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#peter parker oneshot
inmydreamswestay · 8 hours ago
Peter Parker - Never say never
In which Peter doesn't know how to act around you
Tumblr media
"Can I help you, Parker?", Your soft voice reaches his ear and Peter knows he probably looks like a creepy, blushing tomato there where he is standing by the door, his eyes having been glued to you for the last five minutes.
Crap, he had no idea that you had noticed him.
"Ehh, yeah, I mean, I was just walking by and I saw you and I wanted to say hi, but then you were busy with, eh something, so I forgot to say hi," Peter says quickly and he wants nothing more than for the floor to swallow him and hopefully keep him there until you have left the school.
"So standing there and watching me in a creepy way for nearly five minutes, that is all because you want to say hi to me?", He hears you say with an amused tone and he mentally curses himself for being so lousy at talking with pretty girls. Especially you. You are just so, ugh, so perfect.
Your hair, your toned legs (Peter always drools at that whenever you are wearing a skirt or shorts), your smile, your laughter, the way you bite the pencil whenever you are thinking or the way you tuck your hair behind your ear whenever it is your time to read out loud in class.
Peter can stare at you all day. In fact, that is what he does most of his time during classes.
"No," Peter replies before he can really comprehend what you just asked him.
Tilting your head, you send him a confused look while tapping your pencil against the notes in front of you.
"I mean," Peter clears his throat, trying his best to calm the fast beating of his heart, "Yeah, I want to say hi. So hi. And I also wanted to ask you something."
That is a complete lie, but at the same time, it might make the situation less awkward because then at least you might understand why he wants to talk to you. On the other hand, this might just make it even more awkward.
"Alright, what is it, Parker?", You ask, sighing a bit, not because you find him annoying, but because you have so much to do as a member of the homecoming committee. The party is next week already, and you feel as if you are the only one on the committee who takes this event seriously. It is your last year at Midtown, and you really want the homecoming to be an unforgettable night.
"Peter?", You look at him with a wary expression, hoping that using name might pull him out of whichever trance he is in. He gulps, blinking a few times before once again clearing his throat.
"So, homecoming is next Friday", He says while scratching the back of his neck. On the inside, he is mentally yelling at himself already knowing that you have been stressing a lot about the upcoming event simply because he is always watching you whenever he can, so of course he knows that you are aware of when the date for prom is.
"I know," You mumble dryly before glancing down at the many notes scribbled on the piece of paper in front of you, "I'm in the committee."
"Oh yeah, right, yeah, you are doing a really good job," Peter quickly nods and this time you look at him with an eyebrow raised, "What are you talking about? We haven't started decorating yet nor do you know about any of the plans."
"Well, I mean," Tom bit his lower lip, his mind trying to come up with something to say, something that would make him look less of a fool in front of you, "I just think you are doing a good job so far, I always see you with all these notes. So I can tell you are working a lot on this. I'm sure the homecoming party will be awesome."
"Ugh, I can feel the pressure and it doesn't help," You groan quietly and Peter's eyes immediately go big, worried that his comment only made you feel bad.
"Oh no, no pressure, I don't care about the result, it's just homecoming," He chuckles nervously and it takes him less than a second to realize what a dumb comment he made.
Shoot me, please
You are glaring at him with a slightly offended look and Peter immediately shrinks under your gaze.
"I'm sorry, that came out all wrong," He begins, but you interrupt him, a slight sharpness in your voice as you speak, "What do you want, Parker? You said you had a question for me, but you are just rambling and I need to go back to work."
"Oh yeah, sorry, I don't want to hold you up, I know you are busy-"
"Parker, what is the question?!," You snap, losing your patience with this classmate of yours. Obviously, you know who he is, after all, you have been going to the same preschools and high school all these years, but you can't say you really know Peter Parker.
To you, he has always been that cute geek who doesn't say much but has a brain that can probably compete with Tony Stark's.
You also live in the same building as Peter and his aunt, and sometimes you will encounter him in the hall whenever you are getting the mail. You always smile at him, and he always blushes, and that pretty much summons up your conversations with him.
Deep conversations, right?
"Alright, okay, here it goes," Peter swallows nervously and then he quickly says, "I was wondering if you want to go to the prom with me."
"Oh," And this time you are the one who falters slightly, a faint blush finding its way on your lovely cheeks. Peter gulps nervously, wanting nothing more than to turn and walk away. He can already tell by the disappointed tone in your voice that your answer will not be what he is hoping for.
"I can't," You speak after a moment and Peter's shoulders immediately sinks. Of course you cant.
You are one of the prettiest girls here, and he is just a nerd who likes to build Star Wars ships or save people from robbery and fires. Of course you will never fall for someone like him, he thinks to himself, mentally slapping his face for having the audacity to even ask you out.
You are way out of his league, there is no doubting that.
"I thought he would have told you since you two are practically glued to the hip," He hears you speak softly and Peter glances at you, "What?"
What are you talking about?
"Your friend. Ned," You give him an apologetic look, "He asked me out a few days ago and I said yes, but if I tell you a secret, promise not to tell him?".
"Of course," Peter replies quickly.
You take a deep breath before you respond, shrugging, "I wasn't planning on going with anyone really, since I will probably be busy making sure everything goes as planned. Anyway, your friend kind of caught me by surprise after math class, and he was so nervous that I felt bad for him and well, I didn't want to turn him down. So I told him I would love to be his partner for homecoming. At least it got Flash to shut his mouth, he has been bugging me for weeks, thinking we would go together."
Whaaat?! Ned?! You piece of shit
"Oh...he hasn't said anything to me," Peter takes a deep breath, holding back the scream he wants to let out. He is going to make sure that Ned hears about this. He is supposed to come over after dinner anyway, to work on that biology project together. And also build more Star Wars figures.
"If it helps, I would have said yes to you if you had asked me first. I don't know Ned that well and I know the two of us don't know each other that well either, but I dare say I know you better than I know him," You give Peter a soft smile before quickly glancing down at the watch on your wrist.
Peter watches as you gather your notes before putting them away and then swinging the bag over one shoulder.
"Well, my dad is here, he is picking me up. Want a ride? You know, since we live in the same building," You say with a smile as you walk over to him.
"Sure, but if it is any trouble, I can always walk, I mean, it's not that far and I really don't want to bother your father-"
"Peter Parker, shush and follow me," Is all you say as you brush past him in the doorway and Peter follows after you, quickly, his heart nearly jumping out of his chest as the two of you make your way through the corridor.
At least he gets to meet your father before Ned does.
Later that evening, Peter is glaring at Ned from the corner of his eyes, trying his best to make it seem obvious that there is something that bothers him.
And after a few moments of Peter huffing and sighing loudly, his friend slowly looks up from the biology book, giving him a confused look, "You seem tensed. What's wrong?".
"I can't believe you haven't told me you have a date for the prom," Peter says bitterly and he almost feels bad for letting his anger go out on Ned. It is not like his friend has done anything wrong because Peter has never told Ned that he likes you.
In fact, Ned believes Peter likes MJ simply because MJ always sits near you in the classroom, and therefore it may easily seem as if Peter is drooling over MJ instead.
"Oh yeah! I do, I completely forgot to tell you about it-," Ned starts, excitement in his voice, but Peter quickly interrupts him, not in the mood to hear Ned fangirl over you," Yeah, I know. She told me, Ned. And do you want to know in what setting she told me about it? It was after I had made a complete fool out of myself by asking her out!."
"Oh....shit," Ned sends him a nervous look, and Peter only chuckles bitterly, "Yeah, oh shit. I can't believe you asked her out, I was going to do it."
"Wait, I didn't you know like her! What about MJ?," Ned asks, running a hand through his short hair.
"It was never MJ," Peter sighs, "It was always her. I really, really want to get to know her. She is so perfect, Ned."
"Yeah tell me about it, I'm still shocked that she said yes," Ned says in a dreamy voice for a moment, until his eyes go big and he quickly glances at Peter, gulping as his best friend is glaring daggers at him.
If only looks could kill...
Peter is almost tempted to tell Ned what you had told him earlier, but since he promised you not to tell anyone, he only keeps his mouth shut. He doesn't want to mess things up before he has gotten the chance to get to know you. Actually, he doesn't want to mess things up with you period.
"Well, I suppose I can cancel-" Ned begins, but Peter cuts in, his voice calm now, "No, it's okay. I don't think she takes this partner thing too serious anyway."
"If you say so," Ned says slowly, giving Peter a thoughtful look, "But seriously, I'm sorry, Peter. I didn't know you like her, if I had known, I wouldn't have asked her, I promise."
"I know, Ned, I know." Peter nods because he knows Ned isn't lying.
"Well, then," Ned shrugs, "Have you asked anyone else? You know, I don't think MJ has a date either. Maybe the two of you could go together."
Peter only sighs as he starts to flip through the book.
"It's better than going alone," Neds tells him quietly and Peter nods after a moment, "You're right. Suppose I can ask her tomorrow".
"Awesome," Ned smiles, although he can't help but feel extremely bad for asking you out and ruining Peter's chance of being your homecoming partner. It's after all the last year for you guys and it would be nice if the homecoming could be a night to remember.
But, then again, anything can happen at prom.
* * *
"She looks really good. I wouldn't be surprised if she became the first female president in America, because she is the true definition of beauty with brain," MJ mumbles as she gazes at something.
It is the evening of homecoming and Peter is seated by one of the round tables. MJ is sitting next to him, her fingers annoyingly tapping the table over and over. But slightly curious to see who she is looking at, Peter slowly looks up from his phone and his jaw falls to the floor the moment his eyes fall on you.
You are wearing a beautiful, red dress that perfectly hugs your curves. Your hair has been curled and hangs loosely down your back in waves and you are elegantly making your way across the room in black high heels and it takes Peter a few seconds to register that you are actually heading towards his table.
"Hey, Parker. MJ," You say as you reach their table.
Peter immediately glances at your gold necklace (and it has nothing to do with the fact how nice your cleavage looks in that dress) and he can't help but think how the gold color fits the redness of your dress.
You look simply breathtaking.
"Hey," MJ says as she kicks him under the table.
"Oh! Hey," Peter quickly says as you glance at him, glaring at MJ from the corner of his eyes.
"Where is Ned?," Peter asks as he glances around and his eyes almost pop out as he spots his friend dance with Betty, the blonde, slightly stuck up girl Peter never cared much for.
"What a date he is," MJ says dryly and Peter watches as you roll your eyes as the three of you look at Ned and his new dance partner.
"Well, it's a free country, right?," You shrug before glancing down at MJ, a smile on your pretty face, "You look pretty tonight, MJ."
"Thanks, but have you see yourself?," MJ replies simply, "That dress really looks good on you."
It sure does, it sure does
"Thanks, it cost me three months of saving," You answers with a chuckle before shaking your head, "All that work for just a fucking dress."
"Well, you look gorgeous," Peter says quickly, causing MJ to give him a small smirk while you glance at him.
"Thank you, Parker. You don't look too bad yourself," You tell him just when someone suddenly shouts your name and you hear something about emergency and cake.
"Fuck, I gotta go. I hope you guys enjoy the prom," You give them a small wave before you make your way through the dancing crowd, ready to yell at whoever messed up the order.
"Well, I'm going to go to the restroom and puke. All these dancing couples are giving me diabetes," MJ gets up from her seat and leaves Peter to sit by himself and he suddenly feels very small and lonely. He cant believe that this is his last prom, this is what he will remember when he thinks back at prom.
After spending most of his time trying his best to keep an eye on you, which is quite difficult since you are everywhere, trying your best to make sure things are going as planned, Peter finds himself out on the stairs to the school building.
The fresh night air feels good against his warm skin and he can't help but lose the tie a bit. It's nearly eleven o'clock and he regrets going. He wants to go home, to just cuddle up in his bed and feel sorry for himself, but at the same time, he wants to stay. A little part of him is hoping that he will get the chance to dance with you.
Just one dance, that is all he wants.
He suddenly hears someone call his name and so he turns his head, just in time to see Ned approach him.
Ned joins him, and they sit there for a few seconds in pure silence before Ned says, "I messed up my chances with her on purpose. I have been dancing with Betty all night. I think she saw us earlier."
"Ned," Peter chuckles, "I think the whole school saw you."
"Did she seem mad?," Ned asks and Peter only shakes his head, "No, I don't think it bothered her at all. I just want to have one dance with her, but she has been so busy that I have barely seen her."
"Well, things have calmed down not, so maybe you should go and find her now," Ned says slowly before a loud burp leaves his mouth.
"Grosse," Peter mumbles while Ned quickly looks around, "Don't think anyone heard it-oh, hey!".
Peter slowly turns his head and he feels his heart jump in joy as he watches you walk down the stairs, heading towards them.
"Is the prom I have arranged that boring that sitting out here is more fun?," You ask, narrowing your eyes at Peter and Ned.
"Oh, not at all, the prom is great, we just...I mean, I went out to get some fresh air, and then Ned joined me," Peter says quickly and he has to remind himself to breathe. It is easy for him to forget that whenever he sees you and it certainly does not help that you look ravishing in that dress of yours.
"Yeah, I just told Peter he should ask you for a dance," Ned says, nodding enthusiastically before quickly clapping his hand over this mouth. His eyes go big as he looks at Peter, who is glaring at his friend.
"Damn it,Ned," Peter mumbles under his breath.
Ned sighs as he watches you raise a brow.
He might as well go for it, it is not like he has been the best prom partner and he also wants his best friend to be able to enjoy the prom, and not just sit out here and sulk himself to death.
"I've been dancing with Betty all night because I should never have asked you to be my partner for prom. It should have been Peter all along, he is like really into you," Ned says, the words practically falling out of him in one big wave.
Peter is staring at him with big eyes, and Ned has a feeling his whole room is going to be one huge spiderweb by the end of the night. Gulping nervously, he turns his attention to you, "He really likes you, he just doesn't know how to say it, so with that," Ned stands up, brushing the back of his dark pants before he goes on, "I'll leave the two of you out here to do stuff, err, not sexual stuff, just you know, get to know each other-"
"Ned, please go inside," Peter says quickly, his voice high.
Staring at his blushing friend, Peter almost wants to strangle him. Has Ned not noticed that he is practically digging Peter's grave? And if Peter falls, he is going to drag Ned with him.
"Yeah sorry," Ned rambles on, smiling sheepishly, "Obviously I wasn't talking about you guys having sex out here, I mean, this is a public area, and there is so much you guys should know about each other first, like all Peter really want is a dance-"
"Oh my god, Ned, can you just go away?!", Peter says loudly, his eyes everywhere but you, but he can feel you looking at him.
"Oh sorry, yeah, of course, sorry Peter", Ned sends him a silly look before quickly walking up the stairs again and disappears through the glass doors.
This leaves Peter out here alone with you, but after Ned's horrible speech, Peter is not sure if he can even look at you. You must think he is crazy, or that he has talked about being sexual with you to Ned.
Either way, this is not how he wanted his night to turn out. This is not the moment he wants to remember when he looks back at his prom night.
"So, Ned is quite the charmer, isn't he?," He hears you speak with a soft chuckle and the next second, you have seated yourself down next to Peter, and he holds his breath as he feels your hand brush against his.
He can also smell your perfume now since you are right next to him. You smell of fresh rose and jasmine and he can't help but savor the smell.
"Yeah, he is...quite the talker. Horrible at keeping secrets," Peter sighs softly, shaking his head at his friend still.
"That's good to know. Guess I won't be sharing my secrets with him any time soon," You reply with a knowing smile. Peter glances up at you and although he is very embarrassed still, he can't help but take in your appearance.
You are just so gorgeous which makes him wonder why you are sitting out here with him when you probably can have any guy back in there.
"So, you like me, huh?," Peter hears you ask amused and at first, he doesn't really understand what you just said, but when his brain works again, he gulps nervously, not sure how to respond to that.
"That's cute, though a bit confusing. I mean, you don't really know me, Parker," You point out, but nonetheless do you smile. No wonder he always blushes and stutters whenever he is with you.
"I know," Peter says, feeling a bit small as you look at him.
He does not mention to you that he knows you more than he lets on.
He knows you wake up at seven o'clock, even during the weekends. He knows your father works as a doctor and that your mother left your family two years ago after she met a younger guy. He knows you have no siblings, but that your gay cousin visits you every Sunday.
He knows your favorite ice cream is salted caramel, and your second favorite flavor is dark chocolate. He also knows that you enjoy watching SVU and that your preferred choice when it comes to music is country.
Peter knows you have a lot of friends, but that you like to spend the weekends just relaxing, mostly because you are so busy during the weekdays, trying your best to meet every one of your friends. Also, he knows you work at a bakery near Central Park, and that you are currently saving up for a trip to Greece with your best friend, Amanda, who goes to another school.
Yup, Peter knows a lot about you, all thanks to the fire stairs and the fact that he is Spiderman. It's quite easy to spy on someone when one can jump from roof to roof.
One time when he knew that you were out on a date with some guy you had matched with on tinder, Peter had been on the roof near the restaurant, keeping an eye on you the entire time. It wasn't just because he wanted to spy on you, but also because he wanted to make sure you hadn't gone out with some creep.
To Peter's big surprise and also satisfaction, you had left the date quite early once you had realized that the guy only wanted to meet you for one thing and Peter remembered that he had been tempted to hunt down the guy and beat him up for treating you like a whore.
Neither less to say, all of this information is not something Peter can ever share with you. That will just make him look creepy, and although he knows that it is in fact quite creepy that he knows so much about you, he does not want to lose his chance of getting to know you through the normal method.
"Well, I mean, yeah, I know we don't know each other that well, but we have always been neighbors and we have gone to the same school since we are kids, and I just figured maybe...well, its...crap, I'm sorry, I have never really done this before, but I would love to get to know you," Peter pauses since he can feel himself stumbling over his own words and somewhere in the back of his mind, he can already picture Flash laughing at his silly attempt to try to flirt with you.
"Anyway, if you want to," Peter goes on, "Maybe we can do something together and I'm not talking about sex, you know, not sexual stuff, errr, I mean, not now, but obviously if we got to know each other better, then yeah, I would love to have sex with you-and fuck it, please shot me already," Peter buries his face in his hands, groaning quietly.
He will not be surprised if his ears are as red as your dress.
Not daring to look up, afraid that he messed up his one chance with you, he feels slightly surprised as he feels the gentle touch of your hand on his shoulder.
"Peter, look at me," He hears you say gently, your soft voice like music to his ears.
He immediately lifts his head and he can't help but give you a weak smile since you are smiling at him. God, your smile is so pretty.
You are so pretty.
"Would you like to dance with me?," You ask kindly, lifting his chin with your index finger. You can tell he is really nervous, that he is unsure what to think of this touch, but you don't mind. That is just one of the cute traits about Peter Parker, your shy, yet cute neighbour.
"I would love to," Peter answers.
Pleased that you have gotten him to calm down, you stand up to your full height before gesturing for Peter to grab your hand, giving him a smile that shows off your white teeth, "Well, what are you waiting for, Parker?".
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emmastarz · 10 hours ago
just friends | peter parker
↳ a collaboration with sophia - @cherrytholland
Tumblr media
synopsis → unrequited love never goes well when it’s with your best friend -  especially when said best friend has his eyes set on a certain gwen stacy. add that to neglect, loneliness and the feeling of loving someone you shouldn’t, and you’ve got a load of hurt feelings that will eventually explode.
genre  → bestfriend!peter, friends to lovers au, ANGST ANGST ANGST because this is part one and soph has part two !!
word count → 6.3k
playlist  → someone like you = adele | gone = jorja smith | rise up = andra day
a/n  → guys i’m so scared to post this :// BUT thank you sophia - cherrytholland - for bearing with me. you’re so patient babe, i don’t even know how. i’ve been procrastinating on this fic for so long and yet, you’re always there with the support. i love you so much <33
note → this is part one to a two-part fic. @cherrytholland is currently writing the second part ! this fic also includes gwen as peter’s secondary love interest :)
Tumblr media
IT’S NOT FAIR to miss someone who isn’t yours to miss.
it’s not fair to think about someone in a way that you shouldn’t be thinking in.
and it’s definitely not fair to love someone who isn’t yours to love.
and yet, lately, you’ve found yourself doing all three of those things.
when did you start liking your best friend? it’s hard to pinpoint when, and at this point you need a why more than a when. maybe it was when he tripped you accidentally, or when he held your hand even though he was the one scared of the dark. when he lied to that scary teacher to protect you (the same one who you still, to this day, claim had fangs). or maybe it was that time when he brushed the hair out of your eyes and told you he was so happy to have you in his life.
right now, you’re both at your house, working on a project that’s bound to take a chunk of your schedule. you’ve been meeting up after school consistently, sometimes at his, sometimes at yours, and sometimes in the library where you sneak him food under the table. a lot of the time, you both divert to star wars in no less than five minutes. but the more time you get to spend with peter, the better. he’s sweet, funny, and insanely cute; what more could you ask for?
oh, here’s an idea: maybe i could ask to stop thinking about my platonic relationship with my best friend romantically.
no shit, sherlock.
it’s not like you’ve had time to process your supposed feelings, you’ve been busy as it is. and, even better, your parents are.. at odds, and it’s been these sessions with peter that have allowed you to get out of the house, have some fun, and not worry about personal stress adding to work stress. and today you haven’t had the best day. not. at. all.
IT STARTED WHEN ned bumped into you on your way to your locker. he was only trying to drop off some notes from one of your classes, but your hurried walking, the coffee in your hand and his frantically-scribbled physics papers landed you in the bathroom with a stain of a cocoa hue down the front of your shirt. your jacket had been what saved you, and you’d buttoned the front of it and plastered a believing smile on your face for the rest of the day.
said physics (which you’d been late to) had been a pain, mainly because peter had a different class to you, and your lab partner was none other than flash, who normally is surprisingly decent to you, although he has a habit of being annoying at all the wrong times.
like now.
he’d made a show of having no interest in the work (nor did you, considering your tumultuous morning), saying your name repetitively.. asking why you hung out with peter – “he just talks about lego and star wars.” – and you wondered why he’d even bothered to show up when all he was doing was giving you a headache.
then you’d had to listen to the aforementioned flash droning on and on and on about some new spiderman fad during lunch – he’d clearly taken your offer to wait for him as an offer to annoy you – mainly since peter had been away doing something, with ned, you assumed. mj had been waiting for you at the usual table, her head covered by a book compiling of grisly murders, but had caved the minute flash spoke.
“where’s the dickwad?” flash had asked, and mj had ignored him as she’d turned a page. you’d sighed and drummed your fingers on the table. you weren’t hungry, so you sat there, counting down for shit to go down.
“and nedkins? where did penis and nedkins get up to?”
“probably up to their collectibles or some immature crap.”
“look, eugene.” flash’s mouth had shut at the sudden speech from michelle, and you guessed what he was thinking. something along the lines of, oh, she talks? “today’s been a shitty day, and i really just can’t make myself listen to your shit.” mj had said with a barely concealed scowl. “capishe?” before you could say anything back, she’d stalked off, with a “see you later, y/n,” to you. so you weren’t the only one having a terrible day.
history had been a complete pain in the ass, and your mind was all over the place. you had so much to think about and so little time to think about it. and yet your mind was still on peter completely. you just needed his touch.
you had some miscellaneous classes across the day, but it was your last that calmed you, because finally, you could see peter. you and him shared the class, and you needed someone to tell you you weren’t going crazy, and someone to rant about your heap of work and the situation at home.
a few weeks ago, you’d be happy to go home and jump onto your bed, but these last few days had been discomforting. there was tension with a lot of things, and it had been growing by the day. you hadn’t had a chance to tell pete over the week, but seeing him would be comfort enough, and during your study session, you’d hopefully be able to talk it out and get a hug.
his hugs were the best.
you sat at your desk, waiting for the minutes to pass and for class to start. students filed in as normal, and you watched with anticipation as you waited for peter to take his seat next to you. the time ticked by, and you grew tense, your attention completely focused on peter, and peter alone.
he arrived late with a genuine yet rushed apology, and you exhaled relievingly. he took his seat next to you like any other day, and you looked over to him with a curious expression. as you opened your mouth to ask him where he’d been, you noticed his gaze flit down to a text on his phone, before stuffing it in his pocket. you said nothing, although you noted a flush on his cheeks, pink and bright, all freckled and flustered. it was extraordinarily cute, but a bubble of something sad and confused appeared at the bottom of your stomach. why weren’t you the one to make him feel like that?
class eventually finished, and in what seemed like forever, you and pete were walking out of school.
“so, you gonna tell me where you went or why you left me alone?” you asked peter jokingly, although a hint of worry remained in your voice.
“oh, i had a lot of work, so ned and i had to study. s-sorry for not telling you.” peter said, and you nodded as convincingly as you could. he seemed chirpy- on edge. you frowned slightly as he smiled widely, as if remembering something from earlier, and your mind flicked back to his flustered expression. as if noticing you were there, he glanced at you apologetically.
“you’re still coming over for the project, right?” you asked, and hoped the answer wouldn’t be no.
“oh, definitely. wouldn’t miss it for anything.” he said, and your mind cleared. you’d instantly forgiven him for being absent because of those seven words. seven words.
and here you two were, studying. or he is, whilst you stare at him under your lashes as unnoticeably as you can. you’re sure he can tell by the gradual halt of your pencil against the paper, but his hair’s flopping in front of his eyes, and he’s as focused as anything. when he looks up, you meet his eyes, and there’s a sustained silence that’s as awkward as anything, until you both break into giggles.
“i missed you today, pete.” you say after a while, and peter deflates with a sad frown.
“i missed you too, y/n. i was just so busy. but i’m here now, to make up for everything i missed.” peter says passionately, and you poke his cheek affectionately, drawing out a smile from him. he frowns suddenly. “how was lunch with flash? how many times was i called a dickwad or penis parker?”
“only about… a thousand.” you say, and you laugh softly as peter tuts, shaking his head. “after mj left, it only increased. but he means well.” you add, feeling a twinge of affection for eugene. definitely not the weirdest thing you’ve felt lately.
“sure.” peter says, nodding exaggeratedly, although you let your gaze linger on him a bit longer. lately, you’ve been noticing way too much about him, like when his nose wrinkles when he’s trying to understand something. he’s doing it right now, and a giggle escapes you. you bring your hand to your mouth as peter looks up. “what did i do?”
“you acted like the peter parker you are.” you state simply, ruffling his hair. “want a drink?” you ask him, as you stand up and head over to your fridge. he nods, and you study the contents of your fridge.
“what’s that supposed to mean?” peter continues, and you smile.
“what do you think it means?” you counter, and peter crosses his arms as you come back over with two cans. he shrugs, and you shake your head. “don’t worry.”
“your house is so big when it’s empty.” peter notes, and your breath catches. when it’s empty. seems your parents have resorted to working late to avoid each other. you feel so lonely that it hurts to think about that. your face must fall, because peter’s expression grows worried.
“y/n.” you nod. “you okay?”
it’s the first time someone’s asked you that today, and you sigh as you fidget with the bracelet on your hand. are you okay? well, your day has been stressful, you have nothing good to come home to, you haven’t seen peter at all today and you need something to laugh or smile about.
so, no, you’re not okay.
“not really.”
“wanna talk about it?” peter asks, and you continue fidgeting, before nodding. he puts down his pen and turns his chair towards you. “okay y/l/n, come at me!” you smile before propping your chin up with your hands, your elbows on the table.
“life hasn’t been good lately-” buzz. it’s not your phone, and you look to peter, who rummages for his own. his eyes widen and something sparks in his pupils as he brings out the phone, and you sit up a little straighter. “what’s up?”
“may’s hurt herself.” peter says, and you blink in scared surprise.
“oh! is she okay?” you ask, scared, and peter does a half-nod.
“i’m going to have to go back, if that’s okay.” he says regretfully, and you instantly feel empty, but force a smile either way. “can i use your bathroom, real quick?” you tell him he doesn’t need to ask, and watch sadly as he hurries off.
the house is immediately bare once he leaves, and you sit, tapping your fingers against your lap as you wait for him to come back. it’s unhealthy that you rely on him so much – that your whole personality depends on whether he’s there to make you feel better about yourself. it’s especially unhealthy that your little crush on peter’s mixing with your depressed personality to create sad little y/n.
just as you’re working your way through your thoughts, there’s a buzz! and peter’s phone lights up with a notification and another, then another. you lean over, ready to presume it’s may so you can shout for peter to hurry up. it’s only when you read the notifications that you freeze.
gwen: you’re so adorable!
gwen: it’s a date :)
gwen: oh, and thanks for lunch! the library can be a lot more interesting with a friend!
your whole world comes crashing down in an instant, a feeling you’ve never felt before. you swallow as you reread the texts, and your mood seems to be darkening with a sudden, frantic worry.
gwen? peter? date? what’s going on?
you hear peter’s footsteps and you jump back quickly, inhaling sharply. peter smiles at you as he picks up his phone and pulls on his coat.
“see you again after school.” you say casually, and expect that to be the last thing said. but it’s not.
“oh, i can’t, i’m so sorry. i’m meeting up with a friend.” you damn well have an idea of who that ‘friend’ is. “but we’ve finished, haven’t we?”
you stare down at the work in front of you. the whole sheet’s filled, and it looks good enough to maintain your already good grades. your teacher’s going to be impressed, but right now, realising that your already limited time with peter’s going to dwindle, you feel anything but happy.
“see you tomorrow, y/n.” peter smiles shyly, and you nod stiffly.
you don’t know what hurts more.
the slam of the door?
the fact that peter’s been called adorable by gwen stacy? as in, pretty, intuitive, smart-as-anything gwen who, come to think of it, you’ve heard him talk about quite a few times. how could you be so dumb?
you think about the lunch he seemingly spent with gwen, his flustered expression, the text he got in that last class.
if you know peter any well, you know one thing. he likes her.
it’s sad it took three messages to realise you like him.
"YOU’VE BEEN QUIET, y/n.” mj comments at lunch the next day, and you roll your eyes as dismissively as you can muster.
“it’s cause her partner in crime’s not here.” betty says, holding up a fork to you in cheer as she says it. you shrug, although it has upset you that peter isn’t eating with you guys. then you remember someone called gwen, and something called text messages, and sigh.
“where is parker?” mj asks with emphasis, and you say nothing. you don’t really know – from what you saw, you assumed he’d at least be with you during the day, and meet up with gwen after school. it’s also upset you that he never told you. you’re his goddamn best friend. even though you like him, you’d at least like to be informed if he’s going after someone else. “shouldn’t you know?” mj says to you, and you hold up your hands in surrender.
“believe me, if i knew, i would tell you.”
“just saying,” mj huffs, “since you two are practically joined at the hips. from friends to lovers in no time.” your heart – or around that area – hurts even more at that, and you cover your face with your hands. you can feel mj’s confused gaze on you and you slowly bring your head up, just as betty speaks.
“scratch that.” she says. you follow her gaze to behind you, where peter is approaching with a pretty girl in plaid, her expression clearly ecstatic. peter’s eyes are lit as he looks at gwen, his words lost between the two of them. you lower your eyes and squeeze them shut.
“hey,” peter says to the three of you, as he sits down opposite you. gwen stands next to your table and your eyes narrow as you watch her. you want to dislike her, but you can’t. she’s just a girl who likes a boy, and you’re the one who‘s unlucky enough to be in the middle. peter’s eyes meet yours, and he smiles, before turning to gwen. “thanks for walking me over.”
“no problem,” she says, and, god, her voice is appealing. sweet and flowery, with a little touch of sultriness. “so you can help me after school?”
“y-yeah,” peter says, and you watch him with a frown as a blush grows on his cheeks. “i actually know a place. delmar’s.” um, what? you almost spit out your drink. he’s already inviting her to delmar’s? gosh, he really must like her. especially when it’s your place with him.
“oh, that would be amazing.” gwen gushes, and peter smiles widely as she nods at him once more, before looking at the rest of you, and excusing herself. “thanks again.”
“god, parker.” mj exclaims with an approving look, once gwen’s out of earshot. “so you can get the girl.”
“get the girl?” peter splutters, and he turns even more cherry red. just then, ned walks up to the table, looking behind at gwen who just left. he sits next to peter and shakes his head in wonder. “there’s nothing between gwen and me.”
“there so is!” ned interjects, and you pretend to eat your sandwich. “you and her in the library yesterday, giggling like little kids.” so they were in the library together. convenient he left that out. “you totally like her, and she likes you!”
“no, she doesn’t.” peter says firmly, but his tone is lighter, happier. you can tell by the little pricks of red on his ear, and his widened eyes. “she asked me for homework help.”
“exactly!” mj says with a self-righteous look. “she asked you for tutoring. toomes is, like, super smart.”
betty nods in agreement, and you shuffle in your seat as mj continues.
“it’s a classic high school, tutoring romance.”
“w-what?” peter stutters, clearly lost. “y/n, help me out here!”
“she likes you, pete.” you mumble, and peter frowns at your plain, bothered expression. “who wouldn’t?”
“and you like her!” ned adds, and peter’s smile re-appears as he swats ned away. “you do!”
at that point, you can’t handle it, and you stand up. “i’ve got to get to class.” you say, and grab your bag. you begin to walk away, just as peter yells, “wait!”. he runs up to you and falls in line with you, walking at the same pace.
“y/n, are you mad at me?” peter asks, and, just your luck, his sad, small voice saddens you.
“i’m not mad,” you claim, looking away to the side as you think of what to say, “but you could have at least told me you liked gwen. i- it doesn’t matter. i just haven’t been feeling too good.” peter places the back of his hand against your forehead, and you smile as you move your head away. “i’m fine.”
“you just.. haven’t been yourself lately.”
“i’m fine, honestly.”
“do you really think gwen likes me?” peter asks, and your heart falls at the mention of stacy again. “look, y/n, i didn’t tell you because.. i didn’t know if i liked her. but she makes me feel happy, a-and she’s really pretty, and her hair smells really nice in the rmorning-” you don’t tell him that’s exactly how he makes you feel.
“peter.” you say, broken already by hearing repeated mentions of gwen. peter’s voice hushes, and you stop walking as you take his hand. “gwen is lucky to have you in her life. she likes you, i’m sure of it. but what did you think i’d do if i knew?”
“i didn’t want it to ruin our friendship.” it kinda has, you think, but i’m never going to tell you that. you’re never going to tell him that you love him so much you felt visibly sick when you found out. “i think i like her, b-but i’m not sure.”
“whoever you like, i’m always here for you. you need to trust me.” you tell him, as much as it hurts to say, and he impulsively hugs you, catching you off guard. however, your realise this is what you’ve craved. a hug, and someone looking out for you, and embracing you. you’re all too sad when he pulls away. “we’re still best friends, right?”
“forever and ever, lieutenant.” peter says, and you smile softly at the nickname. “you’re the best, y/n/n.” peter adds, just as he checks the time. he begins to walk away from you, swivelling to face you as he walks backwards, and waves excitedly.
“bye, pete.”
it feels like you’ve lost him already.
“DO YOU think you’re ever going to fall in love?”
peter was never one to ask you those type of questions. it caught you by surprise, and you took a few minutes to answer, substituting those minutes with “um..” and “give me a second”.
“yeah.” you said eventually. “there has to be someone.”
“what if you find them.. but you didn’t know it was them at the time?”
“pete, i’m sure you’ll know the person when you see them. love at first sight, y’know?”
“but what if you miss your chance?” peter persisted, and you put down the daisy chain you were making and stared him straight in the eyes.
“you can fall in love again.”
“can you?” you nodded. “with a different person?
“yeah, i reckon.”
“do you think you can fall in love with the wrong people?”
couldn’t, there wouldn’t be so much to be sad about in the world.”
“but if you fall in love with them, doesn’t that make them the right person?”
“well, you could think you’re in love when you’re not. you could just be getting hurt over and over again, right?”
“i guess.” peter sighed, before brushing his hair out of his face. “i hope i fall in love with the right person.”
“i hope i don’t get hurt doing it.”
when you replay that childhood conversation, you tense. because that’s exactly what’s happening to you right now.
SLEEP. EAT. pray for class to end. repeat.
that’s been your motto for the day, as you carelessly shoulder through assignments and exams. and yet all you can think about is him.
his brown curls, those eyes, and that crooked smile that stretches across his face even at the littlest thing. and his hands. his hands make you feel safe, and warm, and everything you shouldn’t be feeling.
the first bad news comes the next afternoon, when you’re walking out of class, calmed by the fact you have a free period and absolutely nothing to do except regain the month-worth of energy that has been sucked out of you in a matter of days.
a hand grabs yours and you immediately come to a halt, shocked, just as your frown falls when you realise it’s peter. his eyes are excited and bright, and you smile, or smile as much as you can when it seems rare to see him, considering the attention he gives to gwen nowadays.
“y/n! i wanted to talk to you earlier but you seemed..” peter pauses, out of breath from running over. “busy.”
“exams. assignments.” you say with a shrug, as peter frowns a little at your downcast expression. “and you’ve been absent lately.” peter flushes, and your fear is confirmed. “gwen?”
peter says nothing, before nodding as he repeats your statement. “well, that’s what i wanted to talk to you about.” he inhales, before smiling. “i really think me and gwen could.. i don’t know, get together.”
it surprises you, but you’re too wiped out for it to show. but it hurts, inside.
“well, that’s great.” is all you say. if peter hears your forlorn tone, he’s too busy gushing about gwen to acknowledge it.
“y-yeah, she complimented me yesterday! and when i was helping her with this super hard question that she got really easily, our hands brushed.”
“your hands brushed?” you repeat, the tactic helpful at this point in time. just say ‘great’ and repeat what he says, you tell yourself, eyes aching as you rub them with concealed misery.
“yeah, and she’s so pretty, y/n- y/n. are you listening?”
“i’m just tired.” you sigh, smiling pityingly at peter with a sad shrug.
“whenever i come near you, you just happen to be tired.”
um. what?
you say nothing in response, and walk in silence as peter stuffs his hands in his pockets. you don’t know where you’re walking or why, but you walk. after a minute, peter’s footsteps slow to a stop, and you look behind to see his stony gaze and sad eyes.
“you seem different.” peter comments, and you snort disbelievingly.
“i’m heading out to get coffee, and i’m different?” you reply, and peter’s eyes narrow, scanning you somewhat judgmentally. most of all, it feels weird.
“you’ve been moody, and withdrawn, and i- i’m just trying to help.” you soften at his words and internally reprimand yourself for being harsh and snappy. he’s just trying to help, you convince yourself, but that seems questionable considering you’ve hardly seen him.
“it’s not your fault.” you say in a small voice, and the corners of peter’s mouth downturn. “look, do you want to get coffee with me? we can.. talk. catch up.” it’s a lousy effort, but you’re prepared for him to say yes as you dig in your bag for your purse. you look up, realising he hasn’t said anything. “come on.” you smile, only for peter to step back regretfully.
“i’m meeting gwen. i’m sorry, y/n. another time?” it hurts. it hurts when he says it.
there’s so much you want to say, but you clamp your mouth shut and nod, tensing up.
“are you okay?” peter says in a worried voice. are you?
you say what you always say when you’re hurt, and broken, and tired.
“i’m okay.”
“you’re not.” peter says, and you just can’t have this conversation right now.
“well, you’re obviously not going to do anything about it. go to your precious gwen.” you snap, and peter’s eyes harden momentarily. you’ve offended him, and you hold out your hand for a second, but pull it back once peter shakes his head, looking at you like you’re a damn stranger.
he turns on his heel, pain in his eyes, and you turn on yours, but not without a shaky intake of breath.
and once again, peter feels like less and less obtainable. you’re losing him – and you don’t have the life support to get him back.
YOUR FINGERS drum against the coffee cup rhythmically as your gaze is fixed on the scene outside with a curiosity that seems real to those who pass you, but actually a ruse to cover what you’re really thinking about.
you parents.
your life.
that history assignment.
“we have a history assignment?” says a voice, and you realise you said it out loud as you look up with a shocked expression. flash’s face meets yours and you lower your head with a sad, pitying frown. great. just great.
“did- did i say anything else out loud?” you ask, as flash, against your wishes, sits down opposite you with his own coffee. he shrugs, quite obviously bored, and you sigh loudly.
“what’s up with you lately? all moody and draggy and jittery.” your mouth opens at his comment, and you forcefully look outside, ignoring his weird look.
“i’m tired, for god’s sake.” you mumble, crossing your arms and holding them to you tight. “why does everyone keep asking me if i’m okay? i’m okay, flash, i’m okay! seriously, it’s like-”
“wow.” flash says, half-confused, half-surprised.
you stop talking when you realise you’ve been rambling, and pick at the sandwich in front of you, uninterested. if peter were here, he’d take it from your plate and tear off a bit so he could eat it. you miss peter. you also wonder why flash is sitting opposite you, and sit up as you ask him.
“why are you here, eugene?” you say with a scowl, and flash shuffles in his seat.
“i have a free period.” is his response, and you snort. and i’m your latest victim? “and you look lonely as fuck, so i decided to grace you with my presence.”
“i’m not lonely.” you reply with furrowed eyebrows, although your voice has a quiver to it as you say the three words. “so- i don’t know, go away.” flash just laughs.
“peter really has fucked you up, huh? what did penis do this time?”
“p-penis? oh. peni- peter is fine. and we’re fine. no one isn’t fine.”
“sure.” flash says with an arched, amused eyebrow, drawing out the word with sarcasm. “but tell him to stop following gwen around like a puppy. it’s annoying. and i don’t know what she sees in him.” you don’t tell flash how much that information hurts you, and you schedule a sob session mentally for later that day.
“when did you become a consultant in peter’s life?”
“same day he stopped being a good friend to you.”
the statement sounds weird coming from flash, and your eyes meet with a sort of confusion.
“still want me to leave?” flash smiles, and you ignore him. the company’s appreciated. at this point, any company is.
  the second bad news comes the morning of the next day, when you bump into gwen on the way to lunch. your eyes widen as you step back, muttering a bunch of incoherent apologies. but she only laughs. her laugh is so pretty and sweet and, damn, you can’t compete.
“it’s okay, don’t worry.” gwen says, clutching her books in one hand with a small smile that matches with peter’s description of it. you say thanks and make a move to go round her, just as she calls your name. “y/n! c-can you wait?”
“sure.” you say, although your heart picks up a few beats warily as you come back to face her. “is this about peter?”
gwen’s eyes widen slowly, and she nods with a somewhat embarrassed grin. “you got me.”
gwen beckons you to a secluded area of the hall as she inhales slowly, and you’re equally worried about what she’s going to say.
“he asked me to be his girlfriend today.”
it’s kinda like a rush of air, but it feels like torture as the words come out of her mouth. you fumble for words – do you congratulate her, or act neutral? what do you do? what lie are you going to tell today?
“y/n.” gwen says, eyes scanning you, scared. “are you okay?” her hand reaches out to pat your back, but you recoil, regaining your breath.
“i’m sorry.” you say, eyes slowly fluttering into focus. “d-did you say yes?”
“that’s the thing. i don’t know whether to.” gwen sighs, eyes going heavenward with a sad little frown. “peter makes me feel happy, and he’s cute and flustered b-but i don’t know. i just don’t have conviction.”
so you’ve been given the chance but you don’t have conviction, whilst i have conviction but haven’t been given the chance? you think, the words swimming through your head. life is such an ass.
“look, gwen, i can’t decide for you.” you say, shrugging, and gwen nods like she expected you to say this.
“i know, y/n, but you’re peter’s best friend. i just thought you could give me context o-or-” context? you’re really not enjoying the conversation as you rack your head for a reply.
“gwen.” you say firmly, and you hate yourself for what you’re about to say. “peter talks about you all the time. you make him feel happy. he likes you – i guess he always has. so go for it. because i know he’ll give you everything and more in this case.”
gwen’s smile grows wider with every word you say, and when you’re done, she grins shakily and squeezes your hand.
“thank you so much.” she says, and you shrug nonchalantly. “almost sounds like it should be you instead of me.” she winks, you freeze, and all is quiet as gwen slips out, integrating with the crowd of students that walk through the corridor.
i wish it was.
"GUYS, I’VE got amazing news.” ned yells as he sits at your table, eyes enlarged with excitement. you fork at the pasta on your plate and look up with weighted dread of what he’s about to say.
“i’ve got better!” peter says even more animatedly, as he takes his usual seat opposite you. he doesn’t hesitate as he spills the news you knew was coming. “gwen stacy is officially my girlfriend.”
betty goes, “wow!”, ned yells, “yes!” whilst mj whispers, “the fuck?” in a pretty admiring way, unusual for your snarky best friend. it’s only you who goes quiet and smiles in the way that seems fake as anything. lately, all your smiles have been fake.
the table erupts into surprised, overlapping talk and it’s only you who remains silent as peter relays the details.
“i asked her this morning and she didn’t really say anything, but a few minutes ago she told me she’d love to be my girlfriend. and then, when i asked her what changed her mind, she said someone had made her realise.”
“that sounds weird, parker.” mj says with a suspicious tone, and you lower your head even further, wanting to merge with the table at this point. you want to be non-existent, and disappear, and just be someone else.
“oh, whatever, she said yes!” betty adds, and the table erupts into more talk.
and you?
you want to be gwen.
you want to be able to kiss peter and tell him how cute he is, and wear his jumpers whilst you play with your hair. you want his jaw to drop the way it does when he sees gwen, and for him to brag about you to everyone he meets. you want to be able to tell flash that peter and you are fine, dating even; you want peter. you love peter.
he just doesn’t love you back.
considering the last few days, you don’t even know if you guys are friends.
you look up slightly, feeling someone’s eyes on you, and frown as you accustom to peter’s narrowed eyes. he looks away once you meet his own, just as flash walks by your table.
“congratulations, penis.” flash says with no hint of actual congratulations, although he sounds slightly impressed. “toomes really must have felt sorry for your ass to have got with you.”
“sure, flash.” peter says with a barely-bothered tone. gwen stacy is his girlfriend. why should he be bothered?
you think that’s the end of the conversation, and then flash turns to you suddenly. you almost choke when he says your name, and you look warily to face him.
“y/n. i ‘m heading to physics. you coming?”
you’re surprised to say the least. this is out of character, but also quite in character for thompson. nevertheless, he looks bored, and he doesn’t seem to care, but he also seems to understand you want to get away from the table.
“u-um-” the table’s watching you with interest, and you feel peter’s eyes on you even further. there’s something different, though. some spark of anger or hatred, or dislike. you know he hates flash. but- but this? this is different. it makes you want to leave the table even more. but you need a reason, or else everyone’s going to keep asking you if you like flash or something shitty like that. so you lie. “oh yeah! i need to give you notes, right?” you say to flash, eyes widened as a sign for him to play along.
he takes the hint, or at least you think he does, as he shrugs and nods in one movement.
“sure. i’m not the nerd.” flash says lamely, beginning to walk towards the exit. “you are. hurry up, y/l/n!” he jogs out of the room, and you stand up, packing your bag and slinging it over your shoulder.
“bye.” you say to the table, and everyone, visibly calmed by realising it’s a matter of notes and not you wanting to ditch them, says the same thing back. everyone except peter, who stands up just as you do.
“y/n.” he says, and you feel worry pit in your chest. “what the hell is up with you?”
you’re stunned by the outrightness of the question. no sugarcoating there.
“w- what do you mean?” you reply with hesitance. mj and ned have stopped arguing. betty’s fork is mid-air. they’re looking at the two of you, and you don’t like the attention.
“you’ve been moody, withdrawn, snappy and now you’re hanging out with flash thompson?” you don’t say anything, so peter continues. “i don’t get why. you don’t talk to me, you avoid me – heck, when have i seen you for ten minutes or more?”
“i have my reasons, peter.” you say in a controlled tone, although inside, you feel like breaking. “so leave it alone.”
“what reasons? what-fucking-reasons?”  peter yells, distressed. it dawns on you that you’ve both been hurting. but right now, that’s not what’s most important. you gasp at the language, and then regain yourself.
you will not cry.
you will not cry.
you will. not. cry.
but right now, with almost everyone staring at you, you kinda want to cry.
“how would you know? it’s like i’m invisible, or not important to you anymore!” you shout back, and peter reels at your harsh, sudden words. “leave me the fuck alone, peter, and don’t you dare try and attack me when y-you’re the one who doesn’t even want to see me anymore.”
you’re losing peter. it’s like his heartbeat’s just slowly fading away. you used to be so synced.. and now? for what? over a girl?
“so that’s what you want, y/n?” peter whispers, clearly cracked. “after everything?”
“what even is everything, peter? flash has been a better friend than you have. and i;m not even friends with that douche!”
“well, you two seem to be cosy nowadays.” his words infuriate you, to be honest.
“so you can notice that, but not that my parents have been at odds? that my eyes have been red, puffy and tear-streaked? that i miss you?” peter has nothing to say in response, and that suits you. “have fun with gwen, pete. but she doesn’t deserve a terrible, lowlife boyfriend like you.”
“that’s what you think, then?” peter’s words are quiet and despondent, and you can’t bear to hear them. “you really changed y/n.”
“well, luckily for you, you won’t be there to see me change again.”
as you say it, there’s the final rush of air that fills your eyes with tears and makes you clench your fists in order to keep it in.
years of friendship gone. and over what?
gwen stacy?
but it feels like more than that. it feels like the culmination of petty looks, and fights, and not being given what you need. 
it’s liking someone who doesn’t like you back,
fuck it. fuck it all.
Tumblr media
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Love Language
Pairing: Boyfriend!Tom Holland x reader
Summary: Even though Tom tells you that he loves you all the time, he has several other ways to show you that he loves you. (Really just Tom being a very loving, caring boyfriend)
Warnings/tags: mention of the pandemic, mention of a surgery, pure fluff, boyfriend!Tom
Word count: 1.6k
A/N: This photo is the whole reason that this fanfic now exists because Tom is giving off strong boyfriend vibes, enjoy🥺
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You stared out of the huge window as you stood in the cold kitchen, swirling the spoon in the cup as your pretty little boyfriend, Tom, walked in the kitchen.
“Baby” he said, “I woke up alone” he complained.
You looked back at him to answer, “I had to use the washroom and then I couldn’t fall asleep so I just woke up”
Tom nodded as he walked to where you were standing and wrapped his arms around your waist.
“Why are you swirling the spoon in your milk?”
You let out a soft giggle, “I’m mixing sugar in my milk”
“Oh,” he frowned his eyebrows as he rested his chin on your shoulder, “don’t have too much sugar”
You walked to the kitchen sink to keep the spoon down as you turned around to take a look at Tom, “I’m 23”
“Sugar can affect anyone” he shrugged his shoulders as he opened the refrigerator to take out the ingredients to make pancakes.
“Touché” you said, sitting down on the kitchen counter.
“Did you take your vitamins?” Tom asked, raising his eyebrows at you.
“I forgot” you said and before Tom could scold you, you quickly said, “I’ll take them right now”
You scurried across the kitchen to open the small cupboard to take out your vitamins and gulped them down with the milk.
“I don’t mind reminding you to take them but what if I’m not here some day” Tom shook his head as he waited for you to answer.
“What do you mean by if you’re not here some day?” You stared at him stunned.
“No, no, I don’t mean it like that!” Tom hurried to you as he almost laughed, “I didn’t mean I won’t be here like that, I meant what if I’m at work”
“Yeah, like that,” Tom chuckled.
“You scared me” you frowned, gently hitting his shoulder.
“I worry about your health” Tom whispered as he gave you a small peck, “so don’t forget to take your vitamins, please”
“I promise, I won’t” you mumbled against his lips.
Tom taking care of your health and keeping a check on if you’re taking your vitamins is his way of showing you that he loves you.
Even though you consider yourself a huge introvert, the lockdown was kind of killing you. It has been a whole year in this lockdown and it was finally getting to you. The tragedies that were happening around the world because of the pandemic was breaking your heart and you thanked the heavens for keeping you and your family safe every time you watched the news.
Tom and you both had work from home now and even though you were thankful for being in the comfort of your home, the chair in your home office was starting to kill you and you desperately wanted to leave the house, even if it was just for a little while.
As you sat in your home office, typing away on your laptop, you huffed. It was so late and you were so tired, your back was killing you and you were pretty sure that your lip was bleeding by now because of biting on it too much.
You heard a knock on the door and then it was slowly pushed open, revealing Tom. He peeked inside of the room, his eyes landing on you as his lips stretched in a small smile.
“Can I come in?” He whispered.
“Yeah” you softly said, you twisted on your chair to face Tom as he approached you with a tea cup.
“I got you tea” he said, carefully putting down the cup on your table so as to not spill any liquid on your work stuff.
Your heart melted as you stared at his tired face. He bent down to give you a quick peck but you cupped his face in your hands before he could pull away. You gave him a chaste kiss, moving to his cheeks, you littered small kisses on his cheekbones.
“You just had a meeting, right?” You asked.
“Yes, I did” Tom nodded, his hands coming up to your shoulders to massage them.
“And instead of relaxing after it, you made me tea?”
Tom smiled against your lips, “I know you’ve been tired, just wanted to take care of ya”
You smiled as you pulled him down further, he was half sitting on your chair now, “if you keep doing that, I won’t be able to leave,” Tom laughed.
“I love you, thank you” you said as you nudged your nose to his, he softly giggled.
“Anything for you, I’ll do anything for you” Tom said sincerely.
You bit your lips as you stared at him lovingly, “stop biting your lip and come to bed when you get over with work” Tom said as he softly pulled at your bottom lip with his thumb.
“I’ll be waiting for you” he said as he got up, slipping out of the room and shutting the door behind.
Tom making you tea even though he’s just as tired as you is his way of showing you that he loves you.
“Hi baby” Tom gushed when you slipped under the covers.
“Hi” you whispered, laying down on the bed and opening your arms for Tom.
He moved closer to you, hiding his face in the crook of your neck and softly kissing your neck.
“You smell good” you hummed, your face pressed to his soft brown curls.
“I used your shampoo today” he whipped his face up to look into your eyes.
“And also my conditioner,” you said, taking another sniff of his hair.
Tom laughed as he agreed with you. He pressed his face into your chest as his hand snaked under your camisole.
“Tom” you muttered, pulling at his arm to stop him.
You had a kidney stone surgery months ago and that surgery left a pretty big scar on the side of your stomach. Even though it’s been 5 months to it, you still didn’t like how it scarred your body and Tom knew that very well.
You didn’t change your clothes with the lights on anymore and sometimes you wouldn’t even take off your night dress when Tom made love to you.
“What?” Tom huffed.
“Don’t do that” you said as you pulled down your camisole.
“Y/N, I told you, the scar is nothing to be worried about” Tom pulled his body up as he looked up at you.
“It’s ugly” you whispered.
“It’s not-” Tom sat up straight as he held your hand in his huge ones.
“Listen to me, you struggled with something and fought it, the scar shows that you’re brave. You were so strong to go through a wholeass surgery and you didn’t even cry, not even once”
You smiled as you heard Tom ramble, he went on, “hell, do you know I was crying in the waiting room and Harry was laughing at me. He said that if I’m crying about a normal surgery then I’d probably pass out when we’ll have a baby”
“We’ll have a baby?” You asked with your hand on your heart, he was just so cute.
“What- I mean- yeah in the future” you raised your eyebrows at him and Tom’s cheeks flushed red, “but that’s not the point, the point is that-”
Tom sighed as he lifted your camisole and you let him, he gently traced your scar as he bent down to give your scar a soft kiss.
“This scar isn’t ugly, it’s beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful” he praised.
“Okay, please stop” you said as you covered your face with your hands, “I’m gonna start crying”
Tom laughed as he moved up to your face and pressed a kiss to your lips. You hummed in the kiss, content with how the conversation ended up.
Tom kissing your scar and telling you how beautiful you are is his way of showing you that he loves you.
Tom always had this strong urge to cuddle you in the middle of his sleep so even when he would be in a deep slumber, he would always always always want to hold you as you both slept.
And that was what he was trying to do right now, he switched from his left side to his right side and stretched out his arm to find your body to grab and pull in.
But as he mindlessly felt your side of the bed with his hand, your body was nowhere to be found. He barely opened his eyes to peek, only to see your body almost hanging off at the side of the bed.
You must have moved on the further right side and now you were close to falling off the bed. As Tom realised that you were going to fall, he quickly sat up and scooped your body in his strong arms, pulling you away from the side of the bed.
“Tom” you mumbled in your sleep.
“You were gonna fall off the bed, baby” he mumbled back as he settled you in the middle of the bed.
He pulled the covers over both of your bodies as he wrapped his arms around you to cuddle.
You gently smiled in your half asleep state, “oh”
Tom sighed in happiness as he kissed your shoulder, his body relaxing as sleep took over him again.
Tom saving you from falling off the bed and on your ass in the middle of the night is his way of showing you that he loves you.
Tumblr media
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Holiday, everyday
Avengers (and Matt Murdock x Reader)
Sum: Sometimes a series of fluff and holiday imagines are needed in these times.
AN:  I'm gonna be honest and say I ran out of Holidays real quick. Instead of trying to write about Holidays I have no idea about I just did "important" days and didn't think too hard on it. Hopefully you don't think too hard on it either.
Steve Rogers: 4th of July
Call it an act of irony, of God, or of just the universe screwing around but Captain America was born on the 4th of July. Because of this Steve had laid everything out for you a month in advanced.
“Please, PLEASE, no flags or decorations. Really, just stay away from red, white and blue all together.” He says before bedtime. Holding your hands to keep your attention. “In fact, just forget it’s my birthday. Let’s pretend it’s on the 5th.”
Although you (and Bucky) knew about his feelings, the rest of the world didn’t. Two cakes were made for the day, both decorated with red, white, and blue icing. Steve smiled and thanked everyone for remembering, for caring, but it was little more than a polite smile. Only taking a bite of the cake after you fed him. And that was just for the audience too.
Whether America was your home or not, you weren’t going to escaping the patriotism for the country. Especially when you didn’t want to leave Steve alone with the constant noise, yelling and celebrations he was pulled to throughout the day.
“Do I know anyone here?” he asks after finally getting back home. Only to be immediately greeted by balloons and decorations on the apartment door.
“This is what you get for making eye-contact with neighbors.” Is all you can say while getting the door open.
After a long day of sugar, noise and those three stupid colors it’s no surprise that Steve immediately hits the couch. Toeing off his shoes and groaning with an arm over his eyes.
There was no point in trying to hide what you were cooking. A hearty steak bought a day in advance to try and soak up the sweets eaten throughout the day. Although Steve likely heard the opening of cabinets and could smell the spices and meat he didn’t look until the steak started to actually cook. Peaking out from under his arm as if he were trying to be sneaky.
“I know you’re tired of red, among other colors, but I’m not gonna burn a perfectly good steak for you.” This wasn’t the only piece of the meal, but it was obviously the most important.
He doesn’t say anything while getting up from the couch. Leaning on the kitchen counter and smiling (actually smiling) while you try and cook while being watched. It’s only when it’s finally plated, and ready that he speaks.
“I fucking love you.”
Tony Stark: Taxes
“Just as a heads up, we gotta get some tax stuff done.” Was said by Tony in passing.
It was literally said as he passed by in the kitchen. Too late in the afternoon to do anything but too early to go to bed. At the moment you had taken it as a joke, chuckling and going “sure, babe, we’ll get to it this week,” before completely forgetting about it.
But, for once in his life, Tony wasn’t just making a quip.
Your man sat in the middle of the living room. Pile of papers on the coffee table and more surrounding him. Whatever color the living room’s minimalist style allowed was washed out from all the white.
Tony’s smile was the same a child would give after breaking a lamp. “I know you said sometime this week but…I got impatient.”
There were the obvious questions: “Why is there so much?”, “Why did you print it all out?”, and “Don’t you have people to do this for you?”
All asked as you just gave into the situation. Taking a seat on the couch behind Tony and picking up the closest paper. Reading through the numbers and mumbo-jumbo as Tony leans back against your legs.
“Eh, doing this myself is just another nice habit from dear old dad.” He says, pen clicked and ready to go. “Numbers and facts are like meditation, you know? More productive than sleeping. Easier than thinking.”
That was the only full sentence you got from him for the rest of the day. The rest were single word answers or simple gestures that got the point across. If he wasn’t going to really involve you (other than to have you hand over things) why had you been invited? Even asking if he wanted a coffee or something to eat was met with just a nod.
Maybe it was just to observe. To see the difference between the Tony who blasts music in a windowless workshop while working and the Tony who simply reads and fills out in silence and covered in natural light. His face was relaxed while filling things out, no knitted eyebrows or under breath mumbling. A hand on his shoulder was the only thing that seemed to have affected him. A, rather dull, sandwich put in front of him but your hand.
“We’ve been doing this for a while,” you say. “Wanna take a break?”
It’s only after Tony takes a bite, and takes a look around, that he responds verbally. Unfortunately, with a mouth full. “I’m doing pretty good, it looks like. Why? Getting tired?”
The laugh that comes out wasn’t supposed to be so hard. But it took you back to sitting on the couch. Absentmindedly picking at the crumbs in Tony’s beard that he allows to happen.
“I haven’t been sitting on my knees for hours, you have.”
“I really wanna make a come back about that but this sandwich is keeping you safe.”
Thor: Easter
It’s rare to see Thor in bright colors like this. The god of thunder’s “Sunday best” usually involved metals and armor and a cape of red that almost touches the ground. This Sunday was different, starting with the replacement of his helm with bunny ears. He looks good in yellow and light blue. A nice compliment to the light-colored formal wear you wore.
The entire park was taken up for the easter celebration. Bouncy house, games, face painting, food and (of course) an easter egg hunt that spanned whatever was left. The entire event was a community open, no formal wear required. Thus, separating the guests into two groups: those in t-shirts, shorts, and weather appropriate attire. And those fresh from church in bright collars and fluffy skirts. The air filled with parents trying to keep their children from ruining their easter best, not that it ever stopped them.
“It took me an hour to get them ready,” one parent says, looking out from your little group. “At least they’ll sleep, I guess.”
Although your little conversation group consisted of parents you could sympathies. “We got Thor’s suit special for today. The jacket didn’t even make it twenty minutes.”
The jacket in question currently hung over your arm. The expectation for the day was to be a picture fest, people shoving and asking for pictures all day while he sweated in pretty colors. Instead, everyone seemed to have forgotten an actual Avenger was coming. Who could think of that when there was candy to find and stocking’s to ruin?
This created a genuine smile that matched the children. Finding the bunny ears along with other adults who were blessed with the gift. Acting as the climbing tree for children as they laughed and ignored the problems of the world.
 Bucky Barnes: Super Bowl
It’s hard to tell what situation could bring up bad memories for Bucky. Secluded alleys, driving at night and someone whispering into his ear seem to be the most prominent triggers. Others you don’t notice until he searches out for your hand. Strong metal almost crushing your fingers every time, but you refuse to react. Instead, simply squeezing back.
Hotels, parties, places with multiple people are easier for him. Never needing to stay by your side or excuse himself from the party. This is especially so in the company of those in the know, allowing a more relaxed, freer Bucky.
You can see it from across the living room. Just barely able to see your man’s face among the other men and women on the couch and chairs. His head is up, constantly on a swivel to look about the room at the different people all trying to talk at once. His smile is eyes, sometimes lowering during a lull but never fully disappearing.
And his eyes; usually lowered enough to be hidden in the shadows he prefers were now wide and moving. This made especially so now that he had finally gotten a haircut and looks like a grownup. That being said, you still missed the little swish his hair made when he looked for you in the crowd.
He only has to scan for a second, chin up like a searching cat, to find you. When he does you’re already watching. Smiling wider at his own natural reaction of your face.
Although no words are spoken (as you would have to shout across the room) you both understand. This is fun, this good, and it’s even better when you’re together.
 Natasha Romanoff: Thanksgiving
For a master spy Nat had some serious trouble with knives while in a kitchen context. It’s only after watching her suck on an injured finger that you figure this out.
“Is this why we usually order out?” You asked from the island’s stool.
Natasha looks back at you with a joking glare. Finger still in her mouth which she removes before turning back to continue cooking.
“Well, there goes my half of our orders.” Natasha says, although her cut of the payment was way more than half. “but you can get it back by skinning the potatoes.”
Natasha broke many stereotypes of a trained killer. No stoic attitude or constant frown every time you see her. Violence isn’t the first choice but is always somewhere in the other options. And she refuses to choose loneliness when given the option, hence the cutting and skinning this night before Thanksgiving.
Before it was soup kitchens and charity work that kept Natasha company. After that it was with the Clint and his family, year after year Auntie Nat came. With whatever dish she decided to try her hand with. This time it would be mashed potatoes with skin and enough butter to put the entire family into a coma.
T’challa: New Years
Although the sunset is beautiful no matter where you look it wasn’t the focus of the view. Rather, the people just below are what you focused on. As no activities would happen until the sun was gone and most of the work was completed. Hence the rushing around on the streets below.
Just like the older adults you were smiling at the young people especially. The teenagers and twenty to thirty something year old whose voices rose above everyone else’s. Although you had a decent grasp of the language it was difficult to understand them while their voices are overlapping eachother. Maybe a word here or there, mainly the words “alone”, “later” and “please?” caught your ear. Something that forced you to smile and note for later when parents start to wonder where their teenagers disappeared to.
It was unlikely you were going to be able to do the same with T’challa. This was when people either pushed their issues aside or went at eachother in an attempt to start the new year right. Although the Dora Milaje would handle any fights that break out in the castle, T’challa would have to be the one to receive the apologies Supposedly there was going to be a line of people looking to apologize for their behavior towards you. Not that any of the apologies would find their way to you.
Although you were always welcomed to walk the halls to meander around the city (with a guard, of course) you stayed in royal family quarters. Leaning over the railing to watch the city and see the lights all around start to light.
Everything echoes in the quarters. Specifically designed to make sneaking around harder. This is especially notable on the doors. As it was near impossible to open or close them without some type of slamming. Even more so when you’re tired and haven’t dropped the calm demeaner of a king yet.
It’s only when the doors close behind T’challa that he lets his face fall. Lines of stress still evident even on his relaxed face. Not even a half smile is manageable as he walks over, a kiss to your shoulder as he stands on your right. Toying with the dress strap like he was genuinely fascinated with the fabric.
“Long day?” You ask after a few minutes of silence.
“Are they ever short?” He retorts, trying to subtly fix the strap he had just loosened with his toying.
As entertaining as it was to watch this, usually, put together man be defeated by a superstore brand dress you eventually gave him some help. Moving his hands to slides the strap back into place. T’challa taking the time to finally look out over his country.
“It’s gonna be a longer night.” You say, leaning into him that he welcomes with an arm around your back.
“I know.”
“You wanna get dressed? Get ready and all that?”
He hums at your suggestion. It was a good idea to start getting ready now, then there wouldn’t be a rush, and no one would be kept waiting to practically kiss his feet. But he ignores it and gently brings you to lean into him. He’s warm and solid against your cheek.
“Not yet.” He finally says, but only when the door is knocked on.
 Pietro Maximoff: Halloween
Out of all of the Avengers Pietro is the least likely to be recognized by the general public, especially so while in costume. Wearing the cheap cop uniform that came with the orange of your prisoner costume.
Not the most unique of couple’s costumes but it got you a compliment from the cat selling tickets in her booth. Smiling at Pietro and winking at you when handing over the tickets.
“Enjoy, hopefully all of you come back out this time.” A pre-written line she was likely supposed to say with every guest. But arriving to the haunted house early in the evening allowed you to catch the last bit of her genuine joy before it became tired and forced.
An internet search had brought this particular haunted house to your attention. Yeah, it was a drive to get there and the outside wasn’t the most original set up (old building, scary windows, booth covered in cobwebs) it was still something fun to do. Pietro seemingly more excited than you were as he led the way inside, holding your hand and promising not to rush through.
He stayed ahead of you for the first part. The dark of the first hallway making his grip tighter, lights slowly turning to red as silence began to be replaced with a deep bass. The hallway turning into a room with flashing lights that slowed Pietro down. Nearly stopping.
“You okay?” It seemed almost useless to ask him this. As he said exactly what you would expect a ‘good’ boyfriend to say.
“Why? Are you having second thoughts?” He asks with a smile although his grip is still strong. “There’s still time to turn around.”
Your smile matches his; “Not a chance.”
“Then ladies first,” He says, but keeps the tight hold on your hand.
Barely into the first room and you’ve become the leader of this little adventure. A crying woman in the corner stays in her chair while entering. About midway through the small space dressed up like a nursery she starts to stand. It’s a male scream that alerts you to her closeness. A cleaver, probably fake but raised high over her head, poised to strike while she runs screaming straight forwards.
Although fear was the flavor of the night laughter couldn’t be stopped from coming out. After suddenly being in the hallway with Pietro’s arms around you, tighter than hug could be.
“I thought we weren’t gonna rush through it?” You ask, not fighting his arms but instead playing it off like he was simply hugging. Something Pietro wouldn’t acknowledge but was grateful for as he relaxed into a normal hug.
“We’re not,” He says, taking your hand once again and continuing forward. “Let’s keep going. If you can.”
There’s no point in arguing that Pietro was scared. Him grabbing and running could easily be brushed off as instinct to keep moving at danger. Pietro wasn’t one to play the trauma card, but he likely would in order to save face.
Pietro leading only lasted past the second room. When the coffins against the wall started banging from whatever spooky creature was inside of them. Refusing to go limp and allow him to just slide through you caught his arm with too much nail. Forcing him to look into your face and see the smile that came with it.
Although there wasn’t a point in pretending to be brave Pietro kept up the façade. Keeping against your back the rest of the way. A few times his face presses into the nape of your neck at some moment or another. Until it reaches the final corner, where the hidden camera was supposed to take your picture at the height of fear. Instead, the shot was just a blur. A blur that had left bruises on your arms from holding you so tightly.
 Peter Parker: Valentine’s day
On the fourteenth pink and red are splatter periodically through your world. Some lockers had hearts, a few hands had flowers and even more cheeks had kisses. One of those being yours as Peter rushed across the lawn. His regular slight hesitance gone today, replacing it with a kiss against your cheek when he was close enough.
Yeah, Valentine’s day was fun for the couples who cared about the romance and typical things of the day. But it was the fifteenth that the real fun happens.
The fourteenth was barely more than a regular day for your relationship. Maybe a little more socially acceptable PDA or spending the bag change to get one another a snack. But you left after the last bell in the same pattern you would have the day before.
On the fifteenth, as the same bell rang, Peter met back up with you.
“You ready?” He asks but doesn’t really need and answer.
“Yep, let’s hit it.” You reply.
It’s on the fifteenth that every piece candy with the Valentines day theme goes on sale. It’s goes even lower on the sixteenth, but by then all the good stuff would be gone. Most of the good stuff was already picked through by the crowd smart enough to hit the stores early. But there were still some good bits.
“I can four suckers for a buck,” You say this from the store’s floor. Waving them at Peter. “Wanna go halfsies?”
“Are you actually going to share it?” He asks.
“Only if you share the gummy bears.” You answer.
He doesn’t reply, but it was obvious that neither of you would share.
 Stephen Strange: The Olympics
It’s a stretch to say that the Olympics counted as a holiday, it was more of society wide event. The news and media forcing your attention onto the games even if you don’t know what’s going on. Luckily, diving seemed to be understandable enough while watching.
“He’s going to catch the board coming down.” Stephen says from his side of the couch. One of four books open in his hand.
“You aren’t even paying attention,” You say, although, you weren’t either. Your phone taking up just as much of your eyesight as Stephen’s book. “You don’t even know who’s up.”
“He’s gonna catch the board,” Although he looks away from the book he doesn’t bother with eh TV. Immediately looking at you with his stupid smug face. “I know, I already know. Watch.”
The next participant up was a young man. Like the ones before he’s taking deep breaths at the end of the board. The announcer’s voice long since being ignored, even as he explained how the dive would happen and what points would be needed to make a difference.
Phone put away and sitting up straight you were now entirely focused on the TV. This young man wasn’t even representing your country. Yet him succeeding suddenly meant more than any gold metal could ever be. Just to show that Stephen Strange could be wrong.
“He’s going to catch it, I’m sorry to say.” Stephen says unapologetically.
The man takes a small bounce before jumping back. Knees tucked to his chest to ensure the quicker spin four times in a row. Ending straight into the water with a body tight and the watching crowd cheering.
“Ope! What now, Dr. Smartass?” The young man had gotten the points, but you were the real winner of the hour.
Stephen is sitting up straight in his seat right next to you. Instead of the satisfying look of disappointment you wanted it was instead one of pressed together eyebrows.
Maybe calling him Dr. Smartass was a little too far?
The cheering crowd is replaced with announcers talking the smaller details. The world continuing on even as Stephen is frozen in time. Only starting to move when you reach out with a hand.
“Stephen..?” You ask before making contact.
Your hand is on his shoulder for barely a second before he’s up and off the couch.
“This is not good,” He says turning from the room. A swish from the doorway bringing the cloak onto him. “This really isn’t good.” He reiterates and is gone into a glowing portal.
Was it worth being right?
 Matt Murdock: St. Patrick’s
Foggy had been introduced to the bar-crawl before he could legally participate. It was a tradition on St. Patrick’s to take in a drink at as many bars as possible. Starting with the local bars and expanding into the city where the bar tender wasn’t known by name.
Although labeled a “tradition” Matt had only attended two of these, and both times he was the chaperon. First time in college, when the best place to stake out trouble would be in the bars, anyway. The second was also Karen’s first time, before the truth was out and she had begged and pleaded and threatened until he said yes. Although disappearing after the second stop to follow the shambling couple with a fast-walking man behind them.
This time, the third time, things were different. He wasn’t the only eyes on the Kitchen and could even call in a favor every now and then. This time was also different because of your presence. Someone suspiciously too eager to be the chaperon of several adults.
“I wanna see what lawyers look like with their collars loosened.” You had said when questioned.
On the way to the first bar Foggy had made you take the oath of the Designated driver/chaperon. Having you raise your right hand and swear that “No matter the scene, no matter the comedy, I will not blackmail anybody.”
“Or leave after two bars?” Karen adds in.
“What? You weren’t even there!” Matt defends, but this wouldn’t the first time someone would bring it up.
Josie had the honor of being the first bar. It was also the lamest stop on the night, the only bit of decoration to be found was an upturned hat on one of the tables. Minding it’s own business when you arrived, and but used as a garbage by the time you left.
Matt’s arm was around your shoulder on the way to the second. This done so casually, as if he were protecting you from the cold. Adding more and more weight to your shoulder as the night goes on.
Alcohol was always a gamble to take part in. A pleasant buzz for most would be a license revoking amount for Matt. Nights out with Foggy and Karen involved a little game of tiny sips, quick pouring into other’s mugs (who, at Josie’s usually welcomed the free drink) and overall avoidance of drinking more than one bottle of anything.
This game was harder to win with more people watching, on unknown ground, and with his senses losing their edge with every sip. By stop five you were wearing him more than walking alongside.
“I need to tell-I NEED to tell you a secret.” He says at the second to last stop of the night.
Matt had needed air (he probably needed air about an hour ago) which resulted in your guidance to just outside the bar. Close enough you could still hear everyone inside but away enough that Matt was your full attention.
“You don’t have to do anything right.” He’s rocking back and forth while your say this. One of your hands on either of his biceps to keep him from going too far back or forward. “Just gotta breathe and drink some water. Drink a lot of water.”
“No, no- water is- water is not my secret. My secret, you gotta know because, because I love you.” He rocks too far forward, his face pressing into your shoulder while feet and legs work to keep him standing up.
“I love you, too, Babe.” His breath is awful, so much so that you have to turn away from him.
“No, like, like, LOVE you and you gotta know.” He takes your face in both hands. In his drunken state he probably thought this was a serious situation. Continuing on, “Honey, you gotta know I’m a devil.”
The smile you gave the same given to a toddler who tripped. Placing your hands over his and gently pulling them down. “You won’t go to Hell just for drinking. Even, if you do, a majority of other Catholics will be there to keep you company.”
“What? No, no, that’s not what I meant. I’m a devil. No, I’m the devil.”
“We reached chatty Matty level, didn’t we?” Foggy was leagues more coherent than Matt. Obviously buzzed still able to move around. When you asked ‘how?” he opens his arms, gesturing to himself smugly. “Mix of experience and genetics. Something that Matty should have but doesn’t.”
“He’s, yeah, I don’t know if he’ll remember this tomorrow.” You say, “How’s everyone else?”
“I’m the only one who can still wobble a straight-line. We’re just gonna cut out the last stop and head home. I’d say it’s like herding cats, but cats are smarter.”
Before you could ask how many cars you’d need to call Matt has joined the conversation. Reaching an arm out towards Foggy as if to stop him from getting away.
“Foggy, Foggy, tell her I’m a devil. I’m the devil. Tell ‘er.” He says, if it weren’t for your arms around him he’d probably fall straight to the ground. “She’s good with secrets. Real good.”
It’s a silent few seconds while you smirk and laugh while Foggy’s thoughts hit hyper speed. Lawyer brain finally taking over and he laughs too.
“Okay, I’m gonna take over Matt duty.” Foggy reaches out and takes Matt’s arm. “cars are already on their way; you can head out.”
“What? Isn’t the whole point of a designated driver to, you know, drive everyone?” You say this but don’t stop Foggy from taking on Matt’s weight.
“Not when it’s New York, go on. Get.” He says the last part more as a joke, but it forced your eyebrow to raise at the behavior. “Seriously, chatty Matty always leads to hangover Matt, and you don’t wanna deal with that.”
There’s no point in arguing with a man who does it for a living. Instead, just shrugging and letting him go. “Alright, call me when everyone is safe. Or if all the cats get away.”
Foggy laughs and nods his heads. Waiting for you to be a few blocks away before letting the façade drop. Secretly wondering what would have happened he just let the alcohol release the truth.
 Carol Danvers: Christmas
The rate of communication between you and Carol has slowed to a crawl. It probably takes longer for your message to reach her than it would have back in the Victorian period. Instead of chasing down the post man as his carriage pulls away you have to stalk and harass whoever was connected enough to the Avengers to send a message. There was always someone who handled the records and paperwork, and that person always listened to whatever Captain Marvel had to say.
You, on the other hand, weren’t so important. Your designated postman, an intern going by the name Gale, always answered your calls with more than a little bit of annoyance.
“When the Captain leaves a message, I will send you that message. That is how this works,” They said, acting as if it was four in the morning rather than the reasonable eight in the morning.
If this were a few months, or even weeks ago you might have made a joking (but not really really) offer of baked goods in exchange for information. At this point, though, things had been hard. The distance and gaps in contact has weighed so heavily onto your shoulders they’ve started to sag at this entire situation.
“…I just wanted to check. Thanks.” You barely get out the last word before hanging up. Embarrassment is the best way to describe the building feeling. It’s better to focus on the embarrassment of being scolded rather than the sadness of not having your woman nearby to warm the newly fallen snow.
Any other feelings other than loneliness have eventually left you as the days pass on. Leaving to visit their own loved ones while you pretend to be happy for them. It’s the same voice and acting you’ve used with friends and family over the phone and in passing. That everything is fine, you’re good, and that they should enjoy their time off as you intended to do.
Although you weren’t lying about intending to enjoy the time off, this wasn’t going to happen. Rather than decorating or enjoying the countless specials playing across the screens you were just…there. Waiting for the season to end and be able to check up with Gale. Just once, just to be sure.
Pounding on the door takes you away from harassing thoughts. With Christmas even tomorrow it was either the landlord or a last-minute gift someone forget to give. Opening and the door and it appears to be the latter.
“The Captain is actually paying me for this.” Gale stands in the doorway. Metal box held before them, that was promptly thrusted into your arms. “It’s already set up, just pull it out and follow the paper.”
They’ve turned away before you could ask what this was or say thank you. Raising their hand to wave goodbye while walking down the hall.
Inside the box was a rectangle which snapped out like an umbrella into a long piece of shiny metal. A thick square on either side to keep it stable on the ground. On the end of the right side was (at one point or another) the shield symbol, now scratched off until it was only an outline. Looking at it for too long felt incriminating so it was for the best that you placed the entire thing on the ground. Instead focusing on the smaller remote in the very corner.
It was half the size of a TV remote, with all but two of the buttons covered with black tape to match the hard material it was made from.
‘press right to call’ Was written on the yellow note attached to the bottom.
Although you pressed it without hesitation there was nothing. Not even a little click to show that it had gone through. It wasn’t until seeing the “on” switch that you realized it required power.
The bar lights up and blinks in your dark room. Turning off the TV to keep the screen from distracting from…whatever this thing was. As the blinking continued at a steady pace until glowing bright. Brightening the mostly darkened room until a stream of the same color created from the bar builds straight up. Creating a screen for you to look upon.
A woman appears on the screen. Loose dark pants, tank top and blonde hair cut short to better show a smiling face. Carol sighing in happiness that her present worked, even happier that it was timed perfectly for her to spend some real time with you.
“Hi, Baby…” She says, her voice trying to stay strong but it’s obviously full of emotion.
 Sam Wilson: Anniversary
Although the reservation was made days in advanced neither you nor Sam remembered until lunch. There was nothing that indicated today was any more important than the one before. With Sam spending his time between missions acting as a trainer/nanny for the baby agents and you with your own work, there wasn’t time to take a breath and look around. Not until the schedule notifications hit your phones at the same time.
‘Busy tonight?’ Sam’s text came in seconds after the notification.
It was a scramble to align your schedules after this. Name dropping Wilson could get anything you’d want. Even a sudden night off without any warning other than your feet approaching the boss’s door.
After that it was a game of rapid-fire questions: “where’s our reservation? Is it casual? Is it formal? What time do I have to get up tomorrow?” None of which were answered until you were home and able to pull it all up.
After finding the place and realizing you were gonna have to shave Sam entered the game.
Although no one would say this to his face, Sam had an easier time getting out of work suddenly. Literally patting the next man on the shoulder and saying, “you got this,” before leaving was the equivalent of a two week notice for Sam.
His privilege giving him the time to race to his sisters. Saying hi to the nephews while asking about the one formal clothing left he could wear. This jacket and pants combination hasn’t been worn since his twenties, but at least it hadn’t been worn to a funeral or government hearing. One of the kids were likely to wear to prom at some point, they just didn’t know it yet.
“Have you been here before?” You ask after a peck is placed on your cheek.
Sam only stays nearby long enough to see the restaurant. “I’ve passed by it and Sharon swears by it. I haven’t. rather not wear uncomfortable shoes all night if I have to.”
“I feel that.” You glance over at the suit Sam set out on the bed. Then to the bathroom where you would have to take a shower (probably cold) and shave now if you were going to make the reservation on time. Not to mention, the uncomfortable shoes.
“How…badly do you wanna try this place?” it was an innocent question, as innocent as it was gonna get at least, but Sam still stopped moving about the room.
“Sharon says it’s good, but…why?” Another innocent question, this time directed at you.
“The drive is gonna be long and I’m not even close to getting ready and the portion may be small…” babbling reasons was a poor kind of defense but it was a classic. Just keep saying different arguments and eventually one will stick.
Instead of interrupting or trying to comfort you Sam took a seat on the end of the bed. Stupid, knowing, smile on his face while waiting for you to run out of steam.
It takes a second to realize he’s waiting before you finally shut up.
“We could just stay in and enjoy this night off with beer and ordered steak.” He says, both as a question and a statement.
For whatever reason, his ability to understand your wants and give a suggestion was almost embarrassing. Why was that? Were you really this predictable or was this an instance where Sam legitimately wanted you to decide. Either way you nodded and closed the restaurant page.
“Yes please,” There’s really no point in saying this. Sam was already making calls and tossing the suit away.
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nialls-flute · a day ago
In A Nutshell - T. Holland + Character Blurbs
NOTE: i did something similar to this for shawn mendes awhile back and thought I’d do it again for Tom and his characters. basically this is answering “otp/paring questions” with tom and the various characters he plays to see who is most likely to do the following, with some fluff! hope you all enjoy!
TAGLIST: @niallberry @swiftmendeshoran​ @theshyspy @clarabsevero @golden-hoax @dudethisiswhyyoudonthavefriends @organicpurplepants @wowitsel @sunwardsss @lovely-blackinnon @tomsirishgirl @tomsirishgirlx @whoeveniskendall @multihoee @haterpenny @highontomholland @nxtty-m @bi-lmg
Tumblr media
who cooks the best?
Of course, after observing his grandmother and unbiological sister prepare and serve him eggs from the skillet and the occasional meatloaf for years, Arvin was bound to pick up some tips on cooking. Once the two of you agreed to go steady, the cooking lessons you gave him became more hands-on and up close. Maybe once in a while, the simple yellow cake would turn into a lip-locking session in your kitchen, with Arvin leaving a trail of flour dusting off of his brunette locks on the journey into his house. But five sessions in, he finally learned to wait before mixing the wet and dry ingredients.
Eventually, he felt confident enough to buy proper ingredients at the local grocer and make you a cake all by himself for your birthday. When he presented his creation to you the next day after school, tears of happiness and devotion for the chef filled your eyes. The cake turned out dry as the Sahara, and the icing was all too watery for your liking, but you savored each bite anyways. A small part of you wanted to tell him how he could improve in the future, or nitpick the crumbly pastry. But the grin on his face halted any corrections you wanted to catapult in his direction. You settled with words that would only make his smile grow wider.
“It was delicious. Thank you, Arvin.”
“No problem, doll. Happy birthday.” He brings you into his arms for a warm embrace, basking in the scent of your strawberry shampoo. “Now for the fun part.” He says. 
You break away from the hug, tilting your head at him. “Seventeen years means I owe you seventeen kisses, don’t it?” He smirks. 
who buys cereal for the prize inside?
“Darling look!” Tom shrieks upon coming through the door to the house. You obey, turning your eyes from the pages of a book you had busied yourself with to see the sight of your boyfriend. His eyes were lit up with a joy you had only been witness to a few times in the past. Your eyes traveled down to see the vibrant red and blue-tinted box, the large yellow print on the front reading “Spider-O’s”
“They made it!” He announces, almost leaping from his spot in the entryway before entering the kitchen and digging through the refrigerator for what you assumed was milk.
“You really bought a whole box of Spidey-O’s because it has your face on it?” You call out in question. “You don’t even like cereal that much.”
“Of course I didn’t buy it just for the box.” He huffs, returning to your line of sight with a full bowl and spoon. “There’s a figurine at the bottom, too!” In a haste, he hands you the bowl which is near the point of overflowing with the grains and milk.
“What’d you hand me this for?”
“Well someone’s gotta help me finish it all!”
who likes to stargaze?
A quick succession of raps on your bedroom window makes you jump from your desk chair. Upon seeing the bug boy himself, dressed to the nines in his spandex suit, the hand which was clutching your chest falls to your side.
“What are you doing here?” You hissed, ensuring that your bedroom door was closed in fear of your father walking in. Perhaps fate was against you and Peter Parker in the fact that your father was a police officer. And like every police officer, your father viewed the web-slinger as a vigilante and nuisance to Queens and its surrounding cities.
“I wanted to cut patrolling short tonight so I could take you somewhere.” The mask shields a lot from you, but his tone of voice revealed his cheesy smile behind the fabric instantly.
“Where?” You furrow your brows.
“It’s a surprise…you comin’?” He reaches out a hand for you, no doubt to grab and hold onto for the windy swing ahead.
“We’re swinging there?” You question meekly.
“Just until I get my learner’s permit.”
“And how long will that be?”
“It’s New York, who needs a car?” With a final look of skepticism, you take his hand and lock your fingers together for dear life. For the next few minutes, you attempt to block out the white noise entering your ears and shut your eyes to avoid looking down.
“We’re here!” Peter announces, setting your feet gently against the cold concrete. Hesitantly, your eyes flutter open.
“We’re…on top of your apartment building?” You ask more than state. Peter grabs you by the shoulders and spins you around, revealing his Star Wars blanket and a couple of pillows strewn together.
“Surprise! We’re stargazing! I know it’s not the planetarium at the museum, but I figured it’d be the next best thi--” the boy is cut off by your fingers gripping the bottom of his mask and peeling it up just enough to press a smooch against his lips.
“It’s perfect, Pete. Thank you.”
who kills the scary bugs?
You and Todd took in the silence of the forest as you strolled through, embracing the crunch of the fallen leaves beneath your shoes. Of course, silence never lasted long in the New World. There would always be the occasional interruption from your boyfriend and his involuntary thoughts like his hatred for beets, or, at this moment in time, his impatience for Manchee to lift his leg and do his business already.
Just go, you don’t have to ask me every time you need to take a shit
You tried to hold back a giggle at his infuriated tone. The dog remained yapping and sniffed around, searching for a proper, unclaimed spot. You only smiled at Manchee and stepped closer to Todd as the two of you kept an eye on him, and laced your hand with his.
She’s holding my hand. She still likes me. Thank God.
You turn to find his cheeks quickly growing red. It took a lot of trust for you and Todd to make your relationship further than platonic. He had to suffer with the constant fear of appearing too vulnerable around you and never knowing your inner thoughts, while you had to try and be just as open with him since not everything that came to your mind was on display.
Shut up, Todd. I am Todd Hewitt. I am Todd Hewitt. I am…
His thoughts were interrupted by a rustle of shrubs nearby. At the sight of the round, shell-looking creatures you elicit a frightened squeal.
Crawlers. Y/N’s scared. She’s scared. Be a man. Protect her.
He draws the small knife from his jeans and turns, eyeing the insects and laying his target on one of the slower crawlers. In an instant, the knife once in his hand acted as a projectile, and the crawler’s demise as it punctured the insect’s body, sticking it to the trunk of the oak tree only feet away.
Gotcha. Love that knife.
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hayhays · 2 days ago
Can anyone recommend me some good Peter Parker AU’s? Like prince ones or soulmate ones, something like that please?
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thefieryphoenix · 2 days ago
I just read ur story about us going to the avengers for help because of peter and I was wondering if you could do something like that but instead were going to them because we got lost from the house we live in with peter and want him to get us
Well, this is the LAST request I’ll be doing before I open up my inbox again 
Peter would first be heartbroken and devastated since he can’t find you anywhere and also, his heart is racing like a million miles per second since you must be so scared and lonely of being all alone in some unknown danger! Peter HAS to find you fast before you get hurt or even worse, kidnapped!
Meanwhile you decided to go to the Avengers for help since they might be able to help you get back to Peter. You were feeling cold at this point and wandering around in the streets and finally after what seemed like forever, when Captain America was wandering around with Bucky, how stunned both of them were when they met you in an alleyway
You explained the situation at hand to them and they decided to get you back to the Avengers tower although they were kinda sus of why you didn’t try escaping from Peter and want to go back to him even though he technically kidnapped you. Tony sees you and he immediately gets a call from Peter. Peter’s literally freaking TF out and you could actually hear his frantic voice on the other end of the phone asking if he knew where you were and if he could please track you down or something like that. Tony asked him to calm down and he told him that you were with them and you could hear Peter literally sighing with relief and thanking god that you were all right 
The Avengers were really nice to you, they made you some snacks and Peter finally came to take you back with him. Peter was immensely proud of you for wanting to come back to him and yes, he DID cry 
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Okay I have another idea:
Peter hates thunderstorms cuz they’re really loud so he always hides in his closet to Block out the sound but one day he wakes up in a sensory overload and goes to the kitchen to get something to eat when he hears thunder so he runs to his room crying cuz his head hurts so bad and Sam is laughing cuz he thinks Peter is afraid of thunderstorms. Then you go to peters closet and hold him and kiss him till he feels better
Tears dripping, Thunder screaming ⇒ PETER PARKER x READER
Summary: ^^^
Tumblr media
A/N: Aaaahhhh, this was painful to write but I had fun. I changed the prompt just a teeny tiny bit but I hope you still like it. Thanks for the request again, luv!
Warning: Astraphobia (Fear of Thunderstorms). Sensory Overload. Swearing. Detailed description of pain. Panic Attacks.
Word Count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
You woke up to nothing but eerie silence pulling you out of your deep slumber. Grudgingly opening your eyes, you blinked heavily at the ceiling, blurrily staring at the rays of moonlight that shown through the blinds, fast paced raindrops outside causing a flurry of patterns to run across the walls. Your eyes were foggy as they traveled the rest of the room, trying to find an explanation for why you were awake this early. Groaning, you rolled over underneath the thick fleece lined blankets, ready to tuck yourself into Peter's side and go back to sleep but the lack of body heat on the other side of the bed startled you into a sitting position.
More alert now, you blinked rapidly and brought a hand up to wipe away at the eye crusties before scouring the room for a figure or a shadow that vaguely looked like it could be the form of a teenage boy. When you didn't find any, you sat there confused, comforter bunched up around your waist and pillow wrinkles on your cheek. Bringing your hands up, you rubbed roughly at your face, sniffling to clear your nose.
Peter wasn't the type of person to get up in the middle of the night for a snack or go to the bathroom and there wasn't an urgent mission or anything, or at least, you hadn't heard F.R.I.D.A.Y call them down.
Murmuring underneath your breath, you yanked yourself out of the warm cave of mattress, hissing as the chill of the night slithered around your ankles and wrapped itself around your arms. Sluggishly grabbing and slipping on Peter's hoodie that had been discarded on his chair a couple hours prior, you jumped around his room while putting on socks and pushed open his door, yawning as you dragged your body through the hallways of the tower.
You were fully prepared to beg and guilt trip Peter into coming back to bed but a loud crackle and the flash of light that echoed through the corridor snapped you out of your selfish thoughts. Fuck. You'd thought it was only raining.
Now cursing, you pushed yourself to hurry, practically sprinting to his lab and sliding a couple feet on the marble smooth floors. Scrambling, you pressed your finger into the scanner and watched the green light burn across the tip before an accepting beep buzzed and a loud click followed. Frantically watching as the metal doors moved open, you hurried in and turned around, searching for a curled up Peter.
The only thing you could hear however, was your hitched breathing. Eyebrows furrowing, you continued to search through the cluttered lab, half finished machines and loose wires shining dimly in the dull lighting. Where was he? But more importantly, how was he?
Tumblr media
Peter had awoken in excruciating pain, blinding and white and torturous. His fingers had instantly reached up and grabbed at his curls and he tried not to scream out as he took deep breaths, desperately trying to calm himself. When the blearing pounding went from "someone's roughly cracking his skull open" to "someone bashing his skull with a hammer", he untangled his clenched palms from his hair and let out a shuddering ragged breath.
Slowly sitting up, he carefully removed his sweaty self from around you and gently walked away from the bed. Glancing back at you once to make sure you were still asleep before slipping out the door and heading towards the kitchen where he knew they kept a medicine cabinet. He needed Advil. A really really high dosage of Advil.
Walking was harder then he thought it would be, it was like he was being muffled and drowned by too much of everything. Suddenly, even the darkness was too bright and the cotton of his t-shirt was too rough. His tongue felt heavy and gross and his muscles ached as they strained. He could smell the 2 month old food in the back of the fridge from where he stood and it took all of whatever remaining restraint he had in him to stop himself from gagging.
Hissing, he dragged himself closer and roughly messed around with the switch. Letting out a small whimper as the the lights came in full force and lit up the whole kitchen in a painful glow, he blindly stumbled towards the medicine cabinet, fumbling around with the cap before throwing back 4 pills and slamming the door shut. He hadn't meant to be that harsh but here he was, paying for the mistake as the sound vibrated in his skull causing him to keen over in agony.
Water? Right. Water. Drink water.
He didn't remember getting the glass or filling it up but he greedily gulped down the chilled liquid, trying his best to ignore the fact that he could feel each induvial mineral as it slipped past his tongue. Setting the glass dawn extremely cautiously, he sighed. Willing himself to be conscious, he breathed deeply. Focusing himself to not throw up.
The moment he heard the clap of thunder, his entire body seized up and he choked back the tears. Fuck fuck fuck. No. Please. Fuck.
"Aww, don't tell me you're afraid of the rain Petie Pie?"
Peter just blinked and it took him a second for the words to register, the only response he could muster however was to drowsily stare back at Sam.
Upon seeing his face, Sam's eyebrows furrowed into concern, "Hey, Pete. You ok? You don't look so good, want me to go grab Stark?"
Before he could respond, another rumble of thunder shot through the sky. Peter flinched so hard that his limbs spasmed slightly afterwards. Choking, he muttered, "I-no. I'm just gonna- gonna go lay down."
Tumblr media
You were panicking. Eyes blurring as they searched over and over again at the same spots he usually was. This was Peter's spot. Whenever there was a thunderstorm, right there. On that couch in that exact same spot. What was different this time?
Just as you remembered that there was in fact a very intelligent A.I that could very easily give you the location of your boyfriend, you heard someone walk through the door. You almost let out a sob of relief as you saw Peter fall through the doorway.
Rushing to his side, you wrapped your arms around his waist and guided him to the edge of the sofa. Tightly squeezing as he curled himself into you and hiccupped, your (his) hoodie quickly becoming damp. You stroked his hair as another of round of lightning crackled and started pressing kisses onto the nape of his neck, a kiss for every tear that fell out of those beautiful hazel eyes.
Gently, you began rocking him, smiling softly as he finally lifted his head and looked up at you from his head on your lap. Your kisses became softer and slower as they moved to his cheek until your lips were just pressed against his cheekbone, wet and salty and breathing him in.
"Wanna talk?", you muttered and he slowly nodded. His breathing was still labored but it was getting better as he calmed down.
"I- I woke up with a sensory overload and then there was the thunder and I co-couldn't-", you hushed him softly as you felt his chest beginning to move faster, bringing a hand up to press down on his heart and breathe with him, willing him to follow along.
You both lay there for the next couple of hours, him flinching at every sound and you reassuring him with silent "You're ok."s, "You're safe.", and "You're so fucking strong."s.
By the time the storm had passed, you were both exhausted. You're position long changed to how you were currently laying, horizontally on the love seat, his face buried into your chest and breathing slow enough the you were pretty sure he was asleep. Mouthing your lips over his forehead, you combed through his curls and whispered, "I love you." You tried not to smile too big when a muffled and raspy "I love you too" echoed your way.
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eviewriites · 3 days ago
sneaking around
pairing: peter parker x stark!reader
warnings: maybe some suggestiveness?
summary: you and peter have been dating for a while and yet none of the avengers have found out about your relationship
Tumblr media
you and peter had been dating for a while now
what was it? five months
and it was getting pretty serious
but somehow none of the avengers knew about the little thing you had going on
well except from nat and wanda
nat knows everything
and wanda read your mind one time
she regretted that one straight away
you know, with two literal geniuses on the team you’d assume that they’d have figured it out by now
so that’s why you hadn’t told them straight up
you just assumed they weren’t oblivious
but also because you didn’t really want to have that conversation with your dad
peter was so scared that he’d kill him
so that’s why you just kept it a secret
it saves people dying
one saturday the team had a mission
and peter couldn’t go due to a ‘patrol injury’
he definitely did not fall out of a tree trying to impress you with his backflip
this meant none of the avengers were in the tower
meaning you two were alone
for once
so of course you were going to take this to your advantage
with a star wars marathon
well that was the plan anyways
it may or may not have ended with you guys making out
apparently for a while too
because suddenly peter pushed you away
which kind of hurt
but thank thor he did that
because a second later the living room door opened and the team flooded in
you had to quickly sort out your hair
you know? so they weren’t suspicious
“you’re back early?”
tony checks his watch
“no honey we’re right on time.”
he goes over to get an apple from the fruit bowl
“so did you get up to anything while we were gone?”
you and peter shake your heads
“so you spent five hours doing absolutely nothing?”
steve puts down his shield and sits on a chair
“well we watched star wars for a bit.”
“anything else?”
nat smirks
so you just glare at her
you shake your head
“nothing else.”
“then why’s your hair like that?”
sam glares at you suspiciously
you just shrug
“okay then.”
he leaves the room
but then when you and peter go to leave your dad stops you
“where do you think you’re going?”
“to my room.”
he mutters a quick no and tells you to sit back down
so you do
because he’s your dad
and you’re a nice person?
“dad we just want to go play on the xbox, can you please let us go?”
he sighs
and you two quickly leave before he can say anything else
but then your dad realises something
there’s no xbox in this tower anymore
thor threw it out of the window last week
you blew up his minecraft theme park
so tony sighs in defeat and looks over at natasha
“we don’t even have an xbox.”
“well it’s too late now tony.”
“what do you mean?”
nat just stands up and leaves the room
“romanoff, come back here and tell me what you meant!”
but she’s gone
there was another close call a few weeks later
i mean it wasn’t exactly a close call of such
but anyways
it was avengers movie night
mamma mia had just finished
and yes bucky chose it
it was pretty late
so you and peter had fallen asleep
your head was on his shoulder
it was adorable
this was the exact moment your dad started to root for the two of you
but of course he had no clue you had actually been dating for months
it hadn’t even crossed his mind till now
it hadn’t really crossed anyone’s mind
more of the team came to see what tony seemed to be admiring
a chorus of “awws” travelled across the group
nat and wanda just smiled at each other
now, steve had been making a scrapbook for your birthday
and he thought this would be a nice addition
but heck that man does not know how technology works
after asking around he had finally been able to open the camera on his phone
and the stupid thing had left flash on
which of course made you wake up
quickly everyone ran back to their seats
you and peter rub your eyes adjusting to the light and smile at each other
you just looked so happy
when you were happy, so was your dad
so if peter was what was making you happy then he had no problem with it whatsoever
i mean you’d think so anyway
he did still threaten to throw peter out of the window when he found out
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blessedbytom · 3 days ago
TikTok Trends
pairing: peter parker x stark!reader
warnings: idk, mentions of gun (?)
words: 589
A/N: This is based on a recent TikTok trend! :] If you don't know the Trend, here’s the link to one video that did it:
The Avengers were just currently talking about how weird and scary you apparently were after Bucky had decided to bring it up.
Your Dad was just there trying to defend you the whole time even though it was a bit difficult.
"Y/n indeed is a little..." Thor brought his hand up to his head and tapped his temple with his index finger a few times as he continued to speak his next words. "Sick in the head."
"Fuck you. My child is completely fine." Tony snapped, finally having enough.
"Are you sure about that? Jarvis, please show us what Y/n's doing right now." Bruce ordered.
"As you wish, Dr. Banner." Jarvis answered and the first thing they saw was you pointing a gun at Peter as you filmed him with your phone.
"What the hell-" Clint spoke before they all immediately started rushing to your room, busting the door open.
You and Peter turned your heads to where the thud came from and next thing you knew, your gun was kicked out of your hand by Nat and she had pulled you far away from Peter.
"What the fuck is going on here!?" your dad asked, completely shocked just like everyone else.
"Language, Tony-" Steve spoke but was cut off by your dad.
"Shut up!"
"What are you guys doing here?" you asked, annoyed. "And Nat let me go." you ordered and after she thought a bit, she finally did.
"What are you doing?!" Bucky asked.
"I was just doing a TikTok video with Peter." you answered.
"With a gun?!" Bruce asked, trying to understand all of this.
"Excuse me, what is TikTok?" Steve asked, clearly confused.
"Tiktok is an app in which young people create and share funny 15-second videos, grandpa." you explained and everyone, especially your dad, erupted in laughter. Except for Steve who was clearly offended by the nickname.
"Hey-" Tony tried but couldn't stop laughing, "Stop with that attitude, young lady!"
"Whatever." you scoffed, rolling your eyes.
“Y/n, why did you need the gun?" Nat asked, going back to the topic.
"Because of this new trend, look." you picked up your phone which you had let fall earlier, from the floor and showed everyone your tiktok.
The first scene showed you lip-synching to the audio that said "Ugh! I hate people that work at the bank!" but with the by you added caption that said "Ugh! I hate people with perfect girlfriends!".
Then, the scene changed and Peter was on screen. You were also visible through the mirror as you held the gun, as if threatening him while he lip-synched the next words: "Shh, I work at the bank."
"See! It's funny!" you said grinning as you waited for everyone to agree with you.
"And you let her do this, Kid?" Tony asked, looking at Peter.
"You know how Y/n is sometimes.." he answered, shrugging shyly.
"Poor boy." Bruce said, actually feeling sorry.
"Okay but why do you have a loaded gun in your room?" Sam asked and everyone was now staring at you, waiting for your answer.
"Uhm..." you looked down at your feet before responding. "Personal... purposes?" you said rather unsure as you looked back at them, tilting your head to the side.
"Okay," Tony sighed, "maybe she is a little sick in the head." he admitted, finally agreeing with everyone else.
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parkers-gal · 3 days ago
Can u do college!peter x reader just cuddling
And chatting about they’re future together
hope u like it<3
Interlaced hands, softly beating hearts just for each other. That's what everything feels like right now, in this moment, in this happening. Gentle giggles, eye crinkles, nose boops. There's a lot of baggage with being Peter's girl, but there's also a lot of love and appreciation, hope and passion.
His dorm is quiet, save for the meek vibrations of the music playing next door, and the shuffling of tree leaves and branches from the wind outside. You're laying beside him, his left arm around your shoulders to pull you into his embrace while the two of you bask in comfortable silence. You've been staring at the ceiling for the past twelve minutes, thumb rubbing back and forth on Peter's hand. The nimble fingers of his left hand, the one holding you close, is tapping a gentle beat on your upper arm, reminding you that he's as consistent in your life as the rhythm in music.
"Hey, Y/N/N?"
He whispers, "Do you think we'll move in together after college?"
You turn as best you can to look at him. He's still staring at the ceiling, so you do the same. "I think we will... Do you want to?"
"Mhm," he hums in affirmation.
Silence for a few beats again. "Do you think we'll get married?"
Peter swallows thickly, the tapping on your arm slowly slightly. "I really want to."
You smile, though it's to yourself. "I really want to, too."
You hum just as he had. "I wanna be yours."
He breathes a chuckle. "You are mine."
"Forever... I mean."
He shifts slightly to look at you. You smile, so soft and adorable and loving, and Peter's heart gushes over his feelings for you. You're so beautiful, vulnerable and timid as you confess to him what you've been thinking about for weeks.
He interlaces your free hands, fingers locking.
"Would we stay in New York?"
"How could we ever leave May?" You ask after a few moments.
At the mention of her, Peter changes the subject. "I think she wants me to give you her ring." Your eyes stray away from the ceiling to look at Peter with wide eyes. "If we do get married, I mean," he says slowly.
You lick your lips, an action that doesn't go unnoticed by him. "I... don't know what to say."
"You don't have to say anything. You don't even have to accept it when... when the time comes."
"That's the thing..." You exhale, "I'd be a part of your family if I accepted."
"Would you want that?" his eyes are doe and shy. "To be family officially?"
"Me with your last name?" Your tone is teasing, and a blush arises on Peter's cheeks, tinting the freckled skin. "I couldn't imagine saying no."
Peter continues tapping away, absorbing all that's been said.
"Accepting May's ring?" You repeat after a few moments. "That's so... important. To both of you."
"You're that important to me, then," he says.
You roll your eyes as a self-defense mechanism, having grown too bashful to form another sentence in front of him. Peter giggles, squeezing you closer to him.
"You know I love you."
"And you know I'm in love with you," you squeeze back.
"All of me?"
"All of you," you confirm.
"Would we have kids?"
"I mean... I don't know." You confess. "You'd be a great father."
"Me? What about you?" He grins at you. "You'd be the best mom out there."
"As if."
"As so," Peter corrects. "I know it's true."
"And I know you'd be a great dad. You're so... great with kids," you compliment. "I don't know how we could not have a family together."
"Would they be ours?"
"Of course they'd be ours."
"No I- I mean... like biologically."
"I don't know," you tickle his abs for a moment, teasing him. "I'd like to think we could have a nice mix."
"Yeah," he smiles, cheeks still bright red. "They'd really love you." The two of you lock eyes, and you observe how his hazel orbs are dilated. "I really love you." He whispers.
You smile, once again bashful. You're starting to think you're turning into one of the seven dwarfs with how this conversation is going.
"All of you."
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tiredb0igivemesugars · 4 days ago
Peter is never wrong
Summary: Tony Stark's party goes very wrong
📝Words📝: 2.2k
⚠️Warnings⚠️: blood, injury, near death, angst
💙Pairing💙: Peter Parker x g!n reader (Tony Stark x Steve Rogers mentioned)
📎Note📎: No proofread
Tumblr media
Peter desperately tried to get the bowtie right, had been trying for almost ten minutes. ”Peter, are you ready to leave soon?” Your voice asked from behind the door. ”In a minute!” Peter yelled back. He tied the bow messily in frustration and walked out. Stark and his charity balls. Peter had a bad feeling about today if he was completely honest. However, he couldn’t pinpoint why.
You stood by the door, waiting for Peter. You knew he was struggling to tie the damn bowtie but wouldn’t ask you for help. Always insisting on being fine on his own.
He opened the door shortly after, the bowtie all wrong.
You chuckled as you stepped in front of him to fix the monstrosity of a knot he had mustered up. ”You’re supposed to fold the longer end over the shorter.” You said as you untied it. Leaving one end longer than the other. ”Pinch and through the hole.” You muttered to yourself as you tied the piece of clothing properly for your boyfriend.
Peter smiled as he wrapped his arms around you. ”Where would I be without you?” He asked as he placed a kiss on your lips. A chaste kiss, a sweet thank you.
”You’d use those clip in bows and drink instant coffee.”
”Haha. Very funny.” Peter said, trying to sound mad as he let you go.
You gave a little laugh as you let Peter separate himself from you. ”Shall we go?”
The car pulled up in front of the venue. Cameras flashing and reporters swarming around. Peter’s hand crept up to hold yours. You squeezed his hand as you walked through the sea of people.
”Peter! Y/n! So glad you could join us!” Tony called out once the two of you had made it inside. ”He doesn’t screw around with parties, does he?” You stated more than asked. Peter only hummed. ”Are you alright?” You asked him as you kept walking in Tony’s direction, he was already immersed in another conversation but Peter still led the two of you that way. ”I have a bad feeling about tonight. Something bad is going to happen.” Peter stated calmly, trying not to draw attention to himself.
Peter was usually never wrong about these things. ”Is this your anxiety talking or the spider sense?” You asked, wary. ”Latter.”
Peter hadn’t let go of your hand the entire time the two of you had been there, which was almost two hours. He didn’t tell Tony about his feeling either, which confused you. ”If you tell him he’ll call the whole thing off. It’ll be dealt with.” You had tried to reason. ”But I don’t actually know what’s going to happen. It might only happen if I tell him.”
”You two seem gloomy.” Tony suddenly said from behind the two of you. This was your chance. ”Peter here thinks that-”
”The ball is very nicely organised.” He finished for you, giving you the side-eye. ”Peter, you shouldn’t talk over your date.” Tony scolded the boy. Peter slowly felt your gaze leaving him, focusing on something entirely other. ”I didn’t see Mister Rogers anywhere, is he coming?” Peter asked, making conversation. ”He better,” Tony sighed. ”We got into a bit of an argument. He said that the party was unnecessary and was going to mess with his routine.”
”God you two sound like an old married couple,” Peter chuckled lightly. ”Don’t spoilt it,” Tony said as he jokingly hit Peter. You tuned out the rest of the conversation as your attention latched onto a waiter who was glancing around nervously before pouring a substance into some of the champagne glasses he was balancing on a tray. A wave of nausea rolled over you. This was bad. So, so incredibly bad.
He lifted his gaze suddenly, eyes meeting with yours. He instantly set the tray down and began walking away. ”I’ll go to the bathroom really quick.” You said suddenly, eyes not leaving the guy at any point. You could hear Peter protest, but you couldn’t stop.
You tried your best to slide between the sea of people, trying not to lose the guy from your sight. You followed him to the back end of the building, the space reserved for staff. The fluorescent lights lit up a long staircase towards the roof. You could hear the guy’s quick steps a floor above. And without a second thought, you followed him.
You followed the footsteps to the fifth floor. An empty office space with the same fluorescent lights. The man you had followed all the way up there was nowhere to be seen. ”I saw you come in here. Come out, wherever you are!” You called out without a second thought.
”Y/n It’s not very wise to yell like that into an empty room.” A man’s voice suddenly said. The voice was followed by calm and sharp footsteps, revealing a man standing there in a suit. ”Oh fucking hell. I was led here, wasn’t I?” You said to yourself. You should've known. You silently cursed yourself and your stupidity.
”That you were indeed.” The man said, walking around in lazy circles in front of you, arms crossed behind his back. Suddenly a force pulled you down on your knees, causing the rock hard floor to be almost rammed against your knees. You groaned in pain, feeling something break. ”Tell me y/n, how does one get Tony Stark’s attention these days.” The man asked, not even glancing in your direction. The force kept you on your knees, keeping you from moving.
”I think an email would do the trick. Have you tried that?” You asked, trying to mask your fear. You had been pulled down by pure force and the man hadn't even touched you. What else could he do? ”Y/n I can smell your fear.”
”You’re lucky that I had an actual reason to bring you in, otherwise I would hurt you very, very bad.” The man sounded almost angry, although it could just be that the tone was just a normal one for him. ”What’s the reason you have for kidnapping me?” You asked, your fear lessening somehow.
”You’re Peter Parker’s weakness. And Peter Parker is Tony Stark’s weakness. So say that something awful were to happen to you, Tony would automatically be affected and thus, vulnerable.” The man explained his master plan, a shitty one you might add. ”Rule number one of being a criminal, never explain your in motion plan to someone who is alive and well capable of stopping the plan.” You retorted back.
”Who said you were going to be alive?” The man asked, letting you digest his words before ripping a hole in your abdomen with the force he had used to make sure you’d stay in place. Burning, blinding pain invaded your body. You screamed in agony. Could Peter hear you if you screamed loud enough?
The crimson colour from inside of you expanded out, forming a pool under you as you screamed loudly. The warm substance coated your lower stomach and legs, trailing down those parts to reach the floor. Your hands trembled as you tried to cover the wound. You didn’t want to bleed out there. Your hands came in contact with the big laceration, you gasped in surprise at the size of the wound. In the shape of a crescent moon on your lower stomach, from hipbone to hipbone. Blood rushed to your head, at least that’s what it felt like. A hum invaded your head. Causing most of the other sounds around you to fade. The burn from your lower stomach spread through your entire body, travelling by your blood vessels.
”Now, my plan isn’t to bleed you out here-”
”Well what is it then? I suggest that you get on with it quick because you’re running out of time.” Tony’s voice spoke up from behind you, by the door you had come through before.
You sighed in relief, eyes closing momentarily, yet, finding much comfort in that darkness. The sounds around you became even more muffled, you could feel yourself swaying from side to side before you felt something wet against your cheek. Possibly your own blood. There was a huge crash, causing your eyes to fly open just for a minute to see Peter looking down at you. His lips moved, his voice was muffled. You were able to make out your name but nothing much after that. The side of your cheek wasn't wet anymore, your head laid against something soft. Possibly Peter's lap.
His rough hands felt nice against your cheeks, you felt yourself be pulled into a deep slumber. Finding comfort in his mere presence. You could feel yourself mumble something before your mind did the final loop, sending you into a deep slumber.
”Hey there, you gave us all a pretty big scare there,” Peter’s voice said, resonating in your head somehow being louder than the buzzing in your head. You groaned slightly, trying to open your eyes. There was a steady beeping on your right and the sounds of living people talking and walking around on your left. Finally, your eyes were able to focus, Tony sat on your right, asleep on a rather uncomfortable chair.
You rubbed your eyes, trying to adjust. ”What happened?” You were able to finally rasp out. "Shh, it doesn't matter right now. What matters is that you're alright," he said. His voice sounded somehow, weighed, with a sadness of some kind. His eyes were red and swollen, his nose still runny. "Have you been crying?" You rasped out, feeling more concerned for Peter's mental wellbeing than your own physical wellbeing.
He gave an awkward chuckle before answering, "I was just scared, that's all." He said. He stood slightly over you, holding onto your hand while reaching over your head to press the call button for a nurse. You sighed. "I'm sorry for worrying you," you said, feeling like it was something appropriate to say at a moment like this.
Peter remained silent. He sat back down on his chair, still holding onto your hand.
You heard some nurses chatter in the corridor, talking about another patient. The small TV in a far corner in your room spoke, a game show re-run. Peter let out little huffs in his sleep, his nose just barely scrunched up. The machine hooked up to you let out steady beeps, in synch with your heartbeat. The big round clock on the wall was able to inform you that it was twenty past four in the morning.
Soon, a nurse came in. They asked you the usual questions like, how you were feeling and what you remembered. After that, they did some simple tests to see how you were functioning. "I'll come back in a few hours with a doctor. We'll then do more in-detail tests," the nurse explained before leaving the room.
Tony had awoken during the nurse's visit and left the room to call Steve. He was now coming back. "Steve and the others are on their way," Tony said as he came back into the room. "It's four in the morning, let them sleep," you told Tony, feeling like you were burdening them. "I don't think that the others have slept very well in the waiting room. I hear the chairs are pretty uncomfortable," Tony explained. You just huffed.
Peter remained silent, his eyes glossed over, not really focusing on anything. "Peter, talk to me," you suddenly said. This was a moment when you felt like you needed him. Needed to talk to him. Say things like "I'm sorry for scaring you" and "I'll be more careful in the future". Hold his hands and listen to him as his voice would waver, explaining how he had felt in that moment. Tell him how sorry you were for causing him so much heartbreak. And for him to just remain silent, not saying anything, making minimal contact with you, it was just so baffling.
He sighed, bringing your hand to his face and caressing it with your hand. You could feel the dampness of his cheeks. He had been crying. "I just, I watched you. I watched your eyes turn over. I felt how, momentarily, your heart stopped beating." He almost whispered. The heart monitor you were hooked onto increased in its beeping, informing everyone in the room of how your pulse was quickening. "I, I tried to stop the bleeding. I put so much web on the wound. I tried to stop it with my bare hands. There's still some of your blood under my nails." He showed you the dark red that laid under his nails and the small space between the nail and the cuticle.
He looked up from your hand, the one he had been clutching onto like his life depended on it, and met your eyes. Tears streamed down his face, snot covering his upper lip as the lower one quivered. "I've, I've seen death. I've had front row seats, reserved for a family but I sat alone. I've lived through it, but that, I wasn't ready for that." You remained silent, seeing how distraught he was. How much he needed to get this off of his chest. "I haven't given much thought to God, not in many years— I thought I didn't believe in him— but when you laid there, blood gushing out of your body, I prayed. I prayed for the first time in years."
Despite the many protests your body gave, you leaned forward. You gently grabbed Peter's face and kissed him. "I love you," you whispered against his lips before indulging in them again. He tasted salty, most likely due to the tears, but he still felt like Peter. His lips moved the way they always had. His face felt like it always had. This was Peter, your Peter. The man who you loved and who loved you.
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kaylans-imagines · 4 days ago
In My Dreams
pairing: peter b. parker x fem! reader
synopsis: in which he meets her and sees her in his dreams 
↳based on the song by ruth b
warnings: none i can think of. lazy writing?
*gif credits to the rightful owner*
Tumblr media
Peter hated rich people parties. Galas, as wealthy people called them. Peter didn’t grow up with an abundance of money waiting to be thrown around at some fancy event that no one enjoyed, so when he got invited to his first one via the Stark Internship by Tony Stark himself, he was excited. But the more he attended, dread filled his bones whenever he thought of being forced to go. He hated how classy everyone was and how stuffy they made the room feel. He hated the fitted tuxedo he was always forced to wear and how expensive it was—that usually meant he had to be extra careful with what he ate and about what he did. It was limiting, and he despised it. But, he hated the fact that he didn’t fit in. Peter never did find a place amongst his peers in high school, he had his group of friends, and he was content with them. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t want people to know him as more than the ‘nerdy kid who’s so clumsy he can barely walk.’ He found peace with being regarded as a regular student when he graduated, and he was happy in college when no one cared about others. Being at these galas brought out the displeasure he felt when he felt like he didn’t fit in—because he didn’t; he wasn’t born into money, and he sure as hell wasn’t hellbent on pleasing everyone.
Peter left the main area as soon as he could find an exit. He wanted nothing more than to find a place to lean against the wall and not have to put up an interested front. He was sick of the fake smiles, the backhanded compliments, and the false praises he received whenever Tony introduced him to other wealthy people. Politely excusing himself from the lady pinching his cheeks, he stepped away and towards the open bar for a pick me up with a plan to hide away against the wall. That was the plan. That had been the plan. Until he leaned his back against the bar, and his eyes fell on her face. 
Her grin was brighter than any chandelier in the room and softer than any piano sounds echoing against the walls. He didn’t notice the bartender place the drink down next to him on a napkin or the way that he, too, had stopped to look at what had Peter so entranced. He had tunnel vision, and she was the light at the end, beckoning him closer and closer until he stood before her. 
“You should talk to her, pal,” the bartender spoke. He jumped at the sound of his voice and turned back to look at him. 
“I don’t know, what if I make a fool out of myself?” the bartender shrugged his shoulders and looked down at the drink in his hand before looking directly at Peter. Peter looked down at his glass before patting his pockets for spare change, pulling out a ten-dollar bill and giving it to the man. 
“What if you don’t?” he replied, slipping the bill in his pocket. 
“But she’s so out of my league,”
“You’re right,” the bartender agreed. Peter recoiled back and looked at the man with offense written on his face, “but maybe, she’s into guys like you.”
“I doubt it. She’s so gorgeous, and I’m so, not gorgeous,” the bartender, Adam, looked at him confused. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. 
“I think she’d be interested,” he replied.
“How can you be so sure?”
“Because she’s looking over here, and I don’t think she needs a drink or a man in a relationship,” Adam remarked before walking away and leaving Peter alone. True to his word, when Peter turned around, she was looking at him. Directly at him. It was like there was nothing else in the room but themselves. She smiled at him, and an imaginary pathway leading to her opened up right in front of him. To him, it seemed as if time and distance became something of the past. The bar seemed far away, and she got closer the more he got lost in his thoughts. It wasn’t until she was in front of him that he realized he hadn’t moved an inch. She came up to him. 
“Hi,” she smirked. She stood beautifully in a blue gown; it made her eyes pop, and it fit her perfectly as if tailored for her and only her, which made sense because, in Peter’s mind, she was the only girl in the world. He didn’t even know her name, and she already had him under her spell. Peter concluded that if she did, indeed, place a spell on him; he wouldn’t mind. 
“Hey-hello-hi,” Peter blinked in surprise. He wasn’t expecting to be smooth, but he knew he could do better than the word vomit he had spewed. She either didn’t notice, or she didn’t care because the next thing he knew, she was reaching to grab the napkin that once held his drink. Looking down at her watch, she cursed before grabbing a pen from her matching clutch. While she continued scribbling on the napkin, Peter took the time to admire her. He took in the way her hair curled around her face and the way the lights caused her skin to glow. Her makeup enhanced her natural beauty and there wasn’t an imperfection in sight. She was as gorgeous up close as she was far away. 
She handed him the grey paper napkin and closed her pen. Peter’s eyes trailed across the number and the words written on the paper. 
‘Don’t let my number go to waste ;)’
“What is this?” he asked, like an idiot. 
“Love at first sight exists; you just have to know where to look,” she said before looking behind her; with a sigh, she turned to him, “I have to go impress some rich, old people. Do as the napkin says.” And with that, she was gone. He grinned to himself and gently folded the napkin close, slipping it into his coat pocket for safekeeping. The rest of the night, Peter found himself unable to drop the smile on his face. For one night, one gala, the atmosphere he was forced into didn’t seem so bad. The fake praises, the false smiles, and the backhanded comments didn’t sting as bad as they usually did. For once, they were just words. 
That didn’t stop him from wanting to step away from the scene, this time to search for her. To find amongst the group of older men and women as they conversed with one another. He wanted to shout out her name, but he didn’t know it. He didn’t think to ask—too busy trying to keep his thoughts clear to talk to her like a human being—and the napkin didn’t say. He couldn’t go up to every woman with a blue dress—he’d get caught in too many conversations he didn’t want to be part of. For once in his 21 years of life, Peter Parker didn’t have an idea. 
“I’m taking off,” he told Tony, “I have an early class tomorrow.” With that, his mentor nodded and bid him goodbye. Peter walked down the museum’s stairs and waved at the driver that had brought him to the venue. Michael, his driver, opened the door for him and closed it before rounding the front to the driver’s seat. Peter took that time to take out the grey napkin and fiddle with it. The girl in the blue dress was enchanting and charming, and she was interested in him. But he had sworn to himself that after MJ, he wouldn’t let anyone get close. Their breakup was amicable; she had to follow her dreams, and he had to follow his; it hurt them both when they realized they would meet those dreams an ocean apart. The smile on his face fell at the thought of pain in his heart.
“You alright, Mister Parker?” Michael asked. Peter’s brown eyes met Michael’s through the rearview, and he nodded. 
“Yeah, it’s just, I met this girl,” he started. Michael looked back at the road ahead before looking at Peter again. 
“That’s great,” Michael smiled, “or it’s not great?” he asked after noticing the expression on Peter’s face.
“No, it is great, it really is,”
“I can’t help but think of what would happen if it ends up badly,”
“You can’t dwell on things that might not even happen, Mister Parker, that usually stops people from taking risks,” 
“I want to take the risk, but I don’t want to feel the heartache that comes with a breakup,”
“You’re young, Mister Parker; you’re going to feel pain and heartache; that’s the way of life. You’re going to go through all of that before you find the one who’ll put you back together again, but to do so, you have to take some risks,” Michael said as he pulled up beside Peter’s apartment complex, “I’ll tell you what, if you see her in your dreams tonight, you use that number she gave you and you take that leap. And if you don’t, we’ll forget it ever happened and never speak of it again.”
Peter nodded in agreement and bid Michael goodbye as he walked out of the car. The chances of seeing the girl in the blue dress were fifty-fifty; he either had dreams, or he didn’t. He couldn’t help but disagree with her, love, at first sight, can’t exist. There are too many things that make up love, and those things are built over time. A foundation needs to be laid; otherwise, the structure will tumble on itself, and the rubble wouldn’t be recognizable.
Deciding to end the night earlier than usual, Peter closed his eyes as soon as his head hit the pillow. He hadn’t realized how exhausted he was until he smelt the familiar scent of detergent his aunt used on the sheets and his pillows turned into clouds under his head. 
“Come on! I’ll catch you,” she sang, her voice as clear as day and as sweet as honey. Peter looked down over the edge at the abyss below them, beckoning him over. If he jumped the distance between the two building rooftops. He should have been used to heights and extensive lengths, being Spider-Man and all. But this was different. He didn’t have his suit or his webs. He was plain old Peter Parker in modern people clothes. But she was over there. The woman of his dreams calling him over.
“I can’t. It’s too far. What if I fall?” he called back, voice bouncing back into his ears. She only giggled, and he could see her silhouette shake her head in response. 
“Is that really such a bad thing?” she queried. Peter stepped back and thought about it. The obvious answer should have been yes, no one would ever want to fall into such an enormous chasm. As he thought about it, the answer became complicated. He didn’t know what was at the bottom, but one never knows until they take the chance. 
“I don’t know,” he answered honestly. He heard her hum in response and saw her figure get closer to the ledge and, consequently, closer to him.
“If you fall, I’ll fall with you,” she voiced. 
“With my heart,” he believed her. Walking backward and mentally preparing himself, Peter placated his nerves before running forward and jumping off the edge, leaping towards the other side. He didn’t think to look down, keeping his eyes on the gravel of the other building. With a grunt and an ungraceful landing, he was on the other side. Quickly standing up, his eyes scanned the area in search of her. They landed on her figure, standing in front of him, a smile decorating his face and donning a blue sundress. 
Taking his hands in hers, she looked at him, “I’ve been waiting for you.”
He smiled and moved to wrap his arms around her, “me too.”
Pulling away, he was caught off guard by the sight around him. They weren’t on the rooftop anymore. Instead, they were stood on the stairs of the museum, both wearing their fanciest clothes. The usually invisible moon illuminated their faces in a silver glow and stood amongst millions of small stars against the stark, dark night sky. 
“Would you care to dance, sir?”
“With you? Any day,” she grinned and took his hand in hers, leading the dance. They swayed to a beat only they could hear and the sound of two heartbeats becoming one.
“What is this?” she questioned.
“I guess love, at first sight, does exist,” Peter commented before speeding their movements up and getting lost in all that was her. The smell of her floral perfume, the small of her back, and the sequins on her dress. The way her body glittered and twinkled like the stars in the sky. She was here and in his arms, and that’s all that mattered. 
Peter groaned as light peaked through the sliver of light in between his curtains. He didn’t want to wake up and come face to face with reality. He hadn’t used her phone number last night. He could use it now; there was no time like the present. Stretching out of his bed, he looked around for the clothes from the night before. Grabbing the black suit jacket, his hand landed on the grey napkin from the bar. 
Feeling the adrenaline from his dream, he punched the numbers into his phone before pressing the green button.
“Uh, hi. My name’s Peter, we met at the gala last night, at the bar,”
“Hi, Peter. I’m Y/N, and I’m glad you called,” 
“Yeah, well, you were right,” he smiled, “love at first sight does exist.”
“You looked in the right places then?”
“Just one. I took a leap of faith,” 
“I’m glad,” 
He decided to bite the bullet, “would you like to grab some coffee with me?”
“With you? Any day,”
Peter smiled. For once, he didn’t mind being proven wrong. He was glad he leaped off the edge. And he was glad he saw her in his dreams wearing the blue gown that made her eyes pop and her beauty stand out.
Tumblr media
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parkerliciouspeter · 4 days ago
Peter Parker x Superhero!Reader
Tumblr media
requests are open!
word count: 2091 (long one 🥴)
warnings: swearing lmao
a/n: listen to obvious by taylor trensch from the dear evan hansen 😏🤏
Peter walked in his first class, rubbing his eyes. He only got an hour of sleep last night because of some burglars he chased for 18 blocks after they stole a few bags worth of jewelry.
“Glad to see that you’ve finally joined us, Mr. Parker.” His literature teacher gave him a tight lipped smile and gestured to the seat beside you. “You may take a seat beside Ms. Y/L/N, here.”
You gave him a nod. You were as sleepy as him, because you were the one who helped him catch the said burglars. But he didn’t know that. Because you did an actually decent job at making sure your identity was always concealed.
“Suh, Parker.”
He smiles and puts his head on his desk, mind drifting off to the masked hero who helped him yesterday. She was definitely a she, but no matter how many times he asked for her name she stayed silent.
“Whatcha thinkin’ bout, Peter?” You yawn, picking up a white marker.
He snaps out of his daze and quickly opens his notebook, hastily copying the notes on the blackboard. “N-nothing.”
You raised an eyebrow and lifted your legs on the seat so that your knees touched your chest, and scribbled a few stars on the bottoms of your jeans. He let his gaze linger on you for a while, before looking back up at the board.
When you get bored you draw stars on the cuffs of your jeans
He watched as you paid no attention to the teacher, even flipping open a magazine and scrawling on a few pages. Fidgeting with the necklace strung around your neck, you sucked on the end of a ballpen as you read the questions in a quiz that was sandwiched in the magazine you were reading. Peter swore he’d seen that necklace before, though he doesn’t know where-
“Still with us, Ms. Y/L/N?”
You nod absently.
“If so, what year did Shakespeare write-“
“Romeo and Juliet? He wrote it during 1591 to 1596, no one’s sure. Honestly, it kinda sucks. All the guys are either drunk or misogynistic and the girls exist to have-“ you let out a horribly faked cough that sounded suspiciously like “sex,” earning a few laughs from your classmates. Peter turned his head at you. You hadn’t looked up from your magazine.
You still fill out the quizzes you find in those teen magazines
At lunch, while Ned was ogling over Liz, he saw you out of the corner of his eye, messing around with your friends. He smiled to himself, he always found it so amazing that you could ignore the whole world around you, shut out the voices that tell you that you can’t do what you want.
And you dance like nobody's there
Awkward and perfect
You don't even care
“Dude, did you see the news yesterday? There was this huge robbery, and obviously Spider-man was there, but there was another guy there too.”
He turned his head to Ned so quickly, his neck cricked. “U-uh, yeah, I saw.”
“Yeah, people think she’s a she, but I’m not so sure,”
Peter bit on his lip, and he continued to wonder who was behind the mask.
At the end of the day, you skipped towards Peter in the hall, shaking him from behind. “PETER!”
You burst out laughing, eventually earning some badly kept in giggles from him. “Oh my god, your reaction was priceless!”
He scrunched his lips up to hide a smile, and punched you in the shoulder playfully. However, he realized that he had heard it before. Obviously, he had, because you were his best friend, but he could’ve sworn he’d heard it yesterday, even though you hadn’t hung out at that time.
“Peter? Earth to Peter?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah, h-hi.”
Raising an eyebrow, you shove a small paper bag in his arms. “Heard that May hasn’t been doin’ well lately, and she’s been having to do double shifts, so I hope this’ll help.”
Before Peter could reply, you were already skipping away. He opened the bag to find a wad of cash along with a small piece of paper.
Hey May!
Don’t forget to take breaks and take care of yourself!
Hope this takes care of things you needed to settle after Ben’s passing.
Love, Y/N ♡︎
He stared at the note in awe, and quickly counted the cash. A thousand dollars. You had given him a thousand dollars. He watched your figure skip away in awe, in awe of how someone could give so much even if they didn’t have a lot in the first place.
But that’s just you, and he should be used to it by now.
Something courageous, amazing, contagious
And kind
All combined
He heads to Delmar’s Deli-Grocery and picks up a few sandwiches, including one he’s planning to give to you as a thank-you.
Suddenly, the TV behind the counter switched to a news report.
“We’ve just received a report of a car chase near Midtown School of Science and Technology, four men have reportedly committed a grand theft auto and are currently being chased by our new unnamed superhero…” The news reporter droned on about the mysterious hero. Peter quickly snatched the sandwiches and placed some money on the counter. “Keep the change!” he yelled, while running out the door to the alleyway to change into his suit.
“About time you arrived, Spider-boy.” You sneered, wiping the blood off your busted lip.
He squinted, and proceeded to web up the criminals, but. He noticed that they had mild, fresh burn marks around their wrists.
“You gonna ogle at the bad guys, or actually catch them?”
The both of them didn’t say another word to each other, and decided to fight these criminals quietly. While Peter had knocked one out, his gaze flickered to the small silver chain necklace swinging around your neck. He could’ve sworn he had seen it before…
A swift punch in the gut disrupted his train of thought, the guy he had knocked out took advantage of Peter being distracted. The smell of smoke filled Peter’s lungs. Without warning, the thief started aggressively kicking, in an attempt to put out a fire that was rising up his leg.
He looked at the masked hero’s outstretched arm. “What? You gonna say thank you?”
Rolling his eyes, he webbed up his legs to put out the flame. “Rule number one of being a superhero, no one gets hurt. Not even the ones who commit crime.”
“Oh, come on, can’t I have a bit of fun?”
The two of you had finally caught the thieves, the red and blue lights reflecting off your black suit. You looked at the time, it was five-fifty, your parents expected you home by six. Ignoring the news reporters you looked at Spider-man, with a smug smile on your face. “Watch yourself, bug-boy. I might not always be there to be your knight and shining armor, or whatever.”
He watched you leap away into the distance. Then it hit him.
Washington D.C; After the incident in the tower.
“Peter!” You spotted your best friend and sprinted towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He turned red and did the same.
You pulled away, tear stains on your cheeks. You started to punch him everywhere you could reach. “You - are - such - an - ASS!” You cried, hitting him in between every word. Eventually, your voice broke and tears spilled out your eyes, head on his chest. He didn’t know that his disappearance would affect you so much, you’ve always acted like you thought he was annoying.
Wiping your eyes, you looked.. apologetic? No. Sincere. “I’m sorry Peter, I shouldn’t be mad. Ned said you weren’t feeling well this morning, I know how nervous you must be about the Decathlon.”
“N-no, no, you have every right to be. I’m sorry for not going.”
“I managed to calm Liz down and convince her to not get too mad at you.” You let out a broken chuckle. “You better watch yourself, Parker. I might not always be there to be your knight and shining armor, y’know.”
He mentally facepalmed himself. It was so blatantly obvious.
Why go stating the obvious?
It's so painfully obvious
How could you miss
Something that's this plain to see?
When it's glaring, and staring right at you
So obviously
Peter had quickly changed into his normal clothes but kept his mask on, and swung so quickly that he had almost hit a building on his way to your apartment. After a while, he landed on your balcony and knocked on your window.
You turned around, expecting to see Peter but was instead greeted by a pair of large white eyes on a red mask.
“AAAHHH!” You threw a book at the window but instead it bounced on the window and hit you in the forehead. “Fu- ouch…” You opened your window cautiously.
Peter held in a laugh, and pulled his mask off. Your jaw dropped open and you were about to yell something when he quickly clamped a hand on your mouth and jumped in your bedroom. “Dude, please shut up and don’t yell my name or I’m gonna hurt you.” His panicked face turned into a sweet smile and he released his hand.
“Wha- how- how long have you been- y-you know what? W-why didn’t you tell me?! I can’t believe you didn’t-“
Peter quickly shushed you and played with your fingers as he talked. “I know you have a lot of questions, and I’m really really really super sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier, I was just scared that you’d get hurt by bad people if they knew we were friends and-“
“Peter.” You whispered, a serious and stern look on your face. “Get to the fucking point, please.”
He froze for a second, and swallowed. “Y-y/n, were you, um, the- the girl who was fighting- uh- earlier? Near school? Just a while ago?
Your serious face doesn’t waver. “I- I don’t know what you’re t-talking about.”
“Y/n, I’m pretty sure it’s you. You-“ He played with your necklace. “You were wearing the same necklace.”
You become flustered, and a few tears streamed down your cheeks. “I don’t know what happened, I just- got really mad and exploded the microwave, then it got worse and worse and-“ Peter cuts you off by wrapping his arms around your body, rubbing circles on your back soothingly. The entire room was silent except for your deep gasps for air. Once you’ve calmed down, he continues to play with your hair.
“I have a feeling that that wasn’t the only reason why you came here.”
Peter was glad that you couldn’t see his reddening face. “Wh-what do you mean?”
You stayed silent—he knew exactly what you were talking about.
“Just so you know, I really like you, Peter. Ever since we met.” You pull away, eyes widening. “Please tell me you didn’t come here for some help with the homework, or this would’ve been very awkward.”
He laughed, and leaned in, hesitating. “C-can I kiss you?”
You smirked and kissed him hard, letting out all of your bottled-up emotions. You’ve been doing a pretty decent job of pretending you don’t like him, but there’s something about him that just makes you snap.
You pull away, the both of you are so close that your noses are just barely touching.
“I- I love you, Y/N.”
“I do too.”
You were just about to lean into him for another kiss when a loud and rhythmic knock banged on your door.
Your eyes widened, and you quickly pushed Peter off your bed and shoved him in your closet. “Shit, that’s my brother, hide!”
Your little brother opens the door, hitting it on the wall. “Y/N!! Oscar peed on my shoes again!”
“Fu- aargh, I forgot to walk him today, sorry, Tyler.” He wiped his nose exaggeratedly and stomped out the room.
Once you’ve made sure that he was gone, you closed the door and locked it, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any unwanted visitors coming in your room.
Peter pushed the door open slightly. “Is he gone?”
You laughed and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled and tackled you onto your bed, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “M’sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. We could’ve had weeks. Years, even.”
Tugging on his hair, you planted a kiss on his knuckles. “It’s alright, Pete. What matters is that we’re together now.”
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How about peter coming home from a really long mission and being severely touch starved and refusing to let go when you hug him
Summary: ^^^
Tumblr media
A/N: Loved this prompt babe, thank you for the request <3 Enjoy!
Warning: Mentions minor injuries. Swearing.
Word Count: 779
Tumblr media
You paced quickly in front of the tower, your eyes focused on your scuffed bunny slippers stained green from the wet grass as your steps squished across the lawn. Clenching your hands in the pockets of Peter's hoodie, you wriggled them around and fiddled with a small ball of fuzz, trying not to let the fall breeze get to you. Shivering, you bit and nibbled at your flushed lip while glancing up and staring at the spot the plane would land, trying to will it to get here faster.
It had been a week, a week of not seeing your spiderboy. A week of no cuddles. No late night swings, no kisses in between classes, no staying up till 3 am watching Buzzfeed Unsolved videos. Nothing. Just a whole week of feeling like you were walking around missing a limb.
The second you heard the distant rumble of the deep jets, you were whirling around, eyes flickering over the doors and windows, desperately trying to get a glimpse of anything. You could hear your own breath hitch as the wheels of the plane settled down on the concrete pavement, your mind pushing you to go closer but you stayed there, frozen.
You're eyes squinted as the automatic door swooshed opened, revealing a herd of tired Avengers stumbling out and making there way to the entrance, near where you stood. You nodded and gave them small smiles as they mumbled there greetings to you, Tony making sure to ruffle your hair before heading into the tower, most likely to go find Pepper. 
Still not having spotted the red mask you'd so eagerly been waiting for, you swayed anxiously. FRIDAY hadn't mentioned anyone being hurt other than a couple minor bruises and scratches but now you were freaking out. Was Peter injured? Where the hell was he?
All your worries and thoughts however halted as you spotted him, his muscled yet lanky body tripping out and his fingers grasping the mask in his palm. Fuck. He looked so pretty like this, even with the dark bags under his eyes and the rapidly growing purple bruise high on his cheekbone.
The moment you're eyes met, it was if a dam had been broken and both of you launched yourselves at each other. Your legs instinctively wrapping themselves tightly around his waist and and arms gripping themselves around his neck. His hands warm and sturdy on your thighs as Karen was promptly dropped to the ground. The solidness of him made you melt. You could cry, you realized, if you wanted to, just from the shear amount of joy you felt from having him in your arms again.
You both stayed there for what could have been hours, your fingers tangling themselves in his hair and gently stroking the strands as he rocked the both of you back and forth, in time with your hands. His face was buried into your neck and you could feel every time he took a deep breath, the shudders of air escaping his mouth warm on your skin as he took in the scent of your familiar perfume. Your nose which was previously buried in your boyfriend's curls moved and grazed his forehead, leaning back slightly in his arms to press a kiss into the crease between his eyebrows.
"Babe.", you whispered, trying to move your legs so you could stand properly again, your ankles aching a little from how tightly they were interlocked. You're only response was Peter tightening his hold on you. Smiling, you shifted once again, wrestling his body into getting him to finally look you in the eyes.
"What?", he huffed, his pink lips pouty and eyes pinched together.
"We gotta go inside.", you cooed while grazing your fingers over his nose, gently bopping the tip, before moving them down to drag them over his lips, "We'll get sick."
"I don't get sick.", He murmured, your fingers causing his words to slightly muffle.
"I do." You responded, giving him a pointed look and moving your hands to rest on his shoulders.
His head tucked into your neck before you could stop him and you felt the vibrations as he whined, "Don't want to let you go. I missed you." The second half softer, smoother.
"I missed you too.", you returned. Hands once again moving to run over his biceps and and arms. "Inside though? Please? We can cuddle?"
You heard him begrudgingly sigh while carefully lowering you, pecking your lips twice before grabbing his mask from the ground and practically dragging you towards the tower, your giggles bouncing around near his ear causing his annoyed façade to break. He was back home.
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plutodexay · 5 days ago
You don’t hurt what’s mine
Tw: Blood, violence suggestion 
Peter imagine (550)
The suit was soaked with blood as he climbed through my window, my first thought being hope that it wasn’t his own. He ripped his mask off as soon as he saw me and from that moment I knew it was. Yet, he didn’t seem in pain or as if he had acknowledged the blood at all, all of his focus seemed to be on me. 
“I’m so sorry” Peter’s voice faltered towards the end, he was looking everywhere except for my eyes. 
“Why?” I step towards him, reaching my hand to pull his face to mine, forcing him to look me in the eyes. 
Which he did, his dark eyes bore into mine as the blood from his chin spread onto my fingertips as I gripped his chin. It only took a moment before he crashed into me, almost knocking me to the floor with the weight of him. Catching myself on the bed frame we fell back, allowing Peter to curl himself into me, sobs wracking through his body and into me. 
I moved my arms as best I could to try and comfort him, both of us somehow ignoring the blood still coming out of him and going everywhere he laid. His mumbled words and shaken movements distracted me from it all. 
“I tried so hard” One loud sob came out, causing him to press impossibly harder into me, his grip tightening around me in a mess. He looked so small like this, it was almost hard to process as he laid like this. 
“You always do”
“They know about you” Peter's voice immediately cut me off. I felt my own breath catch and all of my muscles tense, causing his own to match. “I tried so hard to make sure they didn’t find you, but they did” 
He always feared someone would find me, I didn’t really know why. I told him it was worth the risk when he told me about Spiderman yet he still seemed to only worry about me. Once again I tried to reach up to hold his face but he jerked away, standing up as if he hadn’t fallen on me moments before. 
“It will be okay” I stood up to follow him, reaching out again and this time he let me. 
“You don’t know that” A yell rang out from him, his hands reaching up to scratch at his own face causing more blood to cover them.
“You’re right, I don’t know” I pulled his hands away from his face, and held them in a tight grip. “But I trust that it will be” That seemed to calm him, after a minute he moved his hands to hold each other behind my waist, allowing me to lean into him. 
“I’m still sorry” He whispered into my neck, causing a small shiver to travel up my spine. 
“It will be okay, now let’s clean the blood off of you okay?” He nodded into my hair and traveled to the bathroom with me waiting behind. 
It will all be okay, I whispered to myself, looking to the corner of the room at my own mask that Peter had yet to see. I wasn’t going to let whoever hurt him get away with it, but he didn’t need to know that did he?
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multifandoms1019 · 5 days ago
Can we get WIP for #1?
This is one that I’m gonna be posting soon so stay tuned!
Tumblr media
1. “Safe In Your Arms”
Peter Parker x fem!antihero!reader
The next time they saw each other was on December 28th, Peter's birthday. Peter's heart stopped as his ears picked up a knock on his window, cautiously turning to see Arcane with a gentle smirk on her face.
"Brought something for the birthday boy," His eyes widened as she spoke.
She sat on the fire escape, Peter joining her and promptly being handed a red gift bag. His eyes scanned over the bag, noting the spiders drawn on and the heart next to his name on the top corner; Happy Birthday Petey ♡
"I swear it's not a bomb," She smiled. "if it makes you feel any better." He chuckled, gently opening the gift, scared he might rip it.
Tumblr media
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starryspidey · 5 days ago
Illicit pt 2 (final)
Peter parker x reader
Summary: You’re hired to take out Spider-man, but what happens when you fall in love with the man behind the mask? 
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of death, fake science, weaponry- knives/guns, 
w/c: 8k - It was supposed to be 5k at most smh
a/n: thanks for the love on part 1, you all are too sweet <3 After writing all of this I’m really in the mood to write some fluffy stuff so send in requests and let me know what you think! Also, this will be the final part
part 1         masterlist
The past couple of days have been nothing but a pure waste of life. Time seemed as though it was a personal torturing device, moving ever so slowly. 
Harry has been harboring you in a small ‘bedroom’, inside the warehouse, but in reality, it was a cell with solid walls and a door. There were no clocks, barely any natural light coming from under the locked door. You’ve slept only two times, not for very long, and you couldn’t even use your internal clock to figure out how long it's been since you’ve seen Peter.
In your dreams, the only thing you could see was the last time you saw Peter. The tearing coming down his eyes, his hands and arms burning red from the cuffs. 
“Just tell me the truth: did you love me?”
You blinked away the tears, trying your best to not care that Peter looks like a shell of his past self. You kept telling yourself that it was for him, looking over at Harry, remembering the deal: if you didn’t do what he says, he would kill Peter. You weren’t even sure how Harry could kill Peter, but you didn’t want to take the risk, ‘it's all for the best’.
Harry looked like he was feeling a mixture of fear and envy. Almost like he was enjoying seeing Peter in pain, but wanted to feel that pain for himself. 
After you would look back to see Peter, you would always wake up with a heart that felt like it was going to burst out of your chest. You would be covered in sweat, light tears brimming down your cheeks, gripping the flash drive so you could pretend you had some sort of control in this situation
Harry had promised that he was waiting to use you, but he never saw you after that day. You didn’t really want to wait around to find out what he was keeping you for, all you wanted to do was find Peter and get you both out of here.
But things, of course, things never went your way.
You heard quick steps outside of your door with hushed whispers. The metal keys banging against the metal door, then it swung open. Without looking up, you knew that it was Harry and some bodyguard. They took you by your arms and dragged you out of your little cell. While keeping your head down, while making sure to keep note of rooms you pass and any sort of distinct factor that could help you hatch an escape plan. 
Being thrown into a cold room, you heard the door close behind you as you slowly got up. Looking around, the room was very bleak. The walls coated in an unflattering beige, and looking up, the lights looked like they were about to snap on their wire. By just looking at this room, you could never guess that this place belonged to the billionaire Harry Osborn.
“What did Peter tell you about being Spider-man?” Turning around and looking at Harry, he seemed more anxious than normal, not the smug man in the interrogation room days past. There was a fine line of teasing and being paranoid, and in your very one sided text messages, he went back and forth on it, just like now.
You shrugged your shoulders, “Not much, I didn’t ask and he doesn’t like to talk about what he does.” That part was true, Peter hated recalling what he did during patrol, especially if there was a disturbing criminal or if he couldn’t catch them, but on rare occasions when he would come see you with a black eye, you would insist that he would tell you everything.
But Harry didn’t seem to like your answer, his eyes lighting twitched and he was gnawing on his bottom lip. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and the first three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned.
“I’m not talking about what he does on his little patrols, I mean stuff like,” Harry let out a heavy sigh, as though he didn’t even think of what he wanted. In his instructions, all it said was to ‘find out everything he has to offer’, so he clearly had no idea what he wanted. “His schedule, what and where he goes everyday. And when does he interact with the Avengers.”
You thought for a moment, answering his question is really easy, he didn’t even want to hook you up to a polygraph machine. What could have made him this sloppy? But that didn’t really matter now, he was distracted and ran down so if you could just open the door behind him…
“Honestly, Peter goes whenever he has time. He has class at ESU, but is normally out in the streets when he wants to be, no set time. As for the Avengers, he talks highly of them, but he rarely visits them unless Tony Stark needs him.” That was partially true, Peter normally goes out when he has time, but he always makes sure he is out at night when crime is at its peak.
“Is there any possibility that Peter has not been honest with you?” Harry asked. Rubbing his temple with his figures, trying to sooth his headache.
“No, Peter is not the… best when it comes to hiding stuff.”
“Is it possible that you’re lying to me?” 
You thought for a moment, you didn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize you getting out of here, but what was the point in lying? It's the reason you're in this mess. “Yes”
Harry stopped his movements then quickly took out a knife, then came charging at you. But he was so sleep deprived and he couldn’t think properly, you easily stepped to the side, grabbed his wrist causing him to loosen the grip on the weapon. You took it and hit Harry’s head with the back of it. He collapsed and you broke away from him. 
Looking around the small room, you quickly looked around for any sign of a map or directions. 
Glancing back to Harry, you reached into his pockets and pulled out his phone. Using his face, you unlocked it and started looking through everything. His last text message was to his father, in which they seemed to be having an argument, a bunch of unopened emails, and nothing else. 
Even though you didn’t see anything direction wise, you took his phone and headed to the door. Slightly opening it, you saw an empty hallway, and raced out. Heading back the way you came, you assumed that where you were being kept was close to where Harry would keep powered people like Peter. 
Racing around a heavy militarized warehouse with henchmen crawling around was not something you wanted to be doing right now. Your heart was racing trying to find any sign of a jail cell. 
You eventually found a heavy metal door, one that was different from the others, and you slowly opened the door. Inside was another hallway, much narrower than the ones you were just in, and the lighting was too ominous for this not to lead somewhere important. 
As you walked deeper, you could make out heavy breathing, almost panting. You turned your fast walking into a jog, while you hoped that this was Peter, you didn’t want to see him hurt, or figuring out why he was panting.
But once again, luck was not on your side.
As you turned the corner you saw Peter in electric cuffs on his wrists and ankles attached to some machine, being pulled into a starfish position of sorts and holding him up. He couldn’t move, or else he would get electrocuted, just like in the interrogation room from nights before. But even though he broke out of those, you doubt he could possibly heal properly, even with his speed healing abilities; it's clear that they upped the voltage. 
“Peter? Fuck.” You rushed over to him, your hands barley tracing over his body. You didn’t want to hurt him, who knows what they did to him.
Looking around, you saw an electrical panel and quickly opened it, flicking switches to figure out which one was for the power feeding into the cuffs. Once you got it, you heard Peter fall to the ground. 
Going back to him, you slowly helped him flip over and sit up. His suit was torn, with what looked like burn marks on his suit; as he opened his eyes, they were bloodshot, just like in the interrogation room and you doubted they have gone back to normal since he has been here. 
Peter groaned, slowly gaining consciousness of what was around him, looking around then his eyes landing on yours, the first time you’ve looked him in the eyes in too long. “Who are you?”
You pursed your lips together, unsure of how to answer, “I’m guessing you wont accept me saying I’m the same person you knew?”
Peter waited for a moment, thinking of what he should do. He is weak right now, he doubted that he would be able to stand on his own for a few minutes maybe longer, and honestly he didn’t want to try and stand on his own. 
And the only thing on his mind: ‘No.’
“Did you mean it?” Peter asked. Your heart sank, he was thinking about that moment just as much as you. At least you knew that you were lying, but Peter, he didn’t.
“No, I’ve always loved you. Peter I’m sorry-.” Peter smiled weakly and opened his arms. You immediately hugged him, not too tightly, but just enough for you to realize that he is still here, and that he was with you.
“I owe you an explanation for everything so-”
Peter brought his hand up, too tired to forcibly interrupt you. “For the past few hours I was scared that I was never going to see you again, and all I really want to do right now is kiss you.” 
You raised your eyebrow at him and he simply shrugged his shoulders in return, “how could you trust me enough though? I’ve done nothing but lie and fuck around with your life?
Peter brought his hand up to weakly cup your face, you moved your hand to trace over it as you looked at him, staring into his eyes. “My spidey senses never go off when I’m around you. So I know to trust you. Now please? I just want a kiss.”
You gave in and lightly pressed your lips onto Peters, making sure to not hurt him, although he was gaining his strength back quickly. His lips were slightly chapped, and this kiss was far from perfect, but it was romantic. Two lost souls reuniting gave you butterflies as you felt at home with Peter. 
You broke away from Peter, earning a small whine from his and you glanced at the door, “we need to break out of here, and I’ll tell you everything while we leave.” Peter nodded his head and you got up and pulled him up, with him wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Do you think you could sense a way out?”
“I’ll try.” Peter weakly replied, and you just nodded your head and you were both off. 
You knew that this was your cue for you to start taking so you inhaled a deep breath and then released it. “So, a couple years ago, when I was in my first year of college, I was out with some close people, like really important people. We got separated somehow and soon I found out that  they were taken, and all that was left some sort of ransom note saying I had to steal something if I wanted them back, and if I went to the police they would die.
“So I did it, very well, and a little too well. When I dropped off the item at the location, they released them and all they remember is getting black out drunk. But in that haze, these people, or I guess I should say Harry, found out where they live and a bunch of personal information about them and put it on a flash drive, and he said I had to keep doing these tasks like stealing and shit like that if I wanted to keep them alive.”
You pulled out the flash drive showing it to Peter. “A few months ago, I was tasked to ‘Find Spider-man, find out everything he has to offer, then eliminate.’ But I couldn’t finish the task because, well... “ You motioned between you and Peter and he just nodded his head, trying to understand and reflect on everything. 
“I’m sorry, I know you or anyone else for that matter likes to be used, I just thought that if I came here, I could get the flash drive back from Harry and move on with my life, hopefully with you.” You confessed.
“You have nothing to be sorry for. You were a victim to Harry but I have a couple questions, if you’re ok answering them?” You nodded your head. “Why did you get the flash drive back?”
You felt heat rise to your cheeks, you knew the answer and had to remind yourself that it was ok, Peter seemed to still love you, and you have nothing to worry about. “You outweighed the people on that drive. Harry noticed and kept you here so he could still use me, but also have you.”
Peter blushed and smiled a little, sure it was a weird complement, but Peter never thought he would mean so much to someone. “So that’s why you said ‘no’?”
“Yeah, Harry wanted to see you hurt, and that was the most obvious way to do it.”
“Ok, how did you escape whatever hell you were in here?” 
“That’s simple,” You stated, “I was kept in a room type of cell, and today Harry wanted to talk with me, and he started asking questions about you and he looked like he was about to have a breakdown, so I knocked him out and went looking for you. And I also took his phone in case I needed it.”
“Can I see it?” Peter unwrapped his arm around your shoulder and extended his arm. It was still freaky how Peter could heal so quickly when you knew that it would have taken you months to recover. 
You handed his phone to Peter but was confused, “Sure, but it’s locked and we don't have his password-”
“I’m in, and I think we need to go right here.” You continued to walk and were surprised by hw Peter could have unlocked Harry’s phone. Peter must have sensed your confusion and answered the question, “When we went out, he had the biggest ego, so I figured his phone password would be about him. And 427796 is Harry O.”
“What are you gonna do with it?”
“I’m not sure, but there is probably some evidence that we can use to convict him, without convicting you too.” Peter clarified that last part very quickly, making you sign a bit in relief. You doubted the jury would be lenient if you were on the stand, and Spider-man would most likely not be a very good defense, judging how it could be anyone behind the mask.
“Next question, how did you dissolve my webs?” Peter’s voice was surprisingly whiney and you hinted a little bit of jealousy.
“When I first went over to your place, I found the instructions on how to make your web fluid, and once I figured it out, I noticed it’s a lot like glue so I just boiled vinegar to make your webs harden and lose its stick.” Peter had a little smile on his face, “what’s so funny?”
“It’s nothing, just, lots of my villains have tried to figure out my web-fluid. I once saw Dr. Octavious do some weird science stuff with all these types of chemicals, and it’s a little funny how vinegar could combat my webs. But, one last question.”
“Alright, shoot.” 
“How did you figure out I’m Spider-man?” Peter asked. 
“Oh, I looked at most popular sightings of Spider-man online, and actually Mj published an article containing that a few years ago, when you first became Spider-man, that Queens was your hub, and now it's Greenwich Village. So I figured you were my age and you went to ESU. 
“And if you were in high school, I looked around for gifted highschools and found Midtown. I guessed you had to have some sort of excuse for why you were leaving all the time, so using people's emails, I looked to see who looks up Spider-man or anything related to that the most. You came up and clicked on your instagram, I saw a picture of you and Tony Stark so I knew that was your alibi. This really only took me 20 minutes.”
Peter’s eyes went wide, “you doxxed me?”
“What no, it’s not like I published anything-”
“DOWN THERE!” You and Peter turned around and saw Harry pointing at you with a group of his henchmen, now charging at you.
You and Peter started to sprint for it, Peter leading the way while trying to sense out the right path. But the guards were catching up, and Peter’s web-fluid shooters were damaged so you couldn’t slow them down. So you did what any reasonable person would do: you threw your knife at them.
It ended up cutting one of the guards causing the pair to halt for a few seconds, which was lucky just enough time for Peter to find an exit. Peter used the last of his strength and knocked down a door to the outside and it was pitch black outside. 
You took Peter’s hand and entered an alley close by to hide. It was a tight fit, you could feel Peter's breath on you, and he could probably feel your heart racing. You heard feet running your way and you and Peter both stopped breathing. Peter grabbed onto your hand squeezing it tight. You both knew that if you got caught, you couldn’t do anything. You're both tired, weak, and have no energy, there was no way you couldn’t fight your way out of it.
The footsteps got fainter and fainter, until you couldn’t hear them anymore, but regardless you stayed with Peter for a few extra seconds, just holding each other a little more. 
“I think it’s clear.” Peter's voice was a strained whisper, if you weren’t so close to him you wouldn’t be able to hear him.
You weakly nodded and poked your head out into the dark streets, seeing no one you both walked hand in back to his place.
All you remember from last night was staggering into Peter and Ned’s apartment, Peter was healing quickly but he was far from feeling normal. Ned was pacing the kitchen with Betty and Mj on the phone when you both came in. Seeing their face change with a mixture of shock and fear, they rushed over to you and you passed out.
Peter on the other hand, didn’t pass out until he hit his bed. When you fell, he made sure you didn’t hit your head. Ned, Betty and Mj rushed over to help, Ned tried to take you off from Peter, but one look from him, Ned decided that he should just help Peter, instead of taking you from his grasp. Mj was on Peter’s other side, helping him walk while Betty cleared a path to his room, where right after placing you on his bed, shortly following you then passed out.
When Peter woke up, he was glancing at his clock as it read 5:00pm. You both were still wearing your clothes from the previous night, which were all dirty and torn from the terrible treatment. He didn’t realize his hand was holding yours until he tried to get up. Peter slowly shifted out of the bed and replaced him with his pillow that smelt like him, just to give you some comfort in his absence. On his bed side table he saw Harry’s phone and the flashdrive, quickly looking away and went to get some fresh clothes to change into once he had a shower. 
As quietly as he could, he opened the door and quietly shut it. Once he looked up he saw the concerned faces of his friends, “I’ll explain everything once I have a shower.” The group nodded their heads and watched Peter enter the bathroom.
Peter had a quick shower, he wanted to be out when you woke up. The whole time he was in there he tried his best to distract his thoughts from Harry, focusing on putting the conditioner in his hair and making sure that he didn’t smell disgusting, but it was hard to escape the memories each time he closed his eyes. Some of the guards had pushed him around, causing those cuffs to shock him each time; but he quickly shook those thoughts out from his head
When he got out, he slowly dried himself off, he knew that he would have to recall the entire story and he wasn’t looking forward to it. Not that he blamed you for your actions, sure maybe at first the relationship was one sided, but never since he first met you had his senses gone off and screamed danger! They only screamed don’t fuck it up!
And god, Peter hoped he didn’t fuck it up.
Putting on his sweatshirt and sweatpants, he brushed his teeth and tried to dry his hair but it was still wet so he decided to leave it. Opening the bathroom door and walking out to the kitchen, Ned, Betty and Mj were all quietly whispering, holding their mugs of tea, but when they heard Peter, all of their heads whipped towards him.
“Peter you need to tell us what is going on! You and (Y/n) left for two days! Aunt May was freaking out, if we didn’t call her when you both passed out she would have had a heart attack!” Mj whispered-yelled. 
“Look, I'll explain. Just can I have some coffee? I have had a long few days.” Ned nodded, getting Peter his  mug from the cabinet and pouring Peter a cup from the pot that looked like it was made specifically for him.
Taking a sip, he let out a deep sigh and tried to get his story straight. As he started talking, he made it distinctively clear that you were as much a victim to Harry’s games as he was and not to be blamed. And Peter chose to leave out the part of him being in electric cuffs, the whole interrogation room and anything else too gruesome. 
As he finished up the story, he heard the squeak of his bedroom door open and saw you holding some of his clothes. Peter rushed over to you and gave you one of his signature bear hugs, kissing you on the cheek. You pointed to the bathroom and he simply nodded, understanding you just wanted a shower.
Walking into the bathroom and turning on the water felt like a huge relief. Discarding your clothes, you stepped into the shower, letting the water race down your shoulders and back. You had turned the water to the hottest it could go so it would feel almost like a hug, or like you were protected by something. 
You felt better with a good night's sleep with Peter. When you were at the warehouse, sleep never seemed real. As you washed your body, you noticed some bruises, mainly around your wrists from the cuffs, and a few from being handled by that henchmen earlier. 
Turning off the water you wrapped yourself in the warm towel. You stared at yourself in the mirror, not thinking about anything yet thinking about everything at the same time. Shaking your head to get rid of the thoughts you quickly changed into Peter’s clothes that you brought in with you and walked out of the room.
All eyes landed on you and you felt your heart race. Peter moved to get you and whispered in your ear “I told them everything, they understand.”
“How are you? Do you have any scars or bruises ?” You whispered back.
“Nope, once my body was able to rest it went away. Do you feel alright?”
“Yea, I wasn’t dealt as poorly as you were. I’m just hungry.” You responded. Peter put his arm over your shoulder like a side hug, and walked you over to the kitchen.
“Ned, do we have any of the cereal left?” Peter asked. Ned nodded his head and went over to a cupboard and pulled out the box of cereal and two bowls, then slid them over to Peter. 
Peter started making cereal for the both of you and when he was done he handed it to you along with the spoon. As you started to eat, it was quiet, no one talked. And as grateful as you were for that, you would be naive if you didn’t discuss your next moves. Harry either has realized or would soon realize that you took his phone. And no doubt that there was some deadly information on there that could destroy the Osborn name that you didn’t have time to go over earlier. 
“What do we do now?” You asked as you started down at your bowl. The question was general, open to anyone who had any sort of advice that could possibly help. 
“Peter, you said you got Harry’s phone right?” You glanced up and saw Ned in his ‘thinking pose’ which is basically him with his eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed, almost like he is having a brain baby.
“I think I might be able to collect information to frame the Osborn’s, stuff that won't involve Spider-man or (y/n).” Ned offered. 
Betty spoke up, “are you sure that there is any evidence just focusing on them?”
Mj scoffed and rolled her eyes, “They are multi billionaires who can get away with anything, of course they’ve done illegal shit! It’s like a right of passage for rich people.”
You nodded your head, agreeing with Mj. Harry seemed like the type to have a couple skeletons in the closet, and you know Norman was one of the most corrupt politicians in New York City, or even all around the globe. But sadly, he has a large and powerful following that is filled with just as corrupt people as him, so of course he gets re-elected for mayor each year.
“But what if it's not enough? And wont courts judge how we even got the information in the first place?” You questioned. “The police are going to question how we got all of the information, we can’t just turn it in anonymously.”
It was silent for a couple seconds, but then Peter spoke up. “What if we could?” Everyone looked at Peter, confused on what he was going at. He let out a heavy sigh and started to explain, “I’m friends with Yuri as Spider-man, and she works for the NYPD as a captain. If I told her and gave her the info, she would believe me and deal with it.”
“Well, then I better get searching.” Ned concluded.
After a couple of hours, Ned was compiling a list of every possible lead for a major crime that Harry documented on his phone. The main issue though, was that the more illegal activity was secured by password after password. Ned and Betty had been trying to deal with it forever. It seemed like they were typing away at their computers and Mj looking over their shoulders and telling them what might be useful. 
Peter had been wandering aimlessly around the apartment, he had already finished rebuilding his web shooters, making more webfluid, fixing his suit, then soon washed yours, clearly he was bored out of his mind.
For you, nerves were building in your stomach and glancing over to Peter, could he even trust you? “Hey Pete, could we talk in your room?” You grabbed his arm and lightly pulled him into his room.
He shut the door behind you, as you entered, “what’s up. If you're nervous Ned and Betty are really good at computer stuff and Mj knows her law. You don’t-”
“-No, it's not that. It’s just…” You gave a heavy sigh, and looked around the room. You grabbed the flash drive that was laying on the bed and fiddled with it in between your figures.
“I want you to have this.” You tossed the flash drive to him and he just caught it with his spidey senses. “I want you to know that you can trust me.”
Peter looked at the flash drive, “I trust you.” Then snapped it in half with his strength. “Unconditional love, right? You don’t owe me anything.” He threw the broken pieces into the trash can. 
It was a weird feeling knowing it was destroyed. Kind of like a breath of fresh air. There probably still is some sort of record of your involvement, but at least you didn’t have anything looming over your head with important people in your life. 
“Hey guys!” Mj’s voice rang out through the apartment and you and Pater quickly rushed over to her. 
“What happened? Find something?” Peter asked.
“Yes, but not what something you’ll like.” Ned passed Peter his computer, “apparently the Osborn’s have a shipment coming in at Brooklyn within the hour. Supposedly it has a ton of military grade weapons.”
“Who is supposed to be there?” You asked, looking over Peter's shoulder at the computer screen.
“Both Harry and Norman and a lot of their henchmen.” Betty responded. “If Peter calls Yuri now, she could arrest the Osborn’s for shipment of illegal weapons.” 
“And it would be much easier to convict them when they are caught in the act.” Mj added.
“Great. Ned, can you send the location to KAREN, and I’ll call Yuri on my way there.” Peter passed the computer back to Ned and headed to his room, with you following behind.
“You are not coming.”
“Peter that's unfair. I’m the reason you are in this mess with Harry right now. I’m coming, and that's final.” Your voice was stern, Peter knew that you weren’t going to budge on this. There was no point in arguing but he did need to put something straight.
“It’s not your fault I’m in this mess. You’re just making me come to terms with everything.” Peter sighed and tossed you your suit as he started to get ready.
“When Harry and I went out, I didn’t tell Mr. Stark. I knew what he would say if I was in any sort of relationship with him because he’s an Osborn. But, I don’t know, it felt kind of cool. It was like my only time ‘rebelling’ and I was so wrapped up in it that I never realized that Harry was so… toxic. I never noticed the signs until Mr. Stark caught him snooping around the tower when I was out. He stole my ID and was looking in Mr. Stark's personal lab. If he was in there any longer he could’ve done so much damage.
“I should have known that he was using me, and that he wouldn’t stop. But, I just broke up with him and parted ways. I didn’t even think that he knew I was Spider-man.” He gave a heavy sigh, clearly recalling everything made him anxious and regretful.
You were ready to go, and all you could do was give him a hug and hold him tight. “Nothings your fault, you know. Harry is just a dick and terrible person. But maybe arresting him will give you some sort of closure that you’ve needed.”
“I guess, but we should probably get going.”
You nodded your head, and gave him one more tight squeeze and headed out to the main room. 
“We’re ready, did you send the location?” Peter asked Ned as he put on his spiderman mask.
“Yup, you’re ready to go. Keep in touch, ok?”
“Will do.”
Swinging through the city was an experience you were not sure if you wanted to do again. First of all, cingling onto Peter would normally not be a big problem; but clinging onto Peter while he tried to show off and do tricks is a problem, not to mention he was on his phone for a few minutes and he got distracted easily. But in those brief moments where Peter was fully concentrated was such an adrenaline rush. Seeing the city like this was something you could never get tired of, and you finally got why Peter always swung to places.
Before you could even arrive at the shipyard, you smelt it a couple blocks away. The disgusting smell of fish and the chemical fumes were enough to get you to vomit.
Peter stopped swinging and softly landed then perched on top of a ship container, “When did Yuri say she would be here again?” You whispered. 
“She has to convince her bosses that a call from Spider-man is worth reporting to. But every time I’ve called her in I’ve pulled through so it hopefully should not take that long. Maybe ten minutes.” He guessed. “But we need to block all of the exits so the cops can make the arrest.”
“But the only exit is that driveway or the water which I doubt they’ll dive into. Shouldn’t we focus on their cars so they can’t even attempt to run?” You suggested. Peter thought for a moment then nodded his head in agreement.
“I guess that's better, and hopefully less noticeable. But we’ll need something to subtly break the cars…” His voice wandered as his eyes scanned the area. Coming your way, and walking just below you was a single guard. 
“Stand back.” You quietly crawled back as Peter stood up, aiming his arm at the guard. He pressed his web shooter, shooting out the web fluid, and yanked his arm back. The guard flew up with his and Peter quickly webbed him to the ground and webbed his mouth shut.
Peter walked over to the guard and took a gun, quickly removing the bullets, then checked his belt, which had two knives.
“For you.” He passed you a knife and you attached it to your belt. “We could quietly stab the tires so they deflate, no one seems to be around them.”
Peter and you stealthily ran on the shipping containers to the first first car. Dropping down with Peter, you slashed the back two tires, then Peter used his webs to make sure the tires would be attached to the ground.
You did this five more times to the other cars. Your breath stopped when someone would turn around unexpectedly, or when either you or Peter made a sound that was just a little too loud. 
In the background you could hear faint police sirens, grabbing onto Peter, he pulled you back up to the top of a shipment container. You watch closely as swarms of police cars block the only exit, and see the men getting into their cars, only to find that they don’t work. In the mess, you could make out Norman Osborn, in the faint light you could see that he had a scowl on his face and kept yelling at the figure next to him which you guessed was Harry.
Watching the scene above, you thought everything was going to work out. The teams of policemen were arresting everyone and collecting all of the weapons. But when you were looking at the lineup, you lost track of the Osborn’s.
“Peter, where is Norman and Harry? I lost them.” Your voice was slightly raised, desperately trying to find any sign of them. One minute they were by that container of weapons and next they were gone.
Peter took a deep breath and you watched as his Spider-man eyes narrowed. After a few impatient seconds Peter shook his head. “KAREN can you find any trace of the Osborn’s?”
“There are two heat signatures in the building north east from you.”
“In there.” Peter pointed to the building on the edge of the water, where they housed the ships that docked for unloading.
Peter grabbed your waist and shot a web and swung you both over, landing on the ground and just out of eyesight from everyone else. The door was slightly ajar and you could hear harsh whispers on the other side. Peter whipped the door open and walked in, you by his side. Docked on the water was a cruiser boat, standing there, the Osborn’s, while carrying weapons with them. 
They stopped their movements and in the dim light, Norman began to smirk. “Son, wasn’t that the bitch you got to do your little jobs? Such a disappointment you both are.”
At his words Peter shot a web to Norman's weapon, yanked it away then the other to the weapon in Harry’s arm.
“The place is surrounded, give yourselves up.” Peter yelled. 
Norman tsked at Peter’s demand and reached down, behind the ledge of the boat, and brought up a comically large gun, one of the ones he was supposed to be buying today. “Son, go open the gates.”
Harry gave a faint “yes dad” and ran off inside the boat. Norman gripped the trigger and before he could press down all the way, Peter jumped to push you out of the blast's way. Where you just stood was a whole in the concrete, showing the water underneath. Looking back towards the Osborns, the building's ship doors began to slowly open. 
“Start the boat! Start the boat!” Norman yelled as he was waiting for the gun to charge up.
Peter jumped and swung away, to the perfect area where Norman would have to get off the boat and now was your chance. Quickly getting up you ran over to the small, makeshift dock and ran onto the boat while Peter swung around, distracting Norman. Once you got on, you opened the small door into the drivers area and saw Harry trying to start the boat, in the confined space which could only be as wide as an elevator. Looking up, Harry saw you about to land a punch and quickly avoided it. 
Reaching under the console Harry brought out a small pistol. His hands were shaking and he tried calming himself, but it was clearly not working. You put your hands up, trying to figure out your next move. You couldn’t just lunge at him, Harry looked as though he was on the edge of a breakdown, and when he came at you with a knife a couple nights ago, you knew he was capable of pulling the trigger.
But was he capable of aiming to kill?
“Harry what are you doing? Why are you doing this?” Your words were harsh, but weirdly it came out calm. You didn’t want to make him even more anxious or stress him out even more than his father because you really didn’t want a bullet in you right now.
“What the fuck do you think I’m doing? I’m helping my dad.” He gripped tighter on the gun, not caring as much to actually deal with starting the boat. 
“Do you really want to?” You asked. 
Harry’s head dipped a little and all you could hear was the blasting from the gun outside and a series of grunts.
Sighing, you continued. “Look you know we have your phone and we saw the texts between you and your dad. You know it’s over now just… just make sure you don’t regret anything by trying to help your dad.”
A particularly loud blast caused the water to go uneasy, making the boat start to rock. You took this as your chance and kicked the gun out of Harry’s hand and onto the ground. Lunging towards it while Harry did the same, you were able to get to if first and point it at him. Now his hands were up in defeat. Slowly walking to the front of the boat to the controls you took the key out of the ignition and put it in your pocket.  
“Harry just walk out of the boat and turn yourself into the police-” 
“Why don’t you just kill me?”
Now it was your turn to be silent. You would be joking if you said you never thought about it. Normally the idea of killing Harry ment securing your freedom and getting out of doing his dirty work. But now, if Harry went to jail, grant it, it won't be because of threatening you, but he would still be going to jail and out of your life.
“Because I have better morals is all.” You shrugged your shoulders as you guided Harry to the door to leave. 
“WAIT!” Harry jumped at your little yell and turned to face you.
“Why did you date Peter? Why did you make me date him right after?” As much as you hated prying on the ‘relationship’ between Peter and Harry, the way Peter acted after seeing him never sat right with you. It’s not like you would want him to be happy when he thinks about Harry, but the interaction seemed like it hurt Peter's ego and confidence, and made you want to punch him ten times more than before.
Harry sighed and shook his head. “My dad wanted me to find out what's going on in Stark Industries and a simple way to do that was to use Peter. And when we started dating it was really simple to figure out he’s Spider-man.”
“Did you tell anyone he was Spider-man?”
“No, that wasn’t really part of the assignment. I felt bad enough that I was using him, the guy doesn’t need his life turned upside down again.” Harry put his hands down and you relaxed your hands for a moment, just taking in everything.
“What about me? Eliminating Spider-man? What was that?” You asked.
“Once Peter and I broke things off-”
“-once Peter broke up with you.” You corrected.
“Once Peter broke up with me,” Harry continued. “My dad decided we could ship new tech in and if we got rid of Spider-man by finding out everything he knows about Stark Industries it would be a win-win.”
“But then why didn’t you just tell your dad that you know who Spider-man is, why get me to do your dirty work?”
“Because… I guess I felt guilty. I’m not really sure”
A couple of seconds past. You let everything sink in, putting all of the pieces together. And eventually you came to the simple solution.
“You dumb fuck.” You raised the gun again and Harry put his hands up quickly. “Why did you listen to your dad all the time? You knew it was wrong so you could've just… I don't know, left?”
“Do you realize what my dad is doing outside right now? He is literally trying to kill Peter using an illegal gun. I didn’t want to do anything to piss him off even more than he already is!” Harry argued, and credit where credit is due, that was a really good excuse. 
“Fine, just go out.” You pushed Harry out of the small room while still pointing the gun at him in the small of his back. The outside was a mess, so many holes from the blasts with burns surrounding them all over the concrete floor, roof, and the walls. Norman was now off the boat aiming his gun at Peter as he swung through the air, avoiding all blasts coming his way.
When Peter saw you and Harry, he quickly found a new surge of strength and while the gun was re-charging, he shot his webs, pulling the gun away leaving Norman defenseless. Then Peter quickly webbed up Norman.You pushed Harry off the boat and Peter did the same to him.
“You alright?” Peter asked, while panting heavily.
“Yeah, I was mainly talking to him and getting answers.” You gave a quick hit to Harry using your foot and Harry let out a small whimper. “What about you?”
“Tired. Very very tired. But okay.” Peter’s panting was going down, but he was clearly in need of some sleep, but once you heard the car sierens outside, you knew you would have to wait a little longer.
“What are we gonna do about the cops?” 
Peter shrugged his shoulders, “I’ll swing us out of here so they don’t see you. The cops definitely heard everything and there is enough evidence in here to arrest them.”
You nodded your head and Peter wrapped his arms around Peter and using a hole in the roof, swung you both out, stopping on the same shipping container you were on earlier.
“Wait here one second.” Peter was about to jump down, then remembered the guy from earlier, picked him up then jumped down to the cops. 
Peaking out, you saw he was talking to whom you presumed was Yuri, and saw him pointing at the building. She nodded and took the guy out of Peter’s hands and waved off. 
“I thought you would want to see Harry and Norman get thrown into a cop car?” you remarked. “For closure.”
“Honestly beating the shit out of Norman was good enough closure for me. And I’m extremely tired right now, I don't think I could stay up.” Peter responded. You nodded your head and Peter picked you up and swung you back to his place.
Watching the city lights pass you by was beautiful. Everything looked so calm and peaceful. Maybe it was because you knew that a chapter of your life was coming to a much needed end, but everything seemed to slow down. Enough for you to finally relax.
Entering the apartment, you could smell ramen noodles and coffee, but after just coming from a ship port that smelt revolting, this smell did not bother you as much. Ned and Betty were sitting on the couch together watching the tv while Mj paced around in the small kitchen. 
“You guys are alive!” In your few months of knowing her, you have never heard Mj sound so upbeat and relieved. It was a little weird, but something you could get used to. She wrapped her arms around you and Peter and you could smell her coffee breath. 
Ned and Betty rushed over, waiting for their turn to hug each of you. And as kind as that was, looking over to Peter with his mask off, you knew he was going to pass out soon.
“How are you? It was on the news how the Osborn’s are being arrested but we hadn’t heard anything from you and we were starting to get worried.” Ned babbled on and on about everything on the news. While Betty gives you and Peter a very long hug.
“We are just really really tired.” Your voice faltered a bit, and after the ending event of today all you wanted to do was sleep. “And everyone here looks tired too! You guys have been up since Peter and I arrived last night. Everyone here needs sleep.”
Everyone nodded and mumbled in agreement. You and Peter walked back to his room and quickly changed into sleepwear then practically threw yourselves onto his bed.
“Thanks for not doubting me.” You lazy mumbled as you gave Peter an equally lazy hug.
“I would never doubt you, love.” Peter responded, nuzzling his head into your neck as he drifted off into a peaceful sleep first the first night in too long.
He noted how your hand perfectly interlocked with his, the way his head fit perfectly in the crook of your neck, how your legs tangled together, holding each other tight, and Peter never wanted to let go.
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tommyquacksonholland · 6 days ago
Fix You (pt. 2)- P.P.
Part 2 of the original fic Fix You
a/n: i hope you all like part 2. i wasn’t exactly sure how i wanted it to end but i figured out one and i’m really proud of it. it’s a combination of angst and fluff but ultimately fluff at the very end. thanks for reading :)
word count:1326
Your eyes fluttered open and you stared at the ceiling not wanting to leave your bed. You sighed and slowly sat up feeling pain in your neck. You made your way out of bed and into the bathroom. In the mirror you could see the dark purple bruises that looked like hand prints. You closed your eyes and felt tears rush into your eyes but you held them back with much effort. In your makeup bag you reached for your concealer to cover the bruises. 
After your bruises were covered you left your bathroom and started to get dressed. A dark green hoodie and black leggings is what you chose to wear, hoping the hoodie would help hide the bruises. You grabbed your school books and walked out the door. 
Closing your locker and looking to your right you saw Peter standing there with a bouquet of tulips, your favorite flower. He had a very guilty look on his face as he looked you over. The bags under his eyes were obvious, telling you that he probably didn’t sleep after you left. He couldn’t see the bruises but he knew they were there. “H-hey y/n.” Peter said, hesitant to even talk to you. “Hey Peter.” This by itself broke his heart because you never used his first name anymore, you always used cute pet names that you had for him. “I um got these flowers for you.” He said handing you the flowers awkwardly. “Thanks,” you said forcing a slight smile. “I um,” Peter started but was interrupted by the bell for first period. You looked at Peter and said, “I should go to class. We can talk later?” You asked him. He nodded, “Yeah we can talk later.” You nodded back, “Bye.” He looked at you with sad eyes, “See ya.” You turned to your locker placing the flowers inside it and started walking to your next class. 
You plopped down in the back corner desk pulling out your notebook and a pencil. You took notes in class but you were way too distracted to comprehend anything your teacher was saying. You sighed again when the bell rang, stuffing your things in your backpack. You stood up and rushed to your next class just wanting this day to be over. 
After making it through the first half of the day it was finally lunch. You sighed looking around for Peter and you spotted him at a table with MJ and Ned. You walked over and looked at you nervously. “Hey guys,” you said to Ned and MJ, “Um Peter can we talk alone?” He nodded and left his stuff following you into the quiet hall. You turned around to face him and he was fidgeting a lot waiting for what you had to tell him. “Peter... you need to get help. Professional help, because what happened last night can never happen again. I don’t know why you did that but it hurt me. Not just physically but mentally too. I don’t trust you, I can’t sleep over at your house again for a long time. I love you Peter, I really do but I don’t trust you as much anymore.” 
Peter looked up at you with teary eyes and your eyes had teared up in the process of telling him that. “I-i’m so sorry y/n. I didn’t mean to hurt you. And your right I can’t be trusted because I’ll just hurt you more.” He sighed trying not to cry, “I know I should get help for my PTSD but I don’t know if Aunt May can afford it and I didn’t want to burden her with it. I’m so sorry.” He choked out starting to sob into his hands. You embraced him and he cried into your shoulder. “I’m so sorry. I love you y/n. I love you so much. Please forgive me.” You sighed as hot tears streamed down your face. “Peter I get that you don’t want to burden May, but you aren’t okay. I know May, she will want to help you in any way she can, it won’t matter the cost. Mentally you might still be in a dark place. And I don’t want you to be there because it’s an awful place.” Peter nodded remembering the terrifying nightmares that he has almost every night, “It’s terrible.” 
“I’m sorry that you have to be there Peter. I hope that things can get better for you.” Peter squeezed you tighter and started shaking. His breathing got faster and you realized he was having a panic attack. He had only had a few around you but you remembered how to handle them. You help Peter sit on the floor and you sat in front of him cradling his head and whispering sweet things to him. His breathing eventually evens out and he says, “I’m so sorry. I just started thinking about loosing you and I just couldn’t take it anymore.” “Peter it’s okay. I love you and I hate to see you suffer like this. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.” He wrapped his arms around you and laid his head on your shoulder. You rocked him back and forth gently and he wiped the tears off his face. 
You had gotten some tears on your neck so he wiped them off but in the process he also wiped off your makeup. Purple bruises in the shape of handprints were revealed. Peter teared up again, “Y-y/n, is that what I did to you.” He said referring to your neck. You sighed because you really didn’t want him to see those. “Um yeah,” You responded. Again tears leaked from Peter’s eyes and he whispered a string of apologizes. You assured him that you were okay but the shame and the guilt didn’t leave him. He felt disgusting that he would even lay a hand on you let alone cause major bruising. He gently brushed his thumb over the bruises and placed feather light kisses on them. 
He reached up for your face and carefully placed his lips on yours. He kissed you tenderly as thumb ran softly up and down your cheek. He pulled away and breathed in a shaky breath. “I am so deeply sorry Y/n. Please forgive me?” He asked hopefully. You smiled and looked into his teary brown eyes, “Yes, Peter, I forgive you.” He smiled kissing you again. “I love you,” he whispered against your lips. “I love you too,” you whispered back. 
“Now can we go back to lunch because I’m starving?” You whispered. Peter chuckled and hugged you, “Of course we can.” You smiled and hugged him back. You both stood up, hand in hand, and walked back to lunch. You sat down with Ned and MJ who immediately started talking to you and Peter. 
Gazing over at Peter who was laughing at one of Ned’s jokes, you realized how lucky you were to have him. You knew it was going to be hard to get over what happened, but it was worth it for Peter. Sweet, nerdy, cute Peter, the love of your life. You needed him so much, so much more than you realized, and you didn’t know if you would be able to live without him. Whatever happened in your relationship you knew you wanted it to be him. In 5-7 years you wanted it to be him standing at the end of the aisle as you walked down. You wanted him to be the father of your children. In 20 years you wanted it to be him waking you up on Christmas morning so you could open presents with your kids. You wanted it to be him who you grew old with and argued a lot over stupid things. 
Peter then looked over at you with his pretty brown eyes and gave you a sweet smile which you returned. He was the one. Peter Parker was the one. 
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