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#spiderman x you
dreamy-clousds · a day ago
𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐰 𝐑𝐨𝐚𝐝
Summary: Y/n and Peter get up to some fun of their own after the kids go to bed.
Pairing: Peter Parker x wife!reader
Warning: Language. Fluff
Universe: MCU
Word count: 261
A/N ~ This is so short I'm sorry :(
Masterlist <33
Tumblr media
Gif from here
Y/n silently shut the door to her son's room making as little noise as possible, just as Peter emerged from their daughter's room.
"Asleep?" He whispered.
"Asleep," Y/n confirmed. The two stared at each other for a second, before they took off down the hall and towards the living room. They pushed the other out of the way as they ran past. "No fair," y/n whined as Peter beat her to the living room.
"Better get used to it, 'cause I'm about to beat you again."
"Not if I have anything to say about."
Peter smirked as Rainbow Road loaded onto the screen. "You're about to eat your words."
Y/n and Peter played the level, with y/n eventually ending up in the lead. Right when she was about to cross over the finish line, another character came zooming up next to her and just barely beat her.
"No! What the fuck was that!"
Peter shoved his face in the pillow, failing to hide his laughter.
"What are you laughing at?" y/n hit him with a pillow. "You weren't even in the top five!"
He could barely understand her through all her giggles. "I don't care, it was worth it to see that!"
It took a good ten minutes for the both of them to stop laughing.
"We gotta play again, I gotta show this Bowser bitch who's boss." Y/n leaned into Peter's side as she tried to stifle her giggles.
"Just so you know, I'm rooting for Bowser."
"Fuck you, Peter!"
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goldengoddess · a day ago
Tumblr media
nah cause how does everyone at this school not want them !!!! y’all see that stance !!!! y’all see those faces !!!! date me pls <333:
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tinyyoungblood · a day ago
don’t be shy,
post sum of those drafts
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
a/n: you asked and you shall receive. here are very random scraps that i pieced together and somehow it worked lol enjoy x
            ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
the avengers on long bus rides
long bus rides are the only times where the world is balanced and at peace (forced smile from steve)
it’s also the only times when everyone will chime in on those sea shanties that steve loves so much, so that’s a plus
the team knows that their captain is a sea shanty WHORE so they always go all out for him and do harmonies and quite impressive choreos
once they’ve run out of sea shanties, they switch to musicals and it’s kind of like football jocks meet theatre kids
everyone has their troy bolten moment at some point, but it’s loki who really shines
he gets really passionate and ends up singing all parts and no one can blame him because mans got the voice of an angel and he knows it
nat is super supportive and cheers him on while recording everything. no one questions why she has a folder on her phone that is called “blackmail material”
tony likes to show his support by throwing money at loki
the others reenact that scene from harry potter where harry tries to catch hogwarts letters falling from the ceiling although there are loads of them perfectly lying on the floor
they fight tooth and nail to catch the money with a ferocity that puts the gods in shame
peter shoots his webs to pin the dollar bills to the wall like he suddenly got a lifelong supply of them and clint acts like his arrows are made of harmless rubber
rhodey joins in, puts on his suit, and almost blasts happy ✨to death✨while trying to catch a one-dollar bill
happy swerve the bus off a cliff and someone screams
(it was loki)
wanda has to save them and proceeds to bench them all for an hour
bucky, friend to no vehicles, is grumpy the entire time but y/n has made it her temporary calling to cheer him up
“i don’t like vehicles and this is why” *y/n whips out a duffel bag and slaps it* “yea, well, but what are your thoughts on sudokus”
bucky curls up in the back like the senior citizen that he is, sandwiched between y/n and bruce with a lifelong supply of sudokus scattered around him
they quietly help each other out and it’s very wholesome
tony and peter can fall asleep anywhere on the bus with their necks and limbs turned at all kinds of unnatural angles and sam winces before tearing his eyes from them
he makes a mental note to buy them neck pillows
nat suggests playing ‘i spy’ because it seems less lethal than the yellow car game but clint, sam, and thor get way too enthusiastic about it
they have their faces pressed against the window, eyes wide and unblinking, unaware that they’re frightening half of the people sitting in the passing cars
at some point, they lose all sense and just randomly name everything
“i spy with my little eye something that is red” “that car” “no” “that car” “no” “clint’s sweater” “it’s not—” “bucky’s pen, the flowERS, MY SHOES, THE SKY”
rhodey and nat are surprisingly good at that game and their calm demeanour drives the others insane
“fine. i spy with my stupid little eye something that is amber—” “bottom left button on the inside of loki’s overcoat, try again”
wanda and vision are in charge of lunch and handing out lunch boxes to everyone is a delight to them and a very. scary experience for the rest of the team
“here you go, buck. a turkey sandwich with cut off crust and extra tomatoes” “oh you didn’t have to cut off—” “😠but you like it. don’t you😠” “...yes”
peter and y/n are sharing a seat and y/n shows him her online purchases on her phone. peter is really sweet the entire time and comments on everything with genuine interest until rhodey pipes up from behind them
“you ordered new shoes? y/n, you don’t even go outside enough to justify wearing shoes”
they shush him and proceed to share headphones to listen to peter’s current favourite songs
at some point, tony announces, “alright ladies and gentlegerms, cap is making us stop the bus so we can get out and go for a two-mile jog through the woods *unenthusiastic jazz hands* if anyone wants to fling us off a cliff again, now is the time, i repeat—”
they still end up running and it’s insufferable. it’s hot and musty and just ~unpleasant~
somehow the avengers have evolved into a chaotic Debate Team and now they’re discussing who gets to be carried by thor and bucky
at an intersection, the two of them stop to catch their breath and they’re both just staring at each other, sweaty and covered in avengers hanging off their limbs
thor, prying loki off his back: “i’m sorry but we’re gonna have to do something different here”
y/n is hopping off bucky’s back when there’s suddenly a loud, ugly sound reverberating through the forest, followed by many footsteps that seem to come closer by the second
they run
branches keep tearing at their skin as they bolt through the woods but they’re not stopping because it’s clear what is happening right now
they’re being chased by wild boars
at this point they’re just embracing death and if they survive it’s a bonus
a boar comes running towards bucky and wanda but bucky “i have been falling for 90 years and i’m sick of it” barnes stares it straight in the eye, daring it to knock them over and the boar just squirms and make a u-turn
another wild boar seems to have decided that clint is not part of the herd because it sends clint FLYING in a quite impressive and beautiful arc
steve tries to ditch clint and train the boar
clint wasn’t hurt by the fall, but he stares at steve as if he might as well have broken a rib
they’re back on the bus and happy cocks a brow when he sees that everyone is exhausted and covered in dirt. he chooses to say nothing when nat climbs in with loki half-leaning on her for support and glaring broodily at the floor
everyone just wants to sleep and forget that the avengers were almost defeated by boars but bruce and sam keep bickering in the front row
“it’s too bright in here” “it’s the sun” “the lights get too noisy” “…what” “make it stop” “what do you want me to do?? turn off the sun???”
peter and y/n are huddled in a seat again, sharing headphones to drone out the noise and the moment he hits play, y/n looks at him blankly
peter, shrugging: “what? my 7 songs still go hard”
* * *
what are your seven songs that still go hard? pls tell me bc i desperately need new music <3 stay hydrated pals
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clandestine (chapter 4)
PAIRING: Tom Holland x fem!Reader
SUMMARY: Y/N is an up and coming actress, married to a once hotshot actor, Harrison (Haz). What happens when her co-star, Tom, makes her realise that she is stuck in a loveless marriage. A marriage starts crumbling and a new romance stars brewing.
Tumblr media
chapter 4: darling can’t you hear me?
A/N: i do not encourage cheating. this chapter is musically driven so i would recommend listening to ‘hit me baby one more time’ by britney spears, ‘sos’ by abba and ‘end game’ by taylor swift, while reading the chapter. also there is slight smut in here. i hope you guys like this chapter!! feedback is always appreciated.
warnings: smoking, drinking, slight smut, cursing
word count: 1.6k
important: bold and italic are character thoughts
main masterlist   series masterlist   chapter 3
Tom and Y/N had been individually invited to their common friend Lily’s house warming party. They, however, decided to go together as friends.
Most of the people Y/N knew in London were all in the same circle and were all present at Lily’s. Lily was a smart woman and a social butterfly, but she was not the smartest when it came to befriending real and trustworthy people.
The house was packed with people. Everyone was taking a swing at the karaoke machine attached to the TV in the living room.
Y/N and Tom made their way to the kitchen where all the drinks were.
“Remember, you’re driving us home.” Y/N said, snatching the beer from Tom’s hand.
“Why can’t you drive?” Y/N chugged the whole beer at once.
“Oops”, she said, wiping her mouth from the back of her palm.
They both diverted to their separate ways, trying not to confirm the obvious. They were the talk of the town, or the party in this case. They were knee deep in rumours. Everyone had been gossiping about something they had heard from a friend of a friend.
Rumours spread like wildfire and in their case, most of the rumours were true. But the biggest red herring of the town was that Haz and Y/N were separated and were on the verge of filing divorce, and Y/N was getting the heat of it.
Those who were sober enough to sustain a conversation, came up to her and asked her the exact same question.
“So what is up with Haz? How is he? Haven’t seen him around in such a long time”, asked a girl, whose name Y/N couldn’t remember.
She was clearly out for ‘the scoop’ everyone else was.
“Oh he’s nice, he’s actually coming to London next week”, this was the thirteenth time Y/N had repeated that sentence tonight.
“So will he be accompanying you to the premier?”
What is she, a tabloid journalist?
“I don’t know actually, we haven’t talked about that”
Tom hated parties, he preferred intimate gatherings, where people would have meaningful conversations instead of the shallow small talk. He was an ‘intellectual’ in that sense, as Y/N had pointed out. He was insufferable since he couldn’t drink as he had to drive Y/N home, and she was nowhere to be found. He found himself entering the bathroom in Lily’s room to escape. Little did he know, Y/N felt the same way. He entered the bathroom to a modern masterpiece.
Y/N was sitting inside the bathtub with her legs hanging out of it. Her white wine glass was to her left, next to a Marlboro box with a lighter poking out it. The shower curtains were pushed to the right side of the tub.
She had a cigarette in her left hand and her phone in her right. He could only assume that she was playing candy crush like the middle aged woman she was. He couldn’t help but take a picture.
Y/N didn’t notice him until she heard the sound of the phone camera.
“I see you lasted an hour out there”, she said, ashing her cigarette on the box.
“Which is more than you”, he sat on the edge of the tub.
“Ugh, I couldn’t take their questions about Haz anymore, like seriously why do they all need to ask me the exact same question individually, I should literally just announce my life’s status with a fucking lou-“, Y/N was interrupted by Tom’s sloppy kiss.
She tastes like wine
He found himself on Y/N's lap and started kissing down her neck. She smelled like her Gucci Bloom perfume mixed with alcohol and smoke. Tom made it to her breasts and started sucking them, in an attempt to leave his mark on her.
There was a knock on the door. “Go away”, Y/N screamed, between small, light moans. “Um, okay”, the person said from behind the door. Y/N moved her hand to the rim of Tom’s shirt and started to pull it up, accidently toppling the wine glass next to her, spilling wine in the bathtub.
Tom broke away to see what had happened. “You’re a mess, darling”, he continued kissing her. “But I’m the mess you love”. Both of them were so intoxicated at the moment, they ignored the use of the word ‘love’. It was something which neither of them had said out loud before, but felt deeply.
“We should go, they will think we are canoodling together”, Tom said.
“But we are canoodling together”
“Yeah but still”
“Fine, but you owe me one”, Y/N said in frustration.
Tom got up from her lap, Y/N stuffed her phone and the cigarette box in her pocket.
“What are we going to do about that?” Tom pointed at the wine glass on the bed of the tub.
“Its white wine so it wouldn’t stain and we were never here”
Y/N opened the door and merged into the sea of people, leaving Tom behind.
She found herself in an utterly boring conversation with Lily and her ‘girl squad’. They were talking about the latest Dior makeup line.
How can someone talk about makeup while drunk?
She noticed that Alan was done with his powerful performance of ‘hit me baby one more time’. “Who is next?” he asked the crowd, raising the microphone. Y/N found an opening to escape the conversation. “Me!” she got up, grabbed the mic and climbed the wooden coffee table.
“Who wants to recreate the ‘SOS’ scene with me from ‘Mamma Mia’? Of course I’ll be Pierce Brosnan” she screamed into the mic.
“I’ll be your Meryl Streep”, Tom walked over to the karaoke machine to take the spare mic.
Y/N turned on the music, “I want everyone to sing the chorus with us”
“Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find, I try to reach for you but you have closed your mind”, Y/N stepped off the table and started to walk towards Tom, never losing eye contact with him.
“Whatever happened to our love? I wish I understood, it used to be so nice, it used to be so good”, Tom turned his back to her just like Meryl Streep in the movie.
“So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me, S.O.S. The love you gave me, nothing else can save me, S.O.S”, everyone sang this part excluding Tom.
“When you're gone, how can I even try to go on? When you're gone, though I try, how can I carry on?” Y/N sang this part alone. Tom turned slightly to look at Y/N, he could see it in her eyes that she meant every bit of what she was singing.
“You seemed so far away, though you were standing near. You made me feel alive but something died, I fear”. It was Tom’s time to shine. He noticed that almost everyone in their audience had pulled out their phones to record it.
“I really tried to make it up, I wish I understood. What happened to our love, it used to be so good”, Tom tried his best to overact.
“So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me, S.O.S. The love you gave me, nothing else can save me, S.O.S.” they all sang it, together, on top of their lungs.
Tom and Y/N were, now, standing back to back.
“When you're gone, how can I even try to go on?” Y/N repeated the lines after Tom.
“When you're gone, though I try, how can I carry on?” they held each other’s free hand in a way no one could see it.
The music stopped playing, they turned to look at each other. “Now don’t expect me to do the dirty dancing lift with you, I don’t want to break my back”, Y/N spoke into the mic. The whole room burst into laughter.
They were on their way to Y/N’s Camden apartment, their home for the time being. Tom was driving and the local radio was playing at a low volume. Y/N was looking out the window, it was past midnight, and the streets were stranded.
“And now, ‘End Game’ by Taylor Swift”, the radio jockey said.
Y/N was not paying attention to whatever was playing but Tom was. He turned up the volume for her, knowing her, he knew that she wouldn’t want to miss it. Y/N finally noticed the chorus and got excited. She looked over at Tom, giving him a glance that said ‘you know me so well’. He noted the glance, grabbed her right hand delicately and pulled it up to his mouth to give it a kiss.
She took her hand back to increase the volume even more. They had stopped at a red light.
“I hit you like bang”, Y/N sang along, making a ‘bomb blasting’ gesture.
“We tried to forget it but we just couldn’t, and I buried deep hatchets but I keep maps to where I put ‘em”
“Reputation precedes me, they told you I’m crazy” Tom also sang with her.
“I swear I don’t love the drama”, he let her sing this part alone.
“It loves me” she bopped Tom’s nose, scrunching her face.
I love her so much
“I love you so much”, he said.
She looked up, grinning like a devil, saying nothing.
Shit did I say it too soon? Yeah it’s too soon, she’s going to fucking leave me now
“Is it cool that I said that?” he was confused by her silence. The light had turned green and the cars behind them were honking, but his eyes were stuck on her beautiful devilish face.
Just before he turned his wild eyes on the road, she said it.
“I love you too, Tom.”
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biisexualemma · a day ago
unrequited pt.2. peter parker
word count: 3.6k
warnings: anxiety, panic attack? i guess kind of
requested: yea a few people asked for this lol
plot: you haven’t seen peter for weeks and start to worry about him
a/n: i finished re-writing this late last night and i’ll be honest with you i haven’t checked it over so sorry if there are any mistakes but i’m tired sis goodnight! lmk if you like this! pls comment / share!
pt.1 / marvel masterlist / multi-fandom masterlist
Tumblr media
"ned... you're so wrong for so many reasons," m.j.'s expression was flat, her eyes rolling before she continued to fight ned on who was really the strongest avenger. you were supposed to be working on a group project for your history class but somehow the topic of the avengers came up and the conversation derailed. ned was making a, somewhat, compelling case for the hulk but m.j. was clearly winning with her argument for wanda.
"nobody even knows the full extent of her powers... and the hulk? what? he's gonna smash some more?"
you sat quietly, chin in the palm of your hand, listening in and out of the conversation. you didn't really feel much like contributing. you would occasionally chime in to support m.j. but mostly you just heard the noise of their bickering and let it happen.
you didn't want to be that person, but your mind was (much to your frustration) completely consumed with thoughts of peter. and at the worst time, you had so many tests coming up, and essay deadlines were also creeping up on you. usually you were on top of this stuff, but your mind was preoccupied almost all the time.
because of peter, who was no where to be seen. in the past few weeks he had stopped showing up to school all together. ned said it was something to do with tony stark but you had a feeling it was more than that. you didn't know how to explain it.
you hadn't spoken to him in a long time now, and you didn't exactly leave things on good terms. it was the longest you'd gone without talking since peter called you a poopy head in the third grade.
you just couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. especially since you had no idea what he was getting up to, peter was known to get himself into some messes when he was left to his own devices. and you just knew ned was lying to cover for his best friend but that only made you feel even more out of the loop.
everything felt a bit off without peter around, like something was missing. that, on top of the guilt and worry you were feeling, was turning your head to mush. last time you'd spoken to peter, he was erratic and wounded and desperate. something bad had to have happened for him to be gone this long.
the bell rang, signalling the end of your last period for the day, and the rest of the week seeing as it was a friday. you snapped out of your daze, jolting as your eyes focused back on your surroundings.
"what time did you say again, y/n?" your eyes drifted to m.j. who was collecting her notes on her desk, her eyes meetings yours, waiting for your answer. a crease formed between your eyebrows, you hadn't heard a word of the conversation before right now. m.j. seemed to realise this, rolling her eyes at you with a playful smile. you did this a lot lately, she was getting used to it. "homecoming? what time did you want to meet tonight?"
"oh," you nodded, still sitting at your desk as your classmates hustled around you. "right, homecoming— i— uh—"
"tell me you're still coming," ned interrupted, his eyes wide suddenly, clearly desperate that your answer was anything but no. "c'mon we've had this planned for ages!"
"no— yeah— of course i am," you nodded quickly to reassure him. "yeah— sorry— i just spaced. is seven good for you guys?"
they hummed in response, nodding.
you packed up your books, shoving them into your bag, still in a slight haze with all these thoughts running through your head about peter. you couldn't think about homecoming, it seemed trivial now compared to the worst case scenarios running through your mind. maybe you could try to call peter again? you thought to yourself as you quickly left the classroom, forgetting about m.j. and ned and homecoming, your muscle memory alone leading you to your locker.
you swapped out your books from your bag with the ones you needed to study from for your biology test next week. after slamming the locker door shut, a familiar face was met with yours.
"jesus," you muttered as he stood inches away from your face, your heart racing from the shock. clutching your books to your chest, after nearly having a heart attack, you let out a loud sigh and furrowed your eyebrows. "peter? where the hell have you been?" you regained some of your composure, enough to find some anger in you towards him. he was the last person you were expecting to see today.
"you're ok?" his usual soft brown eyes looked sunken and tired, his hair was scruffier than usual and his lips chapped as they hung open, his eyes scanning over you.
your mouth hung open to speak but he just shook his head as if answering his own question. he gripped your forearm, urging you to walk with him. you dug in your heels, yanking your arm back, wanting him to slow down and explain before you went anywhere with him. "will you just walk," he muttered sharply when you tried to resist him. "please," he softened quickly, his eyes meeting yours.
you frowned, uncomfortably shifting the stack of books in your arms as peter pulled you along behind him hastily. you watched his eyes shifting about the hallway as students weaved around the two of you, his grip not loosening for a second. he was definitely up to something stupid and dangerous that he absolutely should not be involved in.
he'd dragged you all the way out into the parking lot, pulling you aside and away from the crowd of people.
"what's going on? why do you look like— i mean no offence but— you look like crap," you couldn't help but show some level of concern. no matter how complicated your feelings were for him at the moment, he was still your best friend, and he looked like hell. you couldn't stop yourself from staring at him.
"i need you to just— stop talking and listen to me," the look in his eyes made your heart beat a bit faster, your eyes darting between his trying to understand his urgency. "you're not safe—"
"no— i'm fine—" you were never very good at doing what you were told. you glanced down at yourself, perfectly safe and standing in front of him. "see?—"
"no— no you're not," he gulped, his eyes darting away from yours for a split second. "i'm taking you home and you have to stay there. ok? please."
his voice was horse, cracking when he spoke. you didn't understand any of it. peter was the friendly neighbourhood spider-man, what the hell had he gotten himself into that had him this worked up?
you tilted your head slightly, he couldn't think you'd blindly do whatever he said. you needed some answers. "pete," you mumbled, shaking your head with a faint frown. "can't you just tell me what's going on? you're kinda' scaring me."
"i screwed up," his face contorted, his eyes screwing shut for a second and his nose scrunching. you were glued to him, following his mixed expressions trying to understand what was going through his head. he took a deep, shaky breath, running a hand through his hair. "and i know you— you hate me and the last thing you wanna' do is listen to me but i need you to do this for me."
"alright," you said after a moments hesitation. you just wanted him to relax. all your pent up anger and hurt that you'd felt over peter had dissipated quite quickly. you were too occupied with trying to ease some of his stress, and if that meant becoming a homebody for a few days, you would do it. "alright— don't worry. i've been putting off my english essay for a week now anyway, it's about time i cracked down on it."
you tried to ease the tension, act like he wasn't asking much of you. he let out a heavy sigh, looking over at you with those brown eyes. "it's homecoming tonight, i know w—"
"is it?" you feigned forgetfulness, not wanting to make him feel any worse than he already did. you shrugged. "i was never one for socialising anyway."
peter knew you better than that. he knew what he was asking you to give up. "i'm sorry," he took a step closer to you, his hands hovering in front of you, unsure that you wanted him to touch you. "i'm sorry you got dragged into this."
your eyes lingered on his hands before you pulled back up to his stare. you pursed your lips and shrugged. "i'd feel better about it if i knew what i was getting dragged into," you pulled away from your conversation for a second to slip your books into your bag. "walk me home and you can explain everything."
and he did. he told you all about the vulture, the weapons, what really happened during the decathlon trip. all of it. right up to when the vulture figured out his identity— which lead to him finding out about aunt may, about his friends, and about you. he told you about how he'd spent the past few weeks figuring out where the vulture's next major deal was being held, how he'd messed up so bad and how mr stark had taken his suit.
by the time he'd finished, your mouth hung open slightly. you didn't know how he'd been dealing with all of this by himself. spider-man helped old ladies cross the street and returned stolen bicycles, he didn't fight men in bird costumes to stop illegal sales of dangerous advanced weapon tech.
"peter, this sounds pretty dangerous," you spoke up after he told you about his plan to intercept the vulture's airplane heist. "don't you think you should just call happy? or tony? this sounds like iron man territory."
"i can't do that," he sighed. "besides, i already tried happy— he's not taking my calls right now. something about a time out."
you let out a heavy sigh, having taken everything in that he'd told you. you had reached your door, peter standing behind you with his hands stuffed in his pockets. you motioned for him to come in but he hesitated, opening his mouth to decline. "c'mon," you grabbed his arm and tugged gently. "this heist isn't happening 'til late tonight. you can keep me company 'til then."
"maybe, get some rest, too, you really do look like hell," he let you pull him inside, following behind you. he ignored the second dig you had now made about his appearance.
"may must've been pretty mad when she found out you'd been skipping school?" you collapsed onto your bed, crossing your legs over and watching peter perch himself on the edge of your bed. he leaned forward, his hand running over his face with sheer exhaustion.
"you have no idea," he groaned, holding his head up with the palm of his hand now. "i'm pretty much grounded for the rest of the year. and i have to send her a pic' of me sitting in every one of my classes from now on," you nodded, pursing your lips because that sounded about right. "but mainly she was worried."
"well, she wasn't the only one," he glanced at you over his shoulder, his eyes lingering there for a while. you breathed through your nose, looking away from him and down to your hands to give yourself a moment. you'd forgotten how difficult it was to have him look at you like that. "you just took off with no word, peter."
he turned his gaze away from you, focusing on the wall in front of him, his eyes glossy. for weeks that last conversation with you had been sitting at the back of his mind. he knew he'd handled everything in the worse possible way. he tried to protect you, hurt you by doing so, and then had everything he tried to protect you from blow up in his face anyway.
"i haven't been able to think clearly for weeks," you gulped, scared to meet his gaze again, in fear that you might lose your confidence. "i missed you. and i was worried out of my mind about you."
"y/n—" his voice was quiet.
"and i know i was the one who told you to leave. but i was hurt and sad. i'd convinced myself that you felt the same way, and when you—" you closed your eyes for a second, feeling him watching you. you hadn't been able to say any of this out loud for weeks and now it was just spilling out of you. "anyway— i shouldn't've punished you for that. they are my feelings i need to get over. it wasn't your fault and i'm sorry i made it seem like it was."
he shook his head faintly, sniffling slightly, catching your attention. "i screwed up," he shook his head a little harder, pushing himself up off your bed, his back turned to you. "i screwed up so bad," he ran his hand over his face, his thumb and forefinger pinching the bridge of his nose. your eyebrows knitted. "it wasn't supposed to turn out like this."
"don't," you shook your head, willing him to stop. "it's not your fault. i shouldn't have—"
he cut you off, turning to face you as he did. "i'm in love with you," his mouth hung open slightly, his eyes now stinging red. "i was in love with you then, and i'm in love with you now. i think i always will be."
your eyebrows unknitted, your mouth opening to speak but nothing came out. you watched his hand tug on the ends of his curls, his eyes locked onto you the entire time, trying to read your expression.
"i was trying to protect you and it went completely wrong—" his breathing was erratic. "i thought you'd be safer if i distanced myself—" the look on his face was breaking your heart. he knew how stupid it all sounded now he explained it out loud. "i screwed everything up— and now you're in more danger than ever— because of me."
"you— you—" your brain was trying to keep up. you shook your head. you had spent the past month telling yourself that everything you thought he'd felt for you wasn't real, that you'd over thought everything he'd ever done for you. you'd been telling yourself for a month to move on. "you didn't screw up, pete. i know you. whatever you did, you did for the right reasons."
the lump in your throat was growing as you tried to keep some kind of composure. it wouldn't do either of you any good to get upset with him when he was worked up like this. he didn't need to be told he'd made a mistake, he was already painfully aware.
"you don't— you—but— i—" he was hyperventilating, completely vulnerable as he fell apart in front of you.
"pete," you mumbled carefully, climbing over to where he was stood, hand in his hair and he pulled on the loose curls, his eyes wide with anxiety and stress. you moved your hands to his, pulling them down to his side and giving them a small squeeze. "calm down," you cooed. "everything will be ok."
you trailed your hands up to his shoulders, giving them a soft squeeze before pulling him into a tight hug. you wrapped your arms 'round his shoulders, one hand moving to the back of his head, running your fingers through his hair. his head ducked, burying into your neck, his arms wrapping around your waist in a desperate grip. his breathing was heavy at first, uneven and jagged as he clung onto you. your heart was beating out of your chest, you were sure he could hear it, but you held onto him as tight as you could, pressing your whole body against his trying to offer him as much comfort as you could.
after a while of standing around, holding each other, peter's breathing began to grow softer and slower. he began to notice the sweet scent lingering on your skin. his lips innocently hovering over the curve of your neck, breath fanning against your skin. you could feel goosebumps growing on your skin, the hair of your arms standing on end.
"better?" you mumbled softly. he gave you a faint nod in response, his lips leaving your skin as he pulled himself back from you. your hand slipped from in between his curls and down to the neck, your thumb brushing over his skin as he looked straight into your eyes. you gulped, eyelids fluttering.
he was a state to behold. his nose was pink, under eyes wet, your eyes trailed down to where his lips parted. he hiccuped a breath. you tried to push away the impulse to kiss him because he was clearly vulnerable. you didn't want him to later regret anything. "thanks," he mumbled breathlessly. "i don't know what happened there."
you pouted your lips, about to reply when peters eyes fluttered down your face, catching you off guard. his eyes lingered and you noticed his head tilting down and nearer, his lips catching onto yours before you could register what was happening. it was soft, gentle and didn't last longer than a couple seconds before you had to force yourself to pull away.
"peter— you're overwhelmed right now so maybe we shouldn—"
your whispers against his lips where cut short, he pressed his lips to yours again. unable to resist now he'd had a taste. his arms tightened around your waist, pulling you back flush against his chest. you swallowed a gasp, feeling his full weight behind the second kiss. his lips pushed against yours a little more desperately this time, you fell back a step, peter's arms where the only thing keeping you upright at this point.
both your hands where either side of his neck, trailing up into his hair where you pulled softly at the roots of his messy curls. he let out a soft moan against your lips, and you stumbled back once more, your thighs hitting your bed.
your hands quickly slipped down to his chest as you gently pried him off you. your head was spinning a little, his lips were plump and pink and the way he looked at you, with pure love and obsession, made you want to kiss him again and again.
"did you mean it?" you muttered breathlessly.
his eyes trailed back up from your lips, his gaze locking with yours again. he noticed the vulnerability and fear in your eyes now that he was paying you his full attention. he felt a wave of guilt hit him, knowing he was the one that put that look there.
"yeah," he hummed. "i did," he said with his chest. "i do. always will," he was breathless.
"you're not just saying it 'cause you've missed me?"
he shook his head quickly, shutting down any traces of doubt in your mind. "i have been in love with you since that summer we took that trip to coney island when you threw up after you ate too much cotton candy."
your scrunched up your nose at the memory. "gross."
he shrugged. "i don't know what to tell you. that's just when i knew."
your lips twitched into a small smile. "you should probably get some rest," you diverted the topic, trying hard not to kiss him again. he looked so tired. he had poured out months worth of anxiety and stress all in the past ten minutes. "you can't chase bad guys if you're half asleep."
he wore a half-hearted smile, his mind clearly flickering back to the task he had to take on later tonight.
"you can crash here if you want," you motioned to your bed.
"y'sure? i don't wanna get you in trouble."
"mom's working late, so you're good. plus she loves you, pete," your hands slipped down to his, giving them a quick squeeze of reassurance.
"sure she'll still love me when she finds out about us?" he quirked an eyebrow, the small smile on his lips was sloped and tired.
"m'sure," you hummed, biting back your growing smile at the word us. you moved him to sit on your bed again, his hands lazily holding yours. his eyelids fluttered as he looked up at you, a small crease forming between his eyebrows again. you could tell his mind was wandering again. "lie down, you need to rest or you're no good to anyone."
he nodded hesitantly and followed your instruction. "i'll sleep better with you next to me."
his voice was soft after you'd turned your back on him to leave him to rest. you rolled your eyes faintly, smile tugging your lips again. "is that right?"
he hummed, his arms outstretched, waiting for you to fall into them. you dragged your feet back over to him, biting the inside of your cheek, the corner of your lip twitching upwards. "there's a scientific reason behind it but my brain's too sleepy to think right now, so you'll have to take my word for it."
his words slurred together, his eyes rolling slightly the longer he forced them open. you just nodded. "alright, spidey, just this once."
"hm," he hummed as you climbed in next to him, his arms wrapping around you and immediately pulling you against his chest. "thanks," he muttered, his lips pressed against the top of your head. "don't know what i'd do without you."
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spideyanakin · 2 days ago
My Dear
Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis; Steve gets confused by his feelings for you when he hears you sing a song that reminds him a little too much of his past. 
Tumblr media
“Kiss me once” You starting humming one of your favorite songs as you put some flower into your cake batter. “then, kiss me twice, then, kiss me once again” You whisked your batter shaking your head as you thought of the rhythm of the song.
As if on cue, Steve walked by. At first, he didn’t believe it, but he quickly recognized the lyrics and the tune you were humming.
“It's been a long, long time” You continued and Steve felt his cheeks warm up when he listened to you sing.
Your hair was loose. You had flour stuck to your forehead, and your apron looked like a mess. You mindlessly looked around, Steve happy you didn’t notice him. “Haven't felt like this, my dear, since can't remember when”
He felt his heart doing a loop in his chest. He didn’t know if it was you singing the song that reminded him of Peggy Carter or the way the setting sun made you look, but butterflies bloomed in his stomach.
He shook his head. No. You were already dating Spider-man. You were way too young for him. You had barely started college - he couldn’t fall for you.
“It's been a long, long time” That goddamn song. He thought to himself as the words escaped your mouth. Why were you singing this? Why did your voice sound like it was meant to be singing this?
And mainly - why did it make Steve feel this way? Why was his heart suddenly beating for you?
Steve didn’t know where to put himself and lowered his head as he walked into the kitchen.
“Hey, Steve.” You greeted with a smile as you noticed him walking in.
He gave you a stiff smile back, his head still down as he grabbed a water bottle and darted off. You raised an eyebrow at the awkward encounter.
“Hmmm, why does that smell so good.” An hour later Bucky walked into the room, gushing over the smell of your muffins as he sat on a stool at the kitchen counter.
“That’s because I made muffins.” You gave him a sweet smile as you got a second batch out of the oven.
“Oh my god you’re the best.” He grinned as he grabbed one.
“Be careful-” you realized he had grabbed the burning hot cake with his metal arm and you scoffed in disbelief.
“Oh my god why does it smell so good in here.” Peter dropped his bag pack as he entered the room making you giggle.
“That’s because I’ve made muffins Pete.”
“Goddess.” He complimented as he trotted to you and brought you into a kiss.
“How’s MIT doing?” You wondered as you removed some muffins from the molds.
“It’s rockin’” You giggled at his use of words.
“Hey Buck-” Steve walked into the room and his cheeks went bright red at the sight of you. He stopped in his tracks suddenly feeling jealous when he Peter’s arm wrapped around your waist.
“What up?” Bucky turned around with a muffin stuffed in his mouth.
“Um... Nothing actually.” He met your eyes and turned away just as fast, walking off.
“What’s up with him?” Peter wondered as he grabbed a cooled muffin.
“I don’t know he’s been acting weird all day.” You shrugged.
“True.” Bucky noticed.
“Are you sure this looks alright?” You turned around so Peter could take a better look.
“Yeah - you look amazing.” He confirmed and you stepped in front of the mirror, fixing your hat. Peter stepped in behind you as you did to fix his jacket. You smiled when you saw him dressed as a real World War II soldier.
“You look hot.” You smirked and Peter’s cheeks flushed.
“Well, you don’t look so bad in the skirt either” He smirked back, making you laugh.
You looked at your outfit one last time. You were dressed as a World War II female agent. Pencil, well-cropped jacket, and a small hat to go with it.
“You kids ready?” Tony wondered taking a look at you and Peter.
“Yep.” You nodded.
“Oh my god look at you!” Bucky exclaimed as he stepped into the room smiling when he saw you and Peter. “Peter you look like me in those pictures Steve gave me.” He chuckled.
“Glad to look like a criminal,” Peter grumbled and you cracked a smile.
“Ok so Nat, Barton, and Thor are already in a cab there. Rhodey is waiting downstairs.” Tony looked at his watch. “We're just waiting for Cap.”
As if on cue Steve walked into the room. Freezing when he saw the way you were dressed.
He gulped as he scanned your body. You were dressed exactly like Peggy Carter had before he had to leave her. Your hair exactly the way Peggy’s was on the picture he was carrying. He felt his breath get stuck in his throat.
“Oh Hey Steve!” You smiled. “Is this how they dressed before?” You grinned.
“I didn’t know your play was on... World war II?”
“Yeah, it is! It’s a love story, it’s pretty cool. You’ll see. I’m so glad our outfits do justice.” You smiled as you fixed something on Peter’s jacket.
He was jealous.
Steve was jealous of a teenager.
Jealousy was rising inside him and suddenly he wished he was back in the 1920′s as a soldier and you were fixing his uniform. Not in 2021 with you wearing a World War II like outfit and fixing the jacket of another guy. All that for a play he’d have to watch.
“Alright let’s go.” You giggled as you placed your arm around peter’s and started walking towards the elevator with him. Bucky joined and soon enough you disappeared behind the doors.
Tony stayed behind sensing the tension in Steve’s eyes.
“What’s going on?” Tony folded his arms.
“I can’t go” He mumbled, shaking his head.
“What do you mean you can’t go?” Tony frowned, not understanding the situation at all.
Steve looked behind him, making sure the elevator was fully gone.
“I think I’m in love with her.”
Taglist - @averyfosterthoughts @justifymyfeelings @slytherinambitious​ @ourfavoritesergeantbarnes @criminaly-supernatural  @trustfundparker​ @tomhollandreads @prettysbliss​ @ksmy-99​ @sarcasticallywitty15 @bi-lmg @nerdy-collector-festival@lovely-blackinnon @hunnybunimdun @thekamiiiworld
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chibishae34 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦ pairing: fushiguro megumi x reader
✦ genre: angst 
a/n: surprise everyone i give you an angst drabble! it’s my first time writing for jjk and i’ve been wanting to write for it for the longest time. i’m not sorry for hurting you ❤
Tumblr media
Megumi sighs, feeling somewhat annoyed, “Why was I the one dragged here to help carry your shopping bags, Nobara. What about everyone else?” 
“Everyone was busy, and it’s not like you have much to do other than playing with your shinigami.” Clicking his tongue because he knew she was right. He wasn’t in the mood to be going out even if it was a beautiful day; all he wanted to do was read some books or wait to be called in on a mission. What could all his senpais and Yuuji could be possibly be doing? In the back of his mind, he felt a rush of worry. His intuition tells him to get out of there, uncertain and wary of his surroundings why he feels this way, continuing walking beside Nobara. 
“Hey Fushiguro, what do you think Maki would like? I want to buy her something. Are you okay? Wait, is there a cursed spirit around here?!” Nobara was looking at the direction her companion was looking. 
Megumi seeing you a few distances away, his heart crushed in a matter of seconds. Is this a nightmare he can’t escape? You were smiling so genuinely, not remembering the last time he saw that smile. It hurt more, seeing you with someone else that wasn’t him. 
His memories of you came flooding into his mind; why did you guys break up in the first place? Oh’s because he held so many secrets hidden from you about his life as a sorcerer. He’s always lived a double life, especially around you, not wanting to drag you down into the world of curses. If he brought you into that world, your life would be in constant danger. The fear of losing you to a terrible curse would ruin him; he never thought he would lose you from keeping this secret from you. He’s lost many family and friends in this twisted world. 
It was a battle of him carrying baggage on his shoulders. All you wanted was to help him carry that burden; you knew he’s the type to keep his problems to himself, not wanting his loved ones to worry. 
You were the one that brought color into his in his black and white life. He just needed you when life itself was too tough for him to handle. Your company allowed him to forget and be a normal person, a life that could be taken away in a split second when you told him you were done waiting for him to open up. You stormed out of your house, Megumi left alone in your apartment, hoping you would come back, but you never did. It was all blissful thinking as he welcomed the black and white world once more.
Megumi coming back to reality, you disappear from the crowd in the metropolitan streets of Tokyo. Smiling to himself, but on the inside, his heart was ripped out of his chest. At least you were happy, even if it’s not with him.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @lovelytarou @kenmasgameboy @loisuke @bbymilkbread @softesyoongi @howcanisey @bukojuiice @nakizumie
© chibishae34 2021
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housepartyprotocol · 4 days ago
Chapter 9
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ little sister, ex-winter soldier was taken as a child and trained. In and out of cyro for years she has the physical age of a 17-year-old. After being in Wakanda for two years, she is rejoining society and going to school. What happens when she meets a boy, and what happens when somebody wants her back?
Warnings: language, mentions of death, its just kinda sad, but very cute
Series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taglist: @zendayasfwb @bi-lmg
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clara-licht · 4 days ago
Best of Me | Masterlist
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist
Summary: Peter Parker is not just the lover of Tony Stark’s daughter, he is also the partner of the vigilante Hecate. It wasn’t the case in the beginning. This is the story of how they came to be and how it is now.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Title Inspo: BTS - Best of Me
Note: Each story won’t necessarily be in order.
Just Out of Touch 💜☁
Badges | Part One | Part Two
Midtown’s Academic Decathlon team managed to score a field trip to the one and only Stark Industries Headquarter located in Stark Tower, leaving behind a Peter Parker who was not allowed to join due to “faking” documents regarding Stark Industries internship. In a strike of fortune (or unluckiness) for the team, they had Tony Stark’s own daughter to guide their tour. And she was not happy.
Join their trip through the industry with glimpses of a certain arachnid and a young Stark’s relationship!
You Belong With Me  💔⭐
5 times (Y/n) Stark felt jealous and 1 time it was Peter’s turn. (set before Just Out of Touch)
Author’s Note
It’s been exactly a year since I posted Just Out of Touch. I did say that I want to explore the relationship between Peter and (y/n), especially regarding Hecate, and here it finally is! I think it’s going to be a yearly ritual for me to upload at least a story in this series on my birthday...
Taglist + Mutuals (let me know if you want me to untag you!)
@spn-assemble-seven @racewife2004 @lukesbabylon @serendipitous-amor @sovereign-parker @ifangirlninja @lyzalovealk @lookuptotheskiesandsee @tommysparker @starlight-starks  @marvelexi @lou-la-lou @spiderbibby @hello--zuko-here @everydaymj @galaxystern08   @allegra-writes​​​ @spideyspeaches​​​ @delicatepeterparker​​ @parkerpeter24 @terrifictomholland @quackeroos ​ @angel-spidey ​ @greenorangevioletgrass ​ @awkward-darkness ​ @chloecreatesfictions @tonguetiedholland​ @peterbenjiparker ​ @and-it-burns-like-a-fire @sinisterspidey ​
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boohbear19 · 4 days ago
Webbed up will be up todayy!!
I thank you all sooooooo much for the support, love, and patience! I’m so sorry to keep you all waiting! I had finals for spring semster so I’ve been busy! I’m working on the next chapter now, so expect it to be up today! Please leave a comment if you want to be tagged!!!
Tumblr media
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mochiwritesstuff · 4 days ago
Requested by my fren!!
2nd Place
Warnings: Swearing, kinda fluffy smut
Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Summary: Reader is upset after losing a figure skating competition and Peter helps make it up to her.
She had practiced for months on end, trying to perfect her technique only to have her sad, in a train with her boyfriend attempting to cheer her up.
"I don't think fourth place is that bad." Peter said, wrapping an arm around her.
"Not for my family. For them, second place is first loser.” she explained. 
Y/N’s mother was always about studying hard, even if you know you’ll ace something, she’ll make you feel dumb and have you study your brains out. Her mom had her in figure skating classes since she was 4, making her spend hours upon hours of practicing to the point that she couldn’t feel her feet.
The train stopped and Peter helped Y/N up to her sore, aching feet. As soon as the were out of the station, Peter crouched down. Taking the hint, Y/N jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Thank you.” she whispered, resting her head on his back. Peter hummed in response and started his walk to his apartment.
“May!” he called out, setting Y/N on the couch. After a quick scope of the house he came to the living room, picked up Y/N, ran to his room and threw her on the bed.
"Peter!" She squealed as her back hit the mattress. "Can we watch Star Wars?"
"Or we could do something else?" he suggested, being bolder than usual.
"What're you're you talking about Peter?" she asked, a small smirk making it's way onto her face.
"Let me make you feel better," he said "please."
As soon as Y/N nodded her head, Peter swung his leg over her side and lent down to link her mouth with his. Quickly finding a rhythm, their mouths moved together. The kiss was anything but needy and rough. Slowly and passionately moving together, Peter swiped his tounge against her bottom lip. Y/N opened her mouth enough for his tongue to meet with hers.
Y/N's hips but, searching for friction, a moan escaping her throat as Peter began to grind against her. Peter fiddled with the hem of her shirt, silently asking for permission. Y/N hummed in response breaking the kiss to let him slip the shirt off her torso. Peter stepped back, quickly ridding himself of his clothing.
He interlaced his fingers with hers and held them above her head. Peter kissed down her neck to her collarbone, where he nipped the sensitive skin. 
“Let me hear you baby. I’ll make you feel good, I promise.” He freed his fingers from hers and reached round het back to unclasp her bra. Y/N breasts bounced from being free and Peter moaned at the sight of them. 
“Amazing.” He moaned, running his tongue over her nipple and gently grazing it with his teeth. The sensation caused Y/N to arch her back and moan as her hands trailed in his hair. 
He slowly kissed down between the valley of her breasts and towards her hips. Peter nipped the sensitive skin as he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. Peter hooked his thumbs on either side of the waistband and pulled them down along with her underwear.
Before she could whine about it, Peter’s tongue licked it's way through her wet folds, licking up and down on her sensitive clit. Y/N moaned loudly, her hands tugging his hair harshly.
A familiar warmth was felt in her stomach, she could feel the coil about to snap.
"P-Peter I'm c-close." She moaned. Peter pulled away, his eyes raking over her body
Y/N whined at the loss of pleasure, causing Peter to lightly chuckle.
“Do you want me?” He asked, massaging your inner thighs with his hands. 
"Yes please." she answered, slowly getting needy.
Kicking of his boxers, he placed himself between her legs again. Peter moaned as his hard cock slid between her folds and poked her entrance. 
“Are you ready baby?” He groaned
“I’m ready, ” Peter growled from her words and slowly, pushed himself in, eliciting a loud moan from both simultaneously. Her walls immediately strangled his hard cock. His head was thrown back, chanting her name like it was a prayer, completely bottoming out. Peter waited for her to adjust before setting a slow pace.
“Fuck, baby!” Peter moaned out, his thrusting making her clenching and unclenching around him. Y/N let out a loud moan as Peter hit the right spot repeatedly.
P-Peter, I'm gonna-" cutting herself off with another moan, she came hard around his cock.
Peter continued to thrust into her chasing his own orgasm, that was super close.
He let out a groan as he came, slowly pulling out and laying down beside her.
"Do you feel better now?" He asked, pulling her to rest her head on his chest.
"Definitely." Y/N replied, panting. She was already slowly drifting off to sleep
"I love you." Peter whispered, rubbing circles on her bare back.
"I love you too."
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parkerliciouspeter · 4 days ago
Peter Parker x Superhero!Reader
Tumblr media
requests are open!
word count: 2091 (long one 🥴)
warnings: swearing lmao
a/n: listen to obvious by taylor trensch from the dear evan hansen 😏🤏
Peter walked in his first class, rubbing his eyes. He only got an hour of sleep last night because of some burglars he chased for 18 blocks after they stole a few bags worth of jewelry.
“Glad to see that you’ve finally joined us, Mr. Parker.” His literature teacher gave him a tight lipped smile and gestured to the seat beside you. “You may take a seat beside Ms. Y/L/N, here.”
You gave him a nod. You were as sleepy as him, because you were the one who helped him catch the said burglars. But he didn’t know that. Because you did an actually decent job at making sure your identity was always concealed.
“Suh, Parker.”
He smiles and puts his head on his desk, mind drifting off to the masked hero who helped him yesterday. She was definitely a she, but no matter how many times he asked for her name she stayed silent.
“Whatcha thinkin’ bout, Peter?” You yawn, picking up a white marker.
He snaps out of his daze and quickly opens his notebook, hastily copying the notes on the blackboard. “N-nothing.”
You raised an eyebrow and lifted your legs on the seat so that your knees touched your chest, and scribbled a few stars on the bottoms of your jeans. He let his gaze linger on you for a while, before looking back up at the board.
When you get bored you draw stars on the cuffs of your jeans
He watched as you paid no attention to the teacher, even flipping open a magazine and scrawling on a few pages. Fidgeting with the necklace strung around your neck, you sucked on the end of a ballpen as you read the questions in a quiz that was sandwiched in the magazine you were reading. Peter swore he’d seen that necklace before, though he doesn’t know where-
“Still with us, Ms. Y/L/N?”
You nod absently.
“If so, what year did Shakespeare write-“
“Romeo and Juliet? He wrote it during 1591 to 1596, no one’s sure. Honestly, it kinda sucks. All the guys are either drunk or misogynistic and the girls exist to have-“ you let out a horribly faked cough that sounded suspiciously like “sex,” earning a few laughs from your classmates. Peter turned his head at you. You hadn’t looked up from your magazine.
You still fill out the quizzes you find in those teen magazines
At lunch, while Ned was ogling over Liz, he saw you out of the corner of his eye, messing around with your friends. He smiled to himself, he always found it so amazing that you could ignore the whole world around you, shut out the voices that tell you that you can’t do what you want.
And you dance like nobody's there
Awkward and perfect
You don't even care
“Dude, did you see the news yesterday? There was this huge robbery, and obviously Spider-man was there, but there was another guy there too.”
He turned his head to Ned so quickly, his neck cricked. “U-uh, yeah, I saw.”
“Yeah, people think she’s a she, but I’m not so sure,”
Peter bit on his lip, and he continued to wonder who was behind the mask.
At the end of the day, you skipped towards Peter in the hall, shaking him from behind. “PETER!”
You burst out laughing, eventually earning some badly kept in giggles from him. “Oh my god, your reaction was priceless!”
He scrunched his lips up to hide a smile, and punched you in the shoulder playfully. However, he realized that he had heard it before. Obviously, he had, because you were his best friend, but he could’ve sworn he’d heard it yesterday, even though you hadn’t hung out at that time.
“Peter? Earth to Peter?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah, h-hi.”
Raising an eyebrow, you shove a small paper bag in his arms. “Heard that May hasn’t been doin’ well lately, and she’s been having to do double shifts, so I hope this’ll help.”
Before Peter could reply, you were already skipping away. He opened the bag to find a wad of cash along with a small piece of paper.
Hey May!
Don’t forget to take breaks and take care of yourself!
Hope this takes care of things you needed to settle after Ben’s passing.
Love, Y/N ♡︎
He stared at the note in awe, and quickly counted the cash. A thousand dollars. You had given him a thousand dollars. He watched your figure skip away in awe, in awe of how someone could give so much even if they didn’t have a lot in the first place.
But that’s just you, and he should be used to it by now.
Something courageous, amazing, contagious
And kind
All combined
He heads to Delmar’s Deli-Grocery and picks up a few sandwiches, including one he’s planning to give to you as a thank-you.
Suddenly, the TV behind the counter switched to a news report.
“We’ve just received a report of a car chase near Midtown School of Science and Technology, four men have reportedly committed a grand theft auto and are currently being chased by our new unnamed superhero…” The news reporter droned on about the mysterious hero. Peter quickly snatched the sandwiches and placed some money on the counter. “Keep the change!” he yelled, while running out the door to the alleyway to change into his suit.
“About time you arrived, Spider-boy.” You sneered, wiping the blood off your busted lip.
He squinted, and proceeded to web up the criminals, but. He noticed that they had mild, fresh burn marks around their wrists.
“You gonna ogle at the bad guys, or actually catch them?”
The both of them didn’t say another word to each other, and decided to fight these criminals quietly. While Peter had knocked one out, his gaze flickered to the small silver chain necklace swinging around your neck. He could’ve sworn he had seen it before…
A swift punch in the gut disrupted his train of thought, the guy he had knocked out took advantage of Peter being distracted. The smell of smoke filled Peter’s lungs. Without warning, the thief started aggressively kicking, in an attempt to put out a fire that was rising up his leg.
He looked at the masked hero’s outstretched arm. “What? You gonna say thank you?”
Rolling his eyes, he webbed up his legs to put out the flame. “Rule number one of being a superhero, no one gets hurt. Not even the ones who commit crime.”
“Oh, come on, can’t I have a bit of fun?”
The two of you had finally caught the thieves, the red and blue lights reflecting off your black suit. You looked at the time, it was five-fifty, your parents expected you home by six. Ignoring the news reporters you looked at Spider-man, with a smug smile on your face. “Watch yourself, bug-boy. I might not always be there to be your knight and shining armor, or whatever.”
He watched you leap away into the distance. Then it hit him.
Washington D.C; After the incident in the tower.
“Peter!” You spotted your best friend and sprinted towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He turned red and did the same.
You pulled away, tear stains on your cheeks. You started to punch him everywhere you could reach. “You - are - such - an - ASS!” You cried, hitting him in between every word. Eventually, your voice broke and tears spilled out your eyes, head on his chest. He didn’t know that his disappearance would affect you so much, you’ve always acted like you thought he was annoying.
Wiping your eyes, you looked.. apologetic? No. Sincere. “I’m sorry Peter, I shouldn’t be mad. Ned said you weren’t feeling well this morning, I know how nervous you must be about the Decathlon.”
“N-no, no, you have every right to be. I’m sorry for not going.”
“I managed to calm Liz down and convince her to not get too mad at you.” You let out a broken chuckle. “You better watch yourself, Parker. I might not always be there to be your knight and shining armor, y’know.”
He mentally facepalmed himself. It was so blatantly obvious.
Why go stating the obvious?
It's so painfully obvious
How could you miss
Something that's this plain to see?
When it's glaring, and staring right at you
So obviously
Peter had quickly changed into his normal clothes but kept his mask on, and swung so quickly that he had almost hit a building on his way to your apartment. After a while, he landed on your balcony and knocked on your window.
You turned around, expecting to see Peter but was instead greeted by a pair of large white eyes on a red mask.
“AAAHHH!” You threw a book at the window but instead it bounced on the window and hit you in the forehead. “Fu- ouch…” You opened your window cautiously.
Peter held in a laugh, and pulled his mask off. Your jaw dropped open and you were about to yell something when he quickly clamped a hand on your mouth and jumped in your bedroom. “Dude, please shut up and don’t yell my name or I’m gonna hurt you.” His panicked face turned into a sweet smile and he released his hand.
“Wha- how- how long have you been- y-you know what? W-why didn’t you tell me?! I can’t believe you didn’t-“
Peter quickly shushed you and played with your fingers as he talked. “I know you have a lot of questions, and I’m really really really super sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier, I was just scared that you’d get hurt by bad people if they knew we were friends and-“
“Peter.” You whispered, a serious and stern look on your face. “Get to the fucking point, please.”
He froze for a second, and swallowed. “Y-y/n, were you, um, the- the girl who was fighting- uh- earlier? Near school? Just a while ago?
Your serious face doesn’t waver. “I- I don’t know what you’re t-talking about.”
“Y/n, I’m pretty sure it’s you. You-“ He played with your necklace. “You were wearing the same necklace.”
You become flustered, and a few tears streamed down your cheeks. “I don’t know what happened, I just- got really mad and exploded the microwave, then it got worse and worse and-“ Peter cuts you off by wrapping his arms around your body, rubbing circles on your back soothingly. The entire room was silent except for your deep gasps for air. Once you’ve calmed down, he continues to play with your hair.
“I have a feeling that that wasn’t the only reason why you came here.”
Peter was glad that you couldn’t see his reddening face. “Wh-what do you mean?”
You stayed silent—he knew exactly what you were talking about.
“Just so you know, I really like you, Peter. Ever since we met.” You pull away, eyes widening. “Please tell me you didn’t come here for some help with the homework, or this would’ve been very awkward.”
He laughed, and leaned in, hesitating. “C-can I kiss you?”
You smirked and kissed him hard, letting out all of your bottled-up emotions. You’ve been doing a pretty decent job of pretending you don’t like him, but there’s something about him that just makes you snap.
You pull away, the both of you are so close that your noses are just barely touching.
“I- I love you, Y/N.”
“I do too.”
You were just about to lean into him for another kiss when a loud and rhythmic knock banged on your door.
Your eyes widened, and you quickly pushed Peter off your bed and shoved him in your closet. “Shit, that’s my brother, hide!”
Your little brother opens the door, hitting it on the wall. “Y/N!! Oscar peed on my shoes again!”
“Fu- aargh, I forgot to walk him today, sorry, Tyler.” He wiped his nose exaggeratedly and stomped out the room.
Once you’ve made sure that he was gone, you closed the door and locked it, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any unwanted visitors coming in your room.
Peter pushed the door open slightly. “Is he gone?”
You laughed and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled and tackled you onto your bed, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “M’sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. We could’ve had weeks. Years, even.”
Tugging on his hair, you planted a kiss on his knuckles. “It’s alright, Pete. What matters is that we’re together now.”
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onewithnomightypowers · 5 days ago
clandestine (chapter 3)
PAIRING: Tom Holland x fem!Reader
SUMMARY: Y/N is an up and coming actress, married to a once hotshot actor, Harrison (Haz). What happens when her co-star, Tom, makes her realise that she is stuck in a loveless marriage. A marriage starts crumbling and a new romance stars brewing.
Tumblr media
chapter 3: sparks fly
A/N: i do not encourage cheating. i hope you guys like this chapter!! feedback is always appreciated.
warnings: drinking, smoking, cursing
word count: 1.5k
series masterlist   main masterlist   chapter 2   chapter 4
JFK to Heathrow was a 7 hour flight. Y/N was going to London to promote her new movie with Tom. She wasn’t the lead but was still asked to do so because she was going there to film her new movie over the summer. She reached London at 10 a.m.
She felt exhausted even though she had slept throughout the flight. She hoped that London would give her some peace. New York, her home, came with exhausting people, came with Haz. Every conversation with him was mentally draining for her. London was not New York. London had Tom, who was the opposite of Haz.
Haz was someone who would walk into a room and make everyone aware of his presence. He would make sure that he had the upper hand over everything. He was insecure, and anyone who really knew him could tell, but he would try his best to hide it by being a cocky, confident version of himself. That might have made people believe that he was arrogant or obnoxious but Y/N knew that deep down, he was still trying to navigate through the world and that in particular, made Haz so charming.
Tom, on the other hand, was quiet about his confidence. He was the kind of person who just walked into a room and didn’t have to be arrogant to have all eyes on him. There was something beaming from within him that he probably couldn’t even control that made people turn their heads. When you see him, you just feel like walking over to him and talking to him for hours.
He felt like enjoying your favourite song without turning the volume up. You could enjoy his company even with comfortable silence because he knew who he was and didn't brag about it. Y/N found this to be the most interesting quality in him. It’s not his charm or valour, it’s him.
Y/N was unpacking for the summer, when she got a call from Tom. “Hey Tom”, she was happy to hear his voice.
“A little birdie told me that you’re here”, he said.
“Huh?” she was confused.
“Greta, I mean I heard from Greta that you’re here, in London”
“Yeah, I got in few hours ago”
“Where are you staying?”
“I’m renting an apartment in Camden”
“Oh, I-um, I was wondering if you wanna grab a pint with me?” He took ages to finish the sentence and it took seconds for Y/N to agree.
“Yess! I mean, great, I’ll text you the address” it was hard for him to contain his excitement.
Tom reached the pub before Y/N. He was on his second pint when Y/N entered. He was sitting in a booth, going through his phone. Tom stood up when he saw her walking over towards him. “You look beautiful,” Tom said in amazement. When Y/N laughed at his words he realised he said it out loud.
“Thanks” she said with a smile. They both sat down a few inches away from each other.
“What do you wanna drink?”
Y/N’s phone was ringing, it was Haz.
“How about you get me a pint and I’ll take this call, what do you say?”
“Okay”, he said and got up.
Y/N went outside the pub to take the call. It was drizzling outside, wondering which version of Haz she was going to get, she lit a cigarette. Was it going to be the man she married or the man who was consumed by jealousy?
“Hey love”, a soft spoken Haz was met on the other side of the phone.
“Hi” she replied with politeness, taking a long drag.
“Did you reach London safely?” She could hear the genuine concern in his voice.
She blew out the smoke, “yeah, I ended up getting the Camden apartment.”
“That’s good, anyway, I called you because I wanted to let you know that I signed an ad campaign. They are filming it in London so I’ll be there for a few weeks in July. “
“That’s amazing Haz”, a group of women came out of the pub laughing loudly.
“Are you out somewhere?”
“Yeah I’m out for drinks”
“Oh okay, I’ll let you get back to it then” he hung up.
Y/N dropped her cigarette butt and stepped on it. She didn’t know how to feel about the interaction. She went back in, Tom was waiting for her with their glasses.
“Who was it?” He asked, taking a sip of his beer.
“It was just Haz”
“How are things with Haz, if you don’t mind me asking?” Tom was aware of the turbulence in their relationship from on-set gossip.
“We’re-umm“, Y/N took some time to condense all of the things she felt about Haz into a simple sentence for him.
“We’re not that good”
Tom noticed her sad eyes.
“Well enough about me, what have you been up to? How’s your family?” She said with a burst of energy.
“Ah-hum”, he let out a little sigh.
“My life hasn’t really been that exciting since I came back from New York, one might even call it dry. It’s just work and pub. That’s it. But, my dad is working on a new book and my mum is trying to get my little brother into acting too”
“I wish I had a little brother”
“No you don’t, they’re like your personal monsters who you can’t hate because you are conditioned to love them”
She laughed, their eyes locked, filled with fondness for the other. She looked down at her empty glass, taking note of the sparks flying around them.
“Have you been to Ireland?” she asked in an attempt to neutralise the chemical reaction they both felt.
“Nope I haven’t, which is weird ‘cause it’s very close to England”
“I wanna go and just get drunk on Guinness there. It’s on my bucket list”
“Cute. You have a bucket list”
They were getting closer to each other with every word they spoke.
“Everyone has a bucket list. Maybe we should go to Ireland together”, Y/N suggested.
“Don’t. Don’t make empty promises”, they were both buzzed. He put his hand on her thigh, subconsciously.
“What if I’m not”, she said in an almost whisper. Y/N’s sight kept alternating from his eyes to his lips. They looked irresistible. They were inching in closer. Finally Tom filled the gap with his lips on Y/N’s.
A lyrical smile came on Tom's face. Y/N deepened into the kiss, her hand laced in his hair, pulled him closer to her. He broke away, “as much as I would like to continue this, I think we should follow the spark somewhere else”
Y/N looked around the swamp of half-drunk people and sighed.
“Fine, but I’ll drive”
Tom obliged and gave her his car keys.
What Y/N had thought was as a onetime thing, became a pastime. Y/N decided to take the road less travelled by. The road of infidelity, which was covered with wild ivy. The ivy, named Tom, groped her further and further, with every step she took. She started to fall in love with him, with each clandestine meeting.
He would come over to her house, each night, with his hood over his head, making sure nobody saw him leave. They would try to find places, away from the prying eyes of people and hunters with smartphones. Every time, before Tom kissed her, he would say, “you know we can always stop” and every time she would think that she couldn’t because his magnetic field was drawing her in, deeper and deeper.
Tom was scared, not because of people finding out, but because he thought a day would come when Y/N would realise that this is all wrong and pull the plug. With her, he never thought that they were out of the woods, the thrill always lingered in the air. Sometimes he wondered if the drug of the thrill would stop working after the first few times.
They would stare at each other with longing, during interviews. What they thought were stolen glances, weren’t going unnoticed by the media. There were speculations around them. After every panel, a new rumour was born and each rumour caused a new fight between Y/N and Haz.
After every fight, Y/N would knock on Tom's garden gate, crying. Y/N had her guard up all the time. For the rest of the world, she was meticulous with every word she said but with Tom, it was no good.
Every step she took with Tom, she wondered if Haz knew. Did Haz know that he was right not to trust her? With every step Tom took with Y/N, he wondered if she knew how much in love with her he was. Did she know that he was ready to carve her name on his bedpost as the last one?
They both wondered if the other knew that they were ready to ruin themselves for each other a million little times.
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bruh--wtf · 5 days ago
Peter Parker x Reader
Main Masterlist
Summary: Y/N doesn't think Peter will ever make a move. So after MJ snaps some sense into her, she takes matters into her own hands.
Peter Parker Masterlist
Tumblr media
You were sitting in your class with MJ. You looked over seeing Peter and Ned talking, as per usual. You smiled when Peter looked over at you. He returned the smile, and you looked back at MJ. She rolled her eyes and you frowned at her.
"What?" She scoffs, shaking her head. "What is it now?" She meets your eyes, looking annoyed.
"Parker needs to grow a pair and ask you out already," she says. You were caught off guard by this and stuttered.
"Seriously? Honestly, at this point your beyond the two of you needing to just fucking be together. At this point, you just need to fuck," she says. You stared at her in shock.
"Me and Peter are just-"
"I swear to God if you say you two are just friends I will kill you." You frown down at the table. She sighs. "You two are clearly into eachother. And you're constantly staring at eachother. That boy is clearly thinking about fucking you at least two times everyday." Your eyes widen, and you glance back at Peter to find him still looking in your direction. He quickly scrambles with his papers, looking away. You couldn't help but smile a little.
"Peter's never gonna do anything," you say, looking back at MJ. She raises an eyebrow.
"But you want him to do something?" You roll your eyes, nodding.
"Of course I do. He's Peter. He's perfect." You say the last bit frowning a little. She rolls her eyes.
"Well, then maybe you should make the move," she says. You chew on your lip, glancing back at Peter again. He was talking with Ned. He was borderline grinning. He looked in your direction. You sighed, looking back at MJ. You shake your head.
"Why would Peter ever like someone like me?" She rolls her eyes.
"Don't ask me. Ask him," she says, nodding in his direction. You huff, standing up and turning to go over to them. MJ reaches out. "Wait, I wasn't being serious!" You wave her off, walking over to the two boys. You stopped infront of their table, smiling at Peter.
"Hey, guys," you say. Ned smiles at you.
"Hey, Y/N. We were just talking about y-" Peter hits Ned's arm, sending him a disapproving look. You chuckled slightly.
"What was that?" You ask, a small smirk playing at your lips. Peter cleared his throat, shaking his head.
"N-nothing," he says. You nod, chuckling.
"Alright. Well, um, Peter, I was just wondering if you wanted to hangout later?" You ask almost hesitantly.
"He can't, he's got patro-" Peter hits him again and Ned looks down.
"Uh, I-I had something to do, but it-uh- got cancelled. I'd love to hangout though," he says. You smile and nod.
"Great, just come by my place later," you say. He nods, and you give him another smile before turning back to MJ, sitting across from her. She raises her eyebrows, hitting your shoulder from across the table.
"What was that?!" She hisses. You laugh a little.
"I'm hanging out with Peter Parker." You say, smirking a little.
After school, you were walking back to your place when Peter ran up to you, smiling. "Hey," he says. You smile back at him.
"Hi, Peter," you say. He scratches his neck.
"So, um, do you still want to hangout, or-"
"Yeah, of course I do," you say. He grins, nodding.
"Great, so could I walk with you?" You nod, and just kept walking. Peter easily matched step with you. When you get back to your family's apartment, Peter walks in, looking a little nervous. Your mind reels back to what MJ said in the morning. You'd be lying if you said you hadn't thought about being with Peter. In more ways that one. Peter was just so attractive! And he was sweet, and like you said: Perfect.
"Right, so, what do you-" you cut him off, grabbing his hand and pulling him into your room. He looks around as you turn to him.
You watch him for a minute. "Do you like me?" You ask quickly, trying not to second guess yourself. His eyes widen, staring at you.
"Uh, what?" He asks. You smile slightly at the cute boy, and take a couple slow small steps towards him.
"I asked if you like me." He clears his throat, taking a step back against your door as you kept inching closer to him. He scratches his neck. "You know? Like more than friends?" He chuckles slightly, avoiding looking in your eyes.
"Do I, um-"
"Because, I like you like that," you say. His eyes snap to yours. He stares at you.
"You, you do?" He asks. You nod, still inching closer to him. His eyes glance over you quickly.
"Yep. I do. I really like thinking about being with you," you tell him. He stares at you and clears his throat.
"You like me," he says, whispering to himself. You saw a small smile playing at his lips, making the smile on yours grow. "I-I like you too." He stutters out. You bit your lip, trying to keep from grinning. You nod.
"Good, because I also really like thinking about doing this, too," you say. He looks a little confused before you finish off the space between the two of you. You reach up, cupping his face, and bringing his lips down to yours. He froze for a minute, clearly shocked. But then he kissed you back, his hands gripped on your waist.
You added more pressure, and honestly heat into the kiss, which he nearly immediately met with his own. He had probably been thinking about this as long as you have. He gently started pushing the two of you back. You snaked your arms around his neck, the two of you never parting your lips. You felt your legs hit the bed, and tugged on Peter's curls gently. His grip on your waist tightened a fraction, and you smirked a little against his lips. You disconnected your lips for a second to sit back on the bed.
He quickly followed you, his lips finding yours quickly again. Your hands gently touched his face, pulling him back as you layed back on the bed. He hovered over you easily holding himself up. Your hands trailed down his chest, slipping under the boy's shirt. Your hands running along his muscular torso. You almost didn't expect Peter to be as muscular as he was. But, it obviously wasn't something you were upset about.
You felt the blankets move under you, as Peter's grip tightened on them. You almost smirked a little.
It only took a minute after that, for Peter to slowly detach his lips from yours. You were left breathless by the boy above you. He looked down at you, seemingly unaffected. Your hands left his shirt, only to cling onto the fabric of his collar.
"Thanks for thinking about it," he says. You laugh a little, smiling up at him.
"Thanks for kissing me back," you say. His charming grin makes its way onto his face.
"No problem."
"Peter?" He raises an eyebrow. "You'll go out with me, right?" He chuckles slightly, kissing your cheek. You bit your lip, looking up at him as he nodded.
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Lost in Rome
hello, friends! Ever since "La Vita Dolce," I've wanted to write something else involving Italy and at least one Italian phrase, and so this lil story was born! Hope you all enjoy!
Ship: Tom Holland x Reader
Word Count: 1488
Warnings: mentions of drinking, vv slight language
You had been walking around Rome for what felt like an eternity.
(It had only been like 30 minutes)
You knew the bar was right near Piazza Navona, but you'd only been to that part of the city one other time, having been staying south on the other side of the river in Trastevere.
You felt embarrassed knowing you were dragging your friends around the city without much of a guide, but you were too stubborn to admit that you were actually lost.
"Maybe we should've gone to Bar San Calisto again. It was cheap and close but noooo. I just had to look up a 'best bars in Rome' list" you thought as you continued to trudge on.
Not only were you lost, but you also didn't have the ability to look up where you were going, since you'd decided to go cheap and not buy an international plan or a vpn, choosing to only using wifi so you'd "stay in the moment."
That moment seemed stupid now that every marble wall and cobblestone street started to meld together in your brain as it continued to darken.
A trip to Rome was something you'd been wanting to do for years, so when your university offered up the chance to go study abroad for 4 weeks, you immediately began scrounging up the funds to go, even scoring a scholarship based on the fact that you'd taken Italian classes in school.
You'd only been there a week but thankfully had bonded with your roommate before even going, having struck up a conversation at the informational meeting the semester before. Since then, you had also bonded with those in the room next door, them sticking to you as their translator.
Finally, you couldn't take it anymore, stopping.
"Okay, look, guys. I'm really sorry but I literally have no idea where we are," you admitted, feeling guilty. Everyone else smiled.
"That's okay! This place is beautiful! I'm sure we'll find it eventually," your roommate, Olivia, said.
"Yeah. Didn't you say it was at Piazza Navona?" Aaron, one of your neighbors, asked. You nodded. "Well as long as we can find that, then we're basically there!"
After some wandering, your group found itself in the square in front of the Pantheon, which was a step in the right direction, but you were determined to actually find the right place.
There was a hotel right there, so you quickly stepped in to ask the desk worker to point you towards the Piazza, who explained that it was only a couple streets East of where you were.
Relieved, you and your friends quickly walked that way, breathing out a collective sigh when you walked into the giant open square, looking around at the familiar structures from the second day of class when you'd toured the area.
"Sooo... where's this bar?" Aaron's roommate Joseph asked.
You all circled the square from the inside and out a couple times, not seeing any signs with the name "Bar del Fico Roma" anywhere.
Dread started to wash over you as you realized the website must not have meant the bar was actually on the square, but was somewhere nearby. You felt stupid for not screenshotting the website page or, you know, actually looking it up first.
"Fine, that's it! I'm marching up to the next person I see and asking where this darn place is. We've made it this far!" you said, exasperated.
The first thing that caught your eye was a group of people who looked close to your age, talking in a small group. They were pretty well dressed, typical of a young Italian, so you immediately started over towards them, expecting them to be the most helpful in giving directions.
"Wait, y/n!" Olivia protested, but you ignored her, walking between a shorter boy and taller girl.
You couldn't help but sigh out the words as you started speaking, placing a light hand on the boy's arm.
“Scusa, potresti dirme dov’è la-" "Excuse me, could you tell me where the-"
"Sorry! I don't speak Italian!" the boy answered in a British accent, turning to face you with hands in surrender.
You both seemed taken aback when your eyes met.
Tom Holland?
"Um, oh what was the word for sorry in Italian again?" the actor in front of you asked, looking to one of his many Spider-man costars around you. Before one could answer, you blurted out one for him.
"It's 'mi dispiace' or 'perdonami,' depending on how you want to say it," you started, realizing how stupid you probably sounded to be teaching a world famous actor Italian words after accidentally infiltrating his conversation.
However, Tom was more shocked by your American accent. Your eyes still widened as you realized what was actually going on.
"Oh my gosh, what am I saying, um. I- I'm so sorry. We're just trying to find this bar and got lost and-"
"Which bar?" he asked in return. You furrowed your brows and looked at him funny, wondering why he would care. He seemed to take notice. "It's just that, we're also headed to a bar and can't seem to find it, either."
You chuckled at the situation, baffled.
"Well, um, it's called 'Bar del Fico Roma.'"
Tom's eyes widened.
"Hey, that's where we're headed!" Jacob Batalon cut in, making you look at him and the rest of the actors in surprise. You could see your own friends shock from your peripheral.
"No way! Really?" Joseph said for you. The group nodded.
"I just got it pulled up on maps," Zendaya said, holding up her phone. Realization suddenly hit that she of all people was the one who you had been standing next to this whole time.
You and your friends all gasped incredulously, amazed at your luck after spending all that time lost.
"If you want, we can show you the way," Tom offered.
"What? No, no we couldn't impose like that," you began, knowing your friends were probably internally screaming at you.
"Oh come on," Tom responded. "We're all going to the same place anyways, not like we won't see you there. It's barely a five minute's walk."
"Seriously, y/n. Do you really want to go around asking more locals for help when we've got it right here?" Olivia asked, raising a good point.
"Alright, fine," you started, rolling your eyes. You turned back to Tom. "You know what they say, 'when in Rome.' Seriously, thank you. All of you. You're definitely saving our asses."
He chuckled as Zendaya began leading the way. Though the sun had set, lights throughout the roads and emanating from various shops lit the way.
Without meaning to, you fell into step with Tom, easily matching his gait as you crossed through the bustling piazza.
"So what brings you to Italy?" He asked. "You don't quite sound like a local."
"We're studying abroad through our university. Unfortunately for me, these goons keep following me 'cause I speak the language," you joked, causing Olivia to slap the back of her hand to your shoulder.
"Ah, I see. I was definitely confused when you went from Italian to American in an instant. Y/n, was it?"
"Yes! Yeah, that's me. And you're obviously Tom Holland."
"You better remember that later, he tends to forget his own name after a few drinks," Zendaya called back to you, causing the group to laugh.
"Hey! That was one time!" Tom defended himself. "Not my fault I was going through a breakup!"
He turned back to you.
"Don't listen to them. I'm quite fun to drink with. You should see for yourself."
"Is that some sort of offer..?" you questioned playfully, tucking your hair behind your ear.
"If everyone's alright with it, I figured you all would join us at the lounge. I'm more than happy to pay for a round or two," he winked.
The group was approaching the bar, and any anxiety you'd had about finding it finally quelled when you could see people outside laughing and drinking as they enjoyed the summer night.
"Hmm... I don't know..." you sing-songed, looking up at the sky.
"Dude are you crazy?" Aaron exclaimed, causing the others to argue in agreement with him.
"Okay, okay. Of course we would be happy to join you for a drink. Thank you."
Both groups cheered in approval.
"The only thing I ask in return is a little lesson in Italian and, if all goes well, a pretty lady's number at the end of the night," he said smoothly, giving you a look.
The others looked between you with wide eyes, surprised at his open flirting. You couldn't help but smile and blush before replying.
"I think that's something I can manage. Now come on, your first lesson will be in ordering drinks," you said, grabbing his hand to lead him in what was about to be the best night of his life.
And yours.
A/N: Okay fun fact I thought up this concept immediately after publishing La Vita Dolce and just... never wrote it? The entire work was actually written around the one Italian phrase I used haha.
Anyways... Hope you all enjoyed as per usual and feel free to hmu anytime about anything :)
Send a message or ask if you’d like to be added to my permanent or series taglists so I can verify you’ve been added!
@jackiehollanderr, @one-big-fangirl, @agentnataliahofferson, @spider-babe, @justafangirlduh
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starryspidey · 5 days ago
Illicit pt 2 (final)
Peter parker x reader
Summary: You’re hired to take out Spider-man, but what happens when you fall in love with the man behind the mask? 
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of death, fake science, weaponry- knives/guns, 
w/c: 8k - It was supposed to be 5k at most smh
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The past couple of days have been nothing but a pure waste of life. Time seemed as though it was a personal torturing device, moving ever so slowly. 
Harry has been harboring you in a small ‘bedroom’, inside the warehouse, but in reality, it was a cell with solid walls and a door. There were no clocks, barely any natural light coming from under the locked door. You’ve slept only two times, not for very long, and you couldn’t even use your internal clock to figure out how long it's been since you’ve seen Peter.
In your dreams, the only thing you could see was the last time you saw Peter. The tearing coming down his eyes, his hands and arms burning red from the cuffs. 
“Just tell me the truth: did you love me?”
You blinked away the tears, trying your best to not care that Peter looks like a shell of his past self. You kept telling yourself that it was for him, looking over at Harry, remembering the deal: if you didn’t do what he says, he would kill Peter. You weren’t even sure how Harry could kill Peter, but you didn’t want to take the risk, ‘it's all for the best’.
Harry looked like he was feeling a mixture of fear and envy. Almost like he was enjoying seeing Peter in pain, but wanted to feel that pain for himself. 
After you would look back to see Peter, you would always wake up with a heart that felt like it was going to burst out of your chest. You would be covered in sweat, light tears brimming down your cheeks, gripping the flash drive so you could pretend you had some sort of control in this situation
Harry had promised that he was waiting to use you, but he never saw you after that day. You didn’t really want to wait around to find out what he was keeping you for, all you wanted to do was find Peter and get you both out of here.
But things, of course, things never went your way.
You heard quick steps outside of your door with hushed whispers. The metal keys banging against the metal door, then it swung open. Without looking up, you knew that it was Harry and some bodyguard. They took you by your arms and dragged you out of your little cell. While keeping your head down, while making sure to keep note of rooms you pass and any sort of distinct factor that could help you hatch an escape plan. 
Being thrown into a cold room, you heard the door close behind you as you slowly got up. Looking around, the room was very bleak. The walls coated in an unflattering beige, and looking up, the lights looked like they were about to snap on their wire. By just looking at this room, you could never guess that this place belonged to the billionaire Harry Osborn.
“What did Peter tell you about being Spider-man?” Turning around and looking at Harry, he seemed more anxious than normal, not the smug man in the interrogation room days past. There was a fine line of teasing and being paranoid, and in your very one sided text messages, he went back and forth on it, just like now.
You shrugged your shoulders, “Not much, I didn’t ask and he doesn’t like to talk about what he does.” That part was true, Peter hated recalling what he did during patrol, especially if there was a disturbing criminal or if he couldn’t catch them, but on rare occasions when he would come see you with a black eye, you would insist that he would tell you everything.
But Harry didn’t seem to like your answer, his eyes lighting twitched and he was gnawing on his bottom lip. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and the first three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned.
“I’m not talking about what he does on his little patrols, I mean stuff like,” Harry let out a heavy sigh, as though he didn’t even think of what he wanted. In his instructions, all it said was to ‘find out everything he has to offer’, so he clearly had no idea what he wanted. “His schedule, what and where he goes everyday. And when does he interact with the Avengers.”
You thought for a moment, answering his question is really easy, he didn’t even want to hook you up to a polygraph machine. What could have made him this sloppy? But that didn’t really matter now, he was distracted and ran down so if you could just open the door behind him…
“Honestly, Peter goes whenever he has time. He has class at ESU, but is normally out in the streets when he wants to be, no set time. As for the Avengers, he talks highly of them, but he rarely visits them unless Tony Stark needs him.” That was partially true, Peter normally goes out when he has time, but he always makes sure he is out at night when crime is at its peak.
“Is there any possibility that Peter has not been honest with you?” Harry asked. Rubbing his temple with his figures, trying to sooth his headache.
“No, Peter is not the… best when it comes to hiding stuff.”
“Is it possible that you’re lying to me?” 
You thought for a moment, you didn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize you getting out of here, but what was the point in lying? It's the reason you're in this mess. “Yes”
Harry stopped his movements then quickly took out a knife, then came charging at you. But he was so sleep deprived and he couldn’t think properly, you easily stepped to the side, grabbed his wrist causing him to loosen the grip on the weapon. You took it and hit Harry’s head with the back of it. He collapsed and you broke away from him. 
Looking around the small room, you quickly looked around for any sign of a map or directions. 
Glancing back to Harry, you reached into his pockets and pulled out his phone. Using his face, you unlocked it and started looking through everything. His last text message was to his father, in which they seemed to be having an argument, a bunch of unopened emails, and nothing else. 
Even though you didn’t see anything direction wise, you took his phone and headed to the door. Slightly opening it, you saw an empty hallway, and raced out. Heading back the way you came, you assumed that where you were being kept was close to where Harry would keep powered people like Peter. 
Racing around a heavy militarized warehouse with henchmen crawling around was not something you wanted to be doing right now. Your heart was racing trying to find any sign of a jail cell. 
You eventually found a heavy metal door, one that was different from the others, and you slowly opened the door. Inside was another hallway, much narrower than the ones you were just in, and the lighting was too ominous for this not to lead somewhere important. 
As you walked deeper, you could make out heavy breathing, almost panting. You turned your fast walking into a jog, while you hoped that this was Peter, you didn’t want to see him hurt, or figuring out why he was panting.
But once again, luck was not on your side.
As you turned the corner you saw Peter in electric cuffs on his wrists and ankles attached to some machine, being pulled into a starfish position of sorts and holding him up. He couldn’t move, or else he would get electrocuted, just like in the interrogation room from nights before. But even though he broke out of those, you doubt he could possibly heal properly, even with his speed healing abilities; it's clear that they upped the voltage. 
“Peter? Fuck.” You rushed over to him, your hands barley tracing over his body. You didn’t want to hurt him, who knows what they did to him.
Looking around, you saw an electrical panel and quickly opened it, flicking switches to figure out which one was for the power feeding into the cuffs. Once you got it, you heard Peter fall to the ground. 
Going back to him, you slowly helped him flip over and sit up. His suit was torn, with what looked like burn marks on his suit; as he opened his eyes, they were bloodshot, just like in the interrogation room and you doubted they have gone back to normal since he has been here. 
Peter groaned, slowly gaining consciousness of what was around him, looking around then his eyes landing on yours, the first time you’ve looked him in the eyes in too long. “Who are you?”
You pursed your lips together, unsure of how to answer, “I’m guessing you wont accept me saying I’m the same person you knew?”
Peter waited for a moment, thinking of what he should do. He is weak right now, he doubted that he would be able to stand on his own for a few minutes maybe longer, and honestly he didn’t want to try and stand on his own. 
And the only thing on his mind: ‘No.’
“Did you mean it?” Peter asked. Your heart sank, he was thinking about that moment just as much as you. At least you knew that you were lying, but Peter, he didn’t.
“No, I’ve always loved you. Peter I’m sorry-.” Peter smiled weakly and opened his arms. You immediately hugged him, not too tightly, but just enough for you to realize that he is still here, and that he was with you.
“I owe you an explanation for everything so-”
Peter brought his hand up, too tired to forcibly interrupt you. “For the past few hours I was scared that I was never going to see you again, and all I really want to do right now is kiss you.” 
You raised your eyebrow at him and he simply shrugged his shoulders in return, “how could you trust me enough though? I’ve done nothing but lie and fuck around with your life?
Peter brought his hand up to weakly cup your face, you moved your hand to trace over it as you looked at him, staring into his eyes. “My spidey senses never go off when I’m around you. So I know to trust you. Now please? I just want a kiss.”
You gave in and lightly pressed your lips onto Peters, making sure to not hurt him, although he was gaining his strength back quickly. His lips were slightly chapped, and this kiss was far from perfect, but it was romantic. Two lost souls reuniting gave you butterflies as you felt at home with Peter. 
You broke away from Peter, earning a small whine from his and you glanced at the door, “we need to break out of here, and I’ll tell you everything while we leave.” Peter nodded his head and you got up and pulled him up, with him wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Do you think you could sense a way out?”
“I’ll try.” Peter weakly replied, and you just nodded your head and you were both off. 
You knew that this was your cue for you to start taking so you inhaled a deep breath and then released it. “So, a couple years ago, when I was in my first year of college, I was out with some close people, like really important people. We got separated somehow and soon I found out that  they were taken, and all that was left some sort of ransom note saying I had to steal something if I wanted them back, and if I went to the police they would die.
“So I did it, very well, and a little too well. When I dropped off the item at the location, they released them and all they remember is getting black out drunk. But in that haze, these people, or I guess I should say Harry, found out where they live and a bunch of personal information about them and put it on a flash drive, and he said I had to keep doing these tasks like stealing and shit like that if I wanted to keep them alive.”
You pulled out the flash drive showing it to Peter. “A few months ago, I was tasked to ‘Find Spider-man, find out everything he has to offer, then eliminate.’ But I couldn’t finish the task because, well... “ You motioned between you and Peter and he just nodded his head, trying to understand and reflect on everything. 
“I’m sorry, I know you or anyone else for that matter likes to be used, I just thought that if I came here, I could get the flash drive back from Harry and move on with my life, hopefully with you.” You confessed.
“You have nothing to be sorry for. You were a victim to Harry but I have a couple questions, if you’re ok answering them?” You nodded your head. “Why did you get the flash drive back?”
You felt heat rise to your cheeks, you knew the answer and had to remind yourself that it was ok, Peter seemed to still love you, and you have nothing to worry about. “You outweighed the people on that drive. Harry noticed and kept you here so he could still use me, but also have you.”
Peter blushed and smiled a little, sure it was a weird complement, but Peter never thought he would mean so much to someone. “So that’s why you said ‘no’?”
“Yeah, Harry wanted to see you hurt, and that was the most obvious way to do it.”
“Ok, how did you escape whatever hell you were in here?” 
“That’s simple,” You stated, “I was kept in a room type of cell, and today Harry wanted to talk with me, and he started asking questions about you and he looked like he was about to have a breakdown, so I knocked him out and went looking for you. And I also took his phone in case I needed it.”
“Can I see it?” Peter unwrapped his arm around your shoulder and extended his arm. It was still freaky how Peter could heal so quickly when you knew that it would have taken you months to recover. 
You handed his phone to Peter but was confused, “Sure, but it’s locked and we don't have his password-”
“I’m in, and I think we need to go right here.” You continued to walk and were surprised by hw Peter could have unlocked Harry’s phone. Peter must have sensed your confusion and answered the question, “When we went out, he had the biggest ego, so I figured his phone password would be about him. And 427796 is Harry O.”
“What are you gonna do with it?”
“I’m not sure, but there is probably some evidence that we can use to convict him, without convicting you too.” Peter clarified that last part very quickly, making you sign a bit in relief. You doubted the jury would be lenient if you were on the stand, and Spider-man would most likely not be a very good defense, judging how it could be anyone behind the mask.
“Next question, how did you dissolve my webs?” Peter’s voice was surprisingly whiney and you hinted a little bit of jealousy.
“When I first went over to your place, I found the instructions on how to make your web fluid, and once I figured it out, I noticed it’s a lot like glue so I just boiled vinegar to make your webs harden and lose its stick.” Peter had a little smile on his face, “what’s so funny?”
“It’s nothing, just, lots of my villains have tried to figure out my web-fluid. I once saw Dr. Octavious do some weird science stuff with all these types of chemicals, and it’s a little funny how vinegar could combat my webs. But, one last question.”
“Alright, shoot.” 
“How did you figure out I’m Spider-man?” Peter asked. 
“Oh, I looked at most popular sightings of Spider-man online, and actually Mj published an article containing that a few years ago, when you first became Spider-man, that Queens was your hub, and now it's Greenwich Village. So I figured you were my age and you went to ESU. 
“And if you were in high school, I looked around for gifted highschools and found Midtown. I guessed you had to have some sort of excuse for why you were leaving all the time, so using people's emails, I looked to see who looks up Spider-man or anything related to that the most. You came up and clicked on your instagram, I saw a picture of you and Tony Stark so I knew that was your alibi. This really only took me 20 minutes.”
Peter’s eyes went wide, “you doxxed me?”
“What no, it’s not like I published anything-”
“DOWN THERE!” You and Peter turned around and saw Harry pointing at you with a group of his henchmen, now charging at you.
You and Peter started to sprint for it, Peter leading the way while trying to sense out the right path. But the guards were catching up, and Peter’s web-fluid shooters were damaged so you couldn’t slow them down. So you did what any reasonable person would do: you threw your knife at them.
It ended up cutting one of the guards causing the pair to halt for a few seconds, which was lucky just enough time for Peter to find an exit. Peter used the last of his strength and knocked down a door to the outside and it was pitch black outside. 
You took Peter’s hand and entered an alley close by to hide. It was a tight fit, you could feel Peter's breath on you, and he could probably feel your heart racing. You heard feet running your way and you and Peter both stopped breathing. Peter grabbed onto your hand squeezing it tight. You both knew that if you got caught, you couldn’t do anything. You're both tired, weak, and have no energy, there was no way you couldn’t fight your way out of it.
The footsteps got fainter and fainter, until you couldn’t hear them anymore, but regardless you stayed with Peter for a few extra seconds, just holding each other a little more. 
“I think it’s clear.” Peter's voice was a strained whisper, if you weren’t so close to him you wouldn’t be able to hear him.
You weakly nodded and poked your head out into the dark streets, seeing no one you both walked hand in back to his place.
All you remember from last night was staggering into Peter and Ned’s apartment, Peter was healing quickly but he was far from feeling normal. Ned was pacing the kitchen with Betty and Mj on the phone when you both came in. Seeing their face change with a mixture of shock and fear, they rushed over to you and you passed out.
Peter on the other hand, didn’t pass out until he hit his bed. When you fell, he made sure you didn’t hit your head. Ned, Betty and Mj rushed over to help, Ned tried to take you off from Peter, but one look from him, Ned decided that he should just help Peter, instead of taking you from his grasp. Mj was on Peter’s other side, helping him walk while Betty cleared a path to his room, where right after placing you on his bed, shortly following you then passed out.
When Peter woke up, he was glancing at his clock as it read 5:00pm. You both were still wearing your clothes from the previous night, which were all dirty and torn from the terrible treatment. He didn’t realize his hand was holding yours until he tried to get up. Peter slowly shifted out of the bed and replaced him with his pillow that smelt like him, just to give you some comfort in his absence. On his bed side table he saw Harry’s phone and the flashdrive, quickly looking away and went to get some fresh clothes to change into once he had a shower. 
As quietly as he could, he opened the door and quietly shut it. Once he looked up he saw the concerned faces of his friends, “I’ll explain everything once I have a shower.” The group nodded their heads and watched Peter enter the bathroom.
Peter had a quick shower, he wanted to be out when you woke up. The whole time he was in there he tried his best to distract his thoughts from Harry, focusing on putting the conditioner in his hair and making sure that he didn’t smell disgusting, but it was hard to escape the memories each time he closed his eyes. Some of the guards had pushed him around, causing those cuffs to shock him each time; but he quickly shook those thoughts out from his head
When he got out, he slowly dried himself off, he knew that he would have to recall the entire story and he wasn’t looking forward to it. Not that he blamed you for your actions, sure maybe at first the relationship was one sided, but never since he first met you had his senses gone off and screamed danger! They only screamed don’t fuck it up!
And god, Peter hoped he didn’t fuck it up.
Putting on his sweatshirt and sweatpants, he brushed his teeth and tried to dry his hair but it was still wet so he decided to leave it. Opening the bathroom door and walking out to the kitchen, Ned, Betty and Mj were all quietly whispering, holding their mugs of tea, but when they heard Peter, all of their heads whipped towards him.
“Peter you need to tell us what is going on! You and (Y/n) left for two days! Aunt May was freaking out, if we didn’t call her when you both passed out she would have had a heart attack!” Mj whispered-yelled. 
“Look, I'll explain. Just can I have some coffee? I have had a long few days.” Ned nodded, getting Peter his  mug from the cabinet and pouring Peter a cup from the pot that looked like it was made specifically for him.
Taking a sip, he let out a deep sigh and tried to get his story straight. As he started talking, he made it distinctively clear that you were as much a victim to Harry’s games as he was and not to be blamed. And Peter chose to leave out the part of him being in electric cuffs, the whole interrogation room and anything else too gruesome. 
As he finished up the story, he heard the squeak of his bedroom door open and saw you holding some of his clothes. Peter rushed over to you and gave you one of his signature bear hugs, kissing you on the cheek. You pointed to the bathroom and he simply nodded, understanding you just wanted a shower.
Walking into the bathroom and turning on the water felt like a huge relief. Discarding your clothes, you stepped into the shower, letting the water race down your shoulders and back. You had turned the water to the hottest it could go so it would feel almost like a hug, or like you were protected by something. 
You felt better with a good night's sleep with Peter. When you were at the warehouse, sleep never seemed real. As you washed your body, you noticed some bruises, mainly around your wrists from the cuffs, and a few from being handled by that henchmen earlier. 
Turning off the water you wrapped yourself in the warm towel. You stared at yourself in the mirror, not thinking about anything yet thinking about everything at the same time. Shaking your head to get rid of the thoughts you quickly changed into Peter’s clothes that you brought in with you and walked out of the room.
All eyes landed on you and you felt your heart race. Peter moved to get you and whispered in your ear “I told them everything, they understand.”
“How are you? Do you have any scars or bruises ?” You whispered back.
“Nope, once my body was able to rest it went away. Do you feel alright?”
“Yea, I wasn’t dealt as poorly as you were. I’m just hungry.” You responded. Peter put his arm over your shoulder like a side hug, and walked you over to the kitchen.
“Ned, do we have any of the cereal left?” Peter asked. Ned nodded his head and went over to a cupboard and pulled out the box of cereal and two bowls, then slid them over to Peter. 
Peter started making cereal for the both of you and when he was done he handed it to you along with the spoon. As you started to eat, it was quiet, no one talked. And as grateful as you were for that, you would be naive if you didn’t discuss your next moves. Harry either has realized or would soon realize that you took his phone. And no doubt that there was some deadly information on there that could destroy the Osborn name that you didn’t have time to go over earlier. 
“What do we do now?” You asked as you started down at your bowl. The question was general, open to anyone who had any sort of advice that could possibly help. 
“Peter, you said you got Harry’s phone right?” You glanced up and saw Ned in his ‘thinking pose’ which is basically him with his eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed, almost like he is having a brain baby.
“I think I might be able to collect information to frame the Osborn’s, stuff that won't involve Spider-man or (y/n).” Ned offered. 
Betty spoke up, “are you sure that there is any evidence just focusing on them?”
Mj scoffed and rolled her eyes, “They are multi billionaires who can get away with anything, of course they’ve done illegal shit! It’s like a right of passage for rich people.”
You nodded your head, agreeing with Mj. Harry seemed like the type to have a couple skeletons in the closet, and you know Norman was one of the most corrupt politicians in New York City, or even all around the globe. But sadly, he has a large and powerful following that is filled with just as corrupt people as him, so of course he gets re-elected for mayor each year.
“But what if it's not enough? And wont courts judge how we even got the information in the first place?” You questioned. “The police are going to question how we got all of the information, we can’t just turn it in anonymously.”
It was silent for a couple seconds, but then Peter spoke up. “What if we could?” Everyone looked at Peter, confused on what he was going at. He let out a heavy sigh and started to explain, “I’m friends with Yuri as Spider-man, and she works for the NYPD as a captain. If I told her and gave her the info, she would believe me and deal with it.”
“Well, then I better get searching.” Ned concluded.
After a couple of hours, Ned was compiling a list of every possible lead for a major crime that Harry documented on his phone. The main issue though, was that the more illegal activity was secured by password after password. Ned and Betty had been trying to deal with it forever. It seemed like they were typing away at their computers and Mj looking over their shoulders and telling them what might be useful. 
Peter had been wandering aimlessly around the apartment, he had already finished rebuilding his web shooters, making more webfluid, fixing his suit, then soon washed yours, clearly he was bored out of his mind.
For you, nerves were building in your stomach and glancing over to Peter, could he even trust you? “Hey Pete, could we talk in your room?” You grabbed his arm and lightly pulled him into his room.
He shut the door behind you, as you entered, “what’s up. If you're nervous Ned and Betty are really good at computer stuff and Mj knows her law. You don’t-”
“-No, it's not that. It’s just…” You gave a heavy sigh, and looked around the room. You grabbed the flash drive that was laying on the bed and fiddled with it in between your figures.
“I want you to have this.” You tossed the flash drive to him and he just caught it with his spidey senses. “I want you to know that you can trust me.”
Peter looked at the flash drive, “I trust you.” Then snapped it in half with his strength. “Unconditional love, right? You don’t owe me anything.” He threw the broken pieces into the trash can. 
It was a weird feeling knowing it was destroyed. Kind of like a breath of fresh air. There probably still is some sort of record of your involvement, but at least you didn’t have anything looming over your head with important people in your life. 
“Hey guys!” Mj’s voice rang out through the apartment and you and Pater quickly rushed over to her. 
“What happened? Find something?” Peter asked.
“Yes, but not what something you’ll like.” Ned passed Peter his computer, “apparently the Osborn’s have a shipment coming in at Brooklyn within the hour. Supposedly it has a ton of military grade weapons.”
“Who is supposed to be there?” You asked, looking over Peter's shoulder at the computer screen.
“Both Harry and Norman and a lot of their henchmen.” Betty responded. “If Peter calls Yuri now, she could arrest the Osborn’s for shipment of illegal weapons.” 
“And it would be much easier to convict them when they are caught in the act.” Mj added.
“Great. Ned, can you send the location to KAREN, and I’ll call Yuri on my way there.” Peter passed the computer back to Ned and headed to his room, with you following behind.
“You are not coming.”
“Peter that's unfair. I’m the reason you are in this mess with Harry right now. I’m coming, and that's final.” Your voice was stern, Peter knew that you weren’t going to budge on this. There was no point in arguing but he did need to put something straight.
“It’s not your fault I’m in this mess. You’re just making me come to terms with everything.” Peter sighed and tossed you your suit as he started to get ready.
“When Harry and I went out, I didn’t tell Mr. Stark. I knew what he would say if I was in any sort of relationship with him because he’s an Osborn. But, I don’t know, it felt kind of cool. It was like my only time ‘rebelling’ and I was so wrapped up in it that I never realized that Harry was so… toxic. I never noticed the signs until Mr. Stark caught him snooping around the tower when I was out. He stole my ID and was looking in Mr. Stark's personal lab. If he was in there any longer he could’ve done so much damage.
“I should have known that he was using me, and that he wouldn’t stop. But, I just broke up with him and parted ways. I didn’t even think that he knew I was Spider-man.” He gave a heavy sigh, clearly recalling everything made him anxious and regretful.
You were ready to go, and all you could do was give him a hug and hold him tight. “Nothings your fault, you know. Harry is just a dick and terrible person. But maybe arresting him will give you some sort of closure that you’ve needed.”
“I guess, but we should probably get going.”
You nodded your head, and gave him one more tight squeeze and headed out to the main room. 
“We’re ready, did you send the location?” Peter asked Ned as he put on his spiderman mask.
“Yup, you’re ready to go. Keep in touch, ok?”
“Will do.”
Swinging through the city was an experience you were not sure if you wanted to do again. First of all, cingling onto Peter would normally not be a big problem; but clinging onto Peter while he tried to show off and do tricks is a problem, not to mention he was on his phone for a few minutes and he got distracted easily. But in those brief moments where Peter was fully concentrated was such an adrenaline rush. Seeing the city like this was something you could never get tired of, and you finally got why Peter always swung to places.
Before you could even arrive at the shipyard, you smelt it a couple blocks away. The disgusting smell of fish and the chemical fumes were enough to get you to vomit.
Peter stopped swinging and softly landed then perched on top of a ship container, “When did Yuri say she would be here again?” You whispered. 
“She has to convince her bosses that a call from Spider-man is worth reporting to. But every time I’ve called her in I’ve pulled through so it hopefully should not take that long. Maybe ten minutes.” He guessed. “But we need to block all of the exits so the cops can make the arrest.”
“But the only exit is that driveway or the water which I doubt they’ll dive into. Shouldn’t we focus on their cars so they can’t even attempt to run?” You suggested. Peter thought for a moment then nodded his head in agreement.
“I guess that's better, and hopefully less noticeable. But we’ll need something to subtly break the cars…” His voice wandered as his eyes scanned the area. Coming your way, and walking just below you was a single guard. 
“Stand back.” You quietly crawled back as Peter stood up, aiming his arm at the guard. He pressed his web shooter, shooting out the web fluid, and yanked his arm back. The guard flew up with his and Peter quickly webbed him to the ground and webbed his mouth shut.
Peter walked over to the guard and took a gun, quickly removing the bullets, then checked his belt, which had two knives.
“For you.” He passed you a knife and you attached it to your belt. “We could quietly stab the tires so they deflate, no one seems to be around them.”
Peter and you stealthily ran on the shipping containers to the first first car. Dropping down with Peter, you slashed the back two tires, then Peter used his webs to make sure the tires would be attached to the ground.
You did this five more times to the other cars. Your breath stopped when someone would turn around unexpectedly, or when either you or Peter made a sound that was just a little too loud. 
In the background you could hear faint police sirens, grabbing onto Peter, he pulled you back up to the top of a shipment container. You watch closely as swarms of police cars block the only exit, and see the men getting into their cars, only to find that they don’t work. In the mess, you could make out Norman Osborn, in the faint light you could see that he had a scowl on his face and kept yelling at the figure next to him which you guessed was Harry.
Watching the scene above, you thought everything was going to work out. The teams of policemen were arresting everyone and collecting all of the weapons. But when you were looking at the lineup, you lost track of the Osborn’s.
“Peter, where is Norman and Harry? I lost them.” Your voice was slightly raised, desperately trying to find any sign of them. One minute they were by that container of weapons and next they were gone.
Peter took a deep breath and you watched as his Spider-man eyes narrowed. After a few impatient seconds Peter shook his head. “KAREN can you find any trace of the Osborn’s?”
“There are two heat signatures in the building north east from you.”
“In there.” Peter pointed to the building on the edge of the water, where they housed the ships that docked for unloading.
Peter grabbed your waist and shot a web and swung you both over, landing on the ground and just out of eyesight from everyone else. The door was slightly ajar and you could hear harsh whispers on the other side. Peter whipped the door open and walked in, you by his side. Docked on the water was a cruiser boat, standing there, the Osborn’s, while carrying weapons with them. 
They stopped their movements and in the dim light, Norman began to smirk. “Son, wasn’t that the bitch you got to do your little jobs? Such a disappointment you both are.”
At his words Peter shot a web to Norman's weapon, yanked it away then the other to the weapon in Harry’s arm.
“The place is surrounded, give yourselves up.” Peter yelled. 
Norman tsked at Peter’s demand and reached down, behind the ledge of the boat, and brought up a comically large gun, one of the ones he was supposed to be buying today. “Son, go open the gates.”
Harry gave a faint “yes dad” and ran off inside the boat. Norman gripped the trigger and before he could press down all the way, Peter jumped to push you out of the blast's way. Where you just stood was a whole in the concrete, showing the water underneath. Looking back towards the Osborns, the building's ship doors began to slowly open. 
“Start the boat! Start the boat!” Norman yelled as he was waiting for the gun to charge up.
Peter jumped and swung away, to the perfect area where Norman would have to get off the boat and now was your chance. Quickly getting up you ran over to the small, makeshift dock and ran onto the boat while Peter swung around, distracting Norman. Once you got on, you opened the small door into the drivers area and saw Harry trying to start the boat, in the confined space which could only be as wide as an elevator. Looking up, Harry saw you about to land a punch and quickly avoided it. 
Reaching under the console Harry brought out a small pistol. His hands were shaking and he tried calming himself, but it was clearly not working. You put your hands up, trying to figure out your next move. You couldn’t just lunge at him, Harry looked as though he was on the edge of a breakdown, and when he came at you with a knife a couple nights ago, you knew he was capable of pulling the trigger.
But was he capable of aiming to kill?
“Harry what are you doing? Why are you doing this?” Your words were harsh, but weirdly it came out calm. You didn’t want to make him even more anxious or stress him out even more than his father because you really didn’t want a bullet in you right now.
“What the fuck do you think I’m doing? I’m helping my dad.” He gripped tighter on the gun, not caring as much to actually deal with starting the boat. 
“Do you really want to?” You asked. 
Harry’s head dipped a little and all you could hear was the blasting from the gun outside and a series of grunts.
Sighing, you continued. “Look you know we have your phone and we saw the texts between you and your dad. You know it’s over now just… just make sure you don’t regret anything by trying to help your dad.”
A particularly loud blast caused the water to go uneasy, making the boat start to rock. You took this as your chance and kicked the gun out of Harry’s hand and onto the ground. Lunging towards it while Harry did the same, you were able to get to if first and point it at him. Now his hands were up in defeat. Slowly walking to the front of the boat to the controls you took the key out of the ignition and put it in your pocket.  
“Harry just walk out of the boat and turn yourself into the police-” 
“Why don’t you just kill me?”
Now it was your turn to be silent. You would be joking if you said you never thought about it. Normally the idea of killing Harry ment securing your freedom and getting out of doing his dirty work. But now, if Harry went to jail, grant it, it won't be because of threatening you, but he would still be going to jail and out of your life.
“Because I have better morals is all.” You shrugged your shoulders as you guided Harry to the door to leave. 
“WAIT!” Harry jumped at your little yell and turned to face you.
“Why did you date Peter? Why did you make me date him right after?” As much as you hated prying on the ‘relationship’ between Peter and Harry, the way Peter acted after seeing him never sat right with you. It’s not like you would want him to be happy when he thinks about Harry, but the interaction seemed like it hurt Peter's ego and confidence, and made you want to punch him ten times more than before.
Harry sighed and shook his head. “My dad wanted me to find out what's going on in Stark Industries and a simple way to do that was to use Peter. And when we started dating it was really simple to figure out he’s Spider-man.”
“Did you tell anyone he was Spider-man?”
“No, that wasn’t really part of the assignment. I felt bad enough that I was using him, the guy doesn’t need his life turned upside down again.” Harry put his hands down and you relaxed your hands for a moment, just taking in everything.
“What about me? Eliminating Spider-man? What was that?” You asked.
“Once Peter and I broke things off-”
“-once Peter broke up with you.” You corrected.
“Once Peter broke up with me,” Harry continued. “My dad decided we could ship new tech in and if we got rid of Spider-man by finding out everything he knows about Stark Industries it would be a win-win.”
“But then why didn’t you just tell your dad that you know who Spider-man is, why get me to do your dirty work?”
“Because… I guess I felt guilty. I’m not really sure”
A couple of seconds past. You let everything sink in, putting all of the pieces together. And eventually you came to the simple solution.
“You dumb fuck.” You raised the gun again and Harry put his hands up quickly. “Why did you listen to your dad all the time? You knew it was wrong so you could've just… I don't know, left?”
“Do you realize what my dad is doing outside right now? He is literally trying to kill Peter using an illegal gun. I didn’t want to do anything to piss him off even more than he already is!” Harry argued, and credit where credit is due, that was a really good excuse. 
“Fine, just go out.” You pushed Harry out of the small room while still pointing the gun at him in the small of his back. The outside was a mess, so many holes from the blasts with burns surrounding them all over the concrete floor, roof, and the walls. Norman was now off the boat aiming his gun at Peter as he swung through the air, avoiding all blasts coming his way.
When Peter saw you and Harry, he quickly found a new surge of strength and while the gun was re-charging, he shot his webs, pulling the gun away leaving Norman defenseless. Then Peter quickly webbed up Norman.You pushed Harry off the boat and Peter did the same to him.
“You alright?” Peter asked, while panting heavily.
“Yeah, I was mainly talking to him and getting answers.” You gave a quick hit to Harry using your foot and Harry let out a small whimper. “What about you?”
“Tired. Very very tired. But okay.” Peter’s panting was going down, but he was clearly in need of some sleep, but once you heard the car sierens outside, you knew you would have to wait a little longer.
“What are we gonna do about the cops?” 
Peter shrugged his shoulders, “I’ll swing us out of here so they don’t see you. The cops definitely heard everything and there is enough evidence in here to arrest them.”
You nodded your head and Peter wrapped his arms around Peter and using a hole in the roof, swung you both out, stopping on the same shipping container you were on earlier.
“Wait here one second.” Peter was about to jump down, then remembered the guy from earlier, picked him up then jumped down to the cops. 
Peaking out, you saw he was talking to whom you presumed was Yuri, and saw him pointing at the building. She nodded and took the guy out of Peter’s hands and waved off. 
“I thought you would want to see Harry and Norman get thrown into a cop car?” you remarked. “For closure.”
“Honestly beating the shit out of Norman was good enough closure for me. And I’m extremely tired right now, I don't think I could stay up.” Peter responded. You nodded your head and Peter picked you up and swung you back to his place.
Watching the city lights pass you by was beautiful. Everything looked so calm and peaceful. Maybe it was because you knew that a chapter of your life was coming to a much needed end, but everything seemed to slow down. Enough for you to finally relax.
Entering the apartment, you could smell ramen noodles and coffee, but after just coming from a ship port that smelt revolting, this smell did not bother you as much. Ned and Betty were sitting on the couch together watching the tv while Mj paced around in the small kitchen. 
“You guys are alive!” In your few months of knowing her, you have never heard Mj sound so upbeat and relieved. It was a little weird, but something you could get used to. She wrapped her arms around you and Peter and you could smell her coffee breath. 
Ned and Betty rushed over, waiting for their turn to hug each of you. And as kind as that was, looking over to Peter with his mask off, you knew he was going to pass out soon.
“How are you? It was on the news how the Osborn’s are being arrested but we hadn’t heard anything from you and we were starting to get worried.” Ned babbled on and on about everything on the news. While Betty gives you and Peter a very long hug.
“We are just really really tired.” Your voice faltered a bit, and after the ending event of today all you wanted to do was sleep. “And everyone here looks tired too! You guys have been up since Peter and I arrived last night. Everyone here needs sleep.”
Everyone nodded and mumbled in agreement. You and Peter walked back to his room and quickly changed into sleepwear then practically threw yourselves onto his bed.
“Thanks for not doubting me.” You lazy mumbled as you gave Peter an equally lazy hug.
“I would never doubt you, love.” Peter responded, nuzzling his head into your neck as he drifted off into a peaceful sleep first the first night in too long.
He noted how your hand perfectly interlocked with his, the way his head fit perfectly in the crook of your neck, how your legs tangled together, holding each other tight, and Peter never wanted to let go.
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waitimcomingtoo · 5 days ago
Synopsis: Peter finds out just how much you love when his hair is long
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
warnings: smutty but not full smut if you catch my drift
Tumblr media
“Hi, dad.” You greeted your dad when you found him the the kitchen counter. “What are you doing?”
“Going through old pictures for your mom.” Tony replied. “She wants to hang a group picture above fireplace #15.”
“I thought that’s where we had the picture of Buckys mugshot?” You furrowed your eyebrows.
“Thats fireplace #14.” Tony told you. “Fireplace #15 is bare.”
“This ones cute. Everyone’s smiling.” You slid a picture towards your dad that had the whole team smiling in your dining room.
“Good catch, kid.” Tony smiled at you. “I’ll put this in the “maybe” pile.”
You suddenly noticed a picture you had never seen before. In the picture, Peter was in an airport with the entire Avengers team behind him. You could just see the top of Peters head, but you could still tell it was him from his unmistakable curls.
“Whats this from?” You asked as you handed your dad the picture.
“It’s when Cap and I had our little lovers quarrel at the airport.” Tony explained. “I would’ve asked you to come but I was still in the process of finalizing the adoption and allowing your child to engage in combat is frowned upon by adoption agencies.”
“I see.” You chuckled as you stared at the picture. “These pictures are so cute. Peter’s so little.”
You handed another picture of Peter to your dad to show him. It looked like a selfie Peter had taken, with an unamused Tony in the background. Peter looked younger and smaller, but the number one thing you noticed was his hair. It was much longer than you’d ever seen it, and much, much curlier. His shiny brown ringlets fell into his eyes, bringing a fond smile to your face.
“Yeah. That was when I first recruited him.” Tony told you. “He was just a baby. Now he’s a slightly taller baby who’s dating my daughter.”
“His hair was so long.” You mumbled as you rubbed your finger over the picture of Peter. Something about the way he looked with long hair was giving you butterflies in your tummy.
“I know.” Tony snorted. “Thank God May stopped cutting his hair and sent him to a real barber. He was starting to look like Farah Fawcett.”
“I don’t know.” You clicked your tongue. “I think it’s pretty cute.”
“Well, that makes one of us.” Tony patted your back and kissed the side of your head. “Night, kid.”
“Night, dad.” You called after him as he took the picture you’d chosen to show Pepper. You were left alone in the kitchen with the pictures, the photo of Peter staring right at you. He looked awfully adorable with the long hair, but also incredibly hot. The long hair was doing something inexplicable to you, and you longed for more. You picked up the picture and brought it to Peters room as a plan formed in your head.
“Oh, hey.” Peter smiled as you entered his room and shut the door behind you. “I was just gonna head to your room.”
“Your hair used to be long.” You stated as you showed him the picture.
“Oh God.” Peter grimaced and took the picture from you. “You were never supposed to see that.”
“But I have.” You said as you sat down on his bed. “And now, I want to see it in person.”
“No. I can’t grow it out again.” He shook his head. “It was awful.”
“Peter, you need to grow it out.” You told him. “I gotta see the whole curly thing. I need it. I need this.”
“It looked so bad.” He whined. “And it was such a pain to deal with in the morning. People started calling me “broccoli head”. I can’t go through that again.”
“Well now you have a girlfriend who would defend you from those vegetable hating bullies.” You told him as you cupped his chin.
“I can’t.” Peter pouted. “You wouldn’t like it, trust me.”
“I think I would.” You blew out a breath. “In fact, I know I would.”
“Those hairy days are behind me.” Peter shrugged. “You can keep that picture if you like it so much. I definitely don’t want it.”
“But I want to see your hair like that again.” You whined and took the picture back. “Please?”
“No.” Peter said firmly.
“Please?” You said in a different tone.
“Still no.”
“What if I said please?” You raised an eyebrow.
“Hm, try that.” Peter humored you. “Maybe it’ll work.”
“Pretty please.” You held your hands under your chin and begged him.
“No.” He repeated. “It was so hot and in my face all the time. I hated it.”
“But Peter, you don’t understand. This isn’t about you. It has nothing to do with you.” You explained. “This is about me, and how I want you to grow your hair out.”
“It’s my head.” He pointed to his hair. “It’s my decision.”
“And it’s my bed you won’t be allowed into if you don’t do this for me.” You replied as you turned away from him.
“What are you saying?” Peter narrowed his eyes at you.
“I’m saying if you won’t do this favor for me, I won’t be doing any favors for you.” You shrugged and folded your arms.
“What?” He asked you. You looked at him and quickly dropped your eyes to his crotch, making your message loud and clear.
“The Tap is off.” You said simply. “No sex for you.”
“You can’t be serious.” Peter scoffed.
“I am.” You told him. “No bush for me means no bush for you.”
“You did not just say that.” Peter buried his face in his hands. “I’m going to pretend that I did not hear those words from my nice, innocent girlfriends mouth.”
“Then hear these words.” You said as you got off his bed. “Good night, Peter.”
“Are you kidding me?” He whined and grabbed your hand before you could leave. “You really won’t have sex with me because I refuse to grow out my hair?”
“That’s ridiculous.” He stated.
“I’m a ridiculous person.” You shrugged and sat back down on the bed. “Don’t go to the circus if you don’t want to be with the clowns.”
“Y/n.” He pouted. “Come on. Don’t turn off the tap.”
“Too late. Tap is off.” You replied as you pantomimed shutting off a faucet.
“But I need you.” He said softly.
“Then you know what you have to do.” You smiled innocently as you ran your fingers through his hair.
“Why?” He groaned. “Why is this what you want?”
“I’m a simple girl.” You told him. “Curly haired skinny white boys turn me on. What can I say?”
“You can say “just kidding Peter, I love you the way you are” and have sex with me.” He said sarcastically. “That’s one option.”
“Nah.” You shook your head. “I’ll stick with my plan.”
“You do realize turning off the tap means you have to suffer too.” He reminded you.
“I’ll be okay. I have this picture to keep me company.” You proudly held up the picture. “I think me and long haired Peter are gonna head back to my room and have some us time.”
“Wait.” Peter pulled you back again and kept his hand around your wrist.
“Yes?” You batted your eyes innocently.
“I’ll grow my hair out if it means that much to you.” Peter said unenthusiastically.
“Yay!” You threw your arms around his neck and pressed kisses all over his face. Even though he didn’t like what he agreed to, he was happy when you were happy. You ran your fingers through his hair and kissed his lips happily.
“I can’t wait.” You grinned. “You’re gonna look so good.”
“Yeah, yeah.” He rolled his eyes. “We’ll see.”
“How long are you gonna be away for?” You pouted as Peter and your dad packed their bags into the jet.
“Three weeks.” Tony told you. “It’s a stealth mission, so we won’t be able to call. But it’ll go by quicker than you think.”
“I know.” You said sadly as Peter put the last of his bags in the jet. “I’m still gonna miss you guys.”
“I’ll miss you too. I’ll see you in three weeks okay? I’ll be counting down the days.” Peter said as he wrapped his arms around you. You hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek to say goodbye.
“Bye, Petey.” You mumbled in his ear. “I love you.”
“I love you more.” He said before kissing you for a long time.
“Gross.” Tony interrupted. “Parker, stop frenching my daughter and let me say goodbye.”
You chuckled as you pulled away from Peter, kissing him one last time before hugging your dad.
“Bye dad.” You said into his ear.
“Bye, kiddo.” He replied. “I’ll be home soon.”
The three weeks did not go by as fast as your dad said they would. But on a random Wednesday afternoon, you heard Peter bags hit your floor before you heard his voice.
“Y/n?” He called. “I’m home.”
“Peter! You’re...” You trailed off when you turned around to see Peter. In the three weeks since you’d seen him, his hair had grown significantly. His curls were falling into his eyes, just like the picture you had found. You were speechless as you walked up to him, running your fingers through his long hair and tugging on one of the curls.
“What’s wrong?” He asked when you didn’t say anything.
“Your hair!” You broke into a huge smile. “It’s so curly! I love it!”
“Are you more exciting to see me or my hair?” Peter teased you as he pulled you into a long hug.
“You, obviously.” You said as you hugged him back. “But I love your hair. I knew it would look good on you.”
“Don’t get used to it.” He said as you tangled your fingers in his unruly curls. “It’s bothering me already.”
“But I love it so much. You look so good.” You beamed at him before pulling him into a kiss. He kissed you back, noticing the way your fingers never left his hair.
“Really?” He asked when he pulled away. “You really like it?”
“Yes!” You grinned. “Are you kidding? I’m in love. You look like Prince Charming.”
“I look like a piece of broccoli.” He replied.
“The sexiest piece of broccoli I’ve ever seen.” You said before pulling him into another kiss. This time, it was less sweet and more heated. You slipped your tongue into his mouth and tugged on his curls, loving the way they felt in your hands.
“For the first time in my life, I willingly want to eat a vegetable.” You mumbled against his lips, making him chuckle.
“I missed you.” He laughed against your lips.
“I missed you more.”
“As much as I want to continue this,” he said as he gestured between you, “I’m very stinky under this suit, though. I need to shower because I give you a UTI.”
“Mmmm.” You chuckled. “So romantic. Let’s go.”
“You’re coming?” He asked hopefully as you tugged him towards your private bathroom.
“Is that okay?” You asked once you got inside.
“Of course that’s okay.” He grinned and began to undress. Peter pressed the spider on his suit and let it fall off his body before looking over his shoulder at you. You dropped your last article of clothing on the floor and stepped into the shower, beckoning him over with one finger. Peter blushed profusely before getting into the shower with you. You turned the water on and let it heat up before stepping under it.
“Beautiful.” Peter mumbled against your shoulder before placing a kiss there. “Missed you.”
“I missed you too.” You smiled as you turned around. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a long kiss as the water hit your back. You pulled away for a minute and grabbed the shampoo as you traded places. You squirt some shampoo in your palm before reaching up to wash his hair. Peter hummed in content as you massaged the shampoo into his hair.
“There’s so much of it.” You commented as you scratched his scalp with your nails. He sighed happily, never having the fingernails to do what you could.
“Maybe the long hair isn’t as bad as I remembered.” Peter said as he smiled at you over his shoulder. You leaned forward to kiss his face before washing your own hair. You didn’t get very far before Peter scooped you up and pressed you against the cold tiles. You tangled your fingers in his wet curls as he slid into you. Peter kept one hand under your thigh to keep you steady as the other rested on the shower wall. The sound of the running water covered the sound of your moans as you made up for the three weeks you’d been apart.
When you got out of the shower, you wrapped a towel around Peters head and rubbed it to dry him off. You moved the towel away from his face and smiled at his rosy cheeks.
“Do you put any product in it to keep it curly?” You asked before pressing a kiss to his nose.
“Yeah.” He smiled. “Water.”
“Funny.” You narrowed your eyes at him.
“I didn’t realize growing my hair out would lead to shower sex.” Peter teased you as he rubbed his thumb over the line of hickeys he had left on your neck.
“Well it’s slippery in there and I didn’t have something to hold on to before.” You smiled coyly.
“Now who’s being funny?” He smirked at you before pulling you into a kiss.
“Come on.” You whispered once you pulled away. “I bet you’re tired.”
“Very.” He nodded. “Let’s go to sleep.”
You sat with Peter on the balcony a few days later, enjoying the warm sun on your face. In the days since Peter had returned from the stealth mission, he noticed the significant increase in your sex life. You couldn’t keep your hands off of him, and he could only assume it was directly related to his grown out hair.
“Why do you keep whining?” You asked when you heard the fifth groan escape from Peter, pulling him out of his thoughts.
“Because I’m hot.” He groaned. “I have a whole bowl of spaghetti on my head.”
“But it’s a really cute bowl of spaghetti.” You smiled as you tugged on his curls.
“I hate it.” He whined as he moved the hair out of his eyes.
“But I love it.” You told him. “You look so handsome.”
“I’ll look less handsome with heat stroke.” He replied.
“Then let’s go inside.” You shrugged as you raised your eyebrows suggestively at Peter.
“You are such a deviant.” He shook his head. “You really can’t get enough, can you?”
“I can’t help it.” You whined as you tangled your fingers in his hair. “I’m hot and bothered for long haired Peter.”
“Oh my God.” He sighed playfully and looked at the sky.
“He makes me feel things.” You continued. “Dirty things.”
“Things that short hair Peter can’t?” Peter asked as he turned to you.
“I love short haired Peter just as much.” You insisted as you got up to sit in his lap. “But I never get to see long haired Peter. I want to enjoy him while he lasts.”
“He won’t last much longer in this heat.” He told you. “I’m sweating like crazy.”
“Then let’s go inside and get the good kind of sweaty.” You said lowly before leaning down to kiss him.
“You really love the long hair, don’t you?” Peter clicked his tongue when you pulled away.
“I do.” You smirked. “So let’s go inside so I can show you just how much I love it.”
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gamerdestiny · 5 days ago
Devil Deep Inside (Mob!Tom Holland x Agent!reader) Part 2
Flight to London was mostly boring because Mac decided to ignore me pretty much through the whole of it. Everyone settled into one of our safe houses while I had to temporarily live in one of the Platinum Lace’s exquisite strippers’ apartment. Her name was Destiny and we could almost pass off as sisters. You know how everyone has 7 lookalikes in the world? Well I definitely found one.
Dragging my luggage in, I look around her place. It wasn’t shabby at all. Very neat and clean. Destiny was definitely an aesthetic Pinterest follower because that is how her apartment looked.
Tumblr media
In case you’re wondering where Destiny is, we paid her off enough to spill everything she knows and also to disappear for 2 months. She’s enjoying a trip to Bora Bora right now. My first concern was the wardrobe so I rushed to the closet. Opening the door, I shuffle through the clothes. It was a little short or revealing for me, but mostly it was okay. Closing the door, I bring my luggage in the bedroom and set the equipment up. As soon as that’s done, I set the connections of my comms to Phoenix and the rest of the team. “Am I audible?” I ask. “Yes.” “Clear.” I get two responses. One from Mac, and the other from Matty. “Your job starts tonight, in 2 hours to be precise. Nothing else as of now, so get ready,” Russ says. “No, there’s girly stuff that I hate which I have to do,” I reply, “Bye.” These girly things were what RIley helped me with. Face masks, body scrubs, shaving cream, nail polish and god knows what all. Riley’s exact words were ‘If you had no boobs and a dick, you would be a man’ and I didn’t even take it personally. I was practically a tomboy, but sometimes I enjoyed surprising everyone by dressing all sexy. Hence the long task of being a girly girl began.
An hour and a half later, I’m at Platinum Lace finding a decent outfit to wear for tonight. I won’t lie, the dream of wanting to do something, and actually getting to do it, it was nerve wracking. The thought of having to dance almost naked in front of so many people. I was scared. Who am I kidding? I was fucking terrified. Finally selecting on at outfit, I slip it on. To say this accentuated mu curves, it was an understatement. Lots of silver and rhinestones. At least it covered my breasts and crotch. The back side was mostly empty. Standing in front of the mirror, I wont lie, I felt attractive. I wasn’t fat, I was curvy, and this outfit made me fell glad that I had curves.
Tumblr media
Working through my makeup, the comm makes the ‘activated’ sound in my ear.
‘How are you feeling?’
It was Mac.
“Nervous,” I mumble. “Honey wear this, take it off on stage,” a woman who I remember as ‘Jeanie’ handed me a thin translucent button up shirt, which reaches to my mid thigh. “Thank you,” I reply, wearing it over my suit.
‘You don’t have to do it if you’re uncomfortable.’
“I’m fine,” I say.
Awesome! I’m a crowd favorite, which means more stares and attention.
The stage is dark and I walk up to the pole. A slow and seductive music starts playing, and in cue the lights fade in. Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath and begin.
(A/N- I know this is a Tom Holland AU fic and he isn’t showing up at all, but i promise. All of this is just to build up the story. I promise that he will appearing from the next chapter.)
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