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#tom holland smut
sunnymuffins45 · 59 seconds ago
Oh god your new fic made me laugh coz something similar happened to my little brother when he had his first wet dream BAHAHAHAHA, poor thing was so embarrassed ! I was laughing my ass off but then my dad scolded me and I had to console my brother coz he was so close to crying. Could you write something similar ? It's fine if you don't want to tho, I'd understand if it makes you uncomfortable. Hope you have a good day
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A/n: I will be doing this as an add-on to my last two fics. I RECOMMEND YOUR READ THOSE FIRST, LOL.
Don't Tell Mom You Two Are Disgusting
So, in this fic Luke( Lukas) Is 19, and Claire is 13. ( Ik the age gap makes no sense from the last ones but fuck it, it's not like any of this is real. Totally not crying about it 🌝🥲)
Warnings: Sex Talk, annoying little sister, swearing
WC: 622
Luke woke up with heavy drops of sweat falling from his forehead and back. He wasn't exactly sure what had just happened. One second, he was in a very realistic sex dream, and the other, he was laying in bed, sweaty and with something wet, down there. Luke took the covers off him and what he saw made his stomach drop. A wet patch all over his crotch. No, it's not possible, he thought. His friend, Mike, had mentioned something similar happening to him. Luke stared at his wet pants in disgust and astonishment. He stood up from bed, walking to the bathroom. Halfway to the bathroom, his door bursts open.
¨Luke! Mom says to bring your laundry- what the hell happened to you?¨ Claire asked, looking at the state her brother was in.
¨Nothing Claire, go away¨ He turned red in embarrassment.
¨Oh My God, did you wet your pants? Dude, who were you dreaming about ?¨ She laughed at his brother.
¨CLAIRE GET OUT¨ He yelled at her, pointing his finger out the door. You and Tom went to your son's room after hearing the scream.
¨Whats wrong, you two?¨ You asked
¨Luke had a sex dream, and he wet himself¨ Claire laughed, pointing at him.
¨Oh honey, it's okay sweets¨ You told him and Tom grinned.
¨Every day son, every day, you somehow manage to surprise me with something else¨ Tom laughed, nodding his head.
¨Can you all get out? What are you all doing? Are you going to tweet this shit?¨ Luke was on the verge of tears.
¨Oo, oo, what an amazing idea. Lukas James Holland wouldn't even last 3 minutes during sex¨ Claire messed with him, pretending to type it down on her phone.
¨How does she even know shit like that guys? She thirteen¨ Lukas asked his parents, you and Tom really had no idea how your daughter seemed to have the answer for everything.
¨I read my books¨ She sassed
¨Oh really, what about? WET DREAMS?¨ He asked, annoyed.
¨There isn't one about that yet, but I bet there will be one tomorow¨ She laughed, pointing at his patch again.
¨Okey, Claire, that's enough. Baby, it's okay, change into some new clothes and come down for breakfast.¨ You blew him a kiss, escorting the other two out of his room.
The three of you were eating breakfast, Tom reading a new script.
¨Darling, when your brother comes down, you will forgive yourself for that behavior¨ Tom spoke, taking a sip from his tea.
¨I did nothing wrong¨
¨Ah? Of course, you did, honey he's embarrassed. Please?¨ You asked her yourself.
¨Ugh, fine¨ She threw her head back.
After a few minutes, Luke came down in fresh new clothes. You all pretended like nothing happened, making small talk. Tom made Claire a small gesture, remembering her to tell him sorry.
¨Brother¨ she began ¨I beg for your forgivness¨ Claire laughed, not taking it seriously.
¨Wow, lovely Claire, lovley¨ Luke faked a smile. Your husband kicked her leg under the table.
¨Ugh, fine. Lukie, I am sorry your dick acts up when your asleep, and I made fun of it¨ Claire tried again, trying to not blow her straight face.
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sunnymuffins45 · 5 minutes ago
Hi I just saw ur blurb about Tom’s son watching porn and I find it hilarious, so I was thinking if u could do one where Luke is 16 and recently got a girlfriend so his parents are having "the talk" with him and it’s embarrassing cuz sometimes they’re like " yea well we did that, never again" or like "it’s really important that u consider her pleasure before yours, that’s what I do with ur mom and she’s never complaining " and they smirk at each other 😂🤪👀
You Two Are Disgusting
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A/n: This is kind of a sequel to Don't Tell Mom, but it happens a few years later. Also, I know the request asked for Luke to be 16, but I want Claire to be old enough to understand what going on. Now Luke is 17, and Claire is 9.
I highly recommend you read Don't Tell Mom 👈first
Warnings: Mentions of porn, swearing, sex talk.
WC: 1.4k
¨Hey Mom¨ Luke walked into the kitchen with a heavy scent of cologne.
¨What are you wearing? ¨ Claire asked her brother, her face scrunching in disgust. Luke scoffed.
¨No, she got a point. What are you wearing¨ Tom agreed with his daughter, asking his son.
¨Its Cologne, chill out, doesn't even smell that bad¨ He said, adjusting his suit.
¨Oh believe me, it does¨ Claire sassed, raising her eyebrows.
¨Shut up you bitsey¨ He gave her knife eyes. ¨I smell alright, mom?¨ Luke asked you.
¨You smell, uh, good in a very strong manner?¨ You smiled, shrugging.
¨Son, you smell like shit¨ Tom said, giving him a pat on the back
¨What dad said¨ Claire added, drinking from her cup.
¨Wha- why?¨ He asked confused.
¨Look, the girl wants to get a boyfriend, not the whole Macy´s cologne aisle¨ Claire told his brother, making you and your husband choke on the wine you were drinking.
¨Your like seven. Why do you have such a big mouth?¨ Luke rolled his eyes at the girl.
¨Am ten, and I know how to apply perfume without killing other people's nostrils.¨ Claire smiled at him as a sign of her winning.
¨Okey both of you cut it. You smell fine, just don't ever use that cologne again¨ You told him, opening the oven to take the food out.
¨Moving on¨ Tom began ¨are you picking her up anytime soon or?¨ Tom asked, looking down at his watch. Luke was supposed to be there five minutes ago.
¨Shit, okay, okay am going¨ Luke panicked, grabbing the car keys and leaving the house.
The three of you stared at each other and shrugged. You were all expecting Luke's girlfriend for dinner. It was the first time you three would be meeting her. Saying you and Tom were excited was an understatement. You and your husband were beyond thrilled to meet this girl. All of you were dressed nicely and had arranged the house elegantly. After all, Hollands liked making good first impressions.
¨I bet $10 the car will come home with the four windows open.¨ Claire said, making Tom laugh. She stood up from the kitchen island chair, fixing her dress, making her way out of the kitchen.
¨Hey Claire¨ Tom called her before she left.
¨Yes?¨ She turned around
¨Be nice¨ You warned your daughter. She happened to have a rather fierce personality. She got that from you.
¨Yes, mom, I know¨ She smiled at you, you winked at her.¨No wait, what if she ugly¨ She asked, and you gasped, making Tom laughed.
¨Claire Nicole Holland, a little respect please¨ She laughed at you ¨Its not funny miss¨ You scrunched your eyes at her.
¨Claire, this is your brother´s girlfriend-¨
¨I feel sorry for her¨
¨I was saying¨ Tom continued after being interrupted by his daughter. ¨Just be nice and have a good time, okay princess?¨
¨Okey dad¨ She left the kitchen, and you rolled your eyes at Tom.
¨Shes such a daddy's girl, I hate it¨ Tom laughed at his wife.
The night went fast, Luke brought the girl home. She was nice and smart, talked about her family, hobbies, etc.
She told them about how they meet, then gushed for 15 minutes about how she used to have a crush on Tom. Your husband laughed, but you gave her a ´Back off, his mine´ look to make her shut up. She did.
Soon the night came to an end. Luke went to drop her off at home. He returned about 15 minutes after. When he came home, he found his parents cleaning up the kitchen. He decided he was going to help.
¨Thank for tonight guys¨ He thanked, joining his parents in the kitchen.
¨Of course, sweetie, she seemed nice¨ You kissed his head, while Tom rested his back against the fridge, arms crossed.
¨Am proud of you Luke¨ Tom said nodding his head.
¨Thanks da-¨
¨But, you need to be responsible, like the time I told you about this type of thing. Do you remember? ¨ Tom cocked his head to the side, asking his son about that time years ago.
¨Uh, no, no I dont¨ Yes he did. He just didn't want to recall the time his whole family found him watching porn.
¨Oo, oo I do¨ You raised your hand and laughed ¨Lukie watching porn, ha ha¨ You laughed.
¨Guyyyyysssss¨ Luke pled ¨Please dont¨
¨Sit¨ Tom ordered his son. Luke sat in one of the kitchen island chairs. ¨When you get a girlfriend you start feeling all this stuff¨ Tom began, sitting in one of the chairs, Luke rolling his eyes, and you cleaning up laughing. ¨So, you have to make sure she´s feeling them aswell¨
¨Dad, am seventeen, you don't need-¨
¨I was saying, wait are you a virgin?¨ Tom asked
¨DAD WHAT? like, I-i means, yes¨ The boy felt defeated.
¨Okay, okay, better reason to have this talk¨ Tom pat his back.
¨Another one, really?!¨ Lukas pled.
¨Really¨ You assured, nodding your head.
¨Okey, the first thing in every sexual situation is consent¨ Tom started
¨Beacuse consent is-¨
¨Sexy¨ Claire passed by, repeating what she once heard her dad saying.
¨Claire what?¨ You asked her, surprised. She shrugged, leaving with the glass of chocolate milk she came for. Tom looked at you. You did the same thing. Both of you shrugging and continuing.
¨So, consent is key Lucas. Even if you want it really bad, consent is key¨ Lukas noded.
¨Before you move on, darling, let's get one thing clear. Lukas James Holland Y/n/l, if you get a girl pregnant you will stay with her. Understood?¨ You raised your eyebrows, waiting for an answer.
¨Jeez, mom, yes!¨ He brought his hands up his chest.
¨Good, move on¨ You allowed.
¨So also, don't use handcuffs if you're going to lose the key¨ Tom told his son, scrunching his face at the memory.
¨Uh yeah, dont¨ You shook your head.
¨I am pretty positive that's never happened before¨ Lucas whined.
¨Oh it has son, it has¨
¨How do you- no, NO EW, YOU GUYS¨ He covered his face with the palms of his hand.
¨Youp, been, there done that. Do not recomend¨ You suggested, and Tom nodded. ¨Also the same thing goes for tying someone up. Don't tie a knot you.won'¨ You warned your son, tuning at Tom.
¨Look in my defense, it was the heat of the moment,darling¨ Tom defended himself.
¨Bro ew, stop, you two are disgusting¨ Luke turned around in disgust, Tom laughed at him.
¨Okey last thing buddy, it’s really important that you consider her pleasure before yours, that’s what I do with your mom, and she’s never complaining¨ Tom added, with a devilish smirk. You returned the smirk, remembering all those kinky nights before your children were born.
¨He´s right¨ You bite your lip and kiss Tom.
¨I WILL BE THROWING UP, THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH¨Luke, cried out loud, faking gag sounds.
¨Dont be dramatic, it's romantic Lukie¨ You told your son, kissing your husband again.
¨Nah, ah, you both have grown too confident with talking about your sex life.¨ Your son rambled. He stood up from the chair, and opened the fridge, taking a water bottle out. He stared at his parents kissing each other. He was not going to lie, it was gross, but he was happy his parents loved each other so much. ¨Romantic my ass¨ He whispered, leaving in the kitchen.
As soon as Lukas left the kitchen, Claire walked in. She had the tendency of sticking her nose up in stuff she wasn't supposed to know, that's why it was so difficult to surprise her with gifts. She sat where her brother sat moments before. Claire stared at her parents talking about something.
¨Hey mom?¨ She asked, resting her head on her hand.
¨Yes sweetie?¨
¨Was dad ever a policeman?¨ She asked, the question taking Tom by surprise.
¨No, I was never one, darling. Why ?¨ Tom frowned his eyebrows
¨Because you said ´don't use handcuffs if you're going to lose the key´. What do you mean by that daddy? Have you ever handcuffed mommy? Is mommy bad? ¨ Claire asked innocently. You turn to him, and Tom whistles.
¨This time, this is on you Y/f/n¨ Tom winked, patting your back, then leaving.
¨This time, no changing the subject mommy¨ Claire giggled.
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calumsnatchedmyheart · 2 hours ago
Reader being incredibly horny for Tom when pregnant with his baby
This is pure.filth. Enjoy
A certain heat between your legs drew you from your sleep, the familiar tingling sensation alerting you that you weren't going in to labor but you were just exceptionally horny. You knew that you could reach past the round of your belly and get yourself off but you wanted to be full, to feel Tom in you, complete you.
Rolling over in Tom's grasp, your tummy rubbing against his bare chest as you faced him, brown eyes shut tight as he slept soundly. Reaching out you poked his shoulder, eyes narrowed in determination to get what you wanted, to get off, and you could feel him against you leg, already hard, and though you knew it was REM sleep increasing blood flow it was making everything just a little more difficult for you.
"Tommy" you whisper shouted, trying to draw him out of his dreamscape so he could fuck you senseless. "Tommy" you tried again, poking his shoulder harder and actually waking him up. His eyes fluttered rapidly as he woke up, panic spreading on his face as he sat up.
"Are you okay? Is the baby okay? Whats happening? Do we need to go to the hospital?" all of the words tumbled out of his mouth in a rush, a string of barely differentiated syllables.
"Tommy I am okay" you assure, hand going to cup his cheek but quickly slipping down his body to rest of his semi hard cock. "I just need you" you whisper, leaning in and kissing him under his ear, goosebumps erupting on his skin.
"Oh-OH!" he said, eyes widening as his hands instinctively went to your hips, pulling you as flush to his body as your swollen stomach allowed. "I think I can do something about that" he smirked, pulling back and kissing you as he hand slid down between you, underneath the fabric of your sleeping shorts. His fingers easily found your clit as your lips still danced against each other. You moaned at the contact, your folds so slick that his fingers easily glided down to circle your entrance.
"So wet already, love, so responsive to my touch, don't even need to finger you for you to ready for my cock" his whispered, rolling you over so your back was to his front, ass pressed up against his cock as his fingers continued to work over your clit. You were quickly rid of your sleep shorts, your bare ass grinding helplessly against his now bare cock as he teased it through your folds. Soft sighs and moans escaping your lips as he pushed into your slick heat.
"Fuck" the word fell from his hot lips, kissing your neck softly as his thrusts began to pick up speed. "Is this okay, you okay?" he panted out, trying to assure that this wasn't too much for your already strained body.
"Feels s-so good, Tommy" you whimpered, the pleasure overtaking your tender body, every sense heightened with the hormones that coursed through your veins. His hand slipped under your shirt, groping your swollen tits, pinching your ever aching nipples, sending a pleasure to your core that was close to pushing you over the edge.
"Tommy I-I'm close" your voice choked with pleasure as he continued his movements, thrusting in and out of you as he tweaked both your nipple and your clit.
"So close so fast, huh darling? I know just what to do to make to make you feel good, don't I" He husked in your ear, you could tell he was close with the strain of his voice, giving one particularly harsh thrust sending the both of your toppling over the edge, your walls spasming around Tom's cock as they milked him for every bit of cum he had, spilling into you as you felt every rope hit your cervix, every nerve ending hyper sensitive. He pulled out of you, your mouth opening in a silent cry at the loss of fullness.
"That good?" Tom asks, laying on his back as his chest heaved, moon light catching on the sweat droplets.
"That was perfect" you replied.
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blissfulparker · 3 hours ago
Tom said and i repeat "what did harrison mean when he said nothing I havebt seen before"?!?!?!?!??! Now i need part 2 😔😔
Toms pencil snapped against the paper as his rage had been high all day. Each person that walked into his office today knew to walk on toes as tom had snapped at nearly everything today.
“Tom—“ you walked into the room without knocking, tom snapped up at you and then relaxed when he saw who it was. “What is wrong with you?” Your voice soft.
It’s consumed to many hours of his day. Too many nights already had he watched you sleep peacefully and wanted to know what Harrison saw? Why did you keep it a secret?
“Nothing sweets, just…stressed.” He rubbed at his temples and you took a seat on his lap. Draping your arms over his shoulders in a shy manner. He was always stressed but never hid from you, never was…insecure for you.
“Anything I can help with?” You kiss gently at his cheek. Slowly trailing down to his neck and as he sometimes thinks sex can solve all of his problems, it cannot solve this one.
“It’s stupid, it is but what did Harrison mean the other night? When he walked in, uninvited.” He said the last word through gritted teeth and you moved back from him trying to think.
“I think he meant for us to have a good evening? I dunno? Harrison is strange sometimes but in the best ways I guess.” You shrug and kiss his neck again but this time he pushes off of you. Pushing you gently just to let you know to stop.
“No, he said ‘nothing I haven’t seen before’ what was that about?” He looked at you with pouty, jealous eyes. He would never dare to speak the word but he was insecure, jealous. He knew you would never cheat but the words stung.
“Oh,” you look to think and suddenly your eyes go wide. “Oh.” You say this time with more of shock and tom sits up with you still on his lap. “It’s nothing I swear.” You let out a small giggle in embarrassment of the time Harrison had seen you nude.
“No, it’s not nothing, is there something I need to know?” He clenched his jaw and you placed your hands on his chest to calm him.
“Baby, baby, baby,” you calm him and then take a deep breath. “D-During Christmas, during one of your galas, I spilt champagne on my dress and needed a change so when I went upstairs to our room to change…Harrison, Harrison thought it was you and opened the door and I was completely nude of my dress and it was a quick cover up! It was nothing sexy we even swore never to talk about it okay? Look I don’t know why he made the joke, probably thought it’d get a rise and we’d have rough sex or something I don’t know! But what I do know is that nothing snd I mean nothing happened between Harrison and I.” You conclude your rant and tom looks utterly confused.
The Christmas party. Yes he remembers, the year you spilt champagne on your dress and luckily had a quick change. The same night he fucked you on the grand piano once everyone was gone because that dress was far too short and something you should just have stuck to wearing to sleep. The slip dress that was supposed to be for bed you flaunted in front of everyone. Harrison saw you naked.
“You never told me this?” He said in confusion.
“No! It was painfully akaward and we hadn’t been dating for long and…look Harrison didn’t speak to me until February! Harrison…he’s sweet but once caught him putting ketchup in his pasta for a sauce…absolutely no.” You told Tom and he had a sly smile at your last words. When Harrison got lazy and hungry he did not care what foods to throw together.
“I’m sorry, I just…I don’t know.” Tom admitted and you held his face gently. Matching your gaze to his.
“I know, I should’ve told you but I never did. I promise that was the only time he saw me nude.” You kissed Toms lips softly. “Now let’s get out of this office before I die from the lack of oxygen in here.” The room stunk of smoke and Booze almost all the time.
“Don’t be so dramatic.” Tom rolls his eyes as he stands up. Adjusting his suit and moving back a curl. “Should probably tell you the time Haz saw me naked. Or the times, there were definitely more than one.” He stretched out his legs and you snapped your head to him.
“Times?” Your eyes widen and he has a small smirk.
“Oh don’t be jealous, Haz isn’t exactly my type.”
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justapurrcat · 5 hours ago
(By Your Side) I’ll Die as a King │ t.h.
Poems in Your Eyes
Pairing: prince!Tom Holland x fem!reader
Summary: "Looking at him in the eyes was like entering a library. He wasn't particularly fond of writing, but every lash was a sonnet, every fleck a letter, every shade a song, every sparkle a poem, and all of them where for you. He would pour an ocean of words into your soul with just one single silent look."
Word count: 4.6k
Chapter Warnings: English not being my first language, possible typos (I proofread this, but pls let me know if I missed something), smut (minors dni, please), fluff
A/n: Writing while being an emotional mess is… complicated, so I apologize if this is bad… but yeah, prince!Tom is here, y’all! I hope you like this and I’d be happy to know what you think <3
Series Masterlist
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Tumblr media
You stretched lightly, waking up to gentle fingers drawing imaginary doodles on your bare skin. Smirking against the pillow, you idly rolled on your back, making sure to keep your chest covered and turning your head to your left.
Tom was laying on his side right next to you, his arm now looped around your waist to keep you close, a sleepy smile on his face, the first warm rays of sunshine kissing the messy curls, creating the illusion of a golden halo around his head.
“Good morning, darling”, he hummed.
“Good morning to you, love”, you replied with a smile, reaching out to brush your fingers on his cheek. “How can you be this beautiful when you just woke up?”, you wondered, absolutely mesmerized by the young man who was holding you in his arms.
He chuckled, tightening his embrace, pulling you closer. “I should be asking you that”, he said, causing you to playfully roll your eyes at him. But then his smile turned into a pout. “Though I really don’t appreciate this…”, he gestured at the sheet covering your body.
“You don’t?”, you questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“No”, Tom shook his head firmly, the pout never leaving his face. He looked like a petulant child and it was hard for you not to follow the instinct to pinch his cheeks the way you used to do back when you were kids.
“I want it off”, he commanded, with the same tone he would use whenever he was required to speak in his father’s place. A tone that didn’t leave space for any discussion.
But in here, with a locked door separating you from the rest of the World, it was a whole different story.
Completely dismissing his request, you covered your body even more and turned on your side. “Believe it or not, but some of us actually do have some modesty”, you grinned.
“That dreadful word again…”, he huffed, clicking his tongue in annoyance.
Tom let go of you as if you just burned him, and laid on his back, arm thrown over his eyes. “Stop saying that!”, he whined dramatically.
You bit you lip to suppress a giggle, then craned your neck to get closer to his face. “… modesty”, you whispered in his ear.
He shivered. “Stop it.”
Not even bothering to hide your gloating smile – he was covering his eyes, after all –, you pressed a soft kiss on his cheek. “Modesty.”
You ignored the warning in his voice, poking his shoulder. “Modest–”
It all happened so quickly and unexpectedly that you barely had time to realize what was going on. You were thrown on your back, with Tom wasting no time getting on top of you, pinning your hands above your head and using his body to keep you from moving.
“That’s a big world for the girl who almost tore her lip not to scream my name last night”, he hissed, his face so close to yours that you could feel his breath tickling your cheeks.
At those words, your body froze and any possible reply died in your throat. Doing something, saying anything, was simply impossible. Not because of his grip on you, but because of his eyes. Despite the sheets wrapped around your bodies, you felt naked and exposed. The way it always happened every time he would look at you like that.
“Don’t you remember, love?”, he cooed mockingly, now only using one of his hands to hold your wrists. “I had to keep kissing this pretty mouth because I was afraid you would draw blood.” His thumb traced the outline of your lips, paying special attention to your lower one. “Not that I minded, of course, you know how much I love kissing you”, he added, as if he wanted to reassure you. “Every part of you, actually…”
Your mouth ran dry, the vivid memories filling your mind, burning under your skin and throbbing between your legs, as those darkened eyes threatened to swallow your soul.
“Nothing to reply, darling?” He tilted his head to the side, faking a slightly confused look. “You’re all quiet? It’s not that useful now…”
You licked your lips nervously. An instinctive gesture, done without thinking, and it was only when your tongue brushed against his thumb that your eyes widened in realization.
Tom raised an eyebrow, clearly pleased by what he was looking at. “You know, it always amazes me how shy you can get”, he confessed, and you detected a tinge of admiration and genuine wonder in his amused tone.
“All those things that we have done… that you let me do to you…”, he recalled, his lips following the line of your jaw without touching it, only caressing it with words. “And you still look so innocent”, he whispered against the shell of your ear, enjoying the way you shivered as he did so.
“Even now that I have you here, under me, practically naked…”, he went on, playing with the hem of the sheet covering your breast, knowing fully well how torturing this was for you. “I can’t help but wonder whether what happened last night was real or if I only dreamt it.” He pulled at the fabric. Gently, but firmly enough to make his intentions clear. “I might need a reminder…”
You bit your lip, feeling desire purring in your chest, licking at your insides, turning your blood into liquid fire.
Maybe I need a reminder, too…
No. No, you didn’t. No matter how much you would have loved to remain there with him, you simply couldn’t. You could no longer avoid reality.
He finally let go of your hands to hold you, snuggling closer to you as his head dropped to the crook of your neck. “Mmh, I like it when you’re embarrassed”, he hummed, inhaling the sweet scent of your hair. “You get warmer…”
You realized you were on the verge of begging him to rip that stupid sheet off your body and make sure you wouldn’t be able to walk for days, and you almost did… but the second his hips rolled against yours, you suddenly came to your senses.
Which was new, since it usually worked the other way around…
“Get off me, you idiot”, you muttered, pushing him away – even though, knowing how strong he was, he was actually letting you do that.
“Oh, come on, darling”, Tom protested, a breathy laugh escaping his lips as he fell back on the mattress. “Looooove”, he tried to stop you, grabbing your wrist when he saw you were actually sitting up. “Come back heeeere.”
You pulled away from his grip. “No.”
Tom wasted no time, rushing to wrap his arms around you to keep you there. “Please, y/nn”, he murmured, holding you tight against his chest. “I’m sorry.” He lowered his forehead on your shoulders, the untamed curls tickling your skin. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you. W-well, I did, but I didn’t actually mean to make you uncomfortable, I just thought–”
“You’re an idiot”, you interrupted his rambling, still trying to act as if you were mad at him.
Of course, Tom knew you too well to fall for it. “Your idiot”, he corrected you, his strong arms giving you a light squeeze.
You bit the inside of your cheek not to smile and landed a small slap on his bicep, one weak last tentative to keep up your façade. “And you’re lucky that I love you.”
He placed a loving kiss on your shoulder, finding extremely adorable how grumpy you were trying to sound. “Extremely lucky.”
The kisses kept coming, each one of them less chaste than the previous one and it didn’t take a brilliant mind to understand the way things would end.
“Tom”, you tried to reason, both with him and yourself. “We should get up.”
“Only five more minutes…”
“They will be looking for–” You couldn’t finish the sentence, gasping as his teeth grazed against your pulse and one of his hands slipped under the fabric of the sheet to grasp one of your breasts, kneading the delicate skin.
It always surprised you how Tom knew his way around your body: he always knew where and how to touch you to have you completely wrapped around his finger. His hands were like instruments and every single time he would play them on you to create the most beautiful melody…
“You were saying, darling?”, he purred, discarding the sheet, now free to touch you in any way he pleased.
“T-they will…” You closed your eyes, trying to recall what you were saying, his hands roaming your body making the task extremely difficult. “… y-you have to… they will…”
“Let them wait, darling”, he replied, lips moving down your neck. “I have way more important matters to attend now.”
So you simply gave up, your head falling back on his shoulder and your legs spreading to give him better access when you felt his free hand starting to make its way down your body. “Tom…”, you sighed, tugging gently at his hair.
“I’ll be quick”, he whispered against your heated skin, as his fingers brushed against your bud, eliciting a shiver from you. “You know I can be quick.”
He couldn’t.
The only time he happened to be was seven years ago, on that very first night the two of you had spent together. You were nothing but clueless kids, barely eighteen, both incredibly scared and confused, desperate to make that next step, to finally belong to each other completely, but having little to no knowledge regarding how to actually do it.
With your mother’s horrendous stories being the only information you had on the matter, you were terrified of the pain. Tom was terrified of hurting you.
And it did hurt, and then it just felt awkward, the inexperienced touches and those few shallow thrusts not being enough for the discomfort to fully turn into pleasure. The rest of the night went away like that: crying in each other’s arms, with Tom sobbing never-ending apologies into your shoulder after seeing the blood on the sheets. And with you trying to soothe him, but secretly wondering if that was a sign that you were about to die.
Too ashamed to even meet each other’s gaze, you began avoiding him and he stopped looking for you, the unexpected separation surprising – and in some cases even worrying – everyone.
Every day you would wake up, and a strange combination of feelings would fight in your soul: regret, for ruining your whole relationship like that. Sadness, because you missed Tom like air. Fear that, after what happened, his love for you would run cold and turn into hatred… and then, there was the longing, something that both excited and frightened you.
Because, despite the pain, you found yourself wanting more of that.
More of Tom.
After an entire month of complete silence – not to mention the utter confusion of everyone surrounding the two of you –, you just couldn’t take it anymore, showing up at his bedroom door in the middle of the night. Ready to risk it all not to lose the man who owned your heart.
Your best friend.
It turned out that neither Tom wanted to lose you, but had convinced himself that you hated him because of the pain he had put you through.
It took you a whole other month to muster up the courage to touch each other again. And maybe it was because you were no longer scared, since the unknown wasn’t unknown anymore, maybe it was because you both took your sweet time getting to know your bodies, or maybe it was because, after being so scared that everything was over, you came back together stronger than before, trusting each other even more… but things went better.
And they kept going better and better.
And now here you were, straddling him with his hands all over you, kissing him senseless, whispering tender ‘I love you’s’ every time your lips would part. Burning in his arms.
Using his strong shoulders as leverage, you got up on your knees, wrapping your fingers around him, guiding his tip to your entrance. After one last brief kiss, you carefully lowered yourself, sinking down on him.
His jaw dropped, brown knitting together as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. “You feel like Heaven, love”, he panted, holding you so tight against his chest that it made you arch your back. “So warm and soft…”
You threw your head back, unable to reply, too lost in the delicious feeling of his member stretching you out. Slowly, you started rocking your hips, trying your best to keep your mouth shut and your moans quiet.
One of Tom’s hands went to your hips to aid your movements, his rough fingers digging into the silky flesh. “God, you look so beautiful like this.” Despite being out of breath, he sounded as if keeping his voice down was causing him great pain. “If only you could see yourself.”
The praising, the admiration dripping from his voice every time he would say something like that, like you were the most beautiful thing he’d ever laid his eyes upon… you simply couldn’t believe that he saw you in that way and it never failed to make your knees weak. Also, the fact that your legs were still a bit sore from your former activities wasn’t exactly helpful.
“There…”, noticing how tired you were getting, he offered you some relief, bucking his hips up and taking control of the situation. “Better?”, he asked with a grin.
You nodded wordlessly, but when you felt his teeth on your neck, your voice came back. “T-Tom, wait–”
“I know…” Tom scrunched his noise in annoyance. “I know, it’s killing me.” He reluctantly renounced to the idea of biting you, soothing the skin with an unexpectedly delicate kiss. “I wish everyone could see where I kissed you. Where I touched you”, he growled, rutting his hips up into yours and bouncing you on top of him. “I wish you didn’t have to hold back, so they could listen to all those lovely sounds you make only for me. I wish they could see and hear that you’re mine.”
You gulped, that last sentence causing you to clench around him.
“You like that, darling?” He chuckled, knowing exactly the power he had on you. “Me saying that you’re mine?”
You nodded again, back to trying to keep silent as stars filled your vision. It was everything he needed.
“Mine. Mine. Mine…” He kept repeating that over and over again, pointing every word with a powerful thrust, each time using his strong hold on your waist to bring you down to meet him halfway, keeping your mind and body in perfect balance between ecstasy and pain.
And his voice sounded like a chant, a luring and intoxicating sound whispered in your ear, resonating in your soul and filling your mind. That, combined with the way he was taking you, left you putty in his hands.
Your nails sunk into his back, in a desperate attempt to maintain a grip on your sanity. It didn’t work much and, before you could fully comprehend what you were doing, you bit down on his shoulder to avoid screaming.
Tom didn’t appear to be bothered by it, the punishing rhythm of his hips not faltering even once, his thumb reaching your bundle of nerves to circle it furiously. “My y/nn…”
“Yours”, you managed to mumble, before you grabbed his face and crashed your lips onto his, the both euphoric and desperate moan that left your throat coming to life into his mouth.
The two of you came at the same time, pleasure exploding in your chests, emptying your minds and making every other thing vanish into thin air. Exhausted, you collapsed against him as he kept thrusting up into you a few more times, slowly coming to a halt.
“And I’m yours…”, he whispered, breathing heavily and cautiously removing himself from you. He laid on the mattress, bringing you down with him, hands massaging the muscles of your back.
After you both had recovered, Tom carried you to the tub behind the screen in the corner of his large bedroom. Last night, he had made sure for several buckets to be already filled with water so that he wouldn’t have to call for help with his bath while you were still there with him.
He always used to do that. The official excuse was that he preferred cold water, saying it was better for his health. It was the norm for you, but it certainly wasn’t for Tom. You had tried to talk him out of it, saying that there was no need for that and that you would’ve found another way, but he dismissed your concerns.
“It’s just some cold water, y/n. As long as this method grants me a little more time with you, it’s exactly what I need.”
After cleaning the both of you up – despite your complains, he wouldn’t let you raise a single finger whenever you were alone –, he wrapped you in a soft towel, secured another one around his waist, and brought you back to the canopy bed, making you sit on the edge of the mattress and then laying down next to you.
You glanced at his shoulder and, now that your mind was finally clear and you could think straight, you felt heat rushing to your cheeks, your stomach sinking with embarrassment and guilt.
“What is it, love?”
“I–”, you tried to answer him, but shame prevented you from going on. “I’m sorry…”, you stuttered with your eyes low, gesturing at the mark on his skin.
Tom followed your gaze and arched an eyebrow, a smug grin on his face. “Oh, y/nn…”
At first, you didn’t understand, but then he sat up: the moment you saw the angry red scratches on his back, you hunched up and covered your face, wishing the Earth could swallow you. “My God!” How could you do this to him? How could you be so careless and stupid?
“I’m sorry”, you repeated in a small voice, absolutely mortified, when you felt his arms around your figure.
“Don’t be”, Tom reassured you, any trace of mockery completely erased from his tone, as he made you rest your head on his shoulder. “No one will see them.” He kissed your hair, gently removing your hands from your face and then bringing one of them to his lips, placing a small peck on each knuckle.
“That doesn’t mean I didn’t hurt you”, you complained, still mad at yourself.
“Hurt me?” He sounded surprised. “You think I’m in pain, right now?”
Your hung your head as a quiet murmur left your mouth. “Aren’t you?”
“y/n, look at me.” When you didn’t obey, Tom used two fingers to lift your chin. His deep brown eyes bore into yours, the intensity they held in them screaming silently all the love he had for you.
Looking at him in the eyes was like entering a library. He wasn't particularly fond of writing, but every lash was a sonnet, every fleck a letter, every shade a song, every sparkle a poem, and all of them where for you. He would pour an ocean of words into your soul with just one single silent look.
You held your breath, absolutely mesmerized by the sight in front of you. With all the love Tom was giving you, there was no longer any place for guilt.
“Besides…” He leaned in, cupping your cheek and affectionately rubbing his nose against yours. “… I love wearing your marks. They will remind me of the woman I belong to.”
You blinked a few times, processing his words, then rolled your eyes. “And of course you had to go and ruin it”, you scoffed jokingly, detaching yourself from him and getting up.
The cheeky grin turned into a soft laugh, as he laid down again. “I’m sorry, you’re just so easy to fluster!”
“And you’re clearly so amused by that”, you responded, letting the towel pool around your feet and slipping your shift over your head.
Tom propped himself up on his elbows, an adoring look in his eyes and a smile on his lips as he followed you with his gaze, watching you get ready. “Let me help”, he offered, when he saw that you were struggling a bit with the lacing on your back.
You stepped closer to the bed and, waiting for him to get done, used the time to fix your sleeves around your wrist and smoothing the skirt and bodice of your dress, trying not to get too distracted by his fingertips caressing your back through the layers of fabric.
“There”, he announced, making sure the knot was tight enough.
“Thank you.” You turned around to face him, giving him a fond smile as you ran your hands through his wet locks. “You’re surprisingly good at this.”
“I’m surprisingly good at a lot of things, darling”, winked at you, wiggling his eyebrows.
That obstinate curl kept falling on his forehead, no matter how many times you tried to push it back. It reminded you of him always so stubborn and untameable, yet so perfect and adorable because of it. “Even at standing up?” You tilted your head, cupping his face and squishing his cheeks a bit. “I need to change the sheets.”
“Even better”, Tom stated seriously after you let go of him. He stood up, a determined look in his eyes. “I’m going to help you.”
And he meant that. Despite your attempts to convince him that he didn’t have to, he just would not listen to you. It had become some sort of a morning ritual, a peculiar game in which the person you were supposed to serve would do anything in his power to assist and serve you.
It would have been a lie to say that you were used to it, as guilt kept stinging you with its pin, reminding you that this was one extraordinary exception. But on the other hand, it just felt so nice to have him close, and even to do this kind of things with him. It was nice to witness how much effort he always put into it, regardless of his clumsiness. It was nice to see the way his brows would knit together as he fought against himself not to ask for your help.
Here, in this room, you were his equal. In those moments you could savour what life with Tom could be like, had he been a normal boy, free to love you out in the open…
You quickly dismissed those thoughts, focusing entirely on your task. “Alright…”, you announced, as you put the last touches and smoothed the bedspread. “Done. I think this looks good.”
“I told you I that could help you, love”, Tom smirked, helping you gather the old sheets to put them in the basket: you would take them away and wash them privately, to avoid any suspects.
“I will be able to do this on my own in no time”, he declared, sitting on the mahogany chest at the end of his bed, not even daring to touch the fruit of your combined efforts.
“Oh, I’m counting on that”, you chuckled in reply as you fixed your hair. After making yourself presentable, you turned to face him to ask for confirmation. “How do I look?”
“You always say that”, you scoffed in a playful tone.
“Because you always are”, he replied matter-of-factly, the simple comment catching you off-guard and causing fire to spread on your cheeks.
“… r-remember not to be late for breakfast”, you stammered, painfully aware that you were doing a terrible job at hiding your embarrassment and that Tom was loving every second of it. “It’s still quite early”, you hastily tried to change the subject. “You can rest a bit more.”
“And ruin this perfect work of art?” He indicated the bed with a wide gesture, faking a gasp. “You must be kidding, darling.” He sounded almost offended. With how expressive and dramatic he was, you often found yourself thinking that, had he been a normal boy, he could have become a wonderful actor.
“Plus, it’s not fair”, he added with a pout, resting his elbows on his knees. “You should get to rest a bit more, too.”
You stepped a bit closer to him, hands clasped behind your back. “You’re only saying this because you want me to stay.”
“… among other reasons”, he admitted reluctantly, lips pressed into a thin line and eyes avoiding yours. But after that brief moment of shyness, he raised his head, giving you a heart-melting puppy look. “May I ask for one last kiss?”
You nodded silently, bending down and brushing your lips against his cheek. The touch so quick and delicate it almost felt unreal.
The discontent was clear on his face and he made no attempt to conceal it. “… what was that?”
“A kiss?”, you played dumb.
“No”, he frowned, shaking his head. “I want a real one”, he insisted, emphasizing the word ‘real’ by pointing at his lips.
“Is that an order?”, you asked, trying to maintain a neutral expression. “… Your Highness?”
Tom grimaced at the title, but then decided to ignore it. “A plea”, he said with a serious tone. “A plea for mercy.”
You stared at him in silence, then nodded again – more solemnly this time, playing his game – and leaned down to indulge him… and yourself, too.
Just as he parted his lips to deepen the kiss, you pulled away. Partly because you kind of liked to play with him like that: it was a way to get back at him for all his teasing. Partly because it was a goodbye kiss and you hated goodbyes. And partly because you knew how easily he could make your resolution crumble into pieces.
He whined, dropping his hands, as they hadn’t been fast enough to cup your face. “That’s it?”
“You’re pushing your luck, now”, you admonished him, stepping away from the bed and picking up the basket.
“So beautiful and yet so cruel…”, he sighed tragically, like the prima donna he was.
You shook your head with a smile, then headed for the door, the basket under your arm as you unlocked it and reached for the handle. Right before you could open it, he spoke again.
“Will you come to me, tonight?”
Even though all your nights were spent in his embrace, every single time you left, Tom would always ask you that question, his voice filled with such a tender vulnerability that never failed to make your heart ache.
Behind his cheerful laugh and his loving gaze, deep down he suffered a lot because of this whole situation. He hated that he had to keep you a secret, that he could only meet you in this way, and that in front of the others he had to treat you like a simple friend, instead of being able to tell the whole World how much he loved you.
A part of him was terrified by the idea that one day you would leave him for good and that you would hate him for the rest of your life, convinced that all the love he had for you was nothing but a wicked trick to play with you and ruin your life…
So, after making love to you, after sleeping next to you, after dreaming of you while holding you in his arms, every time he watched the morning come and you leave, taking the night away with you, he felt the urgent need to ask you that question.
You turned to look at him, a sweet reassuring smile on your lips. “Always, my love.”
Tumblr media
Next chapter
A/n: … yeah, this prologue is pretty much nothing but smut… the plot is on its way though! Thank you so much for reading this! Let me know what you think, if you want <3
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witchlyboo · 9 hours ago
I'll feel personally offended ig Logan doesn't appear in the serie again
No worries, all of them will have at least three individual parts and lots of cameos.
Tumblr media
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blindingdutchy · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
so, i have three different WIPs right now in early stages of completion, and my brain is going numb from the divided attention. i cannot decide between my babies, so i'm asking for opinions on what you'd like to see! i'm gonna get to all of them eventually, but for now i'm asking to just pick one.
all three of these are tom fics and are going to be much longer than what i've posted so far--i'm projecting 15-20k+ words each. all of them contain smut and are tom x fem!reader
just for tonight | actor!tom NSFW summary: there's always been an unspoken understanding that, perhaps in another life, you and Tom would have been so much more than just friends. but when he comes to you needing a place to stay, just to get away for awhile, you can't hold back from crossing that line anymore--even if you know it's doomed to fail from the start.
son of a pitch | baseball!tom NSFW summary: life really likes to kick you when you're down. you got dumped, lost your job, kicked out of your apartment, and to top it all off you're at risk of losing your scholarship if you don't get your grades up. but, hey, Tom's pretty great--maybe he's just what you need to keep from striking out.
lucky | frat!tom NSFW summary: you never thought you had all that great of luck, so when you handed over the winning raffle ticket for a date with Tom, you certainly never expected to fall in love. a little too judgmental and guarded following your breakup with your ex, maybe luck was never the issue at all.
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t-hollanderr · 10 hours ago
It's getting unhealthy how often per day my thoughts drift off to Harry Robert Holland. With his stupid pretty hair, stupid pretty laugh, stupid pretty voice and stupid pretty smile.
I'm a white mans whore, like i'd LET him hit me with his golf club 🤚🏻
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hoodieofholland · 15 hours ago
Omg congrats!!! I just can't stop thinking about Tom making reader squirt for the first time and she's all embarrassed by it but tom is assuring her that it was hot af 🌷
Thank youu! Sorry for taking that long, but here we go! Also i got a little carried away, dont mind it
Warnings: SMUT (+18), dom!tom, slight degradation (name calling), fingering (f), squirting, unprotected sex, typos for sure.
You couldn't lie and say you didn't deserve what was happening right, you had been a tease the whole day with Tom, walking around the house in nothing but his t-shirt, no panties in the way, bending every now and then just to pick something you dropped on purpose, and massaging his shoulders every time you made a shitty excuse to go and talk to him while he was working.
And now there were you, head dizzy, chest coming up and down in panting breathing while you approached your high for the fourth time in a row... or maybe it was the sixth? You couldn't remember anymore. Tom was edging you for so long that all you could sense now was the wetness between your legs, the squeaky sounds it made when his two fingers entered your throbbing pussy with determination.
"Are you close, my love?", he asks, his chest vibrating against your back, his lips on your ear, bitting your skin slightly from time to time. You bite your lips, too scared of the tricky question, but still too aware that it was nonsense keeping it from him -- Tom knew when you were close. He knew your body from your head to toe.
"Yes, Tommy", you whine lowly, voice lost in between your moans and incoherent pleads for release. "Please- let me come".
"Course, darling", though his voice held nothing but sweetness, you knew it wouldn't work that easy. He took his fingers out of you and you squirmed in protest. "But only when I'm sure my girl has learnt her lesson. Do you understand why I'm doing this? Eh?"
He grips your jaw, making you look at him. You can feel his hard cock against your back, throbbing with every movement you make towards him.
"Yes", you drawl, too weak to answer something else. In front of you, there's a mirror, the one that is always standing in your shared bedroom. Tom liked to keep it that way, so whenever you both felt like it, he'd fuck you in front of it. Usually, you loved it, you loved watching yourself come undone, watching Tom take control and fuck you to oblivion. But today, today was different.
You were a mess, completely wrecked, and though you loved the fact that it was Tom who made you feel like this, you wanted to reach your high desperately.
"Everything okay?", he asks, peppering kisses along your jaw. He always made sure to ask before going back to edging you again. You nod your head, but it's not enough. "What's the word, sweetheart?"
"Green... green, you can- keep going", you respond, bitting your lips and closing your eyes and his hand slides down your inner thigh, so close to your heat. "Please, I wanna cum".
Tom gives you a harsh slap there and you jolt. "You're gonna get what I give you, brat. What is it? Did you not learn a fucking thing?"
You exhale a sharp breathe and shake your head. "I'm sorry, Tommy. I'll be good, I promise".
"You sure are", he smirks, rubbing the skin smoothly. "Cause you're my good little thing, aren't you?"
You nod and try to reach his lips, turning your head to the side. He kisses you deeply, but only for a brief moment. "You wanna take my cock?"
Before you can realise, you're whining in response, trying to grind your ass against his length. "Fuck, you're so greedy", he moans in your ear. "I'm gonna give it to you, pretty girl. C'mere".
You manage to adjust your position to align yourself with him, knees on bed as you feel your arousal slipping between your legs. Tom's eyes are fixed in your ass, teeth grazing his lower lip as his hands are gripping your waist to help you align your entrance with his cock.
He teases you a bit more, his red tip brushing your clit until you are forcing yourself down on him. This wasn't supposed to be something you'd do, but fortunately for you, Tom didn't seem to mind this time, too anxious to get your walls hugging him tightly.
"Fuck, always so bloody tight, darling", he moans, planting his feet on the mattress before starting to pound into you. "No matter how many times I fuck this hole".
You whimper, your belly already tightening as your high was close already. "Tommy, please, don't stop".
Tom chuckles between whines coming from the back of his throat, "You like begging to me, don't you, baby? Don't even have to ask, my greedy little thing".
Your head falls back and Tom gets the chance to grip your jaw and kiss you hard, lips messy and sometimes losing their contact as he thrusts his hips deeper, faster, making the sounds of your skin slapping echo through the room.
"Shit, Tom, I'm gonna- I'm gonna cum", you moan, your walls clenching around him viciously.
But before you can finally enjoy your sweet release, Tom pushes you towards the mattress, making you gasp in surprise. Your hair was all over the place, the palm of your hands laying flat against the mattress as your confused brain tries to catch on what was happening before Tom pulls out of you just to bottom out in a precise and deep thrust, the last one before he pulls out again.
"This is not how it works, sweetheart. Didn't learn anything, did you? Turn around, brat", he commands and you do as you're told, rolling on bed before he takes a hold of both of your wrists and pin your hands above your head. "You have to ask for it, love", he slaps the each one of your inner tights and you arch your back in pleasure and pain. "Thought it was pretty obvious by now".
"Fuck, fuck, 'm sorry, Tommy. Please, lemme cum", you cry out, bucking your hips towards him, but all you get is a mischievous smirk.
"You're gonna come, baby, but only after I'm finished. How does it sound, eh? Do you want my cum, pretty girl?"
You nod eagerly, licking your lips as he releases your hands. He takes a hold of his cock on one hand, lazily stroking it, and takes your hand on the other one, bringing it to his mouth. He places a kiss on the tip of your fingers, "You're gonna play with your clit f'me, alright? But you're not cumming. Do you understand me?"
"Yes, Tommy", you whimper, bitting your lips as he licks your finger, spreading wetness before placing them over your bundle of nerves, and you start to give it slow circle motions, trying not to apply too much pressure to not cum before time.
"Yeah, baby, like that", he moans, fastening the movements of his hand over his length. "Oh, fuck, you're so gorgeous, 'm so fucking lucky".
You moan, breathing getting heavier as you bite your lips hard to hold yourself back.
"I'm close, darling", his shoulders fall towards you, his back curving as his high approaches violently. "Spread your legs a bit more"
"Cum on me, Tommy", you said, widening your legs, giving him enough view of your soaked core.
It took him only a few more intense strokes before he came, his white hot cum falling all over your pussy, making you clench around nothing. "Fuck, fuck", he rode himself through his high, eyes heavy as he tried to keep a look on you, on your bare pussy, your wetness and his cum painting you like a goddamn work of art. "Shit, look at you", he pants, recovering from his orgasm. "Gotta make you cum, pretty girl. Been so good to me".
You nod eagerly and jolt slightly when he slaps his hand over yours, taking it away from your clit and replacing with his thumb.
Tom straightened himself over bed, his eyes never leaving yours and he got down on you, his lips hungry and precise to make you cum as quick as possible and put and end to your suffering. You close your eyes, tilting your head back as your mouth falls open to a silent moan that gets stuck on the back of your throat.
Tom's fingers enters you and he doesn't take longer to curl them inside of you, making you whine and squirm with the closeness of your high.
"C'mon, love, you can cum now, cum on my mouth, pretty girl", he hums against your pussy lips, licking until he hits your clit, his fingers never stopping his work.
The edges, the great amount of stimulation, everything comes back to you as you orgasm hits your body, making you shiver and your body start to tremble. You moan Tom's name loudly, and he takes a hold of your hand when you starts to fist the sheets so strongly it gets your knuckles to turn white.
"Fuck, fuck, oh, my-", you let it all go away and feel the wetness of the sheets beneath you, while your hips buck towards Tom's face.
"Shit", you hear him gasp, taking his fingers out of you. You open your eyes slowly, breathing still coming in pants, and it takes a little while until you can focus on anything.
The first thing that you see is Tom's face covered in wetness, but it's not like other times he eats you out. His chin is visibly covered on it, and when you prop your elbows on the mattress to take a better look, you see his hands also covered on it. The sheets have a big stain of your cum and you can already feel your face turning red.
"You squirted", Tom said, eyes twinkling with something you couldn't recognize at first, a smirk on his face, but embarrassed as you felt, you assumed he was going to make fun of it.
"Oh, my God, I'm sorry", you whined, covering your face with your hands. "Shit, I've never- I've never done that before, I'm really sorr-"
"What?", Tom gasped, taking your hands out of your face. The smirk was still there, his brown eyes deep and bright. "What are you apologizing for?"
You blink, a bit confused at first.
"Don't you- uh, don't you think it's... gross?"
Tom scoffs, shaking his head. "Are you kidding me? That was the hottest thing I've ever seen", he said, eyebrows cocking. "And what the fuck, you mean, this was your first time doing it?"
You nod sheepishly and his smirk turn somehow even more cocky. "Fuck it, we need to do that again", he shakes his head un disbelief, leaning in to kiss you. You can taste yourself, "You're so fucking hot, darling, can't believe you're all mine".
You sigh in relief, easing yourself and letting yourself enjoy the kiss and the bliss you were still on after the intense orgasm. Eventually, Tom made you get out of bed, carrying you to a hot bath to take care of you and some light sores you might have gotten, but he didn't let you go get some rest before making sure you knew that was the first time, but not the last.
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houseoftommy · 18 hours ago
You know that sex position where you’re laying down side by side, with them hittin it from behind???
Exhibit A: ⬇️
Tumblr media
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sunnymuffins45 · a day ago
Hi, Love your writing!! I was wondering if you could do a fic, where Tom catches his 14y/o son watching porn 😂 And tom and his son freaks out, and then your son freaks out about Tom telling you, and then your younger daughter joins the talk. Also can you make the reader daughter like she loved her dad and stuff, THANKS ILY for this hheheheeh ❤️😁
Dont Tell Mom
JJSJSJSKSSJSKJS I feel like if this happened to me, I would laugh at my kids. Sorry not sorry lol
Warnings: Mentions of porn, Swearing.
WC: 1.4k
Saturday, was your 15th anniversary with Tom, and he wanted to do something special for his wife. Of course, he had planned every single detail he wanted to do with you that day. Tom being Tom, wanted to do something extra special for his love. He was making a card. A card he had poured his whole heart and soul writing. He also wanted to print one of your wedding pictures to make it extra special.
Tom had gifted your son Luke with an old laptop for his middle school years. The photos were downloaded, onto that laptop. It had never crossed your and Tom's minds that he would use that computer for anything more than school. Well, you both were wrong. He was fourteen, of course, he was watching porn. Luke wasn't good in situations where he was under pressure, so when his dad knocked on the door in the middle of him, jerking off to a porn video, he thought quickly and placed three fingers in the mouse, sliding that tab away. He made his way to the bathroom and pretended like he had been there before hearing Tom knock.
¨Yeah?¨ Luke asked
¨Hey buddy, can I come in?¨
¨ Sure, I am in the bathroom dad. Don't come here¨ He told his dad
¨Alright man¨ Tom chuckled as he entered the room. ¨ I just need to use your computer. Do you still have our wedding pictures here?¨ Tom asked, sitting on the desk where the computer was. Luke´s eyes widen, and he swallowed thickly. The one time he wasn't careful about closing the tab was the one time his dad needs the fucking computer.
¨Yeah, yeah. Just open the photos.¨ Luke spoke, feeling his stomach sink deeper. Tom was good with computers, so when he switched the desktop to find a porn video playing with no sound on, he held in a breath in surprise. Luke washed his hands and exited the bathroom, pale, really pale.
He saw his dad sitting on his desk, looking straight at him with the porn video playing behind him.
¨Fucking porn Lukas James Holland Y/L/N , porn?¨ Tom asked his son, furiously and Luke just stayed quiet.
¨I can't believe this¨ Tom closed the porn tab and stood up from the chair. ¨This is disgusting¨ He says pointing to the laptop, Lukas just standing there.
¨Its not like you and mom don't have sex¨ He sassed
¨You stay quiet young man, that's different¨ Tom told his son, sitting on his bed.
¨How is that any-¨
¨Because, porn is non-realistic son. If you believe everything you see there, you´ll never be happy. I get it, your growing up, but close the fucking tab man¨ Tom laughed, signaling his son to come to sit next to him. ¨We have all watched porn at a point in our life. Now, I know no matter what I say you won't stop watching it-¨
¨Ew dad¨ He cringed
¨Will you stop?¨ He asked with a challenging smirk on his face.
¨Sure¨ He said.
¨No you won't. I was saying, be careful and responsible Luke-¨
¨Dad don't start-¨
¨No, am being serious. Porn doesn't show the consequences of not being responsible with sex-¨
¨Stop saying that word dad¨ He covered his ears, and Tom laughed.
¨You were literally watching porn mate?¨ Tom placed his hand in his son's back.
¨Okey am sorry, I will be careful and responsable¨ He promised, hoping that would end the conversation. It didn't.
¨And, IN THE FUTURE¨ Tom, clarified ¨Use protection, please. You don't want to have baby´s at 17¨ He looked completely serious.
¨Accidents do happen, what if I forget?¨
¨You unforget¨ Tom said sarcastically.
¨What if it breaks?¨ Luke continued.
¨You unbreak it¨ Tom followed along.
¨What if-¨
¨No, no, excuses okay?¨ Tom raised an eyebrow.
¨Yes dad¨ There was a little awkward silence. ¨Was Claire an accident¨ Your son asked, pointing at your three-year-old daughter opening the door, sitting below the door frame.
¨What? no! you idiot¨ Tom slapped the back of his son's head gently, making both laugh.
Tom stood up to pick up his little girl sitting down on the floor.
¨Hello there darling¨ He said, placing his hands below her armpits to lift her, making her little legs hang. ¨How long have you been there, princess?¨ Tom asked, kissing her chubby cheeks.
¨Behind you¨ She said in her baby voice.
¨You were behind me? so you've been sitting there the whole time?¨ He asked, worried she had understood something. The door was semi-closed about half the time, so it made sense they didn't see her.
¨Yesh¨ She smiles and laughed, clapping her hand. Tom kisses her forehead, pushing some of her brunette hair out of the way. ¨Lukie is in touble¨ She pointed at him, still laughing.
¨No precious, he's not¨ He kept kissing her face, making her laugh. Tom started walking out of Luke's room. He turned around one more time. ¨Your mom is going to laugh¨ Tom said, as Claire held Tom's finger onto her little fist.
¨Dont.Tell.Mom¨ He panicked
¨Dont tell mom what?¨ You asked as you walked into his room, wondering what everyone was doing there
¨Uhhh, it's a surprise?¨ Luke winged an excuss, shrugging his shoulders. You turned around to look at Tom, and he pursed his lips together.
¨Come on, tell me, guys!¨ You begged
¨No mom, you don't want to know¨ Luke started
¨You really don't want to know-¨
¨Porn¨ Claire spoke in her gibberish, repeating what she heard.
¨Fuck you Claire!¨ Luke swears
¨Language¨ You warned your son, giving him a look and turning to Tom.
¨Yea- well, yeah, porn¨ He gave up, shaking his head.
¨Okeyyyy and? You all say porn and nothing else¨ You laughed
¨Lukie was watching that and- and dadda said no good¨ Claire explained, shaking her head, mocking her dad. You turned to Luke with a shocked expression, then returned to face your little girl in your husband's arms.
¨And how do you know this, miss?¨ You asked, making your daughter chuckle.
¨Shhhh¨ She laughed, bringing one of her chubby fingers to her lips. You looked at Tom for answers.
¨She was sitting behind the door, that wasn't exactly closed.¨ He told, smiling at you. You returned his smile and tickled Claire's belly.
¨You nosey little girl¨ She giggled. You turned your face completely serious and you faced your son. He gulped, expecting the worst.
¨You¨ you began and then gave up on the straight face. You started laughing, alongside your daughter and husband. ¨Close the tab next time bub. Don't buy anything with the credit card and DONT talk to your sister about this ever again. Understood?¨ You asked, calming down from all the laughter.
¨Yes mom¨ Luke said
¨Good¨ You walked closer to him and kissed his head, then left the room laughing.
¨Dadda told you she was go-going to laugh Lukie¨ Claire sassed at her brother, playing with his father's loose curls.
¨That´s right princess¨ He chuckled, kissing her nose. ¨So, I do need those wedding pictures. All tabs must be closed when I come for them ¨ Tom warned.
¨Count on it¨ Luke said embarrassed, Tom turned around and left Luke's room.
Tom walked down the stairs, sharing giggles with his little darling. He made his way to the kitchen where you were. Tom placed Claire on the counter for a second, while he grabbed a beer. You kissed her head and then your husband's lips.
¨Should we punish him¨ He asked, pulling you closer.
¨Nah, he's going to keep doing it¨ You told him, pulling out of the hug.
¨I told him the exact-¨
¨Dadda? whats porn?¨ Claire asked innocently, Tom turns to you, and you whistle.
¨Thats on you Thomas¨ You said, as you pat his back, then left. Tom looked around, trying to find something to change the subject. Claire just sat there, waiting for answers.
¨What do you say we go and play outside?¨ Tom asked, smiling widely to convince her.
¨Yes!¨ She screamed in excitement. Tom let out a breath, satisfied with his parenting skills. He picked her up from the counter, making their way to the backyard.
¨I love, you dadda¨ Your daughter told him, pulling his head closer and kissing his nose.
¨I love you more, darling¨
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voidsunflower14 · a day ago
Yandere! Peter Parker x Fem! reader
A/n: I know I haven't posted in a while but ill try to get some posts in this week. Also credit to @becs-bunker for the beautiful Spider-Man divider go check them out!
Summary: Peter breaks into your room to try to get you back but your tired of his behavior. He's willing to do anything to get you to listen to him...
Warnings: Yandere behavior, breaking and entering, kidnapping, threatening, cursing, delusional mindset, mention of future pregnancy, manipulation, smut, oral (female receiving), missionary, unprotected sex, cream pie.
General Masterlist
Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
I went into my room and took off my backpack, setting it down. I turned on the light and saw somebody by the window making me panic till I learned to look closer. "Peter is that you?" I asked, his brown shaggy hair disheveled with his posture stiff. 
I spoke again, this time louder "Peter why are you in my room?" Usually he's out at this time watching over the city.
"I just wanted to talk to you a little." I sighed and rubbed at my temples. He's been trying to talk to me nonstop and it's getting tiring. I thought he would try to apologize for the incident and we would make up and be friends.
"Is this about the break up?" I ask him to shrug and come closer causing me to hold my hand signaling him to stop. 
"Well y-yes but hear me out-" He came closer and I stepped back from him ready to run out the door if needed. Last time he tried to talk to me about getting back together he cornered me in the girls bathroom during lunch. The only reason he left me alone was because of MJ coming in since I was taking a long time.
"Stop, okay we already talked about this, Peter leave me alone." I let out that I was so frustrated with him trying to get back together. I get why he wouldn't want to be friends anymore but why can't he get that I don't want to be with a manipulative person.
"Why don't you ever call me Pete anymore.." He mumbled out but I ignored him and turned around to leave but he stopped me.
"DON'T GO, just- just listen to me please." He grabbed my wrist trying to pull me deeper into my room.
"Okay fine, go ahead." The second I agree his eyes light up as he begins to get his words together. I take out my hair tie rubbing my scalp with my fingers. 
"T-thank you. Okay, I know we have past problems but I'm willing to change for you." I rolled my eyes. I already know manipulation 101 and this was going down the path of promises but I know Peter when we get back together he's still going to keep me if anything this will make him hold on tighter to me.  
"Peter... No. I'm sorry, okay but I don't want a relationship with you." He looked at me and frowned, making his mask break a little. 
"You're not leaving, you just don't get it yet. It's fine I'll show you." He mumbled his brows furrowed before he looked back up before reaching at my wrist.
"No! Let me go! We're not doing this again Peter!" I yelled at him. I never liked raising my voice especially at Peter but he never listens.
"You just need to listen and you'll see we're perfect together." He tugged harder on me causing me to fall into his chest. He was pulling me towards the chair where I noticed some rope on my carpet.
I started panicking and struggled more "LET ME GOOO!" I screamed as his hand came down and covered my mouth, throwing me against the nightstand.
Tumblr media
I slowly pick up my heavy head and look around the dark room. Moonlight leaked through the ends of the curtains. Even through the darkness I could still see Peters form sitting in a chair in front of me. His head was turned to the window just blankly staring at the covered glass.
I started screaming the cloth in my mouth making it harder. You could still hear my voice erupt loudly no matter what. His head shoots in my direction almost immediately as he covers my mouth and nose with his large hand. My eyes were wide like his but his were more frantic.
"Shhh everythings fine, I'm going to take this off okay." He motioned to the panties stuffed in my mouth but stopped and looked to the side. "But if you make any noise I'm going to have to use this, okay?" He took out a knife from his pocket and showed me a loose grip. He placed it between his legs and took the fabric from my mouth and tossed it on the bed.
"You're fucking crazy." I said in a quiet voice trying not to sound too loud. He frowned and rubbed my cheeks gathering his next words.
"No, I'm just in love with you." He smiled and stood up taking his knife with him. "It's your fault you know, you made me this way." I looked at him with distaste that he was blaming me for his psychoticness. 
"Peter, this isn't love, it's an obsession." He comes towards me shaking his head mumbling 'no'. His hand grabs my face tilting up so I can see his wide pupils. If you looked hard enough you might even see hearts. 
"I'm not obsessed or delusional, you're the crazy one thinking that we aren't soul mates~." He looked like an over-excited kid on Christmas. I'm almost surprised he didn't purr from his own words.
"Just please let me go Pete." I said I was trying my best to get on his good side. He rotated his head around and signed in pleasure before facing me.
"I love when you call me that, say it again." His hands enclosed me and he leaned down so his head was at the same height as mine. I stay silent and turn my vision to the ground. "I SAID SAY IT AGAIN!" He screamed at me, his spit falling with his words.
"PETE, Pete..." I said and trailed off fear consuming my words like they consumed my body. He smiled again and started humming his hand petting my head like he didn't just scream at me.
"Good girl, you're my good girl aren't you? I mean you haven't even tried to move on or talked to anybody else. You must still love me." He looked at me with a delirious expression as he waited for my answer.
"I don't" I whispered trying to remain confident with a psycho in front of me. Not to mention the outline of the knife in his jacket pocket.
"Yes, you do, we're soulmates destined to be together forever. In every reality are souls are connected because we were one in the past." I couldn't help the tears well up in my eyes from the fear and uneasiness I'm feeling. I felt stuck in a hole that no one could hear me through. Like I was hopeless, nothing I could do but live with that sinking feeling deep in my stomach.
"N-no we're not, this whole situation is crazy don't you get that?!!" I tried knocking sense into him but he kept that strange lovesick smile on face almost as if he didn't hear me. Maybe he didn't; he was just too lost in his fantasy.
"Do you think we'll have the prettiest children? Think about it, my eyes with your lips." His finger dragged down my lip as it bumped against it causing it to go back to its place quickly. "Well any feature on you really... You're just so beautiful, if your personality was genetic then I hope they get all of it." He was smiling like a maniac going on about how he was excited to start a family with me. He began mumbling stuff about how Tony would be so proud of him becoming a dad and how our children would call him 'Uncle Tony' or something.
I knew the chances of me escaping were low with how lost he was in some fantasy of knocking me up not to mention how he's a superhero. God no one would believe me and that's if I even escape a web swinging maniac. What if we are soulmates and he would treat me right? Take care of me during pregnancy. I won't have to worry about money. The price is just my freedom and happiness but maybe I'll grow to love him like I did once so I can again right? 
Or maybe I can escape if I have to be away.... Maybe I can be just as lovesick as him. He won't know the difference between real feelings and fake ones. He's too out of it. I look up at him and smile, catching him off guard as he stops talking and smiles back at me. "Yeah, it would be amazing if they had your cute little nose! I can't imagine how beautiful they would be with your hair!" He was booming so much he leaned in and connected our lips. 
"See you're finally getting it." He whispered beside my head his nose sniffing my neck he pulled away his hair was more disheveled really highlighting how off the rails he has gotten during this. 
"Can I kiss you again?" I ask him to light and don't waste time connecting our lips. I smile fasley into it. He sees me struggling against the restraints "I want to put my hands in your hair but I can't." I pouted and he immediately reached for the restraints. Once they were free he kissed me hard tugging me from the chair and against him. He picked up my leg and dragged me to him and did the same with the other hooking them around his waist.
He pushed me into the bed slowly kissing down my neck, his warm body resting between my legs. He pushed his jacket off and threw it beside me. He began trailing down to my spread legs and slid my pants down my legs. While he was kissing my thighs he seemed distracted so I reached my hand into his pocket finding nothing. I retracted and he pulled my underwear down making me take a deep breath. My lower region was now exposed, this started to feel like it was getting harder to put my plan into action.
He spread my legs more before his touch licked my folds. My head fell back, fuck I had forgotten how good it feels to have him between my legs. His large hands kept my legs from closing as he sucked on my clit. I reached for the jacket again checking the other pocket. I felt a cold solid object. I pulled it under my side so he wouldn't see it. I was trying to open it as two of his fingers made their way inside of me.
"Fuck Peter." I moaned out he kept a steady motion then went increasingly faster. I tried to focus on opening the knife but my high felt closer. 
I came against his mouth as I opened the knife the sound of my moaning covering up the click. He fixed his position over me again, making me hide the knife, the tip of it scratching against my back. He pulled his shirt over his head and pulled down his sweats. He kissed me deeply then took my shirt off taking the knife with it. He positioned his cock in front of my folds. I really wanted to feel his cock in me, maybe it wouldn't be so bad...
He shoved himself inside of me hissing out some curse words. "See how perfectly we fit together? It's because we're meant to be-" He trailed off as he gave a hard thrust sending me to be pushed up. "Fuck I can't get enough of your plush pussy, so warm and sweet." My hands clawed down his back, his veiny dick scratching my insides felt so nice. I could feel his tip push against my cervix with every rough thrust.
His hot breath layered itself against my neck, the heat of our bodies making me feel warm "Can I cum in you? You feel so m' good." His hips kept stuttering against my pelvis. I nodded in a blind reaction as my orgasm hit. He pushed against me again and came painting my velvet walls white. 
His breathing was ragged as he looked up and pushed hair from my face. "You're even more beautiful now that you're mine." I looked up at his sweaty face and realized I am his i'll never escape from him an do love him right? 
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mggsluvbug · a day ago
hello, how are you??? i would like to request a tom holland x reader where they go hang out with tom’s friends and the reader sits on his lap while tom is smoking a cigarette and talking to his friends?
i’m good thank you! and i know we all saw that pic of tom with the cigarette, and ughh, he is too attractive 😩😮‍💨
Clouds of smoke|| T.H.
pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
warnings: smoking obvi.. but other than that i don’t think anything else.
a/n: ugh i didn’t even see this request, i’m so sorry, but i liked this idea so yeah… thank you for the request! and feel free to send some more for me, I’m working on a couple difficult requests rn but i’ll get to all of them i promise lol. (also i don’t know a lot about smoking, but i tried my best lol)
Tumblr media
“Y/N AND TOM HURRY YOUR ASSES UP!!!” Harry, one of Tom’s younger brothers yells from downstairs, while Tom was admiring you finishing up your makeup and walking out of your shared bathroom.
“You look gorgeous, as always.” Tom mutters, pulling you in from your waist and placing a sweet kiss to your lips.
Truth be told, you weren’t wearing anything extraordinary, just a cute two piece with polkadots, some cute accessories, and some boots. (outfit below)
Tumblr media
“Thank you baby” you smile when he pulls away and grabs his phone off the bed and asks if you were ready to head downstairs. you nod your head and you both stalk down the steps to see Harry impatiently staring at his watch and tapping his foot against the hardwood floor.
“Calm down mate, we’re not gonna be late” Tom says to him with a roll of his eyes while he walks past him, heading towards the car.
“Hey Tom, Harry! Oh- and you are…?” A tall man asks while hugging both Tom and Harry.
“I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.” You say smiling while shaking his hand.
“Oh , if i knew you were coming i would’ve gotten another chair, here lemme try and find one for you …” The man starts but Tom was quick to cut him off;
“No it’s ok! Y/N can sit on my lap, it’s no problem.” Tom says and pulls you down by your hips and you hand right on his lap.
“Are you sure?” He asks.
“Yeah, it’s no problem really!” You dismiss and lean your back against Tom’s chest.
“Anyone up for a smoke?” The man looks up, whose name you still don’t know, pulling out a carton of cigarettes and pulls one out.
“No thanks mate, maybe some other time.” Harry denies and takes a sip of his beer.
“Sure, just one.” Tom shrugs. He doesn’t smoke often of course, just whenever he feels like it. and it was being offered, so he thought, why not?
“Yeah, here you are.” The man hands Tom the cigarette and slides the lighter over the table and you pick it up to it for him. You watch was the smoke slowly enters his mouth as you light it and he quickly pulls it out before too much gets in this mouth, and blows it out.
“You wanna a puff darlin’?” Tom asks, looking at you and raises the cigarette to your lips. Like Tom, you weren’t necessarily a ‘real smoker’, you just have one every now and then. You inhale the smoke and you let it fill your scenes before slowly blowing it out with ease.
“Woah, i said a puff, not a whole drag.” Tom laughs and lifts it back up to his mouth.
“Well, thank you anyway” You sigh, feeling relaxed after only one drag.
“No problem baby…” He says and connects your lips, letting go of the smoke he was holding in his mouth and letting it travel into yours.
“Ok, ew gross. stop being all cuddly.” Harry fake gags and returns back to his conversation with the friendly man.
“That was hot.” You whisper looking into his eyes. By now, you had switched positions (ok have an ariana grande moment bestie😌), so you where sitting on his lap with your knees of each of his sides so you weren’t in that much of an uncomfortable position.
“Yeah, i don’t know why we don’t smoke more often?” He wonders
“Probably because it’s bad for you… but i don’t really care to be honest.” You admit taking the cig from his hands and pulling it up to your mouth.
“I would say the same, but i’ve gotta stay big and healthy if i wanna keep being the grown up, ripped, and incredibly handsome actor i am.” He jokes.
“More for me then!” and you turn yourself back so you were now into the conversation with Harry and the man.
“Damn, you little spitfire.” Tom mutters with a smirk in his face and he leans forward pressing a kiss to the inside of your neck and then also joining the conversation.
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witchlyboo · a day ago
Definitely, maybe.
Part three: The one with the bigger head.
Introduction. Part 1. Part 2.
Paring: Latina!reader x Logan Lerman x Tom Holland x Ben Hardy x Timothee Chalamet x Pedro Pascal x Michael B. Jordan
Warnings: angst??? language, misspellings, and me learning how to write properly.
Word count: 5.5 k
a/n: This Timothée is also an actor but not based in the real one, this is all for drama purposes. This took me a long time thanks to college but I'm on vacation now so you'll see me more, also, 150 followers is a lot for me so thanks to everyone that decided that I'm interesting enough.
Tumblr media
—He wrote his number on my left boob and drew a penguin with a spade next to it.—You say to Beth, your new friend and the other unpaid helper, a beautiful dark skin woman with two kids, something that made you respect her instantly, being a mother sounds hard enough, but two, Dios.
Two weeks ago was your first day at work, and even when you tried so bad not to get too excited, every single thing in it was even better than you imagined. The movie you’re helping is some kind of Pride and Prejudice, or that’s what you can tell by the costumes since you can’t read the script or go to the set yet, you're some kind of intern anyway.
—Sophisticated—She mumbles sarcastically while you iron one of the extra's pants, of course, do this isn’t the funniest part of the journey but it’s ok, you are learning a lot, meeting interesting people and of course, Jacqueline Durran. People say meet your idols is disappointing but this isn't the case, she's a sweet and hardworking woman, you haven't much time to talk with her but see her in action is enough satisfaction. For now.—My husband hid my wedding ring in my son's tooth under his pillow when I was about to change it for money, so he isn't a standard for romance either.
—The Tooth Fairy, you meant.—You whisper when some people of the crew enter the trailer looking for something.
—No, we don't do that, I won't let that bitch take the credit for my money, no Santa, no Easter Bunny, anything.—You look at her like she just said her children eat only purple food.
—What, why?
—I don't like to lie to them and they have the whole experience with gifts, money, and stuff. The point is, people have weird ways to express their affection, maybe Ben wanted you to know how much he likes your body and the penguin is a metaphor of how it's not just physical, a funny sparkle. Oh, and the spade is because he is a serial murder but you are his only exception.
—What's your problem with Santa?—You ask ignoring the rest of her speech, the relationship with Ben is, weird, sometimes you feel like he likes you too much, and then ignores you for three days, you try not to think about it, you send messages to each other constantly with memes and shitpost, nothing serious, not that you wanted to but no appreciate the confusion. Beth hit you on the head with a fabric roll and you laugh.
—I don't like the idea of an old white man getting in my house in the middle of the night, and you're changing the subject.—But she didn't have time to elaborate because they called you to meet Durran outside the building. All the interns being anxious and ready to jump off a cliff if she asks for it.
—I need extra hands on set so everyone comes with me, you bring an extra makeup box.—She said pointing at some guy you never talked to—And you get ahead and prepare Anya.—She said to Beth. This is the most exciting moment you ever got, meet the actors, see the set and do some real and important work for the movie.—I'll take all the assistants with me today but as usual Mr. Chalamet arrived late so I need someone to prepare him.—She is examining everyone until her eyes stop on you, a little pink Chihuahua full of energy and emotion.— Yeah, you dear, you seem pretty and he probably won't eat you alive, he's in his truck. Everyone else, come with me.—She claps her hands, sign to everyone to do what they have to.
Ok, shit. On one hand, you have your first important task, on the other, you have to deal with the biggest pain in the ass in Hollywood. Mr. Chalamet is a huge diva, with a bad mood and cute hair, you weren't disappointed to hear that, he already has a reputation as a hot brunette Draco Malfoy being bossy around the set. Why everyone seems to forget that, what's the secret behind being a total jerk and get away with it? Being handsome, yes, being the son of one of the most important actors of his time, ok, but most importantly, he is extremely good in what he does. Everyone thought he would be slowly lost in his father's shadow but he got two Oscar nominations for two different movies oh his debut year and since that, every movie he is part of, is a blockbuster.
Being constantly compared with someone must be stressful and sometimes you feel empathy for him; but not now, no when you see him sitting in his trailer like Joffrey Baratheon asking for your head. But that's not the right attitude, you are extremely professional and you promised yourself not to be on the list of fired people by him, and who knows, meet him could be exciting.
—Good morning.—You say trying to sound more self-confident than you actually are, you don't bother to look at him and go directly to the work table, he doesn't seem to care since is too busy watching his phone. His makeup it's done and his costume on, so the last thing to do is his hair, the new American treasure. He is sitting in front of the mirror wall, with a serious face and no intentions of giving you a good first impression.
—Where’s Fake Blonde Big Ears?—He says abruptly surprising you, you give a little jump that you hoped he didn’t see. His eyes connected with his phone with no interruption, not even a glance; you were aware that he is mean but, is he really ignoring your pretty white boots with tiny shiny strawberries that you sewed yourself, on purpose? There’s no way he didn’t see them, he isn’t ignoring you because he’s too cool to talk with an intern like you, he is ignoring you because he’s acting cool, and for some reason, that gives you some kind of comfort.
—Who?—You ask with a voice that sounds way softer and high than you pretended. You cough trying to clarify your throat and start preparing the brushes, you know how to do his hair, you studied every single part of the costume department for a moment like this, all of the helpers did, you don't have any reason to be nervous.
—If you have an audition problem tell me now, I hate repeating stuff, something that obviously isn’t a problem with Fake. Blonde. Big. Ears— He said the last part slowly as if he was talking to a senior person. You grip the brush hard until your fingertips turn white, but you managed yourself and start fixing his hair.
—I don’t have a problem but I don’t know anyone with that name. — Good, a political answer, kind, polite, no need to start a fight with your temporary boss, tomorrow you will be back at the studio with nice dresses and leather boots, they'd never insult someone for their looks, and most importantly, they can't fire you.
—I’d call acting idiot a problem, you know who I talk about and you choose to play dumb and be nice instead.— You look at him through the mirror to find his big green inexpressive eyes looking directly at your soul, slowly taking the life of it, or that’s how you feel it.
Don't look at a violent animal directly to the eye, advice your grandma gave you once and this is the perfect example of it.
—I don’t see why not being an asshole is a problem.—You almost regret saying that, but he was pushing you just in the right places and your temper is winning over you. Your hot blood gives you confidence enough to keep doing your work, doesn't matter what he says or what power he has. You work for Jacqueline, not him.
—Are you calling me an asshole? —He asks with the same stupid beautiful face, but you take the look away of the violent animal, hoping that's enough for him to not bite.
—Did you call me idiot?—You say ignoring the gaze that is pointing at you like the red dot sight of a gun in your forehead.
—I said you play like an idiot.
—Then I guess I did.—And before he could say anything else you turn on the hairdryer and keep doing your thing gladly that you have to move your hands too much so he can’t see them shaking. You are pretty sure that you will regret every decision you made since you entered this room but it’s too late to get back to the nice tame girl.
An assistant knocked on the door giving the five minutes remain and you stop holding your breath, the fresh memory of the world outside this trailer is enough to keep you sane.
—Done.—You say finally putting the things you used back in their place, waiting for him to leave, but he is not leaving, of course, he doesn’t care about getting late for the shooting, everyone is there for him including you.
—You didn’t answer my question.— The sound of his voice behind you gives shiver to your spine even when he isn’t that close. You feel really stupid for giving him that power over you, is just a bully and you're not scared of them.
—Her name is Paulette and she’s helping on set.—Her ears are that big? You never noticed it, that makes you wonder what bad things he sees in you that you don’t.
—You look at people when they talk to you. Turn around.—…What? You do what he asks with frown eyebrows, he must be kidding, there’s no way an adult could talk like that to another adult, you almost break in laughs. —What’s so funny?
—I’m sorry, is just that I’ve never seen a head this huge.—You respond with a soft smile, and walking beside him, ready to run to your freedom and probably dismissal. His hand in your arm stops you suddenly, the tension of your body warns you that your about to choose violence.
—Brave comment coming of the ugliest boots that ever existed. —You knew he saw them, don’t appreciate the review but he didn’t completely ignore you.— At least I hope they’re comfortable enough to walk through the unemployed life.
—Oh, they are, thanks for the concern Mr. Chalamet, I don’t understand why everyone says you’re such a dickhead.—You have an extracorporeal experience listening to yourself, you can’t let him get into your head and give him reasons to fire you and take the only thing in your life that has sense. You calm your breathing and look at him with an eased expression.—I'm sorry, I shouldn't...
—Don’t ruin it.—He cuts you off rolling his eyes and lowering his grip to your forearm, softer and even sweet, like an unintentional caress. Your confused face makes him smile and shakes his head.—Just when you got my attention.—He whispers in your ear and proceeds to leave the truck with no other explication, leaving a shocked and scared pink woman with the eyes wide open and about to fade out. He is worst when is kind.
—I’m home! —You yell closing the apartment door behind you, ready to jump into the couch, watch a corny movie that you never would admit you like, and cry. —I need Sheep’s special soup, I have one of those days! —You keep yelling at the empty space and go directly to the fridge.
—She went to the store. —A male voice beside you makes you scream and throw a ketchup bottle at his bare chest since is the first thing you find.
—Who the fuck are you?!
—Michael, I’m dating Stella, I thought you knew, hey. —He offers you his hand and you look at it cautiously.
—Prove it. —You respond still hiding behind the fridge's door and looking for another thing to throw at him, something more harmful after the unsuccessful condiment.
—Prove it?—He laughs crossing his arms surprised at your demand. —Ok then, Stella is 21 years old, studies acting, Australian, blonde with small beautiful blue eyes, and shares this apartment with his Hispanic best friend with commitment problems and anger issues. —You gasped feeling hurt by the second stranger insulting you today.
—She would never say that… the anger issues at least.—You close the fridge door now sure that he isn’t some kind of thief pretending to fix the heater to rob your cool handmade dresses and painting of random people at the park. Not today but those things will be priceless someday.
—Yeah, she didn’t say that part but I can hear you screaming in the background when I call her, so.—This is not a good day to put your attitude in perspective, you don't want to add anything to the stereotype of Hispanic people being loud and dramatic but maldita sea, these Americans couldn't be more annoying today.
—Ok I’m loud, does that means I have anger issues? Typical Michael, judge, nosy, a hateful now it all and whiney, yes she told me about you and I won't tell you which part of that is what she didn't say.
—Heeeey! —Sheep opens the door at the perfect moment for her to hear you insulting her new boyfriend and you run to hug her because she is the only person that never makes you feel judged—Oh no, honey, what happened?—She leaves the shopping bags and wraps you with her arms softly caressing your back.
—I insulted Timothée Chalamet, he said that my boots are ugly, then your half-naked boyfriend with tiny nipples said I have anger issues, something that is probably true because I called my boss an asshole and I’m surely gonna get fired because he said that I got his attention and I don't know if he was flirting with me o threatening me to death. —You whine on her shoulder releasing everything you kept for yourself on the way back home.
—I'm going to need more information... Timothee Chalamet?—She asks giving a step back to look at you, but you only whine in response.—It's ok love, it's ok, I'm going to make your soup and everything will be more clear later.
She hurries to the kitchen and you see Michael's gaze mocking at you, you stick your tongue out at him and follow your friend.—Her name is Sheep, you pretentious fratboy.—You whisper when pass next to him.
—Dickhead? I need to teach how to swear, that's really the best you could think of?—Ben laughs through the phone making you blush, of course not, you have a thousand insults better than that, but none of those sounds good in English so you stick with the basics.
—Shut up, I was terrified and trying not to be that rude, I love that job.—You answer keep doing your homework. When you get a job with industry relevance the college gives you some facilities for you to keep studying, but that includes tons of no mercy homework.
—After the boots comment? No way, I would have punched him in the face right there.—You heard him giggling.
—Careful, I still can get even with someone.
—No, I’m for real, I like them, actually the next time I see you I want you to wear nothing but them.—He knows that the path to your smile is flattering your clothes because of how hard you work on them.
—It’s easier to say it since I haven’t seen you in a week.—You say making a big effort to not sound that needy, he has a way to make you forget everything around you, and even when that’s not a healthy choice, you crave for that feeling lately.
—I know, I want to see my cute Jigglypuff too but I want you to miss me badly so when I come back you can show me.—He says lowering his voice, making your stomach flinch, you love it when he uses that tone.
—I can show you now.—You say playfully and stopping to pretend that you care about your homework.
—Ok, fuck, just let me go to my room because I’m supposed to be at a reunion with the band and I didn’t know that pressure you to talk your day would bring us here.—You laugh hearing his breath get cut for what you think is him running.
His band is making a small tour in towns around, just to make sure they have the zone covered before making a big concert and sold out, he is supposed to be back in a week and you can’t be more excited about seeing him again. His presence is so intoxicant and addictive, not caring about real-life problems, and not being able to see all the things about yourself that you don’t like. But, you like him that way? You have asked that question to yourself the last few days but since you're not ready for the answer, you don’t get deep into it.
The next day you wake up with your phone in your hand, you turned off the alarm in your sleep and now you are terribly late to work. This is unusual in you but Ben kept you awake up for hours and then homework for the rest of the night. Say you had three full hours of sleep would be excessive.
—I’m sorry, I’m here! I overslept but I brought you a coffee and a firm excuse for my first and last delay.—Out of breath you start overwhelmingly Ted, the helper's manager, and offer him the drink you bought for yourself but seems more useful to charm him.
—It’s ok, he arrived ten minutes ago but is still eating breakfast so that gives you another five at least.—He says without looking at you but taking the coffee, you had no idea what he’s talking about and why your coworkers are looking at you like you have a fatal disease you don’t know about.
—I’m sorry, who arrived?—You ask hugging yourself, needing some kind of support. He finally looks at you and scans from head to toe, not rudely, just analyzing.
—Aren’t you...—He looks at his phone looking for something.—Hispanic Pesky Nice Ass?—He finishes putting his phone down and ignoring the awkwardness of bringing your ass to the conversation.
—...I guess, I mean yeah, could be.—There’s no other Hispanic intern in that department and ok, you have a nice ass, not sure about the pesky part, especially because you don't know what that means but if it's the way Timothée described you, you couldn't wait to be something completely kind.
—No one told you, huh?—He says with a distressing look.—Congratulations, you are the new cosmetologist of Mr. Chalamet, you are a paid employee from now on... if you see the good part, HPNA—He says referring to the initials of your new nickname while starts walking away.
—Wait! No, I’m not a cosmetologist, I’m a costume designer, well, I aspire to be, I work for Mrs. Durran...—You start saying following him and trying to keep his track, is way taller than you.
—And she doesn’t care about you, she gets another intern in a second. This is a real and lifetime opportunity, some people would give a hand for a thing like this, and I'd be more worried about doing a good job and put his name in my resume. Now go to his trailer because he specifically asked for you.—You stop walking and see him getting away from you taking your complaints with him. He is right, this is a big moment for your career. But at what cost?
You go to his trailer and knock at the door with a different attitude than yesterday, you are mad, he has absolutely no right to take you of your workplace and claim you as his, and for what? Revenge? Insult you again? It doesn’t matter, you won’t let him win, the filming will last another two weeks and then you’ll be free, with a star in your curriculum and money.
—Mhm.—You hear subtly from the other side of the door. Ugh, he doesn’t even mind to offers you a complete word, no, you won’t give him the pleasure of seeing you mad again. You enter the trailer with a kind smile that obviously he doesn’t see because he doesn’t look at you, again.
—Good morning.—You say joyful, if what he's interested in is you doing drama then that's exactly what you won't give him.
—You are really making an effort to look like a cartoon character.—How could he say that? He didn't even see you, or that's what you think, his gaze never left the phone.
Today you chose baby blue shorts and tank top with white buttons in the middle, a necklace with cotton balls all around that look like tiny clouds, matching earrings, and white sneakers with big rainbow platforms. You look pretty, doesn't matter what he says so you give him a soft polite laugh, the one you'd give a teacher.
—Glad you notice.—You answer going for your tools with the same cheerful tone.
—Your hair is even blinding than yesterday.—He keeps saying, clearly expecting a shrewd answer from you, but you still the same when starts doing his makeup.
—Oh, thanks, I use a special shampoo, I can give you the name if you want to.—You answer like an actor of a commercial, credible enough. You lean to his face to cover the shine with a brush but he stops you by holding your wrist.
—How long do you think you can keep this stupid attitude?—He says softly in a velvet voice that would have melted you if you weren't this mad. He pulls you a little bit to his body and you don't put up resistance, not sure why.
—Until the last moment.—You answer, release yourself from his grip and get back to your work. His smile increases devilishly while yours is weakened.
—Will see.
The next days happen as a long nightmare. You wake up every day after two or three hours of sleep, go to work, college, make a lifetime of homework, cry for five minutes, take a shower, and sleep as long as your alarm allows you. But the worst part is, not a surprise, Timothée Chalamet who works hard day by day humiliating and pushing you to your limits making you go for his food, spoon-fed him, cut his pills, ruin his hair to make you do it again, call you names, makes jokes about your clothes or hair and flirt in a passive-aggressive style that made you reconsider how much you want to keep working in films. He's not callously rude, is more like a naughty kid playing with his nanny, in other times you would have gone along with him but you're not there for that and the chaos around you just make it worst.
Ben has been your stand the whole week, making you smile with every message or just distracting you by saying stories of his crazy fans. You're not ready to have a relationship again but eventually, if the things with Ben keep going as great as now, you could give it a try.
—All I'm saying is that no one would blame you if you knock him off, everyone knows he's is a jerk, even me, and I've watched like three movies.—Ben says with a sleepy voice, he insisted to call you after work and since Timothée takes his time to arrive, you've been talking for almost an hour.
—His face must be assured for millions and I'm lucky if I buy a burger to lunch.—You say amused outside the trailer waiting for your headache of the day.
—I'll take you to dinner when I get back.—He replies using his flirty voice showing the multi intention of his offer.
—You'll be lucky if see me for five minutes. You should come one of these days and show him your muscles so he thinks I have a boyfriend double his size, maybe that calms him.—You laugh but he doesn't join you, instead, there's an awful silence that stabs you in the cheast.—Not that we are boyfriend and girlfriend, but he could think that.
—Oh, great!—Now he laughs and sighs audibly, too much to not be offensive.—I thought we were about to have that awkward conversation where I tell you that we are not dating and we're just friends having a good time, hanging out with other friends too, and is nothing serious.—You laugh too but not for the same reasons. It's not that you want anything else right now, but just friends that see other friends? That was almost hurtful, or just hurtful, that means that he has been living the great life with his friends when you can't even hang out with your actual friends. You're not sure what bothers you the most, there's a long list to check.
—No, we are clear in that, even when we haven't mentioned any of that, and one could get confused... not me, obviously.—You see Timothée arriving at the perfect moment because you don't think that you can keep lying without getting upset.—I gotta go.
—Ok love, I see you in three...—But you don't let him finish before hang up and enter in the trailer before the brunette does, that surprise him, and the absence of your forced smile and greeting.
—Buenos días.—He says in regular Spanish trying to catch your attention unsuccessfully. It may be the lack of proper sleep, eat, or Ben's new attitude but you are tired of keep playing with him a game that you can't win no matter how you see it. You don't answer but that's not his biggest fixation, your outfit is completely black, jeans, hoodie, and shoes, no sparkle or surprise detail, you look like a normal college student with a messy bun and eyebags.—I don't get the concept of your outfit today, are you the shadow of Peter Pan?
—Not today.—You murmur ordering the things in your backpack because like if it's not enough you have an important exam today, the reason why your about to break your personal record with no sleep.
—Oh, Princess Bubblegum is moody today, so sad, but you can use that energy to take my car to the service after we're done here.—He starts saying walking to you gracefully, like a panther charming his food, if that has any sense.
—Not today.—You repeat slowly feeling the anger stuck in your throat, you are trying so hard not to yell and show how exhausted you are of everything. He takes another step forward and places a hand in your backpack putting it down forcing you to look at him.
—Shit, you look terrible.—He mumbles looking careful at your face, was that concern?
—You know what, Mr. Charmander? From now on you have the permission of three insults per day, after that, it would be very nice if you shut the fuck up for the rest of the journey. Or even better, what if you just shut the fuck up forever and that's it!—You start saying raising your voice gradually, avoiding look at him because that would take the pinch of boldness you found somewhere inside you.
—Oh, you know my name! That's a fucking miracle Timothée because this must be the first time you say it and it's sadly the only expression of respect you have had for me.—You feel the blood up in your cheeks while you are fighting against the rage tears threatening to come out.
He waits until you stop talking and gives another step to you, but you are too emotional to care that your bodies are separated by just a few centimeters. He looks at you with affection and concern, for the last days he watched you lose your sparkle and it was almost hurtful.—What else?—He asks in a soft murmur that caresses your ears, the calm of his voice when he's not trying to be a pain in the ass is peaceful.
—Your selfish ass can't help to take everything you want. You had absolutely no right to take me off my job, do you have any idea of how hard I've worked? I can't sleep, I can't eat, I don't even enjoy what I study anymore, and none of that is your fault but being a complete dick and make my life miserable for your own entertainment is.—You realize how high you were talking but you don't care.
—Keep going.—He insists leaning his face to yours just enough to not be intrusive.
—You are rude, arrogant, cynical, and not as handsome in person.—You continue finally looking at his olive absorbing eyes that look more joyful at every second.—I don't know if you have some sort of SM fetish and you enjoy when I insult you but fuck it, don't make me part of this.
—Are you done?—He asks with a grin and his hand taking the claw clip off your hair making it fall, he moves a lock behind your ear, and is at that moment that you realize the amount of sexual tension in the room, allowing yourself to smell his scent for the first time, perfume more expensive than your phone, dim essence of herb mixes like mint or eucalyptus, and grape chapstick, you can see it glowing slightly on his lips.
—Enlisting all about you that pisses me off? It'll take several days.—Your voice got back to a regular tone and your eyes follow the trail of his hand that slides from your hair to your arm. You have chills. This is a new kind of mental torture?
—Good, the longer, the better.—His giggles dissolve the stress from your body and you take your time to breathe properly again, the new problem is your heartbeat. You should be mad at how he gets away with the rude things he did to you just smiling like a high schooler and touching you like a dog. But you are not.— I didn't know you wanted to be an intern, I assumed you'd love to work with me... because my head is giant.—He murmurs and you believe in his words, later you could blame the vulnerability that sleepless nights gave you.—I liked you and I thought that we were both playing.
—I'm not an alley you adopt and play with it.—You stay firm even when his touch is melting you inside.—And tell my boss I have a nice ass, you call that a compliment? You have the romantic personality of a 13 years old boy.
—Was that or Hispanic Pesky Clown Style, I had to be very specific.—He says amused, not offended by your words.
—Ya tuve suficiente...— You start saying and about to push him in the chest to walk away but he holds your face and takes you in a deep kiss that freezes you, the hold of his hands is soft and warm, not forcing you to stay close but enjoying your presence and claiming for more.
You hold his waist and end the space between both of you, receiving the comfort you didn't know you need. He holds the back of your neck and presses it just enough to make you stand on your tiptoes to reach his relief. You're not thinking clearly with your arms in his lower back and his tongue caressing your lips, it just feels correct at the moment.
He walks forward making you step back against the wall, you gasp against his mouth, he tightens the grab on your neck and you have to hold him harder to you to not fade out. He gets that as a need for proximity and uses his free hand to take your thigh and lift you up, using his own body to give you support.
The time stops, the entire existence is reduced to a distant memory when you put your hands in his hair, the one you been fixing and secretly wanted to mess up with your fingers like you're doing right now. He lifts your hoody enough to touch the bare skin of your waist, his fingertips are cold but the palm is warm, a proper mix, you think. His mouth goes down to your jaw and leaves small bites that he proceeds to lick, putting out the fire.
You look for the edge of his shirt to lift it up but the five minutes remain knock at the door arrives and you freak out pushing him too hard that he almost fell against the makeup table and you collapse on the floor.
When you see each other seconds later, both burst out laughing.
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Fallout of the century 🌑💔
Tumblr media
Part 3 🥜
Read part 1 & part 2 here 😌
Word count: 3.2k
Warnings: angst, car accident, moving on
The ride to the airport was quiet. I wasn't sure how Harrison managed to get tickets so soon, but I didn't question it. We made it through security and were almost ready to board when my phone rang. I looked down to see Sam's name across the screen, I answered it almost instantly, an uneasy feeling washing over me.
“Sam?” I asked.
“You need to get to the Hospital Y/N,” he was crying. I felt my head get light as a million thoughts ran through my head. I didn't say anything, I just turned and ran until I got outside. Leaving my bags and Harrison in my dust. I called a cab and went straight to the hospital. I ran in through the big revolving doors and found Tom and Sam sitting in an empty waiting room. As soon as they saw me they both wrapped their arms around me tight. It was bad, but I wasn't sure how bad.
“Where?” I asked, my voice not seeming to work.
“Surgery,” Tom sniffled, while urging me to sit. I sat down and they explained what had happened. A car had hit him in a crosswalk, while he was looking down at his phone. Guilt washed over me and consumed me. I probably cried for an hour straight, although it felt like a century. I couldn't seem to catch a breath. At some point Tuwaine and Harrison both showed up, but I didn't pay them no mind, I was to busy being consumed by my worst fears. 
Surgery took almost eight hours. Eight hours with no update. Eight hours thinking that Harry was gone. Eight hours of agonizing guilt and torture in my mind.
“Holland family?” a man's voice called from behind us, Tom, Sam, and I ran over to hear the news that the doctor had. “All of you are family?” the doctor pondered.
“Twin, older brother, fiance” Sam told him.
“OK, well we were able to get the bleeding under control, unfortunately I can't promise he will wake up, but if he does, his injuries won't prevent him from living anything less than a normal life,” It was a mixture of good and bad news, but he was alive, ad that was enough of a bright side for me.
“Can we see him?” I asked.
The doctor brought us to a recovery room where Harry was laying, lifeless looking on the bed. I felt tears rush back to my eyes and I was sure I could not breathe. I walked over to the side of his bed and grabbed his hand, I leaned down and kissed his forehead. “Don't you dare leave me,” I whispered, tears escaping my eyes.
The waiting game was the worst. Sam and I sat in the room for hours holding Harry's hands, waiting for a flicker of life to become present. Tom had left to go get their parents from the airport.
“You guys need to put this behind you,” Sam said quietly. I looked up to see him looking at me with sad eyes. He was right, this game of cat and mouse had to come to an end.
“I know, I’m done with this whole run around.” I told him. “I want to be with him, I want to marry him, and grow old with him. If that means forgiving and forgetting, then that's what I'll do,” I said between sniffles.
“You still want to marry me?” His voice was hoarse and sounded dry, but it was his. Both Sam and I shot our gazes to Harry's now open eyes. He was staring at me, with his dopey smirk.
“You're awake,” I cried, getting up from the chair and leaning down to hug him. I lifted my head from his shoulder and found his lips, kissing him softly before backing up to let Sam give his brother a hug.
“This whole time, all i had to do was get hit by a car?” He asked in a joking manner. Both Sam and I laughed.
“Shut up you idiot,” Sam laughed. “I'm going to go get the doctor, so he can come check you, or whatever they do,” He told us before leaving the room.
“Hey,” Harry whispered. I sat on the edge of the bed pulling his hand in between mine and listening to him. “I'm sorry about everything. I only slept with her that one time. I was just trying to hurt you,” He paused and moved his fingers so they were intertwined with mine. “Give me another chance, and I'll never hurt you again,” His words were sincere and filled with love.
“Okay,” I whispered. Leaning down and kissing him once more. “Your parents should be here soon,” I told him.
“Oh boy,” He groaned.
The next few days were spent in the hospital, so I refused to leave Harry's side. Luckily nothing had been broken so other than a scar from surgery and some minor cuts and bruises he was walking away from a run in with a car practically unscathed.
I got a text from Harrison as I was packing all the Get well cards and animals into a hospital tote bag.
‘Hey just wanted to see how you were doing, I heard he's going home today. That's great! Hopefully we can talk soon. Just to clear the air?’
I didn't respond right away. I wasn't exactly sure what to say. Sorry I led you on? Sorry I left you at the airport? Sorry I had you take care of me for the last seven months while I was broken and damaged? I didn't know.
“Are you coming home?” Harry asked me as I finished packing all the stuff.
“To help you, or for good?” I asked him, not turning around.
“Either?” He wondered.
“I don't want to go back to that apartment, Harry. I can't.” I sighed. I turned to face him, and he had a smile on his face. “What?” I was confused as to why he was smiling at me when i had just told him i wasn't coming home.
“Let's get a different place,” he told me, stepping forward and taking my hands in his. “Let's just start over,”
“What about right now?” I asked him.
“Your place?” he proposed.
“I guess for a few days that would work, but for the love of god. Do not start fighting with Harrison. Please?” I begged. He rolled his eyes and kissed my cheek.
“I have no hard feelings for him going after a prize like you,” he told me, making me roll my eyes.
“Let's go,” I laughed. We walked out of the room and out of the hospital where Sam and Tom were waiting with the car. Luckily neither of us had anything here so there wasn't much to pack back.
“Home?” Sam asked as we climbed into the back seat.
“Only so I can run up and get some clothes,” Harry said, making both of the other Hollands turn around to look at him questioningly. He shrugged his shoulders, “She doesn't want to be back at the apartment, I'm not going to make her go.”
“So does that mean-?” Tom started to ask but Harry interrupted him before he could finish.
“You'll know when I do,” He told Tom. and with that we drove to my old apartment, somewhere I hadn't been in seven months. Tom and Harry got out and went to go get a few of Harry's things, while me and Sam stayed in the car.
“So what's going to happen? Are you guys going to start dating again, or are you going to reschedule the wedding?” Sam wondered.
“I'm not sure. All I know is I want him in my life. So I guess we take it one day at a time,” I told him as I stared out the window.
“And Harrison?” Sam asked the question I was dreading.
“I love Harrison, he's my best friend, and he stepped up and took care of me when I couldn't even take care of myself. And maybe in a different life we would have ended up together, but I can't see a future with him the way I can with Harry. Even after everything we have been through, it's still Harry I see at the end of the line,” 
I sat on the floor of my bedroom folding the clothes Harry had shoved into his bag. He never was one to fold his laundry so I wasn't even surprised when I opened the bag to find clothes just crumpled in. “You don't need to do that,” He laughed from where I had made him lay on my bed.
“It'll drive me nuts if I just let your unfolded clothes get all wrinkly in this bag,” I told him as I continued folding his shirts. I grabbed a pair of pants and a small white box fell out, a box I instantly recognized. I picked it up and opened it to see the ring that I had worn on my finger for nearly a year. There was a small folded up piece of paper in the box as well. I looked up to see if Harry was watching me, but his eyes were closed, so I unfolded the paper.
I know I messed up.
I'll live with the fact that I hurt you for the rest of my life.
I've known since that first time I saw you in that club that I wanted to marry you.
The first time you yelled at me for folding the towels in the apartment wrong.
The time we went to the lake and you told me to put sunscreen on my nose because you were afraid I was going to burn.
When I introduced you to my family, you didn't even second guess that you were now a part of it.
How when I took you to the pet store, you insisted we get a rescue dog instead of a puppy, because they deserved to have a good life.
How even after I did what I did, and said the things I said, you still sent me messages checking on me.
Making sure my laundry was done.
Asking if I had gone grocery shopping.
Checking to see if I had finished the milk before its expiration date.
But i think my favorite is when you texted me excitedly that one of my favorite movies was playing at the little indie theater we used to go to.
A movie I know you hate.
My heart was made for you.
We can't end this way.
I'll fight for you until it kills me.
Because at the end of the day, a life without you, is a life I would rather not live.
I sniffled as I folded the paper back up. “You were supposed to let me read that to you, not read it yourself. You know for dramatic effect,” Harry said from where he was now sitting on the bed.
“Sorry,” I muttered, wiping the tears from my eyes. “You brought this?” I asked him, referring to the ring in the box that was still in my hand.
“Thought i might need it,” He said.
“For dramatic effect?” I asked teasingly. He rolled his eyes at me. I stood up and walked over to the bed sitting beside him.
“Things aren't going to be the same,” He whispered. “Do you remember the fight we had before you left for that business trip?” I looked at him, thinking about what he was referring to.
“And why does it always have to be you?” He shouted at me as I packed my suitcase.
“Because it's my project Harry, I'm the one that organised it so i have to see it through,” I told him, keeping my calm even though he was livid.
“You were gone all last week, you have only been home a day and they're already making you go back, doesn't that seem a little unfair?” he asked me.
“Unfair to who harry? To me, or to you? You told me to go after my dreams, you told me you'd support me no matter how hard it would be. We're building these kids better lives and I get to be a part of that,” I told him as I took his hands in mine.
“I'm proud of you, for following your dreams, I am. I just feel like you're losing sight of everything you already have to chase something you want,” he pulled his hands away from me and walked out of the room leaving me alone thinking about what he said to me.
“I remember that fight vividly, and you were right. I had lost sight of everything I had, and once we finished the project, I was left alone and broken, with nothing to show for all my hard work,” I sighed as I laid my head on his shoulder.
“I should have been more supportive and understanding. I fell in love with a woman with a strong will and a good work ethic. I knew what I had gotten myself into,” he told me as he put his hand on my thigh. “I've missed you Nut, like really missed you,”
“Me or my body?” I chuckled.
“Is it wrong if I say both? Or is that the right answer?” He laughed.
There was a knock on the bedroom door. “Yeah?” I called out. Tuwaine opened the door with a grim look on his face.
“I think you're going to want to see this,” he handed me his phone which had a screenshot of an Instagram post. “My mate sent it to me asking if i knew the girl cause he was sure he'd seen us all out together at parties,” on his phone was a picture of Olivia, with a pink bow around her swollen belly captioned ‘Its a Girl!’ I looked at Harry whose jaw was practically on the floor.
“What the fuck,” was all i could think, and say.
Would life ever be easy?
I was standing at the kitchen counter, my knuckles had gone white from how hard my grip on the counter was. “Are you doing alright?” Harrison's voice startled me, but I didn't react.
“Nope,” my voice sounded like it was a million miles away. I was trying to stay calm, and not freak out, but my body was quivering with anger and I felt like my blood was boiling. Harrison put his hand on my shoulder, probably in an attempt to calm me down, but it did the opposite. “You know, I am the most genuine person. I am loving and caring. I'm respectful even if people don't deserve it. I'm always willing to lend a hand to people, even if they don't do the same. I literally work for a nonprofitable organization making next to nothing because that was my dream. I deserve a break, I deserve happiness!” I wasn't meaning to shout at Harrison, and I was sure he knew that.
“So it's his?” he guessed from my angry outburst.
“I don't know. He called her and i couldn't be in there to hear the conversation, i refuse to do that to myself,” i sighed. I leaned over the counter and rested my head on my hands.
“What if it is?” he asked.
“I don't want to think about that right now Haz,” I groaned.
“I mean, I don't blame you, but that's kinda a big deal.” he said while rubbing my back.
“I didn't sign up for this. If he had a kid prior to us getting together then it would be different. But this.. This is like the epitome of a shit show,” I told him.
I heard footsteps come down the stairs and I knew from the sound it was Harry. I didn't bother looking up. “Can you give us a minute mate?” Harry asked Haz. Harrison walked out of the kitchen leaving me and Harry alone. I couldn't move, I didn't want to look at Harry afraid his face would confirm my worst fears. “So that was an interesting conversation,” he said.
“Was it?” I asked.
“I've been avoiding her calls for months,” he said.
“Spit it out Harry,” I snapped.
“She's not positive, she said there's a chance it's mine, and a chance it's the other guys,” he said quietly.
“If it's yours?” I asked, as I stood back up.
“If it is yours, what does that mean for us?” I asked him. He stood with his arms crossed, looking at me as I stared at him, waiting for an answer, but dreading the one I knew I was going to get.
“Does it have to mean something for us?” he asked in a quiet, barely audible tone.
“Harry, I know you. Well. too well. I know that if that is your child then you are going to want to be there, as a dad, and I respect you for that. But I didn't sign up to be a stepmom, I'm not even ready for my own children, let alone a child of the person I despise most in this world. I would resent that child, even if I didn't want to. I would.” I felt the tears falling down my cheeks as I said the words, feeling like an absolute monster.
“So this would be over, for real then?” He asked.
“It would,” I nodded.
“She said she would do the DNA test, and we could do it next week, so can we just forget this until then? Can we just spend the week living in a bubble?” he asked me. I looked at him, and all I could see was the boy I met at the pub almost six years ago. Goofy, an awful dancer at the time, and so full of love. So ready to give all of himself to someone, and somehow that someone was me.
“Can I get you a drink?” A voice asked from beside me. I turned to see a hot redhead next to me. The club was dark but I could make out most of his features, especially his curly, crazy hair.
“Sure,” I smiled at him as he sat down next to me at the bar.
“Can we get a beer and a,” he looked at me waiting.
“A peanut butter cup,” I told him.
“And a peanut butter cup,” He told the bartender, who got to work.
“Peanut butter alcohol drink, huh?” he asked me.
“It's good, but I just really like peanuts,” I giggled, pulling out my keys showing him the peanut key chain I had had since middle school.
“That's cute Peanut,” he said, already assigning me a pet name. I blushed as the bartender brought our drinks to us. We sat for hours talking, eventually moving to the dance floor to compare our equally awful dance moves. My phone started to ring and I noticed I had about a million texts from Olivia demanding we leave now.
“My friend,” I gestured to my phone. “I have to go,” I went to walk away but he caught my wrist in his hand.
“Will I see you again, Peanut?” he asked me.
“You will...,” I paused realizing i had never gotten his name.
“Harry. Harry Holland,” He grabbed my hand shaking it.
“I'll see you around Harry Holland,” And with that I left.
I walked over and pressed my lips to his. I didn't want to lose him. Harry Holland was my person. The one I would choose every time. Despite anything that could ever happen, it would always be him. Today. Tomorrow. Next year. Always.
Was I willing to toss the love of my life away because of something like this?
Was I willing to live with the consequences of his actions forever?
part 4
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itsallyscorner · a day ago
The Pink Shirt
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader
Summary: Based off of Tommy’s obsession with the pink shirt from Zara. Also because I bought the damn shirt for myself as well😭
Warnings: none—I lied. Filthy, dirty, kinda funny, horny smut. Tom is down bad and I need to touch some grass.
A/n: I had this idea so now I’m writing it! Wanted to do some free writing and not requests to let myself ease back into my writing mindset:) might help me get out of a writer’s funk! Hope you loves like it💕
Tumblr media
(my best boy🥺)
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
With your eyes still shut with sleep, you stretched your limbs, loosening up your muscles from the long night of slumber. Your arm reaches out to the space beside you, expecting to feel the warm body of your boyfriend. When your hand only comes to contact with the comforter, your eyes slowly peel open. Your head rises from your pillow, looking around for any sign of Tom.
His side of the bed was still fairly warm, the outline of his body slightly imprinted into the sheets. The sunlight from the windows peek into the room, causing you to squint. You plop your head back onto the bed, turning to nuzzle your face into Tom’s pillow. His familiar smell of lavender, warm spices, and hints or cedarwood enter your senses and you can’t help but snuggle deeper into his pillow.
A clang in the kitchen startles you. He’s probably getting his morning tea, you thought to yourself. As much as he hated to admit it, Tom was a morning person. He enjoyed waking up early: he got to watch the sun rise, have a morning workout, and he got the opportunity to watch you peacefully sleep. Some people might find the last part creepy, but he swears it isn’t, he just likes to stare at your face.
Deciding to get a move on for the day, you haul yourself out of bed and reach down to the floor for the first article of clothing you can find. The shirt on the floor happened to be one of Tom’s. It was a new shirt of his that he had bought from Zara while you two were out doing rounds around the city. You had suggested it to him, saying that pink complimented his skin and that he needed more color in his closet. Obviously, he bought the shirt. You hadn’t expected him to immediately wear it, but the moment he wore it, he never wanted to take it off. The infamous pink shirt became a staple in his wardrobe and he was obsessed with it.
You pull the shirt over your head and pair it with some shorts. You continue your morning routine, heading into the connected bathroom and freshening yourself up for the day. When you felt presentable, you walked out the room and headed straight to the kitchen. You heard the quiet murmurs of Tom and the sizzling on the stove. You could hear him make little comments to Tessa and return to humming Kiss Me More by Doja Cat and SZA. The song had been stuck in your head, meaning that it was played almost 24/7 wherever you went. Tom must’ve heard the song from you one too many times and it got stuck in his head as well.
You enter the kitchen, immediate being greeted by Tessa. Your voice goes a pitch higher as you bend down to snuggle her. “Good morning darling!” You say in a babyish voice, petting and pressing kisses to her head. Her tail wags in excitement, happy to have the attention on her.
Tom notices your presence, looking over his shoulder to see you with Tessa. He turns back to the eggs on the stove but quickly does a double take when he sees a flash of pink on you. On you was his favorite pink shirt. He didn’t have a problem with you wearing it, in fact he adored when you wore his clothes. They were a bit oversized on you and made you look so adorable. But something about you wearing this specific shirt did things to him.
Your eyes suddenly align with his, your lips turning up into a wide smile. He reciprocates the action and turns the stove off—his eggs were done anyway. You stand up straight and approach him, wrapping your arms around his bare figure, the only thing on him being his boxers. Your face is flush against his back, lips pressing soft kisses along his spine and shoulders.
“G’mornin sweet girl.” He hums, taking one of your arms and bringing it up to his own lips. He interlocks your fingers with his and places a kiss atop your knuckles. He keeps a hold on your hand while he plates the eggs on your plates.
“Mornin’ bubs.” You smile against his skin, hugging him tighter. Tom chuckles at your hold, he adored it when you were all cuddly so early in the morning. He lifts your hand in the air, twirling you in the process, and pulling you into his chest. You giggle, wrapping your arms around his neck and playing with the curls that brushed against it.
“You’re up early. I was gonna bring you breakfast in bed and be a really cute boyfriend.” He hums, stroking your back. His eyes drift down your body, admiring the way his pink shirt looks on you. The words “A VERY GOOD START” printed onto the shirt rested along your left breast. It definitely was a very good start to his day—seeing you in his clothes made him weak and a full on simp for you.
“You don’t need to do anything to be a cute boyfriend, you already are bubs.” You scrunch your nose at him and peck his lips. He leans into the kiss, following your lips as they pull away from his. “And I woke up alone and was wondering where you went, that’s why I’m up early.”
“I was hungry as soon as I woke up so I made us some breakfast.” He explains. His hands drift down your figure, fingers brushing against the exposed skin of your legs. He lifts you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, while his hands grasps onto your bum. A boyish grin forms on his lips as he cheekily squeezes your bum cheeks, “You don’t have to worry about being alone anymore because you found me.”
You playfully roll your eyes at him, “I’m starting to regret finding you, you horny little shit.” You tease him. It was normal for the both of you to poke fun at each other, it was your love language.
Tom licks his lips, eyes scanning your body again. The shirt was big on you, your nipples pebbled against the material, and his scent was radiating off of you. It might have been a shirt but it was his shirt with his scent on it, and it turned on his possessive side.
“But you look so fucking adorable and hot in my shirt.” He pouted, setting you on the counter and letting his fingers sneak under his shirt to touch your skin. “I just want to take you on this counter and lay you down, eat your sweet pussy out, and hear your pretty little moans.” He teasingly trails kisses along your jaw and neck. His fingers grab onto your hips, thumbs digging desperately into your skin.
Your tilt his chin up so that he’s staring up at you. Lust consumes his toffee brown eyes, turning them darker compared to their usual bright tint.
“You know what else you can take on this counter?” You ask him, a smidge of seduction in your tone. Completely enamored by you, Tom just lets out a little hum in response. You lean in closer to his ear, making sure to brush your lips against it.
“The breakfast you just cooked for us. We should eat before it gets cold.” You whisper, your breath fanning against his neck. You feel him shudder against you as goosebumps appear on his neck. He throws his head back, groaning at you.
“You little shit, you’re such a tease.” He grumpily says, pushing himself off the counter away from you. He grabs the plates he prepared for you both and sets them on the table. You laugh, hopping off the counter. You didn’t miss him adjusting himself in his boxers as he awkwardly sat on a stool. You settle beside him and pressed a kiss on his temple. He huffs cutting into his pancake.
“Tommy.” You whine, ducking to reach his lips. He was pouting and moved away from you.
“No, you’re mean.” He grumbles. “But you worked so hard to cook breakfast, I wouldn’t want it to all go cold.”
“That’s what a microwave is for.” He retorts.
“It’s better fresh.” You stab a fork into your eggs and eat it. He remains silent, chewing on his food. You began to feel bad and place your chin on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry for being a tease.” You apologize, watching him for a reaction. You continue, “I’ll let you do whatever you want later.” That catches his attention.
“When’s later?”
You shrug, “After I digest?”
“How long does it take to digest?” He questions you.
“I don’t know, thirty minutes?” You guess. He tries to stop the small smile on his lips from forming, but fails to. He nods nudging his nose against yours, “Sounds good to me.”
The day passes with ‘discreet’ teasing and ogling from Tom. The both of you couldn’t exactly do anything later because things happened during the day. First, Tom had to log onto zoom to attend a meeting for a new film. Then, you got occupied doing some last minute work for college. While you were consumed with your assignments, Tom’s eyes would drift to where you were. You were sat on the couch, legs on the cushions, as you typed away on your laptop. You wore the shirt all day, even when you turned into the bedroom to take a short nap.
The moment his meeting ended, Tom went straight to your shared bedroom. To his content, you were already awake, scrolling through your phone. The position you were in made him inwardly groan. You were on your stomach with your plump ass sticking up in the air.
“Baby.” He called as he entered the room. Tom carefully clamored over you, straddling you from behind. He ducked his head to kiss the back of your neck, his lips instantly latching onto the spot that he knew riled you up. “Baby, it’s later.” He mumbled against your neck.
“I know, was waiting for you to finish with your meeting.” You reply, turning to meet his lips. He smiles into the kiss, deepening it as he helped you lay on your back. He blindly takes your phone from your hand and puts it to the side, his fingers resuming to play with the material of his shirt. One of your hands cup his face while the other moved to thread through his curls. You pull on the strands, emitting a deep moan from Tom. He let out a sigh of relief when he was able to ground his hardening cock against your clothed core.
“Fuck—was thinking about this all day.” He choked as he bucked his hips against yours. The friction coming from between you two and the sight of you underneath him in his clothes sent waves of arousal straight to his dick.
“Well now you don’t need to think anymore, just do me.” You quickly reply in between his kisses. You weren’t even sure what came out your mouth because all you can feel was yourself being consumed by Tom.
One of his hands dip down to slip past your shorts; what Tom felt made him moan. Under your shorts—technically his boxers—was nothing but your wet cunt. Tom felt himself get harder at the thought of you wearing nothing under his boxers the entire day.
“And you don’t have any fucking panties on.” Tom bit down on your bottom lip, pulling on it a bit with his teeth, before letting it go. “You’ve been a naughty girl all day. Teasing me with the shirt, then at the kitchen this morning, and now I found out that you haven’t been wearing anything under my boxers today.”
“What are you gonna do, Tommy? Punish me?” You taunt him, your hands being pinned to the mattress by one of his own.
“You see I would, but I’m feeling generous today. You look so good in my clothes and now I wanna mark you up even more by being inside you.” He casually shared as his fingers between your legs spread your wetness on your cunt. His thumb expertly yet blindly brushes your clit, making you gasp.
Tom continues his causal conversation with you, “You’d like that won’t you? Marking you up and showing everyone that you’re mine?” Your mouth only gaps in pleasure, your body content with the way his fingers flicked between your folds. All while this is happening, his eyes remain on you. He watched as your eyes threatened to roll back, the way your mouth opened and closed, and how your brows would furrow in pleasure.
Tom tuts, moving so that you’re directly looking at you, “I need words, darling.” A breath releases shakily past your lips, “Yeah.”
“Yeah what?” Tom tilts his head at you, still flicking his fingers below you, one of his fingers teasing your entrance.
“I—I want you to—oh—mark me up.” You stutter out. Tom uses that as confirmation to shove his finger into your hole. You gasp, legs jolting to close, though Tom’s torso avoids them to do so.
Tom cheekily chuckles. “Oh, I know you do.” He responds, mocking you on your little slip up. With how wet you were getting, it wasn’t difficult for him to shove in a second finger. While his fingers pushed in and out of you, his thumb made rough circles on your clit, the perfect move to drive you towards the edge.
“Such a good girl for me.” He hums, craning his head so that he can suck hickies onto your neck. His lips attached to your skin, sucking harshly while his teeth and tongue alternated to bite and smooth the spot. When he felt one side was bruised enough, he moved to the other side of your neck, repeating his motions.
“So responsive, you’re still getting wet.” He whispered. Your toes curled and whimpers escaped your mouth at how good he was making you feel. When Tom felt your walls clenching down on his fingers, he disconnected himself from your neck, admiring the patches of hickies that littered your neck and collarbone.
“All mine.” He muttered. “You gonna cum? I can feel you squeezing down on me, baby. Come on, cum on my fingers.” He nudged your nose with his, quickening his pace. You felt the tension in you building up. When the tension relaxed, you came undone. Squeezing your eyes shut and throwing your head back, giving Tom a view of your bruised neck. He dove right back in, sucking on the part of your throat that vibrated as you released a moan.
When he felt your breathing fall back to pace, he stared at you.
“You alright?” He asked, a hand of his coming up to affectionately move strands of hair that stuck onto your face. The lust in his eyes momentarily disappeared being replaced with concern. You nodded letting out an “mhm”.
And just like that the lust returned to his eyes. He pecked your lips and wiggled his way down towards your soaked heat.
“Good ‘cause we’re just starting.” He grinned. His eyes connected with the grey Calvin Klein boxers you wore. The patch between your legs was far more darker compared to the rest of the article of clothing.
“That’s sexy.” He comments. “Your cum soaking my boxers, God.” Tom shows the slightest bit of roughness by shoving your thighs apart to make way for his head. When he was centimeters away from your cunt, his eyes shift to look up at you, that boyish grin gracing his angelic face. Though right now he was far from angelic, he was like a sin between your legs. A sin you would do over and over again.
He chuckles to himself and kisses your pussy through the boxers. You knew this was payback for you teasing him earlier in the day. You found your hips lifting from the mattress, wanting to get more contact from Tom. His response was to only slam your hips back down, keeping his hands there to pin them to the bed.
Your legs widen, allowing all of him to be flush against you. Biting down on your lip, your hands reach down to the top of Tom’s head to grasp onto his hair.
“Tom.” You whine. Tom releases a low moan, rutting his crotch against the mattress to relieve his own arousal.
“I know, I know.” His tongue swipes his lips, tasting a hint of you on them. He takes his boxers off you and tosses them to the floor. His eyes hungrily connect with your core.
The heat forming between you and Tom was overwhelming you, causing you to sweat. You move to take off your (Tom’s) shirt but it’s suddenly yanked back down. You look at Tom in shock to see his eyes on you, “Keep the fucking shirt on.” You comply, leaving the shirt alone.
Tom turns his attention back to your slit and how it glistened with your wetness. Before he can do anything, he pulls his shirt off, and throws it over his shoulder. Without any warning, he dives into your heat. You let out a high pitched moan, your thighs clenching, and your eyes rolling back.
“Shit, Tom.” You moan as his mouth suctions itself onto your center. It was wet and sloppy, all you felt was his mouth and tongue attacking your pussy. He moans in content at the sounds you made for him, the vibrations of his moan buzzed against your clit. You whine while your hands grasp onto his curls to bring him closer to you.
“Taste so good for me. You’re such a good girl for me, (y/n).” He praises you, sloppily kissing your heat. His fingers split your folds apart, a string of your arousal forming between the space. Tom flicks his tongue, teasing your hole.
“Can you give me another one, love?” He questions you, the pad of his thumb making rough circles on your clit.
“Y—yeah.” You stammered, features contorting in pleasure.
“Yeah? I know you can, baby.” He replaces his thumb with his mouth and began to suck on your clit. His fingers were back inside you, pumping in and out repeatedly. The combination of his mouth and rough fingers caused white flashes to appear in your vision. You felt like you were blanking out, drunk on the euphoric pleasure Tom was giving you. He knew every little thing that riled you up and took you apart—he was like a pro when it came to making you feel good.
“God, Tom I’m close.” You clamp down on his fingers, your legs wrapping around his waist. Tom picks up the pace of his tongue, adding a hint of his teeth to graze at your sensitive bud.
“C’mon darling, cum all over my face, give me another one.” His words vibrate against your clit again. With the help of his tongue and fingers, your back was arching off the mattress, a loud cry tumbling off your lips. Your legs tightened around him as you came all over him. Gasping, you pried him off your core, the sensations of your orgasm making you far too sensitive. Your chest heaves, trying to catch your breath after the blissful moment.
“That’s my girl.” He mumbles, easing away from your center with your cum dripping down his chin. A proud grin is on his lips. You stare at him through half shut eyes, “Don’t get cocky on me.”
Tom licks his lips and uses the back of his hand to wipe your cum from his face.
“I didn’t say anything, lovey.” He innocently retorts, allowing you to come down from your high. Tom lifts your shirt to press kisses along your hipbones and stomach.
“You had that stupid look, you cocky shit.” You knew he was proud at the fact that he was the reason to why you were so blissed out. You may have had flushed cheeks, hair sticking to your face, and sweating—but he thought you looked absolutely stunning beneath him.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He hums nonchalantly, pushing your shirt to rest above your breasts. He momentarily stares at your erected nipples, almost boyishly. That glint of playfulness shining in his eyes.
“Come to daddy.” He says before ducking to suck on one of your nipples. You scrunch your face at him prying him off you. Tom objects, shooting you a look.
“You did not just fucking say that.”
“I did, now let me suck on them titties.” He snickers, can’t taking himself serious. You burst out laughing, “You’re killing the mood.”
He shakes his head, bouncing a bit, “Fine, sorry, sorry.” He pecks your lips and goes back to flicking his tongue on each of your nipples. You feel his hard on bumping against you, making your cunt squeeze down on thin air.
“Tom, you’re so hard.” Your hand rubs him through his boxers, helping him relieve himself of some tension. The action only causes Tom to jut his hips onto your hand.
“Thank you, baby.” He groans, pressing his forehead in between your breasts. You continue to rub him, finding the head of his cock and running your thumb past his tip. He suddenly snatches your hand from him, startling you.
He kisses your wrist, “Nothing, sorry. I just won’t last long if you keep doing that. I need to be in you.” You nod, spreading your legs wider for him to get comfortable. Tom shimmies out his boxers, pulling out his length. It was quite long, with the veins almost popping out, and his tip red hot. Tom hissed when the air met his hard on.
You took some of your slick, gathering it on your hand, and used it as lube for Tom’s dick. He lines himself with your entrance and looks at you.
“You’re on the pill right?”
“Yup, I am.” You confirm, squeezing his bicep. Tom nods, interlocking one of your hands with his. The both of you sigh in relief once he enters you. The veins of his cock brush against your walls, his length completely filling you up.
“So fucking tight.” Tom breathes out, stilling so you can get used to him. You kiss his jaw, giving him the ‘ok’ to move. He pulls out then snaps his hips back into yours, knocking the breath right out of you.
He grabs one of your hands and rests his forehead against yours as his thrusts begin to grow harder and faster. “Yeah—won’t last long.”
“It’s ok, keep going Tommy.” You coax him, your free hand scratching at his back, spurring him on. Tom stills, leaning back to rest on his haunches. His hands grab onto your ankles, pushing your legs back until your knees touch your stomach.
“Keep these open for me, yeah?” He realigns himself with your entrance again. This time when he enters, he reaches deeper into you, hitting that spot that pushes you closer to becoming wrecked. Your moans are now bouncing off the walls; if Harry were home, the poor boy would have been mortified.
Tom smirks down at you, “That feels good doesn’t it, lovey?” As he says this his hand gently cradles your jaw, forcing you to look at him.
“You make me feel so good, Tommy.” You whimper, turning your head to kiss his palm. “Only you.”
Tom’s thumb glides past your lip before slipping it into your mouth. Your tongue swirls around his digit, getting it wet. He takes his thumb from your mouth and brings it back to your clit. His touch makes you jolt, your sensitive bud already overstimulated from your previous orgasms.
“I’m close, baby.” He warns you, his thrusts becoming erratic. His hips were moving sloppily, but he was still hitting your spot. You decide to help him out and replace his hand with yours on your clit.
“I fucking love you, fuck.” You groan. Tom connects his lips with yours, wanting to be as close to you as possible. With both his hands free, he angled his hips a certain way and began to rail into you, fucking you into the mattress.
“Baby, I’m cumming.” He whimpers against your lips. “Me too, Tommy. Cum in me.” You urge him, trailing wet kisses along the side of his face. The both of you come undone at the same time, entangled with each other’s limbs. Strings of white releases from Tom and coats your walls while mixing with your release. Tom’s face is nuzzled into your neck, while yours rests above his curls. He leans his weight onto you, your chests heaving and bodies twitching from the aftershocks.
Tom was the first to move, coming out from the crevice of your neck. He kisses you multiple times with whispers of “I love you’s”.
“I think you look really good in my clothes.” He whispers, the softest smile forming on his features, his eyes gazing at you.
You snort, motioning to the sticky mess between the two of you, “Really? I didn’t notice.” The two of your burst out laughing, stuck in your cozy little bubble.
The moment was interrupted by heavy knocking coming from the door, “WILL ONE OF YOU PLEASE TAKE ME TO CHURCH? MY EARS HAVE BEEN SINNED UPON.”
Tom groaned, “HARRY FUCK OFF!”
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starknik22 · a day ago
Hiii!! I loveeee your writing!!❤️❤️ could you write one where reader and tom are best friends (but they both love each other duh) and this super sweet guy wants to get a date with reader so tom gets jealous and tells that guy that she’s not worth it n tell him all her bad qualities (angst pls) and reader finds out and get mad and upset at tom But then later tom confesses that he said those (false) things about reader cause he didn’t want that guy to take her away. Then they finally confess n kiss! I got this idea from pink panther 2 lol but yeah ! Thanks🥰🥰🥰
hi! thank you so much for the request! i’m so so so beyond sorry it’s taken me months to get to it 😖
this will be out June 26th @7 pm EST at the LATEST
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