metal that was in the sand and was unaffected from the heat. Peter pushed the metal wing away to see Liz’s dad and immediately picked him up and carried him through the flames. 
Once he was out of the flames, Peter looked up to see you standing there with a smile. You were covered in ash, dirt, and blood. Peter smiled tiredly at you before he sat Liz’s dad down and fell on his back and started to cough and you rushed over. “You okay?” You questioned. Peter just nodded his head before he stood up beside you, reaching out for your hands and intertwining your fingers, making both of your hearts flutter. You began to swing them lightly as the two of you stared at Liz’s dad. 
Wondering what to do with him. 
Eventually, the two of you figured out what to do with him. The two of you gathered all of the cargo together from the jet and Peter webbed Liz’s dad to them and left a note behind to let whoever showed up that the man was caught. After that, you and Peter went on a ride called “The Cyclone.” Peter held onto you with one arm as he used the other to climb up the ride, he didn’t want you pushing yourself any further. 
Once the two of you reached the top of the ride, Peter rested against a pole on the ride and you're rested against his chest, making your cheeks heat up and you’re pretty Peter’s did as well, especially when Peter wrapped an arm around your waist as the two of you looked at the beach as the two of you waited for the authorities to show up. 
Over time, the authorities did show up to the beach in vehicles. Checking out the cargo and seeing Liz’s dad. You leaned your head back against his shoulder to look up at Peter. Peter had a smile on his lips from the sight before him. “We did it!” You softly exclaimed, making Peter look down at you with the same smile. His eyes looking down at your lips before meeting your eyes once again, his cheeks with a red tint to them. 
“Yeah, we did.” He muttered and leaned forward, his heart beating fast when he saw you lean closer to him. Peter swallowed thickly, he wanted to kiss you so bad. He did, but he wanted it to be the right time. The right time where the two of you weren’t just fighting one of your classmate's dad a while ago. 
So, instead of going for your lips, Peter went to the top of your head and pressed a light kiss with his eyes closed. He smiled against your head when he felt you lean up to press a kiss to his heated cheek, feeling a smile on your lips as you did so. After that, it was silent for a bit until you spoke up with something that was on your mind. 
“By the way, this is probably way better than being at homecoming, I bet. God, I don’t want to think about what Flash had in store.” You giggled. Peter joined in, his arm tightening around your waist as he rested his head on top of yours. 
The laughter from the two of you making both of your nights a little bit better after a night of fighting and catching the bad guy. 
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spidernerdsblog · 10 hours ago
📄 Peter Parker smut when he walks in on the reader trying on lingerie in front of the mirror and she’s a little insecure about it but he loves it and he fits behind her and tells/shows her how much he loves every piece of it and her... so yeah big praise kink and mirror sex
hope you like this...
Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings : 18+, SMUT, mature content, praise kink, mirror sex, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)
Tumblr media
This semester of college had been really hectic for both you and Peter. You barely managed to see each other as most of the time you had your face buried inside books preparing for the tests and completing hoards of assignments assigned to you by your professors, added to that Peter had his own duties as Spiderman. So when the semester ended you were finally able to let out a sigh of relief. Peter and you planned on a movie night to finally relax and catch up with each other. 
It felt like ages that you properly got to spend some time with your boyfriend so you thought of making tomorrow night special which meant you were going to wear something nice and sexy for him. Moreover you hadn’t seen each other for three weeks due to exam preparation so obviously things are going to get heated sooner or later.
You searched through your closet and pulled out your best lingerie sets and began to try them out one by one in front of the full length mirror in your room but nothing seemed to please you either you didn’t like the fit or the way you looked in it. This whole semester was so grueling that you had very little time to spare for yourself as you noticed your tired looking face, baggy eyes and not so fit body.
While you were busy scrutinizing yourself, Peter swung down to your apartment and sat on your windowsill taking off his mask. He slid up the glass of your window and sneaked inside your room. And as soon as he turns around standing upright on his feet he his met with the sight of you standing with your back at him in front of the mirror in a hot pink lingerie set. The bra and panties had intricate lace detailing and the material so sheer that leaves little to anyone’s imagination. Peter felt his suit grow tighter around his crotch as his eyes raked in your reflection in the mirror.
“Woah..” Peter gasps, startling you.
“What the hell Peter?!” you hissed your hands instinctively coming up to your chest to cover yourself “you were supposed to be coming tomorrow not today!”
“I’m sorry babe but I couldn’t wait a second longer to see you so just came” he says fiddling with the mask in his hand “but now I think I made the right choice or I would have missed this” he adds with a grin.
“Huh, well I’m sorry but there’s nothing extraordinary to look in here” you scoff rolling your eyes.
“What?” Peter knits his brows in a frown “darling you look damn sexy in that trust me” he says walking closer to you.
“Stop lying Peter I know this doesn’t looks nice on me. Just see all the cellulite around my thighs and arms” you say with disappointment.
“Hey stop thinking all that nonsense, you look great” he cradles your face with his spandex covered hands “you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever met and I’ll do anything to make you feel the same” he says trying to boost your confidence. He pulls your hands away from your chest and groans at how your nipples had pebbled against the sheer material of your lacy bra. He turns you around slowly to face the mirror again.
“Look at you so pretty” he says standing behind you gently brushing your hair aside and places a kiss on the sensitive spot behind your ear making you shudder “and all for me” he adds with a husky tone. You could only hum as he pulls you closer to him and your breath hitches when you feel his clothed erection pressed against your ass.
“See what you do to me?” he whispers against the shell of your ear. He presses the spider button on his suit as the suit loosens and falls off his body. Your back now pressed against his smooth sturdy chest, the warmth radiating from his body engulfing you in an intoxicating way.
Heat rose inside your body as he palms your breasts with his broad hands feeling the delicate material of your bra. His thumbs brushes against your nipples through the material eliciting a moan out of you. His lips curl up to a smirk as one of his hands travels down to toy with the hem of your panties. You feel arousal pool in between your legs making you whine in need.
“Always so responsive” he kisses your cheek while rubbing your clit through the thin material as it grows damper with your arousal. You squirm under his hold when he pushes your panties aside and dips two fingers inside your aching core.
“All this for me baby?” he croons observing the slick coating his fingers. You nod bashfully and he pulls your face closer to his by grabbing your jaw to capture your lips hungrily. His fingers continue to languidly pump in and out of you as you whine against his mouth.
“What is it darling?” he mumbles against your lips.
“Peter I need you please” you let out a desperate whimper as he suddenly pulls out his fingers and brings them to his mouth, sucking them clean. You look at him in confusion as he gets rid of his boxers and goes to sit on the edge of your bed spreading his thighs apart, his lap seemed so inviting to you.
“Come closer angel” he tells you as you went and stood in front of him. His hand trails up your back to unclip the bra as you slide the straps of your arms and throw it away. Then he places a kiss on your belly hooking his fingers on the sides of your panties and pushes them down as they pool near your ankles. You stepped out of them and out of instinct went to straddle him but he stopped you.
“Ah ah not like this, turn around” he instructed and you finally understood what he was trying to do as he made you face the mirror. He motioned you to sit down and you obliged sitting down on his lap.
“Want you to see how gorgeous you look when you ride my dick” he says, trailing kisses down your shoulder causing you to shiver under his touch. You lift yourself up as he lines himself to your entrance. 
“Fuck..” you breathe out slowly sinking down his length until you were full of him. Your eyes threatened to close shut at how big he felt inside you, stretching your walls deliciously.
“Keep your eyes on the mirror darling” he murmurs into your ears as you start to slowly grind your hips, eyes fixed on the mirror in front of you. His hands moved up to cup your breasts, squeezing them gently. You bite your lip rolling your hips around him picking up the pace.
“Fuck just like that baby” he groans “look at you taking my cock so well, my beautiful angel” he praises watching you move up and down him. Looking at the mirror you had to admit that this whole idea of his making you watch yourself fuck on him was so arousing and hot at the same time had you clenching around him unknowingly. 
You watched with droopy eyes, your bodies flushed against each other covered with a sheen layer of sweat glistening in the soft yellow light of the room. Your eyes trailed down to where your bodies were connected. An involuntary moan escaped from you as you saw him disappear into your dripping core at every thrust. You slowed down getting lost in the moment and Peter took the opportunity to grab your hips holding you steady as he begins to thrust himself roughly up you making you cry out in pleasure.
“Peter..” you trailed away watching your tits bounce at his each and every powerful thrusts. You moan when he drives deeper hitting your spot as your body tenses feeling the burn inside your stomach. 
“Peter I need to cum” you say breathlessly.
“I know baby can feel you squeezing me real tight” he grunts, his hand reaching down to rub your clit as your eyes flutter shut in pleasure, profanities coming out of your mouth.
“Keep your eyes open Y/N I want you to watch how pretty you look when you cum for me” he orders as he continues to thrust inside you with an unfaltering pace. You tried hard to keep your eyes open feeling the pressure build inside your stomach. Peter could feel you were close as your legs trembled and your walls clamped around him like a vice. He sucked and nibbled on your earlobe rubbing your clit in fast circles as your body convulsed your orgasm washing over like a tidal wave. He followed moments later as you felt his warm release coating your walls.
You fell back on his chest heaving and completely exhausted as Peter wrapped his arms around you and held you closer pressing soft kisses on your shoulder. You stayed like that catching your breath as you catch a glimpse of your reflections glowing in the post orgasmic haze.
“You know whenever you feel you aren’t pretty just call me I’ll be happy to show how pretty you are” he says cheekily pinching your hips lightly. 
“Haha very funny” you elbow him giggling and then went to press your lips to his softly.
Tumblr media
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sunnymuffins45 · 13 hours ago
Hi bella!! I just finished watching the episode in Grey's Anatomy where Derek dies and am a sobbing mess 😩. I know your pretty busy w all of the requests for personalized fics you have gotten, but If you have time to a short blurb about tomhollandxreader, where y/n is crying really hard and Tom hears her and asks her whats going on, then y/n tells him Derek died and hes likewhoss derek?! 😆 Thankyou Isaaa, Love you bubs!!!
Pairing: Tomhollandxreader
A/n: This is just a tiny little 2 am fic for yall. But I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS REQUEST. I remember when Derek died, I almost dehydrated :) This goes out to all greys anatomy fans out there.
WC:443 :)
Warnings: Y/n heavily crying, slight angst, mentions of death, worried Tom. ⚠️GREYS ANATOMY SPOILERS⚠️
Tom raised an eyebrow at the sounds he was hearing, whimpers and heavy sobs. He decided to ignore it, one, being too lazy to stand up from his comfy position on the couch, and 2, he figured you were watching a movie, and a character was crying. You did tend to watch movies with a high volume. Tom continued watching the golf match from the TV in the living room while petting Tessa. The noises toned down, but after a while, they started again. Tom reached for the remote control and lowered the volume to make sure he wasn't making stuff up. He heard the sobs turn into heavy cries and immediately recognizes them. Tom jumped from the couch and ran to your shared bedroom, worried something wrong had happened.
The door was opened, which explained why Tom was able to hear your cries. He stood there with a worried look.
¨My Love, what's wrong?¨ He asked taking in the scene upfront.
His girlfriend, sitting up, resting her back and head against the headboard. Mascara all over her cheeks. Her lashes were sticking together due to the tears, and her hair all around her face. He turned his face to look at the Tv. The show ¨Grey's Anatomy¨ on Netflix and paused.
¨Baby, what's wrong?¨ He asked you again, climbing next to you on the bed.
¨Derek died¨ you continued to cry, choking on your saliva.
¨Derek died?!¨ He exclaimed, thinking it was a real person.
¨Wait, who´s Derek again?¨ Your boyfriend asked with a confused face.
¨The sexy doctor from Grey's Anatomy Tom¨ You reminded him and he rolled his eyes while he pulled you into a hug.
¨Why are you crying though¨ Tom asked stroking his hair with his hand.
¨Because! He promised Meredith he was coming back, Meredith is pregnant, and they have two other kids Tom, Two!. Plus he saved other people from dying, and then he died¨ You started to cry into your boyfriend's chest again.
¨Well am I here, ama cuddle you and give you kisses, and you stop crying over this doctor dude, ok? he's not even real¨ He kissed your head.
¨Okey Tommy, I love you¨ You sobbed one last time, then, lifted your head up and kissed him. You returned to your cuddling position and pressed play.
¨ He isn't sexy y/n, I am sexy. Very sexy¨
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callmeniyahoran · 15 hours ago
Let me know if you want to be tagged in all peter parker post please!!
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calumsnatchedmyheart · 15 hours ago
heyy, how are you today?? i would like to request a tom holland x reader where the reader is younger than him (like she's 19 or 18) and she feel really insecure about this and tom comfort her and is all fluffy
My day has been okay, I got sunburnt on my shoulders.
A/n: I am in no way encouraging bigger age gap relationships but it's not my business what you do soooooo. also both of these ages are legal and capable of giving consent so... please dont hate me. Also stay safe, dont date weird older men, that's shit hust isnt fun.
Not age specific but noted that reader is younger!
It wasnt that you hated your age, it wad just that it was something that you were made to feel ashamed of and as you sat on your couch mindlessly scrolling through your phone waiting for Tom and another article about you being a money chasing child passed your eyes you lost something in you. Clicking in the icon for the article it opened, explaining how you were a whole 6 years younger than Tom and how you would be nothing without him and you couldn't control it, you just started to cry. Messy tears ran down your cheeks as sobs raked through your body, mind racing as to if these people were right. Did they make a valid point when they mention you were going into middle school when he could drink. Did these thing actually have an impact on the health of your relation ship.
"Love?" You heard the familiar accented tone reach your ears as your front door swung open to reveal Tom. He stepped over the threshold, eyes immediately finding your shaking form on the couch, brows furrowing in confusion as he made his way quickly to you.
"Darling, what's wrong?" He got to his knees in front of you
"I'm too young for you" you mumble, your face still buried in your hands.
"What? Why do you say that?" He was confused, he knew the age gap was something but it wasnt massive.
"Because it's what everyone else says, I'm too young and dont know what I'm doing and you've bad more life experience and deserve to be with someone more mature and who experienced the same cultural things as you" you rush out, only managing a ragged breath in the middle of all the words.
"You think we aren't gonna work out cause we didnt watch the same telly as kids?" He joked, his comment made you laugh, a smile spreading on your cheeks causing his eyes to crinkle with his own grin. You smacked his chest lightly as your smile fell.
"But what about maturity and me being a gold digger and that stuff" you mumbled, eyes downcast once again.
"If I thought you were either of those things I wouldnt have dated you" he assured as he cupped your cheek.
"Yes really, now give me a kiss hello" he demanded and you happily obliged.
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callmeniyahoran · 20 hours ago
sight for sore eyes || peter b. parker ||
[master list for this series]
Tumblr media
summary:: “I watch your eyes as she walks by…” you pause, tears forming as you remember the way peter looked at her- the way you wanted him to look at you, “what a sight for sore eyes…” || when the realization hits you about peter, it’s too late. but sometimes late is just the right timing… sometimes.
warnings:: friends>enemies>lovers, mature themes/smut, cursing, slight violence, lots of angst, fluff, clueless peter
parings:: peter parker x fem!reader
[a/n]:: this is just the masters list for my p.p series [sight for sore eyes!]
[00; jealously]-“I watch your eyes as she walks by…” you pause, tears forming as you remember the way peter looked at her- the way you wanted him to look at you, “what a sight for sore eyes…” || when the realization hits you about peter, it’s too late. but sometimes late is just the right timing… sometimes.
[01; goosebumps]-“who gives you goosebumps [y/n]? || late night shows and movies with Peter were a normal thing; but Peter’s question was unexpected…
[03; fatality] - “oh my g- dude.. it’s Liz.” || playing games with Peter again at his house, he gets a text that distracts him a little to much. || ‘[Y/N] WINS. FATALITY.’ The loud voice on the game announced. “Haha- i won Parker.. for the 5th time in a row…”
[04; what’s this?]
[05; unexpectedly expected]
[06; it’s the way it is]
Let me know if you want to be tagged and if you have request for anything you want me to write!!
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callmeniyahoran · 20 hours ago
sight for sore eyes || peter b. parker ||
[part 01; goosebumps]
Tumblr media
summary:: “who gives your goosebumps [y/n]? || late night shows and movies with Peter were a normal thing; but Peter’s question was unexpected…
word count:: 1.1k
warnings:: angst, cursing, fluff, little smut??
[a/n]:: I hope you guys like this part!! I’ll be making a master list for this series!! Enjoyyy <3
“Leave me alone!”
You had left Peter’s house two days ago but he still lingered in your mind. Sitting on your bed, your slick black guitar sat in your lap as you scanned over cords on your laptop. There was no point though. Your mind kept wandering to the thought of Peter.
You thought about his cheeks looked as if they started to blush once he saw that Liv was coming with the original group to Florida for the trip to Universal. A small smirk played on his lips that seem to be tattooed in your mind.
Peter Parker was your best friend. You couldn’t even fathom being with him.. so why were you jealous? You had to admit he was good looking and any girl would be much to have him. But that secret little attraction towards him was small enough to be shoved in the deepest, darkest part of your mind.
Day by day— ever since that Liz thing happened, it grew bigger. You were never a jealous type of person but something about picturing Liz and Peter together didn’t sit right with you.
Pushing all thoughts over peter away— or at least trying too— you went back to plucking the strings on your guitar.
Minutes passed and you had finally been able to focus, until you got a text.
Peter: wattup girl. You wanna come over and watch some late night shoes with me???
Great, you thought as you read the text. You wanted to go to his house of course. It was a Friday night in July, only three days till you left for Universal. You really wanted to spend this time with alone with Peter before you are surround with everyone else.
Y/n: sure thing. Be over in 10 my guy.
Hesitant at first, you agreed and jumped off your bed. You grabbed you keys with some shoes and your glasses off of your night stand. You always wore blue light glasses when at Peter’s cause you knew you would be staring at a screen most of the time there.
Yelling to your mom that you had finished packing like she asked and was off to Peter’s for the night. She didn’t mind you going and hugged you while telling you to be safe.
Driving to his apartment you got a notification. You waited till you got into the parking lot to answer. Once you were their you glanced at your phone, seeing that Liz bad been added to the group chat with you, Peter, Ned, and Mj.
Anger rose as you saw that Peter was the one to add her. You looked at the apartment in front of you, “the hell parker,” you mumbled as you grabbed your things and began to walk inside.
“Jeez man, 12:57 AM already?”
“I guess so,” you said at Peter looked at the time. You head was on his lap as his feet was kicked up on the coffee table in front of him. You legs were on the couch.
The two of you had been watching movies ever since you arrived. You turned your head just enough for your eyes to be able to see Peter. Realization hit as you remembered what position you were in. Your face went red.
If anyone saw the two of you like this that would think the you were a couple. Which you wouldn’t mind cause if you could be with Peter, you would. You would hug him and kiss him in public for everyone to see—
You had to remind yourself that this was your best friend. Again.
Goosebumps started to play on the television screen and you noticed the brown eyed boy smile at the screen. He loved this show.
You sat up from his lap and went to grab the two of you sodas from the fridge. You couldn’t help yourself but ask—
“Why’d you add Liz Pete?” You shocked your self with the question, but Peter was used to your boldness.
“She’s coming with us anyway so why wouldn’t I?” He said nonchalantly.
But Flash is coming too? Why wouldn’t he— whatever. 
Handing him his drink you slumped down beside him, starting to watch the show on the TV.
“Has anyone ever gave you goosebumps, [y/n]?”
You chocked on your soda as you put it down, turning to look at a laughing Peter next to you. Your heart started to beat at an uncontrollable pace. Due to Peter’s enhanced hearing, he herd it loud and clear.
You whipped you lips with the back of your hand as you cleared your throat.
“What did you say Parker?”
“Your herd me [l/n].”
“Well uh-,” you. You give me goosebumps Peter. 
You wanted to tell me so bad but you just couldn’t. You didn’t know if the feeling was just from jealousy or if they were real.
“Yea. Scary things.”
“That’s not what I meant idiot! Never mind. Your such a loner,” Peter said as he nudged your shoulder.
You didn’t even want to ask if anyone gave Peter goosebumps. You already knew the answer.
And it damn sure wasn’t you. It’s not like I wanted it to be… but you did. You really really wished it was you.
It was not 3:17 AM and you decided it was best to go to bed. You got up to go change in Peter’s bathroom. Putting on a bare of very tight spandex you had found laying in your room this morning and a hoodie, you slipped into Peter’s room, closing the bathroom door behind you.
“Holly shit— where the fuck did you get those?”
You jumped at Peter’s raspy voice coming from the bed behind you. Confused, you raised and eyebrow as to what he was talking about.
“The- the uh.. the shorts your wearing.”
Looking down you noticed how tight they were around your thighs and your ass. They look good on you but very revealing. Much to Peter’s dismay. You walked over to the bed and got under your blankets, giving him and small shrug as a short answer. “Just found them in my room on the floor.”
Taking off the glasses your wore to his house you closed your eyes as you got comfortable. You felt Peter’s body shift on the bed. He was moving closer to you. Your heart started to pound against your chest as you felt his arm sling around your waist. His hand started to move lower towards your upper thigh.
What is with this guy and being all touchy in his sleep? Was he sleeping?
You didn’t even want to know. You would never admit it but you started to enjoy his skin on yours. Even if it was platonic.
A soft snore came from behind you. He was asleep.
The hand on your thigh squeezed lightly. Peter moved his hand onto you hip as he moved his hips closer to your ass. Your breath hitched in your throat as he pressed harder and harder onto you.
Then your herd it. A small giggle that turned into a chuckles. With his eyes still closed, Peter ran his finger on your skin, running over the goosebumps he had caused.
Damn it [y/n].
This was just his little game he wanted to play to get and answer to his unanswered question. Almost twenty minutes passed and you knew Peter was asleep now. His gripped loosened and his snores were real this time. You turned to face him as you ran your hand up his arm and on to his shoulder. You smiled to yourself knowing what you were doing. You fingers made there way to his cheek. His face twitched under your soft touch. You giggled.
“Goosebumps.” You said with a smirk. Peter let out a mumble,
“Damn it Peter.”
Sorry for the short chapter but the next ones are very long!! Let me know if you want to be tagged in the next parts :)) love you!! (If you couldn’t be tagged i messaged you to let you know that a new part is out !!)
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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Tumblr media
“Okay. I’m done for the day.” Peter shut his laptop and climbed onto the bed beside you. “I can write about spiral galaxies another day.”
As he laid next to you, you stared up at the glow in the dark star stickers on his ceiling.
“Why are spiral galaxies called spiral galaxies?” You asked as you turned your head to look at him.
“Well, because of their structure.” Peter began. “They have a center and then ongoing star formations make up the galactic discs that branch out. That’s why they look like a spiral.”
“Wow. What other kinds of galaxies are there?” You asked as you cuddled into his chest.
“There’s lots.” He told you as he wrapped his arm around you. “Theres elliptical, irregular, dwarf, andromeda, Triangulum. Just to name a few.”
“What’s your favorite?” You smiled up at him as you rested your head over his heartbeat.
“I like the whirlpool galaxy.” He said. “It’s a spiral galaxy that’s interacting with an elliptical galaxy, so it’s more colorful and has more stars. It’s really pretty.”
“I like that one too.” You said as you returned your attention to his ceiling.
“Have you seen one?” He chuckled as he looked over at you.
“No.” You admitted. “But I like the way you described it.”
Peter blushed again and pulled you closer to he could kiss your forehead. His intelligence was something he was often made fun of for, so it was nice to have it appreciated by you. A comfortable silence settled in the room as the two of you laid on your backs. Raindrops began to hit the window in a slow patter, catching Peters attention.
“It’s raining.” He mumbled as he lazily rubbed your arm with his thumb.
“What causes rain?” You asked him as you watched the rainfall out his window.
“Clouds are made of water.” He said softly. “And the water inside the clouds collides and expands. When the water gets too heavy for the cloud to hold, it rains.”
“Wow. I never knew that. What’s a rain cloud called?” You continued to pick his brain.
“A cumulonimbus.” He answered.
“A what?”
“A cumulonimbus.”
“I think you’re making that up.” You teased him.
“I’m not.” He laughed. “It comes from the latin word for rain, which is nimbus. Rain can sleep fall from a nimbostratus cloud.”
“No, I think you are.” You continued. “I think the scientific term is rain cloud.”
“It’s not.” He chuckled. “What’s with all the questions anyway?”
“I just like hearing you talk.” You shrugged. “Especially about all the smart people things you know. Your brain is like a sponge.”
“Aw.” He blushed deeply. “You’re sweet. I don’t know everything though.”
“I think you do.” You mumbled before leaning in for a long kiss. Peters eyes fluttered shut as kissed you back, finding it hard to fight back a smile from how happy you’d made him.
“You’re so smart and hot.” You sighed when you pulled away. “How do I get to date you?”
“Shut up.” He chuckled as he looked away.
“I’m serious.” You insisted. “I’m so lucky that you’re mine. Beautiful and brilliant? I’m in love.”
“You don’t think it’s annoying?” He asked quietly. “Like I’m a know it all or something?”
“No. It think it’s crazy attractive.” You said, making him blush. “What’s a rain cloud called again?”
“A cumulonimbus.” He said as he stared at you fondly. You let out a laugh and climbed on top of him. Peter giggled beneath you as began to press kisses all over his face.
“Yeah, yeah. We get it.” You teased between kisses. “You’re smart. No need to rub it in.”
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blindingdutchy · 22 hours ago
share | t.holland
Tumblr media
{pornstar!tom x pornstar!reader}
summary: you don't like to share, but Tom's going to show you what happens to stingy girls on the playground.
word count: 10,663
warnings: i consider this a part two to switch. smut, little bit of angst, fluffy ending. language. explicit warnings under divide.
18+!!! minors stay away!
warnings: mean dom!tom, slight dom!fem oc, voyeurism, mff threesome, degradation, oral (m+f receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it up folks), orgasm denial, touch denial, slight bondage (hands tied only), jealous reader + arrogant tom, some daddy + sir kink
There was a familiar ache in your core as you made your way into work that day. It was a sensation that shouldn't have embarrassed you anymore considering it was in your line of work to take a beating of the sexual sort, but your blood bubbled with fluttery shame anyways because you knew it was definitely not from any job you'd done. The handprints that lingered on your skin were Tom's, as was the throbbing between your legs.
Your coworkers had grown accustomed to the funny way you'd been walking; after all, it had been months of you turning up to the studio just like this. Aching all over, exhausted, and all flustered smiles as every little jolt of pain in your body reminded you of him. Tom really knew how to keep a woman coming back for more, to say the least.
Despite the tender way you were forced to move around, you were excited to get into work that day. You'd been working on a new project behind the scenes for almost a month already, and today you were finally meeting with your favorite director and photographer to start the ball rolling. This was what you'd been fantasizing about doing ever since you'd been brought into the agency--straying away from your dominatrix persona and onto a more personal, enjoyable path.
Priscilla was already waiting for you in the conference room, bursting with energy as she always was and chatting the ears off of Archie. The two of them were sliding a few of your scribbled mock-ups around, along with more than a few stills of your naked body, and nestled so deeply into a conversation that they didn't notice the click of the door as it shut behind you. Even clearing your throat couldn't break their concentration.
"Starting without me?" you questioned, loudly, and finally caught the glimmering eyes of Priscilla.
Priscilla was practically buzzing with excitement as she grinned at you, clapping her hands once before waving you over, "(Y/N), perfect timing! So, Archie and I were thinking about your ideas for doing a cam-girl style video--"
She chattered on and on, only pausing every so often to take a heaving breathe before continuing. The more she said, the more you realized just how much work the two of them had done without you--Priscilla was already pitching set designs and potential scenarios for each video, and Archie was doing his best to help you visualize the filmography he had in mind. It was pretty hard to keep up, but you had to admit seeing their passion for the project only spurred your own to burn a little brighter.
The project was something you'd been dreaming of for awhile. A solo series of videos in the iconic style of a cam-girl; just you, your camera, and whatever you felt like putting out there for the world to see. For so long you'd been afraid to even pitch the idea out of fear of being denied funding, and rightfully so.
You'd had to fight tooth and nail to gain the backing of the agency. It had been a month of pitching idea after idea, crunching numbers and screening all the statistics of solo work so that you could propose a target profit for the company. In the end, you'd gotten the green light--but there was a lot riding on this first video.
If you failed to meet the target you'd set for yourself, the agency would pull the plug on the project and you'd be right back to the leather outfits and whining men. The thought of it urged you to outperform all the standards you'd set for yourself. You were peddle to the metal, full throttle ahead, and Priscilla and Archie's sounding board of ideas were exactly the encouragement you needed.
Archie fiddled with some settings on his camera, instructing you on a few head shots until he was satisfied. "That's it!" he cheered, "You like it? Obviously we'll work on better lighting for the videos, and there'll be editing--but I think this suits you."
Peering over his shoulder, your heart soared at the work of your favorite camera man. "Oh, Archie! That's perfect... If you'd just shown me that I'd definitely think it was the real deal." you gasped, and he grinned at you cheerfully. "How about a lunch break before we get back to work?"
The two of them muttered some hushed agreements, nodding absentmindedly as Priscilla looked over the photos and they returned to the scatter of papers and film on the table. "Yeah, yeah, you go ahead, honey." Priscilla cooed, waving a hand over her shoulder carelessly before tilting her head and squinting her eyes at one of your drawings. "Oh, what do you think about--no, that won't do... but maybe?"
With a hushed chuckle, you shook your head at the two of them and backed out of the room quietly. It almost seemed as if they were more excited than you were, but your stomach was rumbling and you needed something to eat before you started chewing on paper like a goat. Only, along the way toward the exit you paused outside one of the studios at the sound of Tom's voice.
Peeking inside, you smiled at the sight of his mop of curls bobbing--the smile faded to a grimace as you realized he was in no position to talk at the moment. You trailed a little further into the room and shot a tentative smile to one of the crew members who nodded to you, no longer surprised by your presence. Many times before you'd sat in on Tom's filming days, as he had done yours, but never before had you seen him at work with his most frequent costar.
Her name was Melaina, a startlingly attractive woman with what you were fairly certain was the world's most perfect face, and she was the star of most of Tom's work. You had nothing against her, having run into her quite a few times at work and never being anything short of pleased with her sweet and charismatic aura, but man was it hard not to feel inferior as you watched the two of them in action. It was as if they knew what the other would do before they even moved, connected on some spiritual level that boosted their chemistry to an astronomical level.
Tom's body was glistening with sweat and oil, his eyes dark and hooded with lust as he towered over her. The muscles in his back, chest, and arms all rippled with every move he made and caught the light just right, and you found yourself shifting on your feet subconsciously as you watched. Your hands twitched with the desire to push that one stubborn curl out of his face as it slid across his forehead, heavy and sodden with sweat.
Melaina gave a breathy moan that had you swallowing down a lump in your throat, her hands raking down Tom's chest only for him to swat them away and pin them to the bed above her head, "No touching!" he snapped, voice booming through the cavernous room, and you nearly groaned in sync with his counterpart. Too many times he'd growled those words to you, just like that, and the heat between your legs throbbed at the memory.
"Please, daddy," Melaina wailed, "I wanna cum!"
For a moment you rolled the name around your tongue, pursing your lips as you pondered what it would feel like to call Tom such a thing. It didn't feel right though; a sour taste compared to the deliciously sweet way sir rolled from your lips. His low, devilish chuckle brought you back to the present as you focused on the scene before you.
With a long, drawn out roll of his hips, Tom leaned down to Melaina's ear and spoke, "Bad girls don't get to come, darling."
Oh, fuck.
Hearing that name, that one little word, spill forth from his lips in reference to someone other than yourself ignited a certain flame within you that you hadn't felt in quite some time. It was green; everything tinged green in your vision like the sickening tone of the clouds before a treacherous storm. Jealousy wasn't something you wore often, but hearing that was enough to sit the crown of envy heavily upon your head.
Almost as if he could sense it, sense your turmoil, Tom's head tilted back until he looked you heavily in the eye. Your jaw tensed as he continued to push his hips harder through Melaina's cries and pleas, fingers clenching into fists as you tried to get yourself under control. It didn't mean anything.
You and Tom were nothing but friends with benefits, heavy on the benefits and light on the friendship, and this was his job. Hell, it was your job too! It didn't mean a damn thing.
His eyes never strayed from yours as that familiar pinch formed between his brows, his entire body growing rigid. He was brutal with the force of his hips, his hands groping roughly at Melaina's perfect ass and his lips parting in a silent 'o' that grew wider and wider until--there it was. His eyes locked on yours, Tom thrust twice more as a gritted laugh burst from his chest and he stilled completely. She mewled beneath him like a vixen, arching off the bed and crying, "Yes, daddy! Cum for me!"
He knew. His haughty smirk, ticked jaw, and glinting eyes told you well enough that he knew exactly what you were feeling, all the bitter and envious thoughts swirling through your mind. He knew, and he was thoroughly enjoying the way you were rooted in place under the weight of all your jealousy, your eyes locked with his and unable to break free.
The sound of the clapper snapping and the director's loud shout startled you out of the strange limbo of envy and hunger you'd been trapped in. Tom muttered something to Melaina with a flirtatious grin that made your gut twist, and she laughed loudly whilst slapping a hand across his chest playfully. Suddenly, you weren't so hungry anymore, nor were you entirely interested in speaking to Tom.
You were out of focus for the rest of your day at work, earning disgruntled and concerned stares from your two colleagues who were working tirelessly to perfect all of your plans before the test shoot the following day. All of your thoughts were consumed with Tom, though, and it left you feeling nauseous. Never before had you cared much at all that he was with other women, knowing it was just a day's work for him, but seeing him with Melaina had truly rubbed you raw in the worst way.
The ache between your legs didn't make your heart flutter for the moment. Instead, each time you moved wrong and felt that persistent twinge, it made bile creep up your throat and your face burn with a mixture of bitter emotions. It wasn't that you were suddenly craving more from Tom--because you weren't, and as much as you enjoyed his company you weren't interested in a relationship.
Inferiority was a hell of a bitter pill. That was the root of the green eyed monster that was steadily taking control of you; Melaina made you feel inferior, and you hated it more than anything. Clearly he found her to be a better costar than you, considering he'd not once requested you even after starring in your own special. That was the first strike.
But, was she a better lay than you? Did she feel better, make him feel better than you? Did she talk dirtier, obey faster, and mold herself into whatever he wanted better than you? What if you weren't the only one he invited into his own bed at night?
By the time you left work the sun was setting, hours had passed, and you were exhausted from your racing mind. Usually Tom would have come to find you after he finished filming, but he hadn't and that bothered you. You knew it was probably all a game to him, a way for him to get you all riled up and tease you for it, but you weren't playing. You didn't want to play his games today, and when he finally texted you that night you left all of his messages on read with an acrid taste in your mouth.
Tumblr media
"Ready for the big day?"
A peculiar sense of deja vu washed over you as you opened your dressing room door to reveal Tom perched on the other vanity seat, a tiny smile twitching at his lips and a twinkle in his eye. You really should have expected him to be there considering he'd been eagerly talking about watching you film for days, but after ignoring him you were more than surprised to see him waiting patiently for you to arrive. The door shut with a dull click, and Tom watched you closely.
Whatever he was playing at, you weren't going to bite--today was a big day for you, and nothing was going to distract you from your work. "What are you doing here?" you asked, huffing as your voice cracked and robbed you of your attempt to play it cool.
He just chuckled, a hoarse and airy sound, and licked his lips, "You think I'd miss the chance to see my girl touch herself for hours?"
His girl?
The words swirled around your brain the entire time you got ready, Marlena eyeing you curiously as you twiddled your thumbs quietly and payed no mind to either of the two people in your presence. What the hell did he mean by that? Why did your heart go on the fritz at those two silly words?
"Are you mad at me, lovie?" Eyes flickering over to Tom, you grew hot under his speculative gaze. Head tilted to one side, brown eyes narrowed slightly, and lips puckered in a tiny pout that made you swoon, he asked, "Have I done something to upset you?"
In the mirror you could see Marlena fighting back a smile, looking between the two of you with quivering lips as she held herself back from interrupting the moment. "No," you muttered, dropping your eyes back to your fiddling fingers, "I'm just nervous."
You didn't have to look to know that Tom was smirking, the sound of his soft laughter cluing you into the fact well enough. There was that deja vu again, your mind traveling back to that first time he'd sat in your dressing room and asked if he made you nervous. Teasingly, he asked, "Am I making you nervous, darling?"
Rolling your eyes, you huffed, "No."
Tom's eyes were all over you the moment you stepped onto the set and dropped your robe into an assistant's waiting arms. Clad in a skimpy lace negligee with nothing underneath, it was understandable that he'd be quite enraptured--never before had you worn something so dainty for your work, nor had you ever worn anything quite like the transparent scrap during any of your visits to his apartment. Even you yourself were quite enthralled by the look of it, having admired your reflection in the mirror for ages before finally joining the crew to start working.
As you soaked up the warm, tingling sensation of his ravenous eyes trailing over every inch of your body, you slowly relaxed into his presence. All the thoughts of Melaina drifted away, and you were biting back pleased smiles each and every time you acknowledged his gaze. It felt nice; it felt like it had every time he'd watched you film before, only better because now you were finally fully enjoying your project.
He hung back beside Priscilla in front of the big screen which displayed all the different camera angles whilst you ambled your way around the set. It wasn't complete, but it was enough for you all to get an idea of what the final design should be. A queen sized bed with dark, silk sheets in the center of a warmly lit stage, piled high with pillows of all sizes--already you were imagining towering bed posts with chiffon curtains framing the beautiful space.
There was one camera posted at the foot of the bed which was to be the main view point for the video. Climbing aboard you shifted until your bottom was posted over the scribbled X and leaned back onto your elbows, your knees propped up and spread wide. "How's this look?" you called out, craning your neck to see Priscilla, Archie, and Tom.
"Slide up a bit," Archie bellowed back, "a bit more--that's it! Oh, fuck, that looks amazing."
Having slid up the mattress half a foot, your head fell onto the bed of pillows that were finally within reach. From your new vantage point you could admire Tom, and the sight of him was enough to already have your thighs dampening. It seemed as if he were unsure as to where to look, his eyes flickering back and forth from the blown up, pixelated version of you to the real deal hastily.
The angle was awkward, and no matter how hard you stared he never made eye contact. It was then that you realized he couldn't see your face, at least not the real one, and a certain thrill sparked within you. Trailing your fingers over your stomach slowly, you reached for the frilled edge of the fabric and bit back a giggle as he tensed all over.
Licking your lips in time with Tom, you shouted, "Should we get started, then?"
Within seconds the clapper was dropped, and Priscilla boomed, "Test one, rolling!"
It was strange having to force yourself to look into the camera, rather than avoiding it so as not to ruin the flow of a scene. But, after a few moments of running your hands over your body and trying to get into the right mindset, your mind drifted away from the crowded room and into your own personal bubble. In there, that secret place you escaped to, it was just yourself and Tom.
Your body heated as you pictured him in place of the camera. In your vision he was bare and glistening, just for you; sitting on his heels with his knees spread apart and his hands ghosting over his length languidly. So many nights you'd laid before him like this, aching and begging for his hands to take the place of your own.
"Show me what those fingers can do, darling." he cooed, voice silky and sweeter than honey. It was a stark contrast to the dark, all-consuming pull of his brown eyes that lusted for you greedily.
Breathing a little harder, you tugged the stretchy lace further down your chest until your breasts were exposed to the chilled air. Tom's eyes glimmered, his tongue swiping over his lower lip, and you desperately wished it were his lips wrapping around one of your pebbled buds instead of your clammy fingers. Your eyes fluttered shut for a second as you imagined it; reminiscing on the sensation of his hot, silky tongue swirling around your nipples and tugging them delightfully into his mouth.
It was incredibly hard not to cry out for him as you descended further into the scenario you'd created for yourself. Nevertheless, you swallowed down all the whimpers of his name that bubbled to your lips eagerly, instead whining soft noises that even turned yourself on. "Love those pretty sounds, (Y/N)." he always hummed down your ear, scorching breathe fanning all across your neck.
The facade didn't fade as you opened your eyes again with heavy lids that begged to fall shut again. You tugged hard at one of your rosebuds in sync with Tom's harsh pull over his cock, and your back arched as you gave a loud cry. He moved his hand faster and clenched his eyes shut for a second as he groaned, "Enough teasing, lovie, show me that perfect pussy. Wanna see you cum all over your fingers f'me."
You couldn't have agreed more. Your heat was hot and dripping, your thighs slipping across the sheets a little more easily as you pooled your juices onto the mattress longingly. Tracing your fingers over the swell of your chest and down your stomach, you peeled your flimsy gown back until it was all bunched up beneath your breasts.
Tom watched with baited breathe, held perfectly in sync with your own burning chest, as you teased your fingers all around where you ached to be touched the most. Just as you finally dipped the tip of your middle finger into the slick, a shuffle and quiet laugh shattered the vision of Tom. You huffed in frustration the buzzing in your veins dulled and your hand fell limp over your bare middle.
"Cut!" Priscilla shouted, and even she sounded frustrated as you sat up and ripped your negligee back down, "That was really good, (Y/N)! Wanna have a look?"
You did, but you could barely hear the words coming from Priscilla's mouth as you took in the scene before you. There was Tom, hands cupped over his crotch like they always were when he watched you film, but this time he wasn't watching you. Instead, he was entirely focused on Melaina who stood beside him with one dainty hand stroking his arm, the other twirling the skirt of her sundress lazily.
Your blood boiled to life once more, but no longer was it out of desire for Tom. Pursing your lips, you called back to Priscilla, "No, let's just keep going." He was still engrossed in his hushed conversation with her, and you added pettily, "Might I remind some of you to be quiet on set!"
Melaina's stifled giggle turned the green hue in your eyes red, but you took a deep breathe and resisted the urge to roll your eyes. It didn't mean anything, it didn't mean anything, it didn't mean anything. The mantra echoed through your head as you did your best to keep your ridiculous envy at bay; Tom wasn't yours, nor were you his, and you had nothing to be jealous of.
You did, however, roll your eyes at the sight of Tom's devious smirk. It only widened at the action, and in spite of your wish to pretend he didn't affect you, your thigh clenched subconsciously. "Sorry, darling, we'll be quiet." he hummed, greedily soaking up the distasteful purse of your lips with his eyes.
It was harder to get back into the groove once the cameras started rolling again. Tom's image wavered in place of the camera, your mind clouded with all the conflicting emotions you were feeling, and no matter how hard you tried you just couldn't get back into that bubble. You pushed through, though, and picked up where you'd left off.
"Look at you," Tom simpered as your fingers dipped into your slick once again, your jaw slackening as you toyed one finger through your entrance, "absolutely dripping for me. Does it get you off to see me with another woman?"
What the hell was that? His words were like a record scratch in your mind, your fingers recoiling from your throbbing core in shock. Trying again, you changed your direction and drifted your fingers to your clit with a soft sigh. Closing your eyes to shut out his smirking face again, you rolled the soft pads over your bud and felt your lips part in a hushed moan.
How easy it would have been to keep them closed and push yourself over that edge with nothing but the sensation to edge you forward, but you knew that wouldn't make for a satisfying watch. So, begrudgingly, you opened your eyes again to the scene you'd created for yourself. Tom was sitting on the bed now, his legs spread wide before him to leave space for you between, and his length was laid against his thigh lazily. The tip was weeping and blazing red, a thick drop of pearly precum making your lips tingle with desire.
His hands wrapped around the footboard of the bed, gripping the solid wood so tightly his knuckles turned white and his arms rippled with unbridled strength. All that muscle, the sinewy, languid curl of hard muscle beneath soft flesh pulled taught in restraint; it was enough to have you drooling. Your fingers slipped easily from your swollen clit to your slit, and you dipped the tip of your middle finger inside with a choked cry.
Tom moaned back at you, his cock twitching as he flexed his stomach, eyes glued to the tight clench of your cunt around your fingers. "Fuck, lovie, do your fingers feel as good as mine?" he asked, "Does that pussy feel as good as hers?"
What the fuck?
Melaina's giggle echoed through the set, piercing the thickened air and startling you nearly as much as the wild turn your imagination had taken. Growling angrily, you slapped your hands onto the mattress beside you and pouted, "Are you fucking kidding me?"
"Sorry, I'm so sorry!" Melaina squeaked, sounding so genuinely apologetic it only irritated you further, "Stop it, Tom, you made me laugh."
Sitting up once more, propped up on your hands, you scowled fiercely at the sight of Tom's arm draped over her shoulders and his head dipped low to whisper in her ear. His eyes were trained on you, though, and you knew damn well that coy smirk that teased at his lips was meant for you alone. Melaina gripped the hand over her shoulder tightly as she stifled another laugh, eyes twinkling to match the beaming smile on her face.
Backing his lips away from Melaina's hair, Tom faced you dead on as his head cocked to the side playfully. Narrowing your eyes, you scoffed as he winked at you. That bastard! You flopped back onto the bed with a growl, wanting nothing more than to kick him off the set, but you refrained. You knew it would only cement what he'd already figured out within his head; it would prove that you were without a doubt, one hundred and ten percent jealous.
"How about we take five, everyone!"
You practically threw yourself off of the bed, snatching your robe from the timid assistant with a huff before stomping off the set entirely. What was he playing at? It was one thing for Tom to toy with you, but to purposefully throw you off when you were working? That was low.
Alone in the small room, you dropped your head onto your vanity with a loud groan of annoyance. So many new emotions were swirling around you, plaguing your mind and twisting your gut up into knots so tight you actually felt ill. You couldn't even begin to unravel the twisted mess to pick apart all the different things you were feeling.
There was a quiet knock on the door, and you didn't have to look to know who it was. "G'way!" you grumbled, hissing angrily when the door opened anyways, "I said--"
Tom crashed his lips to yours, choking your words and the muffled squeal of surprise that escaped you. Pushing his weight onto you and pinning you to the chair, he bit down on your lower lip until you whined pitifully, pulling away to look you heavily in the eye, "You ignored me last night."
"So? I wasn't feeling it." you retorted, the almost lie making your stomach flutter. "Is that why you're trying to ruin my test shoot? Another bullshit punishment?"
He gaped at you for a moment, his lips parting in surprise as he blinked down at you wordlessly. But, just as you were settling into the triumph of finally rendering him speechless, he sputtered a sinister chuckle and smirked. Clicking his tongue reproachfully, he tutted, "Are you jealous, darling? Is that what this little tantrum is about? Are you jealous of Melaina?"
The words of your imaginary Tom echoed in your ears, the thin flesh and cartilage heating up in embarrassment as you scoffed, "No, why the hell would you think that?"
Smirk widening, he leaned close to nuzzle his face into your ear as he hummed, "Mm, I think you're lying, lovie. I think you were jealous watching me fuck her yesterday, and today you're so bothered you can't even perform. Envy is a hell of a thing, wouldn't you say?"
His lips sucked on the tender skin of your earlobe, drawing the faintest of whimpers from your lips, and he released it with a dramatic suckle of a wet, sloppy kiss. He whispered tauntingly, "Did it make you jealous to see me cum for somebody else? To see me fuck Melaina instead of you?"
"N-no-- oh, fuck."
Tom's fingers dragged heavily through your folds, a gush of your juices immediately flooding into his open palm in response. His thumb rolled over your clit faintly, teasing the rapidly swelling bundle as he chuckled right into your ear, "Don't lie to me, darling."
That stupid name that he'd called her made you steel your resolve, stubbornly repeating, "'M not jealous, Tom. You can fuck whoever you want."
His fingers plunged into you to the knuckle, earning a loud gasp as your hands flew to his arms and clutched him tightly. "Yeah? 'S that so?" he asked, nipping the hot skin of your neck until you whined desperately, "Think I'd like a taste then, love."
This was certainly turning out far better than you'd expected. With a racing heart and a quivering breathe, you gasped, "Please, Tom." Tom's eyes narrowed at you, his expression hardening as he pinched your hip in warning. "Please, I want you to have a taste, sir."
He grinned, patting your cheek in a playful slap as he cooed, "There's my good girl. Spread your legs, darling."
Obediently, you eagerly spread your legs until your thighs were digging into the sides of your chair and shaking as you fought to keep them splayed so wide. The lace of your negligee was pulled taught and curled up over your hips at the movement, exposing all of you to Tom's greedy eyes. He licked his lips as he gazed down at his fingers still buried inside you as deep as they would go, flexing the two digits and closing his eyes as you cursed and clenched around them.
You crooned as he pulled them out and thrust them back in slowly, curling until the tips dragged over your spot lazily. "Please, sir, want your tongue, too." you pleaded, digging your thighs further into the seat as you rutted down onto his once again motionless fingers.
His eyes snapped open and he quirked his one ruffled brow playfully, "Yeah? You want my fingers and my tongue?" Tom dug the pad of his thumb into your clit deeply, pressing your button down and making your entire body spasm from the harsh stimulation, "I don't know if you deserve both, lovie. You're lucky you're even getting my fingers."
Whining, you threw your head back childishly and ground your hips into his fingers indignantly. He kept them steady, only slightly brushing your g-spot through your forced motion, and his free hand clamped down on your thigh in a bruising grip. "Please!" you begged, "Please, sir, I'll be so good!"
Your pleas molded into a shout as his lips closed suddenly around your clit, his thumb sliding aside to spread your folds open for him as he sucked at your sensitive nub harshly. Tom's fingers pulled out slowly before slamming back into you, his fist effectively punching your core and making you ache, but you moaned and begged for more. Each forceful blow pushed his fingers right into your spot, the tips curling to drag against your upper wall with every motion.
In mere moments you were seeing stars. Your stomach was tightening beyond measure, that coil winding so tight you feared you might break when it finally snapped, but you met each thrust of his hand with a jerk of your hips eagerly. His tongue flicked against your clit in rapid kitten licks, sparking your body to spasm violently each time. "I'm so close, sir!" you gasped, digging your nails into the armrest of your seat as your back arched in pleasure, "I'm gonna--"
With one last long, hard suck on your bundle, Tom pulled away from you completely. His fingers ripped away from your dripping slit and slid in between his glistening lips, that tongue swirling dramatically around the digits as he sat back on his heels much like he had in your imagination. Gaping, you huffed, "What the hell, Tom?"
He grinned devilishly, "Admit you were jealous, and I'll let you cum."
Sputtering, you spat out, "I told you I wasn't jealous."
"Mm, but I know you're lying, darling," he teased, eyes glinting playfully, "and I want to hear you admit it. You wanna cum all over my fingers and my tongue?"
You nodded hesitantly, swallowing the lump in your throat as you whispered, "Yes, sir."
He leaned in close, his nose brushing against yours and his lips ghosting over your own as he whispered, "Admit you were jealous."
Closing your eyes, you took a deep breathe. You felt hot all over with embarrassment, your skin burning and your blood boiling beneath, but fuck, you really wanted that sweet release that only he could give you. So, with trembling lips, you whispered, "I was jealous."
Eyes still closed, you jumped as his fingers brushed over your clit in a feather light touch. He pressed a slow, soft kiss to your lips that had you chasing him for more when he backed away and asked, "Are you still jealous?" One finger toyed with your slit, drawing a harsh line up and down your entrance as you resisted the urge to push further into his hand.
He chuckled, and your eyes snapped open as he backed away from you, his hand disappearing from your core. His eyes were dark in a ruthless stare as he stated, "You need to learn to share, love. Stingy girls don't get to cum." And, just like that, he retreated from the room leaving you staring after him in utter shock.
Tumblr media
You weren't sure what you were expecting when you rocked up to Tom's apartment that night following his typical, "You up?" text. What you most certainly had not expected, though, was to find Melaina sprawled out on his sofa in nothing but a sheer negligee--nothing at all underneath. In a strange sense, you figured you should have seen it coming; what better way for Tom to torment you than to make you face the root of your jealousy?
"Mm, on second thought," you hummed, pursing your lips as you took in the woman's sensual form upon his couch, "I think I'll be going."
Turning to leave, you crashed nose first into Tom's hard chest with a muffled grunt of surprise. His hands crept around your waist in a lazy fashion, dragging the fabric of your shirt up until his warm palms found the icy chill of your bare skin. It sent a shiver down your spine, much to your own chagrin.
He pouted, jutting his lower lip out at you tauntingly as he leaned close to brush his nose along the high point of your cheek. "You've only just got here, darling," he mused, "I missed you last night. You left me all alone."
It was really pathetic how easily he broke through your walls. Despite your tireless efforts to re-stack each brick he knocked down, the feeling of his soft lips ghosting along the supple skin of your cheeks had those same cinderblocks crumbling to dust. A gentle kiss on the apple of your cheek, a fleeting peck at the slope of your forehead, one slow trail along the angle of your jaw--you were putty in his hands when his lips finally found your own.
Even as his tongue traced the outline of your lips, you desperately tried to fight his hold on you. Grumbling into his mouth, "I'm sure you could have found company elsewhere--"
Tom bit down on your lower lip, hard, and pulled until it snapped back with a loud pop that made you whimper. Yet, his eyes were tender in a way you'd never seen before as he gazed down at you longingly, whispering, "I wanted you, though."
Yeah, you were fucked.
Breathing a little heavier, you gave into your more animalistic desires in spite of the jealousy and irritation that still boiled deep within your veins. A childish, prideful part of you boasted over his words; he'd wanted you! Not Melaina, not anyone else, just you. It was utterly ridiculous.
Tom's brown eyes were warm, inviting, and curious as he waited for you to make the next move. You could see the questions bouncing around behind them; would you leave? Would you stay? But, there was a familiar glimmer of mischief buried behind the thick honey gaze that had you waiting for the other foot to fall.
Taking your lack of movement as an answer, a desire to stay, Tom pressed another kiss to your lips. Long, slow, and mind-boggling--it felt like your soul left your body with the way he curled his plush lips into yours. Already you were heating up, your body buzzing and growing hotter with desire in each second that passed.
You clawed your fingers into the hem of his shirt, scratching your nails along the flesh of his lower abdomen in a futile attempt to ground yourself. It was a frantic plea to him to hold you there, to keep you from floating away as his kiss took you to higher places. He gave a gentle hiss into your mouth at the sting, but pushed harder into your face as his hands inched higher up your back to toy with the band of your bra.
Fingers gently swept the collar of your shirt down, exposing your neck as fuller, softer lips ghosted along the line of the fabric. Wait--lips? Jumping, you reeled back from Tom's face with widened eyes to find Melaina blinking back at you, eyes blown wide with lust.
"What are you--"
Tom popped the clasp of your bra with ease, looking down at you with darkened irises. "Is this okay?" he asked, glancing at Melaina who was waiting beside your twisted, intertwined bodies for approval.
Her fingers swirled slow, tingling circles on your hip, lip caught between pearly, white teeth as she watched you with enraptured intensity. Two minutes ago, the word no would have spilled from your lips without a moment of hesitation--but now? Now, as your eyes lingered on the swollen, bitten lower lip that called for you to taste it; as you trailed them lower to admire the perfectly soft curve on every inch of her body, it wasn't so clear.
There was a supple rise of her chest with every breathe, hardened nipples poking through the transparent fabric of her dress. Rounded breasts upon a gentle, sloping waist, wide hips that certainly gave way to a perfect handful of ass and thigh, all leading the eye down the length of her sculpted legs. Melaina was like a work of art, and every inch of her that you admired sent tingles through your body.
Glancing back at Tom, you nearly moaned out loud. Her eyes burned the side of your face, but it was nothing compared to the heat of Tom's stare into your very soul. It sucked the breathe out of you and left you feeling dizzy, your vision darkening until all you could see were the artful angles of his face.
You spoke hoarsely, swallowing down the lump that formed in your throat, "Yes."
Tom's mouth parted against yours in an instant, his hot tongue slipping inside and making your eyes roll back as Melaina pressed her body against your side and latched onto your neck. Sucking, biting, rolling the soft muscle of her tongue all along each sharp nibble to soothe the tender flesh--it was an overload of sensation all at once. You didn't know where to put your hands as they both crept theirs all over your body.
It was impossible to decipher where one ended and the other began. Whose hand was that gripping your ass? Whose were peeling your bra straps down our arms under your sleeves? Who was slipping their thumbs along the waistband of your pants, tickling your hot, sensitive skin?
Moaning, you gasped, "Please!"
You weren't even sure what you were asking for, but Melaina quickly stepped aside to let Tom pull your shirt over your head as your bra fell to the floor at your feet. He admired your chest for a long moment, palms cupping the swell of your breasts as his thumbs rolled over the stiffened peaks of your nipples, earning a muffled groan from you. Licking his lips, he stepped back and waved the eagerly waiting woman forward.
As Melaina devoured your chest, you followed him with your gaze through heavy lidded eyes. He watched on with an indecipherable glint in his eyes, lips glistening with a mixture of your saliva and his own. Those long lashes fluttered as he dragged his tongue slowly over the plump of his lower lip, nostrils flaring in a sharp inhale as if he were tasting you all over again.
Her lips were wrapped tightly around your left nipple when he finally disappeared behind you, a shiver wracking your body when his fingers caressed the arch of your spine in a fluttering touch. Chest pressed warmly to your bare back, he dipped low to mix his own marks with the ones she had left behind. You dropped your head back onto his shoulder, lulling to the side to expose the entirety of your throat to him in submission.
When had he removed his shirt? The bare skin of his torso was scorching on your back, matching the heat of his tongue dipping in your collarbone in time with a twirl of hers around your other nipple. Fingers, hands, lips, tongues everywhere; your body was reaching its boiling point.
"Come to bed with us?" Tom's husky whisper directly into the shell of your ear had you whining, arching your back until your behind rolled harshly into his crotch. His length ground into you roughly, a quiet groan escaping his lips at the stimulation, "Fuck, darling, you like this?"
Weakly, barely able to focus through all the pleasurable touches to your body, you whispered, "Yes, yes, sir. Please."
You should have known it wouldn't last. You should have anticipated the shift in Tom's attitude, revealing his true intentions to you as he lead you by the wrist into his bedroom to find a dining chair at the side of his bed. But, you blinked up at him dumbfounded as he held up a silk tie before your face with a devilish grin.
Melaina stretched out on the bed with a hand between her legs, knees propped open wide as she touched herself lazily and watched you closely. Glancing at the tie, then the chair, and then Tom's arrogant smirk, you mumbled, "What is that?"
He just chuckled throatily, grinning as he hummed, "Sit in the chair, darling." You blinked again, frozen in place, "Sit, now, or I promise you'll not like the outcome."
Instinctively, your knees crumbled until you fell into the chair with a frown. He snatched your wrists roughly, twisting them behind the back of the chair until the backs of your hands touched and you whined in protest, "That hurts, Tom."
He pulled further, a sharp ache burning through the muscles of your arms as they dug harshly into the back of the chair. "Watch it, (Y/N)." he growled.
"Sorry, sir." you muttered pitifully, eyes downcast to avoid the amused smile on Melaina's face, "What's going on?"
Tom didn't answer you for a long while, taking his time to tie your wrists with the tie until he was certain you couldn't break free. Testing the restraints, you pouted as the fabric didn't yield in any way to your tugs. He hummed under his breathe in appreciation, though, stroking a finger up the length of your arm as he rounded to face you again.
Melaina sat up and leaned into the arm he reached out toward her, your gut twisting bitterly at the sight of her purring under his touch like a cat. "I told you, darling, that stingy girls don't get to cum." he restated his words from earlier, and your body burned with embarrassment, "So, I'm going to teach you to share. You're gonna sit there and watch me, and you're going to deal with it like a big girl. Understood?"
"But I--"
"Do you understand?" Tom hissed, eyes narrowing in a fierce glare that dared you to challenge him further. You couldn't miss the way his fingers twitched, the familiar sting of his palm on your behind ghosting over the skin in anticipation of impact. He remained rooted in place, though, leaning into Melaina's body that was steadily wrapping further around him.
Her lips were on his chest, leaving a flurry of angry purple marks that made you want to scream like a child. "I understand, sir." you grumbled, slumping into the seat.
He smiled, "Good."
It was as if you disappeared from the room entirely in that instant. He turned to Melaina, completely absorbed in her presence as his hands slid around her waist to grab fistfuls of her ass. Groaning, he squeezed the flesh tighter until she whimpered. Your own body ignited in shame and jealousy, fingers clenching into fists that tugged uselessly against their bonds.
The sound of their lips smacking as they kissed, wet and sloppy sounds that echoed in your ears, made you want to whine. How had it come to this, when only moments ago they were kissing you like that? Was this the only reason you were here?
You watched on with an aching core, racing heart, and sweaty palms as the heat intensified between them. There was that chemistry you'd witnessed on set--their movements so in sync it seemed as if they were connected spiritually, a perfect flow of seamless give and take. It was almost painful to watch.
The jealousy that tore you to shreds was not from a desire to be the only woman in Tom's life, though a selfish part of you did secretly relish in the thought. It was an aching, grotesque and petty desire to know that you were the best. You were jealous of the way he found pleasure in someone else, when all you wanted was to know that you were unmatched. You were jealous to feel his touch on your body, and some part of you was growing desirous of hers as well.
It was a purely physical sort of envy; no feelings attached. Or, at least that's what you told yourself. In some sense there had to be a sort of emotional drive behind it, but it was easier to tell yourself it was stupid pride instead of murky, confusing feelings.
Your eyes clenched shut as you bit back a huff of frustration. Melaina's moans grew louder, until she shrieked, "Please, daddy, wanna feel you!"
There was a smack and a rustle, and when you opened your eyes Tom had shoved Melaina flat onto her stomach. The skin of her still rippling ass was reddened in a blazing hand print, his hand rubbing over the mark soothingly. "You wanna feel daddy's cock, princess?" he growled, "Think (Y/N) deserves to watch?"
"Yes, daddy," Melaina murmured, "want her to watch. Want her to see how good I make you feel."
The green eyed monster in your head was stomping circles through your brain, screeching over the cruelty of the situation. Yet, you kept your lips pursed shut as you glared back at Tom with just as much ferocity. He wasn't going to see you break; you'd come out of this on top, you were sure of it. You weren't going to let him see that she'd hit the root of your jealousy right on it's ugly, rearing head with her words.
You scoffed, and he glared at you with a sort of intensity that made your legs quiver, but you faced his scowl head on with a ferocity of your own to match. You wouldn't let him see that she'd hit the root of your jealousy right on its ugly, rearing head with those words; if he wanted to play, then you were going to play just as hard.
Or, maybe you were just emboldened by the fact that he hadn't called her darling again. Either way, you stared him in the eye until he looked away from you with a clenched jaw and twitching hand. Your first, and only, victory of the night.
It was torture. He moaned as he pushed into her, eyes clenching shut and hands squeezing at her flesh desperately when he bottomed out with his hips buried into her bottom. Yet, you couldn't decide which method of suffering was worse; to keep your eyes opened or closed.
Open, you had to watch his face contort with pleasure and the way he interacted with her eager, willing body. Closed, you had to listen to the sounds they made and feel the way your body reacted in accordance. You were dripping onto the seat, angry tears pooling in your eyes, and your arms were going numb from their restrained position.
"Eyes open, darling." Tom ordered, and you bit back the curse that bubbled to your lips. He watched you with hooded eyes until you met his gaze, immediately blocking you out again to focus on the messy, fucked out woman on his bed. She was wailing, and you were trying your best not to join in the chorus.
He was going an an unrelenting pace, each brutish thrust of his hips eliciting a strangled cry from Melaina. She was clawing at the sheets, incrementally crawling away from him until he pulled her back with a forceful tug of her hips. "Daddy, 'm gonna cum!" she moaned, breathless.
You squirmed in your seat, bottom sliding slickly over the wooden surface from how much you'd pooled into it. "Come on, princess. Cum f'me." he urged, voice strained as he rocked his hips faster into her. The sound of skin against skin mixed with the damp sounds from his force into her slick echoed loudly through the room, but it was unparalleled to the unrestrained scream the tore from her throat.
Watching with wide eyes and strained, clenched thighs, you gasped as Melaina arched into the bed wildly. Her actions were so over the top you'd have assumed they were theatrics, if it weren't for the way you could see her physically quivering with full body shivers. Fuck, why couldn't that have been you?
Tom pulled out of her roughly, turning on you and clambering off of his bed to lean over you. His hands wrapped around the arms of the chair tightly, the muscle of his arms rippling as he gripped it so tight the wood creaked. "Learned your lesson yet, darling?" he demanded, nose to nose with you.
Nodding desperately, you gasped, "Yes, sir."
He disappeared from view, Melaina still crumpled into the bed and spent as she breathed heavily. When his fingers brushed your wrists, untying them slowly, you nearly wept with relief. Finally, he was going to touch you.
Pulling you up from the chair, Tom gripped your chin firmly as his thumb tugged at your bottom lip. "Want me to touch you, darling?" You nodded, begging him with your eyes and whining when he chuckled, "You have to earn it."
He sat back on the bed, scooting until his back was propped against the headboard with his legs spread wide. Patting the space between them, he beckoned you forward until you were perched between his knees on your own. You yelped as Melaina crept up behind you, hands sneaking up the skin of your back until they rested lightly on your shoulders, but you relaxed into her touch as she pressed a feather light kiss to your neck.
As she nipped at the skin, blossoming a new mark amidst all the ones she'd left before, Tom grinned deviously. "Let's make a deal, darling," he breathed, "if you can stop yourself from cumming all over her tongue, I'll let you come on my cock."
You squeaked as her fingers dipped down the front of your body, leaving a trail of fire in their wake as she drew nearer to where you were aching for any sort of touch. Deep down you knew how hard it would be not to finish at any sort of stimulation due to how worked up and ravenously needy you were, but if there was a chance to get Tom where you wanted him then you were going to take it. So, you nodded, "Please."
Melaina pushed you forward until you were bent over, propped up on your knees and elbows. Tom's length was straining against his thigh, and he flexed as your slightly frantic breathing blew across the sensitive skin. He reached out a hand to caress your cheek before winding it to the back of your head, pulling you closer until you wrapped your lips around the tip.
You groaned in sync with him as you felt her blow a cool breeze on your clit, your legs nearly buckling as she forced them apart with her hands. Stars were bursting behind your eyes the very moment she drew a line through your folds with her tongue, but Tom's shove against your head kept you grounded. Focusing, you pushed forward until your nose was buried in his pelvis and he moaned loudly.
Her taste was still all over him. Pulling back until you only held his tip in your mouth again, you swirled your tongue around the head and parted your lips to let your spit soak down his length entirely. You looked up and blinked at him coyly, flattening your tongue under his tip and sucking hard until he clenched his eyes shut and raked his nails into your scalp roughly.
Going down again, you gagged around him and tears sprung to your eyes when he held you there. He was choking you, but you weren't thinking about air--all you could think about was how hard it was not to reflexively clamp down each time Melaina tweaked your clit just right, sending spasms through your entire body.
You were fighting hard to keep from going overboard, your stomach twisted up in knots so tight you felt compressed. Explosive, even. He was moaning above you, dragging your head up and down his length slowly, and there were shockwaves of vibrations in your core as Melaina hummed along with him.
Finally, as you took all of him again and squeezed his thigh with your nails digging in, Tom hissed and pulled you off of him. "On your back, now." he commanded, and Melaina jumped back just in time for you to hastily slide into position. "Fuck, need you so bad, darling."
His hands were hot as they slid up your thighs, spreading your legs apart until he could slip between them and crawl over your body. "Needed you last night, lovie, but you decided to ignore me like a brat." he growled, and you flinched as he dropped to his elbows over you suddenly, "Don't even deserve to feel me, you know that?"
"Please," you whined, "I'm sorry I ignored you, I'll never do it again."
Tom dragged his tip roughly through your folds, scowling at you when you bucked your hips into him, "Do that again and you'll go back in the chair."
You froze, and he hummed in approval before continuing his teasing. Up and down, up and down, up and down, he dragged himself over your entrance and clit until you were shaking with need. Each slow rock of his length through your folds was adding fuel to the fire raging within you, your eyes threatening to roll back from the surface level stimulation alone.
After what felt like an eternity, he finally eased into you slowly. You moaned breathlessly, clenching around him and fisting the sheets in a plea for him to just fuck you already. "Fucking love your cunt, darling," he groaned, eyes falling shut in bliss, "perfect little pussy, all for me. This all mine, lovie?"
"Yes, sir." you groaned, arching off the bed as he pushed deeper against you, "All yours."
He pulled back, dragging slowly against your walls until he slipped out of you entirely and left you feeling empty. But then he forced his way back in roughly, jolting you backward on the bed under the force of his thrust. Your lips opened in a silent yell, hands flying up to claw at his back desperately.
Tom's face dropped into your shoulder, mouthing open kisses into the skin that burned like fire. He picked up his pace with a steady, deep roll of his hips against yours that made you shiver all over. Your legs wrapped tightly around his waist, trapping him against you as you gripped his shoulders heavily.
Your eyes were clenched shut in pleasure as you felt him continue to push roughly against that spot deep inside, sending sparks through out your entire body. The coil in your belly had already been strung so tightly you'd feared you'd burst at the first moment of contact, but you were doing your best to fight it off. You wanted this moment, this feeling of him filling you to the brim, to last forever.
But, Tom shuddered above you and moaned into your ear, "Shit, 'm not gonna last, darling."
He pushed deeper into you with his next thrust, grinding your hips into the mattress as he put his weight behind it. You yelped and your hands left his back to find his face, pulling his lips down to yours in a feverish kiss. It was sloppy, all tongue and clashing teeth, but it matched the desperate, animalistic rhythm of his hips perfectly.
That coil inside you was sparking now, fizzling with pent up energy just begging to burst. "Please, please, please, let me cum, Tom." you begged, and he groaned as you said his name, "Please, Tommy!"
With a sharp snap of his hips, Tom pushed off the bed on one elbow and reached his hand down to the apex of your thighs. His fingers met your clit harshly, swirling rapid circles around your swollen bundle as he stared down at you like a starved man. "Say my name again, darling."
His fingers moved faster, harder, deeper in time with his thrusts that pushed you to heights you'd never felt from him. His eyes were clenched shut and his lips pulled back in a grimace, jaw clenching as his curls slid all over his forehead in a sweaty mess. He looked beautiful like that--all messy and fucked out, desperate to reach that high that you were pushing him toward.
Your legs were shaking wildly, and your stomach was burning as your muscles began to contract. It was the buildup to the explosive release, and you cried out, "Gonna cum, Tommy, yes! You feel so--oh, fuck!"
Wailing, you clamped your legs around his waist and squeezed your eyes shut so tightly it hurt. The coil snapped and you shrieked, his tip ramming into your g-spot over and over as he fucked you through your high. It felt like you couldn't even breathe, couldn't think, couldn't anything anymore. All you could do was feel him inside you, pushing through your pulsing walls as his fingers continued to rub your clit like a madman.
"Fucking--fuck!" he gritted, hips faltering, "Love it when you say my name, (Y/N). Sounds so perfect coming from your pretty lips."
You were desperate to get him there, feeling the way he was shuddering with each thrust as his body protested the exertion. "Tom, please," you begged, feeling the coil in your belly tightening up again, "cum for me. Wanna feel you fill me up, Tommy."
He slammed into you harder than he had all night, making your pelvis ache but you saw white. The world faded away as you burst into the crescendo again, your throat burning as you cried out loudly. Just when you were about to tap out and push him away because it was all too much, he rolled into you deeply and collapsed onto your chest.
So high in your own climax, you barely felt his cock pulsing against your walls as you milked him of every last drop. It was the warmth, though, that brought you back down to earth. The deep, warmth that filled you up had you sighing and sucking in air desperately, blinking up at the ceiling as Tom breathed heavily into your neck.
The two of you laid there like that for awhile, fighting to catch your breathe as your hearts raced against each other's chests. It wasn't until your vision finally cleared and you could breathe a little more freely, though, that a thought popped into your head, "Where did Melaina go?"
Tom laughed, his chest rumbling against yours as he nuzzled his face into your shoulder with a tender kiss to the sweaty skin. "Mm, don't know. She probably left."
"Oh," you muttered, "I didn't notice."
You hoped he didn't notice how you smiled as he hummed back, "Neither did I, darling."
Tumblr media
Curled up in Tom's bed, you shivered as his fingers traced lazy shapes into the bare skin of your thigh that was draped over his own. On his night stand sat two abandoned cups of tea, growing colder by the minute, but neither one of you was in any hurry to reach for them. You were content to just lay there in his embrace, soaking up his warmth.
This was what you'd grown to love the most over the past few months of hooking up with Tom. The sex was great, the orgasms mind blowing, but the time spent just enjoying each other's company afterwards was your favorite part. It felt nice to just be close to him, to feel connected to him in a more domestic sense.
"You know there's nothing to be jealous of, yeah?" he asked, suddenly, and you craned your neck back to look at him curiously. His cheeks were reddened slightly as he peered down at you with tender, timid eyes.
Sheepishly, you shrugged, "It's ridiculous, I know."
He frowned slightly, but the crease between his brows melted as you blinked up at him with wide eyes. "Nothing you feel is ridiculous, (Y/N)," he stated, "and it's okay to be jealous. You think I never felt shitty seeing you with any of the other guys you filmed with?"
The flush on his face deepened at his confession, but you grinned. He felt it too? "Really?" you asked, trying your best to keep from giving him total puppy dog eyes.
"Really." he repeated you, snorting when you grinned wider, "And, you don't need to be jealous of anyone. You're the only one who ends up right here in my bed, like this. Only one I want to be here, darling."
You buried your face into his chest with a flustered giggle, and he chuckled as his arms wrapped around you a little tighter. In a desperate need to keep things from getting too serious, still raw over everything you'd felt the past couple of days, you teased, "Mm, I'm only here for the tea--Tom!"
He dug his fingers into your ribs, fighting through your squeals and slaps as you tried to escape him. Easily, though, he got the upper hand and rolled until you were pinned beneath him. With twinkling eyes, a mixture of emotions you couldn't read, he taunted, "Admit it, (Y/N), you're in love with me."
In love with Tom? Your mind went blank as you stared up at him, but he just grinned down at you. There was a little flutter in your belly, and his eyes sparkled a brighter at your shiver. He knew. He knew the truth.
"Nah, it's definitely the tea--"
"Why, I oughta!"
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peterbenjiparker · 22 hours ago
Drunk friend Peter being so clingy and confessing his feelings to you while crying cause you are just so beautiful and he can't compete with your exes and you're all like: Peter I'm glad you can't cause I hate my exes, they were jerks
sweet || p.p
summary: peter calls you from a frat party after getting drunk to get over you while you were out on a date
word count: 1.7k
warnings: mentions of drinking, suggestive, fluff, swearing
Tumblr media
“You're here!” Peter beamed when your gaze met his across the frat house. “Hey, y/n,” he called out, waving his hand to catch your attention. He leaned back against the kitchen counter, beckoning you over with the beer bottle that he held loosely in between his fingers, his cheeks flushed and gaze hazy, “over here!”
Clutching your phone to your chest, you surged through the crowd, making your way over to him. “You came,” he breathed out in awe, a drunken smile on his face as he stumbled and you caught him by his arm to stable him, “I didn't think you'd show up.”
“Peter,” you said with a head shake, taking the beer bottle from him, “you called me at three in the morning - drunk.” You sighed, pulling him in as you heaved a sigh of relief, “I was worried about you.”
His breath hitched when you pulled him into your chest, your warm fingertips caressing the back of his neck, his curls tickling your skin. He blushed, tucking his face in the crook of your neck, “I'm sorry,” he whispered, nuzzling your collarbone as you giggled, “I didn't want to worry you.”
“Its okay, Petey,” you cooed. Petey, god, for a second he forgot how to breathe. your voice was sweet, words pouring in his ear like honey. He almost whimpered when your nails scratched his neck lightly and his gaze flickered to the beer bottle in your hand.
He inhaled sharply as the night came back to him in flashes and he remembered why he stumbled into the frat party with Harry - his roommate who was nowhere to be seen. he was here because he wanted to forget.
He wanted to forget you.
“How was your date?” He asked, trying to be as casual as possible but the bitterness seeped into his words.
“Um,” you hesitated as your face fell, “I-I It was...” he picked up his head from your shoulder to meet your tired eyes, his heart breaking at the sight of your exhausted features - guilt weighing down on his heart.
You were here at three in the morning to pick him up after he called you - drunk. You were here, you left everything to be here to take care of him. You probably left him - your date alone in your bed to come look after peter because you cared about him.
You've always been so sweet to him. He had known you for years - since freshmen year of college when he moved in with you. You were his roommate but eventually he fell hopelessly in love with you when you flirted with him for twenty seconds.
To you, peter was a friend - a best friend that you'd come to adore. You were an angel, you stayed up with him to help him study for exams, you made him coffee when he pulled all nighters alone. You took care of him when he got hurt on patrols, you were there for him no matter what.
you did all of it because he was your best friend. maybe, he would always be your best friend but that didn't matter. what mattered was you were here and not with your stupid date - you were here with him.
“You know...” you laughed nervously, “the date was - ” he waved his hand dismissively, reaching for the beer bottle to drop the conversation all together but you stepped back, your gaze narrowing at him. “no, peter.”
“C'mon, y/n - ” he whined as he reached for it again but you set it down on the kitchen counter and reached forward to take his hands in yours.
“No more drinking," you said, holding his hands down as he pouted, “no - you're done for the night, alright?” Your arm circled around his waist to support him, “let me take you home.”
He reluctantly slipped out of your hold as he swallowed thickly, “w-what about your date?”
“Peter,” you clicked your tongue as you held him close, “he went home - it's three in the morning, dumbass.”
He blinked at you, “he's not at our place? but i thought...”
“Why would he be at our place at this hour?” Your brows furrowed, “it was shit, pete. the date sucked - he sucked. i left half-way through it. he would not stop talking about his stupid ex and her bangs...”
Peter felt relief wash over him at the same time a wave of guilt crashed over him for being happy for your ruined date. “ah, that sucks,” he chuckled to himself, “and here i was thinking you ditched sex to take care of your drunk friend.”
You pinched his side as you led him out of the frat house, “you jerk,” you laughed when he squealed, rubbing his side. Ii'd ditch sex - literally everything to come make sure you're alright. You're more important to me.”
Heat rushed to his cheeks and he gulped, the liquor in his veins taking control of him, “i'm important to you?” He whispered and you nodded with a puff of laughter and he paused at the entrance, “y/n,” he breathed out and you turned to look at him as the chill of the night kissed his cheek, “would, nevermind it's stupid.”
“What?” you asked, taking his hand in yours encouragingly as concerned reached your eyes, “what is it?"
“Nothing...” he shrugged, “its stupid...i'm not like the guys you go for.” His voice waiverd and you raised your eyebrows at him as his throat closed up.
“Peter - ”
Ii'm not tall," he sniffled, “you like tall guys, like, crazy tall. you - you like,” he reached up to wipe his wet eyes with the sleeve of his coat, “I can't even raise my voice at you, but MJ said you like guys who are mean. personally, i think that's pretty fucked up but i'm still not what you would want.”
“Peter,” you held up your hands as a smile broke out on your lips, “hey - ”
“You're beautiful,” his breath hitched as he grabbed your hand, holding but in between his as he looked up, “you say your hair looks like a rat's nest in the morning but I-I love it. I love your rat's nest and your fuzzy socks. you sing to yourself sometime, you know that? It's crazy, you don't even notice when you do that but i love that too.”
“Y/n," he inhaled sharply, blinking at you as he tilted his head to the side, “angel, I-I love you and i have for years. I came here because i wanted to forget about you but i couldn't because I...I love you so much.”
“Peter...” you stepped in, slipping your hand out of his hold to reach up for his rosy cheek, your thumb caressing the apple of his cheeks as you leaned your forehead against his, “why didn't you tell me?”
“I didn't want to ruin our friendship,” he said sincerely, looking down at his feet, “you mean so much to me - I can't lose you over my stupid feelings.”
You tipped his chin up to meet his eyes, “you are not gonna lose me,” you smiled at him as you leaned in. “I promise.” You whispered against his lips and he froze, his heart racing in his chest as your lips hovered over his. you nudged his nose with yours, “I love you.”
He sucked in a breath, his eyes growing wide, “you - ” he squeaked before clearing his throat, “you do?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, grinning at him, your eyes crinkling, “i love you - I've loved you for so long, pete - ”
“Why?” he asked, backing up against the wooden door of the frat house as the thoughts in his head grew louder than the music blasting inside. “why would you love me? I am nothing like the guys you have dated - ”
“ - the guys i dated are all jerks,” you let out an exasperated sigh, holding his face in your hands, “but you - you are the most beautiful person I've ever met. you are kind, you are generous and you care. you have so much love in your heart, peter.”
He blushed, looking away from you as he smiled at you shyly, “i'm a nerd.”
“A hot nerd,” you said, turning his face to make him look at you. “You are so fucking smart, pete - I love when you are talking about quantum physics or your web guild formula - I love it when you talk science to me, it turns me on a bit actually.”
He laughed, shaking his head and you giggled as warmth tickled your cheeks, “it does! you're so smart, pete. it's not a bad thing, you are a genius. You work with tony stark for fuck's sake, you are - ”
You leaned closer as your voice dropped to a whisper, “you are spider-man. god, peter. you are so much more than what I deserve...those jerks I've dated are nothing compared to you. You are a lovely person and i love you.”
He smiled at you, warmth blooming in his heart, spreading under his skin like wildfire as you wound your arms around his neck, pulling him into you. “I love you,” he whispered as you pulled away.
He brushed your hair aside as he held your face and his eyes dropped to your lips, “can...can i kiss you?”
“Yeah no,” you pulled away from him as you broke into a fit of giggles, “no, no, no, pete - ” You held up your hand, “I can't kiss you. you're drunk. I'm not sure if you're going to remember this in the morning. we can do that...later when you're not tripping over your own feet.”
“Trust me, i'd remember if you kissed me right now,” he breathed out, “you're unforgettable, sweetheart.”
You beamed at his sweet pet name for you, “I can't kiss you on the lips...” you trailed off, leaning in to press a chaste kiss on his cheek, “will this do for now?”
He smiled at you dopily as he hummed, “you are my dream girl.”
You chuckled, “okay, pete, we'll talk about us in the morning,” you kissed his forehead as your fingers curled around his wrist, “let's get you home.”
Tumblr media
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𝐢 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐞
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 ↣ 𝗉𝖾𝗍𝖾𝗋 𝗆𝗂𝗌𝗌𝖾𝗌 𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝖺𝗇𝗇𝗂𝗏𝖾𝗋𝗌𝖺𝗋𝗒 𝖽𝖺𝗍𝖾 𝗐𝗂𝗍𝗁 𝗒𝗈𝗎.
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 ↣ 𝖺𝗇𝗀𝗌𝗍, 𝖿𝗅𝗎𝖿𝖿
𝐰/𝐜 ↣ 0.𝟩𝖪
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ↣ 𝗇𝗈𝗇𝖾!
Tumblr media
2 hours.
you had been waiting for peter to arrive at your dinner date for two hours. he’s been late to plenty of your dates which did leave you upset for some time, but you always ended up forgiving him because you knew he was a busy guy. he’s spiderman for god's sake. this however is a different case. it’s your one year anniversary and he promised he would be there on time. clearly that promise was broken. 
getting up, you decided to leave. you apologized for the inconvenience to your waiter and walked out the door. you drove back to your shared apartment with peter and changed out of your clothes. you took a quick glance at yourself in the mirror before changing, and regretted all the effort you put into how you look. you made sure to wear peter’s favorite dress on you and spent so much time making sure your hair and makeup looked good for him. you sulked after changing and made your way to your bed.
not so long after laying down and watching TV, your phone started flooding with messages from peter.
“babe i’m so sorry” 
“i got caught up with some stuff” 
“i’m at the restaurant now, where are you?”
you let out a bitter laugh at his last text. “where are you?” you read over and over. he seriously had the audacity to ask where you were at as if he expected you to continue waiting for him to arrive.
you turned off your phone not wanting to see him leaving you countless texts and phone calls. setting down your phone, you continued to watch TV, trying to get your mind off of peter. being the annoying pest he is, peter made his way to your guys’ apartment and called out your name as he walked in. you rolled your eyes, wishing you had just stayed with a friend for the night. 
“y/n?” peter called your name as he walked into your shared room. “y/n i’m so sorry. i know i promised i’d be there on time, i really intended to. something came in the way and–”
“i don’t want to hear your excuses anymore.” you cut him off.” peter, i'm sick and tired of always being a second choice in your life. i know you’re spiderman and i know you have things to do. i would never tell you to neglect that life for me. but is it so hard to take some time out of your day for me?” you finished.
“you are never a second choice to me. i’m sorry i haven’t been making you a priority. it’s unfair to keep you waiting all the time for me and if i could turn back time and do things differently, i would. i swear i will never neglect you again. i’m so sorry, y/n.”
“i hope you mean it pete. i forgive you, just please stay true to your word.” you replied, not wanting to drag this on.
“i promise i will.” he reassured. “am i…. allowed in the bed? if you want me to sleep on the couch or even at neds place, i will. whatever your most comfortable with. actually, i’ll head for the couch–” 
“peter shut up and come to bed” you chuckled at his attempts to make you comfortable with him.
cautiously, peter crawled into bed with you and kept his distance, still doing his best to give you some space until you weren’t fully upset with him anymore.
“you know you can get closer” you teased.
“o-oh, okay” he stuttered and made his way closer to you, wrapping his arms around you in the process.
“can i… um– can i kiss you?” peter tripped over his words causing you to laugh at him.
“pete, stop asking so many questions” you murmured before pressing a kiss to his lips. “i’m still upset but i’ll get over it as long as you keep your word”
“i swear on my star wars collection i’ll keep my word. if i don't, i'll sell the entire thing and even give you all of the money.” peter said seriously, looking at you right in the eyes.
laughing, you took him up on his offer and drifted off to sleep.
peter never had to sell his collection.
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ms-misery · 23 hours ago
Leave before you love me || T.H
Pairing: Fuckboy!Tom x Reader
Word count: 1.1k
Summary: Tom has a rule to never sleep with the same girl twice but when you break his one rule. He never expected it to cost him his heart.
Warnings: ANGST. Pining. Reader has abondonment issues so yeah this won't end well.
A/n: Based on the song 'leave before you love me' by Jonas brothers and Marshmello. If you haven't heard the song, go hear it. I'm obsessed with it! And listen to it while reading this to have the full effect. I wrote this today and finished it today. So kudos to me! I really hope y'all like it cuz I really liked this.
Tumblr media
I see you calling
Your phone buzzed, the familiar ringtone echoing in the car. You didn't have to check the caller id to know exactly who it was.
I didn't wanna leave you like that.
You muted the call as the gut-wrenching guilt crammed your insides. You hated that you had to do this again. And again.
It's five in the morning, yeah, yeah. A hundred on the dash
You promised yourself, you weren't gonna let this happen again. But you couldn't help it. His intoxicating scent, his toe-curling touch, his breathless whisper in your ear coaxed you to his bedroom. Like the numerous times before.
'Cause my wheels are rolling
And just like the several times before, you disappeared at the break of dawn. You just couldn't bring yourself to stay.
Ain't taking my foot off the gas.
You sped up, as your phone rang again. You glanced at the lit-up screen, his beautiful features gracing your eyes.
And it only took the one night.
You recall the night when it wasn't just a one-night stand to you. When it meant more to you than it did to him.
To see the end of the line.
You were too far away from him. Too deep in your feels for him.
Starting deep in your eyes, eyes.
You remember how he approached you on the stage when you were dancing your sorrows away. An arm around your waist pulled you into a rock-hard chest. You leaned into him as the familiar fragrance surrounded you.
"I thought you didn't hook up with the same girl more than once" you turned around in his arms, staring deep into his soul.
"I believe we both can agree that that was more than just a hookup" he whispered dirtily in your ear, his breath tickling your neck.
Dancing on the edge, 'bout to take it too far
Your lips tangled in a messy kiss, as you danced around with him. Him dancing with your heart. Dipping and twirling it around.
It's messing with my head how I mess with your heart
That night, the significance of his kisses changed not only for you but for him too. They were much more powerful, his touch so much more assuring. He kissed and caressed you with a renewed passion.
If you wake up in your bed, alone in the dark
Nonetheless, his delicate touches frightened you. You knew what awaited you if you decided to go down this road.
I'm sorry, gotta leave before you love me
You threw on your clothes as rapidly as you could. And left his apartment with a small kiss on his pink lips and hoped you never had to come back again.
Leave before you love me.
But he did. He kept coming back to you. When he asked about you leaving in the morning, you simply replied "it was just a one-night stand". Something flashed in his eyes that you couldn't comprehend before it vanished and his reply was only an "oh".
Leave before you love me
It hurt you to no end how he didn't correct you or said something more.
I'm so good at knowing of when to leave the party behind
You avoided him at all costs. Left the party too early than you normally would.
Don't care if they notice, yeah, yeah, no
You didn't miss the way, a particular pair of chocolate brown eyes followed you as you left the party.
I'll just catch a ride
You pay for your cab ride as you reach your apartment.
I'd rather be lonely
You nestled deeper into your covers, sighing peacefully, you didn't have to deal with anything, no feelings, nothing.
Than wrapped around your body too tight.
You reminisced how tightly Tom held you in his arms, it was almost so hard to leave him. You wish you never have to go back in his arms so that you wouldn't have to miss his touch. Because this just isn't your type.
Yeah, I'm the type to get naked
You found these hookups much better than being in a relationship. Maybe because you knew your heart couldn't break that way.
Won't give my heart up for breaking
You just couldn't stay in a relationship for too long, you left before the other person could leave, breaking their hearts in the process.
Cause, I'm too gone to be staying', staying'
You weren't a stayer, you're a leader. So you gave it up for good.
Dancing on the edge 'bout to take it too far
This time you were the one dancing around with his heart, he couldn't stay away from you for too long, no matter how much he wanted to.
It's messing with my head, how I mess with your head
You feel so awful for playing with him like that. You just don't know what to do. He messed up your head, you can't think straight.
If you wake up in your bed, alone in the dark
I'm sorry, gotta leave before you love me
He misses you terribly, you miss him too. But you can't.
Leave before you love me
You hope he leaves before he loves you.
Leave before you love me
Or you would have to.
It must be fate, how he bumped into you.
" Tom!" "Y/n!"
You're not sure how you ended up in his flat, but you did. Your brain stopped thinking, the moment you saw him.
Dancing on the edge, take it too far
You danced around his room for a while, trying to get each other's clothes off in a hurry. Then you fell onto his bed with a thud. You never had a night like this one, not even with Tom, himself. He ravaged you in the best way possible, he never touched you like that. Maybe he knew this was the last time, he'll get to touch you like this.
Messing with my head, how I mess with your heart
Your eyes teared up, as you admired his sleeping form next to you. Taking in his quirks, moles, and freckles for the last time, ever.
I'm sorry, alone in the dark
You're gonna leave him in the dark again. You unwrap his arms from around you with a light touch to not wake him up. You tiptoe around the bed, picking up your clothes. Planting the last kiss to his lips, you make your way to the door.
I'm sorry
A tear fell on your cheek.
"You're leaving…again" you froze on your spot. You turn your head slightly to the side.
"Leave before you love me"
Tumblr media
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omg what abt “i see you still have my shirt!” w Tom 🥺
Simple softness prompts💌
You and Tom had been going out for awhile, not too long but long enough to be comfortable around each and sleep in each other’s beds. Spending the nights at one another’s house often after late dates and desperate kisses. That was one of those nights now turned to morning.
“Ugh,” Tom smelt his shirt. The stink of beer and weed from the club stained it. Rushing a headache to his head from his hangover. “Smells disgusting.” He pretended to gag. You sat up in bed watching him gather his clothes, he didn’t have to leave but he also couldn’t lay in your bed naked all day—even though it would be fun he couldn’t.
“I think there’s some oversized shirts of mine in the drawer.” You pointed to the dresser and he looked through each drawer until he found his old AC/DC shirt he had been looking for. He lent it to you one morning and it never made its way back to him but it made its way into your dresser.
“I see you still have my shirt.” He held up the thing that was faded and old but you wore it often when you wanted him closer.
Your body heated up, flushed in embarrassment not thinking you were ready for all of that just yet. He only lets out a small laugh and slips it on.
“I-I wanted to return it but I just got some pasta sauce on it and threw it in the wash and then I just—“ before you could finish your sentence he was already climbing on top of you to press a soft kiss to your lips. Your arms wrap around his shoulders as you don’t care for morning breath or any of that, just the way he feels.
“Don’t be embarrassed.” He says as he rolls off of you and back into his side.
Your hands come over your face in annoyance, wanting to spend the whole day with him but knowing you have work and can’t curl up with your boy.
“I wish we could stay like this forever.” You pouted a bit and he smiled as he looked down at his watch.
“Maybe we don’t have forever but we have another 30 minutes until you start getting ready and I say we make the best of it. I’ll be right here when you get home too.” He pressed a soothing kiss to your forehead and that’s what you two did. You held each other until it was time for you to get up and go. Maybe you didn’t have forever in this day but the next 30 minutes would be the best time.
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