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violetrainbow412-blog · 4 minutes ago
Puppy [S. B.]
Sirius Black x reader modern!au
Word counts: 2k
Warnings: I’m from Mexico so sorry for any misspelling or grammar. If you have any advice tells me!
N/A: I'll post more Sirius and Regulus stuff, in case you want to follow me :)
Tumblr media
You looked for the keys in your purse, trying to get into the apartment as quickly as possible.
It had not been a good day; in fact it had been a terrible day in every way. You wanted to cry, you wanted to scream and just sink into misery while eating a whole liter of ice cream.
You opened the door dropping the shopping bag aside feeling your knees falter. You were about to cry, but something stunned you.
Those were dog prints?
You looked more closely at the carpet and noticed the peculiar marks.
"Marlene!” you called your friend, but apparently she wasn't home. Both shared an apartment and expected me to be around to tell them about your sorrows, but apparently I had decided it was a good time to go out.
You were about to let out a sigh of tiredness when something caught your eye. Was a dog, a huge black dog watching you with his yellow eyes from the hallway. How the hell did that dog get into your house? But that wasn't the worst thing; the worst thing was that he seemed to see you very carefully. He looked threatening and you thought you heard him growl, so by that point you were already scared to death.
You tried to walk backwards to take the doorside knob, but the canine ran in your direction. You felt a scream that never came out of your throat and threw yourself against the floor with your eyes closed, your back stuck against the door, raising both hands to prevent any attack.
You thought he'd bite you as much as he could, and you were almost feeling the sting it would leave on your skin, but instead you heard a bark in front of you. When you opened your eyes you saw the puppy near your face but with no intention of hurting yourself, on the contrary he moved the tail with joy as if he knew you all life.
You watched him from top to bottom; He had bright jet hair, bulging eyes, pointed ears and almost seemed to smile with his tongue outside.
"Uh... hey, buddy" you said a little confusedly. He barked in response. “What are you doing here?” you asked by lowering your arms from the defensive position. He barked again, and then sat down as he gasped with his stare at you. Suddenly you realized what had happened. He was Marlene's new pet.
Both had discussed for many days the idea of having a dog in your home, because the space was not ideal and besides Marlene turned out to be very distracted, which would probably end up with you taking care of her furry friend. You finally agreed, but under the warning that she would be completely responsible and would also try to find a small dog.
That clearly wasn't a small dog.
"Marlene, I'm gonna kill you" you pronounced short, dropping your head back until it hit the door. The animal kept looking at you carefully and had it not been because he was a dog, you almost thought he wanted to tell you something.
Well, that's before you let go of your crying.
Began as accumulated tears that needed to come out and quickly scaled to a desperate cry. It wasn't your plan to end up lying on the floor crying, but the oppression in your chest didn't allow you to go any further and adding up the dog thing you'd probably have to take care of all of a sudden exploded.
You started hiccup slightly, still with your eyes closed and suddenly something did you (now you do) let go of a squeal.
Apparently the can was smarter than you thought, because when he saw you cry he quickly got between your legs to make you feel better.
You smiled when you saw him face to face and put your hands on his neck to caress his hair. It was very soft and clean, which made you think that Marlene had got a dog with pedigree and not one adopted as you had suggested. Seeing he better was a beautiful creature, with eyes transmitting too many emotions that you considered more human.
"I'm fine" you said, noticing his look, which he seemed worried about. “It just wasn't a good day today. I lost my job, can you imagine?” you started talking, watching him sit in front of you to pay attention to you. “Yes, that's how bad it sounds. I need that job, I can't afford college without that money, and I doubt very much that I even have enough to eat, let alone for rent” you complained, with tears clouding you again. “Besides, I have to study for my exams if I want to become an auror, the pressure is on me, every day I feel worse...” you sighed and watched your friend. “Look! I'm telling my problems to a dog that doesn't even understand what I'm talking about...” you cried, but he barked in response, making you laugh. “I didn't mean to call you a fool, but to be honest, you can't give me any advice, can you?” you joked. After that you put that grimace of sadness back on and a couple more tears came out. “I even stained my favorite T-shirt!” you squealed, taking your shirt with two fingers and showing it to the canine “The one Sirius gave me!”
Hearing the name the dog went crazy and started spinning as if he wanted to follow his tail, showing happiness.
"That's it! Sirius may know of some work, he has worked everywhere possible in London" you said excitedly. Maybe not everything was lost. “Oh, you did just know him. He's the most handsome and lovable boy in the world" you said with blushing cheeks. You picked up the phone and dialed the boy's number, but you only heard a few beeps and the answering machine.
Hi, it's Sirius! At the moment I am not available, but if you are a beautiful girl leave your message and I will call you as soon as I can...
You hung up.
"Well, the answering machine said "beautiful girl" and I'm just a girl," you told the animal, with a sad smile. He barked again, as if he were refusing at your phrase. “Don't you think so, huh?” you questioned, with a free eyebrow. Another bark came. “But do you know who's beautiful? you!” you said with joy by starting to caress the back of the dog. He was pleased and you caressed him fondly all over the body. At one point he threw his back against the floor and you took the opportunity to caress his belly, which he seemed to like very much. “You're so pretty” you murmured with a childish tone, looking at his expression of happiness and his tongue falling to the side of his mouth.
You exhaled, a little quieter than when you came home and took your hand away from the puppy, letting him stand up again and shake. Definitely having furry company had made you feel better, you even dared to say more than any other day.
At that moment you just felt tired, you wanted to sleep to regain some of the strength you had lost when you cried freely on the floor and also needed to rest to find a new job as soon as possible. You sat on the floor for a while, reflecting on the situation, but it wasn't long before you felt something damp on your cheek.
The canine lovingly licked your face, tickling you and by default causing a laugh on you.
"Yes, I'm fine" you repeated, but he kept passing his tongue all over your face. “I'm fine, that's enough!” you said with a laugh, walking away with both hands and then looking at his bright eyes. You almost felt like he was trying to encourage you to keep going. “Well, you're not exactly the one who wanted a kiss, but you're just as pretty” laugh. Even his black hair looked like Sirius's. “I think for now we should get some sleep, what do you say?” you asked gently, stroking his ears. You walked to your room and he followed you closely, with no intention of staying outside. You took off your shoes and before you could keep them, you saw your friend get comfortable in bed. “No, get down from there!” you asked, but he ignored you. You even tried to push him, but it was all in vain because he somehow stood firm. You let go of a sigh and finally got to bed too, with the animal lying comfortably next to you. “Don't get used to it, it'll be the only time” you warned him and he left another "kiss" on your nose, one that made you laugh. You closed your eyes, pretty tired, and it didn't take you long to fall asleep deeply.
Unfortunately, you also lasted very little with that peace, for just three-quarters of an hour later you woke up sweating cold from a nightmare.
You looked all over the room, looking for that monster that had tormented you between dreams, but all you could see was a quiet Sirius Black asleep by your side.
"Sirius?!” you screamed, making him wake up so agitated that he fell out of bed in a dull noise. “What are you doing in my room? Where's the puppy?” you asked desperately, watching the young man rub his head waiting to soothe the pain.
"I don't usually wake up with a woman other than my mother yelling at me" he replied, swelling up next to your bed. “Did you at least sleep well?”
"Sirius, what the hell are you doing in my house? Tell me where Marlene's pet is!” you asked for desperate and someone else answered from the outside.
"Here! Look how pretty it is!” your friend murmured, showing a sloppy-looking stray puppy, nothing to do with the beautiful black-haired dog with whom you had shared your secrets. “I've been here a while, but I saw you so comfortable that I didn't want to wake you up.”
"Then you… Sirius you are an idiot! You did a transformation spell to spy on me!” you squealed.
"Hey, hey, it wasn't any of that, I can explain it" he said quietly, approaching you. Somehow it smelled a little like that lotion you loved so much. “But first listen to me, will you?” he asked, holding both hands. Marlene didn't want to interrupt, so she closed the door to leave them alone. “Well, it turns out that... I've been training for a long time and I finally managed to make a successful transformation as an animagus" he began to say, slightly excitedly. “Three years! It was three years to get it and I... I was so happy I wanted to tell you as soon as possible, but I thought it would be a better idea if you saw it for yourself” your thumb started stroking the back of your hand. “But I saw you come so sad, so tired. When you started crying and telling me what happened, I felt like you were only doing it because I couldn't understand and I didn't think it would be good to go back to my human form. So that's why I'd rather cheer you up as a puppy, because I know how much you love them” he concluded. The boy apologized with his eyes and you took a moment to assimilate what happened.
"Are you telling me I made love to your belly?” you were dismayed. Sirius laughs, because I didn't expect your first question to be that.
"You're really just going to ask that?”
"And what do you want me to ask, fool? You're an animagus and you've been training for three years without telling me, it's not hard to understand!” you complained.
"I wanted to surprise you, I'm sorry" he apologized, holding your hand and kissing the back fondly. “If you don't want to talk about what you told me, we won't, but I want you to know that if you need anything, you can tell me.”
"Oh, I was just exaggerating, I...”
"You weren't exaggerating, it's okay to feel bad," he said kindly, getting back to bed. “And that's what friends are for, to support us" he murmured.
"Thank you Siri," you said fondly. You dropped your head against his shoulder and he put a kiss on your cheek. “Ugh! Now that I think about it, if the puppy was you... have you been kissing me the whole time?”
"I never heard you complain.”
"I thought you were a puppy!” you defended yourself, making him laugh. The boy ignored your complaining and left a small kiss on the corner of your lips, almost imperceptible. “Don't kiss me, Black.”
"I thought you said you wanted one" he said, raising an eyebrow. “From, in your words, the most handsome and lovable boy in the world" he exclaimed. You blushed and tried to push him away without success.
"Forget that!” you murmured short, trying to hide your blush. Sirius smiled broadly and approached your ear, leaving a kiss under him.
"Never, my pretty T/N.”
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impishtubist · 6 minutes ago
Wolfstar Fics
Lots of new Wolfstar followers today, so here’s a shameless round-up of the R/S fics I have posted on AO3!
Grimmauld Place missing scene fics:  “Nocturne”,  “Dissonance”, and  “Lacuna”
AUs where Remus raised Harry:  “Caesura”,  “quicken to the new life”
Remus & Harry mourning together post-OotP:  “Cadence”,  “Refuge”
Obligatory Lie Low At Lupin’s fic:  “Fermata”
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sunny-bunnny · 8 minutes ago
Thinking about Sirius teaching your how to roll a joint. Sitting on the side of the hill that hides you from the view of teachers. You sit in between his legs and he hold your hands in his and you slowly roll the joint. It’s wonky and not as tightly rolled as it should be. You hold it between your teeth as Sirius lights it. You smoke if together in peaceful quiet, only disturbed by little whispers of jokes and words of love. As you wander back to the school holding a hands and feeling a bit spacey. You whisper into the air and Sirius asks you to repeat it so he can hear ‘it’s better when you roll them’ and he chuckles and pulls you closer ‘Of course they are baby, just wanted to teach you, plus you looked cute struggling, tongue sticking out a little bit’ you flick him and push him away ‘meanie! You just wanted to make fun of me!’ And you start to Jog away from him, ‘baby! No! Wait!’ He yells as he runs after you.
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remuslupininskirts · 13 minutes ago
Remus: you hate your family right pads?
Sirius: yeah, this is very common knowledge.
Remus: well why don’t you just change your last name?
Sirius: and what are you suggestions for this name?
Remus: lupin *walks away
Sirius: Remus did you just! REMUS! MOONY GET BACK HERE, YOU CANT JUST- dammit that smooth mother fucker!
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1littleshippergirl1 · 18 minutes ago
Here's my fic where Audrey returns
Audrey returns and expects the girls to be overjoyed.
Only they're not.
“Get away from me,” Molly said through grit teeth.
“Is that any way to speak to your moth-”
“You’re not our mother!”
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accioroyals · 25 minutes ago
draco lucius malfoy
- “amused? ... we’ll see just who’s laughing in the end”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
platinum blonde || a draco malfoy playlist
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therpsource · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
𝐅𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐄 𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐌 is a brand new political & highly canon-divergent riddle era roleplay exploring an alternate timeline in which, during a period of mysterious and sudden deaths, a third faction arises amidst the classic battle between light and dark, wreaking havoc within the wixen world.
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plutodexay · 25 minutes ago
Angst but for who is the question
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lelefreakingout · 32 minutes ago
I really like to think about what will happen in FB3. About Newt and Tina, are they in the same page? like, are they both sure about each others feelings? And what about Nagini, what will she do? Are Tina and Jacob going back to ney york or are they staying? What about Queenie? WHAT ABOUT THESEUS AND NEWT? I’m so curious...
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dokidokibook · 34 minutes ago
The Astronomy Tower
Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader
summary: he’s always kidding around with you... when will he finally get serious? Please enjoy !
warnings: angst, use of the L word, cursing
"Can I call you tonight?" Fred's eyes linger on yours.
He towers over you. His large hand cages you against the wall, but you don't feel forced. You stare up at him through your eyelashes, trying to come up with a clever reply, but his eyes are two puddles of dark chocolate.
"Yeah, sure."
Fred barks a low laugh. "For a Ravenclaw, you seem pretty dumbfounded right now. Shy?"
Here he goes again. "You wish, asshole." You duck under his arm and begin to walk away.
Just like in any movie or coming-of-age novel, he grabs your arm and leans in. You think he's going to kiss you when suddenly, your foreheads press together.
"Hey, I'm only joking. You know that, y/n."
Your eyes almost glaze over at the feel of his warm, minty breath. But you won't allow yourself to get distracted, not this time.
"You're always joking; when are you gonna get serious?"
At his silence, you decide to poke the bear again.
"I've met your parents," you state. "They like me-- what is the problem with us being something?"
"We are something." His tone is deadly, and you know you shouldn't keep going, but you do.
"Who is it, huh? Who is keeping us from being together, Fred Weasley? Who are you trying to keep me a secret from?"
The silence is deafening. You feel tears begin to well up in your eyes. The quiet is worse than Fred confirming your fears.
"Answer me, damn it. I could leave right now. If you don't want something serious with me, you don't need me at all."
He crashes his arms around you, holding your head to his chest. His chin rests atop your head, and he doesn't let go. Slowly, you put your hands on his arms. He's never held you like this.
"I'm sorry," he sobs. You didn't realize he was crying until you felt warm tears hit your scalp.
This time you don't respond. You're not sure how to.
He pulls you back from his chest and takes in your face with his tearful, red-rimmed eyes. "I love you. I'm trying, okay?"
And that was all you could ask of him at that moment. You stayed in his arms, swaying softly in the dim light of the stars, the walls of the Astronomy tower regarding you both.
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tamprongs-ur-bestie · 35 minutes ago
the marauders as shit my friends and i have said pt. 20
Lily: we could go to my favorite store, the place all my money goes to.
James: Joanns?
Sirius: The Paper Store?
Remus: Whole Foods?
Lily: Michaels.
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amariaamaris · 36 minutes ago
Of Dragon Injuries and Weasley's Universe
Charlie: Dragă! Norberta's babies just hatched out th--- What is going on? Who is that?
Bonnie: *acting like it's perfectly normal to have some random man chained up to a chair* Oh, hi Charles *quickly gives him a kiss* I'm so glad that Norberta's babies have hatched! *her arms go around Charlie's waist as she smiles up at him*
Charlie: *slowly wraps his arms around his crazy girlfriend* Bonnie... who is that and why is he chained up?
Bonnie: *quietly purring is his grasp and not even bothering to look away from Charlie* oh... that's Damon... he pissed me off.
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amariaamaris · 50 minutes ago
Of Dragon Injuries and Weasleys
I’m planning on this just being a short one-shot. This idea randomly popped in my head upon seeing a mood board for a Harry Potter character ship (Hermione and Charlie). I don’t know for sure how well it will work, but I’m hopeful! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this crossover ship! Let me know if you would like another installment of something like this one-shot! Happy reading!
Her travels land her in Romania. She finds that out of all the places she been to and seen, Romania is most definitely her favorite one. She can practically taste the magic in the mountain air and their architecture is breathtaking. Although she only spent two days to gather supplies in the city, she still took a few moments to appreciate the beauty.
An extremely loud and deep rumbling sound had her twisting around to look at the mountain. The woman knows that by now she should just stay away from anything that spells trouble, but she can’t stop herself from going to investigate. She comes upon a clearing with a pond, but what causes her to stop and hide behind one of the trees is the fact that right before her eyes is a HUGE DRAGON.
She is well aware that her jaw has dropped and she absentmindedly thinks about what a certain blue-eyed vampire’s reaction would have been. She allows her eyes to take in the landscape as her magic slowly unfurls from her and curls around the area to check for any threats. For some reason she nor her magic sees the dragon as a threat (even though it’s insane that she doesn’t see it as a threat, she chooses to ignore it for now).
She quickly takes notice of a group of people slowly sneaking up on the dragon as it lets out a low growl. The woman’s eyes snap from the people to the dragon and takes notice of the injuries that it has. She looks back at the group of people and sees strikingly long red hair attached to a burly body. She carefully allows her magic to feel out the group and finds that their intention is to help the dragon.
The woman nearly snorts as she goes back to studying the dragon... there is no way in hell that dragon is letting those people near it. Her assessment is proven correct when it lets out a plume of flames towards the group of males when they go a little to close. There is a short exclamation from one of the men and she watches as one of them lifts - what is that? A... twig? Her head tilts as she looks at it and watches as a light comes out of it shielding the group from the fire. Her eyebrows raise as she realizes it’s a wand.
Biting her lips as she studies the situation, her eyes darting between the dragon and the group of males desperately trying to help the poor thing. She shifts her weight from side to side, she can’t decide what she wants to do. She desperately wants to help the dragon, but she’s more worried about how the men would react to her (which again, ridiculous that she’s more wary of the men than the dragon).
The woman has gotten to the point where she can practically feel the dragon’s pain and panic as she watches it. She allows her eyes to run over the dragons body again and realizes with a jolt, that it’s stomach is distended. Her eyes shoot to the group then to the dragons eyes and what she sees in the dragons eyes cause her to throw caution to the wind.
Before she can talk herself out of it, her legs already have her sprinting into the clearing straight for the dragon. The group of men immediately take notice of her, yelling out for her to stop. All she does is say a quiet “Motus” as she flicks her hand their way. Causing all of them to go flying backwards, their commotion causes the dragon to look towards her.
The low growl that comes from it sent vibrations through the ground that were so strong, she stumbled a bit. Before it can gather the energy to spit fire at her, the woman reaches out to the dragon with her magic. Allowing for it to make of her what it will, causing both of them to completely stop moving. She can feel the men watching on baited breath while also trying to slowly make their way to their feet.
She holds up a hand in their direction, wordlessly telling them to stop moving; as she does she takes notice of the dragons wild magic. She can’t help but be in awe of the majestic creature in front of her as she carefully moves closer. “I promise I won’t harm you, I just want to heal you” She whispered as the dragon let out a low rumble and lowered its head for her to run her hand along the scales.
The woman slowly closes her eyes as she puts her forehead against the dragons snout. Meanwhile the group of males are gaping, the red haired one can’t stop himself from inching forward. He wanted to get closer, he wanted to talk to the nymph like woman that was able to throw all of them with a flick of her hand, he also wanted to get closer to young Norberta. 
Charlie Weasley could tell that Norberta was injured and in pain, which also meant that her survival instincts are ruling her. So if the little nymph of a woman made any sudden movements she could get torched. When Charlie got within four feet of them, they both jerk their heads to look at him. It causes Charlie to freeze and put his hands up, he opens his mouth to say something- anything. He finds that he as lost hit ability to speak, his entire body goes tense when they narrow their eyes in tandem.
Charlie takes a stumbling step back when the nymph took a step forward. Her voice washes over him and it feels as though he is drowning. Charlie Weasley finds himself jerking out of it when his brain processes the word he heard her say and seeing Norberta gathering herself to spit fire. “Incendia” That word causes him to yell out and turn to face the men that came here with him - his brothers in everything but blood - and finds then completely untouched by flames. 
He barely take notice of pained screams coming from behind them through the rushing of blood in his ears and from what he can make out through the flames... they were death eaters that had escaped the Aurors after Voldemort fell. When he finally pulls his eyes to the flames to see where the small yet powerful woman was; the woman is moving around Norberta, calmly healing her injuries. Charlie exchanges looks with the others as they all continue to watch this strange woman interact with Norberta.
Charlie’s eyes widen as he watches her carefully rub her hands along Norberta’s stomach; causing the norwegian ridgeback to make a purring sound. His eyes narrow a bit as she moves to Norberta’s head and he makes out her quiet voice. “It’s okay mama, your baby is just fine.” Charlie’s eye widen and he can’t stop his outburst, “Mama? Norberta can’t be pregnant, we’ve kept her away from males during her heat! How do you know for sure whether or not she is?”
He watches as the woman turns to face him and gives him an unimpressed look which strangely makes him feel chastised and smaller than her. She continues to slowly stroke Norberta neck and head as she talks. “Last time I checked, sperm can stay alive in the womb of females for at least a week. She didn’t have to be in heat during whatever intercourse she would have had with another dragon. It would have fertilized her baby or babies none the less. Also... Norberta? Really?” Charlie blinks a couple of times at her as the other handlers chuckle as they come up beside Charlie.
One of them drops a hand on his shoulder, “She’s got you there mate!” Charlie lets out a huff of annoyance. “Care to tell us your name nymph? Her name is a long story involving a well meaning half giant, my youngest brother, and his two friends.” 
His response causes her to pause in her stroking and raise a brow, “Nymph?” he hears a small huff come from her as she shakes her head choosing to ignore what he said after and goes back to stroking Norberta. “My name really isn’t any of your concern, I just saved your lives and helped your dragon. I owe you nothing, I stopped owing people a long time ago... not that I ever actually owed anyone anything.” They all hear the slight scoff after her last words. Charlie could have sworn he heard her mutter “Hindsight's a bitch.” causing him to let out a cough.
“Look, how about you come back to the reserve with us and help us get Norberta back to safety and we can talk this out? What do you say dragă?” He watches as the woman turns to study all of them and watches as the breath she pushes out moves a piece of her hair out of her face. Finally, she nods her acceptance and steps away from Norberta. Charlie walks forward and holds out a hand to her. “I’m Charlie Weasley, care to tell me your name nymph? Or would you prefer dragă?”
She briefly glares at him and grudgingly takes his warm callused hands which leads to a deliciously muscled and tattoo--- no! The woman quickly shakes herself and responds. “Bonnie Bennett, nice to meet you Charles.”
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albusseverusisasquib · 57 minutes ago
Just your daily reminder that Albus Severus Potter is a both a squib and a top-notch kid.
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kitkatblogs · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My favourite death eater
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sinedd · an hour ago
Wizengamot judge: And how do you plead?
Bella: [looks at Hermione]
Hermione: *mouths* Not guilty
Bella: Hot milky
Hermione: Oh my god just lock her up
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