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#peter parker mcu
forgetful-nerd · 56 minutes ago
Spiderman: ya it’s because I don’t respect you.
J. Jonah Jameson: .....
Spiderman: ....
J. Jonah Jameson: .....
Spiderman: *finger guns and walks backward out of the room*
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yeetyeetchickenmeat · 2 hours ago
Also, on the topic of peter and ned and those polaroids,
Does anyone know where i can buy the hoodie with the midtown logo? I'm willing to use anything for payment, from money to my soul-
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underoooos · 5 hours ago
Tony : *sniffling* My allergies are acting up
Peter: I think I can help
Peter: *reaching for the frying pan* Did you know you can't sneeze if you're unconscious
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aquamarinescarlet · 5 hours ago
Nat: Why are your tongues purple?
Wanda: We had slushies. I had a blue one.
Y/n: I had a red one.
Nat: Oh.
Nat: ...
Nat, realization hitting her: OH!
Peter: ...
Peter: You drank each other's slushies?
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fandomsuntied03 · 6 hours ago
Fury: I trust the avengers.
Maria: do you think they know what they are doing?
*Fury looks through the window to see Tony recording Peter and Y/N trying to open a pickle jar with Bucky’s arm*
Fury: I wouldn’t go that far
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skylikesyou · 6 hours ago
Some Villain: Surrender
Peter who’s bored: You mean you want to surrender to me?
Peter: Very well, I accept
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potterreid36 · 9 hours ago
thinking about how tony spent more time mourning peter than knowing him
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mcu-discussions · 10 hours ago
Three things I would change about the MCU:
1. The Avengers finding out that Coulson is still alive
2. Mysterio actually being from another reality. The moment he was revealed to be a former Stark employee I knew that something was wrong with Fury
3. Employ (better) translators to check scripts and sets for grammar mistakes. As a native speaker of German I love when my native language is included in Hollywood productions (or any other language than English). Sometimes it is pretty good. For example, when Lemar is speaking German in Falcon and the Winter Soldier the grammar is perfect (his pronounciation as well). Other times it is not that good. Again in FATWS (maybe even the same episode) you can see a sign saying "Erhalten Autoprobleme? Ruf Hank an!". In English it would say "Got car problems? Call Hank!". Problem is the translation of "got". While "erhalten" is one possible translation it is not the right one. It would be right to say "Du hast Autoprobleme?" ("You've got car problems?) or simply "Autoprobleme?". I know it probably seems like a very small problem but to me it is seriously annoying. I mean with all the money Marvel has they should be able to afford the best translators
All valid points, even though I personally liked this version of Beck and I hope his death was only a scam. It could be him making Peter believe there are people coming from other realities in NWH...
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funnyincorrectmcu · 10 hours ago
(Texting) Clint: Who the fuck added me to a fucking group chat? Steve: Hey! Language! Tony: Yeah. Watch your fucking language. Bruce: Who taught Clint the fuck word?? Nat: “The fuck word”. Peter: You realize you guys use the f word all the time, right? Clint: Oh my god he censored it. Nat: Say fuck, Peter. Clint: Yeah. Do it, kid. Tony: Do not let them influence you, Peter. Peter: … *Peter has left the group chat* Tony: Attaboy.
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carofb3 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Trying to remember other Marvel characters beside Dr Strange exists lol
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randomideass · 17 hours ago
teen wolf characters as avengers part (2/?):
Allison Argent as Clint Barton
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Theo Raeken as Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Liam Dunbar as Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Isaac Lahey as Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Malia Hale as Carol Danvers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Peter P isn’t allowed to go on mission because he smol
Loki isn’t allowed to go on mission because the rest of the team can’t agree on whether or not to trust him so they magically and/or technologically keep him trapped in the tower
Loki thinks he’s stuck on babysitting duty, Peter thinks he’s keeping an eye on Loki so he doesn’t attack New York again or whatever
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dyde21 · 18 hours ago
Now I wanna come up with an AU for photographer!Peter hmmmmm but I cant quite figure out a good role plot for MJ
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